NOTE: Guesses in italics are only guesses;
guesses in RED are a link to the solution or substantial clues.

This former B- list mostly movie actor from an acting family says one of his family members is going to hell because of their sexuality. I wonder if he will say the same thing about his own daughter who is also gay.
B- list actor: Stephen Baldwin’s daughter Hailey Rhode Baldwin/relationship with Kendall Jenner)
Family member: Alec Baldwin’s daughter Ireland

It is one thing to quietly tell a couple of friends you are not a fan of something you are getting paid to wear or pretend to like, but this B list mostly movie actress who is clinging by her fingernails to the franchise she was in and her B list status trashed the company and the clothes that pay her six figures a year at one of the stores to employees of the store while making a paid appearance. Idiot. Ashley Greene "DKNY Jeans"

This B- list mostly television actress who got her start on reality television is getting really good at sleight of hand. The world thinks she is dating an actor because of some well placed pics and she is dating the guy sometimes, but she is also dating a married producer on her show in hopes that when the show inevitably gets canceled he will bring her to his next project. When she starts sleeping with a woman then she will have completed the Bowfinger. Katharine McPhee/Elyes Gabel

This married talk show host has been even more obnoxious than usual and will only agree to a permanent co-host who is completely single so she will be free to hook up with him. Matt Lauer "Today"

This still pretty young B list mostly movie actor is an Academy Award winner/nominee. He also has had trouble getting parts the past few years. His significant other said it was because he looked older than he was and talked him into getting some botox. He loved the new look so much that he has now had botox multiple times and plastic surgery to his face and is completely changing the look that made him famous to begin with. He should talk to Jennifer Grey about how that worked for her with a little phone call to Keri Russell.

This B list reality star from the A list network reality show that only attracts C listers is really worried about the new season because not only did our B lister screw over someone close to a new person on the show but also had a love triangle that also left some really bad feelings. Our B lister knows it is going to be miserable seeing the new person almost everyday.
Show: "Dancing With the Stars"
B list reality star: Julianne Hough
Someone close to new person:
Love triangle:

This B list celebrity is now a former reality star again. She also couldn't stop cheating on her partner so the two split and also divided the kids. I really don't understand this new celebrity trend of dividing the kids.

This B list entertainer/athlete/reality star has a curfew that his wife set for him. He also has set times he has to check in each day with his wife and ask before he is allowed to go out. Meanwhile, she is cheating on him. Carmelo and La La Anthony

This hooker to the stars was in a town to meet one currently unemployed NFL player who probably should not be blowing $10K for a weekend. The thing is, after spending two nights with the NFL player she spent one night in town with this A list celebrity who also happens to play football and also shouldn't be hanging around with this particular hooker.
Hooker: Jenna Shea
Unemployed NFL player: Josh Gordon
A list celebrity: Johnny Manziel

10. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 09/01 **#10**
This B list singer thinks her B list athlete boyfriend is just ignoring all the groupies that come after him. He only ignores them when it is convenient as she will soon discover. Iggy Azalea/Nick Young

11. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 09/01 **#11**
This actress on a hit almost television show might be the star, but no one on the show actually likes her or has anything to do with her outside show functions because of some of her political views and beliefs. Diane Kruger "The Bridge" (green beliefs taking to Death Valley without water) ("In L.A., you're the devil if you eat bread")

12. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 09/01 **#12**
#1- This A+list singer says she owes her career to one of her employees who was convicted of beating a woman. Strange twist. Rihanna

#2- This married celebrity chef who always seems to be cheating might not actually be married any longer. She recently filled out a government form and indicated she is single even though she publicly says she is married. Giada De Laurentiis (and a short time later she announced her divorce)

Sweet mother of pearl! This wealthy reality TV housewife has certainly seen her troubles in life. She chooses to drown her sorrows by chugging her life away, and it is swiftly catching up with her. She drinks constantly and, unfortunately for her, it shows. Her husband tolerates it because he is a dirty hound and doesn’t have a leg to stand on in the integrity department. This family is in major turmoil, and is struggling to deal with it. She often shows up to scenes drunk as a skunk, which forces production to delay taping until she can sober up enough to film. I say just go with it, and plunk her into the scenes where everyone is tanked… there are plenty of those, and it would certainly give the production budget a break. Ramona Singer "Real Housewives of New York City"

This B+ list mostly television actor who is on one of the best network shows and maybe will get some Emmy love next year is more known for two different television roles. He is also married but that didn't stop him from showing off his still in college girlfriend to a group of friends the other night. Chris Noth/"The Good Wife"/"Law & Order"/Mike Logan; "Sex and the City"/Mr. Big (do you think he raped this woman too?) (Sex and the City star Chris Noth is accused of RAPE and sexual assault by TWO women - one of whom claims she needed stitches after 2004 assault in his apartment when he was 49 and she was just 22)

This foreign born A-/B+ list mostly movie actor who has been in some of the biggest franchises in the movies got drunk and caused a scene at a wedding this past weekend when he hooked up with a woman. They probably could have escaped without notice but they chose to have sex in the same room the wedding cake was being stored. Orlando Bloom

This A list mostly movie actor who is really close to A+ probably would get the higher grade if he relied more on acting rather than his looks used to have phone sex daily with this celebrity who is causing waves this week with her role in the split of an A list marriage. Oh, she was only 16 when she was having phone sex with our actor.
Movie actor:
Celebrity: Jasmine Sanders
A list marriage: Mariah Carey/Nick Cannon

The biggest diva on a new network show this year might not actually be Katherine Heigl. This B list mostly television actress, who also does some movies is getting another shot at network television in a lead role and has been making life miserable for the production assistants on the shows. Prepare for the wrath of our actress if her tea, two bags, with exactly 1 1/2 cups of water is not the proper temperature. The screaming can be heard throughout the entire set. Hair not up to her level? Well, two hair people have quit because of her tantrums and "suggestions." Our actress also can't walk from her trailer to the set even if it is 25 feet. She needs a golf cart and she needs at least two, preferably three people to accompany her to make her feel even more important. Téa Leoni "Madam Secretary"

This couple is taking a break now after this B list mostly movie actress with A list name recognition and a very high profile relationship in her past discovered that her B list mostly movie actor was having a fling with his co-star in something that is not on television or in a movie. On a slow week this split might get a cover of a tabloid. They will probably cite schedule issues as the reason for their split.
B list movie actress: Robin Wright
High profile in past: Sean Penn
B list movie actor: Ben Foster
Co-star: Vanessa Kirby
Show: "A Streetcar Named Desire" (Broadway)

This very recent former American Idol contestant released naked cell phone photos of herself yesterday to try and get some publicity and get included in the list of celebrities. Tenna Torres

This deeply closeted recent American Idol contestant makes a living off his female fan base. The thing is he cheated on his now ex-boyfriend and the ex-boyfriend is doing a lot of talking to the point where our singer is probably going to be forced out of the closet. Right now the singer is telling the world that he has no idea who this ex-boyfriend even is. Uh huh. This is NOT who some Adam Lambert fans would like it to be.

This former B list celebrity and reality star who owes her fame to an A+ list mostly movie actor is still going through with her wedding despite being cheated on in the last month by her future husband. She says she doesn't expect him to be faithful. Elisabetta Canalis (George Clooney)

This B list mostly movie actor who is an Academy Award winner/nominee spent his holiday drunk and smoking what appeared to be meth and hitting on women. His approach usually was him going up to a woman or a group of women and taking their phone from their hands or off their towels and asking them who wanted a photo with him and if they wanted him to wear what he was wearing or show more skin. He then would try and kiss the women if they agreed to a photo. The guy is an ass. Cuba Gooding Jr.

23. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 09/02 **#10**
This former A list singer is now trying to hang on to B listerdom and is only doing so because of her name. One of her sources of income dropped her though after she used her ALS ice bucket challenge as a commercial for all of her endeavors and using the video to sell things online.

24. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 09/02 **#11**
I guess it was about a year ago when you saw this B+ list entertainer hanging out frequently with this A list celebrity who most people don't like. She is on multiple reality shows. They were a couple. She will tell you they weren't, but they were. The thing is he never was all that into her which was completely foreign to her. When she dates guys, they usually want her all the time. She was pretty sure he was not gay and when they did get around to having sex every few weeks she said it was really good, but he just never wanted her. One day she got a very disturbing call from someone close to her. Someone who has been really affected by what they saw. The phone caller told our A lister to go to the house of the B lister at a certain time the next day. The A lister skipped out on a business meeting to show up at the house and saw the B lister naked in a swimming pool with a female in her very early teens. They were not doing anything but swimming and the B lister had a logical explanation. But, the caller from the day before had been very insistent and so our A lister went back in the house and went up to the B lister's bedroom and she found two sets of clothes and a condom wrapper. She says she took two pictures of the scene exactly as she saw it and as the B lister was coming up the stairs our A lister went down them and called him a fucking pervert and walked out the door and they have not spoken since. The A lister told this story to someone that same day and produced the photos and our A lister did so because she didn't want anyone to think she had anything to do with it and also she said she feared for her safety and wanted a record of what happened. There have always been stories about the B lister and females in their mid to late teens and one of his more high profile relationships came crashing down because of a 16 year old he was caught in bed with. Lately there have been rumblings that he has started to find females who are not even in their teens yet. The A lister has her story and some evidence, but she will only produce it if someone comes forward because she doesn't want to just produce it and nothing happen or him get away with it. The thing is, until she does though, he is getting away with it.
B+ list entertainer:
A list celebrity:
High profile relationship:

25. BLIND GOSSIP 09/02 **#1**
This talented performer is absolutely furious with a guy who used to be on her TV show! She always knew that he had misogynistic tendencies, but she is completely outraged about his latest remarks about women. She says that if they were working together, she would demand that the producers fire him. Since they are not working together, though, she is just going to quietly tell people she knows in the industry that they should not support his next project. She is a bigger star than him so it actually might have an impact.
Female Performer: Christina Aguliera
Misogynist: Cee Lo Green
TV Show: "The Voice"

(his rape comments)

26. BLIND GOSSIP 09/02 **#2**
This TV Girl was recently in Las Vegas… and she was WILD! If she was some young, unmarried celeb, it would not be such a big deal. But she is in her 40s, she is married, she has a child, and she has a very profitable brand that depends on her wholesome family image! Here are some of her habits that her corporate sponsors probably don’t know about: She has a huge sexual appetite that is only satisfied with men who are not her husband; she loves to party; she is down with the swirl; and she enjoys having more than one man at a time. Those appetites were on full display in Vegas recently. While partying with a musician friend at 2:00 am, she found one chocolate guy and one cafe au lait guy to snack on. She sat on one’s lap and gave the other a little taste of her tongue… and then left with both of them at 4:00 am. Here is one more tasty tidbit: We just found out that she separated from her husband MONTHS ago, that they are living in different residences, and that they are heading for a divorce! You heard it here first. She is stalling on the announcement due to concerns about how it will impact her brand. Giada De Laurentiis

27. BLIND GOSSIP 09/02 **#3**
This young and famous female celebrity is absolutely convinced that she has been hacked and that her pics are the next ones that will be publicly revealed. She stored her photos on the iCloud, thinking that no one would ever see them, but now is sure that she was hacked. She has been on the phone for the past couple of days crying to her mom, her attorney and her publicist in anticipation of the photos being released. What’s surprising is that she is NOT terribly worried about the impact the photos might have on her career. She doesn’t think it would be all that horrible. What she is worried about is how her celebrity ex-boyfriend will react! He’s in those pics, too. She swore up and down to him that she erased them a long time ago. She lied. She kept all the pics of him, of her, and of the two of them together.
Kendall Jenner/Harry Styles; Kylie Jenner/Jaden Smith; Ariana Grande/Jai Brooks

28. RADAR ONLINE 09/03
From table-tossing to weave-pulling and everything in between, Bravo producers have always had a no-holds-barred approach to drama on The Real Housewives of New Jersey. But this season, has learned, one housewife crossed the line. With booze flowing and the cameras rolling, she let loose in a raunchy, X-rated scene the likes of which network execs had never seen. But the tape will never see the light of day, a source reveals — because another cast member involved in the scandal threatened to sue! Radar has learned that the seamy scandal unfolded during a cast trip to Atlantic City. Liquored up and with their husbands nowhere to be seen, the ladies quickly got raunchy. "The girls were all asked if somebody would demonstrate the proper way to give a blow job on a bottle of beer," a show insider reveals. "One of the housewives really rose to the occasion." With the cameras rolling, "She volunteered to demonstrate" the X-rated act, according to the insider. Not long after, the night got even sleazier when the same housewife admitted to using sex toys on her husband! "She alluded to the fact that one of the games she and her husband play in the bedroom involves a strap on," says the source. "The rest of the girls sat shocked, refusing to partake in any of the sexual demonstrations." Upon returning from AC, the sex-crazed housewife had the hardest morning after of her life when she told her husband what had happened. Livid, he "immediately phoned Bravo threatening to sue them for defamation of character and slander should this footage ever be shown," according to the source. "Bravo, likely not wanting to deal with the courtroom drama, opted to shelve the footage." But although eagle-eyed viewers might have seen a clue in a recent episode, the RHONJ couple’s nighttime adventures will stay secret for now. Jokes the source, "Maybe one day viewers will get lucky, and the footage will end up in an adult video store!" Amber and Jim Marchese "Real Housewives of New Jersey"

If you want to be a production assistant on the television show starring this A list comedian/actor you better be a woman and young and willing to sleep with him. He is not the nice guy that everyone seems to think he is. Louis C. K.

Shortly before this B list mostly television actor from a hit cable show got married he had a fling with his B list actress co-star. The actress thought it was a serious thing and keeps threatening that she will tell the actor's now wife about the fling. Apparently the actress went so far as to invite the wife to lunch, but didn't tell her anything at the lunch. Aaron Paul/Krysten Ritter "Breaking Bad"

This foreign born A- list mostly movie actor is going through women so fast that he went out to get some coffee and left behind in his bed a woman he picked up the night before and she was still there when he brought back someone he picked up while getting coffee. He then told the first woman to leave and she did and the second woman stayed. Gerard Butler (the crazy part is the first woman who left is now the woman who he is allegedly engaged to so I guess she is ok with this kind of thing)

This B list comedienne/sometime actress/television mogul got into a fight and had to be held back from this B+ list mostly movie actress who got her start on television. Apparently the comedienne thinks the actress is ripping off jokes and using them for herself in her own standup.

This B list actress has been in some very nice box office movies and had a great run on a very hit pay cable show. She has trotted out boyfriends for some red carpets but they never seem to show up together off a red carpet. Our actress has a long time girlfriend who lives with her and it is not the actress who wants to stay in the closet, but her girlfriend, who does not want to have her family know so our actress plays along. Mary Louise Parker

The most well protected actress is probably this B+/A- list mostly television actress on a hit network show. She used to be in movies. Her boyfriend says the protection is because of his job and he wants to keep her safe. In reality he is jealous and wants to keep an eye on her and to give him notice if she tries to catch him cheating. Lucy Lui/Noam Gottesman (Israeli-American hedge-fund billionaire)

This openly gay B+/A- list mostly television actor has a blonde wig he loves wearing when he is out at clubs picking up guys. His significant other knows about it because our actor looks ridiculous and everyone knows who he is. Sean Hayes

Apparently this A- list mostly television actress who will be looking for work soon when her hit show finally ends is not even on speaking terms with her boss after he refused to give her a part on another show he executive produces. Lea Michele ("Glee")/Ryan Murphy ("American Horror Story")

This B list mostly television actress who does have an Academy Award win met a waiter who is much much younger than our actress. She moved him in to her home and her bedroom where they are frequently joined by his former roommate. The actress says she should have got divorced much earlier in life and had no idea what she was missing. Marcia Gay Harden

38. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 09/03 **#10**
This B list actress from a hit almost television show can't believe that no one has asked her or confronted her with the fact that she cheated on her long time actor boyfriend with another guy for the final four months they were "together." Don't worry, her ex has been talking a little, but is just now figuring out the details and then there will be lots of talking. Kate Mara ("House of Cards")/Max Minghella

39. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 09/03 **#11**
KINDNESS: This actress has never been in a blind before. If you are going to be in one, then a Kindness is the way to go and this one is really over the top. The actress is someone you might not be able to put a face with, but she is seemingly a regular on twenty shows. OK, the number is probably closer to three, but to be a regular on that many shows means she works a ton. The shows run the gamut from cable to network and she even has managed to squeeze in a few movies too. Great actress. Some of her family members have served and currently serve in the military and our actress has personally met more troops than most celebrities combined. She has let service members and their families stay in her home when they don't have enough money to stay in a hotel during brief reunions. She has babysat kids of service members so their parents can have time alone. She donates a great portion of her paychecks to various causes related to wounded veterans and returning veterans and family members who have to stay behind. She has helped raise well over a million dollars for these causes and she is beloved by every military family she meets. I have had three separate families from completely different parts of the country tell me they have met her and they couldn't believe she was at their base or helping out and they all love her. Carrie Preston; Judy Greer; Natalie Zea; Kathryn Hahn

40. BLIND GOSSIP 09/03 **#1**
A well-known Actor really wanted the lead role in a film that was being cast by an Oscar-nominated/winning Director. Our Actor even went straight to The Director to ask for the part. After that meeting, he privately bragged – and publicly hinted – that he had successfully landed the much-coveted role. Fast-forward a couple of weeks, and the Director announced the lead would be played by… a different actor! Our Actor was genuinely shocked. He thought he had that role on lock! What happened? Well, Our Actor made the critical mistake of bad-mouthing his ex. Instead of publicly returning fire, she made a simple phone call to The Director. You see, she acts, too. In fact, she has previously worked with The Director. She told The Director that she really enjoyed working with him – and would like to work with him again – but would feel uncomfortable doing so if he started working with the ex who was now trying to make her look bad. Our Actress didn’t need to beg or threaten or give ultimatums. The Director understood and made a smart decision. He sided with the bigger star. He told Our Actress that he had a project in mind for her and was looking forward to working with her again. Then he gave the much-coveted role that Our Actor wanted to someone else.
Our Actor: Nick Cannon
Our Actress: Mariah Carey (acted in "Precious")
Film: Richard Pryor biopic
The Director: Lee Daniels
Actor who got the role: Mike Epps

41. THE NEW YORKER 09/03
It’s that time of year again: The New Yorker Festival blind items are back! We’re ten days away from revealing the 2014 lineup, but here are a few hints. Can you guess the Festival participants described by these blind items?
1. Which American author is also a beekeeper? Paul Theroux
2. Which foulmouthed comedian cleaned up his or her language to voice a Disney film? Susie Essman, who voiced Mittens in "Bolt"
3. Which singer-songwriter is an expert wine taster? Sharon Van Etten
4. Which Oscar-winning film director and screenwriter said that Rudyard Kipling should write screenplays? Robert Towne, who wrote the screenplay for "Chinatown"
5. Which sports figure instituted "silence days," on which no one was allowed to talk during practice? Phil Jackson, the president of the New York Knicks
6. Which recent Emmy winner credits "Anna Karenina," which she read four times in high school, with her decision to take up acting? Julianna Margulies
7. Who, before becoming a renowned author, was a translator of the Bible? Karl Ove Knausgaard
8. Which co-creator of a cult horror-film series started out working at a show that he describes as "David Letterman for teen-agers?" Leigh Whannell, the co-creator of "Saw"
9. Which four-man rock band has three performers with the same first name? Imagine Dragons, which features the vocalist Dan Reynolds, the guitarist Daniel "Wayne" Sermon, the bassist Ben McKee, and the drummer Daniel Platzman
10. Which New Yorker writer, who will join the Festival for a return engagement, is also an award-winning creator of palindromes? Roger Angell

42. MOUTH TO EARS 09/03
Shade or nah??? Their husbands are besties but this reality TV star and real life diva are no longer friends. They really showed out at the recent VMA awards. This diva made the realty TV star and her family take the stairs because the diva and her crew wouldn’t let them ride the elevator with them. But this diva should really focus on her own family business instead of throwing shade. The tension is so thick that the diva’s sister walked the red carpet then hid in her sister’s dressing room in order to avoid her soon to be ex brother in law.
Diva: Beyoncé Knowles
Reality TV star: Kim Kardashian
Diva’s sister: Solange Knowles
Soon to be ex brother in law: Jay-Z

The terrible Hollywood nude picture hacking scandal is being looked at as an opportunity by one REAL HOUSEWIFE whom is planning to leak naked pictures and then pretend she was hacked. She wants to think she is in the same category as Jennifer Lawrence and other A-List celebs, plus, this will give her a chance to make herself more famous and then hide behind the cover of the scandal. The images that have been leaked online so far are only believed to be a small portion of a huge collection of such explicit photographs that a group of unidentified hackers has been amassing for months. DESPERATE! Joanna Krupa "Real Housewives of Miami"

At dinner the other night with several friends in attendance, this former B list musician who is still a B list celebrity because of his name pulled out a ring and asked this actress to marry him. Apparently there was a look of horror on the face of the actress and she told him that it wasn't the time or place right then. Our celebrity slumped back in his seat, but didn't leave which is what I think most people would have done. Benji Madden/Cameron Diaz

This married A+ list singer who sometimes is a really bad movie actor took two women back to his hotel room a couple of weeks ago. One of the women bailed when the singer suggested a threesome, but the other woman spent the night. Justin Timberlake

This pairing could result in several number one records. In a private room in a restaurant out of the country, this couple had a date. Just the two of them. An A+ list singer and an A+ list mostly movie actor. They have been planning this one for awhile. Three hours and I don't think they were talking about her movie career or his sometime girlfriend who was half a world away. Taylor Swift/Bradley Cooper (both in London)/Suki Waterhouse (in Brazil)

This B list mostly television actress who has always managed to find work on network television as a regular was picking up some extra cash by posing for some photos with a product. They told her to dress casual so she showed up with a tight shirt and no bra. The company wanted her to wear a bra and she said no and said if they wanted her, they would take her as she came. The company finally backed down but shot the photos to make them as PG as possible. Usually she just does what everyone tells her, so this was different.

This married politician has been in the news a lot in the past couple of years for his cheating and apparently he still has not learned his lesson as a new woman is selling her story and she has photos too. Anthony Weiner

FASHION WEEK: Fashion Week has barely started and we have our first coke related story. Last night while entering a party this dark haired B+ list mostly television actress on a very hit network show was getting her identification out of her purse and with it came a vial containing her coke and it fell to the sidewalk and shattered and our actress literally started crying. Not at being caught, but because she had just bought it and now it was all gone.

The relationship they both need. She wants some positive publicity and a good looking guy. He would like people to remember him and certainly has no plans to actually sleep with her. Seems like the perfect relationship for this back to acting B lister and this former A- list singer. Katie Holmes/Robin Thicke

This judge on a popular cooking show is just as much of an a-hole in real life as he is on the show. Unless you are a very attractive young woman, you will never get him to say hi or get a photo or an autograph. If you are an attractive young woman you will get more than just a photo if you want. Joe Bastianich "Master Chef"

This married former A- list mostly television actress on a syndicated show that looked a lot like another show kind of had her career go to hell, but does have A list name recognition and A list plastic surgery. Too much of it really. Married to a celebrity, this actress was spotted in a Starbucks one day popping pills every 15-20 minutes and when people would look at her screamed they were vitamins. She would then go to the bathroom and come back and sit quietly and 15 minutes later, the same thing would happen. It went on for about two hours before she left. Nikki Cox/ "Unhappily Ever After" (A slightly cleaner take-off of "Married with Children")/Jay Mohr

53. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 09/04 **#10**
This A list rapper who speaks multiple languages only dates women who don't speak English and who just arrived from a different country. He says it makes him feel more powerful and also if something goes wrong he can take care of the situation easier. I'm not sure what the something goes wrong entails. Pitbull

54. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 09/04 **#11**
#1- This actress, who is a regular on NCIS or spinoff has been having an affair almost from day one of filming with her married co-star.

#2- This CSI regular who has been on other network show claims he is straight, but he only hires male escorts. He also is known as someone who will beat them which is basically how he is all the time. I can't believe how few times this guy has got in trouble.

#3- This married CSI regular who has been A list in the past had a little fling with this celebrity known for breaking up a very big political marriage.

55. MOUTH TO EARS 09/04
Ooh he nasty!!! This baller likes to play games on and off the court. You would think with the recent scandal involving his team’s owner, that this NBA basketball player would be a little more cautious with his alleged adulterous ways. He not only is smashing women outside of his marriage, but he is also verbally abusive to his wife. At this point she is so mentally messed up that she looses friends she thinks may sleep with her husband.

56. BLIND GOSSIP 09/04
This perky film actress leaves a trail of destruction wherever she goes… and she is back to her old tricks again! There are a LOT of famous celebrities in this one, so brace yourselves! Perky was married for many years to Affable, a famous film actor. However, while she was away filming a rather intense movie, Perky had an affair with her equally intense costar. Her husband found out and went absolutely ballistic on both Perky and Intense! However, he could not salvage the relationship. Affable and Perky wound up divorcing the following year, and Intense broke up with his longtime girlfriend to be with Perky. Despite all their passion and intensity, Perky and Intense did not last as a couple. After they split up, Intense reconciled with his ex-girlfriend (the same one he had dumped for Perky) and married her. Perky went on to have another affair, this time with a famous musician. Now, this Musician was in a long-time marriage with a beautiful Model… but that was no deterrent for Perky! You can probably guess what happened. Musician left his long-time marriage to be with Perky. That brings us to today. Perky and Musician recently broke up. Intense and his wife are now separated. That is no coincidence. Perky and Intense just can’t seem to quit each other… and have destroyed three long marriages in the process!
Perky Actress: Meg Ryan
Her Affable Actor Ex-Husband: Dennis Quaid
Intense Actor: Russell Crowe
Intense Actor’s Wife: Danielle Spencer
Musician: John Mellancamp
Musician’s Model Ex-Wife: Elaine Irwin

57. MR. X 09/05 **#1**
Which A++ list music power couple had the cash cow of that TV family who just won't go away frisked off by security when she tried to enter their private after party following the VMAs? Beyoncé/Jay-Z/Kim Kardashian

58. MR. X 09/05 **#2**
What almost A-list former tweener had some of her PR team pose as some of her rabid fans and tweet death threats to rival singers and their PR teams? She really is that vile. Ariana Grande’s "Arianators"

59. MR. X 09/05 **#3**
Judging by the way he acted this past weekend, this late night host lived up to the rumors about him being an undercover racist.

60. MR. X 09/05 **#4**
Which A+ list actress and Oscar winner/nominee sent some of those risque photos to the man who is rumored to be responsible for her Oscar win? Jennifer Lawrence/(PROBABLY) Harvey Weinstein (producer of "Silver Linings Playbook")

61. MR. X 09/05 **#5**
What former boybander turned mega-successful solo artist isn't rebutting an article in a French tabloid about him cheating on his wife with a female "backup dancer"? Justin Timberlake

62. MR. X 09/05 **#6**
What recently deceased actor-comic and Oscar winner/nominee once had sex with an actress/comic whom he considered one of his closet friends early on [think early '70s] in both their careers? They decided to remain just that after that one night stand gone wrong.
Robin Williams/Whoopi Goldberg

63. MR. X 09/05 **#7**
Which one-named R&B songstress and sometime actress who was the music world's it girl in the '90s recently screamed at a fan wanting an autograph to "leave me the fuck alone"? Brandy

64. MR. X 09/05 **#8**
What sometime actor and offspring of that A+ list mostly movie actor and that B-list mostly TV actress purposefully wandered into some staged paparazzi photos at that west coast music festival with that A/B-list former child actress and that athlete's son? They avoided him throughout the event because he was borderline stalking them.
Sometime actor and offspring: Jaden Smith
Parents: Will Smith and Jada Pinkett Smith
West coast music festival: 2014 Made in America Festival
A/B- list child actress: Chloe Moretz|
Athlete’s son: Brooklyn Beckham (David)

This Teen Mom is using her child support money to support the drug habit of herself and significant other. She has already run through her money from the show.
Leah Messer

Only this former A list television actress who is now lucky to be a B- lister could screw up a sex tape this badly. Desperate for money, our actress wanted a sex tape not only for publicity, but she knows it would be a big seller. The thing is though she wanted someone famous to be in the sex tape with her but no one who is famous wants to be or needs to be in a sex tape so she keeps making them with people and can't decide which one to leak. Minka Kelly

The wife of this A list mostly movie actor who was something else to the actor before she became his girlfriend then wife was on a 36 hour drug bender and couldn't be found while with her husband who is out promoting his newest movie. The husband was getting ready to call the police when she finally showed up back at the hotel. Ethan/Ryan Hawke (nanny) "Venice Film Festival"

This former B list mostly movie actress from an iconic movie who doesn't really act any longer but still has a high profile entertainment gig was caught horizontal and half naked with this former A list mostly movie actor in his dressing room before he was set to go on air to talk about his new movie. Apparently they decided that once was not enough and got busted again after his interview and the producers asked the actor to leave, but no word on whether the former actress was disciplined.

#1 - This B list jerk of an actor who stars on an ensemble network show which is on its very last legs spent time filming out of the country and hit on anything that moved, male or female, but his girlfriend is still planning on marrying him. Probably. She did walk out on him the other day when he was hitting on the waitress during dinner. Matthew Morrison ("Glee")/Renee Puente (while filming "Tulip Fever" in England)

#2 - The girlfriend of this singer who alternates between A list and A+ list says they have had sex once in the past nine months. Someone should tell her to put on a wig and tell him to pretend she is a man. That is what his ex-wife did. Grace Miguel/Usher/Tameka

#3 - This former C list reality star with much higher name recognition who seems to move from one celebrity boyfriend to the next recently gave birth. She hired three nannies to cover the 24 hours in a day and even a weekend shift. One of her friends asked her about it and the answer was that the baby was her retirement fund and she has no interest in actually spending any time with the baby except for photos to show a judge in any custody hearing. Evelyn Lozada

#4 - Kindness- This Teen Wolf actress was at the mall last week when a man had a heart attack. She performed CPR on him and brought him back and was there until the paramedics got there. No one knew who she was. One of the paramedics who came recognized her, but wasn't sure until she gave her name for the report. Holland Roden

This reality TV dad is a wannabe mobster. He idolizes the mob "lifestyle," so much so, he’s dabbled in mob related activities using his legit business as a meeting point. He’s inspired by cult flicks like The Godfather but just like the movie, he’s fake! The fugazi wiseguy is enamored with legendary mafia bosses and their family members. This wannabe Don Corleone should keep off the turnpike and deal with his own family drama. We hear it’s a motherfucker!
Salvatore "Sal Napolitano "Real Housewives of New Jersey"

A month after signing with BET to shoot another reality show (her 3rd I believe), the network pulled the plug and gave today’s blind item the boot. Know why? Because our blind item was too busy chasing professional athletes, being a diva and not showing up for taping. Here’s what an insider had to say: "While on the road her DJ was threatening to leave the tour if he didn’t get paid. Her checks are bouncing and she needs an another athlete to save her." Keyshia Cole

FASHION WEEK: This C+ list mostly movie actress/part-time model could have moved up to B list if producers had invited her back for the huge sequel that just started filming. Instead, she was overheard talking about how she would try and get some of her old S&M clients back. Our actress offers a no sex, but lots of punishment service. Cody Horn ("Magic Mike XXL")

FASHION WEEK: The wife of this New York basketball player who could have been A+ list but for injuries went off on two women who were convinced the wife was Laverne Cox. The reason she went off is two minutes earlier another person thought she was Laverne too. The wife yelled at the women by saying, "Does it look like I ever had a dick?" Alexis (Amare) Stoudemire

FASHION WEEK: Apparently this former A list tweener who is now in trouble with the law again made a move on this A list model that was not appreciated and was sharing the story this week. The model told her B list celebrity/reality star/A+ list gorgeous boyfriend who promptly punched our former tweener in the stomach hard enough where the tweener was crumpled on a beach and didn't move for 20 minutes. Justin Bieber/Shanina Shaik/Tyson Beckford

This offspring of an A list designer is probably a C+ list celebrity dating a B+ list celebrity. He also managed to become only the second person banned from the biggest celebrity haunt on the planet right now. Apparently smoking crack is prohibited and he did it after being warned once. Ricky Hilfiger (Tommy)/Rita Ora

A couple of reporters from a tabloid have settled in front of the house of this A list mostly television actress from a very hit network show, not to catch her cheating (although they would love that), but to see if her husband ever comes home or even lives there or if the marriage is a sham. Kerry Washington ("Scandal")/Nnamdi Asomugha

This has got to hurt. This A list reality star from an A list reality show has the name of her still husband tattooed below her bikini line and apparently that has not gone over well with some of her lovers so she is getting it lasered off. Khloé Kardashian (Lamar)

FASHION WEEK: This Disney star who is second billed on her show could spend more time in the blinds than Rita Ora. She is a total diva and is still in her teens. The actress got a second row seat at a show and lost her mind. After she lost her mind she walked out and said the designer would regret it. I think this designer doesn't care what anyone thinks. It is a side gig. Peyton List/Gwen Stefani L.A.M.B.

This B+ list mostly television actress on a very hit pay cable show made a very good point, but just went about it the wrong way. She used some time with this A list model/reality host/mogul to pitch herself as the host of a regular spin off show instead of the former B list actress used now. The problem is our B+ lister brought it up every five seconds to the point where the A lister told her to shut up.
B+ television actress: Emmy Rossum
Show: "Shamless"
A list model/reality host/mogul: Heidi Klum
Spin off show: "Project Runway All Stars"
B list actress: Alyssa Milano

This former A+list singer who now relies mostly on television to make money is trying every trick she can to get her ex to help her out with her career. With him around she was at the top and now she is not. Apparently he wants to hook up with her and I think she might do it even though she is with someone else.
Former A+ list singer: Christina Aguilera
Television: "The Voice"
Ex: Jordan Bratman
Current: Matthew Rutler

81. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 09/06 **#10**
Apparently this A list singer with A++ list name recognition has nothing to do with any social media being released in her name. Photos are being taken and then her team is putting captions on photos. When she performs, the random things not a song are put on teleprompter for her to read. She is just a puppet at this point. Britney Spears

This former A list mostly movie actress who kind of fell off the planet when she and the A list mostly television actor got divorced more than a decade ago has had her chances to work. Really famous for one iconic movie, the actress recently got a chance to star in an independent movie with a small budget and a great script. The budget was tiny but our actress wanted two separate trailers and cakes, yes cakes, delivered three times a day each day of shooting and had specific dimensions and flavors for each cake. Yeah, the producers passed and ended up landing two Academy Award winners/nominees for the lead roles.
Actress: Kim Basinger
Ex-husband: Alec Baldwin
Iconic movies: "9 1/2 Weeks"
Independent movie: "At Middleton"
Two lead roles: Vera Farmiga/Andy Garcia

This A list mostly movie actress who is still very young and an Academy Award winner/nominee might have to stop making movies in the next year or two unless she has surgery to correct a problem with her vision. She is slowly going blind.

This A- list mostly television actress who will be out of work soon left her boyfriend home the other night because she wanted to hook up with her B+ list mostly television actor one time co-star again after they hooked up on set just prior to her finding her boyfriend. Lea Michele ("Glee")/Charlie Hunnam ("Sons Of Anarchy")

This married A list female celebrity chef was offered a spot on RH-NY. At this point she has not said no, but I can't imagine her saying yes. She doesn't want her baggage aired in public.
Giada De Laurentiis "Real Housewives of New York City"

It might have been a charity event but that doesn't mean these A listers were kind to each other or even spoke to each other. The foreign born A list mostly movie actor hooked up with this A list mostly movie actress who is an Academy Award winner/nominee during a movie. He was and is married although that is on its last legs now. She was involved with someone too. She thought he was leaving his wife. He wasn't and they haven't spoken since.
Charity event: "Stand Up To Cancer"
Foreign A list actor:
A list actress:

FASHION WEEK - Kindness & Jackass: This A-/B+ list mostly television actress who is on a hit network show and seems to move from one hit to the next gave up her front row seat to someone who was disabled. The companion to the person in the wheelchair was hoping to sit next to them, but this former B- list mostly television actress from a hit almost network show who lives off her last name and thinks she is a blogger wouldn't give up her seat so the companion had to go to the back where our A-/B+ lister joined her and later made sure the designer knew about the other actress.
KINDNESS: Connie Britton
JACKASS: Katie Cassidy

This foreign born B list celebrity/former reality star needs rehab. Badly. Has for quite some time. She will probably end up going but she is going to use an excuse of something that happened in the past week to make people feel sorry for her instead of fessing up that she has been on a coke and booze train to nowhere for some time. Kelly Osbourne (death of Joan Rivers)

Someone is lying. She says they have an amazing sex life while he says they have not had sex in this calendar year. Considering she is telling the world and he is telling his boyfriend it is a tossup deciding who is being truthful. Kim Kardashian/Kanye West

This west coast Housewife cut off her daughter because the daughter has been selling information about mom to the tabloids.

91. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 09/07 **#10**
This A list singer/rapper put on a brave face this weekend at some events that had been previously scheduled. Just last week she suffered a miscarriage and was said to be devastated. Nicki Minaj

FASHION WEEK: This B- list mostly television actress from a fairly hit pay cable show was overheard talking about one of her co-stars who she used to date. She says the hardest acting she ever has to do is pretending she even likes the guy after he cheated on her multiple times during the brief time they dated and that even though he has a girlfriend now he says that he would love to get back together with the actress. Lizzy Caplan/Michael Sheen/Sarah Silverman "Masters of Sex"

Apparently this foreign born A- list mostly movie actress, who only gets that high on the list because of the franchise she headlines can't stand her most recent co-star and said some really nasty things to the foreign born actress who would be C+ as an actress but almost has higher name recognition than the A lister. They were standing on the red carpet posing and our A lister started talking smack under her breath until the C+ lister said something which sounded like, "then why did your husband try to fuck me?"
Foreign A- list movie actress/husband: Kate Beckinsale/Len Wiseman
Movie franchise: "Underworld"
Foreign born co-star: Cara Delevingue
Movie: "The Face of an Angel"

This B+ list mostly movie actor has dated lots of famous actresses. Way higher on the list than him. His most recent significant other is an A- list mostly movie actress who really shouldn't have taken a certain role because it dropped her down from A list. Anyway, our actor was caught sucking face with a volunteer at the festival where he was showing his movie and he said the pair have split. He might be right but there has been no statement. Never get busted before the statement. Justin Long/Amanda Seyfried "Lovelace"

There is sleeping with someone for tracks, for a part, or even for money. This former A list mostly television actress turned A list celebrity and reality star for a paycheck slept with this international B list celebrity just for his endorsement. He didn't give it though. Pamela Anderson/Julian Assange

This A-/B+ list mostly movie actor who is good looking and can do everything from comedy to drama is also an Academy Award winner/nominee. While in Toronto he had personal police protection and a security detail provided by the studio because the actor has received numerous death threats because of things he has said regarding the conflict in the Middle East. Mark Ruffalo (remarks)

This A- list mostly movie actor with A list name recognition is an Academy Award winner/nominee. He was stoned and drunk out of his mind on a red carpet this past week and at an after party got even worse. He was groping and fondling anyone who came near him and propositioning everyone who stayed longer than a second. Jonah Hill "GQ Men Of The Year Awards 2014"

This B+/A- list mostly television actress is the lead on a hit network show that has been on a couple of years now. She has gone back to back now on network hits for different networks. She is also single and on four different dating sites because she says she wants to get married before the end of the year. Yes, this year. Yes, as in three months from now. Jennifer Morrison "House M.D."/"Once Upon A Time" (split with Sebastian Stan)

This former A list model turned brief reality star turned celebrity arranged for a pap to meet her. The place they met was filled with people holding birthday parties outside and packed and our model kept trying to get people out of the way so she could pose for photos with her family members. She made everyone so angry they all tried to photobomb the photos until she gave up and left. Molly Sims photo

100. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 09/08 **#9**
This Academy Award winning actress thought she could live where she wanted and do what she wanted and that people would still come calling her. They probably would have but she has not been around to stop the bad mouthing of an ex who trashes her at every opportunity. This led to other women being cast for parts which would have gone to her. Her agent said she needed to start putting herself back in the public eye in a big way and even told her to dump the boring boyfriend and find someone for a little publicity. She hasn't officially dumped the boyfriend, but she hasn't been keeping him close either.
Hilary Swank

101. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 09/08 **#10**
FASHION WEEK: This B+ reality star from an A list reality show is now bringing sealed drinks to work after two incidents earlier this week where models dumped cigarette ash water into one of the B lister's drinks and someone supposedly did something worse to another bottle. The B lister is hated and the hate continues to grow every day. Kendall Jenner

102. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 09/08 **#11**
This actor is foreign born and deserves to be A list from his talent and he is definitely A list in his own country. Women think he is A list, but he is probably just a B+ lister, maybe an A- when he is the lead in a movie. He has a big chance coming to make it to A list or higher, but there are doubts he can come through. Over the past few weeks, our actor has seen his long term relationship with this foreign born movie actress come to a screeching halt. He caught her cheating on him. Hey, it isn't like he hasn't cheated on the women he has dated and been married to. He met his current partner while his then girlfriend was pregnant. Anyway, our actor is taking it hard and has been hitting the crack pipe after a very long absence. What was a smooth production has turned into something that has to be managed on almost hourly basis to keep our actor where he needs to be and not lose sight of him until he is finished for the day. There are countless people around him all the time keeping him from leaving shooting locations or even going back to his trailer. Bathroom? No problem. They bring one to him. The production is really close to ending and they don't want anything to get in the way of completion.
Actor: Tom Hardy
Movie: "Legend"
Pregnant girlfriend: Rachael Speed
Current girlfriend: Charlotte Riley
Former crack addition

103. BLIND GOSSIP 09/08 **#1**
We were genuinely surprised to hear that this woman is currently negotiating to join the cast of an East-coast reality television series. This would be a bizarre career move as she does not need a flagging reality franchise to become a celebrity. She is already a celebrity, she already has a television series, and she already has a ton of money! Is she really that hungry for attention? More importantly, being on a reality television series would create intense scrutiny of every aspect of her personal life. Why on earth would someone who is trying to HIDE the fact that her marriage is a mess – and HIDE the fact that she has a very hearty appetite for extra-curricular activities – purposefully subject her personal life to constant scrutiny and swirling rumors? That’s just asking for trouble! Giada De Laurentiis "Real Housewives of New York City"

104. BLIND GOSSIP 09/08 **#2**
Taylor Swift says that she is "straight-up enemies" with another female artist! In a recent interview with Rolling Stone, she details the circumstances that led to her writing a song about their feud. <<Swift’s focus on sisterhood cuts both ways, because when another woman crosses her, she’s equally fierce about hitting back. The angriest song on 1989 is called "Bad Blood," and it’s about another female artist Swift declines to name. "For years, I was never sure if we were friends or not," she says. "She would come up to me at awards shows and say something and walk away, and I would think, ‘Are we friends, or did she just give me the harshest insult of my life?'" Then last year, the other star crossed a line. "She did something so horrible," Swift says. "I was like, ‘Oh, we’re just straight-up enemies.’ And it wasn’t even about a guy! It had to do with business. She basically tried to sabotage an entire arena tour. She tried to hire a bunch of people out from under me. And I’m surprisingly non-confrontational – you would not believe how much I hate conflict. So now I have to avoid her. It’s awkward, and I don’t like it." (Pressed, Swift admits there might have been a personal element to the conflict. "But I don’t think there would be any personal problem if she weren’t competitive," she says.)>> About whom do you think Taylor Swift wrote Bad Blood? Katy Perry (John Mayer)

105. MEDIA TAKEOUT 09/08 just heard a very DISTURBING REPORT. According to our snitch, a popular REALITY STAR HUSBAND (and NO it is NOT rapper TI) was caught on camera putting HANDS on his reality star/entertainer wife. According to our snitch, producers are now trying to decide whether or not to put the footage into the upcoming season of their new show. We're told that the new season will show a lot of "cracks" in the couples marriage . . . and they know it would be RATINGS GOLD. Right now, producers are leaning towards NOT airing the alleged ASSAULT footage. But if the couple's business/personal relationship deteriorates any more . . . they might change their mind. Tamar Braxton/Vincent Herbert "Tamar & Vince"

106. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 09/09 **#1**
This A+ list mostly movie actor got into a loud argument while waiting for his car when he spotted this former B+ list mostly television actor who was on a long running hit network show with close ties to the A+ lister. The A+ lister told the B lister to stop trying to interfere and to keep his nose out of everything. The argument had the chance to go violent at one point.
Ben Affleck/Victor Garber

107. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 09/09 **#2**
This A list designer says that his favorite and least favorite person to dress is this A list television/movie actress who has not had as much luck in the movies as television. The designer said that he makes the same exact dress for the actress for every event, just in different colors. That's it. She always stays the exact same size and doesn't even like to try on anything other than what she always wears. Sophia Vergara/Roberto Cavalli

108. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 09/09 **#3**
This new Dancing With The Stars contestant says he will be the first to go because he doesn't even really care that much about the whole thing. It is a paycheck and he is only going to practice enough to not look completely foolish. Tommy Chong

109. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 09/09 **#4**
This A-/B+list mostly movie actor is not even trying to hide his cheating any longer. He is supposedly involved with this B list mostly movie actress but he was making out at an event last night with this B list mostly television actress from several shows who is also supposed to be in a relationship with an A list celebrity.
A-/B+ list movie actor: Jason Sudeikis
B list television actress: Olivia Munn
Event: U.S. Open

B list movie actress girlfriend: Olivia Wilde
A list celebrity boyfriend: Aaron Rodger

110. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 09/09 **#5**
This B+ list mostly television actor from a hit almost network show used to have a lot of friends but they can't stand hanging out with him any longer. All he does is talk about chakras and energy and his girlfriend this and his girlfriend that. She has also tried to keep him away from several of his other friends who know that she just follows the publicity when looking for a relationship. Ian Somerhalder/Nikki Reed

111. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 09/09 **#6**
This B list mostly television actress on a hit pay cable show has never been one to get into trouble but she has still been assigned someone to watch over her 24/7. The reason is that if anything were to happen to the actress in a bad publicity way a certain network would be stuck and without a replacement. They call it protecting their investment. Allison Williams "Girls"/"Peter Pan Live"

112. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 09/09 **#7**
This C list celebrity is in negotiations with this former A list reality star/celebrity who still has A list name recognition and is still not well liked. Apparently she gave him an STD during their time together and he says he didn't know she had it and wants to be compensated. River Viiperi/Paris Hilton

113. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 09/09 **#8**
FASHION WEEK KINDNESS: This C list celebrity with an A list last name spent time this weekend talking to models about eating disorders and relating her own story and passing out cards with her cell number and e-mail and offering her help to anyone who wants it. She also has taken some of her trust fund money and paid for models to go to counseling and even rehab to deal with their eating disorders. Allegra Versace (Donatella’s daughter and trust fund from uncle Gianni Versace) (estimated worth $800 million)

114. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 09/09 **#9**
FASHION WEEK: This married foreign born A list movie director ditched his wife and spent an entire party all over this B+/A- list singer. Everyone was begging them to just get a room.

115. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 09/09 **#10**
This actress used to be B list. Movies and television she is now reduced to scrounging for guest spots on shows and third leads in movies. She does have one claim to fame in that she was with this A+ list mostly movie actor for many years. She forgave him once for cheating on her with this Academy Award winning actress, but finally bailed when he was publicly caught cheating with this B list mostly television actress on a hit network show who used to be in a movie franchise.
B list actress: Krista Allen
A+ list actor: George Clooney
Academy Award winning actress: Renee Zellweger
B list television actress: Lucy Lui

116. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 09/09 **#11**
#1 - With this former A+ list athlete still with A+ list name recognition back to his old sleeping with waitresses days, his girlfriend was overheard telling another woman that she is looking for a big payday to stay quiet. Tiger Woods/Lindsey Vonn (and a few months later, it was over. I guess she got what she wanted)

#2 - This former A+ list supermodel who has moved to reality television when not modeling had the girlfriend of her ex turned away at the door to a party. The girlfriend called her boyfriend who called the designer and said he would no longer be buying any of her clothes. Five minutes later the girlfriend was in the door while the supermodel seethed, but didn't leave. Naomi Campbell ("The Face")/Luo Zilin (Vladislav Doronin)/Donatella Versace party

#3 - This former A list tweener who has been in the news the past couple of weeks was brought to tears because she wasn't wearing anything of the designer at a party for the designer. The designer was not pleased and started berating the former tweener.

117. BLIND GOSSIP 09/09
This young male performer has been raked over in the press constantly over the past couple of years for his bad behavior. This young female performer is just starting to act like a jerk… and is feeling the backlash of doing so! What do they have in common? The same advisor! He may be making a lot of money with them, but he is not giving them very good advice. And they are getting the same advice: Demand and Lie! Here’s how the Demand and Lie strategy works: You are the star. Do whatever you want and demand everything you want, no matter how ridiculous or unfair or inconvenient. Then, when something goes wrong, completely deny accountability. LIE! Say that it never happened. Say that someone else is to blame. Say that it’s the media’s fault for portraying you badly. Talk about what a good person you really are. In the past week, you have seen her use this strategy not just once, but twice! Despite her protests, she IS the girl in the photos. Yes, she lied. Despite her protests, she IS the one making obnoxious demands in interviews. Yes, she lied. Doesn’t she see how badly this strategy worked out with the male performer? She is on track to be him in a couple of years.
Male Performer: Justin Bieber
Female Performer: Ariana Grande
Advisor: Scooter Braun

Photos lie

We’ve mentioned before that some songs are just blind items set to music. In a recent interview with Rolling Stone, Taylor Swift talks about a snowmobile accident she had where she and an ex-boyfriend wound up in the emergency room. From Rolling Stone: Of all the songs on the album that seem to be about Styles, the most intriguing one is "Out of the Woods." Co-written by [Jack] Antonoff, it’s a frantic tale of a relationship where, Swift says, "every day was a struggle. Forget making plans for life – we were just trying to make it to next week." The most interesting part comes when Swift sings, "Remember when you hit the brakes too soon/Twenty stitches in a hospital room." She says it was inspired by a snowmobile ride with an ex who lost control and wrecked it so badly that she saw her life flash before her eyes. Both of them had to go to the ER, although Swift wasn’t hurt. She corrects herself: "Not as hurt." For a couple whose every move was so thoroughly documented, it’s kind of shocking to think that something as newsworthy as a trip to the emergency room wouldn’t have wound up on the Internet. "You know what I’ve found works even better than an NDA?" says Swift. "Looking someone in the eye and saying, ‘Please don’t tell anyone about this.'" Even so, it’s impressive: The most top-secret hospital visit would necessarily involve three or four witnesses – and none of them talked? Swift says that’s sort of her point. "People think they know the whole narrative of my life," she says. "I think maybe that line is there to remind people that there are really big things they don’t know about."
Ex-boyfriend: Harry Styles (ski trip in Utah)

119. WINE AND SASS 09/09
The A-List husband of this married celebrity couple has been busted with another woman....but not in the sense you're all thinking. I can't understand how any couple can think that this set up will ever work: This A-List guy finally tied the knot. He wanted to change his image to a serious actor/singer and was advised that settling down would help that. He cheated on all of his past relationships and before he got married to this B-List lady, he cheated on her as well. A lot. She knew he was, but only cared about what an upgrade it was for her own name being with him. The negotiations that went into this marriage were epic. Not about money. Boundaries were put into place about cheating and what constitutes cheating. Knowing he cheated throughout their relationship, she made it clear that if he wants to sleep with someone else, she had to be included. She has always preferred women anyway. Her biggest concern was being humiliated if he got caught going outside their marriage. He wanted the image rehab and figured that if he was going to get married, marrying someone who was good with him being with someone else would be the perfect set up. He thought he would be more than fine with just sharing his hook ups with her. But, as they always of them eventually doesn't hold to the agreement and steps out without the other. After a certain point, the husband figured what difference does it make if she's around? It makes a big difference to the wife. She has her own major struggles right now, but that doesn't change the fact that she's been humiliated by him getting caught. Her people called her lawyer and he has been put on notice. He's about to write a BIG check. Justin Timberlake/Jessica Biel

Two hookers sold two pictures of them smashing Oscar De la Hoya with a strap on and pulling a champagne bottle cork out of the Golden Boy boxer’s ass for 50K to the top dogmainstream gossip website. An insider is saying Oscar De la Hoya’s lawyer Robert Shapiro paid off this website not to publish those photos. Source told HSK: "They had Justin Bieber’s racist rants for four years and never released it because they were extorting Bieber for stories" Here’s the drop: "The face of site who’s also a lawyer goes to the gay spa at the La Prairie Beverly Hills Hotel every Sunday. The hookers are afraid to come forward because Oscar told them the Mexican Mafia will deal with them if they go public." Can you guess which website Robert Shapiro paid not to publish Oscar De la Hoya’s racist anal pictures? TMZ

121. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 09/10 **#1**
This B+ list mostly television actress from a network comedy that seems to keep plugging along and will show up in our reruns for a very long time was performing a scene when she messed up in front of the audience. She then shouted that the whole thing was fucking retarded. When she said it, the whole place just kind of stopped. The actress never realized why everyone stopped and just moved on with her retake. Beth Behrs/"2 Broke Girls"

122. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 09/10 **#2**
The band that has the interesting name and the member who is equally as famous for not being in a band replaced one of the members of the band with a computer. Apparently even though he says he is healthy, they don't trust him to show up for every gig so replaced him with a machine. "30 Seconds to Mars" Jared Leto (brother Shannon)

123. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 09/10 **#3**
This former A list mostly television actress from a very hit long running network show who is getting yet another short lived chance this season was once on such a bender/hangover combination that an entire production had to come shoot at her house because she said she couldn't make it into the studio. Apparently they couldn't write her out of that particular episode and she knew it and made them spend a ton of money to shoot her at her own house in her own bedroom. Debra Messing "Will & Grace" ("Bed, bath and beyond" episode) "The Mysteries of Laura"

124. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 09/10 **#4**
This A+ list mostly movie actress was spotted arguing with her husband and then she started pointing a finger at him and got more and more vocal until he finally bent his head down and followed right behind her as she smiled in satisfaction. Reese Witherspoon/Jim Toth

125. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 09/10 **#5**
FASHION WEEK: This married A list mostly movie actress who is an Academy Award winner was late to an event because she was hooking up with her ex who is a former A list singer. They used the apartment of his daughter to try to make sure no one noticed them. Nicole Kidman (Keith Urban)/Lenny Kravitz (daughter Zoë)

126. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 09/10 **#6**
I have seen some cold behavior on the red carpet before but this B+ list mostly movie actress who is an Emmy Award and Academy Award winner/nominee blames this married B list mostly movie actress for the horrible reviews their new movie got because the B lister was more worried about how she looked rather than her performance and made the lives of the crew miserable while filming. Our B+ lister shuddered after having to pose with the B lister on a red carpet the other night.
B+ list actress: Julianne Moore
B list actress: Kate Bosworth
Movie: "Still Alice"

127. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 09/10 **#7**
This B list mostly television actress who does movies too has been trying to convince this B- list openly gay mostly movie actress to go public with their relationship. Not that the B lister is in love, but knows the publicity would be a huge boost to her sagging career. Evan Rachel Wood/Ellen Page (once Ellen found out, it quickly stopped)

128. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 09/10 **#8**
This B+ list mostly movie actress who is always good for a blind or two was up to her old tricks the other night at dinner. The franchise actress was doing shots while the rest of her party was telling her to slow down or not drink at all. Our actress became more obnoxious and then took her vaporizer out and started smoking it. She was asked to stop by the management and she did and then drank more and then started smoking again. She was asked to stop again but started the whole do you know who I am thing and then stood up and tossed her chair and stumbled out of the place leaving her party to pay the $1000 tab. Michelle Rodriguez

129. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 09/10 **#9**
This foreign born B list singer was performing this week and after every song would go to the side of the stage and do a line of coke. At one point she even started going during the songs. Lily Allen

130. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 09/10 **#10**
This permanent A list singer making yet another comeback had to have corrective plastic surgery after a recent surgery hit a nerve which left her face sagging on one side. Cher

131. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 09/10 **#11**
This actress started off as a sought after tweener. She reached almost A list tweener status before there was even a term for tweener. She kind of disappeared from acting because of an incident that happened on her second to last project. She was doing her usual G rated fare and while filming spent a lot of time alone with just a chaperone. Her parents were not able to be there and her co-star used the chaperone so everyone assumed that the actress would be safe. The problem is that the chaperone was dating one of the stars of the project. He was an almost A list mostly movie actor at the time. He had a thing for mid teens and at the time would only do projects that had them. This one had two such teens and through his influence with the chaperone, he was able to spend time alone with each of the tweens. He had sex with them both at separate times and repeatedly did so during the course of the filming. Our actress didn't say anything to anyone and tried to continue acting but after one more projects called it quits for almost a decade out of the business and lots of time in therapy. She is back in the business. The other tweener actress also took a long break after what happened, but would try and come back and be forced to quit when memories would return. She has also managed to make a comeback. As for the actor. His career tanked when working on a movie a year after the one described. He was caught and the parents of the tween on that movie were threatening a lawsuit, but it was kept quiet and the studio and producers settled. Because it was kept quiet, none of the other parents on any of his other movies ever heard what he did. The actor is barely able to work now because of his past and there appears to be no forgiveness. His roles are small and just barely enough to live.

132. BLIND GOSSIP 09/10
This is a couple made in heaven. She is a gorgeous and famous celebrity with an amazing body. He is a rich and famous athlete. They are so sweet together that you can just imagine them baring their souls and leaning on each other in times of trouble (which actually has happened in both of their careers). Perfect, right? Nope! This guy is an all-star cheater (and she has no idea)! At the time this particular event occurred, they were definitely a couple. The night before a big game in the Midwest, he and his friends picked up some women at a dance club and brought them back to their hotel. He had sex with one of them. When they were finished, he went into the other room… and proceeded to pitch the other women an idea. "Hey, anyone want to join us in a threesome?" "Wait a minute. Aren’t you the guy who is dating [Gorgeous]?" "Yeah. So? You want to join us or not?" His performance in the bedroom? Energetic. His performance on the field the next day? Lackluster. His loyalty to his girlfriend? Non-existent.
Gorgeous: Kate Upton
Athlete: Justin Verlander
2012 All-Star game

133. LAINEY GOSSIP 09/10
It’s an hour to fly from Toronto to New York. By the time you go up, it’s almost like you have to go down again. But she was desperate, desperate for a drink. Even before take-off. Which was not allowed on this flight. She was told she’d have to wait. And she didn’t want to wait. Caused a stink about having to wait. Huffing and puffing, sweet features morphed into an off-putting bitch scowl. It was a scene. And she didn’t stop bitching until they put the first jack and coke in front of her once the seatbelt sign had been turned off. That was followed by two more. Three jack and cokes on the flight. So, maybe she’s afraid to fly. Maybe it was a terrible day. But with her history, and it wasn’t all that long ago, and the shitty influences she has around her, this is probably a concern, non? Selena Gomez

134. WINE AND SASS 09/10
This B-List celebrity is on the verge of a breakdown. Her spouse and handlers are holding their breath, battening down the hatches and preparing for the crazy tornado about to hit. Radio silence on all her hard work and a failure at changing her image along with issues in every aspect of her personal life, she has gone unusually quiet at home. The ones that know her, know that this means it's simmering internally and the littlest thing will cause a complete breakdown. What seems like someone going about her every day life is all a facade. Her handlers fear the worst is about to happen and the one person who was able to calm her crazy is about to exit. He is done trying to deal with the neediness and mental issues. There's nothing left to hold him there. Nothing left to dangle in his face to entice him to stay. LeAnn Rimes/Eddie Cibrian

135. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 09/11 **#1**
Even though this foreign born B+ list singer not named Rita Ora has been sleeping with a record executive over twice her age, she still has not let her boyfriend know they are through. So, she is paranoid about getting caught and losing her fans who love she has been loyal to her boyfriend as she captured fame over the past year. Iggy Azalea/Nick Young (started dating November 2013)

136. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 09/11 **#2**
This married almost A+ list mostly movie actor arrived at the airport alone. He checked in alone. He boarded the plane alone but on the plane waiting for him was his getting more serious by the day other woman who spent most of the flight with her head on our actor's shoulder and her hands busy under the blanket over him. Channing Tatum

137. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 09/11 **#3**
This newbie director who is well known for another gig that is totally unrelated to movies has been doing his best to try and get this former A list tweener to sleep with him. The director has been trying since day one of the shoot but the actor keeps putting him off. The director follows the actor around like a love struck puppy. He needs to do a better job filming and less time fawning. Zac Efron/Max Joseph (co-star of MTV’s "Catfish") "We Are Your Friends"

138. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 09/11 **#4**
This married B- list mostly movie actress who is only that high because of her name and relationship was at a gym this week and kept showing her female partner how to do yoga moves and it was obvious they were a couple. I'm just waiting for the divorce announcement. Jessica Biel

139. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 09/11 **#5**
KINDNESS: This B list mostly movie actress who always seems to be smiling has not had a lot of great roles lately or a high profile relationship, but still hit up every gifting suite she could at Fashion Week and got as much stuff as she could and passed it all out to homeless people. She even got two homeless people free haircuts at a stylist gifting suite.
Katie Holmes

140. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 09/11 **#6**
This former A- list reality star turned fast fading B list celebrity spent some time in LA this week and tried to set up an appointment with her former ex because she could use a paycheck. She couldn't get through. Apparently there is some bad blood and as well there should be considering what she said. Plus, his wife doesn't want any threats to her dominion. Holly Madison/Hugh Hefner

141. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 09/11 **#7**
Even though it was a charity event and was supposed to be somewhat serious, people couldn't help but laugh as this B list model turned very skinny actress was asked to try some cookies that were for sale for the charity. The look of horror on the face of the actress who turned it into a half-smile and then nibbled on the very corner of one cookie and tried to show how much she liked it before a publicist got her out of the situation. Jaime King "Cookies4Kids"

142. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 09/11 **#8**
FASHION WEEK: This celebrity offspring not named Willis has had some big problems with drinking in the past few weeks and the still very underage celebrity got hammered at an after party and was even spotted doing a couple of lines of coke. Bella Hadid

143. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 09/11 **#9**
This married A+ list mostly movie actor who has made some horrible choices recently has been fighting with the director of his latest movie every day and has been throwing tantrums and wants the director fired. Sounds like it will be a winner of a movie. Ryan Reynolds

144. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 09/11 **#10**
This B list rapper celebrated his B list singer significant other taking him back by having sex with a groupie. The fling that got him in trouble is waiting patiently because she thinks he loves her. Future/Ciara

145. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 09/11 **#11**
#1 - They probably wouldn't be bff if this A+ list athlete/celebrity knew that her A list athlete friend slept with the ex of the A+ lister while they were still a couple. Serena Williams/Caroline Wozniaki (Rory McElroy)

#2 - This former B list tweener actress turned nobody is not above playing her role with her lovers if the price is right. The price is probably much higher after what occurred last week. Victoria Justice; Jeanette McCurd "The Fappening"

#3 - Fashion Week - This OITNB actress was performing oral sex on another person in a bathroom when our actress suddenly got sick. She ran to the next stall and got sick and then came back still ready to go. Yeah, that must have been a big turn on. Taryn Manning

Our sexy TV actress seems to have quickly rebounded from a bitter breakup with her longtime beau. But her new hunky man isn’t as perfect as she wants us to believe. The problem: he has the body of a Greek god, but between the sheets, his personal equipment is only so-so. What’s a girl to do? Behind his back this actress is still shacking up with her well endowed ex. Sofia Vergara/Joe Manganiello/Nick Loeb

147. BLIND GOSSIP 09/11
This actress has had several memorable roles, so you definitely know both her name and her face. However, she just isn’t the big draw that she once was. Her declining status was apparent at two Fashion Week events this week. Although she tried, she was unable to score a coveted front-row seat to a couple of shows. They did offer her the second row, but she turned them down. In her opinion, sitting in the second row while younger actresses sit in the front row would just be too embarrassing. Uma Thurman

148. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 09/12 **#1**
FASHION WEEK: It has been a slow week for people doing drugs at shows. There have been a few, but none that anyone would recognize. That changed yesterday as this B list mostly movie actress with a famous last name who was set to propel to A list if her franchise took off was doing some lines of coke backstage after the show with one of the models. Rooney Mara "Girl With the Dragon Tattoo" ( Calvin Klein Collection fashion show)

149. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 09/12 **#2**
This married just about A+ list mostly movie actor is usually accompanied by his wife wherever he goes, but she was doing school things with their kids this week so our actor was left to his own devices while traveling. That meant hookers, but apparently he didn't want to cheat alone and kept trying to get this other married A+ list mostly movie actor to join him. When the A+ lister said no, the cheating actor used the line that everyone does it. "Not me," replied the (non-cheating) A+ lister. Ben Stiller, Michael Douglas; Channing Tatum; Mark Ruffalo and Pierce Brosnan were at Toronto Film Festival around the same time.

150. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 09/12 **#3**
FASHION WEEK: This foreign born B list singer not named Rita Ora was supposed to walk a runway as part of a show where she sang but the designer told her they had no clothes big enough. Apparently the singer has gained about 20 pounds since a first fitting a month ago. That is a lot of weight in a month, but she looks good to me. Iggy Azalea

151. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 09/12 **#4**
While this B- list mostly movie actress who has had a recent run on a long running great network television show was blissfully promoting her new movie while her very rich boyfriend was back home hooking up with the celebrity/model offspring of someone who had his run at fame a long time ago and lives in the limelight of another person's fame now.
B- list actress:
Television show:
Celebrity/model offspring: Daisy Lowe
Father: Gavin Rossdale (shadow of Gwen Stefani)

152. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 09/12 **#5**
While visiting an Asian nation this week, this B+ list singer was supposed to shoot a commercial. When she found out there would also be two beauty queen winners in it, she said she wouldn't shoot it. She wanted the whole commercial to herself. That would have been hard considering the other two were in it to speak in their native tongue and our singer was in it to lip sync part of one of her songs. The company dropped her and saved themselves a huge headache. Ariana Grande in Japan

153. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 09/12 **#6**
This still A list rock star who is probably A+ list with his group has been a wreck for the past couple of months. Rehab didn't work the first time and his wife has left him because his drug use is even worse than it was before. Caleb Followill "Kings of Leon"/Lily Aldridge; Billie Joe Armstrong "Green Day"/Adrienne Armstrong

154. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 09/12 **#7**
The ex-wife of this married A+ list mostly television actor from a very hit very long running network show wants more money or she will tell more very nasty stories about the actor. She told a couple before the actor paid her a ton of money. That was awhile ago now though and she wants more. Camille Grammer (Kelsey)

155. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 09/12 **#8**
While the husband of this A list celebrity/talk show host was getting his peen pierced for the SECOND time he said that he doesn't even live in the same house as his wife any longer and they haven't got divorced because her show is hanging on by a thread as it is. Rachel Ray

156. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 09/12 **#9**
This former B list reality star turned C list celebrity loved her reality fame and is desperate to have it again. She is willing to do anything to have another season of her show. If someone told her she would have to cheat on her B+ list celebrity husband she would do it. Well, I mean she has already cheated, but she would let herself get caught if she could get another shot of fame. Danielle (Kevin) Jonas "Married to Jonas"; Heidi Montag/Spencer Pratt

157. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 09/12 **#10**
The son of this sometime A+ list mostly movie actor has been bragging that he had sex with his step-mom. Since when is that brag worthy? Well, this guy has never really been all that normal, so I guess he thinks it is. Nicolas Cage (Weston Coppola Cage)

158. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 09/12 **#11**
This is a marriage that is based on convenience but there is a lot of love too. It isn't just two people bearding for each other, it is a lot more. Our actress at one point reached A list when her long running network show was on the air. Content now with the odd indie movie or a cameo, she wants to stay out of the limelight. She has made enough money to last several lifetimes. She met her husband many years ago when she was at her peak. She had a long time girlfriend who was now gone because our actress would never go public with something like that. For some reason she ended up telling her story to a guy from a party who then told her his story. He had been in a relationship with another man for a long time and the man died of complications related to AIDS. The man from the party told our actress that he is HIV+. For some reason, the two clicked. They started spending all their time together and eventually they married. Never any sex. They do have offspring. IVF. Her egg and another man's sperm. That is a big secret. Everyone thinks he donated the sperm, but then the HIV_ story would have to be explained. When he has been sick and he has been frequently, our actress is the loving wife. She is a great mom. She also has lots of fun with two women who share the role of girlfriend in her life. She is very discreet, not only because she doesn't want to come out, but she also doesn't want to embarrass her husband by being caught. He knows of course. He knows everything, but he loves that she is his, at least in public. Marcia Cross ("Desperate Housewives")/Tom Mahoney

159. BALLER ALERT 09/12
The hot topic these days is the explosive fight between Ray Rice and his wife Janay. The only problem is, no one really knows how it began. Well, here's a Baller Mail we received in our inbox back in April but due to some of the people named, didn't post. Today, instead of spilling ALL the tea, we thought we'd just drop it as a Baller Alert Blind Item and let you guys guess who the person may have been referring to. <<"This young mystery singer/socialite has been involved in a lot of drama as of late but no one is aware of this. In recent news football player Ray Rice and fiancée were arrested in Atlantic City due to an altercation between the two. The altercation occurred when fiancée Janay Palmer saw texts received from the mystery socialite trying to persuade Rice to leave his family to be with her. In college Rice reportedly dated the socialite's best friend and mother of her God child but that didn't stop her from perusing him. Yet she has a problem when the shoe is on the other foot. Rice has reportedly sponsored events for the socialite's men's fashion consulting company [name redacted]. Rice made his decision to do away with the socialite and all of her drama by marrying his long time girlfriend and mother of his child, Palmer. Word on the street is that she is also responsible for the break up between a singer and her NBA boyfriend.">>
Singer/Socialite: Teyana Taylor
Other Singer: Elle Varner
Other Singer’s NBA Boyfriend: Iman Shumpert of NY Knicks
Ray Rice dated Teyana’s best friend in college. She had a problem with Tae Heckard doing the same thing to her with Brandon Jennings of the Detroit Pistons. She has a fashion company called " Taylor’d & Bow"

160. ALL ABOUT THE TEA 09/12
This reality husband will do anything to keep his reality wife on the show. He’s supposedly heterosexual but kisses up to gay production workers to maintain his wife’s placement on the show. He’s known to dance shirtless with gay production workers and allow them to do shots off his stomach. This reality star suffers from a Napoleon complex but that doesn’t stop him from being the boss!
Husband: Joe Gorga
Wife: Melissa Gorga
TV Show: "Real Housewives of New Jersey"

161. BLIND GOSSIP 09/12
Another day, another celebrity sex tape. While the public is talking about who is in it and whether or not they are legally of age, we know what is going on behind the scenes! First of all, it IS her in the tape, she WAS of legal age, and she KNEW she was being filmed, but she did NOT know that her ex would try to have it released. Secondly, he wants it released, but he does not have her written consent. Yet. Thirdly, he can NOT legally release it without her written consent. U.S. Code § 2257 requires that both performers have to be over the age of 18, and that both have to give their written permission. If he tries to release it – or any part of it – without her written permission, he will GO TO JAIL FOR FIVE YEARS. That is not a guess or a threat. That’s the law. Finally, if the tape DOES get released through a legitimate outlet, you will know that it is because she DID gave her written consent (no matter what she says to the contrary). Her willingness to consent now hinges on some serious calculations: Will this help or hurt my image in the long run? What is the cost to my image versus the possible profit from the tape? If it would help her image and she would make a huge amount of money from it, it’s a yes. It it would hurt her image a little, but she would make a huge amount of money from it, it’s a maybe. If it would hurt her image and she would not make a huge amount of money from it, it’s a no. Perhaps our readers could help her out with the calculations? Iggy Azalea

162. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 09/13 **#1**
This nobody was striking out with every model he hit on at a recent party. When he told his A+list singer about his troubles she went and invited some of the same models to sit with them and the next thing you know the guy got to be picky about the which model he chose to take back to his hotel. Rihanna

163. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 09/13 **#2**
What B list celebrity who keeps trying her hand at television, but fails miserably except with some specials and one night a year has made some really big enemies with her overly aggressive push to replace this icon. She says it is just business and wants to be first in line. Too much too soon. Kathy Griffin (that didn’t work out so well did it)

164. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 09/13 **#3**
This A+ list mostly movie actor went from being a pain on set to a pain for publicists at the premiere of his new movie. He told publicists he would talk to five fans only on the red carpet and would only talk to two press people and then he was out of there. He is a total tool and unless he gets another hit soon, executives will find someone else who will actually be pleasant to work with. Ryan Reynolds

165. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 09/13 **#4**
I love her, but this is ridiculous. This former A list mostly movie actress who probably was A+ list, for a very short run still has A+ list name recognition and has some great offspring and a long term relationship. She also doesn't work very much any longer but has two assistants who she literally kept shuttling back and forth from coach to her seat in first class on a cross-country flight. Back and forth they went for almost five hours. Two of them. Goldie Hawn "The 20th Anniversary Best Buddies Gala"

166. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 09/13 **#5**
This married B list mostly movie actress who just looks like a pale white sheet with red lipstick who no one really likes was all alone at several events this past week. Apparently her husband has tired of her even though they haven't been married all that long and he is seeing someone else. Kate Bosworth/Michael Polish (Toronto Film Festival) and (New York Fashion Week)

167. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 09/13 **#6**
This former B list television actress who had two great network runs was dumped by her husband when she finally confessed that what he thought was their child was the child of someone else. It was pretty obvious to everyone.

168. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 09/13 **#7**
Huge fight between this married celebrity couple the other day. He is a B+ list singer who deserves to be A list. Prior to them getting married they planned on having a baby together pretty quickly. Then her career took off so now she wants to wait a few years. He is not happy and they did some serious yelling at each other. John Legend/Chrissy Teigen

169. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 09/13 **#8**
This married permanent A list singer is aging but he likes to tell tales of how he still has sex with a model from time to time. His wife though tells her friends that the singer can't stand to attention any longer and that he is all talk. Rod Stewart

170. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 09/13 **#9**
This former A+ list mostly television actor from a huge network show crashed and burned as a movie actor. No one knows what was said, but our actor threw a beer into the face of his wife this week at an event and then he walked away. David Schwimmer "U.S. Open"

171. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 09/13 **#10**
This married A list mostly movie actor who deserves to be A+ list is really good looking and everyone loves him, but he does cheat on his wife frequently and she is finally getting tired of it. She has left the actor a few times but then he just really goes through a bunch of women. He looks like Mr. Nice Guy, but is really no different from a Gerard Butler in the number of women he sleeps with. Ewan MacGregor; Clive Owen

172. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 09/14 **#1**
This B list mostly movie actor has a long tradition of creepy behavior with women. Nothing illegal, but he uses that B list status to hide from the tabloids as not important enough but is high enough on the food chain to pull down a few million a year. Lately, our still good looking actor has been doing his best to get this foreign born former B list mostly television actress who likes to think she is a singer to go out with him. So, basically he stalks her and shows up everywhere she goes until she breaks down and goes out with him. He will have sex with her a few times and dump her. The thing is, she says he is being a little scary more than creepy.

173. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 09/14 **#2**
This A list singer who is part of an A+ list group was in town this weekend and sent $25K worth of flowers to this B- list mostly movie actress who is the offspring of a former A+ list singer/musician solo and in a group. Romance or apologizing? No one seems to know.
A list singer: Harry Styles
A+ list group: "One Direction"
B- list actress: Lily Collins
Former A + list singer: Phil Collins
Group: "Genesis"

Rumored to be co-stars in "Romeo and Juliet"

174. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 09/14 **#3**
There is finally an opening in her armor. This A list celebrity who rules over a section of the entertainment world with an icy stare is actually in danger of losing her job. Her bosses are not happy that the A lister is pushing the career of a person they, and most people find offensive. They have warned her to stop. So far she has said no. Anna Wintour/(Kanye West/Kim Kardashian/Kendall Jenner)

175. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 09/14 **#4**
This B+ list reality star from an A list cable reality franchise went to rehab for one day but realized she would miss the limelight if she was gone for 30 so is trying to go to AA meetings everyday. You know, except for the days she drinks. She needs this because no one is hiring her any longer.
Brandi Glanville "Real Housewives of Beverly Hills"

176. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 09/14 **#5**
This foreign born A list model has a unique hazing ritual for new models to walk in the same show she does. She can only get away with this in her own country where designers are grateful to have her walk. She makes the new models perform oral favors on the A lister.

177. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 09/14 **#6**
This husband of an Atlanta Housewife spent an entire party trying to get a loan from this A+ list producer/mogul and wannabe singer. Peter and Cynthia Bailey ("Real Housewives of Atlanta")/P. Diddy (Cynthia's modeling agency landed casting gig for P. Diddy’s Sean John label)

178. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 09/14 **#7**
This former A list mostly movie actor turned aging but still good looking B list mostly television actor on one of those crime shows had to go to urgent care the other day because his much much younger girlfriend injured him during sex. Yes, in the genital area. Jeff Goldblum "Law & Order: Criminal Intent"

179. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 09/14 **#8**
I don't even begin to understand this marriage, but this former A list mostly television actress turned celebrity turned reality star for a paycheck walked in on her husband having sex with multiple strippers and the wife didn't even seem to care. Pamela Anderson/Rick Salomon

180. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 09/14 **#9**
This former reality star turned singer turned actress turned reality star turned down the advances of this married A list talk show host the other day. It is one of the only times she has turned him down. Maybe she finally found someone. Julianne Hough/Mario Lopez

181. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 09/14 **#10**
Apparently there is going to be a "leak" next week about this A+ list singer/diva and everything that is wrong with her in an attempt to make her look awful and turn the publicity tide in the favor of her soon to be ex. Mariah Carey/Nick Cannon

182. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 09/15 **#1**
This former almost A list mostly movie actress turned C list train wreck is taking advantage of her resurgent popularity. She had yet another procedure done to her breasts and is dying to show them off but doesn't want it to be in a movie. She actually is under the illusion that Playboy would be interested in her and has been e-mailing Hef's wife non-stop with tons of photos. Tara Reid

183. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 09/15 **#2**
This former A list reality star turned celebrity turned reality star still has A+ list name recognition but one less friend who accused the reality star of stealing some of her designs for the reality star's current collection. It makes sense she would want to steal considering how successful the friend has been.
A list reality star: Nicole Richie
Tobey Maguire’s wife Jennifer Meyer

184. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 09/15 **#3**
This DWTS pro wants out this season very much because their partner is more interested in drugs than practicing. Hey, and it isn't Tommy Chong.

185. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 09/15 **#4**
This Academy Award winning actor is getting paid a lot of money to promote a new drink but at the event launching it refused to drink it because he said it made him sick. He would only take the tiniest sip for the cameras.

186. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 09/15 **#5**
The soon to be husband of this former B list reality star who was fired from a B list cable reality show still hooks up with Lindsay Lohan. Well, she is probably cheaper than his future wife who has cost him several hundred thousand bucks in an investment in her new business. Lilly Ghalichi "Shahs of Sunset"/Dhar Mann "WantMyLook" clothing collection (not soon to be husband any more either)

187. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 09/15 **#6**
This former reality star on a very hit show who really thinks her future is in movies has a crap clothing line. Her biggest celebrity wearer of the line has hooked up with the husband of the reality star.

188. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 09/15 **#7**
This ex of an A list mostly television actress is up to his old tricks. This time with video. He has video of this NYC morning personality doing coke and in a threesome with another woman. There is actually a fourth who was holding the camera. There is no video of him though.

189. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 09/15 **#8**
On a shopping trip last week this A list everything in her mind singer/actress/producer demanded that people be kept away from her and that she have an entire section of the store roped off and to repeat the process for each section of the store she wanted to visit. Jennifer Lopez

190. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 09/15 **#9**
This married Hunger Games actress told her husband they can stay married if he wants, but she is going to keep hooking up with her co-star. Elizabeth Banks/Woody Harrelson

191. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 09/15 **#10**
The daughter of this B list mostly movie actor turned television actor on a network show adds a little extra to her lap dances if the price is right. If you really have some money she will invite you into the trailer she has attached to her truck out in back. Montana Fishburne (Laurence)

192. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 09/15 **#11**
This is the first time this actor has ever been in a blind. Apparently he is incredible at keeping a low profile and it was only sheer chance that he got busted. He is a B+ list mostly television actor who is really good looking and spent the majority of the last decade on two hit network shows. He is married and there has never been a squeak about any bad in him until now. About two weeks ago a woman was dropped off at the emergency room. She had been in a car accident and had a broken arm. It was nothing serious, but she didn't speak that much English and it was unclear if she had health or car insurance and when the admitting person was filling out the paperwork she asked if there was no insurance, then who would pay for the treatment. The woman gave the name of our actor and his phone number. The admissions person recognized the name of the actor and asked how the two were related since the patient had a different last name. The woman said that she and the actor were friends. The admissions person didn't know if this was true so called the number provided and left a message for the actor. The actor called back and at first he denied knowing the patient but the woman had lots of photos of the two together on her phone which she had shown to the admissions person previously to establish the relationship and the admissions person told this to our actor. He showed up about an hour later and had a gash on his forehead from the same accident and admitted he did know the woman and would pay for all the bills but to have them sent to his business manager. The patient confided to the admissions person that she had been hooking up with the actor for the past year and before that he had hooked up with her roommate for a year until the roommate went back to her home country which is also where our actor is from. Daniel Dae Kim (born in South Korea) "Lost" and "Hawaii Five-O"

193. BLIND GOSSIP 09/15 **#1**
When a film achieves box office success, it is natural for everyone to start thinking about a sequel. However, things became a little awkward for the makers of this hit film when an actor who was not part of the original cast tried to get himself cast in the sequel. The actor – whose career and personal life has had its ups and downs – relentlessly pursued the star of the original film in an attempt to land a role for himself. We’re not just talking about him expressing an interest. We’re talking about Up and Down actively soliciting the part in public interviews, telling people that he was sure he was going to get the role, and sending emails and text messages and videos and photos of himself to Original. Original rejected Up and Down, but it wasn’t because of all the full-court press. It was because of Up and Down’s off-screen antics. Original simply didn’t want to risk having his successful franchise derailed by an addict who can not seem to control his partying and attention-seeking behavior.
Film: Magic "Magic Mike XXL"
Up and Down: Zac Efron
Original: Channing Tatum

194. BLIND GOSSIP 09/15 **#2**
We have told you before that singers/bands make more money touring than they do by selling records or albums. While they tour, they are always looking for ways to boost their revenues per venue. One of those offerings is a "Meet and Greet." Fans who have already paid upwards of $100 or more for a concert ticket will pay additional money to meet the star and have their photo taken with them. Some people pay literally hundreds of dollars for the "privilege" of spending a few seconds of one-on-one time with their idol and photo proof of their meeting. This one young singer’s head is getting much too big. For the Meet and Greet on her next tour, she wanted to charge $1000 per person. She also did not want to spend the time on on-on-one photos. Instead, she wanted handlers to herd a dozen fans at a time into a group photo with her. While her handlers vetoed the $12,000-per-minute suggestion, she will still be charging an outrageous amount of money and keeping individual fan contact down to a minimum. Ariana Grande

195. WINE AND SASS 09/15
This one time B-list prodigy has had their share of troubles over the last few years. Bad relationships, drugs, booze, failed comebacks...basically leaving them a universal punchline, even though they remain a legend in their own mind. There is one project It's not a comeback thing, but it's enough to keep them fed and out of bankruptcy court if it's not a failure. It doesn't even have to just can't fail. There's a difference. If the former B-lister shows up, does their job, and doesn't cause a scene, there will be more smaller opportunities that turn into bigger ones. If it's a train wreck, then the last shred of goodwill the industry has for this fading star will be used up. What's left of the star's team is worried that the last project will go up in flames not just because the former prodigy is back on the bottle/stalking in a major way...but that a family member is about to blow the whistle on something epic, and there isn't enough money to keep them quiet as they have in the past. It's not anything sympathetic either... it will ruin the former B-lister for good. Tabloids are offering high 6-figures for the scoop. The former B-lister can't even come close to matching that. So look for a string of 'manufactured crises' to illicit sympathy and distractions. Lindsay Lohan "Speed the Plow"

196. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 09/16 **#1**
This B+ list ingenue ( I can't believe I used that in a sentence) singer wants everyone to think she is perfect and wholesome but the drugs and booze have taken her down enough where she is going to rehab. Quietly. Super quiet. Can't let the fans know, although many know she needs it. Lana Del Ray

197. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 09/16 **#2**
She's back. It must be three or four weeks since our favorite foreign born B list singer/part-time actress has caused any trouble. So, she probably felt like she had some making up to do and set her sights on this married iconic musician/singer at a party and turned a hug into kisses and more kisses on his neck and lips throughout the entire night and made sure he had her phone number. She was all over the guy. It was embarrassing even for her and that is saying something. Rita Ora/Paul McCartney
(Stella McCartney's LFW bash)

198. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 09/16 **#3**
This former B+ list tweener actress turned singer says she never had sex with her former boss but did pose naked for him and also pleasured herself for him and a "couple" of times took care of him manually.
Actress: Ariana Grande
Boss: PROBABLY: Dan Schneider

199. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 09/16 **#4**
I used to think Jennifer Love Hewitt with her ready to go engagement ring was bad, but this B list mostly television actress on a hit pay cable show has gone way beyond that. Not only does she have a ring already bought, she also has a wedding dress already made and keeps her weight the same so she can fit in it on short notice. Well, at least her boyfriend will just have to show up. He doesn't even have to propose because apparently she will just tell him and not give him a choice. Emmy Rossum

200. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 09/16 **#5**
It takes a special kind of drunk to sneak in and drink from a flask during a drug and alcohol awareness event, but this A- list CSI franchise actor did just that over the weekend.

201. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 09/16 **#6**
This married almost A list mostly movie actress got into an argument at lunch this weekend with her husband because he wanted to stop by his friend's house to pick up some pot. She is pregnant and wants him to stop while she is pregnant. Zoe Saldana

202. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 09/16 **#7**
This American Idol alum turned actress is in danger of having her character killed off quickly because a test audience had literally nothing positive to say about her. Nothing. They disliked her acting and and things were even worse when it came to comments about her. Katharine McPhee "Scorpion"

203. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 09/16 **#8**
Publicists are probably all working tons of overtime to come up with a good story why this in the closet A list boy bander was caught kissing another guy in Vegas. Niall Horan "One Direction"/Julian Bunetta

204. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 09/16 **#9**
This B list mostly television actress who has been on television for about two decades in what seems like the same role did a charity photo shoot. It was a fairly serious shoot and our actress showed up wearing something that was super sexy and cleavage baring and so not appropriate. The shoot was delayed about two hours so the actress could go shopping for another outfit. Jennie Garth

205. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 09/16 **#10**
This Real Housewife I wrote about earlier today tried to buy $223 worth of stuff yesterday and every single one of her cards was declined. The cashier had to void the order. Teresa Giudice "Real Housewives of New Jersey"

206. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 09/16 **#11**
This actress is A list. I like to call her B+ list just because I don't particularly care for her. One of the reasons is that she is helping in covering up a very large child sex ring that someone very close to her was involved in. It isn't that she is pleading ignorance it is just that she refuses to comment or make herself available to answer any questions about the ring. She has used her money in the past to support him so indirectly at the very least she helped him with his activities. I would love for her to sit down and answer the questions that so many children and children turned adults have about the person close to her. The person who was running from the law and the accusations leveled against him regarding all the children that were abused and molested in the ring he founded. There have always been whispers about his uncommon closeness to our actress and one wonders if she was also a victim of his abuse. Two of his victims have recently come forward. There are so many more out there. Hopefully they will come forward and share their stories. Nicole Kidman’s father

207. BLIND GOSSIP 09/16
This singer needed to pull a new trick out of his hat to get some attention… so he pulled out his peen. Thus the naked photo. Yes, that’s really him and his boyhood. If you haven’t seen it yet, you will soon enough. He’ll never admit that he is responsible for releasing it, but he definitely is. His girlfriend isn’t happy about this particular stunt, but she has little control over him, his drug and alcohol intake, his outrageous spending habits, and his constant need to pull stunts like this for attention and publicity. Justin Bieber/Selena Gomez

Which recently married ‘straight’ actor enjoys anal stimulation — both "giving" and "receiving," that is. Anilingus is now the current trend! "He loves booty eating. He is 100% heterosexual, but cannot get enough it." The actor recently got married to a very adventurous wife.
Brad Pitt/Angelina Jolie

209. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 09/17 **#1**
This still young foreign born B list singer is just a one hit wonder so far so her record label wants her to work with this A list rapper. So far she is resisting because she doesn't like the guy but her label is probably going to force her to collaborate with him. Lorde/Kanye West

210. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 09/17 **#2**
This openly gay B+ list mostly movie actor who also does a lot of Broadway and has never been in a blind item before says he is celibate because he was sexually assaulted a few years ago and even with therapy can't get over what happened. Rupert Everett

211. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 09/17 **#3**
This A list everything in her mind certainly doesn't have any self-esteem issues. She is looking for a new movie and told her agent she will only star opposite single guys because she knows they will end up hooking up and doesn't want to be known as a home wrecker. On a side note, lately the only parts being offered to her are mom roles where her kids are in their teens or older and she blew a major gasket when one role called for her to be a mom to someone about to get married. Jennifer Lopez

212. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 09/17 **#4**
This former B list mostly movie actress who thankfully might never get to star again in a movie was in her second home (club) the other night when she started screaming that someone had stolen her coat. Oh, the irony. It turns out that our starlet was sitting on it. Yep. That is how drunk she was. She then started flipping the coat around and searching for the pocket before reaching in and smiling to herself. Lindsay Lohan photo

213. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 09/17 **#5**
What started out as some flirting at a party has turned into a multi-hour romp at a hotel for this B list mostly television actor who finally got a great show to star in and this B- list mostly movie actress who has A list name recognition. I'm not so sure that the A+ list actress girlfriend of our actor will be thrilled with what happened. Justin Theroux/Paula Patton (Robin Thicke’s ex)/Jennifer Aniston

214. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 09/17 **#6**
This A list country singer is keeping things really quiet. Super quiet. Whisper quiet as he and his B list singer wife divorce. The thing our A lister is keeping quiet is the relationship he has with this A+ list singer. The only time they actually can get together without anyone noticing are awards shows and big events/ Lots of phone calls and sexting. Tim McGraw/Faith Hill/Taylor Swift

215. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 09/17 **#7**
This former A list mostly movie actress who still relies on her fame from thirty years ago to keep her at A list name recognition is selling her own home and pocketing the money and having her still married celebrity boyfriend buy a house for the two of them and putting both of their names on the title. Apparently she is also selling stories about their relationship to tabloids. She is a piece of work. Daryl Hannah & Neil Young

216. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 09/17 **#8**
This recent reality star would love to split with her recent reality star boyfriend but she hasn't been able to get any kind of gigs that pay a lot. She is desperate to live in LA and would leave him in a second if she got paid more for a job here than her wedding will pay. Andi Dorfman/Josh Murray ("The Bachelorette")

217. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 09/17 **#9**
The hundreds of nude modeling photos and behind the scenes nude photos from her old job of this recent network reality star kissing and groping other women are all being sold and the producers of the reality show on which she starred don't know what to do. They knew a little about her past, but not everything that is set to come out. Courtney Lapresi/Master Chef (I still don’t know who ended up buying them. Probably the producers to keep them from coming out. )

218. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 09/17 **#10**
This former A list reality star/"singer" who now just wanders around and lives off the family money wanted six figures for her wedding photos. She wouldn't budge which is why her wedding photos are not on the cover of a magazine this week and someone who was willing to take $25K is. Ashlee Simpson (Jessica’s money)

219. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 09/17 **#11**
#1- For all of his career, this mostly movie actor never got above B-list, although he co-starred in some A+ list movies. He raised eyebrows when his wives began to look the same and he went behind the camera in an attempt to make them bigger names. Especially the last one, who said she was underage when she first met and then married him. Although all of his wives knew (hell, they probably knew right away after he didn't sleep with them!), the public didn't know that he was gay. He got his first movie contract after having sex with his male agent, who "discovered" him after hiring him as an escort for a one-night stand. Towards the end of his life, he hired a male escort and contracted HIV, which his publicists quickly covered up and said he had lung cancer.
Actor: John Derek
Movies: "All The King's Men"; "The Ten Commandments"; "Exodus"
Wives: Bo Derek, Linda Evans, Ursula Andress

#2 - Easy Easy: Throughout the years after this A++ list actress/sex symbol's death, there have been reports of an amateur stag film made during the very early part of her career. The alleged porno actually began circulating when she was still alive! During an off day, she requested to see this film and one of her PR people snagged a copy. After watching the stag film, she laughed and said that the lady in the film was "too fat" to be her. Marilyn Monroe

220. MEDIA TAKEOUT 09/17
This is a blind item cause we’re not going to get caught up in no HIPPA [sic] violation lawsuit. ALLEGEDLY a very popular rapper who married a reality star have decided to have a second child. Their first child is beautiful, but they now want to try something new – have a 100% Caucasian child. The couple tried for some time to adopt but they realized that because of their public personas it might be difficult to make it happen. So we’re told that the couple decided to go to a fertility clinic and use "donor sperm" instead of the rapper. The "donor" is a close friends of the rapper who is Caucasian, so it all works out. Wanna know who we’re talking about – well wait about 8 months (when the baby is born) and when everyone is scratching their head at the baby pictures, you’ll know!
Rapper: Kanye West
Reality Star: Kim Kardashian
Sperm Donor (may or may not be famous): Riccardo Tisci

221. BLIND GOSSIP 09/17 **#1**
Actress Danielle Fishel is best known for her role as Topanga Lawrence on the 1993 TV sitcom Boy Meets World. In her new memoir, Fishel tells the story about how another actress was originally cast for the role and why she was eventually fired. By age twelve, I had been acting for almost two years. I had done several commercials and a couple of guest spots on TV shows. And then I got the call for an audition for a new show called Boy Meets World. The name of the episode was "Cory’s Alternative Friends." The role I was auditioning for was Topanga. She was a young "flower child" who was quirky and could possibly end up being a recurring character. I went in for the audition and read the lines exactly the way twelve-year-old Danielle would have said them. I spoke fast, with too much energy, and guess what? I didn’t get the part. The next day, I got called in to audition for the same show, even the same episode, but for a different character. This role was much smaller and, much like my other roles, didn’t require much acting. I got that one! Yippee! I showed up to work and realized that my part was in the same episode as the role of Topanga. This was pretty cool, because I got to see how the girl who got the job acted the part out. They obviously liked her, so maybe I could learn something from her. First of all, this girl was incredibly sweet. She was also very talented. The role was meant for someone who could talk very slowly and still be funny. She seemed to know how to do that. I watched her work with our director the whole first day. Even though I had been in acting classes before, this was like my first real lesson. It changed my life. I remember David Trainer, our exceptionally gifted director for the first two seasons, giving her notes on how to improve her performance. She seemed to have trouble there. He’d give her a note telling her to change something, and she’d do it the exact same way again. I felt like a little kid in a classroom; I wanted to raise my hand and say, "Can I try?" Even at twelve, I knew that was unprofessional, so I kept my mouth shut. On set the next day, she wasn’t there. They had let her go, and the executive producer, Michael Jacobs, needed to find a new girl to play Topanga. To this day, I don’t know why Michael gave me another opportunity to audition for Topanga, although I suspect it was because it was easier than having to do a whole new casting call, but he did. It was down to me and another girl, Marla Sokoloff, who was also doing a guest spot on the episode. I knew this was my chance to show everyone how much I had learned about acting since they saw me last. I had to shine. I had to be Topanga. Marla went in first. When she came out of her audition, the casting director was gushing over her. "Please, give me every possible number where I can find you tonight in case we need to get hold of you," is what the casting director said to Marla’s mom. I felt like I was already at a disadvantage. I went in for my audition. When I was done, the casting director said, "Thanks, Danielle." That was it. Just "Thanks, Danielle." No begging for phone numbers. Nada. And then it happened. "Some woman named Sally Stiner just called and said that you should come back to work tomorrow as Topanga? What does that mean?" I started screaming. Sally Stiner was the casting director. I yelled, "I got Topanga!" The next day, I went back to work with my new role. Who was the original Topanga?

222. BLIND GOSSIP 09/17 **#2**
This pseudo-celebrity and her celebrity boyfriend broke up recently. He has moved on but she is suddenly showing off a lot of new toys like a big house and two new cars. She isn’t earning enough money to pay for these things. So who is paying for them? Her ex. And why would he do that if they weren’t married? To keep her mouth shut! You see, Pseudo knows LOTS of secrets about Ex, his friends, his finances… and his new girlfriend. BTW, have you seen Pseudo hanging with her celebrity BFF recently? Nope. They are fighting over this relationship mess.
Pseudo: Blac Chyna
Ex: Tyga
New Girlfriend: Kylie Jenner
BFF: Kim Kardashian

223. NY POST/PAGE SIX 09/18
1. Which major movie publicist is infuriating the top critics by filling his reserved VIP seats at advance screenings with his gay porn star pals?

2. Which starlet suffered an attack of foul body odor at a New York club and, after a frantic search for deodorant in the bathroom failed, squirted herself with Febreze?

3. Which US ambassador has been desperate to quash a rumor about a family member’s involvement with a Russian prostitute?

4. Which married music mogul is still supporting his late boss’ perpetually broke mistress on the side as an ode to the exec?

5. Which star left her dog behind after a recent glitzy bash? The poor pup had to go home with the catering staff until she collected him the next day.

224. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 09/18 **#1**
He is married and she is married. It hasn't stopped the B+ list reality host/lots of other things from hooking up with the B list celebrity who never spends any time with her husband. Nick Cannon/Amber Rose

225. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 09/18 **#2**
They worked together forever and are the original in what continues to this day but the amount of hate they have for each other doesn't even allow them to say hello or even acknowledge the other person even when they run into each other like they did earlier this week.
Regis Philbin and Kathie Lee Gifford

226. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 09/18 **#3**
This A list mostly movie actor who is an Academy Award winner/nominee left his wife back home. He also left his long time mistress back home too as he promotes his new movie. Along on the trip though is a minor character in the movie who would never be sent to promote a movie, but she is there and hitting red carpets and staying in the same hotel room as the actor. Denzel Washington (POSSIBLY: Haley Bennett who also has a role in Denzel’s current film "The Magnificent Seven")

227. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 09/18 **#4**
This A list mostly television actress from a very hit network show told at least two of her friends that her husband knows that he is not the father of the baby his wife just gave birth to. He knew the timing was never right but went along with it and will keep going along with it until she says otherwise. He likes living in a way he could not do on his own. Kerry Washington/Nnamdi Asomugha "Scandal"

228. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 09/18 **#5**
This A list reality star from a fading fast A list reality show was recently on a super long flight but only spent five minutes with her baby. The rest of the flight the baby was with three nannies. The five minute visit with the child was just to take some selfies. At the end of the flight the nannies faded into the background and our reality star pretended to be a hands on mom again for the press. Kim Kardashian "Keeping Up With the Kardashians"

229. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 09/18 **#6**
This B list kind of television actress who disappeared for almost a decade after her last hit show ended is having an affair with the married head of the company that airs her show. She doesn't seem the type to do that. Laura Prepon/Netflix CEO Reed Hastings

230. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 09/18 **#7**
This former B list mostly movie actress who is visiting another country and hopefully staying there got into a hair pulling fight with this A list model turned actress. They actually once slept together, but that is not important. Apparently the B lister feels the model is stealing movie roles which our former B lister thought she should be getting. The thing is producers don't even ask for her, but her agents keep telling our former B lister she is up for the roles.
Former B list actress: Lindsay Lohan
A list model turned actress: Cara Delevingne
Event: GQ Men of the Year Awards in London

Cara’s new movie: "Paper Towns"

231. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 09/18 **#8**
If you ever wondered what happened to the former assistant of this A+ list rapper don't worry, he has landed on his feet and is working again. The former assistant, who is a man but usually only dresses in women's clothing and lingerie was the favorite sex toy of the A+ lister until the A+ lister found someone higher up the food chain who could help his other career and who wanted to be exclusive, at least in their own way.
A+ rapper: Kanye West
Former assistant: Kelvin Morgan
Higher up food chain: Riccardo Tisci (Creative Director for Givenchy)

232. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 09/18 **#9**
Lots of whispering going around about a recent reality star who is the mom to a child and not his sister. Courtney Lapresi "Master Chef" (MasterChef Season 5 Fixed: Courtney Lapresi Won Finale After Getting Preferential Treatment – Former Stripper Favoritism)

233. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 09/18 **#10**
It never ends well when this B- list mostly television actor on a cable reboot of a hit starts drinking. He has been sober for awhile but the other night hosted an event and was doing lots of shots. Apparently he only behaves if his girlfriend is around and she wasn't. Jesse Metcalfe (Cara Santana) "Dallas"/New York Fashion Week "Lexus Design Disrupted"

234. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 09/18 **#11**
This former tweener actor starred in one of the most popular movies of all time. He was the lead, and after the success of the movie which is beloved by everyone despite the horrible special effects the actor worked on a few other movies. It was during the filming of what would be his final movie that he met a woman that he fell in love with and the woman said she could only date our actor if he converted to Islam. The actor did. While he was taking classes, he was told he should give up acting so he did. He became a completely different person and married the woman and now he and his wife are being investigated for providing housing and laundering money for an organization that funnels fighters to the Middle East from the US and other western countries.

235. POPBITCH 09/18
Which Irish singer had an unusual love trifecta with her manager and his wife… an "arrangement" which lasted more than eight years? Enya (Nicky and Roma Ryan)

236. BLIND GOSSIP 09/18
This professional athlete from a championship team is at the top of his game. His high visibility means that his girlfriend has high visibility, too. So he had to change his girlfriend’s image. He really wants you to think of her more as a respectable, all-American girl… and less like a hooker. He helped her get rid of her nude photos on escort sites and porn sites. He got her to tone down the fake blonde hair and the fake tan and the thick makeup and the overexposure of her fake boobs. He even got her a "job" at a respectable establishment, so she can say she has a profession that doesn’t involve taking off her clothes. However, don’t expect to see her if you go there. It’s one of those Sopranos-like no-show jobs where she only pops in when she feels like it. So respectable.
Jonathon Toews (Chicago Blackhawks) Lindsey Vecchione

237. WINE AND SASS 09/18
This washed up actress was pretty much dumped by Hollywood 25+ years ago for thinking she was wayyyyyy more talented than she was. She is a habitual user of people as well. Significant others, friends....if you are of no use to her, you have no place in her life. She had a string of A-List friends but burned all those bridges years ago. Recently, she has managed to get her claws into a A+ List Guy and is in the process of setting herself up for a lifetime. She will do anything to make sure she doesn't have to worry about finances again. This means taking over his money and controlling everything. His family is desperately trying to get him away from her, but her sweet and innocent fake demeanor has him hooked. Someone close to him busted her selling his personal information for a large profit. She has scoured his home looking for any dirt on him that she can sell and then point fingers at his ex. She's got a LOT of info to pawn and not just on him, also some in his inner circles. She's like a kid on Christmas Morn. Darryl Hannah/Neil Young/David Crosby

238. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 09/19 **#1**
This openly gay actor from a hit network show has a significant other but perhaps he is not getting what he needs at home because he was hitting up Grindr hard the other night at an after party for a film and left after about 20 minutes to meet a "friend."
Jim Parson "Big Bang Theory"

239. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 09/19 **#2**
The daughter of this former A list mostly television actor who seems like he has been on a cable television show for a decade or longer yelled at her famous father because he was drinking. She yelled at him that he had promised to not drink that night and she was going home if he didn't stop. The actor put the drink down. Danny Devito/daughter Lucy ("It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia")
("A Walk Among the Tombstones" after party)

240. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 09/19 **#3**
Our favorite chain smoking tattoo hiding Academy Award nominated actress is paying her fitness instructor for private one on one lessons that involve no clothes but lots of cardio. Melanie Griffith

241. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 09/19 **#4**
Usually when someone is hiding a relationship it is because they are cheating. In this case though, this A list model is hiding her boyfriend because she thinks her A+ list celebrity bff will never understand. The A+ lister is notorious for dumping friends who can't focus 100% of their attention on her. Karlie Kloss/Taylor Swift

242. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 09/19 **#5**
There is no love lost between these two co-stars on a hit almost network show that is only classified a hit because it is on that network. Apparently the higher listed of the pair was hit on by the husband of the lesser co-star but the lesser co-star blames the higher listed star. I'm not always a fan of the higher listed star, but she is big on fidelity so would never do that.

243. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 09/19 **#6**
This permanent A list singer/musician who is height challenged suffered a serious blood infection last month when he was injected with a B12 shot after a show. The singer was treated for three days in a hospital. Prince

244. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 09/19 **#7**
This married B list mostly television actor on a very hit network show that has a new spin-off this year says that the rub and tugs he gets everyday in his trailer is not cheating and really believes that it is just a part of his body that is massaged like any other. LL Cool J "NCIS: Los Angeles"/NCIS: New Orleans"

245. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 09/19 **#8**
This A list foreign born singer might be a one hit album wonder. A monster one hit album to be sure, but still just one. Apparently years of chain smoking has caused the still very young singer problems with her vocal cords and recording sessions have not gone well or been too painful for her to sing longer than a few minutes at a time. Adele

246. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 09/19 **#9**
Even though they have been in the same city for the past couple of days, this former A+ list mostly movie actress turned solid B+/A- lister has not seen her celebrity significant other. He has been hooking up with a woman who caused problems for the couple before.

247. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 09/19 **#10**
The former girlfriend of this B list mostly television actor who is big on cheating and not very successful in his latest television efforts has written a book about the actor. Well, it doesn't call him by name, but the book is filled with stories of things the guy did to her and made her do and made her watch and also the time she had to spend in a mental hospital to recover from their time together. It is quite the "novel."

248. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 09/19 **#11**
#1 - This A+ list singer might like the world to think she is sweet and kind and goes to church every Sunday, but she demanded that a woman at an arena be fired because the woman wanted an autograph and asked our singer directly. Fergie; Carrie Underwood

#2 - Kindness- This A+ list singer insists that for every ticket her record company buys to her shows to give away to industry people that they buy an equal number to give to school kids in that particular city. Oh, and she makes sure that the kids sit as close as the industry people. Taylor Swift; Katy Perry

#3 - This former A+ list singer who has turned to judging for the most part to make a buck once walked into her dressing room and turned right back around because she didn't like the lighting. Yep. She was back in her car and in her hotel room 10 minutes later and stayed until the lighting was changed. Jennifer Lopez "American Idol" (traveling to different cities for auditions)

#4- This now deceased talk show side kick would only make appearances if an escort was provided to him. She had to be blonde and no older than 25. He didn't require that they sleep with him but if they did he would always say yes the next time that organization or company asked him to appear. The answer was usually no if they didn't. Ed McMahon

249. BLIND GOSSIP 09/19
This is NOT one of those fast divorces. These two celebrities have been married more than ten years… and the divorce feels like it’s taking that long, too! Seriously, though, they hit a rough patch three or four years ago, mainly because of his cheating – yes, he’s the wild one in this relationship – and have been moving toward divorce ever since. What’s taking so darn long? Well, money is one factor. They make more money together than apart. She was more successful than him at one point, but his career is probably stronger than hers right now. In any case, they do collaborate on projects and there are a lot of overlapping business interests. Their total net worth is certainly over $100 million. The kids are the other factor. They are still in school and they spend time with both parents… even though the parents don’t live together anymore. By the way, that last part isn’t obvious because the couple own multiple homes (at least three) and they and their kids have always shuttled among their various properties. So you will not see pics of a moving truck pulling up or hear reports of someone living in a hotel. This couple continues to make appearances together and yap how great their marriage is, so there aren’t a lot of outward clues that the divorce is coming. But it is. Maybe the first half of next year. But don’t hold your breath. They could easily stretch this out for another year. Or something like that.
Tim McGraw/Faith Hill

250. WINE AND SASS 09/19
This A-list celebrity kicked her C-list mostly television actor to the curb a while back, and quietly blackballed him in the process. He's working, if you can call it that, but it's nowhere near what he was before he cheated on her and publicly humiliated her. After she kicked him to the curb, he hooked up with this once B-list celebrity and she ruined him even further. Eventually that relationship ran it's course, and he's ready to walk out on that relationship, too. He was the one publicly humiliated this time, and he was none too pleased about it. His A-list ex has moved on and had several successful projects since their breakup, and doesn't need him beyond co parenting their child(ren), but she is rather excited to collect their kid(s) share of his latest bit of revenue. It'll be a tawdry tell all of his exploits and his 'side' of his relationship with his current soon to be ex. The A-lister has been snarking to friends that she's going to do something hilarious with the money, like build a dog house that's an exact replica of the once B-lister's house. For the kids, of course.

251. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 09/20 **#1**
This long running network reality show has already been shot but editors are having trouble finding enough sober footage of one of the contestants to weave the story together. She is in almost every scene and everyone knew she was drunk but they were so used to it they didn't realize how bad it was until the show got to the editing stage. Brandi Glanville ("Real Housewives of Beverly Hills") "Celebrity Apprentice"

252. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 09/20 **#2**
This almost A list singer talked her way out of rehab but her parents have forced her to attend AA meetings or they would cut her off. That is a big deal. She is attending multiple meetings a day. Lana Del Rey

253. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 09/20 **#3**
This comedian turned actor turned a lot of everything has been married forever. He has starred in movies and television and did I say he has been married forever? He is hooking up with someone who was born after he got married. I don't think he has ever been a blind. He might have been a Kindness though a couple of years ago, because he does some very good deeds. Cheating on his wife is not one of them.
Chris Rock

254. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 09/20 **#4**
KINDNESS: This B list mostly movie actress who was A list when she was in that franchise has slowly dropped since she chose to walk away from it. She thought she could make it big without it. She was wrong. Anyway, she is promoting a new movie and was already running late for a television interview but stopped to chat with a mentally challenged teen in a wheelchair who was with his mom. He had a poster from her franchise and she signed it and then patiently talked to him for almost 20 minutes before finally heading to her television appearance. Kirsten Dunst (franchise: "Spiderman")/"Two Faces of January"

255. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 09/20 **#5**
This former reality star turned a different kind of reality star turned host turned celebrity was trying to play off two executives to get a new show. She was sleeping with them both until they found out. Now she is scrambling to find something to get her on television. She is even thinking about going back to the channel she said she would never return to and would consider it a failure in life. Bethenny Frankel ("The Apprentice: Martha Stewart"/"Real Housewives of New York City"/"Bethenny Getting Married?"/"Bethenny Ever After"/"Skating with the Stars"/"Skinnygirl"/the "Bethenny" show

256. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 09/20 **#6**
This B- list mostly television actress who just completed a nice little run on a critically acclaimed series and has been on lots and lots of shows and even more movies should keep a very close eye on her similarly listed husband who just completed a run on a network show that held on for dear life to get to syndication. He just filmed a movie and has been hooking up with a co-star who has never managed to make it through any show or movie without hooking up with someone. It is probably why she has trouble getting really great work and only gets good work.

257. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 09/20 **#7**
This actress is foreign born and probably B+ list if you get pay cable. A list if you listen to David Hasselhoff records. Two shows at once for this actress who said her parents hated her past and cut her off but when she started making money on her new shows and getting famous they suddenly appeared in her life wanting money and cars and won't stop asking her for things.
B+ list actress: Malin Åkerman
Pay cable show: "The Comeback"
Second show: "Trophy Wife"
Hasselhoff connection: she made an appearance on "Welcome to Sweden"; Greg Poehler is the creator of "Welcome to Sweden"; Greg Poehler appeared on "Hasselhoff - en svensk talkshow" a talk show where David Hasselhoff interviewed famous Swedes.

258. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 09/20 **#8**
These two co-stars on a FOX show ending soon showed up on a red carpet together for a charity event wasted and then spent the entire night standing at the valet stand smoking pot. At the end of the night they picked up a swag bag and then got into their waiting car. Jenna Ushkowitz (Tina Cohen-Chang)/Kevin McHale (Artie Abrams) "Glee" (Operation Smile)

259. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 09/20 **#9**
Proving once again that she is just not very nice, this B list actress from a hit network show threw a tantrum until she was allowed to change an outfit so she didn't have to wear the same thing as the "fat girl," who is her co-star and a MUCH nicer person and a MUCH better actress who is going to have a very long career unlike the mean one. Sarah Hyland "Modern Family" (fat girl: Ariel Winter)

260. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 09/20 **#10**
This B+ list mostly television actress on a very hit show who also has another gig that does pretty well is trying to get a visa for a guy she hooked up with on vacation. He tried to get one on his own and couldn't and it might be important. Whispers on set say our actress is pregnant. Lucy Hale "Pretty Little Liars" (singer and clothing line)/Adam Pitts (British drummer in the band "Lawson")

261. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 09/21 **#1**
This married A list comic movie actor is still in full on cheating mode. What really distresses me is that I thought his latest hookup partner was a better person. She is a B list mostly television actress with a hit cable show and who until I heard about her with the married guy really liked a lot.

262. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 09/21 **#2**
At an iHeartRadio after party this weekend, this former A list tweener actress turned singer was hugging and kissing a guy who is definitely not the guy she was hooking up with last week. The kissing and groping and grinding lasted until his coke ran out. 20 minutes later she was doing the same thing with another guy. She is really young to be on the worst celebrity list and things will only get worse. Ariana Grande (was dating Big Sean)

263. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 09/21 **#3**
This new Housewife is filming right now and is so boring that producers are thinking of dumping her to find someone else. Apparently she thinks she is still going to get some serious acting role and doesn't want to jeopardize that by acting crazy. Umm, yeah, she isn't going to get anything. Lisa Rinna "Real Housewives of Beverly Hills"

264. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 09/21 **#4**
This B- list mostly television actress is married with children. She has had same sex flings before with some A listers. This time though it is with her much younger female co-star on a brand new show and our married actress even left her husband because she is so crazy about her younger lover. Jada Pinkett Smith/Victoria Cartagena or Erin Richards "Gotham"

265. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 09/21 **#5**
This A+ list in her mind everything started filming a reality show with her sister. She stopped after two weeks when she saw that her sister was getting all the air time. Our A+ lister threw a fit and then shut down the whole thing. Our A+ lister only filmed for three hours in the two weeks but she expected all of those three hours to be used because she thought she was riveting. Jennifer and Lynda Lopez

266. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 09/21 **#6**
This B list mostly television actress who has a cable show to replace her cable sitcom when it gets canceled had to be carried out of her premiere party because she passed out drunk.

267. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 09/21 **#7**
Police were called but no arrests made because no one was actually hurt when this B list mostly television actress who used to be A list and then crashed and burned in a one season network flop last year fought with her actor husband. Apparently you could not even see the floor because of all the plates and glasses that were shattered during the fight. Neighbors called police and the closest neighbor is about half a block away so it must have been epic. Sarah Michelle Gellar/Freddie Prinze Jr. "The Crazy Ones"

268. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 09/21 **#8**
This B list mostly television actress on one of the original crime shows has been with the same person but refuses to get married because she wants to feel free to explore other relationships. She is really passionate about this open relationship thing and even owns a place where she encourages like minded people to meet and explore. Marg Helgenberger/Alan Finkelstein "CSI"

269. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 09/21 **#9**
The most absent celebrity mom probably goes to this B- list celebrity who used to be a reality star. She forced her husband to hire several nannies so she could continue her "career." Last week she didn't even say a word to her kid even though she spent most days and nights in the same house. Amber Rose

This C list celebrity/sometime reality star called the police to tell them she suspected her celebrity ex-boyfriend of statutory rape of his new reality star girlfriend. This should get really interesting. Blac Chyna/Tyga/Kylie Jenner

271. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 09/22 **#2**
What started out as a friendly compliment turned really scary over the weekend. This foreign born solo singer who is A- list complimented this A list singer on his girlfriend. The A lister said thanks and said the foreign born A- lister could take her out if he wanted. The foreign born singer shocked, said no, that he already has a girlfriend. The A lister then got angry at the A- lister and wondered if he was too good or something. It got really intense really fast and the A lister was really ticked off that when he offered his girlfriend to share that the other guy didn't take him up on it.
Foreign born A list solo singer: Ed Sheeran
Girlfriend: Athina Andrelos
A list singer: Chris Brown
Girlfriend: Karrueche Tran
Event: iHeartRadio Music Festival

272. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 09/22 **#3**
This married rapper with the celebrity wife who is cheating got another woman pregnant. She is pretty far along to the point where in the next couple of months when she gives birth there is going to be some kind of financial settlement which will be made public. She wants a lot of money, especially considering he is not even seeing her any longer. Amber Rose/Wiz Khalifa (the baby was born and a private settlement was reached. I’m not even sure Amber knows about the other baby)

273. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 09/22 **#4**
This former A list tweener is ready and willing to reprise her biggest role but only if her female co-star is not involved. They hate each other no matter how much our former A lister pretends otherwise. Hilary Duff/Lalaine Vergara-Paras "Lizzie McGuire"

274. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 09/22 **#5**
This former B list mostly movie actress turned host has started coming out to her family. Apparently she had a fling with a female producer on the set of her latest documentary and they have been inseparable. Queen Latifah ("TEACH")

275. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 09/22 **#6**
This acting couple with past sobriety issues actually have a nanny who is also their sober coach and is with them all of the time. It seems to be working. It has been a long struggle for this pair. Eric Dane/Rebecca Gayheart

276. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 09/22 **#7**
This married B list celebrity/reality star who has been on multiple reality shows spent 30 minutes of a recent flight flirting with a flight attendant in the galley and getting her phone number while his wife was sleeping ten rows away. Spencer Pratt/Heidi Montag (Heidi’s sister Holly’s wedding in Colorado)

277. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 09/22 **#8**
To avoid an entire production being scrapped that cost nearly $100M to make, the producers and director cut every scene of this B- list mostly movie actress because she was so wasted during filming that no one could understand her or even knew what she was doing. Samantha Banks "Dracula Untold"

278. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 09/22 **#9**
This guy in Teen Mom 2 was rumored to have hooked up with the best friend of his significant other. Nope. He hooked up with the boyfriend of the friend.

279. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 09/22 **#10**
The boyfriend of this B list mostly television actress on a soon to be ending network show has been telling friends that he is trying to get his girlfriend pregnant. He wants that permanent meal ticket. She is just clueless at this point. Lea Michele/ Matthew Paetz "Glee"; Aubrey Plaza/Jeff Baena "Parks and Recreation"

280. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 09/22 **#11*
#1 - This C list celebrity offspring of a former A+ list singer/movie actress is using again. She is trying to stay out of rehab so probably won't be confessing this time. Bobbi Kristina Brown (Whitney Houston); Chloe Lattanzi (Olivia Newton-John)

#2- This mild mannered television host of a network reality show complained for 20 minutes because one of the two guys sent to fetch his drink put sugar inside instead of Splenda. Tom Bergeron

#3 - This B list mostly television actress from a very hit cable show based on books would be horrified to know that Justin Bieber has watched the sex tape she made with her then boyfriend who shows it to everyone. Ashley Benson ("Pretty Little Liars")/Ryan Good (Bieber’s swagger coach)

281. BLIND GOSSIP 09/22 **#1**
There are two female celebrities who used to be good friends. Not any more! However, there is a little souvenir of their friendship that is still hanging over both of them like a dark cloud: Each has one or more naked pics of the other! No, they were never involved with each other. The photo swap happened a couple of years ago when they were chatting about a third celebrity (not important to this story) whose photos were leaked. They each admitted to the other that they would be horrified if their own pics got out, and in an "If you show me yours, I’ll show you mine" moment, exchanged photos with each other. Of course, at the time they thought their friendship would never end, but it eventually did. If you’ve ever wondered why they are pretty careful about not talking smack about each other (not directly, anyway), this is the reason! BONUS CLUE! Both women are over the age of 25. Katy Perry/Rihanna; Jennifer Aniston/Courteney Cox

282. BLIND GOSSIP 09/22 **#2**
A couple of years ago, this famous female actor became concerned that gravity and the aging process were taking a toll on her face. She decided to go beyond the usual Botox and collagen treatments and get cheek implants to restore her youthful contours. Unfortunately for her, the cheek implants looked ridiculous and unnatural on her face. She had them removed a few months ago for a new project. Thank goodness. In our opinion, she looks much better without them. Will she ever admit to having had plastic surgery? Oh hell no! She wants you to believe that everything about her is – and always has been – natural. Jada Pinkett Smith

283. WINE AND SASS 09/22
This A-list celebrity recently bragged to the press that he went straight to the FBI over his A-list wife's naked pictures getting hacked. The world collectively shrugged, because pretty much everyone has seen this woman naked and it really isn't a big deal. So why did he run to the FBI? Because he's scared to DEATH that the hackers are coming for him next and will uncover his open marriage with his wife and his long time lover. He is doing everything possible to prevent this from getting out. Yeah, this is freaking easy. But kinda hilarious, too. Kanye West/Kim Kardashian/Ricardo Tisci

284. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 09/23 **#1**
This former A list pint size rapper was dancing topless on some tables the other night when she could actually stand up because she was so wasted. When asked about her baby she said the baby doesn't even stay with her whatever that means. Lil’ Kim

285. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 09/23 **#2**
In full view of his girlfriend and the press, this permanent A list mostly movie actor couldn't stop staring at and touching the breasts of his co-star while they posed for photos. Amazingly she didn't say anything, but just kept moving his hand off her breast each time. He would apologize and then do it again. Al Pacino/Jessica Chastain "Salome"

286. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 09/23 **#3**
This married permanent A list singer was at an event over the weekend with his wife and he was trolling for women. He said that normally he would want them for a threesome but his wife said he could find someone for himself and he had no problems finding someone. Sting/Trudie Styler (40th Anniversary Of Blondie exhibition)

287. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 09/23 **#4**
KINDNESS: This B+ list foreign born very good looking actor who everyone loves especially when he chooses to go without certain items of clothing was at an event this weekend and a woman got her heel caught in a grate and broke her ankle. Our actor carried her from outside the event, through security and set her down on a couch and stayed with her until paramedics could arrive.

288. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 09/23 **#5**
When this aging former A+ list mostly movie actor who is trying to get back to that status after several years off asked for some strippers to be delivered to his hotel room this weekend. He had his security people check i.d's. Not to make sure the women were legal, but to make sure none were out of their teens. One security guard stayed in the room, including the bedroom the entire time. Apparently there were issues in the past about sexual assault claims so our actor likes witnesses when dealing with strangers. Arnold Schwarzenegger

289. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 09/23 **#6**
This married B list female director with A list name recognition is getting cheated on by her celebrity husband. Because almost no one knows his face he has not been very careful with the woman he met on the set of one of his wife's movies. Sofia Coppola/Thomas Mars

290. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 09/23 **#7**
I knew she made a film doing some dominant fetish stuff way back in the day, but apparently our A list mostly movie actress enjoys it in real life too and that is why she and this celebrity/musician are getting on so well. He lets her do whatever she wants. Cameron Diaz/Benji Madden

291. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 09/23 **#8**
This former A list tweener better be on her best behavior because the show she is appearing on has a backup on standby and will be at the show and ready to perform even at the last minute. Lindsay Lohan "Speed the Plow"

292. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 09/23 **#9**
This B list mostly movie actress/part-time singer is back on Adderall again. Hey it worked the first time and no one was the wiser. She even picked up a few bucks. Jennifer Hudson (Weight Watchers)

293. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 09/23 **#10**
Want to know how much they edit reality television? On that second season reality hit for the A list cable reality network, two of the stars of the show did coke with two one timers on the show. During filming. Not going to show it or allude to it though. "Below Deck" Bravo

294. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 09/23 **#11*
This one doesn't have to be long to be super creepy. Back in the day this foreign born former A+ list mostly movie actor who still has A+ list name recognition but hasn't made one of his box office mega hits in awhile had a love child who turned out to also be a foreign born porn star turned actress. Our actor has never acknowledged that she is his daughter and refuses to discuss it. He did however co-star in a movie with the actress and had several love scenes with her. He stayed clothed but she was naked and writhing around on the bed with her dad. She also refuses to publicly admit the actor is her father but has told friends and her mom also has some very convincing evidence. Jean-Claude Van Damme/Sandra Vidal "Derailed"

295. BLIND GOSSIP 09/23 **#1**
This wealthy and famous actor/director/etc. is privately talking about how happy he is that he is going to be a father for the first time. However, the situation is not exactly what it appears to be! It is true that his girlfriend is pregnant. It is also true that she is carrying his baby. However, it would be more accurate to call her his "girlfriend." She conceived using his sperm, but they did not have sex. She is basically a combination of beard and surrogate… and is being paid very handsomely to fulfill both roles! Given how rich, famous and powerful he is, it would be a real coup for the gay community for him to come out. However, a painful childhood causes him to be very secretive about his personal life. For better or worse, do not expect him to come out anytime soon. Tyler Perry

296. BLIND GOSSIP 09/23 **#2**
Some celebrities think that if they put a lie out there and just keep repeating it, you will think it’s true. Don’t be fooled, people! Here are today’s three biggest liars:
1. The singer who thinks that if she keeps putting out fake pregnancy pics that you will believe that she physically gave birth to her baby. No. She hired a surrogate. Beyonce

2. The actor/singer who had her phone hacked but wants you to think that those naked photos are of someone else. No. Those photos are of her and they are real. Ariana Grande

3. The mom who wants you to think that she is worth $100 million. No. She is the one putting that number out there, although she is really not worth even a third of that. Kris Jenner

297. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 09/24 **#1**
This married foreign born A list mostly movie actor who doesn't do much successful outside of a very long running franchise has told several women he has been with in the past two months that his marriage to his actress wife is over but that they need to keep it quiet and not tell anyone. Uh huh. Daniel Craig/Rachel Weisz

298. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 09/24 **#2**
This married multiple times back in the day gorgeous former A lister who did a couple of things well still enjoys A list name recognition but is probably just going to be a B lister forever was out shopping and acting drunk and swaying from side to side and talking to herself and dropped several bottles of perfume and would try to pick them up but could only bend over a little. workers at the store said she didn't smell like booze but was obviously not in a condition to be out in public. Joan Collins

299. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 09/24 **#3**
This aging, pervy former A list mostly movie actor who likes to date way way younger than his age loves to have his girlfriend get hit on by a bunch of guys at bars and then our actor shows up and boosts his ego by getting her to leave with him. The thing is she has hooked up with some of the other men at later times. James Woods

300. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 09/24 **#4**
The daughter of this A list celebrity doctor is back in rehab. Again. I guess we are supposed to listen to his advice though. Dr. Drew’s daughter Paulina

301. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 09/24 **#5**
This foreign born married Academy Award winner/nominee freaked out when going through customs a few weeks ago because the officer took her passport and her to secondary inspection and she thought he was going to take a photo of the passport and then tell the world how old she really is. She almost got herself arrested just to hide her age. Catherine Zeta Jones

302. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 09/24 **#6**
That franchise of this B list mostly movie actor who is an Academy Award winner/nominee must not be paying enough or garish tight clothing costs more than it used to because when his girlfriend deposited his monthly check to her it was returned for non-sufficient funds. Mickey Rourke

303. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 09/24 **#7**
The boyfriend of this messed up former reality star turned celebrity turned different kind of reality star turned back to celebrity who at one point in time was A list and had millions of fans, convinced her to have sex with some of the people he is trying to turn into investors. Nicole Scherzinger/Lewis Hamilton (Kairat Boranbeyev)

304. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 09/24 **#8**
This former A list mostly television actor who has not really had much success on tv the past decade is enjoying his newly single status to the point where producers of his new venture have warned him about hooking up and then dumping his co-stars because they are quitting and it is getting tougher to replace them.

305. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 09/24 **#9**
Since this former B list reality star can't convince his former A list reality star from the original of this franchise to raise his allowance he wants her pregnant so he can be on the receiving end of some cash each month if they split. Kind of ironic actually. Slade Smiley/Gretchen Rossi "Real Housewives of Orange County" (Slade is a deadbeat child support dad)

306. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 09/24 **#10**
This former A list child actor from back in the day who crashed and burned due to drugs admitted recently that he supplied the drugs to this former child actress who overdosed and died because she couldn't afford to buy any.

307. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 09/24 **#11*
OLD HOLLYWOOD: If this actor was alive today he would have probably ended up spending his life in jail rather than being an A+ lister during his entire career. A studio almost went bankrupt paying off so many parents to keep quiet about what he did to their daughters. Our actor was the true definition of A+ list and he made box office hits and classics that will never stop being discussed. He was in charge of casting for all of his movies and you can be sure there would be a large number of teen and pre-teen girls auditioning for parts that didn't even fit in with the story. He frequently cut the scenes out they shot but just wanted to audition them and shoot with them and have sex with as many as he could. The number of illegitimate kids this guy had would probably make our heads spin. It has to be at least a dozen and probably none of the mothers were over the age of 16. That was pretty much his cut off point.. He wanted nothing to do with any teen over 16. This guy was a sick guy who didn't even bother hiding his love of young women but he was so popular and made so much money that people just shrugged it off and just said it was him being him. The payoffs were primarily to pay for the child's future, but there were more than a few times where a girl was injured while having sex with our actor because he didn't take no for an answer. The thing that was really disturbing is how many parents were willing to let their daughters film with him even when they knew his reputation or what he was going to do to their daughters. They let them spend the night or week with the guy. Errol Flynn

308. BLIND GOSSIP 09/24
The public statement says that she is leaving her job voluntarily and is moving on to other opportunities. However, we hear that this entertainment reporter was actually fired for a whole list of reasons: She was "dumb as a pile of bricks"; she "was the most inarticulate reporter we’ve ever had"; and she slept with "everyone, including actors, rappers, singers, athletes, politicians… and one of the producers. She seemed to think that fucking everyone was part of her job description." Her colleagues are both pleased and relieved by the show’s decision and will not miss her. Rocsi Diaz "Entertainment Tonight"

309. LAINEY GOSSIP 09/24
She started out as a song girl, then acted, keeps trying to do both. At the beginning it was promising but mostly, over the last few years, it’s been a series of disappointments. Personally though, she seemed to have it together. A steady relationship, a solid commitment, no drama… Or maybe it’s because we weren’t paying attention. She and her playing partner have been having problems for a while. They’ve been trying hard to work it out. But that might not turn out so well if she finds out that he hooked up with a much more successful song girl, someone with a similar early sound and origin, though that’s evolving now. Despite her many changes, contrived or organic, this was probably not the intended image.
Mandy Moore/Ryan Adams/Taylor Swift

310. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 09/25 **#1**
They might be in the same city and hotel together, but this married A list mostly television actress on a very hit network show is not even staying in the same suite as her husband. He has a completely different room on the same floor. She did pay for his room though out of her own pocket. Her room is being paid for. Kerry Washington "Scandal"/Nnamdi Asomugha

311. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 09/25 **#2**
This married former celebrity turned reality star turned celebrity turned begging for a reality show celebrity is being paid by this A list magician as an assistant. The only assisting she does is in the bedroom. Holly Madison/David Copperfield

312. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 09/25 **#3**
This former B list mostly television actress who has fallen on hard times from a hit almost network show asked a former reality star for an introduction to a former cast mate of the former reality star who makes her living as a broker if you will between women and men who are willing to pay to be with celebrities.

313. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 09/25 **#4**
This former actress turned host turned actress again is still technically married and knows she has lost a lot of her popularity so has turned her sights on a very up and coming precedent setting star who she hooked up with over the weekend and is trying to get her a gig on his new show. Tempestt Bledsoe/Anthony Anderson "Black-ish"

314. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 09/25 **#5**
This B list mostly television actress from a long running hit show that seemed to go on forever on an almost network, has a network show now and is doing press. When she stopped by the set of one talk show, the married actor turned host who interviewed her kept commenting on her breasts to the point where the actress borrowed a sweater to wear until the interview started. She has dealt with creepy before but she said with this guy that she almost felt violated. Sophia Bush ("Chicago P.D.")/Mario Lopez ("Extra")

315. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 09/25 **#6**
This B list mostly movie actress who manages to stay B list despite not doing much was already having marriage issues before her nude photos got sent out over the internet. Her husband knew the time frame of the photos and knew she hadn't been sending them to him even though they were married. They might have ended up in that A list musician's hands though. Kate Bosworth (Michael Polish)/Chris Martin

316. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 09/25 **#7**
With all the divas and celebrities at the iHeartRadio thing over the weekend you would think that biggest pain would be one of the performers. Nope. The biggest pain by far and someone who could not let any sentence pass her by without telling the world who she is married to, was the celebrity wife of the oft married former A list hair band that reached its peak in the 80's. She complained about everything and she also had a gig promoting something on the side and had a list of demands that would have made her husband's rider from back in the day look pleasant. Nikki Sixx (Mötley Crüe)/Courtney Bingham

317. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 09/25 **#8**
This married B- list mostly television actress who used to have a different celebrity profession stars on a somehow hit show on an almost network. She has been in this space before as her husband continued to cheat. She finally caught him and they are splitting, but the interesting thing is that her supposed bff and former co-star has chosen sides and chose the husband because he can do more for her career than our actress. Jaime King ("Hart of Dixie")/Kyle Newman/Jessica Alba (Godmother to Jaime’s son) (recently starred in movie directed by Kyle)

318. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 09/25 **#9**
This former A list mostly television actor from a long running hit network show has returned to his celebrity roots in his new gig was confronted by a homeless person the other day who called the actor the N word when the actor didn't give him any money. The homeless person is black and our actor is not. The actor then started using the N word repeatedly as he got in the face of the homeless person. Jerry Seinfeld "Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee"

319. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 09/25 **#10**
This married foreign born B list singer has already introduced her kids to her lover and is just rubbing salt in the face of her husband at this point. Lily Allen

320. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 09/25 **#11*
This foreign born almost A list mostly movie actor is set to begin shooting his A+ list franchise again soon. His drug use and cheating is out of control though and his very gorgeous girlfriend left him after a very nasty encounter. Sam Worthington "Avatar"/Lara Bingle

321. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 09/25 **#12*
#1 - Some very important members of her family never wrote or called to offer condolences to this A list mostly movie actress. Nicole Kidman (her children Isabella and Connor Cruise)

#2- This permanent A+ list singer says her ex-husband took her virginity by raping her. Mariah Carey/Tommy Mottola

#3 - OLD HOLLYWOOD: This former B+ list mostly movie actor once starred in one of the most famous movies of all-time was killed. A man was convicted of the crime, but according to the tabloid selling former lover of a deceased A list celebrity, it was the A lister who killed the actor after he threatened to go public with their gay love affair if money was not forthcoming. Sal Mineo "Rebel Without a Cause"/Liberace

322. THE MIRROR (U.K.) 09/25
Which jealous model is obsessively texting and calling her pop star ex-boyfriend who dumped her MONTHS ago? Awks. The hot crooner has completely moved on, even stepping out with a new lady, but this clothes horse is still seeing green with envy. Eek.
Model: Alexa Chung
Pop Star: Chris Martin
New Lady (may or may not be famous): Jennifer Lawrence

323. INTOUCH 09/25
The infamous hacker - who's been leaking nude photos of stars including Jennifer Lawrence, Kate Upton, and Rihanna - released alleged photos of a naked Kim. . . . "Kanye flipped out and yelled at her, 'How dare you?'"Which man did Kim take the photos for? Jay-Z

324. BLIND GOSSIP 09/25
This female pop star used to be very close with her personal assistant. They lived together, worked together, and traveled together. During her most recent tour, the star even brought the PA onto the stage and introduced the PA as her best friend. Then, the PA suddenly left their job. What happened? Well, it turns out that the star recently found out that the PA spent a lot of their time sexting… with the star’s boyfriend! That’s not even the worst of it. When she finally read through all the texts, the star also discovered that her boyfriend had slept with at least two other people while the star was out on tour! Needless to say, the star was stunned by the betrayal of both her boyfriend and her PA . There was lots of crying and yelling. Then she fired the PA… but kept the boyfriend because he promised that he would never cheat on her again. The star doesn’t want anyone to know that her boyfriend cheated on her, so she lies and tells everyone that the PA decided to leave on their own. Since the star’s friends and employees don’t know that the PA and the boyfriend both recently betrayed the star, they continue to talk and hang out with the PA and the boyfriend. The star hates this but believes that the problem is resolved and everything is fine. Only, it’s not. We’ve got some news for the star: Did you know that your ex-PA is and your boyfriend are still sexting each other and that your boyfriend is still cheating on you? Do you care?
Demi Lovato/Natalie Martin/Wilmer Valderrama

325. MOUTH TO EARS 09/25
Let that Diva shine!!! This songstress did just that at a recent political event. This diva performed at the event but spent the entire time with a very nasty attitude. Instead of mingling, she spent the entire time acting like everyone wanted her immigrant NBA baller boo. She didn’t even want to engage with President Clinton. She hasn’t had a hot album in years and hasn’t really had a lot of media attention besides the make up to break up news between her and basketball boyfriend.
Keri Hilson/Serge Ibaka

326. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 09/26 **#1**
It has been one of the stranger product launches ever. A reporter who has been to two of the new line by this A+ list singer says that the press are handed a press packet which is normal and are allowed to take photos which is normal but are not allowed to ask any questions of the celebrity which is not normal at all and the policy is ruthlessly enforced by removing press who do try to ask questions. Britney Spears (lingerie line)

327. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 09/26 **#2**
Apparently this wife of a former A list mostly television actor from two long running network hits and a couple of misses too knew that her sex addicted husband would cheat on her given the chance so decided to keep things close to home. Their nanny just doesn't watch over the kids she also has sex with the husband with the full approval of the wife. Kelsey Grammer ("Cheers"/"Fraiser")

328. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 09/26 **#3**
This permanent A list mostly movie actor who is an Academy Award winner hooked up with a woman who is even younger than his much younger girlfriend. The girlfriend keeps pressuring the actor to get married which he told her previously was a deal breaker. He is done with marriage.
Al Pacino

329. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 09/26 **#4**
He is married but that hasn't stopped her before. This B list celebrity turned reality star was all over this almost A+ list mostly movie actor who is very good looking. She wouldn't leave him alone at an event where he was without his wife. He cheats too but wanted no part of the trouble that comes with this person. I guess she is ready to trade in her husband for someone who has a career and fame she can use to her advantage.

330. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 09/26 **#5**
This A+ list rapper had a party thrown in his honor this week and didn't want his celebrity girlfriend there because he knew what was going to happen. She insisted though and was witness to him kissing and groping strippers and other women who wanted to be with him. He told his girlfriend that she wanted to be there and he wasn't going to change who he is for her. Apparently she was "indifferent" about it all. Lil Wayne/Christina Milian

331. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 09/26 **#6**
There is already trouble in paradise for this B list acting couple who have not been married very long and were really quiet when they did. They have two issues. He cheats on her and she is about eight weeks pregnant. Tom Hardy/Charlotte Riley

332. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 09/26 **#7**
This celebrity offspring of a reality star is making a name for herself. She is hooking up with a former A list tweener but little does she know that her younger sister, while drunk at a party earlier this year hooked up with the former tweener too. Yolanda Foster ("Real Housewives of Beverly Hills")/Gigi Hadid/Joe Jonas/Bella Hadid

333. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 09/26 **#8**
KINDNESS: On a recent flight, this former A list tweener actor who is now a B+/A- list mostly movie actor who has had some issues had a flight attendant faint right in front of his seat. The actor jumped up and was the first to help and gave up his seat for her and because it was a full flight had to stand for almost two hours until she felt well enough to get up and go back to a jump seat. Zac Efron

334. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 09/26 **#9**
This B list celebrity married to a former singer turned actress turned singer turned actress who used to be A list as a singer a decade ago is back on heroin in a big way and apparently his wife has no clue because they don't spend very much time together any longer. Mandy Moore/Ryan Adams

335. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 09/26 **#10**
This A list movie/television actor says he is married to his actress significant other but they are not legally married because they never made it legal in this country. Now she is pressing him to make it legal, but he is kind of wish washy about it. Jeremy Renner/Sonni Pacheco

336. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 09/26 **#11*
#1 - This is classic Hollywood decision making. If you are this former A list mostly television actress from a very long running network show that has not done much since it ended but still have A list name recognition, you don't make a public decision until you know the private decision. Her marriage is over, BUT she really wants another season of her reality show. If producers say she should film it with her husband, then she will. If they say she should date on the show then it will be bye bye to her husband. Leah Remini ("The King of Queens") ("Leah Remini: It's All Relative")

#2 - The husband of this A list singer who got her start in a special way has been in this space before and has spent a lot of time in the recording studio with his new project. She is young and blonde and they have been making use of the bedroom at the studio. Our A lister is blind to his cheating. Again. Kelly Clarkson ("American Idol" winner")/Brandon Blackstock or Miranda Lambert ("Nashville Star")/Blake Sheldon

#3- This is not a hookup I envisioned at any point but John Mayer is hooking up with this B- list mostly television actress who has A+ list name recognition for her looks and her ex-husband. She also did Playboy. Carmen Electra

#4 - This celebrity offspring of a celebrity and an actress can't seem to get an acting break but wants to be famous. She seems to be going down the road of infamous fame like her dad. Our celebrity made a sex tape with a former A list singer old enough to be her father and who is the dad of one of her best friends. Hunter Daily Salomon/Rick Salomon/E.G. Daily

337. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 09/27 **#1**
Not only did this A list designer not extend an invitation to the reality couple terrorizing Paris, but he also forbade anyone bringing them as a guest and let it be known any person who did would be barred forever. As much as his predecessor loved attention, the head of this label abhors it.
A list designer: Raf Simons "Christian Dior"
Predecessor: John Galliano
Couple: Kim Kardashian/Kanye West

Event: Paris Fashion Week

338. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 09/27 **#2**
This B list mostly movie actress is one of the least successful actresses I know who is still A+ list when it comes to name recognition and is loved by the vast majority of people asked. She recently moved cross country because her married producer boyfriend wouldn't leave his wife. She was tired of hiding and pretending. Then he left his wife so our actress now is going to move back and all that goes with it but he still wants to keep everything secret until they have a few months together under their belt. She should agree because fans are going to hate her if they find out she is a part of this home wrecking process. Katie Holmes

339. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 09/27 **#3**
Life has been hard for this former A list singer turned actress turned to whichever makes her money at that moment. All the years of drugs and booze were on full display the other night. She was sober, but couldn't hold a cigarette still to light it and had trouble keeping her fork from shaking to the point she could get food in her mouth. It was really sad. Apparently when she does drink she doesn't have those issues, so she always has a tough choice to make. Liza Minnelli

340. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 09/27 **#4**
While doing press for his new movie, this technically still married A list mostly movie actor was asked about his kids. He said they are fine but he hasn't spoken to any of them in months because his new girlfriend says they are the past and she is his future.

341. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 09/27 **#5**
This B list celebrity/reality star saw his long time marriage crumble after he started hooking up with someone on his show that is four months out of high school. Randy Jackson (in-house mentor on "American Idol")

342. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 09/27 **#6**
This almost A list mostly television and movie actress is still technically married. The whispers were they split because he cheated. It turns out though he was with a woman, but so was our actress. She is about to come out. Malin Akerman

343. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 09/27 **#7**
This B list rapper has been making the most of the time that this B list reality star is alone at home with her family gone. His goal is to marry her or at least get her pregnant because he is completely out of money and just had his flashy car repossessed. Tyga/Kylie Jenner

344. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 09/27 **#8**
This Academy Award winning actress is working out six to seven hours a day for the past two weeks. That can only mean one thing. She broke up with her boyfriend. They don't make sizes for how small she is and she has to get everything custom fit when she starts exercising like this. Renee Zellweger

345. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 09/27 **#9**
This foreign born B list actress/model/host turned escort/host had to pay a $25K fine after she was caught having sex with someone to whom she was not married. It was either that or face arrest and deportation. That was more than she made for the weekend. Heard she is about to lose her regular gig because she keeps leaving early every week to meet men and then comes back late on Mondays. Sophie Monk in Dubai (regular gig: 2Day FM radio host)

346. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 09/28 **#1**
KINDNESS: This former A+ list super model is still A list and still gorgeous and is selling some new line of something and made a store appearance yesterday here in LA. To be kind, very few people showed up. I mean MJ's mom waved from the perfume counter but it was pretty empty. The fans that did show up though, our model talked to them for as long as they wanted and stayed the entire time she was committed and shared her story which is way better than the story 99% of models or anyone else could share and you got the feeling that even if there were millions of people in line she would be the same way. Now if we could just do something about the people she used to date. Petra Nemcova New Home Decor Products

347. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 09/28 **#2**
Since this whole hacking thing has started, this former B list athlete with A list name recognition has been calling or texting this B- list mostly movie actress who has not done much since a franchise stopped. He is worried about a couple of photos they took together which would ruin his image. Our actress doesn't like the guy so has been making him more paranoid every time she talks to him which is after he sends or calls ten to fifteen times.
Tim Tebow/Camilla Belle

348. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 09/28 **#3**
This A-/B+ list mostly movie actor had a big slip in his sobriety this past week after filming a scene that involved drug use. Our actor flew out of town and stayed away from LA for a night just to get away from everything to try and get him on track for the rest of filming. Zac Efron "We Are Your Friends"

349. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 09/28 **#4**
She might be listed as the co-host of the biggest fashion event of the season, but at this point our A list mostly movie actress is not planning on attending. If she doesn't go, her designer doesn't have a backup plan. Jennifer Lawrence "2015 Met Gala" (because of all the nude photos released)

350. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 09/28 **#5**
This A- list mostly almost television actress thinks she is big stuff. She doesn't understand why she is having to audition for things, but she is. After the initial success of the show she didn't have to, but she is not that great of an actress and after production started on two projects before having to replace her and her bad acting, word got around. Now she auditions and is not having much luck. Sofía Vergara

351. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 09/28 **#6**
This A list mostly movie actress who is an Academy Award winner/nominee was dumped by her boyfriend because she wouldn't even kiss the guy. She was extremely cold and emotionless and then when in public would turn it on and be an entirely different person. She sounds perfect for Tom Cruise. Jessica Chastain

352. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 09/28 **#7**
This way underage almost A list television actress who is on several shows convinced everyone that she should get breast enlargements. Even though she is not 18 she wants to start getting producers ready for when she is and also wants to do Playboy the day she turns 18. She got the implants but hopefully someone can talk her out of the rest of it. Ariel Winters "Modern Family", "Sofia the First", "Jake and the Never Land Pirates", "Phineas and Ferb"

353. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 09/28 **#8**
You know who does a great job at hiding all of his cheating? This B list mostly movie actor who tried television but didn't work out last season. He cheats constantly on his celebrity wife to the point where I wonder if they got secretly divorced because it is an almost daily thing for the actor. Giovanni Ribisi/Agyness Deyn (three months to the day from this blind is the day they list as their separation)

354. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 09/28 **#9**
What does this foreign born married B list singer do when her boyfriend can't make it to see her? She finds someone else who will give her the drugs she wants in exchange for what he wants. The past months has been crazy for her and I'm not sure how she is alive at this point. Lily Allen

355. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 09/29 **#1**
This B list celebrity offspring with A list name recognition seems to have the family issue of addiction and is back on drugs. The problem is he got his wife hooked and she is in much worse shape. Really bad shape. Jack Osbourne

356. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 09/29 **#2**
She has never been shy about shocking the world or keeping a secret. She can do both. Right now though she might be hiding the biggest secret out there. Only back in LA for a few days before heading out again, this closeted A- list mostly movie actress got married to her girlfriend. Oh how a certain portion of fandom will go crazy when she finally talks about it. Oh, and she will. Kristen Stewart

357. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 09/29 **#3**
This foreign born former A list television actor with an unusual name who does movies and television was supposed to star in a franchise that he has appeared in previously but couldn't pass the drug test. The supposedly sober star told his girlfriend that the producers just decided to go in a different direction. After he beat her senseless when he was drinking before, she told him she would leave him if he touched another drop, let alone start using drugs again. Jonathan Rhys Meyers "The Mortal Instruments: City of Ashes"

358. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 09/29 **#4**
Never have so many people been working so hard to get the story of this cheating quashed. The problem is what everyone is willing to trade. It has so many moving parts and everyone needs to contribute or it will get out. At first glance, it does not seem like that big of a deal. A married A- list mostly movie actor who has been around for what seems forever despite his relatively young age. Television and now movies, this is his time. He has an interest in keeping it quiet from his wife. His lover is not married, and she is a B list mostly television actress from a middling network show that is due to go to syndication. The producers of the show and the studio that produce it want no bad news to shake the money that syndication will bring. You might say to yourself that people will probably still watch it. True. There is one little tiny problem though and that is our actress has also slept with someone else and if that is discovered then production would come to a screeching halt. If the first story is released then a certain someone on the show is going to start putting together some puzzle pieces. It could get really nasty really quick. The problem is there is nothing really to trade that the tabloid wants except for money. They would like a piece of some movies from our A lister and a tiny slice of that syndication pie. Their bottom line has been struggling and they see this as a new cash opportunity for them. They will still dig the dirt, but instead of printing it, they will sell the rights to the story. If some other tabloid stumbles on the story, they won't care because they still get paid. They will look kind of strange because they will be forced to ignore the story and not write about it, but the cash outweighs all of that.

359. MR. X 09/29 **#1**
Which A-list Oscar winning/nominated actor who keeps on teasing the press about his sexuality forbade his partner/possible husband to appear on any TV shows without his permission. Well, the partner did appear on one cable reality show, mostly as a favor to the show's producer (whom his better half despises).
Actor: Jeremy Renner
Partner: Kristoffer Winters
Show: "Million Dollar Listing LA"
Producer: Andy Cohen

360. MR. X 09/29 **#2**
What former B-list actress and now a C-list fuckup drank like a fish before what was supposed to be her comeback? Lindsay Lohan

361. MR. X 09/29 **#3**
In an irony of ironies, which B-list mostly television actor/host sold some drugs to that B-list rapper whom he now has made enemies with? Nick Cannon/Wiz Khalifa

362. MR. X 09/29 **#4**
What former A+ list R&B songstress and still A+ list diva who was big in the '80s and '90s is currently in a relationship... with a woman? Anita Baker

363. MR. X 09/29 **#5**
What A-list actor and Oscar winner/nominee is worried that he'll be the next victim of the celebrity photo hackers? He has tons of XXX-rated pics on his iCloud, mostly of him in the act with his longtime boyfriend. James Franco/Scott Haze

364. MR. X 09/29 **#6**
What B-list actress, model and celebrity spawn was overheard saying to one of her friends "Who the hell did she fuck to get that job?" She being that B-list reality star sibling. Riley Keough/Kendall Jenner

365. MR. X 09/29 **#7**
What A+ list Oscar winning/nominated actor has really let his weight balloon (drugs? booze? probably both) and his body odor reek. He says it's for an upcoming movie role, but his coworkers will tell you he does this whenever he's idle. Leonardo DiCaprio

366. MR. X 09/29 **#8**
What newlyweds were seen going into separate hotel suites after their elaborate ceremony? Wonder if their real significant others were waiting for them? George Clooney, Amal Alamuddin/Rande Gerber, Cindy Crawford

367. BLIND GOSSIP 09/29 **#1**
This divorce between a pretty and talented female celebrity and her non-celebrity husband is really interesting behind the scenes. There is a reason that she is not fighting over the money: It is paying for her husband’s silence! Her husband is quite shrewd. He put an actual dollar value on each affair that she had during their marriage. And – luckily for him – she fooled around a lot during their marriage! She is willing to pay him in order to maintain some shred of her public image as a sweet, wholesome girl. The affairs that are costing her the most money to suppress? Her three affairs with other industry people.
Female Celebrity: Giada DeLaurentiis
Men with whom she had affairs: John Mayer, Drake, Tyson Beckford

368. BLIND GOSSIP 09/29 **#2**
We don’t know how many people heard him, but a few days ago this radio personality quite clearly called out a well-known anchor as gay. While several news personalities (e.g. CNN’s Don Lemon and Anderson Cooper) have already come out, this particular news anchor is more conservative and has never even hinted that they are partial to the same sex.
Radio Personality:
News Anchor:

369. ALL ABOUT THE TEA 09/29
This reality TV bachelor presents himself as a "Good Fella." He plays the role of problem solver, not shit stirrer. The type of guy that keeps the peace, he doesn’t start fires, he puts them out. From outward appearances he treats his "girlfriend" like a queen. However, it turns out, he’s a liar and a cheat. According to a police report, he assaulted his ex-girlfriend, got arrested for it then paid her off to drop the charges. Paying people off is very easy for this bachelor, he’s loaded!
Bachelor: Bobby Ciasulli
Girlfriend: Nicole Napolitano
Reality Show: "Real Housewives of New Jersey"

370. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 09/30 **#1**
At a little gathering this past weekend, this A list mostly movie actress reminded her celebrity husband about the deal they have. Their children can't meet lovers unless both parties agree. Our actress is holding back her approval of the husband's current lover but has already given permission for the female celebrity he was seeing before. Gwyneth Paltrow/Chris Martin/Jennifer Lawrence/Alexa Chung

371. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 09/30 **#2**
This former A+ list mostly movie actor who still enjoys A+ list name recognition even though his work has been limited because of personal issues tried to order a drink at a restaurant this weekend but they refused to serve him. He wasn't drunk but two weeks ago he got hammered and made a pest of himself so they won't serve him booze any longer. To his credit, the actor stayed and didn't seem upset because he knows he was awful before. Mickey Rourke

372. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 09/30 **#3**
This female director making her big debut with a movie later this year had a six month long casting couch situation where she basically turned this former B list mostly television actress who has fallen on hard times into her sex slave for the run of production. The actress was not getting any offers from anywhere because of her issues so agreed, but now that the film is close to release is blackmailing the director and distributor for more money or she will tell her story to the tabloids. Natalia Leite/Paz de la Huerta "Bare"

373. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 09/30 **#4**
Now that her hit show is ending, this B- list mostly television actress wants two things. Her movie career to take off and to come out as gay even though her family is super conservative. Amber Riley; Jenna Ushkowitz "Glee"; Mae Whitman "Parenthood"

374. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 09/30 **#5**
This married director is known almost as much for his acting but says he gets way more sex as a director than as an actor because his wife leaves him alone when he is directing and usually comes with him when he is acting. Kevin Smith

375. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 09/30 **#6**
This celebrity couple didn't date all that long before getting married and the B list celebrity wife is starting to wonder if she made a mistake considering that the couple have only had sex a couple of times since they have been married. She should have asked around and would have discovered what most people know. Avril Lavigne/Chad Kroeger; Naya Rivera/Ryan Dorsey

376. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 09/30 **#7**
This B list mostly television actor on a fairly hit show has no shame. He has had sex with the former best friend of his actress significant other and her sister. She knows about the first, but not the latter.

377. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 09/30 **#8**
This married almost A+ list mostly movie actor is telling women he has been hitting on that his marriage to his actress wife is over. He said the same thing though when his marriage was going strong so time will tell if he is telling the truth now. Channing Tatum

378. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 09/30 **#9**
This foreign born B list celebrity who basically hires herself out for a fee broke up with her boyfriend once when he didn't pay and now broke up again because he did not deposit the seven figure sum in her bank account which she required before she would actually go through with getting married. Kelly Brook/David McIntosh

379. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 09/30 **#10**
This B list mostly television actress on a network show is going to play hardball and out her husband to get back at him. She won't do it personally but don't be surprised if that guy she is toying with spills it for her. Katharine McPhee/Nick Cokas/Elyes Gabel

380. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 09/30 **#11**
This married still B- list mostly movie actress was going to open a business with her female lover. They split so now she invested some money into some kind of surfboard painting venture of her new lover. At some point she will have to see her husband again. Will that be the end? Jessica Biel/Justin Timberlake

381. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 09/30 **#12**
#1 - This foreign born A list singer and part-time network reality star hates this A list reality star with a passion. The A lister gave her trick numbers to her celebrity bff and the bff called the celebrity boyfriend of our singer to offer her services. Yeah, so I guess the boyfriend used to use the services of the reality star. Interesting.
A list singer: Shakira
Celebrity boyfriend: Gerard Piqué
A list reality star: Kim Kardashian
Reality star bff: Brittny Gastineau

#2- This former A list tweener has had two mid six figure contracts be canceled because she blew off appearances she was supposed to make to travel instead. Oh, and her record label is going to drop her because she was supposed to have completed a record by now and hasn't even started it. No one wants to work with her right now. She might not look at it but she is an Amanda Bynes waiting to happen. Selena Gomez

#3- This still married A+ list everything when it comes to singing anyway got the number of a kind of a celebrity where she is traveling and propositioned him. She said she always wanted to have sex with a billionaire and the billionaire took her up on it. Mariah Carey (POSSIBLY: James Packer Brett Ratner’s film making partner)

382. WINE AND SASS 09/30
There's a lot of talk that this B-List actress (with D List talent IMO) is about to come out as gay. For some I doubt this will be a big surprise, but her fans will flip their lids. What's even more shocking is that her inner circle is not only saying she is coming out, but she will be coming out with her wife in tow. Someone overheard her assistant on the phone saying she married her girlfriend while out of the country. The big issue is it will reveal what an absolute sham her last relationship was. It was all negotiated and signed for an allotted time. Once that time was up, she went out with a bang and cut a lot of Hollywood ties. Kristen Stewart
(She still hasn't come out but married or not, she has been seen with her partner lately)

383. LAINEY GOSSIP 09/30
His attraction for her is understandable. Her attraction for him? Not all that clear, really. Unless size really does matter? For me, no. Size can be uncomfortable. For her, clearly a selling feature. Because she's been going around telling her friends about it. And her nickname for him, which she hasn't been shy about sharing, is "Monster Cock". Which is flattering, I guess, if you're in college or Vegas. But it's probably a little immature and maybe even a little disrespectful, all things considered. Cameron Diaz and Benji Madden; Jennifer Lawrence and Chris Martin; Charlize Theron and Sean Penn; Sofia Vergara and Nick Loeb

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