NOTE: Guesses in italics are only guesses;
guesses in RED are a link to the solution or substantial clues.

This A+ list mostly movie actor usually keeps his homophobic remarks to himself. The former television actor though was overheard making several slurs about two men who were making out in front of him at a line in a toy store. He also told the person (assistant?) with him the men would be going to hell. Chris Pratt

Billboard Women In Music: I have written about this teenage actress/singer before and apparently she is getting worse. Not only did she show off all her new plastic surgery procedures last night but she was the most entitled person of the night and was rude to everyone she considered beneath her on the list. Sabrina Carpenter

This A list celebrity wants to transform himself into an A list mostly movie actor. He probably has made it to B+ list. The thing is though, his expenses are that of an A+ lister and his celebrity significant other also spends about double or triple each month what she earns. Despite how high they are on the list, they are thisclose to bankruptcy. John Cena/Nikki Bella

Billboard Women In Music: This DJ was being his usual a-hole self. Not only was he wasted, but he kept using the N word thinking he was allowed. Diplo

This flash in the pan literal 15 minute celebrity who all of us knew for those 15 minutes and have probably already forgotten is still cheating on his wife. I don't know what he told her to get her back, but he is telling the various women he hooks up with that he is single. Anthony Scaramucci/Deidre Ball

Speaking of cheating, this A-/B+ list mostly television actress who has a franchise character on television/almost television cheated on her significant other with the guy she is going to debut in the next couple of weeks. This is not her first trip to the cheating rodeo. Melissa Benoist (Chris Wood) ("Supergirl")/Taylor Kitsch ("Waco")

This former A-/B+ list singer who is a celebrity offspring has been popping pills like crazy and is a strung out mess. She says its fine and she has it under control. That is basically the same thing she said when she nearly died a year ago from the pills. Elle King (Rob Schneider)

This couple split a long time ago. They were always unconventional in their marriage and in their split. They are both A listers but different fields of entertainment. One is foreign born. They have kids. They also tell each other each time they have sex with another person in order to be transparent. She will probably figure out a way to monetize that for the rest of us. Gwyneth Paltrow/Chris Martin

This A- list mostly movie actor who sounds like he cleans a lot left behind a few sex toys and handcuffs after a recent hotel stay. Apparently the handcuffs were installed in such a way that the bed actually needed to be replaced because they could not be removed without damaging the bed. Armie Hammer Armie Hammer (Santa Barbara International Film Festival Honors Judi Dench With Annual Kirk Douglas Award For Excellence In Film)

10. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 12/01 **#10**
Someone should really go speak to that permanent A list director about the 10 year old girl he was seen with a national chain candy store in NYC last week. He called her his granddaughter. Umm, he does not have any grandchildren.

11. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 12/01 **#11**
This B+ list actor/writer married to a permanent A-/A lister was getting orally serviced by a woman not his wife in the back of a town car after an event this week. Justin Theroux/Jennifer Aniston  (An Evening Honoring Louis Vuitton And Nicolas Ghesquiere)

12. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 12/01 **#12**
Why yes, that was this one season reality star wonder who has actual talent and is probably B listish right now. Very young. Also bulimic judging by the amount of food she ate and then purged at a big event this week. Grace Vanderwaal (eleventh season winner of "America's Got Talent") (Billboard Women In Music 2017)

13. MR. X 12/01
Back in the day, there was a de facto studio head that was the Harvey Weinstein of his day. There was no female actress it seems that he didn't assault. It was a who's who of A list actresses that he assaulted, impregnated, and got abortions for.
Harvey Of Old Hollywood/wife: Eddie Mannix/Toni Lanier

#1 - This permanent A lister who has a celebrity offspring who is a permanent A lister was raped by him when she was underage but fought him off as she got older. Judy Garland/Liza Minnelli

#2 - During a sex party gone wrong, he is suspected of being the killer of this at the time A list mostly television actor. The actor was also having sex with our Harvey's wife, so that also contributed to it. George Reeves

#3 - Our old time Harvey tried to pin the murder on an actress who co-starred with the A lister. Apparently she kicked our Harvey in the balls once when he tried to assault her. Lucille Ball

#4 - He said he destroyed this stag film that the mean actress who was a permanent A lister made before she was famous. He didn't though and would blackmail her with it whenever he wanted to have sex with her. Joan Crawford

#5 - Reporters should ask the aging actress who has been in the news this week about her being assaulted by him too. She was, multiple times. Angela Lansbury

Scandals of Classic Hollywood

There has rarely been a more grateful cast and crew to have an almost television show canceled. No one liked working with the internet star turned actress. Fame went to her head so long ago she thought she was someone people should bow and grovel before. Colleen Ballinger (Miranda Sings "Haters Back Off!")

One person who wants to do Celebrity Big Brother is this former A list cable reality star turned celebrity DJ turned reality star of his old show. Anyway, his one demand was there be a former Baywatch actress on the show. Apparently he has made it his goal to have sex with every female member of the cast and has actually hooked up with several. The one who will probably be cast is the one who sounds like a bad Greek nightclub. Paul 'Pauly D' DelVecchio ("Jersey Shore")/Carmen Electra

Sexual harassment wouldn't get this A list director to stand down and honestly, it probably wouldn't get him fired. He would just be suspended. The underage sex he is trying to write checks for right now though would end his career. Although, cc: Woody Allen. Bryan Singer ("Bohemian Rhapsody") guess the check wasn't big enough considering the lawsuit filed yesterday

This A list singer collected a few phone numbers from female fans while his wife was involved in a major life event several floors up. Jason Aldean/Brittany Kerr (birth of son)

Apparently things are not great between this A- list mostly movie actress and her A- list actor husband who is also a former co-star. She believes the rape victims of his best friend and he does not. He thinks all women lie when it comes to that type of thing and is really showing just how much he still hates women. Mila Kunis/Ashton Kutcher/Danny Masterson

A New Predator To The List: The stories keep piling up with the things this former A+ list mostly movie actor who is an Oscar winner/nominee did to women. Apparently his favorite game was to tell women he is gay so it was OK if he saw them naked and that because he is gay it didn't mean anything if he groped them or did all kinds of inappropriate things. Apparently he got married the first time to give him some cover from some allegations that were headed his way. Also with that marriage, he got to explore his sexual choices so to speak and his A list wife also introduced him to plenty of willing young models who he would photograph. He said it was for a book he was producing. There was no book, but there were many nude photo shoots and a lot of sexual assaults of the models he was photographing. Later in life has switched things up and in his second marriage used his wife as cover for him to meet women who were his fans from earlier in life and would seduce them. If seduction didn't work, he would often force himself on to them. When his wife got tired of covering for him or hearing back from friends that her husband had been awful to one woman or another, she moved on. Now, he is with someone much much younger and has a new way to meet women with his new girlfriend who is introducing him to women in foreign countries who will be very quiet or more discreet about the activities the couple is forcing them into.
A list actor: Richard Gere
A list wife: Cindy Crawford
Second wife: Carey Lowell
Younger girlfriend: Spanish-born girlfriend Alejandra Silva

This celebrity offspring of a permanent A++ lister was off drugs for so long then hooked up with that close pseudo family member/former A list actor who not only had sex with her even though he has an actress girlfriend but got her using again. She then got involved in that horrible relationship with a gold digging guy. Now, she is smoking meth and shooting up heroin and no one is looking after her or watching out for her. Everyone just wants a good time and for her to pay for it. Paris Jackson (Tyler Green)/Macaulay Culkin (Brenda Song)

This former Disney actress has not been working much as of late. She landed a nice long arc in a very popular pay cable show. It seems that most actresses that are on that show get naked at some point or another (not GOT) and our former Disney actress was no exception. This is a first for her. Anyway, her famous on the internet boyfriend freaked out about it and dumped her even though they had been dating a really long time.
Sammi Hanratty ("Shameless")/Lucas Watson

This generally out of control A- list mostly television actor from that hit cable show that has a ton of spinoffs now has a new party buddy. The guy is supposed to be a bodyguard, but considering he is also a drug dealer, this will probably work out poorly for all involved. Norman Reedus

It is going to be a whole full circle thing when this former 80's actor gets busted for all those passed out women he has groped and assaulted in his guest bedroom. Often times a family member would join in too. Corey Feldman/Courtney Anne Mitchell; Emilio Estevez/Charlie Sheen

This almost television couple is a couple in real life too. Both were being their usual coke head selves when the guy in this couple decided to get into a fight with another guy. That caused the girlfriend to get shoved to the ground. She then went into a rage when she saw the vial of coke had fallen to the ground and shattered. Charlie Heaton/Natalia Dyer ("Stranger Things")

This still technically married one named singer had sex with a married guy at a party last night for some studio time and a song. Fergie (DJ Khaled's star-studded birthday bash)

26. MR. X 12/04 **#1**
OLD HOLLYWOOD HARVEY: OHH raped two future First Ladies. One when she was a chorus girl who left the studio after she was assaulted by OHH at a theater exhibitors convention where she and several other women were passed around . Her silence was bought unlike one of the other girls at the party who went to the police and unsuccessfully tried to sue the studio. OHH encountered the future First Lady at a political fundraiser for her husband that he crashed, OHH was thrown out after the husband heard he was there.
OHH: Eddie Mannix
First Lady #1: Pat Nixon
First Lady #2: Nancy Reagan

27. MR. X 12/04 **#2**
OLD HOLLYWOOD HARVEY: Future First Lady #2 fought back against OHH and his advances, and saw her roles in movies get smaller and smaller. On the advice of her husband, who had heard plenty of stories about OHH from fellow stars, she quit acting altogether. OHH spread those untrue rumors that she was promiscuous and gave good head. Nancy Reagan (Ronald Reagan)

28. MR. X 12/04 **#3**
OLD HOLLYWOOD HARVEY: This permanent A+ list actress was assaulted several times by OHH when she was underage, as she got older OHH set her up with several rich men to sleep with for money. One of those men was the guy who would become her first husband. Elizabeth Taylor/Conrad Hilton

This foreign born A- list mostly movie actress only wants to reprise her character in other installments that don't also feature this A-/B+ list actor/singer. She can't stand him and the way he was always hitting on her during their last movie together. She says it was constant and unwanted. Margot Robbie/Jared Leto ("Suicide Squad")

It is going to be really interesting when guys come forward from a few years back and start talking about how this B+ list actress who probably won't ever act again used to charge by the hour for companionship. Meghan Markle

This A- list mostly movie actor who got his start on late night is more worried than his frequent co-stars. They have their own sexual harassment problems, but our actor has been scrambling to speak to women from his past who are speaking to the media right now. Because he is usually dependent on others for parts, it would be a long long road back for him. Jason Sudeikas

This married alliteration actor has not really been seen since his hit network show days. Yes, I mean he has done some one offs and had a recurring, but nothing like that hit show. Right now, he is trying to avoid talking to anyone about those orgies he threw for the missing A list director. I'm guessing there were not many i.d.'s checked at the door. Matthew Morrison ("Glee")/Bryan Singer

I have written about this singer before. I have written about him a few times. He is not foreign born, but many people think he is. He had a number one song all of you know and then it went downhill from there. Below is the experience of one woman at a recent concert when she was assaulted by the singer. He threatened to sue her to try to keep her from sharing her story. Hey everybody, so this is gonna be a bit of a long post, but I ask you to PLEASE take the time to read the whole thing. This is about an experience I recently had that I think is extremely important to spread awareness about, especially with the #metoo movement and so many brave young women coming forward and sharing their stories. The purpose of this post is not so much to get personal legal justice for myself, but to try to prevent other women from being in a similar situation. So PLEASE take the time to read to the end, and please share it after! On Monday night (Nov.27), I went to a concert. During the show the performer brought us up on stage, which we were excited about and thought was fun. He then invited us backstage, which again, we thought was fun. Once there, one of his buddies offered us drinks. I know the number one rule is to not accept drinks from strangers, but I was in a group and was with someone whose music I have listened to for years and so for some reason trusted, which I shouldn't have. My friend and I were roofied. From here on my memory is a little hazy, and some of this is what my friends told me and from looking back at my phone the next day. Backstage, the performer was putting his hand down my pants and grabbing me. The other girls in the room said that I just seemed drunk, but that I seemed consensual (because I WAS DRUGGED) so they didn't intervene. He then invited us onto his tour bus. This is where I got separated from my friend, who was also drugged. Speaking to her the next day, she says she has a few vivid memories but other than that, she was blacked out for most of the night. After losing her, some other girlfriends and I ended up on the performer’s tour bus but somehow, luckily, we didn't stay there long. When I left the tour bus, I went to McDonald's with some of my good friends. The performer and one of his people began texting me and then came to McDonald's and tried to get me back onto the tour bus. In those texts, my responses were extremely willing and responsive because I was under the influence of a drug. So, at this point, I was so out of it I would have gone. However my friends noticed I was off and intervened. I feel VERY lucky that my friends knew the difference between drunk and drugged. I think this is a pattern with the performer and his crew, because since Monday I have heard of other girls that think they were also drugged at his other shows. Also I've since seen a bunch of similar allegations against him online. In the first 48 hours after, I think I was still in denial of the whole thing and so didn’t go get tested for drugs in my system. Because of this, there is nothing I can do in terms of legal justice. The cop I spoke to said he believed me, but that there’s no legal action to take as I don't have any real evidence other than my word. I was sexually assaulted but not raped, thanks to the intervention of my friends. However, some girls at his other shows may not be so lucky. I feel so frustrated and sickened by the idea of him or any man doing this to other girls, I wanted to try to warn other young women. You don’t think this is going to happen to you until it does. So PLEASE share this post and help spread my story to warn other young women who are planning on going to this performer's show, and any performer's show. Don't trust people simply because they're in the public eye. Sean Kingston

This older permanent A list singer/actress/performer is near death. She has so many health problems, but still refuses to stop boozing and taking pills. Liza Minnelli

This foreign born closeted former boy bander turned A- list singer is cheating on his long time athlete boyfriend with a guy from his road crew. Harry Styles/Xander Ritz

This former A- list mostly movie actress who is an Academy Award winner/nominee has basically been reduced to hooking up with guys for money and drugs. Whatever paychecks she is picking up for direct to OnDemand movies are just paying off past debts. Tatum O'Neal

Unlike Georgina, I think the wife of this A+ list producer all of you know is going to be shocked when she hears the stories of the women the producer assaulted and harassed and casting couched. Most of this happened before he got married this time. If you ever said yes to a date with him, you were going to have to fight him off. Brian Grazer

38. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 12/04 **#10**
For the past couple of weeks I have been talking about the drug use of this foreign born A- list dual threat actress. Producers are starting to get wise to it and her meth face is not helping either. Ruby Rose

39. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 12/04 **#11**
Blackmail Marriage: I guess this is back in the day. When you are stretching back past two decades, it seems like the right thing to call it. The thing is though, despite being back in the day, the three main players in this blind are all known to you. They are known to people who just are checkout stand tabloid cover readers. EP was making a movie when she met WB. At the time, EP was pretty close to A list. She was also in the tabloids a lot. If back then had been today, everyone would have known about her out of control drug use and the crazy sexual situations she was involved in on almost daily basis with her equally out of control actor boyfriend, who we will call MS. Anyway, EP and WB made a movie and they got along really well. They became friends. Fast forward just a touch and WB is off to make another movie. He made the movie with an actress we will call VC. They were long time friends and made the movie to help each other out. It was a movie that would change the life of multiple people and destroy the lives of many others too. WB is in the closet. Everyone knows this, but he continues to pretend he doesn't like men. At the time though, he was using a lot of drugs and the objects of his sexual lust were the teen boys who were numerous on the set. Things were out of control. He molested and sexually assaulted multiple teens during filming of the movie. I'm guessing VC would probably call it an intervention. I would call it extortion or blackmail. VC filmed one of the encounters and gave it to some people who were kind of managing the career of WB. Those people had a discussion with WB and said he needed to do what they told him or they would leak the video and he would not only lose his career, he would go to jail. They had big plans for him and apparently those big plans were more important than what happened to those kids. They put him in a house for two months and got him sober. They also told him he needed to get married. He asked multiple women and his people offered some women. None of the women agreed until he asked EP. She was in a really bad place herself and WB's people agreed to make her problems go away if she agreed to marry WB. Done and done. All these people know what happened to those boys and have done nothing. Money and fame and power were much more important than the lives of the boys they devastated. One of those teens spoke up a few years ago and a team of lawyers rained down on him and he went silent. He was crushed by the other side and later tried to commit suicide.
EP: Kelly Preston

Out of control boyfriend: Charlie Sheen (accidentally shot her in the arm)
WB: John Travolta
Movie: "The Experts"
VC: Kirstie Alley
Movie: "Look Who’s Talking"
Group: Scientology

This former A- list mostly television actor who crashed and burned as the lead of one movie after famously turning down a franchise is not married. His long time girlfriend is though and for some reason keeps filing and withdrawing her divorce petitions with her husband. Maybe not so much true love with the actor after all. Charlie Hunnman (TV: "Sons of Anarchy") (MOVIE: "King Arthur: Legend of the Sword") (FRANCHISE TURNED DOWN: "Fifty Shades of Grey")/Morgana McNelis

This permanent A list singer from an initialed band that is also permanently A list is really sweating things out right now. My guess is that underage teen boy he kept sexually assaulting who starred in one of his videos is probably not the only underage teen he slept with. Michael Stipe ("It's the End of the World as We Know It (And I Feel Fine)") (Noah Ray)

If nothing comes up, than this former Oscar nominee who is an A- list mostly movie actor from an acting family has a good chance at another Oscar nomination or win. The problem he is facing is we already know he likes underage girls. It is on record. Nothing happened to him before. Now, there are going to be others who are underage going on the record again. A few years ago we somehow let him get away with it, but he won't this time and all that Oscar buzz will be gone. James Franco (something did come up and it happened exactly like the blind said it would)

This foreign born permanent A list model was at an award show and was asking every single person if they could let her have a little bump of coke. Apparently one guy said yes because she was over by his side every 10 minutes. Naomi Campbell
  ("The Fashion Awards 2017 In Partnership With Swarovski")

This A list director just can't help himself. He just keeps trolling for models on social media and has several accounts where he pretends to be 17 or 18 to find guys that age or younger. Bryan Singer

Apparently the religious studies of this talk show host and her husband include hiring a female escort this weekend when they were out of town. Guess they thought no one would notice. Adrienne Bailon/Israel Houghton

I don't know if there was sex, but I do know the only reason this A- list singer solo and in a group went overseas to this particular country is because a guy was willing to pay her six figures to go out to dinner. Hey, her boyfriend cheats all the time, so maybe this was her way of paying him back. Gwen Stefani (in Dubai)/Blake Shelton

Our favorite foreign born A- list model/wannabe actress/beard, was being courted by an athlete who is the same caliber as one of her previous beards. Well, she and her current beard spent very little time together any longer, so it is not fooling anyone. Irina Shayk/Lewis Hamilton (Cristiano Ronaldo)/Bradley Cooper

KINDNESS: Other than me including a description of the actor, I'm just going to post this as it was written by the person telling the story. When a friend's son (who was, so tragically, dying from an incurable illness) made a wish: to meet this former A list mostly movie actor but was probably C- list outside that iconic franchise, it fell on me -- the only person the dad knew who worked in the film business -- to make a call. I called his agent and explained that this lovely boy watched the franchise every day and wanted to meet NOT the actor, but, rather, the actual CHARACTER that he played. The agent begrudgingly said he'd call the actor, but also said not to get my hopes up. 90 seconds later I got a call from the actor, who immediately said yes and gave me his home address. He not only met with the boy, but spent hours answering question after question (sometimes the same ones repeatedly), AS the character. Even posting this now makes me teary. He was compassionate, kind, and patient. And it literally meant the world to this kid and his family. Mark Hamill (Luke Skywalker "Star Wars")

49. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 12/05 **#10**
All it will take is a reporter asking this foreign born B list actress directly asking who assaulted her son and she will spill. When she does it will bring down at least one half of this Hollywood family duo and their countless A list clients will run away so quickly and pretend they never heard a word about it before then. Jane Seymour (Sean Flynn)/Kevin Huvane (Creative Artists Agency)

50. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 12/05 **#11**
As far as I can tell, the purpose of the trip out of the country for this former A- list mostly television actress turned probably won't work again for being outspoken was to try heroin in as pure a form as possible. Rose McGowan (India)

51. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 12/05 **#12**
I know that it is an extremely popular reality show and the season premiere was very recent, but it is getting really old that we are to believe one of the stars is not gay. They try to do everything they can, including ridiculous story lines to make us believe he is straight. He isn't. There are too many men in this town who have paid too many dollars to him for sex that will tell you otherwise. Don't even get me started on one of his cable bosses and what they have done together. Jax Taylor ("Vanderpump Rules")/Andy Cohen ("Watch What Happens Live")

52. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 12/05 **#13**
The Boys Club: There is a big name out there. A very big name. He can take down a whole lot of people with him. He is a writer and producer and we call him BC. Along with an already shamed A list actor, he was the first to force this A list director to have sex with him for a future in Hollywood. BC passed that same trait on to the director. BC has several production partners. Each of them are a little piece to the puzzle. Each of them owns a company which is directly involved with other companies that all are mixed and matched with BC and his two partners. One of those projects is a boys club. An actual club similar to a boys and girls club. One where for some reason, girls are not allowed. They only want to help "boys." The partner of BC who started this was groomed and shaped by the A list director who is a very frequent guest to the club and a very frequent viewer of the footage from the cameras installed everywhere in the club. There are estimates that maybe a hundred boys have been molested by this group and their business partners. It could be more. There is another secret player behind all of this and that is an offspring of one of the partners who is also a lawyer. They pay her a lot of money which she spends on partying and she handles all the shell games with the companies.
BC: Gary Goddard
A list director: Bryan Singer

A list actor: Kevin Spacey

Not just celebrity real estate news. It would be major, major celebrity real estate news. About a piece of property that once belonged to an iconic entertainer. What was once a happy place became associated with controversy and then pretty much abandoned. Someone however, supposedly wants to restore its glory. But enough to buy it? Certain family members of another arguably iconic entertainer of this generation are going around telling people that he’s purchased the estate. And that he will be putting it all back together, devoting considerable resources to upgrading the space and making it worthy of our dreams again. Allegedly he’s already spent some time there undercover. It’s not known when he would make the announcement, if an announcement is to be made at all. Because these family members aren’t always reliable. And because of their reputations, members of his team take care to keep information on a need to know basis. Either they’re full of a sh-t then or they’d be potentially jeopardising a huge acquisition. If this goes through, though, if this is true, it’s a fairytale story. Almost unbelievable. Michael Jackson’s "Neverland Ranch"/Kanye West

When seen out in public, this former A list talk show host seems contrite and regretful. Still pretends he is happily married. So, we should just forget about that blonde college student who has been crashing at his place for the past week? Matt Lauer

This B+ list mostly television actress who is on what qualifies as a hit show for this cable network has been in our lives since she was a tween and who all of you know. She has had a hard time letting go of her ex and is still hooking up with him. Her current boyfriend has broken up with her before because of it and probably will again when he finds out this time. Hilary Duff ("Younger")/Matthew Koma

This foreign born A- list mostly television actor who stars on hit pay cable show tried to convince his soon to be wife/co-star that he was always faithful to her. Apparently though, she must have finally listened to her actress co-star who says she thought she was getting engaged to the actor and now it looks like both have kicked the actor to the curb. Kit Harington ("Game of Thrones")/Rose Leslie/Emilia Clarke

Even though this A list pro athlete told this A list rapper than he is gay, and in the closet, the rapper said she wanted to see if she could umm, get him to completion. So, she orally serviced him right at the club where they were and apparently succeeded. That being said, he still went home to his long time boyfriend. Odell Beckham Jr./Nicki Minaj ("Prive Reveaux Launch")

This former MTV VJ who everyone who watched thought was creepy lost his job a decade ago because he was doing drugs and having sex with a college student who had a famous dad. Apparently the VJ brought up the name of a college student/"Club Kid" he also used to have sex with who was murdered. That case drew huge national attention. The college student complained to his parents that he thought the VJ was going to kill him or have him killed. The parents called someone and the next thing you know, the VJ was gone and has not really worked since. Kurt Loder

If you look older than 18, this Emmy winning director/choreographer wants nothing to do with you. If you are, or look younger, than he will be all over you and you better know that he is going to try and get you to have sex with him. If you don't, he will just sexually assault you until you can push him off. Just ask the stars of that cable television movie franchise why they won't make another installment even though their careers could use the boost? It is because he gets to decide if he wants to direct it and they had enough of his terror to last a lifetime. Do you remember that blind item I wrote a few weeks back about a movie that this foreign born former A+ list superhero made back in the day and how the whole set was just people having sex and being out of control? Guess who worked on that movie and tried to have sex with everyone? Yep, this jerk.

Director/choreographer: Kenny Ortega
Cable television movie franchise: "High School Musical"
Former A+ list superhero: Christian Bale
Movie: "Newsies"

I wish that this convicted child molester who is probably still a B list celebrity was losing his home. The recent legal action against him though just means that he will start charging higher prices for guests to come stay at his out of the country resort for underage sex. Maybe this will affect his ability to pay bribes though and will get him killed. Joe Francis

KINDNESS: Like many kindness posts, I just have edited to include descriptions rather than the names. Years ago. When this former A+ list network hit was new and big, my best friend in school had been diagnosed with stage 4 terminal cancer. Most people with this cancer die within 6 months, and at the time of this kindness, she was on month 9. She came to my apartment, crying, because her boyfriend had broken up with her over the phone on her way to my place. So rather than whatever plans we had that night, we went to the hot restaurant in LA at the time because my best friend had always wanted to go. We were students and poor so we couldn't afford it, but we went anyway because if there was ever a night to do something you couldn't afford, that was it. Anyway, my friend's favorite show was the one mentioned above and this was a show night. We went to eat really early because she wanted to be back to see it (TiVo was still new, so this was back when you had to watch a show on its air slot). We'd just gotten seated, when the host of the show walked in and sat at the booth with four other people across from us. My friend was completely starstruck and thrilled just to sit across from the host of her favorite show. When she went to go to the bathroom, I got up (aided by several drinks), went to the host's booth, stopped their conversation and said 'I'm sorry but my friend is really sick and she's had a bad day and really loves your show. Will you come talk to her?' I started crying somewhere in there, too. Without hesitation, the host stopped his conversation, left his dinner and came over to our table so when she came back from the bathroom he was sitting in her chair and there to surprise her. She was so shocked, and so thrilled. The host stayed there for 15 minutes talking to her, giving her some fun show gossip and inviting her to a taping. We were his guests at the next taping, and he wore a yellow watch band (like the livestrong bands) and
came over to talk to her before the show, between every commercial break, and after the show. He told other stars on the show about her, so they came over during the breaks, too. She was on cloud nine that night, and couldn't have been made to feel more special. She died a few months later, and this was one of the last great memories I have with her while she was still well enough to be out. I will love this host forever for that. Ryan Seacrest/"American Idol"

Earlier this year and late last year, I wrote about this former reality star who loves to have people think she is a victim. She has produced some celebrity offspring. I told you about the string of women she hooks up with wealthy men for a cut of the take. Somehow, she has managed to get a new reality show where the women will be coming to her so she doesn't even need to be proactive. Plus, it will be publicity for all the women who will be on the show which means higher fees. Yolanda (Foster) Hadid ("Real Housewives of Beverly Hills") (Bella and Gigi Hadid) ("Making A Model With Yolanda Hadid")

63. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 12/06 **#10**
This former? A- list reality star is making his celebrity offspring girlfriend give lapdances to their bodyguard and other prospective clients of the A- lister. Scott Disick/Sofia Richie

64. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 12/06 **#11**
This foreign born still one hit wonder got dinner, but got turned down by the guy she was meeting when she quoted a rate for an after dinner performance. Iggy Azalea

65. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 12/06 **#12**
This A+ list mostly movie actor is receiving death threats from people he suspects are associated with his A+ list actress ex. Brad Pitt/Angelina Jolie

66. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 12/06 **#13**
The Web: Ever wonder why one widow looks like she is grieving every day, all day, and the other looks like she is getting ready to party all the time? Well, lets go back in time a bit to the first widow. We all know she is a black widow who only cares about herself and her survival. Right up there with that is how much she loves money and fame. So, when a couple of people came to her and offered her a great deal of money to make some of her past crimes and foibles go away, she was all ears. When they offered her a chance at her own reality show down the road, she really listened. When they told her that her A- list (PJ) celebrity husband was going to divorce her and enforce that prenup, she was 100% on board. They provided her with drugs that were much stronger versions of the ones her husband used to take. Her job was to get him hooked again. They told her exactly what to do, and how to do it every step of the way. When that first wire transfer hit a relative’s bank, she was the most enthusiastic helper ever. She might not have been there to commit the actual crime, but she was part of the conspiracy to kill him and she has had no problems with the money and fame she has received after his death. She is so greedy and so concerned with herself that she never even asked more than a few questions about why anyone would want her husband dead. Contrast her situation with another widow. A widow who became one not that long after the first. She was married to an A- lister (RJ) herself. She would never have done anything to harm her husband. Nothing. Someone could have offered her millions of dollars and she would say no. Every day she grieves for her dead husband. She grieves for her family. She also grieves for the people that her husband and the other A- lister were trying to help. Her husband was an inspiration to so many troubled youth and teens. Naturally those people reached out to the A- lister when they struggled. About a year or so before his death he was told by one of the teens that he had been sexually abused. The teen talked about others who had all been abused at the hands of the same group of people. The teen named some names and our A- lister knew who some of the people were. In fact, he knew one of them really well. That one is a permanent A+ lister who has been known in the past to make his problems go away permanently. When our A- lister approached him, the A+ lister advised him to not pursue things any further and to let the matter drop. It was shortly after that conversation that our A- lister talked to his friend PJ and told him what the teens had said and his conversation with the A+ lister. At that point, PJ and RJ went and spoke to the A+ lister. This time, they were warned more strongly and threats were made about their careers which the A+ lister could destroy. PJ and RJ started interviewing the teens and recording the interviews. No one knows how that information got back to the A+ lister. Did PJ or RJ or both send him a video?
PJ: Chris Cornell (Vicky)
RJ: Chester Bennington (Talinda)
A+ lister: David Geffen

67. POPBITCH 12/07
(British blog)
Which tabloid favourite set up a paparazzi shoot that was so eye-poppingly awful that she hasn't actually been able to sell the shots to anyone yet? The larger-than-life reality TV star thought it would be a good idea to be photographed in a series of poses, entirely naked, sitting on her toilet.
Gemma Collins

This married foreign born A list celebrity/host who has worked on both sides of the Atlantic says a lot of things in public about being pious. He is very outspoken. He also hits on Instagram models continuously and hooks up with them frequently. Somehow he leaves all of that out when he is having one of his public meltdowns. Piers Morgan

It took forever to finally get rid of Danny Masterson and now, another serial groper/assaulter is being pressured by the same forces to keep his job. He was all but gone, but apparently the group knows where to apply pressure and the A-/B+ list mostly television actor from multiple almost television shows will continue working. Jeffrey Tambor ("Transparent") ("Arrested Development")

I can't wait for the guys that this married, now former B+ list reality star from a huge family of reality stars used to have sex with out of the country, confront him. There is no way he stopped when he came back to the US, so there are probably some guys he has been with here too but are maybe afraid to say anything. His more famous wife knows about the guys and that tragic death outside the country but stays silent. She won't ever leave him. Derick Dillard/Jill Duggar (German Daniel Serrano Orellana in El Salvador)

This foreign born former A list tweener singer who is A-/B+ list now as an adult is going to keep dropping if he doesn't lay off the meth. At a recent endorsement shoot it took forever because he was so out of control and wasted. Zayn Malik

This permanent A list mostly movie actor has a little vanity project. He is by no means the only actor or actress who would rather be on the road singing rather than acting. Strange thing about this actor is that he is heterosexual when he is in LA or working on a film, but when he is playing in that side project, he prefers the company of guys exclusively. Jamie Foxx ("White Famous")

It looks like fans of this foreign born A list dual threat actor who was really not that great of a triple threat could be happy soon. Very soon. Like after the holidays soon an announcement will be made the couple is splitting. I don't think any couple can handle the outside pressure and the mystery that has surrounded them from day one. Benedict Cumberbatch/Sophie Hunter

This B list singer is probably a B- list actress. She has one name. Seems higher on the list than she really should be because of how well she keeps her name out there. She dated this foreign born A list DJ for a bit and says every single time they tried to have sex he couldn't get to attention so to speak. Might be the reason he lasted so long with that A+ lister. Tinashe/Calvin Harris/Taylor Swift

Recently in Chicago, this A- list rapper had a group of strippers in his hotel suite and apparently had sex with several of them. I'm sure his A+ list reality star girlfriend loves hearing these things every other day. The stripper I spoke to said she had unprotected sex with the rapper. So, also good news for the girlfriend. Travis Scott/Kylie Jenner

This former morning show head is going to "step down" after a certain winter sporting event. If his name comes up before then, he won't be allowed to set his own terms. Same for the person who was demoted at the same network. Mike Tirico

77. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 12/07 **#10**
Lindsay Lohan had an interesting discussion last night with this cable reality star. When I say discussion, I mean arguing. Apparently there is a recent client that the cable reality star snagged that Lindsay really wanted for herself. If they had been at any other location, I have no doubt they would have had more than just words for each other. Stassi Schroeder ("Vanderpump Rules")/"DailyMail Unwrap The Holidays Party"

78. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 12/07 **#11**
There is no secret I have had disagreements in the past with this A-/B+ list mostly television actress who travels from show to show on that almost network. She is a celebrity offspring and has been exceedingly generous to a family member to the tune of several hundred thousand dollars. The fact that family member made sure to shaft her, and to do so in a way the public sees, and without her having a chance to speak up, says a lot about the jerk. Katie Cassidy/David Cassidy leaving her out of his will

79. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 12/07 **#12**
I'm shocked at how many times this foreign born A-/B+ list dual threat actress lets her foreign born A- list mostly television actor boyfriend who is one of many to play an iconic role, humiliate her. He cheats and is not even shy about it. Lily James/Matt Smith ("Doctor Who")

80. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 12/07 **#13**
She Wants To Talk: With everything that is going on right now, this former A list mostly television actress (MD) who all of you know, wanted to talk about something that has been bothering her for almost two decades. When she confronted this former A+ list mostly television actor (ML) about it, he threatened not only her life, but also with financial ruin from his legal team. He also said that even if she managed to let people know, that he could take her down with him. Here is what happened. Back in the day MD and ML were co-stars. They were both cheating on their significant others. ML and MD shared a love of talking about age inappropriate sex and roleplayed it and even watched child porn together. They did this for years. Then, they started talking about it for real. The next thing you know, they were having sex with an offspring of MD when the offspring was probably in kindergarten or just before. This went on for about six months to a year before the show ended and the two co-stars drifted apart. Now, the person ML was with at the time in a relationship would help him with his fantasies but drew the line at finding someone real and had no idea that ML had been sexually molesting and abusing a young child. Fast forward a bit more and ML and MD end up together again in a drug induced haze and they take turns abusing MD's offspring again. This time the offspring decides to tell someone and tells her dad. The dad does not go public but does split with MD and takes the offspring with him. He also shares the info with the significant other of ML who also walks away from the relationship she had with ML. Fast forward a few more years. ML and MD no longer get together because ML has found another woman in his life who shares the same fantasies and is also willing to do it in real life too. She offers up her offspring. A boy this time. When the boy tries to fight them, ML and the woman force him to take some drugs to make him more compliant. They screw him up to the point with drugs, where he will probably be messed up his entire life. As for MD's offspring? She is a mess. Years and years of therapy and being forced into silence by everyone close to her. She has been in and out of rehab and has tried to kill herself. She is being used by men two and three times her age. So, MD may be talking now, but she never spoke before, and she is as guilty as ML.

MD: Heather Locklear
ML: Charlie Sheen
Show: "Spin City" (1999 - 2002)
Other show: "Two and a Half Men" (2004)
ML‘s significant other: Denise Richards
MD’s offspring: Ava Sambora (born 1997)
Offspring’s father: Richie Sambora (files of divorce in 2006 and wins joint custody)
ML’s new woman: Julie Stambler (former nanny of his eight-year-old twins Bob and Max)

Jessica Chastain was told to "calm down" after she took a stand against disgraced producer Harvey Weinstein. The 40-year-old actress took to Twitter in October to share a series of tweets in which she claimed she was "warned" about the alleged behaviour of the producer, who has been accused of sexually harassing over 80 women in a 30-year period. And now, Jessica has revealed that after sending the tweets, she received an email from a "well-known actor" who told her to stop speaking out on the social media site. Speaking during an appearance on 'The Graham Norton Show' which airs on Friday (08.12.17), the 'Molly's Game' actress said: "I was tweeting a lot at the time and actually got an email from a well-known actor that said: 'Calm down'. I found that heartbreaking and can only think he didn't understand the movement that was happening." In her tweets - which were sent on October 9 - Jessica revealed she had been made aware of 65-year-old Weinstein "from the beginning" of her career, and urged other men to speak up about what they may have witnessed. She wrote: "I was warned from the beginning. The stories were everywhere. To deny that is to create an environment for it to happen again. "Yes. Im sick of the media demanding only women speak up. What about the men? Perhaps many are afraid to look at their own behavior..... (sic)" It comes after the 'Zero Dark Thirty' actress claimed in an interview last month that she had her own altercation with Weinstein after he tried to get her to set him up with her friend, and thinks that Hollywood as a whole have been "complicit" in letting his alleged actions slide. She said: "Yeah, he tried to get me to pimp out my best friend Jess Weixler. Like very flirtatious, 'Oh I've got such a crush on her - you got to help me.' He's incredibly friendly but also very volatile. He normalised the abuse. "But everyone in this industry is complicit. We're all part of the problem. I heard the rumours even before I entered the industry. So we have to ask ourselves, why was it okay? Why are agents sending actresses to meetings in hotel rooms?" Matt Damon

It was no accident this A list director was spotted in LA and that he answered questions. The whole thing had been planned out in advance with the person who runs the operation. He himself had been given his instructions by someone even more powerful. Bryan Singer/Harvey Levin (TMZ)/David Geffen

This very married former A+ list politician who once ran for the big one and all of you know is cheating on his wife with this B list author/blogger. Ted Cruz/Amanda Carpenter

I wrote about this foreign born A- list mostly television actor yesterday. The one who has played the ever changing role. Anyway, one of his favorite ways to cheat on his actress girlfriend is to throw out names of actresses in public and social media. If they get in touch, then he sets up a lunch or dinner. He thinks because he is being so open about the meetings that no one knows he is cheating. Apparently he has been much more aggressive lately at these meetings to the point where he just meets them for coffee and after five minutes suggests they go have sex. If they say no, he just leaves. Matt Smith (Lily James) (Kim Kardashian) (Selena Gomez)

This very tall foreign born B+ list dual threat actress from a very hit pay cable show and a movie franchise had some nose surgery during the downtime from her show. Years of coke abuse had made it unstable and then getting hit on set was just the final straw. Gwendoline Christie ("Game of Thrones") ("Star Wars: The Last Jedi")

If you think Fergie wins the award for most wasted at an award show, you would be wrong. Yes, she got up on stage and was embarrassing, but this former manufactured group singer turned solo who has that name alliteration thing going on had to be prodded to stay conscious for much of the last 45 minutes of the show she attended. Way too many pills. Camila Cabello ("L'Oreal Women Of Worth Awards")

This A list former tweener show actress who was always older than her character and was outfamed by someone on her eponymous show was harassed while shooting an episode of network television recently. She said the lead actor, who is permanently A list television did a lot of touching and groping but she didn't say anything because she has not been working very much as of late. Victoria Justice (Ariana Grande/"Victorious")/Matt LeBlanc ("Man with a Plan")

This B+ list singer/producer who is married to a former A+ list singer and loves a letter in the alphabet a lot is out of town. He is telling all the women he is hitting on that he and his wife have split. Their relationship has always been in the shadows, but usually he just cheats with no explanations given. Swizz Beatz (Alicia Keys) (in Miami)

This Teen Mom had one injection too many recently and now a portion of her face is paralyzed. It will wear off in the next few weeks but apparently it is quite the sight to watch her try and eat. She has the most bizarre things happen to her because she goes to the least expensive clinics she can find. Farah Abraham

This has to be awkward. This limo driver says that last night he was driving this A list rapper and his girlfriend to a very big event. He was chatting up the rapper and then noticed the rapper was getting orally serviced by the girlfriend. The driver stopped talking, but the rapper kept right on talking the whole time. They got to the event, but the rapper told the driver to go around the block a couple of times because the girlfriend hadn't finished the job yet. After that happened, the driver was allowed to pull up. Wiz Khalifa
(POSSIBLY: Izabela Guedes ("2017 GQ Men Of The Year Party")

91. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 12/08 **#10**
At the same party as the one attended by #9, this B list actor celebrity offspring showed he has the addiction gene of one parent and the a-hole gene of the other parent. Wasted and treating his date like crap. Seems about right. Christian Combs ("2017 GQ Men Of The Year Party")(Sean (P. Diddy) Combs/Kim Porter)

92. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 12/08 **#11**
This former Disney actress has been shilling for that religious group while on an ensemble concert tour. Apparently it is getting annoying and the other singers/groups/crew are staying away from her now. Hailee Steinfeld (Hillsong Church) ("2017 iHeartRadio Jingle Ball Tour" Presented by Capital One)

93. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 12/08 **#12**
This former A+ list tweener actress has an intermittent franchise. Other than that though she does not get much work. BY now, everyone knows she would rather party than work. The crazy thing is her entire image is this innocent do nothing wrong person. She was so out of control on her last movie, they are not even going to release it to theatres. Others have seen it which is why she has nothing lined up at all.

94. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 12/08 **#13**
Forget Me Not: About a decade ago, life came crashing down hard on this, at the time permanent A list celebrity. After what happened he has laid low for much of the decade which endangers that permanent A list status. At the time, our permanent A lister was traveling all over the world. He was making a lot of money, but not enough to support his lifestyle. He wanted more. He also had a huge sexual appetite, but like most people in this spot, it was not anything anyone would consider normal. It turns out, one of his best friends at the time was this now convicted child rapist/molester with the powerful friends. Much like his best friend, our A lister also owned an island and knew he could have something similar. While the friend focused his attention on the US and Europe, our A lister focused his attention on Asia. While the friend focused on connections, our A lister focused on making money. A lot of money. On his trips to Asia, he met with some people who specialized in tourists wanting children or young teens. Our A lister arranged for a group of 20 of these teens to get visas to "study" in the country where his island is still located. The government of that country makes a lot of money from the A lister and also had many of their own government ministers at his home on the island. The teen and tween girls were set up in a dormitory adjacent to the main house. Then, our A lister made bookings with Asian companies for his services. The thing is though, his services for years were one price and then beginning that year about a decade ago, his fees quadrupled. The difference was what men paid to visit his island. For close to 18 months or so, our A lister was making millions of dollars a month. Just a ton of money he was making so men could rape these tweens and teens. Every two or three nights, the boat carrying 10-15 of these men would pull up to the dock and then be replaced three nights later with another group of men. At some point, our A lister got cocky. He started filming the tweens and teens and sending out little clips and photos of them across the internet to make the dollars flow even faster. He also met a woman who he thought would be into that kind of thing and invited her to come to the island so they could explore together. She came and then almost crashed his whole world. She went to the feds. The next thing you know, our A lister has all his cash seized and they find evidence of the porn and money laundering and he knows he is going to jail for a very very long time. To make matters worse for him, all of the men who had paid in advance to visit the island complained to the companies they paid money to. Those companies were also mad because the agreement they had in place to supply teens for money was now canceled. Our A lister was looking at decades in jail. Then, the most fortunate set of circumstances came to be. Some new people came to power and they decided to look the other way. They made everything just go away. They even managed to make the woman who turned on the A lister look like a loon. In return, this group of people got names and contacts and also all those clips. It is amazing what power can do. The A lister probably won't ever get his old luster back, but it beats spending all that time in jail.

Permanent A list celebrity: David Copperfield
Crash down: rape accusation
Island: Musha Cay (purchased in 2003)
Convicted child rapist/molester: Jeffrey Epstein

Woman who went to the fed: Lacey L. Carroll
Powerful friends: Russian mob
Arrest: Federal Bureau of Investigations raided Copperfield's storage warehouse in Los Angeles

The Priceless Collection - A Himmmm Blind: I thought it may be nice to share an item that didn't include kids being abused. Although I warn you it is adult in nature with some very adult descriptions, all the participants seemed over legal age and there of their own choice – well, as far as I knew anyway, some were borderline in age and some may have been so chemically altered they had no idea where they were. I think that's my excuse from back in the day anyway. So, this Fall – in October- I got a call from an old friend, who is an attorney working with the estate of a dead legendary celebrity (permanent A list celebrity) whom I will refer to as PM. PM died recently and left behind a large estate to be settled, and it was easy to forget how powerful he once was and what an original "influencer" he was on shaping culture in his time. My friend said they've been overseeing the catalog inventory of items of the estate. They were going through some old personal photos taken at a party of PM (Annual Shakespeare like party in name only) and said he'd found some hilarious photos of me from back in the 1980s, and would I like them? Scared at first, I was reassured the were only mildly embarrassing. Photos of me, two models, drunk in a pool one night with an inflatable ducky pool float on my head. Egad. I went to the legendary estate of PM and found it more run down than I recall, and quite vacant. My lawyer pal and one of his investigator/paralegals were there, along with PM's son. We'd never met, but he was very nice, and asked if I minded going underground to the vault with them. A security guy started with us, but stopped at the elevator and we three went down together. We all descended into the depths of the house to a walk-in bank vault installed actually BENEATH the basement of the house. Like a bunker, with tunnels going to someplace. It was as big as a living room. I thought it peculiar when they both said I needed to leave all cell phones and electronics on the table outside the big vault. They said that no electronics are ever allowed inside, and when you pass through the entrance to the vault there's a "net" that will erase things and jam signals and it will kill your phone. Wild. I thought we just did that in movies and not sure it really existed. I happily complied, left my goods, and in we went. After walking through a laser beam that made you feel like you had to whizz really badly, we were inside the "room". The Son flipped on a switch and air rushed through vents, and he pulled a metal shutter door closed behind us. I saw rows of metal cabinets lined the walls, with ceiling-high pull-out drawers. Inside were usual trappings of protected fame and wealth; including old films, documents, papers, and photos. Lots of artwork including Warhol's, Dali's, and others. All climate controlled and mint. I asked about the Warhol's, and the Monet, and the obvious Picasso. The Son said: "Oh yeah, most of the valuables he kept in here. Some of his business stuff he kept backups of at a bunker thing in some place in Utah, but most was in here. He liked to enjoy his collections. But the paintings aren't the most valuable. He owns the most priceless things in history. He has the largest collection of unreleased movies ever – maybe worth billions." Somehow, I thought he meant like old silent films. I wasn't even close to being right. We moved to a manila folder and pulled out old 35mm prints of party pictures. They handed me the photos of me (OMFG! Cringe!), and I thanked them for giving them up so gently (Was I really that young looking once? Wow). My curiosity was peaked when I saw piles of old photos, folders, and stacks of old home movie reels and videos sitting inside the vault. They had names on them, and dates with some having events listed. My pal caught my stare and said "Yeah, you're not the only one. And these are NOT ready for prime time!". PM's son invited me to the long, wide table (this place looked more like a hospital exam room than a library), and started showing me folders. He played this game that went like this: "Any idea who this is?". When I looked at the photo, I was speechless. There, in front of me was (permanent A list country singer who has been A list for decades) totally nude in all her glory – obviously from the late 1970s. At a party inside an indoor pool. She's nude, laughing, with two girls on either side. I had forgotten how short she was. And yes, they were real and they were magnificent (and it wasn't Mulva either!). After picking up my jaw, I then perused the piles of videos. My lawyer pal and the Son just glanced at each other with Cheshire grins. One had the name of a legendary TV star (former A list mostly television actress and one year wonder) who was maybe my first screen crush. I turned to the Son and my pal – "NO F—CKING WAY". They both erupted laughing. Yes, they said. Way. The Son turned around and against the wall was a small combo TV/VCR unit, beside a DVD console, an old movie studio-style film viewer for 8mm and 16mm movies, and a photo box for blowing up pictures and slides. He turned on the VCR, and within seconds, in front of my eyes was that TV Star in all her wondrous glory. Not just nude, but having sex. First by herself, then with a guy. You can tell it is an old 16mm film cheap-loop porno reel transferred to video. The Son said: "Dad had a ton of this stuff. Some of it he shot, some of it he produced. A lot of it though was bought from blackmailers and others to keep it out of the public eye. He bought it to PROTECT a lot of his friends and they returned favors". I was floored, watching this pre-fame goddess on all fours clearly enjoying herself. With her recent popular resurgence, I can only imagine the value of this tape copy alone. I asked if I could check it out, like a library – you know, for educational history purposes only. They laughed. Not a chance. There weren't even cameras INSIDE the vault, to reduce the risk of any security guards recording anything second-hand. And that laser net was to keep anyone from walking away with anything. This first tape was a drop in the bucket. The Son and my lawyer pal fired up the whole video suite there in the back of the vault, to show me this collection. I've rarely been so speechless in my life. If I was a college-aged kid again, I'd have been in paradise. Most of the items there were from the 1950s through the early 2000s. Or so I thought. Those were just the ones I saw myself. Apparently, this place was the Smithsonian of celebrity nudes and porn items. Since this story is long, I'll cut to the chase to share what I witnessed with my own eyes, all in one afternoon in the same place (I will just list these and the details with them but I was so shocked I could barely keep up with it all): Early 1980s video of this female permanent A list celebrity/host who has been on television forever in the same exact job and this deceased permanent A list male singer who loved grunting and drugs both nude at outdoor pool. She's also got a very endowed white guy laying beside of her. She starts pleasuring herself as the musical legend gets aroused. A young blonde model joins her and they tease the singer by doing things with each other. So much for her mostly-pure image. Apparently she really is bisexual! This former A- list mostly television actress who was on a very very hot southern show and had an iconic character name back when she was a little chubby and obviously young. Looks like 1970s. A filmed stag loop of her nude, then joining a porn star (former A list porn star who made her last movie three decades ago. I think she won an AVN Award or two) on a motel bed. I was told this was cut from an early studio film of hers. But this tape continues, and then shows the same star, with the porn star again, in a home movie at the house we're standing in. And this legendary actor (permanent A+ list mostly movie actor who I feel is going to die any day now and was a staple of 80's National Enquirer covers) joins in and all three have sex. The Son told me his dad, PM, filmed this upstairs at this house. PM helped make the girl a star through his television producer pals. Former A- list mostly television actress from an iconic long running network show which had a horrible reboot in the early 1980s, in an early VHS home video with PM and his girlfriend. All three in bed, having sex. The television actress is another who began her career after PM "launched" her to fame. My lawyer pal turns to me and says "you do know she was a call right?". I had heard, but wow. Permanent A+ list mostly movie actress who got PM started in a way in old black and white 1950s era photos, with her face smiling and her body fully nude, spread, and posing. Permanent A list mostly movie actress who had a killer daughter so to speak in black and white photos. A lot of them. Some of her nude, some of her having sex with a guy, and her with a nude female I could not recognize. Again, that unmistakable face and figure. She was a blonde, and looked to be in her peak famous days. I just stared at these a while, and my lawyer pal said that PM got those through infamous attorney who represented Clarence Darrow back in the day and and mobster ________, around the time the actress was in a big scandal. Her lawyer sneaked these out of her dead boyfriend's apartment before the cops or media got there. It was like LA Confidential for real. PM offered them to the actress years later, for free, and she didn't want them but asked he not share them. PM agreed, and kept his word. She was truly stunning, in every way. Others that were seen on video, films, or in photos (either in professional test shot nudes, or homemade nudes/sex) included:

PM: Hugh Hefner/Playboy Mansion

Permanent A list country singer: Dolly Parton

Former A list mostly television actress and one year wonder: Lynda Carter (one season of "Charlie’s Angels")

Female permanent A list celebrity/host who has been on television forever in the same exact job: Vanna White

Deceased permanent A list male singer who loved grunting and drugs: James Brown

Former A- list mostly television actress who was on a very very hot southern show and had an iconic character name back when she was a little chubby and obviously young: Catherine Bach ("The Dukes of Hazzard"/Daisy Duke)

Porn star (former A list porn star who made her last movie three decades ago): Colleen Brennan

Legendary actor (permanent A+ list mostly movie actor who I feel is going to die any day now): Burt Reynolds (Barbi Benton)

Former A- list mostly television actress from an iconic long running network show which had a horrible reboot in the early 1980s: Joan Collins ("Dynasty")

Permanent A+ list mostly movie actress who got PM started: Marilyn Monroe

Permanent A list mostly movie actress who had a killer daughter: Lana Turner (daughter Cheryl Crane confessed to killing Lana’s former boyfriend Johnny Stompanato)

1. Former A+ list mostly television actress who does a lot of infomercials: Suzanne Somers

2. Former A list mostly movie actress who recently had a birthday and who has a barely there celebrity offspring. Kim Basinger (Ireland Baldwin)

3. Former A- list mostly television actress/model who had to replace one of the biggest stars ever: Cheryl Ladd (replaced Farrah Fawcett on "Charlie’s Angels")

4. Former A list mostly movie actor who is an Oscar winner/nominee and has an almost as famous offspring. James Caan (Scott Caan)

5. Former A- list Cinemax late night actress who is married to a permanent A lister and foreign born Bond girl both having sex, with each other and snorting coke. Shannon Tweed (Gene Simmons)

6. The unnamed face behind a lot of recent blinds snorting cocaine with this one named icon. The icon was also captured with a horrible boob job: Cher

7.This former A list mostly television actor who always played a cop and was partnered with a sexual predator getting oral sex from some female. Robert Culp ("I Spy"/Bill Cosby)

8. Former A+ list mostly movie actress with the unique voice drunk, in 1980s polaroids, nude with a skinny man I cannot recognize: Kathleen Turner

9. Former A- list mostly movie actress who made her fame in a certain type of 70's films swimming nude, no implants needed! Wow. Pam Grier

10. A former Playmate who you will never get so I'm not going to bother having sex with a still alive permanent A+ list producer. Terri Welles/Robert Evans

11. This foreign born former A- list syndicated actress who got her start getting naked, very young, before implants, and nude in a video having sex with PM. Pamela Anderson

12. A celebrity offspring of celebrity offspring in an acting family in early 1980s, in grainy video, masturbating graphically in front of PM on a overstuffed sofa. Mariel Hemingway

Then I saw a jaw-dropper that made me uncomfortable. #12 when she was young, teenage young, at a party with a very young former A+ list mostly movie actress who still has A+ list name recognition despite not doing much for decades – looked in her early teens. Some are Polaroid photos of the two drinking and kissing each other. French kissing each other, with people around watching. Both were clothed – not nude. Must have been 20 pictures of them drinking, dancing, and licking/kissing each other with dancing adults around them. This was the only thing there that looked sketchy, but they weren't nude. In fact, you could see that from her years before (her first movie) in a cinema. Makes me afraid to wonder what else they did though?

13. Former WH official who is a talking head now, in swim trunks with a nude model you won't get sitting astride him, kissing him: John Dean/Playmate Candy Loving

14. Famous nude model who got murdered, having sex, riding PM in his bed: Dorothy Stratten

15. Clear video of former news kingpin/sports owner in a robe beside a pool smoking a joint and laughing with two nude models: Ted Turner (Jane Fonda)

16. A list mostly movie actress who deserves to be about a B+ but has that A list iconic character and show to fall back on topless, underneath a waterfall, and standing beside a pool making faces at a photographer topless in just a bikini bottom. Photos from the 1990s: Jennifer Aniston

17. Former A+ list reality star and her mom both looking drunk or drugged, dancing in lingerie and falling over each other and others. Photos from a party, and the last few photos showed the celebrity daughter totally nude, wasted, standing atop a table: Paris and Kathy Hilton (replacement Kim Kardashian)

So just when my head had stopped spinning, and I had not spoken or taken a breath in 20 minutes, the Son and my pal were laughing at my shock. I just was shaking my head, and asked them if they had any idea the value of this stuff? If this replacement to #17 could make an empire off a sex tape can you imagine what this stuff would do? The Son then reaches over and says "Pffft- speaking of…". And shows me a folder of photos taken from the early 1990s, with #17's mom and this former A+ list athlete both nude, on a pool table, with her riding him. Wow. Reaching onto the floor, the Son pushes buttons on a smaller safe's keypad. It opens, and he pulls out more VHS tapes, polaroids, and videotapes from old film transfers. He says: "These are the Mona Lisa's. Dad didn't want these even mixed in with the others". At this point I'm expecting to see woodcut engravings of George Washington getting freaky with Jesus and Napoleon or something. I don't think anything could blow my mind more than what I'd seen. I was wrong. Former spouse of #15 having lesbian sex on video with another woman in a hotel. They are obvious taking turns recording it themselves. This appears to be late 80s or early 90s, in front of balcony doors at night. With #15 performing oral sex on the other woman, then the former spouse using a strap-on device on #15. "I think Dad got this from a competing publisher" said the Son. What the actual f….??, I thought. The original to #3 in the late 70s in photos making out with another girl, and totally nude with PM in his bed.

#18 - Former A list mostly movie actress who was not that great of an actress but very good looking in the 1980s and there's three video tapes and an envelope of photos of her trying on lingerie. Then nude. Then having sex with PM. Then another tape of her having sex with that producer mentioned above. She has stretch marks I didn't know she had. Still the ultimate goddess: Raquel Welch

#19 - Foreign born former WH official kissing #18's nude breasts in polaroids: Henry Kissinger

#20 - Former spouse to the one named icon mentioned earlier is laying on a chair laughing, drinking. His wife at the time very flirty to the cameraman and goes from the pool to her husband and back in the water: Sonny Bono/Mary Bono Mack

#21 - Former TV dad turned sexual predator in an 8mm silent home movie on a pool chair, making faces, as a brunette model performs oral sex on him. At least she's awake!: Bill Cosby

#22 - Former A list country singer who got started as a teenager on very grainy video, laying on a sofa nude, an African-American woman performs oral sex on her. After several minutes, the nude woman turns around and it is a former Bond villian!!! Wow. The country singer looks tiny compared to the Amazon woman. The country singer gets up and walks to a pool table, climbs up, laughs and the camera cuts off. Tanya Tucker/Grace Jones

There was an entire plastic storage case full of envelopes and folders with dates, names, and events listed on them. More than I could have watched in a week. Some I didn't get to see but noticed the names were:

#23 - Former A list female tennis player from the 70's and 80's: Chris Evert

#24 - Former brat pack actor: Rob Lowe

#25 - Permanent A+ list model with celebrity offspring: Christie Brinkley

#26 - Permanent A list singer in a group/never solo. Steven Tyler

#27 - Former Dallas actress: Charlene Tilton

#28 - Worst dad ever. Married to someone mentioned twice so far: Ryan O'Neal (Farrah Fawcett)

In some of these I did see, you could tell that PM was clearly recording it (his voice was obvious). Others you hear a woman's voice behind the camera. The Son said sometimes PM would keep a cameraman on hand at parties just for this purpose. I asked the Son if it ever skeeved him out, with that being his Dad? He laughed and said "Nope – it's not like I was afraid of sex or nudity any way. But funny enough my folks were pretty protective of us and I didn't even know this stuff was here until Dad got sick. I still don't know who half these people are." Realizing the time passed, and my mind totally blown, we headed back out – making it through the James Bond setup again, and getting my stuff to leave. I thanked them both for an insanely mind-altering experience, but mostly for my own photos (which obviously wouldn't make any highlight reels around here). I had to know, so I just blurted it out and asked what they were going to do with all of it. The Son said, "Most of it goes back to the people in them – if they want them. That's what Dad said he wanted. Some of it I'm supposed to hold on to, because people may want to take out grudge's against Dad on me so I'm keeping them. The rest? Well…". And he just shrugged and smiled a big smile. At that moment, he really did look like his old man. All the way back home I just couldn't stop replaying what I'd seen. Especially that lady singer with those big…eyes. Wow. Impressive. My wife got a kick out of my own photos and said she was disappointed I wasn't more "exposed". I didn't share with her the exposure I'd just seen or my relief that I wasn't exposed. I do know this – that if suddenly, in the next few years, a large amount of classic celebrity sex tapes and photos start hitting the market? I'll know the source.

The Lady's Revenge - A Himmmm Blind: This story is almost a novel, and some of the people in it have been the subject of books. It spans an era from the early 1960s all the way through the present day. It is pure Hollywood, in every sense, and is very personal to me due to how I came to be told of it. In the past few years, I received a phone call from an old family friend that someone I knew and loved dearly was not doing well. She was up in age and had been having some health problems. My friend said the lady was having periods of incoherence and dementia, but would surprise everyone with her memories of the past. The old lady had asked to see me – if possible, for a private reason. When this lady asked, you dropped everything for her. So I did, and flew from Hollywood back East to see her. Sad that it may be for the last time, but always thrilled to be in her presence. The LADY was an actress, (A list/frequent game show guest) and I will call her LADY because she was one in every way, and was hard to classify. Even I told you her name and showed you a photo most of you wouldn't know her right off. But she was a legend in Hollywood, on Wall Street, in all Society Circles, and everywhere she went. Not so much for her acting, but for her persona, her charm, her beauty, and her wealth. Through her entire life she was never worth less than a billion dollars (in today's money), and after her parents died she inherited an estate over $6 billion. I knew her through family, and she was always so wonderful to me. It was almost maternal, though it was sweet at the same time, and she never condescended me. Even as a kid, she treated me like an adult. I thought she was the coolest, prettiest, royal lady I ever knew. Like a Queen. She always wrote to me (by hand on letters I still treasure), and sent me perfect gifts. Later in life, after finding myself in trouble, she went to bat for me and got me work on a project she was working on as well. We spent a lot of time together, and I fell in love with her in a platonic way. She was a riot and loved to drink and curse. But always a lady in public. She would go to bat for me many times in life, more than I could ever repay. The least I could do was spend time with her now, even though it took me away from important work. I'd have done anything for her. Arriving at her home now, seeing her frail in her years, the tears flooded my eyes. In true form, she told me to stop being a sissy – that everybody has to die sometime. She gave me some items that belonged to my family members, including a photo of my mom and LADY together years ago. She told me to stay and I did. We had drinks like civilized people. She said she really wanted to share something with me, because she couldn't trust many people. First I thought about the warning that she was getting dementia. Soon I realized there was no dementia in sight today. This was a woman who wanted to un-burden her soul. So I sat there and listened, and she told me a story I could not wrap my head around. But I believe every word of it. She took me mentally back to her early days in Hollywood. As a young woman, she gave up debutante balls and society pages because she wanted to be an actress. For the pure love of it, just to act. She took a stage name to be anonymous, and never used her family to get a role or succeed. She did that on her own terms. She was born tough, and raised to be intelligent and strong in a family that had many problems with mental strength. On Broadway or the screen she was no different. She was also a natural-born goddess. They called her a Hitchcock blonde for her cool, classy looks. She was all natural and looking back at photos of her she was as beautiful as Grace Kelly, Liz Taylor, or her other cohorts from that era. She landed roles on her own merits, but soon enough her real name caught up with her. Her family name and relatives in Hollywood meant a lot of executives were afraid to piss off her family. Back East establishment money was revered by immigrant studio heads. So they treated her with kid gloves, and it angered her. Most of all, she found herself propositioned by crude producers and directors – despite studio heads warnings. 1950s Hollywood was no picnic. When one studio chief heard a director proposition her, her had the director blackballed. Still, by others she was told she had to lay to play, same as the other stars. Many just wanted a shot at her due to her family. It all got old very quick, as she never gave in to the couch. The industry was changing in the 50s with television, and the decline of the studio system. New ways of dealing and putting movies together were invented. One of the pioneers of this new age was a cocksure talent agent named __________ working at MCA. Here was a man who was slick, devious, and loved by many bosses. A player and a scoundrel who played poker with studio chiefs and golf with guys like this permanent A list singer/actor and this alltime maybe A++ list mostly movie actor. He'd been groomed by legends like famous studio head, ___________ and had acted as a mob bag man for payoffs between booking agents and mob-run theaters. He lied all the time, saying he was an Ivy League man but was not. He left the big agency to start a new one with another slick youngster named _______________. Together they started a company and exists even today as one of the big three agencies in the biz. The LADY actress was fed up with offers for sex, not her acting. The roles she got were mostly window dressing, and her family beckoned her back home. She got married to another ungodly wealthy man, an heir himself. It was an unhappy marriage, but she did her duty, had children, and even found time to act now and then. She grew restless and felt especially with television and new films of the 1960s she could make her real mark. Her husband had his own distractions, and with governesses helping raise her kids she gave acting another try. The key was a call she got from this hot new agent in Hollywood. He and his partner would love to represent her, and could package her in the right projects. They flattered her, and she took the bait. However, once she arrived? She found herself facing the casting couch once more. But her agent did get her a good new role or two (famous black and white television show) and she felt she had a shot. Still, other directors were leching on her and she complained to her new agents. To make it up to her, her agent took her out to dinner that night at Romanoff's. After eating, she made up her mind to return back East and give up acting. The Agent gave her a lift home, and she felt sick and passed out. She woke up sicker, in pain, and raped. Still inside the car with him. She started screaming and kicking. He told her she loved it. Sick, dizzy, and disgusted, she literally kicked him out of the car and managed to drive back down to her hotel in his car. In her room, she said she contemplated suicide at the shame. A wife. A mother of kids. And with her own family mocking her "childish" dreams of being a star, she'd gone ahead but failed. How could she face her family? Her husband? She said it tore her to pieces. After a visit from a confidential doctor there, she checked out and went home. After that, she only came to Hollywood to see friends. Sometimes her good friends would talk her into a bit role here or there, but she'd never audition again. About this same time, her rapist-agent was spinning wheels. He was repping hot young talent like these two permanent A list mostly movie actors who would have great movies together and many from the Actors' Studio now so popular in the industry. But the LADY actress wasn't his only rape victim. Turns out he'd raped another young actress, and she was a former contract girl starlet girlfriend of permanent A list studio head/titan of industry he enjoyed whenever he came to town. And that man did not mess around. She belonged to him for as far as anyone cared. He gave the agent a choice, to pay the girl for damaging her (rape in 1960 was damage not rape!), or he would run the agent out of town. So the agent began stealing to cover his extortion payoffs. Not satisfied with that, the titan had a team of private eyes following the agent all through the 60's, and whenever he screwed up or hurt someone, the titan had people there to document it or capture it. Even when the titan was living out of the country, the surveillance continued. But the agent found ways to lie, cheat, steal and make his payoffs. By the late 1960s, the agent found a new client and source of funds. This permanent A list actress/singer with a permanent A list offspring who is an actress/singer hired him as her agent, and the agent began embezzling from her too. She was so out of it most days and nights that pretty soon, the agent was able to capture her in blackmail positions herself. He took these fake blackmail threats to her husband , and they gave the agent power over her funds. He also pimped her out in her drugged out state. He got paid for it. Soon, he'd stolen millions from the actress and used it to pay off his ongoing extortion from the titan and to fund his high lifestyle. By this time, the LADY had seen her marriage crumble and she was a shell. All due to the rape attack. She still never told anyone. However, she met a handsome young actor, a gentle man, and she fell in love. She confided in him what happened but never told him who did it. They got married, had a daughter, and made a nice life for themselves. The agent, continued up the Hollywood food chain, first making pals with ____________ who bought MGM and other top honchos. As part of the old guard, he was wheeling and dealing his way into a producer job, and eventually as a studio chief. By the mid 70's he was still stealing and still paying off those old extortion claims. Because even though the titan was long gone, he'd found himself having to pay off many others to keep them quiet for his damages. The LADY's actor hubby was doing great in his career, and she was uneasy with his success. They didn't need the money, but he enjoyed popularity. Through a series of accidents, it became obvious that the agent had stolen money from no less than a dozen actors, including, the husband of the LADY. When the Lady found out about it, she lost her ever loving mind with rage. She said she felt she'd been raped a second time by the same bastard. She went directly to the Board members at the studio, and told them she was going to expose him. They tried to coddle her and thought she was bluffing. She wasn't. The LADY spent much more money on exposing the agent than he'd stolen from her hubby to begin with. Didn't matter. She wanted revenge. She hired PR teams, law firms, and wanted him buried. Finally, her family interceded at the request of several rich men who owned stock in the studio to get her to back off. She did, but regretted not sending him to jail. Still, the scandal was exposed and he was fired from his job and known as an embezzler. Sadly, it all but collapsed her marriage. Again, reminding her of her rape and shame. She and her husband divorced, and he found himself blacklisted from the biz. The agent, however, landed on his feet, like a con artist does. He soon partnered with a rich investor. Joined by another con man (a smuggler), they formed their own company. In the 1980s, they set up Ponzi schemes of finance for their films – and as a way to continuing preying on young women. One film which Enty has written about in the past for other reasons that they produced together may hold the record for most corrupt set of all time, including the very underage actress they all took turns "couching". It didn't stop. They continued lying, stealing, and fraud. They got foreign banks involved, and investors, and soon got into very hot water with the FBI. Indictments were imminent. Even the French Legislature met to discuss how the company defrauded so many out of millions in their Ponzi scheme. But they kept on making movies, stealing the whole time. The LADY heard about this from another socialite one day at brunch, and was enraged that the agent was still in business. She plotted her final revenge. Her recent marriage had broken up, and she'd become a confident woman now making big business decisions, and met a young actor who worshiped her. He was genuinely in love with her, and they were best friends. She not only told him of her experiences, but who it was. He wanted to kill the agent on the spot. She talked him out of it. She told her hubby her therapist taught her to let go. So they were happy, why bother? Still the LADY watched the agent's moves with a close eye, even having him followed. She had investigators who uncovered his web of lies. She had it anonymously leaked to the FBI and it formed the basis of their indictments and court actions against the agent. The LADY and her new hubby were enjoying life, had a good family, and a good business. But she was still haunted. It was now the mid 1990s, and he knew time was up for him. Yet, in the last months – thing seemed to look up for the crook. Just when the agent thought he was ruined and bankrupted for good, a savior appeared. A company, stepped up to agree to finance his new company. It was not to be. Because the LADY had seen to it, and told the company of his frauds. She also had an attorney who hired some very nasty people to finally see to it "he'd never hurt anyone again". All they had to do was wait for an opening, and she was working to provide one. Mostly, with help from a woman once married to a singer. At that point – this is hours later – I asked LADY if she remembered when the agent killed himself? She said "Hmmmph. Not hardly." I thought she'd mis-remembered. My mistake. She then told me that she'd made a deal with his mistress, the woman once married to a singer. LADY would take care of her financially, for life – she'd just been evicted form her house – if she'd help her out. The Mistress wrote "suicide letters" and mailed them, in the agent's name, to all his pals. Concocted a cover story of being with him the day he died, and allowed a stranger to come into the hotel room in Century City. The suicide shot to his temple was not his idea. Stunned, I nodded to LADY in understanding. "I don't blame you. You had him killed?". She smiled a painful smile, looked straight at me, and said: "No, my precious boy – he killed himself. When he raped me. It just took 30 years for the bullet to catch up." Wow. The most epic mic drop I've ever heard before, or since. She then went silent., and I just nodded. I got it, now. I got what she was saying, and doing. She was telling me she'd gotten her vengeance at last, without admitting to me anything complicit. She wiped her eyes, and I told her I loved her. She told me to get the hell out of there cause I'd made her cry. With a smile, I kissed her cheek and thanked her…for everything she meant to me, and had done for me – and for herself. She was my hero. It was a long, quiet flight back to Hollywood that night. I never saw her again, as she did indeed have dementia. She died not long after, from old age. Still as amazing as ever. But I know she didn't have dementia that last day I saw her. Clear as a bell. And she found her vengeance – and her peace, at last.

LADY: Dina Merrill (born Nedenia Marjorie Hutton, the only child of Post Cereals heiress Marjorie Merriweather Post and her second husband, Wall Street stockbroker Edward Francis Hutton, founder of E. F. Hutton & Co.)
Married to another ungodly wealthy man, an heir himself: Stanley M. Rumbough Jr., an heir to the Colgate-Palmolive toothpaste fortune and an entrepreneur
Second husband: actor Cliff Robertson ( blacklisted during the 1980s for coming forward about the Begelman affair)
Third husband: Ted Hartley (US Navy fighter pilot, an investment banker, an actor, film producer, and is currently CEO of RKO Pictures)
Cocksure talent agent: David Begelman
Other slick youngster: Freddie Fields
Talent agency: Creative Management Associates (CMA)
Permanent A list actress/singer with a permanent A list offspring who is an actress/singer: Judy Garland (husband Sid Luft)/Liza Minnelli
Repped two permanent A list mostly movie actors who would have great movies together: Paul Newman and Robert Redford
Pal who bought MGM: Kirk Kerkorian
Very underage actress they all took turns "couching": ("Blame It On Rio")
 (POSSIBLY: Michelle Johnson)
Mistress/a woman once married to a singer: Sandra Grant Bennett ex-wife of Tony Bennett

At this out of the country Comic Con, I finally found someone who behaved even worse than Norman Reedus. I didn't think it was possible, but this foreign born B/B- list mostly movie actor who was in that long long running book series turned movie franchise was wasted out of his mind almost the entire time. He hit on every female fan who showed any interest in him at all and was handsy during every photograph. Just a mess. Tom Felton ("Harry Potter") (Argentina Comic-Con)

Old Hollywood - The Curse: This foreign born mostly movie actor was B+ listish. He was also closeted. He used several actresses as beards, including a bisexual Broadway star who was also A-/B+ list and considered a curse to those who slept with her. Our actor was sleeping with the closeted gay husband of the Broadway star. The closeted gay husband was an heir to millions of dollars. They arranged a lavender marriage to hide from his conservative southern family that he was gay. When the gay husband threatened to leave his wife and move in with the actor, our actress claimed she was pregnant. She wasn't. She then called up some of her mafia connections, including Bugsy Siegel, to put a hit out on her husband, who was murdered. On a side note, she then started sleeping with the younger brother of the husband she had murdered. He later died of a drug overdose. As for our actor? He was killed in an accident. She was quite the curse.

Foreign born movie actor: Phillips Holmes
Broadway star: Libby Holman
First husband: Zachary Smith Reynolds, the heir to the R. J. Reynolds tobacco company
Younger Brother of actor - Ralph (In the original blind, I wrote it was the younger brother of the husband which was my fault)

Apparently this manufactured group who was reduced in numbers not that long ago is just about partying at this point. The coke and booze use is out of control. They don't even make an effort to pretend they are singing during their brief shows. Sound check? Why bother to show up if they are not going to be singing anyway. They are a mess. "Fifth Harmony" (2017 iHeartRadio Canada Jingle Ball)

100. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 12/10 **#4**
New York, 1992: If you're a bright-eyed 18 year old gay college boy invited by your mid-twenties boyfriend to the birthday party (at a private midtown Manhattan club) of an aging counter-culture celebrity hero who popularized/invented/manufactured something still very much in use today hosted by a female member of the former Yugoslav Royal Family, you realize in retrospect that that was the case for three reasons: 1) pr, as in the kids of the new generation, just like the last, are hip to him 2) plausible deniability vis a vis the teen girls in attendance (related to #1 but also because if they're only one sex some people might raise eyebrows - also note the death of a 17 year old girl in his midst, a few decades earlier and 3) to be "available" for the older, powerful closeted gay men in attendance.

Aging counter-culture celebrity hero: Timothy Leary (LSD)
Female member of the former Yugoslav Royal Family: Catherine Oxenberg
Death of a 17 year old girl: Charlene Renee Almeida

101. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 12/11 **#1**
On a red carpet last week, this former A+ list tweener actor turned A- list adult mostly movie actor was wearing more makeup than he did in the movie. Apparently he thinks he is getting old even though he is just now 30. Zac Efron ('The Greatest Showman' World Premiere)

102. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 12/11 **#2**
So much for those rumors of this A-/B+ list singer/actress getting out of the cult. Instead, she doubled down and went full victim shaming and harassing to show her love of the cult. Pretty disgraceful. Juliette Lewis/Danny Masterson (Scientology)

103. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 12/11 **#3**
At least three of the mid-teens who have starred on this foreign half live action/half cartoon tween show which airs all over the world have become pregnant from adults who work on the show. The girls say if they refuse to have sex they are replaced for the next cycle of shows.

104. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 12/11 **#4**
It is going to be really interesting when the drug testing companies catch on to the drug masking used last year by this A+ list baseball player. Giancarlo Stanton

105. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 12/11 **#5**
This A list reality star with a huge side project is misleading her fans when she says they are getting the lowest possible prices for her side project. Ummm, the same company you pretend that doesn't exist makes the same product you are selling for 1/7th the price. So, basically you are just being greedy and shafting your fans. Kylie Jenner/ColourPop (makes Kylie branded and non-branded products. Without her name on it, the same set sells for $50)

106. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 12/11 **#6**
This A list gymnast was doing coke with this former A list model who gave it up for the most part when she finally married a former athlete. Aly Raisman/Hannah Jeter (Sports Illustrated Presents a Sneak Peek of its SI Swimsuit Island during Art Basel)

107. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 12/11 **#7**
The Web Part 2: For Part One of The Web, you can click here. When we last saw PJ and RJ they were recording interviews with abused teens. The question was how did the information get back to the A+ lister. Did one of them send him a copy? That was always considered a maybe. They could have done it for protection. Hey look at what we have so don't come after us. Did the wife of PJ show one to the A+ lister? Again, certainly possible. At that point she was fully indebted to the A+ lister and had made her bed. She was full in on the money, fame and protection from bad things from her past that the A+ lister could assist her with. The problem with that theory is that you have to be fully on board with PJ trusting his wife. At that point he already wanted to divorce her. No one I have spoken with thinks that PJ knew about what was going on with the A+ lister, but he still had no reason to trust her. From everything I have seen or heard, it looks like someone he considered a friend, betrayed him. The friend, an A/A- list mostly movie actor attended the funeral of PJ. He probably fake grieved or maybe even had real grief knowing he helped along the death. Let us call this actor SB. Never one to be discreet about sex or who has sex with or concerned about age, our actor has got into trouble for his behavior in the past. At a party he attended at PJ's house about a year before all of this went down, he was cornered by PJ's wife about getting her a part in a movie or anything he could help her with. At that same time, she introduced him to a friend of hers. The friend is a very very high priced escort who mainly operates out of the country. She was in the US trying to also get some acting work and called her old friend. Well, this high priced escort works in a country where anything goes so nothing SB talked about or said shocked her. The two started hanging out quite frequently. During that time, they ran into our A+ lister while out to dinner. He stopped by the table of SB and told him he had fresh meat and should stop by. They did so and apparently SB engaged in sexual activity with some of these teen boys. I don't know if the teens he hooked up with were legal or not. Fast forward a little bit. This is where things take an even stranger turn. Apparently the escort was not only hooking up with SB, but also PJ himself. PJ's wife had no idea. I still don't think she has any idea, although the relationship between the two has grown more frosty as of late. I don't think SB knew, but probably wouldn't have cared. I don't think PJ knew about SB and the escort either because PJ was gone so frequently. Apparently one of those teens being interviewed mentioned SB or enough of a description of him that the escort knew who the teen was referring to. Whether she saw the video or heard about it from PJ, I don't know. The next thing you know, the escort is telling SB what she knew and SB was telling the A+ lister. Fate sealed. Almost immediately after that, the escort suddenly decides that she needs to leave the country again, where she has remained since.
PJ: Chris Cornell (Vicky)
RJ: Chester Bennington (Talinda)
A+ lister: David Geffen
SB: James Franco

108. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 12/11 **#8**
Hooking up a bunch of voters with "actresses" is super easy for this banished director. He made sure those guys were not going to vote for a certain female director. He has a personal grudge at this point. This would not work for most awards, but these guys are easy to bribe and pay off.
Banished director: Brett Ratner
Group: Golden Globes
Director: Greta Gerwig ("Lady Bird")

109. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 12/11 **#9**
There are more people coming forward who say this now former B+ list mostly television actress supplemented her income when she was starting out by meeting men for money and being a sugarbaby. She was not alone in that from this particular show where there were another dozen women who joined her supplementing their income. They used the little bit of fame the hit network show gave them to earn some extra money. Meghan Markle ("Deal or No Deal")

110. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 12/11 **#10**
This bar reality star is going to say a bunch of things she doesn't mean because she lost almost all of her endorsement deals. She told two friends she still blames victims for putting themselves into situations, but lost most of her income so will walk it all back. Stassi Schroeder ("Vanderpump Rules")

111. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 12/11 **#11**
This foreign born A- list mostly movie actress who is an Academy Award winner/nominee is really hoping to skip press interviews for her new popcorn flick/reboot. She loved doing a Comic Con but knows the reviews are going to be brutal of the movie, and especially her performance. Alicia Vikander ("Tomb Raider")

112. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 12/11 **#12**
This A list country singer knows he has two hours each Sunday when his celebrity girlfriend is occupied with church. Funny how he always has something to do at that time. Maybe spending some time with that woman who delivers his meals each week who always shows up right when the girlfriend heads to church. Huh. Blake Shelton/Gwen Stefani

113. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 12/11 **#13**
Killed By Her Boyfriend: She didn't make very many movies or many headlines with those movies. Since her death though, she has generated a lot of headlines and a lot of speculation as to what happened to her. According to the nephew of the killer, this is what happened over three decades ago. Our actress, who we can call BQ knew she was pretty. Men had been telling her she was pretty from the time she was in kindergarten. By the time she was in middle school, she was regularly winning beauty pageants and regularly dating men two or three times her age. They would buy her gifts and give her money and one of them even gave her a fur coat. By the time she was a junior in high school, she had made her first movie. That was a big deal back in her high school and it was an even bigger deal when she told everyone she had hooked up with the lead actor in the movie. He was just about to hit A list and stayed that way for a decade. Now, he kind of has to fight with his brother to see who is higher on the list. I would argue the one who hooked up with BQ has had a much longer career. Before long, another movie was filming close to her and she was quickly given a part. It was on the set of this movie, that she met, the man who would be her killer. He was an actor too. It was his second movie too. He was older than her, but only by about a decade or so. Considering that she usually dated guys in their 40's or 50's, she thought being 17 and him just about 30 was practically the same age. We will call him WO. They became inseparable. Each day they would film and at night they would go out until all hours of the night. Her local boyfriend became jealous of the guy and would regularly try and confront the actor and even put his hands on BQ. Well, when WO heard about it, he beat up the boyfriend and nearly put him in the hospital. It was shortly after this that WO let BQ in on a little secret. He wanted to be an actor but he paid his bills by selling drugs. He wanted to be a made man in the mob and by being on movie sets, he was getting to not only act, but also selling vast quantities of drugs. This was Florida and it was the early 80's. This was a market that could get you killed, but no one had claimed any territory about movies. He was the king of the movies right now. After filming the movie, they were out one night and WO had a confrontation with a man who wanted in on the territory of WO. Right in front of BQ, the man was killed. WO shot him, and then put three or four more bullets in the back of his head. BQ was covered in the blood of the dead guy, she had been that close. After that BQ, was never the same. She got a role in another movie. A bigger role and a bigger movie. WO loved that she had landed the role because now, even if he wasn't acting he could head to the set and sell his drugs. It was about this time that BQ told WO she was pregnant. WO said that would mess up everything but left it alone. One of the scenes that BQ had to shoot involved a murder. Remarkably the murder, was almost exactly like the one she had witnessed a short time earlier and she freaked out. She freaked out to the point where she told WO she couldn't handle anything any longer and wanted to quit the movies and he should quit selling drugs and they should just go make a new life for themselves. WO said he thought that would be a great idea. Instead, WO waited until he could get her alone and he killed her. He followed her from her house where she hopped in a car belonging to her old local boyfriend. Apparently she asked him for money because she was leaving town. They got in a fight and WO knew he had a golden chance, when the ex stopped the car and BQ got out and began walking home. She was a long way from home in the middle of the night. WO pulled over and offered her a ride. She got inside and he drove for about ten minutes to the beach. He said he wanted to have sex with her on the beach. She agreed. When she got out of the car, he walked around to her side and then killed her. He then dumped her body in his trunk and drove several hours to a place where people like him disposed of bodies in the wooded swamp. An alligator would take care of any evidence. Until today, no one knew what happened to BQ. As for WO? He hung around movies for a bit until he got chased off a movie for trying to have sex with the lead actress who happened to be dating the lead actor. He was A+ list at the time and is now B list with a disfigured face. WO became a made man and helped the mob in the northeast until his death about a decade ago. Very mysterious circumstances in his death.
BQ: Tammy Lynn Leppert
Lead actor in a movie: Matt Dillon ("Little Darlings")
WO: Paul Land ("Spring Break")
Bigger role and bigger part: "Scarface" as the girl who was a distraction at the lookout car, during the bloody chainsaw shower scene
Lead actress dating lead actor: Carré Otis/Mickey Rourke ("Wild Orchid")

114. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 12/12 **#1**
This just about permanent A/A- list mostly movie actress who is an Academy Award winner/nominee and who started on television and even had a run on it within the past few years was dumped by her boyfriend because she would call him one minute and be nice and call him another and scream. She would show up at his house in the middle of the night looking for other women, but at the same time was hooking up with two of her exes. Halle Berry/Alex Da Kid

115. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 12/12 **#2**
This one named singer is headed out on a big tour in a supporting role. There is no way, in her current condition though that she can make it through a tour. Within a couple of weeks she will have to quit unless something seriously changes in her life. Kesha (Macklemore)

116. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 12/12 **#3**
Apparently the women they arranged to have sex with the oft cheating, oft troubled, child molesting former reality star were not enough. The still married celebrity has been hooking up with a stripper he met online. Josh Duggar

117. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 12/12 **#4**
This foreign born pro "athlete" who has had lots of issues with drugs over the past year says she hates her sex tape but it hasn't stopped her from making several others with men to supplement her income. I don't think she is going to pass a drug test either. Paige (WWE)

118. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 12/12 **#5**
This former A+ list singer who hit A+ list solo and in a group somehow crossed a Mexican drug cartel leader he was doing business with. Now, the singer is being forced to come up with $10M or his famed business will be shut down. Sammy Hagar ("Montrose" and "Van Halen")

119. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 12/12 **#6**
This B+ list alliteration actress has given up her favorite past time which was drinking beer. She reveled in it. She was also gaining weight so now she is doing coke. She lost all the weight but now has a much more expensive habit and as usual with her, is out of control in whatever she decides to do. January Jones

120. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 12/12 **#7**
I'm shocked the police weren't called. Apparently after both getting drunk at a holiday party, this director and his B list actress wife known more for what she wears than her acting got into a huge fight at home. It involved the director at one point throwing an empty wine bottle at the head of his wife which missed. She grabbed the neck of the bottle when he came after her and slashed him with it before running into a bedroom and locking the door. She then called a friend rather than the police to come get her. Michael Polish/Kate Bosworth

121. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 12/12 **#8**
People always ask why this B-/C+ list celebrity offspring has had so many problems as a young adult. The offspring of at the time, A listers has been in and out of rehab and has been known to trade drugs for sex. She has cut herself in the past and has a host of other issues. Maybe it has something to do with the way her A+ list father treated her. Verbally abusing and emotionally manipulating her were just a couple of things he did. How about having her walk around in the barest of bare bikinis when she was in her teenage years when he had directors and producers visiting. How he encouraged the directors and producers to take photos and videos of the daughter modeling these bikinis and even lingerie. How if she didn't want to he would berate her in front of them and then not speak to her for a month or two. Apparently her mother has no idea any of this occurred and she won't tell the mom because the daughter largely lives off the largesse of her father. Ireland Baldwin/Alec Baldwin/Kim Basinger

122. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 12/12 **#9**
It must be fun for this foreign born B+ list mostly television actress on a very hit pay cable show to be on location and watching her celebrity boyfriend date other women. Don't believe any publicist hype you see saying the celebrity boyfriend and his dates are just friends. Sophie Turner/Joe Jonas (Dani Vitale)

123. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 12/12 **#10**
Another tool on the cheating train is this B list celebrity offspring one hit wonder. See, he says he needs to go out because his significant other can't party right now so she isn't any fun. So, he goes out and parties and hooks up with other women, but says it will all stop when she can go back to partying. Uh huh. Robin Thicke (April Love Geary pregnant)

124. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 12/12 **#11**
Apparently this A+ list mostly movie actress who also likes to direct was going to attend a conference. That is until this foreign born A- list mostly movie actress told organizers that if the A+ lister was going to attend, that the A- lister would skip. The A- lister won. She also won at one point, the still husband of the A+ lister which the A+ lister knows all too well. Angelina Jolie/Marion Cotillard/Brad Pitt (One Planet Summit, in Boulogne-Billancourt, near Paris)

125. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 12/12 **#12**
Most of the time, this wannabe mogul is a nice guy. His A-/B+ list actress girlfriend who all of you know from multiple hit and middling hit network shows should be careful though. Former employees of his and a former girlfriend says once he has one drink of booze he becomes extremely violent. Zandy Reich/Lea Michele

126. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 12/12 **#13**
The Church: One thing upfront. The church I am referring to is not Scientology. This is a church that was founded just a couple of years ago in northern Arizona. Why this particular location? It is remote for sure, which helps. They learned in the past that it helps to be remote. They also learned in the past that it helps if they can attach themselves to another established church or religion. They got that in this northern Arizona town too. What they also got though are three things they treasure most of all. Number one was the built in security from the other very secretive religion in the area throughout the town, which was very open to the idea when they saw the very large check. Number two they had the ability to integrate hundreds of children into a community that seemingly has nothing but endless supplies of children. Finally, they were coming to a community where no one looks down on anyone who has sex with teens and tweens. The people who founded the church like to say it is their version of the Trinity. A pretty sick one. Originally when they tried to do this in the northern part of the country, it didn't work out very well. There were too many competing interests. You had one group of people who were trafficking kids, but another group who was interested in trafficking women for prostitution. You also had a group who was trying to do good and everything intersected and it was a horrible mess. They learned their lessons and waited until everything was in place. The church is a non profit and their biggest donor is a shell company which is part of another shell company which is owned by the same A+ list mogul we have seen time and time again in all of these stories. This is where things get a little interesting. Because of the racial makeup in the community, and wanting to make sure everyone blends in, they had to get the tweens and teens from Europe. Specifically they found some orphanages in Eastern Europe. How did they get them all into the country? Well, every church needs religious workers. The church hired twenty "pastors" and got them in as special immigrant religious workers. Each of these "pastors" had between four and six children they brought in with them, and of course their wives, many of whom had their own children too. Of course, none of these pastors or wives really have any kids they brought, but almost overnight, what these people have created is a fully functioning, safe from prying eyes place where these kids are being abused. Apparently, much like their protectors, they want to ensure a never ending supply, by having the teens get pregnant as often as possible. You might wonder what all of this has in connection to Hollywood. Well, first of all, the financing of course all comes from our A+ list mogul. There is one very important other thing. Have you wondered why every male celebrity over the past couple of years goes to a rehab facility in Arizona, but you never see any photos of the rehab facility or them in the rehab facility? Have you wondered why no female celebrity has ever gone to this facility? Have you ever wondered why the men who go to this facility seemingly always stay longer than a normal 30 day rehab and often seem to go back every few months for followup treatment? Have you ever wondered why all of these male celebrities seem to be the ones with the longest histories of sexual indiscretions? When they don't mention Arizona, they will say an undisclosed location. Well, apparently all these guys like going to the same location and the flow never stops. It is not just celebrities, there has been a surge of high paid executives and others that have suddenly decided this rehab place is the one that they need to go to. They have figured out a way for them to go to "rehab," and get "better," so the world will forgive them and let them get back to making a lot of money.
Church: The Trinity Church (originally in Seattle, now in Arizona

Rehab: Gentle Path at The Meadows, Wickenburg, AZ
Secretive religion: Fundamental Church of Latter Day Saints (Warren Jeff's Church)
A+ mogul: David Geffen

127. MEDIA TAKE OUT 12/13 just got wind of some EXPLOSIVE ACCUSATIONS that are being made – against one of the TOP hip-hop executives of the ’80s and ’90s. A former rapper is making CRAZY allegations against the legendary mogul – claiming that when the exec ran one of the BIGGEST LABELS IN THE WORLD – he routinely forced male rappers to "s**k him." The former rapper is talking to at least ONE MAJOR weekly gossip mag – and he’s naming names. There are BIG NAME lawyers involved and threats of lawsuits – so we’re not naming ANY names. According to the former rapper, the executive "abused" some of the biggest names in hip hop. The insider explained, "You had to have [or*l s*x] with him if you wanted a record deal, and he signed some of the biggest names in hip hop." The rapper suggests that the mogul – who he claims is "bisexual" – enjoyed making young rappers do that. "He made us all do it, and it gave him a sense of power over us. Not just while we were doing it, but for our entire careers." This blockbuster report – we’re told – will be the BIGGEST SCANDAL in the history of hip hop. Prepare yourselves folks . . . it’s about to GO DOWN. Russell Simmons

The leading lady on a recently-wrapped series was (virtually) MIA for the show’s entire final season and TPTB maintained at the time that her absence was creatively driven. Come to find out it had zilch to do with the storyline.
Phoebe Tonkin (Haley "The Originals")

129. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 12/13 **#1**
This A list celebrity host keeps on talking a good game, but until he stops cheating on his celebrity girlfriend with the former A- list mostly television actress, it is all talk. Anthony Bourdain/Asia Argento/Rose McGowan

130. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 12/13 **#2**
Speaking of cheating, this foreign born former A list mostly movie actor who was married to someone almost as famous name recognition wise is now doing almost television. He is also hooking up with a co-star and staying away more ad more nights from his significant other. Orlando Bloom (Miranda Kerr) (Ashley Haas)/Cara Delevingne or Anna Rust ("Carnival Row"/Amazon)

131. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 12/13 **#3**
This closeted bar reality show star was making out with a guy at Therapy in NYC this past week. Jax Taylor ("Vanderpump Rules")

132. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 12/13 **#4**
This foreign born B list mostly movie actress has a new movie coming out and a first name that is tough to spell. Apparently after her last relationship, she said no more to any relationships because of her mental health. She says her condition and her meds and having a relationship is not a good mix so she is just going to stay single. Saoirse Ronan ("Lady Bird")

133. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 12/13 **#5**
This aging former A list mostly movie actress who has an alliteration for a name and is an Academy Award winner/nominee will probably be more upset that I referred to her as aging rather than the fact she was so drunk the other night, she fell down twice and decided to go down a set of stairs by sliding down them feet first while on her stomach. No one knows where her shoes ended up. Sharon Stone (Moet & Chandon Toasts The 75th Annual Golden Globe Awards Nominations)

134. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 12/13 **#6**
This foreign born A- list mostly movie actor is a recent Academy Award winner/nominee. Apparently he slapped his foreign born actress girlfriend last night in front of a group of people but she still went home with him. Dev Patel/Tilda Cobham-Hervey

135. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 12/13 **#7**
This foreign born celebrity offspring is probably C list on her own. Maybe even less. At least one of her celebrity parents used to be an A+ list singer and is still an A list bad ass. Anyway, our offspring used to model, but basically retired three years ago after being raped by a Swedish designer. It then started her on a path of drugs that took a huge jolt in her life to get her clean from. Tali Lennox (Annie Lennox) (boyfriend Ian Jones died while kayaking with Tali on the Hudson River)

136. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 12/13 **#8**
Thisclose To Killing Himself: Apparently, late last week, early into the weekend, the A list director who has been in the news a lot lately tried to kill himself. He told the guy he was having sex with that night and brought him the drugs that he wanted something not messy. No guns or slashing of wrists. He settled on pills and apparently took a whole bottle of sleeping pills, but they caused some type of reaction and all that happened was he spent several hours puking before sleeping for 18 hours. Oh, over the past few weeks he has asked guys he is with for identification to see if they are over 18. Notice I said the word see. Bryan Singer

137. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 12/13 **#9**
This celebrity offspring/host/wannabe model/frequent yachter was at a party with an NBA team last night. Several guys showed interest, but she said she was only interested in guys who had $10K in cash for her time last night. Apparently one member of the team had the money. Bella Hadid (The New York Knicks Vs Los Angeles Lakers Game)

138. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 12/13 **#10**
This A- list mostly movie actress who is also an A list director at this point told everyone last night she was done with her cheating husband. She has said this before, but really seemed determined last night to see it through. Elizabeth Banks (Max Handelman) (Premiere Of Universal Pictures' "Pitch Perfect 3")

139. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 12/13 **#11**
If this A- list mostly television actress who used to be in a franchise back in the day really is pregnant, she probably shouldn't still be drinking two or three bottles of wine every night. Kirsten Dunst

140. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 12/13 **#12**
Not a good combination. This can't get a job former PLL actress doesn't need to be using again. That A- list mostly movie actress she is hanging out with will end up destroying what is left of the career of the former PLL actress. Ashley Benson/Kristen Stewart (I wonder if Stella knows about the Ashley/Kristen hookup or the Kristen hookup with the other actress in that photo)

141. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 12/13 **#13**
Unlike this A+ list singer, these two former reality stars from a long running cable show who everyone tired of five minutes after they popped up on our screens are embracing being the favorite reality stars of the alt right.
Taylor Swift/Heidi Montag and Spencer Pratt

142. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 12/13 **#14**
Daytime Deviants: With all the cleaning house going on in the industry, maybe it is time someone took a blowtorch to the set of this daytime show. It is without a doubt the worst show out there with the way it treats people. I don't think it is any coincidence that the owners of the show have had some of the worst offenders out there. They live for this kind of culture. There is a long history of the producers having the ugliest casting couch scenes out there. Men or women, legal or not. If you are an actress or an actor and want to work and are willing to have sex, then you can get a part. Talk to that actor from the show who had a few issues since he left. He will flat out tell you he hit the casting couch when he wasn't legal and the producers passed him around like candy for the few months he was on the show. He has been a mess since and tried to go up the ladder, but the ladder was filled with the same type of people. I remember one time the show tried to bring in new producers and writers to try and stop some of the awful behavior. All of them were fired and the old guard brought back. Within the past couple years this other actor who was on the show said once he stopped having sex with the producers and writers, they changed his storyline to get rid of him. One actress on the show got a boyfriend so stopped having sex with the producers and writers and they fired her 12 hours after she said she had a new boyfriend. One actor who refused all casting couch advances was fired but later went on to win an Emmy which made the producers look bad since their reason for firing him was he was a terrible actor. Guess who the biggest casting couch person is on the set? Would it shock you to know his best friend is that former A+ list mostly television actor who loves porn stars and drugs and always seems to find his way into this. Does it shock you he worked for the same owners back when he was at his most vile? Oh, if you are an actress or an actor who tries to say something publicly, the producers will get their loyal casting couch actors and actresses to deny everything and then sic the daytime fandom on the talking out of turn ungratefuls. They are all called ungrateful. They are reminded on a daily basis that if they are not willing to have sex, there are a hundred out there to take their place. Just change the name of the actor or actress playing the role. Done and done. A lot of the actors and actresses on the show who are tired of the harassment were hoping against hope that the death of one of their own who had been repeatedly raped during his short time on the show might shed some light on what is happening. The problem was that no one knew that his short time on the show a decade earlier was the reason he killed himself.

Show: "Days of Our Lives" (writing team fired)
Show owner: Sony (Days is owned by Sony and the Corday family; Sheen was on Sony's "Anger Management")
Actor from the show who had a few issues since he left: Dylan Patton
Actor they changed his storyline: James Lastovic (character made sudden confession to murder his parents covered up years before), Jordi Vilasuso (written out after character ran scam and got a green card marriage), or Robert Scott Wilson (turned into a serial killer, but recently came back so maybe not him)
Actress who got a boyfriend: Paige Searcy
Tried to say something publicly: Jonathon McClendon
Death of one of their own: Brad Bufanda (2002 - 2003)
Actor who won an Emmy: Chandler Massey

143. POPBITCH 12/14 **#1**
To anyone who was worried that office Christmas parties in the British music industry were going to be tame this year: which party was rocked to its core when somebody got so drunk that they lost control of their faculties and ended up producing a rather well-formed yule log on the dancefloor?

144. POPBITCH 12/14 **#2**
There's a scene in the 2009 documentary Starsuckers where director Chris Atkins covertly filmed Max Clifford talking about the many services he's provided to celebrity clients over the years. As Atkins is currently in jail (and Clifford is currently somewhere between jail and the ground) we should maybe take this as an omen not to get involved, but: there's one section where Clifford boasts about how, for ten years, he was retained by a famous A-list actor. This actor's particular thing was (in Clifford's words) "groping and whatever in the back-row of a cinema where his movies are on". So Clifford would see to it that every seat in the cinema surrounding this actor would be filled with his own people, so as to keep any back-row 'incidents' contained. The actor's name was redacted in the documentary – but anyone who thought it was inappropriate for John Oliver to bring the topic up at a recent Q&A screening may wish to reconsider that position. Dustin Hoffman

145. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 12/14 **#1**
Over the next couple of weeks, several groups and one very large company is going to come down hard on this film/documentary maker. With his recent mea culpa, he inadvertently admitted his headline making documentary was not real and not accurate. He lied about the basic premise of it and now is going to feel the heat about that project and others. Morgan Spurlock ("Supersize Me")

146. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 12/14 **#2**
This former child actress turned teen actress with issues turned singer who travels the world with her band is going to name some big names when it comes to sexual abuse when she was really young working in the industry. Taylor Momsen ("The Pretty Reckless" opened for "Soundgarden" before Chris Connell committed suicide)

147. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 12/14 **#3**
This always broke A- list rapper should be really careful about what he said to the police and his insurance company about recent events. People are saying he over inflated the value of a whole lot of items to get more money. Tyga

148. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 12/14 **#4**
This B+ list actress with A+ list name recognition more because of who she was married to and an old acting role rather than anything she has recently done went to a swag suite. Nothing unusual about that. What was unusual was how drunk she was. A fun drunk, but really was unable to do the basic hold the gift and take photos. It took about 20 minutes before she was able to coordinate all her movements and get it done. It usually takes 30 seconds. Katie Holmes (Z100's Jingle Ball 2017)

149. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 12/14 **#5**
One of the stars from this so far one season cable reality show from the cable channel that seems to bring you nothing but reality shows also has a side job and a line of products. Anyway, she was wasted on something the other night at a holiday party because she went after a woman hard and tried to throw several punches at the woman. Apparently her dress fell down while she was doing this and kept attacking the woman while almost naked. The company that produces her line of products is about to cancel her contract because of what happened. Gina Neely ("To Rome For Love"/Bravo) (branded line of cookware on QVC)

150. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 12/14 **#6**
This A list designer is going to have his name splashed everywhere soon as a group of male models are talking about how he sexually assaulted them and others say he would blackball them from the shows of other designers if they wouldn't sleep with him. This is a very big name. Calvin Klein (best friend David Geffen)

151. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 12/14 **#7**
With the tug of war between this foreign born A list mogul/reality star and the only one left standing with him from that successful boy band some interesting news might come out of it. Apparently an offspring always attributed to the boy bander may in fact be the child of the mogul.
Simon Cowell/Liam Payne ("One Direction")/Cheryl Ann Tweedy-Cole-Fernandez-Versini

152. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 12/14 **#8**
Back in the day, this director was A+ list. He had just made the movie that would define his career and he was on top of the world. It is a movie that almost everyone has seen, and if you haven't seen it, you know exactly what it is about. That is how pervasive it is. Anyway, the studio wanted a movie from the director. He was hot. So, he proposed something that looking back looks idiotic and destined to be a bomb, but hey, he was the director of that thing so we have to let him. I think the director knew his movie was crap. His celebrity offspring told him the movie was crap. The director didn't care. This was his own personal porno. You can't look at the top names when you look at the cast. That was cover. It is the actresses that got topless in the movie for their first credit. Most of them had to casting couch to get in that movie. There are so many sex scenes that ended up on the cutting room floor with actresses who had casting couched to get a role and then have sex on camera only to see it end up solely in the director's home movie collection. He had recordings made of sex with those actresses too in case they ever decided to come after him. He threatened to release the tapes. He thought he was untouchable. He kind of is now.
Director: Garry Marshall
Movie that defined his career: "Pretty Woman"
Movie bomb: "Exit To Eden"

153. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 12/14 **#9**
If you thought he was cooking the books in regards to sales and downloads, just wait until investors see the real books and all the money he has been pocketing while they lose theirs. Should be fun times for the A+ list celebrity. Jay Z (Tidal)

154. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 12/14 **#10**
Her A list television ex on a long running network show got her hooked on coke. He didn't care. He doesn't care. He makes his millions per year. When they split, she was a mess and from the looks of her this week is still a mess. She has not been able to work that past couple of years. I heard she landed a role on the smallest of indie films. If they saw her like she was this week, she will lose that. I feel bad for her because she is incredibly nice, but just can't shake the coke. Kelli Garner/Johnny Galecki ("The Big Bang Theory") (Premiere Of Warner Bros. Pictures' "Father Figures")

155. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 12/14 **#11**
This B+ list mostly television actress who gets up to A- list sometimes is a celebrity offspring. She got tossed from her hotel while on vacation for badmouthing a hotel employee and just being an out of control diva. Makes you wonder if she is back on the drug/booze train that got her arrested for violence not that long ago. Emma Roberts

156. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 12/14 **#12**
There is another woman about to come forward accusing this former A list boy bander of raping her after a show several years ago. Nick Carter ("Backstreet Boys")

157. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 12/14 **#13**
This Teen Mom wants no part of a drug test right now. I think she thinks she is fooling people, but that meth face gives it all away. Jenelle Evans

158. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 12/14 **#14**
Young And Helpless: She was a momager. She was always around her daughter. She was not an absentee parent at all. The thing is though, she had two issues. One was her husband who wanted more money so they needed to work their daughter more and the other issue was that to get more work for the daughter, she had to let her "rehearse" and "read for parts" with producers. The mom was more than willing, not only to appease her husband but also because she loved being on sets and basking in the glow of fame from her daughter. Her daughter had been acting from a very young age, but was not really molested or assaulted until she was about seven. She got a big break that year. She had been recommended by an A+ list director/producer who had seen her for a screen test. Uh huh. He had been consulted because of an interest in an upcoming television project. The A+ lister had been involved in a similar type project, but not for television. Anyway, the producer of the television show loved what he saw and told the mom he needed to spend some time alone with the girl to make sure she could handle the rigors of the episode. Two hours later he brought her back. One of the actresses in the episode who literally has played basically the same character for every episode of television she has been on for the past 30 years had tried to tell the mom what would happen if she let her daughter go with the producer. The mom told the actress to mind her own business. Fast forward a couple of years. Another producer. Another recommendation. Who did it come from? That A+ lister again. It was a project in his sphere even though he was not involved on a daily basis. This time it was a movie. For the very short amount of time the movie was being filmed, the nine year old girl was repeatedly sexually assaulted and raped. The mom let it happen. She pretended to not notice the men taking her daughter to their trailers or would tell others that the men wanted to go over lines or play video games. She had a never ending list of excuses. There was an actress on the set who had bit parts in the franchise. She never worked again after that movie because of what she saw. She said she could never work in an industry that would allow that to a little girl. It was shortly after filming wrapped that the girl began to cry out for help and was reluctant to ever be alone with anyone. She began to self harm even at that young age. Her family was no help. The mom wanted the fame and the dad needed the money. The dad had no idea though about the assaults. When he did find out, he blamed the mother and the daughter. He killed them both before killing himself.

Actress: Judith Barsi
Mother/father: József Barsi/Maria Virovacz

A+ list director/upcoming television project:
One of the actresses in the episode: POSSIBLY: Clare Torao (segment "A Little Peace and Quiet")
Other producer/movie: POSSIBLY: Joseph Sargent/"Jaws: The Revenge"
Actress on set who never worked again: POSSIBLY: Fritzi Jane Courtney

159. DIANE KRUGER 12/15
VARIETY/By Taryn Nobil
Diane Kruger, whose new film "In the Fade" comes out Dec. 27, talked about her worst-ever auditioning experience during an interview with rising "Downsizing" actress Hong Chau for Variety‘s "Actors on Actors" series. "Do you have to audition very much anymore?" Chau asked Kruger. "I feel like you don’t." "Sometimes, for things that I really want or that somebody doesn’t see me in, you want to audition. But I remember so many terrible stories about auditioning," Kruger responded. She went on to recall a story about a director "who shall go unnamed" that she once auditioned for. She said she had to learn around 15 pages of dialogue for a film. "It was a really long monologue with difficult lines," Kruger continued. "The audition was in this hotel and there are like 10 people in the room. I start the monologue and his cell phone starts ringing in the middle of it. It rings twice or three times and picks it up. He doesn’t say, ‘Oh, I’m sorry.’ He just looks at it and goes, ‘Start again.'" After she started from the beginning, the phone rang again — he hadn’t turned it off. According to Kruger, he picked it up, gestured at the actress to hold, and answered the call. "He literally was making dinner plans. Then he said, ‘Okay, go ahead. Sorry. Start again.’ I did. And the phone rang again," she said. "I didn’t even let him answer it. I just got my stuff and left. That’s so disrespectful, right? Screw him. That was my worst auditioning experience." Season 7 of Variety’s "Actors on Actors," presented by Google Home, will air from Jan. 2-4 at 7 p.m. on PBS SoCal KOCE.

160. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 12/15 **#1**
This former A- list singer who had her best days two decades ago has bounced around making unsuccessful albums and a fairly awful reality show for a few years. Now, she is watching out for her life after stealing money from criminals rather than laundering it like she was supposed to. Chante Moore

161. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 12/15 **#2**
This mogul/rapist is trying to prove his innocence with the help of this tabloid website so they can do their best to trash his victims and make the mogul/rapist look better. It is actually kind of surprising because the tabloid website usually throws people of color under the bus whether victim or accuser. Russell Simmons

162. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 12/15 **#3**
This past weekend, this cranky foreign born permanent A list singer solo and in a group performed at an event. The promoters sent over a couple of bottles of very expensive champagne to his wife and guests. The wife takes a sip of the just opened champagne and says it is flat. She then does the same with the second bottle of newly opened champagne and then empties them both out in the champagne buckets. Phil Collins/Orianne Collins

163. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 12/15 **#4**
This former flash in the pan A list mostly movie actress who all of you know doesn't spend much time in front of a camera any longer. She does have a new high profile television gig beginning next year. Apparently she wants some great reviews for herself and hooked up with a reporter who is doing a very long interview with her about her life and her acting in the new show. Sharon Stone ("Mosaic")

164. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 12/15 **#5**
This foreign born former A+ list mostly movie actor who had an almost decade long run struggles through reality type shows now. He says he loves going back to his home country because 16 years old is the age of consent. Jean-Claude Van Damme (Belgium)

165. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 12/15 **#6**
This foreign born superhero is sweating bullets that two of his exes are going to spill what they know about his sex life. He needs the superhero gig. He should also be worried about this A- list mostly movie actor from an acting family who wants to be a superhero and is talking smack about him behind the scenes because the A- lister thinks the superhero is the easiest to replace. Henry Cavill (Superman) (Tara King, Marisa Gonzalo or Gina Carano)/Jake Gyllenhaal

166. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 12/15 **#7**
Both of these former co-stars could use a boost of positive publicity. One is foreign born and A- list. The other is also A- list. Neither has really had any luck since the end of their franchise and they were front page tabloid fodder every day. Don't be surprised if they start having lunch together every week and let the paps know about it. Robert Pattinson/Kristen Stewart

167. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 12/15 **#8**
Lots Of Women: This Academy Award winning/nominated actor is probably permanently A list. Too many good roles in movies and television at this point to not give it to him. He is also about to be dragged by some of the numerous women in his past. One child says she was regularly abused both verbally and physically by the actor which has caused problems for her throughout her life. A former significant other says he forced her to take drugs with him, including forcing pills down her throat. If she refused, he would often beat her and choke her. She says he raped her in the past. This A- list mostly movie actress ex of his says his fantasies about cutting her with a knife while they had sex caused her to run quickly from his life. Apparently he was married at that time too. One ex said that he punched her when she told him she was pregnant. She miscarried the day after the punch.

Actor: Alec Baldwin
Child: Ireland Baldwin
Former significant other: Kim Basinger
A- list actress: Tatum O’Neal (Kim Basinger)
Punched ex: Nicole Seidel

168. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 12/15 **#9**
You arrive back at your place after a date with your girlfriend and open the door to your apartment. There, seated on your couch is your ex who apparently traveled across the ocean for this surprise. This is what happened to this foreign born A- list mostly movie actor, his girlfriend and his A+/A list ex who is also a co-star. Apparently she must really want him back. Nicholas Hoult/Jennifer Lawrence (Nicholas Hoult and his Playboy pin-up girlfriend Bryana Holly look happier than ever as they cosy up during dog walk in London)

169. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 12/15 **#10**
This B list take whatever she can get, but usually television actress who sounds like an adjective is telling friends that she is splitting from her husband. She wants a tabloid cover though before announcing it. Amy Smart/Carter Oosterhouse (HGTV star)

170. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 12/15 **#11**
This A+ list mostly movie actress is back on with that married foreign Ambassador to the UN. Whenever his wife goes out of town, our actress swoops right in. Angelina Jolie (NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg)

171. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 12/15 **#12**
A lot of designers and several actresses they were going to dress for various award shows are upset that they are basically being told what to wear or what to make. This designer who is a regular on that cable fashion show says he wants no part of the forced dress code. Actresses will wear black to the Golden Globes in protest of sexual harassment

172. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 12/15 **#13**
He Better Have A Good Alibi: This actor used to be A+ list back in the day. He struck big gold on a hit network show. Later on in life he struck silver on another network show. Except for those shows though, he has struggled to get anything to stick. He makes movies, mostly the kind where the salaries aren't high and barely leave him any money after his big monthly expenses. Throughout his career, there have been decades of drug abuse and booze too. There have been lots of tabloid relationships and breakups. Too many scandals to count. Somehow though he has stuck around. Did I mention he used to be king of the casting couch back in the day on his gold show. Each week there were several women who were given a line on the show in return for having sex with the actor. No sex? Replaced with someone else. On his silver show he did the same thing. The problem was times had slightly changed and he was not as popular and he ended up paying a bunch of settlements and the studio even more. Back before he made it big, he was a guy who was making one off appearances on network television or if he got lucky a few lines in a movie here and there. It was also when he was trolling high schools for female teens. He went through a series of 14-16 year olds before settling on a 16 year old to move in with him. He would send her off to hangouts where teens would be and tell her to not come back home until she found girls to play with. He never liked them older than 15 or 16. One of these girls that was brought back was given some drugs to make her more willing to do what she was going to be forced to do regardless. The drugs left her with permanent brain damage and she died a few years ago. Fast forward to the present day. The younger sister to that brain damaged girl found an old diary written by her deceased sister that mentioned our actor's name and it was one of the last entries that the girl had been able to write before the damage done to her. No one in the family had even known the girl knew the actor. So, the sister reached out to the actor in hopes he might just be able to let them know anything he knew about the drugs she took or where she got them. They were just questions, not accusations. The next thing you know the actor has lawyers all over this sister. They tell her to drop everything and to not bother the actor again. Well, now that set off alarm bells so she started doing some more investigating and found other names in the diaries and tried to track them down 40 some odd years after this happened. She got lucky enough to put two and two together and then went back to the actor about two months ago. Are we surprised that this woman turned up dead the other day in the city where our actor lives? It is not like he has not been accused of assault and harassment and violence before. Maybe trying to protect what career he has left. Don Johnson ("Miami Vice") ("Nash Bridges")

173. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 12/16 **#1**
This would be a scary collaboration. Remember how that one rapist got to stay on the job longer than any of us would have believed? Well, apparently the private detective resources of that slimy cult are being hired out to studios and agencies to try and dig up dirt on accusers. I can honestly say no one does it better than the slimy cult and they have a lot of mutual shared interests. Accusers are going to be in for a very rough time.
Danny Masterson/"The Ranch" (and the accusers did testify as to the hell they have been through for the past five years)

174. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 12/16 **#2**
There might end up being a show for this fashion line at NYFW but the creator is going to have a tough time getting any celebrity to show up for the show. It wouldn't shock anyone if they canceled the show a day or two before it is set to happen. "Marchesa"/Georgina Chapman (Harvey Weinstein’s wife)

175. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 12/16 **#3**
This former A- list tween actress turned A- list adult mostly television actress who did have a couple of lead roles in movies recently did something I am not sure I have seen before. An individual gave her a significant amount of money and then she signed an NDA about her experiences working with a certain producer when she was younger. She then turned to a person the money giver brought and traded all that money for drugs. Bella Thorne

176. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 12/16 **#4**
This former A list tween actor who has not worked since a huge scandal rocked the show almost a decade ago is still in the business. No, he is not in front or behind the cameras, but he holds "talent searches." His part of the country is known for a lot of the tween shows they film and manufactured singing groups. He likes to find very very poor parents who are out of work or drug addicted with children/tweens who are attractive. He then introduces them to producers of television and music and the exploitation occurs. The parents are happy for the money and stay out of the way. Our former tween actor takes a cut of every connection he makes.
Actor: Matthew Underwood

State: Florida
Show: "Zoey 101"
Scandal: show was cancelled when 16 year old Jamie Lynn Spears became pregnant.

177. MR. X 12/17
Which Oscar winning director is being extorted by that slimy cult that he was once a part of? He's planning to sue not only the cult but also the woman who is being paid by the cult to smear him. Paul Haggis (Scientology)

178. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 12/17 **#1**
Usually this A- list model/wannabe taken seriously as an actress likes to at least pretend she has a boyfriend and doesn't do yachting. Being busted with a married guy in public is going to ruin all that. She is generally more careful. There is no good way out of this. She can say she split with her boyfriend, but then there is the married guy. Emily Ratajkowski (Jeff Magid)

179. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 12/17 **#2**
The soon to be husband of this A- list mostly television actress on a long running hit network show is hooking up with a woman he gives lessons to. Kaley Cuoco/Karl Cook

180. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 12/17 **Her Time As A Tween**
PART ONE: On the second season of this very hit tween show that is no longer on the air from a tween network, this tween was brought in for an episode. She said that during the filming for the episode that the producer for the show would rub her shoulders and back all the time. Several times he reached down and groped her breasts. He said he loved what she was bringing to the role and that he was going to invite her back for a second episode. He did. It was during that second episode that he went beyond the massages and groping and he told her that he was having a hard time focusing because she was so sexy and that she needed to help him out. He cornered her in a trailer and made her touch him. She said that after less than 30 seconds he finished inside his pants. He then told her she did well. Later that day another producer said they didn't need her to work any longer and what they got from her for that episode was fine. More from her tomorrow.

PART TWO: Yesterday I introduced you to a former tween actress who was horribly abused while appearing on a tween show which aired on a tween network. She had one more story to share about her time on what was supposed to be the lead in a fairly big budget movie. Instead of being the lead though, her role was reduced to almost nothing. Why? The mother of the not even quite a tween actress who got the lead role not only offered up her daughter but also several other tweens she said she managed. Our actress has no idea what transpired or if there was anything that went on, but does know she had the role one day and nothing the next. She also saw with her own eyes the attention an actor and some producers and crew were giving specifically to the lead and these three other uncredited tween actresses who would normally have little to no interaction with those people. When she told her parents, they complained. Guess what happened? Our actress landed a decent sized role in a movie a couple of years later but it was financed by a family friend. Other than that she was blackballed. No matter how many auditions she went on, she didn't even get a callback. She retired well before she could even drive.
Tweener: Isabella Astor (born 1995)
Show: "iCarly"
Episodes: iOwe You (2008) ... Sunshine Girl #2; iGot Detention (2008) ... Claire (uncredited)
Producer: Dan Schneider

Movie: "Opposite Day"
Tween actress who got the role: Ariel Winter
Mother: Chrisoula Workman
Actor paying attention to young actresses: Pauly Shore

This soap opera actress who has many more lucrative offers, can’t stand her "mother" and the feeling is mutual. The thing is, the daughter has a much higher rate for her services these days after being the darling of another network. As much as I have enjoyed her coming back recently, only to leave again, her television mom, a longtime veteran, demanded that her pay be matched. That caused a lot of cutbacks. Writers were fired, which annoys me. And other cutbacks were made to pay the matriarch of the show a similar salary that she demanded. At some point, you should be happy to have the same role for decades and just acknowledge that someone has surpassed your popularity on the show. There are also a lot of blind items circulating about this show having a casting couch, and my sources say that is far from the truth. At least for the people I chatted with.

Show: "Days Of Our Lives"
Soap Opera Actress: Alison Sweeney (Sami Brady)
"Mother": Marlena Evans (Deidre Hall)

182. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 12/18 **#1**
This former stripper turned celebrity turned reality star turned wannabe reality star is doing her best to create tension in the family she hates by hooking up with the oft cheating boyfriend of a member of that hated family. It is kind of funny how she keeps finding new ways to torment them. Blac Chyna/Travis Scott ("Kardashians"/Kylie Jenner)

183. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 12/18 **#2**
A few years ago it seemed like a natural move for this network news anchorish type person to leave for a cable network. It turns out though, the network wanted him gone after an in house child porn investigation.

184. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 12/18 **#3**
This A list host all of you know was cheating on their spouse. They were so scared of being caught up in some kind of scandal though with what is going on the, host wrote an incredibly large check to keep things quiet and is now lovey dovey with the spouse again. Ellen DeGeneres/Portia de Rossi

185. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 12/18 **#4**
This A list performer who was big in the tabloids a decade ago had a big life event recently. At the party he kept asking "Which b**ch here is going to suck me off?" Yeah, same a-hole he has always been.
Criss Angel (50th birthday)

186. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 12/18 **#5**
This B list mostly television actress is making the switch to low budget movies after her network television career hit a wall of cancellation. At a recent visit to do something nice for kids, the actress was assigned multiple people to attend to her. They weren't there to protect her, but to make sure nothing bad happened at the very public event because she was incredibly wasted for 10 a.m. Keke Palmer

187. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 12/18 **#6**
This A- list mostly television actor stars on a hit pay cable show. The woman he was cheating on his actress significant other with when they split dumped the actor. Apparently he used to only drink once or twice a week but is now drinking heavily and has started to lose his temper while drinking. Liev Schreiber ("Ray Donovan")/Naomi Watts/his children’s so called "nanny" 2012 Miss South Dakota Taylor Neisen

188. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 12/18 **#7**
The wife of this foreign born A+/A list mostly movie actor was at an event the other night and said since the end of filming his latest movie, the actor has been working out 4-5 hours a day to get ready for his next movie. Looks like he is at least thinking about that superhero role again and wants to be ready if they come through with the money. Christian Bale (Sibi) ("Batman")
(premiere of "Hostiles")

189. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 12/18 **#9**
This foreign born B list alliteration singer says that she was pressured into getting an abortion by this B+ list singer/reality star. He is married to a celebrity and was hounding the singer all day every day about having the abortion. He told her his career and marriage would be over. Jessie J/Joel Madden (Nicole Richie) or Benji Madden (Cameron Diaz)

190. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 12/18 **#10**
The defense of her husband has been strong from this B- list mostly movie actress. I'm hopeful when one of the many others he has done the same thing to comes forward that she will change her tune. Amy Smart/Carter Oosterhouse

191. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 12/18 **#11**
KINDNESS: This B list mostly television actress only gets that high because of some of her past movie choices. This has been a good year for our actress. Kicked the drugs after an embarrassing episode and is doing amazing every time I see her. She has also been volunteering at a suicide prevention hotline a few times a week. Selma Blair

192. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 12/18 **#12**
This foreign born permanent A+/A list celebrity who is married to a foreign born permanent A list celebrity is paying the bills and rent for this Instagram model type who once tried to have sex with a foreign former A+ list tweener turned A list adult singer. David Beckham (Victoria)/Chantel Jeffries/Justin Bieber

193. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 12/18 **#13**
The Monster Icon: This foreign born permanent A list entertainer has always had a shadowy reputation. Back in the day, he capitalized on it and it was part of his image. We'll call him Mr. C. What most people may not realize is that our entertainer's dark side wasn't just for publicity, it's really who he is. But to understand this, we have to look way back at Mr. C's childhood. He grew up in a different time and was exposed to some graphic life experiences that many of us can't imagine. Mr. C had a very dark side from a young age, and many kids in the neighborhood where he grew up quickly learned that he was a strange and twisted individual. Animals in the neighborhood kept disappearing and the kids our entertainer was alone with frequently suffered from unusual injuries. One story that has been told involved another boy. He and Mr. C were playing with plastic swords and somehow the other boy found himself stabbed through the eye with Mr. C's sword. Of course at the time, this was assumed to be an unintentional freak accident between two boys. The injured boy spent months in the hospital and lost his eye as a result. This is one of the many stories that have floated around about our entertainer and his growing up years. It got even more interesting when Mr. C got into his teen years and began attracting girls. He had a strange personal magnetism and although not conventionally handsome, could get girls to do pretty much whatever he wanted from a young age. This caused problems and at several points in his early teen years, police became involved due to complaints from the parents of neighborhood girls. There is also the story of the teenage girl, from Mr C's neighborhood, who died suspiciously. The death was eventually ruled a suicide, but chatter among the old 'hood has been filled for years with speculation that it was a sex game gone wrong or murder or both. Much has been written about Mr. C over the years and writers and filmmakers have attempted to talk to people in Mr. C's old neighborhood about his childhood. Old friends have been approached, and some of the responses have been dubious or the people just flat out refused to talk at all about our entertainer at all. The dubious responses, of course, were never published. As he got older and became involved in the entertainment business, Mr. C's tendencies were actually in demand by many of those in power. Our entertainer would do anything, no matter how deviant, with anyone, to further his success. The more twisted, the better. During those years, media was not what it is today, so it was much easier to operate in the shadows with these tendencies and not be exposed. Mr. C's debauched and deviant lifestyle continued in the extreme as he became wealthier and more famous. His proclivities were an open secret and in some circles, the behavior was praised, encouraged and admired. As mass media has became the norm, Mr C. has had to ramp down his activities considerably, after several close calls with the police. Recently, an acclaimed investigative Journalist was approached by an individual with information about Mr C and his activities. The rumor is that the source is alleging that Mr C's pattern of travel to a number of cities many years ago corresponds to the disappearances of young women in those same cities. The source of this information has also told the Journalist that they attempted to bring these alleged connections knowledge to the attention of the authorities, and were brushed off as a crackpot. This source even tried to bring Mr C's past reputation and activities to the attention of a prestigious organization that was honoring him a few years ago, and they ignored the information also. Due to all the recent sex predators being exposed, Mr. C is on alert and is looking to cover his tracks. Lots of checks are being written to silence people. Watch for some diversionary gestures soon as clues. The Journalist is also pursuing this story hard right now because coincidentally, someone he knows also had a very frightening encounter with Mr. C. years ago. If anything is uncovered, this story is going to be huge.

194. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 12/19 **#1**
I have written about this couple before and the winger in this couple a lot. As usual, this former A+ list singer turned B+ lister who also does reality is having money issues. Usually they are of her own making. This time though, they are the loans she keeps giving her supposedly wealthy boyfriend. Looks like bankruptcy is in her future again. I'm not so sure she wants people going through her books though. Toni Braxton/Birdman

195. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 12/19 **#2**
A measure of revenge for this B- list singer who is always being cheated on by her A- list rapper/reality star husband. After a long search, the wife found an old recording where she was participating in her husband's favorite activity. The wife is wearing a strap on and going to town on the husband from behind. She says that unless he starts being fair with the finances that it is going public. Considering how misogynistic he is, it would crush him. Tiny and T.I.

196. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 12/19 **#3**
This A-/B+ list mostly television actor who also raps and is on a hit network ensemble show tries to pay random women on social media to pay for sex. He better hope one isn't a law enforcement officer. Yazz The Greatest ("Empire")

197. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 12/19 **#4**
Thought it was pretty interesting that this foreign born B+ list mostly movie actor who is an Academy Award winner/nominee, aging and openly gay was talking about the casting couch when he has personally casting couched lots of very young men at parties hosted by that A list director.
Ian McKellen/Bryan Singer

198. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 12/19 **#5**
What do you do if you are a musician no one has ever heard of, but you have some money of your own for a PR campaign? You hire our favorite foreign born B+ list singer/host/judge to be your girlfriend. It has worked. People are talking about him and he has been papped with her multiple times. She knows how to make a buck out of any situation. Rita Ora/Andrew Watt

199. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 12/19 **#6**
This deposed A list producer thinks his wife is waiting for him to make his triumphant return. If he returned now he would find her sleeping with an author/journalist. Harvey Weinstein/Georgina Chapman

200. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 12/19 **#7**
This B list mostly television actress who went from a Golden Globe nominated show to a show that is going to be a big hit on almost television got quite the shock recently. While doing press for the new show, family members have stopped by of the cast members. The father of one of her co-stars showed up this week. It turns out he was a "benefactor" of the actress when she was struggling. Awkward.
Actress: Erinn Westbrook
Golden Globe nominated show: "Glee"
Almost television show: "Insatiable" (Netflix)
Awkward: "Awkward"

201. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 12/19 **#8**
Tenant Raper: This foreign born north of the border B list musician who is out solo now after being in a group for quite some time owns several apartments in his hometown. Many of the apartments are in very low income areas. He is known for trading rent for sex. He is also known for forcing women to have sex if they can't pay their rent on time. They are afraid to call the police because he is rich and they are not. Many times these women are single mothers who have only recently emigrated. He takes advantage of this and has been known to beat women who refuse him. He is an awful human being.
Jacob Hoggard

202. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 12/19 **#9**
Everyone always assumes this foreign born A list singer is just odd because he never wants to be photographed with women. He is not being odd. He is just playing his game and his game is telling whatever woman he sees that he is single. If they Google him, they won't find pictures of him with anyone else. It is just his way of always being able to cheat without thinking he will be caught. Chris Martin

203. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 12/19 **#10**
This closeted A+ list mostly movie actor found himself in a tricky position when a hotel maintenance person came to check for a water leak. In the shower was the boyfriend of the A+ lister who was in a bathrobe on a balcony smoking and hadn't heard the knock. No explanations were given, and I'm not sure the maintenance guy realized what he was seeing, but someone in the break room did and it has been spreading from there. Jake Gyllenhaal; Bradley Cooper; Leonardo DiCaprio; Hugh Jackman

204. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 12/19 **#11**
If a director were to win an EGOT, this A list director has a shot. Halfway there and should have been 3/4. Anyway he is married and hooking up with this foreign born A-/B+ list mostly movie actress who has a long time significant other herself.

205. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 12/19 **#12**
This permanent A list singer is hooking up with a male musician from her tour and a female dancer. No word on whether they have all hooked up together. I don't remember ever hearing about this singer being bisexual before.

206. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 12/19 **#13**
The Movie That Should Never Have Been Made: At some point, you just have to cut your losses and run. That is exactly what this production company/director should have done with this movie, but they didn't. If not for the owner of the production company dumping in a bunch of his own money to get it completed, the company would have gone out of business. As horrible as this movie was and as awful of a working experience for everyone involved, it actually was an Oscar nominee/winner, but maybe not for the category you are thinking. Much of the movie was filmed outside the country. The star of the movie was someone we shall call TW. At this point in life, TW is permanently A list. At the time, she was A+ list and had an A+ list temper and was an A+ list diva. It took a special person to be able to work with her. The thing is though, she had MJ on her side. MJ was an extremely controlling person and he loved controlling TW. The thing is controlling her came at a price. He paid her well over $1M a year just to say he controlled her. At the same time though, he was scared she would leave him. Usually money would buy control, but with her, it was not just money he had to throw at her but a lot of his time and effort. They would have sex even though she was married at the time. They always had a sexual relationship. Their relationship was also extreme to the point where they had intense fights. Screaming, shouting, violence. It could all erupt in seconds and people knew to stay the hell out of the way. The director of the movie was foreign born. A list director. Oscar winner/nominee. Produced celebrity offspring. We shall call him JR. Now JR was married to a woman at the time, but while he was out of the country or in the country or anywhere when not actually with his wife he liked men. He liked young men. He liked them as close to barely legal as possible and he was perfectly willing to let whatever man wanted to sleep with him have a part in whatever movie he was directing. He didn't care if the man could act, he just wanted to have the easy access to sex and JR figured any scene shot could end up on the cutting room floor if it was too awful. The lead actor in the movie we shall call PS. One thing JR and PS had in common was there love of these barely legal men. PS was also married and also took every opportunity to be with men. JR and PS were in a country they loved, far away from home and were sleeping with as many men as possible. Well, JR fell in love with a local man. Head over heels. He offered the man a part in the movie. A very key scene in the movie. He did this for two reasons. One was he wanted to be with the man as much as possible and being on set would make that happen. The second reason was the scene itself. Our director was really hating TW by this time and in this important scene, TW would be assaulted. JR thought this local man would terrorize TW during the scene and I think TW knew that too so complained to MJ. MJ and JR have a huge fight. Loud and public. The whole crew is watching. JR ends up getting fired. Who takes over? MJ. This is something he really wanted from the beginning. Now he can control TW 24/7. The thing is though, MJ is having huge problems with the production. Now that he is there, TW asks and asks and asks. The production budget is exploding and 95% of it is because of TW. They get into huge screaming fights about how much she is spending and he is openly yelling at her for not sleeping with him. One night, MJ apparently got drunk and hired an escort and beat her while calling her TW. Lots of anger inside that man. Meanwhile, PS is barely coming to shoot because he is having so much sex and using so many drugs. He is an incoherent drug addled mess at this point. The movie is a disaster. No one watched it. It was so bad it took two decades to get it on VHS. A little side note. JR and PS had such a good time together picking up guys that they continued to do so throughout the years. It is also believed they both contracted HIV from the same lover.
Movie: "Mahogany"
TW (actress): Diana Ross (husband Robert Ellis Silberstein)
MJ: Berry Gordy
JR (director): Tony Richardson (Vanessa Redgrave)
Offspring: Natasha and Joely Richardson
PS (lead actor): Anthony Perkins (Berry Berenson)
Oscar nomination/winner: "Theme from Mahogany (Do You Know Where You’re Going To)"
Country they both loved: Rome, Italy

207. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 12/20 **#1**
This foreign born A- list mostly movie actor casts himself as a highly likable regular guy. Well, one of the few times he stepped out of movies to do television he was such a nightmare that he terrorized the studio and became so difficult that he refused to let anyone—director, showrunner, writers, costars—do any external press. Very abnormal. The studio kowtowed to his needs even though it totally hurt the production which no one ended up watching anyway. Tom Hardy ("Taboo")

208. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 12/20 **#2**
I'm shocked that no reporters have gone after the very low hanging fruit of this A/A- list mostly movie actor who is an Academy Award winner/nominee from an acting family and a known sexual assaulter. No one has interviewed any of the actresses/extras from his last dozen movies, all of whom will tell you he sexually harassed them. Dozens of women complained and were fired or kept their mouths shut because they wanted their job. The more famous member of his family helped cover it up and the exiled producer did his part too. Casey Affleck (Ben Affleck)

209. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 12/20 **#3**
What are the rewards when you keep your mouth closed? Well, if you are this barely working former A-/B+ list alliteration actor most recently seen on a hit network show you get a paid family vacation courtesy of the big man himself. There are several others on the vacation all paid for by the big man and all of them are being housed in the same spot. You know, easier for the other activities going on too. Matthew Morrison (Hawaii)/Bryan Singer

210. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 12/20 **#4**
Much as I predicted a few weeks ago, another person has come forward, not of her own volition I might add, accusing this former boy bander of rape. How many more women have to will come forward before all the victim shaming against the first accuser stops. Nick Carter

211. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 12/20 **#5**
It is one thing when you start using Groupon for your concert tour a month or two into sales. When it has just been a week and almost everywhere on your tour is selling half price or better tickets via the service, you know it is time to pull the plug. I think these two one name artists touring together thought things would be a big success. Nope. Kesha/Macklemore

212. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 12/20 **#6**
This former A+ list mostly television actor through inheritance more than acting ability turned A- list sexual assault supporter talks a really big game about stopping sexual trafficking. Turns out he is just all talk though as evidenced by a charitable board he is on supposedly devoted to stopping sexual trafficking. No money has been given by that foundation to stop trafficking. Probably not a surprise given his support of sexual assaulters and the stories that emerged and a whole lot more that would come out if a certain someone was still alive. Ashton Kutcher (Thorn: Digital Defenders of Children) (22-year-old girlfriend Ashley Ellerin killed by a serial killer in 2001)

213. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 12/20 **#7**
One person who won't be coming forward recounting his time on the casting couch is this A- list dual threat actor who has a big franchise in his past and is currently on a hit pay cable show. He came literally out of nowhere to land that franchise. It made his career. He got it by having sex with the A list director of the movie. He says it continued on and off for a couple of years. Mostly off. Eventually he told off the director and no more movies with the director.
Actor: James Marsden
Franchise "X-Men"
Hit pay cable show: "Westworld"
A list director: Bryan Singer

214. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 12/20 **#8**
This former B- list mostly television actress who only gets that high because of the long running network show she had a recurring role on for its entire run is probably C+ list. Honestly, unless you watched the show you might not know who she is. The thing is though, most of you did watch. She still acts a ton, just probably nothing you will ever see. Anyway, she also is trying to make a living doing fitness. One of the A+ listers that was the lead in that show threatened her with legal action if she didn't give up her business because his wife felt threatened by the success of the actress. Apparently they were both trying to use the fame from the show or something. It was a ridiculous thing to say. The actor then said he could make it so she was blackballed and he had done it before. The guy is such a prick.
Katrina Bowden/"30 Rock"/Alec Baldwin & Hilaria Baldwin

215. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 12/20 **#9**
I think this record producer might be the most gullible guy alive. Seriously. A list back in the day. His permanent A list ex cheated on him ALL the time. She hooked up with her former husband while she was with the producer. She refused to even acknowledge the producer was her significant other for the longest time because she didn't want to hurt the feelings of the guy she was cheating with. Oh, but now, now she is serious and wants to be with him. Please. Crazy. Jermaine Durpi/Janet Jackson
 (René Elizondo Jr.)

216. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 12/20 **#10**
I was kind of surprised to see this closeted A-/B+ list mostly movie actress who is much further down the list than her husband not out and about last night with her much younger blonde female lover of the past few months. Usually when either spouse is on the road or filming it is go time for the other. Maybe the girlfriend went away for the holidays because the way they have been going at it, they are definitely still together. Jada Pinkett Smith (Will Smith in Tokyo)

217. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 12/20 **#11**
This foreign born rich guy/wannabe star f**ker must have gone back to the dark side because he is funding the campaign to discredit accusers who have crossed his evil masters. Hey, Star Wars came out, so the evil masters thing feels right. James Packer (starf**ked: Mariah Carey) (Scientology)

218. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 12/20 **#12**
I sometimes wish this former A- list mostly movie actress was still alive. She didn't make a movie the last two decades of her life but everyone still loved her. I think she would have called out that A list actor in the movie that made her famous. She always told those close to her about his assault on her and the constant harassment from the director who wanted her to get as close to naked as possible. She was underage so couldn't get naked on camera, but he pressured her all day every day to take off her clothes and would be rude when she refused and then wrote away some of her part to the actress who was willing to get naked for the director and the movie.
Amanda Peterson/"Can't Buy Me Love"
Actress: Amanda Peterson (Born: July 8, 1971 - Died: July 3, 2015)
Movie: "Can't Buy Me Love"
Actor: Patrick Dempsey
Director: Steve Rash

219. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 12/20 **#13**
The Hustler: Wrapped up inside the cocoon of movies, this actress has made a career of doing everything she can to eek out a living and stay in the spotlight. There is no judging of what she has done. It is simply trying to tell her story in one place. At her highest, KN probably was B+ list. It was a brief run at B+ list. If today had been her peak, I think she would have A+ list name recognition. She was everywhere. Back in the day she used the fame from her earliest on screen efforts to get men to pay to have sex with her. They remembered her role and even though she was a good almost half decade underage, she was perfectly willing to have sex for money. She says she loved the money and that it made her feel good. When she started getting more acting roles, she said she loved that money, but loved the fame even more. She said that fame led for more opportunities to meet wealthier men and more famous men and she started charging a lot of money for sex. If they could get her a role at the same time, then great. Otherwise, she was perfectly content to be on their arm at a party and get her photo snapped by a pap. This is why she would be so good today.
KN: Charlotte Lewis (Kee Nang "The Golden Child")

#1 - This permanent A list mostly movie actor who has been married forever to an actress, was not at the time he paid our actress $25,000 for sex when she was underage. He was A+ list then and arguably just past his peak as the most popular movie star in the world. Warren Beatty (17 years old)

#2 - She was the other woman to this now deceased international playboy and his father. Who was the other woman? A permanent A++++ list foreign born celebrity. Honestly, that might not be enough ++++'s. Apparently our actress offered certain experiences that the A++++ did not. They bought her a house which the dad later foreclosed on when she started speaking out. Dodi Fayed/Mohamed Al-Fayed/Princess Diana

#3 - When she was at her peak, she had a boyfriend who was A list then. He is probably permanently A list. At the time he was A list in movies. He later became A+ list in television. Acting family. She says they never had sex unless both were either coked or drunk. She doesn't remember ever having sober sex with the actor. Once again proving she was a family lover, she also hooked up with one of the actor's more responsible family members. She said the higher listed actor paid her about $100K a month each month they were together. Charlie Sheen (Emilio Estevez)

#4 - This permanent A+ list mostly movie actor once told her he had seen a film (yes actual film) of her having sex with a foreign born A list director who had been the actor's best friend. Our actress said she had been underage when the film was shot and hadn't seen it since the day after it was shot. She and the director didn't get along any longer. So, the actor, who probably hadn't seen it in decades himself starts telling her about the sex scene and recalls every detail out loud to her. While he is doing this, they start to have sex and as he finishes recounting the sex scene, they both finish as well. Did I mention her boyfriend was in the next room when that happened? Roman Polanski (Jack Nicholson)

220. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 12/21 **#1**
This A list mostly movie actor who does have a dormant franchise to go with his dormant hair follicles has an oft troubled offspring. That offspring is going to have even more trouble if people find out about his Nazi loving past and his hatred of Jewish people and minorities. Even now, he is into some pretty disturbing stuff. Nicolas Cage’s son Weston Coppola Cage

221. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 12/21 **#2**
Speaking of celebrity offspring, an offspring of a now deceased permanent A lister who ran an empire based around his voice, is living in a $5M house. Nothing interesting about that. The thing is, because of an ongoing legal battle, the offspring has no money. She lives in the house without any running water or electricity. She and her friends sit around and smoke pot all day while stealing electricity from a neighbor and using a fairly nasty swimming pool as their bathtub. From the looks of the way they use lock cutters on a weekly basis, she is also probably squatting in the place. Casey Kasem/Liberty Kasem

222. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 12/21 **#3**
I talk about this A list director a lot, but no matter how much I talk about him, there always seems to be more. He was famous for his parties. This one is right up there with the most outlandish. The director and his friends dressed as priests. The teens they invited to the party all were required to wear school uniforms and to look as young as possible. Finally, all the guests were to meet in the parking lot of a local school and a school bus was sent to pick them up. Bryan Singer

223. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 12/21 **#4**
This barely there celebrity/former flash in the pan reality star is cheating on his supposed girlfriend. I mean the A- list mostly television actress from a hit network show thinks they are boyfriend/girlfriend. So, I doubt she would be happy that he has been hooking up with fans and also someone who was on a different version of his reality show. Sarah Hyland ("Modern Family")/Wells Adams ("The Bachelorette"; "Bachelor in Paradise")

224. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 12/21 **#5**
Speaking of cheating, this A- list mostly movie actor who was once married to the tall one before cheating on her all the time is not even be discreet about his latest affair. He really does like those blonde college aged women. His wife has been through a lot. He is just openly cheating in her face at this point. Ethan Hawke (Uma Thurman)/Ryan Hawke

225. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 12/21 **#6**
This former Twilight actress was yelling at a pap on the phone inside a grocery store yesterday. Apparently he didn't show up on time so she was wandering the grocery store just waiting and waiting. He finally showed up and she walked out for her photo to be taken and this town makes me shake my head everyday. Ashley Greene

226. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 12/21 **#7**
It amazes me that no one ever calls out this closeted foreign born A+ list mostly movie actor and the fact he has his trainer with him 24/7. Our actor barely sees his wife, but has his male trainer with him day and night, but all the kneepad tabloids talk about his great marriage. I don't want the guy outed, but you could ask questions about how the marriage really is. Not too well at the moment, other than he needs her for some red carpets. Hugh Jackman/Deborra-lee Furness

227. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 12/21 **#8**
Rock Star Serial Rapist: It is hard to believe it has been this long, but the person I spoke to is in her early 40's now. She says that she thinks she is the inspiration for one of the songs written by this permanent A list singer/band. She says that when she was 13, she had sex with the lead singer of the group and he knew how old she was. She says it was consensual, but, come on, she was 13 and he was about a decade older. She does say that after the first time, when he was abusing drugs he would call her over to his place and start out nicely but then would rape her or beat her while they were having sex. She says this went on for about four months until she found out he was doing the same thing to several other teens at her school. Later when she heard one of their songs, it was almost word for word, their sexual experiences. Kurt Cobain

228. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 12/21 **#9**
This former "it" actress turned indie darling of two decades ago, who works in a franchisey/umbrella type situation for a writer/director spent 30 minutes explaining why she inspects each of her dog's fecal droppings so to speak. She says she can tell the mood of the dog and stress levels by it. Uh yeah. Parker Posey (Christopher Guest "Mascots", "A Mighty Wind", "For Your Consideration", "Best in Show", "Waiting for Guffman"

229. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 12/21 **#10**
I don't know why this B+ list mostly movie actress from an acting family keeps dating guys who treat her like crap and why she just doesn't come out already. I think the latter part is because her family would freak out and they are all very career conscious and pious and would think her coming out would drag the other acting members of the family down. Fine, but at least find better men. Rooney Mara

230. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 12/21 **#11**
The singing was great. The acting sucked. Apparently the acting really sucked and the editing is going to take forever to try and get something usable out of her acting. I did mention it sucked right? Not the only reason the movie is delayed, but a big part of it. I think our A- lister is going back to focusing on music. I also think the A+ list co-star of hers should be a little more kind to the foreign born model because she is about to start spilling about one of his most notorious ex-relationships. Lady Gaga ("A Star Is Born")/Bradley Cooper/Irina Shayk

231. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 12/21 **#12**
I know I already wrote about the former A+ list tweener actor turned A- list adult actor who loves his makeup. I have to say though, someone was up close to him yesterday and said it was kind of strange because he was sweating so much, the makeup was running and looked awful. Plus, it also looks like he has just botoxed and juvidermed the heck out of his face. Zac Efron

232. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 12/21 **#13**
This barely there celebrity/actress offspring of a foreign born permanent A list actress/singer almost overdosed last week but is still taking a ton of drugs. She is going to end up dead and probably dead the day after she says something on social media about being sober. Don't believe her. Chloe Lattanzi (Olivia Newton-John)

233. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 12/21 **#14**
Instagram Terror - The Web Continues To Grow
The Web - Part One and Part Two: Recently I wrote about this escort that seems to be in the middle of everything going on in the long running widows scandal. It turns out this escort is even more involved than previously known. When we last saw the escort, she was saving SB and sealing the tragic fate of RJ and PJ at the hands of the A+ lister. Why were SB and the A+ lister so close? At some point back in time, SB and a family member hooked up with the A+ lister. He helped them and they helped him. SB is close to a director, an A list indie type director not named Bryan Singer. Think darker and more gritty films. He is someone who has always taken deep dives into underage sex and using that as his rationalization, has sex with underage teens constantly. Ask his current significant other actress how old she was when they started hooking up. She was very much underage, and helped him find underage teens for his "projects." Apparently the escort and our money/fame hungry widow were involved with this group. Right now, it isn't known if they were part of the director's crowd, but suddenly they were there. Here is where it gets a little more complicated. Our A+ lister had met some men from overseas who were interested in young men. They also were interested in young females. The young men were to be play things for rich men overseas. The young females though were a different story. Some of them were sent to Dubai to be sexually used and abused for a year or two before they either made it back home or ended up beneath one of the many construction projects. There were another group of women that have met a different fate. Most were Instagram models. Men overseas would go on the internet and choose one they wanted. They would then be quoted a fee of between $2500-9500 to a business located in Washington D.C. That business specialized in selling items that were all priced in that range. The crazy thing is though, if you took a look at the business, they didn't actually have any inventory. They were just funneling money for a bunch of different purposes. One of those purposes was providing Instagram models as wives to some very very bad people who had been promised wives if they signed up to fight. Most of these Instagram models that were picked at random had no interest in going overseas even for sex. However, there were plenty that the escort found through her web of other escort friends and models she would talk to online. How to make sure the models were really interested? SB would make a personal plea or his almost equally famous family member. The models would be told easy money was waiting overseas. The models all thought they were going to Dubai. They would start in Dubai but were then transported to other places not as nice and then married off. The people getting the wives were not going to complain about not getting their first choice or try to demand a refund. These models were then paraded and used as a recruitment tool to get more people to sign up to fight. Now, it isn't clear whether SB or the A+ lister or even the escort or our hated widow knew the full story of these models. I do know they knew the women were being sold/rented to men in Dubai. I know they took a cut of that big fee paid to that mystery business. I know the escort is still trolling for new women online to sell. I don't know who her new middleman is, but she is still doing it.

PJ: Chris Cornell (Vicky) (UCLA Law School to create Chris Cornell Scholarship with $1-million endowment gift via Vicky Cornell)
RJ: Chester Bennington (Talinda)
A+ lister: David Geffen (David Geffen School of Medicine at UCLA)
High paid escort:
SB: James Franco
Family member: Dave Franco
Indie type director: Harmony Korine (Rachel Korine) ("Spring Breakers")
Business: "Cars International A" (CIA, Abid Awan)
Very, very bad people: Hezbollah

234. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 12/22 **#1**
This reality bar star is trying to gloss over a certain story about the former almost A- list mostly movie actress turned escort. According to her, the bar star couldn't stand to attention so to speak during their hookup and cried about it for an hour, before confessing why he couldn't. Jax Taylor ("Vanderpump Rules")/Lindsay Lohan

235. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 12/22 **#2**
This foreign born closeted singer is getting much much better at the bearding game. I think there are two good reasons. Number one is he has a very money motivated beard/celebrity offspring. Second, they actually created photos that make it look like they were secretly captured as a couple and then sold to an outlet who is known for posting anything from the beard. Done and done. Shawn Mendes/Hailey Baldwin

236. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 12/22 **#3**
This directionally challenged rapper has a new former reality star to send out to clients. He is doing a booming business. French Montana/Evelyn Lozada

237. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 12/22 **#4**
I didn't mean for this to turn into beard day, but when this probable Oscar winner for supporting actor this year is seated right next to his actor boyfriend but is dismissed as important by tabloids because the actor is kissing his beard is beyond perfection as far as staging goes. Ansel Elgort ("Baby Driver")/Violetta Komyshan/Timothee Chalamet

238. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 12/22 **#5**
I guess all of that "charity" money and all of those introductions of willing actresses to certain members of this police department has been worth it for this disgraced producer. He also got police jobs on the side as security guards and bodyguards to celebrities and politicians. He would then use what they heard as his own blackmail service. Harvey Weinstein (LAPD)

239. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 12/22 **#6**
At least once or twice a week, this Housewife who has done lots of other things knocks on her neighbor's door and the Housewife leaves her kid(s). Doesn't sound so bad until I add in the part that it is usually the middle of the night, the Housewife is drunk and has met someone online to go hook up with. Bethenny Frankel ("Real Housewives of New York City")

240. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 12/22 **#7**
Before this permanent A list singer who loved singing about sex died back in the day, he had literally sold every piece of furniture and fixtures from his home to buy drugs. There was literally nothing of value left in the house. Rick James

241. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 12/22 **#8**
No, it isn't sexual violence, but this A list artist who is used by studios everyday and is the best of the best when it comes to comic book movies is still emotionally and verbally abusive to women. A string of them apparently. If you try to end a relationship with him, he will berate you and demean you. If you actually go through with ending it, he will do everything he can to try and ruin you financially or make sure you can't get work in that very small corner of the entertainment world. His day is coming. Max Landis

This permanent A list mostly movie actress finally has a new movie on the way out after what seems like forever. 2018 is going to be really different for her. The closeted Academy Award winner/nominee broke up with a long time girlfriend who was not quiet upon her departure from the place where she had been living courtesy of the A lister. Sandra Bullock ("Ocean’s 8") (Sierra Towers complex)

243. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 12/22 **#10**
These two long time co-stars, not named Kerry or Tony went Christmas shopping together. One of the co-stars is married to a serial cheater and the other co-star was in a marriage where he serial cheated, so this should work out really well. She, being an A- list actress on a long running hit network show, is basically hooking up with the same guy she is already married to. It makes no sense.

244. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 12/22 **#11**
I guess this A- list actor who killed a potential franchise all by himself while avoiding that other franchise he wanted no part of is finished with his long time girlfriend. Perhaps the fact she was still married after all these years was the final straw or perhaps it was the former tween actress turned A- list adult singer who orally serviced him in the Beverly Center parking garage that made him finally see the light. Charlie Hunnam ("King Arthur: Legend of the Sword") ("Fifty Shades Of Grey")/Morgana McNelis/Demi Lovato

245. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 12/22 **#12**
You know that quirky sounding almost television show that was just recently not renewed? Well, one of the reasons very well could be that the celebrity offspring creator of it is the next one who is going to have his treatment of women exposed. That almost television outlet ahead of this one for a change. Max Landis ("Dirk Gently' Holistic Detective Agency")

246. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 12/22 **#13**
Annexin A2: Yes, I think it is the most unusual title I may have had for a big blind. It is the focus. The person who has been investigating this for the past decade spent about 30 minutes talking about Annexin A2 and how it works in the body and I just wanted the person to get to the good stuff. The long and short of it from what I understand is that it plays a big part of having a certain kind of cancer. Apparently there is also a way to inject this protein into your body and promote a certain kind of cell invasion which can kill you. I need you to go back in time a little over a decade ago. Much like last year it was a big political year. Candidates from both parties were desperate to be the next President. One of those candidates had some political baggage. Baggage that was going to come out. Baggage in the form of a written diary that this female former A- list celebrity had kept in longhand for decades. This diary spelled out some very big secrets when it came to sex between herself and some of the most powerful people in politics. When it came to the election, if it came out, it would destroy one of the candidates. The diary mentioned the candidate in detail and also mentioned family members of the candidate. Everyone knew there was a diary. Would the diary be believed? Could they discredit her? Honestly, that would have been tough. Were the entries speculation? Some of it could have been. However, they also knew that she had a year of pillow talk with one of the most powerful people in the country. They couldn't take that chance. Attempts were made to buy the diary. Attempts were made to find and steal the diary. There was one attempt to burn down the home where they thought the diary was located. Finally, they decided to incapacitate her. Their rationalization was that it would incapacitate her and she would be sick for a year or two, but would recover. They were also told during the year of campaigning she would be at her worst and even if she could or did try to speak, they could blame it on the illness and that she was not to be believed. They waited until flu season. She always got a shot every year. She always did it at an event to encourage others to get theirs. An event that had dozens of volunteer nurses giving shots. One of those nurses gave a very special injection to the celebrity. Just as predicted, she got sick and developed tumors and was out of commission for a little over a year just like everyone said. It was all a big sigh of relief that they had got away with it and no one died. Our celebrity recovered and people went on with their lives. Then, our candidate thought about that diary and thought about it turning up again if they decided to run again. What would happen if they did it again to her? The scientist said it would probably end up killing the person, especially with the last illness so recent. Well, once again, our celebrity got a flu shot at the same public event and the same nurse was back four years later. This time the celebrity got sick and never got better. She died. There is a footnote to this story. The reason the person got in touch with me and gave me a ton of documents and letters and pictures was not because of what happened before, but what happened recently. Last year this A+ list politician was at a public event getting a flu shot and what looked to be the same nurse from before. Before you knew it, the A+ lister was near death. Apparently when you are young you can beat it once, but if you are older, your chances diminish relative to your age.
2008/Hillary Clinton/Eleanor Mondale/Bill Clinton/John McCain

247. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 12/23 **#1**
This permanent A+ list athlete who is still playing in the NBA today is on a two week streak of having sex with different women each day who are not his significant other.

248. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 12/23 **#2**
Apparently if you are the wife of a singer or musician and you speak out against the widow, then you get doxxed by someone associated with the widow. It gets worse. The unknown person has been posting photos of the children of those speaking out. I'm guessing it is an older family member related to the widow. Vicky (Chris) Karayiannis

249. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 12/23 **#3**
You know that serial cheating foreign born A- list mostly movie actor who finally got busted cheating with the B+ list actress? Yeah, that a-hole. Anyway, he is cheating on the actress with some random retail clerk he recently met. Let us not lose sight of the fact, he is still married too. Ewan McGregor/Mary Elizabeth Winstead

250. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 12/23 **#4**
This foreign born one named singer who tried to make a little holiday music for the first time was spotted doing lines of coke. Guess that sobriety thing went away. She had a lot of years being sober. Sia

251. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 12/24 **#1**
It looks like this foreign born openly gay director/actor got his Christmas wish. He was seen arm in arm with this closeted foreign born A- list mostly movie actor who pretty much seems to only be that superhero movie character now and for the next couple of years.

252. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 12/24 **#2**
That married disgraced producer is spending a great deal of money to make sure he has nightly female companionship. He has spending upwards of several thousand dollars a day. Harvey Weinstein

253. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 12/24 **#3**
The wife of this disgraced politician has been raising a lot of eyebrows the past month. The wife of that foreign born A++ list criminal has been a frequent visitor at her home. Huma Abedin (Anthony Weiner)/Emma Coronel Aispuro (Joaquín "El Chapo" Guzmán)

254. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 12/24 **#4**
This former A+ list tweener actress is now an A-/B+ list singer and thankfully rarely acts any longer. She shared some Christmas cheer by getting into a fight with a woman she suspects of sleeping with her A-/B+ list actor boyfriend. Apparently none if it was the actor's fault? It isn't like she left the actor or anything or that he has never cheated before. Miley Cyrus/Liam Hemsworth

255. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 12/25 **#1**
This permanent B list mostly movie actress from an acting family is also a celebrity offspring of someone as famous as she and has celebrity offspring. Apparently as a Christmas gift every year she hires a guy for a night. Nothing over 21 for her thanks. Melanie Griffith

256. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 12/25 **#2**
This A list singer/soon to be reality star spent her holiday weekend like she does most holidays. Doing line after line of coke at a string of bars and clubs where she tells sad tales of her childhood. Katy Perry ("American Idol")

257. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 12/25 **#3**
This current A list singer who seems like an overnight success and is everywhere right now already has divatude in full effect. While playing a show out of the country this weekend, the singer hired a local makeup artist. First, the singer showed up three hours late to meet the makeup artist. When our singer finally did show up she was wasted and yelling and screaming at everyone. The makeup artist left without doing the makeup and our singer performed in a big pair of sunglasses and then had the nerve to blast the makeup artist.
Cardi B

258. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 12/25 **#4**
This supporting act from a now defunct very hit pay cable show that is iconic, pulled the ultimate "rat" move by disclosing information, ignoring his NDA, throwing fellow cast under the bus, and ultimately sending the show's creator into a ballistic tirade. The entire cast really were a "family" and acted as such, but this actor thought he was bigger than he was. He demanded his own trailer, posters made of his face (none of which he got) and made huge demands. To top it all off, with the known secrecy demanded, which all the cast was in alignment with, he brought onto a 'closed" secretive set, a known gossip columnist and Mafia princess. In turn he was thrown off the set, written off the show in the most ridiculous way and has really not been heard from since. The rest of the cast, including the shows creator cannot stand him. Recently however, he made his directorial debut, and none of the other cast from the past show showed up to support him. His directorial debut bombed and was awful. Federico Castelluccio (Furio Guinta "The Sopranos")/David Chase/Victoria Gotti
(New York Post)

259. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 12/26 **#1**
Don't believe the hype. As much as her publicists are trying to make it happen, these two once long ago co-stars who are both A- list and foreign born are not dating. She is totally not his type. She has never played the PR game before, but that career is going downhill fast. Emma Watson/Robert Pattinson

260. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 12/26 **#2**
Asking this A/A+ list mostly movie actress to actually do something about diversity which would cause her any kind of personal sacrifice or backbone is not going to happen. She is always working behind the scenes to hire friends of hers rather than anyone of color. Jessica Chastain

261. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 12/26 **#3**
This is like Scientology redux. During "counseling sessions" with his celebrity congregants, I'm guessing they don't know they are being recorded. All of those confessions from life are going to be used against them for more money at some point. "Hillsong" Justin Bieber/Selena Gomez (Hillsong Church)

262. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 12/26 **#4**
She has been on multiple reality shows, but is most well known for the one involving her pious family not named Duggar. They all like to pretend she is remaining chaste until marriage and has not already had two abortions. You know, because they speak out against them all the time. Sadie Robertson ("Duck Dynasty")

263. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 12/26 **#5**
This initialed B+ list singer has always been a huge diva and a big pain to work with. This is all despite her young age. It is one reason she has not moved higher up the ladder. Anyway, she has a B+ list athlete boyfriend who I think she thinks makes more money than he actually does. It might explain why she went crazy on him in a store last week while Christmas shopping. She wanted something in the $5K range and he was more in the $500 range. Becky G/Sebastian Lletget

264. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 12/26 **#6**
Our favorite former stripper turned celebrity turned reality star turned celebrity let a porn shoot/coke party be filmed in her house while at least one of her kids was in the house. Blac Chyna

265. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 12/26 **#7**
This A- list mostly television actor had his recent network show canceled because of his a-hole behavior. Hasn't stopped him at all. He had a recent hookup sign a NDA. Then, after sex when he kicked her out and said she was worthless he reminded her about the NDA and told her to f**k off. So, yeah, a real winner. Jeremy Piven ("Wisdom of the Crowd")

266. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 12/26 **#8**
Door To Door Cease & Desist: It is one thing to get a nasty little cease and desist letter from an attorney which you toss into the trash or hit the delete button on your e-mail. It is quite another when you are visited at home by several gentlemen who show you they are armed before having a discussion with you about things you post on the internet. Three times in the past month, the owners of websites have been visited by this group who make it very clear that no matter how true a certain story is about a former A+ list child actor (don't even guess anyone named Corey), that these stories can't be published. Yes, he saw deaths. Yes, he saw things that he speaks about because he is trying not to use drugs and instead communicate his feelings. Why do you think he lived overseas for so long? Why do you think he feared certain family members? Apparently his new girlfriend also wants him talking about his past. This will not end well for anyone. You don't think a junkie can have an overdose? Yeah, ask how that has worked out for celebrity drug addicts the past year. It is amazing how fast the website owners pull down anything about him. No one wants a visit from those guys with guns.
Macaulay Culkin

267. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 12/26 **#9**
This former A+ list talk show host/B list mostly movie actress is not only self-medicating, she is also mixing her prescription pills and drinking a ton of wine with them. Rehab needs to be before the end of the year. Rosie O’Donnell

268. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 12/26 **#10**
This former A+ list singer who comes from a singing family is always on the edge financially. Apparently she and the smarmy A- list reality star with a penchant for barely legal teens and vodka are joining together in some nightclub investment Ponzi type scheme. Toni Braxton/Scott Disick

269. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 12/26 **#11**
I wonder sometimes if the boyfriend of this sometime actress knows about all the times her boyfriend has caught the B+ singer sister of the actress naked. It seems like the B+ list singer is always showering when the boyfriend comes over. Dallas Lovato (Mike Manning)/Demi Lovato

270. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 12/26 **#12**
The Fix Was In: Last week I wrote about a candidate who felt like they needed to kill to keep their secrets. Actually, not even to keep secrets so much as to keep secrets of others. It turns out that close to that same period in time there was another killing, a double homicide actually, that was set up and paid for by another candidate. The double murder was lost in a wave of murders in this city that has seen many thousands of murders since these double homicides. How easy it was to just not investigate that one too thoroughly and before you know it there were hundreds of others much more newsworthy to push those two of the front page. A mother of one of the victims has tried to speak out. Each time she does, reporters are sent tips en masse from unknown accounts that she is crazy and shouldn't be believed. They mention her 5150 hold like it was from the day before rather than decades ago. Back in the day when this candidate was an unknown he would run around town with this very connected politician/celebrity who moved in very high circles. How high? He and that A+ lister who always seems to turn up in these blinds have been best buddies forever. Anyway, our candidate and his friend would cruise gay nightclubs almost every happy hour. It was a cheap way to eat and drink and they could meet lots of willing men. Each of them found someone who they liked more than the others. A few years later, it would be those two men who were found dead. It was more the celebrity/politician who found the person to commit the murder than our candidate. He didn't spare any expense and hired the best. The problem was the double murder was perfect. Execution style hit. No robbery, and no motive. Neither had connections to drugs or gangs and the killings were just too slick. The thing is though, if you hire someone less experienced, they start talking and get busted and then start talking about people who hired them. Better to have some questions about motive down the road than someone in custody singing like a canary. There is another celebrity involved in all of this. An A- list dual threat actor who can currently be seen on a fairly hit network show. When he had an opportunity to get close to the candidate after the murders, he started hearing whispers. His mistake was going to the candidate and asking him about it. Well, the candidate was already a winner and wanted to be a winner again, so the next thing you know he pushes the actor out of his life for good. To make all of this look more like a conspiracy theory, a person is hired who is obviously a little off and who is always willing to do anything for money. They discredit the guy who doesn't care since he has been paid and everyone just goes on to the next thing and forgets all the evidence staring directly them in the face.
City: Chicago
Candidate: President Barack Obama
Politician/celebrity: Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel

A+ lister: David Geffen
A- list dual threat actor/hit network show: Terrence Howard ("Empire")

271. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 12/27 **#1**
I think it was pretty interesting that this foreign born closeted A+ list athlete in his corner of the sporting world trash talked a relative for their sexuality choices when our athlete goes from beard to beard. Lewis Hamilton (criticized nephew for wearing "princess dress")

272. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 12/27 **#2**
This A+/A list alliteration pro football player has had some off the field issues. Apparently those issues, have not so far included the women he hooks up with teammates and takes a cut from what they pay the women. Ezekiel Elliott

273. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 12/27 **#3**
KINDNESS: This A-/B+ list actress/singer who is an Academy Award winner/nominee was celebrating her new legal drinking while in a hotel bar. There was a couple waiting there until their room was ready. Apparently they were on a baby moon. Our actress got their name and then paid for them to be upgraded to the biggest suite in the hotel. The couple had no idea the person they were talking to was even an actress. In fact, they only found out her first name and later the hotel told them her last name. Our actress dropped about $20K to make it happen. Hailee Steinfeld (in Hawaii)

274. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 12/27 **#4**
This long time A list sitcom actor has branched sometimes into movies under a certain tree, but his sweet spot is network television where he is now. I'm actually shocked with as much sex with women other than his wife while on set, that he has not been called out in this recent environment. Kevin James ("Kevin Can Wait")/Steffiana de la Cruz/Adam Sandler movies

275. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 12/27 **#5**
All those meds, the rape she suffered at the hands of a family member still in her life on a daily basis and her significant other cheating on her almost everyday, is what is going to be the death of this MTV reality star. Catelynn Lowell/Tyler Baltierra

276. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 12/27 **#6**
This foreign born actor used to be an A list mostly movie actor. Right now he is stuck in indie land. Added to his problems is he has never come out even though everyone knows he is gay. He had a fling with a recent male co-star and has been hiding him while he tries to get back together with his B+ list actress beard ex for some much needed publicity. Hayden Christensen/Rachel Bilson

277. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 12/27 **#7**
This A list superhero has been hiding his secret sex life and possible pregnant one night stand. Apparently this B+ list actress found out all about it. She is a bit of a talker so the next thing you know, the superhero starts dating her again. Chris Evans/Jenny Slate

278. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 12/27 **#8**
Award Season Killer: This A list mostly movie actor from an acting family should have been a Golden Globe nominee for best actor. He should be a shoo in for an Oscar nomination. The thing is though, he has an A+ list mostly movie actor/producer doing everything in his power to talk smack about the actor behind the scenes. This A+ list actor lost out to roles to the A lister back in the day and thinks the A list actor had something to do with it. Nope. The A+ list actor is just a crap actor and was not the first choice. Part of the issue apparently also deals with an A+ list mostly movie actress who the A+ list actor once pursued for years. She rebuffed him but not the A list actor. Fast forward to the present and the A+ lister is in a position of power. He was also upset that his movie about a subject close in proximity to the movie at question with the A lister got the short shrift because the A lister's acting and movie was better. So, what to do? Try to convince as many people as possible not to nominate the A list actor for anything.
A list actor/movie: Jake Gyllenhaal ("Stronger"/surviving the 2013 Boston Marathon bombing)
A+ list actor: Mark Wahlberg ("Patriots Day"/story of the 2013 Boston Marathon bombing and the aftermath)
A+ list actress: Reese Witherspoon

279. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 12/27 **#9**
There is some bad blood going on right now and some palace intrigue. Apparently with the recent holiday traditions, this most popular female royal is under the impression that the highest ranking royal doesn't like her. It all stems from something she was not allowed to do, but the new soon to be royal was. She would be wrong though. She needs to look at the person next to her in bed who told her for years she wasn't allowed simply because he wanted to keep his options open in the event he found someone more to his liking.
Most popular female royal: Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge (Prince William, Duke of Cambridge)
Highest ranking royal: Queen Elizabeth II
New soon to be royal: Meghan Markle (engaged to Prince Harry)
Holiday tradition:
(only married couples invited to Sandringham)
(Only married couples are invited to Sandringham for Christmas (Meghan Markle attended this year)

280. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 12/27 **#10**
Sticking with the royal theme from the last blind, there is more to tell. That divorced royal couple has apparently been living together for the past several years. Apparently this couple is extremely hopeful that the person in the most ill of health in the family passes away soon. There are multiple reasons for this horrible wish. It is that person who has kept the female in the divorced couple away from public events. It is also that person who has refused to reinstate allowances for the children of the couple. That person is of the belief that the children should be working. The divorced male in the relationship has been threatening that the kids will start earning money doing reality television and other untoward things if the allowances are not reinstated.
Divorced royal couple: Prince Andrew, Duke of York/Sarah (Fergie), Duchess of York

Children: Princess Beatrice of York and Princess Eugenie of York

Person in the most ill of health: Prince Philip (why the Queen always forgives Andrew's blunders)

281. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 12/27 **#11**
The mother of the latest baby is already being pushed to the background by this foreign born permanent barely closeted A+ list athlete who is back to spending every weekend with his athlete boyfriend. Cristiano Ronaldo (Georgina Rodriguez)/Badr Hari

282. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 12/27 **#12**
This married east coast Housewife has a date this NYE with a man who is not her husband. Teresa Giudice (Joe) ("Real Housewives of New Jersey")

283. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 12/27 **#13**
The Arsenal: When you think of celebrities, you rarely think of them as having an arsenal of guns at their disposal. Combine that with an orgasmic love of firing them any time anywhere and a fantasy of making a real life snuff film and you have the subject of our blind today. I bet you thought the subject of our blind is male. Nope. She is a B list director and a celebrity offspring of a permanent A lister. Back in the day when she was a college student, she bought one gun. Apparently she liked showing it off to people and would randomly fire it during parties. The next thing anyone knew, she had dozens of guns. Most people would probably keep their guns locked away in a safe or out of reach to visitors. Not our offspring. She kept them all under her bed and all of them always loaded. When she would have parties at the apartment her father bought her, you were almost guaranteed to see her fire one of them. Yes. Inside. If anyone complained, her dad would write a check and the problem would go away. He was always making her problems go away. One problem that even he would not be able to go away is her real life fantasy. Apparently she has always wanted to make a snuff film. A real snuff film and has described in detail how she would get away with it and convince the audience it was just f/x. There is a script she keeps trying to get made that would be a snuff film, but that would involve a real death. At some point she is going to get it made. Right now it is in the form of a limited series type of event. When you see it made, you really should ask yourself if it is an actor that gets shot in the movie or if it is someone else who was killed.
Adria Petty/Tom Petty

284. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 12/28 **#1**
At this point, this B list wannabe model/celebrity offspring of a celebrity you all kind of think you know because of one really important thing should just charge by the hour. She bailed on one gig involving a foreign born A/A- lister for a two night payday that is going to jeopardize the other payday. She is also going to shoot pictures to try and be a feature yachter come May in the Med. Hailey Baldwin (Stephen)/Shawn Mendes/nightlife entrepreneur David Grutman

285. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 12/28 **#2**
This one named A- list rapper pays three or four women at a time to be nannies for his kid(s). Sounds legit. The thing is though, they all used to be strippers and his very young kid(s) seem to be in the middle of everything when there is a party. One of the worst celebrity parents. Future
(Future Takes His Kids To Disneyland)

286. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 12/28 **#3**
Earlier this year, this one named permanent A list icon publicly offered to house displaced people. She made a very big deal about it. Apparently an organization got in touch with her people and said they had about a dozen families that could use help. The icon went radio silent on them and never helped anyone. Cher ("Dreamers")

287. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 12/28 **#4**
Kindness????: This A- list rapper/reality star who is still desperate to change his name is still married as far as I know. Anyway, he recently dropped low five figures on a group of women. No, not a strip club. He helped the single moms buy gifts for their kids. That is nice right? Probably felt he was one upped by Amber Rose and her boyfriend so got into the act. The ???? at the top are because someone asked him why he was doing it and he said it was a great way to pick up women. T.I.

288. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 12/28 **#5**
Usually when you hear a singer give some kind of crazy health excuse for not going on tour or performing a show it means rehab. Hey, I will be the first to admit this B+ list singer who is way more popular than she probably should be thanks to a family member likes her booze almost as much as me. A lot of the increase in her booze though has been the disastrous marriage she entered into not all that long ago. She probably knows if she goes, he will cheat. You can't really say that publicly, so you give a health excuse.
Solange/Alan Ferguson (she stuck with the marriage for about another year after this blind)

289. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 12/28 **#6**
This foreign born one named permanent A list singer doesn't seem at all worried about all those vacations with the family on the coast of France. You know, the ones where he would hit on the friends of his kids. Lots of touching and offering to rub lotion, etc. He was a known lecher/groper, but probably will get away with it because that country doesn't seem to be doing anything similar to this country about the problem. At some point they will and he will probably not feel so smug. Bono

290. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 12/28 **#7**
Unless you are actually in the movie exhibition business you probably don't know there are a bunch of different awards they hand out. One of them is a big love fest between studios and the exhibitors that gets a lot of attention. The rest? Not so much. The king of all these awards for years has been this diminutive permanent A list mostly movie actor who is an Academy Award winner/nominee. He is a long way away from the years when he really tried to do acting. Now, he is all about the money and franchise movies. Anyway, if you give him an award and pay him some money he will show up so he probably gets dozens of these awards every year from around the globe. The exhibitors love to have him show up. Tom Cruise

291. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 12/28 **#8**
This actor has been A list for just about four decades. He has been in at least four big franchises that I can recall off the top of my head. Easily one of the biggest box office stars dollar wise ever. Back in the day he went through relationship after relationship because of all his cheating. His current wife has stuck with him through it all because she still thinks he will change. Not likely. He rarely has sex with other women now, but uses his influence to get certain things done. For instance, in his most recent bomb, he had several scenes written in which made no sense and had no chance of ever making the movie. He knew that. The director knew that. The producers and studio knew that. All of the scenes were sex scenes. Not only did he get to audition with the women but the actresses chosen had to go through four hours each of these no chance of getting in the film sex scenes. Of course, they had no idea they were not going to get included, so probably wonder why they ended up on the cutting room floor. Harrison Ford/Calista Flockhart ("Blade Runner 2049")

292. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 12/28 **#9**
Another royal one for you. That new bride is going to be offered something for her wedding to wear that is an original so to speak. It wasn't offered to the most recent big bride in that huge wedding. This would be huge. Meghan Markle (Spencer tiara that Diana wore on her wedding day)

293. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 12/28 **#10**
This foreign born A list celebrity chef is about to see his food empire crumble to the ground unless he gets a cash infusion. His last loan, from a foreign born permanent A list celebrity has not been paid back which has caused a rift between the pair. Gordon Ramsey/David Beckham

294. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 12/28 **#11**
This old, foreign born permanent A++ list singer/musician got absolutely hammered at a party this past week and played versions of some of his most massive hits. Apparently he made all the versions R to X rated. Absolutely everyone loved it and no idea he had those versions in his head. Paul McCartney

295. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 12/28 **#12**
Apparently the boyfriend of this A list celebrity offspring (solely A list because of the parent rather than anything she has done) was told to hit the road because he was spilling a lot of information to the press that was passed along to him by his offspring girlfriend. Tiffany Trump/Ross Mechanic

296. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 12/28 **#13**
Soul Of Death: In the late 1950's there were a string of serial killings in a large Midwestern city. They never were "solved." At the time, the police had no suspects and the victims were all prostitutes. They were mostly high school aged. The victims had one other thing in common. They all had been runaways so had no family locally. At the time, there was no suspect for the police to chase and with relatives of the murdered distant in miles or uncaring, they were moved to a cold case file. About a decade later, there were two other prostitutes killed in similar fashion as to the victims in the late 1950's. This time the police had a suspect. The problem was for them, the suspect was an A list singer. A singer who had powerful friends behind him who were all making a lot of money because of the singing. A huge sum of money was paid to certain police officers and city officials. The singer was never charged, let alone questioned by police. When that happened, the singer stopped his killing for a number of years. Later in his life, the pattern emerged again. Always desperate for drugs, he would pay for prostitutes and then send them out for drugs. When they came back with the drugs, he would beat them. A few times, under the influence of drugs, he would take it too far and they ended up dead. Again, nothing was done. A couple of the women who survived the beatings and heard rumors that others were killed, tried to say something and report the now icon to the police but, instead, would be arrested on drug charges and told to let it go or they would face long jail sentences.
Marvin Gaye

297. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 12/29 **#1**
Don't believe the hype. Yes, this A list mogul/wannabe rapper is deep in the closet, but he didn't recently come out. I don't think he ever will. People can catch him with all manner of men, he just won't do it. Sean "P. Diddy" Combs

298. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 12/29 **#2**
Perhaps this one named A list rapper/producer/sexual predator/statutory raper/child molester/sometime reality star should worry that the parents of the teen he got pregnant will file a police report against him and throw him in jail for a decade instead of threatening her. He recently told her he would cut off the money he was paying her if she said anything negative about him. Umm, you raped her. She can be as negative as she wants and you should be in jail. The Game

299. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 12/29 **#3**
I don't know what kind of secrets our favorite closeted former B+ list network actor has on his old boss but it must be something good. Not only did he get a plum job out of nowhere in his former boss' new season of a show, but, despite his horrible acting in the yet unseen show, the boss is promoting his acting. The boss also got him a job in a big upcoming worldwide viewed event. An event to which, he will probably bring his long serving beard who will miss a night at home with her real boyfriend.
Actor: Darren Criss (Mia Swier)
Old boss: Ryan Murphy
Show: Andrew Cunanan/"American Crime Story"

Upcoming event: presenter at "Golden Globes"

300. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 12/29 **#4**
The once a week pattern of this bar reality star trying to pump himself up as some kind of sexual magnet is really starting to get annoying. It is probably almost as annoying to have me write about him every week. Last week he shared a story that didn't contain all the facts and again he shared a story this week where he failed to mention any misdeed on his part and again attacked a woman he previously "dated." This time around he failed to mention what she caught him doing and with whom and she freaked out. Apparently he had not previously told her he enjoyed those types of interactions with people. Jax Taylor/Stassi Schroeder ("Vanderpump Rules")

301. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 12/29 **#5**
This former tweener turned A- list singer spent most of her Christmas passed out from drugs. Getting back together with her ex is literally going to kill her and I don't think the ex cares at all. Honestly, if he got wasted enough and worked up enough, he might even pull a Star 80 situation. Selena Gomez/Justin Bieber (so glad she got out of that)

302. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 12/29 **#6**
This married A list mostly movie actress who is an Academy Award winner had the guy she is cheating with come on vacation with her and her husband. Yes, the husband knows the guy and there were two or three other people our actress and husband invited along, but still. I haven't heard of any swinging going on, but there were some freaky things she was involved in about a decade ago. Anne Hathaway (dated Raffaello Follieri who was arrested and convicted on charges of defrauding investors out of millions of dollars in a scheme, Vati-Con, in which Follieri posed as the Vatican's point man on real-estate investing)

303. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 12/29 **#7**
I don't know if they could get away with it at this point, but there are some writers and producers who would love to either replace this B+ list mostly television actress from this hit almost network non superhero show or have her character killed off. I think every person is scared there is going to be a very public meltdown and want to get ahead of it. One downside is whether it would make her co-star boyfriend upset. Honestly, I think he is always looking out for himself first so wouldn't raise a peep.
Lili Reinhart (Betty Cooper/"Riverdale")/Cole Sprouse (slams 'fans' for sharing a body-shaming)

304. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 12/29 **#8**
You Don't Want To Do That: This exiled child molester who used to disguise himself as an A-/B+ list mostly television actor with a long running hit show to his credit is set to emerge from exile and be cast in a project for the first time in years. I guess they believe his story and aren't worried about the half dozen women or so who are waiting to strike if he lands this new gig. They all share the same type experience as the one who brought him down. Stephen Collins ("7th Heaven")
 (ready to strike)

305. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 12/29 **#9**
I wonder how things would have been different if this A list superhero knew that his rapidly falling down the list B/B- list actress ex was pregnant when they split. Of course they split because he is a serial cheater. Chris Pratt/Anna Faris

306. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 12/29 **#10**
This cheating east coast Housewife was fat shaming one of her kids for the whole world to see. Teresa Giudice ("Real Housewives of New Jersey")

307. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 12/29 **#11**
This permanent A list singer from a singing family is juggling a lot of balls right now. One of those balls might fall because there is a rebel family member in need of money who will spill all about the baby. Janet Jackson
 (secret baby with James DeBarge)

308. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 12/29 **#12**
This foreign born A list mostly movie actress who is an Academy Award winner/nominee recently got into a big fight with a family member who lives with the actress. Not a significant other. Anyway, in this fight, our actress ended up getting slapped/punched in the face and eye area. She saw a doctor for it but I don't know how she convinced the doctor not to report it to the police. Charlize Theron (her mother Gerda Jacoba Aletta Maritz)

309. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 12/29 **#13**
#1 - This just about permanent B+ list mostly television actress has a hit network hit in her past. A middling almost network run and the last gasp of a cable show that didn't start there. A lot of people talk a good game or will go volunteer somewhere once a year on a holiday. Our actress is always volunteering. She doesn't stick to just one place, but can be found at homeless missions or domestic violence shelters. I have heard of her helping out at schools and Boys & Girls clubs. When she has free time, she volunteers. Connie Britton ("Friday Night Lights") ("Nashville")

#2 - This permanent A list mostly movie actor can be an a-hole. He has a very limited acting range but has made some very successful movies and of course has that long running huge franchise they keep trying to churn out new installments to. He used to be married to an A lister. I don't think this actor has ever for one second talked about any charities. Maybe in a red carpet comment of which I am not aware, but I can't think of any. Each year though, our actor writes several million dollars a year in checks and the vast majority go to funds helping first responders and their families when they have gone through a tragedy. Bruce Willis ("Die Hard") (Demi Moore)

#3 - This A- list mostly television actress had some really good luck with that long running network ensemble show. It has been kind of rocky since then, and the A- list thing is just because so many people know who she is rather than where she is. Anyway, perhaps fitting with her nature, if you are a school with a music program, she is your champion. I have seen her raise six figures in a night for programs involving singing and music. She doesn't do galas really, but she will make phone calls and send texts and e-mails and basically tell people she knows to Venmo her some money or write a check. She has probably raised $1M in the past two years and a lot of that was in small donations. Lea Michele

#4 - This foreign born permanent A list mostly movie actor also has a love of singing and dancing. With no franchise any longer due to his no longer wanting to play the character, our actor has even more time to devote to his fundraising. Our actor loves to help small theatres with their annual budgets. He generally writes $50,000 checks which is often enough to sustain a theatre for a year or two just on its own. He tries to write 20 of these checks a year and also contributes to a find he set up which he hopes by the time he dies many many years from now will fund hundreds of theatres a year without drawing down on the prinicipal. Hugh Jackman ("Wolverine")

310. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 12/30 **#1**
Whether male or female, this B list celebrity offspring of a permanent A++ lister always seems to pick the one who is going to do the most drugs with her. No exception in her latest relationship with that foreign born model/worst actress in the world. Their motto is the more coke the merrier. Paris Jackson/Cara Delevingne

311. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 12/30 **#2**
This long running movie franchise is making noise by stating a replacement for the long running male character could end up being a woman. They don't mean what they are saying though. It will be a white male again and again. They are kind of like People and all their awards. They talk it but they don't walk it. "James Bond"
(black woman)

312. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 12/30 **#3**
It looks like there might be an underage teen about to come forward to say she had sexual encounters with this A- list television actor who has been accused of predatory behavior but nothing underage. He apparently met her when he was filming outside the country. Jeremy Piven ("Mr Selfridge" filmed in the UK)

313. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 12/30 **#4**
This recent replacement on a Bravo show is getting a divorce. What she isn't mentioning is the cheating she did with a co-worker. Tracy Tutor-Maltas ("Million Dollar Listing Los Angeles")

314. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 12/31 **#1**
This permanent A list mostly television actress who has a reboot coming has been self-medicating as of late. While train wreck worthy on social media, it is very concerning for her health. Roseanne Barr

315. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 12/31 **#2**
Just like his last long term "girlfriend," this permanent A list mostly movie actor passes out his model girlfriend to people who can finance his movies. Leonardo DiCaprio (Bar Refaeli)//Camila Morrone

316. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 12/21 **#3**
This A list celebrity chef who is NOT foreign born doesn't have the cash for anything except to settle potential claims against him for child molestation. Now you know why there was a very recent transaction. Guy Fieri ("Guy’s American Kitchen & Bar" in Times Square)

317. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 12/31 **#4**
This B list actress who is a former professional beard lost out on a potential client to that celebrity offspring who is all over Miami. That is a first for the B list actress. Olivia Munn/Hailey Baldwin

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