September and October 2001

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1. MOVIELINE 09/01 **BLIND ITEM #1**
That handsome young movie and TV actor had been going hot and heavy with that adorable singer-actress until their relationship hit a major snag. She dumped him because she is scarily ambitious and only wants to focus on her career, leaving him dazed and confused. Not, to worry, though. Within hours of their break up, the stylish, Prada-heavy dude was spotted hitting on a salesgirl at one of Melrose Avenue's most expensive men's clothing store. And succeeding. The same afternoon, he made a date with another actress, with whom he arranged a threesome with the salesgirl. Guess who paid an unexpected visit that night and found the three of them romping in his Jacuzzi?  Andrew Keegan/LeAnn Rimes/Piper Perabo

2. MOVIELINE 09/01 **BLIND ITEM #2**
All of Hollywood is talking about that young actress whose quirky looks and movie choices are nothing compared to the quirky behavior she's been exhibiting lately. Coworkers, shocked by how ragged she's been looking, tell hair-raising, sad tales of her staggering into work every morning reeking of booze and cigarettes. Once she shows up, she mumbles her lines and, often, staggers around the set drunkenly. From the way it looks, she drinks pretty much from the time she leaves location right through till the next morning. Hey, doll, that stuff may seem find and dandy when you're in your 20s, but it won't look so pretty when you hit 30. If you hit 30. Chloe Sevigny; Christina Ricci; Natasha Lyonne; Winona Ryder

3. JANE SEPTEMBER....these blind items were supplied by folks who deal with celebrities

from a FORMER WAITER........
1) I worked at this very, very trendy Beverly Hills restaurant that stays open late. Every celeb goes there. One night an A-list blond is there. As she's leaving, all of a sudden out from her jacket falls one of the large bottles of San Pellegrino water that we keep on the tables. It shatters and she sort of giggles and says, "Oops!" I'm standing at the register just looking at her and she scurries out the door and into her car outside. Goldie Hawn

2) One time an old-school Hollywood diva was hysterically crying because her boyfriend was gonna leave her. It was a Saturday morning, maybe 10:00 am and all these people were sticking their heads out of booths and looking up and down the aisle to see what all the wailing was about. The customers I was waiting on made me mill around over there to hear the sad little details.

3) The last one - oh, I shouldn't. Oh, but I will. It's really ugly and it involves a macho film star fucking his first cousin for years, before he was married, during the marriage and now still. They have this submissive relationship where he makes her do low things like lick his feet, and he pays her off by buying her a computer. Next to nobody knows. Steven Seagal; Sylvester Stallone; Jean-Claude Van Damme

1) I see a very famous music executive and his wife. Neither half of this famous couple wants the other to know they get Botox. They both want the other to think that's how they look naturally.

2) Before the anti-herpe pills Valtrex came out, I had a patient, an actor, who had a problem with fever blisters. Whenever he'd get one, the set would have to shut down. And at $500,000 a day that was a big thing, and so I had to be available to give an IV form of the medication all throughout filming.

from CHRIS SLATER, writer/actor/grip........
I worked on this movie where there's a Cub Scout troop on set as extras. And this hothead actor is talking about the restraining order another actor has put on him for harassing her, and he just starts going off on her, like "She's just a fucking bitch, that fucking cunt! God damn it." And there are Cub Scouts all around him, all within kicking distance. All the mothers are racing for their children's ears, but he just continues his tirade. Michael Rapaport and Lili Taylor

from a LIMO DRIVER......
I drove who everyone thinks is Americas most squeaky clean leading man back and forth from the set each day and all around town. he did drugs in the back nonstop. He felt like he was getting old. He felt like he was losing his hair. I tell you, it was wild. Then I'd be at the supermarket and see a magazine talking about his wholesome life and family. Tabloids tell a different story. I mean, those rumours that go in the papers aren't there because they're not true. They're true. I saw it for myself. John Travolta; Tom Hanks

4. NY POST/PAGE SIX...09/02
--WHICH persnickety pop queen isn't making any fans in her new East Village apartment building? Since moving into her swank co-op a few months ago, the bubbly diva has refused to even look at her neighbors or tip building staffers who did work on her pricey new digs . . . Britney Spears

--WHICH top model is in danger of losing a big contract because she's been blabbing about it all over town? She's already unpopular with some company brass because her teeth need expensive repairs. James King

5. Filth2Go 09/03
Could it be that a certain performer is trying desperately to back out of that high-profile gala for personal reasons? Rumor has it that if he bails, he'll take his boys with him, proving that one bad apple can indeed ruin it for the entire bunch. While publicly flip-flopping about their availability (citing the all-encompassing "scheduling conflicts"), the woodsman was made uncomfortable by the ever-growing closeness with the captain. Let's just say that a tense moment occurred when the honoree tried to free willy and things came to a head - or, rather, didn't come to a head. By the way, I'm embarrassed to say that the scary man once appeared in a Lindsay Wagner movie! Oh, the shame.
Performer: Justin Timberlake
Honoree: Michael Jackson

6. NY POST/PAGE SIX...09/03
--WHICH top model is thinking of leaving her well-tressed hubby? She's been having an affair with a magazine magnate and would prefer to make it permanent, but he's already married. Her pals are concerned because her powerful paramour is a well-known cad who plows through women on a regular basis . . . Rebecca Romaijn and John Stamos; Heidi Klum

--WHICH celebrity chef was recently caught getting in a compromising position with a local transsexual after hours in the kitchen of his Flatiron restaurant? Bobby Flay

--WHICH supermodel was so messed up on cocaine on the French Riviera recently that she didn't know what she was snorting? People were giving her baking soda as a joke, and she didn't know the difference.

7. STAR 09/04 **#1**
When it comes to men, this model is on a quest to find Mr. Right. She recently set her sights on a young Hollywood stud, but even though he told her that he wasn't interested, she refused to take no for an answer. She found out he was staying at a Tinseltown hotel and sneaked up to his room wearing a long coat - and nothing else! She exposed herself when he answered the door and offered to make his sexual fantasies come true - but he was so alarmed by her behavior that he slammed the door and had security escort her out of the building.

8. STAR 09/04 **#2**
This pretty, golden-tonsiled champion puglist recently became engaged, but that didn't stop him from hitting on the young heiress to one of the most recognizable U.S. fortunes. And since years of boxing didn't mess up our slickster's face too badly, the blonde trust-fund babe led him to the back seat of a limo parked outside L.A.'s Sunset Room. There, the small fry waiting to get in saw the opening round of what the boxer and his accomplice should really have been doing at the nearby Hilton. Oscar DeLa Hoya and one of the Hilton girls.

9. GLOBE 09/04
This influential '60s singer, who has a slew of hits under his belt, prides himself in donating his time, money and energy to various children's charities. The trouble is he's an abusive tyrant who used to beat his own kids on a regular basis when they lived at home. He once belted his son so hard, he busted his nose and the kid required plastic surgery to restore it.

10. E! ONLINE....TED CASABLANCA....09/06
Who isn't in rehab these days? The West Coast clinics are so filled to capacity that some folks can't even find an open spot to recoup, regroup and get ripped off. You do know that some of these "retreats" spill word of their clientele to ensure publicity, don't you?

But that's another (despicable) story.

This partick tale's about a well-known ex-junkie whose cleaned-up image is just that. Pay close attention to the word image, mind you. Because the rowdy former rocker has fallen off the wacky wagon in a big way.

At a recent racy Hollywood pah-tay, the infamous frolicker held court in the decadent drug room. The packed place was filled to the brim with substances galore--with this bad boy in the thick of the chaos.

One crazed chick didn't recognize the strutting 'n' preening drugged-out dude as she exclaimed, "Hey! You're no movie star!" Hanging his heavy head for a long moment, the music man sprang back to life when his buddy responded, "Yeah, you're a rock star!"

The party animal threw his hands in the air like Rocky Balboa and yelled in triumph, "I'm a rock star!" The fellow partyers screamed with encouragement and continued with their underground soiree.

Such fun. Such abandon. Such envy I am filled with--for that delicious hangover they all enjoyed a few hours latuh. Billy Idol

11. Filth2Go...09/10
#1 - Could it be that a certain teen heartthrob of yesteryear has a tendency to throb with hunks these days? I believe that he monkeys around with other guys only when he's on the road, which will make a buncha Brit boys cheer up. Davey Jones of the Monkees

#2 - "Could it be that a former sitcom star is about to come out? And he’s got three names – but they ain’t the three you’re thinking of. When the boy in question and his TV sibling would support various AIDS-related charities, we all focused on his younger brother (who was, in reality, a month older). But these days, it’s the youngster who’s causing tongues to wag all over WeHo.  Clearly he has no interest in the opposite sex, as proven by his less-than-discreet actions with a number of daddy types at various parties (public and private). Right now, he seems to have two goals – to find a new series and to be someone’s I mean boyfriend."
Zachery Ty Bryant or Jonathan Taylor Thomas of 'Home Improvement'

12. STAR 09/11 **#1**
What major movie hunk is keeping a little love secret from his macho pals? His blonde, ex-galpal, a sexy Tinseltown headliner in her own right, is confessing to pals that she dumped the handsome actor because his manhood just doesn't measure up to his stature in Hollywood. Guess size does matter after all!
Heath Ledger & Heather Graham

13. STAR 09/11 **#2**
This mucho-macho action-flick star has been trying to keep quiet his real-life re-enactment of Beauty and the Beast ever since it happened, 20 years ago this month. As a student at the State University of New York, he once found the beautiful woman he had chatted up earlier at the campus watering hole in his bed. In the darkness, he quickly figured out that she was really a he - and beat the helpless transvestite to a bloody pulp. Who got arrested when campus cops showed up? The drag queen. It was burglary, they said.
Wesley Snipes

14. GLOBE 09/11
This singing superstar with a gorgeous wife will be dead meat if she ever finds out he's dallying with a model mistress on the side. The guy is a doting hubby and dad to his growing brood, but when he hits the road, he flies his sexy galpal into town to spend the night with him. His friends say if the little missus back home learns the truth, she'll 'pepper his hide with shotgun pellets' and the show will be over!

15. Filth2Go 09/17
Could it be that a certain veteran of a few productions on the Great White Way (usually turning up in the second or third casts or on the road) has a celluloid secret? Although it's been a while since he's headed for Broadway, his presence is still felt via a nasty little rumor currently circulating. Seems that the oft-married (if two is oft) '70s heartthrob made an anonymous once-in-a-lifetime porno film that's being circulated amongst theatre folk. Although the film in question is a solo video that he knew would turn up sooner or later, it's still something that he's embarrassed about. As someone who remembers his leather-clad booty shaking on that weekly TV show, I suspect he has nothing to be ashamed of. I'd certainly kiss him. Rex Smith

16. STAR 09/18
This movie star loves to boast that she and her pretty daughter are more like best girlfriends than mother and child. They bar hop, share sex secrets and most shocking -- get high together. Mom introduced her little girl to marijuana when she was a teen, and they've been getting stoned together ever since. The rest of the family hates their reefer madness, but the gals won't quit. They still light up a few times a week and even share the same dealer! Goldie Hawn/Kate Hudson

17. GLOBE 09/18
Which TV funnyman hides tiny cameras in his guest stars' dressing rooms and secretly tapes them as they take off their clothes? Then the pervert hosts wild parties and plays the tapes for his sicko friends.
Craig Kilborn

18. STAR 09/25 **#1**
This naughty actress recently lost a juicy role on a TV series and she blames her former co-star for getting her kicked off the show. She's still harboring a grudge, and to get even she calls up the sleazy late night 'party' chat lines. The angry gal seeks out the creepiest guys she can find, flirts outrageously and leads them on. Finally, she tells her heavy-breathing admirers that they ought to call her at home for more privacy, then she gives them her arch rival's private number!
Shannen Doherty

19. STAR 09/25 **#2**
This young female Grammy winning songbird, known for her skimpy outfits, is often accompanied by a buff, dark-haired young man she introduces as her boyfriend. The buxom star is oblivious to the fact that her beau actually only has eyes for other buff, dark-haired young men. He has starred in several triple-X gay features. Her entourage has been whispering about it, but is hesitant to tell our girl that the one she wants is living a lie. Christina

20. GLOBE 09/25
This gaggle of high powered Hollywood movie biz females get together every month at one of their mansions to watch male models and wannabe actors humiliate each other while the gals call the shots. The ladies pay top dollar to watch the hunks have sex with one another or smear food all over thier bodies -- whatever their little hearts desire. They say it's a real turn on to be in total charge of these guys in an industry where men have always had the upper hand.

There must be something in the water in Hollywood. Is everyone falling off the oh so white wagon?

This week's addiction predilection involves a behind-the-scenes artsy dude with a taste for the illegal--in many fashions. The popular movie man (who dates a well-known music mama) sure likes to delve into the wacky and weird.

At a recent on-set shindig, the talented trooper held court in the substance circle. Ingesting more and more of this magical concoction, the not so primo partyer proclaimed, with Napoleonic fervor: "I am a genius!"

Why does it only take a little bit of nose candy to turn these macho men into boisterous braggarts? Don't you guys get enough praise from your peeps--paid and otherwise?

Let's just hope the brilliance of this flick-slick is not chemically challenged on his latest work.
Paul Thomas Anderson (Boogie Nights, Magnolia - dates Fiona Apple)


22. MOVIELINE 10/01 #1
This gorgeous, youngish rebel must believe the old song lyric that the best things in life are free, because he's been helping himself to cool stuff in L.A.'s best stores without paying. The dude with the ultracool screen image has become infamous for shoplifting (and for going around town looking like an unmade bed.) His manager have their hands full smoothing things over with store owners. The charmer's problems recently took on a risky new twist when he swiped an expensive watch that a fellow shopper had set down for a moment while trying on another watch. Only quick talking helped him convince the irate shopper and the store's theft squad that he was merely doing some field research for an upcoming movie role as a thief.
Mathhew McConaughey; Jared Leto

23. MOVIELINE 10/01 #2
While everyone speculates publicly and privately about the bust-up of such famed lovebirds as Meg and Dennis, Julia and Benjamin, and Tom and Nicole, insiders predict it's just a matter of time before anther equally famous movie-star couple rips apart at the seams. The cause? Kinky doings behind closed doors. Trouble in paradise apparently began to brew when the fair lady returned home early a couple of times too many, only to find her action-loving mate romping with a trio of high-priced hookers, usually of the transvestite variety. At first, she played along - and even joined in the party. Then she innocently consulted a studio physician on a movie set when she was feeling poorly, and got hit with the humiliating news that she'd contracted a sexually transmitted disease. She put her foot down on her randy mate's midnight rambles, and he received warnings from everyone, including his kids, but there are no signs that the shameless tail-chaser is slowing his shenanigans.
Kurt Russell and Goldie Hawn

24. Filth2Go...10/01
Could it be that a self-described straightly oriented actor is a little more of the bent genre? He's digging his own grave if he thinks that people didn't notice him hold hands with a guy at a recent theatrical performance in NYC - his old stomping ground. With his résumé, it's not as if we couldn't assume that he's playing for our team. But trying to keep it a secret (especially when you have a past) could cause a career to go under, old chum.
Michael C. Hall, who plays gay mortician David Fisher on "Six Feet Under"; Richard Gere

25. GLOBE 10/02
This sexy, single, movie hunk has a hard time coming on to gals, so he employs a pimp to do his dirty work. The guy knows exactly the type of gal Mr. Big Star is seeking for his one night stands and gets paid $2,000 for every trick he provides. Joaquin Phoenix

26. NY POST/PAGE SIX...10/02
--WHICH pop diva travels everywhere with a "doctor" who injects her with drugs - especially heroin? And right before she sings onstage, he injects cortizone directly into her throat . . . Whitney Houston; Macy Gray; Janet Jackson

--WHICH first-time film producer of a popular new flick left New Jersey in the middle of the night a few years back after running an investment scam?

27. STAR 10/09
I don't know if he has met her parents yet, but this tough-talking movie tough guy has been secretly dating a married New York City television anchorwoman. What's suprising is that the newswoman in question is not the celeb's favorite type of gal.
Robert De Niro

28. GLOBE 10/09
This 70's star is totally in the dark about her teenage son's secret gay life. While she's busy shopping and having beauty treatments, he invites his male pals over for beer parties by their pool and sex in his bedroom. "She's still the only one in town who doesn't know he's homosexual," says a source. Farrah Fawcett's son Redmond

29. Filth2Go 10/09
#1 - Could it be that a certain soap actor has a thing for the competition? That’s the buzz coming from all my sources on the popular sudser. The hot model-turned-actor liked being the big cheese or the top dog. But he’s not all that big and certainly not a top – not by a longshot, what with that younger guy stealing his thunder. The rivalry heated up when the youngster’s fan mail started to pour in after those nude photos hit the street. This made the veteran feel a bit washed up, and he demanded more shirtless screen time (something you never get tired of). But, truth be told, the older actor (who’s on his way out, by the by) was more than a bit turned on by those nude photos. In fact, he went so far as to try to get the boy into the sack by orchestrating a three-way. How? He went to the whippersnapper’s dressing room, handed him a Polaroid, and said, “I’ve got something you’d like.” It was a photo of the older guy’s girlfriend topless! He joked, “She’d love it if we all played together sometime.” Yeah, I’ll bet “she” would!

Older guy: Cameron Mathison "All My Children"
Younger guy: Josh Duhamel "All My Children"

#2 - Could it be that another sudsy boy is delving deeper into that closet of his? He’d just returned to LA from doing his one-woman show out of town when he decided to attend a concert benefiting the American Red Cross Disaster Relief Fund. While in line, he was standing mighty close to moi and chatting with a mucky muck at one of those national gay publications. Although he didn’t embrace the opportunity to appear in the publication (foolishly thinking that he’d warrant a cover story if he came out!), he was curious who was going to be on an upcoming cover. After the mucky answered, this scribe added, “You know how hard it is to find an out gay actor.” The spirited boy looked ashen and whispered, “Could you have said that any louder?” My answer was simple - “Yes!” Kevin Spirtas "Days Of Our Lives"

It's all about size in Tinseltown. "The bigger the better" is most definitely the reigning rule. Paychecks, pizzazz, pre-nups and posses--size surely does matter.

So, it was no stout surprise when I heard this tacky tale: There's a well-known studly slasher (ya know, model-slash-actor) who has appeared in many a cheeky ad campaign--and I mean that in every possible way, trust me.

Best known for his perky pecs and sex-ay six-pack, the rubba-dubba dude has no problem flaunting his ample assets.

Now, the prickly poop on a recent photo shoot indicates the hard honey has been using a randy tool of sorts to maintain his supple stature. The arousing issue is that the enhancing item has to be airbrushed from the final pics.

Oh, what the hell's the big deal? Leave the circular contrivance in, already. What with all the resulting (and lascivious) looky-loos, those undies sales will go right up. RANDY TOOL: cock ring - Antonio Sabato 

HINT 10/18
Dear Ted:
The first name that comes to mind about One Bulging Blind Vice would be Mark Wahlberg. He's the only one I can think of when it comes to model-slash-actor. And, hey, I agree with you--so what if he wants to wear a sex toy to help show off his attributes? But I have to ask: Does anyone know if the ring is leather or metal?
--Had you gotten the answer right (it's not the former Marky Mark), I might have given you the further vice-spice info you requested, But, alas, it was not him. Think a bit more classy and much less talented.

31. STAR 10/16
This supermodel has been having a secret on-off affair with a famous hip-hip performer and entrepreneur. Why has it been off as much as on? She's telling friends that the macho egomaniac has an annoying habit once their clothes are peeled off. He rambles on and on during their intimate encounters. "Am I blowing your mind? Tell me I'm the best! How does it feel being with a multimillionaire?" are some of his deepest statements. "I beg him to shut up, but no-can-do," our catwalk queen says.

32. GLOBE 10/16
This handsome big screen star and family man has been spending more and more time with his redheaded boyfriend. Studio bigwigs and his wife are screaming at him to stop being so open about having his longtime companion around his studio sets and constantly traveling with him. But after years of hiding it, Mr Superstar is tired of pretending. John Travolta

33. Filth2Go 10/16
Could it be that a certain legendary leading lady is concerned that her Sapphic secret is about to come out? She's gonna need more than a few pennies to pay off that former paramour of the same sex who is threatening to write a tell-all about her time with the happily married mutt. Although this ain't the first female lover our baby's had, this dangerous liaison wasn't what you'd call a walk in the park. Our songbird believes that if the details become common knowledge, everything won't be coming up roses for her career. In fact, she thinks that she'd find herself pushing up daisies, professionally speaking! Bernadette Peters; Bette Midler; Julie Andrews

#1. Meow alert!

One small-screen siren is getting quite a rabid rep. The blond b-buster has gotten increasingly crabby with her costar cronies and many on-set toilers. The vexin' vixen is pushing some pissed-off buttons.

Even though you may have heard this scandalous story before, this powerful puss (still) has a way of instilling fear in much of the hired help. Raunchy rumor has it more than one protesting peep has been flagrantly fired after messing with the monarchist missy.

The abrasive broad won't tolerate any back talk, not even from her brawny beau (not beaux). Hmmm. Isn't it interesting that compact cuties always seem to pack the most powerful punches? Sarah Michelle Gellar; Melissa Joan Hart

#2. Now, here's a saucy story you naughty kiddies will enjoy. Nothing surprises me anymore--let's see if you feel the same.

At a recent movie press junket, one of the film's stars--who just so happens to be a hunky, foreign hottie--flew quite a distance to chat with the pesky press (moi not included). This new-to-Tinseltown talent is just about to hit it big. However, he's already a huge-ola hit with the gals.

No large entourage for this rising star. The brawny beefcake just brought along his publicist's assistant for the extravagant excursion. The lucky lass was set up right next door to her charming client. How convenient.

Upon finishing their marketing duties, the pleased pair decided it was time to celebrate. After a few lip-smacking libations, the persistent PR gal put the moves on the (somewhat) reluctant rascal. The hard-to-get game didn't last long, but the flesh fling is quite a different story--altogether.

After a jam-packed day of blabbin' interviews, the tall 'n' toothy guy never lost his bite. Suffice it to say all amorous appetites were sated--four courses, in fact. You know what they say about practice: It makes mess (and press) perfect.

Yummy in the tummy! (Maybe public relations isn't such a bad gig after all.)
British actor Gerard Butler in "Dracula 2000"; Oded Fehr, from Israel starred in "Mummy Returns"

HINT 10/25
Dear Ted:As always, love the column. It's an outside shot, but is last week's Blind Vice Jude Law? He is by far the humpiest foreigner I can think of, and so dangerously good looking I have to admit it would be hard for even virginal moi to not proposition him, despite his marriage to sexy Sadie. Kiss-kiss.
--"Virginal moi? Sexy Sadie? Kiss-kiss?" Parlez-vous Tedspeak, or what? Non, mon cherie, the hottie from overseas was not Mr. Law (at least, not in this case). Nice try. But since I find your parlance so utterly scrumptious, I'll give ya another hint: Wrong continent--a little too far north. Big e-French kiss to ya, by the by.

35. Filth2Go...10/22
Could it be that there's a queen in the garden of good and evil? That's the buzz from my sources on the road with that popular singing duo, who tell me that the schism between the once inseparable couple is so wide that they barely speak. That's probably for the best, since the diminutive one spends his off time in the company of various men who appreciate his own personal spread. No matter how much they promise to make it work, it's as if they don't know each other anymore. What will happen once the double Ds split up? Most believe that obscurity will be their next stop. Wait till Rosie hears about this. Savage Garden

36. STAR..10/23...#1
You'd never guess that this $10 million actor has a new movie about to be released. The Hollywood hottie was seen stumbling out of the Viper Room, shuffling down Sunset Strip and looking spaced out and wobbly. A chemical imbalance? He fell into some magazine racks, and then planted himself on top of a nearby fire hydrant. Johnny Depp

37. STAR...10/23.... #2
This va-va-voom female pop music star who already has quite a few body piercings in her visible body parts, recently had her least visible and most sensitive flesh pierced in a Sunset Blvd parlor. Seems that the 'operation' and subsequent placing of a one-carat diamond in the unkind cut was caught on the parlor's security cameras -- and is shown to parlor patrons who get to see it -- if they ask nicely. Christina Aguilera

I got another dirty doozy for you trailer-trash tickler types. This lip-smacking libation lover seems to be popping up more and more in this stirred, not shaken column.

Not too long ago at the once hip hot spot North--on the sleazy pleazy Sunset Strip--this sloshed sex-ay star was wearily waiting for a cab when he ran into a bevy of beautiful babes. The helpful honeys offered the towering talent an innocent lift home, and the heightened hottie climbed right in (blithely ditching the hired wheels, I might add).

The not so pleasant passenger proceeded in making fun of the CD tunes and then had the brass B's to say, "Let's go back to your place." The disgusted driver was not having it and explained they were on their way to an actor's posh party at Goodbar, just down the street. The jaded jerk decided to join in, exclaiming (with a snarl), "Maybe I can learn something from him."

Not sure if class is something that can be taught.

The lewd lush's behavior only got worse when a bunch of adoring fans tried to chat up the drunk skunk after they arrived. Rolling his eyes and gabbing with a fellow filmster, the rude rebel then refused to move out of the path of a meaty security guard. A scuffle broke out--causing one of his chauffeur sweeties to break her Prada pump--and the lad was pushed outside onto the more public pavement.

You know, nothing comes between a dedicated devotee and his/her pedestal prince. Shocked street strollers still tried to approach the obviously inebriated beefcake, even quoting some of his scene-stealing lines.

The unheeled honey bun advised the looky-loos, "This is probably not a good time to approach him."

And what thanks did the patient puss get in return? Zippo. The louse simply wandered off down the street without a word of thanks.

I suppose you could say the loser's manners--if they exist at all--were simply pickled during this unfortunate pickle. Vince Vaughn

39. NY POST/PAGE SIX...10/26
WHICH TV honcho with a wife and kids has been less than discreet with an attractive single woman who appears on his network? The two were thisclose at her show's wrap party in L.A. last summer, and were hanging out together last month by the pool of a luxury hotel. More recently, they were spotted at a Beverly Hills restaurant. "They drank martinis together and could not keep their hands off each other," said our source. The New York-based brunette had a boyfriend until the affair started, but now he's moved back to L.A.

40. Filth2Go...10/29
Could it be that a perennial television guest star has landed a part mighty close to home? I'd say that quite a bit of research has gone into his new role on that controversial series. While this isn't the first time that he's played gay, I'm told that being out of the country has made him a bit more casual about his sexuality. I wouldn't say that he's come out of the closet, but he's certainly popular with the boys on the set. The truth of the matter is that he's in for a rude awakening when he gets back to the city, since his friends have been comparing notes and realize that his name ain't the only fantasy he's been spinning.
Robert Gant: TV guest star appearances RUDE AWAKENING; POPULAR; Veronica's CLOSET; FANTASY Island; Caroline IN THE CITY, and upcoming QUEER AS FOLK

41. STAR 10/30 #1....
This actor with a famous name has had some public battles with substance abuse but convinced everyone, including his wife, that he's conquered his demons. Not so fast. Recently, the guy met a pretty girl bartending in a hotel and he impulsively whisked her off to Italy. His wife tracked him down and called his hotel room. When the girl answered, his wife went nuts. She was so threatening that the wayward husband started packing immediately. "I gotta go!" he told the girlfriend -- then SHE threw a tantrum. He ended up leaving her there. Now that she's back behind her bar, he's back on booze --and calling her again. Jeff Bridges

42. STAR 10/30 #2....
File this one under parenting skills -- or lack of them! This 30 year old former star of a popular teen targeted tv series is longing to be a mama.  Since she can't find a man to help her out, she found the next best thing: an infant girl that her neighbor lets her baby-sit. Our celeb turned up with the toddler in a Malibu pet store recently, and let the little one to crawl buck-naked on the pet store's floor -- amidst cat and dog hair and pet-food debris. The baby-sitting wannabe mom, meanwhile, shot the breeze with admirers.
Tori Spelling; Shannen Doherty

43. GLOBE 10/30....
Fans of this "happily married" superstar and family man would be shocked to know he's a serial womanizer. He had a stream of sexy, young gals visit him on the set of his upcoming movie to "entertain" him and engage in some serious hanky panky. As soon as his wife and kids went home, he locked himself in his trailer with the girls one at a time and placed a "do not disturb" sign on the door. Later, he bragged about his conquests to all his friends, giving them all the gory details. Tom Hanks; Mel Gibson; Will Smith
; Arnold Schwarzenegger

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