NOTE: Guesses in italics are only guesses;
guesses in RED are a link to the solution or substantial clues.

CRITICS CHOICE AWARDS: At an after party, this B+ list mostly television actress on a hit network show was all over another woman. The two would not stop making out and it was pretty intense. Our actress has previously been married and was a lead on another hit network show that ended a few years ago. Mayim Bialik

This B-/C+ list mostly television actor is probably not high enough to usually garner a spot in the blinds, but he just did end up a run on a great network show that just had its series finale a few weeks ago, so he might be on your mind. Anyway, he went to a party last night and the woman he brought was just so blatantly obvious about hooking up with anyone higher on the list that it was just embarrassing. The actor seemed oblivious as she rubbed up against anyone she recognized whether they were with someone or not.

The husband of this B list mostly movie actress who makes a ton of money on the side might want to rethink cheating on the wife because that meal ticket and easy life is going to disappear. Was the brunette last night really worth it? Cash Warren/Jessica Alba "The Honest Company"

No love lost between these two competing talk show hosts. Both are married, but the female one has completely different ideas about marriage views than the male host. You could see the veins popping, well you can always see her veins popping as she trashed the male host this past weekend when they confronted each other. Apparently she is sick of watching him always hit on women while he is married.
Female: Giuliana Rancic "E News"
Male: Mario Lopez "Extra"

Event: "Le Vian 2016 Red Carpet Revue at the Mandalay Bay Convention Center in Las Vegas"

This foreign born B list celebrity/reality star/host might have been faking it before for ratings but he is definitely cheating now on his wife.
Foreign born B list celebrity: Dean McDermott
Reality show: "True Tori"
Host: "Chopped Canada"
Wife: Tori Spelling

This former A list mostly television actress from that long running network show she abandoned and who recently failed on a different network, is usually more private about her female companions. At an event this weekend though she showed up arm in arm with this former girlfriend of the vampire actress who also likes to stay in the closet.
Actress: Kate Walsh
Network show: "Private Practice" (spin-off of "Grey’s Anatomy")
Failed show: "Bad Judge"
Vampite actress: Kristen Stewart (unknown former girlfriend)

When this married foreign born B list mostly movie actress who is an Academy Award winner/nominee sat down last night at an event her long dress rode up and the backs of her legs as far as anyone could see were covered in bruises and black and blue marks. I guess her husband has found new places to beat her. Carey Mulligan "Drama Desk Awards"

This former west coast Housewife is married. She is cheating with a guy she met in LA and who she thinks can return her to the promised land of reality television. She hates being married to her current husband but his wallet will do until she lands another gig. Taylor Armstrong "Real Housewives of Beverly Hills"

Very busy weekend for this closeted A+ list athlete. Wins a championship. Almost gets arrested by police right after making out with his boyfriend in the back of a car. Cristiano Ronaldo "European Gold Shoe" Championship

10. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 06/01 **#10**
The guy is single so it really doesn’t have to be blind, but this is still kind of a-holish. He is an A+ list producer. One that you actually know. Lots and lots of movies. He went to an event with one woman and left her behind when he found someone he liked better. This happens so often not just by him. He didn’t even tell the other woman he was leaving. She just couldn’t find him and then texted him and he said he left with someone else.
Brian Grazer/"7th Annual Produced By Conference"

11. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 06/01 **#11**
#1 – This Teen Mom is trying to negotiate a deal with her ex. Basically she wants to be able to see the kid without submitting to drug tests. She would fail. That new burn on her body should show you what she is into right now. Leah Messer

#2 – This married A list rock star from a permanent A list band is hooking up with the half his age celebrity offspring of a former A list mostly television actor.

#3- This Emmy nominated actress left the show that got her the Emmy nomination because she thought she would be huge without it. Nope. The only thing she got was a really bad reputation from her one project since leaving when she hooked up with the married former A+ list mostly movie actor turned failed television actor who is a parody of his former self.

12. BRAPPP 06/01
This actor/director is a A-list and his wife is B-list (maybe C-list now). You likely won’t hear an announcement for awhile (or until after his next contender comes out) but they have broken up and they’re heading for a divorce. She couldn’t take any more of his cheating, drinking and gambling. Jennifer Garner/Ben Affleck

13. BLIND GOSSIP 06/01 **#1**
We just heard that this voluptuous star threw a major hissy fit last week! She thought that today was going to be all about HER. Unfortunately, another family member also had a big event coming up, and our star was resentful that they were diverting publicity and attention away from her. "This is ridiculous! This is supposed to be MY big day! Can’t they change their date?" No, they could not. The other thing she is secretly worried about is how her popularity will measure up. "She’d better not sell more magazines than me!" How dare anyone steal her selfish thunder!
Voluptuous Star: Kim Kardashian
Her Announcement: she’s pregnant
Other Family Member: Bruce "Caitlyn" Jenner
Her Announcement: Vogue cover and new name

14. BLIND GOSSIP 06/01 **#2**
There have been so many stars getting plastic surgery in the past couple of years that this one slipped by completely unnoticed! This very pretty and very famous actress has been in several movies that have broken the $100 million mark. She is also in a high-profile marriage that has been under some scrutiny lately. She is not old by any stretch of the imagination, but her husband’s attraction to actresses ten or twenty years younger than her has been a definite source of stress. So while he was sneaking around on her… she sneaked into the plastic surgeon’s office and had some work done on her face! This happened in between filming two movies approximately two years ago. Her scenes were done early on in the schedule for one film and late in the schedule for the other, so she had a few months off in between for healing. She did look tighter and smoother in the second film, but in real life she seemed to keep up her normal routine (although we did catch her wearing dark glasses a lot during that time). It was good work and it has settled in nicely since then. She is back to looking very natural. In fact, she is so comfortable with her appearance that she is not shy about being seen without makeup. She looks like herself, just without a line or wrinkle anywhere. We wish that she could work out the wrinkles in her marriage as easily! Jennifer Garner/Ben Affleck

This A- list mostly movie actor who also does a little singing, should really watch his drug use or he might end up like a family member. Our actor was wasted out of his mind to the point he was falling down on a late night walk. Stumbling and slurring he almost destroyed a door because he was pulling when it said to push while customers just stared. Jared Leto (brother Shannon)

This A- list mostly television actor from a recently ended hit cable show needs to jump start his movie career or drop down to the B list range. He tries to stay low profile with his love life because he doesn’t want the world to know his girlfriend is a convicted drug felon.

This former A+ list singer turned A- list singer who will be moonlighting as an actress in the near future, has a coke problem bad enough that producers of the show have seriously considered replacing her. Lady Gaga "Machete Kills in Space"

Four days off from filming his latest franchise installment and this married foreign born A list mostly movie actor decided to stay on location hooking up with a walk on from the movie rather than attend an important family event with his wife.
Actor: Daniel Craig
Movie: "Spectre"

Family event: Rachel Weisz’s son’s birthday

The husband of this RH-Orange County regular is cheating on his wife with a much younger model. This is going to be an expensive divorce. Shannon Beador

This A list mostly movie actor who is taking a turn on a hit pay cable show was definitely not taking his marriage vows seriously last night as this young, foreign born actress discovered when they spent a great deal of time making out before leaving together. Vince Vaughn "True Detective" at the "Australians In Film Heath Ledger Scholarship Announcement Dinner"

This closeted A list mostly movie actor who should have won an Academy Award this past year has a non-beard beard that he uses now when he is hooking up with other men. She is one of the very few people the actor trusts 100%. When he is with another guy, she is always around. Not participating or anything, but to make sure there are no interruptions and to make sure the other guy does not do anything or try and take photos. The added benefit our actor gets is that it looks like he is with a woman. Jake Gyllenhaal ("Nightcrawler")/Greta Caruso

KINDNESS: This actor is fast approaching A list. He is on a hit pay cable show and is starting to receive some hardware for his role on the show. What gets him in this spot though is a former role. Kids always recognize him for the role and when he visits hospitals he always goes dressed in the character from that movie. He always travels with one of the outfits just in case he has a chance to visit a children’s hospital in the city he is traveling to.
T. J. Miller ("Silicon Valley") (Ranger Jones "Yogi Bear")

Don’t believe the stories being leaked. That is not the boyfriend of the former almost A lister who thankfully lives outside the country now. Her boyfriend is the married guy. The one with kids. The one who she is doing all kinds of things for in hopes of a marriage. Lindsay Lohan/PROBABLY: Mathia Milani

24. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 06/02 **#10**
This B- list mostly television actor who is only this high because of his family name and because he finally landed a regular tv gig, is married to a celebrity who was A list back in the day. Apparently the marriage is over because he was pretty public with another woman last night at an event where spouses would normally be expected.
Actor: William Baldwin
TV gig: "Reef Madness"
Wife: Chynna Phillips

2015 Long Island Hospitality Ball at Crest Hollow Country Club which benefits the American Cancer Society

25. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 06/02 **#11**
Usually this A-/B+ celebrity appears in the blind items because of her boorish behavior or because of her substance abuse issues which she always claims she has under control. Nope. Foreign born, she has done a little bit of everything in the entertainment business. She will probably have A list name recognition for most of her life because of where she came from. No, she is not a mole woman. She is a violent woman though. Her family is beyond wealthy which helps when it comes to dealing with the aftermath of her violence. Have you ever noticed how she is in love one day and the next the guy is gone and is never heard from again. No stories, no interviews, no nothing except usually a big fat check. One guy got almost a million bucks from the family after only dating our celebrity for a few weeks. She was taking some kind of bad pill and booze combination and came at the guy with a knife because he wouldn’t change the channel on the television. Yeah. He was stone cold sober or he would have probably ended up cut worse than he was. If she is wasted and you are asleep and she gets in one of her moods she will beat you while you are sleeping. One boyfriend had a camera that recorded her beating him with a bat while he was sleeping. You see her walk in the room with a bat and takes two good swings before he gets up. He got a nice settlement too. The family is tired of paying which is why you never see the former serial relationship celebrity with anyone. They don’t want her to be with any guy. Settlements and non-disclosure agreements only get you out of trouble for so long. Kelly Osbourne or Chloe Green

Several comic female actors (including Lena Dunham, Amy Schumer, and Ellie Kemper) recently participated in a roundtable discussion with The Hollywood Reporter. Lena Dunham told a story about her experience with a sexist actor. Interviewer: What’s the most overtly sexist thing that has happened to you in the workplace in Hollywood?
Lena Dunham: I literally had a guy – who was on my show for a few episodes – I heard him on his mic saying, "I hate this job, I cannot wait to be back on a show where there’s a man at the helm."
Ellie Kemper: That’s insane!
Lena: I literally heard it. I didn’t event think this [sort of thing] happened anymore! That same guy came later came up to me at lunch and said "You’re really enjoying that buffet, aren’t you?"
Ellie Kemper: No!
Amy Schumer: Who the fuck is that?!
Lena: I’ll tell you afterwards. Worst person alive. And I hope he watches this, which he won’t, cause he’s drunk.
Chris O’Dowd; Colin Quinn

27. BRAPPP 06/02
These two A-list actresses are past-their-peak in terms of career and beauty. One has become an annoyance to the world while the other has maintained mostly leading roles in flops. They were supposed to do a movie together several years back, A-list actress 1 was producing and starring in the plum role and A-list actress 2 was to play the supporting role. As the movie was going through a stressful pre-production, Actress 2 stuck with the flick in light of the increasingly difficult waters. She was on location in Tennessee filming another movie when she reached out to Actress 1 (who lives there) to spend some time with her and her family. Actress 1 deliberately avoided the calls, claiming she "will not become part of Actress 2’s collection of celebrity friends." Actress 2 took this as a slight and deliberately choose to withdraw from the movie when the pre-production was finally on track. The two actresses have been in a subtle feud ever since. Actress 1 constantly mentions what she perceives as Actress 2’s future career in lowbrow television. Actress 2 constantly mentions Actress 1’s plastic surgery and flops.
Actress 1: Nicole Kidman
Actress 2: Gwyneth Paltrow (in Tennessee when she was filming "Country Strong")
Movie: "The Danish Girl"

Give him some room away from his A+ list girlfriend and it didn’t take long for this foreign born B+ lister to cheat. A bunch of adoring fans and he was like a kid in a candy store while his girlfriend was thousands of miles away.
A+ lister: Taylor Swift
B+ lister: Calvin Harris

Event: Glamour Women Of The Year Awards in London

This married foreign born Academy Award winner/nominee is filming in NYC. His wife is around, but she knows all about the fact that he prefers men to women and he has been trolling this past week a lot. I don’t know if he will ever come out of the closet because she is totally on board with being his beard and that is the reason he married her. Oh, and for publicity. It came at a crucial time. Eddie Redmayne/Hannah Bagshawe (Oscars)

This southern based Bravo reality show star talks a great game about being with lots of women but he never talks about the guy he gave up to be on the show. Craig Conover or Shep Rose "Southern Charm"

This B list mostly movie actor has a new movie coming out soon which will probably solidify his B list status. Never known for being the nicest guy in the world, his breakthrough performance was not so much of an act as how he is in real life. Anyway, at an event this week he was asked by a reporter about his missing girlfriend and the actor went off on the reporter and then refused to talk to any other reporters. It looked like the actor might take a swing at the reporter despite the softball question.
Actor: Jesse Eisenberg
New movie: "The End of the Tour" (releases in July) or "American Ultra" (releases in August)
Breakthrough performance: Mark Zuckerberg in "Social Network"
Girlfriend: Mia Wasikowska

Event: "The Spoils" Opening Night

This former A list reality star turned legally troubled celebrity turned reality star/celebrity with A list name recognition, was ticked off that she was not even invited to the CFDA Awards and said it was because she has been trash talking this A+ list reality star. While I dislike the A+ list reality star as much as anyone, I just don’t think that is why she was not invited.
Former reality star: Nicole Richie
A+ list reality star: Kim Kardashian

This married A+ list celebrity who used to be an A list singer and a reality star back in the day, was her usual hammered self at an event this week. The only good news for her health wise is that she was so hammered she dropped the coke she was going to do all over the floor. Interesting sight watching a drunk try to wipe up coke off a bathroom floor with tissue before dumping it in the toilet. Jessica Simpson

In his older years, this former A list mostly movie actor who is an Academy Award winner/nominee and was in a very long relationship with an A list mostly movie actress has become increasingly creepy. He loves to give acting lessons to the college age women who flock to his summer program, but if you want more than a two minute consultation you better be willing to have sex with him.
Actor: Tim Robbins
Actress: Susan Sarandon
Program: "The Actors Gang"

This foreign born B list mostly television actress who got her start as a model followed by some fame as the longtime girlfriend of a former A+ list mostly movie actor, is now on a struggling cable show. Her expenses run much higher than her income and for the past two weeks she has been at every event in NYC that has any rich men who are then given the full court press. Hey, it has worked for her multiple times in the past.
Actress: Elizabeth Hurley
Actor boyfriend: Hugh Grant
Cable show: "The Royals" on E!

Event: UJA-Federation New York's Entertainment Division Signature Gala

This former A list singer is foreign born. She is also struggling. At an event this week she was sloppy. People were whispering about her and how far she has fallen. She was once a bright singing sensation that started off on a reality show and fame and the business have turned her into a drug addled mess. Leona Lewis ("The X Factor" UK series 3)/2015 Glamour Women of the Year Awards

37. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 06/03 **#10**
This in a relationship closeted mogul who would love to be a rapper, was doing the servicing of a tall Nordic looking guy in a West Hollywood bath house the other day. L.A. Reid

38. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 06/03 **#11**
#1 – This actress is on a hit pay cable show and is married. Doesn’t matter to her. She will have sex with anyone. Her only condition is that she has to record it to show her husband later. Anna Chlumsky "Veep"

#2- This former B list actress who I feel like has been working forever, but is because she started when she was a kid, finally has a role that she is garnering attention and fame for. It is almost television and she is good. She has never really been subjected to the amount of interviews she does now and her BDSM (Bondage and Discipline (BD), Dominance and Submission (DS), Sadism and Masochism (SM)) thing she has going on with her partner would make for some very splashy headlines. Natasha Lyonne "Orange Is the New Black"

#3 – This married cranky aging former A list mostly movie actor was asked by his agent a couple of months ago if the actor was interested in doing any television or streaming shows. The actor said fuck television. I already have an Emmy and then went on for 20 minutes about how television is work and like being at home and movies are vacation and then concluded by saying something like vacation sex is way better than day to day sex. Michael Douglas (won an Emmy for "Behind the Candelabra")

39. BLIND GOSSIP 06/03 **#1**
This singer recently got engaged. Good for her! However, one of her exes is definitely NOT happy about it! When he found out that she accepted her boyfriend’s proposal, he went on a bit of a rant about how her new fiance was a "loser", and that she was "making a mistake." We thought he was over her a long time ago – and he’s never been the kind of guy to speak negatively about her – so this was a bit surprising. Jealous?
Singer: Iggy Azalea
Fiance: Nick Young
Her Ex: A$AP

40. BLIND GOSSIP 06/03 **#2**
Do you know why some celebrities tell blatant lies? Because they know they can get away with it. Such is the case with this young female singer, who claims that she dated one male singer… but not another male singer. Liar! Why is she naming one and not the other? Because the one who she claims she DID date is a conventionally attractive guy who loves being seen as a ladies man and loves the publicity that accompanies him being seen with a girl. The one who she claims she DIDN’T date is not conventionally attractive, is not a kiss and tell kind of guy, and does not date for the publicity (although he will occasionally hint at a relationship in a song). Neither guy will dispute her claims… so she gets away with lying. Her pants are so on fire. Burn, pants, burn!
Female Singer: Ellie Goulding
Male Singer she says she DID date: Niall Horan
Male Singer she says she DIDN’T date: Ed Sheeran

41. BRAPPP 06/03
I’m hearing this A-list actor that just won’t come out, has such a bad reputation for fondling and propositioning young men in London that he’s been banned from several choice establishments. He just won’t give them space. Kevin Spacey

According to Amy Schumer, an actor who she has a kissing scene with in her upcoming comedy Trainwreck asked her, "Um, do you want our first kiss to be on camera?" She responded with a sarcastic, "No, no, come to my trailer and we’ll make out beforehand." "It was so grotesque," she said. "I’m like, ‘Did you think I cast you because I want to make out with you?’ Then there was a lot of unnecessary touching. I was like ‘Get that guy out of there.’" Robert E. Torres or Bobby Kelly

This B+ list mostly television actress from a hit network show was cheating on her boyfriend/co-star. He found out and very publicly dumped her despite no one really knowing they were a couple. It was so bad that his friends also got involved in a protest of her actions. It is not like he didn’t know that when they first hooked up she was cheating on her then boyfriend with him. I guess it was ok then, but not now.
Actress: Sophia Bush
Co-star: Jesse Lee Soffer
Show: "Chicago P.D."
Ex-boyfriend: Dan Fredinburg (died in Nepal)

The last couple of women that have spoken to me about being hit on by this married A+ list mostly movie actor told them his marriage is over. Before this he used to just count on women wanting to hook up with him despite being married. Ben Affleck

This foreign born B list mostly movie actress who has had a great last 12 months acting wise and achievement wise, spent last month finding a guy willing to help out her sister financially, but ended up hooking up with him herself and probably destroying what was left of her relationship to this foreign born B- list mostly movie actor.
Actress: Sienna Miller
Sister: Savannah Miller (clothing label "Twenty8Twelve")
Actor: Tom Sturridge

(and a short time later they announced they were divorcing)

This B list mostly movie actor who is B+ list on his hit pay cable show, was supposed to take part in a panel discussion this week but he showed up whacked out on something and the organizers begged him to not show up on the panel. Not to worry because he didn’t even make it from the pool area to his room and slept it off on a beach chair all night.
Actor: Adam Driver
Show: "Girls"
Event: 2015 Maui Film Festival at Grand Wailea

KINDNESS: This B-/C+ list mostly movie actress who has a pretty big role in a new movie opening this week, tried to walk out of an event with an item that costs about $15K. She told security she thought it was a gift she got for attending. That she could pick out anything she wanted for attending. They let her be on her way without the item but she did get to keep the swag bag which had about $1K worth of stuff in it.
Actress: Perrey Reeves
Movie: "Entourage" (Mrs. Ari)

Event: Serapian Milano Celebrates Opening of First U.S. Retail Store in Beverly Hills

Apparently this almost television actress from one of the biggest hits in almost television who always hits red carpets, is having a little fling with this married female singer who is not even close to being the biggest star in the family.

This almost A+ list named mostly movie actor who is probably B/B+ list was out with some friends this week. They were pretty awful in the way they treated women and what they made women do who wanted to go home with the trio. I won’t get into everything, but one of the "winners" inserted bar fruit into a place one does not usually associate with such a thing. John Cusack

KINDNESS: With her new movie opening, this still gorgeous B-/C+ list mostly movie actress who is most well known for a long running pay cable television show role, has been getting tons of free stuff sent to her in hopes she will wear it or pose with it or anything with it during her press/promo tour. As is her custom, she takes everything she gets for free and sells it on eBay and gives 100% of what she receives to charity. No Kardashian style charity giving for her. In May she sold about $50K worth of stuff that had been given to her. Carla Gugino ("Californication" or "Entourage")/"San Andreas"; Emmanuelle Chriqui ("Entourage")/"Entourage"

This Academy Award winning/nominated actress is still mostly movies despite her turn into television. I keep waiting and waiting for her divorce announcement especially considering that she told people yesterday there is a new man in her life. I guess they want to settle financial and custody things before announcing the split. Halle Berry/Olivier Martinez

52. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 06/04 **#10**
This former B+ list mostly movie actress who was also a B+ list television actress on one of the most popular shows of all time had some work done in the past two weeks and is almost unrecognizable. Completely different from her last public appearance last month to one this week. The first word from everyone’s mouth when they saw her was either wow or whoa. Lots of people doing double takes too. Courtney Cox

53. BLIND GOSSIP 06/04 **#1**
This young singer’s narcissism never ceases to amuse us! At the Met Gala a few weeks ago, his limousine pulled up to the bottom of the red carpet to let him out. However, instead of getting out, he simply rolled down his window so that everyone could see that it was him, and started waving. This set off some of the teen girls in the crowd, who screamed and called his name. Hearing the screaming, extra security came running. Although the crowd was well-contained, our singer clearly enjoyed the fact that he had set off this commotion. So he just sat there – waving and smiling and holding up the line of limos for a good five minutes – while security yelled to make themselves heard above the deafening music coming from inside the singer’s car. Whose music was he listening to? His own. Justin Bieber

54. BLIND GOSSIP 06/04 **#2**
This female multi-hyphenate loves to talk about how in love she is with her boyfriend. He has an ego the size of a skyscaper, so, of course, he absolutely revels in the praise. Is he actually worthy of that praise? Our actor was recently in a major city not located on either coast. He walked into a restaurant, casually dressed, immediately recognized by the locals. He met up with his dining companion. She was "A really pretty girl. Young, skinny, long, dark hair, lots of makeup." They were holding hands. And they were kissing throughout the meal. Not friend kissing. Romantic kissing. The girl was not his girlfriend. This happened a couple of weeks ago. Just before our talented multi-hyphenate once again gushed about how wonderful he is and how lucky she is to be with him.

Multi-Hyphenate: Demi Lovato
Boyfriend: Wilmer Valderrama

55. BRAPPP 06/04
This highly anticipated sequel has been filming for a couple of months now. It’s earning the reputation of having a messy set. The A-list director is clouded in scandal, but his usage of the casting couch hasn’t even remotely slowed down. Our director has a lot of clout and has cast some of his favourites in key roles in the movie. Some of the other actors and producers are furious at the amount of bad actors appearing. "One kid can’t even do an American accent," says an insider.

Director: Bryan Singer
Movie: "X-Men Apocalypse"

56. BLIND GOSSIP 06/05 **#1**
This husband is at his wit’s end. His famous wife has a serious problem and there is nothing he can do about it! She drinks every day. Sometimes she starts drinking before noon. She is not in production right now, so she doesn’t have to exercise any discipline about her schedule. Sometimes she just gets drunk. Sometimes she gets falling-down drunk. He has been telling her that this is a problem and that he wants to get her into some kind of treatment for some time now. However, she has the name and the fame and the money and the power in the relationship. She knows that he won’t leave her. He’s really just her bag man. Her husband is feeling pretty powerless at this point, and is taking it out on everyone around them. "[He’s] usually a pretty chill guy, but this problem has him snapping at everyone. He is annoyed that people think it’s kind of funny when [she] is drunk in public. He thinks people give her a pass and don’t take her alcoholism seriously because she’s young and blonde and beautiful. He is worried about her but he is even more worried about its impact on [their child/ren]. [His child] is always talking about how ‘Mommy is silly again!’ or ‘Mommy is sleepy again!'" Jessica Simpson/Eric Johnson

57. BLIND GOSSIP 06/05 **#2**
Everybody wants to be on this hit TV show! So what is the producer doing with all that desire? He’s using it to lure a record number of young hopefuls to the casting couch! If you’re a cute gay guy looking for a bit part on a hit TV show, you know who to call! BTW, bottoms preferred.
Producer: Lee Daniels
TV Show: "Empire"

58. BRAPPP 06/05
Our Hollywood executive does not have relationships with women unless they are sexual or beneficial to him. He somehow pushed this now B-list actress to an Academy Award and he’s well known to do the same for similar actresses that impress him. It doesn’t matter that he’s a man with a kid and a wife. There’s one A-list (maybe B) actress that he constantly works with that was never one of his girls. The relationship isn’t beneficial in terms of critics or monetary gains, so why the constant working together? If you ask his wife, she’ll claim it’s because our executive thinks the actress is simply to die for and has longed for her for decades. If you ask others, they’ll tell you the actress is one of the greatest businesswomen in Hollywood and knows just how to manipulate the executive (and many others!)
Executive: Harvey Weinstein
Actress: Nicole Kidman

Not that there is anything wrong with it, but it was really strange seeing this former network reality star who had a long run on the even longer running show, making out with this celebrity offspring of a permanent A+ lister. The offspring has had a quiet month or two after his media explosion in the spring.
Reality star/show: Cheryl Burke "Dancing With the Stars"
Celebrity offspring: Patrick Schwarzenegger
Media explosion: Breakup with Miley Cyrus

After drinking quite a lot last night this B- list mostly movie actress who made her fame on a long running network cable channel started talking about the affair she had with one of her married co-stars. The co-star, who is older, had his own starring turn on a long running network show but had been scrambling for steady work until a lucky break a couple of years ago that introduced him to the actress. Considering who the actress was dishing to, it won’t be long before it hits the tabloids.

Whenever I hear a story about this former A list one hit wonder who had a promising future in music and films, it serves as a cautionary tale to not get too far ahead of yourself and to stay off drugs. She was a teen star and now she is hanging on to the fringes of fame because of that one hit and some film and television work that has all dried up. At an event this week where she was with other stars of her caliber she was the first in line doing coke while she rambled on about new projects that will never come to fruition.
Singer/song: Jojo/"Leave (Get Out)"
Event: Le Jardin Outdoor Lounge Grand Opening Party

This B- list mostly television actress recently ended a long run on an ensemble network show. She got much less publicity than the rest of her co-stars. She might be changing that. Last night she was all over this tweener actress on her big night and kept trying to tell her about a new group that the B- lister belongs to. Yeah, it is a cult and she had these eyes when she was talking about it that made everyone back off and she would not stop hassling the tweener until a PR person stepped in.
Actress: Heather Morris
Network show: "Glee"
Tweener: Stefanie Scott
Event: "Insidious: Chapter 3" premiere

I didn’t think it was possible to find someone more annoying and demanding than Ariana Grande. I was wrong. This still a teen for a couple of more years B+ list singer has a rider that is four pages long and in the rider are rules that the venue staff must follow. No one is allowed to talk to the singer or take a photo of her. No one is allowed to discuss what she does at the venue or Tweet anything about her being there. It just goes on and on. It is brutal. It talks about the bottle water brands that are acceptable and the sizes that they must be. Different sizes for different brands. Just ridiculous stuff. Becky G

The barely hanging on to celebrity husband of this A list mostly television actress from a very hit network show, does not get much in the way of funds from his wife. He used some of her money on bad investments and he has lost the vast majority of his savings. He has been cold calling former colleagues asking them for money and even bugging the friends of his wife looking for funds. Kerry Washington "Scandal"/Nnamdi Asomugha (retired professional football player)

While his celebrity wife is away, this former A list athlete/celebrity who still has A list name recognition despite being retired and who went through a string of actresses back in the day, has been cheating with a teacher that he met two months ago at a conference.
A list athlete/celebrity: Andre Agassi
Dated: Barbra Streisand; Brooke Shields (married); Jeanna Fine (porn star)
Wife: Steffi Graf at French Open 2015
School age children: son Jaden Gil (born October 26, 2001) and daughter Jaz Elle (born October 3, 2003)

This foreign born singer was almost A list half a decade ago. Now, like so many other singers he is trying to make a comeback. His comeback was delayed because he is dealing with complications related to his HIV positive status.

This A list singer who no one really likes because he never seems to change. Plus, there was that whole beating thing. Too easy for you? He recently tried to have a waitress fired because he thought she was being disrespectful. How? She wouldn’t unbutton her top for him. Chris Brown

68. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 06/05 **#10**
How do you hide your affair with an A+ list mostly movie actor? Well, if you are this A list diva you say that you are kind of single but still profess love to an on again off again ex. You act confused about whether you should get back together with your on again/off again and no one even suspects what is really going on. Ben Affleck/Jennifer Lopez (Casper Smart)

"I know we are supposed to meet here, but meet me in ________ instead, it will be fun," said the voice on the other end of the phone. I know it sounds strange, but sometimes back in the day people actually spoke to each other on the phone. Crazy concept now. The" here" the caller referred to was NYC, which I had been looking forward to going to for a month. Not only for the city itself which I love, but also for the person who was trying to convince me to meet her elsewhere. We rarely managed to coordinate schedules to see each other. Our meeting was one of those meetings you think can only happen in a movie. We were both standing outside the Ed Sullivan theatre in NYC on a very rainy day. At almost the same time our umbrellas were destroyed due to a high wind gust and the quality manufacturing process used when making the $5 umbrellas sold on the streets the second a drop of rain appears. We both pointed at the other and started laughing and two minutes later we were inside trying to dry off and ordering pizza. I knew who she was. I had seen her the day before in a television commercial and at that time her face was everywhere. I asked her if she was going to be on Letterman that night and she said that she was just going to the show because she wanted to watch the musical guest. That guest used to be an A list singer before playing out her string and then during a possible career revival period in her life threw it all away in one night of ranting. That was a long time in the future though. From that first second, we clicked. The gorgeous openly gay female (FX) and me. Not gay, not female, and only handsome to his mother. Oh, and my grandmother, but I’m pretty sure my grandmother was drunk when she said it. Hey, it runs in the family. We hung out and talked for about an hour before heading over to the show. We had exchanged phone numbers and promised to stay in touch. Remarkably we did. Not every day or even every week, but a few times a month we would connect over the phone and every few months we would end up at the same place at the same time and spend a great couple of hours together. I’m not sure I have met someone in my life who just fills a room like she does. It is hard to describe. She has a huge personality, and is so well liked by everyone that she meets or speaks to that as she does a walk through a party everything becomes more animated –more alive. She brings life to everything she does. About a year and a half after we first met she invited me to the premiere of a movie in which she starred. That was the first time I met (GI). She was not a huge star back when I met her. She is now. I knew her best from one of still all-time favorite movies. I don’t know why I like it so much, but I do and I certainly remembered her in it. As soon as I saw the way FX and GI were interacting I was pretty sure they were a couple or at least having sex. Because I am subtle I asked FX if they were indeed having sex. GI stepped in and said something to the effect of sex is at one level and we are about five levels above that. I have never reached that level. I’m not sure if that is something you need a special code for or what, but I am definitely down at level one. The other thing I remember from that night is getting ridiculously drunk and making a series of outrageous passes of the lead in the movie (BC) who I had been crushing on since seeing her on television for the first time about six months earlier. Here she was and I had just seen her naked in the movie. I thought all my lines and moves were stellar, but they were all swings and misses. To her everlasting credit she was extremely sweet about the whole thing and she told me a few months later when we ran into each other that because of my constant fawning over her that night I saved her from the lead actor in the movie. Apparently they had a fling during filming and then he dumped her once the movie wrapped and wanted to hook up with her again which she probably would have if I had not been there. She said she would have regretted hooking up with the actor again. Apparently he was dating his future wife at the time while sleeping with a variety of other women. Well, he certainly didn’t change. Over the next couple of years FX and I continued what we had been doing. The phone calls and semi-regular dinners and just a great friendship. So, fast forward to a month prior to the phone call and FX calls and invites me to NYC. For a weekend. She said she needed some help with something and that it involved GI and she laid out this grandly complicated scenario that took me a good 15-20 minutes to process. There were lots of moving parts. She thought I could help her with one of those moving parts. I agreed. Now though, the plan had changed. Just a few days before I was scheduled to be there for the weekend she wanted to meet up instead in _________. Of course I said yes. Coming up tomorrow, we meet everyone who made the weekend, The Weekend. Five Academy Award winners/nominees and enough plots and sub-plots and sex to make any daytime soap opera writer proud. The thing is though this was real-life.

When I arrived in _______________, FX picked me up at the airport and used the 20 minute drive to a restaurant to fill me in on exactly what was going on. Complicated is an understatement. FX had received a call from GI asking her to come to _______________. GI was filming a movie and in GI’s own words was fucking too many people to keep track of and fending off others while also using way too many drugs. GI was in a relationship with TA. He is an Academy Award winner/nominee. At the time this happened he was barely still A list although at one time he had been a solid A. He was flying in that weekend to see GI. She had told him not to because FX was coming and GI wanted to spend the weekend with FX. It wasn’t true, but if TA showed up and FX was not there then TA would know something was up so FX was in town. Although GI was having sex with several people, she was having the most sex with SB. He is an Academy Award winner/nominee. He also was in a relationship. He also was having sex with other people during filming. His girlfriend (NE) at the time is an Academy Award winner/nominee. SB had told her not to come because he might have to shoot that weekend and was not sure he could get away. NE was coming though. To make things even more complicated, another actress on the set who is an Academy Award winner/nominee (LR) had reserved a private dining room at a restaurant when she heard all of these people were coming. That is where I was headed to with FX. My thoughts from dinner. It really was like an old British mystery. Half the people there knew exactly what was going on and the other half didn’t. At least right away. By the end of the night TA and GI were headed for a split. He was already having sex with someone else and the two never really went well together. He just liked living on the edge because it made him feel younger. The thing is though, even though they would split by the end of the weekend, it was important that GI not appear to be interested in SB, especially while NE was there. To achieve that, she thought she would seat herself as far away from SB as possible. I think the drugs made her paranoid because every ten minutes she would wonder if whatever she had decided ten minutes earlier about how to deal with it all was the right decision. So, it became a game of musical chairs. This was a sit down dinner. Every time she would move, she would take her dinner plate with her. Meanwhile, SB was getting bombed and NE looked like she was going to die when SB started talking about their sex life to me and LR. FX was trying to keep GI somewhat level headed and coherent which became increasingly difficult through the night. Besides the players I have mentioned there were other cast and crew and the director all at a table that could hold about 20 people. One person noticeably absent was this at the time A list mostly movie actor who had a girlfriend at the time but was currently not speaking to GI because she turned him down. I remember SB kept falling asleep at the table. I heard someone say that he took Ambien. You would think he was down for the count but then would spring back to life and tell another story and nod back off. NE looked worried about him and kept trying to get him to leave, but he wouldn’t have any of it. He then started kissing some of the other women that were there which then led to him kissing GI. He probably thought all the kisses were the same, but they weren’t. Anyone could tell by then they were hooking up although NE didn’t say anything and I was not looking at her when the kissing happened so I don’t know what her facial expression was. I don’t think I have ever been to a dinner quite like that one. Oh, one other thing. LR was so regal. She presided over the event like a Queen. She just took it all in and let it wash over her. I always think about that and wonder if she doesn’t have a little puppet master thing she likes bringing out from time to time.
FX "Firefox": Jenny Shimizu
Ads: Calvin Klein CK1 fragrance ads; and Banana Republic’s ‘American Beauty’ campaign
Movie: "Firefox"
Letterman musical guest on 06/24/93: Michelle Shocked
(On March 17, 2013, Shocked made an impromptu speech against same-sex marriage during a concert at Yoshi's nightclub in San Francisco, which led some audience members to leave in protest and the club's management to end the show)
GI "Girl Interrupted": Angelina Jolie
Favorite Movie: "Hackers"
BC "Boston Common": Hedy Burress
Lead actor: Peter Facinelli
Future wife: Jennie Garth
TA "Taps": Timothy Hutton
SB "Sling Blade": Billy Bob Thornton
NE "Enlightened" or "Nebraska" her father: Laura Dern
LR "Lord of the Rings": Cate Blanchett
Actor GI turned down: John Cusack (dating Neve Campbell)
Movie: "Pushing Tin" starring Angelina Jolie, Billy Bob Thornton, Cate Blanchett and John Cusack

This married B- list rapper with the last letter of the alphabet affection, hooked up with a very recent college grad at a party this past week. Well, he always cheats. His celebrity wife knows that. His wife knows that very very well. Swizz Beatz/Alicia Keys (he was married when they got together)

The problem when you are this Teen Mom star is twofold. You get hammered on an almost daily basis and you use multiple social media accounts under a variety of names because you are trying to stay off yours because producers are getting tired of the act. It is really funny to watch her shuffle them all after she has been boozing for 12 hours straight. Thankfully she is rarely, if ever alone with a child. Janelle Evans

This A list morning host usually cheats on his wife with others in his field and daughters of friends. He made an exception this week though when he was hitting on this B+ list singer hard. Really hard.
Matt Lauer/Charli XCX  (she was on "Today" this week)

So, two seasons of reality television for this current network reality star who will fade off into the sunset after this latest round. It is the way it goes. She is going out with a bang though. Usually this particular type of reality performer are super chaste while the show is being aired. Not so for our reality star. She hooked up with the lead singer of this up and coming band at a recent event she attended. Kaitlyn Bristowe "The Bachelor" and "The Bachelorette"/(PROBABLY) John Doherty "Brave Native"  "The Imagine Ball Benefiting Imagine LA"

At the party in #4, this former A lister musician who moved from one group with one name to another group with a different name even though the two main people are in the new band. No one listens to them, but anyway, my point is that the musician is married to an actress but probably not for long the way he was desperately texting and just dialing her number repeatedly. The guy looked freaked out. Benji Madden ("Good Charlotte" and "The Madden Brothers")/Cameron Diaz "The Imagine Ball Benefiting Imagine LA"

For those of you wanting this newly married couple consisting of an out of work former B list franchise actress and a B+ list mostly television actor from a long running almost network show to split, you may be in luck. Fractures are appearing and they were out in full force with a full on loud argument the other night. Our actress has been desperate to get pregnant and our actor has been kind of on board in an "I’m not going to complain if you are not using protection, but I’m not actively trying" kind of way. Well, things changed when he found out about some of her recent activities with others. Yeah. Now he wants her to get back on the pill. Nikki Reed ("Twilight")/Ian Somerhalder ("Vampire Diaries")

76. MR. X 06/07 **#1**
What B-list mostly television actress who is best known for her role on a ’90s sitcom, is married to a man but brought a "lady friend" to a premiere in Atlanta a few days ago? Hmmm..
Actress: Tichina Arnold
Show: "Martin"
Event: Season 2 premiere of Starz’s "Power"

77. MR. X 06/07 **#2**
Which C-list reality star and former member of a girl group surprised everyone by agreeing to appear on a couples reality show with her new boyfriend? The only thing is, he’s not her boyfriend… she’s just a temporary beard. He’s planning to come out as gay sometime in the near future. His fake girlfriend is still sleeping with different rich men every night for a price.
Reality star: Aubrey O’Day
Group: "Danity Kane"
Boyfriend: Travis Garland (lead singer of the boy band NLT)
Show: Marriage Boot Camp: Reality Stars

78. MR. X 06/07 **#3**
What A-list mostly television actor and multiple Emmy nominee/winner was looking his age the other night with a noticeable hairpiece adorning his head? His face was also very blotchy, which could be a sign that he’s drinking again.
Bryan Cranston

79. MR. X 06/07 **#4**
Well, it looks like it’s decision time for the producers of Fashion Police regarding the main vacant seat. Producers are looking at either this B-list businesswoman/sometime actress with a famous last name who has a good sense of self-humor and knows a thing or two about fashion or that reality star/talk show host who’s married to an iconic rocker. If the producers pick the latter, that means her spawn will agree to come back to the show because she has nothing better to do (I hope they don’t).
Talk show host: Sharon Osbourne (Kelly)

I have to give this B+ list mostly movie actor who appeared in several of the largest box office hits in history before taking a lap through cable television. The actor was confronted by a drunk guy at a club out of the country and was called the f word. Repeatedly. Our actor was kind of trapped in a corner but managed to talk his way out of it even as the guy got more aggressive.
Elijah Wood "Lord of the Rings"  (in Istanbul)

I don’t think she could have got away with this two decades ago when she was at her peak, but there was this former A list singer this weekend who has not done much since then but some reality television and had a few legal issues. At an event she insisted that people only refer to her as Ms.__________. No first names. She even made the organizers of the charity event do the same thing.
Toni Braxton  "Lupus LA's Orange Ball: A Night Of Superheroes

Not sure what his current wife thought of his actions. Probably the same as his other wives which is why they are all exes. This B+ mostly television actor who has troubled relationships in the past had a recent return to television in a monster network hit. Over the weekend at an after party, he was taking advantage of his fame and hitting on women right and left while his wife just sat quietly at a table.
Terrence Howard ( I guess we know what she thought since they got divorced a short time later)/"Spike Guys Choice Awards"

The reservation was for 50 people, but the London restaurant that had to turn away other diners because 50 is their capacity hosted the A list diva/singer and her party only had three people show up. The reason was to ensure the diva would not be disturbed. They did spend a lot of money, but not what 50 other diners would have. Mariah Carey

This OITNB actress had to fork over her pay from an event plus some extra to pay for the damage she did to the hotel room where she was staying. Apparently she got into a fight with her most recent significant other and they did a ton of damage to the place.
Taryn Manning  DJ at "Ditch Fridays" Palms Pool And Dayclub

This legal but still several years underage for drinking purposes B- list mostly television actress on a very hit network comedy not on ABC, got wasted on champagne at an event this past week. No one would have cared but before she could get to the bathroom she got sick all over some designer clothes. Please give her a warm welcome to the blind items. Sadie Calvano ("Mom")/Glossier Pop-Up Shop At Nasty Gal Santa Monica

Maybe his check bounced or maybe he has already moved on but this B- list mostly movie actor with the unusual last name who is good looking and been around forever, was canoodling in a bar booth this weekend with a woman who is not the celebrity turned brief network reality star. Steven Dorff/Charlotte McKinney

KINDNESS: This foreign born B- list mostly movie actor who is in the top earning movie of the weekend has one of the longest list of credits I have ever seen. He is crazy funny and is also very kind. This past week he stopped by a children’s hospital and donated a dozen top of the line game systems with a huge supply of games. Apparently he does this kind of thing fairly frequently. Peter Serafinowicz "Spy"

This foreign born A list mostly movie actor who has become an action star as of late, has been undergoing cancer treatments for prostate cancer.
Liam Neeson

89. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 06/08 **#10**
This B- list mostly movie actor is pretty much a one trick pony at this point in his career. Lucky for him his one trick is playing this week. At a weekend party, our actor was about as a-holey as he could be. Yes, more than getting an apartment down the street from the marital home to have sex with random women while married. Now single, he refused to talk to anyone over 23 this weekend. He said he wanted to go young. Kevin Dillon ("Entourage")/"Ditch Fridays" Palms Pool And Dayclub

90. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 06/08 **#11**
Over the past few years bits and pieces of this story would trickle in. After first hearing about this story I made it a point to always ask about it if I ran into someone who worked on the show. The thing is, the show had a lot of workers on it but the number who knew anything or even today know all of the details is probably less than a handful. I know enough of the details to piece together what happened. The show was on a couple of decades ago. Long running. Enough of a hit to stay on the air, but not enough where you are probably going to binge watch it or be sad that it is gone. It was something to do if it was on. It was fortunate to benefit from stronger shows around it when networks didn’t move things very often once locked in place. It had some decent listed television stars on it. For the two leads it was all about career comebacks and second chances. They made the most of it. It was supposed to be a family show. Lots of teens around. One of the female lead teens was in her mid-teens when the show began. There was always a lot of inappropriate touching and groping and comments on the set of the show. These female teens were harassed. It was common then. No TMZ back then. Everything was locked down on the studio sets. Definitely a guy’s town. So, it was in the third season of filming. Around the fifth or sixth episode. The female teen lead who was close to turning 18, but not quite there yet, went to one of the producers and said she was pregnant. OK, so a teen pregnancy. It never would have been written into the show back then, but she was probably not going to start showing until the season was almost completed so they could always have her go to summer camp or something and cut her out of the final month of shooting and no one would be the wiser. One little problem with all of that. It turns out that the father of the baby was the husband of one of the stars of the show. When our teen actress informed the producer of this fact, it added a whole new dimension. The producer immediately called the star who rushed over from her trailer and then accused the teen of being a whore and a homewrecker and that if the teen ever told anyone what happened that the teen would be sued and she would never work in the town again and just went on the biggest foul mouthed rant against the teen who was crying and shaking. At some point during the conversation the teen said she was planning on keeping the baby. That was the wrong thing to say. The actress then started accusing the teen of being a gold digger and that there was no way the teen was keeping the baby and there was no way the teen was even going to be able to give birth to the baby. The actress said the teen was going to get the pregnancy terminated and within an hour had two of her people show up and the actress, her people and the teen got into a car. The teen was driven to a doctor and had the abortion performed a short time later. The actress gave the teen some money and told her to make her own way back home. I love how this actress talks about how how close everyone on the show was and how everyone got along. It makes me sick. I have never said one nice thing about her on this site for a reason. I do my best to never even mention her.
Show: "Step By Step"
Male star: Patrick Duffy
Female star: Suzanne Somers (her husband Alan Hamel)
Actress: Angela Watson

91. WINE & SASS 06/08
Here's an A List couple that have been in our Blinds before. Right now, divorce rumors are bigger and more prominent than ever. As we've previously stated on the site, neither in this marriage are innocent. They have both cheated, but are also very sensitive to the bad press because they've been in the bad spotlight before. Someone in their camp out of nowhere, stirred the hornets nest and reported that they are headed for divorce. Neither party knew who it was so they both reacted thinking it was the other's team. The reality is that they haven't really lived as a family for quite some time. Both of them decided they like the status-quo. He rarely see the kids and his wife and she does her own thing. It was a quiet agreement between them. Once the reports of divorce hit, they both lawyered up and the threats began being hurled at each other. Things came out that both parties knew about the other and things got real nasty. In the midst of this, both public relation teams scheduled a "family outing" to combat the rumors until things were sorted out. The day we see photographed of their entire family, one had just learned that the other knew about their explosive affair and the other had learned days before that the other had hooked up with the ONE person that was outlawed. They barely speak now and their "truce" has been broken beyond repair. To this day, no one knows who reported what they did to the tabloids which has made things worse. No one trusts anyone...not even the people on their own team.
Couple: Jennifer Garner and Ben Affleck
Outing photo
Outlawed person: Jennifer Lopez

92. RAPPP 06/08
This A-List writer is currently deep within a depression over a development that’s happened with his career. He’s under so much pressure to deliver that he may just crack.
George R.R. Martin "Game of Thrones" (TV show will spoil George RR Martin's books)

93. BLIND GOSSIP 06/08
We’ve lost count of the number of marriages these two famous show business families have gone through. However, they may soon have another marriage failure to add to their tally! The marriage between these two good-looking people just totally flatlined. The singer recently found out that the actor has been banging a non-famous, much-younger woman. Both come from famous families with messy histories. His family has issues with anger management, alcoholism, and fidelity. Her family has a long history of drug addiction, infidelity, and messy divorces. Frankly, we’re surprised that they lasted this long as a couple.
Husband. Billy Baldwin
Wife. Chynna Phillips

94. REFINERY 29 06/08 **#1**
The Supreme Overlord: "I worked as an assistant for a boss who demanded she be referred to as 'Supreme Overlord.' She even had a memo sent out requiring everyone to stop whatever they were doing and address her as such whenever she walked in the door. Though [she was] in her 40s, full-blown childlike tantrums and belittling rants were daily occurrences. She cited Meryl Streep’s character in The Devil Wears Prada as her inspiration for running the company, but this was no Vogue; it was a niche clothing company! The staff was very small, so each employee was required to do many different jobs, but barely paid for the one they were hired for. "Once, we all had to drive out to Vegas for a festival to work, only to find out that she didn’t pay anyone because she was vacationing in Hawaii and forgot. Many of us were young and lived paycheck to paycheck, and found ourselves stranded out of state in the desert on a holiday, which meant everything was closed. "Our regular office headquarters were a warehouse infested with rodents and feces that reached temps of over 100 degrees with no A/C, except in her office, which was empty 95% of the time. In less than two years, four separate employees suffered physical and emotional breakdowns and were hospitalized, sometimes to find that their health insurance had been canceled due to the company not paying their premiums. Meanwhile, the 'Overlord' was making extravagant purchases like $1,800 sunglasses or $80K cars. "The second-in-command was the real overlord of the company, though. She called the shots and was the 'creative' mind. Her 'creativity' included having staff stalk websites of other designers and companies to re-create their ideas while publicly accusing everyone in the world of 'stealing' her designs or strategies. Both the Overlord and her minion had large social media followings, so anyone who 'crossed' them or called them out on their horrible business practices would be put on public blast on social media. Everyone lived in fear of speaking up. This company also championed themselves as leaders in the body-positive, anti-size-shaming field, but at the office called people 'fat' and 'sloppy' and regularly made fun of their customers and fans." —Peggy, 29 Laura Byrnes "Pinup Girl Clothing"

95. REFINERY 29 06/08 **#2**
The Glamorous Germaphobe: "I was one of five separate assistants who worked for an A-list celebrity. In the six months I was there, there was maybe a total of three sentences ever said to me directly. The celeb refused to speak to anyone except for her main assistant, whom I’ll call 'Kat.' Kat had somehow been working for this woman for three years, which allowed her to earn the extremely difficult trust of our boss. "One time, she asked Kat to ask me to go to Starbucks to get her regular drink, even though I was standing right next to them and could hear everything. She didn’t even look at me. I felt like a ghost. She was also a complete germaphobe. Everything we handed to her — including the coffee I had to get — would have to be double-wrapped in napkins so that nobody else’s hands touched it. "We also had to keep hand sanitizer on us at all times, in case she needed to use it, which was constantly. She was also afraid to do anything herself and would have one of us wait outside of the door whenever she went to the bathroom. Kat would also have to sleep in the same bedroom with her if her boyfriend (another actor who was rumored to be a constant cheater) wasn’t in town." —Sarah, 26 Lady Gaga/Taylor Kinney

96. REFINERY 29 06/08 **#3**
The Broke Producer: "The producer I worked for had to be 'walked' each day. This consisted of a two-hour hike through Bel Air, for which a woman — a 'friend' — was paid to accompany her. She would often leave for this all-important, everyday walk up to two hours late. As a result, every single meeting would be pushed later, until the whole army of assistants — which included me — was still stuck at her home, from which she worked, until 10 p.m. or later. That might've been okay, except that she frequently overdrew her accounts, which were allegedly kept full largely by a very famous media executive she'd had an affair with years before. Aside from her money made from 'producing,' i.e. bankrolling, at least one box-office success, a lot of the money [that] she wasted on the staff and various failed and failing development projects came from her ex-husband, a household-name producer. "Somehow — perhaps [because of] all the surgery, staff, human growth hormone, and failure — she still managed to drain the accounts and would not pay her housekeeper for months. We assistants could usually argue [our] way to payment within three weeks past due, but sometimes not. And with the overtime you were working and gas you were buying to shuttle around and buy her a specific scented candle from Pottery Barn, the amounts owed were big money to young people getting started in life — the only people desperate and dumb enough to take this kind of job. The housekeepers were apparently thought to be less important and might go for months with no pay. "The icing on that situation, though, was that a couple of years later, after the recession hit full force, I saw an article about how even in Hollywood, where image is everything, people were trying to not get stuck picking up a big bill for a group anymore. She was widely quoted saying she was always finding herself picking up the tab for her 'less successful' friends. I laughed out loud, not only because she was almost certainly the least successful of her friends and was often broke as a college student, but because if [only] it were somehow true and that was how she was spending her money while her housekeeper couldn't buy food for her family." —Lauren, 32 Christine Peters

97. REFINERY 29 06/08 **#4**
The Drug-Mule Diaries: "I had the pleasure (sarcasm) of being the assistant for a rock star who was most prevalent in the '90s. My most insane task was basically to be his drug mule. He’d have me go all around town, picking up and delivering drugs. I was always scared shitless that I’d get killed by some drug dealer or arrested. But that’s not even the worst part. "Sometimes, to mess with me, he’d have me dress up in costume to pick up the goods. One time, that included a full-on Girl Scout costume. I’m a dude, and yes, I still did it. He’d also have me scout goth chicks on Model Mayhem. I’d have to tweet to them from fake Twitter accounts and see if they’d want to hook up with my boss. As terrible as it sounds, he was always pretty successful." —Mike, 27
Marilyn Manson

This married former B list mostly television actor from a recently ended hit network show left his wife at home for an after party he attended this weekend and instead was openly with another man. They seemed to know each other very very well. Matthew Morrison "Glee" (Tony Awards)

I’m sure there has been lots of drama at this former reality star’s house this week. His wife probably dislikes being reminded of his relationship with a male co-star from that same show. That relationship is kind of front and center this week.
Show: "American Idol"
Reality star: Kris Allen (wife: Katy O'Connell)
Other reality star: Adam Lambert
Dating closeted celebrities

100. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 06/09 **#3**
This B list mostly television actress who just had her show canceled even though it has been ages since any new episodes had aired, is fighting a battle with a man who says he is the father of her baby and not the actor everyone assumed was the father.
Show: "Hart of Dixie"
Actress: Rachel Bilson
Actor not the father: Hayden Christensen

101. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 06/09 **#4**
This B list mostly television actress works a lot, but is best known for her long running network show that recently set a trend for that network when it comes to other past hit shows from the network. Our actress was at an event the other day and was a shell of her former self. Always slim, she has lost so much weight that people were afraid she would pass out just from the effort of walking the red carpet.
Mary Lynn Rajskub "24"/The LA Launch Of LYCOS Life And The LYCOS Life Project

102. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 06/09 **#5**
This A list in her mind singer/actress/diva who admittedly does have A+ list name recognition, got into a bit of trouble this past week all because she backed out of spending the night with the person who wrote the check for a recent appearance she made. She did keep the money though. Jennifer Lopez (Mawazine World Rhythms International Music Festival in Rabat, Morocco)

103. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 06/09 **#6**
This former A list singer who is now an A-/B+ lister until she goes back to what made her A list in the first place, is more over the top than usual as she tries to hide some of the recent work she had done to her face.
Lady GaGa

104. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 06/09 **#7**
This dual threat B list actress/singer who was on an almost network hit thinks a baby will save her marriage. At this point, things are so bad it will be close whether the couple will remain a couple to the due date.
Actress/singer: Leighton Meester
Show: "Gossip Girl"
Husband: Adam Brody

105. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 06/09 **#8**
This A list singer/diva spent $35000 on wine in one night on herself. Three bottles in three hours none of which was priced lower than $10K. By that third bottle she could have probably been drinking Tickle Pink and would not have known the difference. She was drinking alone on a balcony of her hotel room. Hey, at least she had a nice view. Mariah Carey in Paris

106. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 06/09 **#9**
This married B list mostly movie actress who is not that great of an actress (except for one small role she did in a comedy I love) but is really nice to look at, apparently finally woke up and realized what a tool of an actor husband she married and caught him cheating. She has been staying at a condo rather than in the family home. Megan Fox "This is 40"/Brian Austin Green

107. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 06/09 **#10**
A woman has sold her story about being beaten almost to death by the significant other of this Teen Mom. It sounds horrific.

108. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 06/09 **#11**
#1- Apparently this alcoholic/drug addict B list celebrity is trying to get in the good graces of her alcoholic/drug addict daughter who is a former almost A list mostly movie actress because she has been lying about all the projects her daughter has coming out. There are none. Dina Lohan/Lindsay Lohan

#2 – Age is catching up to this former B list mostly movie turned former A+ list mostly television actor offspring who decided to try a new designer drug. His heart stopped, not for the first time in his life but is predicted to make a full recovery. Hell, he will probably take the drug again. Charlie Sheen

#3 – Producers of this hit show on a network cable channel that doesn’t live up to his name were ticked that one of the lead actors from the show boxed them in a corner when he told fans that he was leaving the show. The producers and writers wanted to have more possibilities from a season ending cliffhanger. Just another reason they and every cast member are glad he is gone. Jake T. Austin/"The Fosters" (his character’s name is Jesus)

109. BLIND GOSSIP 06/09
There is something very strange going on in a major U.S. hospital. The hospital – which is in a large city that is not located on either coast – sent memos to their staff very recently to remind them about their legal obligation to adhere to HIPAA laws regarding patient security and confidentiality. They sent out this memo just as one portion of the hospital was cut off from the rest of the hospital with a series of barriers and guards. No one is allowed behind the barriers except for the doctors and nurses who are treating the patient. Who is the patient? It’s a baby! A very young, black baby who is being treated in the NICU (Neonatal Intensive Care Unit). Yes, it is the baby of a celebrity. However, the parent/s are not in the hospital with the baby. The identity of the baby and the parent/s will be released in a very big announcement if and when the baby is stable enough. Beyoncé and Jay-Z’s baby born to surrogate (she was going to announce is on Monday but instead announced that she is a vegan)

Our blind item recently picked up a Las Vegas residency. She is also going through a bitter divorce, but that hasn’t stopped her brother from planning to reveal on national television that their mother practices witchcraft. "——‘- brother and his wife found some shit in their mother’s house and quickly moved out" ~source. The pop stars blind items brother is blaming their mother’s religious rituals for his oldest sister contracting HIV. "——-‘s brother and wife got so shook when they were staying with his mother. He and his wife moved out the country. He’s going to do a television interview and air out the whole family." Mariah Carey

111. BRAPPP 06/09
What do you do when you’re a hot new director fresh on the scene and you’ve just directed a highly anticipated reboot and scored the helm on a sequel in a highly anticipated franchise? Well, you self-destruct on drugs and ego, of course! This director is in his early thirties and fairly talented. His first film was a low-budget blockbuster that was a smash hit. Producers and studio bosses were so impressed that they offered the director a highly sought after job. The film has turned out okay (it’ll be released soon), but his behaviour and drug use on the set has lost him the sequel to that reboot and the sequel in another franchise.
Director: Josh Trank
Reboot: "Fantastic Four"
Sequel: "Star Wars"

112. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 06/10 **#1**
This former A list tweener turned celebrity who has had multiple drug and booze issues since leaving the family business behind, is back boozing in a big way again. The former tweener gave up using a glass about halfway through the evening and was walking around an event with the bottle of booze in his hand. He finished almost the entire liter bottle by himself. Joe Jonas  (Tequila Herradura Ultra Launch Party At The Bootsy Bellows Pop-Up)

113. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 06/10 **#2**
This B- list reality star who is in a singing family leaves her house everyday around 2pm to go buy crack from the same dealer she has been buying from for the past three months. She had a drug problem back in the day but now it consumes her life. Well, that and hoping for a solo career. Tamar Braxton (mysteriously dropped out of her performance at L.A. Pride)

114. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 06/10 **#3**
This celebrity offspring had her own reality show back in the day. She got it because of the family name. It is an A list name and the offspring will never be as famous as the father. Apparently the father and wife whatever number she is, have been fat shaming our former reality star to the point where she spends half the time binging and the other purging depending on whether she is going to see her famous dad. Her health and self-esteem are a wreck.
Celebrity: Tommy Hilfiger
Offspring: Ally Hilfiger
Show: "Rich Girls"
Event: Grazie Cinema Series Launch

115. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 06/10 **#4**
Our favorite Disney tweener who in a few short months will be legal, has been seeing a hypnotherapist. Normally I would not post anything about someone’s therapy, but our tweener has been sharing with many of her friends everything that I am sharing here. Apparently our tweener believes she has had numerous past lives where she presumably did not make bad television or take over a party with her hair and makeup people, to be the only one posing on the beach in a bikini while the 100 or so A list guests just stood and watched in disbelief. Can you believe that each time our actress goes to hypnotherapy another past life is discovered. Keeps her coming back for more I guess. Bella Thorne  (Joel Silver’s Memorial Day Party)

116. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 06/10 **#5**
A former boyfriend of this openly gay B+ list country singer is selling a story with photos of the country singer with a retired former A+ list NFL player who had a fling with the country singer back when the NFL player was just a rookie.
B+ list country singer: Ty Herndon
Former A+ list NFL player: Troy Aikman

117. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 06/10 **#6**
When this A list mostly television actor turned probably a B+ list mostly movie actor since his show recently ended, went to rehab. He ended up not just hooking up with someone, but apparently developing something more serious. She was in rehab longer than our actor and since she got out, they have been seeing each other as often as possible. His girlfriend is not happy. She thought she was going to get her boyfriend back and how he used to be. Jon Hamm ("Mad Men")/Jennifer Westfeldt

118. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 06/10 **#7**
It was one thing for our favorite foreign born B+ singer/part-time actress to have sex for the role. It was the way she acted like she was enjoying it with the studio head that got her the better scene opposite the star. Rita Ora (probably Harvey Weinstein "Southpaw")

119. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 06/10 **#8**
One of the co-stars of this incredibly popular HGTV series hooked up his male co-star with one of his teen model girlfriends so the co-star could try and slow the roll of all the gay stories that are being written about him. I still don’t know why he won’t come out. No one cares, not the fans and especially no one at HGTV. Jonathan Scott and/or Drew Scott "Property Brothers"

120. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 06/10 **#9**
The main subject to each of these blinds is a former celebrity turned A- list reality star turned B list celebrity who fades a little more each day. That kills her. Holly Madison

#1 -Took photos of a co-worker doing drugs and showed them to the boss which got the co-worker fired. Never mind that our subject had been doing drugs and invited the co-worker to do them and that is when the photos were snapped.

#2- Left the reality show for what she claims was love but was the lure of what she thought was going to be twice as much money as she was making from her boss and a possible marriage. She looked like an idiot when the guy wouldn’t pay and she had to split with him after moving away from LA to be with him and telling the tabloids it was love. Criss Angel

#3 – She cheated on the guy she was living with. The person she cheated with is a former A list television actor from two simultaneous network hits who still makes a very good living on television, just not as an actor. She got pregnant and had a miscarriage but didn’t tell the actor for three months and kept milking money from him to help pay for her future life with their child.
Actor: Barry Williams
Shows: "The Brady Bunch" (1969 - 1974) and "The Brady Kids" (1972 - 1973)
Currently: "A Very Barry Branson"
Show they did together in 2007: "40 Smokin' On-Set Hookups"

121. MR. X 06/10 **#1**
This B-list mostly television actress who’s a one-sitcom wonder and hasn’t had a hit since (mainly because she’s a nightmare to work with and she’s not that great of an actress) was carried out of an American Film Institute gala a few nights ago because she was beyond drunk. There’s been whispers that she might file for bankruptcy because she found out that she has zero money in her bank account after donating boatloads of cash to that slimy sect she has belonged to for decades.. hence the drinking. Jenna Elfman/"Dharma & Greg" (Scientology)

122. MR. X 06/10 **#2**
What closeted MTV reality star/host had a one night stand last month with that closeted B/C-list mostly television actor whose show recently ended? Needless to say, the actor’s boyfriend wasn’t too happy about it. Television actor: Darren Criss "Glee"

123. MR. X 06/10 **#3**
What D-list former tweener is charging $75 for meet and greets for gigs at clubs/bars/festivals that he’s basically doing for free? One guess on where that money goes. Aaron Carter

124. BLIND GOSSIP 06/10 **#1**
This celebrity gave birth to a baby within the past year or so. Her relationship with her significant other is a bit shaky and their troubles are exacerbated by him constantly challenging her loyalty. The latest accusation he has thrown into the mix is about the child. He doesn’t think the child looks enough like him and is asking her repeatedly whether or not he is really the father. She assures him that he is the father, but he asks the same question the next day anyway. He is not keeping this challenge close to home, either. Lately he has taken to sending photos of the child and himself as a baby to his friends, asking them if they think the baby is his! Kourtney Kardashian & Scott Disick

125. BLIND GOSSIP 06/10 **#2**
There is a man who could be elected President of the United States in 2016. We happen to know two very private things about him that he definitely does NOT want you to know! The first is that he had a hair transplant. He has always been fussy about his hair, and when it started thinning, his wife encouraged him to do something about it. He had the work done several years ago. The second secret is also about his head. Are you ready for this? His scalp is tattooed! This happened around the same time as the hair transplant and was meant to supplement the appearance of a full head of hair. He was complaining after the transplant that his hair still didn’t look lush enough. So his wife convinced him to have part of his scalp tattooed to look like he has more hair. The tattoo is slightly darker than his hair and gives the illusion that his hair provides more coverage than it actually does. No, we’re NOT kidding. One final note: Apparently, the combination of procedures was so painful for him that he was mad at his wife for several weeks afterward for talking him into it!

126. BRAPPP 06/10
This A-list rapper is pretty much non-existent in his A-list reality star wife’s life at this point. With the exception of a few set-up photos, he’s always elsewhere with another man. Kanye West (Olivier Rousteing)/Kim Kardashian

127. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 06/11 **#1**
This A+ list designer is cheating on his long time husband with a 20 something male model. Tom Ford (husband: Richard Buckley)

128. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 06/11 **#2**
CMT AWARDS: What celebrity offspring was freaking out because her lips were still really swollen from a procedure the day before the show. She had a tough time pronouncing words without slurring. Rumer Willis

129. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 06/11 **#3**
This former A list mostly movie actor who was in one of the best movies of all time, has threatened to quit the new network show in which is he is starring because of the diva behavior of the female lead. The lighting and hair and makeup are taking twice as long as normal and he is tired of always waiting an hour for her to be ready for even something as simple as a 30 second scene.
Actor: Ray Liotta
Best movie: "Goodfellas"
Diva: Jennifer Lopez
Show: "Shades of Blue"

130. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 06/11 **#4**
After finally getting his life back on track, this former A- list mostly television actor who got fired from a long running network show, is putting it all in danger. He was spotted buying a little white bag of powder while overseas. Gary Dourdan "CSI: Crime Scene Investigation" in Paris

131. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 06/11 **#5**
This B list mostly television teen actress who will quickly drop from that perch if she does not land something big after her hit cable show ended, says she was terrified at the way this former A list mostly movie actor was acting towards her. The actor, who made his fame in television and now just seems to have a lot of drug issues, was really aggressive when interacting with the actress. The guy needs help.

Actress: Keirnan Shipka ("Mad Men")
Actor: Chris Kattan

Event: Los Angeles Premiere Of Abramorama's "Live From New York!"

132. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 06/11 **#6**
Apparently he must not be worried about his meal ticket leaving him because the husband of this A list mostly television actress from a hit network comedy that just does not seem as good this season, has been seeing someone on the side. He thinks he is being discreet, but the paps are on to his game. Just trying to get him in public doing something he has been keeping indoors for now. Kaley Cuoco-Sweeting ("The Big Bang Theory")/Ryan Sweeting

133. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 06/11 **#7**
These two A+ list mostly movie actors who some say have hooked up in the past, have joined forces with other like minded actors to bring down a publication that one of the A+ listers says has been blackmailing him over some not very flattering photos.
Actors:  Leonardo DiCaprio and Bradley Cooper

Magazine: Oops!

134. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 06/11 **#8**
Things were a little awkward last night when this B+ list mostly television actress who recently ended a stint on a long running cable program that ended, failed to show up for a screening of her new show. Apparently she and things with her B+ list actor boyfriend are a little off right now. He says that she is a jealous control freak. Well, considering they work together, this should be fun.

Actress: January Jones ("Mad Men")
Actor: Will Forte
New Show: "The Last Man On Earth"

135. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 06/11 **#9**
This A list Academy Award winning actress told a doorman at her hotel yesterday to fuck off when he wished her a nice day. The drugs are really getting to her. Jennifer Lawrence

136. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 06/11 **#10**
CMT AWARDS: Chances are good that this B+ list mostly television actor from a hit cable show will not be invited back. Once again his drinking got the best of him and he had to be separated from this former B list comic actor who was trying to lecture our B+ lister about getting help.
B+ list actor: Norman Reedus ("The Walking Dead")

B list comic actor: Tom Arnold

137. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 06/11 **#11**
#1- Not that she really didn’t do it on screen already, kind of, but there is a four minute scene of this celebrity offspring turned B+ list mostly movie actress performing oral sex on her then boyfriend. From the angle it looks as if he was recording it. Dakota Johnson "Fifty Shades of Grey"/Jordan Masterson or Matthew Hitt

#2- This foreign born former A+ list singer/musician when he was with a group is still pretty good in his own projects. It took him two years but he finally managed to have sex with the girlfriend of this foreign born one hit wonder that the former A+ lister can’t stand.
Noel Gallagher ("Oasis")/James Blunt (wife: Sofia Wellesley grand-daughter of the 8th Duke of Wellington)
Liam Gallagher ("Oasis")/Robbie Williams (wife: Ayda Field)

#3 – CMT Awards – This A+ list country singer is married. His wife was at the show last night, but he is probably wishing she had not been considering the comments she kept making about his cheating. Blake Shelton/Miranda Lambert

138. BRAPPP 06/11
The writer and the director of this hit movie are refusing to return for any sequels, despite the possibility of earning a vast sum of money. They cannot stand the author of the book on which the movie is based. "She’s unbearable," says one insider. "She acts like they’re adapting ‘The Great Gatsby’ and wants a transcription, rather than an adaptation."
Who is our author? E.L. James
Who is our writer? Kelly Marcel
Who is our director? Sam Taylor-Johnson
What is the movie/book? "Fifty Shades Darker" and "Fifty Shades Freed"

139. BLIND GOSSIP 06/11 #1
There’s ugliness and fighting behind the scenes of this famous band! Management is already having a challenging time holding the group together. They don’t want the any of the band members doing anything stupid to exacerbate an already-difficult situation. So they have lectured them about their public and private behaviors. However, one of the guys is not just ignoring the advice: He’s defying it! Lots of late nights and risky behavior and general tomfoolery. One of his bandmates, who tends to take his career more seriously, does not think this behavior is the least bit funny! Mr. Serious knows he needs to make as much money as he can while they are together, and he doesn’t appreciate Mr. Tomfoolery messing with his paycheck and possibly hastening the demise of the band. These two used to be great friends, but right now they are at odds. We don’t know if it will show up in public – as they tend to smile for the cameras – but there is an awful lot of nastiness and snarling and name-calling behind the scenes. Not all the time, but ten times more than before. If you ever used to combine their names together because they were so close… now may be the time to stop!
Band: "One Direction"
Mr. Serious: Harry Styles
Mr. Tomfoolery:
Louis Tomlinson
Combined name: Larry Stylinson

140. BLIND GOSSIP 06/11 **#2*
We hear a lot of crazy stories about music artists, but this juicy story comes straight from the artist himself! This bad boy rapper is currently dating a blonde model who has been linked to multiple famous men, including athletes and movie stars and rappers. However, even someone as experienced as she is may find it difficult to satisfy his sexual needs. He parties a lot and frequently has to deal with hangovers. His remedy? "When I cum, it kind of relieves everything. If I fuck, take a shower, throw up, shit, and then take a shower again, I’m back to square one." He admitted that once, when there were no girl around to help him with his hangover, he still needed something to fuck. So, he fucked a watermelon. BONUS CLUE! The rapper is white. Machine Gun Kelly/Amber Rose

141. POPBITCH 06/12
Minglings between cast and crew on the set of the latest series of "Doctor Who" are sparking some juicy rumours. But which one of the show’s younger female stars (still in her teens) was recently taken by a senior exec to Europe for an unsupervised "production reccie"?
Actress: Maisie Williams (also Arya Stark on "Game of Thrones")
Executive Producer: Brian Minchin

142. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 06/12 **#1**
This former A- list singer who got her fame because of her ex who probably wrote all the songs that got her famous, is back on drugs in a big way. Apparently every night she locks herself in her home with an arsenal of weapons and has prearranged calls and rings and knocks each person must do before they can speak to her or be allowed inside the home. Courtney Love

143. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 06/12 **#2**
Apparently they both have seen lawyers and now there just needs to be some kind of financial settlement. That is where the problem is because she wants an eight figure settlement. There was a prenup but this B- list now mostly movie actress is playing hardball with her husband who is a foreign born former A+ list mostly movie actor. Blake Lively/Ryan Reynolds

144. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 06/12 **#3**
This foreign born B list mostly movie actress who is a multiple Academy Award winner/nominee, was at an event this week and was in a hotel bar. There she was holding court with several other people while she drank wine and chain smoked and every few minutes would take her turn doing a line of coke all the while continuing a non-stop conversation. First time in the blinds for her. Janet McTeer (Princess Grace Foundation-USA NY Special Summer 2015 Screening of REAR WINDOW)

145. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 06/12 **#4**
I’m not sure how this will possibly turn out well but this former reality star turned A list singer turned B- lister, sent photos of herself and her current boyfriend together in bed to her ex-boyfriend who is having quite the past few months song wise. They had a bitter breakup and this is not going to make things more friendly. Jordin Sparks (Sage the Gemini)/Jason Derulo

146. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 06/12 **#5**
KINDNESS: This A+ list mostly movie actress bought $250K worth of tickets to her new movie to be passed out to summer programs for underprivileged children. She also made the studio match her ticket purchase. Sandra Bullock "Minions"

147. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 06/12 **#6**
This married rapper turned B list mostly television actor on a long running network show recently hooked up with this B+ list singer who insisted that her girlfriend be there to watch. Yep, you read that right. LL Cool J ("NCIS: Los Angeles" spinoff of "NCIS")/Charli XCX (City Of Hope's 11th Annual Songs Of Hope VIP Charity Event)

148. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 06/12 **#7**
This B+ list actor alternates between movies and television since his last network show went off the air a couple of seasons ago. Our actor has A list name recognition and looks and is married. A chance encounter with his married A+ list ex a few months ago has led to the pair carrying on a torrid affair and even got him a movie role which is now going to star his ex. The actress in the role currently is going to be fired.
Actor: Benjamin Bratt
Last network show: "Law & Order" and "Private Practice"
A+ list ex: Julia Roberts

149. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 06/12 **#8**
This C+ list movie and television actress who most of you have never heard of but did have a nice run about a decade ago in both movies and television, says she was fired from this recently cancelled cable moneymaker (for the A list star of the show at least) because she hooked up with one of the married male leads. Apparently she was supposed to have sex with the male A list star of the show first if she wanted to have sex with any other men.
Actress: Jacqueline Obradors/"NYPD Blue" or Nicky Whelan/"Neighbors"
Cable show: "Franklin & Bash"
Married male lead: Breckin Meyer
A list star: Mark-Paul Gosselaar

150. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 06/12 **#9**
This A list mostly movie actor who recently saw his return to television end which means he will actually have to go back to the movie world where he has not had much luck. Anyway, our married actor has been trolling for Instagram models and is telling them he is working on a new app and wants their help. For sure he has met with one of the models who was texting the actor and exchanging naked photos. Well, she sent him some and he did not return the favor. They met in an office but there were no employees. It was a desk and a pull out couch which the actor pulled out for their meeting. Ashton Kutcher

151. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 06/12 **#10**
This foreign born actress who is probably C list but has B+ list name recognition or even higher if you read the tabloids, has traded one form of escorting for another. The only difference is that instead of having to jet to other countries, she can do most of it in the US now. Oh, and she has to have sex with her A list benefactor who pays her directly a monthly stipend and then loans her out to his business partners and potential future partners.
Actress: Sophie Monk
Benefactor: Clint Eastwood

152. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 06/12 **#11**
You would think that this particular position on a film set would not really be all that scandalous. For the most part it isn’t, but there are enough stories about enough of the people who do it for a living that chances are good that if you need drugs or pills or some stolen botox, this job position will probably have it. They know everything about everyone because of all the time spent with actors and actresses and most of them if they have been in the business long enough have also been to the homes of a lot of the actors and actresses they deal with on a daily basis. They dish dirt and they make their own dirt. A trend I have noticed over the past four or five years is for these people to be personally requested in the contract of an actor or actress. Generally, it is the actor who requests them. Gone are the days when everyone on set would use the same person. Now, it is a status thing to have your own which also necessitates hiring more and more which adds to budgets. Why do the actors personally request their own? Well, how do I put this delicately. Some of the people in this position do much more than the job description that you would normally equate with this position. They get paid for the job and then they get paid extra for the extra work they are performing. Even though it is actors that are the ones who want this service, men and women are equally in demand. This blind involves a woman though. She has been personally requested several times over the past three or four years. One of those times was by this Academy Award winner/nominee who she helped in a movie in which he was nominated. He kept raving about her to other people and soon she attracted the attention of a director. They are the best to know. They can keep you working and also get you put in charge of the whole department for their trained position. If you are put in charge, it is one of the easiest ways to pick up an Academy Award. Anyway, this director fell in love. He thinks it is love. She is just enjoying the ride. She went from wanting more work to basically stopping work entirely because she knows what this A+ list director wants and likes and she gives it to him all of the time. The guy is like a kid in a candy store and wanders around after her like a puppy dog while he spends thousands upon thousands of dollars making sure she is always happy. Five years she was basically working for reality television shows and then she landed the actor and made it to movies and now she thinks she has made it super big. This is why the men and women have changed the description of what their position provides and people are clamoring to get a chance at one of the jobs. She is not alone, she just happens to be the one I chose because of who she has managed to land and land in the past.
Position: Costumer
Actor: Christoph Waltz (personal costumer)
Movie: "Django Unchained"
Director: Quentin Tarantino
Woman: Courtney Hoffman

153. BRAPPP 06/12
This former A-list reality star/radio personality’s monthly expenditure for his hair system excel the cost of some of his fulltime staff. Howard Stern

154. BLIND GOSSIP 06/12 **#1**
These two actors used to work together on a TV series that ended in the aughts. They are still good friends. However, fans have always desperately wanted them to couple up in a real life romantic relationship. Well, we have good news for those fans: Now that they are filming together again, their publicists will be taking total advantage of you and your fantasy by creating a PR romance! Expect many leaked reports of them dating, spending family time together, holding hands, romantic dinners and weekend trips, paparazzi shots of the two of them caught in secret intimate encounters, sneaking out of each other’s trailers and hotel rooms, verbal "slips" about the nature of their relationship, etc. We don’t think they will go as far as jewelry teases, but you never know. Of course, their fans will go crazy over everything and swear that they are really a couple. If you believed that Robsten was real (which it was not), you will have no trouble believing that this PR romance is real. The "couple" has cleared their plates of public significant others, so the romantic scenario will seem very plausible. Plus, they are good actors and good friends, so faking a romance will not be a totally alien concept to them. This will start now, continue during filming, slow down a little during post-production, and then ratchet up again before the release in 2016 and before the DVD is released. Yes, you have a full year of teasing and fake romance ahead. It will look believable… but you’ll know the truth!
Actor: David Duchovny
Actress: Gillian Anderson
Project: "X-Files"

155. BLIND GOSSIP 06/12 **#2**
This pop star has been with the same guy since last year, and they seem happy together. But is the relationship genuine? He has told friends that although the pop star is pretty and nice, she is not smart enough for him. However, he is staying the relationship because of his family history. Being with a celebrity boosted his Dad’s profile and career, and he believes that it will be good for his career as well.
Pop star: Britney Spears
Guy: Charlie Ebersol
Parents: Dick Ebersol/Susan Saint James

156. BLIND GOSSIP 06/12 **#3**
This very famous actress is just coming off another round of plasticizing herself. We didn’t think it was possible for her to get any more mannequin-like… but she’s done it! We don’t know why she has to mess with her look. When she burst onto the scene years ago in that zany movie in the 1980s, she was so naturally beautiful, yet she keeps returning to the knife and the needle like she’s addicted to them. Isn’t having one addict in the family enough? Nicole Kidman ("Dead Calm")/Keith Urban

157. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 06/13 **#1**
This A- list mostly television actor from a hit network show on a crowded night for great television, is married, but it has not stopped him from enjoying some of the escorts in this out of the country city where he is filming. The one he has been with several times sure does look a lot like his co-star. Guess he has a type.
Actor: Tony Goldwyn
Filming: "The Belko Experiment" in Bogota, Colombia
Show: "Scandal"
Co-star: Kerry Washington

158. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 06/13 **#2**
He is supposed to be married and expecting a baby with his wife. Then why on earth does this foreign born A list dual threat actor go out with different women almost every night. Usually blondes. Benedict Cumberbatch

159. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 06/13 **#3**
There was a huge fight last night between two actresses who have never been in a blind. One of the actresses involved is probably a C+ lister. About a decade ago she was pretty close to A list because she was on a network comedy as a lead for a few years. Her opponent last night is probably A- list. Long list of credits and she has been the lead in multiple network shows and been the female lead in some big movies. Everyone knows her name although you would be hard pressed to spell it. The higher listed actress is convinced that the lower rated actress had an affair with our A listers ex-husband while the A lister was married to him. They have not seen each other though since it happened and there was definitely some actual attempts at hand to hand combat last night when the A lister spotted her.

160. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 06/14 **#1**
This A- list reality star was at least coherent for this meet and greet but he probably spent his entire appearance fee on the amount of drugs he was using during the party. Scott Disick "Keeping Up With the Kardashians"

161. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 06/14 **#2**
As much as she is photographed, at some point this A+ list reality star is going to have to admit to using a surrogate. Kim Kardashian

162. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 06/14 **#3**
This B+ list mostly television actress who has a new gig after her long running network show recently ended, finally caught her boyfriend cheating and kicked him out of her house. Lea Michele ("Glee")/"Scream Queens"
(took him back for a few more months though)

163. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 06/14 **#4**
This A- list network reality star who is a former A+ list singer (while in a group) kept her head down at dinner the other night while her husband berated her for ten minutes in front of a room full of people. Mel B (Scary Spice "Spice Girls") ("The X Factor")

164. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 06/15 **#1**
This foreign born B list singer who has scored multiple number one songs and goes by one name, hooked up this past weekend out of town with a married talk show host who usually sticks to groupies. Maybe this one is more serious.

165. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 06/15 **#2**
This foreign born A list model who is now beginning to also act held up a recent photoshoot until her assistant could get back to the set with some coke. I thought she had given it up. Cara Delevingne

166. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 06/15 **#3**
This B+ list mostly television actor from a very hit network show that was a complete surprise to most, is out of the country and left his wife behind. He is taking advantage of the positive publicity since he is usually on the PR defensive. He is cheating up a storm. Terrence Howard "55th Monte Carlo TV Festival"

167. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 06/15 **#4**
This former Disney tweener was big on the tweener world and she thinks she is just as big in the real world of acting too. At a premiere this week, the former tweener who is almost legal was the biggest star at the premiere and acted like it. She is not even 18 yet but refused to pose with fans and demanded to have an empty seat on either side of her and behind her at the screening of the movie. Bella Thorne "Scream" premiere

168. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 06/15 **#5**
KINDNESS: In contrast to the behavior of the actress in #4, one of her former co-stars who has also done network reality television spent hours over the weekend participating in multiple charity events and lots of one on one time with the people she was there to support. She was matched in her time spent by this MTV actress who could be in a kindness blind once a month because of all the work she does for charities and people.
Former co-star: Zendaya "Shake It Up!" and "Dancing With the Stars"
Events: "Children Mending Heart's 7th Annual Empathy Rocks Fundraiser" and "LadyLike Foundation 7th Annual Women Of Excellence Scholarship Luncheon"
MTV actress: Holland Roden

169. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 06/15 **#6**
There was just something super creepy about this B list mostly television actor who has been a lead or recurring character on network shows (made his name in long running network hit) for almost three decades, hitting on women in their late teens and early 20’s. He is almost three times their age. It might also be why his last marriage crashed and burned. Steven Weber ("Wings")
 Children Mending Heart's 7th Annual Empathy Rocks Fundraiser

170. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 06/15 **#7**
These two Ladies Of London are competing for the same guy. He is married. One of the Ladies is also supposedly in a relationship so she probably doesn’t care. Caprice Bourret (Ty Comfort)/Noelle Reno

171. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 06/15 **#8**
At a music festival this weekend there was a question whether this back on the booze permanent A lister was going to be able to perform. An hour before the show most people would have said no, but come showtime there was something in him that turned on and he managed to deliver. Billy Joel "Bonnaroo"

172. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 06/15 **#9**
This former B list mostly movie actress who is still gorgeous and is in big danger of dropping if she does not go back to work soon, is addicted to some pain killers she was prescribed after giving birth. She has had some addiction issues before and this is getting out of hand now. Eva Mendes

173. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 06/15 **#10**
She might be willing to be a beard and she does look good doing it, but this B+ list mostly television actress most recently seen on a hit pay cable show has a tough time with the details. A reporter interviewing her caught her in some of the lies about how she met her celebrity boyfriend. Olivia Munn ("The Newsroom")/Aaron Rodgers

174. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 06/15 **#11**
While her co-stars have been having a ridiculous amount of fun over the past week, the so called star of the almost television show has been quietly holed up in her hotel room. Yes, she does what she is supposed to and makes press appearances and promotes the heck out of the show. When she is not working though, she is right back to her hotel room. No interaction with anyone. She rarely goes out with any of her co-stars even to dinner. They all pose happily together for social media shots and she is always gone. It didn’t use to be like this. There is nothing horrible that happened to her, physically anyway. Emotionally though she was devastated beyond belief at some of the things she experienced when she dated this former A list tweener. She thought he was one person and he was when he was with her. The thing is though, he ended up spending more and more time away from her because he enjoyed using drugs far more than spending time with her. He told her this. He also told her at one point they would be together forever and she turned down a movie when he said they should go get married. Instead he was off doing drugs. Once he came clean so to speak about his drug issues he started taking her with him when he would go out. She says she saw some things she never wants to see again and things that made her never want to go out with anyone or be anywhere when there was a chance drugs would be around. Instead, she just sits in her hotel room or apartment. Alone. Natasha Lyonne ("Orange Is the New Black")/Edward Furlong

175. BLIND GOSSIP 06/15 **#1**
If you were recently disappointed by the finale of a hit television show, you’ll definitely want to hear this! Other hot stars in his same age group have a dozen projects in the pipeline. Yet, one of the hottest young actors in the world has nowhere to go and nothing to do. That’s weird. He has absolutely NOTHING in the pipeline. Even his costars have at least a project or two on the side, but he has nothing. Nothing in pre. Nothing in post. If his tenure on this hit television show was really over, his very competent agents would have been lining up multiple projects for him months ago. That is, unless our young actor is playing a little game of his own… Kit Harington (Jon Snow’s death on "Games of Thrones")

176. BLIND GOSSIP 06/15 **#2**
This actress is young and pretty and has a ton of film projects lined up. She would be pretty happy right now… if it wasn’t for the chronic interference of a certain older actress! Our younger actress is blanching under the control-freak behavior of the older. You see, she is dating the older actress’ ex, and the older actress just can’t seem to let go of controlling him. A couple of weeks ago, the older actress texted her ex about what he was wearing to some event. She then told him what she thought he should be wearing. Uh oh. It may sound like a minor thing, but the first actress simply lost it! She exclaimed "Oh, for fuck’s sake!", grabbed his cell phone, and threw the phone halfway across the room (where it hit the padded headboard and bounced unharmed onto the bed). She then yelled at her boyfriend and asked him, "Is she your Mommy? No? Then stop letting her ‘Mommy’ you!"
Young Actress: Jennifer Lawrence
Her Boyfriend: Chris Martin
Older Actress: Gwyneth Paltrow

177. BLIND GOSSIP 06/15 **#3**
Fans of this young singer are hoping that he is changing his mind and coming back. Nope! It’s not HIS decision. He was fired. Plus, he still isn’t clean, he isn’t on the upcoming album, and his ex-friends don’t even want him back. It sounds harsh, but it’s true. They don’t miss his drama. So, abandon all hope, kids. It’s not going to happen… except for maybe one guest appearance during the finale tour. Zayn Malik "One Direction"

178. BLIND GOSSIP 06/15 **#4**
When you saw an actress bravely walk through a long, grueling scene wearing only her birthday suit, many of you were impressed. Sorry to disappoint you, but it wasn’t her! While it was our actress in the close-up scenes, the full body scenes were shot using a body double. Our actress actually does have an enviable physique, but she felt she was not at her physical best to do the scene at the time it was shot. Our actress and the producers saw more than a dozen body doubles before choosing one. Although they could have gone for an"improved" version (e.g. bigger boobs or a smaller waist) they chose someone whose body proportions closely resemble our actress’ natural body. The head of our actress was added on via CGI in post-production. Lena Headey’s nude scene in "Games of Thrones"

179. BLIND GOSSIP 06/15 **#5**
This young couple announced the end of their relationship, insisting that the parting was amicable and that there was no drama. Ha! It was ALL drama ALL the time with her! While we don’t know if she is actually mentally unstable, she certainly acted that way during much of their relationship. The girl couldn’t go a week without throwing a screaming, crying, ranting fit about something! Here is another bit of info that you will not read elsewhere: They actually broke up several months ago but didn’t announce it until now because she wasn’t ready. He accommodated her wishes rather than risk another meltdown. He is very happy to be out of that mess. He is also grateful to producers for accommodating him in splitting them up between two television shows so they don’t have to work together anymore. Good thing they had that option available!
Actor: Evan Peters
Actress: Emma Roberts
TV Show/s: "American Horror Story" and "Scream Queens"

180. BRAPPP 06/15
It’s a little known fact that this book series was originally based on fan fiction. It garnered popularity quickly online and the author retooled (barely) her books into the now popular series. The books are still rife with plagiarism, from characters to line-for-line dialogue, but it’s not enough for any of the pissed off parties (and they are pissed) to sue. The movie based on the books flopped and they’re currently working on a new version in a different medium. Our author is said to be an absolute thug on set and online. She will literally email and harass you under false names, comment on your articles with alter egos and use her ‘star’ as an instrument to bully those who attack her. Cassandra Clare "The Mortal Instruments"

181. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 06/16 **#1**
This former Gossip Girl actress who is lucky to still be acting after what she did on the show, couldn’t wait for a waiter to finish taking the order of some people and went up to him while he was at another table and told him he needed to come to her table right that second. No smile, no thank you, just told him he needed to. Her boyfriend let her do it and didn’t seem to mind. Everyone else was shocked at her behavior. Jessica Schzor/Scotty McKnight

182. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 06/16 **#2**
This boyfriend of an A+ list singer is out the door for now. Never has there been a more diva boyfriend with his demands. He already makes more than all of the bodyguards and wants even more. Charlie Ebersol/Britney Spears (and six days later the split was made official)

183. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 06/16 **#3**
When his last attempt at a relationship with a woman ended because she found someone she actually wanted to be with, this foreign born B list actor who made his fame in a hit pay cable show thought he found someone new. A lot of press just like his last two day relationship but nothing of substance. It is just his PR team throwing out names and hoping one of the women will accept the offer.
Actor: Alexander Skarsgård
Cable show: "True Blood"
Last relationship: Margot Robbie
New relationship: Alexa Chung

184. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 06/16 **#4**
This Real Housewife is trying to get a government grant for her new side project. She doesn’t want to use her millions and is trying to get the federal government to give her the money under a program where she does get to keep all the profits. Nene Leakes/clothing store (renovation of Atlantic City)

185. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 06/16 **#5**
One thing that this former A list mostly television actress who is now a part-time reality star with A+ list name recognition, requires is no recording when she is having sex for money. Well, this past weekend the guy secretly recorded it and he has been sharing. Apparently it is some very very rough sex. Pamela Anderson

186. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 06/16 **#6**
This B list model didn’t care that her A list model/part-time actor boyfriend was always cheating on her. What drove her over the edge and into a split though was when she found out he had sex with this celebrity chef. Our female model didn’t think the chef was worthy of the affair and that was the end of the relationship. Shanina Shaik/Tyson Beckford/Giada De Laurentiis

187. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 06/16 **#7**
This always in trouble OITNB actress is attempting to settle a dispute before it goes public in a lawsuit. All I know is that it involves another woman, a jump rope and an empty whiskey bottle. Taryn Manning

188. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 06/16 **#8**
You have to give him credit for trying to save his marriage. This A+ list mostly movie actor has been attending multiple AA meetings each day. I don’t know how good it will do though once he is back shooting away from the wife and kids. He refuses to have a sober companion. Ben Affleck/Jennier Garner

189. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 06/16 **#9**
This former tweener turned B+ list supposedly sober singer was sitting in the back of The Abbey this weekend drinking cocktails out of plastic cups just as fast as they could be delivered. Joe Jonas

190. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 06/16 **#10**
A very uncomfortable dinner for the dining companions of this former A list television actress turned A list movie actress turned failed television actress. She and her husband got into a fight about the way he was cooking something on the grill and then she smashed her wine glass down on the ground and yelled before walking away. Five minutes later she came back out and said everything was fine and that she was just tired. Katherine Heigl/Josh Kelley

191. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 06/16 **#11**
What do you do if you are an A+ list mostly movie actress who is an Academy Award winner/nominee and you fall in love? You go out, you show them off, you be happy. Not this actress. She has always lived a closeted life. Those closest to her know. She has gone out with guys and even has had sex with them and once even married one, but it is just not her thing. She landed some of the hottest guys in the world. Well, it looked like it from the outside. About 14 months ago she fell in love. Quickly. The woman in question does not have any kids. Young. Yeah, kind of a lot young. College aged young. Still going to college but living with our actress. She does not get to go out much with the actress unless she is pretending to be something she is not. Our actress is in love but refuses to come out. She thinks fans and the roles she gets will disappear. I think everyone likes to think it wouldn’t happen to her, but it would. So, she stays closeted. She is happy though which is great for her. She just feels for her partner who wants to be happy and free. Sandra Bullock

192. BLIND GOSSIP 06/16 **#1**
This famous film actor is in a really awkward position. He has always supported a certain political party and been very vocally and financially supportive of whichever lead candidate they choose. However, we hear that he has a big problem (although we don’t know exactly the problem is) with one of the party’s leading candidates, and is balking on supporting them. This puts him in an odd position. If he speaks up and opposes the candidate, he would likely be branded as anti-whatever and a traitor to his party. He will alienate himself from everyone he knows… and possibly hurt his own chances for employment in the future. However, if he stays quiet – but fails to donate or fund raise like he has in the past – people will certainly notice the dramatic difference and will question him on it. So, if he wants to stay in the good graces of the Hollywood community, our actor may have to vocally support, donate to, and fund-raise for a candidate he really doesn’t want to be president!
Actor: George Clooney
Candidate: Hillary Clinton
His problem with the candidate: He called her the most polarizing candidate in politics during the Benghazi scandal

193. BLIND GOSSIP 06/16 **#2**
This pretty actress is is one of the stars of a film that is currently in theaters. She is probably best known for her starring role in a franchise. What is less well known is that she slept with the cute actor who played her brother while filming the franchise.|
Current Film:

194. BLIND GOSSIP 06/16 **#3**
This young actor has had a crush on this actress he works with for a while. They are about the same age. He heard her talking one day about how much she was looking forward to eventually settling down. She didn’t talk about it from the perspective of getting married and having kids. She talked about it from the perspective of wanting to be home long enough to get a puppy! He decided to surprise her. He picked out a puppy at a pet store and brought it to her home. We believe he intended to give her the puppy and then ask her out on a date. However, instead of being delighted with the gift, she backed away, puzzled. She couldn’t understand why this guy she wasn’t particularly close to was at her home and giving her this gift. "How did you get my address? You bought a puppy at a pet store? Why would you do that? I don’t have time to take care of a puppy!" His plan did not go well. It was just a little too personal and a little too weird for her. She rejected the gift, he gave the puppy away, and she has been avoiding him ever since.

195. BRAPPP 06/16
This genre writing legend is in her mid-80s but that certainly hasn’t erased any of her legendary bitterness. She still occasionally attends conventions and if you ever get a chance, ask her thoughts about that other younger genre writing legend. One friends of ours did and received a response from the bitter battleaxe that was described as ‘stunning’ and ‘cruel.’
Older genre writing legend: Ursula K. Le Guin (author of "A Wizard of Earthsea")
Younger genre writing legend: J. K. Rowling ("Harry Potter")

196. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 06/17 **#1**
This A- list mostly movie actor who was a teen actor before there was such a thing, is supposedly sober and really needs to be. He is filming in the middle of nowhere right now and has not been very subtle when it comes to trying to buy drugs from people. Shia LaBeouf/filming "American Honey" in Bennington, Nebraska

197. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 06/17 **#2**
For someone who claims to have given up drugs, this foreign born, permanent A list super model sure was doing a lot of coke at a party in her honor this week. Kate Moss

198. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 06/17 **#3**
This B+ list actress who stars on an almost television show and comes from an acting family has both of the guys she is dating convinced they are the only one. This week though may have seen her permanently busted because one of the guys was photographed at an event she was attending and the other one called her out on it.
Actress: Kate Mara
Show: "House of Cards"
Guys: Jamie Bell and Max Minghella
Event: Max Mara Celebrates Kate Mara - The 2015 Women In Film Max Mara Face Of The Future

199. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 06/17 **#4**
The teen daughter of this permanent A+ list foreign born celebrity couple is in rehab for bulimia. Tough expectations to live up to in that house.

200. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 06/17 **#5**
KINDNESS: This foreign born B+ list mostly movie actress who also is in a long running web series does not seem foreign born at all. The actress talks a lot about charitable things, but she is more than just talk. She gave the entire salary she earned from her last movie to a children’s hospital so they could remodel a waiting area for the siblings of the patients to hang out because often they will be at the hospital 10-12 hours at a time while the sick siblings are visited by the parents.
Malin Akerman

201. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 06/17 **#6**
A little war between these two bff celebrities. One is a former singer turned reality star who stalks an A list rapper. The other is an actress on a show you have never watched but is more famous for a now ex-boyfriend and is probably a B+ list celebrity. Anyway, our B+ lister made some money spending time out of town with a guy recently and the singer/reality star/stalker was ticked off because she says the guy was hers even though she says her stalkee is her boyfriend. All complicated. If the friendship does fracture though, at least the fallout will be so good. Lots of juice.
Reality star: Christina Milian
A list rapper: Lil Wayne
B+ list celebrity: Karrueche Tran ("Single Ladies" on VH1)
Ex-boyfriend: Chris Brown

202. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 06/17 **#7**
This foreign born former A list network reality star swears he will never return to the show that made him famous, but with his efforts at his own shows not moving forward and his prospects diminishing rapidly, chances are good he will return sooner rather than later. Maksim Chmerkovskiy "Dancing With the Stars"

203. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 06/17 **#8**
This married former A list network reality star from an A list network reality show that was very long running and very touching still does reality, but a totally different kind. Doing some promo work away from home recently he hooked up with two 20 year old porn stars he met at a bar. Pretty much par for the course for this guy.
Reality star: Ty Pennington
Touching reality show: "Extreme Makeover: Home Edition"
Current reality show: "American Diner Revival"

204. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 06/17 **#9**
This foreign born B list mostly movie actor who makes his living now in a franchise, made his fame in one installment of a franchise. On a flight this week he was seated next to a woman and they were engaged in some under the blanket activity. They got busted by a flight attendant. Our actor pleaded ignorance, but the flight attendant pointed down and our actor had his fly open and manhood out. Sam Worthington "Terminator Salvation"/"Avatar"; Chris Hemsworth "Star Trek"/"Thor"; Theo James "Underworld: Awakening"/"Divergent"

205. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 06/17 **#10**
This former Hills star is so broke that he is having to borrow money from a sibling just to make rent but pretends to be living a wealthy lifestyle. Justin Bobby Brescia; Brody Jenner

206. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 06/17 **#11**
#1 – This former A list tweener who was a dual threat singer/actress is now an adult and failed in singing and so far has not done well acting. She hates her former tweener co-star because the tweener co-star slept with the at the time B+ list boyfriend of our former A lister. Hey, that B+ lister slept with a ton of people. But, not the former A list tweener who was saving herself for marriage at the time.
Former A list tweener: Hilary Duff
Co-star: Lalaine
Show: "Lizzie McGuire"
B+ lister boyfriend: Frankie Muniz

#2 – This B list mostly movie actress who got her start on television, but thankfully does not seem to act much any longer, got into a huge fight with her business partner/lover. Now their company is on the skids and our B lister’s husband is bailing her out. Again. Jessica Biel "Au Fudge"/Justin Timberlake

#3 – This foreign born A+ list singer bought a house in LA. She spent almost $1M renovating it. It has two bedrooms down from 6. The rest of the house are some bathrooms, a kitchen and a three story 10,000 square foot closet with her clothes and shoes. Oh, they didn’t all fit.

207. BLIND GOSSIP 06/17 **#1**
This actress is currently starring in a big hit movie. She recently had an awkward encounter with an actor she had not seen in a few years. He asked how her family was doing. She told him that she, her husband, and the rest of her family were fine. He then remarked something to the effect of "Oh! I’m surprised you’re still with [husband]. You know, because of… umm…" Our actress quickly snapped, "Because of what? Because he’s gay? You know, that is SO insulting! He is NOT gay, and I don’t want to hear it anymore!"
Actress: Bryce Dallas Howard
Hit Movie: "Jurassic World"
Husband: Seth Gabel

208. BLIND GOSSIP 06/17 **#2**
This film actor has never been a happy person. When he got together with this actress, though, they both thought that being a couple changed that for him. Not everyone was convinced that being in love was the cure for his unhappiness. Her friends all warned her about his temper. She was dismissive about it, saying that those sorts of episodes were in his past, and that he would never hurt her, etc. However, even if she didn’t acknowledge it, that concern must have been in the back of her mind when she took steps to protect her child/ren from him. Sure enough, he could not suppress his anger. In the past few months, old flashes of his personality started showing… and she got very nervous. He became more controlling, more jealous, more easily agitated. There were quick bursts of rage when someone annoyed him or betrayed him or when a business deal didn’t work out. If she was in the room, he took it out on her. He always apologized for these outbursts and told her that it would not happen again. She assured him that she forgave him and believed him… but she didn’t mean it anymore. She had finally realized that he was incapable of keeping his promises. She broke it off with him a few weeks ago. She is both upset and relieved that the relationship is over. Her friends are just relieved that she and the child/ren are safe. Sean Penn/Charlize Theron

209. WINE & SASS 06/17
Recent headlines revealed a blind item we wrote last year about this A-List mostly television actor and how he was in a 15-year wallowing tail spin over his split with this B-List celebrity. I'm too lazy to go through the archives and grab the link, but to summarize, he hasn't had a relationship since the ink was dry on their divorce papers and his family was concerned about how stuck he was. Things came to a head in the last couple of weeks, and now everyone knows how deeply he's holding onto his ex, and it's really quite sad. His family has asked for her help in getting him back on track, and she has refused because she thinks it will only encourage him to keep hanging on to hope even though she's been with her new husband, this B-List mostly movie actor, for almost 15 years. It's very, very sad because the A-Lister could have any woman he wants, and has a lot of projects lined up, but this could be a huge bottoming out. No one seems to be able to get through to him. John Stamos/Rebecca Romijn/Jerry O'Connell

210. BRAPPP 06/17
This actor has just hit A-list out of the stratosphere and he seems like one of the nicest guys around, right!?! Well, I do struggle to support the ‘nice guys’ in Hollywood because it’s frequently revealed to me that they’re secretly scum that worship devils, eat babies and have affairs with underage strippers – this guy seems to be different, though. Firstly, he’s not really a Hollywood guy. He works and lives there for his career, but his plans are to leave Hollywood when he’s in the right place career wise. He has a wife and a child/children, so he doesn’t see what Hollywood can offer him beyond a career. It’s the smartest attitude I’ve seen taken to Hollywood and one that is far too rare, but whether he sticks to that. Secondly, he’s a church-going, American patriot that rarely involves himself in politics but always involves himself in charitable work. He’s working with another A-list church-going, American patriot and they’re said to be getting along greatly. Thirdly, I’ve not heard a single rumour about an affair or diva behaviour, despite the fact his TV A-list co-star is an envious diva bitch.
Actor: Chris Pratt
A-list co-star: Denzel Washington
Movie: "The Magnificent Seven"
TV co-star: Amy Poehler

211. LAINEY GOSSIP 06/17
Since this is coming off a Taylor Swift post, let me clarify off the top now: this is not about Taylor Swift. Or anyone who hangs out with Taylor Swift – at least not yet. You need to go more down market. At the beginning of her career, this one did have friends. They’d room together, audition together. And then, one by one, all the friends slowly, carefully stepped away from the crazy. And the sabotage. Once, before a meeting, she told a friend of hers that she was happy for her that she was reading for a part, because it meant that the producers were looking for someone "plain" and that she totally deserved that opportunity to shine. You remember the gossip urban legend about Gwyneth Paltrow seeing the script for Shakespeare In Love on Winona Ryder’s coffee table? Well, this is real life. This one would obsessively stay on top of all the jobs her friends were up for and ride along too. Then, if the opportunity came up, she’d backstab the friends’ skills, talent, commitment, even on occasions when she wasn’t even right for the role. For her, it was unthinkable that anyone else make it before she did. When she did finally make it, although she wasn’t the first choice for her now-hit show, the paranoia about what she’d done to others took over. She accused them of talking shit about her and demanded to see their emails. She’d invite them to parties but then piss on them in the bathroom for using her to get face time with industry executives. She’s spread rumours about the prettiest of her friends – they were on drugs, they were unclean – to make sure that they’d never overshadow her. So it’s no surprise that there are none left. The only constant in her life is her partner who she keeps from everyone else because she doesn’t want them moving in on her territory. But lately she’s been noticing that the gossip media focuses on friendships – not just Taylor Swift but Gwyneth and Reese and Jennifer Aniston and the family that Kanye West married into …everyone in Hollywood has their own club. She wants to be part of a club. No one wants her to be in their club. She had to buy her club. She’s paid 3 or 4 women, none of them with her level of recognition, to start hanging out with her. So when you see her at dinner, surrounded by women as she’s leaving the restaurant? If they show up on Instagram and Twitter? Those people are literally employees. Until of course they become too popular.
Actress: Kaley Cuoco-Sweeting
Show: "The Big Bang Theory"
First Choice: Amanda Walsh
June 11, 2015; June 12, 2015

212. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 06/18 **#1**
This former B list mostly television actress from that hit almost network show that has ended, is filming a new movie far far away. While the rest of the cast and crew are bonding together, our actress thinks she is far too big of a star to hang out with the rest of them. Her husband acts the same way so they are a really good match even if they do split soon. Blake Lively ("As I See You" filming in Bangkok and Phuket, Thailand)/Ryan Reynolds

213. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 06/18 **#2**
This A list reality star is sweating that the recordings of her using drugs that were on the cell phone of a friend will get out now that he is not in possession of his phone any longer. Apparently the videos are really damaging. Not just a couple lines of coke. Khloé Kardashian (the death of Lamar Odom’s best friend Jamie Sangouthai)

214. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 06/18 **#3**
This Academy Award winner/nominee who was an A+ list mostly movie actor not that long ago, hired a hooker the other day and made her spend the first 30 minutes of the session meditating. Something was lost in the translation but it boiled down to something like if she meditated she would be in a better place to receive him. The guy is so pretentious. Bill Murray

215. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 06/18 **#4**
This A- list mostly television actress who plays the same role in both movies and television was doing press for her show and had three different reporters ask her about her weight and were basically fat shaming her. The actress started crying. She looks amazing and I wish she would have come back at them with something but just kept right on answering the other questions of reporters. Melissa McCarthy (SiriusXM's 'Town Hall' With Melissa McCarthy, Jason Statham And Paul Fieg)

216. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 06/18 **#5**
Just as I told you a couple of months ago, this B list mostly television actress from the long running almost network show is yachting. She even managed to pick up a legit paycheck at the same time.
Kat Graham ("Vampire Diaries")  55th Monte Carlo TV Festival

217. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 06/18 **#6**
He was the B+ list tweener among all the A list tweeners on this very popular show. Very popular. Still all living off the fame of it popular. Anyway, his soon to be wife is cheating on him. Nathan Kress ("iCarly")/London Elise Moore

218. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 06/18 **#7**
This B- list celebrity offspring of a former A+ list mostly television actor turned parody of himself, walked out of a party last night when no one would kick out this former B list mostly television actor from a now ended network show. He was being aggressive towards the offspring and when she complained, no one would do anything.
B- list celebrity offspring: Taylor Ann Hasselhoff
A+ list actor: David Hasselhoff
B list actor/show: Mark Saling "Glee"
Event: Tinder Plus Launch Party Ft. Jason Derulo And ZEDD At Hangar 8 Santa Monica

219. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 06/18 **#8**
This B list mostly television actor finally got his big break with an almost television hit on a non-traditional place to view almost television. He might be taking his role a little too seriously because, much like his character, he was whacked out on something while discussing his show.
Jay Duplass "Transparent" on Amazon

220. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 06/18 **#9**
This celebrity offspring should know that even though she might have made it to B list celebrity status, you have to pay your drug dealers or they will beat you up just like a regular person. Ireland Baldwin

221. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 06/18 **#10**
In case you have not seen the movie Gone Girl or read the book, there might be some spoilers in this blind, so, just saying. Be warned. Our actress was a victim of domestic violence. Plain and simple, she was beaten and abused by a celebrity boyfriend. Badly. The world knows it. The boyfriend never denied it and has been treated badly since it all came out. Rightfully so. The thing is our actress in other relationships has not been beaten but has told her boyfriends that she will tell the world she was beaten unless they pay her or buy her something. It always happens right before she was going to leave for some other guy, so why not get a bonus on the way out. Our actress who was A list for the briefest of times does not get much work. Certainly not as much work as would befit the lifestyle she lives. She likes to pretend she is all hippie and doesn’t care about money or material things, but she does. The guys she blackmails also know that she will be believed so they pay up. She never asks for anything outrageous. Plus, she already has the next guy on the line so she never ends up spending any of this money or selling the gifts (her house) so she keeps accumulating wealth. I say all of this when the guy she is dating now splits with her. He won’t pay up so when that split happens, look for her to say publicly she was beaten and him try to convince everyone she is lying.
Actress: Daryl Hannah
Beater boyfriend: Jackson Browne
Current boyfriend: Neil Young

222. BRAPPP 06/18
This African-American comedian is huge and you – like most of us – are probably fans. Well, several comedians that shared the road with this superstar back in the decade of yore have told us that he has some very questionable opinions on white people (especially white women) and the Jews. White women are all whores that only care about money, according to our comedian, and Jews in ‘the business’ will screw you over to squeeze out every extra dime. Funny. Has he forgotten who pays him and who he cheats on his wife with?
Chris Rock

223. ALLIE IS WIRED 06/18
People collect some weird things. There’s a guy in Holland who collects airplane barf bags. A museum in Queens, NY is completely devoted to random elevator parts. This rather eccentric musician has received some unique gifts from A-list pals to add to his own collections, one of which is… prosthetic limbs. Marilyn Manson

224. BLIND GOSSIP 06/18
This actress will preach to you about the benefits of organic foods and how you need to take care of your body… right before she goes around the corner to smoke another cigarette. She will accuse other people of being mean… while passive-aggressively attacking them in public. She will preach about how women need to be kind and nonjudgmental… and then nastily denounce a member of her own family as a "cunt." She will pretend that she is all lovely and enlightened and calm about her relationships… while continuing to dominate and dictate every meal, every vacation, and every conversation. Well, her boyfriend finally saw past the fake exterior, and decided that he didn’t like what he saw. "She’s just a control freak in zen packaging." He dumped her HARD. We can’t wait to hear her spin on it. Gwyneth Paltrow and Brad Falchuk (did she call her mother Blythe Danner a cunt?)

225. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 06/19 **#1**
This married, aging permanent A list mostly movie actor who is also an Academy Award winner/nominee was spotted with his protege/muse the other day. It is what he calls all the young actresses he mentors/sleeps with. He thinks he is getting away with it. Warren Beatty

226. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 06/19 **#2**
This B- list mostly movie actress who everyone can name, but can probably only think of two movies she made which are memorable, was spotted crying the other day. Apparently she is having a hard time dealing with her permanent A+ list married celebrity boyfriend dumping her. Gina Gershon/Bill Clinton

227. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 06/19 **#3**
The producers of this film had a backup plan in case one of the actors in the movie was denied entry into the country where they are filming. The actor, a former A list television actor is working full-time on several projects simultaneously had a recent run in with the law that kept him held up at the border for an hour before he was finally allowed to enter. Might be a different story in a couple of months. John Stamos (filming "My Big Fat Greek Wedding 2" filmed in Toronto and "Fuller House" in the future)

228. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 06/19 **#4**
This A list model is talking divorce after she found out about her A list singer/part-time reality star cheating on her for the umpteenth time. She is ticked off. She must have known this was going to happen. Behati Prinsloo/Adam Levine

229. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 06/19 **#5**
This permanent A list singer who actually got her start as a tween actress has been trying to see some family members since she got into town, but they remember how she destroyed them not that long ago and want nothing to do with her. Janet Jackson (Michael Jackson’s children Paris, Prince and Blanket)

230. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 06/19 **#6**
This permanent A list mostly movie actor who will probably never get an Oscar unless it is honorary or for womanizing is still technically married. He also has a girlfriend. He is out of the country promoting his new movie and when he came back to his hotel after dinner he had a lineup of five escorts there for him to choose one for the night. And by night I mean about 45 minutes before he kicked her out the door. Arnold Schwarzenegger (girlfriend Heather Milligan)/"Terminator Genisys" France Promotion

231. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 06/19 **#7**
Apparently what is good for the goose is good for the gander. With her celebrity boyfriend constantly cheating, this B+ list mostly movie actress who is a celebrity offspring has been hooking up with the bodyguard assigned to her during filming of her new movie. Dakota Johnson (filming "How To Be Single In New York City")/Matthew Hitt (with all the cheating it is probably a good thing they split shortly after this)

232. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 06/19 **#8**
Our favorite foreign born A list model turned actress is trying to win back her girlfriend. Our A lister got rough as is her custom, and the girlfriend didn’t appreciate it. Gifts have been flowing. Cara Delevingne/Annie Clark, aka St. Vincent

233. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 06/19 **#9**
This actress was a B list mostly television actress from a long running network show. The show has ended though so she has dropped to B- list even though she is very well known. She is causing all kinds of problems on her latest film set though. She has a drinking problem that is out of control and she is drinking every minute she is awake. Aubrey Plaza "Mike and Dave Need Wedding Dates"

234. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 06/19 **#10**
This A- list mostly movie actress has been involved in a long relationship with a B+ list mostly movie actor. He tried to give her more chances but she won’t change who she is and now she is seeing someone else. Amanda Seyfried/Justin Long

235. BIANCA DEL RIO 06/19
A certain hip hop, self proclaimed GENIUS is on my flight to NYC. He is discussing FASHION, with a MALE COMPANION. Kanye West

236. BLIND GOSSIP 06/19 **#1**
This beautiful actress played the girlfriend on a popular TV series that ended a few years ago. That TV series really made her career, but she has to fake her enthusiasm for the show when it is brought up in interviews. Why? Because it brings back bad memories of the way one of the guys treated her. He asked [her] out at the beginning [of the series], but she wanted to keep it professional and said ‘No.’ Instead of just letting it go, he would say stupid things to other people on the set loud enough for her to hear, like, ‘She thinks she’s so hot, but she’s just average unless you put a ton of makeup on her,’ or ‘Somebody should tell her that she needs to drop another five pounds if she wants to look good. ‘ Just petty shit like that. This happened every day, with him cutting her down and cutting her down over and over again just because she didn’t want to go out with him. There wasn’t much she could do about it either, because he wasn’t sexually harassing her or physically harming her. She just tried to ignore it. To her credit, our actress did not let this interfere with her career. She stayed with the show for the duration of the series, and has been working steadily ever since in both TV and films. By the way, the guy who asked her out was not the actor who played her boyfriend on the show. Emmanuelle Chriqui/"Entourage"/Jeremy Piven; Laura Prepon or Mila Kunis "That 70’s Show"/Wilmer Valderrama

237. BLIND GOSSIP 06/19 **#2**
This actor and actress are both superstars in the acting world. He makes more money and makes headlines more often with his personal life. She has more critical acclaim and more trophies but keeps her personal life out of the headlines. Each has more then thirty films to their credit. When casting an upcoming film, a young staffer suggested that the two of them would be perfect in the lead roles. Several people in the room simultaneously jumped up and roared, "NOOO!!! NOOO!!!" The puzzled staffer asked why they wouldn’t put two of the biggest stars in the world together in the same movie. Her colleagues explained that the actor and actress did do a film together in the aughts. However, although it was an ensemble film – with several big stars prominently featured – the actor thought that it was all about HIM. He was not the director of the film, but he tried to control of every scene that they were in together. He also thought that he was so important that he tried to push his way into every interview, including those that she was perfectly capable of doing alone or with other cast members. She stayed professional and calm when these things happened, but his behavior was really insulting and infuriating to her. The film – despite its star power – flopped at the box office. More importantly, the actor’s ego and his controlling nature were so offensive to our esteemed actress that she swore she would NEVER work with him again! She is a nice person, but if you call her and try to pitch a film to her that includes that actor… she will hang up on you!

238. BLIND GOSSIP 06/19 **#3**
Did you know that you can hire a plane to fly an advertising banner for less then $1000? That’s a rather small price to pay for a special proposal… or a milestone birthday greeting… or a vengeful jab at the man who did you wrong! For a few extra bucks, most of the aerial banner companies will be happy to keep the identity of the hiree confidential so you can get away with denying that you had anything to do with it. Only one grand for revenge AND public humiliation AND plausible deniability? What a deal! Bobby Flay Taunted By "Cheater" Airplane Banner During Hollywood Walk of Fame Ceremony

239. WINE & SASS 06/19
These two A+ Listers were a surprise couple over a year ago and like we mentioned previously, the guy in this pair had a hard time keeping it in his pants, was caught and given another chance. To absolutely no-one's surprise, he got caught again and this time she ended their relationship. He tried to walk the line but it's just not in him. He never stopped cheating but it took another year for her to catch him. He's usually very careful, but this time he was too inebriated to cover his tracks and when she found out and approached him, he flew into a rage that scared her very badly. He had managed to keep that side of himself from her until that point and convince her he's really a good guy that women say horrible things about. The rumor is he is already heavily courting her again and begging her to come back. She wants to but I doubt she will make that mistake again. With her past, she runs the other way from angry men. Sean Penn/Charlize Theron

240. BRAPPP 06/19
"It’s best for me just to be diplomatic and stay quiet," says this A-list writer on the adaptation of their book while silently seething, "even if they are butchering my books… as so many of my fans claim." His editors, colleagues/friends and spouse are just as furious at all the changes. George R.R. Martin "Game of Thrones"

241. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 06/20 **#1**
Either they quietly split or there is some cheating going on. It would not be the first time for either scenario. This openly gay anchor was spotted in a restaurant canoodling with a guy who is most definitely not his steady boyfriend. Previously it had been the boyfriend who did most of the cheating. Anderson Cooper

242. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 06/20 **#2**
This OITNB actress who works a ton had a chance at an even bigger break. It would have been the big time but she refused to sleep with a guy who could make it happen. She didn’t want to be that person. So, her show was not picked up. Lunch is on me next time I see her. Laverne Cox

243. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 06/20 **#3**
I don’t get a lot of tips about her, but the ones I have received never talk about her connected with drugs. That has all changed. Over the past few weeks every party this A list model celebrity offspring of a permanent A+ list singer has been rolling in coke powder. She needs rehab quickly. It is way more than just partying at this point. Tali, daughter of Annie Lennox or Georgia May, daughter of Mick Jagger

244. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 06/20 **#4**
This former A- list singer in a group who may or may not have committed murder, was at a party this week and started laughing hysterically. She then pointed to two women in her circle and said, "I fucked your dad and your husband. Crazy."
Singer: Courtney Love (dead husband Kurt Cobain)
Dad she fucked: Lily Collins’s father Phil Collins
Husband she fucked: Lorenza Izzo’s husband Eli Roth

Event: 2015 Los Angeles Film Festival - Live Read Of "Fast Times At Ridgemont High" Directed By Eli Roth

245. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 06/21 **#1**
This former B+ list tweener turned failed singer/so so movie actress was at lunch with some friends this past week and yelled at them when none of them offered to pick up the check or even pay for their part. Probably some life lessons she learned from that A+ lister she hung out with a day earlier. Selena Gomez/PROBABLYTaylor Swift

246. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 06/21 **#2**
This former A+ list tweener turned selfie king is supposed to have a celebrity offspring girlfriend but he took a waitress from a party to a free room provided by the hotel just in case he did find someone he wanted to have sex with.
Justin Bieber/Hailey Baldwin  (in Las Vegas)

247. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 06/21 **#3**
One Teen Mom wants to desperately make a sex tape but has not been offered a ton of money because she could not pass a talent test*. It would have to be a condom shoot. She likes to pretend she is in huge demand, but she isn’t. Jenelle Evans
*Talent Testing Service which does STD screenings for adult performers, routinely tests for HIV, chlamydia, and gonorrhea, according to Sixto Pacheco, president and CEO of the service. In addition, some performers opt for an additional panel of tests for hepatitis B, hepatitis C and syphilis

248. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 06/21 **#4**
This A- list singer fired one of her bodyguards because he didn’t have a nice enough wardrobe. She has decreed that all of her bodyguards have a dress code they need to follow and where they need to buy their clothes.
Lady Gaga

249. BILLY MASTERS 06/22
Could it be that a certain singer stayed away from a high-profile gay pride event for a less-than-proud reason. Rumor has it she was afraid to be performing in a venue so close to the local police station! You see, despite her numerous legitimate projects, she's got a nasty habit that she's trying to kick. At the same time, the fuzz are closing in on her dealer, and he's putting pressure on his highest paying client to protect him. The one thing our sometime songstress doesn't want is for this information to go public. Imagine how that would play on both her shows - with her sisters and her sistas - if her imprisioned connection pointed across the street and said, "That girl"!
Tamar Braxton/LA Gay Pride Festival

250. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 06/22 **#1**
This A+ list mostly movie actor was supposed to attend a charity event with his actress wife but bailed at the last minute because he is hooking up with a female assistant he met while looping his latest film. He told the wife he had more looping to do and the only time was during the charity event. Channing Tatum/Jenna Dewan-Tatum
("Tea for Two" fundraiser for the Charlotte and Gwenyth Gray Foundation to Cure Batten Disease)

251. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 06/22 **#2**
By the time the weekend ended, the crew of this awards show was grateful they would not have to see this B list mostly television actress from a hit network show again. For someone so middling on the list, her demands and attitude were A++ list all the way. Sarah Hyland "2015 MuchMusic Video Awards"

252. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 06/22 **#3**
This former mostly movie actress turned B-list mostly television actress has not worked much since she was fired from her last cable television show. She has a history of erratic behavior and does not want people to think she is doing drugs so she grows her own pot which she only smokes at home. Because she has so much time on her hands, she is actually quite the gardener and apparently the people she has confessed her secret to say it is some of the best home grown pot ever. Paz de la Huerta "Boardwalk Empire"

253. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 06/22 **#4**
I’m not sure this former A list singer turned reality star has learned from his past mistakes. There he was at a party touching and groping women whether they liked it or not and treating them all like pieces of meat. What was even more disturbing was how several of the women didn’t seem to mind and were happy he was talking to them. Cee Lo Green ("The Voice")/DJ Irie Celebrates The 11th Annual Irie Weekend

254. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 06/22 **#5**
This former Housewife has not been doing the casting couch to land a role as a Housewife as another city but she has been acting as the arranger. She has an unlimited supply of women to call on who would be happy to do her dirty work for her and she can still look like she is a faithful wife. She isn’t, but she can look like it.
Former Housewife: Joanna Krupa (was on "Miami", but wanted to be on "Beverly Hills")
Unlimited supply of women: Poland's Next Top Model

255. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 06/22 **#6**
This foreign born celebrity chef who has been on multiple reality programs and is not named Gordon Ramsay left the wife at home this weekend and had no shortage of other women to keep him company.
Jamie Oliver  "The AEGON Championship Finals At The Queen's Club"

256. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 06/22 **#7**
Yes, that was this married former A+ list celebrity who has had his issues with drugs and bad publicity but still has that fancy nickname and is a big name in his part of the entertainment industry, wining and dining a pre-op transgender before they headed back to our celebrity’s hotel room while out of the country on business. The wife of the celebrity must really love the money because she has been publicly humiliated multiple times. Oscar de la Hoya "The Golden Boy"/Montreal, Canada

257. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 06/22 **#8**
This beloved A-/B+ list mostly television actress who has been on this long running hit network show forever has had her share of issues played out in public. This weekend it was her that was having issues in public. At a big event she was wandering around talking to herself and then would get her focus and do what she was there to do before going off another wandering and talking to herself marathon. Pauley Perrette "NCIS" (The Greater Los Angeles Zoo Association's (GLAZA) 45th Annual Beastly Ball)

258. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 06/22 **#9**
This A- list reality star from a franchise reality show who has also acted and appeared on another reality show or two both network and cable, was being considered for a full-time gig on this very popular cable show. She has appeared on it before. When her list of demands grew to four pages though, enough was enough and she was passed over. Nene Leakes "The Real Housewives of Atlanta"/"Fashion Police"

259. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 06/22 **#10**
This former B+ list mostly movie actress who took a long absence from film and television and has just not begun a comeback, has A list name recognition. She is also lying to protect an organization rather than her family. I guess with her, family does not come first. Anne Archer (Her son Tommy Davis either left or was forced out as head of Celebrity Centre's Vice President and he was the chief spokesperson of the Church of Scientology from 2005 to 2011. He now sells real estate)

260. BLIND GOSSIP 06/22 **#1**
We’ve talked before about all the different tricks used during salary negotiations, some by the actors, some by the producers. This actress is on a hit TV show. Her salary was already negotiated for the upcoming season. However, just before production was to begin, she decided she wanted more. Producers said no. So she staged a solo sickout. She was on vacation, but on the first day of shooting, she claimed a fake case of "exhaustion" complete with phony hospitalization. While fans were worrying about her health, our actress was worrying about her wallet. Her little stunt didn’t just send fans into a frenzy. It also disrupted production for over one hundred other cast and crew members for the day. They are REALLY pissed off about her antics! Taraji P. Henson "Empire"

261. BLIND GOSSIP 06/22 **#2**
Rose McGowan was not too pleased about a casting note that accompanied a script for an upcoming film. The note included a wardrobe request.
casting note that came w/script I got today. For real. name of male star rhymes with Madam Panhandler hahahahaha I die "Notes: -Please be sure to read attached script before coming in so you understand the context of the scenes.
-Wardrobe Note: Black (or dark) form fitting tank that shows off cleavage (push up bras encouraged). And form fitting leggings or jeans. Nothing white.

It shouldn’t be too hard to figure out who Madam Panhandler is, but do keep in mind that it is the film’s producers who make the casting calls, not the other actors in the film.
Male Star/Madam Panhandler: Adam Sandler
Film: "Hotel Transylvania 2"
Producer/s: Allen Covert, Michelle Murdocca, Adam Sandler and Ben Waisbren

262. BLIND GOSSIP 06/22 **#3**
There is something really off about this pretty celebrity. One minute she is sober, and the next she is drunk and high and out of control. One minute she is kind and loving, and the next she is nasty and wants to inflict physical pain. One minute she is in love with you, and the next she is trying to ruin you. "She has really unique beauty and the camera loves her and she is getting work in TV and movies so she will probably go really far professionally. It’s too bad that once you get to know her you figure out that she’s really a very damaged person. I think it comes from her family being messed up. When I first worked with her I was like, "Oh, here is this gorgeous fun person to hang with!" Then I got to know her and I saw her dark side (she is really into physical pain) and it scared me and I’ve been avoiding her ever since. If there was a headline tomorrow that she had gone all "Gone Girl" crazy I would not be the least bit surprised. Whoever she’s dating needs to be careful, so somebody really needs to warn [her current Significant Other]!"
Celebrity: Cara Delevingne
Her Current S.O.: St. Vincent
Vogue article about self-harming and her socialite mother Pandora’s addiction to heroin

263. BRAPPP 06/22
This A-list franchise actor who can’t repeat that same success outside of his hit franchise is currently considering leaving the franchise and the famous role. The producers don’t want him to leave, so they’re spreading rumours of who they’re pursuing as his successor in hope of convincing him to stay on for another film.
Franchise: "James Bond"
Current actor: Daniel Craig
Potential actor: Damian Lewis

Just days after posts to social media revealed another dude playing Daddy to today’s Blind Item’s ex-wife and kids … On Father’s Day … this Hollywood EX Husband is being left with no choice but to Shake It Off!!! That could be a feat that turns out to be much easier said than done. Know why? While ex-wifey has apparently bagged a billionaire, our blind item seems to be getting Drake’s leftovers … through at THOT straight outta IG land!
"—–‘s running with this hoe Reese in Disneyland not knowing OVO nigga’s already ran a train on her."
Dig the Drop:
"—– is smashing Reese, because he doesn’t mine taking seconds after Drake. His ex-wife has moved on to a wealthy man and he’s dating IG models."
Nick Cannon dating Jessica White
Mariah Carey dating James Packer

265. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 06/23 **#1**
The celebrity husband of this foreign born permanent A list model moved out of the family home until the model agrees to go to rehab or get some type of help for her increased drug problem. Jamie Hince/Kate Moss

266. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 06/23 **#2**
This former A- list mostly movie actress has finally dropped to B+ list. Steady work, but nothing memorable. She shocked a hotel she checked into this past week when she said she didn’t want her kids on the same floor with her. It distracted her. It isn’t like she is making quality stuff here while she waits for the never coming sequel to her hit movie. Zoe Saldana (filming "Star Trek 3") (waiting for "Avatar 2, 3 &4")

267. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 06/23 **#3**
This A list singer who has had a career for two decades but really isn’t that old is engaged but his girlfriend is only around for Instagram shots. He only takes her out in public for red carpets. Most of the time he prefers traveling with his guys who help him score other guys. Usher/Grace Miguel

268. MR. X 06/23 **#1**
What mostly movie actress, currently starring on a hit TV show that got a second season right as the first one was starting, was partying hard in Cannes a few weeks ago and drank until she passed out? Don’t believe anything her PR people say about it though. Taraji P. Henson/"Empire"

269. MR. X 06/23 **#2**
What reclusive reality star from that A-list reality star family was ordered to show up to a Father’s Day party that would be filmed for their show, even though he hasn’t seen or spoken to any of his family in months and he has said he doesn’t want to be filmed for their show any longer? His mother probably pulled the ‘I’ll financially cut you off if you don’t show" card (not surprisingly she was a no show at the party, because she filmed separate scenes with her ex to make it look like she will be there) I guess the old saying of money talks, bullshit walks is true. Rob Kardashian (he didn’t show up)

270. MR. X 06/23 **#3**
What closeted C-list rapper was called out on Twitter after he denied flirting with another guy on social media and said he got hacked? Isn’t that the excuse they all use? Soulja Boy

271. MR. X 06/23 **#4**
What former A-list singer needs to stop stalking his other ex? He was warned by her new boyfriend to stop or they will get a restraining order. Knowing him, he’ll probably keep on stalking her until the new boyfriend kicks his ass. Chris Brown/Rihanna (Real Madrid footballer Karim Benzema)

272. MR. X 06/23 **#5**
What B-list reality star and celeb spawn is concerning her family about her sobriety? She’s been using coke more often than she usually does and her weight has been plummeting… Time for rehab! Nicole Richie; Kelly Osbourne

273. MR. X 06/23 **#6**
What actress and multiple Oscar winner/nominee was pulled over by a cop a few days ago because she was parking in a handicapped spot with an obviously fake placard hanging on her dashboard. The cop was starstruck and let her slide by. This isn’t the first time she has pulled this stunt and it probably won’t be the last. Jane Fonda

274. MR. X 06/23 **#7**
What closeted foreign born A-list athlete had his PR people send a cease and desist order to some photogs who took some pics of the athlete and his son on vacation because the athlete’s boyfriend was with them on this excursion? The PR people said they needed to crop out the boyfriend from the photos or no photos at all… which they did. Cristiano Ronaldo

275. BLIND GOSSIP 06/23 **#1**
Wow. The ending of this singer’s relationship was so swift and so nasty that even we were caught off guard! Normally, PR relationships end quietly and amicably in a planned manner with both parties looking good. Not in this case! Everything was going fine… until she found out that he was saying negative things about her behind her back. She genuinely thought that he was her friend, and she was really upset by the personal betrayal. Of course, it was also a violation of their agreement. She wanted out. This meant that his contract would have been terminated and he would no longer benefit from his connection to her. Her team planned the usual, bland, mutually agreeable split. However, he COMPLETELY flipped the script! His team got to the media first and claimed that HE broke it off! They painted her as some desperate, immature girl who was trying to push him into a wedding and babies. They painted him as the intelligent, thoughtful, professional man who was not ready to rush into a committed relationship. She and her team are FURIOUS! However, there are limited ways of getting back at him. They can’t tip their hand that it was a contracted relationship, because that would just make her look bad. And they can’t accuse him of cheating on her with another woman, because that would just enforce the masculine, superstar-dating image that he wanted to gain out of the relationship in the first place. So, what can they do? Keep her looking content and busy, as if he never really mattered in the first place. And perhaps leak the real reason why she was never, ever going to settle down with him. It’s because he is, umm…. happy. Or a synonym for happy. Britney Spears/Charlie Ebersol

276. BLIND GOSSIP 06/23 **#2**
Everyone who has worked for this entertainer in the past got their jobs and kept their jobs by stroking his ego and telling him how great he is. When it came to taking over another business, however, that overblown ego seems to have turned into a liability. "He is King and we are all his serfs. In our meetings he does all of the talking and none of the listening. He thinks that he is inspiring to us but it is only worrying to us! He is only a big name and a big ego with no substance. He has no idea how to manage educated people. It is clear that he does not understand strategy or technology or implementation and he does not want to learn. He does not want our expertise or our opinion. He wants us to execute on his irrational strategy without being challenged. We are miserable. It is a bloodbath of firings and resignations. Everyone who has not already quit or been fired is actively looking [for a new job]. I started sending out my [resume] right after I met him."
Entertainer: Jay-Z
Company he took over: Tidal

277. ALLIE IS WIRED 06/23
This singer/musician recently admitted to wearing baggy, shapeless clothes to hide weight gain from heavy drinking. Not an unusual choice for anyone who wants to hide what they feel are excess pounds. What makes this case more interesting is that this celeb is a man. John Mayer

278. BRAPPP 06/23
This actress is high B-list that always seemed to be on the brink of A, but it’s not her career we have interest in – it’s her personal life. Our actress has one of the worst reputations in Hollywood as a slut. If you’re semi-famous or star in a movie, then you have a shot with our actress. She’s said to have "dated" over a hundred semi-famous men. It doesn’t even matter if you’re married with children, as her B-list co-star found out.
Amanda Seyfried and Thomas Sadoski

I hate when someone says, "Come on, it will be fun." It rarely is. It means they think it is pretty sucky and don’t want to go by themselves so they try and convince you it is going to be great so you can join in on the suckitude. So, even though I hate it when it is done to me, there I was doing it. Kind of whiny. Not Caillou whiny, but I really did not want to do this alone. Actually I needed her help. Her being JC. She was an A list singer for about two seconds. A one hit wonder. Comes from a great singing family though. No, not the Osmonds. I’m not ever going to try and convince one of them to hang out with me or take a trip with me. Did I ever tell you my Marie Osmond story? Well, lets just say that she will always regret messing with my head. OK, where was I? Oh yeah. JC. I needed her because my other contact RO was really busy right then enjoying her own one hit wonder status. Everyone still knows that song and her name. The other person I was going to enlist (GR) to help was a one album wonder who has managed to make that album last a lifetime. He was notoriously famous for not showing up when he promised and also if he did show up was probably going to be wasted. He still has A+ list name recognition. So, that left me JC. Plus she was here and now and not at the other end of a 12 hour flight. She had the connection. A big connection. Her ex. He is not really important to the story but the purpose for all of this was to land the impossible. Through her ex she had met the impossible. The impossible loved her. I would love to have loved her, but she was having no part of my bacon loving self in that kind of way. This had all started a few weeks earlier. I had been talking about the impossible and another person started kicking around the idea of the impossible. Could it be done? There was a lot of money to be made. Some phone calls were made to people with deep pockets and they were in. One catch. Needed a yes. Impossible. Probably, but I was going to give it a shot. There was not going to be any money in this for me. All I wanted was for me to be able to say I pulled off what no one said could be done. I remember thinking it would take a lot of phone calls and a whole lot of back and forth, but that it could be done. The phone calls got some buzz going and things were looking up. Then, all of a sudden the door slammed shut and I knew who was behind that door closing. This was going to require face to face. The person behind that door would say no to me and probably not even meet with me to listen. That person would listen to JC though. He adored RO and tolerated GR. The thing is all three of them could get me that meeting. I knew the three. The tough part was getting one of the three to help me out. So, there I was, backstage at a concert waiting patiently for the meet and greet to finish and talk to JC. I told her my plan. I told her what I needed. She volunteered to call her ex which was nice, but not enough. She really didn’t want to go back. She had been there a long time and never felt comfortable there. She liked what she was doing now and where she was living and was about to go into the studio and blah blah blah. I begged, I pleaded. I told her it would be fun. She rolled her eyes, but agreed.

Three days later, I met JC at the airport where she told me she would be sitting in first class for the transatlantic flight. The good news for me was that before I tried to cram my overweight body into the back of the plane somewhere is the first class lounge she got me into where I managed to pound down enough free drinks and appetizers that it probably cost the airline as much as my ticket. I did some more damage to a dozen more miniature liquor bottles on the plane but sleep was elusive. I can never sleep on a plane. I wandered up front once to check on JC and she was deep in conversation with some guy who seemed to be spending a great deal of energy trying not to look down her top. He was failing. This trip had to be quick. JC had commitments and there was a very brief window when all the people would be gathered in one place. London. I love your town London. As soon as I land I feel classier. Oh, and a lot more poor. JC had managed to sleep. I had not. We were not meeting anyone until the next day. I was hopeful that when we arrived at the hotel that somehow by a stroke of genius there would be a room available for me. There was not. JC laughed as she got a room key. She had booked an extra night and had paid for her room in advance. To the hotel it was like she was checking in 15 hours late. She told me she would see me later. I went to the restaurant and ordered a lot of food and then found an unused portion of the lobby where I tried to sleep. I didn’t think there was any possible way I could sleep, but I was wrong and two hours later JC was waking me up with her foot. I’m sure she was doing that to see if I was dead. I was not exactly looking Bacon Monthly good at the moment. She said we were having lunch with her ex. Apparently the two had a lovely phone conversation and the nasty feelings they once had for each other vanished in the air. She was as surprised as I was at how well they got along. Their split was now a couple of years in the rear view mirror after a decade of marriage. The ex was someone who could work behind the scenes calling people. The ex is probably a B- list celebrity in his own right. A little higher if you are older and a little lower if you are younger. He was a man of many talents. JC must be a good decade or more older than me but doesn’t look it. Her ex (TP) is a good two decades older than me but doesn’t look like it. Obviously not living up to the old adage of partying like a rock star. He agreed to help me if I failed. While I met with the other possible helpers he would call a guy who was the perfect middleman between the two camps. Yes, two camps. One was the impossible and one was the unlikely. My only hope was to get the impossible to say yes. At that point, the unlikely would probably also say yes. Probably. The ex and his contact would be able to convince the unlikely. I needed a room. Badly. Nothing quite like the feeling of that up for two days straight with only some hotel lobby floor nap time while wearing the same clothes and reeking of old booze to really make you appreciate the life Lindsay Lohan leads. I got my room. I was hoping for sleep. JC was going out with friends. I crashed on the bed and was wide awake. That kind of wide awake that you know won’t ever let sleep in the door. Food and five pints later courtesy of a pub down the street, I finally crashed. The next day was sunny. I remember looking out the window at a park and seeing the sun. I took that as a good sign in the quest. It really was a quest. It had been a quest for almost a decade. Prior to that time, I don’t think anyone had really tried. I was trying. I wanted it to happen. I could see it happening. I was Secreting before The Secret existed. JC and I made our way to our meeting. One place. All of the players would be there. We got to our destination and shuffled downstairs. Yeah, strange place for it to happen. When I walk past the building now there is really no trace of what it used to be. That is a sign of the times. At that point in time though it was all happening there. This was an unusual thing for the music industry. A daytime event. A morning event at that. RO was there all sunshine and love and had no problems with the early morning requirement. GR showed up a few minutes later and looked as bad as I had the day before but this was his life almost everyday. They had work to do so I tried to talk and walk and get a minute or two with them to explain my idea. My plan. GR said it would never work. He was kind of in a similar situation but money would do the trick with him. Not for the impossible or unlikely. It would help, but there had to be something more. RO agreed and then tapped my arm and pointed towards the door. JC turned at the exact same time. I didn’t recognize the woman RO was pointing to. JC did though and her London accent she acquired through marriage suddenly returned and said, "That’s fucking brilliant." When I found out who it was, I agreed it was brilliant. Just because I didn’t recognize SH didn’t mean I didn’t know who she was or why she would be so perfect for this. She was the connection. She could make it about something other than money. The impossible would listen.

When I was told who I was looking at, I knew SH would be the best choice. She was the key. She was the hero of the impossible. The impossible would do whatever SH suggested. Well, at least listen anyway. RO made the introductions. I didn’t even know SH was going to be at this little gig. I was a big fan. Foreign born and her number one days were long behind her, but she still had a great voice and a couple of decades earlier she was all over the charts in the UK. Her songs were usually performed in the US by other acts. It was a time where a writer would churn out a great song and a pop act would sing it and someone would try and countrify it and then some act in the UK would also sing it. There we all were. In the basement of a record store. While I was talking to SH, I happened to look over and saw a photo of the impossible. She said she would try. To this day, that little intimate show is one of the best I have seen. There could not have been more than 200 people in the room. All standing and listening to number one song after number one song. No one was more than ten feet from the stage. SH promised to be quick. She knew there was only a certain amount of time and budget to stay in town. She came through. She got me a lunch. The impossible was going to sit down for lunch, or in his case a cup of hot tea with lemon. I ordered food, but didn’t eat. SH just sat and would talk to fans who came up every few minutes either for her or the impossible. He would stop to say hello to every person who asked so it made what could have been a 20 minute conversation into a several hour long marathon. I didn’t talk to him about money. I didn’t talk to him about anything except why I wanted it to happen. I told him my story. I told him where I had seen him and what it would mean to a new group of people. It would mean more now. They were only a decade removed at that point. He asked about the unlikely. I kind of fibbed at that point. From some phone conversations I had the previous day, the unlikely was in. He thought it would be fun but the unlikely wanted the impossible to come to him. I told the impossible that he was the key. That if he said yes then everyone else would all fall into place. I just wanted the yes and I would deal with smoothing over everything else at a later time. The impossible wanted some time to think about it. He said he would let me know later that night. About midnight I get a call in my hotel room. The impossible is downstairs. JC was set to leave the next morning, but since she did not get a chance to see the impossible at lunch wanted to say hi. I called her room and she had been asleep. She still managed to beat me down to the lobby where I found her being hugged by the impossible. The hug slowly became a little dance to the sounds of the music being pumped through the lobby speakers. JC stayed for the first 20 minutes of what would end up being an all nighter. When I think about that night I’m always reminded of a scene in Four Weddings And A Funeral where Hugh Grant wants to spend time with Andie MacDowell and the guy he is drinking with and trying to escape says they might as well push through to the dawn and gets a bottle of whiskey. We pushed through to the dawn. I talked. He talked. At the end of it as much as I wish I could say there was a happy ending, there was not. It wasn’t that he didn’t want to do it. He just said that time had come and gone. He could get over his dislike of the unlikely but that he just didn’t see the point. I have seen the impossible two dozen times since that night and most of the time I don’t mention it. A couple of years ago though I happened to be around him for a few days in a row consecutively and brought it up. He is starting to waver. My point of bringing it to another generation is finally beginning to connect. The unlikely has become the likely. All that it needs is a yes.
JC: Carlene Carter (daughter of June Carter and Carl Smith and step-daughter of Johnny Cash) (her step-sister Roseanne Cash’s daughter is married to Morrissey's nephew)

TP: Nick Lowe
The Impossible: Morrissey
The Unlikely: Johnny Marr
Project: "The Smiths" reunion

280. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 06/24 **#1**
This MTV B+ list celebrity turned movie celebrity has been smoking every dollar he makes doing appearances right through his crack pipe. I’m surprised the guy is still alive. I know his body can take a lot, but it is pretty much nonstop crack. Bam Margera

281. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 06/24 **#2**
The girlfriend of this foreign born permanent A+ list mostly movie actor is dealing with his cheating by prescription pill popping. Apparently she is out of it most of the day and night constantly. Arnold Schwarzenegger/Heather Milligan

282. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 06/24 **#3**
This former A+ list singer who has probably dropped to A- but still with A+ list name recognition has been destroying her nose with coke but doesn’t care because she thinks her weight loss is amazing. Lady Gaga

283. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 06/24 **#4**
This member of Fifth Harmony has been going behind the rest of the group and recording a solo album without their knowledge. When the record is ready she is going to split from the group and have the new record ready to go.

284. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 06/24 **#5**
I know she has been making a lot of money recently, including on that now defunct hit cable show, but this B list now mostly movie actress is going to regret the $1M "donation" she gave to her "church" last year. That had to be almost half her income after taxes and commissions. Elizabeth Moss "Mad Men" (Scientology)

285. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 06/24 **#6**
This married B list mostly movie actress is calling the woman traveling with her on her press junket a member of her PR team. Uh huh. More like her lover. The last one she dumped after a few short weeks because she was asking too many questions about the actor our actress is married to. Amber Heard (Johnny Depp)/"Magic Mike XXL"

286. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 06/24 **#7**
They were once co-stars. Very brief co-stars. Oh, and also co-stars in make believe too. Anyway, this B list mostly movie actor trashed the company of his former co-star and said it was just green washing.
Male: Adrian Grenier
Female: Jessica Alba

Co-starred: "Entourage" movie
Co-stars in make believe: "Entourage" Vincent Chase's breakout role was as the lead in the film "Head On", co-starring Jessica Alba

Green washing company: The Honest Company, a consumer goods company that sells non-toxic household products
Event: Cannes Lions Festival

287. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 06/24 **#8**
This assistant turned reality star turned host turned reality star with a lucrative side job is A- list. She thinks she is A+ list though and says she was invited to Cannes Lions. Umm, no, she wasn’t. She said she had other commitments. Umm, no. She was not invited.
Reality star: Bethenny Frankel
Assistant: on "Saved By the Bell"
Reality show: "Real Housewives of New York City"
Host: the "Bethenny" show
Lucrative side: "Skinny Girl"

288. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 06/24 **#9**
The cast of this movie being shot overseas have given up even attempting to have a conversation with their B+ list mostly movie actress co-star. She refuses to interact with any of them and has been a huge pain to everyone involved. She learns it from her actor husband. When they inevitably get divorced she will still probably name drop him. Blake Lively (Ryan Reynolds)/"All I See Is You" filming in Thailand

289. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 06/24 **#10**
Keeping her streak intact, this B list reality star from a MTV franchise that is about to start airing again, hooked up with a guy while away from home for an extended period of time. The good news is her boyfriend hasn’t figured it out yet. He will though, just like all the other guys she has cheated on the past five years.
Leah Messer/Corey Simms/Jeremy Calvert/Robbie Kidd/Dusty Haas/Theodore "T.R." Dues (while in rehab)

290. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 06/24 **#11**
#1 – The cozy, fun filled world of this A list comedian/television actor/a-hole is about to come crashing down. Apparently one of the many women he forced to have sex filed a police report and has spoken to Gloria Allred. He has been one big miserable egotistic a-hole since he shot to fame a few years back. Louis C.K.

#2 – Speaking of horrible behavior, this former B- list mostly television actor turned celebrity turned host who is still technically married is being investigated for statutory rape of a 16 year old female. Nick Cannon

#3 – I love how this A+ list mostly movie actor talks all this love he has for his wife. I am sure he does love his wife. He just likes all the other women he hooks up with constantly. Channing Tatum/Jenna Dewan-Tatum

291. BLIND GOSSIP 06/24
This acting couple split up a few years ago. Both have done TV and films, and they even did a project or two together when they were still a couple. He recently split from whoever he was recently dating. The first person he told about it? His ex-wife… and she wasn’t too thrilled to get the call! "Whenever he splits with someone, the first thing he does is call me. Then he goes into this speech about what a mistake our divorce was, and how he regrets the way he treated me, and how he wishes he could have a do over. Our divorce was the most painful thing I’ve ever been through, and he was such an asshole about the whole thing. He’s not full of regret. He’s full of shit! It always amazes me that he thinks he can just talk his way back in. It ain’t happening, buddy!" While he is back on the market and full of regrets, she has moved on and is very happy in her new relationship. Her new beau is also an actor… and he treats her much better than her ex-husband did!

Actor: Will Arnett
Actress: Amy Poehler
Her New Boyfriend: Nick Kroll
Actor: Sean Penn
Actress: Robin Wright
Her New Boyfriend: Ben Foster

292. BRAPPP 06/24
This A-list television actress had a bad reputation on the set of her hit tv show (which resulted in a hilarious pun-related last name). Well, a source tells me that people behind the scenes constantly mocked this actress for something she does. Every now and then she will break out into a bizarre little girl voice and be ultra submissive. Mighty weird, if you ask me. Amy Poehler "Parks & Recreation" (Poehlerbear)

293. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 06/25 **#1**
This east coast Housewife is still married but it didn’t stop her from hooking up with a very rich man, who also happens to be married. Our Housewife definitely sees some much needed dollar signs.
Dina Manzo "Real Housewives of New Jersey"  (separated, but not divorced)

294. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 06/25 **#2**
This former B list Disney tweener is now a B- list mostly movie actress who just starred in her first big movie. She also just appeared in a very edgy music video. The director of the video thinks it is because the tweener wanted to lend support to LGBT issues. Nope. She wanted a great audition tape with a very adult feel to land better jobs.
Tweener: Stefanie Scott
Show: "A.N.T. Farm"
Movie: "Insidious: Chapter 3"

Music video: "Girls Like Girls"

295. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 06/25 **#3**
It was all innocent out on the red carpet but once inside the theatre, this again permanent A list mostly movie actor who is an Academy Award winner/nominee was running his hands all over a female family member. Not the first time. Morgan Freeman and Alexis Freeman (granddaughter)/"Ted 2" New York Premiere

296. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 06/25 **#4**
This A list athlete has been faking an injury for much of the current season to spend as much time with his A list celebrity girlfriend as possible. Look for him to end up ending his injury plagued season before the All-Star break. Kate Upton/Justin Verlander

297. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 06/25 **#5**
The two wives of the founders of the ALS Bucket Challenge are in Cannes receiving 7 Lions Awards on behalf of their respective husbands. The challenge raised hundreds of millions of dollars. So, when you hear that the two wives met this A list reality star and her A list reality mom that the reality stars would be friendly. Nope. Blew them off with a "how fun," when they heard about the challenge. They also refused to take photos or engage in any conversation. They are simply two of the most horrible people on the face of the earth.
ALS Bucket Challenge wives: Jenn Quinn and Julie Frates
Reality stars: Kris Jenner and Kim Kardashian

298. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 06/25 **#6**
This A- list mostly movie actor was recently injured on the set of his movie. No one is talking much about it because they want it to blow over but the actor was wasted when he got injured. It’s what you get when you hire him. Shia LaBoeuf/"American Honey"

299. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 06/25 **#7**
This foreign born former A+ list mostly movie actor turned A list has not been seen indulging since he was married to this A list mostly movie actress, but this week our actor was spotted doing a few lines of coke. Maybe it will improve his mood. Antonio Banderas and Melanie Griffith

300. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 06/25 **#8**
This A list singer who unfortunately happens to be an A list actor despite his lack of talent was offered a huge A++ list kind of role but he would have to take some acting lessons with a coach. It would have been in private with no one knowing but our singer/actor refused so the part went to someone else. Justin Timberlake (POSSIBLY: Chris Pratt role in "Jurassic World")

301. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 06/25 **#9**
Never has a wife been so grateful to have her husband lose his job. The thing is, if he had kept his job even for one more season of his show, the marriage would have ended. An affair. An affair that was a whole lot more than just some on set sex in a trailer while you wait for a scene to be set up. nope, this was much different. Our actor is foreign born. This show was his claim to fame. Don’t kid yourself. He is a good actor and made some good movies, but this network show made him. His lover is no stranger to on set romance. It seems like every show she is on she hooks up with someone. Kind of like Julia Roberts back in the day. This was different though. For a couple of seasons our B+/A- list mostly television actress who seems to be on three or four hit shows simultaneously was just on the show every so often. Just some flirting and fun, but nothing serious. Then it happened. She became someone who was on set the entire time. This past season actors and crew both could tell they were falling in love. The touches. The always wanting to be with each other. His wife used to visit the set. Not this past season. He told her he was too busy and the work too hard. Our actress has moved on to one of her many other projects. She does love an on set romance. Will she be back for her former co-star? Probably not. I think she moves on. It would have been different though if they had another year. The wife is glad there is not.
Show: "Hannibal" (cancelled)
Actor: Mads Mikkelsen
Actress: Gillian Anderson
Other shows: "The Fall"; "War and Peace" (TV Mini-Series); Untitled "X-Files" Revival
Former co-star: David Duchovny

302. MR. X 06/25 **#1**
Easy Easy: I don’t know why that blogger and that former A-list pop singer are continuing their fake feud, it’s getting pretty tiresome. The blogger was busted the other day when he edited a post on Twitter where he hinted that he would be meeting the singer backstage at one of her east coast concerts. A few hours later, the location of the concert was suddenly gone from the Tweet. I have no idea why they’re still continuing with this charade. Either they’re going to play this out for as long as they can or they’re probably collaborating on something. Perez Hilton/Lady Gaga

303. MR. X 06/25 **#2**
What A/B-list former singer/reality star/sometime actress with a lucrative side business is not only spending money on drugs but also on more plastic surgery? She was spotted out at lunch with some friends sporting plumper lips and a heavily botoxed face. And I thought she just stopped with the boobs… so far she’s had more work done this year than at any other point in her career. Jessica Simpson

304. MR. X 06/25 **#3**
What former southeast Housewife recently scored a deal with Vivid Entertainment for a series of porn flicks? Word on the street is she owes the IRS thousands of dollars. Shereé Whitfield "Real Housewives of Atlanta"

305. BLIND GOSSIP 06/25 **#1**
This celebrity is vicious towards anyone who dares to make him – or his very entitled child – look bad. So he engaged his publicists to contact major media sources with a story that positions him and his child as victims. His goal is to embarrass the school into punishing the employee who dared to stand up to him. If the bully angle doesn’t succeed, his next move will be to throw down the race card. Who’s the real bully here? Sean Puffy P. Diddy Combs

306. BLIND GOSSIP 06/25 **#2**
She got two pink lines on her pregnancy test! However, there are three reasons why this singer is not ready to announce her pregnancy! The first is that it is super early in her pregnancy. The second is that she has to figure out what to do about her tour dates. The third is that she is not entirely sure whose name will she write in one of the blank spaces on the birth certificate. The good news is that she has it narrowed down to only two guys. The bad news is that they sort of overlapped in the time period she believes she conceived. She is likely to keep quiet for a few more weeks until all three of these issues are resolved.
Singer: Nicki Minaj
Possible Fathers: Safaree Samuels or Meek Mill

307. BLIND GOSSIP 06/25 **#3**
A certain professional athlete from one of the big three sports is getting very frustrated about being in the closet. He is tired of having to hide his personal life and sidelining his real-life partner. In spite of admonitions to keep it subtle, he is making plans to have his boyfriend sit right next to his parents at every game next season. Every time the camera goes to them after he makes a good play, the audience will see them hugging and high-fiving a mysterious, good-looking guy. Since our athlete is a star who makes a lot of good plays, get used to seeing the boyfriend a LOT!
Aaron Rodgers/"Green Bay Packers"

308. BRAPPP 06/25
This C-list comedian is close to suicide again. He’s fallen into a horrible drug-addled depression and his family fear for his life. He needs a stern hand, but that just isn’t what his family can provide. Artie Lange

309. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 06/26 **#1**
There is a former teammate of this A+ list athlete who says that while on the road last season the married to an A list celebrity cheated on his wife. This would be huge. Tom Brady/Gisele Bündchen

310. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 06/26 **#2**
The relationship between this A-/A list singer and her B+ list mostly television actor is hanging on by a thread. The drugs she is taking are making her increasingly erratic and he also discovered there is a sex tape she made with a guy she had previously told him was just a platonic relationship. Lady Gaga/Taylor Kinney

311. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 06/26 **#3**
This female former top 5 finalist on American Idol is turning tricks in order to make ends meet. She has fallen so far from her peak.

312. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 06/26 **#4**
This former B list tweener is now a B+/A- list singer. She had a visit from her former female lover this past week. Apparently sparks flew and the former lover is going to join our singer on some press dates. The singer won’t ever come out though.

313. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 06/26 **#5**
He is single, so this foreign born B+/A- list mostly movie actor who just can’t quite make it to A list on his own does not really need to hide anything. This was just really funny and thought I would make it a blind. He was at dinner this week with some model/wannabe and they decided to do the sex in the bathroom thing. They went to the men’s room and there were a couple other guys in there and he said, "Don’t mind us, I’ll try to make sure she does not make much noise." Orlando Bloom

314. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 06/26 **#6**
While his son is in jail, this former A list mostly movie actor is hooking up with the girlfriend of the son. She has moved into the house. The guy is sick. Ryan O’Neal (Redmond)

315. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 06/26 **#7**
This former celebrity turned reality star turned famous girlfriend turned host is married. Her husband though is hooking up with this barely able to drink legally B+ pop star who so far has one hit.

316. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 06/26 **#8**
KINDNESS: Despite filming a movie and other commitments, this B list mostly movie actor, who is really only known for one role which he has milked a decade out of in one form or another volunteered a little over 1,000 hours of his time last year for the causes in which he believes. He got no money and paid his own way and for his own stays. Adrian Grenier (Vincent Chase on "Entourage")

317. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 06/26 **#9**
The drinking has been crazy lately. Last night was just something that was bound to happen. The talk show host needs rehab. Jimmy Fallon (injured his hand)

318. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 06/26 **#10**
This foreign born singer was A+ list for almost a year. Dropping quickly down the list she is having issues at home and with some mental issues too. Her life and career are falling apart. Adele

319. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 06/26 **#11**
#1 -This B list mostly television actress from a recently ended network television show has always been the biggest diva. Well, what that meant when this tweener actress turned singer turned actress showed up on set is a war. No one can get anything done on the set because the two are always trying to out diva the other.
B list actress: Lea Michele
Ended show: "Glee"
Tweener: Ariana Grande
Show: "Scream Queens"

#2 – It was not that long ago that this foreign born B list mostly movie actress was in box office blockbusters. A love triangle and some bad drugs led to her downfall. The drugs have wrecked her body and she looks like she weighs well under 100 pounds despite being 5’6? or 5?7.

#3 – A crew member was fired and is now being followed by contractors after he took some photos of this A+ list mostly movie actor on the set of his latest movie. Apparently the photos are worth some serious money and the actor wants them back. Tom Cruise (holding a beer)

#4- This model turned spokesperson turned reality star turned gimmick actress was extremely open and honest with people the other night saying she fucked two different people to get her role in a new movie being released. Charlotte McKinney (Carl's Jr.'s All Natural Burger commercial)/"Dancing with the Stars"/"Joe Dirt 2: Beautiful Loser"

320. BLIND GOSSIP 06/26 **#1**
Red carpet events are usually filled with the glamor and excitement surrounding the opening of a new film. Occasionally, they are also filled with reminders of an unrelenting ex. If you were wondering why you never heard of the group that targeted our beautiful TV and film star on the red carpet, we have the answer. It’s because they didn’t even EXIST before this public event! The "organization" that "sponsored" the event was created just four weeks ago, for the express purpose of protesting at this particular event and embarrassing this particular actress. The signs and protestors were bought and paid for by… guess who? The actress’ wealthy and obsessed ex!
Star: Sofia Vergara
Red Carpet event: premiere of "Magic Mike XXL"
"Organization":‘Sofia: Unfreeze your daughters, unfreeze your heart.’
Ex: Nick Loeb

321. BLIND GOSSIP 06/26 **#2**
This funny guy is just the gossip gift that keeps on giving! We’ve told you before that his devoted family guy act is totally fake. Well, let’s talk about what he was doing on a very recent night. Of course, he wasn’t home having dinner with his wife and reading his kid/s a bedtime story. When he arrived at the bar in this large city, it was after midnight, and he was already a combination of very drunk and very jumpy. He had no intention of slowing down, though. He spent a couple of hours at the bar, drinking and singing along to the jukebox. He was not alone. A bodyguard was with him, keeping a watchful eye out for anyone who might try to take an incriminating photo of him. At some point, our funny guy took a little trip to the bathroom… where he openly proceeded to pour out a bump of cocaine onto the side of his fist and snort it! There were a couple of other men inside the bathroom at the time, witnessing all this. "[He] didn’t even seem to care that there were people there watching him do this. That’s how fucked up he was. One of the guys took out his phone to snap a pic, but the bodyguard immediately grabbed the phone and pushed the guy out of the bathroom. The guy was pounding on the door trying to get his phone back, but the bodyguard was holding the door closed, scrolling through the phone, deleting shit. When [the bodyguard] was done, he opened the door and just threw the phone at the guy. [Funny Guy] didn’t even seem to notice that this was happening. It’s like 3:00 am on a weeknight in a bathroom in a bar in [city], and this famous guy is drunk and coked up to the point where he can’t even stand up and doesn’t care about anything that’s going on around him. [He] just kept doing bumps and wiping his nose and jawing and singing to himself and stumbling all over the place." Gosh, when a person is that completely wasted like that, they need to be really careful… or they could wind up injuring themselves. Jimmy Fallon

322. BRAPP 06/26
I’m hearing worries about the future of this B-list host and his incarnation of that long-running show. "His ratings are identical to the previous guy and the previous guy had been here for several years. What will the ratings look like in a year?" They’re using the example of Jay Leno and the Tonight Show as an example of optimistic success, but others at the network are much more pessimistic. "This guy’s okay, but [name removed] was in a league of his own." )Example of Jay Leno & the Tonight Show: Jay Leno initially took over the Tonight Show and received a lukewarm reception with viewers and critics, but after an interview with Hugh Grant – Leno took over all his competition in the ratings and the Tonight Show became the biggest late night show again.) James Corden replaced Craig Ferguson on "The Late, Late Show"

323. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 06/27 **#1**
This aging foreign born A- list celebrity/talk show host/former talk show host/reality star who is married to a celebrity, had so much work done to her lips recently that she couldn’t open them to be interviewed on a red carpet. Couldn’t smile either. It was like a wax figure shuffling down the carpet.
Sharon Osbourne (Ozzy)

324. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 06/27 **#2**
He is in love. Madly, hey I will give you everything I have if you will date me kind of love. Her? Well this A+ list diva is loving the publicity. She saw what happened a couple of months ago when people thought she had a boyfriend and she is loving it. She is in way over her head though. It is going to be tough backing out of this one. My guess is that it will end up in a big pile of booze and pills. Mariah Carey/James Packer (Brett Ratner)

325. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 06/27 **#3**
This one hit wonder B list singer with the horrible reputation is A+ when it comes to drug use. He is playing a dangerous game right now and rehab would be the luckiest result. He might end up with a Pete Doherty type situation on his hands. Robin Thicke

326. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 06/27 **#4**
You would think that our favorite foreign born B+ list singer/actress would break up with a guy before she starts hooking up with another. Now it just looks like she is cheating on yet another boyfriend. Rita Ora

327. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 06/27 **#5**
Very quietly this former B+ list mostly movie actress who now works rarely after being a jinx to most television shows on which she is cast, has resumed her former career. A few nights a week, after her kids from her A list ex are put to bed she makes an outcall to a rotating group of 3 or 4 men who can afford her very inflated prices. She will also take being cast in a main role on a television show as return for payment. Denise Richards (Charlie Sheen)

328. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 06/28 **#1**
This A+ list mostly movie actor is not the only one cheating in the family. It seems as if his lovely wife is also hooking up with someone. Much more discreetly. Only when the timing is perfect. Could not have been that perfect though because the guy is getting divorced from his wife. The wife found out. Now the tabloids will find out. Ben Affleck/Jennifer Garner

329. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 06/28 **#2**
This former A list mostly television actor from two very long running very hit network shows who has not had much luck since with a headlining gig, was like a kid in a candy store this past week. His wife arranged for the actor to have three male strippers sent to their hotel suite while they were out of town on vacation. The wife encouraged the strippers and was talking dirty to her husband the whole time. Sounds like he finally found his perfect match. Kelsey Grammer ("Cheers" and "Fraiser")/Kayte Walsh (on vacation in Miami)

330. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 06/28 **#3**
Apparently this very good looking B+/A- list mostly movie actor who also starred in that huge pay cable show, was busted cheating on his significant other a few weeks ago which I wrote about in this space. Instead of apologizing he has been out of control with his womanizing and it sounds like the relationship is over. Jason Momoa "Game of Thrones"/Lisa Bonet; Justin Theroux "The Leftovers"/Jennifer Aniston

331. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 06/28 **#4**
Everyone knows she is a brilliant songwriter. The thing is though, no one wants to work with her for fear of ending up in a lawsuit. So, no one is buying her songs and no one wants to record with her. Kesha

332. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 06/28 **#5**
It is pretty disrespectful to take your girlfriend with you on a family trip. This permanent A list mostly movie actor has never been one for respect though. His long suffering actress wife just puts up with the facade that the woman is the tutor for the children. Harrison Ford/Calista Flockhart; Michael Douglas/Catherine Zeta-Jones

333. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 06/28 **#6**
This A- list mostly movie actress who got her start on a hit network show before fading and then working her way to A- list recently had a baby. While getting all kinds of work done to get her body back she figured it would be a good chance to work on her face too. Not a good move. She has totally lost the look that made her famous. Mila Kunis

334. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 06/29 **#1**
BET AWARDS: This B+ list host/reality star/part-time actress, is married to an A list celebrity but she was telling people this weekend that the marriage is over. Cheating on both sides is how I hear it. She would never admit to that though. La La Anthony (Carmelo)

335. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 06/29 **#2**
This former tweener actor turned A-/B+ list mostly movie actor was smoking meth with locals this weekend at a very out of the way town. He definitely knew what he was doing. Shia LaBeouf filming "American Honey" in North Dakota

336. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 06/29 **#3**
Dear Quentin Tarantino, I found someone for you to hang out with soon. The celebrity offspring of an A list couple who has done some acting himself was at a party this weekend and kept asking women if he could touch their feet. If they said yes, he would sit down on the floor and rub them for a bit before moving on to the next person. Jaden Smith (Will and Jada Smith)

337. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 06/29 **#4**
This A list female rapper makes a big deal about all the men in her life and the drama in her relationships with them, but she actually prefers women and hooked up with an up and coming female rapper who also happens to be married to a man. Nicki Minaj (Meek Mill and Safaree Samuel)/DeJ Loaf (Ajure Harding)

338. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 06/29 **#5**
This SNL star might not make it through the summer to return for next season if he continues his party habits. The comic was doing coke and popping pills and washing it all down with booze at a party this past week. Bobby Moynihan

339. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 06/29 **#6**
KINDNESS: This former B list mostly movie actor from a big movie franchise turned reality co-host posed with 30-40 fans while waiting for a recent flight and then stopped what he was doing another 20 times on the flight itself to take photos and sign autographs. Kellan Lutz ("Twilight") ("Bullseye")

340. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 06/29 **#7**
This B- list celebrity offspring who calls herself a model, but does not really do much modeling went shopping this weekend with the credit card of her A list celebrity boyfriend. She dropped $50K in a few hours in one store. Apparently the former tweener still has a ton of money if he can afford for her to spend that much that quickly. Hailey Baldwin/Justin Bieber

341. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 06/29 **#8**
Instead of coming out like the world expects him to, this boy bander found another woman to pretend to be with him for the cameras this weekend, The photos were then distributed with a story from his PR team to make it seem like they are a new couple. Louis Tomlinson ("One Direction")/Tamara Bell

342. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 06/29 **#9**
Almost from day one of filming her new movie, this married A list Academy Award nominee/winner has been hooking up with her male co-star. Julia Roberts/Jack O'Connell ("Money Monster")

343. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 06/29 **#10**
This B+ list reality star from an A list reality show passed out in a Vegas elevator after doing too much coke and booze. The woman he picked up got security to help her get him out of the elevator and to his room. Scott Disick "Keeping Up With the Kardashians"

344. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 06/29 **#11**
This is not that long, but I am hoping that the subject really follows through. It turns out that this A list reality star who controls what seemingly is a vast empire is slowly being set up and there could be a huge payoff. Apparently the man she is seeing also has a boyfriend. The man has signed a confidentiality agreement but there is some wiggle room in it about talking to his family. There is a member of his family who is dutifully recording everything the man says and collects all the photos and bits of video. At some point the man knows his relationship with his boyfriend will be discovered and he will be sent to the curb without much if any money. This is his insurance policy. He has some good stuff and apparently won’t be shy about using it. One piece at a time to secure his future or one big piece if the A lister pays up when she realizes everything that has been documented. Kris Jenner/Corey Gamble

345. MR. X 06/29 **#1**
BET AWARDS: This foreign born, almost A-list singer had to be escorted out of the Microsoft Theater after he broke a mirror in his dressing room with a beer bottle. He was beyond drunk and was beyond pissed off that he had to share the stage with another (more established performer). Did I mention his mother was there and witnessed it all? The Weeknd/PROBABLY Alicia Keys

346. MR. X 06/29 **#2**
BET AWARDS: The encounter between the two ex girlfriends that everyone was waiting to happen did happen. Right before the show started, ex girlfriend #1 bumped into ex girlfriend #2 and both gave each other the double-barreled salute. Classy. Rihanna and Karrueche Tran

347. MR. X 06/29 **#3**
BET AWARDS: I figured these two rappers were done feuding, but apparently they haven’t. They almost came to blows backstage after the elder of the two rappers started bragging that she had sex with the younger rapper’s current boyfriend. The younger rapper overheard it all and tried to throw a punch at her until security stepped in. Lil' Kim/Nicki Minaj/Meek Mill

348. MR. X 06/29 **#4**
BET AWARDS: If you were wondering where the girlfriend of that B-list rapper was, she was in Cannes having sex with a much older (married) man who paid her much more than she would have if she attended the BET Awards. Tyga/Kylie Jenner

349. BLIND GOSSIP 06/29 **#1**
We know you’re hungry for gossip on a Monday morning, so gather ’round! We have a couple of EXCLUSIVE bits of gossip about a very famous young celebrity! You may have heard that our beautiful young film star has been house-hunting in a major city. Well, our spies tell us that she has narrowed it down to four properties, all in very high-end buildings. Her budget is $8+ million. She is concerned about security. She wants three to five bedrooms. Why does an unmarried, single girl with no children need so much space? Because we found out that she and her boyfriend are moving in together! Despite rumors that their relationship is on the rocks, they are fine, and they are taking their commitment to the next level by cohabiting! The extra rooms are for his child/ren when they stay over. Now for the weird part. The agents tried to pitch great buildings in several different neighborhoods, but our actress refused to look at those properties. Instead, she gave them an address and told them that she only wanted to look at properties in this particular neighborhood near this particular building. At first, the agents were puzzled about why she wanted to do such an incredibly narrow search. When they figured out who lived in that building, though, their puzzlement turned to surprise. So, just who lives in that building that is the center target of her search? The boyfriend’s famously controlling ex-wife! The ex-wife demanded that her ex-husband live close to her… he convinced our young actress that it was a good idea… and now our young actress is footing the bill for it! Just how close will they be? All four of the properties that our young actress is considering are within 500 feet of the ex-wife’s front door! Jennifer Lawrence/Chris Martin/Gwyneth Paltrow (Tribeca)

350. BLIND GOSSIP 06/29 **#2**
The producers of this TV show really want you to believe that their new host was their top choice. Not even close. This funny female recently admitted that she was approached to host the talk show, but turned down the offer. She wasn’t the only one! We found out that the producers actually approached several other people before finally finding someone who would take the gig. The person who finally accepted the job? Their eleventh choice!
Funny Female: Amy Schumer
Talk Show: "The Daily Show"
New Host: Trevor Noah

351. BLIND GOSSIP 06/29 **#3**
It turns out this gorgeous model was not as happy as she looked in her relationship with that superstar actor! "I probably looked happy on the outside, but on the inside I was miserable! I knew that it wasn’t real and that I was just for show, but when he suddenly rejected me for an actress, it was very shocking and hurtful. I thought that we were friends, but he didn’t even have the courtesy to tell me what he was going to do. He’s a little bit cruel that way. I was embarrassed and mad at myself for investing so many years in a relationship that was never going to go anywhere. Good for my career, but bad for my self-esteem." She is now in a real relationship with a non-celebrity… and is very happy!
Model: Bar Refaeli (engaged to Adi Ezra)
Superstar: Leonardo DiCaprio
Actress: Blake Lively

352. BRAPPP 06/29
This A-list actress who you love for ‘being real’ and ‘down-to-earth’ had a huge meeting with her PR team late last year and decided that to avoid overexposure, she will stay out of the press until late 2015 when her next award-winning film is released and she has to campaign for an Oscar. So much for non-calculated. Jennifer Lawrence/"Joy" (release date December)

353. SANDRA ROSE 06/29
A washed up R&B singer is about to be sued by the personal assistant to the R&B singer’s superstar sister. This singer, who looked an absolute mess at the 2015 BET Awards, is accusing the PA of stalking her. The reality is this singer is so envious of the PA’s closerthanthis relationship with her superstar sister that she reportedly stalks HIM on social media. The R&B singer blames him for stealing her friends (even though she doesn’t have any friends), and she constantly keeps tabs on his movements by calling and texting people who know him. Who does that? The drama will ramp up a notch on Thursday when a TV network airs an episode featuring the singer’s alleged stalker. The PA is in the process of filing restraining orders against the singer, the TV network, and the production company today. He is also planning to file a lawsuit for slander and defamation. He is seeking compensation for his emotional distress, pain and suffering. And he will win because there is evidence against the singer in the form of numerous social media posts directed toward the PA. Insiders whisper that the singer is stalking the PA because he knows something scandalous about her husband that would blow the lid off their private life. I don’t know what the scandalous TEA is, but I can only guess that it is extremely damaging to her and her husband’s public image. Especially considering… Well, I’ll leave it there… for now.
R&B singer: Tamar Braxton
Tamar Braxton destroyed online after singing with Patti LaBelle on BET Awards
Superstar sister: Toni Braxton
Show: "Braxton Family Values"/WEtv

354. ALLIE IS WIRED 06/29
What former reality star stepped out recently wearing a very revealing outfit and accompanied by not one, but two men? Both appeared to be significantly younger than her, but pleased as punch to be on her arm(s). Is she gettin’ her groove on cougar style?
Brandi Granville "Real Housewives of Beverly Hills"

355. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 06/30 **#1**
This B list mostly movie actress is still that high on the list only by who she is with and her past glory. Except for some quick one day things, she has not been working. This is not a good thing for her because boredom with her leads to substance abuse and lately she has been doctor shopping. Three visits to various doctors last week who are known for a quick pen to pad for whatever ails you.

356. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 06/30 **#2**
For whatever reasons, it is usually actresses that have paps that are on their speed dial. Breaking that mold though is this A list mostly movie actor who is an Academy Award winner/nominee. He has two people on call who always seem to snap him with a woman. Never solo and never with a guy. Always with a woman. With the photos they send out to the agencies they usually add a line about how the couple were really into each other. He plays the game really well. Jake Gyllenhaal; Bradley Cooper

357. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 06/30 **#3**
The friendship between these two co-stars on a somehow hit network show has been strained to the point of breaking because the celebrity boyfriend of one of the co-stars hit on the other co-star. Nothing new for him.
Show: "2 Broke Girls"
Celebrity couple: Kat Dennings/Josh Groban
Co-star: Beth Behrs

358. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 06/30 **#4**
You would think that this A list mostly television actress from a very hit very long running network show would get tons of movie offers during her off time. Nope. Her television producers might be stuck with her, but no one wants to deal with her or the people close to her who would be on set with her every day. Kaley Cuoco-Sweeting "The Big Bang Theory"

359. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 06/30 **#5**
At an after party Sunday night, this one word named rapper who managed to avoid his singer ex, was trying to find a woman to take home after the party and apparently you had to agree to have unprotected sex with him. He had no shortage of takers.
Event: "BET Awards"
Rapper: Future
Singer Ex: Ciara

360. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 06/30 **#6**
At an after party Sunday night this pint sized former A list rapper started screaming at this A-/B+ list mostly movie actor who has a really big film on the horizon. Apparently he would only kiss her on the cheek and she started yelling at him for not hitting on her. She said he thought he was too good for her. The scene she made was epic. Well, normal for her, but epic for most places.
Event: "BET Awards"

Rapper: Lil’ Kim
Actor: Michael B. Jordan
Big film: "Creed" Adonis Johnson, the son of Rocky Balboa’s former rival Apollo Creed

361. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 06/30 **#7**
This foreign born B list mostly television actress who is on a long running network show that barely keeps hanging on is finally speaking out about what happened in her marriage to this A-/B+ list mostly television actor with a couple of hit network shows to his credit. He cheated. A lot. Once she found out she dumped him and promised to keep it quiet. Guess she broke that promise.
Actress: Missy Peregrym (born in Canada)
Network show: "Rookie Blue"
Actor: Zachary Levi
Hits: "Less Than Perfect" and "Chuck"

362. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 06/30 **#8**
This A list mogul/ rapper wannabe/celebrity has moved on from his most recent celebrity girlfriend to this OITNB actress who is also going to be the face of one of the products the mogul sells.
Mogul: Sean Puffy P. Diddy Combs
OITNB actress: Dascha Polanco
Celebrity girlfriend: Cassie Ventura (Sean John perfume called 3AM)

363. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 06/30 **#9**
Apparently this A list mostly movie actress who is a multiple Academy Award winner/nominee is under the impression she is more than just a booty call for this A list celebrity. She is making plans for the couple to live together while he is off enjoying being single. Jennifer Lawrence/Chris Martin

364. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 06/30 **#10**
A new breast job and nose job and it appears that this former A list singer turned reality judge is paying for it all by staying with the guy for a week who foot the bill. Then she will move on to her next weekly customer. Nicole Scherzinger

365. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 06/30 **#11**
A first timer in the blinds today. Two years ago, none of you knew his name and two years from now, everyone will probably be asking what happened to him. He could have had it all. I think some part of him wanted to succeed at his chosen profession, but most of him got caught up in the fame and the idea of a quick buck with little to no work. Our celebrity is B+ list. A year ago he was closer to A list and he definitely had a list name recognition. A whirlwind of publicity followed by A listers reaching out to him and wanting to have dinner with him or a drink went to his head. All of that is just an illusion. It is fleeting. He didn’t know that. In order to keep any of that momentum going you need a great team and you need to stay on top of your game. He didn’t have a great team. They turned down the good and kept the bad and assumed offers would keep rolling in. Nope. They dried up along with all of that attention he had received earlier. The money was disappearing. So, he tired to mount a comeback, but it was going to be too hard. Too much drinking. Too much partying. He was cheating on his significant other like crazy. The significant other found out and has all kinds of juicy info. The last chance was gone. He threw it away to keep partying. If he is lucky he might get a job doing something related to his field. Maybe. He has burned a lot of bridges with a lot of people who were trying to help, but when he started star fucking he left them behind. Michael Sam

366. BLIND GOSSIP 06/30 **#1**
This TV star has been all over social media making a big deal out of leaving her show. The only thing is… her public wailing may simply be a negotiating tactic! As of yesterday, she and the producers were still talking! They are offering her $2 million. She wants $3 million. Why should she keep negotiating? First of all, she is not as rich as she pretends to be. Secondly, she has not signed a contract to do anything else. Thirdly, she has a big ego and would miss the attention too much. So, don’t be surprised if those crocodile tears suddenly turn into a big, rich smile! NeNe Leakes "Real Housewives of Atlanta"

367. BLIND GOSSIP 06/30 **#2**
If you were wondering if this male vocalist is really getting serious with the most current girl in his life, wonder no more! It’s serious. Seriously fake, that is! Yes, it’s just another one of those public relations ploys to keep his name out front; to keep his photos in the magazines; and to keep the most gullible of young girls buying what he’s selling (albums, concert tickets, and young hetero love). Louis Tomlinson ("One Direction")/Tamara Bell

368. BLIND GOSSIP 06/30 **#3**
We had really hoped that the younger member of this family would avoid all the pitfalls to which the others fell prey. No such luck. She’s already in deep. The latest? She is actually being coached by one of her parents in both in the art of pleasing a man as well as how to find one to pay her a lot to do it. We’re not talking about a boyfriend or husband here. We’re talking about professional work. Her television fame and young age are already earning her a significant bonus over others who provide similar services. Kylie Jenner (mother Kris Jenner) "Keeping Up With the Kardashians"

369. BRAPPP 06/30
This A-list actress made her name as a comedy and a romantic-comedy actress, but she desperately wants to reinvent herself as a ‘serious actress’ and you’ll notice by her filmography, she’s trying damn hard. She was extremely disappointed to be snubbed for an Oscar recently and that made her realize she wants it now more than ever. She’s refusing to look a scripts for anything that isn’t Oscar bait and she just isn’t getting any good scripts right now, so the actress hasn’t shot a flick for almost a year. Jennifer Aniston

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