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The A list manager might as well give up being a butt kissing hypocrite. The talk host is going to quit. There will be no show for him to send his talent roster. The singer who will move up the list with her show hates the manager. Scooter Braun/Ellen DeGeneres/Kelly Clarkson (Kelly is the one who told Taylor to rerecord all her songs to screw over Big Machine) (Scooter Braun Supports Ellen DeGeneres Amid Workplace Misconduct Allegations: 'Keep Your Head Held High')

Proving once again, everything is done for the show or brand, and anyone or anything that comes in the way will be steamrolled. The A list reality star shot a bunch of scenes this week which will be used to fill in the story line of however it turns out. Kim Kardashian/"Keeping Up With the Kardashians"/marriage to Kanye West (Kim Kardashian Reportedly Flew to Wyoming to Tell Kanye West "Their Marriage Is Over") (Kim Kardashian focuses on family amid Kanye West marital woes)

The turncoat/child rapist has no more federal protection and the hunt is on. There is a bonus if he is killed prior to Labor Day. Tekashi 6ix9ine (Tekashi 6ix9ine is Officially Done with Home Confinement)

Speaking of unnatural death, police are taking everything this reality star from a show I hate, with a grain of salt about his missing girlfriend. "90 Day Fiancé"/Paul Staehle/Karine Martins (90 Day Fiance’s Paul Staehle Claims Wife Karine Martins and Son Are Missing After Fight, Restraining Order)

This A-list producer still defends the disgraced director, even saying that he hopes the director can resume his career. Ralph Winter/Bryan Singer (Bryan Singer's Traumatic 'X-Men' Set: The Movie "Created a Monster") ("The Atlantic" Bryan Singer article)

I'm guessing there was a ton of money exchanged to allow the murderer/child rapist/serial rapist to be able to travel freely around the country. I'm not sure who else would have been allowed to. Nicki Minaj’s husband Kenneth Petty (Nicki Minaj's husband Kenneth Petty will be present during birth of their judge grants request to alter his pretrial release conditions)

The flowering financial institution says she has videos backing up the things she is claiming about the former A+ list rapper. Azealia Banks/Kanye West a "closeted homosexual" (Kanye West Is a ‘Closeted Homosexual,’ According to Azealia Banks)

Two ambulances recently had to be called to this Sunset Blvd hotel. Apparently something tragic happened in the "special suite." "The Standard"

There is a lot of buzz that this foreign born talk show host may replace the one named host. Great idea Replace the most hated host with the second most hated host. James Corden/Ellen DeGeneres (James Corden 'to replace scandal hit Ellen DeGeneres' afternoon talk show slot') (Ellen DeGeneres snub: Star's blunt put-down to James Corden exposed amid 'TV takeover')

This A list dual threat actress who is an Oscar winner/nominee and an Emmy winner/nominee has been trying to find all the secret records her father had on child sex abuse. Her dad, who was the leader of a ring, has volumes of records about those he abused, no one can find. Nicole Kidman (Shocking Link Between Nicole Kidman's Dad And Pizzagate) (Antony Kidman dies amidst child abuse allegations) (Nicole Kidman's ex-brother-in-law Angus Hawley's sudden death 'undetermined')

At this point it was pretty amazing that the celebrity CEO could pull off 24 hours of sobriety. Elon Musk (SpaceX "Dragon Endeavour" splashdown)

This permanent A+ list mostly movie actor had several unusual guests aboard his yacht. Not sure why members of the local government needed to be on board. Tom and Rita Hanks/Greek Prime Minister Kyriakos Mitsotakis and wife Mareva Grabowski-Mitsotaki (Tom Hanks enjoys a day at sea as he relaxes on board his luxury yacht with wife Rita Wilson... after the couple were made citizens of Greece) (Tom Hanks and Rita Wilson celebrate becoming Greek citizens)

I have literally been telling you this news for months and months, but the mainstream media is finally reporting that this government leader has given the OK to blow up a bridge because he thinks he is the best friend of this permanent A+ list mostly movie actor. Polish Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki/Tom Cruise/"Mission: Impossible 7" (Mission: Impossible 7 reportedly plans on blowing up a 111-year-old Polish bridge) (Culture Ministry Faces Dilemma over 'Mission Impossible' Bridge)

This A- list mostly movie actress spent some of her time in Europe, hooking up with another man who is nearly a billionaire. Amber Heard

The alliterate former southern Housewife knows what it takes to get on a reality show and can play the game whether her relationship is real or not. Phaedra Parks/"Real Housewives of Atlanta"/Medina Islam ""Marriage Boot Camp" (Phaedra Parks Accused of Faking Relationship with Boyfriend on ‘Marriage Boot Camp’)

This back in the day singer was briefly A list. She managed to throw all that away in some pretty crazy ways. In her comeback, she had a chance to have her family join in and told them no, that it was all about her. Toni Braxton

Could it be that a certain baller has been playing with someone else? So say people in the know, who claim that the youth's carefully constructed house of cards could come crashing down around him. Allegedly, his most notable ex is gonna sing for her supper and let the chips fall where they may. Of course, none of this will come as news to anyone close to him - certainly not to that former teammate who knows how to keep a secret in the family.

This former A- list mostly television actress has decided to join with her former co-star in screwing people over in that pyramid scheme the co-star has been doing for a couple of months. Rose McGowan/Holly Combs/"Monat" (Holly Combs from Charmed and Pretty Little Liars (thehmc on insta) now sells Monat!) (Is Monat A Scam? A Hair Care Company Pyramid Scheme?) (BLIND ITEM REVEALED 07/19/20)

Those in charge of the permanent A list "singer" talk about stalkers and dangers to the singer because of the movement centered around her, but no examples are ever given. Britney Spears (Britney Spears’ dad calls #FreeBritney a ‘conspiracy theory’)

The former A+ list rapper knows she is losing control. Her significant other has been set free again and he is making the most of the opportunity by hooking up with all the women he met online the past few months. Cardi B/Offset (and six weeks later, the divorce filing)
(Cardi B Is Partnering With Only Fans!)

The spouse of this Housewife who is almost as famous as the Housewife has been traveling to various Native American reservations and participating in "healing" ceremonies.
Mauricio Umansky/Kyle Richards

This A list singer and his A list celebrity significant other complained at a restaurant they didn't want to sit outside because then regular people would be able to see them. No dining is allowed inside, so they did sit outside but put two security people in between them and the public and called in a handful more to provide an even bigger buffer. John Legend/Chrissy Teigen

This foreign born permanent A list model/producer/host doesn't want to be another love loser so is letting her significant other do what he wants. She just doesn't want him to get caught. Heidi Klum/Tom Kaulitz (in band "Tokio Hotel") (Heidi Klum Admits She Gained Weight &‘Can’t Fit’ Into Her Favorite JeansAmidst Quarantine) (Tokio Hotel front man shows off his new summer hairstyle)

This foreign born C list celebrity who is super wealthy has been trying to get her ex busted doing something illegal. There are a team of private investigators who follow him everywhere looking for dirt. The celebrity is tired of paying for all the gifts of his stripper/escort girlfriends. Chloe Green/Jeremy "Hot Felon" Meeks (Jeremy Meeks shows off his muscular physique at lunch with a group of pals in LA... as ex Chloe Green moves on with beau Manuele Thiella)

When you go online and get help from a government website through one of those little chat boxes. One would think it is just a basic computer program that can handle very simple scripts. Nope. It is actually an AI program that has also spread its way into the mainstream. I guess that movie from a couple of decades ago is coming true. "I, Robot"

This permanent A+ list mostly movie star has an image he wants out to the public, but when the closeted actor is hanging out with his boyfriend, it is a complete 180.

This A- list mostly movie actor/director knew he didn't have the best movie on his hands, but releasing it at a time like this makes sure it can be #1 at the box office even if all the critics hates it. Dave Franco/"The Rental" (Dave Franco Horror Movie ‘The Rental’ Tops B.O. Again; Total Theaters Open Poised To Reach 2K Next Weekend – Update)

As I told you months ago, this alliterate multiple time loser (Clare Crawley) from the one season wonder franchise ("The Bachelor") was someone who was difficult and no one wanted to work with. I told you pre COVID and also when they were going to start filming again. So, it really shouldn't come as a shocker to anyone other than the blogger who supposedly knows all about the show ("The Bachelorette"), that she was in line to be replaced (by Tayshia Adams). Clare Crawley/"The Bachelor" (Tayshia Adams to Replace Clare Crawley on The Bachelorette After Finding Love Early On)

Groomed: Many many years ago I wrote about this show ("The Facts of Life"). It was a network (NBC) staple for a decade (August 24, 1979, to May 7, 1988). Much like a counterpart on a different network (ABC) ("Eight Is Enough"), it allowed for the creepiest of perversions to be carried out by the older actors and producers on set. It was supposed to be a wholesome show, but behind the scenes, the tweens were sexually assaulted and given story lines that were way beyond their years. One actress (Lisa Whelchel) who stayed with the show the entire time, started as a tween and ended it as an adult (16 to 25 years of age). By the time she reached adulthood, there was no one left on the set who wanted to grope her or assault her because they had new extras or one line actresses to stalk. Somehow, she has deluded herself into thinking this was OK and because the show itself was a good compass for society, that what went on behind the scenes was worth it. "The Facts of Life"/NBC/Lisa Whelchel

(Original date 07/22/20)

Guess Who Lives In His Parents Basement? This dude. I can’t even recap another show about brawling black people. It is amazing how people debase themselves for money. And it is not even that much money. The WOMAN has sunk to new depths begging to be on this show. I can’t even share all the people who have told me this is not a relationship. I was going to try to recap the show but it is just the depths of reality hell. I just can’t. I think THE WOMAN has found someone even more fake than she is. He literally lives in his mother’s basement. They are both equally bad a math. He is lying about his age…and the hairpiece is notable. The WOMAN loves a bad MAN. But the man has absolutely nothing to do with her. That makes her look hard up an desperate for the camera. Like so thirsty for camera time. He has multiple restraining orders, and his family thinks he is a joke. But mama still lets him live in the basement. THE WOMAN is a joke as well but she just wants to be on TV… This would be hysterical if I could just watch,. But I can’t. The WOMAN is literally on the show reality people go to die. Medina Islam/Phaedra Parks/"Real Housewives of Atlanta"/"Marriage Bootcamp" ('Marriage Bootcamp': Phaedra Parks And Medina Islam's Romance Questioned By Other Couples)

As I told you well over a year ago, yes this foreign born permanent A list model/host/producer knew and partied with the billionaire pedophile. Everyone makes a big deal of saying they were never on his plane. He had access to many others through the corporation which gave the model her big break and paid her tens of millions of dollars. She can play semantics, but the truth is out there. Heidi Klum/Jeffrey Epstein (Heidi Klum 'Never' Traveled on Jeffrey Epstein's Private Jet, Says Her Lawyer: 'Totally False')

The fake PR person to the reality family was feeling a little left out so they gave him a little story line for the season. It is all fake, but at this point they don't care. Jonathan Cheban/"Keeping Up With the Kardashians" (Kim Kardashian's Friend Jonathan Cheban ('Foodgod') Robbed at Gunpoint in New Jersey: Police)

Apparently this A- list celebrity, especially in his own corner of his world loves bragging about his sex swing. The thing is, the celebrity who is the king of self owns in a very destructive way, thinking nothing can kill the adoration his followers have for him, doesn't know how to use it and has almost given himself several concussions after falling out of it.

The financial walls are closing in on the former A+ list rapper. Too many hands in the pie because it of all the contributors to each song. No live performance money coming in. Tons of money going out. The record company is done. Does she get serious and do a bunch of features or go down and flames. Cardi B (Cardi B Says She’s Partnering With OnlyFans And Teases How She’ll Use The Platform)

A lot of revisionist history from the A/A- list mostly movie actress who has about a dozen installments of a franchise being filmed right now. She was chastised back in the day for accepting a role and took it anyway and said she was entitled. I guess the fact she had to darken her skin for the movie made her regret it? Zoe Saldana/"Avatar"/Nina Simone/"Nina" ('She deserved better': Zoe Saldana apologizes for playing Nina Simone, breaks down in tears)

At this point, everything this A- list actress/writer/showrunner/producer (Lena Waithe) (filmography) pitches is just an excuse to live out some kind of sexual fantasy/fetish and be paid for it while stalking everyone on the cast like a predator looking for their next meal. Lena Waithe (Lena Waithe Developing Open-Marriage Drama at Amazon) (Lena Waithe Accused Of Stealing Show Idea From Up-And-Coming Screenwriter) (BLIND ITEM REVEALED 02/10/20)

During this entire down time, this A list mostly television actor from a hit network show, who has been accused of sexual assault multiple times has been sexually assaulting a 16 year old. Her parents think it is amazing she is with a big star. Anthony Anderson/"Black-ish" (‘Black-ish’ Star Anthony Anderson’s Disturbing History of Sexual-Assault Allegations) (BLIND ITEM REVEALED 08/10/18)

This foreign born former A+ list athlete/part-time model is being followed by paps after being ignored for years. They are trying to catch her with a married executive. Maria Sharapova

Oh good. The one named talk show host got a ringing endorsement from the same former A list mostly movie actress who has adored working with the child molesting director/actor over the years. That will make it all better. "Ellen" DeGeneres/Diane Keaton/Woody Allen (Diane Keaton Joins List of Celebrities Supporting Ellen DeGeneres) (Diane Keaton Defends Woody Allen: ‘I Continue to Believe Him’)

It doesn't seem like very many people judging by recent words are very hopeful that the madam/procurer/serial sexual assaulter is going to die of natural causes. Will it be the night of the 14th or the night of September 4th? Ghislaine Maxwell (HRC calling for Ghislaine Maxwell's "suicide" in code)

It looks the people of this recently canceled A- list mostly television actress showed her the error of her ways and to stay away from the one season wonder who will suck the life from you so that he may live. Lucy Hale ("Katy Keene")/Colton Underwood ("The Bachelor") (Colton Underwood and Lucy Hale are Casually Dating, Hiking Together)

The Voice: One of the subjects of this story is a voice actor (Tom Kane). He does commercials, live action and animated shows, and films. Those with ties to the voice actor industry consider him to be one of the best in the world but you’d probably have no idea who he is. You have most likely heard him somewhere (filmography) and he can do anything from an authoritative voice to a lot of damn good impressions. This story is not about him. Our voice actor was selected for work in a Super Bowl ad ("Apple HAL Commercial - 1999 Super Bowl") for a large corporation ("Apple") with a CEO (Steve Jobs) who everybody knows. This CEO has a history of not always being nice and sometimes allows their ego to get the better of them. The voice actor was brought in to record dialogue for an ad campaign which the CEO approved of from the moment it was first presented and the CEO wanted to be there for the dialogue recording as it was to mimic a character from one of their favorite films. The recording session was scheduled and the CEO came in with a full entourage while the voice actor just commuted in as usual. The CEO walked in and was in utter prima donna mode. Several people to attend to their every need, including one person to take instructions from the CEO and give those instructions to the director (MarkCoppos) and the voice actor. If either the director or voice actor had a question for the CEO, they were to ask the member of the entourage who would then ask the CEO despite all three of them being in the same room and no more than 5-6 feet away from each other. The actor did his work, the CEO gave some direction to the director (who had all but given up any semblance of directorial control) and the voice actor via the specified entourage person and it was declared to be good enough after an hour or two of recording. Pleased with the end result, the CEO told the entourage that all was good and to prepare to leave. The voice actor was wrapping up and watched as the room cleared out of all but him, the director, and the CEO. The CEO then sheepishly walked up to the voice actor, shook his hand hurriedly, and then jammed their cell phone into the voice actor’s hand while asking something to the effect of "Um, hi. I was, um, wondering if you would, um, record my, um, voicemail greeting in, um, *character’s name’s* ("HAL"/"2001: A Space Odyssey") voice?" The voice actor and director exchanged looks, both wondering just who the hell had taken over the body of the CEO as it didn’t at all seem like the same person they had shared the room with a minute earlier. Not knowing what to make of it, the voice actor agreed and did it all in one take. The CEO was happy, smiled and gave an enthusiastic handshake to both as they left the room with a giddy grin. The second the CEO got back to their entourage, the prima donna act started right back up again as if nothing had ever happened. Tom Kane/"Apple HAL Commercial - 1999 Super Bowl"/"Apple"/Steve Jobs/"HAL"/"2001: A Space Odyssey" (The making of Apple’s HAL)

Apples & Oranges: There are all kinds of apples. But this one in this story is a green, sour apple. It’s in a bowl of fruit with a bunch of peaches and a tasty orange. The apple thinks it is the best fruit in the bowl. "There is no one like me," it thinks. The peaches are just happy being peaches. The orange just does its thing. It likes the fruit bowl just fine, but sometimes she likes to roll out of the bowl and do other things. When the orange wants to be in a different bowl for a bit, it pays for the bowl, she designs the new bowl with her own money, she selects the other fruit in the bowl, she arranges the bowl, and shoots video of the bowl all with her own money. Then, she goes to the people who own the bowl and asks nicely, "I have this great idea for another bowl you might like. Here is a sizzle reel I produced about the bowl. Please watch it. If you like it, I will help pay for the bowl. We can work on producing it together. And if we sell a lot of bowls we can get more bowls for me to hang out in. Let me know what you think!" And the people liked the orange and the oranges ideas and they made many bowls together and allowed the orange to hang out in other people’s bowls. The peaches were happy for the orange and content in the first bowl for the most part. The orange was sweet and treated people and fruit nicely. But the sour apple was becoming more and more sour in the bowl. The sour apple went to the people and said, "I am the best fruit in the bowl! I want my own bowl. Figure something out for me. It needs to be a better bowl than the orange! I want you to pay me to move to a better bowl! Do it now!" And the people didn’t like that. So the people threw the sour apple in the trash. Then the people and the other fruit hear the sour apple screaming! "You are mistreating me because I am green!" The other fruit thought that was odd. They were all green once, and then they matured and got sweeter. The apple just stayed green and sour. The orange rolled around between a lot of bowls. But was always happy to return to the bowl with the peaches. One day there was a new peach. And the peaches, and the orange and most especially the people who own all the bowls lived happily ever after. And the green apple began to rot and while still sour, also started to stink until the trash was finally taken out to the street. And the apple still wondering why no one realizes that the was the best fruit in the bowl. The end. (NeNe Leakes alludes to mistreatment from Bravo amid contract negotiations) (‘RHOA’ Cast ‘Annoyed’ NeNe Leakes Hasn’tSigned Her Contract Yet — ‘They’re NotSurprised’)
Green, sour apple: NeNe Leakes
Bunch of peaches: "Real Housewives of Atlanta"
Tasty orange: Kandi Burruss
Bowl owners: "Bravo"

Apparently during their marriage, this celebrity "Doctor" didn't tell his wife the true value of that huge deal he signed within the last decade just in case they did split. Dr Dre/Nicole Young/"Beats By Dr Dre" (Dr Dre's wife Nicole Young claims she signed a prenup in 1996 under 'pressure' but he tore it up years later so she is entitled to half of his $800M fortune)

The after effects from the serial sexually assaulting network head's (Les Moonves) run at his company (CBS) keep showing up. In addition to the sexual harassment suits (sexual misconduct allegations) being settled, the crazed decision to have his biggest supporter/hatchet person (Judge Judy Sheindlin) have her contract extended, there now are the tens of millions of dollars in litigation and fees the company keeps paying out because of his bungling of the long running daytime court show ("Judge Judy"). Les Moones/CBS/Judge Judy Sheindlin/"Judge Judy" (Judge Judy sued over Les Moonves sale of her show’s ‘library rights’)

One of the bigger YouTube stars on the planet is not only a huge drug dealer, but is also distributing porn with unknowing participants. Jake Paul (FBI Seize Guns from Jake Paul's Home, Raid Involves Scottsdale Protests)

It is just the tip of the iceberg for this multiple time network reality star and his raping underage teens. The police just have not been able to identify the other teens they found in the pictures and videos of his phone and computer. He was the face of a show, but crickets so far from the show. Drew Drechsel/"American Ninja Warrior" (American Ninja Warrior Winner Drew Drechsel Charged with Child Sex Crimes)

So, this network reality show ("The Bachelor") is kind of still covering for their one big closeted contestant (Colton Underwood) on The Bachelorette is about to do the same, or are they. There is buzz they don't really know about their next big down low contestant (Tayshia Adams). "The Bachelor"/Colton Underwood/Tayshia Adams (Tayshia Adams Is the Bachelorette! Colton Underwood, Rachel Lindsay, More Bachelor Nation Stars React)

You will notice the vast majority of celebrity endorsements of the one named singer are from celebrities represented by the same talent agency as the singer. "Ellen"/Scooter Braun, Katy Perry, Kevin Hart, Diane Keaton, Ashton Kutcher, Alec Baldwin, Jay Leno (Which of Ellen’s Most Frequent Guests Have Stuck by Her, and Who’s Kept Mum?)

The former head of this mostly foreign based sports empire was forced out in part because he hosted not old enough to drive parties for sponsors and friends where the female guests were not yet old enough to drive. Bernie Ecclestone/"Formula One Group" (Bernie Ecclestone reaches end of the road as Formula One chief executive 'forced out' by Chase Carey)

The guy (Stephen Colletti) who took the virginity of that back in the day A- list mostly television actress (Hayden Panettiere) when she starred on a hit network show ("Heroes") and she wasn't ready and claims it messed her up to the point where she is today, is back on thirst patrol in order to get some work. His former "reality love" (Kristin Cavallari/"Laguna Beach") is helping him out. Stephen Colletti/Hayden Panettiere/"Heroes"/Kristin Cavallari/"Laguna Beach" (Hayden Panettiere Opens Up About Stephen Coletti Split) (Kristin Cavallari Reunites with Ex-BF Stephen Colletti, but They're Not Dating)

Reader Blind: Back in the mid 1970s, this A- list actress (Pearl Bailey) who was a Tony Award winner/nominee and an Emmy Award winner/nominee came to my city in Canada to shoot a TV commercial for Macy's. She was appearing somewhere within driving distance and would not fly so they arranged for the crew to use the TV studio production facilities at the University where my husband was a tech guy rather than actual production facilities in LA or NY. He was overseeing the production and he asked me to escort her from her dressing room to the studio and back again during the day. At the time she was a semi regular on Hollywood Squares ( 230 episodes) and her persona, of course, was the friendly type who would give you a big hug and invite you back for iced tea and home cooking. I was very excited to meet her. Unfortunately, what you saw on TV was as far from the truth as you could get. She was a nightmare. I could not look at her. I could not talk to her. Her personal assistant was TERRIFIED of her. But, because this was not 2020, her true personality was not revealed far and wide on the internet and, so, she would die with her down home persona intact. Peal Bailey

This back in the day A list tweener actress who has hovered at B+ list during her adult years was just told she was too old to play the single love interest and would have to play moms who fall in love. Now, she is a mother, but apparently went into a rage and says she looks a decade younger than she is. Hilary Duff ("Younger" spin-off) (Hilary Duff flashes toned abs in a strapless bikini... as she reveals her diet plan claiming she still enjoys 'bread, chocolate, and wine!')

This B+ list actress has been that for a solid decade. She also gets behind the camera from time to time in an executive role. All of you know her. Her husband has been spending far more time with his mistress than his actress wife. Elizabeth Banks/Max Handelman (Elizabeth Banks Says Her 27-Year Relationship Is the 'Thing I'm Most Proud Of': We ‘Grew Together’)

Set Things In Motion: Did the manager kill the singer? Not directly, as in pull the trigger or insert the knife. Did the manager make possible/enable/make it super easy for the singer to die? Absolutely. Did the manager make sure the funds were available for drugs and that there was never any waiting necessary when it came to more drugs? Yes. Did the manager ever tell people to hide the drugs or keep them away from the singer? Nope. Was the manager about to be fired by the singer? Yep. Did the manager know about it? Yep. Has the manager made more money since the death of the singer then during the life of the singer? Yes.

Breaking up is never easy, but in this case it could be disastrous! Back in the day, this crooner set many female hearts aflutter. He’s been happily married to his socialite wife for decades – but he’s got a secret! While singing all those chart-topping love songs, he was actually dreaming of MEN! He’s been involved in a secret romance with a younger Latin hunk. They were SO in love that they exchanged vows and wedding rings in a Las Vegas ceremony and call each other "husband." Recently he dumped his "husband" and is now hot and heavy with a twenty-something gay porn star! The ex-lover is considering legal action because the singer had promised to take care of him for life, and cut him off without a cent. He’s threatening to expose their gay romance to the singer’s wife and celebrity friends -and he has the PHOTOS to prove it!
Neil Sedaka (wife Leba Strassberg, daughter of Esther Strassberg owner of "Esther Manor" a former Catskills Mountain resort near Monticello, New York)

Apparently one thing that caught the attention of the investigators who raided the home of this YouTube star from a YouTube family is a plan for a bank robbery like an Ocean's 11 robbery. Were they going to film it too? Was it just for show? Jake Paul (FBI agents executed a federal search warrant at YouTube celebrity Jake Paul's home)

Don't believe the hype. As much as I dislike the permanent A+ list singing diva, once a year her sister makes a cash grab spewing a brand new story so she can get paid by the tabloids. This year, she latched on to what she thought would sell best. Mariah Carey/Alison Carey/pedophilia and satanic rituals (Mariah Carey's estranged sister Alison accuses their mother of forcing her to perform sex acts on strangers when she was 10 and being made to watch children being abused in satanic rituals in court filing)

This three named A- list actress (Evan Rachel Wood) has her own truth and call her own story ("Showbiz Kids") as she sees fits. So, if she is still not ready to call out the alliterate former A list rocker (Marilyn Manson) specifically by name who likes to use drugs with the A+ list actor (Johnny Depp), who sexually assaulted her and abused her, that is her choice. However, if there are others she knows, which she says she knows and can identify as preying on children and just wants the spotlight on herself for knowing rather than for naming names, she might as well be that former A list teen star (Corey Feldman). Evan Rachel Wood/"Showbiz Kids"/Marilyn Manson/Johnny Depp/Corey Feldman (Evan Rachel Wood Shares Theory of How Hollywood Abuse Proliferates in Showbiz Kids Doc)

A lot of buzz out there right now about this former A- list mostly television actress (Julianna Margulies) who has struck gold with two separate hit network ensembles. We already know about the drama that ended the second show ("The Good Wife") prematurely (feud with Archie Panjabe) and now we are learning that the actress used a derogatory racial slur on the set of that first network hit of hers ("ER"). Julianna Marguilies/"The Good Wife"/"ER" (Everything we know about the rumoured feud between "The Good Wife's" Archie Panjabe and Julianna Marguilies)
(Julianna Margulies on being 'Unladylike' and honoring 'unsung' women in American history)

Former A- list mostly television actress (Alyssa Milano) who likes lots of attention: Hey, guess what?
Supermarket checkout person who has no idea who she is and wants to go home, but has to pretend to be interested, to keep one of two minimum wage jobs they have, so they can live.: What?
Actress: I got a new show. Well, not a new show, but a reboot of an old show ("Who’s the Boss?"). Not so much a reboot but a retooling. Did you know they guy who played my dad (Tony Danza) is still alive. I had no idea. I never check in with him. I am online a lot. I am a pretty big deal.
Checkout person: That's great.
Actress: Oh, I got COVID four months ago and thought I was going to die. I didn't know it wasn't COVID and didn't tell anyone at the time even though I spend all my time online because I wasn't sure and didn't really have anything to promote either.
Checkout person: Have a nice day
Alyssa Milano/"Who's the Boss?"/Tony Danza (‘Who’s The Boss?’ Sequel With Tony Danza & Alyssa Milano In Works At Sony Pictures Television) (Alyssa Milano Tests Positive for COVID-19 Antibodies After 3 Negative Results: 'I Thought I Was Dying')

I do wonder if the A- list reality star with the lucrative side gig tires of always paying to keep her friends by her side. Always buying them clothes or gifts or even giving them cash. Kylie Jenner (Kylie Jenner rocks crop top with leather jacket as she enjoys 'early birthday dinner' with her 'besties' at Nobu in Malibu... just days before turning 23)

This back in the day A+ list tweener turned A-/B+ list adult singer in a "relationship" tried to hit on the foreign born A list female singer and the foreign born singer was having none of it. Miley Cyrus/Cody Simpson/Dua Lipa (Miley Cyrus Looks Edgy Thanks to a Mullet, Striped Pants & Sleek Boots With Dua Lipa) (Cody Simpson Posts Cuddly Selfie with Girlfriend Miley Cyrus: 'In Love with My Best Friend')

Our favorite foreign born B+ list actress/singer was rejected by the billionaire so is back on the week to week plan for the last few weeks of summer. Rita Ora/Faton Gashi/Romain Gavras (Rita Ora, 29, spotted with business tycoon Faton Gashi while out in London) (Rita Ora works her angles in a perilously skimpy sparkling two-piece as she frolics with boyfriend Romain Gavras on a boat in Ibiza)

Apparently this foreign born A- list underage actress is not even pretending to have her showmance any longer because her relationship with a producer twice her age is going so well. Millie Bobby Brown/Joseph Robinson (Millie Bobby Brown splits from rugby player beau Joseph Robinson after 10 months together: 'Things have just run their course')

This back in the day actress has not acted in a very long time. She told a friend last week that her A- list celebrity ex used to pass her around to friends so he could get ahead. It got hard for her to do which is why she got addicted to pills and booze. Lark Voorhies/Martin Lawrence (The Sad Truth About Lark Voorhies’ Life Story) ('Saved by the Bell' Star Sues Enquirer Over Cocaine Story)

I mean, it is as good of a story as she could give, but bears nothing resembling the truth. The former A+/A list mostly movie actress didn't even hint at the real reason she stopped acting. Cameron Diaz (Cameron Diaz reveals why she quit acting in interview with Gwyneth Paltrow) (BLIND ITEM REVEALED 01/17/2007)

A Journey: I think the book idea is probably too toxic to sell. However, there are several magazines that I think would make a nice 10,000 word monstrosity of a feature about some of what this guy is pitching. He is coming from the angle of someone who was a lover/confidante (Cedric Martinez) to the subject. Essentially he says that this B list singer/host (Lance Bass) who was A++ list back in the day feels as if he has kept his mouth shut and deserves more. Why did he have to keep his mouth shut? Because he knows about several guys an A list singer (Justin Timberlake) has been with over time. The A list singer is married (Jessica Biel) and having any of his past like that is not a place he wants to go or come near or see down the road. The B lister thinks the A lister should be more "cooperative." As crazy as it is, that is just one part of the story. This person also claims that while he and the B lister were a couple, they were partying a few years ago on a yacht in the Med with a bunch of European celebrities neither of them knew, but it was a fun party and lots of pretty people. It was a good time. The yacht was docked and some people who had yachts moored at other parts of the pier would stop by and other party goers too. He remembers one trip who he thought were 100% European. They were tanned beyond belief and had longer hair. It was two men on either side of a woman. One of the men recognized the B list singer/host and talked about how he had booked the singer/host a dozen times and the singer knew who he was and exchanged greetings. It turns out the guy who did the booking was actually American. He then asked the singer/host of the yacht belonged to the singer who said no, and actually didn't know who it belonged to. He received an invitation to the party but didn't know if it was a company or the owner who was throwing it. The booker then asked if the bedrooms were available for anyone to use. The singer/host didn't know. The booker then asked the singer/host and the person telling the story if the two men wanted to join the trip below deck for some fun. The pair declined and the trio went on their way looking for the bunks. The guy asked the singer/host who it was and said it was this offspring of a permanent A list celebrity who was probably turning over in his very conservative grave. Cedric Martinez/Lance Bass/Justin Timberlake (Former RHOBH Star Cedric Martinez Reveals Ex Lance Bass’ Love Of ‘Group Sex’ & Lisa Vanderpump’s Secret Hookup!) (Lance Bass’ ex says *NSYNC singer is ‘bitter’ at Justin Timberlake’s success and feels ‘burned’ by ‘fizzled’ friendship)

As someone recently said to me, "I have given up on him as a performer, I am in it solely for the kids now." The child total has once again, professionally, in a news article, been reduced from three to two. Perhaps the foreign born A list dual threat as trouble counting the number of children under the roof. Benedict Cumberbatch/Sophie Hunter (Benedict Cumberbatch On His Upcoming Movie "The Courier" And Life During Covid-19) (Are Benedict Cumberbatch and Wife Sophie Hunter Expecting Third Child?) (BLIND ITEM REVEALED 07/15/19)

When you don't have the normal operating systems in place, it makes it easy for this A- list actress/writer to once again sneak in a pregnancy. She did it before when things were normal. This is easy for her. No annoying red carpet father questions to avoid either. Mindy Kaling

From recent actions and interviews, it seems like the long time companion to the permanent A++ lister wants to spread his wings in his retirement years. This should be interesting. Stedman Graham/Oprah Winfrey (Oprah Winfrey's longtime partner Stedman Graham says he won't be 'defined' by his relationship with the star - as he shares the secret behind their successful union)

Unless she suddenly decided to give up the show in which she was cast, which would never happen, this former reality star turned singer turned actress is definitely not trying to have a baby. Katharine McPhee/David Foster/"Country Comfort" (Katharine McPhee is 'definitely trying' for a baby with David Foster) (Katharine McPhee & Eddie Cibrian Star In ‘Country Comfort’ Nanny Comedy Series Ordered By Netflix)

Don't believe the hype. There were a lot of documents filed in advance of a hearing in the next couple of weeks pertaining to the permanent A list "singer." None of those were related to an accounting, which was not late and was filed two months ago. The new documents appear to be related to a trust and establishing something permanent. Britney Spears/Conservatorship (Britney Spears’ Lawyers ‘Aren’t Happy’ Her Family Is ‘Going Public’ About Conservatorship)

How out of touch with your kids do you have to be, to have a company admit they are the ones who post anything to do with your children. A company is captioning all the photos with the kid. It is strange and also, kind of jibes with the court case against him for not being a one on one dad. I am talking about a B+ list celebrity who is only that high because the people in his family bring him that high. Do you not have one thing to say about your child not filtered through a company? That is how you want to live your life? Rob Kardashian/Dream (Rob Kardashian & @dream daddy/Rob Kardashian does not post to this account. Account is run by Jenner Communications) (Blac Chyna Seeks to Reduce Rob Kardashian’s Visitation With Dream After She Says Toddler Suffered a Head Injury in His Custody) (Blac Chyna says daughter Dream suffered ‘severe’ burns with Rob Kardashian)

This long long long time local news anchor on the east coast was forced out. She is already talking about all the inside details that are going to come out in a lawsuit she is going to file. I had no idea one of the anchors there owes her job to sleeping with an executive on the show. Does she know about the other reporter who also sleeps with him? This should be fun. Allison Seymour/"FOX 5 DC" (FOX 5 says farewell to Allison Seymour after 21 years)

With all the blackouts occurring, I would remind you of the blind item I wrote several months ago, and revealed, about the director who is making PSA's about how to deal with a mass EMP (Electromagnetic pulse) event. This is a practice run. Oliver Stone
(Power outage hits large portions of Manhattan in New York City) (September 1859 geomagnetic storm) (China Has ‘First-Strike’ Capability To Melt U.S. Power Grid With Electromagnetic Pulse Weapon) (BLIND ITEM 05/18/20) (Pentagon is working to develop detection system for electromagnetic pulse blasts amid fears that 'Pearl Harbor-style' sneak attack could devastate the US)

This child porn loving/underage sexual assaulting/foreign born political go between (George Nader) has been in jail for just a couple of months and is already spending most of his time working on a deal between a couple of countries and not in a jail cell. I just don't get it. George Nader (I guess we learned which countries this week
(George Nader sentenced to 10 years in prison for child sex charges)

The cleaner sounding (technically) married actor (Armie Hammer) turned in a recent about to be released crap performance ("Rebecca") because he spent all his time on set trying to sleep with his A- list co-star (Lily James) who was in a relationship at the time with a philanderer (Matt Smith) while fending off one (Keeley Hawes) who was married (Matthew Macfadyen) at the time of filming. Armie Hammer/"Rebecca"/Lily James/Matt Smith

The very recent departure of this male K-pop singer was due to some kind of controversy. No, it wasn't. It was made up. This stuff is like pro wrestling. Yes, there are real scandals just like in wrestling that occur, but the vast majority is just people being replaced, but doing it for more clicks and ratings. They generate a controversy to remove someone. They fake an illness. They bring in someone new and get a boost to ratings. Go ask a K-pop manager to see his "yeonghwa daebon" and you will see what I mean. Hongbin/"VIXX" (Hongbin leaves VIXX after controversial comments about K-pop stars) (How to say filmscript in Korean)

Four For Friday - Bad Drug Behavior:
#1 - This back in the day A+ list supermodel (Janice Dickinson) who has done reality television and slowly faded into the background of celebrity was at NYFW and yelled out backstage for someone to bring her some coke. Five minutes later, you see her in a corner of the room bent over a makeup table telling a guy about to have sex with her (presumably in exchange for the coke) he has five minutes because she still has to do hair and makeup. Janice Dickinson (Supermodel Janice Dickinson Opens Up About Her Former Life Of Partying And Childhood Abuse)

#2 - This foreign born former A+ list television actor (Kiefer Sutherland) who comes from an acting family (parents actors Donald Sutherland and Shirley Douglas) and it is arguable who in the family is higher on the list, was in a restaurant. Our actor was seated and began touching his tablecloth and remarking how it was the greatest texture he ever felt and was soon sprawled over the table trying to touch more of it. He then went to several other tables to feel their tablecloths and then ended up rolling over them and remarking how good they felt even though he was wearing a jacket and shirt and pants. He was knocking over food and just loving the textures. Kiefer Sutherland (Kiefer Sutherland is my favorite famous drunk of my generation)

#3 - This 90's teen actor (Edward Furlong) maybe made it to A- list before things went south because of drugs. At one party at his house, he decided he was going to jet ski in his pool. The pool was maybe 25-30 feet long at its longest point. He dragged the jet ski from his garage and put it in the pool and did a couple of solid passes and was maintaining a decent speed. People breathed a sigh of relief and thought this might turn out OK. The actor then decided he could get enough speed to jump the hot tub and land in the grass beyond. By some miracle of miracles, he ended up in the hot tub alive. The jet ski caused a small explosion as it slammed into a fence about 100 feet beyond the hot tub. Edward Furlong (Edward Furlong Was A Rising Star, But His Life Took A Drastic Turn That's Left Him Unrecognizable)

#4 - This at the time A- list mostly movie actress (Natasha Lyonne) or (Kirsten Dunst) who is a Golden Globe winner/nominee drove into a local shopping mall called the Beverly Center. She scraped her car getting a ticket to park. She scraped the other side of her car parking too close to a concrete post. She then went to this huge escalator that is used to move between levels. She set her body on the top step and swayed there for perhaps and instant or two before tumbling down 50 or 60 steps. Her body halted by a guy who was most of the way down. Her friends rush and help her and pick her up. They make sure she is doing OK and they move to the next escalator down. Her friends hold on to her. She refuses their help and shakes them off and then proceeds to fall down about 30 steps before she runs into the same man again. Natasha Lyonne (2020 Nominee - Actress in a Musical or Comedy TV Series - "Russian Doll") (Natasha Lyonne: 'I was definitely as good as dead'); Kirsten Dunst (1995 Nominee - Supporting Actress in a Motion Picture - "Interview with the Vampire"/2016 Nominee - Actress In A Mini-series or Motion Picture for TV - "Fargo"/2020 Nominee - Actress in a Musical or Comedy TV Series - "On Becoming a God in Central Florida") (Kirsten Dunst reveals she went to rehab after the 'totally ridiculous' pressures of being a Hollywood actress led to depression)

Her recent appearance in a music video was derided by nearly anyone with common sense. The issue is that the A- list reality star immediately had an entire press package ready to go to every media outlet about how she sole the show or was the best or was jaw dropping or so many other superlatives that tabloids pounce on and print, while the real stars are drowned out. Kylie Jenner/Cardi B and Megan Thee Stallion/"WAP" (Fans Petition to Remove Kylie Jenner From Cardi B and Megan Thee Stallion’s ‘WAP’ Video)

As I have told you previously, and was recently confirmed under oath, is that the celebrity CEO uses a wide variety of hacking and eavesdropping techniques on employees and customers and this is especially true if you cross him or are suing him. Elon Musk (Amber Heard’s Tesla) (Amber Heard thought ex Elon Musk gave her bugged Tesla, court docs show)

You can pronounce her name, but not her title, unless of course you watch a certain cable reality show. Anyway, the buzz is that there was a pregnancy, and because it was unknown whether it was the result of an interaction with her significant other or this foreign born A+ lister, that it was terminated. Rose Hanbury, the Marchioness of Cholmondeley/David Cholmondeley, 7th Marquess of Cholmondeley/Prince William (Prince William's Alleged Affair With Rose Hanbury Began With Innocent Dinners While Kate Middleton Was Away) (BLIND ITEM REVEALED 06/04/19) (BLIND ITEM REVEALED 06/27/19) (How to Pronounce Cholmondeley)

There is a fight going on behind the scenes at streaming services and record labels about who should be #1 this week. It is supposed to be objective. This shows it is subjective. Don't be shocked if the presumptive winners are knocked aside by the A+ lister. "Billboard"/Cardi B and Megan Thee Stallion/Taylor Swift (Taylor Swift Sweeps No. 1 Spots on Artist 100, Hot 100 and Billboard 200 Charts) (Cardi B and Megan Thee Stallion team up for brand new single)

So, the foreign born expatriate wants nothing to do with going back home but still makes calls to Daddy once a week to send him some money so he can live the high life. Prince Harry/Prince Charles (Prince Harry in constant contact with Charles for emotional, financial support)

This foreign born A- list mostly movie actor who has a movie franchise and is getting a spin off and is not named Tom Hiddleston, slapped a woman so hard she lost a tooth last week. Sebastian Stan/"Captain America: The First Avenger"/"The Falcon & The Winter Soldier" (‘The Falcon & The Winter Soldier’ Won’t Make August Premiere Date On Disney+ Because Of COVID Delay) (Sebastian Stan’s Twitter Trend Cancelation, Details Here)

One member of "The Club" has been banned by her ex from allowing herself to be photographed with their offspring in public any longer. The foreign born actress has stuck to it for the past few months. Naomi Watts/Liev Schreiber (Exes Naomi Watts and Liev Schreiber spend time together amid pandemic)

("The Club")
#1: Naomi Watts (Liev Schreiber) ("What a Pretty Girl". Naomi Watts' Son Is More And More Often Spotted Wearing Dresses)
#2: Sandra Bullock
#3: Charlize Theron (Charlize: My child I thought was a boy is... a girl! For the first time, the Hollywood actress reveals why her adopted child Jackson is wearing dresses. And her inspiration? Her own mother — who shot her father)
#4: Angelina Jolie (Shiloh, transgender child of Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt, will soon begin hormone treatment)
#5: Scarlett Johoansson
#6: Megan Fox (Actress Megan Fox on Gender Neutral Children: Let Them Be Who They Are ...)
#7: Halle Berry (Halle Berry responds to criticism after she posted video of son Maceo wearing her heels: 'Let's have a laugh and some compassion')

The child rapist/turncoat realized if he goes out in public, he is going to have to do so in secret, which he can't, or he will end up running like he did this week to escape with his life. Labor Day bonus in effect. Tekashi 6ix9ine (Tekashi 6ix9ine Ignores DANGER Of Gang Retaliation, Rides Subway & Strolls NY In Broad Daylight!!) (BLIND ITEM 08/01/20)

This foreign born B+ list celebrity offspring who will never be the highest on the list on the family had her second lap band surgery in the past ten years. Kelly Osbourne (Kelly Osbourne Reveals She's Lost 85 Lbs.: 'I Worked Hard and It Feels Good')

This Housewife can talk and talk and talk and talk and talk, but the much needed changes will never happen as long as the nominal person in charge is still in charge. Leah McSweeney/"Real Housewives of New York"/Andy Cohen (Leah McSweeney wants more diversity on ‘RHONY’)

The one named talk show host and her people are convinced there is a bot army behind the attacks. There isn't. It is just that many people fed up. They are trying to spread the word that it is a new talk show host who hired the bots. No, not the singer turned host, but an actress turned host on a show you probably haven't seen yet. "Ellen"/Kelly Clarkson/Drew Barrymore (Watch: Drew Barrymore promos new talk show by interviewing her 7-year-old self)

Before this reality star found out there was another woman, they sent a text hitting on this A- list mostly television actor from a hit show. I'm guessing they didn't tell their co-worker/ex of the actor about the text. Davina Potratz/"Selling Sunset"/Justin Hartley/"This Is Us"/Chrishell Stause ('Selling Sunset' Season 3: Why Davina Went After Chrishell and More Burning Questions Answered! (Exclusive)) ('Selling Sunset' star Chrishell Stause reveals she learned of husband Justin Hartley's divorce filing via text)

Each day, there is another step in the puzzle which is going to take you where I took you two weeks ago. The A list rapper was shot because she got upset her foreign born awful, horrible, not a good person boyfriend was groping on the A- list reality star. Megan Thee Stallion/Tory Lanez/Kylie Jenner (Megan Thee Stallion Says She Felt ‘Betrayed’ By All Of Her Friends After Shooting Incident With Tory Lanez) (BLIND ITEM REVEALED 07/23/20)

This female comic is being paid ten times her normal rate just so she will go on stage with this disgraced male comic to give him redemption. Michelle Wolf/Louis C.K. (Louis C.K. re-emerges by dropping in on stand-up show alongside Dave Chappelle, Michelle Wolf)

This foreign born A/A- list mostly movie actor who needs that superhero gig to cement the A list, has been on a week long bender. Robert Pattinson/"The Batman" (Tenet Actors And Staff, Including Robert Pattinson, Talk About How Difficult The Film Was To Make)

This closeted permanent A+/A list mostly movie actress got married to her long time girlfriend late last month. Sandra Bullock (Sandra Bullock Celebrates 56th Birthday with Jennifer Aniston, Sarah Paulson and More)

This A-/B+ list actress has cost herself any further bearding gigs. The idea is to not spill secrets or drop hints, which is what she is doing right now about one of her former customers. Olivia Munn (Aaron Rodgers) (Olivia Munn Exposes One of Her Ex-Boyfriends as Gay)

The celebrity offspring of a permanent A+ lister was warned not to grow too close too fast to her foreign born really bad actress lover. Too late. She already got cheated on and her heart crushed. Kaia Gerber/Cindy Crawford/Cara Delevingne (Cara Delevingne and Kaia Gerber share Taylor Swift’s ‘Folklore’ cardigan)

This disgraced actor who can't get work because of his fake story and subsequent doubling down of awful ideas is trying to leak stories to the press beneficial to his interests. Even if the actor did win his case, which is unlikely, no one is ever going to hire him again. Period. Jussie Smollett (Jussie Smollett lawyers say recording mistake, which captured witness talking to attorney, points to conspiracy)

The former group singer turned solo singer turned network reality star turned rapist turned nothing wants to discuss the morality of the rappers who recently released a hit song. Cee Lo Green/Cardi B and Megan Thee Stallion/"WAP" (CeeLo Green Slammed for Criticizing Cardi, Nicki, and Megan Thee Stallion's Musical Content) (CeeLo Green Tweets 'It's Not Rape If the Person Is Passed Out,' Deletes Twitter)

I'm not sure the A list reality star actually understands who owns the catalog of the former A+ list rapper. The parts that were available to sell are actually being held as collateral or already sold to the permanent A+ list rapper. Kim Kardashian/Kanye West/Jay-Z

A worker in the garden who this former actress must have suspected didn't speak English, because she would assume such things overheard her calling her husband n idiot and that he can't even get a two minute speech memorized. She has to have it written out for him which makes him look dead in the eyes. Meghan Markle/Prince Harry (Prince Harry reveals he and Meghan Markle have 'spoken to a number of CEOs' of companies to urge them to 'put principles over profit' in virtual interview about stopping online hate speech)

This deceased by a decade or so, give or take a couple years, infamous celebrity doesn't have a name you'd recognize but definitely has a face you would. In fact, it's that face and the extreme lengths he went to get it that made him infamous. Infamous in the kind of way that someone could get a TLC show or something of such. When he was alive, he used to tell people he had testicular cancer when, in reality, he had a castration fetish that he was embarrassed to admit he had. Dennis Avner aka "Stalking Cat" ('Stalking Cat' Daniel Avner found dead in 'suicide' after years of transforming his face to look like a feline)

Kindness: This recently deceased cult actor (Sid Haig) starred in a bunch of movies (filmography), including one with a foreign born permanent A+ lister. While doing cons for his most famous franchise, of which he did multiple entries, whenever he found out a fan was too poor to do expensive photo opportunities, he would go against handlers and take photos for free and convince the female leads he acted with to join in as well. Sid Haig

This A- list actor/singer/really bad person is named as a producer in a project that has not yet received a green light despite the addition of a really good director. The executives of the studio will rue the day if they actually do green light the project with that actor attached. It will be a huge huge financial loss for them. He has "ideas." Jared Leto/third "Tron" movie/Garth Davis ('See you in the grid!' Jared Leto confirms he'll star in a third Tron movie and promises fans something 'very special')

106. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 08/10 **10**
The substance abuse of this former late night actor turned A- list comic actor is out of control. Plus, he is not taking his meds. A really bad situation. Not Pete Davidson. Tracy Morgan/"SNL" (Tracy Morgan's estranged wife Megan Wollover wants 'sole custody of their daughter' Maven, seven, while he is asking for 'joint custody')

107. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 08/10 **11**
This foreign born former A+ list boy bander is funding an organization that supports child brides. Zayn Malik/"One Direction" (Zayn Malik's Sister Safaa Gets Married Just Days After 17th Birthday) (Zayn Malik’s sister Saafa, 17, gives birth to baby girl four months after getting married)

108. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 08/10 **12**
One Season: It only managed to last one season. There were big hopes for the reboot ("Club Mickey Mouse") of a show originally got its start decades earlier ("Mickey Mouse Club") ("The All New Mickey Mouse Club") and made huge stars of at least a half dozen people (Britney Spears, Christina Aguilera, Justin Timberlake, JC Chasez, Keri Russell, Ryan Gosling, Nick Carter). Huge stars. It was doomed from the beginning. It skewed way older than the other reboots. One of the reasons was the executives wanted people who could move straight from the show into movies or older television shows. Plus, they wanted to be able to get more work out of them and not have their parents hovering. Oh, they were all still underage. They just happened to all be teenagers rather than tweens. (This incarnation of The Mickey Mouse Club features eight Mouseketeers who range in age from 15 to 18 (rather than 8 to 14 like the original): Regan Aliyah, Jenna Alvarez, Ky Baldwin, Gabe De Guzman, Leanne Tessa Langston, Brianna Mazzola, Sean Oliu, and Will Simmons) Another reason it ended so quickly was the jungle. That is what the stars of the show, most of whom you will never hear from again, had to endure when once a week, executives of the show and the company would take the group out to a long abandoned portion of land owned by the studio and ply them with drugs and alcohol before trying to sexually assault them. Often, they would try even without those things, but these were supposed to be bonding experiences in this abandoned, scary, never to be seen by the public for fear of prosecution areas. One of the actresses said it was obvious these executives had been there before. There were lots of bottles and trash and even cots set up in sheltered areas last used decades earlier. Apparently employees of the company, also underage (at least in regards to drinking) were often taken to the area and coerced into sex or other sexual activities for promotions or raises. Apparently too much time was spent by executives planning these outings and not enough time for the show which bombed. "Club Mickey Mouse"/"Mickey Mouse Club"/"The All New Mickey Mouse Club" (Disney Launches ‘Club Mickey Mouse,’ Rebooting Classic Kids’ Show for Social Media)

Apparently things are even better than the ex sex I have been telling you about for the past couple of months between the A+ list mostly movie actor and his A list actress/sometime director still wife. Brad Pitt/Angelina Jolie (Why Does Angelina Jolie Want a New Judge in Her Divorce?)

Much to the consternation of the former person in charge, who all of you now, this cable network is trying to integrate certain franchises. No more separate but equal which is what the former person in charge liked. Andy Cohen/Bravo/"Real Housewives"

This television producer/infrequent reality television guest on multiple shows got a woman pregnant which was probably a big factor in his recent split.

Not the person who tried to kill him the first time, but a very brief cell mate of the dead billionaire has disappeared. Not dead, just disappeared. As in witness protection or some similar type program. The family attorneys wanted to speak to him and were told he is unavailable. Jeffrey Epstein (Ghislaine Maxwell complains she’s being mistreated in jail because of Epstein’s ‘suicide’, as lawyers want her moved into gen-pop)

The one named rapper almost never gets a check unless it is from his reality star ex. Always short of money, and promised about quadruple his normal rate, do you think some human rights violations are going to stand in his way? Tyga/Kylie Jenner/Hip Hop Fireworks in the Belarusian capital Minsk (Tyga Cancels Belarus Concert Criticized as "Propaganda Stunt")

The former A+ list rapper says there were dozens of hidden cameras filming him for a new season of the show. He thought he was there for vacation and felt used. Kanye West/"Keeping With the Kardashians" (Kanye West Is in a "Great Place" as He Reunites With Kim Kardashian for Family Vacation)

That former naked celebrity has been spending even more time at the home of this A+ list mostly movie actor who was supposedly deeply involved with the foreign born A- list actress. Shauna Sexton/Ben Affleck/Ana de Armas (Dating Ben Affleck ‘scarred’ me, says Playboy model Shauna Sexton) (Ben Affleck arrives in style as he picks up Ana de Armas from photoshoot in Malibu in his muscle car... but needs to jump start it before driving off)

The former daytime star turned reality star has a very good team in place. The thing is though, there is way more to the story. Yes, her ex cheated (more than once). Yes, he is a tool, but our actress turned reality star has a dozen or so skeletons in her closet too. Chrishell Stause/"Selling Sunset"/Justin Harley ('Selling Sunset' star Chrishell Stause reacts to fans calling out her ex Justin Hartley)

This A- list mostly television actor who has a career that may never recover, threatened to kill his date when she tried to take a photo of them in bed together.
Bryan Callen (The Goldbergs star Bryan Callen, 53, chats with a friend as he is seen for the first time since announcing a 'leave of absence' from his podcast amid rape and sex assault allegations from four women)

118. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 08/11 **10**
This married former NFL player turned reality star from multiple shows has a thing going with the woman who sells drinks and snacks on the golf course. Well, she has a lot of things going on. She has an apartment on the course and guys pay to spend 15 minutes alone with her. Chad "Ochocinco" Johnson; Terry Bradshaw

119. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 08/11 **11**
This married east coast high society guy who was once married to a permanent A lister has been bribing a pair of now 19 year old women to be quiet about the time he sexually assaulted them when they were 15. Peter Cook/Christie Brinkley (Christie Brinkley’s Ex-Husband Who Cheated Her, Seems Interested In Young Women. Again Spotted With A College Going Girl!!!)

120. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 08/11 **12**
The Escape: This married Oscar winner/nominee
(Walter Huston) (awards) decided to combine getting ready for the ceremony with some intimate time with his mistress who also had a significant other. One slight problem with this plan. The significant other of the mistress discovered the couple and shot the winner/nominee. Apparently he thought it was just a graze and wrapped it tightly and went to the ceremony with his date. Excusing himself afterwards, he checked into a hotel and within the week was dead from infection. Walter Huston (Attended 1950 Academy Awards because his son John Huston was nominated for Best Director for "The Asphalt Jungle") (The 22nd Academy Awards was held on March 23, 1950/April 7, 1950 died of an aortic aneurysm in his hotel suite in Beverly Hills)

Every month it seems this A list singer/wannabe full time actress comes up with a new condition which allows her to be prescribed more pills. This month was no different. Lady Gaga (olanzapine for schizophrenia and bipolar treatment) ('I know I have mental issues': Lady Gaga reveals she's on anti-psychotic medication because she 'can't always control what her brain does')

This long time actress from an acting family who was used and abused by her husband has already been interred, so not sure what he is doing with her "urn." Another scam to make money. Zsa Zsa Gábor/Frédéric Prinz von Anhalt (Zsa Zsa Gabor's bizarre farewell tour of Europe nearly four years after her death - in a gold urn carried by her NINTH husband who plans to finally lay her to rest in her native Hungary)

Speaking of a dead man switch, you are going to love what this mogul's death releases. If I were the height challenged A+ list mostly movie actor, I would especially be worried about what comes out. Sumner Redstone/Tom Cruise (Sumner Redstone Dies at 97; Built Media Empire and Long Reigned Over It) (Sumner Redstone dead: Media mogul who famously fired Tom Cruise over Oprah interview dies at 97)

This B list actress who has A list name recognition and who all of you know, had a date with a guy but kept getting up every few minutes and would go to the bathroom and talk to herself. Katie Holmes (Katie Holmes wasting away after Jamie Foxx split, weighs 91 pounds: rumor)

This former Hills star has some new line of products she is selling. She should ask the company she obtained the products from how it differs from the dozen other celebrity lines that it has released lately. The only difference is packaging and pricing. The products are exactly the same. Lauren Conrad/"The Hills" (Lauren Conrad Unveils Clean Beauty Line After ‘Years in the Making’ — Check Out the Entire Collection!)

As part of her new television deal, the network had to agree to pick up well over half of the losses (and they will be losses) of this permanent A list model/host's business. This is in addition to her salary. Tyra Banks/ABC/"Dancing with the Stars"/"ModelLand" (Tyra Banks Named the New Host and Executive Producer of Dancing with the Stars) (Tyra Banks' ModelLand Theme Park Opening Postponed Due to Coronavirus)

This three named actor who is an awful tool, not only paid a pap to take his picture but also what to caption it so he would look like less of a tool. Brian Austin Green (Brian Austin Green enjoys a lunch date with Jane Seymour's daughter Jennifer Flynn ahead of their joint business launch)

Get the former A+ list rapper out of the country for a few days, hidden from everyone and he comes back a blond again and also saying the exact opposite of what he said, previous to going. Kanye West (Kanye flops among Black voters)

Apparently this three named rapper with the big recent hit is about to be evicted from her rental. Megan Thee Stallion/"WAP"

130. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 08/12 **10**
This former A+ list singer who is now probably A- list at best, says she finally perfected how to make the best porn video and after years of trying, no one can make one better than her. Christina Aguilera (Christina Aguilera Shouts Out 'WAP' Music Video as She Wears Skin-Tight White Dress in Her Pool)

131. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 08/12 **11**
This permanent A list comic actor from an acting family has been dating someone at least half his age, if not even younger, and she has him hooked on coke. Ben Stiller (Is Ben Stiller Dating Again After His Split From 'Dodgeball' Co-Star Christine Taylor?)

132. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 08/12 **12**
The Worst Of All Time: I often get asked who the worst casting couch director/producer/actor etc is. There are definitely specific categories that have clear winners, but there is one individual (Bob Guccione) who went above and beyond in the way he treated women. He owned adult magazines, but also non adult magazines ("Omni") ("Viva") ("Longevity") too. Either way, if you wanted to be on a cover and you were female you were going to sleep with him. There were too many women who would sleep with him for him to ever put someone on the cover who wouldn't. There was one female singer (Madonna) who thought she was immune because she was fairly famous. She didn't end up sleeping with him, but had to orally service him in his office. He also had levels of adult magazines. One he called classy ("Penthouse") and the others he called less classy If you wanted to be in the classy one, you would sleep with him. If he thought you belonged in one of the less classy magazines, you would have to sleep with him or fulfill some twisted perversion he could come up with involving objects or people. If you balked, he would say bye. No one ever balked. They were desperate at that point to keep their fame. Bob Guccione ("Omni"/"Viva"/"Longevity") (Madonna/"Penthouse")

133. POPBITCH 08/13
(British blog) Which coupled-up singer-songwriter has just purchased himself a second flat? It's supposedly reserved for the purposes of "songwriting" – but it sounds like there's more than just tracks getting laid there.
David Foster

This former A- list mostly television actor who has not done much since his long running iconic show went off the air, does volunteer at homeless missions which specialize in keeping single moms with their kids. There are very few single moms he hasn't coerced into sex using his fame and pretending he would help.

The child rapist/turncoat can spin whatever story he likes, but he thought people were about to attack him, which led to his injury. The days are winding down to Labor Day. Tekashi 6ix9ine (Tekashi 6ix9ine Suffers Broken Wrist At The Hands Of His DOG, Not Dangerous Gang Members!!) (Tekashi 6ix9ine Dangerously Strolls Through L.A. -- UNFAZED By Possible Gang Retaliation!!)

One day all is well in the world of this A list mostly movie actress who sometimes directs. The next day, she is convinced her ex is sleeping with a maid and getting inside information. Angelina Jolie/Brad Pitt (Angelina Jolie concerned ‘something untoward’ is afoot in Brad Pitt divorce) (Judge contested by Angelina Jolie in Brad Pitt divorce also married them)

For years I have written about this cartoon show runner and his pedo ideas and videos and the people that make excuses for him or how none of us understand his vision. The guy is a predator. This time the wave is going to be too much and suck him under. Dan Harmon/"Rick and Morty" ('Cancel Rick and Morty' trends over Dan Harmon's baby doll rape 2009 sketch, fans point to his 2018 apology)

This one named back in the day A/A- list singer is still in the public eye, but also has a regular job too. She has made some comments about supporting her murdering ex which just reminds everyone that she wasn't old enough to drive when he sexually assaulted her and made her have sex with all of his friends to prove her love for him. He did eventually leave his wife and kids for the singer who still battles drug issues because of him. Monica/C-Murder (Monica Shows Support For Ex, No Limit Rapper C-Murder, Who Is Serving A Life Sentence)

The permanent A list "singer" has to record for one hour per day. The plan is to release a record and have her go back into residency as quickly as possible. Britney Spears (Britney Spears reveals she only went out clubbing twice in four years of living in Las Vegas in quick-fire fan Q&A)

The alliterate former actress is being offered about 10% what she thinks she deserves. Apparently she thinks she deserves former First Lady money and is being offered television host money which is still more she would have received if not for marriage. This was someone who was lucky to get $2K for an appearance of four hours. Meghan Markle (Meghan Markle set to 'command huge sums as Duchess top of list' for public speaking events) (If Meghan Markle & Prince Harry are Liars – Why Trust Them Ever Again?)

This former A+ list NBA player is the source for several people trying to break a code being used by people who have adopted the language of the former NBA player to try and traffick people while their communications all sound like gibberish.

Haven't heard from this A+ list mostly movie actor in a while, but our married actor has been hooking up with a threesome partner who has joined the actor and his wife.

143. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 08/13 **10**
This latest entry into the talk show world is having trouble at rehearsals for the show because she is drinking a lot. Drew Barrymore (Drew Barrymore is Getting Her Own Daytime Talk Show!)

144. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 08/13 **11**
Protection" This former victim turned procurer (Natalya Malyshev) of the billionaire (Jeffrey Epstein) says she is being followed by several people 24/7 and believes her home is bugged. Apparently the people doing it are not law enforcement and she wants to cut a deal where she can be protected by law enforcement. She says it started just prior to the wealthy producer (Steve Bing) dying, but has increased over the past ten days to the point she refuses to leave her home. Natalya Malyshev/Jeffrey Epstein/Steve Bing (Elusive Epstein sex ring 'recruiter' who 'lured young women to financier's Pedophile Island' is spotted starting her 'new life' in Los Angeles as friends insist 'she was a victim too')

The next eight months are going to be filled with nothing but puff pieces telling us all what a wonderful person this A list celebrity/host is, when it couldn't be further from the truth. It just a shiny object to distract us all from confronting her. Chrissy Teigen  (John Legend and Chrissy Teigen Are Expecting Their Third Child) ('Worried for my family': Chrissy Teigen blocks 1M Twitter accounts linking her to Jeffrey Epstein)

It was not all that long ago that this one named permanent A list singer used to throw slave parties where she and her guests would bid on people to be their slaves for the night. Madonna

This actress probably peaked at C+ list (Brandi Cyrus). Maybe B- if you are being really generous. She does come from an acting family though where some parts of the family achieved her level of fame (Noah and Trace Cyrus), and others achieved A list (Miley and Billy Ray Cyrus). She says when her youngest sibling (Miley Cyrus) was about 12 but looked 20, that the accused former tween/teen star hit (Jason Earles) on the tween actress all the time ("Hannah Montana") and did everything possible to be alone with her. He was in his mid twenties. Brandi Cyrus/Noah and Trace Cyrus/Miley and Billy Ray Cyrus/Miley Cyrus/Jason Earles/"Hannah Montana"

The former A+ list tweener actress turned B+ list adult singer can spin whatever story she likes about her sexual history, but there is a guy when she wasn't even old enough to drive who will give you a different version of events, even if it was illegal. Miley Cyrus (Miley Cyrus Reveals First Time She Went 'All the Way with a Dude' Was with Liam Hemsworth at 16)

Speaking of illegal, the one named rapper who is always short of cash has a girlfriend of sorts right now who is barely old enough to drive. Tyga

This former A+ list mostly television actor gets on social media fairly often to talk about everything but his years long support of a serial rapist. This is the guy who is supposed to be doing something about human trafficking and his hugely embellished accomplishments, but provides unwavering support to the serial rapist. That is not how these things go. Ashton Kutcher/Danny Masterson (Ashton Kutcher calls out President Trump after derecho: 'Where is the federal relief for Iowa?') ('The Ranch' Star Ashton Kutcher Faces Backlash After Partying With Accused Rapist Danny Masterson)

All of you know everything that goes on behind the scenes of this award giving organization and how it is simply one big con. However, the general public has no clue. So, this shakedown lawsuit would provide a chance for the public to see behind the curtain. Don't make any mistake. It is a shakedown. They want in on the grift. They are just calling it something different. Golden Globes lawsuit by Norwegian journalist (Lawsuit: Golden Globes press group acts as 'cartel' to avoid sharing 'enormous economic benefits')

Police in this country (France) were given the opportunity to extradite one of the killers of this celebrity chef (Anthony Bourdain). The country chose not to do it because then it would open up so many other cans of worms they want kept closed. So, the country that was holding one of the killers released him. Of course one of the other men involved in the murder has been in a long term relationship with the alliterate model (Asia Argento). France/Anthony Bourdain/Asia Argento (False facts about Anthony Bourdain's death everyone thinks are true) (What did Anthony Bourdain know about sexual assault allegations against Asia Argento?)

People are finally catching up to what I told you months ago about the former A list tween/teen actor turned A- list adult actor being back on drugs and overdosing. Zac Efron (Zac Efron set to leave Australia and head back to Hollywood after he was cast in the Disney+ remake of Three Men And A Baby) (BLIND ITEM REVEALED 04/03/20)

154. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 08/14 **10**
This permanent A+ list mostly movie director (Michael Bay) is searching for more women to cast ("Robopocalypse") who will get naked and have sex scenes, which translates to they will have sex with him to get parts. It is a pretty open call for people willing to hit the casting couch. Michael Bay/"Robopocalypse" (Michael Bay To Direct Long-Delayed Speilberg Film, ‘Robopocalypse’) (AI Robopocalypse: A Movie That May Be but Will Never Be Real)

155. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 08/14 **11**
This former A list "singer"/dancer/host now relies on an annual check from a former co-star to maintain her standard of living. He also tries to get her paying gigs to help her out too. Paula Abdul/Simon Cowell (Simon Cowell's 'American Idol' Co-Star Paula Abdul Speaks out Following His Accident)

156. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 08/14 **12**
Four For Friday - The Secret Billionaire: You won't find this person in Forbes, although they should be. They literally have at least a billion dollars and have taken advantage of their position in the entertainment industry to make all that money. Oh, they don't have a makeup or clothing line. They have never licensed any bottles of perfume. They have never sold overpriced sneakers and prison clothing and called themselves a designer. This person is a writer/singer with the emphasis more on writing. About a decade ago, they were just starting out and someone needed some rent money, and this writer/singer helped the person out. They got paid the next week and the person who paid them back added 10% to the amount loaned. Our singer thought nothing of it until a few months later, the singer realized they were fronting a dozen rent payments a month and getting 10% on the loans. Nothing was ever formalized, it was unwritten. Within a year, it wasn't just apartment rents, it was mortgages, and car lease payments and so much more. The singer was making far more money loaning money than singing or writing, but the loans led to more singing and writing jobs because the singer/writer suddenly knew everyone. The singer/writer never traded jobs for payment on loans, but did accept transfer of copyrights in lieu of payments on loans. Many times the copyrights being transferred were not worth all that much, but samples could be used royalty free now and that was helpful. Also, there were some very big copyrights that were transferred. Our singer/writer has saved lots of homes from foreclosure and also bought homes and then leases them to the previous owners when they couldn't catch up on payments. Just in real estate this singer/writer probably has $400M in properties scattered across the country. They own stakes in probably 500 franchises that each make money. They own copyrights that generate tens of millions of dollars a year in revenue. They own catalogs of recordings and even the rights to a series of books that has sold millions of copies. Meanwhile, they just keep writing and singing and keeping their head low while they work with A lister after A lister, many of whom are actually in debt to the singer/writer. Sia; Jack Antonoff; Ed Sheeran

One of the best wrestling stories of all time involves this long time wrestler who used a stage name of a mountain (Mr. Fuji). He and his tag team partner (Professor Tanaka) who were both from the same state (Hawaii), pretended for wrestling they were from another country (Japan). Because they did so, it made them a hot commodity in that country and here too. Well, the wrestler named for the mountain started messing with his partner's bookings so he could get more bookings for himself. The tag team partner didn't take to that very kindly and ended up serving the wrestler named after a mountain his dog in a meal. Yep, the tag team partner killed the dog and then served it as meat to the unsuspecting wrestler. Mr. Fuji and Professor Tanaka (Mr. Fuji & Professor Toro Tanaka - 1972-1979 WWWF World Tag Team Champions)

This A list group ("Panic! At The Disco") who had a big resurgence the past 18 months after being dormant for the better part of a decade is trying to contain a flood of bad publicity. The lead singer (Brendon Urie) and his friend (band’s bodyguard Zack Hall) are being accused by dozens of people of harassment, but have managed to keep it out of the light and a forced response from the A+ list singer (Taylor Swift) who partnered with the lead singer last year. "Panic! At The Disco"/Brendon Urie/Taylor Swift (Why Some Fans Think Panic! at the Disco Singer Brendon Urie Is 'Problematic') (In Case You’re Confused, Here’s How Brendon Urie & Taylor Swift Know Each Other)

This YouTube star has learned the hard way that shining a light onto the goings on of the family overseas and the breakaway couple here, can bring danger. Two homes, both set on fire via arson. DanjA zonE/Prince William and Kate/Prince Harry and Meghan Markle (Uploads from DanjA zonE) (Main house caught fire - FIRE #2)

It looks like some of those disgruntled employees of the daytime talk show host got together and robbed her. "Ellen" (Burglary at Ellen DeGeneres’ home was an ‘inside job’: authorities)

Old Hollywood Heather O'Rourke: History does repeat itself. In Hollywood, back in the silent era there was an actress (Lucille Ricksen) who from the time she was 11 or 12 was forced to play adult roles. As in the love interest of men two and three times her age. The studio machine told the world the actress was 16 or 17, which apparently was fine for her to have sex scenes at 16 with men who were so much older. Off screen, it wasn't just acting, our actress was passed around from actor to actor and director to director. One actor (Sydney Chaplin) who was in his late 30's, supposedly married the actress, but no marriage certificate has ever been found. There was a blurb in the local newspaper announcing the marriage, but that was used as cover to pretend the actress was older than she really was. Much like Heather, our actress was used and abused and was dying. As she slowly died (tuberculosis), her mother died of grief because she knew she allowed these things to happen for fame and money. A couple weeks after the mom died, our actress died, two years shy of being able to drive. Lucille Ricksen/Sydney Chaplin (Lucille Ricksen — Sacrificed to Hollywood) (Lucille Ricksen : early death of a child movie star) (BLIND ITEM REVEALED - HEATHER O’ROURKE - MOLESTERS KILLED HER)

This back in the day A list mostly movie actor all of you know because of one movie he made, is having an affair with the makeup person of a CNN anchor who is vacationing near our actor and his wife.

The foreign born B+ list actress (Eiza González) who did the whole showmance thing with the actor (Timothée Chalamet/born in NYC, NY) who likes to pretend he is French, has moved on to another guy who promised her a lead role in a movie. Eiza González/Timothée Chalamet/Taika Waititi
(Spotted: Timothée Chalamet And Eiza González Passionately Making Out In A Pool) (Eiza Gonzalez shows off her bronzed skin in flirty off the shoulder top as she exits birthday bash for Thor: Ragnarok director Taika Waititi)

This pint sized rapper who used to be A list back in the day and has gone through a dozen body transformations is taking up porn to earn extra money. The thing is though, she is doing it with her significant other and our rapper is trying to find women to have sex with him so she doesn't have to do much of the sex herself. Lil' Kim/Mr. Papers (Here's how plastic surgery damaged Lil Kim's career) (Rapper Lil Kim & Husband Posting ‘FREAKY’ Video On Onlyfans! (Graphic))

This daytime talk show host not named Ellen likes to pretend she doesn't have a glam squad that visits her everyday. She wants to be relatable so omits that, like she omits lots of other things until she gets called out for them. Kelly Ripa/"Live with Kelly and Ryan" (Kelly Ripa Shows Off Progression of Her Gray Roots Month by Month)

This A- list mostly movie actress got called out for disrespecting a religion, but ask her about the quickie sex she had at one of her tour stops too. Amber Heard (Amber Heard Slammed Over Instagram Photo Of Actress Inside A Mosque In Istanbul)

Much like the one named foreign born A+ list singer (Adele), this foreign born A-/B+ list actress (Rebel Wilson) used surgery as the head start for her weight loss. People always forget to mention that when they have their trainers talk about workouts and eating healthy. Adele/Rebel Wilson (Adele reveals a life-changing self-help book stopped her from being 'stressed, dishevelled and confused' after dramatic seven-stone weight loss) (Rebel Wilson Looks Radiant in Yellow as She Continues Her 'Year of Health' Weight Loss Journey)

They can pretend they knew nothing about thanking the troll account slamming the royal family at the time it happened. They know now though, and the alliterate royal and her ginger pet have stayed silent. Meghan Markle/Prince Harry (Harry and Meghan fundraiser connected to Twitter troll account ripping royal family) (Meghan Markle and Prince Harry ‘accidentally sent thanks’ to Royal Family TROLLS)

I guess it wasn't just buzz about the other night being a night that the madam/procurer/sexual assaulter could have been killed. She had a phalanx of guards around her cell all night. Ghislaine Maxwell (murdered on August 14 or September 4) (BLIND ITEM 08/04/20) (HRC calling for Ghislaine Maxwell's "suicide" in code)

Yesterday I wrote about the foreign born B+ list actress who recently got out of the fake relationship and was hooking up with someone who could help her career. Apparently she has also been seeing the celebrity CEO on a regular basis. Eiza González/Elon Musk

This foreign born A list mostly television actress who will steadily hit a downward slide over the next year has been cheating on her husband while he has been away. Also involved is that "relative" who stays at the home. Sofía Vergara (end of "Modern Family"/Joe Manganiello (in Boston filming "The Sleepover") (Joe Manganiello Takes ‘The Sleepover’ Co-Stars for Night Out at Beloved Childhood Restaurant) (Sofia Vergara, 47, poses in matching thong bikini with 27-year-old niece)

I mean, when you look at it from the outside, it sure sounds like the former A+ list rapper wants to build a place where people come to give birth and then the kids are sent off to someone else. That is creepy. Kanye West (eco village and children’s ranch) (Kanye West is building an eco village and children’s ranch)

This permanent A+ list magazine editor kept her job but had to use every bit of her knowledge about the skeletons in the closet of those above her to keep it. The bridges have been burned. It is war there. Anna Wintour/"Vogue" (Anna Wintour In Trouble: Vogue August Issue Has Just 90 Pages, with Only 23 Ad Pages Including One for

The mainstream media is finally discovering what I first told you 14 years ago. The permanent A list everything in her mind doesn't use her own voice for singing. Jennifer Lopez (People, Including Myself, Are Just Now Learning That Jennifer Lopez Used Another Singer's Voice On "Get Right")

The alliterate talk show host says she is coming back next month, but all signs point to it not lasting very long if she does. Wendy Williams (Wendy Williams Trolls Ex Kevin Hunter Over His Love Child On The ‘Gram)

The employees of this once a week prime time talk show host that is not on pay cable are grateful the show is being done remotely because there have been zero sexual harassment claims since it went remote. Not just crew and employees, but female guests also have made it known they were uncomfortable. "The Greg Gutfeld Show"

This A list NFL QB who changed cities this year met a woman a couple of months ago and started having an affair with her. He broke it off with her and she is apparently threatening to cut off his manhood and do other violent things to him. He wants to get a restraining order, but then the world will know he cheated. Cam Newton/"Carolina Panthers" to "New England Patriots"

This foreign born former A list mostly movie actress who reached her peak in her teen years, continues to claw at A- on the ladder. Apparently last year was so bad for her in her personal and professional life, she attempted suicide.

This closeted married reality star who has been in trouble with the government a lot this past year is now publicly flaunting he is hiding money from them. He is trying to convince them he is broke while getting thousands of dollars of plastic surgery. Todd Chrisley/"Chrisley Knows Best" (Todd Chrisley looks like he’s aging in reverse) (Todd Chrisley, wife Julie settle $2 million Georgia tax-evasion case)

This former A+ list singer who has stabbed a lot of people in the back and in the front not only publicly called out the permanent A list "singer" not all that long ago, but also turned over notes of her private conversations with the singer to those people who could use it against the singer. Christina Aguilera/Britney Spears (Christina Aguilera Said She and Britney Spears Were Once Caught in a Love Triangle) (Pink Reveals Christina Aguilera Tried to Punch Her in a Club During Their Feud)

This permanent A list voice over actor once again proved he is one of the world's worst people to try and work with. He was offered a role to star in a new movie which a big studio is attached to. But, because the director is an unknown and a woman, he said he wanted no part of it. He has so much stupid money that he knows he can be a tool and be awful and also knows his long time gig is going nowhere. Hank Azaria/"The Simpsons" (Actor who voices The Simpsons' Mr Burns, Ned Flanders and Dr Hibbert speaks out about the show's decision to stop having white actors play POC characters)

182. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 08/17 **10**
Of course now that his co-star (Freya Allan turned 18 on September 6, 2019) is of legal age to be with this foreign born A/A- list dual threat actor (Henry Cavill), he no longer wants to be with her and is pushing for some younger girls to be brought on for filming ("The Witcher"), which has resumed. Freya Allan/Henry Cavill/"The Witcher" (‘The Witcher’ Season 2 Resumes Production in UK) (BLIND ITEM 12/16/19)

183. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 08/17 **11**
This filmmaker got a very large grant to finish their documentary about a foreign first lady in her country. As part of the grant, they could not mention anything about the Getty Graves. Lauren Greenfield/"The Kingmaker"/Imelda Marcos (Imelda Marcos Docu ‘The Kingmaker’ Banned In Parts Of Thailand, Authorities Refer To It As "Inappropriate")
BLIND ITEM 01/03/18:

The Graves: Slightly over three decades ago, there was a meeting on a yacht in the Med. A very important meeting. Things were dire and the whole escapade was crumbling and was going to leave some very important people with some very public egg on their face. Attending the meeting were several world leaders, two of the richest people in the world, and several others, all of whom who were being catered to by a group of teens from the country of one of the world leaders. The focus of their discussion was half a world away. To see what they were discussing, we need to take a step back. In the late 1960's and early 1970's, G (J. Paul Getty) was one of the wealthiest men in the world. Although he could have any one in the world to have sex with, G enjoyed the company of young girls. Very very young girls. Under 10 was his preferred. He imported the girls from a foreign country (Phillipines) and housed them in the annex of his home which he reached via an underground tunnel. The girls were supplied by a very close friend of his who we will call M (Ferdinand Marcos/President of the Philippines). It turns out M also had a love of young girls and provided them to other people like G all over the world. In return, M was protected in power and also enriched himself personally from these men who gave him gifts of not only cash, but also paintings by the masters (art collection) and so much more. They also arranged for other governments to prop his up in the face of rebellion. When G died, things started to go downhill. Although one of his children (J) (John Paul Getty Jr.) also was a fan of the young girls and availed himself frequently, he also ended up taking things too far and some of the girls ended up dead. J also had some big drug issues and was not of the same caliber connection wise that G had been. J was also under a great deal of pressure from siblings and bankers to do something with the annex (Getty Center Tram) to the house. The same annex where the young girls were located. Fast forward a few years. The same men in power like G that had helped prop up M were all dying off. They were being replaced by other men who had their focus on other areas of the world. All too often they didn't care about young girls and had other vices that they could fulfill from other dictators. The problem was what to do about all the girls all over the world that were in place or dead? That was the purpose of the meeting on the yacht. What was decided was everyone who had a girl in their possession could keep them in place but could never let them go. If they wanted them killed, they could send them to J and he would make arrangements to kill them. In total, about 50 of these girls were killed. They were dumped beneath the foundation of an addition to the annex which was built several miles from the original annex. If you ever want to know why a hit was never put out on the spouse (Imelda Marcos) of M or any of his own kids it is because that meeting on the yacht was recorded both via audio and video and M made sure that everyone knows she has a copy of them. She also made it known that if she, or her kids were to die, that the recordings would be released. M's spouse is very old so people are worried that she has not made any plans to not release it when she dies. Apparently this recording discusses many world leaders and titans of industry who all had their own young boys or girls from this country they abused. Oh, and just so you know, this will be revealed. This is too important to not be revealed.

184. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 08/17 **12**
Break Free: It was a bold choice. At the time, it was the talk of every tabloid and gossip columnist. It all took place before social media and not even that many online gossip blogs. Still though, it got the attention of everyone. That is how powerful the statement was (cut her hair). It was self inflicted but wasn't just a moment of I want to do this to make a change to my looks, but doing it to be able to break free from being controlled. This actress (Keri Russell) was being controlled. Every part of her life was being managed and planned out for her. The hit television series ("Felicity") was first and then they had multiple movies lined up where she would essentially play the same character as in the show. They then saw her doing more adult roles. They wanted her in some sex scenes, also to keep her under their control. Never know when the extra footage may leak. They had a decade of her life all planned out. She didn't want that. She tried telling them she didn't want that, but they peer pressured/shamed her to keep on track. She was A list. The show was a hit for a very new almost network ("WB Network"). She was one of the faces of this network. She was tired of it. So, she made the change. She says it was the greatest relief. There was no more pressure. There was a ton of blow back but she realized it was from people she didn't care about anyway. She got to do things her way and pick the projects she wanted. It was a long struggle. The decision had repercussions. Work was hard to come by at first, but eventually she got it and managed to get back to A list on television too ("The Americans"). On her own terms. Cut her hair/Keri Russell/"Felicity"/"WB Network"/"The Americans" (The Real Story Behind Felicity's Infamous Haircut That Caused Death Threats, a Ratings Crash and Changed TV Forever) (The Most Infamous Haircut In TV History Was All J.J. Abrams’ Fault)

By my count, this would make the fourth murderer from this very popular spring time streaming show. The one in jail also murdered an underage teen who was going to report him for raping him. "Tiger King"/Joe Exotic ('Tiger King' Sheriff Says More Than One Person Murdered Don Lewis) (BLIND ITEM 04/13/20) (BLIND ITEM 05/20/20)

The significant other (Alexandra Grant) of this A+/A list mostly movie actor (Keanu Reeves) with multiple movie franchises is trying to get financing for a documentary using the actor's name. Keanu Reeves (Alexandra Grant)

They almost got divorced the last time this actor got injured riding a motorcycle. You would almost think he continues to do it on purpose to get divorced. Dax Shepard/Kristen Bell (Dax Shepard breaks ribs, hand, in motorcycle accident) (May 2020/Dax Shepard 'Crushed All the Bones in His Hand' and Was Afraid to Tell Kristen Bell)

This permanent A+/A list mostly movie actor didn't believe COVID was real which is why he ignored all kinds of safety precautions. He didn't make his production team sign a waiver while filming so will probably be sued for millions of dollars by the people exposed to the virus. Will Smith/Westbrook Inc. (COVID Outbreak at Will Smith’s Company Raises Questions on Production Restart and Testing) (Westbrook Inc.)

This one named foreign born permanent A+ list singer did try and use auto tune and a replacement singer combined with auto tune, but so far, it hasn't worked out. They even tried a program which took the singer's old vocals and tried to combine them into new ones using AI. Rihanna (Rihanna on New Album: ‘It’s Taken This Long, I’m Gonna Make It Worth It’)

Speaking of one named foreign born A+ list singers, a team of ghostwriters has been doing their best to get an album together for the singer who really doesn't want to do it any longer. Adele (Fans ask Adele, 'where's the album'? She's sharing more on social media but no word on new songs)

This underage streaming star didn't do anything wrong, but a recent hack showed how many producers across television and movies were trying to have sex with him. Noah Schnapp/Will Byers on "Stranger Things" (Stranger Things' Noah Schnapp confirms his Twitter account was hacked after it posts disturbing tweets)

This former A++ list politician is being offered up by one of the victims/co-conspirators. An interview with the victim/co-conspirator lasted five hours. Bill Clinton/Sarah Kellen

As predicted, this permanent A+ list one named singer hired a bunch of people for a party and played her favorite game. Madonna/bid on people to be their slaves for the night (Madonna parties in Jamaica for 62nd birthday) (BLIND ITEM 08/14/20)

194. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 08/18 **10**
The late night talk show host got into a big fight with this CNN anchor over the weekend. Andy Cohen/"Watch What Happens Live"/Anderson Cooper (Anderson Cooper Is 'So Pissed' At Andy Cohen for Exposing THESE Shirtless Photos)

195. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 08/18 **11**
This foreign born singer was A+ list as a youth, but is probably A- list now. He has a "massage" every day when his wife goes to work out. Justin Bieber/Hailey Baldwin Bieber (Hailey Bieber parades her long, toned legs as she fetches her morning smoothie after hitting the gym) (Justin Bieber's stress-buster secret - Havening massage)

196. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 08/18 **12**
Murder: Because he held fast to his story until the toxicology report was released, this foreign born actor (Sooraj Pancholi) was never charged with the murder of his foreign born actress (Jiah Khan) girlfriend. He was upset that she was going to tell the world about the married woman he was sleeping with and he killed her. It was easy to make it look like an accident (suicide by hanging) with the condition she was in. Over the last couple of years, his version of events of that night have varied wildly and sound nothing like what he told police when he was originally arrested in her death. They let him go when the toxicology report was released and he ended up living with the married lover until he got bored with her and moved on. Sooraj Pancholi/Jiah Khan (Death in Bollywood: who killed Jiah Khan?) (Jiah Khan suicide case: This is what Jiah Khan's letter to Sooraj Pancholi read) (Jiah Khan’s mother slams Sooraj Pancholi’s claims that she doesn’t appear in court, says ‘most of the time, the hero is not there’) (Exclusive! "I just wanted a simple soul and I’ve found her - Sooraj Pancholi)

This B+/B list actress dated a recovering addict for a very long time. Part of their relationship issues, is the actress loved to party and would have to do it without her actor boyfriend. Now, she found someone who likes drugs as much as she does. Cara Santana/Jesse metcalfe/Shannon Leto (Cara Santana Is Dating Thirty Seconds to Mars' Shannon Leto After Jesse Metcalfe Split)

This NFL star has no plans to follow through on a life event. He just wanted the positive publicity. DeSean Jackson/engagement to Kayla Phillips (DeSean Jackson engaged to Instagram star Kayla Phillips)

The recent legal maneuverings would allow for a deal in the case of the permanent A list "singer." It would allow the singer to get married if she chooses to, and to move from California. As part of that deal though, her money would still be controlled by the person who is doing that now. Britney Spears/father Jamie Spears (Britney Spears Seeking Substantial Changes to Conservatorship) (Britney Spears' Conservatorship Remains Unchanged Despite Her Efforts to Oust Dad: Reports)

I'm actually surprised the marriage made into multiple years. At the time this B- list actress was coming off a really bad breakup with her benefactor and rebounded into a marriage. I thought it would last a matter of months, especially when she found a new financial backer shortly after the wedding. Dianna Agron/Winston Marshall (Glee star Dianna Agron has 'split from British Mumford and Sons rocker husband Winston Marshall after almost four years of marriage')

Part of the strategy this former Housewife is facing in a split from an ex is that he plans on revealing she was/is an escort unless she does what he says. Danielle Staub/"Real Housewives of New Jersey" (RHONJ’s Danielle Staub Evicted From Ex-Husband Marty Caffrey’s Million Dollar Home)

This former A- list teen actress who is probably A-/B+ list as an adult is someone who loves her wine and edibles. She combined the two last weekend at a pool party and passed out on a pool chair for nearly 20 hours. Vanessa Hudgens (Vanessa Hudgens puts toned figure on display in sunny bikini pic: 'Just a cowgirl and her coffee')

This long time reality star turned naked celebrity has made plans to shoot some porn in countries where the age of consent is barely in the teens.
Chad Johnson/"The Bachelorette"

This foreign born permanent A list celebrity brought a woman on vacation earlier this month. The thing is, his wife was also on the same vacation, but didn't know about the other woman. Making this even more crazy is the woman was stashed on the yacht of this A+ list actor. David Beckham/Victoria Beckham/Tom Hanks (in Greece) (Victoria Beckham Posts an Adorable Photo of Her and Husband David Beckham in Greece) (Fact check: Tom Hanks is now a Greek citizen, but pedophilia has nothing to do with it)

The foreign born B+ list mostly movie actress has been in this space twice in the past week for guys she is hooking up with, and this makes number 3. Over the weekend she hooked up with this foreign born A+/A list mostly movie actor who has also slept with a Housewife. Eiza González/Taika Waititi/Elon Musk/Gerard Butler/Brandy Glanville ("Real Housewives of Beverly Hills") (Gerard Butler forgets to social distance as he greets pals during outdoor birthday party for director Taika Waititi) (Brandi Glanville Says Gerard Butler Can 'F— Off' After He Appears to 'Cringe' Over Their Hookup) (BLIND ITEM 08/15/20) (BLIND ITEM 08/16/20)

206. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 08/19 **10**
This A- list comic actress/host/author fired one of her writers after a standup gig this weekend because so many of the jokes bombed. Chelsea Handler

207. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 08/19 **11**
The Eggs: It has been quite some time since this person (Paulina Rubio) popped on to my radar. She is foreign born. She started off as a singer and then moved into hosting and judging on reality television ("The X-Factor"). Always someone who was difficult to work with, she has always been backed by cartels. Being involved with certain high level members of the cartel made sure she would get played on the radio and prime commercial endorsements even when she was clearly not the right person. It was because of those connections that she treated everyone in the business like they were dirt. She knew they would be forced to hire her and pay her fee regardless of how she treated them. Then, her biggest protector (Joaquín "El Chapo" Guzmán) got arrested and her career began to fall apart. Her husband (Nicolás "Colate" Vallejo Nájera) left her because she was being passed around by cartel leaders looking to fill the vacuum of the arrested leader. To prove her loyalty, the group made the singer/host use her private jet to help smuggle drugs. On one trip she delivered 200 kilos of coke in cascarones. There were hundreds of dozens of the hollowed out shells. It became her trademark way of smuggling until she finally proved that loyalty. Now, she lives off the largesse of the cartels and has a tough time getting work because their influence doesn't extend to media all that much any longer. No one wants to work with her after years of abuse. Paulina Rubio/"The X Factor"/Joaquín "El Chapo" Guzmán (The X Factor (American season 3))

This A- list comic actress is telling every woman what they should be withholding from men, but doesn't follow her own advice with her own boyfriend because she knows he would dump her. Tiffany Haddish/Commonn/sex (Why Tiffany Haddish Is Telling Women to "Stop Having Sex")

This A- list actor (Cole Sprouse) if you watch his show ("Riverdale") and just a former B+ list teen actor if you don't, has been hooking up with a new cast mate after dumping the last one (Lili Reinhart) he was using. Yes, there was lots of crossover. Oh, and he sometimes hooks up with another actress on the same network, but a superhero show that films in the same city. Cole Sprouse/"Riverdale"/Lili Reinhart/Rachel Matthews/"Batwoman" (Mourn the End of Sprousehart By Checking Out Their Complicated Relationship Timeline)

If you like a good conspiracy involving symbols, take the logo that has been front and center this week and will be for another night. Turn it to the right one rotation.

With his movement much less restricted, it didn't take long for this foreign born A list dual threat actor who said he got COVID earlier this year, to start cheating on his wife again. Idris Elba/Sabrina Dhowre Elba (Idris Elba thought he was going to die from COVID-19)

Once again, this A list celebrity picked a fight with and insulted celebrities online. When they fought back against the accusations, the A lister once again played the victim card. Why does anyone still like her? Chrissy Teigen/Davina Potratz and Maya Vander/"Selling Sunset" ('Selling Sunset' stars react to Chrissy Teigen doubting their status as real estate agents)

It was only because Orange was so thirsty and desperate for likes and a fast buck from a sponsor, that she ended up getting her stylist cited and possibly losing their license. So far, Orange has not offered to share the endorsement fee she received from a company with her stylist to help pay the fine. Jaime King ("STARRING" by Ted Gibson) (Jaime King is first client back at LA hair salon reopening, calls on Gov. Newsom to drop charges against owner)

The closeted spouse of this Housewife has not been using protection with his male lovers. One of those lovers is HIV+. Michael Darby/Ashley Darby/"Real Housewives of Potomac" (RHOP Scandal: Ashley Darby's Husband Michael Darby Caught Cheating)

This YouTube host who is older and been banned in several places and host's a show that uses his name and a letter from his first name has three separate middle school students he has repeatedly raped the past several months.

This alliterate fired bar star is finding that she wasn't that big of a deal after all. Also, with no clubs to go to, there is no money coming in. She hasn't been able to line up any endorsements she was counting on with the life event. It is going to be real job time, very soon. Stassi Schroeder/"Vanderpump Rules"/pregnancy (Stassi Schroeder Still Has a Chance at TV Career After Racist Remarks) (Stassi Schroeder’s Baby Bump Album: See Her Pregnancy Pics Ahead of 1st Child)

217. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 08/20 **10**
The foreign born A- list model and her A+ list actor ex are having serious behind the scenes battles over custody. It is brutal. Irina Shayk/Bradley Cooper (Irina Shayk puts on a very leggy display as she goes mask-free before stepping into the salon for a manicure)

218. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 08/20 **11**
I told you several weeks ago the new marriage between this former child actress turned B+ list adult celebrity was already falling apart. Things since have only got worse. Raven-Symoné/Miranda Pearman-Maday (Raven-Symoné indulges in some retail therapy at Gucci on Rodeo Drive amid Los Angeles' sweltering heat wave)

219. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 08/20 **12**
Company Policy: In response to a question I received in a recent Q & A, I went digging for some documents about reported child sexual assaults/abuse at two of the properties owned by the company. How many reports had been taken? Zero. I found that astonishing. With the number of people in and out of the properties and considering hotels on property, there had to be at least a few, right? Nope. I knew the policy of the company was to never take a report about child abuse. The policy has always been, they are not our children, so it is not our worry. Parents discipline how they see fit. Apparently this has extended into reports of child sex assault and abuse too. So, I dug some more and asked some current and former employees. A victim through an adult or parent can report it to an employee, but there will be no action taken unless the victim is dying or needs to go to the hospital. In that case, there will be a report for insurance purposes, but there will be no mention of sex abuse or sex assault. The company says it is not up to them decide if that actually happened. They are just reporting a victim was injured and the nature of that injury. Not how it happened. Because of this loophole, people know it is safe to do whatever they want to kids and nothing is likely to happen if they bring a kid to either of these properties and assault them. "Disneyland" in Anaheim and "Disneyworld" in Orlando (Pedophilia & Prostitution! Disney's Sick Secrets Exposed)

THIS NICE GUY ISN’T SO NICE: Celebrity breakups happen with or without a pandemic, but this famous and attractive couple made headlines when they announced their split out of the blue (we thought they were SO happy!) They promised to make the divorce painless and civil- but THAT didn’t last long, and now the gloves are off! Johnny Depp and Amber Heard might have some competition for Most Embarrassing Divorce. Nasty allegations are about to fly in the custody battle – infidelities, kinky sex games, and drug use! Making it even juicier, the husband’s family is siding with the WIFE and vow to testify against their own son in this split! A friend of the couple sniped "This is going to be messier than Donald Trump’s hair during a windstorm!" Brian Austin Green/Megan Fox (Brian Austin Green 'Upset' Wife Megan Fox Has 'Moved on So Quickly' with Machine Gun Kelly)

This alliterate former almost A- list actress has been offered multiple acting jobs in Europe. She turned them all down though. She doesn't actually care about acting, she just wants to be a star and is holding out for someone giving her a lead role in a movie here in the US. Not going to happen. Lindsay Lohan

As part of his deal with his beard, this A- list mostly television actor from a hit almost network show not involving a superhero, spends part of his day promoting her on social media. KJ Apa (Archie Andrews/"Riverdale")/Clara Berry (KJ Apa Shares Naked Photos of Clara Berry and Proves Their Relationship Is Still Going Strong)

They could have driven. In the past, the alliterate former actress would have no choice but to drive. Now though? She tried and failed to get a charity to pay for a private jet, but in the end had to get her husband to pay for the 25 minute flight. Nothing like blowing through several thousand dollars each way because you feel too important to drive for two hours. Meghan Markle/Prince Harry (Meghan Markle and Harry branded ‘tacky’ as they bring along photographer for charity work)

Reader Blind: The alcoholism of this deceased actor (Cameron Mitchell), who started off in Old Hollywood in supporting roles in acclaimed films but later was more in B and lower grade movies, everything from westerns to horror films to blaxploitation as well as a popular TV series, was legendary (Filmography). Three stories - In the series ("The High Chaparral") he was in he was required to do some riding but had to be strapped in with a hidden harness so he would not fall off due to his constant inebriation. He was in a supporting role in a major production ("The Tall Men") featuring this deceased Oscar nominated A level actor (Clark Gable) who was very famous for drinking. The A level actor saw how much this actor drank and was really impressed going so far as to tell his friends (a lot of known heavy drinkers) that this is the biggest drinker he had ever met. Later in life, he was in a porno film ("It's Called 'Murder', Baby" (1983)/"Dixie Ray: Hollywood Star" (original title)) (which he didn't know at the time he took the role). None of the scenes he was in involved sex but one time he passed out on a desk during filming again to due to drunkenness and the director shot several sex scenes around him. Cameron Mitchell/"The High Chaparral"/"The Tall Men"/ Clark Gable/("It's Called 'Murder', Baby" (1983)/"Dixie Ray: Hollywood Star" (original title)) (That time Cameron Mitchell was in an 80s hardcore porn movie)

The next time this late night star heads back into the water, he will be wearing his wet suit again. His ego was stung by all the nasty comments when he chose not to wear one last time. Colin Jost/"SNL" (Colin Jost spotted surfing shirtless in the Hamptons)

The fact that she has never had someone so generous with coke is really causing issues for the former A- list actress who is now just a full time coke user and lover to whoever provides it. Her days are a cavalcade of shopping, drinking and doing coke while doing everything her celebrity boyfriend wants from her in return. Ashley Benson/G-Easy (Here's Why Ashley Benson and G-Eazy Are Sparking Engagement Rumors)

It isn't awkward to see your "ex" (Shawn Mendes) with your husband (Justin Bieber) when your ex is a closeted singer. It is awkward when your husband and the singer seem to have a connection and want to spend time alone together. Hailey Baldwin Bieber/Shawn Mendes/Justin Bieber (Hailey Bieber wears vest top and shorts and she and husband Justin meet up with her former fling Shawn Mendes at a home recording studio)

This one named A lister is starting to throw bombs at people who she wants to help her and who owe her favors. Back in the day she had to hit the casting couch with a half dozen men, all of whom are in positions of power now. She wants their help. They aren't helping her. Cher (Cher Wants to Save the Post Office by Volunteering, But No One Will Help Her)

He (Jon Hamm) has never been known for fake relationships in the past, but the times they are a changing. With his drinking back to record levels and chain smoking added to that, he is a joy to be around. He had a huge scandal earlier this summer and just needed someone quickly who could be showed off to the tabloids. Enter the former co-star (Anna Osceola) who was in an episode or two of his long running time period show ("Mad Men"). She jumped at the chance to be with the A- list dual threat actor, like she had been on set when he had a live in girlfriend (Jennifer Westfeldt). Jon Hamm/2 black face episodes of "30 Rock"/Anna Osceola/"Mad Men"/Jennifer Westfeldt ('30 Rock' pulls blackface episodes; two with Jon Hamm) (Jon Hamm Is Dating Former ‘Mad Men’ Costar Anna Osceola 4 Years After Split From Jennifer Westfeldt)

230. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 08/21 **10**
This A/A- list actress who is the offspring of an actor and an actress was going to do a close up shot of a product she was endorsing, but a hand model had to be used instead because of the amount of burned finger tips and blackened fingers on the actress. She must have been hitting the pipe again. Ireland Baldwin/Alec Baldwin/Kim Basinger (Ireland Baldwin Shares Bruised Photos After 'Drugged' Parking Lot Attack)

231. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 08/21 **11**
This A- list reality star all of you know wants to put one of her children into fat camp because she thinks him being overweight is a reflection on her. Kourtney Kardashian/Mason Disick (Jonathan Cheban enjoys Malibu beach walk with Scott Disick and his son Mason… after slamming NYC mayor following watch robbery)

232. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 08/21 **12**
Murder in New England III: The Bad Seed And The Tapes: If you ever wanted to do a sequel to the movie The Bad Seed as in The Bad Seed II: The Teenage Years, you could just use this girl's bio as a guide. When we first meet the bad seed (Cecelia Pierce), she is mostly a happy girl. She is a waitress, so she has more money in her pocket than most girls her age. She is a gun moll for the gang, the coolest guys around. She has a crush on the cute boy (William "Billy" Flynn) in the gang. He is a gay lover to another member (Patrick "Pete" Randall) of the gang. Our bad seed just feels this is only a passing phase and he will turn to her eventually. The bad seed has only one problem. She needs some driving experience to get a driver's license. She would solve that problem in a unique way. The Bad Seed had a run in with the law. She learned that a cute face can let you get away with some things. Instead of looking at jail bars, she is in a rehabilitation program. All states have these programs. Many are helped by this type of program while others like the Bad Seed and rapist use this time to plan future crimes. Cecelia Pierce/William "Billy" Flynn/Patrick "Pete" Randall (MURDER IN NEW ENGLAND 05/04/20) (MURDER IN NEW ENGLAND - THE AFTERMATH 07/01/20)

So far, the alliterate foreign born A- list superhero movie star is safe from getting removed. So far. His team has six people working on blocking people who try and post photos or use the hashtag jungle party. They think they can still salvage his career. It is his biggest fans that are abandoning ship though, so casual fans might already be gone. Him always going to strip clubs isn't helping his reputation with the company either. Sebastian Stan/Bucky Barnes " Winter Soldier" (Sebastian Stan Targeted For Cancellation After Rumored Girlfriend’s Costume Party Outfit Declared Racist)

This foreign born A- list mostly movie actress (Lily James) has told friends she has hooked up with this A+/A list superhero (Chris Evans). Apparently he likes things a little rougher than she is used to, but didn't smell like beer and cigarettes like her actor ex (Matt Smith). Lily James/Chris Evans/Matt Smith (Chris Evans Flees To London To See New Girlfriend Lily James During COVID-19 Pandemic)

Interesting angle this former A- list mostly television actress (Rose McGowan) is going for here. She says she knows where the money is and where she can get a crowd and wants to replace or be similar too (the actress said replace at first and then backed off when it looked to cold blooded) the one named former VJ (video jockey) (Kennedy). Before that happens, and I think it will, sooner rather than later, someone is going to have to get her to state her position out loud about the child molesting/child porn producing director (Victor Salva) she still fully embraces and supports. You can't have it both ways. Rose McGowan/Kennedy/Victor Salva (Fox's Kennedy calls on Trump to release tax returns: 'Stop dragging this out') (Rose McGowan says about convicted child molester Victor Salva) (Rose McGowan on convicted child molester movie director Victor Salva (Jeepers Creepers))

A member of this initialed K-pop group is set to be forced out of the group by the end of the year. The management team want to start heading into a new direction. Taeyong/"NCT" (Should Taeyong be kicked out of K-pop group NCT for his school-bullying controversy?)

This foreign born former A+ list boy bander continues to donate money to an organization that is a known funder of terrorism. Zayn Malik/"One Direction"

These sibling celebrities are pitching a reality show about the real sister wives in their family. Derek and Julianne Hough (Does Julianne Hough Get Along With her Sister, Marabeth?)

The recording was made about six or seven years ago of this former A/A- list tween/teen actor turned A-/B+ list adult actor. It is sex and there is another man and another woman in the recording with the actor. There are also drugs being used.

Apparently the bird CEO tried to get the celebrity CEO to join the bird CEO's pledge to donate a massive amount of money to charity. The celebrity CEO wanted no part of that. Jack Dorsey ("Twitter")/Elon Musk ("Tesla") (Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey Donates $10 Million to Ibram X. Kendi, Who Wants To Make Racism Unconstitutional)

The still hared former A+ list reality star/celebrity talks about being a victim but has neglected to mention her bullying ways and how no one could stand to be around her because of the way she treated everyone who couldn't do something for her. Paris Hilton (Paris Hilton details alleged abuse at Utah boarding school for the first time: 'Continuous torture')

This morning show host has been repeatedly called out over the years for his awful behavior and sexual assaults and rapes and nothing has happened. So far, the same thing seems to be happening after being exposed for raping a girl not old enough to drive. Charlamagne Tha God/"Breakfast Club" (Charlamagne Tha God sexual assault, domestic abuse allegations resurface) (‘Breakfast Club’ host apologizes to Sil Lai Abrams for Russell Simmons interview)

This A- list mostly television actor who starred on a long running network show before finding new luck again on this western cable show is up to his old tricks. He helps his former acting coach by letting the coach use the actor's name and the acting coach tries to have sex with every actress that walks in the door. Josh Holloway/"Lost"/"Yellowstone"

This permanent A+ list mostly movie actor and his long time wife look to be headed for splitsville. The action star found a 20 something who he sleeps with all the time.

This A+/A list mostly movie actress with at least one franchise has her ex staying with her right now, but not her boyfriend. The actress and ex frequently share the same bed. Scarlett Johansson/Romain Dauriac/Colin Jost (Who Is Scarlett Johansson's Daughter? Sweet Facts About Rose Dorothy Dauriac)

This late night talk show host keeps inviting this A list mostly movie actress with a big side gig to his parties. She knows it is a thirst trap and keeps turning him down. Andy Cohen/"Watch What Happens Live"/Gwyneth Paltrow/"GOOP"/both in the Hamptons (Andy Cohen Shares a Sweet Look at His Summer with Son Ben) (Gwyneth Paltrow shows off her long legs in black gym wear as she heads out for a jog in The Hamptons)

This almost network actress has no idea the world of revenge porn that is headed her way from her ex.

This closeted foreign born A list singer has been doing cosplay with his male lovers. Shawn Mendes

Once again this alliterate reality star is going to be embarrassed by her on again off again ex who hooked up with multiple strippers this weekend and there are lots of pictures and videos. Khloé Kardashian/Tristan Thompson (Tristan Thompson Slammed for Throwing House Party During Pandemic)

As I was the first to write about several years ago, this religious celebrity offspring of a religious leader is not being completely truthful with what exactly happened with the domestic employee, and some of the friends of the employee. Jerry Falwell Jr./Jerry Falwell (Business partner of Falwells says affair with evangelical power couple spanned seven years) (Jerry Falwell Jr. Claims Fatal Attraction Plot After Pool Boy Details Alleged Relationship with Couple)

This celebrity offspring of a permanent A lister doesn't need money from yachting, but likes the private jet and yacht lifestyle so is hooking up with a guy nearly three times her age in exchange for a luxury weekend. Sofia Richie/Lionel Richie (Sofia Richie Celebrates Birthday with Tropical Girls Trip: '22 Feels Good')

This former A-/B+ list actress who was one of the victims of the producer has been trying to make it back into acting but instead is selling herself for crack. Paz de la Huerta/Harvey Weinstein (Paz de la Huerta Says Harvey Weinstein Raped Her Twice. Will That Bring Him to Justice?) (Paz de la Huerta's struggles after Boardwalk Empire)

The actress in #4 was doing better but the actress she used to do "parties" with way back in the day has also fallen on hard times from her B/B- list peak and wanted someone to join her. Paz de la Huerta/Alexis Dziena (BLIND ITEM REVEALED 01/14/16)

This cable news host/panelist had been having an affair with the married A+/A list reality star, but she has pulled back because of current events. Van Jones (CNN)/Kim Kardashian (Van Jones Says Kim Kardashian Is "Brilliant" and "Eats Law Books for Breakfast")

In one of the strangest hookups I have heard in a while, this southern reality star/rapist/drug user once was the benefactor to this barely there celebrity who managed to marry someone from a permanent A- list rock group. Thomas Ravenel/"Southern Charm"/Michaele (Salahi) Schon/Neal Schon/"Journey"

This permanent A+/A list mostly movie actor who is also sings and tells jokes and is an Oscar winner/nominee said he was forced to make a movie about harvesting organs in exchange for a really good role in another movie. The actor said that a producer he only saw once and who is not even listed in the credits says the movie was all about normalizing the behavior and it didn't matter if the movie made money or not.
Jamie Foxx

This disgraced actor (Kevin Spacey) spends most of his time outside the US and calls a different country home (Serbia). Apparently he has been volunteering as what is essentially a Scoutmaster for that country's version of Boy Scouts ("Savez Izvidaca Srbije") Kevin Spacey (Serbia/"Savez Izvidaca Srbije"

258. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 08/24 **10**
One of the stars of this very popular streaming show ("Selling Sunset") says she worked with two women (CAST) who both had sexual relationships with the spouse (Mauricio Umansky) of a Housewife (Kyle Richards). "Selling Sunset"/Kyle Richards/Mauricio Umansky/"Real Housewives of Beverly Hills"

259. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 08/24 **11**
This makeup artist already had one guy leave him for a woman. His current "love" is actually living with a woman. Jeffree Star (Jeffree Star responds to claims he’s paying new boyfriend to date him)

260. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 08/24 **12**
Resurrection: It has been more than three days, but there has been a resurrection. When the original death announcement was made, there were a fair number of people who didn't really believe this person (Al Seckel) was dead. However, in the intervening half decade, and with no sighting of the person, the number of believers he was alive, shrank. The person who supposedly died was a bigamist. He also was a collector like his friend, the billionaire pedophile (Jeffrey Epstein). The pair were introduced by one of the women the man was married to. That woman (Isabel Maxwell) is a sister of the the madam/procurer/sexual assaulter (Ghislaine Maxwell). The death of the man coincided with what would have been a blitz of negative media. All of his wealthy and powerful friends would have been forced to distance themselves from him. In a recent investigation by the federal government that resulted in indictments, it was discovered that not only was one of the people (Steve Bannon) indicted in contact with the "dead" man, but also this former child actor turned accused pedophile/accused rapist/accused child porn producer/shady businessman/presidential candidate (Brock Pierce). Al Seckel/Jeffrey Epstein/Isabel Maxwell/Ghislaine Maxwell/Steve Bannon/Brock Pierce (Al Seckel has left the country. But the world’s greatest collector of optical illusions left some troubles behind) (Al Seckel chronology) (Al Seckel exposed) (Ex-child actor explains long-shot bid for presidency: 'We need leadership that can reunite us') (The Strange Saga of Jeffrey Epstein’s Link to a Child Star Turned Cryptocurrency Mogul) (Steve Bannon, three others charged with fraud in border wall fundraising campaign)

As shocking as it sounds, this foreign born Oscar winning director/child rapist is probably going to be allowed back in to the Academy Of Motion Picture Arts & Sciences aka Oscars. Roman Polanski (Judge Rejects Roman Polanski’s Request For Movie Academy Reinstatement)

One way to get the mayor of Los Angeles to not shut your power off when you have a massive party is to make sure you give a huge donation to his campaign prior to your party. That is what the foreign born former A+ list tweener turned A- list adult singer did. They even had on duty police helping with traffic. Eric Garcetti/Justin Bieber (Could Justin and Hailey Bieber Be the Next Famous Party Hosts to Get Their Water and Power Cut Off?)

I thought there was a strange coupling yesterday, but here is something even more odd. The probably now former religious leader (Jerry Falwell Jr.) used some of the same guys for his sexcapades as the former politician (Andrew Gillum) who wanted a big job (Governor) in that southern state (Florida). Jerry Falwell Jr./Andrew Gillum/Govenor/Florida (The escort found overdosing with Andrew Gillum went to a birthday bash. He’s a former nurse)

The coke addict (Natalia Dyer) from the hit streaming show ("Stranger Things") brought up a good point about the media, but the biggest culprit in the particular case of the hit show are the parents of the very young foreign born actress (Millie Bobby Brown). They are behind the big push to make her a sex symbol. Natalia Dyer/"Stranger Things"/Millie Bobby Brown ('Stranger Things' Natalia Dyer Says Her Young Costars Are Oversexualized: 'I Feel Protective')

Apparently the significant other of this A+ list mostly movie actor with multiple movie franchises is pushing hard to get the actor to adopt a child with her so they can really solidify their relationship. Oh, and also lock in some income for her the next 18 years. (Alexandra Grant) Keanu Reeves (Are Keanu Reeves And Alexandra Grant Engaged And Planning To Have A Baby?)

This A list talk show host doesn't allow anyone of color to come inside their house and assistants have been fired for not checking in advance who is coming to work at the house.

I'm not sure what this A- list singer/B- list actor is doing when he agreed to help out this truly awful human being run for President. Does he get in on the ground floor of another Ponzi scheme? Yes, this is the same person written about yesterday. Akon/Brock Pierce (Akon Joins Brock Pierce Campaign) (BLIND ITEM 08/24/20)

This alliterate actress who is probably B+ list even though all of you know the name, recently hit up her child's father and got a 40% increase in child support. It is much easier to get those increases when the dad doesn't want his name going public. January Jones (January Jones Dyes Her Hair Pink!) (Top 5 Prime Suspects for January Jones' Baby Daddy)

It isn't just the angry drunk (Dorinda Medley) who is leaving the franchise ("Real Housewives of New York"), but also this long long time member (Ramona Singer) who was also told she would not be returning. It will be later today or tomorrow when it is announced. Dorinda Medley/"Real Housewives of New York/Ramona Singer (Dorinda Medley fired from ‘RHONY,’ casting already underway) (Ramona Singer Fired From Real Housewives? – EXCLUSIVE)

270. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 08/25 **10**
I kept waiting this week when this permanent A+ NBA player was in the news again for someone to mention that he had sex with the one named permanent A+ list singer. She had all that scrubbed from the internet so she can keep that perception out there that she has only ever been with her husband. Kobe Bryant/"Kobe Bryant Day"/Beyoncé/Jay-Z (Today is Kobe Bryant Day. Here's how people are remembering the Lakers legend) (Beyoncé and Kobe Bryant’s Way Back Friendship)

271. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 08/25 **11**
This closeted A+ list mostly movie actor is filming right now. It is supposed to be a closed set. Apparently that doesn't include the two different guys he is juggling right now. Bradley Cooper/Untitled Paul Thomas Anderson Project (Hollywood returns to work: Bradley Cooper seen filming new Paul Anderson 70s inspired film in LA's San Fernando valley despite Covid)

272. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 08/25 **12**
Too Far: The widow has always gone after her detractors and people who stand up to her. Family members and her sycophants follow in lockstep alongside the bot army they pay. Over the past few months, they have tried a different tactic. They have served fake subpoenas which are nothing more than a tool to harass and intimidate people into giving up their will to fight for what they feel is right. People are fighting back and doing so using the FBI. They are calling out the widow and the family for using social media to harass and intimidate and threaten and also knowing the sycophants will join in. Their latest action where they specifically accused one person of defacing a statue of the singer is false and malicious. They know it, but think nothing will happen to them because they feel untouchable. Multiple people have now filed complaints with the FBI and those same people are also hiring lawyers to sue the widow and the family. When that first FBI agent comes knocking, look how fast they all back down. Vicky Karayiannis/vandalized Seattle statue of Chris Cornell commission by Vicky (Chris Cornell's statue vandalized at Seattle museum, late singer's widow and kids 'heartbroken')

The permanent A+ list rapper is trying to get the bird CEO to buy one of the rapper's companies. It is the shady one that is always cooking the books. Jay-Z/Jack Dorsey/"Twitter"/"Tidal" (Beyoncé and Jay-Z cruise the Hamptons with Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey) (JAY-Z | TIDAL)

As I have been telling you for the past year, the brother-in-law was the one communicating with the Svengali and now the sister has guaranteed income for life through fees should there be an untimely death. Car accident anyone? Jamie Lynn Spears/Britney Spears (Jamie Watson/Sam Lutfi) (Jamie Lynn Spears named trustee of Britney Spears' fortune) (Britney Spears' Dad Testifies Relationship With Famous Daughter 'Strained') (Who Is Jamie Watson? Jamie Lynn Spears' Husband Is Just A Regular Guy) (Sam Lutfi Is Young Hollywood’s Most Infamous Svengali) (Britney Spears quarantined with Jamie Lynn Spears) (BLIND ITEM 09/07/19) (BLIND ITEM 05/20/20)

The EEOC is set to file a lawsuit against this online tabloid company on behalf of multiple plaintiffs after they were unable to resolve the racial discrimination complaints. "TMZ" (Wigdor LLP represents former producer in EEOC charge of discrimination alleging rampant sexism at TMZ and TOOFAB)

You would think the former Disney actress would never need to yacht again with that kind of income rolling in, but she is getting massive offers now unlike anything ever seen before in yachting. It is also going to lead to dozens of celebrities, especially reality stars getting naked and making porn. Bella Thorne (Bella Thorne has made $2 million on OnlyFans in less than a week. A movie is next)

This permanent A list mostly movie actor got paid $2M just to attend a movie and have it filmed. It was not only a promo for the movie, but also to convince people going to the movies is safe. Tom Cruise/"Tenet" (Tom Cruise performs death-defying stunt: watching Tenet in a packed cinema)

This A- list celebrity/network reality star from a celebrity family is living with a husband and wife as part of a throuple. Julianne Hough (brother Derek Hough) (Julianne Hough stuns in a green bikini and more star snaps)

This religious sounding organization had been footing the legal bills for the actor/serial rapist. They are no longer doing that and the actor is selling off a dozen properties he owns. Scientology/Danny Masterson (Danny Masterson Looks Unrecognizable In 1st Instagram Selfie He’s Posted Since Rape Charges) (Danny Masterson & Bijou Phillips' House, Los Angeles, California (CA), US)

This foreign born A+ list singer was warned off from texting or calling the expatriate. Apparently someone was very jealous. I wonder if there were more to those sessions other than drinking. Adele/Prince Harry/Meghan Markle (Meghan Markle rumors: Prince Harry sneaking out to drink with Adele?)

This barely there celebrity/model who has several barely there celebrities in her family who are equally as annoying, is having trouble getting coke and heroin because her dealer was arrested. So, she is having to have sex with her doorman once a day who has a drug connection. Bella Hadid (sister Gigi Hadid/brother Anwar Hadid/mother Yolanda Hadid/father Mohamed Hadid) ('A truly cursed aesthetic': Twitter users mock Gigi Hadid's 'ugly' redesign of her $5.8M New York apartment - voicing horror over the rainbow pasta cabinets, mismatched skis, bowl of pool balls, and giant yellow pen) (Bella Hadid holds up the book How To Love as she models a quirky outfit in New York City)

282. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 08/26 **10**
This A+ list mostly movie actor fired two people he thought were my sources for his recent blind item. Instead of having random people fired, maybe he should find out which of his lovers is a big talker. The whole town is talking about it. Bradley Cooper (Hollywood returns to work: Bradley Cooper seen filming new Paul Anderson 70s inspired film in LA's San Fernando valley despite Covid) (BLIND ITEM 08/25/20)

283. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 08/26 **11**
Speaking of closeted actors, can we just tell this former A- list mostly movie actor we watched grow up in a franchise, that he doesn't need a beard again. The whole world knows you are gay. It is fine. We don't care. Taylor Lautner/"Twilight" (Taylor Lautner cuts a casual figure as he dons a protective face mask for coffee date with girlfriend Tay Dome in Thousand Oaks)

284. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 08/26 **12**
Don't Get In Her Way: This actress (Reese Witherspoon) is A+ list. She got that ranking through movies, but has been doing some television (filmography) the past few years. When she was younger, her career was kind of floating along. She was hovering at A- list but just couldn't make that jump. Then, through a series of moves, she launched herself much higher. She got a rival actress (Kirsten Dunst) who was vying for the same type jobs known as a coke addict even though the actress had used coke only once. It took years for that actress to recover from the rumor. When an actor (Mark Wahlberg), who is A+ list now tried to get her fired from a movie ("Fear") because she wouldn't sleep with him, she arranged for a friend to go on a date with the actor. The friend, who was a stunt double bruised herself up and called the police on the actor from her car outside his house. The actor never crossed our A+ lister again, but they have never spoken to each other since. Don't even get me started on the revenge on actresses (Abbie Cornish) (Alexis Knapp) (Courtney Robertson/2012 "The Bachelor") who slept with her boyfriends (Jake Gyllenhaal) or husbands (Ryan Phillippe/Jim Toth). None of them even really work any longer. Reese Witherspoon/Kirsten Dunst/Mark Wahlberg/"Fear" (Kirsten Dunst Says Female Actresses Struggle To Book Acting Jobs Nowadays) (Reese Witherspoon and Ryan Phillippe Both Say This Is the Reason Their Marriage Ended)

It really hammers it home that all of the relationships this one named A- list actress has, are fake, especially when you see what her most recent ex was caught doing this week. Zendaya (Jacob Elordi kissing Tommy Dorfman) (Joey King's ex and Zendaya's rumored beau Jacob Elordi sets the internet ablaze after planting a kiss on Tommy Dorfman's cheek in new Instagram) (BLIND ITEM 02/05/18)

This mogul/producer/former lover (Jeff Kwatinetz) of the poisoned actress (Brittany Murphy) had his name come up multiple times in the investigation of the now indicted guy (Steve Bannon) arrested on a yacht. Jeff Kwatinetz/Brittany Murphy/Steve Bannon (Brittany Murphy gets engaged to manager) (Brittany Murphy doc reignites interest in her death) (This is the $28 million yacht Steve Bannon was arrested on)

This former Housewife pretty much confirmed everything I have been telling you for years about this late night talk show host and his drug use and other activities. He is a hypocrite for sure when it comes to her. Danielle Staub/"Real Housewives of New Jersey"/Andy Cohen/"Watch What Happens Live" (Danielle Staub Calls Out Andy Cohen For "Drugs And Partying"; Says He Went On 3-4 Grindr Dates In An Evening)

Reddit Blind Item: Sleazy music producer (Titanic Sinclair) posts anonymously to Reddit trying to get sympathy after the young woman (Poppy) he groomed and controlled escaped him and told other people what he did to her. Internet figures out who he is and destroys him, pointing out that he also abused (Mars Argo). Dude dug his own grave then started shoveling dirt in over himself. I hope his career is toast. Titanic Sinclair/Poppy/Mars Argo (My [33/m] ex-girlfriend [25/f] cheated on me, stole from me and publicly slandered me. She and our friends are acting like it’s my fault. What do I do?) (Poppy splits with creative partner Titanic Sinclair)

This ousted mogul is being investigated by the federal government for embezzling money. It wasn't just the mistress to many a studio chief who got cash. Ron Meyer/NBCUniversal vice chairman/Charlotte Kirk (NBCUniversal Investigating Ron Meyer as Charlotte Kirk Affair Expands to More Moguls) (FBI investigating Ron Meyer’s claims of extortion over Charlotte Kirk affair)

Apparently the recent widow of a celebrity was having an affair prior to the celebrity's death.

Because she hates the paps, but has the thirst, this three named A/A- list actress hires a professional photo agency to show her working in her store. When a photographer is scheduled is the only time she actually works. Sarah Jessica Parker (Sarah Jessica Parker slides one of her signature rainbow pumps onto a customer's foot at her NYC store)

This flash in the pan celebrity who was caught up in a blink and you missed it love triangle with higher on the list celebrities, likes to make it seem as if she is living a jet set life on her own dime instead of the guys she is sleeping with who are footing the bill. Apparently she has given up on the idea of a reality show. Kaitlynn Carter/Miley Cyrus/Brody Jenner

The government is about twenty steps too late when it comes to the actions of the celebrity CEO. He has already given information away because he says it is his to give. Have to protect the money train above all else. Elon Musk/Space X/China

294. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 08/27 **10**
This really bad actor turned host turned reality star is cheating on his long time wife with a stripper. Hey, cheating is how he first hooked up with this wife and something he has done at other times during the marriage. Dean McDermott/Tori Spelling (EXCLUSIVE: 'I can't believe I gave this up. I've thrown my life away.' DailyMailTV reveals how Dean McDermott told his ex-wife he made a 'terrible mistake' by leaving her for Tori Spelling as he faces prison over $100,000 in back child support) (Tori Spelling Says Daughter Was 'Really Upset' After Learning About Dean McDermott's Infidelity)

295. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 08/27 **11**
The First Time: Last year I wrote a blind about an A list mostly movie actress (Angelina Jolie) who had taken a very hands on approach to the sex life of her oldest child (Maddox). She found the person who was the child's first sex partner and was in the room immediately before and after and just outside the door during. Considering the way she was brought up and her own indoctrination into sex with a family member (brother James), I thought it was a unique situation. I was wrong. This A list singer (Madonna) had someone monitor the first time the singer's eldest child (Lourdes Leon) had sex to make sure nothing crazy happened and then listened to the recording after. When the singer tried to do the same thing with another child (Rocco Ritchie), the child rebelled. That child has been financially cut off. This former A- list actress also made sure her oldest had sex for the first time in the home of the actress so the actress could be there for support. The actress even made the child have sex in the bed of the actress and bought some sex toys as a gift. Angelina Jolie/Maddox/brother James/Madonna/Lourdes Leon/Rocco Ritchie (What Was Strange About Angelina Jolie’s Relationship With Her Brother?) (BLIND ITEM 06/23/19)

It isn't just for nobility that this southern Housewife is out protesting. She knows it helps her stick out and she also is about to land a solo reality show which would have seemed impossible even six months ago. Porsha Williams/"Real Housewives of Atlanta" (Porsha Williams' Activism and Arrests Will Get the 'RHOA' Spotlight)

Speaking of a little fakery, this former A+ list singer turned child molester/child porn producer paid people to beat him up so he can try and flee the country. R. Kelly (R. Kelly’s Lawyer Wants Him Released After Alleged Jail Attack) (R. Kelly in solitary confinement following jailhouse beatdown)

After being black listed for a decade for not wanting to ghost write songs for this one named permanent A list singer in a group and solo, the singer/songwriter professed her love for the one named singer and was given work the next day. Keri Hilson/Beyoncé (Keri Hilson Forced to Create Fake Beef With Beyonce by Her Label)

It was worth being forced to have to pay tens of thousands of dollars in legal fees to his own lawyers and to the lawyers of his ex to not have to take a drug test, because this A- list mostly movie actor knows he would fail. Jeremy Renner (Jeremy Renner appears in court flanked by his therapist and lawyer as judge rules he does NOT have to take a drug test after his ex-wife accused him of getting drunk and high while their seven-year-old daughter was with him)

The rapper who is also a child rapist and snitch is changing cities every few days, because he knows that Labor Day bonus on his life is out there. Tekashi 6ix9ine (Tekashi 6ix9ine Dangerously TROLLS Gang Members While Walking Down Alley In Chicago!!) (BLIND ITEM REVEALED 08/01/20) (BLIND ITEM REVEALED 08/08/20)

A story from this alliterate comic/host that she shared about her former co-worker who was a permanent A+ list host will become the norm once the host passes away. There will be horror stories by the dozens published. Sherri Shepherd/Barbara Walters/"The View" (Sherri Shepherd: Barbara Walters made me cry for years)

This spouse has been in the public eye for the past several years, but not to the extent he is now. One wonders if the story about cheating on his first wife with the school teacher who ended up fired, and forced to move out of the state prior to having a miscarriage will become public knowledge. Kamala Harris’ husband Douglas Emhoff (Kamala Harris responds to alleged sex assault at her husband's law firm)

A detailed description of the disgraced mogul’s diminutive male anatomy made headlines a while back, but the fact is, if you watched this now two-decade-old comedy spoof movie, you’ve seen an actual Polaroid of the anatomy in question. Harvey Weinstein/"Scary Movie" ("Scary Movie", 2000. There's a scene parodying I Know What You Did Last Summer where Lochlyn Munro-- as the Ryan Phillippe riff-- opens his locker at a gym to find a taunting Polaroid. In IKWYDLS, Phillippe's character gets a picture of his car, that the killer steals and hits him with. It was spoofed in Scary Movie with the reveal that it is Munro's character's abnormally small genitalia that he has been keeping secret from the other characters.) ('NEVER SEEN ANYTHING LIKE IT' Harvey Weinstein’s semen ‘did not look normal’ claims model Lauren Young day after saying his genitals looked amputated)

This A+ list mostly movie actor likes his flings with D list reality stars and IG models to always be not for public knowledge. So, the move by his latest fling to get publicity is not going to sit well with the actor. Brad Pitt/Nicole Poturalski (EXCLUSIVE: Brad Pitt, 56, met new girlfriend Nicole Poturalski, 27, at her HUSBAND'S restaurant in Berlin as it's claimed the model is in an 'open marriage')

305. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 08/28 **10**
Speaking of that actor in #9, his ex recently got a new set of breast implants to replace her older ones, and she went up in size too. Angelina Jolie (Angelina Jolie exudes Grecian glamour as she takes her kids to dinner wearing a gold maxi dress.... after ex- Brad Pitt's romance with new girlfriend Nicole Poturalski was revealed)

306. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 08/28 **11**
This bar star wants his significant other to start yachting to earn extra cash. Why? The bar star's gay escort habit is getting out of control. Jax Taylor/Brittany Cartwright/"Vanderpump Rules" (‘Pump Rules’ Stars Jax Taylor and Brittany Cartwright Surface In Los Angeles After Extended Stay In Kentucky) (BLIND ITEM 03/31/20)

307. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 08/28 **12**
Four For Friday - Studio 54:
#1 - This not even a teen yet actress was passed around like candy one night and was even forced to take a Quaalude. Drew Barrymore (Drew Barrymore Stories From Her Wild Years)

#2 - The one time significant other of this foreign born permanent A+ list singer from a permanent A+ list group that is still performing, used to compete against men in oral sex competitions. People wagered thousands of dollars on these each time she came to the club. Bianca Jagger/Mick Jagger/"Rolling Stones" (Bianca Jagger Finally Sets The Record Straight About That Night At Studio 54)

#3 - This at the time late night actor who is now a permanent A list mostly movie actor used to make women who wanted to sleep with him crawl around in the balcony naked on the floor looking for any coke that was dropped by other attendees. Bill Murray (Bill Murray and Gilda Radner, Studio 54 in 1978)

#4 - This alliterate permanent A list singer who now lives out of the country tells a story about this former A++ list singer. Apparently there was a woman who performed oral sex on the singer for an hour and had no luck even getting him erect. Then, one of the male bartenders moved in and the singer finished in about two minutes. Tina Turner/Switzerland/Michael Jackson (Tina Turner @ Studio 54) ('Michael Jackson would retreat into the DJ booth to dance alone': Memoirs reveal dark side of New York's Studio 54, including sex, booze and drug-fueled parties) (Michael Jackson visits Studio 54 on May 31, 1977 in New York City)

It looks like the executives over at the talk show hosted by a one namer, are looking for scapegoats for the rumors and are directing it towards the singer and the actress who are also hosts. No, it isn't them. It is everyone on your own show and in your own life who you have treated poorly. Ellen/Kelly Clarkson/Drew Barrymore (Ellen DeGeneres can be replaced by Drew Barrymore not Kelly Clarkson, Chrissy Teigen)

This barely there celebrity/model confirmed that all the diseases that her family have used as thirst traps and sympathy, aren't real. Bella Hadid/mother Yolanda/brother Anwar Hadid ('The invisible disease': Bella Hadid opens up about the Lyme disease symptoms she suffers daily)

That wasn't a demonstration, it was a carnival side show act designed to take investor's money. Haven't seen anything like that since the tunnel days. Elon Musk/"Neuralink"/pig with chip in its brain (Neuralink: Elon Musk unveils pig with chip in its brain)

As I told you several months ago, the A list everything in her mind and the stripper loving former athlete didn't have the funds. They can huff and puff, but they didn't. Jennifer Lopez/Alex "A-Rod" Rodriquez/"New York Mets" (Jennifer Lopez, Alex Rodriguez ‘so disappointed’ as Mets bid falls short)

That was quite the tale spun by the former A- list mostly television actress. It is not the version of events she has ever given before for that thirst trap outfit. Oh, and go ask the alliterate singer/sexual assaulter about her other claims and he will look at you dumbfounded. Rose McGowan/Marilyn Manson (Rose McGowan says she was 'slut shamed' for risqué dress at 1998 VMAs: 'It was my first big public appearance after being sexually assaulted')

This former Disney actress is expected to be sued as early as Monday for fraud in a class action lawsuit from hundreds, if not thousands of customers she lied to. The company she used for her scheme will also be sued. Bella Thorne/"OnlyFans" (Bella Thorne Allegedly Ruined OnlyFans For Sex Workers, Proving That Good Things Never Last)

The paps are close to catching this closeted A/A- list mostly movie actor from multiple movie franchises with his lover. The number of paps following him indicates the other person is someone really big. Chris Pine/Patrick J. Adams (Mike Ross on "Suits") (Chris Pine and Patrick J. Adams celebrate their birthdays together with a motorcycle ride down PCH) (Chris Pine goes for a spin through Los Angeles in his vintage red Italian toy convertible... days before his 40th birthday) (Chris Pine stands out in leopard print shirt and gold medallion as he picks up some coffee in Los Feliz)

Apparently the mogul supplied some party favors to an actor and a former athlete when they took a night for themselves away from the wives. According to the person who took them to the yacht and back, they looked about 20 going out and 15 coming back. David Geffen/underage girls (David Geffen and his megayacht Rising Sun are still at large) (Why The Super-Rich Are Leaving Spain And Setting Sail For Turkey)

The three named ingenue has stopped taking Adderall every day. It has completely changed her looks and her record company wants her to get back to what she was looking like previously. Lana Del Rey (#WeLoveYouLana: Lana Del Rey fans hit back after singer slammed for ‘gaining weight and turning into a Karen’) (Here's What Lana Del Rey Looks Like Without Makeup) (Bruce Springsteen says Lana Del Rey is "simply one of the best songwriters" in the US)

The former east coast Housewife is going to have a broken heart from the same guy again. He is cheating on her with multiple women. Tinsley Mortimer/"Real Housewives of New York"/Scott Kluth (Proof Scott Kluth Was Living His Best Life with Tinsley and "Family" at a Drive-in Drag Show)

With all the medications, this permanent A lister takes and her addiction issues, it wouldn't be too hard to get her to combine pills and booze. Make it look like a suicide.

A sibling of a celebrity Only Fans star doesn't quite have the same pull as the celebrity so does "in person shows" with guys. Bella Thorne’s sister Dani Thorne

The celebrity CEO has always had those coke and money laundering rumors swirling. Now, the whistleblower is adding meth to the list of things the CEO has his hands touching. One of the things that he has so far slid by on is the treatment of his south of the border partners. He has screwed them over a few times. So far there have been no recriminations. So far. It is super easy for them to load a bomb on that private jet on one of its many trips below the border. Elon Musk (BLIND ITEM REVEALED 07/01/20)

Don't believe the hype. There are no other Marvel superheroes with a deadly illness. It is all for clicks. Psychic prediction of Chadwick Boseman’ death

With no more money to squeeze from followers, the former teen movie actor is trying for a quick money grab from an almost network. He is hoping to get a settlement which gets him his own show. Corey Feldman/WeTV/"Marriage Bootcamp" (Corey Feldman Sues WeTV For Emotional Abuse On ‘Marriage Bootcamp’)

I'm not sure why anyone expected this still less famous sibling (Elizabeth Olsen) than others in the family, for not showing public empathy. The actress has always and will always care about herself most. It would never occur for her to do a tribute post to anyone (Chadwick Boseman). I'm not sure she would do one for her more famous family members (Mary-Kate Olsen) (Ashley Olsen) either. Elizabeth Olsen/sisters Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen/Marvel co-star, Chadwick Boseman (WandaVision Star Elizabeth Olsen Deactivates Instagram)

The expatriate royal is actually pitching several spec scripts that he wrote, most of which are comedies. Two are action movies. All are awful. Prince Harry

Apparently this A/A- list mostly movie actress would have to give up millions of dollars to get divorced from the out of work television actor who was once the bigger star. So, for now, the divorce is on hold. Megan Fox/Brian Austin Green (Brian Austin Green on possible Megan Fox reconciliation: 'Never say never' -)

This closeted A list NFL player has solo videos of himself masturbating on a porn site watching gay porn.

They were happy photos, but it doesn't change the fact that it was ex sex that caused the life event to occur and that the actor involved in this situation has a ton of issues that he is dealing with now which make him really unstable. Emma Roberts/Garrett Hedlund (Emma Roberts CONFIRMS she's expecting her first child with boyfriend Garrett Hedlund... and reveals they're having a boy)

This always pretending to be sober A- list singer was actually ordering drinks in public. Guess that shoots down those pregnancy rumors too. Demi Lovato (Demi Lovato and Fiance Max Ehrich Want to ‘Start a Family Right Away’: ‘She Can’t Wait to Be a Mom’)

This B list actress with A list name recognition is on that exclusive dating app using stock images of chefs from Food Network.
Katie Holmes (and a week later she is spotted out on a date with a chef) (Katie Holmes, 41, confirms new romance with chef Emilio Vitolo Jr., 33, with VERY public hot and heavy make-out session... a year after her secretive romance with Jamie Foxx ended)

This grifting online progressive (Shaun King) is extorting money from several celebrities including this former A list mostly television actress from a now defunct long running network show. He threatens to call them out online for some imaginary horrible thing they have done unless they help "support his cause."
("Real Justice PAC") Shaun King/"Real Justice PAC" (Beware of Talcum X: Shaun King is a Rat) (Growing List Of Shaun King’s Nicknames That Have Gone Viral)

Five years ago, this B+ list mostly television actor who is on a hit pay cable show was a struggling waiter in Northern California who worked at Bohemian Grove. He met a man and they had a six month relationship where the man financially supported the waiter/actor. It actually allowed the actor to move to Los Angeles full time and get some roles which led to where he is now. The man he had the relationship with he knew as one name, but in the news the past few days, realized it was someone with a different name who is married and closeted.

This former A+ list rapper was asked by a reporter about the two month delayed album and the rapper seemingly forgot he even announced he was going to release one. Kanye West (Nas Breaks Down Working With Kanye West's Hectic Schedule for 'Nasir' & His Thoughts on 'Verzuz' Battles) (8 Kanye West Bombshells From Nick Cannon's Podcast Cannon's Class)

333. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 08/31 **10**
That really rich guy (Jeff Bezos) who cheated on his wife (MacKenzie Scott) with someone (Lauren Sánchez) who was cheating on her boyfriend and husband (Patrick Whitesell) with the rich guy is getting some revenge. Apparently he is behind the shell company that is set to purchase the tabloid ("The National Enqurier") that tried to blackmail him. Jeff Bezos/MacKenzie Scott/Lauren Sánchez/Patrick Whitsell/"The National Enquirer" (Jeff Bezos Accuses National Enquirer of ‘Extortion and Blackmail’)

334. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 08/31 **11**
To the surprise of no one, this about to be former A list horror director who seems like he'd rather be a celebrity than a director is finally getting called out for sexual assault and harassment.

335. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 08/31 **12**
The Meanest Wrestler: This foreign born wrestler (Thomas Billington) had a nickname of his own ("The Dynamite Kid") and a separate one with his tag team ("British Bulldogs") partner (David Smith "Davey Boy Smith") who was also his relative (cousin). He was also incredibly cruel. On a west coast trip, he took a ring boy’s soda and drugged it. He then placed the soda back where the ring boy left it. A little while later, our wrestler sat ringside watching the ring crew take down the ring with a smile on his face. A little while later, the ring boy went into a daze and could only move in slow motion. Our wrestler laughed and walked away. The ring boy wound up passing out in the truck and couldn’t be revived for a long period of time. The rest of the ring crew feared the young man had died. Luckily, the boy awoke and didn’t need medical attention. Our wrestler used to be managed by a former wrestler turned manager (John "JR" Foley) who was a raging alcoholic. Despite his addiction to alcohol, our wrestler admired and looked up to his manager. During this period of time, the manager's daughter was involved in a car accident. The manager was looking to claim a large amount of money from the insurance company (roughly $20,000) but the manager felt that his daughter wasn’t hurt bad enough. That is when the manager approached his wrestling protege and asked for his help. He offered to pay the wrestler to break both of his daughter’s legs. Our wrestler agreed and the manager drove his daughter to our wrestler's home, where the deed was done. Our wrestler broke both of her legs from the kneecaps down. The manager collected the insurance money in the scam but his daughter apparently never fully recovered from her broken legs and permanently walked with a limp. Our wrestler used to wake his then-wife (Michelle Smadu (the sister of Bret Hart's then-wife Julie)) up with a gun to her head, and tell her that next time it would be loaded. On multiple occasions he would also beat her. A wife of a different wrestler (said our wrestler would drug and anally rape his wife too. Our wrestler also once swapped his tag team partner's steroid needle for milk ("Overkill") and let him inject it. Thomas Billingon/"The Dynamite Kid"/"British Bulldogs"/David Smith/"Davey Boy Smith"/cousin/John "JR" Foley/Michelle Smadu (the sister of Bret Hart’s then-wife Julie) (Ring the Damn Bell) (15 Chilling Wrestling Stories You've Never Heard Of Before) (Violent personalities: Benoit's tragedy almost happened in 1991 with Dynamite Kid)

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