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This A-list actress, who was at the Academy Awards on Sunday, was not drinking despite her nomination. Why? She’s pregnant.

This A- list mostly television actor who has had hits at home and abroad but is known for his pay cable role gets extremely violent when drinking. His ex says she feared for her life when he was drunk because he would break bottles and then threaten her with the shards. Jeremy Piven/Kate Nardi

This nearly octogenarian A list mostly movie actor who is an Academy Award winner/nominee has an employee who seems to only perform one task. That task is to find 18 and 19 year old women who are willing to have sex with the actor and pretend they are his daughter while doing so. Jon Voight

Hey, she is a married woman and if she wants to have sex with her husband at an event in a restroom where everyone can hear, then more power to her. It was the fact she was so wasted at the event and causing a scene that in front of everyone that made people so angry. Plus, she kept asking people to look at how big her breasts were in the dress she was wearing. She certainly has come a long way from that A-/B+ list goody goody singer from almost 20 years ago, turned reality star, turned really bad actress, turned celebrity. Jessica Simpson/Eric Johnson

Why yes, that was this closeted former A- list mostly television actor from that now defunct almost network show, turned failed network actor, out with three guy friends. Yes, it was a secret double date. The other three men are openly gay so I’m not sure what our actor is trying to still hide. Chace Crawford ("Gossip Girl") ("Blood & Oil")/with Matt McGorry and Cheyenne Jackson

This Simon Cowell ex used some of his money on a really bad plastic surgeon and looks nothing like she used to. She looks like a Maya Rudolph wax statue now. Sinitta

Good news for those of you wanting the closeted foreign born now former A list boy bander. He and his celebrity boyfriend have made up and were spotted out together in West Hollywood. Harry Styles

This foreign born A- list mostly movie actor is a multiple Academy Award winner/nominee. He should be A list but he only does well in movies no one sees. The ones that are supposed to be big he bombs in. Anyway, his wife says he treats her like a toy and only brings her out to be viewed when he needs to look good in the press. He is a master press manipulator. Eddie Redmayne/Hannah Bagshawe

The most nervous person on the red carpet at the Academy Awards the other night was this A list celebrity. He thought the press might actually ask him questions about his relationship with a female actress or out him or do something to trip him up. These are not beat reporters. No worries. They probably don’t know your secret and even if they did, they are still going to smile and throw you softballs because they just love being so close to everyone and sharing Instagram photos of their access. Anyway, the sweaty nervous mess was loving it when he got inside. Aaron Rodgers/Olivia Munn

This foreign born former A list singer has finally stumbled close to oblivion because no one wants to her skateboard angst from a 30 year old. Apparently even though she is married she has no problems discussing with others that she (her words) "only f**ks" this former kind of tween singer turned tattooed waste of space. Another husband cuckolded.
Singer: Avril Lavigne
Husband: Chad Kroeger

Tween singer: Ryan Cabrera

Tattoo Roulette

11. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 03/01 **#10**
This former A- list mostly movie actress has been around forever but she is still just in her early 40’s. She has never been able to match what she did a couple of decades ago because of personal issues and her inner demons. What she has done though is slowly have procedures done to her face over time so it looks like she has never had anything done. She looks amazing and everyone thinks she looks the same as she did two decades ago. Winona Ryder

12. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 03/01 **#11**
Filming on the next installment of this franchise is going to be tough. Two of the bigger stars in the movie used to be bff. Now? Not so much. They can’t stand each other. The thing is, both actresses probably don’t have enough juice to have the other replaced so they will have to deal with it.
Franchise: "Pitch Perfect 3"
Actresses: Anna Kendrick and Rebel Wilson

13. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 03/01 **#12**
This former Glee actor is back at it again. Being in that dark closet must be taking its toll. He went off on his fans because of something his beard told them. He probably should have got the fans’ side of the story because the beard was trolling them all and calling them losers. Darren Criss/Mia Swier

14. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 03/01 **#13**
It has been a long time since I devoted this much space to this former almost A- list mostly movie actress. In fact, I’m not sure she has ever garnered the big blind spot of the day. Sure, she has been in countless others, but this is big, even for her. A crossroads in her life. The acting went out the window a long time ago. Sure, there is the occasional effort and she will not throw away a part, but no one is in a rush to hire her. No one knows what they will get and she is not willing to lower her quote to show people she can act. To show people she can show up on time and deliver a performance. She is the one hit wonder who keeps getting second chances because she combined the publicity of a famous for being famous person with an acting resume. For the past couple of years she thought she was moving towards marriage. She was supported for several years with a monthly allowance. The big problem in all of that was despite the fact her boyfriend was married, he is very conservative. Our actress? Not so much. She loves her booze and loves her drugs. He was ok with the booze, but the drugs had to go. What to do? A bunch of minor ailments she would think of to get herself prescription pills. She could live with that. Combined with some booze and she was loving the highs. It took awhile to find the perfect balance but when she did, she was in a groove. This went on for awhile. Everything was moving forward. Then, he found someone else and she tried to win him back and did some things to embarrass him and his family. She started sleeping with his friends. He has to move her aside. So, fast forward. She was running out of money and one of his friends stepped up and took his place. The thing is, this guy, is a little more aggressive. One of his kinks is rough sex. Rough as in our actress was often left black and blue and unable to go out for several days. Not that he allows her to go out much. He prefers to keep her confined. Very nice confinement, but wants her where he can watch her. Fast forward a little bit more and our actress meets a young guy. A trust fund baby but from a foreign country. He has seen her on the big screen and can’t believe she is interested in him. Of course she is. He has a ton of money and doesn’t care what she does as long as she is faithful to him. She isn’t of course. She still has the rough sex guy to keep on the string in case the trust fund baby doesn’t work out. The trust fund baby decides our actress should meet the dad. The man with the wallet. One thing leads to another and our actress ends up sleeping with the father whenever he comes to town while at the same time sleeping with the son and the rough sex guy. Well, not all at once. Not saying she wouldn’t if the price was right, but she hasn’t. Apparently the dad of the trust fund baby is going through some financial issues. Pressured by the government of his country he might lose all of his fortune unless he starts spreading out his fortune to those with hands out. He also might end up dead. Our actress heard about that and went back full-time to the rough sex guy. The thing is, he was a little upset about her unfaithfulness and beat her to an inch of her life. So, now she is wavering. She wants the younger guy, but then he could lose his fortune and she would be without anyone. The rough sex guy would not take her back and none of his money friends would either. She would be starting from scratch. A long way from when she first came to our attention.
Actress: Lindsay Lohan
Married guy: Vikram Chatwal
Rough sex guy: Domingo Zapata
Trust fund guy: Egor Tarabasov (born in Russia)

This A+ list mostly movie actor is trying out new beards. What better than this foreign born permanent A list model. She could use the regular cash infusion and would love not having sex in return. Bradley Cooper/Naomi Campbell

Everyone knows this C+ list actor/celebrity offspring is gay, but don’t tell his parents. They would freak. This is why he finds some looking to be famous person every couple of months and splashes 50 pictures of the happy couple in a weekend. The woman disappears and the cycle repeats itself every few months for a weekend. Scott Eastwood/Ana de Armas; Patrick Schwarzenegger/Abby Champion

Despite her claims that she was a fairly prominent model in her teens, no photos exist to prove the story of the wife to this foreign born A- list dual threat actor. I think that is just what she told her clients back in the day. Sophie Hunter/Benedict Cumberbatch

The German escort this married A+ list mostly movie actor hired when he was there said he was into handcuffing her and golden showers. On her. Not on him. Channing Tatum "Hail, Caesar!" premier in Berlin

This foreign born B_ list mostly television actress is a regular on Game Of Thrones. Before an award show overseas last month she was sporting some emergency teeth after her boyfriend knocked out two in a fight. The actress went to the event solo but has said to have reconciled with her boyfriend. Natalie Dormer "BAFTA Film Gala"

Apparently this A- list Academy Award winner/nominee from an acting family has not learned his lesson about underage partners. The actor has been sexting a 16 year old and also has done everything with her other than sex. She turns 17 in a few weeks and is going to NYC for her birthday. Our actor plans on visiting her in the city and having sex with her. Then he will probably dump her when she comes back to California. James Franco

This married foreign born A- list now movie actor after his long running network show ended, has a little shack on a beach in his home country. His game is to pick up a woman and take her back to his place for sex and be back on the beach in under 45 minutes. Simon Baker "The Mentalist"/Australia

I’m not sure if he (A+ list mostly movie actor) knows what his wife is doing with her charitable contributions but she gave some money to an organization that would like to see all Jewish people exterminated and did so in both of their names. Amal Clooney (George)

This B+ list rapper with the history of violence towards women that has made it to the news, chalked up another victim to his growing ledger. A woman at a club spilled some champagne on his fur coat. She couldn’t really help it. The coat was everywhere. It is a monstrosity. He punched her in the stomach and when she bent over, grabbed her by the head and made her wipe all the champagne off his fur with her mouth. He then shoved her to the floor and told her to leave. A$AP Rocky (line of luxury fur coats)

24. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 03/02 **#10**
Apparently there is someone who is willing to cheat on this foreign born B list mostly movie actress who stars in an upcoming monster box office hit. Her boyfriend cheated on her with this married foreign born A- list mostly movie actress who is an Academy Award winner/nominee.
B list movie actress: Margot Robbie
Monster box office hit: "Suicide Squad"
Boyfriend: Tom Ackerley/"The Brothers Grimsby" (second second assistant director)
A- list movie actress: Penélope Cruz (starring in "The Brothers Grimsby"

25. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 03/02 **#11**
This foreign born A- list runway model turned actress in a bomb and huge Academy Award winner wants her A+ list reality star girlfriend with a side job to come out. What our foreign born model wants, she always gets.
A- list runway model: Abbey Lee Kershaw
Bomb: "Gods of Egypt"
Academy Award winner: "Mad Max: Fury Road"
A+ list reality star girlfriend: Kendall Jenner

26. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 03/02 **#12**
This part-time east coast Housewife has been banned from a designer’s future fashion shows after she was busted openly doing lines of coke at his most recent show.

27. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 03/01 **#13**
This C list celebrity used to be B list. She is definitely in a celebrity family where each person tries to be famous. Plus, there is that name. Anyway, apparently her still newlywed husband makes her sleep in a guest wing of the house so he can have his overnight flings share the master bedroom. Nicky Hilton Rothschild (James)

28. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 03/02 **#14**
When I first heard this, it reminded me of The Director’s wife. A woman who would go to any lengths not for her career, but that of her significant other. This model is foreign born. A+ list. Not A+ list like back in the day A+ list super models, but the kind of A+ list you see now in the Victoria’s Secret world. He is much older than our model. They met when she was still underage and they started hooking up right away. He is in the business too but is barely even known. What fame and fortune he does have is because of her. When they first met, he was probably at his peak. When he started not getting the jobs he had previously landed, he started making deals. Hire me and you can have my model girlfriend. Yes, the same one you see half naked all over the internet, At first she was reluctant, but now it has almost become a part of her life. She meets with the guys who can get her significant other work and spends a few hours with them and he lands a job he would never get otherwise. At this point, he has moved up the ladder in his profession to something that requires money men. They LOVED getting t spend time with the model and now the significant other is turning into a huge player. All because he pimped out the model. Candice Swanepoel/Hermann Nicoli

This A-list actor has been on-and-off with his wife of over ten years, but I’ve been told that they’re now off for good, and they will be moving forward with a divorce. Some interesting dirt may emerge in the proceedings, possibly involving some other big name actors. Exciting times if you love relationship gossip. James McAvoy

Apparently this former A- list singer turned reality star turned a little bit of everything, has her celebrity boyfriend so wrapped around her finger that he does everything she asks even when she is spending a couple of days with another man paying her for her services. Nicole Scherzinger/Grigor Dimitrov (Bulgarian professional tennis player)

After starting on a show you all love, this B+ list mostly television actor finally got a network show to stick after a long run of failures. Kind of like his first marriage. That ended in a hail of cheating. He cheats constantly on his current wife with whatever extra will sleep with him that week, but the wife doesn’t seem to care. Scott Foley ("Felicity") ("Scandal") (Jennifer Garner first wife)

It is a good thing his family has millions because this what looks like now former football player with A list name recognition has been spending five figures a week in coke and hookers. Oh, wait, the women he has been with don’t like to be called hookers. They are just women who expect a gift at the end of the night or week and like to pretend they got it modeling for social media and tax purposes. Johnny Manziel (Cleveland Browns) (and then last week photos of his coke use were revealed) (family became wealthy through the Texas petroleum industry)

The mistresses of this A+ list rapper/mogul are dropping like flies. The latest one to lash out is this A+ list singer who is in a war with her boss/former lover over her music and her drug use and her commitment to working. He better not push too hard because she has enough money to live a very long time and she knows some of the very big secrets. The ones the wife doesn’t know.
A+ list singer: Rihanna
A+ rapper/boss/former lover: Jay Z
Wife: Beyoncé

Even though this former actress started her new business with her female lover, you would think her celebrity husband would want to be behind it 100%. Not so much. Jessica Biel (Justin Timberlake)/"Au Fudge" restaurant

This A- list comedian who is more known for his talk show now, scrubbed an interview slanted against a religious organization because our comedian has an issue he would not like released publicly. The organization plans to use it if the comedian ever thinks about going down that road again.

This married long time A list morning talk show host is tired of his employer trying to decide which employees he can and can’t sleep with so wants to move to a more relaxed environment to cheat in peace. The thing is though, none of those places are going to pay him what he earns now. So, maybe he should be faithful, or not have sex with employees of the company where he works. Matt Lauer "Today"

This former A- list mostly movie actress had a franchise not that long ago. She gave that up before she had to because she thought she was a huge star. Turns out, she was the same as everyone else. She finally caught a big break after a few years of struggling but is boozing her way right back out of the business.
Actress: Kirsten Dunst
Franchise" "Spiderman"
Big break: "Fargo"

This B+ list mostly television actress has been working steadily for almost three decades. I can’t believe it has been that long since her big break. Anyway, she has run through some big hits, some network, some pay cable. She has tried with her own shows, but they have failed. Now she is on a couple of shows and sleeping with co-stars on each show. Married ones. OK, well one of them is in the process of getting a divorce.
Actress: Chloe Sevigny
Big break: "Kids"
Big hits: "Boys Don't Cry"; "American Psycho"
TV: "Big Love", "Those Who Kill"; "Portlandia"; "Hit & Miss"
Current shows: "American Horror Story" and "Bloodline"

39. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 03/03 **#10**
This foreign born B-/C+ list barely legal actress who also models, let fly with a bunch of obscenities a couple of weeks ago at an event. The reason? She feels like this B list mostly movie actress who moonlights in pay cable but is known for who she married, is trying to sabotage the career of the younger actress. Apparently after the two worked together on a movie bomb, the younger one is having trouble getting work and blames it on the older actress.
B-/C+ actress/model: Odeya Rush
B list movie actress: Katie Holmes (Tom Cruise) ("Ray Donovan")
Movie: "The Giver"

Event: Zac Posen - Front Row - Fall 2016 New York Fashion Week

40. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 03/03 **#11**
This foreign born permanent A+ list singer in a group was pretty open about showing off his long long long time sometime hookup who is a foreign born permanent A list model who also has a significant other. Bono/Helena Christensen (Edun - Front Row - Fall 2016 New York Fashion Week)

41. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 03/03 **#12**
This B list mostly television actress is on a hit almost television show after a long long absence from anything. Anyway, at an event this past week, she would not remove her scarf despite sweltering heat inside the venue. I mean she was Val Kilmering that scarf. Apparently she had rope burns around her neck from a sex game.

42. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 03/03 **#13**
These two co-stars are both foreign born. They are on a hit show that is not seen everywhere. Kind of a syndicated thing. They both have various side projects and they both have cheated while working on their side projects. A divorce is coming. Soon.
Wife: Anna Paquin ("Roots")
Husband: Stephen Moyer ("The Bastard Executioner"; "Detour"; "Juveniles"
Hit show: "True Blood" (HBO, now on Amazon)

43. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 03/03 **#14**
I think it kind of shocked the world a little bit when this couple married. They are still technically married, but I don’t know if anyone has seen them together in forever. He has sex with groupies and does heroin 24/7 and she has sex with random people while trying to stay clean. He is a foreign born singer in a former A list band. They still exist, but not so much A list any longer. She is a foreign born former A list singer. She apparently still sings, but no one is going to admit they listen or want to have their friends see her songs in their playlist. They are definitely an odd couple. The thing is, she has always been a partier. Some say she is a succubus. She has led more than one guy down a total path of drug destruction. She enjoys hard drugs but makes the guys she is with use even more than she does. She shared a love of heroin with the guy she married. Prior to her, he had only snorted it a few times. She only snorts but managed to talk him into shooting it up so she could watch. The same thing she did to at least two other guys, one of whom is dead, and one of whom nearly died. She likes to see them get strung out. I guess it is a fetish of hers. It’s pretty sick. Meanwhile, she will snort some and loves it, but mainly focused on booze and other drugs. Her main issue recently has been coke. She destroyed her nose from coke, but like she says, a new nose is better than shooting up heroin. Even though she is trying to straighten out her life, she encourages her new guy to use and also her still husband. Apparently she would like all of his money if he should die from a drug overdose.
A list singer: Avril Lavigne
A list singer husband: Chad Kroeger
Former husband: Deryck Whibley
New guy: Ryan Cabrera

44. POPBITCH 03/03
Which Brit fashion designer lived up to every expectation at London Fashion Week with her monstrous behaviour? Not content with making her unpaid interns work from 10am to 1am, she chose to publicly tear strips off one impertinent helper who attempted to eat a cookie in that 13 hour shift. Apparently the snack wasted "valuable sewing time". Vivienne Westwood

This B-list actor has a plan to secure his place on the A-list again. After several artistic pieces flopped in recent years, he’s reversed his outlook on life and decided he’ll no longer be seeking roles for anything other than commercial purposes. Ryan Gosling

46. NY POST/PAGE SIX 03/03
1. Which star won’t leave the house without $12,000 of hair and makeup, even though she’s broke? Teresa Giudice ‘Real Housewives of New Jersey"

2. Which publicist is leveraging her A-list client with the entertainment shows? Producers say they have to offer coverage for her "shampoo [brand] and s?-?-?tty clients," otherwise they are told they’ll never get an interview with the A-lister.
Publicist: Leslie Sloane Zelnik
Actress: Katie Holmes
Hair product: Alterna

3. Which athlete at the top of his game is also playing both teams in his private life? Sources say that the athlete is scoring with both men and women, but hasn’t let his teammates in on the secret. Odell Beckham Jr. "New York Giants"

This foreign born B+ list mostly television actor only gets that high because of the long running network show he starred on for many years which is still beloved by every woman who ever watched it, despite the premise of the show. He has a girlfriend, but has been seeing an actress everyone also loves who is from the same country. She was recently burned in this kind of relationship so wants to make sure he will actually stop seeing his girlfriend before she is willing to go public. Taylor Kitsch "Friday Night Lights"/Rachel McAdams (Ryan Gosling)

Sometime within the past year I told you about the A list television actress from the hit show back in the day who turned into an A list mostly movie director and how lung cancer is killing her. Apparently things have taken a turn for the worse and she is selling her homes and is moving into a hospice facility. There is also talk of converting one of her smaller homes into a home hospice. Penny Marshall

The teen who is a former Disney star continues to roll out the gay boyfriend in an attempt to make the world think it is love. For such a young age, she is great at sleight of hand. While everyone is looking at them as the happy couple, she is actually hooking up with a very very wealthy studio owner. He is married, but she doesn’t care because the gifts and parts keep coming. Very expensive gifts. Some say he didn’t wait until she turned 18. Others say he didn’t even wait until she turned 17. Bella Thorne/Gregg Sulkin/Harvey Weinstein

This foreign born A- list model who I dislike didn’t let the fact that her top kept falling down, keep her from doing lines of coke at a Paris Fashion Week party. Each time she bent over her breasts would fall out of her top and she would stand up, clear her nose and then put her top back in place. Gigi Hadid

People in the music industry are trying to help out this permanent A list living legend earn some bucks. The thing is, the celebrity offspring of a permanent A lister is in ill health and the drug use has taken its toll. She has been unable to record anything that is usable for the project. Liza Minnelli (Judy Garland)

This former B+ list tweener actress who has a much higher name recognition because of the controversy that surrounded her a few years back is moving to Canada. You know, to be close to filming and to her boyfriend. Won’t she be surprised to see the pregnant "former" girlfriend of the boyfriend. Maybe she should have held off selling all her property until she spent some time up there with him first. Jennette McCurdy/Jesse Carere ("Between" filmed in Toronto) (house for sale)

This foreign born A- list mostly movie actress who is all movies since her last tv show went under a couple of years ago, has had a rough year. Some boyfriend issues with the boyfriend everyone loves, to a little prescription pill problem. The thing is, when she goes through a pill time in her life she doesn’t shower or take care of herself at all. She just throws on some clothes and a lot of perfume. There are times when she goes weeks without showering. Diane Kruger/Joshua Jackson

This shows you just how much he cares. After hooking up with Rita Ora one night, this foreign born A- list mostly movie actor was at an event and thought he spotted Rita and went and started talking to her. It was like a bad sitcom. He started talking about the sex and what a great time he had and blah blah blah. He was actually talking to a strangely named singer from the same country who doesn’t really look much like Rita. Apparently the actor only saw Rita at night and with hotel blackout curtain light. When the actor realized his mistake, he tried to hit on the singer. She said yes. Rita Ora/Charli XCX (Gerard Butler)

This Arrow actress no one likes was at a Fashion Week party and started talking about this guy she hooked up with a few times. It is the now ex of this former tweener. No big deal. They have been done for awhile. The thing is though, our actress should have stopped talking when she realized the former tweener was present. Nope. Kept talking and lets just say there are some timeline issues on a couple of times they hooked up. Katie Cassidy/Hilary Duff (Mike Comrie)

56. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 03/04 **#10**
This former tweener actress before there was such a term went through a period of not doing much. She then bombed on a network show just for her before latching on to a franchise made for tv thing. Hey, it pays the bills, but not for long if this married mom spends all her appearance money on coke. Goodness, she has not lost her touch. Best way to stay skinny she always said. Well, that and bulimia. A combo always worked best for her. Alyssa Milano ("Mistresses") ("Project Runway All Stars")

57. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 03/04 **#11**
You wouldn’t probably guess it by looking, but this Modern Family actress is a big donor to conservative causes and is against gay marriage. Julie Bowen

58. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 03/04 **#12**
This stylist turned reality star turned failed designer went off on this B list skinny actress. Not as skinny as the designer, because lets face it, unless your name is Giuliana, that is not going to happen. The actress would not stop talking during an event and our celebrity just went off on a foul mouthed rant. For the first time in forever, people actually liked her for something. Rachel Zoe/Kate Bosworth

59. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 03/04 **#13**
This celebrity offspring of a permanent A++ lister is not even 18 yet but is hooking up with the 40 something year old man who keeps her supplied with drugs. The last person he dealt to around her age died of an overdose. Paris Jackson (Michael)

60. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 03/04 **#14**
When I read the news that tennis legend Bud Collins has passed away, I recalled the one and only time I met the guy. It was during one of those mindless tennis tournaments that go on between the Grand Slams. Just another week with 32 tennis players hoping to pick up a few bucks in the middle of nowhere. It was just a quick hello and moving on. He took the time to say hi to everyone who recognized him from television and he autographed a pair of pants for a guy that only someone like Bud would like. Nothing of note really happened that week, but a few weeks later, tennis, or at least one player would be front and center in my life for about a week. The crazy thing about this tennis player is that she was one of the top ranked women in the world when this happened back in the day and is still one of the top ranked women in the world. I’m too lazy to look but I don’t think she was 21 when this happened. Maybe just a shade under. I was at the tournament trying to make contacts and do some networking. I had been given free tickets and some hospitality passes. You know what hospitality passes mean? Free booze. So, yeah, I was there. One of the things you got to also do with these passes was go to an event that featured a lot of the tennis players before the week of play actually started. It was a thank you to the sponsors and an opportunity for them to get up close and personal with the players and for me to get not only free booze, but also free food. Win win. I remember that Jennifer Capriati was there and this was the year of her comeback, maybe the year after. I know they drug tested back then, but she was jacked up on something. Seriously. Like a thousand miles per hour. It was the roadrunner for two straight hours. Plus, she talked that fast too. She was a whirlwind. I was watching it all happen from the bar. Have I told you how much I love open bars? Never see me more than ten feet from one because if you get too far away, someone pushes their way in. People love free booze. One of the tennis players walks up and orders a drink. Not just any drink, but whiskey. Well, hello new friend. As I said, I don’t think she was old enough to drink, but no one was going to card. I was just shocked that she would be drinking whiskey when she presumably had to play the next day. I told her I admired her taste and I thought she was going to do that whole why is this creepy looking dude talking to me about whiskey and how can I get out of this gracefully in case he is a reporter look. Instead, I got a smile and witnessed her slam it down in one shot before ordering another. She then questioned my manliness because I was still drinking my drink. Well, I couldn’t have that and the next thing you know we each had five or six shots. This was someone who was in the top 5 in the world. Hammering back shots the night before she was supposed to play. It turns out the player she was going against the next day withdrew with an injury. My guess is my drinking buddy paid her $10K to withdraw. It was way more than she was going to earn getting waxed by Miss Whiskey. After we had our shots, she said farewell and I thought that would be it. A couple of days later I was sitting in the stands during the middle of the day and someone hits me in the back of the head. I turn around and it is her. She has this huge smile on her face and says, lets go. She drags me to some player area and we have some food and drink, although this time she did stick to water. She had to play that night. We get to talking and she says her boyfriend is coming that night and would I mind taking one of her friends and making it a double date because she is not sure if she is going to break up with the guy (foreign born B- list tennis player at the time and nothing now) and wanted some people with her. I say fine. She says to come by her hotel that night about 7. I get there and she opens the door in a bra and shorts. On the bed is a guy who is definitely not the tennis player boyfriend. Nope. As I found out later it is a foreign born at the time B- list golfer who moved to A+ and still has A list name recognition. Surprise. Apparently he was not supposed to be in town but turned up when he missed a cut. She decides she is going to break up with the tennis player, but is scared so proceeds to have about five shots before we go, leaving the golfer behind. We get to dinner and my "date" is with me and our tennis player has four more drinks before the food comes and then has a bunch of wine with dinner and is just hammered. Wasted. In a restaurant. Surrounded by other diners. She then grabs this wine bucket and pukes in the bucket before getting up to go to the bathroom. As she gets up and is helped by my "date," she turns to the tennis player and tells him they are breaking up and that she is "f**king" someone else. She leaves and now it is just me and this guy I just met. Nice. She never came back to the table. The good news is he paid.
Female tennis player: Martina Hingis
Tennis player boyfriend: Magnus Norman
Golfer boyfriend: Sergio Garcia

A REAL HOUSEWIFE OF NYC intern has taken to social media to slam her former boss and reveal exactly what it is life to work for this Real Housewife. The assistant – who has asked to not be identified at the moment – tells NAUGHTY GOSSIP. "Yesterday for the fourth time I quit my (non paying) job in a very public way after almost three years. I’d been asked to remove a Tweet where I stated that I have given a lot of my energy and attention to my work even at times where I wasn’t able. Recently my employer, someone who I will always care about and root for has over the last few months, questioned my credibility (despite fighting with someone who questioned it before, and mentioning my qualifications on television), failed to give me feedback or response to a website I was building for her – which by the way I’m not qualified to do – and plenty more. She reduced me to tears on more than one occasion, has been incredibly rude, selfish and insensitive – and I stayed quiet. She has bullied those who have been incredibly supportive to her, screaming, yelling. And she lies. She lied about me and revealed a very private element of my life on TV for no reason at all. I put it more delicately to her the first three times I resigned. She doesn’t believe it nor does she understand any of the above even with proof. She professes she has no time. But she’s had time for NYFW, mini holidays, hitting the Hamptons in a private helicopter so it started to get to me when I could not move forward on the website after 4 months and she clearly had time. My time is valuable too. Whatever I do with it. After asking me to remove posts where I spoke of working for her while ill, at family occasions, at 3 or 4am in the morning she got angry. But I will not be censored anymore. To do so is to deny myself self respect and to ignore the love and support of my family who know what it’s been like for me. I’m 30. I’m getting on. I can’t nor won’t put up with shit like this. That job was not my calling but I took it in the hope of making good professional contacts. People have been very supportive although I was called fame hungry by one person. I’ve seen ‘fame’ up close. I don’t want a shred of it. It’s not real, it’s generally pointless and it commands a great deal of hypocrisy. Today I woke up feeling better than I have for a long time and that wasn’t just because House of Cards dropped at 8:01 this morning. I was finally able to say what it’s been like. And a weight has been lifted from my chest. And I want to thank all the people who told me to quit and apologise to them for not listening sooner. And to those who want my old job, I wish you the best of luck but never give up your time or self respect or take shit from anyone. I leave you with a quote from Ms Kathy Bates which is now my mantra: "Do no harm. Take no shit." Sonja Morgan "Real Housewives of New York City"

It looks like the girlfriend of this former Harry Potter star finally got tired of his constant cheating and broke off their very long term relationship. They have had breaks in the past because of it, but this appears permanent. Tom Felton ("Draco Malfoy")/Jade Olivia (since February 2008)

In exchange for a little money laundering, this B+ list reality star with an addiction problem was plied with booze, drugs and 18 year old women while meeting with this celebrity sex offender/child molester. Scott Disick/Joe Francis

Don’t believe the message trying to be sent from the PR people of Empire. Everyone hates one of the brothers. No one wants him there and can’t wait for him to leave. The entitlement is through the roof for a guy who is lucky but thinks of himself as Mariah Carey in his divatude. Trai Byers ("Andre Lyon")

This A+ list mostly movie actress who is an Academy Award winner/nominee/frequent tripper, was overheard telling friends she has not had sex in eight months. One of the friends said they could fix that right now. Our actress said, "I’m not looking for any dick. I’m looking for good dick." Yeah, well she had that and then screwed the guy over. Jennifer Lawrence/PROBABLY: Nicholas Hoult

There she was, way out in the middle of nowhere with no one in sight for miles. This was just not going to do for this married former B+ list mostly television actress from a hit almost network show who now does "meh" movies. Her husband is a foreign born A+ list mostly movie actor. Our actress made some calls to her people who had paps come out from over 100 miles away to take photos for the actress. Our actress loves it and then has the nerve to go on social media and ask for privacy for her family. Blake Lively/Ryan Reynolds (while filming "The Shallows" in Australia)

This now A- list rapper who will always think of himself as A++ list hit the front row of a fashion show wearing women’s clothes. You wouldn’t know it by looking, but they were.
Kanye West

Apparently this celebrity only because of who she had kids with is going to have another child. The drug addict is in rehab and pregnant. Nice. Kate Major/Michael Lohan

I don’t know if it was ex sex or just a one time reunion, but this weekend, this foreign born B+ list actress who has dated that foreign born B+ list mostly television actor we all love forever was hooking up with another guy.
Diane Kruger/Joshua Jackson

This A+ list mostly movie actress who is an Academy Award winner/nominee has been boozing and popping pills lately like crazy. Not a good combination. The good news is she has been hanging out with people who would be shocked to see her doing coke so she has stopped that for now.

Apparently this A+ list mostly movie actor who is an Academy Award winner/nominee has decided to be less discreet when it comes to his companionship. Not open, but less discreet. He took home some women who identify as women, but are still pre-op. They are extremely well known around higher end venues for providing fun at a cost. Our actor didn’t seem to mind that everyone knew they were going with him. Leonardo DiCaprio

This model turned bad actress is not getting much help parenting wise from her celebrity baby daddy. He has freaked out that he is a father and is hooking up with people right and left. Brooklyn Decker/Andy Roddick

This former A+ list tweener turned B+ list mostly movie actor is filming his new movie. Watching him like a hawk is the man who has always pulled the strings of the actor when it comes to drugs and booze and pleasure. Our actor has had to pay homage a few times in the past two weeks, but has so far abstained from all temptation. Looks like the puppet master might need to find some new puppets. Zac Efron ("Baywatch" filming in Miami)/Gianluca Vacchi (vacationing in Miami)

Speaking of former tweeners, this former High School Musical actress is begging Disney to put her in the reboot and to give her a spin off from the movie into her own Disney show. Our actress always vowed to stay away from the role that made her famous but she has been one big crash and burn in roles since the show ended.
Ashley Tisdale/"High School Musical 4"

The wife of this A+ list mostly movie actor who is an Academy Award winner/nominee doesn’t approve of his extra curricular activities with his male celebrity friend so our wife now stays far far away when our actor is having his fun. Amal Clooney/George Clooney/Rande Gerber

The lesser known modeling daughter of these two barely there celebrities has spent almost $100K to get her look how she likes it. She has spent far more on her looks than she has earned in her modeling career. She is also one of the most insecure people you will meet which is why she allows her celebrity boyfriend to walk all over her and do what he wants and she keeps taking him back. Bella Hadid (Mohamed Hadid and Yolanda Hadid Foster (The Weeknd)

One model says she was told that if she wanted to have sex with this troubled athlete she also had to have sex with this troubled reality star. Apparently this was a common theme this weekend. So much sharing. Johnny Manziel/Scott Disick

Lots of drama and tension in this family right now. This B+/A- list mostly movie actor from an acting family where A- does not get you the highest listing, has split from his wife who is in an acting family. Well, she split from him. Apparently cheating runs in the family. Casey Affleck (brother Ben)/Summer Phoenix (brothers Joaquin and River Phoenix, sisters Rain and Liberty)

79. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 03/07 **#10**
That now off the air network hit based on a movie franchise saw this married star hook up with his co-star. That has been written about here before. Apparently though, our actor also hooked up with another co-star until the other co-star replaced her in his affections. She was not pleased.
Show: "Hannibal"
Married star: Mads Mikkelsen
Co-star: Gillian Anderson
Other co-star: Caroline Dhavernas

80. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 03/07 **#11**
This A list mogul/reality star/celebrity is having trouble finding women to play his lets pretend to be my girlfriend game so he is recycling one from awhile ago. Calls it true love. The one that got away. Uh huh. Ryan Seacrest/Shana Wall

81. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 03/07 **#12**
This B+ list celebrity chef is still hooking up with the married magazine publisher and he keeps stringing her along. Someday she might get her own magazine. Doubtful though. Katie Lee/Jason Binn

82. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 03/07 **#13**
Back In The Day/Old Hollywood: This star has faded somewhat. His career spanned decades — TV, films, nightclubs mostly. He has sung in the past but is not really remembered as a serious recording artist. Along with his famous A+ friends, he used to take to the stage and entertain people. He was an internationally famous star. So a charitable organization in Toronto decided it would ask this comedian to perform on stage to raise money for a charity. The multi-talented star demanded $50,000 for one night, and the charity agreed. A date was set. Tickets sold out in no time. A chauffeur, was hired to go to the airport and pick up the living legend, and so he did. Now, it was well known that this living legend had a long-time battle with alcoholism, and on this night, alcohol seemed to be winning. The chauffeur arrived at the airport in plenty of time and drove to the gate where he was told to go. He parked, and waited in the driver’s seat, just as he was supposed to. The private jet pulled in to where the limousine was waiting. The jet’s door opened. Time passed. No one came out of the jet. More minutes passed. The driver double-checked. Was he at the right gate? Should he stand outside the limousine? Maybe he should’ve made a sign — after all, perhaps another celebrity was arriving, and he’d gone to the wrong place to pick him up. More time passed. People went into the jet, and they came out flustered, panicky even. But the star did not emerge. On the tarmac, there was increasing agitation. The concert was scheduled for eight o’clock pm, and it was now past dinnertime. Some important-looking airport personnel were scurrying back and forth, going in and out of the plane. The star had not emerged. Maybe he was sick… or worse. THEN ANOTHER LIMO pulled into the area and parked right alongside the other limo. And to his "shock and awe," two mob guys emerged and stormed into the plane. By now, the driver was chilled to the bone and just wanted to get out of there with his passenger and none of the mob guys. More mob guys emerged from the neighboring limo. The ones from the plane met the new arrivals on the tarmac. instead of all getting into their limo, they got into the one driven by the scared driver. "He’s drunker than f—," said one. "Drunk? That don’t even BEGIN to describe it. He’s three sheets to the f–king wind," said another. This went on for a minute or two, and then the senior mob guy said, "I don’ care who this (BLEEP) is, I don’t care where he comes from. But we paid this (——-) fifty f–king grand to come down here and perform, and if he isn’t there on time, he ain’t goin’ home." "Take him outta the plane and go to the hotel. Try and sober him up. He’d better put on a show." Finally — this was after seven p.m., a couple of mob guys carried the A+ lister out of the plane and dumped him in the limo and joined the A+ lister in the limo. Not only did the star sober up, he actually "snapped out of it" and proceeded to give that audience the best three-hour show of their lives. He was funny. He sang songs. He told stories and chatted with the audience members. They loved it. The charity event raised a lot of money for their sick kids and everyone was happy. Jerry Lewis

I had a conversation with a friend and regular source today about an upcoming TV show. It’s got a talented B-list star to top line and has credible staff behind it, but my friends tell me it’s unnerving how much they’re attempting to replicate Breaking Bad, to the point the creative are immersing themselves in episodes to decide the tone and look of the series. Let’s just hope it’s the Family Guy to The Simpsons, not the Coupling to Friends. Jason Bateman/"Ozark"

This actress, who is only an actress by the grace of a family member, was allowed to cut everything writers wrote for her in a recent appearance on a hit pay cable show and write the whole thing herself. She then had a few choice words to the writers about how to write. Not well liked. Nope.
Grace Dunham (Lena’s sister - "Girls")

This oft troubled comedian who has been oft troubled again this past month is so broke he is stealing drugs from dealers. Yeah, that will get you killed. Katt Williams

This former A list rapper turned sometime actor/sometime jail resident/sometime reality star is selling off the presents he and his wife received after a recent event held in their honor.
T.I. and Tameka "Tiny" Harris  (baby shower)

The love could be gone for this foreign born A-/B+ list mostly movie actor who was the star of that franchise. His celebrity girlfriend has been bailing on big events and that fake engagement ring she used to wear, she no longer wears. He never took the hint she wanted him to take and now there is nothing left for either. Robert Pattinson ("Twilight")/FKA Twigs

This foreign born permanent A list model has decided her child is old enough to watch when mom snorts lines of coke. I’m dreading when the drug dealing boyfriend makes a move on the child. Kate Moss (Nikolai Von Bismarck)/Lila Grace Moss Hack

This foreign born now former boy band member is trading drugs for a woman to act as his beard. Yeah, I’m sure she will stay quiet about the whole thing. You can always trust a drug addict to stay quiet. Niall Horan ("One Direction")/Jessica Serfaty

Apparently this A+ list rapper/mogul shoved his celebrity wife when they started arguing. Her bodyguard stepped in and took a punch to the gut but didn’t back down. This is what is so crazy about this couple. An hour later they were all smiles at a public event. Cassie/Sean "P Diddy" Combs

This former B list mostly television actress who was in that long running almost network show before picking up a nice little gig on a cable show wants fame. Not the kind of drib and drab recurring character hell she is in now, but massive fame. She wants to have a sex tape, but can’t get her husband to go along. She wants to split with him just so she can make a sex tape. That is how thirsty she is.

This former singer turned actor is married. He is also hooking up with someone who basically plays his daughter on the show where he currently stars. It’s probably ok. His wife is not exactly known for being faithful.
Actor: Donnie Wahlberg
Wife: Jenny McCarthy
Show: "Blue Bloods"
Co-star: Sami Gayle (she plays his niece Nicole "Nicky" Reagan-Boyle)

93. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 03/08 **#10**
You would think with all the issues in her past, that this east coast Housewife would know better. Asking to be paid in cash at an appearance is going to get a lot of people talking. Teresa Giudice "Real Housewives of New Jersey"

94. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 03/08 **#11**
Apparently the photos and texts that this former singer turned wallflower has of her A list mogul/wannabe rapper boyfriend got her some points. And some cash. And some respect. She isn’t afraid to use them so the boyfriend caved. Cassie Ventura/Sean "P. Diddy" Combs (Premiere Of Lionsgate's "The Perfect Match")

95. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 03/08 **#12**
KINDNESS: This former A+ list athlete who was A++++ list in his corner of the athletic world, was out in front of an office building waiting for a meeting and doing what he does best. Some kids were watching him and asked him some questions and he spent an hour with them even though his meeting started without him. At the end he got their addresses and mailed them each about $1000 worth of stuff plus a personal note. Tony Hawk (skateboarder)

96. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 03/08 **#13**
It is not like she has not done it before. I’m constantly amazed at the number of men who do not Google this celebrity before they get involved with her. She used to be an A list celebrity and she certainly charges A list fees for her services. Her better days are probably behind her. Sure, she has revenue streams but without those huge headline names in her corner and putting her in tabloids every day, the business is more about what used to be. You know, kind of like when you go into a place and they have 20 year old photos of people who once guest starred on a Love Boat episode. That might be good enough for middle America for now, but not for long and on the coasts, forget about it. Anyway, as is her custom, our celebrity managed to snag a rich guy. This one happened to be married. A few kids. A great career. Fabulous career. A couple of million coming in each year plus bonuses. Our celebrity came flying in on him after being introduced at a cocktail party. The wife was there. Our celebrity gets his number from another party goer. One year later, the guy has given our celebrity $10M in what he thinks are loans, but was really just the price he paid to star f**k. His wife and kids are gone. He lost his job because he would go running after the celebrity whenever she called. He still thinks she loves him. Nope. She is already on to her next victim. She met him at a charity event. He has lots more money. She might even marry this one. Make it all look legal when she rips him off. Tracy Anderson

This A-list model is a living legend in the industry and she had some very choice words for two new A-list models on the Victoria’s Secret catwalk. She didn’t like how facetious they were being backstage, especially because she didn’t think they’d truly paid their dues. She told them to sort out their attitudes and snap into shape, or she would talk with the bookers about any future events they’d be working with her. Funny, usually press and speculation follows these two new A-list models everywhere, but there’s not been much leaked information from behind-the-scenes of modeling events since then. You don’t get on the bad side of a legend. Not Gisele.
A-list legend: Stephanie Seymour
Two new A-list models: Kendall Jenner and Gigi Hadid

A fun, quick little blind that went down after the Oscars… It happened at one of the best annual after-after parties, where the top tier ends up after Vanity Fair. She decided to celebrate on shrooms. And she wasn’t selfish with her shrooms. She wanted to share her shrooms. She wanted to share her shrooms with the girl who claims to be all about sharing. So, hilariously, with shrooms in hand, she walks up to her potential new shroom partner and offered up her shrooms. I want you to picture this. The perfect crew standing around being tall and skinny and flawless, interrupted by a hippy with a trophy and a handful of caps. Now imagine their faces when they declined. She floated away, uninjured, already high from her night anyway.
"schrooms" hippy: Jenny Beavan
Perfect crew: Taylor Swift, Lorde, Jaime King, Selena Gomez, Hailee Steinfeld

It’s not hard to attract A-list actors to a superhero flick. It’s high exposure and usually quite a bit of cash, too. This superhero flick, however, struggled to attract anyone of note. 90% of the people they offered it too turned it down. It has a forgettable, by rote script and an underwhelming lead. Some are already comparing it to 2011’s The Green Lantern. "Spider-Man"/Tom Holland and Zendaya

100. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 03/09 **#1**
The former girlfriend of the closeted B+ list mostly movie actress from that franchise has been threatening to kill herself out of grief over the breakup. As I told you previously, our actress found new love in a hurry when she was recently filming a movie outside the country. Kristen Stewart/Alicia Carlyle/Soko

101. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 03/09 **#2**
It might be what she believes, but the recent manifesto posted by this A+ list reality star was not written by her. There was also some behind the scenes arm twisting with some actresses who have some secrets they didn’t wish to be revealed. So, Satan said a few words and they supported the reality star even though one of the actresses just referred to the reality star as a horrible bitch to some friends just a couple of weeks ago.
A+ list reality star: Kim Kardashian
Satan: Kanye West
Actresses: Ariel Winter, Rowan Blanchard, Emily Ratajkowski, Demi Lovato, Amber Rose, Abigail Breslin, Bella Thorne

102. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 03/09 **#3**
A new show and new clubs and new 20 something women to harass. The thing is though, because of his new show, this B+ list mostly movie actor is actually getting some of them to go home with now instead of complaining and having him tossed out. Cuba Gooding Jr. (playing O. J. Simpson on "American Crime Story")

103. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 03/09 **#4**
Once her current movie wraps, this foreign born B+ list mostly movie actress from a huge in the past franchise thought she would have lots of roles being offered. Nope. No one wants to hire her. She says she is taking a break, but the big studios have basically blackballed her because they don’t want her out doing press for any of their movies. Emma Watson ("Harry Potter")

104. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 03/09 **#5**
Don’t believe the hype. This former A++ list singer, who also acted back in the day is not bailing her tour because of scheduling, she is bailing because no one is buying tickets. When you are a former A+ lister you don’t want to play places that are not even half full. Hey, at least she didn’t go with the now popular vocal injury. That way you can still go out. Exhaustion or other excuses makes you look bad when you go out. Janet Jackson

105. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 03/09 **#6**
When you are broke and your girlfriend is also your bank who you owe a ton of money to, then you have to do what she says. This B list rapper had to cancel a show because his reality star girlfriend made him just to show him who has got the power and money. Apparently she also has a video of him he would hate to see released or leaked. Tyga/Kylie Jenner

106. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 03/09 **#7**
This closeted A+ list mostly movie actor was far more interested in this foreign born closeted A+ list athlete than in his model/actress "girlfriend" at an event this week. The actor was falling over himself to try and get to know the athlete. Bradley Cooper (Irina Shayk)/Lewis Hamilton ("L'Oreal Red Obsession Party")

107. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 03/09 **#8**
This B- list actor says he is getting married again. This time to his long suffering girlfriend who is still super young. I wonder if she knows that he has been hooking up with his foreign born actress ex. They ran into each other and spent the next six hours together at lunch and then an apartment she has here in LA. Ryan Phillippe/Paulina Slagter/Abbie Cornish

108. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 03/09 **#9**
This A- list mostly television actor on a hit almost television show is an Academy Award winner/nominee. Apparently, our closeted actor has a routine when he hooks up with a guy. The actor has a bag that has a razor and shaving cream and some cologne the actor likes. The guy is then told to shave his body hair and put on the cologne before joining the actor. Kevin Spacey "House of Cards"

109. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 03/09 **#10**
Who knew that people sat around comparing cocaine. Apparently this still A+ list singer and her new coke using bff who is an A-/B+ list singer with a bad attitude, did just that when they got together a few weeks ago. As they did lines of coke, they shared their best and worst coke stories. Katy Perry/Ariana Grande

110. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 03/09 **#11**
This A list singer/musician who has been in two permanent A list bands and his wife hooked up with this former tweener actress turned A-/B+ list singer who did not invite her actor boyfriend.
A list singer/musician: Dave Grohl (Jordyn Blum)
Bands: "Nirvana" and "Foo Fighters"
Former tweener: Demi Lovato
Actor boyfriend: Wilmer Valderrama

111. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 03/09 **#12**
A lot of complaints from press and event organizers about this foreign born A-/B+ list comic actress. While promoting her most recent movie she was showing up drunk and being rude to people. She trashed a hotel room in Berlin. Not something you really expect from her. Kristen Wiig "Zoolander 2" (although she was born in U.S.)

112. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 03/09 **#13**
This reality star from a very long running MTV franchise with multiple casts has battled drug addiction for years. Often it has been a very public battle. Until five or six months ago, our reality star had been fighting the good fight. Drugs were off the menu. Sure, there was some booze and some wild drunken nights, but she stayed away from what nearly brought her down last time. She was at bottom. Literally rock bottom. She bounced back and was doing really well. Then, she went through some very big personal issues and decided to go see a therapist. That therapist prescribed some anti-anxiety medication. Apparently it is non habit forming, but our reality star decided the pills were not working so was referred to another doctor by someone she thinks she can trust. This doctor prescribed her something that is addictive. Very addictive. It definitely reduced the anxiety levels of our star but now she is upping her dosage and is fairly incoherent for the greater part of each day. The person closest to her likes her that way because it allows that person to control her even more. The pills are making our star more dependent. She has also started mixing the pills with booze which has caused some big issues with work commitments that she has been forced to skip. She does not have an unending money stream and it is quickly vanishing. That person closest to her is racking up huge bills and recently just spent $25K of our star’s money in one check. When the money dries up, the person closest to her will vanish leaving our star another huge drug addled hole to try and climb out of. Ruthie Alcaide "Real World: Hawaii" (production runner assistant on TV mini-series "Autographs"); Trishelle Cannatella "Real World: Las Vegas"

113. PEREZ HILTON 03/10
What hunky movie star is taking so much Human Growth Hormone that those close to him are concerned he's "really overdoing it?" The actor recently bulked up for a new role that requires a lot of shirtlessness but it probably would have been healthier to do it naturally! Zac Efron "Baywatch"

114. THE GOSSIP LIFE 03/10
This A-list teen star has slammed others for slut shaming and mean girl behaviour in the past, but The Gossip Life learned that she is considered by many to be even worse; she’s cruel, rude and just plain nasty to you. Bella Thorne

115. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 03/10 **#1**
This former Glee actress just got a book deal. Yeah, I don’t know why either. Someone probably wants to sleep with her. Anyway, she is going to talk about the cheating the biggest star on the show did on her "beloved" boyfriend. Oh, and also out at least two actors from the show. Our actress wants to make a splash.

"Glee" actress: Naya Rivera (book due to be released in 2016)
Biggest star: Lea Michele
"beloved" boyfriend: Cory Monteith
Outed actors: Matthew Morrison and Darren Criss

116. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 03/10 **#2**
This closeted B+ list mostly movie actress who is an EGO nominee/winner recently got into a huge fight with her girlfriend. Apparently our actress wants to adopt a child or two, but do it under her own name. The girlfriend would not be on the application. Queen Latifah (Eboni Nichols)

117. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 03/10 **#3**
This wannabe reality star sold her soul and allegiance to the other side. The thing is, she thinks she is going to become a reality star. Nope. They just wanted her silence so are making promises to her just like that guy who used to be married to the A++ list singer. They just all use her and she never learns.

Wannabe: Amber Rose
Guy married to A++ list singer: Nick Cannon (Mariah Carey)

Allegiance: Defended Kim Kardashian’s nude selfie

118. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 03/10 **#4**
Something that this A list Academy Award winning actor does not usually tell all the women he sleeps with each week, is that he has a permanent side piece up in wine country. Apparently she is pregnant with his child too. Sean Penn

119. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 03/10 **#5**
This upcoming movie was supposed to be released this year. It stars three Academy Award winners. The movie is awful. The cast and the director were more interested in seeing how many women they could have sex with everyday rather than making a good movie. It is awful.
Movie: "Suicide Squad"
Academy Award winners: Ben Affleck, Jared Leto, Common
Director: David Ayer
Movie: "Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice"
Academy Award winners: Ben Affleck, Jeremy Irons, Holly Hunter
Director: Zack Snyder
Movie: "Money Monster"
Academy Award winners: George Clooney, Julia Roberts, Jodie Foster
Director: Jodie Foster

120. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 03/10 **#6**
A man is selling a story to the tabloids that says he has a multi year relationship with this closeted married A list musician/singer who likes to portray himself as a ladies man. He has a big hit on the charts right now. Keith Urban (Nicole Kidman)/"Break On Me"; Tim McGraw (Faith Hill)/"Humble and Kind"

121. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 03/10 **#7**
This Teen Mom not named Jenelle or Farrah has an account on a sugar daddy website. The photos are of a friend who is always on the show with the Teen Mom. Apparently our Teen Mom is super broke and has been taking gifts for a couple of months from men she meets on the site. One man she really likes and she has been stalking him at his business and his church. He is married. Leah Messer Calvert

122. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 03/10 **#8**
She is not technically foreign born, but this multiple Academy Award winner/nominee actress might as well have been. She is starring in something that is not really her usual forte. The stress is causing her to rethink her medications which is never a good idea for her. She can be pretty unstable unless she is medicated. Saoirse Ronan (born in the Bronx, raised in Ireland) (nominated for "Atonement" and "Brooklyn")/Broadway show "The Crucible"; Nicole Kidman (born in Hawaii, raised in Australia)/starring in London West End play "Photography 51"

123. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 03/10 **#9**
This NBA player, who is HIV+, still likes to pretend he is suffering from other health issues. Chris Bosh ("Miami Heat")

124. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 03/10 **#10**
This network reality judge was forced out of her job because of her out of control drug use. Not Julianne Hough. Mary Murphy "So You Think You Can Dance"

125. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 03/10 **#11**
Hey, this actress is learning how the publicity game is played. With a new movie coming out and her last starring vehicle a bomb, what better way to get yourself trending than to fake a relationship. A sure to have everyone talking relationship.

Actress: Actress: Chloë Grace Moretz
Movie bomb: "The 5th Wave"
New movie: "Neighbors 2: Sorority Rising"

Fake relationship: soccer superstar Neymar

126. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 03/10 **#12**
This foreign born B+ list mostly movie actress is being considered for the lead in a rebooted franchise to go with her other franchise. It is all talk at this point and her people are trying to delay things so she will be able to pass a required drug test. Daisy Ridley ("Star Wars: Episode VII - The Force Awakens") ("Tomb Raider" reboot)

127. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 03/10 **#13**
This actress has been quiet of late in public. A B list mostly movie actress, who sees herself as an A lister within two years is ruthless when it comes to accumulating wealth and fame. A few years ago when she was in the throes of a never ending drug addiction, it looked as if she would be dead within a year or two – a footnote in acting history. Now though, with her drug use controlled, she is on the rise. Since marrying well above herself on the list, our actress has controlled the fortune of her husband. Replacing people close to her husband with those loyal to her. The money in her own bank accounts increased and she did rise a touch in the fame department, but she wanted more. A two pronged approach. She would continue her casting couch prowess whether it be male or female and land herself some huge roles. She actually got herself a lead, but the movie was atrocious. She then made a bold move. She went after this very good looking, very in shape, very married B+ list actor who was tapped to play a huge role in a huge movie. She made sure she was in his face and under his face and anywhere else she needed to be. She made sure he was in her corner when she went after a part in his movie. A big part. A franchise part. A career role and a chance at A listerdom. So, when one of the producers she was sleeping with suggested her for the role, the actor was on board. The producer had no idea she had covered her bases and was also sleeping with the actor. He thought the actor would say no. So, fame was covered. A great role covered. Money was her next object and it turns out she is even better at that than casting couch antics. Her husband is in big demand. He has an agent and manager and people. They are supposed to get him parts. They do. Our actress though started taking meetings with companies from outside the US who wanted him for a movie or even commercials. She promised access. In return she charges a fee. Anywhere from $50K for him to hear their commercial pitch to $250K to have him read their movie script. The thing is though, he never sees or hears about any of these. She takes the money and runs. A lot of money. She has several meetings per month and makes more per month than she ever made on any project in which she has acted. When the investors ask if they are moving forward, she always says he is considering it or turns them down. She prefers the term considering it because often times she can get another fee from the investors to make sure he really sees how important he is to their project.
Actress: Amber Heard
Husband: Johnny Depp
Movie: "Aquaman"
Actor: Jason Momoa (wife: Lisa Bonet)
Producer: Zack Snyder

128. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 03/11 **#1**
This model/sometime reality star who can be very petty and is always controversial, was laying down the law with a couple of her people. She is ticked off that she is not getting more deals right now in her condition and that the offers are insulting. Apparently she thinks she is someone magazines and companies should be paying top dollar for. She isn’t. Just because you are married to someone famous does not mean people want you endorsing their products or on covers of magazines. Chrissy Teigen (pregnant)/John Legend

129. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 03/11 **#2**
This former naked celebrity turned reality star, turned porn star, turned reality star, rarely wears clothes in front of her children and has no issues with them looking at her porn. Kendra Wilkinson (posed nude in "Playboy") ("The Girls Next Door") (sex tape when she was 18) ("Kendra On Top")

130. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 03/11 **#3**
At this point even the tabloids know something is up with this former A list singer in a group and solo. She tries way to hard to convince people she was the victim in her divorce. She loved the initial wave of publicity and support headed her way so keeps trying to play the same record. By now, she has been busted on her timeline and no one wants to hear about it any more. Gwen Stefani/Gavin Rossdale/Blake Shelton

131. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 03/11 **#4**
This B+ list mostly movie actress who is an Academy Award winner/nominee in an acting family has several scars along the tops of her thighs. Apparently she used to be a huge cutter. Judging by the scars, the "used to" was not that long ago. Rooney Mara

132. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 03/11 **#5**
This married A+ list mostly movie actor who is an Academy Award winner has always been the quiet cheater while his friend has been more public about his indiscretions. Our quiet actor has been seeing someone regularly for quite some time and something has to give. There are too many people who know now and he either needs to break it off or break it off with his wife. Matt Damon (friend: Ben Affleck)

133. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 03/11 **#6**
This A+ list singer was the main reason this foreign born B+ list singer split from her long time boyfriend. Our closeted A+ lister has been chasing the B+ lister for quite some time and strong armed the B+ lister to get rid of the guy. It was pretty brutal the lengths the A+ lister went to. Taylor Swift/Lorde/James Lowe or Taylor Swift/Ellie Goulding/Dougie Poynter

134. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 03/11 **#7**
This record/clothing mogul who was the person who beat the path for others to follow, has kept his latest girlfriend well over three months. Apparently she does anything he asks without hesitation. Anything. No complaints and is just happy to be along for the ride. Usually it is a week and done for the guy, but maybe she has a chance to be the second woman to land him. Russell Simmons (former wife: Kimora Lee Simmons)/Australian model Lucy McIntosh

135. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 03/11 **#8**
I’m not sure what this former A list singer sees in this B+ list musician from a B+ list band who think they are better than they are. The guy is a sweaty drunken coke addled mess who left his wife when the cheating was about to be exposed. The guy brags about the sex he has with his girlfriend and how it was even better when he was married. Patrick Carney ("The Black Keys") and Michelle Branch

136. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 03/11 **#9**
This B- list mostly television actor is so in the closet there are closets barricading the other closets. The thing is though, his beard is going to have to work extra hard this weekend after a radio host almost outed the actor. The host might have known now that I think about what was said. It is pretty close.

137. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 03/11 **#10**
This closeted A list rapper has never been much into sports. That is, until this closeted A list NFL athlete started wearing some of the rapper’s stuff. The rapper is a big fan and has been trying to get the athlete to hang out. And by hang out.. Kanye West

138. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 03/11 **#11**
This B- list singer you have never heard of unless you are into tweener girl groups got kicked out of a party because she said something racist. Not new for her. What is surprising though is that relationship she has with the A+ list singer who must know and doesn’t seem to care. Interesting. Like minds? Camila Cabello ("Fifth Harmony)/Taylor Swift

139. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 03/11 **#12**
The head of this record label was introduced to this two hit wonder now and asked in front of the singer to the A&R person if there was anything that could be done about the hair color or outfit or weight of the singer. Just went on and on. The A&R person was really embarrassed and the singer just walked away. Meghan Trainor

140. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 03/11 **#13**
This actress/model is foreign born. She is probably B- list. I am only giving her that high of a listing because when you see her last name, you say, "Oh yeah, wasn’t she in______." Unfortunately for her, the former model turned actress has been in nothing memorable or lasting since. She does work steadily. Even through most of her pregnancy because she only gained a few pounds. Immediately after giving birth she was right back at work. The official line is that her baby is the product of her relationship with her significant other. The real story is a little more complicated. There are two stories. They both involve brothers. The question is, whether it is the future leader of her home country that is the father or his celebrity brother. It is leaning toward the celebrity brother who cheats on his girlfriend all the time. Both would be a scandal in her country and to some extent here too.

141. THE GOSSIP LIFE 03/11
People aren’t going to be happy about this one, but an A-list Producer is trying to make a new superhero movie in the works as… agenda-ridden as possible. It’s going to have a diverse cast for the sake of diversity. It’s going to have progressive messages. It’ll be interesting as hell to see how people react and I know exactly why the producer is doing it, but I’ll reveal that at a much later date. "Captain Marvel"; "Spider-Man"

142. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 03/12 **#1**
This A list singer who is part of an A list duo says he is straight. He does admit to having fantasies about guys. No problem. What is strange though is that one of the guys he fantasizes about is this former A+ list tweener who is so homophobic the word was invented for him. Macklemore/Justin Bieber

143. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 03/12 **#2**
This Italian soccer star is not at the same level as that A++ lister who plays in Europe. So, it is probably not a good idea for your naked pics from a gay pickup site to be splashed all over. The A++ lister would never be cut, but our Italian will be. WARNING: NUDE PHOTO Fabio Ceravolo ("Ternana") WARNING: NUDE PHOTO/Cristiano Ronaldo ("Real Madrid")

144. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 03/12 **#3**
This foreign born singer is probably B-. As a writer though she is pretty much A list. No, this is not about Sia. She would be much higher on the singing part of this. Anyway, this singer/songwriter was the reason one musician split from his celebrity/reality star/awful singer wife. That is not the reason I am writing, although it does make for a good blind on its own. Apparently this A+ list singer had a song written for her by our foreign born singer. It went Number one on about 20 charts around the world and sold millions of copies. The song was a duet. One of the singers in the duet bought our foreign singer/songwriter a $100K car. The A+ list singer? She has never bothered to meet the writer or say thanks or even acknowledge someone else wrote the song.

145. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 03/12 **#4**
This permanent A list aging rock star from this permanent A list band has been in and out of rehab a lot in his life. Apparently he doesn’t even bother having sex any longer with groupies. He carries a bottle of lotion and and only enjoys being serviced by hand. Do his dogs watch? Steven Tyler ("Aerosmith")

146. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 03/13 **#1**
This former A+ list singer turned A- list singer/actress likes to document her day in social media. Well, her whole day minus all the drug using and pill popping. Lady Gaga

147. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 03/13 **#2**
This foreign born closeted A+ list former boy bander is trying to make his athlete boyfriend jealous with the male celebrity he used to hook up with back in the day. Harry Styles ("One Direction")/Nick Grimshaw ("The Radio 1 Breakfast Show" and "The X Factor")/Xander Ritz (Lacrosse player)

148. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 03/13 **#3**
This three named singer from an all female musical group is headed to yacht season. Apparently the first week of May she will be the guest of someone and will be paid $500K for a week. She will probably go through that in drugs. Leigh-Anne Pinnock ("Little Mix") (putting the product out there perhaps?)

149. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 03/13 **#4**
The wife of this A- list mostly movie actor/recent pay cable star has always been one to shun the spotlight, but with our actor seemingly sleeping with every female he comes into contact with both in LA and at home, people are now whispering the couple is having lots of problems, but the actor doesn’t seem to care. He thinks his wife will put up with everything. She would if he was quiet about his extra activities, but he is being super noisy and super disrespectful. Clive Owen ("The Knick" filmed in Brooklyn, NY)/Sarah-Jane Fenton (lives in Highgate, London and Wrabness, Essex)

150. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 03/14 **#1**
This foreign born B+ list mostly television actress who is in her second big hit show for the same network is cheating on her boyfriend with her supposed to be ex. She just can’t shake the ex even in the middle of a major life event.

151. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 03/14 **#2**
This B list tv/movie actress has been married forever to the same guy. Hey, they might not have sex, but it works for her. And him. Not many A list actors have that kind of relationship with their wives. Anyway, she must be getting tired of him spending their money on guys and toys and has been siphoning money into several of her own accounts which she his hiding on several different fronts. John Travolta/Kelly Preston; Will Smith/Jada Pinkett Smith

152. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 03/14 **#3**
It is all a game for this permanent A list singer. She wants people to think she cares about what is happening in her life, but honestly, she is over it. She just loves the sympathy she gets when she shows emotion, or at least pretends to. Madonna

153. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 03/14 **#4**
I can only hope that the sudden divorce of this B+ list mostly television actor from a hit network show means he is finally about to come out of the closet. This whole marriage thing was a shocker to those who know him. Charlie Weber ("How To Get Away With Murder")

154. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 03/14 **#5**
I guess we should be happy this fairy tale actress has moved on from her married lover, at least for now. The problem is she substituted him for that cable actor on a hit show who never turns down a drink or a woman, preferably at the same time. Jennifer Morrison ("Once Upon a Time")/Norman Reedus ("The Walking Dead")
(and then he moved on to someone else who we all know)

155. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 03/14 **#6**
The crazy thing is that this rapper ex has had more sex with his ex over the past two years than she has with her boyfriend. Future/Ciara/Russell Wilson

156. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 03/14 **#7**
This A list reality star might not have had time for her fans at a recent paid event where her fans paid sometimes thousands of dollars to meet her, but our reality star did have time for a coke spree in her limo which she made drive around for two hours while our reality star and her friends imbibed. Khloé Kardashian

157. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 03/14 **#8**
This former A+ list comic actor turned A list parody of himself made his new girlfriend have sex with him on speaker phone to break the news to another woman he dated a month that their relationship was over.

158. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 03/14 **#9**
This B list mostly television actor from a hit network fairy tale show has been fired/suspended for making unwanted sexual advances towards a member of the crew.

159. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 03/14 **#10**
While making a movie out of the country (not Canada), this B+ list superhero cheated on his girlfriend. Not a first or last for him. She is not so innocent herself. She paid several people at two nightclubs to let her know when someone famous came to the club and to get her access to that famous person. Her current boyfriend was not her first choice. She really wanted a boy bander. Henry Cavill ("Superman")/Tara King ("One Direction")

160. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 03/14 **#11**
This foreign born A list mostly movie actor has been off drugs forever. Apparently though, this nearly A+ lister has been trying to get a more sculpted look and has been combining coke and HGH. Sounds like a winner.

161. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 03/14 **#12**
That former A list tweener singer has been trying to convince the world he is drug free. Nope. The meth is strong with this one. His PR people are spinning, but it is a waste. No one cares about the guy any longer. Aaron Carter

162. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 03/14 **#13**
THE CRIME FAMILY: I have written in bits and pieces about this crime family before. It seems like all of it is about to come out and be written about in some 10,000 word think piece. There are multiple B+ listers involved which is crazy. Not as crazy as the A list network actress though who actually is a part owner of a drug cartel. Anyway, this is not about her or the way she was going to influence the government. She has tried twice to the tune of millions of dollars. I guess she still has an outside shot to do so. Anyway, like I said, not about her. I have written about the B+ list actor who passed on a franchise because he didn’t want the resulting press. You know, about how his girlfriend is a convicted drug dealer. Oh, or how she still gets raided by the feds every few months who are looking for hidden family drugs and cash. Hey, there is $10M somewhere and it might be with her. It is probably not with her drug dealing mom, who had multiple hits carried out over her career. Heck, she had the girlfriend of her ex beat up just for kicks. I suppose the girlfriend’s aunt could have it but considering how much she steals from others, one would assume she would steal from her family too. The daughter of the aunt could have it. I mean, she is a B+ list actress on her own and could reasonably be trusted to watch it. Someone has it.
A+ list network actress: Sofia Vergara
B+ list actor: Charlie Hunnam "Sons of Anarchy"
Franchise: "Fifty Shades of Grey"
Girlfriend: Morgana McNelis
B+ list actress: Leighton Meester (her mother Constance Meester is Morgana McNeil's mother’s sister) (Leighton sued her mother for misuse of funds Leighton provided for the care of her younger brother who has serious medical problems)

163. THE GOSSIP LIFE 03/14
This partner of this A-list reality star is highly "known" within the gay community. I wonder if she knows. For some reason, I bet she does. Kris Jenner/Corey Gamble

164. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 03/14 **Kids’ Choice Awards True/False Blind Items**
At least three are true. The others are false.
a. Zendaya – Dating a guy over twice her age. (true)
b. Sarah Hyland – Was warned prior to attending to not go through with her plan for a wardrobe malfunction.
c. Heidi Klum – Texts her boyfriend every 30 minutes.
d. John Stamos- Hates the Olsen twins because they rejected his fashion line idea and didn’t have his back when the college student tried to blackmail him.
e. Meghan Trainor – Turned down Miley Cyrus when Miley hit on her prompting Miley to call Meghan a bitch.
f. Peyton List – Trash talks the actress beneath her in the photos every chance she gets. (Debby Ryan) (true)
g. Debby Ryan- Talks about love but cheated on her boyfriend. (Cole Sprouse)

165. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 03/15 **#1**
This foreign born permanent A list celebrity who might even be permanently A+ list is having to step up his work because the family is going through a cash flow crisis. Apparently as fast as he can bring money in, his A list celebrity wife is spending it to try and keep her company afloat. David Beckham/Victoria

166. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 03/15 **#2**
I don’t really like playing the baby bump game, but this former B list mostly television actress who is married to the A+ lister only drank water at that recent government function. Normally she would have been hand over fisting wine. Blake Lively (and a month later she announced she is pregnant)/Ryan Reynolds
(White House reception for the Canadian Prime Minister, Justin Trudeau)

167. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 03/15 **#3**
Usually this former A list mostly television actress from the now ended long running network comedy, never has anything said bad about her. They are now. The actress who is now mostly movies is one of the biggest celebrity users of waters and was trying her best to make sure the drought continued. She uses about five times the amount of water a normal family uses. Amy Poehler ("Parks and Recreation")
 ("Amy Poehler uses WAY more water than you")

168. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 03/15 **#4**
The new girlfriend of this B+ list mostly movie actress who was in that franchise stalked this openly bisexual actress married to an A lister for a year after a one night stand.

B+ list actress: Kristen Stewart ("Twilight")
New girlfriend: Soko

Bisexual actress: Amber Heard
Husband: Johnny Depp

169. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 03/15 **#5**
Well, well, look who is being sneaky. Everyone assumes this A- list mostly television actress who also does some network moonlighting and is A+ list when it comes to how much she likes herself, has a boyfriend. The one she drags out in public. Nope. Apparently she is dating a guy going through a divorce. A divorce brought on by our actress/celebrity. They plan to keep things undercover for as long as possible. he is forking over a ton of money to keep his wife quiet about the relationship.
Actress: Emma Roberts
Television: "American Horror Story" (FX)
Network moonlighting: "Scream Queens" (FOX)
Boyfriend: Evan Peters

170. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 03/15 **#6**
It is too late in the schedule to delay the release of this sequel, but apparently the acting by this former A+ list tweener turned B+ list mostly movie actor who spends a lot of time at the gym is really bad. As in timing and scenes are awful. Some scenes are having to be shot again while others are being replaced with different actors. Zac Efron ("Neighbors 2: Sorority Rising")

171. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 03/15 **#7**
This married A list movie director/B list actor is hooking up with a woman on the set of the latest movie he is directing. Apparently he doesn’t want his wife to smell sex or the other woman so he makes her always perform just oral on him. David Lynch ("Twin Peaks"); Oliver Stone ("Snowden"); Warren Beatty ("Untitled Warren Beatty project")

172. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 03/15 **#8**
You know that foreign born celebrity with the rock solid relationship to the A+ list singer? Yeah, that one. The one we all roll our eyes to. Well, if it is so rock solid, then how come he hooked up with a member of the group that is in a name that looks like a familiar word but isn’t.
Foreign born celebrity: Calvin Harris
A+ list singer: Taylor Swift
Group/member: JinJoo Lee "DNCE"

173. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 03/15 **#9**
This A+ list singer is whacked out on drugs on a fairly consistent basis right now and her tour is doing awful. Promoters are literally reducing ticket prices by 75% just to get people in. Our singer has had to reduce her fee. This is going to be an epic shit show. Rihanna

174. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 03/15 **#10**
This CBS actress on a hit long running comedy is doing her absolute best to split up this B+ list actor/voice guy/mogul and his girlfriend. Oh, the trash talk and accusations have been flying. Honestly though, the guy has been playing them off each other and is being a real a-hole. Seth McFarlane and Kaley Cuoco ("The Big Bang Theory")
( I guess she got tired of it an then moved on to the horse guy right after this)

175. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 03/15 **#11**
Except for some tennis tournaments it really doesn’t seem like there has been much of throwing games or events for quite some time. That apparently has changed. There are a group of mafia guys who have infiltrated a sport where it is tough to gauge who is trying and got beat and who is just having a bad night. This past week, in a VERY quiet manner, state and federal investigators have been searching through financial records of family members of a couple of athletes. Right now they are focusing on some bit coin transactions. The family members being investigated had never had bit coin accounts until a few weeks ago. Why would a handful of people from different families suddenly have bit coin accounts. The reasoning agents have is that it is much easier to hide money coming in and where it came from if the sender and recipient are using bit coins. Right now there are two incidents that are being looked into and a massive payout of just over a million dollars divided among these two seemingly separate families. Sure, they each have a family member involved in the same sport, but the families don’t know each other. What they do have in common is they all have these bit coin accounts now and are flush with them. Were the athletes paid to throw an event and the money delivered to the family members as payment? Why was there a very last minute rush in money that was opposite where all the money had been going up until the event. This would rock the sports world. "Bellator 149" (Kimbo Slice and Dada 5000)

176. MR. X 03/15 **#1**
What soon to be former A-list singer who does acting on the side’s family are determined to get her into rehab before she gets married? Her drug use is spiralling out of control and she’s been especially bad as of late. They’re already planning an intervention and her fiancé is on board with the plan, as well as that blogger who is still friends with her even though he pretends he’s not. Lady Gaga/Taylor Kinney/Perez Hilton

177. MR. X 03/15 **#2**
This former B+ list mostly television actor who recently had a big swing and miss in his return to television, doesn’t seem to be making it while in the closet, so he has started to open up more and actually went to lunch in broad daylight, surrounded by paps with his boyfriend. Chace Crawford ("Blood & Oil")

178. THE GOSSIP LIFE 03/15
This eternally A-list diva demands to be awoken to the literal sound of her own music. Never any of the songs from her time in that legendary group. It all has to be solo stuff. Diana Ross and The Supremes

179. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 03/16 **#1**
Probably if she had not been quite so stoned, this closeted A-/B+ list mostly movie actress would not have let her new girlfriend kiss her in public. Our actress was stoned though and vapes even more than Leonardo DiCaprio. Kristen Stewart/Soko

180. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 03/16 **#2**
This one named singer/former actress/former reality star who is probably not nice enough for another comeback, got picked up a party a few weeks ago by a record producer. They went back to his place and one thing led to another and they were naked when he got a text from someone and he got up and kicked the singer out of the house. He told her he had someone younger coming over. Fantasia (after "BET Honors 2016")

181. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 03/16 **#3**
This "Southern Charm" participant makes her living by sleeping with guys for money. All the other stuff she does is just for show. Landon Clements

182. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 03/16 **#4**
This network reality star from a very long running hit show is dealing with a lot of drug issues right now. He used to be able to control it and still work, but not any longer.

183. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 03/16 **#5**
This country name sounding rapper who likes to pretend he is dating a reality star beat up a guy that was referred to him by the A list mogul/wannabe rapper. Apparently the guy who was beaten wanted money to stay quiet about their relationship. Tyga/Sean "P. Diddy" Combs/Kylie Jenner

184. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 03/16 **#6**
This game show host not named Steve Harvey says he has to take at least a week off each month from taping the show because of how much sex he has with female contestants. It wears him out and is almost constant during the filming process. Wayne Brady "Let’s Make A Deal"

185. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 03/16 **#7**
Just because he is a washed up former A list singer/songwriter from decades ago and she is a washed up tv host from decades ago doesn’t mean this married couple is not able to pick up female college students to take home to bed. They do so regularly. Richard Marx/Daisy Fuentes

186. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 03/16 **#8**
If you thought it was the husband who had the drug problem, you obviously have not taken a urine sample from this A list reality star. Some say she is the root of all the drug issues in the family. Everyone close to her got addicted while she pretends to be all goody goody. Khloé Kardashian/Lamar Odom

187. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 03/16 **#9**
At a recent event in Germany, this foreign born A-/B+ list mostly movie actor with the kajillion kids who used to be higher on the list, left his girlfriend behind to hook up with this foreign born A list mostly movie actress who is an Academy Award winner/nominee who has the incredibly bad attitude unless you can do something for her.

188. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 03/16 **#10**
This late night talk show host had to wait until the restaurant closed the other night just so he could sneak his drunken self out of the place without being seen. Would not be a good idea to be caught in public that hammered. Jimmy Fallon

189. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 03/16 **#11**
This a-hole of a former A list mostly movie actor/Academy Award winner/nominee, turned take what you can get television/movie actor from an acting family, is doing drugs. Again. He was supposed to be promoted to a main role on a show in which he has appeared, but, instead had his role reduced because he is back on meth.

190. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 03/16 **#12**
KINDNESS: This actor was A list in his pay cable show. He has been in a monster hit movie as recently as last year. Oh, he also has a franchise and can play serious to slapstick. Lately, he has been starring in a play and each day for the past month he has given a homeless person $200. The same person. Every single day.
Actor: Jeff Daniels
Cable show: "Newsroom"
Monster movie last year: "The Martian"
Franchise: "The Divergent Series"
Slapstick: "Dumb & Dumber"

Play: "Blackbird"

191. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 03/16 **#13**
Inevitable really. With her family history and all that surrounds her. There were high hopes of course. The family always has high hopes for their offspring. Not in the same way a parent wants their child to succeed. No, this is something different. The family relies on their offspring. Instilled from an early age that they must provide for the family. Not just provide, but provide at a level that lets the rest of the family, especially the parents, live a very comfortable lifestyle. So, the teen was sent packing overseas. It was not much of an assignment. Oh sure, a big deal was made, but she was just like the hundred of other models sent overseas in a strange place. That particular corner of the world prefers their models to be blonde. Our model was not blonde. It was hoped that because of who she was that she could make it anyway. She struggled. She started off with "go sees" but no one wanted her. Sure, a magazine shoot or two for smaller publications were heralded as her being the next big thing. In reality, she was halfway around the world from home and no money was coming. So, she did what she could to survive. She started sleeping with executives for money. At first it was just to pick up a few bucks so she could move from the cramped apartment she was living in with other models- Russians mostly. Then, those first few gigs led her to more semi-permanent relationships. Soon, she was living in a luxury apartment all by herself. She would entertain a few hours a day and then spend the rest of the day with her new best friend. Heroin. Drugs were hard to get, but for some reason, heroin was pretty easily obtained for someone doing so many favors for the wealthy. A year went by and she was a mess. Still not 18, and addicted to heroin and one abortion performed. She returned home where she was placed in a kind of home rehab. The family didn’t want the scandal of her going to rehab. That is what they said. Honestly, they just didn’t have the money for it. At home, she kept herself to pot and hung out at home. Her rehab "counselor" thought pot would be a good come down drug for the model. She then started hanging out with a band she met. The singer took a liking to her. He was heavily into coke and pot and whatever else he could find. She started using coke with him and began to slip back into the world of addiction. They went out for almost a year. Out being they holed up in whatever hotel room he was stashed in while recording doing drugs and having sex. When the record was finished, so were they. Nowhere to go, she went overseas again. This time the opposite side of the world from where she had been. Still a curiosity, she got involved with a guy who paid her well for sex, but with the sex came beatings. Lots of them. She turned to drugs to help the pain and to get her through to the next beating. Her family was not much help. The closest member of her family to her said it was the price to pay and that you should enjoy the money and gifts and just block out everything else. So, there she is, still around, still with the same guy, and thismuch closer to ending her life.
Offspring: Ali Lohan
Family: Dina and Lindsay Lohan
Modeling and living in South Korea
Singer: Matt Healy
Heroin addiction

192. THE GOSSIP LIFE 03/16
The producers of this A-list reality competition show are expecting the ratings to rise now that they’ve removed a controversial cast member. The controversial cast member was hired under the caution that they may cost the show viewers, but producers believed the cast member would bring their sizeable fan base with them. That didn’t happen. Nick Grimshaw "X Factor"; Howard Stern "America's Got Talent"

193. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 03/17 **#1**
Apparently this B+ list actress on a hit cable show that likes to go by its initials cheated on her boyfriend with this A-/B+ list mostly movie actor who cheated on his wife. Broke up the marriage. Yeah, that marriage.

194. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 03/17 **#2**
This actor is B- list I guess. Television. He only gets that high because he is in a show that currently is on the air even if it is on a cable network that has very few scripted programs. He has been dating that former tweener forever. That might be the case but he had his tongue down the throat of some other woman he took home the other night. Austin Butler ("The Shannara Chronicles"/MTV)/Vanessa Hudgens

195. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 03/17 **#3**
If you have always wanted to have sex with your almost sister-in-law, but can’t because she isn’t into guys, then, I guess you can have sex with someone who looks like just like her and is the same age. The question though, is what name does this B+ list reality star from an A list reality show call out in bed? Scott Disick (Kourtney Kardashian)/Kendall Jenner/Christine Burke

196. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 03/17 **#4**
The drugs are taking a toll on this southeast Housewife. She takes a combination of prescription pills and booze and has been doing so at an excessive pace for the past year. Probably to numb herself with all the strange guys she has to hook up with to live the kind of life she wants to live. Porsha Williams "Real Housewives of Atlanta"

197. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 03/17 **#5**
Well, this B list mostly television actress from a show that now has multiple seasons, was in that franchise. She was almost responsible for breaking up a long time relationship when a freak accident happened. She was one of the responsible people when this A+ lister got divorced and now she is cheating on her boyfriend for the umpteenth time with an executive from her show. He is married.
Actress: Ashley Greene/Paul Khoury
Show: "Rogue"
Franchise: "Twilight"
Freak accident: Apartment fire
Long time relationship: Ryan Phillippe/Paulina Slagter
A+ lister:

198. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 03/17 **#6**
This B list mostly television actress was on a set the other day. She walks by a couple of people reading a tabloid with a picture of her A+ list ex husband with a woman. She stopped right behind them and pointed at the picture and said, "I’m still waiting for him to have sex with me." Jennifer Esposito/Bradley Cooper (married 4 months)

199. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 03/17 **#7**
This former reality star both network and cable, also filmed some crap sequel to a crap movie a few years back. Anyway, she is offering to pay tabloids to publish photos of her baby and even more if they will give her a cover. She is desperate to regain her fame.
Reality star: Audrina Patridge

Shows: "The Hills"; "Dancing with the Stars"; "Audrina"; "1st Look"
Crap sequel: "Scary Movie 5"

200. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 03/17 **#8**
Apparently being a bodyguard of this celebrity offspring of a permanent A+ lister does not entail keeping her from using heroin or keeping her drug dealing boyfriend from her. Paris Jackson

201. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 03/17 **#9**
Keeping with the earlier theme, this Irish mostly movie actor who likes to go full frontal didn’t do his reputation any good when he hooked up with this A list pro tennis player with the difficult to pronounce last name. When she wouldn’t have sex with him in the back of a limo he left her in the middle of nowhere to make her own way home. Michael Fassbender (born in Germany, raised in Ireland)/Caroline Wozniaski

202. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 03/17 **#10**
This seemingly washed up former A list mostly movie actor who did manage to somehow snag a recent Academy Award win/nomination, met up with this A list cable actor from a very hit cable show and talked to him about the time he hooked up with the cable actor’s ex. Awkward.
A list actor: Sylvester Stallone "Creed"
A list cable actor: Bob Odenkirk "Better Call Saul"
Ex: Janeane Garofalo (starred with Stallone in "Cop Land")

203. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 03/17 **#11**
This former A list mostly movie actor who was a big thing three decades ago, comes from an acting family. Now he likes to think he is all serious and stuff. He was promoting a new movie and a reporter was asking about the movie. Our actor wanted to talk politics though. When the reporter kept steering it to the movie the actor was there to discuss, the actor told the reporter to fuck off and walked away.
John Cusack

204. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 03/17 **#12**
This foreign born A list mostly movie actress is an Academy Award winner/nominee. While on a recent international flight, our actress flew first class. Her kids and two nannies flew coach. When one of the kids wanted to see his mother, the nanny went forward to speak to the actress who went off on the nanny and said it was her job to deal with the kids. When the plane landed, our actress shooed away the nannies and held on to the kids for the paps. Charlize Theron

205. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 03/17 **#13**
All about Ireland or Irish people or green beer.

#1 – This Irish actor has never been in a blind before. He has starred in a couple of television shows that never really took off. Roles in that book franchise they keep churning out but never seem to do all that well. His actress girlfriend has surpassed him in the list and has an A+ list making role coming soon. She is also cheating on him. He will be crushed when he discovers it. Robert Sheehan/Sofia Boutella ("Star Trek Beyond")

#2 – This promising Irish actress was in a huge franchise. She wasn’t the star, but she definitely stole some scenes and is exactly who readers hoped for when they saw her on the screen. She has had a few chances to really make it big but she got caught up in the partying lifestyle that got a few from that franchise. After working several times a year, her drug using reputation caught up with her and now she barely works. Evanna Lynch (Luna Lovegood "Harry Potter")

#3 – Kindness- This B list actress is on a hit cable show prequel. She used to be on a hit pay cable show before its untimely demise. Most of you probably would have no idea she is Irish. She spends ten hours every week rotating through a variety of different charities. She has done this for the past two years and has tried to get others to follow her lead. Kerry Condon ("Better Call Saul") ("Rome"/HBO)

206. THE GOSSIP LIFE 03/17
This C-list, basically retired actress, who is likely a B-list celebrity at the moment, is currently being sought after by a certain reality show, I’m being told. They think she’ll be a great addition and see it as an opportunity to showcase her controversial nature.

207. POPBITCH 03/17
Which 80s superstar vocalist turned up at Heathrow with the rest of his band – but couldn't get on the flight with them, as he'd brought his daughter's passport by mistake?

208. LAINEY GOSSIP 03/17
This is about two different men. Their stories are not connected. But I wonder if they might want to find each other. Many of the first man’s secrets and shortcomings have been widely publicised. The juicy sh-t however remains undercover. He had an affair with a very good, very famous friend, also male. And they get all sporty together. There has been speculation about them for years. At first I found it hard to believe. But recently two very good sources have confirmed it. The other man has a very beautiful girlfriend. And it’s been a while since he’s had a very young boyfriend. Getting wild with young, ripped men has been a compulsion for him. But since she came around, he’s been able to deny those desires and has committed to straight living. It helps that there’s a payment plan. Multiple independent sources have told me over the last week that the story going up and down her circle is that on the 15th of every month she receives a direct deposit amounting to almost a million dollars. So I suppose he sees it like an investment? These two are actually perfect for each other. And they’re not that far removed. Surely someone can make it happen.
First man: Cristiano Ronaldo /Enrique Iglesias; Tom Cruise/David Beckham; Ben Affleck/Tom Brady
Second man: Bradley Cooper

209. THE GOSSIP LIFE 03/18
The offspring of this A-list entertainer is having gender issues, and is said to be contemplating a transition to the other gender. It’s all hush-hush and it isn’t a ‘sure thing’ yet, but there’s been a lot of discussion.

210. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 03/18 **#1**
This A list mostly television actress from a hit network comedy did not stop complaining the entire time she was forced to attend her husband’s latest movie premiere. She showed up because it was expected but several people who ran into her or the couple together reported how miserable she was to be there. Sofia Vergara/Joe Manganiello "Pee-wee's Big Holiday"

211. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 03/18 **#2**
This celebrity because of who she married and a brief reality show appearance, recently tried to kill herself in rehab. Doctors want her to stay for an entire year getting help. She definitely needs to do something. Apparently she came very close to dying. Kate Major (Michael Lohan)

212. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 03/18 **#3**
This now former Miss Universe (yes, she won her part of the world) contestant was born a man and only very recently transitioned. Kristhielee Caride "Miss Puerto Rico"

213. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 03/18 **#4**
This A+ list mostly movie actress who is an Academy Award winner/nominee already has several kids, but has been trying to have one more. It has been a nightmare doing it the natural method with multiple miscarriages so she is breaking down to use IVF. Apparently it goes against her beliefs which is why it is so hard for her to use it now. Julia Roberts (her mother a Roman Catholic, and she was raised Catholic)

214. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 03/18 **#5**
This foreign born B list mostly television actress from Game Of Thrones got kicked out of the home she shares with her significant other when he discovered she was hooking up with a co-star from a movie she filmed. It was supposedly an on set thing, but now some indications it started up again during the press tour. Natalie Dormer/Anthony Byrne/Eoin Macken "The Forest"

215. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 03/18 **#6**
Well, if she went to rehab for drugs, then it certainly did not do the job. This B+ list mostly television actress from a hit network show was doing lines of coke the other night. It has not been that long since she got out of rehab. Hayden Panettiere "Nashville"

216. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 03/18 **#7**
This A list bikini model is engaged to a former A+ lister. He cheats on her all the time, but I don’t know how he would feel about her being topless in a hot tub smoking joints with this A list rapper who competes with Snoop for most pot smoked each day. Competes, but never beats. Kate Upton/Justin Verlander/Wiz Khalifa; Hannah Davis/Derek Jeter/Wiz Khalifa

217. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 03/18 **#8**
This A list now mostly television actress who is an Academy Award winner/nominee drinks wine almost every hour she is awake. What she doesn’t do is eat. She is a mess. I’m glad she has a nanny. Melissa McCarthy

218. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 03/18 **#9**
The publisher for this former B list mostly television actor from that hit network show now off the air, chastised the actor for some comments he made on social media. Our actor is now a children’s book author and the publisher says the former actor should refrain from making comments that are not consistent with being an author of children’s books.
Actor: Chris Colfer
Show: "Glee"
Instagram post: "The moment you realize you’re the only bottom in the bar!"
Children’s books: "The Land of Stories"

219. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 03/18 **#10**
These one night flings are becoming more commonplace for this married A-/B+ list mostly movie actor from an acting family. The actor, who has a franchise, although a smallish one, hooked up with this foreign born singer/actress who is also married and hasn’t had a hit in awhile. They recently co-starred together in a movie but really never interacted until doing press for the movie.

Actor: Jason Bateman
Franchise: "Horrible Bosses"
Singer/actress: Shakira
Movie: "Zootopia"

220. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 03/18 **#11**
This newly engaged reality star is all about the press and being famous whether his pretend wife to be cares or not or even comes along. He is so thirsty for fame I don’t know how he sleeps at night knowing he might have missed a camera during the day. Ben Higgins "The Bachelor"

221. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 03/18 **#12**
A little interview last week between this A list foreign born former boy bander and a celebrity couple who are looking for a new male threesome partner. Harry Styles ("One Direction")/Cindy Crawford/Rande Gerber

222. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 03/18 **#13**
This happened about a decade ago. Within a year on either side. It all started when the daughter of this A+ list mostly movie actor visited the set where her father was shooting. She was in high school at the time and brought along with her one of her best friends. The two hung around all day and into the night. At some point, the daughter went off to see some shot being set up because she had some designs on getting a tiny part in the movie. She left behind her friend who was wandering around and ended up back at the trailer of the A+ lister. According to her, the A+ lister decided to take a shower and the teen asked if she should leave. The dad/A+ lister said no, there was no need. After the shower, the dad came out wearing just a towel and started telling the teen how attractive she was and how he had noticed her when she came over to the house. He sat down next to her on the couch and the next thing you know they were having sex. When they finished, he told her she should go in case anyone came looking for him. As the teen and the daughter of the A+ lister were leaving that night, the A+ lister handed her an envelope with $1000 inside and told her she should keep everything to herself. A week went by and the teen was at school when she got a call from the dad asking her to come to the set. He said he wanted to talk to her. So, after school he sent a car for her and she went to the set. Again, they ended up having sex and again he gave her $1000. While she was there on set, the actor introduced her to this now A list mostly movie actor who sucks at acting. Back then, he was just starting out even though he was A list at something other than acting. The dad told the A lister that the teen was a lot of fun and they should hang out. The next thing you know, the teen was having sex with the A lister and afterwards he gave her $1000 too. A few days later she was asked back to the set by the A+ lister. They had sex again and she was paid again and afterwards he introduced her to this B list mostly movie actor with booze and anger issues. Once again the A+ lister introduced her by saying she was a lot of fun. The teen ended up having sex with this actor too, but he didn’t pay her. Apparently this fact got back to the A+ lister who threatened to beat up the actor if he didn’t pay. Shortly thereafter he did pay. An interesting side note is that this non-paying actor ended up dating the teen for almost two years. Throughout the course of the movie, the teen was introduced to other actors and even a producer of the movie. Each time she was paid $1000 or even more in a couple of cases. When the movie ended, the A+ lister took her aside and gave her $25,000 and told her she had been great, but that he wouldn’t be speaking to her again. This also went for his daughter who suddenly cut off contact with the teen and never spoke to her again. The teen had offers from many of the actors she hooked up with on the set, but she turned them all down when she started dating the nonpaying actor.

Movie: "Alpha Dog" (2006)
A+ list actor: Bruce Willis
Daughter: Rumer Willis (17 or 18)
Actor who sucks at acting: Justin Timberlake (singer)
B list actor: Emile Hirsch (charged with aggravated assault after getting into an altercation with Paramount executive Daniele Bernfeld on January 25, 2015 at the Tao Nightclub in Park City)

223. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 03/19 **#1**
This A-/B+ list mostly movie actor from a franchise has a drinking problem that onsite producers were trying to hide from the studio. That is going to be a lot more difficult now with the questions that are being asked. The local government has some questions too about failure to report incidents in which he was involved. Dylan O’Brien "Maze Runner: The Death Cure"

224. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 03/19 **#2**
Apparently there is a story floating around in the past week that this oft troubled comedian accidentally killed a woman he brought home. Our comedian got rough and things got out of hand and she was killed. He had a couple of people hide the body, and now one of those people is talking because they got busted for something else. Katt Williams

225. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 03/19 **#3**
This former A list television and movie actress still has not learned her lesson. She has been reduced back to the lowest level of on screen acting and she still was a pain to everyone on the set. Katherine Heigl (Cat's Pride Fresh & Light Ultimate Care kitty litter commercial)

226. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 03/19 **#4**
This kneepadding website that makes People look like the Enquirer is fully on board with this B-/C+ list actor who is the offspring of a permanent A+ list actor. The website prints the lies about the offspring having a girlfriend. In exchange they get photos of his "relationship." Patrick Schwarzenegger (Maria Shriver and Arnold Schwarzenegger)

227. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 03/20 **#1**
You have to give them bonus points for the sheer brilliance of the move. What better way to make it seem like a couple is dating than to have someone "hack" the vacation photos. The thing is though, even when they were pretending for the cameras, no one buys it. On either side. Both of them just need to be honest with themselves and others. Kendall Jenner/Harry Styles

228. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 03/20 **#2**
For several years, this A+ list mostly movie actor who was married to a former A+ lister, was banned from doing military base visits because he kept aggressively hitting on all of the women whether they were married or not.

229. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 03/20 **#3**
She once was an A list mostly television actress on a hit network show. She was always the one people forgot about in the show. She also did a lot of modeling. A lot of drug use at the peak of her career has caused mental and emotional issues for the former actress and she does not have long to live. Kristen Johnston "3rd Rock from the Sun"

230. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 03/20 **#4**
This B+ list mostly television actress trying desperately to keep her show on the air for another season specifically did a bunch of press on her birthday after passing on other days just to make sure she got extra birthday wishes and presents. Eva Longoria "Telenovela"

231. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 03/21 **#1**
Talk about a waste of money. This A list mostly television actor who stars in a hit almost television show and has an Academy Award win/nomination is really deep in the closet. The thing is, everyone knows this. So, why on earth is he paying a team of people thousands of dollars a month to comment on articles and photos about how straight he is. It is ridiculous. Kevin Spacey "House of Cards"

232. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 03/21 **#2**
This B list foreign born actor was headed to A list, but no one likes working with him. This is not just actor/director conflict but actor/actor and actor/actress conflict. No one likes him. As a result, his production has come to a screeching halt. He still has not lost his taste for being abusive to girlfriends either. His most recent one must have got a nice big check to say nice things about him after their split.
Actor: Alex Pettyfer

Director: D.J. Caruso "I Am Number Four"
Actor: Channing Tatum "Magic Mike"
Actress: Dianna Agron
Production: "Diamond Dogs" or "Cali"
Girlfriend: Marloes Horst

233. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 03/21 **#3**
This closeted B- list former television actor on a hit network show dropped the beard for a couple of nights to hang out with his openly gay former employer. If things went well during the overnight visit, I guess he will land a new television role. Darren Criss "Glee"/Ryan Murphy

234. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 03/21 **#4**
This A+ list mostly movie actress does not have many friends. Oh, she has people who are close to her that she pays to work for her but she does not have that many friends. It may be why most of the guests at recent big event held in her honor were all there because of her husband’s work rather than being her friends. Reese Witherspoon/Jim Toth (40th birthday attendees)

235. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 03/21 **#5**
This B- list mostly movie actor is the straight to DVD/On Demand king. No, seriously, he is. The guy whips out ten movies a year just because the press can say as seen in the movie ______________ which is one of the biggest hits of all time and isn’t Lord Of The Rings which every actor seems to have starred. It is like East Enders at this point. Anyway, our actor has been piling on the pounds and seeing a man which must be awkward for his long time significant other. Billy Zane ("Titanic")

236. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 03/21 **#6**
The girlfriend of this former A+ list tweener actor turned A-/B+ list mostly movie actor went on a social media purge. The thing is though, the purge was on his social media accounts. She went in and had him stop following all of the actresses he is working with on his latest movie and some of the actresses from his recent movies too. Zac Efron/Sami Miro

237. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 03/21 **#7**
This permanent A+ list mostly movie actor who is an Academy Award winner swallowed his pride this weekend to attend an event that also featured that momager aka Satan. Our actor drew the line though at posing for a photo with her or her offspring or getting anywhere near them. Al Pacino/Kris Jenner "Daily Front Row Fashion Los Angeles Awards Private Dinner Hosted By Eva Chow And Carine Roitfeld"

238. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 03/21 **#8**
The offspring of this drug addled mess of an actress who is an Academy Award winner/nominee is mom’s favorite because of his drug addiction. It wouldn’t shock me if they use together. Tatum O’Neal/Sean McEnroe

239. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 03/21 **#9**
The manager of this A+ list singer is keeping her supplied with prescription drugs and enabling her addiction to keep her under the manager’s thumb. Mariah Carey

240. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 03/21 **#10**
After a long stint of sobriety, this senior citizen from a permanent A+ list foreign band is back on drugs in a big way. Probably not the best time in his life to be doing so. Oh, and the rest of the band would kick him out in a second. Ronnie Wood "The Rolling Stones" (expecting twins with his wife)

241. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 03/21 **#11**
This former A list tweener turned B list actress who finally had a tiny bit of success in a one off television project is cheating on her actor boyfriend while filming a pilot outside the country. Vanessa Hudgens ("Grease Live!") ("Powerless" filming in Vancouver)/Austin Butler

242. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 03/21 **#12**
Apparently all of the extracurricular activities were just too much and the wife of this late night talk show host has left him. Nancy Juvonen/Jimmy Fallon

243. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 03/21 **#13**
This actor is foreign born. A- list probably. It is not that he is doing all that much right now or that any of his recent efforts have been that successful, but he is prolific. Our actor is also just as well known for things he does in entertainment outside of acting. He had one massive hit that left him filthy rich. He has followed that initial success with a variety of projects as producer and actor that have, for the most part failed. He is always trying though. One of the things he loves doing is writing a new script for a pilot and then sending out a very wide nest for castings. Not through a traditional casting process. For scripts he thinks have a chance at succeeding, he does go through proper routes. For those iffy scripts though he has an assistant set up casting calls. All of these scripts call for nudity and sex scenes. He is definitely looking for a certain someone for these sessions. He then schedules the auditions several hours apart and makes it very clear to the actresses reading for the non-existent part that they will have to have sex with him if they have any hopes of landing the part. He usually waits to do this while they are running through the sex scene together. He has a bedroom attached to his office and he will keep repeating the process throughout the day until he has sex with sometimes four or five women a day. This is something he likes to do every month or so. Ricky Gervais or Stephen Merchant "The Office"

244. SANDRA ROSE 03/21
The son of a very well known pop icon (mother) and a media mogul (father) is nearly 5 years old and still wearing Pull Ups. The issue may have to do with the child’s stubbornness and refusal to potty train. Sources say the nannies are instructed not to force the boy to potty train. They are to let him potty train on his own schedule. (photo)
Thalía/ Tommy Mottola

245. THE GOSSIP LIFE 03/21
There’s much speculation about who will join the cast of this long-running hit show. Much of the loyal fandom have been campaigning for their favourites and pleading for producers to consider their choices, but we here at The Gossip Life have learned that the spot has already been filled and it’s going to be controversial considering the criticism aimed at the company that airs the show. We hinted at the identity of the radio actress who made the false sexual assault claim, but unfortunately we can’t do the same this time. All we can tell you is to expect controversy and it should be revealed soon-ish, so stay tuned and grab some multicoloured, diverse popcorn for the backlash. "Doctor Who"/Pearl Mackie  (Pearl Mackie’s First Interview as Doctor Who‘s New Companion)

246. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 03/22 **#1**
I love how this daytime talk show host loves to pretend she didn’t start hooking up with her current celebrity boyfriend while he was still living at home with his wife. It is not the first time. Honestly it probably won’t be the last because she will dump the guy when his wife takes all his money. Adrienne Bailon ("The Real")/Israel Houghton

247. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 03/22 **#2**
Why yes, that was this Teen Mom smearing lipstick all over her face at a restaurant while trying to talk to fans. Luckily for her she was hustled out of there before everyone knows how bad her drug problem is. She really needs some help. Leah Messer

248. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 03/22 **#3**
This A-/B+ list mostly television actor has two things on television right now and is everywhere. He is also cheating on his just started dating girlfriend. The actor hits on anything and everything. John Stamos/Caitlin McHugh

249. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 03/22 **#4**
The sister of this dead A lister is being paid by tabloids to be their source for stories whether they are true or not and it is really hurting the process of getting to the truth. Whatever you tell her to say, she will. She needs the money. Lana Wood (Natalie Wood’s sister confronts Robert Wagner)

250. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 03/22 **#5**
Here is a riddle. Perhaps the A list reality star subject of the riddle will read it and realize the answer. Don’t look up in the tree for things that are missing. You want to look at the branch right next to you. Yes, right next to you. You might want to check the source of funds for a recent project. The story seems so plausible, but just peel back a layer or two and you will find the truth. You need to stop wearing the rose colored glasses. You’re welcome.
A list reality star: Kim Kardashian
Tree: Kris Jenner
Branch: Kanye

251. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 03/22 **#6**
This closeted married A list rapper and fading fast is like a kid in the candy store because he has hundreds of men to choose from this week when they audition for a new project. Only the ones who can keep quiet and have sex with the rapper will get hired. Kanye West

252. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 03/22 **#7**
This B list mostly television actress who was in that franchise, must be taking lessons from Ryan Reynolds. Change a story to fit the situation. The actress has a new line she says is inspired by one thing. The problem is she used to say it was inspired by her now ex husband. Nikki Reed "Twilight"

253. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 03/22 **#8**
This foreign born mostly television actor starred in a long running medical show. I’m not sure his wife would appreciate the hooker he met while traveling through Eastern Europe and installed in an apartment around the corner from the marital home. Apparently he is not paying her as much as he was when she first arrived and is reaching out to tabloids.
Actor: Goran Visnjic
Medical show: "E.R."
Show in Eastern Europe: "Crossing Lines" (filmed in Czech Republic, Croatia, Bulgaria)

254. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 03/22 **#9**
Look for the divorce announcement in the next couple of weeks for this openly gay A- list actor. Apparently the actor just can’t stop cheating and it is becoming embarrassing. Matt Bomer (Simon Halls); John Barrowman (Scott Gill)

255. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 03/22 **#10**
This B+ list mostly movie actress is still technically married. She is also trying to keep her new boyfriend a secret. This week her car was about to be towed from a place where it would have been very difficult to explain its presence. For the first time I can ever remember, a tow truck driver was convinced to put the car back down. Apparently there was also a $1400 bribe which is how much cash she had on her. Jennifer Garner

256. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 03/22 **#11**
This former A+ list mostly movie actor who will regain the spot once his never ending franchise has its next release took over the makeup counter at Barney’s and proceeded to give himself a makeover. He spent about $700 on makeup he used at the counter but did not take with him. Johnny Depp "Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Men Tell No Tales"

257. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 03/22 **#12**
The opening act does not usually bad mouth the headliner. They especially don’t do it in front of the headliner and then pull out a gun. Such is the tour this A+ list singer has got themselves into. Rihanna/Travis Scott

258. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 03/22 **#13**
It has been awhile since you thought of this person. By thinking of her, I mean having her enter your brain when you saw her on a program talking about her past. If you are of a certain age or enjoy reruns she was a part of your weekly life. For a few years. She disappeared like so many actresses her age. There was not much more for her after her early success other than made for tv movies and a failed pilot or three. Still out there trying to earn a living as an actress she has dropped to C+ list. I might be willing to give you B- just because of the show and her past but to anyone who has not seen her show or known of her past it is C+ for sure. A couple of years ago she was forced to take a break from acting because no one would hire her. She looked like death. Her issues coming back. Not drugs. Almost as devastating to her health though. She said she fought back and landed a role. A decent comeback role. Some schlock where she in the top ten of billing. You take what you can get though at this point. The thing is when she was filming, they had to reduce her part. Significantly. Her issues were front and center. She was so weak she could barely stand some days. People on the set seriously thought they would find her dead whenever they went to knock on her trailer. She needs help. People are trying to help but are having no luck. Unless she gets help within the next few months, she will die.

259. THE GOSSIP LIFE 03/22
This A-list actress refuses to wear the make-up necessary for a role she plays. At first, she claimed it was due to allergies, and when the make-up team offered her an alternative, her agent told the producers that it all hides her appearance too much and that it effects the marketability of the series and the actress. The worst part of it all? None of these excuses/reasons existed during the filming of first installment of the series when our actress wasn’t such a big star. Jennifer Lawrence (Raven/Mystique "X-Men: Apocalypse") (poster)

260. LAINEY GOSSIP 03/22
It’s the hookup everyone wants. On paper, it’s ideal. Sweetheart loves home, in more ways than one. Indeed, a couple of months ago, she was supposedly still hanging out at his place. But around the same time she was also seen in a foreign country, sightseeing…and seeing someone else? Her close friends are saying she’s actually not dating the guy you want her to be dating. Their answer about her love life involves a man with a sexy accent who happens to live in the aforementioned foreign country. And her trip there was to see him, spend time with him. And they definitely hung out during award season. Which is why she doesn’t mind that you think she’s with someone else. Because then she can hide what’s really going on for a lot longer.
Sweetheart: Rachel McAdams
Hookup everyone wants: Taylor Kitsch
Sexy accent guy: Diogenes Vazquez

261. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 03/23 **#1**
This foreign born B- list mostly movie actor from the school franchise let his girlfriend find out he was cheating on her when she saw the naked pictures of his new girlfriend. Oh, the naked girlfriend was with the actor in the photos. Tom Felton ("Harry Potter" )/ Olivia Jade

262. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 03/23 **#2**
This former A+ list tweener turned strung out A list singer needs rehab but needs the tour money more. Everyone is just trying to keep him upright for the length of the tour and then he will go on "vacation." Justin Bieber

263. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 03/23 **#3**
Speaking of the subject in #2, he once hooked up with a Victoria’s Secret model who was looking for some publicity. She got it, but couldn’t make it stick. She has a plan now though and is fully on board the fake girlfriend thing for another former A+ list tweener turned A- list singer. Justin Bieber/Barbara Palvin/Nick Jonas

264. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 03/23 **#4**
This permanent A+ list mostly movie actor who is aging and an Academy Award winner is filming a new movie. Originally he was supposed to go out of town to film but made producers film all of his shots close to home. Too much cheating in his marriage and his wife threatened to divorce him if he filmed away from home.
Actor: Robert De Niro
Wife: Grace Hightower
Movie: "The Comedian" filmed in Queens, New York City, New York

265. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 03/23 **#5**
This A list rapper/part-time reality star is going to have a huge argument with his celebrity wife when she finds out he got a groupie pregnant. T.I. aka Tip/Tiny

266. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 03/23 **#6**
The married CEO of a huge makeup conglomerate is hooking up with this B+ list mostly movie actress who comes from an acting family that does not really act any longer except for her. Elizabeth Olsen

267. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 03/23 **#7**
This B+ list mostly television actor on a long running almost network show never has any money for his non money making opportunities and wants his fans to cover those. For his money making money opportunities he always has plenty of money kicking around. When he makes a bundle though, none of it goes to the charity stuff. That is what fans are for. Ian Somerhalder "Vampire Diaries" (The Ian Somerhalder Foundation)

268. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 03/23 **#8**
KINDNESS: This A- list mostly television actress from a hit network show only gets this high on the list because she is also the lead in a multiple season cable show. Very quietly, our actress who has been in the news frequently despite her very young age has been making visits to children in hospitals and acting out scenes from her cable show and also singing to them. I have yet to see her trying to get any publicity, despite the amount of time she spends doing it every month. Ariel Winter ("Modern Family") (voice of Sofia on Disney’s "Sofia the First")

269. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 03/23 **#9**
This foreign born B+ list mostly movie actress is about to hit A list hard. While doing press for her new movie she has two bodyguards assigned to her 24/7 because of threats on her life. Not the stalker kind, but political. Apparently this is not the first time she has been threatened.
Actress: Gal Gadot
Movie: Diana Prince/Wonder Woman "Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice"

Political threats: Israel Gaza Crisis

270. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 03/23 **#10**
This B- list mostly television actor is not in a position to be causing trouble on this ABC hit show. So, maybe next time he should not have a stripper hanging out in his trailer all day or outside of his trailer smoking wearing next to nothing.

271. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 03/23 **#11**
Another day another woman for this significant other of a Spice Girl. She doesn’t seem to care. Victoria "Posh Spice"/David Beckham

272. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 03/23 **#12**
This foreign born oddly named singer that has a name similar to FKA Twigs in some respects was screaming in her hotel room for hours. Loud horrible screams and wouldn’t stop. Some kind of reaction to medication but the hotel had to comp the rooms of everyone on her floor. Charli XCX

273. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 03/23 **#13**
There is a new breed of stars out there who have more followers and make more money than many of the people who you watch on your television screens each night. One thing that doesn’t make them different is they can be predators. In this particular case, they can be even worse than any story about any actor you have heard. Because so many of these stars fly under the radar of tabloids or TMZ or paps, they get away with a whole lot more bad behavior. Disturbing behavior. Part of the problem is their fans tend to be younger. Teens for the most part. Think of these guys as boy banders but who do most of their interacting with fans over social media including videos. One of the most popular YouTubers/Viners out there is young. His female fan base is even younger. If he posts anything on social media it is liked or retweeted or viewed up to 100K times in under an hour. That is a lot of influence. One of them has a thing he likes to do. He will follow random fans. The fans think the selections are random but they aren’t. He scours through them looking for female teens that catch his eye. He then researches their interactions online about him. If he likes what he sees, he reaches out to them. Implores them to be quiet about what he is doing with them. He then sends out messages on Twitter he says are for them, but are in reality for the 20-30 teens he is playing with at any one time. He makes these in many cases underage teens undress and make videos for him. He never chats with them on cam but makes them do these things solo and then send everything to a DropBox account that is anonymous. On visits to their city he will hook up with them in person and have sex with them. Many of the teens he has sex with are underage but are willing to do anything to be with him. He is using his influence for evil. This has been going on for well over a year, if not almost two years. While he was doing something mainstream not that long ago, he was juggling several of these teens all in one location. One, who was 16, got pregnant. He told her to get an abortion and to lie about who got her pregnant. She got the abortion. Once she did, he told her they should stop talking for awhile. Apparently she tried to commit suicide. The guy is awful. I’m not sure I have ever heard of someone so awful in the entertainment industry. The guy is destroying lives all while being lauded as this up and coming superstar who is going to change the face of entertainment.

274. THE GOSSIP LIFE 03/23
This is a meta blind item, but I think it’s worthy of your attention. As some of you may know, the people involved in The Gossip Life are actually in the journalism/show business industry, mostly UK/LA-based. We’re not outsiders primarily relying on inside sources (although like every good journalist we do have our sources) and this has given an insight into how the industry is reacting to us. At first, we were dismissed as another ‘fake gossip site’ but as our blind items broke in the mainstream press as news stories we gained more and more credibility, and more and more enemies… HBO, for example, is believed to hate us for revealing the shit storm that is Westworld, and I hear blames us for ‘starting off an investigation by one of the trades that led to a huge article.’ Several little bratty actresses have been known to complain about us, too, but there’s one specific A-list producer that really despises us, and has been working very hard on trying to discover our real identities and ‘exactly who we work for’. We thought we’d take this opportunity just to say ‘Hi!’ to them. It shouldn’t be too hard to guess when you look at our past revealed items.

275. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 03/24 **#1**
In addition to contributing to ruining a marriage, this daytime talk show host has also been receiving $20,000 a month from her new married boyfriend for "expenses."
Adrienne Baillon  (Israel Houghton)

276. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 03/24 **#2**
This former A list tweener actor turned A-/B+ list actor is cheating on the woman he calls his girlfriend with a cast member in his new movie. Zac Efron/Sami Miro/PROBABLY: Kelly Rohrbach ("Baywatch")

277. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 03/24 **#3**
This foreign born A list dual threat actor who was not that great in a recent play is spending a lot of favors to help his wife. Apparently, despite her being a not that great singer, she has him calling in favors to get her a record deal. Oh, and not with an unknown label. She wants a big label. With a big advance. She will keep it for herself. Or give it to her boyfriend. Benedict Cumberbatch/Sophie Hunter/sculptor Conrad Shawcross

278. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 03/24 **#4**
While the mom/wannabe reality star was earning a couple of grand by spending some time with a guy, she left her child with this former A list reality star from multiple shows who now is tuning into Howard Hughes minus the money and the long hair and fingernails. Blac Chyna/Rob Kardashian (and look how it all turned out)

279. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 03/24 **#5**
This DJ/producer/sometime singer from an entertainment family that covers the spectrum makes his girlfriend cover from head to toe when they go out to hide all the rope burn marks she has on her body. They like to play rough. He just doesn’t want anyone to know.

280. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 03/24 **#6**
This former A list singer in a group is foreign born. She literally has only done singing in that group which is permanently A list despite their limited productivity the past decade. She told some friends the other night that after a date and sex with this permanent A list athlete that she turned him down for a second date because he wasn’t that good in bed. So, he started dating another singer in the band and got married. Emma Bunton/"Baby Spice" ("Spice Girls")/David Beckham/Victoria "Posh Spice"

281. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 03/24 **#7**
This A-/B+ list mostly television actor who is an Academy Award winner got slapped the other night at a club when he tried to snort coke off a woman. He didn’t even ask her first. The sad thing is, because he is on a hit show, several other women volunteered. Cuba Gooding Jr. (O. J. Simpson "American Crime Story")

282. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 03/24 **#8**
Speaking of coke, this foreign born former A list singer in her own country who is oft married and with a never ending change of last names was spotted doing several lines of coke the other night at a club. Guess that whole marriage made her do it. Cheryl Ann Tweedy Cole Fernandez Versini

283. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 03/24 **#9**
This foreign born, current A list singer with the unusually spelled name had several hundred texts and voice mail messages come from this very whacked out A+ list singer to his phone. It was so bad that he pulled out of a lucrative set of gigs with her because he wanted no part of the train wreck. The Weeknd/Rihanna

284. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 03/24 **#10**
KINDNESS: Apparently in between making bad movies and sleeping with every woman in Hollywood and beyond, this foreign born A list mostly movie actor does some good. The actor has a soft spot in his heart for surfing and started two separate camps for underprivileged kids to learn how to surf and even for some, be in the ocean for the first time. The actor donated the surfboards, wetsuits and pays for all the salaries of the instructors who hold the camps throughout the summer.
Gerard Butler (starred in surfing movie "Chasing Mavericks")

285. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 03/24 **#11**
KINDNESS: This very recent Academy Award winner/nominee was in Japan promoting the movie which made her a nominee/winner. Apparently there were a lot of fans crammed into a very tiny area to give our actress extra space. When two girls fell down in the front, our actress asked the barricade be removed and just let the fans swarm her. She stayed like that for an hour signing autographs and taking selfies. Brie Larson ("The Room")

286. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 03/24 **#12**
This pint sized now former reality star is cheating on her husband again. It isn’t like he doesn’t do it all the time. Maybe this works for them. Nicole "Snooki" Polizzi/Jionni LaValle

287. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 03/24 **#13**
You really do not want to get involved with this guy. This foreign born B+ list model who is celebrity offspring and would be relatively unknown here in the US without being a celebrity offspring is hooked on heroin. A year ago she was full of life and everything looked bright and promising. Now, our model is wasting away to nothing. She has lost that spark that she used to have that got her work. She does not really look like a traditional model so her smile and her energy is what got her work. She has been losing out on jobs. Word has spread that she is strung out. Everyone blames the guy in her life. He is no stranger to the drug but seems to prefer getting the women in his life addicted, rather than doing much of it, if any himself. He likes the power and control it gives him over the women. They get hooked and then do what he wants to keep them supplied with the drug. He knows they won’t go looking for it on their own. They don’t know where to go. He is their supplier. He is the one who makes the shakes go away. Those close to her have tried to get in between the couple, but with no success. She thinks he loves her. So far, her parents have no idea. She has been avoiding them. It is a sad situation and if nothing is done, she has a good chance of ending up dead. he doesn’t care. He will just move on to the next one.
Guy: Thomas Cohen (widower of Peaches Geldof who died of heroin overdose)
Model: Daisy Lowe
Parents: Pearl Lowe and Gavin Rossdale

288. POPBITCH 03/24
(British blog)
Which US pop star, famous since childhood, has been spotted on tour buying meth?
Selena Gomez

289. THE GOSSIP LIFE 03/24
This former B-list comedian’s income has dropped to under 6 figures a year. It’s nowhere near what he used to earn and he’s struggling to pay his bills. Bankruptcy filing soon, we predict. Duane Martin & Tisha Campbell-Martin

290. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 03/25 **#1**
Don’t give a pet to this Teen Mom 2 star. It will be killed. The reality star gets tired of the pets in the house so forces them outside. At least two have been killed in the past few months. Leah Messer (kittens) (malnourished horse)

291. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 03/25 **#2**
Obviously someone needs to learn the value of photos. A woman got photos of this foreign born boy bander not in a boy band any longer, kissing another guy and sold the pics for $1000. To his people. She thought she was cleaning up. Apparently this was full blown making out but she bragged on Twitter about getting the $1000 like it was a huge deal. Zayn Malik "One Direction"

292. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 03/25 **#3**
This a-hole of a singer happens to be pretty close to A list. He is an awful person but people keep buying his music. One thing he does have is a list of names and even some photos of these two daytime talk show hosts and the guys they slept with for money and which ones are/were married. One of the hosts apparently stopped when she got married. The other continues to make the majority of her money by doing it. Chris Brown/Tamar Braxton (married)/Adrienne Bailon "The Real"

293. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 03/25 **#4**
The stage manager of this show is the go to person several times per night of this former A+ list singer turned full-time five show a week lip syncher for coke. He does it for free because he likes the access. Britney Spears

294. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 03/25 **#5**
It makes sense that these two closeted actors are now more than just friends. They can keep the secret of each other. A former B+ list mostly movie actor from that franchise who couldn’t make it on his own and the just starting out actor celebrity offspring of an A+ lister. Taylor Lautner "Twilight"/Patrick Schwarzenegger

295. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 03/25 **#6**
How vain is this A+ list reality star? I think it is more like lazy. Get someone to stand in for her in B roll scenes who just happens to be way more thin. You get to be lazy and have a miracle weight loss. Kim Kardashian

296. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 03/25 **#7**
There she was again. On television talking about the evils of paps. This still married B+ list mostly movie actress with the recent box office entrant loves to complain, but she is the first one making contact to make sure they get photos of her everyday. She is also the one who gives "insider" tips to tabloids.
Jennifer Garner   ("Dr. Oz" show)

297. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 03/25 **#8**
The wife of this foreign born celebrity chef/multiple reality show participant threw an entire basket of bread at the chef and screamed some not so nice language when he got a call and walked away from the table to answer it. Cheating again probably. Curtis Stone (wife kicked him out of car in 2014)

298. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 03/25 **#9**
This OITNB actress was working one of her side gigs and talked her way out of being arrested when she dumped the remaining vial of coke out in front of the undercover cop who was at the venue and confronted her. Taryn Manning (DJ for H&M party in Toronto)

299. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 03/25 **#10**
This B- list mostly television actor on an NBC show that was surprisingly renewed, sells drugs to the rest of the cast and crew. He did it on his last show too. It is why they kept him around.

300. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 03/25 **#11**
This couple on a large CBS drama are also a real life couple. The only issue is that he is married. Hey, the good news is she is not. Raza Jaffrey ("Dr. Neal Hudson")/Bonnie Somerville ("Dr. Christa Lorenson")/"Code Black"

301. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 03/25 **#12**
I guess this A+ list mostly movie actor who is an Academy Award winner/nominee/bad commercial maker and his wife came to some type of deal. They are getting along great. His cheating and drug use was causing them to split. Her wanting a career and him wanting her to stay home was an issue. They now each have someone who makes them happy and they stay together for the kid(s). Matthew McConaughey/Camila Alves

302. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 03/25 **#13**
#1 – This oft married, closeted A+ list mostly movie actor had a boyfriend as far back in high school. When that boyfriend decided to speak out about the relationship to a tabloid a decade ago he disappeared. No one has seen or heard from him since. Tom Cruise

#2- This former video vixen/model is still sleeping with her son. Stephanie Seymour

#3- I wish I could say it was an Easter Bunny costume, but it was actually a Donald Duck costume. This former A+ list mostly movie actor who is an Academy Award winner wore it on set one time and groped twenty to thirty women while in the costume. He said he was just having fun and that since he also touched guys that the women should "get over it." Our actor doesn’t work much these days.

#4 – This foreign born B list mostly movie actress has a face you know, but maybe not the name. She had a franchise for awhile and is still seen in flashbacks. After a big break she is back. On the set of her new film she said that back in the day she worked on a horror movie. It had a sequel or two. Anyway, she said that an actor on the set went crazy and tried to kill our actress with a scalpel from the set. He managed to cut her twice before he was knocked down. She still has the scars.
Actress: Franka Potente
Franchise: "The Bourne Identity" and "The Bourne Supremacy"
New film: "The Conjuring 2"
Horror movie: "Anatomy" and "Anatomy 2"

303. THE GOSSIP LIFE 03/25
This is just in from my WWE source. One of their upper mid carders is quitting to try his hand in MMA/UFC ("Ultimate Fighting Championship"). One of their top females is unhappy, claiming she wants to be pushed in the ring and not as a valet. There’s a lot of confusion at the moment since Shane McMahon returned to the company with no one in know about whether he’s going to stick around as a performer or a suit. The WWE are said to be bringing back the brand split, however.
Quitting WWE for MMA/UFC: Wade Barrett
Female: Catherine Joy "C.J." Perry ("Lana")

304. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 03/26 **#1**
This B list always out of money and pretending he has more rapper likes to force women to take off their clothes and get naked while people close to him hold guns to their heads. 50 Cent

305. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 03/26 **#2**
It was supposed to be a reality series about preparing to get married. This A+ list singer is good at pretending though so maybe viewers will believe she is really planning to get married. Not going to happen though, not anytime soon, and definitely not in front of cameras. Mariah Carey

306. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 03/26 **#3**
Get ready to see that this religious cult is all inclusive. Well, if you are famous enough anyway with enough money. This multiple Grammy nominee/winner rapper is probably B+ list. He also is a huge fan of the cult, rapped about them on a hit, and when they found out, they rolled out the red carpet and private jets and have been making sure he feels wanted. They think it will do wonders for their image and bring in a brand new revenue stream.
Doug E. Fresh (Scientology)

307. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 03/26 **#4**
This superhero brought his teen barely barely barely legal girlfriend to the premiere. Considering she still lives at home, her parents came to the premiere too. Separately. The superhero’s family ignored them and pretended they didn’t exist. Henry Cavill/Tara King ("Batman V Superman: Dawn Of Justice")

308. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 03/27 **#1**
I think this A list rapper was disappointed that she was only offered $50K for four hours of sex with a guy while she was out of the country performing. She still took it, but was really disappointed.
Nicki Minaj  (in Dubai)

309. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 03/27 **#2**
It is all about the money for this Executive Producer/host. Politics is not going to get in the way of him making money from his best show. He might start huffing and puffing, but there won’t be any house blowing.
Executive Producer/host: Ryan Seacrest
Best show: "Keeping Up With the Kardashians"
Politics: Kanye West supports Donald Trump

310. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 03/27 **#3**
I’m not a fan of this B+ list model, wannabe talk show host/thirsty for fame/frequent social media poster. That being said, she did not deserve all the trashing she took at a party thrown in her honor. Apparently everyone, and by everyone, I mean this A+ list reality star kept talking smack about how the whole thing was cheap and tacky. Yeah, like all the fucking clothes and everything else in her life we are all subjected to on a daily basis, that she thinks are so amazing because they come from that stupid fuck who blew all his money on a lame idea and has to bow down to the great and powerful Oz every five seconds.

B+ list: Chrissy Teigen
A+ list reality star: Kim Kardashian
Stupid f*ck/powerful Oz: Kanye West/Jay Z
Event: Baby shower (served McDonald’s and Taco Bell)

311. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 03/27 **#4**
This foreign born B-/C+ list mostly movie actress had one good role. Her modeling keeps her in front of the cameras. Apparently her beyond rich boyfriend makes her have threesomes almost every night which she hates. She just doesn’t want to not be famous or rich so puts up with it.

312. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 03/28 **#1**
It is not like this foreign born B- list mostly television actress who has struggled since her hit almost network show ended is hiding it. She freely admits she is being taken care of financially by her soon to be husband/B list comic actor who is literally old enough to be her grandfather if there was some Teen Mom type births involved. When he runs out of money lets see how long she stays. Jessica Lowndes ("90210")/Jon Lovitz

313. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 03/28 **#2**
His A list (combined) parents will probably think that their son is just exploring an alternate universe or some other whacked out kind of crap when they find out he is hooked on sizzurp. Worst celebrity parents? Jaden (Will and Jada Pinkett Smith)

314. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 03/28 **#3**
Why yes, that was actor who has not had a hit show in decades at a beach taking pictures. The actor, who spawned an entire generation of fashion in the show which also starred a permanent B+ lister, was taking random photos of barely teen girls in bikinis on a beach. He usually does the same thing in Europe in the summer but with teens that are topless.
Actor: Philip Michael Thomas
Show: "Miami Vice"
B+ lister: Don Johnson

315. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 03/28 **#4**
Apparently, despite being a supposed critic, this critic is not above taking cash payouts from the organization he is criticizing to go after certain people.

316. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 03/28 **#5**
It does not appear that this A- list actress/B+ list singer/A+ list everything in her mind has given up entertaining for those who kill or have people killed. Our A+ lister in her mind took home a very pricey paycheck for a performance that was not just the one barely reported in the media.
Jennifer Lopez  (wedding of Russian billionaire Mikhail Gutseriev’s son Said)

317. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 03/28 **#6**
It looks like the late night talk show host has found himself another closeted athlete. This one is married with kid(s). Andy Cohen "Watch What Happens Live"

318. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 03/28 **#7**
That ingenue singer who never seems to release anything new but still keeps her fame has been having plastic surgery here and there and has been trying to show it off but no one seems to notice. So, she went to a party this weekend and made it clear to everyone what she had done and made sure she said it repeatedly until people gave her compliments. Lana Del Rey/Lady Gaga’s birthday party

319. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 03/28 **#8**
This former tweener actress turned singer, turned bad actress, turned performance artist, turned soon to be reality star, hit on this A list model but the model was not having any of it. She does not want to lose her second chance with the A+ list singer after so long apart. Miley Cyrus/Karlie Kloss/Taylor Swift

320. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 03/28 **#9**
It probably won’t be long. The entire empire is going to crumble. The empire is not what it used to be. Sure, there are some shows on the air, but not like the old days when there were a handful all at once. People are very leery of working with this company because of the potential for bad things to happen. See, things are not like they were before. There was not social media at the height of their power. Tween actors had no voice. They did what they were told and kept quiet or they were fired from the show. Parents loved the easy life, so in some cases were culpable or turned a blind eye. Most of the time though they just were nonexistent They just picked up their kid at the end of the day and did what they were told too. In more recent shows, there has been social media so they had to choose more carefully. They only selected the most hungry, the most willing to do anything to achieve fame. If someone tried to step out of line, then those lucrative side projects suddenly disappeared and they were just another tweener who never made it beyond the tween years. Things have changed now though. What sounded like a good idea at the time is turning into a nightmare. Long removed from the thumb and with no careers to protect any longer, many of these female tweeners from a long gone show are starting to speak out. The reason? The sudden interest in the show has people searching out members to discuss their experiences. Not a good combination if you want to keep your secrets. There have been two that have started to talk and there are plenty more which will lead to more not only from that show, but many others. It is the beginning of the end.
Empire: Nickelodeon
Show: "All That"
Tweener: Angelique Bates

321. MR. X 03/28 **#1**
I’m getting sick of these two carrying out their fake feud. The guest of honor appeared at her suppose foe’s birthday party a few days ago, he returned the favor by showing up at her bash and presenting her with a expensive gift. Photogs were made to sign non disclosure agreements not to snap pics of these two partying. Perez Hilton/Lady Gaga

322. MR. X 03/28 **#2**
Everyone was shocked at this B-list singer’s appearance last night, she’s had more work done on her face and its left her with Lisa Rinna lips. Elle Goulding

323. MR. X 03/28 **#3**
This foreign born pop diva, who is probably B-list in the US but A-list overseas, only had her closeted fiance accompany her when she entered and exited the event venue. She was there to meet her real boyfriend, a married businessman. Kylie Minogue/ Joshua Sasse (Lady Gaga’s birthday)

324. MR. X 03/28 **#4**
What closeted former tweener turned successful solo artist’s boyfriend got into a fight with the PR person of the actress/celeb spawn who has been trying to be the singer’s new beard? It almost got physical, and security had to separate the two before the first punch was thrown. Yes, she was there last night as well but the singer basically ignored her. Nick Jonas/Kate Hudson

325. RADAR ONLINE 03/28
In a bombshell claim, a male massage therapist named Edward, whose full identity is being withheld, told he arranged rubdowns that included a sexual "happy ending" for John Travolta and another top A-list married male star. Edward believes the gay encounters will rock two marriages — Travolta’s to former model Kelly Preston and the other between the unnamed former Oscar contender, whom Radar has chosen not to name, and a woman well known in the entertainment industry. Edward helps run a sex service called "Man 2 Man Massage," which he described as "a roving gang of unlicensed massage therapists who specialize in ‘gay’ sexual favors. All the men who use the service realize that they are going to get a lot more than a massage!" The unnamed star’s shocking encounter took place at Miami’s Four Seasons in 2011. Radar gave the masseur a polygraph test about that session and the man passed. According to the masseur, "since [the star] didn’t resist, the subject proceeded to masturbate him and then performed oral sex on him. I had gay sex with him and he was very comfortable with it." Though reps for both stars vehemently denied the claims in this story, Edward claimed to Radar that he’s also arranged massages for 62-year-old Travolta, whose marriage to Preston, 53, has been repeatedly rocked by reports of Travolta’s gay double life. In May 2012, two male masseurs filed sexual battery suits against Travolta in federal court. Travolta’s attorney vehemently denied the claims, but more men came forward with similar accusations.

326. THE GOSSIP LIFE 03/28
Several plans are in the works to save this film series. The studio executives feel as if they’ve tried so hard to get it off the ground, only for continuous failure or flops. Although they expect to make bank on their latest shot, the reviews are humiliating, especially in comparison to their rivals. A plan is to offer one of their A-list actors the opportunity to take over as the creative head of the series, but several of the lower executives believe he can’t handle the pressure right now and they should stick with their current creative head. Another plan is to alter the dark tone to a lighter one. It’s pure chaos at this studio right now.
Film series: "Batman"
A-list actor: Ben Affleck
Studio: Warner Brothers

327. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 03/29 **#1**
This is what happens when you pay someone to do your show who is doing drugs. They love they got paid so much to do the reality show but doing drugs is way more important than the show. At this point, everyone is just trying to cover for her because it is going to look horrible for the show if she gets busted using or buying before her run on the show ends. Mischa Barton "Dancing With the Stars"

328. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 03/29 **#2**
The B+ list actress wife of this A+ list actor spent a lot of time trying to stop her husband from talking about his faith to some actor friends. She also tries to hide his politics. Hey, she hides her drugs from him, so it is all good. Anna Faris/Chris Pratt (conservative Christian) (erected giant cross on Easter Sunday)

329. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 03/29 **#3**
The wife of this really good looking A-/B+ list singer told her husband if she had a child she wanted a staff to watch the child because nothing was going to stop her from going out shopping and lunching during the day and clubbing at night. Apparently she got what she asked for. I’m guessing at some point when the child is old enough to shop they might spend some time together. Adam Levine/Behati Prinsloo

330. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 03/29 **#4**
This money sounding former A+ list rapper turned A- lister and barely hanging on pulled a gun on a woman the other day he thought was disrespecting him. Well, actually he had a guy with him pull the gun. The same guy had been probably pulling the rapper’s gun earlier in the evening if you know what I mean. Our rapper made the woman apologize by showing her breasts before he would let her get on with her life. 50 Cent

331. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 03/29 **#5**
This out of work former B list pro athlete who is only getting that high because of who he is dating, might want to check if he is still dating the A list mostly television actress because she was sucking face with another guy recently. Kelvin Hayden/Taraji P. Henson

332. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 03/29 **#6**
This A- list mostly movie actor is definitely weight challenged. He hates losing weight but finally found a doctor willing to do lap band surgery. Now he has lost all the weight he wanted. I don’t think he understands he will gain it all back if he keeps eating and boozing at the levels he used to. Jonah Hill

333. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 03/29 **#7**
So, you are married to an A+ lister. You have a gorgeous home with him. Why on earth would you have a big event somewhere else? Oh yeah, because the other place is owned by your "ex" who you seem very close to. Didn’t you have dinner at your ex’s hotel while out of the country and again in this country while on "business."
Amal Clooney/George Clooney/Shervin Pishevar (Hillary Clinton fundraiser)

334. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 03/29 **#8**
This former A- list talk show host was just along for the ride as cover so that this foreign born A list celebrity could spend some time with her girlfriend and make it look like a girls weekend. I always find it fascinating that the celebrity makes such a big deal of new boyfriends or engagements but we never see the fallout, just the new guys again and again while actually being with the same woman for a very long time. Chelsea Handler/Maria Sharapova

335. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 03/29 **#9**
This A list mostly television actress on a hit pay cable show is married. The reformed cheater has been awfully shaky recently. People have been worried about her. It could be the booze. No one has seen her like this since all the cheating. Claire Danes ("Homeland")/Hugh Dancy

336. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 03/29 **#10**
This foreign born B+ list mostly movie actress who continues to slip as her franchise fades into the distance might be pro-female, but apparently will never date a man of color. She only wants lily white. Emma Watson "Harry Potter"

337. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 03/29 **#11**
I don’t know if this washed up musician just wants the world to think his sperm is amazing so keeps spreading stories, but this former A+ list mostly movie actress turned A-/B+ list actress who will take what you give her is not pregnant. Never ever ever. Benji Madden/Cameron Diaz

338. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 03/29 **#12**
Some goons of this A list movie director paid a visit to a guy’s house. The guy, who hooked up with the director once started talking. You don’t talk. They made their point. Bryan Singer

339. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 03/29 **#13**
Remember when Michael Jackson used to have kids over to his house to play and spend the night. Nothing happened right? Remember when he had young celebrities over to he house and they spent the night? Nothing happened right? At least Michael never used the excuse that he was going to manage them or wanted to help guide their career. That is exactly what is going on now though with this A list celebrity couple. Husband and wife. The wife thinks of herself as an entrepreneur. That is because her acting career has failed. All of her other outside endeavors have failed too. Somehow though she thinks she is now qualified to manage the career of another. Oh, and in a part of the entertainment field she knows nothing about. Is it all about managing though, or is about having a ready made excuse for the underage female soon to be a star to spend the night. The celebrity couple tells the teen what to wear and how to look and have transformed her into some kind of doll like look which the male in our celebrity couple prefers. As he has aged he has started to be drawn into some kind of doll fantasies. I think his wife saw a way to make him happy and keep the money train going while at the same time trying to find some niche where she might be successful. The teen does have talent. It is not just the talent the couple wants. Don’t be shocked that at some point things turn very risque. It won’t be until the teen is legal, but everything is being set up for a big explosion when she does. When that happens will the truth about now come out or will we only get what is happening at the time of the explosion.

340. THE GOSSIP LIFE 03/29
This A-list actor is desperate for the lead role in this long running series. He’s offered to cut his fee and has been furiously pursuing the role without shame. His latest plan was to find a role that resembles it and use it as an audition of a kind. Tom Hiddleston (James Bond)

341. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 03/30 **#1**
This now former NBA coach texted photos of himself in bed with his girlfriend to the girlfriend’s ex. This will not turn out well. Derek Fisher (Gloria Govan/Matt Barnes)

342. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 03/30 **#2**
That creaking bed sound you hear is this Teen Mom getting out of the bed of the guy she is cheating on her significant other with. Oh, and the producers knew about it but covered it up during filming. Not Leah or Jenelle. Kailyn Lowry

343. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 03/30 **#3**
Look for this foreign born plastic surgery addict/one hit wonder to play the victim card when she splits with her celebrity boyfriend. Don’t buy into it though because she cheated way way more than he did. Oh, and then there was the whole sex tape thing she denied making to him. So.. Iggy Azalea/Nick Young

344. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 03/30 **#4**
Must have been awkward for this foreign born singer from a singing family to perform in front of a man who used to pay the singer’s significant other to have sex. The singer probably doesn’t know. His significant other is AMAZING at keeping secrets from her past.
Foreign born singer: Enrique Iglesias
Significant other: Anna Kournikova

Event: Wedding of billionaire Mikhael Gutseriev’s son Said

345. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 03/30 **#5**
The underage daughter of this hard working rapper pretends she is dating one guy for her dad and the cameras but is actually dating a long time record producer who hates her dad. Lil Wayne’s daughter Reginae Carter

346. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 03/30 **#6**
Apparently this B list mostly television actress didn’t tell her B list actor boyfriend about her nude scene in her most recent project. He flipped. Yes, despite his cheating, he is a jealous guy. The argument was so intense that our actress actually went to a hotel for the night even though they were not in the same location during the argument. Olivia Wilde ("Vinyl")/Jason Sudeikis

347. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 03/30 **#7**
This old, but still working, multiple Academy Award winner/nominee has been paying an 18 year old blonde porn star to accompany him everywhere as of late. The guy does have a type. Jon Voight

348. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 03/30 **#8**
This B+ list mostly movie actress who makes her living almost exclusively in this never ending franchise got billed from a hotel last month when they found blood all over the walls and floor of her room and bathroom and couch and bed. Not painted on amounts, but enough where it was definitely scary. Michelle Rodriguez "Fast & Furious"

349. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 03/30 **#9**
Apparently this B list former reality star from that A list reality show, likes to listen to his "girlfriend" having sex with men for money. She usually has her phone on speaker. Rob Kardashian/Blac Chyna

350. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 03/30 **#10**
This Law & Order actress apparently didn’t like being cheated on by her ex-husband but is doing the same thing now in a relationship with a married actor on the show. Stephanie March (Bobby Flay)/Peter Scanavino

351. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 03/30 **#11**
Things are noisy on the set of this pilot. Apparently the lead actor who all of you know from his long running network hit is sleeping with one of his co-stars who he worked with previously. The thing is though he has been hooking up with a crew member too.

352. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 03/30 **#12**
This former A list mostly television actor from an inherited network gig is making a really bad show right now. Truly awful. He doesn’t even want to do press for it because he knows it is bad. No one is positive about it at all. Ashton Kutcher "The Ranch" on Netflix

353. THE GOSSIP LIFE 03/30
This A-list director is in the midst of deciding on his next picture. He’s stuck between two options: 1. A genre that he’s never done before that’ll really surprise people. 2. A sequel to a much loved franchise. Either way, it’s going to be very interesting for film fans. Quentin Tarantino ("Kill Bill: Vol. 3")

354. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 03/31 **#1**
This African-American talk show host refuses to date anyone her own race. Actually she refuses to date anyone who is not white. She also has no non-white friends. Whoopi Goldberg "The View"

355. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 03/31 **#2**
Apparently Josh is not the only Duggar/in-law to be involved in a little cheating on their significant other. A member of a church attended by the Duggar/in-law says they have been involved with the Duggar/in-law for almost six months. Apparently the Duggar/in-law complained of a lack of sex and when there was sex, it was straight missionary with lights off and no sounds of any kind. Ben Seewald (Jessa Duggar’s husband)

356. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 03/31 **#3**
This female director is very talented. One of my favorite directors and favorite people. She is very loyal so when starting her new project picked out all her regulars to act. Because of her recent bombs though, the studio also made her choose this seems like foreign born Academy Award winner/nominee. The pair can’t stand each other and even though it is the director’s project, the Academy Award winner/nominee is trying to get the director and the actresses she brought with her, fired.

Female director: Sofia Coppola
Academy Award winner/nominee: Nicole Kidman

Recent bombs: "A Very Murray Christmas", "The Bling Ring", "Somewhere"
New project: "The Beguiled"
Regulars: Kirsten Dunst, Elle Fanning

357. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 03/31 **#4**
This B list reality star/wannabe talk show host/celebrity says she gave permission to her actor husband to hook up with women for the foreseeable future because she has no desire to have sex right now. It is nice she gave permission, but she does know he has always hooked up with other women, right? Coco Austin/Ice-T

358. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 03/31 **#5**
So, this foreign born one hit wonder is cheating on her boyfriend but prefers to let him be the bad guy. Well, this is going to get a whole lot more strange. The guy she is sleeping with is also sleeping with this A list mostly television actress who thinks she is in a relationship with the guy. Of course after one lunch with someone she thinks she is in a relationship. After sex, she is looking at bridal magazines.
One hit wonder: Iggy Azalea (equestrian)
Boyfriend: Nick Young
Guy she’s having sex with: Karl Cook (equestrian)
A list television actress: Kaley Cuoco

359. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 03/31 **#6**
The girlfriend of this foreign born A- list mostly movie actor who was married to someone forever from a Hollywood family is really jealous. How jealous? She blocks any woman under the age of 40 from taking a photo with her boyfriend and attends every single meeting her boyfriend takes. Antonio Banderas (Melanie Griffith)/Nicole Kimpel

360. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 03/31 **#7**
This Real Housewife is pretending to get qualified for a new career, but really just wants a new way to make money. She is going to sell videos and have a monthly exercise clothes program.
Teresa Giudice "Real Housewives of New Jersey"  (yoga instructor)

361. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 03/31 **#8**
This former B+ list tweener turned bad actress and decent singer is caught up denying romance rumors with a guy for the second or third time. The PR team of the closeted guy keeps spreading the rumor they are a couple but it is really hurting her love life because everyone thinks she is taken. Selena Gomez/Charlie Puth

362. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 03/31 **#9**
When this former A+ list singer turned A- list singer/part-time actress does not pay her drug supplier it sets off a chain of events where her drug supplier has to give his expensive things away to pay her debt. She never pays. If she finds someone to front the drugs, she never pays. She thinks you are doing what you should be doing since she is famous. Lady Gaga (PROBABLY: DJ White Shadow)

363. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 03/31 **#10**
Do you think this foreign born A+ list mostly movie actress who is an Academy Award winner/nominee would care that her husband is getting sexually serviced by a masseuse he calls to the hotel each day while his wife is on set? Kate Winslet/Ned Rocknroll ("Collateral Beauty" filming in NYC)

364. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 03/31 **#11**
This was worse than I thought. This foreign born so far one album wonder was brainwashed into breaking up with her long term boyfriend. Brainwashed might be the wrong word. Shamed? Peer pressured? He just didn’t fit in. In more ways than one. Lorde/James Lowe (pressured by Taylor Swift)

365. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 03/31 **#12**
This former A+ list mostly movie actor turned freak show in his later years despite that Oscar win/nomination is convinced that scrubbing himself with manure that he picks up from nurseries is making his skin look better. I have no idea about that, but he effing stinks if you have come near him the past few weeks since he started. Noxious.
Mickey Rourke

Bangkok PART ONE
On Sunday night I was surfing the internet and saw an article about Bangkok.. Specifically a hotel in Bangkok that was undergoing a renovation. I remembered staying in that hotel like it happened yesterday, but is getting on towards a decade. I have always wanted to write about what happened that trip but I don't think I am a good enough writer to convey all that was going on around me during that trip. It is one thing to describe the action, which I will do, but the heat and humidity soaking through clothes after just a few minutes or the massive case of food poisoning that made one 24 hour window a foggy haze of trips between an unforgiving to small couch and the cold tile floors of the bathroom. I had never been to Thailand before and have never been back since. This all happened shortly after the whole traipsing through Europe thing looking for the director. My job this time was a little different. I didn't have to find anyone, because I knew where they were, but I had to see if the actor needed to be replaced before things got too far along. The actor was a mess of drugs and booze and Thailand was not helping things. I was sitting at home getting ready to go to work. I got a call and was told to pack a suitcase and bring my passport to the office. Originally I was told I was going to be gone for a week which is pretty fast when you are traveling halfway across the world. In reality it ended up being about half that amount of time. I get to the office and am introduced to an actor. You all know him. Good looking. Short. Chain smoker. Has a lot of sex with actresses (now Instagram models) and makes generally bad movies. His last name is almost a slur. Probably will be someday. He was supposed to go on this trip with me. Let us call him JM. The last time I saw JM on that trip was in an airport bar getting hammered with a group of flight attendants who had their trip canceled because the airplane that was going to take them back to Poland had been grounded back in Poland. Yeah, I asked him about that a few years later and he barely remembered it. I think parties like that happen to him frequently. Presumably JM was going with me in case the actor in question was just too far gone to even work any longer. Two totally different looking actors. You can tell this was a really high quality project. This ended up being straight to DVD. Somehow, over time they have sold over 250,000 DVD's of this movie. I know. Crazy. I never saw any of it. The gist of what I am doing is told to me in the office and by 11 in the morning I'm at LAX and by 1130 I am abandoned by JM. Because this was last minute and the producers were cheap, I was thrown on a flight that connected through Taiwan. Lovely airport Taiwan. never saw anything else. That was a 13 hour flight and then the layover and then another 3 or 4 hour flight. I get picked up at the airport around midnight local time. Did I tell you about the middle seat I had on the 13 hour flight? I think I may have mentioned I am a large person. The people on either side of me may have been larger. They also enjoyed their meals loudly while talking around me both front and back. Good times. I was picked up at the airport and was dropped off at the hotel which I spoke about before. American chain. From the outside it looked the same as any other of their hotels. Inside? Even though it was past midnight, the inside was packed. The entire lobby was filled with an AARP convention's worth of men and their 18 year old girlfriends. The lobby bar and restaurant were filled with these couples. I have never seen so much grab ass in my life. When we were driving in the car the final few blocks to the hotel  saw the occasional couple, but this was full on in your face. The noise was deafening. The guys were all talking to each other while the women were talking to each other and the only interruptions occurred when one of the old guys would shove his grizzled tongue down the throat of one of the teens while fondling her beneath her barely there clothes. You know, I don't judge and am open to just about anything, but it was just so in your face. It is like someone dry humping in an elevator or a Starbucks line. I don't care if you are dry humping in public, but when you have 12 inches of space between you and a person you don't know, maybe you should wait a minute or two or go someplace where you don't have to worry about hitting someone else with the follow through on your thrusting. Part Two is more lobby fun and we meet the actor I am there to see and another actor who is not as prim and proper as he likes to pretend to the world. Tomorrow in the final part, I met an actor for the first time who was a part of my life for that moment forward.
Was every guy in the world over the age of 60 in this hotel lobby at this particular second? That was what I was wondering as I made my way to a bank of elevators in the middle of the night headed to my room. The financial part of my brain kicked in and I thought if this was one random hotel on a random night and if this was being repeated all over the country, the amount of dollars brought in by this to the country must be staggering. In the elevator I was joined by two couples who obviously were about to head up to their rooms to finish what they had started in the lobby. One of the guys, who, judging by his accent was Australian, started speaking to me. While holding on to the breast of his female companion, he looked me up and down in my wrinkled suit and bloodshot eyes and said what I needed was a drink and a lady and the world would be all good again. The fact that he said this while missing several teeth and booze breath that would challenge the capability of a breathalyzer I wasn't sure I ever wanted to see that world of which he spoke. Before I could reply he then boasted this was the third woman he was taking to his room that day. He then did that whole Aussie Aussie Aussie Oi Oi Oi thing with the other guy in the elevator, who up to that point had been making out with the woman who was with him. Not making out in a Ryan Gosling/Rachel McAdams Notebook way or even porn making out. This was like some guy who had practiced on a pillow for forty years and was making his first foray into the real thing. Did I tell you before how slow the elevator moved and how tall the hotel was? I finally got to my floor. The door opened and when I steppe out in the hallway I gasped for air. I realized that I had been holding my breath after getting a whiff of the vapors those guys had been emanating. The room? Nothing unlike any other of the hotel's worldwide properties. You know, balcony, blackout curtains, mini-bar with boxes of condoms and sex toys individually wrapped. Oh, did I mention the lubes, oils or natural Viagra also for sale? I was so exhausted but couldn't sleep. I took a shower and climbed into bed. I wish I had been like Gordon Ramsay in Hotel Hell and brought a sleeping bag with me. I flipped through the million cable channels and watched rugby until I fell asleep. I know all of you like to get straight to the celebrity blind parts of these things, but all of this was part of it and the experience. I guess I preferred Hollywood where vices are hidden and you have to pry out the secrets.  My meeting was at 11 in the morning. That is my recollection. It has been awhile now. I do remember I had time to go slow in the morning. There was no rushing around. My original plan was to eat in the hotel restaurant for breakfast. Have you ever seen a bar in the daylight? That harsh light they try so hard to block out of nightclubs? The restaurant was nice enough in the daylight, but the aftermath of a night of drinking and partying was evident everywhere. Not in the room itself, but the people. i'm sure by later that night, most of these guys would be ready to go again, but that hotel restaurant was a really depressing sight I won't soon forget. I wandered outside and saw a place to eat. Everything was open. i remember exactly what I ate. It was pork Pad Thai. It was to be the only meal I ate the entire visit. I took a cab over to the set and it was not like any set I had been on before. There was no main area where everyone parked and then shuttled over to the set. This was one big conglomeration of trailers and equipment and food stalls and tables and makeshift bars. There were literally women everywhere. Apparently to film there, the production had to hire not only crew, but also their families and second cousins and friends down the street. It was an army of workers. In Hollywood, with that number of people on set, the entire budget of this movie would be gone in a couple of days. Here, they would be able to film for six weeks. I asked around and found the actor I was looking for. I tried to find the producer contact I was supposed to meet, but apparently he was getting a massage. Uh huh. The actor. You all know him. Honestly you do. Even if I tell you that as it stands right now he is a B- list actor, all of you know him. In a change of pace, lets call him SD. Some people might dispute the whole SD thing, but I'm going with it. He was a mess when I saw him, but not in a I'm taking drugs and going to die kind of way. This was an I partied all night like a rock star because everyone in this country knows my franchise so I partied until an hour before coming to set kind of way. The movie was not tough. There are no sonnets or soliloquies. It was an action movie and plenty of low cost stunt people to do all the action. He just needed to be able to read some lines. He wasn't going to be able to read them until mid-afternoon most days, but since most of the movie took place in late afternoon or night, that was not going to be an issue. He probably would not be able to film with the three topless women in his trailer either, but they would be there when he got back from filming. Apparently our actor had kicked drugs for the trip. Not because he was giving them up but because he was scared of ending up in jail there. He was going to drink the town dry and have sex as much as possible, but I could tell he was going to be ale to film. This whole process took about an hour. Maybe a little less. I remember one of the women was talking about lunch and who was going to bring it to them and our actor seemed like it was go time for him with them which meant it was go time for me. As I am walking out of his trailer, I saw two other women go inside a trailer opposite his. No big deal. This was one big sex fest. Then, I saw who was in the other trailer. An actor who looked shocked that I saw him. It was one of those moments a director tries to capture where eyes lock on and you instantly know everything. This actor is well known. B lister through and through. He can get a headlining movie but it would have to be a straight to on Demand kind of thing. All of you know him too. Mr. Married. Mr. Family. Always going on and on about family and family values. It is always the big talkers who are the big cheaters. These women were not going in his trailer to cut his hair or pray with him. He knew that I knew. Right with that look. We are going to call him BC. I had heard a rumor a couple of years earlier that he hooked up with the actress/klepto turned escort. Well, that she orally serviced him while he freaked out about being caught. No one ever believed it. Now I did though. He has done a bunch of movies and television. I'm guessing his credits must total 100. I wasn't going to rat him out but he didn't know that. He could have kicked out the women after he saw me. He didn't. “Street Fighter: The Legend of Chun-Li”/JM: Stephen Dorff/SD: Chris Klein/JC: Michael Clarke Duncan

367. POPBITCH 03/31
(British blog) Which politician got a taste of the local culture on a trip abroad, by splashing out on a hooker? The story has been hawked around the tabloids but no-one wants to make trouble for the man in question right now.
David Cameron Prime Minister of the United Kingdom (Lanzarote)

368. THE GOSSIP LIFE 03/31
I have two blind items for you today. The first is because I know that WWE blind items go over like bacon in a synagogue here and I never like y’all to feel cheated, but what can I do? I have a top source in the corporate hierarchy and I love juicy gossip in any field. We’re eclectic here at the Gossip Life!

1. The reason this A-list wrestling superstar, unlike nearly everyone of the era, was never employed back by the WWE was because he had a relationship with someone VERY close to the owner of the company, Vince McMahon. The girl in question was under-age at the time and the A-list wrestling superstar took her virginity. Randy "Macho Man" Savage/Vince’s daughter Stephanie

2. A lot of speculation about a power struggle between the scenes at WWE right now between two A-list people, and by extension their spouses. Although control of the company was once believed to be bestowed to just one of them, its future is now up in the air. Stephanie McMahon/Triple H and Shane McMahon/Marissa Mazzola-McMahon

3. Agents and managers are waiting to hear back about the status of this A-list movie role. It’s suddenly become the most sought after role in town and I can count at least five A-list actors that desperately want in. Negotiations are under way with the current occupant.
Movie: "James Bond"
Current occupant: Daniel Craig
Actors: Idris Elba, Tom Hardy, Henry Cavill, Tom Hiddleston, Michael Fassbender

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Last updated: November 26, 2023