NOTE: Guesses in italics are only guesses;
guesses in RED are a link to the solution or substantial clues.

This foreign born A+ list singer has her team freaking out over a long post she made on social media. It created a firestorm for the singer who has never had an ounce of controversy before. Celine Dion (Celine Dion Speaks Out About Death Of George Floyd: ‘We Must Be Anti-Racist’)

Speaking of foreign born A- list singers, this alliterate coke loving racist singer has a loooooong history of racist posts and comments, but thinks people will forget about it if she posts one thing to social media. Camila Cabello (Shawn Mendes and Camila Cabello take a stand against racial injustice as they join peaceful protest in Miami) (Camila Cabello apologizes for using 'horrible and hurtful language'... days after former Fifth Harmony bandmate Normani talked about racist abuse from singer's fans) (BLIND ITEM REVEALED 02/11/20)

During quarantine, this A/A- list mostly movie actor has been filming sex scenes with his wife and others. Apparently he thinks of himself as the world's greatest porn director. Armie Hammer/Elizabeth Chambers (Armie Hammer posts bizarre video of himself golfing and chugging a beer)
(Armie Hammer Got Busted For Liking Rope Bondage On Twitter)

This married permanent A list rapper has been hooking up with this A-/B+ list singer who has a name that is similar to "Karen" in today's lexicon. Jay-Z

This former late night actor turned A- list mostly movie actor is quarantining with a woman who is not his wife.

In an attempt to get even more security and to have it paid for, the alliterate former actress turned royal is having her people call reporters and tabloids complaining about drones and that they fear some of the drones might be lethal and targeting the family. This need for attention is getting ridiculous. Meghan Markle (Prince Harry and Meghan Hired a Pricey Security Team After Drone Incidents)

This former A- list mostly television actress recently got out of a relationship. This weekend she hooked up with and spent the night at the home of this A list mostly movie actress who is an Oscar winner/nominee. Apparently the "boyfriend" of the A lister was also there. Ashley Benson/Cara Delevingne/Brie Larson/Elijah Allan-Blitz (Fresh Air! Ashley Benson Looks Sporty Chic During Hike in L.A. Following Cara Delevingne Split) (Brie Larson showcases her taut midriff as she stocks up on groceries with beau Elijah Allan-Blitz in Malibu)

There were lots of celebrities protesting over the weekend, but the only one I know of who had a pap meet them there was this A list one named singer. Halsey (Halsey Says She Was 'Shot, Gassed and Antagonized' by Police During Weekend Protest) (Halsey Provides Medical Aid to People Injured During George Floyd Protest)

Add another person from the three month reality show who is doing porn. The latest already used to do webcamming, so this is not much of a stretch. This latest person was on the show this season. Apparently a porn company is sending a crew and talent to her country."90 Day Fiancé"/Rose/Phillipines ('90 Day Fiancé' Star Rose Gets Wet & Wild After Finally Ending It With Big Ed)

This alliterate A-/B+ list actress all of you know is hooking up with yet another married man. I'm not sure she has ever dated anyone who was not in a relationship. January Jones (We now know why people don't want to work with January Jones)

A celebrity photographer not named Terry Richardson is being investigated for sexually assaulting an actress/model he was photographing two weeks ago. Tory Burch Just Released Seriously Chic Swimsuits

Rashlike: Apparently there have been several battles between record companies and artists over the past six to nine months. This battle is because the artists have all wanted to call albums Rashlike. It was such a bizarre name that a record executive at once label told her friend at another label and she said an artist had also put in the same request. They then asked around to others and found a total of three who had requested it. One is a foreign born B+ list rapper/singer who actually ended up getting his second choice which is interesting considering he would have started one if he had his original choice. The second one is from the same country as the first. She is a one named B+ list singer. The final one was the best selling one. Also a foreign born singer, but he is A+ list. There was buzz that the latest effort from this A list singer was also going to try and use the name, but that hasn't been confirmed yet. So, why does everyone want to use the name as of late? No one knows exactly why, but it is the closest anagram to the word Ereshkigal, so that has been everyone's guess.

Don't believe the hype. As thirsty as our alliterate former actress is, she would never do anything like that network reality show. It could make her look bad. Meghan Markle/"Dancing with the Stars" (Meghan Markle would look 'accessible' on 'Dancing with the Stars,' says judge Bruno Tonioli)

This A+ list lifestyle brand/television couple have multiple undocumented employees they force to work 60-70 hours a week at less than minimum wage and threaten them with deportation if they object. Chip and Joanna Gaines/"Fixer Upper"/"Magnolia Market"/"Magnolia Homes"/"Magnolia Silos"/"Magnolia Network" (Chip and Joanna Gaines from Fixer Upper Our Story)

This disgraced royal was permanently banned when it was discovered he sexually assaulted two 13 year old girls. What isn't clear to me is they were referred to as "sisters." I'm not sure if that means they were close friends, or real sisters that were both 13 so twins? Prince Andrew (Prince Andrew is a ‘toxic’ presence and 'a busted flush' to royal family, won’t return anytime soon)

The permanent A list "singer" was told what to say in a recent social media post. Apparently no one could decide whether she should say anything or what she should say. Britney Spears (Britney Spears says her 'heart breaks' for her friends in the black community: 'We all should do what we can to listen, learn, do better and use our voices for good')

This foreign born A+ list singer when she actually releases music is so paranoid about her offspring walking in on her having sex, she hooks up with her current boyfriend only in her car. Adele (Adele's dramatic 7st weight loss 'was a result of low-calorie meal deals delivered directly to her door')

This alliterate former A list mostly movie actress is losing her mind. Her oldest child had to intervene and now takes care of the youngest child. Sharon Stone (Sharon Stone gives sound advice on how to create a panic room at home during the riots: 'The safest bet might be your bathroom')

Apparently this southern reality star who is not a redhead claims she has receipts for the recent claims of an extra-marital affair. Ashley Jacobs/"Southern Charm" (Ashley Jacobs Slams Exited Southern Charm Stars as They Turn on Kathryn Dennis: 'Cowards')

"One in a million." That is all I could think of when I heard the husband of this B+ list actress offspring of people higher on the list had to go to urgent care with his wife after a candle they were using to peg him broke off inside him and they couldn't get it out.

Of course the A list actor who is best friends with the worst casting couch director of all time has no problems endorsing the child molesting director. Alec Baldwin/JamesToback/Woody Allen (Alec Baldwin responds to critics after he promoted a podcast episode with Woody Allen) (Alec Baldwin breaks his silence about James Toback: ‘I never had one conversation with Jimmy about his sex life’) (James Toback BLIND ITEM REVEALED 06/22/13)

Speaking of disgraced directors, this one who is accused of sexually assaulting nearly a dozen women and that doesn't include the casting couch or the parties with prospective actresses that he and this A list federal official used to have is now being considered for one of the Board Of Governor slots for the Oscars. Brett Ratner/Secretary of the Treasury Steve Mnuchin (Six women accuse filmmaker Brett Ratner of sexual harassment) (Motion Picture Academy Board Of Governors Nominees List Includes Brett Ratner, Ava DuVernay, Michael Shamberg) (Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin Divests Stake in RatPac-Dune Entertainment)

One of the male stars of this most recent Netflix dating show was seen doing lines of coke and making out with this actress from a hugely popular Netflix show that has a lot of teens in it. "Too Hot To Handle"/"Stranger Things" (‘Too Hot To Handle’ comes in hot as Netflix’s new dating show) (Where the Cast of Too Hot to Handle Is Now)

Not A Nice Guy: If you are a celebrity and date this foreign born A list singer/DJ (Calvin Harris), he will start off nice and eventually turn into the tool he is. His relationships never last because he is such a tool. All of you know who he is. If you are not a celebrity, or not very well known, then he treats you like crap almost from the outset. This one named celebrity (Tinashe) who dated him for a short time was warned by an ex of the DJ (Rita Ora) to never get drunk around the DJ or lose control over your actions in any way. Apparently this ex had got drunk and the next thing she knew, the DJ and a group of his friends were all sexually assaulting her. She heard from several other women who had been with the DJ who had similar experiences. Our one named celebrity says she took the warning to heed and noticed that whenever the DJ was with male friends and our celebrity was there he would get visibly angry if she wouldn't drink or do drugs. When they were alone, he didn't care. Calvin Harris/Tinashe/Rita Ora (Calvin Harris is dating Tinashe) (Calvin Harris publicly dumped Rita Ora after she made a 'secret' trip to LA) (Calvin Harris girlfriend list)

There was not a meeting per se, but apparently a publicist told a publicist friend of theirs that the alcoholic (Ben Affleck) and the actress (Ana de Armas) were going to a protest yesterday. The next thing you know that publicist told our favorite closeted former network actor (Darren Criss) he should go and he told he the closeted foreign born former boy bander (Harry Styles) and the word spread that Tuesday was celebrity day for protesting. Ben Affleck/Ana de Armas/Darren Criss/Harry Styles (Keke Palmer, Kristen Stewart, Fiona Apple)(over the weekend: Ariana Grande, Timothee Chalamet, Michael B. Jordan, Halsey, Cole Sprouse, Kendrick Sampson and John Cusack) (Ben Affleck, Ana de Armas and More Stars Join Black Lives Matter Protests) (Darren Criss and wife Mia Swier take a stand as they protest with 'Black Trans Lives Matter' sign) (Harry Styles holds up a Black Lives Matter placard and kneels with fellow protesters as he takes part in a peaceful march in LA over the killing of George Floyd)

Speaking of publicists, the one for this B/B- list actress wrote an apology for the actress without actually saying sorry which has only made things worse. Fire the publicist quickly or it will be a long time before you work again. Lea Michele/"Glee" (Samantha Ware reacts to Lea Michele’s apology, Amber Riley weighs in) (The art of the celebrity apology)

This foreign born former A+ list mostly movie actor who is probably still A- list has not been able to get treatments for his disease and has been suffering a lot the past few months. Liam Neeson (BLIND ITEM 04/25/16)

Why yes, that was this closeted A+/A list mostly movie actor/singer who was hooking up with a guy Monday night at a secret club in Oakland. Jamie Foxx (Jamie Foxx joins protesters at SF City Hall rally: 'The work is still there to be done')

This B- list celebrity offspring of at least one permanent A lister told a friend this week that the offspring's parents would have a threesome three or four times a week and it was super awkward to have breakfast with a complete stranger that often. Kaia Gerber/Cindy Crawford and Rande Gerber

There is a lot of buzz that this former B+ list athlete/celebrity is going to be the first gay Bachelor. This won't be any Finding Prince Charming spinoff type thing.

The foreign born former superhero who crashed and burned out of it when his underage exploits were thought to be imminently exposed, found yet another 16 year old. Oh, and apparently he did have phone sex with the activist but never actually hooked up with her. Henry Cavill/"Superman"/Greta Thunberg (MAN OF STEEL: Warner Bros. Still Won't Release A Sequel Starring Henry Cavill, But Why Not?) (Superman Henry Cavill’s teenage girlfriend Tara gets the bullet) (A potted history of Henry Cavill saying terrible things) (BLIND ITEM REVEALED 12/11/19)

What is the obsession of half naked and naked children for this B+ list mostly television actress? She is at it again and considering her most recent actions, was probably not the best idea. Hilary Duff (Hilary Duff Shares Adorable Instagram Pic Of Newborn Niece) (Hilary Duff shuts down 'disgusting' sex trafficking Twitter rumors about her son Luca)

This aging permanent A+ list celebrity/host/author is known for growing the best weed at her farm. She gives it away for free in packages with her name on it like she was sending over cookies. Martha Stewart (Martha Stewart partners with Canadian cannabis company)

This foreign born A- list mostly movie actor who enjoys going full frontal is attempting a Pattinson. He is telling people/media he already lined up the lead role in this long long long running spy franchise, hoping to make it hard for the producers to say no if it has already been reported. Michael Fassbender/"James Bond"

The alliterate actress already made a deal with Kneepads and is going to tell her side of the story with no push back or followup questions. Now the actress is also trying to find the right television host to do the same thing. Lori Loughlin/"People" Magazine (Lori Loughlin and Mossimo Giannulli's Daughters Encouraged Them to Take Plea Deal) (Lori Loughlin 'would love to return to acting' after her stint in jail... as new Fuller House episodes FINALLY reveal why Aunt Becky's gone)

Never Again: Back in the day, this actor was A- list. It was a brief stay there, but he was the heartthrob on a Friday night show. I have written here before about his pressuring actresses for sex who were guest starring on the show or had walk on roles. He would tell them he could get them more work. Our actor was married at the time all this was going on. After a huge scandal he was essentially forced out of Hollywood. He was finally given another shot several years later. He had a chance to make a nice living on a very popular already long running show. Then, he blew it by threatening an actress because she didn't want to have sex with him. He was fired and never worked again. Sasha Mitchell/"Step By Step" (Sitcom Star Pleads Not Guilty in Spousal Assault : Courts: Sasha Mitchell of ‘Step by Step’ is charged with three new misdemeanor counts in alleged beating. Attorney says police fabricated case) (Stars Who Were Fired From Major TV Shows: Sasha Mitchell, 'Step By Step') (BLIND ITEM 11/20/15)
Heartthrob: Sasha Mitchell
Show: "Step By Step" (started on ABC, later moved to CBS) (washed up former B listers: Patrick Duffy and Suzanne Somers)
Teen actress: Jodie Sweetin
Show: "Full House"

This tall alliterate former A- list model once was the threesome partner for a couple who are in her extended family. Karlie Kloss, Ivanka Trump and Jared Kushner (Karlie Kloss & Ivanka Trump Vacation with Their Husbands in Rome)

This television jinx has always shared way too much about her home life which has caused her issues in the past. Her latest is really going to have some blow back. Alicia Silverstone (Alicia Silverstone takes baths with 9-year-old son in quarantine) (20 Unique Ways Alicia Silverstone Is Raising Her Kid)

The B+ list celebrity offspring of a permanent A++ lister was wasted on something at a recent public event. She could barely even form a sentence. Paris Jackson/Michael Jackson (Paris Jackson promotes peace as Jeremy 'Hot Felon' Meeks takes a knee at silent protest in LA over killing of George Floyd)

This one fifth singer turned one fourth singer has done nothing but nonstop partying for the past two months and needs rehab badly. "Fifth Harmony"

It was not a voluntary exit for this daytime host, no matter how much they would like to portray it as such. Amanda Seales/"The Real" (Amanda Seales Is Leaving ‘The Real’: ‘It Doesn’t Feel Good To My Soul")

This new relationship the mogul/frequent name changer has, will not last. They always leave once they discover his fetishes. Sean "P. Diddy" Combs (Diddy allegedly dating a Latin bikini model)

Apparently they have not entirely learned their lesson. The parental unit of this desperate to be a celebrity offspring is pressuring some people he knows and does business with, to give his offspring an influencing deal. Lori Loughlin’s husband Mossimo Giannulli/Olivia Jade (Olivia Jade's influencer brand is a 'dumpster fire' and 'dangerous to advertisers,' says expert)

Apparently after getting arrested in his later years for a public sexual indiscretion, this recently deceased B+ list actor hired a permanent escort to see him once a week all the way up to about a month prior to his death. Fred Willard (Fred Willard Lewdness Charge: Actor Avoids Trial After Completing Diversion Program)

This B+ list celebrity offspring of former A listers spends a good hour a day online trashing the three named ingenue using some fake accounts. Apparently there was a boyfriend dispute a couple of years back. Ireland Baldwin/Alec Baldwin & Kim Basinger//Lana Del Rey

This former A+/A list mostly movie actress who had quite the stall in her career due to some drinking issues, is probably A-/B+ list now after some good television runs. She is back to drinking again though. Kirsten Dunst (Hollywood productions set to quarantine big stars in New Zealand)

This former A-/B+ list actress turned escort, not named Lindsay Lohan has a special she does which includes her sister. Mischa Barton/Hania Barton; Tara Reid/Colleen Reid

We Better Move - Old Hollywood: This permanent A+ list director is known for being dark and macabre. He is also known for the way he sexually assaulted women or forced himself on them. Sometimes he would combine the two. In the middle of World War 2, our married director invited an aspiring actress back to his home. At his house, things got out of hand and the woman was killed. The director had to tell his wife what happened and she said he needed to take care of the problem. Apparently his way to take care of the problem was to dig a hole and bury the body in the backyard. One week later on his wife's birthday he bought her a purse and inside the purse was a key and a note. The note said he took care of the problem and the key was to their new house without a dead body buried in the backyard. Alfred Hitchcock/10957 Bellagio Road, Bel Air, Los Angeles, California (The 7-bedroomed house sits on a 0.64 acre site, adjacent to the Bel Air Country Club golf course, and was purchased for $40,000. Hitchcock reportedly gave Alma a new handbag for her 43rd birthday, containing a gold key to the front door) (Tippi Hedren: Alfred Hitchcock sexually assaulted me)

This former A+ list rapper has a long long list of donations made that never actually go through. Oh, and if you thought it was a one time check thing? No, no, no. It will be a certain amount over the next many many years that may at some point equal the amount stated. Kanye West (Kanye West Donates $2 Million to George Floyd, Breonna Taylor, Ahmaud Arbery Families)

She was only there to be seen, but several people saw this foreign born A- list model who is also a really bad actress doing bumps of coke during the early stages of a protest earlier this week. Cara Delevingne (Cara Delevingne and Kaia Gerber join thousands marching at Black Lives Matter protest in LA over the killing of George Floyd)

This three named actor/creator/award winner who is probably A- list made a decision to hold off on the release of a project. He didn't do it out of kindness. He knew no one would be watching it right now and that would affect future deals with the company. Lin Manuel Miranda/"We Are Freestyle Supreme" (Lin-Manuel Miranda Doc ‘We Are Freestyle Love Supreme’ Postpones Release In Solidarity With George Floyd Protesters)

It looks like the lawyers for this A list mostly movie actor have finally caught on to what I have been saying for years. The celebrity CEO was smitten with the A- list mostly movie actress and she talked him out of many millions of dollars over the years. Now, there will be a documentary trail of it. Johnny Depp/Amber Heard/Elon Musk (Johnny Depp Questions Amber Heard's Charity Donations From Massive Divorce Payout)

This former A-list athlete was high as a kite when he pledged to run for President on social media. Dennis Rodman (Dennis Rodman Urging Black People to Vote, Launches Fundraiser)

Apparently there were too many people blocking the shot at a protest, which is why this B+ list singer/celebrity/adult beverage was told to get on a vehicle by her photographer. Madison Beer (Madison Beer denies using participation in protests for publicity) (Madison Beer: 16 facts about the singer you probably never knew)

The foreign born actress/singer/host is probably A- in the Spanish speaking world and B-/C+ list outside of it. Anyway, she says that she is married to the long time boyfriend of this permanent A list singer.

This B+ list actress has slipped from A- list now that her long running hit network show has ended and her cable gig has ended too. It turns out the new guy she is desperately in love with is cheating on her. Oh, and it is with someone he met at a party she threw for him. Ariel Winter/"Modern Family"/"Sofia the First"/Luke Benward (Luke Benward Gets Surprise Drive By Birthday Party From Girlfriend Ariel Winter)

This disgraced actor was up to his old tricks. A couple of months ago he cornered a room service waiter and kept offering him money for sex. When the guy refused, the actor complained to management. This is one of the actor's go to moves. Kevin Spacey (Kevin Spacey compares losing acting gigs from assault accusations to coronavirus layoffs in uncovered video)

There appears to be a coordinated effort on multiple fronts from reporters and bloggers to force out of the closet a "public figure" who supports anti LGBT policies. As in, this is happening in the next day or two. Lindsay Graham/Senior United States Republican Senator from South Carolina (An Army of gay escorts are claiming, Lindsay has used their services for years) (Graham: GOP Should Take Gay Marriage Constitutional Amendment Out of Platform)

This didn't quite get into bad band behavior because it is kind of funny. Apparently an employee for this one named permanent A++ list singer was fired. As part of the severance, the singer agreed to fly the employee cross country back to the employee's home. The singer was on tour at the time. Well, the singer arranged for the flight back to have either two or three connections knowing that there was no way all of the planes would be on time. He was right, and the employee had to spend a night in the airport which the singer considered punishment. Apparently the fired employee never complained about the flights or the airport floor and the singer hired him back the next day and flew him to the singer first class. Prince (How Exactly Did Prince Go About Firing People?)

Four For Friday - Bad Band Behavior
#1 - This foreign 80's hair metal band once tried to tattoo a baby elephant, but the tattoo artist bailed on them when he saw he the size of the elephant. "Def Leppard" (Joe Elliott/Def Leppard Heard Sheffield? Elephant) (not tattooed)

#2 - This permanent A list singer from a permanent A list band that has been around for many decades, once extended his stay at a hotel for five additional days because that is how long it took him to peel every inch of wallpaper off and pull up all the carpeting from his suite. Roger Daltrey/"The Who" (Roger Daltrey on Why Hotel Managers Loved When The Who Trashed Hotel Rooms)
#3 - This permanent A+ list singer both in a group and solo had sex with multiple boyfriends before everyone decided she was waiting for the right guy. She had all the exes sign NDA's and then when one of them tried to talk about it anyway, it wasn't a lawyer sent to confront him, but two guys with guns. He never mentioned it again. Beyoncé; Stevie Nicks
#4 - This former A- list singer who reached his peak in about the 2005-2007 range had his bedroom in the back of the bus. He would tell women that if they wanted to sleep with him, they had to walk past all the other men and women who were in the front parts of the bus. If they stopped her and wanted some kind of sex act, she had to do it. He never slept with any of those women. He just liked to humiliate them. Daniel Powter (What happened to 'Bad Day' singer Daniel Powter?)

Don't believe the hype, this Jeffrey Epstein loving, former A+ list actor was never dating anyone for over a decade. It was all about promoting a single for a singer. Chris Tucker/India.Arie (she came out the day after the blind and said the pair had not done anything but date a couple times)
(India.Arie Reacts to Rumors She's Secretly Dated Chris Tucker for 13 Years) (The Connection Between Chris Tucker and Jeffrey Epstein)

This daytime talk show host says one thing out of their mouth, but for years, they were one of the behind the scenes reasons why another separate Pride parade had to be set up in south Los Angeles. Ellen DeGeneres (Pride Forever: EW’s LGBTQ issue celebrates new storytellers, enduring icons, and Hollywood history) (Ellen DeGeneres Is an Anti-Feminist Egomaniac – And She Needs to Be Stopped)

The same story ran a year ago about the same suspect in this long running child abduction case. There are no new leads from a year ago. It is literally the exact same story. Why run it again now? There was a sketch circulated in the second round that looked remarkably like the madam/procurer (Ghislaine Maxwell), but the suspect for the abduction has been in jail and there are photos. Madeleine McCann/Christian Brueckener/Ghislaine Maxwell (Revealed: Luxury villa where new Madeleine McCann suspect Christian Brueckner raped a 72-year-old US tourist is just a ten minute walk from apartment where the toddler vanished 18 months later) (Madeleine McCann cops tracing 13 KEY SUSPECTS seen acting suspiciously in Praia da Luz)

Once again, this foreign born A-/B+ list actress is being called out for being a thirsty hypocrite. Nothing new. Priyanka Chopra (Bollywood actors called out for protesting racism while promoting skin whitening creams)

There is hope on the horizon that this A list mostly television actress who stars in a long long long long long running network show has finally split with her serial cheating husband. Ellen Pompeo/"Grey’s Anatomy")/Chris Ivery/seen hiking with co-star Giacomo Gianniotti (Ellen Pompeo joins Grey's Anatomy co-star Giacomo Gianniotti for a hike in LA... after joining Black Lives Matter march with TR Knight)

This A- list rapper/frequent celebrity dater was warned about his frequent trips to the bathroom during a recent meal. He was incredibly coked out. Machine Gun Kelly (Machine Gun Kelly opts to forego face mask and temperature check as he and Mod Sun grab dinner at reopening of celeb favorite Craig's in LA)

Speaking of drugs, this back in the day A- lister who has tried to stay afloat with really bad television movies, actually gained five pounds which made her look less Castaway like. Apparently that just made her start taking Adderall to lose it all. Anne Heche/"Six Days Seven Nights"

Ohhh, this just got more interesting. The bad guy in the divorce apparently has audio recordings of his soon to be ex wife discussing the death of the foreign born A lister. This is one of a collection of audio recordings between the pair. Olivier Sarkozy/Mary-Kate Olsen/Heath Ledger (How chain-smoking wild child Mary-Kate Olsen fell out of love with ‘mature’ marriage & faces bitter £230m divorce row) (The child star and the painkillers found at Heath Ledger's bedside)

This back in the day A/A- list mostly movie actor who comes from Hollywood royalty turned B+ list comic/sometime reality star has a mother/daughter stripper duo he sleeps with waiting for him back in their hometown. He takes them on tour with him and generally alternates which one he sleeps with each night. Pauly Shore (son of Mitzi Shore (née Saidel; 1930–2018), who founded The Comedy Store, and Sammy Shore (c.1927–2019), a comedian) (I'm saying goodbye to my #Maui friends and hoping for some sweet @joerogan @Spotify level podcast money, brozzzz. Catch the latest episode of Random Rants!)

Now that video has been unearthed about this B/B- list actress/best friend of the permanent A lister, what will the permanent A lister do? Make the actress apologize for the derogatory racist term or just dump her and pretend he never spoke to her.
Alia Shawkat/Brad Pitt (Alia Shawkat Is ‘Deeply Sorry’ for Saying the N-Word Four Years Ago)

As I told you a couple of weeks ago and now the media is finally reporting, the mogul/host/producer is going to quit his daily television gig when they go back to in person live shows. Ryan Seacrest/"Live with Kelly & Ryan" (Ryan Seacrest considers permanent move back to LA following health scare)

This one named permanent A+ list singer did one thing during the day, and then at night went to a sex club and asked for a a black man she could tie up for the night. Madonna/"Black Lives Matter" protest in London (Madonna stuns fans as she attends Black Lives Matter protest on CRUTCHES due to knee injury as she and Anthony Joshua lead the impassioned stars throwing support behind movement)

This A-/B+ list mostly movie actor who was everywhere when he was dating the been in the business since she was a tiny child actress all of you know is using his fame to try and get all manner of free things he sells online and gets free meals from high end restaurants he uses to impress women. Justin Long/Drew Barrymore (Justin Long Says Ex Drew Barrymore Is a ‘Great Conversationalist’ Who He’d Love to Have on His Podcast)

One of the favorite games of this A- list actor/coke loving/underage stripper partying guy is to have an up and coming actress talk to their publicist or friend and get some coke and then come party with the actor who then hogs it all and sends the actress on her way. Jeremy Renner (Jeremy Renner did cocaine with ''underage'' girls, says friend)

This former A list Victoria's Secret model who also did network reality television doesn't need the money. She is fine. But, she loves attention so she only charges $250 for an appearance fee. Heidi Klum; Tyra Banks

This former reality star says that somewhere on a hard drive on a computer in his house which he doesn't have access to any longer are dozens of sex videos with he and his A- list east coast Housewife who is his ex wife. Joe Giudice/"Real Housewives of New Jersey"/Teresa Giudice

This former one fifth turned one fourth is calling out for racism why there was a one fourth instead of a one fifth. Camila Cabella/"Fifth Harmony"/Normani (Racist Remarks posted by Camila Cabello against Normani resurfaces!!! Cabello apologizes for calling her the N-word!!!)

A publicist for the permanent A list everything in her mind diva organized what time a group of celebrities should meet and where for a protest march so a photographer could be there. Jennifer Lopez/Alex Rodriguez (Jennifer Lopez and Alex Rodriguez March with Black Lives Matter Protesters)

I am always hopeful that the perv royal will be questioned by the feds and if he leaves his own country, there is a slight chance it will happen. What won't happen is him being shipped to the US, no matter how much noise there is. It definitely wouldn't happen while the wife of the consular officer who fled, remains in the US. Prince Andrew/Anne Sacoolas wife of US diplomat Jonathan Sacoolas (U.S. Won't Hand Over American Diplomat's Wife Wanted In Fatal U.K. Car Crash) (‘No brainer’: Harry Dunn’s father reiterates call for Prince Andrew and Anne Sacoolas extradition exchange)

Several years ago, this former A- list comic actress who is probably B/B- list now was scheduled to perform on a show on a channel owned by a very wealthy network reality star. When the owner found out, he checked to see her Twitter account to see how many followers she had, as this is how he determined who goes on. When he saw that she didn't have a Twitter account (or any social media account for that matter), he had her kicked off the show. Janeane Garofalo/Mark Cuban

Considering the nominal "head" of this cable channel is racist, it is not all that shocking he hasn't taken any kind of stand against the stars on "his" channel who have been publicly called out for their own racist statements. Andy Cohen/"Watch What Happens Live"/"The Real Housewives"
(Bravo Fires Four Vanderpump Rules Cast Members For Racism Exclusive Details)

Apparently the celebrity CEO uses Telegram for his most incriminating conversations. The A- list actress has been flooding him with messages there over the past week. Elon Musk/Amber Heard (Amber Heard called her relationship with Elon Musk ‘beautiful’ after split)

Apparently the message the alliterate royal did for her old school was not even asked for and they have remained silent since it was delivered. I think she might be bored and doesn't seem interested in the drinking nights her husband and the one named A+ list singer have. Meghan Markle/former high school, Immaculate Heart in the Los Feliz neighborhood of Los Angeles/Prince Harry/Adele (Meghan Markle "Felt Compelled to Directly Address" the Death of George Floyd In Her Graduation Speech)
(Prince Harry is Reportedly "Reverting to Party-Loving Ways" With Adele)

I can count on my hands the number of times this permanent A+ list mostly movie actor with multiple Oscar nominations/wins has been randomly photographed by a pap in the past decade. Two of them have happened in the past week. He is staying front and center for his role in the vaccine roll out. Tom Hanks (Tom Hanks covers his face with a bandanna as he takes a Sunday afternoon stroll with wife Rita Wilson) (Tom Hanks posts about donating plasma after recovering from coronavirus)

This super-thirsty reality show ex of multiple former athletes will do anything, or say anything, for a few bucks. Evelyn Lozada

This A- list mostly television actor on a hit network comedy likes to think of himself as living a real life Breaking Bad. He has a trailer out by Joshua Tree and cooks meth once a month.

This foreign born A- list mostly movie actor has way more than one bedroom in his place, but he and his sister continue to use just one. Colin Farrell/Claudine (Colin Farrell works up a sweat as he takes his dog for a walk with sister Claudine in LA... after Batman halts production due to COVID-19) (BLIND ITEM REVEALED 06/04/13) (BLIND ITEM 07/31/18)

Celebrity Money Laundering: There is no doubt this massive monopoly launders money. It is one of the largest money laundering operations on the planet. It also isn't just for criminals, although, they do make up the vast majority of the people who use it. The crazy thing is banks are involved in it which seems odd, considering the front of the business. It is a very murky world of companies and fronts and shell companies, but every single one of you reading this, knows its most famous brand. You may not have watched their content, but you know who it is, and this is not about Netflix. The murkiness of this company's business practices have long been known. The money laundering is a fairly recent turn of events. The origins of the money used to swallow up competitors around the world was facilitated by the dead billionaire (Jeffrey Epstein), which, if you think about it, makes a lot of sense he would want to be involved. Anyway, there is a new offshoot of this company that is supposed to empower women. It even portends to have a woman running the operation. It doesn't. All it does do is to add another layer of murkiness to the company and another outlet to launder even more money while pretending it is an advocate for change by making micro donations to charities and causes. Because of the empowerment message, a group of celebrities including a rapper who is best friends with the north of the border one namer who had a recent life event get paid to say nice things about the company. The celebrity significant other of this long time network star of a long long running network show is also a big supporter. The list is endless, but all they are doing is helping to legitimize the laundering of criminal proceeds or money being hidden from the taxing authorities. It is the new version of the Panama Papers. MindGeek/PornHub

The team behind this A+ list mostly movie actor has been reaching out to tabloids at the editor level making sure that no one refers to this B- list actress as his girlfriend or even mentions them in the same sentence. He is trying to distance himself from her actions as much as possible. Brad Pitt/Alia Shawkat (Brad Pitt's rumored girlfriend Alia Shawkat is blasted for using the N-word while quoting Drake in a resurfaced 2016 video - as the actress admits she is 'ashamed and embarrassed' in online apology)

This A- list reality star with a lucrative side gig is desperate to be with the father to her child. He doesn't give her the time of day unless he can find literally no one else to sleep with that day. Then, and only then he might call her at 1am and not ask, but just say he is on his way over. She doesn't get to go to his place ever. Kylie Jenner/Travis Scott (daughter Stormi Webster) (Travis Scott Has Eyes On The Prize… And It’s Not Kylie Jenner)

One member of this A list acting/singing/reality star family all of you know is having a same sex affair with another man. If the members of the family discovered it, they would disown him in a second.

This A-/B+ list mostly television actress who has been A list a couple of times in her career is a mess and is letting herself be passed around for drugs. Hayden Panettiere ("Heroes" and "Nashville") (Hayden Panettiere joins Instagram and posts fashionable beach pics, throwback snaps and addresses the death of George Floyd)

This day time talk show host is paying a lot of money to tabloids to run positive stories about her. They are disguised as interviews but no actual interviewing is done. This applies to several online websites too. Ellen DeGeneres (Who Wants to Teach Ellen DeGeneres How to Be a ‘Better Person’?) (Ellen DeGeneres deletes tweet referring to 'people of color' after receiving backlash for not referring to 'black people') (Ellen DeGeneres Is an Anti-Feminist Egomaniac – And She Needs to Be Stopped)

As if anyone believes the alliterate foreign born model is suffering. She already admitted she played a part in the death of the A lister. Maybe she wishes she hadn't shared that part. I have zero sympathy for her. Asia Argento/Anthony Bourdain (Anthony Bourdain's girlfriend Asia Argento says 'people think I murdered him' in first emotional interview) (You want pain? Here’s the pain. No filter needed. Two years without my love.)

Hollywood just keeps on chugging. That six degrees actor who is in his 60's is starring alongside a barely in her 30's actress. They portray a married couple with a young daughter. Sounds realistic. Kevin Bacon/Amanda Seyfried/"You Should Have Left" (Kevin Bacon and Amanda Seyfried are haunted in first trailer for You Should Have Left)

The only reason the foreign born serial cheating rapist "retired," is that he wouldn't be able to pass a drug test. He will be back. Conor McGregor (UFC star Conor McGregor says he's retiring from fighting)
('Famous Irish sports star' won't face charges for alleged sexual assault in Dublin hotel, according to Irish prosecutors - reports) (BLIND ITEM REVEALED 02/10/19)

This closeted A- list mostly movie actress who also does commercials has been shacking up with her long time girlfriend. It is by far, the most time they have ever spent with each other. Anna Kendrick (Actress Anna Kendrick breaks down her career highlights from ‘Pitch Perfect’ to ‘Twilight’) (Anna Kendrick TV Commercials Ads)

This B list pretty much not working actress who somehow stays known because of that cable show on which she starred, was sending out naked selfies over the weekend to random people she knows. Ashley Benson/"Pretty Little Liars" (Ashley Benson Traded in Her Long Bob for Mermaid Extensions)

The only thing that kept a certain celebrity marriage together was a fear the public would find out their self help stuff is all crap. They have essentially been living separate lives for years. Rachel and Dave Hollis (Author Rachel Hollis Shares 'Incredibly Difficult' Decision to End Marriage with Husband Dave) (The Hollis Co.)

100. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 06/09 **12**
One Of A Kind Night: It has been over two decades now since one of the most talked about party nights ever, happened in Hollywood. It was an after party of a party that took place after the Oscars. It was a night that saw some of the most unusual pairings at a party that anyone has ever seen. You had this permanent A list singer hooking up with at the time, maybe a B list actor. He has reached A list, but now is about A- list and does television instead of movies. Also that night, this A- list actress continued something she had started the previous week when she hooked up with this reclusive B+ list actor. I don't think they saw each other again after that second time hooking up. There was also this at the time A+ list mostly movie actor who didn't hook up with anyone but made out with multiple women including an Oscar winner from the previous year.

This A- list rapper/actor has fallen down the rabbit hole of conspiracies and has taken his millions of social media followers with him. Will they emerge? Probably. When he has a new movie to promote. Ice Cube (Ice Cube Spreads Russian Propaganda and Anti-Semitic Conspiracy on Twitter)

Apparently now that the quarantine has eased, this north of the border born A- list singer can get back to regularly smoking meth. He was mostly doing pills. Justin Bieber (Justin Bieber Admitted He "Benefited Off of Black Culture")

Showing once again what a tool he is, this A list singer/actor is cheating on his wife. Justin Timberlake (Justin Timberlake isn’t a culture vulture — he’s just a dense coward)

With the firing, there will be no marriage. The wedding was only going to happen if it was televised, free and they were paid for their participation. Give them both lie detectors and ask the bar stars if the couple ever had sex. The answer would be no. Stassi Schroeder/Beau Clark/"Vanderpump Rules" (Stassi Schroeder and Beau Clark Had the Most Vanderpump Rules Engagement Celebration) (Stassi Schroeder and Kristen Doute fired from 'Vanderpump Rules')

What do you do when all the stories about this A- list singer/actor seem to focus on whether you have an underage sex cult? You get Kneepads to write a story about you that says you may or may not have a girlfriend, but she is of legal age. Sounds convincing. Jared Leto/People Magazine/Valery Kaufman (Inside Jared Leto's Private Romance with Valery Kaufman — They've Been 'Off and On' for Years) (Jared Leto just learned about coronavirus crisis after 12-day retreat: 'We were totally isolated') (BLIND ITEM 03/17/20)

This A-/B+ list NBA player has relocated several times in the past few years. He has won a few titles. His girlfriend has followed him from city to city in hopes of becoming a wife. Instead, he keeps cheating and she keeps hoping. At his last stop prior to the one he lives in now, he had a condo he rented to make it easier for him to cheat every day after practice. Danny Green ("Cleveland Cavaliers"/"San Antonio Spurs"/"Toronto Raptors"/"Los Angeles Lakers")/Blair Bashen (Lakers Wing Danny Green Gets Engaged)

This notorious Hollywood pedophile had a big light shined upon his evil deeds a couple years ago, and wasn't able to find work in the industry. Very recently, he just got a recent credit, albeit a small one. Brian Peck (EXCLUSIVE: Pedophile X-Men actor convicted of sexually abusing Nickelodeon child star is STILL working with underage kids)

This closeted foreign born former A+ list mostly movie actor has been ordering a lot of delivery and hitting on the guys who deliver it. Hugh Jackman/Deborra-Lee Furness (Deborra-Lee Furness reveals the annoying thing her husband Hugh Jackman does while she's dieting)

This alliterate A- list superhero has been in this space several times for being a television superhero jerk. For once though, the direction is focused away from him and this would be the chance to change his own image for the better. Grant Gustin/"The Flash"/condemning Hartley Sawyer's racist, misogynist and homophobic social media posts that got him fired from The Flash (Stephen Amell backs up Grant Gustin in condemning Hartley Sawyer's racist, misogynist and homophobic social media posts that got him fired from The Flash)

110. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 06/10 **10**
Apparently "stress conditions" is the new term for having a miscarriage because you couldn't stop taking drugs. It is a term coined by the former tween singer turned meth head. Aaron Carter/Melanie Martin (Aaron Carter reveals ex-fiancée Melanie Martin has suffered a miscarriage as the couple announce they have rekindled their romance)

111. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 06/10 **11**
This one named permanent A list singer in a group and solo is about to land the production deal that the alliterate former actress turned royal wanted. Beyoncé/Meghan Markle/Disney (Beyonce’s Rumored $100 Million Disney Deal Will Have Meghan Markle Fuming)

112. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 06/10 **12**
Yes, He Cheated. But,: It is considered one of the most tabloid fodder worthy of relationships in the past 60 years. I haven't counted, but I would imagine they have been on the cover of hundreds of weekly magazines. They were on the covers so often because people couldn't get enough. Each time they were on the cover, issues would sell 20-30% higher than the weeks they were not. When the couple split, it didn't stop the magazines from still putting them on the covers and sales soared even more after the split. But why did they split? Why really? Yes, he cheated, but the weekly magazines knew there were underlying causes so to speak. What was making the relationship tumultuous even before the split? The magazines knew, but kept quiet. They were placed under enormous pressure to stay silent. One magazine was all set to publish an article while the couple were married and were threatened with never getting another celebrity interview ever if they did. What was the big secret? Apparently there were multiple abortions over the years and it made it impossible for the wife to get pregnant. The husband wanted a family, and it just wasn't happening. There was going to be a split. It just didn't happen the way either of them would have preferred. The cheating forced their hand. Brad Pitt/Jennifer Aniston

It remains to be seen if the alliterate former actress turned royal calls out her bully best friend for trying to ruin the career of a woman. The royal would play the victim card if she was on the bullying end and demand something be done. My guess is there will be nothing but crickets because of the upcoming trial. Meghan Markle/Jessica Mulroney ('This sh-t needs to stop': Blogger Sasha Exeter calls out Jessica Mulroney over white privilege, 'threatening' behaviour) (Jessica Mulroney’s Show Cancelled by CTV Following Blogger Dispute)

Now that one streaming service has been required to hand over documents about how they manipulate the numbers for songs, I expect the rest will be forced to do so too. In the country leading the charge, there could be criminal prosecution too. "Tidal"/Norway (TIDAL now officially a suspect in Norwegian data fraud)

The mogul/reality star/serial sexual assaulter has frequently been in this space about his troubling past and his fleeing to another country to escape extradition while at the same time saying he did nothing wrong. Now, with the release of the documentary which details his behavior he is attempting to silence any websites that discuss it and is backed by the permanent A++ list celebrity. Russell Simmons/Oprah Winfrey (He's 'a monster': 'On the Record' gives first-hand accounts of Russell Simmons rape claims) (Russell Simmons Accuser Criticizes 'Breakfast Club' for Giving Him a Platform) (BLIND ITEM 01/20/20) (BLIND ITEM REVEALED 05/15/20)

If you think what the foreign born permanent A list model said to a contestant on a show, you should hear the things she says to those close to her. It is way worse. Heidi Klum (Heidi Klum accused of 'fatphobia' and 'body-shaming' for buzzing plus-size 'AGT' dancer)

The quarantine has not been good for this former A list dual threat actor who now focuses on television when he can get work. The actor, who starred on an iconic show has been taking a lot of pills and boozing and often goes days at a time in bed, is in bad shape. Matthew Perry/"Friends" ('Friends' Star Matthew Perry Looks Unrecognizable As He Emerges From Lockdown)

Yachting season is in full swing in the Mediterranean right now and there is a focus on a foreign born A- list model. The focus is on her because she has caught the eye of the leader of this oil rich country. Paps have been following the model in hopes of getting photos of the pair together when he is in town. The leader has been rumored in the past to have hooked up with the actress turned escort a few times. Izabel Goulart/Mohammad Bin Salman Al Saud (Crown Prince of Saudia Arabia)/Lindsay Lohan

This former tweener turned A- list adult singer is paying all the bills for her boyfriend and pays for all their dates and for every last bit of everything. She is being used and I'm not sure she realizes it. Demi Lovato/Max Ehrich (Demi Lovato's boyfriend Max Ehrich holds on to her arm while they leave Nobu Malibu... as they 'talk about getting engaged')

Interesting that this A+ list Tik-Tok star is hooking up with this thirsty reality star in a family full of them. I thought she was hooking up with the guy she is trying to get to finance her latest venture.

It was like old times to see this foreign born B list celebrity who peaked years ago. There she was, eating out and drinking (even though she says she is sober) and asking her friends if they had any coke. Her celebrity mom and dad must be so proud. Kelly Osbourne (Ozzy and Sharon Osbourne) (Kelly Osbourne looks effortlessly chic in a black leather jacket and towering stilettos as she steps out for dinner with a pal in Malibu) (Kelly Osbourne on sobriety: 'I didn’t think I could do anything if I wasn’t drunk or high')

122. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 06/11 **10**
Apparently all is forgiven in the world of this multiple Emmy winning performer who was exiled for sexually assaulting underage teens. Not only has this former children's performer been hired by his old employer, he was also highlighted in the 30 year reunion of the first installment of this long running movie franchise. Kevin Clash/"Elmo" on "Sesame Street"/Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (Watch the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Movie 30th Anniversary Cast Reunion Special)
(Emmy Awards)

123. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 06/11 **11**
This former A list actress who is really outspoken on a lot of issues and has really slowed down on her acting, is cheating on her husband. Alyssa Milano/Dave Bugliari (Activism) (Alyssa Milano hits back at trolls after they slam her crochet mask and tells them it has a carbon filter attached to it)

124. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 06/11 **12**
The Fear: This actress is foreign born. She is probably A- list and is in at least one movie franchise. She has actually starred in others, but only single installments. In the past year, she starred in a movie which haunted a lot of people and seemed to play out on screen what certain people have accused Hollywood of for a long time. Since she filmed the movie, she has told friends that where she lives feels haunted and that she has crazy nightmares. This could also be because of the film's subject matter and that she just had a baby not all that long ago.

125. POPBITCH 06/11
(British blog)
Which A-List star has a secret passion for rugby commentary? A former conquest says that while he was on the job, he liked to narrate his performance as if it was a rugby league game with "Little Russ" passing, punting and charging, eventually scoring a "try". Russell Crowe (Hollywood star Russell Crowe, coach Bennett team up in NRL)

In her new single, this foreign born former A+ list rapper confirmed what I already told you. That the permanent A list rapper/wannabe NFL owner has been cheating on his wife. Nicki Minaj/Jay-Z/Beyoncé (Did Nicki Minaj Try to Come for Beyoncé in the ‘Say So’ Remix?)

This former BH Housewife is using Cameo to lure in men for personal extras such as custom videos that are clothing optional. Taylor Armstrong/"Real Housewives of Beverly Hills" (Taylor Armstrong: Cameo)

The record producer/mogul/reality star who is a serial sexual assaulter is spending tons of money to have people come in and scrub message boards and comment sections of anything negative about him. Russell Simmons (Russell Simmons: I'm 'guilty' of being a 'playboy' but didn't force myself on women)

Apparently in order to sell newspapers and get clicks now, you have to run a front page story championing a man who hit a woman and would gladly do it again. J. K. Rowling’s ex-husband Jorge Arantes/"The Sun" (Lawmakers accuse UK tabloid of glorifying domestic abuse after front-page interview with J.K. Rowling's ex-husband)

Back when everyone could still go out, but while the north of the border singer was pregnant, the celebrity CEO would go out to dinner with her in various Beverly Hills restaurants. Two security guys would stand next to the table to the point where usually restaurants had to leave a surrounding table, and sometimes two, empty. Oh, and there would also be two more people seated at the bar ready to assist. Afraid of ticked off customers? Process servers? More shady business associates? Grimes/Elon Musk (Celebratory meal, Elon? Musk takes his Cybertruck out for a spin in Malibu one day after his victory in 'pedo guy' defamation case and dines with girlfriend Grimes and actor pal Ed Norton at Nobu)

He isn't choking a woman this time, but this A-/B+ list superhero actor's career is hanging by the slimmest of fraying threads. So, damage control when a disturbing video of the actor reached social media. It was yanked down everywhere, but someone did manage to upload it to YouTube where it is unlisted. It is hard to tell whether it is mental health issues or drugs, or a combination of both. Ezra Miller/"The Flash" (Ezra Miller Appears to Choke Woman in Video) (What is going on with Ezra Miller?! First he choked that lady, and know he’s talking oddly in this car #EzraMiller)

This rapper/writer/singer/record producer used to be called in to a feature artist on songs. Now though, she is called in to just write the words she used to say. What are these words? She is known for casting spells. She got a huge reputation for rapping them, and big singers want the words, but not her on the song anymore because it brings too much attention. She was initially discovered by this A- list actor/showrunner/rapper/singer.

This alliterate former A+/A list mostly movie actress who had a very short peak, is at this point, literally saying anything to get attention. Every few days she tries to get the oxygen by sharing some crazy story. The crazier the better. Sharon Stone (Sharon Stone Was Once Struck by Lightning and Thrown Across Her Kitchen: ‘It’s Really Intense’)

This north of the border A+ list YouTuber has a sex tape.

135. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 06/12 **10**
Speaking of sex tapes, I'm sure this former A+ list singer probably has dozens, but one thing that is interesting is during quarantine, she put a stop to her swingers parties or even inviting over anyone for a threesome. Now though, she is ready and a huge party is happening at her home in the next week to ten days. Christina Aguilera (Christina Aguilera’s latest Instagram post carries a powerful message about mental health in lockdown)

136. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 06/12 **11**
This foreign born lead singer in an A+ list group is a serial cheater, but it looks as if he and his A-/B+ list actress girlfriend spending less time together and probably splitting has nothing to do with cheating. Shocking. A totally normal split? That can't be. Chris Martin/"Coldplay"/Dakota Johnson (Chris Martin bares his biceps on Malibu bike ride... after covering U2 on Dear Class of 2020 special)

137. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 06/12 **12**

The Blooper Reels - Part One - Mr. X - Old Hollywood Blind: I didn't know these existed. I heard rumors that they were destroyed in a vault fire, but they do indeed exist. I personally have not seen these, but I've heard rumors about what was on them, Basically, every year during its golden era the lion studio would have a New Year's Eve party for all the stars, the producers, directors, crew, etc. pretty much everyone who worked at the studio. The big highlight would be a black and white blooper reel featuring uncensored flubs from the studio's current slate of feature films and short subjects. Unlike the rival studio whose blooper reels are readily available these have not been seen by the general public. And unlike the other studio's reels, there is nudity and lots of uncensored cursing among other things. The reels that survive date from about 1936 to 1953 (although there were some made earlier and those are rumored to be in a private collector's hands). They were in the possession of a multiple Oscar winning/nominated (1952/Nominee/ Best Director/"An American in Paris"; 1959/Winner/Best Director/"Gigi") director (Vincente Minnelli) who directed some of the studio's biggest films (Filmography) in a specific genre. After his death they were passed on to his actress/singer spawn (Liza Minnelli) who got the 35mm prints transferred to 16mm so she could trot them out at parties and show to guests. Both sets of prints were found when she and her managers were combing through a storage locker to gather items from an auction. She sent them off to an archive to be preserved but don't get your hopes up on seeing them anytime soon because she has told the archive to release them after she dies. What's exactly is on those reels will be discussed in part 2. To be continued. Vincente Minnelli/Liza Minnelli

This B- list celebrity/artist faked a hate crime on themselves for publicity when it was actually a DUI. They even went on a talk show to discuss the hate crime. Their "witness" however was scared to say anything because they thought they would go to jail for lying about a hate crime. Jay Pharoah/"SNL" ('SNL' Alum Jay Pharoah Stopped by LAPD, Knee to Neck in Case of 'Mistaken Identity')

The wannabe "reality spy" family is not getting the attention they need to get interest in a reality show so they are throwing anything against the wall to see what sticks. George Papadopoulos/Simona Mangiante (So who tried to trick his way into George Papadopoulos's home?) (BLIND ITEM REVEALED 04/17/20)

This Eastern European country just finished funding the latest installment of this action franchise that had started filming and then had to stop. This is the same country that has towns pitted against each other because production wants to blow up a real working bridge ad no towns want that. They know the government will take years to actually rebuild it. "Mission Impossible 7"/Poland

This former A- list child actor recently was hit with a lawsuit accusing him of helping to run a multi billion fraud. Brock Pierce (Filmography) (Class action lawsuit filed against over allegations about its EOS initial coin offering)

The fact the alliterate actress turned royal still has not said anything other than through her "friend" about her best friend speaks volumes. Don't forget though, the best friend still has to be a witness in the current legal situation in England. Meghan Markle/Jessica Mulroney (ABC cuts ties with Meghan Markle's best friend Jessica Mulroney over race row with black influencer who she threatened to sue and told 'you think your voice matters') (Meghan Markle is 'absolutely mortified' by pal Jessica Mulroney's 'white privilege' controversy) (Meghan Markle’s Best Friend Jessica Mulroney Speaks Out After CTV Firing: ‘I Respect the Decision’) (Prince Harry and Meghan Markle are the 'big losers' in the Royal Family amid the coronavirus pandemic and look 'irrelevant in this country,' claims royal author) (Meghan Markle and Prince Harry Postpone the Launch of Their Archewell Nonprofit) (Everything You Need to Know About Meghan Markle’s Lawsuit)

The long time A list celebrity/editor is hanging on to a ledge by her fingernails trying to keep her job, all the while wearing sunglasses. Anna Wintour/"Vogue" (Can Anna Wintour Survive the Social Justice Movement?)

This former west coast Housewife went out with friends the other night to dinner and then to a party at another friend's house. The former Housewife had taken a COVID test a few hours earlier because she wasn't feeling well but didn't tell anyone that night. Vicki Gunvalson or Tamra Judge/"Real Housewives of Orange County" (A lovely follower was at a San Juan Capistrano wine bar tonight when in walk VICKI AND TAMRA)

I wonder how many young boys will be at the feet of this spiritual leader this year. As recently as three or four years ago, he would often choose a few of them to do more than just be at his feet. Dalai Lama (Young Tibetan children performing a traditional song at the start of His Holiness the Dalai Lama's teaching at the University of Colorado in Boulder, Colorado on June 23, 2016) (Who Will Decide On The Dalai Lama's Successor — His Supporters Or Beijing?) (A boy chosen as the Panchen Lama disappeared in 1995. China says he's now a college grad with a job)

It is always interesting to see the soon to be retired radio host's persona before this Middle Eastern sounding woman entered his life and after. There is sure a lot of time spent scrubbing things from the internet, but they can't get it all. Howard Stern/Marci Turk (The woman responsible for Howard Stern’s ‘PC’ behavior) (Howard Stern under fire for past use of blackface, skit with N-word)

The estate of this permanent A++ list musician ramped up the paid bot armies on social media, to get a certain hashtag trending on social media, on the anniversary of an event. Michael Jackson/15-Year Anniversary of Child Abuse Acquittal (Michael Jackson Fans Celebrate 15-Year Anniversary of Child Abuse Acquittal)

The family of the celebrity CEO is playing fast and loose with the rules. Despite exporting a ton of cash this weekend, no declarations prior to departing the US were filed with US Customs. Elon Musk (Elon Musk reportedly jets to UK amid potential plans for giant Tesla 'gigafactory' in Somerset - everything we know)

The former teen singer turned meth head still does get royalty checks. He is near death's door. It is probably an opportune time for the alliterate one to try and get in a quickie marriage. Aaron Carter/Melanie Martin (Aaron Carter Says He's Engaged to Girlfriend Melanie Martin: ‘Love Wins’)

She didn't really seem the type, but the girlfriend of this A+/A list mostly movie three franchise actor every single person loves in this world hires paps when she goes out with him because it turns out she is thirsty. Who would have thunk it. Keanu Reeves/Alexandra Grant ("Bill & Ted's Excellent Adventure"/"The Matrix"/"John Wick") (What Keanu Reeves dating 'age-appropriate' Alexandra Grant reveals about sexism and ageism in Hollywood) (Why Keanu Reeves’ girlfriend Alexandra Grant, 46, doesn’t dye her gray hair)

Think about how much extra time and work it took for this A- list mostly movie actress to get costumes for her friend and to stage a picture as if the actress was at a BLM protest rather than just attending one. I hope the lawyers for the A list mostly movie actor ask her about it under oath. Amber Heard/Johnny Depp (Amber Heard Suspected To Have Staged Black Lives Matter Protest Photo)

It turns out the A list singer did hook up with the best friend of the late night actor. Ariana Grande/Machine Gun Kelly/Pete Davidson (15 times Machine Gun Kelly and Pete Davidson were Friendship Goals)

A first for a K-pop singer that I can recall. This singer from the three initialed group has a lot of tattoos. His new one is supposed to be the all seeing eye. Is he trying to tell us he is Illuminati? Jungkook/"BTS" (How Many Tattoos Does BTS' Jungkook Have? Here's A Comprehensive List) (Big Hit Entertainment apologises for Jungkook's recent Itaewon outing; BTS member tested negative for COVID 19)

Apparently the child rapist/snitch didn't learn any lessons. The girl who visited him last week wasn't even old enough to drive. Tekashi 6ix9ine (6ix9ine & Nicki Minaj Call Out Rappers For Being Hypocrites About Snitching)

This actress wanted to be an author so much that she bought a story from someone and is now out in public trying to defend its awfulness. Kristen Bell/"The World Needs More Purple People" (Kristen Bell’s Children’s Book Perilously Close to Declaring Purple Lives Matter)

This A- list singer/bad actress says she split from an A+ singer she was seeing not because they were doing too much coke and not because his ex was always around but because he was creepy and she always felt he wanted to rape her and not just have sex with her. Selena Gomez/The Weeknd/Bella Hadid (Selena Gomez VS Bella Hadid: When ‘Starboy’ The Weeknd Caused Bad Blood Between The Beauties)

This foreign born guitarist from an A list band is denying one sexual assault claim, but what about the other half dozen or so women that have come out and said he did the same thing to them? Michael Clifford/"5 Seconds of Summer" (5 Seconds of Summer’s Michael Clifford Seemingly Addresses Sexual Assault Allegation, Other Past Controversies)

You would think this former A- list reality star would wait a day or two before hooking up with a new guy. Nope. It was about 14 hours from the time she packed up her stuff until she was having sex with another guy.
Jenelle Evans

This married very recent streaming star who is soon getting his own reality show, forced a woman to get an abortion so his wife wouldn't find out they had sex. He threatened her with death if she didn't. Jeff Lowe/"Tiger King" (Tiger King's Jeff Lowe Says He and Wife Lauren Are ‘Signed for a Reality TV Show’ About Their Zoo)

The Hungarian offshoot of this fan friendly porn site everyone knows the name of has always been extreme. Apparently not extreme enough. In an email chain between three or four executives of the offshoot, they ponder whether there is a country they could travel to and actually get away with filming a snuff porn.

Apparently this foreign born permanent A+ list singer has lost her voice to the point where she can't sing like she used to. She is still hopeful that with the couple years rest she has enjoyed, it may still come back. Adele (Stars Who Have Undergone Vocal Surgery: Adele, Julie Andrews and More)

Cementing that connection to the show is what the staged photos and heavy planting of stories in tabloids were all about this weekend between a former always thirsty contestant on the network reality show and the brand new lead. Tyler Cameron/"The Bachelorette" and Matt James/"The Bachelor" (‘The Bachelor’ picks Matt James as its first black lead, in its 25th season) (Tyler Cameron Reacts to Clare Crawley’s Comment Shading Matt James) (Matt James and Tyler Cameron’s Bromance Through the Years)

163. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 06/15 **10**
This former Teen Mom has finally worn out her welcome and needs a new suitor to help her with her monthly expenses. Farrah Abraham (Farrah Abraham Gets Flak For Showing Vibrator Near Young Daughter)

164. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 06/15 **11**
The wife of this foreign born A- list actor most recently seen on the now defunct pay cable hit, seems to be implying her marriage to the actor is over. It is tough when you are translating from a foreign language interview, but it is definitely not rainbows and unicorns. Nukaaka Coster-Waldau/Nikolaj Coster-Waldau/"Game of Thrones"

165. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 06/15 **12**
Apparently there have been several questions raised about the profits and the copyright of a cookbook organized by the alliterate former actress turned royal for charity. Meghan Markle/Hubb Community Kitchen cookbook "Together" (Meghan Markle Says She and Prince Harry Are "So Proud" of the Hubb Community Kitchen on Video Call)

166. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 06/15 **13**
This former A- list mostly movie actress doesn't work very much any longer, and when she does it is usually on television. She has been in a couple of movie franchises. She got hammered at a restaurant in Malibu this weekend and needed two people to help her to an Uber. The driver didn't want to be responsible for her, so another person who knew the actress had to ride with her to get her home.

167. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 06/15 **14**

The Blooper Reels - Part Two - Old Hollywood - Mr. X: The blooper reels discussed in the previous BI, which date from the mid ‘30s to the early ‘50s, for the most part feature most of the stars at the lion studio (MGM) flipping the bird and dropping f (or mf) bombs or shits or dammits after flubbing a line or missing their entrance or exit on a scene. No bleeps or silly sound effects to obscure the words, raw and unfiltered. Among these bloopers are some surprises:

1) Biggest potty mouth is the mother (Judy Garland) of the celeb spawn (Liza Minnelli) from the previous BI, there are a number of bloopers from her most famous movie ("The Wizard of Oz") where she and her costars flub their lines. One flub from the same movie she flips the bird to someone off screen (That would make a great meme). She’s also the person who breaks up with laughter the most when one of her costars misses a line or does something goofy. One of the later blooper reels has the opening number from her last movie ("Summer Stock") for the studio where she’s singing in the shower, and she breaks character when she looks into the camera, comes out of the shower topless and yells "what the fuck are you looking at!? get out of here you peeping tom!" and she saunters back to the shower with a towel like a burlesque stripper. Judy Garland/"Summer Stock" (Summer Stock Title Sequence HD)

2) The studio’s biggest male star (Clark Gable) (besides the pint sized actor (Mickey Rooney) who we will get to later) is featured more than any actor and there’s a few bloopers where he moons his female costar, exposes himself or comes out buck naked. One of his many leading ladies who was also a popular pinup girl (Lana Turner) is seen with his then current wife (Carole Lombard), a comedic actress who died tragically, in a mock catfight with fake slaps and strangulation making fun of the rumors of the off set affair of the pinup girl and the actor. He also makes fun of gay men (using a lispy voice), Latinos and Asians. Clark Cable/Lana Turner/Carole Lombard ({Rumor Mill} Clark Gable and Lana Turner) (Crash that killed actress Carole Lombard, 21 others near Las Vegas still echoes after 75 years)

3) When this foreign born actress (Hedy Lamar) with possibly the most interesting side gig (Inventor) found out that clips of her nude scenes from a pre Hollywood movie were spliced into a blooper reel with audio overlaid of her saying the tagline from one of her more popular movies, she left the studio. Hedy Lamar (Inventor) (Louis B. Mayer and MGM)

4) He's (Robert Young) mostly known for starring in two TV series ("Father Knows Best" and "Marcus Welby, M.D.") later in his career, but he did many movies before that. At the lion studio he mainly appeared in B-movies with supporting roles in A-movies. He was also the 2nd biggest flasher in the blooper reels. In one scene ("The Emperor's Candlesticks"), he emerges from a bathtub fully naked. In another scene, he's dressed as Romeo for a party scene with the actress (Maureen O'Sullivan) known for costarring in that jungle franchise ("Tarzan") and who has a celeb spawn (Mia Farrow). He's wearing a dance belt in the finished film, but in this alternate take you can see everything through his tights. Robert Young/"Father Knows Best" and "Marcus Welby, M.D."/"The Emperor's Candlesticks"/Maureen O’Sullivan/"Tarzan"/Mia Farrow

5) One of the studio's most preeminent leading ladies (Norma Shearer) was nicknamed Queen of the Lot because of who she married (Irving Thalberg/Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer (MGM)). After her husband died suddenly, she pushed ahead with a biopic that was a pet project ("Marie Antoinette") for both of them. For her leading man, she got a closeted actor (Tyrone Power) loaned out from a rival studio (20th Century-Fox). In one blooper reel scene they switch costumes via a jump cut and he's in full drag. They continued this charade at a Halloween party at San Simeon. Norma Shearer/Irving Thalberg/"Marie Antionette"/Tyrone Power/20th Century-Fox (Norma Shearer: The First Lady of MGM) (Tyrone Power, King of 20th Century-Fox)

I don't know if this alcohol sounding B- list celebrity wannabe singer orally serviced someone at Instagram, but any pages that are dedicated to trashing her disappear in a matter of hours. Don't forget that this is the same person who loves a book about pedophilia and even made her own sex video when she was 14. Madison Beer/"Lolita" (Madison Beer apologizes for saying she 'romanticizes' controversial novel ‘Lolita’: ‘I misspoke’) ("Lolita" novel)

He sounds like he should be foreign born, but he isn't. This A- list mostly movie actor who is closeted really should treat his male lovers better. He treats them the same way he treats press. Like crap. Timothée Chalamet (BLIND ITEM REVEALED 05/13/19)

Don't believe the hype. The former business partner of the A list mostly movie actor didn't show up out of nowhere. He is still dead. It was just time to find someone for click bait who wasn't the husband of Olivia Newton John. Johnny Depp/Anthony Fox/"Viper Room" (A day before he was about to testify against Johnny Depp, He vanished. Where is Anthony Fox?)

This former A- list actor acts like a predator. He controlled his actress soon to be ex wife as long as he could and now found a new victim in the celebrity/porn star. Brian Austin Green/Megan Fox/Courtney Stodden (Brian Austin Green and Courtney Stodden Just Friends, Hanging Out)

This A- list YouTube couple love to share how she was underage and he was in his mid twenties when they started dating. What they always leave out is he made sure from the time she was 13 or 14 that she never dated anyone and waited for him until she got closer to being legal.
Abbie and Josh Herbert

This DL pastor (Jamal Harrison Bryant) of a mega church (New Birth Missionary Baptist Church) in the south (DeKalb County, Georgia) is having unprotected sex with his desperate ex wife (Gizelle Bryant) who is on reality tv ("Real Housewives of Potomac"). His secret was known back in a previous city (Potomac, Maryland) where they lived when they were married but she turned a blind eye to everything for MONEY. Fast forward to the present day . He is well known in the "secret gay community "and the pastor keeps a tight leash on his male sex partners so they won’t go to the media & expose him. The ex wife is exposing herself again to "incurables" just like when they were in their old city. Oh yeah, the pastor has a child that’s been recently exposed from another woman that lives in a different state that he’s been sleeping with for almost 13 years. The pastor & ex wife won’t speak on it because it doesn’t fit into their "fake storyline." Jamal Harrison Bryant/New Birth Missionary Baptist Church/DeKalb County, Georgia/Gizelle Bryant/"Real Housewives of Potomac"/Potomac, Maryland (BLIND ITEM REVEALED 01/09/20) (Gizelle & Jamal Bryant Send a Message to Their Haters After Getting Back Together) ('RHOP:' Rumors Surface That Jamal Bryant Fathered Child With Another Woman After Rekindling Relationship With Gizelle Bryant)

He needed a boost, so this wife of a north of the border political leader traveled from her separate residence to make an appearance for her still husband. Justin Trudeau/Sophie Grégoire Trudeau/Canada (Sophie Grégoire Trudeau Just Donated Her Blood To A Canadian COVID-19 Study)

The sugarbaby/reality star/bar employee knows she was very lucky to not be caught in the purge of her co-stars. Instead of being quiet and not drawing attention to herself, she just can't help being thirsty and now she is being called out. Lala Kent/"Vanderpump Rules" ('Vanderpump Rules' Star Lala Kent Makes Peace With Faith Stowers To 'Avoid Being Fired')

It was really convenient that this former one season wonder who had a huge publicity problem a couple weeks ago suddenly saved a life to turn all that around. Hannah Brown/"The Bachelorette" ('Bachelorette' star Hannah Brown rescues man while on family rafting trip)

177. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 06/16 **10**
Considering how much he derides sex workers for how much they charge and is always trying to force their price down, it is shocking how much this A- list mostly television actor thinks his time is worth. Jeremy Piven (Jeremy Piven Mocked for Charging $15,000 for A 10-Minute Zoom Call)

178. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 06/16 **11**
I wonder if the former boy bander turned celebrity will reveal the secrets about the former sugardaddies of this male reality star. Lance Bass/"NSYNC"/Jax Taylor/"Vanderpump Rules" ('It’s going to cost him everything': Lance Bass predicts former pal Jax Taylor will be fired by Bravo and claims his business partner is 'stepping down' from their cocktail mixer brand)

179. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 06/16 **12**
Apparently the soon to be ex of this A lister got another woman pregnant, which was just too much for the wife to handle. Kelly Clarkson/Brandon Blackstock (Kelly Clarkson Seen Without Her Wedding Ring After Filing for Divorce from Brandon Blackstock) (This Is Why Kelly Clarkson's Ex Didn't Want To Have More Kids)

180. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 06/16 **13**
The three month show star didn't get her big porn payday so will be doing porn for monthly fans instead. Larissa dos Santos Lima/"90 Day Fiancé" (90 Day Fiancé star Larissa dos Santos Lima to launch Only Fans porn site after nasty divorce from Colt Johnson)

181. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 06/16 **14**
The Blooper Reels - Part Three - Old Hollywood - Mr. X
One half of the singing duo discussed in a previous BI, the closeted singer/actor (Nelson Eddy), appears to be kissing the other half of the duo (Jeanette McDonald) but it turns out to be his longtime boyfriend and the "husband" (Gene Raymond) of the female singer in drag and there are cartoon kissing sound effects. The female singer is heard laughing offscreen until they all break up laughing. Nelson Eddy/Jeanette MacDonald/Gene Raymond (Jeanette MacDonald | Nelson Eddy Biography) (Gene Raymond, Buddy Rogers, and three rather odd Hollywood marriages) (BLIND ITEM 04/03/19)

-The pint sized actor (Mickey Rooney) who starred in a long running franchise ("Andy Hardy") is seen crawling out from under a showgirl's skirt and in another scene gropes another showgirl's boobs in a bear hug. Mickey Rooney/"Andy Hardy"

-The permanent A-list black songstress/activist (Lena Horne) in a faux screen test where she kisses (in order): the king of the lot (Clark Gable) (very passionately I might add), the pint sized actor (Mickey Rooney) (who lets out a 'woo woo!'), the flame haired comic (Red Skelton) who later had success on TV (who lets out a wolf howl), and the actor/dancer/director (Gene Kelly). Lena Horne/Clarke Gable/Mickey Rooney/ Red Skeleton/Gene Kelly (Lena Horne, Trailblazing Singer, Actress & Civil Rights Activist, Dies at 92)

-This multiple Oscar winning/ nominated actor (Spencer Tracey) is seen in multiple blooper reels, a majority of scenes are with his longtime partner on and offscreen, the multiple Oscar winning/nominated actress (Katherine Hepburn). One scene shows him stark naked in a bathrobe flashing the actress and she pulls him closer and motions a handjob before they break up laughing. Spencer Tracy/Katherine Hepburn

-The original ending (long thought lost) to the classic cartoon ("Red Hot Riding Hood") with a sexy female character (Jessica Rabbit) who inspired a later one ("Who Framed Roger Rabbit?") is shown tacked on to the end of the 1943 blooper reel. It was deleted after the Production Code brass thought it was making fun of bestiality. "Red Hot Riding Hood"/Jessica Rabbit/"Who Framed Roger Rabbit"

-That athletic actress (Esther Williams) who specialized in a certain kind of film tailor made for her talents (swimming), is shown pushing one of her leading men ("Neptune’s Daughter") a foreign born actor (Ricardo Montalbán) who later found greater fame on TV ("Fantasy Island"), in a pool and ripping his pre-Speedo bathing suit off before he hit the water. Esther Williams/swimming/"Neptune’s Daughter"/Ricardo Montalbán/"Fantasy Island"

-One of the most preeminent female stars (Joan Crawford) of the lion studio is shown cursing like a truck driver, groping her leading men, and in generally good spirits. Quite the opposite image of the monster ("Mommie Dearest") she's usually portrayed as. Joan Crawford/"Mommie Dearest" (The Feminine Grotesque: On The Warped Legacy of Joan Crawford)

-This actor (Robert Taylor) who had a long tenure with the studio is shown dressed and made up in redface as a Native American for a scene ("Devil’s Doorway"), and he breaks character using stereotypical black dialect. Robert Taylor/"Devil's Doorway"

-Finally all of the blooper reels end with that blonde sex symbol (Jean Harlow) in one of her most famous roles (Vantine Jefferson/"Red Dust"). Fully nude, she gets out of a barrel she's taking a bath in and yells "This ones for the boys in the editing room!" Jean Harlow/Vantine Jefferson/"Red Dust" (Jean Harlow Bathing In Pre-Code Red Dust)

Chris D’Elia is not the only comedian who hits on underage teens. This A+ list comedian who has numerous specials now used to do the same thing when he was touring comedy clubs after his first special. He is married. Blond hair. Oh, and the comedian who is the bad actor all of you know still does it. Jim Gaffigan (Jeannie Gaffigan)/Dane Cook (Comedian Chris D'Elia Accused of Sexually Pursuing and 'Grooming' Underage Girls Online) (Jim Gaffigan on Twitter: "It sucks being a blonde haired guy ...) (DANE COOK BLIND ITEM REVEALED 10/05/18)

This former A/A- list teen actor is getting called out again for being a fake and looking for any way to take your money. Be warned. Right now he is having his wife try and stand up for him. The same wife who blocked me once I started calling him out. Corey Feldman/Courtney Anne Mitchell

If you are wondering if there is a casting couch for A- list mostly movie actresses. There is in the case of this actress who recently has a couple of bombs and is known for breaking up marriages. It is how she landed her latest role. Kristen Stewart/Pablo Larrain producer and director/Princess Diana in "Spencer" (Pablo Larraín To Direct Kristen Stewart As Princess Diana In ‘Spencer’, On When Lady Di Rejected The Fairy Tale Ending: Virtual Cannes Hot Package)

Everyone wants to out this married permanent A list radio host. The thing is though, he limits himself to online porn and male webcam models who never see him. He stays away from live escorts or other men who could bust him.

I'm sure that the fact this still married wife of a permanent A list criminal is hooking up with a board member of the celebrity CEO's company is just a coincidence. Emma Coronel Aispuro/Joaquín "El Chapo" Guzmán/Elon Musk/Tesla, Inc. (Board of Directors) (BLIND ITEM REVEALED 11/05/19)

Despite the very public lambasting by a union, this back in the day A- list actor is going forward with his new movie which is not protecting young people at all. Scott Baio/"Courting Mom & Dad" (SAG-AFTRA Issues "Do Not Work" Order For Scott Baio-Kristy Swanson Movie It Says Failed To Follow COVID-19 And Child Actor Rules)

With the French sounding actor being piled on, it was an opportunity for this legally challenged, A- list actor to step up. The thing is though, another woman has been added to the list of those he did not treat well. Timothée Chalamet/Johnny Depp (Actor Timothee Chalamet has reportedly split with Johnny Depp's daughter after dating for more than a year)

This pro sports commissioner is being blackmailed by an owner in the league in which they are in charge. Roger Goodell - Commissioner of the NFL/Jerry Jones "Dallas Cowboys"/players kneeling during the national anthem (Roger Goodell spoke. But nobody speaks for Jerry Jones — and that’s why his silence on kneeling is deafening)

This north of the border gossip monger is playing the victim card now? Come on. They have been riding the coattails, real or perceived, for a long time. Elaine Lui/"Lainey Gossip"/Jessica Mulroney/Meghan Markle (What Happened to Sasha Exeter) (Meghan Markle Was Reportedly Waiting to Cut Jessica Mulroney Out of Her Life for Good)

191. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 06/17 **10**
At this point, the executives from this cable network are 50/50 on starting with a brand new cast for the bar show. No originals would remain, including the namesake. It would just be a name. Bravo/"Vanderpump Rules"/Lisa Vanderpump (Lisa Vanderpump Vehemently Denies Rumors of Brett Caprioni Affair)

192. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 06/17 **11**
Last I checked the former child bride turned celebrity turned porn star turned celebrity was still shacking up with a guy. So, is someone making some money off the latest hookup? Courtney Stodden/Brian Austin Green (Brian Austin Green and Courtney Stodden Just Friends, Hanging Out)

193. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 06/17 **12**
The permanent A list diva everything in her mind should watch out for that new woman in her life. She is getting super chummy with the diva's boyfriend and is saying as much to her friends too. Jennifer Lopez/Alex "A-Rod" Rodriguez

194. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 06/17 **13**
Don't believe the hype. This A- list mostly television actress who hit that peak a couple of times is still in constant contact with not only her on again off again ex, but also one of his family members. Hayden Panettiere/Brian Hickerson/brother Zach Hickerson (Hayden Panettiere and Brian Hickerson Split: She’s on a ‘Path to Recovery’) (Hayden Panettiere Spotted Holding Hands With Her Ex-Boyfriend Brian Hickerson's Brother)

195. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 06/17 **14**
The Other Side Of The World: Just because this blind originates from the other side of the world doesn't lessen its importance, especially when demand is only going to make this kind of thing happen more. I had the opportunity in the past week to have a long online call with the best friend of this now deceased one named foreign born A list singer/actress in her own country. I previously had met our subject several years ago at a music festival. In the past I have written about stars in this country who are routinely forced to have sex with their managers or agents that is recorded and will be used against them if they attempt to get out of their contracts with the agent or manager. There was an A list actress singer who moved to LA and quit her career just to get out from the constant sexual demands. She was shamed when she first moved here, but the furor quickly died. She had to be willing to give up her career though to make that happen. The subject of our blind was constantly molested and groped from the time she became a teen. Even though she was in the business prior to that, the molesting started two days after her 13th birthday. By the time she was almost old enough to drive she landed a spot in a group that made her a star. To do that of course, she slept with multiple men who then decided she would be a good fit in the group. One of those men permanently rid himself of a person in his life who was going to call him out on his sexual assaults of underage girls. The subject of our blind was forced at least once or twice a week to entertain men. She would have to go to dinner or have drinks with men and then have sex with them afterwards. This allowed her to not only thrive in the group she was in, but also to make herself an individual brand. One of her sexual relationships with a man got her a huge break because he owns roughly 7% of a beauty conglomerate. Suddenly she became their spokesperson. Out of the public eye she was having a relationship with another woman and something she was always having to keep hidden because no matter how many executives she was sleeping with, they wouldn't cover for her if that was discovered. All of this hiding and secrecy and being used from the time she was 13 was just too much for her and she took her own life. Sulli (real name Choi Jin-ri)/South Korea/K-Pop group "f(x)" (Sulli, 25-year-old K-pop star, found dead at home in Seongnam, South Korea) (Jun Ji Hyun Chosen By Gucci As Newest Brand Spokesperson) (The untold truth of K-Pop star Sulli) (BLIND ITEM REVEALED 10/14/19)

No one is quite sure why this B+ list actress would renew her bearding contract with the wannabe A++ list politician. She has a new show she is supposed to be filming so wouldn't have to see him much. Is he not ready to come out yet?? Rosario Dawson/New Jersey U. S. Senator Cory Booker/HBO Max "DMZ" (Rosario Dawson reveals she's moving to New Jersey to be closer to boyfriend Cory Booker) (Rosario Dawson To Star In HBO Max Pilot ‘DMZ’ From Ava DuVernay)

Speaking of coming out, this A+ list singer took a big step in that direction this week. Taylor Swift (Taylor Swift reacts to LGBTQ Supreme Court ruling: "This is a beautiful step forward")

This alliterate B list celebrity/actress/host got used and then dumped by this married agent she thought was single. She was hooking up with him over the past three months and then his wife confronted the celebrity.

Several of the cast, including this foreign born dual threat A lister have been told they need to be isolated 14 days prior to the start of filming. The A lister has been trying to put it off as long as possible before he starts shooting the spinoff streaming show from his movie franchise. He really doesn't want to quarantine. Tom Hiddleston/"Loki" (Loki actress drops hint filming will resume soon on Disney+ series)

With all of the attention focused on this foreign born B list celebrity the past week or so, her significant other is also being called out for secrets, especially the two or three men he rotates with sexually every few weeks. Jessica Mulroney/Ben Mulroney (6 Things To Know About Ben Mulroney, Jessica Mulroney's Famous Husband) (Jessica Mulroney QUITS charity she founded with her high-profile sisters-in-law after getting embroiled in a race row - as sources claim Meghan Markle has ended their friendship over it)

The madam/procurer/sexual assaulter, through attorneys who are not the attorneys representing her on legal issues have made it clear they are in possession of a treasure trove of documents and recordings made by the madam which name hundreds of names and a range of crimes from soliciting to murder. Poison pill is now in place is the gist of what they said. Ghislaine Maxwell (Ghislaine Maxwell wants to keep court docs about her sex life sealed)

The noise is getting louder that the significant other of this permanent A+ list mostly movie actor who currently stars in three separate movie franchises is doing things that are shady, if not illegal in regards to a supposed charity she runs. Keanu Reeves ("Bill & Ted Face the Music", "John Wick: Chapter 4", "The Matrix 4")/Alexandra Grant/"Grant Love Project" (Keanu Reeves’ girlfriend Alexandra Grant: What you need to know about the visual artist) (Project Angel Food Teams Up With The Grantlove Project And Oscar De La Renta To Support Covid-19 Emergency Food Fund) (Grant Love Project)

This back in the day A+ list mostly movie actor who has never really been kind to women has certainly evolved over the years. His most recent girlfriend said he enjoyed being tied up and beaten before sex which usually involved him being abused. It all sounds very painful.
Mickey Rourke

The offspring of a royal all of you know is being cheated on again by her significant other. Princess Beatrice of York/Edoardo Mapelli Mozzi (Princess Beatrice news: Could Princess Beatrice move to Italy? Where does she live now?) (BLIND ITEM REVEALED 01/14/20)

205. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 06/18 **10**
Speaking of cheating, this A list mostly movie actor who sometimes directs, has been talking to that naked celebrity he was seeing awhile back. Ben Affleck (Playboy model Shauna Sexton) (Dating Ben Affleck ‘scarred’ me, says Playboy model Shauna Sexton)

206. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 06/18 **11**
One more from the cheater file. This A- list mostly television actor from a long long running cable show with spinoffs recently cheated on his actress girlfriend with a fan who has been pursuing him for a long time. Norman Reedus/"Walking Dead"/Diane Kruger (Norman Reedus takes the time to meet with fans as he joins a protest in LA sparked by the death of George Floyd)

207. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 06/18 **12**
Apparently a few weeks ago this former A+ list tweener turned A- list adult singer locked his wife in their home using an automatic lock system. He did so on purpose. Justin Bieber/Hailey Baldwin Bieber (Justin Bieber And Hailey Baldwin Take Some Time Apart After A Looonnnggg Road Trip)

208. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 06/18 **13**
There was a very rare sighting this week of an actress you probably don't know. She has also modeled. At her peak, she was probably B- list and that was well over a decade ago on a soap. Before she moved to the US, she was the subject of a bidding war between multiple men who wanted to marry her. The money she made from that bidding war set her up for life. Because of that bidding war, she is still extremely sought after and charges sky high rates. It is so rare to see her in town and I wonder if she found true love or didn't want to do any traveling. So many questions. Nazanin Boniadi/"General Hospital"/Iran

209. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 06/18 **14**
Murdered: This back in the day A list mostly television actress who horribly bombed when it came to movies has basically stayed B list for the past several decades. She has one of the most tragic stories of anyone in Hollywood, but has always kept it secret. No one knows she is actually adopted. Because of the tragic circumstances, when she became a public figure she totally stopped talking about adoption because she thought every interviewer would want to ask her about it. This probably be true because her parents were killed during a cult ritual gone wrong. No one was ever charged for the deaths. It was ruled accidental, but our Emmy nominee/winner will tell you they were murdered.

Not only did the tabloid share with everyone, but also their internal discussions about the cult and one of the cult's members were also accidentally shared with the cult. This weekly tabloid had an embarrassing situation this week when its communications with a cult about one of its members was shared with not only everyone who works at the tabloid, but also a huge group of the tabloid's publicists. The cult was super nasty to the always pliant tabloid. People/Danny Masterson/Scientology (The Reporter Who Broke the Danny Masterson Story on What It Means for Scientology)

This A- list stand up comic recently admitted on a podcast that he only allows women to be in his shows if they orally service him first. He keeps track of the number of women and shared it with a very famous podcaster/host who laughed and laughed and didn't see anything wrong with it. Joey Coco Diaz/Joe Rogan

Speaking of comics, this former reality star from a long long running franchise turned comic knows all about underage teens that the exposed comic has groomed. He even called them the comic's underage sex cult. Theo Von/MTV’s " Road Rules"/Chris D'Elia

One last comic blind item. This A- list dual threat actor/comic/host has a long list of comics which tried to hookup with the then 14/15 year old rapper/influencer who is now in rehab. He did nothing to call them out. Nick Cannon/Bhad Bhabie (Bhad Bhabie Out Of Rehab: "I'm Back & Better Than Ever")

The A- list mostly movie actor is probably deleting his collection of child porn as we speak. No more nude photos taken by his father either. Ansel Elgort (father Arthur Elgort's book - "Camera Ready: how to shoot your kids") (Ansel Elgort Accused Of Sexual Assault On Twitter) (Ansel Elgort Is Getting Canceled by Twitter: Here's Everything We Know)

Days after the blind item I wrote about this NBA player cheating in every city he has lived and his dutiful girlfriend sticking with him in hopes of becoming a wife, the A- lister did finally propose to his girlfriend. Maybe she learned something new in the blind. Danny Green ("Cleveland Cavaliers"/"San Antonio Spurs"/"Toronto Raptors"/"Los Angeles Lakers")/Blair Bashen (Lakers Wing Danny Green Gets Engaged) (BLIND ITEM 06/10/20)

Speaking of NBA players, the long suffering girlfriend of this injured A list player who is the offspring of an NBA player is on Raya (a private, membership based community for people all over the world to connect and collaborate), so that relationship ended quickly. Klay Thompson (father Mychal Thompson)/Laura Harrier (Laura Harrier and Klay Thompson Keep Their Romance Low-Key, but They Sure Are Cute) (Channing Tatum is reportedly looking for love on Raya, the exclusive dating app for the rich and famous that accepts 8% of applicants. Here's what you should know about how it works) (BLIND ITEM REVEALED 05/17/20)

This former A- list mostly television actor is talking tough right now, but that group that he depends on could end up having a differing opinion on what the actor should do to avoid embarrassing the group. Danny Masterson/Scientology (The Reporter Who Broke the Danny Masterson Story on What It Means for Scientology) (Danny Masterson's Wife Bijou Phillips Deactivates Instagram Account, Users Dub It 'Karma') (Leah Remini Rejoices at Danny Masterson Rape Charges: "This is Just the Beginning" for Scientology)

There was not much social distancing at an event the other night. This female A list rapper and her coke habit was on full display and everyone was sharing and not a mask in site. Cardi B (Cardi B dons yellow jumpsuit as she brings adorable daughter Kulture to Teyana Taylor's album listening party)

219. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 06/19 **10**
Speaking of drugs, this former tweener turned A- list mostly movie actor had $3K stolen from him the other night when he tried to buy some coke from someone he didn't know. Zac Efron

220. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 06/19 **11**
Apparently the A+ list mostly movie actor who also sometimes directs has been MIA some this week is because the process server has been following the girlfriend in order to get to the actor. He really doesn't want to be served with that paternity suit. Ben Affleck/Ana de Armas (Ana de Armas cradles pooch Elvis as she enjoys a beach stroll with a pal... after vacationing in Georgia with beau Ben Affleck and his children) (BLIND ITEM 05/18/20)

221. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 06/19 **12**
A foreign born former A list mostly television actress who comes from an entertainment family.

"When ____________ took a part in my movie _____________, she was already famous for wearing wigs. I took her aside and said: '______, I don't want you to wear a wig on this picture. I hate wigs.'

She said: 'I promise you, I will not wear a wig.'

Just to make sure, I also told the set hairdresser, to see to it that ____________ never wore one.

Anyway, on the first day of filming the hairdresser beckoned me over and said: 'Pull at her hair. You'll see it's real.'

I pulled at her hair. It remained firmly on her head. And, to my satisfaction, she came to the set every day with her real hair on show.

When she'd finished on the film, she came across to where I was standing to kiss me goodbye. Then she walked off to the edge of the set and suddenly called out:

I looked round - She had taken a wig off her head and was waving it at me. Her real hair had been a wig all along.
Shirley MacLaine, Joan Collins or Zsa Zsa Gabor

222. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 06/19 **13**
This A- list singer who has struggled a lot with substance abuse issues stayed up late partying two nights ago and was calling dealers at 3 in the morning trying to get someone to make a delivery. Demi Lovato (Demi Lovato Rents $2500 A Night 'Invisible House' For Romantic Getaway)

223. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 06/19 **14**
Four For Friday - The Mob, Murder & Celebrity:
#1 - This Housewife "friend" was the person offered up by a Los Angeles mobster back in the day when he needed someone for a threesome. She would do anything for him because he provided her coke for free and she was a huge addict. Faye Resnick (friend of Kyle Richards/"Real Housewives of Beverly Hills")/Anthony Fiato (The Animal in Hollywood: Anthony Fiato's Life in the Mafia)

#2 - One of the best friends of the "friend" in #1 also participated in threesomes when needed and also had a massive coke addiction. This best friend is someone all of you know. Nicole Brown Simpson

#3 - Both #1 and #2 were introduced to the mobster/hitman in #1 because a relative of #2 was hooking up with him too. Anthony Fiato/Denise Brown (Meet Denise Brown Consort Anthony "The Animal" Fiato)

#4 - This A list reality star from a reality family hooked up with a man, who two nights later was with some other women when he was murdered by the mobster in #1. Kris Jenner/"Keeping Up With the Kardashians"/Casimir "Butch Casey" Sucharski (Jury views surveillance footage in Casey's Nickelodeon murders) (The Florida/Hollywood Mob Connection, the CIA and O.J. Simpson)

Kind of interesting the blogger brings up the A list singer doing coke, and forgets to mention the other A list singer/wannabe actress who also did the same thing. Perez Hilton/Katy Perry/Lady Gaga (Perez Hilton and the shocking accusations against Lady Gaga: "He hated Katy Perry and told me that he used cocaine")

The engagement of this B+ list singer/sometime actor to his girlfriend has made a lot of waves this week because of a fuzzy timeline about how old she was when they started dating. Was she underage? Well, what if we added in the the fact there is another guy who lives with the couple and also spends time with the girlfriend. Marques Houston/Miya Dickey/Chris Stokes (‘Sister, Sister’ actor Marques Houston defends engagement to 19-year-old) (Marques Houston Gets Support From Ex-B2K Manager Chris Stokes Amid 19-Year-Old Fiancé Scandal)

This long time reality star who began in her teens doesn't want fans to see that she and her significant other don't usually stay in the same house together. Sadie Robertson/Christian Huff/"Duck Dynasty" (Watch Sadie Robertson give a tour of her family home: 'My favorite place in the world')

Bobby Berk ("Queer Eye")
Blind Item: "I had a New York Housewife come into my store years ago in New York, and [she] was like, 'Oh, I'm buying this new place.' Turns out, of course, she wasn't buying it. She didn't even own the last one she had on the show that she said she owned." "She's like, 'I want you to come in and design it all. I'm gonna put you on the show.' And I wasn't on TV yet," he continued. "I still kind of liked the Housewives, so I was like, 'Oh, OK, but just so you know, I'm not doing it for free. I don't need to do it for free. I don't necessarily know if the Housewives is really the exposure I want anyways, so I'll do it for you at cost.' And she's like, 'OK, OK, that works.' " Berk went on to reveal that the Housewife's husband then tried to bully him into doing it for free. "Finally I was like, 'You know what? I'm not only not doing it for free, I'm not doing it anymore. I don't need this,'. She came into my store the next week when I wasn't there and told my staff that I had said she could take anything out of the store that she wanted to design her house for the shoot and here was her credit card and 'If I don't bring anything back, if I like something, you can just charge the credit card.' " Months after the TV personality's "cleaned the store out," Berk learned about the incident when he inquired about certain things in inventory. "You could tell by the way they paused that they knew they had f**ked up," he said of his employees. "They knew they had been scammed. Because apparently, months went by and they called and they called and they called, and when they could not get any response, they tried to charge the card, and of course, it was declined." Berk then confronted the "RHONY" star, telling her that she "literally stole from my store." Her response, however, was not expected. He recalled that she told him, "You know what? Then let's go to court. This'll be good TV. It's easier for us just to have our lawyer deal with it than it would be to actually pay you." Aviva Drescher/Reid H. Drescher (BOBBY BERK) (Queer Eye's Bobby Berk accuses Real Housewives Of New York star of STEALING from his store: 'Celebrities can be a pain in the a** sometimes') (Was Bobby Berk Referring to Aviva Drescher in Latest Interview? — He Once Called Her a ‘Con Artist’) (Aviva Drescher/Bravo)

Not a lot of sincerity or heart or effort in the post made by this foreign born A- list mostly movie actor promoting a new project from his wife. Jamie Dornan/Amelia Warner (Jamie Dornan Helps Promote His Wife Amelia Warner's New Music!)

This former A- list mostly movie actress with at least one movie franchise says business is booming for her non sexual Dominatrix services. The pandemic and isolation have kept her constantly busy. Leelee Sobieski (BLIND ITEM REVEALED 06/12/12)

I really can't keep up with this A list mostly movie actor and his singing girlfriend. He hooked up with someone last week, so does this mean they are off again? Channing Tatum/Jessie J (What Has Channing Tatum Been Up To During His On And Off Relationship With Jessie J?)

A big legal battle looks like it is brewing between the former actress turned royal and her husband vs the husband's family. It is why they had to stop using the same law firm as the husband's family. Meghan Markle/Prince Harry/Royal family's law firm, Harbottle and Lewis (Meghan Markle and Prince Harry have reportedly dropped the Queen's lawyers, and it could signal that they're trying to distance themselves from the monarchy)

When you are afraid to cook the books because you know people are watching, you get the true story of where a single lands even for this permanent A list singer in a group and solo. Beyoncé (Beyonce Proves Why Black Is Beautiful With New TIDAL Playlist 'Motherland Drip') (TIDAL now officially a suspect in Norwegian data fraud) (BLIND ITEM REVEALED 06/11/20)

You know what took a lot of pressure off a lot of stand up comics? Another standup comic taking a dive for the team so the focus was on him. He knew exactly what he was going to do and spoke to several people prior to it happening. D. L. Hughley (Comedian DL Hughley tests positive for coronavirus after collapsing onstage in Nashville)

Just because some accusers were called out for being fake, do not think for a second there have not been hundreds, if not thousands of underage girls at the foreign born former A+ list tweener's parties over the years and plenty were sexually assaulted. Justin Bieber (Two Women Accuse Justin Bieber of Sexual Assault)

They bid and they bid, but the family of the late singer were not willing to part with that much cash for a piece of the history of the family they gave away for free and tried to kill to get back. Kurt Cobain’s MTV Unplugged guitar (Kurt Cobain's MTV Unplugged guitar sells for $6m at auction) (Frances Bean Cobain loses Kurt Cobain’s Unplugged guitar in divorce settlement) (Courtney Love, Kurt Cobain's Guitar and a Really Bizarre Kidnapping Accusation)

Over the years, this reality family has really blurred the lines between family and super creepy. Only a couple members of the family are in reality television, and for that I am grateful. I don't need to hear any more stories of partner swapping and partner seeking by the other family members. One thing that happened this weekend really pushed things over the edge in creepy behavior. Hulk Hogan‘s family or "Chrisley Knows Best" ('Chrisley Knows Best' Is Back and Fans Have Mixed Reactions on Savannah's Canceled Wedding) (Lindsie Chrisley accuses Todd Chrisley of sex-tape extortion plot in latest 'Chrisley Knows Best' drama)

Speaking of reality families, this extra sized one and then some has a couple that are on the outside. They have done their own thing and been called out for doing it. There is a lot of scandal and missing money and possibly law enforcement from other countries wanting some answers. Anyway, this couple also has made a couple of videos of themselves engaged in sex and at least one friend of the couple has seen one of the videos. "The Duggars"/Jill Duggar Dillard and Derick Dillard (4 Controversial Allegations Derick Dillard Has Made About the Duggars) (Jill Duggar's Husband, Derick Dillard, Said He and Jill Might Leave the Country and Live Abroad) (BLIND ITEM REVEALED 06/04/19)

She is lucky she is even getting a season after everything going on, but the alliterate one season wonder getting yet another shot, continues to complain every step of the way. I get that it isn't perfect or how you envisioned, but you are getting paid to be on television, so... Clare Crawley/"The Bachelorette" (Clare Crawley's upcoming 16th season of Bachelorette being compared to Big Brother with production to take place in one location amid COVID-19)

Just like two weeks ago, this foreign born celebrity offspring of an A lister proved once again she needs another trip to rehab. They had to cut her off from the booze when she went out to dinner this week because it was so bad. Kelly Osbourne (Sharon and Ozzy Osbourne) (Kelly Osbourne sports a chic suede moto jacket and stiletto heels as she enjoys a Friday night dinner at Craig's)

At least two actors, one of whom has a vowel to begin his first and last name hired people to post false rape accusations, so their own would get lost in the shuffle and make their accusers very real claims, look less credible. Ansel Elgort/"Riverdale" stars Cole Sprouse, Vanessa Morgan, Lili Reinhart, and KJ Apa (Ansel Elgort accused of sexually assaulting a 17-year-old girl, denies accusations) (Cole Sprouse Calls Sexual Assault Allegations Against Him and 'Riverdale' Castmates 'False')

The thing is, this foreign born model/really bad actress/coke lover/serial cheater is really rich. She has got family money for days. So, when the celebrity CEO wants her to say something publicly about that menage a trois, she can't be persuaded with money. Notice there has only been one voice in opposition to the story. Cara Delevingne/Elon Musk (Elon Musk denies threesome with Amber Heard and Cara Delevingne)

This former A- list mostly television actress who is probably B+ list now and will continue to slowly drop had some very scary recent legal trouble. Our actress is really being vague about how she knows her accuser/stalker/attacker though. They have a much more salacious past together which will probably come out at the hearing to come. Lana Parrilla/The Evil Queen & Regina Mills "Once Upon a Time" ('Once Upon a Time' Star Lana Parrilla Confronts Woman with Shotgun and Gets Restraining Order)

This foreign born A- list singer who enjoys coke and fake relationships gave a touching story about writing a song. What about the other two writers, including the one who wrote 95% of the song just like she wrote 95% of most of the foreign born A+ list singer's songs too, except of course when there are seven writers on one three minute song and the singer still takes all the credit in interviews. Camila Cabello/Amy Wadge/Ed Sheeran

The former one year wonder/available for hire professional beard is selling a range of products and says all profits are going to charity. With the way the books are done though, there will be no profits. Olivia Culpo/"Miss Universe in 2012"/"More Than A Mask" face mask line (Olivia Culpo struts her fab figure in neon bikini and matching protective mask as she makes push to sell remaining product from latest More Than A Mask charitable collection)

This foreign born A list mostly movie actress who is an Oscar winner/nominee recently held a gun to a man's head while they were having sex. Her version of roleplay. Charlize Theron (Charlize Theron Details the Night Her Mother Shot and Killed Her Father: 'I'm Not Ashamed') (Charlize Theron to ‘incredibly overweight’ Steven Seagal: You can’t fight, ‘F--k you!’)

The one named A+ list singer has been silent about this music legend and his sexually harassing ways towards employees. Maybe it is because he gave her the huge break she needed? Pink/L.A. Reid (Sony Music Executive L.A. Reid Accused of Sexual Harassment) (Pink Quietly Became Pop Royalty. Here’s How She Made It Last.)

The alliterate former actress turned royal has a friend who knows all about the yachting and trolling for rich husbands because she was doing it too. The two are very good friends. Turns out though a divorce is in the works for the friend. Meghan Markle/Misha Nonoo (husband Mikey Hess, heir to the oil and gas Hess Corporation) (Everything You Need to Know About Meghan Markle's Friend, Misha Nonoo)

The wife of this A- list mostly television actor who missed big when given a chance in the movies, recently told two of her friends how her husband is cheating on her again. Aaron Paul/Lauren Parsekian (BLIND ITEM 10/26/19) (BLIND ITEM 12/13/19)

249. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 06/22 **10**
The walking blind item just landed a new girlfriend. Countdown to the mutual restraining orders sure to follow when the relationship ends. Taryn Manning/"Orange Is the New Black" (Instagram photo) (BLIND ITEM REVEALED 07/29/19) (BLIND ITEM REVEALED 12/09/19)

250. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 06/22 **11**
I can't with the tabloids who keep up the charade with this former one season wonder that he is straight. Colton Underwood/"The Bachelor" (Wait, Excuse Me, Are Colton Underwood and Madison Prewett Dating?!?!)

251. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 06/22 **12**
This A+ list mostly movie actor forces his ex to take a COVID test prior to being able to see their child. Bradley Cooper/Irina Shayk (Irina Shayk spends nearly four hours at ex Bradley Cooper's home... as they appear to order takeout together in NYC)

252. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 06/22 **13**
These two former NY Housewives (Jill Zarin/Bethenny Frankel) are set to return and have been plotting what they want to do should they get the official invite. Oh, and an almost original NY Housewife (Kelly Bensimon) no longer on the show is on a dating app and is still bringing the crazy. Jill Zarin/Bethenny Frankel/Kelly Bensimon ('RHONY' Star Jill Zarin Reveals Where She Stands With Bethenny Frankel Today) (Kelly Bensimon Claims She Was Brought On To "Legitimize" Real Housewives Of New York Because The Show "Was Having Some Problems"; Calls Bethenny Frankel "A Child")

253. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 06/22 **14**
Another One: The A/A- list mostly movie actress (Megan Fox) has long spoken out about being sexualized when she was still not old enough to drive. She very vocally called out one A+ list director (Michael Bay) for it, although did leave out the part where she was forced to have sex with him all the time during filming of one of the installments ("Transformers"). She also, with the exception of one very brief moment in time, has never called out this permanent A++ list mostly movie director (Steven Spielberg) who has a long quiet history of this type of behavior. It is one thing to call out a known misogynistic director who once had a script stolen by two escorts he hired for the night, but another to call out someone who would ruin your career in one second if you said a peep. Like I said, she once said a peep. The quietest of one line peeps. The next day was a tidal wave that washed over her and she never said anything ever again. You will notice the acting/directing tree under the A++ list director has never worked with the actress. It is why work becomes increasingly more difficult to find work as that tree expands over time. Megan Fox/Michael Bay/"Transformers"/Steven Spielberg (Jimmy Kimmel laughs as Megan Fox describes Michael Bay making her dance in a bikini aged 15 in resurfaced interview) (Steven Spielberg demanded Megan Fox be fired from Transformers, says Bay) (The real reason why Hollywood dumped Megan Fox) (Wonderland: Megan Fox)

This A- list mostly television actress/singer from a very hit show is cheating on her significant other. Mandy Moore/"This Is Us"/Taylor Goldsmith

The former A list teen actor turned huckster can't even keep his stories straight when it comes to the now deceased director. In the past, he slammed him and now is praising him. Corey Feldman/Joel Schumacher (Corey Feldman recalls how Joel Schumacher tried to 'prevent his descent' into drugs in tribute to the late The Lost Boys director)

The model/actress who is the offspring of someone similar in profession and list wise forced a birthday party for herself by inviting the friends of the A list actor and telling them it was a party for him rather than her. She did this because no one other than people she pays told her happy birthday. No one cared. Camila Morrone/Leonardo DiCaprio (Leonardo DiCaprio and girlfriend Camila Morrone are joined by friends to celebrate her 23rd birthday with a Western-themed party aboard a mega yacht)

The alliterate, now former bar star thinks she has suffered enough and served her punishment and doesn't understand why companies don't want to work with her. Stassi Schroeder/"Vanderpump Rules" ('Vanderpump Rules' Petition To Rehire Stassi Schroeder & Kristen Doute Collects 20k Signatures)

This A list producer who backs down like a baby when confronted by anyone he can't bully bailed on seeing his kids on Father's Day. Randall Emmett (‘Vanderpump Rules’ Couple Randall Emmett And Lala Kent Visit Palm Springs With Machine Gun Kelly)

It was apparently not that many years ago that this foreign born permanent A list singer had a drunk makeout session with this royal. It puts a new light on their current drinking nights together. Adele/Prince Harry (Is Prince Harry Spending His Time Drinking At Adele’s House Without Meghan Markle?) (Adele Is Now Friends With the Royal Prince She Once Had a Massive Crush On)

The producer who died yesterday was also one of the innovators of award shows for kids and teens and websites that focus on teen celebrities to make it easier for producers to find the most malleable ones to groom.
Steve Bing

An interview with this foreign born A list mostly movie actor included some pointed barbs at a disgraced A list director but were edited from the interview. Ewan McGregor or Russell Crowe/Woody Allen (Ewan McGregor on returning as Obi-Wan: "I’m going to enjoy it all much more") (Russell Crowe On Embracing The Risk To Play Roger Ailes In ‘The Loudest Voice’ – Contenders TV)

This A- list reality star with the lucrative side gig could get a ton of positive publicity that shows she cares more about others than herself. She won't though. Those unpaid workers she owes money too, will remain unpaid. Kylie Jenner (Kylie Jenner is accused of refusing to pay workers who make her clothing lines)

263. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 06/23 **10**
Another day, another day drunk and stoned and barely functioning for this former A list tweener actress who is probably B list when it comes to acting as an adult. Vanessa Hudgens (Vanessa Hudgens mourns her late father Gregory on what would've been his 70th birthday: 'I miss you terribly') (BLIND ITEM REVEALED 03/18/20)

264. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 06/23 **11**
She thought they would be the next Faith Hill and Tim McGraw. They could have been if he hadn't cheated almost immediately after marrying. They took their time announcing it because their hand wasn't forced until a long delayed podcast episode featuring one of the couple was in sharp contrast to what was really going on in their current living situation. Michael Ray/Carly Pearce (Country singer Carly Pearce files for divorce from Michael Ray... just EIGHT MONTHS after tying-the-knot)

265. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 06/23 **12**
It looked so crazy to have this permanent A list "singer" on the beach surrounded by a half dozen security guys. They were so isolated from anyone, it almost felt as if they were keeping her from going rather than keeping people away. Britney Spears/Sam Asghari (Britney Spears Wears a Bikini and a Face Mask on a Beach Date with Boyfriend Sam Asghari)

266. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 06/23 **13**
More and more time away from work is really bringing this A- list mostly television actor from a hit almost network show, out of the closet. He is out with his boyfriend almost every night, they just don't have any PDA while anyone they don't trust, could see the pair. KJ Apa/"Riverdale" (KJ Apa Makes a Late Night Store Run After Dining Out With Friends Over The Weekend)

267. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 06/23 **14**
Quick Hits:
#1 - There is no record of a marriage certificate filed for this A list singer and his foreign born wife. There is not one filed in her country either because the wedding didn't follow the law and would therefore be illegal. Adam Levin/Behati Prinsloo (born in South Africa)/Mexico wedding (Jonah Hill Officiated Adam Levine's Wedding And Left 30 Minutes Later)

#2 - This permanent A list mostly movie actor who comes from an acting family has a past he doesn't want discovered. Back when he had his first lead role in a movie, he sodomized a woman so brutally, she had to go to the hospital. Producers couldn't fire the actor because too much had filmed. They wrote her a check to go away. Michael Douglas

#3 - This former B+ list actress on a cable show let the former A+ list tweener and two of his friends have sex with her in return for some coke. Ashley Benson/"Pretty Little Liars"/Justin Bieber (WOW: Ashley Benson Is Dating One Of Justin Bieber's Besties)

Several women have reached out to this celebrity offspring journalist who is a celebrity himself about the walking blind item and her abusive ways. So, far he has not contacted them. Ronan Farrow/Taryn Manning ("Orange Is the New Black") (BLIND ITEM REVEALED 07/29/19) (BLIND ITEM REVEALED 12/09/19)

This almost network would make far more money and have higher ratings some nights if they dropped original programming and aired some random movie. They are seriously discussing doing just that. The CW (The CW’s ‘Happy Hour’ Rises From Last Week’s Goose Egg to a 0.1 Rating)

What do you do when those gay rumors become way too much to handle? You do what so many have done in the past and call an expert on getting publicity who also happens to be a good actress and is thirsty and has experience being a professional beard. Timothée Chalamet/Eiza Gonzalez (Timothée Chalamet, 24, proves he's more than moved on from Lily-Rose Depp as he puckers up to Eiza Gonzalez, 30, during a romantic trip to Cabo... just two-months after his break-up with the model)

The former A+ list mostly movie actor sometime director never denied the accusations against him leveled by an actress a decade ago. He says he did, but there appears no record of denial. Mel Gibson/Winona Ryder (Winona Ryder Accuses Mel Gibson of Making Anti-Semitic and Homophobic Remarks)

Several years ago, it would have been a twofer for sure involving these two A-/B+ list models. Now, it appears this celebrity offspring is there for moral support for her friend who is yachting not for money but to find a husband. Hailey Baldwin Bieber/Bella Hadid (Bella Hadid and Hailey Baldwin Wear Printed String Bikinis on Board a Yacht in Italy)

Speaking of bearding, this foreign born former boy bander turned A/A- list singer is looking to start a new contract. He always bails on them after a few weeks though because he can't keep up with the charade for long. Harry Styles ("One Direction")/Daisy Lowe (Gavin Rossdale’s daughter) (Harry Styles 'trying to reignite romance with Daisy Lowe seven years after they split')

For the past three months it has just been a steady stream of one night stands found on Grindr for this closeted one named A list singer who meets them all in his guest house.

Apparently the disgraced director is offering bounties up to $10K to any of his recruiters who bring him young men for his sex parties. Bryan Singer (Bryan Singer is allegedly recruiting boys for trips to Hawaii and has shifted his focus to Instagram influence) ("The Atlantic" Bryan Singer article)

The former celebrity turned reality star turned porn star turned celebrity says the B+ list actor only wanted sex and every bit of their conversation was always turned by him into something about sex. Courtney Stodden/Brian Austin Green (Courtney Stodden is on the prowl in leopard bikini as she poses for mirror selfie... after having lunch with Brian Austin Green)

277. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 06/24 **10**
This A list mostly movie actress who is a multiple Oscar winner/nominee has apparently agreed to to be the face of a foreign lingerie company's new line because the actress says it is something she has always wanted to do. It seems crazy out of character for her.
Jessica Chastain

278. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 06/24 **11**
This foreign born A- list mostly movie actress who made her fame in television has moved on from her married co-star to a married investment banker. Emilia Clarke/Kit Harington/"Game of Thrones" (Emilia Clarke makes the most of the sunshine as she enjoys a day at the park with her beloved dog Ted) (Kit Harington agrees that Jon should’ve ended up with Daenerys)

279. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 06/24 **12**
This foreign born alliterate athlete had a private plane flight paid for him by one woman and used selfies from inside the plane to hit on two other women. Tristan Thompson/Khloé Kardashian (Khloé Kardashian Seems 'Very Happy' After Celebrating Father's Day with Tristan Thompson) (Kim Kardashian Praises Tristan Thompson, Says He’s ‘Trying Really Hard’ A Year After Cheating Scandal)

280. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 06/24 **13**
They tried to make the press release sound positive, but essentially if your check is big enough, the alliterate former actress turned royal and her husband will speak anywhere to any group. Meghan Markle/Prince Harry (Harry and Meghan’s Latest High-Profile Deal Signals Their Next Move)

281. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 06/24 **14**
The Comic: Back in the day we were all shown that this A list comic loved being with underage girls when he was decades older. This comic is always seen as someone with a warm and welcoming image. Peel away that facade and you see him for who he really is. When he could control who was in shows with him, he would only work with female comics who had slept with him or one of his friends. He would also only allow them on stage if he considered them attractive. He didn't care whether they were good, he just wanted them to be attractive and want to sleep with him. Every project he has been on for the past several decades, he so rarely hires women for anything that agents know not even to bother trying to put women up for any thing for which he is in charge. If he isn't in charge, he will complain to the people who are, to make sure that any women who do work with him know that he has all the power and takes great care in making sure the women know it. No one calls him out on any of this because they are all scared of him.

This moody teenage A- list singer wanted everyone to think she was being edgy and supportive by canceling all of her followers. She is just doing it to promote her upcoming project. Billie Eilish (Billie Eilish Unfollows Everyone on Instagram After Reportedly Sharing Message About Abusers)

This embattled lawyer feels confident he won't be exposed for trips because the company that owns a fleet of private jets the billionaire pedophile used, shredded every log of every flight that carried the pedophile. Alan Dershowitz/L Brands/Jeffrey Epstein (Judge Repeatedly Loses Patience with Alan Dershowitz’s Lawyer During Hearing on Jeffrey Epstein Files) (Flight data from Jeffrey Epstein’s private jets show a lavish travel schedule as the walls closed in)

Some of the biggest supporters of the #MeToo movement are bailing on the A- list mostly movie actress. The shaved head actress is supposed to make an announcement in the next few days too. Amanda de Cadenet/Amber Heard/Rose McGowan (Prominent MeToo activist Amanda de Cadenet drops her support for Amber Heard) (Rose McGowan Lights up Social Media With NSFW (Not Safe For Work) Photo)

I'm not sure how this back in the day A- list singer turned celebrity/reality star can't say she didn't know the assassinated A list rapper. She slept with him at least twice. Pop Smoke (50 Cent on Pop Smoke Album: 'You’re Going to See That We Really Just Lost Something Big')

Kneepads published the A list comedian’s victim shaming denial hook, line, and sinker. The A list comedian calls the underaged teen he raped, mentally ill, and claims she is making the whole thing up. Kneepads pretends all the pictures the victim published of her on "dates" with the A-list comedian when she was underage just don’t exist. People Magazine/Jeff Ross (Jeff Ross Denies Raping Underage Girl, Says 'Dangerous Environment' at Comedy Clubs Is 'Real')

Just because you hear a rumor that an actor once slept with a woman doesn't change the fact that when he dates a woman now, it is fake. This actor is so disliked that no one voted to even nominate him for an award everyone on the outside thought he would get. No matter how good his team is, they were not good enough to put him over the top. One of the reasons everyone dislikes him is because he is disingenuous. Timothée Chalamet/Eiza Gonzalez/2019 Oscar nomination for "Beautiful Boy" (Timothée Chalamet, 24, proves he's more than moved on from Lily-Rose Depp as he puckers up to Eiza Gonzalez, 30, during a romantic trip to Cabo... just two-months after news of his break-up with the model) (The 2019 Oscar Nomination Snubs Of Timothee Chalamet, Claire Foy, & More Really Sting) (BLIND ITEM REVEALED 01/24/19)

This canceled YouTube couple who trafficked a disabled child for their financial benefit think their sponsors and fans should be ready to move on and embrace the couple again. Umm, no. Screw you. You will forever be canceled. Myka and James Stauffer/rehoming adopted autistic son Huxley (Myka Stauffer apologizes for rehoming autistic son and ‘letting down’ fans)

Reader Blind Item: Many years ago on this show ("Saturday Night Live") that has started so many careers, this at the time writer (Bob Odenkirk) who is now more famous as an actor and this more senior actor/writer (Al Franken) who had another career (United States senator from Minnesota) did not like each other. This culminated in an argument wherein the actor/writer threw a mug at the writer who is now an actor. More recently, the actor/writer ran into trouble in his new profession courtesy of a scandal and his career was ended at least for now. The writer now actor, who currently plays an iconic character (Saul Goodman) that started on a very very popular TV show ("Breaking Bad") and has spun off into its own show ("Better Call Saul"), had mugs made with a photograph of the actor/writer in an embarrassing position (a photo that was widely circulated). He gave them out to all the cast and crew of his show. "Saturday Night Live"/Bob Odenkirk/Al Franken/United States senator from Minesota/Saul Goodman/"Breaking Bad"/"Better Call Saul" (Bob Odenkirk on straining against the confines of "SNL": "I wanted that show to be what I wanted it to be, not what it is") (Al Franken to Resign From Senate Amid Harassment)

This former A+ list actress recently allowed her well under age daughter to do implied nude photos and nude photos for a European fashion magazine.

291. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 06/25 **10**
The pap admitted he was told by someone close to the significant other of this A+ list mostly movie actor where and when to be at the airport to get a photo of the couple arriving in Europe. Keanu Reeves/Alexandra Grant (Keanu Reeves all smiles with girlfriend Alexandra Grant as he returns to Matrix 4 filming in Germany)

292. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 06/25 **11**
Speaking of set up pap shoots. The two fired bar stars set one up in their never ending attempt to rehab their image which will ultimately be unsuccessful. Stassi Schroeder/Kristen Doute/"Vanderpump Rules" (Pregnant Stassi Schroeder celebrates 32nd birthday with on-again friend Kristen Doute and pal Jax Taylor after racism storm sparked Vanderpump Rules shake-up)

293. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 06/25 **12**
Considering how often this A- list actress takes breaks from her actor boyfriend, I'm guessing the pregnancy thing happened during makeup sex. Emma Roberts/Garrett Hedlund (Emma Roberts is pregnant! American Horror Story star is expecting her first child with boyfriend Garrett Hedlund)

294. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 06/25 **13**
This foreign born former superhero who wants another chance did spend some time in person with his underage foreign born co-star. Henry Cavill/"Superman"/Millie Bobby Brown/"Enola Holmes" (Henry Cavill Wants to Keep Playing Superman for Years) (Millie Bobby Brown and Henry Cavill Team Up in the First Look for Netflix's Enola Holmes)

295. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 06/25 **14**
The Payoff: In the early 60's this future A+ list criminal/playboy (John "Handsome Johnny" Roselli) got an opportunity that would change his life and propel him more quickly down the path he was already following. A company that is still in existence today and is even bigger than they were back then needed someone on the ground in our criminal's country (United States). As their representative, he could expect to earn $20-25M a year minimum. The company just needed one thing from him first. They needed him to meet with someone from the CIA (Robert Maheu) who wanted him to be a part of a project (plot to assassinate Cuban leader Fidel Castro). He assumed it was a project in his own country (Italy). No. It was a project in the US. They needed his help with logistical support he could provide because of all his connections he had since childhood with various high profile individuals in the region (Las Vegas). He always said he had no idea what the project was in advance of it actually happening. It was only after the A++ list politician (President John F. Kennedy) was killed and the investigations that followed, that he knew what role he had played in it. It didn't stop him from taking hundreds of millions of dollars from that company in the decade after though. John "Handsome Johnny" Roselli (Johnny Roselli) (Mob fixer Johnny Rosselli is back in the spotlight)

Don't believe the hype. A finsta was purportedly created by an offspring of this A+ list actor to allege abuse at the hands of the actor. It was actually created by someone not even in the family. Brad Pitt (son Maddox) (Angelina Jolie says she split from Brad Pitt for the sake of their kids)

"Fans" of the alliterate former actress turned royal are sending tips to tabloids which trash the woman who called out the canceled north of the border stylist/host. Meghan Markle/Sasha Exeter/Jessica Mulroney (What Happened to Sasha Exeter) (Can a Crisis P.R. Team Get Jessica Mulroney Back on Track?) (BLIND ITEM REVEALED 06/17/20)

This foreign born former A+ list rapper shares more in common with her pedophile sibling than previous known. Ask her about that 15/16 year old when she was 27/28. Nicki Minaj (Jelani Minaj) (The brother of Nicki Minaj raped his stepdaughter and was sentenced to life imprisonment) (BLIND ITEM REVEALED 05/28/20)

This foreign born former A- list singer in a group turned host turned celebrity is desperate for cash and has $1M in loans which is financing her life right now. She needs COVID to end so she can go on tour and make some money. Mel B (Mel C, Emma Bunton, Mel B, And Geri Horner Are Allegedly Going To Return To The Stage For One Final Tour Next Year To Say Goodbye To Their Loyal Devotees)

Far from being stopped or shying away from illegal activity, this foreign born former A+ list model finder/agency head is taking advantage of his notoriety and is shipping tweens and early teens by the dozens from South America to the rest of the world for "modeling" assignments. The vast majority of these girls have not been heard from again. Jean-Luc Brunel (Jeffrey Epstein) (Letting Jeffrey Epstein’s Pals Off the Hook) (Epstein’s Pal Jean-Luc Brunel Quietly Sells Off His Infamous Modeling Biz) (BLIND ITEM 08/27/19)

Speaking of "modeling," this A list singer/songwriter/producer wants to use his newest out of the country endeavor to be the prime spot where buyer meets seller for yachting excursions. He knows there will be big money spent at the establishment if it becomes the hot spot for these types of meetings. Pharrell Williams/"ToSHARE", a cafe/restaurant in St-Tropez, France (Pharrell Williams Opens New Restaurant In South Of France)

This permanent A++ list writer says he is going to write yet another sequel to one of his biggest hits and make the focus on Adrenochrome. Stephen King (Stephen King's Adrenochrome confession in "It")

Old Hollywood: This permanent A+ list actress/singer had her boyfriend arrested for stealing her jewelry. The thing is though, he was pawning it to pay for her drugs she needed and to keep her from being evicted from where she was living. Judy Garland (Judy Garland's Life Was in a Downward Spiral Before Her 1969 Death)

This foreign born A+ list social media star was barely old enough to drive. Apparently she had sex with a guy who filmed a minute or two of it without her knowledge. He showed it to people and she started being shamed by it and that led to her death. Slya Kakkar/"TikTok" (TikTok star Siya Kakkar dead by suicide at 16: reports)

305. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 06/26 **10**
Make sure you are both facing the camera so we really get a good look at your happiness together. Make it look like real love instead of one of you trying to prove something and the other distracting from a scandal. I will hand it to the A- list actor and B+ list actress, they really make the effort to sell it. Timothée Chalamet/Eiza Gonzalez (Eiza Gonzalez sports skimpy yellow bikini while sharing a steamy kiss with new flame Timothée Chalamet as they get to know each other during vacation to Mexico) (Eiza González Apologizes for Past Use of Blackface) (BLIND ITEM 03/05/20)

306. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 06/26 **11**
You would think the former athlete would just be straightforward and say his celebrity wife cheated, but it is so much more than that and he can't even begin to explain, so just does a lot of implying. Brooks Laich/Julianne Hough (Julianne Hough's ex Brooks Laich 'did not want a divorce' but felt 'pushed toward it')

307. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 06/26 **12**
The wannabe celebrity who is the wife to an A- list singer from an entertainment family has never properly scrubbed her old social media rantings which included frequent use of the N word.

308. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 06/26 **13**
I am really amazed that with all the money this A- list reality star/model pulls in that she still shills for waist trainer tea companies. Kendall Jenner/Kusmi Tea Detox (Kendall Jenner’s Lips Look As Big AsKylie’s As She Pouts In Sexy New SelfieVideo — Watch) (The Delicious Detox Tea That Had Kendall Jenner Drinking ’12 Cups a Day’)

309. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 06/26 **14**
Four For Friday - Where Is He? Let me take you on a little journey back in time. Many years ago the father (Robert Maxwell) of the madam/procurer/serial sexual assaulter (Ghislaine Maxwell) built his fortune not just on his media empire (Mirror Group Newspapers, now called Reach plc), but on information. That information was then used to blackmail people. Whether he did it for governments or for his own pocketbook, the operations were always ongoing. Over time the operations became larger and larger. Because his expenses far outweighed his income, he became greedy. Too greedy. He ended up dead. Although his children might not have known he was out of money, they all did learn one thing from him. Blackmail. They also learned that if you could play on the inside, you would have knowledge. Knowledge is power. Knowledge is money. Also playing on the inside meant you can control who escapes and who is caught. Playing on the inside means you can make it impossible for someone to be found. Two of the daughters (Isabel Maxwell co-founder of "Magellan" a search engine now named "Excite", Technology Pioneer of the World Economic Forum, and the President emerita of Commtouch) (Christine Maxwell co-founder of "Magellan", co-founded the software company Chiliad and is the author of several books. She is the Program Manager of Learning Technologies at the University of Texas at Dallas) focused on playing on the inside. What did they accomplish? A backdoor into the computers of various intelligence and border control agencies in countries throughout the world. How did they accomplish this? They designed the system. They built it. They sold it to one country at a time. One of the things the software is used for is border controls. If you have the ability to pretend someone is in a county or show them never entering or leaving a country, you can hide someone really well. It could also make it really easy to hide a family member. It is not a fail safe system for hiding someone, but it takes away one of the biggest tools governments have for finding someone who is trying to disappear. Fast forward to the present day to the biggest blackmailing operation ("Wirecard") in the history of the world. A blackmailing operation that involves multiple state actors and one of the biggest accounting frauds since Enron. The accounting fraud was only possible because regulators in several countries were being pressured by other state actors. All of these directions lead to Asia. One of the state actors handled the banking and fraud aspect. They had a trial run last year with their successful hacking of international banks (The Phillipines). That country does not have the wherewithal or ability to take on a large scale blackmail operation. You need someone larger for that. A very large country (China) who also happens to be the sponsor/lifeline for the other company. You have a missing executive of a company (Jan Marsalek) that processed thousands, if not hundreds of thousands of transactions for child porn. The executive has all of the information of who produced it, distributed it, and consumed it through these financial transactions. Meanwhile, why not steal some money while they were at it and cover that up too. Now, what about the sisters I wrote about earlier? The ability to manipulate where someone went and where someone is going. The executive supposedly flew into a Southeast Asian country, at least according to the immigration arrival records in the country's computer system. However, he is not on any video. No one remembers him on the flight. The next day he supposedly leaves for the country behind all of this, but there were no flights to that country at that time that correspond with the immigration records. It sure makes it a lot easier to hide when you have someone on the inside. Robert Maxwell/Ghislaine Maxwell/Isabel and Christine Maxwell/"Chiliad"/"Wirecard"/North Korea/China/Jan Marsalek (In a German Tech Giant’s Fall, Charges of Lies, Spies and Missing Billions) (Former COO of insolvent German payments company Wirecard left for China after Philippines visit: report) (Jeff Epstein, the Maxwell Sisters and the FBI's Counter-Terrorism Database)

Reader Blind: This deceased mostly TV actor is primarily known for the title character he played on a TV show a number of decades ago. He had another career related to film prior to this and he also did it again later in his career. This actor also ran into legal trouble after his show went off the air and he spent a short time in jail. The lifestyle he lived after that seemed lavish considering for the rest of his life he made one shot tv appearances, starred in straight to video grade D films and did other work that isn't considered well paying. When he went to jail, he held his tongue about who he was actually working with. Many of these people were famous and well connected as well as wealthy. The monthly payments he received until he died were a reward for his silence. Dan Haggerty/"The Life and Times of Grizzly Adams" (In 1985, Haggerty was convicted of selling cocaine to an undercover police officer, receiving a prison sentence of 90 days and three years' probation)

Reader Blind: This very popular TV series ("Cheers") named after the location where it took place (neighborhood bar) had among its cast two actors - The lead (Ted Danson) who has been in a number of other TV shows since the show went off the air and another actor (Woody Harrelson) who joined after the show had started and went on to success in movies. His most recent film is a sequel ("Zombieland: Double Tap"). The two actors shared a dislike for a snooty actress (Shelley Long) who was on the show for a number of seasons. To take out their frustrations, they would find out where and what she was drinking on set and urinate into it. Many times, the actress unknowingly drank the two actors’ urine. This includes when she came back for guest starring roles after leaving the show. "Cheers"/neighborhood bar/Ted Danson/Woody Harrelson/"Zombieland: Double Tap"/Shelley Long (Shelley Long/"Cheers")

Reader Blind: This stand-up comic (Jeff Altman) has had a respectable career. He’s not a household name but has worked steadily for many decades. Two earlier career points - 1.) Had a short lived TV show ("Pink Lady and Jeff") with his name as part of the title that saw him matched up with other performers who were very different 2.) Had a reoccurring role on a popular show (Hughie Hogg, the nephew of Jefferson Davis Hogg, on "The Dukes of Hazzard") that involved cars and which had a film reboot later. He has also benefited greatly from his long friendship, which started early in their careers, with this permanent A+ talk show host (David Letterman) who has had more than one show ("Late Night with David Letterman" and "Late Show with David Letterman"). He appeared on the host’s show(s) many many times (a combined 45 times). Many female comedy club staff and fans can attest that back in the day this comic is/was a serial predator. His modus operandi was to appear very polite and mild-mannered and under some pretense like he needs help with something or wants to give a person further information will get women alone and then attack them. The good news is this info got spread pretty quickly and so a lot of women knew to avoid him. It is also one of the reasons his career did not advance on from stand-up comedy after earlier success as he also displayed handsy, vulgar behavior on set. One of the most astonishing things about this is he had a bit in his act for many years where he described his strategy (getting women alone under false pretenses and then jumping them). He even did it on his friend the host’s show. Jeff Altman/"Pink Lady and Jeff"/Hughie Hogg, the nephew of Jefferson Davis Hogg, on "The Dukes of Hazzard"/David Letterman/Late Night with David Letterman" and "Late Show with David Letterman"/a combined 45 times) (BLIND ITEM 12/05/19)

Don't believe the hype. It was not the actress turned candle maker/snake oil salesperson who is Becky, it has always been and will always be our favorite foreign born B+ list actress/singer. Jay-Z/Gwyneth Paltrow/Rita Ora (Jay-Z & Gwyneth Paltrow: Are They Still Good Friends?) (Gwyneth Paltrow denies being Jay-Z’s ‘Becky with the good hair’) (Rita Ora talks Jay-Z affair rumours and argues why she can’t be "Becky with the good hair")

This alliterate former actress turned royal was about to get her huge first break and get a shot at a man role on a show. Until that is, the director found out the actress lied to the production team. Meghan Markle/"Suits"/lied about having a SAG card (Meghan Markle Calls Herself A ‘Fraud’ In A Recently Unearthed Video)

Apparently the closeted A- list actor reached out to several actresses asking for their help as a beard for a few weeks. He got turned down by at least a dozen. Timothée Chalamet (Eiza Gonzalez sports skimpy yellow bikini while sharing a steamy kiss with new flame Timothée Chalamet as they get to know each other during vacation to Mexico)

The assistant to this foreign born older A- list mostly movie actor who is an Oscar winner/nominee is barely legal. The production company kept sending candidates and the actor kept rejecting every guy until an 18 year old turned up.

This long long time defense expert in pedophile trials is finally being exposed for being one himself. Not, just supporting it with his whole brainwashed thing, but actually involved in it and most of the time with the people he was testifying for at trial. Peter Newell, the United Nations’ top children’s rights official (UN’s Top Children’s Rights Officer Convicted Of Raping Children)

Reader Blind: A tale of what can be accomplished even when two artists hate each other.... These two musicians (Jon Auer/Ken Stringfellow), who write together and take turns singing, are the only permanent members of this band ("The Posies") and have been playing together for several decades. They started off in a city (Seattle) that was famous at the time for its musical scene (grunge) which was ironic because this band made music that was very different in style from what was being produced by other musicians from this city. The band has never had any big hits but has a global following and is well thought of by critics especially their first several records. They have broken up a couple of times and both men have made solo albums but none of the solo records were successful so they have always end up getting back together. What is surprising about this is the two men have never liked each other even from the early days of the band and basically work together without speaking or directly communicating with one another. They live on different continents. (Jon Auer
lives in Bellingham, WA/Ken Stringfellow lives in France)
1.) Songwriting is done through e-mail and the exchange of lyrics and sound files. If there is a problem, the band's manager acts as go-between.
2.) In the studio, the two musicians record separately in different sessions with the same musicians with whichever of the two men is singing the song going second.
3.) On the road, they travel separately and stay in different hotels.
4.) Live, it is interesting to watch them as both men also play the same instrument but they never make eye contact or acknowledge each other.
In fact, the only time the two men have spoken directly was when they played live and did a record with one of their musical heroes, something they have in common, a now deceased more famous cult artist (Alex Chilton). Jon Auer/Ken Stringfellow/"The Posies"/Seattle/grunge/Alex Chilton (The Posies Talk Back) (Alex Chilton's influence lives on through a generation of musicians)

As quickly as this teen sensation got her first big movie role, she is about to lose it and her team is in crisis mode. JoJo Siwa (JoJo Siwa is slammed over accusations she had an 11-year-old dancer wear 'blackface' to perform as a monkey in her latest music video - then flippantly boasting about blocking critics online)

This former vampire is one of the highest paid escorts in the city. Nina Dobrev/"The Vampire Diaries" (Nina Dobrev dons fitted white tank top as she flaunts her lean figure while running errands in LA)

This A+ list clothing designer tried to have her doorman fired because he asked her to put a mask on in the lobby of the building.

Don't believe the hype. The seven figures is what this royal couple would like per speech, but after the lackluster first one they gave, they will probably cap out at very very low six figures. Oh, and don't forget the one who is the birth royal is not allowed to work in this country. Meghan Markle/Prince Harry (Meghan Markle and Prince Harry Expect to Make $1 Million Per Speech) (Prince Charles to struggle to fund Harry and Meghan as his annual income takes MAJOR cut)

This Texas Housewife is getting a divorce. Also, apparently the new Housewife in Dallas took almost 45 minutes of shooting just to get out of her car correctly for the camera. Yes, they are currently filming with no masks in one of the biggest spike cities in the country. (2 New Housewives Reportedly Added To Real Housewives Of Dallas) Tiffany Moon/Jennifer Davis

The huge online star recently got canceled because he was involved with someone underage. Doctor Disrespect (Dr. Disrespect Finally Breaks His Silence On Twitch Ban, And It’s Not Good)

This foreign born B+ list actress not dating Ben Affleck has a pap guy she hooks up with once a month so he will always be ready to show up at a moment's notice.

The family and associates of the celebrity CEO don't impress anyone if they do customs at LAX. Do it at a much smaller station in a city ravaged by COVID and they get a really nice to meet you and no checks of anything. Elon Musk

This sexual assaulter, who also happens to play guitar for a foreign A list group thinks the group threw him under the bus. They could have cited COVID as the reason or canceling their tour but made it pretty clear it is because of the guitarist. Good for them. Michael Clifford/"5 Seconds of Summer" (5SOS postpone their North American and Australian tour and reveal they're 'taking time off'... after a teenage fan withdrew false claims that Michael Clifford 'violated' her at a concert)

I think the usually broke one named A- list rapper wanted to hit up the porn star girlfriend of the back in the day B- list reality star because some of the rapper's friends had success doing the same thing. Tyga/Tana Lea/Nick Hogan (Porn Star Tana Lea's Boyfriend Nick Hogan Calls Out Tyga For Flirting With Girlfriend)

Apparently the A- list mostly movie actress is going to release a video she thinks will make all the difference in the world in her case against the A list actor. The question will be, is the video real or doctored? Amber Heard/Johnny Depp (Johnny Depp's libel case over claims he beat up Amber Heard could be thrown out after actor's lawyers breached court order by not disclosing 'happy pills' and 'whitey stuff' texts that 'showed him trying to get drugs')

This B- list actress aka Orange got dumped by a rebound guy and is now trying to reconcile with her ex before he becomes a permanent ex. Jaime King/Kyle Newman (Jaime King Withdraws Request for Temporary Restraining Order Against Estranged Husband Kyle Newman)

Reader Blind: There was an anniversary recently to do with very well known book ("The Diary of Anne Frank") that is often used in whole or in excerpts in high schools. Maybe one day there will be a serious discussion of who actually wrote this book. A very small part of it actually comes from the author (Anne Frank) known by the public who was very young when she was supposedly writing it. The vast majority of the book was written by a close family member (her father Otto Frank) as well as another writer (Meyer Levin) who later sued the family member and won a financial settlement. While we are it, let's look at the family member. Far from being heroic, he did business with the group (Nazis) he and his family were hiding from selling them, among other things, chemicals that could be used in explosive weapons. "The Diary of Anne Frank"/Anne Frank/Otto Frank/Meyer Levin/Nazis (Is The Diary of Anne Frank Genuine?) (Censoring Anne Frank: how her famous diary has been edited through history) (The Anne Frank fraud diary and house: no evidence found)

The former A+ list mostly movie actor is using his relationship with the A+ list singer to lure in more women to participate in some self realization type thing. It sounds like a way for him to have a lot of sex with a lot of different women. Jim Carrey/Ariana Grande (Jim Carrey, Unmasked) (BLIND ITEM REVEALED 05/06/20)

Forcing sites to take down photos of you cheating with another woman, doesn't make the cheating go away. This permanent A+ list rapper/mogul discovered that when his wife filed for divorce. Dr. Dre/Nicole Young (Dr. Dre's Wife Nicole Young Files for Divorce After 24 Years of Marriage)

One thing about the job offer buzz in the air for the A+ list actor to land a role in that new DC movie. It is going to be a lot harder to argue he suffered "damage", especially if the paycheck is large. Gerard Butler/Mike Banning "Fallen" series (Gerard Butler reveals a 'fantastic' fourth installment of the Fallen film series and a Den of Thieves sequel are in the works) (Gerard Butler suing the driver who ran him off the road in 2017 motorcycle accident that left him with 'catastrophic injuries')

335. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 06/29 **10**
This foreign born permanent A+ list model/co-conspirator told a story last year during a photo shoot to the makeup person present, that the model had orally serviced a former Prime Minister of her country, but wouldn't say which Prime Minister. Naomi Campbell (Jeffrey Epstein) (BLIND ITEM REVEALED 12/16/19)

336. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 06/29 **11**
The foreign born closeted permanent A+ list athlete sure does love having his own photographer. It makes it so much easier to hide the boyfriend and for the athlete to get great shots of himself and his beard. Cristiano Ronaldo/Georgina Rodríguez (Cristiano Ronaldo displays his rippling muscles in fitted trunks while partner Georgina Rodríguez wows in figure-hugging dress as they relax aboard luxury yacht in Portofino)

337. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 06/29 **12**
The first few weeks of isolation were rough on this one named former A+ list singer who is now probably A- list-ish. I thought for sure she would end up back in rehab, but pulled herself out of it and went cold turkey and now seems to be back on more solid ground.

338. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 06/29 **13**
The email exists. Apparently it is part of an antitrust investigation of some type. From what I understand it isn't really collusion because they were not controlling the market per se. The email is between the CEO (
Reed Hastings) of this streaming company (Netflix) and the really rich guy (Jeff Bezos) who made his wife really rich when he cheated on her. Oh, and he also has a little streaming thing (Amazon) going on too. The gist of the email is that the longer people are forced to stay home or not be allowed to gather inside movie theatres, the more likely they could bankrupt all movie theatres and force everyone to stream everything. Reed Hastings/Netflix/Jeff Bezos/Amazon

339. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 06/29 **14**
Undercover: They want everyone to think it is canceled. It won't be the same as before. A much smaller, much more focused version is happening though in the woods of Northern California (Bohemian Grove). In the second week of August, immediately proceeding the two national conventions, about 50 of the group will get together. They will still have their rituals. They are still bringing in "sex workers." They like to pretend the people brought in are working because they want to and not forced. Apparently there is also business to discuss. It is a lot easier to decide on a policy/policies with such smaller numbers and a group, who will then force everything on those who were not invited and so on down the line. Because it is such a small number, they are flying in everything they need food and security wise, rather than hiring any locals. The idea was no one would notice anything and by the time they did, the gathering would conclude. The thing is though, this time they reached out to some people who have not been included before and not official members. They did not have to go through the years long vetting process. Someone from that group of five new people talked. They didn't know they were not allowed. I don't know all of the five names, but I do know two so far. One is a former A+ list politician (Al Gore) who once got really really close to being A++ list. Another is the mogul (Jeff Bezos) who always seems to have his hands in everything. I'm sure he will be thrilled with the entertainment for the weekend. "Bohemian Grove"/Al Gore/Jeff Bezos (Bohemian Grove: Where the rich and powerful go to misbehave) (2018 Bohemian Grove List)

This closeted A list host/mogul's "girlfriend" wanted to get married to her real boyfriend so he had to find a new beard. Ryan Seacrest/Shayna Taylor (EXCLUSIVE: Ryan Seacrest SPLITS from on-off girlfriend Shayna Taylor seven years after they first met... and moves on with mystery blonde on romantic getaway in Mexico)

This foreign born A- list network reality star is showing his true colors again. Not only did he say that it is wonderful that 99% of the world is poor, he says that is the way it should be and that people like him should make all of the decisions for the world.

The A list mostly movie actor has indicated that if his overseas case gets tossed by a judge, he will also try and get out of the ongoing case with the A- list actress. That new role he wants would conflict with court for both cases. Johnny Depp/British tabloid The Sun/Amber Heard/"Pirates of the Caribbean" (Johnny Depp violated court order in lawsuit against British tabloid The Sun, judge rules) (Johnny Depp's libel case over claims he beat up Amber Heard could be thrown out after actor's lawyers breached court order by not disclosing 'happy pills' and 'whitey stuff' texts that 'showed him trying to get drugs') (#NoJohnnyNoPirates Trends After Depp Loses Iconic Pirate Role to Margot Robbie)

Speaking of A list actors trying to change their image, this A+ list mostly movie actor is doing something he has never done before. He has his people leak puff piece stories to the tabloids so people think he is a good person. Mark Wahlberg

The B+ list mostly television actress recounting how she met her A- list actor husband forgot the part about how they started hooking up while both in relationships with other people. Oh, and that their affair was exposed during an award show when they thought no one could see them. Morena Baccarin (Austin Chick)/Ben McKenzie (Morena Baccarin recalls her first encounter with future husband Ben McKenzie on set of The O.C.) (BLIND ITEM REVEALED 11/13/15) (BLIND ITEM REVEALED 12/02/15)

The one named foreign born A+ list singer is starting to gain her weight back because she just loves drinking so much. Adele (Adele wore her Glastonbury Festival dress to watch it and needs you to calm down about a new album)

Back when there were in person talk shows, this A list everything in her mind diva will only go on certain talk shows where she is allowed to pick the other guests. There are a group of about 20 lesser people on the list beneath her that are super loyal to her. She makes them all feel like they owe their career success to her. Jennifer Lopez

Reader Blind Item - Kindness: This deceased foreign (Canadian) comedic actor's (John Candy) generous spirit and desire to help others was as large as his size. He started out on a TV show ("Second City TV") that launched a few careers, not the one you are thinking of but another that also had a lot of successful alumni. He was also in a lot of successful comedy films. From children with AIDS to the homeless, he gave. He had a soft spot for animals and set up a center for not only abandoned pets but also unwanted farm animals. He was a big fan of sports including one that is popular in his country (co-owned hockey team the "Toronto Argonauts") and setup a fund so that less advantaged players who showed promise could receive backing. That fund still exists today. After his death, it was revealed he earmarked a certain amount of his money to be given to charity. John Candy (Second City Television) (Filmography) (20 Things You Probably Didn’t Know About John Candy) (John Candy Remembered: His Children Share New Stories About Their Late Father On the Eve of His Birthday)

This permanent A+ list mostly movie actor who is an Oscar winner/nominee has been filming a series of PSA commercials, both for radio and television. The thing is though they are all for something that hasn't happened yet. Tom Hanks/COVID-19 vaccine ('Shame on you': Tom Hanks has no time for those refusing to wear a mask or practice social distancing during COVID-19 crisis)

349. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 06/30 **10**
This still underage A list celebrity all of you know is getting super careless. It is one thing to be busted for booze or pot, but she is lucky people only saw her doing coke and didn't take photos of her doing it. Bhad Bhabie (Bhad Bhabie Sparks Fears In Bikini Video, Rehab Deemed A 'Waste')

350. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 06/30 **11**
I think the A- celebrity sister of this B+ list celebrity has slept with the B+ lister's girlfriend more than the B+ lister has. Julianne Hough/Derek Hough/Hayley Erbert (Derek Hough and girlfriend Hayley Erbert ride electric bikes in LA... as his brother-in-law Brooks Laich debuts post-split mohawk)

351. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 06/30 **12**
This former OC Housewife is broke and living off her credit cards and her boyfriend. Meghan King Edmonds (Meghan King Edmonds on New BF Christian Schauf: "I’m Up to My Eyeballs in Happiness"); Alexis Bellino (Alexis Bellino's Boyfriend Andy Bohn Makes Bravo Debut on Below Deck)

352. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 06/30 **13**
The significant other of this A+ list mostly movie actor inflates her resume and credentials so much, you would think her name is Sophie Hunter. (Mrs. Benedict Cumberbatch) Alexandra Grant/Keanu Reeves (Alexandra Grant website) (Wikipedia) (Alexandra Grant lies on her resume. She lied in interviews. She even lied on her business application for X Artists Books)

353. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 06/30 **14**
Talking: Over the past few months, there is a group of people who are working on making a documentary ("Love, Antosha") about the life of this foreign born actor (Anton Yelchin) who tragically lost his life. He is a member of that gruesome celebrity club ("27 Club"/celebrities who died at age 27). While doing interviews, there was a common theme from several, but not all of the interviewees. He had experienced sexual abuse multiple times when trying to make it big. It was much more common when he was starting out. The people all agreed it had been a television project ("Taken" (miniseries)) and that he said it was a big name (Steven Spielberg). None of them knew the name. Just that the name was huge. They have done their homework and are sure they know who it is. They just need to find a person to confirm it. They came to me with their suspicions and I introduced them to a former actress who I have previously written about here who was a witness to sexual abuse by the person these filmmakers suspected. That former actress has a list of a dozen names of people in the industry who have similar stories about this high profile person. They are definitely making progress that didn't seem possible even a year ago. As for the death of the actor, everyone agrees the circumstances are crazy, but no one can tie it to any specific person and at this point think it is still an accident. Anton Yelchin/"27 Club"/"Taken"/Steven Spielberg (Anton Yelchin, Star Trek's Chekov, killed by his own car) (How Love, Antosha Became Exactly the Kind of Film Anton Yelchin Would Have Made) (BLIND ITEM 05/17/18)

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