September and October 2004

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No doubt about it, this couple is pretty, popular, paparazzi-pursued and pretty much potted all the time. Murg really has to wonder why everybody's pretending not to notice how merrily stoned these these two look whenever they're out together, let alone when they're working on TV and movies. Oh, wait a minute. Maybe it's because they're such big stars, nobody dares state the obvious. In fact, their pot smoking obsession is so obvious to everyone, from maitre'd's to parking attendants, that some of the latter fight to open their limo doors which, when thrown open, are always good for a contact high. Jennifer Aniston/Brad Pitt

She's so unusual (talented too) that it's no wonder Hollywood wanted to be in bed with her - professionally speaking, that is. Plus, she's been portrayed by the press as quite the sweetheart. Yeah, right. When a few of her movies didn't exactly scorch box offices, that's when her real self started showing through, and, believe Murg, it's not so pretty. She's been blowing off friends, going through guys right and left and firing her management. She's also been overheard at more than one bar on both coasts loudly and viciously trashing her competition. Meeowww!
Brittany Murphy

3. L.A.COM 09/01
When this famed couple first hooked up, he (a movie and stage star) came with a long romantic history that numbered very nice lovers of both sexes. She (a TV diva with occasional stage side trips) also had a history of dating very nice guys who occasionally liked to play on both sides of the fence--which worked just fine with her because she mostly was into plotting career moves anyway, not sex. So, now that these two have a steady thing going, how do they make their relationship work, especially when their busy work schedules keep them apart so often? In their cozy little arrangement, he gets the freedom to dally now and then, so long as he keeps to the couple’s strict one-night-only rule. And she has freedom to run riot through the high-end catalogues she devours, buying all the clothes and house stuff she pleases--which means she rarely wears the same thing twice and has a house to die for. And every once in awhile, they actually have sex together
. Matthew Broderick & Sarah Jessica Parker

4. popbitch 9/2
--Which baby-faced British female singer has been revived twice by ambulance drivers after indulging in Dave Gahan-style drug overdoses?
Charlotte Church

--Which US comedian paid a London prostitute double to shit on his cock and balls? Drew Carey

5. NY DAILY NEWS 09/05
--Which Latina sex-bomb puts the lush into luscious? On a shoot for a major endorsement, a spy says, the actress "would sneak off to the bathroom to sip, and her assistant had to run after her to make sure it wasn't wine. This was at about 10 a.m."
Eva Mendes for "Revlon"

--Which queer makeover maestro likes to pick up straight guys with the offer of coming home to watch some hetero porn? Needless to say, things get un-hetero pretty quickly.

6.  GLOBE 09/06
This famous singer is worried sick that she'll be forced to retire soon. Doctors discovered noncancerous nodules on her vocal cords and want her to undergo surgery pronto to remove them. She keeps pushing back the date, fearing she'll never perform or record again.
Mariah Carey

7. Filth2Go 09/06
Could it be that those dynamite divas of daytime are teaming up? Yes, but the details between the once-and-future co-stars are being kept under wraps – and under the covers! I’m told that the oft-married doll is becoming far more open about her “preference” – which makes sense, since her spousal-equivalent was never shy. But what is news is that motherhood (sans post-partum) has mellowed her out and left her free to treat her longtime queen of denial as more than an occasional trick. I don’t have to worry about her reading this item – the Net is off limits in her sancto sanctorum, or there’ll be hell to pay.

oft-married doll: Deidre Hall
longtime queen of denial: Jane Elliot

8. 3 AM GIRLS 09/07
WHICH female superstar has been going to on-the-quiet rehab sessions in Miami because of her dependence on drugs?

9. Michael Musto 09/07
--What director was supposedly obsessed with and dating the underage star of his big movie?

--What divorced couple makes sure to schedule their festival appearances so they don't run into each other? (It's not that they're out of love—they were never in love—it's just that one of 'em's mega-pissed about the way the money situation played out.) Nicole Kidman/Tom Cruise

--Who, say rumormongers, actually got jobs for several males he put on the payroll, including at least one underager, who—to make things even less savory—was supposedly involved in some murder scheme? And whose wife is allegedly not that upset about the recent turn of events because she's been doing it for years with a state trooper anyway? N.J. Gov. James E. McGreevey

--What televangelist who's always preaching about the sin of vanity looks like he just got a face-lift and hair transplants? Robert Schuller "Hour of Power"

--What reality-show creator was so disliked by some cast members that they cruelly danced a proverbial jig when she died?
Mary-Ellis Bunim from "Real World"

--What young soap star turned movie actor lured a hot straight guy into his bedroom to watch a video of the ex-soaper doing it with a girl and, mostly, a guy? (The straight guy didn't bite, as it were.) Jonathan Jackson

--What jiggly talk show personality is a big drunk? Jiminy Glick "Martin Short"; Star Jones

10. Watch with Kristen 09/11
--Jilted Joe: This much loved, much adored TV heartthrob has had a relationship with his costar for more than a season. But the relationship took a turn for the worse when Joe learned she might be romantically linked to someone else in the Biz. The really heart-wrenching kicker? According to sources, he first got word from a magazine cover. (Ouch, no?)
TV heartthrob: Michael Vartan
costar: Jennifer Garner
someone else in Biz: Ben Affleck

--Tricky Dicky: This reality king might seem an ill-tempered tyrant on his reality show, but insiders who worked on the show--including contestants--paint an entirely different picture altogether. Turns out, when the cameras aren't rolling, he's everyone's pal, chumming around and cracking jokes at the producers. In fact, he's more than chummy with one of the contestants he rejected, according to one insider. Word is, they're dating. Andy Dick, dating "The Assistant" Anna

--Amish Gone Wild: This Amish in the City castmember might seem like the last guy in the world to try and work his magic on the ladies, but that's just what he did during his time on the show. Turns out, Wild not only lost his virginity, he also invited one of the city girls to come back to his community when the show was over. Yeah, baby, your buggy or mine?
Amish guy: Randy
City girl:

11.  GLOBE 09/13
This hunky celebrity claims he's a changed man since meeting his "soul mate" earlier this year. But what his latest love doesn't know is that he keeps in constant contact with two of his previous girlfriends and hooks up with them whenever the opportunity allows. He even took one of his exes on a romantic getaway this summer, while proclaiming to his current sweetie that he was forced to go out of town "on business."

12. Filth2Go 09/13
Who is that high profile couple who’ve been having marital problems. I was dying to reveal how the hubby decided to surprise his soon-to-be ex in her dressing room, only to find her in the middle of an oral exam – with her hunky male co-star! Another one bites the dust, as they say.

13. L.A.COM 09/15
She’s young, easy on the eyes, talented and very married, but this TV star (who’s having a rough time switching over to the big screen) is causing loud whispers for her habit of spending way too long hanging around the dressing rooms of the swankiest shops, and ritzy ladies’ lounges at the best hotels. The famous doll always makes sure she leaves her door slightly ajar, the better to peek and be peeked at. Unlike her scads of Beverly Hills trust fund girlfriends, she swears on a stack of Bibles that she never indulged in even the most casual lesbian flirtation, let alone a full-out affair. Except Dolly thinks our little daredevil has a highly selective memory. Surely she hasn’t forgotten that very hot dalliance with one of the female costars of the TV show that put her on the map? And what about that those playfully erotic dinners with the stylish Euro costume designer on one of her big recent projects?
TV star: Sarah Michelle Gellar
female costar:

14. 3 AM GIRLS 09/17
WHICH diva debuted her new and improved facial features at the World Music Awards? The curvy babe set tongues wagging with her expressionless face and recently redesigned nose. She's obviously kept her surgeon busy while she's been out of sight...

15. NY DAILY NEWS 09/18
--Which recently married boldface name had a little bladder accident on the stairs to the Bungalow 8 VIP room this week?
Nicky Hilton

--Which Hollywood leading man publicly recommitted to his wife after she found out about two separate romps with a sexy co-star?

16. Watch with Kristen 09/18
Call him Rude Rookie. This newcomer on a new fall series is already getting a bad rap on set for trying to steal his costars' thunder during scenes and interviews. He has been interrupting and upstaging the stars of the show, who, mind you, have infinitely more fame, success and experience in the business. ???Producers already had to sit him down for a little talking to, because his colleagues were complaining. D'oh.

17. NY DAILY NEWS 09/19
--Which current "Apprentice"-ette isn't the goodie two-shoes she appears? One old friend tells me: "She was a booze-swilling groupie and used to [bleep] members of Bush and Marilyn Manson and cause total scenes."

--Which married Hollywood star was (successfully) trawling the recent Toronto International Film Festival for female company? Cuba Gooding Jr.

18. NY POST/PAGE SIX 09/19
WHICH TV starlet and her filthy rich boyfriend were constantly ducking out of the VIP lounge at the fashion week tents? Returning with runny eyes, sniffly noses and jumping jaws, we bet it wasn't hay fever ... Mischa Barton/Brandon Davis

19. GLOBE 09/20
This well-known actress has worn out her welcome at several posh Beverly Hills shops. She constantly yells and curses at staffers, snaps her fingers at them and demands they give her their undivided attention. She even put the moves on one young guy and when he turned her down, she told the manager it was the other way around and had the poor kid fired.
Sharon Stone

20. NY POST/PAGE SIX 09/20
WHICH divorced A-list actor has a nasty anger management problem? After an argument with his wife, the Hollywood hothead got in his brand-new $150,000 sports car and repeatedly crashed it into the side of the house until it was totaled . . . Alex Baldwin

21. Filth2Go 09/20
Could it be someone got more than a little creative at the recent Creative Arts Emmy Awards? So say my spies who arrived after that crazy-as-a-loon actress who had quite a difficult time negotiating the red carpet – probably needed some caffeine or sugar. And yet, she seemed to have landed on her feet once she hit the stage, even if her comments were still as chaotic as ever. How did she make this transformation? My source tells me that the gambling gal sequestered herself within the confines of a ladies’ room stall for well over 20 minutes. I dunno what she did in there, but I have been assured that she was alone.
Sharon Stone

22. 3 AM GIRLS 09/20
Which supposedly down-to-earth actress is branded "a nightmare" by all those she works with? Despite her angelic demeanour, the pin-up expects to be waited on hand and foot. She even forced one of her flunkeys to shave her armpits for her because she's too important to do it herself.
Cameron Diaz

23. 3 AM GIRLS 09/21
Which closet gay actor went berserk at a fan who inadvertently snapped him out with his boyfriend? The pint-sized star demanded the film be handed over to prevent him being "outed". They all come out of the woodwork eventually... Elijah Wood

24. 3 AM GIRLS 09/22
Which sexy US TV star shocked film execs by showing up for a casting straight after a chemical peel? The man-eating girl-about-town's complexion was so red-raw after the treatment, no make-up could conceal it. Kim Cattrall

25. NY DAILY NEWS 09/22
What Hollywood superstar and his new bride have been trawling the clubs of the country where he's filming for ladies who might be up for a threesome?...Nic Cage

26. NY DAILY NEWS 09/25
--Which heir to a European fashion fortune, quoted in a glossy magazine last week going on and on about his ideal woman, has a 19-year-old boyfriend in Chelsea?

--Which pop balladeer's alternately shrinking and ballooning waistline is a fairly good baro-meter of where he is with his coke problem? Robbie Williams

27. Watch with Kristin 09/26
At one Emmy-related party this year, this Reality Queen was spotted sauntering down the red-carpet, into the soiree. Onlookers who'd never seen her before in real life were stunned by the difference made by good lighting and a little crafty editing. As she walked in, one passerby commented (possibly loud enough for her to hear): "That's an impersonator, right? It's a drag queen?" Omarosa "The Apprentice"

28. NY DAILY NEWS 09/26
--Which veteran TV reporter, who has her signed picture in the window of a swank uptown boutique, chisels the owner so badly on prices that he's complaining all over town?

--Which actor was dumped by one of the most beautiful women in Hollywood when she found out about his back-of-limo antics with a young aspirant to her crown? Talk about going out for hamburger when you have steak at home.  Billy Bob Thornton/Angelina Jolie

29. GLOBE 09/27
This sexy screen star is headed for heartache if she follows through with her upcoming wedding plans. Her handsome fiance has been trolling the Internet and hitting kinky clubs for gay play dates, a habit he supposedly "gave up" after they met.
Charlize Theron and Stuart Townsend

30. Filth2Go 09/27
--Could it be that two inquisitive fellows were sneaking a few kisses at the party thrown by their producers? Oh, sure, at first, they were just little social guy kisses, but as the evening wore on (and the liquor continued to flow), you’d think it was a blue light special – no coupon required. With the boys indulging in some tongue action, onlookers’ tongues were wagging that the co-stars would soon be playing spin the bottle and buying a vowel. One thing’s for sure – they’d be doing more than oversleeping in bed!
George Eads/Eric Szmanda "CSI"

--Could it be that a certain funny guy was openly exploring his queer side? I was wondering why every time I ran into my pals, they were with someone I’d think would be the last guy they’d hang out with (standing up, anyway). Of course, in this business, we’re all friends. But one of the posse told me that this was just another case of less is more. Jay Mohr "Last Comic Standing"

--Could it be that a sitcom star wasn’t in much of a rush to head home? So say my pals at the Governor’s Ball who tell me that the married-with-child chunk was enjoying his liquor and wanted to take libido out for a spin on the homo side. It might have been bad enough when he started telling anyone who’d listen that it had been a while since he’d “had some”, but when he resorted to using his character’s pick-up lines on virtually anyone who walked by (including some Emmy staff members), it was downright embarrassing. Just goes to show that when it comes right down to it, even someone who brings you coffee can be there for you…if you wait around long enough. Matt LeBlanc

31. 3 AM GIRLS 09/28
WHICH superstar diva refused to sing with a middle-of-the-road Brit star, because she said he was too boring? The stroppy icon took to the stage alone at an overseas royal's do after her snappy wannabe pal quietly disappeared.

32. 3 AM GIRLS 09/29
WHICH British actor shocked drinkers at an elite New York club by asking where he could buy some hash? Still, makes a change from all the cocaine his set usually hoover up.

33. NY DAILY NEWS 10/02
--Which Hollywood hottie was spotted in Texas buying herself a self-help manual which promised a different sexual position every day for a year?

--Which small-screen hunk is telling the story of his own trip to the hospital after a sex romp with a famous ex-girlfriend went horribly wrong?

34. NY DAILY NEWS 10/03
--Which star burned off her own eyebrow after an accident with a candle at a party in the South of France? She had a human-hair replacement flown in from New York.

--Which famous former mistress just crossed paths with her old flame's current mistressat an uptown gallery opening? Later, the two bumped into each other at an upper East Side restaurant.

35. GLOBE 10/04
This actress, whose most famous role is that of a "perfect" mom, likes her vodka cold and her men hot. In fact, tongues wag that she's not satisfied with one guy and often invites a party of three to her between-the-sheets hoedowns. Amazingly, her movie hunk hubby doesn't seem to mind -- as long as he gets to watch through the lattice door on the bedroom closet.
 Kelly Preston/John Travolta

36. Filth2Go 10/04
Could it be that a certain legendary actress is failing? So say sources on the set of that loony literary lake, who tell me that no amount of nursing from the rest of the cast could cover the fact that the lovely lady couldn’t remember her lines. At the last minute, a deal was made for the star to leave the production, but save face by blaming a pre-existing medical condition – no strings attached, and it certainly wouldn’t be a capital offense.
Diahann Carroll - On Golden Pond at Kennedy Center in DC, replaced by Leslie Uggams

37. L.A.COM 10/08
That hot, sexy, in-demand guy makes barrels of moolah for acting up in high-profile movie and stage projects. His career (and rippled bod) may be red hot these days, but when it comes to his offscreen life? Not so much. The latest in a long line of famous and not-so-famous girlfriends just dumped him for pretty much the same reason every other girl does: He’s a big, whining wuss who bores women silly by, among other things, constantly bludgeoning them with annoying New Age-y psychobabble about how they’re "invading his space," "stifling his spirit," yadda yadda yadda. His latest flame got so fed up with his touchy-feely shenanigans that she dumped him during the party after the premiere for his latest blockbuster, announcing loudly enough for anyone within earshot to hear, "If I wanted to date a woman, I could find one a hell of a lot hotter than you." Snap!

38. Watch with Kristin 10/09
--Cheater, Cheater Pumpkin Eater: This well-known TV star, who's graced more than his share of magazine covers, is one half of a much-buzzed-about Hollywood duo. Turns out, though, he's anything but faithful. According to sources close to a fresh-faced Young Hollywood Starlet, she had a one-night romp with C.C.P.E. not too long ago (while they shot a cable show together), and was told soon after she "read too much into it." Heartbroken (and possibly vengeful), Young Starlet rebounded by cozying up to one of Cheater's costars, and they are together to this day.
Ashton Kutcher and Lindsay Lohan

--Real Romance? At a recent party for a Reality Unleashed DVD (more on that later), a newly single Real World cutie was approached by a Survivor male. After flirting and following her around for most of the night, I overheard him telling her, "I always had such a crush on you."

39. 3 AM GIRLS 10/09
Which star has been blatantly cheating on his girlfriend? This British celeb flaunted a brunette beauty around a recent showbiz party but swore everyone to secrecy and said what went on at the bash, stayed at the bash.

40. NY DAILY NEWS 10/09
Which bicoastal playboy raised eyebrows when he brought his movie-star girlfriend to the wake of a woman with whom he had been having an affair?

41. NY DAILY NEWS 10/10
Which A-list actress staggered out of Nobu last week after a record four martinis before dinner?

Which long-married sports legend has a roving eye? He was overheard bragging to friends recently about how he scored the phone number of a redheaded stripper...

43. 3 AM GIRLS 10/12
Which pin-up's relationship is looking more sham-like by the second? The model mysteriously kicked her hapless boyfriend out of a car she was sharing with a boyband, before shouting: "Thank f*** that boring b****rd's gone - I can't stand being around him". Nice.

44. NY POST/PAGE SIX 10/15
--WHICH talkative media matron got into a tiff with a ladies' room attendant during a book party she was hosting in a Theater District hotel restaurant? The hostess took a piece of candy from a tray and left the wrapper on the table. "The bathroom attendant tells her to pick up her wrapper and place it in the trash can," a witness says. "She ignores her. The attendant steps closer, points to the trash can and tells her to place the wrapper in the can. She obliges." Needless to say, she didn't leave a tip.

NY POST Cindy Adams

--WHICH news anchor might have trouble getting to the next level? His jilted mistress of many years is spilling the beans "because I watch him sailing on to success while not being concerned whether or not he hurts anyone along the way . . . I certainly wasn't the first of his affairs. I know of at least four others. He kept my life on hold for many years with lies and deceit."

45. 3 AM GIRLS 10/15
Which R&B superstar had wild sex with a groupie on a private jet en route to Las Vegas while his entourage looked on? On arrival, the singing lothario booked a commercial flight for her immediate return. Nice guy... not.

46. 3 AM GIRLS 10/18
WHICH A-list actress hides a sordid past as a hooker? The star used to turn tricks in Las Vegas before she hit the big time - and lives in fear that her indecent behaviour will come back and haunt her.
**Demi Moore

This ice queen from a hit reality show walked a fine line between loveable and loathable--viewers just weren't sure what to think. However, my sources tell me she's one of the most obnoxiously rude and downright nasty human beings you could ever meet--and also the last person on the planet you would expect to get breast implants. But lo and behold, Knockered Up got a nice new rack to go along with her 15 minutes. Pam from "The Apprentice 2"

48. NY DAILY NEWS...10/24
--Which Emmy-winning older actress famously required a bucket with a curtain around it on the set because she complained the bathrooms were too far away?

--Which ­handsome English leading man, answering his hotel-room door in a towel, solicited a sexual favor from the PR woman who came to pick him up for an appearance on the "Today" show? (Sorry, girls, his initials aren't J.L.) Hugh Grant

49. Filth2Go 10/24
Could it be that the relationship between those soapy siblings is sizzling off-screen? We’re not referring to plans for the young’un to move into his paramour’s abode – that’s ancient history. Our spies tell us that the newbie took his blessed boyfriend home to meet mama, which proved that things aren’t always black and white. Despite a few awkward moments, the trip was a big success, and mom prays the couple stays together.
***Greg Rikaart (Kevin) and Christian LeBlanc (Michael) on "Tthe Young and the Restless"

50. 3 AM GIRLS 10/26
Which EastEnder actress has not won any fans from her old school? This starlet was a bully to many of her classmates, who can't believe she is pretending to be a nice, quiet, innocent girlie when they know better. She'll be found out if she isn't careful...

1.  What aging pretty-boy singer has a longtime partner, but was interestingly seen cavorting around a D.C. bathhouse? (Open relationship or just open legs?)
****John Barrowman

2.  What '80s rocker who always kept 'em guessing (like "How dykey can she get?") did it with a bicoastal female publicist?

3.  What model who boasts about how writing comes so very effortlessly to her actually had a ghostwriter? Janice Dickinson; Naomi Campbell

4.  What ex-child star says she's clean but was not long ago seen communing with a tall glass of wine? Drew Barrymore; Tatum O'Neal

5.  What dead gay British actor had a very specific fetish for corduroy? (He called it "the munch.")

6.  What longtime unmarried Hollywood couple gleefully supplies stories and photos about themselves to the tabs, feeling there's no such thing as bad PR?

7.  What anti-gay rapper has supposedly long done the munch, I mean the deed, with his mentor, which might explain a lot? Eminem & Dr Dre

8.  What hip-hop guy showed up at a men's mag shoot in a suit pinker than a canceled Britney video, which gave the self-loathing stylist a conniption? (The mogul read the guy to filth and said it's the pink suit or nothing, so the queen had to deal with it—though the mag ran the photo in black-and-white.) Russell Simmons

52. NY POST/PAGE SIX... 10/27
-- WHICH high-profile diplomat who was hoping for a big job in the John Kerry administration — if there is one — is having a not-so-low-profile affair with a gorgeous, red-headed divorcée with an interest in foreign affairs? Even if his wife doesn't find out, the fling might wreck his chances for the big job . . . Georgette Mosbacher (ex wife of Robert Mosbacher)/Richard Holbrooke

--WHICH grungy downtown auteur likes to keep his dog, Baby, supermodel skinny? The downtown dude's dog-sitter has been telling friends that whenever he leaves town and returns to find his normally bony Baby noticeably plumper, he screams, "Baby is bloated! What have you been feeding Baby?" "Birth" director, Jonathan Glazer; Donovan Leitch; Vincent Gallo

53. Pop Bitch Blind Items 10/28
--Which Six Feet Under star was recently thrown out of a New York Reebok gym when he was caught having sex in the steam room with another male gym-goer... character research perhaps?
Michael C. Hall

-- Which 80s mega-star has been sending Michael Jackson fake fur gloves and Lemon drizzle cake every month for the past year, in a weird and obscure way to denigrate Jacko's sexuality? Boy George

54. 3 AM GIRLS 10/29
Which US singer has had a secret breast-lift? This naughty girl has had her formerly droopy assets surgically enhanced and is now looking a lot bouncier than before. Madonna

55. 3 AM GIRLS 10/30
Which married US actor propositioned a fan at a London party - asking her to take part in an "unnatural" sex act with him? The star lives in cloud cuckoo-land if he thinks he won't be found out...
*****Christian Slater

Which rising actress is taking a page from her best friend's book and bedding a Hollywood leading man? Except this one happens to be married.
Naomi Watts

She makes you laugh so hard you might piddle, and she's an integral part of one of my favorite shows. But when this Seasoned Sally is on the set, it's anything but piddles and giggles. Castmembers tell me that although they adore what she brings to the show, she couldn't be more icy, intimidating and all-around diva-ish on set. "When she's around," one costar tells me, "it's like walking on pins and needles on top of eggshells."
Doris Roberts "Everybody Loves Raymond"

**A list actress: Demi Moore. She used to turn tricks with her MOTHER in Vegas as a teenager. Hint in the Blind Item the words “indecent behavior” which is a hint from her movie, Indecent Proposal….. the word “haunt” from her movie “GHOST”

***Greg Rikaart and Christian Le Blanc from "Y&R." Clues: "Young-en," "Black and White" (le Blanc's name means 'white' "move in together:" on the show the brothers now live together, "Pray" (Greg was in "Prey for Rock and Roll") "Ancient History" (according to IMDB, Christian majored in it at Tulane U in NO). "blessed boyfriend" refers to Christian's name.

****John Barrowman who just came out, admitting he's had the same partner for nine years. He frequented the Washington baths before when he was starring in a revival of "Company".

*****Christian Slater, currently appearing in a play of One flew over the CUCKOO's nest

Last updated: November 19, 2004