NOTE: Guesses in italics are only guesses;
guesses in RED are a link to the solution or substantial clues.

This A list rock star who just looks and acts like a rock star has always had sex with a couple of his exes, especially his ex baby mama who he especially likes but his current girlfriend didn't seem to mind. Apparently she is starting to mind though and is shopping a book to publishers about the rocker who will perform at a really big event. She wants a ring and if he doesn't give her one soon then the whole world will hear about all his misdeeds. He is a rock star. I don't think anything she can say will shock us. Anthony Keidis (Superbowl Half Time Show)

This almost A list mostly movie actor who is A+ in very limited circumstances told his ex that he doesn't have money for an increase in child support but he just bought his current wife a $300K car that she never drives. He bought it for her because she said it looks pretty.

This B list mostly movie actress, who should be C based on talent but is A+ based on name told some friends the other day that her husband treats her like crap and verbally abuses her all the time but that she won't leave him because she doesn't believe in splitting up a family. Megan Fox/Brian Austin Green (Guess she changed her mind)

This B list singer/celebrity who has the ability to be A+ depending on who she is with, wants a $1-2M wedding. Her boyfriend said that's great. He refuses to pay for any of it though except a honeymoon and says if she wants that big of a wedding she will have to pay for it. Now her budget has been reduced to $100K. Kelly Rowland/Tim Witherspoon

This C+ list actress who used to be an A list tweener was rejected by her former bosses for a role because they said she wasn't a good enough actress and not talented enough to play the role she created. It is a huge project and the actress thought she was going to get it and a steady large paycheck. Vanessa Hudgens

This actor used to be A list. Mostly television. That seems not that long ago, but it is approaching five years without a steady gig. He still has the looks and the name but has got into trouble in the past with women who are not his wife. According to a hooker, she gets calls from the actor several times each week to meet him at a certain spot and she takes care of him in the car. He calls almost every day but usually only makes it to the spot a couple of times each week and pays her for the times he didn't show up too. He pays enough to her where all she does is wait for his call. Matthew Fox

This B- list mostly television actress now who used to be B list in the movies before she started aging picked up a guy at a bar last week and brought him back to her place. She used a different name and was wearing a wig so when the guy woke up in the morning and saw all the posters of our actress she has plastered all over the guest room the guy thought he had sex with an obsessed fan of the actress. He says she has posters and photos of herself everywhere. Almost every inch of the room. Olivia Munn "The Newsroom"/Joel Kinnaman (perhaps this is why they split) (now dating Green Bay Packer starting quarterback Aaron Rodgers)

This B+ list mostly television actress who gets the + because of her hit cable show says that her boyfriend understands that she needs to sleep with other guys. She says that if she works with someone else then sex just makes things better. So, then are we going to assume she had sex with the photographer then or...?
Actress: Kat Graham
Show: "Vampire Diaries"
Boyfriend: Cottrell Guidry
Photographer: Terry Richardson

This B list mostly television actress who has been in some great shows and recurs in a great hit cable show says that she has never had sex with her B list mostly television actor who sometimes co-stars with her that didn't include her being tied up or at least spanked repeatedly. Her boyfriend can be very cruel. I guess she enjoys it. Alexis Bledel ("Gilmore Girls")/Vincent Kartheiser ("Mad Men")

The actor from #1 has a bunch of issues with his co-stars but they hate him even more than he dislikes them. Apparently he treats all the women like crap and thinks he is the greatest gift to mankind and that if a choice needs to be made between helping a man or woman first on the show, he feels the man should go first because they are more important. Vincent Kartheiser ("Mad Men")

This A list celebrity who used to be a singer and has A+ list name recognition looks amazing these days but says that her unemployed boyfriend smokes so much pot that he would rather smoke than have sex with her and they only have sex about once a month. Jessica Simpson/Eric Johnson

This former A++ list celebrity singer should watch out for her daughter. Yep, her daughter. It appears the daughter and our former A++ lister's boyfriend hooked up in the past week. Well, he is way closer to her age than the mom. Madonna/Lourdes (this could be the reason Madonna trashes him now)

This almost A+ list mostly movie actor who will do anything to sell a movie and can be a very funny guy likes to pretend how close he is to fans and how he is just an average guy. Well, the comic actor is really anything but that. Good luck trying to get a photo with him or getting an autograph unless he is actually out promoting his latest movie. As in on the red carpet or there are press around. He is not a fan friendly guy and thinks they take up too much time. The only time he cares about fans is at the ticket window. Will Ferrell

This former A+ list mostly movie actor who might not even be A list any longer despite starring in several of the top ten grossing films of all time has a new girlfriend. She wants to get married to the actor. She spent all of last year convinced one rich business man was going to marry her and gave him a new threesome almost every night and has pulled out the same tricks for our actor. She doesn't even want him to see his child and just focus on her so she can get a ring as quickly as possible. Orlando Bloom/Nora Arnezeder

Is this openly gay TV personality who already suffered a painful loss, headed for another stay at heartbreak Hotel? He has a new YOUNG boyfriend and he’s doing everything he can to promote the lad’s career. But, BEHIND HIS BACK, the conniving cutie is having a fling with the personal trainer they both share! Our unsuspecting TV guy doesn’t have a clue because the hunky trainer has a green-card marriage and plays it straight.
TV personality Nate Berkus
Boyfriend: Jeremiah Brent

Tragedy: Boyfriend Fernando Bengoechea died in 2004 tsunami

This almost A list mostly movie funnyman who can be an A but doesn't always headline a movie didn't let a thing like marriage vows stand in the way of a super model crawling all over him. The actor didn't leave with the A list model but did spend the whole night making out with her and groping her as he bought her drinks. Chris Rock (and a few months later announced his divorce)

This feel good award story this season was caught slinking out of a married executive's hotel room this weekend. That is probably going to crush this A+ list mostly movie actor who, despite a significant other was thought to be interested in the actress.
Feel good award story: Lupita Nyong'o "12 Years a Slave"
A+ actor: Brad Pitt
Significant other: Angelina Jolie

This A list super model was talking smack all night at a party about the size of this A+ list mostly movie actor's manhood. She says it's small and doesn't work and she spent most of their relationship trying to get him hard. Bar Refaeli/Leonardo DiCaprio

This B list mostly movie actor who has had success on television too is a good looking guy. Ladies love him. His most recent tv gig was in a recurring role on a very hit network show. Our actor was wasted out of his mind at a club in NYC this weekend and kept throwing hundred dollar bills at waitresses asking them how much it would take to get one to go home with him. Even though he could barely stand or function, one waitress did go home with him at the end of the night. James Marsden ("30 Rock")

This C+ list mostly take anything he can get actor with almost A list name recognition is always telling people how sober he is but at a party this weekend he was anything but. The actor was sweating and obnoxious as he did shot after shot of tequila while screaming that he wanted some coke. Kevin Dillon

There was a huge war of words between this former almost A list mostly movie actor who is now a C+ with a name and a body and his former one night stand who is a B list mostly movie actress. She was with her boyfriend and our actor was drunk and hitting on the actress. Her boyfriend tried to get in the middle but backed down when the actor threatened him. Our actor went from yelling at the actress to pleading with her to give him another chance. It was creepy. Ryan Phillipe and Amanda Seyfried/Justin Long

This A list celebrity/singer was taking acting classes in a group but had to stop. The reason? People just wouldn't stop laughing at her so now she has classes at her home for three hours a day. You have to give her credit for at least trying. It probably won't help though. Carrie Underwood; Taylor Swift; Lady Gaga

This C+ list mostly television actor with the A+ list good looks who was on a very hit premium cable show was all over some 20 something women the other night. When asked about his long time former actress girlfriend, the actor said she is too old for him and he needs someone young and fresh. John Corbett ("Sex and the City")/Bo Derek

This B list reality star on a middling hit cable show ended up owing money to the company that was paying her the other night. The reality star got hammered and started popping champagne bottles to really expensive brands and pouring them on people. She ended up about $5000 in the hole and will never get hired by the company again. Brandi Glanville

25. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 02/03 **#10**
This Academy Award winning actress blames her B+ list mostly movie actor co-star for the bomb that is their latest movie. She says he was a drunken mess everyday that was more interested in finding someone to have sex with each day than filming. Kate Winslet/Josh Brolin "Labor Day"

26. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 02/03 **#11**
This former A list reality star who has crashed and burned down to a D list reality star and punchline to jokes was at a party with this former A list mostly television actress who now does television and reality hosting. The reality star kept trying to take photos with the actress and putting his arm around her and hugging her and embarrassing the hell out of everyone. When our actress tried to get away from him he called her a bitch. Alyssa Milano/Jon Gosselin "Maxim Super Bowl Party"

27. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 02/03 **#12**
This Academy Award winning actress who likes to pretend she is foreign born even though she isn't also likes to pretend she didn't film the first few movies of her career. Anyway, she was being a great mom and on a field trip with her kids to a museum when she noticed that another group of kids from another school only had ten kids at the museum while most of the other schools had fifty kids or more. It turns out that the school district had no funding to have school buses take kids on field trips so it was up to individual parents to arrange for rides and carpooling. So, our actress spoke to someone at the school and the next thing you know the school had its very own $250K school bus to take kids to activities. She also paid for several parents to get certified as school bus drivers. Nicole Kidman (born in Hawaii, not Australia)

28. BLIND GOSSIP 02/03
Baby Pillow is finally here! And wait until you hear about the surprising development in the final weeks leading up to the birth of our little one! We knew that the celebrity couple was running into trouble finding 1. a white baby 2. of the correct gender 3. that was going to be born in the right time frame 4. whose parents were willing to give up the baby for adoption during the third trimester. That’s four requirements, any one which would be challenging on its own! Well, hold on to your baby bonnets, because here’s what happened: After weeks of chasing down pregnant women, the only baby they could find met just three out of the four requirements. The one requirement they "missed"? Race. That’s right! The baby is not white. The baby is Mexican and Filipino. It was the only baby available. Danielle and Kevin Jonas

Which male celebrity underwear model left nasty ‘surprise’ behind? He has sold millions of men’s underwear with his glorious chiseled body – however, this star needs a lesson in personal hygiene after leaving several pairs of briefs he modeled not so fresh! The shoot wasn’t your average shoot, in his defense. and did have the star running around outside, however, for those extreme close-up of his toned derrière the stylist insisted on dark underwear only – those covered the nasty stains! David Beckham

30. MOUTH TO EARS 02/03
When Instagram straight flexin goes wrong. This couple recently sent the social media ablaze with rumors about them splitting up. This rap music artist was recently spotted in Phillipe’s in LA stressed out. The rapper was allegedly spotted walking around venting about how his wife doesn’t listen anymore. He also went in on how his wife was posting a$$ shots on Instagram. Can you guess who we are talking about? TI/Tiny

The recent headline maker is said to have been a regular patron of Atlanta’s Onyx strip club. Know why? Insiders say that’s because those are the grounds where dude would ‘recruit strippers’ for his alleged fraud hustle. "He’d show up during the early shift and have lunch at Onyx. He’s trick off a bunch of Benjamins tryin’ to pull some girls." Our mystery man may have had an stripper-agenda — said to be passed down from his wifey — but we’re told dude mixed his business with his pleasure. That’s why dude’s known for offering up extra cash to strippers for afternoon rendevous’ at ATL’s downtown W Hotel and The Ritz Carlton. Don’t believe me.. Just ask the set of strippers who our blind item’s said to have bought luxury shoes, handbags — and even covered plastic surgeries — for. He’s an ATL reality star — whose reality has turned to dude’s biggest rotten-peach nightmare. Apollo Nida (husband of Phaedra Parks of "Real Housewives of Atlanta")

This B list mostly television actress who is on a network show right now but hasn't had much luck with any project in recent years after getting as high as List on television, ran away from a pap when he started asking her about an affair she is rumored to be having. The pap just has photos. No video unfortunately of the running away. Sarah Michelle Gellar/Liev Schreiber

This A list mostly television actress who is on a very hit network show right now should probably do a little real life investigating of her significant other. He used to have to be deep within the closet but his change of career has him slowly exploring his love of men and those men are starting to talk. There are going to be a whole lot of "I told you so's" headed her way when this breaks. Kerry Washington "Scandal"/Nnamdi Asomugha

I don't care who you are (A+ list singer/celebrity) it must be tough to sit in the same room at a party as your significant other and his mistress when you know that if you leave before your guy they will hook up and that she is there in case you do leave early. Beyoncé/Jay-Z

When your A list mostly television actress girlfriend finds you in bed with another woman for the umpteenth time and still is telling everyone how much she is looking forward to the wedding her boyfriend must feel he can do anything he wants and she won't leave him. Sofía Vergara/Nick Loeb

This B+ list celebrity/singer is turning to reality television. She is also blowing through the tiny budget for the show. The celebrity is making huge demands on accommodations and trailers and everything else she is used to getting when she performs. She threw a tantrum for several hours until her demands were met. The way they were met is she is footing the bill for things she wants. It turns out though when she is doing the paying then she doesn't need those things any longer. LeAnn Rimes

This A list stylist and designer wannabe had a collection so horrid that people told her it would be career suicide to show it. Excuses made and back to the drawing board or wherever she can buy her designs for next time. Rachel Zoe

It took almost a decade but this former A list singer/celebrity who is now a B- lister finally paid off her debt to this A+ list everything. I don't even want to know how much sex she had to have or the amount of money and interest she had to pay but her debt is clear and now she will probably have a hit record. Ashanti/Sean Combs (when Ashanti was 17, she was discovered by P. Diddy's Bad Boy Records) (got her record, but didn't get a hit)

This A+ list singer/celebrity claims he is sober. Apparently lines of coke are part of his sobriety plan. Steven Tyler

This foreign born C+ list celebrity who is most known in the States for being the long long time girlfriend of this former B list mostly movie actor (from one of the biggest films in history turned do nothing stay at home dad) is so concerned about making a buck that even when her boyfriends are paying her thousands of dollars a day if they ask her to do something like buy a burger she asks for a minimum of $100 and she will keep the change. Kelly Brook/Billy Zane

41. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 02/04 **#10**
This B- list reality star who is B- list solely because her VH-1 show somehow got renewed was trying to get back into a Super Bowl party she had left to smoke a cigarette. When she was told she could not come back in she started crying and screaming that she is on a reality show and she is famous and they should look her up. One of the bouncers did look on his phone and then her i.d but made her flash him before he would let her back in. She did it. Angela "Big Ang" Raiola "Mob Wives"

42. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 02/04 **#11**
This former east coast Real Housewife has a very underage child who just entered rehab. Maybe if the mom was ever home or paid attention to her child this might not have happened. She always is out trying to make a buck though. Danielle Staub "Real Housewives of New Jersey" (Jillian Staub); Kelly Bensimon "Real Housewives of New York" (Sea)

43. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 02/04 **#12**
This B list reality star from a hugely popular network reality show made it perfectly clear over the weekend to this married executive that she was willing to work something out so the two of them could be together. She has no problems with any married guys. The fact that she had her hand on his crotch for most of the night proves that. Karina Smirnoff "Dancing With the Stars"

44. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 02/04 **#13**
At a Super Bowl party this weekend, this MTV star from their highest rated show admitted that she got a little drunk and let this former A list reality star turned nobody make out with her and grope her for a few minutes. She should have carried this one to the grave. There is no turning back from this one.

45. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 02/04 **#14**
Back in the day this R&B singer was everywhere. She had a string of hits that all went to the top of the charts in the genres she was singing for. She made a huge name for herself and then dropped off the planet. Well, one of the people that loved what she was doing wanted her for himself. He used to be A+ list and will be forever an A list singer/celebrity. They started working together and by working mean that he would write songs and have her sing them to see what they sounded like. One thing led to another and they ended up living together for about a year. During that time she got pregnant and had a child. Our permanent A lister knew about it but didn't want anyone else to know about it. He liked the idea of having a secret love child. He took care of the child and the mom very well and still had the mom sing for him and sometimes sleep with him. Meanwhile he made sure his child went to the very best schools and when he discovered the child had musical talent made sure they spent hours each day working on music. Now, he is ready to launch that child out to the world with a monster record he is promoting like crazy but still wants to keep the fact that the child is his secret.

She’s a Canadian dance choreographer whose licker license didn’t only lead her to land a spot on Lady Gaga’s team, but also serve as Ms. Monster’s secret lesbian lover. Don’t believe me.. Just ask her sister ‘Bedrock.’ Though she’s known for her ‘funky-smelling punany’ — Ask Jason Weaver — she’s said to be a strap-on pro. That could be why she once landed sponsorship from Vince Herbert … before he met Tamar. But Vince is far from being the only male industry figure our mystery lady gained during her sought for fame. Ask Missy Elliott. She previously served as Andre Harrell’s beard. Sources tell us part of that deal would be Harrell casting her in the movie "Honey." That’s before the music mogul passed her on to Puffy — and she and Kim Porter became lesbian buddies. Don’t believe me.. Ask Billie Woodruff. She’s said to have a fetish for having threesomes with two men "because ______ likes watching two guys smash and don’t mind if the men hit each other while doing her." Laurieann Gibson

Either the marriage is over or this C+ list mostly television actress has given up caring about what her bordering on A+ list mostly movie actor does because he was really open with a woman in a hotel bar lobby the other night and people were watching and definitely staring as they walked hand in hand to an elevator bank. Channing Tatum/Jenna Dewan; Blake Lively/Ryan Reynolds

This wife of an A list television and movie actor we love to hate has hair and makeup people come to her place every day just so she can look her best for her stage pap shoot. She is spending thousands of dollars a month. Hilaria Baldwin (Alec)

Despite an A cup breast size, this foreign born A list super model just had her third breast lift in the last decade but will swear to you she has never had any work done. By work she must mean something other than plastic surgery because she runs a tab at her doctor she is there so much. Kate Moss

This A+ list mostly movie actor almost broke his no actress rule when he asked out this soon to be A list mostly movie actress. He really wanted to have one of his relationships with her and she is the one who said no. She thought it was kind of creepy given the situation. And probably the age difference too. George Clooney/Shailene Woodley (played his daughter in "The Descendants")

This former A list mostly television actor who is now a B list mostly movie actor is trying something different and wants out. He has been begging his agent and manager to get him out of his current gig because he is scared the fallout will hurt him when he tries to get money for his next project. Maybe he should try mercury poisoning. I heard that works well in these situations. Zach Braff in Woody Allen’s Broadway show "Bullets Over Broadway"

This always A list rock star drunkenly offered $100K to this A list lingerie model if she would sleep with him. She thought it was cute and harmless until he started getting aggressive and handsy and actually had to call security.

This A+ list mostly movie actor had no issues sleeping with a model the other night despite he being in a relationship and her celebrity boyfriend texting her all night because he is going through withdrawals. Leonardo DiCaprio (Toni Garrn)/Nina Agdal (Max George "The Wanted)

This barely hanging on to B list actor who thinks he is above television and not offered great scripts for movies is trying to stay sober when he goes out because he has a habit of being the nastiest patron ever to step into a restaurant. There are very few waiters and even less waitresses that would have the willpower not to do something to his food or drink if they waited on him a second time. Shia LaBeouf

This A list singer/celebrity better watch out because his latest conquest is selling her story as a guy who is juicing so much that he can't even come close to performing and is way more interested in doing anything but having sex but talks about it all the time. Justin Bieber/Chantel Jeffrie

56. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 02/05 **#10**
Not a kindness per se but still a guy who actually took his marriage vows seriously, at least for a night. This B list mostly television actor who is now a movie actor before his brief return to the role that made him famous was absolutely swarmed by women the other night at a party. They were all over the actor and he could have taken home his pick of the women. Despite his wife not being present though, and a whole lot of drinking our actor was the most well behaved guy in the place. Nikolaj Coster Waldau (Jaime Lannister "Game of Thrones")

57. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 02/05 **#11**
This week this former A list mostly movie actor who will do things other than movies was forced to do some press with a much less famous co-star. He made lots of promises to her about their relationship and how he wanted to be with her forever and that he wanted to make movies with her and direct her in a play and just went on and on every day they were together about how perfect she was. He says that she is taking everything he said out of context and that they were just co-stars hooking up like so many others. She has texts of him saying all these things and even has them saying these things on the same night he was having a booze fueled threesome with two women that one of his best friends paid for. Apparently the booze led him to send a photo to his co-star instead of to his friend who paid for the women. If our actor was more tabloid cover worthy this would be a big story. He is just incredibly boring despite his good looks and great movies.

58. POPBITCH 02/06
Which US star's rehab isn't nearly as simplistic as it's been made out? The young (but past it) star has been so worried that her career is over she's been getting stuck into some quite choice extra-curricular activities. She is so desperate to succeed, but the despair is putting off employers, which just means the cycle she's stuck in goes on.

This aging former A list mostly movie actor who has a nice career resurgence with a hot franchise might be more famous for who he sired than his own work, at least with a younger generation. Anyway, our actor looked great running up and down the street for his CrossFit class and when he finished walked over to his car parked right in the street in a disabled spot. Our actor even has the disabled placard. Nice.
Actor: Donald Sutherland
Sired: Kiefer Sutherland
Franchise: "Hunger Games"

This wife of an A list clothing designer (based solely on name) is headed out the door because her husband hated that she tried to have him make a decision between her and one of his annual "scouting" visits he takes with some designer pals to find new male talent. You know because he needs a lot of new male models each year. Tommy Hilfiger; Mossimo Giannuli; Ralph Lauren

This B list mostly television actress who is getting her big movie break says she got a breast enlargement because her married boyfriend really wanted her to go bigger but not lose the size zero frame he loves which she achieves through a starvation diet. AnnaLynne McCord

This former A list tweener who has just not had any luck moving beyond her tweener past is finally catching onto the fact that her boyfriend loves her just for the money she was willing to spend on him. After spending thousands of dollars she cut off the money and he has been busy a lot lately with new projects which includes time with his ex. Apparently she is trying to land a tabloid cover to announce her split. Ashley Tisdale

This foreign born B list celebrity/sometime host was passed out on the floor of a bar after drinking for six hours straight. She then had an assistant meet her with some clothes at the bar and went to the airport where she kept drinking in a lounge and non-stop through the entire flight. I'm surprised she was alive when she got off the plane, let alone able to go to a work event when she landed. Mel B (Scary Spice) "The Voice Kids"

This former A list super model and now a model/tabloid mainstay blackmailed her way into her new contract. She had dirt on the man making the decisions on which model to hire for the campaign. When he saw what she had and how much it would cost him personally in a divorce he passed over the choices of his staff and hired the model. Stephanie Seymour "Estée Lauder Global Spokesmodel"

This way under age reality star from a singing type show on a cable network has been sleeping with her mentor. Her crazy stage mom is fully aware of it but thinks it is best for her daughter's career.

This former A list singer/celebrity has had a rough couple of years but hasn't lost her diva attitude. At a charity concert, the former A lister made demand after demand and refused to speak to other performers or people. Her demands on her rider cost thousands of dollars and eliminated a huge chunk of potential profit for the charity. Lauryn Hill  "Amnesty International's Bringing Human Rights Home concert"

This A+ list mostly movie actor may have found his new "girlfriend." Apparently a woman working at the hotel where our actor was staying hit it off with the actor and because the hotel does not allow guests and employees to date she actually quit her job just to spend the night with our actor. The woman worked at the hotel for over a year. George Clooney

68. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 02/06 **#10**
This B list actor is making his first appearance in the blinds. He has worked consistently for years but is starting to take off with a network show and a movie out at the same time. In movies he has generally been typecast so his new hit network show is finally giving him the chance to be A list. He is fairly newly married and believes his wife is there to be his rock but he believes girlfriends keep you married because they give you what he says wives shouldn't. He has a string of girlfriends but likes them to be extras or women who are not into fame and "know their role."

69. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 02/06 **#11**
This B list celebrity/television host/author has been cheating on her A list celebrity husband whenever he is out on the road, which is a lot. She is desperate to get into movies and thinks her latest guy will get her there. Well, he is an A list director so chances are good he can find her a part or two. LaLa Anthony/Carmelo Anthony

70. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 02/06 **#12**
In the continuing series of people who have had sex that may surprise you, I give you one half of the equation and leave you to figure out who would ever have sex with that person.

#1 - Jared Leto managed to convince this B+ list foreign born mostly movie actress who is set to maybe crack the A barrier. That would not be blind worthy but he also convinced her to let someone watch the two together. Lupita Nyong'o

#2 - Tom Arnold once had sex with this now A list reality star/celebrity/host who was an A+ list model at the time and can still walk a runway. Tyra Banks (he was on "The Tyra Banks Show" in 2005)

#3 - Simon Cowell once had sex with this A+ list celebrity who is very married and likes to pretend she was a virgin until she got married. It was only when Simon dumped her that she found her true love. Beyoncé

71. BLIND GOSSIP 02/06
One Hollywood actor (with the help of a drink or two) was ranting about two other actors and their parenting methods the other day. "The parents get all crazy about protecting their kids from paparazzi, but meanwhile their home life is so fucked up that the kids are bound to grow up being out of control." "Just look at [Actor 2]‘s and [Actor 3]‘s kids. Their fathers are two of the biggest asses in Hollywood, and they think they are great parents, but the first chance they get, [their kids] are shoving their asses in our faces! They learned that shit at home. Asses beget asses." BONUS: "they are asses in more way than one,"
Actor 1: Charlie Sheen
Actor 2: Eddie Murphy/donkey "Shrek" (daughters racy lingerie photo shoot)
Actor 3: Alec Baldwin (daughter Ireland posted selfie of ass)

Which A-list star has a major heroin problem, and is so concerned that the police will catch him buying the drug following Hoffman’s death that he has rented a studio apartment under a fake name to meet his dealer. The married actor with children, has kept his dark secret under wraps for years. But now the signs are becoming obvious. Everyone turned a blind eye because he earns millions of dollars and is famous, but now things have changed. Hoffman’s death has changed everything! He has a new film opening in the next few weeks!
Russell Crowe

Does this Singer have some babymomma drama waiting for him? He just got a fairly good jump start for a comeback thanks to returning to the charts last year. Could accusations of being a deadbeat derail his career plans? Tyrese

This former B list mostly television married actress who tried her hand at reality but is just fading away except in her plastic surgeon's office had a bad reaction to some medicine and she now wears a wig. She can't get her hair to grow everywhere and just has huge clumps she does in a comb over but for public appearances wears a wig. Lisa Rinna

This B list celebrity who has piles of money and is still married despite a very very long separation has been trying to hide a little secret of her own. One of her son's best friends is spotted at the house of the celebrity but never when the son is also there. Apparently the two have a thing going but if her estranged husband found out he would go ballistic even though he has a thing with half of Hollywood. Maria Shriver/Arnold Schwarzenegger

This foreign born A- list rapper cost a production company $100K on a $300K budget because he refused to participate on the shoot until he finished playing a video game. Instead of working and earning his paycheck he smoked pot and played his game and turned a two hour shoot into a two day waiting fest. French Montana

This former A+ list mostly movie actress hid from the cameras the other night but couldn't hide from other diners who saw the permanent A list name recognition actress spend the meal time in a non-stop round trip route to the bathroom and then back to her table. She made a big deal of laying off the booze but was out of her mind wasted by the end of the night. When she is that far gone it is one big mess. Demi Moore

This A list celebrity chef with her own show and products and even a restaurant rarely tries her own food and never eats more than one meal a day. Apparently she thinks her entire empire will disappear if she gains even a pound so tries to limit herself to under 1000 calories a day. An anorexic chef. Huh. Giada de Laurentiis

This married B list celebrity/singer who wants so badly to be A+ list and will try anything to get it binged and then purged on enough McDonald's for four people yesterday. She says it is the only way she can eat the food she likes. LeAnn Rimes

This very popular reality show family got quite the surprise when they discovered that a daughter in the family became pregnant by a crew member on the show. The crew member was "reassigned" to other duties. You all think you know the family but you might want to think outside the box and a different cable network than you are probably guessing too. "Here Comes Honey Boo Boo"

Borro is a pawnbroker in NYC. They say they loaned $70K on an Oscar. What Oscar though? It has to be before 1951 because of Academy rules but the amount seems really low for a loan. Maybe the person only needed that amount and didn't want to go crazy, but to me it seems like this is probably a lesser award category. Any guesses?

This B list singer who had her wedding televised spent twenty minutes yelling at her limo driver the other day because he dropped her 20 feet from the entrance she wanted instead of directly in front of it. By the time she finished yelling at him she missed the check in for her flight and had to stand around another hour waiting for the next one. Keyshia Cole

83. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 02/07 **#10**
This B- list mostly movie actress who stars in a new movie this month always told guys that she was in an open relationship. Her partner finally got tired of her saying this and cheating so he went and found someone else to hook up with and our actress freaked out and went crazy violent. The guy left her and she likes to play the woe is me card because of it.

84. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 02/07 **#11**
#1 - This very recently married B list celebrity/former athlete forgot to tell his new wife that he slept with her sister before he started dating the sister he eventually married. Terell Owens

#2 - This A list reality daughter needs rehab in the worst possible way. She has no supervision and is a mess that has not even looked at a school book in months and is more concerned with getting high than anything else. Her parents don't even pretend to care. Kylie Jenner

#3- This former B list mostly television actress with A list name recognition who has not done much acting since her hit network show ended was at a party south of the border and got drunk. She ended up dancing on tables in front of the President of the country. She tried to give him a lap dance but his security team pulled her away. Eva Longoria

#4 - This former almost A list television actress had sex in the VIP bathroom of a huge sporting event with her husband. The A list name recognition actress stayed inside for twenty minutes after her husband emerged because she didn't want anyone to know. Oh, people know. Alyssa Milano

She’s a Grammy Award-winner singer, whose 63-year-old father lives in a broke ass Battle Creek, Michigan apartment. We’re told … despite that, he’s remains a man who sees our blind item as daddy’s little girl — said to often brag about her 4-1-1 success to his Battle Creek community. Sources say the sad thing is, his Drama-filled life involves people clown’in him. Know why? "No one believe he’s her father." What’s worse? Her daddy’s not the only family member reported to be left to be broke. That’s because out mystery diva’s stepdaughter, Briana was once homeless. Know why? According to our tipster ..she and her husband refused to share their fortune with family members who they hold grudges with to this day. Don’t believe me.. Ask Thomas Blige. Now, can you guess the ‘Soulful’ singer I’m talking about? Mary J. Blige

It didn't take long for this B list celebrity who used to be A+ almost all over the world to hook back up with the person who makes him happiest. His boyfriend. Our celebrity was spotted at dinner with the boyfriend and looked happier than he has looked in months. Kanye West/Riccardo Tisci

This former A list mostly television actress who was loved by millions of guys has grown into a really rude person that no one likes. At a Fashion Week show, the now B list actress told the staff of a designer that she refused to have anyone sit next to her. She wanted an end seat and the seat next to her empty so she could take notes. When the team said it wouldn't be possible she screamed and yelled for ten minutes before finally backing down when they threatened her with no seat. She says she will get back at the designer but no one cares what she thinks about fashion. Alyssa Milano

If you are a Real Housewife then the feds are watching you. I can only surmise that someone in the upper echelons of government is not happy that RH-DC was taken off the air. Yet another spouse of a Housewife is under investigation. His wife has such huge spending habits that the husband has been taking out loans and even running a ponzi scheme to help pay for the lifestyle his wife demands. He should never have married her. It isn't like she is faithful anyway and on the look for someone with more money.

Not only is this brief A list singer/celebrity deep in debt she also has the misfortune of no one wanting to work with her because they don't trust her. On top of that are the things that a certain celebrity has recorded that she wants to get back or at least never see the light of day. What should be a happy time for her is really not and the hole for her is so big that people around her are very worried.
Singer/celebrity: Carly Rae Jepsen
Mistrust: Sued over alleged copyright infringement for 'Good Time'
Certain celebrity: Justin Bieber (her mentor)
Happy time: Broadway debut in "Cinderella"

This A+ list mostly movie actor was busted again by his wife for cheating. He just can't say no when he is surrounded by women. With his wife out of town he went for it and thought he was going to get away with it but one of the women left behind something that was very tough to explain.
Jennifer Garner at Superbowl 2014
Ben Affleck stayed home

This B- list mostly television actress with a movie or two lately who is an offspring is set to hit it really really big in the next year if she can keep it together. This was someone who had a sober companion at 15 and despite being of legal age is drug tested by her parents frequently. She has recently been spotted drinking and people were wondering if this was going to be a monumental crash for her. She has a tough time doing anything without people noticing. You might not know who she is but a lot of people here have watched her grow up and tell her parents.
Actress: Dakota Johnson
Parents: Melanie Griffith/Don Johnson
Hit next years: "50 Shades of Grey"

Up until about thirty minutes before she was scheduled to arrive, this A+ list diva/permanent A list singer/celebrity planned on wearing a dress that was see thru and would totally expose her breasts while she performed. She wanted to because she knew people would be talking about her all week. The only reason she decided against it is because it was so see thru that she was told no one would be able to use photos of her in the dress in the stories. So, she settled on a different dress. Mariah Carey "2014 BET Honors"

This former A+ list super model with A+ list name recognition has been dating this much much younger B list mostly movie actor. He thinks she is great but is really dating her just so he can say he had sex with her. He should probably dump her now because she told friends of hers that sex is just a recipe for trouble and doesn't want any part of it any longer.

This former US X Factor top five finisher says her career has gone nowhere because she refused to have sex for tracks. She is naming some names and they are big names with a whole lot of detail. She has a book proposal out to publishers. Melanie Amaro

Despite a recent date night together, this B list mostly movie actor who got his fame in television really doesn't want to be with his B list mostly movie actress girlfriend. He is doing everything he can to sabotage the relationship and apparently does what he does best with another woman. That would be at least number three. Amy Grant; Sara Evans

This former C list reality star on one of the big reality cable networks actually has been on two reality shows but business is not going great and he was spotted at Fashion Week begging for business from actresses. He tried to come across like it didn't matter but he was full court pressing so many actresses and celebrities that a couple asked security to intervene. He also managed to insert himself into a bunch of photos so it looks like he was talking to the celebrity but really wasn't. Brad Goreski

This off spring of a permanent A list rocker was at a charity event this week when she decided to take a little break from the activities with a heavily tattooed guy she met thirty minutes earlier. Apparently there was some kind of spark because they went off to a room that was not being used and had ten minutes of fun before she came back and told the people at her table that she "now felt centered." Mia Tyler (Steven)

This former almost A list sugary sweet pop star who wasn't a bad actress either is now a married C list celebrity but still has that A list name recognition. She doesn't do anything except revel in being married to a guy who lets her be with her girlfriend which was really becoming difficult prior to marriage. People would always ask her about her relationships. Now they don't. The problem is her husband has fallen in love with someone so things could get tricky soon. Mandy Moore/Ryan Adams

This B list mostly movie actor now was a mostly television actor on a hit show before his ego exploded. It exploded over the entire cast of his former show who all dislike him immensely and are enjoying watching him fail to get his movie star career launched and one actress from the show especially dislikes him because of an incident where she thinks he took advantage of her. Dan Stevens/Matthew on "Downton Abbey"

100. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 02/10 **#3**
Fashion Week: This B- list mostly television actress got her big break on her new fairly hit premium cable show. Considering the shoving match she got into with a patron at one of the shows, she is lucky she wasn't arrested. That temper of hers cost her a movie role or two after her director who used to be an actor put out the word.

101. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 02/10 **#4**
Fashion Week: This A list super model who flirts with reality television and has a sweet sounding name was blocking an exit by talking to a reporter and wouldn't move out of the way to let a group of people out. "I'm f**king ________ and you can wait a minute. This is Fashion Week. I am Fashion Week. Now shut up and let me finish." Coco Rocha/coach on "The Face"

102. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 02/10 **#5**
Fashion Week: This sometime reality star from a very hit network reality show was backstage at a show and told his friend that was with him that it was his favorite time of year. He did say that he avoided the women from his country because he hates them all and prefers women that are needier and willing to work to get famous. By working he meant having sex with him as much as he wants. Five or six models were begging to go out with the guy. He looked so a-holey picking one out. Maksim Chmerkovskiy "Dancing With the Stars"

103. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 02/10 **#6**
Fashion Week: This female designer you haven't heard of but will this year unless you love fashion, had one of the most packed shows so far and lots of raves. She also did non-stop coke for two hours leading up to the show and couldn't even be understood at one point because she was talking too fast and making absolutely no sense. Rachel Comey; Erin Fetherston

104. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 02/10 **#7**
Fashion Week: "She's a bitch. Everyone hates her." "She likes to think that the world revolves around her. I was glad when I heard Naomi kicked her ass." "She pretends to be straight but she was always the biggest coke hound at a party." "She thinks we are best friends. The reason I haven't talked to her in so long is because she stole some of my bookings and also said some of my designs were hers." A three minute interview with this model married to a B list actor who divides his time between movies and television. Not real good luck with television lately. The model was talking about the model from Blind Item #4.
Bitch: Coco Rocha
Model: Agyness Deyn
B list actor: Giovanni Ribisi

105. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 02/10 **#8**
Fashion Week: This influential fashion blogger is writing for several different outlets. She was overheard saying that she was basing her reviews on how much free stuff the designers sent to her prior to the show she was reviewing. Olivia Palermo

106. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 02/10 **#9**
This Academy Award winning actress who got her fame from an entirely different form of media left her man behind this weekend as she became more open with this womanizing A list mostly movie director who was all over the actress this weekend. Jennifer Hudson/Brett Ratner

107. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 02/10 **#10**
This former A list mostly movie actress needs to look out because she has written $250,000 worth of checks she thinks are going to a new center to be built in her name. Actually they went into the pocket of the person who has been conning her for much of the past year.

108. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 02/10 **#11**
Fashion Week: This former A list tweener "forgot" nipple tape at a show. After her breasts spilled from her outfit twice a designer offered some to the trying her hand at reality host but she said no. The designer isn't inviting her back. You aren't supposed to steal the attention from the show. This designer carries grudges but is actually really nice if you don't screw her or her family over.
Tweener: Adrienne Bailon
Designer: Charlotte Ronson
Siblings: Samantha Ronson, Mark Ronson

109. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 02/10 **#12**
Fashion Week: This D list celebrity has a B list mostly television actor as her boyfriend. He is on a fairly hit cable show but nothing spectacular. He had his days of fame. She has been a terror at Fashion Week begging designers for free stuff and dropping her boyfriend's name and had a tantrum when she was given a second row seat to a show. Cara Santana/Jesse Metcalfe "Dallas"

110. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 02/10 **#13**
Fashion Week: This B list mostly television actress who would just have a famous last name if not for her hit cable show spent a recent show watching the child of a designer when the nanny got sick. She gave up her seat and stayed backstage so the designer could focus. Zosia Mamet "Girls"

111. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 02/10 **#14**
Fashion Week: This boyfriend of a tweener was backstage doing some lines of coke in a hurry because he said his girlfriend would yell at him the rest of the day if she caught him doing coke again. It isn't like he has never done it with one of her family members.

112. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 02/10 **#15**
Fashion Week: This B list mostly movie actor from a franchise that is finished had no interest in any of the models at one show. Well, none of the female models. He picked the one show where there were tons of guys and backstage those are who he spoke to. Kellan Lutz

113. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 02/10 **#16**
Fashion Week: This A list celebrity/singer refused to pose for photos or talk to fans. She refused to talk to the press. She refused to do anything but have a blank stare. She spoke to no one but her rep. One of the models providing all this Fashion week dirt tried to talk to the celebrity and was ignored. This woman has no friends at all. She is probably the coldest, most fake celebrity I know.

114. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 02/10 **#17**
There are stage moms and there are stage moms who will do anything to make sure their kids succeed. This mom falls into the latter group. This actress is still a few years under legal age but her mom has her working steadily. The actress is on a great network show that should win Emmys but has been snubbed so far. She was also on a hit show for the same network. Anyway, the actress in question had trouble getting roles because of some weight issues. No problem the mom told a casting director and now the actress is skin and bones because her mom has the kid on a bunch of drugs to make her skinny. It has terrible side effects on the actress but the mom thinks fame is more important than health. There is nothing wrong with the teen but the mom has her on a bunch of medications that are going to ruin this kid, especially when they stop working and they move on to even stronger drugs. Bailee Madison

115. BILLY MASTERS 02/10
Could it be that the boytoy of a certain superstar is more interested in boys with their toys of their own? So say people close to the mover and shaker who tell me that his jaunts to underground gay clubs are surfacing faster than Punxsutawney Phil - who saw his shadow, and not a ghost. You don't have to be a rocket scientist to figure this one out. In fact, I'm told that the little woman with big assests was the first to know - and doesn't seem to care.
Jennifer Lopez and Casper Smart

"He’s noted as one of the Greatest MCs of All Time …" There Ain’t No Half-Steppin’ with this Bed-Stuy brother, who Jigga has to thank for giving him his first shot on the mic. Hold up! Don’t think for one second Mr. Carter’s shown dude any gratitude. Know why? Jigga’s been fakin’ the funk! When Hov landed his Juice he quickly forget his grassroots, failing to give our blind item the Nuff Respect he’s Due for puttin’ him on. Don’t believe me.. Just ask Positive K.
   They’re just illiterate, so I don’t consider it
   Feedin off poison that’s pollutin their mind
   And that’s the reason I don’t swine
   I gotta maintain, accelerate my brain
Since the recent death of his mother — who lost her battle to stage four cancer last week — our blind item is reported to be suffering a deep depression, during his mourning. Now.. can you guess the legendary lyricist who we’re sending out our deepest condolences to? Big Daddy Kane

117. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 02/11 **#1**
FASHION WEEK: This former RH-NY Housewife was warned three times about being obnoxious and loud and talking on her cell phone while seated in the front row of a show. When security came over to escort her out she finally promised to behave and was allowed to remain but the designer is never inviting her back. Jill Zarin

118. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 02/11 **#2**
FASHION WEEK: This B list mostly television actress who is in a very buzzy show right now and finally getting some fame posed happily for photos with designers but didn't get far enough away from them when she started trashing their collection and looking for a place she could change to get out of their design they dressed her in. Taylor Schilling "Orange Is the New Black" (Target" collection)

119. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 02/11 **#3**
This A list mostly movie actor spent last weekend with one of his families and this past weekend with his public family that he actually will be seen with. Mark Wahlberg

120. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 02/11 **#4**
Fashion Week: This former talk show host/reality star was so blitzed trying to speak to reporters that they gave up even trying to ask her about the show she had just seen. The B list celeb kept following behind them though trying to get more camera time. Bethenny Frankel

121. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 02/11 **#5**
Fashion Week: This A list celeb/reality star had such a long list of demands before she would agree to attend a show that the designer had to assign a person just to deal with the celeb. I guess they think the person is worth it. Yes, they have a couple of shows, but it isn't like she ever looks that great when she is on the red carpet. NeNe Leakes "Real Housewives of Atlanta"

122. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 02/11 **#6**
Fashion Week: This A list model with B list name recognition is in a "relationship" right now. Last night after she walked in a show her celebrity "boyfriend" spent twenty minutes critiquing her walk and makeup and had detailed notes. Hilary Rhoda/Sean Avery

123. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 02/11 **#7**
This up and coming foreign born singer was all set to appear on a popular British television show to promote her recent record which is really good. He called it off though when he saw her in rehearsals because he said she was too fat and that people would never buy her record if they saw her looking like that.

124. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 02/11 **#8**
This recently married B list mostly movie actress who really should be a C lister with her talent gets by on name recognition. While in an airport lounge yesterday she tossed a drink on the floor and as the lounge employee was picking up the mess said, "Next time you will remember no ice." If you think this was just her having a bad day, then every day on this earth must be bad for her. Kate Bosworth

125. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 02/11 **#9**
Fashion Week: This double named designer had to scramble to find a last second model after a model showed up wasted out of her mind and wasn't able to walk, let alone stand up. The replacement model had never walked a show and fainted at one point because she was so nervous. Donna Karan

126. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 02/11 **#10**
Fashion Week: This B list mostly movie actress who has a famous acting sister said she was trying to speak to this A+ list celebrity in her own world that was seated next to her and just couldn't form a sentence. She said that she got a lot of umms out of her mouth before the A+ lister just smiled and faced the other direction. Dakota Fanning/Anna Wintour

127. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 02/11 **#11**
Fashion Week: This A list designer from a brand everyone wears couldn't get any top celebrities to appear at her show. She also got ticked off at reporters asking her questions about everything other than her designs and walked off and threw a water bottle when out of sight, but not out of hearing of the reporters. Jenna Lyons (J Crew)

128. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 02/11 **#12**
This A+ list singer/celebrity finished a show this past week and was backstage and left her door wide open and seemed oblivious to the people walking down the hall past her door while she was fully topless in plain view of crew and fans and people. She plans everything so maybe this is a new her. Very unlike the old her. Taylor Swift

129. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 02/11 **#13**
This former reality star turned "whatever will make her a buck" has been doing wonders for international relations. If you are a good looking athlete and have a chance at an endorsement deal then chances are she has propositioned you. Makes good on it too and shows no favoritism to any certain countries. Brittny Gastineau

130. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 02/11 **#14**
KINDNESS: The other day someone handed me a slip of paper and on that little note was the amount of money this B list mostly television actress on a fairly hit network show has raised doing charity. She has a very memorable name. She has raised on her own somewhere near $10M and got her fairly recent boyfriend to get his friends to contribute $10M to start a foundation. The thing is none of her charities are sexy and she is out there every single day trying to raise money for her causes and never asks for anything in return. She is someone people should be looking to as a role model if you want an actress to be your role model. Lucy Liu ("Elementary")/Noam Gottesman Israeli-American hedge-fund billionaire

131. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 02/11 **#15**
This one is short but still creepy. This good looking B list mostly television actor is on a hit pay cable show. Our actor meets lots of women during his travels and at parties he goes to but his favorite past time is trolling through BACKPAGE ( and finding women he shoots videos with. He has three or four women he keeps at an apartment in LA and pays for all their expenses. The only thing required of them is to film scenes with him in a special sex room and he films it all. His last girlfriend wondered why he never let her spend the night and it is because most nights he is at this apartment with his little group of teen age women. Nothing over 19 for our actor.

132. BLIND GOSSIP 02/11
This under-30 celebrity has been photographed a lot lately. She hasn’t really done anything important yet, but she is young and beautiful and comes from a famous family, and thus is watchable. How would her family feel if they knew that their beautiful little girl could have been arrested a few days ago? Our celebrity ran into a woman who was well-dressed for a New York Fashion Week event. The celeb admired her jewelry, which had been loaned to her by a stylist as part of her ensemble. After the event was over, the woman gave everything back to the stylist… but the jewelry soon went missing! Now, this wasn’t costume jewelry. These were high-end diamonds that were on loan just for the event. The stylists were completely freaking out about the missing rocks, which were valued at several hundred thousand dollars! It turns out that our celebrity had visited the backstage area, picked up the jewels, and tried to leave with them. Just walked right off with them! Luckily, security stopped her before she walked out the door. "I was just borrowing them," she claimed. Riiight. Ireland Baldwin"Red Dress Collection Fashion Show for The Heart Truth"

Which pushy TV host is such a disaster in Sochi that his network is considering flying him home EARLY. "He thinks he’s the only reporter at the games," a member of the press in Sochi tells NAUGHTY BUT NICE ROB. "He just cannot understand why Putin will not give him and his entertainment show a tour of the Kremlin. He is delusional." Known for his strong beliefs and his love to party, this host might be sent home early. "It is a world-wide event. And just because he has a famous last name does not mean everything will be handed to him on a silver platter." Billy Bush "Access Hollywood"

134. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 02/12 **#1**
This former B list mostly movie actress got dumped by her B list celebrity boyfriend after her demands got out of control. Specifically she wanted him to pay off a massive debt she owed to some people who started threatening the B list celebrity when they were told he would pay her debt.

135. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 02/12 **#2**
Fashion Week: This former A list reality star/desperately trying for a comeback in 2014 B list celeb sprawled over several other people during an actual show just to take photos of herself and the runway in the same shot. One woman ended up on the floor just so the celeb could get the perfect shot of herself. Paris Hilton

136. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 02/12 **#3**
Fashion Week: This former A list mostly television actress who has never captured that fame again despite a bunch of chances on other series was wandering backstage prior to one of the bigger name shows and started pawing at a dress she liked and was dying to wear. While unzipping the dress to get a better look she ripped it badly enough that the designer couldn't show it. The actress uttered a mumbled sorry before heading to her seat. Debra Messing "Dennis Basso's show"

137. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 02/12 **#4**
This B- list mostly movie actress who is only that high on the list because of her A+ list name recognition was at a show that had Diet Coke slushies. Our actress said she loved them so much that she grabbed a handful of them. She had one sip of one of them and then set them down on chairs on either side of her. She wouldn't let anyone else sit there because she didn't want to put them on the floor. When the show ended she just walked away and let the never sipped slushies sitting there. Guess she doesn't like company. Diet Coke slushies were served at Diane Von Furstenberg’s show

138. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 02/12 **#5**
Fashion Week: This B list mostly television actor who is on a very hit network crime show was backstage this week with another guy and said he didn't want any model who looked over 15. Apparently our actor likes them legal but looking like they are in middle school. Pretty much the exact opposite of who he is married to.

139. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 02/12 **#6**
This A list mostly movie actor who would be A+ if he only ever did his most famous role got slowly drunk at an event this week. As the night progressed the more the married actor spent trying to find a woman who had some time free the next afternoon when his wife would be gone. It was embarrassing to watch and watching the women try to evade him and be polite was just painful. Zack Galifanakis "The Texas Abortion Fund" ("The Hangover")

140. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 02/12 **#7**
This now frequent visitor to this section had another horrible interaction with a human this week. The B- list mostly movie actress who is hanging onto B by a thread was approached by a fan from behind. I know, I know, I'm not sure how she has fans either. The fan said, "Ms. ______, would you sign this for me." The actress turned around and put a finger in the guy's face and said that he touched her. He didn't. She told him to leave or she would call the police. This wasn't even a guy who knew she was coming. He had a pen and a piece of paper. Lindsay Lohan

141. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 02/12 **#8**
This A list mogul with A list name recognition has a gorgeous celebrity wife. Didn't stop him from using one of the hotel rooms available to him after dinner with a woman at a hotel the other night. Considering his looks, it was definitely a quid pro quo. Harvey Weinstein (wife: Georgina Marchesa)

142. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 02/12 **#9**
This A list diva and sometime singer/actress/reality star is rushing out a bunch of new product to meet up with her current project. So far it has been a mess. Her latest offering is either going to have to be scrapped or our diva edited out. When she saw the clips of it she screamed at the director for making her look fat and her breasts look awful. She wants the editor to have her drop 15 pounds and give her a lift. Not going to be possible though with the budget so she might just cut herself out of the whole thing. It isn't her $250K that she spent on it so she doesn't care. Mariah Carey new video doesn’t have her in it.

143. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 02/12 **#10**
Fashion Week: This A+ list mostly movie actor told the press he was there to just see a show today. He was actually there to support the model he has been seeing the past few months behind his wife's back. When she left the show she went straight into a car where he was waiting. Michael Douglas/"Michael Kors" show

144. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 02/12 **#11**
Fashion Week: After popping up at several shows earlier in the week this A list R&B singer has missed several shows where she was expected. Apparently at the last show she attended she had to have her security and the security at the show restrain a guy who was trying to serve her with a lawsuit. According to the process server our A lister is being accused of fraud and theft. Mary J. Blige (charity scam)

145. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 02/12 **#12**
Fashion Week: This A list celebrity/rapper bailed on a show today because the designer wouldn't give the celebrity ten seats just to himself. Or even five. Meanwhile an Oscar nominee at the same show was grateful to be given a seat in the front row and offered to sit anywhere.
Celebrity/rapper: Kanye West
Oscar nominee: Lupita Nyong'o

146. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 02/12 **#13**
Fashion Week: This B+ list mostly television actress from two great shows had an affair with this B list mostly movie actor. It destroyed her marriage. It nearly destroyed his. Somehow they ended up together at a show today.

147. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 02/12 **#14**
This former model turned reality star/celebrity has been trying to convince her boyfriend to marry her. He has been holding out which is a good thing because once they get married she will take every penny he has. She has no more money of her own and is desperate for funds right now. She even stole from a gifting suite last week. Janice Dickinson

148. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 02/12 **#15**
This B list mostly movie actress who has had some boyfriend issues in the past year and a string of not so great movies waited at the end of a red carpet until she got a check for walking the carpet. She refused to be paid after she walked. She grabbed the check and walked and was finished within three minutes.

149. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 02/12 **#16**
This singer/celebrity is almost A list. She has an A list voice and is A list sweet but somehow she is always alone. Whenever she meets someone she instantly thinks it is going to be love forever and acts accordingly. This results in her getting burned all the time. She has spent thousands of dollars on people she dates and never lets anyone pay. She is constantly cheated on and doesn't do anything about it. She lets people walk all over her and keeps repeating the same mistakes. Even though she has all these bad things happen to her she is rarely the person who breaks up. She is the one who is always dumped and the one who keeps her wallet open even after being left. With her band members and crew members she is always outgoing and friendly but never does anything with them. She doesn't want them to think she is trying to be a boss when they are not working so ends up being on the road alone. In a hotel room or a movie theatre and just shows up when it is time to work. Her rider is one of the shortest in the industry because she doesn't want people put out by her demands and never takes free things or swag. Ellie Goulding

150. BLIND GOSSIP 02/12 **#1**
This cute star spends an awful lot of time and energy trying to fool people! During a recent visit to Los Angeles, he staged photos of himself at various hotels and private homes and restaurants around town to try to trick you into thinking that he was staying there or spending lots of time with certain people. For example, he entered a high-end hotel, had someone photograph him in the recognizable lobby, immediately departed, and then had someone post the pic on Twitter to spread the word Fans thought he was staying there… but he wasn’t! Another time, he rented a second car that matched the one he had been spotted driving around town. He had it parked outside a popular restaurant for the night. The paparazzi thought he was dining there… but he wasn’t! The one thing that really did happen were those photo ops with his "girlfriend." The paparazzi were notified well in advance for those "meetings." Why are we calling them "meetings" instead of "dates"? Because they were all business and all about publicity. The two are not really dating! There are lots of other little things, but you get the picture. Our boy is spending a lot of time and energy engaged in games and misdirection. Do we know where he was really staying? Yes, we do! He stayed at a male friend’s house near the Beverly Hills Hotel. No, we don’t know if they are anything more than friends.

Star: Harry Styles
"girlfriend" : Kendall Jenner
male friend: Calvin Aurand (1D’s tour photographer)

151. BLIND GOSSIP 02/12 **#2**
This young star was at a party in December when she excused herself to another room to take a very important phone call. What could be so urgent as to pull herself away from the fun? She was checking on the results of an official pregnancy test! This girl was near hysterics during the call: Wailing about what she should do, how her celebrity boyfriend would react (and no, we don’t know if he was the father or not), and how this was going to affect her upcoming project! She was especially concerned about keeping the story quiet… but was loudly crying and shouting into the phone while saying this (She really should have a little chat with Taylor Swift about the effectiveness of the "magic invisibility shield"!). She immediately fled the party, leaving her boyfriend behind, and speeding away in her car. We’ve been holding onto this story for a few weeks, waiting to see the outcome. Would she keep the baby and cancel the project, or cancel the baby and keep the project? We now know the result. She took a few weeks off to "take care of this" and to get her head together. End result? No baby, and she is now back to work and pretending like nothing ever happened. Selena Gomez/Justin Bieber (upcoming tour)

Which TV Star on a VERY popular reality show that is based in NYC is so sick of the nasty weather that she had her assistant remove ALL the snow from her back yard? "She is sick of the snow and doesn’t want to look out of her windows and see it anymore. She had her assistant remove ALL of it from her garden. Telling her that she couldn’t leave until all the white-stuff was gone. At one point she demanded that her assistant use a broom and brush it off all the trees and bushes," a friend of the assistant tells NAUGHTY BUT NICE ROB! YIKES! Get a new job, love. Sonja Morgan "Real Housewives of New York"

"I’ve never had a problem getting fucked," Brandi Glanville proclaims in her new book, Drinking & Dating. And while some of her most memorable hookups have unfolded on The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills Glanville’s opening up for the first time about her off-camera booty calls, dates, and one-night-stands in her new book Drinking & Dating. For the most part, Glanville doesn’t name names, but can you guess the identity of some of her most famous men? First is the man she calls "the actor/rapper/political hopeful." "He was the most gorgeous man I’d ever seen," Glanville says. "Tall, dark, and handsome with milk chocolate skin, luscious lips, and the sort of chiseled abs you could see through his T-shirt." The first night they met, "I immediately recognized him from one of my favorite TV shows," she says. When they first hooked up, she was happy to discover that "His manhood was enormous — the perfect cherry on top of this gorgeous chocolate sundae. It was so large that he had to special-order condoms just to fit him." "But there was one problem I couldn’t seem to get over," she reveals. "He was a huge fucking stoner. … Every time he smoked, his ego seemed to inflate and I felt like I was just there as a sounding board for all his grandiose dreams. Acting, he explained, wasn’t his end goal. After winning his first Oscar (For either acting or producing, he wasn’t quite sure yet) and becoming a Grammy Award-winning recording artist, he planned to become a politician." Glanville admits she eventually smoked pot with him to try to bridge the gap, but their relationship fizzled. Another hookup with an addiction issue was "the fallen star," "one of the most attractive men I’d ever laid eyes on," Glanville writes, with "sparkly aqua-colored eyes, more tousled brown hair, and large chiseled arms covered in tattoos." Aware of his history of addiction, Glanville says she only dated him after seeing AA slogans on his Facebook page. All seemed to be going well until one night she met him at a party and he was drinking a beer. "There were so many things wrong with this, it’s not even funny," she says. "But he said [it was ok] so calmly and matter-of-factly, I indulged him for that one evening. I’ve known a few people close to me who struggle with addiction, and although I had never heard this ‘just the tip’ method with drugs and alcohol, I didn’t want to make a scene at this party." But Glanville says she also "didn’t want to seem supportive of these habits," and left. For the next three days, she claims, he was "radio silent." "He went on a three-day coke-field bender with a bunch of his old friends," she says. Not long after, he went to rehab, and is now married with at least one child, and Glanville says she believes he is "going to be okay." Next up is "the boy wonder," a 28-year-old "accomplished filmmaker who resided in one of the most exclusive and luxurious hotels in Los Angeles." "Despite the success he’d already found, [he] was still a little boy in so many ways," she remembers. "He’d arrive for dinner in a Polo shirt with an oversized Ralph Lauren brand logo, jeans, sneakers, and a mop of messy brown hair on top of his head." And luckily for the RHOBH star, he "had a thing for cougars." When he didn’t make a move after their first night together, Glanville says she "thought he must be gay." But more than a year later, they finally did the deed after becoming close friends. Glanville admits to being "semi-intoxicated" and says "I barely remember it." That wasn’t an issue with a height-challenged "up-and-coming comedian" who would become a household name. "He had the kind of face you remember," Glanville writes. "Sharp features, thick dark hair, and a goofy grin." During their date, she says, "We laughed so hard … that my stomach was hurting and my jaw was sore (It sometimes ends up sore after a date, but not from giggling)." "It only turned awkward," she says, "when I asked him why he still had photos of his ex-girlfriend, now a well-known actress, everywhere. He mumbled something and changed the subject." Unfortunately, it got more awkward in the bedroom. "We had spent the entire evening laughing so much that I couldn’t stop laughing when it was time to get serious," Glanville admits. "Every time I looked at him, I’d think of something funny he said or remember one of his characters and would burst into hysterics. It didn’t help the mood." The relationship went nowhere after that. Finally, Granville gets X-rated describing her dates with an NBA star who is best friends with another NBA star who was married for 72 days to a reality starlet. (Kris Humphries, anyone?) "He was six feet eleven," Glanville brags. "…The energy between us was out of control and even the simplest gestures became sexual." "We couldn’t keep our hands off each other," she remembers. "…By the time I was on my third glass of wine and he was on this third potato vodka, the heat was turning up. His hand found its way under the table and up my dress. … It was on like Donkey Kong." On the way to his place, "We made out like teenagers every time the car hit a traffic light or stop sign," she writes. "His fingers were all sorts of ways up my dress … ’You have to pull over,’ I said with heavy breath…" "When the car was finally in park, I tried to get on top of him," she explains, "but it was not working in this tiny car." And so, she admits, they had sex on the hood of his car by the side of the road.
actor/rapper/political hopeful: Common "Hell on Wheels"
the fallen star:
the boy wonder:
up-and-coming comedian/ex-girlfriend:
NBA star: Chris Bosh

154. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 02/13 **#1**
This A- list mostly television actor who is on a fairly hit show and is an Academy Award winner/nominee has been battling cancer and is deciding whether to go public with his fight via Kneepads or just an announcement. Alan Alda "The Blacklist"

155. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 02/13 **#2**
Fashion Week: Apparently even this expressionless A list celebrity/editor is not beyond fawning over someone they think is good looking. There was a lot of thigh touching yesterday of this B list very good looking foreign born mostly television actor who is having a big year. At one point the A lister was even seen giggling. I didn't even know she could do that. Anna Wintour/Benedict Cumberbatch

156. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 02/13 **#3**
Fashion Week: This former A list reality star who has been in this space before this week wanted to stop an entire crowd from leaving a show because she dropped an earring. She wanted to make sure no one stole it because it was worth a ton of money she said. Even though she was yelling at security guards to keep everyone from leaving she was overrun by people and gave up. She didn't even bother looking for it and just left. She said it was no big deal. Umm, then why did she want everyone to stay in their seats? Paris Hilton

157. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 02/13 **#4**
Fashion Week: The first backstage sex of the week that anyone saw. It involved this B+ list mostly television actor from a very hit cable show, who also has a bit of a drinking problem. He had sex with this C+ list celebrity with A list facial recognition and a love of plastic surgery. The sex happened backstage during a party after the show.

158. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 02/13 **#5**
This foreign born B- list mostly movie actress who was in a monster television hit can't stand doing press for her new movie because her co-star, a former A list mostly movie actor who is in that A-/B+ list range now wouldn't stop hitting on her during filming and when she wouldn't have sex with him he threatened to have her fired from the movie. In the press he has been saying some not very kind things about her. Off the record of course. On the record they have just been implied. Tool. Jessica Brown-Findlay (Lady Sybil in "Downton Abbey")/Russell Crowe "A Winter’s Tale"

159. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 02/13 **#6**
The worst person of the day award goes to this B list mostly movie actress who is all about being famous no matter who she has to sleep with. Right now she kind of hit the jackpot with that and is not shy about dropping his name when things don't go her way. Last night she was at the after party for her latest movie and was talking to her co-star who used to be a really big shot and is having a comeback year. At one point our actress was talking about her boyfriend and the actor said, "When you broke up with him for a day or two though it didn't take you long to find your way into my trailer naked though did it?" Right in front of ten people he said this. The actor in question is married.
B list actress: Amber Heard
Boyfriend: Johnny Depp
Co-star: Kevin Costner
Movie: "3 Days to Kill"

160. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 02/13 **#7**
Fashion Week: This B list mostly movie actress with A+ list name recognition who has been in this space before this week was really standoffish and rude at a show yesterday. She didn't want to talk to anyone and almost looked like she was being forced to be there. If you approached her then a burly guy would block your path. That is probably why when the bottom of her dress got caught and then exposed one half of her bare butt, it took several minutes before anyone bothered to tell her. She rushed from the area right after being told.

161. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 02/13 **#8**
Fashion Week: This A list mostly movie actress who also happens to be an Academy Award winner but not very friendly left a show yesterday while her handler kept telling people to not speak to Ms. _______ and do not touch her. No one even cared that she was there. I didn't think I could like her less but I was wrong. Reese Witherspoon

162. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 02/13 **#9**
Fashion Week: This former A+ list mostly movie actress doesn't even really act any longer. She still has a name though and one of the more memorable movie roles of all-time. She has had some very famous relationships too. Oh, and some celebrity offspring. Anyway she discovered this morning that she wasn't given a front row seat to a show and stole a seat in the front row. When she was asked to vacate it by the person who it had been assigned to, our actress said, "I don't think so." The person backed down and our actress sat right in front. Kim Basinger ("9 12 Weeks")
  Ralph Lauren show

163. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 02/13 **#10**
Kindness: This A list mostly television actor who has been on television or on the movies forever and is still great looking is on a hit network show. While filming his show he ran into a homeless man that he actually knew. After giving the man a meal at the craft services table our actor hired the man as an extra for five days of shooting. Mark Harmon "NCIS"

164. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 02/13 **#11**
This A list celebrity/do everything guy/reality host was at a party last night and was talking about his wife while a woman sat on his lap kissing him and asking when they were going to leave. Nick Cannon

165. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 02/13 **#12**
I keep hoping this foreign born B list celebrity who is a pro girlfriend will give this foreign born C list celebrity in his own country a refund. The guy spent thousands of dollars on the B lister to get photos of the two of them together and to get noticed but so far he has had no job offers. Kelly Brook/David McIntosh

166. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 02/13 **#13**
When they got married she was a B list mostly television actress at the peak of her fame. She had been on a very hit show and thought she would make money forever. She also listened to her at the time A list celebrity who told her he would always take care of her and the pre-nup was just to protect them in case something bad happened in life, not their marriage. She believed him and signed a horrific pre-nup. She believed him when he said he loved her even though he cheated on her hundreds of times. She stuck by him through him getting other women pregnant and bringing home STD's to his wife. She believed him when he told her he would take care of her after their divorce. He split with the wife because he found someone younger. She signed a ridiculous agreement and he would give her a few bucks every now and again while still sleeping with her any chance he got. She believed him and all his lies and still at her rock bottom he called her the other day and she went running over to his place for sex and more promises. Her life has been ruined by this guy and she keeps going back. Donna D'Errico "Baywatch" and Nikki Sixx "Motley Crue"

They always want to come back. This TV Personality divorced her hubby and took up with The Help. Well, it didn’t work out, and now she wants ex-hubby back. He said no cause he’s living it up right now, but can she change his mind? Heidi Klum/Seal

168. POPBITCH 02/13
Which party-loving Brit actor once looked so unkempt coming back into the UK that he was given a proper welcome by border staff... which ended up with him having a rubber-gloved hand up his arse? Rhys Ifans

169. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 02/14 **#1**
This A+ list mostly movie actor loves to send notes to this other A+ list mostly movie actor which generally only say, "I fucked her first." Apparently the two can't stand each other. George Clooney to Bradley Cooper (Renee Zellweger)

170. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 02/14 **#2**
This female US Olympian moves fast. Just a few days after arriving to Sochi this married US NHL player has been hooking up with the controversial female. Apparently she has been texting him and sexting him for months which would kind of go against everything she has said in the past. Lolo Jones (Women’s Bobsledding team)/2014 Men's Olympic Roster

171. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 02/14 **#3**
This A list television actress on a very very hit network show caught her husband with strippers a couple of weeks ago. Well, she didn't actually walk in on him but he had videos on his phone of strippers giving him lap dances. He told his wife he was on a business trip. Because of a certain situation she is uncertain whether she is going to file for divorce now or in a few months but it will be revealed regardless.
Kerry Washington "Scandal"
POSSIBLE SITUATION: 2014 Emmys in August/Emmy nomination
or file before or after she gives birth to their baby

172. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 02/14 **#4**
This B list mostly movie actor who is up for television if the check is large enough is old enough to be the grandfather of the two women he was spotted with this week at lunch. The Academy Award winner/nominee dropped $20K on clothes and bags and shoes for the women who he took to a party later that night. He spent time with each of them alone in a changing room while they were trying on dresses. Jon Voight

173. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 02/14 **#5**
This A list celebrity/singer who is out of the country today is telling friends she once almost hooked up with this former A+ list tweener who is an A list celebrity deserving of C list status. Apparently the reason they didn't completely hook up she says is because he couldn't stand to attention. She says that he tried to blame it on her.
A list celebrity/singer: Rhianna
Tweener: Justin Bieber

174. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 02/14 **#6**
This former B list mostly television actress who can't seem to get a break on a good television show after being on one of the best probably deserves to be C list now, but I like her so she remains B list. She is also about to split with her significant other after she caught him cheating for the umpteenth time.

175. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 02/14 **#7**
This B- list mostly television actress from a hit cable television show has tried her hands at movies too. The actress was found slumped on the floor of a restaurant last night with some pills in hand. She was helped up and she said she was fine but she was fairly incoherent. The manager of the place wanted her to sign a release but she just got out of the bathroom and restaurant as soon as she could. Emma Roberts "American Horror Story"

176. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 02/14 **#8**
This A+ list diva made workers wait for two hours yesterday in the cold because she decided she wasn't ready for a photo. She made one of her assistants travel around the city looking for a special nail polish. Two hours later the assistant was successful. The diva wore gloves during the shoot. Mariah Carey

177. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 02/14 **#9**
This B list celebrity/reality star paid two women $10K each and another woman an undisclosed amount to keep quiet about their previous sexual relationships. That virginity claim needed to be protected to ensure the big payday and the paydays in the future from his prospective employer who loves that he stayed a virgin until he was married. Sean Lowe "The Bachelor"

178. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 02/14 **#10**
This former B list mostly television actress who will probably be an A list celeb until she dies is filming a commercial out of the country. Yesterday she got so blitzed shooting it that they couldn't shoot anything but she did take off all her clothes for the crew and walked around like that for a good ten minutes. Pam Anderson (in New Zealand filming an ad)

179. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 02/14 **#11**
This B list former reality star who has been in some high profile relationships with kids from each and managed to stay in the limelight despite not doing much in her life, had botox serum and needles taken from her when she tried to take them through airport security yesterday. As rich as she is you would think someone else would be doing it for her. Kimora Lee Simmons

180. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 02/14 **#12**
KINDNESS: This foreign born A list mostly movie actor was in a big franchise. Since then he has been hanging onto his A list status by a thread. The kids at his former school love the actor though because he spent $500K of his own money to pay for the rebuilding of the school's theatre which had to be demolished. He even has agreed to act in the first play the school puts on when the building is finished sometime later this year. Robert Pattinson "Twilight"

181. BLIND GOSSIP 02/14
After each show at New York Fashion Week, there is typically some sort of reception or casual party backstage. A pretty actress was seated in the front row of one designer’s show, and attended the reception afterward. However, she spent more time talking to one of the more famous models than to the designer. Why? She wanted to interrogate the model about the affair she had with actress’ husband a couple of years ago! The actress was incredibly blunt about it, too. "Congratulations on the show. So… how long were you fucking my husband?" The model admitted that she knew the husband (who is also famous), but rather weakly denied the affair and scurried away, clearly embarrassed about the showdown and the fact that several others had witnessed the accusation.
Actress: Gwyneth Paltrow
Hubby: Chris Martin
Model: Adriana Lima
Show: Jason Wu for Hugo Boss

Actress: Blake Lively
Hubby: Ryan Reynolds
Model: Agnes Fischer
Show: Michael Kors

Which celebrity couple, one is a reality star, one is not, plan to celebrate Valentine’s Day by asking a very close friend to join them in the bedroom? He has a huge ego and loves the idea of being worshipped by two beautiful women. This is not the first time his lady has agreed to sharing him with another women. While she was pregnant also turned a blind eye while he ‘enjoyed’ himself!

Before she became a Housewife, she was working that stripper pole. That’s not exactly something she hides — but this Peach is far from bold about being into ladies. Don’t believe me.. Just ask Dwight Eubanks. When she and her other half left their southern city to head west.. we’re told they let loose! Know why? Our tipster tells us not only is that where she picked up her Hollywood ‘stay trim’ [cocaine] diet, the couple also jumped on the city’s secret swingin’ bandwagon! Ask Kim Kardashian. That’s when she quickly found out just how much floss’in in Hollywood and ballin’ in the ATL differs in dollars! With both shows now cancelled, sources say she’s behind on the mortgage and tax payments for her California crib. Our blind item believed — like Kim Zolciak — her wedding would have led Bravo to give her a spin-off show. That didn’t happen. Insiders say .. when it comes to Kim she’s green with envy. Know why? Because she lives in a house she always dreamed about and calls an NFL player her hubby. This while her dude is "a broke, Viagra-poppin’ queen." NeNe and Greg Leakes

184. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 02/15 **#1**
These two actresses/former co-stars hate each other. One is a B list mostly television actress on a struggling network show. The other is a B+ list mostly television actress who goes from one hit project to the next. Apparently the B lister, who used to be an A lister is jealous of the B+ lister and used to treat her like crap. It also doesn't help that another former co-star who is always willing to stir up trouble and desperate for parts whispers things in each of their ears.
B list actress: Sarah Michelle Gellar
B+ actress: Alyson Hannigan
Former co-star: Michelle Trachtenberg
Show: "Buffy the Vampire Slayer"

185. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 02/15 **#2**
This A list singer/celebrity who is really close to that B+ line drank a half bottle of vodka in about 30 minutes while waiting for her flight. Hunkered down in a corner with sunglasses on she had a waiter in the airport lounge doing non-stop laps bringing her drinks while another airline employee kept away interested people. Selena Gomez

186. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 02/15 **#3**
This C list celebrity who is more famous for being the girlfriend of this A list tool who should be in jail is being investigated by the police for shoplifting from Mont Blanc. I guess she is a fan of pens. Karrueche Tran/Chris Brown

187. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 02/16 **#1**
This former A list mostly television actor has had two really awful hit shows and now makes a living as a human parody and reality star almost died a few weeks ago from alcohol poisoning. A week in rehab was all he could stand though. David Hasselhoff (missed daughter Hayley’s debut catwalk appearance Friday "London's Plus Size Fashion Weekend")

188. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 02/16 **#2**
This A list reality star who is only A list because his show is an A list network reality show brought a date to a party but spent the night trying to convince her to have a threesome. She finally agreed but only if it was two guys so our reality star picked out this up and coming C list celeb offspring who everyone thinks is great looking.
A list reality star: Adam Levine
Reality show: "The Voice"
C list celeb offspring: Scott Eastwood (Clint's son) or Max Irons (Jeremy's son)

189. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 02/16 **#3**
This A+ list singer/celebrity was spotted while out this past week. Of course she was because she wanted to be. Several teens and pre-teens tried to get photos or an autograph with the singer but she blew them off or had her multiple bodyguards keep them away from her saying she didn't have time. What she did have time for were about an hour pf photos with a paid photographer who distributed the photos to tabloids. Apparently those were the only smiles she had. Katy Perry; Selena Gomez

190. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 02/16 **#4**
This A+ list mostly movie actor says he has no problems with his teen daughter taking pot for herself from his stash. He has been smoking in front of her for years. Bruce Willis; Jamie Foxx

191. PAGE SIX/NY POST 02/17
1. Which actor is more worried about his looks than he lets on? A recent secret lower face-lift has helped him show off a more distinguished jawline. Brad Pitt; Hugh Jackman; George Clooney

2. WHICH married New York chef is having an affair with a much younger woman? Bobby Flay

3. WHICH fashion icon sends out a scout to all locations and vacation spots he visits to check out the furniture, and make adjustments — including sawing down table legs — to make them the right height? Tommy Hilfiger

4. WHICH newly single actor has been celebrating his freedom with wild nights out on Ecstasy? Taye Diggs

5. WHICH top model had her boobs fixed by a plastic surgeon after she was overlooked for a modeling job for high-end lingerie firm La Perla? Miranda Kerr

192. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 02/17 **#1**
This very pregnant B+ list mostly movie actress was spotted boozing it up in public. She kept saying she should stop but kept pouring away and wondering if she could get away with smoking somewhere where she couldn't be photographed outside. Elsa Pataky; Olivia Wilde; Teresa Palmer; Ginnifer Goodwin

193. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 02/17 **#2**
This former A+ list mostly movie actor was at an event this past week. The actor, who is probably down to a B+ now because of his lack of work still enjoys A+ list name recognition. He also enjoys very young women. He told the women around him that he only wanted to go home with someone in their teens. No one was younger than 21 though so our actor said he guessed that would do and sent the rest on their way. Mel Gibson

194. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 02/17 **#3**
This Academy Award winning actress doesn't work much any longer but at least one of her kids does. Our actress will always be a B and will probably always have A list name recognition. It was really awkward when she went into one of her regular stores and was told she had a bunch of clothes on hold and did she want to pick them up. It turns out they weren't for the actress but for her husband's mistress. She had used the husband's name to hold them and the cashier assumed they must belong to our actress so told her about them. Melanie Griffith/Antonio Banderas
(and this is why I usually say Academy Award winner/nominee)

195. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 02/17 **#4**
This former A list rapper and now just an interesting name that had a big gig this past weekend went to what he thought was a strip club. It was more burlesque though and when there was no nudity and told there were no lap dances he actually quoted Michael K and said that was some Benjamin Buttons shit and walked out. Busta Rhymes "NBA All-Star Game"

196. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 02/17 **#5**
They might have spent Valentine's Day together but this B list mostly television actress on a fairly hit network show should ask her B list celebrity boyfriend what he was doing the night before. He and this other celebrity from the same region of the world took some strippers back to a hotel. The strippers said there wasn't a condom in sight but lots of sex as the pair of celebs swapped strippers throughout the night.
B list television actress: Hayden Panettiere
Network show: "Nashville"
B list celebrity boyfriend: Wladimir Klitschko
Other celebrity: Vitali Klitschko - brother or Maksim Chmerkovskiy
Region of the world: Ukraine

Panettiere and Klitschko call off wedding

197. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 02/17 **#6**
This former A list mostly television actress turned B- list mostly movie actress turned back to television because no one likes anything she does, knows her latest movie project is a loser so pleaded poverty to the indie producers when they asked her to pony up some money to finish it.
Actress: Katherine Heigl
Television project: "State of Affairs"
Movie: "Jenny's Wedding"

198. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 02/17 **#7**
This A list everything mogul had sex with one of his harem over the weekend. Not exactly what one normally thinks of in his situation. Simon Cowell (His baby mama gave birth)

199. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 02/17 **#8**
This B- list mostly movie actress who got her start on reality television went through about five guys before she found someone who believed her when she said she was interested in the person for love and not for their money. The B list celeb/athlete she finally hooked has no idea she already fed the same lines to one of his teammates who wasn't stupid enough to take the hook. Julianne Hough/NHL player Brooks Laich

200. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 02/17 **#9**
This "Real Housewife" gave a naked lap dance to her personal pap for his birthday. Her husband knew about it but didn't care. She did a lot more for money back in the day. It is how he met her after all. Joanna Krupa "The Real Housewives of Miami"

201. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 02/17 **#10**
This A+ list mostly movie actress has been doing a lot of drugs lately. Two years ago she hadn't touched anything stronger than a margarita. Now things are so bad that she barely is able to even shoot anything. When she isn't working she is using or passed out. She is in bad shape. Look for a rehab visit towards the end of March when awards season and filming of her latest project finish. Amy Adams

202. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 02/17 **#11**
This B list mostly television actress hasn't been in the spot for awhile. She got rid of some people close to her that were spilling a lot about her. Smart move on her part. She is pretty crazy about her actor boyfriend and she has always had a lot of kink in her life as her old boyfriends can attest to. Our actress would do anything for her guy and that includes one of his favorite things to do which is swap. The problem our actress faced is that she has a fairly recognizable face and is on a fairly hit show. The boyfriend found a couple of couples he thought could be discreet and they had been but that is only because at least one of the couples didn't recognize our actress until the black wig she always wore for the encounters came off during a particularly aggressive sex session. The actress thought the couple knew who she was but from the look on their faces when the wig came off she knew they didn't know until that moment and they have been talking to everyone in their little circle about the actress who loves to swing and is not shy about sex at all. Apparently she is into some crazy crazy stuff.
B list television actress: Jenny McCarthy
Actor boyfriend: Donnie Wahlberg

203. BLIND GOSSIP 02/17
We had to laugh about the reports of this pop star losing her virginity to an actor. Her first was a young former pop star. Her second was an older singer. The actor may or may not have been a very distant third.
Pop star: Taylor Swift
Actor: Jake Gyllenhaal (story)
1st former pop star: Joe Jonas
2nd older singer: John Mayer

204. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 02/18 **#1**
This B list mostly movie actress who seems to always be around while never working in great big movies but always keeping her name in the news and hitting a lot of red carpets was telling a friend the other night that she caught her boyfriend with another woman in bed the night before. While having drinks with her girlfriend the boyfriend texted her and told her to come over and our actress dropped a hundred on the table and said she was going to give him another chance and left.

205. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 02/18 **#2**
This C list mostly movie actress/A- list singer/celebrity has had a busy couple of weeks. On a film set she worked for two days but managed to have sex with one of the leads of the movie during that time. She also went to a party where she made out with random women and men all the while texting her A list celebrity/singer boyfriend.
C list mostly movie actress/A- list singer/celebrity: Rita Ora
Film: Mia Grey/"Fifty Shades of Grey"
Lead: Jamie Dornan
A list celebrity/singer boyfriend: Calvin Harris

Prince's Surprise London Gig

206. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 02/18 **#3**
This B list mostly movie actress who is on television right now and is one of the better actresses working right now is an Academy Award winner/nominee. She is also holding a grudge over this angelic A- list mostly movie actress who she accuses of sleeping with the director of their shared movie. She says that the angelic one was given more lines because of the relationship and more attention by the director after filming and cost our B lister the award she most coveted.
B list mostly movie actress: Alfre Woodard
Television show: "Copper"
A- list mostly movie actress: Lupita Nyong'o
Shared movie: "12 Years a Slave"
Director: Steve McQueen

Award: Academy Award nomination

207. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 02/18 **#4**
This B list mostly movie actress was clean for several years until she started dating her actor boyfriend with the big name. Now she is back on drugs in a big way but refuses to start injecting herself again and just limits herself to the pills she says are almost as good.
B list mostly movie actress: Amber Heard
Actor boyfriend: Johnny Depp

208. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 02/18 **#5**
This C list reality star who has been in the news enough lately to make him A list for a couple of weeks had a threesome on Valentine's Day and neither of the women in the threesome was his B list reality star wife from an A list reality franchise. He told the women the couple is no longer together.
C list reality star: Apollo Nida
B list reality star wife: Phaedra Parks
A list reality franchise: "Real Housewives of Atlanta"

209. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 02/18 **#6**
This current Academy Award nominee kept trying to convince a 15 year old teen to go back to his hotel room while he was in her country. He knew she was 15. She came up to him and wanted a photo and after the photo he kept trying to get her phone number and kept touching her and telling her they should go party. Michael Fassbender at Baftas in London

210. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 02/18 **#7**
This B list mostly movie actor recently found another wife who obviously never reads gossip. Hopefully she can read some of the prescriptions he takes because he was spreading a nasty STD a few weeks before he got married. Terrence Howard

211. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 02/18 **#8**
This A list celebrity/rapper had a seizure over the weekend but was drinking sizzurp 6 hours after. He also found out he is going to be a daddy for the millionth time. Lil Wayne

212. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 02/18 **#9**
This former A list rock star was talking a lot of talk but failed to deliver so to speak when two groupies wanted to have sex with him the other night. They sneaked into a recording studio and our singer acted like he was going to take the two women right there but when it came time to actually do it he just couldn't manage. He says it was because there were too many people around. Well, he used to have cameras around during his reality show. Bret Michaels "Rock of Love"

213. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 02/18 **#10**
Charity: I love when I read about celebrities doing good for people and giving their time and money to worthy causes. It is why I have kindness blinds. What I don't like are celebrities who say they have a charity but don't or have a charity they raise money for but don't ever do anything with the money or just squander it on administrative expenses. Over the next few months I will be writing about some of the celebrities and their causes that only exist in their imagination. This celebrity/singer is beloved by her fans. Probably a B lister despite not doing much of anything for a very long time. Fairly good looking and a friend of plastic surgeons everywhere. She also says she has a charity. Actually over the years she has mentioned three charities. None of them exist but she says she works for them and with them all the time. Maybe in her head or on a piece of paper but there is no record the charities exist except when she talks about them to reporters. She once got a cover article on a tabloid talking about all the charity work she did for one of the charities she said she established and what they were hoping to do and had done but it doesn't even exist. As far as I can tell she hasn't raised any money for her fictional charities but I hate people think she is doing all of this good for someone or people when she does not do anything. Very disheartening because she is supposed to be better than that.

214. BLIND GOSSIP 02/18
This Actress is now spending most of her time simply accompanying her cute Significant Other to his job. However, even when she goes to work with him, she still acts like it is all about her! A couple of weeks ago she was totally alone in his dressing room. After he was done working, the S.O. invited some people back to his dressing room to hang out. Did she greet them and network with them? No. The Actress was annoyed that they were invading her space. However, rather than approaching them directly or talking to her S.O. about it, she simply walked up to the bodyguard and said, "Make them all leave! Now! And make sure that they didn’t take any photos!" Yes, the guests heard her, and the embarrassed S.O. sheepishly escorted them out. What was the actress’ compelling reason for being so anti-social? She wanted to watch television! Yes, it was his dressing room at his workplace, but she thinks that if she is in a room, it belongs to her. Guess we now know who is in control of that relationship! Jessica Biel/Justin Timberlake; Mila Kunis/Ashton Kutcher

Which young singer, with a huge following, is terrifying one political party with her recent actions – fearing they might turn young people off from voting? "Making fun of one big time political legend could really have a big effect on the next election," one ABC Political news source tells NAUGHTY BUT NICE ROB. "It is true that the election is years away and young people have very short memories, however, they wish she would stop."

Singer – Miley Cyrus
Political Party – Democrats
Political Legend – Bill Clinton
Miley stimulates oral sex on Bill Clinton impersonator

He may be a millionaire, but what many people may not know is his infamous Hollywood reputation for being a cheapskate. According to our tipster.. he treats his Black employees ‘like garbage’ — leaving them to "beg and chase him for their paychecks." Insiders reveal he’s got a hidden ‘hatred for women.’ Don’t believe me.. Just ask his baby momma Norma, who dude wants locked up over his issues with his visitations with his daughter. We’re told that’s why Will Smith is constantly over at Baby Boy’s house to console him. This after he recently put his daughter on the back burner so he could visit his half Arab, half Black deported heiress ex-girlfriend/beard Maya in Dubai. Tyrese Gibson

217. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 02/19 **#1**
This foreign born A- list mostly television actor who used to be a mostly movie guy and is now on a hit pay cable show is married but didn't stop him from bringing along his girlfriend on a family vacation. While the family took part in activities our actor took part in some hotel room activities. Jeremy Irons "The Borgias"

218. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 02/19 **#2**
This B list celebrity used to be A list when his band was more popular and he was in the tabloids more frequently. He shared some exciting news the other day but failed to talk about another person in his life who he got pregnant and pays child support to. Pete Wentz "Fall Out Boy" (going to have baby with girlfriend)

219. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 02/19 **#3**
This foreign born B list celebrity who does a little bit of everything and does it annoyingly spent an hour in a club bathroom the other night puking her brains out after trying to prove she could chug an entire bottle of vodka. Nothing says a great night like the cool dirty tiles of a club bathroom stall. Rita Ora

220. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 02/19 **#4**
This former A list celebrity/singer who had a lot of big hits was trading tales with this married other former A list celebrity/singer who might be more famous at this point for who he was married to rather than his singing. Apparently they agreed to try and talk this female former A list celebrity/singer/reality star into a threesome since they both have had sex with her. One currently and one back in the day.
Former A list celebrity/singer:
Married other former A list celebrity/singer:
Who he was married to:
Female former A list celebrity/singer/reality star:

221. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 02/19 **#5**
At a store in NYC, this was heard as two brawny guys bullied people out of the way. "Everyone needs to clear this aisle. Move out of the aisle now. There is a celebrity coming and they will need their space. Please do not talk to or look at the celebrity. They will be here just a short time and then you can get back to shopping in this aisle. You will just have to wait." Who shows up? This B list celebrity who is supposedly the host of some show on cable but is known for being contracted to this A+ list mostly movie actor. No one recognized her and everyone was laughing as she pretended to be shopping while paps took photos. Stacy Keibler "Supermarket Superstar"/George Clooney

222. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 02/19 **#6**
This gay former boy bander is being cheated on by his boyfriend. Well, I guess he could be giving styling tips to other guys while naked in that spa in West Hollywood. Lance Bass

223. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 02/19 **#7**
This A list mostly movie actress is doing a little television. No one can decide whether they love or hate the actress. One day she will scream and yell at everyone working on the show and threaten to have every person fired and the next day she buys the entire cast and crew lunch and spends thousands of dollars doing so. Halle Berry "Extant"

224. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 02/19 **#8**
This B list celebrity/singer was wasted out of her mind on pot while speaking at a faith based event. Not the first time she says one thing and does another. Hey, at least it wasn't a stay off drugs speech. She did that before. Selena Gomez

225. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 02/19 **#9**
This A list mostly movie actress who is also an Academy Award winner/nominee got into a huge fight with her husband before boarding a plane because she says he was drunk and obnoxious. She refused to sit next to him and there were no more seats in first class. He refused to budge so our actress sat in the very last row of the plane in a middle seat.

226. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 02/19 **#10**
After having an employee of her husband fired last year for not keeping the rain away from our actress, she had several people desperate to keep her dry at an event this year. This A list Academy Award nominee/winner actress said it is one of the perks to being married to someone rich. Salma Hayek (husband: François-Henri Pinault)

227. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 02/19 **#11**
This actor used to be B+ list. Mostly movies. Had a bright future. Comes from a family of actors. Then he got hooked on drugs. Life went to crap. He did manage to find someone to love him and marry him. He got her hooked on drugs. He also rented her out when times were bad or they really needed money for drugs. At first she would only do it for the kid and then she would only do it for the kid or rent and then it got to the point he was pretty much pimping her out everyday. She got off drugs. He didn't. She has been trying to make a living away from being a hooker. Thinks she can be a star so is divorcing her actor pimp husband. Jason London/Sofia Karstens

228. LAINEY’S GOSSIP 02/19
Remember his big snub? Turns out it had something to do with his perfect wife. You wouldn't think anyone could hold anything against her -- the ideal mother, the supportive spouse -- but this goes back years, when she was a candidate for a set-up. A very powerful man set her up with a single man who needed a girlfriend. A professional meeting turned into him knowing everything about her -- too much about her -- and a very strange gift: wildlife. She ran the f-ck away and didn't look back, offending the major Hollywood player who tried to broker the romance. He was so disappointed in her that he put out the word -- he won't work with her anymore. And eventually, when it came for her now-husband to rise to acclaim, and against his own project no less, he called in every contact he could to make sure that the husband's name wasn't included, though in the end, even he couldn't control the outcome.
Powerful man: Steven Spielberg/ "Lincoln"
Single Man: Tom Cruise
Very strange gift: Bengal tiger
Candidate: Jennifer Garner
Her now husband: Ben Affleck/"Argo"
Affleck wasn’t nominated for Best Direction, but did win for Best Picture

229. BLIND GOSSIP 02/19
This blind item is an fascinating one because it involves several actors from a popular television show… and shows how their nice on-screen images have little in common with their evil off-screen behavior! This popular network show has been on the air for a few years. Although cast members have come and gone, two of the original cast members – Actor 1 and Actress 1 – are still on the show and are probably the most well-known. They both play nice, earnest on-screen characters. Well, their longevity and popularity has apparently gone to their heads… as they are now plotting to get one of the other cast members kicked off the show! Their target? Actor 2, a good-looking and talented cast member who has been a very popular addition to the show. Maybe a little too popular, because Actor 1 and Actress 2 both hate him and want him gone! Now, Actor 1 and Actress 1 know that they can’t just go to the producers and demand that Actor 2 be fired. So, they are being sneaky about it. They have been going directly to the producers, pitching story lines that they think would benefit the show next season… and every one of those story lines just happens to call for the elimination of Actor 2. "It’s for the good of the show!" they keep insisting. Right. How would you would feel if you found out that two of your coworkers – people who you thought were your friends – were secretly plotting to have you fired? Well, Actor 1 and Actress 1 on a popular TV show are not just plotting to have their coworker, Actor 2, fired. They have already picked out his replacement. And Actor 2 has absolutely no idea that any of this is happening! Their choice to replace Actor 2? Actor 3, a colorful guy who rose to fame on a reality television show that is now waning in popularity. At a recent party, Actor 1 told a group of people (which included Actor 3) that he can’t wait for Actor 2 to be pushed out so that Actor 3 can join the cast full-time… as a love interest for Actor 1! The show is transitioning next season, so it will be interesting to see how this all plays out. Will Actress 1 and Actor 1 be able to successfully convince the producers that their evil casting plan will revitalize the show and keep it on the air for a few more years? Will Actor 2 be marginalized or fired? Will Actor 3 come on board full time? Will the fans of the show freak out over these changes… or will the casting shake up actually make them happy?
TV Show: "Glee"
Actress 1: Lea Michele
Actor 1: Chris Colfer
Actor 2: Darren Criss
Actor 3: Adam Lambert

After Selena Gomez shocked the world by announcing that she had been to rehab, another young star has secretly checked in to deal with all the problems that come with fame and fortune. No-one has any idea, and she wants to keep this private. She has built her entire career on being that ‘normal’ girl, and does not want fans to know the truth. If it comes out that she is getting help, they will use the ‘exhausted’ answer, when in reality the poor dear is in big trouble with booze and pills! Ariana Grande

231. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 02/20 **#1**
This B list mostly television actor who should be a C but is married to someone who is also a B- list mostly television actress/model. Together they keep each other higher than they would be separately. I wonder if the wife knows the husband was gathering phone numbers as fast as he could the other night at a club. He had two phones with him and was entering all the women on one of the phones. He also took a photo of each one to go with their phone number. Jerry O'Connell/Rebecca Romijn

232. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 02/20 **#2**
This way underage daughter who is a celebrity in her own right of a west coast Real Housewife was spotted doing lines of coke like a champion the other night. 30 minutes of doing lines had her running around with a huge tear in that designer dress she was wearing. Yolanda Foster’s "Real Housewives of Beverly Hills" daughter Gigi Hadid (model in 2014 Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Edition)

233. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 02/20 **#3**
This former B+ list mostly movie actress who is extremely lucky to find work now but still enjoys A list name recognition wasn't able to film scenes for her new movie this week. She had a little pick me up during hair and makeup and another pick me up with some coffee to get going and another a short time later and by noon was hammered and was an even worse actress than normal so her scenes were pushed to today. Tara Reid "Sharknado 2: The Second One"

234. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 02/20 **#4**
It is the least known cast for this franchise and the studio is making sure nothing happens that will damage it. One of the leads in the next installment of the franchise which is using different actors this time around has been assigned a sober companion to keep him on time and away from drugs and booze so he can finish filming. Studios are in love with the guy but not his partying habits. Miles Teller or Jamie Bell "The Fantastic Four"

235. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 02/20 **#5**
This almost A+ list singer has her own line of clothes at a discount retailer. When asked why she never wears any of the designs she said they were awful and the store is awful, but that the checks are really nice. Nicki Minaj

236. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 02/20 **#6**
This B list foreign born female singer with some very famous friends was at the Elle Style Awards. At one point during the night she was so drunk that she lifted her dress and revealed she was going commando. She then sat down on the lap of a married actor and said she wanted to see if he liked her. She did this right in front of the guy's wife.
Female singer: Rita Ora
Married actor:

237. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 02/20 **#7**
This youngest reality daughter in an A list reality family doesn't do anything all day but smoke pot, take selfies and get naked online with her boyfriend. If he tries to distribute the images he has recorded he will go to jail though. She isn't 18. Kylie Jenner/Tyga

238. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 02/20 **#8**
This B list mostly television actress from a hit cable show has done it again. She found a married B+ list mostly movie actor and is calling it true love. He calls it sex. This will be revealed. January Jones/Ethan Hawke (filming "Good Kill")

239. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 02/20 **#9**
This B- list mostly movie actress is married. She really should be a C- list mostly movie actress but has A+ list name recognition and a pill problem that has her in and out of rehab. An overdose the other night has sent her back for the fifth or sixth time in the past few months. She keeps leaving. Jessica Biel

240. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 02/20 **#10**
This B list celebrity/former reality star and all around money hustler has always had a thing for women. I remember one time the married celeb set her sights on this B list singer/celebrity/actress who got her start on a reality show. Our celeb was convinced she had a chance at the singer and gave her the full court press and bought her gifts and took her to dinner and even introduced her to someone who would make the singer a huge star. The catch was the singer had to play with our B lister. When the singer thought she was talented enough to get the deal without playing she found all doors to the recording industry suddenly closed. No more records for her. She had to find different ways to make money which is why she looked to televison and movies. Our B list celebrity had no problems convincing her first husband to join her with other women. He was going to have women whether his wife wanted him to or not. Having the other women join them lengthened their marriage significantly. One of her more high profile romances went sour because her guy didn't like the ides of her being with anyone whether it be man or woman. Of course he had no problems with himself being with other women. Her current guy doesn't care what our B lister does. He just feels fortunate to be having sex with a celebrity. He has had lots of beautiful women but they were all paid for. He has to pay our B lister too but she made it seem all so reasonable and recently she celebrated their partnership by bringing him a different woman each night she picked out for them to play with.
B list celebrity/former reality star: Kimora Lee Simmons
B list singer/celebrity/actress: Katharine McPhee
Introduced her to:
First husband: Russell Simmons
Current guy: Tim Leissner
High profile romance: Djimon Hounsou

This Lady wrote a nice book for women and their committed relationships with men. One problem....... somebody forgot to tell her man! The camera never lies, and it caught him not following the advice in the book. Hmmmmmmmmmmm! LaLa Vasquez and Carmelo Anthony

242. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 02/21 **#1**
These two celebrities now have something in common. Previously this married A+ list celebrity spent some time with an escort, who is one of the highest paid escorts in the world. Apparently she has now also hooked up with this A list Spanish speaking celebrity/singer. The escort was paid for as a gift by the same man.
Married A+ list celebrity: David Beckham
A list Spanish speaking celebrity/singer: Marc Anthony

243. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 02/21 **#2**
This former A list tweener celeb/singer says he is sober but that was him passed out drunk on a float in the middle of a pool who had to be brought to dry land so he wouldn't fall off and drown. Aaron Carter

244. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 02/21 **#3**
This A list Academy Award winning actor loves his current girlfriend. He found her in a BDSM club and the aging actor says that she lets him do whatever he wants to her. When he tried the same thing with his B- list mostly movie actress ex she kicked him out of the house and filed for divorce.

245. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 02/21 **#4**
This B list mostly movie actress who is an Academy Award winner/nominee was doing press for her latest project and reporters kept offering her gum because she reeked of booze. It was painful to sit across from her. Marisa Tomei/"The Realistic Joneses" Broadway press preview

246. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 02/21 **#5**
This B list mostly movie actress who should be closer to a B- based on her current box office success used to be an A list mostly movie actress. Her manager is so scared of being fired by the never really nice actress that the manager didn't even visit their daughter who was in the hospital having emergency surgery because the manager was afraid to be out of sight of the actress for longer than a few minutes. Katherine Heigl

247. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 02/21 **#6**
Two aging rock stars. Both were A list back in the day although one was A list as a solo artist (then memorably and briefly with a group) and one was A list for way longer as the singer for an A list group. Last night at a party there was a groupie they both wanted. Instead of fighting about it, the pair talked the groupie into having sex with both of them backstage. The groupie was not even old enough to remember when the pair were even relevant in music.

248. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 02/21 **#7**
So how do you see your girlfriend if you are a married closeted B- list mostly movie actress? You open a business with her so you can see and be with her everyday. Jessica Biel/Estee Stanley (a restaurant, called Au Fudge, is like a "Soho House for kids"

249. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 02/21 **#8**
This former B list mostly television actor has been arrested about as many times as series he has appeared on. His arrests are always gloriously horrific. Our actor was spotted walking down Robertson picking cigarette butts up off the ground and smoking the ones that had anything left to smoke. Andy Dick

250. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 02/21 **#9**
This married A list Academy Award winning actress is having an affair on the set of her new movie. Apparently she has a smile on her face most of the time too so this is exceptional. I just imagine if you touched her skin your finger would freeze. Nicole Kidman "Queen of the Desert"

251. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 02/21 **#10**
This B list reality show personality is A list if you are home during the day. He has never been in a blind before. Married, our B lister has a reputation with the hookers in his area as someone you definitely don't want to have sex with because he is way too large.

252. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 02/21 **#11**
This celebrity used to be A list. He used to be on television. He has been in movies. Used to have women throw themselves all over him when he performed. Now though he is a shell of his former self. His much younger wife calls the shots. She has a boyfriend in the mafia and the two of them have cleaned out the much older performer. They take every one of his paychecks. She says that she is watching his money but he has no idea it is just ending up in her pockets. When she needed to settle on a debt she managed to run a little scam that netted her over a million dollars and her husband was none the wiser. Our performer thinks he is still a stud and that women still love him but his wife arranges for hookers or strippers to come backstage after a show and pretend to be groupies. The husband loves that his wife never seems to mind when he spends time alone with the women. The wife rarely lets her husband touch her. She sleeps in a separate room and that is when she actually decides to sleep at home. Most of the time she spends the night at her boyfriend's home. She used to be a quiet, shy person and then when she got into trouble with some gambling issues she became an entirely different person. Quite the wife. Wayne Newton/Kathleen McCrone

This west coast rapper is known to boss up and roll with G’d up goons. But back in the day.. he once took off like track star Usain Bolt and ‘flew over a six-foot fence’ to dodge a beat-down. Don’t believe me.. Ask Suge Knight. Know why? Our blind item had beef with the Death Row Records founder, and took it to wax. That’s before the day sources tell us "he was chilling in the backyard at Jamie Foxx’s house" — when Suge showed up at the front door. He has some shows lined up in England — but the U.K. government has yet to clear his passport, and he’s said to need that guap. Don’t believe me.. Ask Tami Roman. He would make more money if he went the independent route. The problem is.. he’s choosing to wait for "Baby" to sign him. He’s a regular paid-to-appear Hollywood club-hopper, used by venues to attract other celebs and media reports. Ask Khloe Kardashian. The Game

254. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 02/22 **#1**
This former A+ list mostly movie actor who had a run of movies that raced to the top of the box office a little over a decade ago is now probably a B lister but he will always have A list name recognition. Aging and cranky, the actor was out to dinner the other night and brought his own wine. Several bottles. At the end of the night he got the bill and saw the corkage fee the place charged. He argued over the $50 charge on his $500 tab. The restaurant wouldn't budge and our actor walked out of the place without paying the charge and told them they could sue him. He didn't tip either. Mel Gibson

255. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 02/22 **#2**
This SI model who seemed to be everywhere last year spent the first part of the week hooking up with her back on again boyfriend and the end of the week last week spending the night in the hotel room of her ex. Both are celebrities but two entirely different professions.
Sports Illustrated model: Kate Upton
Back on again boyfriend: Justin Verlander
Ex: Maksim Chmerkovskiy

256. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 02/22 **#3**
This star of a FOX show that will be around awhile longer had a little surgery to fix her nose after some nose candy issues. While doing that she also had some other work done and she looks completely different than two years ago and forced crew on her show to shoot her from completely different angles so people would at least somewhat recognize her.
Naya Rivera "Glee"

257. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 02/22 **#4**
This A+ list celebrity was at lunch yesterday and had a meltdown. It started with her eating her food with her hands and then she started talking to herself and the next thing you know it was the shortest lunch on record and everyone got out of there. Britney Spears

258. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 02/22 **#5**
This A list mostly movie actress who used to be A+ and is an Academy Award winner gave an interview to an obscure foreign publication. She thought it would be great to show she cared about people in other parts of the world and at one point during the interview said that she once had sex with this A+ list celeb/rapper. The thing is her timeline didn't mesh and she would have been married when it happened. Her publicist didn't catch it until a week later when listening to the tape an assistant made during the interview. Our actress got the magazine to remove the one paragraph from the story but is the cover person for the issue and had to pose for photos rather than just sending in some to be used. Gwyneth Paltrow/Chris Martin/POSSIBLY: Jay-Z "Fair Lady Magazine"

259. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 02/22 **#6**
This former A+ list rapper/celeb thinks things will be different now that he is moving in a new direction. Everything will be the same because the guy he got all his rhymes from was killed two years ago and our former A+ lister can't do it on his own. 50 Cent

260. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 02/22 **#7**
This former A list singer is now more reality star than anything else. She spent some of her limited funds on several different identities which she uses to buy prescription pills. There is rarely a time during the day where she is not popping a pill. Toni Braxton

261. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 02/23 **#1**
One of the biggest foreign born female celebrities in the world is HIV+. Apparently she was diagnosed almost two decades ago and has been living with the disease since. She recently opened up to a group of people about living with it.

262. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 02/23 **#2**
After a relapse this B list mostly movie actor who used to be an A list tweener has been getting treatment at a rehab center outside of California. It is the same place that one of America's favorite rehab darlings went once. Zac Efron "Cirque Lodge" in Utah/Lindsay Lohan

263. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 02/23 **#3**
This former A+ list celebrity might be pregnant but it hasn't slowed down her drinking. Christina Aguilera

264. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 02/23 **#4**
These two married co-stars from a hit network show spent two hours together yesterday in a suite at the Langham Hotel. Kerry Washington/Tony Goldwyn "Scandal" (NAACP awards in Pasadena, CA)

265. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 02/23 **#5**
This former A+ list celebrity/singer who is now a B lister with A list name recognition is back on heroin again. Strung out and pasty, he looks awful. He has been trying to smoke pot to get an appetite but it isn't working. He looks like death. Scott Weiland (Forgot about this blind)

266. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 02/24 **#1**
This way back in the day A list celebrity/singer who now is on a perpetual casino tour with her family might want to take a break because her husband cheats on her every time she hits the road. Just more drama for a drama filled life but her first time in a blind.

267. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 02/24 **#2**
This former Bachelor and Bachelor spinoff contestant who got her start by sleeping with a studio executive at 18 is cheating on her boyfriend with the executive all these years later to try and get a spot on DWTS. Emily Maynard

268. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 02/24 **#3**
At an event this weekend this C+ list mostly television actress who is on a new show after getting her big break in a critically acclaimed movie is not quite 21 yet. She did manage to get wasted at the event and then capped off the night by puking all over this good looking A list television actor from a long running network show.

269. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 02/24 **#4**
This B- list foreign born celebrity who is only B- here in the US because she is higher in her own country is an offspring. She is also married with two kids but it hasn't stopped her from leaving her husband at home with the kids and having a torrid affair the past month. Peaches Geldof; Lily Allen

270. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 02/24 **#5**
This briefly A list singer/celeb who is now settling down to a one hit wonder B canceled a recent concert because he wanted double the amount of money he was getting. He also submitted a backstage rider to rival an 80's hair band. The venue held firm and our singer said buh bye. Robin Thicke

271. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 02/24 **#6**
This B-/C+ list mostly movie actor has become a director. He is casting a new movie now and some of the scenes require nudity. The way he is casting these specific parts is by inviting women to come to his place. If they sleep with him he will get them a role in the movie. So far he has about 30 that have slept with him and he is making good on his promise. It is not even a big movie. Zack Braff "Swingles"

272. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 02/24 **#7**
This A+ list mostly movie actor is married and is an Academy Award winner/nominee. His former model wife says that he never wants to have sex with her and he is more interested in smoking pot and looking at himself in the mirror than actually spending time with her. She says she is more of an accessory for him now that he is forced to bring with him. Matthew McConaughey (Camila Alves) "Inside Actors Studio" Camila Alves: Husband Matthew McConaughey Isn't as Romantic as His Movie Characters

273. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 02/24 **#8**
This B- list mostly movie actor who will be a B+ again when the next installment of his franchise is released paid $5K to a woman to pose with him in multiple locations over the weekend. Josh Hutcherson "The Hunger Games: Mockingjay - Part 1"
(Apparently he thought it would impress her and she would go out with him again. She didn't though)

274. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 02/24 **#9**
This D list reality star who only is a reality star because of her A+ list mostly movie actor ex-husband was wasted out of her mind over the weekend and started throwing punches at a memorial event for the offspring of this C list celebrity. She was throwing the punches at the C lister.
D list reality star: Torrei Hart
A+ list ex-husband: Kevin Hart
C list celebrity: Tameka Raymond

275. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 02/24 **#10**
This former A- list mostly television actress who has also been an A- list singer and a reality star and everything else she can do to make money has also had lots of legal drama in her life. Oh, and some crazy family members. Anyway, she recently called off her engagement. She wanted to get the story out before her boyfriend started talking about her always cheating on him.
Actress and singer: Brandy Norwood
Crazy relatives: brother/Ray J; cousin/Snoop Dogg

Automobile accident that killed woman

276. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 02/24 **#11**
The Not So Perfect Family: This B list celebrity/mostly movie actor offspring is really young to be hooked on drugs, but he is. The only time he sees his parents are when they make him do something as a family for photos. Otherwise he hangs out with friends and does drugs. When he goes to rehab the family won't look quite so perfect. He started off just doing some Molly and some pot but has worked his way up to pills. He says that his life needs excitement and that drugs let him be who he wants to be. He has introduced some of his celebrity freinds to drugs and it is like one big group of tweeners with way too much money and time on their hands and parents who just don't care. As much as I want the guy to get help I do hope his family gets taken down a notch because they want the world to think they are so great. Jaden Smith son of Will and Jada Pinkett Smith

277. BLIND ITEM 02/24
Just a few years ago, this multi-hyphenate actor was one of the hottest stars in the world. He worked a lot through 2012, but very little in 2013. Why the slow down? Because drugs kept tripping him up last year! He’s a mild-mannered guy in real life, but he absolutely rages on coke and gets out of control and destructive (and self-destructive) very quickly. And he does a lot of coke. He has been to rehab before to take care of the problem. In fact, want to know where he is now? In rehab. Yes, again. In an ironic twist, he recently talked about his sobriety in a rather awkward interview (during a promotional tour for his latest film). You would have gotten the impression from that interview that he is sober right now. He’s definitely not. Same issue. Coke, coke, coke. Addiction is a slippery slope, my friends, and he slipped and fell hard enough to break his sobriety. However, his team does not want you to know this! So they kept him on his promotional tour and then shipped him off to rehab when he was done. They are pretending that he is on a slippery slope vacation in a place near the rehab facility (just in case they need an occasional photo op to keep the ruse going). Why won’t they admit to rehab? One word: insurance! His repeated relapses in such a short time frame make him practically uninsurable at this point. Zac Efron "Cirque Lodge"

278. MEDIA TAKEOUT 02/24/14
[Popular Black celeb] got married to her [sorta popular Black celeb husband] for the child, according to what he's hearing from colleagues. The rumors are true that she's a lesbian, and [husband] found out he was her beard, so now he's trying to get out of the marriage. He doesn't want to continue with [Popular actress] because he doesn't agree with who she really is, views homosexuality as a sin, blah blah Christianity. He threatened to out her to the public. That's some real SCANDALOUS ish!!! Kerry Washington/Nnamdi Asomugha

Today’s blind item was turned out at a young age by producer Mr. Collipark. Our 23-year-old blind item may now just be entering early manhood, but thanks to an ATL walk through Colli-Park, his rainbow swag has been turned on! "Dude was just a kid," a tipster tells us. The vibrant colors of the rainbow would be the true shades backing **no pun intended** this soldier. Just take a closer look into his modern day "urban" version of the Village People — complete with ‘Superman’ steps. Don’t believe me.. Just ask dude’s hag, skiing-slopes to get to Molly buddy, Katt Stacks. His Atlanta Wonderland turned to Malice, after some of his so-called homeys pulled heists at the rapper’s home. That’s what led the lyricist to bounce to L.A. Pronto! Ask former SODMG artist, John Boy. Dig the Drop: "Dude is like Bow Wow, both them cats been passed around the industry. Why do think Fiddy bought him a tour bus?" Thoughts of pickin’ up the soap running through his mind could be why word points to Pretty Boy as contemplating suicide. That’s NOT Swag! Now, can you guess who I’m talking about? Soulja Boy

280. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 02/25 **#1**
What still married celebrity offspring of an A+ list mostly movie actor kept crashing a suite during a recent game so she could use their bathroom. Every ten minutes. Francesca Fisher-Eastwood

281. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 02/25 **#2**
This B list reality star who is linked to an A list reality family left behind his A list reality star significant other when he and another guy took two women they picked up at a club to the other guy's apartment. Each guy paid for an hour.
B list reality star: The Game
A list reality family: Kardashians
A list reality star significant other: Khloé Kardashian
(And a short time later Khloe began hooking up with French Montana)

282. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 02/25 **#3**
This A+ list diva was so hammered at an event last week that not only couldn't she sing but she was having trouble even lip synching to her performance. Producers of the show were worried she would have to sit on a stool during her performance because during a rehearsal an hour before the show she couldn't even stand upright. Mariah Carey "BET Honors"

283. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 02/25 **#4**
This B list mostly television actress from a very hit, very good cable show better watch out for her B list mostly television actor from a long running cable hit show on a different network. She thinks they are forever. They are except when he is on set with his local girlfriend. Troian Bellisario "Pretty Little Liars"/Patrick J. Adams "Suits"

284. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 02/25 **#5**
This B list mostly television actress who was A list back in the day despite the show she is on now being way bigger claims to be a vegan and preaches it to anyone who will listen but the crew on her show say she has her assistant get her burgers at least twice a week. Mayim Bialik ("Blossom"/"The Big Bang Theory")

285. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 02/25 **#6**
This B- list reality star from an A list network reality show yelled at this former tweener who is lucky to get work the other night at a party because he wouldn't go home with her. He had his girlfriend with him.
B- list reality star: Karina Smirnoff
A list network reality show: "Dancing With the Stars"
Former tweener: Corbin Bleu

286. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 02/25 **#7**
"I'll make more money from marrying him than I would as a model. Plus he is always cheating with lots of other women and is out of town all the time so it isn't like I have to have sex with him that much." This former A list model talking about her future husband who is a B list celebrity with A list name recognition. Miranda Kerr/James Packer; Behati Prinsloo/Adam Levine

287. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 02/25 **#8**
This married A list celebrity/reality star/sometime actor told the waitress he was hitting on last night at an event that his A list marriage was over and it was a money thing why they were not divorced. She didn't buy his story so he went and found a waitress who did. Nick Cannon/Mariah Carey

288. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 02/25 **#9**
She is pretty sneaky. Those lunch meetings with her professor are really 45 minutes twice a week that she has been spending with her most recent long term celebrity ex. He has been there for her but they have a relationship that is not good for either of them. Amanda Bynes/Kid Cudi (enrolled in FIDM)

289. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 02/25 **#10**
Truly Awful Humans: It always creeps me out when I see a known child molester or a predator who goes after teens act like a concerned person or someone who won't do what they have been doing if given a second chance. Over the past few months I have been talking to someone who has provided me with some truly horrifying information and each time I wonder if it can possibly get any worse it does. This celebrity used to be A list back in the day and he wants nothing more than to be A list again. He is a performer. He and a couple of his fellow performers have a thing for young teen females. It doesn't matter if they are strangers or family although they prefer family because they pressure the women to remain silent. The problem is there is one they can't pressure because of her status and I literally almost threw up this week when I heard this predator talking about someone he has molested and groped and done truly awful things to just smile and act as if he is a saint and that he is someone who is filled with nothing but love for everyone. What he is filled with is evil and he is not the only one close to him that has acted the same way. They all could use a lifetime in jail but no one close to them will speak publicly out of fear. Not just fear for themselves but fear of what will happen to those close to them if they speak. R. Kelly "Read the "Stomach-Churning" Sexual Assault Accusations Against R. Kelly in Full"

290. NBC NEWS 02/25
MSNBC host Ronan Farrow interviewed Cyrus for the lengthy feature and summed up his experience of her thusly: ""Miley Cyrus speaks in the language of her generation: she is a human text message." The interview also drops a little blind item for those who care enough to figure it out. Farrow writes that when he mentions "a recent hit by one prominent pop princess," Cyrus wrinkles her nose and declares, "Oh, God! That’s the worst."

Which singer is willing to allow other man into his marriage bed, if it will save his troubled marriage. The star has a reputation of being a ladies man with a large penis, however, in reality he is terrible in bed and always too sleepy to make love! Now, his wife has had enough and he is willing to do anything to save his marriage. "He sings about sex and is super hot, but in reality he is a terrible lover. The marriage is almost SEXLESS!" Robin Thicke/Paula Patton

292. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 02/26 **#1**
This Southeast based Housewife is popping pills almost constantly and rarely shows up for work and when she does show up just sleeps on the floor for an hour or two before leaving. Phaedra Parks "Real Housewives of Atlanta"

293. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 02/26 **#2**
This openly gay B- list female singer/celebrity, who had a pretty good 2013 hires female escorts and has them dress as nuns. Yes, it is the first time this person has been a blind and yes, it is freaky. Definitely going to be revealed. Jessie J

294. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 02/26 **#3**
This seemingly forever A list mostly movie actress who just is not a very good actress despite the millions she receives for each role hired a special assistant. The assistant was hired to take care of the boyfriend of the actress for a few weeks last year while the actress was filming away from the actor. She thought it would be something he enjoyed and he did but ultimately this is what led to their recent split. Jennifer Aniston/Justin Theroux

295. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 02/26 **#4**
This B list reality star/celeb/host has her agent find at least one company per day that is willing to pay our B lister to pose with a product. There are no photo shoots or going on set somewhere for a day. Our B lister finds out what the product is and gets paid and then sends her assistant out to pick one up and then poses with the item in her office or on the street or takes a selfie with the item in the background. She makes an extra $25K a week doing this. Anything you see her with or wear or use has been bought one way or the other. She is a billboard. Giuliana Rancic

296. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 02/26 **#5**
I'm not sure how seriously this A list celeb/one hit wonder is taking this whole reconciliation thing considering that he had an impromptu party at his place consisting solely of three of his female backup dancers. Robin Thicke

297. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 02/26 **#6**
This foreign born B-/C+ list celebrity/sometime actress is already onto her next assignment. She is being paid $25K a week after her most recent six week run. It is astonishing to me how much money she makes from guys who want to be with her. She does get them all press though. I guess if it is for press that somehow you might be able to deduct her as a business expense. There are whispers that this is a pay and credit deal so she might get a bit of acting work to go with her fee. Kelly Brook

298. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 02/26 **#7**
Answer In Random Photos: The boyfriend of this actress has had sex with the sister of the actress. Shhh. Vanessa Hudgens/Austin Butler; Dakota Fanning/Jamie Strachan

299. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 02/26 **#8**
Answer In Random Photos: This award winning actress once spent every ten minutes in the makeup trailer on a set because the makeup person doubled as a coke dealer. She would just sell one bump at a time. There was a line. This was before she hit it big but she had won her award. Claire Danes

300. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 02/26 **#9**
Answer In Random Photos: Once did a threesome with her actor boyfriend and his actor co-star. Well, it was going to be a threesome but the co-star passed out cold from coke and booze. According to the story they have told many times since, the passed out actor was left on the bed and the couple had sex next to him. Chris Evans/Minka Kelly/Dominic Cooper

301. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 02/26 **#10**
Answer In Random Photos: This actress makes up the second of three actresses who all say the makeup person kept them hooked on drugs. The third actress isn't in the photos today. The second actress is having a nice little career comeback. Jena Malone/Taryn Manning "Orange Is the New Black"

302. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 02/26 **#11**
Answer In Random Photos: He went to two parties last night gathering phone numbers and trying to get someone to go home with him. Everyone kept asking him about his girlfriend. Said they split. End of the night he was texting her and making plans to meet after he struck out with every other woman. Joe Jonas

303. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 02/26 **#12**
Answer In Random Photos: If you don't tell this actress how amazing she is within the first five minutes you meet her she won't give you another five minutes. I'm pretty sure she keeps one friend around who comes over to watch the show our actress is on and to tell the actress how great she is in every scene. I want to like her but every time I have run into her she is superficial and needy and always looking for the closest mirror and anyone who is noticing her. Emmy Rossum

304. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 02/26 **#13**
That's Not Creepy: Usually the items in this spot are longer and more detailed, but I just love this one so much I had to give it this position. Apparently this A+ list celebrity/"singer" is allowed to have sex BUT someone must be watching at all times AND each time is recorded. Talk about performance anxiety. Definitely going to be revealed. Britney Spears

305. BLIND GOSSIP 02/26
This prominent Director has amassed many awards over their career, including at least one Oscar. However, they are not quite so lucky when it comes to love! Our Director was once hitched to Another Famous Director. However, that spouse cheated on Our Director with an Actor. That infidelity led to the eventual termination of their relationship. Our Director eventually moved on to a quiet, multi-year relationship with a big-time Producer. Everyone in Hollywood knew about their interesting personal/professional relationship, but it didn’t get a lot of attention outside the industry. Well, guess what? The Producer dumped Our Director for an Actor, too! The Producer and Actor dated for a short time, and then quietly got engaged. Losing mates twice to actors? That’s got to hurt. Especially because Our Director still has to work with The Producer!
Our Director: Kathryn Bigelow
Former spouse/ Another Famous Director: James Cameron
Actor with whom the Former Spouse had an affair: Linda Hamilton
Producer: Mark Boal
Actor now engaged to Producer:

306. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 02/27 **#1**
These two A list reality sisters have had sex with the same celebrity. Just not at the same time. He said that he would love to go for three sisters if he can. The Game/Kim and Khloe Kardashian

307. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 02/27 **#2**
This A list celeb/rapper with A+ list name recognition is struggling so much financially that he has borrowed several million dollars from Jay-Z and hasn't paid him anything back yet which is a source of serious contention between the pair. The person borrowing the money does everything he can to avoid Jay. Kanye West (and shortly after this he signed an agreement with Jay-Z which also gave Jay-Z the right to look at the pre-nup with Kim Kardashian)

308. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 02/27 **#3**
As soon as filming wraps on her latest project this A list mostly movie actress who is an Academy Award winner/nominee is going to rehab but just for three weeks. Her people are hoping to not even mention she is gone but have an entire vacation scenario planned down to stories and selfies that have already been taken. They have told one studio they need to push back the start date of a new movie she is set to shoot but the three week interval is all that could be found.

309. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 02/27 **#4**
This C+ list mostly television actress is gorgeous. She is also a pretty good actress but has only had one major role on a very hit show. Anyway, with that show on she is probably more of a B- lister. Her ex-boyfriend is on a show she guest starred in and for three days they went hot and heavy and were everywhere on the set having sex and then she looked at engagement rings with her current boyfriend two days after filming.
C+ list actress:
Very hit show:
His show:
Current boyfriend:

310. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 02/27 **#5**
This B- list mostly television actress who would probably be lower on the list if not for her news presence and also the very hit show she is on is way under age. It didn't stop her from getting hammered at a party and making out with random strangers. The guy she came with left early on in the night and it was only because this up and coming B- list pop singer with the hard name to spell came to her rescue. The singer made sure to get the young actress headed home and without being seen by paps.
B- television actress: Ariel Winter
Very hit show: "Modern Family"
B- list pop singer:

311. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 02/27 **#6**
This current reality star who will disappear from public life in a few more weeks had sex with a woman in an RV this past weekend. He better hope and pray the woman doesn't say anything in the next few weeks. Not the right person so to speak. Juan Pablo Galavis "The Bachelor"

312. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 02/27 **#7**
This former B- list mostly television actress used to be on a fairly hit show for an almost network. Now she is a please book me for that made for television movie actress who you get confused with everyone else from that network. She did some good the other night though. She was hit on by this B+ list mostly television actor from a hit pay cable show even though he was with his girlfriend. Our actress called him a pig and told his girlfriend what the guy had done. The girlfriend didn't seem to care though.
Former B- list actress:
Fairly hit show:
B+ list actor:
Hit pay cable show:

313. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 02/27 **#8**
This B- list mostly television actress from a very hit almost television show took a break from the show because she had a breakdown after her actor boyfriend's wife caught them having an affair. It wasn't mid-thrust or anything but it was a what are you two doing together not wearing clothes kind of moment.
B- actress: Laura Prepon
Almost television show: Netflix’s "Orange Is the New Black"
Actor boyfriend/wife: Pablo Schreiber

314. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 02/27 **#9**
This attached A list celeb/singer was asking women yesterday after a show if they are on birth control. He said whoever he took home had to be on it because he didn't want a repeat of what happened when he had sex with this other A list celebrity/singer. John Mayer

315. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 02/27 **#10**
This group of five women, six if you ask this other person all keep a joint calendar of when their turn is to have sex with this A list foreign born singer/celeb. Right now they are in a panic because of the A+ list female singer who is taking their spot. Drake/Rihanna

316. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 02/27 **#11**
Which Voter Is This? The Hollywood Reporter ran this article and I think everyone wishes they knew who it was. All that is known is that he is a long time Academy voting member who is a director and is brutally honest. To read the entire thing, click here.
Ejiofor was good. DiCaprio has been better; this is a popcorn performance. McConaughey was very good; he's really doing some great stuff now, and I would give it to him for True Detective. Dern is a great guy and a friend and is excellent in the movie, and if I were not as taken by Bale's performance as I am, I would have voted for him. But Bale had a much juicier role -- Dern's role is very contained, whereas Bale is all over the place -- so I had to go with him. It's the role of a lifetime.
MY PICK: Christian Bale (American Hustle)

Blanchett has to win this. Bullock is the weak link -- she's just OK. For Streep, whom I love, this is a bottom-drawer performance. Dench is a terrific actress, and she's very good in this film. Adams I love. But you have to vote for who's truly the best, and to me, Blanchett -- whom I'm normally not that wild about, with the exception of Bandits -- is that. She was just a revelation; she was just spectacular.
MY PICK: Cate Blanchett (Blue Jasmine)

Everyone was at least very good, but Cooper was the best. I think this is the best he's been in anything. If he wasn't in the category, I'd probably end up voting for Jonah Hill, only because I found him so funny. Jared Leto was good and will win, but he's getting tremendous points because of the person he's playing more than the way he played it, which is as close to pandering as you can get.
MY PICK: Bradley Cooper (American Hustle)

Lawrence and Hawkins are the two obvious best of the five. Hawkins had a difficult part -- it's not an attractive role, and she's intentionally overshadowed constantly by Blanchett, but she registers strongly in each scene she's in. Jennifer was even better -- she has that extra level of excitement in every scene she's in. She just dazzles; she's always doing something original and bold and surprising and believable. June Squibb was fine. Julia Roberts was horrendous. And Lupita was very good, but a lot of the commotion over her is attributable to people's tremendous empathy with and sympathy for the role she's playing.
MY PICK: Jennifer Lawrence (American Hustle)

David O. Russell, hands down. Steve McQueen made an admirable movie, but I don't think it's remotely as ambitious or good as his previous film, Shame. Wolf is like Casino and GoodFellas -- fun, bubble-gum Scorsese. Payne -- whatever. And Cuaron was part of a committee of technicians who made that movie, and I have seen things at the planetarium that were at least as impressive.
MY PICK: David O. Russell (American Hustle)

Captain Phillips struck me as a slightly hokey, overacted, not particularly gripping action movie. Gravity pales in comparison with Cosmos, Neil deGrasse Tyson's recent 13-part reboot of Carl Sagan's famous TV series about the universe. Philomena, which I've wanted to call Philomania ever since the Golden Globes, was an effective tearjerker -- I was moved by it -- but that doesn't make it a great film. Nebraska was skillfully done but limited by its limited ambitions and its overly measured pace. Her interested me because of my complete ignorance of everything in it -- it was like sitting through a class that I wasn't necessarily enjoying but that I knew was good for me. (And just because I fall asleep in a movie doesn't necessarily mean I don't admire and like it; I've actually occasionally fallen asleep in my own movies.) Dallas Buyers Club was very good, and I was engaged by it all the way through, but there were no real surprises in it. The Wolf of Wall Street has almost nothing to say, but I found it hysterically funny. Conversely, with 12 Years a Slave, you don't even crack a smile, but it was interesting, admirable and well done; I must say, though, that contrary to what some have asserted, it's not as if it required great courage to make that movie -- maybe if you made it in Mississippi in 1930. As for American Hustle, its ambition is not overwhelming, but it takes an interesting subject and very interesting characters and delivers 100 percent on what could be done with it in a very engaging, entertaining, interesting and truthful way. I would not put it in the legendary masterpiece category, but it doesn't fail on any level.
MY PICK: (1) American Hustle; (2) 12 Years a Slave; (3) The Wolf of Wall Street

Clint Eastwood; James Cameron; Francis Ford Coppola

317. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 02/27 **#12**
Double Booked For Valentine's Day: Short and sweet. This sometime Victoria's Secret model has a significant other forever. They won't confirm a breakup and maybe they are trying to work things out but on Valentine's Day she had a date with her Australian billionaire boyfriend at lunch and they spent several hours in a penthouse at the Beverly Wilshire and he bought her a diamond necklace. That night she went to dinner with her significant other. I think he got her some flowers, but that was about it. Adriana Lima

318. BLIND GOSSIP 02/27 **#1**
Warning: The following blind item is definitely NSFW (Not Safe For Work)! There have been lots of stories in the past about this superstar actor’s chronic misbehavior with massage therapists and the legal cases that have been quietly settled following those encounters. Well, we have another one for you… and this one is the most shocking yet! This case has not yet been resolved, but there are a few interesting (and quite gross) details about it that make it different from the other cases we have heard about. This massage therapist was called to hotel room to give a massage to an unidentified guest. When he arrived, he was surprised to discover that the guest was a world-famous actor. The massage therapist set up a table and the actor got on the table and lay on his stomach. Then it got… weird. The actor began moaning and humping the table after a few minutes. When he turned over, he had a huge erection and began masturbating in front of the massage therapist. He grabbed the massage therapist’s package… and then ejaculated all over the jeans that the massage therapist was wearing! Now here are the three twists: One: The massage therapist’s jeans got the Monica Lewinsky treatment! The shocked massage therapist saved the pants – which had been sprayed with the actor’s semen – and sent them to a laboratory to prove that it was the actor’s DNA. Two: There was a third person in the room during this entire encounter! The actor actually brought along someone to film the action! Apparently the actor has an entire collection of videos of himself jerking off. Three: The person who was filming the action? The actor’s family nanny! Yes, when not busy caring for the actor’s child/ren, the actor has the Nanny serve as an amateur porn videographer. Nice parenting there. Needless to say, the massage therapist was wigging out during this entire encounter. While he actually wants the case to go to trial, it will likely get settled quietly, with the details of the actor’s depravity once again swept under the rug. John Travolta

319. BLIND GOSSIP 02/27 **#2**
("rainbow-colored puppies") These two hot young performers were once a couple. They were such a popular and beautiful couple, in fact, that their fans even gave them one of those cute couple names. Then they broke up. When we reported that they had each moved onto other people (PR and real dating situations and hookups), their fans yelled at us and called us liars. Sorry, but we couldn’t tell you that they loved each other and were still together when they just weren’t! Well, today we have some good news for their fans. Not great news. Just good news. They are getting along well. There are still lots of hurt feelings about who cheated on who and when and why, but they are working it out. They are getting along so well, in fact, that for the first time in a long time…they spent the night together. This happened very recently. Now, before you go getting too excited, understand that this doesn’t mean that they are exclusively dating, in love, or getting married and having babies and adopting rainbow-colored puppies together. They just spent the night together. So if you happen to see them looking happier and more relaxed with each other in the near future, at least you’ll know why. They are working it out… in bed. Robert Pattinson/Kristen Stewart "Robsten"; Niall Horan and Harry Styles "One Direction"

Which male Oscar nominated star good look charm is wearing ladies panties? He does not think of himself as a cross dress but insists that wearing ladies underwear under his suit will help him win. He has had the lucky "panties" for 2-years now, and is convinced that he cannot win unless he is wearing them. Only his stylist knows about it, but lucky for him – his stylist has LOOSE LIPS! WINK!
Bradley Cooper

This Superstar has it all: acclaim, hits and awards. So what's missing? Sistahs!!!! He's catching it pretty good on social media for leaving people out. Pharrell

322. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 02/28 **#1**
This former A list pop star who used to always be at the top of the charts broke her marriage vows two nights ago because she wanted to have sex with one of her television idols. The fact he has not had a hit on the air since she was an early teen didn't stop her. Apparently she watched the teen drama every week and was not going to miss out on a chance.
Michelle Branch (and shortly after this, she left her husband)/Luke Perry  "Pre-Oscar party at the Avalon Hollywood"

323. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 02/28 **#2**
This former B list reality star celebrated his return to the show that made him famous by convincing a woman the other night to have sex with him and his brother. I guess she really thinks it could make her famous.
Show: "Dancing with the Stars"
B list reality star: Maksim Chmerkovskiy
Brother: Valentin Chmerkovskiy

324. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 02/28 **#3**
This former franchise movie actor who thought he was going to have one of his own was complaining the other night that because his new movie is a bomb, the good looking actor is going to have to go back to sleeping with producers for parts. He thinks maybe this time he can try for women since the men didn't give him any good roles.
Actor: Kellan Lutz
Former franchise: "Twilight"
New movie: "The Legend of Hercules"

325. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 02/28 **#4**
This Academy Award winning actress is being watched by her kids on a daily basis. There is someone in the house with her or they make her go visit one of the kids because the actress has been relapsing on a fairly regular basis and is in bad shape mentally and physically. Too much drama about her marriage. Catherine Zeta-Jones

326. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 02/28 **#5**
This A list photographer has always been a pig but he used to have someone watching him to make sure he was less of a pig. That person isn't there any longer and unless you are a celebrity the only way this photographer will take your photo is if you give him sex of some kind. He usually records the sex and the model telling the camera it is consensual. Terry Richardson

327. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 02/28 **#6**
Why yes, that was a woman entering and staying in the suite for several hours at the Ritz Carlton over on the east coast. Apparently she was hired for her looks and discretion by this now A- list celeb/singer who is still married. Robin Thicke

328. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 02/28 **#7**
Old Hollywood Blind: This A list actress at the time was everywhere and did everything. She also was extremely jealous. When she thought that this A+ list movie actor who is still considered A+ today was stealing her girlfriend she tried to kill the actor. Despite making lots of movies together they never made another after that and the girlfriend of the actress later became the wife of the actor.
A list actress:
A+ list actor:

329. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 02/28 **#8**
Old Hollywood Blind: This actress was probably B list back in the day but she married into an A++ list Hollywood family. Traces of that A list family are everywhere still today throughout Beverly Hills and portions of their life are tour stops for the buses. Anyway, this actress caught her husband cheating on her for the millionth time and already had a life threatening STD she caught from him. They got into a fight and he poisoned her. He paid off police and walked away with nothing but his infected peen and a new girlfriend a few days later. Olive Thomas/Jack Pickford

330. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 02/28 **#9**
This barely hanging onto A list mostly movie actor has been in the news a lot the past year. Yesterday he had sex with his girlfriend in the sauna at a gym and then made her stay in the locker room surrounded by guys while he showered. Shia LaBeouf

331. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 02/28 **#10**
This C+ list mostly television actor just got his big break. Got a network television show. He better hope he can settle with those two women he is accused of assaulting last year or he is going to be unemployed. The network has no idea about his past.

332. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 02/28 **#11**
This former B list mostly movie actor who is now an A list fuck up really messed up this time. His girlfriend had an emergency and had to call 911 and go to the hospital and this actor was a strip club drunk out of his mind and didn't know about the situation for hours after she went. David Arquette

333. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 02/28 **#12**
This relationship I predicted would make it to next year is struggling because the B list mostly movie actress cheated on her actor boyfriend with the writer/producer/star of one of her upcoming movies which won't be as good as the original.
Actress: Amanda Seyfried
Actor: Justin Long
writer/producer/star: Seth MacFarlane
Movie: "Ted 2"

334. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 02/28 **#13**
This actress was A+ list back in the day. Incredible actress. Beautiful. had everything going for her. She skyrocketed to fame and was gone in an instant. Academy Award winner/nominee. She also was being blackmailed. The entire time in LA she was basically forced to work. Her sister was back home in another country and was threatened with death unless our actress not only worked and sent money back home but also had to have sex with several well known gentleman in LA who had very specific kinks that she could fulfill. After a few years in LA and constantly working and even being forced to marry one of the men who basically had been raping her every day and night for years, her sister was killed or committed suicide. No one is quite sure. As soon as that hold was removed over her life our actress ran to another country and divorced her husband and never acted again. At the peak of her fame, she was gone forever.

335. POPBITCH 02/28
Which Brit TV turned Hollywood movie comedian showed a strange lack of humour when filming at the skate park on London's Southbank? He was heard screaming "Are you talking to me, fuckface?" loudly at a member of the public - who, we're guessing, must have shouted something like "Oi, ginger!"
Simon Pegg

336. BLIND GOSSIP 02/28
This famous couple split up recently. While she may be crying in her Cheerios, Breakup Guy certainly isn’t. He has already moved on to a new girl! Actually, the new girl is an old girl. Before he started dating Cheerio, she used to be one of his favorite hookups! She is famous, too, but in a different field from Breakup Guy. She is a hot and tasty little number who likes to wrap her mouth around more then just ice cream. As soon as Mouthy found out that Breakup Guy was splitting up with Cheerio – Bam! – she was back on the scene. You will actually see Breakup Guy and Mouthy together soon in a professional capacity. Our jaws dropped when we heard this was happening. Why? Because when Breakup Guy and Mouthy were involved a few years back, it almost ruined one of their careers, and their management teams had to scramble so hard to completely disassociate them from each other!
Breakup Guy: John Mayer
Cheerio: Katy Perry
Mouthy: Giada DeLaruentiis

He’s gone from ball’in out of control.. to posting up in front of his ex-wifey’s L.A. crib, "waiting for her to get home so he can get inside." Sources say that’s all a part of his reality when he’s on the west coast. Dig the drop: "If you think I’m lying, Ask Cam’ron. Rachel Roy locks him out and he gotta wait for her to get home to get inside." Damon Dash

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