September and October 2000

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Belt Tightening: Don't be surprised if a highly respected young star starts turning up in some big, cheesy movies she would have turned her nose up at just a little while ago. How else is she going to finance the reckless spending spree she went on for a year, which included expensive mortgages, flashy cars, clothes up the yazoo, hotel suites, trips all over the globe and gifts for her family? Money is apparently so tight, she's even considering sandwiching in a TV series. Where were her parents when she needed them? Gwyneth Paltrow; Liv Tyler; Mira Sorvino; Winona Ryder; Drew Barrymore

Three's a pair: Friends thought that a certain showy Hollywood couple was heading for split city, what with both of them stepping out with gorgeous things on the side. Suddenly, though, they're all smiles in public again. What gives? What few friends know is that they've hit on a compromise. He's allowed to stray as long as he brings home his pretty new plaything so that they can both enjoy her. And she may do the same, as long as she brings homes her pretty new plaything so that they can both enjoy him.
Nicolas Cage/Patricia Arquette; John Travolta/Kelly Preston; Tom Cruise/Nicole Kidman; Helen Hunt/Hank Azaria; Julia Roberts/Benjamin Bratt; Meg Ryan/Dennis Quaid; Bruce Willis/Demi Moore; Courtney Cox/David Arquette; Hugh Grant/Liz Hurley; David Duchovny/Tea Leoni; Reese Witherspoon/Ryan Phillippe

3. Filth2Go...09/04
Could it be that an oft-rumored member of the family is biting the bullet and settling down.with a woman? So say reports - which, I must say, were surprising to me. Not that I've ever known for sure if he's gay, but he certainly plays a gay role in that high-profile project with satisfaction. He's so good, I'd swear that he's a sister. Jason Bateman

4. STAR MAGAZINE...09/05
This actor is one of the hottest, and best paid, on TV. He and his girlfriend are planning their wedding, but he has a dirty little secret. Although he claims to be committed to his fiancee, behind her back he's carrying on a torrid affair with a Hollywood stripper. He's been obsessed with the stripper for a long time and can't get her out of his system. They meet at least once a month for hours of passion. He told the stripper he intends to continue seeing her after he's married, and to keep her quiet he bought her a $40,000 sports car. But their affair is the talk of the nudie bar and bound to leak out. Matt LeBlanc

5. GLOBE 09/05
This sexy tv star hopped in her luxury SUV, pulled out on an LA street and became a menace to society. Sources say she ran two red lights, cutting people off, and it was a miracle that no one got killed. A cop pulled her over, releasing a flood of tears from Ms TV Star, who sobbed, "Please don't write it up, it will hurt my career." She was lucky that the cop happens to be a fan of her hit show and let her off with a warning. Could it be she's a better actress than we give her credit for? Sarah Michelle Gellar; Pamela Anderson, Heather Locklear, Jennifer Aniston

6. NY POST/PAGE SIX...09/07
--WHICH prominent Democratic party official faces indictment, possibly as early as today? ...

--WHICH married supermodel is having an extamarital fling with a billionaire who is just as married as she is? The covergirl's hard-charging hubby supposedly knows about it, but hasn't yet taken any action although his friends think he should throw her out. There are children involved, complicating any possible retaliation. Stephanie Seymour, Christie Brinkley

7. NY DAILY NEWS....09/07
What closeted lesbian star insisted that a Gramercy Park restaurant keep the door to a private dining room closed when she entertained some girlfriends? Even after one waiter knocked on the door, he saw something so shocking he dropped three plates.

8. Filth2Go....09/11
Could it be that there is a bit of additional controversy over an already controversial Gucci ad? The ad in question features a shirtless male model in a pair of snug dress slacks and shoes, and a woman is sprawled seductively by the man's feet. Nothing terribly scandalous about that. However, the anonymous male model is wearing no underwear, and through his slacks, you can see the distinctive outline of his circumcised penis (some people have called to tell me, "You can see his helmet"). While some publications have refused to publish the ad, most haven't had any problem with it. That is, until a certain male supermodel complained about his shirtless ad appearing on a neighboring page in some magazines. What was this model's problem? You see, the men in both ads have decidedly similar physiques - leading some to speculate that the "helmet" man and the supermodel are one and the same. Are they? Ah, there's the rub. If the model in the Gucci ad is who I think he is, he's more than a mouthful. Marcus Schenkenburg

9. STAR MAGAZINE...09/12
She's a popular actress who feels it's necessary to keep her gay personal life a secret. Recently, she turned down a blockbuster movie role that would have paid her big bucks and nobody in Hollywood could figure out why. Turns out the star has a major crush on a rising young actress and got an offer to work with her on a small film that conflicts with the big-budget movie. Even though the young actress has a boyfriend, the older star is hoping that a lesbian love affair will blossom when they work together. Jodie Foster who turned down "Hannibal" to direct Claire Danes in "Flora Plum"

10. GLOBE 09/12...
This wacky woman makes a nice living in both TV and movies, but she's such a cheapskate, she'd make Scrooge cringe at her penny-pinching! She swipes crystal from hotel suites and orders bottles of champagne from room service to take home, sticking production companies with the bill. She also hands out freebies folks give her as presents. But she recently got caught when one co-star recalled getting the exact same gift at a studio bash!
Lisa Kudrow, Courtney Cox Arquette

This golden couple announced that their recent split was mutual and friendly, but the naked truth is that one half of this celebrated pair was sick and tired over the other half's addiction to cocaine.

Even though they helped define the Hollywood "Power Couple," we're left wondering if the sum is greater than the parts.  Anne Heche and Ellen DeGeneres; Demi Moore and Bruce Willis; Gwyneth Paltrow and Ben Affleck; Hank Azaria and Helen Hunt; Elizabeth Hurley and Hugh Grant

12. NY POST...CINDY ADAMS...09/13
A famous actor's less-famous actor brother is a famous pot smoker. Did it for real in one scene where supposedly he was to fake taking a drag ...
Stephen Baldwin, Casey Affleck, Marlon or Shawn Wayans, Alexis Arquette

13. NY POST/NEAL TRAVIS.....09/17
THE affair between the mogul and the married model, which has been the subject of a few blind items in this vicinity, has apparently gone as flat as a bottle of soda left uncapped in the sun. I understand that the model's husband (who knew when he married her that she had a kinky taste in men) went to the mogul several weeks ago and delivered a simple message: "If you don't stop fooling around with my wife, I'll have you killed." It seems to have worked, but only time will tell.

MODEL: Stephanie Seymour, Cindy Crawford
HUSBAND: Peter Brant, Rande Gerber
MOGUL: Richard Branson-Virgin Cola

14. NY POST/PAGE SIX...09/18
--WHICH Hollywood princess had too much to drink at the Four Seasons Hotel in Maui? When this well-connected TV actress emerged from the ladies' room to find her boyfriend chatting with a young babe, she asked the woman, "Do you have crotch crabs?" The boyfriend apologized ...  Tori Spelling

--WHICH elderly Hollywood stud is having an affair with a bewitching widow who is fairly friendly with his wife. In fact, the wife went to the funeral of the widow's husband.

15. Could it be that a certain Emmy winner was glad that a certain awards-show-a-holic was absent from the proceedings? That's what the surprise winner confided to me about her former oft-nominated co-star (who did win once, but not for their show together). She said, "Thank God that old lush isn't here - she'd be all over me claiming to love me like a sister. I'd probably need the jaws of life to pry my Emmy out of her bony hands!"
Emmy winner: Sela Ward
Old lush co-star: Swoosie Kurtz
Show: 'Sisters'

16. STAR MAGAZINE...09/19
This actress turned her back on TV when she landed what she thought was the movie role of a lifetime. She figured she had it made and the sexy part would propel her to stardom like Sharon Stone. Instead, the over-hyped movie tanked and her campy performance made her the laughingstock of Hollywood. She's still trying to redeem herself and the stress is taking its toll: She's going bald!  The gal is also undergoing psychiatric care and has her hairdresser working overtime to camouflage the hair loss.
Actress: Elizabeth Berkley
Movie: Showgirls
TV Show: Saved By The Bell

17. GLOBE...09/19
This roving Romeo, once TV's hottest hunk, was so enamored of the pretty girl in coach as he flew from Nashville to LA that he abandoned his first-class seat to sit by her. He couldn't take his eyes off her lovely face and sexy shape.

When they landed at LAX, he offered her a ride in his luxury limo. But his obvious attempt to pick up the young beauty ran into unexpected turbulence -- she turned him down flat! Don Johnson

Which big Hollywood star trots the wife and kids out for career-boosting publicity but when he's away at work has a favorite hooker delivered right to his door?! Mel Gibson

19. NY POST/PAGE SIX...09/24
--WHICH retired singer was complaining loudly while working out at Equinox about her movie hubby's infidelities? Apparently the arrival of a baby girl a few months ago didn't restore the spark to their marriage ...Chynna Phillips /Billy Baldwin

--WHICH actor known for his TV commercials is not so happily married to his sitcom-star wife? He brought another woman to Europe for a movie shoot. David Arquette

20. LIZ SMITH/NY POST.....09/25
YIKES!! Got a nifty report on Barbra Streisand concertizing in L.A. as she wraps up her career as a live performer, the voice, the style, the stage schmooze was said to be perfection. (Maybe now she'll concentrate on directing.) But my source also included a critique on one audience member, a movie star famous for her youthful face and figure: "She looks rather frightening. She's close to 60 and dresses like a 20-year-old hooker. In 10 years she'll be a dead-ringer for Baby Jane Hudson."

Ah, but there is no winning in Hollywood. Age normally and you'll find yourself being followed by: "What the hell happened to her?" Nature's inevitable inroads are verboten in this showbiz Shangri-La. Goldie Hawn, Dyan Cannon, Cher

21. STAR MAGAZINE...09/26
We can't resist this tidbit of sexy Survivor gossip. Despite all the buzz about Colleen and Greg's supposed affair and Greg's pretend flirtation with Richard, the only real fling during the show isn't being talked about. Why?  Because, according to the latest news, it involved two GUYS! And if you think you know which ones, guess again! Surprise, surprise -- one of them WASN'T openly gay Richard! That's the shocking word around town.

22. GLOBE...09/26
This huge movie Action Star has been helping out a huge movie Comedy Star... by supplying him with marijuana! He's even got the Comedy Star boasting to pals, "This is great weed, man. I got it from (Action Star) himself!"
Harrison Ford/Jim Carrey; Arnold Schwartenegger/Jim Carrey

23. NY POST/PAGE SIX....09/27
--WHICH billionaire had an uncomfortable lunch at Cipriani with his new wife when his ex-mistress sat down at the next table? The "kept woman" had become unkept when he remarried. Ron Perelman

--WHICH Oscar-winning actor blew a chance to go to the White House for a screening of his new drama? He insisted on bringing an entourage of three - none of whom was his wife - and the studio balked. The flick will be shown without him. Cuba Gooding or Robert De Niro for  'Men of Honor'

--WHICH randy rocker refuses to wear a condom during trysts with his adoring female fans, and he's already infected 10 of them with herpes?  Moby

What recently ditched, somewhat good-looking movie actor prefers sons-of-bitches to the rhymes-with-witches he was shacked up with? Hank Azaria

The bust-up of those two gorgeous-looking movie stars must have hit one of them harder than many of us figured. She's been working nonstop in what look to be hit films and telling the press how in love she is with her new heartthrob beau. He, on the other hand, has been suffering terribly. Not only has he been acting like a heartsick dope, blabbing to everyone about how he doesn't want to go on living, but he's porked up and shows up everywhere looking like hell. Since a major director offered him a big role (luckily for the actor, no audition or face-to-face meeting was required), the star's hired a trainer, a nutritionist and has been hitting the skin and hair salons like there's no tomorrow.
Dennis Quaid/Meg Ryan; Heather Graham/Ed Burns; Cameron Diaz/Matt Dillon

It's unbelievable what world famous, glamorous, so-called couples put up with in private for the sake of a few photo ops and frequent mentions in gossip columns. Did this pretty movie star really bust her beau for spending close to $4,000 last month on phone sex calls? Did this sexy movie star really bust his main squeeze for spending nearly $10,000 on gifts and trinkets for a hot personal trainer she's become awfully fond of? Watch for nauseating snaps of them beaming and cuddling at premieres.
Julia Roberts/Benjamin Bratt

27. NOTE: The second one refers to the rest of his column, so you may wish to go to the site and read the whole thing....

Could it be that a certain multi-media mogul is willing to pay for male companionship? That's no surprise, given that he is beyond his personal best. What is surprising is that after he procured the services of a highly regarded Los Angeles escort and porn star, he attempted to pay his working boy in pill form. Quelle horreur. I guess he truly is a son of Abraham.
Could it be that a certain first-time novelist has been stalking someone in this very column? I'm told that the scribe has a lust for other guys similar to his physical build and has latched onto this "actor" like a rabid dog. This isn't the actor's first experience with an obsessive stalker, so he's not terribly concerned. Perhaps the writer will resort to voodoo or some love potion. In any event, I do hope that he fares better than the actor's last obsessive fan - may he rest in peace.
When I give you two blind items and I still have gossip sitting on my desk, then we've definitely come to the end of yet another column. I should add that both of these Could it be items are connected. Kinda in the same family - like mother and child.

FIRST-TIME NOVELIST: Chris Rice (son of Anne Rice)
ACTOR: Danny Pintauro

28. STAR MAGAZINE...10/03....
A few years back this actor abruptly left a popular sitcom and it was explained that he wanted to pursue a movie career. Now the awful truth can be told: He was FIRED from the top 10 show for having an affair with an underage boy! He fell in love with a 17-year-old and was foolish enough to flaunt his jailbait romance on the set. His costars were appalled, and a powerful leading actress threatened to quit unless the guy was canned. He and his toyboy are no longer together and his career is in the dumpster.
Grant Shaud/Candice Bergen (Murphy Brown)

29. GLOBE 10/03...
One of the sons of a famous acting family has gone totally paranoid. He told his beautiful actress wife and her pals not to allow doctors to use CAT scans on their heads! He believes the government is implanting chips in the skulls of patients as an experiment in mind control. My guess is, he's been watching way too much sci-fi!
Families: Arquette; Baldwin; Douglas; George Hamilton's; Bridges

This happily married sitcom star’s wife would be shocked if she knew about her seemingly strait-laced hubby’s past. Apparently the guy had another playmate when he was on a different sitcom several years back - his male costar.

31. Filth2Go....10/09
Could it be that a certain Olympian has found that returning home in the media spotlight is just a bit daunting for life with a same-sex partner? That's what I hear from pals in the athlete's hometown who tell me that winning a medal has been a double-edged sword. The record breaker is having quite a bit of trouble explaining why there's been no time for a serious love interest, and yet there is plenty of time for that inseparable roommate. Gary Hall Jr; Ian Thorpe

32. STAR....10/10
This New York based actor blew into town for an awards show and he celebrated in more ways that one. When he wasn't party hopping to toast the success of his show, he spent his time in the company of Hollywood's highest priced hookers. Over the course of a few days he dropped over $20,000 fulfilling his wildest fantasies, such as sharing his bed with three women and being tickled and spanked for being a bad boy!
James Gandolfini

33. GLOBE...10/10
This former prime time sexpot is involved with a struggling artist who's taking her for a helluva ride -- and she's blind to it. He's a convicted felon who's constantly in and outta jail (and guess who bails him out each time?). He's also giving her career advice (maybe that explains why jobs have dried up!)  Pals told her to dump him, but she's so smitten that she's moved him into her house AND gives him a weeky allowance.
Joan Collins

34. Hint Magazine...10/11
Which celebrity diva is trying to distance herself from the death of her former stylist? The pop princess had given the stylist her marching orders shortly before she took her own life.  Mariah Carey

35. TED CASABLANCA....10/12
Hold on to your ponytails, my little stallions, there's been some horsin' around in H-town.

Scary tale about a deteriorating dude who hasn't appeared in a flick in some time--at least nothing memorable. His longtime lady, meanwhile, is practically popular and perky as ever. The movie man was steering his SUV through West Hollywood in the wee hours, when he started trailing a handsome dude who had departed a Starbucks and hopped into his own car. The freaked-out fellow pulled into the lot of another latte joint and scurried in, while the actor departed his Big Wheels and followed him.

The unknown gent immediately recognized the famous fellow, despite funky streaked hair, some extra poundage and totally strung-out behavior. Even greeted the actor by name, but the guy's response was simply, "Do you live around here?"

Since neither had a nooky nest nearby, they simply hopped in the back of the actor's transport for, um, band practice. Word is the aging star gave quite the adept performance--not a first-timer, it seems.

Unknown if the man's amour knows about his habits. But loads of late-night espresso sippers sure do. Kurt Russell, Matthew McConaughey, Warren Beatty, Arnold Schwarzenegger

36. NY POST/PAGE SIX....10/13
--WHICH big league baseball manager - who has a wife several hundred miles away - raised eyebrows on the Upper East Side when he came out of an apartment building with an attractive fortysomething blonde at about 9 a.m.? ... Lou Pinella

--WHICH man-loving mogul was so taken with a recent photo of a young gay novelist he immediately called the hunk and invited him out to lunch? Patrons at the midtown eatery's other tables wondered whether the mogul had tired of his steady boytoy ...
MAN-LOVING MOGUL: David Geffen/Jann Wenner

--WHICH Victoria's Secret hottie loves her colleagues so much she sometimes persuades them to come home with her for sapphic sessions? Heidi Klum

37. NY POST/PAGE SIX....10/15
--WHICH aging Oscar-winning leading man is so desperate for new conquests that he went to Moscow recently to sample the local talent? Now the notoriously shy guy is in L.A. with a wheeler-dealing pal who procures dates ... Ben Kingsley, Anthony Hopkins, Gene Hackman, Robert De Niro

--WHICH Oscar-nominated actor, who recently broke up a Hollywood marriage, has a powerful thirst? Promoting one of his movies, the studio had three people watch him at all times so that he would not be crocked for interviews ...Russell Crowe

-- WHICH rock star embarrassed his recently dumped wife by flaunting his affair with a dewy Elite model? The rocker brought the babe along on his latest tour.  Eddie Vedder, Mick Jagger

38. Filth2Go...10/16
Could it be that a certain Broadway hunk currently treading the boards has been smitten by the love bug? So say my sources on the Great White Way, who tell me that the gangly Tony nominee has never had much luck in love. That all changed when he was recently set up on a blind date by his former sitcom co-star, who apparently fancies herself able to solve mysteries both on screen and off. She found the perfect guy in the chorus of yet another Broadway show, and the trio went out togther. Ever since then, the tunesome duo has been making beautiful music together (on their off nights, of course). If this one doesn’t work out, I say that our hero (who looks so dashing in a uniform) is on to something. I bet that one of his other former co-stars might have some suitable friends.
TONY NOMINEE: Craig Bierko
SITCOM CO-STAR: Valerie Bertinelli
FORMER CO-STAR: Matthew Perry

39. STAR MAGAZINE....10/17
This chart topping singer was relatively unknown two years ago, but now she's hotter than the sidewalk in summer. But she's become a victim of her own success and is using her millions to finance a new hobby -- drugs! From crack cocaine to heroin, she's yet to meet a mind-altering substance she doesn't like. She's strung out all the time and could barely function during a recent public appearance. After the last overdose, her advisers begged her to get help, but she's in denial. People around her fear she'll be dead before long. Macy Gray; Fiona Apple; Christina Aguilera

40. GLOBE...10/17
This washed up action star still insists on having bodyguards accompany him everywhere. Only problem is, NOBODY looks twice at him anymore! His ego finally got a boost when a group of women ran over, but they were more interested in one of his minders than him. They even gave the fella their phone numbers -- and he'll have plenty of time to call 'em cuz Mr. Jealous Macho Man gave Mr. Hunky Bodyguard the boot the next day. Steven Seagal

Once America's pop sweetheart, this entertainer hasn't hit the charts in years. To jumpstart her career, she offered to pose for a men's magazine with an accompanying racy tell-all. Turns out that the editors think she's a total has-been -- they turned her down flat! Deborah Gibson, Belinda Carlisle, Paula Abdul, Tiffany

42. Hint Magazine...10/18
Which recent supermother was spotted in New York's East Village on Tuesday night, on a low-profile assignation with someone other than her husband? Cindy Crawford, Iman

43. TED CASABLANCA....10/19 #1
With all the weddings and kids popping up around Hollywood these days, family bonding is booming.

But one singer who was pretty popular in the '80s and has recently resurrected, has been a believer in family ties for years. Even when her name became a distant memory, her sibling relations never faded. And those tortured lyrics the songwriter pens don't come from just any old dysfunctional family experiences.

That's because the babe used to bed-hop with her brother. Ewwww. Despite a seemingly happily wedded life, the lady is still just as Craftmatic-close with her bro.
Aimee Mann, Deniece Williams

09/21:From mcfizz: Please give us something to steep during the next week. Pretty please?
--Every week it's the same old thing--every friggin' week. My 5,000 words every Thursday aren't enough? Fine! Got a great blind item coming in next week's column about a famous musician who has long had an affair with her own brother. Too sick for your tastes? I suspect not.

10/14: From glamazongirl: Ted, how long are you going to keep teasing us about the female musician who's doing her brother? You promised! Just give us a hint? --Think Biblical, my dear.

44. TED CASABLANCA....10/19 #2
This hotshot (at least he thinks so) Hollywood producer was trolling about the post-premiere party for a flick that starred some geezers who are almost as prunish as he is.

The dude--who attended the soiree but didn't work on the film--stumbled through the throngs of revelers and finally found his way to a female employee. Since he'd already tossed back a few, the guy was not looking for directions to the bar.

Actually, the naughty dude asked the lady to pay him a visit later that night. "But I have a boyfriend!" the damsel protested.

Well, he has a wife (and not his first), but that didn't stop the cocky guy from continuing the convincing: "You'd have a much better time with me."

Yeah, but judging by his inebriated state, he could use that penis pump I forgot to use.
David Brown; Richard Zanuck

45. STAR MAGAZINE....10/24
She's one of the richest women in Hollywood and the money just keeps rolling in. But she's been oddly frugal lately, and her employees don't know WHAT to think. Recently she left for a three-week trip to Europe and left three of her most trusted staffers to move in and run her huge house. But once inside, they were surprised to find she'd put locks on her interior doors and cabinets and they had no access to any household supplies. They had one towel each to use for three weeks! But the last straw was when they found a note on her desk saying, "See you in three weeks!" and three rolls of toilet paper!
Madonna, Barbra Streisand

46. GLOBE 10/24
This notorious Hollywood badboy shocked the crowd when he popped up at a Sex Addicts Anonymous meeting in LA. He remained calm as people recognized him and whispered among themselves. Then when his turn came, he stood up and announced, "My name is XXXX and I'm a sex addict." He went on to tell the small crowd, "I've been on the good path for many years. But it's still one day at a time." Stay strong, big guy. I'm pulling for ya. Charlie Sheen

47. Hint Magazine...10/25
--Which female designer has been hounding one of the hunky presenters from the VH-1 fashion awards?

Female Designer: Stella McCartney; Donatella Versace
Hunky Presenter:

--This just in from our South Beach bureau chief. Only the names have been changed to protect the horny: "I hit the opening of 320, Michael Capponi's new place in the old Bar Room space (he was the head guido for CP's promotions) on Lincoln Rd. In the vip, saw [music mogul] sans [his well known companion], smugly scrogging with a rather chunky and squat black female." He'll be scrogging out of the other side of his face when his partner reads this. Tommy Mottola; Puff Daddy

48. NATIONAL ENQUIRER....10/27...Online
This Oscar-winning actor is rocking the boat in his latest marriage with his fits of depression. And even though she's known her hubby for years, his new bride is thinking about bolting from their waterfront home. Rod Steiger

49. Filth2Go...10/30
#1 - Could it be that a certain buff boy better known for his bleached locks than for any acting ability has a past well hidden in his closet? So say former classmates of the bronzed god, who tell me that he used to work as a stripper during his, ahem, "internship" with that very public homosexual. While the aspiring actor was still a college student and trying to breathe some life into his artistic endeavors, he was bending over forwards and backwards in a club where the boys went all the way. Now, if we could only find some photos of that for the Web site! By that way, I hear that during his dancing days, he went by the name Al, which was an abbreviation of his real last name - a name so ponderous that it could choke a horse.
David Chokachi

#2 - Could it be that a noted celebrity reporter (and sometime actor) had to leave his local beat due to a nasty scandal waiting to erupt? That's what I hear from people in the know, who tell me that this paisan was getting a bit familiar with a furry friend - one with four legs! When extrication became difficult, he was forced to get out of town before the whole thing became public knowledge. This may have happened over a decade ago, but it didn't stop the right people from telling me every little detail. Oh, brother, it was hard getting all of those details out of them, but I did it for you, my loyal fans. Jerry Penacoli

50. STAR 10/31
This metal rock star hit it big in the 80's, but now he's hit rock bottom. The band kicked him out a few years ago because he couldn't get off heroin, and he's broke. He's gone from living in a hillside party pad to a seedy one-room apartment with no phone. People trying to reach him have to leave a message with his landlord and he meets them at a coffee shop down the street. Groupies will be horrified to hear he's been HIV positive for years and now it's turned into full blown AIDS. And get this -- he's not taking advantage of free treatment available because he doesn't want anyone to think he's gay.

Steven Adler of Guns N Roses; David Lee Roth; Robbin Crosby from Ratt

51. GLOBE 10/31
The gorgeous actress wife of a popular action hero shocked partygoers at a recent Tinseltown bash by having a steamy make out session with the pretty, female star of a hit sitcom. "They stood in a corner for nearly an hour locking lips," confides an insider. "Some of the guests were wondering whether Mr Action Hero was going to get in on the action later -- and join the ladies for a steamy threesome."

MR. ACTION HERO: Casper Van Dien (Starship Troopers); Nicolas Cage; Tom

ACTRESS WIFE: Catherine Oxenberg; Patricia Arquette; Nicole Kidman

52. NY POST/PAGE SIX...10/31
--WHICH wealthy widow is keeping her new boyfriend's background a secret? Insiders are laughing because this diva's new beau is really a gay physician who has been linked to a Navy admiral . . . Leona Helmsley

--WHICH rapper-turned-actor celebrated the release of his latest movie with a seedy tour of New York's remaining peep shows at 4 a.m? The drunk and sweaty heartthrob was spotted perusing porn shops too.  Mark Wahlberg