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1. NEW YORK OBSERVER 12/01 **#1**
From the article Paid Friends: Weary of Genuine Relationships, Rich New Yorkers Hire Stand-Ins. Last Friday, I was being fitted for a cerulean velvet sports jacket at Jay Kos on Mott Street when an ominous black SUV pulled up outside the discreet storefront. An old client from the agency business emerged and rang the buzzer, his trainer in tow. After a pleasant greeting, he immediately requested the same blazer (in a larger size, thankfully). His trainer, who was still in his yoga gear, pulled a few items for my acquaintance as well. "Try these on—they’ll look good on you," he suggested, yawning simultaneously. "Do you always travel with an entourage?" I asked my former client. "Why do you ask?" he looked at me squarely. "Are you writing a new story? I liked the last one, but my wife was offended." "Wait till she reads the next one. It’s on paid friends." "Paid friends?" "As in people who are friends with their decorators, trainers, stylists." "Oh, I get it. She has plenty," he said somewhat amused. "Why don’t you ask him?" he asked, pointing to his flexible friend. "He’s a paid friend." "No, I’m not. I’m your friend," the yogi said, somewhat offended. "But you get paid." "Yeah, but …" "So you’re a paid friend," he said matter-of-factly. "I’d rather not," the yogi sniffed. "I don’t mind having paid friends," the client said, trying on a python jacket. "My wife is paid, and she’s not even a friend. Just joking. You know me. I’ve had a few tussles in my day. Once you’ve had paid friends who don’t argue with you, it’s actually quite hard to go back to real friends." He laughed. "That looks great," the yoga instructor said, eyeing my former client in snakeskin. "You think I should buy it?" the client asked. "Definitely. And you can throw this on the bill for me." The trainer picked a perforated cashmere scarf and wrapped it around his neck, Euro style.
Former Agency Client:
Trainer/Yoga Instructor:

2. NEW YORK OBSERVER 12/01 **#2**
From the article Paid Friends: Weary of Genuine Relationships, Rich New Yorkers Hire Stand-Ins. Sometimes, just being fun to be around is a currency that translates into social invitations, as it has for a bicoastal producer I know. Sitting in the afternoon sun on the terrace of the Downtown outpost of Sant Ambroeus, a few glasses of prosecco clearly provided the proper amount of social lubrication to get him talking. "In Hollywood, you’re either in the starring role or in the supporting cast. I always said I was a paid extra," he laughed, his stylish frames glinting in the sun. "Did you know many paid friends in L.A.?" "Know any? My partner and I always joke we’re America’s houseguests. We’re always being invited to fun, fabulous places, and it’s always a seaplane, a private jet, five-star villas. Wheels up, baby!" "Any downside?" I asked. "Well, you’re always on someone else’s schedule—sort of like being a pet monkey. But when you’re single and a free agent, you can enjoy the paid friend lifestyle at the drop of hat." "Do you see a difference in New York vs. L.A. paid friends?" I asked. "It’s much more faux democratic in L.A. There, the stars go out with their stylists in sweatpants for a latte. It’s more formal in New York. The driver stays in the car; they’re not having lunch with you at Da Silvano. In L.A., domestic help really runs the house and raises the kids, because the actors and the producers can be away for months at a time. So they really are an extended part of the family." "And in New York?" "New York is more formal and diversified. In L.A., proximity, traffic, carmeggedon actually keep your group smaller. You don’t just drop in on people; it’s scheduled, and you tend to socialize only with the people you work with." "How do the stars go about finding their paid friends?" "L.A. is big on poaching. Once I started working with [one of the great female stars], everyone assumes if you’re good enough for her, you must be good, so they try and poach you. And in L.A., it’s accepted that all the paid friends are waiting for their All About Eve moment." "Such as?" "I once went to a small dinner party with [the star] at [another huge star’s home], and, of course, the personal chef comes out and wants to know if you eat meat or are vegan. At the same time, during dinner—it was an open kitchen—she’s grilling pineapples and pitching a movie idea to my boss. Of course, no one blinks an eye." "So why did you stop being a paid friend? "We’re living here now, and we have our own lives to lead. Look, being a paid friend is complicated. When you’re in the presidential suite, it’s amazing, sometimes it can be emasculating, but I put my ego away a long time ago. Truthfully, there’s also something reassuring about it." "Reassuring?" I said not believing my ears. "Well, think about it. You have these incredibly successful and wealthy people who are at the top of their game and should be so happy." "And?" "And if they were so incredibly happy and satisfied, why would they need me to go to Hawaii to entertain them?"
Great Female Star:
Huge Star throwing dinner party:

She's taking a stand and being socially conscious, but is it a smoke screen to make us forget all the allegations she's facing now. It's hard to call a social activist a home wrecker. Chilli "TLC"

This male Glee actor has been talking smack about Lea Michele every chance he gets because he says that Lea is telling everyone his relationship with his girlfriend is fake. Matthew Morrison

This former A list mostly movie actor who had a franchise is down and out right now. A producer gave him a chance in an indie film and our actor showed up for work, walked to his trailer and passed out all day. The actor did this for three consecutive days before he was fired. Macaulay Culkin "Service Man"

This married female B+ list celebrity has been having an affair with her bandmate just for old times sake. HINT: His name is in the band (POSSIBLY: Meg Smith and Jack White "White Stripes")

Rumor has it that one of Atlanta’s most popular rappers/actors/entrepreNegros has a baby on the way. The popular rapper/actor/entrepreNegro is engaged to a beautiful med school dropout who is on his arm at every major function and the pair is often ‘boo’d up’ at clubs and events around the country. But word on the curb is that it’s not his fiance who’s pregnant! News of another unwed mother in Atlanta isn’t news in itself, but apparently it’s the fact that the rapper/actor/entrepreNegro is engaged to be married and his beautiful fiance isn’t the one who is expecting. The rapper/actor/entrepreNegro has been trying to clean up his image over the past few years and while his fiance is understandably distraught about the news, she is sticking by her man’s side and keeping up appearances. In the meantime, the streets of Atlanta are talking about how the rapper/actor/entrepreNegro’s soon to be ‘baby mama’ has said she wants to be paid for her silence… and we ain’t talkin’ bout no ‘Chicken & Beer’! Ludacris/Eudoxie Agnan

8. REDDIT 12/01 **#1**
I wrote for a primetime show where one of the actors was very difficult to work with so the creator of the show ended the season with that character‘s life in peril. [The actor] became very apologetic and tried to get his act together, so he was not written off. However, the following season he was back to the same shenanigans leading to him being killed off after that season. He was not informed until his contract was not renewed. It was most definitely not a fantastic way [to die]. In fact, they didn’t even get a death scene. The next season started and it was revealed that character was dead.
TV Show: Two and a Half Men
Difficult Actor: Charlie Sheen

9. REDDIT 12/01 **#2**
I work in TV but mostly comedy so I don’t have tons of experience with actors getting killed off. But one example I saw was insane. This actor HATED doing the show and wanted off- even though he was under contract. It got so ugly that the creators decided to kill his character off, but the actor wouldn’t even come to work to shoot a death scene – so it happened mostly off screen. In a later season the actor regretted leaving and came back "miraculously". It was bonkers but the showrunner was awesome and rolled with it.

10. BLIND GOSSIP 12/01
Lilit Marcus – author of Save The Assistants: A Book For The Beleaguered – kept an email from an unnamed but apparently well-known Hollywood manager. The note included the following requests: "My alarm clock rings funny – find one that’s more soothing," and "Are bagels different with LA water? They seem different. Find out!"

Hollywood Manager:

This A list mostly movie actor who is A list because of a franchise and not really because of his acting has been getting into knockdown fights with his B+ list mostly movie actress wife almost everyday in full hearing of a group of people they work with. The couple has been working together and apparently have been going home to separate homes. He alone and she into the arms of someone else most nights. Daniel Craig/Rachel Weisz (Broadway show "Betrayal")

This A list celebrity/singer says she doesn't remember messing around with her brother. The crowd around them seem to remember it just fine thank you. HINT: She now says she has a boyfriend. So, no more messing around with her brother. (POSSIBLY: Rihanna/Ronald Fenty)

"I started doing this little girl voice when a producer of the show I was auditioning for really responded to it. It turns out he liked it better when we were in bed together. Since then I have kept it because guys seem to like it." (Almost A list celebrity/singer/actress talking about her big break when she was a minor from a man three times her age) HINT: She is currently on a tweener show. For now.  Ariana Grande "Sam & Cat"

This former A list celebrity/television host/reality star? is now a punch line. A very rich punchline though. He is making sure that his fortune keeps him well stocked with what he calls his rainbow special. He hires a bunch of different male escorts of differing races and takes them all on at once. I wonder how many of those guys just say no amount of money is worth it. HINT: He lives alone. He has no friends. He has lots of health problems because of the way he has taken care of himself over the years. (POSSIBLY: Louie Anderson)

This Academy Award winner and forever an A lister slapped his girlfriend so hard a few weeks ago she lost a tooth. She never called the cops though. She told her friend who told me that she is holding out for a wedding and a secure future. Oh, and that the actor rarely showers and is the most selfish lover she has ever had. Al Pacino/Lucila Sola

This foreign born former A+ list mostly movie actor who is now a B+ thanks to some bad choices is still a sex symbol. He also loves women. He has been seeing a woman for the past few months but never gets photographed with her. He tells her that he doesn't want her all caught up in the celebrity nonsense. He also doesn't want the other woman he sees frequently or any other potential suitors to see him with a woman. Gerard Butler (about a week after this blind, he split with the months long girlfriend)

Why yes, that was this A list action star sitting in the back of Saint Felix in West Hollywood last week. Why yes, the oft photographed with female models whenever he can had his back to the door and his barely out of his teens Latin friend sitting on the action star's lap facing the door. The two kissed for a few minutes like that after dinner and then walked out the door like they didn't even know each other. Vin Diesel; Jason Statham

This Teen Mom woke up from a drunken stupor to find her boyfriend having Skype sex with another guy. HINT: She is actually on Teen Mom 2. (POSSIBLY: Jenelle Evans)

This B- list mostly television actor on a cable drama got into a fight with a pimp after he and his girlfriend tried to stiff their threesome female escort they hired for the night.

20. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 12/02 **#10**
Kindness: This almost A list mostly movie actress married to an A+ list mostly movie actor dropped off a $250,000 check to the LA Mission on Friday. Jennifer Garner/Ben Affleck

21. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 12/02 **#11**
This is one of the better most juicy items in a few weeks. Let me make this as simple as possible. You have a guy who is an actor and a writer but is probably C list in what he has accomplished. He has almost A list name recognition thanks to his A+ list actress girlfriend who has C list talent. The actress knows the actor cheated but she doesn't know who he cheated with. I do. It took a long time to put the pieces together but it all works out. It turns out the best friend of the actress who is a B+ list celebrity with a daily gig was doing her daily dose of vodka and coke and was doing it with the best friend's boyfriend. The next thing you know the two were going at it in that dirty kind of way our A+ list actress would never allow. When the celebrity realized what they had done she freaked out and thought she was going to lose her best friend and her access and feeling like a big shot. The boyfriend though promised to keep everything quiet. He was busted by his girlfriend because of the teeth marks all over his body. Our A+ lister told this to her best friend and a couple of other people at a dinner. One of the people at that dinner knows it is the trademark of the B list celebrity so put it together and passed it on to me who is passing it on to you. HINT: Apparently the two women have stopped speaking and this was the cause of a huge fight between the boyfriend and the girlfriend and why they did not see each other for several months.

C list guy: Justin Theroux
A+ list girlfriend: Jennifer Aniston
B+ list celebrity best friend: Chelsea Handler

"Jennifer Aniston's fiancé Justin Theroux doesn’t like Chelsea Handler"

What film star was set to make her Broadway debut as Sally Bowles in the upcoming revival of Cabaret, but after an emotional photo shoot decided to pull out? The producers must be seeing red, as the casting news was supposed to be announced tomorrow! Too bad, I think she would have been great, and sold a lot of tickets. Maybe she’ll change her mind in time for the announcement to go on as scheduled? BG Note: Several months after this blind item ran, Michelle Williams was selected for the role of Sally Bowles. Given the large amount of time that passed, she was likely not the original actress selected for the role. Anne Hathaway

23. BLIND GOSSIP 12/02 **#1**
This very talented, award-winning actor is featured in one of the biggest films of the season. He has struggled with substance abuse in the past but thought he had mastered his addiction for good. Well, apparently not. He has gone back to using drugs again. Hard drugs. He was filming a movie in the southern U.S. a couple of weeks ago and had a night off. It started out innocently enough, with him catching a show at a local comedy club. A couple of drinks and a few laughs later, and he was back to using. And we’re not just talking about a little taste. We’re talking about a huge binge with some locals that he just met that night. We know you don’t want to believe it, but it’s true… Man, what in heaven’s name is he thinking? Phillip Seymour Hoffman; "Catching Fire" is the big movie; "Mockingjay" is being filmed in Atlanta.

24. BLIND GOSSIP 12/02 **#2**
This story is going to shock a lot of fans of this singer. It will shock those who thought that he might be gay, and it will shock those who thought he was a nice guy. He did something really awful to a girl. It wasn’t a one-night fan hookup. It was a girl he has known for a long time and who has always treated him well. His band mates and his management team all know about it, and they are all keeping quiet about it. After all, given how out of control some members of this group are behind closed doors, it could have happened to any one of them. Well, except for the gay one/s. More soon. Liam Payne ("One Direction") and his ex Danielle Peazer

25. BLIND GOSSIP 12/02 **#3**
There is an unwritten rule in Hollywood about throwing people under the bus. It’s incredibly stupid to screw over people who are more famous and successful than you just to get yourself a few minutes of publicity. Then again, this singer never was the brightest bulb on the Disney tree. He recently did an interview that threw some famous people under the bus. Blah blah blah. Lies, lies, LIES! And the people he talked about are furious! Yes, they know that he is a drug addict, and that he lies about everything. But that excuse won’t wash with them. They know that just about everything he said about sex and drugs and music and business – and who did what to whom and when – is a blatant lie. But is completely unacceptable that his lies involve name-dropping them to make himself look like an innocent victim and to make them look evil and manipulative. How do they even begin to retaliate against such lies? Well, they don’t want to give him more of the public attention that he craves. So they are banding together to decide on a strategy to retaliate privately. The enemy of my enemy is my friend. He really pissed off the wrong people this time. His punishment is coming. Joe Jonas/Miley Cyrus/Demi Lovato

26. REALITY TEA 12/02
Today’s blind gossip item is a sad example of stars faking charity work for press! Our insider reveals, "I helped with about 400 other people to prep and cook Thanksgiving dinner at a mission yesterday. Two of our popular reality stars showed up, did the least amount of work and the most amount of posing and preening." "Mr. Faux was very charming and nice to the director and all the big wigs. They posed for pictures for what seemed like two hours, laughing and joking." Our insider continues, "It was disgusting. They donned aprons like the rest of us but proceeded to do VERY little actual work. Mrs. Faux was wearing all designer stuff which was highly inappropriate when you’re cooking for the homeless." The two didn’t bother to talk to the peasants, not so surprisingly. "Mr. Faux was actually friendly (if phony) while Mrs. Faux smiled that fake smile of hers but talked to not one person unless they were the press. These two did nothing except promote themselves for their supposed new show. She had more makeup on than a drag queen and he smelled like he marinated in Drakkar. To be fair they may have done more work later, but I was there for 5 hours and did not see it." Any guesses who the faux charity workers are? Gretchen Rossi/Slade Smiley

27. FORBES 12/02
A personal assistant talks about the really weird shopping and gifting habits of his boss, a multi-million dollar actress: "She once had me buy some luggage for her makeup artist, two bags for $5000. Yet, for her best friend’s birthday, she told me to find a used bike on Craigslist for under $100," he said of a multi-million dollar actress. It’s the thought that counts, but this is your best friend, right? He also said that the actress’ mom needed a new TV. Instead of buying a new one, she had him dust off an old TV that was missing a remote in her garage and drive it over to Mom’s house. Now, maybe this actress didn’t care for her mom – it happens – and a makeup artist can be an actor’s real BFF, but this tendency seems to be a recurring theme. "Yes money matters to her," he went on. "She seems to want to flash it with inconsequential people, but with family and friends she is extremely frugal."

"He’s known as a regular at his teammates’ swinger parties. Just ask Dwayne Wade." This NBA All-Star played a role in the reason why his anchor woman was chased out of her Ohio hometown. Know why? Because he’s the paternal father of news woman Sharon Reed’s love child! Reed’s not the only random who he’s knocked up. We’re told he also got a Cheetah Girl preggers, after Jigga introduced the pair. Sources say she later aborted the pregnancy. Just ask Adrienne Bailon. Dude gets around! Sources say he even smashed Beyonce’s cousin, Angie. He may have said "I do" to his longtime girlfriend, in September — but we’re told just days before his San Diego wedding [which his Latina side chick tried to crash] dude was gettin’ his mack on in Toronto, during the city’s Caribana festival. Don’t believe me.. Ask AJ. Rapper Lambo is said to be giving it to his moms … all to get close to our blind item. Lebron James

This married coach who alternates between the NCAA and NBA dined with one of the most expensive escorts in the country. She charges almost $100K for the night. I wonder if she is a fan or a booster paid for it because our coach likes to go cheap when looking for outside sex. Groupies are his usual go to when he is away from home. Rick Pitino/Dita Von Teese

This probable Academy Award nominee for this year for his excellent work in a movie is married. He has a great name. He has also always been able to explore with other men because of his relative anonymity. That is all changing now and our actor has started taking chances to be with the man he has been seeing for much of the past two years and is openly gay. It would be quite the bang bang to win an Oscar and come out as gay at the same time. David Oyelowo "The Butler"

This former B list mostly television actress who was on a very hit cable show before getting fired has sold off all her possessions. Well, they are on consignment. So far her asking prices have been too high. She has moved into a one bedroom apartment with three roommates and just can't get off the drugs. Her roommate/boyfriend keeps her supplied with her Oxy and Adderall and he thinks he is the man because he has sex with someone who was on television. The good news is she is off the meth. Paz de la Huerta

Kindness: About six weeks ago there was a very tragic accident at a church festival where an out of control car knocked over a bunch of kids, killing one of them and injuring a load of others. The girl who was killed had just moved to New York with her family from Ireland, her sister was also critically injured in the accident. Anyway to make a long story short, there is going to be a big benefit for the family to defray medical expenses for the surviving daughter. Most of the money at the benefit is coming from one B+ list mostly movie actress who has donated tons of her clothes, bags and shoes and anything else she can think of to raise money. She gets a lot of flack from people, but she is doing a good thing here. Katie Gill Fund
Sarah Jessica Parker

This A list mostly movie actor who is deep in the closet got busted on the set of his current movie getting orally serviced by an assistant director who performed the deed in a golf cart while the actor was driving to his trailer. Kevin Spacey

This NBA all-star/champion is in a huge war of words with this A+ list celebrity/singer because the NBA player's girlfriend was once the booty call for the celebrity. He is filled with stories of what he made the actress once do. Dwyane Wade/Robin Thicke
(POSSIBLY Gabrielle Union)

This former maid to an A+ list celebrity diva/singer is selling an account of her time working for the diva. Apparently the teaser is that the diva likes to drink wine in the tub and doesn't like to disturb the drinking process so the maid had to bathe the diva every night. Mariah Carey

This coke fiend and former almost A list mostly movie actor who has been in this space before documenting his career nosedive was passed out at his gym in a corner. Apparently he had not quite recovered from the night before and some treadmill work caused him to pass out. Paramedics were called and after a bit the actor was well enough to go home. Zac Efron

This weatherman doesn't look like it but he loves to be tied up. His former boyfriend says the weatherman loved that more than anything. Sam Champion

38. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 12/03 **#10**
This former A+ list mostly movie actor is trying to get back to A again. On the set of his current movie he held up production for an hour because he said he needed to meditate. What he was really doing was smoking a joint while his college age girlfriend took care of him. Richard Gere

39. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 12/03 **#11**
Not much has been heard from this A list singer in the past couple of years. He has tried to focus all the attention on his music and pretending to be a happily married man. Gone is the bad boy image and philanderer that was so prevalent before. Not to worry though. He has not gone on the straight and narrow. He has just been getting much much better at keeping everything under wraps. He has spent months perfecting what he thinks is a foolproof plan but the problem he is facing is his lust. See, at the beginning he did keep everything quiet. Sure, I was hearing whispers that he had one mistress stashed in an apartment that he would see just twice a month. Nothing ever confirmed though. She was on the books as an employee and her apartment rent was her housing allowance. He also had several people on tour with him who actually did do the jobs they were asked to do because the singer's wife wanted to see the resumes of all the female employees. No problem for our singer though because he hired professionals but also those who would keep him happy. He got greedy though and started really drinking and coking it up again and that is where the cracks developed. Late night visits from his regular dealer who saw some women with our singer. The room service guys bringing up booze and ice to a naked singer who didn't bother covering himself while a woman was sprawled naked on a sofa. So far the wife seems unaware of what is going on but it is just a matter of time. HINT: Foreign born. Has at least one child. (POSSIBLY Robbie Williams or Keith Urban)

40. BLIND GOSSIP 12/03
Poppy has had her share of triumphs and trip ups in the past couple of years. While she tries to appear strong on the outside, she still struggles with a lot of issues. Her friends and family believe that much of that inability to resolve her issues stems from her inexplicable and completely toxic relationship with one of Hollywood’s biggest jerks. Slimy the Actor is one of the most emotionally abusive guys in Hollywood. Nice on the outside… and nasty and evil on the inside. Any time it seems like Poppy is righting herself, Slimy is there to trip her up again. The first thing that we despise about Slimy is that he cheats on Poppy constantly. We’ve told you before that he keeps a closet full of sixty or seventy cum-stained costumes for his conquests. He prides himself on never washing them so the girls can see the stains of how many other women he’s been with. Classy, right? Poppy’s friends tell her all the time about his cheating, but she is in pretty serious denial. She does occasionally muster up the courage to confront him, but even then he has a way of turning the conversation around and making it seem like it is her fault that he does it! It’s her fault that he fucks every girl that comes on to him! It’s her fault that naked photos of her were stolen from his phone by one of his whores! If she paid more attention to him, he wouldn’t need to go looking for sex elsewhere! Of course these arguments are nonsensical. But she is convinced that if she just tries harder that he wouldn’t do these things. Her "trying" isn’t working so well. Slimy just fucked an extra on the set of a movie he’s filming. The second thing that we really despise about Slimy the Actor is how critical he is of Poppy the Singer. While she tries to project confidence on the outside, Poppy actually lives in a chronic state of insecurity and anxiety about how she looks. And while Slimy did not create the problem, he keeps it alive and well through his unrelenting criticism of her. Slimy constantly and relentlessly mocks Poppy’s hair, her clothes, her makeup, and her weight. Especially her weight. Poppy has had body issues in the past, and Slimy just loves to torture her about it. Slimy doles out ten criticisms for every one compliment he gives her. Of course, that one compliment is always public so people will think that he is a nice guy. Poppy practically lives for that one compliment, and is so grateful when it comes, that she forgives him for all the nasty remarks. A few weeks ago, Slimy and Poppy went out to a chicken wings restaurant in LA. Slimy spent a good portion of the meal telling her that he was embarrassed to even be seen with her because she didn’t know how to dress, hair looked ridiculous, and that she shouldn’t even be eating because she was too fat. She started crying… and he walked out. Slimy took the car and left Poppy at the restaurant with nothing but her cell phone. He knew that she had no money or credit cards with her, and no way to pay for a cab. So she stood on the sidewalk, calling friends and friends of friends, crying about how mean Slimy had been to her, and begging people to come pick her up and drive her home. Poppy the Singer is really trying to live a clean life. But, as anyone who has ever been through a 12-step program knows, you need to surround yourself with sober people in order to stay sober. Well, Poppy’s boyfriend, Slimy the Actor, is definitely not sober. Neither is Slimy’s best friend, Lucky. They party constantly with drugs and alcohol. Lucky and his girlfriend Junkie are also serious heroin addicts. Would anyone recommend that Poppy date or hang out with these kinds of people? Anyone? Hanging around with them is obviously not a smart move for Poppy. This leads us to the third reason that Slimy is The Worst Boyfriend: Every time that Poppy gets clean, Slimy is the one who reintroduces her to drugs and alcohol! If you ask Slimy, though, it’s not his fault. If you can’t stand the heat, get out of his kitchen! He isn’t the one forcing her to drink or do drugs. It’s just that his life is one long party, and if she isn’t down to party with him, he will find someone who is. So here’s what happens: Poppy gets committed to her sobriety. Slimy goes off to party without her. When he does this, he punishes her by ignoring her for days at a time. She gets anxious and nervous about losing him. He tells her that if she wants to be with him then she has to join him. She eventually caves in and joins him and relapses. He blames her for relapsing, telling her that she is weak and a loser. And every time he tells her that, she believes it a little bit more. It’s a sick and vicious cycle. The thing that we dislike most about Slimy the Actor is the emotional blackmail that he uses to control his girlfriend, Poppy the Singer. Yesterday, for example, Poppy was furious about the lies of an ex-boyfriend named Lucky… who just happens to be Slimy’s best friend. Furious… yet she sent a nice tweet about Lucky. Huh? That doesn’t make any sense! Well, we happen to know who was really behind that tweet: Slimy! Poppy was really angry about the lies that Lucky told in a recent interview. Why was Lucky telling people that he didn’t lose his virginity until he was 20? She knew for a fact that Lucky had had intercourse with at least five girls long before the age of 20! And so on. Poppy started yelling by phone, by text, and by email, ranting ("That fucking liar! THAT FUCKING LIAR!") to her friends and family and Slimy about how Lucky always lies about everything! He lies about her relationship with him, about his virginity, about his drug addiction, about his sexuality, about his girlfriend, about the sex tape, about the purity rings, about the Hollywood Records contract, etc. And, in this case, his lies made him look like the good guy and her look like a pity case and a negative influence on him. Why did he have to drag her name into this? Poppy was yelling and crying and ready to ream out Lucky. Her friends and family agreed. Lucky had crossed the line and needed to be smacked down. One of Poppy’s family members jumped online and fired a shot at Lucky. Her tweet accurately reflected the feelings of Poppy and everyone around her. And then Slimy stepped in. Slimy told Poppy that Lucky was catching heat from people about his fake tell-all, and that Poppy needed to "back the fuck off." Poppy was appalled. How could Slimy be more concerned with supporting Lucky’s lies than in defending his own girlfriend? She refused. Slimy then contacted Lucky, who subsequently called his manager and his publicist. Did you know that Lucky’s father/manager and Lucky’s publicist are also Poppy’s manager and Poppy’s publicist? You do now! Together, Slimy, Lucky, the manager, and the publicist quadruple-teamed Poppy into backing down. Yep, four grown men versus one young girl. They told her that she would look like a bitch and that she wouldn’t sell albums or books or concert tickets if she didn’t behave like the bigger person. They not only didn’t want her to say anything negative about Lucky… they wanted her to get online and support the very person who had just lied about her! Poppy, still hurt and angry, said no. Then Slimy, the ultimate nasty manipulator, fired the final shot. He told Poppy that if she didn’t get on Twitter and say something nice about Lucky… he was going to break up with her! Poppy broke down and cried. Then she agreed to publish the tweet. How does Slimy get away with being such an asshole? He is older, colder, more confident, and very manipulative. Poppy is younger, more emotional, insecure and hungry for acceptance and approval. We think that Poppy has the potential to be a very happy and very healthy person… but only if she is able to recognize that the company she keeps is a significant contributing factor that prevents her from healing and moving forward. We really hope that, as she matures, she will be able to break free from people like Slimy who pretend to be on her side… but who are actually emotionally abusive and damaging to both her person and her career. Now we’ll leave it up to our readers to advise Poppy about what she should do. Yes, she’s reading your comments.
Poppy: Demi Lovato
Slimy: Wilmer Valderrama
Lucky: Joe Jonas
Junkie: Blanda Eggenschwiler

This B list mostly television actress from a hit network show which is showing signs of age was overheard screaming on her phone while at dinner the other night. Apparently the guy she was supposed to meet gave an excuse and she accused him of cheating again. They have had a turbulent relationship but she has done her fair share of cheating in it. When her show ends she won't get another television show. Not that kind of actress. Naya Rivera "Glee"/Big Sean

This former reality star who now hosts a show has been trying to find a new suitor. Her money is fast running out because she lent most of it to her always out of money ex. She won't ever get it back and recently she got busted propositioning a married man. A man with a wife who found out about it and has been doing her best to make the host's life miserable. Stacy Keibler (Geoff Stults)

This A list singer/celebrity got injured not too long ago and fell in love with the pain meds she was prescribed. She loved them so much that she continues to take up to 15 a day and has gained 25 pounds in the past two months. Apparently she is fairly incoherent most of the day now. Mariah Carey

This B list mostly movie actor from some really huge movies is foreign born and married and every woman thinks he is gorgeous. Apparently that woman from MTV finds him extra gorgeous considering he is cheating on his wife with her. Chris Hemsworth/Alexa Chung

This late night talk show host ditched his wife for a few hours to go to a party. He said it was a boring industry thing. Turns out it was a lunch time bachelor party at a strip club and who knew, but our talk show host is a spanker. HINT: Not on NBC.
Craig Ferguson

This Real Housewife had a drug fueled threesome romp with Kate Moss and Johnny Depp back in the day. Kelly Bensimone; LuAnn de Lesseps; Brandi Glanville; Carlton Gebbia

This Academy Award winner/nominee mostly movie actress who is probably right at the bottom of her permanent B list status still has high name recognition. She was walking through the mall earlier this week when she stopped at a bench and sat down and cried for twenty minutes before finally getting herself together and moving on. Renee Zellweger

This B list mostly television actress on a fairly hit cable show is all about her career and not her kids. She just expects her husband and kids to show up when she needs them and where. I love how she pretends to be happily married and mom and career woman. Keri Russell "The Americans"

This female news host interviewed this female A list singer/celebrity and got more than she bargained for when the two ended up in bed. The singer had some time away from her husband who was probably cheating with someone else. Australian "60 Minutes" host Allison Langdon/Alicia Keys

50. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 12/04 **#10**
This A list mostly movie actor who is an Academy Award winner/nominee had a one week fling with this almost A list mostly movie actress. She is really adventurous but when our actor invited her over to his place and showed up at the door naked with another guy, that was the end of that week for her. George Clooney/Anna Kendrick

51. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 12/04 **#11**
A little shorter than usual today but still just as juicy. This C list celebrity with A list name recognition dumped one of her exes and had her heart crushed after she found out he regularly slept with her B list celebrity/A+ list name recognition sister. It was almost a daily thing from even before the less famous sister started dating the man. Not juicy enough? The man said the reason he loved having sex with the more famous sister is because she would insert coke up her butt and that made everything crazy. The sisters didn't talk to each other for over a year after the breakup.
C list celebrity: Nicky Hilton
Sister: Paris Hilton

52. REALITY TEA 12/04
Oh to be a delusional reality TV star! What a blissfully ignorant state some of them live in! Our latest blind item is a very broke reality TV couple who, despite their perilous situation, are dying to gain membership at the local country club. The couple has been calling the club nonstop for almost a year now. Rumor has it the other members do NOT want them or their drama anywhere near their families and friends. The club costs $8-10K to join, plus monthly dues! A worker at the country club shares, "They are calling daily to find out where they are on the list, but no one wants them there!!!" I have a few guesses on this one. Teresa & Joe Giudice "Real Housewives of New Jersey"

53. BLIND GOSSIP 12/04
When asked why she doesn’t work more, this famous actress will say that she is concentrating on her family. Privately, however, she is pissed that she isn’t a major star! Her parents are both in the business. She used those connections to book her first few jobs, then booked movie roles like crazy for a while. However, her career has slowed down. She has only done one or two films a year in the past few years. None have been big hits. She was complaining to a friend the other day about why she wasn’t a bigger star. Her theory? "I’m convinced it’s my boobs," she said. She wasn’t laughing, either. She had breast implants a few years ago. Not huge ones, but it definitely took her out of flat-chested category. But they didn’t give her career the boost she thought she would, so now she wants to go bigger. It’s kind of a shame, too, because a few years ago, she really prided herself on having a natural body. Now it’s implants and bigger implants.
Actress: Kate Hudson
Parents: Goldie Hawn/Kurt Russell (step-father)
Her last big hit movie: "Bride Wars"

This A list performer/producer/promoter was running around like crazy at a party this week in a warm weather climate. With all the glitz and glamour at the party you would think he would be in his element but he was on edge and doing shot after shot and popping pills like crazy until a guy showed up. Our performer with the unusual names grabbed the hand of the man and smiled and took him to the corner where he gave him lots of kisses. It was a head turner for everyone. P Diddy in Miami

This B list celebrity/reality star with A list name recognition is probably not the best role model for her many children considering how much coke the mom did at a party a few months ago. The mom was with her boyfriend and others. The mom was wearing just a bikini bottom and was hoovering up coke like she had been doing it for years which she has. No sign of her husband at the party. Kris Jenner

This former New York Real Housewife says she was sexually harassed by this B list mostly television actor on a very hit show. He was drunk and wouldn't stop touching her. Security wouldn't make him leave so she finally gave up and walked out. Kelly Bensimon

This former B list mostly television actress who is now struggling to stay on the air with a new show got naked and was waiting for these two reality stars when they got back to their hotel room the other night. She propositioned both of them but they turned her down. One of them has already taken a ride on that train. Kirstie Alley/Maskim and Valentin Chmerkovskiy

This almost A list mostly movie actor who is A list because he has his own non acting franchise says he had sex with a woman the other night while promoting his latest movie. She didn't speak English but apparently knew what she wanted and our actor said it was the strangest sex he ever had and that includes he had sex with a woman with no arms or legs and filmed it.

This C list celebrity who is C list only because of her A+ list celebrity family member is way underage. She was also way drunk earlier this week and made out with a string of guys who were no younger than about 30. This teen needs rehab but no one will admit it. Noah Cyrus (Miley)

This barely A list mostly movie actress still has A list name recognition but needs a hit. That franchise is not coming back anytime soon. By the time it does she could be retired. Anyway, our actress was at a party and her husband was encouraging her to do coke and really get wasted. A friend of the actress was doing everything she could to keep the A lister safe and got into a huge fight with the husband. The husband is a tool who tries to sell stories and photos of his wife all the time.

This A+ list celebrity with A+ list name recognition has been doing some interviews. Apparently no reporters are allowed to ask any current events questions. None. They are also not allowed to ask any questions other than from a list of 25 questions which have been provided in advance. Of those 25 questions you can choose 10. Britney Spears

Last year this A list (unfortunately) singer left behind his wife's suitcase on a luggage carousel in the Caribbean when he saw dogs surrounding it. He knew he had a ton of pot in it and didn't want his A list (unfortunately) celebrity/singer wife to get arrested. No one ever came looking for him at his hotel. It probably helped that he told his wife they needed to leave the next morning. Chad Kroeger/Avril Lavigne

63. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 12/05 **#10**
This foreign born B list mostly movie actress who stays B list by name only was shocked she managed to get pregnant because doctors told her after an abortion a few years ago that she wouldn't be able to have kids. She has not listened to anything by the A list performer/producer/promoter since. Sienna Miller/P Diddy

64. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 12/05 **#11**
At one point in time, this A+ list mostly movie actor was living in over thirty different hotel rooms scattered all over the world. In each hotel room he had a woman stashed or available to be stashed there in a moment's notice. Our actor would like you to believe he is a goody goody but he really isn't all that wholesome. He is just much better at not showing off for the media and knows how to keep his personal life personal. Our actor always said he preferred living in hotels. Everyone assumed it was because he was so busy. Nope. It was because it was a way for him to juggle all the women in his life without any of the other women catching on. Our actor said if he had a place to live that all the other women would wonder why he was taking them to a hotel. Our actor had actresses and hookers and waitresses in these hotel rooms. When he felt like one of them he would fly back or drive across the city and spend some time with the woman he let stay there. At the peak when he had thirty hotel rooms at the same time he was spending about $300K a month on hotel rooms. He said it was worth it. He would have room service and hotel bars and there were no cameras and no paps and he said this is how he found the perfect woman for him. It also proved to be a disaster when one B list mostly movie actress he dated forever discovered his little secret. She broke up with him and never spoke to him again and even sold stories about him to the tabloids. Another B list mostly movie actress found out about the others in other hotel rooms and didn't even care because she was so far lost in her own world of drugs and booze.
A+ movie actor: Matt Damon
B list actress #1: Winona Ryder
B list actress #2: Eva Mendes

65. POPBITCH 12/05
Which largely untroubled child actor conquered the demon drink - only to pick up a cocaine habit that even seasoned onlookers describe as 'heroic'? Daniel Radcliffe

66. BLIND GOSSIP 12/05
The cast of a successful cable television drama series has a really dramatic love affair playing out on the set, and it’s about to get even more interesting! There are four cast members involved. Two actors, two actresses. Actor A is married. Actor B is single. Actress C is married with child/ren. Actress D is single. Since Actor B and Actress D were both single, Actress C decided to set them up together. Cute, right? It wasn’t one of those big, showy dating situations, but the couple did do plenty of photo ops together. It was fun for the fans of the show to see the costars dating "in real life". Well, Actress D left the show. Nothing dramatic. It happens in big ensemble shows. She just moved on to another television show. There was some speculation as to whether Actor B and Actress D would continue to date after she left the show. Nope, it was over. She moved on and he moved on. Only he moved on to someone else in the cast. No, Actor B he didn’t start having an affair with Actress C. He started having an affair with Actor A! It turns out that Actor A and Actor B are both gay. Actress D was just a bearding situation! But, wait! Actor A is gay? What? That intense, uber-masculine guy who is married? Oh, yes! Actor A and Actor B now spend all their time together. On set, in their trailers, charity events, etc. they are very attached to each other and very intense as a couple. The producer and everyone in the cast and crew all know what’s going on (but, of course, no one is about to tell Actor A’s wife!). Now, here’s another reason why this is an interesting story: Actor B is planning to come out in 2014! This presents two problems: Married Actor A would have to distance himself from Actor B if he did come out, as it would become very obvious that the two are spending an unusually large amount of time together. Secondly, having Actor B come out while the show is still on the air could hurt the show’s very masculine demographic appeal. Will Actor B come out soon, or will he wait until the show is over before doing so? What will happen to the Actor A/Actor B couple? The cast and crew are all abuzz about this one!
TV show: "Sons of Anarchy"
Actor A: Kim Coates
Actor b: Theo Rossi
Actress C: Katey Sagal
Actress D: Sarah Jones (other show: "Alcatraz")

This Supergroup hit number one on the charts, but can they keep from hitting each other. Rumors of disharmony floated around before. Now, thanks to some loose talk and a no-show, there's fuel to the rumors again. Keep the beefs of twitter y'all! TGT (Tank, Ginuwine, and Tyrese)

This former B list mostly movie actor who is so whacked out on drugs and booze that he doesn't even resemble who he used to be. He was wandering the streets of Miami this week asking hookers if they would "be willing to do a pregnant woman." David Arquette in Miami

This scorned model has been traded in for a much younger version of herself. The model who was the center of a cheating scandal has been dumped for a 19 year old. Her boyfriend said he had an image to maintain and that a woman in her 30's was not it. Liberty Ross/Jimmy Iovine

This former A list singer/celebrity who still has close to A list name recognition despite not having a hit in a couple of decades had some groupie sex with his girlfriend and daughter in the next room. Brett Michaels

A first report of bad holiday party behavior as this B list mostly television actor decided not to bring his wife to a holiday party hosted by his sometime employer. At the party he got naked with this C list mostly movie actress who got her fame on a network reality show. They ended up having sex in the back of a car which belonged to neither of them.
B list television actor:
Party: Adam Sandler
C list actress: Julianne Hough

This Miami Real Housewife was caught passing money for drugs at an Art Basel party this week. She was ticked off she couldn't get them for free. It might have been the first time someone did a "don't you know who I am" when they wanted drugs. Adriana De Moura

It has been a steady stream of hookers and strippers for this C list celebrity/rapper since his A list celebrity wife left the country. He is spending thousands of dollars a night. Swizz Beatz/Alicia Keys (in Australia)

This Academy Award winner/nominee actress is not allowed to be alone with her children for fear that she might hurt them. Catherine Zeta-Jones

This permanent A list singer/celebrity who is foreign born has no problems with people knowing he cheats on his wife. He says that she goes to public events with him but that he is a rock star and he is going to live the life of a rock star and she is too scared of the church to ever divorce him. Beck/Marissa Ribisi (Scientology)

You would think that with all the coke this A list mostly movie actor does on a daily basis that he would be way skinnier than he is. He must eat a million calories to be so big after doing all that coke. Jonah Hill

77. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 12/06 **#10**
This ESPN personality was propositioned by this former B- list mostly television actress from a former hit cable show. Now she is just a hot actress with no regular job and a strange name. She tried to make it clear that she was available for a price and the personality said he didn't make enough to afford her. He suggested she find an athlete and she said she had already been through most of them in the past year.

78. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 12/06 **#11**
Today is a traditional Four For Friday. These are all people you would not really think of as being drug dealers. They are and in one case used to be really proud of it.
#1&#2 - This former B list reality star with her own show stopped selling drugs after her A list mostly movie actor client died of an overdose. Nicole Richie/Heath Ledger
#3 - This B list mostly television actress on a middling hit network show is single in the sense she is not married. Never has been. Great drugs though. Her specialty is prescription drugs. She is famous for forging prescriptions of a variety of doctors.
#4 - This award winning Hunger Games actress from only this latest installment has always been the go to person for drugs on any movie where she is involved. She also brings her own makeup artist who is her courier when they run out. Jena Malone

79. BLIND GOSSIP 12/06
his performer has been under the white-hot glare of the celebrity spotlight for many years, and is currently involved in some big projects. It will probably shock her fans to learn that she is getting out of the business. That’s right! We have exclusively learned that she will fulfill her next two major professional commitments, sock away all the money she is making… and then bow out of the spotlight! She is done with the whole celebrity life! Do we know what she will be doing during her "retirement"? You bet! We have learned that there are three things that she is going to do: First, she is going to travel. Overseas, and away from the paparazzi. She is planning to spend a considerable amount of time in London and in The Middle East (especially Egypt). Secondly, she is also going to be building a house. She was going to build one in London and move there "permanently", but concerns about the UK paparazzi halted her plans. So, she is going to be building a a spectacular home in the U.S. instead. Surprisingly, she is really getting involved in the whole design and building process. We know the location, but giving it would make it too easy to identify her, so we will just tell you that it is not on one of the coasts and not in a major city. Finally, she is planning to officially commit to her Significant Other, and pop out two babies.. Yes, two. She would like to have twins, but if that doesn’t happen, she wants to have two babies in two years. Then she will consider her family complete. Yes, she’ll still be busy. But it is still shocking to think of someone so famous walking away from it all at such a young age. Jennifer Lawrence (Nicholas Hoult)

Grammy Nomination Concert: Why yes that was this up and coming singer who didn't get nominated for the award everyone thought she would, who was so messed up on Oxycodone that she could barely even function. I'm shocked she managed to make it to the stage. Lorde

Grammy Nomination Concert: This A list celebrity/singer and much much more, got some bad news about an hour before he was set to perform. He almost canceled after a phone call from a friend of his wife or his wife's publicist. My spy isn't sure, but the gist sounded like the wife wants a divorce. Apparently my spy heard something like, "I know you are about to go on stage, but..." Keith Urban

Grammy Nomination Concert: This former A list singer/celebrity was all over every woman she could find. She was worse than any drunk A list a-hole at a party with her game. If it moved, she was hitting on it. Melissa Etheridge

Grammy Nomination Concert: This B+ list celebrity/reality star was definitely not all over his wife at the concert. He was all over a production assistant though who seemed to be enjoying the attention and spent 20 minutes alone with our celebrity right before he performed. Robin Thicke

Grammy Nomination Concert: Plenty of pot for this about to drop from A list celebrity/singer but kept to himself for most of the night. He also seemed scared of any cameras and was way more paranoid than the amount of pot he smoked should trigger. Robin Thicke

This A list mostly television actor who has A+ list name recognition and a very loving home life with his male partner loves to cheat. He has been in this space before and his partner has become extra vigilant. Our actor picked up a guy in a bar and told the guy they had 30 minutes before our actor had to leave or risk facing getting kicked out again. 15 minutes in the restroom was all it took. Neil Patrick Harris

This A list talk show host had a visitor this week to her show. Nothing unusual in that except our talk show host found two hours in her schedule for this former B list mostly television actress. The entire two hours were spent in a locked office. No phone calls. Cell phone turned off.

An earlier reveal reminded me of this blind item because the person is from the south. They are A list celebrity. They do so many things that I couldn't list them here. Not much of a singer though if you have heard him. Apparently there is one guy back home who he will have sex with. Never any other place in the world no matter how remote. He only trusts this one person. The one person has let it slip though that our closeted celebrity sucks at sex. Good thing his ladies don't have to experience it. Ryan Seacrest

This American Idol sensation for just a brief second in a William Hung kind of way is HIV+.

Part Of The Puzzle Completed: Before there was Lewis Hamilton there was this A+ list rapper/producer/everything else who was engaged at the time but made sure our female celebrity/singer was well taken care of. Jay Z/Nicole Sherzinger

This former A list politician/reality star could barely sit still at a recent book signing. So much twitching and that runny nose was out of control. What the world would love is a photo of her using coke. I dare say it would be worth millions. Sarah Palin

This barely legal daughter of an East Coast Real Housewife who may or may not be back made a sex tape with her boyfriend. She actually sent it to some adult video companies and was set to make a deal when mom found out and convinced the daughter to hold off. Apparently mom's marriage is hanging on by a thread and that would push it over the edge. "The Real Housewives of New Jersey" Jacqueline Laurita’s daughter Ashlee Holmes

This C list celebrity sister of a former A list celebrity/reality star was ticked off because one of her friends ran off with the coke over the weekend. Our C lister ran after her at a club before slipping on her heels and crashing to the ground. She thought about getting up again but ordered a drink and drank it while on the floor. Ashlee Simpson

This D lister dates an aging permanent A list celebrity/singer. She says that the singer can no longer stand to attention so to speak and has become a little more violent and a little angrier on a daily basis since realizing this.

This B list model who got some serious flack very recently for saying what everyone thinks was on the hunt for a woman for a threesome this weekend. Her boyfriend told her he would dump her if she didn't find someone. When asked why she put up with it she says he is good looking and rich.
Jessica Hart/Stavros Niarchos

Taylor Swift "Victoria Secret" remark

This A- list celebrity/athlete got a little tipsy over the weekend. OK, she got a lot tipsy. She did show better judgment in guys than her previous boyfriend though. Our athlete was hit on by a guy who seemed decent enough that she had sex with him in the back of a car at the party. Not her car though. Just the first one they came to with a driver who would let them in. I wonder if she told her sister. Serena Williams

"If I could just get him to fuck me I know I could keep him." B- list foreign born mostly movie actress talking about the director of your probable Academy Award winner for Best Picture at a party this past week.

This former A list celebrity/reality star who is now a D lister who loves to get naked had three people over to her house this past weekend and pulled out a gun and held it to her head. Loaded. Two hours later she set it down when she passed out from the drugs she had taken earlier. Tila Tequila

Producers have assigned a minder to this B- list mostly movie actress after she showed up to the set of this potential blockbuster hammered out of her mind two consecutive days. Nothing can derail this movie. Michelle Rodriguez "Fast & Furious 7"

99. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 12/09 **#10**
This fairly newly married former B list mostly television actress who does nothing now fulfilled her husband's wish and was with three other guys this past week. The husband seemed way more into the guys than his wife did.

100. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 12/09 **#11**
This celebrity is probably C list. The thing is she has a famous name and face which makes her recognition probably B list. She comes from an A list family in every sense of the word. She also has a huge secret she keeps from her family. I spoke to one of her ex-boyfriends a few weeks ago and we had a couple of drinks and then next thing you know he is telling me the reason they broke up. She was too intense for him. They shared a love of rough sex but as their relationship continued she needed more and more to get off to the point where he says that every time they had sex he thought she was going to die. She needed to be beaten or suffocated or strangled and it was just too much for him. He said that it started as just something they would do once every five or six times they had sex but turned into something she needed all the time and she said she only felt alive when she was near death or in pain. He says that after the split she started dating another guy who ended up putting her in the hospital for several days and that she got hooked on prescription pills because of it. He wonders how she is still even alive and says that when they were dating her family had no idea about her lifestyle and that she just pretended to be a normal happy go lucky person around them. Francesca Fisher-Eastwood

101. BLIND GOSSIP 12/09 **#1**
Wait until you hear what this male singer’s management team is doing to try to convince you that he is NOT gay! Everyone associated with the singer’s group, including the crew and support staff, has been given "bullet points" to use when faced with questions about the singer’s rumored relationship with another popular male singer. At a recent performance, one of the staff was totally working the script. When asked if the rumors about the singer being half of a gay couple were true, the staff person awkwardly and totally seriously responded with three "facts": The singer is straight; the singer takes home a different girl every night; and (are you ready for this?), the singer has a really large penis… but is too modest to mention that himself! Too funny! Work that script, management!
Male Singer: Harry Styles
Other Male Singer: Louis Tomlinson

102. BLIND GOSSIP 12/09 **#2**
For those of you who believe that you are supporting your favorite band by playing their music… you might want to stop before you get sued! There is a classic band that peaked a couple of decades ago. No matter what your age, you know their songs, as they are continuously featured in current films and TV shows. The band is really getting litigious with some of their most loyal fans: those who sing their songs. If the band gets wind of someone doing this without their permission, they immediately have their lawyer fire off a letter to the singer and the venue, threatening them both with lawsuits! Now we’re not talking about an artist doing a commercial remake of one of their songs. We’re talking about individual singers and tribute bands that play their songs live in small venues (like your local bar). These singers aren’t selling any actual CDs or downloadable music, or even using the band’s trademarks (name, logo, etc.). The band demands that the singers stop singing their songs AND turn over money for everything from appearance fees to t-shirt sales. They have even tried to get the singers to shut down their websites. We don’t know if what the band is doing is legal. But it sure seems heavy-handed. And it sure seems like they are desperate for money. Just ask one of the band members, who thinks that his personal life is also something that you should pay to view! No, it’s not Twisted Sister. We just like the photo.
Band: Journey
Band Member: Neal Schon

103. BLIND GOSSIP 12/09 **#3**
Bonnie Low-Kramen – co-founder of New York Celebrity Assistants – told the New York Post that a PA based in the Big Apple once received an "urgent" phone call from her boss, an unnamed actor, at 4am. She says: "He was five hours ahead in London, and he was asking her to call the hotel because his bathroom was running out of toilet paper."

104. JUST SAY JENN!!! 12/09
This C-list celebrity couple with A-list name recognition are living separately, and have been for the past month. They've worked out the terms of their settlement, and will announce their split in the next year. They will continue to keep up appearances to give a joint project they're working on a chance for success, but it's pretty much a done deal that their relationship is over, and he's not going back. They used to get papped a few times a week, and now there's hardly anything as they start to quietly distance themselves from each other. Well, he is anyway. She's in full on stalker mode with demon dialing, frantic texting, drive-bys, and begging him for another chance. She went completely insane when he changed his phone number. She missed a gig because of 'travel issues' but that was really code for, 'epic core meltdown, wanted to go home and do some stalking'. She will not be ignored. Get your pots boiling and your bunnies ready. LeAnn Rimes/Eddie Cibrian

105. SANDRA ROSE 12/09
The following are not my words. This information was emailed to by a well-connected source. The email is the author’s personal opinion and is not the opinion or views of Sandra Rose or her advertisers, affiliates and associated companies. The email has not been edited or altered. takes no responsibility or liability for the assumptions made by our readers.
Hey Sandra,
This B-list hip-hop couple likes to add a little spice into their bedroom which keeps their relationship ‘adventurous" and open with a popular tranny. The girlfriend of the B-list rapper is not new to this world as she use to date women who had sexual relations with trannies and butches in the gay ball room scene, and she is also into all type of fetishes, S&M, and BDSM. Apparently she has convinced her hip-hop boyfriend to be down with it also, and they engage in numerous threesomes mixed in with drugs and alcohol with a popular tranny, who could appear "unclockable" to many that didn’t know better. This hip-hop couples sex life is never dull and they pay the tranny very handsomely to fly out to where they are, and keep quiet about their threesome sexual rendezvous. As many people are aware, threesomes after a while can only tear apart the relationship bond between couples due to infidelity. It’s only a matter of time before this tea cup spills over. And it’s rumored that this tranny still has his/her equipment (penis) in tact, and has a list of well known rappers, and ball players at it’s beck and calling, who pay top dollar for tranny’s who still have their penises. Satan is brewing and the devil is busy! Wiz Khalifa/Amber Rose

This former A list tweener who has always been too old for her tweener shows split from her boyfriend when he caught her having sex with another guy on the set of her new show. Of course it was not hard to catch her since a lot of the cast and crew were outside her trailer. Apparently she is a bit of a screamer. Ariana Grande

107. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 12/10 **#2**
It was a long day yesterday for the crew on this upcoming live show. During rehearsals the female co-host was such a demanding diva that some of the crew begged the producers to fire her just so they wouldn't have to see her or deal with her again. She made it clear that she regarded every other person not above her in the pecking order of the show was her minion and she appeared to visibly shudder sometimes if someone came near her who was beneath her. Not one person liked her. No one. Danica Patrick "2013 American Country Awards"

108. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 12/10 **#3**
This former almost A list mostly movie actress has turned into a B- list "I used to be famous so find me some kind of television role that doesn't get canceled" actress. She has blown through most of her savings recently and it wasn't on drugs. It was on the guy in her life who has been taking an extended break since his new lady pays for everything. He loves his new $250K car which she bought for him and was just the tip of his spending iceberg. Halle Berry/Olivier Martinez "Extant"

109. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 12/10 **#4**
This B list celebrity/reality show judge says that when she was forced to have sex with her boss to keep her job she was also told if she ever got pregnant she would also be fired. She was also not allowed to have sex with any other man during the run of the show because he didn't want her soiled from another. He was allowed to have sex with anyone. Cheryl Cole/Simon Cowell "X Factor"

110. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 12/10 **#5**
"We dated for six months and he never came right out and told me he was gay but the only time he showed any affection was outside when cameras were a possibility. He never spent the night and asked me to spend the night only when I was drunk and we never slept in the same bed. He spent a lot of money on me and went through the motions but it was just all so strange." A woman describing her relationship with this A list mostly movie actor who needs a hit or will drop down to the B range. He will have that A list name recognition for a long time though. Jake Gyllenhaal

111. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 12/10 **#6**
This married B list mostly television actor from a hit cable show was caught cheating on his B list mostly television actress wife. He wasn't very careful with his phone and texts. He swore to his wife that it was a one time thing and now that the project is over he won't be seeing her any longer. Of course that is the same thing he has said in all of his relationships. Oh, and that is the same situation that he found himself in when he first hooked up with his wife. Stephen Moyer (someone from "Sound of Muisc"/Anna Paquin (was dating and had children with Loren Haynes when he started dating Anna)

112. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 12/10 **#7**
This married showrunner of an A list show everyone loves gave his wife the night off from an event and instead brought a gorgeous woman he hired for the night. She kept telling everyone she was a college exchange student. Matthew Weiner "Mad Men"

113. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 12/10 **#8**
This former Disney tweener who had a boob job when she was still on her show recently replaced her saline with silicone and went a size bigger. That acting thing is not working any longer and the former A lister has decided that Playboy might be just the boost she needs. Her sister was turned down for Playboy multiple times.
Tweener: Hilary Duff
Show: "Lizzie McGuire"
Sister: Haylie Duff

114. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 12/10 **#9**
This former A list tweener who had to play about third fiddle on her Disney show made a little kid cry the other day when she approached the actress for an autograph. The child called the tweener by her name on the show and the actress flipped out and told the kid to come back when she figured out the real name of the actress. Ashley Tisdale

115. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 12/10 **#10**
This C list celebrity/reality star was bragging to people last week how he used to sleep with his reality star step-sister before she became famous and he was the king of the celebrity dog pile in the family. Brody Jenner/Kim Kardashian

116. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 12/10 **#11**
It is always interesting when this permanent A list celebrity/singer releases a new album or a new year falls upon us because it is usually when she also says hello to a new lover. A female lover. Our long long married celebrity discovered she is a lesbian about three years after she was married. Her husband didn't care because he had more eclectic taste when it came to sex and his wife was not very cooperative or good at giving him what he wanted. He found what he wanted in a string of very well paid escorts and hookers who his wife signed to very strict confidentiality agreements. Meanwhile our celebrity started off with just a foot or two in the water. Barely even a toe because she was so scared of being discovered. A bit of a cruel lover our celebrity has moved on over the years and now prefers women in college who are looking to work for the celebrity for a year or two and be her plaything as they travel the world together or just stay in bed for days while the staff takes care of the children and the student takes care of her mistress. This process has been going on for two decades. A steady stream of students from only two locations in the world. Now though there are whispers that our singer is tired of the endless parade and is ready to settle down with one who has now been with our singer for just over two years which is a record. There is even talk that our singer will actually come out and doesn't care what fans think any longer or her very conservative family. Celine Dion

117. BLIND GOSSIP 12/10 **#1**
This professional Athlete and this Performer appear to be in a sweet and committed relationship. Oh, no! Not even close! Athlete is NOT a nice guy. He has told friends that he is no longer in love with Performer. In fact, he has been cheating on Performer for the past few months with some random girl. Whenever he has an away game, he flies the random girl into that city and spends time with her there. Of course, Performer has no idea, and thinks that their relationship is great! Why doesn’t Athlete break up with Performer? Well, Performer is the more famous half of this couple, and Athlete knows that dating her makes him more high-profile and makes sports fans more interested in him! The worst part of this is that our pretty girl had a hot career for several years but has done little in the past year except support Athlete. He demanded that she back off of her career to spend more time with him… and she foolishly complied! Girls, don’t EVER give up your profession because a man tells you to! Because when your relationship ends, time and opportunity will have passed you by. Oh, and Performer? Break up with Athlete. He doesn’t love you and is just using you at this point. You deserve a man. A real man. A grown up. Not a boy. We’ve got your back. BG Note: We’ll give you an extra hint on Twitter later! Twitter hint: is one member is not born in the US. Keri Hilson/Serge Ibaka (born in Brazzaville, Republic of the Congo)

118. BLIND GOSSIP 12/10 **#2**
A director recently checked into rehab. While the reports do not say what he is being treated for, we happen to know his vice of choice. It’s cocaine. And if you don’t particularly care about the director, perhaps you care about some of the actors with whom he has worked. Especially the cast of this popular TV show. Because during the time that he was directing a few episodes, he had no problem sharing happy powder with some of the young cast members. Let’s talk about two of the cast members. One of them is no longer on the show. However, one still is, and the powder party never stopped for them. In fact, it’s a significant explanation for their very slim physique.
Director: Adam Shankman
TV Show: "Glee"
Cast Member no longer on show: Cory Monteith
Slim Cast Member still on show: Lea Michelle

119. JUST SAY JENN!! 12/10
These two A-listers, whom I've written about before, probably won't ever be able to quit each other. After a bad breakup decades ago, they have spent the better part of twenty years having the occasional clandestine affair. Well this recent reconciliation has lasted a lot longer than the ones in the past, and now he wants to get married...again. She likes having him on the hook now after how horrible he was to her while they were married. She also knows he'll never give up his penchant for underage foreign prostitutes, and that's a huge deal breaker. There's also too many rumors swirling about the paternity of one of her children after she posted pictures of one of them on Instagram. They hadn't been photographed publicly since early childhood, and now there's very little doubt it's the A-lister's kid. Not her husband at the time. She does not want a scandal over this. It's just too messy for her taste. She wants the great sex and the artistic inspiration. That's it. Madonna/Sean Penn (son Rocco)

120. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 12/11 **#1**
This MLB star who has been in the news what seems like everyday must not be worried about a random drug test. He should be worried about a bad back as much as he was bending over doing coke at a party this week. A-Rod

121. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 12/11 **#2**
This B list actor who is equally at home in movies and television as well as fighting paps got into a huge fight with his wife. In front of a crowd while waiting for a table at dinner the two started screaming at each other and she was blaming him for ruining her shot at a reality show with his temper and then he called her the c word and stormed off. Healthy marriage. Alec and Hilaria Baldwin

122. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 12/11 **#3**
There is absolutely no way the teen scooped up by the girlfriend of the B list mostly movie actor who is an Academy Award winner/nominee was legal. The girlfriend brought her back for a threesome and the spy at the scene says the teen was maybe 15. Maybe. James Franco

123. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 12/11 **#4**
There is a special salesperson at Barney's. She works in women's designer evening gowns. Apparently she is in very high demand from female celebrities. Our salesperson provides an intimate encounter in a dressing room that makes her one of the best selling sales people in the entire store. Yesterday this B list mostly television actress with A+ list name recognition stopped by and had the thirty minute special. HINT: She is on a top 5 network show and is still in the process of getting divorced.

124. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 12/11 **#5**
This former B list mostly television actress from an almost network hit show was chain smoking cigarettes at an event and was repeatedly asked to stop. The actress looked rough. As in no sleep for days and puffy and swollen and she ground the cigarette out she was smoking in the floor and told them to take the cost of the damage out of her check. Leighton Meester

125. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 12/11 **#6**
This A list celebrity/reality star/everything else is paying a pap agency to follow his girlfriend full-time and photograph her and submit her photos to tabloids. He is also calling in favors from tabloids and having them post photos of her daily so the world knows what a stud he is. Ryan Seacrest/Shayna Taylor

126. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 12/11 **#7**
They can call it what they want, but this singer from an A list boy band is headed to rehab because he was found unconscious this past weekend after partying too hard. Everyone thought the woman with him might have been dead. She was just passed out too. Max George "The Wanted"

127. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 12/11 **#8**
These two reality stars who are lucky to still be working have refused to do another season of their show together. They want separate shows or no show. Apparently the more well endowed one was not shy about walking around naked in front of the other's boyfriend. They fought. Hair extensions were lost. Snooki and JWoww (Apparently they were told no show for either or one show together and they made up)

128. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 12/11 **#9**
This former B list mostly television actress from a very hit network show that went off the air last year who keeps trying producing now rather than acting, thank goodness, told her friend that she finally knows what it means to be sexually satisfied. I'm sure her ex husbands will be thrilled to hear that. Eva Longoria

129. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 12/11 **#10**
This A list celebrity/singer is trying to get pregnant with this other A list celebrity/singer but hasn't told him. Considering how much he has said he never wants a kid, I'm sure he will be shocked. Katy Perry/John Mayer (reason they split? Maybe his cheating)

130. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 12/11 **#11**
This is a short but sad story about a celebrity who used to be close to A list. He was and still is a celebrity/actor/reality star. While most people in his position would be enjoying the fruits of their success and partying non-stop our celebrity lives alone and travels alone and stays in hotel rooms alone. Although he has some friends he doesn't interact and because of childhood trauma he just prefers to not interact unless he is on stage or being paid to do so. He is still in demand but as the years go by, he is less willing to face his demons and much prefers to just spend as much time as he can in his home, cut off from the world with just a television and a sofa and a bed and himself. In a world of excess and frivolity, this guy is the opposite. Whenever I see him wandering through the airport or hiding in the corner of an event alone and uncomfortable all I want to do is give the guy a hug. Louie Anderson

131. JUST SAY JENN!! 12/11
This once B-list mostly television actor was such a complete nightmare in his prime, it's a miracle he got a second chance on this sort-of hit non-network show. Things were going ok in the first season, but the new steady paycheck just went to booze and drugs, although he likes to shout from the rooftops about how sober he is, and puts himself out there as the poster boy for recovery. He's been told to get it together during hiatus, or he's out. The producers have already written him out of the show, because they know he won't be able to lean up his act in time. Who is going to be his replacement? This C-list horrible actor with A-list name recognition.
B- list actor: Jesse Metcalfe
Show: "Dallas"
C- list actor: Eddie Cibrian

132. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 12/12 **#1**
"Where the fuck are the tits I bought her? I wanted her to go to a D not a C. Bitch." A list director yelling at this almost A list mostly movie actress which is why they had a bit of a falling out and she didn't reprise her role in this franchise again. Michael Bay/Megan Fox

133. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 12/12 **#2**
"She is the best money I have ever spent. The sex is amazing," D list celebrity discussing the former Real Housewife he is currently dating. I was impressed she managed to hold out until even after all her money was gone but never seemed desperate. Neal Schon "Journey" & Michaele Salahi "Real Housewives of D.C."

134. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 12/12 **#3**
Earlier this week this B-/C+ list rapper/celebrity made good on a bet he made with this A+ list rapper/celebrity and let the A lister have sex with his celebrity wife. It isn't the first time the A lister has spent time with the celebrity wife. He used to always have sex with her when she was dating this other A list rapper/celebrity. HINT: The B+ rapper is a huge pot smoker. The A+lister used to sell drugs.
B-/C+ rapper/celebrity: Wiz Khalifa
A+ list rapper/celebrity: Jay Z
Celebrity wife: Amber Rose
A list rapper/celebrity: Kanye West

135. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 12/12 **#4**
This almost A list mostly movie actor who is really close to A list has been filming a movie that some would consider out of the country but isn't. Anyway, the past few nights he has hired a handful of hookers who he has service him all night while he boozes and watches sports. Jonah Hill
 in Puerto Rico

This B list reality star says that she loves that her husband has a mistress because she hates having sex. Apparently she considers it a chore and her husband considers it a daily need. Her only condition is that he doesn't get caught. My guess is that he will be caught because he tends to focus his affections on women who work for him. Never a good move. Tori Spelling (and 12 days later...)

137. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 12/12 **#6**
This time it wasn't him who cheated. Nope, instead, this A list mostly television actress from a hit network show found a guy who she started seeing the last time her boyfriend cheated on her. Our actress loves that her new guy is a billionaire and doesn't mind that he is still married. She believes him when he says he is leaving his wife. Of course this will be revealed. Sofia Vergara "Modern Family"

138. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 12/12 **#7**
This former video vixen turned mainstream celebrity/actress/reality star is being blackmailed because of some photos that show her naked with this former A list singer/celebrity and the video vixen's 13 year old (at the time) niece who is also naked. Bobbie Brown/Tommy Lee

139. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 12/12 **#8**
This Academy Award nominee/winner actor and this almost A list mostly movie actress had a competition to see who could get wasted the most each day during the filming of a movie they did together that was supposed to be a huge hit. The two were joined in by another Academy Award winner/nominee whenever she was scheduled to film. Sometimes an entire day would be blown because there was no usable footage because the three were so wasted.
James Franco/Mila Kunis/Michelle Williams "Oz the Great and Powerful"

140. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 12/12 **#9**
"Can I touch your penis?" If you are a hot guy, this foreign born openly gay actor from some great BBC shows who got married not that long ago is sure to ask. If you say yes, well, that is why he won't be married for long. John Barrowman

141. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 12/12 **#10**
This organization says they have a quota of "ethnic nominees" they allow. When that number is reached no more are allowed. In case there are additional "ethnic nominees" the board votes to determine which would move on to the next stage in balloting for this award. Hollywood Foreign Press "Golden Globes"

142. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 12/12 **#11**
This actress has been in this spot before, many times before, but it is time to unveil her on January 1 and have her stop clogging up the blinds with her presence. What you see below is not anything I have written about her previously but is all brand new and when she is revealed she will be the namesake of a prize I intend to bestow on all female drunk celebrities. I think we can agree that Kiefer Sutherland wins the prize for ultimate male drunk celebrity. Our actress is an Academy Award winner. Plain and simple she has that going for her and she won't ever let you forget it. First thing out of her mouth is that she is a winner. Like someone is going to take it away from her. If you are ever unfortunate enough to cross our actress and are not sharing a drink with her you will probably be subject to curses and why you are in her way or blocking her light or doing something, anything to tick her off. If you are drinking with her then she will be your friend until she crosses an unseen line and turns into the quintessential meanest drunk alive. Our actress is not a friendly drunk. She is a friendly tipsy but that goes quickly. Our actress is fond of carrying a flask. Small enough to fit into the tiniest of clutches or in the palm of her hand it requires a deft touch to fill it. A request often heard by our actress during one of her noon bar runs is whether the bartender has a funnel. If the answer is a no, then our actress spends the next fifteen minutes slowly pouring her favorite top shelf tequila into the flask to get her through the next hour or two away from a bar or a bottle. The concentration she achieves while doing this would make an Olympian proud. The fact that she can stop for a minute to take a call and go off on someone on the other end of the phone using words you weren't sure even existed except in some ultimate curse word universe and then hang up and continue pouring again without missing a drop. If she does happen to miss a drop she will be found with her head on the bar lapping it up. If you think our actress is a joy to see after hours, just imagine what it is like to work with her. Our actress rarely comes fully prepared for the day and woe is the director who decides to shoot something not on the original call sheet. Our actress likes perfection for herself. She doesn't really care about the performances of others, it is all about herself. Prior to shooting her most recent movie, the director and producer were warned that life would be hell on earth if they hired the actress. Each said that they could handle her and that she was worth the chance. Two days into filming they were regretting their decision and two weeks into filming they were regretting getting into the film business. Here is the favorite trick of our actress on set. She films a her not liking it. When another character starts speaking she will start talking over them and put her face right in the middle of the camera and start saying fuck repeatedly to ruin any chance the shot can be used and she can start from the beginning. This is a regular occurrence on set but she is very good at using different words and gestures throughout the day just to keep things fresh. After lunch is not the best time to work with our actress because she likes to imbibe during the lunch break. The best time to work with our actress is between 10am and noon. The rest is all going to be hit or miss. The last director who worked with her called her the most vile person to work with ever. She seemed so sweet when she used to be on television back in the day. Marisa Tomei

143. BLIND GOSSIP 12/12
You know that this award-winning superstar seems to have it all. Good looks, some talent, a long-term marriage, beautiful child/ren and wealth and fame beyond anyone’s wildest dreams. But do you know how she has the energy to do it all? A single Class A drug that gets her up and keeps her up. Her habit has gone from a once-in-a-while thing to an every day thing. We have to admit that we are a little surprised about the depth of her drug use. We know she smokes pot, but we never dreamed she would get into hard drugs. Then again, given that her family and husband have a long history with drugs, perhaps this is her fate.
Superstar: Beyoncé
Husband: Jay Z

144. JUST SAY JENN!!! 12/12
This west coast Real Housewife is desperate for fame and to become a 'fan favorite'. She's not a newbie, either. We're talking years and years of failure. She's done just about everything to reinvent her image, but it just flops. Now her latest scheme is to shop this book proposal that makes Melissa Gorga's book look like Tolstoy. It's supposed to be a sordid tell all about how she's finally found happiness after decades of being married to horrible men, but her exes have already sent cease and desist letters to every publishing house ahead of it. The hilarious thing about this is that the ex husbands were offered a book contract for a tell all about her. This should get really interesting as it plays out... Tamra Barney Judge "Real Housewives of Orange County"

Could cheating be at the heart of a supercouple breakup? Everybody loves a comeback. When you're at the top of the box office, your stock definitely goes up. Idina Menzel/Taye Diggs

146. SANDRA ROSE 12/12
A certain glorified studio singer is rumored to be bisexual. According to a well-connected source who is familiar with the singer’s sexual proclivities, the 32-year-old singer began experimenting with women in her mid-20s. The singer’s faithful Atlanta-based road manager is a known lesbian. And certain members of her all-female backing band are lesbians as well as half of her dancers. The source says the singer surrounds herself with stud lesbians on the road during her current tour because she loves the attention they lavish on her. The bisexual rumors have been floated for years, but the recent addition of a certain lesbian to the singer’s entourage has fanned the flames. The lesbian has no known source of income. They are rarely photographed together, but the lesbian can be seen lurking in the background of photos, sometimes wearing items from the singer’s personal wardrobe. The woman has also vacationed with the singer and her family. The singer reportedly introduces the woman to friends as family. In the gay community, "family" is a code word to denote that the person is one of us. Members of the singer’s vast entourage are careful to respect the singer’s private life. When pressed for confirmation, they say they never discuss the singer’s personal life. Nicki Minaj and Deb Antney

147. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 12/13 **#1**
This former talk show host who is now aging and has had some relationships with some very big people is almost three times the age of the famous offspring she is sleeping with on a daily basis. Apparently the offspring is being mindfucked to epic proportions and he thinks the woman is in love with him. It is all made for tv movie worthy.

148. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 12/13 **#2**
This former A list comic actor who blew through about five headlining movie gigs before falling off the fame map entirely still has close to A list name recognition. He also holds the world record for being the drunkest celebrity to ever drink at The Abbey. This actor got so drunk he literally had to be carried out of the bar by four servers and placed in the back of a car and then carried out of the car by people at his house at the other end. Martin Lawrence

149. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 12/13 **#3**
This former B+ list mostly movie actor from a very famous acting family was stopping people in the street the other day in front of a club and asking them if they had any coke. People just walking by and he was grabbing their arm or crossing in front of them while shaking the entire time and trying to keep a cigarette steady in his hand. David Arquette

150. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 12/13 **#4**
This former A list rocker who is now just a guy trying to get a job checks into a hotel to go on his drug binges even if his house is just a few minutes away. He says that it keeps him from doing drugs everyday. Yeah, just five days a week instead. Richie Sambora

151. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 12/13 **#5**
This reality show contest judge sent her assistant outside to the car our judge had been riding in and had the assistant scoop up the coke our judge had dropped on the floor of the car. Scoop it up and save it. By the time the assistant got outside, the driver of the car had already swept it out of the car. The judge then screamed at her assistant for five minutes saying it was the assistant's fault. For what? Paulina Rubio

152. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 12/13 **#6**
This B list mostly television actress who never seems to fade completely away, is still hot and has her own show but no one watches it. She is telling friends she is about to file for bankruptcy because her old closeted boyfriend ran through all of her money and then more she borrowed because he spent it all trying to establish a premiere gay men webcam model site. The site never happened and his loan payments to her never happened either. Rachel Bilson/Hayden Christensen

153. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 12/13 **#7**
He didn't have sex with twins, but this married B list talk show host did have sex with one of a set of twins. Tell me again why his wife sticks with him? Oh yeah, money. Tell me again why other women sleep with him.

154. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 12/13 **#8**
This former B list tweener who actually got her start on a network show rather than a kids network got into a huge fight a couple of weeks ago with this former reality show contestant trying to hang onto her fame. Apparently the club they were at wanted to feature one of them, but only one and they started screaming at each other about who was the bigger star. Yeah, the club just said forget it and skipped that portion of the night. Raven Simone (girlfriend: AzMarie Livingston "America’s Next Top Model" contestant)

155. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 12/13 **#9**
This B+ list mostly movie actress is scared of being cut off so her dad thinks she has a boyfriend. She even spends the night with him in the same bed when visiting the family. Even her sister doesn't know the real truth because the sister would love to cash in double the inheritance. Rooney Mara

156. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 12/13 **#10**
Divorce papers are imminent for this reality star/mogul who already has a former porn star set to be the new public girlfriend. He has her stashed because his associates are trying to clear the internet of her two porn films. He is going to call her an Eastern European actress. HINT: He is a network reality star. PROBABLY: Mark Cuban

157. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 12/13 **#11**
#1 - This former B list mostly television actor who is really good looking and cheated on his wife everyday while he was filming that show that used to be on that almost network apparently hasn't stopped cheating even though he is dating a woman he had been cheating on his wife with. Great guy. His latest mistress if you want to call her that, graduates from high school in May. Chad Michael Murray (Sophia Bush "One Tree Hill") (and he was cheating on the high school student with his current wife who will probably end up on the receiving end of some infidelity down the road or maybe already has)

#2 - This A list mostly movie actor who used to be A+ and the biggest star on the planet says from now on he will only date women of other races. I'm pretty sure he is still willing to date guys from his own race though. Oh, and let them live on the first floor. Behind the door he likes to call his "study." Tom Cruise

#3 - This A list super everything has one tiny secret she doesn't share with the world. The former topless dancer she keeps on her payroll. She met her when she was dating that A list actor guy and now keeps her around for fun and her husband seems to enjoy her too.
A list super everything: Gisele Bündchen/Tom Brady
A list actor guy: Leonardo DiCaprio

#4 - This A+ list mostly movie actor came closest to getting a divorce from his long suffering wife when he started hooking up with this at the time A list celebrity/singer who is still an A+ list celebrity with A+ list name recognition who has kids. She was tired of hiding in hotel rooms and threatened to tell the tabloids unless he left his wife. He said he wouldn't leave his wife so they split.
A+ list actor: Ben Affleck
A list celebrity/singer: Jennifer Lopez

158. BLIND GOSSIP 12/13
Each change in this celebrity’s appearance has been widely documented over the past few years. Their multiple plastic surgeries have been so obvious that we have nothing new to add there. But we do have some additional information for you that isn’t public yet! While it’s been all about the external up until now, we have learned that our celeb has also been visiting other doctors (not plastic surgeons) to develop a plan for some internal changes. Next year, our celeb will begin a serious course of HRT (Hormone Replacement Therapy). No, it has nothing to do with menopause. Up until now, our celeb has been making changes gradually, viewing their transformation as a marathon, not a sprint. Well, over the next two years, they are going to start sprinting, with the final result sure to create lots of controversy. He is going to fully transition to a she. Bruce Jenner

159. JUST SAY JENN!!! 12/13
These two women from a famous family hate each other. Mostly because one is a great talent, and one got famous for a nice set of boobs. The 'pretty' one has burned just about every bridge in the business, and after her latest project tanks, she'll be hard pressed to land another gig. Years ago, she stole a pilot for a sitcom from her talented family member and shopped it as her own. It was almost picked up, but the network went with other ideas instead. Well, at a recent family get together, the 'pretty' one bragged about re-shopping this pilot and it getting picked up. The 'talented' one, who has huge clout and respect in the business now said she will kill the project dead, and let everyone know that she wrote the pilot 20 years ago, and will have it made without the 'pretty' one's involvement. Melissa and Jenny McCarthy (cousins)

160. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 12/14 **#1**
This former A+ list mostly movie actress who will probably be an A permanently just because of her name didn't let her marriage vows stand in the way of making it very clear to the lead singer of this B list band with the catchy name that she would be more than willing to fuck him all night long. Yeah, those were pretty much her exact words and she was pretty ticked off when he turned her down. I believe she used the word hack or something that rhymes with brick when earlier she had been gushing about the music. Julia Roberts/Caleb Followill "Kings of Leon"
 Julia Roberts star-struck by Kings of Leon

161. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 12/14 **#2**
This still sexy but aging slightly former B+ list actress who has never been afraid to get naked in a movie says she doesn't take drugs but that is not what several people saw the other night. Our actress in a very very very revealing dress was bent over a table exposing everything under her dress while she expertly did a few lines of coke. She said she just needed a little boost to get through the night. Heather Graham

162. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 12/14 **#3**
This B- list model who has had an A list name recognition year has not been spending much time with her kid(s) over the past six months. After being dumped by her celebrity boyfriend for someone younger she has been partying almost every night and using a lot as she searches for another guy. The meth is not helping her case. Liberty Ross

163. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 12/14 **#4**
This former C list model turned very recent C list reality star says the secret to her multiple marriage success of marrying rich guys is that she can finish a guy off in under 3 minutes guaranteed. Yeah, she is still as classy as ever. Yolanda Foster "Real Housewives of Beverly Hills"

164. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 12/14 **#5**
This former B list mostly movie actress who is now the biggest spoiled brat on the planet who won't be able to get guys to pay for her much longer and then will be reduced to fucking 75 year old men and wiping their diapers, tried to get a guy fired last night. She was chain smoking inside and a security guard told her to stop. He told her more than once. He told her four or five times and then said he was going to kick her out. Our actress crushed out the cigarette and told the guy he would regret it. She came back a few minutes later with the supervisor and said that the security guard groped her and wanted him fired. When the supervisor said they should review the security tapes the actress said never mind and ran away. She is the biggest fucking bitch on the planet. Lindsay Lohan

165. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 12/15 **#1**
This former B list singer/celebrity/actress with some really big hits in her career better not let her celebrity/athlete husband go to Europe. He has a girlfriend who is pregnant and wants her to get out of the country and have the baby somewhere else. You know, because his wife just gave birth not that long ago. It looks bad. Hilary Duff/Mike Comrie

166. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 12/15 **#2**
This former A- list mostly movie actor from a franchise who has dropped down to B list and will drop even further if his new movie bombs as bad as his last one, has been out with a woman much more often lately not only because of the new movie coming out but also because his boyfriend broke up with him. You get tired of never going out and doing the same thing every single day and night. The don't even go to a drive thru together. Nothing. Taylor Lautner

167. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 12/15 **#3**
This A+ list singer thinks she has discovered all of the kinks of her current boyfriend but he is keeping one from her. I know she knows about his other women and his other men, but does she know about the pre-op he paid $500 to recently? That little Asian one he likes so much. The one he was calling the second his girlfriend was snapped leaving his place. Katy Perry/John Mayer; Madonna/Sean Penn

168. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 12/15 **#4**
I knew this still (barely) A list rapper who has kids with women, loves men too, but I had no idea he was a bottom. Apparently so. I also hear he has not been good about taking his HIV meds. Goes through bouts of being really sick because of it. Gucci Mane

169. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 12/16 **#1**
This A list singer/celebrity/reality star is a huge tipper at the private jet company he uses. He is such a big tipper that the dispatcher of the jets calls our singer whenever the singer's wife uses one of the jets to try and surprise her husband. The company has even been known to fake mechanical issues until they notify the singer that his wife is coming. Blake Shelton

170. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 12/16 **#2**
This B list mostly television actress who is on a hit television show was asked why her show doesn't have more people of color. "I don't have any friends who are black so why should I be forced to have them in my show?" Lena Dunham "Girls"

171. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 12/16 **#3**
This former B list reality star and now a C list celebrity was at a NOH8 event recently and said she was all for gay rights but it wasn't that long ago she contributed hundreds of thousands of dollars to fight against gay marriage and said it was a sin. I guess she follows the cameras. For the record she is still completely homophobic.

172. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 12/16 **#4**
This very attractive B- list mostly movie actress is trying to do anything she can to win back her A+ list mostly movie actor boyfriend. The thing is she has been threatening to kill herself and hurt herself and the actor genuinely feels like she might follow through on her threats. Or even kill him. Eva Mendes/Ryan Gosling

173. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 12/16 **#5**
This still not yet legal B- list mostly movie actress didn't do as much press for her new movie as producers would have liked. Her parents were forced to fly to Europe to collect the actress after she overdosed and was briefly hospitalized.

174. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 12/16 **#6**
This A+ list mostly movie actress is scheduled to testify in a case where it is expected our actress will admit to cheating on her A+ list mostly movie actor boyfriend and other details of her personal life she doesn't want exposed. Angelina Jolie/Brad Pitt (News Corp phone hacking case)

175. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 12/16 **#7**
This mid teens C- list celebrity offspring in a very famous family has a girlfriend who is almost twice the age of the celebrity. Apparently her parents see nothing wrong with it. Another great parenting job because they did so well the first time around.

176. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 12/16 **#8**
This talk show personality is going to be ticked off. It turns out his former hooker wife made some amateur tapes back in the day and the guy who made them just realized who she is now. He is trying to sell them. This is kind of ironic really. I think it is ironic. Could just be karma. Howard and Beth Stern

177. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 12/16 **#9**
He might be one of the biggest names in the hip hop world but he is fast running out of friends. You would think with the way he changes models like most people change underwear he wouldn't have to hit on all the girlfriends of his peers, but he does. It is why he doesn't have many friends any longer. It's a good thing he made his millions because no one wants to work with him because of either. HINT: He has been married in the past. Has kids and also hooked up with one of Jay-Z's former flings which Jay didn't appreciate so Jay slept with the significant other of our blind item subject.
 Russell Simmons

178. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 12/16 **#10**
This A list female singer/rapper/former reality star was playing a private party. When she found out how much the man was worth who was throwing the party she wouldn't stop hitting on him and even told him to forget about his wife. In front of this wife. Nikki Minaj

179. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 12/16 **#11**
A movie being delayed because it stinks is not that uncommon. This particular movie has been delayed a few times and the awfulness is because of the constant walkouts and missing people on the set. The movie didn't take that long to shoot and it seems like everyone had sex with each other and got angry at each other which caused some horrible acting performances and people getting upset and taking a day off and in one case a husband showed up on the set with a gun looking for the married former A list mostly television actor who had been having sex with his thisclose to permanent B list mostly movie actress wife. Yeah, he was upset. Oh, there is the former almost A list mostly movie actress who is convinced she can turn a man straight. She is willing to try even harder when the man is good looking and used to be married. The actor who divides his time between movies and a really popular television show though hated it and felt like he was being harassed and missed about ten percent of the shooting days just to avoid the actress. If she wants to give me a call, I am available. The male lead of the movie had his own issues because he was being followed all the time by four or five guys who kept telling the actor they were going to kill him because they rightfully suspected he was having sex with their boss' girlfriend while they were on set. All the time.
Married former A list televison actor:
B list mostly movie actress:
A list movie actress:
Gay actor:
Male lead:
Boss’ girlfriend:

Which Hollywood actor is due to check himself into rehab in the new year? The silver screen legend cannot go a week without his drug of choice (cocaine) and regularly sups vodka from an Evian bottle… Anthony Hopkins; Jack Nicholson

181. BLIND GOSSIP 12/16
We just got some news about this fauxmance that was set to expire two weeks from now! We told you that if things went well that the contract might be extended after the initial month. Well, it just happened! The guy’s team is discussing extending the contract for one more month. This means that, as of now, instead of ending around New Year’s, the relationship would end approximately the first week of February. Why the extension? Well, the fauxmance accomplishing its objectives. It is helping the guy stay in the headlines and is helping to sell his newest project. The girl is also benefiting from the arrangement. To her credit, she has been easy for him to get along with, and has been a real pro in playing it coy but still cooperating in all of those public-but-pretending-to-be-private meet ups. Not a huge surprise given that she comes from a family that knows how to work the publicity machine. Needless to say, the girl’s side is absolutely thrilled with the renewal. Keep in mind that fake relationship contracts usually run for a minimum of three or four months, so the fact that this one is only being renewed on a month-to-month basis indicates that the guy’s side is playing it very conservatively. They definitely learned their lesson during the last contracted romance for this same guy. Remember that fauxmance? It occurred almost exactly a year ago. Is the timing a coincidence? Nope. Last year’s fauxmance was designed to have exactly the same impact that this one is: to boost two public profiles, and to sell product during the holiday season. Besides the month-to-month extensions, there will be another difference between last year’s contract and this year’s contract. This time around, he will not be "exclusively" dating and will be "seen" with other girls. It’s all part of the "stud" image his management team is trying to cultivate for him. Are you buying it? The most important thing for his fans to know is that this relationship – like the one from a year ago – is a fake. He was not interested in that one, and he is not interested in this one.
Guy: Harry Styles
Girl: Kendall Jenner
Last year’s fauxmance Girl: Taylor Swift

182. NATIONAL POST 12/16
The musician says the brothers decided to remove their [purity] rings "a few years ago," disclosing that he lost his virginity at age 20 – out of wedlock. Jonas also writes that, during his time with the band, he dated "a lot." A particularly juicy blind item is a former partner – also a Disney performer — with whom Jonas used to "sneak out and hook up with" in her car. "Some rumor came out along the lines of ‘Teen pop star seen in the back of a car, in a parking lot, hooking up,’ and the write-up was kind of explicit," Jonas writes. "I kept thinking, Oh my God, there’s going to be video, there’s going to be photos. The girl was also in the business, and we thought we were screwed because we were both working with Disney. It would have been the worst thing we could think of happening to us. But nothing ever came out!"

183. JUST SAY JENN!! 12/16
This B-list mostly television actress and this B-list mostly movie actor with A-list name recognition from a famous family, had a horrible break-up after her affair with this C-list television actor was exposed. Her husband was desperate to work things out and put their family back together, she walked away and never looked back. He then went into a huge downward spiral of drinking and drugs that he will be lucky to survive. His current girlfriend, this D-list wannabe actress, is doing her best to trap him in marriage before he bottoms out. An unplanned pregnancy got him on the hook for the next 18 years, and now she wants the ring to make sure the money goes to her should anything happen. As of now, because the actor is still desperately in love with his ex wife, everything will go to her and their child(ren). The D-lister hates the actress because all he does is use and cry about wanting his family back. It's gone from just heavy drinking and recreational drugs to the heavy stuff in a serious way. Instead of getting him help, she's taking a page out of the "LeAnn Rimes How to Trap a Man Handbook" and is doing her best to provoke a war with the ex-wife over their child(ren). The actress has always been known as a bit of an 'Ice Queen' but the kid(s) are her weak spot. The D-lister LOVES to exaggerate her relationship with them and rub the ex's face in it. This mean girl gold digger is the last thing the actor needs at the moment. Courteney Cox/David Arquette/Christina McLarty

184. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 12/17 **#1**
This multiple time network reality star wants the world to seem like she is pious and believe the story she keeps spinning about her ex, but the truth is she is desperate to find a new guy because she is getting kicked out of her home and has been sleeping around trying to find a guy she can hook. More like a claw really. HINT: She was on NBC for all of her reality shows. PROBABLY: Omarosa Manigault (ex being deceased Michael Clarke Duncan)

185. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 12/17 **#2**
This might be the first time this B+ list brilliant movie and television actor has been in the blinds. For years he has been faithful to his wife when she was the only one who would stick by his side when things were rough. Now when things are better he has found a very early 20's red head who he met when he visited an acting class. They have been inseparable while his wife waits up for him. With their kid(s).

186. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 12/17 **#3**
This former A list celebrity who stayed higher on the list long past his prime because of his marriage is spending Christmas with his kid(s). He won't be spending it with his step child who our celebrity raised from infancy because he says that died with the marriage. Nice guy huh? Peter Andre/Katie Price

187. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 12/17 **#4**
This former B+ list actress solely due to her role in a franchise and is now a casting couch B- lister is playing with danger. Out in public she is dating one guy but behind the scenes is doing everything she can to hook up with the best friend of her guy. Our actress thinks the best friend offers a much better chance for fame and success than a "no namer" to "most scrambling" to always find his next job. Ashley Greene/Paul Khouri/LIam Hemsworth

188. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 12/17 **#5**
Third time is not going to be the charm for this former almost A list singer/celebrity who has been forced to make reality show appearances to make ends meet. She thinks her new guy is the answer to her financial dreams but he is getting tired of her unwillingness to have sex until they are married because she says "it wouldn't feel right." So, much like her other serious relationships the guy is cheating on her with a bunch of women he meets at clubs while she plans their wedding. HINT: They are still planning that wedding. A break up is imminent because she is still holding out. She lost her most recent job. PROBABLY: Kelly Rowland/Tim Witherspoon (fired from X-Factor)

189. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 12/17 **#6**
This actor was previously a B-/C+ list take what he can get actor who is going to be A list very soon. His marriage won't outlast the making of his current film. The guy is already having sex with everyone he can as swarms of women surround him on a daily basis. HINT: The movie filmed in Vancouver and hasn't been released yet. PROBABLY: Jamie Dornan "Fifty Shades of Grey"

190. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 12/17 **#7**
This actress from Girls was banging on the door to a brownstone in NYC over the weekend. Our actress was standing outside in the snow screaming because her dealer wasn't answering his door. Apparently he was out of town for the weekend and our actress wasn't thrilled. HINT: Not Lena or Alison PROBABLY Zosia Mamet

191. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 12/17 **#8**
As near as I can figure just from people who have slept with him and told someone about it, this B- list foreign born mostly movie actor has cheated on his A list mostly movie actress with A+ list name recognition significant other at least six times. That doesn't include stories that have not got back to me. It also doesn't include the 20 something times he cheated on his last celebrity girlfriend. You have never seen someone so happy to be so far away from his significant other.
B- list actor: Olivier Martinez
A list actress: Halle Berry
Last girlfriend: Kylie Minogue

192. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 12/17 **#9**
This foreign born singer from not too far away who used to be almost A list but hasn't had a hit for ages hooked up last year with the foreign born B list celebrity/athlete who broke up her last long term relationship and they have been hot and heavy since which is probably news to her husband. Nelly Furtado/Steve Nash

193. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 12/17 **#10**
These two former reality stars who were on a couple of network shows together used to think it was really fun to do lines of coke in front of high school kids or other kids they would meet during their travels and make the kids feel like idiots because they were not doing coke too. Nicole Ritchie and Paris Hilton

194. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 12/17 **#11**
This Survivor star from one of the first five seasons made a porn with her daughter. They are both having sex with the same guy.

195. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 12/17 **#12**
So, apparently this B+ list mostly television actress who is on a network show and her best friend who is also a mostly television actress with really high name recognition are living a lie. The B+ lister is having an affair with an old flame who is an almost A list mostly movie actor. They hooked up back in the day before either got married. She is good in that regard, but he is still married. The best friend knows about the back in the day hookup. What the best friend doesn't know about is the present day hookup. If she did she wouldn't ever speak to her best friend again. Ever. That would make for some very awkward future projects.
B+ actress: Amy Poehler
Best friend: Tina Fey
A list movie actor: Paul Rudd
met on "Wet Hot American Summer"

196. JUST SAY JENN!! 12/17
This often struggling celebrity has the great fortune of several new opportunities waiting for them in the new year. If they could keep it together, and just let the team brought in to rehab their image work, they would be set for years to come. The celebrity will cooperate for a little while to get some jobs booked, but once the drugs and booze starts flowing, they're back to their old antics. The recent split from their spouse is what is causing the biggest tailspin. They are absolutely obsessed with what the spouse is doing, who they are with, and cannot cope at all if those questions aren't answered. The less they know, the more they use. She recently went on a bender after pulling it together long enough for what could have been the start of a comeback. The spouse showed up to support them, but quickly bounced after the event to party and gamble, leaving the celebrity with a $15k bill they can barely pay at this point. Keeping skeletons in the closet has been expensive. There is literally no money left. The celebrity wasn't even going to keep their upcoming commitments, but after the big casino tab, they have to. It's an absolute nightmare to get them propped up for shows. The celeb had an overseas deal pretty much inked after the 'comeback' performance, but it's about to fall apart if the team can't get them to rehab. So expect it to fall apart. The scramble is on. LeAnn Rimes/Eddie Cibrian

She may be a preacher’s wife, but many agree that ya can’t take the hustle out of this heaux. Don’t believe me.. Just ask her former partner-in-ho’in — with athletes and D-boys — Khloe Kardashian. Her hubby’s faith in her has proven to be stronger than that of her NFL ex-boyfriend’s. We’re talking about Thomas Jones, who’s said to have dumped her after he learned about her sex-scandalous past. "Thomas Jones loved having threesomes with her and random groupies, but he always complained about her addiction to cigarettes … and her getting by wearing stretch tight pants" She has her producer husband to thank for landing her a role in Anchorman 2, but that could be all a part of their nuptials deal. Know why? Because even though he claimed to be celibate during their courtship, we’re told that’s far from the real deal. Just ask Will Smith, who’s reported to have shared a bromance with dude. Gabrielle Union is no stranger to our blind item’s days as a regular attendee of the Smiths’ infamous Hollywood swinging parties. Now, Can you guess who I’m talking about? Meagan Good

198. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 12/18 **#1**
This former reality star/actress/singer who seems like she will always be a gorgeous B list celebrity started making out with this current Real Housewife at the table they were sharing. This was not a peck on the cheek. This was full on I think they are going to have sex at the table making out. Meanwhile the third at the table is a reality star on a show and she got up because she said what the two were doing was wrong and that no two women should ever kiss like that.
Carmen Electra/Joanna Krupa/Lily Ghalichi In Beverly Hills

199. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 12/18 **#2**
At an event this week, the female celebrity I hate more than anyone right now made it a condition to her appearance that any person who spoke to her be removed from the event. Several people were removed from the event for the infraction and our celebrity who really can no longer be called an actress also tried to have two people removed who looked at her because she said they looked at her "angrily." I bet the cameras don't show any of that though. Lindsay Lohan

200. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 12/18 **#3**
This D list celebrity who wouldn't be a celebrity at all if not for her husband is going to be so busted when the paps turn on her and show him the video of her giving them cash to show up everyday to get her on film. She is so two faced. She is already planning ahead for her inevitable divorce with documents and photos. That will be a great war unless he caves. Hilaria (Alec) Baldwin

201. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 12/18 **#4**
This former A+ list rock star who still plays but seems like a sideshow, barely made it to an event with his wife. The former rocker shooed two escorts out of a hotel room while he screamed at the front desk to have someone buy him a shirt in the next ten minutes that didn't have lipstick on it or his wife would think he had been cheating. Umm. HINT: He has never exactly been faithful. He didn't get married that long ago. Gene Simmons"the Fundraiser" Brennan Rock & Roll Academy

202. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 12/18 **#5**
This former B list mostly television actor who doesn't get much live action work these days was shooting a commercial the other day. A fan came up to him while he was standing there and whispered in his ear. The next thing you know the actor says he is sick and says he needs an hour and takes the woman back to his trailer while the crew sat around doing nothing and put the shoot over budget. John Stamos

203. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 12/18 **#6**
This former A list model who is now just a news filler or punchline to a joke most of the time says that her boyfriend loves it when she has sex with other guys in front of him. She told the story to some teachers at an elementary school during a Toys For Tots event. No one ever said she is classy. Janice Dickinson

204. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 12/18 **#7**
This Academy Award winning actress yelled at her celebrity husband in front of a group of people and even talked about he can't get hard. It is not like she would ever have sex if he did. It's why she loved her first husband so desperately.

205. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 12/18 **#8**
This Academy Award winning actress was told by her almost A list mostly movie actor husband, over the phone that he is expecting a child with another woman. He has not seen his wife in well over a month. Catherine Zeta-Jones/Michael Douglas

206. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 12/18 **#9**
This A list cable television talk show host is working on a divorce behind the scenes. He doesn't want anyone to talk about it until it is all settled. It looks like he has one or two skeletons in that closet he wants you to think is squeaky clean. This is kind of a sad one. Jon Stewart

207. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 12/18 **#10**
The girlfriend of this A+ list mostly movie actor had no problems letting other men know she was available last night. She said they would have to be discreet. Her relationship is a tough one to figure out. I think he thought he would need her for red carpets. Probably paid in advance. Suki Waterhouse/Bradley Cooper

208. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 12/18 **#11**
This Real Housewife from the southeast was doing line after line of coke the other night. She might seem like a naive airhead but she knows her way around a razor and rolled up bill. HINT: Atlanta. Likes singing. Porsha Stewart "Real Housewives of Atlanta"

209. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 12/18 **#12**
A nurse at a doctor's office is willing to quit her job if the price is high enough to go on the record with a tabloid. The job? She is a nurse at a plastic surgeon's office and knows who got what and when and specifically has lots of information about that A list reality star who gave birth not that long ago and a list of procedures the star has had done over the years including nose jobs, two breast lifts (including one after birth), an augmentation, two tummy tucks (including one after birth) several instances of lipo including at least two since the birth of the child. It seems that one almost member of the family had a little help in the lower extremities to make him slightly bigger. Nice. The nurse also has information on this former B list mostly television actress who has not had much work since her hit network show went off the air. That actress had multiple breast augmentations including going up a full size because her boyfriend at the time wanted her to look "more like a porn star." That relationship lasted about three months. There is not a month that has gone by in the past five years that the actress has not come in for some procedure. There is the married celebrity mom who has an A+ list offspring. The mom, who is married to a celebrity came in to get butt implants and a breast augmentation and lift. What makes it juicy is that the mom was accompanied by a man to the procedure by someone who is not her husband but who she was making out with before the surgery and who picked her up after and brought her in for the followup. There is the former Tween star at Disney. Well, multiple ones really. The one who got naked before has had a breast augmentation. The one who has been hooked on drugs has had lipo.
A list reality star: Kim Kardashian
Almost member of family: Kanye West; Scott Disick
B list television actress: Eva Longoria/Mark Sanchez
Married celebrity mom with A+ list offspring: Tish Cyrus/Bret Michaels
Disney breast augmentation: Miley Cyrus
Disney lipo: Demi Lovato

210. BLIND GOSSIP 12/18 **#1**
This one is just weird. This over-30 film actor has plenty of notches on his belt… and a strict ritual that he follows in the bedroom. Before sex, you have to take a shower and rub a Purell-like gel over every inch of your body. Then you have to allow him to "inspect" you. This includes him conducting a full cavity search, complete with flashlight and a rubber glove. No, we don’t know what he is looking for. Recording devices? Drugs? Lost car keys? Seann William Scott; Terrence Howard; Alexander Skarsgård

211. BLIND GOSSIP 12/18 **#2**
The female half of this famous celebrity couple is really pushing for the altar. She is telling her friends that a marriage proposal is coming soon. That’s what she thinks. Although he joins in on the lovey-dovey act in public, he is privately telling his friends that there will be no proposal until she keeps one very specific promise she made to him: to stop drinking. We think he’ll be waiting on that one for a while. Katy Perry/John Mayer

212. BLIND GOSSIP 12/18 **#3**
This celebrity couple certainly doesn’t seem to mind photo ops, especially on the red carpet. However, when it comes to breaking up, they would rather nobody notice. So they are trying to quietly accomplish this during the holiday rush. If there is an announcement (which we think will be casual), expect it to happen in the next two to three weeks. And then pretend that you didn’t notice a thing. Hillary Duff and Mike Comrie

213. BLIND GOSSIP 12/18 **#4**
These two celebrities are dating. He is the more famous of the two. The relationship was originally fabricated in a publicist’s office (no formal contract), but the two actually like each other, and are now really dating. The most interesting thing about this relationship is that they have never had sex! She tells him that she will only sleep with a guy after they’ve been dating X number of months, are seeing only each other, that fidelity is so important to her, etc. While at first he found this annoying and a bit provincial, he is now buying into it. He really likes this about her and he tells all his friends how impressed he is with her moral values. It makes him want her more. What he doesn’t know is that she is actually casually sleeping with another guy. The girl just loves a hookup. All that talk about fidelity is just to keep her big fish on the hook. It’s working, too. Zayn Malik/Perrie Edwards

214. JUST SAY JENN!!! 12/18
This former B-list actress, had a bright future ahead of her, but the trauma she went through as a child star was just too much for her to deal with and she fell apart. If people knew how badly her parents exploited her, especially her father, it would probably be criminal. So many things were covered up...including being abused by a much older producer for a long period of time, that resulted in a pregnancy her father made her 'take care of' a number of years ago. Everything this poor girl went through was swept under the rug. There are a handful of people who of them being this A+ list actor. After recent pictures came out showing the actress's parents parading her around with a team of paps they hired, he was said to have blown a gasket and wanted to know why they were selling pictures of their daughter when she's barely functioning as it is. The rumor is she does not want to be with her parents right now, but if she doesn't stay with them, the conservatorship they keep threatening her with is back on the table. The actor is trying to find a way to help the actress, but there's not much he can do right now. She's not going to get better with her parents running the show. Look how that turned out the first time.
Actress: Amanda Bynes
Producer: Dan Schneider
A+ list actor: Robert Downey Jr.; Ryan Reynolds; John Travolta

215. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 12/19 **#1**
This recently separated good looking movie and television actor was at a club this week and made it clear to the women approaching him that he was only interested in threesomes that night and to not talk to him unless she was bringing someone with her. When women would approach he would stand with the two friends who were with him and they made the women turn and pose and then critiqued their appearance before deciding whether they would be allowed to stay. He found his two women by the end of the night and took them back to his place. Taye Diggs

216. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 12/19 **#2**
This A list reality star/producer/celebrity promised his main significant other that he wouldn't hook up with any escorts or strippers until after the new year. That promise lasted all of about three days. When she came back home after shopping she said he was gone and found out later he had gone to see a baker which is his term for a hooker. Simon Cowell/Lauren Silverman

217. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 12/19 **#3**
This A list model/B- list mostly movie actress has been in the news this week. She says that she has finally realized that her husband just doesn't like women and that he is loving his new job because he is around guys all the time and never wants to come home. She told someone on the set of her shoot that she thinks he found a boyfriend, but isn't sure. Brooklyn Decker (nip slip)/Andy Roddick (Fox Sports Live)

218. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 12/19 **#4**
This part-time (ahem) model says that at the after after after party (how many afters for 6am?) for Wolf Of Wall Street she was enjoying some alone time with this former A list mostly movie actor who is probably a B+ lister right now. She says that he took a call from his wife while she was performing a certain service on him. HINT: He was in the blinds this week. Was really big not that long ago. PROBABLY: Tobey Maguire

219. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 12/19 **#5**
This former A list Tweener has slipped several times in her sobriety in the past six weeks but is hoping she can get it all together in the next month or so. Those close to her want her to go to rehab. Selena Gomez (About two weeks later she went)

220. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 12/19 **#6**
This former C list reality star/C list celebrity with A list name recognition does drugs with family members and has been buying urine to pass court ordered drug tests. Brooke Mueller

221. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 12/19 **#7**
This former A list mostly television actress who has stayed on television for two decades straight was with her boyfriend this past weekend when they were pulled over by the police for speeding. The boyfriend freaked out because his crack pipe was in the car. Oh, and crack and some other drugs. Apparently our actress went ballistic but she must not have been that upset because she went out with him again this week. Courteney Cox

222. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 12/19 **#8**
Apparently this RHNJ cast member used to offer nude massages back in the day and one of the storylines this season is going to revolve around the discovery of archived old Craigslist ads highlighting this former profession. I don't know who it is either.

223. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 12/19 **#9**
This former A list singer/celebrity/mostly television actress may be about to get married but it doesn't mean she won't have sex for songs because she is the queen of it. She wants to be back on top again and even had sex with a guy who had been married just two weeks. Brandy (she broke up shortly after this with her boyfriend)

224. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 12/19 **#10**
KINDNESS: This long time whipping boy on the site and A+ list mostly movie actor gave $1000 each to ten different homeless people he came across yesterday. Ben Affleck

225. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 12/19 **#11**
KINDNESS: This B list mostly movie actress who is foreign born and gorgeous and seems to appear in only one franchise paid for an entire family to go to Disneyworld because her daughter told her the family lost their house after they lost their jobs this year. She also got the dad a job with her husband's company. Kate Beckinsale

226. BLIND GOSSIP 12/19
This one is shocking because of the couple involved. They are both celebrities and from the outside, are two of the most conservative-looking people in Hollywood. They look like the kind of couple that you would want for your mom and dad. If you didn’t know them as celebrities, you would imagine that she is a nurse who runs the PTA and rescues stray kittens, and that he is an accountant who enjoys playing Scrabble and coaching his kid’s soccer team. Well, behind the bedroom door, it’s a whole different story. They are into threesomes, foursomes, role-playing, and BDSM. There is even a secret room in their home that is used just for these purposes. It is very well-equipped with everything from hooks to swings to floggers to shackles. Crazy.

This basketball blind item kicked Taraji P. Henson to the curb … after he landed a Key to the Reality TV world. Though he did get the spotlight he desired, that Key has proven to come at a big price! Know why? Not only has his drug dirt — and DL doings — been put on blast, reports reveal he’s getting hit for TWO meal-tickets AND $5 million in real estate and a ring. Don’t believe me.. Just ask Ben Flajnik’s cougar-sponsor. That cougar is said to have some heavy leverage on our blind item. We’re talking about a sex tape that’s said to feature our mystery man, co-starring the dude he was caught on camera rhymin’ with — and both of ‘em were turnt the fuk up! Sources say that’s why our blind item remains tight-lipped over what he knows about those KKKeys. We’re told our mystery man has none other than Kanye West to thank for introducing his basketball wife/baseball jumpoff — who was playing the court and the field at the same damn time! Just ask Malika Haqq. Our tipster tells us he’s been calling ex-girlfriend Lara Manoukian, who told Mario. That’s before Mario told our source. Lamar Odom

228. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 12/20 **#1**
She might be young, but this almost A list tween television actress/celebrity/singer is becoming quite the serial cheater. Three relationships that ended with her cheating all in the past year. Maybe she should just date. Ariana Grande

229. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 12/20 **#2**
This former host of a top rated cable reality show lost her job when the wife of the producer found out they were sleeping together, has moved on to an married ABC executive who thinks she would be great on one of their reality shows when the network ditches the foreign celebrity who has had a bad couple of months.
Former host: Katie Lee Joel
Reality show: first season of Bravo's "Top Chef"
ABC reality show: "The Taste"
Foreign celebrity: Nigella Lawson

230. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 12/20 **#3**
What celebrity/athlete/reality star has photos of his wife doing lines of coke that he is threatening to release unless certain demands are met. Ruh oh. Lamar Odom/Khloé Kardashian
(this is what he says.. Khloe did use coke back in the day so maybe they are from back then)

231. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 12/20 **#4**
This A list producer/reality show icon has a special relationship with one of his current contestants. Her boyfriend is clueless but he will figure it out very soon when he gets dumped. Hopefully she knows she will not be the only dish on the icon's tray though.
A list producer/reality show icon: Simon Cowell
Show: "The X Factor"
Current contestant: Sierra of "Alex and Sierra"

232. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 12/20 **#5**
This A+list diva knew she would be working all night but wanted a great pap shot so she did what anyone with a bunch of extra money would do who has a huge need to be in the public eye but has an even greater need to look good. She paid $25K to keep her hair and makeup people on standby for 8 hours while she was working and had them dress her and style her all for a 30 second photo op at 5 am with the pap she had tipped earlier to be waiting. Mariah Carey (leaving recording studio)

233. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 12/20 **#6**
KINDNESS: This C+ list athlete who used to be a reality star and had the worst name for that mess of a relationship was just supposed to do what athletes do and make some kids smile at a hospital. He ended up writing a $100K check before walking out the door. Kris Humphries (Celtics spread cheer at Children’s Hospital)

234. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 12/20 **#7**
This B- list mostly television actress (now) on a middling network show which I love, is married to a great looking foreign celebrity/actor. Where is the juice? Umm, how about the swinging they did with two couples on a recent trip. The celebrity/actor was all for it because he says it is the only way to make sure a marriage stays strong. Yeah, well when one of the couples ends up having naked photos lets see what you say then. The only photo I have seen is the foursome fully clothed in what looks like a hotel suite. Alyson Hannigan/Alexis Denisof

235. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 12/20 **#8**
"It was like a SNL version of Scarface. I was told to go into this room and there he was sitting in a pair of boxers with no shirt on and what seemed like endless rolls of fat because he was bent over a huge pile of coke. He looked up at me with this look on his face like I was a piece of meat and he was a lion. Coke was smeared on his face and then he pointed at his boxers and told me to get to work. I think he wanted to look tough but he looked like an idiot." An escort talking about this A list mostly movie actor who has been known to be weight challenged and has flirted with A+ list. Seth Rogen

236. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 12/20 **#9**
This B list mostly television actress with a middling hit cable show is the only actress I have heard of who can gain weight while doing coke every day. Kirstie Alley

237. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 12/20 **#10**
This B+ list celebrity/singer who used to be with an A+ list diva is throwing cash around like crazy this holiday season. It is all for show though because he borrowed every penny of it from someone very close to him. She is living in a fantasy world if she thinks she is getting it back.
B+ list celebrity/singer: Marc Anthony
A+ list diva: Jennifer Lopez
Someone close to him: "Topshop" Heiress Chloe Green

238. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 12/20 **#11**
KINDNESS: This height challenged comic actor with the very long career as a B list television and movie actor bought dinner for an entire restaurant two weeks ago. There were over 100 people in the place and paid for it all. When the people asked for the bill at the end of the night they were told it was taken care of but not by who. Danny DeVito

239. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 12/20 **#12**
#1 & #2 - This former A list mostly movie actor, still a solid youthful looking B who used to be Mr. Consistent when it came to award nominations every year, including at least one of the Academy Award variety said the worst relationship he ever had was with this foreign born mostly movie A list actress because she expected him to actually make an effort when it comes to sex. He enjoys groupie sex because he can make them do all the work and doesn't care about whether they are satisfied or not. Of course it will be revealed. A bonus hint is he used to date this former A list celebrity/singer who is still an A list celebrity. Edward Norton/Salma Hayek/Courtney Love

#3- This former reality star who has had kids with two separate A list men has just given up even trying to be with guys. She has always had women on the side but is going with women in a very public way beginning New year's Eve. Shanna Moakler/Oscar De La Hoya/Travis Barker; Kimora Lee/Russell Simmons/Djmon Hounsou

#4 - This long time game show hostess might be aging but that doesn't mean the barely legal male stripper at a recent party didn't get her hands on attention. And laps on and hands down and if she had any more to drink she was going to have sex with him right there. She did hold on to him for about 30 minutes. And by holding I mean she held on to him by yeah, you get the idea. Vanna White

Pictures of this Actor with a new lady love just shutdown those gay rumors. Problem is now they're being replaced with backlash on his interracial relationship. Hill Harper

241. BLIND GOSSIP 12/20
This actor is able to do both comedy and drama, and has been in some of the most iconic films of all time. He always seems to have drama going on in real life as well. While some of it you know about, there are two things going on that are not public. The first that his recent behavior is all about the drugs. Yes, he is back doing EXACTLY the same things that he did before. That probably doesn’t come as a big surprise to you. The thing that may surprise you, though, is what he is doing when he is not being outwardly confident. He threatens to "end it all"… and take everyone with him. His exes, his kids, his former business associates, everyone. His very elaborate plans are like something out of a violent video game or a scene out of one of his movies. Scary stuff. Charlie Sheen

242. JUST SAY JENN!!! 12/20
This temperamental, mostly television actor is known for the occasional meltdown, but this latest one seemed to come out of left field. Nobody knows why he would so viciously go after his ex, this C-list actress with A-list name recognition. There was a pat story given to the media, but the real reason the actor went off the rails was because of the current legal issue in his life. The ex has been very involved in this issue, and would be called to testify about a certain aspect of the issue she knows very much about. There's always been rumors about this issue, but they've done a good job keeping it out of the media. It's the central reason why the actor and actress broke up in the first place. When asked by his lawyer how she would answer the specific questions asked of her, she said, "honestly". It's the reason her children with him are never under his care, and why a lot of his family has nothing to do with him. We're not talking drug use or sexual proclivities. This is some deep, dark stuff that is probably about to come to light for the first time. He's mad that she won't lie for him. Bottom line. When his team wanted him to at least check into treatment for this issue for a minute to get out ahead of this bomb that's about to drop, he fired everyone. He's trying to intimidate her by cutting her off financially, but she's a saver that earns her own money, and it wouldn't make much difference anyway. She's been the glue for almost everything in his life for many years, and it will all fall apart if he alienates her too much. Charlie Sheen and Denise Richards (child porn)

If it weren’t for Lenny Kravitz, ATL’s Darp Studios would have never gone on hiatus. Know why? A tipster tells us our blind item was so whipped by the singer, he once shut down the studio to move to Miami "so he could be closer to Lenny." That’s before sources say our mystery man bumped a Latin recording artist, moving dude out of Miami and into his Atlanta home. Though the bromance buddies now live together, that doesn’t mean they’re exclusively smashing each other. We’re told they’re all about sharing! Our blind item’s ATL crib is reported to be a current hot spot for swinger parties … complete with molly and cocaine as party favors. Don’t believe me.. Just ask Colin Wolfe. He’s widely known to get around the industry, and rumor has it that dude’s just like R Kelly … following an "Age Is Just A Number" motto. Ask Monica. Dallas Austin

244. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 12/21 **#1**
This B list mostly television actor who has also been known to star in other non acting type shows has a habit of talking about his sex life to his co-workers. Apparently our actor is forced to call on a handful of escorts on a regular basis, and by regular, I mean almost everyday he is working to give him oral sex because he says his wife will barely even touch his peen let alone do any kind of oral activity. He doesn't think it is cheating either.

245. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 12/21 **#2**
This former A list mostly television actor from a very hit network show who is a B lister now on a middling cable show was out shopping and no one paid him any attention so he started causing a scene which got people to notice him and then when they did he asked the store for some security and that he was far too busy to handle the crush of his fans. Most of the fans had looked up at the scene and noticed who was causing it and then gone back to what they were doing. Michael Richards

246. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 12/21 **#3**
This foreign born A-/B+ list Emmy nominated actress on a crime initial show was asked for some change from a homeless person this week. She said he would just spend it on drugs and he said he doesn't do drugs and she said he should because she would if she was homeless. She said she isn't even homeless and does drugs so he should.

247. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 12/21 **#4**
This former A list mostly television actress who is not shy about getting naked in movies and doesn't work much since her last network show went off the air last year, showed up drunk to the Christmas show at her kid's school this past week. Not just tipsy but barely standing drunk and had to be threatened with a call to the police before she could be talked out of driving her kid home after the performance. Jaime Pressly "I Hate My Teenage Daughter"

248. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 12/22 **#1**
This former American Idol Top 2 finisher/winner with A list name recognition was sweating off her makeup and had her wig on the ground as she hoovered up line after line of coke at a club this past week. One of her breasts came loose from the outfit she was wearing and she didn't even care. The only thing she cared about was the free coke someone was sharing. Our Idol finisher/winner didn't let anyone share. She did beg the guy for more. It was quite the sight. HINT: At least she didn't overdose like she has in the past.

249. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 12/22 **#2**
This almost A list mostly movie actor with A list name recognition has failed in his attempts to get his permanent B list mostly movie actress wife thrown off their new movie. He has run out of ways to try and get her kicked off without letting it be known he is the one behind the scenes so now he is figuring out a way to quit the project. All that time spent with his wife would put a damper on the time he spends with other women. Antonio Banderas/Melanie Griffth "Autómata"

250. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 12/22 **#3**
This B list actress who has had an A list year on a very hit cable show was set to headline an event but canceled at the last minute leaving organizers with no one to fill her spot. She said she would return the money she was paid. Our actress has barely been functional with her drug addiction and everyone is worried how she is going to handle an upcoming press tour. HINT: She has a new show this fall. PROBABLY: Anna Gunn "Gracepoint"

251. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 12/22 **#4**
This former A list reality star turned B list celebrity turned reality star who likes doing other stuff too, passed out at a friend's house the other day. She confessed she had not eaten in four days and had been exercising several times daily. Nicole Ritchie

252. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 12/22 **#5**
This Academy Award winning actress has told her friends that she thinks her relationship with this actor is over after he confessed to seeing several other women while he has been on location. It seems our actress still wants him though because she doesn't want to be a single mom. She says that he can keep doing it if it makes him happy. Halle Berry/Olivier Martinez

253. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 12/23 **#1**
This B list mostly movie actress who is only a B lister because of the A+ list name recognition does not have many friends. So, when our actress wanted to have a party last week she had to call almost a dozen women she barely knew to fill out her party. The actress always thinks people are better friends with her than is the case. The party was really awkward with the two people she actually is friends with doing the talking for the others. Katie Holmes

254. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 12/23 **#2**
This Dancing With The Stars pro has been trying to get three guys to go out with her. The thing is even though she has had sex with all of them they look at it as a one time thing. She texts and calls all the time and she even offered to buy all three of them an airline ticket so they could join her on vacation. She was willing to pay for it all if they would come. None of the guys took her up on her offer. She is really nice too, just tries way too hard. Cheryl Burke

This former A list singer/celebrity who is probably still an A list celebrity because of her name but a B- list singer had a great run but is back on drugs in a big way. The thing that is scaring the people around her is that she was off them for so long but is doing them at the same or higher levels than she was before she got clean. During a performance this weekend she hit a meth pipe before and after her very brief set and was a big mess and sloppy and was really sad to see. Courtney Love

256. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 12/23 **#4**
This no-namer ran screaming away from a relationship as fast as he could when this B list celebrity/actress asked him if someone very very close to her could watch the couple have sex. It's creepy. Julianne Hough (brother Derek)

257. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 12/23 **#5**
Which wife of a Miami Heat player is sleeping with another player on the team. The good news is it isn't Dwayne Wade so Gabrielle Union can relax.

258. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 12/23 **#6**
This D list celebutante from an A list celebutante family has been making an a-hole of himself while on vacation and is having to pay three times the amount for his drugs as everyone else would. No one will buy them for him because he uses drugs that will find you in jail for a long time if caught buying. A long time. Especially in the quantities he buys daily. Definitely going to be in the 2014 death pool. Barron Hilton

259. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 12/23 **#7**
This comedy actor on a CBS show was heard yelling at his new girlfriend on the phone a few nights ago. Our B+ list mostly television actor was waiting outside a restaurant and screaming into his phone that she should be waiting for him and not the other way around and that he was going to start dating someone new if she didn't start doing what she was expected to do. Will Arnett/Erin David

260. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 12/23 **#8**
Apparently this former A list musician from an A list rock group who is still B list because of his name and the history of the group, has spent almost everyday he has been engaged to his girlfriend having sex with a different woman. I guess this is how he gets ready to get married? Probably why he has a bunch of divorces under his belt. Nikki Sixx (Motley Crue)/ Courtney Bingham

261. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 12/23 **#9**
This B list movie actress who still isn't legal for most things obviously has found a doctor who is willing to feed her pill addiction. The actress popped non stop pills and drank non-stop booze on a cross country flight. By the end of the flight the actress was barely conscious and had her friend help get her off the flight. Abigail Breslin

262. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 12/23 **#10**
This foreign born B list talk show host is married but has a friend he is paying for some extra fun. She is very fetish friendly but only says our host likes a good spanking and won't reveal any additional details. Her website says she doesn't offer any sexual services, just fetishes. HINT: He doesn't have a talk show any longer. PROBABLY: Piers Morgan

263. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 12/23 **#11**
This almost A list mostly movie actress who is an Academy Award winner/nominee and foreign born is banned from her kids' school. She had a violent outburst there earlier this year and is not even allowed on the grounds any longer. Catherine Zeta Jones

264. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 12/23 **#12**
This frequent guest to this space is older than a Tweener but keeps on starring in Tweener shows. She is A list actress in the Tweener world and C+ outside it. She is in a show right now with someone who has had a very good year and is almost A list outside the Tweener world. Anyway, our actress took time off from having sex with her dealer to having sex with a married guy she worked with and nearly destroying that marriage. Of course that is nothing new considering how she has destroyed her own family too. When the guy she was having an affair with finally managed to break free of her talons he called it the happiest he had been in a very long time. Our actress has moved on to another married man. This is how she keeps working and starring in shows. She finds men who are married who are producers and starts having sex with them so they will cast her and then starts making more and more demands on them until they crack. The network she is glued to can't get rid of her because she has so much dirt on every married male executive and producer in the place that she can do what she wants and will keep working. Their only hope is that she overdoses or something and then there would be a huge murder investigation because about 10 guys would have a motive. Jeannette McCurdy

265. BLIND GOSSIP 12/23 **#1**
This girl from a famous family is barely in her 30s, but it seems like she has been a celebrity forever. She’s had a few struggles in her life (drugs, alcohol, etc.), but one in particular has reared its ugly head yet again. If you’ve seen photos of her lately, she looks very thin. Can’t chalk this one up to a "healthy" lifestyle or exercise or a vegan diet. This is a full-blown eating disorder. She is anorexic. Of course she will deny it. That’s part of her disease. She has lots of responsibilities, but the girl is well under 100 lbs and is so weak from not eating that she can barely stand upright. It’s really bad. Really bad. Nicole Richie

266. BLIND GOSSIP 12/23 **#2**
This very famous Singer broke up with this Business Guy over a year ago. He was really hired (Yes, hired) as more of a guardian than a mate. The public was surprised when they broke up, though, because they saw him as such a stable influence in her life. Not really! We’ll get to that. Business Guy has since moved on to dating Young Actress, who is much, much younger than him. We’re not terribly surprised that she would date someone so much older, because she was rumored to have dated a Rocker who was also much too old for her. Does Young Actress know the real reason that Singer broke up with Business Guy? Well, we do! And we wanted to give Young Actress a heads up! It turns out that Business Guy has a serious addiction to a certain prescription drug! Singer and her team flipped out when they found out. They had been working so hard to remove everyone from Singer’s life with any substance abuse issues… and it turns out that the very person they hired to help do this was a drig addict himself! He was fired immediately.
Singer: Brittney Spears
Business Guy: Jason Trawick
Young Actress: Leven Rambin
Old Rocker: Steven Tyler

267. BLIND GOSSIP 12/23 **#3**
This Hollywood actor is famous for his work, primarily in films. Although he is not traditionally leading-man handsome, he is a great actor and tends to steal every scene he is in. Because he is not usually featured in the tabloids, you might now know a lot about his personal life. Typical pattern for him: He books a film, gives his all to the role, gets so intense about it that he starts drinking to relieve his angst, and then has to take some time to dry out before starting all over again. Daniel Day Lewis

268. JUST SAY JENN!!! 12/23
This B-list singer is on the rapid decline, and a recent failed intervention has left her team scrambling for a way to not only save her, but salvage her career. The group assembled to try and intervene and get her away from her toxic boyfriend included this A-list singer, who has remained loyal through all of the bad behavior, and this C-list celebrity, and one-time BFF that went through a similar trial a few years back. The B-lister is so close to A-list status, she's about to throw it all away with drugs and cancelled performances. They were hoping to salvage her career with treatment, but she seems hell bent on torching everything she's worked for in order to please her sometime boyfriend, who uses and abuses her. He's got her so messed up in the head that she doesn't care if she loses long as she has him in the end it will be worth it. She walked out on the intervention and wound up at his house, but he was 'entertaining' and wouldn't let her in. So she went on a bender. A bender that ended with her screaming at the gate of the boyfriend's house. He had his bodyguards bring her home. Like he always does. He let's her in only when he has nothing or no one better to do. Then he passes her around to his friends.
B-list singer: Selena Gomez
Toxic boyfriend: Justin Bieber
A-list singer: Taylor Swift
C-list celebrity/one-time BFF: Demi Lovato

269. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 12/24 **#1**
This A list mostly movie actress who really needs her franchise to start filming again to keep her A list status got hammered during a shopping trip with her husband. She would call the bar and tell them she was on her way up and to have two drinks ready. She would go up and slam them down before joining her husband after her trip to the "bathroom." She did this three times in about 90 minutes. On the same trip in a different store she was heard crying in a bathroom. There are some problems in paradise. Zoe Saldana

270. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 12/24 **#2**
This former A list tweener who has not had much success in acting beyond the show that made her famous might as well give it up at this point. Apparently her boyfriend is forbidding her to be naked in any of her films or to shoot any love scenes. She is only getting parts offered with love scenes or nudity. She just wants to make him happy because they almost broke up after her last couple of films and what happened on set which he says was because of the scenes. Vanessa Hudgens

271. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 12/24 **#3**
This pint sized A list reality star was given a big fat check by a company and they put her name on the packaging and she made one or two appearances recently to promote it. Everything looked great with the deal until it wasn't. Our reality star told some people at her salon that she hated the product and they shouldn't use the product even if they got it for free. She has to tell people she uses it though and loves the money. Nicole "Snooki" Polizzi (Zantrex-3 "dietary supplement")

272. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 12/24 **#4**
This B- list mostly television actress on a fairly hit cable show says that her current relationship is the only relationship she has been in that she had not been forced to be in to keep her job. She says that beginning at 15 she had to sleep with a producer for two years on her first big break and thought she was breaking away from it when she had her next huge cable hit but the producers on that show were even more crazy because there were multiple teens to choose from and if you said no you were gone the next week. The show was written in such a way that any actress could be gone in a week and not affect the story.

273. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 12/24 **#5**
This former B+ list mostly movie actor with almost A list name recognition asked a nurse in a doctor's office if it was ok if he smoked inside because he wanted to be able to be there for his pregnant girlfriend at her appointment. The nurse said no. Our actor left the girlfriend behind and chain smoked until she came outside. David Arquette

274. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 12/24 **#6**
This B list celebrity/former multiple reality star on network and cable doesn't have a girlfriend. Apparently our B lister can't stand to attention even a little. Whenever he has an event he hires a woman for the night to make it look like he is living the life he always dreamed. "The Situation"

275. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 12/24 **#7**
This A list singer/celebrity has dropped from A+ and is headed to B+. Part of the reason may be depression. Apparently she tried to kill herself earlier this year with pills and has threatened to do so multiple times since then. Her record label keeps someone with her at all times. Probably not out of a love of her but for future earnings. Lady Gaga; Rihanna

276. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 12/24 **#8**
This A+ list mostly movie actor got busted cheating on his B- list mostly movie actress girlfriend. She had a spy on the set who she used to sleep with and wants to sleep with her again. The A+ lister has been trying to win her back and he eventually will because she is only with him for money and fame and has several people she sees for love. Our A+ lister thinks he is in charge of the relationship but he is just a toy being played.
A+ list actor: Johnny Depp
B- list actress girlfriend: Amber Heard

277. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 12/24 **#9**
This producer who has worked on many tweener shows has been notified he is the target of a federal investigation looking into child pornography accusations against him and he recently settled a case with the parents of a 14 year old girl who he paid off to keep quiet about sexual activity she engaged in while on set of a now ended hit tweener show. Dan Schneider

278. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 12/24 **#10**
This married foreign born pop singer who is trying to make a comeback has been doing a lot of recording at night. She also has been spending a lot of time with this male porn star who goes by one name and who is very very large. Lily Allen

279. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 12/24 **#11**
This B- list mostly television actress with the very long name loves people to think she is righteous and never does anything wrong. She is one of the biggest blind item offenders and this week got drunk at an event and started yelling at her married lover on the phone while everyone just looked at her with wide open mouths. HINT: She was on "Gossip Girl" PROBABLY: Michelle Trachtenberg

280. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 12/24 **#12**
Look for this A list couple who I can't stand, to have to sell their home. Oh yes, they will say they decided to live somewhere else, but the reality is he is having some cash flow issues and needs to sell the house as soon as it is finished. He hopes he can make it that long anyway. Kim Kardashian/Kanye West

281. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 12/24 **#13**
KINDNESS: This is about an actress who everyone loves. I believe she could do no wrong in the mind of most women because of her roles and in the minds of most men because of her looks. The thing that makes this B list actress so great is that she does guy movies and the movies where a guy must be really in the doghouse to attend. Behind the scenes she has had her ups and downs but for the most part she has been who you want her to be. Imagine her to be. Some very bad choices in men recently. One in particular who has never said no to any woman at any time. Anyway, this is about the good she did recently. Quietly. She was filming on location. Even though she was filming for only a month, the production company had to lease the house where she was staying for a year. The company figured they could use it again or use it for themselves as a vacation house because it is in a really nice place. What they had not counted on is our actress who from the first day she started filming she was also helping out at a community center volunteering on the days she wasn't working. When the community center got flooded because of a burst water pipe she volunteered the house where she was staying for the center and when the production company balked, the actress paid for the rental for the entire year until the community center could be rebuilt using funds our actress donated. Rachel McAdams

282. BLIND GOSSIP 12/24
This story of a spoiled celeb comes to us from Reader’s Digest. The story is being told by a guy named Scott Neeson, who used to work with the biggest stars in Hollywood as a million-dollar-a-year executive at Sony Pictures and 20th Century Fox. Neeson left Hollywood behind to create a charity to save children who lived at the garbage dumps in Cambodia. This part of the story describes a significant turning point for him, when he was working in Hollywood and concurrently running a charity. From Reader’s Digest:
{{Within seven months, Neeson had rented a building in Phnom Penh that served as a live-in shelter, hired a small staff, and rescued 12 homeless children. He thought about moving permanently to Cambodia but was undecided. Then one day during a visit, his cell phone rang. It as a movie star and his agent, calling from a promotional tour Neeson was handling. "Scott, we’ve got a problem," the agent said. Neeson, who just that morning had learned that five of the children in his new shelter had typhoid, answered, "What’s up?" "The plane the studio chartered doesn’t have the right sort of bottled water or the food we require," the agent said. "We’re not getting on until this is resolved." Then the star grabbed the phone and said, "Scott, my life is not supposed to be this difficult. Fix it." That was the turning point. Shortly thereafter, Neeson said goodby to Hollywood, as well as the Porsche, the yacht, the mansion, and the salary, and started the Cambodian Children’s Fund with his own money. Today, CCF provides housing, food, clothing, health care, education, and vocational training to more than 1200 children and employs 445 staffers.}} Bruce Willis "Tears of the Sun"; Will Smith "Bad Boys II"
You can find out more about CCF here. You can read the entire story about Scott here. Just scroll down to Magazine, Reader’s Digest, Great Scott. Just a warning: His story, while very inspirational, will probably make you cry.

283. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 12/26 **#1**
This C list celebrity/sometime actress from very famous offspring who was with this former B list mostly television actor for many years has moved on. Maybe. It appears from the outside she has moved on but then why has she been asking her A list singer/celebrity if he would be interested in her ex joining them for some bedroom fun. Our singer is used to two or three women and himself but doesn't have much experience having another guy around.
C list celebrity: Zoë Kravitz
B list television actor: Penn Badgley
A list singer/celebrity: Drake

284. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 12/26 **#2**
This former A list mostly movie actress probably wishes she could have that franchise back that she tried to get out of back in the day. Now she is a struggling B lister who can't get work and apparently can't get engaged. Our sloppy drunk actress threw a drink in her boyfriend's face at a restaurant the other night because he said he didn't plan on proposing any time soon. She then called him a bunch of names before storming out. Kirsten Dunst/Garrett Hedlund
("Spiderman" franchise)

285. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 12/26 **#3**
Apparently this B list mostly movie actor who would have been a mostly television actor two years ago really has issues with commitment. Not that long ago he started cheating all the time and bailed on a B list mostly television actress from a hit show when she got serious. Right now he is saying all the right things about his maybe soon to be nominated for an Oscar actress girlfriend but things have got really serious and our actor has been spotted at strip clubs more frequently getting special VIP lap dances with his choice of ending.
B list actor: Nicholas Hoult
B list actress: Victoria Justice
Hit show: "Victorious"
Oscar girlfriend: Jennifer Lawrence

286. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 12/26 **#4**
This former model turned B list mostly movie actress turned into a waste of space celebrity, has also run through most of her money. So much so that our foreign born celebrity must stand by helplessly and watch her boyfriend cheat on her with woman after woman. He brings them home and she can't leave because she doesn't have enough money to buy a house. She would never rent. The horror if someone found out. So far her A list movie actor ex isn't helping out with cash either.
B list movie actress: Elizabeth Hurley
Boyfriend cheat: Shane Warne
A list actor ex: Hugh Grant

287. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 12/26 **#5**
KINDNESS: Back in September a dog rescue place took on 18 dogs out of a home. The dogs had been badly abused and were in seriously ill. The total bill to treat these dogs was over $30K. The local press in the area covered the story but fundraising was slow. Two weeks ago, this A list married female country singer who has an a-hole for a husband quietly wrote a check for $20,000 which covered all the agency still owed. Miranda Lambert

288. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 12/26 **#6**
Is sexting cheating because if it is then this talk show host is cheating on his wife with this B- list actress/comic. Things have been hot and heavy with the pair for about a month. They have always sexted but friends of the comic say it has turned into serious sexting and that the comic is now obsessed with not going anywhere she might not be able to use her phone because she doesn't want to miss a text from the talk show host.
Talk show host: Jimmy Fallon
B- list actress/comic: Sarah Silverman

289. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 12/26 **#7**
JACKASS: Despite being filthy stinking rich and able to afford whatever toys they want for their large number of kids, this B list celebrity/multiple reality star and very good looking woman asked companies to donate gifts to her family for Christmas. Yep. Instead of having the company donate gifts to the needy or themselves donating gifts, our celebrity asked for thousands of dollars of gifts from companies and got most of what she asked for.

290. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 12/26 **#8**
This A list celebrity/singer in the rest of the world got turned onto coke by her almost as famous sister. The sister said the coke was great for dropping her baby weight so the A lister started using it to get trim for a photo shoot and a year later is a daily user. Kylie and Danni Minogue

291. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 12/26 **#9**
This rock legend is an A list and always will be. One of his grandkids is going to have a messed up memory forever when they found grandpa sitting on his bed passed out with a needle in his arm after grandpa passed out really quickly. Steven Tyler

292. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 12/26 **#10**
This former A+ list mostly movie actor will always be A list. You never hear about his kids. Well, that is about to change because one of them filmed a porn with this rapper who has many many kids and wants to show the world who he had sex with. He thinks it will be a big seller.

293. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 12/26 **#11**
This A list celebrity/reality star/former tweener loves to find women to cheat with quietly. He doesn't trust any woman other than some escorts who have signed agreements and been paid a ton of money. He thinks there is no warmth to them at all so he figured out a way about two years ago to get what he wants and hopefully keep him safe from being ratted on. It is also kind of creepy. Our guy stays on the road a lot. In fact, even though he is married, he is probably in a hotel room 95% of the time. Nice hotels. Very nice. With rich families. Our guy seeks out the older teens traveling with their rich parents. He finds them at pools and in the lobby or talks a little longer when thy want his autograph or photo. Through some careful talking and gauging interest he usually can find one a day at least to join him in his hotel room. The teen gets away from the parent easily for an hour and our guy gets someone devoted to him for no money and who is desperate to keep his secret and pray they are going to be the next Mrs. Nick Lachey; Mario Lopez

294. BLIND GOSSIP 12/26
There is a professional athlete who was going to propose to his celebrity girlfriend during the holidays. He had already purchased a beautiful engagement ring and planned out what he was going to say in his proposal. Then, two other athlete/celebrity couples announced their engagements. Our athlete did not see that as a problem… but his girlfriend’s friends did! Why? Well, it’s not because Couple 1 and Couple 2 stole their thunder. It’s because his ring doesn’t measure up to the huge rocks that the other guys were buying! His engagement ring is huge and gorgeous and expensive (over $500k), but definitely smaller and less expensive than the other two. Her friends, who helped him pick out the ring, are now all over him to trade up to a larger center rock, claiming that he will embarrass both himself and his future fiance if he doesn’t pony up for more bling.
Couple 1: Gabrielle Union/Dwyane Wade
Couple 2: Carl Crawford/Evelyn Lozada

295. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 12/27 **#1**
This former almost A list reality star from a former A+ list reality show claims he is in a committed relationship and staying faithful. Yeah. Except when he was out at that store in his neighborhood last week and a woman came up to him and that night he went over to her house for an hour or two. He showed up in a hat and sunglasses even though it was almost midnight.

296. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 12/27 **#2**
This former A+ list mostly movie actor who got his start in television has taken his career and walked away. The comic actor stays really quiet but this past week he went crazy with lust. The married actor who has never been known as a party guy was at two different gay clubs and had guys all over him and was making out with guys right and left and had his own private strip show in the VIP section of one of the clubs and was stuffing $20 bills wherever he could find room. At one point the actor even had some special attention from two of the men while the other three or four blocked the action from the rest of the club. Mike Myers

297. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 12/27 **#3**
This former A list mostly movie actress who doesn't work much despite the Academy Award nomination/win had been dating a guy who told her he wanted her to look less like a traditional movie star and more like a porn star so the actress went up almost two sizes. Now the couple is on the rocks because he has a wandering eye for real porn stars. Renee Zellweger

298. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 12/27 **#4**
This A+ list award winning song writer/B- list performer has a big secret. Apparently she slept with the now ex of her bff. Her bff is an A+lister in her own right and the ex is a solid B list actor. The two started going to AA meetings together and one thing led to another.
A+ performer: Jessie J
bff A+ lister: Katy Perry
Ex B list actor: Russell Brand

299. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 12/27 **#5**
This former A+ list mostly movie actor who is an Academy Award winner/nominee and will probably always be an A lister sent his wife home early from an event this week because he was interested in having sex with this C+ list celebrity/singer. The singer was promised a few things in return for sleeping with the actor so she did. She thinks it will be a career boost.

300. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 12/27 **#6**
This increasingly out of control former B list mostly television actor must be taking some new drugs because he used to be mild mannered but two nights ago started slapping around his celebrity girlfriend enough where she fled the house. She didn't call the police because she doesn't want to cause the boyfriend any trouble.

301. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 12/27 **#7**
This Glee actress heard her boyfriend was cheating on her so she went to his house and slashed his bed with a knife before throwing red paint on it. Yeah. She is a keeper. Naya Rivera/ Big Sean

302. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 12/27 **#8**
For the third time that I know of, so it has probably been way more than that, this A list mostly movie actor with a great voice who is an Academy Award winner/nominee has made a private deal with parents of a minor. The actor who is about four times the age of most of his sexual conquests has made deals in the past with the parents of two 14 year old girls and now a 15 year old. He always says he thought they were older and it must be because he is getting older and he talks to the parents and smiles and apologizes and writes a big check and no one ever says anything about him having sex with the minors. One family said he could keep seeing their daughter after he wrote the check and apologized. Morgan Freeman

303. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 12/27 **#9**
This breakout star on a television show not aired in the traditional manner is doing her best to keep some photos of her nude modeling past from seeing the light of day. These are not artistic nudes but are Hustler worthy. She has a story planned if they are released that she was taken advantage of despite a trail of e-mails from her to the photographer stating she wants to go explicit to "make some noise." HINT: They are on "Orange Is The New Black" PROBABLY: Taylor Schilling/ Piper Chapman or Uzo Aduba/Crazy Eyes

304. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 12/27 **#10**
This former comic actress turned talk show person has already bought an engagement ring for herself and wants to start wearing it even though her celebrity boyfriend hasn't even proposed. Jenny McCarthy/Donnie Wahlberg

305. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 12/27 **#11**
#1 - This aging foreign born A list action star is single and was dating a series of college age women. Then one of the women introduced him to her male roommate. What was a threesome has now turned our actor into being exclusively with the guy.

#2 & #3 - This former CW actress who was fired from her show and doesn't work much, needs rehab but refuses to go even though this A+list celebrity/singer has offered to pay for up to a six month stay. Jessica Szohr "Gossip Girl"/Taylor Swift

#4 - This former A list tweener who has quite the year says she first tried Molly with her mom who said she always takes it before sex with the former Tweener's dad. Miley Cyrus

306. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 12/27 **#12**
This former A list singer/celebrity who is now just an A list celebrity who does other things well too, was having drinks with her boyfriend at a bar this week and when she thought he was starting to get too drunk said, "I had an enema today for you so you better not get drunk and pass out." Jessica Simpson
(I just want to know if she was joking or not)

307. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 12/28 **#1**
This B list celebrity mom and former reality star who is one of the worst celebrity moms ever spent the night with this washed up former A list reality star who will be a D list celebrity for a few more days until his return to reality television. Considering they share something in common besides kids and a love of booze, it could happen. Oh, and they also have seen the same guy naked although under slightly different circumstances.
B list celebrity mom: Dina Lohan
A list reality star: Jon Gosselin
Reality television show: "Couples Therapy"
Guy they’ve seen naked: Michael Lohan

308. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 12/28 **#2**
This B- list mostly movie actress has a great name. That is about it but she keeps getting parts. The best acting she has done in ages is when she was caught making out with her brother but kept it together when the older woman who caught them remarked what a nice couple they were. Chloe Moretz/Trevor

309. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 12/28 **#3**
This B list celebrity with the A list look, says that her new plaything (former A list celebrity/still B list celebrity when combined with something) is willing to do anything and she has him dressing as a woman and putting on hair and makeup and his fans would be shocked at what lengths he will go to make the celebrity happy. Jenny McCarthy/Donnie Wahlberg; Dita Von Teese/Benji Madden

310. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 12/28 **#4**
This A list mostly movie actor who is thisclose to dropping to B+, was cut off from the booze on a recent international flight. He was screaming and yelling at the flight attendant before his actress girlfriend gave him some of his favorite pills to put him in a more jovial mood. I'm not sure what she sees in the guy who is going to end up dead or in jail if he doesn't get sober and get some help. Shia LaBeouf/Mia Goth

311. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 12/29 **#1**
This A+ list singer/celebrity took it upon herself to watch over this other A list singer/celebrity this past week. Not such a good idea. The A+ lister couldn't handle the constant partying and what turned out to be a monster coke fest and bailed on the "ill" A lister when she invited strangers to their supposedly shared hotel suite. Things are not going to end well for the A lister.
A+ list singer/celebrity: Katy Perry
A list singer/celebrity: Selena Gomez
Event: Britney Spears Las Vegas show

312. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 12/29 **#2**
This former B-/C+ list reality star who is a D list reality star/B list celebrity has really high name recognition thanks to his relatives. Apparently the good looking guy found another girlfriend. Maybe he will be able to get it up for this girlfriend. The last two bailed on him after his excuses wore thin after a few months. He needs to stop pretending that he is something he isn't. Brody Jenner

313. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 12/29 **#3**
This former A- list mostly television actress who has not acted in forever but is still an A list celebrity helped pay off the gambling debts of her boyfriend by sleeping with a guy. It wasn't quite Indecent Proposal amounts though. Apparently it was about $75K. I'm not sure she is worth $75K. The guy watched too much television back in the day. Pamela Anderson (Rick Salomon)

314. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 12/29 **#4**
This former A list reality star/A list celebrity who everyone hated was dumped by her dude when he caught her having sex with one of the most hated celebrity males in the world. I guess her dude really did like her to even care that she was sleeping with someone as nasty as the guy he caught her with. Paris Hilton/Joe Francis

315. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 12/29 **#5**
I think it was really awkward for everyone at Christmas dinner when this former A list mostly movie actor went to go spend time with his girlfriend leaving his former A list movie actress wife back at the table with their kids and her kids. Antonio Banderas/Melanie Griffith

316. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 12/30 **1#**
This former almost A list movie actor who split with his wife and watched his career nosedive has cheated on his girlfriend for years. She still sticks with him though and this week the couple were out of town and hired an escort for two hours. No tip and our actor didn't participate. He just watched his girlfriend while he was fully clothed the whole time. Apparently he spent a great deal of time texting too. Ryan Phillippe

317. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 12/30 **#2**
This celebrity sister who never got the attention of her more famous sister is slowly equaling their celebrity because the more famous sister can't seem to book any gigs at all. That is not what this is about though. What this is about is the frequent doctor visits the lesser sibling makes. Many many doctor visits. All over town. Somehow she ends up with prescriptions from each. The pills combined with the booze she drinks on a regular basis is causing people to wonder if she might overdose. People who saw her right before Christmas didn't even recognize her because of how she has changed. Haylie Duff

318. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 12/30 **#3**
This married to an actress B list mostly television actor who is lucky to be working full-time, took one of his kids with him when he went to a porn star's house to have sex with her. The porn star said he told her that his kid would just take a nap or watch television and they needed to hurry because his wife expected him home soon. Despite all that, the porn star still had sex with him because she is hoping for a part on his show. Brian Austin Green

319. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 12/30 **#4**
This aging but not old B- list mostly television actress who is only B- because she is on a huge cable hit show was at a restaurant on Friday night and ordered dinner. Ten minutes later her date arrived and when he found out she already ordered dinner he went ballistic and started berating her in front of several other diners. This went on for three or four minutes and he kept bringing it back up all night while also asking how come she was not being affectionate. Edie Falco; Katey Sagal

320. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 12/30 **#5**
This A+ list diva/singer/celebrity refused to meet with this A+ list reality star and has been hiding out for fear of being ambushed by the reality star and cameras. Apparently the diva is being pressured to at least take some photos with the reality star but she knows they will just be used to make people think they are bff. The diva can't stand the reality star. Mariah Carey/Kim Kardashian (both in Aspen)

321. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 12/30 **#6**
This former A list tweener was out to eat this weekend and tried to get a table at a very very popular place. It was lunch and she pushed her way to the front of the long long line of people waiting to get a table or there with reservations. The now B- list mostly movie actress told the hostess there would be two people and they would like a table by the window. The ensuing conversation went as you would expect it would and the actress screamed as she was leaving that she would never eat at the place. Umm, yeah, but your assistant will go get a to go order the next day and bring it you huh? Selena Gomez

322. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 12/30 **#7**
This Academy Award winner/nominee who is a former A list actor is still making his girlfriend have sex with his son. The girlfriend has blown through all her money so depends on the actor for everything. The actor just gets worse everyday. Nicolas Cage; Ryan O’Neal

323. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 12/30 **#8**
This B list reality star/B list celebrity had a friend come over to her house this weekend carrying a huge duffel bag. Inside the bag were several bottles of booze and some pot. When the friend left they carried out empty bottles of booze. Nice little scam she is running. This would be a great time to give her a drug test. Jenelle Evans "Teen Mom"

324. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 12/30 **#9**
This actress who plays a mother on a current children's cable show is living with a guy who plays her son on the show.

325. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 12/30 **#10**
This B list mostly movie actress with A+ list name recognition is on vacation with her husband. She found out he was cheating while on the plane. Well, it is not the first time for either. Catherine Zeta Jones/Michael Douglas; Blake Lively/Ryan Reynolds; Isla Fisher/Sacha Baron Cohen

326. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 12/30 **#11**
This reality star offspring who is a minor wants out of the family show but apparently mom won't let her. Kylie Jenner

327. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 12/30 **#12**
A few weeks ago in NYC this A+ list mostly movie actor walked into a store with three of his friends. One of the friends is a former almost A list actor who really has scrambled for roles the past couple of decades. Over the course of an hour the four people went in and out of the store three times. At the end of their visits the store was missing two jackets. One of the jackets cost $65K and the other jacket about half that amount. No one noticed the items were stolen until they showed up missing during an inventory check right before Christmas. The surveillance video was looked at and on six separate cameras were our actor and his friends walking out of the store with the jackets. The owner of the store called our actor's people and sent them a copy of the video which the owner also keeps on his phone and is happy to show anyone who buys him a drink. The actor's people said they were just random friends our actor met a club. Umm, they are the same group of people he has been running with for years. Apparently they have run this little scam before. Not so much to make money but just to get a little rush. After some back and forth and a little warning about TMZ maybe getting the videos our actor paid for the items.
A+ list actor: Leonardo DiCaprio
Former A list actor: Lukas Haas

328. BLIND GOSSIP 12/30 **#1**
Remember how one or more NFL players were rumored to be thisclose to coming out of the closet earlier this year? Well, the situation for one of them just turned ugly! This player, who is one of the sport’s biggest stars, was sure – and then unsure – that he wanted to come out. A lot of the pressure for him to come out was being put on him by his boyfriend. Long story short: Lots of hinting on social media, lots of fighting, the athlete backed out, the couple broke up, and the boyfriend moved out. But it didn’t end there! And we have lots of new information about what is going on behind the scenes! The athlete is now panicking because the ex-boyfriend refuses to go quietly! The ex not only wants back into the relationship…. he still wants the athlete to come out! There is an entire team of lawyers and publicists all over this one, but the usual measures to keep an ex quiet aren’t working with this one. A law suit would make it all public, and a huge payout (we’re talking seven figures) was rejected. Why is the player balking about coming out? There are actually five major reasons:
1. He does not want the notoriety of being the first NFL player to come out. (Although he has privately said that he would be OK coming out if a bunch of other guys did it first)
2. He plays for a team that is not located on one of the coasts, so his team’s fans are much more traditional (read: conservative). He fears being booed both on and off the field.
3. He is concerned that some teammates would not support him off the field and that some might even do something detrimental to him on the field (e.g. not throw a block when they should) that could result in a career-ending injury.
4. He does not want to lose his current endorsement deals.
5. He is a devout Christian, and he fears being ostracized by some members of his family and other members of his faith.
Yes, that sure is a lot of drama packed into one outing! Maybe he could lighten the mood by getting Justin Bieber to photobomb the announcement? Of course, a little victory dance after the announcement would also be awesome!
Athlete: Aaron Rodgers
Team: Green Bay Packers (#12/Quarterback)

329. BLIND GOSSIP 12/30 **#2**
This actress is half of a married celebrity couple. He is a much bigger star than she, and most of the films from which you remember her probably starred her husband and featured her in a much smaller role. With that discrepancy in fame, there must be something that attracted him to her in the first place. Is she extraordinary beautiful? No. Extraordinarily nice? Definitely not! She is especially nasty to people in the service industry, especially retail clerks and waiters. During a recent lunch at a well-known Hollywood restaurant, the server didn’t understand one of her complicated orders and asked for clarification. The actress loudly said to her, "Are you stupid?" When the waitperson answered, "No." The actress replied, "Well either you have a learning disability or you are a total moron." Then she made the server get the manager, and made the manager get the manager’s manager, and on up the chain, telling each one that the person below them had offended her, that they have no right serving the public, and that they should be fired. This exchange was typical for her. While older service people in Hollywood are used to her offensive and abusive behavior and avoid her, she has reduced more than one young retail clerk or server to tears. Given that her husband has a reputation for being one of the nicest guys in Hollywood, it is baffling to us as to why her chose her as a partner. And if anyone out there does know why she treats service people so badly, tell us about it!
Actress: Rita Wilson
Actor/Husband: Tom Hanks

330. JUST SAY JENN!!! 12/30
This C-list celebrity with A-list name recognition just won't give it a rest. They will save face at all costs, even if the rest of the world knows what a lout their spouse is. There could be hard, photographic evidence of this person cheating, and our celebrity would be staging their signature 'happy family' photo ops in the next breath. They should cut them loose, but they never will. Well, the holidays were a terse time in that 'happy' household. Their spouse spent most of their time with their kids from another relationship and their friends, and barely paid attention to the celebrity trying desperately to have just one last holiday together. The celeb even went and got the spouse's children from another relationship incredibly extravagant gifts and wrote 'From Mom and Dad' on the gift tags. This caused a huge row with the spouse's family because as much as the kids love the celebrity, they have no respect for boundaries. The night ended with the celebrity locked in their bedroom, and everyone going back to the home of the spouse's family. The family vacation will go on as planned, but the spouse will have separate quarters for themselves and the kids. Not Tori and Dean. LeAnn Rimes/Eddie Cibriani

331. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 12/31 **#1**
This almost A list mostly movie actor who some would probably consider A list was held by police in a country in South America this week for several hours until he paid for the damage he caused to a woman he beat because she wouldn't do what he wanted during sex. Apparently the actor's girlfriend was in the room at the time and was questioned at the scene but released. An ambulance was called to the hotel and the police came with the ambulance. Shia LaBeouf (in Brazil)

332. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 12/31 **#2**
This Royal Family member was entertainment for some passengers on a yacht who watched her having sex on the beach with a guy she met only hours earlier. Sun and booze will do that to you. Do you think her protection people just look away? Princess Beatrice

333. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 12/31 **#3**
Much to the chagrin of his female seat mate, this A list mostly movie actor who is an Academy Award winner/nominee watched porn for his entire flight and would excuse himself every 15 minutes to go the bathroom. Since he was in the window seat he had to keep getting by the woman on the aisle. Meanwhile our actor would leave his laptop up and running while he was gone with the porn also up and running. In case you are curious, it was straight porn. James Franco

334. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 12/31 **#4**
This former A list reality star who had been a B list singer/celebrity and is now back to reality because his singing needs to be with a group, asked to see a supervisor at the airport the other day. It turns out our celebrity wanted a free upgrade for one of the two seats he needed. When the supervisor said no, our celebrity asked his wife if she was sure she needed first class before he paid the money. His wife said if they don't travel first class then they can't travel. It wouldn't look right to be back in coach. Nick Lachey

335. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 12/31 **#5**
Two women at a restaurant bar had this Academy Award winner/nominee actor kicked out of the bar area because he wouldn't stop hitting on them. The two college students said the actor, who used to be almost A+ at one point in his career, kept touching them and giving them unwanted massages and inviting them back to his place. Maybe so they could inject him with botox? Steroids? The guy is creepy and since his girlfriend dumped him he has got worse. Mickey Rourke

336. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 12/31 **#6**
Kindness: Never let it be said that I am not fair to people. I don't like this reality star turned singer turned actress but she did good so deserves to be recognized. The actress, and I use that term loosely and if you have seen her movies you would too, although I am hoping you saved your money helped out a homeless man the other day. As our actress walked by the guy he was having a seizure and several other people had walked by or pretended not to notice. Our actress ran over to the guy and held him down so he wouldn't hurt himself and seemed to know exactly what she was doing and stopped some guy who was walking down the street and told him to call 911. The guy walking down the street mimed that he was on a call and couldn't but the next person did. That person who did stop to call 911 also said that she heard the actress say she knew where the other guy worked and was going to call his boss and tell him what an a-hole he was about the situation. The ambulance came and I don't know what happened to the homeless guy except the paramedics said he would be fine. Julianne Hough

337. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 12/31 **#7**
This A list female talk show host was prescribed some pain pills recently but told the doctor hers were better and she had plenty to spare. The doctor then asked if she ever combined her pills with booze and she said like candy. Our talk show host then said something about it being what she is best at. It was a really sad situation that she tried to make light of but the person in the room who heard it said the whole conversation was extremely sad. Chelsea Handler (broke her ankle skiing)

338. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 12/31 **#8**
This weekly tabloid killed a story about an A+ list Academy Award winning mostly movie actor cheating on his almost A list mostly movie actress wife after an editor said the story wasn't sourced enough. The fact is the editor killed the story after the actor agreed to come to a poker party at the editor's house. Ben Affleck/Jennifer Garner

339. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 12/31 **#9**
This Academy award winning actor is an A lister but most people don't rush out to see his movies. He makes what he wants and if you don't like it he doesn't care. The actor said he was in a surfing accident this weekend but what happened is he got drunk and got into a fight with a guy half his age who decked the actor and knocked him out cold. The actor had been smoking in front of the other guy's pregnant girlfriend and wouldn't stop blowing smoke their way. Sean Penn (vacationing in Hawaii)

340. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 12/31 **#10**
This B list mostly television actor who is really good looking and is very single after his wife left him because he couldn't stop cheating, was trying to score the other night at the place he is staying. The actor was trying to have sex with a woman but her friend was drunk and kept puking in the next room. The actor finally got tired of his potential sex conquest helping out so just kicked the pair of them out. Didn't even call them a cab. Taye Diggs

341. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 12/31 **#11**
This Million Dollar Listing realtor tried to buy lunch for a table of ten this week and his card was declined. The next one too. Eventually someone else had to pay. Luis Ortiz "Million Dollar Listing New York"

342. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 12/31 **#12**
This A list talk show host/reality star almost quit his most recent job when he found out who he would be working with. The kindest term he has used for her in the past 24 hours is the c word. In fact, that is how he refers to her. "NBC's New Year's Eve With Carson Daly" with Mariah Carey (Mariah Carey meltdown on TRL - July 19, 2001)

343. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 12/31 **#13**
This permanent A list MLB athlete complained to friends the other day that he actually had to pay for a threesome. Apparently he used to be able to get them for free but women don't think he is that big of a star any longer or don't know who he is. Well, maybe if he played more than a couple of handful of games last year they would know. NOT A-Rod. Derek Jeter

344. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 12/31 **#14**
This A list comedian and former A list television actor who will always be A list in my mind even if he is a bit crazy, was hoarding his coke at a NYC club recently but freely sharing his pot and even inviting strangers to smoke it with him. Inside. The owners didn't seem to care. They were happy to have him in the club. Dave Chapelle

345. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 12/31 **#15**
For the past few days this former A list mostly movie actor who crashed and burned because of a big budget movie that tanked has been getting some attention from drink servers who recognize him from his latest television project. Apparently he is a big tipper and hasn't learned his lesson about unprotected sex. Two waitresses said he insisted on no protection. Doesn't anyone learn. Owen Wilson and Jude Law continue to do the same thing. Don't even get me started on Lil' Wayne. Emile Hirsch ("Speed Racer") ("Bonnie & Clyde")

346. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 12/31 **#16**
Kindness: This Food Network mainstay who is probably the best part about the network donated and raised almost $1M last year to fund a cooking program in his hometown where underprivileged high school students can take classes after school and get a job if they want it or just give them something to do to stay out of trouble. Alton Brown

347. BLIND GOSSIP 12/31 **#1**
Fans of this Actor and Actress have always wanted to see them together in real life. Well, they are together… but very quietly! Will we ever hear any sort of announcement from them about the status of their relationship? Probably not. They have both always been rather vague about their personal relationships with other people. Neither one talks about their exes. The Actor never even announced his divorce from his wife (who is also a celebrity)! It seems that they like being as mysterious off screen as they do on screen. But fans will probably be thrilled to know that they just spent the holidays together in a warm, beachy place. Just the two of them and their kids. The couple reportedly shared a room. One bed.
Actor: David Duchovny
Actress: Gillian Anderson
Actor’s Ex-Wife: Téa Leoni

348. BLIND GOSSIP 12/31 **#2**
Some people like to use powdered laundry detergent. Some people like to use liquid. What happens if you use too much powder and too much liquid and overload the machine? You wind up with laundry room full of suds that needs to be cleaned up. This girl has been using too much powder and too much liquid. Fortunately, she has recognized the problem before her machine overflows. She is already getting help privately, and she is not going to make a big deal about it. We’ve heard some really crazy rumors over the past couple of weeks about her and we are going to address ALL of them at once. Here we go: Her ex doesn’t matter. She never showed up at his house and made a scene. Ticket sales were very good. She does not have some devastating disease. She isn’t sleeping around. She does not have an STD. She is not pregnant. She did not OD. There was no celebrity intervention. And any outlet that reports ANY of these things is just trying to add drama to the situation. This girl is talented, she works really hard, and she is one of the nicest people in the business. She is taking care of her health and her well-being. We are rooting for her! Selena Gomez

349. JUST SAY JENN!! 12/31
This A-list Oscar winning/nominated actress has had a little trouble maintaining her 'girl next door' image for the last year, after working for years to keep her persona as the public sees her unblemished, and a recent tirade at an awards banquet isn't going to help matters. She was being honored by a major publication alongside this B-(almost A) list 50/50 television and movie actress who is also an Oscar winner/nominee. One could even argue that in the last five years, this actress has had more box office success and critical acclaim than the A-lister. She's only B-list because she doesn't 'play the game'. Well, at this banquet, it was time to go on stage for the photo op with the editor and publisher while holding their awards. The A-lister was less than gracious about posing next to the B-lister because she felt that the B-lister ruined the shot. She's very particular about the way she's photographed, even mug shots, and didn't want someone she deemed less than worthy of her photo standing next to her. She pushed the B-lister to the back and hogged the spotlight. Because the B-lister is a class act, she didn't make a big deal about it on stage, but in the photos, you can see the tears in her eye. After the presentation as everyone was leaving, the B-lister did have the last word, though. The B-lister got a photo op with this A+++ legend, who called her beautiful and they schmoozed for over twenty minutes. The A-lister went over to say hello, and while the legend was gracious, couldn't quite place who she was. The B-lister quipped, "Oh...that's a shame, I guess she's not a fan of (insert cheesy movie that actually made the A-lister a star)." The legend then went on to ask if the A-lister was one of the B-lister's costars in her big movie. The A-lister stomped away. America's sweetheart, and all.
A Lister : Reese Witherspoon
B Lister (Really A List): Melissa McCarthy

A++++ : Kathy Bates
"ELLE Women in Hollywood"

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