NOTE: Guesses in italics are only guesses;
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1.  3 A.M. GIRLS 01/01
WHICH couple are not as happy in love as they make out? The gormless pair rake in mag deals but secretly slag each other off behind their backs.
Kerry Katona and her cabby boyfriend

Could it be that a very pretty boy in that very hot Broadway revival doesn't think he's quite pretty enough? Extensive make-up sessions - including a good amount of body paint to courture and enhance his already perfect physique - have gotten so lengthy that he's now hired his own assistant to help him at home prior to heading off to the theatre. Missy, tongues are starting to wag.

1. This former A list actor primarily known for his television roles had a vice paid for by his employers without them even knowing it. Our intrepid actor would haunt various seedy massage parlors until he found a special lady or two who gave excellent happy endings. He would make a deal to the owner of the parlors to buy the girl or two and then convince the studio to hire them as his masseuses. This allowed our actor to indulge in his fantasies while at the same time always seeking out new parlors and new ladies to replace his current ones. Everything was great until his last show tanked. Paradise was no more for our actor who soon found out that in many of his visits to massage parlors he was videotaped. With no more money coming to the parlor owners from the studios they wanted it from the actor and were threatening to make the tapes public. With no work coming in, the actor sold everything he had and even made some questionable legal decisions all to keep these not so nice people from coming after him. Meanwhile he could never say goodbye to the parlors and they were ruining his life. He finally has given up the parlors and paid off his debt and new work is finally starting to come his way. No word on who his new masseuse is.
Don Johnson **HINT: 1. Read it carefully 2. Something in common with Matthew Broderick**

2. This A list actress has a squeaky clean reputation and for the most part is well deserved. EXCEPT for the little scam she loves to play when fulfilling her shoe fetish. One thing about having children is they make a great cover story. Our actress had no fear when she had the children in tow. Pair after pair of shoes would be tried on and discarded. Too small, too big, just not right, until the salesperson would have twenty or thirty boxes of shoes out amongst our actress and her offspring. At that point she would be pleasant and ask the salesperson to just try one more pair. When the salesperson was in back, our actress would make an even bigger mess while taking three or four pairs of shoes and hiding them amongst strollers, backpacks and other baby necessities. When the salesperson would come back, our star makes an excuse about a toddler needing to eat or needing a bathroom and quickly leaving. Our star does not need the money, she just loves the thrill. Word has made the rounds among stores but no one wants to lose her business so they just keep quiet and let her play her game. HINT: Academy Award winner/frequent visitor to random photos. Reese Witherspoon

--Cradle-Robbin' Carol (and Greg): Okay, so these two aren’t exactly mother and son, but their characters are pretty dang close on a certain TV series that is new this season. And according to sources close to the set, this unlikely couple is very much just that offscreen—a couple. If you knew who they were, you’d have a giggle-fit that would make it hard to breathe or type (which is why I’m keeping this one short). Apparently, these two are hot and heavy, and I gotta point out that, yes, Greg is legal—so, hey, way to go, Carol!
Sally Field /David Annable"Brothers & Sisters"

--Blingy Bessie: Bessie is a network TV actress (so, no, it's not Giuliana nor me) who has acquired a ginormous piece of jewelry that's so blingy you can’t stare directly at it or you are likely to go blind. This has created something of an issue on her TV show, because she does not want to take it off even though it doesn’t make sense for her character to wear it. So, Bessie has agreed to wear it on her right hand (yes, it is a nuptially minded ring), but even so, it is so sparkly and big that it is creating quite the distraction for the camera guys, the lighting guys and, yes, even her costars and Bessie herself. Eva Longoria

6. 3 A.M. GIRLS 01/03
WHICH celebrity playboy and his pals do their exercises in the nude as a bonding session? Let's hope his esteemed family don't find out.
George Clooney

--So this starlet who has been mentioned everywhere had a little drink Sunday night or was it two or three? Seems she got rejected by an ex in a VERY public way and proceeded to drink the night away and came on to any guy who headed her way. Except for one.
Lindsay Lohan/Wilmer Valderama (K-Fed)

--One of my favorite actresses is finding that the road to seriousness is tough when you are not serious yourself. This actress who has been in A-List movies and has had an A list career without the payoff has begun to try her hand at producing. The only problem is that during her latest film she spent more time in the bathroom doing lines of coke then remembering the lines in her part. In the last few months she had assured everyone that she was clean and sober and an angel all over again. Two years ago her career almost came crashing to a halt because no one would hire her. She cleaned up and has been working and had more in the works. But just like her last few relationships, the projects are disappearing fast. She has always been gorgeous and talented, but because of the drugs and booze always one step away from becoming an acting footnote. Brittany Murphy (the film she was producing, actually turned out to be one of my favorites. "Ramen Girl")

--Another quick one to end the day. It is amazing what happens over NYE that everyone sees but no one wants to say anything. Just like the first item, this one happened over the weekend. This brand new actress who got her start in the adult magazine business and a little television has been making the rounds doing publicity for her first solo movie role. She had been advertised as the next big thing. The next big thing however was scary. She shocked everyone at her dinner table Sunday night by talking while eating, making loud comments about the food and the way it taste, looked and felt, that were making people ill. In addition she kept telling everyone how much her new breasts cost and who she had slept with to get her role and comparing it to what she has previously had to do and who. What was supposed to be a coming out party with all the right people is forcing her manager to send her back and hope she gets some finishing touches. Kendra Wilkinson

8. ELLEGEDLY 01/03
"What hot young athletic actor has been stepping up and posting online at gay chat sites that cater to men of color? Seems like he is even using slightly blurry pictures of himself that are as easy to make out as abcdefg123.  Just_ask him."
Channing Tatum from "Step Up"

I’ve never had a baby, nor do I intend to,and therefore don’t consider myself an expert, but even I know that it’s wrong to over-imbibe when you’re expecting. Then again, it’s also wrong to steal another woman’s husband so why hold our mother-to-be to such lofty standards of propriety? Besides, going by what I hear, she’s probably not smart enough to figure out that alcohol can actually harm your fetus - relief therefore that her empire of origin has been left in more reliable, if manipulative, hands. Still… it’s really not the kind of gamble you want to f&ck around with. But as I said before, sound judgment is not her strong suit and well into her 2nd trimester, she was openly throwing back glass after glass of red wine. Over a 5 hour period, eyewitnesses report that it was refilled more times that would be considered “medically, socially, morally” acceptable. Even more interesting though: the person doing the replenishing was none other than the proud father and reigning junior master. Word is he keeps her already vacuous mind as stimulated, or as de-stimulated, as possible, which may account for the common phrase heard among those who’ve met her and describe her behaviour: “She is always OUT OF IT”…so much so that he often has to accompany her to do her business. After all, opportunistic love also extends to the loo.
Tori Spelling

In what has to be one of the more bizarre blind items of recent memory this actress has really just started to concentrate on her career again. She has gone from everyone's fantasy to Academy Award winning movies to now being someone you go, "hey what happened to, or wow she is not the star she used to be." The reason for all of this was her marriage to a director wannabe. Everyone always thought the pairing was strange. It seems that our couple has a relationship which was more S&M then H&W. It seems that she lived to do his bidding and was completely submissive to his needs. She trained for two years and never left his side and always remained standing still when he was speaking to others. Then as the money began to run out, she took an endless series of roles which paid ok but did not enhance her career. She did this to support him because he told her that she belonged to him and was his slave. She always did his bidding no matter what. If it involved sleeping with other men or women she did it for him and never complained. She was perfectly happy to stay with him forever. She thought everything was great, but he left her and devastated her. He found someone else who he wanted to play with and did not want to share. Our actress even got the wrong end of the alimony and still supports him to some extent, although he does now have to work. She has spun this situation to friends by saying it was a one time thing and she will not make the same mistake again, but wasn't that her in Bar Sinister's S&M lair last week looking for a new Master?
Mena Survari

11. TED CASABLANCA 01/05 **#1**
Reverential Ricardo is such a lucious emeritus hottie (no Clay Aiken he, promise), almost as much as Manfred He-Man (see next Vice), but first, we're zeroing in on R2's once so taut bum—and what he's been doin' with it. See, I'm putting Revey before Manny in this too sex-ay Vice 'cause, well, ya see, Mr. R's been putting us (discreetly, mostly) homo types at the top 'o his list for aeons! So sweet of him to do so! Not really. Because, as it is, when Ricardo sees fit to discuss homosexuals, he ain't exactly kind about it. Sort of the same way sanctimonious servants o' God spat as they declare diddling outside of marriage to be a sin, all the while they've often got a mistress or masseur on the side. Know what I mean, my money-siphoning jellybeans?Oh, hell, I'm getting off track, per usual. Sorry.So, ain't it ironic—and such the man-to-man coinky-dink—that Reverential, so say some of his relatives, directly to moi, has a certain buddy living in his abode, expressly for the purpose of late-night nooky? Translation: When the fam's in bed, R.R. rendezvouses with his good-looking (but aging less gracefully than Revey, I might add) lad—kept on salary, by the by, just so R.R. can have discreet homo sex whenever he wants.Oh, and what's written on those pay stubs for the stud-service type, you ask? Anything but Best Boy, bien sr! What the hell else did you expect in this town? Gosh, did Reverential get that idea from certain other male/male megastars, I wonder? Not that I'm implying anything, mind you... And it Aint:  Eddie Murphy, Paul Newman, Denzel Washington
Mel Gibson Tom Cruise

12. TED CASABLANCA 01/05 **#2**
Now, superfamous Manfred He-Man, I must tell you, is far more hopeful and genuine (for whatever that's worth) in his private homo life. Got a good man beside him, just like our fave closeted hunk, Toothy Tile. And even though Manfred does, just like Tooth, dream from time to time about the very real possibility of coming out and keeping his day job in homo-hating 'Merica—as Dubya says, so adoringly—he's trying to convince producers of one of his upcoming flicks to let him sorta do it...slowly. In other words, via one of the characters Manfred's soon playing, who's even studlier than the reportedly wholly hetero He-Man."He wants this character to have a scene where he tries gay sex," poops a source close to M.H.-M.'s production goings-on. "He thinks that might help pave the way for him, privately, later on. "Whatever works for ya, boyfriend! Gosh, I wonder if Toothy, the grande dame of on-the-verge fruits, has thought of such a calculating celluloid plan himself? Yeah, I think so. Think he quashed it, in the end. And it Ain't:  Matt Damon, Matthew McConaughey, Matt Dillon
Daniel Craig

1. Heard it through the grapevine that this absolutely lovely television actress who stars in one of those shows that seems to be on every night and every channel and who is married has a little secret. After the birth of her child, they were having a hard time in the romance department so she decided to spice things up. She discovered tantric massage. Not telling hubby, she enrolled in a class and started bringing those lessons home to hubby. He was ecstatic and could not get enough of her. Things were looking up and he encouraged her to keep attending class. Well, lo and behold she started going more frequently than before but it was not because of the renewed spark between she and her husband but instead the drop dead gorgeous (I know you are thinking clue) instructor who was and continues to give her private lessons.
Courteney Cox

2. What if you worked at Trashy Lingerie in LA and you had this Number One selling rock star come into the store? Someone who is solo now but was in the biggest band in the US very recently. You say, wow he must be here for his wife and isn’t that nice? Wow he is looking at some lingerie that is a little different, and a little larger. I thought his wife was smaller than that. Hmmm, well maybe he is getting it for a gag gift or something. Well usually they would only get one thing and now he has several. Is he going to a dressing room? Has he been here before? All the time, and it is all for himself, no matter how much he smiles and says it is for his tiny wife and no matter how many times the staff sees him in the dressing room trying it on. Scott Stapp

3. This British actress and her current boyfriend are always photographed in public groping and making out. She tries hard to show that she is all woman and that she loves boys. The problem is that even when they are out and about, no one really believes it. He is hot for her, but she always looks as if it is the last thing on her mind no matter how much they mug for the cameras. In private he doesn’t even get a whiff of her perfume. When they started dating he thought it would be true love. Actually though it has been a nightmare because she will not let him break it off. She has an image to live up to. What it means for him though is that everyone thinks he is dating her so she turns the girls from him away, although she is watching them when they walk away. Keira Knightly

4. This rockstar’s divorce was recently finalized so he could bring on the next wife. Everyone assumed she walked away with HMM money, but it was not to be. He has a long history of wives and girlfriends who think they are going to take him to the cleaners. What they don’t realize until it is too late is that he has all the ammunition. During their time together he records every incriminating moment whether it be drugs or drinking or another man. When the time comes for parting and they are looking for money, he invites them into his room and shows them why they will not be getting a penny above what he wants to give them. Rod Stewart

14. NY POST/PAGE SIX 01/06
--WHICH ubiquitous blond clotheshorse is gaining a reputation for being dumb as a brick, obnoxious, spoiled and hard to work with? Look for several business deals to fall through next year due to her waning appeal. Paris Hilton

--WHICH terrifyingly thin celeb convinced friends she needs to re-enter rehab for anorexia by telling them she survives on decaf Starbucks and mixed nuts? Mary Kate Olsen

--WHICH back-stabbing friend of an overly publicized starlet is on retainer at a high-selling tabloid? When she's not trying to copy the star or steal her boyfriends, she's selling secrets to the rags. Kimberly Stewart ; Cacee Cobb; Kim Kardashian

15. 3 A.M. GIRLS 01/06
WHICH Hollywood hunk likes his girlfriend to use kinky sex toys on him during intimate moments? His ex was overheard laughing about his weird tastes in an LA brasserie.

This adorable actor already has a few awards on the mantle and he has all the makings of a big movie star. He split with a longtime girlfriend and - just his luck - he got invited to the Playboy mansion. There he met a model who who introduced him to meth. He LOVED it and now they smoke together every day. It's been a month and his addiction is starting to affect his life- he's skinnier than ever and nervous as a cat. Plus, he's been picking at his pretty skin. Where will it all end?
Josh Hartnett

Which celebrity baby has been plagued with health problems because insiders fear his mother wasn't able to stay away from cocaine during her pregnancy?
Britney Spears; Nicole Kidman

Which D-list Los Angeles "reality prince" hired an escort in Miami over New Year's to try and make his C-list ex-girlfriend jealous?
Brody Jenner/Kristin Cavallari

19. NY POST/PAGE SIX 01/08
--WHICH desperate housewife (not from the show) who lives with her well-born, wealthy husband in New Jersey just bought an apartment off Fifth Avenue? She uses the pad for rendezvous with her lover of three years, a married exec with a financial services giant.

--WHICH Tinseltown sex siren with a humanitarian streak has resumed her old habit of dabbling with heroin? She paid a recent visit to an old rockstar friend and joined him in narcotic stupor. Pam Anderson; Angelina Jolie/Marilyn Manson

--WHICH married-with-children network anchorman is in trouble again with his wife? Someone tattled, and she learned he misbehaved with a comely co-worker at the office Christmas party. Brit Hume

1. This past weekend I was leaving one of my favorite restaurants in LA. I love a good steak and this place has the best. Like everyone else does here in LA, I was waiting in line for the valet. There were about four people ahead of my group. I had seen this actor inside, and although we are not friends, we certainly know each other enough to say hello. Throughout the evening I had seen this actor enjoying drink after drink and growing louder and louder. He was being obnoxious, but nothing out of the ordinary or worth a mention here. UNTIL, he and his companions emerged from the restaurant and proceeded to push their way through to the front of the valet line. For some reason there was only one valet working and so things were moving a little slow. However, everyone was in a good mood and no one was complaining because they could all see how hard the one valet was working. He was not walking anywhere. He was running flat out. The valet looked to be in his mid 20's and was from Mexico. His English was poor which was going to cost him in a few minutes. When our actor came outside, the valet was not there because he was running to get a car. This immediately sent Mr. Ass into a rant about how no one has good service anymore and he had a movie opening soon and companies just did not value customer service. So, the valet comes back with a car and now there are three people ahead of my group and the first in line prepares to give his ticket to the valet. The valet is about to grab it, when Mr. Ass says, "Hold it, I need to go first. I have a talk show I am supposed to do in twenty minutes." Well it is almost 11 pm and no one is buying that story. The valet did not really understand what Mr. Ass was saying, just that there was an angry man getting more angry by the minute right in his face. The valet kind of gave a half smile and a shrug, and went back to the person who was first. At that point, Mr. Ass decided to play the do you know who I am card. I hate that card and to have this almost A lister recite what he has done and is doing to a man who did not understand a word was really humorous if you were not being the guy yelled at. It is so LA and so annoying. At that point, Mr. Ass lost it and his friends were trying to slink away. Mr. Ass said he would just go get his car himself and where were all the damn keys. The valet pointed and Mr. Ass got his keys and then asked where the cars were parked. It turns out the cars were about two blocks away. That sent Mr. Ass into a rant about how could the cars be protected if they were that far away and there better not be any damage to his car, etc. BUT it was too far for him to bother with it and that the valet should get it NOW. Well, it looked like we were in for another outburst of yelling and screaming, but everyone agreed Mr. Ass should go first. We just did not have the guts to watch it and you could tell the valet just wanted to escape the wrath of Mr. Ass. The valet got back a few minutes later with the vehicle and Mr. Ass actually had the nerve to say it’s about time. No tip, no manners, and not the first time. Needless to say, the valet made a ton of money off the rest of us, but Mr. Ass needs a good ass kicking.
Jeremy Piven

2. This actress has not been in many things, but everyone will know her for all time anyway. Went from bit player to big star almost overnight. A lovely woman who never let her stardom give her a fat head like Mr. Ass up above. Anyway, it turns out that our actress has a habit. Every Monday she gets $500 in fives from the bank and over the course of the week gives it all away. She generally gives away $100 a day, five days a week. A homeless person asks for money, $5 and she just keeps on repeating this over and over. She knows how lucky she is to be where she is and never wants to forget where she came from. Each day as she runs into people who ask, and in LA there are plenty, she never says no and always gives $5. Homeless people who have no idea what she does for a living, just know she is someone they can always count on for a kind word and that $5. Just in her $5 plan she gives away almost $26,000 a year. She does not do it for publicity and obviously does not get receipts. She does not try and claim it on her taxes. She does it just because she cares. The $26,000 is not a bunch of money, but it is 5,200 people she has helped over the course of the year. She has looked in their eyes and knows she has a made a difference. In reality, the $26,000 is not all she does in public. From Thanksgiving until Christmas, she raises the $5 to $20 and for one month, she gives away about $400 a day. Each person she runs into gets a $20 bill which can mean several days of food or even half the cost of a hotel room. Homeless people stop and thank her and quite often do not ask for the money again. They instead bring other people or tell her a story of what happened after she gave them some money. It is truly incredible what she does each and everyday, no matter where in the world she is. What makes it even more incredible is this story which I have heard once or twice before was a topic of conversation during the dinner with Mr. Ass. Nia Vardalos

Which local actor who messed up his marriage with on-set shenanigans has a twice-weekly appointment in Chinatown for happy endings?
Ethan Hawke

22. 3 A.M. GIRLS 01/09
WHICH rocker shocked me by passing me some of his stash under the toliet cubicle while I was on the loo? Apparently he does this with other bands too.

--This very smart actress finally got her big break and then the show was no more. Hopefully her new movie will be a hit. She recently made sure her boyfriend never would forget his birthday. Besides the bars and the food, she arranged for a private show in their hotel suite featuring two lovely women. What was supposed to be just watching by the celebrity couple, turned into so much more. Our actress decided to take a turn and participate as well. After enjoying the talented women, she wanted her man to join in the fun. The foursome proceeded to make it a night and made some birthday wishes come true. What will he do for her birthday?
Autumn Reeser/Jesse Warren **HINT: These were supposed to be easy, but somehow you have gone astray. My latest Golden Globe date has a special chocolate relationship which should help put at least one in place. Sometimes a cat is a kitten, but they can still tear apart things if you let them.**

--In order to support his drug habit, this cat like rock star used to be a gay prostitute. Wonder if he thinks his current girlfriend is as pretty as the boys he used to love. Pete Doherty

Which recently announced engagement between TV co-stars will come as a surprise to his Aussie boyfriend? Crikey!
"House" co-stars Jennifer Morrison and Jesse Spencer

Whiney Will is a pill. He is a lesser-known actor on a better-known show who has done everything he can within his power (and he does have some power) to be seen, treated and promoted as one of the main stars of the show. He won't do interviews in a group. He won't share a trailer like the other actors at his level. And thanks to his constant kvetching (and that power!), he's slowly but surely getting more and more screentime--and this particular fan doesn't think that's so much of a good thing. On one recent occasion, Will decided not to show up to work until he got the same name-brand water delivered to his trailer that the main star of the show receives--and it "must be chilled." Such divadom, no? And trust me, you'd never expect it from this guy either!
T.R. Knight from "Grey's Anatomy"

People’s Choice Awards Special
--Anyway, so at lunch yesterday. Popular place, but nothing outrageous or pretentious about it. A few celebrities were there and this particular B actor (movie and television) was in a corner being friendly with his date. VERY friendly. The kind of friendly where you know that this is date 1 or 2. The kind of friendly where she did not bother to wear much on top or bottom. The kind of friendly where this was just the start of something that was going to continue long into the afternoon. They were definitely getting their groove on. I had no reason to suspect what was going to happen next because I did not know he was married. I just thought he was enjoying being someone. A waiter interrupted their groping/petting at one point to whisper something into the actor’s ear which was unintelligible. However, he stood up quickly and said "My wife?" He grabbed the girl, pulled her up from her chair and dragged her out the back door of the place in about 15 seconds. I really did not think someone could move that fast. At about the time the laughter died around us, a woman I did not recognize, but presumably is his wife came through the front door with two of her friends, and the entire place, en masse kind of shifted to look, looked, and then went back to what they were doing. Only in LA.
**HINT: 1. Not Mel Gibson 2. Has been on approximately 10 canceled tv talk shows** David Boreanaz

--This B list actor is starting to ride high. He has been in the business since he was a toddler but has just started to change everyone’s perceptions about him. He is loving life right now and in his mind things could not get any better. In addition to acting, he owns his own company with two of his friends. Moving from one project to the next and his rise up the ladder caught the eye of a still teenage C list actress on the way up. She has always moved from one guest spot to the next and always finds someone to sleep with at each of these stops. Whatever she is doing is working. Instead of one of guest spots, she is starting to get some multi-episode jobs from her grateful previous co-stars. She used our actor to gain a couple of film roles and now wants to move on. She is tired of sleeping over at his place, pretending to still like him and making small talk like she still cares. She has larger fish now to find in the film world. He is crazy about her, knows nothing of her past, and would be crushed to learn that she is using him and his name and is counting down the days until production starts on her new film next month. Thanks to his help, it is her biggest role yet and should vault her to the B list. But for him there will not be that fairy tale ending. **HINT: 1. Is the Andy Griffith show too many degrees of separation?**

--This actress has had her ups and downs and been big and small in her television and film career. On her current hit show, all of the cast and crew have tried to play cupid, but to no avail. Although she was recognized in the past, nothing prepared her for what she is going through now. Previously, even when on a popular show she was able to be with her female lovers in public, but that is no longer possible. Instead she goes on a blind date with a guy and finds something wrong. She then delays as long as possible before being set up again. She longs for her old life where she did not have to hide. She used to have a long distance beard but that ended when her relationship with her ex-girlfriend ended. She wants to come out but is afraid despite the fact that real life and fiction are not always so different. Kate Walsh "Grey's Anatomy REFERENCE 23

27. PEREZ HILTON 01/10
What potato head-like daughter of two Hollywood heavyweights just dropped out of USC? The not-so-pretty lady has been under Lindsay Lohan "bad influences" lately, though the official excuse she gave pals is that she wants to pursue a career as an actress and will be taking acting and voice lessons. Good luck with that!!
Rumer Willis

If you are involved romantically with an actor or actress, you really should think 2,3,4, or even five times before letting them run off to some international movie set leaving you home alone. (I know what you are thinking/too easy) Well this actress has taken a shine to her new castmate. From the time filming started recently, they could not get enough of each other. She has been dating the same guy for awhile and this break from the mundane is exactly what she needed. At first she was going to treat it just as a fling. Not usually a tabloid victim means she can do what she wants and who she wants without much trouble. The problem is she has started to fall for her co-star and is maybe even PG (not like the movie). Her current boyfriend meanwhile is just waiting for his girlfriend to come home.
Mila Kunis

One Kids 'R' Us Blind Vice: Congrats are in order! Guess what? I hear our fave hubba-hubba, humpy homo in T-town, Toothy Tile, is seriously considering making things super-domesticated with his equally homosational b-f. And no, I don't mean the gorgeous closeted (albeit permanently, it seems) actor is getting a new puppy or Cuisinart. Hear ol' T2 is thinking about helping his man-friend adopt something, uh, more...complex. As in a human (aren't we all?). Meaning, a baby! Too sweet! I could just cry (since Ellen D. left me on the verge yesterday, ya know) with happiness! Couldn't all you hard-asses at home weep with me, too? Yeah, right—wouldn't hurt for you malcontents to soften up a bit, but whatever. You all going for a boy or a girl, Mr. Tooth? And if he or she turns out to be gay, like you, and if he or she wants to become a mucho-talented performer, also like you, Daddy Toothy, I declare, I do wonder what advice you'd offer the kiddo? Hmmm. What could it be? Stay away from the Biz, altogether, I wonder? AND IT AIN'T: George Clooney; Clay Aiken; John Stamos
Jake Gyllenhaal

MediaTakeOut.com has learned that disease is spreading around the world of hip hop. Word is that a certain rapper gave a certain R&B singer herpes about 4 months ago. Apparently the unnamed rapper prefers not to use condoms - not with his R&B girlfriend nor with the prostitutes that he regularly has sex with. How do we know, you ask? The unnamed R&B singer was diagnosed at a hospital with a staff full of MediaTakeOut.com readers. Here's a hint - These two go to great lengths to deny that they're seeing each other - now we know why :)
Young Jeezy and Keshia Cole; Nelly and Ashanti

1. This actor has always been known for his HUGE ego. Well now it turns out he has something down below that is just as huge. Talked about in London, but really was just talk, even a legend. It was all supposition really, until he was filming his latest movie. Thinking our star was out and about, an assistant walked into the actor’s trailer without knocking and saw our actor changing clothes and what he saw has been repeated over and over and would put even Mr. Diggler to shame.
Ricky Gervais

2. Lots of actors make the leap from daytime soaps to primetime television or the movies. This young actor made that jump and more. Coming out of nowhere he made it to the top. However, he might be headed right back to the bottom. Since his big role, our actor has got an enormous head and as a result has a list of demands a mile long for any future employer. Most execs did not think he was that great to begin with and have a grudge against the soon to be in-laws. The demands are just away of saying no. Despite no new roles, the demands have yet to go and so our actor has yet to go back to any kind of work. Brandon Routh

3. Hit television shows and hit movies, a new dream husband. This B list actress thought she had it all. She thought she knew the guy she was marrying, but it turns out he kept something very secret from her and might as well have been a stranger. When they were dating she always thought it was cute that he wanted to wait until marriage before living together. The reason he did not want to though was his drug problem. Going home everyday allowed him to medicate until they got married. When they got married he would wait until she left for work, and then get his fix. One day she came home early and his secret was out. She made him go to rehab and he readily agreed. When he came out, everything was fine for a few months but he relapsed. Not wanting to give up and believing that marriage is for life, she made him go to rehab again. Since his release in the last year, she has taken him everywhere including work. Instead of take your daughter to work day, she has made it take your husband everywhere you go. People not close to her assume it is because they are in love. The reality is she does not trust him or want him out of her sight. So far so good, but how long can she be a babysitter to her husband instead of a wife? Jennifer Garner/Ben Affleck

4. This actress was always the goody goody. She has worked hard to change that image by doing less family friendly films and making sure to wear enough see through dresses on the red carpet. She wanted to lose the squeaky clean image to get better roles, but also to sell the idea that she was sexy and desirable to men. She has no desire for men, just wants the world to perceive her as a sex symbol. Everything was going according to plan until her last movie for which there were raves. There she met another actress and love was in the air. They were inseparable for the entire shoot and even got an apartment to share. Once filming ended, our actress decided to end the relationship for fear it would damage her career. The new lover who has been quietly out for sometime and is quite the scene stealer thinks our actress should get smart and stop pretending and start living. Anne Hathaway (other actress: Emily Blunt)

32. PEREZ HILTON 01/12
What sobriety-challenged, adulterous action star was having "a very intimate meal" with a woman that was not his wife at Cafe del Rey in Marina del Rey this week? He may be a hater, but he sure loves this one brunette a lot. Seems like the fires aren't the only things burning in Malibu!
Mel Gibson

33. POPBITCH 01/12
--The hottest item to have in 2007 is the Gak Tent. Celebrities in Nikki Beach, Miami, over the holidays were forking out 10 grand each for a small tee-pee at the famous beach bar. One American rap star/entrepreneur bought all twenty of these mini-tents on New Year's Eve for his friends. (Well, how else are you or your entourage going to snarf bags of cocaine in secret these days?) Runner-up: The Punk Burka. A best-seller in Dubai now is a traditional burka...customised with safety pins. Very Westwood.
Sean Combs

--Which classical music star enjoyed the secret attentions of a South African plastic surgeon on her chin, nose, teeth and breasts before her career really took off? Look carefully at her now - she's about to go under the knife to remove some more fat under her chin. Charlotte Church

This actor is hotter than ever and he's had a year long secet affair with a sexy blonde Playboy lingerie model. He was absolutely obsessed with her bottom and couldn't keep his hands off her. He entertained her at his house and when they were at her house he ordered food from the best restaurants. But he never took her out. She was proud to have such a famous boyfriend, but her friends didn't believe her because they NEVER saw him. She nagged him to bring their relationship out in the open but he refused. He told her "I can't be seen with you- my fans wouldn't like me going out with a WHITE GIRL!"
Jamie Foxx

35. 3 A.M. GIRLS 01/13
WHICH Brit R&B star loves to listen to his own tunes when he's getting it on in the bedroom, especially when he's about to... er, reach his peak? Unsurprisingly, it's a distinct turn-off for the ladies who can't wait to walk away afterwards.
Craig David

Which hard-partying starlet just got a brand-new case of herpes to kick off the new year? The poor thing can’t seem to catch a break lately.
Britney Spears; Lindsay Lohan

Have you noticed that this actor has a habit of just about A listing himself and then takes a big break to drop himself back to middle B? Age is the reason most people cite. The reality is that he has always enjoyed playing with his own team even when he was married, and has done so irresponsibly in the past. His frequent trips to Europe to explore his violent, dark side in gay brothels and S&M clubs has become his focus and passion. His failure to use protection at any time could also be causing his limited work schedule. He has a history of doing work only when he needs the money to finance another six month sex fueled vacation. He often signs on for two or three films but usually only completes one before exhaustion and/or lust sets in. Witnesses state that people never get to close to him in the last few days of any film because of his mood swings which alternate between kindness and rage in a matter of minutes.
Viggo Mortensen

Which saccharine L.A. starlet who markets her image in contrast to the antics of the Paris/Britney/Lindsay crew is secretly taking a veterinary drug to keep her weight down?
Hilary Duff

39. 3 A.M. GIRLS 01/15
WHICH hot indie band has sacked one of its members because he's too old? It's still a mystery to him as they never told him the real reason.

40. HOLY MOLY 01/15
Keep in mind this is a British website...
Which pop queen's mother may be somewhat stricter with her first-born grandchild than is strictly necessary (or legal)? A Mole was conducting a telephone interview with a VERY famous female pop star's mother (herself no shrinking violet when it comes to the fuel of publicity). At this point, the pop star, though married and having spawned, was still by necessity living with her mother. As the interview took place, the Mole was aware of the sound of a very young child in the background, pretending, as toddlers do, to be a motor car and racing around the house and generally enjoying life in the selfish way that only the truly innocent and unspoilt can while their mothers are away on multi-million-pound generating tours. A large crashing noise occurred and the grandmother excused herself for a short time, returning to explain that the toddler had attempted to climb a large bookcase but had fallen victim to gravity. The drama over, the grandmother announced she was ready to re-start the interview, despite the howls of pain and misery clearly audible in the background. Naturally, the caring Mole checked on the condition of the pop offspring but was reassured that all was well. Several minutes later when the screams continued, the grandmother exasperatedly excused herself again, placing the phone on the kitchen worktop. As the Mole puts it, "There was a lull in the tantrum and then a series of incredibly loud smacking noises. After which there was a silence." The loving and caring grandmother returned to the phone safe in the knowledge that the righteous hammering she had administered to a helpless child would ensure she was able to finish the vital interview in peace.

Could it be that at least 2 notables have been partaking of gay sex at Equinox?  My sources tell me that the locker room in the Columbus Circle location is frequented by one guy who is mentioned in this very column (Dave Navarro, Drake Hogestyn, Tom Everett Scott, or Johnny Galecki) and another who made a splash towards the end of 2006 for reasons that elicited yawns from anyone familiar with this column. Alas, they haven't been seen together.  But I hear that some snappy patrons have captured some incriminating images of the fine fellas via cell phone (a scenario that got one of them in trouble before).
 Dave Navarro/Tommy Lee

Which aspiring starlet (more former than latter) had to be stepped over on a Chateau Marmont staircase Sunday morning because getting back to her room before having sex was too much of a chore?
Lindsay Lohan

43. 3 A.M. GIRLS 01/16
WHICH recently-married US superstar insists on keeping her female lovers and even has her hubby's blessing. Talk about having your cake and eating it!
Nicole Kidman

What former A list television actor kept telling his wife that he would be right back at each of the parties they attended last night? This actor best known for television, but now doing movies was selling himself throughout the night. At one point, this very young actress took the bait. He could not stop getting close to the lovely lady and thought he was fooling everyone. Well his wife had enough and tapped him on the shoulder as he was leaning in real close. Shocked and embarassed, it did not stop him or his new girl from getting her phone number.
Tim Allen/Hayden Paniettiere

45. 3 A.M. GIRLS 01/17
WHICH pampered star got her lackeys to carry her drugs for her? She later threw a strop after they went home with her stash by mistake.
Sienna Miller

1. This singer is out of his mind. His model girlfriend was not beautiful enough for him or he thought he could do better. Somehow he thought his aging, one hit wonder self could get him someone better. What he got was a lesson in how the grass is not always greener on the other side. After bedding a series of 18 year old girls and acting like the wannabe rock star he thinks he is, his ex was seen in public with a collection of men befitting her beauty. Our singer broke and is begging for her to take him back. So far she just keeps laughing at him.
James Blunt/Petra Nemcova REFERENCE

2. Seeing this actress and her complexion Monday night reminded me that she had to miss the world premiere of a movie and almost another because her face had turned into one big zit. Cameron Diaz

3. Yesterday I told you about the married actor getting the phone number of a lovely young thing after his wife thought she had stopped him cold. Well, getting numbers to someone who is not your significant other is easy. Getting the numbers while your significant other is in the room is much harder and doing what this NEXT actor did is the toughest of all. A few weeks ago, this actor was at a party with his award winning actress wife of a few years. Also at the party was his former girlfriend and co-star now married but solo that night. The two have remained close. Throughout the night our actor and his ex flirted outrageously. Enough so, that the notoriously jealous wife really wanted to leave. Our actor sweet talked his wife like a poet and said there was nothing to worry about. He was just friends with his ex. Twenty minutes later another guest at the party opened a locked bathroom door that had not been completely shut and found our actor and his ex with certain parts exposed. The intruder apologized and left and proceeded to tell all at the party what they had seen. Most couples caught in the act would end it right there. However, our actor continued on until completion. After emerging from the bathroom tryst, our actor was a model husband and never left his wife's side. If she knows, she is not telling. Taye Diggs/Idina Menzel  **HINT: 1. One word in the blind item will make it all very clear.**

RIP Rita and Studly Stan: This little story involves two TV stars who have absolutely nothing to do with each other—except for the fact that they both happen to have starred on hit shows we talk about very often here in WWK Central. We'll call the girl RIP Rita ('cause she is no longer on her show) and the guy Studly Stan ('cause he's still on his show and, oh, how he has become quite the stud with the ladies over the years!) Once upon a time, Stan required a new love interest, and Rita (pretty little thing that she is) was top of the list to get the role. So, Stan suggested the soon to be happy TV couple go out to dinner and get to know each other—you know, just to make doubly sure they had "chemistry." Well, apparently, there was plenty of chemistry on Stan's end, 'cause according to casting sources and sources close to Rita, Stan spent the entire night hitting on his potential TV counterpart—so badly and obnoxiously that Rita decided she'd rather be shot than star in the show with him. The next morning, she called the casting folks and said she wouldn't be doing the role. Stan's love interest was immediately recast, but as far as I know, he's still lookin' for love in real life. And trust me, if you knew who he was, there'd be plenty of takers.
Maggie Grace "Lost"/Zach Braff  "Scrubs"

Which travel magazine expert on a popular daytime TV show might want to cool it with the booze on junkets? Fellow passengers complained to his editor after antics on one cruise when he was "constantly drinking and organizing naked deck races."
Peter Greenberg from The Today Show

49. 3 A.M. GIRLS 01/18
WHICH star on his recent video shoot insisted staff didn't look at him or call him by his first name? He justified his odd behaviour by saying he didn't want any 'distractions'.
Justin Timberlake

Psst...It's a scenario that fits the saying "the inmates are running the asylum."  I can't name names (as much as I might love to), but play along and guess which recurring guest star has, in essence, taken over the prime-time hit he's visiting.  This recent hire, apparently believing himself to be God's gift to television, has thrown the writing process into complete turmoil, tossing out story lines and even entire scripts.  Why hasn't his ass been canned?  Is it because he's amega-star?  Hardly.  The show runner seems to agree with him that he's a genius and a genuine A-lister.  But, um, how do I put this?  He isn't.  As one of many disgruntled cast members put it: "He's not exactly George Clooney."  He doesn't even have the marquee value of, say, George Jetson.  So, any guesses?
Liev Schreiber

Two Schnoz-Straining Blind Vices: After-hours parties always spell trouble, right? Yes, thank gawd! I mean, anything that happens after the clubs close at some ber-mansion in the Hollywood Hills after two ayem is bound to be bad news, right? (Just ask Lindsay Lohan where that type of late-night stuff lands you, if you don't believe moi.) Such delish naughtiness is what was goin' down at the owner of a Hollywood hot spot's posh pad recently. After the booty-shakin' bote announced last call, said proprietor moved the celeb-hoppin' pah-tay to his private home. How very accommodating! And all the usual trash-rag suspects were there, as well as some more surprising ones. But, no guest, I assure you, was as shocking as the Sniffer honey, a rail-thin tart, if there ever was one. This skinny gal, who has a rather wholesome rep, has been rumored to like hitting the slopes before, ya know. But, nothing concrete has been sighted on her—until now. Some peeps say hitting the powder runs is precisely why this gal got so damn skeletal all of the sudden. But, I digress, per usual. Anyhow, Ms. Sniff was in dire need of a hit and told the whole room as much. “Do you have our stuff?” Sniffer Stella yelled to her partner in partying crime, who, evidently, had the supply. “I need a bump!” Thank heavens S.B.'s trusty amiga had the goods! “It's right here in my purse!,” the party goer yelled back, as the girls not so discreetly rendezvoused to the bathroom, almost as if they were in the mansion all by themselves (which was hardly the case). Meanwhile, at the same nose-candy coral, a very pretty boy we'll call Wendell Waxer was being rather obvious himself. The good-lookin' guy, whose sexuality is often questioned, was loudly placing a bet with a friend over who could score the hottest girl in the house. The winner, it was decided between the cave-dude types, got not only bragging rights, but the rails of coke lined up on the coffee table for the taking. W2 won, of course, and pulle da hottie right fast. But, W.W., hon, you'd better be careful...the booger sugar, to be
friggin' sure, ages that fine face of yours faster than your flack gets fake union items in the gossips.
AND IT AIN'T: Jessica Simpson, Nickey Hilton, Ashley Simpson or Wentworth Miller, Jamie Foxx, Hayden Christiansen

SNIFFER STELLA: Kate Bosworth; Hilary Duff; Jessica Alba
WENDELL WAXER: Orlando Bloom; Wilmer Valderama; Jesse Metcalf

--This actor used to be A-list in the mid 90's but is now a straight to video kind of guy. Why you ask? Well it seems he likes taking projects that are international, and especially in Eastern European countries. The reason for this is so he and his current wife can enjoy the affections of VERY young girls who can be bought for a night in these countries.
Wesley Snipes

--Swimming with dolphins is not the only thing this actress did recently. Seems to be that she likes X, and when she takes it, she finds a few suitable companions and enjoys the drug and other activities that occur in hotel rooms with other consenting adults. Tara Reid REFERENCE

--A friend of someone mentioned earlier today has been acting like a diva despite the fact it has been years since she could even pretend to be such. Banned from her health club for wanting to work out alone and to bring in her dog, this pseudo diva has also been trying to convince friends she has a relationship with a well known singer despite the fact that no one believes a word of it. "Ginger Spice" Geri Halliwell REFERENCE

You're gonna love this: A couple you love on a show you love are in love. But wait, there's more — so much more. These series leads are married to other people, spouses my moles tell me they are thisclose to leaving for each other. And really, how could they not dump the folks they pledged to love, honor and cherish? They've been overheard spouting clichs like, "We've been waiting our whole lives for this!" (Gag me.) While this would be the first offense for one of the saccharine sweethearts, the other is no stranger to bad press. At this point, a homewrecking extramarital affair would only confirm the worst that a significant portion of the public already thinks of this individual. So, guesses? Don't be shy — these two certainly aren't! Anne Heche/James Tupper "Men in Trees"

54. 3 A.M. GIRLS 01/20
WHICH US diva insisted that no staff on a recent shoot were allowed to eat in front of her? The star will be left red-faced when she finds out she's being branded a total bitch by everyone involved.
Scarlett Johansson

55. NY POST/PAGE SIX 01/21
--WHICH shaggy-haired rocker with a perky pop-star girlfriend has the nightclub circuit buzzing that he's been taking guys home with him late at night?
John Mayer and Jessica Simpson

--WHICH famous athlete isn't as interested in women as his fans believe? He has been able to keep his sexuality under wraps, but the question is for how much longer. Lance Armstrong; Tom Brady; Andy Roddick; Payton Manning

--Which pretty-boy British import actor dismayed his date when she caught him with his hand on another fella's behind?
Orlando Bloom

--Which NBA great was down in Miami last week, getting bull-ish at the nightclub Prive with a woman who wasn't his wife? Michael Jordan

Which recently ballooned Hollywood actor should probably be slimmer, considering how well-catered his parties are with cocaine? There's a reason he needs two glass coffee tables in his hotel rooms.

--This cusp of the A list actor is tired of the rumors and innuendo that he may be gay. No matter what he does or which girl he is with, the rumors just do not stop. He has tried to link himself to some of the most gorgeous women in Hollywood but without luck. He complains to friends that the rumors are costing him dates with the ladies. However, his real friends know it is all a game. It is not just rumors, and the two or three serious male "friends" that have been part of the background and in and out of his life the past two years were way more than friends. While looking for cover from the one girl he thought he could trust, he shared his secret. Their rekindled romance lasted as long as it took for him to relate that he preferred men to women.
Jake Gyllenhaal; Orlando Bloom; Matthew McConaughey

--And here you thought Naomi Campbell was a bad boss. This B actress is the biggest control freak in LA. She is the boss of her relationship and everyone knows it because she tells them. She also tells her man what to do at all times. She decides what work he should take and what he should turn down. She hires his assistants for him and generally only hires men. She burns through her own assistants and staff at a blistering pace. Her poor husband is always trailing behind her. Not only because she wants him there, but also so he can try and clean up some of the damage she does and offer his apologies. Most of the time she does not see his efforts. However, recently, she overheard him apologizing to a waiter for her behavior, and she let loose on her man right in the middle of the restaurant She just screamed at him right in front of the crowd of people. Her control freak instincts have also led to diminished roles and lesser movies. She has been forced to hope for sequels to movies she has been in previously, just to get enough work. Courteney Cox/David Arquette

This TV doc has female hearts aflutter and looks like the ideal man in real life. He's happily married now, but he was a whole different person before he found success as an actor. While struggling early in his career he was heavy into drugs. So heavy that he slept with his MALE drug buddies. They were good-looking wannabe actors also. Around 2000 our guy cleaned up his act and went to AA. From then on everything started to happen for him and he didn't look back. But sometimes he thinks about what those druggies know about him and he hopes they never need money bad enough to blab.
Eric Dane

Which NYC actor hunk cheated on his wife with an 18-year-old assistant? That's not young enough to send him to real-life prison, but, still.
Christopher Meloni

61. 3 A.M. GIRLS 01/23
WHICH singer won't get out of bed until a flunky arrives to rouse him from his slumbers. The deluded star can't see any thing wrong in forcing lackeys to work as human alarm clocks.

--Sometimes you hear about something and you just do not even know where to begin. Nevermind, I guess we will start at the beginning. See, there is this singer/actress who has had a bit of a drug problem in the past. Perhaps she has kicked it, and perhaps not. While visiting the UK recently she met an actor who is A-list in the UK, but no one has heard of here although he is in one of the year's biggest hits. He was so enamored of his little doll that he followed her back to LA. She was flattered and loved the attention. He began telling her of his special needs in regards to sex. Think KK video and you will get the idea. Although she did not find it appealing, she was flattered that he wanted to do it with her and so she agreed. UNTIL she found out that while in LA and not seeing her, he was finding some women who accept money for those kinds of things and doing it with them. Serious bonus points for getting his name.
Courtney Love/James Coogan

--Now, I understand some blogs do not have the sources or capabilities to actually come up with blind items that are true. But it seems to me, this blog (Not Perez) could do much better than trashing celebrities simply because they had a falling out with one of their employees. This blog has a habit of making up blind items about a celebrity which are in reality nasty things they want to say about an ex-employee. They throw out a question mark to make the celebrity balk at suing, and instead make sure all the remaining staff get a forced laugh and a taste of what will happen if they decide to leave. mediatakeout.com

--What happens when you are at a nightclub and think you are the shit, but no one is paying any attention to you? What happens when you think you can get away with anything and not suffer any consequences? Well this Seinfeld reference decided to take matters into her own hands. An A-list model was dancing on a four foot high stage and drawing the attention of the entire nightclub not only with her beauty but in the way she was dancing. This did not sit well with our spoiled princess and so she pushed the model off the stage and down to the floor. It was only because she happened to land on someone that she avoided a possible career ending injury. Those who saw what happened began to boo at the princess, but she was so into herself that she did not even care. She did not really dance, she just kind of did red carpet pose after red carpet pose. She was loving herself even more than normal. The only problem in her little plan was that the model and the owner of the club are really close so the next thing you know, the princess was yanked from the stage and shown the door. The crowd went crazy and all waved buh bye. Paris Hilton/Serinda Swan

Former "Deal or No Deal" girl Donna Feldman sizzles on the sand in next week's Steppin' Out. The actress tells the mag's Chaunce Hayden that she once had a chance to sizzle on the sand dunes, too, when a Saudi prince offered to pay her big bucks for a weekend-long date. "Trust me, I was offered a lot of money. We're talking thousands of dollars a day!" she reveals. Feldman refused, but claims one of the "Desperate Housewives" actresses may have taken her place in the palace. "I can't confirm it," she says, "but I heard she took him up on his offer." What was it like to work on NBC's megabucks guessing-game show? "Working on 'Deal or No Deal' is a very unhealthy environment," says Feldman. "The producer is always making sure that all the girls' cleavage is the same. They don't want anyone standing out too much. ... You can't imagine the devices they use to make the girls look the same!" Terri Hatcher

64. 3 A.M. GIRLS 01/24
WHICH American star's new relationship is a complete sham? The buxom babe has agreed - for a fee - to be seen out and about with her latest beau in a bid to quash persistent rumours about his sexuality.
Michelle Trachtenberg and Robbie Williams; Jessica Simpson/John Mayer

--Movie Starlet: This talented little lady is fast becoming one of the best-known television actors out there today. But don't you dare call her one! I'm told by sources on set of her show that she scowls at anyone—reporters and costars alike—who refers to her as a TV star, because she once starred in movies. This is also why she often requests to be treated differently than her cast. Although, as one who once spent nearly an entire second onscreen during the Felicity finale (you saw me, didn't you?), I can say this kind of stuff can really go to your head. Ali Larter; Hayden Panettiere; Sandra Oh; Amanda Peet

--Beloved Ben: I'm not going to use any snarky, silly names for this one, because, well, he is far too talented and too much of a class act for such juvenilityishnessdom. (See, I'm mature and can use big, fancy, multisyllabic words!) This guy is an actor I've talked about before in my column. Chances are, you dig him. And I'm told he's planning to leave his significant other because he has realized something about himself. Yes, that something. And honestly, I wish him all the best. Michael Emerson; Taye Diggs

--What relationship is on the rocks? This singer who had a notorious breakup has been with a new girl for many months now, but their long-distance relationship is starting to fade. Once thought to be headed for the altar, now this rebound relationship could be over. As they spend more time together, they are realizing they have two very different agendas and are in two very different places in their lives not counting their respective residences. She is trying to move her career to the next level while he is ready to settle down and have children. She will do anything for publicity and he is more comfortable out of the spotlight. Another sticking point is her choice of friends. He does not approve of many of them and this has caused additional friction. She enjoys partying and he prefers to stay home. Look for them both to be spotted soon being friendly with other people. Do not expect any public comments or publicist's statements.
Nick Lachey/Vanessa Minnillo

--This music producer/singer has a golden touch when making records for himself and others. He also seems to have been doing quite a bit of touching of one of the singer's he is currently producing. Jealous bandmates have been talking it up for sometime. However it does not appear that the talk has reached the mother of his children as of yet, and he will do anything to keep it from her. Sean Combs/Cassie (When they first started hooking up. It has been awhile now)

--This cusp A list actress is beginning to be known as someone who will gladly let any guy who is close to the A list have her for a night or two or even a week. Guys are starting to line up to share some of her affections. She is only too happy to oblige and is enjoying her new reputation. She wants the world to perceive her as the sex symbol hetero female because it allows her the freedom to explore the same team and not have it questioned too closely. What once would have been questioned as being more than friends, now is just a workout partner or someone she is having coffee with or even a shopping partner. Jessica Biel

67. 3 A.M. GIRLS 01/25
WHICH chavvy celeb mum celebrated having her baby by doing a massive line of cocaine?

That actress who had surgery on her septum? Who knew she still had one?
Jennifer Aniston

69. POPBITCH 01/25
--Which US actor is keen to distance himself from his uber-spoiled character in Extras? Yet on his last movie he demanded three personal assistants (his equally famous co-star only needed one), insisted his trailer was cleaned every time he left it, with a fresh roll of toilet paper every time he used the bathroom, and had a hissy-fit about making sure all the jars in the fridge in his trailer were arranged with their labels facing outward?
Ben Stiller

--Which hard-partying songstress, booked back to the UK from her showcase at music industry piss-up Midem, got upset because she wasn't in first class? Her people had to explain that Easyjet has no first class.

--This A-list actor is fairly recently married and even has a child. Although he has had a serious drug problem in the past, most people thought it was just that, in the past. His previous drug use had caused him to be turned down for several roles which could have made him an even larger star. Because of the drugs, he was forced to take some roles that most actors in his position would turn down without a thought. Until his current marriage, his relationships were always on and off, depending on his drug use. Once everyone thought he was clean, they began hiring him again and again. Now however, back-to-back-to-back-to-back films without a break and a long absence from his wife allowed him to resume his old ways and habits. He still has a few films in the pipeline, but their dates keep getting pushed back to see whether or not he can kick his habit or whether he will be back to his old ways.
Heath Ledger

--Speaking of addictions, this B-list hunk was moving steadily up the fame ladder, but his battle with meth and alcohol effectively stopped him in his tracks for almost a year. When he emerged from rehab, he thought things would pick up right where he left them, but this is not the case. Studios were already starting to forget him, so now he is forced to fight and audition for indie roles which he thought he had done away with for good. He did manage to get one indie role, but it looks like it is headed straight to video and our actor may be headed back to rehab. Joaquin Phoenix

--This A-list actor recently had his movie delayed. It was allegedly so he could take some time off for exhaustion because he was working so hard. In actuality though, his herpes was flaring up and he kept getting cold sores. Makeup just made the problem worse, and it was going to be too expensive to digitally remove the sores from each frame of the film. Even worse, his co-star definitely did not want to kiss our actor and insisted something to be done. Time was the cure, but the co-star still did not want to kiss our actor. Seems odd for a couple playing husband and wife not to kiss, which is why parts of the film are being reshot. Colin Farrell

71. PEREZ HILTON 01/25
What rock dude has been cheating on his wife while he's been away with his band during their current European tour??? Don't blink or you'll miss this one! This dude is not an angel. And his new band sucks - we haven't been hearing much of it on the airwaves.
Tom DeLonge. Formerly of Blink 182, his new band is called Angels & Airwaves

Aren't the Oscar noms fun? Not to mention friggin' and secretly sex-ay, huh? Closeted fruits. Discreet lesbians. Outta the total number of about 177 artists nominated three days ago, gay power unites within those selected for potential Academy Awards, isn't it too exciting? Only problem is—for now—these par-tick gay men and women are mostly, like, totally lying and dating members of the opposite sex to extend their careers, selfish mother-effers! So, don't expect any thanks to homo partners up at the Kodak podium, should these gays win. Whatev. Therefore, it lies with Potty-Puss Priscilla to enliven today's blinded bad-ass report. It involves duplicity and damning words, two of my favorite things to report on in Hollywood, besides errant erections and heaving bosoms behind bathroom stalls. See, Ms. P.P.P. is—on the very public one hand—telling folks how mucho honored she is to be acknowledged by the Academy. Then, on the other—not so private—digit set, P3 is busy blasting the “unseemly” rat race of it all. She considers the whole Oscar showdown a “sham,” as if we're all “greyhounds chasing a rabbit,” she's said to amigas, privately. Now, isn't it sweet, too divine, really, that Ms. P.'s all but certainly going to be up on that stage, come Oscar night, giving the best artistic showing of her career—as in pretending she's actually humbled by all this Academy Award nonsense. Oh, I should tell you something: In case you sense any bitterness on Priss-babe's part, that's because she is. Snarky and snide, that is. Thinks she should have gotten these brass-sucker jobs more often. Oh, dear. Shouldn't somebody tell Priscilla darling that expectations will not only put lines on her deceivingly sweet face but that I hear this kinda soul-stealing, stinky emotion makes your cleavage droopy 'n' wrinkly, too. Or so I'm told. And it ain't:  Patricia Field, Abigail Breslin, Melissa Etheridge
Penelope Cruz

73. 3 A.M.GIRLS 01/26
WHICH award winning star is fuming after her parents have branded her a s*** actress? The beautiful brunette just says she's used to the tough love.
Rachel Weisz

--This former A-list actress has been in two of my favorite movies. Because of this I would normally be sympathetic to her but she has gone just a bit too far. Having literally been on her own since her teenage years, this actress has battled through drug problems and high profile relationships to at least have a solid career. It is not the career that was expected of her, and if her current behavior continues, it might be the end of any career at all. She has always been able to play on her name and her work in her older films. That is all about to change. In her latest film, she attempted to seduce at least two of the married actors on the film and as many non-actors as well. She did it because she claimed she was bored and thinks it is fun to f*** with other people's lives. What she is doing is ensuring that her now sporadic work will be no work in the future. Juliette Lewis..her latest film is "Catch & Release" with the VERY married Timothy Olyphant and Kevin Smith

--This lower B list actress has been in a long term Goldie Hawn/Kurt Russell type relationship and is in another of my all-time favorite movies. Some say the relationship is a throwback to the summer of love. They have always done it all. Whether it be exploring their respective sexualities or experimenting with mood altering substances, they have always shared it together. It is because of this lifestyle that she did not work as much as she could have or was asked to. Also, despite what her boyfriend says, her success and his lack of it has finally started to cause a fracture. She is growing out of the hippie phase and wants something more substantial including marriage and children. On her latest film, she thinks she found it. The problem is she found it with an actor who is married to a gorgeous actress and they have a very young child. Everyone thought it would end when the filming did, but it did not. Our actress is not taking on any new projects so she will be available to her new man whenever he decides to leave his wife.

--This long married, character actor that everyone knows and always plays the jerk has been acting like a jerk in real life as well. Maybe it was karma, and maybe he just found the wrong woman to swoon over. Having a mid-life crisis is one thing, but this actor has definitely gone overboard. He recently co-starred in a film with one of the most beautiful women on television. She is single and an absolute knockout. She also loves to flirt, which our actor took totally the wrong way. While filming he spent almost his entire salary for the film on gifts, jewelery and anything else he could to keep that flirtation alive. He was in love, and she played him like the fool. When filming ended he even told her he would leave his wife. She told him that if he did not leave her alone, SHE would tell his wife. William H. Macy/Elisha Cuthbert "He Was a Quiet Man"; Danny DeVito and Eliza Dushku "Nobel Son"

--This singer's wife loves hosting parties and dinner events. Her husband abhors them and will do anything to get out of them. When he cannot think of an excuse and is stuck there, he refuses to make conversation unless he is forced to, and often just sits by himself in a corner. When the dinner is at a restaurant and he cannot find a corner, he just plugs in his i-pod and ignores everyone. What does he listen to? His own music. Sting/Trudie Styler

75. Ausiello Report 01/26
This one's so obvious, it almost doesn't deserve to be a blind item. Yet, in the interest of keeping one of my favorite moles from being removed, I won't name names. You, however, are welcome and even encouraged to guess which pair of leading men on a procedural (whom I can take or leave — but you guys, for some reason, prefer to take and take and take) can't stand one another. In fact, one of the fellows is so legendarily disruptive and disrespectful of his colleagues that this one peer in particular has, at times, refused to play scenes with him. What's more, the animosity between these two dates back to the last series they did together. Go ahead and say it: "Wait, these two already hated each other, and yet they're doing a second show together?!" Yep.But here's the hilarious part: Neither of them knew that the other was going to be part of the ensemble until they'd already been cast in the pilot and had already shown up for the first table read. Can you say awkward? So, guesses? (And don't make me insult you by giving you asterisks.)
Mandy Patinkin and Thomas Gibson of "Criminal Minds"

76. 3 A.M. GIRLS 01/27
WHICH vile movie actress, whose family has been blacklisted by two LA childcare agencies, has got through 11 nannies in 18 months?

Which designer on a reality show is overdoing it with the scalp cosmetics to hide his thinning hair? Not only does it not look especially convincing, according to a gym buddy: "It's been known to sweat down his forehead while he's on the treadmill."
Ty Pennington; Doug Wilson

Which wife of a masseur-loving Hollywood closet case has moved her own lady lover into their Los Angeles home? Cozy, huh?
Kelly Preston

Some SAG blind items:
--Last night at the SAG awards, this B list television actress either had too much too drink or had some other problem which caused her to be found slumped against a bathroom door. Babbling incoherently she spent fifteen minutes on the floor and refused repeated offers for help. She managed to crawl a few feet and then got to her feet with a helping hand and then staggered back to the show. Undeterred by whatever her ailment was, she was later seen partying all night long. It is unknown whether she spent any additional time inspecting bathroom floors.
Amanda Bynes

--Last night at the SAG awards, this actress from a hit show, made multiple visits to the bathroom during just the first hour of the show. When she returned from her last visit, she muttered that it was all gone now and she was just going to have to suffer until the show was over. At an after party, she kept trying to corner an actor from a different hit show. When her advances were repeatedly declined, she tried one more trick. She lowered her dress to reveal a very large set of breasts and when he refused to look or touch, she said, "I knew you were gay. I just won $200."

80. 3 A.M. GIRLS 01/30
WHICH Brit-born A-list babe is forever gushing about her love of exercise - but recently spent 12,000 having her saddle bags removed by liposuction?

Which teenage celebrity scion, herself a red-carpet veteran owing to her three famous parents, is on the Hollywood weight-loss plan? "She went into the disabled bathroom with six friends at [L.A. hotspot] Teddy's Saturday night," a witness tells us. They grow up so fast, don't they?
Rumer Willis

Text Harassment? Happily married comes in all shapes and sizes. By conventional definition, both spouses are faithful, both spouses expect fidelity, and when all goes to plan, both spouses adhere to the gameplan…happily ever after. There are however some couples who can make it work by a different playbook – typically called an Open Marriage when one or the other or both can explore outside the marital bed boundaries but remain committed spiritually, emotionally, and most importantly…financially. Such is the case with Her and her Famous But-not-as-Famous Husband. On the heels of a career rejuvenation of sorts, partners now both on and off screen, a true family at last, our A-list wife is experiencing a sexual awakening not entirely satisfied by her spouse. Instead, she has set her sights on a number of periphery players, most recently an employee of sorts – the only problem is that the employee is engaged and, truth be told so he says, isn’t really interested in stepping out on his bride-to-be with his Actress Boss…but isn’t that the definition of sexual harassment in the workplace? Unfortunately, the Actress Boss isn’t taking no for an answer and much to his Fiancee’s horror, Actress Boss has taken to texting the object of her desire repeatedly – texts so explicit and so detailed and so full on ***** and actually so really, really hot, regular readers of Hustler would have a hard time not blushing. And the worst part? The Fiancee, poor girl, found them. She read them, she hit the roof, she wants to call off the wedding but he keeps pleading innocence and harassment. At the start of what might be a promising career, saying NO could jeopardize his future – at least that’s his excuse. Oh yeah – and he also says the Actress Boss could just be "method acting" – deliberately crossing the line to bring out a more authentic performance which sounds to me like a dude who wants to keep his job and his pecker inside his job. Lame joke yes…but couldn’t resist. Please forgive? And it’s not Anne Heche.
Courteney Cox/David Arquette - Josh Stewart who plays Holt McLaren on "Dirt"

1. This B list television actress is a new relationship with a guy only she could love. The problem is that the the guy really thinks he is God's gift to women. She wants this relationship to work out so much that she is looking past his blatant flirting with other women, while she is standing there. She thinks it is love and he is just using her as a free ticket for award show season. He has no interest in her outside of being that extra ticket, and has acted accordingly. Whether her back is turned or not, he is always looking for the next one. Her friends are appalled, but know it has been awhile since anyone cared and are just hoping things turn out for the best.
Teri Hatcher (Stephen Kay)

2. Speaking of cads, this young B list television actor has been having his way with his much younger co-star. She is so enamored of him, his fame, and the attention that she thinks nothing of his requests to bring in other women to their relationship. She will do anything to make him happy and hang onto to what she thinks is love. Our actor enjoys watching and filming her with whomever he can find. When he has trouble finding someone, he sends her out to bars and clubs to find someone to bring home. Our actor has enough films of his young co-star in bed with other women and men to put Paris Hilton to shame.  Chad Michael Murray/Kenzie Dalton

84. 3 A.M. GIRLS 01/31
WHICH diva refused to eat the healthy food at a posh hotel and instead sent her lackeys out to get junk food? She was even overheard shouting " I don't do fruit!" at bewildered staff.

Which odious oil heir disrobes beneath the sheets when he gets a conquest home so the young lady doesn't flee when she sees the size of the dollar menu? Brandon "Firecrotch" Davis

The Head and the Dead: Head Honcho is a big-time producer. Dead Debbie is a well-regarded actress. On Head's show, which we have talked about in this column, the death of Debbie's character was an emotional high point for the series. But what I didn't know was Deb's character wasn't killed off to serve the story. She was offed because she and the Head had something in common: They can't stand each other.
Damon Lindelof and Carlton Cuse/Michele Rodriguez "Lost"

--So this is barely a blind item, but we will count it as such. Last night at a movie premiere, it was discovered that a recent romance with a very unlikely couple should actually be categorized as a "nomance." Seems our actress was looking for some publicity for her new film while her new "boyfriend" agreed to help because he had started to fade from the limelight as well. Our actress made one other recent attempt to garner some headlines, but no one was buying what she was offering. Whatever kisses you saw on camera were the only kisses these two shared. Although good friends, they are only good friends and more like brother and sister than boyfriend and girlfriend.
Mandy Moore & DJ AM  REFERENCE

--This award winning A-list actor has been in and out of numerous relationships this past year. His current girlfriend thinks she is the one because of what he has been saying to her in private and in public. What she doesn't know is that when he has been doing interviews for his latest film and has been alone, he has been passing out a phone number to ladies that catch his eye. When they call the number they get one of his assistants. The assistant then schedules a time for the actor and woman to get together for an extended "interview." These extended interviews are one of the reasons the actor's recent marriage did not work out. Eddie Murphy (I was way more lenient with the word award back then)

--This B list actress has always had a career with lots of starts and stops. At one point everyone she was the next big thing. At some point though, her moods and her sexuality caused her to lose a few parts that she would have otherwise been given. Now, with her career back on track and concerns about which team she plays for mostly irrelevant, there is a new problem she is being forced to face. Face literally. She was given some bad botox injections and has had some intermittent problems moving her facial muscles. Right now doctors are taking a wait and see attitude to her most recent outbreak, but our actress is really afraid she will start to sputter again and never get back.  Anne Heche

88. 3 A.M. GIRLS 02/01
WHICH US star is so desperate to maintain her sylph-like figure that she throws up 70 percent of every thing she eats and guzzles diet pills every morning?

Which Hollywood princess and sometime star stunned guests at her apartment when she passed a meth pipe after a dinner party?

90. POPBITCH 02/01
--Which trouble-making LA pair got themselves into some bother at West Hollywood hotspot The Lobby? Allowed to do gak together in a back room, the younger star couldn't keep up with her over-exposed friend's monstrous consumption and collapsed. Paramedics brought her round with CPR, and all was hushed up with cash.
Paris Hilton/Britney Spears

   --Which reality TV documentary couple were having a swinging time in a Birmingham sex club last weekend? The lady was spit-roasted by her husband and a stranger, while three men masturbated nearby. **definition of spit-roasted: A sexual activity involving 3 people, two active males and one passive (male or female). Man 1 pentrates person 2 from the rear (anal or vaginal) while he/she sucks the penis of person 3.

These two have a Texas connection which should help you out.

--This A list actress wants to be married only once which is why she is working so hard at saving a marriage that is becoming one problem after another. Always hesitant to marry, and famous for just having boyfriends, this actress finally took the plunge. The plunge though was not what she was expecting. Always publicity shy, her husband's past actions are forcing her into the public eye much more than she would like. It seems as if her husband did not tell the whole truth and nothing but the truth when they were dating and his past mistakes and relationships are coming back to haunt him and our actress. She wants it to all go away, but new problems surface everyday. As things grow more tense, they are spending less time together, and the feeling is that is not if they will split up, but when. Sandra Bullock/Jesse James

--This former A list television actress of the 80's has found her way into a new television show and also found her way into several of her younger co-star's trailers. This still gorgeous actress has made it clear that she prefers men much younger than herself. In one instance she had been rebuffed by one of her younger male co-stars as she tried to make some heavy handed advances. So, she took matters into her own hands and was waiting for him in his trailer wearing nothing but a smile. Her co-star did not refuse her advances this time and even was bragging about our actress and her lovemaking skills. Well, after the bragging, our actress found another young male co-star to share her affections with also. Now, our actress is the one who is bragging and enjoying having two men who both think she is still A list. Morgan Fairchild "Fashion House"

Moi, I can hear Defamer now: Casablanca, more gray, less humpy, shocks readers, runs thinly veiled homosexual Blind Vice. Or something of that deadpan ilk they ooze so well over there. Yeah, well, get used it, is all I have to say. 'Cause, yes, yet another H-town fairy is preferring to have his fancy day-spa activities end with a palm-on-privates finale! And that palm to which I refer, natch, belongs to a handsome masseur, and the genitalia are attached to one...Rusty Busty—general nice dude and award-winning actor—about whom fans know very, very little (and, trust, Rust loves it that way). Now, isn't it interesting: Over at the superluxe Turkish Pavilion spa, where it's like a posh living room set around a series of pools, steam baths and treatment rooms, employees are expressly forbidden from venturing down into clients' nether regions. In fact, they're friggin' fired for it—if they get caught. (Granted, if the opposite occurs, as it has, certainly more than once with an Academy Award-winning actor, the client is forbidden from coming back, as it were, ever again.) So, ain't it veddy interesting that more than one male-kneading type is willing to risk his vocation on the chance to finesse all round Rusty's impressive...frame, as it were. Jeez, Rusty, is that the reason you're consistently unmarried? (Hey, at least you're not busy telling us media folk ya just haven't met the right babe, and for that, I'm terribly grateful.) And it aint:  Brandon Routh, Sean hayes, Wentworth Miller

Academy Award-winning actor: Kevin Spacey
Rusty Busty: Adrian Brody; George Clooney

--This is a two-parter. It was going to be one part, but people go crazy and make it necessary to add another part. This actress is C list, but a definite hottie and is starting to get a red hot reputation and more work. Obviously not top billing, but getting those movie roles where she is the sexy lady helping out the men. In her latest role, she was the highest billed female and definitely wanted to help out the men. Well, one man in particular. She and this funny man were inseparable during filming and she made sure everyday was memorable. Even though he is married, our actress was not bothered in the least. She made it clear she was only in it for fun, and also for a role in his next film. He agreed, and she delivered. She delivered again recently at a party for C&D listers. Our actress confessed to a male reality party goer how she found another female reality party goer extremely attractive. The male reality party goer sensing a very big opportunity plied the female reality party goer with enough booze to make all her inhibitions disappear. As a reward, the male reality party goer got to watch the two women together. An ambiguous actor at the party heard about the setup, was NOT invited and told so more than once. Our actress was proud but our female reality party goer vows never to do it again. No video, but there are some cellphone pics going around town. Big bonus points for getting all five names:
C list actress: Jessica Biel
Funny man:
Dan Aykroyd
Male reality party goer: Boogie Mike Malin
Female reality party goer: Trishelle "Real World"
Ambiguous actor:

--Like father like son. Different careers in the entertainment business. One more known as an actor and the other a performer, but their mating habits are identical. The father could not spell fidelity or find someone even half his age. The son dates plenty of women who are his own age. The problem is that his wife does not know he is dating them. Alan and Robin Thicke

--This ambiguous rocker but not a rock star has found a new flame. Everyone says she is the spitting image of his ex. I guess our rocker does not agree though because he makes her wear wigs and act like his ex whenever they rock the bed. She is growing tired of it, but does not want to lose her possible meal ticket and so just smiles and does what he says. Marilyn Manson/Evan Rachel Wood

94. NY DAILY NEWS 02/05
Which celebutard whose racist language has recently been back in the news, thanks to the Internet, has developed a code word for her bigotry? She now refers to African-Americans as "Lolas."
Paris Hilton

95. 3 A.M. GIRLS 02/05
WHICH rocker doesn't do coke any more because he's worried about his nose collapsing? He still does plenty of pills and dope on a night out though.

Could it be that a certain pop couple has hooked up...again? So say folks close to that dirty boy who tell me that on a drunken (or high) night, he reached out and touched his trashy ex. It was certainly a longshot, given all their history, but she was ready, willing, and able to moan. Alas, a particulary awkward phone call the next day revealed that this was just a one-night thing for our snake in the grass.
Travis Barker and Shanna Moakler

1. Just because prostitution is legal in certain parts of Nevada does not really excuse or explain what this 80's A list actor was doing propositioning models to spend some time with him in his hotel room recently. Our actor was at an event which featured women hosts and presenters and was too lazy to try and just hit on them. Instead he went up to each model and offered them $5000 to spend the night with him. Most were just disgusted at the offer, but it seems as if our actor finally found two who were willing to spend the night with this loved everywhere but here actor.
David Hasselhoff

2. Which former A list actor trying to make a recent comeback has added some extra lift to his lifts? This aging actor has always worn lifts in his shoes to at least give the impression that he is within shouting distance of 5'8". Now as he ages, he has added another inch or two to the lifts which has caused him to fall down on several recent press calls for his recent movie. Sylvester Stallone

3. Going from one extreme to another. This actress who was on everyone's lips a few years ago, is back and going stronger than ever. She is extremely tall and some say overly aggressive towards men. Her relationships have not lasted because she LOVES to be in control. Her latest conquest has nothing to do with love and everything to do with a part she wants. The fact that he is smaller than her and loves to be dominated by her is just a plus in her book. If you think Angelina and Billy Bob were odd with their blood, then what this actress collects will really make you shudder. Leelee Sobieski

98. Ausiello Report 02/05
I guess it is now officially safe to say that it is not a good idea for married actors to be asked to make out with their costars on TV. It seems like only yesterday I was teasing you with tantalizing tidbits about a married-but-not-to-each-other tube couple whose on-screen chemistry only intensified when the cameras were off.... And well, here we go again. This time, only one of the torrid twosome is hitched, and aside from that pesky spouse hanging around, things seem to be going as well for the lovers off screen as they are on. I can't tell you which night the pair's ensemble show airs (or whether it's the same night as the last duo's much-buzzed-about show), but I will leave you with this one final clue: No amount of medicine in the world could cure these two lovesick puppies. So, care to hazard a guess? You know you want to.
Goran Visnjic/Maura Tierney "ER"

This hot rapper has a history he'd like to forget. His record label isn't worried about the fact that he's a former drug dealer - they're worried about his early sexual proclivities. Right now as he climbs up the charts, the label is very quietly buying up photos - and video if they can locate it - of their "talent" having sex with men! He's young in the photos but it's definitely him. Some of the gay websites with the pictures don't even realize who he is, so they cooperate. Our guy also has a very respectable girlfriend who would be horrified by his gay history. Can he bury his past?

--This television actress who I have a big crush on was backstage after a show this week. She was confronted by a blind item revealed woman that if our actress ever wanted to give up men, she would love to be her first. Our actress gave a nervous chuckle and said her goodbyes.

televison actress: Jamie Lynn Seigler
confronter: Kimora Simmons

--This singer/sometimes actress also has caused her fair share of heads to be turned. In addition to her new breast augmentation is her new found love for all things Sapphic. Her bad luck with men has made her very receptive to all things women. And yes, I mean all things women.

--This famous runner-up was heard asking several times why only women were hitting on her and no guys? Plenty of women came up to the still shy singer, but men barely acknowledged her, let alone tried to hit on her. Katharine McPhee

--This black celebrity male was racially discriminated against on several occasions when he was a young man. He never forgot the pain, suffering and humiliation. He 'exclusively' dates white women to get back at the white man. He also seeks out 'married' white women because he wants their husband's to feel a similar hurt-like he suffered. He appears civil towards white men on the surface but behind that smile is an intense dislike and a simmering hatred. Hint: He currently appears on a TV show. Montel Williams; Gary Dourdan

--This pretty female rapper is affiliated with a few rap crews. She is also discreetly bi-sexual. What irritates her, when rappers find out about it, they hound her for three-ways or they claim, through their lovemaking, they can make her 'straight again.' She does her dirt on the sly, always hooking up with industry models and video girls in out of the way places. Rumor has it, she is getting tired of the disrespect directed towards women in hip-hop and she's contemplating whether she should be a total lesbian. Her sexuality isn't a big secret in the industry but the public would be shocked if her identity was ever revealed. Hints: It's not Kim or Foxy but she's well known in the rap industry. Eve; Trina

Which highly opinionated runway guru told us he didn't need the relacore provided in the fashion week gift bags to get rid of his stubborn belly fat? "i just masturbate to keep it off," he shared.
Isaac Mizrahi; Richie Rich from Heatherette

Which troubled starlet is notorious at Fashion Week for leaving coke dregs in her wake after she does the rounds of VIP lounges?

104. 3 A.M. GIRLS 02/07
WHICH blonde star threatened to pull out of a magazine shoot unless they let her boyfriend appear, too? There's no other way the unsightly fella would make it into their stylish pages.

More from Fashion Week....
--This female television hostess is extremely popular with the general public, but this was not the case with the people at Fashion Week. No one wanted a photo with this sometimes controversial star. She was left by herself or with her publicist and agent who were along for the ride.
Rachel Ray

--At least the people attending Fashion Week were civilized to the above mentioned hostess. No such discretion for this female reality star in attendance who was openly mocked and laughed at throughout the week. Despite having money, the people present decided class definitely did not go hand in hand with that money. Paris Hilton

--There were plenty of drugs to be found throughout the week, but for sheer volume consumed per person this sometime actress/sometime singer/sometime model definitely took home first prize. Witnessing her awesome use of coke in corners, bathrooms, backstage, and sometimes even in the open, there was just awe that this person was still alive, let alone even had a nose remaining. Paris Hilton

Which CBS News reporter sure looked (and sounded) like he had too many fruity Champagne cocktails before the spot he filmed on Super Bowl Sunday?

Parental Guidance: In a certain family on a certain television show, there is a parent and adult child combination that's extremely believable, and for good reason: The actors have real chemistry. Like, real chemistry. Like, according to sources close to the show, they are dating in real life—but very much on the sly. And if you knew who this pairing was, you would completely freak, as I did when I heard the news. Let's just say that you would not expect either of these actors to be dabbling in a relationship that spans the generations!
Sally Field/David Annable "Brothers & Sisters"

108. POPBITCH 02/08
Which Oscar nominee is known in the film industry for kleptomania? While filming a successful but low budget movie, the star kept taking items from the set back to the trailer. At the end of each day a floor manager was despatched to clear any stolen items from the room. Once he even found an old used milk-bottle that was being used as a prop. On one occasion the star lifted a pair of sunglasses belonging to the make-up girl and brazenly wore them back to work the very next day.
Sharon Stone

Now, more from Fashion Week
--This male news anchor had a comment about every guy he saw while at one show. Most of the comments were basically about adult activities he wanted to indulge in with the spied upon guys.
Anderson Cooper; Sheperd Smith

--This high as a kite male rock star disappeared at an after party with this fashion icon's daughter. A follower of the couple said they shared two things in a bathroom stall. One was something white, and one involved removing some clothes. Bee Shaffer, daughter of Anna Wintour/Lenny Kravitz

--This one makes my brain hurt. BUT, I am not sure this female member of a band even has a brain. When the runway portion of the show was over and everyone was getting ready to leave, she said, "When do the designers come out and explain their designs to the judges?" Fergie "Black Eyed Peas" (can you say dumb!)

You prolly know Bubble-Butt Bub from his recurring role in a successful film franchise. Or maybe you saw him on the small screen way back when. This blue-eyed, good-looking hump-a-rater has been in the Biz for years, but he's only recently jumped on our goss-obsessed radar—where he's now permanently ensconced, thanks to the following story about his smelly self: Seems B3 was frequenting a New Yawk hot spot, where he ended up chatting up some comely chicas. They all decided to get a bite to eat, post-booty-shakin'. Then B.B.B. decides to retire to his room with one gal in par-tick. All's sex-ay superswell as they're in bed, prenooky session. And then…it happens. Whatever they noshed on musta not suited Bubble-baby, because he let a big one rip in bed, right in front of the horrified honey. Yucko gross-out! What is it with you straight badasses? Don't you know you're supposed to go to the can, already, to do that crap, if you still wanna get some? Jeez. Now, this air-despair biz is bad enough, right? But even worse is that Mr. B. still tries to sleep with the poor babe. And, trust, said sister was not interested, thanks to her farting Romeo's errant behind. So, she hightailed it outta that smelly sack sitch pronto. Damn straight. And when this horrified hon gets home later and Googles the offending B.B.B., she finds out he's actually married with children! Nice. Guess the wife-unit's olfactory skills work a little too well, huh? I mean, the offended dame knew somethin' stunk about the whole scenario, but who knew he was that sleazy? So predictable. AND IT AIN'T: And it aint:  Tobey Maguire, Hugh Jackman, David Arquette
James Marsden

111. NY POST/PAGE SIX 02/09
--WHICH rocker will never get shared custody of his kid because his drug addiction is the worst-kept secret around?
Chris Robinson; Paul McCartney

One of these is from Fashion Week, but you will have to guess which one.

--Speaking of shockers, this A-list film actress may not always be the perfect wife everyone thinks she is. When her husband is away -- and he has been away several times in the past year -- she has enjoyed a torrid romance with her personal trainer. Originally, this trainer was hired to help her burn off stress, but not pounds, just doing old fashioned exercise. Seeing each other several times a week has kept the stress levels down, but lately it has been a much different kind of exercise. Each of them knows it is a fling, but the trainer has already started sharing details with friends and clients. How long will it be before hubby finds out (and the rest of the world, too)? Nicole Kidman

--It is not only the men in Hollywood who like to have more than one flame burning at a time. This B-list film actress with fairly hopeless aspirations to be A-list keeps at least two guys each in LA and NYC. What started out as just liking one guy from each city has progressed into something more. She still keeps those two around for safety, but what she really enjoys is something a little more wild. Our actress enjoys guys who have been in recent relationships. There are only two requirements: they must have been in a big enough relationship where being seen with them will give her some publicity, AND she must have heard something about how they are good in bed or very well endowed. Kirsten Dunst

--This B-list actor will basically work for food. OK, so maybe that makes him C-list, but he was in one of my all-time favorites, so I want to make him a B. But he was a jerk in that movie and in real life, so back to C he goes. Anyway, while filming his latest Tori Spelling-specialty, he met this actress who thought our actor was cute and he was divorced and thus worthy of a date or two. After the first date, she really thought this could be something nice. Then someone on the set warned her about why our actor got divorced. Whoops! No more dates and a really cold shoulder. When they had lines together or had to kiss, it was sterile and clinical. He really is thinking of only working overseas, because the women in Hollywood have him pegged and no one who knows the full story of his divorce wants to work with our actor. Mario Lopez

--This permanent male television reality personality is married and shouts it from the rooftops. Problem is, he would rather be married to a man than to his wife. Rob of Rob and Amber

113. NY DAILY NEWS 02/12
Which dead blondstar was sleeping with both her Haitian bodyguard and a very well-known NYC mogul at the same time?

Anna Nicole Smith
Bodyguard: Alexander Denk
Donald Trump

114. LAINEY'S GOSSIP 02/12
She might be single now – amid rampant speculation about why and who, but we’ve apparently all been sniffing at the wrong source. Wrong as in gender. Stepping out AND reverting and not with a dude? Anything for promotion, right? But behind the market push for ratings lies a Sapphic surprise. And word is – not just one. Very naughty…but also kinda hot, non?
Anne Heche

--What actor who wishes he was A List but is a B on a good day, was enjoying some new ladies just days after being photographed with another? This actor was enjoying himself a little much with things other than women at this Grammy party, but still managed to find the time to take two women with him when he left.

--What cutie-pie actress at a pre-awards party let it be known that she was single and looking for a new guy. How did she let everyone know? By making out with two different prospects during the night. Kirsten Dunst

--This wedding ceremony loving musician was heard offering/willing to share/willing to watch his date for the evening to anyone who made a nice comment about her. Kid Rock

--Going back to Clive's - This aging, non-musical, star got him some special hand loving right there at the dinner table. No one was around and they thought it was safe. Unfortunately for the loving couple, someone walked by RIGHT at the most inconvenient moment and made sure to share the news with everyone. Quentin Tarantino

Which country music siren can thank the Colombian marching powder for the extra edge she's been displaying lately?
Faith Hill

1. This sometime singer and I am being generous there. This woman who rides on the coattails of ___(a)_______. That is much better. Anyway our actress/singer/leech has a new love. Well she thinks he is a new love.To him, our actress/singer/leech is someone kind of cool to say he had sex with and you can close your eyes and kind of imagine_____(b)______. Anyway, she thinks it is love, and everyone else including___(c)______know it is all about sex and nothing else.
UPDATE: A little update. Two actually. He recently told her that he wanted to invite another woman over and join them. She said no and told her friend (never do that) what he had said. Well she found out she missed him so she went back and agreed to do as he wanted. As for imagining__________, she has drawn the line in fulfilling that fantasy for him. She does allow the other person in the background so to speak.
a: Ashlee Simpson
b. Jessica Simpson
c. Pete Wentz

2. This allegedly happily married singer. Well maybe not so happy and maybe not going to be married for much longer. When someone asked him about his wife the other night, he said that they have an understanding. She knows it is tough for him to be across the country or on the road and so he can see who he wants when they are not together. I really think this would be news to the wife. Scott Stapp

Leafy Lou has a squeaky-clean image. He's handsome. He's charming. He's on a TV show. He's dating someone else you know. And, well, here's the fun part: He's also getting a little action on the side from a certain adult movie starlet. Wait, sorry, forgot the punctuation there. What I meant to say was: adult-movie starlet. Now it's something worth talking about, no?! According to sources close to Lou, he has met up for various rendezvous with this starlet, and the details of these encounters are far too salacious for my prudish mind to understand. (Don't laugh—my mom could be reading.) Personally, I just can't ever look at Lou the same!
Chad Michael Murray

119. LAINEY'S GOSSIP 02/14
Who’s rumoured to be thrown off his latest movie because he can’t stay sober? It wasn’t a starring role but those kinds of jobs are few and far between these days. Obviously being a dickhead has a lot to do with it…as does looking bloated most of the time. And unfortunately he doesn’t have Vince Vaughn’s charm. Or, for that matter, Vince’s more successful, more sought-after counterpart...which actually might be part of the problem. Huge ego problem, not enough talent to back it up, using numbs the insecurity. Always the same story. Luke Wilson

Which old-school emcee astounded hotel management by trashing a room so thoroughly there was vomit on the ceiling? "No one could work out how it is possible to vomit onto a ceiling," marvels a snitch.

Which red-hot rehabber has a new thing for threesomes with two gentlemen friends? Lindsay Lohan;
Anthony Kiedis

One Effed-Up Blind Vice: Pansy Press is one screwed-up dude. Let's see. Where shall we begin? P2's colleagues are not fond of him, as he's wont to do things such as hit, berate and hit on his myriad acting buds. Yum, such an assortment of naughtiness from which to choose! Not! But if you're wondering why Pansy is almost always—both in public and private—on the verge of committing (if not already going ahead with) an Isaiah Washington—i.e., totally inappropriate public behavior—well, there's a reason. Yep, one that Anna Nicole just might have identified with. See, whether it involves punching guts, pinching asses or pissing all over—verbally speaking, mind you—Pansy's shocked costars, there's a reason Mr. Press is so damn unpredictable. "He's on every drug you can imagine," sniffed one of his hard-partying amigos. "And I don't mean the non recreational kind." Hmmm. Can hardly say I'm surprised. Makes perf sense. Par-tick regarding the notion that I've always suspected: P.P., famous for his hetero ways, is really a fruit at (non-nine-to-five) heart. But then I always think that, don't I? And It Ain't: Michael Richards, Mel Gibson, Sean Hayes Jeremy Piven

This high powered music mogul is fabulously successful and lives in a grand manner. He has one of the most famous names in the business. Everyone wants to work with him because it's a ticket to success. He's always showing up at events with beautiful women on his arm and they're thrilled to be in his presence. No one seems to think about his sexuality. But in reality the love of his live is a cute young GUY who is not in the industry. Their relationship remains a secret because our mogul is still deep in the closet - for some reason he can't bear to reveal his real self.
Clive Davis

OK, everybody, close your eyes and read on, 'cause it's blind-item time again! Today's guessing game involves a drama that is often called a hit even though it, in fact, misses that mark by a mile. You see, while this show draws a sizable audience, it attracts fewer viewers in the hot 18- to 49-year-old demographic than the network would get by running Matlock in it's place. As a result, there's almost no way it's coming back for another season. It's only (slim) chance? The fact that, as craptacular as the program is doing, it at least is performing better in it's time slot than pretty much everything else the network has tried there. So... what do you think?
Law & Order

125. HOLY MOLY 02/18
Which plummy-voiced failed actress turned socialite is a little less that bothered about who knows when the she's had the painters in? Considering she put herself on the map by wearing a certain dress, you'd think she might have clothes on loan from them cleaned, rather than returning them liberally smeared in what were previously the contents of her uterus.
Liz Hurley

This woman is no stranger to Vegas weddings and almost did it again. She and her boyfriend of fifteen minutes got drunk enough to take out a license and were IN the chapel when she realized maybe a quickie wedding was not the way to go. She backed out, but the license is still valid and still ready to go should she change her mind.
Nicole Richie and Joel Madden

--This B list movie/television actor became one of the few. Yes, he was rejected by none other than Paris Hilton herself when he made a very public move on her this past weekend. He said a few words and then she turned her back. For the rest of the night he insisted that he did not try and hit on her, but everyone knows he couldn't get her to say yes.
Jamie Kennedy

--This "actress" was on the prowl. It turns out however that her definition of prowl is much different than most everyone else. An NBA player took an interest in her and she right back at him. When he suggested they go back to his room, she informed him it would be $5000 an hour for her company. He laughed, and then walked away. Kim Kardashian; Kendra from Girls Next Door

128. 3 A.M. GIRLS 02/20
WHICH singer stunned members of a London gym by turning up with six minders? The US star went on the treadmill in shades and bright-red lippy. We doubt she broke a sweat.
Gwen Stefani

129. NY POST 02/20
--WHICH leotard-loving pop icon won't be performing in Tokyo any time soon? Our tipster said she's been banned from entering Japan "because she got caught with drugs" there.

--WHICH funnyman musician wound down after his recent concert here by getting "stoned out of his mind" at his after-party? John Mayer

Which handsome Hollywood perennial has drifted into a boozy haze since the end of his gazillion-dollar franchise? The dashing dude is "always drunk"and has gotten so vague, he neglected to dump his old girlfriend before moving in with the new one, says an insider.

--This B list movie/television actor became one of the few. Yes, he was rejected by none other than Paris Hilton herself when he made a very public move on her this past weekend. He said a few words and then she turned her back. For the rest of the night he insisted that he did not try and hit on her, but everyone knows he couldn't get her to say yes.
Jeremy Piven

--This "actress" was on the prowl. It turns out however that her definition of prowl is much different than most everyone else. An NBA player took an interest in her and she right back at him. When he suggested they go back to his room, she informed him it would be $5000 an hour for her company. He laughed, and then walked away. Kim Kardashian

--This B list actress who was a regular WB/UPN one shot wonder has her own television show now. This past weekend she wanted company each night and she did not discriminate when it came to men and women. She flirted with each gender almost non-stop and her report card reads one night with a guy, and the next night with a guy and girl.
Jeri Ryan; Lizzy Caplan

--This television host despite being married spent some a whole bunch of time hitting on someone almost half his age. Thinking he was going to get lucky he made his move, only to be rebuffed when the girl said there was no way she would do anything with him because he was old and her mom's favorite star. Regis Philbin

--This newly single female singer literally should have passed out numbers to get in line to speak/hit on her. Throughout the weekend one celeb and NBA player after another would spend a minute or two trying to make a dent in her facade and to see if they would have any luck. Although she did not hook up with anyone, she did utter the best line all weekend. An NBA player was making the moves on her and she said, "First of all I am not interested at all in you, and second, do you think you could show me and your wife some respect by taking your wedding ring back out of your pocket and put it on your finger where it belongs." Solange Knowles

You Can Call Me "J": Share everything. That's the first rule of kindergarten, is it not? Well, apparently the producers of a certain popular show skipped right on to first grade, because sources tell me things just got ugly behind the scenes. Here's the gist. The producers of a certain Underdog Show that many WWKers totally heart (it's quality TV, but it is struggling in the ratings) asked a certain lovable performer from an established Popular Show on the same network to do a guest spot. (The ratings are low, and Underdog needs all the help it can get!) It all seemed like a great idea—until the poop hit the fan. Apparently, the deal was made without the approval from the Popular Show's producers, not to mention the network brass, and things immediately got nasty. The Popular producers and the network bigwigs lashed out at Underdog. How dare they try this without getting their boss’ blessing! After much distress, a stern order came down insisting that all said actor’s scenes be cut immediately...and you best believe the order was carried out.

Popular show: My Name is Earl
Underdog Show: Friday Night Lights
Lovable performer: Jason Lee

Which annoying socialite will earn a place in the gossip columns if that photo of her with a crack pipe ever makes it onto the blogs?
Arden Wohl

135. NY POST/PAGE SIX 02/22
--WHICH hard-partying celeb takes her escapades well into the next morning? Sources saw her snorting lines at 10 a.m., but the real problem isn't coke - waitresses at Privilege overheard her demanding "meth" from her friends.
Britney Spears

--WHICH athletic new reality show contender has a history of giving roses to other male atheletes? Apollo Anton Ohno/"Dancing with the Stars"; Clyde Drexler (NBA) "Dancing with the Stars"; "The Bachelor" U.S. Navy Lieutenant Andy Baldwin, M.D.

--WHICH consort pimped out his girlfriend? He kept her on drugs and collected a fee every time she had sex with yet another man. Howard K Stern/Anna Nicole Smith

136. POPBITCH 02/22
One supermodel's appearance in a perfume advert needed body doubles for her hands, shoulders, legs, hips and stomach, including one 14 year-old girl. Which is not to be sniffed at.
Kate Moss

--Prior to the Academy Awards this weekend, stars and non-stars alike will be begged to visit or have to worm their way in to various swag bag suites to get free stuff. If you want free stuff for yourself or even a guest, then no problem. The problem is when you are a middling star at best, and decide you want to invite five of your friends to each suite. This C list actress on a big hit show decided to throw a fit in one suite when she was told that her friends would not be able to grab any of the high priced goodies for themselves. She yelled and cursed and threw a fit that would make Naomi Campbell or Foxy Brown proud, but the staff would not budge. So, our actress decided to leave. Before leaving though, she managed to break and or damage several items and was stuffing everything else she could grab into her HUGE purse and then walked out without looking back. (Not Hayden P.)

--This movie actress who has been known to lose her top once or twice or maybe twenty times has always professed to love all men and women. She will love them together or separately. At a recent party she went only for the women, specifically one woman. Besides leaving together that night, she and her prey also share at least one other common bond. Bai Ling and Kerry Washington

Which "SNL"-er is living up to the show's storied history of drug abuse with a whole lot of blow at the all-night after-show parties?

If you thought D.C.'s politicians had cornered the market on flip-flopping, you've never met an L.A. power broker. Consider, for example, today's blind-item entry: Behind the scenes at a certain show we love — and one that, I might add, has made a name for itself by espousing inclusive values we can all feel good about — the very principles it once promoted are being whittled down to nonexistence. Even more galling, it's happening right on screen! Who's behind the gradual but very noticeable turnaround? That I can't say for sure — yet. But I have a hunch it has something to do with, if not a certain series regular, than quite possibly with that individual's reps. Their thinking, I suspect, is that the qualities that made the star's character so unique will not in the long run make the star so bankable. So, guesses? I'm telling you, the answer is right in front of your eyes.
Ugly Betty

--Being a child star is tough, right? Fame at a tender age equals big bucks along with big trouble for most...certainly did for Crystal Chipper, who shot to stardom during a stint in H-town way back when. Now, years later, Crystal’s outta rehab and swearing up and down to myriad media outlets that she’s recovered from that par-tick nasty drug addiction. Too bad she replaced it with another. 'Cause at a recent late-night Hell-Ay party, C.C. was seen inhaling lines of blow like my cat Butch sniffs out his sister Cleo’s bum. Hey, C., you can’t claim “clean and sober” unless you’re off all substances...not just the one you went to rehab for, or didn’t your stylists (both for life and couture) tell you that? Jodie Sweetin "Full House"

--With ears far more perked to what her peeps tell her to do would be Bore-Tense Breathy, costar of that teen-angst series From Here to the Fraternity. See, unbeknownst to her increasingly sizable (hardly impressionable) young fans, Bore-Tense prefers to keep her cooing voice, kisses and cuddles aimed toward other femmes, hardly the boys. At least, behind the camera. And Ms. Breathy’s been getting pretty ballsy, too, ‘bout makin’ it plain she doesn’t like the dude dance, as B.T.B.’s been bringing her g-f to pro events. This unusually upfront approach—well, not perhaps, for dames like Ellen and Portia—has sent Breathy’s agents and management team reeling. Consequently, they demanded Bore-babe break up with her intended.  And guess what? She did. Now, Bore-Tense dates boys, ain’t it grand? Predictably pathetic is more like it. (Of course, Anne Heche wouldn’t agree.)

And it ain't: Britney Spears/Lauren Conrad, Brandy/Nicole Richie, Mary Kate Olsen/Julie Bowen

--Oscar time means pre-Oscar parties and pre-pre parties. Well, OK, Hollywood does not need much of an excuse to party. However, at one party, this actress who married above herself never let her husband get more than 3 feet away from her. Some would say she was just affectionate, but it got to the laughable stage very quickly when she kept trying to interject herself between any woman who dared speak to her husband. The only time he was alone was when he went to the bathroom. She waited by the door after escorting him there.
Melanie Griffith

--This former female reality star has called in every favor owed to her for one reason. She is obsessed with this singer. For the last ten days he has made appearances at four parties and she has been right there every step of the way. She crashed one party and came as the "date" of another woman just so she could keep trying to get him to notice her. Still hasn't worked but there is another party tonight so. Kristin Cavallari/Justin Timberlake (At the time, she had been on "Laguna Beach", but not "The Hills")

--Life must be getting harder for this married A-List actor. Long thought to be sober, he was spotted at a recent party chugging down a drink before spending the rest of the night with a bottle of water. Ben Affleck

--I am a diva, get me out of here. That was the attitude of this recent actress who made the briefest of brief appearances. Thinking there was going to be name talent, she found herself surrounded by C&D listers and she was just too good for that. She walked through the room once and then was gone. Next year she may well be on the other side looking in. Jennifer Hudson

142. HOLY MOLY 02/23 / (a British newsletter)
--A certain northern comedian, famed for his hilarious characters, is a legendary sexual swordsman, counting rock stars and shop girls amongst his conquests. Less well known is his love for fisting. Both as 'fister' and 'fistee', perhaps taking it up to the wristwatch whilst discussing Lawrence's hairy back.
Steve Coogan, sometime lover of Courtney Love

--Which fading Hollywood actress caused consternation at a recent awards ceremony where she was due to present one of the prizes? The rattling bag of calcium dripped into a dress was nowhere to be seen immediately prior to her spot. Eventually she was discovered staggering from the smoking area and demanding to see her husband,before searching for the unlucky gentleman in the gents' toilets (where he had no doubt been hiding). The understanding husband took one look at her, muttered "We may need some help," then ushered her back into the toilets, from whence she emerged much 'refreshed' moments later, refusing any make-up but demanding that her nostrils be checked for ahem, dandruff. Oddly, she wasn't in 'Twin Peaks - Fire, Snort With Me'. Lara Flynn Boyle

This pretty boy TV actor has been the subject of much speculation about his sexual orientation. He SEEMS straight but he has some idiosyncrasies. Since he IS successful, he often has starving young actor friends staying with him. He lets them know that if they bring a date home, that he likes to WATCH. He doesn't want to join in the fun, he is simply a voyeur. At first, his houseguests find it amusing or sexy, but after awhile it gets creepy and they inevitably move out.
John Stamos

144. 3 A.M. GIRLS 02/26
WHICH washed-up star had a meltdown on the red carpet, after discovering a fellow celeb had a bigger car? She forcefully insisted her driver get a much larger motor next time.

--This upcoming B list movie actor is known for playing tough guy roles and being the ladies man on screen. So, it was kind of odd that his "date" to this pre-Oscar party was an out and about gay actor and performer. The actor made sure his "date" was not around when the cameras were, but left early after the "date" got his feelings hurt one too many times.

--Female singer. Been in rehab before and looks like she could use a repeat visit. Lindsay Lohan

--Which used to be A list film actress "accidentally" spilled her drink on the dress of the pretty girl flirting with her husband and making him smile and laugh? Demi Moore

--Which coked-up, oversexed celeb, not previously linked with guys, gave a pleasant surprise to a visiting gay New Yorker in the backyard of a pre-Oscars party in L.A. Friday night?

--Which two male TV actors (one of whom is married) were making out in the bathroom of the Vanity Fair Oscars party Sunday night?

--This actor who is in a very serious relationship is on one of those television shows on every night of the week. This actor has been seen out and about with a lovely lady not his girlfriend. There have been no hints there is anything wrong with his relationship, but how else to explain his repeated sightings with this former 80's star. At restaurants and parties they just happen to always be there at the same time and always leave within five minutes of each other.

--This steadily working, busty actress has done television and movies. She has been the star in small films and is fairly highly billed in the big productions. She has worked with a particular actor in several projects. When they first got together they had a brief romantic relationship and he introduced her to that lovely white powder. She stopped, and he kept using. Recently they got back together and she was reintroduced to drugs. This time though a pipe was involved, the drugs got a little stronger and she just can't stop. Up for a VERY big role in a very big film, but producers are hesitating because her problem is spiraling out of control.

--This A-List actor notorious for not having a full head of hair was recently sweating heavily. He thought he was hidden from anyone approaching and removed his headgear to wipe away the sweat. When he did, he revealed the most hideous comb-over in the history of comb-overs. What was even more shocking was the total lack of hair to comb over. Our spy indicated there were about ten hairs in total trying to cover up the massive bald area right down the middle of his head. Nicholas Cage; John Travolta; Matthew Mcconaughey; Kevin Costner

--What husband cannot stand to see his wife have all the spotlight? The wife is scheduled to make a big television appearance alone, and the husband has told her she cannot do it unless he is right next to her. If he can't, then he won't let her. Jennifer Lopez/Marc Anthony "American Idol"

It’s that time of the week again, where we delve into the truly shocking TV Land stories I shouldn’t be telling you. But here’s the thing. Not all hush-hush TV celebrity behavior is offensive and harrowing! (I know, shocking.) So today, I’m offering up a Stumperof a different nature: A heartwarming tale of humility and generosity, courtesy of one of my favorite TV peeps. And even better, I’ll reveal to you the identity of this one—yes, I’m naming names!—in next Wednesday’s Stumper. Good Deed Dan is by most accounts the breakout star of his show. He’s invited everywhere (the hottest parties, the Playboy mansion) and has a considerable fan following—but he actually appears to be getting more humble by the moment! Case in point: While I’ve had my fair share of meals with TV actors who simply walked away without so much as a thought of paying their share of the bill (a certain FX star comes to mind), Dan did quite the opposite at a recent group dinner for a mutual friend. After apologizing profusely that he had to leave early to go to a monthly dinner with his cast, Dan quietly wished everyone well and excused himself. Many hours (and drinks and carnitas) later, when we asked for the bill, our waiter revealed that Dan had taken care of it. All of it. Now, I ask you, is this the kind of behavior you expect from an actor in Hollywood? If so, come sit next to me for awhile and I’ll tell you a few stories… Masi Oka "Heroes"

150. SANDRA ROSE 02/28
Oh, no, wait a minute! What publicity-hungry entertainer, whose profile has risen and his appeal to women heaved with his recent publicized sexual escapades, may be in for the shock of his life if a video of him having a same-sex sexual encounter with another guy while high on ecstasy surfaces as well? Some folks who work at a recording studio in California where the entertainer records music tattle that the security cameras at the studio have caught some "very interesting" activity between the guys on tape. Ray-J

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