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Playboy Model Kimberly Bell Visits. 10/04/07. 8:00am

After the break we heard a prank call that Richard pulled on Eric the Midget when he called the office one time. Howard came back a short time later as Fred started to play some Van Halen. Howard said he'd go to see them, he's heard good reviews of their new tour.

Howard said that they had this woman Kimberly Bell coming in next. She's the long time mistress of Barry bonds and involved in this steroid controversy. Artie asked if they could make this kissing thing a regular thing with the guests. It sounded like he wanted to make out with Kimberly but she just wanted to make sure she hadn't sat on that couch she was on. Howard told her that she never even sat on it.

Howard asked Kimberly how she got involved with this Barry Bonds thing. She said she used to work at Adobe Systems in the past and eventually got into this modeling thing. Howard was all over the place with her talking about her being in Playboy and also talking about the steroid use and her nice tits.

Howard said that Kimberly claims that she was in a room with Barry Bonds and Mark Maguire was on the TV. Barry saw him on TV and felt that he wasn't being treated as well as Mark was so that's when he was going to go on the steroids. She said that's not how it happened. She said that he told her about an elbow injury he had an how he explained to her that it was from steroid use. She said that's how it all came out.

Howard asked Kimberly about how she met Barry and how he'd cheated on her. She said that she found out that the woman he's with now was his mistress when he was married to his last wife. She said that he had a couple of women around the country and even in Canada. She said that she thought she could stay with him even though he was cheating on her and claiming that he was going to be marrying this other woman.

Howard asked Kimberly about Barry's wives and found out that she was still having sex with Barry the night of his wedding. She said that he was right back at her place right after the honeymoon too. Howard said that she also recorded some of his voice mails and kept them. She said that he left her messages, she didn't record them without him knowing. He left some threatening messages for her and she's played them for the grand jury in this case she's involved with. She said that he's threatened to kill her on many occasions.

Howard said that Kimberly claims that after Barry started to do the steroid thing, his balls got smaller. She also said that he wasn't able to get aroused for her sometimes. Howard asked her if she's afraid that guys are going to be afraid to date her after she reveals all of this stuff. She's basically betraying Barry. She didn't seem to have a problem with it. She said that there were a lot of things that she could have gone after him with but she kept a lot of it secret. She didn't bring it all out.

Howard said that if a guy says to you that he can't marry her because she's white, it might be time to get out of the relationship. She said that he's right about that. She was also saying that Barry was ''incredibly average'' in bed. She said that she liked Barry when she first met him and didn't like the bulking up he did when he was allegedly using steroids. Howard asked her if he would perform oral on her. She said that he would but she was kind of hinting that she was performing for him and not actually getting off. she said that she gave herself more than he ever gave her. She said that he was very selfish when it came to that stuff. She said that he didn't last a long time at all. She said that he'd last maybe 5-7 minutes tops. Howard said that he wishes he could last 7 minutes himself.

Howard asked Kimberly why she stayed with the guy if she didn't like him. She said she was desperate to be loved, that's what it was. She said it was very sad but that's why she stayed with him.

Gary came in and said he read that Barry's wife had called her one time. Kimberly said that all she asked was what kind of jewelry she got from Barry. She said she never got any so there was nothing to tell.

Howard checked out Kimberly's layout in Playboy and said that she was fully shaved. Artie said she had nice tits when he saw the pictures. Howard asked her if she got paid well to do that. she said that she was taken care of very well.

Howard heard that the photographer that took her pictures had committed suicide and she hasn't gotten paid because of that. She said that the guy was involved in some pictures with Tom Cruise and the day after he got the funds from Playboy, he got arrested for something and he had to use the money for bail and stuff. She said that he killed himself over the case he was involved with. She said that he was facing some prison time and he may have taken his life because of that and his bankruptcy. Howard said that it sounds like she's very forgiving when it comes to that stuff. she said that she understands it because she came from humble beginnings and she is very forgiving.

Howard asked Kimberly if she has slept with other black guys. She aid that she has but she's seeing a white man now. The old saying ''once you go black, you'll never go back'' isn't really true. Howard gave her a plug for the November issue of Playboy which is the one she's in.

Howard took a call from Irish John who asked if Barry ever talked baseball with her. She said that she never really did talk about that stuff with him. She said that she loves what Mark Ecko is doing with his record breaking ball though. She said she likes that he left it up to the public to tell him what to do.

Another caller asked to see some pictures of Kimberly's feet up on Howard's web site. He also asked her if Barry was into anal play. She laughed and said he wasn't into that. Fred threw in some fart sounds which made her laugh. She said that she's not into that stuff herself. She said that she once tried to kiss a woman too but that didn't work because she was disgusted by the smell of her lipstick and perfume. She said that Barry did talk to her about doing a threesome but that didn't happen either.

Howard asked Kimberly what she's doing to support herself now. She said she's promoting this Playboy thing right now and she's going to go back to school and try to become a teacher. He took some more phone calls after that. One guy asked the guys in the room if they think that Barry's record should be taken away from him. Artie said you can't take it away from him because it's too complicated. It can't be taken away. Fred said he should be allowed in with no asterisk next to his name or anything.

The caller also asked Kimberly if she thinks that she's being considered a rat because of the stuff she's told about Barry. She said she was called in front of a grand jury and she can't lie about this stuff. She's just doing what she's supposed to do. Another caller said that she knew what she was getting into and she was in it just for the money. Kimberly said that anyone who knows her knows that she wasn't just in it for the money.

Kimberly said that she was making $85,000 in her job and she was supporting herself just fine at the time she met Barry. She was introduced to him and she didn't go after him like some of these people think. Howard took another call from a woman who asked why she's bothering with this stuff. Kimberly said she has the right to tell her story.

Another caller asked how big Barry's bat was. Kimberly said that he was average, he wasn't anything that special in his pants. The caller said that this is why you can never confide in a woman. Howard wrapped up with her a short time later. He took one last call from someone who was supposed to be Barry's wife. It was actually clips of Crazy Alice that the guys were playing in the back office. They had some fun with that for a minute and then went to break.