May and June 1998

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They're together, they're apart, they're reconciling, they're battling - who can keep track of this photogenic pair? Although intimates say these lovebirds will probably never get around to tying the knot, they do guarantee they'll stay a twosome. Why? Turns out they're entangled in bonds even more binding - an insatiable appetite for homestyle bondage, discipline, domination and sadism. Even though he keeps trying to get out, he can't. Is it that he just can't find anyone to beat him as well as she does?

Neighbors in that ritzy, manicured section of L.A. were astounded when, day after day, they spied a series of hunky delivery boys, repair men and cops visiting the home of a very sexy, very married TV and movie temptress. Shock waves abounded when it was learned her hubby was way out of town. What no one realized, though, is that each of the visitors "was" the glam doll's husband. Huh? Turns out he snuck home wearing various uniforms to pay his wife visits in an effort to keep the fizz in their sex life. Judging by how fabulous and content she looks, things seem to be working out nicely.

Missy model-sorta-actress has it all - lips, hips, breasts, you name it. Except one thing: hair. That's right, this cover girl stunner is bald as Kojak and relies on some very big wigs to get her through the day.
Tyra Banks

What's Mr. Once Famous 'N' Hunky's newest nasty habit? Latin boys and chocolate bars. What does do with them? We'll leave that up to your imagination.

5. STAR MAGAZINE...05/04
After a messy divorce this major TV actress finally found the love of her life. She's making big plans to marry her dream man and turn her Hollywood home into the ultimate love nest - complete with a fully-equipped S&M dungeon. Her new lover introduced her to the world of fetishes and now she's hooked. It's a whole new world of sex. Their lovemaking is very hard-core, complete with whips, chains and leather restraints. She's spent thousands stocking their sexual playroom. They have even hired a top dominatrix to show them the ropes.

6. STAR MAGAZINE.....05/12
This onetime Hollywood heartthrob shot to fame playing a bad boy on TV. His 1980's series epitomized the indulgences of the decade and his personal lifestyle is just as glamorous -- nothing but the best. He spent his money as fast as he earned and after his show was canceled he was shocked to find good roles few and far between. Now he relies on his handsome physique to earn him a living -- as a high priced gay escort. For $500 an hour he's fulfilling fantasies for the Hollywood gay elite. His life has turned into an X-rated episode of his television series, only without the designer wardrobe.

7. MOVIELINE/JUNE...... #1
Is Murg the only one to notice that that latest hot up-and-comer has not exactly been blazing on-screen? Since she can clearly act, everyone is wondering why she's not coming across on film. Is she drinking, drugging or partying? Is she lovestruck or anorexic? Is she an out-of-control diva? None of the above, it turns out. Seems her problems start at home with her father, a nasty, hypercritical, undercutting piece of work who has been shredding his daughter's self-esteem virtually from the cradle. Nobody would ever mistake papa's career for brilliant, but that doesn't stop the frustrated actor from giving his poor daughter an exhaustive critique on her every line reading, performance, costume, hairdo and boyfriend. Where's mama, you ask? Unfortunately, she's way too genteel, self-absorbed and insecure to even dream of intervening.

We all know that everyone has their dirty little secrets, but the dirty little obsession of one much respected actor tops the usual sex-and-drug romps stars often indulge in. Seems this Hollywood talent is hooked on snuff films - not only does he own a large collection of twisted flicks featuring people (usually women) getting shot, tortured, dismembered and/or murdered for the camera, he also wanted to produce a snuff flick of his own. Murg hears the overrated sicko actually got pretty far along on the project until his high- powered manager got wind of what his client was up to and, smelling career disaster, forced him to kill his plans pronto.
Nicolas Cage (supposedly the reason Patricia Arquette divorced him)

Friends of Missy TV Star are worried about her tremendous weight obsession - she hardly eats a crumb and is getting stick thin. Pretty odd considering her hubby is on a crusade to feed the hungry. Go figure.

Why hasn't Missy Nasty 'N' Notorious worked in years? Seems the diva is so insecure about breaking her lucky streak that she's indulging in a life of leisure - with her gal pal.

11. RUSH AND MOLLOY/NY DAILY NEWS, Warren Beatty Blind Item, 05/04
What actress who has a famous father was begging Warren Beatty to take her home the other night? When Beatty politely declined, the tipsy gal asked, "Well, why won't you bleep me?" . . .

12. TED CASABLANCA... 05/07
So, there's a big-ass movie star who's more of a big-ass than a star. Said star--whose nasty and unpredictably sour behavior is as notorious as his physical attributes--was doin' press recently for a glossy feature flick.

The studio that was struttin' this guy around for his PR duties decided to do it in style, given this guy's boiling temper. Got him a nice ol' private jet. Just for him and his ego.

Flash to early morning. Sun has just come up over the tarmac when the ego and his owner show up to inspect the carrier. The inspection, as you may have guessed, did not go well.

"What the hell is this goddamned plane?!" Mr. Star yelled over the cell and into the ear of a publicist he had just woken up. "You can't even take a dump in here, it's so small! Get me a bigger one--now!"

Ego & Co. were flying high in a new Lear jet within a very short time, which, by the way, is a very big clue.

Fly me to the loon!

He's one of Hollywood's newest stars and his future is brighter than his picture perfect smile. He appears to be the kind of guy any girl would be proud to bring home to meet her parents. He's high on life - not only from his instant stardom - but also from the marijuana he ingests every day. That's the flaw in his clean-cut image. He's a habitual toker and wants to campaign for legalization of the drug. His handlers are worried sick that he'll go public with his feelings and spoil a carefully orchestrated boy-next- door image.

14. GLOBE 05/19
This soap beauty has an eye-popping way of inspiring the guy who plays her TV love interest - she goes topless for him in her dressing room before they go on camera! Although the two don't play doctor, the gal's boyfriend hit the roof when he found out about her method-stripping!

15. NY POST/PAGE SIX ..05/19...#1
WHICH unmarried internationally known publisher of girlie magazines is dating an exotic dancer half his age?

16. NY POST /PAGE SIX...05/19...#2
WHICH famous actress had a menage a trois with her famous actor boyfriend and his little brother? ...

17. NY POST/PAGE SIX...05/19....#3
WHICH editor-in-chief is shaking up her hugely profitable magazine by firing and demoting an inordinate number of staffers who have failed to show sufficient respect? ...

18. NY POST /PAGE SIX...05/19...#4
Which top model, who's married to a rock 'n' roller, is having an affair with an entrepreneur - who is married to another top model himself? The easygoing gal also had a fling with a major movie star

"We know this tiresome attention-grabber prides herself on her let-it-all-hang-out image, but couldn't she send one of her personal assistants instead of going herself to L.A. drugstores to stock up on the suppositories and enema kits she's so fond of?"

20. Sher's Blind Item.... 05/21....#1
What anchor woman just got back to within the past week from having some facial nips and tucks and all did not go well.... a certain part of her face already known as being, well, unusual ( at least some of us think so), is, hmmmm..... how does one put this .... out of kilter?????

21. Sher's Blind Item ....05/21...#2
Whoa, has THIS been kept totally hushed up...... a very bizarre lawsuit involving employees of a famed dead designer has elements stranger than any Hollywood plot -- including a couple of witnesses that have unexpectedly died ( one a record industry exec.... with a very expensive habit...).... An international music star was attempted to be subpoenaed but the star and star's lawyer managed to avoid being served with papers... it helps that the star has had to be out of the country so much attending why did the legal eagles want to talk to the star? Seems said singer knows about certain .... how shall we put it....lovey dovey "extras" encouraged by the designer's employees for certain well heeled customers AND -- get this -- the singer had been gifted by certain employees with an erect, gold inscribed ( by a place I've certainly never had breakfast) penis...... could be TRES embarrassing if the whole sordid mess ever was made public..

22. Sher's Blind Item ...05/27...#3
What friendly brunette t.v. star ( and a scream in the movies) had a new tattoo added to her buff tummy in Atlanta's Little Five Points district..... it's her astrological sun sign .. Rhymes with "slim am I".
 Courtney Cox

23. PHIL'S BLIND ITEM.....05/22
What good and wise older brother from the seventies bought pot from me in the mid eighties and tried to get me into his hotel room late one night after a hard days work?

24. Phil's Blind Item ....05/27
What on the decline cult director did I run into this morning in NYC? He looked haggard, worn, with plenty of grey in his hair. He was agitated and tweeking, like an overwound clock. Heres a hint, it was Quentin Tarantino. No more clues!!!!!!

25. GLOBE ...06/02
This TV personality has promised neighbors he'll call a halt to nightly shenanigans at his Hollyweird Hills home - because his loud screams and yells are keeping them awake. So what was going on inside? Well, leather-clad macho men have been seen entering the celeb's house at all hours...need we say more?

26. NY POST/LIZ SMITH....05/26
SUDDENLY EVERYBODY is talking about Brad Pitt and Jennifer Aniston. And maybe they are canoodling. But haven't you heard the much hotter story about Brad and that slightly older, gorgeous movie star? She is married, though this long union is hanging by a thread, if you believe the gossip. Her hubby is famously tough. Or at least he makes tough-guy movies. The lady is unhappy - and Brad, so we hear, has made her feel a lot better about herself.
 Demi Moore/Bruce Willis

27. STAR MAGAZINE..06/02
This busy TV star is a happy husband and father but when he wants to unwind, he doesn't got home - he visits call girls. Being on a hit series is hard work and he loves to relax with fantasy role playing. He insists the girls dress up like "baby dolls." He wants pink panties and a pacifier. The gals have to call him "Daddy" and when they're naughty they can expect a spanking. "Daddy's" lots of fun but the problem is he never seems to have enough cash on him!

28. TED CASABLANCA...05/27
There's a young-gal movie star, see. Just made a movie with an older-guy movie star, okay? Well, the latter has a rep for going for gals like the former, and the former enjoys a budding rep for going for more and more guys, period. Ya with me so far?

Of course, it happened. Bonk-a-rooney. Right on the set.

I know, I know. I can hear ya right now: It's happened before; it'll happen again. But not, dolls, quite like this:

Turns out the old dude is a best-friend dude to the gal's daddy.

O, mein Papa!

29. STAR MAGAZINE...06/09
She's one of the hottest female alternative rock stars - and one of the highest. When this girl parties she puts Courtney Love to shame. To the horror of her handlers, she doesn't even try to be discreet about her liquor and drug consumption. During an A-list dinner party at one of Hollywood's fanciest restaurants, she shocked the jaded crowd by skipping the main course and downing an amazing number of vodka and tonic cocktails. Instead of dessert, she pulled out a marijuana joint the size of a cigar, and smoked it until she passed out at the table!

30. NY POST/PAGE SIX ...06/02
WHICH aging continental fashion photographer scandalized the crew on a photo shoot in Big Sur, Cal., by openly carrying on with the pimply-faced daughter of his agent? ... WHICH professional basketball player recently beat a statutory rape charge after gang-banging a couple of underage girls? The DNA tests cleared him because - unlike his partners in crime - he wisely used condoms.

31. NY POST/PAGE SIX....06/11...#1
WHICH U.S. soccer star was kicked off his team when rumors surfaced that he'd been scoring off-field with the wives of two of his teammates? ...

32. NY POST/PAGE SIX..06/11...#2
WHICH notoriously cheap white-haired baseball legend - who got paid a guaranteed $125,000, plus expenses, for a three-hour autograph-signing - demanded the promoter reimburse him for a $6 cab fare?

33. STAR MAGAZINE....06/16
This squeaky-clean star is a secret member of Hollywood's gay community. Although everyone knows she's a lesbian, she prefers to play it straight. Her sexuality is no big secret, but her kinky habits are. During a stay in Las Vegas she left behind some "souvenirs" under the bed in her suite: a case full of sex toys! From a XXX-rated lesbian video, to toys that would make a porn star blush, this gal obviously knows her stuff. Some of the pieces were so shocking that even the seen-it-all housekeepers are still startled beyond words.

34. TED CASABLANCA....06/10
So, married movie star (who has a past professional achievement in common with one of this week's Tedbits subjects) is prone to flying hookers to whichever set he happens to be toiling on.

But what's got people a-buzzin' on this one (since adultery is practically required curriculum in Hollywood) is not the playin' but who the dude is playin' around on.

Men are real oink-oinkers, ain't they?

35. NY POST/PAGE SIX...06/13...#1
WHICH TV talkshow host should head straight to the nearest clinic for an AIDS test? One of the lovely ladies with whom he's been canoodling has just tested positive for HIV - apparently the result of one too many scenes with an infected male porn star ....

36. NY POST/PAGE SIX...O6/13...#2
WHICH NBA superstar with a squeaky clean image as a husband and father has a second family, complete with kids? ...

37. NY POST/PAGE SIX...06/13...#3
WHICH baseball star, who's busy denying he has a drinking problem, met his wife at Alcoholics Anonymous?

38. STAR MAGAZINE..06/23
This handsome actor is being touted as Hollywood's next big star - with a prominent role in one of TV's newest hits. Before he sailed to stardom he earned a living as a gigolo, bedding older women for big bucks. He'd charge $300 per romp and his customers say it was worth it. He landed a role and dumped his clientele without so much as a goodbye - and now the gals want revenge, threatening to go public with tales of sex-for-hire unless he goes back into business!

39. STAR MAGAZINE...06/30
This guy became a household name when he married one of Hollywood's sexiest actresses. Their sudden marriage shocked even their closest friends but his secret past is even more shocking. Before becoming a Hollywood husband, Mr. Right, was a ladies man - with ladies of the night, that is! He patronized some of the town's most expensive call girls. The gals say he was a thoughtful and gentle lover with only one quirk - he always wore feminine silky panties under his conservative suits. Insiders wonder if he's raiding his wife's panty drawer these days!


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