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This reality mom is starting out the year on an angry note. She is absolutely furious that a rival made out better in the recent fake boyfriend wars! The first mom wanted this very popular boy bander to date her daughter. He declined – and one of his band mates declined – so she got stuck with their leftovers, an outsider with a long list of problems. But guess who DID successfully score the popular boy bander for her daughter a couple of weeks later? That’s right, the second reality mom! The truth is that the second reality mom is simply much smarter and much more influential than the first.
First Reality Mom: Yolanda Foster "Real Housewives of Beverly Hills"
Her Daughter: Gigi Hadid
Popular Boybander: Harry Styles
Leftovers: Zayn Malik
Second Reality Mom: Kris Jenner
Her Daughter: Kendall Jenner

This A- list mostly movie actor who is an Academy Award winner/nominee and has a special connection to the Academy Awards that most nominees/winners don’t have, started the New Year with a bang. He hooked up with this former Disney tweener and her closeted boyfriend. James Franco (nominated and hosted)/Bella Thorne/Gregg Sulkin

This foreign born B+ list mostly movie actor who hit it big on a hit pay cable show, finally managed to land a beard. You have to give the guy an A for effort. He spent most of 2015 "dating" a series of women for a week or two but none would accept the assignment. He finally found one in this foreign born model/television host who thinks it is great. It makes a nice change from hooking up with married celebrities who want to discreetly cheat. Alexander Skarsgård ("True Blood")/Alexa Chung (Chris Martin)

I guess we know who this almost television actress/part-time movie actress moved on to from her girlfriend. This A+ list singer is so good at hiding people in plain sight. Ruby Rose/Taylor Swift

This former A- list mostly television actress who was on a long running tweener show back in the day before there was a term, is speaking out. The no longer working actress says that this former A list television/movie actor who is rebooting one of his franchises, regularly abused her and she wishes she said something when it happened. Lark Voorhies/Martin Lawrence "Bad Boys"

This A-list President’s intelligence level has been speculated about for years. His critics want it to be low and his fans want it to be high. An abberation to the records, his IQ hasn’t actually been released. Of course, his people have tried in the past to release a force IQ and fluff up his intelligence, but don’t believe them (nor his critics) for a second. Well, The Gossip Life has obtained a memo with the answer (and a couple of others). It’s not incredibly recent, but according to many experts your IQ isn’t expected to change that much after 30. It’s not too salacious, but our President has an IQ between 115-120. That’s High Average Intelligence… And yet, it’d give him the second lowest POTUS IQ score. The lowest? Unfortunately it’s not who you think (or wish) it is – it’s the President who won on charisma and good looks. Both our answers are Democrats.
Who is the President with the High Average IQ? Bill Clinton
Who is the President with the lowest IQ? John F. Kennedy

OLD HOLLYWOOD: From a reader: This one-time "It" girl and childhood friend of a future famous television sidekick , known for her studio feud and hookups with some of Hollywood’s most famous stars (both male and female) died in obscurity – but not poverty – thanks to the largesse of a well-known media mogul.
"It" girl: Louise Brooks
Childhood friend: Vivian Vance
Media Mogul: William S. Paley

OLD HOLLYWOOD: Back in the days of Old Hollywood there were a lot of out of wedlock babies. Had to avoid scandal at all costs. This actress, who actually got her start entertaining men for money became a permanent A list television actress. An icon. After she married her actor husband they spent a lot of time apart making money and trying to make it big separately and together. There was a period about five years before our actress hit it big that she was working on Broadway while her husband was doing other work. Our actress had an affair with a man and became pregnant. She refused to see her husband for almost the entire pregnancy and he had no idea she gave birth to a girl. That girl was taken care of for the rest of her life by our actress. Our actress made personal contact a couple of times, but for the most part just made regular cash contributions to the "parents" of the child. The "parents" were old friends of the actress and she made sure they didn’t have to work the rest of their lives. All she wanted was for her daughter to be given the best life possible. The daughter died at a fairly young age and the money stopped. The granddaughter has been trying to establish she is in the family line to make sure her family is also taken care of. Lucille Ball/Desi Arnaz

9. MR. X 01/04 **#1**
OLD HOLLYWOOD: The estranged wife of this permanent A lister is in a battle with her son. They previously had agreed to kill the A lister and divide his money leaving out all the other relatives. Instead, the son killed the actor but only after changing the actor’s will.
A lister: Mickey Rooney
Wife: Jan Chamberlin Rooney
Son: Stepson Mark Aber

10. MR. X 01/04 **#2**
OLD HOLLYWOOD: A former male lover of James Dean also was the first choice of this top 5 all-time permanent A list singers who was married (technically) to a woman when he died.

11. MR. X 01/04 *#3**
OLD HOLLYWOOD: Several actresses are counting down the days until this former A-list funnyman kicks the bucket because they don’t want to be silenced by his legal team. This impending scandal will eclipse Bill Cosby in terms of the number of accusers and the lewdness of the sexual assaults. These accusations go back to the mid 1950s. Jerry Lewis

12. MR. X 01/04 **#4**
OLD HOLLYWOOD: This A/B-list actress and comedienne rarely if never talked about her teen years to interviewers. When she was growing up in New York City, and still very much underage, drunken friends of her father (who was a bouncer at several mob-controlled saloons) would rape her. One man gave her an STD. Considering her public persona, it was something that was too painful to discuss. Fanny Brice

13. MR. X 01/04 **#5**
OLD HOLLYWOOD: This former A+ list mostly movie actor was blackmailed by his wife during their divorce. She told him she would release recordings of him admitting to be gay which would have ruined his career. She told him homosexuality was a sin and that he could change whenever he wanted. Considering she wanted his money so she could live with her female lover, that seems hypocritical. Rock Hudson/Phyllis Gates

14. MR. X 01/04 **#6**
OLD HOLLYWOOD: This five time Academy Award winner/nominee once beat up an actress who was sleeping with her boyfriend. Our Academy Award winner/nominee was in bed with her boyfriend who also happened to be the boyfriend of the other actress. The other actress opened the bedroom door and yelled at the boyfriend to get the Oscar winner/nominee out. Instead, the two started fighting. The lesser known actress filed police charges but was pressured by the studio to drop the charges in exchange for a payment. Barbara Stanwyck (Cary Grant/Irene Selznick) (Gary Cooper/Lupe Velez) (Kirk Douglas/Peggy Diggins) (James Stewart/Virginia Bruce) (Robert Taylor/Hedy Lamarr) (Tyrone Power/ Jessie Matthews) (Anthony Quinn/Suzan Ball)

15. BLIND GOSSIP 01/04 **#1**
This athlete is vehement that he did not do anything that could be construed as cheating. However, one of his former teammates claims that he knows differently. "Is it true? Yes. He really is no different from [Lance] Armstrong or [Barry] Bonds. Says one thing and does another to keep a clean image. It’s almost funny to watch him attack anyone who is accusing him. I’m not the only person on [the team] who knows that the accusations are true. Will he sue? Nah. Too many people know too much. He can’t take the risk of any of us being hauled in for depositions. He’ll just pay people off to STFU. Will the league discipline him? Don’t know but doubt it. They don’t want to deal with another scandal."
Athlete: Peyton Manning (linked to shipments of human growth hormone (HGH))
Current Team: "Denver Broncos"
Former Teammate:

16. BLIND GOSSIP 01/04 **#2**
This actress was on a popular TV series in the 1980s and 90s. We are waiting for her to raise her hand and tell her own story about powerful men who use their power to abuse young girls in the industry. When she was at her peak, there was a famous TV and film actor who was abusive to her, and his actions caused her considerable distress. We’re told that those events contributed to her severe emotional distress and her career downfall. She hasn’t had a steady job in at least ten years, and she sometimes behaves oddly in public. We’re not sure if she saved any evidence from that time, but it would certainly go a long way to making her case. A former cast mate of hers could tell what he knows, but there’s a problem. Like the actress, he is now seen as unstable and unreliable. It’s a shame, too, because they both have a lot of very compelling stories to tell about our actress as well as other young girls in the industry who have been abused by powerful men.
Actress: Lark Voorhies
TV Show: "Saved By the Bell"
Abusive actor: Martin Lawrence
Her Former Cast Mate: Dustin Diamond

17. BLIND GOSSIP 01/04 **#3**
People were gong crazy about the thought of these two hot young celebrities possibly getting back together! They had always stayed in touch since they broke up, so what was the sudden impetus behind them suddenly getting affectionate in public? It was another woman! Practically the minute she heard that the actor had a fling with his pretty film franchise costar, she wanted to get together with him, "Just to hang out." Riiight. He was hesitant and made a bunch of excuses, but our girl is tenacious when she wants something! She saw it as a little game. She texted him constantly – keeping light and friendly – and eventually wore him down. It only took a few days. He wasn’t going to go to her, though. She had to make the effort. So she jumped on a plane and flew halfway around the world "Just to hang out." It’s amazing how a little jealousy can suddenly set things in motion!
Actor: Liam Hemsworth
Her: Miley Cyrus
His Pretty Film Franchise Costar: Maika Monroe
Movie: "Independence Day: Resurgence"

She is gay. He is gay. Neither will ever admit it, so why shouldn’t these two franchise movie co-stars get married to each other. Anna Camp/Skylar Astin "Pitch Perfect"

This almost legal celebrity offspring of an A list acting couple has started transitioning from male to female. Jaden Smith (Will and Jada Smith)

This foreign born A- list mostly movie director is playing hardball in his custody dispute. He is not only having his PR people flood news outlets with his side of the story, but also having some of his A+ list actor buddies do the same thing. Guy Ritchie (custody fight with Madonna for their 15 year old son Rocco)

This permanent A list model accidentally outed her son and his boyfriend. Cindy Crawford’s 16 year old son Presley (She posted — and then deleted — a picture on her Instagram, of a picture she took of her son and his friend, after she surprised them. Once it was posted, it was clear that one or both of the boys pants were down and being hastily raised) - thanks Lemon Swizzle

This B list actress likes to pretend this break baby doesn’t exist, but her athlete husband is still hooking up with the mother of the baby. Gabrielle Union/Dwyane Wade

This foreign born former A list singer in a group who has tried to make a go if it in several other ways, is cheating on his girlfriend who he cheated on his wife with, and cheated on his other girlfriend with while he was married. Liam Gallagher

This foreign born back in the day A list singer when he was in a group, turned not much singing, but did get in trouble a lot before getting a reality gig, has hooked up with several male contestants on the show. He tells them they will get special treatment if they sleep with him. Boy George "The Voice U.K."

This A+ list singer wants an Oscar. An acting one. She thinks she is that good. She is buying options on countless screenplays that have a role for her which her people think could garner an Oscar nomination. Everyone is trying to convince her she would have a better chance at a supporting Oscar, but she says she doesn’t backup anyone. It is lead or nothing. Beyoncé

This A- list actor/comedian/host risked his career on a publicity stunt. Well, not risked it entirely. His employers who sanctioned the risk gave him $500K for taking the chance. They were more than pleased with the result. Steve Harvey ("Miss Universe" flub)

27. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 01/05 **#10**
It was put up or shut up time for this A+ list mostly movie actor. His model girlfriend has been hooking up with one of her dad’s business partners and he wants to set her up financially permanently. Throw in a high profile gig she got through the casting couch and she is set. As much as she loves star fucking (not literally) the A+ lister, she wanted a guarantee she would be on his arm during award season and get a nice year long guarantee. He said no go, so she go. Leonardo Di Caprio/Kelly Rohrbach (Pamela Anderson role P.J. on "Baywatch" reboot)

28. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 01/05 **#11**
It’s funny because this B list singer (she still sings right?) told her A+ list athlete boyfriend she is broke. Apparently she neglected to tell him just how much child support she gets each month. So, the A+ lister has been supporting her even though she doesn’t need it at all. Ciara (ex-Future)/Russell Wilson

29. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 01/05 **#12**
I already wrote about this A+ list rapper’s criminal history and her love of burglary and robbery, but it turns out she came a pillar away from being charged with murder. She fired multiple times at someone but missed while the victim hid behind a pillar. The DA later dropped the charges when the victim would not say anything. Nicki Minaj

30. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 01/05 **#13**
#1 – This actress never really got above B list despite her acting resume and her family pedigree. She acted for nearly fifty years and probably took three times that many lovers in her career. Drugs and a partying lifestyle made her a scandal in her storied family. She once was almost deported from a country because of the number of high school boys and girls she slept with in one year. Tallulah Bankhead (Tallulah hailed from the Brockham Bankheads, a prominent Alabama political family — her grandfather and uncle were U.S. Senators and her father served as Speaker of the House of Representatives)

#2 – The star of the most expensive movie ever made saw his studio career crash and burn because he would not marry a woman. Instead he lived with his publicist who was the king of kissing up to celebrities back in the day. Ramon Novarro ("Ben-Hur: A Tale of the Christ")/Herbert Howe

#3 – This actress married one of the greatest screen legends of Old Hollywood. The blind is not about her relationship with him though, it is about her relationship with a permanent A list actor who is an Academy Award winner/nominee. He wanted to marry the actress but his mom said no because the mom only wanted him to marry someone white. The actress in question was extremely jealous of her actor boyfriend. She once tried to shoot him as he boarded a train to go film a movie because he would not take her along. On another set she got into a fistfight with a permanent A list actress because she was getting too friendly with the actor.
Actress: Lupe Vélez
Screen Legend: Johnny Weissmuller ("Tarzan")
A list actor: Gary Cooper
Fistfight with A list actress: Marlene Dietrich

31. BLIND GOSSIP 01/05 **#1**
This singer is writing a screenplay. So she says. Only… she’s not. "The truth is that [she] is functionally illiterate. I don’t think that people realize that about her. She didn’t graduate from high school, not because she was busy, but because she can’t read or write beyond a second-grade level. When I receive emails or texts from her, it’s like they were written by a child whose native language is not English. It’s just a jumble of words, some bigger than others (as if she is trying to sound intelligent). She does not understand the concepts of grammar or spelling or sentence structure. I sometimes have to ask other people to read the messages and then we piece together what she is trying to say! The thought of her writing a screenplay is laughable. I have never even seen her read a book (although she will pose with one for a photo shoot if required). Never. Not even to [her child/ren]. What she is going to do is lay out the broad strokes of the story and let a ghostwriter handle it. Of course she’ll take all the credit though! She wants that Oscar!!! That’s why she is going to name herself the writer/ producer/star/composer/everything on this project. Beyoncé

32. BLIND GOSSIP 01/05 **#2**
This aging actor – who has made jokes in the past about drugging women – is now grasping at straws to try to counter accusations against him. He has tried the "They’re all liars" approach. He has tried the "Nuts and Sluts" approach. He has tried the "It was consensual" approach. He has tried the "I’m a feeble old man" approach. Here’s the next straw for which he is thinking of grabbing: "They’re all racists!" "He thinks that it will work to portray himself as the innocent who is being witch-hunted by a bunch of racists who want to take him down because he is a successful man of color. One of the things [his team] was talking about is if it’s possible to "rent" Black Lives Matter protesters to side with him in a future public appearance. They want white people to be intimidated by the thought of violence erupting if he is found guilty of anything." Bill Cosby

This reality TV star, who was once on a smash reality show, has seen her share of ups and downs lately. Her loveless mansion is broken. Her husband is preparing an extensive vacation, and she will be left with a household to run and hungry mouths to feed. She is lucky to have lots of legal eagle support, and will never be alone. Her slippery protector is in love with her, and is planning to hold her up in her time of deserted need. He’s planning to leave his wife to assume the husband role, and play house with this reality princess. He’s already a permanent fixture in this mother’s life. The defending mouthpiece has become her confidant, her cheerleader, her everything. He has dreams of marrying this reality diva after she divorces her husband.
Reality TV star: Teresa Giudice ("Real Housewives of New Jersey")
Husband: Joe, going to prison in March for 41 months, and then possible deportation
Attorney: James J. Leonard Jr.

It won’t be announced ahead of time, but this A-list show is set to come to a crashing stop at the end of its current season. Even trains come to a halt, and producers feel this season will deliver the right poetic ending. This season airing in 2016 will be its last. "Girls"

This three named B+ list singer has been taking so many drugs that she barely sleeps at night and is paranoid to the point where people are concerned she is going to have a mental breakdown. Lana Del Ray

This former A list singer turned part-time reality judge has told some people she is pregnant. I hope not because she was being her usual beyond boozy self at a party this week. Wow she can drink a lot for her size. Christina Aguilera

Over the weekend, this former A+ list mostly movie actor turned A lister was being propped up by his actress wife because our actor could barely function. Our actress plays the martyr card beautifully despite the fact that she is the one making sure he stays addicted. Johnny Depp/Amber Heard

This tool of a singer who is a celebrity offspring was eating dinner with his girlfriend and son. They were seated at a table of four. So, one empty seat. Three women came over to the table and wanted to talk to the hopefully one hit wonder. So, our singer made his girlfriend get up. So, that leaves two chairs and three women. Two of the women sat in chairs and the third sat in the singer’s lap. For an hour. While the girlfriend stood there being ignored by everyone. Robin Thicke/April Love Geary

Hushed up in a major way is that the brother of this A+ list singer was arrested for beating a woman nearly half to death. Not surprising when you consider who the sister is and her story. Nicki Minaj; Rihanna

Just when you thought there had to be someone in Hollywood who would refuse to get a facelift or procedure done to their face, comes this intense A list mostly movie actor in a big award type film this year. He has moved away from the franchise role he once had. Anyway, he has a brand new scar down the side of his face where some work was performed. It is hard to tell because of his facial hair. Why get the work done if you are going to hide the results? Christian Bale ("Batman") ("The Big Short")

This back in the day A list mostly television actress left a hit network show because she thought she was too good for it. She thought she would be a huge movie star. Not so much. She still has A list name recognition though because of her side projects. One of her non-business side projects is cheating on her long term husband. Suzanne Somers

This Arrow actress tried to be sneaky but she was busted coming out of a condo owned by a married television executive of the parent company that owns her show. Katie Cassidy

This foreign born actually straight boy bander is rushing through the steps of a relationship he is not all that into because he knows a custody fight is looming and wants to present himself in the best light possible. Louis Tomilson "One Direction"

44. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 01/06 **#10**
This actor who was the hottest thing on cable while his long running show was on the air, has been filming some movies and is A-/B+ list. Probably would have been higher if he took a certain gig. Anyway, even though he is in a relationship and his former co-star was in a marriage, the two made a baby. Yep. The co-star’s husband thinks it is his baby. Ooops. Charlie Hunnam (turned down "Fifty Shades of Grey")/Maggie Siff ("Sons of Anarchy")

45. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 01/06 **#11**
This B list actress and her A+ list mostly movie actor husband were in a great mood on the red carpet this past week. That female tennis instructor she hooked up with at the resort probably helped with the mood. Will and Jada Smith

46. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 01/06 **#12**
This foreign born A list mostly movie actress who is an Academy Award winner/nominee you either love or hate with no middle ground, was mistaken for a drag performer while eating out this past weekend out of LA and asked where she would be performing that night. Cate Blanchett

47. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 01/06 **#13**
This is short but still extra juicy. This permanent A list singer who does not actually do much "singing" as of late has been pressured into getting two abortions over the past three years. Britney Spears

48. BLIND GOSSIP 01/06 **#1**
This handsome under-30 actor has had a fake girlfriend for a while now. He is ready to let her go… but she won’t let him! Why can’t he give her the slip? She has fallen in love with him! Yes, she knows the relationship is fake. Doesn’t matter to her. She thinks they could make a life together. No. He likes her as a friend, but he definitely does not want to marry her or have babies with her. Now he is having a problem untangling himself from her (and his life is messy enough without a disgruntled ex looking to make trouble for him). This is why men in Hollywood who are looking for "girlfriends" are almost always better off doing formal contracts with others in the industry (model, actress, singer). Both parties know what the gig is, both careers are at stake, and both walk away cleanly after it’s over. With civilians, it is much riskier. Our actor is trying to ease out of this relationship right now without leaving a mess in his wake. He will probably have to pay her off. After he does break up with her, you can bet that the next girlfriend will be a pro.
Zac Efron/Sami Miro

49. BLIND GOSSIP 01/06 **#2**
We hear that this singer’s family is exaggerating a health issue. "We don’t know why they are telling everyone it’s cancer. We were told "nodule or polyp." A nodule is like a callous and a polyp is like a blister. Singers get them on their vocal cords all the time. They’re not tumors and even tumors aren’t necessarily cancer." Why exaggerate the condition? "Her music isn’t selling well and tickets aren’t selling well. They’ll get some headlines and public sympathy and a "comeback" tour boost after interviews about how brave she is. The real benefit is to the rest of the family. Even though she has distanced herself from them, they’re going to milk this to the max. They want to push some of the younger ones into the spotlight, so it’s good timing." Janet Jackson

50. BLIND GOSSIP 01/06 **#3**
There is one very significant detail that is missing from the story of an actress who is pregnant by her costar! Of course a pregnancy is joyous news. But not a single outlet is mentioning this important fact: She is still married to someone else! She and her husband separated a couple of years ago, but they never got legally divorced. It’s interesting that her husband isn’t even even mentioned in the pregnancy announcement. The actress’ publicist must be working overtime to make sure that detail stays well hidden! Keri Russell (Shane Deary)/Matthew Rhys "The Americans"

51. THE GOSSIP LIFE 01/06 **#1**
It’s one of the most beloved film franchises ever, but despite promises and speculation, it has been inactive for several years now – things are about to change. The Gossip Life can reveal discussions for a sequel-reboot are underway, baby, and you could be seeing a new installment within the next couple of years. The A-list lead actor wrapped up his other franchise recently and he’s ready to whip himself into shape, get into the groove and dive back into action. Harrison Ford "Indiana Jones"

52. THE GOSSIP LIFE 01/06 **#2**
This alleged A-list supermodel has had breast implants in the last couple of years. It was a subtle job and they’re not too large for her frame, which is why so few have noticed. She had them to support her acting career that she feels is about to take off. Gisele Bundchen

This former A list mostly movie actress can pay for as many vacations as she can afford for this former A list tweener but it still is not ever going to turn into a real relationship. She is really addicted to the publicity of it though. Kate Hudson/Nick Jonas

Speaking of showmances, this former A list mostly movie actress who is an Academy Award winner/nominee sticks to television now. Apparently she found the new love of her life, but it is hiding the fact she is dating someone who is married. The last thing she needs right now is the world to think she is a homewrecker so she gave a entertainer who needed a break, a break and won’t deny she is dating him. He gets his moment in the sun and she gets some cover until her current boyfriend can get divorced. Halle Berry/Chris Webby

This very young openly gay foreign born A- list singer was A list for a brief time but needs some new music to keep from falling down the list. He paid for two men in their 50’s to go home with him the other night. Our singer has never been with anyone his own age. Sam Smith

PEOPLE’S CHOICE AWARDS: This award winner last night is supposedly sober but she was hammered out of her mind. I’m shocked she could pull it together enough to get on stage. Dakota Johnson

This former A+ list rapper who holds a grudge longer than anyone not named Hatfield or McCoy, said that the thank you present he received from a baby mother for his Christmas gifts to her and their child were not given with enough thought so he removed all traces of their child from his social media accounts. 50 Cent/Daphne Joy (dating Jason Derulo)

PEOPLE’S CHOICE AWARDS: This A list singer skipped the awards show not for the reason given but because it was her intention to meet a guy she has been speaking to and sneak away from her handlers. She was busted and had to stay home. Britney Spears

PEOPLE’S CHOICE AWARDS: Knowing you are going to win in advance of receiving the actual award gives you time to work on your speech. Or, in this case having your A- list singer girlfriend write your speech so that you give her the proper attention she wants and to make it seem like everything is hunky dory, when it is not. Taylor Kinney/Lady Gaga

This permanent A list mostly movie actor who is really not that great of an actor but has been box office success for 40 years, is the latest to turn to tan and tug. He spends $1000 a pop twice a week and thinks no one knows. Sylvester Stallone

This always getting a new television show that lasts forever actress who some say is coke mom but really is just friends with her, forced the hand of her current show when she would not let her character have a love scene with another woman. Bye bye show. Angie Harmon ("Rizzoli & Isles")/friends with "coke mom" Debra Messing

This superhero on an almost network show not named Arrow is hooking up with his co-star. "The Flash"/Grant Gustin and Candice Patton or Danielle Panabaker; "Legends of Tomorrow"/Brandon Routh and Caity Lotz

63. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 01/07 **#11**
PEOPLE’S CHOICE AWARDS: This foreign born B list singer who was A list for a summer and has a pretty big thing coming up, cheated on her supposed boyfriend with a woman last night. The two were all over each other at an after party. Carly Rae Jepsen (Matthew Koma)/playing Frenchy, in Fox's "Grease: Live"

64. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 01/07 **#12**
PEOPLE’S CHOICE AWARDS: I think I lost whatever respect I had left for this Pretty Little Liars actress not named Ashley Benson or Lucy Hale. This actress said she would much rather be Kim Kardashian than Mindy Kaling. Shay Mitchell

65. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 01/07 **#13**
PEOPLE’S CHOICE AWARDS: It is tough to hear it and people don’t like to hear that one of their favorites was a pain, but it happened. This hanging on to A+ list mostly movie actress despite not doing much the past couple of years, treated everyone like crap last night and could not wait to do what she was there to do and leave. Sandra Bullock

66. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 01/07 **#14**
PEOPLE’S CHOICE AWARDS: With her kid at home, this married A- list mostly television actress from a very very very long running network drama said she was there to party. Popping a couple of pills and drinking and making out with a couple of random guys throughout the night, she did just that. Caterina Scorsone (Dr. Amelia Shepherd on "Grey’s Anatomy")

67. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 01/07 **#15**
PEOPLE’S CHOICE AWARDS: Enough already. I am so tired of this Teen Wolf actress playing coy about her sexuality. We all know you are hooking up with that barely relevant actress who had an entertainment gig before acting. The "I haven’t found the right one yet" gets really old, especially when they have been saying it a decade. Last night, the two were acting like they are just friends. Just come out already. Arden Cho/Katherine McNamara (started on Broadway at 13)

68. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 01/07 **#16**
PEOPLE’S CHOICE AWARDS: She is a great actress. Really special. The thing is she is probably at best B+ list despite being on two great television shows simultaneously. One on pay cable and the other is on cable. Sometimes you have to pay extra for it but not always. Anyway, I think she is great and wonderful and I am really worried about her. She has always had issues with her body and an eating disorder but this is the worst I have seen her. She needs some help soon. Abigail Spencer ("True Detective" HBO) ("Rectify" Sundance)

69. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 01/07 **#17**
On one of the biggest new network hits of the season, there is a little onscreen romance that has turned off screen in a big way. He is a foreign born B lister in his own country and, until this show was probably C+ here. Now? Everyone wants a piece of him. Everyone. His co-star was B list at best before the show and now, if she can make nice she has a chance at A list. She has been in a long term relationship with a B+ list actor who split from his wife for the actress. Well, he was with the actress and then got caught so decided to split with his wife, but you get the picture. Until this show was a big hit the actress was treated like a side piece. No respect at all. When the show hit, her boyfriend got really insecure. Looks like it was for a good reason too. Our actress and her co-star have definitely let it be known on set they are a couple. The problem is that the soon to be actor ex of our actress is going ballistic with rage and jealousy and the actress thinks the whole thing will blow up and make her look bad. Probably. No one really likes her anyway so this will just add fuel to that fire. Meanwhile, her foreign born co-star just goes with the flow and his feeling is that if it doesn’t work out, another one down the line will.
Show: "Blindspot"
Actor: Sullivan Stapleton
Actress: Jaimie Alexander
Long term relationship: Peter Facinelli (Jennie Garth)

(and a month later, they have split)

70. BLIND GOSSIP 01/07 **#1**
This actor and actress costar on a big hit TV series. Rumor has it that they may be dating. Are they really rekindling their relationship? Check out what an insider is telling us: "Absolutely not!!! He is very friendly and flirty with her because, first of all, they ARE friends and secondly, because he knows that fans always wanted them to be together, so it helps the show’s ratings to tease that it might happen. It’s all for show, and they both know it’s a good thing to do. They dated before (although they were very quiet about it), but frankly, she’s a bit of a nutcase, and he’s not dumb enough to go back to that again." Yes, we’ll try to find out more about that "nutcase" part. Kaley Cuoco/Johnny Galecki "The Big Bang Theory"

71. BLIND GOSSIP 01/07 **#2**
Here’s a quick blind item for a quick sequence of events. This TV girl is rushing through the whole dating/engagement/wedding sequence. That’s because she wants that piece of paper before the baby arrives. Yes, she’s pregnant. Julia Stiles/Preston J. Cook, a camera assistant; Keshia Knight Pulliam (former NFL star, Edgerton "Ed" Hartwell)

72. BLIND GOSSIP 01/07 **#3**
When a celebrity says one thing and then does the opposite, what should fans believe? You should believe what he does. Let’s say he claims that brunette women are his type. However, you notice that he has dated ten blonde women in a row. What is the truth? Well, it means that he likes blondes… but wants to give brunette women (who constitute a large percentage of his fans) encouragement that he really cares about them. He wants to give them hope that he might like THEM someday! It doesn’t matter that it is a lie. He is playing to their fantasies. The younger the fan base, the more likely this tactic is to work. Has our celebrity ever actually publicly dated a "brunette"? "No, he has never fancied that type of girl! Never will. He’s just saying it because he thinks it makes him look good. His fans love that sort of codswallop. There’s a big gap until [his next project] comes out. He needs to keep fans thinking about him. A few porkies now and then never hurt anyone." Sorry, "brunette" fan girls! You are being played. Ben Higgins "The Bachelor"

73. BLIND GOSSIP 01/07 **#4**
At the People’s Choice Awards last night, this funny actress managed to stay cool despite a nasty comment. She was walking toward her seat when someone commented to a companion, "She looks great!" The other person shrugged and said, "She’s still fat." Our actress turned, simply looked directly at him and said, "I heard that." The embarrassed commenter put his head down and looked away. Our classy actress simply put a smile on her face and kept walking. Melissa McCarthy

This unbelievably hyped project begins filming soon and the network behind it are gearing themselves up for a very dramatic set. It cost them a huge amount of capital when they outbid their rivals for the rights, but that is nothing compared to the salaries of the principal actors. Our first is an A-list actress whose career seems to be recovering after a couple of bad years. She surrounds herself with scyophants and too often drinks the night away. There’s already been some clashing between her and the network over casting, and she’s been very controlling on who works on the project. Our second is another A-list actress. She’s the biggest name and the best actress of the bunch, but she’s so insecure and solemn that the network is shocked to see how she’ll work with other actresses in her age group. She only signed on for the project for the role that is tailor made for winning awards. Our third is also an A-list actress. She’s bohemian, beautiful and young. Both our other actresses are threatened by her. Both our actresses are annoyed by her. This is all to be combined with a cast and crew of equally high calibre and ego. More to come on this. I for one can’t wait.
What is the show? "Big Little Lies" (HBO)
Who is actress 1? Reese Witherspoon
Who is actress 2? Nicole Kidman
Who is actress 3? Shailene Woodley

This A list mostly movie actor who is an Academy Award winner/nominee and is probably inching closer to permanent A list status despite his a-holery, is hooking up with a transgender castoff from his old pal/former co-star and porn star loving confidant. Sean Penn/Charlie Sheen

If you schedule a tour for certain dates, do you then go in after the fact and schedule things for those same days in completely different cities? Of course you don’t. So, don’t believe the spin of this tabloid/tv show when they tell you a tour of this celebrity/reality star was canceled for scheduling conflicts. It was because no one was willing to pay money to go see the person on tour. Caitlyn Jenner

This all seeing couple of hits wonder has a girlfriend. He cheated on her with another woman who is pregnant. Oh, and he cheated on them both and got a hooker pregnant. Nice.
Wonder: Fetty Wap (has one working eye)
Girlfriend: Alexis Sky
Other woman: Masika Kalysha
Hooker: Elaynna Parker

Last year, with the help of a publicist and a great marriage story, this foreign born A list mostly movie actor had a great award season. Another year and a new angle. Hey, make the wife pregnant and have another great award season. No one has seen through the game yet, so why not keep going with it. Eddie Redmayne

This foreign born A-/B+ list mostly movie actress who is an Academy Award winner/nominee and having another good awards season despite the unusual name, has a bit of a coke problem. It has caused a lot of jaws to drop the past month over the holiday season. Saoirse Ronan (born in The Bronx, raised in Ireland)

Tough to see that new place to live when you spend the entire appointment in a bathroom. That is exactly what happened when this foreign boy bander joined his model girlfriend though. She toured the place for 20 minutes while the boy bander did what he does best. Get high.
Zayn Malik (Gigi Hadid apartment hunting)

This foreign born A-/B+ list mostly television actor who everyone loves from his show back in the day is on a hit pay cable show. He is also hooking up with his co-star. Another sign that his relationship with this foreign born actress may be dunzo.
Actor: Josh Jackson
Show back in the day: "Dawson’s Creek"
Pay cable show: "The Affair"

Co-star: Ruth Wilson
Foreign born actress: Diane Kruger (spotted kissing "The Walking Dead" star Norman Reedus)

This three named former A- list mostly television actor who was on a long running hit network show back in the day, recently told a story about his only one night stand. The openly gay actor said they went back to the other guy’s place and that it was so dirty, the actor spent four hours cleaning the place before even thinking about having sex with the other guy. During that four hours though, the other guy found someone else online and he arrived about the same time our actor finished cleaning. Our actor walked out the door and never had a one night thing again. David Hyde Pierce (Niles on "Frasier")

This former A list singer, possible murder suspect is back on heroin after a long absence. Not a pretty sight. I much preferred her on pills. Courtney Love

84. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 01/08 **#10**
This still way under age C list model who is the celebrity offspring of An A/A+ list mostly movie actor, is dating a musician who is almost 40. Her parents don’t seem to care. Lily-Rose Melody Depp (Johnny)

85. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 01/08 **#11**
This quirky A list director with a new movie out right now had sex with a woman at a party while his girlfriend was also there. Our director was a sweaty mess when he returned to the party after 20 minutes. Quentin Tarantino (girlfriend Zoë Bell)

86. MR. X 01/08
The Golden Globes are only two days away and already there’s major drama. These two, one an A-list pop diva and a former A-list singer who will slip to B-list if she doesn’t have another hit, are both presenting at the ceremonies and despite the two apparently kissing and making up last year, there’s still tons of hatred between them. Singer #1 is scrambling to change her seating to another table so she can’t be near Singer #2.
Singer #1: Katy Perry
Singer #2: Lady Gaga

This B-list reality star is currently on a franchise show, but she’s planning for the future. She truly believes that she is the next Joan Rivers and she’s modeling her entire career on the late icon – from business to surgery even to persona and tics. Creepy. NeNe Leakes "Real Housewives of Atlanta"

88. BLIND GOSSIP 01/08 **#1**
There is a definite pattern for this top film actor with the type of women he dates. However, the last one came and went surprisingly fast. Only a few months (although the breakup announcement was delayed until recently). They usually last a lot longer than that. Why was this one given the pink slip so fast? Our actor can’t bear having anyone else in control – and has very clear guidelines in place as to how things progress – and she tried to outsmart him! "He couldn’t figure out where the engagement rumor came from. He’s in charge of the relationship and the timing and an engagement definitely wasn’t on the table (especially since they had only been dating for a few months). When he found out it that SHE was the one who started the rumor, he was pissed! He broke up with her five minutes later. She was crying and apologizing and begging for another chance, but he said no." She won’t be back. And there are dozens of girls like her ready to take her place. Leonardo DiCaprio and Kelly Rohrbach

89. BLIND GOSSIP 01/08 **#2**
Not so long ago, this superstar pro athlete’s super close relationship with his male roommate/assistant/personal trainer became a big deal. Their friendship supposedly imploded over the athlete’s promise/failure to come out of the closet. When the press got wind of it, the athlete quickly started dating an actress (perhaps to put rumors to rest about his sexuality), and the assistant suddenly shut up and moved away (perhaps because he was paid off to do so). Here’s a quick update: The ex-assistant just got engaged. To a woman. And he wants to invite the athlete to the wedding. Does that mean that they are "friends" again? Cristiano Ronaldo

90. BLIND GOSSIP 01/08 **#3**
This young actress from a famous franchise film is now out of the closet. Good for her! She is crediting another young female celebrity with giving her a nudge to make it public. It’s great that she has friends who are supportive of her being authentic about her identity! It’s also interesting that the friend is nudging others… but not talking about her own sexuality. She’s ready to do so, but her parents (who are also both celebrities) don’t want her making any public announcements just yet. It’s become a bit of a battle, but, so far, the parents are winning. Perhaps The Nudger and another family member (or two or three) can announce together? That would certainly whip up a media frenzy! Amandla Stenberg ("Hunger Games")/Willow Smith

91. BLIND GOSSIP 01/08 **#4**
We have two quick facts to add to the growing controversy over this recent celebrity birth. First of all, the mom – who is part of a famous family – is telling the truth about when and where the baby was born. So the conspiracy theorists need to chill on this one. Secondly, she is 95% confident that the baby’s father is who she says it is. Yes, that’s 95% (with a margin of error of plus or minus 3%), not 100%. There was another guy in the mix for a very brief time, but she swears that he was allegedly using protection. Instead of a paternity test, could we all just vote on the identity of the father?
Bristol Palin

It is that time of the year. Bani is in town. For those of you new to the site, you can read about Bani, the world’s largest celebrity sex broker here. Last week Bani was in Miami and this week, as is his custom, he is in town for the Golden Globes. Since the posts last year, Bani has been swamped with requests from agents/managers/people of celebrities who want to get in on the action. Even though I never shared any information, it didn’t take long for people to find who they needed to find. His meetings last week in Miami were extensive and this week here in LA he has been busy for 15-16 hours a day meeting and speaking with reps of celebrities hoping to cash in on the celebrity sex trade. One thing he has noticed over the past year is that many celebrities, especially the higher profile ones no longer want to go to Dubai for these meetings. They want them to either be in Mykonos or in the Med this spring and summer or some new destination. Only the higher profile celebrities really have this option. They know that if it is reported they are in Dubai, that everyone immediately knows what they are doing there, no matter how good the cover story. Other destinations at least give some wiggle room. Another change since last year is that, much like Hollywood, superheroes, or at least the women who star on shows with superheroes or are superheroes themselves are big business. Not such big business is reality television. He blames the UK reality market for that. Too much saturation as they swarm all over Dubai and have really lowered the demand and prices. There were two notable exceptions to the reality doldrums. They will be listed below. Another change Bani has noticed since last year is his ability to reach out to an agent or manager directly and discuss "business opportunities" in Dubai and have the agent/manager/rep know exactly what it is about and give a yes or no fairly quickly. This has allowed Bani to go through the "shopping list" quickly and to focus on deals that can get done. Yacht season in the Med is still the number one requested time of the year. He thinks it is two fold. One, the filming season for shows is over and also the stars add some vacation time to the end or can arrange for some day long visit to the various film festivals/conventions going on in the region during that time period so they can also get the studio/festival organizer give them some money/cover. Below are the biggest 50 celebrities either who have signed up or who are desired. Those who are simply desired rather than committed have an **** after their description.

#1 – Not the biggest actress on this CW superhero hit, BUT she is on the hit and was also on a back in the day network hit despite her relatively young age. She got to name a big price. Willa Holland ("Arrow") ("The O.C.")

#2 – A co-star of #1, she locked down a deal last week for multiple visits. She is the biggest female star of the show to go and is not really loved by any fans of the show. Katie Cassidy ("Arrow")

#3 – This one is a change. This married A+ list mostly movie actor will be headed to Dubai and the Med solo and had Bani arrange for him to hook up with several actresses he wants to hook up with but would be difficult because of his status and visibility and his wife. Channing Tatum

#4 – This B list mostly television actress who was on a hit almost network show got her first taste of the Med this past summer and has signed up for multiple weeks this year. Apparently the money will allow her to pick some projects she likes, plus she keeps hoping she can marry one of the guys. Nina Dobrev

#5 – One of #4’s co-stars from the show will be hitting as many location as possible, but her price has gone down because of some really bad behavior last year involving some drugs and fighting.

#6 – The celebrity offspring of this foreign born former A+ list singer/actress will be there. Yeah, even though she apparently has a boyfriend. Chloe Lattanzi (Olivia Newton John)/James Driskill

#7 – Other celebrity offspring who will be there include this C list model who is the offspring of an A+ list mostly movie actor. Dylan Penn (Sean Penn and Robin Wright)

#8 – The C list model offspring of this A list movie/television actor. Ireland Baldwin (Alec Baldwin and Kim Basinger)

#9 – The C- list model celebrity offspring of this former B list actor who really doesn’t do anything but live off the family name. Hailey Baldwin (Stephen Baldwin)

#10 – The B- list model/reality star celebrity offspring of this former A list rapper/entertainer/reality star. Angela Simmons ("Joseph Simmons -- aka Rev. Run")

#11 – Not an offspring, but the sibling to this former A list tweener actress who can’t seem to get much good work as an adult actress. Ali Lohan (Lindsey); Stella Hudgens (Vanessa)

#12- The B- list actress celebrity offspring of this A list mostly television actor who hit gold on two massive network hits. Greer Grammar (Kelsey Grammar "Cheers" and "Frasier")

#13- The no name celebrity offspring of an A list acting family going back for multiple generations. For a no namer she got some big bucks because of what is big right now in the world. Billie Catherine Lourd (Carrie Fisher, mother; Debbie Reynolds, grandmother) ("Star Wars: The Force Awakens")

#14**** This C+ list actress celebrity offspring of two A listers is still considering her options. She doesn’t need the money which makes it more of a challenge. Rumer Willis (Bruce Willis and Demi Moore)

#15 – The no name celebrity offspring of an A- list mostly television actress who has had bit hits in movies and television and pay cable.

#16 – The sister to #9. Alaia Baldwin

#17- ***** An offspring yes. Of A listers yes, but she is B+ list on her own. Maybe even A-. She is wavering because of the pile of cash being offered. It is more than what she will make on the movie everyone is waiting for. Dakota Johnson (Melanie Griffith and Don Johnson)

#18 – This B/B- list mostly television actress who was on a hit show is the celebrity offspring of a B+ list mostly movie actor everyone knows the face and name of but not necessarily together.

#19- This C- list celebrity offspring of this A+ list mostly movie actor who is an Academy Award winner/nominee. This would be her second time despite being barely legal. Corinne Foxx (Jamie Foxx)

#20 – This C list model is the celebrity offspring of a permanent A list mostly movie actor. The crazy thing is, her mom would probably love to do it too but there is not the demand for it. Lily Rose Depp (Johnny Depp)/Vanessa Paradis

#21 – This B list actress has done it before. Her mom did it back in the day. Her dad has enjoyed the women on the yachts. So, it is really family tradition.

#22 – The B-/C+ list actress/reality star celebrity offspring of this permanent A+ list mostly movie actor.

#23- Something about religion is the only thing Bani can think of which would make these two, basically the only reality stars in demand. Both are on the same network. One is married and probably has a thing against Muslim men so Bani thinks it is a no go but everyone loves her look. Jessa Duggar "19 Kids and Counting"

#24 – The other is a go. She was on a show about religion but changed her career and apparently is in demand. Kate Stoltz "Breaking Amish"

#25 – Young Game Of Thrones actress. Sophie Turner ("Sansa Stark")

#26 – Much more well known GOT actress. Emilia Clarke ("Daenerys Targaryen")

#27 – Former almost A+ list mostly movie actress down to B+. Oh, she is a celebrity offspring too. And loves publicity. Kate Hudson

#28- Former A list Disney Tweener actress who loves publicity but has only landed parts on middling television shows. Did I tell you she loves publicity? Oh, and loves getting it via bikini.

#29 – Speaking of bikinis, this B- list actress/reality star/singer was turned down. No one wants her. They would maybe take her former bff/crap actress, but not the B- lister. Christina Milian (Karrueche Tran)

#30- This lead actress on a superhero spinoff will be there.

#31 – Disney/Nick actresses. Barely legal actress from a hit Disney show who has been a recent blind item. Two first names. Laura Marano ("Austin & Ally")

#32- The older sibling of this still on Disney Channel actress on a very hit Disney show. Vanessa Marano ("Switched At Birth" on ABC Family owned by Disney)

#33 – From the same show as #32, but as a guest. More of a singer, but really big demand. Has also done some movies. Cassi Thomson

#34 – Back for another season is this former Tweener actress from Nick who has not done anything of note since reaching adulthood. She had her own show and was not even the "star." Victoria Justice "Victorious" ("star" Ariana Grande)

#35 – This actress is on Disney. Foreign born. Not a tweener. Heck, she is even married, but when she decides to go, which is every couple of years, she is in huge demand. She is A+ list in Bani’s world. Oh, she is Emmy nominated.

#36 – Foreign born actress who has one big network reboot to her credit. Asian.

#37 – Slovakian tennis pro who has also been in the Olympics. Dominika Cibulkova

#38 – Serbian tennis pro who has also been in the Olympics. Anna Ivanovic

#39 – Australian Olympic athlete from 2012.

#40 – B+ list actress/singer Academy Award winner/nominee. Jennifer Hudson

#41 – A list in her own country/B list in this country Academy Award winner/nominee. Marion Cotillard

#42- B- list acting sister of an Academy Award winner/nominee. Kate Mara (Rooney Mara)

#43 – Foreign born celebrity sister of an Academy Award winner/nominee. Mónica Cruz (Penelope)

#44 – Foreign born B+ list mostly television lead actress on new hit network show who used to have a different career in the entertainment business. Priyanka Chopra ("Quantico") (winner of the Miss World pageant of 2000)

#45- This married actress from Scandal. Katie Lowes/"Quinn" (Adam Shapiro)

#46 – This B- list mostly television actress from a new hit network show did the circuit last year but bailed for this year when she got married. Melissa Benoist/"Supergirl" (Blake Jenner)

#47 – B+ list television actress starring on network and cable show simultaneously. Oh, and a couple of movies. Seriously big dollars for someone you might not know.

#48- Cast member from her cable show.

#49 – Permanent A list model who has no money. Toni Garrn/Leonardo DiCaprio

#50- HBO actress on a hit show not named GOT. Still not legal for all things. Margaret Qualley "The Leftovers" (mother, Andie MacDowell)

This pint sized former A list rapper from back in the day is nearly broke. She is willing to do anything or promote anything if there is a paycheck involved. She is living off the generosity of people who have made it huge and feel like they owe her something. Lil’ Kim

Never a fan of people of color, it makes sense that this A- list comic actress is dating someone who is incredibly racist. Amy Schumer/Ben Hanisch

This OG Teen Mom is going through prescriptions for Adderall faster than she can find new doctors to write them.

The wife of this permanent A list rapper left him. She just could not take the never ending parade of women he cheated with or the pregnancy announcements from some of those women or the STD tests she was always taking. I don’t blame her. She gave it her best shot. Snoop Dogg/Shante Broadus

Ticket sales have been abysmal for this A+ list singer and her world tour. Well, upcoming world tour. Considering she doesn’t want to go through with it anyway, it won’t take much for her to pull the plug on it and save her from the embarrassment. Rihanna 'Anti World Tour' 2016
(and a week later she canceled her first seven dates)

This foreign born A-/B+ list mostly television actor on a hit network show went home for the holidays. Apparently his actress girlfriend was cheating on him and our actor took it hard. Really hard. Hard as in the rest of the cast has resumed filming and he is still at home. Elyes Gabel/Katharine McPhee "Scorpion"

This permanent A/A+list singer has been spending hundreds of thousands of dollars per month of her boyfriend but has only ever had sex with him one time. She has a million excuses, but she is just not that into him. Mariah Carey

While this former bad actress turned reality star, turned sell anything for a buck celebrity, gets massaged she makes her kids sit out in the waiting area with half undressed women and their customers waiting for rubs and tugs. Tori Spelling

101. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 01/11 **#1**
GOLDEN GLOBES: This A- list mostly television actor on a hit pay cable show spent most of the evening wandering from one table to another looking for bottles of Moet with champagne still inside. His favorite? The empty tables of journalists who were backstage working. More than one bottle of champagne was removed from their tables and ended up back at his own.
Liev Schreiber "Ray Donovan"

102. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 01/11 **#2**
GOLDEN GLOBES: This A/A+ list mostly movie actor never stopped arguing with his wife the entire night. It certainly went against the love they pretended to show for each other on a recent joint television appearance. Jenna Dewan Tatum/Channing Tatum (appeared on "Lip Sync Battle")

103. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 01/11 **#3**
GOLDEN GLOBES: This former A+ list mostly movie actress who has dropped to A-/B+ and is a celebrity offspring, made it clear to several men who stopped by her table to say hello that they would definitely get to have sex with her if they wanted to spend the rest of the night on her arm taking photos. This offer was only extended to men more famous than she. Kate Hudson

104. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 01/11 **#4**
GOLDEN GLOBES (from AP friend of E.L.): This foreign born B+ list mostly television actress who is on a hit pay cable show and stars in a currently playing movie, was the coke queen of the night. Our actress started several hours before the show and continued right up until she finished her stash. Natalie Dormer ("Game of Thrones" and "The Forest")

105. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 01/11 **#5**
GOLDEN GLOBES (from JV friend of E.L.): JV thought she had the coke winner of the night, but it turns out her winner was small potatoes compared to the one AP spotted. JV’s coke user, when asked by various people throughout the night said things like she really shouldn’t or what if she got caught, etc., but always managed to find the way to do some. The coke user in question is an A+ list singer who also let herself be groped at an after party by this foreign born A- list mostly movie actor. Katy Perry/Orlando Bloom (and so began their romance)

106. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 01/11 **#6**
GOLDEN GLOBES (from AP friend of E.L.): This Golden Globe winner likes the world to think he is sober but he was pounding back shots with this controversial (and made more controversy last night) director who was also a winner last night. Jon Hamm (Best performance by an actor in a television series, drama "Mad Men")/Quentin Tarantino (Award for best original score on behalf of "The Hateful Eight" composer Ennio Morricone) (he made "ghetto" remark)

107. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 01/11 **#7**
GOLDEN GLOBES (from AP friend of E.L.): AP and I have one thing in common. We really dislike this foreign born B list celebrity/model/part-time actress. She might say one thing in public but behind the scenes at the Golden Globes last night she made it clear to several members of the HFPA that she expects a nomination the next time she gets a movie role. Apparently she has slept with several of the members over the past few years. Judging by the way men spoke to our celebrity, AP is convinced she has slept with all of them. They all knew her far too well. Rosie Huntington-Whiteley

108. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 01/11 **#8**
GOLDEN GLOBES (from JV friend of E.L.): The nicest winner of the night was probably this B+ list mostly television actress who stars on a hit almost network show. Full disclosure is that she and JV are friends. That being said, JV said that the actress let anyone who wanted take a photo with the award and even helped make each photo look special for the person. She didn’t care if they wanted to pretend it was their award. She was just really sweet and nice to everyone. Rachel Bloom "Crazy Ex-Girlfriend"

109. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 01/11 **#9**
GOLDEN GLOBES (from AP friend of E.L.): The most interesting actress of the night award belonged to this long time B/B- list actress who has a career that has spanned three decades and was a nominee/winner last night. Apparently, throughout the night, when someone wandered in the field of vision of our actress or was mentioned, our actress would have a personal anecdote to share. Primarily it was about actors. "Oh, I slept with him on the set of whatever movie." "He was great cover when my husband started sleeping with that whore of an actress and pretended he was dating her so my husband would not get caught." "When we had a love scene he smelled of sardines." "Everyone gets hard when they have a sex scene with me, except for him. Makes you wonder doesn’t it?" The problem AP had in keeping track was our actress was faced in a different direction and there would often be multiple people in her vision so AP didn’t always know who she was referring to. She literally had a comment about everyone it seemed. Jennifer Jason Leigh

110. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 01/11 **#10**
GOLDEN GLOBES (from JV friend of E.L.): "I really wanted to meet ________(Foreign born A- list mostly movie actor who was a nominee/winner last night). I had been looking forward to it. I’m a huge fan. Finally got to see him about three quarters of the way through the show. Went up to him and introduced myself. His actress girlfriend was at the next table talking to someone. It was obvious he didn’t know me or my show but he pretended he did which was cool. I thought he was being charming and friendly. Then he asked what I was doing after the show because his girlfriend hated these kinds of things and wanted to go home and did I have a place we could go to after. He did it all with a smile on his face and his girlfriend close enough that if I got up and stretched I could probably touch her. Later, I saw him kissing her. A short time after that she was gone to the bathroom or something because I couldn’t see her and he had his arm around this actress from that new cable show that did really well. I saw them later and it was pretty obvious she must have had a place for them to go to later."
Michael Fassbender/Alicia Vikander/Carly Chaikin "Mr. Robot"

111. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 01/11 **#11**
This former A list celebrity who took a turn through several forms of reality television before heading back to her hometown and her celebrity family is worried. Apparently she is so worried that her family has been trying to reach a settlement that would keep her former lover from taking a paternity test. Bristol Palin

112. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 01/11 **#12**
GOLDEN GLOBES After Party: This A- list mostly television actress from a very hit network show had cigarette burns on her legs. She thought she covered them up, but had not concealed them well enough. It was disturbing. Kaley Cuoco "The Big Bang Theory"

113. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 01/11 **#13**
GOLDEN GLOBES After Party (from JV friend of E.L.): "Someone had to tell me who this person was. When they said her name and her song, I recognized her, but still had no idea what she looked like in person. Foreign born one hit wonder. She let any guy who would share their coke take a feel of her or do some other things which I have never seen at a party here. Guys were literally penetrating her and she let them do whatever they wanted while she was actually snorting the coke. When it was done, she was done. It wasn’t like they had to work that hard to find bare skin." Charli XCX

114. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 01/11 **#14**
GOLDEN GLOBES After Party (from JV friend of E.L.): This B-/C+ list mostly television actress who will be lucky to work after her last almost network show ended, heard some people talking about her hair extensions. When she did, she turned to them and snapped that the extensions cost more than they would make in a week and then told them to fuck off. JV likes everyone and is hard pressed to find something she likes about this person. She acted like she decided not to attend the actual event because she couldn’t be bothered. When, in fact, she was never invited and probably never will be. Jaime King "Hart of Dixie"

115. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 01/11 **#15**
GOLDEN GLOBES After Party (from JV friend of E.L.): "How did you get so skinny so fast?" "Lots of Adderall." "Oh. I thought it might be coke." "Fuck no. I’m still breastfeeding sometimes. That has to wait." Conversation between a party goer and this B- list out of work actress who was last seen on a now defunct hit network show. Naya Rivera "Glee"

116. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 01/11 **#16**
GOLDEN GLOBES After Party (from JV friend of E.L.): "It was hilarious. She (B- list celebrity offspring of permanent A listers who has done acting and reality) wouldn’t let anyone get too close to her or touch her dress. You could see the butt pads sticking out of her panties. Oh, and the lip fillers were crazy. I get the feeling she is really insecure and wants to be a bigger star than she is." Rumer Willis

117. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 01/11 **#17**
GOLDEN GLOBES After Party (from JV friend of E.L.): "I don’t know what to say. She (B list mostly television actress from hit almost network show) was showing photos of them kissing in trailers from the set and on the couch together watching television, but he (A- list mostly television actor from same show) is married right? Plus, since she is on the same network as me, I feel like this might get back to me at some point. Do you tell her they look great together and just ignore the elephant in the room? Are they together? Tell me something." Stephen Amell/Emily Bett Rickards "The Arrow"

118. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 01/11 **#18**
GOLDEN GLOBES After Party (from JV friend of E.L.): "Notice I didn’t drink any of that. That’s because you didn’t listen to my order. Get it right next time. I said one lemon and one lime. Not two limes. Take pride in what you are doing even if you are a bartender at a party" Apparently this was the nicest interaction this B list mostly television actress on a middling cable show who used to be on a hit network show had with anyone other than people who could do her a favor. Jean Smart ("Designing Women" and "Fargo")

119. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 01/11 **#19**
GOLDEN GLOBES After Party (from TT friend of E.L.): This back on almost television after years of drugs and unemployment, you would think this actress would be grateful. Yes, she is on a soon to be hit show and is a name, BUT that diva fit she threw when security made her wait in line with everyone else is not going to win her any friends. Yes, she played the "don’t you know who I am" card. Everyone laughed at her. It made their wait much more entertaining to listen to her muttering from the back. The crowd was 50/50 on whether she was stoned. She better hope she wasn’t or that she doesn’t get busted. Jodie Sweetin ("Full House" re-boot on Netflix)

120. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 01/11 **#20**
A break from Golden Globes blinds for a minute to discuss this foreign born B+ list celebrity/singer/part-time actress. She has made what I thought to be every deal with the devil to get ahead and to move her career forward. Apparently though, she has more of her soul left to give. The B+ lister arranged to find several women ranging in age from 18-22 who want to make it big in the entertainment industry. They believed our B+ lister when she told them she could help them. She rattled off a series of names of people she has worked with and a bunch of projects she has been in. She said the first thing they needed to do was a nude photo shoot. This way they would attract the right attention from the right people. She knew just the person to take the shots too. When the women would go to the shoot, our B+ lister would be there to help guide them and part of that guiding was convincing the women to have sex with the photographer and also to film the sexual encounter. If you were not willing to have sex or to film it, the whole shoot lasted less than 30 minutes. These shoots will be used later if the women become famous and also to satisfy the debts of our B+ lister. She owed the photographer a great deal of money. Now, she has fully paid those debts and our photographer has a stash of private porn for his friends and to sell, especially if any of the women become famous. Rita Ora/Terry Richardson

121. MR. X 01/11 **#1**
GOLDEN GLOBES: This former Disney A list tweener is now getting roles via the casting couch. It isn’t like the mogul has not made a million careers for people who did the same thing. I just really thought this actress was above it. Zendaya/Harvey Weinstein

122. MR. X 01/11 **#2**
GOLDEN GLOBES: Not just rude to reporters, this A+ list mostly movie actress who is an Academy Award winner/nominee and a winner last night was also rude to a co-star from her movie who she called trivial. Yeah, that trivial person’s mom is beloved by millions. Oh, and the trivial person owns a television show.
Actress: Jennifer Lawrence
Co-star: Melissa Rivers
Movie: "Joy"
Trivial person’s mom: Joan Rivers "Fashion Police"

123. MR. X 01/11 **#3**
As is their custom, the HFPA voted at least one winner without seeing the performance. They just assumed she would be good and wanted her to keep coming back. She is an A- list singer/part-time actress. Lady Gaga

124. THE GOSSIP LIFE 01/11
This B-list filmmaker is a talent, but they’ve found themself in the middle of nowhere career wise. Their last project was a huge success, so why don’t they have anything in the works? Truth is, no one wants to work with them – they make EVERYTHING about race and people are scared of being embroiled in a controversy over stupid stuff. Ava DuVernay "Selma"

125. BLIND GOSSIP 01/11 **#1**
One executive doesn’t seem to be such a big fan of this young, superstar actress. They had a bruising critique of her appearance and her behavior. "I’m not talking about her on stage. I’m talking about her normal interactions with people. If she wants those grown up roles, she should look like it and act like it. At the ceremony, she looked like a movie star. A polished, elegant goddess. Then she opened her mouth and a string of obscenities fell out. The mismatch was really off-putting. Then, at the after party, she looked like some high school kid who changed into her play clothes after school and was getting drunk for the first time. I know some people find her refreshing. I just think she’s annoying. And the more she gets rewarded for performances that aren’t that good, the worse she gets." Jennifer Lawrence

126. BLIND GOSSIP 01/11 **#2**
This famous film actor had a bit to drink last night. After watching him stumble around trying to pick up on female celebrities at the after party, a small group of actors assessed his situation. "I remember when he was really hot. What happened to his career? "Well, he has [those two franchises] to pay the bills." "Yeah, but other than those, can you remember anything he’s done in the last ten years?" "No. He’s good-looking, but he’s just not that great an actor." "Maybe he could marry another celebrity." "Maybe. At least he’s got his drinking to keep him busy." BONUS CLUE! Our actor has two connections to Disney, one more obvious than the other. Orlando Bloom

127. BLIND GOSSIP 01/11 **#3**
When this actress’s name was announced last night at the Golden Globes, some people were shocked, but most responded with polite applause. There were also other responses: One famous actor burst out laughing, and another actress got mad. She wasn’t mad about the win. It wasn’t even her category. She was mad that [Famous Actor] laughed out loud as soon as the name was announced. Someone at the table said that maybe he was laughing about something else, but she wasn’t buying it. She was like, "He’s rude little fucker, isn’t he? Somebody should go over there and give him a good smack."
Winning Actress: Lady Gaga
Famous Actor Who Laughed: Leonardo DiCaprio
Actress Who Got Mad:

128. BLIND GOSSIP 01/11 **#4**
According to someone at a Golden Globes after party, this upcoming TV show is already a loser… because its well-known star is a loser! "She was going on and on about [The Host]. She was annoyed because they’ve been putting a lot of work into the show and [The Host] isn’t doing anything. She was basically saying, "She has nothing to offer. She isn’t smart or charismatic or fashionable. She has no acting or modeling or musical talent, so she can’t relate to those kinds of guests. She doesn’t have a circle of show-business friends outside her family. Worst of all, she isn’t willing to work hard to make it a success. She should have been here at the parties, talking up potential guests and their reps, but she isn’t. Instead, she took the night off. WTF? Seriously, she’s at home, less than an hour away, doing nothing. She already knows it’s going to flop. She’s got the attitude of a loser." Khloe Kardashian "Kocktails with Khloe"

129. BLIND GOSSIP 01/11 **#5**
There was a very fresh-faced and famous actor who showed up to the Golden Globe Awards without his significant other. Not a big deal… except that he couldn’t seem to keep his excuses straight as to why she wasn’t there! Somebody asked him where [she] was, and he said, "Oh, she’s in the middle of filming and couldn’t get away." Then I heard him tell somebody else, "She’s got a cold and decided to stay put." Then he changed the subject real fast. I thought it was really odd that the excuse changed. Trouble in paradise? Perhaps she is in the middle of filming AND has a cold? Brad Pitt (Angelina Jolie)

130. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 01/12 **#1**
Whenever there is any negative press about this A list singer in a group who used to be A list solo back in the day, she tries to distract through sex. Whether it be something about her career or questions about her fake marriage, our singer will show up somewhere wearing next to nothing or showing off her body so that is all people want to discuss rather than the bad news. It seems to work for her. Kelly Rowland

131. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 01/12 **#2**
It is bad enough that this former almost A- list mostly movie actress has destroyed her life with drugs, but now she has her younger sister hooked too. Even worse. The entire family is now fucked up with the daughters supporting one half of the family by having sex with people. Lindsay Lohan/Ali Lohan

132. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 01/12 **#3**
This daytime talk show host who supposedly has a live in a girlfriend with whom she is serious cheats on her at work, and now also cheats on her on a dating app. With her work schedule and the amount of time she spends cheating, how does she actually spend time with her girlfriend. Sara Gilbert/Linda Perry "The Talk"

133. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 01/12 **#4**
This former B+ list mostly television actress who has been acting for decades took a break from acting to take care of her family and her drug problem. The break has continued for a few years now, but she is back on drugs. Prescription pills this time. Marcia Cross

134. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 01/12 **#5**
This very tall A list mostly movie actor is married but it didn’t stop him from hooking up with this B- list mostly television actress he met at a Golden Globes party. She has been in a few blinds about her behavior and was last seen in a hit cable show. Vince Vaughn

135. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 01/12 **#6**
When this OITNB actress had a chance to meet the host of the Golden Globes, he said he was a big fan of her work. She told him to fuck off. Apparently she was not a fan of some of the comments he made during the show. Laverne Cox (transgender jokes about Caitlyn Jenner and the show "Transparent")

136. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 01/12 **#7**
This former A+ list mostly movie actor/director got so drunk the other night that it took the limo driver and the former A+lister’s girlfriend and one other person to get the actor/director out of the car. All the while they were trying to help him he was yelling at them. Mel Gibson

137. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 01/12 **#8**
This foreign born B+ list mostly movie actress from the biggest movie of the year has tried to get ahead of the PR curve and is blaming her bad behavior and unwillingness to do things on her co-star. Not true at all. She is turning into a massive diva while he has been gracious and willing to do whatever the studio wants. Daisy Ridley/John Boyega "Star Wars: The Force Awakens"

138. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 01/12 **#9**
This foreign born Star Wars actor had a long time beard but it finally ran its course. He didn’t think he really needed anyone but when Star Wars exploded he found a friend to fill in. Our actor is very open to his closest friends, but his family is such that they would never speak to him again if they discovered he is gay. Oscar Issac (dated: María Miranda 1996 - 2011) (dating: Elvira Lind)

139. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 01/12 **#10**
What A list fitness expert/network reality show star made an appearance recently on a network game show, and mocked the people who come to her/him for help? Bob Harper ("The Biggest Loser")/"New Year's Eve Game Night"

140. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 01/12 **#11**
This former A+ list tweener turned B+ list mostly movie actor still has a chance to make it to A list unlike the rest of the people on his tweener show. Anyway, our actor turned over his social media to his publicity seeking girlfriend and she has turned it into a mess. Everything posted is about her and she spends all her time making it seem like they spend 24/7 together. The problem is she is not very good remembering which account she is signed into. Zac Efron/Sami Miro

141. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 01/12 **#12**
This A+ list mostly movie actress who is an Academy Award and Golden Globe winner took a swing at her ex the other night. The foreign born A- list mostly movie actor is tired of her tricks/attitude/substance abuse use and wants nothing to do with her. Plus, he is enjoying the heck out of pretending to be the boyfriend of this B+ list former franchise queen who wants to rekindle the kind of relationship she previously had with someone from the actor’s home country.
A+ list actress: Jennifer Lawrence

Ex: Nicholas Hoult
B- list former franchise queen: Kristen Stewart (Robert Pattinson)

142. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 01/12 **#13**
Somehow, despite what I am about to write, the two subjects of the blind item have kissed and made up. It never looked like that would happen way back in the day though. She is A+ list. Permanently so. A singer. There was a time though where that A+ list went down to B+ and it was 50/50 whether she would ever have a career again. Back in the day when she was mentored by this man, he was hurt when she walked away from them so he made it a life mission to crush her to the point where she would never be able to work again. No one would touch her. For any project. She would be reduced to playing cruise ships because he would call every casino and make sure she could not perform in any of them or suffer his wrath. How he could do that? Other connections. Family connections. One example of the lengths he went to is when he contacted this now daytime talk show host who had one of the top radio programs in the country at the time. He offered the radio host $50K and a package of information he wanted her to read on the air and to spread around to her friends and other people in the industry. Despite the fact that the host and the A+ list singer did not and still do not get along that great, the host declined. It didn’t take long for the guy to find someone else to do it though. This battle of destruction would have continued to the point of no return for the singer, but something intervened on her behalf. Cupid. The guy met someone who he is still with and she convinced him it was not worth his time or effort. If not for that chance meeting, we would probably be asking whatever happened to the A+ lister rather than keeping her as a permanent A+ lister.
A+ lister: Mariah Carey
Mentor: Tommy Mottola
His new love: Thalia
Radio show host: Wendy Williams

143. BLIND GOSSIP 01/12 **#1**
As if this top actor didn’t have enough troubles, those closest to him are now questioning the legitimacy of his marriage to an actress. "They had a civil ceremony in the States, followed by a couple of private wedding parties. What’s strange is that none of us (his friends/family) were invited to the civil ceremony and there are no photos from it. [His wife] also said that she was going to change her last name to his after they married, but she never did. It just doesn’t add up. [A relative] asked him if they were "really" married, and he avoided giving a direct answer, saying, "Well, you were at the wedding, weren’t you?" It’s all a bit mysterious." We know that no one can find any courthouse records about the marriage (although, depending on the state, some records can be kept private), so it is not altogether surprising that even those closest to to the actor are questioning if he is legally married. Johnny Depp/Amber Heard

144. BLIND GOSSIP 01/12 **#2**
When one actor comes out, other actors watch to see the reaction. Such is the case with this young actor, who has worked on more than one hit TV series. He just came out as gay. Good for him! There is a second actor, a handsome guy in his twenties who is best known as a lead on a TV series. He is watching social media reaction to the announcement carefully. If the response to the first actor is positive – and he continues to work steadily with no backlash – the second actor says that he will come out as well.
First Actor (who just came out)/TV Series: Charlie Carver "Teen Wolf"
Second Actor/TV Series:

145. BLIND GOSSIP 01/12 **#3**
Seeing Matt Lauer wear high heels on Ellen reminded us of another celebrity who has a penchant for women’s clothing. This actor has been starring in movies for at least a decade and is considered to be on the macho side. He has been with the same woman for years. He likes to wear her underwear. Not the bras. Just the panties. He likes how they feel on his body. In fact, he likes it so much that she occasionally orders some just for him in a slightly larger size. She doesn’t mind him wearing women’s underwear. She would just rather he didn’t wear hers.
Jason Statham/Rosie Huntington-Whiteley

146. BLIND GOSSIP 01/12 **#4**
Oscar contenders (and their publicists) have all different sorts of ways to try to appeal to Academy Awards voters during awards seasons. A key to generating votes is being relatable to the majority of voters. In the past, we’ve revealed to you how one actor suddenly got very involved with his wife and kids to look like a family man. A second actor got married to portray himself as more mainstream than he actually is. Now let’s talk about our third actor! He’s basically a rich, spoiled, self-involved, self-indulgent ladies man. However, those things don’t make him relatable to most of the people in his category. So instead of the usual stories about decadent parties and gorgeous girls, you’ll see sympathetic stories about how he really is just a nice, normal guy making sacrifices for his art and looking to settle down. Of course it’s all baloney… but he REALLY wants that Oscar! Leonardo DiCaprio

147. THE GOSSIP LIFE 01/12
This shy A-list actress is no longer on talking terms with this other outgoing A-list actress. They recently worked on a movie together and not only did the outgoing A-list actress try and have scenes/lines cut from our shy A-list actress, but she also had her PR team spread nasty rumours about her. ‘[Bitchy Actress] was campaigning for an Oscar,’ says my source. ‘She thought that by putting rumors of nastiness on [name omitted] people would forget the countless times she’d been caught treating people like garbage.’ It all backfired when the movie tanked. Something that our outgoing A-list actress has, of course, tried to blame on our shy A-list actress. Our shy A-list actress has ignored it all, of course. She just puts on a smile, continues on working and ignores the outgoing A-list actress whenever she sees her.
Shy A-list actress: Nicole Kidman
Outgoing A-list actress: Julia Roberts
Movie: "Secret in Their Eyes"

148. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 01/13 **#1**
What do you do if you are the wife of this A+ list showrunner and you catch your husband in the act of having sex with someone who works for him? You file for divorce despite your husband chasing you down the driveway with his underwear down to his knees. Steve Levitan ("Modern Family")/Krista Levitan

149. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 01/13 **#2**
It is not where he wanted to be, but this former A+ list mostly television actor who has dropped a bunch since his turn in a hit network show ended, is with his actress wife on set. She made him come because of his recent cheating. She doesn’t trust him to be alone. Ashton Kutcher ("Two and a Half Men")/Mila Kunis (filming "Bad Moms" in New Orleans

150. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 01/13 **#3**
This B+ list movie/television actor in a hit franchise and on a hit cable show was completely clean and sober. Then, his co-star on again/off again girlfriend got back in his head and they started hooking up again. One thing led to another and now he is back on drugs even worse than he was before. Evan Peters ("X-Men" and "American Horror Story")/Emma Roberts

151. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 01/13 **#4**
This foreign born close to one hit wonder who started off on reality television and has a big gig in the works, is devastating her already thin frame with a lot of coke. Everyone wants her to succeed with her career but she is her own worst enemy right now. Carly Rae Jepsen "Grease: Live"

152. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 01/13 **#5**
This aging and controversial former A list mostly television actress back in the day has tried anything including cable and network reality to keep her career alive. Two bodyguards have quit working for her because she makes it clear if they want to work for her they need to have sex with her. The thing is, they are afraid to report her because of her connections. Kirstie Alley (connection to Scientology)

153. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 01/13 **#6**
While here in LA over the weekend, this A list day time talk show host cheated on his wife with a low level staffer at In Style. Matt Lauer "Today"

154. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 01/13 **#7**
Although she is no stranger to cheating, this foreign born A- list mostly movie actress had to fend off the incessant moves made by this foreign born A- list mostly movie actor who is an Academy Award winner/nominee who used to hook up with this reality star/celebrity offspring. Emily Blunt/Benicio Del Toro (Kimberly Stewart) (filmed "Sicario")

155. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 01/13 **#8**
This permanent A list stand up comedian/former A- list mostly television actor was asked to leave a club the other night because he was smoking crack in the bathroom. Dave Chappelle

156. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 01/13 **#9**
I feel like I have been transported back in time three years. There was this foreign born B+ list mostly movie actor reunited with his former A+ list tweener girlfriend making out like he had not been hooking up with this B+ list mostly television actress from a now defunct cable show one day earlier.
B+ list actor: Liam Hemsworth
A+ list tweener girlfriend: Miley Cyrus
B+ list actress: January Jones
Defunct cable show: "Mad Men"

157. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 01/13 **#10**
This normally shy A+ list mostly movie actress who is an Academy Award winner/nominee was at a lingerie store in NYC last week trying on several very revealing outfits. Each time she would put something new on, she would come out and ask the sales person what she thought. Nothing that strange about that except there were also about ten customers present at the same time. Jessica Chastain

158. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 01/13 **#11**
This foreign born B+ list mostly movie actor who is an Academy Award winner/nominee, didn’t seem to be thinking of his wife when he was having sex with one of the Thai hookers his frequent director made available at a recent party. Christian Bale/David O. Russell

159. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 01/13 **#12**
This A list celebrity/athlete homewrecker who might not have much of an athletic future, is being pressured by her ink barely dry divorced woman beating boyfriend to get married. He wants a legal part of her money train and not just the handouts she gives him now. Ronda Rousey/Travis Browne

160. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 01/13 **#13**
It is time again for the very irregular feature where I show you how strange some of Hollywood’s couplings can be. I give you one half of the couple and let you figure out the other.

#1 – Sean Penn and this former A list reality star from back in the day who still has A list name recognition despite the fact most people dislike her. They both enjoy hanging out with cartel leaders. Paris Hilton

#2 – Sean Penn and this barely legal celebrity turned porn star who got married young. Apparently part of her sex tape was for him. Courtney Stodden

#3-Jennifer Lopez and one of her non scripted co-stars. Shawn, Damon or Keenen Ivory Wayans

#4 – Zoe Kravitz and her former boyfriend’s co-star. Penn Badgley ("Gossip Girl" Ed Westwick)

#5 – Ashlee Simpson and her one of her sister’s ex-boyfriends. John Mayer

#6- Fergie and this back in the day A+ list tween star who got his start on a hit network television show. Now he does reality. Mario Lopez

161. BLIND GOSSIP 01/13 **#1**
Want to hear about an interesting fight this couple had just before their break up? Of course you do! This handsome actor is equally well-known for films and television. His wife is a civilian. They were married for many years before their split. There was some speculation that they broke up because he was having an affair with this beautiful, wholesome film actress (who had been having marital troubles of her own). The beautiful actress was involved in their split… but not in the way you think! You see, our actress – who has been friends with the actor for a long time – had some plastic surgery over a year ago. We’ve told you before about her surgery and how well it turned out. The wife of the actor also had some plastic surgery done. Hers didn’t turn out so well. The husband thought that she should have it fixed. So, after raving on and on about how gorgeous and natural the actress looked, he told his wife that she needed to go to the actress’ plastic surgeon. Uh oh. FIGHT! Break up. That was about a year ago. The actor and his wife are getting along again, but he has wisely stopped talking to her about plastic surgery… and about the actress! Patrick Dempsey (Jillian)/Jennifer Garner

162. BLIND GOSSIP 01/13 **#2**
One model recently made fun of another model’s fiance. That meanness didn’t come out of the blue. These two women hate hate HATE each other! Want to know why? Many years ago, Blondie and Blackie were arch rivals in the modeling industry. Blondie was dating a famous musician. Although they never married, they had a child/ren and a life together. The musician cheated on Blondie with Blackie. As if that’s not bad enough, Blackie then said she was pregnant… and named the musician as the father! Of course, Blondie was humiliated! She hated Blackie more than ever, and tried to influence people in the industry to stop working with Blackie. It turns out that she was not pregnant with Blackie’s baby. However, Blondie never forgave Blackie for the affair and the humiliation… and Blackie never forgave Blondie for trying to sabotage her career. The two have been taking nasty swipes at each other ever since.
Blondie: Jerry Hall
Fiance: Rupert Murdoch
Musician: Mick Jagger
Blackie: Janice Dickinson

163. BLIND GOSSIP 01/13 **#3**
This very famous actor usually plays a tough guy on screen but is quite affable in real life. He’s got a good life. He’s healthy, he’s still working, and he’s rich. His last wife was an actress. His current wife has given him some beautiful children, and their marriage is fine. When we heard he was recently talking about having another baby, we were puzzled, because he’s definitely middle-aged and it seems like he already has a lot of kids. He talked about how much fun it would be to have a little boy to play ball with and take to sporting events, and that his wife is on board with the idea. Perhaps he isn’t thrilled about the amount of estrogen in his household? Sylvester Stallone

164. BLIND GOSSIP 01/13 **#4**
We just about fell down laughing when we heard this. A big network executive claims that a certain late night TV guy doesn’t have a drinking problem. HA HA HA ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha! Glug. Sniff. NBC Entertainment chairman Bob Greenblatt/Jimmy Fallon

165. THE GOSSIP LIFE 01/13
This A-list actress who was famously against getting married and having children, is now married and trying for a child. Cameron Diaz

166. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 01/14 **#1**
Dispelling all those pregnancy rumors is this wife of the foreign born dual threat actor who was spotted doing coke in the bathroom at a recent event. Sophie Hunter (Benedict Cumberbatch)

167. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 01/14 **#2**
The celebrity offspring of this A list mostly movie actor who is an Academy Award winner/nominee was spotted doing drugs again with this former A list singer turned bloated drug user. Lily Rose (Johnny Depp)/Marilyn Manson

168. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 01/14 **#3**
This southeast Housewife is broke as a joke and is trying to find money any way she can, including committing insurance fraud. Sheree Whitfield "Real Housewives of Atlanta"

169. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 01/14 **#4**
Like father like son. The son of this A+ list mogul/wannabe rapper is into guys. The dad knows how important it is to hide behind a woman so is frustrated the son does not have that part of it down. Sean "P Diddy" Comb’s stepson Quincy Brown

170. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 01/14 **#5**
This Golden Globe winner from this year might talk a big game about loving his wife, but he cheats on her like he cheated on all the past women in his life. He has not had this much attention since way back in the day. Christian Slater; Sylvester Stallone

171. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 01/14 **#6**
This permanent A+ list mostly movie actor who is not above taking a quick paycheck for a bad movie is married. His favorite game with his young girlfriend is master/slave. He loves that. Robert De Niro

172. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 01/14 **#7**
It’s interesting that this B-list mostly movie actress who was A- list back in the day and has dated A+ lister, supports gays and lesbians publicly, when in private she is one big homophobic slur when describing them.

173. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 01/14 **#8**
This A-/B+ list still teenage mostly movie actress, likes to pretend she is innocent. The fact is though she just had an abortion after she got pregnant with a married producer she had been seeing. Hailee Steinfeld

174. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 01/14 **#9**
This A list mostly television actor on one of the highest rated network shows who used to do movies back in the day before realizing he could be a lead in television, basically treats his on set trailer like a strip club. Women are constantly shuttling in and out of his smoke filled, urine smelling trailer. His girlfriend sticks with him though. James Spader/Leslie Stefanson ("The Blacklist")

175. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 01/14 **#10**
A receptionist who retired recently says this A list reality star from that reality family, who also has a decent side job, had a brow lift when she was just 13 or 14. Mom agreed it would be a good idea. Kendall (Kris) Jenner

176. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 01/14 **#11**
This Teen Mom made a decision she is going to regret when she decided to stop taking birth control. Apparently her significant other is telling people she is already pregnant. His thirst for fame and money would be complete at that point. Not Jenelle. Amber Portwood/Matt Baier

177. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 01/14 **#12**
I mean, she is single, so she can do whatever she wants. The thing is though, this former A list reality star turned talk show host, turned reality star, was acting like a teenager with a guy who turns 86 or 87 next month. She was all over him in a booth. At lunch. Probably his dinner. Lipstick all over his face and shirt. It was just way over the top. Guess she wanted to seal the deal. Bethenny Frankel

178. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 01/14 **#13**
I have been working on this for a little while now. I was waiting for one other person to contribute their portion of events, but they have gone radio silent because of the threats of the family against him. Our actress is probably C list at this point. She (GH) used to be B list. Lets call her She had a nice little run with a hit pay cable show and some great movie appearances. Those all dried up though. Lets head back a few years though. when she was in high school she was always short of money. Her parents spent most of the money on booze and other addictions. So, she found out that some of the teachers at her private school would pay money to have sex with her. She then convinced another friend to join her and to move in together to get away from their respective homes. The friend actually became an actress too. A B+ list actress. Lets call her BD. So, GH and BD are out in Hollywood and struggling so they turn to their old gig. They make a ton of money having sex and acting is just something fun they do in between. The other thing that happens is they both start taking drugs. A lot of drugs. It nearly killed BD, and still might. She has got her life back together and is actually acting again after basically being blacklisted because of her drug use. She is not proud she had to go casting couch to get back on her feet and get some roles, but the last few have been based on her acting and not her skill in bed. GH? Well, the drugs affected her differently. Kind of a one note actress to begin with, the roles started to dry up and her constant drug use was not helping. She started to get this paranoia. One day she would be sweet and kind and the next day she would slash your tires or throw a brick through your window. One time she was not being sweet and kind when she went off on her drug dealer because he would not extend her any more credit. He had a gun out and she picked it up and emptied the clip in his living room. She told the guy she would shoot him next time and walked out of there with his gun. The guy didn’t run after her because he was not sure if there were any more rounds in the gun. She then drove to her then boyfriend’s home who happened to be married and waited until he got home. She just sat in front of his house. When he got home she waved the gun at him and said they were going inside to wait for his wife and tell her what had been going on. She then said she expected him to leave his wife that night while she watched. He kept trying to convince her not to. At some point, a neighbor came over who had been watching the couple’s small child and it did something to GH and she walked out. Still with the gun. Later she used that gun, still without bullets to threaten her family into giving her money for drugs. When she went to go buy drugs though, she didn’t want to use her regular deal. For obvious reasons. She had not dealt with them before. They were BD’s regular suppliers. GH showed up and made it clear she had a gun which they took from her. She was so out of control they were going to kill her when they called BD who vouched for her. They sent her on her way minus any drugs, money or the gun. Apparently, shortly after that event or maybe the same night, she went over to a new boyfriend’s house and played some game where she tied him to the bed and then she went and got a knife from the kitchen and kept threatening to kill him unless he agreed to marry her. He agreed and during the ride to Vegas he stopped to get gas. She went to use the restroom and he left her behind to make her own way home.
GH: Paz de la Huerta ("Boardwalk Empire")
BD: Alexis Dziena (dated Michael Pitt)

179. BLIND GOSSIP 01/14 **#1**
This famous musician has a celebrity wife and child/ren. But did you know that they don’t live together? In fact, they never have! However, the constant activity of buying and selling multiple houses over the past few years apparently prevents people from seeing this. It’s like a little residential shell game. The buying and remodeling and selling helps them look like they are a couple, but he doesn’t really have any intention of living here. Every house they buy is their "dream house" that just needs to be fixed up to be perfect, but that’s just an excuse. I can’t remember the last time they slept under the same roof. When they do, it’s not in the same room. Kanye West/Kim Kardashian

180. BLIND GOSSIP 01/14 **#2**
Of course the media reports on the cheerful reactions of those who were nominated for Academy Awards. But what about those who didn’t receive nominations? This actress is genuinely upset that she was not nominated this year. She has dozens of films under her belt, but she really thought that this particular performance was Oscar-worthy. "She isn’t crying about it, but she is annoyed. She thought she gave a great performance. She is convinced that there was no nomination because the film did shit at the box office. She is also worried that as she gets older, fewer people know her because she tends to do these smaller, slower films. This is the first time I’ve ever heard her talk seriously about doing one of those big blockbuster films, the ones with young casts and big box office. She doesn’t care if she has to take a smaller part. She doesn’t want people to forget her, and she really wants that statue. So if that’s what she has to do, she’ll do it!" We can’t even imagine this actress in one of those youth-oriented superhero or action adventure films, so it will be interesting to see if makes that move in the next year or two. Kristen Stewart ("Clouds Of Sils Maria")

181. BLIND GOSSIP 01/14 **#3**
This actor is ready to pull out all the stops in his quest for an Oscar win! "He was like, "What do I need to do to win? Do we need to make posters like in grade school? Do I need to give blow jobs to every member of the Academy? Have my Mom bake cookies? Take up tap dancing? Just tell me and we’ll get it done, damn it!" Then he pounded the table. It was funny." Winning the Oscar does require campaigning, and it sounds like our actor is ready to work for every vote! Leonardo DiCaprio "The Revenant"

182. POPBITCH 01/14
(British blog) Gossips are blaming which celeb split on the fact that one of the pair was spending most of their free time with a drama coach working on their, ahem… "acting technique"? Gary and Danielle Lineker

183. THE GOSSIP LIFE 01/14
I feel quite protective over this A-list actress because I know many people on her staff and I feel she’s been the victim of ageism, insecurity and various other unnamed targets. So, I thought today I’d give you a dual blind item regarding the A-list I like, and another A-list actress who is completely different to her. The A-list actress I like is extremely kind to people, but her shyness and insecurity is often mistaken for coldness. She recently kept an independent movie she’s working on afloat by missing a precious event in her family’s life. Insurance couldn’t cover her missing a couple of days, so she spoke with her family and they understood. Our actress ultimately saved the movie over 6 figures. This A-list actress is in the television medium. She’s the break-out character on a huge show. There were some difficulties at the start of filming regarding her salary and perks. After such a fantastic first season, she wanted to renegotiate, which she was not entitled to demand and she certainly wasn’t owed. She signed up for several years and she had to honour the salary she would be getting. Our actress wanted the pay bump so badly that she started missing dates, being late and then – here comes the grand show – feigned illness to skip off a shoot, costing the television show 6 figures and further inconveniencing over a 1000 people. She got close to the deal she wanted in the end, but at a cost.
Likeable A-list actress: Nicole Kidman (missed Keith Urban’s father’s funeral) (film: "How to Talk to Girls at Parties")
Unlikeable A-list actress: Taraji P. Henson "Empire"

184. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 01/15 **#1**
This video vixen does know her new B- list now movie actor/formerly on a hit show before he screwed up husband is hooking up with the co-star of his just completed project. Right? Actually she probably doesn’t care. Once you get to marriage 6 or 7 or whatever it is, you just settle.
Video vixen: Karrine Steffans

B- list actor: Columbus Short
Hit show: "Scandal"

185. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 01/15 **#2**
This former B+ list mostly television actress who played the same role multiple times and now does reality television, had to get stitches in the back of her head after she passed out drunk again and slammed her head on the kitchen counter. Not the first time for stitches or passing out before making it to bed. Tori Spelling

186. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 01/15 **#3**
This permanent A list super model is telling friends that her A+ list mostly movie actor friend is headed for divorce. The model loves it because the wife of the A+ lister treats the model like crap.
A list model: Cindy Crawford
A+ list actor: George Clooney
Wife: Amal Alamuddin

187. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 01/15 **#4**
This former A list mostly television actress who was also an A list singer kind of does both still but not as well or with as much fanfare is in a celebrity family. She is also desperately trying to keep quiet the relationship she is having with a woman right now that has been going on or the past three months. Brandy Norwood

188. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 01/15 **#5**
This former B list reality star on a cable show that doesn’t exist, is on one of those D list reality shows right now which is the last stop before getting a job at a fast food place. The reality star says his brother would be in the same room while the reality star was serviced by guys to make sure there were no recordings or anything to memorialize what he was doing. Mike 'The Situation' Sorrentino

189. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 01/15 **#6**
She loves the attention and contributes to the fanning of the flames whenever possible but this A+ list singer is not pregnant, despite the reports. The way she was chugging back champagne on New Year’s Eve at a very fast pace would indicate she isn’t. Gwen Stefani; Beyoncé

190. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 01/15 **#7**
This former child actress turned tweener actress who no longer acts and is very clear on that despite being in an acting family, had some surgery. Well, she has had multiple procedures, but this one was to correct the coke damage to her nose after years of abuse. The doctor kind of screwed it up. OK, he screwed it up a lot and now she looks completely different. Not that you would know it of course because she hides behind layers of clothes and scarves and cigarette smoke. Ashley Olsen

191. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 01/15 **#8**
I’m going out on a tiny limb and calling this singer a permanent A lister. I figure if you have not had a hit in three decades and people still know exactly who you are then, you probably are permanent. He used to be A+. Anyway, he has been taking way too much Viagra and has been rushed to the emergency room multiple times over the past few months. It is all these young male escorts he keeps trying to impress. Boy George

192. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 01/15 **#9**
This very loud and very opinionated daytime talk show host who is part of a group in more than one way, is cheating on her husband. She gives him a hard time but it is just to cover what she is doing. Tamar Braxton ("The Real") ("Tamar and Vince")/Vince Herbert

193. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 01/15 **#10**
It turns out that this permanent A+ lister/icon who is a little height challenged does have offspring. He just does not want anyone to know it. He met the mother of the child way back at the peak of his career and she raised the son out of the public spotlight. Apparently the son wants to be noticed now though and wants to come forward. The only thing holding him back is the threat of being cut off financially. Prince

194. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 01/15 **#11**
This A-/B+ list mostly movie actress who is a celebrity offspring paid one of her friends $2500 to have a threesome with the actress and the guy the actress would like to date. Apparently he requested it and our actress will do anything at this point to have a high profile public relationship. Kate Hudson/Nick Jonas (guy friend of Kate’s while on ski trip)

195. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 01/15 **#12**
This former A list tweener turned addict, turned guy in a band with a strange name, shared a bathroom sink and some coke with this foreign born model/former beard to an A+ lister. The tweener and model first spoke earlier in the evening and then met in the women’s restroom of the restaurant where they were both dining. Joe Jonas (band DNCE)/Suki Waterhouse (Bradley Cooper)

196. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 01/15 **#13**
This reality star was on an A list reality show. Then, suddenly the show was gone and our star thought she could move on and lead a normal life. She wanted out of the spotlight and to even change her name. She moved out of the family home and for three months actually lived on her own. By herself. She made friends and went out and even boozed it up a few times at some clubs. She was loving life. Then, she got dragged back to the family. Back to the place she never wanted to go again. They needed her help they said. Just for a little while. That little while has stretched into almost a year. Now, she is being forced to film again. They want to film her dating and getting married, but she won’t do it. The thing is, while she was free for those three months, she met a guy. A divorced guy with a couple of kids who is about a decade older. Did I mention that she hooks up with him every chance she gets and that only two or three people even know about the relationship but none of those are in her family. Did I mention that her racist parents would freak out to know her boyfriend is biracial? Did I mention she is the only one in the family I like? I have met her a few times and she isn’t creepy or zombie like. Jana Dugger

197. BLIND GOSSIP 01/15 **#1**
What a supportive couple these two entertainers make! They love each other… while fully supporting the other’s decision to date and marry other people. We’ve lost count how many "boyfriends" and "fiances" and "husbands" have been dragged into their charade over the years, but it’s a long list and it just keeps getting longer. It’s almost like there is a rule that one of these women is always required to engage in some sort of "hetero" activity to hide the fact that they are gay. One starts dating, the other breaks up. One gets married, once gets divorced. I’ll be your bridesmaid! You can come on my honeymoon with me! As long as their careers are active, it seems that they will never declare out loud that they are a couple. No, we’re not talking about Oprah and Gayle.
Cheryl Fernandez-Versini and Kimberley Walsh

198. BLIND GOSSIP 01/15 **#2**
The fans of this classic television show have been longing for a reunion of the cast for a long time. It came close to happening. Then one the the actors threw some cold water on the excitement, stating that he was not available. We thought it was odd that every effort wasn’t being made to accommodate him. We weren’t the only ones. "Look, this show MADE every one of their freaking careers! They know that them all being in the same place at the same time will be a classic photo op that will be on the front page of every newspaper, every magazine, every blog. It will help every one of them and every one of their projects, including his little project, and he knows it. His producers are encouraging him to go because it will help them sell tickets. He’s been offered a private jet that will have him back and forth in less than a day. He’ll be there." Although it’s tiring doing that much travel in one day, we’re sure his friends will have a hot cup of coffee waiting for him! Matthew Perry

199. BLIND GOSSIP 01/15 **#3**
This athlete is making a change. Instead of dating women, she will now be dating men. Is this an authentic move? "The ratings (for her TV show) weren’t so hot. She needs a new story line next season, so the premise is that she’s going to "explore her sexuality" by dating men. That’s not easy, though. Last year, her male friends didn’t really want to be on the show, so we had to "cast" (pay for) some female friends. We’re having trouble organically finding nice, normal guys to do the dating bit on camera, so we’ve resigned ourselves to the fact that we are going to have to do the same thing here (paid casting)."
Caitlyn Jenner

200. THE GOSSIP LIFE 01/15
People around this A-list politician are freaking out because of poll numbers, social media and buzz in Washington. The politician has led the polls and been thought of as a sure thing for awhile now, but all signs are pointing down. And yes, although I’m not saying it is him, Donald Trump is considered a politician. Hilary Clinton

201. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 01/16 **#1**
This world leader shows photos of former lovers who are now dead to remind current lovers what the price is for breaching confidentiality. The photos are from homicide scenes. Vladimir Putin

202. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 01/16 **#2**
This former A list celeb from a decade ago, turned reality star, turned C list celeb, turned part-time reality-star, is raising money from fans to support her drug habit. Tila Tequila

203. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 01/16 **#3**
This B- list mostly movie actress was in that vampire franchise and not done much since. She was jealous of the amount of time her actor husband was spending with a woman who he had known and worked with years before meeting our actress. She made her husband fire her and replace her with our actress and to scrub any trace of the woman from her husband’s social media or biographies. Nikki Reed "Twilight"/Ian Somerhalder/Kim Klingler, Executive Director with the "Ian Somerhalder Foundation"

204. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 01/16 **#4**
This former A+ list reality star who thankfully does not get any kind of television work any longer, makes it clear to her car service that she will not get in the car if a man of color is driving. Strangely enough, she is fine with a woman of color driving. Paris Hilton

205. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 01/17 **#1**
This former A list evening talk show host/comic actress/author, has one excuse for not working much the past year. The real version though is that she landed a high paying gig and then berated everyone who she was going to work with about what she needed and her demands so they pulled the plug. No one wants to work with her. Chelsea Handler

206. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 01/17 **#2**
I don’t know if it his age or if power is going to his head, but this always kinky A list director is getting worse. Worse in the sense he is drinking more and treating women more like crap. If you are a nobody at a party with him and female and he thinks you are attractive you will be groped and cornered and hit on until you are exhausted from his moves and his sweat flying from him to you. Quentin Tarantino

207. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 01/17 **#3**
This former Baywatch actress turned celebrity with still almost A list name recognition, not named Pamela Anderson, has hit the casting couch hard as of late. Not for a movie, but for a radio show. She wants a permanent hosting gig. She thought she landed one but the company went out of business before she could get on air. Carmen Electra

208. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 01/17 **#4**
This B list mostly television actress on a fairly hit cable show is pregnant but has been spending less and less time with the kids from her marriage. Her new love is forcing her to choose. Keri Russell/Matthew Rhys

209. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 01/18 **#1**
He says that he just passed out. His friends say that he overdosed and is lucky to be alive. Either way the drug use the other night by this foreign born A-/B+ list mostly movie actor was out of control. They all blame his girlfriend. The actor has dropped out of a few roles in the past year. He blames scheduling but his friends blame the drugs. That A list fame he had thanks to that franchise is slipping quickly through his fingers. Robert Pattinson/FKA twigs

210. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 01/18 **#2**
This former B+ list reality star from that A list reality family recently purchased a gun. His family does not even seem to care about getting the guy help. If they don’t do something soon, he will end up killing himself. Rob Kardashian

211. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 01/18 **#3**
This Teen Mom dude looks like he has it made. Not having to work and picking up a few bucks from the show and living off his Teen Mom. Showing you how much of an idiot he is though, he has been trying to hook up with the barely legal celebrity offspring of a former (multiple time) talk show host who never seems to get along with anyone. The Teen Mom dude uses a different screen name but has sent her his real photos. Back up plan?
Teen Mom: Amber Portwood
Dude: Matt Baier
Celebrity: Rosie O'Donnell
Offspring: Chelsea

212. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 01/18 **#4**
This A- list mostly television actor stars in a new network show. Not many people like it, but it did get picked up for a full season. Anyway, our actor, who also stars in a lesser known franchise, likes to pretend he never started a pre-fame family. In fact, he didn’t even foot the bill or even offer to for his son when he was shot. Barely even asked how he was doing. Morris Chestnut "Rosewood" "The Best Man" franchise (Morris Chestnut's Alleged Son Airs Him Out For Abandoning Him)

213. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 01/18 **#5**
KINDNESS: I call this guy the king of the comic character actors. He has been a go to guy for recurring characters in multiple network hits that have kept him coming back the entire runs of the show. He has had some great movie roles in very hit movies. Without looking, I think he even did a season of SNL. Anyway, our actor is filming a new movie and a guy on the movie who just had a line or two asked some acting questions of our comic actor. The next thing you know our comic actor invited the guy’s family down to the set and spent an entire day with them. They said every person who stopped by the set that day got to spend some time with the actor who took photos and recorded voice mails for them using one of his signature lines. Just a great guy. Rob Riggle (filming "Middle School: The Worst Years of My Life")

214. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 01/18 **#6**
I don’t really understand what this former B+/A- list tweener turned got lucky with a couple of songs recently but hopefully won’t make too many more movies before calling it quits is doing. She keeps getting "caught" making out with this guy to make the world think they are together. Everyone knows he is gay. She does not seem like the bearding type and he does not really need a beard. There is no need. Do you think she just has not caught on? It never gets past the making out stage they go through every couple of months. Maybe she likes the publicity. Selena Gomez/Samuel Krost

215. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 01/18 **#7**
This former A list television actor turned B list movie actor turned continually failing B list television actor was trying to convince some people the other day at a talk show that the pills he was taking were vitamins. No one is buying it. Our actor, who has A list name recognition was strung out and needs rehab again. Matthew Perry ("Graham Norton Show")

216. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 01/18 **#8**
One of the reasons divorce is in the very near future for this A+ list mostly movie actor is that the guy with all the friends does not ever see them anymore. His wife demands all of his time when they are together and will only go out with friends she brought to the marriage. Premieres and award shows are the only time he is allowed to interact with industry people. George & Amal Clooney

217. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 01/18 **#9**
This B+/A- list mostly television actor has the distinction of being in two network shows this season that will probably not be renewed. Anyway, he always puts himself out as this religious guy who puts faith before everything. Umm, yeah. The same guy who cheated on his wife repeatedly but threatened her with no money if she said anything. He cheats on every girlfriend and then cheats on the women he is cheating with and always blames them for when things don’t work out. All the while pretending he is pious. Zac Levi ("Telenovela" and "Heroes Reborn")

218. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 01/18 **#10**
This former tweener who was in a reveal today has been posting photos of a car to social media. He makes it seem like the car belongs to him, but it doesn’t. In fact, the foreign born celebrity owner of the car hates the former tweener and refused to even give him a ride in it. Justin Bieber/Lewis Hamiton ("LaFerrari")

219. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 01/18 **#11**
This former A list singer for the briefest of times who is an A+ list songwriter can’t stand this former A+ list singer turned A- list who also does a crappy job of acting on the side. Our A+ list songwriter has been taking every opportunity to remind the world how PR spin does not mean the genera public likes you or wants you in their life. She also thinks the singer/actress steals a lot of material and takes credit for things she did not do. Linda Perry (Sara Gilbert’s wife)/Lady Gaga

220. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 01/18 **#12**
To be fair, this Victoria’s Secret model with the familiar sounding name didn’t know the actor she hooked up with was married. She didn’t even recognize his name. She didn’t know who he was until she saw him at a party she was co-hosting with his actress wife. Different last names will do that sometimes. Chanel Iman/Peter Sarsgaard/Maggie Gyllenhaal

221. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 01/18 **#13**
CRITIC’S CHOICE AWARDS (from JV friend of E.L.): This B- list mostly television actress is in a fairly hit pay cable show and is a Golden Globe nominee/winner. She also was paying nonstop visits to the restroom last night to use coke. Sarah Hay (Actress in a TV movie or limited series: "Flesh and Bone" on STARZ) ("Golden Globes") ("Critic’s Choice Awards")

222. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 01/18 **#14**
CRITIC’S CHOICE AWARDS (from JV friend of E.L.): This barely legal actress has one credit to her name. Granted, it is a nice first credit. A one hit wonder so to speak network show. Anyway, she was spotted making out with this married pay cable actor who is married to an A list mostly movie actress who makes a couple of box office bombs a year.
Barely legal actress: Shanice Williams
Network show: "The Wiz Live!"
Pay cable actor: Justin Theroux "The Leftovers"
A list actress: Jennifer Aniston
Event: Moet & Chandon Celebrates The 2016 Critics' Choice Awards

223. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 01/18 **#15**
CRITIC’S CHOICE AWARDS (from JV friend of E.L.): This foreign born B+ list mostly movie actress who is mainly known for her long running franchise, threw a drink in the face of a woman and then walked away. No words spoken. Apparently the woman who got the drink in the face is one of the women the husband of the actress slept with while they were married.

224. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 01/18 **#16**
CRITIC’S CHOICE AWARDS (from JV friend of E.L.): This television personality who basically goes from one hosting job to another says the reason her biggest cable show to date was pulled was because the married co-host of the show/former singer would not stop hitting on her or every other female that wandered on the set. The producers got tired of the complaints and just said enough.

225. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 01/18 **#17**
CRITIC’S CHOICE AWARDS (from JV friend of E.L.): She was a little tipsy, but this B list female sports host was doing her best to try and hook up with this B list actress from a fairly hit network show who was nominated last night. The actress wanted nothing to do with the host and kept trying to shake her all night long. Charissa Thompson/Constance Wu "Fresh Off the Boat"; Hayden Panettiere "Nashville"; Marisa Tomei "Empire"

226. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 01/18 **#18**
CRITIC’S CHOICE AWARDS (from JV friend of E.L.): This foreign born married B list mostly movie actor now that his show has ended, was a nominee/winner last night. Apparently with his wife not around, our actor decided that this daily talk show host/reporter was who he wanted to spend some time with. She certainly didn’t put him off and they left the show together.

227. MR X 01/18
#1- This former A list mostly movie actor who was a multiple Academy Award winner/nominee was married multiple times and also had relationships with men. His big thing though was forcing pre-teen girls to have sex with him while on film sets. They were all usually daughters of actresses or studio employees and if the parents complained or threatened to go to the police, the studios would pay them off. Burt Lancaster

#2 – This still alive and still cranky foreign born actor who is still considered the best in his franchise’s history but got his Academy Award win/nomination for something else, has a great story. He fought a mobster on the set of a movie while cameras were rolling. The mobster pulled a gun on the actor because the actor was having sex with the mobster’s actress girlfriend. The actress has one of the greatest discovery stories ever and was an Academy Award winner/nominee. Oh, and the daughter of the actress ended up killing the mobster.
Actor: Sean Connery

Franchise: "James Bond"
Actress: Lana Turner
Mobster: Johnny Stompanato
Daughter: Cheryl Crane

#3 – This original It actress let her boyfriend fire the assistant of the actress. He said it was because the assistant was not nice. The truth is she would not sleep with him. When the assistant demanded a severance, our actress got ticked off and went to the police saying the assistant was extorting the actress. Not even close to being true, but the police and district attorney who did favors for the studio arrested the assistant and charged with extortion and 35 counts of theft. A jury found her guilty of one charge and the assistant was sentenced to 18 months in jail. Proving that karma may in fact exist, the actress only made two more movies before being forced to retire at 28. Clara Bow/Rex Bell/Daisy DeVoe

228. THE GOSSIP LIFE 01/18
This A-list reality TV star and housewife is pulling a Kris Jenner and pushing her kids into the spotlight. She has a couple of beautiful young daughters that you’ll be getting to know real soon. Lisa Rinna ("Real Housewives of Beverly Hills")/Amelia Gray and Delilah Belle

229. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 01/19 **#1**
It might have taken years for this one hit wonder to finally make it to the big time at least as far as singing goes, but she certainly has the diva part down. Our singer was scheduled to do a 30 minute photo shoot and had four pages of demands. The company doing the photo shoot ignored them all except for some bottled water and told the singer she could walk if she wanted. She chose to stay. Rachel Platten

230. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 01/19 **#2**
This celebrity used to be B- list I suppose. She got naked for some magazines and was married to a child star everyone knows. They had a brief reality show together. They got divorced and she ran out of money. She turned to drugs and was escorting to pay the bills, but her drug use has got so bad that she now has 15 minute specials or will trade drugs for sex. Adrianne Curry/Christopher Knight

231. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 01/19 **#3**
KINDNESS: This Pretty Little Liars actress left a big big party early with some friends and convinced them to hand over their tickets which our actress then handed to a group of fans outside the event. They had no idea who the actress was which is not usually the case. They were just thrilled they were getting a chance to see Leonardo DiCaprio who they were waiting outside for to get a glimpse. Shay Mitchell

232. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 01/19 **#4**
The celebrity offspring of this acting couple which consists of a permanent A lister and B list mostly television actress, had to borrow money from strangers to pay for some coke at a party. Jaden Smith (Will and Jada Smith)

233. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 01/19 **#5**
This A-/B+ list mostly movie actor now that his hit cable show has ended and his movie career has not gone as well as planned, likes people to think he is sober. At a recent event he ordered hot tea. He supplemented the tea with some liquor from a flask and proceeded to refill his tea cup with straight booze thereafter.
Jon Hamm  (Premiere Of FX's "Baskets" - After Party)

234. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 01/19 **#6**
This former Baywatch actress turned escort/part-time reality star bought out an entire supply of a brand of lipstick the other day at a store and said that lipstick is why her customers keep coming back. Umm, ok. Pamela Anderson

235. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 01/19 **#7**
This always kooky, but usually friendly A- list mostly television actress from a hit network show is also an Academy Award winner/nominee. At an event the other night it was raining and she blasted the driver of her car and the people outside the event for not sheltering her from the rain with an umbrella. Umbrellas had been provided for everyone, but not people to carry them for the guests. Our actress screamed and yelled until someone got one and walked her to the door. Felicity Huffman "American Crime"

236. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 01/19 **#8**
This former A+ list singer turned rehab patient turned A-/B+ list hopefully have a new record out soon, trolled through the airport looking for paps the other day. She was flying out of one terminal but walked outside three or four until she was spotted by paps and then said she really didn’t have time for pictures. Kesha

237. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 01/19 **#9**
At this point, I’m pretty sure her only duty as a girlfriend is to keep him from dying. It is not like this foreign boy bander is doing much other than using heroin. If the band does ever get back together, I don’t think he will be alive to see it. Gigi Hadid/Zayn Malik "One Direction"

238. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 01/19 **#10**
I will admit that this former A list Disney actress does work a ton. She works really hard. Her one problem is that she, despite her young age and new breast job still has not quite figured out how the bearding game works. If you are going to beard for someone, great. While you are doing that though and pretending he is your boyfriend, you can’t then sleep with a mishmash of your film co-stars because then people will accuse you of cheating. You probably don’t think of it as cheating because the relationship is fake, but you have sold it as real. Bella Thorne/Gregg Sulkin

239. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 01/19 **#11**
If I was this celebrity family, I wouldn’t be worried about the still underage daughter caught smoking, I would be more worried about her booze and pot use which could send her back to rehab. Paris Jackson

240. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 01/19 **#12**
Despite the fact that her popularity slips every day and that her latest network show was a huge disaster of a bomb, this former High School Musical actress is not very nice to what fans she has remaining. When she landed at the airport this week, there were about ten people waiting to see her and take photos and get her autograph. She blew right past them and pretended not to notice when they were calling her name. I bet she will be on social media soon asking those same snubbed fans to purchase her new product line though. Ashley Tisdale "Clipped"

241. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 01/19 **#13**
About a decade ago, this band really took off and made it big. They were everywhere. They still exist, but at the time, they were huge. The most famous person in the group is not the lead singer. He is probably a B+ list celebrity at this point, but back then he was A-/A. More of the A variety when he was involved with at the time an A list celebrity/"singer"/reality star. Before she came into the picture though, our celebrity got a groupie pregnant. He was there for the birth and that was it. He basically accused her of getting pregnant on purpose and trying to get money from him. He made her life hell to collect child support. He wanted her to stay out of the court system and would call her and her friends and scream and yell about her and at her to try and take a really low number. Eventually they settled. He would call her or her friends out of the blue every so often to just trash her whenever he was in that kind of mood. The sad thing is the child died at the age of two of lead poisoning. Our celebrity never said anything or offered any condolences. Nothing. Pete Wentz "Fall Out Boy"/Ashlee Simpson

242. THE GOSSIP LIFE 01/19
This A-list filmmaker is reaching out to A-list actors of the same ethnicity in hope of them joining his boycott. All have refused. All have no interest in him. Truthfully, they’re tired of him and one VERY VERY VERY A-list actor is just embarrassed by him. Only a D-list actress has rallied for his cause, and her A-list significant other is kinda disinterested in the whole thing, too. I really hope this goes more public. Spike Lee/Jada Smith (Will)/Denzel Washington

243. BLIND GOSSIP 01/19 **#1**
She is one of the most famous entertainers in the world. Her slim (and veiny) body is often the subject of criticism and speculation. Given her recent appearances, it’s clear that she has some sort of issue going on. She actually does have a substance abuse problem. However, it’s tougher than you think to pinpoint the cause. Some outlets have claimed that she is secretly an alcoholic. Strike one! Cocaine? Strike two! Heroin? Strike three! While her drug of choice can change at any time, right now it’s all about the pills. Madonna

244. BLIND GOSSIP 01/19 **#2**
This entertainer has been sneaking around, all cagey about whether she is hiding something under her big clothes. Do you realize that she plays this same card every year? In fact, last year she did it twice! Well, yesterday we were told exactly how long the tease is going to last this time. Not forty days. Only half that time. Twenty days. Then she will show you what’s going on under there. In the meantime, it’s going to be twenty days of daily photos and speculation leading up to the big reveal. No, it doesn’t matter what else is going on that day. She always wants all the focus on HER and all the conversation to be about HER. And, yes, she is rehearsing the reveal. Nothing spontaneous about her and her relentless P.R. machine. Beyoncé

245. BLIND GOSSIP 01/19 **#3**
We received some very interesting commentary from a well-known actor in Hollywood about a recent race controversy. "My jaw just about dropped to the floor when I heard [Actress]’s comments. [Her Actor Husband]’s performance wasn’t that good, and then I thought that maybe she was doing the jealousy thing, because lord knows she’s never won any major award for anything, and the only awards she does get are for being black. Then I got mad about the hypocrisy. This is what I really want you to tell your readers about. You know how she and [her husband] have a production company? Well, they have his and hers projects, and here’s a dirty little secret: "Her" projects are always for/by/about/starring/directed by black women. But for "his" projects (which are MUCH bigger), his directors are:
"WHITE GUY" (Glenn Ficarra and John Requa "Focus")
"WHITE GUY" (Peter Berg "Hancock")
"WHITE GUY" (Francis Lawrence, "I Am Legend")
"WHITE GUY" (Gabriele Muccino "The Pursuit of Happyness")
"WHITE GUY" (Andy Tennant "Hitch")
"WHITE GUY" (Alex Proyas "I, Robot")
"WHITE GUY" (Barry Sonnenfeld "Men In Black", "Men In Black II", "Men In Black 3" )
"WHITE GUY" (Roland Emmerich "Independence Day")
"WHITE GUY" (Michael Bay "Bad Boys", "Bad Boys 2")
"Minority Guy (not black)" (M. Night Shyamalan "After Earth")
Seriously. Not one black director. Not one female director. That’s their dirty little secret. She wants to go off about how racist the industry is and about how they don’t value black people, but she doesn’t want you to know that when it comes to who they trust with their big movies, it’s not other black people! There you go. Rather than guess who our source is, we’ll let you guess who she is talking about."
Actor: Will Smith
Wife: Jada Smith
Movie: Peter Landesman "Concussion"
Controversy actor: Denzel Washington

246. BLIND GOSSIP 01/19 **#4**
BG Note: This item is condensed from an article by Martha C. Nussbaum, a law professor at University of Chicago in Huffington Post
"For one Cosby, there are hundreds like him who will never be indicted." I have my own Bill Cosby tale to tell. In the winter of 1968, when I was an enterprising twenty-year-old, I had a big crush on a well-known actor who shortly became another of America’s beloved TV dads. He was a really good actor, and at that time he was playing a major stage role in New York. He was then around forty. After going out with him a couple of times, I asked him back to my off-campus apartment. I had had some sexual experience, but not much; however, I decided to be daring, since it was the late 60’s and I felt that I should join the culture. Unlike the Cosby women, I certainly intended to consent to intercourse. What I did not consent to was the gruesome, violent, and painful assault that he substituted for intercourse. I remember screaming for help, to no avail, and I remember him saying, "It’s all part of sex." I never seriously considered going to the police, even though there was a lot of forensic evidence. I was just too embarrassed. I didn’t even go to a doctor. And I thought, with good reason, that the police would dismiss the issue because I had after all consented to some kind of sex act. Even now, the law is not well equipped to handle that type of case, since consent is usually understood to be an all or nothing matter, despite the fact that there is a world of difference between what I intended to consent to and what happened to me. But the issue I want to focus on is that even had all these problems been solved, the celebrity in question would certainly have prevailed. He would have denied my allegations, cast aspersions on my reputation, even perhaps attempted to portray me as an extortionist. My life, personal and professional, would have been profoundly damaged, and nothing would have been accomplished. I’ve had a very happy life, in sexual and other respects. I observed the moralized public enthusiasm for my assailant with ironic detachment. Only thirty years later, when he ran for a major political office, did I ever consider coming forward with my story, just to tell the story, since I thought it was preposterous that he should hold a position of public trust. But close friends assured me that nobody would believe me after such a lapse of time, and he would be certain either to portray me as an extortionist or to sue me for defamation. (The famous are indeed unusually exposed to extortion, and that vulnerability itself is an aspect of their impunity: everyone easily believes that this is what a complaining woman is after.) I consoled myself with the fact that he was after all a Democrat, running against an especially vapid Republican opponent. Even now that he is dead, I don’t name him, because the Vince Foster case showed us that a person’s privacy interest can be held to survive death, and who on earth knows what some court might say about a reputational interest? Ralph Waite (made his Broadway debut in Blues for Mister Charlie, and would work on and off-Broadway steadily throughout the 1960s; beloved TV dad on "The Waltons"; ran unsuccessfully for Congress in California as a Democrat on three occasions: In 1990, he challenged veteran GOP incumbent Al McCandless in the Riverside County-based 37th district, losing by five percentage points. In 1998, Waite ran in the special election for the then-Palm Springs-based 44th district left vacant by the death of incumbent Sonny Bono. He was defeated in that election by Mary Bono, Sonny's widow, and lost to her again that November)

247. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 01/20 **#1**
I didn’t think it was possible for this A+ list mostly movie actress to dislike working with someone more than when she made the movie with the really tall A list mostly movie actor. Turns out I was wrong. Right now, our A+ lister is working with a former A+ list actress turned A- list and is hating every second of it because the A- list actress is trying to rewrite scenes for her own benefit and trash talking the A+ lister to anyone who will listen.
A+ list actress: Reese Witherspoon
A list actor: Vince Vaughn
Movie: "Four Christmases"
A- list actress: Scarlett Johansson
Movie: "Sing"

248. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 01/20 **#2**
This B list athlete who had A+ list name recognition a few years back because the entire world was talking about him is about to go broke because he shovels money to the woman he thinks is his girlfriend. Him and about five other guys. The girlfriend is always asking for money and the athlete is so scared of losing her he just gives it to her. Hundreds of thousands of dollars. Manti Te'o San Diego Chargers linebacker/Instagram model Jovi Nicole

249. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 01/20 **#3**
This former A- list model turned video vixen, turned part-time actress, turned A list model because of the acting gigs, is cheating on her boyfriend with a producer from her latest movie. Kate Upton/Justin Verlander (filming "The Disaster Artist")

250. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 01/20 **#4**
According to plan this foreign born model/beard turned actress/beard has been hooking up with this A list director once a week to land a role in his next movie where she will star opposite her A+ list actor beard. Irina Shayk/Bradley Cooper/James Gunn "Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2"; Rosie Huntington-Whiteley/Jason Statham/F. Gary Gray "Fast 8"

251. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 01/20 **#5**
This former tweener actress, turned tweener singer, turned B list actress on a middling cable show, is being followed by private detectives to dig up any dirt on her that can be used during her divorce proceedings. Hilary Duff "Younger"/Mike Comrie

252. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 01/20 **#6**
Only this A+ list diva who is a permanent A list singer would have a personal wine holder. Our diva was out shopping last week. Trailing a few feet behind her was an employee carrying a bottle of champagne who would fill up the glass of the diva when it got a little low. Mariah Carey (Beverly Hills Rodeo Drive)

253. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 01/20 **#7**
This celebrity offspring of two A+ listers at the time of birth, was seen using coke again and it probably won’t be long before she heads back to rehab. Ireland Baldwin (Alec Baldwin and Kim Basinger)

254. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 01/20 **#8**
This married former B+ list mostly television actress from a hit cable show, was at an event this past week. Apparently as a result of her heavy drinking, she decided that her bra was too tight. So, right there in front of everyone she lowered her dress, took off her bra and then did her best to rearrange her breasts in the dress before tossing the bra in a trash can. Christina Hendricks ("Art Of Elysium's 9th Annual Heaven Gala")

255. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 01/20 **#9**
This B+/A- list mostly television actress on a hit network show has a new movie coming out, but her significant other refuses to let her go out of town to promote it because he is so insecure. She is only allowed out of town when he travels with her. The thing is, he is never in town, but keeps his people around her. Watching. Lucy Liu ("Kung Fu Panda 3")/Israeli-American hedge-fund billionaire Noam Gottesman

256. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 01/20 **#10**
At this point, I hope this A- list mostly television actor who is on hit television show number three of his career but is known for a crossover movie/television role, is getting divorced. I know he cheats. Always cheats. The thing is though, the other night he had two teenage strippers all over him and this was in front of people who also know his wife. So disrespectful. Chris Noth ("Law & Order") ("Sex and the City") ("The Good Wife")

257. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 01/20 **#11**
This B- list mostly television actress from a fairly hit almost television show reboot, left her husband for another guy but then that guy dumped her. Now she is doing her best to try to win back her husband but he is having none of it.

258. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 01/20 **#12**
It is really strange seeing this B+ list model soon to be B list mostly movie actress go from her A+ list boyfriend to some guy who has great grandchildren. More strange when you hear her call him daddy. Kelly Rohrbach/Leonard DiCaprio

259. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 01/20 **#13**
For the past decade this actress has been working her way up the list. As a teen she landed a couple of big projects but when they ended it would take her a year or two to get back in the game. That year or two would mean when she got her next chance, it would be at the same level as her previous role. She was always the sequel lead. The first movie would be a hit and when no one would sign up for the sequel, she would be brought in for the low budget reboot. Our actress has struggled with drugs her entire career. From that first mid-teen role she was the first in line at parties and has had several nose reconstructions because of coke damage. A few years ago everyone thought her career was completely dead. She had barely made it through filming of a movie that required no talent. I mean you could do anything in this thing and no one would care. It was part of the appeal of the movie. Even with that, her drug use and her sleeping with a couple of married men on the production really put a halt to any good projects. Basically she was reduced to guest roles on crap shows or a couple of lines in a television movie. Fast forward a couple of years and she went through rehab and apologized to the producers of that movie that had caused her downfall. It was sincere and the producers brought her back for a sequel. With that green light, she began getting calls and then landed what was the break of a lifetime. This was going to bring her all the way to A list. Television, but still A list. Multiple chances for spinoffs and movies and just a big career. I don’t know if the pressure of the role or the huge publicity surrounding the show caused her relapse, but relapse she has. She managed to film the pilot, but since then has been a drug addled mess. Her last few red carpet appearances have been awful. The producers of the show and the network have already delayed the show once and now are being forced to decide whether they can trust our actress to get back on her feet. There is a replacement on standby. That replacement was a long shot before, but with our actress refusing to go to rehab and getting worse every day, she is about to be replaced and there will be no coming back for any kind of career if it happens.

260. BLIND GOSSIP 01/20 **#1**
This multi-hyphenate is having a good year and a great awards season. However, she is facing her second controversy in as many weeks. This time, another woman is challenging her legitimacy as a nominee. Multi wants that trophy badly… so her team is discussing a sneaky plan to stop Challenger. Challenger is currently facing problems at home with her celebrity spouse. Her relationship is quite shaky at this point. In P.R. world, that presents an opportunity for Multi. She can have her team shift the press’ focus directly at Challenger’s bad romance. That way, Challenger will be so busy defending herself that awards season will be over by the time she can go on the offense again… Multi could have walked away with another trophy!
Multi: Lady Gaga (won "Golden Globe", hopes to be nominated for "Emmy Award")

CHALLENGER: Linda Perry (Sara Gilbert’s wife)

261. BLIND GOSSIP 01/20 **#2**
This film actress’ long-time relationship went up in flames… and it’s all her fault. Why? She had an affair! Time to announce the split, right? Not so fast! If they did so now, it would confirm the affair, and it would make her look bad. Right now the affair is a rumor. Announcing a breakup puts it in the history books as a cause. As an actress about to hit a milestone birthday, she can’t afford that kind of hit to her reputation. So there is going to be a bit of a quiet stall. She is moving out and is spending her time overseeing the renovations on her new place. They both have very light work schedules this year. They will stay low like this until announcing a breakup won’t look like it’s the direct result of cheating. BG Note: Edited to reflect the fact that the couple is not married.
Joshua Jackson/Diane Kruger (affair with Norman Reedus "The Walking Dead")

262. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 01/21 **#1**
This B+ list mostly television actress from a hit almost network show is really playing with fire. Not only is she sleeping with the very rich husband of her business partner but is also flaunting his gifts to her on social media where his wife is sure to see them.
Actress: Katie Cassidy
Show: "Arrow"
Business partner: Lynsey Eaton
Company: Tomboy KC

263. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 01/21 **#2**
This permanent A+ list singer/former A list mostly movie actress/former director is notorious for ditching cabbies without paying for rides. Whenever she is confronted she always tells the cab drivers they should be grateful she was in their cab. Barbra Streisand

264. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 01/21 **#3**
This B+ list mostly television actress on a hit ensemble network show, was feeling awful the other night. Apparently she had a fling with one of her co-stars who is married. The other night she had to engage in conversation with his wife for an hour because the other guests were late to arrive. Our actress, who has been cheated on in the past by her actor ex-boyfriend was texting friends while all of this was happening.
Show: "Once Upon A Time"
Actress: Jennifer Morrison ("Emma Swan") (ex-boyfriend: Amaury Nolasco)
Co-star: Colin O'Donoghue ("Captain Hook")

265. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 01/21 **#4**
This foreign born one album wonder who is an Academy Award winner/nominee has been proving all those racist rumors about himself true lately with some verbal attacks on people of color. Sam Smith

266. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 01/21 **#5**
This True Detective actress is the latest actress to fall into the bed of this married studio head. Michelle Monaghan/Open Road CEO Tom Ortenberg

267. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 01/21 **#6**
This B list mostly television actor on a very hit network show recently asked to switch trailers on the set. It turns out that his actress/former reality star ex-girlfriend was frequently having sex in her trailer to make him jealous. Her trailer was next to his.
Elyes Gabel/Katharine McPhee ("Scorpion")

268. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 01/21 **#7**
In order to pick up a few bucks and to get some publicity for himself, this wife beater/former drug addict/all around loser C list celebrity who has celebrity offspring, is shilling for a religious cult. Michael Lohan ("Scientology")

269. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 01/21 **#8**
This talk show mainstay/B list actor is always trash talking his sometime co-star part-time girlfriend for being bisexual but always calls her when he wants her to find a woman for a threesome with him. Andy Dick/Jennifer Gimenez

270. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 01/21 **#9**
This foreign born A- list dual threat actress is being accused of cheating on her A- list mostly television actor boyfriend from a hit pay cable show, but the guy she was supposedly cheating with has been hooking up with different women almost every night. Multiple women when he hits a convention.
A- Actress: Diane Kruger
A- list actor boyfriend: Joshua Jackson "The Affair"
Cheating with: Norman Reedus "The Walking Dead"

271. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 01/21 **#10**
This Empire actress recently had hair replacement surgery because she has huge bald spots on her head. Naomi Campbell

272. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 01/21 **#11**
She does not seem the type, but this married B list mostly movie actress who is from an acting family and married to an actor, was doing some lines of coke the other night. Apparently she is quite funny when doing lines. Most of the time she is cranky. Maggie Gyllenhaal

273. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 01/21 **#12**
This B list mostly movie actress is a celebrity offspring. She does a really good job of getting roles without using the family name. She also had sex with this three times her age director to land a role in his huge franchise. Her mom did that once before. Movie ended her career.
Director: George Miller "Mad Max: The Wasteland"
Actress: Zoe Kravitz

Mother: Lisa Bonet
Movie that ended her career: Angel Heart

274. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 01/21 **#13**
I am trying to decide if this Glee actress I am going to write about here is a madam or just a finder. Madam sounds better in the headline. It all started last year. The show ended and some of the cast got work and others didn’t. That is a flood of people hitting the streets all at once. One of the lesser stars on the show did the yacht scene last summer and came back raving about it. She will be going back this summer. The actress involved in this blind is bigger than the yacht scene actress. The problem our actress has is that even though she was playing much younger, she is not all that young any longer. She is in that in between stage of acting. Too old to play the hot young thing, but too young to play the mom role. Plus, she has been stuck on a non-traditional type television show for four or five years and not a sitcom. Her best bet would be to go to Broadway but that would involve a massive pay cut. Since the show ended she has basically not worked at all. Last summer when her former cast mate came back, she told our actress all about it. She basically recruited our actress. Our actress went away for a week and got paid as much as she would get for almost a full season of the show. The thing is though, she sees herself more of as person who would rather find the people to have sex rather than be the one having sex. Her big selling point besides being on the show is a lot of people have seen her naked. She made a deal with the guy she spent the week with to find women for him and his friends. Even though our actress is not working, she was on Glee and gets invited everywhere. She is hitting four or five events every night searching for actresses and models. Unlike Bani, she is just looking for any attractive woman who is willing. If they happen to be on a show or are recognizable that is a bonus. Our actress is taking about a 20% fee, but there are whispers she is taking much more because sometimes the men pay her the fee upfront and then she pays the women after taking her cut. It will be interesting to see if she ever acts again. It also will be interesting to see how long it will take before she is caught because she is not very discreet.
Yacht girl: Becca Tobin ("Kitty Wilde")
Madame: Jenna Ushkowitz ("Tina Cohen-Chang")

275. BLIND GOSSIP 01/21 **#1**
This prominent political figure had high hopes that one of his kids would follow him into the world of politics. Don’t bet any money that his daughter will do so! She HATES politics. While she would never say that to her parents, it’s what she tells her friends. She also tells them that she would like to be a model or an actress, but there are two problems. First, her parents think that is "dumb." Second, she thinks she needs to lose twenty pounds first. No, she’s not overweight. Malia Obama

276. BLIND GOSSIP 01/21 **#2**
This hot young actor’s life is complicated because he is always juggling multiple lies. Well, let’s add another complication. Not only does he still have that beardy girlfriend… he now has TWO boyfriends! The first man to win our actor’s heart is a civilian who has been with the actor for more than a year. Nice guy, very discreet, tends to stay in the background. He now works for one of the major studios. The second is a male model. Great body. Really handsome. He might even be better looking than the actor! The civilian and the model know all about each other. They actually get along pretty well. One tiny issue: the model has been dropping too many hints around town that he is "dating a famous actor" and that the actor has a beard. If he isn’t more careful, that sort of indiscretion could cost him the relationship! Bradley Cooper/Lucky Blue Smith

277. THE GOSSIP LIFE 01/21
This TV pilot is currently in production, but an A-list organisation are trying to buy it off the A-list network. ‘They fear it’ll be big and people will start… comparing the premise to something to do with the organisation,’ my source says. "The Arrangement" or "The Path" (Scientology)

278. POPBITCH 01/21
Which US-born/London-based socialite claims the sore throats she regularly gets are not to do with any virus or infection – but because, according to her shaman, she had been shot in the neck in a past life?

279. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 01/22 **#1**
This former teen rapper/actor turned B- list mostly television actor on a soon to be canceled television show, not only gave his ex-girlfriend a fake diamond ring for their engagement, but also likes to tell the world he owns a car and mansion and not that he lives in an apartment. Shad "Bow Wow" Moss("CSI: Cyber)/Erica Men ("Love & Hip Hop")

280. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 01/22 **#2**
One Empire actor is out of the closet. This other closeted Empire actor/singer is being outed by one of the many guys he picks up each week. Our actor has previously denied gay rumors and the men he picks up are getting upset.
Out: Jussie Smollett ("Jamal Lyon")
In: Bryshere Y. Gray ("Hakeem Lyon")

281. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 01/22 **#3**
One thing you will never see on this reality show that is like a cockroach just like all of the family members is their lawn. They spend a huge amount each month on water on par with a golf course and don’t want people to see how much water they are wasting. The Kardashians

282. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 01/22 **#4**
The former husband of this B list foreign celebrity has regular threesomes with his ex sister-in-law and this foreign born B+ list model/celebrity offspring.
Former husband of B list foreign celebrity: Thomas Cohen (Peaches Geldof)
Ex sister-in-law: Pixie Geldof
Foreign born model/celebrity offspring: Daisy Lowe (daughter of Gavin Rossdale)

283. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 01/22 **#5**
This Teen Mom, who is always one we love to pick is being investigated by the FTC because she is photoshopping the photos she uses to endorse products or the results she claims to get by using the products. Jenelle Evans (Little Tiny Waist Butt Lifter & Butt Cream)(Shredz, Creatine and 1MR Vortex)

284. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 01/22 **#6**
I guess the cheating which would never stop, was just too much for this A-/B+ list foreign born mostly movie actress who is an Academy Award winner/nominee. Her significant other, who stars in a pay cable show has been telling women he his hitting on now, that his relationship is over. Previously he told them they needed to be discreet. Naomi Watts/Liev Schreiber ("Ray Donovan")

285. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 01/22 **#7**
This former A+ list singer who is probably a permanent A lister at this point even though she doesn’t sing, has an alternate personality. Apparently she calls herself Norma Jean and takes on the personality and characteristics of Marilyn Monroe. It just suddenly turns on and can last a minute or a day. It has not happened during a show, but did happen an hour before a show, but only lasted about ten minutes. Britney Spears

286. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 01/22 **#8**
The daughter of this former southeast Housewife turned celebrity, turned reality star, is on plastic surgery procedure number three and is still in her teens. Mom’s a fan. Kim Zolciak/Brielle Biermann

287. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 01/22 **#9**
This former A+ list NFL athlete was once one of the biggest players in the NFL. And one of the more outspoken. He is set to come out of the closet this summer with a book announcement to follow.

288. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 01/22 **#10**
That former A+ lister who is being accused of spreading herpes is also now being accused by one of his former co-stars he hooked up with. She used to be A+ list but never for her acting. Horrible actress. David Hasselhoff/Pamela Anderson

289. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 01/22 **#11**
Apparently this A- list mostly television actress is so disliked by everyone on her hit network show they are willing to end the series just to have to stop dealing with her. Julianna Margulies "The Good Wife"

290. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 01/22 **#12**
This A- list mostly movie actor is hooking up with one of the daughters of this permanent A+ list mostly movie actor. That could be trouble because our permanent A+ list actor is not color blind.

291. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 01/22 **#13**
#1 – This B list mostly television actor who is in a current movie is cheating on his A- list singer girlfriend with his co-star from the recent movie. The co-star is under the impression that our actor is leaving the singer. He is not quite ready to give up on that because the singer makes more money and our actor has expensive tastes.
Actor: Taylor Kinney ("Chicago Fire")
Girlfriend: Lady Gaga
Co-star: Emilia Clarke

#2 – This A-/B+ list mostly television actress from a very hit new network show, threw her coffee mug at her assistant the other day because the assistant didn’t finish folding all of the laundry of the actress. Jamie Alexander "Blindspot"

#3 – This former A+ list singer turned recent reality star has had a bunch of financial issues. One of these days she is going to steal the wrong credit card number and the person won’t give her a break before calling the cops. Toni Braxton

#4- This foreign born former A+ list mostly movie actor has dropped down the list to A-/B+ list. He is still an A list a-hole though. He made his girlfriend find a woman he said was for a threesome and then decided to send the girlfriend on her way while he hooked up solo with the woman his girlfriend landed. Mel Gibson (born in U.S., but raised in Australia); Russell Crowe; Hugh Grant

292. BLIND GOSSIP 01/22 **#1**
This boybander is going to have a tough time with the family of a girl he slept with. Notice we didn’t call her a girlfriend or an ex-girlfriend. That’s because she was just a fling. Unfortunately, an unprotected fling. She said she was on the pill, so he went without a condom. Dumb move. Although the jump off jumped off of social media when she started receiving online hate from the boy’s fans, her family has since jumped on to act as her proxy. The number of lies they tell is extraordinary, but it’s all done to make their girl look like an innocent victim in all this. Their funniest lie? That the girl didn’t even know who the boybander was before she dropped her knickers for him. Ha ha ha ha ha! She knew EXACTLY who he was, how much he was worth, and she and her family were THRILLED when she found out that she was pregnant by him. Ka-ching! Now he’s tied to her and this lying mess of a family forever. Louis Tomlinson ("One Direction")/Briana Jungwirth

293. BLIND GOSSIP 01/22 **#2**
She is fairly new to acting. He is one of the most famous actors in the world. She has that foreign look and mystique that we have seen in several women he has dated. She has a great body. She is at least twenty years younger than him. She is willing to do whatever it takes to be famous. She’s perfect. That’s why he hand-picked her as his film costar… and more! The papers have already been drawn up. Not signed yet, but they do have an agreement in principle. We’re not talking about the film contract. That’s done. We’re talking about the other contract. Mum’s the word on how far they are going to take their "relationship", but look for the dating rumors to begin during production and for the relationship to accelerate towards the film’s release. Just know that every tease, rumor, eyewitness report, and photograph will be carefully timed and choreographed to maximize the plausibility of the relationship.
Actor: Tom Cruise
Actress: Sofia Boutella
Film: "The Mummy"

294. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 01/23 **#1**
This B+ list mostly movie actress now that she walked away from her long running almost network show is on the warpath against her B+ list ex/former co-star. Apparently he has been texting the actress trying to hook up. Making promises and telling her he is unhappy in his new marriage to another actress. Our actress is having none of it and is about to blow up to the world exactly what went down when they split and every skeleton the actor has in his closet. Nina Dobrev/Ian Somerhalder/Nikki Reed

295. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 01/23 **#2**
This former Glee actor has been trying to get another headlining Broadway gig but no one is willing to take a chance. His horrible ticket sales makes him a second lead at best right now but he is still living in some fantasy in his head that he was a big television star. Darren Criss "Hedwig and the Angry Inch"

296. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 01/23 **#3**
Good news. This OITNB actress says she has stopped shooting heroin. She is proud that she is now shooting coke instead and says she will be clean and sober soon. Taryn Manning

297. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 01/23 **#4**
This A+ list mostly movie actress got hammered on wine at a school fundraiser. She got tired of waiting in line for wine so she grabbed a corkscrew and opened a bottle on display for a silent auction and drank it. She ended up paying $5000 for the bottle. Hey, she was generous. She was the highest bidder by a ton on every item in the auction.
Reese Witherspoon

298. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 01/24 **#1**
This Presidential candidate, who, still has a good chance of winning made a gay porn back in the day. Several people know he did it, but so far the recording has remained elusive. It won’t forever. Marco Rubio

299. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 01/24 **#2**
Speaking of porn, this C+ list celebrity/wannabe porn star said she was donating every dime she made from her porn to charity. Probably a couple of million bucks so far, but where is the big check to charity? She thinks everyone forgot. Courtney Stodden
(animal rights groups and "children with cancer")

300. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 01/24 **#3**
When you are on a rocket ride to fame and stardom you have to be careful who you date. Even more so when it is a beard. This foreign born A list pop singer did have what he thought was a great beard. She was in a girl band and well liked. Then, everyone realized she was a racist so he dumped her before people think he shared the same views. Shawn Mendes/Camilla Cabello

301. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 01/24 **#4**
This Presidential candidate gave $100K to one of his former "employees" turned A- list celebrity/reality star for some recent comments she made. She didn’t have to say much for such a big payday. Bethenny Frankel/"The Apprentice: Martha Stewart" (Donald Trump executive producer)

302. THE GOSSIP LIFE 01/25
The significant other of this A-list personality/businessman earns over a million dollars from the perks of his contracts. She does effectively nothing and she’s netting over a million dollars in salary. Beth Ostrosky/Howard Stern; Lauren Silverman/Simon Cowell

303. TV LINE 01/25
Apparently you can go home again. TVLine has learned that a long-running TV drama is working with a former cast member to pull off a most surprising encore — no small feat given how the character in question was originally written off the show. Truth be told, the series and star already have their most difficult, covert work behind them, seeing as the fan favorite filmed his/her scenes just last week, successfully undetected, thanks to top-secret levels of planning. Although a cynical few might have thought such a homecoming would never happen, the truth is that the returning star quite enthusiastically went to great lengths to disguise his/her identity while en route to the set, where the hush-hush scenes were filmed under close guard, and strictly indoors. As for the on-screen ramifications of the long-gone character’s reappearance, one should expect more than a little drama. His/her timing… could be better, yeah. Katherine Heigl (Dr. Izzie Stevens "Grey’s Anatomy")

304. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 01/25 **#1**
This foreign born A- list dual threat actor will eventually start filming his franchise again. Maybe. If it ever gets ready to film. Anyway, he has been unloading property and often staying away from home as he and his wife work out a divorce settlement before the announcement. Jamie Dornan "Fifty Shades Darker"

305. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 01/25 **#2**
This A- list singer now prefers being called an award winning actress. Yeah. Anyway, she tried to do something to her hair and the result was awful and she is now forced to wear a wig for the next several weeks until the problem can be fixed. Lady Gaga

306. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 01/25 **#3**
This closeted A+ list athlete in the rest of the world and A-/B+ here is thinking about quitting the sport he plays to be with his boyfriend full time. Cristiano Ronaldo

307. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 01/25 **#4**
This former reality star on a competition show did ok on the show but has done pretty well since it ended with at least one #1. He also managed to convince a woman to marry him who thinks he likes women rather than men. Colton Dixon "American Idol"

308. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 01/25 **#5**
This former almost A- list mostly movie actress who is now an escort, is back on drugs more heavily than she ever has been before. She had to recently get her stomach pumped and is paranoid and thinks people are trying to kill her from world governments because of secrets she says she knows. Lindsay Lohan

309. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 01/25 **#6**
This A+ list mostly movie actor can have his PR people spin his youthful look anyway they want, but it is botox. Whatever he says or his people say, it is botox. Oh, and a facelift. Brad Pitt

310. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 01/25 **#7**
Quite the role reversal on the set of this barely renewed network show. The BA-/B+ list diva who blamed everyone for failures on her long running show from the same producer was trying to make everyone feel good before the renewal decision. Meanwhile, her co-star/part-time drug user was the one who went off on the cast and crew and was blaming them for everything that went wrong with the show.

BA-/B+ diva: Lea Michele ("Glee")
Co-star: Emma Roberts
Show: "Scream Queens"

311. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 01/25 **#8**
The good news is this foreign born permanent A list model can truthfully tell people she was not snorting blow the other night. She was snorting heroin. It kind of seems fitting considering how she used to be described. Kate Moss

312. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 01/25 **#9**
This foreign born A list mostly movie actor who is a multiple Academy Award winner/nominee finally let his dark side open up on a recent flight. Not only did he make his wife sit in coach while he sat in First Class, he also left her behind at the airport and checked into a hotel alone and would not let his wife stay with him. She was forced to fly back home.

313. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 01/25 **#10**
This B+ list mostly movie actor is always in those movies you only see during awards season. The past three years he has been in some big ones. His B list mostly movie actress girlfriend from an acting family kind of skates along in the same kind of acting world. Apparently if you are into partner swapping, this is the couple you want to talk to.

Actor: Paul Dano - "Prisoners", "12 Years a Slave", "Love & Mercy" "Youth", "Codes of Conduct" (HBO), "War & Peace" (A&E), "Swiss Army Man" (showing at Sundance) Actress: Zoe Kazan (born in Los Angeles, the daughter of screenwriters Nicholas Kazan and Robin Swicord. Her paternal grandparents were film and theatre director Elia Kazan and playwright Molly (Thacher) Kazan)

314. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 01/25 **#11**
This foreign born A- list mostly movie actress who is an Academy Award winner/nominee is telling friends that her marriage to this foreign born A- list mostly movie actor who is an Academy Award winner/nominee is over. Just too much time he spends with other women. Penelope Cruz/Javier Bardem

315. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 01/25 **#12**
This former A-/B+ list singer, turned reality star, turned cheater/movie actress, turned celebrity, turned reality star, turned celebrity saw a photo of herself in jeans on a Monday and was getting lipo done on Thursday. She is freakish about always wanting a thigh gap. Jessica Simpson

316. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 01/25 **#13**
If there is anyone in this world who probably wishes that Aloysius Pendergast was a real person it would be this foreign born director. Our director was the next it director back in the day. He worked his way up from shorts to music videos to one of the best feature length movies incorporating music ever. It put him on the fast track to fame and fortune and big box office productions. Then, he went over the edge so to speak and it all went away. While researching and writing what was supposed to be his first big box office production he was introduced to voodoo. From the second he learned about the religion, he was enraptured. He turned in the script he was writing to the studio and started to direct the big box office movie and then he was replaced. It was just a few days into shooting but he was freaking everyone out. The movie was being filmed on a remote island occupied by an aboriginal tribe. They practiced something akin to voodoo and our director was fascinated. He had the tribe perform all types of rituals on the set and they were not just dancing and singing. There were sacrifices and painting with blood and a parade of animal skulls the actors had to walk through to perform their scenes. Panic calls went out by satellite phone. There was no internet service on that island and it would have been spotty in most places at that time period. Crew members barricaded themselves together because they were so terrified about what the director would try next. As soon as the studio got someone to the set, our director was replaced. Instead of heading back home in disgrace, our director began living with the tribe. He lived with them for well over a year and stalked the production of the film. It is said he cursed the movie and if you look at the results on film and at the box office, I would agree. It gets deeper than that though. It is said he cursed every star in the movie too. No one from the movie has ever had the career they had before the movie. The lead actress in the movie was so convinced she was cursed that she has spent her entire life since trying to figure out a way to reverse the curse and practices all types of witchcraft and other religions to break the spell. Two of the actors had been A list coming in to the movie. One was probably always going to be because of past work, but that movie shook him. He was never the same and only made a couple of crap movies before he died. Most of the time he kept himself locked in his home with armed guards standing outside his house and bedroom while he slept. Another lead actor has worked steadily but his chance at A+ listerdom crashed and burned the next year which he blamed on the curse. Our actor also has spent the past years trying to lift the curse through a variety of religious practices. He went to Native Americans for help and did every kind of spiritual drug or ceremony they could think of but it didn’t work. He spent a fortune trying to lift the curse. He switched religions but now is close to death and blames it on the director. Our director? He is convinced there are zombies or at least people who can become zombies and he has traveled the world looking. He has been to the darkest parts of Africa and scoured South American tribes looking. He films it all and is convinced he will capture a zombie on film.

Director: Richard Stanley
Movie: "The Island of Dr. Moreau"
Replacement Director: John Frankenheimer
Lead actress: Fairuza Balk
Dead A list actor: Marlon Brando
Other lead actor: Val Kilmer

317. BLIND GOSSIP 01/25 **#1**
This Presidential Candidate engaged in some shady behavior many years ago. He was arrested after some sort of activity went down in car, in a park, late at night. That area of the park was notorious drug deals and gay sex. While the Candidate conveniently leaves this incident out of any biography about his early life, that information can be confirmed through public records. However, we have some additional, EXCLUSIVE info that may provide some context – and a bit of a twist – to our story! The Candidate later wound up living with the man with whom he was caught in the car. That man was eventually charged by local authorities for running a business out of his home. The focus of the business? Gay porn! BONUS CLUE: The staff person who leaked this to us is certainly going to get the boot. Marco Rubio

318. BLIND GOSSIP 01/25 **#2**
Who knows what this dark-haired reality star did to her face? We knows! She got a nose job. If you are keeping score at home, this is her THIRD nose job. The goal of the first rhinoplasty was to straighten the dorsum (bridge) and to lift the tip so it didn’t look like she was sneering when she smiled. The second was to refine the lateral side walls to make it look more narrow and feminine. The third reduced the size even more and increased the nasolabial angle (lift the tip). The goal of this latest surgery was to make the nose slimmer, more refined, and more feminine. We’ll leave it up to you to decide if you think the surgery was a success. Kim Kardashian

319. BLIND GOSSIP 01/25 **#3**
This humorous entertainer looks different. No, he did not have plastic surgery. He fell. Yes, he was drunk at the time. That’s the reason he’s not talking about it, even jokingly. He knows that if he tries to claim it was an accident, people will immediately question his sobriety. So, he figures he’s just better off saying nothing. Not Jimmy Fallon.
David Arquette

Today’s blind item has a major Hollywood secret to tell and DL details to divulge. Now that she’s fully charged … like an energizer bunny powered-up by a double A battery … she’s warning her Oscar-nominated Hollywood ex of the power she holds, which could force his history out of its comatose state and squash this Omega man’s Tinsel-Tale … with a touchdown. Now, only time will tell how the overnight Oscar Boycotter will respond to her extortion play! " _____ doesn’t not have enough money to take my voice away from me to deprive me of my story, that wouldn’t happen." Today, he’s holdin’ down a net worth of approximately $250M. That’s a far cry from his freshly-checked by the IRS azz, in the early 90s — around the time of their three-year marriage which she says didn’t work because she "just didn’t have the tools." Don’t believe me… Just ask Brotherly Lovin’ Benny! "I didn’t have the tools. I didn’t have the tools to make it work." Now, can you guess the vice-versa, open-marriage repp’in actor I’m talking about? Will Smith’s ex-wife Sheree Zampino

321. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 01/26 **#1**
This former B list mostly movie actor comes from an acting family and is probably B- list now. He is only that high because of his name. He tried to steal some coke from a stripper and got the snot beat out of him and is undergoing a lot of plastic surgery but won’t ever look the same. David Arquette

322. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 01/26 **#2**
This is more complicated than a telenovela. But I love them anyway. This best known member of a foreign boy band that probably won’t get back together, had a beard. He decided to really solidify his manliness by leaking a story he cheated with another woman. The thing is, his beard, who is a reality star with a side job only likes women, so this whole thing is just hilarious to watch play out. Harry Styles ("One Direction")/Kendall Jenner/fashion stylist Pandora Lennard

323. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 01/26 **#3**
This foreign born former A+ list mostly movie actor who only does action movies, has had a hard couple of years, what with the cheating on his long time wife with the woman 40 years younger than the actor, who used to date his son. Keeping everything out of the western media has been really hard. Jackie Chan

324. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 01/26 **#4**
In one of the stranger hookups I have seen, this former B+ list reality star who has been reduced from main to guest, but still enjoys his vodka, is hooking up with this former model turned celebrity girlfriend, turned celebrity wife, turned wannabe reality star. Scott Disick/Amber Rose

325. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 01/26 **#5**
This Presidential candidate is having his past as a woman beater start to come out in the open.
Donald Trump

326. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 01/26 **#6**
It won’t be long now. Pretty soon it will be time a for a domestic violence arrest. The physical fights have begun between this Teen Mom and her significant other. It was thisclose to being recently exposed. She can’t go to jail because she would flunk a drug test. Jenelle Evans

327. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 01/26 **#7**
This former A list tweener turned drug addled B- list singer, was in a threesome with a woman he picked up with this former B+ list mostly television actor, turned a long stretch of not much most people would see, to a bomb of a network show, who has been called the Scott Baio of his generation. Usually his girlfriend is the one picking up women because she insists on being there. He will never stop cheating. Joe Jonas/Wilmer Valderrama ("Minority Report") (girlfriend: Demi Lovato)

328. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 01/26 **#8**
This former A+ list comedian who is still a permanent A lister, has track marks all over his thumb and index finger area from shooting up. Dave Chappelle

329. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 01/26 **#9**
This A-/B+ list mostly television actor is on a very hit, very long running network show. He also is a complete a-hole. This is not about that though. This is about him doing coke at a huge event recently with his co-star/ex-girlfriend and the scene they made. Johnny Galecki/Kaley Cuoco ("People’s Choice Awards")

330. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 01/26 **#10**
Despite someone with her 24/7, this former child star turned nobody, turned reality star, got into some prescription pills and tried to kill herself.
Kim Richards "Real Housewives of Beverly Hills"  (ex-husband Monty Brinson died this week after long battle with cancer)

331. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 01/26 **#11**
On the set of her latest movie, this foreign born B+/A- list mostly movie actress got drunk with some cast and crew and told some stories. Some great stories. Apparently she was perfectly willing to discuss every guy she slept with, including the married ones. It started when one woman at the impromptu party shyly asked about one of the affairs and the actress just blurted out an honest answer. From then on it was just rapid fire questions about this person and that. From the notes two of them cobbled together, this is a summary.
ACTRESS: Sienna Miller
#1 – Foreign born B+ list mostly movie actor who used to be close to A+ had an affair with multiple people and has sex with as many women as possible. He always wants to wear a vibrating cock ring. He tells each women it is the first time and he just wants to try it. It is his go to. Jude Law

#2 – One married former television actor she hooked up with was more interested in watching her have sex with other men and women than having sex with her. As much hoopla surrounded them, they only had sex a couple of times. Balthazar Getty

#3 – This foreign born A list mostly movie actor (in his long running franchise) A-/B+ otherwise had the smallest peen she has experienced and insisted on only having sex where he could watch himself in the mirror. Daniel Craig

#4 – This intense B list mostly movie actor who had multiple chances to be A list in movies and finally is doing it in television once hit her for what he said was not paying enough attention to him in front of other people. Josh Hartnett

#5 – She said this foreign born actor who went from A to D really quickly but will always have a name because of some of the movies he did never wanted to have sex. They dated for six months and never went beyond kissing. He finally admitted he preferred men. She said the next thing she knew he was engaged to another actress. Hayden Christensen (Rachel Bilson)

#6- One guy she hooked up with but would not give a name. She said that he had several girlfriends he was juggling and had them all installed in different apartments in a building that also had his kids and their mother in one of the units. He couldn’t remember which apartment was unoccupied and took the actress to two with women inside them before he found the right one. She said that was the worst she has ever felt. Just a piece of meat. Sean "P Diddy" Combs

332. MR. X 01/26 **#1**
This former B list reality star from that wide spreading franchise apparently shares the same racist beliefs as her celebrity boss.

333. MR. X 01/26 **#2*
This former A- list group member who apparently still is in some kind of group and has an A+ list last name, not only abuses his wife, but he also has her so brainwashed and beaten down that he makes her spend all her money on him while never touching a dime of his own money. Jermaine Jackson/Halima Rashid (comes from a rich Afghan family)

334. THE GOSSIP LIFE 01/26
The production company behind this upcoming series are sweating. They’ve had such little involvement in the project (despite funding it) and feel it’ll either be a huge success or a humiliating imbroglio. Several of their reps have even been told to stay away from the set, and there’s a feeling that the A-list writer is past his peak and passé. Woody Allen ("Crisis in Six Scenes")/Amazon Studios

335. BLIND GOSSIP 01/26 **#1**
This celebrity started out as a sweet, wholesome, goofy, family-oriented girl. That’s who he fell in love with. When she started to provoke people with her extreme behavior, her actor boyfriend was puzzled, but she told him that it was only an act designed to sell her work. Then he found out that she didn’t want to turn it off. That’s what drove him away. Who wants to start a family with someone whose life is about drugs, nudity, and vulgarity? She really wanted him back. So much so that she was willing to shelve the bad girl and play the nice, conservative girl long enough to win him back. She has convinced him that this is the real her and that she has toned it down for good. She is now pushing for a fast wedding. Her friends are not so sure. "She acted all sweet and innocent and he bought it. He’s fooled for now but she hasn’t actually given up the wild shit. She’s all conservative with him but when he’s not around she’s rollin with her friends. He doesn’t know." Liam Hemsworth/Miley Cyrus

336. BLIND GOSSIP 01/26 **#2**
Two women with killer egos on the same show? The horror! "[Ego One] usually starts out the day normal, but girl’s got issues. She thinks that because she’s related to someone famous, it makes her just as famous. I don’t know what’s going on in her trailer, but by the end of the day, she’s unbearable, snapping at everyone because we can’t read her mind. She can get scary. [Ego Two] is not used to playing second banana, and she gets pissy when [Ego One] gets more attention, so she is always finding an excuse to spend "private" time with the producers. She makes sure that everyone on set knows that she spends time with them and is the producers’ special little pet. We just roll our eyes. Here’s a bit of a shock: Our two Egos actually get along with each other, and both will be coming back for another season! Birds of a feather?
Ego One: Emma Roberts
Ego Two: Lea Michelle
Show: "Scream Queens"

337. BLIND GOSSIP 01/26 **#3**
This professional sports team is not at all happy with one of its marquee players. "Doesn’t matter how much talent he’s got. The kid’s a fuck up. The team tried to work with him on his sobriety issues. He cried and said he was sorry and promised to stop partying, but he lied. It’s not just the alcohol. He’s got a [drug] problem, too. He’s a legal nightmare. Add in a sh*tty work ethic and that’s the end. We can’t count on him. He had everything, and he threw it away with both hands. Idiot." The team is expected to cut him loose before the next season begins. Johnny Manziel "Cleveland Browns"

338. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 01/27 **#1**
It always gets me upset when I see some A- list mostly television actress on a soon ending hit pay cable show talk about diversity when she refuses to ever include anyone of color on her show, despite repeated calls for her to have some diversity. Lena Dunham "Girls"

339. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 01/27 **#2**
This former A- list mostly television actor who was on a long running network show had two network shows going at once a month ago. Now he is down to one. Back when he was in high school, our actor should have been arrested for assault against a girl in his school, but a teacher decided to give him a break which left the girl traumatized. Zachary Levi ("Chuck")/"Telenovela" and "Heroes Reborn" (cancelled)

340. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 01/27 **#3**
This foreign born A-/B+ list mostly movie actress who has been in some of the biggest movies of all-time and also some very strange and quirky ones, has a strange and quirky habit. She has life size models of every character she has played and displays them in her bedroom. A man who had sex with our actress said it was terrifying because they are all facing the bed. Helena Bonham Carter

341. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 01/27 **#4**
This foreign born part-time reality star used to always travel with his foreign born full-time A list reality star wife. Now though, he prefers to get a suite at a hotel not far from their home and spend some time with various 20 year olds who all have dreams of stardom. Ken Todd/Lisa Vanderpump "Real Housewives of Beverly Hills"

342. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 01/27 **#5**
Arguably the second most famous person in this celebrity/reality family told a couple of people at a gathering that no one in her family has a disease which had been claimed most of the family suffers from.
Celebrity/reality family: Yolanda Foster
Most famous: Gigi Hadid (Lyme Disease)

343. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 01/27 **#6**
This foreign born former A+ list mostly movie actor is probably down to A- list at this point. Getting older and no more franchise for him. The married actor can be seen once or twice a week riding his bike to a strip mall for his weekly tan and tug session. Remarkable how often he goes, yet how pale he remains.

344. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 01/27 **#7**
This B+ list mostly television actress is on a hit cable show. She also had a big pay cable hit with a big swing and miss in between. Anyway, she is lined up to do a new project, but wants this A- list mostly movie actress from that franchise no longer in existence replaced. Apparently they hate each other. Someone is leaving. I guess we find out who has the power.
Television actress: Chloë Sevigny/"Big Love", "American Horror Story"
Movie actress: Kristen Stewart "Twilight"
Project: Untitled Lizzie Borden Project

345. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 01/27 **#8**
While on the road, this never before in a blind A+ list celebrity chef was hooking up with a hostess from one of his restaurants. Apparently he pays her about ten times the salary of a regular hostess. Wolfgang Puck

346. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 01/27 **#9**
Apparently things are not so bad at BMW that one of their very very very top executives, who is married by the way, couldn’t drop $50K to spend one night with this foreign born model/part-time actress/beard who has not been seen with that A+ lister very much as of late. Irina Shayk (Bradley Cooper)

347. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 01/27 **#10**
This B- list mostly movie actress drops down to C+ when not in a current movie, is permanently A+ list in another part of the movie world. She always seems to work with this same director because she doesn’t have any mercy on him when they are playing one of his favorite sex games. Zoe Bell (also a stunt woman)/Quentin Tarantino

348. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 01/27 **#11**
This foreign born mostly movie actress does have a foreign television show she appears on to but is known for movies. She is probably B+ but that is because of that movie she did a couple years ago. Anyway, she bailed on her significant other and her kids to move in with a director.
Actress: Rosamund Pike
Foreign television show: "Thunderbirds Are Go"
Movie couple years ago: "Gone Girl"
Significant other: Robie Uniacke

349. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 01/27 **#12**
This former A- list cable talk show host/part-time actress had to leave a recent interview because her nose wouldn’t stop bleeding. I guess she is still on the coke. Chelsea Handler

350. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 01/27 **#13**
There have been a lot of one hit wonders in the music world. Honestly, one hit wonders kind of make the world go round. They make a ton of money for record companies and very little for the singer. The singer can usually be ok if they tour like crazy while they have any kind of recognition remaining with that song. One hit wonders usually fade away after attempting to duplicate their success but never coming close to achieving it. It is fairly rare for a one hit wonder to just disappear off the planet. Well, not the planet, but the entertainment world, especially if they also had some other talent like acting. This singer was nowhere one second and then everywhere just as quickly. She was young and pretty and she had everything in front of her. When she was on tour promoting the song, she was trying to juggle school and the appearances and late nights. So, someone from the record label suggested she take a pill or two when she was feeling sluggish. What started as a pill every other day turned into a handful of pills every few hours. The next thing you know she needed to take something else to counter the effects of the pills and before long our teen singer was a full blown addict who overdosed multiple times over the course of a few months. Just when she should have been flying full speed ahead she ended up in rehab for a month. Twice. When she got out and tried to resume her career, it was cold. She did end up doing some acting but got caught up in the same thing that happened before. This time she was also dating high profile celebrities even though she was still way under age. The guys she was dating were not though. They were older. Much older and wanted to party. She liked being surrounded by celebrity and tried to fit in so started taking drugs again and partying. It was even worse than the last time. Another couple of years were lost to drugs and rehab and when she finally got clean, her career was non existent. She has tried multiple comebacks but it is like she is starting from scratch. She has no momentum and has a reputation as someone who just can’t handle the pressure. She is out there again. Trying to recapture what she had. Making the rounds. Doing press when someone will actually interview her. She doesn’t have many more chances left. Joanna 'JoJo' Levesque

351. BLIND GOSSIP 01/27 **#1**
This actor from a famous family is worried about the celebrity his daughter is dating. Allow us to give Dad some advice. Dad, you’re focusing on the wrong person. The Boyfriend is a jerk, but, for the most part, a harmless jerk. The worst that will happen with him is that she’ll wind up with a broken heart or wind up pregnant. What’s worse than that? Winding up dead! Dad should pay attention to one of Daughter and Boyfriend’s friends… who is one of the biggest drug dealers in the celebrity world! In the past year alone we know of at least three celebrities who have been hospitalized or forced into rehab after hanging out with Dealer. Dad, we hear that your Daughter has been hanging out with Dealer. A LOT. Even without Boyfriend around. Yes, it means exactly what you think it means. It’s a tragedy waiting to happen. And that is where you should be focusing your efforts. Stephen Baldwin/Hailey Baldwin/Justin Bieber

352. BLIND GOSSIP 01/27 **#2**
While the debate among a couple of high-profile personalities rages in front of the camera, we hear that there is an even uglier battle going on behind the scenes! What are they fighting about? Tens of millions of dollars! Here’s the deal: Advertisers paid a certain rate to advertise on a certain TV show based on a variety of factors (network, time slot, audience size, demographics, etc.) In the case of the Super Bowl, advertisers don’t make their buys contingent on any one athlete playing in the game. However, in the case of our show, the players – and one player in particular – matter a lot. If the star player doesn’t show, the audience size may shrink drastically, not only for the show itself, but for pre- and post-shows as well. Network executives are refusing to bend to the star’s demands to ensure his attendance. Angry advertisers are threatening to pull out of ad buys if network execs don’t deliver the star and the audience. Everybody is unhappy and yelling at each other. What’s at risk? Almost $20 Million!
Donald Trump (Republican Presidential Debate)

353. BLIND GOSSIP 01/27 **#3**
This athlete is already a big star overseas. Now he is moving to the U.S.! He LOVES being in the public eye, so if you’ve never heard of him until now, he will start popping up in American tabloids soon. First order of business when he gets here? Buy a weapon! Just kidding. He’s leaving all his guns and ammo behind. Those things can get you into trouble! No, the first order of business will be… to set him up with a female celebrity! He’s been without a "wife" or "girlfriend" for over a year, and his team knows that the best way to set him up as a "ladies’ man" – and for him to start scoring endorsements – is to have him start dating a celebrity. The search is on! Who’s available?
Ashley Cole (ex-husband of Cheryl Ann Tweety Cole Fernandez-Versini) (accidentally shot a 21-year-old student on work experience with a .22 calibre air rifle, at Chelsea's Cobham training ground)/LA Galaxy have acquired English defender

354. THE GOSSIP LIFE 01/27
This B-list actress has all eyes on her when she is on one of the biggest shows in the world, but little do people know that our B-list actress is receding. She blames the constant hair dye and thinks that she’ll have to move on to a wig. Sophie Turner (Sansa Stark on "Game Of Thrones")

355. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 01/28 **#1**
This A- list singer/Academy Award winner/nominee confirmed her people strong armed this permanent A list song writer into giving a writing credit for doing nothing in return for having the song released.
Lady Gaga/Diane Warren

356. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 01/28 **#2**
The celebrity offspring of these C list celebrities who is also related to a former A+ list reality star, does not seem to have let his recent conviction get him down. Despite what his conviction was for, the offspring was seen getting hammered out of his mind with booze and drugs to celebrate not going to jail.
Conrad Hilton (and now he failed a drug test and is back in jail. They should have just read this blind five months ago)

357. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 01/28 **#3**
It is not just exercise this former B+ list reality star from an A+ list reality family is doing to lose weight. He has started taking Adderall and also had some lip done to his moobs. He wants his own reality show for revenge. Rob Kardashian

358. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 01/28 **#4**
This former Glee actress is writing a tell all book and is trading parts in projects for favorable accounts of the people she worked with and for. Naya Rivera

359. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 01/28 **#5**
Apparently this former A+ list rapper turned A- list rapper with a grudge against everyone and everything except a designer and ice cream, is not happy with terms of his loan/buyout. He basically delayed the record of this A+ list singer by almost a year because he refused to give up the work they had done together. He is also being accused of destroying work he did with this other A+ list singer who is married to the guy who runs his life. Kanye West/Rihanna/Beyoncé/Jay Z

360. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 01/28 **#6**
This former A list singer turned B list singer who has sex with anyone, got into an argument with his A list singer/sometime girlfriend. Why? Because he wanted her to record herself having sex with this foreign born A- list mostly movie actor and she didn’t. I think the singer probably wishes he could have been there too. You know how he is around actors. John Mayer/Katy Perry/Orlando Bloom

361. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 01/28 **#7**
Even if her new record turns out to be a huge disaster and she can’t sell any tickets for a tour, this former A list singer (in a group) is going on tour. She can’t wait to spend some time away from her husband and child. Fergie

362. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 01/28 **#8**
This B- list mostly television actress who was in that franchise, really needs to get a filter for her mouth. She has repeatedly slammed a group of people, but now wants those same people to spend serious money on her new product line she designed for them. Nikki Reed/"Twilight" ("Freedom of Animals" vegan handbags)

363. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 01/28 **#9**
There are rumblings this foreign born A- list dual threat actor is going to pull out from the next installment of a popular franchise. Apparently it is the only way to save his marriage. His wife wants him to pull out. Jamie Dornan "Fifty Shades Darker"

364. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 01/28 **#10**
This former A+ list mostly movie actor back in the day turned B+ lister in movies and television, who has been in some of the biggest movies of all time is cheating on his wife with a mom from their child’s play group.

365. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 01/28 **#11**
Things are getting serious between this foreign born B+ list mostly television actress on a new hit network show and that married daytime talk show host who loves to cheat. Priyanka Chopra ("Quantico")/Matt Lauer

366. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 01/28 **#12**
The second this former tweener turned B+/A- list singer got off stage at a recent television appearance she and her assistant went behind a screen and our singer did several quick lines of coke. Selena Gomez "Saturday Night Live"

367. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 01/28 **#13**
#1 – This Real Housewife is not allowed booze, but she was sipping wine out of a coffee mug the other day in front of others so you know she is drinking at home. Teresa Giudice "Real Housewives of New Jersey" (banned from drinking on house arrest)

#2 – This foreign born B+ list mostly movie actress is married but went solo to a big event. Her permanent A list actor husband is back with his 20 something girlfriend and she wouldn’t let him go. Catherine Zeta-Jones (Michael Douglas)/"Dad's Army" - World Premiere

#3 – This permanent A+ list singer has moved from wine and prescription pills to coke. She wants to lose some weight. The last time she used coke this much she went to rehab. Mariah Carey

368. BLIND GOSSIP 01/28 **#1**
Yes, this family is mad that one of them brought some undesirables into their fold. The drama is good, but it is out of their control. That’s the problem. However, there is a plan in the works to turn those lemons into lemonade: Pay them! No, not pay them to go away. That would be a waste of perfectly good drama. We’re talking about paying the "models" (very quietly of course) to be part of the cast! That way the family can script and control the drama, legally film all trashy behavior, and make money off of it. All of these people used to screw each other in various combinations, so the rivalries and jealousies and outrage could be mined for material all season long. The "models" definitely favor money over all else, so this strategy could work. It is unclear whether payment would have to be made in singles. Rob Kardashian "Keeping Up With the Kardashians"/Amber Rose and Blac Chyna

369. BLIND GOSSIP 01/28 **#2**
This Presidential Candidate really wants women on their side. Famous women. To that end, their team has been calling and emailing and texting famous actresses and singers to try and gain their endorsement. It’s not going so well. "No matter how famous [Candidate] is, we’re not having much luck getting the kind of response we want. Around 90% of the contacts we make won’t even respond back, and for the the rest we just get a polite "No" from their agent or manager or publicist. They say that their client is too busy or not committed to any one candidate yet or isn’t even registered to vote. Whatever. I’ve heard every excuse you can imagine. This is not going the way we thought it would." Donald Trump

370. THE GOSSIP LIFE 01/28
A lot of people at this A-list entertainment company are very disappointed in this former A-list entertainer’s recent decison. Many of the executives feel that she’s one of the most charismatic talents that they’ve ever had and she’s just wasted all of her potential. Tammy ‘Sunny’ Sytch (WWE Hall of Fame)/Porno films

371. POPBITCH 01/28
(British blog): Which in-demand model has upped her price for a night with her to $100k since she moved on from sports stars to Hollywood A-listers?

Model: Irina Shayk
Men she has dated: Cristiano Ronaldo, Bradley Cooper

372. PEREZ HILTON 01/28
This person would surprise you! What Dancing With The Stars pro was trying to buy drugs during a recent trip to Vegas? Molly, you in danger girl/boy! Derek Hough (JENNIFER LOPEZ: ALL I HAVE show at Planet Hollywood Resort & Casino)

It seems like today’s blind item is secretly a mack at heart. Know why? Because not only did he have chicks goin’ at each other for his love … homey’s said to have shared some smashing times with most of Hollywood’s usual ‘femme fatale’ suspects. Just ask Paris Hilton, Kelly Rowland, Britney Spears and Keyshia Cole! Here’s the thing … as hard as he might have tried to pull a Mr. Gordon, turns out dude didn’t have the Whit’s — talkin’ bout H-Town, we have a problem. And guess what? We’ve got the audio … ALL OF THE AUDIO, not just a few snippets! "Jacky we got the audio of ___ _ high out of his mind admitting he pimped Whitney Houston & he never gave a flying fuck about her." He once channeled Joan Rivers, talkin’ bout hittin’ dat first. And, from the intel we’re gettin’ … our blind item probably wished that first time to be the last. Know why? Let’s just say that our mystery man (and onetime Mayweather shadow-person) has her to blame for puttin’ him off of stale azz, month-old, fish kakes!!! BUSS THIS: "He’s on tape saying Kim Kardashian’s pussy was so funky in stank and phunky … like Afrika Bambaataa was in the room! That rotten nana had him thinkin’ she gave him an STD. Onetime, ____ went back for more fish kakes, hit that and … got so scared that he ran straight to his doctor to cop a blue pill to protect him from HIV." Be sure to check back in. Know why? We’ll be droppin’ this 100% true Hollywood story, told straight from the woodchuck’s mouth! Now, can you guess which Hollywood B-lister I’m talking ’bout? HINT: He once said, "I didn’t want to sell my soul to the devil." Let’s Go!!! Ray J

374. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 01/29 **#1**
This former A+ list rapper turned A- lister who really needs to get it together and focus on music and not his other projects, including reality, is ticked. He is going to be more ticked when he realizes he should not have left threatening voice mails on a phone in the production office of this A list daytime talk show host. Apparently he didn’t like what she said and for a good couple of minutes told her what he was going to do to her if he saw her. Kanye West/Wendy Williams

375. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 01/29 **#2**
This B+ list mostly movie actress has been known to share the same bed as her brother while out on the road doing press for movies. Chloë Grace Moretz

376. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 01/29 **#3**
This foreign born A list singer/musician from an A list band dumped his most recent girlfriend because she broke one of his major rules. She was taking photos of our singer and sharing them on social media. He doesn’t like anyone to know what he is doing. He says it is for privacy but it is because he does not like all the women he sleeps with to know he is sleeping with someone else. Same thing he did during his marriage.
Chris Martin "Coldplay" (Annabelle Wallis)

377. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 01/29 **#4**
This former reality show star turned celebrity, turned reality show star, turned host, turned a million other things, had a big grin on her face the other night as she got half naked with two guys in a VIP room of a NYC club while partying with coke and booze. Well, I know how she stays so skinny now. Bethenny Frankel "Skinny Girl" Candy launch

378. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 01/29 **#5**
Apparently this permanent A list mostly movie actor is in a rough spot in his relationship with his long time girlfriend. The two have been together for years and things were going great until she said she was pregnant. That is his trigger and has destroyed a lot of his relationships. It makes him start sleeping with as many people as possible. Al Pacino/Lucila Sola

379. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 01/29 **#6**
This former A+ list mostly movie actress who maintained that high on the list for almost a decade back in the day, could barely stand as she stumbled and fell her way out of a restaurant the other night. I think that breakup really affected her. Meg Ryan

380. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 01/29 **#7**
This former A- list mostly movie actress has been acting since she was a kid. On a hit cable show now, she recently suffered a miscarriage. People are whispering booze was the reason. Kirsten Dunst "Fargo"

381. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 01/29 **#8**
This aging country singer was A list way back in the day after doing a bunch of jail time. Doctors have only given him a few weeks to live. Merle Haggard (I wish I had been wrong about this)

382. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 01/29 **#9**
This A+ list athlete who has a very big game next week is spending his off days boozing it up and hooking up with women who are not his significant other/baby mother. Cam Newton/"Panthers"

383. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 01/29 **#10**
This back in the day A+ list mostly television actor who is the Meryl Streep of Emmy Awards, is estranged from his kids. The reason is the nearly fatal beating he gave their mother/his wife last year.

384. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 01/29 **#11**
This B- list actress/model is really thirsty. She is also married and her director husband hooked up with an actress on a film in which his wife was also starring. Jaime King/Kyle Newman; Kate Bosworth/Michael Polish

385. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 01/29 **#12**
At some point, this A- list mostly television actress on a hit network show has to let the hate go. A production assistant on the show was wearing a t-shirt of a certain movie franchise that stars the nemesis of our actress. Our actress went ballistic and had the production assistant change shirts. Zooey Deschanel/Megan Fox/("Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles")

386. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 01/29 **#13**
This foreign born B- list mostly movie actor is only this high because he did win an Academy Award. Without it he would be at D list by now. He was kind of a one movie wonder. During that big award season he ticked off studios right and left with a huge diva attitude only matched by his actress wife. They paraded through town going to event after event demanding more and more things and even had a rider they had their agent present before they would agree to an appearance. He complained about the studios while at the same time asking studios to pay him $20M to act and direct in a new movie. Still, though, he was hot so they gave him a big budget movie to act and direct in. Total bomb. Horrible. The studios though, didn’t care. They were so happy to have an excuse to never talk to him or work with him again. He and his wife have never worked in Hollywood again.
Actor: Roberto Benigni
Wife: Nicoletta Braschi
One hit movie wonder: "Life Is Beautiful"
Total bomb: "Pinocchio"

387. BLIND GOSSIP 01/29 **#1**
This musician is furious that his private preferences in the bedroom are being disclosed. Well, here’s a little bit more about his preferences. "[His ex] isn’t telling the story exactly right. When he is with a woman, he doesn’t like A finger. You have to use TWO fingers crossed over with a little lube. He also likes this one particular butt plug that has a vibrating bullet. He also likes dild*s but they can’t be too big because he doesn’t want to get stretched out. If he is with a guy, he doesn’t need any of this stuff." Alrighty then. Kanye West/Amber Rose

388. BLIND GOSSIP 01/29 **#2**
Since this actor has a history of problems with substance abuse, it’s easy for people to take any behavior and twist it into a warning sign that something is amiss with him. While he is stressed, he is actually sober right now. That thing he does where he talks to himself is him rehearsing his lines. He’s done it for years. Sometimes he’ll just recite his own lines. Sometimes he will do both parts of a conversation between two people, including the blocking and the hand gestures. So although he looks crazy, he’s actually just working. We’ll tell you what to look for if you are concerned about his sobriety. Look at his body. When he is using, he tends to get very, very thin. That’s what happened when he was struggling while starring on that famous TV show. Matthew Perry "Friends"

389. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 01/30 **#1**
Another one of the Lyme disease fakers should really be more careful if she wants to pretend she was being treated for Lyme instead of rehab. Plus, she (foreign born former A list singer) is boozing again like crazy so will probably end up getting treated for "Lyme Disease" again for 30 days. Avril Lavigne

390. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 01/30 **#2**
This foreign born former A+ list mostly movie actor turned A/A- list after some big bombs, had a big television appearance this week. It was to promote his last chance to get back to A+ list. Anyway, he is so boring and so vain as to think no one would catch him that he recycled a 3 year old story he shared on another talk show. The only thing is he replaced the friends he mentioned in the past interview with his actress wife. It is amazing how history rewrites itself and how he thinks he can get away with revising history. About everything.
Actor: Ryan Reynolds
Movie: "Deadpool"

Old story on "David Letterman" (10 minute mark)
New story on "The Graham Norton Show"

391. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 01/30 **#3**
This cable reality star from that franchise who also used to act as a child, is now on multiple reality shows. She also knows if she is gone from home for longer than a day her part-time reality star husband will have someone else in her bed so she makes sure she comes home every night. Kyle Richards (Mauricio Umansky)/"Real Housewives of Beverly Hills" and "Celebrity Apprentice"

392. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 01/30 **#4**
One best friend is pretty much out the door which opened a door for a new butt kisser/baby sitter for a Teen Mom. Enter someone who will probably be selling stories to the tabloids in a few months, but for now, knows her job is to baby sit all day and night and to post photos to social media under the Teen Mom’s account to make it look like the Teen Mom was there when she wasn’t. The old best friend/baby sitter? She wouldn’t share her drugs with the Teen Mom because the Teen Mom always mooched and never bought her own. Apparently if you want to party with the Teen Mom you need to bow down to her and share.
Teen Mom: Jenelle Evans
Old babysitter: Tori Rhyne

393. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 01/31 **#1**
This foreign born B+ list reality star who actually does have talent he shows off on a network reality show, is a tool. He told a woman on their first date she needed to drop 20 pounds if she wanted a second date but if she was nice to him he would let her suck him off later. She walked away from the date. Valentin Chmerkovskiy "Dancing With the Stars"

394. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 01/31 **#2**
This may or may not be a Game Of Thrones actor, took the woman he calls his girlfriend on a shopping spree. It was more like he was on a shopping spree with all the time he spent talking to various male workers and the 30 minute behind the scenes tour one gave him of where the shoes are stored. Kit Harington/Rose Leslie

395. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 01/31 **#3**
You know, if this A+ list mostly movie actor would just tell his family he is gay, then they would stop judging his girlfriends as potential lifetime partners. The girlfriends are all just there for a paycheck and act accordingly which always always makes the family members pressure the actor to dump them as not suitable. Bradley Cooper/Irina Shayk

396. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 01/31 **#4**
This former Disney actress, turned headlining tweener movie actress, turned actress on a hit cable show, is still not of legal age but is now up to plastic surgery three or four in her bid to make her standout. Joey King

397. U.K. DAILY MIRROR 01/31
Khloe Kardashian has revealed she once caught an ex boyfriend in the middle of a THREESOME. The reality TV star relived the awkward story during a game of True or False with her hair stylish Jen Atkin and makeup artist Hrush Achemyan. Each of the three women had to pick a card in turn, each one marked with a subject – and then they had to tell a story related to that before the other two guessed if it was real or a lie. After drawing a card that read "Bedroom", Khloe went all out as she told them about an unfaithful ex boyfriend who she caught in the act. She said: "One time I walked in on my current boyfriend at the time, he was having not just sex, a threesome, with two girls that he met at the mall earlier that day." Neither of the other players believed Khloe’s story, but shockingly she insisted it was completely true – although she didn’t reveal the identity of the former flame. James Harden

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