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1. POPBITCH 11/02
Which Hollywood star likes to go cruising for bulldogs? No, not the fat, slobbering dogs, sadly. But short, stocky and paunchy men with shaved heads. Handlebar moustache is a plus but too many muscles are a turn-off.

Is it the upcoming holiday season, or is our lovely assortment of trim-waisted (and closeted) H-town fruitcakes getting increasingly mistletoe-ready in public 'cause they're getting closer and closer to officially coming out? (As if anybody left in the free world doesn't friggin' know who these cavorting fagolas are.) First off, our fave, and top tumescent dawg, Toothy Tile:T2 was just caught at a fancy-ass New Yawk restaurant playing footsie with the b-f underneath the table. Right in front of Tooth's 'rents! And the busboys! Not to mention a few (thank gawd) Awful Truth readers,too fun. Tooth-doll, makes sense, as I hear you're getting thisclose to superdomesticating things with your most benevolently forgiving man. What, getting tired of the doin'-it-in-the-parking-lot scene, T-man? Regardless, congrats! Even more daring would be Renaldo Rim-Me, who's now holding hands with his main hombre in myriad Starbucks and quasi-posh dance clubs across the nation. What-ev. But really, the more intriguing of our on-the-edge homo report this week involves Matinee Mooner, who's about as discreet with his homosexuality as Star Jones Reynolds is with her temper. Yet in between screwing his latest male conquest inmyriad semipublic locales (takes after Toothy, this one), Mr. Mooner took time out to plug his almost heady career, stopping over for a little couch chat with Oprah, and seduced her so in the process. Noton camera (or behind), mind you, M2 just sorta got his pearlie jobs all sparkling fer the talented broad, and it was no secret Ms. O. was rather smitten. Must explain why, then, some important members of O.'s team subsequently made it quite plain to a visiting friend of theirs, a little later on, that Matinee was, like, "so gay." This announcement by the big O.'s pro campers came right after their innocent little amiga proclaimed her smitten-ness for M.M. Jeez,Moon-babe. When the nation's most powerful boob-tube movers 'n' shakers are busy spreading your boy-on-boy biz, I'd say that 9-to-5 gig of yours might be coming to a halt. Or at least a bit o' a slow down. Just a hunch, nothing more. Have fun, all you handsome horn dogs! And it ain't: Leonard DiCaprio; Will Smith; Wilmer Vallerama.

Toothy Tile: Jake Gyllenhaal
Renaldo Rim-Me: Ricky Martin
Matinee Mooner: Matthew McConaughey

In this whodunit from 2001, this famous Hollywood mom came home from the set earlier than expected one day and got the shock of her life. Her young teen son was hosting a sex party! Two guys and a girl were stark naked, entwined, and watching porn movies smuggled out of his dad's house. The horrified mom called her ex and told him about the porn and the behavior and the Hollywood dad shrugged it off. "He's young" he told her "and his hormones are raging - it's no big deal!"
Farrah Fawcett/Ryan O'Neal/their son Redmond

4. 3 A.M. GIRLS 11/03
WHICH star threw a strop when he heard that another artist's dressing room was a few feet larger than his? Show flunkies were forced to hastily change the layout to make sure his was exactly the same size. Kayne West

5. 3 A.M. GIRLS 11/04
WHICH popstar was in floods of tears after learning the dress she had planned to wear for the MTV music awards COPENHAGEN 2006 had been accidentally ripped by her stylist?

Here's an uncomfortable situation. This top actor had a reputation for being a heavy duty party guy back when he was starting out. It was drugs, booze and babes every night. Since then he's settled down to a degree, but he still has an eye for young girls. He recently had a secret affair with a very popular underage actress who has a yen for older men. They met at a secret hideaway for sex and that was all there was to it. After a year it fizzled out. His first marriage produced a daughter who is now a teenager. Imagine his horror when his teen daughter started hanging out with his underage ex girlfriend! Not only does he fear the actress is a BAD influence on his little girl, but he's terrified she'll spill the beans on HIM!
Bruce Willis/Lindsay Lohan/Rumer Willis

--WHICH indie director wrecked his marriage because of his wandering eye? His wife ditched him when she found out he got another woman pregnant.
Robert Rodriguez

--WHICH retired network anchor would be jolted to hear about his sexy teen daughter's steamy romp with a rising female fashion designer in a car? Tom Brokaw

8. 3 A.M. GIRLS 11/06
WHICH singer's doc has refused to administer any more Botox? The medic refuses to give her any more needles and has cancelled her twice-monthly appointments due to her perma-frozen look and droopy eyelids.
Coutney Love; Bonnie Tyler

9. POPBITCH 11/09
T-This suave Hollywood star has an unlikely reputation around some circles in Los Angeles. He's known for giving the gift that just keeps on giving... herpes.
George Clooney

--Which British fashion-loving publicity whore is behaving so weirdly and showing such paranoia that people are starting to wonder when news of her massive cocaine consumption will finally come out? Sienna Miller

10. NY POST/PAGE SIX 11/09
WHICH very recently separated Hollywood hunk was recently caught hooking up in the bathroom? He was thrown out of the men's room at Miami's South Beach hot spot The Forge after he was found in a stall with three ladies.
Ryan Phillippe

There's more to the Girls Next Door than meets the eye. (Or maybe I was just naive ) Someone very involved in the Playboy world filled me in on what we DON'T see on the reality show. I'm not going to name names, so you'll have to figure it out, but it makes watching the show a LOT more interesting, looking for clues. Apparently ONE of the three girls (Holly, Kendra, and Bridget) is a hard-core lesbian and not the LEAST bit interested in men. Another of the girls is super freaky and into almost any kind of kinky sex. The third girl seems to have a genuine crush on Hef and just wants to keep him happy. The lesbian has claimed the super freak for her girlfriend and they regularly get it on in a wide variety of ways for Hef's amusement. The third one joins in if Hef says to. At his age, he's happy just to watch.

Hard-core lesbian: Bridget
Super freaky: Kendra
Crush on Hef: Holly

One Homo-Handed Blind Vice: Oh, let's not talk about Farley Soosh-Spurn, he's so, well, obvious about his boyish activities round T-Town—even I've seen him picking up handsome chaps whose pupils are dazzled by Mr.S.S's celebrity (and certainly not by Far's dubious mug). Yawn, whatev. So reminds me of bubbly blond chicks kissing up to dog-meat producers aged enough to be their grandfathers, old story in T-Town. Far more fetching a tale would involve all kank-ee things Whip-Me Mendelson. Whip, mind you, is known for the utter antithesis of his Christian name and then some. Yep, Whip's made a fairly lucrative career of exploring the rather dorky side of various arts—and getting quasi-decent reviews in the process. Like, what is it about nerds that sends the world all atwitter, like gals get round rock stars? Never understood that nebbish dynamic, but that's not what we're here to discuss. Nope, that would, instead, be chains, anal balls, shaving from the neck down with electric pin shocks inserted into one's scrotum, à la acupuncture and sundry other S&M treats Mr. Mendelson has also developed a reputation for—off-camera (far, far off). And it gets better: Recently, Whip's been in the news, his b-f less so. But what nobody's been picking up is the dish involving Whip and a veddy famous reclusice celeb with whom W.M.M. continues to have a master-slave thang goin' down 'tween the sheets. Three guesses who's the rump-slave in distress and who's Mr. Punisher. Now, that's a press release I want to see. People mag, I friggin' dare ya! And It Ain't: Tobey Maquire; Michael J. Fox: Matthew Broderick

Farley Shoosh-Spurn: Bryan Singer
Whip-Me Mendelson/boyfriend: Viggo Mortensen
famous reclusive celeb: David Cronenberg

This smart, funny actor is a top box office attraction. He's still on the young side but he's cranked out some major movies and proved himself a skillful actor. He's a father but he's single and a magnet for females. He's often seen at glamorous parties and Hollywood clubs with his entourage and assorted beautiful women, but he hasn't had a long term relationship. Except with his young male assistant! His female admirers would be SURPRISED to learn that this straight-seeming actor is sleeping with his assistant on the down-low!
Jamie Foxx

14. 3 A.M. GIRLS 11/11
WHICH chart star harbours some secret sexual perversions? The skinny man in question insists his female conquests carry out painful acts and then takes pictures of them.
Justin Hawkins of The Darkness

15. NY POST/PAGE SIX 11/12
--WHICH singing icon, whose husbands tend to be gay, has gotten very close with a never-married brunette on a network news magazine? The relationship is said to be causing anguish to the TV correspondent's longtime gal pal who launched her career.

--WHICH former TV squawker's husband is the target of a celebrity glossy? A muscular fitness trainer at an East Side gym was recently offered $20,000 to dish about the husband's sexual advances, but the trainer told the reporter, "[Bleep] off!" Star Jones/Al Reynolds

--WHICH actress has resumed her affair with a married man although she is still dating her long-term British boyfriend?

16. NY POST/PAGE SIX 11/13
--WHICH faded screen siren (think "Sunset Boulevard") has special instructions for her frequent visits to Cedars-Sinai? Written on her chart, it says, "No Filipino nurses!" Explained our source, "She hates them."
Zsa Zsa Gabor

--WHICH young Hollywood starlet had secret gastric bypass surgery, but then lost too much weight? During a recent four-day stint at a health clinic, she was actually having an operation to remove the bypass.

17. NY POST/PAGE SIX 11/14
--WHICH ivory tickler, frequently caught drunken driving, is back on the sauce? The musician has stopped in a few of his local bars and had a few drinks, only to leave the bartenders no tip.
Billy Joel

--WHICH singer had to deliver her child via Cesarean because of a raunchy STD her estranged husband gave her? Britney Spears

18. 3 A.M. GIRLS 11/14
WHO is the malnourished star who collapsed in a US celeb hangout? She told medics she'd had six slices of melon - topped with a little white powder.
Nicole Richie

19. 3 A.M. GIRLS 11/16
WHICH skinny singer left a toilet cubicle forgetting the lines of cocaine waiting on top of the cistern? She had to apologise to the person next in the queue and go back in to finish the job off.

One Sad, Sidelined Sap Blind Vice: Durwood Dope (no relation to the man-eating, avaricious Diandra Dope from Vices past) used to have it all: fab career, great looks, damn good talent, boys 'n' girls to bonk whenever he wanted. Those were the bisexual superstar days, huh? But that was before this little thing called age set in. Trust me, I know how D2 feels: Ya look in the mirror, and ya wonder what the hell your father is doing looking backatcha! Gray hair. Wrinkles around your eyes, where there used to simply be sleepy goo stuff. Know what I mean, all my little geriatric jelly beans? Durwood sure does. 'Cause he's increasingly turning to drugs for solace, men for validation in the form of casual sex and—worst of all—vitriolic little queens for companionship. Bad move there, Mr. D. Now, I'm a bitchy-ass homo if ever there was one, but at least I'm true to my buds. If they've got a bad time goin' down, I'm cool about it. Not so half the fruits Durwood's been befriending, as of late. See, here's the deal: Dope's (female) partner is currently and utterly eclipsing him in the celeb department, and this fame factoid, along with the unavoidable truth that Durwood's increasingly looking like a weatherproofed donut, is not helping D.'s depressed moods. And since D.D. has always hung with a hedonistic, eclectic bunch...well, let's just say he's leaning wholly toward those who supply him, screw him and then say so long to him—rather than to those who actually want to help him. Shame. 'Cause Durwood sure needs somebody who cares enough to tell him to lay off this fruits-and-chemicals-only diet of his. Pronto. And It Ain't: Frankie Muniz; Nathan Lane; Luke Wilson
Warren Beatty; Michael Douglas

21. POPBITCH 11/16
American r&b star Marques Houston has been claming he took the virginity of which God-fearing singing superstar?

This divorce even took Hollywood by surprise. The cute young couple loved being parents and appeared to be a good match. They seemed to have a perfect life and were envied by outsiders. When they suddenly split up there was no real explanation. Was he cheating? Was she cheating? They didn't seem to mind the accusations, because they drew attention AWAY from what REALLY destroyed the marriage. Hard drugs. She found out he was addicted to heroin and had no intenton of giving it up.
Kate Hudson/Chris Robinson

Which newly single Hollywood hunk has a host of international dalliances yet to come to light after his recent split? Ryan Phillippe

The L Word: This hot, young (well, young-ish) TV and movie princess has always had a string of gullible guys panting for her face, figure, fame and bank account wherever she goes. Although Murg hates to be the one to break the news to this pretty doll, she is way past her adolescent "experimental" phase, so maybe it's time for her to face the deeper reasons behind her long, long string of broken romances, her frequent nights out at hip Hollywood female strip clubs, and her tendency to indulge in serious tongue tangoing and groping with her girlfriends whenever they all get a little tooted up. Which is often. Denial is not a happy place, girlfriend.
Jessica Biel

Breathtaking: Extreme sex acts that just keep getting scarier are going on pretty much nightly in the bachelor bedroom of that wild, sorta famous, seriously hunky TV guy. Looking and dressing like this dude does, driving the hot car he does, and making the scene as often as he does, he's got no problem picking up on any number of willing women and men for his special sex needs. But a lot fewer are willing to return for an encore considering the guy's extra special way of getting his sexual jollies, which involves goading his partner into strangling him almost to the point of death.

26. 3 A.M. GIRLS 11/20
WHICH singing legend regularly cheats on his wife with 20-something models half his age? It's a good thing his wife doesn't suspect anything.

Could it be that Billy strikes fear in the hearts of young closeted actors? I'm told that in the late 90s, one such actor attended "The Probies" (a now-defunct gay porn awards show). I have idea who the actor was, but he's described as an up-and-coming thespian who was in a film with lots of OSCAR buzz (I'm told he's now considered a has-been). All night, no one recognized the lad, but when he saw me, he panicked and bolted. Any ideas?

28. 3 A.M. GIRLS 11/21
WHICH supposedly clean chart star hasn't quite kicked his gargantuan cocaine habit? He was recently up all night doing masses of the stuff with a young starlet who more than kept up with him in hoovering up the stuff.
Matt Willis

Which prime-time cutie could use some medical advice from her co-stars? At a recent appearance, the gossip was all about how her fingers are discolored from bulimia.
Ellen Pompeo

"Let me preface this post, by saying that if this story ever comes out, it would blow the music world up and shake it to its core. This would put the Milli Vanilli scandal and Ashlee Simpson SNL situation so far down the ladder it would be crazy. Towards the end of last year I had a woman come into my office and she began to explain what she had done and had been doing for several years and it was one of the very few times that I just could not believe what I was hearing. I know the music industry inside and out, and I had never heard of something so extensive and pervasive as this. This woman (S) came into my office because the payments she had been receiving had stopped and she wanted to either get the money that was owed to her, or expose what she had been doing to the light of day. S is a sessions/studio/backup singer and is very good. Prior to her involvement in what I am going to describe, she made a very good living singing on commercials and being a backup singer for groups and other solo acts, etc. Like I said she is very good, but she does not really have that "look" which would make her a star, so record companies did not put her out front, but just used her talents. In late 2000, a man came to her one day and said he needed someone to record some demos because he had written a lot of songs, but wanted a demo to shop the songs to singers and record labels. This is not unusual at all and she had done this type of work before and it paid pretty well so she agreed. What was unusual about her recording of the demos was how much work was put into the actual recordings. It was extensive. Generally there is not much time put into the recordings because you never really know if the song will even sell, and the money spent on recording could be put to better uses. These demos she was recording were actually being treated as if they were going to be released on a CD or to radio. They even did some mixing which was REALLY unusual. After a few weeks she had recorded about over a dozen songs and she went on her way and was really oblivious to anything else pertaining to it, UNTIL several months later she was in her car and heard her voice coming from the radio, only it was another singer being given credit. (We will call this other singer MV for Milli Vanilli) She could not believe what she was hearing and did not know whether to be excited to hear herself on the radio, confused about the credit given to another singer or just ****** off for the same reasons. What she did do, was to call the man who had originally come to her and had her record the songs. The man agreed to meet her and gave her a substantial sum of money and promised to keep giving her money every month as long as she kept her mouth shut. MV was taking off. (MV has/had several Top 40 songs and CD’s. They could have gone to #1 or languished in the 30’s. I really cannot go into much more detail or else it would be too easy to discover.) MV was everywhere...on television, radio, awards shows, commercials, EVERYWHERE ..meanwhile, S continued to get money every month and kept her little secret to herself. The guy who picked S was VERY lucky. Most singers would have caused a fuss, but S has always been in the background and was resigned to the fact she always would be, and was very happy just taking the $$, and did not want that to stop. About 9 months go by and S is called by the guy because MV is going on tour and they want S to record some extra mixes and such for the tour. She agrees and does not really do much, but money is money. Fast forward another year or so and S stops receiving money and after a few months of missed payments, calls the guy who explains that they need S to do another CD and then the payments can continue, but there is no more money unless she does more recordings. S agrees and records another CD worth of songs which is released several months later and does even better than the first CD. This same process is repeated (I am not going to tell you the number of CD’s because again you may be able to deduce and so I will just say the process repeated itself several times.) Well everything goes well for the most part for all these years and then no more payments, and no more calls and she cannot even locate our mystery man. S has not received a payment in six months when she came into my office and related this story. She did not even know the guy’s name, but when she described him, I knew who he was and was even more floored than I had been previously. This was just something I had really not heard before. I had heard of really altering voices in the recording studios and bringing in hired hands for one song or a large portion of a song, but never CD after CD and even doing extra work so a live performance would not sound staged. I told her I needed some time to check into her story and then we could proceed. It took two calls before I got the guy on the phone and he was ******, scared, angry, threatening, remorseful everything. It turns out the reason he had stopped making payments was he had been playing some shell games with the money between the record company, MV’s earnings and MV’s investments and just did not have any additional money. In addition, MV was not sure she wanted to continue on with what had been happening and so our mystery guy might be completely out of the picture. I actually think the record company to this day has no idea what went on as the Guy was very good at what he does/did and knew how to make sure the record company was always happy. He stayed under budget, toured, made MV available, and made the record company money. So a meeting was arranged in my office and S and MV finally met face to face. They had never done so, even though it was S who made MV a star. MV was rude to say the least when she saw what S looked like and it really upset me although S being her normal classy self could have cared less. What we agreed to do that day was to provide S with one lump sum rather than a monthly income which was easier for Guy to pull off and S also agreed to never disclose her role in this drama and MV was on her own for future recordings and tours. This involved literally millions of CD’s and hundreds of concerts all over the world. The one thing I did get out of this beside my fee of course is a Gold Record autographed by S and by MV. I know it is the only one in the world"
CLUE #1- MV has done or is contractually agreed to do a Las Vegas residency.

CLUE #2- MV broke up with a significant other this year.
Jennifer Lopez (guy probably Benny Medina)

Which small-screen star - who doesn't get out much - engages a dominatrix in a Manhattan "dungeon" to stand on his groin in a parka and repeat in a loud whisper, "We're on the top of a mountain, no one can hear us ..."

32. E! ONLINE/Kristin Veitch 11/22
--Self-Lovin' Sally: I don’t hate Sally because she’s beautiful. I just want to pull her hair (or better yet, her false eyelashes), because she's so insistent on being the belle of the ball. Gag. Let me explain. Whenever Sally hits a soiree, she makes absolutely sure she is the last one to arrive on the red carpet—because only losers and Z-listers show up early, you see. You gotta make reporters wait for you if you're an A-lister, and, oh, Lordy, do we ever wait. On many occasions, Sally has waited in a parked limo right next to the red carpet (how's that for moronic?) until an hour after the last celebrity has gone inside, just to make sure we all know she's the queen bee. Then, when she finally emerges, it's as if Sally has fire ants in her Spanx, because she scurries past reporters, granting only one or two lightning-quick interviews. Meanwhile, if a single hair is out of place, one of her handlers (there are many) will jump in front of her, blocking the camera, to fix it. Mid-interview. As if this were normal. This is divine divadom at its finest, y'all. Take it from a diva who knows! Beyonce; Jennifer Lopez; Mariah Carey

--Wandering Wally: Everyone loves Wally. Everyone! But what they don’t now (at least, I certainly didn’t!) is that Wally also has an interesting, er, hobby that is becoming somewhat well known among his coworkers. He likes the ladies, especially the, uh, working gals, if you know what I mean. So much so that on a recent project, a handler had to be hired to manage (dare I say, schedule?) these lovely ladies for dear ol’ Wally. And let me just tell you if you were to hear his name, your jaw would be crashing through the floor to China right now. Because chances are, he’s one of your TV favorites, too. Ray Romano, Keifer Sutherland

Which wild-child songstress (whose initials aren't L.L.) is enjoying the single life with a vengeance? "She's just spent a week absolutely stoned out of her mind, and all the guys she hooks up with have steady girlfriends," says a snitch. "The worst thing is her mother parties with her, watching her getting so drunk she's almost carried outta clubs."
Britney Spears

This extremely wealthy guy has dated some of the sexiest actresses in Hollywood. But they can't seem to land him as a husband. He resists getting married because it's hard to find a girl who will put up with his idiosyncrasies. His relationships desolve into friendships. He seems mild-mannered, but in fact he periodically goes off on kinky drug and sex binges. That's when he indulges in crystal meth and transvestites! He doesn't consider himself gay or even bisexual, but he loves to be serviced by cross-dressing he-she's. And he can't get enough drag queen porn! No WONDER he's the eternal bachelor.
Steven Bing

35. 3 A.M. GIRLS 11/27
WHICH devilish film star has a nasty condition "down below" and is on heavy medication to clear up a painful STD? Nice.
Jack Nicholson; Al Pacino; Harvey Keitel; Rosanne Barr

36. NY POST/PAGE SIX 11/27
--WHICH New York Met was so appreciative of a stunning blond stripper at Headquarters that he walked her out to his car, pulled a baseball jersey out of his trunk and gave it to her? The stripper, obviously not a sports fan, sold the uniform to one of her other customers later that night.

--WHICH self-help guru cheats on his wife? One woman who regularly attends his seminars meets him in his hotel suite for "personal tutoring" after each session - and he still makes her pay for his classes. Tony Robbins

--WHICH actress who recently broke up with her long-suffering boyfriend is back dating a married man and snorting cocaine "like there's no tomorrow"? Sienna Miller; Kate Bosworth

Which perfect husband was sleeping with a 19-year-old while his celebrity wife was pregnant with their third child?
Matt Lauer

1. Who, when he got out of that police car, tripped, and so did his toupee? (His hairpiece in the back flew up, leaving only the hair plugs in the front. His people have tried to buy up the photos ever since.)
Mel Gibson

2. What aging beauty and director are married strictly for convenience, trust me? Diane Sawyer and Mike Nichols; Jamie Lee Curtis and Christopher Guest; Helen Mirren and Taylor Hackford

3. What acclaimed foreign star, whom some find quite hunky, is a big old closeted hombre? Javier Bardem; Gael García Bernal; Benicio del toro

4. What hunting accident, swears an insider, was actually the fault of the secret mistress of the guy who took the blame? Dick Cheney

5. What '80s novelist turned bright red screaming at an uptown diarist for having written that the guy's latest tome was a bit of a stiff? Jay MacInerney

6. What cover story was supposedly written by a Scientologist, which explains a lot? Vanity Fair TomKat baby story

7. Which gay porn actor claims he's been hired by that ex-child star, that disabled singer, and that action star (who was very enthusiastic about the sucking aspect of it)?
gay porn actor:
ex-child star: Neil Patrick Harris
disabled singer: Andrea Bocelli
action star: Vin Diesel

8. What '60s TV kook used to get her vagina kicked by an abusive film star? Judy Carne and Burt Reynolds

9. What quirky film actress had a 30th birthday party gala the day she turned 37?

10. What brooding actor supposedly contacted all his gay friends when he became famous, informing them that he could not possibly see them anymore for his career's sake? Wentowrth Miller

11. What society goddess lies—well, let's say exaggerates a teensy bit—when it comes to her top-drawer family and big-buck background? Paris Hilton

12. What adorable film actor was once the rent boy for a rich Irish farmer? Jonathon Rhys Myers

I am sorry this post took so long, but I needed to make sure it did not reveal too much because it is so sensitive. There are always allegations flying back and forth about what some celebrity has given to another celebrity, I.e Hepatitis (see Pam Anderson from Tommy Lee), or an STD, etc., but it something altogether different when it is HIV. When it is HIV, almost no one wants to come forward as this posting will show. I have a client ( B list - a few television shows, never top billed and some made for TV movies where she was top billed) -- who came to me when she wanted to file for divorce. For some reason, I rarely get the husbands who come to me, just generally the wives. Anyway, she came to me and she wanted to get a divorce because her husband had been cheating on her. It was not the first time, but she was just tired of all the lies and she felt he was not honest with her about anything from the time they began dating. Of course, this self-realization about truthfulness did not hit it her until after they were married. They had a pre-nup and it was airtight and so she was only going to get what the pre-nup allowed which was not much, but I figured we might be able to argue for a little more support or an additional piece of property and he might give in, just to have us go away and to keep the legal bills to a minimum. She ( "W") thought his cheating was confined to just a fling here and there. There is no way to describe him without some sort of revelation so lets just call him a businessman. ("B") It turns out that B enjoyed swingers clubs, and other hedonistic pursuits as much as he could and was not really selective in either his partners or their gender. As these revelations came out, W went to her doctor because she had not been feeling well and was dealing with incredible levels of stress. While there she decided to get a full bloodwork done as well to find out if she had contracted anything. Well there is a saying when you are getting bloodwork done, that no news is good news. The trouble was she got lots of news and it was not pretty. She had not only contracted HIV from the soon to be ex, but found out she was pregnant as well by the soon to be ex. It first B denied he was either the father of the child or the person who had infected W, but soon caved. He admitted he had known he was HIV positive, but did not tell W because he did not think he would ever give it to her because they had not had sex in so long. One night, they both got drunk at a party and when they got home had sex for the first time in almost a year and it was at that time W became pregnant and HIV positive. In order to keep all of this out of the press, not only for his sake and for W's, there was a very large settlement that at least somewhat made up for the tragedy that he caused W. W continues to work although she is probably more of a C lister now because she would rather not be in the public eye as much and she thinks that just enjoying life is probably the best thing for her. I know you have questions about the child and if W gave birth or had an abortion, but that is just going to have to remain a mystery.
Yasmine Bleeth

40. 3 A.M. GIRLS 11/28
WHICH 80s film hunk has been robbed of his looks to botched cosmetic surgery? He has had face, brow and eye lifts, and his plastic fantastic look means he's often "between gigs".
Patrick Swayze; Mickey Rourke; Burt Reynolds

41. 3 A.M. GIRLS 12/01
WHICH singer is so paranoid about his declining popularity he spends hours online posting positive reviews of his own material?
Michael Jackson; Robbie Williams

42. POPBITCH 12/01
--This Hollywood A-list celebrity isn't exactly known for her sanity, but now she's started stalking actors from movies she likes. Russell Crowe has been one of her victims. Smells like she's trying to get under celebrities'skins? Courtney Love; Lindsay Lohan

--We may be about to get a load of information about one celebrity couple's bedtime stories A nanny has a six-figure deal with a tabloid, unless her silence gets bought off first. Separate bedrooms is one of her revelations. Madonna/Guy Richie

Which celebrity divorce is being blamed in some parts on her coke-fueled, 9 a.m. nights out with her L.A. hairdresser? Pam Anderson; Carmen Electra

Which magazine publisher gave his assistant the day off from work to sleep with a TV actor to thank him for being on the cover?

This handsome young actor had a beautiful longtime girlfriend and they both started getting very successful in Hollywood around the same time. They seemed like old fashioned sweethearts but were far kinkier than we realized. They founded what they laughingly called The Hollywood Spanking Club. These private celebrity get-togethers were actually orgies and participants were encouraged to live out their wildest fantasies. Activities were fueled by an abundance of drugs. More often than not, our straight actor and his girlfriend ended up with partners of their own sex. The actor's motto was: "The difference between gay and straight is two lines of coke." A few years have passed and they've both moved on to new relationships. Both of their new partners would be VERY surprised to hear about the old days! Hugh Grant and Elizabeth Hurley; Leo DiCaprio and Gisele Bundchen

46. PEREZ HILTON 12/03
What pussy-flashing pop star and mother of two got fucked in the bathroom of an after-hours party recently? Her family is said to be very concerned about her hard-partying ways and is mulling an intervention.
Britney Spears/Brandon "Firecrotch" Davis

Could it be that a certain popular pretty boy has been cavorting in clubs catering to same-sex studs? Don't tell his wife - or his kid, for that matter. Despite the attention paid to his almost-feminine features, the dashing dude stays out of the fastlane and keeps a low profile - especially when he's horny and tempted. It must have been disturbing when he was complimented on his current hit and lauded for his last limited appearance on that groundbreaking show (which was likely popular with his college classmates). I suppose he can take comfort in the fact that all eyes were on him while he was chatting and wasn't in the sling...yet!
Eric Mabius

48. 3 A.M. GIRLS 12/05
WHICH actress has been tearing her hair out over child care arrangements? Her little bundle of joy terrorises the childminders and none of them want to come back.
Liz Hurley

49. NY POST/PAGE SIX 12/05
--WHICH recently separated celeb has a new habit to go along with her new friends? The cutie is spending way too much time in the bathroom of the many clubs she visits, hoovering down cocaine that her pals supply her with.
Britney Spears

--WHICH hard-partying Hollywood starlet has club cocktail waitresses fueling rumors of rehab by whispering that the actress cuts her coke with strawberry Quik? Lindsay Lohan

--WHICH new pair of best friends are actually more? When they get back to their hotels or homes, the clothes come off. Paris Hilton/Britney Spears

50. E! ONLINE/Kristin Veitch 12/06
--Once upon a time, Nelly was supposed to be a leading lady of a certain show we talk about pretty often here at WWK Central. She was sexy, driven, edgy and seemingly perfect for the part—but as it turned out, she couldn't act her way out of even the most simply crafted scene. Her one-note performance drove the producers a little nuts, so they soon began plotting her death. When the death scene actually went down, the cast and crew gathered together for a party, and when Nelly bit the dust, the room broke out in raucous cheers.
Mischa Barton

--This one is short but not sweet. A certain TV star we all love once text-messaged me (yes, me, your lowly couch potato) at 2 a.m.: "Are we gonna fick or what?" It was from a BlackBerry that had both the "I" and "U" on the same key, and I'm proud to say (especially if my fiancé is listening) that I promptly replied: "Fick you!" (Hmmm…Or was there an "I'll" before that message? Anyway, you get the gist.) Jeremy Piven

--A very attractive male actor at a photo shoot just this past weekend, curiously without girlfriend, making a career out of making girls want to be his girlfriend. A special bond exists between artist and subject– as explained to me, when something clicks, so to speak, it just clicks, and it’s as though the two are the room together, alone, creating magic. Magic obviously lingered, he obviously wanted the magic to linger beyond their studio session, so he asked for a phone number. Not to go out for coffee, not for a follow up set of pictures, not for any other reason than the reason you think.  A bold surprising move given that it’s not usually his style, especially since he’s not allowed to be so overt, but lately he just can’t help himself. I’m told that in addition to the photographer, there are have been suggestive advances made to a network publicist a few weeks ago, and to an event planner a few weeks before that, much to the consternation of his professional wardens who have impressed upon him the importance of holding on just a little longer, just until the official renewal, just until the numbers climb back up.  Apparently he struggles with the pressure every day. By the way, the photographer is gay. As are all the others.  But you knew that already, right? Wentworth Miller

--PS. Let’s try it this way: What major A list actress will be mortified to learn that her husband was once arrested and charged for assaulting a woman, grabbing her by the neck, and punching her in the chest? They settled out of court, of course – a major payoff in exchange for silence, then buried the paperwork, but these things always have a way of coming out… Nicole Kidman/Keith Urban

52. POPBITCH 12/07
--Which British A-lister has just been arrested with loads of cocaine on them?

--Which troubled pop favourite is spiralling into such depression and drug abuse that friends and former staff are seriously worried that he's becoming suicidal? George Michael; Robbie Williams: Boy George

For those of you who did not read the first of these, it basically is something where I tell you about a jackass thing a celebrity did and then an act of kindness a celebrity did. So I called my friend because I knew he had the phone number I needed and we started talking about what is going to be the kindness part of the post. We then got into a big discussion about sports which led somehow to publicists and bad behavior by celebrities and then he reminded me of something that had happened on his show which I had forgotten about. For the most part, television actors are much less divaesque and are much more down to earth than an actor who only does films. This is caused by a number of factors such as the life of a television show which may be brief to the fact that television actors are paid much less than their film counterparts, to the fact that they work generally half the year with the same group of actors and crew and often commute to and from work just like any other person. What is odd about this, is that television actors are generally much more known by the general public than film stars. If a movie grosses $100M and the average ticket costs $8.00, then approximately 12 million tickets were sold. Contrast that with say Grey’s Anatomy which last week had 24 million viewers and does every week and you can see how television actors are generally more recognized and well known. What makes film stars more divaesque is the fact they are paid an incredible sum of money and that studios may have $100M invested in that star’s ability to bring in an audience to recoup their money. Because there are few stars that are capable of doing that, their demands become greater and also more outrageous and they become divas. That is the background.

- JACKASS -In this show there was an actor who was about fourth billed at most, but had a very big head about his role on the show and how he thought viewers were tuning into the show to see him and that he was the star. If he felt he was not getting enough lines in a particular episode, he would act is if everything was fine and then right before taping would "lose his voice" or have some other ailment which would cause producers, writers and the director to scramble around and try and save the show. Other times he would improvise new lines as the taping was going on and refuse to do the lines that were written because he felt he was a better writer than the show’s writers and knew what the audience wanted. If the writers just had him being in one scene with no dialogue which happens sometimes, he would just not show up for the taping. He trashed his dressing room more than once because he was not satisfied with its appearance. He would park sideways in the lot taking up three spaces, and even tried the "you cannot talk to him directly thing." Now you have to remember this guy is way down the list of people on the show. His other problem was his agent who did not really have many clients and so was devoting a great deal of time to this particular client and making the head even more swollen. The agent did not want to lose this money ticket and so kept telling our misguided actor how wonderful he was and how he would get his own show soon, and movies, etc..This actor just did not realize that nature of his appeal which was limited and his acting skills which were even more limited. He really had no range except in his mind. He just could not get over himself and when his contract was running out, he thought he was going to get a big raise, and instead he got written out of the last ten or so episodes of the year and his contract was not renewed.Thought he was bigger than the show. The reality is in television, you are rarely bigger than the show. **HINT** The latest Jackass has guest starred on several shows over the past two years and is rumored to be getting a new starring role on a show next year.

-KINDNESS - Why is it that it is the women who are always the subject of the kindness part? A list model/actress more model than actress has been in and out of the office lately because she is coming out with a new product and there are some details to be worked out. Because she has been in so frequently, she learned that one of the people in the office had both of her parents die in a car accident during the summer and had really been devastated by this. She had been in the car with her parents and did not even get a scratch and so was feeling really guilty and really depressed. Our model overheard the secretary discussing Dancing With The Stars and how it was the one bright spot of the week for her where she really just could let her troubles go. Without letting anyone know, model arranged for Secretary to attend the final episode of the season and to go backstage and meet the finalists. She also arranged for a makeover and new clothes and a limo to the show. There were no cameras there to record this and no publicity. This was just one person who overheard someone who was in pain and used their celebrity for good with nothing in return. Model called in a bunch of favors just because she is that kind of person. No one asked her to do it, and no one knew she was doing it until she sprung the surprise. You should have seen the look on Secretary’s face when Model told her what she had done and the excitement the day after the final show when Secretary could not stop talking and sharing and you could see the sparkle back in her eyes. It has been a few weeks now, and she is just 1,000% percent better from what she was and you can see she is starting to live again. Molly Sims

54. 3 A.M. GIRLS 12/08
WHICH husky-voiced singer was thrown out of her local pub last week for using a racist slur against another drinker?
Amy Winehouse

One Disgustingly Delirious Blind Vice: Oh, that Jiggly Wiggle-Poof sure is a talented girlfriend! Sure enough, just as I winked a few weeks ago, our parking-lot Lothario, Toothy Tile, is becoming sickeningly domesticated with his sweet, if not chastising, b-f, so we can't look to Mr. T. for our naughty-time tuchus terrorizing—at least, not right now. But one can hope, right? Meantime,the pooftah-outta-control award goes to the hugely untalented MistahWiggle-Poof. I mean, if this joker actually put into his career the dastardly effed-up scheming he applies to his loin activities, the dude would have an Emmy in less time than it takes to trim his scrotum so expertly. Speaking of balls, guess where Jiggly's been putting his little ones? Are you ready for the shocker o' the week? J.W.-P.'s been screwing not just elder, almost homely geezers (no, not me, you bitchy snitchies) but...a woman. Quelle horreur! Hey, not that there's anything wrong with nooky involving the female sex (I think it's simply adorable, used to do it plenty!), it's just that I happen to be hyperaware Mr. W.-P.'s not inclined that way—at all. Apparently, said woman who got boffed by J.W.-P. knows it was for appearance's sake, as it were, 'cause when I asked her how J.W.-P.'s performance was, she answered: "Quick." "Any good?" I pressed. "Well, I was," she replied, deadpan. "But I think he kept looking for something between my legs that wasn't there." Hmmm. Nasty. Did Jiggle think the number to People's editorial office was tucked away in this poor babe's privates? And It Ain't: Taye Diggs; Josh Duhamel; Jerry O'Connell

Jiggly Wiggle-Poof: Ryan Seacrest
Woman: Teri Hatcher
Toothy Tile: Jake Gyllenhaal

Which supposedly rehabbed L.A. party fixture is trying to prop up his flagging fortunes by dealing to his A-list enabler friends?
Brandon "Firecrotch" Davis

57. From Grazia, a British glossy weekly 12/10
--Which lead singer of a very hot band was caught getting a blow job from a fan in the toilets of a pub? Not sure what his girlfriend would think if she found out about it...

--Which US singing starlet is trying to hide her burgeoning drug habit from the rest of her celebrity family? This wannabe is starting to mix with club-hopping cokeheads on both sides of the Atlantic and is breaking away from her dull wholesome image big time. Ashlee Simpson

--A diminuative, unmarried Hollywood heart-throb - whose career seems to have stalled of late - stands accused of sending death threats to the new squeeze of one of his ex-girlfriends. It seems the actor just can't bear the idea of her getting it on with another man, so has been regularly calling to warn off his replacement. The phrase 'Get a life' springs to mind. Steve-O from Jackass and the girlfriend is Stephen Dorff/ Steve-O from Jackass/May Anderson

This modest motel, conveniently located in West Hollywood, enjoys visits from more than just budget conscious tourists. One day a very famous actor, who is frequently mentioned on this website, walked up to the check in desk. This hot guy has an off-beat personality that really appeals to his legions of female fans. On that day he was with a male companion, described as "a goodlooking well groomed mature man with grey hair." The actor paid for the room with his charge card and the two guys disappeared into the room. The clerk was surprised to see them leave after an hour. What were they up to? Drugs? Sex?
Keanu Reeves; Joaquin Phoenix

59.  3 A.M. GIRLS 12/11
WHICH lanky US singer has an employee whose sole job is to score drugs for him wherever he goes in the world?
Chris Robinson; James Taylor

A little background. In Korea there is an all-girl group which is extremely popular not only in Korea but all over Asia. The girls are all teenagers ranging in age from 15-17 and the image they portray is sexy and their lyrics are as suggestive as lyrics can be in Korea, while at the same time being the innocent virgins they are all supposed to be and the public demands.. All over Asia people, especially teenage boys and girls love this group. They are one of the highest selling groups for 2 or 3 years in a row. The girl who is the subject of our story is 17 at the time. Lets call her"BB." In the US, you have a singer who is going on tour throughout Asia. He is a rock/rapper and has a reputation for not being innocent and for being an ass. His group is talented and they do very well for themselves. This guy is the typical "rock star" with the attitude and stereotypes to match. He is about 30 at the time this all happens. Lets call him "RR." It turns out BB is a fan of the music of RR and so at an event in Korea they meet and she is fawning over him as a teenager would when meeting someone she admires or has a crush on. RR is used to having his way with his fans and does not realize that maybe things in Korea are just a little bit different.He just thinks she is another groupie he is trying to get in bed and does not realize that this will be her first time and she considers it much more serious than he does. To him it is one night, to her, she is thinking marriage. One night of sex and he never will think of her again. She will think of him all the time and wonders why he has not returned her calls. About two months go by and she realizes she is pregnant. This is a BIG problem (no pun intended) Although not reality, the stereotype is that young women remain virgins until they marry. This is even more true of someone who is a celebrity of the stature of BB. She is on posters in every teenagers bedroom in the country and most of Asia. She cannot be pregnant. However, she is and she knows who the father is. BB is part of a huge group and cannot just disappear. She only tells her family and the group’s manager. Not even the rest of the group know exactly what is wrong with her. The only thing they know is there will not be many tv appearances or concerts for the next year. Abortion was never really an option. Adoption is the only option and the adoption must be done outside the country. BB’s manager finally discovers who the father is and tracks down the management team of the father. Of course RR’s management team has had this problem from other fans. However an abortion is usually the answer given and funds dispersed for this purpose. With BB they have someone who is underage and a huge star in parts of the world and is believable and needs to hide the situation as much as RR"s team wants to. RR agrees to pay for BB to stay in the US to hide at a hotel and to pay the costs for the birth and adoption and anything else that is necessary. During the pregnancy, BB and RR rarely seeeach other. BB still wants to be with RR and RR does not have the guts to say he does not want to be with her and so strings BB along for the ride. He gets so caught up in the game that he starts talking about marriage and even adopting the baby himself when it is born. This game goes on until about a month prior to delivery. At that point in time RR meets someone he wants to be with and totally blows off BB. He does not tell his new flame about BB or the situation being played out. BB tries to get in contact with RR but RR refuses to speak to her. BB is crushed and feels like RR has lied to her and made her even more ashamed to be in a foreign country, hiding out from fans and delivering a baby that no one wants. She feels abandoned and betrayed and alone and attempts suicide. She is rushed to the hospital.She and the baby are saved. She tries to call RR and tell him about the baby, but again he refuses to speak to her. He has someone in his life. He tells the management team to stop paying the bills, but they ignore him because they do not want this to get out. In an interview with a magazine he is quoted as saying he has no kids and no plans on having any. He is just having a good time and enjoying life. The baby is put up for adoption. BB goes back to Korea where the group breaks up and many of the girls try a solo career. BB steps away from the spotlight even more and remains in seclusion for another year. She is just now trying to reestablish her music career. RR continues on and becomes even more of an ass. He finds someone else and then someone else and so on. I would tell you what happens in more detail to RR but it would give it away who he is. Needless to say I am not a big fan.
U Nee of K-Pop aka Heo Yoon Fred Durst HINT: U;Nee is BB and killed herself shortly after this blind item was posted. RR has basically given up music and has now moved on to other projects and I still hate him with a passion. He is working in television and movies now.

61. 3 A.M. GIRLS 12/12
WHICH supposedly clean star recently invited a group of pals around for a mammoth drug session? She clearly hasn't gone cold on the idea of wild partying.
Sadie Frost; Kate Moss;

62. NY POST/PAGE SIX 12/13
WHICH online gossip has friends worried? He's sent very nasty notes to random people out of the blue, and some say the teetotaller is back on the sauce.
Matt Drudge

Skinny-Dippin' Duo: This is a real-life couple who are series regulars on a show we love—and they're pretty easy on the eyes. Obviously, the name gives away that these two have a thing for stripping down to their birthday suits and going for a swim, but it does not reveal the lip-smacking kicker: Apparently, they like to do it in the swimming pools of total strangers! On a certain night not too long ago, a friend of mine (not in the Biz) came home to find what she thought were "hooligans" in her backyard swimming pool and screamed at them to get out. As the duo started giggling and running toward the fence, my friend recognized them as stars from her favorite show and called out, "Wait! Can I get an autograph?!" The duo did not oblige, but they did return a few weeks later for more skinny-dipping fun. This time, my friend did what any right-minded fan would do—she made some popcorn and watched from the bedroom window above.
Evangeline Lilly and Dominic Monaghan

--What music producer’s wife is afraid of having her secret life with women revealed?
Kimora Lee Simmons/Russell Simmons

--This former A-list actor has not had a hit move in almost a decade. It turns out he is not a very good landlord either. This slumlord/actor has several apartment complexes that his corporation owns. At least 50 tenants throughout his properties have filed suit against him in small claims court over the past two years. The reasons for the suit range from uninhabitable living conditions (no heat in the winter, no running water at time, and sewage backups are just a small list) to evictions without the proper notice. This slumlord has kept his identity a secret for the most part in these actions by hiding behind his corporate veil. Now as his tenants are catching on who is the man behind the living conditions, our slumlord is afraid of bad publicity which will derail the slightest chance he had to relive his former glory as an A lister.

65. 3 A.M. GIRLS 12/14
WHICH actress reduced a shop worker to tears when she couldn't tell her where the toilet was in a hair salon?  She was almost as fiery as her red hair when she shouted at the poor crimper's assistant.
Lindsay Lohan

66. POPBITCH 12/14
--Whose child's real father is rumoured to be a movie cameraman?
Suri Cruise

--Which American actress was so enamoured with her Z-list Brit lover that she told hotel staff not to let him leave in the morning? Lindsay Lohan and Callum Best

With all the highly publicized breakups between our fave A-list duos, it was only a matter of time till haughty legal reps dished on a not-so tell-all couple un-ending. Does that even make any sense, what I wrote? Oh, who cares? Read on: As we all wiped away our tears over the demise of Jen 'n' Brad, or that southern belle Reese 'n' toughie-dude Ryan, in-the-know peeps had already been questioning the supposed bliss in the marital lives of Sassy Go-Forth and Fernwood Could, one of H-town's few remaining stalwart duos. Wonder why? See, this once reliable, dynamic twosome has utterly gone under the paparazzi radar, and I, oh, once again, have the exclusive dish for ya to feast on this holiday season. Don't worry—it's carb free. So, bite in! Ferny'n' Sass, in actuality (read: when they're not working) hold down campin the colder climates. Think of places like Chicago and InWhySee, where basements are readily available to sprawling mansions. In fact, it is in this very sublevel arena where the male half of this union's marital vows went awry. See, unsuspecting wife-unit would wake up to discover her man outta bed and nowhere to be found in their plush quarters. This began to happen so often, said spouse thought her hubby just might be leavin' the manse to engage in extra marital affairs; howevah, 'twas not the case. Sassy's guy, was found (by her, eventually) dressin' in drag in the basement—where their offspring efforts hold down playtime with other celeb li'l ones. Quelle horreur! And was Ferny-babe getting himself off while wearing a particularly alluring fishnet number? No way: F.C. was caught red-(nail-polished)-handed, surfin' the friggin' Internet for home apparel and sundry women's wear. While dressed in such, natch. Priorto this startling discovery, S.G.-F. had hired a private investigator to see where her hubby was heading at night. Good thing she played investigator herself, 'cause she saved those dollars for a high-powered attorney—who has brought her the ultimate bucks and a handy settlement deal. But no one knows. 'Cept us. AND IT AIN’T: Will Smithe Will Ferrell; Rev. Run Kimora Lee-Simmons and Russell Simmons

Helping Herself: Poor thing. Her constant companion can't exactly help in that department, she's had a shitty year, with no proper professional guidance, alone on the job right now and lonely and publicly rejected and horny too... What's a girl to do? Well this week, she took matters into her own hands, no pun intended. I'm actually kinda proud of her for going the healthy route. Because there is NOTHING, NOTHING wrong with taking care of your own business...with batteries. And just in case you're still not getting my drift -think pleasure in plastic with a pulse and a buzz. Make sense? The best part though is that she's either lazy as f&ck or really not afraid to hide it. Because she keeps it on her bed in plain view, not unusual for me and you I suppose but when you're a celebrity away from home, when you don't have to lift a finger to for a damn thing, you tend to be surrounded by an army of people doing your bidding. And they all have eyes. Jessica Simpson, constant companion: Ken Paves while filming "Blonde Ambition"

69. 3 A.M. GIRLS 12/15
WHICH yummy mummy locked herself in the disabled loo at a recent showbiz bash- hoovering up the white powder she'd spent half the night desperately trying to get?
Kerry Katona; Damian Lewis' fiancee, Helen McRory; Nigella Lawson

X marks the spot! What stalkerazzi photo agency has a convicted sex offender on staff? This same agency also hires gang members to intimidate other photogs and celebrities, like Cameron Diaz. We're told that the agency is bleeding photogs - who are going to work for other people - because they're finding it increasingly difficult to work for their boss' alcoholic wife, who had a failed attempt at rehab not that long ago. It shouldn't take 17 rocket scientists to figure this one out!
X17 Inc. Female owner's name is Brandy. Husband, Francois

--For the first of the four blind items, we head back to NYC. What B+ actor who has worked with the brother of our celebrity couple yesterday has a thing for women that look exactly like his sister? When this actor is with his sister or his girlfriend no one can tell the difference at least from the front. Several people have mentioned that the actor’s sister has a little more back. Is that why the girlfriend has been putting on weight?
Heath Ledger

--This actress/mother in her 30's has always worked as an actress since her arrival in Hollywood. A bit part here and a bit part here, until while working for a notorious Hollywood madam she ran into a big spending, playboy/actor/trick who just could not get enough of her. He changed her life and got her more work allowing her to rise to a comfortable B Lister. Denise Richards

--This A list actor and producer loves filming movies outside the US. The reason? He does not like the labor laws in the US. For his latest movie, he made all the extras including the children work for up to 19 hours straight often without any type of meal breaks. If anyone complained, they were fired, sent home without the money they had been promised, and replaced with someone else not as picky about food and working conditions. Mel Gibson

--NY or LA for the this one? I will let you decide. This actor/actress couple are both solid B listers. They have flirted with the A list in the past, especially her. What makes this relationship so unique is their very special arrangement. They are the perfect couple in front of the cameras. However, when the cameras are off, he goes on his merry way to find his man of the week with her blessing. Her joys include shopping and more shopping. Men and sex are not at the top of the list. Sarah Jessica Parker/Matthew Broderick

--On a recent flight from NYC to LA this top tier television host had to do the walk of shame through First Class on the way to the back of the plane. First Class was full and in some of those seats were celebrities who this talk show host had mocked and made fun of in the past. Although they did not utter a peep, the celebrities did manage a snicker or two as the talk show host averted his eyes and pretended something was wrong with his carry on bag. That walk can take forever with all those eyes focused right on you. Bill O'Reilly

72. NY POST/PAGE SIX 12/16
WHICH closeted TV news anchorman uses to troll for gay sex partners? One of his conquests is complaining now because the anchor is using his photo to solicit other men. When he complained, the anchor threatened him with physical violence.
Shepherd Smith

Which action director is still bragging to friends about his night of passion with a now-super-starlet on his pool table when she was only 16?
Brett Ratner/Lindsay Lohan

Which fiery young actress freaked out at a Hollywood party two weeks ago when she thought her mom was hitting on a swarthy former boyfriend? Frankly, he probably would have been up for it.
Lindsay Lohan

75. 3 A.M. GIRLS 12/18
WHICH Hollywood star told autograph hunters to f**k off after they politely approached him at his film's London premiere? The wooden actor then stormed off in a strop.
Elijah Wood

Could it be that a certain player with a phenomenal physique is enjoying a bit of fun away from the prying eyes of Hollywood? Sure, people think he took his latest gig to be near his beloved, but there's more to that story than meets the eye. Rumor has it that before he got his lovely locked in, he'd already conqurered the other side of that three-way. Now that he's playing gay so convincingly, who knows how far he'll got? One thing is certain - he's good to the last drop.
Billy Zane

This one took me awhile to write because of its sensitive nature. You will discover that for yourself when you read it. I also want to say in advance that nothing has been proved and at this point the investigation continues. A woman came into the office for her first appointment. I guessed she was in her 40's but it is always hard to tell in LA. I did not recognize her last name because she was using her maiden name. When she said her ex-husband’s name, I did a double take. I honestly did not know he had been married prior to his current marriage, let alone had other children. He (singer/actor B lister on a very good day and is currently on a hit TV show, lets call him "M.") They had been divorced for quite some time when she came into the office. You could tell by looking at her that she had once been attractive, but she was not going to age well. She looked like the years since the divorce were taking their toll on her. She came into the office because she wanted to change the custody and visitation agreement she currently had with M. The reason for the change was their daughter. For many years M and his daughter ("D") had a very close relationship. That relationship changed somewhat as his children that he lived with grew older. For some reason, the relationship with D was turning into something less father/daughter and more into something less innocent. D is a lovely girl in her mid-teens. She was always outgoing and bright and got along well with everyone. Over the past year though she had grown withdrawn and seemed quiet and lonely. She was acting differently towards her mother and also dressing in a manner which did not scream innocence, but rather something more slutty and trashy. D’s mom thought at first this was just a teenager thing and that D would soon move on into something else. When things did not get any better and D was becoming more and more popular with boys, mom tried to get D to see a psychiatrist. This did not work out. D did not want to open up to strangers. Nothing was working, and D was becoming more and more withdrawn. Mom was worried that D might attempt suicide as D seemed so depressed. Then, one night out of the blue before D was scheduled to see her dad for the weekend, she confided to her mom that she did not want to see her dad then or ever again. D broke down and told her mom that about a year ago she woke up during the night and found M looking at her and touching himself while she was sleeping. He had pulled off her covers and was staring at her. M apologized and left the room quickly. Nothing more was said about it until the next time D visited. That weekend, M spent time with D alone and explained to her how he felt about her and that he just could not help himself. He thought of her as a woman and not his daughter. At first D was flattered because her dad had been spending more time with his other kids. She was special to dad. M wanted to show D how special she was and so over the next few months he proceeded to not only do what he had done the first night she awakened, but also made her perform sexual acts on him and he had sex with her. D had not told anyone because she enjoyed the extra attention she was getting. She wanted to be the best for her dad so she started having sex with other boys so she could practice with them. The problem was, she did not like the person she was becoming, and so one day, she just stopped. At that point her dad became violent and tried to force himself on her. She ran away from him and feigned illness so that her step-mom would take her home. She had not been back, and this upcoming weekend would have been her first time back since the episode. She just decided she was not going to take it anymore.  Mom did not let her go over to M’s house that weekend and then came into the office to make sure D never had to go back. D is old enough to where she never has to go back if she does not want to and she has no intention to do so. M has actually gone to court to try and convince the court that he should be able to spend time with his daughter even if it is supervised. The full allegations made by D were never in the court filings. Only the first episode is mentioned, and it was made more PG in the filing. D and her mom want to handle this themselves and do not want the attention thrust on them that a full investigation would produce. However, they also wanted to make sure the other children were safe that were still living in the house. Therefore mom made an anonymous call to CPS and that investigation is continuing but as far as I know has not produced anything or it would have DEFINITELY come out. M has always denied everything that happened and promises to sue if anything is ever released publicly. He said anything that did happen was just a misunderstanding. It must be said that Mom and D did not get anything out of this. There is no extra child support coming or spousal support. D just wanted to get away from her dad. HINT: M is not currently acting and has not for a few years. D still doesn't talk to her dad but does talk to her half siblings who her dad fathered after leaving D's mom. M probably has really close to A list name recognition.

78. 3 A.M. GIRLS 12/19
WHICH stroppy star refused to wear fancy dress to an important event saying he didn't want to look silly? In fact, he couldn't be bothered to hire a costume.

76. NY POST/PAGE SIX 12/19
--WHICH veteran baseball player's wife is worried he will start up another affair? The long-suffering missus demanded he switch to a team 1,500 miles away when she caught him the last time.
Andy Pettite

--WHICH "socialite" has high-society circles buzzing that she originally joined their inner circle as a high-class hooker? Genevieve Jones

--WHICH young starlet will never be invited back on Oprah? The night before her taping, she stayed out until 5 a.m. and then showed up to the studio an hour late stinking of booze. Lindsay Lohan on to promote "Bobby"

--WHICH notoriously angry supermodel has been seen attending AA meetings (but not anger- management meetings) at a temple on the Upper East Side? Naomi Campbell

This A-list actor has a bachelor pad in the valley that swings in all directions. It's fully loaded with pool, game room, gym, basketball court etc. Recently word got out among the guys that he was having a party and one friend invited a new guy in town. The new dude was thrilled to be invited to a big star's home to hang out with him and his famous buddies. Imagine his shock when he walked up to the house and rang the bell and the host answered the door stark naked! The bigtime actor casually explained they were having a game of "naked basketball." The newcomer looked around and noted the group was all male and all nude! No girls allowed! He made an excuse to quickly depart and won't soon forget that naked basketball party.
Jamie Foxx

When this A-List couple got divorced (were they really ever married?) he wanted to keep all the lingerie and other intimate apparel he had purchased for her. It took weeks to go through all the store receipts and bookkeeping records to find out who had purchased what. Some thought he wanted the lingerie out of spite because of her rumored cheating, and others think it is because he enjoys wearing it, even if it is too big.
Mick Jagger/Jerry Hall

What high-profile, huge wedding, marriage of convenience (not last Friday’s) is coming apart because he started sleeping with her boy toys instead of finding his own and is doing so in an unprotected way?
Star Jones/Al Reynolds (that one has just been sitting there waiting on Al to come out)

This teen drama actor/ heartthrob from a new network is learning the hard way that a woman scorned is dangerous. He used his celebrity to have his way with a young woman who was a huge fan. Now he is literally running for his life because he broke all the promises he made to her when he was taking her virginity. Her four older brothers are not happy.
Chad Michael Murray

If you are a landlord you definitely do not want to see this 1980's A list TV actor come calling. Our mystery actor rents luxury apartments in LA without any money down by advising the management that he is (a) changing accountants and so cannot access his funds or (b) has some royalty/residual checks coming at the beginning of the month. Because he is who he was, they usually let him move in. Of course there is no money and actor is evicted. (Three times in the last year alone)
Don Johnson

This is NOT a repeat - Now there are reports that another cable reality star has become an escort as a way to earn extra money. She is not currently working with the cable reality star mentioned here before, but it seems like it would be a best-seller if they decided to work together.

What newly engaged couple may already be calling it quits because of HER wandering eye? Whenever he is away, SHE is on the lookout for something quick and meaningless. He has caught her in the past, but this time SHE may have gone too far. Eva Longoria/Tony Parker

What actor and actress on a hit NBC show are having a little thing with each other that their respective significant others do not know about AND one of the pair also has a little something more going on with another person as well?
Adrian Pasdar/Rena Sofer "Heroes"

This A list actress thought her television show would go on forever. She was wrong and the show ended within the last year. She spent all her money and cannot get work (maybe not so A list now then huh?) so she has agreed to take it ALL off. People will be standing in line for this issue.

What British actress/model has gone back to her old flame of many years because she cannot stand her husband to be? The only problem...she has not told her husband to be, and the old flame also has someone as well...
British Actress/Model: Liz Hurley
Old Flame of many years: Hugh Grant
Husband to Be: Arun Nayer
"Someone as well": Jemima Goldsmith

What female pop singer remains with her boyfriend because he gave her an STD and she is afraid to leave him and have the secret come out if she ever dates someone else?
Janet Jackson/Jermaine Dupree; Beyonce/Jay-Z

What current A list actor has numerous video cameras within his house which record houseguests, parties and intimate encounters without the knowledge of most of the participants?
**HINT** The A-list actor with the video cameras throughout his house is in a Top 25 grossing film for 2006.

What B list actor and actress (both married, and not to each other) while filming a movie in New Zealand were discovered having sex in public by the police, not once, not twice, but three times within a 4 week period?

What former A list actress has in her prenup the amount of times she is required to have sex each week with her husband?
Catherine Zeta-Jones/Michael Douglas **HINT** The actress with the sex and pre-nup has had a very long career and is over 40. (Regardless of the age she claims)

High Society Girls: The High Society Girlsappear in a popular series we talk about pretty often here in WWKCentral. These actresses may be slightly older in real life, but theyplay young women who have more than their fair share of drama. Oncamera, the HSGs aren't exactly the best of friends, but behind thescenes they’re tight—tight enough that they headed off on a mini vacayto a glitzy party resort for which they packed a big bag.Now, most girls tend to overpack when they're stepping out and wannalook their best, but let me tell you, this one had nothing to do with looking good and everything with feeling good. My sources tell me this particular bag they packed would've kept the likes of Snoop busy for a month. Talk about high rollers!

--This actor was in the highest grossing film of all time. However that does not seem to be enough magic to get his on again off again long-time girlfriend to the altar. She loves him, BUT is never going to get married to him or any other MAN.
Billy Zane and Kelly Brooks

--This A list long-time married actor with kids decided to enjoy some of the first snow of the year. Of course no weekend in the snow would be fun if he were alone or with his wife, so he brought his girlfriend. They thought they had slipped the paps back in LA, but whoops, they had been spotted. Thinking fast, our beloved A-lister called his wife who volunteered to come out to the cabin in the middle of the night and acted as if she expected the girlfriend to be there all along.

--Usually this gay (dropping quickly to B) actor is suspected of being gay but has never come out to the general public. The reason for this confidential item though is that lately his many boy toys have reported drugs strewn around his LA house and that more often that not, the actor is not up for the task at hand. Looks like his career is not the only thing not rising to where it was. Kevin Spacey (I think this was his first appearance in the blinds. I have been waiting 11 years for him to come out so I could reveal it)

96. POPBITCH 12/20
--Which well-lubricated music star at BBC Jazz awards last year entertained herself by openly masturbating in time with the live music?

--Which married pop-opera crooner spent much of Friday night in his Amsterdam hotel bar with his tongue down the throat of a blonde fan?

94. 3 A.M. GIRLS 12/20
WHICH rockers had a squabble over who snorted coke first in a toilet? The boys nearly came to blows after one of them had too much of the stash.

98. PEREZ HILTON 12/20
Riddle me this: What not-so-bright professional pretty face is making up lies in a transparent attempt to save his relationship with his meal ticket? The power bottom - who loves to engage in various illegal activities, various friends of his who have partied with him confirm exclusively to - has a history of lying. Several moles in the celebrity weeklies tell us that during his recent split with a former boy-bander, whose publicist confirmed the news, the former military brat was still claiming the two were together. Obviously one party has more to lose from the demise of that relationship and he's going to do whatever it takes to save it. P.S. Not only did the not-so-bright homo hook up with a fellow reality TV star recently, but the two have also hooked up in the past! Reichen Lehmkuhl boyfriend of Lance Bass

1. This A list TV actor has a hit show. Our star is no rookie when it comes to meeting women, but perhaps next time he will learn from his mistakes. Last week our A-lister was at a very nice LA eatery with a few of his friends. Drinks were consumed and then more drinks and yet even more. Our star became more and more obnoxious as the drinking continued. He spent the last hour of his evening going from one table to another hitting on women and inviting them back to his place. He kept repeating, "Don’t you know who I am?" over and over as he would attempt to grope and otherwise harass the women in the establishment. As more and more people complained, our A-lister was finally tossed. Usually money talks in these situations, but not this time. The eatery was not going to be bribed. They just wanted him gone and did not even charge him for the meal or drinks just to be rid of him sooner.

2. This former late night television actor was one of the biggest stars of the 80's and early 90's. Now he has to keep moving from one part of the country to another just to find work. He used to have groupies everywhere he went, but now they are no more. Our actor still has plenty of cash from his days gone by and so hires escorts to pretend they are groupies and that they just cannot get enough of him. He even makes them ask for autographs.

3. Talk about freaky. This young actress just cannot get an invitation to anyone’s house. If she wants to party, it has to be at her place. The reason? Whenever she visits other people’s homes, she just cannot leave the valuables alone. More than once she has been confronted by her hosts or other guests as she takes whatever items will fit into her purse. If it were just little things, no one would mind because she does bring the supplies for the party. However, she has a bit more expensive taste than just the odd knick knack. She has a fondness for diamonds and other fine jewelry. Lindsay Lohan (Probably should have revealed this years ago so people could have guarded their stuff better around her)

4. This actress has been on and off the A list for years. Now and then you think she is going to give it up and just be a wife, but she just keeps fighting. A few weeks ago, it looked like she had got into a fight and had to stay home for a week. A huge black eye started everyone whispering about abuse, but it turns out her plastic surgeon missed just slightly when injecting our heroine with Botox.

100. 3 A.M. GIRLS 12/22
WHICH supposedly now clean living and drug-free star reached a new low when she left a Los Angeles club toilet - forgetting to take her stash of three grams of cocaine and six Ecstasy pills with her?

101. 3 A.M. GIRLS 12/23
WHICH star is so worried his girlfriend will find out he's cheating on her, he's called all his conquests and begged them not to tell? He's even bought them handbags to keep them sweet.

This A-list celebrity diva isn't as young as she used to be, but her appetite for sex hasn't dimmed in the least. She says sex is the only thing that calms her down and she is VERY high strung. She is driving her man crazy - insisting that he consume large amounts of viagra to keep her satisfied. She was first in line to get her hands on "The Weekender" - the new viagra that lasts three days without side effects. Still, her man feels like he's being used for sex. What will he do if he finds out his nonstop sexual efforts aren't enough - she's been"ordering in" male companionship when he's not around?
Catherine Zeta Jones

This non-black actor comes off as macho and he likes to strut around and flaunt his masculinity. In reality: He’s impotent due to steroids and once relied on a sexual device, “the pump” to become sexually aroused. This is why he’s so generous to women, including his former and current wives, because he lacks in the sex department. He’s also controlling and his wife can’t leave the house unless he inspects her clothes. When he takes a woman out to dinner, he orders dinner for her and all of his mistresses are referred to his physician for a AIDS test despite the fact he’s not sexually functional.
Sylvester Stallone

104. NY POST/PAGE SIX 12/27
--WHICH married record label boss is heavily promoting a certain sexy girl group despite its relative lack of talent because he's smitten with the lead singer?
Jimmy Iovine/Pussycat Dolls' Nicole Scherzing

--WHICH rail-thin socialite - who suffered this year when her ex-fiancé quickly married a gorgeous brunette after dumping her - is having health issues? Though her friends beg her to eat, her anorexia has caused the early onset of osteoporosis. Olivia Chantecaille/Eric Villency

--WHICH tall, blond publicist-socialite is back on the Colombian Marching Powder? She stopped snorting when she became "a professional career woman" but is now back to late hours and doing lines off bathroom surfaces.

105. 3 A.M. GIRLS 12/28
WHICH up-and-coming starlet's love of class A drugs has sparked a whispering campaign? She fluffs her lines and upsets fellow cast members when she's under the influence and forgets she can't have her cake and eat it.
Sienna Miller; Kirsten Dunst

106. NY DAILY NEWS 12/28
Which Middle-American pop star, who really should have learned to stay off the Internet, has been chatting online again? Apparently his ultimate romantic ambition is a simultaneous date with an entire NBA team (except he didn't use quite those words).
Clay Aiken

1. This married A++ actress was attached to do a movie but wanted a certain actor to play opposite her. The actor was not interested but our actress thought she could convince him and the studio believed her. The studio chartered a jet and our actress flew 11 hours one way and 12 hours on the return flight. All of this travel for about six hours of alone time with the actor who still did not want to do the movie but had a great deal of fun doing something else. The actress returned home, broke the sad news to the studio, broke off her own involvement in the project and ultimately cost the studio a great deal of money but it was her satisfaction that was most important and so they still do business together.
Julia Roberts/Daniel Day Lewis

2. This fading so fast cable reality star just does not want to let go. Not content to sit on the beach or watch OC reruns on Fox, he instead likes to go to places where he knows teenagers flock and where he will still be recognized and adored. His latest trick is to go to fast food restaurants in the mall and channeling Eric Roberts in Star 80 convinces the barely legal females that he can make them a star. Invariably, he invites them back to his place, has his way with them and has them pose for photos he promises to submit to Playboy. The girls never hear from him again, but have heard from his friends who also want a personal show after viewing the photos. Puck "Real World"

3. This actor is the star of a hit television show for one of the networks, but you probably would not know him if you met him. There are plenty of others who have their eye on him though and so our actor has two cell phones. One he carries with him everywhere and that is the phone his girlfriend knows about. His other cell phone is where every other girl calls and his long-time girlfriend did not know about. Well now she does. Seems this actor got the two cell phones at the same time and they look identical. A few weeks ago he ended up confused on which was which and his girlfriend got to spend all day fielding calls from other women, looking at photos on the phone and reading saved text messages. After getting over her initial shock, the girlfriend forwarded all of the incriminating evidence to everyone she could think of including his mother and his employers. Do you think they exchanged Christmas presents? Peter Abbay/the Banker on Deal or No Deal!

--I hate to call this actress A-List so lets not. She has been on one hit television show and another modest hit. During her time spent out of the limelight, our actress had a bit of a drinking problem and it led to one of the most interesting days of all-time and very lucky she was not a dead girl. At 10am, actress leaves a new car dealer with a lovely Mercedes convertible. Price tag was about $85,000. Actress goes to lunch and has a few drinks. Leaves lunch and totals brand new car in a one car accident. Just under the legal limit for drinking, the police give her a warning after she says she has a fever and that is why she crashed. Actress decides the last car was bad luck and wants a different company. So, at 2:30pm is out the door in a brand new BMW. Price tag about $70,000. Afternoon quickie (married at the time) with drinks. Shortly after departing her lover, she totals her car in another one car accident. Again avoids being cited for drunk driving. Unable to secure financing for an additional vehicle, our actress rents a car. Shortly after midnight, actress heads home and of course on the way totals the car. No drunk driving ticket, but police drive her home. Three at fault accidents in one day and three totaled cars.

--This actor has always had a hard time remaining faithful. He has really made a name for himself and in the last 5 years has become if not A list then very close. I am sure he has Wheaties for breakfast. Anyway, the relationship he never had but maybe did have with a woman who was married and that ended because of the relationship they never had by maybe did have is already over. On the set of his new movie he has found lust/love with this stunt woman turned actress. Lots of spies trying to get a photo but no luck so far. Owen Wilson/Kate Hudson - He is filming Drillbit Taylor with Marly Coronel who was a stunt woman

--This singer/reality star had a relationship with that waxy woman. Although he does enjoy the ladies, more than one relationship has ended because of his love of the men as well. Every time he is caught or confronted he always says it is the last time, but it seems he just cannot get enough. It has got to the point now that he is hollow inside and just goes through the motions with women until he can find one who is willing to let him explore or even join in. Nick Carter - singer starring in "House of Carters" dated Paris Hilton who appeared in "House of Wax."

--This actress was on television forever and then got married. Prior to her marriage she was always working and always playing. She always had to party a little harder and be a little wilder for the tabloids to notice and finally grew tired of the game and settled down. Or did she? It seems that her wholesome image would be shaken if everyone knew that she has developed a little habit. Not drugs, but sex. She cannot hardly wait for her new hubby to leave everyday. While he is out and about she has been having "meetings" to find that just right project. Her meetings always start innocently enough but for some reason always end up at a condo she bought just for these trysts. For those who think she has found a new love, hold on, there is more. It is actually several new loves and sometimes they are there together.

This TV star is very recognizable but he used to be a lot cuter when he was younger. He's looking for love and having a hard time finding it. So he's advertising for sex on the Adam 4 gay male website. He doesn't use his name, but his photo reveals his identity and his motto is "anything goes." He's only around 5'6" and skinny but what he wants is a big muscular guy into rough and tumble sex. He likes the fresh-out-of-prison type. We hope he doesn't get MORE than he bargained for.
Danny Pintauro

110. 3 A.M. GIRLS 12/30
WHICH skint pop star keeps the tags in expensive clothes when she buys them so she can return them after she's worn them?

11/14 : JACKASS - Male rock star..I want to say 5 number ones, but Google says 6..solo act...hotel elevator after a concert..groupies (Band-Aids to my buddy Cameron and to my friend Kate who always makes me smile) pressing items to be signed into the elevator...(1) a woman in her 70's is on the elevator and a hotel guest..(2)me.... (3) singer's manager..the woman in her 70's has no idea what is going on and would rather be anyplace else..(btw I have no idea what she was doing up so late) girls are screaming and trying to claw their way to the elevator..singer grabs his crotch and says, "yeah girls want some of that don't ya?" and then turns to the woman in her 70's and says "I bet you could use some too huh?"..By this time he has accumulated a handful of Sharpies and begins to throw them out the elevator and the girls go scrambling for them, falling down as they do so..The manager hits the close button on the elevator and the singer reaches over and pushed the door open button and says.."not so fast..I love to watch them crawl..right where they belong.."then he lets the elevator door close.. Bryan Adams

#1------So imagine if you will a 4-story walk up (for those of you not familiar with the term, think a building with 3 apartments and you have to "walk up" to get to the upper floors) in NYC that is in need of a little repair but that has become the home of celebrities within the three units in the building. One of the neighbors is a celebrity couple with a new baby. The wife has a brother who is an actor who is friends with a bicyclist who is friends with an actor who loves hanging out shirtless. Seriously, you should have that part by now. So anyway, a new celebrity moves into the building. An A-lister as both a producer and actress. This new neighbor wants everyone to call her "Chris." NEVER call her by her real name. There is no such person who lives in the building. The new neighbor is just a normal person named "Chris." Look past the fact that most normal people do not have an assistant living with them 24 hours a day constantly reminding people that only "Chris" lives there. I guess you could look past the fact that the actress sits on her front steps outside typing away on her laptop, smoking, chatting with passerby, but is just "Chris" when she goes back inside.

Actual situation and conversation - There is a play date with a neighbor and the celebrity couple who live on the 4th floor. Neighbor has a huge stroller and does not want to carry it up four flights of stairs. Knock on door of the first floor apartment of our reclusive celebrity.

Assistant answers the door - "Excuse me, is there anyway I can leave this stroller down here in the foyer. As you can see it is heavy and I am already carrying this 2 year old. So would you ask _______ if it is ok?"

The assistant replies, "there is no one who lives here by that name. Chris is the person who lives here and would have to make that decision. You will have to ask Chris."

"May I please ask her then?" asked the woman carrying the now screaming 2 year old.

"Chris is not here right now, and I do not know when she will be back."

With that the door slams shut, and our neighbor left the stroller downstairs anyway. Good for her. Drew Barrymore

#2-----------What married female pop star keeps coming back to her same basic hairstyle, look, and appearance because when she changes it, her husband wanders off to find a transsexual who has that look? Gwen Stefani

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