NOTE: Guesses in italics are only guesses;
guesses in RED are a link to the solution or substantial clues.


I once went to a party and this married A list mostly movie actress who had an iconic role on an iconic show was chain smoking cigarettes. One every five or six minutes. She was smoking where it was illegal. Her strategy would be to yell or argue or talk to the security guard who would tell her to put it out. The argument, yelling, conversation would last the amount of time it took her to smoke the cigarette. Must have done this a dozen times. Jennifer Aniston (Rachel on "Friends")

I once went to a party where this almost television show talk show host got tired of guys looking down her low cut top every time she bent down to do a line of coke so she just took it off and did lines topless. Chelsea Handler ("Chelsea" on Netflix)

This foreign born C list celebrity who is richer than rich and loves D list reality stars more than anything better have used protection because her latest conquest is HIV+. Chloe Green (daughter of Philip Green, who is the chairman of Arcadia Group, which owns various retail stores including Topshop, Dorothy Perkins and Outfit)/Jeremy Meeks (prison model)

I once went to a party where this German sounding rapper who had a brief run at A list back in the day when he was singing with his then girlfriend got into an argument with her. He then had one of his friends hold her and make him watch getting orally serviced by a groupie. Ja Rule/Ashanti

I once went to a party where I saw the scariest thing I have ever seen. This record label owner got turned down by a woman so he pistol whipped her to the ground and then held the gun to her head and pulled the trigger. It didn’t fire. He then raised it to the ceiling and fired it and it went off. Suge Knight

Back in the day I went to this meet and greet where this very popular 80’s singer carried on a running conversation with one of her handlers about a train she said she witnessed involving her arch rival. It was surreal. Each person would come up and get their photo taken or an autograph and the singer is going on and on with this XXX rated situation she had seen. Tiffany Darwish/Debbie Gibson

I once went to this party and this A+ list mostly movie actor then and now was dating this A+ list mostly movie actress. She is a blonde. Whenever a blonde would approach him he would turn them down and kept saying how much he wanted to f**k a brunette. He was trying to decide between two and then said he couldn’t decide and were they ok with a threesome. They looked at each other and both shrugged their shoulders and said ok. Brad Pitt/Gwyneth Paltrow

This A/A- list mostly movie actor who has an equally famous sibling had a favorite strip club where he had hooked up with every single stripper who worked there. Must have been 20 women. This was over the course of about six weeks. Luke Wilson (Owen Wilson)

Back in the day these two guys had their own show. Both have gone on to other things. One of them is A list and can be seen on your tv every night. Anyway, they used to each pick one woman out of the audience for the other person to try and have sex with. They each put in $250 a night and when one of them actually had sex with the woman picked they got the whole pot. Jimmy Kimmel/Adam Carolla ("The Man Show")

10. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 07/03 **#10**
This now deceased A+ list comic/A list tv actor/B+ list movie actor hated when a woman said she needed lube to have sex. He would go on a long rant and then said fine and would pull out this huge container of Crisco and use some of that. Milton Berle

11. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 07/03 **#11**
This suddenly hot again music producer/record label exec/owner stole from every single act he ever produced. He would come up with ridiculous charges and assign each expense a random 9 number code. Just the code and a charge. If an artist complained he would give them a hundred page book filled with random codes in no particular order. They would never be able to find the random codes in the 100 page book and give up. Sean "P. Diddy" Combs ("Can't Stop, Won't Stop: A Bad Boy Story")

12. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 07/03 **#12**
You won’t ever be able to answer this one until he gets busted but this Latin American scout for a pro team forces young men to have sex with him and if they refuse he blackballs them for all teams.

13. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 07/03 **#13**
This former A+ list baseball player says he wants to make a comeback again but he is going to have to give up the strippers and blow that he has going on in his life. David Ortiz

14. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 07/03 **#14**
This actress/pro beard is yachting up a storm. She is also drinking and not being discreet when it comes to talking about her last bearding contract. Olivia Munn/Aaron Rodgers

15. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 07/03 **#15**
This A list director does not have any friends who are women of color so it shouldn’t come as a shock that she has no idea how to write for women of color. She has always whitewashed much like another famous family member. Sofia Coppola

16. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 07/03 **#16**
These two musical siblings who were briefly A list are white supremacists. It shouldn’t be a shock that one of them has only dated and now married a woman who all have long histories of being racist.

17. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 07/03 **#17**
This former TGIF ABC actress who was A list in that time block now hangs around hotel bars trying to hook up with men for money who remember her from the tv show. Trina McGee (Angela Moore/Angel Nuffsaid "Boy Meets World")

18. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 07/03 **#18**
This foreign born A list mostly movie actor is A list only with his franchise. The amount of humiliation he inflicts on his on again girlfriend is beyond belief. I don’t know why she bothers to keep coming back. Gerard Butler ("How to Train Your Dragon" and "Olympus Has Fallen")

19. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 07/03 **#19**
This one named A- list foreign born singer begged the guy she has been seeing the past couple of weeks while on tour to not post a photo of them together to social media even in a group setting because she knows it will bring trouble from an A+ lister. Lorde/Taylor Swift

20. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 07/03 **#20**
This A+ list comic/A list mostly movie actor was wasted out of his mind this weekend while performing. Kevin Hart

This almost television show cost SO MUCH MONEY but got so little return that the numbers equate to about $100 per viewer. Yeah, that is not going to work. The company gave this B+ list dual threat director who was probably A list back in the day, a huge amount of financial leeway. Very few people watched it, but those who did were very very vocal. So the company said they would have to cancel it if a) they didn’t reign in their spending and b) if their spending wasn’t reigned in, it was up to them to wrap it up because they would have to cancel it if not. Instead of reigning in their cost, they spent extra, forcing the cancellation of their show, making it look like the company didn’t support their endeavor and ticking off their small but very vocal audience. Lana Wachowski ("Sense8")

It looks like this singer from a former A+ list group found out her actor husband has been cheating on her with a co-star from his very popular network show. Natalie Maines ("Dixie Chicks")/Adrian Pasdar (someone from "Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.")

Don’t believe the hype. The rest of the world might be gullible but when you do your research you see that the company behind a pretty astounding historical claim does the same thing every 12-24 months to get people to donate money to their cause. When they run out of money they come up with some "some new information" to keep the money train running. "Anonymous" (NASA is about to announce the discovery of aliens)

At a drunken get together this weekend, this former almost A- list mostly movie actress turned escort who has a minor in theft told everyone at the party that she has slept with this A+++ list celebrity. He was married and she was living in his city for a few months as she figured out what to do with her life. Right before she left the country for what seems like good. Lindsay Lohan/Donald Trump

In addition to cheating on her significant other, this former A+ list singer is back to her cuckolding ways. She has a guy she brings over to the house and makes her significant other watch her having sex while she belittles him. That was the reason her marriage fell apart. Christina Aguilera/Matt Rutler/Jordan Bratman

I give this relationship just a couple of months longer. With no reality show on the horizon, this former A list athlete turned reality star turned athlete turned celebrity is cheating on his celebrity significant other pretty frequently and is trying to hook up with a dozen or so women he met online. Ryan Lochte/Kayla Rae Reid

This former really bad B+ list actress/celebrity offspring turned reality star who is still terrible at acting has decided she is going to have lyme disease and try and get a reality show about it. Yeah, she doesn’t have it, but is desperate for ideas. Tori Spelling

This married east coast Housewife continues to have a relationship with a man who is most definitely not her husband and has even showed him off in public but just says he is a friend. Uh huh.

A lawsuit about to be filed against this former tweener actress turned adult addict singer is troublesome for the singer. Not so much about liability, but because there is the possibility of depositions being taken and some secrets she likes hidden will be blown open damaging to her career. Selena Gomez (Executive Producer "13 Reasons Why")
(families blame show for girls suicides)

30. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 07/05 **#10**
Not sure where her actor boyfriend was when this A- list mostly movie actress who we all know was in a superhero franchise and has a drinking problem when she was shoving her (tongue) down the throat of a guy at a street corner while out of the country. Kirsten Dunst (Jesse Plemons) (in Paris)

31. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 07/05 **#11**
Not a very happy person. That is the best way to describe the secret female lover of this foreign born permanent A list singer. The singer told her lover that all would be revealed in an upcoming magazine issue. It wasn’t. The singer said the magazine decided to cut that part. Umm, no. The singer is lying because the subject was never raised. Celine Dion

32. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 07/05 **#12**
You might see some news about our married favorite doesn’t want to be initialed rapper any longer today. He isn’t interested in the celebrity to whom he has been linked. Nope. He is interested in some of her "clients," and what her fee would be for setting him up. T.I/La La Anthony

33. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 07/05 **#13**
New movie coming out starring this foreign born world’s worst actress. This, however is not about her. Apparently she has been very charming during this press tour and really trying to do better than the last few times out. Good for her. Anyway, she was forced to do the press interviews with her co-star. During one of them, she mentioned the city where her co-star lives. What is the harm? Everyone with social media knows where he lives. Well, he went off like the a-hole he is and just laid into our actress. It pains me to write that next to her name. She didn’t deserve his tantrum though. It was so excessive that the PR team had to get involved and beg and plead for the recording to not be used. Cara Delevingne/Dane DeHaan ("Valerian And The City Of A Thousand Planets" Press Conference)

34. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 07/05 **#14**
Apparently this actor has not learned from his last bearding attempt when our favorite Disney actress humiliated him. He has moved on to someone who is willing to do it but she has a boyfriend so it is going to make her and our actor look really bad. Gregg Sulkin/Bella Thorne/Sahara Ray (Luke Hemmings)

35. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 07/05 **#15**
The coke bloat and hooker use is high for this former athlete turned rich celebrity with an actress ex-wife. Just another guy throwing away his money and his life to try and prove he is a big shot. Mike Comrie/Hilary Duff (accused of rape by a high-end prostitute who was upset with the former hockey star for refusing to front her $1 million for a business venture)

36. POPBITCH 07/06
Which big-name rock star is taking great care of his brother now that he's made it? When groupies line up after a gig, the star will insist that fans orally service his brother before they're allowed anywhere near his own celebrity dong.
Jared Leto (Shannon)

Is there sub-extortion? I think of it kind of like a sub Tweet. This parent of a permanent A+ list singer has been spouting off vague phrases that don’t quite add up to what the A+ lister is trying to spin life event wise. Beyoncé’s father Mathew Knowles future book about twins

This alliterate A list model got hammered one night and damaged the heck out of her hair. She had no choice but to go in a direction she has never gone before. Karlie Kloss

This foreign born A-/B+ list mostly movie actress who has broken up a marriage or two in her day is having a fling with the very rich, very married, very old head of this clothing company. Sienna Miller/Philip Green (chairman of Arcadia Group, a retail company that includes Topshop, Topman, Wallis, Evans, Burton, Miss Selfridge, Dorothy Perkins, and Outfit) or Sidney Kimmel (Jones Apparel Group)

I’m not sure this back in the day A list singer/songwriter who has not had a hit in over a decade will be going back to his annual concert event. The founder/cranky permanent A list singer told her to f**k off when she asked for an extra trailer. Sheryl Crow/Willie Nelson ("Farm Aid 2017)

This foreign born newlywed who misses that few weeks of A+ listerdom she has had a couple of times through family, thought marriage would change her philandering boyfriend. Really, the only difference is he rented a place in the city for his flings instead of bringing them back to his home. Pippa Middleton/James Matthews

This foreign born former A list singer from a manufactured group is hooking up with a male and a female from her reality show, but never at the same time. They don’t know about each other. Mel B ("Scary Spice"/Spice Girls) ("America’s Got Talent")

This alliterate A- list mostly television actor has the worst pickup lines ever. He is surrounded by models this week and he has no game. None. No one there knows who he is and it is painful to watch. Aziz Ansari (Paris Fashion Week)

This foreign born A- list comic movie actress had to pay for sex last week. She calls it a gift, but it was paying a guy for sex. Rebel Wilson

This A+ list mostly movie actor not named Ben Affleck is back boozing in a really big way. He is a sloppy drunk to say the least. Brad Pitt

46. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 07/06 **#10**
This no name foreign born actor refused to take part in a photo op so this A+ list singer skipped her own party. Taylor Swift/Joe Alwyn (annual 4th of July beach party)

47. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 07/06 **#11**
This late night talk show host is trying to work his magic by trying to stab one of his best friends in the back to get their plum job. Andy Cohen ("Watch What Happens Live")/replace Kelly Ripa ("Live with Kelly and Ryan")

48. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 07/06 **#12**
#1 – Proving once again that this foreign born A- list mostly television actress from a very long running network comedy really dislikes her fans was what happened over the weekend. Several fans came up to her at dinner with her actor husband asking for photos and she said no to every single one. She got super rude to most of them and didn’t even bother saying anything nice to any of them. Joe Manganiello and Sofia Vergara

#2 – We have a reality coke mom. Multiple reality shows on the same cable network. All of them are D listers heavy. She has spent every dollar she has made on the shows on coke and has no issues doing coke in front of her child.

#3 – This permanent A list singer should really take a look at the bank balance of her manager. Stealing from our singer left and right. Mariah Carey (Stella Bulochnikov)

This B list actress/celebrity offspring tried her hardest to make it work, but this closeted B+ list mostly movie actor who has flirted with A/A- just would really rather be with guys. Billie Lourd (Carrie Fisher)/Taylor Lautner

This foreign born B- list model even in her own country is doing her best to force the hand of this A list foreign language singer and have him commit to them as a couple. Multiple marriages haven’t done it so I don’t think her effort will amount to much. Raffaella Modugno/Marc Anthony

Look for this former A+ list rapper to decide to sell his home for some crap reason about buying and renovating some other home. The truth is that his recent decision is going to cost him millions and he doesn’t have the cash to pay it. Kanye West (split with "Tidal")

This former Vampire Diaries actress is losing ground for getting new roles. So, what do you do? Have a pap come by once a day to make sure your photos hit the tabloids and keep yourself front and center. Nina Dobrev

Something is going on. This B list mostly television actress from a very hit long running cable show used to tell a few friends all the details about her relationship with this foreign born A++ list celebrity. Now, she always changes the subject. Meghan Markle ("Suits")/Prince Harry

This closeted A- list mostly movie actor who has been A and even A+ list got into a huge fight with his long time boyfriend. A physical fight. Apparently they made up despite the injuries because they were spotted out together this week. Jeremy Renner/Kristoffer Winters

A little secret has started to bubble to the surface. Back in the day this B+ list mostly television actor hooked up with his B+ list co-star on their hit network show. Neither of them have discussed it in a long time because of the other co-star she is really close to now. He would freak if he found out about it.
Show: "That '70s Show"
B+ list actor: Danny Masterson
B+ co-star: Mila Kunis
Other co-star: Ashton Kutcher
Current show: "The Ranch"

It was a series of strange hotel rooms and countless parties and women for this supposedly still in a relationship foreign born former movie vampire. I’m not sure his liver or body can handle another trip to LA. Robert Pattinson ("Twilight")/FKA Twigs

I get asked all the time who this A list mostly movie actress is dating. To her, it is not about dating multiple guys, it is finding someone who would like to have a baby with her and she is trying to also choose who she thinks is the right guy. Scarlett Johansson

58. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 07/07 **#10**
This former tweener actress turned B+ list singer will literally start a feud with anyone on social media and keep it up for days or weeks or years. When one singer dared to try and do the same thing to her though she had her legal team send a letter threatening a lawsuit for harassment. Demi Lovato/Halsey

59. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 07/07 **#11**
All the fans of this superhero show seem to be clamoring for the exit of the second billed actress on the almost network show not as good or as popular as the others on the almost network. The thing is though, to get rid of her would cost a ton of money because she is brilliant (one of the smartest actresses on television) and from day 1 has been documenting every time she has been sexually harassed or had other things said to her which were objectionable. The producers know she has it because they tried to fire her before. Candice Patton/"The Flash" (This blind was four months before Andrew Kreisberg was fired)

60. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 07/07 **#12**
It was not that long ago that this A list actor who stars in movies and an almost television show and really should probably be just a G short of an EGOT but is missing two parts almost brought down a secret society all by himself. I’m not saying it would be a bad idea if he brought it down, but it shows that it depends on its members and their guests to follow the rules. If they don’t disaster happens. At the annual meeting of this society, no cameras are allowed. Sure, some have been sneaked in, but there are no cameras or phones. If you bring one you are to put it in a locker and you can retrieve it when you leave. Well, our actor likes to record first sexual encounters with guys for later viewing material and he wasn’t going to let anything stop him. The society stocks their event with barely legal gay men who make some very big money for some very closeted big money men. Our actor is closeted and he loved every second of his time there until someone discovered he was filming. The s**t hit the fan. The member who invited him got a three year suspension. Other members who also knew but didn’t say anything got suspended. Our actor tried to apologize and did apologize – apparently sincerely which is why his member only got suspended for three years and not expelled. The actor had to turn over all the recordings. Some involve other members and those will probably be used to blackmail them. This is the craziest place and that incident just added to the craziness. Kevin Spacey ("House of Cards")/"Bohemian Club"

Several men and women are threatening to sue this former A+ list mostly movie actor who is probably B list right now only because of his Academy Award win/nomination. He never likes to use protection and has been spreading a few different STD’s. Jared Leto

This foreign born A list mostly movie actor is only A list when filming his franchise. With offers coming in that were about 1/3 of the fee he would get for his franchise, he agreed to sign on for another installment. Daniel Craig ("James Bond")

Well, that marriage didn’t last long. This B list actress/celebrity offspring last seen on a recently defunct hit pay cable show is hooking up with a guy who is definitely not her husband.

Do you suppose that the now publicly revealed girlfriend of this A+ list mostly movie actor knows about the other woman he is seeing? The one he has been seeing for almost the same length of time but has stayed in the shadows since an inauspicious beginning. Ben Affleck (Lindsay Shookus/nanny Christine Ouzounian)

This A+ list mostly movie actress has been sweltering in the heat when she goes outside, but since she is using again, she needs to wear long sleeves to hide the track marks. Angelina Jolie

With her new breast lift and maybe a slight enlargement too, this openly gay B+ list mostly movie actress is in high demand again for yachting season. She definitely has repeat clientele and with her newfound sobriety she is making serious bank. Michelle Rodriguez

This former A list tweener who is an adult B+ list singer didn’t seem to be thinking about his girlfriend when he joined in on a paid for threesome with this celebrity offspring/wannabe model and the B list actor she has been hooking up with a lot lately for financial support. Joe Jonas (Sophie Turner)/Hailey Baldwin/Wilmer Valderrama

Somebody warn the House of Commons they may have a new member very soon. This former A lister, who is known to Americans for her good looks, beautiful speaking manner and royal vibe, keeps talking about possibly running for office in the UK. ‘It’s a pipe dream,’ says the source, ‘that she wants to look further into. Who knows what could happen? [Name omitted] could be the future PM.’ Angelina Jolie

Could it be that a star of stage and screen (well, small screen) has also been filmed in a compromising position? These things happen when you and your boyfriend pick up random guys online for a three-way. In the clip, our newsworthy lad is purportedly filling one side of the hook-up while his boyfriend is filling the other - without ever letting the cell phone fall from his hands. Now, THAT’S multitasking! I should add, it sure looks like the star’s beau in the middle. But it really is hard to tell. But there is a brief glimpse of the star’s face, and there’s no mistaking that hair, that hard body, or the johnson! Cheyenne Jackson/Jason Landau

Don’t believe the hype. This A list athlete is spinning a yarn about why she canceled on a big event. She would have failed a drug test. Amanda Nunes (withdrew from "UFC 213" due to sinusitis)

For the second time I can remember, this closeted foreign born A list athlete in his corner of the sports world has reached out to this closeted A list reality star with a side gig about being his new beard. I don’t see why he needs one. It has been a couple of years at this point and no one seems to care. Lewis Hamilton/Kendall Jenner

Two birds with one stone for this closeted A+ list mostly movie actor. Bikini photos of the girlfriend which always sell well and make him look like a raging heterosexual and late night love fests with young men that he participates in with fellow gay men who know how to keep a secret. Bradley Cooper/Irinia Shayk (Tahitian vacation with Allison Williams and her husband Ricky Van Veen and Anderson Cooper and his partner Benjamin Maisani)

No sign of the war that took place – just the fallout. Competing weddings and a competing guest list. The fact that one of the weddings was light on cast members while the other was packed with cast and crew should show you who is liked and who isn’t.
Julianne Hough (Brooks Laich) (guests: Nina Dobrev, Derek Hough, Aaron Paul, Mark Ballas, Hayley Erbert)

Peta Murgatroyd and Maksim Chmerkovskiy (guests: Nyle DiMarco, Rumer Willis, Sharna Burgess, Val Chmerkovskiy, Candace Cameron Bure, Tony Dovolani)

Before that divorce filing becomes permanent, this B- list celebrity is trying to make a few bucks by getting on one of the various marriage reality shows because he thinks it would be good for his brand and to make some money. His non-celebrity wife would have to agree though and so far she is a no. Jeremy Meeks ("Hot Felon")/Melissa Meeks

Apparently cheating is ok with this A-/B+ list singer who said yes to her boyfriend’s proposal. I have written about his cheating in the past. It is excessive and blatant. Maren Morris/Ryan Hurd

This foreign born married A list model certainly doesn’t need the money but misses the attention which is why she still finds time to hook up with very very rich men. Miranda Kerr (trip to Japan)

This A- list mostly movie actor is an Academy Award winner. He is also dying from a rare disease he has lived with for decades but has started to rapidly progress. He is still fairly young and has been acting since he was a teen.

Still waiting on a sighting of the baby of this foreign born singer/celebrity/reality star who loves last names. She loves publicity so every tabloid was expecting her to sell the photos. She didn’t even entertain offers. She always entertains offers for stories and pictures. It is all a bit strange. Cheryl Ann Tweedy-Cole-Fernandez-Versini (Liam Payne)

79. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 07/10 **#10**
No secret why this A-/B+ list celebrity/reality star chose this particular network for an interview. She wants to land a spot on that seasonal network reality show. Blac Chyna/ABC/"Dancing With the Stars"

80. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 07/10 **#11**
This celebrity offspring is a former A list reality star and now acts. Apparently her old drug demons have returned and she is trying to keep anyone from finding out. Nicole Richie ("Great News")

81. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 07/10 **#12**
This permanent A list best selling author has only written a LGBTQ character into his books once I think. That is a whole lot of books and a whole lot of characters to only happen once. Our author is very conservative. He is also homophobic. Oh, only with his words and how he acts in public. In private, his wife is divorcing him because she caught him cheating on her with another man. She thinks he is going to hell but is keeping quiet because she doesn’t want people to think less of her. The couple is also being sued by someone accusing them of being racist and homophobic so this should be interesting to watch as it all plays out. Nicholas Sparks

This A lister made the news when they made a hefty profit after a sale. What do you think they’re going to do with that money? Invest in business? Buy more property? Hookers and coke? Wrong. Wrong. Wrong. ‘[name omitted] is pouring the money into a possible political campaign,’ whispers a source. ‘A self-funded campaign will add to their appeal to the target demographic.’ George Clooney (tequila brand "Casamigos")

This former network reality star from a long running show burned a lot of bridges during her time on the show. Combine that with the fact she was not well liked and it would take a lot of butt kissing and some injuries before she would be allowed back on the show. She is trying though because she is out of money. Karina Smirnoff ("Dancing With the Stars")

This former naked celebrity turned reality star turned obscure cable host was on the beach recently getting photographed by the man who sends out photos of yachting hopefuls. She is trying to pretend she doesn’t have a significant other which is never a good idea. The buyers don’t like drama. Bridget Marquardt (Nick Carpenter)

Apparently things did not work out between this former A++ list athlete and his therapist. He offered her money for sex during a session. Tiger Woods

She might be married but this A+ list reality star who all of you know has been seeing a guy for the past few months. He generally comes to her place. Once or twice she has gone to his. No public dates at all. Kim Kardashian

I’m shocked that the bit about this A-/B+ list mostly television actor from a long running hit network show coming out didn’t make the final cut of an extensive interview. Jesse Williams ("Grey’s Anatomy")

This A+ list mostly movie actor was doing his two favorite things last week which are also the worst things he can do. Boozing and playing poker. Ben Affleck

What started out as needling from this Academy Award winner turned into something a whole lot more when this former A+ list former tweener turned A-/B+ list adult singer escalated the situation in a hurry from needling to what could have been a fight.
Jennifer Hudson/Miley Cyrus ("The Voice")

It is amazing to me that this A- list mostly movie actress has been able to keep her relationship secret for this long. Yes, she is technically married, but no one would have said anything if she showed off a new guy. She won’t though because she doesn’t want or need the attention. Angelina Jolie

This foreign born A- list mostly movie actress who is an Academy Award winner/nominee was gone from her actor boyfriend for just a few hours, but once again, he managed to cheat on her. Alicia Vikander/Michael Fassbender

92. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 07/11 **#10**
This foreign born still one hit wonder singer was in full on hook up with producer mode. Not so much sing for tracks as sing for a feature role on songs to get some money and to try and get a new record deal. Iggy Azalea
(Univision's "Premios Juventud" 2017 Celebrates The Hottest Musical Artists And Young Latinos Change-Makers)

93. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 07/11 **#11**
This soon to be if not already fired Housewife is stalking her boss/former boss. It is to the point where a restraining order may be necessary which would be a big PR hit for every person involved. Phaedra Parks ("Real Housewives of Atlanta")/Andy Cohen (wants Kenya Moore fired)

94. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 07/11 **#12**
#1 – The drug and booze use is getting out of control for this married California Housewife. Apparently by 8pm she is passed out drunk most nights and is taking pills to get through the day. Shannon Beador ("Real Housewives of Orange County")

#2 – The creepy thing about all of these selfies that this foreign born former A list model from back in the day turned B list actress who still sometimes models is that she has her son take all the risque photos. Elizabeth Hurley (Damien)

#3 – This foreign born wannabe A+ lister who is only known through marriage was having no fan interaction yesterday at all. She was explicit that she couldn’t be bothered and yelled at a bodyguard who managed to let a fan slip through. Pippa Middleton Matthews

This closeted former A+ list NFL player is set to marry his wife. The couple has never had sex. Apparently they wanted to remain celibate until the wedding. My guess is it will go on long after that. Troy Aikman/Capa Mooty

This former almost A- list mostly movie actress turned escort was hounded for some loaned jewelry for the past week or so. Apparently our actress wanted to keep it for herself without paying. Ultimately she got some guy she met in the last few days to pay for it for her. Lindsay Lohan

This married A list mostly movie actor and his B list mostly television actress wife says they have no problems bringing in other women into their relationship and that no one gets jealous. I will remind them of that sentence when they invariably divorce because the husband is hooking up on the side with one of them women. Channing Tatum/Jenna Dewan

This permanent A list singer has decided there should be a biopic made of her life. She also thinks she is the only person who can play herself and wants to do so for the past 20 years of her life. She is also planning to drop a bunch of her own money to make it happen. Mariah Carey

This former full-time stripper turned celebrity turned reality star thought her newfound publicity would really increase her pay for play business. Nope. Apparently it is drying up and she is scrambling to figure out an angle to keep the money flowing in. Blac Chyna

100. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 07/12 **#6**
This married foreign born A list mostly movie actor from an acting family hooked up with a makeup artist while in the country this week. Chris Hemsworth (Hugo Boss fashion show in New York City)

101. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 07/12 **#7**
This permanent A+ list mostly movie actor who is an Academy Award winner is set to divorce his wife as his relationship with the woman a third of his age has become more serious. Robert De Niro, Michael Douglas, Denzel Washington, Sidney Poitier

102. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 07/12 **#8**
This foreign born A- list singer was in a great mood at an event the other day. Just completely upbeat for hours. Apparently it was because she thought in her mind that her boyfriend was going to propose to her at the event. As they were leaving and he had not proposed she got really angry at him and started crying and then yelling at him. It was quite the scene at a normally staid event.
Ellie Goulding/Wimbledon

103. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 07/12 **#9**
None of you will probably watch this show unless you are in the UK, but this celebrity reality show is supposed to be about meeting new people. It kind of defeats the purposes if two of the celebrities, and I use that term very loosely are hooking up during the filming of the show. ("Celebs Go Dating") Courtney Stodden and Calum Best

104. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 07/12 **#10**
This crazy foreign born C list celebrity who only shows himself in very bizarre and jarring ways is trying to hold on to his current residence as long as possible. He was supposed to vacate the home upon the death of his wife but is using legal maneuvering to stay and to also try and make as much money as possible. Prince Frederic von Anhalt (Zsa Zsa Gabor)

105. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 07/12 **#11**
It is not like this closeted foreign born A+ list athlete had sex with the woman he calls his girlfriend. She is basically just an in person surrogate who also provides cover. Cristiano Ronaldo/Georgina Rodriguez

106. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 07/12 **#12**
#1 – To be honest, this A-/B+ list celebrity of a permanent A++ list celebrity had no idea the guy was just using her for a beard photo op. She would just tell everyone to come out. Paris Jackson/Trevor Donovan

#2 – The two most butt kissing tabloid sites/mags out there are actually in a war. Kneepads took a stand on a couple and the Kneepads of websites took a different stand. It is a war of competing publicists being played out in public. Ben Affleck (Just Jared) & Jennifer Garner (People) – about when Lindsay Shookus affair started

#3 – What do you do when you are losing the fame battle to the rest of your family? Well, if you are this A list reality star you go to your old standby and get as naked in public as you can. It also helps to distract from the marital situation. Kim Kardashian (Kanye West)

107. THE GOSSIP LIFE 07/12
We have the reverse Michael Keaton on our hands. This B list actor, best known for dramatic acting, sees himself as the next big comedy star and wants to focus on getting work in comedy movies and shows for the foreseeable future. That’s why his upcoming filmography isn’t as dramatic as it once was anymore. ‘I have no idea why or where he’s got it from,’ says the source. ‘I’m not gonna call him mad because it could work out in his favor, but I’m not confident.’ Jon Hamm

108. THE GOSSIP LIFE 07/13
Thanks to a successful first movie, it looked as if we had the next superstar director in this guy, but after a disappointing movie, it now looks like we have the next Uwe Boll. That’s the jist of a conversation I had over the weekend with a Hollywood friend of mine about this B list director. ‘I hear he’s pretty bummed,’ another source adds on. ‘Who can blame the chap? He almost had it all.’ Neil Blomkamp

109. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 07/13 **#1**
ESPYS: This closeted A list NFL athlete met up with his ex boyfriend very quietly this past week. Apparently it was about closure. They had not seen each other in quite some time. Maybe the NFL player will feel free to come out now. Aaron Rodgers/Kevin Lanflisi

110. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 07/13 **#2**
ESPYS: Quite a few whispers last night about this former A+ list Olympian who is now legal to drink. Apparently she and a very recent ex made a sex tape and the ex has been sending it to people. Aly Raisman (Colton Underwood)

111. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 07/13 **#3**
ESPYS: This closeted A list mostly movie actor had his people spinning a yarn about how he is dating this B+ list mostly movie actress. He wanted all the stories from the night to be about their budding romance. Our actress, who is not above a publicity relationship, didn’t seem to want to be linked to our actor though. Jeremy Renner/Elizabeth Olsen

112. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 07/13 **#4**
ESPYS: This NASCAR driver who is less famous than his girlfriend has had sex with wives of the men who make sponsorship decisions for his race car team at least twice. Ricky Stenhouse/Danica Patrick

113. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 07/13 **#5**
ESPYS: This A- list NFL cornerback spent the past few days skipping all of the events leading up to the awards because he is trying to dodge various process servers. He did go to the show last night though.

114. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 07/13 **#6**
ESPYS: One person who was treated really poorly by many of the wives and girlfriends in attendance was this athlete who seems to use a sport as a hook for her Instagram modeling. Apparently, word spread she wanted a partner for some of her shoots and the wives and girlfriends thought it meant more than it does.
Chelsea Pezzola

115. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 07/13 **#7**
ESPYS: This former B list athlete turned brief A list reality star turned host has probably done the best job over the past decade of keeping his sexuality under wraps. In the city where he lives, he quietly goes from one long term relationship to the next with men and doesn’t hide those relationships. But, at the same time he is also not trying to show them off either. Jesse Palmer

116. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 07/13 **#8**
ESPYS: This B list mostly television actress/celebrity offspring who has been in this space as of late because of her cheating on her significant other was supposed to be out here in LA with her significant other. Instead, she hooked up with the new guy. Zosia Mamet

117. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 07/13 **#9**
ESPYS: This foreign born former A+ list pitcher was doing lines of coke and playing craps in a restroom at a party this week prior to the show. Pedro Martinez

118. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 07/13 **#10**
ESPYS: Speaking of coke. The winner for most coke use last night after the show was this pro wrestler/wannabe actress.

119. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 07/13 **#11**
ESPYS: This barely legal former Disney actress who goes from one part to the next while hoping for a promotion from recurring to main on a big cable hit says she was assaulted last night when this athlete grabbed her butt and told her he would love to see her later. She says she said no and got away quickly but wished she would have stayed to get his name. She just saw him go over to some of his friends and laugh about it. Madison Pettis

120. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 07/13 **#12**
#1 – All favors were called in to prop up this A list reality star and some drug rumors. It has been a nonstop offensive trying to support her from the tabloids in her pocket. Kim Kardashian (cocaine use)

#2 – This A/A- list mostly movie actor is an Academy Award winner/nominee from an acting family. His PR person is leaking to tabloids that she is our actor’s girlfriend. Ben Affleck/Lindsay Shookus

#3 – This newly elected leader of a large country is married to a woman but hiding a secret male lover. The same male lover who slept his way to the top without much experience or education for the position he holds. Emmanuel Macron (Brigitte Trogneux)/president of France Radio Mathieu Gallet

121. THE GOSSIP LIFE 07/14
This B list comedian, who you can watch on Netflix, suffered an embarrassing situation recently when he hired a hooker for an in-call. ‘She screwed him in more ways than one,’ the source spills. ‘He woke up the next day. She was gone and so was his wallet and [various other items].’ I guess you can’t call the cops when that happens! Louis C.K.

122. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 07/14 **#1**
This Academy Award winning actress is also an Emmy nominee winner. She really wants another season of her pay cable show. The problem is none of her co-stars do which makes things a little complicated. Nicole Kidman ("Big Little Lies")

123. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 07/14 **#2**
The team of this foreign born A-/B+ list mostly movie actress/celebrity offspring is spinning a yarn about how she is seeing a group of people to get herself healthy. She really isn’t and really likes the way she looks. Lily Collins

124. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 07/14 **#3**
This former A+ list tweener seems to be blaming everyone but her parents for the decisions that were made about her when she was a minor. They were the ones who placed her in those situations. Miley Cyrus

125. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 07/14 **#4**
You would never know by looking at him at a premiere that 12 hours earlier this foreign born A- list mostly movie actor who is an Academy Award winner/nominee was lying half in a street and half on a curb dead drunk after a wild night out. Tom Hardy ("Dunkirk")

126. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 07/14 **#5**
Orange went a little overboard yesterday at an event. First, she was dressed up like she was hitting an award show red carpet with full on hair and makeup for a kid’s event. Then, she fussed about how she was going to be photographed for a good 30 minutes before allowing herself to be snapped. Jaime King ("Despicable Me 3")

127. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 07/14 **#6**
For the first time I can ever remember hearing, some people are talking about how this foreign born permanent A list singer all of you know is seriously ill, but that she is trying to ignore it and just live her life. Celine Dion

128. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 07/14 **#7**
I remember back in the day when this foreign born A- list mostly movie actor was married to this former A- list mostly movie actress/celebrity offspring. The actress was clingier than cling wrap and super jealous while her husband cheated. Now? The tables have been turned. Apparently the actor is the same way with his much younger girlfriend to the point where she says it can be suffocating. Antonio Banderas/Melanie Griffith/Nicole Kempel

129. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 07/14 **#8**
This OITNB actress was hoping to mix some business with yachting while out of the country, but there were no takers. Personally I don’t think she knew what she was trying to do when setting it up, but she has actually taken it really hard. Jackie Cruz

130. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 07/14 **#9**
You know who has lost her touch for comedy? This A list mostly television actress from a very hit very long running pay cable show. Her timing is way off in the new movie comedy she is filming.
Claire Danes ("Homeland") ("A Kid Like Jake")

131. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 07/14 **#10**
Looks like this foreign born do everything person finally managed to break free from her bearding role for this A-/B+ list mostly television actor. How? She is the one who made a bunch of calls and pleas to find someone to take her place. She finally succeeded with someone who would be much better for the role. Our do everything person honestly didn’t know she was signing up for bearding. Alexa Chung/Alexander Skarsgard/Toni Garrn

132. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 07/14 **#11**
Want to know why this A- list mostly movie actress who is an Academy Award winner/nominee keeps pushing all these horrible products and questionable medical services? She gets 30-50% commissions. Gwyneth Paltrow

133. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 07/14 **#12**
A friend of mine was a child actress back in the day on a hit sitcom. Now she makes much more money starring in a long running network cartoon. Anyway, she told me about a movie she filmed about a decade ago. She had a really small role. Despite the small role though, she said it was a jaw dropping movie for what happened behind the scenes and she blames it on one actress. I always think it takes two to tango, and told her this, but she said it felt like it was the mission of the actress to cause as much havoc as possible. The actress would openly use coke and dare anyone to say anything to her. She would drink incessantly and often walked around the set topless while pretending to look for a wardrobe person. Our actress, who all of you know (#1) and who may have really started her point of no return at this juncture set her eyes on this former model turned actor (#2) who for much of the past few years dated a former A lister superhero sidekick (#3). Back then, he was not so known. #1 and #2 started having sex at every opportunity. That didn’t mean of course that was it or this really wouldn’t be blind item worthy. Our actress also set her sights on this B list dual threat actor #4) who has been acting for a long time. His name gets confused with many other similar sounding actor names. Anyway, it feels like he does a lot of straight to On Demand stuff now but did have a nice two season turn on that still running hit pay cable show not that long ago. Our actor was technically married during filming of the movie. He and his actress wife (#5) were still trying to work things out. That lasted about ten seconds into a set visit from the wife when she surprised her husband and caught him having sex with #1. Now, the teller of our story does not know for sure but the buzz from some crew that were near the trailer was that #1 was yelling at #4 to spank her harder so loudly that it could clearly be heard outside. Oh, and into the trailer of #2. After that episode, things quieted down on set. #1 had a few days off and was getting into her own special kind of trouble off the set. When she came back on the set, she started hitting on this foreign born A-/B+ list dual threat actor (#6) who gets this high simply by the sheer volume of his credits. At the time he was in the middle of his huge horror franchise and our actress wanted a role in the next installment. Again, she didn’t seem to care if the guy was married and the guy didn’t seem to care either because they started having sex. Apparently #1 called the wife of #6 at some point but was so wasted and drunk that the wife had no idea what she was saying. That I guess, was scare enough for #6 and he never spoke to #1 again. The producers had caught on to this whole behind the scenes thing going on and changed the shooting order just to get rid of #1 as quickly as possible and have her wrapped and off the set.

Movie: "Georgia Rule"
Friend: Christine Lakin ("Family Guy")
#1: Lindsay Lohan
#2: Garrett Hedlund
#3: Kirsten Dunst ("Spider-Man")
#4: Dermot Mulroney ("Shameless")
#5: Catherine Keener
#6: Cary Elwes/Lisa Marie Kurbikoff ("Saw")

134. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 07/15 **#1**
This superhero is dating another stuntwoman. This stuntwoman previously was a stripper. Nothing wrong with that. Apparently though the team of the superhero though don’t want it to get out so are scrubbing comments clean of her past whenever it pops up on a site they can pressure. Henry Cavill ("Superman")/Lucy Cork

135. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 07/15 **#2**
At this point they are leading completely separate lives. While this foreign born model/wannabe actress travels the globe doing her thing, this A+ list mostly movie actor is traveling the globe doing his thing with various men. Bradley Cooper/Irina Shayk

136. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 07/15 **#3**
This awful animated movie which has been hidden away for two years because of how bad it is was finally going to see the light of day. This foreign born one named singer/songwriter who you all know by name but not looks though is having a say in it. Apparently she doesn’t want her songs associated with it any longer which would be an issue since some of the characters sing her songs. Sia ("Charming")

137. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 07/15 **#4**
This former A+ list mostly movie actress who is probably A- list now is an Academy Award winner. She is also hooking up with a married man. The man happens to be married to a woman who stars on one of the only shows from this cable network that takes place outside the US. Marius Biegai/Veronica Falcón ("Queen of the South" USA network/takes place in Mexico); Hilary Swank/David Denman ("Lucky Logan")/Mercedes Mason ("Fear the Walking Dead" AMC/takes place in Mexico)

138. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 07/16 **#1**
Much like Paris Hilton back in the day, this A- list model with the hard to spell and pronounce name was trolling for business at an event this weekend here in LA. The event was the kind Paris thrived on for years. Emily Ratajkowski/Manchester United Event

139. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 07/16 **#2**
Apparently this foreign born former A list singer/reality star everywhere but in North America where she peaked at maybe B+ loves being with guys who are either closeted or beat her and cheat on her. No other reason to get back with this foreign born mostly movie actor. The guy treated her worse than any other guy but she must have forgotten. Kylie Minogue/Olivier Martinez

140. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 07/16 **#3**
This OG Teen Mom is nearing bankruptcy. Her most recent actions won’t save her. She doesn’t have nearly enough income to stop the bleeding of all the costs. Farrah Abraham

141. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 07/16 **#4**
I love how this celebrity/host former A list network host is throwing out a bunch of woe is me lines. The guy has a couple of women pregnant and hooks up with a new woman almost every night, but he is supposedly hurting. Uh huh. Nick Cannon

I wish I never had kids. I love them, they are the best things that ever happened to me, but I wish I never had them. They'll have to grow up in "the life" and I fear they'll never lead normal lives. You know how there are celebrities everyone loves? Well I am a celebrity people generally hate. I've never done anything bad or illegal, I work hard for my kids and lead a clean life. My husband is also an A-lister and we never get to see one another. Everything I say is quoted in the media. I can't eat in public without a million paparazzi in my face. I cant sleep at night. I have an anonymous facebook account and I follow posts on entertainment websites about myself, reading the hate comments and going into a depression. I don't know why I do it, I wish I didn't, it just feels like the world is against me. I've been called fat, I've been called dumb, I've seen comments with people saying they wish I killed myself. I have never done anything to harm anyone. I just want to fucking die, I fantasise about killing myself every day, and would have if it weren't for my kids. Everyone thinks I am bubbly and free, I just wish I could stay in a dark room all day and sleep. I feel constantly strained and close to tears. My family and friends are all either famous or living in inaccessible locations. Everywhere I go I am followed by people screaming at me, paparazzi are scum suckers, they are the worst people in the world. It might seem like I am being harsh, but when you are tired or scared and you have a thousand cameras in your face and people demanding that you look at them and answer their questions, it hurts. I went through a really hard time a while back and was fucking scared for my life, people said I was attention seeking. Other celebrities I have met are the same, nobody in this industry is truly happy. I just want to fucking DIE I am going to breakdown any day now. I follow stories. People laughed at Britney Spears, but that shit happens for real in real life. Robin Williams killed himself, he must have been tortured. It's a shitty life, guys. [Remorse] I live in the US. I was stupid and part of my public life involves my private life, that's dumb, I know. I can't move because my husband is based here, I guess we need to talk as well. My entire support system (family) are here and my husband is extremely successful and I could never ask him to move from the US.

The producers of a popular series are looking to take a page from Annalise Keating’s killer curriculum. Rumor has it that an hour-long drama series on one of the Big 5 broadcast networks is poised to kill off one of its most popular characters (an original series regular), while tacking on a time-tripping twist straight out of How to Get Away With Murder. According to sources, if the storyline is approved by The Powers That Be at the network, the character in question would be murdered in the show’s forthcoming season premiere, at which point the action would jump back two months. Subsequent episodes would continue to chronicle the eight weeks leading up to [REDACTED]’s death all while dropping clues about the party — or parties? — potentially responsible for the shocking crime. Oh, and to assist you in cracking this particular Blind Item, we went ahead and narrowed the field to nine shows. Yep, the series in question is included in the gallery to the right (click here for direct access). You’re welcome! "The Blacklist"

144. THE GOSSIP LIFE 07/17
Controversy is breaking out amongst Emmy members over an unexpected nomination many are calling undeserved. ‘It makes us look like a joke,’ one member shares exclusively to us. Another worldly member elucidates, ‘This is why the Emmys get accused of being rigged.’ Shannon Purser (Barb on "Stranger Things"/nomination for guest actress in a drama series)

145. MR. X 07/17 **#1**
This notorious singer/musician/woman beater who is in the Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame lost his virginity when he was six. He said it was fun. Ike Turner

146. MR. X 07/17 **#2**
This one named DJ/producer/singer/writer likes to pretend he is not shilling for this cult, but he takes every chance he can when working with an artist to get them to sign up. Skrillex

147. MR. X 07/17 **#3**
A lawsuit is being discussed against this cult because of the way it treated this now dead B list mostly television actor. Nelsan Ellis (Scientology)

148. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 07/17 **#1**
This reclusive A- list reality star has threatened to kill himself multiple times in the past week. The thing is though, he has been doing that for a couple of years and his family members have grown numb to it. Rob Kardashian

149. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 07/17 **#2**
This Teen Mom 2 star has slipped and is using way more than pot and booze again. It is just another way her significant other can control her.
Jenelle Evans

150. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 07/17 **#3**
Things are on the rocks between this A+ list mostly movie actress who is an Academy Award winner and her husband. They have had ups and downs but this is much more likely to lead to a permanent split. Julia Roberts/Danny Moder

151. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 07/17 **#4**
The good news is this foreign born A-/B+ list mostly movie actor who now has two franchises going for him has patched things up with his actress girlfriend. His boozy, flirting with women ways this past weekend in front of her though, did cause a few public reprimands from her though. Michael Fassbender/Alicia Vikander

152. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 07/17 **#5**
This foreign born A list mostly movie actress who is an Academy Award winner let her stylist have it this weekend. The stylist and his team were kicked out of the hotel room of the actress and she kept screaming at them about how much they were charging. Well, they did just travel across the ocean to help her last minute. Charlize Theron

153. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 07/17 **#6**
For the fist time I can remember this A- list mostly television actress who stars on cable and network hits for the same conglomerate was not where she was supposed to be this weekend. The parent company was not happy. Ariel Winter ("Modern Family" and "Sofia the First"/Disney

154. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 07/17 **#7**
This sometime Housewife/multiple reality show/frequent selfie taker reality star keeps spinning a yarn to try and explain her sudden exit from another show. All she wanted was a quick paycheck. When she discovered there was actual work involved, she figured out a way to bail as soon as possible. Kim Zolciak Biermann ("Dancing With the Stars")

155. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 07/17 **#8**
This former A+ list mostly movie actress who seems to have just pretty much given up on the whole acting thing would still be A list if she wanted to work has been married. She has had a series of not so good for her boyfriends but some really good girlfriends. There is a little buzz going on that she is marrying a woman. That would be very very big news. Sandra Bullock

156. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 07/17 **#9**
This A+ list mostly movie actress is a multiple Academy Award winner/nominee. Apparently in advance of her going to film this superhero franchise she has been sexting her foreign born actor ex who dumped her a couple of years back. I’m guessing the director boyfriend doesn’t know. Jennifer Lawrence/"X-Men: Dark Phoenix"/Nicholas Hoult/Darren Aronofsky

157. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 07/17 **#10**
#1 – When this former television show was turned into a movie they shot one of the scenes in Bakersfield. The two co-stars of the movie had been hooking up, but the actor took advantage of a day when they were not shooting together to hook up with a stripper he previously met in that city. David Duchovny/Gillian Anderson ("The X Files") (filming location: Bakersfield, California, USA (cornfield))

#2 – This movie, which sounds like a two word call sign had a scene that was shot in Palm Springs at a hotel. The hotel has never allowed anyone to shoot there since because of the destruction the cast did during some time off. There was also talk of how they got some of the housekeepers and desk staff drunk and partied with them for several days straight. The hotel had to basically shut down because there was no one working. "Alpha Dog"  (filming location: Caliente Tropics Resort, 411 East Palm Canyon Drive, Palm Springs, CA)

#3 – This movie which is a superhero movie filled with a galaxy of superheroes was filmed partially in a southwestern state. This foreign born A- list mostly movie actor who was in the movie met a young man on the set and the two started hooking up. The young man, much like our actor has never come out. Apparently the young man upset our actor though so the actor stopped by the young man’s place of work and asked if his boyfriend was there, outing the young man. Tom Hiddleston ("Thor") (filming locations: Santa Fe and Galisteo, New Mexico, USA

158. LAINEY GOSSIP 07/18
Juliana! Happy Birthday from Tara and Dragana who asked me to tell you about the billionaire who throws the best sex parties in Hollywood – "best" because of the VIP guest list that includes his girlfriend and her good friends, most of them very, very famous. Some of them participate, others are just there to observe. But these parties have become as big of a draw as the best Oscar parties, only even more exclusive. Hope you had a great birthday weekend!

159. THE GOSSIP LIFE 07/18
Countess LuAnn of the Real Housewives is allegedly ruing her fast engagement and quick wedding, according to Page Six. Well, this B list actress isn’t learning from LuAnn’s mistake because she’s rushing into marriage with her significant other. Marie Antoinette said, ‘Let the eat cake.’ Well, we say, ‘Let them eat wedding cake!’ Kirsten Dunst/Jesse Plemons

160. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 07/18 **#1**
This barely legal teen says she has pics and video of herself in bed with the husband of this east coast Housewife. Tom D'Agostino Jr. (LuAnn de Lesseps)

161. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 07/18 **#2**
This former A- list mostly movie actress went from a film franchise to a cable franchise. She says that she got no offers for yachting this summer and that people don’t remember the movie franchise any longer or don’t recognize her from it. Tara Reid ("American Pie") ("Sharknado")

162. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 07/18 **#3**
This in the closet in name only A- list actress who is an EGO nominee/winner split with her long time girlfriend and is seeing an actress who is not nearly as concerned with staying hidden as our A- lister is. Queen Latifah (Eboni Nichols)/Paula Patton

163. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 07/18 **#4**
This A- list dual threat actress is doing press for a new movie. She is telling people that when the tour ends she is planning on announcing the slit with her actor husband. That will be the cover of a few tabloids. Jada Pinkett Smith ("Girls Trip")/Will Smith

164. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 07/18 **#5**
It probably seems like a no win situation for this foreign born A- list mostly movie actress who is in that really big space franchise. She kicked coke but has gained about 20 pounds. The producers wanted her off coke but now want her to lose the 20 pounds she gained. Daisy Ridley ("Star Wars") (Feb. 2016) (Feb. 2017)

165. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 07/18 **#6**
This A- list mostly movie actor/celebrity offspring who has a new installment of a franchise he is promoting was back to his old ways this weekend and was hammered. He waited until he finished all his work but drinking with him never goes well. Josh Brolin ("Avengers: Infinity War")

166. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 07/18 **#7**
After the events of the past couple of days, this directionally challenged rapper says he won’t cut back on his business. He says he never takes the women to meet their clients but just acts as someone in the middle and they are on their own to make arrangements to meet.
French Montana

167. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 07/18 **#8**
He might have left his husband back in his own country, but no one is buying the girlfriend this B list singer with the famous ex he has been photographed around town with. Gavin Rossdale (Gwen Stefani)/Sophia Thomalla

168. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 07/18 **#9**
This former USA soccer star got busted when he made his masturbation session public on his webcam.

169. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 07/18 **#10**
This foreign born network reality star who has been on the show forever is getting much better. How so? Well, in the past he would confess to cheating while at home or on the phone and would get blasted. This latest time he confessed, he did so at lunch – in front of lots of other people. Maksim Chmerkovskiy ("Dancing With the Stars")

170. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 07/18 **#11**
#1 – This A- list mostly movie actress is an Academy Award winner/nominee. I think people forget that about her. She works and keeps her head down. She also has been cheated on by every single person she has dated the past few years. I might have missed some people she went out with, but the ones I do know about all cheated on her. The crazy thing is, she is so nice that she has given many of these people second and third chances after catching them. Renée Zellweger

#2 – 20 minute conversation with this C+ list dual threat actress who is in an acting family. 8 times in 20 minutes she name dropped some of her more famous relatives. She also is trying to sell a reality show and is under the impression the famous relatives will be in a bunch of episodes and is selling it that way. Not going to happen. Robyn Lively (Blake Lively and Ryan Reynolds)

#3 – Apparently this recently fired person you have never heard of who was involved intimately for decades with a permanent A+++++++ lister who the entire world knows and loves is about to spill a bunch of secrets including some involving child molestation. Steve Whitmire ("Kermit the Frog")/Jim Henson

171. THE GOSSIP LIFE 07/19
This Netflix series features a lot of nudity, but did you know that the lead actress requested for her scenes to be shot in flattering lighting and touched up in post? ‘Insecurity,’ the source suggests. ‘She is getting on in the years.’ Naomi Watts "Gypsy"

172. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 07/19 **#1**
This one named former A list singer had the shakes something fierce while doing a radio interview earlier this week. Hands trembling and shaking. It was rough to watch. Kesha

173. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 07/19 **#2**
This foreign born former A+ list television actor in his own country for an iconic role is cheating on his girlfriend with a co-star in his new movie. Matt Smith ("Doctor Who")/Lily James (filming "Mapplethorpe")

174. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 07/19 **#3**
KINDNESS: This current network reality star who is on her second of two seasons with the franchise bought dinner for a couple celebrating their anniversary this week at a restaurant. Rachel Lindsay ("The Bachelor" and "The Bachelorette")

175. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 07/19 **#4**
This foreign born A+ list athlete who is in the closet and a prolific sperm giver cheated on his long time boyfriend and woman he calls his girlfriend this past weekend with a guy he met at a club and paid to go back to his hotel room. Cristiano Ronaldo/Georgina Rodriguez/Badr Hari

176. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 07/19 **#5**
This A list reality star with a lucrative side gig just watched while her foreign born actress/model friend did line after line of coke the other night. That is a no go for this reality star. Other members of her family would have jumped at the chance. Kendall Jenner (Cara Delevingne "Valerian And The City Of A Thousand Planets" premiere)

177. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 07/19 **#6**
This B+ list mostly television actress is back on the set this week of her recently departed network hit show and has been doing her best to try and be seen with her co-star off set. She has apparently gone from hating people thinking they hooked up to wanting fans to think they are. Jennifer Morrison ("Once Upon a Time")/Colin O'Donoghue

178. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 07/19 **#7**
Find me a waitress or groupie this married future A list superhero has not hooked up with while filming a superhero movie outside the country. Jason Momoa (Arthur Curry/Aquaman) ("Aquaman" in Australia)

179. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 07/19 **#8**
This A- list mostly movie actress who is only that high because of her almost ended franchise is a celebrity offspring. That married guy she is seeing freaked out because he can’t handle the random groups of women that show up out of nowhere to confront our actress and ask her questions about her co-star and the movie. Dakota Johnson (Jamie Dornan "Fifty Shades Freed")

180. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 07/19 **#9**
It is prescription pill heaven right now for this C list reality star/part-time porn star who has been around forever but is still just a year over the drinking age. She is out of the country and taking a ton of pills each day. Courtney Stodden (in London)

181. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 07/19 **#10**
This former B- list reality star from one of those VH-1 shows you only watch when you are home sick all day is supposedly engaged to an A-/B+ list pro athlete. Last night though she was all over a couple of different guys and trying to convince them to take her out after the event. Draya Michele /Orlando Scandrick

182. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 07/19 **#11**
For the first time I can remember, this foreign born B+ list singer/reality judge in her home country who most of you don’t know here came to the US to hook up with the married former A list singer/musician from a musical family. Usually they keep their hookups to his visits to her country. Delta Goodrem/in L.A. ("The Voice (AU))/Joel Madden (Nicole Richie)

183. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 07/19 **#12**
If that closeted A-/B+ list mostly television actor who makes his fame on HBO shows wants that A list model to be his beard, he should hurry. She is about to convert that $10K a night guy into a long term boyfriend. Alexander Skarsgård/Toni Garrn

184. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 07/19 **#13**
This A+ list mostly movie actor is a loyal guy. He takes care of his friends. In the last couple of years a long time friend who happens to be an actor got into some trouble financially. He waited until the last minute to tell the A+ lister. He needed $500K within 24 hours. Our actor makes tens of millions for each of his movies but he didn’t have that much cash he could lay his hands on that quickly. Another actor friend who is also friends with the actor in trouble always had cash, but that day only had about $150K sitting around. They were $350K short. Our A+ lister scrounged up $75K from his accounts, but they needed more immediately. Our actor called a friend who agreed to wire some cash to the A+ lister. It just so happens the federal government was watching that friend at the time which ultimately dragged in the A+ lister to the investigation.

A+ lister: Leonardo DiCaprio
Actor in trouble: Tobey Maguire (sued for his winnings in a series of high-stakes poker games)
Actor friend: Jonah Hill
Friend who wired money: Red Granite co-founder Riza Aziz

185. THE GOSSIP LIFE 07/20
This isn’t going to surprise you one bit. This B lister, who is a regular in Sam’s trash watch, visited a clinic in LA recently and allegedly discovered she had an STD. She wasn’t shy about screaming down the phone about it. Bella Thorne (Scott Disick)

186. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 07/20 **#1**
Our favorite former Disney actress turned half naked selfie queen who likes dating closeted guys and sex addicts was given five songs to not talk about the sexuality of this A list singer/songwriter she has previously "dated." Bella Thorne/Charlie Puth

187. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 07/20 **#2**
This former B- list actor/producer who was previously married to a long time iconic role A lister no longer has to have supervised visits with his oldest child. He has kicked coke. David Arquette/Courteney Cox/daughter Coco

188. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 07/20 **#3**
This A-/B+ list dual threat actress who is out promoting a great new movie and is married to a permanent A lister is exaggerating her past to garner attention. Hey, it is the same with all those years of her sex life talk which she said happened 24/7, Hey, at least she tries to make the boring, interesting. Jada Pinkett Smith (Will) (drug dealer when she met Tupac)

189. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 07/20 **#4**
This foreign born permanent A list singer has the sidewalk in front of her hotel outside the country blocked off 24/7 just so she can leave and enter a couple of times a day without having to get near fans. Fan interaction is not her favorite. Celine Dion

190. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 07/20 **#5**
This very tall alliterate closeted A- list model has been hooking up with this injured female pro tennis player. Karlie Kloss/Maria Sharapova

191. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 07/20 **#6**
This celebrity offspring of a permanent A+++ lister does not know moderation. She kept popping mushrooms for hours straight to get a stringer high. The problem is she ends up being out of it for a day or two but still feels she can Tweet and do other things which end up making her look bad. None of the people she trips with will say anything because they like her money. Paris Jackson

192. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 07/20 **#7**
One half of this popular A list duo was bringing women to his poolside cabana in Vegas this past weekend. He only let them hang out if they agreed to be topless. If not, he would send them on their way usually with a snide remark. One of "The Chainsmokers"

193. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 07/20 **#8**
This butt kissing PR sycophant to an A list reality star still has never had sex with the woman he calls his girlfriend and continued to treat her like a piece of garbage. Apparently she had enough and walked out on him during a dinner. He screamed at her to remember the NDA she signed or he would sue her "for eternity." Jonathan Cheban (Kim Kardashian)

194. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 07/20 **#9**
If you read the site you will know this height challenged A list comic/actor cheats on his significant other. Hell, it is how he met her. However, this most recent case was just a pap agency making a few bucks by using a plant. Tabloids need to make money and it takes more and more high strength tea to stand out from every other outlet. Kevin Hart (Eniko) (Latina singer from Miami named Mo’Nique)

195. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 07/20 **#10**
I wouldn’t really call it a sober coach. This A-/B+ list foreign born mostly movie alliterate actor who has a franchise has a companion with him. A companion who makes sure our actor stops making bad decisions that could affect the franchise. Sebastian Stan (Bucky Barnes/Winter Soldier)

196. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 07/20 **#11**
This A+ list mostly movie actress who is a multiple Academy Award winner/nominee came thisclose to going to rehab two years ago. Looks like she probably should have gone. She is out of control and even worse off than back then. Mostly booze. Jennifer Lawrence

197. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 07/20 **#12**
After going rogue, this foreign born A- list dual threat actor in a superhero franchise and not named Benedict Cumberbatch or married for that matter is back on good terms with his PR person. The same PR person who creates magical fairy tale love stories with random D list actresses for her closeted male actors. Our publicist charges a ton of money so whenever you see one of these D listers is using the services of the publicist it is part of a deal. Tom Hiddleston

198. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 07/20 **#13**
A mutual friend said we should meet. To clear the air. An actress wanted to tell her side of the stories I had been hearing about her from others. She says she is not a pain to work with and that for the past year she has purposely not asked for anything on any set from anyone, yet the stories continue. She knows why. She blames it on a producer. A producer who has been featured on this site from almost the very beginning. Our actress says that even though she was the star of the show, it was in name only. When she landed the part, the producer never mentioned anything about sleeping with her. According to her it wasn’t necessary because he had a handful of actresses on other shows who were keeping him busy. All but one of them were underage. She suspected that because she was legal for almost the entire run of the show that he just was not that into her. At some point he did try and sleep with her and she turned him down. That rejection cost her a bunch of scene reductions. The next time she turned him down her personal appearance offers begin to dry up and she was even in fewer scenes. Meanwhile, the producer found someone else to sleep with who was also legal but loved to role play super young. She was getting the good lines and scenes. She was being offered crossover opportunities and new shows were being developed for her. The producer also started pitting the cast against our actress. If you wanted your career to succeed you took the side of the producer. If you wanted it to fail, you took her side. The producer started spreading lies about our actress. He did so regularly. When the show finally ended there was no one out there who was willing to hire her because of all the stories the producer had been spreading. So, when she did get work and asked for anything or was a few minutes late from lunch or whatever, the stories would start again and getting work even harder. The only work she really can get at this point are product endorsement deals and doing work for companies. No one wants to hire her for acting. No one wants her for pretty much anything. She says that even though her career has gone into the tank because she wouldn’t sleep with the producer, she doesn’t regret her decision. She points to another actress of a show he produced. That actress slept with the producer and his friends and it didn’t help her career at all. She is hoping that people will start to pressure the producer to let up on the comments and that other producers will give her a chance. She just wants to work.

Show: "Victorious"
Actress: Victoria Justice
Producer: Dan Schneider
Loved to role play super young: Ariana Grande
Actress slept with the producer and his friends and it didn’t help her career at all: Jennette McCurdy

199. THE GOSSIP LIFE 07/21
The upcoming season of this formerly beloved television show is this A list producer’s last chance to turn things around, a source shares with me. ‘It went from an Emmy contender with big ratings,’ says a source, ‘to constantly missing out and only garnering okay ratings.’ ‘A different creative mind could restore the show to its once great heights,’ another shares. "Empire"/Lee Daniels

200. MR. X 07/21
It was not that long ago that this singer was A list. More than a handful of platinum singles. She had gold singles and a gold album. Then she got into a feud with this permanent A list singer and her A list husband. Bye bye career. She couldn’t get any work at all. When she tried to make a comeback a few years ago, people were told to stop working with her or they would never work again. She is trying to do the same thing again now, but so far, people are still being warned off from her. Keri Hilson

201. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 07/21 **#1**
This formerly married celebrity chef who cheats on her significant others while married or not has been spinning some yarn about how hard she works taking care of her kids. Somehow she always forgets to mention the team of nannies. Giada De Laurentiis

202. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 07/21 **#2**
The wife of this permanent A list athlete where turning pro is not an option decided last minute to join her husband on a trip. According to the escort our athlete made arrangements with before coming to town, she got frantic texts and calls to not show up to the hotel. Michael Phelps

203. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 07/21 **#3**
These two closeted B+ list MTV actors hit the Hillcrest area in San Diego where they bought drinks and randomly made out with men while hopping from one bar to the next. Maybe their show ending is freeing them. Tyler Posey/Dylan O'Brien ("Teen Wolf")/Comic-Con International 2017

204. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 07/21 **#4**
In addition to playing an iconic role in an iconic pay cable show, this actor was also there for episode one of one of the biggest tv franchises ever. He is cheating on his significant other. He never hides his cheating. Chris Noth/Tara Lynn Wilson ("Law & Order" and "Sex and the City")

205. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 07/21 **#5**
This foreign born B+ list mostly movie actress is an Academy Award winner/nominee. In addition, she is an Emmy winner/nominee. She also has a strange addiction. Tanning beds. If she had her way, she would tan a couple of times each day. Toni Collette

206. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 07/21 **#6**
This former almost two decade long A list mostly movie actress who doesn’t really act any longer has moved on to synthetic pot but her family still thinks she is all natural. With the amount she has been ordering, her family should be worried. Cameron Diaz

207. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 07/21 **#7**
This foreign born B+ list singer who can’t decide about her sexuality has decided she loves meth and it has totally changed her appearance. Lorde; Kesha

208. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 07/21 **#8**
Apparently while this A list mostly movie actress who is an Academy Award winner has been traipsing all over the world, her husband has moved out of the marital home and into another the couple owns. Natalie Portman/Benjamin Millepied

In "Doll Parts," Ms. Lepore describes having an assignation with a famous rapper whose songs often play in the clubs she frequents. Soon after, she writes, he got married, and "I couldn’t help but think that his wife had a similar body type to me." (full article) Kanye West/Kim Kardashian

210. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 07/21 **#10**
One of the best movies of the year. I never knew the lead actor had it in him because of his constant need to party and show off himself and his girlfriend. Turns out his foreign born A- list mostly movie actress co-star doesn’t like him at all which has made all press really difficult. The actress, went from a hit television show to this movie career. Miles Teller (Keleigh Sperry)/Lily James ("Downton Abbey")/("Baby Driver")

211. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 07/21 **#11**
The biggest a-hole of the past week or two goes to this A- list mostly television actor who is consistently working for this almost television service. He makes some movies from time to time but it is television you know him for. Also from an acting family. Anyway, he has a new almost television show premiering and has been a d**k to most of the press people. If you are a guy, the married actor will ignore you. Unless you are an attractive woman and sucking up to him and flirting with him he wants nothing to do with you. Danny Masterson ("That '70s Show") ("The Ranch") ("Killing Winston Jones")

212. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 07/21 **#12**
#1 – This foreign born B+ list singer in her own country is someone you probably don’t know outside her country. She started off on YouTube and is really popular. According to her long time boyfriend who also makes his money on YouTube, the singer hooked up with the A++ list foreign born ginger celebrity sometime since he has been in a relationship with the woman the world thinks of as his girlfriend. Sarah Close/Callum (Callux) McGinley/Prince Harry (Meghan Markle)

#2 – The month and year changes, but one thing doesn’t change. As I have been telling you since this service came into existence, they manufacture numbers and sales and downloads and any other thing they can to make it seem like more people are using the service than what is real. The company is like the Bernie Madoff of streaming services. "Tidal"

#3 – No one talks about the ex-wife of this A++ list celebrity yachting but that is what she is doing. Plain view of every one. Yes, it is a family vacation, but there is also a payday involved. Marla Maples/Donald Trump

#4 – A lot of open fawning for this A- list mostly television actor on a foreign based hit television show. Our actor is most known for that A+ list movie franchise based on books. Anyway, our actor is totally head over heels in love with his male co-star who is openly gay. Our actor is not though and the lead says he won’t go out with the actor unless the actor comes out. Elijah Wood ("The Lord of the Rings")/Samuel Barnett ("Dirk Gently's Holistic Detective Agency")

213. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 07/22 **#1**
The tabloids might think this celebrity offspring of an A+ list couple is dating this B- list singer but she certainly wasn’t acting like it when she was making out with a guy at a party the other night. Brooklyn Beckham/Madison Beer (and three days after this blind she made it clear they aren’t dating)
(Listening Party For Tyga's "Bitch I'm The Shit 2")

214. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 07/22 **#2**
Apparently the wife of this A+++ list celebrity got some time with her lover the past few days. Melania Trump

215. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 07/22 **#3**
I don’t think you quite understand the game you are playing. I know in the past you have cheated on girlfriends with no consequences. I know you enjoy threesomes with your girlfriends and whatever model you trade exposure for sex with and hey, whatever worked for you in the past is good. I am not going to judge. I will say that if you are caught doing those things with this former B+ list mostly television actress from a hit almost network show turned hanging on by a thread mostly television actress that there is a good chance you could wake up one morning minus your manhood. At a minimum you will be put on blast for a year. You might think the 100 texts and calls a day are fun right now, but think of that same number after a split. The calls and texts won’t be nearly as much fun.

Love & Bacon,
P.S. You do realize she is telling people she expects to marry you before Christmas right? How long have you been dating? Two weeks.
P.P.S. One of her most recent ex-boyfriends, who is probably blessing your existence right now said he would wake up at night and find her staring at him. No matter what time he woke up.

216. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 07/22 **#4**
This former stripper turned celebrity turned reality star has told the past couple of guys she has hooked up with that she would love to have their baby. Blac Chyna

217. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 07/22 **#5**
This OITNB actress landed a really high paying/very cool endorsement deal. Everyone at the company loved her but the photos and ads they had planned look really bad and she is going to be replaced which is going to crush her. She loved being the face of this company. Ruby Rose ("Urban Decay")/Basquiat campaign

218. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 07/23 **#1**
This back in the day A list singer in a group and solo is trying to relive his biggest solo effort. I don’t think the group will ever reunite. It would bring too much attention to the singer who is happiest being at home with his girlfriend and boyfriend. Yeah, our singer is closeted and after peeking through it a couple of times has decided to nail it shut forever.

219. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 07/23 **#2**
This foreign born B+ list mostly television actress is the queen of coke at Comic-Con so far. The actress who was in the original and spin off shows of these hits is an angry angry person when doing coke. Line after line the other night and no one wanted to go near her. Phoebe Tonkin ("The Vampire Diaries"/"The Originals")

220. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 07/23 **#3**
This now B- list mostly straight to On Demand actress used to be on some hit television shows. Now she stars in movies you have never seen with people you have never heard of or seen before. She has been on and off dating a foreign born actor for awhile. He cheats on her and then promises to not do it again so she takes him back. He was supposed to be at an annual life event of hers but was hooking up with a co-star instead.

221. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 07/23 **#4**
This west coast Housewife who has been in and out of the show is putting up a front with her husband. Their already smallish fortune has been decimated by bad business decisions. They are living off credit cards right now and the proceeds from the sale of all their assets. Lydia McLaughlin ("Real Housewives of Orange County")

222. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 07/23 **#5**
Back in the day this singer was nominated for record of the year at the Grammys. The song was a shoe in for an Oscar nomination. Until it wasn’t. The singer says it was never nominated because she refused to sleep with the head of the record label so he pulled some strings and the next thing you know, the song got buried in the middle of a bunch of other songs and didn’t make it past the first round of balloting. Bette Midler ("The Rose")/Ahmet Ertegun

223. THE GOSSIP LIFE 07/24
People are calling this Emmy race "one of the closest ever", but my Emmy source (that spilled this delicious blind item) has sent me a cheeky little email stating otherwise. ‘It’s not as close as anybody thinks it will be,’ he says. ‘[name omitted] is cert to win. [gender omitted] hasn’t won before, so [they’ll] get it.’
Won before: Jessica Lange ("Feud: Bette and Joan") ("American Horror Story" and "Grey Gardens")
Never won: Nicole Kidman ("Big Lies")

224. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 07/24 **#1**
This foreign born former A list singer in a manufactured group turned reality judge is being accused of abusing some animals that were in her possession. Mel B

225. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 07/24 **#2**
This permanent A list "singer" says she is not allowed to go out with black men and if she did, her father would disown her. Katy Perry

226. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 07/24 **#3**
This foreign born A- list mostly movie actress has never been nominated for an Oscar even though you probably assume she has. She does have a dormant franchise. A big one. She was offered a part in a movie by a director but was such a pain to each person other than the director she encountered that she was fired after just a week. The producers wanted no part of her. Diane Kruger ("Butterfly in the Typewriter" or "Untitled Robert Zemeckis Project")

227. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 07/24 **#4**
This former A- list dual threat actor has trouble getting work these days. The only thing the married actor has been able to land is a foreign based television show. This weekend at Comic-Con he did manage to cheat on his wife which is kind of his norm. Patrick Dempsey ("Micronesian Blues")

228. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 07/24 **#5**
This three named actress who starred in an iconic show in an iconic role was offered a part as a grandmother. She agreed only if there were no actual grandchildren as characters and then wanted all references or implied dialogue that she was a grandmother removed from the script. Sarah Jessica Parker (Carrie "Sex and the City")

229. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 07/24 **#6**
This married late night talk show host kept hitting on this foreign born A list mostly movie actress who is an Academy Award winner. It was ridiculous how hard he was trying to hit on her and even more painful to watch her put him in his place. Jimmy Fallon/Charlize Theron

230. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 07/24 **#7**
This newly married A list mostly movie actress who is an Academy Award winner/nominee wants children and is very traditional which is why she got married. The thing is she never had these discussions with her husband prior to marrying him. None. He has always been a guy who doesn’t want children. Jessica Chastain/Gian Luca Passi de Preposulo

231. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 07/24 **#8**
This married A- list mostly television actress who is winding down her very hit very long running network show had an event to attend the other night. Her husband said he would watch the kids and gave the nanny the night off. He then bailed on the kids to hook up with a random person he met on the internet and called a neighbor’s 13 year old to come over and watch the kids. Kerry Washington ("Scandal")/Nnamdi Asomugha ("Balmain Takes L.A." celebration)

232. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 07/24 **#9**
This one named singer/actress who has not done either well or often much in the past few years is hooking up with the husband of this singer/former talk show host. Mýa/Vincent Herbert (Tamar Braxton)

233. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 07/24 **#10**
This former B+ list mostly television actress from a very hit pay cable show from which she was bounced had been clean for awhile. Then she made a crap direct to On Demand movie with this former A- list mostly movie actor from an acting family. He got her back on drugs and this past week she almost died of an overdose. Paz de la Huerta ("Boardwalk Empire")/Michael Madsen ("Puppy Love")

234. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 07/24 **#11**
This B- list actor/model who is an offspring of a permanent A++ lister was being more open than I have ever seen him. At an event this weekend he was openly kissing and affectionate with a guy he has been seeing for several months. Scott Eastwood (Clint Eastwood) ("Treats! Magazine Miami Swim Week Daytime Pool Party")

235. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 07/24 **#12**
Apparently this foreign born former boy bander is helping himself to some of the pills ingested by his foreign born celebrity girlfriend who must have a lot of trouble fitting her name into pre-printed forms. He has been a horrible mess as of late. Liam Payne/Cheryl Ann Tweedy-Cole-Fernandez-Versini

236. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 07/24 **#13**
#1 – You can question the real life relationship of these almost network co-stars all you want, but you have to explain to me why, if there is nothing going on would he drop $25K on some earrings for her birthday. Stephen Amell/Emily Bett Rickards ("Arrow")

#2 – This A-/B+ list mostly movie actress has a monster hit movie on her hands. She really should read her old interviews too because the rumors she is denying now about her marriage are the ones she used to utter as truths. Jada Pinkett Smith (Will Smith) ("Girls Trip")

#3 – This foreign born former A+ list tweener turned A list adult singer is the threesome partner for a married couple. He has a thing for older men. Justin Biever/Keone and Mari Madrid

237. THE GOSSIP LIFE 07/25
This A lister may look and act like the sort of girl to have naked pictures and videos of herself on her phone, but apparently she’s wiser than that. ‘She keeps all her nudes secure,’ says the source. ‘That way if she ever gets hacked, they’ll be no chance of leaking anything compromising.’ Hillary Clinton is shaking with envy. Charlize Theron; Katy Perry; Kristin Stewart; Gwyneth Paltrow

238. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 07/25 **#1**
This former Housewife who has spawned several other celebrities recently got dumped by a boyfriend. Apparently every single day he would get a text message asking him to send money to her via Venmo. The requests were never less than $2500. Yolanda Hadid

239. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 07/25 **#2**
Doing drugs and doing what he wants when he wants are way more important to this foreign born A list singer than any fan backlash. Most days his attitude is f**k the fans. Justin Bieber

240. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 07/25 **#3**
A big war right now between this A list mostly movie actress who is an Academy Award winner and her people. They want her to sign on for a franchise and have been leaking to the press that she will, but our actress hates the character as it is written right now and thinks it will ruin any chance at another Oscar. Anne Hathaway ("Barbie")

241. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 07/25 **#4**
This A list mostly movie actor is married. He is on a press tour right now that is a drunken one for the ages. He is also back to his old ways of sleeping with as many women as possible. His only rule is they have to be 18 or 19. Channing Tatum ("Kingsman: The Golden Circle")

242. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 07/25 **#5**
I wonder if these two foreign born B list mostly television actresses who are co-stars on a hit pay cable show would still be friends if one knew her celebrity boyfriend has also hooked up with the friend. Sophie Turner (Joe Jonas)/Maisie Williams ("Game of Thrones")

243. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 07/25 **#6**
This former stripper/model who became famous for the A+ lister at the time she was dating forever is now a celebrity/wannabe reality star who is having trouble making a buck. Her last few promotional appearances for clubs and other parties have been less than underwhelming. People don’t turn out for her and the offers are drying up. Amber Rose

244. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 07/25 **#7**
Don’t believe the hype. For there to be another installment of this former television show turned movie franchise, the lead actress, who is an A- lister would want to be paid more than any other actress in history by a wide margin. As much as the other stars would do it for $1M, our actress would want about $50M between salary and box office and that isn’t going to happen. "Sex and the City"/Sarah Jessica Parker

245. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 07/25 **#8**
A drunk in need of rehab is how most people described this A+ list mostly movie actor/part-time director this past weekend. He is just a mess. Ben Affleck (Comic-Con International 2017)

246. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 07/25 **#9**
This foreign born A- list director who is probably still more famous for who he was married to rather than his directing managed to escape the negative publicity surrounding one of his favorite athletes turned actor. Our director was there for the bad events but managed to keep his name and face far from the scandal. Guy Richie (Madonna)/Vinnie Jones (picture of 100 dead foxes)

247. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 07/25 **#10**
This foreign born A- list mostly movie actress had a recent annual life event. She sure tried hard on social media to make it look like her womanizing cable actor boyfriend was with her, but he wasn’t even in the same country. She tries so hard to make this all look good. Diane Kruger/Norman Reedus (birthday)

248. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 07/25 **#11**
This A list reality star with a lucrative side gig is paying a woman to spill secrets about the sex she had with an ex of the A lister. The A lister wants to ruin the career of the ex and thinks this will be a good start. Kylie Jenner (Kylie Cosmetics)/Mia Isabella (transgender sex)

249. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 07/25 **#12**
I love how this wannabe reality star again who is desperate for that call from that seasonal network reality show wants people to think she has enough money to buy the car she bought. Much like her ex, she is a wizard of leasing and she is already talking to another dealer about another lease to make it look like she is dropping $500K on cars. Blac Chyna (Ferrari) (ex: Tyga) ("Dancing With the Stars")

250. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 07/25 **#13**
This troubled actress can probably trace most of her problems as an adult back to the way her dad treated her. Our actress, who is probably still A- list despite her failings and rehab stays and other issues doesn’t seem to be breaking free of issues from her dad which have been documented on the site in detail for a decade. Our actress has not only slept with her stepmother but also helped her dad find actors and producers who pay money to have sex with her stepmom. Lindsay Lohan/Michael Lohan/Kate Major

251. THE GOSSIP LIFE 07/26
They never say believe the gossip you hear in restrooms, but sometimes it’s too juicy to pass up on. This C lister, who went through a very infamous bankruptcy case a few years ago, isn’t bankrupt at all apparently. "[name omitted] hid their assets in a relative’s name,’ says the source. ‘Everyone knows. It infuriated the people involved.’ Kelly Rutherford (The Cinema Society & Kargo host the after party for the Season 3 Premiere of Bravo's "Odd Mom Out")

252. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 07/26 **#1**
This A+ list mostly movie actor loves his privacy. That being said he has never stayed out of the limelight this long. Apparently there are some issues that have occurred with the recent life event he shared with his wife and they need time to get it all worked out. George Clooney/Amal (surrogate rumor) (George’s desire to run for public office)

253. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 07/26 **#2**
This former PLL actress has an employee who has three jobs. To make sure the actress always has access to drugs and also to keep records of the guys she has slept with and screen the inquiries. Ashley Benson

254. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 07/26 **#3**
This actress who literally came out of nowhere before landing a job on this hit almost network show was telling friends she had to quit being tied up and other BDSM games she loves – at least during filming – because her skin is so pale the bruising would take hours to cover in makeup. Madelaine Petsch (Cheryl Blossom "Riverdale")

255. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 07/26 **#4**
This former A- list mostly movie actress turned once a year failed television show actress/author still has name recognition. The actress has always been a loud and proud vegan but in name only. She is trying to figure out a way of making money by suddenly not being vegetarian so she also doesn’t have to restrict where she eats out.

256. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 07/26 **#5**
This country singer is probably B list. Maybe B+. He has had a number one song that was gold but has not matched his initial success in his short lived career. He was being paid by a company to speak at an event and was wasted out of his mind and will not be invited back.

257. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 07/26 **#6**
This former A- list mostly television actress who likes to get naked and spends most of her time on television doing reality gigs is driving the people in the small town where she is living nuts. She takes her big dog everywhere she goes including inside stores and cafes where dogs are not allowed. It is a constant thing and she never apologizes unless confronted and then says she didn’t know and can’t speak the language. The next day she does it all over again. Pamela Anderson (Saint-Tropez, France)

258. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 07/26 **#7**
This foreign born A- list mostly movie actor with lessening A+ list name recognition says one thing but the singer he still calls his girlfriend has been hooking up with a record producer for a couple of months now. Robert Pattinson/FKA twigs

259. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 07/26 **#8**
That woman this foreign born permanent A list celebrity used to run into at a specific exercise class is now someone he runs into at least once or twice a day while he is out running errands. It is probably contributing to why he is having such problems with his A list celebrity wife. David Beckham/Victoria

260. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 07/26 **#9**
Pretty sure this grammatically excited cable network is going to get an exclusive from this A+ list singer when she finally makes her return. They went ahead and posted a planted item from her people about a fictional event no questions asked. Taylor Swift; Beyoncé

261. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 07/26 **#10**
You remember that married director who is the father of the baby we don’t talk about but we all talk about? Yeah, well he is hooking up with one of the stars of his latest movie. She is very good at keeping secrets. Until she isn’t. He is playing with fire. A very similar personality type to the actress mother of that baby.
Married Director: Matthew Vaughn/Claudia Schiffer
Latest movie: "Kingsman: The Golden Circle"
Actress: Halle Berry
Baby mama: January Jones

262. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 07/26 **#11**
This foreign born A-/B+ list mostly television actress stars in a pay cable show which has been discussed here many times. Comic Con was a mess for her and the leading man. Where do I begin? The cold shoulder on the red carpet where they basically ignored each other. It started because an interviewer earlier in the day pointed out to them they ignored each other when they came in to the interview and came via separate entrances and had separate PR people and he wasn’t even sure they were going to come. Their whole facade just crumbled last weekend. Caitriona Balfe/Sam Heughan ("Outlander")

263. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 07/26 **#12**
Always a delicate balance when a fan becomes a stalker. This foreign born A list dual threat actor is about to get a restraining order against a super fan who has taken it to a stalking level. The problem is she is very popular with many of his fans and there could be some backlash. Benedict Cumberbatch

264. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 07/26 **#13**
At some point last season, one of the producers of this superhero show told this foreign born B- list mostly television actor that he wasn’t Charlie Sheen. What he was referring to is Charlie managing to stay on a hit television show for a couple of years too long while beating women and smoking crack with porn stars and hookers. Charlie was the star but even he went too far. This actor thinks he is all that because he used to be in a franchise and got it drummed in his head early on that he was a star. It is because they needed him for the franchise. They didn’t need him for the show. So, when you spend all of last season ticking every actor and crew member off and come to work drunk or late or skip work with some lame excuse, people remember. Our actor actually wanted a raise for this season. He was fortunate that he got to keep any kind of job on the show. He is certainly going to have a tough time landing another job after word gets around. Tom Felton (Julian Albert "The Flash") ("Harry Potter")

265. THE GOSSIP LIFE 07/27
Nicole Kidman famously called the time after her Academy Award win the "loneliest point of her life." This A list actress can definitely sympathise. She’s at the height of her professional career, but her personal life is far from idyllic. ‘She’s always been one of those girls that wants to get married and have tons of children,’ spills the source. ‘It hasn’t happened yet and doesn’t seem to be happening any time soon.’ Emma Stone

266. POPBITCH 07/27
**British blog**
Which London DJ threw an incredible hissy fit while being wined and dined before a show in Italy? He sent the carpaccio he ordered back to the kitchen because it was just "raw meat".

267. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 07/27 **#1**
This NY/NJ Housewife replaced someone who was being cheated on by her husband. The thing is though, the replacement is being cheated on even worse by her significant other and is blissfully unaware. Jules Wainstein/Tinsley Mortimer ("Real Housewives of New York City")/CouponCabin CEO Scott Kluth

268. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 07/27 **#2**
This B list dual threat actress who had a franchise and a long long running cable television show is sharing lots of photos of her life, but not her long time girlfriend who takes the photos. Our actress is not quite ready for that step. Elisabeth Moss ("Top of the Lake") ("Mad Men")

269. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 07/27 **#3**
This still not legal US Gymnast is hooking up with someone twice her age. Laurie Hernandez

270. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 07/27 **#4**
This B+ list one named singer/songwriter has been doing some yachting. The tabloids have called it dating but she was getting paid to be there, so….

271. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 07/27 **#5**
These two former co-stars on a back in the day superhero show are hooking up. She is in love but he is seeing a couple of other people unbeknownst to them all. Lee Majors/Lindsay Wagner ("Six Million Dollar Man"); Dean Cain/Teri Hatcher ("Lois & Clark: The New Adventures of Superman")

272. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 07/27 **#6**
This former A+ list singer and his ex who is a former A+ lister herself share a love of getting high which is why they are always drawn back together. His last girlfriend freaked out about that kind of stuff and wanted to drug test him every time they went out. John Mellencamp/Meg Ryan/Christie Brinkley

273. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 07/27 **#7**
This former A+ list mostly movie actress is taking her barely celebrity offspring/wannabe model on a trip. The thing is though, the trip is really an attempt to get the offspring 100% sober and the offspring doesn’t know it yet. Kim Basinger/Ireland Baldwin

274. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 07/27 **#8**
This A-/B+ list dual threat actor starred in a long running pay cable show. He cheated on his last wife and this wife is proving to be no different. The crazy thing is he is cheating with a foreign born actress who left a show when she caught her actor husband cheating on her.
Actor: Michael C. Hall
Pay cable show: "Dexter"
Ex-wife: Jennifer Carpenter
Actress: Amanda Abbington
Actor husband: Martin Freeman
New show: "Safe"

275. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 07/27 **#9**
Party at a hotel last night. Some stupid event for D listers. This former Disney actress hooked up with some guys who had been eating in a restaurant in the hotel and told her they had some great coke. Our actress wanted to see it right there at the table and one of the guys pulled it out. Our actress took a couple of bumps and then took the vial and walked out. The guys went after her. The actress went back into the party and the guys were unable to follow her in. Bella Thorne ( Launch Event the Beverly Wilshire Four Seasons Hotel)

276. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 07/27 **#10**
At the same party as #9, this B+ list mostly television actress quickly dropping to B as her defunct long running hit cable show gets further in the rear view mirror was chain smoking at the valet station. While doing so she was crying/moaning to her publicist and asking her why she was told the event would be good for her. It wasn’t. Ashley Benson ("Pretty Little Liars")

277. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 07/27 **#11**
Apparently this A/A+ list mostly movie actress decided Lyme Disease was not a good fit for her so picked some random disease to claim she has but her explanation of it and how she is feeling with it makes no sense and runs contrary to 99% of the people who suffer from the disease. My guess is she wants a fallback position for her drug use. Angelina Jolie (Bell’s Palsy)

278. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 07/27 **#12**
More and more is emerging from people who have attended this in the news church (not the cult). Apparently female parishioners were encouraged to have sex with the father of this celebrity who attends the church until a suitable match was found. Justin Bieber (Carl Lentz, pastor who Justin considers 2nd father) ("Hillsong Worship")

279. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 07/27 **#13**
I don’t know if it is really cursed. It is strange though that these two co-stars from a franchise are having a hard time as of late. One of the co-stars is a foreign born A- list mostly movie actor (#1) who has done television and is very well known. A+ list recognition of the franchise he is in. Our actress (#2) A-/B+ list. If not for the franchise she would probably be lower. Celebrity offspring of people much more famous than she. I actually have spoken to her the past month and she says she feels as if her soul has been sucked from her. She says she is not just using words. Literally her soul feels like it has been sucked like a Dementor would. She is filming a movie and says it is the most awful experience. People are wasted all the time. Drugs are rampant. Guys from the movie won’t stop hitting on her and when she says no they have been having sex with hookers brought on set. The lead actor (#3) has been practicing voodoo the entire time and lighting things on fire and she wants out so badly. Her franchise co-star meanwhile is also filming a movie. He thought he was getting away with sleeping with his foreign born co-star with some A list name recognition (#4) and that his wife would never find out. Nope. His wife did find out because his co-star is big on sharing things with people. Back when she was filming a decades long franchise she had sex with the lead actor (#5) of that movie and then told his girlfriend at one of the premieres. Just matter of fact about having sex with the actor and they had sex also during the press junket when the girlfriend was not around. Well, #1 only found out about #4’s reputation for being open to everyone AFTER they started having sex. He then started freaking out about keeping everything from his wife but because he was acting so crazy she knew something was up. A stateside relative of #4 says that #4 got herself into a big franchise for the long haul because she is known for talking and was going to spill some casting couch stuff and got the role. Guaranteed money for the next decade.

#1: Jamie Dornan
TV franchise: "The Fall"
#2: Dakota Johnson (Melanie Griffith, Don Johnson)
Movie Franchise: "Fifty Shades"
Movie actress is filming: "The Peanut Butter Falcon"
#3: Shia LaBeouf
Movie actor is filming: "My Dinner with Hervé"
#4: Oona Chaplin (daughter of Geraldine Chaplin, the granddaughter of English film actor Charlie Chaplin, and the great-granddaughter of American playwright Eugene O'Neil)
Big franchise: "Avatar 2, 3, 4 & 5"
#5: Daniel Craig
Girlfriend: Satsuki Mitchell
Long franchise: "Quantum of Solace" (James Bond)

SNL Cast Members And Crew Need To Stop HOOKING UP With Hosts! Lorne Michaels – the genius boss behind SNL – has made it clear that he is not a fan of his cast and crew hooking up with celebrity guests who have hosted the show. "Scarlett Johansson and "Weekend Update’s" Colin Jost have been seen hooking up and now it has been revealed that Ben Affleck has been seeing SNL producer Lindsay Shookus. This is getting ridiculous; SNL is a comedy show not a celebrity-dating app. The staff needs to knock it off," sources tell Straight Shuter. Another insider hints that another celebrity relationship with a member of the SNL team is going to be revealed soon! What is going on in those dressing rooms at 30 Rock where the show is filmed?

281. THE GOSSIP LIFE 07/28
You might remember when this C lister was everywhere with the A list firmly within grasp. ‘[name omitted] was set to be a huge star,’ says one source. ‘Audiences didn’t think so.’ Our C lister is still regularly in therapy, dealing with the stress and the damage of not making it. Whitney Cummings

282. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 07/28 **#1**
In an attempt to resuscitate her career, this former A list comic/part-time actress/part-time reality star has her PR team generating a story a day to try to get the tabloids to pick them up. They were successful twice this week out of five separate attempts. Kathy Griffin

283. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 07/28 **#2**
This PR person who has his nose deep up the butts of this reality family might not be able to do so for much longer. Apparently he has had a couple too many surgeries done to his nose and the tip is about to collapse. Jonathan Cheban (The Kardashians)

284. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 07/28 **#3**
This foreign born A- list mostly television actress from a long running network show refuses to stay at her house during the day when she is not working because her husband depresses her. Sofía Vergara ("Modern Family")/Joe Manganiello

285. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 07/28 **#4**
On another roller coaster of drugs and booze, this foreign born B+ list celebrity/reality star/celebrity offspring was ordered by her parents to either move back home or choose to live with a 24/7 sober coach. Kelly Osbourne

286. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 07/28 **#5**
This A- list mostly movie actress who is an Academy Award winner says when she had a miscarriage last year, the father of the baby accused her of getting an abortion and she hasn’t seen or talked to him since. Lupita Nyong'o/Jared Leto

287. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 07/28 **#6**
This A+ list reality star spends $1K a day on flowers for her home but tells everyone they are from her husband. Kim Kardashian/Kanye West

288. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 07/28 **#7**
This former child actress turned do nothing turned adult actress at the same level as when she was a child actress recently totaled her car when trying to get away from a drug deal gone bad. Jodie Sweetin

289. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 07/28 **#8**
The coke use is out of control in this former A list reality star from multiple shows on the same cable network. She made the most money from the original cast and has whittled it away by almost half because of her drug use.

290. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 07/28 **#9**
This must make the 3rd or 4th time that I know of that CPS has been called to check on the children of this foreign born A list mostly movie actress who is an Academy Award winner/nominee. I think they get star struck. There is something going on when multiple people call. Charlize Theron

291. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 07/28 **#10**
It doesn’t look like porn. No nudity at all. This B+ list mostly movie actress from an acting family though is in a video with a guy off camera who is masturbating to her. Turn that volume up at the end of the video she posted. You can hear it. She thinks she is getting away with something.

292. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 07/28 **#11**
This former superhero was helping his A+ list friend audition women to be the next companion to the actor. The auditions consisted of a lot of sex all recorded and then shown to the A+ lister and his friends. None of the women know they were recorded. Tobey Maguire/Leonardo DiCaprio

293. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 07/28 **#12**
This foreign born A+ list mostly movie actor recently ended his franchise but the closeted actor has not ended his relationship with his long time boyfriend. In fact, the two were spotted together several times this week while out of the country. That marriage with his wife just grows more distant by the day. Hugh Jackman (Deborra-Lee Furness)

294. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 07/28 **#13**
Beginning about two years ago, a woman came forward in a foreign country to talk about being assaulted by an actor. This is a country that makes a lot of their own movies. A whole lot. From time to time, actors from other countries are asked to come there and shoot a role. It is not generally a lead, but the pay is decent so many actors accept the offers. The film in question was about a decade ago. A big hit at the box office in the country in question. Like most movies there it didn’t take long to film, but during that time, the woman who came forward was a victim. She says at least a dozen other women were also victims of the actor. The actor is foreign born. B-/C+ list over here even though you would recognize his face because of all his roles. In his home country, he would probably be A-/B+ list. Mostly television. Lots of television. A couple of different capacities. He probably had his biggest acting job in the last couple of years after decades of acting. Our actor is married and has been for a very long time. Apparently when he made the movie in question he decided to rent a house for the duration of his stay. The house came with people to clean it. Several of the cleaning staff were tween girls. During the three weeks our actor was in the country he raped each of the tween girls multiple times. The woman who came forward is now in her early 20’s and she started her crusade when she read that there was going to be a sequel to the movie and our actor would be part of that cast. She says that for a decade she couldn’t talk to anyone about the rapes other than one of the girls who was also on the staff and stayed friends over the years. The woman doesn’t know the names of the other girls other than nicknames or a first name or two. She wasn’t looking to press charges which she knew would be useless or trying to get money from the actor for her nightmares and pain and suffering. All she wanted was for the government to not let the actor back inside the country again. She didn’t want tweens to have to go through what she did. The police wouldn’t do anything for her. She tried different police organizations. Nothing. She then went to the movie company. They wouldn’t do anything. She kept trying though and finally she managed to get in touch with the star of that box office hit. He is extremely popular. She told him her story and also for that one interview brought her friend who had also been raped. The next thing you know, the actor made a call to the production company who rescinded the offer to the actor. When he threatened to sue, they said they welcomed it. When he said he was going to come and file suit in India, the company made a call to someone in the government and the actor’s visa was canceled.

295. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 07/29 **#1**
All this spotlight focused on this church is bringing out former members who actually say it is a cult rather than a church. The church is not ready to defend itself like Scientology would. Hillsong (stars who attend Hillsong services) (controversy)

296. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 07/29 **#2**
When your record does way less sales than you thought it would do and it is pretty crappy to boot, how do you fix it? You sign yourself up to get a bunch of fake awards while hosting it and appearing shocked that you are winning everything. Oh, and want to really juice it? Guess who is going to make her comeback at the show? That A+ lister. The only question is whether they will sing together. Katy Perry ("MTV Video Music Awards")/Taylor Swift

297. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 07/29 **#3**
KINDNESS: The wife of this A+ list country singer is known for her generosity. This latest one kind of goes above and beyond. Apparently our wife wore a couture gown to an award show that was about $10K. Not borrowed by the way, but bought by her. When a fan said how much they liked it and would love to wear it someday (the fan is about 7) the wife sent it to her in the mail. Luke Bryan/Caroline Boyer

298. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 07/29 **#4**
Not sure still what exactly is going on but this B+ list mostly movie actor who has been as high as A-/A list for a year or so and got his start on television is definitely hiding something. His wife has a long time female lover who lives apart from the wife. The actor knows about it. From what it looks like, the wife and the girlfriend raise the children the wife has given birth to. Joseph Gordon Levitt

299. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 07/29 **#5**
This A-/B+ list NBA player has not given up trying to find a beard. I will admit he is one persistent guy. He has moved down the fame ladder in search of a beard. He was starting way too high before but maybe now has found his sweet spot. His other problem is that he is just not that friendly of a guy and is cheap in how much he pays. Chandler Parsons/"Memphis Grizzlies" (UFC model Arianny Celeste) (Bella Thorne, Savannah Chrisley, Kendall Jenner, Toni Garrn

300. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 07/30 **#1**
This foreign born mostly television actress is B+ list. She has a monopoly on almost network shows. Two right now and a handful in her career. She is also incurring the wrath of fans of this almost network show. Our actress refuses to ever pose for photos with fans and treats them like crap to the point where they don’t even really want autographs. Emily Bett Rickards ("Arrow"; "Legends of Tomorrow"; "The Flash"; "Vixen"; "Arrow: Blood Rush")

301. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 07/30 **#2**
This impossible to spell last name model is a part-time actress. Very part-time. She likes to talk a lot of smack about why she can’t get roles and says it is because people judge her. Umm, the reason you can’t get roles is twofold. You are worse at it than Cara and you only want roles where you are the lead. Not going to happen. No, you can’t casting couch your way to a lead either. Not even in an indie.
Emily Ratajkowski  (her boobs are too big)

302. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 07/30 **#3**
This A list comic actress is taking a lot of flack from comedians because she stole half of her recent act. Yes, she paid the guy for the jokes but strong armed him into taking way less than what the jokes were worth and told him she would make his life miserable if he didn’t sign. Chelsea Handler

303. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 07/30 **#4**
This B-/C+ list online actress is more well known for the reviled A list singer she used to date. Apparently, our actress/model has replaced this Atlanta Housewife as the preferred yachter from the US in Africa. Karrueche Tran (Chris Brown)/Porsha Williams

304. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 07/30 **#5**
This A+ list mostly movie actress had a foreign born employee beaten while working for the actress out of the country. Our actress thought the employee stole something so had them beaten. Our actress was wrong but never apologized. Angelina Jolie

305. MR. X 07/31 **#1**
Another big check from this foreign born A list rapper so her relative can get out of trouble. He will just do it again so I don’t see the point. Let him serve some time. Nicki Minaj's brother Jelani Maraj

306. MR. X 07/31 **#2**
This A list talk show host called out a fellow A list talk show host in an interview on the latter’s show. One missed opportunity though was when the host being interviewed should have called out the behind the scenes person who has destroyed the show.

307. MR. X 07/31 **#3**
This soon to be free criminal has already finished a book which is going to destroy this reality show family. There would be no coming back from it. O. J. Simpson/The Kardashians

308. MR. X 07/31 **4**
This former A+ list singer turned A- list singer who doesn’t have her heart in singing any longer knows she is caught in a box and is going to end up bringing her fellow singer down. Those written lies will always come back to haunt you. Lady Gaga (Dr. Luke’s defamation suit against Kesha)

309. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 07/31 **#1**
This former stripper turned reality star turned club appearance specialist is getting paid and not having taxes taken out. The IRS was already looking into her hiding money and gifts the past two years and with her increased fame it is even easier to spot when she is hiding money. Blac Chyna

310. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 07/31 **#2**
This former A list talk show host/news host likes to say she quit but she was fired from her most recent job. No one watches her any longer. Katie Couric (Yahoo News)

311. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 07/31 **#3**
This A- list mostly television actress on a hit almost network show thinks things are going swimmingly with her co-star boyfriend. The thing is, his fame is just now ramping up and he has been unable to resist sleeping with fans. When he is eventually caught, there is going to be an explosion on that show. Melissa Benoist/Chris Wood ("Supergirl" Comic-Con International 2017)

312. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 07/31 **#4**
Apparently a story is about to break that the always unfaithful leader of a very tiny country has done what he does best – get a woman other than his wife pregnant. Just goes to show you that the vasectomy he got to keep that from happening didn’t work. Prince Albert of Monaco

313. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 07/31 **#5**
This brand new to the whole world A list celebrity who was previously known as an A lister in a corner of the white collar world got busted cheating on his wife which is what caused all the current relationship issues. Anthony Scaramucci (his wife filed for divorce while 9 months pregnant)

314. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 07/31 **#6**
Apparently the life of this foreign born former A list boy bander has been saved twice in the past month from overdoses. Zayn Malik

315. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 07/31 **#7**
This one named former A list singer approached Playboy about appearing nude in a pictorial. They jumped at the chance and she took the photos but has not signed off on their publication yet. Cher; Christina Aguilera

316. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 07/31 **#8**
I don’t think it would be all smiles if this former B+ list mostly television actress from a long running very hit now defunct network show knew her B+ list mostly movie actress co-star in a recent film was stabbing her in the back every chance she gets. Eva Longoria ("Desperate Housewives")/Anna Faris ("Overboard")

317. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 07/31 **#9**
After a two year long remission, cancer has come back with a vengeance for this older permanent A+ list singer. Aretha Franklin

318. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 07/31 **#10**
From a British friend. It was so long I just left it as is. I would have made it confusing trying to summarize. This foreign born (A list in his own country) double threat who has tried hard to become a triple threat has been married to this much younger former D-list actress for some years, and they have several children. They met when they briefly worked together. She and her father would have you believe it was love at first sight, and that he pursued her. Not so. Right after they worked together Wife gave interviews raving about how much she liked our Actor, how hot he was, and how great he was with her son (born when she was in high school). At the same time Actor was non-exclusively dating a couple of other women and was papped taking random women back to his place for sleepovers. Wife grimly hung in there for over a year as a "friend" while Actor dated around, before finally started dating her. The casualness of the relationship didn’t stop her from getting his name tattooed on her arm a few months in. After a year of this, and coincidentally right as he was planning a solo move stateside, she announced she was pregnant. Actor spent the next 5 months "dithering" over whether to remain in the UK and commit to her and the baby, or go through with the move and financially support her to raise the baby alone. This dithering cost him the lead in an American romcom movie and almost led to his US agent dropping him. No one cared what he did in his personal life, only about the constant back-and-forth and indecisiveness. He ultimately decided on her, proposing and moving in with her shortly before she gave birth. On marrying, Wife changed her and her son’s names to Actor’s non-legal stage name, with him eventually also changing his name and lying in an interview that it was because SAG rules banned actors from working under anything but their legal name. He’s spent much of their marriage working on projects that require 6 months+ location shoots, family remaining in London. This has caused a lot of gossip in the UK industry, and a degree of sympathy for Wife. On the other hand why keep getting pregnant when your husband takes every opportunity he can get to avoid home? Her behaviour since has cost her a lot of that sympathy. Her acting career faded after the abrupt cancellation of her two biggest projects, and a failure to land more than walk-on roles. Five years of "writing a screenplay" resulted in nothing. Most recently she has decided to become a producer, her husband agreeing to finance and star in her best friend’s screenplay to give her her first producer credit. No distributor will touch the vanity project despite the buckets of cash Actor has chucked at it. Bad luck, but if Wife wants her new career to take off she’s going to have curb her behaviour. For one thing, her obsession with what’s said about them, and her hatred for his fans. Monitoring everything said about him online and on Twitter isn’t enough (two people, a Radio 1 technician and an indie film director, are on the record as having been on the receiving end of her tantrums after tweeting behind the scenes photos of him without her approval). Since their marriage she’s been monkeying around with a fake Twitter account, pretending to be a Wife-hater, in order to spy on other Haters. Two women who ran an anti-Wife blog found that photos of their young children were regularly taken from their locked Twitters and reposted elsewhere with vicious comments, which stopped when they blocked her. There are three other men in the picture, Father, A, and B. Wife’s father, a faded former A-lister now reduced to minor reality shows infamous for his lack of discretion, he has given intimate personal stories about their relationship to the media from the first time they met (and had tried to hook them up for a few years before this), in order to boost his and his daughter’s profiles. A is Wife’s ex-partner, who raised her eldest son from infancy despite not being the biological father. That now-teenage son continues to call A "Dad" and to live with him part-time, despite Actor legally adopting him a few years ago. B is Wife’s long-time best friend and "writing partner" who for convenience sometimes stays at Wife’s house when Actor is living abroad. Actor (who is known for demanding roles for his friends, casting two of his best friends in the hit West End stage show he financed and executive produced) regularly gets both A and B small acting roles in his various projects, to the point both of them have him to thank for their careers. Odd and incestuous, or an emotionally mature act of generosity? To further complicate matters, prior to his marriage Actor’s constant companion was a female crew member who worked on several of his TV projects and accompanied him to all his interviews and red carpet events. She is openly derogatory about Wife on social media, and spent their wedding (for which she created one of her three elaborate videos homaging Actor) tweeting to ask if it was normal to not be able to stop crying hysterically at a wedding. God knows what her then-fiancé "B" (yep, the best friend and live-in "writing partner" of the wife she hates so much, who she started dating right after Actor got Wife pregnant!) made of it. It’s amusing for fans, because the two couples now regularly go on vacation together, leading to a battle of passive aggressive social media statuses. Wife spends the vacations posting about how romantic and wonderful Actor is and how great it is to be alone with him. Female Best Friend spends the vacations complaining that the entire vacation is being spent playing board games and that she is spending the evening drinking alone in her bedroom and staring at the wall to avoid another Scrabble match. Sounds romantic! Actor is now seriously attempting another major campaign to break America, buying an LA apartment and flying over every chance he can get. Wife appears happy enough staying in London with her children, her friendship with B, and her "producing career."

Actor: David Tennant (born David John McDonald)
Wife: Georgia Moffett
Produced: "You, Me and Him" (BEST FRIEND: Daisy Aitkens)
Her father: Peter Davison (the fifth incarnation of the Doctor in "Doctor Who")
First meeting: December 2007 while filming "The Doctor’s Daughter"
A: Adam Paul Harvey
B: Christian Brassington

Female crew member: POSSIBLY: Jennie Fava
Other women he dated during that time: Sophia Myles, Kylie Minogue, Bethan Britton

New venture: Voice work in movies "Final Space", "Call of Duty: WWIII", " Ferdinand", "Duck Tales", "Chew"

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