March and April 2002

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1. STAR 03/05 #1
This blonde actress' innocent face conceals her conniving and ambitious nature. She sweet-talked herself into the life of a multimillionaire's son. The young guy is an aspiring actor and he fell head over heels for her. But as soon as the young man introduced the opportunistic actress to his father, she turned on the charm for daddy! Now she's dating the middle-aged but VERY rich and powerful father, and the boy's heart is broken. Of course, there's nothing he can do -- after all, his dad supports him.

2. STAR 03/05 #2
This wildly successful funnyman, known for his tenor's voice as much as for his funny faces, is aching to marry his pretty girlfriend of four years. Her family's history, however, is giving him cold feet. Her dad lost his right to practice law after stealing from a client, and her virtually penniless mom is often begging our comic for money.

Adam Sandler; Jamie Foxx

3. GLOBE 03/05
Fans of this movie hunk would be shocked to know he's a heroin addict. He's been hooked on the stuff for years, but has somehow managed to keep his career in high gear despite his deadly habit. When his latest galpal found out about his "little secret," she dumped him like a hot potato. Close friends are amazed that he's still starring in major movies, and even more shocked that he's alive after abusing his body for so long.
Nicholas Cage

Cosmopolitan's March 2002 issue has an article called "Celebs Unzipped: Hollywood Stylists Tell All" that has several blind items.

#1/The Incredible Shrinking Star
"I did a photo shoot with an actress who is on a hit TV show. Her publicist told me in advance that the actress was a size 2. But I watch her show and have a good eye, and to me, it looked like she was a 4 or a 6--which in the real world is small, but in television land, it isn't. So to be safe, I showed up at the shoot with three racks of clothing--some of them 2s, 4s, and few size 6s. She went right for the rack of 2s. Not one of them fit. Since I had the size 4s, I didn't think it would be a problem, but no, she wouldn't even try them on. She made us duct-tape her into one of the smaller dresses, and she ended up looking ridiculous." Cybil Shepard; Delta Burke

#2/Macho-Man Meltdown
"We were shooting this guy who had a very strange body--overly developed on top and kind of lumpy below the waist. Nothing looked that great, but we figured the photos could be retouched. This star is a big stud, but in the middle of the shoot, he broke down like a baby and started crying. We all stood around for three hours while his manager tried to calm him down." Steven Seagal; Jean-Claude Van Damme; Sylvester Stallone

#3/Butt Really!
"I did a shoot for a magazine that was to feature celebrities' best body parts (as assessed by the stars themselves). One TV actress said her best part was her butt, which is absolutely true. I showed up at the shoot with all kinds of clothing that accentuated her fantastic derriere. She seemed pretty normal until she put on a pair of capri pants. She asked us to bring several mirrors so she could she her butt, which we did. She had nothing to worry about--she looked great--but she had a meltdown. ("I look fat, don't I?" she whined.) We had to call her manager to console her. Eventually, we got the shot, and as much as I think she needs therapy, she really does have one of the best butts in the industry." Melissa Joan Hart; Jennifer Aniston; Sarah Michelle Gellar; Fran Drescher

#4/Backseat Boogie
"We were doing a big shoot for a magazine with a famous model. We had a huge location van at the site for her to get dressed in, but she wouldn't come into the van--she kept saying that she would get dressed in her car. It was really weird--she was an experienced pro who had been on hundreds of shoots. But what was I supposed to do? So she took all the clothes into her car, and I saw her squirming into them in the backseat. The she came out and said that none of the clothes fit, walked off, and never came back. What a bitch!" Naomi Campbell; Bridget Hall

#5/She Decided To Go With The Flow
"I was new in the fashion business and doing a swimsuit shoot with several gorgeous young actresses. Some of these suits cost thousands of dollars, so the actresses were all wearing panty liners to protect the pricey suits. But when one actress went to get out of her suit, she told me that she had gotten her period and there was blood all over the swimsuit. 'Do you want to see?' she asked. No thanks, I replied. She wound up taking it home with her, and then other stylists told me she does that all the time--it's her way of getting free stuff."
Jenny McCarthy

#6/Hollywood Hurler
"This was themost horrible experience I've had in my 15 years as a stylist. I dressed this young guy whom everyone raved about. I had heard how cool and superfunny he was. I had a lot of ideas about the shoot--a 50s thing, some classic suits, some wild bellbottoms, and tons of other things--but he couldn't make up his mind. He kept leaving the room, and then one of the times he came back in, he seemed a little weird. I started to hold up some other clothes, and he walked over to the rack, puked on all the clothes, and passed out! Yeah, a really cool guy." Ashton Kutcher

#7/Vanishing Actress
"I was styling a shoot with a television actress whose work I really like. It seemed like everything was going well. Then she asked if I had ever styled this actress or that one. I was new at this, so I just told the truth. She kept asking if they were thinner than she was. And I had to admit that some of them were, but I couldn't see what difference that would make because this girl had a fantastic body. All of sudden, she stood up, burst into tears, and said that she could not go on with this anymore. I tried talking to her, but she was hysterical, and they canceled the shoot. She's at least 15 pounds thinner now." Courteney Cox; Courtney Thorne-Smith; Jennifer Aniston

#8/Monkey Business
"We were doing a shoot with the cast of a hit television show, and the magazine suggested we do it at the beach. Everyone int he cast was into it. The girls looked fabulous in their suits, and so did most of the guys, but one of them had so much hair on his chest and back that it was distracting. So I asked him anyone had ever suggested that he get waxed. He said yes, lots of people had, but he'd never felt comfortable doing it. And then he said that I should do it for him. I tried to laugh it off, but the photographer was so hot to get the shot that he convinced me to do it. I have never even waxed myself, but there I was, pulling huge clumps of hair off this guy. By the end, he was practically in tears." David Schwimmer

#9/There Were Dangerous Curves Ahead
"I did a shoot with an actress who has great curves, and I didn't want to work against them. I brought a rackof clothes and told her my idea--to make her look like an old-fashioned star. She was excited and looked great in everything. At one point, everyone there was trying on the clothes, including a great pair of red pants, for fun. It was a fantastic shoot, but I was never asked to style her again and I couldn't figure out why. Months later, I had lunch with her publicist and asked why I hadn't gotten a call from the actress. She said that when I had tried on those red pants and they looked better on me than on her client, the star got so furious that she vowed never to use me again." Jennifer Lopez

#10/Get A Room!
"An actress showed up at a shoot with a woman whom she didn't introduce to anyone. We were shooting the actress in a swimsuit, and when she stripped down, I could see that she really needed a bikini wax. I tried to think of how we were going to do this when she told me that the woman with her was her aesthetician and she'd do the bikini wax. So I cleared out a room in the back for them, but this actress wanted to get her wax in front of the crew. There she was, with her legs in the air, with everyone pretending not to stare. It was way beyond bizarre." Lara Flynn Boyle

#11/Up In Smoke
"We were doing a magazine cover with a really famous model. She would not stop smoking--she literally had a lit cigarette on her hand the entire time we were shooting, I had a gorgeous antique coutoure dress that I wanted her to wear. As I was putting it over her head, she raised her hand and the cigarette hit the fabric. The material literally disintegrated. As if that weren't bad enough, she started screaming at me that I had ruined the dress." Naomi Campbell; Kate Moss

#12/The Most Hair-Raising Request Ever
"I was styling a singer/actress who was so wild and kept running around delaying the shooting. This went on for hours. One of the last pieces we wanted to shoot her in was this very revealing halter top. As she put it on, I realized that she hadn't shaved her armpits. So I got a razor and asked her to do it. She shook her head, raised her arms, and said, 'If you want them sahved, do it yourself.' It was the most humiliating experience I've ever had." Courtney Love

#13/Dressed-Down Diva Disgrace
"We were doing a cover shoot for a big magazine. I had called the publicist a million times to make sure I brought all the right clothes. The publicist kept telling me "glamorous." When we got there, the actress was three hours late, and she said, 'Look, I'm tired of all this glamour. The only way I'll do it is if you dress me down.' She wanted to wear chinos and a white tee shirt. Truthfully, this woman looks better when she's dressed up, but she refused, so we did it her way. Then the magazine cropped the photo and only used her face." Julia Roberts; Gwyneth Paltrow; Angelina Jolie

#14/Jack Be Nimble, Jack Be Quick
"I was styling a piece for a big magazine of four different actors. I brought all kinds of clothing--funky, classic, and sporty. Three of them were having a ball trying on different things, but one seemed upset and wouldn't get into the spirit. So I knocked on his dressing-room door and asked if I could come in. He said yes. I walked in, and he was sitting there naked. And then he started stroking himself while he complained that he's a much better actor than the other guys. I didn't know where to look. I got out of there and told the photographer to keep him in the background. The other three went on to great fame, and nobody even talks about this guy anymore."

What single-again actress asked another guest at a Grammy party last week for a "bump" — of cocaine? No wonder her handlers have been secretly watering down her drink. Drew Barrymore; Tara Reid

6. Filth2Go...03/04
Could it be that one of our favorite "journalists" is getting a bit chunky? So say our sources at that one-letter network, who tell me that the peroxide-enhanced personality has returned to his old habit of ordering in (and paying more than just food, if you catch my drift). Things came to a head last week when he accused wardrobe of shrinking his pants - as with all divas, it's always easier to point the finger of blame at others. Honey, you might wanna get back to Golds and start shrinking your waistline. Instead of renewing his gym membership, he made a call to his doctor. Hopefully, being back on Phentramine (which, you may recall, was half of the Phen/Fen combo) will do the trick. After all, it worked back in '99. Steve Kmetko

7. NY POST/PAGE SIX...03/06
--WHICH Oscar-winning actor groped his masseur, who responded in a fury: "Get off my table, or I'll kill you!"

Kevin Spacey

--WHICH barrel-chested, myopic sitcom star has a vast collection of Barbie dolls? Drew Carey

8. NY POST/PAGE SIX...03/10
--WHICH bombastic actor, who's been in AA for years, has a bad temper and a penchant for making harmful enemies? His sober friends say, "You can take the alcohol out of a fruitcake, but you still have a fruitcake" . . .

--WHICH Oscar-winning actress has had a long-running affair with a prominent Miami lesbian? When the two girls get together, the actress' husband sleeps on the couch. Anthony Hopkins; Alec Baldwin

9. Filth2Go 03/11
Could it be that a certain highly anticipated summer movie has excised its much-talked-about girl-girl kiss? After all the hubbub surrounding bringing these characters' Sapphic tendencies to life, the conservative film company freaked out, and the kiss ended up on the cutting room floor. But in case you're thinking that the two actresses involved in the lip lock agree with this decision, think again. My investigation into the matter found that both protested the cut, feeling that it damages the film (not that anyone is taking this flick too seriously). I guess that it's no big deal, since one of the ladies is certainly no stranger to on-screen gal smooching (to say nothing of her real-life experience). You want one more clue? The shoes from the opening paragraph of this column would fit into this flick rather nicely. Sarah Michelle Gellar and Linda Cardellini in "Scooby-doo." Gellar is the one who is no stranger to on-screen gal smooching, in "Cruel Intentions."

10. STAR 03/12 #1
This adorable acting couple often are called "America's Sweethearts," but their relationship isn't as perfect as it looks. The bossy blonde earns the most money, so SHE wears the pants in the family. The fact that she's the big breadwinner doesn't stop her from forcing her less-successful husband to pay for everything, and he's nearly flat broke. He spends most of his time baby-sitting and looking for work. The controlling wife has cruelly told her cute hubby that perhaps HE should have taken HER last name. The couple is seeing a marriage counselor twice a week to try to save the crumbling marriage. Reese Witherspoon and Ryan Phillippe

11. STAR 03/12 #2
This very married TV king of comics should be called king of kinks. I understand the guy owns a huge collection of porno tapes, some parts of which he loves to show off to pals and staffers after taping his show. Mr. Nice Guy has the biggest secret vault in Hollywood, with some forbidden tapes finding their way to him via faraway places such as Thailand. He likes his porn the way some people like their wine: The harder to find, the better.

Jay Leno; Ray Romano; Bernie Mac

12. GLOBE 03/12
This megarich sports hero -- who's currently unattached -- is hooked on sleazy sex, but doesn't want to shell out big bucks for it. Whenever he travels to a different city or country, he gets his assistant to find out where the cheesy massage parlors are. He hates to wine and dine a woman, figuring it's cheaper to just get a quick, um, "rubdown." And the best part? The "tryst" only costs him about $20, including the tip!
Shaquille O'Neal; Tiger Woods

13. NY POST/PAGE SIX...03/18
--WHICH married leading man in an Oscar-nominated movie had a torrid on-set fling with a comely production assistant? The philandering phony promised his lovestruck lass that he would dump his wife for her, but she hasn’t seen him since the film wrapped . . . Ewan McGregor

--WHICH male star of a Broadway musical has been carrying on a tempestuous affair with the show’s male director? His part grew in rehearsals but was trimmed before the show hit New York after producers complained. Jeff Noseworthy from "Sweet Smell of Success"

14. Filth2Go....03/18
Could it be that a certain leading man is wasting away? So say sources on the set of his most recent release, who confidentially tell me that the former bodybuilder has been transformed into a mere shadow of his previous self. When confronted directly, the soapy sod attributed his gaunt look to his strict vegetarian diet and naturally fast metabolism. However, he certainly looks either ravenous or ravaged. His appearance during filming was so disturbing that the director tried valiantly to avoid any close-ups of the bushman's mug for the first half of the film. Of course, after the thesp watched the film, he probably didn't even remember what he looked like. Guy Pearce

15. STAR 03/19 #1
This once funny comic turned prima donna actor recently went to great lengths to put a sock on a teeny-weenie story that's making the Hollywood rounds. The story went that he didn't "measure up" in the manhood department, as compared to a "gifted" co-worker. Mr. Teeny-Weenie had his lawyers write an eight-page letter to make sure that the story wouldn't get published. I guess our formerly funny man still hasn't figured out that size doesn't really matter!
Mr. Teeny-Weenie: Will Smith
Gifted Co-Worker: Jamie Foxx

16. STAR 03/19 #2
This hulking macho actor is divorced and seems to have an eye for the ladies, but it's all an act. Although he plays tough guys in his films and usually gets the girl, there's something fishy in his private life. He actually prefers boys - especially slim young ones. It's a deep dark secret because he's afraid it would scuttle his career. He may be photographed out with women, but he keeps a boy on the side. George Clooney; Nick Nolte

17. GLOBE 03/19
This big screen hunk, who's in his late 20's, is a flasher! One of his beautiful leading ladies reveals that he'd get so ripped while shooting their flick that he'd drop his drawers and let it all hang out. The sad thing about it is that his private parts are, well, less than ample and everyone who got a glimpse burst out laughing. But even that didn't stop Mr. Movie Star. He kept on flashing and flashing. Leonardo DiCaprio; Ben Affleck

18. NY POST/PAGE SIX...03/24
--WHICH lady-killing, Oscar-winning actor has the hots for an Oscar-winning actress? When the two were in a European capital recently hawking their movies, the burly leading man sent her a huge bouquet of roses and tried for drinks or dinner, but she rebuffed him, preferring to remain in the arms of her girlfriend . . . Russell Crowe and Jodie Foster

--WHICH club-hopping pop star doesn’t drink when she hits the town because she’s high as a kite on "ecstasy"? It’s a convenient way for her to get messed up yet still look like a goodie-goodie in public. Britney Spears

19. Filth2Go...03/25
#1. Could it be that a famous relative of someone in this very column is being paid to lose weight? That's the buzz coming from the boy's bandmates, who tell me that their once fair-haired cutie has gotten so big that he's been wearing oversized clothing and bulky jackets (didn't Luther Vandross go through this stage about a dozen times?). They are urging him to lose the weight before their next homecoming - or before he becomes even larger than life (whichever comes first). I'm told that they have all chipped in and bought him a trainer - and now after only a couple of weeks he's starting to look so good that he is constantly shirtless. Where??!! Nick Carter

#2. Could it be that someone in this very column will be making a surprise appearance at Jeffrey Sanker's big White Party dance over Easter weekend? So say my sources in the spitfire's management team, who tell me that the puffy piñata came up with the idea herself after hearing what a hit Cher was lip-synching for the queens at Roxy in NYC. So, she's gonna drag mama's seata to Palm Springs and hit the stage around midnight on Saturday - for free (plus expenses, of course). There's just one catch - she wants to sing live, and everyone is urging her to lip-synch. 'Cause, you know, that's her forte! Jennifer Lopez

20. STAR 03/26
We're sad to report that this big-screen leading lady is back on drugs again. Our spy caught her taking ecstasy pills at her own party in the Hollywood Hills -- and then handing them out to other partygoers like they were candy! Friends are worried about her, but she insists she's OK. She's still reeling from a broken love affair and says she'll be back on the straight and narrow again soon. We hope so. Drew Barrymore

21. GLOBE 03/26
This popular series hunk barely speaks to his father -- and here's why. When Dad turned up at his wedding a few years ago, the old-timer was strung out on LSD! He made a total fool of himself at the nuptials and even though time has passed, Mr. TV star tells pals he'll never really forgive him. Dylan McDermott; Noah Wyle

22. NY POST/PAGE SIX...03/31
--WHICH movie exec surprised Hollywood by getting a new job in the industry last week? The mini-mogul had been counted out a few years ago after he got caught tricking a young woman one weekend with a fake wedding. She learned she was still single after the honeymoon . . .

--WHICH Oscar-winning actress endured a humiliating ritual as a high schooler living with overprotective parents? Well-informed sources report that after the future star came home from dates, her mother insisted on sniffing her underwear to see if she had been naughty or nice. Mira Sorvino

23. MOVIELINE 04/2002 **BLIND ITEM #1**
Apparently there's just no end to the talents of this multi-faceted Oscar favorite and relentless nighthawk, as he'd be the first to tell you. Even jaded types were shocked to overhear him loudly mouthing off at one of Hollywood's hottest clubs about his might sexual prowess and physical equipment. He got really over-the-top when a sexy young thang from a new hit TV show started listening patiently to his ramblings. After a few martinis, the self-impressed dude admitted that he often pleasures himself orally.  Instead of oohing and aahing, the smarth-mouthed lass floored him with the comeback, "Since you're so self-sufficient, what do you need women for?"

24. MOVIELINE 04/2002 **BLIND ITEM #2**
This sexy, not-so-young powerhouse grabs all sorts of acting award nominations whenever he works. In recent years, his career appears to be bouncing back nicely from a slowdown and rumored bouts with several kinds of addictions. But since he and his steady love busted up, the stud's been living every day, and most nights, as if they were his very last. He's shocking friends and coworkers by staggering into work and to social events bleary-eyed, disheveled and stoned out of his head. The ugly truth is that he's fallen way off the wagon again, which helps explain why a makeup artist on his recent film needed to spend hours just to make him camera-ready. Anthony Hopkins; Ben Affleck; Dennis Quaid

25. Filth2Go...04/02
Could it be that a black actress still HAS NOT won a Best Actress Oscar? So said one disgruntled hopeful in the same category. After a few too many at the Governor's Ball, she was slurring "Black, my ass. Didya see her mother? She's almost as white as I am!" No more clues on this one - I don't wanna get sued!
Nicole Kidman

26. STAR 04/02 #1....
At a recent celebrity-packed LA bash, an innocent partygoer walked into the ladies room to find a well-known actress sprawled on the floor, sick as a dog, heaving. "Are you all right?" asked the alarmed guest. The actress raised one bloodshot eye and asked the stranger to find her boyfriend to help her. But by the time her beau was located and coaxed into the lavatory, the actress had managed to stagger back to the party.

27. STAR 04/02 #2
This rookie politico, based in a large northeastern city, is much busier than he looks. When he's not working on pressing the flesh, he disappears for hours at a time. Even his staff doesn't know where he is. But we do. The merry divorcee, who likes to hobnob with Hollywood's biggest names, spends quality time getting whooped upside the head by a sexy dominatrix. I guess there's nothing like some heel-licking to clear your mind. Oh, yeah! He does have a steady galpal who knows nothing of his naughty-naughty habit. Mike Bloomberg - NYC mayor

28. GLOBE 04/02
This talented actor/producer has managed to keep his topsy-turvy personal life out of the press. His wife, a manic depressive, has overdosed on prescription drugs several times, landing her in the hospital for weeks and forcing him to tend to their young kids. He's stuck by his spouse through thick and think and assured her that he'll always be there for her, but he's confessed to pals that it's becoming harder and harder to deal with.
Danny DeVito

29. Filth2Go 04/08
Could it be that the angst on that teen show is as heavy behind the scenes as it is in front of the camera? So say my sources at the sappy sudser, who tell me that the only words being spoken between the stars are the ones that are scripted - particularly between those two cute leads. What's the problem? Tensions flared when it was clear that audiences had chilled to the one-time heartthrob in favor of his co-star. Now the boy who plays gay gets more fan mail - from heteros and homos alike - than the boy who really is gay. The eponymous boy started acting more edgy when his paternal influence vanished (both on camera and off). I guess he's up a creek without a paddle (oh, why do I even bother making these items blind? Ah, yes - the lawyers told me to).
SHOW: "Dawson's Creek"
REALLY IS GAY: James Van Der Beek

30. STAR 04/09 #1
This ruggedly masculine, but recently separated, superstar is suddenly becoming very sensitive about his looks. His age was never an issue until he started dating again. Now he's VERY interested in a much younger woman and he's feeling out of shape and saggy. He confided: "I'm starting to look like a Bassett Hound." Our guy's planning to slip into his surgeon's office for a nip and tuck and lipo procedure to turn back time. He wants a matinee-idol body again, now that he's free to share it with other ladies. Alec Baldwin; Harrison Ford; Dennis Quaid

31. STAR 04/09 #2
In real life, this TV family man has an insane addiction to strippers. It got so out of control that his manager put him on a strict allowance when he started facing the risk of going broke. In addition to paying big bucks for the nude dancers' dirty laundry, yuck, our chubby comedian loves to buy nice gifts for his favorite entertainers. Most get jewelry. He helped a couple of them with cars. And rent money is popular, too. One forward young girl recently got him to pay for her music lessons! Now what did she have to do for that? Jim Belushi

32. GLOBE 04/09
This popular sitcom star is constantly complaining that he can't go anywhere without his wife tagging along. She only relents when he tells her he's going to his AA meetings -- three times a week. Well, it's AA, all right -- Adulterers Anonymous! What wifey doesn't know is that he's actually meeting his mistress at a nearby condo. Kelsey Grammer; Ted Danson

33. NY POST/PAGE SIX...04/14
WHICH star of a highly rated reality-TV show is under a microscope? Rumors are spreading the handsome, well-educated man is gay? . . . "The Bachelor"

34. Filth2Go...04/16
Could it be that a certain Aussie actress has a hygiene problem? So say our numerous sources on the set of that hit show, who tell me that the former best friend stinks to the high heavens. While everyone has been whispering behind her back and wondering if she has a problem with bathing, her handsome co-star called the brass and suggested that they take care of this problem - perhaps encouraging her with a subtle gift like a blow dryer and a loofah! If not, the cast ain't getting closer than a couple of yards of her. Rachel Griffiths (Six Feet Under)

35. GLOBE 04/16
This gorgeous actress, whose marriage is already in trouble, would probably have been asked for a divorce by her hunky husband if he'd seen how she behaved at a galpal's recent birthday bash. Three male strippers were the surprise guests and treated the partygoers to a sexy peep show. Later, Mrs. Movie Star disappeared into a bedroom with one of the guys and didn't emerge for a half-hour."
Reese Witherspoon

36. STAR 04/16 #1
This female member of a famous family went under the knife for facial plastic work in Miami Beach, then checked herself into a $1,500-a-night suite at a hip beachfront hotel to heal. There, she made it clear that no one -- not even the staff -- was to look at her face. Unfortunately, one room-service waiter didn't get the message. He treated her like he treats any guest, looking at her in the eyes -- and was canned on the spot." Janet Jackson; Maria Shriver; Marie Osmond

37. STAR 4/16/02 #2
This cutie is newly single and on the prowl. Guys are standing in line to get to her. She was partying at a club recently when she spotted a sumptuous boytoy and made a big play for him. The guy was totally flattered and when she suggested, "Let's get out of here and go to my place," he couldn't believe his luck. Little did he know the best was yet to come. They arrived at her house to find two of her sexy girlfriends waiting. This happy young stud ended up bedding not one -- but three -- beauties and he still hasn't stopped talking about it!" Drew Barrymore; Britney Spears; Christina Aguilera; Tara Reid

38. Filth2Go 04/22
Could it be that Cher is outing people? Yes and no. In the current Out cover story, the half-breed talks about a friend who plays quintessential heterosexual roles on the big screen and yet is gay in real life. But Cher stops short of naming this person, which has started a guessing game that is running rampant. Of course, it's no surprise to us, since we know exactly whom the former Mrs. Bono has in mind - and it's someone she had a romance with (no, not David Geffen or Tom Cruise, but come to think of it...). Since she didn't sing like a canary, we don't feel it's really our place to unmask him. I know that this is killing you, so here's a hot tip - there are about seven clues to his identity in this very paragraph. Nic Cage; Val Kilmer

39. STAR 04/23 #1
This rock 'n' roll dream girl professes to be madly in love with her singing boyfriend, and they're planning a future together. But behind his back she's having a hot secret affair with a rock legend. The aging rocker's a lot older, but she's been a big fan since she was a kid and can't resist the opportunity to get next to her childhood here. They've been seen out together, but always pretend to be with other people. Behind closed doors their steamy affair continues, and the legend can't resist bragging to his pals that he's still got what it takes. Liv Tyler/Mick Jagger; Gwen Stefani/Bono

40. STAR 04/23 #2
Two of Hollywood's heaviest hitters are afflicted with a nasty case of herpes.  How would I know? Both -- one a model turned actress and the other a fading leading man -- were seen purchasing herpes medicine at the same La-La Land pharmacy. They were never in a movie together, but Confidential wants to know if one passed it to the other.
FADING LEADING MAN: Warren Beatty; Kevin Costner; Sylvester Stallone
MODEL TURNED ACTRESS: Rachel Hunter; Cameron Diaz; Halle Berry; Rene Russo

41. GLOBE 04/23
This TV comedy king got a new deluxe computer as a gift from a company he occasionally works for, but all he uses it for is to scan for porn! Before he received it, he didn't know the difference between a laptop and a lap dance, but now he's a whiz. And when his wife moaned that he's spending all his free time surfing the internet for naughty pics, he came up with a simple solution.  He moved his machine to his office and now lives out his fantasies there. Bernie Mac; Jay Leno

42. Filth2Go...04/29
#1 Could it be that one of our favorite 80s rockers was short-changed in the penis department? So say my sources who recently saw the powerful popster in the altogether backstage after a show. Apparently, he was cruising for a more intimate guest when he opened his dressing room door au naturel. I'm told that his bod still looks mighty fine for someone who's been working for a living the past two decades (or so). But, the surprised guest added (and I quote), "He may be getting a bit long in the tooth, but that's the only thing long about him." Ouch! Huey Lewis

#2 Could it be that one of our favorite action heroes is gonna become a daddy? Or is that a mummy? Either way, he's sired a child, although God knows how. I guess it's possible that he and his wife have had conjugal relations - London will do that to you. Then again, rumor has it that she's not the only one our dazzling dude is compatible with. Allegedly, it's all in the family, and isn't that all that matters? Brendan Fraser

43. STAR 04/30 #1
These two guys are powerhouses in the world of hip-hop -- they're equally rich and famous. They like to go out on the town together in style. It's limos, Cristal champagne and boydguards all the way. Girls are drawn to them like flies, and they have their choice of the foxiest models in town. Sometimes they party all night, but sometimes they go home alone. Well, not exactly alone. They've got each other. These two macho dudes are secretly bisexual and feel safe fooling around together because neither will risk talking about it.
Jay-Z and the head of his record label, Damon Dash

44. STAR 04/30 #2
The baby brother of this famous acting clan has been doing things his wife of a decade would definitely frown upon. Our spies spotted him going in and out of a hotel room in Southampton, NY. When he comes out, he usually sports a big smile on his puss. Wouldn't be worth mentioning if that room wasn't occupied by a striking blonde British actress, not his wife. The productive actress, by the way, isn't yet divorced from her hard-rockin' hubby. All this intrigue in the Hamptons -- and it's not even summer yet!
Steven Baldwin and Patsy Kensit

45. GLOBE 04/30
This insatiable man-eater, who stars in a hit TV show, shocked the wife of one of her hunky co-stars by coming on to her big-time at a party. She told her she loves being with women, too, and gets really turned on when they tie her up and spank her. When the gal politely turned her down, Miss Anything Goes whispered to her that her hubby was welcome to join in, too. NO THANKS, was the response. (And bi the way, her spouse is now blabbing to all the guys on the set.)
Lara Flynn Boyle and Dylan McDermott's wife


Last updated: September 21, 2002