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With the biggest show on television, Game of Thrones, ending early next year, there is going to be a huge gap in the market for epic fantasy and although many have attempted to capture the Thrones market in recent years, an industry expert tells us that it will be a much easier task when the show is actually off the air. Well, one project is in the pre-production stage and has an advantage because they’re already got one of the Game of Thrones leads to star for a big, big payday. ‘It’s undignified of the actor,’ a source tells us. ‘It looks cheap and usually when an actor finishes a big run on a show or in a franchise, they don’t attempt to cash in on said brand by starring in a rip off.’ Apparently not our money-loving thespian. Peter Dinklage ("The Dwarf")

Which TV cable news host is terrified that naked pictures of him looking very excited are about to leak – showing that he might not be the biggest name in news! The male host is single and very sexy. He has a great body and works out, but the pictures show that he doesn’t have the biggest muscle where it matters most. He’s more embarrassed about how little the pictures show rather than the photos getting leaked. It doesn’t include his face so there is no way to 100% prove that it is him, but even so it is still very embarrassing!
Anderson Cooper

This disgraced mogul/frequent sexual assaulter/lover of yoga has skewed the local market for escorts in the country where he is living/can't be extradited. The accused rapist is paying about ten times the normal fee for the services of the women which is angering all the regular customers in the country. With almost 40 years of sexual assaulting under his belt, it turns out he hires one or two women each day. Russell Simmons (Bali, Indonesian)

The parents of this foreign born teen A- list mostly television actress from a hit show want her to focus on the men that can do things for her career and keep her famous which is why she ended up splitting with someone age appropriate. Millie Bobby Brown ("Stranger Things") (and then in the next few months you saw her with Drake and hanging out with the Kardashians)
(Jacob Sartorius)

Another "celebrity robbery" this time featuring the directionally challenged rapper. All of these inside celebrity robberies and yet none have been solved. Remember when that reality family, excluding the one outside the country went through a string of inside jobs? Video cameras and security teams everywhere, but somehow no one has ever been captured. Please. In the case of the latter, they were inside jobs where the beneficiaries were thisclose to the victims. In the former, it is insurance fraud, but the companies won't do anything because they don't want to go after celebrities who will trash the companies on social media. They just write a check, cancel the policy and move on. French Montana/Kim Kardashian (Paris)

This recently engaged foreign born A-/B+ list mostly television actress was not even in the discussions/conversations/thought process of landing a role in a movie starring this A+ list mostly movie actor, let alone starring opposite him. Enter one engagement and a string of tabloid articles and the next thing you know, she lands the job. It is why she forced that engagement and not just a string of meaningless dates to be photographed by paps. She would go full on marriage if she thought it would get her a superhero franchise. I'm not sure what is in it for her significant other that will change his narrative.

Actress: Priyanka Chopra
TV show: "Quantico"
Significant other: Nick Jonas
Movie: "Cowboy Ninja Viking"
A+ list movie actor: Chris Pratt

Despite what his PR team has tried to do over the last decade, this former A/A- list mostly television actress who had an iconic role in an iconic show not named Friends, but on the same network, has not supported her ex or anything he has said going back to the first time he almost had his career crash and burn five or six years ago and had to cover his tracks. His PR people leaked a bunch of stories talking about how they are the best divorced couple ever but that is strictly a one sided thing. James Gunn/Jenna Fischer ("The Office")

In the latest edition of the world is a very small place. This freshly implanted A- list reality star from that southern reality show is someone who knows a lot about the rape this teen suffered at the hands of this radio host who is desperately trying to keep his pay cable gig too. Not only is she from the same small town, but when the radio host learned of during a press tour made a comment about the young women he had "been with" from that town and that our reality star should join the lineup. Kathryn Dennis ("Southern Charm")/Charlamagne tha God ("The Breakfast Club"/WWPR-FM in New York City, New York and "The Gray Area with Charlamagne Tha God"/HBO (Moncks Corner, South Carolina)

This former A+ list mostly television actor from multiple very hit shows from the same network is anxious to get his reboot going. He really needs the cash infusion and what he most loves about it is that he doesn't have to share any of the money with his ex because of a carve out provision in their divorce agreement. Kelsey Grammer (Camille Grammer) ("Frasier")

This actress was an A- list mostly movie actress when she was a teen. Now she is a B+ list adult actress who has coke and cutting issues. When she does coke, she is fine, but when she is not doing coke she likes to sit in her room and cuts herself. That has been an issue while promoting a new movie. Chloë Grace Moretz (‘The Miseducation of Cameron Post")
July 31, 2018; July 31, 2018; July 30, 2018; July 30, 2018; July 22, 2018; June 19, 2018; June 18, 2018; April 22, 2018

This former one season reality wonder who will do anything for a paycheck is married. Her very minor celebrity husband is cheating on her which will devastate her. He thinks no one knows who he is which seems odd considering he managed to hook up with the woman he is hooking up with because she knew who he was. Ali Fedotowsky ("The Bachelorette"/season 6)/Kevin Manno (television and radio host) (says she hasn’t "slept in the same bed" with her husband since baby no. 2)

12. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 08/01 **#10**
Has the pro athlete been pushed to the side? This closeted foreign born former A+ list boy bander who is probably A- list now, hooked up with a male model introduced to him by his recent vacation host. Harry Styles ("One Direction")/Xander Ritz (on Diane Von Furstenberg’s yacht off the coast of Sicily)

13. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 08/01 **#11**
This foreign born one named singer who is basically unknown outside her home country and probably hasn't even had a hit there since the 80's is in talks to be on this highly rated program in her country. We have it here too, including the celebrity version. The only sticking point is whether she will be allowed to use her time on the show to throw the A list mogul all of you know who she used to hook up with as recently as a few years ago under a bus. A big bus. All of those secrets right out in the open for a ratings bonanza. Sinitta ("Celebrity Big Brother")/Simon Cowell

14. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 08/01 **#12**
Speaking of #11, this former A- list mostly television actress has hit the skids hard to agree to appear on the show. All that money she donated over all those years, I bet she wishes she could get back. The fact she actually needs the show to live after her career, is pretty sad. Kirstie Alley ("Celebrity Big Brother") (Scientology)

15. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 08/01 **#13**
Everyone is accusing the boyfriend of this A- list reality star with a lucrative side gig of being transphobic. Maybe he is, but I also know he hooked up with the person he is accused of being phobic about. Travis Scott (Kylie Jenner) (Amanda Lepore)

16. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 08/01 **#14**
This married late night talk show host made it very clear to this former A- list mostly movie actress turned television jinx that he wanted to hook up with her. Alicia Silverstone/Jimmy Fallon

17. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 08/01 **#15**
This foreign born former A- list mostly movie actress has always got a lot of grief from me about her history. The actress, a Golden Globe nominee/winner, has been communicating with an ex. An ex that got her publicly branded. Apparently she was moved by something she read on a website last month and has been trying to arrange a visit to see the ex. She knows where he keeps some records about a period in his family's history. She thought nothing of it at the time she could have done something about it, simply because she didn't know. She says she has been unable to sleep and wants to do make amends. The records are not locked, but are simply kept in a library. She wants the world to be able to read for themselves exactly what happened. Sienna Miller (GOLDEN GLOBE NOMINATION: Best Performance by an Actress in a Miniseries or Motion Picture Made for Television "The Girl" (2012)/affair with married Balthazar Getty (son of kidnapped John Paul Getty heir in "All the Money in the World")

18. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 08/01 **#16**
They Helped Him: This celebrity was probably A- list at his peak. Even now, because of his name you would probably know him. He kind of has a thing which makes him a celebrity. Without that thing, no one would know who he was and we wouldn't be talking about his love of underage kids that he likes to molest and force himself on. The crazy thing is that he has had at least two celebrity girlfriends help him find his young victims. Both of them are complicit. The first was someone who had experience with a boyfriend who liked underage sex partners. He used her to help find victims because she knew who to call. As a former yachter who was also a celebrity in her own country, she knew who to call and with her A list boyfriend's money, the underage teens would appear like magic. Most of the time that is where her participation ended. Sometimes she would hold them down for the boyfriend
if the teens wanted to get away. For the most part though, the teens were hired and did as they were told. This relationship is what first attracted the subject of our blind to her. He heard rumors. The thing is though, he didn't have much money to spend and had always found them on the streets. He specialized in teen runaways. They knew him and he knew they had no one to turn to so he used them and exploited them and would give them $20 after he used them for days on end. Even he had his limits on how to access them though, so he turned to his second celebrity girlfriend. She had street cred and because females on the street knew her and felt like they could trust her, they would go home with her and she would take turns raping them with the subject of our blind. This went on for months and months and both of them loved finding teens that were younger and younger. The female celebrity had all the money though and was spending it like crazy so she decided to explore the life on her own and dumped the subject of our blind. On a side note, she is still doing the same thing with her current partner. If anything, she is even going younger than she was before. Since that time, he still prowls the streets but is getting a reputation in LA for what he does to the teens so he has had to go to different cities and the buzz is growing louder and louder to the point where police are starting to look into all of this and all of these celebrities will hopefully be going down soon.
A- list celebrity: David Blaine (rape allegation)
"Thing": magician, illusionist and endurance artist
First girlfriend/country (former boyfriend): Kylie Bax (New Zealand)/Joe Francis
Second celebrity girlfriend/current partner: Daryl Hannah (Neil Young)

19. POPBITCH 08/02
(British blog)
Which reality TV narrator had quite the pick-up line in his pre-fame days? At parties, he'd pull his pecker out, show it to a girl and say "Why don't you shake it like a hand?"
Jeremy Kyle

MTO News just heard a very disturbing rumor - about a popular couple, that was recently married. We've been asked to keep the names anonymous by our snitch - who doesn't want to ruin a business venture that he's doing with the celeb couple. The couple - who have been seen on REALITY TV were married not too long ago. Here's what we were told: "[Husband] and [Wife] are complete drug addicts, on cocaine. A good friend was at their wedding, and they stopped the ceremony to do coke. The [officiant] was taken aback, he was like 'I've never seen anything like it before.' I'm telling you [Husband] got his wife hooked on drugs and d*ck. I feel so sorry for her. Hopefully he doesn't end up destroying her." Stevie J/Faith Evans

Several different sources have reached out to us all over the last few months and warned us about this comedy that hits theatres this month. ‘It has a lot of hype behind it,’ the source admits, ‘and that may translate to a good opening night, but it was an open secret on set that the movie was going to be a bomb.’ ‘[One of the stars] has pretty much given up on the whole thing,’ a separate source told us. ‘Don’t expect to see them going hard with promotion.’ ‘Nobody in the cast got along,’ our first source told us. ‘It was professional for the most part.’ I guess if you’re looking for a good time, you should go to another movie. "The Happytime Murders"

Apparently the technically married still living with his wife boyfriend was not going to cut it for this new entry to the prolific cable reality franchise. So, what to do? Make an even bigger splash and get back together with your seemingly always in recovery A list musician ex. He had no problems dumping his girlfriend because he has some thirst and also thinks it will be great for the career of his offspring. Denise Richards (Aaron Phypers)/Richie Sambora (Orianthi) ("Real Housewives of Beverly Hills")

It wouldn't shock me at all to see this A list singer split with her celebrity husband prior to giving birth. They are under the impression that having more kids will somehow make their marriage better. Considering what they have been through and how much they still fight, this is just putting off the inevitable. I'm kind of shocked they spent nearly $100K to make this pregnancy happen to considering the likely divorce before birth. Carrie Underwood/Mike Fisher

In order to raise more money for himself, this former A list teen movie actor is hosting men at his home where he introduces them to his female groupies. Our former actor then takes a 90% cut of what the men to pay to be with the women. Corey Feldman

This former tweener turned A- list singer/former network reality star has been scaring people closest to her a lot when they see her. Apparently she has been repeating the fact she only has to make it 400 more days. That is her thing. 400 days. She says it several times an hour. Demi Lovato ("27 Club" celebrities who died at age 27)

The police were given a "tip," so they followed up on the "tip" and announced they have their man. When police finally catch up to him, he will probably be dead due to "suicide." Joseph James Pappas (murder of Mark Hausknecht, MD (and he was in the most unbelievable setup I have seen in awhile)
(refer to blind item)

This former A list lingerie model who kind of sounds like she has two names blew through all her cash she earned modeling. She spent it all on drugs and partying and clothes that line her closets. Apparently she has been trying to make a living yachting but that hasn't worked out because any guy who is interested in more than a night with her ends up getting stalked and bombarded with questions such as when should they get married and should they have a baby before they get married. Ashley Benson

I'm not sure if she even knows it, but this former A- list mostly television actress from a hit cable show that is now defunct has some photos out there she probably does not want distributed the way they are. Our actress, who has had trouble getting any work other than a bit part or two since the show went off the air is making money doing promo photos. In case you are new to the party, these are photos which are supposedly "random" and "pap like" where your favorite star who needs some money is photographed in a store holding a product looking as if they are about to purchase the product. Sometimes they are done in hotel rooms or apartments. This is one of those cases. Our actress was convinced to almost get naked for the product and went through different sexy looks. Apparently while she was mixing and matching and showing more than she thought, photos were being snapped which are now being looked at by a lot of people. No one is sure how they got out and the photographer at the shoot is not being blamed for it, but someone was snapping some pictures at the same time and there is very little left to the imagination. Ashley Benson

Casting Call #1 - A Dancing Boy Blind Item: So, who wants to play the dancing boy - my teen likeness, I mean? He may not be reading this, but he's out there somewhere, and maybe you know him. Maybe he's your son, a nephew, or member of your local theater troupe. He will be blond, and blue-eyed, with few and probably no professional credits. He'll also be well qualified to join the better half of a secret global elite - it's Hollywood branch, more specifically - with training in martial arts, oratory, politics, table tennis (among other skills...okay kidding: training will be provided by celebrity experts, and footage included in the first dancing boy short). And, if it all works out, it's a role that could last for two or more decades (after which, beginning in the present day, I take over). Message me privately on twitter (I don't bite, unless bitten first).

Apparently it was just fine for this foreign born B+ list reality star/celebrity offspring to frequently cheat on his wife while they were together, but once they split, she is still supposed to remain chaste while he hooks up with that 18 year old singer who wanted "career advice." Jack Osbourne/ (punched his estranged wife, Lisa Stelly's new boyfriend, Michael Gabel)

31. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 08/02 **#10**
This A- list reality star is very firm in her beliefs. She does not believe in "half" anything even though that is how she grew up. If she has more kids, she will only have them with her ex who would be fine with it. I think their respective partners might have something to say though. Kourtney Kardashian/Scott Disick (Koutney's guy split, but Sofia is sticking with it for now. I think each month it gets a little harder.)

32. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 08/02 **#11**
That married music executive who is a little over twice the age of this flash in the pan YouTube singer who is trying to make a comeback is leaving his wife for her. He has been dumping tons of money from the label into resurrecting her career and is also paying for all her expenses. I don't think she thinks of him the same way he does and this could get really messy, especially when his wife finds out about the 401K being spent on the singer. Rebecca Black/Guy Oseary (Michelle Alves)

33. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 08/02 **#12**
This former stylist turned A- list reality star turned celebrity who wishes she was as famous as she used to be actually hooks her husband up with other women so she doesn't have to have sex with him. Rachel Zoe (Rodger Berman)

34. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 08/02 **#13**
This former almost A- list mostly movie actress arranged to have this celebrity offspring of an A++ lister photographed and recorded while the offspring was naked and also getting undressed. It wouldn't shock me if there was some blackmail or extortion in the upcoming months. It would not be for the personal benefit of the former almost A- lister, although she was given a little cash incentive. She knows she needs to follow the rules or everything will go to hell. Lindsay Lohan/Tiffany Trump

35. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 08/02 **#14**
This B+ list celebrity is name dropping all of her past clients and doing a hard sell to participants at every event she holds. People fill out a form with their name and phone number and e-mail and they are barraged by the celebrity until the people cave in and sign up for one of the celebrity's programs which is just online crap that costs the celebrity nothing and provides no actual services. Tracy Anderson

36. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 08/02 **#15**
I love this A- list reality star from that southern show, but the producers of the show are NOT going to allow her out of her contract or non-compete clause to be on a show for another network. It just isn't going to happen. Now, would they set up a show similar to the one her co-star/frequent hookup partner did? Absolutely. Kathryn Dennis/Shep Rose ("Southern Charm")

37. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 08/02 **#16**
The Insider: This former child actor was A+ list. There was no doubt about it. It might have been for a fairly brief period in time back in the day but he was A+ list. Even though he never acts and doesn't seem to have any desire to really do so again on a regular basis, he is known by everyone. All of you know him. He has more secrets inside his head, then most. Not only was he the target of multiple sexual advances by industry executives, many members of his family shared the same fate. At the same time, an extended member of his family people forget about also has shared her stories to him about some of the sexual assaults she suffered through to land parts, especially the time she had to take several years off from acting after this former child actor turned A+ list mostly movie actor raped her for three days straight while they were starring together in a television show. She could barely walk and had almost a year of physical recovery from the beating she endured during the rape. Meanwhile, the actor is beloved today. The subject of our blind also knows where bodies are buried (but not the literal ones written about in this space within the past month) about many upper level moguls/A+ list director/singers/producers who all befriended someone who was very close to our subject. He knows about the recordings, both visual and audio. He knows what was done to whom and when because not only did our actor witness a great deal of it, he was also told a lot of it by the A++ list perpetrator/ringmaster of it. Our former actor is still close to the people who control a great deal of the knowledge/information and they are ready to talk too. This is going to be the biggest door opener/take down Hollywood thing that has ever happened.
Former A+ list actor: Macaulay Culkin
Members of his family: five boys and two girls: Shane (born 1976), Dakota (1979–2008),[5] Kieran (born 1982), Quinn (born 1984), Christian (born 1987), and Rory (born 1989)
Extended member of his family: his father, Christopher Cornelius "Kit" Culkin, is the brother of actress Bonnie Bedelia

A+ list mostly movie actor: Kurt Russell
Television show: "The New Land"

A++ list perpetrator/ringmaster: David Geffen

This A list couple reportedly split up earlier this year and despite the tabloid stories of constant feuds and fights that followed, we have a different revelation about this couple. ‘It’s all for publicity,’ a source exclusively tells us. ‘They’re still together and they’ll announce so soon.’ John Cena & Nikki Bella

This former A+ list boy band member is still A list in name recognition, but C list at best in his recent work. He is hoping that by publicly supporting that disgraced A list director that if and when the director comes back from exile that the former boy bander can land an acting gig. So yeah, basically he is Peter Pettigrew. Lance Bass/Bryan Singer

Speaking of boy banders, this foreign born born former A+ lister recently chose not to renew the contract with his beard. Why would he? He got no publicity from it and everyone knows it was a fake relationship. So, what does she do? She was out of work for a day before landing a new gig with this closeted foreign born A- list mostly television actor who always picks up someone for award season. Harry Styles ("One Direction")/Camille Rowe/Alexander Skarsgård

At this point, this married three named former A list mostly television actress who has done well in movies and television before basically giving it all up until as of late is spending all her time with her new love and divorce is imminent. Jennifer Love Hewitt (Brian Hallisay) ("9-1-1")

This former A+ list rapper wants people to think he has way more money and is worth more money than he really is. Apparently he thinks he is worth a ton despite signing over almost anything of worth to this permanent A list rapper. To help him fulfill his imaginary wishes of riches, the momager force fed the story of his riches to several outlets who printed what the momager said verbatim without actually checking it out. Kanye West/Jay Z/Kris Jenner
 (almost a billionaire, thanks to his fashion brand)

This celebrity offspring of a former A list mostly television actor who had multiple hit television shows before turning himself into a celebrity says she used to try and push aside what her dad did to her back in the day when she was younger and excuse his behavior but no longer talks to him. Apparently he used to frequently get into bed with her at night and wouldn't allow her to go to bed with any clothes on. This occurred well into her mid teen years.

I'm usually fairly good at tracking these things, but honestly, next time this former underage B- list celebrity turned reality star turned porn star turned celebrity wants to move on to a really expensive entertainment project, she should have a little money or a better plan. Every single step of the way through this project she had to have sex with the person she was needing the favor from because she didn't have enough funds. There must be a dozen people at this point and it looks like the project is going to be a complete bomb. If there is no one that is willing to actually put money behind a project, there is probably a good reason. What she got was a bunch of people doing the bare minimum while keeping the sex thing going as long as possible. Courtney Stodden (stage name: "Ember"/album "Off The Record") (emerges from a coffin during rehearsal for album release party)

This married former B- list singer has been making news recently. It is because of that news that the people closest to her are also garnering attention. I think the singer would be shocked to learn her husband has hooked up with dozens of men since they got married. It might be the answer to her frequent question of why she never has sex with her husband.

It is not so much the art purchases of this disgraced former power broker, but the location of all the purchases. Apparently the vast majority were bought in one country and with each purchase came the use of very young females who were courtesy of the network started by the former leader of the country and enjoyed by everyone who had the money or favors to bestow upon him. Hollywood of course is involved in the debauchery all courtesy of that A+ list mostly movie actor who bought his way into dual citizenship in case anything untoward happens back home in the States.

Reader Blind: In the long, twisted history of Hollywood hook-up stories, this is no doubt one of the strangest. The female part of this dalliance was at the time a young girl who starred in a highly rated hour long comedy/drama show with frequent guest stars. On the show, she played the daughter of the main character. She was definitely underage. The male part of this dalliance was a now deceased TV actor many decades older who was most famous for playing a self-important blowhard on a very popular sitcom the decade before. This was a role that won him multiple Emmys. He guested on the show a few times as a rival to the main character. The young actress grew smitten with the older actor and they had a brief relationship. She lost her virginity to him. The incongruous nature of their relationship seems ridiculous at first but she has dropped hints to it in Q&A sessions she has done as part of the one woman show she tours with. Love or lust is blind.

Actress: Jill Whelan (Princess Cruises Celebrations Ambassador)
Show: "The Love Boat"
Main character: Captain Merrill Stubing’s daughter Vicky Stubing
Actor: Ted Knight
Show: "Mary Tyler Moore" (4 nominations and 2 wins for character Ted Baxter)

48. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 08/03 **#10**
Reader Blind: In the years after this classic sitcom with a supernatural theme went off the air, the female main character, the actress who played her mother, and the actor who played the main character's husband for the second half of the series run all died of cancer. The actor who played the female main character's husband during the first half of the series was sick already with different ailments but got worse once he joined the show and eventually had to quit. Then there's the crew - many of them developed cancer and other serious illnesses. Too many to be a coincidence. The answer is a very obvious one - the quickly built house on a back lot that served as the main set for the series was filled with asbestos. Relatives of the crew members have over the years received some hush money payments in return for keeping quiet. Some might ask why didn't the very out there camp comedic actor and/or the authoritative British character actor get sick? Go back and watch the show. Their characters were re-occuring and they were not in every episode and therefore not required to be on set as much.
Classic sitcom: "Bewitched"
Female main character: Elizabeth Montgomery (colon cancer)
Actress who played her mother: Agnes Moorehead (uterine cancer)
Husband for second half of series: Dick Sargent (prostate cancer )
Husband for first half of series: Dick York (emphysema)
British character: Bernard Fox (Dr. Bombay) (heart failure)

49. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 08/03 **#11**
Reader Blind Item - Kindness: Aside from charitable endeavors, these two actors have two other things in common – 1.) They both played immediately recognizable characters on that very famous ensemble sitcom with the theme song everyone knows 2.) They both died in the same year.

Actor #1 was a noted comedic and serious actor who specialized in playing characters of a certain income level. He was equally famous for voicing a popular cartoon character. In his spare time, he served on a number of boards of philanthropic organizations. In particular, literacy became a passion of his and he worked on a number of projects to bring books to underprivileged inner city kids. He and his wife left all their money to charity as well.

Actor #2 was in primarily adventure movies prior to the sitcom role. His father was also an actor. He was active in raising funds for those afflicted with the disease that also killed him. Towards the ends of his life, he performed in children’s wards for the terminally ill dressed as the character from the sitcom. He did this even as he was very ill and dying.
Show: "Gilligan’s Island"
Actor #1: Jim Backus ("Mr. Magoo")
Actor #2: Alan Hale Jr.

50. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 08/02 **#12**
Apparently this foreign born former A list athlete discovered that his B+ list actress significant other all of you know (big part of the history of the site) hooked up with four guys at once. I don't know why he should be shocked considering he has made her do the same thing with him. I guess because she did it on her own they have taken yet another break. Wladimir Klitschko/Hayden Panettiere

51. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 08/03 **#13**
Our favorite former tweener turned A- list singer/bad adult actress says that part of the deal when she landed her hugely successful franchise is she has to make herself available for hooking up with this almost permanent married A list comic actor. He usually comes calling four or five times a year. Selena Gomez/Adam Sandler ("Hotel Transylvania")

52. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 08/03 **#14**
This closeted A list mostly movie actor from an acting family finally landed a franchise after decades trying. He is celebrating with this foreign born male diver who is out and proud, so this should be interesting. Jake Gyllenhaal (Quentin Beck/Mysterio - "Spider-Man: Far From Home")

53. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 08/03 **#15**
This married former A list reality star from a show that is still spawning spinoffs says she is doing her part by hooking up with this married Congressional challenger so she can October surprise him and help out the incumbent who she supports. Add to that, she says she is also being paid by a super PAC more money than she has earned in all her tea selling/waist training other ripoff scams over the past five years. To me, it kind of seems she is taking the role that once belonged to this former A- list mostly television actress from a hit network show that aired back in the day. That show launched the career of multiple actors who continue to hover around that A-/B+ list range after two decades. One was even in an iconic show for several years ALL of you know. Kim Zolciak-Biermann ("Real Housewives of Atlanta") (waist trainer)

54. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 08/03 **#16**
A New Ringmaster: He calls himself the ringmaster. He said it was because he used to organize a circus when he was working full-time. Not an actual circus, but definitely was juggling multiple performers and schedules and responsibilities. He did it well. There is no doubting that. He still calls himself the ringmaster now but says it is not just about juggling performers, but juggling who goes where and when and how can he get a piece. He also likes to make jokes about animals and whips which may have something to do with it too, but that is for a later day. The thing is, all of you know him. Every single last one of you reading this site. I would say a fair share of the in line checkout readers of weekly magazines probably know who he is or at least the people he was wrangling. He likes to pretend he is still in the closet but all of you know better. The weekly checkout readers? He made sure none of that reached those pages. He still has the power to keep that out of there, but not off the websites. We all know the real story. He is not hiding it from his family. Maybe he is hiding it from the people in his past who frowned upon gay people and said they were all going straight to hell. Maybe he thinks he still needs their favor. Maybe he does. Maybe they are his best customers. I have no doubts that those people from his past life before he became famous are his customers. They certainly sampled that former A list actor he used to keep around back in the day. How do you think he became A list? Our ringmaster was a collector back then. He kept them close and traded them for favors to help out his charges. The people that built his empire. The thing is though that empire was built on him offering up underage teen boys to power players. He took the risks and the powers that be delivered. They ended up delivering for the boys too because that was part of the deal. Our ringmaster liked that power. There was a time when he was too busy doing other things to collect. Oh sure, he would collect for himself but those were one night stands which often led to embarrassing situations and a lot of extortion. He was too trusting of his one night stands. After all, for years he had loyalty from his collection. He wanted something more like that not only for himself, but for others. There was always a demand, you just needed the right person and he was it. He still is it. He still has cache that others don't/ He drops a couple of names and possibilities for those young men and invites them to his place in LA or takes them in a private jet to Florida where they roll around in the sun and takes videos of them. He then offers them up. They don't get paid. Our ringmaster gets paid cash and the young men/teens get a chance at either working in the business or a chance at being kept by a successful man in business/entertainment. Of course our ringmaster samples all the products first for himself and is also known to make sure the boys report back to him any information he can use about their new benefactors. It is because of a boy he provided many years to a man that he made his greatest wealth and the wealth of one of his empire builders. They live off that deal. The deal that saw the 15 year old from a small town in a very large state become the plaything for a very very wealthy man. The man was so happy he made a sweetheart deal that made millions for the ringmaster and his charges and left the 15 year old a college dropout at 19 and dead on the streets by 22. Our ringmaster says it is the cost of doing business.

Ringmaster: Ryan Seacrest
Former A list actor: Taylor Lautner
His empire builder: Merv Griffin
Very very wealthy man: David Geffen

This C- list celebrity had recently been interviewed by the FBI about the mob ties of this former A+ list singer turned A- list singer/actress. Then he died. Seems convenient. Rick "Zombie Boy" Genest

This A- list underage Disney actress who has been on countless shows on the network went to party last week and did what her older boyfriend told her to do which was orally service every guy at a poker party, none of whom were less than a decade older than her. Skai Jackson

This former B+ list singer who comes from a singing family has always used shock to stand out from the rest of her family. She has somehow managed to really keep her career afloat despite much obvious talent. Currently she is putting that very weak career in jeopardy with the use of pills and booze. Solange Knowles

Even though they were told in advance, neither the feds nor anyone from the Embassy in this country or the authorities from the host country are following this former A+ list singer as he goes on a tween sexual assault spree. No one seems to care that he is out of the country specifically so he can target girls in the 10-12 year old range. Any possible authority who could be notified was when it was discovered what he would be doing. No one is stopping it. This is getting out of hand. R. Kelly (Bangkok, Thailand)

Reader Blind Item: Just after the turn of the century there was a movie. Based on a dramatic true story that proved to be the big break for many, now well known actors. It had a big cast of men, essential to the nature of the movie. Among this cast were a considerable number of young, relatively unknown, foreign born actors from a certain country. For many of them it was their first time on a big budget film, or their first time working with a big name director or, for some, their first time working away from their home country, and they were eager to please. Another actor on set was more well known, while not being A list by any stretch he had a secure career and was friends with the A+ list director among other influential people. He was also, even then, a massive sleaze, and didn’t discriminate by gender (although lately he is more well known for leaning towards women.) He saw a vulnerable group and set out to make some of their lives miserable on set. Bullying and sexually harassing whenever he got the chance. Eventually, as he became more of a bully and things got more physical, three of the actors stepped up and made a complaint to the director. The director met with them, and said that he would talk to the Sleaze but warned them not to make any formal complaints or they would never work again. The Sleaze was reprimanded but this only made him worse. He knew no one would say anything. The three actors have continued to act and have successful careers. One of them, more recently, had his career sabotaged by the most famous sleaze of all. But is back on track now with the lead in a TV show. The second keeps a low profile, and is kind of an introvert, but always has interesting projects on the go, mostly working on TV, theatre and Indie stuff. The third you all know from his turn in THAT franchise. And THAT OTHER franchise. The Director was caught in another pervert related quandary recently. That case was so high profile he couldn't cover it up and had to make big changes to his movie. The Sleaze got #MeTooed and will probably never work again. Karma’s a bitch.

Movie: "Black Hawk Down"
Director: Ridley Scott
Bully actor on set: Tom Sizemore
Actors who complained:
#1 - Ioan Gruffudd (his wife Alice Evans rejected Harvey Weinstein)
#2 - Hugh Dancy
#3 - Orlando Bloom ("Lord of the Rings" and "Pirates of the Caribbean")
Director’s recent quandary: replace Kevin Spacey in movie "All the Money in the World"

This staffer at the online tabloid went rogue in a recent post and got fired by the head of the company because the head of the company doesn't like to tick off the A++ lister. He is hoping for a big payoff down the road. TMZ/Donald Trump (Melania Trump sided with Lebron James against Donald Trump’s calling Lebron dumb)

I give this marriage maybe six months tops. I actually thought it would not even make it to the wedding day because the foreign born A lister in her country who is probably B- list here after a reality stint has been name dropping her now husband and getting loans she will never be able to repay. Plus, he basically outbid another guy for her which is so creepy on so many levels. Joanna Krupa (Poland) ("Real Housewives of Miami") (Douglas Nunes)

Paris Hilton, who once infamously traded cocaine for "butt sex," has some new competition. This former one season wonder who is not really welcome again in that family tree of shows did the same thing this weekend. The fees for her appearances is now $1000 which still doesn't get her much traction. She is making less than a couple grand each month strictly from her celebrity. She does use it for other things though and seems to be doing OK, but the coke use is turning off potential clients. Corinne Olympios ("Bachelor in Paradise" scandal)

Reader Blind Item - Kindness: Testimony of a young survivor of this horrific policy describes the day they were liberated. One of the officers involved, an extremely handsome man with an unflappable demeanor, led a team of men who were there to photographically document what had happened. He and his team were not from America. The officer personally helped the survivors and made sure many of them got the help they needed not to mention food and other supplies as well as transport to where they needed to go for those well enough to travel. He was the go to guy for helping all the victims who were kept in this location. He would receive a number of medals for his overall conduct and service during this huge conflict of the last century. A few years later, the survivor had immigrated to the home country of the officer and happened to go to a movie. The star was the officer. In the years that followed, the survivor followed the officer’s career as he went from teen heartthrob to mature adult making films that would be described as intellectual and arty and somewhat experimental. He was also known for not making any attempt to hide his sexuality, not out, no one was then, but not in the closet either, as well as his excellent fashion sense and the series of books he wrote later in life (some of which deal with his harrowing war experiences). He was not as big in the USA as his home country but was deeply respected. Towards the end of the officer’s life, the survivor was able to meet him and thank him for what he did. The officer as cool as ever said it was his duty as a human being. Dirk Bogarde (liberation of Bergen-Belsen concentration camp in Germany)

This organization is tired of people talking about one of their top five celebrity faces as being closeted. As I told you before, they made special arrangements for her but still want the public at large to think of her as involved or at least open to being involved with a guy. Enter someone no one has ever seen before who publicly makes out with her and who no one will probably ever see again. They also owe a big thanks to the online tabloid who said yes in return for a few favors. Elisabeth Moss (Scientology) (TMZ)

I told you a few weeks ago that the convicted child molesting rapper was beaten down by a group hired by one of the parents of his victims. The rapper wants no part of that coming to light so is dropping everything and is willing to take the $1M hit because the alternative would be much worse. More digging into all the victims he has assaulted and molested. He was all for cooperating until someone in his camp learned who was responsible. I guess they read the blind items. 6ix9ine

This former one season wonder is not only scamming that A- list network actress but is also way closer to that former co-star of his that he hooked up with on the regular when she would fly out to see him as recently as three weeks ago. Wells Adams/Sarah Hyland/Danielle Maltby ("Bachelor in Paradise")

This probably now former late night actor turned mess was in a hurry to open a plastic wrapped package of drugs. The next thing you know he needed stitches. Pete Davidson

Mr. X: Why yes, that was the gabby A/B-list talk show hostess with her husband-manager in the VIP skybox at that A++ list couple's tour stop last night (8/3). She was also spotted backstage chatting with the couple after the concert ended. It's all about networking with the people who have you on their payroll. Surprisingly her husband and the male half of the performing couple have been friends (and swapped women) for years. It figures since both couples are in business arrangement marriages. Wendy Williams/Kevin Hunter/Jay Z/Beyoncé

Mr. X: This B-list singer and celeb spawn of an A+++ lister been trying to get on that network reality competition show for years, after a close family member did OK on the show a while back. The producers were concerned about her sobriety, but she's finally convinced them that she's ready. Plus, she's got the support of a close friend who was also a contestant on the show a few seasons back. I know what you're asking, doesn't she need the money because she's broke? Well, not really. Besides her late parent's estate, she has had a rumored side gig for years which the general public doesn't know about. To be continued... Lisa Marie Presley ("Dancing With the Stars")/Priscilla Presley/Leah Remini

Birdie Blind Item: This one is about "royalty": By the time the "intervention" happened, he was of course already dead. What even at least one of the household staff knew though was that he had been found hours earlier, and a secret team of doctors - already on call - was unable to bring him back. So, in the interest of publicity, a rehab staffer (was no one suspicious that the highest level people were not sent for such a famous person?) was summoned from the coast, and voila, tragically-failed-nick-of-time ending. Prince

Kindness: This B+ list character actor all of you would know by sight finally hit it kind of big in that fairly hit network show where he plays a neighbor. He has not had that kind of fame since the quirky show back in the day. Our actor is a regular comedy club goer and has been known to take pictures with almost every single person in the audience who wants one. He buys drinks for people and drops hundreds of dollars every time into a donation bucket for the club's charity. Just a great guy and someone you hope everyone in Hollywood would be. Ray Wise ("Fresh Off the Boat") ("Twin Peaks")

Reader Blind Item - Kindness: This late actor was everywhere on TV in the 1950’s, 60’s and 70’s. The role he is most famous for is as a sidekick to the hero on this offbeat variation of a specific genre of action show that had an awful film reboot three decades later. He also did voice over work for cartoons and directed episodes of TV shows. He did a lot of charity in his spare time specifically for two causes. He was a major mover for the Boys Club and Girls Club devoting his time, money, and fundraising ability. He was even more involved with an institution that helped children afflicted with a certain condition that he was introduced to while researching a movie role. He started a celebrity sporting event for charity and a lot of the money raised went to the institution.

Actor: Ross Martin
Famous role: Artemus Gordon on "The Wild Wild West"
(reboot "Wild Wild West")
Movie role: A psychotic killer, Garland "Red" Lynch ("Experiment in Terror")
Institution: "Children's Asthma Research Institute and Hospital (CARIH)"
Celebrity sporting event: The Ross Martin Celebrity Tennis Tournaments at La Costa

It’s one of the biggest franchises in the world and every single instalLment has starred this A list actor in the main role, but we’re hearing that partnership is coming to a swift end. ‘Rebooting,’ says a source, ‘but without him and his big old paycheck.’ It’s going to be a tough job to replace the eponymous star, especially in another hollow reboot. Johnny Depp ("Pirates of the Caribbean")

Apparently now, our favorite former A+ list tweener turned A- list adult singer is acting as a chaperone/bodyguard for his actress girlfriend as she pulls a yachting gig with someone from her home country who has been following her career since she was a very young star in her own country. Nick Jonas/Priyanka Chopra (This is the guy who paid for the portions of the wedding not covered by sponsors)

All it took was one chance to break away and this B list athlete hooked up with his ex while out of the country. I guess his A- list reality star girlfriend thought things had changed and he would be faithful because he was with someone friends who said they would watch him. Nope. Tristan Thompson/Khloé Kardashian/LeBron James (Toronto, Canada)

This is from Lexi Alexander's Twitter :My favorite story about this is a friend of mine, a well known actress, doing construction on her house. She had to get her then boyfriend(an even more famous actor) to talk to builders because they wouldn’t listen to her. So she wrote him a whole got done. This story is much funnier if you know who they are and then imagine anybody thinking he knows anything about construction.

It isn't shocking this former child actor turned A list adult actor turned A- list aging actor is sticking up for the child porn loving director. What is shocking is that he is saying so publicly because people will start digging into his life and wondering just how many "intimate gifts" he accepted from that sex cult when they were recruiting his significant other. Kurt Russell/James Gunn (NXIVM/Goldie Hawn)

In the Shady Shadyopolis department, there is a bit of a problem. This time it's the individual who has been the numbers person for a few different organizations during their career. (We'll call this person BC, short for bean counter.) BC changes jobs every two to three years because that's basically how long it takes for the numbers to start looking funky to outsiders. Currently, BC is working for one organization involved in a celebrity situation, and also worked for one before that and one before that. One of the past organizations BC worked for was allegedly giving a very low percentage of the money it took in to it's actual cause. This was eventually noticed by the media and didn't look good to the outside world. One of BC's more recent gigs is also a clear conflict of interest with the current one, but no one seems to have noticed. Eventually maybe someone will, but by then BC will have moved on again and the money will have evaporated again too. Those involved don't mind, because that's how they roll too.

This Narcan episode slipped past everyone last fall around Thanksgiving time. A weight fluctuating A-/B+ funny guy was hit with Narcan by NYC paramedics after too much heroin. He ended up calling in sick for his an event the next day and apologized to his fans with a Tweet. He was feeling under the weather alright. Jonah Hill

Mr. X: This is part 2 of the BI featuring the B-list singer/celeb spawn. I know this may shock you, but the majority of popular musicians who say they write their own songs don't. Enter the "song doctor" which is code for ghostwriter. The artist whom the ghostwriter is paid to churn out/tinker with songs for have little to no input in the writing process itself. Ghostwriters for a specific artist are usually put in a room with the producer of the album and let their creative juices flow. In the industry this is called a songwriter camp and it can usually last for hours. So where does our singer/celeb spawn fit into all this? Well, according to hearsay by one of my sources, she is one of the most highly paid "song doctor"s in the music biz. She has written or co-written many top 10 hits dating from the late '80s to present day. She has ghostwritten enough #1 songs to fill a greatest hits album. They are songs you will definitely know and artists you definitely know (including the usual suspects who frequently use ghostwriters: BK, TS, MC, JB, JT, LG, etc). So those reports of her being broke... yeah, they're not true. As for the other song doctors, that's for another BI. Lisa Marie Presley (Beyoncé Knowles; Taylor Swift; Mariah Carey; Justin Timberlake; Lady Gaga)

A Dancing Boy Blind: Two storylines: one present, one past - and a bevy of very talented and in some cases famous actors. The past tense one, which takes place during a very pivotal year of my young life, happens at the height of all that - it's about the cast party for a certain movie I'm in. So, it's theme is celebration, basically, until - at its end - I learn of a last-minute addition to the script; all the creeps - to be played (as I said/hopefully) by Anthony Rapp, myself, Noah Ray (he's the director brought on for this one scene, a music video, in a sense), Chad Allen, and Taliesin Jaffe - are present. And of course it will be the secret world premiere of the young actor cast as my young likeness (as well as others...). The present tense one has to do with the death and dying of my mentor - the good twin/screenwriter - which (because the world is awful) takes place before the death of his brother. (I'll be playing the roles of both brothers in midlife - in forthcoming projects, including the first feature - but you can expect a very accomplished and award-winning veteran actor of stage and screen to appear as the elder twins in this one.) Following his death, I go to confront the other brother about what happened, only to find that he has dementia so far advanced he doesn't recognize me, or even himself. Worse: it's clear to me that he is being abused and neglected by the staff of the nursing home, and I'm forced to choose between the probably deserved rough justice, and undeserved compassion - stepping in on his behalf. Reluctantly, I choose the latter. So, not a feature-length stage play (that may be a musical version of the movie), but almost not super short either. Since the short is filmed mostly where I currently reside (until the end, when I'm patient-dumped in Hollywood [more about that: I then camp out on Bill and Jack's lawn, where I'm visited at my tent by Amanda Bynes; when we don't voluntarily leave {a please get off my lawn moment here} we're put, tent and all, on a flat bed truck and end up in the VIP section of the dump - a picnic with discarded food there follows]), it'll likely be put on a very old (by this state's standards) theater (where among others a certain icon of 19th century lit, whose books are among the most banned, used to perform). PS Oh, and I definitely see a certain female friend from college times directing/introducing this one... PPS Even the orchestra should feature some interesting people. One of them is likely to be this one musician, from the place I currently reside. I've known her sister as a friend and former co-worker since the aughts (we were both sexually harassed by the same person). They share a famous last name with their cousin, a certain local turned statewide politician (who is very probably going to win the big contest this fall; the sister I know is a climate scientist at Caltech).

Apparently the rehab this A- list singer is headed to also specializes in physical rehab too because our singer has some stroke like damage from her recent overdose and is going to need a lot of physical therapy to try and get back to 100%. Demi Lovato

83. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 08/06 **#10**
This A/A- list mostly television actor with a hit network show only added to the fuel he is hooking up with his foreign born former co-star. Our actor ditched his wife and flew across an ocean to spend time with fans where he went on and on and on and on and on about the former co-star and even arranged for several fans to meet her the next day. Michael Weatherly ("Bull")/Cote de Pablo

84. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 08/06 **#11**
Mr. X: This A- list singer who only is that high because of that monster selling single with a group showed her breast at recent event to some tween. It was crazy awkward when she asked if he had seen one before. Bebe Rexha

85. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 08/06 **#12**
Mr. X: The organizers of this event are getting a lot of push back for their decision to play sounds of loud gunfire at a huge concert event. They did it during a set which really freaked people out because they had no idea where it was coming from. 2018 Lollapalooza Chicago

86. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 08/06 **#13**
Mr. X: Whenever this A- list reality star with the lucrative side gig is making out in public you can be sure there are television cameras recording the event. It is really the only time she does it. Kendall Jenner

87. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 08/06 **#14**
This former A+ list mostly television actress is prepared to spend up to $10M to support her position in the war of the initialed one. She is on his side. She says she will go scorched earth on whoever gets in her way. Jennifer Garner/JJ Abrams (apology to Evangeline Lilly for forcing her to do semi-nude scene in "Lost")

88. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 08/06 **#15**
This permanent A list athlete is discovering that things are not all what they seem with her significant other. Apparently there is a secret lover from his past that he continues to talk to and see as much as possible. Our athlete just discovered this and is now in a huge funk. Serena Williams/Alexis Ohanian

89. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 08/06 **#16**
He Too - Old Hollywood: This beloved deceased permanent A list male star was one of the biggest predators in Hollywood. We'll call him Mr. R. Every female he worked with experienced some kind of predatory or inappropriate behavior from this person. Because of the times and his power in the industry, it was impossible back in those days to stop him. At least half a dozen actresses were alleged to have been assaulted, and there are probably more that did not share their experiences with anyone out of fear. His adoring fans had no idea. One young actress (we'll call her Ms. L) was subjected to repeated assault attempts from Mr. R. Our actress valiantly fought off Mr. R's advances on a film they made together and fortunately had family members on set who also helped shield her from being raped. Our actor was so enraged that he could not get Ms. L alone during the making of this movie that in retaliation he did everything he could to make her miserable during filming. Mr. R would kick her, pinch/slap her breasts while ridiculing her and would stomp on/smash her feet with his shoes in between and during takes. Eventually the nightmare of this movie ended, and Ms. L was finally able to get away from our actor, even though he issued parting threats that he'd find her someday and "finish the job". Ms. L shared her horrifying experiences with a friend, also an A-list Hollywood actress we will call Ms. C. Ms. C. also had a scary encounter with Mr. R (when she was a teenager) and was not surprised that the awful stories that had filtered out from crew about Mr. R's behavior on the movie were true. Years went by, and Ms. C. was invited to attend an extremely important event, and was told that Mr. R was also going to be invited too. Mr. R was pretty much retired from the business by then, and was slated to be one of the honored guests at this gathering. Ms. C had become an even more powerful celebrity in her own right by this time, so she immediately contacted the organizers with her concerns. She stated that if Mr. R was included in this event, she would publicly withdraw. When she was asked why she so vehemently opposed his attendance at this event, she stated in no uncertain terms that Mr. R had attempted to rape her as a teen and had assaulted other actresses he'd worked with. This resulted in Mr. R being dropped immediately from the event and from any future events--and caused the story to spread like wildfire through the industry rumor mill. Because of this, Mr. R figured out immediately what had taken place and was able to manipulate a mutual friend into giving him Ms. C's telephone number. He wasted no time making a threatening phone call to her about his dis-invite to the event. Ms. C was no shrinking violet and managed to record the call, turning the recording over to her lawyers right away. One of Ms. C's lawyers had an extremely tough reputation and immediately contacted Mr. R's lawyers with a cease and desist order, threatening to take the recording public. Since Ms. C was a such a mega-star by this time, there was no way that Mr. R was going to be able to explain this telephone threat if it was released to the public and he knew it. Ms. C's legal team made a deal to destroy the tape (and keep quiet about it) in exchange for a large payout from Mr. R.-- which of course was paid immediately. In spite of the gag order, Ms. C still discussed this saga with her close female friends, many of whom had been his targets. Word spread about the incident and is still discussed by old-timers in the business. And what about the settlement money? Ms. C. arranged to have those funds anonymously donated to help establish several of the very first rape crisis centers in North America.

Mr. R: Gene Kelly
Ms. L: Debbie Reynolds
Movie: "Singin' in the Rain"
Ms. C: Elizabeth Taylor (uncredited cameo appearances by Gene Kelly in "Love Is Better Than Ever")

(The dark side of Singin’ In the Rain star Gene Kelly) (Why Gene Kelly Put Debbie Reynolds Through Hell During 'Singin' in the Rain') (Actress Elizabeth Taylor watches Gene Kelly shaking hands with Larry Parks)

Apparently that whole #MeToo thing only is relevant to this A list mostly movie actress who is an Academy Award winner/nominee if it doesn't involve a paycheck. The actress, who has been a crusader of sorts in the movement has agreed to star in a film by a director who has assaulted multiple women, some of which for many years and has more assault charges from other people that are difficult to even tally because of the number. But hey, you do you. Jessica Chastain/Matthew Newton

About a decade ago, this actress was A+ list in her corner of the entertainment world. At that point, she rebuffed this disgraced producer and he got his revenge by releasing a series of pictures that would rock the world. Apparently all is forgiven or she got a nice big check because she did a huge favor for the producer and his family. Vanessa Hudgens/Harvey Weinstein (wore Marchesa — the brand designed by Harvey Weinstein‘s ex-wife, Georgina Chapman)

This B+ list reality star from multiple shows on the same network loves to show off his very expensive lifestyle and his more famous reality wife is the same way. He isn't showing it, but the B+ lister might have to sell off a significant part of his company to stay afloat because of some very shady deals he has pulled off. The layer of the stinking onion are just now coming to light and more customers are wondering if he screwed them over too. Mauricio Umansky ("Agency") (Kyle Richards/"Real Housewives of Beverly Hills")

This former singer turned reality star on multiple reality shows turned host turned celebrity turned failed singer turned failed host is hooking up with her new boss who is a married A lister. That is how she landed her new job actually. Tamar Braxton/Steve Harvey

Our favorite foreign born still one hit wonder thought she was the number one option for this very rich executive/yacht owner. Nope. She was pushed aside for several younger women who were from South America. Our singer was forced to leave with most of the day crew and one other woman who didn't make the cut. Iggy Azalea

Since this film is historical in nature, the producers have decided to pull the release date in hopes that their A list star can get his act together, get sober and actually do press for the movie. Apparently he has little actual recollection of shooting the movie because he was so out of it during filming. Johnny Depp (Tupac/Notorious B.I.G movie "City of Lies")

The foreign born former A+ list tweener and his celebrity offspring girlfriend are basically just doing a version of cuckolding. The only thing is the former tweener gets to sleep with as many women as he wants while his girlfriend has to watch and read reports about it until she gets desensitized to the fact he can be with whoever she wants while she has to remain chaste. Justin Bieber/Hailey Baldwin

With her most recent actions in public and behind the scenes, this former A+ list singer has drawn even more attention to herself from authorities about what she knows about the celebrity death. If she had stayed quiet, things would have gone so much better for her. She was just so scared of people discovering the truth that she tried to get the narrative going her way and deflecting as much as possible. Lady Gaga/Rick "Zombie Boy" Genest

This married B+ list mostly movie actress who used to be a model and is probably still better at modeling than she ever will be as an actress has finally realized her husband just is not going to stop hooking up with men and has taken off her wedding ring. Brooklyn Decker/Andy Roddick

99. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 08/07 **#10**
This late night host and A- list mostly movie actor from an acting family might say one thing publicly, but they all believe most of the victims in the #MeToo movement had it coming to them and really wanted to be with famous powerful people. Someone overheard them talking about it this past week and literally almost vomited at what the two were saying. Jimmy Kimmel (#MeToo Oscars monologue)/Jason Bateman

100. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 08/07 **#11**
Good luck to those makeup people having to deal with all of those meth scars on this foreign born A- list actress. Dealing with it in movies is a whole lot easier than what will be expected of them on a daily basis to get them all covered. Ruby Rose ("Batwoman")

101. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 08/07 **#12**
You can give it whatever fancy name you want or make everyone think it is some kind of silver bullet, but we all know this reality couple was having premarital sex. Shocker!! At least this time they did it close enough to the wedding that entire backstories and disappearances didn't have to be written into the plot. Hey, you know if you let my favorite actually get to be with her significant other, instead of this crazy punishment you insist on putting her through, maybe karma and your lies to cover your tracks wouldn't be put to the test as often. Josiah Duggar/Lauren Swanson (favorite Jana Duggar)

102. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 08/07 **#13**
This former A+ list celebrity turned nobody for decades turned A list reality star from multiple shows who has A+ list name recognition is pimping out their significant other just to land business meetings. Caitlyn Jenner/Sophia Hutchins

103. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 08/07 **#14**
This foreign born A-/B+ list mostly movie actress who is an Academy Award winner/nominee was told by her kids that their actor father kept them up at night when they stay over at his place because the woman he is with is so loud in bed. Naomi Watts/Liev Schreiber/former Miss South Dakota Taylor Neisen

104. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 08/07 **#15**
One thing that won't be shown in this proposed new show featuring a one hit wonder is that set visit back in the day to that horrible for tweens network. The producer was a big fan so managed to find several groupies willing to hook up with the guest star in exchange for getting to hang out backstage at an event with numerous underage teens and tweens that were fans of the one hit wonder. "Wide Open - Vanilla Ice" (The real-life story of the rise, fall, and redemption of Rob Van Winkle aka Vanilla Ice.)/Dan Schneider/Nickelodeon

105. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 08/07 **#16**
Don't Go Outside: I think over the past several weeks or so we are getting an idea that perhaps this A list singer (EX) is not as stable as one might have previously thought. There is no question about her A list status. When she is on her game, she is incredible. That being said, she does get distracted from time to time and the more she drinks, the more she gets distracted. The more she gets distracted about a certain topic, the more violent she is likely to become. She is not going to go over to your house and hit you or anything like that, but as this permanent A list singer (BA) can attest, you can find animal feces on your doorstep or a decapitated Barbie doll that is wearing clothing remarkably similar to an outfit BA wore in the past which EX hand sewed for the doll. There was one time EX caught her celebrity significant other cheating on her with a female singer who has had issues in the past with men who are attached. What did EX do? Splashed bright red paint (at least everyone hopes it was paint) all over every single pair of his underwear. EX then drove over the the condo where the singer was living at the time and using shoe polish wrote the word "Wh**e" on every window visible to the street. The crazy thing is that everything she accuses others of, she has done herself, but says she gets a pass because of what they put her through.

Bethenny Frankel says the bank accounts of many Real Housewives stars aren’t quite as flush as they appear on TV. "They can’t afford the lives they’re living," Frankel, 47, tells Money for the magazine’s September issue. "And if the music stops, they’re going to get in some trouble." Frankel ensured that she would not find herself in that trouble when she signed her first contract to appear on The Real Housewives of New York City. Money reports that Frankel, who was paid $7,250 for her first season, would not agree to give Bravo profits from endeavors that she used Real Housewives to publicize. "Everybody else just had to try to play catch-up after they saw what I did," Frankel says. Frankel’s financial woes are now long behind her — she made $100 million by selling Skinnygirl in 2011 and can still use the brand name, according to Money — but she started her career in tougher circumstances. "Until my late thirties, everything was just an anxiety and a struggle," explains Frankel, who racked up $20,000 in credit card debt. "It’s like the way people feel when they eat something and they don’t feel good about it. … I’d be on the phone begging to get the [fees] reduced." She has a philosophy about debt: "You can’t put yourself in a position where, if the s–t hit the fan, you couldn’t pay all of your bills at one time," she says. "If the world came to an end, I would be able to pay for everything. I might not be left with much, but I can afford what I have." Frankel showed off her financial security when she took Architectural Digest on a tour of her glamorous, $4.2 million Manhattan loft in May. "I feel humbled," she said at the time. "It took my three days to feel like this is my apartment. Wow, I can’t believe I live here." In March, The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star Erika Girardi said on The Wendy Williams Show that she spends $40,000 per month to facilitate her lifestyle. She said, "If you want to look good, it’s hair, it’s makeup, it’s wardrobe, and then those people that help facilitate that. They’re not cheap." Sonja Morgan; Luann de Lesseps; Tinsley Mortimer; Carole Radziwill

107. THE GOSSIP LIFE 08/08
When you combine the words "political" and "actor", this B list actor should be one of the first that comes to mind. Well, a source informs me that this political actor is is danger of being outed or blackmailed. Apparently he’s been hitting the gay clubs a little hard recently and an undercover journalist (not us) has been made aware. A story could already be in the works. I guess this actor might be spending a lot of time at his house soon. Kal Penn (in April 2009, Penn joined the Obama administration as an Associate Director in the White House Office of Public Engagement. This necessitated that his TV character, Lawrence Kutner, be written out of "House")

Which original naughty housewife was caught giving oral sex in the back of a chauffeured driven car to a buff African-American actor she met only hours before at a house party in New York? After flirting for a few hours at a private party other guests spotted the new ‘friends’ leaving together. They didn’t recognize each other from TV and didn’t know each-other’s last names, but that didn’t stop them from getting to know each other extremely well on the backseat of the car. After the dirty deed was completed she dropped him off at his apartment and sang ‘goodbye’ as she headed up town to meet her fiancé!
Luann de Lesseps when she was engaged to Tom D'Agostino Jr.

109. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 08/08 **#1**
This former A+ list rapper is on drugs so strong that he can literally stand in place doing nothing for an hour at a time. It freaks anyone out who hasn't seen it, but his family just calls it zombie phase. Kanye West

110. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 08/08 **#2**
Apparently this A list singer couldn't stay off social media and couldn't say no to her actor boyfriend when he said they should try some crack. He is taking her down with him and this is just going to get messier. Her management wants her to split with him before she misses out on a couple years of earnings. It is all about the money for them. Ariana Grande/Pete Davidson

111. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 08/08 **#3**
Apparently the push to go to a doctor for the umpteenth time by this former A+ list tweener to his girlfriend with her hemming and hawing finally resulted in her telling him she had a "miscarriage." Uh huh. Justin Bieber/Hailey Baldwin

112. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 08/08 **#4**
Even though they had come to some type of an understanding about their marriage, this rocked it to the core and they are on very shaky ground. This foreign born A- list mostly television actress from a hit network show is being bombarded with questions about why her actor husband has been hanging out with the child porn loving director so much. In fact, the two hang out at least once a week together, but the actress had no idea because of the distance between husband and wife. Now that she found out, she is beyond livid. Sofia Vergara/Joe Manganiello/James Gunn

113. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 08/08 **#5**
This hit network show has decided to go full on for accused rapists who believe there is no such thing as rape if a woman is unconscious. This hiring of a former A list singer should go over well with the female demographic. CeeLo Green ("The Voice")

114. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 08/08 **#6**
Someone has been watching Ryan Reynolds interviews about rewriting history to fit in the people in your life that were not present when the history occurred. Such is the case with this foreign born A list dual threat actor who is definitely more focused on movies now it seems. Anyway, he was giving an interview and talking about a television award won and how he told his wife. The thing is though when he won the award he wasn't married and wasn't even "dating" her yet. In fact, he hadn't even met her yet. He was still exclusively with the vowel filled girlfriend.

Actor: Benedict Cumberbatch
Television Award: Primetime Emmy Award: Outstanding Lead Actor in a Miniseries or a Movie: Sherlock
Wife: Sophie Hunter
Girlfriend: Katia Elizarova

115. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 08/08 **#7**
It was sad to see this former C+ list alliterate celebrity who reached her C+ list peak almost a decade ago try and trade sex for pap photos and repeatedly get turned down. In the end, she had to get a friend take some photos and then pay a photo agency to try and get people who were interested in them. Only one agency was interested and they got them for free. Phoebe Price

116. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 08/08 **#8**
This married to a celebrity foreign born former A- list network reality star who comes from a reality family has been seen in special nightclubs around town. These nightclubs are only for those who speak a certain language. Further, there are some VIP rooms for the wealthy and our former reality star has been hitting the VIP rooms and hooking up with the women that staff the rooms on an almost daily basis. Interesting to note is that our reality star has more fame than money so no one is sure how he is affording this very very expensive service offering. Maksim Chmerkovskiy/Peta Murgatroyd (Russian)

117. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 08/08 **#9**
Apparently the producers of this show didn't even tell the network bosses they paid off a man who was going to release all kinds of sordid tales about the "chaste" one. He is basically the only thing they have going ratings wise right now and with the drama from last year still fresh in everyone's mind, no one wanted to see the spinoff canceled due to some guy spilling gallons of tea. Colton Underwood ("Bachelor in Paradise")

118. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 08/08 **#10**
After last week's debacle at an acting class where this A+ list singer made everyone sign a NDA prior to her even showing up at class and then just not doing well at all, our singer is now taking solo acting lessons. When something calls for a partner she uses one of her bodyguards. Taylor Swift

119. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 08/08 **#11**
A bunch of old white people got together and strategized how best to make sure people of color were placated but wouldn't be everywhere on the television screens. So, they came up with a new award which is such crap and they should be ashamed of themselves. Academy Awards new category "outstanding achievement in popular film"

120. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 08/08 **#12**
The high pitched A list singer/all around a-hole made some groupies lift their skirts/take off their pants the other night before telling the ones with any cellulite they were fat and should head home. Yeah, he is a real winner this guy. Charlie Puth

121. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 08/08 **#13**
This back in the day A+ list tween/teen television actress turned A- list adult television actress turned take what you can get but does have a new show now is cheating on her long time husband with a think tanker she met at a conference six months ago. They have been attending a lot of "conferences," since that time to continue their relationship. Alyssa Milano/Dave Bugliari ("Insatiable")

122. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 08/08 **#14**
It was more than a one hit wonder from this group. Let us call it a one album wonder. The lead singer has made a career even if everyone assumes his name is something else. He has gone from pop to other formats and everything in between. ALL of you know the group name. In his new adopted hometown our closeted singer is known as someone who is not very discreet about his same sex relationships but they really wish he would be because the conservative circles in which he travels like discretion. Darius Rucker ("Hootie and the Blowfish")/country music/Nashville

123. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 08/08 **#15**
This long running north of the border teen dominated show has been filming in what seems like an out of the way place. It is the basis for what became a crackdown on an international child p*rn ring. Several of the tweens/teens on the show were filmed performing explicit sex scenes. Because the town is so small, the producers of the child p*rn needed more children. Enter this convicted child p*rn king who also happens to be a fugitive right now after agreeing to cooperate in a much larger ongoing investigation before fleeing the country. Through his contacts in the government in both countries, he arranged for children to be flown from his country to the north of the border country for filming. The children would stay three days and then be flown back to their home country or into the US where they would be sold. There have been several guilty pleas in this case, but the big names involved have been protected from prosecution because it would be "uncomfortable." Tell that to the kids. "Degrassi: Next Class"/Jason "Byrd" Dickens

124. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 08/08 **#16**
Dear former A list mostly television actor from an iconic show and role turned A- list take what he can get but keeps getting work because of that show, Yes, I know you have had "injuries," over the past decade or so and those doctors have been really good filling out those prescriptions. If they ever stopped, you found new ones. That self-medicating has been going on a long time while you try and convince the world how sober you are. The result of the years of abuse is what happens to most people who do it as long and as hard as you did.
Get better soon and get some help.
Love & Bacon,|
Matthew Perry (ruptured bowel)

125. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 08/08 **#17**
I love how this A- list standup comic made the split announcement with their spouse. They controlled the narrative and made it seem as if this was totally a mutual thing and not the comic hooking up with someone for the past few months. Such a sham. Cameron Esposito and Rhea Butcher

126. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 08/08 **#18**
The celebrity CEO is now furthering that fake news he was spinning yesterday by bringing in a suitor sure to get everyone riled up. Who could he pick to swing people to his side and drive the stock price up? The same people that are having a diplomatic battle with the country to the north. Make them the bad guys he says. Elon Musk (plans to take his firm private with 'funding secured') (Saudia Arabia/Canada)

127. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 08/08 **#19**
The STD: They were making it work. They had made their relationship work for many years. They definitely had their ups and downs, but that was more to his wanting to be with men more than wanting to be with women. When they first began their relationship, he was probably an A- list mostly movie actor. I would listen to arguments he was A list because he was in some very big movies and was given a chance at headlining a decent sized movie. It bombed. His career bombed. Everyone knew he was more interested in partying and finding guys to hook up with than acting. He only liked the acting for the money it gave him to fund his partying ways. When he was A list, all of you knew him. He was a heartthrob. She used to be an A lister too. Television for her. Popular show. Later, she kind of bounced around before landing another show which was middling to say the least and only stayed on the air because there was nothing to replace it with. I also think it is because one of the supporting cast hooked up with a network executive in charge of the show. When she got pregnant (that is a whole other Maury type situation) they stopped seeing each other and the show fizzled. How did our two lovebirds get together considering how much he enjoys guys? His people thought he needed to escape the rumors about his sexuality. He is still in the closet. So, they had him go on a date with our actress. The thing is though, they clicked as friends. They could hang out and she wasn't all that interested in dating and never has been. More of an asexual person. She did want a baby though, so they did that and did it the natural way. It was maybe a year after the baby was born or a little longer, that our actress wanted another baby. So, they set about trying again. The thing is though he neglected to tell her that he had contracted a STD. He says STD. I say HIV. She found out when she got a call from someone who had a call from the Health Department who knew the two of them were trying to make a baby but the caller had also been having unprotected sex with our actor. Our actress was incensed and basically since that day has barred the actor from her life. Hayden Christensen/Rachel Bilson ("The O.C.") ("Hart of Dixie") (cast member: Jaime King)

128. POPBITCH 08/09
(British blog)
The BBC is often accused of ageism, but which high-powered exec there celebrated the launch of a successful female-led sitcom by having sex with the show's married, middle-aged leading lady in a sauna?

129. THE GOSSIP LIFE 08/09
She’s got a couple of Oscar nominations and even her harshest critics would concede that she’s one of the finest actresses of her generation, but as more time passes by the more her reputation as difficult and demanding increases. ‘Everybody respects her,’ says a source, ‘but nobody likes her and that is probably why she never collaborates with the same people. Zero. Zilch.’ We’re hearing rumours that it’s lost her numerous roles and even lost her a very baity role in an upcoming Oscar contender. I guess if they ever remake The Devil Wears Prada, we have the perfect candidate. Julia Roberts

130. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 08/09 **#1**
This A- list mostly movie actor rose to fame during a pay cable show for which he was a multiple Emmy winner/nominee. The thing the married actor never talks about in public is his toddler baby with another woman. He just pretends the child doesn't exist. It may be why he and his wife are always on the edge of splitting. Adam Driver ("Girls")

131. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 08/09 **#2**
Apparently if someone asks for a second appointment, our favorite foreign born still one hit wonder considers it a relationship. I'm not sure the client agrees considering he was hooking up with someone else two nights ago. Iggy Azalea (and he made it clear he was not in a relationship with her despite what she said) (DeAndre Hopkins)

132. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 08/09 **#3**
I didn't think this online tabloid could be up anyone's butt more than Kris Jenner. I was wrong. They have their entire head up the butt of the head of this entertainment organization and are just throwing out numbers that have no basis in reality whatsoever. Further, they have been instructed to totally forgive and forget when it comes to the history of this online celebrity. To them he is the greatest of the greatest. Pretty much par for the course for them. TMZ/UFC/Logan Paul (they said the number of PPV buys would be higher than McGregor/Mayweather and Mayweather/Pacquiao, the latter of which set the all time record for PPV buys)

133. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 08/09 **#4**
I am actually kind of shocked this cable reality star is trying to make this big switch from one media to another. His last effort didn't go very well because he kept trying to hook up with the former A+ list tweener television actor turned A-/B+ list adult movie actor. The movie turned out like crap because of it and nearly ruined both their careers. Max Joseph (leaving "Catfish")/Zack Efron ("We Are Your Friends")

134. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 08/09 **#5**
What nobody is talking about in this A+ list divorce is how broke this former A+ list mostly movie actress is. She has spent almost every dollar she has ever earned because she couldn't control her crazy spending. Hundreds of millions of dollars. She is like the female Johnny Depp minus the rock star fetish and the beating of women. Spanking yes, but no beatings. Angelina Jolie (Brad Pitt)

135. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 08/09 **#6**
There has been talk of this former world's worst actress (the title now belongs to Cara Delevingne) turned multiple reality star getting to be on the crown jewel of cable reality television. The thing is though she has to get her pill use under control and her husband to stop cheating because otherwise it will be more Kim Richards like than anything fun. Tori Spelling/Dean McDermott ("Real Housewives of Beverly Hills")

136. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 08/09 **#7**
This former Svengali type who has destructed more than one career and was huge in the tabloids a decade ago is trying to act as a manager again. Right now he is leaking stories to the trades about that popular streaming show about to enter a new season. Contracts are being renegotiated and the wannabe manager is throwing out numbers of a salary for his roommate/talent as star level while throwing everyone else in the cast under the bus. Sam Lutfi/Ross Butler/("13 Reasons Why")/Dylan Minnette

137. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 08/09 **#8**
A Dancing Boy Blind: Here's one about, in part, something I haven't discussed before: Sunday brunch, in college times, consisted of Challah French Toast, black coffee, and the children of celebrities, and assorted prep school throwaways nursing nosebleeds and hangovers from the night before. In this one case - later in those years - I was joined by two friends, both of whom would become journalists. Neither of them mentioned it, but sometimes you can feel the stares of others, even when they're at your back. "Why are they looking at us?" I asked, pretending to read the Times. "I don't think they're looking at us honey. I think they're looking at you." "How come?" "According to (one of the people at the table - the son of a disco-era R&B singer/bandleader known in particular for this one song about partying), there are pictures and video of you on the net - from when you were in San Francisco." "I guess we know what they're into," I said, audibly. "Some things you wish you hadn't seen," he replied. I turned to him, looking straight into his eyes, and said: "You chose to look at that stuff, unlike all those people who come to your house on campus, and find themselves greeted by your naked and erect self." And that was that. The first question people ask me, when they hear about this part of my past, is if I had known about the internet, would I have done it still. The answer, if it's my current self, is a resounding no. But, in truth, you'd be asking my adolescent self, who had a limited sense of consequences, and on the worst days - owing largely to the shame and self-loathing that comes with abuse - little expectation of making it past 30. His answer, I'm afraid, would still be yes. But hey: at least I didn't use my real name - which brings me to the second part of this blind. A few weeks back I got a phone call from one of my aforementioned friends. It seems this person's employer wants to be the publication that breaks the story of a major celebrity scandal (which you all now know about). In involves of course one of my friends and forthcoming players - who I had vowed years back to help lift up if I ever got back in the game - and something that began when he, like me, was fourteen. I told her exactly what he told me, which is that he hasn't decided if he's ready to speak with the press yet, but he's getting closer to that point. (I also said - and this is inside baseball stuff - that a certain reporter from a different news organization, known for this one law prof/blogger, would have to share the byline. I feel I owe him this.) "What about you?" she asked. "You want to do a story about my illustrious career as a teen porn star?" "No, not really," she said. And then, silence. "You still there?" she asked, finally. "Yes, and you know the answer. It isn't that I won't but I can't - not now anyhow." "Fair enough," she said, and proceeded to tell me this story. It's about someone you may or may not have ever heard of, but who in recent years was on the short list for a top job in his profession. What scuttled his bid? There is a picture, of course, just a google search away. But that wasn't the only one they found during the vetting process. There were numerous others, pictures and videos, from his late teens and early twenties - all apparently circulating on barely legal websites since the 1990s. And not even that was all. According to one his friends from back then, he often played the "son," "nephew," or "protege" of wealthy, closeted politicians, judges, and even in one case a country singer at parties in his home state - never using a pseudonym. It may not be a scandal in Hollywood, but it certainly would be there.

138. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 08/09 **#9**
This former almost A- list mostly movie actress is doubling down on comments she made last year. The reason? She has no problems with casting couches and thinks it is a way to move ahead of others who won't casting couch. She thinks people who complain about it are just jealous of those who have done it and landed parts.
Lindsay Lohan (criticizes #MeToo accusers: ‘It makes them look weak’)

139. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 08/09 **#10**
A Dancing Boy Blind: While I'm on the subject of the college, and not I guess a blind or anything, but who applied and was rejected back then? This one actress, known today probably more for her activism than her acting. She was the star - at least I'm sure as far as many of the men and boys in the audience were concerned - of this long running network sitcom back in the day. She is also known for her feuds, apparently driving this one actress to quit a certain later show, only to be replaced by another actress with whom she didn't get along. All that came up again late last year regarding a major celebrity scandal/divorce. You have to wonder just how bad her grades were. I mean, being who she was, you'd have to otherwise conclude that all she had to do was spell her name correctly on the application to get in.

Actress: Alyssa Milano
Network sitcom: "Who’s the Boss"
Later show: "Charmed" (Shannen Doherty, then Rose McGowan)

140. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 08/09 **#11**
For those of you thinking that recent joint purchase was a love nest for this foreign born actress and her cable actor cheating boyfriend, you would be wrong. It is however four apartments that will be rented out to tenants. Neither of our subjects are willing to move out or give up their current places in that location. Diane Kruger/Norman Reedus

141. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 08/09 **#12**
This B+ list mostly movie actress who only seems to act in that long running action franchise she has been part of since the beginning only found one taker this summer for yachting. Usually she has a number of offers for her threesome services but, even with a significant discount in her rate, there were very few inquiries. It appears that next summer she may have to pay her own way should she want to vacation in Europe. Michelle Rodriguez ("Fast & Furious")

142. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 08/09 **#13**
This current married west coast NBA player/thinks he's a rapper who got traded last year mid-season but didn't play for his new team has been spending his summer on the east coast, partying and hooking up with porn stars on boats. Iman Shumpert/Teyana Taylor  ("Sacramento Kings")

143. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 08/09 **#14**
This southern seems like a long time ago but really wasn't that long ago Presidential candidate who crashed and burned into tabloid flames got a 19 year old waitress pregnant. He just loves getting women pregnant who are not his significant others. John Edwards

144. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 08/09 **#15**
This former A list mostly television actress from a very hit, very long running now defunct network show turned writer/producer/actress and reality judge walked out of a one on one press availability yesterday when the reporter asked her about her continued support and under the table employment of a former A list comedian, now disgraced.
Actress: Amy Poehler
Network show: "Parks and Recreation"
Reality judge: "Making It"
New show: "I Feel Bad"
Comedian: Louis CK

145. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 08/09 **#16**
All The Little Boys: This actor was A+ list back in the day. The biggest movie star on the planet. It was at a time when there were several leading men battling back and forth for that title. What knocked him from his perch? Not what so much as who. This permanent A list mostly movie actor is the source of that world famous rumor which got spread by word of mouth and knocked our actor down to A- list. A for show wedding and marriage that made news everywhere didn't really stop those rumors. Our actor had no way to address the rumor without answering questions and discussing it more, so sought other ways. When the marriage to the superstar didn't work, he turned to someone else. No, not a woman, but someone he thought would really boost his image. It gave him a different image, but it never really brought him back to where he once was. His most recent ex says the actor blames the person he turned to. He says the person he turned to was more interested in finding young boys who were drawn to the person like a moth to a flame. He had a choice of literally thousands of boys and when our actor would want to see the person, he often had to wait days or weeks because the person just wanted to be with his "harem," he called it. Even when the person would travel the globe, there they would be, tagging along, a group of a half dozen boys for every week he was traveling. A three week trip? Twenty boys, a new one for each night. Our actor never said anything to anyone and just continued to make people believe the person was something else. It almost seems as if our actor embraced that kind of do anything attitude because that is when our actor became sort of a menace on set and in public and continues to do so up to today. It is also interesting that our actor no longer talks about the other person in such glowing terms. How could he? When the truth comes out, and it will, how will our actor look when it turns out he knew and said nothing.
Actor: Richard Gere
Rumor: went to an emergency room with a gerbil stuffed into his rectum, supposedly an extreme form of gay sex
Source of rumor: Sylvester Stallone

Marriage: Cindy Crawford
Person he turned to: Dalai Lama

146. THE GOSSIP LIFE 08/10
Thora Birch (American Beauty) was on track to being one of the biggest actresses of her generation until rumours of her stage dad’s demanding behaviour got her on the blacklist. Well, it’s not spoken about nearly as much, but this hot teenage heartthrob was set to be a big star until one of his ridiculous parental figures got a little too demanding in negotiations and single-handedly lost the actor several lead roles, including a potential superhero movie. It probably didn’t help he also wasn’t the best actor. Taylor Lautner

147. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 08/10 **#1**
His career might be in the toilet right now, but his fetish for only dating women who look exactly like the A+ list mostly movie actress who rejected him on a near weekly basis for almost two years continues. Our actor, who is also a comic is probably getting a second chance again very soon thanks to the streaming service that loves him has a new girlfriend. He even makes her wear her hair like the actress. I wonder if he calls her by the name of the actress. Aziz Ansari ("Master Of None")/Jennifer Lawrence

148. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 08/10 **#2**
I'm guessing this is the end of the relationship between the A- list reality star and the pro athlete. Once again, while out of the country he has been hooking up with multiple women. One is a proper ex and one is one of the women he already cheated on the reality star with. Khloé Kardashian/Tristan Thompson (in Toronto teaching a basketball camp)

149. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 08/10 **#3**
This back in the day A list mostly movie actress who crashed and burned when she tried to self medicate is on an entirely different kind of drugs these days. Unable to pay her bill to her drug dealer, she instead films herself with tween boys and girls and gives the product to the dealer who sells it to others. Apparently this has been going on for awhile but she managed to keep it super secret until some fellow party goers stole her stuff. Sean Young ("Blade Runner")

150. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 08/10 **#4**
This A- list alliterate mostly television actor is sweating bullets rights now. After years and years of looking for a big break he got a huge one and is on a hit and making money hand over fist. He has already been told though if a case moves on to the next stage he will be suspended and most likely fired from his current gig and that his career will be over for quite some time. Meanwhile, a set of writers is working on a season that includes him and doesn't include him. Anthony Anderson ("Black-ish")

151. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 08/10 **#5**
Dear former tweener actress who had to use her feet in ways we all don't want to know more about turned A list singer. It is all well and good that you are sticking to your timeline of when you did and did not start hooking up with the late night actor/addict. The problem you are facing is he was telling his friends that he was hooking up with you loooong before your time line suggests. So, while you are scurrying around in the dark tonight in that crash pad you think no one knows about, but we do while you do your umm, activities, maybe you get your stories straight.
Love & Bacon,
Ariana Grande/Pete Davidson/Mac Miller

152. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 08/10 **#6**
Double Dose Of Don't Believe The Hype: Were you in the store last week and happen to see the whole Brad Pitt/Jennifer Aniston marriage thing in the tabloids. I told you it would happen. This stuff is on the same level of fakery because publicists see a way to make their clients look better.

#1 - This foreign born weight challenged/grouchy/heavy drinker/frequent cheater/Academy Award winner/nominee is being talked about to be hooking up with this foreign born permanent A list singer. First of all she is about twice the age of the women he dates. Second of all, she has no interest in him or anyone of his ilk right now. Not going to happen. Didn't happen. Both would say hell no. Russell Crowe/Celine Dion

#2 - This former A- list actor/Lothario who is working his way through a second generation of 18 and 19 year old women who were barely alive when he made his first run through the gene pool is being suggested as wanting to settle down with the rehabbing singer. Umm, no. His goal in life is to break the record of Wilt Chamberlain which would be tough if he was married. Wilmer Valderrama/Demi Lovato

153. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 08/10 **#7**
There's Too Much Paranoia: A series of big events that have received a lot of positive media attention are rumored to be experiencing epic levels of drama behind the scenes. The most interesting story coming out of the events relates to one of the A list participants who we'll call Mr. C. Mr. C is a revered figure in his circles, but in real life is becoming more difficult with age- his public persona is much different than the private one, which has always been volatile. Anyway, Mr. C is a jerk and is now also getting super paranoid as he gets older. Because of his narcissism, he's convinced he will be targeted, especially after reading recent news about 3D printers and weapons. Because of these fears, Mr. C insisted on a last minute security clause at the event which resulted in upset people and disorder at the venue. The worst part was that because the demand was made on such short notice, there was no time to adequately communicate it to those attending which added to the chaos. The people associated with Mr. C are livid about this right now but don't dare cross him. Mr. C: Rahm Emanuel, mayor of Chicago ("Lollapalooza 2018")

154. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 08/10 **#8**
Cuckadoodledoo: Speaking of big events, this same event was also attended by some other VIPs, including another A list figure, who contrary to Mr. C is well liked. We'll call him Mr. P - and his attendance at this event was not without it's own controversy. This was because of his significant other, who loves the public eye and social media in particular. Recently she posted something on SM praising some high profile friends who are also ardent supporters of a certain political figure. Friends and acquaintances of Mr. P saw this post and were absolutely horrified. Because of this, those involved in the event were hoping Mr. P would come solo, but no dice. She isn't about to miss another social media opportunity and Mr. P has zero control over her behavior anyway.

155. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 08/10 **#9**
I don't understand people sometimes. Well, a lot of the time, but especially in this case. You have this former A list rapper who is going through financial hell and will probably end up losing her home. She could go on tour and easily make the money to support herself and keep her home. She won't though. Why? Because she is living a decade or so in the past and thinks she should be able to charge $75 a ticket and play nothing but 5,000 seat places and larger. If she would get in a van and play 1,000 seat places and charge $25 she could easily make a ton of money. Her ego won't let her though, so her financial situation will only get worse. Lil' Kim

156. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 08/10 **#10**
This way back in the day A list child/tween actor who has lived off that one show for decades recently found out his long time girlfriend was hooking up with other people the entire time they were together. Todd Bridges ("Diff'rent Strokes")

157. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 08/10 **#11**
This foreign born A list superhero is done because he knows what is about to come out about him and the underage high school girls. Apparently that ex of his found what she previously thought was lost. A recording of a little get together with him and a few of her friends. Henry Cavill/Tara King

158. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 08/10 **#12**
That convicted child molester/rapper should read the blinds because then he would know that in less than two months when he should be sentenced to some jail time, that several other underage girls he raped and filmed all want a chance to speak. 6ix9ine

159. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 08/10 **#13**
This pay cable company really wants a spinoff of that ending soon hit show. So, they assigned four pilots to two executives, neither of whom have any idea about the franchise other than the episode or two they watched of the show. This is turning into a disaster and the executives spend more time taking shots at each other than they do anything actually substantive. So, for all of you hoping for something good and your fix after the show ends, you may be disappointed. HBO/"Game of Thrones"

160. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 08/10 **#14**
This A list singer who usually sings in another language got tired of a bunch of his stuff and couldn't sell it for what he wanted to get out of it so did what everyone has been doing as of late. Had a friend take it for themselves while our A lister makes a profit on the insurance claim. Puerto Rican rapper Daddy Yankee, famous for his 2017 hit "Despacito"

161. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 08/10 **#15**
This very tall A list mostly movie actor is selling off property because he and his wife are splitting. That last hookup with the porn star was the final straw. Vince Vaughn/Kyla Weber

162. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 08/10 **#16**
His First Victim: He was one of the biggest celebrities on the planet (PR). He had created something the entire world was discussing. He was young and at the top of his game. If you think about it, and what happened in the next few years with girls and teens who looked remarkably similar, you see the pattern developing. They ran into each other at a party. The kind of party where PR was probably too old for but this B+ list actress fit right in. We will call her (VS). VS knew exactly who PR was and he promised her a role in his new movie if she wanted to hang out. So, they did. He forced her into all kinds of degrading sex acts and to make her want to do them found a doctor who prescribed a whole bunch of pills for her to take. PR also got her a very special medicine from a friend in the Amazon who he had met while scouting a film that would make him even more famous. That special medicine is what ultimately would kill VS. They were supposed to meet one night but PR had already found someone he liked more and who was younger. He didn't want VS talking about him, so he told her to meet him late one night after she hung out with friends. He told her to take some of the special medicine an hour before they were to meet. She did and ended up dead. A decade later a family member of VS found out about PR and confronted PR about the death of VS. PR agreed to meet the family member. Two hours after their meeting, the family member was dead.

163. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 08/11 **#1**
This celebrity CEO had a really rough week. As soon as he got out of work Friday afternoon, he flew to Vegas on his private jet and went on a bender. I guess he can feel that SEC investigation breathing down his neck. Elon Musk

164. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 08/11 **#2**
Back in the day it would have been him doing too many drugs for her, but times have changed. This permanent A list rapper was hooking up with the foreign born A list rapper but she was doing way too many drugs for him to be around. He is older and trying to live a relatively sober lifestyle. He says he is always talking to the kids around him not to be doing them, so he thinks it would be hypocritical. Eminem/Nicki Minaj

165. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 08/11 **#3**
Speaking of drugs, this alliterate foreign born actress has been told by her people to ONLY party at her house or in a hotel room where she hires someone to clean the place for her other than the hotel staff. No one wants to jeopardize the big gig she landed. Our actress has a reputation for not being discreet about her partying or the aftermath in locations of on her body. Ruby Rose ("Batwoman")

166. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 08/11 **#4**
Yet another rape victim has come forward and also corroborated the story of another rape victim yet somehow this radio host/pay cable interviewer is still keeping his job. How is this possible. Does he have to rape the wife of one of the executives at the company before they will do anything? Charlamagne tha God

167. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 08/11 **#5**
This writer dodged a bullet because there was no rape kit. He is not out there crowing today unlike the other singer/sexual predator who got off on a technicality. What is the worst thing about all this is that the former A- list writer/actress from a pay cable show was trash talking the victim again last night. How does anyone support this actress? She is supposed to be an inspiration for women but all she does is knock them down when it conflicts with her own needs and wants in her life.
Writer: Murray Miller
Show: "Girls"
Singer/sexual predator: Marilyn Manson
Former A- list writer/actress: Lena Dunham

168. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 08/11 **#6**
Good news. This former A- list mostly movie actress who had a movie franchise before disappearing into the void and then resurrecting herself in a crazy television franchise has kicked drugs. It has been well over a month and she is actually gaining weight and is bright eyed and looks amazing. Still perfectly willing to night yacht with big party guys though so I'm not sure how long this will last. Tara Reid ("American Pie"/"Sharknado")

169. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 08/11 **#7**
This misspelled flowering financial institution is expecting to do some recording this weekend with this foreign born one named singer. The thing is though, the one named singer is hanging out with her own bank so to speak and he is not a fan of our misspelled flower. Oh, how I want them to be in the same room with a camera rolling. I really hope she knows what to ask and what to say. Azealia Banks/Rihanna

170. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 08/11 **#8**
This celebrity offspring is using those celebrity offspring connections to land an acting job on a hit show they otherwise wouldn't have a chance in hell of landing. The thing is though, his whole hiding in the closet thing is going to be placed in jeopardy with so many people about to learn his secret. Michael Consuelos (Kelly Ripa/Mark Conseuelos) ("Riverdale")

171. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 08/11 **#9**
It was not that long ago that this former AD cobbled together $850K from a bunch of boosters to pay off a grad student. Why would a grad student get an $850K payout? Well, perhaps it had something to do with the affair she was having with the head coach of the team. A married head coach. A married A+ list head coach. When the wife of the coach discovered this, she went and had an affair of her own with a personal trainer before going all Angela Bassett minus the flames. She did throw all of the clothes of the coach on the front lawn. He tried to cover all of it up by faking a near death illness before writing a big check to his wife to stay married to him and quit his job for a fresh start which doesn't seem to be working out all that well for them. Apparently it is a good thing there are no drug tests for coaches too. At least back then, it would have been an issue.
AD: Jeremy Foley
Head coach: Urban Meyer
Previous team: "Florida Gators" (heart attack)
Current team: Ohio State "Buckeyes"

172. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 08/11 **#10**
This possible 2020 candidate has a family member issue. That whole sugar daddy lifestyle is out there and documented and at least three members of a sports team have been interviewed by oppo teams who hooked up with the family member. Michael Avenatti (estranged wife Lisa-Storie Avenatti)

173. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 08/11 **#11**
Reader Blind Item: This writer/director who started out as a screenwriter first is probably not A list to most people which is a shame because he has written as well as directed some truly classic films. It’s a travesty of justice he has not won at least a screenwriting Oscar. Many years ago, when he was just starting out, he submitted a screenplay to this permanent A list director for a film he was planning about man making contact with another form of life. His screenplay was not used for the film which became a huge hit. The streaming service that is often written about on the site has approached the writer/director about editing his old screenplay and filming it for them. He is strongly considering it.
Writer/director: Paul Schrader
A list director: Steven Spielberg

Screenplay: "Close Encounters Of the Third Kind"

Streaming service: Netflix

174. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 08/12 **#1**
This celebrity offspring of two permanent A+ listers is back to some seriously self-destructive behavior. Over the past two years, the offspring, who had a decent career going has been on a steady decline as she has watched her siblings eclipse her own career and has not been getting any support from her parents. This is a tragedy in the making. Alexa Ray Joel (Billy Joel and Christie Brinkley)

175. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 08/12 **#2**
She used to have zero bodyguards and no one bothered her. Now she has three bodyguards and has been asking for two more even though no one bothers her. No one cares about her other than paps she calls. This offspring will never want to go back to the life she had before. Her next goal is to get above six bodyguards which would require and extra SUV when she goes out. This is all about feeling important. Hailey Baldwin

176. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 08/12 **#3**
It is always fascinating to me when people assume this foreign born former A+ list boy bander who is doing just fine on his own singing and even did a spot of acting is hooking up with this underage celebrity offspring. It never occurs to the masses that he is the threesome partner of the adults in the family. Which he is. Harry Styles/Kaia Gerber/Rande Gerber/Cindy Crawford

177. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 08/12 **#4**
This A- list singer and her foreign born A-/B+ list actor boyfriend from an acting family might seem like they are trying to work things out between the two of them, and they very well might be. My only question would be why this foreign born A-/B+ list mostly movie actress who is an ex of the actor spends hours each day texting and messaging him and why the two have hooked up at least three times in the past two weeks, always at her place. Miley Cyrus/Liam Hemsworth/Eiza Gonzalez

178. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 08/12 **#5**
This A- list singer/B+ list actor had a show this weekend that allowed him a full opportunity to be in the dark with several underage female teens. The pitch black of the night backstage, he said was perfect because he really couldn't see their faces and could just "explore their youth." Jared Leto

179. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 08/12 **#6**
The Informant - A Birdie Blind Item: As it turns out, the veteran journalist was right: He didn't do it for the money. In fact, at the time, he didn't even know there would be a payout - albeit, in his case, secret. What disheartened him the most was to learn that politics work the same way the world over, including this one country. As in: the president or prime minister wants credit, regardless if he or she deserves it, and his or her subordinates are willing to go along - including in this one part of the state. What happened, exactly? He saw something and said something. It's ironic, given the current environment, that he and his family have finally been granted passage out of their native country, where they've been in danger. If they made a movie about what really happened, it might not win any awards, but at least it would be accurate.

180. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 08/12 **#7**
One of these one season wonders will not ever be returning to the spinoff while his male companion last night is welcome. The two were wasted out of their minds in Catch and decided the entire restaurant needed to listen to them screaming Boyz II Men songs at the top of the lungs. They were about two seconds from being kicked out and are banned from making reservations for six months. Colton Underwood/Wills Reed

181. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 08/12 **#8**
There is no way this one named permanent A list singer is handing over anything medical related so there is going to be a massive check written in the next few weeks to make this all go away. I'm actually shocked it has taken this long. I guess they were hoping the judge would rule with them and the check could be lower. Not the case now.
Usher (herpes accuser Laura Helm)

182. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 08/12 **#9**
A Dancing Boy Blind: Another one on the d/l, and you're just about the first to hear of it, but the very, very first dancing boy project is going to be a filmed (on location, ten minute) one act called (tentatively), "Truth or Dare: A Dancing Boy Production." (That play I mentioned in recent weeks is actually turning out to be feature length.) It opens in the present day, with two certain actors - a man and a woman (who will be playing my likeness's parents in the past tense, and themselves, basically, in the present) - arriving at my house from LA, a bulletproof briefcase handcuffed to one of them. In it contains a videotape, which we proceed to watch. Cut to...1990, and a party full of Hollywood kids. My young likeness, already half-drunk, is taken aside by my blackmailer (played by a certain young Canadian actor), and coerced into playing truth or dare (under threat of being outed - he'd stolen my high school journal, where I've recorded many of my secrets). The truth? What took place during the production of this movie I had starred in (dancing boy blind item #1). The dare? That, again - the dance (unbeknownst to me, my former agent is present, and he is the one really behind the blackmail - the idea is that he'll cut me a deal for violating the NDA, allowing him to have his way with me until I turn 18). But, two of my friends - who also happen to be members of this secret global elite, Hollywood branch - step in, and steal the tape. I don't remember any of this, of course, as I blacked out a short while later. But it's after seeing this tape, and what they did on my behalf, that I know I can trust them with my darkest secret - what happened in hospital, perpetrated by the five members of the industry satanic cult. (This is when/how it's first revealed, but not in this case dramatized.) The bad guys waste no time in making an attempt on my life - all of ours really - firebombing my home; we all barely escape, and most of my wordly possessions are lost. In the end, I have no choice now but to go forward with my story. As a wise man once said, in that first book about wasted youth, "you can't go back." PS Forgot to mention: the truth or dare game was being filmed by one of those present (hence the tape). Also, my former agent was not just present, but literally in the (bedroom) closet at the time, watching through a crack.

183. THE GOSSIP LIFE 08/13
It’s the early 2000’s and a hot role for a black woman has just opened up. It comes with a big salary, guaranteed exposure and will almost definitely be a great launchpad for an acting career. ‘It was damn near war,’ a high-level source remembers. ‘Someone’s agent tried to bribe the producers. One actress even tried to sleep with the director. Another tried to intimidate the competition into withdrawing.’ This A list supermodel auditioned, campaigned and got rejected in the first round of interviews. She was bitter for months afterwards. Even blaming her agent. This A list actress, who is and was respected by the Oscars, seemed to be the favourite until this A list superstar emerged late in the process, pounced like a panther and got the role over her. People were not happy with how that went down. A real casing horror story. You’ll laugh when I tell you what the movie was.
Who is the A list superstar that got the role?
Who is the A list supermodel that auditioned?
Who is the A list actress that lost out?
PS: Not any of the actresses in the top picture. (Kerry Washington, Halle Berry or Viola Davis)

184. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 08/13 **#1**
She can say what she wants now, but this former almost A- list mostly movie actress turned escort told the disgraced producer she was still willing to hook up with him if he would give her a part and this was after he was disgraced. Lindsay Lohan/Harvey Weinstein

185. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 08/13 **#2**
At least two actresses have spoken to news outlets and said they were told to pretend to act like tweens when they had sex with this child porn loving writer/director. When one refused to do it after the second or third encounter she was ghosted by the director. James Gunn

186. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 08/13 **#3**
While his wife went shopping, this permanent A+ list singer spent some time being entertained by underage strippers who were boated in from shore for several of the guests aboard this floating den of iniquity. He let himself have a lap dance from two of them but did not take them to a cabin like several of the other attendees. Bruce Springsteen/Patti Scialfa (David Geffen’s yacht)

187. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 08/13 **#4**
TEEN CHOICE AWARDS: This A/A- list singer still has no idea her boyfriend spends several nights a week hooking up with Grindr dates he meets at a West Hollywood happy hour spot. Meghan Trainor/Daryl Sabara

188. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 08/13 **#5**
TEEN CHOICE AWARDS: This foreign born former A- list mostly television actress who has been forced to take some minor roles since she departed from her hit show might be able to earn a buck or two yachting, but last night was totally ignored by executives who were only interested in the attendees at least a decade or more younger. Nina Dobrev ("Vampire Diaries")

189. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 08/13 **#6**
TEEN CHOICE AWARDS: This A- list mostly movie actress who is an Academy Award winner/nominee usually keeps her same sex hookups well out of the limelight. There she was at an after party though, writhing in ecstasy as a female hookup parked out beneath a table while our actress sat in a booth with her very short dress hiked up to her waist. Anna Kendrick

190. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 08/13 **#7**
TEEN CHOICE AWARDS: This former member of a group who was not the first to leave turned solo artist is probably A- list right now. She also was trading free gropes at her body in exchange for coke last night at a party. "Fifth Harmony" (Normani Kordei) (Ally Brooke) or (Lauren Jauregui)

191. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 08/13 **#8**
TEEN CHOICE AWARDS: Almost everyone was shocked this solo artist was even nominated for awards let alone won. It just goes to show you though, that the award couch is front and center. It was worth it to her to get that air time so has been the sex toy of this decision making executive and his wife for six months now. I'm guessing she doesn't know about the recordings they have of her and share with their friends and will use to keep her on their string for years. Camila Cabello

192. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 08/13 **#9**
TEEN CHOICE AWARDS: Lipstick smeared to high heaven, and wasted out of her mind, this former A- list teen mostly movie actress who had a franchise was making out with an executive three times her age last night at an after party. Chloë Grace Moretz

193. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 08/13 **#10**
TEEN CHOICE AWARDS: This closeted A- list mostly television actor from a very hit almost network show that involves no superheroes spent his time after the show with a man he met the night before at a "spa" on West Hollywood. KJ Apa ("Riverdale")

194. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 08/13 **#11**
TEEN CHOICE AWARDS: The good news, is that it appears the women degraded by this A- list reality star/host were legal. At an after party he was like at a produce section of a grocery store poking and prodding multiple women until he found one worthy enough to paw while he drank champagne and showed her off to his admirers. It was disgusting. Nick Cannon

195. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 08/13 **#12**
TEEN CHOICE AWARDS: Last night at the show and an after party, you could see the personal struggle, this still underage former A- list reality star was going through. Her career, once so promising has obliterated into nothingness because she refuses to hook up with older men. That seemed to be changing last night as she did give out her number to several men and had a resigned attitude about the whole process. Chloe Lukasiak ("Dance Moms")

196. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 08/13 **#13**
TEEN CHOICE AWARDS: Lest you think that just men have exclusivity on being sexual predators, this still not old enough to drive actress knows her career is due to her willingness to allow herself to be molested by this A+ list female power player. Because of it, she has worked steadily and in some really good projects. Storm Reid/Ava DuVernay

197. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 08/13 **#14**
TEEN CHOICE AWARDS: This A- list mostly television actor who only gets that high because of his network show in which he stars is closeted. At one point about two years ago after his run on a hit cable show ended, he thought about coming out but now attributes his big break to staying in the closet. He was well over the age of most attendees last night. Oliver Stark ("9-1-1") or Ryan Guzman ("9-1-1")

198. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 08/13 **#15**
I guess we know now that this A+ list singer is also managing the career of the actor she calls her boyfriend. I will give her PR team credit for orchestrating one of the most on point social media beginnings ever. The thing is though, it was all so robotic that no one believes it was real or friendship based. It was just meh. The fact he now has given up all control of his own social media to her and her people is just another day closer to completely selling his soul to be famous by association. Taylor Swift/Joe Alwyn (made his Instagram public)

199. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 08/13 **#16**
What no one seems to have figured out is how our favorite misspelled flowering financial institution is going to do any work at her current location when that location is missing a recording studio. It all sounds like a way to make it seem as if the CEO and the one named foreign born singer are closer than they are. I mean he does still have phone sex with the A- list actress ex.
Singer: Azealia Banks
CEO: Elon Musk
One named foreign singer: Grimes
A- list actress ex: Amber Heard

200. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 08/13 **#17**
TEEN CHOICE AWARDS: This barely legal A- list former Disney actress went to the awards thinking she would get to accept an award with her former co-stars. Apparently producers forcibly kept her from going on stage though after her co-stars said they would walk off the stage if she went with them. Our actress handled it like a pro and will probably be garnering some real awards for her new hit almost television show.
Actress: Ronni Hawk (number of tweets she had past sent in support of both President Donald Trump and against gun control)
Show/co-stars: Diego Tinoco, Jason Genao, Sierra Capri and Brett Gray ("On My Block")
New hit: ("Stuck in the Middle ")

201. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 08/13 **#18**
TEEN CHOICE AWARDS: This former network reality star turned singer is super young. Barely a teen. She was crying last night because some a-hole exec got mad she wasn't wearing a skirt or dress so he could get a hand between her legs. He literally told her this. To her face. Sky Katz (13) ("America’s Got Talent")

202. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 08/13 **#19**
TEEN CHOICE AWARDS: I am kind of surprised this former network reality star who is getting her own show was at the event last night considering she is the most recent hookup partner of this married network executive who is having some issues right now.

203. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 08/13 **#20**
TEEN CHOICE AWARDS: This recent network reality star/singer says she has no issues having sex for tracks and wants the best career possible. She hooked up with a television producer last night who promised her a recurring role on a show. Evvie McKinney ("The Four" winner)

204. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 08/13 **#21**
TEEN CHOICE AWARDS: This former one-fifth was the celebrity female winner of most coke use last night. Normani Kordei; Ally Brooke or Lauren Jauregui

205. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 08/13 **#22**
Red Meat - Teen Choice Awards: They were like pimps hoping they could catch the eye of this not even old enough to drive teenager and somehow bring her over to their lair. There was no such luck. She is the most in demand underage teenager sex object out there right now and not even the most famous person in her family. The most famous person in the family, also not old enough to drive has been sexually involved with an executive for almost two years and he basically makes sure she will get all the way to A list. He is easily three times her age, but even he didn't have the money for the other family member. The other family member is with someone younger, but still almost three times her age. He is also a billionaire and made it a priority that the media he controls and he controls one of the biggest media empires ever created, features her as often as possible in as few clothes as possible and in the most sexually suggestive ways possible. He has raped her multiple times even though both parties would say it is consensual. How can someone so young consent though? Any influence from elder family members has gone the way of the million (yes million) dollars deposited in their bank account each month and the on call private jets and personal chef all paid for by the billionaire. He is never giving up this trophy. Well, until she turns 18. It will be interesting to see if he somehow makes it all legal and look normal somehow when she turns 18. Maddie Ziegler (14)/Mackenzie Ziegler (15) ("Dance Moms")

206. THE GOSSIP LIFE 08/14
You would never expect this A list diva, who is regarded as a living legend and an idol, to be HIV positive, but apparently a leaked memo from her agent eludes to the fact. It would be bigger than the Charlie Sheen revelation if it ever came out. Seriously. This A lister is on the Mount Rushmore of Divas. Aretha Franklin

207. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 08/14 **#1**
This A- list mostly television actor who has a hit show but also has a great voice for other shows was a serial cheater with his actress ex. Apparently he is trying to hide the fact he is cheating on his new girlfriend and is afraid it is about to come out in the tabloids. Will Arnett (Amy Poehler); Liev Schreiber (Naomi Watts)

208. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 08/14 **#2**
This should be still disgraced host/writer had his PR team hire a bot army to defend him and discredit anyone who goes after him to the point of doxxing any opponents. Chris Hardwick

209. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 08/14 **#3**
Producers of this award show are concerned enough about the stability of this A list singer and her ability to show up for the show and be able to perform that they threw some extra love at this A list rapper who will now perform multiple songs with multiple guests just in case that A list singer bails or can't perform. Ariana Grande (MTV's Video Music Awards)

210. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 08/14 **#4**
Apparently after a long break, this alliterate former A- list mostly television actress who walked away from a hit show is back on the bottle and is even more unstable than usual.

211. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 08/14 **#5**
Last time she was pregnant, the A list husband of this former B-/C+ list celebrity/reality star cheated on her like crazy. I guess we will see if it happens this time. If it does though, she shouldn't be shocked considering that is how they met too. Jason Aldean/Brittany Kerr

212. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 08/14 **#6**
This barely hanging on company conspired with a studio to make sure a movie was number one this past week. Apparently that is how it is going to make its money from now on. Moviepass ("The Meg")

213. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 08/14 **#7**
This foreign born former A-/B+ list singer is finally releasing new material including a biographical track where she blames everyone but herself for things gone wrong in her life. Apparently she forgot to mention her drug use and her cheating in the song so consider it added via this blind. Lily Allen

214. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 08/14 **#8**
Dancing Boy Blind Item: Just now I learned of one of my celebrity cousins, and it's kind of gross. (I mean, why can't I have a nice celebrity cousin like my friend Lou, whose is Ed Norton, or my friend Rosemary, whose is Sissy Spacek [okay Rip Torn too, who robbed a bank - didn't he? - or tried to, but I guess he was drunk or something...]). This is one of Hollywood's bad boys, born in Detroit, and over the years has been known at least as much for his addictions and troubles with anger management (including with his former girlfriend - the leader of a ring of sorts), as for his acting. He's also now been accused and sued for something worse (related to his alleged conduct on a set in 2003). His direct paternal ancestry, including the person I'm descended from, is Native-American. Tom Sizemore (Heidi Fleiss/former madam) (molested an 11 year actress set of the film "Born Killers" in 2003)

215. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 08/14 **#9**
Pro tip for this married A/A- list mostly television actor who stars in a hit network show. While out to dinner with your former co-star and want to keep your liaison secret from the public and your wife, perhaps don't make a huge scene at the restaurant when they make you wait two minutes for a table. Meanwhile his wife was obliviously posting to social media during the encounter. Michael Weatherly ("Bull")/Cote de Pablo/Dr. Bojana Jankovic

216. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 08/14 **#10**
Dancing Boy Blind Item: So, a little more about that one act - the founding document of the dancing boy saga (and still on the d/l). As with the feature (stage play, in this case, I mean - the movie is separate), we'll likely be putting on a secret one night only show at this one theater. And, if you'd be interested - this will hopefully be in 2019 - we could do an exclusive live stream through CDAN. In it, and at the opening - in a monologue - I'll be introducing myself as the dancing boy (so, blind item revealed). The cast will be some of my players, including former child stars, and introducing new - mostly young and youngish - talent (dunno about all the particulars yet, except Henry, Christina and I in the present tense storyline [which takes place at "my" house - a retreat for this secret global elite] and Anthony Rapp [as my agent] hiding in the closet). Oh, also - the name? As I said, the tentative name was something like "Truth or Dare," but it may just turn out to be "The Dancing Boy: A Hollywood Story" (just like the feature, in others words, and what Wes Anderson did with "Bottle Rocket" - a short and feature with the same title).

217. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 08/14 **#11**
Family members of this recently deceased pseudo celebrity were really upset that some reality show cameras were present at the funeral. Privately they are also wondering aloud if a reality star was somehow responsible for the death. Bethenny Frankel ("Real Housewives of New York City")/Dennis Shields

218. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 08/14 **#12**
Never shy about finding a way to make a buck, this A list record executive/some time reality star who has been in the business longer than most of us have been alive has already booked a tribute concert at a world famous venue three months down the road for someone who is not even dead yet. Clive Davis/Aretha Franklin (I think he could have waited a few days/weeks after she passed instead of doing it while she was still alive)

219. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 08/14 **#13**
This still in very bad shape A- list singer tried to kill herself while seeking treatment because she doesn't think she can ever get sober. Demi Lovato

220. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 08/14 **#14**
The coke use is ravaging the youth of this former reality star turned A- list mostly television actress who stars on a hit network show. To combat it, she has started using fillers and botox and it just makes her look a decades older woman trying to look young. Katharine McPhee

221. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 08/14 **#15**
This B+ list mostly movie actress who got her big break on network television back in the day is someone ALL of you know. She let herself be groped at a recent event just to ensure a Golden Globe nomination. Jennifer Garner ("Alias") (Hollywood Foreign Press Association's Grants Banquet)

222. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 08/14 **#16**
She Killed Him: You know a death we don't talk about much is the death of this Academy Award winning/nominated B list actor who was killed by his celebrity girlfriend. Oh, sure, she was not charged, but those closest to him know she was poisoning him and gaslighting him to the point he had no idea what was going on and made a will naming her as the sole beneficiary. Previously his family members had been named. Our celebrity also took out millions of dollars of life insurance policies on him and raided his bank accounts. When she cleared out everything she could while he was living, she upped the dose of what she had been giving him and he died. Then she cashed in on everything and moved on to the next victim. Michael Clarke Duncan/Omarosa Manigault

MTO News just learned of a very DISTURBING development - reportedly about a top female rapper. According to a radio station employee, they saw the rapper take 10 OXY PILLS in front of them. The radio station employee believes that the female rapper is an OPIOD ADDICT, and is a danger to herself. The insider explained, "She was in [the radio station] acting like a diva. But she was clearly on drugs. You can see her [eye pupils] wide open." Its sad to see her like that, because I'm such a big fan." The female rapper, who MTO News has chosen NOT to name for legal reasons, has recently become UNHINGED - and some say that she seems to be spiraling out of control. The radio station employee claims that she witnessed the rapper pop at least 10 OXY pills after the interview was over. The tipster explained, "She took like 10 oxy pills at once. I thought she was going to die. But it didn't even seem to effect her. She took them like she was taking vitamins. She probably has a high tolerance for the pills." But OXY pills are dangerous. The active drug inside the pills is an opioid - similar to heroin. The pills can be extremely addictive. And if too many are taken, it can lead to an overdose. Nicki Minaj

224. THE GOSSIP LIFE 08/15
They’re probably one of the few showrunners that you know the name of and although they’ve got a lot of media coverage in the last few years, they haven’t received any coverage over their religious beliefs for a big reason. ‘[name omitted] used to be a Scientologist,’ says the source. ‘A big time member that has donated hundreds of thousands over the years. [Name omitted] works hard to keep that out of the press.’ I guess our showrunner knows how under fire they’ll be if they do. Chuck Lorre

225. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 08/15 **#1**
This celebrity offspring pretty much all of you know of a permanent A+ lister or two has been hooked on drugs for awhile and also got three different women pregnant. One of those A+ listers put their foot down and cut the offspring off unless he does exactly what the A+ lister says. So, the offspring is complying. Connor Cruise (Tom Cruise’s son) (moved into Scientology's religious retreat The Sandcastle)

226. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 08/15 **#2**
This one named A list rapper/producer/reality star/lover of underage girls recently tried to adopt a 12 year old girl from another country. He even offered a $10K bribe to get it done. The application was denied, but apparently he is using one of his exes to try again.

227. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 08/15 **#3**
The last thing this A- list singer needs right now is to have a sex tape released of her. The thing is though, she is in a bind. The person who made it wants our singer to pay his legal bills. He hasn't made it a condition that she pay it or he will release the recording, but she knows he has it. Not just one recording, but multiple ones not just of sex but some really damaging things, including really horrible statements about some people. It will be interesting to see what she does. Demi Lovato (drug dealer arrested)

228. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 08/15 **#4**
This three named singer has enough family money where she will never need to yacht for money. The thing is though, to get the best tracks, she does still have to hook up with guys which is what this producer a lot of you know is making her do. That foreign born one named singer did the same thing not that long ago, but from what I hear, the songs delivered are not that great. Lana Del Rey/Jack Antonoff/Lorde

229. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 08/15 **#5**
This permanent A list rocker/reality star is married but it doesn't stop him from hiring only women as assistants who will sleep with him. In fact, as illegal as it may be, when he interviews them he straight out tells them it is one of the job requirements. Meanwhile, he hasn't had sex with his celebrity wife in two years. Gene Simmons/Shannon Tweed

230. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 08/15 **#6**
The tall, alliterate model would like the world to believe she is getting married, and by all means she might. It is great cover for both of them. I do wonder what would happen to that woman she has been seeing so much the past few months that the woman practically lives with our model. Karlie Koss/Joshua Kushner

231. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 08/15 **#7**
This complemented our other approach of using paparazzi and "fans" to approach him when he went out on the town in major cities including Los Angeles, Las Vegas and NYC. All of these strategies bolstered the designer’s image, leading to substantial coverage in TMZ, a doubling of his Twitter following, increased sales, and most importantly a lucrative deal with a major department store chain."Who AreThey?: From this website which offers crowds on demand. "A popular fashion designer hired Crowds on Demand to further his brand and enhance the celebrity stature of his products to justify price increases and increase sales. At a series of fashion shows and product expos, we provided attractive and well-dressed attendees to create buzz for the designer and to impress top decision makers. They wore his clothes and came up to him and praised his work. "A foreign government hired Crowds on Demand to help generate a positive reception for its newly elected leader during the UN General Assembly. The concern was ensuring that the leader was well received by a US audience and confident for his work at the UN. We created demonstrations of support with diverse crowds. We also used the media primarily local and national outlets to bring more attention to these demonstrations which led to a mostly positive portrayal. The crowds that we deployed drew in more supporters creating a strong presence for this leader at the UN and an improved perception of him by the American public."

232. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 08/15 **#8**
Opening Monologue - The Dancing Boy: My name is (my stage name), but readers of Crazy Days and Nights blog will know me as the dancing boy. I was born (my given name) on (my date of birth) in (the location of my birth) – one day after and half a world apart from the coup d'etat in Afghanistan, an event which would upend the life of the man who later did the same to mine. He was a doctor - a former doctor to the Afghan royal family, in fact, dismissed over allegations he had abused one of their own - and the country's leading procurer of dancing boys. He traveled the countryside in a Land Rover falsely emblazoned with red crosses, vaccinating children and setting broken bones for free. His true purpose though was the recruitment of boys into the service of wealthy men, at home and abroad. He lured them with the promise of schooling, bought them from impoverished parents, and – if no one was around – just took them, the defiant ones at gun point, and in chains. Always, they ended up as household slaves, and unwitting entertainers, serially abused by the patriarch, prime minister, or permanent A list celebrity who had purchased them. On the date of my birth, at a checkpoint outside Kabul, agents of the new regime arrested the doctor on charges of treason. It was the first he had heard of the monarchy's fall. Then and there he vowed to go to Hollywood, recruiting – with the promise of fame and fortune, this time – a new generation of dancing boys. He would make good on that pledge, and I would become one of them – a dancing boy of Hollywood.

233. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 08/15 **#9**
This drug loving CEO you ALL know by now is on his way out. The Board is slowly inching away from his recent statements. At first, they started leaking some of their differences with the CEO to some journalists, relatively minor publications. Last night, they picked the biggest of newspapers to leak massive differences, including a complaint that he is ignoring their advice. The Board has also retained separate legal counsel. They leaked that last night too. It has become apparent to the Board that the CEO's big recent statement was a complete lie. The Feds leaked their investigation to the big newspapers on purpose the day after the CEO made this big statement. This is basically unprecedented. In recent days, several former high-ranking Feds have gone on TV & accused the CEO of making a fraudulent statement – also unprecedented. The Board doesn't have much liability insurance either, and the details & potential liability of the CEO's recent actions are starting to sink in, and they are getting scared. Don't expect this CEO to be around much longer, a month or 2 at most. If he departs on friendly terms with the Board, the cover story will be - a leave of absence for exhaustion, which will eventually become permanent. If he refuses that, they will fire him. They really have no other choice - it is only a matter of time. Elon Musk ("Tesla")

234. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 08/15 **#10**
This foreign born A- list model/wannabe actress who has never been nice to anyone who can't do her a favor has been a looooooooooong time beard. Apparently one night this week though, she took a break from that to hook up with this A-/B+ list writer/actor who will sleep with practically anyone. Rosie Huntington-Whiteley (Jason Statham)/Justin Theroux

235. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 08/15 **#11**
You can thank the drug issues of this A- list mostly television actor for the cancellation of his show. The whole filming process was crazy and erratic and based on what partying he did the night before. It was a fairly hit show and could have stayed on for much longer. Ryan Phillippe ("Shooter")

236. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 08/15 **#12**
That reality star who is not southern, but is on the southern show anyway has been spending more time with that man who I told you about before. Apparently he is a real estate developer who is married. Our reality star is doing her best to get pregnant which should go over well all around. Ashley Jacobs (former Thomas Ravenel girlfriend on "Southern Charm")

237. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 08/15 **#13**
I'm trying to think of anyone ever on live television more coked up than this foreign born former A- list singer was this week. I'm sure 70's SNL was crazy, but this had to be right up there. She doesn't care at all about any consequences about anything and it shows. Mel B

238. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 08/15 **#14**
This former A+ list talk show host got that college student pregnant so, he needs to go ahead and do the quickie divorce settlement thing. The crazy thing is his PR people are trying to spin it to make him seem like the good guy in speeding things up. Crazy. Matt Lauer

239. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 08/15 **#15**
She has survived for a long time in the rough and tumble world of politics and television. If you thought the current recording scandal is huge, just wait and see what happens if this former news person gets dumped or treated badly. One of her exes is at least one of the people who is getting copies of everything she has put together. My guess is she is using multiple people so all is not lost if one of the people is discovered.
News person: Kimberly Guilfoyle (engaged to Donald Trump Jr.)
Ex: Eric Villency (father of her son Ronan Anthony)

Current recording scandal: Omarosa releases secret tape of campaign official Lara Trump offering her a $15,000-a-month job after she was fired from the administration)

240. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 08/15 **#16**
The Investigator: He was there that night. No one knew that before. Oh sure, they knew he was in town, but not actually there there. It was a lead followed by the man simply known as The Investigator. Apparently he was hired by a life insurance company because of a policy taken out in the name of our deceased singer. That policy was for $15M. It was taken out about six months before the singer died. The beneficiary was someone very close to him. Apparently The Investigator discovered the singer was aware of the policy because he had a medical exam for it. Apparently, the singer thought the policy was just a $500K policy for covering short term expenses in the event of his death. The insurance company has not paid the claim yet. They have been dragging their feet, but the beneficiary, after complaining for several months, suddenly got quiet. Too many complaints was leading to lots of questions. The Investigator was a Secret Service agent back in the day who focused solely on financial crimes. He knows what he is doing. He has spoken to well over 50 people who were present that last day and night of life. The most important piece of evidence he discovered was also the most deadly. Earlier this Spring, he spent two hours talking to a former actress who is probably a B+ list celebrity now. She named a name of a person no one had thought to talk to before. That person was A list in their corner of what they did in the entertainment world and one of the best friends of the B+ lister. The Investigator found out that this person spoke with the deceased singer alone for nearly an hour at about 6pm. They had a history together and trusted each other because of some experiences they shared in the past. The B+ lister also told The Investigator that the hour long conversation was a prelude to a meeting that was going to take place at breakfast the next day. The singer never made it. The B+ lister said the A lister told several people he was supposed to meet the singer the next morning to discuss something very important. Nothing other than that. The B+ lister told several people she has spoken to The Investigator and that he was going to talk to the A lister about what was said. The meeting never happened. Instead, a day or two after the B+ list told people, the A lister was dead. Forced off the road and killed. What did he know? What was he going to meet the singer about? Someone knew there was going to be a meeting the next morning. That same someone knew he couldn't be allowed to meet with The Investigator.
Chris Cornell/Taylor Momsen/Kato Khandwala (Taylor Momsen Reveals Emotional Chris Cornell Conversation Before Death: ‘My Heart Dropped’) (THE PRETTY RECKLESS Singer Pays Tribute To Producer KATO KHANDWALA: 'He Was Our Ringleader, Our Confidant, My Best Friend') (Producer Kato Khandwala Dies at 47 Following Motorcycle Accident)

241. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 08/16 **#1**
This former A- list mostly television actress from a hit almost network show will probably never get another acting job again. The thing is though, there are producers and directors who are willing to throw thousands of dollars her way to hook up with her just so they can say they did it. This includes males and females. She gets a dozen offers a day and asked someone in power to let her have the chance to meet them all without saying it exactly in those words. Allison Mack ("Smallville") (NXIVM)

242. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 08/16 **#2**
This A list singer was told by the people in charge of this talk show to not do any coke at the show at all. Apparently it was not a reprimand towards her, but because the host has been having some issues with it and wants guests booked that are known party people so the host can join in which really causes issues with the show. Ariana Grande/Jimmy Fallon

243. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 08/16 **#3**
This A- list celebrity still has A+ list name recognition and was the biggest reality star in the world there for a bit is once again having cold feet. She likes the first year or even two of dating and after that she is done. Look for her to figure out ways to get her boyfriend to dump her because she won't actually do it herself. She is very creative and very cold when it comes to ways to get them to dump her. Paris Hilton (Chris Zylka) (pushed back wedding date)

244. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 08/16 **#4**
One of the organizers of the past tense named event honoring a foreign television show starring a foreign born dual threat A list actor says he was always lovely. He loves the fans and would never say no to any request BUT, was also the reason the event barely made any money because of his security demands and what he charged for appearances. Who was the worst cast member to deal with? This foreign born recurring actor on the show who has been nominated/won a lot of the UK big awards. He says no more often than yes to the requests of fans and is generally rude to all fans and you can tell he only does the event for money.
"Sherlocked"/Benedict Cumberbatch/Andrew Scott

245. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 08/16 **#5**
Within the past week I wrote about this married west coast NBA player who was partying with porn stars and not really sticking to those marriage vows. Two things. Apparently these particular porn stars are big fans of coke and make no secret about it. So, the NBA might want to do a little check in with him about that. Second, his wife apparently is worried enough about the porn stars that she canceled something big in her life just to be like glue right next to him instead of traveling around the country and leaving him alone. Iman Shumpert/Teyana (cancelled tour with "Jeremih", but later rescheduled it alone)

246. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 08/16 **#6**
This former A-/B+ list mostly television actress from a hit network show turned something completely left field from that has been going off on opponents and supporters alike. It is apparent she is self-medicating and not doing a very good job of it and has people generally concerned for health and well being. Alyssa Milano ("Who’s the Boss") ("Project Runway All Stars") (says Green Party protest votes in Ohio's squeaker election must be the product of 'Russian meddling'); Cynthia Nixon ("Sex and the City"/pay cable) (mocks Gov. Cuomo's remarks bashing America, as 'Greatgate' escalates)

247. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 08/16 **#7**
The celebrity CEO has a member of the financial press in his back pocket. The drugs and the women he provides have ensured that when a news outlet says something negative, this reporter writes something the complete opposite. The reporter, who is someone from a respected organization, is basically just a PR flack at this point. It is embarrassing to watch him try and spin fully sourced stories with just innuendo and words from the CEO spoon fed to him. Elon Musk ("Telsa")

248. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 08/16 **#8**
This foreign born A- list mostly television actor who had his place in time in an iconic role was sucking face at an outdoor restaurant this week while in town. He really is disrespecting his actress significant other by being so blatant and obvious. People know who he is and that he has a girlfriend. Matt Smith ("Doctor Who")/Lily James

249. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 08/16 **#9**
You never see this B+ list mostly television actress who was on a hit pay cable show out any longer with that actor who was her co-star. She used to hang out with him all the time. Bad things happened. He is still on the show and she isn't. Ruth Wilson/Joshua Jackson (did not want to leave "The Affair" but is "not allowed to talk about why")

250. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 08/16 **#10**
Despite all the stories of this actor/singer hooking up with underage girls and joining in with the disgraced celebrity photographer in assaults on women, the actor/singer was thrown a huge party and given a standing ovation by his new agents. Jared Leto (William Morris Endeavor)/Terry Richardson

251. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 08/16 **#11**
This foreign born A list athlete supposedly has a girlfriend. Uh huh. Anyway, his host while out of the country provided the athlete with several women who will actually have sex with him. Of course the host recorded it all for "leverage" down the road. I'm not sure you could expect anything less from this host who is one of the all time a-holes. Ben Simmons (Kendall Jenner)/Joe Francis

252. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 08/16 **#12**
This A+ list director is filming a movie right now. One of the people in the movie is this A-/B+ list mostly movie actress. The director told her he had a confession and that he used to pleasure himself watching her performance in a certain movie from several years ago. She looked at him and said, "I was 9 in that movie." The director looked her in the eyes and said, "I know." He then walked away. Quentin Tarantino ("Once Upon a Time in Hollywood")/Dakota Fanning

253. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 08/16 **#13**
I will say this about this reality star from the southern show. She is a great actress. She is spinning a tale and acting one way on social media, but it is a whole different world with that guy she has been seeing. That whole town is talking about it. Ashley Jacobs ("Southern Charm")

254. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 08/16 **#14**
This restaurant chain is super kid and family friendly. Until recently you would never see an adult in any location unless they were there with a child or for a birthday party of a child. Not so any longer. One of the locations in town has become a magnet for men who come in groups to try and corner one of the children while the other men keep family members of the child distracted and away from what is happening. People have complained, but apparently the owner of that particular location, who also happens to be a registered sex offender is not planning on stopping it any time soon. Chuck E. Cheese's

255. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 08/16 **#15**
They don't like each other and never will. Why would a mother like the guy who makes sure her daughter is dependent on him for drugs and beats the daughter on a regular basis. Why would a mother like a guy who abuses and molests children. Such a bunch of crap. Lets call the mother up right now and ask her shall we? Jenelle Evans (Barbara Evans)/David Eason ("Teen Mom 2")

256. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 08/16 **#16**
The Sacrifice - Bohemian Grove 2018: It has been well over three decades since the membership attempted this. Three decades of wanting to do so but afraid of the authorities who were anxious to learn any details about the two previous times it has known to have happened. It was fitting that it happened in that special room with the initials to begin the name. The two organizers of the sacrifice are two of the very top officials of the organization that resembles that room name. They brought with them, a special guest. For one of the very few times ever, a woman was allowed inside the grounds. The foreign born escorts are actually ensconced in a secure area that is not within the camp itself. The only sex workers allowed on the grounds itself are the young men. The special guest is A+ list in every sense of the word. All of you know who she is. She has also engaged in some of the most bizarre sex acts with each of the two men mentioned earlier. She has traveled the world with these men, separately and together, engaging in sex acts while pretending to be compassionate. Brutalizing young girls and women to fulfill whatever sick desires they have, knowing they do so with impunity because they are above all laws in those places. They control the law. They control the news. They control it all. The power has gone to their head. The A+ lister has always felt a connection with the event because it is one originally established for artists and still pays lip service to that original mandate. She brought two tweens with her. One male and one female. She began by drawing blood from herself and spreading it over her body before spreading it on the tweens. The tweens were then pricked with a needle and some of their blood was drawn which was then marked on all those who wanted to participate. Those who were chosen to participate then were allowed to explore the tweens how they wanted while our A+ lister encouraged them and participated herself. When every man had finished what they had started, two large men came into the room who had not been there previously and took the tweens away. Most people assume they were set aflame in the annual ritual. Some people think they were given as trophies to a member who has been a long time supporter and has a fondness for young boys and girls. Angelina Jolie

257. THE GOSSIP LIFE 08/16
This legendary comedian is no longer with us, but that doesn’t mean the gossip died with him. Although beloved by his fans and missed by his long term wife and children, this comedian has enough historical allegations of sexual assault and harassment to make Harvey Weinstein blush. All of them from young men. Thank God it isn’t Mel Brooks. Dom DeLuise; Don Rickles

This veteran of reality TV who also has acting experience is not meshing well with her current cast mates. Apparently, she’s difficult to work with and shows up to film high. Her cast mates don’t trust her or have much in common with her. She’s lucky there is that one cast member who is always willing to film with everyone. The perpetually stoned reality show participant needs to work on her people skills if she plans to stick around. Denise Richards/Lisa Rinna ("Real Housewives of Beverly Hills"); Eva Marcille/Kandi Burruss-Tucker

259. THE GOSSIP LIFE 08/17
This former teen idol, who is attempting to find a place in Hollywood as a serious adult actress, likes to occasionally open up about her dating history, but her publicist keeps a tight leash on the interviews for one big reason. ‘She dated a lot of older guys when she was real young,’ says the source. ‘It’s totally normal to her, but it’s totally creepy to everyone else.’ I guess those revelations will be in the book one day. Chloe Grace Moretz; Joey King

260. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 08/17 **#1**
Apparently this closeted foreign born A+ list athlete everywhere but in the US and Canada has not told his mother he is in the closet. Therefore, the mother thinks the money he is paying to his "girlfriend" constitutes gold digging rather than a bearding contract. Oh, the things the mother says because she heard the girlfriend asking for her $50K for the month. Cristiano Ronaldo/Dolores Aveiro/Georgina Rodríguez

261. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 08/17 **#2**
Just when I actually took to this space to tell someone how good they were doing with their recent sobriety, they went ahead and called their dealer back after a couple months and got trashed. She says it is because some fans bullied her. This former A- list mostly movie actress with the unique voice and former franchise went with an opiate rather than her usual coke because she doesn't have the income she used to and no one offered to pay for the coke. Tara Reid

262. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 08/17 **#3**
Well now I know why this talk show host is always sticking up for this reality star and making sure others corroborate whatever she says that is controversial even if it means taking a position 180 degrees from what they previously have said. Apparently she has some information from almost a decade ago that makes him look absolutely awful and would have everyone turn on him in an instant. Andy Cohen ("Watch What Happens Live")/Bethenny Frankel ("Real Housewives of New York City")

263. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 08/17 **#4**
If you don't think there is a reality show being shot around all the engagements in this former tweener family, why were three separate units hired in this foreign country to track this couple to "meet" family members they had already met before. Apparently things did not work out well last time at all. But hey, this time around they are going to love the idea for the cameras. (Nick Jonas/Priyanka Chopra) (Joe Jonas/Sophie Turner)

264. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 08/17 **#5**
This former A list mostly television actress who was on three separate network hits is trying to get people to smuggle drugs into rehab. It is what she spends most of her day doing. She offered a drug dealer ten times the going rate if he would do it. He was willing, but when she said he would have to do it on credit, he balked. Our actress has no access to cash. Heather Locklear

265. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 08/17 **#6**
Dear a-hole who lost your pay cable television job and hopefully if the foreign born A+ list mostly movie actor doesn't go balls up in his defense of you, lost your lucrative movie franchise too. When you want to get back in the good graces of whoever, you should probably not be calling audience members who actually paid to see your sorry, lying self obscenities or calling them out if they walk out of your act. You are an awful human being.
a-hole: T.J. Miller
Cable show: "Silicon Valley"
Franchise: "Dead Pool"
A+ list actor: Ryan Reynolds

266. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 08/17 **#7**
According to a "source familiar with the investigation." the way the thing works is this company has employees who trade stolen auto parts for drugs from a cartel. We are not talking about a couple thousand bucks here, but millions and millions of dollars. It would not shock me at all if the CEO was involved. One of his personalities probably thinks of himself as a Pablo Escobar/El Chapo/Tony Montana (using a different instrument of war than a machine gun) type. It would all seem to be kind of a full circle thing if you think about it and how another CEO went down back in the day.
Investigation: Securities and Exchange Commission
Company: "Tesla"
CEO: Elon Musk

Back in the day CEO: John DeLorean

267. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 08/17 **#8**
A Dancing Boy Blind: Dunno if I'll actually end up using any of what I sent you yesterday - at least not in the first project, and more specifically not as monologue - but I thought this would be fun to share (just wrote it today). It concerns the person who will be introducing me a the beginning of the one act and its adaptation. (The secret kid brother part is a reference to the fact that in this secret global elite, you're assigned family members - Henry and Christina will not only play my teen likeness's parents in the back in the day storyline, but also his secret parents today.) Top secret for now, but here it is: Good evening. As you may know, my name is **** ********, and I'm a former child actor turned adult actor of mostly tv, including two long-running series on the theme of law and order. What you may not know is that I'm also a member of a secret global elite, or rather its better half - in the Hollywood branch. Recently, our unit was activated for the first time in thirty years, to protect the life of one of its members – the young star of a certain movie, back in the day, that was abused on set, and off, and the project ultimately shelved. Against the wishes of our patron, Genstar Capital Chief Jean-Pierre Conte, as well as all common sense, he'd been telling his story at the Hollywood gossip blog, Crazy Days and Nights. This quickly aroused the interest of our enemies, including his abusers, who would like to silence him for good. That's why we're here in (the place I live now), working as janitors at the local tv station. Let me introduce you to my colleagues, and team mates. One is a former child actor turned adult actor and comic, known best for his scene-stealing role in a 1980s sit com. In it he played opposite his foreign-born mentor, with whom he was often at odds. Next is a former child actor turned adult musician, known most for his appearance in a music video from the same decade. In it, he plays himself at the time – a skateboarder. Which brings me to the dancing boy himself – the cause of all our troubles. I could introduce him by his stage name, half of which he shares with me, but because he's such a pain the backside I'll introduce him by his hated secret codename, Bunny. Everyone, meet my secret kid brother, ***, and his fellow dancing boys. (Enter us three...) The idea is that I'm due a ten minute break at my job (remember: I've been under cover as a marginally employed/homeless person for years, at the behest of our patron/master) and I use it to tell this story.
Former child actor: Brice Beckham
Sitcom: "Mr. Belvedere"
Foreign-born mentor: Christopher Hewett
Former child actor turned adult musician: Noah Ray (R.E.M.: It's the End of the World as We Know It (And I Feel Fine) video)

268. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 08/17 **#9**
Lost in the whole bigger picture stuff is what is happening to this one named foreign born singer who has basically been turned into an incoherent mess for much of the past month to six weeks. Her "significant other," has cut her off from most forms of communication and basically keeps her drugged 24/7 and hidden away so as to not expose everything. I am actually fearful for her safety and would love someone to do a welfare check on her. Grimes/Elon Musk

269. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 08/17 **#10**
From what I understand, all of the actresses from this cable show are banding together and will refuse to appear on an after show about their show. It will be interesting to see if producers make them choose between appearing or getting fired. Chris Hardwick ("The Walking Dead") ("The Talking Dead")

270. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 08/17 **#11**
This foreign born celebrity offspring who is a former reality star turned celebrity turned reality star again is trying to force his ex to get back together by denying her money. He likes her dependent on him. Such a control freak jerk. Jack Osbourne/Lisa Stelly

271. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 08/17 **#12**
The producers of that network dating show did an awful job screening contestants. When the winner is a guy who spends all of his free time exchanging dates for money on Grindr, chances are good that a heterosexual relationship is not going to happen. Becca Kufrin/Garrett Yrigoyen

272. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 08/17 **#13**
My guess is this B+ list mostly movie actress who was last seen in that long running car based franchise is going to quit her latest project. The producers had a bunch of no's from actresses when they described the nude and sex scenes to take place in the movie. So, they stopped talking about it and the next thing you know they get an actress signed who would have ZERO interest in anything like that.
Actress: Jordana Brewster
Franchise: "Fast & Furious"
Latest project: "Random Acts of Violence"

273. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 08/17 **#14**
This alliterate A- list mostly television actress who did something else in entertainment back in the day is on thin ice with the guy supposedly going to be her husband. The two have spent more nights apart the past two month than together as she enjoys spending time at one of her other homes. Mandy Moore ("This Is Us")/Taylor Goldsmith

274. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 08/17 **#15**
Reader Blind Item: In this day and age of full transparency, there is one operation the CIA ran that has still not been revealed. It wasn’t so much to accomplish a mission but to test out a theory on popularity and celebrity. Many years ago, a plan was hatched to see if a celebrity could be created, that is an intelligence operative become a celebrity and then the long term plan was to sue this person to mould public opinion the way that the intelligence agencies wish. As a test, a young military intelligence agent took a new name and identity even changing his country of origin. He had the look and they made the connections and soon he was in films achieving leading man status. His rise was quick as was his almost complete disappearance five or six years later going from Hollywood films to the occasional TV show appearance and straight to video movies coupled with years of no activity at all. This was due to changing priorities at the CIA as well as the feeling they had proved their point so he was given a huge pension and allowed to pursue acting when he felt like it but without the supercharged backing. He was so into the role that he didn’t say a word about it to any of his partners (one of whom was a very famous female sex symbol to a certain generation) before his death. It’s ironic because one of his leading man roles in his heyday was in this film where identity was a theme.
Actor: John Gavin (born Juan Vincent Apablasa Jr.)
Film: "OSS 117 – Double Agent"
Famous sex symbol: Luciana Paluzzi

275. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 08/17 **#16**
The Sequel: Why didn't he make it? One simple reason. He put his foot down and said he would call a press conference to tell the world what the producers were doing with the kids they were auditioning for no reason because the script didn't actually call for any kids to be in the movie. Oh, sure, they invented a couple background walk on type roles for the kids to appear in to make sure the parents were assuaged. Yeah, sorry you didn't know where your son was all day, but hey, good news he gets to be in the movie now. This actor, who has never probably eclipsed B+ list was portrayed as a troublemaker for spreading the truth. He was effectively blacklisted by any and all people who were friends with the producers which was 75% of Hollywood. There was a group though who were not friends and they have kept the actor at least earning enough to make a living. I can't even watch the film any longer because of what I know what was happening on the set. The actor said the multiple bedrooms used in scenes in the movie would often smell of cigars and booze because that is often where the producers would take the boys after their "tour" of the set. Our actor also says that every other actor on that film set knew what was going on but they valued their careers more than the horrors taking place. Only one other person on set was willing to sacrifice their career and this foreign born actress did. When she walked out, she basically didn't work again for almost two decades.
Actor: Crispin Glover
Sequel: "Back to the Future Part II" (sued the producers on the grounds that they had used his likeness without permission)

Foreign born actress: Claudia Wells
Steven Spielberg reference: "What Is It?" An Essay by Crispin H. Glover

I have several drafts of this blind in my drafts file. I’m not sure how to say it because I’ve heard of actual experiences regarding this situation in connection with others. There is a city that has a "doctor" it is unclear if he is really a doctor or is falsely prescribing medication that provides more than one person on a reality show with the date rape drug. One of the people had his own allegations already without the use of drugs. The other person seen on the show has allegedly gone out with another male friend (EDITED not connected to the show, actually the person was connected to the show but not on it. And is no longer connected to the show.) where allegedly the date rape drug was use on two people. In one situation a female went to the hospital and allegedly tested positive for the drug after waking up with a person not seen on the show. Her friend declined to leave with the person on the show and felt very ill the next day despite having only two drinks. The story I am being given is that there is someone in this city actively providing the date rape drug to at least two men who were on the show last season whenever they ask. J.D. Madison and Thomas Ravenel (Southern Charm")

277. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 08/18 **#1**
This A list singer specifically told an interviewer she wanted to discuss a certain event that happened last year. She also barred the interviewer from asking about her boyfriend and what he said about the event or any questions about anything personal that were not cleared in advance. Ariana Grande/Manchester bombing/Pete Davidson

278. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 08/18 **#2**
This former C list celebrity pretty much all of you know even if you wouldn't recognize his face just took care of another loose end. He did it for this matriarch who paid him practically nothing but now can add another character to her next make believe documentary. Nick Gordon (Bobbi Kristina’s drug dealer Max Lomas found dead from over-dose)

279. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 08/18 **#3**
This former A+ list rapper who sometimes acts offered a woman $10K to hang out but told her she had to bring her five year old daughter with her. Our rapper wanted to take some pictures with the daughter.
50 Cent

280. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 08/18 **#4**
She doesn't sing and has no real discernible talent, but this A list reality star with a lucrative side gig has threatened to be a no show at this award show because they put her in the second row instead of the first. Kylie Jenner  ("VMAs") (it wasn't even a good bluff, because everyone knew she was in town and didn't fly across country to sit in a hotel room while watching Travis on television at the Video Music Awards)

281. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 08/18 **#5**
Reader Blind Item: These two actors (one deceased, one living but very old) were paired together in two different TV shows in two different decades. They were very good friends and one of their favorite pastimes was picking up girls. Their approach went something like this – The still living actor, who is known for his ability with accents and voices, would approach a group of ladies in a nightclub and take on the role of a ringmaster at a circus, often slipping into a German accent. He would introduce the deceased actor, rumored to be among the most well-endowed in Hollywood, who would unzip his pants and lay his manhood on the table. This approach often worked and the two actors had sex with many ladies this way.

Dead actor: Forrest Tucker
Living actor: Larry Storch
Shows: "F Troop" and "The Ghost Busters"

282. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 08/18 **#6**
Reader Blind Item: This athlete reached the top of his sport several decades ago. He was in the top five in his sport a number of other years. Since his retirement, he is still involved in his sport in different roles. He is gay and deeply closeted although there have always been rumors. His family is from a conservative area and he does not want to hurt them as they were very supportive and helpful to his career when he was growing up. Awhile back, he was stopped by a cop while cruising a public restroom in this very large city where a prestigious event in his sport occurs annually. He quickly entered a sham marriage in case this story went public which it didn’t. Trouble is last month he was caught again and this time there was written documentation from the police officer in the form of a citation. What will the retired athlete do this time?

283. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 08/18 **#7**
You know what has not been discussed the past few days? How this foreign born convicted child molester/child porn producer managed to run around the world basically unimpeded. Even after he was brought in by the feds to supposedly help them out, there he was, gone again in an instant. That former head of an agency had a whole lot to do with it. Don't ever kid yourself that a child pornographer wouldn't be allowed to run free if someone high up decided it would be in the best interests of the higher up. Drug runners are allowed to go free. Killers are allowed to go free. You think someone molesting kids and filming them having sex mattered to this agency head? Was the higher up given money or information to let the child molester run free? I don't know, but the hundreds, if not thousands of kids abused in that network need answers. George Nader/Robert Mueller former Director of the Federal Bureau of Investigation from 2001 to 2013

284. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 08/18 **#8**
Reader Blind: True she was a musical icon, a giant among her peers, but respect should be accorded to her for something else – The way she overcame bad things that happened to her. Two specific examples – 1.) Becoming a mother twice at a very young age. Rumor was a very close relation was the father. Truth is she doesn’t know as she slept with many older men at a very young age which was the practice of the group this relation led. 2.) Coming home one day to discover, her second husband, a B-/C+ actor, sexually molesting one of her sons. She still triumphed over this and various health conditions and made great timeless music. Aretha Franklin (Glynn Turman)

285. TAMARA TATTLES 08/19 **#1**
I think after recapping these shows and listening to my trusted sources, I’m pretty good at determining which storylines are real and which are fake. Today I got a lot of tea from my favorite source and while it is all interesting and will be meted out in time, I was shocked by something my source probably thought would be a minor detail. There is a couple on a reality show who seems to constantly be at odds over their marriage. I totally bought it hook, line and sinker and I think y’all did too! It’s fake news. It’s unclear why exactly they are doing it, I don’t think their cast mates even know it is fake. I suppose it is for more airtime (because, drama) but perhaps they think it is somehow good for business? Ashley and Michael Darby ("Real Housewives of Potomac")

286. TAMARA TATTLES 08/19 **#2**
This long-running reality show with a female ensemble cast has gone through many changes in cast members and in the friendships between the women. One frequently seen guest who has had a significant pay upgrade this season is trying to earn her keep by causing a division between two long time friends on the show. The recurring guest is no stranger to the franchise and in an attempt to get in tight with the queen bee, she is in her ear about another cast mate who has been on again, off again with her friendship toward the queen bee. The recurring guest has told the queen bee that her sometimey friend is just riding her coattails to be relevant. While that is probably true, the recurring guest is doing the exact same thing. It’s too bad the queen bee doesn’t see that and actually came for her sometimey friend about riding her coattails. Hopefully the make up session will follow soon.

Show: "Real Housewives of Atlanta"
Guest: Marlo Hampton
Queen bee: NeNe Leakes
Sometimey friend: Cynthia Bailey

287. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 08/19 **#1**
In her words. He lured me away from my boyfriend who was his best friends son. Married me, then left when I was 5 months pregnant by leaving a note taped to the TV set in our new mansion, 3 weeks before Mission Impossible opened. *He directed the first MI. Brian De Palma/Darnell Gregorio

288. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 08/19 **#2**
Pretty easy to see what kind of drugs you are on if you are this B list actor and your crack pipe falls out of your jacket pocket and shatters on the sidewalk. His much higher on the list celebrity girlfriend yanked his arm and tried to get him away from it as fast as possible. Pete Davidson/Ariana Grande

289. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 08/19 **#3**
This foreign born former A- list singer turned network reality star was refused treatment for botox the other day because she was so wasted on drugs, the doctor didn't want to be held responsible if something bad happened. Mel B

290. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 08/19 **#4**
That closeted chaste reality star was set up with another guy this week for a quiet date in Marina Del Rey. Colton Underwood

291. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 08/19 **#5**
Dancing Boy Blind Item: Here's a further, top secret sneak preview for the first thing, "The Dancing Boy of Hollywood: A True Story:" I've gone missing, skipped sessions with my shrink, and an appointment for blood work. I haven't answered calls or texts in weeks, including from our patron, Mr. Conte himself. He's concerned that I might have relapsed - again. Henry and Christina are sent to find me, which they do - at this secret retreat in the woods. I'm surprised to hear that I'm missing, and a little mad they think I'm using again. (I'm forced to pee in a cup in front of them, as the last time I was afforded privacy for this purpose, I had bought and passed along a clean sample. Sadly, it did not - of course - match my dna.) They're also there to make a delivery. It's a videotape - not for my eyes, but the vault. I ask: celebrity sex tape? Nearly, Henry says, on both counts, but I'm sure you don't remember it. I guess it must be out takes from my barely legal porno career. It's earlier than that, Christina says. They've been authorized to make a deal: I tell them, under oath, where I've been, and they'll be allowed to show me the tape. I agree. The story cuts to a party in Malibu, June 1991. Henry and Christina discover I've been using - heroin, in this case - and stage an intervention. (It all started in the hospital, a few months before, when I was being treated for injuries from a certain secret mission. I hadn't planned to continue using, but then was told me what happened: our other injured team mate - with whom I was close - didn't make it. It's all about survivor's guilt.) They go to call my parents, and a certain celebrity psychiatrist - who I'd been seeing - but do so from a pay phone, just to play it safe. They flush my drugs before leaving. Already jonesing (it could be hard to find a pay phone in Malibu), my 17 year old likeness is visited by several of my peers. One of them, my leading frenemy (to be played by you know who) - he's the one who stole my journal - has a bag of dope, but I'll only be allowed a hit if I agree to play truth or dare. The truth, of course, is what happened to me on set (during the making of this movie). The dare, of course, is to reenact it. Cut back to the secret retreat. I confess where I'd been: at the death bed of a certain doctor, in LA - the man behind the dancing boys of Hollywood. I believed, naively, that I'd been summoned to hear an apology. It was nothing of the sort. He had, instead, a proposal. He wanted to leave me his empire, built on sex and drug trafficking, and worth billions. But it meant going to the dark side. I decline, returning to my life as a homeless undercover reporter, having just seen the face of evil. (His empire goes to my nemesis - a former member of our secret team, who sold us out on our first mission, leading to this one kid's death - and we'll be taking up more about him in the first film-only short, "Down and Out (in this place I currently live): A Dancing Boy Investigation." And I reveal my biggest secret: what happened, in hospital, at the hands of five members of an industry satanic cult. Back to Malibu, where my former agent literally comes out of the closet, and catches me in a vulnerable position. I've violated the nda, but he's prepared to make me a deal: I get to continue using, but he'll be allowed to have his way with me until I turn 18. At the last minute, my allies swoop in, rescuing me and snatching the tape. Back, again to the present day, where we narrow escape being burned or blown up by the bad guys - they're already aware that I've talked. Fortunately, there's a mirror site due north, where we go for the night. We'll be safe there, for now.

292. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 08/19 **#6**
This everywhere on television A list celebrity who actually makes his money from something other than celebrity has been swinging and missing on regular dates so he paid for a night with this former naked celebrity turned multiple reality show star. She might still technically be married. Michael Avenatti (Stormy Daniels lawyer)/Kendra Wilkinson

293. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 08/19 **#7**
This foreign born permanent A list model couldn't make it the few hours while on an airplane so did a couple lines of coke while in her seat. She didn't even bother to go to a bathroom. Kate Moss

294. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 08/19 **#8**
The twisted f**k of the day goes to this A list celebrity who arranged with the billionaire molester for a sexual fantasy. Apparently a teen was hired who was no more than 16 and could have been as young as 13 or 14 to pretend to be a Jewish prisoner in a concentration camp. Yeah, it went like you would expect. The contract employee who overheard a great deal of it, quit and even called the police, but they refused to do anything because the billionaire pays many of the spouses of the police officers six figures a year for "consulting" work. Jeffrey Epstein/Kevin Spacey (Kevin’s brother Randy Fowler wrote the book, entitled " Moment In Time" and he documents years of abuse in which his Nazi-sympathising father Thomas Fowler beat him, whipped him and emotionally abused him from the age of 6 before he started sexually assaulting him at age 14.)

295. THE GOSSIP LIFE 08/20
We’re going back a couple of years for this, but the show is still on the air. It’s probably one of the high profile shows around and you would think that would be a dream gig for any television director, but more and more agents are sharing that directing isn’t actually on the cards if you get hired. ‘The stars pretty much direct themselves,’ says the source. ‘They choose how a scene plays out and the tone. Unless you’re a major director, you’re just going to get ignored.’ It’s apparently the only show currently on the air that works like that. "Law & Order: Special Victims Unit"; "House of Cards"

296. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 08/20 **#1**
This B list actor with much higher name recognition paid off a friend to take the fall for a bust. The thing is though, our actor has been slow with the payment because he needs to get it from his significant other. Pete Davidson (pulled over by police, passenger charged for pot)

297. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 08/20 **#2**
This foreign born A list rapper who loves her drugs almost as much as arguing on social media really should be careful about what she says. Did she write her latest record? No. The ghostwriters of the world are about ready to start fighting back. Nicki Minaj

298. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 08/20 **#3**
This former almost A+ list mostly movie actress who is an Academy Award winner/nominee is doing some television now. She is also being cheated on by her long time significant other but won't ever leave him. Renée Zellweger (Netflix "What/If")/Doyle Bramhall

299. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 08/20 **#4**
This A list reality star who has done network and cable reality shows has not been asked about her drug usage but it will become clear when she has to take a drug test. Cannot wait to hear her explanation. Farrah Abraham ("Female Celebrity Boxing Championship"); Bethenny Frankel (custody dispute with ex-husband Jason Hoppy)

300. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 08/20 **#5**
This A list reality star with a very lucrative side gig is trying to keep her celebrity boyfriend sober for tonight. His drug habit is out of control and probably needs rehab, but loves partying too much to go. Kylie Jenner/Travis Scott

301. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 08/20 **#6**
It was a different kind of needle than is being reported that caused this health scare for the B+ list celebrity offspring of a permanent A++ lister. Paris Jackson (removal of golf ball size abscess)

302. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 08/20 **#7**
This former A- list mostly television actress turned pretty much failed reality star/possible felon/public speaker/child rapist supporter (twice) is really worried her hookups with the former A list reality star/celebrity will come to light with some new accusations being tossed around. Rose McGowan/Anthony Bourdain (Asia Argento accused of statutory rape assault)

303. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 08/20 **#8**
This alliterate A- list celebrity who had aspirations of acting but has to do it a different way now is being cheated on by her woman beating significant other. Ronda Rousey/Travis Browne ("Raw Women's Title at WWE SummerSlam 2018")

304. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 08/20 **#9**
This alliterate former A- list actor from back in the day doesn't work nearly as much as he used to. He basically has his hands tied about supporting his friend because the friend would leak some very damaging information about the former A- lister that would end his career. Wil Wheaton/Chris Hardwick

305. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 08/20 **#10**
Watch when this one named A list singer buys a pack of smokes. She immediately takes four or five out and throws them away so she has room for her coke vial. Halsey

306. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 08/20 **#11**
This A- list alliterate mostly television actor has a significant other but in case you are wondering, yes, he is still hooking up with one of his daughter's best friends. David Duchovny (Madelaine West Duchovny)/Monique Pendleberry; Anthony Anderson (Kyra Anderson)/Alvina Stewart

307. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 08/20 **#12**
Biggest diva for tonight's award show is this A- list mostly movie actress who got her big break on that almost network show. She is out of control with her demands and she probably will never be invited back. Blake Lively/Video Music Awards

308. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 08/20 **#13**
Interesting detail about the billionaire child molester blind item. The employee/whistle blower says the raped tween is from Iowa. The employee says there were several other teen/tweens but never had a chance to speak to them so doesn't know where they are from. Jeffrey Epstein/Kevin Spacey

309. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 08/20 **#14**
Reader Blind Item - Kindness: This deceased foreign actor starred in a short lived but iconic cult TV show that was highly influential. He also starred several times on this very famous detective show where he played different adversaries of the protagonist. He did act in movies as well sometimes as the villain. The village not in America where he shot his iconic show (and also an episode of an earlier TV show he starred in) was helped by him throughout his life. He worked to get them used as the location for other TV shows and films and financially helped individual families of this rural location. An annual convention for the iconic TV show used to be held there which was also a boost for the local economy. This was also arranged by the star.

Actor: Patrick McGoohan
Iconic cult TV show: "The Prisoner"
Famous detective show: "Columbo"
Earlier TV show: "Danger Man"
"The Village": Portmeirion, Gwynedd, North Wales

310. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 08/20 **#15**
Reader Blind Item - Kindness: This occurred on the set of a science fiction themed TV show decades ago. The show only lasted a couple of seasons but did become a cult show in syndication and was briefly rebooted a few decades later. The lead actor , who is still alive, was tall and handsome and should have probably been a bigger success than he was. Most of the other TV series he was in didn’t make it past the first season. His two other greatest successes were in soap operas both daytime and night and in several appearances in an important role on this much more successful sci-fi show that took a cue from his original cult show. He also starred in both cinematic and TV movies primarily in supporting roles. This particular day on the set there was a chase scene being shot in an outdoor market which was covered by a tent. It was supposed to be midday so the tent was full of extras. A fire broke out during the shoot and quickly spread via the tent. The lead actor ran through the fire and tore a hole so all the people could escape. He himself did not leave until everyone else was already out. His jacket caught fire but he took it off quickly and he was not burned. This is mentioned briefly in a documentary about the series.
Actor: Roy Thinnes
Science fiction themed TV show: "The Invaders"
Soap operas: "General Hospital"; "One Life To Live"; "Falcon Crest"; "Hotel"
More successful sci-fi show: "The X-Files"

311. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 08/20 **#16**
The Dealer: This A list mostly movie actor who all of you know has a drug problem. It is probably going to get worse. His dealer got arrested so he reached out to these back in the day A listers who don't act any longer. They put him in touch with their dealer. That dealer takes very special care of them because they have been going to him for almost 15 years. The problem is that he doesn't really care about any of his other customers and has been responsible for the death of at least four celebrities and countless others.

Actor reaching out: Johnny Depp
A listers who don’t act anymore: Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen
#1 - Academy Award winning actor: Philip Seymour Hoffman (Manhattan apartment)
#2 - Foreign born A list mostly movie actor: Heath Ledger (Manhattan)
#3 - C list reality star: Lyric McHenry ("EJNYC") (New York City)
#4 - C+ list singer from an entertainment family: Leslie Carter (sister to Nick and Aaron Carter) (Mayville, New York)

312. THE GOSSIP LIFE 08/21
Britney Spears was reportedly very attached to Kabbalah in the mid 2000s, but left after growing sick of the hierarchy constantly badgering her for money. Well, we have a similar case here with one big difference. This big time celebrity is temporarily living in a new country and after constant badgering from their controversial religious belief, has given in and already donated a huge chunk of money for the building of a new religious centre. ‘It’s a lie,’ says the source. ‘I doubt anything will be built. It’s all a money grab.’ Madonna (Portugal)

313. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 08/21 **#1**
This former A list bad actress focuses on her company now more than her acting. If she does try to make a new movie or television show in the future, she faces a possible ban by her union because of the way she is avoiding paying that union for some commercials her company is making. Jessica Alba
(The Honest Company" is not paying union for commercials)

314. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 08/21 **#2**
Those two blonde hookers and the coke orgy was just too much for this one named foreign born singer. She got into a knock down drag out fight with her A list celebrity boyfriend and then left him. Grimes/Elon Musk

315. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 08/21 **#3**
It didn't take long for this alliterate former A- list celebrity from back in the day who is not even close to being the biggest celebrity in his own family, to find someone gullible to start helping him launder money again. Jermaine Jackson (marrying old girlfriend Maday Velazquez)

316. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 08/21 **#4**
VMA's: This one named former A list singer got cut off by the network when she started talking about her big truth about singing songs the A list everything in her mind has always taken credit for. Ashanti/Jennifer Lopez

317. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 08/21 **#5**
VMA's: Well, if everyone didn't know before last night, they all know now about the actor's crack addiction. It is out of control. Everyone was also commenting at an after party that our actor was getting rebuffed by his singer girlfriend much more than when the cameras were on them during the show. Pete Davidson/Ariana Grande

318. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 08/21 **#6**
VMA's: Speaking of drugs, this foreign born A list rapper almost got into two altercations because her drug induce paranoia made her think people were talking about her. They were, but only to remark to themselves how she was wasted out of her mind. Nicki Minaj (Tiffany Haddish) (Travis Scott/Kylie Jenner)

319. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 08/21 **#7**
VMA's: This B- list rapper who has a much higher on the list celebrity girlfriend who is not even close to being the highest listed celebrity in her own family was thought to be suffering a seizure at an after party last night because of his sizzurp use. Noah Cyrus (Miley’s sister)/Lil Xan

320. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 08/21 **#8**
VMA's: This A list rapper that came out of nowhere to have a monster 2017 was telling everyone last night she is single after catching her boyfriend once again cheating on her. The thing is though, she will go back to him once he puts on a full court press. She is crazy co-dependent. Cardi B/Offset

321. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 08/21 **#9**
VMA's: When he was showing some people a few photos on his phone, one of the people pointed out the former A+ list athlete had an app on his phone that was basically a GPS tracker. The athlete had no idea it was on his phone, but I'm guessing that A list girlfriend of his wants to make sure he is not hitting the strip clubs or strippers. Alex (A-Rod) Rodriguez/Jennifer Lopez

322. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 08/21 **#10**
VMA's: This foreign born alliterate A- list singer was running really late for hair and makeup and it kind of showed. The reason? She wants to act and was hooking up with a movie producer who is about to cast her in a decent sized role. Camilla Cabello

323. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 08/21 **#11**
VMA's - Kindness: This foreign born still one hit wonder got in the face of a guy who was trying to take advantage of an obviously very drunk woman who had somehow got separated from her friends at an after party. She then held on to the arm of the woman and steered her through the party until her friends were found. Iggy Azalea

324. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 08/21 **#12**
VMA's: This former stripper/reality star/sex tape star hooked up with her one named ex/baby daddy the other day. That was probably not the best idea. Blac Chyna/Tyga

325. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 08/21 **#13**
VMA's: This foreign born A-/B+ list mostly television actress has multiple projects going at once and is arguably busier than any of her former co-stars from that now defunct hit cable show. Last night she was nonstop texting and facetiming her married actor co-star. Shay Mitchell

326. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 08/21 **#14**
VMA's: The only reason the tall, alliterate model you all know was allowed to attend was because the A+ list singer was not there. Karlie Kloss (Taylor Swift)

327. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 08/21 **#15**
VMA's: This married B list alliterate female singer hit on this A- list mostly movie comic actress and was turned down. The singer then exposed herself and said something to the actress which the spy didn't catch before the singer walked away. Teyana Taylor/Tiffany Haddish

328. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 08/21 **#16**
VMA's: This A-/B+ list mostly television actress/former pro beard was telling a story last night about how she posted an Instagram video from her bed this past week and realized after the fact that ________ was in it. He freaked out she said so she did it again. The person she was telling the story to asked the last name of the first name she was given. It was then the person realized it was a married television host which is why the host was probably freaked out about the video. Olivia Munn/Jimmy Fallon

329. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 08/21 **#17**
VMA's: The most likely to die within the next month award went to this female B- list singer with two first names who has been doing the festival thing this summer. Some people assumed she was already dead and was doing the zombie thing. Morgan Saint

330. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 08/21 **#18**
VMA's: Why yes that was one half of this group I can't tell apart saying she has repeatedly hooked up with the married permanent A list rapper. Apparently it is the payoff expected from her boss. Chloe or Halle Bailey/Jay Z ("On the Run II" Tour With Beyonce & Jay-Z)

331. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 08/21 **#19**
VMA's: As I predicted would happen a few weeks ago, this foreign born not old enough to drive, B+ list actress was spotted canoodling with a guy well over twice her age. Millie Bobby Brown

332. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 08/21 **#20**
VMA's: As soon as his wife went home, this A list producer/DJ started hitting on every woman he came across and was just really gross about it. Our favorite foreign born B+ list actress/singer called him disgusting but he still managed to find a woman willing to be with him. DJ Khaled/Rita Ora

333. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 08/21 **#21**
VMA's: That coke loving rapper who treated his last girlfriend like crap swung and missed when he tried to hit on this barely legal geographical adult beverage. He had better luck with this crazy named A- list singer who thought his coke offering was the perfect pick up line. Tyga (Kylie Jenner)/Madison Beer/Bebe Rexha

334. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 08/21 **#22**
VMA's: Apparently we should not be surprised if this OITNB actress and MTV mom start hooking up in public. Things were pretty steamy between the pair last night. Dascha Polanco/Farrah Abraham

335. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 08/21 **#23**
VMA's: This foreign born A- list model who does a lot of the lingerie modeling says she makes several million (yes million) dollars a year as a Domme. No sex ever. Shanina Shaik

336. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 08/21 **#24**
VMA's: This foreign born reality star who has a name that you would be hard pressed to spell is on a very popular series that is a knockoff of a US original. She says that within the past couple months she hooked up with the oft cheating athlete husband of this pretty darn high in line to the throne royal. Sophie Kasaei ("Geordie Shore")/Zara Phillips (daughter of Anne, Princess Royal) (17th in line of succession to the British throne) and Mike Tindall

337. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 08/21 **#25**
Get A Bodyguard: This former child actor turned C+ list hoping a pilot gets picked up to get a steady job adult actor should think about spending some money on a bodyguard. At this point a trade has been made. The foreign born model has made a deal with the disgraced producer to stop talking negatively (for now) about him. In exchange, his people put her in touch with that special team. As we have seen, they are very very good at suiciding people. Jimmy Bennett/Asia Argento/Harvey Weinstin

338. THE GOSSIP LIFE 08/22
She’s an incredibly successful actress with a enviable career and a strong marriage (no divorce here), but the harsh standards of the media and the world seem to have gotten to her. Our girl rarely posts pictures of herself on social media out of fear of cruel jokes and memes. ‘She’s not even ugly,’ says the source. ‘It just trolls trolling, but it really gets to her.’ Sarah Jessica Parker

Which cable news host at MSNBC has such a terrible case of flatulence that guests are running for the doors after appearing live on the cable host’s show? Producers have tried everything, from fans to air fresheners and even removing spicy food from the hosts dressing room, but nothing seems to work. It has gotten so bad that now when you get off the elevators at 30 Rock, you know if this person is in the building! PHEW!

340. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 08/22 **#1**
This A list mostly movie actor has two big movie franchise and still continues to trot out the beard to make it seem as if he is straight. Chris Pine/Annabelle Wallis ("Star Trek" & "Wonder Woman")

341. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 08/22 **#2**
The man she had been having an affair with who was now her boyfriend dumped this foreign born alliterate model. She is desperately trying to save her only paying job, but the producers want to dump her. She has no money to pay her bills. Asia Argento (upcoming movie "Regular Boy")

342. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 08/22 **#3**
This former A+ list singer doesn't care about the material things taken, but does care about the collection of recordings all on USB drives that were taken which shows the former A+ lister with all manner of male and female celebrities. Naked. John Mayer (Jennifer Aniston and Katy Perry are worried "dirt" on them will leak)

343. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 08/22 **#4**
This former reality star turned actress turned network reality star turned celebrity is sleeping with a producer which might also be the reason she is getting paid double the rest of the people in a new reality show. Stephanie Pratt (reboot of "The Hills")

344. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 08/22 **#5**
While it is true this foreign born A list rapper was having trouble selling tickets to her shows, the thing is, she needs rehab, so really has to address that before any big performing gig. Nikki Minaj (postpones North American tour dates)

345. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 08/22 **#6**
This racist former A- list mostly television actor/comic got a second chance on life because of the impassioned defense of someone close to him. This time there is no saving him and the victim he bullied before is threatening a lawsuit. David Cross (joked about Mormon temple garments) (wife Amber Tamblyn defended his remarks to actress Charlyne Yi, alleging over a decade ago Cross made fun of Yi’s ripped pants and mocked her Asian heritage)

346. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 08/22 **#7**
This former A+ list singer recently fought an online troll who had been hired by her husband. He will do anything to get a split where he looks like the good guy. Kelly Clarkson/Brandon Blackstock

347. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 08/22 **#8**
That celebrity CEO has found a new way to enjoy two drugs at once. Dip his joints into liquid LSD and then smoke away. Elon Musk

348. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 08/22 **#9**
There is a pay cable show that had this married A- list mostly television actress come in and direct a little bit. Her married former co-star/part-time landlord showed up one of the days and the two sent an entire afternoon hooking up at the bed and breakfast where he was staying. Kerry Washington ("SMILF")/Tony Goldwyn

349. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 08/22 **#10**
This foreign born A list director who is an Academy Award winner/nominee is trying to head off a MeToo event with his latest actions. He says he couldn't do two things at once. Danny Boyle (quit "Bond 25" in dispute over "creative differences")

350. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 08/22 **#11**
This way underage celebrity offspring of a permanent A lister was spotted doing coke at a party with his girlfriend. Jack Depp

351. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 08/22 **#12**
This foreign born former A- list singer is just begging her bosses to not bring her back next season by her actions. When you show up to work half in the bag and get progressively worse throughout work, it is not very conducive to remaining employed. Mel B ("America’s Got Talent")

352. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 08/22 **#13**
This A- list mostly movie actress all of you know says she has been acting as the go between for her A+ list ex and the women he sees online and wants to have sex with. Gwyneth Paltrow/Brad Pitt

353. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 08/22 **#14**
Why yes, that was this closeted MTV star at Therapy the other night minus his wife. Max Joseph ("Catfish")

354. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 08/22 **#15**
That sobriety thing is out the window right now for this permanent A list mostly movie actor who is an Academy Award winner/nominee. He called his now former public girlfriend more of a sober coach than girlfriend. He is back on the booze now in a big way. Ben Affleck (and then six hours after this blind, the news broke he was headed back to rehab)

355. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 08/22 **#16**
Wrong Direction: Everyone is assuming that this recent Fourth Estater (the profession of journalism) was killed because of something being looked into. It was more about something given up. Other than the one killed, there was a victim. That victim has periodically hit up the mogul for cash over the years because it was the mogul that first began abusing the boy when he was really just a boy. With him was the person who mentored the disgraced director. Together they would give the boy a few bucks over the years to keep him quiet. That boy, now a man told the mogul he was going down and was bragging about what happened. The mogul decided to show what would happen if the man kept talking. Ever since it did happen, the man has gone radio silent. It looks for now like the mogul got what he wanted.
Fourth Estater: Jen Moore (died under suspicious circumstances after contacting both the DHS and the FBI with allegations that former President Bill Clinton committed sexual assault)

Mogul: David Geffen
Person who mentored disgraced director: Gary Goddard/Bryan Singer

356. POPBITCH 08/23
(British blog)
As the names dribble out for this year's crop of celebrity reality shows, which one of them once marked the end of a rather unsuccessful 'date' by masturbating into the open boot of his car once he'd dropped her home?
Jermaine Pennant ("Celebrity Big Brother")

357. THE GOSSIP LIFE 08/23
He’s one of the those names that are commonly associated with wrestling and the WWE, but this part-time superstar is ready to announce his retirement from the ring to pursue other endeavours. ‘Fans have probably expected this for some time,’ says a source, ‘but it will come true soon, likely heading into WrestleMania. He deserves it.’ "The Undertaker"

358. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 08/23 **#1**
It is amazing how this hush hush video was kept super quiet for almost six months by the kneepadding online gossip site as long as it was told by the momager. Exit the subject of the video from the family and bam, suddenly it is fine to show the video and gives the family a reason they can use on television. TMZ/Kris Jenner/Younes Bendjima (Courtney Kardashian’s ex-boyfriend) viciously beat a man outside a West Hollywood restaurant, who later didn’t press charges)

359. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 08/23 **#2**
This foreign born A list rapper is spinning a tale about a recent announcement, but overseas, things are even worse than domestically so, look for an announcement on venue changes to make things not look as bad. Nicki Minaj

360. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 08/23 **#3**
Pretty crazy to have this A+ list coach spouting off about morals clauses after what he did. Apparently the clauses only applied to people other than himself. He was perfectly allowed to violate them as he saw fit. Urban Meyer

361. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 08/23 **#4**
Left out of the reasons why there was a divorce coming between this A- list singer and his wife was the fact he could never stop cheating on her and picked up multiple STD's while doing so. Jonathan Davis ("Korn")/estranged wife, Deven Davis over-dosed)

362. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 08/23 **#5**
This B+ list mostly television actor from a very hit television show was fired. It was nice of his employer to call it something else so the actor can try and get his career back on track. Mark Sheppard (Crowley/Shapeshifter "Supernatural")

363. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 08/23 **#6**
This A list reality star from multiple network and cable reality shows is putting her foot down right there on the throat of the executive producer all of you know who already looks ridiculous in the way he kisses her butt. She wants her own show. She wants no more sharing time with anyone else on screen. The last time that was kind of tries, the show bombed, but she is insisting and will probably get her own way. Bethenny Frankel ("Real Housewives of New York City")/Andy Cohen

364. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 08/23 **#7**
This former A list model still models and is also married to a permanent A list athlete who has turned his attention to the management side of things in sports. He got busted cheating again and things are hanging on by a thread for the couple. Hannah Davis/Derek Jeter

365. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 08/23 **#8**
Dancing Boy Blind Item: Here - finally - is what happens in the very first dancing boy project, the live and adapted one act, "The Dancing Boy of Hollywood: A True Story:" It all takes place at my high school graduation party, in Malibu - June, 1991. After being injured several months earlier on my team's first mission (this is the secret global elite stuff, Hollywood branch), I'd been given painkillers in hospital. I might have stopped taking them, except that I was told - finally - that my close friend and team mate had died of his own injuries (survivor's guilt, and all). By now, I'm a full blown addict, and the story opens with two of my friends - Henry and Christina (their young likeness's, I mean) - staging an intervention. After I agree to it, they go off to find a pay phone to call Dr. Drew (the pay phone part just to play it safe, although as it turns out it could be hard to find a pay phone in Malibu). Then, in comes my frenemy (to be played by a certain young Canadian actor), with a bribe: he'll shoot me up one last time if I agree to play truth or dare. Already jonesing, I take the deal, revealing what happened on the set of a certain movie, and after that being forced to perform a dance. My former abuser(s) show up, promising not to pursue legal action (for violating the nda) if I go with them (where I'd be abused until I turn 18). My frenemy, in a moment of conscience, offers himself up instead, and he goes off with them. I nod off, and wake up to find my friends, parents, and Drew. The game, the dance - all of it - seemed only to be a bad dream (it wasn't).

366. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 08/23 **#9**
This almost-TV network is taking heat for its upcoming series against the recently passed sex trafficking legislation. Netflix ("Tricked") (in-depth documentary examines all sides of America's sex-trafficking trade, which destroys lives as it generates $3 billion a year)

367. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 08/23 **#10**
After losing out on that rich guy I wrote about in this space months ago, this former naked celebrity turned reality star has been self-medicating to make herself feel better. She also got dumped by another guy she thought was serious. Turns out he was married. Most of the guys she has been meeting are married, but she thought this one was not. Kendra Wilkinson

368. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 08/23 **#11**
I keep waiting for that ball to drop on the inappropriate familial relationship which isn't quite incest, but is still super creepy. Apparently producers of a show got wind of it which was one of the reasons that led to the cancellation of the show. The foreign born B lister all of you know who is at the center of it, says she intends to keep the relationship going. Elizabeth Hurley ("The Royals") (nephew Miles Hurley)

369. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 08/23 **#12**
This alliterate A- list mostly television actress from a very hit network show used to do something else back in the day. Anyway, she went off on her significant other at a clothing store. I mean went off. Not a whisper argument, but full on yelling at him. I'm really not sure why the couple is still together. Mandy Moore ("This Is Us")/Taylor Goldsmith

370. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 08/23 **#13**
I am actually shocked this permanent A list model/mogul/host showed up at an event this week. I guess she felt obligated, but considering the abuse she has taken from the person being honored at the event, I for sure thought she would make an excuse to not be there. Heidi Klum (Simon Cowell’s star on "The Hollywood Walk Of Fame")

371. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 08/23 **#14**
My guess is she will win an Oscar for acting this year. The crazy thing is, she looks like she might not even be nominated by this other organization for an award because they have a secret limit on how many people of color can be nominated and they already have reached their limit even though we are just in August.
Regina Hall

372. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 08/23 **#15**
I'm not sure how he exactly plans to make this happen, but this former A list mostly television actor who had a network hit back in the day is on a hit almost television show. He thinks he can use his online army of fans to spread rumors about the female lead and get her kicked off the show, which would allow him to be the focus. Considering the name of the show, I don't think he has a chance. He has always been such a tool.

373. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 08/23 **#16**
The Tapes: Everyone knows they exist. That is not a secret. Well, I mean, it is a secret to most people but not the participants or those close to them. This is not a hidden camera thing. The battle over these tapes has been going on for just about two decades. What do the tapes contain? Lots of sex and a whole lot of coke. For the first few years after the recordings were made, this A list politician tried to acquire them from his best friend who also happened to make the recordings. The best friend made the recordings of himself and his ex-girlfriend who now was the girlfriend of the politician. The girlfriend wanted them so the politician tried to get them. He was probably going to get them until the new girlfriend of the best friend intervened. She said they might come in handy down the road. She was certainly prescient. They are worth millions now to the right buyer. There is a new person in this world though who has no idea the recordings exist and it would be a major bomb dropping if they got out. For the first time in a long time, the original group is talking about them again and trying to make a deal. My guess is there will be no deal. Way too valuable.

A list politician: Gavin Newsom
Best friend: Billy Getty

New person: Vanessa Jarman
Ex-girlfriend: Kelley Phleger (currently married to Don Johnson)

374. THE GOSSIP LIFE 08/24
Apparently the current cast of judges on this ensemble talent show are annoyed that the network has insisted on mixing things up and adding another judge to the crowded panel. The highest paid judge, of course, is leading the charge and parrying the decision, feeling threatened and undermined by the potential newbie. "American Idol"/Katy Perry

375. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 08/24 **#1**
This A- list host/radio guy/former actor/mini me to Ryan Seacrest was nearly outed this past week. He is going to take things too far one day with someone who knows and then it will happen for sure. Mario Lopez

376. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 08/24 **#2**
This foreign born permanent A list model with a temper made sure the women she collected for a yacht trip did what they were supposed to for a celebrity and his friends and also to make sure she got her full fee. Naomi Campbell/David Blaine

377. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 08/24 **#3**
This alliterate A- list director has apparently been making actresses hit the casting couch again. It is one of his old standbys and not welcome any longer. There has been rumble of a lawsuit for one of them and not making producers of that movie happy. Robert Rodriguez ("Machete Kills in Space")

378. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 08/24 **#4**
This B list actor of a permanent A+ list celebrity always leaves out the fact that all of his relationships are with men and not women. Most of the time, he leaves out the gender in interviews about sex partners. Scott Eastwood

379. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 08/24 **#5**
As I previously told you, as much as this foreign born A- list dual threat actor would be great for an iconic role, the producers, no matter how much they try to leak otherwise have insisted they would never cast a person of color in the lead. Idris Elba ("James Bond")

380. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 08/24 **#6**
This B+ list celebrity offspring of a permanent A++ lister is trying to desperately hook up with this married A- list mostly movie actress all of you know who is from an acting family. The offspring would get crushed by the rejection and subsequent trashing the actress would do on social media. Paris Jackson

381. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 08/24 **#7**
Birdie Blind Item: Here's one from back in the day: We now know who won't be attending this convention of sorts, which is a kind of live, multi-day shout show. This story concerns however someone who will be attending. It takes place back in the day, at the height of his fame - owing entirely to this one character he played. You'll know him by what he wore. One day, at a glass and china shop in the valley, the clerk made the mistake of making eye contact with him - you were never to do that. He flew into a rage, shattering vases, hurling crystal angels against the wall, and finally overturning a life-sized glass carousel horse. The flying glass injured staff and customers alike; several of them, including a mother and her young son, had to be hospitalized. The network, of course, made the bad press and charges go away. Apparently, it wasn't the first or last time.

382. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 08/24 **#8**
Dancing Boy Blind Item: This one just today from my shrink, who as a young man - then a lifeguard - made a cameo in a major work of non-fiction. You see: there had been a murder on the beach, and he was subsequently visited by a man in white (who was writing this book). It's theme? A road trip of sorts, which was not without controversy - including even of the legal kind. The book itself was not without controversy, with some believing it was more like "non-fiction." The thing is, my shrink spent years talking with other people featured in or interviewed for the book, and always came back with the same answer: the accounts were, much like his, all true. Also: while the mission of the journey - to unite east and west - failed, I would many years later attend the birthday party of the icon they didn't meet (yes, that was me).
Work of non-fiction: "The Electric Kool-Aid Acid Test"
Man in White: Tom Wolfe

383. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 08/24 **#9**
This B list comic actor all of you know was doing coke at a college party after a recent gig. Pete Davidson (Auburn University)

384. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 08/24 **#10**
You know the alliterate actress who had the secret baby? Yeah, her. Apparently the father of the baby has visited the now, not a baby, several times in 2018. To my knowledge, those were the first visits ever. January Jones/Matthew Vaughn or Bobby Flay

385. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 08/24 **#11**
This is a huge break in the investigation. She was still married to him and she received some new information from three people about the death of this A list celebrity. That information has now caused police in the country where the death occurred to question their initial determination of suicide. Anthony Bourdain (Ottavia Busia)/France

386. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 08/24 **#12**
Bits And Pieces
#1 - This A- list actress who all of you know and has a LOT going on in her life right now has her PR team going full effect in tabloid commenting systems defending the actress and trashing the most recent public ex of the former significant other of the actress. Jennifer Garner/Ben Affleck/Lindsay Shookus

#2 - At a huge charity concert held in the past few weeks there was some big drama. Great folks all the way around, fun times back stage. What is interesting is there was a lot of chatter backstage about another iconic band whose members were invited to join in on stage with the band too. One member of that band is a total a-hole and was making diva-like demands, so it didn't happen. Too bad because it would have been cool. What is more pathetic is that these guys could have used the boost since most of them have had a lot of money woes, including tax problems and have a concert coming up that they can't give away tickets to... some of these idiots just can't get out of the way of their own egos.
#3 - There is drama about a statue for the deceased rocker. There is currently a conflict between a couple of the charities involved, the widow and a local government. Apparently the widow wants the city to pony up $$ to find a permanent place for the statue and to maintain it. The latest gossip is that the government does not want to get involved in another public facing effort that involves money (i.e. a statue) that will bring any criticism upon them. It wasn't like the rocker necessarily expressed adoration for this city, but he also did what he was told, at least for a while. Chris Cornell/Vicky Karayiannis/Seattle's Museum of Pop Culture

387. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 08/25 **#1**
Why yes, that was that closeted former A+ list tweener turned A- list adult singer cuddling with a guy at The Abbey last night. I don't know why he continues this charade. Nick Jonas

388. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 08/25 **#2**
The CEO has been forced by his Board to give up the charade much sooner than expected. He lied when he told everyone he had funding less than 3 weeks ago. Securities fraud charges are coming. He will be leaving the company shortly. Elon Musk ("Tesla")
(it took barely over a month from the time of the blind)

389. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 08/25 **#3**
The alleged suicide happened in a far away overseas country, which has been in the news very recently for other reasons. The victim had exposed an elite pedophile ring comprised of that nation's former political rulers. The official story of suicide is being questioned by many, including the family. The deceased had no history of mental illness or depression. Those in the deceased's former line of work tend not to use a gun belonging to someone else to commit suicide. The body was found with a gunshot to the back of the head, outside the victim's home, near a bush. They didn't even try very hard to cover this one up. That was probably the point, to send a message. The people responsible were next in line to be exposed. They don't want anybody else attempting to figure out who the deceased was about to expose next.

Victim: Mark Minnies
County: South Africa
Elite pedophile ring: explosive book, "The Lost Boys Of Bird Island" - co-authored with former journalist Chris Stey exposing apartheid ministers Magnus Malan, John Wiley, a third unnamed minister and businessman Dave Allen's paedophile ring

390. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 08/25 **#4**
Dancing Boy Blind Item: By which, I mean, who exactly - the one I have in mind for the part? He's a former child actor turned reporter then lawyer of this one kind (which is ironic, given his most high profile role) turned reporter again. Back in the day, he played the young likeness of an actor who recently lost his agent. For allegations of misconduct? Nope. For his words/views - especially on this one platform. The movie, in the director's preferred form, is considered a classic - one of the better flicks of its genre. The domestically released version is a mess, and was a critical and box office failure. When I first saw it, way back when, I was really taken by the performances, including by the young actors who played the leads as teens. He in particular - and I mean this in the best possible way - has the eyes of the devil.
Movie: "Once Upon a Time In America"
Child actor: Rusty Jacobs (played young Max)
Max: James Woods

391. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 08/25 **#5**
I love how this former reality star/movie actor waxes poetic about sobriety and thinks he is the greatest when he beat two celebrities all of you know while he was supposedly "sober."
Reality star/movie actor: Steve O
Sobriety: 10 years since 2008
Dated since 2008: Brittany McGraw; Kat Von D; Lacey Schwimmer; Elisabetta Canalis; Stacey Solomon; Lux Wright

392. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 08/25 **#6**
The producers of this hit musical didn't tell their compatriots in another location some of the behind the scenes details of what this B+ list mostly movie actor all of you know did while on their set. They just wanted him gone and now he is. Cuba Gooding Jr. ("Chicago") (leaving London for New York City)

393. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 08/25 **#7**
You want some gossip from the strangest places? OK, so this former A- list syndicated actress who was an A+ list celebrity at one point stopped seeing this celebrity because she feared for her life and was tired of the hassle. So, he started hooking up with another woman. The problem is that woman, who is a civilian, is married and is now pregnant. Apparently she was in on the plan. If she can give birth to the baby, he then can stay where he is forever because of the laws of the country. Pamela Anderson/Julian Assange (Ecuador)

394. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 08/25 **#8**
This foreign born B+ list mostly movie actor who has won/been nominated for some of the big awards in his home country was a serial cheater on his long term wife who all of you know. Well, leopards do not change their spots and he was hooking up with a waitress last week which is probably a surprise to his new bride. Vincent Cassel/Monica Bellucci/Tina Kunakey

395. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 08/26 **#1**
Mr. X: Which closeted TV host and producer is still trying to prove that he's in love with the woman he calls his girlfriend by packing on the fake PDA during a European vacation photo op? In actuality, she was in Europe for yachting purposes while the hosts and his boyfriend (did I mention he was on this trip too?) cruised for rentboys. Ryan Seacrest/Shayna Taylor

396. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 08/26 **#2**
Mr. X: What A- list actor from an acting family, who is surprisingly working despite #MeToo and is constantly dropping hints about his pan-sexuality, was seen during the day cozying up in a PR photo op with his beard/girlfriend but at night was seen exiting a gay bar cozying up with two guys who looked much much younger than him? James Franco/Isabel Paksad

397. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 08/26 **#3**
Several months ago, a certain a-hole serial rapist finally got fired from a series on an almost-TV network. You would think that by now, everyone involved can just move on with their lives, right? Except this a-hole is a prominent member of a cult you all know. Losing his job meant a lot less money for the cult. The cult keeps stalking his accusers, even now. The cult wants to deter any more of these situations from happening in the future. Surveillance cars with expired license plates outside houses for days, tapping of communications, and direct threats - sometimes face to face out of the blue. When the victims report the stalking to the police, it never seems to go anywhere. Why? Because the cult spreads a lot of money around the local police department just for this purpose. Danny Masterson ("The Ranch")/Scientology

398. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 08/26 **#4**
The reunion between this alliterate model and the A+ list singer was filled with sparks last night. It was like old home week again. I think the guy the A+ list singer calls her boyfriend would LOVE to be "dumped" at this point is here is hoping the one night reunion turns into much more. Karlie Kloss/Taylor Swift/Joe Alwyn

399. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 08/26 **#5**
Once again, this foreign born former A+ list tweener turned A- list adult took the opportunity of the absence of his significant other to cheat with a woman who has his preferred hair color in women. Justin Bieber/Hailey Baldwin

400. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 08/26 **#6**
They should never have got married. These two foreign born co-stars for awhile longer on their pay cable show have been in nonstop fight mode. He still hasn't got over his other co-star. Rose Leslie/Kit Harington/Emilia Clarke ("Game of Thrones")

401. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 08/26 **#7**
It seems like every season, the producers of this show make a deal with a "celebrity" they know has a drug problem and just assume everything will be fine. It never is. This latest incident was one of the worst. Rodrigo Alves ("Celebrity Big Brother UK")

402. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 08/26 **#8**
That former A- list mostly television actress from a now defunct cable show is learning the hard way that any relationship with the world's worst actress is going to involve watching yourself being cheated on almost weekly. Such was the case this weekend. Ashley Benson ("Pretty Little Liars")/Cara Delevingne

403. THE GOSSIP LIFE 08/27
Thanks to its passionate fan base, the television adaption of The Witcher is one of the hottest properties on Netflix’s slate and the streaming service hopes the show will not only succeed HBO’s Game of Thrones as the leading epic fantasy on the air, but also beat off stiff competition from Amazon’s Lord of the Rings and HBO’s very own Game of Thrones prequel(s). It’s starting to all feel very real because we’re told exclusively that the lead role (Geralt) has been offered to an actor. We’re fully expecting a very divided response from the passionate fan base when it’s announced. I can’t say much more, but I will say it’s a super choice. PS: The rest of the cast is mostly unknowns. Henry Cavill to Star in ‘Witcher’ Series at Netflix

404. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 08/27 **#1**
This kind of closeted when it suits him former A+ list singer is hooking up with this closeted A list foreign born much younger male singer. John Mayer/Shawn Mendes

405. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 08/27 **#2**
This former A+ list mostly movie actress from an early age to a much later age basically has just given up acting. The pills and the never ending demands of her offspring to help them in their careers has driven her away from acting. Demi Moore

406. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 08/27 **#3**
This closeted A list politician who serves from a state that also has a reality show has been hooking up with a teenage military recruit training in the politician's home state. Lindsey Graham (South Carolina) ("Southern Charm")

407. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 08/27 **#4**
This online tabloid is trying to break news while still making publicists happy. Apparently they are suffering from that access disease that afflicts their corporate sister. Everyone in the know, knows this A- list singer was hooking up with her dealer, despite what the tabloid is trying to spin. TMZ/Demi Lovato

408. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 08/27 **#5**
This one named current A list celebrity was not only doing things her congregation would hate partying wise but was also doing her best to hook this much richer man than her husband. Omarosa

409. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 08/27 **#6**
You probably didn't even hear about this terrorist bombing that happened nearly a month ago in a faraway country. It killed several people and the police brought in some people for questioning. It had been the first terrorist act in the country in almost a year after suffering through almost a dozen in 2017. One of the people brought in for questioning and who has not been released is a brother of the woman who has her own history with mass killings. Apparently terrorism runs in the family. Philippines bombing/Mairlou Danley the girlfriend of Stephan Paddock, the Las Vegas mass shooter

410. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 08/27 **#7**
This former A list child actor turned A- list adult actor who can be definitely out of control is being accused by this former reality star who is still way underage of being sexually assaulted by the actor. Shia LaBeouf /Maddie Ziegler (Sia video)

411. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 08/27 **#8**
A big financial backer is sticking with a movie that is probably destine for failure after a huge casting change. The reason? He is hoping to sleep with this foreign born former A list tween/teen actress who all of you know. She is probably B+ list at this point and just replaced an almost A+ lister who knew the script was garbage. Emma Watson replacing Emma Stone in "Little Women"

412. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 08/27 **#9**
This A list country singer has already moved on to a new married guy. The wife doesn't know yet, but she soon will because the singer likes to make sure the wife knows. Miranda Lambert

413. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 08/27 **#10**
Speaking of country music, this permanent A list singer all of you know has terminal cancer but has no plans to let the world know.

414. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 08/27 **#11**
This former A- list "singer"/reality star got wasted drunk while out of the country and got herself kicked out of her hotel room by her actor husband. Ashlee Simpson/Evan Ross (iHeartRadio MMVAs in Toronto)

415. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 08/27 **#12**
This foreign born A- list mostly television actress from a hit network show will soon slip into obscurity when the show ends. Meanwhile, our married actress left her husband at home and had a meetup with a new guy at a friend's house. Sofía Vergara ("Modern Family")/Joe Manganiello

416. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 08/27 **#13**
This A+ list mostly movie actor who is an Academy Award winner/nominee loaned out his "girlfriend" to his best friend for a few hours. Leonardo DiCaprio/Camila Morrone (PROBABLY Tobey Maguire)

417. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 08/27 **#14**
This B+ list actress/singer/reality star who is an Academy Award winner/nominee is doing serious damage to her body from the massive amounts of diet pills she consumes on a daily basis. Jennifer Hudson

418. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 08/27 **#15**
Do you think this celebrity by relationship knows her B+ list celebrity significant other all of you know is hooking up with a female celebrity best friend of the couple? I bet she thinks the whole thing is platonic and doesn't know about the drugs either. April Love/Robin Thicke/Lana Del Rey

419. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 08/27 **#16**
Teen Lust: This A- list mostly television actor struck gold with a long running network series. Since then, he has not had much luck. Apparently his behavior led to the cancellation of a show because the producers were tired of dealing with him. In his most recent series, it was canceled because he was head over heels for an actress who decidedly did not feel the same way. Our actor wouldn't stop pursuing the actress. She complained and actually quit the show before it was canceled just to avoid him. That led to the actor stalking her and showing up unannounced in front of her home and even telling her parents he could help her land other jobs. He would have gifts delivered to her house everyday. When the parents of the actress complained to the producers, they gave a warning to the actor but the actor kept right on doing it. The show was not doing that great, but it made the decision so much easier for the network to avoid any future liability on their part.
Actor: Josh Radnor
Long running network series: "How I Met Your Mother"
Cancelled show: "Mercy Street"
Recent series/actress: "Rise"

420. THE GOSSIP LIFE 08/28
We all know that this handsome middle-aged actor favours models that are well over half his age and some that are of questionable legality. What’s unique about that in Hollywood? Nothing unfortunately. Our actor, however, has made committed show business suicide and made enemies around town for muscling in on other middle-aged actors’ model girlfriends that are half their age. ‘He stole [famous director]’s regular squeeze,’ one source tells me. ‘He kept hitting on the sidepiece of [famous actor],’ another says. ‘Despite her informing him that she was involved.’ It might explain why he’s been called out on his practices before. Jared Leto (46)

421. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 08/28 **#1**
This technically foreign born A list athlete outed this foreign born A list singer which should be interesting. Gus Kenworthy/Shawn Mendes ("COLTON GET OUT OF OUR ENGAGEMENT PHOTO!!! #iHeartRadioMMVAs.")

422. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 08/28 **#2**
Deaths don't mean anything in this television show. They have shown that in the past. Anything can be written to explain it away and bring the character back. I don't think we have seen the last of this former A+ list mostly television actress from a hit network show. Roseanne Barr (ABC will kill off "Roseanne" in "The Connors" spin-off)

423. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 08/28 **#3**
This former A+ list comedian/A list actor paid $10K to get himself on stage this weekend. Louis C. K. (surprise appearance at the Comedy Cellar in New York on Sunday night)

424. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 08/28 **#4**
This supposedly happily married A list host has a huge secret he has hidden for decades. He is a host all of you know but no one knows about the men he has hooked up with over the years.

425. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 08/28 **#5**
This permanent A list mostly movie actor brought in someone to have sex with his significant other so he could watch the pair. I don't think anyone was expecting the result that happened.

426. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 08/28 **#6**
This foreign born still one hit wonder is a master of spreading fake news. She throws it out there in hopes it will stick. Lately it has been all misses for her though and then she plays the victim card. Iggy Azalea

427. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 08/28 **#7**
This A list reality star all of you know never gave up drinking or doing drugs while pregnant. That was definitely the wrong decision. JWoww ("Jersey Shore")

428. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 08/28 **#8**
This B+ list celebrity offspring who is not even close to the most famous in her family has no idea her a-hole boyfriend has sex with every groupie who gives him the time of day. He also never asks how old anyone is so, yes, he has hooked up with girls who are barely old enough to be in high school. Noah Cyrus/Lil Xan

429. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 08/28 **#9**
I guess she is a former MTV star now. She was never really big on her particular show. Apparently she has still not told her celebrity significant other that he is not the father of her unborn baby.

430. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 08/28 **#10**
Dear tabloids,
Stop making it seem as if this disgraced child molesting director is taking a vacation by choice. No one wants anything to do with him because of the child molesting. So, how about just calling it what it is instead of kissing his butt.
Woody Allen

431. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 08/28 **#11**
This current A list alliterate singer is being cheated on yet again by her husband. I'm not sure why she continues to stick with the marriage. She knows about several of the affairs. Kelly Clarkson/Brandon Blackstock

432. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 08/28 **#12**
This network thinks it can handle any push back against the hiring of this disgraced morning news guy. Apparently he discovered who was tipping off some reporters over the years about the host's harassment. That person, also a celebrity, is being forced out of his long time job as payback from executives who think the host is a good guy who has been given an unfair shake. Uh huh. I'm guessing one of those executives is one who once said he loved intern season because it was nonstop sex all summer. Matt Lauer/Bob Costas (NBC)

433. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 08/28 **#13**
There is nothing this former A- list mostly television actress likes more than a child molester/rapist. She seemingly will always find a way to support/work for them while pretending to do the opposite. At this point she is just a caricature of an activist. Rose McGowan/Asia Argento

434. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 08/28 **#14**
Date night last night with his long time boyfriend for this married foreign born closeted A+ list mostly movie actor. There is no PDA, but he has not been shy over the past year about doing things together in public. Hugh Jackman

435. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 08/28 **#15**
Even I don't know if this foreign born A+ list singer is legally married. What I do know is he definitely hooked up with someone who is not his significant other while he has been in town. Ed Sheeran (Cherry Seaborn)
 (Apple Music Presents "Songwriter" With Ed Sheeran In Los Angeles)

436. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 08/28 **#16**
The Scapegoat: Apparently this relative took a break from madaming to float a new way to get the family off the hook in the eyes of the world. It was called find a new scapegoat. The family knew there would be lots of questions and the best way to make sure there were no answers was to do what every single murderer always wants done. Cremation. The thing is though, they wanted someone to blame and they have trashed the former employee again and again and blamed her while making themselves the victim in all of this. It is all just lies they create in their own insidious world. Chris Cornell (Vicky Karayiannis) ('Autopsy' Episode Probes Head Trauma Theory)

It was one of the most contentious TV breakups in recent memory, so it stands to reason that the inevitable rebound will be equally as divisive. But rumor has it that an unnamed drama series is finally giving the remaining half of the aforementioned fizzled-but-popular romance a brand-new love interest. By all accounts, the incoming character, casting for which is now underway, is going to be a major addition to the ensemble (the words "series" and "regular" have been tossed around). It also sounds like this newcomer will fill a need that his/her predecessor could not, thus helping pave the way for a romantic connection. What else can we divulge about this would-be, could-be courtship? Hmm…. The relationship would be interracial, possibly stymied by the new character’s own, recent breakup, and… I’ve probably said too much! Alex Danvers ("Supergirl")

438. DAILY MAIL 08/29
A Premier League football club has denied that one of its star players has been caught on camera having a foursome with three women after the video went viral on social media. The explicit one-minute clip became a social media hit after fans shared it on Whatsapp, claiming it showed the top footballer - who is described as being 'a household name' - in action. But the player's club have denied it is him in the footage. The footballer whose name is being linked to the video cannot be named for legal reasons. None of the women in the leaked sex tape are his wife. But a source told The Daily Star: 'It will only take a couple of idiots who have seen the footage to start singing about it and a terrace chant could take hold.' It is not the first sex tape scandal to hit a Premier League player. In 2015 a number of Leicester City's budding stars were filmed taking part in a vile orgy in which a local girl was racially abused in Bangkok. And in 2016 a former Aston Villa player issued a grovelling public apology after a sex tape featuring him in a trio with a team-mate and an unidentified woman went viral. Antonio Luna and friend Sergi Enrich were quickly identified by fans after the X-rated video ended up on social media.

439. THE GOSSIP LIFE 08/29
Our traffic is exploding from our previous post, but that doesn’t mean I’m going to forget about posting a blind item today and this one is a good’un; I can’t give too many hints, but I want you to know this took place in the 80’s and the 90’s. He’s one of most iconic actors and his personal life has often received a lot of media attention, but there’s a huge detail often omitted by the press and it would be perfect for the #MeToo movement. ‘It was wrong,’ says a source exclusively to me. ‘The people around him should taken care of him and they didn’t, and that’s how a monster crept in.’ I cannot get the source to expand further, but they continue to hint that our actor was sexually abused by an father figure in the industry when he was coming up.

Which Real Housewife likes to dress up as a clown in the bedroom to keep her man happy? This Real Housewife has received a lot of abuse for defending her longtime boyfriend to the other ladies who just can’t understand why she is dating him. However, what they don’t know is the he is the boss and she will do anything to make him happy – including dressing up in the bedroom. One night at a very boozy dinner the kinky housewife announced that she dressed up as a clown and also a toy solider to keep her man sexually happy. She confessed that he likes to be naked watching her march around to the ‘nutcracker’ ballet music dressed up in red pants and wearing a tall black hat. Another fantasy that the couple engaged in is role play where she is wearing a clown outfit and big red nose! Dorinda Medley ("Real Housewives of New York City")/John Mahdessian

441. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 08/29 **#1**
This permanent A list "singer" is rebelling in one of the only ways she can. She has been refusing to take her medication which has been causing some issues with her mentally and also tension with others. Britney Spears

442. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 08/29 **#2**
Apparently this closeted A- list mostly movie actor with multiple franchises is taking a page from the playbook of this closeted former A+ list tweener when it comes to "relationships." Nothing like bringing the family to make it all seem real. Chris Pine (Nick Jonas)/Annabelle Wallis

443. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 08/29 **#3**
This A- list singer has had big hits solo and in duets. She says she fasted for six days to make sure she looked good for an outfit at a recent award show. Meghan Trainor ( 2018 iHeartRadio MMVAs)

444. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 08/29 **#4**
Speaking of that award show back in #3, this A- list reality star from multiple cable shows was crazy drunk while another reality star who also has appeared on multiple reality shows was doing lines of coke like a champ at an after party. Jenni "JWoww" Farley/Kristin Cavallari

445. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 08/29 **#5**
This former back in the day A+ list mostly movie actor made a $1M donation to his church for a special dispensation that no other member of his congregation would be allowed. Val Kilmer (Christian Scientist)

446. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 08/29 **#6**
This former almost A- list actress who has A list name recognition in the tabloid world recently bragged about a contract she says she got for reality television. The thing is though, she exaggerated it and is now facing issues when it comes to child support payments she was demanding be maintained. Denise Richards ("Real Housewives of Beverly Hills") (Charlie Sheen child support)

447. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 08/29 **#7**
It is no accident that this A- list mostly movie actress is making sure stories about her helping out an ex are being released almost every day. There is a movie coming out very soon and this is being used as talking points for interviews to get maximum attention on her. Jennifer Garner/Ben Affleck ("Peppermint")

448. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 08/29 **#8**
Dancing Boy Blind Item: Here's another update about that first thing: "The Dancing Boy of Hollywood: A True Story." It's back to being a multi-part, or rather multi-period/setting story, set in part in the present day, and in part (now) in the recent past as well as back in the day. Also: parts of it (past, I mean) will be projected rather than performed. When I first thought of doing it that way - having the story of my high school graduation party be shown as a tape rather than performed live - I was kind of like: is that even a thing? So, research...Most assuredly there is "digital theatre," although what a stupid term and it sounds like your average pretentious mfa in theater class project (nuns chanting on film or something while small child dismembers a doll with a kitchen knife onstage). But then I'm like wait no this is docudrama - epic theater, it turns out (if I had bothered to actually take a theater history class, I'd have known this). And going back to the 20s, with the works of German-born producer Erwin Piscator in particular, the use of other media, and especially projections, was commonplace. So the 1991 story as well as what happened at the death bed of this doctor (which I secretly filmed), at least, will appear as projected films.

449. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 08/29 **#9**
The kids of this foreign born permanent A list singer/musician are completely out of luck now. They were still going to get some nibbles of their father's fortune until a recent life event. After that event, the singer/musician changed everything he hadn't changed over to the new wife. Neil Young married Daryl Hannah

450. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 08/29 **#10**
This foreign born A list dual threat actor has been forced to hire 24/7 security for his family because of a stalker who wants to kill everyone in the family other than the actor. She thinks the actor will then be free to marry her. Benedict Cumberbatch

451. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 08/29 **#11**
The number one lesson in Hollywood is to never walk away from a hit show. I have said this from almost day one of the site. Well, this talented actor who stars on a hit cable show is doing just that. He thinks he is going to be a huge movie star and doesn't need the television thing. He is walking away which is going to shut the whole show down for good. That upcoming movie of his will be big, but he will never be A+ list. Rami Malek ("Mr. Robot") (Freddie Mercury/"Bohemian Rhapsody")

452. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 08/29 **#12**
My guess is this A- list east coast reality star will test positive three times before getting herself together long enough to stay sober as she has been ordered to do. Luann de Lesseps ("Real Housewives of New York City")

453. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 08/29 **#13**
Apparently this foreign born A- list three named actor went through an an abuse program to try to stop drinking. It worked for a long time until he recently fell off the wagon. He is resisting going back for treatment because of how awful it was the first time. Jonathon Rhys Meyers

454. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 08/29 **#14**
Why yes, that was the beard for this foreign born permanent A+ list athlete coming out of an actor's suite at that big film festival. Apparently she has had a crush on him a long time and took the chance to hook up with him after meeting at a party. The actor, a foreign born A+ list mostly movie actor has a significant other who was probably only expecting him to cheat with his frequent former co-star.
A+ list athlete: Cristiano Ronaldo
Beard: Georgina Rodríguez
Film Festival: Venice Film Festival

A+ list actor: Ryan Gosling
Significant other: Eva Mendes
Former co-star: Emma Stone

455. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 08/29 **#15**
I don't think this closeted foreign born A+ list singer gave his number to that openly gay B+ list celebrity last night because they were going to talk about music. Shawn Mendes/Tyler Oakley (Variety's Annual Power Of Young Hollywood)

456. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 08/29 **#16**
The Videos: This former A- list mostly television actor who all of you know has had some issues with the #MeToo movement. He has always been skeezy and I don't think anyone was shocked when women came forward with some stories about him or just his general a-hole behavior on almost every set he has worked on his adult life. He is one of those guys who likes acting for two reasons. Money and because he thinks it makes every woman want to have sex with him. Because of the issues he had last year, he installed a state of the art video system in his home. Every room, including bathrooms, is wired for sound and video. Apparently he has a dozen installed in his bedroom alone. Every single angle in every corner of the house is covered. He does this, he says for proof if anyone ever accuses him of assault or harassment. I'm not sure what he does when he leaves the house to protect himself, but the thing is, at home he says they are just for protection. A way for him to prove what happened. Umm, then why are you showing people the recordings? Do the women know you are showing them having sex? Why did you give the password to a few of your friends so they could watch live when you let them know a woman is coming over? Jeremy Piven

457. POPBITCH 08/30
(British blog)
Which famous sportsman's kid realised they'd left their wallet at home when the bill came at a trendy London pub – so decided to do a rather fast runner?
Brooklyn Beckham

458. THE GOSSIP LIFE 08/30
We’ve spoken about how brutal the industry can be to actors that are losing their hair before, but this is one of the craziest stories I’ve ever been told and it comes from a good source at a major studio. Apparently this A list actor, who plays a superhero, has been warned that if he doesn’t do anything about his dying hair situation, then he’ll be forced to wear a wig and not just on set either. I guess it’ll be interesting to see what happens with his hair follicles.

459. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 08/30 **#1**
Long time no hear from this pair, but this former reality star turned A- list singer in a group has plans to spend a weekend with his former co-star from the reality show to "write songs." The latter is not bringing his wife so this should be interesting. Adam Lambert/Kris Allen (Katy O'Connell)

460. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 08/30 **#2**
Pretty interesting thoughts from this B+ list celebrity offspring who claims that A- list singer/bad actress will never get over the offspring's boyfriend. Umm, she might want to rethink that statement. The A- lister has changed her phone number three times in the past five or six months because the offspring's boyfriend won't leave the A- lister alone. Hailey Baldwin/Selena Gomez/Justin Bieber

461. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 08/30 **#3**
Apparently there is a new woman in this A- list reality star's life. It has been a torrid two weeks so that probably means the "boyfriend" is out the door and a new one will have to be found. The original plan was for him to stick around a little longer. Kendall Jenner/Ben Simmons

462. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 08/30 **#4**
Our favorite misspelled flowering financial institution has been having a bad couple days. She is self medicating and acting erratically. I hope she isn't mixing substances because that is when she gets to a level of manic that is frightening for her health. Azealia Banks

463. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 08/30 **#5**
Apparently that death of a pseudo celebrity who became more of a celebrity after death than he ever was during life has taken a new turn. An employee may be to blame for the death. Dennis Shields ("Real Housewives of New York City")

464. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 08/30 **#6**
There is a battle going on that is much more vocal than it used to be about charging this former A list dual threat actor with murder. It used to be 90/10 for no, but now it is closer to 50/50 in the DA's office. Apparently the only thing really holding back any charge is the case will be really expensive to prosecute and it is really difficult to weed out the credible statements and facts from people and the conspiracy stuff. Robert Wagner (Natalie Wood drowning)

465. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 08/30 **#7**
This former A- list mostly television actress went behind the back of her significant other to make sure she controlled the news cycle. She felt it was her chance to be the person everyone spoke to and about and wouldn't have to share the "title," so to speak. Meghan (Markle), Duchess of Sussex/Prince Harry

466. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 08/30 **#8**
A Dancing Boy Blind: Another day, another random d/l discovery: my other first year college roommate - known at the time for setting the next door kid's bed and belongings and nearly the building on fire (no, not very original, or especially funny); the first one was the one who introduced me to the cellist, and subsequently died of an o/d. It appears he married a Muslim woman and converted to Islam. Wonder what he'll think of the dancing boy saga... Cellist blind item

467. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 08/30 **#9**
I would give this former actor about a week before he ends up back in jail. I am shocked after what he did in the past and what he has said to his friends as of late that anyone is going to let him out. Gérard Depardieu rape of a 22 year old French actress

468. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 08/30 **#10**
This former A list mostly movie actress was hoping her franchise would resurrect her waning career. It hasn't. The sequel didn't do as well and she is now cheating on her significant other with a producer to try and get another big role. Amanda Seyfried/Thomas Sadoski ("Mamma Mia! Here We Go Again")

469. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 08/30 **#11**
This mogul for so long is having a tough time moguling because of all the sexual assault charges. With his ex, also desperate for money, the mogul has been selling off possessions to pay her bills and his legal fees/settlements. Russell Simmons/Kimora Lee Simmons

470. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 08/30 **#12**
I think this A- list mostly television actress is going to regret her decision to leave the hit show which brought her career back to life. She wanted way more money than anyone was willing to pay, so she walked. Emmy Rossum ("Shameless")

471. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 08/30 **#13**
It really freaks me out that the long time tween show producer used to make all of the female tweens and teens watch a certain movie with him and now one of his favorites is paying permanent homage to that movie. Dan Schneider/Ariana Grande ("Spirited Away")

472. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 08/30 **#14**
With an age of consent of 14, this foreign born A list mostly movie actor has been more disgusting than usual the past few days while promoting a movie. Henry Cavill ("Mission: Impossible – Fallout") (Beijing, China age of consent)

473. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 08/30 **#15**
Apparently there was not a role for his wife as he led her to believe, which is one of the reasons this A- list dual threat actor bailed on a film. Alec Baldwin/Hilaria Baldwin ("Joker")

474. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 08/30 **#16**
No Happily Ever After - Kind Of Old Hollywood: This is not super Old Hollywood. If it involves television, than maybe it just back back in the day rather than Old Hollywood. She was definitely popular through her tween and teen years but those were also the years that she blamed for ruing the rest of her life and every relationship she had. It also left her childless. She got her big break when she was 11 or 12. Right in the tween sweet spot. She came in as a replacement on one of the biggest daytime shows in television. It was a television show which the studio used more for pleasing investors than any real money from advertisers on the show. For two years, our actress was passed around to older men as a way to get them to invest in the bigger company which was going through a financial squeeze because of a very very very big investment. At that time, it had yet to pay off like it has today. She was just one of the dozen or so that were passed around. The main star was the only one who was not passed around because she was the personal play toy of the man everyone called by one name. He made sure through her good and bad years that she worked as much as she wanted and he provided her six figure checks twice a year to help her live her best life. Anyway, back to the subject of her blind. One of the men brutally raped and beat her because he said she wasn't trying her best. Umm, she was 13 maybe at that time and he was probably 50. He beat her so badly that she was fired from the show and suffered damage to her body that wouldn't ever allow her to have kids. Fast forward a few years. She was probably 15 at that time and was on another hit show. This time there were no men passing her around. She loved being on the show. It was also at that time she got introduced to a permanent A+++ lister. He always liked his girlfriends young. He must have been in his mid to late 20's and was at that point an A lister. He saw her on the show and the next thing you know they were together. They split though when he found out she had been raped. He considered her damaged goods. He also started talking about it to other industry friends and within a couple years when her run on the show ended, she couldn't get any more work and she never really acted again.

Actress: Cheryl Holdridge
Daytime show: "The Mickey Mouse Club"
Another hit show: "Leave It To Beaver"
A+++lister: Elvis Presley
Main star: Annette Funicello

475. THE GOSSIP LIFE 08/31
She’s one of the biggest actresses on the face of the planet, a huge favorite of men and women alike, and has always had a firm non-nudity clause in her contract, but our GL sources tell me that not only does she test the nudity waters in an upcoming flick, but she’s also now open to the idea. I guess that very subtle breast work (not a boob job) is paying off. This could be big news in the tabloids. Emma Stone

476. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 08/31 **#1**
Apparently this permanent A+ list musician has also discovered the world of online troll hiring. In his case though, he didn't hire them to troll disgruntled members of the public. He hired them to go after a family member. Guns N' Roses guitarist Slash divorcing Perla Ferrara/Slash's girlfriend Meegan Hodges

477. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 08/31 **#2**
Apparently this closeted A+ list athlete who does do the beard thing is working on a project with his boyfriend that allows them to spend a ton of time together without having to sneak around. They are just right there in the open. It works because the boyfriend is also closeted so they keep each other's secrets. Aaron Rodgers

478. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 08/31 **#3**
This A- list mostly television actress who has been on some very hit television shows is on a decently good cable show now. She recently made some controversial positive statements about a group all of you know and was rewarded by moving up a big notch in the group. Jenna Elfman (Scientology) ("Dharma & Greg") ("Fear the Walking Dead")

479. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 08/31 **#4**
The drug use even cost this foreign born A list rapper one of her long time best friends/employees who just couldn't handle the nonstop abuse from the rapper. Nicki Minaj (hair stylist Kim Kimble)

480. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 08/31 **#5**
As I wrote here several months ago, one of the reasons this A+ list mostly movie actor took a role in an ensemble movie was for the chance to hook up with this foreign born A/A- list mostly movie actress who is an Academy Award winner/nominee. Apparently the husband of the actress got wind of this and has tried to be around as often as he can. Probably not often enough. Brad Pitt/Margot Robbie/Tom Ackerley ("Once Upon a Time In Hollywood")

481. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 08/31 **#6**
This former A+ list mostly movie actor has now dropped to B list. He is an Academy Award winner/nominee which was not all that long ago. He has spent most of the tens of millions of dollars he earned and lives role to role at this point. The roles don't pay what they used to though and he has an entirely different kind of look for which there is not much demand. Mickey Rourke

482. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 08/31 **#7**
In the latest installment of the seemingly never-ending saga of a certain singer's family, the situation is becoming laughable. One family member's social media gibberish is the usual, but allegedly this person is now blabbing to conspiracy theorists too. One of the conspiracy theorists allegedly leaked information to another, who then passed it to another, which resulted in public claims being made that have not been substantiated. Oops. The sad part is that these people don't care if information is inaccurate, as long as it continues to substantiate their version of things. Chris Cornell was the main financial backer for a documentary "The Silent Children", about child sex trafficking. After he died, the project was cancelled. Chester Bennington was going to appear in the documentary. His band Linkin Park was going to contribute music.

483. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 08/31 **#8**
This permanent A++ list celebrity is working with her favorite child to hide the cost from the public of a soon to be huge wedding that has gone ridiculously overboard in cost and is currently to or three times the cost of a not that long ago much more popular wedding.
A++ celebrity: Queen Elizabeth II
Favorite Child: Prince Andrew, Duke of York
Wedding: Princess Eugenie of York/Jack Brooksbank
Popular wedding: Prince Harry, Duke of Sussex/Meghan (Markle), Duchess of Sussex

484. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 08/31 **#9**
Word is that this foreign born A+ list celebrity is pregnant/using a surrogate again (whichever version to which you think she subscribes) because it gets her out of the boring things and allows her to pick and choose the fun things she wants to attend. Amal Clooney

485. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 08/31 **#10**
Left out of the explanation of this former actress turned A list singer about her now boyfriend is that their first kiss happened right after he hung up the phone with his girlfriend at the time. Kind of changes the whole tenor of the story when you hear it that way. He has said it that way which is how it came out. He bragged to his friends about how it happened. Ariana Grande/Pete Davidson/Larry David’s daughter Cazzie David

486. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 08/31 **#11**
This now former MTV reality star knows if his offspring are allowed to interact with adults or even kids outside the family, there is a strong possibility they will talk about being molested by the former star. Therefore, he keeps them on a very tight leash. Jenelle Evans/David (Uncle Bad Touch) Eason (removed his 11 year old daughter from public school to homeschool)

487. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 08/31 **#12**
This foreign born vowel loving singer/rapper who sounds a lot like another singer/rapper has come to the realization that she has burned far too many bridges at this point to succeed in her chosen career. She has also burned too many bridges to succeed in other ways she used to earn a great deal of money. If she is smart, she will do a mea culpa and start building those bridges back or she will be lucky to get enough work to even make a living. Iggy Azalea music and yachting (Azealia Banks)

488. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 08/31 **#13**
Things are going from bad to worse for this former one season wonder who crashed and burned her way out of any of the spinoffs or other network alternatives for her ilk. This week at a big event, she was kicked out after being caught using coke. This was a big event and not the type you want to be booted from. Corinne Olympios (KarlLagerfeldxKaiaGerber launch event)

489. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 08/31 **#14**
This A+ list mostly movie actor is married. He has been married for a long time. He comes from an acting family and now has two children with his mistress.

490. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 08/31 **#15**
Everyone just laughed nervously and nodded a lot while dealing with this permanent A+ list singer from a singing family at an event. She was so far out of it, no one had any idea what she was saying. She was in her own world and then back in the present and was making horribly off color jokes and comments to people which was really making people uncomfortable. Janet Jackson received the Icon Award at Broadcast Music, Inc.'s R&B/Hip-Hop Awards

491. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 08/31 **#16**
Unholy Hatred: Back in the day, the music biz was a lot different than it is now. Rock bands could start in someone's garage or basement and with some luck and talent, get famous overnight. Unscrupulous managers and record labels often roped these hungry musicians into fine print contracts which made promises of money and gave lots of perks. The perks were often women, drugs, and the trappings of fame. What many of the bands didn't realize was that they were actually paying for this excess, to the tune of tens of thousands of dollars in debt to managers and record companies. Only a few really savvy musicians didn't fall into that trap, and today's blind is about one of them. Our musician was a child prodigy and extremely talented in his genre. We'll call him Mr. R. He joined forces with another legendary musician and formed a band that was critically acclaimed in their time, but may not be so much on the radar of younger people now. Mr. R was not only a creative force in this band, but was also the brains behind their finances. Mr. R's grandfather was a shrewd immigrant store owner who taught Mr. R accounting and bookkeeping when he was young. Mr. R would often visit his grandfather's store and sit with him as he went over his ledger books, while his grandfather taught him the basics of running a business. Turns out that not only was Mr. R musically gifted, but he also had a photographic memory for numbers. This was indeed a valuable skill and even landed Mr. R a part time bank teller job as a teenager in his town, which was unheard of at the time. Mr. R's bandmates were also a dynamic individuals as well. The most noteable of them I'll call Mr. J. Mr. J also came from a hardscrabble immigrant background and had been trying to make it in the music business for years when he met and joined forces with Mr. R. Together they knew they had a genius combination of talent and would be a huge success in the rock n' roll world. Not only was Mr. R a gifted musician, he was also ahead of his time in terms of marketing and branding. Mr. R also understood that merchandising was also going to be an important part of the business, which netted the band a lot of money in the future. In addition, he designed an innovative business plan for the band while keeping a tight fist on the band's finances. The band did indeed become very successful and was also critically praised for some of their work. The problem is that over time, Mr. J became insanely jealous and resentful of Mr. R's talents and financial savvy. Mr. J complained to anyone who would listen that Mr. R was exerting too much control over the band's business and financial matters. The sad part is that thanks to our musician, Mr. J was very wealthy and had been for the most part protected from predatory managers and contracts due to Mr. R's shrewd business practices. What had also helped was that Mr. R had met an infamous billionaire who gave him a lot of valuable financial advice that he was able to implement in managing the band's finances. This did not matter to Mr. J though, because he was too blinded by his own ego, too many drugs and just greed in general to appreciate the work that Mr. R had done. This irrational jealousy towards Mr. R eventually boiled over in an extreme way when Mr. J physically attacked him and almost killed him while they were on tour. It was at this point that Mr. R decided to leave the band, which he did and never looked back. The band continued on in various incarnations, doing well for a number of years more. What isn't widely known is that Mr. R's savvy business acumen also protected his financial interests AFTER he left the band as well. Mr. J was livid when he realized that not only were Mr. R's interests totally protected in their financials, but they were also irrevocable. This meant that Mr. J could not cut Mr. R out of any future profits from his past work with the band. Of course Mr. J spent innumerable hours with lawyers and accountants trying to find loopholes which could be used to eliminate Mr. R's piece of the revenue stream from his past work, but it could not be done. The financials were brilliantly structured, similarly to an irrevocable Trust - the infamous billionaire's advice had clearly been put to good use. All the band members shared equal parts of the money, and if one of them died, then a portion of their money would go to their surviving relatives and the other portion would revert back to the surviving band members. Once all the band members were dead, then the money would go into a Trust-like entity which would pay out monies to surviving descendants in perpetuity. This was ironclad and Mr. J was enraged that it could not be changed to steal monies from Mr. R that he was legitimately entitled to. Mr. J harbored his extreme hatred of Mr. R for years about this, even though Mr. R's savvy business dealings helped make Mr. J a millionaire many times over. When there was a later phase in Mr. J's career in which he was extremely successful both commercially and critically, he was unable to enjoy that fully due to his rage. This is because Mr. R had contributed several of the ideas for the project many years before, and had carefully documented them. And because of that, Mr. J's lawyers had no choice but to write Mr. R a big fat check. The sad part is that not too long after, Mr. R was found violently murdered in his home. The murder has never been solved, and since Mr. R never married or had children, his piece of the band's earnings finally reverted back to the band and Mr. J.

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