NOTE: Guesses in italics are only guesses;
guesses in RED are a link to the solution or substantial clues.

1. BLIND GOSSIP 11/03 **#1**
One of the things this singer loved about her previous relationship with a hot actor was that being part of a celebrity couple boosted her visibility. Since they broke up, though, she has not been seriously involved with another celebrity. In fact, most actors see her as too polarizing a figure and have declined to date her. So on whom has she set her sites for her next public romance? A member of a famous political family! His family is not happy about this and is trying to dissuade him from seeing her.
Singer: Miley Cyrus
Hot Actor: Patrick Schwarzenegger
Political Family: Arnold Schwarzenegger, Maria Shriver

2. BLIND GOSSIP 11/03 **#2**
You know celebrities love to publicly tout their devotion to charitable causes. Well, here’s a quick story about one charitable move that should have raised a few eyebrows. This famous film actor did a charitable challenge with some other people who were all allegedly there because they support environmental causes. The one thing the actor didn’t mention? That the oil and gas industry provide huge amounts of money to support that same group. Yes, the actor knows this. Then again, he’s always been a hypocrite when it comes to the environment. After all, much of his own time is spent on gas-guzzling private jets… and on yachts owned by oil industry bigwigs! Leonardo DiCaprio (urges transition to clean energy in short film "Green World Rising")

3. BLIND GOSSIP 11/03 **#3**
Lots of rumors floating around about who is pregnant and who is not pregnant by a music man. We will tell you that one of the women who is under scrutiny is definitely NOT pregnant. This couple does not really have a long-term commitment to each other, and until he is completely loyal to her and she is assured that the relationship is forever, she is not going to get pregnant by him. At least, that’s what she says.
Karrueche Tran/Chris Brown; Ray J/Princess Love

4. WINE AND SASS 11/03
This couple's marriage is over and I for one, am glad. Not to be mean since they do have a family, but I have worked first-hand with this lady and she is a bitch-on-wheels. B-List actress/model bordering C-List who is an eternal victim and has had her husband on a choke collar since they got married years ago. He's a very nice, happy-go-lucky guy who instead of causing controversy in the household, just goes along with her paranoia and high maintenance demands. She, of course, made the appearance of a laid back lady, but after marriage she let the real her come out. I worked extensively with the husband 15 years ago and she used our company as her personal assistant service because we worked with her husband. Sent her mail to our office because she thought the postman was telling people where she lived. Let me just say that she lived in an area with many more celebrities wayyyy more famous and they had no issues. She demanded the same person walk her mail and deliver it to her in the parking garage of our building. She would wait in her car and one time that person wasn't in the office and we sent the receptionist down there. She wouldn't roll her window down to let them hand her her mail and just drove off in a huff. Anyhooo-her husband did what he could to just try to get some sanity by staying busy and having meet-n-greets & running his business, AKA, beers with his buddies. When she traveled for some of her acting gigs, he was either with her, watching the kids and not allowed to have help or was watched. He never cheated on her that I know of and never even gave her a reason to keep on such a tight leash, but if you've seen any interviews with her, you know that she thinks the world revolves around her and everyone is out to get her. This past few months he had to travel a few times for one of the jobs he does and discovered that she had called two of his associates to ask them if they witnessed any inappropriate behavior from her husband and any of the ladies there. The associates took him aside and told him that his wife had asked them to report back anything they see and spy on him for her. She also told him he needed to look into cosmetic improvements on his face the week he got back from that business trip. I guess that was the final straw. They have been separated for a few months now and he's living life not tethered to a paranoid psycho. All those years not being trusted but still never cheating...well now he is like a caged animal set free. One of his closest friends, a famous retired hockey player, canceled everything he had going on and they met up with this A-List media mogul/reality star. The hi-jinks haven't stopped and it's going on 3 weeks. They are making sure he makes up for lost times and doesn't regret his decision leaving that "Hose Beast" as they always lovingly have called her this past decade. Let's see if their diversions work and he follows through with this divorce. I have a feeling she will take him on one of her famous Guilt Trips, but this one could be one for the record books. She doesn't believe in divorce and thinks couples should stick through it all....Plus, she thinks it ruins her "brand" and her political platform. Angie Harmon and Jason Sehorn

Which aging superstar is now traveling with her own photographer and insists he is the only person allowed to take her photograph at events? She no longer walks red carpets, but enters through a backdoor followed by her own photographer. Before any images are released she gets total approval and demands everything is retouched! She still looks great in person, but clearly this perfectionist doesn’t think she looks good enough!
Janet Jackson

This A list mostly television actor who is going for back to back hit shows although in totally different places on your television dial kept partying with his girlfriend even when she was several months pregnant. He didn’t want to party alone, but was also ticked off when she lost the baby in a miscarriage. Charlie Sheen/ Brett Rossi

This current B+ list Disney tweener is way under age, but had a breast enlargement to try and cover the fact that she has an eating disorder. Instead of getting her help, her parents said yes because they don’t want the money train to stop.

This foreign born A- list band member was at a high class event with his actress significant other this past week and actually shot himself up with heroin in one of the bathroom stalls. You could see right through the cracks. He had everything in his suit pocket. Matthew Bellamy ("Muse")/Kate Hudson

Despite being rebuffed multiple times the other night, this foreign born A list model/part-time actress continues to pursue this former A list tweener actress turned addict/bad actress with horrible decision in men. Our model has been texting and calling and inviting her to parties and thinks she can wear the former tweener down. Cara Delevingne/Selena Gomez (I guess it worked since Selena took her home for Thanksgiving)

This married A- list mostly movie actress who is much more known for her one good television role rather than her forgettable movie roles has been loving filming out of town because she and her fashion executive have been able to spend every night together for the past two weeks. Sarah Jessica Parker (filming in Rome)

It has been a long time since this space was filled with this person. I think she has only been in the space one previous time and it was for something that was really bad, but not evil. This is evil. She finally has found her perfect situation. She is a permanent A list celebrity. She will always be one. There is no changing that. The family, her career, she will always be A list. She has always had her secrets and her kinks. She finally found a person though who can deliver what she needs and when and matches her level of secrecy. The maids and domestic help they hire as a couple never see their home country again. They are selected by photos and videos taken by recruiters. They are then forced to work as domestic help 12 hours a day and available to be used as sexual playthings the other 12 hours a day. Our celebrity is the most frequent user of them. She has fetishes and needs that match others close to her and she has the resources now to make all of it happen. Families of help who have been hired by our celebrity say that some have gone missing and never returned home. An investigation was cut off almost immediately and the families given a small sum to be quiet. They disappear because our celebrity sometimes goes too far. Everyone always thinks of our celebrity as this nice person they remember as an innocent tweener. That was a long time ago and you should know that everyone close to her is just as sick and twisted as our celebrity. Janet Jackson (husband Wissam Al Mana Qatari businessman, one of the richest Middle East investors)

Which reality star that was part of the original cast and is still on the show caught her hubby naked with one of the new cast members! It is no secret that the marriage has been in trouble for a while, however, no one thought this kinky man would actually hook up with someone else on the show! None of the naked games were caught on camera and will not make it onto next season of the show, but she did kick both the cheater and her former friend out of her life for good!

13. MR. X HALLOWEEN PARTY 11/04 **#1**
Which A++ list actor and Oscar winner/nominee used one of his PR people as a decoy? The actor had the PR person dressed in his clothes as a disguise. He also paid some scantily clad hookers to pose with his fake self for staged paparazzi shots. Leonardo DiCaprio

14. MR. X HALLOWEEN PARTY 11/04 **#2**
What barely-hanging-on-to A-list actor and former tweener was seen at the same party snorting some coke and getting the digits of an attractive male busboy? His "girlfriend"/beard was only present when photogs snapped him entering and exiting the club. Zac Efron

15. MR. X HALLOWEEN PARTY 11/04 **#3**
What A-list media mogul and television personality was seen with his longtime boyfriend for (possibly) the first time in public? Ryan Seacrest

16. BLIND GOSSIP 11/04 **#1**
Women across Hollywood go on high alert when their male significant others go to work on one of this actress’ projects. You see, our film and TV actress only dates men with whom she works… and she seems to make it her mission to pick a new one on each project! On previous projects, she has dated her costar, her director, her stuntman, and her cameraman. Yes, our girl can certainly work her way through a cast and crew list! And she doesn’t care if they are married, single, or engaged. She has picked her target on her current project (a TV show), so everyone is breathing a sigh of relief. It’s her costar. At least this time she is picking someone who isn’t married! When she flaunted a relationship she had with a married coworker a couple of years ago, she broke up his marriage, created drama on the set, and gave herself the reputation as quite the little home wrecker.
Actress: Margaret Quigley a.k.a. Maggie Q
Costar: Dylan McDermott
TV Show: "Stalker"
While there might be more men that we don’t know about, here is a list of Maggie Q’s alleged work conquests:
Justin Long, Actor, "Die Hard 4"
David Leitch, Stuntman, "Balls of Fury"
Thomas Care, Dolly Grip, "Nikita"
Brett Ratner, Director, "Rush Hour 2"
Shane West, Actor, "Nikita"
Dylan McDermott, Actor,"Stalker"

17. BLIND GOSSIP 11/04 **#2**
This talented performer has finally admitted that she may be moving on to a new job. However, she is not telling the whole truth about the situation. She is saying that she was approached about the new job and that she hasn’t made up her mind as to whether or not she is going to take it. The truth is that she actively petitioned for the job and has already decided that she is going to accept it. She is fudging on the details because she doesn’t want people to think her rude for pursuing the gig. Before you judge her too harshly, though, remember that this is show business. BUSINESS. If you are smart, you are not waiting for your next opportunity. If you see a job you want, you have to be assertive and go for it. That’s what our performer did in this case. Come to think of it, her predecessor would have probably done the same thing!
Performer: Kathy Griffin
Predecessor: Joan Rivers
Job: "Fashion Police"

This B+ list mostly television actress who got lucky with a very big pay cable hit is looking for a new job now that it is ending. Well, she already has one job. This isn’t about that though, it is about if you criticize her she will bully you until you submit and make your life a living hell. She will create fake Twitter and other social media accounts and post all of your private information online. She is one of the biggest celebrity bullies but no one ever calls her out on it. Olivia Munn "Newsroom" (other job Aaron Rodgers’ beard)

Apparently this former B list athlete/former reality star/wannabe actor can’t handle the pressure of trying to hide his sexuality. With a one night stand set to sell his story to a tabloid, our B lister has been ramping up the drug use and even his long time friend/beard has lost control and given up. Sean Avery (Sports Illustrated model Hilary Rhoda)

With his wife across country and unable to join him, this former A-/B+ list performer turned reality star turned everything to make a buck has been like a kid in a candy store and has been sampling different women every night. He just shows up somewhere and women flock to him even though the world knows he is married and at least one or two are willing to go back to his hotel. Nick Lachey (Vanessa Minnillo) " VH1's Big Morning Buzz Live" filmed in NYC

That makes three for her last three. This still A list director has been cheated on by her husband and her last two significant others. She caught her husband the other day for the umpteenth time. Sofia Coppola (husband: Thomas Mars) (significant others: Quentin Tarantino, Spike Jonze)

This still fairly new East Coast Housewife has learned a little something from Taylor Armstrong. All of our Housewife’s expensive bags are knockoffs and her jewelry is all fake too. The good news is she doesn’t have to turn tricks any longer because she is making a decent living on the show. Claudia Jordan "Real Housewives of Atlanta"

This former A list athlete/celebrity has told his agent to sign him for as many things as possible out of town because he is tired of being with his girlfriend 24/7. His problem though is he equally hates telling all of his partners about his STD so is kind of stuck. Derek Jeter (herpes)

This B list mostly movie actor who missed out on a second chance in a big franchise has had some issues with women and violence in the past. This weekend he let things get out of hand again but convinced the woman to take money instead of calling the police. Terrence Howard ("Iron Man" franchise)

This married A list mostly television actress on a hit network show that everyone loves was crushed the other night because she was supposed to be at an event with her married co-star and then had plans she had set up for an elaborate late night dinner. He canceled though when he couldn’t get away from his wife. Kerry Washington/Tony Goldwyn "Scandal"

KINDNESS: I don’t think this person has ever made it into this space. She is a B list celebrity/reality star on a multiple A list reality franchise. Not the biggest name on the show at all. Probably only third or fourth in that regard, but still well known and loved. She probably also has the most generous heart. She donated her salary for the past two seasons and all of her endorsement money for the past year to various schools so they can have their own gardens and grow food and has also arranged to have kitchen equipment donated so the kids can cook what they grow. She has helped five schools to date and hopes to expand it nationally. Gail Simmons/"Top Chef" (Philanthropy is important to Simmons, and she is an active supporter of Common Threads, a nonprofit oragnization that works to teach children how to cook healthy, inexpensive meals. She also helped found the Wine's Grow for Good Campaign, which works to raise money to fund sustainable agriculture programs; and she sits on the boards of charities such as City Harvest, Hot Bread Kitchen, the American Institute of Wine & Food, the Institute of Culinary Education's Alumni Committee, and the Women at NBCU Advisory Board)

27. WINE AND SASS 11/05
This A-list actor (because he's hot, not because of his work so much) will surprisingly be in the hunt for an Oscar and a bunch of other awards this season. Turns out, he can really act and this is going to be a complete game changer for him and he will become the next generation leading man as Pitt, Clooney, et al age out. His already hot career is going to go to the next level, and his marriage, which is already rocky should have ended a year ago, but he loves his child(ren) and doesn't want a scandal or a bad breakup to overshadow his work. Not that he did anything scandalous, he's a boy scout by Hollywood standards, but his wife is one evil see you next Tuesday. He always does right by her, but she resents him for becoming a household name while she sits somewhere on the D-list. If he leaves her now, she has promised to hit the tabloids hard with a sob story to torpedo any chance he has this awards season. She wants every red carpet photo op, and she's going to get it. Channing Tatum/Jenna Dewan Tatum "Foxcatcher" (The story of Olympic Wrestling Champion Mark Schultz and paranoid-schizophrenic millionaire coach John du Pont, who murdered Schultz's brother, Olympic Champion Dave Schultz in 1996)

28. BLIND GOSSIP 11/05
Remember the story about the pop star who found out that her boyfriend and her Personal Assistant/Best Friend were secretly sexting each other? Remember how she fired the PA but kept the boyfriend? Well, the sudden departure of the PA did not go unnoticed by her fans and they could not stop buzzing about it! The singer became annoyed that her decision made her look weak (for keeping the boyfriend) and made her boyfriend look bad (for constantly cheating on the singer). She complained to the boyfriend that he needed to fix the situation. His idea of damage control was to tell the singer that she needed to invite the former PA to a Halloween Party so they could all be seen together and dispel the rumors. The singer initially protested… then did as she was told. At the party, the boyfriend insisted that she say hello to the PA in front of everyone and pose for a few photos together. Our singer complied, but walked away rolling her eyes and shaking her head. She completely ignored the former PA for the rest of the night. The boyfriend, unhappy with the singer’s effort, proceeded to lecture her about how he had done HIS part to fix this, and that she needed to do her part and play nice and get on social media and post positive things about him and the PA. If she didn’t, then it would be HER fault if fans continued to criticize their relationship. Yes, he’s that manipulative. It’s ALWAYS her fault. Demi Lovato/Wilmer Valderrama/Natalie Martin

This A list performer is getting married and wants to make everything look right when his new wife announces she is pregnant. He sure does love making babies but never has the time to see any of the ones he has made before unless it is for publicity. He thinks it is looking back and not forward. Marc Anthony/Shannon De Lima

Feel like living on the edge a little? This former A list celebrity who was infamous rather than famous is having trouble making ends meet. Her last influx of cash was from the sale of her book. She has been making ends meet she says by working a regular job but in reality her boyfriend is acting as her pimp and she is setting up dates for cash to take advantage of her fame, I wonder if she would team up with Casey Anthony. Amanda Knox (neighborhood journalist freelancing for the weekly West Seattle Herald)

This former B+ list celebrity turned part-time reality star is still technically married. She also dropped $5K two nights ago on female strippers and lap dances before taking one home. No big deal, except the stripper thought it was going to be a one on one thing and left when she discovered there was a guy there who also wanted to be part of the fun. Amber Rose

This former B list mostly movie actress turned B list television actress on a hit pay cable show has hit the skids lately with no one wanting to hire her. Part of the reason might be the pills. She emerged from her apartment the other day for the first time in a week after a massive bender. Her maid said it smelled like death inside. Paz de la Huerta "Boardwalk Empire"

This B- list mostly television actor has a name that makes you think of old movies or even the silent era. Openly gay after years of publicly hiding, our actor with the various friend and very famous enemy probably has a new enemy after he cheated on his significant other with an older teen who is about a third our actor’s age.
Actor: Victor Garber
Significant other: Rainer Andreesen
Famous friend: Jennifer Garner
Famous enemy: Ben Affleck

This foreign born A- list mostly movie actor who was probably closer to A+ when he had his franchise had a horrible argument with his wife the other day and it was not about his cheating. She walked out as she usually does every year about this time because he won’t stop talking about his former wife. She is getting tired of it and wants to come first. Pierce Brosnan "James Bond"/Keely Shaye Smith (Cassandra Harris died of ovarian cancer December 28, 1991, aged 43. On 28 June 2013, her daughter Charlotte died from the same disease at age 41)

The phone of this A+ list celebrity/performer is capable of dialing only ten phone numbers. What her handlers don’t know is that one of those ten numbers is a friend who will conference call other people, including an ex. Britney Spears (ex: Adnan Ghalib)

#1 – This A list writer/director of mainly television fare is back on drugs in a big way. When I mean big way, I mean as in doing lines off naked women while only wearing the tie from the suit you were wearing three hours earlier. Aaron Sorkin

#2- This married former A+ list mostly movie action actor tried to hit on one of my favorites the other night and she kicked him in the balls. His way of hitting on her was to grab her breasts and grind against her. Harrison Ford/Elizabeth McGovern "SeriousFun Network Gala"

#3 – This B list celebrity offspring got paid for a recent gig but it wasn’t her work. She paid some guy $50 to give her a program he did. She earned $10K for the night. Rumer Willis (DJ program)

37. POPBITCH 11/06
Which former tween star has been doing so much gak she’s becoming really paranoid? Her new plan of hanging out with models isn’t going to help. Selena Gomez/Cara Delevingne amd Kendall Jenner

38. WINE AND SASS 11/06
This trio is in our blinds again once I heard about this story from someone in their camp. Couple gearing up for divorce and the husband is with a new girl and the wife is losing it even though she is with someone else and has cheated on him for years. Her ego is large and his new girl is very popular and the newest "It Girl." She has pulled every trick in the book to break them up. You read in a lot of gossip stories that the "It Girl" who is laid back and everything opposite from the wife and the equally laid back husband had broken up. But that wasn't true. The wife has had them watched constantly and when they went a few days without seeing each other, she had him photographed without the girlfriend and planted stories that they ended things and he is going back to the wife in hopes the girl would get upset and tired of the rumors and take a hike. The wife then hit the red carpets just giving a smug smile when a reporter would ask if there was a reconciliation. She had a good run for a few days and enjoying all the talk about them getting back together...but of course reality comes knocking at some point and her plan didn't pan out. The "It Girl" didn't bat an eye at all the plotting and gossip stories....nor did she even deem to respond to the rumors. She don'currrrrr. She's busy. The husband has now stopped allowing her to use the kids to manipulate him into falling into her photo-ops and her calls are going unanswered by him. She makes her assistant call him so he'll answer, then grabs the phone and gives him the Riot Act for not answering...I mean what if something happened to the CHILDREN?? You will see the divorce filed very soon now. The wife convinced him it was best to hold off until after the holidays for 'the children's sake" but it's a possibility he might decide otherwise. He's concerned that no matter how laid back his new girl is, everyone has a breaking point and his soon-to-be Ex seems eager to find it. Gwyneth Paltrow/Chris Martin/Jennifer Lawrence

Which A-list movie star was caught by his wife wearing HER underwear! He explained that he was researching for a potential new role – and she believes him! She is now telling the story at ladies lunches expecting everyone to laugh – however, behind her back they are not as convinced.

40. BLIND GOSSIP 11/06
This very famous female celebrity started dating a new guy within the past couple of months. He really likes her, but there is one aspect of her behavior that drives him crazy! She talks baby talk. Not just in an intimate, sexy setting, but in everyday conversation. He tells his friends that sometimes she talks like a normal person, but sometimes she’ll only talk using baby talk. For example, instead of saying "I’m thirsty", she’ll push out her lips in a pout and say, "I want to dwink a widdle joosh! Do we have any appa joosh?" At first he thought she was just kidding, but then he realized that she does it all the time… sometimes for an entire conversation. Cute or weird? Ariana Grande/Big Sean

Proving that quite possibly every person wants their own reality show, this newlywed has been pressuring her A+ list mostly movie actor for a reality show. She has tried to sell it to him and others as her doing good for people and the cameras following her and he would not be in it very much but wants him to make it happen yesterday. She pitched it as fashion houses by day and helping others by night. Amal (George) Clooney

This soon to be A list mostly movie actress when her widely anticipated movie is released has a new boyfriend. He is a celebrity. He is also someone who cheats frequently and has been doing so in the short amount of time the couple have been dating. Groupies and celebs. He will take whatever he can get. His most surprising celebrity (not actress) hookup also hooks up with that recently uncoupled celebrity.
Actress: Dakota Johnson
Boyfriend: Matthew Hitt
Movie: "50 Shades of Grey"
Celebrity hookup: Alexa Chung
Uncoupled celebrity: Chris Martin

This almost/sometimes/maybe A list mostly movie actress who is an Academy Award winner/nominee, and not for the super size franchise she was in but everyone forgets. She is also being stalked. The situation is so scary that the actress never travels or goes anywhere without her boyfriend or a bodyguard or friends and has even dwindled her famous social media posts down to nothing for fear the stalker could find her or that she will attract even more stalkers. She has turned herself into a shut in while not working. Anna Kendrick ("Twilight")/dating Ben Richardson

This Teen Mom was found passed out on pills at home while her kid(s) were screaming and crying and trying to "wake up mommy." Leah or Janelle

This A list celebrity and probably A+ in her little corner of the entertainment world yelled at her wonderful daughter the other day because the daughter has not embraced plastic surgery at all, and the mother is a huge fan. Apparently the mother also sets up the daughter with a minimum of two blind dates a week that the daughter must attend. Madonna/Lourdes

This foreign born B list mostly movie actress who is top billing a movie right now quietly split from her partner of almost a decade. She is pretty young for a decade long relationship. Anyway, the pair split because she was molested as a child and as a result sex is an ordeal for her. She can cry or scream or shake and after years of therapy, things are just not getting better.

#1 – This celebrity designer offspring left his coke stash in an airplane bathroom but didn’t realize it and spent 30 minutes climbing under and over seats in First Class because he thought it rolled somewhere or fell out of his pocket. Finally a flight attendant handed him the vial, washed clean. Tommy Hilfiger’s son Richard, know as "Ricky Hil"/dating Rita Ora

#2 – This Academy Award winning/nominated actress and her foreign born should have an Academy Award husband bought a new place just to host their swinger parties which have become so much in demand that they are thinking of opening a swinging club. They have come a long way from their dinner parties where she would make moves on guys while her husband watched.

#3- This former A list cable reality star who was on a hit MTV show sent out thousands of dollars of free stuff from her design line to convince celebrities to wear it. She only managed one person. Most celebrities returned it because they didn’t want her to say that they wore it.
Lauren Conrad (Kohl’s line)
Whitney Port (Whitney Eve)

#4 – Yes, that was the celebrity/reality star mom giving her celebrity/reality star a lap dance the other night. Yes, it is fine if you wanted to be sick while watching it. Kris Jenner/Khloe Kardashian (Kris’s birthday party)

48. BLIND GOSSIP 11/07
One fallen star offered to give another fallen star a place to live. Nice, altruistic gesture, right? Not really. The star with the house wants another shot at stardom. As soon as she made the offer to the homeless star, she was on the phone pitching the idea of a reality show about it.
Star with house: Heidi Montag
Star she offered to help: Amanda Bynes

49. MR. X 11/08 **#1**
What former A-list tweener is using her new "boyfriend" to finagle a meeting with his cousin, whom she really has her eyes on? Miley Cyrus/Patrick Schwarzenegger/Conor Kennedy

50. MR. X 11/08 **#2**
Which couple, consisting of two Oscar winners, presumably bought a new house but only the wife has been spotted at the location with the realtor? Makes you wonder if they’re putting on a good front while their marriage continues to crumble… Michael Douglas and Catherine Zeta-Jones

51. MR. X 11/08 **#3**
What former American Idol contestant, who also ended up with another brief reality gig has been making several trips to Dubai lately to meet with some rich old men? Sanjaya Malakar "I’m A Celebrity, Get Me Out Of Here"; Nikki McKinnon "Celebrity Rehab"

52. MR. X 11/08 **#4**
Which Bravo reality star who is engaged and says he’s straight is sweating bullets because a gay sex tape made in his pre-fame days is currently being shopped around? Ryan Serhant "Million Dollar Listing New York"; Josh Altman "Million Dollar Listing Los Angeles"

53. MR. X 11/08 **#5**
What expectant mother, according to the tabloids, isn’t really expecting at all? She’s using a surrogate and will probably be out and about using the fake baby bump. Jessica Biel

54. MR. X 11/08 **#6**
What cable news anchor is hesitating on coming out because he doesn’t want his ultra conservative Catholic parents to freak out? He’s been dropping more-than-subtle hints on air though.
Bill Hemmer "Fox News"

55. MR. X 11/08 **#7**
Easy, Easy: What Oscar winning director put his biopic of that legendary crooner on hold because the singer’s kids didn’t want him to focus on their dad’s ties to the mob? Are they that delusional in trying to whitewash things that they damn well know about? (Yes, they are) Martin Scorsese/Frank Sinatra

56. MR. X 11/08 **#8**
What former A-list pop singer nearly OD’d after a coke bender a few weeks ago? Maybe she finally find out that her tour and albums are flopping, after her army of yes men telling her otherwise. She needs rehab pronto.
Lady Gaga’s duet album with Tony Bennett

57. MR. X 11/08 **#9**
Which R&B songstress has been bitching to anybody who will listen about that diva who snagged that Vegas residency that was all but planned for singer #1? She also has been whining about how singer #2 never sings live and she would never lipsync. Get over it! Mary J Blige/Jennifer Lopez

This foreign born soon to be probable A lister with his big movie, is really good at cheating on his wife. She travels with him and yet somehow he manages to find a woman to film with who will sleep with him. Same city, new movie and new co-star to hook up with while his wife was back at the hotel. Jamie Dornan "Fifty Shades of Grey"

This B list actor/director is recently married. Everyone knows his face even though they don’t always know what he directed. He was telling some friends this past week that he learned he is the biological father to a celebrity offspring who was also a celebrity in her own right but isn’t going to do anything about it. Eli Roth/Peaches Geldof

The A+ lister he is currently dating is not gay. The A list celebrity he was dating previously is gay, so apparently he is willing to date for money. Not shocking at all because that is how our A+ lister gets dates. The good thing is he won’t cheat unless someone offers him more money.
Guy: Charlie Ebersol
A+ lister: Britney Spears
A list celebrity: Maria Sharapova

With all of the attention focused on her lately, this B- list celebrity turned A list reality star with multiple reality shows has not been able to supplement her income hooking up with men out of town. Usually Miami. Money is running tight so look for her to announce some news this week or next to boost her income. Kendra Wikinson

This former A list celebrity is still making a lot of money with the same venture that earned him A list status. The problem he is going to face in the future is that his wife controls all of the money. All of it and he should probably wonder why she was so quick to agree to a pre-nup. Hugh Hefner/Crystal Harris

PR move to help with awards season or the new fiance’ is already pregnant. Both are being discussed as reasons for a sudden engagement for this foreign born A- list film and television actor. No one expects it to last long enough to get to an actual wedding ceremony. Benedict Cumberbatch "The Imitation Game"/Sophie Hunter (guess it was the latter)

This former A-/B+ list mostly television actress who no longer acts much thanks to a controlling A list husband has some control issues of her own. Her husband got sent a screener of a movie starring his almost A list ex and apparently he didn’t throw it away fast enough. Our actress went ballistic and screamed at him and accused him of still wanting to sleep with his ex and was so out of control that she was spitting and hyperventilating. Blake Lively/Ryan Reynolds/Scarlett Johansson "Lucy"

This former B list mostly television actress who turned her role into a movie role was telling men at an event the other night that she doesn’t have any kids. She does. She just was trying to land very big rich fish who don’t like fuss and muss. Kristin Davis "Sex and the City" (Hollywood Domino Dallas charity event at The Empire Room in Dallas, Texas)

This celebrity/reality/star/part-time actress has been in this space before. Others close to her have too. In one of the few ventures left that she has not tried in Hollywood, our B list celebrity has written a book. Well, a ghostwriter did. A few of them actually because the first two could not face listening to any more stories from the celebrity. Not that they were boring. There was nothing boring about them. Basically from the time she can remember she was passed around from one family member to the next. If you thought the sex ring in Alabama was perverse, this was even worse. This ring also involved videos and not just family members but also friends of the family and sometimes strangers too if the money offer was high enough. This is why our celebrity has no problems selling herself for fame or money because she has been doing it her entire life. It is the only thing she knows. She trusts one person in her life and that is all. The fact she sometimes sleeps with that person is another blind for another day. Although the book talks a lot about her history, it also names a ton of names in Hollywood and the things she did for them and to them and it is no holds barred and has dates and photos. If this was 50 years ago, our celebrity would probably find herself at the base of a cliff for what she is set to say. Lindsay Lohan; Joanna Krupa "Real Housewives of Miami"; Kim Richards "Real Housewives of Beverly Hills"

67. BLIND GOSSIP 11/10 **#1**
We’ve told you before that this young actor is back into the drug scene. He loves his drugs so much that he even vacationed with his drug dealer last month! Well, he caught so much flack for his friendship with the dealer that he just unfollowed him on social media. However, it’s only a PR attempt to make himself look clean. He’s not. The boy is still friends with the dealer and is still deep into hard drugs. We just hope he gets back into rehab before he dies. Yes, it’s that bad. Zac Efron (Gianluca Vacchi)

68. BLIND GOSSIP 11/10 **#2**
Did you catch the MTV Europe Music Awards? It was hosted by Nicki Minaj. Want to know the secret weapon that helped one non-hosting singer with their travel fatigue, weight control, and overall perkiness? Well, you just take a big white pile of powder… chop it into little lines… and sniff sniff sniff the night away! Sniffy needs to be careful, though, because doing that stuff every day will eventually damage the voice. Ariana Grande

69. MEDIA TAKE OUT 11/10 just got some very DISTURBING NEWS - from a usually reliable entertainment insider. They say, ALLEGEDLY, that your fave got a XANAX pill popping addiction. According to our insider, your FAVE allegedly started taking Xanax bars to let loose every now and again, then when she stopped smoking weed cause she was worried it was damaging her throat, Xanax became her DRUG OF CHOICE. Now we're told, it's become a HABIT. How bad of a habit? Well we're told that YOUR FAVE takes multiple bars a day. And the other day she caused a very EMBARRASSING PUBLIC SPECTACLE . . . when she had a bad reaction when she took a couple of bars and drank some wine afterwards. We're told that folks next to her are thinking about staging an intervention before she embarrasses herself WORSE . . . Beyoncé (Acting Strange Swaying Side To Side At Brooklyn Nets Game!)

70. WINE AND SASS 11/10
There's a reason these two foreign musicians got married so quickly after being in a relationship. When they tied the knot, most people did a double-take. Not exactly two people you'd ever pair together. The girl in this pair likes to move things forward in hyper speed and there's a very good reason why. She is extremely abusive. Physically. Can't say I'd be too surprised to hear this....but it seems to be a shocker to the guys she ends up with. She can play that she's the perfect chick for a short time, but the real her always comes out soon enough. Usually, when she drinks...which is often. She met this guy, B-list musician, who used to be an A. She completely pulled the wool over his eyes...even though many tried to warn him. Including her ex. Regardless, he married her anyway and has learned the hard way that everyone was telling the truth. The second you give her any reason to doubt or piss her off in any way, she launches a tirade on you that is shocking to witness. After she calms down, she uses her past or some other reason to justify her behavior. Just like any abusive cycle, he buys it for a time....until it happens again. These two won't last much longer. I hate to say it but makes me chuckle thinking about this guy and who he is, having to deal with her and her outbursts. I wonder if it will inspire him to write some ballads once he's over and done with it. Avril Lavigne and Chad Kroeger

This former A list mostly television actor from a very hit, very long running network show has had bad luck with movies and television since, despite his A list name recognition of two decades. He is not just back on drugs, he is on meth and is dating someone who has been convicted of selling meth and prostitution so that sounds like someone you would take home to mom. Matthew Perry

Before agreeing to do a new reality show, this married multiple reality show star negotiated that the company that shoots her show could have footage of the new show because she is going to find a guy to hook up with and start "dating" for a new season of her own show. The ratings are in and her husband has to go. Kendra Wilkinson British reality show "I'm A Celebrity... Get Me Out Of Here!"

73. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 11/114 **#3**
This soon to be probable A list mostly movie actress who is also an offspring is discovering how it feels to come in third or fourth best on a guy’s list. She wants love and marriage and he had to start calling her baby in bed after the second time he called her a different name in as many days. Dakota Johnson (Don Johnson and Melanie Griffith) "Fifty Shades of Grey"/Matthew Hitt

This A list singer who has been A list for over two decades now says he has a girlfriend and that it is serious. Very serious. Maybe not marrying serious like with his ex, but serious. The other night though she was nowhere to be found as our singer had one guy after another come up to him in some strange version of 30 second dating before our singer picked someone and they loved on each other all evening and left the club together. Usher/Grace Miguel

This former A+ list singer turned A-/B+ in the past year to eighteen months suffered a miscarriage late last month which would have been right at the three month point in her pregnancy. Her on again off again boyfriend blames it on her travel and drug use. Lady Gaga/Taylor Kinney

While his foreign born B+ list mostly movie actress wife gets another round of awards season praise our actor sat quietly in a corner and got drunk at a party honoring his wife the other night. He put on a brave face, but apparently the drinking and lack of success is really tearing them apart. Emily Blunt/John Krasinski

This B list singer who seems to make a living from reality television now rather than singing had a botched operation to remove some stretch marks and is suing the doctor. She has been unable to get the operation fixed until after her legal issue is settled and it has cost her work doing some modeling. Paulina Rubio

Producers are trying to keep the parents of this B list mid teens actress from calling the police because they think she is having a relationship on set with an A list actor over twice her age. She denies it, but her parents think they have proof they saw on her phone. Joey King/James Franco "Zeroville"

An actress reached out to me several weeks ago and told me she read all of the blinds on the site and was especially interested in the ones that dealt with on set abuse because she is a survivor of it herself. Our actress was on a very hit show back in the 70’s. Very hit show. A family values type show. She was in almost every episode of the show and had some episodes where the story focused on her. She was probably B list at the time but has not really worked since. When we spoke she said she wanted people to know what it was like on the set for a female teen and how things were completely different if you were a male teen or a man on the set. It was an ensemble show and there were lots of parts for both men and women and lots of roles for teens. She said that the first day she walked on the set she could feel a million eyes on her. She had just started to develop and she had men in their 30’s and 40’s and older telling this 14 year old how hot she looked and they couldn’t wait to get to know her better. You would be in school on set but if you had a scene you would leave and shoot and come back. The guys never had to come back if they didn’t want to. If you were a girl in the class the only way you would not have to come back is if you were with an actor on the set. And by with they meant having sex with him in his trailer and after that you would go back to class unless he really liked you. Lead actors and producers and some other crew members could sign you out of class so you would end up staying with them all day and not doing any work. Drug and alcohol abuse were common because you had these people with no parental controls and these older men taking advantage. She said that she lost her virginity on set to an A list actor who always got first pick of virgins. She thought she was different and that he liked her, but the next month he found someone else and he found someone every month for the entire run of the show. Pregnancy and abortions were common among the teens because the guys refused to use condoms and parents couldn’t be told what was going on so there was no birth control pill usage or very little. If you got pregnant you would be given a week off with pay but your parents were not told. You would go to work on Monday and have the procedure and then spend the night at a friend’s house and then show up at work the rest of the week, but not have to work. One teen was bleeding really heavily the second night when she went home to her parent’s house after shooting and the parent’s complained and were given some money but the girl was written off the show. I agreed to not release her name, but the show was Little House On The Prairie

80. BLIND GOSSIP 11/11 **#1**
This past weekend, a pretty young actress got into a yelling match with a male friend in the hallway outside a doctor’s office. The actress had set up a special Saturday appointment with a plastic surgeon. She wanted him to fix a scar she had on her face. She told him that she fell six months ago. The doctor examined her and commented that the injury looked much newer than that. Her friend told the doctor that he was right and that the truth was that the accident actually happened in the past couple of weeks. The doctor told the actress that the wound was still too fresh and the skin too raw to withstand any additional work at this point and declined to perform any procedures. The actress stormed out of the office into the hallway, where she recapped the entire visit and yelled at her friend. "Why did you have to tell him the truth? Why couldn’t you just lie for me? He would have done it if you hadn’t said anything! Now we have to find another doctor to fix my face!"
BONUS CLUE: Their hair color matched and their hands were still covered with dye from the process. Amanda Bynes (bandage) (hair color)

81. BLIND GOSSIP 11/11 **#2**
This guy is best known as the star of an iconic TV show from the 1980s-90s. He was recently invited to a fundraiser for a non-profit organization. The event was held a very famous Las Vegas hotel. Our TV Star showed up and mingled with the other guests. When asked if he would like to make a donation to the non-profit, he proudly proclaimed that "The only donations I make are to hookers!" The venue included a cash bar for the guests. While sitting at the high rollers table, The TV Star proceeded to order multiple bottles of expensive champagne. Then he refused to pay the bill. He said that the non-profit should pay for it. The total bill? Eighteen THOUSAND dollars! Word quickly got back to one of the event organizers, and she confronted him about the tab. He told her that if the non-profit didn’t pick up the tab that he would make sure that the event got a "bad review" and that no other celebrity would ever attend the event again. The organizer didn’t back down. She responded, "I don’t give a shit what you do, you self-important prick! This is a charity event. You ordered the drinks… you pay for them! Now pay up!" She got her wish. The TV Star sheepishly paid the bill in full and slunk out of the party.
Robin Leach "Lifestyles of the Rich and Famous" (Robin Leach has been a journalist for more than 50 years and has spent the past decade giving readers the inside scoop on Las Vegas, the world’s premier platinum playground.)

82. WINE AND SASS 11/11
Everyone in this blind is legit insane. This B-list celebrity, getting close to A is legit insane. Her C-list mostly television actor boyfriend is also certifiable. His D-list former child star ex is in the Looney Tunes hall of fame. So now that we've established that, let's discuss what happened. The B-lister was overseas promoting her hit project, and knew the D-lister was also there. The D-lister knew the B-lister was also in town, but since the B-lister is sober, she doesn't hang out in the same haunts as the D-lister because her handlers have her pretty much locked down so she doesn't blow her career again. The C-list boyfriend LOVES riling up these two crazy chicks, so he started texting the D-lister knowing she was hunting down the B-lister. The D-lister has never let him go, and a lot of her issues have been because of their bad breakup, even though it was years ago. The D-lister went to extreme crazypants lengths to 'bump in' to the B-lister. Like hiding in the bushes type stuff, and finally managed to come face to face with her. The B-lister has a loud mouth and difficulty editing herself, so she of course launched into a tirade upon seeing the D-lister. The D-lister pulled out her phone to show the texts from the C-lister. A fight broke out in the hallway of the hotel the B-lister was staying in, and she landed a punch or two. Her bodyguards broke up the fight, but the D-lister was later papped with quite the busted face. Now you know why. The B-lister then made a point to have lovey dovey Halloween pictures blow up in the press to send the message to the D-lister that even though he's a shitty boyfriend, he's HER shitty boyfriend.
B lister: Demi Lovato
C lister: Wilmer Valderrama
D lister: Lindsay Lohan

Which morning show TV host doesn’t just manscape – he shaves everything – including his crotch! "He has a great head of hair but no-one knows is when he takes off the suit and tie – he is totally smooth – EVERYWHERE," a close, very close, inside tells NAUGHTY GOSSIP! "He loves to shave. It turns him on," they add! EEEWWWWWW. Michael Strahan

This former A list tweener is playing a very difficult game. She tries to hide the two relationships she is involved in from her estranged husband because he will stop paying all of the bills if he finds out that he doesn’t really have a chance at a reunion. He doesn’t, but hasn’t figured it out yet and keeps shelling out serious money every month. Hilary Duff/Mike Comrie/Nico Tortorella (I think he figured it out and she ended up still making him look like the really bad guy)

The team doctor for this NBA team’s cheerleaders had three different cheerleaders come to him with the same STD. Apparently at different times in the past few weeks they all have slept with this foreign born A list rapper.

This married B- list mostly television actress from a soon to be ended former hit network show knows she needs a new job and also knows she wants the most fame and money possible for the least amount of work. She played it beautifully. She threw the former front runner for the position under a bus and stole the executive she was having sex with from her and lo and behold our married B lister got herself an audition. Now she is waiting to hear back about whether she got the job. A very big job. Naya Rivera "Glee" (guest co-host on "The View")

This married still A list rapper who hates the media was at a party this week and made sure to invite two gossip columnists. They are both gay and know all about his relationship with another man so he takes them out every so often to make sure they stay quiet. Kanye West

This longtime married aging Academy Award winning actor was overheard talking to his wife and said that he had cheated on her before but never would disrespect her by getting caught and he was very disappointed in their son for getting caught cheating on his significant other.

#1 – This singer is probably B list in her portion of the singing world. She started out on reality television and would be great on it in a different format or the same show but no one will give her a chance. Anyway, she is a big fan of organ donation and bone marrow testing and when her record label signed her, made everyone at the label sign organ donation cards and had them promise to be available for bone marrow testing. Kellie Pickler

#2 – This A- list mostly movie actress who is still in a franchise while she does other things that are not in front of a camera granted a make A Wish wish a few years ago and talks to the little girl three times each week at the exact same time of the day those three days. She has not only granted a wish, but made the girl a part of her life and family. Carrie Fisher "Star Wars"

#3 – This now openly gay news anchor raised several hundred thousand dollars last year to stop cyber bullying and has about 25 gay high school students that he has made himself available to over the past year via e-mail and Skype. Anderson Cooper

90. NY POST/PAGE SIX 11/12
Which frisky wife of a veteran music manager couldn’t keep her hands to herself when her hubby introduced her to an iconic, aging rocker? The pair spotted the English rock god at an Upper East Side restaurant, then joined his table — where the wife and musician were "all over each other .... touching and dry humping" to the shock of others ..

91. MR. X 11/12
Which talk show has hired a staffer whose job it is to write made-up stories for the tabloids saying that none of the co-hosts get along, old co-hosts are being sought to return, ratings are in the toilet, etc.? The reality couldn’t be more opposite than what is being reported in the press, the producers just want to generate interest in the show plain and simple. "The View" (Rosie O’Donnell out, Joy Behar and Sherri Shepherd coming back)

92. BLIND GOSSIP 11/12 **#1**
Some stars use threats of leaving a TV series as a negotiating tactic to secure a higher salary. That is not the case with this man, who has been one of the stars of this once-hot television show for many years. He is definitely leaving the show after this season, and it has nothing to do with salary. He says he is simply moving on to other opportunities. The real reason he is leaving? According to one of his friends, "He doesn’t want to be the last rat jumping off this sinking ship." Randy Jackson "American Idol"

93. BLIND GOSSIP 11/12 **#2**
This famous singer is worried that some private tapes of him and his ex-wife are going to be released. He and his team are working hard to make sure those tapes never get released. However, there is another tape that he should be more worried about. It is an intimate video of our singer with a very famous music artist who used to tape their "private sessions" together when our singer was an up and coming artist. That very famous music artist is a MAN. Oh, yeah. Usher (Tameka Raymond/Justin Bieber

This A list actor who usually provides comic relief and is generally considered over sized compared to his peers brought back four women to his place the other night and thought he was going to have an orgy. Instead, they took all his coke and drank all his booze and when he started wandering through the house naked touching them, they decided to leave because no one was willing to have sex with him. He was a mess. Jonah Hill

She is supposedly on and off again with an A list singer/musician. He is supposedly hiding a relationship with a former A+ list tweener. Now though the A list mostly movie actress and the foreign born B list mostly movie actor have been hooking up. Two different times just last week while promoting a movie.
A list actress: Jennifer Lawrence
Foreign born B list actor: Liam Hemsworth
Movie: "The Hunger Games: Mockingjay, Part 1"

A list singer/musician: Chris Martin
A+ list tweener:

The only reason this B list celebrity couple are still together is because she is pregnant. He cheated and she wants nothing to do with him. They live completely separate lives and only see each other when he sees their other kid(s). Nick and Vanessa Lachey

This permanent A list singer/part-time actress/director might be one of the biggest stars on the planet but she won’t be invited back to this talk show after the cameras constantly had to shoot different angles of her and cut away from her because she wouldn’t stop texting on her phone even while being asked questions during the interview. When our singer wanted to hug after, the talk show host told her to fuck off. Barbra Streisand/Gayle King

This former A list mostly movie actor turned almost A list mostly television actor who is recently married won’t ever stop talking smack about this B+ list mostly movie actor who is well endowed and is not afraid to show it. Apparently the B+ lister hit on the A list actor’s girlfriend right in front of the actor and there is a lot of bad blood.
A list actor:
B+ list actor:

This part-time reality star who has an offspring who is an A list celebrity after her reality stint has signed up to make a sex tape. Her daughter will not be in it. Farrah Abraham's mother Debra

100. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 11/13 **#7**
This married B+ list mostly movie actress who had a nice recurring role on a long running network hit not that long ago has split from her husband. Well, I hope she has because she had her boyfriend with her as she did press for her new movie. Elizabeth Banks ("30 Rock") ("The Hunger Games: Mockingjay, Part 1")

101. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 11/13 **#8**
This B+ list celebrity/reality star is off the friends list after doing drugs on her night out with this A+ list celebrity. It is a big no no. Drink as much as you want, but no drugs. Kelly Osbourne/Taylor Swift

102. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 11/13 **#9**
#1- This C list mostly movie actress offspring of an A lister knows who her mother is but told a person at a party the other night that the big secret in the family is who is her dad.

#2- This A list comedian/part-time actress is blaming other women for her actor boyfriend always cheating. She refuses to put any blame on him and says it is the fault of the women. Sarah Silverman/Michael Sheen

#3 – This soon to be maybe A list mostly movie actress/offspring was wasted out of her mind the other night at a bar. So much for her sobriety. Her boyfriend is a really bad influence. Dakota Johnson (Don Johnson and Melanie Griffith) "Fifty Shades of Grey"/Matthew Hitt

103. POPBITCH 11/13
(British blog)
Which boyband star said it best when he said, "I never like to spend more than about three grand on a watch. There are kids in the world starving" to his session musicians? Ronan Keating/"Boyzone"

104. BLIND GOSSIP 11/13
Gayle King recently conducted an interview with Barbra Streisand. King started the discussion by asking if the singer has ever regretted partnering with any entertainers over her career. "Who have you enjoyed the most and who’s a jerk? If you don’t want to give names, we’ll take initials." Streisand diplomatically replied, "Everyone was superb." "Nooo," King replied. Streisand added, "Everyone was such a delight. Sometimes… when you work with mediocre talents, they feel entitled. They act like stars. Genuinely talented people don’t. There are manners. Professional manners and public manners. You say to yourself, ‘Oh my God, this person is yelling to find a tissue? Yelling for a line?’ They don’t understand that you can’t do that. I don’t yell." So Barbra clearly worked with some people she considers "mediocre talents" and witnessed them acting unprofessionally. About whom was she speaking?
Mediocre Talent:
Their Project Together:

105. MR. X 11/14 **#1**
What soon to be divorced couple had a screaming match over the phone because she used his private jet, which he’s currently getting restored, without his permission? This isn’t the first time she’s done it either and she knows it sends him into orbit. Michael Douglas and Catherina Zeta Jones

106. MR. X 11/14 **#2**
What A list actor and new dad hasn’t seen the mother of his child (I’m using that term very loosely) at all after the kid’s birth because the bisexual actor has moved on and spending some time with another man? Jeremy Renner

107. MR. X 11/14 **#3**
Which female singer who is currently topping the charts and will become a one hit wonder if she doesn’t have another hit is dreading that video of her performance at a Tea Party rally during the last presidential election will be leaked? Meghan Trainor "All About That Bass"

108. MR. X 11/14 **#4**
What legendary diva has a son she never talks about who is currently in a psych ward? She does pay all his medical bills though. Aretha Franklin

109. MR. X 11/14 **#5**
Which A list actor/comedian is contemplating not promoting his latest movie because he knows it will probably continue his losing streak at the box office? Adam Sandler "Top Five"

110. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 11/14 **#1**
A huge screaming match at a hotel two nights ago when this closeted former A list franchise actress who is now an A-/B+ list indie queen got into it with her secret girlfriend. The girlfriend was not invited to the premiere or after party and was ok with that, but not with the actress apparently getting the phone numbers of two other women. Kristen Stewart "Still Alice" premiere

111. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 11/14 **#2**
This married foreign born B list singer not named Rita Ora is telling friends she slept with this foreign born A list singer who is technically still married. I can’t see him with her though. Not his type. Lily Allen/Chris Martin

112. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 11/14 **#3**
This married A+ list mostly movie actor got away with a warning and an instruction to change drivers the other night after he was pulled over for DUI. I guess the police officer is a fan. Ben Affleck

113. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 11/14 **#4**
11/21/06 BLIND ITEM REVISTED: "Let me preface this post, by saying that if this story ever comes out, it would blow the music world up and shake it to its core. This would put the Milli Vanilli scandal and Ashlee Simpson SNL situation so far down the ladder it would be crazy. Towards the end of last year I had a woman come into my office and she began to explain what she had done and had been doing for several years and it was one of the very few times that I just could not believe what I was hearing. I know the music industry inside and out, and I had never heard of something so extensive and pervasive as this. This woman (S) came into my office because the payments she had been receiving had stopped and she wanted to either get the money that was owed to her, or expose what she had been doing to the light of day. S is a sessions/studio/backup singer and is very good. Prior to her involvement in what I am going to describe, she made a very good living singing on commercials and being a backup singer for groups and other solo acts, etc. Like I said she is very good, but she does not really have that "look" which would make her a star, so record companies did not put her out front, but just used her talents. In late 2000, a man came to her one day and said he needed someone to record some demos because he had written a lot of songs, but wanted a demo to shop the songs to singers and record labels. This is not unusual at all and she had done this type of work before and it paid pretty well so she agreed. What was unusual about her recording of the demos was how much work was put into the actual recordings. It was extensive. Generally there is not much time put into the recordings because you never really know if the song will even sell, and the money spent on recording could be put to better uses. These demos she was recording were actually being treated as if they were going to be released on a CD or to radio. They even did some mixing which was REALLY unusual. After a few weeks she had recorded about over a dozen songs and she went on her way and was really oblivious to anything else pertaining to it, UNTIL several months later she was in her car and heard her voice coming from the radio, only it was another singer being given credit. (We will call this other singer MV for Milli Vanilli) She could not believe what she was hearing and did not know whether to be excited to hear herself on the radio, confused about the credit given to another singer or just ****** off for the same reasons. What she did do, was to call the man who had originally come to her and had her record the songs. The man agreed to meet her and gave her a substantial sum of money and promised to keep giving her money every month as long as she kept her mouth shut. MV was taking off. (MV has/had several Top 40 songs and CD’s. They could have gone to #1 or languished in the 30’s. I really cannot go into much more detail or else it would be too easy to discover.) MV was everywhere...on television, radio, awards shows, commercials, EVERYWHERE ..meanwhile, S continued to get money every month and kept her little secret to herself. The guy who picked S was VERY lucky. Most singers would have caused a fuss, but S has always been in the background and was resigned to the fact she always would be, and was very happy just taking the $$, and did not want that to stop. About 9 months go by and S is called by the guy because MV is going on tour and they want S to record some extra mixes and such for the tour. She agrees and does not really do much, but money is money. Fast forward another year or so and S stops receiving money and after a few months of missed payments, calls the guy who explains that they need S to do another CD and then the payments can continue, but there is no more money unless she does more recordings. S agrees and records another CD worth of songs which is released several months later and does even better than the first CD. This same process is repeated (I am not going to tell you the number of CD’s because again you may be able to deduce and so I will just say the process repeated itself several times.) Well everything goes well for the most part for all these years and then no more payments, and no more calls and she cannot even locate our mystery man. S has not received a payment in six months when she came into my office and related this story. She did not even know the guy’s name, but when she described him, I knew who he was and was even more floored than I had been previously. This was just something I had really not heard before. I had heard of really altering voices in the recording studios and bringing in hired hands for one song or a large portion of a song, but never CD after CD and even doing extra work so a live performance would not sound staged. I told her I needed some time to check into her story and then we could proceed. It took two calls before I got the guy on the phone and he was ******, scared, angry, threatening, remorseful everything. It turns out the reason he had stopped making payments was he had been playing some shell games with the money between the record company, MV’s earnings and MV’s investments and just did not have any additional money. In addition, MV was not sure she wanted to continue on with what had been happening and so our mystery guy might be completely out of the picture. I actually think the record company to this day has no idea what went on as the Guy was very good at what he does/did and knew how to make sure the record company was always happy. He stayed under budget, toured, made MV available, and made the record company money. So a meeting was arranged in my office and S and MV finally met face to face. They had never done so, even though it was S who made MV a star. MV was rude to say the least when she saw what S looked like and it really upset me although S being her normal classy self could have cared less. What we agreed to do that day was to provide S with one lump sum rather than a monthly income which was easier for Guy to pull off and S also agreed to never disclose her role in this drama and MV was on her own for future recordings and tours. This involved literally millions of CD’s and hundreds of concerts all over the world. The one thing I did get out of this beside my fee of course is a Gold Record autographed by S and by MV. I know it is the only one in the world"
CLUE #1- MV has done or is contractually agreed to do a Las Vegas residency.

CLUE #2- MV broke up with a significant other this year.
Jennifer Lopez (guy probably Benny Medina)

114. BLIND GOSSIP 11/14 **#1**
If two people take a photo of themselves kissing, they must be romantically involved, right? Wrong! We’ll go into more specifics next week. For now, just know that the photos they are taking and posting on social media are designed to mislead you. Miley Cyrus & Patrick Schwarzenegger

115. BLIND GOSSIP 11/14 **#2**
This actor comes across as acerbic and confident, but he is actually very insecure about where his career is going. His past few TV projects have flopped and his film work has been reduced to voice roles. This insecurity is supposedly the reason that he feels compelled to tell everyone how much everything he owns costs. But, then again, he’d actually HAVE a lot more money if he hadn’t cheated on his wife!
George Lopez

116. WINE AND SASS 11/14
This Blind Gossip Circle Jerk just gets more complicated as the weeks pass. Laid back A-List Actress who is dating A-List Laid back Musician has another guy she is hooking up with as well. A-List Stud Boy who she spends a lot of time with professionally. This is probably why she is so blaze about Laid Back Musician's complicated family situation. She still likes LBM, but with the crazy surrounding him, she doesn't want to get too involved until that sorts itself out. So she created a "diversion" with Stud Boy who has wanted to be with her for a long time. Guess who found out about the secret hook ups and is giddy while trying to figure out how to pass the information over to Laid Back A-List Musician? That's right. Laid Back Musician's estranged wife. She's got photos. But how does she expose it without looking crazy herself? Have her assistant leak it? She's worried it will lead back to her if he makes the effort to track it. What a conundrum.
A list actress: Jennifer Lawrence
A list musician: Chris Martin
A list stud boy: Liam Hemsworth
A list musician’s wife: Gwyneth Paltrow

117. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 11/17 **#1**
After years of being the biggest supporter to a charitable organization and their spokesperson, this B+ list mostly movie actress married to an A+ list mostly movie actor dropped all of her support and her $2M annual contribution because they would not elect her as the head of their board. For the first time in a decade she was absent from their big annual event.

118. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 11/17 **#2**
This permanent A list singer who is an American icon and lover of hats has been buying clothes from the same dress shop for the past forty years. Every single one of those dresses has a size 12 tag in it. About thirty years ago when our singer began gaining a little weight she told the owner of the store there must be some mistake when he handed her a size 14 dress. She made it very clear to him she was a size 12 and was proud of staying a size 12. Never again has she been handed anything other than a size 12. Aretha Franklin

119. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 11/17 **#3**
This birthday party had two separate parties going for it. The first part of the night, was held in a private room in the back of a club and that is where our closeted former A list tweener hung out with other guy friends and enjoyed male strippers and a lot of enhanced entertainment from those strippers. Then, the public part of the party happened out front where our former tweener had his girlfriend of the moment show up and they did their thing for the cameras. No cameras were in the back room. Nick Jonas/Olivia Culpo

120. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 11/17 **#4**
This up and coming MTV star on a scripted show who also has some other big projects was celebrating her birthday the other night and decided to try coke for the first time. It should probably be her last time considering she overdosed when she kept mixing everything else she always does with the coke. Katherine McNamara "Happyland"

121. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 11/17 **#5**
This married B+ list mostly television actress with A list name recognition due in no small part to her A++ list significant other passed out while filming her show last week. The actress is convinced she is gaining weight even though she has never weighed less in two decades. The pill diet is probably not helping either. Portia de Rossi (Ellen DeGeneres) "Scandal"

122. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 11/17 **#6**
With sales at her career lows and a boyfriend cheating on her and all of the legal messes this former A+ list singer has got herself into the past few years it was not a shock that she attempted suicide six weeks ago. What was crazy is that she didn’t even take a day off after it happened because she couldn’t afford it. Lady Gaga (Tayler Kinney)

123. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 11/17 **#7**
If you can afford a very expensive beard for yourself, and you like the new found attention to how straight you are, then why not beards for everyone. In 2014 this A list athlete has spent about $500K for the limited amount of time he has spent with his very high profile beard. It has worked though. She is the best at what she does and she gets the attention and knows how to maximize dollars spent. The only loose end as far as his people have been concerned is his ex-boyfriend. Yes, the same one who caused a whole lot of noise when they split and despite a payoff could also cause trouble. Our athlete has millions of dollars in endorsements and those are way more important to him right now than coming out. He figures he can do that when his playing days are over. So, what to do about the ex? How about hire him a beard? Not as high profile but the money has been spent buying followers on social media and creating fake accounts which promote this new relationship and give it some legitimacy. The ex agreed to do it for a little while and some extra money, but he still is a very volatile loose end and I think at some point he is just going to say fuck it and spill everything. Aaron Rodgers/Olivia Munn/Kevin Lanflisi

124. BLIND GOSSIP 11/17 **#1**
This film will wind up being one of the highest-grossing movies of the year. Lost of pressure on the young stars. So, how are they relieving the pressure? Well, two of them are hooking up with each other! This is NOT a PR relationship and it’s NOT serious. It’s just a couple of young, good-looking people spending the night together. However, she is also using it as a way to send her on-again off-again boyfriend a message: Since you can’t stop hooking up with YOUR ex, I am free to hook up as well! How did she send this message to her boyfriend? Well, she sent him a couple of photos. One photo was of her costar wearing a certain piece of clothing. And one photo was of her wearing that same piece of clothing. The message was simple: "Do you like my new [piece of clothing]? He got the message loud and clear. She is NOT going to let him play her for a fool!
Film: "Hunger Games: Mockingjay, Part 1"
Actress: Jennifer Lawrence
Actor: Liam Hemsworth
Actress’ Boyfriend: Chris Martin
Boyfriend’s Ex: Gwenyth Paltrow or Alexa Chung

125. MR. X 11/17
Which talk show hostess did a lot of apologizing over the phone to family and coworkers of the subject of that biopic she executive produced? She had to explain to them that her name was tacked on as a sort-of damage control and she had no final say about the film’s content. Well she’s right on that part. Maybe the family and coworkers need to get over it and stop whitewashing the past. Wendy Williams

126. BLIND GOSSIP 11/17 **#2**
We told you that the photos of this kissing couple were misleading. Now we’re ready to spill the details! This couple is FAKE. The reason it is fake is because the male half of this pair is a friend of Dorothy’s. That’s right. He is gay! A little background for you: He has known that he is gay for many years now, but he has not had a serious boyfriend yet. Both of his parents are celebrities in their own right. He came out to his mother first. She is a fairly open-minded person and was cool about it. Then he came out to his father… and the father was NOT cool with it! In fact, he was pretty much of a macho jerk about the whole thing. The whole experience of having his father reject him was crushing for the boy and the two practically stopped speaking after that. Do you remember when the son started using his mother’s last name? Many speculated that it was because he was mad at his father for cheating on his mother. No. While he was upset about his father’s infidelity the main reason he started using his mother’s name is because his father rejected him for being gay. So that bring us to today. His parents, sibling/s, and close friends know that he is gay but they are not pushing him to come out. He desperately wants his father to fully accept him for who he is. Father and son are speaking again but it is still a little tense between them. The father is making strides in accepting his son’s sexual preference but is not totally there yet. And what’s the girl doing there? She’s just using the boy for the publicity. No big surprise there.
Boy: Patrick Schwarzenegger
Girl: Miley Cyrus
Mother: Maria Shriver
Father: Arnold Schwarzenegger

127. NY POST/PAGE SIX 11/17
1. Which Comedy Central executive is sending unwanted pictures of his penis to a New York beauty, hoping in vain that the awful dick pics will inspire a late night booty call, but not realizing that his manhood is becoming a bad joke around town?

2. Which soon-to-be-a-­father-again D-lister was doing so much cocaine that a fashion intern he was partying with ended up with his Barneys black credit card in his or her wallet? The dusty card was eventually returned to its owner once everyone had sobered up and just before his wife noticed it was missing…

3. Which TV network demanded its anchors invite their sources to a party after they got a dismal RSVP response and feared nobody would show up? "Fox"

128. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 11/18 **#1**
This married former B list mostly television actress from a hit almost network show turned anything she can get actress mixed with some other entertaining was overheard crying on the phone prior to a flight this week and apparently her husband had a child with another woman and never told her. It is really painful because our couple have not been able to conceive and there are also reports he is cheating on our actress. Just a rough few months for her. Leighton Meester "Gossip Girl"/Adam Brody

129. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 11/18 **#2**
This A- list mostly movie actress gets to be that high because of the longevity of her career. She is not even that old, but has had a decades long career. She has also had trouble remaining in one relationship for very long and even though she is married, she still wants to leave. She has been hooking up with a musician she met on a talk show and the two have been seeing each other very quietly the past couple of months.

130. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 11/18 **#3**
This married A+ list director could have any woman he wants to be his booty call. He occasionally sees other women, but for several decades the director has always turned to this former A+ list mostly movie actress who also has a long running franchise. No matter who the other person is with or married to, they always find a few times a year to get together alone. Steven Soderbergh/Julia Roberts "Oceans" franchise; James Cameron/Sigourney Weaver "Alien" franchise

131. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 11/18 **#4**
This openly gay mogul was talked into being orally serviced by this former A+ list mostly movie actress who is still an A lister and will be for a long time with her name and acting and tabloid history. She told him that she was so good it would be the best he ever had. No word on how good it was, but word is she got a part in his biggest show for next season. Ryan Murphy/Demi Moore

132. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 11/18 **#5**
She thought she was being smooth and that no one would notice but this former A+ list mostly television actress who somehow not only got another show on the air, but one to stick maybe for the season, knocked a mom and kid to the ground because they were in the way for some photos she was the subject of over the weekend.
Debra Messing (New York City ice-skating rink)

133. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 11/18 **#6**
These two closeted actors are less than thrilled that they are seen groping other guys and being groped in a new film. One of the actors is the over the top heterosexual mainstay of a long running franchise. The other is a former and current Disney star who is having a little career rejuvenation the past year.
"Open Secret" documentary about Hollywood pedophiles

Heterosexual: Seann William Scott "American Pie"
Disney star: Ben Savage "Boy Meets World"

134. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 11/18 **#7**
This B list acting couple consisting of an A lister and a B- lister have found a way to give even more money to the organization no one likes. They are using a foundation they set up that is nothing but a front for them to funnel money tax free to the organization and its offshoots. John Travolta/Kelly Preston (Scientology) "The Jett Travolta Foundation"

135. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 11/18 **#8**
According to the ex of this former A+ list mostly movie actress who now just shows up at charity events and tries to keep her legs crossed unless you are paying her to be there, says that when the actress has sex it is a three hour production. She goes full on makeup and hair like she is shooting a scene. Even if she was in full hair and makeup from an event she would redo it all when they got home because event hair and makeup is not sex hair and makeup. Sharon Stone

136. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 11/18 **#9**
KINDNESS: A woman on her death bed has about two weeks to live according to her doctors. She is unable to walk, ravaged by brain cancer, and was basically sent home for hospice care until she dies, which will be very soon. The woman is in her mid 50’s and has been a lifelong fan of a certain former A+ list singer/television star who is now a B list casino and Vegas mainstay. She has been listening to his music and watching his videos to sustain her during the final stages of her illness. The woman’s husband, desperate to try to help his wife get through this awful time, decided that it would be a huge boost to his wife if she could somehow talk to this entertainer. Not knowing how to get in touch, or knowing anyone in show business at all, he sent a message through the entertainer’s website, basically a "Hail Mary" pass explaining the situation and that there wasn’t much time, and asked if there was some way for the busy entertainer to please get in touch with the woman and provide a few words of cheer. Four days later, the entertainer personally called the woman. No fanfare, just a call to ask how she was doing and thank her for her support all these years. Needless to say, the simple call meant the world to her and gave a wonderful lift at a very dark time. Donny Osmond

137. BLIND GOSSIP 11/18 **#1**
While controversy is sometimes good for ratings, the controversy caused by one talent at a certain morning TV show is giving upper management a headache. They are ready to cut this person loose. However, it’s not easy to simply fire talent. There are contracts and reputations and publicity and the competition and the appearance of fairness to consider. There’s also no guarantee that viewers will like the replacement they select. So management is trying a smarter and sneakier remedy. Rather than announcing that a certain staff member is leaving, they are testing out his/her possible replacements on the air in a trial run. It’s happening right now. As soon as they find one that clicks with the viewers – and can lock them into a contract – they will pay off the contract of the headache and allow them to "resign." Sneaky! Nancy Snyderman "Today" (ebola quarantine)

138. BLIND GOSSIP 11/18 **#2**
This famous actress recently celebrated a birthday. She naturally thought that her boyfriend would want to celebrate with her. He said he was "busy" and could not make it. No specific excuse. Just "busy." It took several phone calls and a lot of texts and emails and coaxing from her friends, but he finally agreed to show up. That sort of reluctance does not bode well for the longevity of this relationship. Rachel McAdams/Patrick Sambrook

139. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 11/19 **#1**
Her manager wanted her to pose topless. After much consideration though, the still a minor Disney tweener was told to wear as little as possible and that she could have a wardrobe malfunction. That way the sexy images could still be published which wouldn’t be legal if she was topless. All of this to make sure she got the most publicity the day her record and book went on sale.
Tweener: Bella Thorne
Book: "Autumn Falls"
Song: "One More Night"

140. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 11/19 **#2**
You can’t set in motion a series of events that will have this married A list talk show host’s long time hookup be shown the door and not expect to have something happen, especially after the talk show host just signed a huge deal. Who do you think is going to win that battle? It is a surprising amount of loyalty but after being burned by the college student he has decided to stick with what he knows except for his wife of course. Matt Lauer/Natalie Morales

141. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 11/19 **#3**
This C list reality star married to a former A+ list tweener turned reality star was at an event and kept nagging the organizers about the gift she was supposed to receive for showing up. It was the only way she was going to show up with her husband. If you want her solo she will be the first one there and last to leave. When she finally did get the gift she didn’t hide her disappointment very well and then said maybe it would be ok for her toddler but she wasn’t going to wear it.
Danielle Jonas (Kevin)  "Forevermark Diamonds' #HoldMyHandForever event"

142. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 11/19 **#4**
This movie is so bad it would barely even make it On Demand despite having this B list mostly movie actress with A++ list name recognition starring in it. Well, no one has called her a good actress as of late, which is why she is doing other things. Anyway, a company that pays her a lot of money is paying for all the press and promotions so it will get a very tiny release before fading away. Our actress really needs a hit. Her opportunities though keep slipping away. She thinks she is a great actress. In no way shape or form should this be considered Lindsay Lohan. Katie Holmes "Miss Meadows"

143. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 11/19 **#5**
I know it is hard to believe that someone would be willing to have unprotected sex with this this former B list mostly movie actress turned C- lister with A list name recognition. It has apparently happened though because our actress is telling people she has not had a drink or done drugs in six weeks because she is pregnant. Please don’t let this be true. The no drinking or drugs thing is true though. Please don’t let pregnancy be the reason. Lindsay Lohan

144. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 11/19 **#6**
This OITNB actress who had a name before the show just wrote a big check. A very big check after she got angry at a woman who was sleeping with her for a week. The actress tied up the woman and burned her on purpose with a cigarette and then a meth pipe because she thought the woman was lying to her. Don’t do drugs kids. Taryn Manning

145. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 11/19 **#7**
This C list wannabe celebrity who is only a C lister because of the A list mostly television actor she married yelled at her driver two days ago because he made her stand in the rain for five minutes. He said the police had made him move but our celebrity said that he should have just accepted a ticket and paid it because our celebrity was worth it. She also suggested he tell the police officer who he was waiting for. Ha. Hilaria Baldwin (was raining in NYC)

146. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 11/19 **#8**
This A+ list mostly movie actress thinks she has this B list foreign born co-star wrapped around his finger. Nope, because apparently he has been also hooking up regularly with this other B list co-star who has been really good at acting since her first role as a tweener. Jennifer Lawrence/Liam Hemsworth/Jenna Malone (At the age of 12, she was the youngest person ever to be nominated for a Screen Actors Guild Award for her performance in "Bastard Out of Carolina") "Hunger Games"

147. BLIND ITEM 11/19 **#1**
Bravo executive and Real Housewives creator Andy Cohen just published a new book titled The Andy Cohen Diaries. One of the anecdotes in the book is about the diva antics of Mariah Carey prior to her appearance last year on Cohen’s late night talk show Watch What Happens Live. Mariah arrived at the studio two hours late, much to the chagrin of the live studio audience. Once there, Mariah wanted Andy to switch seats with her so that viewers would see her right side, which she considers her "good" side. Her handlers also presented Andy with a "Do Not Mention" list of topics that she did not want to talk about on the air. While this is not unusual for celebrities, Mariah’s list was interesting in that it included the names of several other female singers. Who were the female singers on Mariah Carey’s "Do Not Mention" list? Ariana Grande; Christina Aguilera; Jennifer Lopez; Nicki Minaj; Madonna; Rihanna; Katy Perry; Whitney Houston

148. BLIND ITEM 11/19 **#2**
This humorous TV guy has a book coming out next year. It’s designed to help reinforce his fake image as a family man. He is bragging that he wrote the whole thing himself. Ha! Not even close! He just gave the concept and the title to a ghostwriter and they wrote it for him. Our funny fake family man will be sure to take all the credit though! Just add this to his ever-growing pack of lies. At least his wife knows about this one!
Jimmy Fallon "Your Baby's First Word Will Be DADA"

149. WINE AND SASS 11/19
Today in Blind Gossip, "I didn't want to accept her as a client, either but she offered twice the amount we'd normally charge to fix her name." Overheard at this PR firm about this B-List actress who has most definitely earned every bad word you hear about her...and much more. Her new current job and "I'm sweet and innocent and have no idea why people say harsh things about me" tour she's on is her last chance. She grits out those very P.C. responses when anyone brings up what people say about her, but inside she wants to blow her top. Almost everyone in Hollywood ignores her and her calls for work. In fact, this one very nice, A-List actor she worked with on a movie years ago, to this day won't even acknowledge her existence. She was the biggest diva on set and outright nasty to him. She was the bigger star at the time. He wasn't A-List during the making of the movie and now that he is, she has gone overboard to all the sudden be super-nice to him and track him down at social events. Recently, she went up to him at a party and he turned around and walked the other way without even a side glance. Like I said, she deserves it. Katherine Heigl/Seth Rogen "Knocked Up"

150. BLIND GOSSIP 11/20
In his new book, "The Andy Cohen Diaries", Cohen discusses a phone conversation he had one day while he was out with his dog Wacha. "On my cell at the dog run, I had the most unbelievable conversation I’ve had with a Housewife’s husband in my seven years as an EP (Executive Producer) on the show. For twenty- five minutes he made insane, unrealistic demands and I said no. As I threw a ball to Wacha, I said no to renegotiating his wife’s deal while the series was airing and no to giving his wife a bonus for her (very low) Q score and finally no to calling him in a week and letting him know what I’m going to do to make his wife feel more loved.
TV Show: "Real Housewives of New Jersey"
Housewife: Amber Marchese
Her Husband: Jim Marchese

151. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 11/20 **#1**
This married B list celebrity/reality star/host does a little bit of everything and that little bit of everything is also apparently cheating on her A list performer husband who has not seemed the same recently since he found out. Nicole Richie/Joel Madden

152. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 11/20 **#2**
This B list celebrity from an all-time A list political family is trying to hide two illegitimate children from his B list actress wife but it is tough because he did have some contact with them and does provide for them but didn’t want his new wife to leave him so he kept quiet. You know, just like with his affairs. Robert F. Kennedy, Jr./Cheryl Hines

153. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 11/20 **#3**
You have not heard from this guy in awhile but you will probably see him on your screens if you like comedy Christmas movies. He was a B list mostly movie actor who has not acted in awhile thanks to some issues of his own making. Apparently he is in some trouble for stalking Erik Estrada. I thought about making Erik blind, but how would you describe him? Our actor sends 20-30 e-mails a day to Erik. The rambling kind. Randy Quaid

154. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 11/20 **#4**
Look for the offspring of this A list mostly movie actress who is an Academy Award winner/nominee to go live with her family for a year which will probably turn into as long as she is dating the new guy because he is just not feeling the kid thing and unfortunately she seems to be taking her boyfriend’s side on this. Charlize Theron/Sean Penn

155. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 11/20 **#5**
This foreign born A- list mostly movie actress who keeps starring in movies absolutely no one watches apparently maintains her skinny frame not only by not eating much but also bulimia as she spent five quick minutes after a meal throwing it back up. Two days ago at a lovely NYC eatery. Keira Knightley (apparently the throwing up was her in the first stages of pregnancy)

156. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 11/20 **#6**
This gorgeous B list mostly movie actor has an older significant other. She is an actress herself with higher name recognition and always been a little adventurous. To make sure her guy never strays she invites other women frequently to their bedroom. Never the same woman twice though. John Corbett/Bo Derek

157. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 11/20 **#7**
This married former American Idol Top 10 finalist who has one of the bigger careers of a finalist despite his relatively low position is cheating on his wife and his girlfriend is 8 months pregnant. Chris Daughtry

158. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 11/20 **#8**
#1 - The husband of this A+ list mostly movie actress is hooking up with an assistant in his office because his wife is a turn off the lights missionary sex type of person. He thought she would change. She hasn’t. He is very bored. Reese Witherspoon/Jim Toth

#2 - This A list mostly movie actress has been loving filming out of the country. Kids at home and she is spending every non-working moment snorting line after line of coke just like the good old days. She is not exactly who comes to mind when you think of a coke fiend. Nothing like that star television role she had or any of her movie roles. Sarah Jessica Parker (in Rome)

#3 - This beloved B list mostly television actress who is on a hit network show after being replaced on a hit network show no longer on the air says she won’t date anyone because of what she went through with her ex. Apparently there was a lot of verbal and physical abuse. Jennifer Morrison ("House") ("Once Upon A Time")

159. ALL ABOUT THE TEA 11/20
*All About The Tea Exclusive*
This working reality star/mother/actress/author is busy chasing money and fame. She is too busy to pay attention to her kids. As a result, she spoils her kids and gives them anything they want to compensate for her lack of parenting. And by anything....I mean ANYTHING! Her teenage daughter is growing up fast. The mother allows her to sleep out almost every night. Sleep where? In the bed of her teenage boyfriend. Her daughter is very popular at school. That popularity is a direct result of appearing on her mother's show. She likes being on display, and, at this rate, my soon star in MTV's "16 & Pregnant."

160. MR. X 11/21 **#1**
What star of an upcoming ABC comedy series which could either be a really big hit or a really big flop is being pressured to stay in the closet? He’s already contemplating on bringing his longtime boyfriend to the show’s premiere as a way of telling them where to shove it. Joshua Sasse "Galavant"

161. MR. X 11/21 **#2**
Which hip-hop record label headed by a former A-list rapper is signing acts by the dozen but quickly shelving their albums for tax purposes. Yes, the label is that close to being broke and their two biggest artists are slowly distancing themselves from it for the fear that their future work may never come to light. Lil Wayne’s "Young Money" (Drake, Nicki Minaj and Tyga)

162. MR. X 11/21 **#3**
What B-list mostly television actress who’s finally starting to work again is about to reveal that she was raped by an actor on the show that made her famous back in the day? It might explain her absence whenever the cast of that show reunites. Lisa Bonet (Bill Cosby)

163. MR. X 11/21 **#4**
Well, that was fast. Looks like the beef between that A+ list actress and that B-list actress/model/celeb spawn ended as soon as it began, because they were spotted whooping it up at the latter’s bachelorette party. Jennifer Lawrence/Riley Keough
(over Nicholas Hoult)

164. MR. X 11/21 **#5**
What NBA superstar has gotten another sidepiece pregnant? It’s one his B-list actress wife doesn’t know about. Dwyane Wade/Gabrielle Union

165. MR. X 11/21 **#6**
What current Disney tweener actually sang for that celeb spawn/sometime actress on her (never released) debut album? She got paid handsomely for it. China Anne McClain/Willow Smith

166. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 11/21 **#1**
This A- list mostly movie actor who is an Academy Award winner/nominee is out shilling for his favorite company again overseas. The same one that makes sure he gets his fill of hookers. He will only do work for them outside the country. James Franco "Gucci" (Hong Kong)

167. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 11/21 **#2**
She might be off the drugs and booze for now, but this former B+ list mostly movie actress turned train wreck still chain smokes and always sounds like she is trying to catch her breath. Someone who saw her outside the other day in daylight says she looks 45 or 50 and the only movie roles she is going to get are as a mom who is a recovering drug addict. Lindsay Lohan

168. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 11/21 **#3**
#1 – Apparently the wife of this former A+ list mostly television actor who played the same role for a couple of decades found out about the almost $1M home he bought for his eldest daughter. The new wife was ticked. Really ticked because he didn’t give similar gifts to their kids and wouldn’t let him out of the house for a very important event. Kelsey Grammer’s daughter Greer named "Miss Golden Globes 2015"

#2 – This former A+ list singer turned barely hanging on to A and maybe at a B will be filing bankruptcy in the next few weeks. She literally has no money left and her lawyers have not been paid and she needs to go on tour for about two years to get back on track. Lady Gaga

#3 – This foreign born B- list mostly movie actor who is also an author and comedian and radio host had sex with a woman who has been calling and writing him for almost a year begging to have sex with the B- lister. He even let her spend the day with him. Russell Brand

#4 – This A list mostly movie actress who is an Academy Award winner is going to be ticked off when she finds out her bff is sleeping with a guy to get him to finance a project. Our still married A lister has been working that angle for a long time but the guy apparently likes the bff way way more. Gwyneth Paltrow/Tracy Anderson

169. BLIND GOSSIP 11/21
A formerly beloved TV star is fighting back against some serious allegations. We noticed that his side is using the "Nuts or Sluts" defense. Basically, when a woman speaks up about being sexually harassed or assaulted or discriminated against, the defense tries to discredit her by painting her as being either unstable or promiscuous (or both). It’s an ugly smear campaign designed to attack the accuser and to discourage others from coming forward. This strategy has been used by everyone from Merrill Lynch to Clarence Thomas to Bill Clinton to Herman Cain. It is prohibited in the legal courtroom… but is unfortunately still used in the court of public opinion. This nasty tactic is infuriating to one very significant person. This Actress actually worked alongside the TV Star for many years and was the object of his disgusting behavior on more than one occasion. She was ordered by producers to keep her mouth shut and she complied. She is now watching the current situation and weighing whether or not she will speak out publicly for the first time. We hope that she finds the courage to do so. Her story would go a long way in helping to validate the experiences of the other women who are currently being attacked as "Nuts or Sluts." Lisa Bonet (Bill Cosby)

170. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 11/24 **#1**
This B list rapper is making more of a name for himself by who he has dated and is dating. Not content with just one investigation into underage sex, the rapper is now approaching R Kelly territory as he hooked up with a 15 year old and 16 year old together. Tyga (dated: Black Chyna) (dating: Kylie Jenner)

171. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 11/24 **#2**
KINDNESS: This B- list actor who is also close to an A list stand up comedian is going to have a big year next year. Might even shoot up to A list with the movie which will be opening. On the road as a comedian though he stops at a children’s hospital in every city to meet with kids and their parents and tells jokes. An hour or two a day almost every day. Kevin Hart "The Wedding Ringer"

172. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 11/24 **#3**
There are short marriages and this could be a very short engagement. This foreign born A- list mostly television actor who does do some movies and everyone seems to find attractive rushed the whole engagement thing and his betrothed had no idea what she was getting into or the secrets she would have to keep and it is all getting too much for her. Apparently she had a panic attack the other night while having dinner with friends and had to be helped out of the restaurant. Benedict Cumberbatch/Sophie Hunter

173. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 11/24 **#4**
There is a war going on right now between this B list singer who is sometimes A list when the big star wants to play and this A list talk show host who did not have a good week last week. The singer took some exception to what the talk show host had to say about the singer and a war of words has escalated to the point where the singer is telling her friends to not appear on the talk show and trying to get her A++ list friend to join in on the fight. Apparently the singer just doesn’t know how to take criticism and needs to grow up.
B/A list singer: Kelly Rowlands (when in "Destiny’s Child")
A list talk show host: Wendy Williams
Bad week: criticization movie "Aaliyah"
A++ list friend: Beyoncé


174. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 11/24 **#5**
This former A list mostly television actor who can do a little instrument playing and has super high name recognition despite the lack of a lot of work over the past decade hated the new co-star he was supposed to work with and she hated him too. Hard to believe. The network wanted no part of the feuding so they canceled the show and he moves on to what he wants to do. A revival of his old show. John Stamos/(possibly) Natalie Zea "Members Only"

175. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 11/24 **#6**
AMERICAN MUSIC AWARDS: This former A list singer has dropped to a B the past few years and has seen younger singers get ahead of her. She can’t seem to generate much buzz and thought about going naked for a Playboy spread to get a lot of buzz but went for a mild wardrobe malfunction because her husband didn’t want her naked for the world. I bet she ends up doing it though. She hates to be passed by and the world is doing that right now. Fergie/Josh Duhamel (malfunction)

176. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 11/24 **#7**
This former B+ list mostly movie actor has lasted this long only because of his ex, who is an A lister. The B+ lister is just a major screw-up now. At a premiere he was seated next to his B-/C+ list foreign born co-star who tells me everything. Apparently he kept trying to get her to feel his peen and wouldn’t stop groping her and making moves on her. He does have a significant other. David Arquette/Bai Ling "The Key" premiere

177. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 11/24 **#8**
This A list rapper might even get more mean now and hard to play with. Apparently he got into a huge fight with his long term boyfriend that will probably make his wife take a million selfies. Kanye West (Kim Kardashian)/Riccardo Tisci

178. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 11/24 **#9**
No matter what she does, this B+ list reality star from an A list cable reality franchise never seems to make the right move. She has no professional help and just blindly stumbles along through everything with a half cocked agent/manager situation and people who are only interested in her for money. Her latest move shows just how much she is lost. She is married. Multiple times now despite her young age. She cheats. Frequently. Most of it is because she is insecure and a lot of it has to do with the fact she is wasted most of the time. She gets herself into really bad situations when she is wasted. She has faked a miscarriage for publicity because she thought it was a great idea while wasted. She has sex tapes and photos with guys who no one knows about right now. Her husband cheats on her. Her ex-husband hates her. All of this continues to drive her deeper into drugs and drink. One of the guys she cheats on with regularly wants her to make a sex tape that is professionally recorded because he thinks they will make a ton of money. They probably will, but she had to quit her main gig to make it happen. He thinks it will be the answer to all the problems, but the problem that he doesn’t see is they will just blow it all with partying and she will have some long term repercussions that will probably make her regret it for a long time. Leah Messer ("Teen Mom 2")
(she quit and then decided to do the show after all)

179. NY POST/PAGE SIX 11/24
1. What fashion editor was seated so far in the back at Oscar de la Renta’s funeral, a fashionista sniffed that she was "practically in the toilet"? ... Anna Wintour

2. What high-flying real estate broker’s been crowing about an A-list star who bought a pricey pad? "Million Dollar Listing New York" reality star Ryan Serhant

3. What the broker doesn’t mention is that the actor only looked and never closed the deal ... Robert Pattinson

4. What Hollywood mogul showed up at Napa Valley’s impossible-to-get-into French Laundry, demanded a table for four on the spot, and was embarrassingly turned away in front of diners? Harvey Weinstein at the "The Napa Valley Film Festival"

180. BLIND GOSSIP 11/24 **#1**
The American Music Awards is one of those shows where there is public voting and the winners are notified in advance. There was one notable singer who completely blew off the show. It wasn’t because she was busy or wasn’t nominated or didn’t win. It was because she knew she wasn’t going to get the award she really wanted. Therefore, in her mind, she wasn’t going to be THE star of the show. Yes, she really is that egotistical. She got her revenge by throwing shade and stealing thunder both before and after the awards show. As one of her colleagues told us, "They had a chance to honor the Queen. They were stupid and decided to honor a Princess instead. So fuck ‘em."
Queen: Beyoncé
Princess: Taylor Swift
Award she really wanted: "Award of Excellence"
Beyoncé threw shade by dropping her bid for 7/11 right before the AMAs and then releasing the platinum edition of her album the day after

181. BLIND GOSSIP 11/24 **#2**
This singer got a lot of attention at yesterday’s American Music Awards. Even when she was in the audience, the cameras were constantly following her to see her reaction to the artists on stage. However, did you notice that when her ex was on stage, the cameras NEVER panned to her for a reaction shot? That wasn’t a coincidence! Her handlers worked it all out in advance. Since she is a big star, the producers gladly complied.
Singer: Taylor Swift
Her Ex: Harry Styles "One Direction"

182. BLIND GOSSIP 11/24 **#3**
After one too many drinks at an AMA after party, this female singer was arguing with a friend about a younger female singer who was also at the show. "Why do people think she can sing? She can’t sing! She can hit the notes – most of the time – but her phrasing is bad, she can’t control her breathing, her diction sucks, and she acts like there’s some sort of law where you have to riff every note. Plus, [redacted] told me that ALL of her runs get auto-tuned in the studio!"
First Female Singer: Charli XCX; Lorde
Younger Female Singer: Ariana Grande

183. BLIND GOSSIP 11/24 **#4**
This famous singer – who was at the American Music Awards – was freshened up earlier this summer. She had blepharoplasty to get rid of the bags under her eyes, Botox to smooth out some of the lines, and Restylane to plump up her lips. While we often critique the way plastic surgery changes the way celebrities look, in this case, there’s absolutely nothing to criticize! She just looks like a younger, fresher version of herself! Fergie

184. BLIND GOSSIP 11/24 **#5**
Which singer pulled some sneaky spy moves before last night’s American Music Awards? She had heard that several other performers would be wearing butt-baring costumes, and she wanted to know the bottom line as to how extreme she should get with her own outfit. To that end, she had her stylist call up some other stylists to try to find out what their clients would be wearing. She specifically wanted to know how much skin each woman would be showing and whether they would be padding or not. The other stylists wouldn’t spill, but after receiving the call, some of them modified their costume to ensure that their client’s booty would be more memorable than the others. They all got so crazy about it that one stylist remarked that she couldn’t wait until this booty phase was over so she could go back to designing costumes with more material in them. Jennifer Lopez

185. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 11/25 **#1**
This B- list mostly television actress from a hit cable show based on a book has been causing trouble the past few weeks in her new gig. She thinks she is the biggest star on the show and acts like it and makes you feel like it every second. She also has a boyfriend so this sex thing she has going on sometimes with her co-star is a little strange.
Actress: Janel Parrish
Cable show: "Pretty Little Liars"
New gig: "Dancing With the Stars"
Boyfriend: Payson Lewis

Co-star: Val Chmerkovskiy

186. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 11/25 **#2**
This one hit wonder former A list singer for the briefest of moments who is still B list based on the name and reputation (not singing) has a girlfriend who speaks. He thinks she stays quiet but how else would her friends all be talking about our singer’s lack of size down there and also that he is usually so hammered on drugs and booze that it’s rare when he can get to full life and if he does it is usually just for a minute or two. Robin Thicke/April Love Geary

187. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 11/25 **#3**
This amazing B+ list singer/actress/future EGOT winner keeps running into fans who are shocked that she is not really young and apparently the comments started to hit hard so she had some work done to her face and other parts of her body to lose about 20 years. Idina Menzel

188. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 11/25 **#4**
This B list singer is a Grammy nominee/winner. He also acts. He produces. He also has a trademarkable last name through some word play. Anyway, he says he has a girlfriend and debuted her to the world just a month or two ago. I wonder what she would think of all his Facebook profiles he has to find women online who will do what he wants and fly to see him at a moment’s notice. Trey Songz

189. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 11/25 **#5**
AMERICAN MUSIC AWARDS: This foreign born supermodel turned reality star turned producer turned she does everything, confronted this A list band member at an event Sunday and told him to get his act together. She said she knew heroin sickness when she saw it. She saw it all the time with models. Heidi Klum/Zayn Malik "One Direction"

190. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 11/25 **#6**
AMERICAN MUSIC AWARDS: It is not just a war of words between this A list rapper and this up and coming one album wonder with the garden name. The A lister had to be physically restrained from going after the one album wonder the other night when they got within ten feet of each other. People were actually looking to see if guns were going to come out because it was that tense. Eminem/Iggy Azalea

191. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 11/25 **#7**
A big fight the other day between two A+ listers. It seems that two of their very young children have taken up smoking and the female A+ lister is encouraging it which the male A+ lister is ballistic about.

192. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 11/25 **#8**
This B+ list singer/part-time reality star who has a new hit song out might be surprised to learn that her mom has hooked up with the B+ lister’s boyfriend. It isn’t the first time that mom has inspected the goods of various boyfriends of the B+ lister.
Kesha/Brad Ashenfelter (Rosemary Patricia "Pebe" Sebert)

193. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 11/25 **#9**
There are lots of stalkers out there following celebrities and hassling them. Scaring them. It can be a frightening thing. I have also documented cases where celebrities themselves are stalkers, often of other celebrities. This former A list tweener turned celebrity stalker is probably the most frightening. Publicly he tries to hide it, but does not completely succeed. People know he has feelings for this currently B-/C+list mostly television actress who has almost A list name recognition and definitely does if you are under 30 who used to kind of have another gig. For the past decade he has been there every chance he gets. He followed her through a relationship with a guy that was harmful to her and tried to stop it. He would show up at her home and beg her to break it off and even had photos of the boyfriend with other women and obviously had used a lot of his money to pay for people to follow the guy and also our actress. He tried to spend some of his money on a close family member to see if he could like it with them but it just wasn’t the same. The family member was willing though. Our stalker has always had people following our actress. He checks in with her forums and is on top of every move she makes. He shows up where she is going to be and she knows it is happening. Her most recent ex also had money and tried to put a stop to a lot of it. Lots of behind the scenes legal letters and threats of restraining orders but it was always kept quiet and hushed up and nothing actually went through the court system. Now though our stalker sees his chance and has been texting and calling and shows up unannounced to the point where a restraining order is likely and our actress has found a different place to stay when she is in town and now has a bodyguard and changes hotels every night when she is filming her show.
Former A list tweener: Aaron Carter
B-/C+ list actress: Hilary Duff
Family member: Haylie Duff (sister)
Recent ex: Mike Comrie
Harmful relationship: Frankie Muniz (also dating Amanda Bynes); Joel Madden (also dating Nicole Richie)
Her show: "Younger"

194. BLIND GOSSIP 11/25
Which Queen is trying to poison a Princess’ reputation? The Queen was so irritated that she was passed over for a certain award that she is now having her people spread a rumor. They are claiming that it wasn’t the Queen who was behaving badly by not showing up to a certain awards show. Oh, no. According to them, it was the Princess who was the demanding, egotistical diva who refused to attend the show unless she was given a special award! It would be funny if it wasn’t so pathetic. Everyone in the industry knows who is the real diva of the two stars. You’re going to have to try harder, Evil Queen!
Queen: Beyoncé
Princess: Taylor Swift
Award she really wanted: American Music Awards "Award of Excellence"

195. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 11/26 **#1**
Everyone’s favorite foreign born B+ list singer/part-time actress is back. This time she managed to hook a gig by doing what she loves most, a threesome. She hooked up with this married B list mostly television actor from a show that will thankfully end soon and his wife. Apparently he did a lot more watching than interacting. Rita Ora/Matthew Morrison "Glee"

196. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 11/26 **#2**
This B list movie director knows a thing or two about scandal and publicity and she was ticked off that the star of her latest movie came to an event with his wife rather than alone as planned or at least with his co-star. She tired to fix the boring on the film, but needs some help and she doesn’t think he is helping.
Director: Sam Taylor-Johnson (she’s 47, has 24-year-old hubby Aaron)
Star: Jamie Dornan
Co-star: Dakota Johnson
Movie: "Fifty Shades of Grey"

197. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 11/26 **#3**
Behind the scenes this former A+ list celebrity and reality star who everyone hated and is now a B lister with A+ list name recognition has been trying to have a baby. Apparently she has multiple STD’s and some other past health issues which are keeping her from having a baby naturally so she wants to use a surrogate. I can’t think of a good way for this to end. Paris Hilton

198. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 11/26 **#4**
The cast of this Broadway show are shocked that the lead actress in the show who is also a B+ list mostly movie actress is able to perform each night at the level she does considering the amount of booze she drinks at night and up to four hours before the show starts. The thing they are not shocked about is her temper in the mornings. Wow. Don’t talk to her until after the show and she has her first drink. Emma Stone "Cabaret"

199. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 11/26 **#5**
The boyfriend of this former A+ list singer turned A- at this point has dumped her because she told him a completely different story about her past than she has been telling the world and which could cause her big trouble down the road.

200. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 11/26 **#6**
This C list celebrity with the A+ list husband went from spending $2500 a month on clothes at her favorite store to $75K a month as soon as she got married. The things you can earn to keep a secret. Amal Clooney (George)/(possibly)Dolce & Gabbana

201. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 11/26 **#7**
No matter how much this A list model turned one time actress in a popcorn flick has slept with other guys to get parts, she has had no luck in the past few years because the director who had sex with her won’t let her get any work until her "boyfriend" agrees to shoot a movie for the director.

A List Model: Rosie Huntington-Whiteley
Popcorn Flick: "Transformers Dark Side of the Moon"
Director: Michael Bay
"Boyfriend": Jason Statham (rumored to be closeted)

202. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 11/26 **#8**
This A- list model says that her former boyfriend who is an A+ list mostly movie actor is a very generous guy but they never had sex. For the year or so they went out she only used her hand or mouth on him because he couldn’t perform any other way. Toni Garrn/Leonardo DiCaprio

203. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 11/26 **#9**
#1 – KINDNESS: This foreign born A list singer (for now thanks to one hit and hopefully won’t be a one hit wonder) bought dinner for an entire restaurant the other night. Yes, it was fast food, but it was crowded and it was In-N-Out so at least he also has class. Sam Smith

#2- KINDNESS: This former A list musician who co-founded one of the most popular groups of all time even though he probably doesn’t remember it and the fans probably don’t remember half the shows hung out the other night outside a party and talked for three hours to fans about the group and answered literally hundreds of questions and rebuffed attempts by publicists to help him escape. The fans who were there will love this man forever for taking that much time with them. Bob Weir/"Grateful Dead"

#3 – This is kind of a mix for the last one. This country singer is A list in the country world. His wife is an A list not nice person and was rude everywhere she went the other night and rude to her husband too. In her wake her husband followed calming everyone and sharing smile and kind words and apologizing for his wife. He literally spent what should have been a great night for him doing nothing but apologizing. Tim McGraw/Faith Hill ("Country Music Awards")

204. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 11/27 **#1**
It is not just his constant partying that is keeping this foreign born mostly A list mostly movie actor from seeing his child recently. Apparently his model ex broke the news to him that the child is not his. Ruh oh. He had heard some rumors and she finally confessed. Orlando Bloom/Miranda Kerr (Flynn)

205. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 11/27 **#2**
Just because he is married with multiple kids and it is the holiday season doesn’t mean this A+ list mostly movie actor who used to be married to an A list mostly movie actress can’t have some fun on the side. Yes, that was him at a little B&B in the middle of nowhere on the east coast with a woman who is not his wife.

206. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 11/27 **#3**
This former A list singer turned reality star turned crash and burn less famous sibling must have been a pretty bad girlfriend. Her actor ex-boyfriend was talking about her recent marriage and said he wished the guy the best but didn’t give it much chance of succeeding unless the former A lister had given up drugs, stopped spending money, borrowing money from her dad every day, and complaining non-stop about how no one will give her an acting job. A miserable human being is how he put it.
Former A list singer: Ashlee Simpson
Sibling: Jessica Simpson
Husband: Evan Ross
Ex-boyfriend: Vincent Piazza

207. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 11/27 **#4**
This B- list celebrity says he only has sex with this still A list supermodel/everything and had sex with this former A list mostly movie actress because they are famous. He says they are too old for him to really consider being with permanently. He also says he has naked photos of all the famous people he has had sex with and some sex ones too. Vito Schnabel (only claim to fame is being son of Julian Schnabel)/Heidi Klum/Demi Moore

208. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 11/27 **#5**
The B list actress girlfriend of this hanging on to A list mostly movie actor understands that he will sleep with his co-star in his new movie in real life because they do so in the movie. Well, what about the co-star? Is she going to be willing? Our actor only works with people who will be method like him.
Actor: Shia LaBeouf
Girlfriend: Mia Goth

Co-star: Kate Mara
Movie: "Man Down"

209. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 11/27 **#6**
This former Academy Award winner was asked to leave a restaurant the other night when he was caught smoking meth in the restroom. The guy who sold it to him was also asked to leave.
Cuba Gooding Jr.

210. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 11/27 **#7**
It is one thing to not know who the father of your baby is, but quite another if you are an A list reality star and you will have to go on television and pretend to know who the dad is. Hey, at least she has it narrowed down to three.

211. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 11/27 **#8**
While the whole world has been talking about Renee Zellweger and the work she had done, this A list mostly movie actress who is an Academy Award winner changed her look too and no one said a word. It is almost as dramatic. Catherine Zeta-Jones

212. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 11/27 **#9**
KINDNESS: I didn’t even know these two people knew each other or ever even crossed paths. It turns out though that they do have one thing in common and that is female empowerment and the two of them started a foundation that helps teens in other countries. The particular goal of the foundation is to bribe tribal leaders with cash not to mutilate the genitals of female tribe members. Apparently cash gifts can work miracles in overcoming a centuries old tradition. The teens are then sent to a city to go to school and have a life away from their tribe. So far, the two women have saved about 200 teens from the practice. They each essentially have bottomless wallets to help as many as they are able but have issues getting someone to the tribes at the right times and making the payoffs and coordinating logistics. They are helping two or three people at a time and feel like they are doing great work considering they have only been doing it for about a year. The two women are A+ list but in entirely different fields. One is a singer and the other an actress. They both like to throw out that fake British accent from time to time.
Madonna/Angelina Jolie "The Ray of Light Foundation"

213. MR. X 11/27
Which troubled producer who just avoided some jail time has a new problem on his hands? There’s a sex tape floating around the black market where he does the horizontal mambo with one of his "discoveries", a foreign born almost A-list actor who was recently linked to an Oscar winner. Bryan Singer/Nicolas Hoult (Jennifer Lawrence)

214. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 11/28 **#1**
It is pretty ballsy to party at your bachelor party with your boyfriend while pretending the woman you are going to marry is not your beard. I guess I expected more from this B list national talk show host. I wonder if his B list celebrity bride to be knows about all of this. It has been whirlwind. Jason Kennedy (E! News)/Lauren Scruggs

215. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 11/28 **#2**
This pretty close to A list mostly movie actor is doing a lot of action movies right now and recently got married. He also recently helped his boyfriend move further away from the family home because the actor is really feeling the pressure. The boyfriend now lives in a place that can’t be seen by paps. The wife is just happy cashing that paycheck every month and is set for life. Beats what she did for a living before. Jeremy Renner/Sonni Pacheco (allegedly an escort and topless dancer/entertainer)

216. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 11/28 **#3**
Reminiscent of the time that Pimpa Joe Simpson was playing matchmaker and then peacemaker between Tony Romo and Jessica Simpson, this celebrity dad has been trying to marry off his barely legal daughter to this former NFL quarterback and thinks they would be a great fit and even thinks they could have their own reality show and spread the word of the Lord. There is not a day that goes by that the dad does not call or text or send a photo of his daughter. Jim Duggar/Tim Tebow

217. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 11/28 **#4**
This just about A list mostly movie actress who has taken a turn in a franchise and in some really great movies and is a great actress who I think is incredibly fun says that one problem with dating her actor boyfriend is his actor best friend who freaks her the fuck out and scares her and who she refuses to be in the same house with if she is sleeping. Apparently he has all kinds of rituals and talks about things that would make you think he is living in a Preston and Child book. Emma Stone/Andrew Garfield/Eddie Redmayne

218. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 11/28 **#5**
This former B+ list actress who has her hits and misses the past couple of decades might still best be known for her marriage to this A+ list mostly movie actor. In a recent documentary she was asked about their marriage but she would only discuss their sex life and not the marriage. She says that he still calls her asking her to do some special thing that only she could do. Robin Wright/Sean Penn

219. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 11/28 **#6**
This married B list mostly television actress from a very hit cable show won’t have that moniker much longer. She also might not have the married one much longer either if she doesn’t start to hide her relationship with the director of a certain popular NYC show. She pretends she is seeing one perfectly safe person but is there to support the director and does a really good job of it after every performance. Christina Hendricks "Mad Men"/ Michael Mayer "Hedwig and the Angry Inch"/Neil Patrick Harris

220. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 11/28 **#7**
This gorgeous C list celebrity offspring who thankful looks like her actress mother rather than her A list actor father is turning into quite the coke head. Almost every night she can be spotted at one of two clubs in town sitting in a VIP section and going through her dad’s money while trading drinks paid for on dad’s credit card for coke from guys. Dylan Penn (Robin Wright/Sean Penn)

#1 – This B list mostly movie actress deserves to be a C lister but that ex-husband is going to keep her with A list name recognition for a long time. Anyway she was a guest on a talk show the other day and won’t be back soon. The A list host hated the actress and the actress was a pain and rude to everyone and didn’t want to participate in anything and despite having no career could not be bothered to answer any pre-interview questions. Katie Holmes/"Ellen"

#2 – This former A list singer when part of a group and now just permanent reality judge learned the hard way what happens when she is not with her A list celebrity boyfriend. He has fans and one of them showed up to his hotel suite last week. They had made plans to hook up but the girlfriend surprised her boyfriend by getting time off her show and the boyfriend never canceled with the hookup. The girlfriend acted like it doesn’t even matter. She will let him do anything. Nicole Scherzinger (" The Pussycat Dolls") ("The X Factor")/Lewis Hamilton (Formula 1 World Champion)

#3 – This B list country singer has a few hits and is trying to get noticed in all the wrong ways. She barely wears any clothes and backstage at the CMA Awards a few weeks ago had sex with the husband of this A list pop singer. Kasey Musgraves/Brandon Blackstock (Kelly Clarkson)

#4 – This foreign born A list model who is now also acting sees one guy. Just one. All the rest are women but she has a thing for this guy. She also can’t work for a week after seeing him because of how badly he bruises her when they are together but she keeps going back. Cara Delevingne (possibly) Jack O'Connell

222. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 11/30 **#1**
This troubled Teen Mom 2 mother is pregnant again, but not with her husband. I guess she took that cheating to another level. Leah Messer

223. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 11/30 **#2**
This former A list singer turned reality star turned wannabe A list singer again thought she was the girlfriend of this A list rapper. She found out the hard way she is just his side piece when she was barred from the door at a very recent party he threw. Christina Milian/Lil Wayne (daughter’s sixteenth birthday party)

224. MR. X 11/30/14 **#1**
Which voice over actress on that long running animated sitcom is flat broke? She has donated most of her paychecks from the show to that organization no one likes and has also drained her bank account in the process. Nancy Cartright/"The Simpsons" (Scientology)

225. MR. X 11/30 **#2**
What former A++ list diva demanded that her segment for that east coast based Xmas TV special be pre-taped a few days in advance because she doesn’t want to interact with that former A-list songstress? She’s never liked her and thinks she’s a has been (pot meet kettle…).
A++ list diva: Mariah Carey (because she didn’t show up, she had to perform live)
A-list songstress: Lady Gaga
Event: "Christmas in Rockefeller Center"

226. MR. X 11/30 **#3**
What kid’s show performer who recently quit his job over a possible sex scandal which turned out to be an extortion plot was spotting grinning ear to ear as he exited his former workplace? He apparently is going to be rehired on the show, but not as the character he created. He’s going to replace the performer of the show’s main character, who is going to announce his retirement soon. Kevin Clash [Elmo]/Carroll Spinney [Big Bird]/"Sesame Street"

227. MR. X 11/30 **#4**
What perennial C-lister and the definition of famous for nothing, is in a coma and near death at the Motion Picture & Television Hospital in Woodland Hills, CA? What’s even more sad is that her longtime husband is also a resident at the facility, because his handlers talked with doctors and they diagnosed him as having early stages of Alzheimer’s. He’s unaware of his wife’s dire condition and is still convinced that she’s getting better. Zsa Zsa Gábor/Prince Frederic von Anhalt


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Last updated: November 26, 2023