September and October 1999

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This youngish movie star's demonic rep among women he's dated on both coasts could guarantee he might never find another date again. Although he makes well over $10 million a movie, he's a notorious skinflint known for taking women to cheesy eateries while treating his blue-collar male friends to the best restaurants in town. Insanely jealous, he insisted that one struggling actress/girlfriend visit him on location every weekend, on her dime, then barely spoke to her and insulted her in front of the posse he puts on every films budget's payroll. He "rewarded" her for showing up with fast, painful, emotionless shags. (Yes, his equipment, about which he brags constantly, is as legendarily huge as his heart is tiny.) Sure, women start out thinking he's a little boy messed up from a miserable home life--then they wake up and write him off as a self-centered, imbecilic, no-talent user.

This hot, young TV-and-movie looker thought everything would be fab when mutual friends set her up with an equally hot young TV-and-movie talent. On their first date, they had dinner at a cool, low-key restaurant, then repaired to his beach place, where things got very cozy with a roaring fire and his beloved, ever-present Doberman lying nearby. As things got more and more romantic and the two slipped between the sheets, who could blame her for not interrupting things to complain when the pooch leapt on the bed? But she outright freaked when her lover eventually insisted on including his best friend in their loveplay, as he'd done with his former, trashy, adventurous girlfriends. Woof.

3. NY DAILY....09/02
Memo to that married brother from a famous acting family: That guy you met while dog-walking in the park says it wasn't just your two pooches that got frisky one morning...

Which sexy star of TV's upcoming fall season got her job the old fashioned Hollywood way -- by sleeping with the producer? The show as originally scripted for a male lead, but this ladey set her sights on the role and, after a little pillow talk with the boss man about it, got just what she wanted.

5. GLOBE.....09/14
These two attractive, high profile stars are considered one of H'wood's happiest married couples - -but it's all a sham. Truth is, they've secretly separated three times, Now they're seeing a counselor three times a week in a last-ditch bid to save their marriage.

6. STAR MAGAZINE.....09/14
This actor is known for playing upstanding fathers but in real life he's a heel. A few years ago this married-with-kids nice guy appeared in a movie playing a schoolteacher who had an affair with a young student. While filming, he seduced his inexperienced, 15 year old female co-star. The affair went on for much of the shoot until the girl called it off. Later she told friends, "He just got too creepy!" Now that she's a bit older and realizes what happened, she's starting to talk.

7. NY POST/PAGE SIX...09/05
WHICH model-loving mogul, who's going steady with a gorgeous foreign-born covergirl, has been subsidizing the rental of a house in Southampton for an American-born beauty he used to take out in public? Everybody figured they had split up long ago, but they evidently still meet secretly for mutual gratification ...

WHICH octogenarian comic, who is still appearing around the country, is upset his longtime wife has left him for another woman? ...

Many thanks to one of our readers:

I used to work as a bellman at an Inn in Lake Arrowhead in the San Bernardino Mountains in Southern California back in the 80's.

During that time, (older morning show hostess) and her daughter (B movie actress) used to book a room for the weekend sometimes two, three, and once four times a month.

They would come on up, check into a single bed room with just a little overnight bag, and then go out and pick up men to bring back to their rooms. After a few hours, the men would leave, and the mother and daughter team would go out looking for another couple of guys. During my time there, I had to warn the mother and daughter several times to keep the noise down. A few times, when someone would open the door and listen to me read them the usual riot act, I usually had a very good view of a foursome in action. Mom and daughter at that time had really dynamite bodies. If Mom wasn't so damn wholesome, she could've been in Playboy right along with her daughter, years and years ago.

Anyway, I've been wanting to tell this story to someone for the longest time.

9. GLOBE.....09/21
Which sexy actress -- once married to a famous athlete -- waltzed into a BevHills store with a female companion and loudly griped to a clerk "All men are dogs." As they left, the actress lovingly embraced her galpal and the two walked away tenderly holding hands. Hmmmm. .

PSST! Can you guess which TV good guy hopes a couple of Hwood sexpots will never write a tell-all book -- because his wife will kill him!? Seems the superstar had sizzling flings with a beautiful movie star and whiny comedienne while he was going steady with his wife-to-be! Now the gals all know each other and hubby's constantly on edge.

11. STAR MAGAZINE....09/21
When this cool young star is in Hollywood, he stays at the hippest hotels and parties all night long. On a typical night, he and his buddies enjoy a steady stream of sexy call girls visiting their suite. About 4 a.m., however, the mood changes and it's young guys for hire who come calling. One night this famous actor frantically called the lobby -- he described a young Asian man who had just left his suite and was getting off the elevator and said "I don't want him to leave -- tell him to come back and I'll pay him double!"

12. Filth2Go.....09/13
Could it be that a former television sci-fi actress has hit such hard times that she’s actually taking in boarders? Not only is it true, but she’s advertising directly to her fans! This actress (whose profession runs in the family) hasn’t had enough work to maintain her bucolic existence, so she’s let fans know that, for a premium, they may rent a room in her home on a night-to-night basis. Alas, she never says if she will be in residence at the time of the visit, but there’s plenty to do since her home is in the middle of the wilderness. On occasion, you might even see some wild owls! June Lockhart, Denice Crosby

--Could it be that two of the world's hottest male models are in love – with each other? So say sources at modeling agencies around the world who are whispering that this high-profile couple is hot and heavy as often as scheduling permits. Both are roughly the same age (mid-20s) and share rippling abs and amazing physiques. One’s a sexy Swede, and the other’s as American as apple pie (if the pie had a Thighmaster). Here’s hoping that their romance continues to bloom (and if you’re looking for an older third, do let me know!).

CREME DE LA CREME: Of the many wacky tales to emanate from the set of that household-name director's recent epic, here's our favorite: that Oscar-nominated actor wasn't fired for "creative differences", but because he became so aroused in the midst of a sex scene that he...well, let's just say he let his famous technique run amok.

THE RUTHLESS ROMANCER: One of Hollywood's sex symbols is said to screw his co-workers, literally and figureatively, whenever it's advantageous to do so. Years ago he supposedly conducted a torrid romance with the female costar of the movie that made his name, and then coldly dumped her at the end of the picture. When he later landed a lead by seducing the male director (who'd promised the role to a lesser-known thesp), he quickly turned his attention to his hunky co-star. At the wrap party dinner for that film, he sat with his wife by his side and coldly ignored the guy.

POTTY TRAINING: In the 50s, this comedian was a king of TV comedy and a favorite in top nightclubs. Offstage, the family man is said to have paid working girls to relieve themselves on a glass-topped table while he lay underneath with his grateful face pressed to the glass.

DIVA FOR A DAY: It's an age-old scenario, but one case stands out because of the star involved. The gifted actress was not really a diva, but when, in the midst of her own dearly great performance in the now famous movie from the '80s. she began hearing of Oscar-talk about her co-star, she was so threatened she quietly had that actress's performance cut down to size. The star won an Oscar; her co-star, despite great reviews, didn't even get nominated.

WHERE'S POPPA? When this A-List superstar and family man handpicked a young European beauty to costar with him, critics and audiences grooved to their screen chemistry. But when the actress emerged months later visibly pregnant, tongues wagged that the daddy was the good-looking star. If the rumor is true, it might explain why the actress never lets photographers snap a pic of the kid's face.

TOOTING HIS OWN HORN: Town talk has long had it that a certain, greatly endowed, great-looking dude has such yogic dexterity that his very favorite form of non-professional performance is to orally pleasure himself while others, including girlfriends, watch in amazement.

INDECENT PROPOSAL: The persistent rumor that's dogged a long-married, glamourous household-name couple for years claims that studio bosses paid her $5 million to lend him heterosexual credibility by marrying and raising kids with him--with yearly bonuses so long as he remained a box-offrice attraction worth protecting. The longevity of this rumor has more to do with the very real tradition of studio-arranged marriages (for such stars as Barbara Stanwyck and Rock Hudson) than with any evidence that this particular union is less than the real thing.

THE BIG CHANGE: The much-repeated tales goes that when this second-generation star was born she was hermaphroditic, & that her parents chose to have her surgically altered to be exclusively a girl. The story is so prevalent it's been openly discussed on radio and the Internet with names attached. Jamie Lee Curtis

LEADING LADY: Accolades follow this star's every career move, but so too do the rumors that, on every film, she calculatedly seduces her leading man--not for sexual pleasure, mind you, but to gain power over him.

MY LATEST PROTEGE': Tongues wagged all over town when this hit-making, very married film-maker became mentor to a boyishly good-looking fledgling director. More tongues wagged when the established talent dropped the mentoree. Half the gossip said it was because he realized the romantic feelings he'd developed for his protege'. The other half said it was because the kid turned out a bunch of so-so movies.

WHEN YOU WISH UPON A STAR: Those who knew this salty beauty thought her an odd choice to star in wholesome Disney flicks in the 60s. Sure enough, if you believe the story, Uncle Walt discovered her making out with another actress in a seldom-used office and banished her forever from the lot.

CHOPPER ONE: One recent delicious rumor claims that a certain tall, blonde, sexy little drink of water has flase upper teeth that she removes on special occasions, rendering herself especially adept at giving oral pleasure.

WHAT'S THE "IT" THIS "IT" GIRL'S GOT? This hot contemporary rumour claims that one of Hollywood's _now_ girls {the word "now" is italicized in the magazine} is secretly agonized by a mother who's a boozer and a father who's a self-centered screamer given to belittling her.

THE CLOSET CASE: One of Hollywood's favorite current rumors recounts how a certain very married, long-in-the-tooth osacr-winning master thespian spent quality time in a bathroom at last spring's Academy Awards witha curvaceous, young Oscar-winning actress.

DAZED AND CONFUSED: One of America's beloved A-List superstars has long been rumored to be a big honking pot addict.

HOOKED: A hot bit of dish has it that one beautiful, well-respected, and happily married movie star was briefly a high-ticket Vegas call girl years ago when her career hit lean times.

PUPPY LOVE: This actress copped a well-deserved Oscar nomnation when she toiled for a multi-Oscar-winning director with a reputation for wildly eccentric, unpredictable behaviour. But their love/hate relationship sparked world-cladd rumors, too. Weirdest of all is the tale of how the actress returned late to her trailer only to find the director having sex with her dog. Woof.

THESE TWO: People have been talking since the '80s about the two actresses who, while costarring in a movie, had a rocky love affair. When a third star got involved, a vicious catfight erupted. Whatever actually happened, one of the actresses nipped her then-promising career in the bud, and the other has never had another romantic relationship of any consequence.

14. STAR MAGAZINE....09/28
This solid-gold actor has carved out a great career and made a fortune playing a clean cut guy. When he admitted a problem with substance abuse his loyal fans cheered him on as he checked into rehab. Now he's bragging to the world that he's clean and sober -- but that's not the case. He loves the H'wood party scene but doesn't dare order a drink in public. So he orders soft drinks and spikes them w/a flask of booze he keeps hidden in his pocket.

PSSST! Guess which dreamy movie hunk cheated on his pregnant wife? Even worse, the handsome heel was actualy in bed making whoopee with a well-known blonde actress (who's showed her assets on the big screen) while his wife was in labor, alone at the hospital. Now THAT's low class.

16. GLOBE.....09/28
Pals are worried sick about this major '80's TV star. She got hooked on cocaine during her hit show's run and is still snorting the powder, even though she's into middle age -- and complaining to pals her heartbeat is getting more and more irregular.

Neighbors of this notoriously bitchy,self enchanted young actress are frantically circulating petitions around their tony Beverly Hills condo complex in an effort to get her tossed out on her award winning , surgically enhanced ass. Although there's plenty they could complain about , like how she lets all kinds of trash at her pad while she's off shooting shoddy films , which she deludes herself into believing have artistic merit, her neighbors have only one specific gripe: they can't stand the ear blasting screams the doll lets out when she's in the throes of orgasm. From what we hear, the monster hardly needs a partner to let her screeches out, because she's the owner of an enormous collection of well endowed toys.

18. Filth2Go....09/20
Could it be that a certain Hollywood couple has a secret that everyone in town is whispering about? It used to be that the gossip was about her recurring case of herpes that was barely hidden in several of her films. Now the buzz is about his loss of weight and hair. Ironically, while he’s on the decline physically, she’s never looked better. I guess you could say that he looks like something the cat dragged in, while she’s still the cat’s meow. And her career may be in a mini slump, but he’s flying high. That’s Hollywood!

--Could it be that there’s more to a certain threesome than meets the eye? So say the stagehands at the Emmys who tell me that when it came time for the dress rehearsal, she didn’t bring her hubby but, rather, her girlfriend. What’s a girl to do when it comes to choosing a date for the event itself? Do what she did last year – bring both! After all, this year she wasn’t only a presenter, she was a nominee!

19. GLOBE ....10/05
A major studio desperately tried to do a drug intervention on one of its hot young female stars who is heavily addicted to cocaine and has become toothpick thin. Sadly, they failed and she continues to party like there's no tomorrow.

20. STAR MAGAZINE.... 10/05
This actor was a popular sitcom dad on a hit show in the late '80's. He and his younger wife have called it quits so he's on the prowl in a big way. The guy is addicted to young girls barely in their 20's. He likes to lure groups of pretty young aspiring actresses to his house and serve them cocktails. Then he encourages them to get nasty -- with each other! He doesn't participate, he just likes to watch. The girls are surprised when he comes on strong but doesn't follow through. Alan Thicke

Which high powered movie producer-director invited a young starlet onto the proverbial casting couch, then reneged on the deal? Lusting for a role on anything carrying his influential name, a busty bubble head agreed to meet Mr. Bigshot in a Vegas hotel room for the weekend. Pumped up with Viagra, the producer wore her out with his wild sexcapades. But now he won't return her calls.

22. Filth2Go....09/27
Could it be that the star of a highly touted new TV series is uncomfortable in his role as a heterosexual romantic lead? Seems that way to me. While this character is a departure from the fey roles that have rocketed him to stardom, this oft-rumored-about leading man is willing to play the part. He is not, however, willing to divulge too much. Whether he's simply being private, or dodging the big question, is not completely clear. When faced with a panel of fawning women on nationwide television asking if he's single, he stammered, stuttered, and finally got out, "Technically single. I guess you could call it that." When he was then asked if he'd like to be fixed up, he smiled and demurred saying, "I'm not really in a being-fixed-up mode". He may not be out, but those are answers I can at least respect. Billy Campbell

What presidential candidate is praying that a former secretary doesn't go public with her claim that he's been having an affair with a twentysomething woman? Many on the married Republican's campaign staff are already jumping ship… Gary Bauer, Dan Quayle, George W. Bush, John McCain

24. GLOBE .....10/12...#1
This full-figured, award winning TV star has such a problem with flatulence that her co-stars give her scented candles -- and spray air freshener all over the set. The poor gal apparently has no idea she's such a gas!" Camyrn Manheim, Roseanne, Tyne Daly, Kirstie Alley

25. GLOBE....10/12...#2
Nobody gives this actress much credit -- because she's maxed out her charge cards! The shopaholic beauty, best known for her ill-fated marriage to a superstar, was on such a buying rampage that her panicked accountant called one ritzy store and snapped: "Don't let her charge another dime or I'm gonna come down and strangle you!" Lauren Holly, Mimi Rogers, Brigitte Neilson

26. Filth2Go....10/04
Could it be that the oh-so-gay star of that oh-so-gay sitcom refused to be featured on the cover of a national gay magazine? Not only that, but when the Advocate asked the two second bananas of the show to pose together for a cover shoot to accompany a favorable article about the show (BTW, said article did not even allude to this star's "lifestyle", nor did he have to be interviewed), the actor declined, leaving his co-star high and dry. Word is that this supporting actress/scene-stealer is part pissed off at her co-star, part understanding of his sensitivity, and the rest drunk. Sean Hayes of Will and Grace

27. NY POST/PAGE SIX...10/08
WHICH model-loving, never-been-married entertainer, looking to replace his last girlfriend, invited a bevy of beauties to a party the other night at his midtown apartment? To ensure the highest quality, this guy also offered bribes to bookers at a couple of top modeling agencies to provide even more pulsating pulchritude ...

WHICH photographer laughingly tells friends about his date with a wealthy young widow? He was particularly amused by her bizarre habit of wearing two pairs of panties, a custom she adopted in college? ...

WHICH up-and-coming model is going to ruin her career if she continues to cancel bookings? Her well-known, much older photographer boyfriend tells her she's too good to work. By the time he's done with her, she won't be.

WHICH local baseball hero is back playing the field - where he is very much at home - after a torrid fling with a beauty queen? Until they chilled, she was his only squeeze.

28. STAR MAGAZINE...10/19
This movie star was devastated when his last release was an embarrassing flop. He took out his frustrations by partying like there's no tomorrow. With his wife thousands of miles away, he hosted an anything-goes sex party at a friend's Hollywood mansion. He was so liquored up and high on cocaine that he openly indulged in the services of the working girls -- and the working guys!

29. GLOBE....10/19
This major star, now shooting a movie overseas, can never remember his lines.. because he starts hitting the bottle early each morning and boozes all through the day. Sometimes the macho actor even passes out on the set and has to be carried to his limo to sleep it off at his hotel.

30. Filth2Go....10/11
Could it be that a mighty friendly television personality hasn’t quite kicked his nasty drug habit? All the better to mend a broken heart, my dear. Rumor has it that this jokester recently connected with a would-be actress who would do ANYTHING to make it (and we all know that type). Supposedly, this gal went back to our funnyman’s pad, and they were on an Ecstasy trip when he wanted to get even friendlier. This “actress” suddenly felt awkward and declined, but, instead, she allegedly watched him pleasure himself, and then she did the same (or a reasonable facsimile thereof). Friends don’t let friends party with strangers. Matthew Perry

Have you heard the one about the TV and movie hottie who deliberately dropped off the radar screen because he found fame, fortune and fan frenzy so intolerable? Well, the guy wasn't actually fleeing fame, he was only trying to drive up his price, on the premise that absence makes the public and Hollywood grow fonder, and get some cosmetic surgery done on his face and hairline, too. Guess what's happening now that he's announced he's ready to work again? Nada. He's been all but forgotten.

When one of this famed married couple's mansions went on the market, serious buyers and snoops alike dropped by to check it out. One prospective purchaser got more than he was bargaining for when he and the realtor found no one to answer the door and let themselves in with the realtor's key. Wandering out to the pool area, they were shocked to discover the master of the house on all fours, wearing a doggy choke chain and playing servant to a couple of young male sex toys. We don't know whether that sent the asking price up or down, but the place sold within days.

33. STAR MAGAZINE....10/26
She's one of the prettiest actresses in Hollywood but her career has been in a slump ever since she left a popular TV series to do movies. Things haven't turned out the way she planned and now she's grateful for an occasional role in a B movie. To make ends meet, she's moonlighting as a drug dealer! She's a major pothead and sells marijuana out of her apartment. Business is booming but her highbrow neighbors have caught on to her dealings and they're threatening to take action.

34. GLOBE...10/26.... #1
When this hot headed actor splits with his gal of the moment, he usually turns up at a seedy West Hollywood bar that's a hangout for hookers...'male' hookers.

The movie tough guy picks up the most feminine guy in the place and they go for a walk (on the wild side). Micky Rourke, Marky Mark, Matt Dillon

35. GLOBE...10/26.... #2
Life's no fun anymore for this once-bubbly sitcom star, he's so depressed, he's ready to shoot himself. My spies say the comedian spends most of his time sitting like a zombie in his dressing room or at home muttering about suicide.

Pals are begging him to go on anti-depressants and they're watching him every minute to make sure he doesn't do something stupid....and final. David Spade, George Wendt, Andy Dick

36. Filth2Go....10/18
Could it be that a hot soap hunk is less hunk and more chunk these days? If you are a fan of his show, you’ve noticed that this soapster, who used to be naked at the drop of a shirt, is now clothed at almost all times. What’s up with this guy’s pecs, you might ask? The stud recently told friends, “I really don’t look that good anymore.” He added that the show has chosen to show off his “attractiveness” in other ways. Praise the Lord.

37. NY POST/PAGE SIX.... 10/19
WHICH long-stemmed lawyer - often seen commentating on TV - has made certain her legs don't get all the attention? She bought herself a pair of breast implants so that men will keep their eyes above her waist ...

I can't name names now, but can you guess which small-screen superstar couple are making it in real life, too - even though he's been married forever? They're even flaunting their romance all over Tinseltown by turning up at showbiz events together, smooching and cuddling up a sotrm, but nobody gives them a second thought because their TV marriage is a perfect cover-up.

39. GLOBE...11/02
This award-winning actress is VERY married - happily, she claims, but she's shamelessly smoochin' and snugglin' with her macho young co-star on the set of her latest movie. What's more, each morning, the middle-aged star gives her hairstylist a blow-by-blow account of her kinky romp with the hunk the night before.

40. STAR MAGAZINE...11/02
He helped launch some of the biggest careers in Hollywood, but it's his secret photo album that could be his legacy. Over the years he snapped pictures of wannabe actors (who are now household names) in compromising positions - from engaging in gay sex to doing illegal drugs. After his death, his will stated that these photos must be destroyed. But some are missing. His last lover kept the most shocking of the collection just in case he's not happy with the contents of his late boyfriend's multimillion-dollar will! Allan Carr, Roddy McDowell, Stanley Kubric, David Geffen

41. NY POST/PAGE SIX...10/24
WHICH very young socialite was recently kicked out of a popular nightclub for smoking a joint in the open? The wild child needs to curb the drinking, drugs and sex or she'll ruin the good name her grandfather made famous ...

WHICH gay rock star is so aggressive, the good-looking waiters who recently served him and his guests were warned they might get hit on? Some didn't mind the idea.

42. NATIONAL ENQUIRER......10/26
Psst! This macho Oscar nominee -- who's VERY married -- was spotted in a darkened booth at a Hollywood bar swapping spit with a beautiful young blonde. The European-born star's curvy companion clearly was hot to trot, but EYE hope it didn't go past kissing -- because the blonde was a GUY in drag!

43. NY POST/PAGE SIX..10/26
WHICH high achiever seduced his current flame by quietly asking during a stuffy dinner party, "Wanna have sex?" To her own surprise, she said yes. And they did. And she ended up leaving her hubby ...

WHICH heavyweight female talent agent is so obsessed with the philandering of her husband, clients are starting to wonder when she has time to work on their careeers? They wish she'd just dump the bum ...

WHICH gorgeous actress, who loves to flaunt her fabulous form, was so subtly enhanced by the scalpel that no one knows she has breast implants? Or they wouldn't, if her boyfriend refrained from nodding at her upholstery and cracking, "Best investment I ever made."