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This foreign born dual threat A list actor took the rare opportunity to have a night away from his at the hip wife. Sure, they did a little something earlier in the evening, but he begged off the end and the after parties where she would drag him around to people to make herself look important. Instead, he went and got quietly drunk at a pub with two friends she doesn't like him to see. Benedict Cumberbatch/Sophie Hunter

What we do know is this A-/B+ list actress/director came home a day earlier than planned. Now, was it because she and the foreign born former A list boy bander turned A list singer had a fight? A huge fight? She was definitely not a happy camper on the flight. Olivia Wilde/Harry Styles/"One Direction" (Olivia Wilde Dresses Up as Dolly Parton to Support Boyfriend Harry Styles’ Halloween-Themed Concert)

The only two tips I could quickly find about this A- list actor (now out of the closet) and him being in the closet, both centered around him hooking up with an A++ lister for whom he used to work. One was from four years ago and another from a couple of years ago. Kal Penn (Kal Penn, 'Harold and Kumar' and 'House' star, comes out as gay)

It might have started off as loving, but there was nearly a riot when a parent saw her child talking alone to this alliterate former A list rocker/serial sexual abuser of women and minors.
Marilyn Manson/"Sunday Service" (Kanye West Has Sparked Backlash For Inviting Marilyn Manson To His "Sunday Service" Three Months After He Was Criticized For Having Him At His "Donda" Listening Party Amid Sexual Assault Allegations)

This "couple" hasn't been hanging out at all. They each have been seeing people that make them happy, but when the cameras started rolling for a filmed show, there they were, the happy couple. Craig Conover ("Southern Charm" & "Winter House")/Paige DeSorbo ("Winter House") (‘Winter House’ Couple Paige DeSorbo and Craig Conover Dress as Pamela Anderson and Tommy Lee for Halloween)

This A- list mostly television actress has hit it big in two network shows. She also regular cheats on her husband with a long time and frequent co-star.

This foreign born A list host has lung cancer. Simon Cowell (Simon Cowell suddenly quits TV)

This A- list reality star/bad model supposedly has a boyfriend. How come it is that whenever they are at an event together, they never arrive or depart together. They never go somewhere or leave somewhere together. They always meet wherever they are supposed to meet and then go their separate ways. Kendall Jenner/Devin Booker (Kendall Jenner looks out of this world in a blonde beehive wig as Martian girl from Mars Attacks! while stepping out for boyfriend Devin Booker's 25th birthday)

Reader Blind - 90's Limo Driver: The driver was sometimes sent to deliver packages. One time he was sent after dark on a rush job to take a script from Beverly Hills to an actor’s home in Topanga Canyon. The script was for the A list actor who recently keeps getting into trouble groping women at bars. It was after 10pm when the driver arrived to actor’s hilltop home atop a winding canyon. The driver buzzed the intercom and after a few moments the actor appeared dripping wet in a towel with a noticeable bulge between his legs. The actor smiled and was very friendly, almost flirty with the driver. "Oh sorry, I was in the jacuzzi," the actor said, taking the script. The two had a weird moment of eye contact. "Well, I’ve got to get down to LAX," the driver said, wanting to get the hell out of there ASAP. Cuba Gooding Jr. (Cuba Gooding Sr.'s Body Found In Car In California, Coroner Confirms)

The celebrity CEO hooked up with this foreign born B+/B list actress who once was spotted canoodling for the cameras with the meme actor. That is the thing, she does everything for the cameras, and wants to be front and center and not doing lines on a private jet in Long Beach. So, not a good fit. She also says he has horrible breath. Elon Musk/Eiza González/Timothée Chalamet (Timothée Chalamet and Eiza González Were Spotted Kissing in Mexico)

This actress is A- list if you just include the Disney universe. She has to keep her love life secret because if she doesn't, the perv director will harass her until she splits with whoever she is seeing. Dove Cameron/Kenny Ortega (Disturbing clips of Descendant director sexually grabbing cast member Dove Cameron) (BLIND ITEM REVEALED 02/29/20)

This A- list singer/bad actress was yelled at first thing this morning by one of her people for eating a Snickers for breakfast. Apparently there is a fear that her fans will stop liking her if she gains too much weight. Selena Gomez (Selena Gomez Just Stepped Out with a Saint Laurent Bag Filled with Snickers)

There was a party hosted by a magazine this weekend that might as well have been called a yachters job fair. A lot of deals were made. "Maxim" (2021 Maxim Halloween Party Produced By MADE Special)

Crazier & Crazier: Everyone knows that the billionaire (Jeffrey Epstein) used people to get what he wanted. He especially liked finding European royalty and having them compromised or owing him a favor. There is also the question of how he got his first big stake of money. Prior to the Ponzi scheme embezzlement, where did he get his first big chunk of cash to make himself look good. He found an actress (Catherine Oxenberg) who is also royalty in the loosest term possible. They had a torrid romance before he decided she could make better use of her skills as an actress with a man (Keith Raniere) who had a lot of money. The man did have a lot of money, but it was from very ill gotten gains (NXIVM). The billionaire loved that because it would keep everyone quiet. Even though the bad stuff was happening in the US, the men behind it all stayed primarily in Europe which allowed the billionaire to come into contact with that man (Les Wexner) who ultimately would be his guide. Here is a very interesting question. The man who had the ill gotten gains was busted by a tip. Did the billionaire give the tip to avoid getting ensnared? Is the billionaire the father of a child (India Oxenberg) of the actress? The same child who has made headlines several times over the past few years. Jeffrey Epstein/Catherine Oxenberg/Keith Raniere/NXIVM/Les Wexner/India Oxenberg

It will be the end of an era when this actress (Ellen Pompeo) walks away from her ABC show ("Grey’s Anatomy") at the same time this actress (Mariska Hargitay) walks away from her NBC show ("Law & Order: Special Victims Unit’"). They are both the faces of their respective shows. Ellen Pompeo/"Grey’s Anatomy"/Mariska Hargitay/"Law & Order: Special Victims Unit" (Grey's Anatomy recap: Is Meredith leaving Grey Sloan?) (‘Law & Order: Special Victims Unit’ Ending?What To Know About The Show’s Future)

This female three named rapper is under orders to try and make one of these two siblings more receptive to the people in the industry. It has begun by getting her to start drinking and then there will be drugs and that is how the three named rapper will continue in the business and be successful. Megan Thee Stallion/Chloe Bailey (Chloe Bailey Refused To "Drive The Boat" While Partying With Megan Thee Stallion)

This offspring of a former A list celebrity/reality star had their own show for awhile, but was convinced she could land an athlete and not have to work again. She actually landed several athletes who dumped her when it became obvious it was a money thing. She is hoping to land another reality show and quench some thirst she has. Brooke Hogan/Hulk Hogan (BROOKE'S BACK! Where Hogan Knows Best star Brooke Hogan is now- from reality TV star to ‘broke’ cocktail waitress to interior designer)

Now, when this foreign born one named A list singer/rapper is confronted about trying to hook up with underage women, he can say it is actually an employee doing it and the singer/rapper shouldn't be blamed. Drake (Drake Parties It Up During Halloween Rap Battle)

Last night was just to make things seem legit. The fix is in and the professional dancing with the professional (Amanda Kloots/"The Rockettes") is set to win the whole thing ("Dancing With the Stars"). Amanda Kloots/"The Rockettes"/"Dancing With the Stars" (Canton native Amanda Kloots narrowly advances in 'Dancing with the Stars' on 'Queen Night') (Amanda Kloots Celebrates Late Husband Nick Cordero's Album Live Your Life: 'It's So Poetic Now')

This former reality star turned barely there celebrity has been telling her offspring to split with her significant other because she will make much more money single and with custody of the child, than she was being with him. Yolanda Hadid/"Real Housewives of Beverly Hills"/Gigi Hadid/Zayn Malik (Gigi Hadid Reportedly Met With Lawyers About Zayn And Custody Of Khai But Believes Her Daughter Needs Her Dad)

This A list mostly movie actor has his hands everywhere with what is going on in this African country. It wouldn't shock me if thousands of those citizens also show up on the southern border to go along with those from the island country.
Sean Penn/Ethiopia/Haiti  (Sean Penn is hit with labor relations complaint after he warned workers at his nonprofit to stay silent or quit when they 'whined' about 18-hour work days and lack of Krispy Kreme doughnuts and Subway sandwiches)

As I told you would happen months and months ago, nothing was going to stop this organization from handing out nominations and awards. "Golden Globes" (The Golden Globes want to make a comeback this year. Hollywood isn’t buying it) (Golden Globes Are Right to Push Forward Without Submission Requirements)

This foreign born B+ list actress (Maria Bakalova) might be a flash in the pan. She was super hot after a movie ("Borat Subsequent Moviefilm") came out during the pandemic, but things have slowed. She is currently seeking the counsel of this married A list director who counsels her once or twice a week, usually naked. Maria Bakalova/"Borat Subsequent Moviefilm" (Maria Bakalova Hangs Out with Leslie Mann & Judd Apatow at Tracey Cunningham's Book Launch Party)

Apparently the ties between this reality family and the former business manager/current cult recruiter are much deeper than just a registered agent for the family's corporations. It turns out the main publicist (the real one, not the fake eating one from the show) of the family and the former business manager are best friends. That real publicist is an employee of a big PR agency run by a Hollywood name and who is married to an actor who used to be in that HBO show getting a reboot. It is a shame no one could get close enough to the head of the PR agency last night at a book event to ask her about the ties between the cult leader/business manager and the reality family and her employee.
Kardashians/Lou Taylor/Christy Welder/Jonathan Cheban/Full Picture/Desiree Gruber/Kyle MacLachlan/Sex And The City (Kardashians still doing business with Britney Spears’ embattled ex-manager)

If you thought this A list mostly movie actor who is an Oscar nominee/winner used to be lazy in bed, then add twenty pounds, a decade of age and a chain smoking habit, and you get a guy who needs a lot of time to get everything to work, and then after that, barely ever finishes. Leonardo DiCaprio (Leonardo DiCaprio, Who Recently Teamed with Prince Harry, Meets Prince Charles)

If you bug her long enough, this Housewife will finally break down and admit to hooking up several decades ago with the former A++ lister. There is no way, you will ever get her to admit she also slept with the former A++ lister of the city where she lives. Sonja Morgan/"Real Housewives of New York"/Donald Trump/Rudy Giuliani/New York City (Inside Sonja Morgan's Friendship With Donald Trump's Ex Wife)

This foreign born alliterate A+/A list mostly movie actor was half in the bag while delivering a speech at an event this past week. Ryan Reynolds/"WSJ. Innovator Awards" (Ryan Reynolds Thanks 'Genius' Wife Blake Lively in Speech at WSJ. Innovator Awards: 'She Pushes Me')

The Massage - Anniversary Month: Back in the day, these two bands were on tour together. One was just starting out and one was at about their peak. Neither one ever hit A list, although the one starting out, really came close. On the backstage rider for the more established band was a masseuse. Specifically a female masseuse. I had never seen it on a rider before, because usually bands or singers will have their own masseuse with them if that is something they need. When they have their own, there is trust and a relationship and you don't have a different stranger touching you in every city. I didn't hire one from a high end spa or anything like that, because they all wanted to charge per person and I was pretty sure that between the two bands and all the crew members, that I would be out some serious money. So, I found a masseuse who would work for a flat rate for a few hours and she thought she could get some serious tip money. I told her that although one of the bands was established, that this was not a stadium or arena tour and they might not have as much money as she thought. I wanted her to know that going in and she said not to worry. So, the day of the show comes and she has a massage table set up backstage in its own little area behind a curtain. Apparently most promoters didn't actually fulfill the masseuse part of the rider so both bands were pretty excited about it and not twenty minutes after pulling up a band member was enjoying a massage. About ten minutes after it started, the band member came out from behind the curtain in his underwear and ran back to the bus and came back with his wallet. Ten minutes after that he emerged again from behind the curtain and said he was finished. One by one, the members of the more established band went in behind the curtain until they had all been serviced. Well, that left the guys from the lesser known at the time band, and they were not getting paid very much for this tour. It was for exposure. They explained the issue to the masseuse who told them not to worry. She liked their hit song and said she knew the guys from the other band would be back and would pay her again. She serviced the up and coming band for free. The band was so grateful, if you look at the liner notes from their next record, there is a photo of that massage table.

A television production company/studio says that this A list NFL player provided false documents to them relating to his vaccination status. Aaron Rodgers/Sony Pictures Television (Aaron Rodgers was secretly unvaccinated) (Aaron Rodgers considered himself ‘immunized’ with vaccine alternative) (Packers QB Aaron Rodgers 'definitely would've' taken the 'Jeopardy!' job if offered)

Speaking of athletes, and football players, this former A+ list athlete turned reality star is finally admitting someone close to him committed murder. What they are not saying is how their ex used to regularly hook up with the murderer during cocaine parties. Caitlyn Jenner/O.J. Simpson/Kris Jenner (Caitlyn Jenner claims O.J. Simpson once told Nicole Brown ‘I’ll kill you and get away with it’ before murders)

If it were up to the former business manager (Lou Taylor) of the "singer," (Britney Spears) the father (Jamie Spears) of the singer would get drunk one day and have an "accident." It is kind of like what happened to the leaders of the cult ("Remnant Fellowship Church") the manager's cult ("Mercy Multiplied") is trying to take over. Lou Taylor/Britney Spears/Jamie Spears/"Remnant Fellowship Church"/"Mercy Multiplied" (Plane Crash Complicates HBO Max Documentary on Diet-Inspired Church) (Mercy Multiplied ministries & Lou M Taylor)

This A-/B+ list actress who is the offspring of someone higher on the list, finally had enough of the cheating of her significant other and broke it off. It has been happening for years, often with his married celebrity best friend at his side as they would find willing women. Liv Tyler/Steven Tyler/Dave Gardner/David Beckham (Hollywood actress Liv Tyler splits with David Beckham’s best pal Dave Gardner after seven years and two kids)

A new generation is discovering the book that was written almost three decades ago about this one named female permanent A list singer. In the book, the author describes multiple instances of when the singer would find underage boys and do whatever she wanted to them, knowing they were poor and had no one to complain to. There is also a detailed description of sex she had with someone who was no more than 13 at the time.
The I Hate Madonna Handbook/Madonna

This three named singer who peaked several decades ago, is on board with what I have been telling you for the past three years. His ex, who was also the ex of this A+ list producer/wannabe rapper was murdered. Hey, it isn't like the producer/wannabe rapper hasn't made those kinds of arrangements before. Al B. Sure!/Kim Porter/Sean "P. Diddy" Combs (Al B. Sure Fully Recovers After Being Told He Only Had 4 Months to Live) (BLIND ITEM REVEALED 07/14/20)

It was horribly written, and when they figure out what they have done, they will change it, but as of right now, the housing committee of the Los Angeles City Council voted to tear down the most iconic movie theatre in Los Angeles and replace it with housing.
"Grauman's Chinese Theatre"

This owner (James L. Dolan) of at least one professional sports team (National Basketball Association's "New York Knicks", the National Hockey League's "New York Rangers", the Women's National Basketball Association's "New York Liberty", and the American Hockey League's "Hartford Wolf Pack") says he has the goods on a newly elected city official (Eric Adams/New York City Mayor) which he plans on using to get what he wants in regard to new tax breaks and upgrades to the building ("Madison Square Garden") where his team(s) play. James L. Dolan/National Basketball Association's "New York Knicks", the National Hockey League's "New York Rangers", the Women's National Basketball Association's "New York Liberty", and the American Hockey League's "Hartford Wolf Pack"/Eric Adams/New York City Mayor/"Madison Square Garden" (Eric Adams elected as New York City's second Black mayor, CNN projects)

The producers for this Los Angeles based reality show that isn't Housewives but is on the same channel has been trying to recruit a guy for a couple of years now. The reason it fell through previously was because his ex fiancé said no to being on the show for obvious reasons. Since the ratings have been low and he’s single now, they’ve formally recruited him again, but this time this OG cast member started calling and texting him nonstop. He didn’t even like her, but she hounded him, presumably because he tested well in previous interviews with production. So now they have been hooking up, but he doesn’t want to be with her and asked her not to post photos or say they were dating since it’s clearly a set up and he doesn’t have a formal offer to join the show. But I guess he’s thirstier than I thought, because he’s apparently okay with the surprise press release since it means he’s probably getting in the show. Pretty sure his parents are livid though. "Shahs of Sunset"/"Bravo"/Samy Benyamini/Golnesa "GG" Gharachedaghi (‘Shahs of Sunset’ star Golnesa ‘GG’ Gharachedaghi in polyamorous relationship)

All of a sudden there is a lot more competition for voice overs and animated work. It is pushing out established voice over actors who could use the work. Instead, you have people like this A+ list mostly movie actor who is doing tons of animated voice over stuff right now because he isn't vaccinated. You don't have to be vaccinated to do voice over. Chris Pratt/"Super Mario Bros."/"Garfield" (Chris Pratt Is Voicing Garfield In A New Movie, And People Haven't Been This Upset Since He Was Cast As Mario)

The flowering financial institution says that this foreign born A- list model/horrible actress who could give Wilmer Valderrama lessons on how to pick up women, sent $2K worth of flowers and a piece of jewelry to this professional dancer. She is definitely taking her shot. Azalea Banks/Cara Delevingne/JoJo Siwa

I'm interested to see if this A- list mostly movie actress who also does television commercials will share that this is her second engagement to the same man. It is, but it is up in the air if she will tell the world. Jennifer Garner/John Miller (Jennifer Garner Sparks John Miller Engagement Rumors as She Flashes New Ring)

Not that she would probably care, but this A- list actress who is an offspring of at east one person much higher on the list, has not been called out for her Halloween costume glamorizing an underage character who was sexualized and was the inspiration behind an assassination attempt. Zoë Kravitz/Lisa Bonet & Lenny Kravitz/"Iris Steensma" - "Taxi Driver"/John Hinckley Jr. triggered his attempted assassination of President Ronald Reagan (Zoë Kravitz and Channing Tatum Celebrate Halloween Together as Iris and Travis from Taxi Driver)

I Didn't See Anything - Anniversary Month: This actress (Alyson Hannigan) peaked at A- list, but she was A- list for a long time. I think she is still A- list, but if you ask her, she would say she is B+ list at best. She is super sweet and one of those people who what you see is really how she is. She had a movie franchise ("American Pie") and two massive television hits ("Buffy the Vampire Slayer"/ended 2003) ("How I Met Your Mother"). She is still on television constantly, but the shows she is on, are not massive hits. Anyway, about a season or so before her first big television show ended, she had a party at her place. It was either an engagement party (married Alexis Denisof 2003) or just after she got engaged. At the party were several of her co-stars on the show but not that many. It was a very crowded party. The number of people exceeded the amount of space in what was a fairly small space. It was super hot and just too crowded for me, so I made my way to the back door because there was a mass of people between myself and the front door. I figured, hey, I will go out the back door and work my way to the front of the house. I didn't know it would work, I just assumed it would. So, I exit the back door and there is no one in the back yard, which was also small. It is dark outside and there is one small light for this back patio area, but nothing else. It is really hard to see if there is a way around to the front. I finally noticed there is a path on one side of the house which allowed you to take the garbage cans from the back of the house to the street in front. I can't see much, but I decided to head that way. I am not being particularly quiet. It is not late at night, just dark, and the sounds of the party were very loud. The sounds coming from the party may have been the reason the couple heavily making out and groping each other on the side of the house didn't see me coming. I didn't even see them there until I was about two feet away. When I saw them I said something like, "Sorry. I just need to squeeze by." It wasn't until I got right next to them that I realized it was two co-stars of the host of the party. One was an A- list actor (David Boreanaz) who was married, and still is, although a serial cheater and the other was an A- list actress (Sarah Michelle Gellar) who was not married but was about to be married to her now husband (Freddie Prinze Jr.) . Yikes. I just moved along and have rarely mentioned it in the intervening years. Alyson Hannigan/"American Pie"/"Buffy the Vampire Slayer"/"How I Met Your Mother"/David Boreanaz/Sarah Michelle Gellar/Freddie Prinze Jr.

43. POPBITCH 11/04
(British blog)
Which famously volatile band have found a novel way of keeping their tempers in check – by working to a weekly drug rota (coke one week, ket the next, etc) to stop things getting too hairy? Mötley Crüe (Mötley Crüe members recovering/training for tour, release live album on limited vinyl)

This grocery store show got rid of one of the stars for the second season. Apparently the network thought he was too edgy and that people preferred boring and bland in their game show programming.

The star studded line up begins a press junket complete with red carpet premiere ("House of Gucci"). Unfortunately one of the 'plus ones" there believes this is a premiere for her. Just like the overly ambitious wife (Lady Gaga) of the male lead (Adam Driver) - his real life wife (Joanne Tucker) (Filmography) is using the event ("Gucci Love Parade") to try to get press by standing next to the A lister in most of his photo calls. She's had a big make over too. She demanded to be dressed similar to the fashion elite at the event who don't have to ask for couture. This is her first film ("Give Or Take") project where she has more than a few lines after more of a decade trying to break in. The NY based former uptown girl was listed as a co-star since 2019 when the film wrapped. Released to the media today it announced the film will be seen in theatres in 2022 and now is calling her one of the stars. Remember, we told you she's been demanding her A list husband help her with her career. Now he has to pay the price for her being quiet. Never fear his personal team including his groomer will always be within 20 feet of him to keep the couple on their best behavior since the couple had some major slip ups last award season. "House of Gucci"/Lady Gaga/Adam Driver/Joanne Tucker/"Gucci Love Parade"/"Give Or Take" (Everything We Know About the House of Gucci Movie) (Gucci Writes A Love Letter To Hollywood With A Little Help From Some Famous Friends) (Breaking Glass Pictures Acquires ‘Give Or Take’ Starring Norbert Leo Butz, Joanne Tucker And Cheri Oteri – AFM)

It has been a week since I posted a blind item about a certain franchise that caused a little stir. So, what to do? Throw out some shiny objects to get fans discussing something else. For instance the interview of this foreign born A- list actor where he mentions his mystery game-changing role in the trilogy that either never came to be, or was filmed but completely cut (there's a reason no deleted scenes exist). In addition to that, is the obvious rumor that a new trailer is going to drop on Disney Day. Matt Smith/"Star Wars: The Rise Of Skywalker" (Matt Smith dishes on his Star Wars role that would’ve changed the "history of the franchise")

This foreign born former A list boy bander is going to rehab. You and I know why he is going. Apparently though, his people have convinced the tabloids that he is going because of his pot addiction and that pot makes he, and he alone in the world, violent. Zayn Malik ("One Direction") ('GET TO REHAB' Gigi Hadid’s family want Zayn Malik to seek therapy in rehab for his heavy cannabis use)

I sometimes feel there is one special glass of water in the room and this former A- list mostly television actress from multiple hit shows, competes for that glass of water with the A list celebrity you love or hate. Meanwhile, the tabloids just print everything they say as if it has been handed down on stone tablets. Alyssa Milano/Chrissy Teigen

The "singer's" mom had never planned on paying for the attorneys she hired. She just wanted in on the whole thing to give her a better perspective when writing her new book. Britney Spears/Lynn Spears (Britney Spears Told Her Mom To Go Fuck Herself After Lynne Spears Asked For $650,000 To Pay For Her Lawyers)

This alliterate A list mostly movie actor will only run for political office if someone pays him to star in and also finances a documentary about his run for office. Matthew McConaughey/Texas Governor (Matthew McConaughey weighs 'outlaw' bid for Texas governor)

There was a chapter written about this former A+ list mostly movie actor who was an Oscar winner/nominee about his bisexuality. His family, who are putting out the book, have been vacillating about whether to include it or not. Paul Newman (Paul Newman Will Tell His Own Story, 14 Years After His Death)

The blind that was in this spot yesterday must have struck a nerve with someone. It was pretty tame, but one of the cast members of the show reached out to try and determine the source. Maybe because there is some other gossip the person has shared that isn't so tame?
"Shahs of Sunset"/Reza Farahan (BLIND ITEM 11/03/21)

The producer ex of the bar star is having trouble meeting payroll on his latest project. Randall Emmett/Lala Kent/"Vanderpump Rules" (Filmography) (Randall Emmett filed to decrease child support payments to avoid bankruptcy)

Apparently this runaway royal hated her life so much that she basically pilled herself to the gills every day just to be able to cope. Charlene, Princess of Monaco (Prince Albert of Monaco says he's 'furious' at the mother of his son for saying Princess Charlene once moved their child into the 'employee wing') (Princess Charlene’s cryptic post has some 'concerned' about her state of mind)

This Bling Empire star had all of his credit cards declined this past weekend while he was out shopping. (CAST)

When the news breaks about the affair going on between the young influencer and the married reality star, it is going to be a really bad look. "Dancing With the Stars"/Olivia Jade/Val Chmerkovskiy or JoJo Siwa/Jenna Johnson (Olivia Jade Just Responded to Rumors She’s ‘Hooking Up’ With Her Married ‘DWTS’ Partner Val) (JoJo Siwa says Jenna Johnson is helping her find ‘happiness’ amid breakup)

The Sleepover: Very recently there was a birthday party. A birthday party for an offspring of this former A+ athlete all of you know. As a way of celebrating, the offspring invited all of her closest friends to her home. While there, they all went swimming several times over the course of the roughly 18 hour party. What none of those friends know is they were all recorded each time they changed into swim attire and out of swim attire. They were also recorded several other times on the multitude of secret cameras spread around the house. The athlete has a collection of said videos, but this is the first time that all the unknowing participants are all legal. He is super excited to share it with his friends, even though one of the people included in the video is his own daughter.

As is the norm with this up and coming wrestling organization ("All Elite Wrestling"), all is not what it seems from the outside. This A lister (Jon Moxley) from the organization announced he was entering rehab for alcohol issues this week but that’s not the whole story. He has a long time addiction to opiates as well. He had a near-fatal interaction of alcohol and counterfeit medication containing fentanyl on late Monday night/Tuesday morning that forced him to miss his flight to tapings and his wife (Renee Paquette) and boss (Tony Khan) essentially forced him into rehab. It’s a miracle he’s alive, and only because someone who lived in their complex had Narcan on hand. There has been speculation this will lead to a drug policy within the organization going forward. "All Elite Wrestling"/Jon Moxley/Renee Paquette/Tony Khan (Tony Khan Says Jon Moxley Is Entering a Treatment Program for Alcohol)

There wasn't much fight in the response of the A list offspring of the A list rapist. That tells you all you need to know. Michael Douglas/Kirk Douglas raped Natalie Wood (Natalie Wood Was Sexually Assaulted by Kirk Douglas, Her Sister Alleges)

This alliterate foreign born singer/actress/model from back in the day has never made it much of a secret that she does not like men of color, so her recent actions shouldn't come as a shock. She once refused to present an Oscar in the 1960's because she was going to have to present with this permanent A list mostly movie actor who is a man of color. Brigitte Bardot/Sidney Poitier (Brigitte Bardot fined for ‘inciting racial hatred’ a sixth time)

Yesterday, this A+ list mostly movie actor was told he should make some kind of statement after a controversial social media post. He said he was tired of apologizing and has done so multiple times over the years to whatever group he offended by his actions, and he is done apologizing. Chris Pratt (Chris Pratt slammed for praising wife for ‘healthy’ child after son’s issues)

One month until the trial, and the reality star daddy can't let something like that derail his political chances. They still want a plea with no time, but that is not going to happen. Now the request is a minimum-security. If he gets convicted at trial, he'll end up in a secure facility due to sentencing guidelines, and he will not have an easy time. Will daddy force his former reality star son to take a deal even if it is bad, just to protect daddy? Jim Bob Duggar (Arkansas state Senate)/Josh Duggar (Josh Duggar’s past molestation scandal may be used in child pornography trial to prove his ‘sexual interest in minors’) (Reality star Jim Bob Duggar announces candidacy for Arkansas state Senate)

This Beverly Hills Housewife and her husband have been trying to take out yet another mortgage on their home. I think this would make three. How deep in the hole are they? Not the chip. Lisa Rinna/Harry Hamlin/"Real Housewives of Beverly Hills"

Murder In New England - Part 9 - The I Don't Know Kid: The tipsters first language is not English. The prosecution was seeing their case fall apart in front of their eyes. There only hope was the girl (Cecilia Pierce). They knew the problems they were going to have. According to the prosecution's version of this crime, this little girl is more guilty of murdering the husband than the widow was. The little girl looked for a firearm, made the decision to that led to the murder and covered up for the crime. Since then she has accepted bribes. In her young life she had already committed more felonies than many adults. The boys had failed the prosecution. Can the "brave little girl" save the day? Her testimony was bland. There were no great dramatic moments, but no great mistakes. The answer for most questions was "I don't know," or "I don't remember." These were safe answers even though they made her look evasive. The highlight of the trials were the tapes. The general public got to hear the tapes. The tapes were of poor quality and hard to hear. Not one condemning word was heard on the tape. The defense lawyer did not challenge it because the arresting detective (Daniel Pelletier) had already stated under oath that the tapes were edited. They should not be allowed in court. The I Don't Know Kid's testimony did not help the case, but it did not damage The court of public opinion was a different matter. The public saw this as a remake of the Bad Seed movie and the I don't know kid had the Patti McCormick role. The public knew a violent criminal and she would be shunned. She would leave the state as soon as possible and not return for 30 years. She disappointed the media. The media decided to focus on the tapes. They called the "Tapes that prove that she is guilty." This is not true but if you repeat this a thousand times, you will believe it. Cecilia Pierce/Daniel Pelletier (Breaking Silence: Cecelia Pierce Speaks)
(Part One)/(Part Two)/(Part Three)/(Part 3B)/(Part Four)/(Part Five)/(Part Six)/(Part Seven)/(Part Eight)

An executive at the struggling streaming service of a big network is probably going to get fired. They just increased the budget on the show ("Cooking With Paris") of this former A+ list reality star/porn star turned crusader/bad cook. "Netflix"/"Cooking With Paris"/Paris Hilton

This former A- list singing television actress is now realizing that when one burns bridges there is a long road back to repairing them. Another movie singing role that she thought she was going to get, is now going a different actress. Lea Michele ("Glee")/Beanie Feldstein ("Fanny Brice"/"Funny Girl")/Cynthia Erivo ("Elphaba"/"Wicked") (Lea Michele Controversy: ‘Glee’ Actors and Other Co-Stars Speak Out) (Funny Girl Star Beanie Feldstein Doesn’t ‘Know’ Lea Michele ‘Whatsoever’) (Ariana Grande and Cynthia Erivo to Star in ‘Wicked’ Musical for Universal)

At least this singing fake couple can agree on one thing. They both loved the male stripper they invited over to their place two nights ago. He said they were big tippers. Shawn Mendes/Camilia Cabello (Camila Cabello shares a kiss on the shore with boyfriend Shawn Mendes while rocking a cheeky blue bikini during picturesque beach day in Miami)

He hasn't cheated in a long time, but recently this former A+ list tweener did just that and his wife is not happy. Justin Timberlake/Jessica Biel (20 Times Justin Timberlake Was Problematic But Wasn't Called Out On It) (Janet Jackson and Justin Timberlake’s Super Bowl controversy gets new documentary) (Jessica Biel, Justin Timberlake channel 'Harry Potter' in trick-or-treat pics)

This trend was popular more than a decade ago, but it seems that anal bleaching is making a comeback and this one named former A list singer, recently had it done to herself. Madonna (The beginning: Lara Flynn Boyle and anus-bleaching)

Four For Friday - Strange Hookups:
#1 - This foreign born former A+ list singer who hasn't had a hit since her split many years ago and this former A+ list mostly movie actor from her same country. Shania Twain/Ryan Reynolds/Canada
#2 - This closeted former A- list mostly movie actor who got his start in a franchise and this mostly in the closet foreign born A list singer. Taylor Lautner ("Twilight") or Seann William Scott ("American Pie")/Harry Styles ("One Direction") (Taylor Lautner Just Shared the Cutest #TBT With One Direction)

#3 - This former A+ list mostly movie actress who doesn't act much any longer and who has barely there celebrity offspring and this former A+ list child/tween actor who all of you know. There is a really crazy twist to this which might help solve it. Demi Moore (was married to Ashton Kutcher who is now married to Mila Kunis)/Macaulay Culkin (dated Mila Kunis)
#4 - This horrific actress from television turned reality star and this A+/A list mostly movie actor with the bad tattoo. Tori Spelling/Ben Affleck

Last time, there was no pushback other than from the people of this A list mostly movie actor. This time, with a different A list actor and a rabid fan base, the A- list actress/singer wants zero rumors of a sexual relationship with her co-star. Bradley Cooper/Adam Driver/Lady Gaga

There is no way the liability insurance that this A list rapper is going to be high enough to cover all of the wrongful death suits. This will bankrupt him. Apparently they tried to also do everything on the cheap, which will also be exposed. Travis Scott/"Astroworld Festival" in Houston (For headliner at deadly show, chaos part of popular formula) (Before the Astroworld Tragedy, Travis Scott’s ‘Raging’ Made Him a Star)

From someone who speaks to the alliterate one on a near daily basis, there is a lot of tension in the couple right now because he would like to spend Christmas at home and wants her to come too. The alliterate one doesn't want to go, and thinks her husband should stay at home with his family and not the people that supposedly abused him. Meghan Markle/Prince Harry/British royal family (Prince Harry Is Reportedly Planning a Trip to the UK Without Meghan and the Children)

This very much in trouble NFL player not named Aaron, says he was set up. I'm not sure how he could have been set up to do what he was doing, but that is his story. Henry Ruggs III (Raiders Henry Ruggs III: Former NFL player facing 2 more felony counts, gun charge in deadly crash)

This A/A- list mostly movie actress who is an Oscar winner/nominee was celebrating this week that her entry into the superhero universe will no longer be the biggest bomb in that universe. Brie Larson/"Captain Marvel"/"Eternals" (Exclusive: Marvel Plans To Replace Brie Larson’s Captain Marvel With Two Specific Characters) (Audiences gave 'Eternals' the worst reviews of any Marvel Studios movie, according to CinemaScore)

This foreign born B+ list actor who comes from an acting family, although not sibling wise, has been a huge supporter of this disgraced A- list actor (Kevin Spacey) and the disgraced director (Bryan Singer). He calls them two of his favorite people.

The leader of this southern country hated the foreign born A- list singer who died. He thought she was turning people against him. So, for him to say the things he did after she died is hyopcritical. Marília Mendonça/Brazil President Jair Bolsonaro (Marília Mendonça, Brazilian Pop Singer, Dies in Plane Crash at 26) (Bolsonaro says which country is in "shock" with the death of Marília Mendonça)

This alliterate B+ list actress from a hit streaming show, is a little young to have the coke habit she does. I bet she was introduced to it by two of her co-stars. Sadie Sink/Natalia Dyer/Charlie Heaton/"Stranger Things"

Now, considering it is coming from the former A+ list rapper, and what he has gone through, you need to take it with a grain of salt, or more. He says that the alliterate former A list rocker confessed to our rapper that one woman he had been with, died. The rapper presumably knows the circumstances, but that has not been shared. Kanye West/Marilyn Manson

This A-/B+ list actress all of you know is using a fake vaccine card for her current production. Shailene Woodley (Filmography) (Shailene Woodley denies Instagram post was about fiance Aaron Rodgers' anti-vaccine drama) (Aaron Rodgers, Who Got Homeopathic Treatment Instead of Vaxx, Tests Positive For COVID)

This B/B- list actor who is an offspring of a permanent A lister, will have to stay in the closet until his parental unit passes. He does have a new boyfriend who is much much higher on the list. Not an Eastwood. Patrick Schwarzenegger/Arnold Schwarzenegger; Ray Nicholson/Jack Nicholson; John David Washington/Denzel Washington

It turns out that in a recent interview with the foreign born A list dual threat actor, the reporter didn't actually ask how many children the actor has, but used a number they found in other reporting. Now, the number wasn't corrected, so maybe we finally have our answer. It was also apparent prior to the interview, that the actor was very much under the thumb of his significant other and fears crossing her. Benedict Cumberbatch/Sophie Hunter/"CBS Sunday Morning" (Benedict Cumberbatch: "What an amazing way to live a life")

Many associates and friends of this alliterate former actress who once wore a red swimsuit are claiming the children of the actress were treated horribly whenever near their stepmother. Donna D'Errico/Nikki Sixx’s wife Courtney Bingham

Reader Blind: Towards the end of his life, a film ("Glen Campbell: I'll Be Me") was made documenting the deteriorating condition of this A list in his prime multiple Grammy winning/nominated/Oscar nominated singer/musician/sometime actor. In some extra footage not in the original film, during an episode, he shouts out "Put that knife away" and "Oh Rosa". Police records in the rural area he grew up do exist that show that he, in his late teens, was questioned over the stabbing death of a man in a bar, a fight over a woman but as it was clearly self-defense and both the man who was killed and the woman were Hispanic, no arrest was made. Glen Campbell/"Glen Campbell: I'll Be Me"

Reader Blind: There is a move on to change the name of an award ("Arthur C. Clarke Award"). The award is named after a deceased iconic foreign writer (Arthur C. Clarke) in a specific genre (science fiction). In his lifetime, this writer who was gay was publicly cleared of a scandal in a foreign country (Sri Lanka) where he lived. It is now clear several decades alter that the clearing of the writer had no basis in fact and occurred because too many people both in his home country and the country he lived in had too much invested him. There are however still living men who as boys were victims of the writer. He was a voracious pedophiles and loved breaking in young boys. "Arthur C. Clarke Award"/Arthur C. Clarke/science fiction/Sri Lanka (Yes, Arthur C. Clarke was likely a pedophile)

Reader Blind: This musician/songwriter (Ken Stringfellow) has effectively been canceled recently after an expose from his neck of the woods. There are some other parts to this story.
1.) His musical partner (Jon Auer) in the band ("The Posies") that is his greatest claim to fame was very quick to end the band when the story broke. He also advised one of the victims to go public. This confirms what has long been known - The two men hate each other and only made music together because they weren't as successful on their own.
2.) This now defunct A+ band (R.E.M.) which the canceled musician did some work with has been very quiet. There were complaints about the cancelled musician when on the road that were ignored.
3.) So far the accusers are all in America but the canceled musician spends a lot of his time in another country (France). There are even more complaints likely to come from there. Ken Stringfellow/Jon Auer/"The Posies"/R.E.M./France (As sexual misconduct allegations dog Ken Stringfellow of the Posies, the band breaks up) (Questions With: Ken Stringfellow on R.E.M., Drug Use, and French Healthcare)

The B- list celebrity wife of this A list actor has moved on from the death of an innocent woman and is back to posting highly inappropriate photos of her children. Hilaria Baldwin/Alec Baldwin/Halyna Hutchins (Hilaria Baldwin Posts Family Moments While 'Checking in' with Fans Following Rust Shooting)

This time around, the former A+ list rapper hired himself a pro beard/yachter he can actually afford. Kanye West/Vinetria (Kanye West dating model Vinetria amid Kim Kardashian, Pete Davidson rumors)

The closeted Bachelor couple is still together. I don't know why the two guys don't pitch a show featuring them in their relationship. It would be a whole lot less tiring then always looking out for cameras every time they want to be affectionate in public. Matt James/Tyler Cameron (Matt James and Tyler Cameron’s Bromance Through the Years: See Photos)

This former A+ list rapper has offered a bounty to her fellow gang members to kill a woman who was raped by her husband. Nicki Minaj/Jennifer Hough/Kenneth Petty (Nicki Minaj and Husband Sued, Accused of Harassing Sexual Assault Victim)

Don't believe the hype. This half dollar rapper/actor/producer doesn't have enough money to buy this pay cable channel. 50 Cent/"Starz" (50 Cent Calls Out Lionsgate Studios Over Potential STARZ Sale)

The alliterate talk show host got her implants removed. It is unclear whether she will get new ones to replace them. What is clear is that this A- list actress/whistleblowing reality star/former talk show host is going to land the full time gig if the alliterate one does not return. Wendy Williams/Leah Remini (Wendy Williams’ recovery from health woes ‘taking longer’ than expected) (Wendy Williams Blindsided By Replacement Host Leah Remini, Furious With Producers)

This A++ lister for a very big state was busted having an affair and has been working for weeks to keep it from reaching the public's ears.

The ginger one loves invoking his mother's name for clicks or book purchases, but when it comes down to principles over cash, he will take the cash. There is no way he is going walk away from potentially tens of millions of dollars, just because a show characterized his mother in a negative way. Prince Harry/Princess Diana ('What's more important, money or defending his mum?' Royal experts demand Prince Harry axes his £112million Netflix deal over The Crown's portrayal of Diana - saying 'it's astonishing he can't find his voice on this' after Jemima Khan walked away)

This former Teen Mom was recently at an amusement park and was hateful to everyone she met there. She thinks she is A+ list. Her dad was there too and he was treated even more badly then she was treating strangers.
Farrah Abraham/"Six Flags Fiesta Texas"

This A- list actress who also does commercials says that while she was married to her husband, that this A+ list mostly movie actor hit on her multiple times while he was married and used religion as his pickup line. Jennifer Garner/Ben Affleck/Chris Pratt (If you’re Gossip Genie-ing Jennifer Garner & Chris Pratt)

Speaking of religion, the wife of this disgraced pastor discovered that while married, he had an affair with this alliterate reality star. "Hillsong"/Laura Lentz/Carl Lentz/Kourtney Kardashian (Carl Lentz and the Trouble at Hillsong) (Celebrity Pastor Carl Lentz's Alleged Mistress Says He Compared Her To Kardashians)

There was an event ("LACMA’s Glam Gala") ("Los Angeles County Museum of Art") held within the past week and this A- list actress/producer/predator enabler (Diane Keaton) was the headliner so to speak. She suggested to the organizers, and they complied, the people she should be seated next to at the event. Essentially what happened was her table was full of white women and the women of color attending were seated at their own table. It was all very strange. "LACMA’s Glam Gala"/"Los Angeles County Museum of Art"/Diane Keaton (Diane Keaton, 75, Looks Like Annie Hall At LACMA’s Glam Gala In Sequined Blue Suit & Beret) (Photos from LACMA’s glam gala: From Lil Nas X to Jeff Bezos, a starry crowd)

This comedian/host would be pretty broke if not for this significant other being crazy rich and paying all of his bills for him. So, it is kind of shocking he is cheating with a very young stand up comic who has not been doing stand up for long. Chris Hardwick/Lydia Hearst

100. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 11/08 **14**
Bad Mushrooms - Anniversary Month: A few years prior to the blog being started there was a massive concert for charity ("Milarepa Fund"). Not Live Aid or Farm Aid. The concert ("The Tibetan Freedom Concert") lasted a couple of days, but wasn't as large as say, The Blockbuster Festival. It felt like from the beginning of this concert, there had been one bad luck event after the next. There was one band ("Beastie Boys") who was really in charge of everything. They weren't headlining, but it had been their idea and they were big enough to headline if they wanted. This was not the first time they had done it, but this time around everything was going so bad. On the first day, several people had been injured, some very seriously (Washington D.C. lightning strike). At some point, someone said it felt like that announcement that was made at Woodstock about bad acid. The thing is, the person forgot it was acid and remembered it as bad mushrooms. So, for the remainder of the concert, if something went wrong, it was referred to on the radios or in conversation as bad mushrooms. This was all well and good until this one group from Asia had just finished playing and the group really didn't speak much English at the time. Later, as their career progressed, and they spent more time in the US, they spoke excellent English. The language barrier was proving to be difficult and one of their members was really sick. No one around could speak their language and then this at the time A- list singer (Sean Lennon) in a group ("Cibo Matto") who is an offspring of a permanent A lister (John Lennon) said he could speak the language (Japanese). No one believed him, and they were correct not to. He knew some words he once saw in a movie and kept repeating them. After doing this for a solid five minutes and the group member obviously in misery, the singer looks up at the people standing there and said the band member had taken some bad mushrooms. All the crew and people in on the phrase started laughing thinking this was a prank. Nope. Neither the singer or the ailing bad member knew about the phrase. It turns out there were actually some bad mushrooms that had been taken by the group member and also later by this permanent A list singer of a permanent A list group. "Milarepa Fund"/"The Tibetan Freedom Concert"/Beastie Boys/Washington D.C. lightning strike/Sean Lennon/"Cibo Matto"/John Lennon/Japanese (Lightning injures 11 at D.C. concert, ends show for day Survival: A potentially deadly storm forced cancellation of evening and night performances on the first day of the Tibetan Freedom Concert)

So, let me get this straight. The permanent A+ list radio host did confirm his wife was a yachter. Was she still a yachter when she met the host? I am going to go with a big yes on that. Howard Stern/Beth Ostrosky Stern

They keep emerging from the shadows. One of the best friends of the A list everything in her mind actress/singer (Jennifer Lopez) is a producer of several of her movies and a disciple of the cult of the former business manager (Lou Taylor) of the "singer." (Britney Spears) Jennifer Lopez/Lou Taylor/Britney Spears (Britney Spears' former business manager Lou Taylor claims her company had no involvement with bugging or drugging accusations)

I think with the recent revelation that this foreign born permanent A list group ("Led Zeppelin") molested teens with fish, it will not be long before we hear more stories about the relationship between the A list actor and fish. "Led Zeppelin"/Tom Cruise (Did Members of Led Zeppelin Pleasure a Groupie with a Mud Shark?) (CRAZY TIP BLIND ITEM #1) (CRAZY TIP BLIND ITEM #2) (CRAZY TIP BLIND ITEM #3) (CRAZY TIP BLIND ITEM #4) (CRAZY TIP BLIND ITEM #5) (CRAZY TIP BLIND ITEM #6) (CRAZY TIP BLIND ITEM #7) (CRAZY TIP BLIND ITEM #8)

So now the news that this A list mostly movie director's (Patty Jenkins) latest in a sprawling franchise ("Rogue Squadron") will be delayed at least a year, watch for the dude bros to assume the director is clashing with the alliterate producer (Kathleen Kennedy). However, perhaps the studio (Disney) has learned their lesson not to rush a director when things aren't ready yet. The director will take their time and get it right. But the big day for this company (November 12 "Disney Investor Day") is moments away and a mystery production has taken a new slot at the studio used for the sprawling franchise. Is something filling that gap? Official social media accounts have gradually been redirecting content to the sequel characters and the rumor mills are picking up on it. Even some of the actors' schedules look as if they've been freed up for something. Maybe enough time has passed to spring the surprise. Patty Jenkins/"Rogue Squadron"/Kathleen Kennedy/Disney/November 12 "Disney Investor Day" (Patty Jenkins ‘Star Wars’ Movie ‘Rogue Squadron’ Delayed) (Disney just revealed some huge, can’t-miss announcements for Disney+ Day)

Proving yet again that this A- list singer will promote anything for a paycheck, they are promoting a website that is the direct antithesis of the activism they were promoting just a few months ago. Don't do drugs kids. Demi Lovato (Demi Lovato Pushes Sex Toys and Lizard People Conspiracies in Very Weird Week)

I was imagining how low a celebrity could go. This one is right up there. This A list rapper signed a partnership agreement and will receive a commission from every person that signs up for a free month on a mental health app ("Better Help"). Travis Scott/"Better Help" (Astroworld Festival: Travis Scott Offers Free Mental Health Services via Online Counselling Platform, BetterHelp)

Behind his back, the celebrity CEO called this A+/A list mostly movie actor who is an Oscar nominee/winner, a good natured idiot. Jeff Bezos/Leonardo DiCaprio (Bezos tweets DiCaprio Titanic-size ‘threat’ after girlfriend Lauren Sanchez swoons over actor)

There is talk that the contestant eliminated last night from a network reality show may be the next Bachelorette. Some think she is too young, but others argue, it is a chance to take viewers away from Summer House/Challenge type programming. Who knew that an illegal act that saw your family members go to jail and that you should have joined them, could be so lucrative. The rich suffer no consequences. Olivia Jade Giannulli/"Dancing With the Stars"/Lori Loughlin & Mossimo Giannulli (At least it wasn't for cheating! Olivia Jade gets voted off Dancing With The Stars after performing twice during Janet Jackson Night)

Reader Blind - 90's Limo Driver: The driver met a tall, very unique looking character dressed all in black at the gate. He was a famous commercial director (Tony Kaye) who had completed his first feature film ("American History X"). A highly regarded and controversial film made in the 90’s and shot in black and white. The director moaned to the driver about his experience making the film. The director was beyond bitter. He cursed and cussed the A-list Actor/star (Edward Norton) of the film who was nominated ("Best Actor") for the role, and claimed the actor stole the final cut of the film from him. He also spouted venom about the independent film company ("New Line Cinema") that produced the film. Hollywood had chewed him up and spit him out, was the moral of the director’s sad story - told to anyone who would listen. Tony Kaye/"American History X"/Edward Norton/"Best Actor"/"New Line Cinema" (Failing 'History' As racial commentary, 'American History' devolves into a generic melodrama. But Columbia native Edward Norton gets high marks for his chilling portrayal of a charismatic skinhead)

110. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 11/09 **10**
This alliterate foreign born A- list bad actress/singer showed off a new tattoo which looks a lot like a beard. Is she trying to tell us something? Camila Cabello (The meaning behind Camila Cabello’s new neck tattoo)

111. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 11/09 **11**
This big big market NBA coach is having a tough time staying in the closet. There are a lot of news outlets that all have stories prepared, they just don't want to be the first.

112. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 11/09 **12**
This back in the day A/A- list mostly television actress who was the lead in a long running network show is married to someone all of you know. She was blitzed out of her mind on something at an event within the last week and no one could understand a word she was trying to say.

113. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 11/09 **13**
This B+ list actress all of you know has become increasingly paranoid that someone is trying to kill her. She doesn't think it is a stalker either. They want something from her that can only happen if she is dead. Katie Holmes/Scientology/daughter Suri Cruise

114. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 11/09 **14**
The Triangle - Anniversary Month: It was not really a love triangle, and this actually involved more than three people, but I like the name, so I kept it. I need you to go back in time just a bit. I want you to think about all the hype and screaming and click bait articles printed about this movie franchise ("Twilight"). There was a mania. People were traveling internationally just to try and get a glimpse of the stars. For most of the time, they were protected on a set, but when not shooting, they stayed in a hotel right in the center of this downtown metropolis. The budget for the movie, despite being a blockbuster, was small. Sharing the same accommodations was the cast of this rebooted television show ("90210"). The cast of the television show had been coming to town just as long as the movie people, but the movie people shot as quickly and cheaply as possible and bailed. There was definitely partying between cast members of the two productions. At the center of it all was a member of the television cast. She was probably A- list (AnnaLynne McCord) then, but has dropped much further down the list. She comes from a celebrity family. Whenever I would hang out with her, it was strictly a lunch thing. I couldn't keep up with her partying. One Sunday, we are having brunch together and she is massively hungover. She begins to tell me that it was a normal Saturday night party thing. This foreign born A list mostly movie actor (Robert Pattinson) had a big room in the hotel, but would always go to the room of our television actress because her kitchen/dining room was laid out differently and he thought it was better for hanging out. Plus, no one could find him there, because he didn't let people know who he was partying with. The only other person he liked to party with is this actress (Ashley Greene) who is probably B/B- list now and was barely B+ list when she was in the movie. The two of them would usually get drunk and maybe do a little coke and then have sex in the bed of the television actress, before joining her for a long slow night of drinking. The night before though, there had been a little twist. The room directly next to the television actress was occupied with an actor (Rob Estes) who at the time was probably A- list. He has also slid down the list. There came some noises from the room that were obviously sex. So, the trio silently sat there drinking while listening. Our television actress assumed it was the fiancé (Erin Bolte) of the actor joining him for the weekend. They had been together since he cheated on his first wife (Josie Bissett) with her. No one really thought it could be anyone else. Nearing midnight, they all decided to run down to the wine store that was just outside the front entrance. It was dark, and the movie actor wanted a cigarette. So, they all went out the door to the hotel room and walk right into this married alliterate actress (Lori Loughlin) leaving the room where the sex had just occurred. This was not the betrothed. The trio just walked away and went on about their business. When they come back about thirty minutes later, both the alliterate actress and the actor with whom he had been making loud noises, kindly asked the trio to not say anything to anyone. They didn't except to friends, but somehow the fiancé found out. Oh, they still got married, but the actor left the show a couple of months after this, and never came back. "Twilight"/"90210"/AnnaLynne McCord/Robert Pattinson/Ashley Greene/Lori Loughlin/Rob Estes

For the second time in as many weeks, this married foreign born A+/A list mostly movie actor had lunch alone with this married alliterate A- list model. Ryan Reynolds/Karlie Kloss

The brother (Kimbal Musk) of the celebrity CEO took millions in PPP money from the government an used it for himself, rather than his employees. Unlike others that misused money, he knows nothing will happen to him because the government doesn't want to upset the celebrity CEO. Kimbal Musk/Elon Musk (Elon Musk’s brother sold $109 million in Tesla stock ahead of poll)

You know what her fan base would love? They would love if this A- list superhero would come out and be proud. It will happen sooner rather than later. No one in MCU.
Melissa Benoist

This former child/tween actress turned A- list singer is back using heavy drugs again and things are bad. Her management team is about to drop her. Demi Lovato (Vibrator Salesperson Demi Lovato Is Promoting a Conspiracy-Theory Platform)

In a Zoom meeting held yesterday, this reality family have decided they will play the victim card and that people coming after them are unfair and bullying them. They will hire bot companies to pretend to be fans who will go after any detractors. Kardashians/Travis Scott & "Astroworld Festival" tragedy (Astroworld Festival: Houston fire chief says Travis Scott should have paused show, Kardashians rally around rapper) (Khloé Kardashian slammed for posting thirst traps after Astroworld tragedy)

Once a cause of death is firmly established, police are ready to arrest a family member for the murder of a murderer.

I thought this very young climate activist was not a meat eater. Unless they have created some type of steak that looks like a steak cooked at a steakhouse, then I guess she has now a meat eater. Greta Thunberg (Greta Thunberg warns we must switch to a vegan diet or "we are f***ed")

Now the former reality star turned barely there celebrity has one of her offspring on the verge of suicide. I'm sure the mom would think it bad, if only for the brand. Yolanda Hadid/"Real Housewives of Beverly Hills"/Bella Hadid (Bella Hadid admits she cries pretty much ‘everyday’ and ‘every night’)

This barely there celebrity offspring of a permanent A lister says her ex, who all of you know didn't do anything when our offspring was drunk and passed out and let several guys grope her. Sofia Richie/Lionel Richie/Scott Disick (Sofia Richie makes fun of Scott Disick with her style amid his split from Amelia Hamlin)

This married A- list actor (Jeff Goldblum) has been acting for decades and has at least one movie franchise to his name. He is known for being creepy with women he takes photos with. While doing a press event with other stars of the network ("Disney") where he is currently working ("The World According to Jeff Goldblum"), he hit on this actress hard even after she told him she was only 16. Jeff Goldblum/"Jurassic Park" & "Independence Day"/"Disney"/"The World According to Jeff Goldblum"

125. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 11/10 **11**
It is interesting how the A list model (Emily Ratajkowski) only mentions one guy (Jho Low) paying for her services and not the dozens others who would not hesitate to make her life miserable for the rest of her life. Emily Ratajkowski/Jho Low (US model Emily Ratajkowski claims Jho Low paid her US$25,000 to be his Super Bowl ‘date’)

126. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 11/10 **12**
At some point you would think this A list host/mogul/producer would tire of finding new beards. Ryan Seacrest/Aubrey Paige (EXCLUSIVE: Shirtless Ryan Seacrest, 46, and girlfriend Aubrey Paige, 23, soak up the sun at luxury villa during romantic getaway in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico)

127. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 11/10 **13**
An ex of this offspring of an A++ lister who already had an unusual tale to tell, has told several friends that the offspring would force her to do drugs and then make her do threesomes with the offspring. One of those times turned bad and she ran away and wanted nothing to do with him after that.

128. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 11/10 **14**
The Knife - Anniversary Month: This actress (Rose McGowan) peaked at A- list. All of you know her. She is still everywhere, just not an A- list actress any longer. There is an actor (Skeet Ulrich) who recently starred on an almost network hit ("Riverdale") who loves sharing a story about the actress. She landed her first big role in what turned out to be franchise ("Scream"). She got the role by hitting the casting couch, which she has repeatedly done during her career. To that casting couch sex time, our actress removed a knife from her purse, placed it on the night stand and then got undressed. Fast forward to the filming of the movie. Our actor hits it off with the actress and they end up in bed. She repeats the same process that she did previously. Our actor happens to discuss what happened with one of the producers who tells the story about the casting couch and she didn't say, comment or do anything with the knife. She just made sure the guys saw it. Fast forward a few weeks and our actress hits it off with a different actor (Matthew Lillard) and she repeats the same process. The only difference is that after the sexual act, the actress takes the knife and holds it to the testicle area of the actor she just slept with and says, "Don't ever cheat on me." The actor was so scared, that he told the producer who told the actor and they ended up finishing up the scenes with the actress much more quickly than anticipated just to head off any possible danger. Rose McGowan/Skeet Ulrich/"Riverdale"/"Scream"/Matthew Lillard (Matthew Lillard dated Rose McGowan)

The celebrity CEO’s "poll" this past weekend, was a total sham. He is so thirsty. The decision was made months ago, along with filing the paperwork. Elon Musk (Elon Musk offloads another $690 million of Tesla stock after dumping $5 billion following Twitter poll)

This foreign born former A list superhero wants another shot at the character he was fired from. I am not sure how his body even functions with all the steroids he takes on a daily basis. Henry Cavill/"Superman" (Henry Cavill Wants Another Shot At Playing Superman: 'The Cape Is Still In The Closet')

There are at least three women that are having an affair with the significant other of a Potomac Housewife. Juan Dixon/Robyn Dixon

So, this foreign born former A list actor cheated on his long long time wife with a mistress and dumped the wife. Now, he has been dumped by the mistress but decided to pretend it was for another reason, so he would look better in the press than the NFL star.
Simon Baker/Rebecca Rigg/Laura May Gibbs (attended anti-vaxx protest)/Aaron Rodgers (Simon Baker Splits from Girlfriend Laura Gibbs After She Attends Anti-Vaxx Protest)

Giving knives as a gift is bad luck. To which royal did the alliterate one give a knife as a Christmas present? Kate Middleton/Meghan Markle (Meghan Markle Allegedly Gave Kate Middleton A Knife For Christmas Before Their Falling Out)

There is nothing quite like leaving rehab early and flying halfway around the world just so you can marry your enabler/partner in drug use who also frequently beats you. This foreign born former A- list celebrity/reality star/porn star does nothing in half measures. Katie Price/Carl Woods (EXCLUSIVE: 'She's shocked they're FINALLY getting hitched!' Katie Price and Carl Woods collect marriage license and down drinks in Vegas... after he arranged entire trip as a surprise for embattled star)

The background statements being released to the press from "sources" aka the momager really do make it seem as if this A- list reality star with a lucrative side gig had a percentage in the tragic concert and was not just there as a bystander. Kris Jenner/Kylie Jenner/"Astroworld" tragedy (MAJOR KRIS-IS Kris Jenner in ‘crisis mode’ as Kylie ‘may lose millions’ from beauty lines after Travis Scott’s Astroworld tragedy)

Every single day for the past few weeks, the public has been bombarded with at least one, and sometimes two stories about this A list acting couple and their sex life or other stories to distract. From what? The blind a couple of weeks ago that referenced another grooming scandal about to hit the actress. Will Smith/Jada Pinkett Smith (Will Smith fans want him to ‘stop over-sharing’ after latest sex revelations)

We all know the A list rapper found out that night. He watched it happen and rushed out. Prior to lawyering up, he said he found out at an after party. Now, after lawyering up, he didn't find out until the next day, despite the entire world knowing about it the previous night. Liars are going to lie. Travis Scott (Travis Scott repeatedly bragged about hurt, unconscious concertgoers) (Travis Scott went to a party after Astroworld unaware of the tragedy, sources say)

The troublesome manager and an investment group are about to be sued for nine figures. Apparently buyers feel as if they were misled by the manager and the investment group about the plans of an A+ list singer. Scooter Braun/Taylor Swift (Scooter Braun Thought Taylor Swift Wouldn't Re-Record Albums)

Speaking of troublesome managers. The former manager of this permanent A list female singer, has dozens of nude and partially nude photos of the singer and loves showing them to people. One day her phone is going to get hacked or stolen and those photos are going to end up everywhere. Stella Bulochnikov Stolper/Mariah Carey (Mariah Carey’s ex-manager, Stella Bulochnikov returns)

Old Hollywood: This EGOT winner always claimed to just be the adopted mother of this former A- list actor. She was his biological mother, and no one really knows why she insisted he be called adopted. Helen Hayes/James MacArthur

This foreign born A- list mostly movie actress has been given an ultimatum. She either gets vaccinated or fired. The vaccination must be witnessed by at least two people who will attest to it. Leticia Wright/"Black Panther: Wakanda Forever" ('Black Panther' Fans Demand Injured Letitia Wright Is Replaced If She's Unvaccinated)

This foreign born one named A list singer might publicly claim to hate an IG gossip site, but has bragged in the past about sending in tips to the site. Adele/Deuxmoi (Adele Shades Deuxmoi, the L.A. Dating Scene and Reveals the Story Behind ‘I Drink Wine’ Ahead of ’30’ Album Release)

This foreign born former A+ list boy bander turned A list singer/sometime actor has been offered a role in a Broadway musical headed to the movies. I thought they would go for someone older, but I can see the appeal.
Harry Styles/"The Wizard of Oz"/"Wicked"

This former A+ list reality star turned hated celebrity who would have been permanently canceled if insults she previously hurled were revealed today only got married because of the show she is filming. Check back in next year and see if they are still together. Paris Hilton/Carter/Reum/"Paris In Love" (Every celebrity guest at Paris Hilton and Carter Reum’s star-studded wedding)

Reader Blind: A bartender who worked a fancy private party in Beverly Hills that was populated by the rich offspring of celebrities and the super wealthy told me about it. The bartender said that all of the patrons were rude, entitled, and barely treated him as a human being. One was nice however and tipped generously - the gender bending strange kid of the two actors who are always in the news and on this site. The bartender also said the kid looked extremely unhappy and bored at the party. Jaden Smith/Will & Jada Pinkett Smith

146. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 11/12 **10**
This west coast Housewife is on a sugardaddy site using photos of her neighbor. Erika Jayne Girardi/"Real Housewives of Beverly Hills" (RHOBH’s Erika Jayne tells men to ‘slide into her DMs’ to date her amid nasty divorce and fraud scandal)

147. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 11/12 **11**
This A list writer/showrunner/producer/director once got turned down by this former A list actress who has at least two big television hits to her name. He holds a grudge. He was probably on a coke bender and being his usual a-hole self. Aaron Sorkin/Debra Messing (Debra Messing fans still mad Nicole Kidman is playing Lucille Ball in biopic)

148. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 11/12 **12**
Well, to be honest, the late night talk show host discussing hurtful comments made about his actress friend, does know a lot about misogyny. All he has to do is look in the mirror to see a huge misogynist. Andy Cohen/"Watch What Happens Live"/Sarah Jessica Parker (Andy Cohen defends Sarah Jessica Parker over ‘misogynistic’ gray hair comments)

149. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 11/12 **13**
One hiccup in the former television actress (Jennifer Aniston) with the iconic role ("Rachel"/"Friends") helping out the A+ list singer (Taylor Swift). There was a period of time shortly after the actress split with the sleeps with anyone A list singer (John Mayer), that she blamed the split on the A+ list singer who was next in line to date the sleeps with anyone A list singer. Granted, the bathroom visit was a year or so later, so they could have kissed and made up. Just something to keep in mind. Jennifer Aniston/"Rachel"/"Friends"/Taylor Swift/John Mayer (Why Taylor Swift Fans Are Convinced Jennifer Aniston Is the Actress in Taylor's Version of "All Too Well")

150. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 11/12 **14**
Four For Friday - Lost To Time - Anniversary Month: These are blinds dating back to as far as 2013 that for whatever reason, were never published. I have included the month and year to help you out. Some of the terms to describe people back when written, do not necessarily still apply today.
#1 - Which A (soon to be back to B)-list tween idol has been seeing that little-known member (Lil Twist) of that hip-hop label best known for his Kid n Play hair for quite some time now? A murder may have been committed to hide the relationship. (January 2013) Justin Bieber/Lil Twist

#2 - Over New Year's Eve, the new clique of closeted gays were partying it up in Australia, and were spotted at Mariah Carey's concert. They consist of:
-Guy #1: a B-list stage/film/TV actor and his "girlfriend" who was born a he. But they aren't sleeping together, just good pals. Mathew Morrison/Renee Puente
-Guy #2: a B-list actor with a recently canceled show who is dating the above actor. Chace Crawford/"Gossip Girl" (Chace Crawford & Matthew Morrison: New Year's Eve in Sydney!)
-Guy #3: a former boybander who has slept with the two people mentioned above but remains on good terms with them. JC Chasez/"NSYNC"
-Guys #4 and #5: two stars of that hit MTV show based on an '80s camp classic, who might be dating in real life. Colton Haynes/Tyler Hoechlin/"Teen Wolf"
(Colton Haynes: New Year's Eve With Tyler Hoechlin!)
-Guy #6: a former Disney kid who has repeatedly denied that he's gay but his costars from that franchise he was in would say otherwise. Lucas Grabeel/"High School Musical"
-Guy #7: a not-so-closeted TV actor who is the boyfriend of actor #2's costar from that recently canceled show. (January 2013)
Tyler Posey  ("Teen Wolf" star Tyler Posey comes out as sexually fluid)
#3 - (March 2018) This story reaches into the heart of the civil rights movement, but much later, after the heyday stars had used their MLK leverage and risen in political circles. Our guy BB was right there in the center of it all, and benefited from his association on a national level. He thought his position and reputation was untouchable, but he pushed the boundaries too hard and ruined his life. But this isn't just about him. It's also about his diabolical cohort in danger, The Grifter, a dangerous woman, who had three names, even today, though she tries hard to hide her identity. BB was long married but to a woman he did not consider his equal in luster. He shone, as she arranged for his children and him to live in relative ease, so he strayed, probably many times, and she looked the other way, because he still seem to keep his promise to the nation, to his people, and to his family. Things changed rapidly once The Grifter got her hooks in him. It became much more than a sexual relationship; there were many grifter money making schemes and lots and lots of drugs, mostly cocaine, that he helped her sell through his contacts, while he partook enthusiastically as payment. It was one of those relationships where he was sucked up in a vortex of her creation and lost complete control of his own life, so much so that he had to replenish his habit hourly. They both had lost control of a fast traveling train, and those on the inside we're not surprised when it all crashed. It was BB's wife who told the police. This got out to the press, and though she tried to take it back, the damage was done. BB used every relationship he had, both in his beloved southern hometown, and nationally, to save himself from prosecution. It worked, but not without one more glorious grifter scheme. The Grifter was to be singly prosecuted instead, but for her cooperation, several arrangements had to be made. She would alone take the entire brunt of punishment, and was sentenced to many years in a Federal prison. Five short weeks later, The Grifter quietly was released, and all traces of her prosecution details, imprisonment paperwork, and release details were wiped from all records. Her former identity was gone, and she was issued a new social security number. No one from the Press ever knew she was released, and because of all the years she was to be in jail, they just walked away from the story. The only mention post prosecution was a condemnation from the wildest, most controversial reporter of modern age. He publicly called out the obvious protection of BB at The Grifter's expense, but even he didn't realize what the real story was. The real story was that in order to gain The Grifter's cooperation, a yearly pension from BB was to be paid for the rest of his life. As designed, the story just disappeared. The Grifter quietly resumed her life in a nearby but different state, keeping her schemes to a minimum to keep the interest in her identity a secret. BB's career was over, but he never served jail time. He divorced and remarried, got some treatment, and lived out the rest of his life to a ripe old age, making his yearly payment to The Grifter that brought him down. A decade ago, The Grifter broke her agreement and came home. She bagged a new compliant husband and took back 2 of her 3 names. Her looks had aged so she figured she would not raise any red flags since two decades of time had passed. The problem was she had a son who still had the last name that would expose who she was, and throughout the years he had become one of her henchman, along with and his wife and grandchild, in lieu of being supported from the money she still received from BB. So as she built her new identity in her old southern hometown, she denied her son and demanded his non-existence on social media. Those who were drawn to her flame were kept there by prescription drugs she brought back from yearly trips to Central America. Her new grifter life was working out beautifully until just over 2 years ago, when BB died. There was no inheritance, and no instructions to continue to pay her after his death. She had not saved any money, instead traveling the world and buying racks of furs and tables of tickets to all the best concerts, so the schemes had to start again. Nonprofits were started, insurance claims were made, drugs were sold, and the new compliant husband was forced to go back to work long after retirement age at a local home supply shop, just so they could try to maintain the exclusive condo and trips for supplies. But it wasn't enough, and slowly, cracks started developing. She got behind on her condo payments so the board was forced to investigate. They discovered who she really was after finding archived snapshots of her prison record and early release, and one early photo of her on trial, deep on the internet. Her reign on her son loosened and his last name started connecting the dots for those she was attempting to scheme out of money. The only people who remained in her circle were those she managed to get hooked on her supply of drugs. Everything is about ready to come tumbling down again, and many more lives are about to be ruined. The police have been warned about her trips to Central America. She had to pull her son out of his expensive home as she could no longer continue to pay him off. The condo board is going through the legal options of removing her for non-payment. Those who are now in the know are attempting to save others around her by making them aware of who she really is. It's gearing up to be another headline-grabber in a city that has endured many. Marion Barry/Donna Watts-Brighthaupt; Julian Bond/Carmen Lopez Butler (Donna Watts Remains A Mystery) (Bond’s Reputed Girlfriend Found Guilty)
#4 - (April 2019) The alliterate's ex (Trevor Engelson) was developing a tv series as a what-if based on his life. The concept was what if they had had kids and his wife's new husband was a royal It was going to be a sitcom. Their "mom" his ex going from commoner in America to royalty. It was hilarious and apropos AND made the alliterate one and the royal family furious. The ex got a big check to say goodbye to the project which was going to get a greenlight. Meghan Markle/Trevor Engelson

There were multiple veterans at an event this week that had to be restrained when they told the ginger haired one to go back home. Prince Harry/"Veterans Day" at Joint Base McGuire-Dix-Lakehurst in New Jersey ('War stays with you like a slideshow of images': Harry opens up about serving in the armed forces as he and Meghan visit military base in NJ on Veterans Day to talk about mental health with service personnel)

The former A-list teen actor has a new money making scam. Instead of going out and getting a job, he just finds new ways to scam his fans. Corey Feldman (Corey Feldman Auctioning Off Prosthetic Ear from ‘Stand by Me’ as NFT)

A month or so ago, I wrote in this space about this teen/young adult actress who had a long career in front of her before a really bad movie making decision. I wrote about a public fight she had with her long time husband. It turns out the husband is cheating on her with a long time mistress who is foreign born and is also married to someone in the entertainment business. Apparently the husband of the mistress knows about it and is cuckolded. Elizabeth Berkley/"Showgirls"/Greg Lauren (Greg Lauren Celebrates American Identity by Honoring Small Community of Black Quiltmakers From Gee’s Bend, Alabama) (Greg Lauren RTW Fall 2021) (BLIND ITEM 10/02/21)

Don't believe the hype or the lies, the wife of the foreign born A list dual threat actor is not dying or sick and she is not a sex trafficker. She is however, always thirsty. Benedict Cumberbatch/Sophie Hunter (Benedict Cumberbatch Got Nicotine Poisoning '3 Times' from Smoking in The Power of the Dog)

Reader Blind: This deceased country/folk singer was A+ list in his day and is still loved by millions. During his heyday he had a photographer who went everywhere with him. At one point, there was the 1970s equivalent of a prank/flame war between him and this permanent A++ list legendary singer who often booked the same venues. It involved embarrassing pictures being sent back and forth. The country star asked the photographer to take a picture of him on the toilet, to send to the A++ list legend. The photographer is now in failing health and about to publish a book. He has the toilet photo framed and it will be in the book. What won’t be in the book is a full frontal nude shot that was also taken of the very well endowed singer. The photographer’s son destroyed that photo out of respect for the singer.

Reader Blind - Kindness: This one named singer is having a bit of a renaissance lately, and despite some past troubles, you’d be hard pressed to find a bigger class act when it comes to her fans. Over three decades ago, our singer had a rather unusual choice of venues. Before she was packing these venues to capacity, she would often join the audience members for lunch after the gig, sitting down with a piece of pizza and spending over an hour chatting and signing autographs. A couple years ago, she returned to one of these venues - the one where her most famous video was recorded - and didn’t leave until anyone who wanted a picture or an autograph got one. Tiffany Darwish (Tiffany Darwish despite the Problems with Her Parents as a Child, She Became a Good Mother)

The last time the former A+ list rapper went off his medications, he tried to kill himself. This time around, there are far fewer people to stop him should he decide to go that route again. Kanye West (BLIND ITEM REVEALED 03/12/21)

Speaking of fake relationships, this alliterate foreign born A- actor is finding out the hard way just because you do what the top dog agency with a lot of secrets says, doesn't mean you'll get those A-list ensemble roles promised in advance. Sebastian Stan/"CAA"/"Luke Skywalker" in the "Star Wars" franchise (Star Wars: Sebastian Stan suits up as Luke Skywalker in jaw-dropping new video) (Sebastian Stan Signs With CAA)

This former late night actress is crazy popular online with the general public. However, fellow comics have a huge problem with her because she keeps taking their time. Last night was typical. First show in Hollywood was supposed to do 12 minutes and does 47. Second show at Comedy Store she’s not on the lineup, shows up and on a 10 minute pop in does a half hour.
Leslie Jones/"SNL"

Earlier this year, there was a 19 year old immigrant from South America murdered. She was formerly trafficked by the billionaire pedophile and was sharing the bed with the supposed husband of the madam/procurer. Jeffrey Epstein/Scott Borgerson/Ghislaine Maxwell

It is not often a writer/director can just torch a movie before it is even released, but this A list writer/director is doing his best to make sure no one goes to see his latest movie. It is bizarre. Aaron Sorkin/"Being the Ricardos" ('Being The Ricardos' Reactions Say Everybody Was Wrong About Nicole Kidman's Lucille Ball)

Just as I told you would happen months ago when the "singer" was free to make her own decisions, the Svengali was going to be there waiting. He isn't worried about a restraining order. He has the boyfriend in the palm of his hand. Britney Spears/Sam Lutfi/Sam Asghari (BLIND ITEM REVEALED 09/30/21)

You would think that the wife of the former A list rocker would eventually just start buying from the US instead of lying to her customers about the origin of the welcome box. Courtney Sixx/Nikki Sixx/"Bouquet Box" (Influential Lifestyle and DIY Expert Courtney Sixx Launches Bouquet Box) (Bouquet Box)

The closeted former A- list actor hasn't had this much publicity in a decade. Who says having a beard doesn't pay off. Jake Gyllenhaal/Jeanne Cadieu/Taylor Swift relationship (Taylor Swift releases short film that fans think is about her ex-boyfriend Jake Gyllenhaal) (All About Jake Gyllenhaal's 25-Year-Old Girlfriend, Jeanne Cadieu)

Today, once again proved that without her husband cooking the books, this one named A list singer has less than stellar sales/downloads. Beyoncé and Jay Z (Beyoncé Releases Her Powerful New Song "Be Alive")

It makes sense that the racist former A+ reality star trying for a reboot on her reputation would hire the racist/accused sex assaulter/recorder of said sexual assaults one named DJ for her party. Paris Hilton/Diplo (Pretty-in-pink Paris Hilton hosts post-wedding carnival, DJ’d by Diplo)

This restaurant chef/owner/frequent social media star (Salt Bae) has been in this space before. Not only is his food overpriced blahness, but he has a habit of drinking way too much while at work. There have been employees and customers who have ended up cut by his famous knife. Salt Bae (Salt Bae and His Knife)

As a follow up to the ginger haired one being told to go home by veterans. The reason for it was because they didn't want to be part of the dog and pony show which clearly became evident with all the camera and sound guys running around. Someone then asked a veteran to word something differently. That is when they lost it and told him to go back to his own country. Do you think that will make the special? Prince Harry (Prince Harry and Meghan Markle Visited Service Members to Mark Veterans Day and Remembrance Day)

The last time this actress ran away from her then boyfriend who is an A- list mostly movie actor after he beat her, he ran inside the house to get his gun, but she managed to get away. Then there was the time he told everyone he wanted to kill her. In between of course he beat multiple girlfriends, but sure, go back to him and have his baby. Seems like a solid life choice. Mia Goth/Shia LaBeouf (Shia LaBeouf steps out with 'pregnant' Mia Goth in LA... as the actress also appears to wear a wedding ring)

It was just like old times, except instead of the celebrity bride being the one coked out of her mind, it was this B list actress who used to star on a hit cable show. Courtney Stodden/Ashley Benson/"Pretty Little Liars" (Ashley Benson Rocks Plunging Playsuit ForParis Hilton’s Lavish 2nd WeddingReception)

Speaking of brides, at an entirely different wedding, the bride was visibly angry at the A list celebrity you either love or hate because she felt the celebrity was trying to upstage her and wore something so people would be talking about the celebrity. Not Kendall Jenner and never ever would I refer to her as an A list celebrity. Chrissy Teigen (Chrissy Teigen & John Legend Couple Up For Pal's Wedding in LA)

All of the members of this rebooted Disney boy band are married. One is more quiet than the others. He is the one cheating on his wife. "Backstreet Boys"/Kevin Richardson

The husband/sex trafficker/con artist (Basit Igtet) of the liquor heiress (Sara Bronfman) who didn't go to jail is helping to finance the candidacy of the son of the deposed former leader of his home country. The two worked very hard to get the hidden hundreds of millions of dollars scattered around the continent by the deposed leader, but only managed to get to a cache or two while the Church and their supporters got the vast majority of the millions. Basit Igtet/Sara Bronfman/Seif al-Islam el-Qaddafi/Muammar el-Qaddafi/Libya/"NXIVM" (Qaddafi Son to Run for President in Libya)

The heads of several cable networks/news organizations ranging from the far left to the far right, all agreed that a war with Russia would be amazing for ratings. (Russia threatening space war with US)

The former A- list actress we all want to protect has been seeing a guy who would take her down a path none of us want to see her take.
Amanda Bynes

176. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 11/15 **10**
This closeted foreign born A- list superhero had what looked to be dinner with friends last week in Los Angeles. It was actually a way for him to get to know a guy he is interested in without the world in his business. Tom Holland/"Spider-Man" (Tom Holland cuts a casual figure in denim jacket as he grabs dinner with close pal Justin Bieber in West Hollywood)

177. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 11/15 **11**
After saying she would never try it, this one named A/A- list singer gave in and got botox and fillers. Adele

178. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 11/15 **12**
Dealing with the pill addiction of this A/A- list singer/sometime actress has been quite the juggling act the past few weeks. Lady Gaga

179. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 11/15 **13**
This former A list mostly television actor who has nothing but misses lately, is probably down to A-/B+ list. He is cheating on his wife who holds a slightly lower place on the list. A woman from an ad agency is the mistress.

180. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 11/15 **14**
Craigslist - Anniversary Month: Back in the very very early days of the blog, I had a blind about this former A/A- list female singer who was an A list reality star and comes from a singing family. The blind was about her trying to find a guy to have a baby with and her celebrity friend was helping her, but I think he was more interested in finding a guy for himself. Later on I found out more about it, but never wrote about it. It was such a bizarre story, but heard it from a then employee of the celebrity friend. A year or maybe two after I wrote it, I was at a birthday dinner at a friend's house. One of the guests was the singer. We both knew the host really well and had been friends with the host forever, but for some reason the singer and I had only met once or twice and it wasn't through our mutual friend. Anyway, the singer was drinking and getting a little plastered. A very very fun plastered. I had to ask. I had to know the details on this whole thing. Apparently it was at the request of the celebrity friend. He was having trouble finding guys who he hadn't hooked up with or heard about and wanted something new. He wanted her in on it and to use the pretense of wanting a baby, to find guys. I know, it really makes no sense, but they were also drunk when they came up with the idea. They also decided they couldn't do it in Los Angeles because the idea was he wanted guys he had not seen or met and she would be less well known there. I know, but then again, that was the thinking. They placed an ad in Craigslist and used her phone number. Well, that lasted about 30 minutes before they deleted the ad and then went an got a new phone number they used just for the ad. She said the whole thing was ridiculous because they were sitting in a suite of this hotel downtown and were they going to invite the guy over? To them it sounded innocent, but to guys who saw the ad, they thought it was an escort trying to find clients. They did eventually meet a couple of guys in the bar downstairs, but nothing really ever happened with anyone she said. Fast forward about six months from the birthday dinner party. We see each other again at a party for some store opening and she says she has a confession. She asked if I remembered what we spoke about at the birthday dinner. I said yes, and she said she didn't remember everything because she was kind of out of it, but she said that she did actually hook up with a military guy she met there, but wanted to keep it quiet. She says he had no idea who she was and she wore a black wig. She didn't say whether he responded to the ad or they just met in the bar, and I didn't ask.
Jessica Simpson/Ken Paves

This foreign born former A list superhero who would really love his old job back, is using his old Finsta again. He has not used it since he was hooking up with the high schooler several years ago. Henry Cavill/"Superman" (praesulo)

If you are signed to this agency, you very quickly learned where you stand in the pecking order. Did you get tickets to the concert? Did you get good seats? Was the director told you were in attendance. Adele "One-Night-Only" concert (What celebrities attended Adele’s One-Night-Only concert?)

It's Oscar season, so why take the time to find a new "girlfriend," when this A+/A list mostly movie actor has someone he already pays on a monthly basis for child support. Bradley Cooper/Irina Shayk (Bradley Cooper dresses casually while shopping alone in NYC... after reuniting with ex Irina Shayk for Halloween with their daughter Lea)

The foreign born A list singer just doubles down by making her fans feel awful, while not revealing she had surgical help to achieve her results. Adele (Adele, 33, Opens Up About Her 100-Pound Weight Loss Journey For The First Time)

This former tween actress turned A- list singer yelled at a couple who spotted her doing coke. She was not pleasant, even though it was not the couple's fault. Demi Lovato (Demi Lovato Channels ‘Monsters Inc’ InGreen Fur Jacket For Paris Hilton’sPost-Wedding Carnival)

When this former Teen Mom discovers her significant other has a girlfriend who has pregnant, I wonder how long after, there will be a domestic violence arrest. Jenelle Evans/David Eason (Jenelle Evans' husband David Eason arrested for 'driving while impaired' and 'possession of an open container' in North Carolina)

Using his connections to move the girls, this troublesome actor gets a big percentage of the fee paid for the child brides transported from this African country to the US. Sean Penn/Ethiopia (BLIND ITEM REVEALED 11/02/21)

Another A+ list mostly movie actor has come out in favor of allowing guns and ammo to remain on sets. It is interesting how many of these actors have antithetical views when it comes to these same questions, off sets.

This foreign born A list singer is in a jam. He would like nothing more to come out. He is ready. His "girlfriend" is not and will be embarrassed because they supposedly are having this torrid love affair. Shawn Mendes/Camila Cabello (Shawn Mendes 'initiated conversation' to end 'stale' two-year relationship with Camila Cabello last week, insiders claim)

190. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 11/16 **10**
Much like what happened to her would be mother-in-law, this royal feels that her life is in danger. Grace Kelly/Charlene, Princess of Monaco (Princess Charlene will NOT attend Monaco's National Day celebrations and will take 'a period of calm and rest' to 'recover from prolonged state of fatigue', palace announces - as Prince Albert steps out solo again) (The True Story of Grace Kelly's Death, and Why Rumors Surrounding It Have Been So Persistent)

191. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 11/16 **11**
Reader Blind: This long deceased A+A+ foreign leader (Winston Churchill Former Prime Minister of the United Kingdom) whom an actor (Gary Oldman) won a prestigious award ("Academy Award" - 2017 Best Performance by an Actor in a Leading Role "Darkest Hour") for playing awhile back lived separately from his wife (Clementine Hozier Churchill) once his children reached a certain age. This was because his wife loved another man passionately and lived with him until that man died. She still accompanied her A+A+ husband to official events however. Ironically, her parents (Sir Henry Hozier & Lady Blanche Hozier) had a similar arrangement and her father was not her biological father. Winston Churchill Former Prime Minister of the United Kingdom/Gary Oldman/"Academy Award" - 2017 Best Performance by an Actor in a Leading Role "Darkest Hour"/Clementine Hozier Churchill/Sir Henry Hozier & Lady Blanche Hozier (The Life of Mrs. Winston Churchill)

192. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 11/16 **12**
This former A+ list athlete is going to be crushed when she discovers her boy toy athlete boyfriend is cheating on her with her cousin.

193. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 11/16 **13**
They keep trying to push this and it just is not true. This A- list singer/bad actress is not dating the A list former superhero. He likes to stay under the radar. He doesn't want to end up like the cleaning product actor. No, it is not as bad as that, but people judge. The singer/actress is really trying to be front and center right now in any way she can. Selena Gomez/Chris Evans (Fans think Selena Gomez’s sweater hints at Chris Evans connection)

194. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 11/16 **14**
How Bizarre - The House On St. Charles - Anniversary Month: It was during Anniversary Month four years ago, that I first mentioned The House On St. Charles. Even though I heard whispers about it a couple of decades ago, my first real brush with it was back in 2006. In fact, it was just a few months prior to the first entry in this blog. It was the first week of June or so and I had been in Europe. I had been hanging out with this one hit wonder ("DHT") who was planning a year of touring in support of their one hit ("Listen to Your Heart"). They had done a late fall tour the year prior when the song hit number one, but had not been able to get more than the quick in and out visas common to new bands. It allows you to hit a couple of cities in ten days and then you have to get out. In 2006, they had the oddest tour dates, I still have ever seen. Two or three days in the US followed by a week or two in Europe followed by a week in the US and the pattern just repeated itself. (DHT Tour Dates) This particular group had been touring and been successful from this one hit wonder for a couple of years prior to it breaking in the US. The sad thing for them was it was a remake of a song, so the only way they could make big money was to tour as much as possible. I was with them for the last show in Europe prior to them hitting the US again. It was an odd group. It consisted of one really young member (Edmée Daenen) and someone a solid decade or so older (Flor Theeuwes). They didn't really hang out and the younger person had joined the group when she was not even old enough to drive. They played a show in Europe Memorial Day weekend and then had a week off before another show in Europe and then a week off before their show in the US. After that Memorial Day show, there was a man waiting backstage. An older man who was waiting for the still young singer to finish getting ready. He then escorted her to a limo and she was gone. I didn't see her again until six days later when they played again. Immediately afterwards, the same scenario repeated itself. I didn't see her again until we boarded the plane a few days before their US show, which just so happened to be in New Orleans. On the flight over, we were all back in economy, jammed into three rows of three which was everyone involved in the tour. I asked her if the guy was her boyfriend. She said no, and that he worked for a man she was seeing. She would be seeing him again in the US. Was he flying just to see her? No, he had business. She didn't say what kind of business. What I found out later was the man worked as an EU big shot and was married and sleeping with the singer who was passing along information to someone she knew in her country (Oostduinkerke - Koksijde - Belgium) which is where this man was based. In New Orleans, he was going for a trade conference, and was confronted there about his affair and secrets. He had been confronted shortly after a sexual encounter with the singer. He chose to help rather than have his secrets blasted out in the open. After one more US date, I was done with the tour and went home. Get this though. Right after the US date, they went back home and she started seeing another guy. I don't know who he is. I do know that a few weeks later they were back in the US and once again, playing in New Orleans. The band hasn't existed since a few months after that last New Orleans stop. "DHT"/"Listen to Your Heart"/Edmée Daenen/Flor Theeuwes/Oostduinkerke - Koksijde - Belgium

This cable show ("Suits") could never get any of its stars on the one named host's talk show ("Ellen"). I guess that changed with the alliterate one (Meghan Markle). I wonder if she would like to be the replacement for the host. You would think you would want to meet with the host considered the nicest (Kelly Clarkson) and not the one that bullies her staff. Oh, wait. Two birds of a feather and all that. Probably hit up James Corden the a-hole, next. Oh, wait, her husband already did that. "Suits"/"Ellen"/Meghan Markle/Kelly Clarkson (Meghan Markle makes surprise appearance on ‘The Ellen DeGeneres Show’)

Speaking of the alliterate one. When she and the ginger one do finally get divorced, do you think he will resent her for not getting to see his grandmother before she dies. He wants to go, so there is only one person who could say no. Meghan Markle/Prince Harry/Queen Elizabeth (Prince Harry, Meghan Markle won’t join frail Queen Elizabeth for Christmas)

This three named actor thinks cancel culture is to blame for the box office bomb of one of his projects. Nope. The movie just was not something a lot of people were going to be interested in. It did fine on streaming. It would have bombed, no matter what. Lin Manuel Miranda/"In the Heights" (Lin-Manuel Reacts To ‘Hamilton,’ ‘In The Heights’ Backlash: "It’s Not Cancellation. That’s Having Opinions")

This foreign born former superhero needs someone on the red carpet for award season, because he has got gold on his hands. His hiring process was quick. Andrew Garfield/Christine Gabel/"Tick, Tick ... Boom!’" (Can Andrew Garfield’s ‘Tick, Tick … Boom!’ Performance Be the First Musical Best Actor Winner in Over 55 Years?) (Andrew Garfield looks dapper as he is joined by stunning girlfriend Christine Gabel after hitting the red carpet at Tick, Tick...Boom! premiere in NYC)

I know the steroid lover/former baseball player, who likes to lie about how much he is worth, thinks he can handle any situation when it comes to women. The former Housewife he is talking to, is next level. She is incredibly sweet, and if you show any interest in her, she manifests that sweetness into random drop bys and just checking in texts at 3am. She has been burned a lot. Alex Rodriguez/Kelly Bensimon/"Real Housewives of New York" (Alex Rodriguez texting Kelly Bensimon, has asked her out ‘more than once’)

When the actual truth comes out during depositions and discovery, the online/television tabloid is going to look ridiculous for parroting the momager and her minions spin on the concert tragedy. Their spin has no basis in reality. "TMZ"/Kris Jenner/"Astroworld" (Travis Scott Lawyer, Rapper Didn't Know Scope of Astroworld Tragedy Till Next Day)

This A list television host/producer/showrunner/legend is cheating on his significant other and there will be a split.

This former Desperate Housewives lead actor is cheating on his long time wife with an actress. He was kicked out of the house and is living in an apartment now. James Denton (Teri Hatcher and James Denton reunite for holiday Hallmark movie)

Reader Blind: This recently deceased Academy award nominated (1988 - Nominee - Best Actor in a Supporting Role "Married to the Mob") movie and TV actor (Dean Stockwell) had success early in his career and a second wind later in his career. In between, he was part of a wild generation ("In the mid-1960s, Stockwell dropped out of show business, becoming active in the Topanga Canyon hippie subculture") and during that time became friends with an infamous figure (Charles Manson) who had his own family. The night of a famous crime, he was present having driven himself there but did not go inside the house of the actress (Sharon Tate). One of the perpetrators of this crime gave hours of recorded testimony to his attorney and mentioned this but no one believed him. Dean Stockwell/Charles Manson/Sharon Tate (Charles Manson cult kills five, including actress Sharon Tate)

204. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 11/17 **10**
If you want a selfie with this foreign born A- list dual threat actor, he will do so if he is alone. If he is with his "girlfriend" though, he never knows how to act and will turn you down flat. Tom Hiddleston/Zawe Ashton (Tom Hiddleston and Zawe Ashton make red carpet debut at Tonys 2021)

205. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 11/17 **11**
Reader Blind - 90's Limo Driver: The permanent A list television actor/astronaut was not a favorite among drivers. He was known to be prickly, and God forbid anyone mention the iconic television show the actor was famous for. Many drivers who were huge fans were always in for a big letdown when meeting the actor in person. The stretch limos were stocked with soft drinks, ice, beer, bourbon and scotch. 90 percent of the passengers never touched that stuff, but the actor/astronaut never missed an opportunity to guzzle free alcoholic beverages. William Shatner/"Star Trek"

206. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 11/17 **12**
Reader Blind: This marriage took everyone by surprise but the recipient (Malala Yousafzai) of the A+ global award (2014 "Nobel Peace Prize") had been living with the groom for at least a year beforehand and had had a number of sexual encounters at college before that. Despite the symbol of freedom she has become, there are still many in her family not happy with this behavior and she got married under pressure from them. Malala Yousafzai/2014 "Nobel Peace Prize"/Asser Malik ('Was Never Against Marriage': Malala Yousafzai Explains Why She Married Asser Malik)

207. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 11/17 **13**
Why the secrecy this week about the four FBI agents treated at a NYC hospital emergency room for being exposed to a white powder. Was it a letter? Something found on the street? An investigation?

208. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 11/17 **14**
Love Child: All too often everyone is looking in one direction and want so much for that thing to be true, that they see things that are not there. Because of that, there is a reason why this former A++ lister has never really tried to shoot down the story of a love child that one side of the aisle desperately wants to be true. I'm not sure why it would matter at this time if it were true or not. The story just gets circulated though. It is there and then dies and then some bit of news or a television show brings it back. A new wave of accusations emerges, but everyone loses interest. While everyone looks at the recycled story, no one bothers to look at the real love child. The child which is a shocker. The child who can make history in the future. You have to go back in time. When the former A++ lister was running, there were all kinds of whispers, but no one whispered about this one celebrity. Oh, sure, later in life they did for sure. At that time though, they saw each other as much as possible and is the reason why she had two extremely fast marriages, even by Hollywood standards. The marriages were cover, but they just got in the way. Fast forward to the reason the second marriage ended, and it is because she was pregnant and it was not with her then husband's baby. She then disappeared for a year or so before entering once again into the life of the former A++ lister until he left office. After he left office, he kind of blew her off because it was easier for him to hook up with many women. The child was raised by a sibling and is now entering politics.
Bill Clinton/Eleanor Mondale

It would not be the first time or the second or third, that a night began in Soho House and ended up with the murder of a woman, or two. The dead foreign born model who was best friends with the A list dead foreign born designer used to have a list of women who ended up dead after starting, or at some point during the night prior to the death, partying at Soho House. Christy Giles/Annabelle Neilson/Alexander McQueen (Los Angeles Model Christy Giles' Cause of Death Remains Under Investigation Following Autopsy) (Annabelle Neilson, muse for Alexander McQueen, dies)

If you want to get robbed in Hollywood, sign a deal based on Net. The books get cooked to screw every sucker who agrees to that, including the tax man. If you want to get paid in Hollywood, sign a deal based on Gross. The screenwriter for this recent blockbuster is learning that lesson the hard way right now. Anthony McCarten/"Bohemian Rhapsody" (‘Bohemian Rhapsody’s Anthony McCarten Sues Queen Biopic Producers Over Profits; Claim The Blockbuster Is $51M In The Red Will Rock Hollywood)

Earlier this week I wrote in this space about how a certain royal was worried she was facing the same fate as her mother-in-law. Now, the royal is missing. The alliterate actress is on standby to take over. Princess Charlene of Monaco/Grace Kelly/Sharon Stone (Princess Charlene of Monaco Steps Down From Royal Duties, Is Seeking Treatment)

The love her or hate her A list celebrity only cares about one thing. Herself. When it comes to people who can't do her any favors higher on the list, all she wants from them is to open their wallets and buy everything she sells. Chrissy Teigen

Speaking of celebrities who only think of themselves, this celebrity doctor is promoting herself again on social media, despite her actor husband being blasted again for all his sexual harassment issues, and one of his victims testifying in court. Dr. Bojana Jankovic/Michael Weatherly/Eliza Dushku (Eliza Dushku claims Bull co-star Michael Weatherly ‘threatened to take her to rape van’ in ‘constant sexual harassment’)

This reminds me of a Disney relationship from several years ago. History does repeat itself. The lesser known acting sibling of a former A list Disney actress hooks up with the boyfriend of the actress on a regular basis. Back in the day, the lesser known actress actually had sex for the very first time ever with the boyfriend of her more well known Disney sister.

It is now being reported by witnesses, that the killing by the actor was murder. Now, it really does make you wonder about that project she was working on behind the scenes and was front and center for her after this project wrapped.

We all know the former husband of this streaming reality star is dead. It sounds like the producers are trying to trick the former wife into giving some type of confession by throwing her something completely off base. Don Lewis/Carole Baskin/"Tiger King" ('Tiger King' star Carole Baskin 'glad to hear' legally dead ex is alive)

Whenever this A- list actor/wannabe singer has a new show or movie that is about to come out, this ex, goes all in. She brings up his drug use/abuse/underage girls/strippers/child neglect and anything else she can to derail his career. You have to admire her playing the long game. She is at it again right now. It doesn't seem to affect him or his career though. One of these days maybe she can make it stick. Jeremy Renner/Sonni Pacheco (Jeremy Renner calls ex-wife Sonni Pacheco’s abuse allegations ‘nonsense’)

218. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 11/18 **10**
This A/A- list reality star all of you know, is not only faking travel COVID tests for herself, but also for her kids who don't like being tested. Kourtney Kardashian (Kourtney Kardashian Claps Back After Critic Says She's "Finally" With Her Kids)

219. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 11/18 **11**
Almost a month ago, I wrote a blind item on a different platform about two celebrity best friends, one of whom is an A lister. Since, I wrote the blind, neither have hung out together since. They had long standing plans to get together this week, but didn't.

220. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 11/18 **12**
Almost two decades ago, these five co-stars from a singing show put $5K each into a pot and the winner was the first person to get nominated for an Oscar. We finally could have a winner this year.
"High School Musical"/Vanessa Hudgens ("Tick, Tick...Boom!"/"Karessa Johnson")

221. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 11/18 **13**
This former A list OC Housewife is cheating on her significant other.

222. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 11/18 **14**
There is a pretty high bar to be reached for the biggest bomb of her career for this A list everything in her mind actress/singer, but she definitely has a shot with her latest movie. Jennifer Lopez/"Marry Me" (Trailer for Jennifer Lopez’s Marry Me Is So Bad It Ruins Marriage for the Rest of Us: Watch)

223. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 11/18 **15**
The alliterate one told the exact same story almost a decade ago about a different boyfriend she was dating at the time. She is becoming very Ryan Reynolds with her story telling. Meghan Markle/"Ellen" (Meghan Markle’s ‘Ellen’ interview was the complete opposite of her Oprah sitdown — boring by design)

224. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 11/18 **16**
Convenient - Anniversary Month: This actress is foreign born. She has a franchise that moved from television to movies and has the most secret love life. In a way, she will tell you she is extremely lucky that she is able to use something from her past, to keep people asking about her love life. At the time our encounter happened, I didn't know her because I hadn't seen the show which made her famous. I knew of the show, but had never seen it. I was at a club with some friends and was fairly bored. I was thinking about heading back to the house where everyone had parked their cars. I was about to leave when two women with British accents came up to me and said they had no money and asked if I wanted to buy them a drink. Why not. I buy them a drink and the next thing I know, they are sitting at a table making out. Making out is almost too mild of a term for what they were doing. Judging by the growing interest in what the pair were doing, I think many of us would not have been surprised if they took it many steps further right then and there. They would drain their drinks and ask if they could have another and then get right back to doing what they were doing. It never happened to me before and never since. I'm fairly sure the other dozen or so people who witnessed it would say the same. I honestly can't remember what month it happened, but probably late summer. Fast forward a few months to January. It is Golden Globes time and I am in my award season brunch hangout seeing what I can see. It is a buffet, so I am moving from station to station looking for food and also looking at many of the men and women who are eating the same buffet but already full on dressed to leave for the award shows. Others, who get to arrive later, are still in regular clothes. I saw a woman getting a steamed dumpling and thought she looked familiar. During those buffets, that was not an unusual sensation. It is taking that thought and then going through your memory until you can identify the person. I was drawing a blank. I wasn't really paying attention to what I was doing and we bumped into each other and both said sorry. I heard her voice. Boom. I was back to the summer and that bar and that voice. I looked and then looked again, and I was sure. The problem is I still didn't know who she was or if she was an actress or a publicist or what. I watched where she went and at her table were two other actresses. I didn't know that at the time and didn't recognize them. Then, a stroke of genius. An actor walked up to them and they all knew him and I knew who he was and I went to his IMDb page so fast. I saw what show he was starring in and then went down the list of cast and there was my actress. I had a name and I had a face and I had quite the little tale to turn into a blind item. So, imagine my surprise when she supposedly ended up with a boyfriend/fiancé, which flew in the face of what I had seen in person. Everything I learned about her was that she had never in her life dated a man, but here she was, supposedly head over heels in love. It was the perfect situation. When he ended up leaving her under fairly novel circumstances, it gave her an excuse to never discuss her love life again. Michelle Dockery/"Downton Abbey" (How Downton Abbey's Michelle Dockery Proved Resilient After the Devastating Loss of Her Fiancé)

The A list singer/sometime bad actor already knows his wife will put up with him cheating and getting busted publicly, so of course he is going to keep cheating. Justin Timberlake/Jessica Biel (How Justin Timberlake Came Undone) (New York Times doc on Janet Jackson's Super Bowl scandal leaves questions unanswered)

This A list screenwriter/author never got any love for his always broken Tesla. Then, he posts to Twitter and the company bends over backwards to help and then begs him to take down his post so his 100K+ followers don't see it.

It is not the first time an arena/stadium has sold naming rights to a scam corporation, but other than Enron, this will be the most visible when it implodes. "Los Angeles Staples Center"/"The Crypto Company" (The Crypto Company Behind the Renaming of the Los Angeles Staples Center)

This serial cheating former A list rapper didn't want his wife to know about the super expensive gift to one of his mistresses. Now, the wife is probably going to be on the hook for the $1M because the rapper doesn't have that kind of money. Offset/Cardi B

As I told you a couple of months ago, the contract between the A- list offspring of at least one permanent A lister and her "boyfriend," ended. It is just now being made official to the news media. Kaia Gerber (Cindy Crawford & Rande Gerber)/Jacob Elordi (Kaia Gerber and Jacob Elordi break up after 1 year of dating)

See, the math has always been the sticking point for the comedian. For this to work, the actress and the comedian would have been hooking up prior to going to rehab or a split in his marriage, which of course contradicts everything about meeting in church or some kind of nonsense and why he doesn't think he is the father. He wants proof. John Mulaney/Olivia Munn (Why Olivia Munn Won't Refute Rumors About John Mulaney Relationship Timeline)

The one named permanent A list celebrity is backing her long time protégé/money maker in his bid for political office. Both agree there is money to be made. Oprah/Dr. Oz/Pennsylvania Senate (Doctor Oz Mulls Republican Senate Run in Pennsylvania)

No matter how many times the reality family sandbags the public with lies/mistruths/falsehoods/publicity stunts and so much more, everyone seems to readily accept the latest stunt shoved down their throats. Tragedy? What tragedy? Law school still? What law school? Divorce? What divorce? Look at this shiny new object. Kim Kardashian/Pete Davidson/getting death row inmate Julius Jones’s sentence commuted hours ahead of his planned execution (Kim Kardashian thanks Gov. Stitt for Julius Jones decision) (Kim Kardashian and Pete Davidson Are Officially Dating) (Kanye Convinced… Someone Is Sabotaging Kim Kardashian’s Bourgeoning Legal Career)

Reader Blind: In the early nineties two Armenian American cousins in their 20’s were horsing around in a white Mercedes one night on Benedict Canyon. They admit they were driving recklessly. They came around a sharp corner and almost ran an oncoming Porsche off the road. The young men laughed off the close call, but moments later the Porsche was right on their tail. A harrowing high-speed chase ensued through the winding canyon. The Porsche was trying to run the Mercedes off the road. The young men were terrified and pulled into a pullout hoping the Porsche would disappear, but the car pulled in right behind them, blocking them in. The driver of the Porsche jumped out of the car and was furious. The young men recognized the man to be the A list mostly television star/accused murderer. The actor ran to the Mercedes and slapped the driver through the window and attempted to choke him. "I ought to rip your punk head off!" the actor growled, and a heavy scent of alcohol wafted into the car. The actor unleashed his fury and then got back into the Porsche and sped away. A surreal Hollywood scene, to say the least. Robert Wagner/"Hart To Hart" (Hart To Hart TV series Robert Wagner Stefanie Powers Porsche & champagne)

234. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 11/19 **10**
It seems highly unlikely that any sort of reunion could have been filmed without someone leaking it, but there is buzz that a Housewives reunion was attempted at one point and shut down almost as soon as it started. "Real Housewives of New York" (Luann de Lesseps 'disappointed' RHONY reunion was canceled but thinks cast 'resolved their issues' after tumultuous season between Ramona and Eboni ... and kicks off her festive Christmas cabaret)

235. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 11/19 **11**
Reader Blind: There have been a number of articles this year about the significant other of this wannabe A++ lister who is current A+ lister, and could likely be an A++ lister in the future. These articles are fluff. If they really wanted to dig, they should look at their romantic life. Yes the significant other has kids and a prior partner but most of their relationships have been same sex. The A+ lister and their marriage is more like a business arrangement.

236. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 11/19 **12**
Reader Blind: This A- list athlete/entertainer turned mostly movie actor can say one thing about his departure from the franchise, but the reality is he is starting gender transition. He wants to become a woman, but at the same time realizes that the years of steroid abuse will make it difficult for him to pass, so he'll present as non-binary at least for now.

237. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 11/19 **13**
This alliterate permanent A list singer finally reached a settlement with her ex which will allow her to stop selling off her possessions to keep up her lifestyle. She is getting $1M+ per month. Janet Jackson/Wissam Al Mana (Janet Jackson & Ex Wissam Al Mana Had an Abusive Marriage, Her Brother Once Claimed - Inside Their Failed Romance)

238. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 11/19 **14**
Reader Blind: This A- list foreign born superhero (Henry Cavill) has been a frequent name in many blind item sites, especially regarding a relationship with his barely legal co-star (Millie Bobby Brown) (who is in fact dating an older co-star of the streaming show ("Stranger Things"). The question is who is the one behind this career sabotage? Is it the fellow A- list actor (Jamie Dornan or Brandon Routh) wanting to take over his superhero role, or is it the scorned ex girlfriend out for revenge. Henry Cavill/Millie Bobby Brown/"Stranger Things"/Jamie Dornan or Brandon Routh (Sorry Henry Cavill, Another Former Superman Actor Wants To Return The Role Thanks To The Flash Opening Up The Multiverse) (Jamie Dornan Says He Lost Superman Role to Henry Cavill and Has Approached Marvel for a Superhero Role) (Inside Henry Cavill's Complicated Love Life) (BLIND ITEM REVEALED 06/28/2019)

239. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 11/19 **15**
Four For Friday - Where Is Part Two? Anniversary Month: Back in 2018, a reader sent in their entry for a memorable night. There was supposed to be a second part, but it never came, and I forgot about their first part. Here it is, in its entirety.

The 5 Lady Loves of My Life: This BI will probably end up running really long, thus I both warn and apologize in advance. Pretty foolish request up front, but please don’t speculate as to my identity or the identities of my 5 Lady Loves (especially the last one, Lady #5, as we have been married shy of 2 decades now and she’ll kill me if she finds out), as none of us are famous. I think there will be enough fun tidbits for people to guess at without us anyway. That said, let’s hop in the DeLorean and let it take us back 25 years almost to the day, to the waning days of this legendary L.A. FM rock station (#1/"KQLZ") that had exploded onto the scene in the tail end of the big hair bands era of the ‘80s. Said station had launched with much fanfare with an inaugural song (#2/"Welcome to the Jungle"), an iconic song by a legendary rock band (#3/"Guns N' Roses") that the station would go on to use in a signature marketing ploy – every time they would play said song, a caller had a chance to win $10,000 if I remember correctly. Funny enough, my buddy’s kid brother called up the station to request they play the song, only to be cussed out on air by the legendary DJ (#4/Scott Shannon). Before the station would disappear into the mists of time, it was even honored/mocked by having this other legendary alternative rock station (#5/"KROQ") bring it back not too long after - if only for a day (#6/April Fool's Day 1994) Spring Break in L.A., the first year in many that I wouldn’t either have to work for the old man or be able to go out of town to blow off some steam and celebrate. I grew up in the industry "on the wrong side of the tracks" so to speak – working long hours whenever I could spare the time for the old man - helping out on gear, props, equipment, anything and everything behind the scenes, behind the camera, in the background as the son of a "mad scientist" technical genius who made a pretty decent living as a freelance (and usually uncredited…in fact almost entirely uncredited per the old man’s IMDB page) technical/engineering consultant, special effects man, prop master, and occasional stuntman and minor/bit part character actor. He was a "fixer" less in the Ray Donovan sense and more in the scientific sense – when a studio had some sort of technical problem they couldn’t solve, my dad was one of if not the go-to guy to come up with out of the box, creative solutions. His far-too-often-unsung efforts won his various employers numerous Oscars, Emmys, VMAs and Clio awards over the decades. But enough about me and my fam (for now), let’s get on with one of those crazy nights. Now there’s something people need to understand about L.A. – not only is it chock full of the world’s finest ladies most trying to make it or break it in showbiz, drawn to the glitz and glamour of the industry like moths to the flame, but it’s also blessed that the home grown variety, those sun kissed California girls, were hardly ever what one would consider to be runners up in the aesthetics department. Speaking of blessed, I, one of a seemingly rare breed of non-transplant, native born Angeleno sons, have been blessed in my forty-something years on this earth to have loved and been loved by 5 of California’s (if not the world’s) absolute best…every single one of them, while not famous, a goddess in my mind. Each as lovely on the inside as they are/were on the outside. While there are many tales that I may one day tell of myself, my experiences, and my Lady Loves, today’s tale focuses on Lady #4, who we will call Washington. Washington and I (along with Ladies #1 & #3) attended the same high school, a pretty nice public school (La Cañada High School) that was in those days both famous for its academic excellence and quality as well as notorious for its wild party scene. In fact, an alum (Phil Joanou) of the school had directed a pretty successful cult classic teen coming-of-age movie ("Three O'Clock High") that was heavily influenced by his own experiences at the school/town (#7/La Cañada Flintridge, California). It had a kinda-sorta "in spirit" remake/variation not too long ago (#8/"Fist Fight"). The place even had a rabid pack of rocket scientists in its backyard, not just the rock band we’ll get to very soon that used to play in and around those backyards. I was a couple of years ahead of Washington, and had been a few months past breaking up with Lady #3. Washington and I had a class together that year, and over that fall, winter and spring we grew close, very close, and in the time leading up to Spring Break she found herself torn between her douchelord of an on again off again boyfriend and me. The boyfriend, conveniently for us, decided to be his douche self and break up with Washington prior to heading out of town for Spring Break. I would deal with that Grade A Shit heel in time, but at that time I decided to put my personal desires and wants aside and just be the Friend Zone shoulder for her to cry on. And cry she did – that first weekend of Spring Break it was tough to see her break down like she did, especially with the unrequited feelings of love, passion, and desire I most definitely had for her, and was sure she had for me. But I was working on a plan to cheer her up, with the help of a friend of mine who had a line on a hush hush event that was coming up the middle of that Spring Break week. My buddy had some very good connections throughout the L.A. music scene, including at this Legendary Sunset Strip venue (#9/"Whisky a Go Go") – one of the most storied clubs in America if not the world. He had heard a few days prior that this Legendary rock band with a pair of brothers (#10/"Van Halen") was going to be putting on another "secret" show there that Wednesday (#11/March 3, 1993) – though hopefully it wouldn’t end up like the previous one (#12/1968). As both of us were YUUUUUUUUGE fans of the group, he made sure to arrange that we could get in. I told him to do whatever it takes to make sure Washington could get in too, as she was also a big fan. I wanted to surprise her that day to try to kickstart her heart through the grieving process and get her out of her funk. My buddy said he’d try but no promises, to which I responded not good enough, make it happen…OR ELSE! (No, not that last bit...I was firm but polite...and begged him to please help me make that magic happen). Now the only thing to do was to arrange for her to go out with me that night for a surprise "date". She didn’t want to go out at first, but I convinced her to just meet me for a couple of hours at a Spring Break house party another of our friends was throwing while his parents were out of town. When I first saw her at the party, my heart skipped a beat. Even after days of being down and inconsolable, crying all the time, and not giving a shit about her appearance, even as a shadow of her previous self, she was radiant. Absolutely stunning. Gorgeous. Like magic, one of my favorite 80’s love songs began playing in the background…a song that will always remind me of that moment: The Outfield – Your Love. We went outside to a quieter, more private spot to talk, and she was still feeling down…I didn’t blame her, but the hopeless romantic in me ached to see her suffering. We talked for a little while, but we were getting close to the time when we would have to leave to head to the concert. I told her I’m going for broke – that I planned a surprise to try to cheer her up, but she would have to trust me and leave with me right then and there. In the future, we would go together to the Strip quite often, especially to this other legendary club right off of it (#13/"Viper Room"). Another song, an obscure rock love ballad by a ragtag group ("Bad English") made up of members of other bands, was playing in the background. The song will forever be seared in my memory, although years later, I would forget the name of the band and the name of the song. I would remember the lyrics, the rhythm, the beat of it – set to the memory, in slo-mo, of Washington’s beautiful, ocean big and ocean blue eyes blinking, me wiping a tear away from them, her finally cracking a smile. That song would become my version of Al Bundy’s "Hmmm Hmmm HIMMMM", until I finally found out its name again, a few years ago (#14/"When I See You Smile"). I don’t know what compelled me to look up right at that moment, but – and I know this is going to sound like some sort of cliché bullshit but it absolutely positively happened – a bluish green shooting star streaked across the sky from East to West. What can I say, I took it as a sign and moved in to kiss her…it was literally like a scene out of a John Hughes film (one of my favorite ones actually – Weird Science, where the guys get the girls after fighting off the Mad Max mutant bikers, and a pair of shooting stars streak across the sky as they kiss them). And of course because the universe loves to play with us silly humans, just like that, yet another played out cliché - who happened to show up and start breaking up the party and juuuuuuust then, the most inopportune time? The cops, or to be precise in this jurisdiction, the LASD. I couldn’t make this up if I tried. SIGHHHHHH… I took Washington’s hand in mine, and told her it was now or never – I would be fine with whatever she chose to do – either go out with me that night to parts and places unknown, or we could go home, but she had to choose.
#1 - "KQLZ"
#2 - "Welcome to the Jungle"
#3 - "Guns N' Roses"
#4 - Scott Shannon
#5 - "KROQ"
#6 - April Fool's Day 1994
#7 - La Cañada Flintridge, California
#8 - "Fist Fight"
#9 - "Whiskey a Go Go"
#10 - Van Halen
#11 - March 3, 1993
#12 - 1968
#13 - "The Viper Room"
#14 - "When I See You Smile"

Lady Loves Part One
Lady Loves Part Two
Lady Loves Part Three
Lady Loves Part Four

If I told you that you could get a return on your money of 60,000% investing in soap making, would you believe me? No, you would call it a Ponzi scheme. So, how come just because something is crypto rather than soap, you think it is all about a new process they have, or an understanding they have that others don't, or the founder is a standup guy, or others are making a fortune, why not me. Just because it takes five different downloads and a half dozen different platforms to actually invest in the Ponzi scheme, does not make it one. So, this is your warning about the scheme with the name of a song from a former A list a-hole and 80's band/unit of measurement. "Megadeth"/"Wax Blockchain" (MEGADETH Is Coming To WAX Blockchain)

This Congressman represents a very conservative Midwest district. He has publicly considered a run for an open office this year, higher up on the totem pole, in his state. The primary is already crowded, but that isn’t the real reason our Congressman will not run. Our Congressman is deeply closeted, and would be outed by his opponents in a contested primary. Jason Smith (U.S. Representative for Missouri)/Roy Blunt (United States Senator for Missouri) (Sen. Roy Blunt won't run for reelection, complicating Republicans' bid to retake the Senate)

The only reason this A+ list celebrity chef tried to hide the identity of his girlfriend while on national television is because the other two women he is dating would know they are not really exclusive as he claims. Bobby Flay/Christina Perez/"2021 Breeders’ Cup World Championships" (Bobby Flay’s mystery girlfriend revealed to be Christina Perez)

Right now it is just a rebranding and not a split, but adding the name of a boy bander to her own did nothing for her career, except not get her expelled from the movie industry in her own country. She can't go back to being single because wives won't let her work with their husbands. No one here would care if they split, because no one believes it is real anyway. Priyanka Chopra/Nick Jonas (Priyanka Chopra is a Global Icon. But South Asians Find Her Problematic.)

A few weeks ago, I told you about the A list singer/bad actor sleeping with this former A+ list singer while he was still dating the A list "singer." The A list "singer" knows about it and also how the former A+ list singer slept with producers/writers to get tracks that were supposed to go to our "singer." There will be a war. Justin Timberlake/Christina Aguilera/Britney Spears (Britney Spears Calls Out Christina Aguilera for ‘Refusing to Speak’ When Asked About Conservatorship on Red Carpet)

I am not sure the A+ list singer has fully contemplated what happens if every single one of her exes should decide to come out. What if it is just one or two? Is that a manageable storm? Will it then be seen that perhaps they were cast in a role by her for them to play? Taylor Swift (Taylor Swift Dubbed 'Power Beard,' Allegedly Dated Gay Men: From Jake Gyllenhaal to Harry Styles)

The plan is for this A list rapper to declare bankruptcy, which of course would be deep fiction. He doesn't care about anyone else other than himself and keeping every penny he has earned. He wants to jam things up in court for as long as possible. Travis Scott (Travis Scott Targeted By Protesters At His Home: ‘You Deserve Bankruptcy’)

With the second in line now leaking to the media, there will either be a truce or an all out war where all of the dirty laundry of the family will be aired, including of course that background report prepared about the alliterate one by the security services in advance of her marriage. That would mean of course other affairs involving the second in line would also be leaked. A truce might be the better way to go for them. For us, the public, the all out war would be best. Prince William & Prince Harry/Meghan Markle/"The Princes And The Press" (Royals at war with BBC over 'tittle tattle' documentary: The Queen, Charles and Cambridges unite in threat to boycott corporation over show alleging 'briefing wars between William and Harry')

This former A+ list mostly movie actress who doesn't really act any longer has a long time girlfriend. She is also raising the secret child of one of her offspring with the long time girlfriend. Demi Moore

This outspoken former A- list actress who has at least one hit show to her credit, is back using drugs in a really big way and needs rehab. Rose McGowan (Rose McGowan Skewers That ‘F**king Douche’ Alyssa Milano)

The boyfriend of the "singer" spent her money to get himself something nice for a premiere and then didn't want her to attend. Hey, for next time, if the movie is about one designer, it behooves you to wear that designer and not a competitior. Sam Asghari/Britney Spears/"House of Gucci"/"Gucci"/"Donatella Versace" (Britney Spears Says 'Baby' Sam Asghari 'Stole the Show' at House of Gucci Premiere: 'Sorry to the Cast')

From literally the first day, I told you this organization was nothing but a way for people to make a lot of money pretending they cared about a cause. Now, that organization is done. Everyone got some money and no one helped anyone do what they said they were going to do.
"Time’s Up" (Time's Up fires staff after its CEO, chair admitted advising Andrew Cuomo during sex scandal)

Reader Blind - Strange Hookups: Many decades ago, while filming a movie ("Our Man in Havana") in another country (Cuba), this A list actress (Maureen O'Hara) in her day who surprisingly only received an honorary type of this award (2014, the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences the Academy's Honorary Oscar) in her long career met and had a one night stand with this iconic figure (Che Guevara) who appears on a lot of clothing. She did discuss this publicly in a very roundabout way. "Our Man in Havana"/Cuba/Maureen O'Hara/2014, the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences the Academy's Honorary Oscar/Che Guevara (Irish Actress Maureen O'Hara on meeting Che Guevara in Cuba)

Reader Blind - Strange Hookups: A few decades ago, this deceased A+ musician and his celebrity wife had a drunken threesome with an acting colleague of the wife. The weird thing here is the role the acting colleague played in relation to the musician's wife. Eddie Van Halen/Valerie Bertinelli/Mackenzie Phillips (sister on "One Day at a Time")

Reader Blind - Strange Hookups: About a decade and a half ago, this wannabe A++ lister (Al Gore) who has also won many awards not usually associated with someone of his field had a few sexual encounters with this foreign A++ singer/musician (Elton John) whose name is not the name he was born (Reginald Kenneth Dwight) with and who has had too many hits to name. The wannabe A++ lister was the bottom in their encounters. Al Gore/Elton John/Reginald Kenneth Dwight (List of honors and awards received by Al Gore) (Elton John helps raise money for Gore)

This foreign born permanent A list singer has been battling a life or death illness and is not winning. Celine Dion (Celine Dion’s Sister Just Dropped This MAJOR Bombshell About Her Health Status—Get Well Soon!)

I told you about the financial straits this celebrity/reality/acting couple is in. Things are so bad that one is exploiting the death of a family member for money while the other is on the autograph circuit signing things for fans for money. Lisa Rinna/"Real Housewives of Beverly Hills"/Harry Hamlin ('RHOBH' Star Lisa Rinna Trashed For 'Profiting Off' Mom Lois' Death With Namesake Lipstick, Days After 93-Year-Old's Passing)

Over the past several weeks, there have been a flurry of new corporations that can be traced to a long time shell corporation with this A list actor at its head. Sean Penn/"CORE" (Sean Penn dons combat gear and helmet as he arrives in Ukraine to film documentary about Russian aggression in the region) (Sean Penn the Focus of N.L.R.B. Amid Comments on Hours and Food at Vaccine Site)

The amount of coke ingested by this A list rapper prior to her television appearance last night was one for the ages. Cardi B/"American Music Awards" (All of Cardi B's Amazing Outfits from the 2021 American Music Awards)

Much of the money used to purchase a record label by this manager came from a group that gets at least half its money from a fund controlled by this foreign government. Of course the former A+ list tweener is going to play when and where they tell him. Plus, for one show he is getting paid the equivalent of about 20 tour dates. Scooter Braun/Justin Bieber/Saudi Arabia concert (Justin Bieber called on to cancel Saudi Arabia concert by slain journalist's fiancée)

The publicity team behind this A list singer/bad actor are working overtime to stop the spread of negative stories about the singer. His plan is to try and record music with the permanent A list "singer." Justin Timberlake/Britney Spears (Britney Spears' fiance Sam Asghari throws shade at Justin Timberlake?)

Mr. X: Which YouTube gossip hound (Tasha K.) is slipping on how she’s been getting her info? She made a video where she said the alliterate talk show host (Wendy Williams) has dementia and is unable to walk (both not true I hope) and is not coming back to her show (definitely not true). She accidentally revealed at the end of the video that the now fiancée (Sharina Hudson) of the talk show host’s ex husband (Kevin Hunter Jr.) tried calling her earlier. She needs to find better sources who don’t have an ax to grind all the while spending the alimony money like water. Tasha K./Wendy Williams/Sharina Hudson/Kevin Hunter Jr. (Exclusive | Wendy Williams (Sad Update), Dababy x Dani Leigh, Britney Spears)

This monthly magazine let the former A+ list actress rewrite her personal history with the disgraced producer. Gone are the naked photos she sent him or that her Oscar was all because of him. "Vanity Fair"/Jennifer Lawrence/Harvey Weinstein (Jennifer Lawrence: "I Didn’t Have a Life. I Thought I Should Go Get One")

This YouTube star from a conservative country who tries to paint a friendly family vibe and that his marriage is fantastic, keeps broadcasting that his child is autistic. The child's issue is actually gender dysphoria.

Mr. X - Strange Hookups: There was a previous BI about the (now deceased) permanent A++ list actor and multiple Oscar winner/nominee (Marlon Brando) hooking up with the (now deceased) permanent A++ pop music icon (Michael Jackson) several decades ago which shocked a lot of people. But did you know he also has hooked up with that closeted former A-list (with A+ name recognition) actor (John Travolta) who got his start on a sitcom ("Welcome Back Kotter")? This was during the time when younger actor’s star was on the ascent after a pair of blockbuster movies. ("Saturday Night Fever" & "Grease") Marlon Brando/Michael Jackson/John Travolta/"Welcome Back Kotter"/"Saturday Night Fever" & "Grease"

265. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 11/22 **10**
Mr. X - Strange Hookups: The front man for this legendary rock group with an iconic look who is on their farewell tour slept with that A-list actress/singer/celeb spawn when he was briefly her manager in the late ‘80s. Gene Simmons/"Kiss"/Liza Minnelli (The Many Women In Gene Simmons’ Life)

266. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 11/22 **11**
Mr. X - Strange Hookups: Although she’s always skirted around it, the alliterate talk show host has hooked up with the rapper/mogul who’s now a billionaire. This was at the very beginning of his career, before he released his debut. She also met her future (now ex) husband while on a date with the rapper (who was a longtime friend of the future hubby), who introduced the two. Wendy Williams/Jay-Z/Kevin Hunter Jr. (Kevin Hunter of Head Hunter Productions: 5 Things You Should Do To Become a Thought Leader In Your Industry)

267. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 11/22 **12**
The mainstream media is finally reporting on what I have been telling you for years. The wealthy farmer has bribed media outlets through foundation grants to their favorite charities in return for never printing anything negative about the farmer. Bill Gates

268. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 11/22 **13**
This A list singer was recently asked if she would be willing to work again with this foreign born A list singer who loves the end of the week. She said that will never ever happen again. She hates him. Ariana Grande/The Weeknd (Ariana Grande Fans Think The Weeknd Just 'Robbed' Her Of A Grammy)

269. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 11/22 **14**
The Wicked: Back in the day, this family singing group was A+ list. They also held some of the darkest secrets this town has known. One of the members of the group wanted to protect her fortune, so gave up another family member to the celebrity cult. The cult kept the family member hooked on coke while they had a woman move in to be the lover of the family member. Then, over the course of several years, took every penny the family member earned. During this time period, a very young family member was offered up to record label executives and others who could help the group. The young family member was offered in such a way that it appeared to be Satanic. One of the people who is accused of being with the underage girl is a relative of this A list mostly movie actor who is in a superhero universe. At some point in time, the underage girl was paired with this A- list teen actor. Drugs would be forced on the young actor and then in front of others he would have sex with the girl. The actor was about 13 at the time and was always accompanied by older men who were his watchers/abusers. It was during one of those sessions that he was forced to do heroin for the first time by a family member of the group. Heroin is what eventually killed him.

The strippers and escorts of Los Angeles are going to miss the married network reality star winner when he leaves town. Iman Shumpert/"Dancing With the Stars" (Iman Shumpert Wins 'Dancing With The Stars' Over JoJo Siwa, LeBron Celebrates)

This one named back in the day flash in the pan A list singer, trades sex for meth. Tiffany (Tiffany lashes out at fans during trainwreck show: ‘F–k you, guys!’)

With the new A+ list city leader on the payroll of this controversial organization, it is not a shocker that a recent high profile, very coincidental death will be swept under the rug. Eric Adams/NYC Mayor/Malcolm X’s daughter Milakah Shabazz (Malikah Shabazz, the daughter of Malcolm X, has died, officials say)

The former A list singer/possible murder suspect/possible conspiracy to commit murder suspect is seemingly back on some kind of drugs and went on a crazy rant about how this A+ list mostly movie actor screwed her over back in the day and she still hates him. Courtney Love/Brad Pitt

This disgraced former A list actor is desperate for work. There are sequels he always turned down, but now he will take anything. The sad thing is, people will hire him and throw a lot of money at him if he is willing to do a sequel. Mel Gibson/"Lethal Weapon 5" (Mel Gibson to Direct ‘Lethal Weapon 5’)

Reader Blind - 90's Limo Driver: The driver waited a block from a hotel on Sunset and smoked a cigarette in the front of the stretch. He finished it and flicked it out the window as he drove up to the hotel to pick up the then bombshell wife (Marla Maples) of the permanent A+++ list celebrity (Donald Trump). She came out with her bodyguard, who was carrying a baby seat. She had a toddler girl (Tiffany Trump) in her arms. The bodyguard strapped the baby seat into the back of the stretch. The celebrity’s wife smelled the cigarette smoke. "Oh, we use your service in New York all the time and always order non-smoking cars," she said. "Sorry, ma’am, they just sent me here, I can call dispatch and have them send you a non-smoking car," the driver said. "Let’s just go," she said and they all climbed in. The driver wondered if they even had non-smoking cars in LA. They drove to a studio lot where the celebrity’s wife was doing a cameo on a sitcom ("The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air"). The hunky bodyguard, dressed in a tailored suit, sat silently in the front. The wife squealed with excitement upon seeing the studios. "Will you wait for us?" she asked the driver. He promised her he would as they climbed out. The driver called the dispatch office to announce the drop. Dispatch told him to get down to LAX. The driver was angry, wanting to hang at the studios for several hours. "But I have their baby seat in the car," the driver protested. "Bring it to the office," the dispatcher said. The driver was furious and sped to the dispatch office with the baby seat. The window to the dispatch office opened and a cloud of cigarette smoke rolled out. The driver cringed and handed the baby seat to the dispatcher. Marla Maples/Donald Trump/Tiffany Trump/"The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air"

This A+ list mostly movie actor claims to be a bastion for human rights but is getting all his financing for his new project, from Saudi Arabia and China. George Clooney

The boyfriend of the A list "singer" has dozens of videos he has made of the singer when she has been at her worst. He intends to use those down the road as leverage to get a bigger payday. Sam Asghari/Britney Spears

This A list mostly movie actress who has directed in the past, told her ex she would settle their legal dispute for $100M. That would be just about everything he has. Angelina Jolie/Brad Pitt (Angelina Jolie is USING HER CHILDREN to Get REVENGE on Brad Pitt for Divorcing Her)

279. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 11/23 **10**
This A- list reality star with the lucrative side gig is listed as an officer of a company that is being sued for the concert tragedy. Could this be the beginning of the end of the reality family. Kylie Jenner/"Astroworld" tragedy/Kardashians (Kylie Jenner delays launch of holiday makeup line as fans slam her family for ‘tone deaf’ posts after Astroworld tragedy)

280. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 11/23 **11**
Really interesting timing to have the leaked nudes of the actor who, until the past couple of weeks and that recent video, never had this much attention focused on him previously. Dylan O'Brien/Taylor Swift "All To Well: The Short Film" video (Taylor Swift's 'All Too Well' Short Film Stuns With Dylan O'Brien & Sadie Sink Bringing Song To Life)

281. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 11/23 **12**
Reader Blind: This anti-vax MD, who looks a bit creepy and seems to have appeared out of nowhere, is making waves on right-wing TV. While many anti-vaxxers are hailing him as a hero who is risking his career, the fact of the matter is that this "think tank" (really a covert conservative Christian group that hates Muslims and LGBT people) is paying for his lawsuit against his employer, and he's got a job lined up at the think tank or its sister foundation after he's canned from his job at a well-known university. With recent shifts in their ranks, and some people getting ready to retire, the think tank needs new blood, and he fits the bill.
Dr. Aaron Kheriaty/"University of California Irvine"/"Vivera Pharmaceuticals, Inc." (UC Irvine Doc Sues Over UC System's Vaccine Mandate) (Vivera Pharmaceuticals Names Dr. Aaron Kheriaty as its Medical Ethics Advisor)

282. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 11/23 **13**
Reader Blind: A member of the organization whose offices were raided recently spoke out. He has read the book they are looking for. Yes, there is confirmation of the long rumored inappropriate contact contact between the writer and a relation, a person everyone knows. There is also discussion of another relation who is been in the news having an inappropriate relationship with yet another relation.

283. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 11/23 **14**
Reader Blind: The spouse of this wannabe future A++ lister who has been in the news a lot has recently had some sad news. As a result, since she is facing an uncertain future, she has started to look for the child she had as a teenager and gave up for adoption. This is not a story that is public yet but she is planning to make an announcement soon especially if she cannot locate her child. Casey DeSantis/Ron DeSantis/Florida Governor (Gov. DeSantis looks forward to First Lady ‘kicking cancer to the curb’ by next Thanksgiving)

284. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 11/23 **15**
The Deal - Anniversary Month: I have seen all kinds of contracts for all kinds of things, including fake relationships. This is not that. There was never anything memorialized in writing. It happened in the space a of a few minutes. Granted, these two celebrities knew each other long before this deal went down, but it was still remarkable to watch. Prior to COVID when people would actually still get together and after parties were still a thing, each week after Dancing With The Stars aired, the professionals and celebrities and their friends who had been in attendance would gather at a restaurant/bar at The Grove for some cocktails and ass kissing. One night, there was a couple in attendance. They didn't come together and they didn't leave together, but they made a deal together. One needed some publicity. They were a little parched and needed that thirst quenched. One, was trying to string together some paychecks and knew they could get a paycheck for going on a certain reality show. It was a group of about five standing there, all of whom other than yours truly was a celebrity. I don't remember how the pair got started on their conversation, but I do remember when they were about five minutes deep into it and the thirsty one wanted to know what the show was and what the pay was and what kind of publicity could be expected and what kinds of interviews and with who would the interviews be. The three or four of us not involved in the conversation watched in awe, as this pair, no strangers to this type of situation hammered out a deal in another ten minutes about how they would first announce themselves as a couple and where and how often they should be seen and that they just needed to keep it up for the two or three weeks before the show started filming and then after filming would go their separate ways. Two days later they were a couple and a week after that announced they were doing a network reality show together. I think they ended up doing two shows. They each made $200K or so for each show and afterwards went and found other hustles. Medina Islam/Phaedra Parks ("Real Housewives of Atlanta")/"Marriage Bootcamp" (RHOA’S Phaedra Parks splits from boyfriend Medina Islam but bounces back in hottest body ever with weight loss treatment)

This award organization can say what they want, but they know the former A+ list rapper is pushing to perform during the ceremony and wants to include the serial rapist. "Grammy Awards"/Kanye West/Marilyn Manson (Grammys CEO Responds To Backlash Over Marilyn Manson's Nominations)

This former A+ list singer is probably A- list right now. She has been a television judge. She recently threw a crystal decanter at a stage manager who had to have ten stitches above his eye. It nearly blinded him when it shattered next to his face.

Speaking of former A+ list singers who have been television judges, this particular one is trying to rewrite history about her partying alone with the disgraced producer and his wife at the time. Katy Perry/Harvey Weinstein

Continuing with our singers who have been television judges, this one is trying their best to stay out of rehab until after the holidays. There was a buzz they wanted to give up on life. Demi Lovato (Demi Lovato, JFK Jr and QAnon Walk Into A Bar...)

This initialed singer (H.E.R.) used those very very close family connections and her willingness to sleep with a wide variety of people to get a bunch of Grammy nominations.
H.E.R./father on Grammy committee (Grammys 2022: Jon Batiste, HER and Justin Bieber lead nominations)

The third in line here in the US just dropped $25M on a house in a state with no income tax. There is nothing like a 10,000 square foot house on an island as far away from the people you represent as possible so they can't find you there and make you feel guilty. Cake for everyone. Nancy Pelosi (No, Nancy Pelosi Did Not Buy a $25M Mansion in Jupiter Island, FL)

This actress has been in this space before for being a hypocrite about nudity and acting roles. It was fine for her until she got a role that didn't include it and then she took some strange moral stance opposed to any nudity by anyone in roles. Now, with no other work in sight, she landed a spinoff of a long running cable show that is headed for pay cable and lots of nudity. Once again, she is fine with it and will be unless something comes along in the meantime.

This foreign born recent A list athlete/celebrity (Emma Raducanu) is sleeping with a married Chinese billionaire. Emma Raducanu

Reader Blind: Many years ago there was a tragedy ("SS Edmund Fitzgerald") that was the basis for a popular song ("The Wreck of the Edmund Fitzgerald") by a foreign singer/songwriter (Gordon Lightfoot). While there is physical wreckage of the disaster, the bodies of the people who are presumed dead have ever been found. The US military was monitoring strange activity in the area and there is a file on it which will be declassified soon. This includes evidence that they were attacked by an unknown craft using advanced weaponry and they also took away the people who were present. "SS Edmund Fitzgerald"/"The Wreck of the Edmund Fitzgerald"/Gordon Lightfoot (EDMUND FITZGERALD-The legend lives on, and so does the controversy)

294. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 11/24 **10**
Reader Blind: It is widely assumed that the upcoming battle will be between a prior A++ lister and a wannabe A++ lister from a big state. But there will be a third option. This person who is arguably becoming more and more A list and who has never run for public office before is laying the ground work. The person he spoke to the other day was just one in a long line of red meat type of programs. More are coming including several which will fundamentally challenge the narrative of recent historical events. He is rich as everybody knows even without his current career but in fact he is quite a bit richer than has been revealed and is more than willing to use his own money for seeking A++. "Governor of Texas"/GOP Texas Gov. Greg Abbott/Democrat Beto O’Rourke/Matthew McConaughey (Matthew McConaughey ahead of Abbott, Beto in Texas governor race poll)

295. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 11/24 **11**
The child murderer who got away with it wants to start a sex toy line. I did not have that on my Bingo card. Casey Anthony (True Crime: George And Cindy Anthony Tell Dr. Oz Their Reaction To Casey’s Recent Run-In With Police)

296. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 11/24 **12**
I would really like to know why this couple who had to turn back rumors they split this past week, doesn't come clean on a couple of things. Why for instance is the Maybach you supposedly bought as a gift always have a series of continually changing license plate numbers whenever it ends up in a photo being posted by the couple. Have you noticed that whenever workout photos are posted, they always feature the pair in the same clothes as if the photos were taken a year or two ago in a shoot and then are randomly posted. Priyanka Chopra/Nick Jonas (Priyanka Chopra Subtly Addressed Those Nick Jonas Breakup Rumors on Instagram) (Nick Jonas Gave Priyanka Chopra a Maybach Because His Song Went #1)

297. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 11/24 **13**
This actor/producer/showrunner/director already has made it clear he likes hooking up with people who have no families and no connections and loves homeless children and adults. Now, he has built an airport on his compound and is sending all these people out for "jobs." Tyler Perry ("The Perry Foundation") (Tyler Perry's New Atlanta Estate Appears to Have a Runway)

298. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 11/24 **14**
No One Will Care: If you are a guy and sleep with a member of the gay mafia (whichever of the two branches, although, this is the OG branch), you expect to be paid/work/opportunities. There are only so many roles in normal television/movies, so then some will do work in gay porn. Once those opportunities run out, then they do heterosexual porn. If those run out, then they do escort work or even honey pot stuff. When there is a person who threatens this very carefully constructed balance, that person must be dealt with and in this case, they were dealt with in the harshest possible manner. Death. Specifically, this celebrity called out the gay mafia publicly and told them she knew what they were doing. She wanted no part of it and they were endangering her livelihood. When she publicly called them out, they got several bot armies after her and tried to shame her, degrade her and push her over the edge. They called her a drug user and a w***e and anything else they could think to make stick. She didn't back down though and kept after them. In the face of thousands upon thousands of hits against her, she kept fighting back. She was especially concerned because the powers that be owned several organizations which are used to keep the industry safe. She had to abide by them, but all of the men did not. They were allowed to do what they wanted, and did not have to disclose anything to anyone. It was a horror show. She had to be stopped in this crusade. So, they did what they always do. They went to her house and made a person who was not even close to suicidal, take her own life and make sure everyone knew she was suicidal and a drug user. Problem solved. August Ames (August Ames dead: 23-year-old adult entertainment actor's body found after homophobia row)

This awards organization said they were done with secret meetings and rigged nominations. They were lying. "The Grammy Awards" (At Last Minute, Kanye West, Taylor Swift Added as Top Grammy Nominees)

The admissions in a recent interview are as close as you are going to get to this former A+ list mostly movie actress admitting she slept with this A+ list actor while he was still married. Jennifer Lawrence/Chris Pratt (Anna Faris) (Jennifer Lawrence and the danger of being Hollywood's 'Cool Girl'.)

This A/A- list rapper wants to release a money generating documentary about the tragedy and is working with producers to make that happen.

This married in-law of a former A++ lister is hooking up with a national talk show host. Lara Trump (Eric Trump’s wife)/Donald Trump/Sean Hannity (Lara Trump claims pricier turkeys are a liberal plot against Thanksgiving)

This foreign born A+ list young adult author once hooked up with the former leader of her country. JK Rowling/Tony Blair

This former A/A- list teen singer recently did meth in a hospital. Aaron Carter (Aaron Carter Welcomes First Baby After Fiancée Melanie Martin Undergoes Emergency C-Section)

Under orders from his friend, the boyfriend of the "singer," told the paps where she would be yesterday. Sam Lufti/Sam Asghari/Britney Spears (Britney Spears Hits Up Shopping Mall)

This one named permanent A list singer has multiple employees/slaves she got from her traffickng ex. Rihanna/Hassan Jameel

Because of her "accident" this A list singer is stuck forever with a face that can't move and she is addicted to botox and fillers and can really only raise one eyebrow at this point. Carrie Underwood (Carrie Underwood Gets Candid About Her Face After Scary Accident: 'It Just Wasn't Pretty')

This Disney star turned A list singer for now doesn't care what anyone says, she is going to call out people like the A+ list singer she thinks is mean to everyone behind the scenes unless you suck up to her. Olivia Rodrigo/Taylor Swift (Olivia Rodrigo Opens up About Being a People Pleaser and Shedding That Trait)

Once again, the wife who is only a celebrity because of who she married, is making a recent tragedy about how she has struggled to get through things. Instead of letting her get away with her violin stuff, how about asking her about the Spanish twins. Hilaria Baldwin/Alec Baldwin (Alec Baldwin's Wife Hilaria Reflects on 'Challenging Year': 'Didn't Think I Was Gonna Make It Through')

Finally a government agency is looking into the money laundering trafficking scheme organized by the billionaire pedophile while he was alive and what the foreign born permanent A list model calls her charity. It is amazing how similar in setup it is to the charity run by the A list mostly movie actor. Jeffrey Epstein/Naomi Campbell/Sean Penn (Naomi Campbell's charity Fashion for Relief 'co-operating' with probe)

This classic 1960s action-adventure film ("Where Eagels Dare") starred this A-list actor because his stepson wanted to see his stepfather in that sort of film, and because his recent films had bombed. Richard Burton/"Where Eagles Dare"/Elizabeth Taylor and Michael Wilding’s son Christopher Wilding

This sports team hovers between A and B list in its own country, occasionally slipping down to B-. It has not won any major titles in decades, but it has come close in recent years and has a loyal cult following. Several well known players nationally and internationally have had their starts there. It is currently dealing with a rash of media attention due to a player having a medical episode during a game. It was nothing to do with the vaccine, but people have jumped on it regardless. It is something to do with COVID though. The player has an issue where he does not develop COVID antibodies. He has had the virus several times on top of long COVID. This has previously affected his stamina, but he has now developed neurological symptoms. Several days after the incident, the team owner fired the head coach. The team is in bad financial straits, and the coach was appointed fairly recently, so it makes little sense to fire him. The firing is an attempt to take media attention away from the incident. Even if it wasn't anything to do with the vaccine, the team does not want this kind of publicity.

Reader Blind: This A list political commentator (Candace Owens) does not actually believe anything that she says. When she emerged a few years ago she promoted doxxing people with views that align with the side she now claims to represent. When this plan failed, she did a quick 180 and became beloved among supporters of the permanent A++ lister. She's thirsty for fame and doesn't want to go down the OnlyFans route. So, she just latches onto what is the more controversial position at the moment. Candace Owens/Donald Trump (Candace Owens Raises $250,000 for VA Police Officer Who Was Fired for Donating to Rittenhouse Fund) (Candace Owens is promoting a ‘Let’s Go Brandon’ crypto coin) (Candace Owens says pushing vaccines on children appears 'evil and sinister') (Candace Owens Calls Pete Buttigieg Paternity Leave 'Sickeningly Pathetic')

Our favorite pay cable star who really wants to be Bond, has picked a winner for his next "girlfriend." She is someone who is hated by legions of soccer fans because she cheated on her soccer playing boyfriend with another soccer player. She lives to climb the thirst ladder and this is about as high as she can get. Sam Heughan/"Outlander"/Anna Modler/Alexis Sánchez/Marco Ferri (What happened between Alexis Sánchez and Anna Modler ?: The love drama that made the networks explode)

Back in 2015, before he was publicly disgraced, this producer (Harvey Weinstein) hosted a party. At the party were two people germane to the story. One is the best friend of the alliterate one (Meghan Markle). No, the north of the border best friend (Jessica Mulroney) but the one who says no a lot (Misha Nonoo). Also present, and hanging out with the one who says no a lot is the person (Amol Rajan) behind the documentary slamming the second in line (Prince Charles). Slamming so hard that the network ("BBC") is set to lose many of its exclusive rights. Harvey Weinsten/Meghan Markle/Jessica Mulroney/Misha Nonoo/Amol Rajan/Prince Charles/"BBC" (PLATELL'S PEOPLE: How the BBC's golden boy Amol Rajan conned me into royal hatchet job) (Book: Prince Charles is the one who asked about baby Archie’s skin tone) (Palace lawyers are on standby for bombshell Megxit documentary: Royal Family has not ruled out taking action against the BBC over 'unfounded and overblown claims' in The Princes and The Press programme)

The child murderer is still doing illegal private detective work and still living with her boss. Casey Anthony (Casey Anthony’s Neighbors Want Her ‘Out’: Families Are ‘Terrified’)

The former A list Disney actor turned singer (Ross Lynch)who has also been in a streaming show ("Chilling Adventures of Sabrina") which was a spinoff of an almost network show ("Riverdale"), is being exposed for sexually assaulting underage girls. Ross Lynch/"Chilling Adventures of Sabrina"/"Riverdale"

Apparently this back in the day flash in the pan A list singer (Tiffany Darwish) who gets confused with someone else (Tiffany Young) these days, is the only person who doesn't know her boyfriend spends most of his time on gay dating sites picking up guys. Tiffany Darwish/Tiffany Young

Dear one named permanent A list singer (Beyoncé) solo and in a group ("Destiny's Child"),
Many people look to you as a role model. So, it is really upsetting when you decide to publicly wish happy birthday to an accused serial sexual assaulter/serial beater of women/kidnapper of women (Trey Songz) who restrained one woman against her will and urinated on her. Please do better.
Love & Bacon,

Beyoncé/"Destiny's Child"/Trey Songz (Legal Issues)

Congratulations to the former almost A- list actress turned escort on her recent engagement. It is much better than the time she got engaged to the married guy and then had to run for her life when the wife's family discovered it. Lindsay Lohan/Bader Shammas (Lindsay Lohan Announces Engagement to Fiancé Bader Shammas: 'My Future')

Old Hollywood: A new book is set to accuse this permanent A list actress/singer/drug abuser that acted from childhood until her death, of murdering her own mother. Judy Garland/Ethel Marion Milne (Judy Garland’s Mother Found Dead In A Car Lot)

I believe, but I am not sure, that this actor holds the record for most shows fired from (4) and yet has won an Emmy (1994 - Outstanding Lead Actor in a Drama Series "Chicago Hope" For playing "Jeffrey Geiger") and been nominated for several more. Mandy Patinkin ("Chicago Hope"/"Criminal Minds") (Mandy Patinkin Has Some Regrets)

This superhero actor on a streaming service has been very inappropriate with female cast members. Two have left the show because of him and one more to leave in the upcoming season releasing March 2022.

This late night actor who gets all the attention, was at a NBA game. A woman came up to him and asked him out. The actor said he doesn't date women of color. Pete Davidson/"SNL" (Ed Sheeran laughs with Chris Rock and Pete Davidson as they sit courtside for New York Knicks)

This LA pro soccer player spent the night in the bed of this foreign born boy bander who was in town for a show. Several in the boy band prefer men, but this is the first time I heard about one of them being in a relationship with a guy. Josh Drack/"LA Galaxy II"/Jimin/"BTS" (BTS Lights Up L.A.’s SoFi Stadium on Night One of Permission to Dance Tour)

This former one year wonder/sometime pro beard should take a close look. The NFL player she thinks is finally going to set her up for life has been quietly talking to someone who doesn't care about or need his money or ask for it every day. Olivia Culpo ("Miss Universe in 2012")/Christian McCaffrey (Olivia Culpo likes Super Bowl chances for Christian McCaffrey’s Panthers)

This foreign born former A- list celebrity/reality star/porn star who is still an addict is being pressured by her abuser into turning her OnlyFans page into much more explicit content. Katie Price/Carl Woods ('THIS IS HOW WE LIVE' Katie Price and Carl Woods reveal they are ‘living out of suitcases’ as their three dogs cause chaos in hotel room)

This A list celebrity chef with the very long name and who doesn't really cook, recently hooked up with this married A list singer who also used to be a reality judge. Giada De Laurentiis

Apparently since the offspring of this west coast Housewife dragged her, the punishment is being cut off and not being allowed to participate in the Housewife's business. The parenting from this Housewife continues to be a chef's kiss.
Delilah Belle Hamlin/Lisa Rinna/"Real Housewives of Beverly Hills"/Rinna Beauty's ICON collection "Lip Kit" (Amelia was allowed to participate) (Lisa Rinna’s Daughter Delilah Belle Hamlin Hospitalized After Accidental Overdose) (They look like sisters! Lisa Rinna, 58, appears youthful in a wig as she announces mini-me daughter Amelia Hamlin, 20, has created a lip kit for her makeup line)

This foreign born one named singer is back on social media after a very long break. She also opened up to several friends that the celebrity CEO has done some very shady business with a corrupt government official in an African country. Grimes/Elon Musk/"Kabanga Nickel Ltd."/Tanzania (Grimes is back on the internet and sharing ‘crazy ideas’) (Elon Musk asked companies to ‘please mine more nickel’ for Tesla batteries. Now he may be getting his wish—in Tanzania)

The one person in the way of removing the lifetime ban on a former A++ lister is gone. So, how long until the ban is rescinded. It was a huge moneymaker for the company. Jack Dorsey/"Twitter"/Donald Trump (Twitter’s Jack Dorsey Steps Down From C.E.O. Role)

332. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 11/29 **10**
This aging former daytime talk show host is proud of the fact that he is hooking up with this barely legal stripper and also hooked up with her sister. He says he is trying to get them together at the same time.
Montel Williams (Montel Williams Ex-Wife Grace Morley)

333. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 11/29 **11**
This married A- list celebrity has been in court for what seems like months is sleeping with a lawyer who works for the firm that is defending her. Elizabeth Holmes (Elizabeth Holmes testifies she was abused by former Theranos COO)

334. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 11/29 **12**
It really would be nice if this actress departing a superhero role would just announce her divorce. The buzz is loud. Melissa Benoist/"Supergirl"/Chris Wood (Why Did Chris Wood Leave the CW's 'Supergirl'? Mon-El's Season 3 Exit Was a Shocker)

335. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 11/29 **13**
There are nude photos of a Congressperson that her primary opponent plans on releasing in the first quarter of next year. The photos are more akin to Hustler rather than Playboy.

336. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 11/29 **14**
Your Wife Is Here - Anniversary Month: Promoting concerts is always a gamble. It is especially true when you are not someone with the pocketbook of Live Nation and you have to take chances on much smaller bands or find a niche. Sometimes that niche doesn't pay off. For whatever reason, I thought at one point in time that you could make some money promoting concerts featuring contemporary Christian groups. I was wrong. I was 0 for 4 before finally pulling the plug on that idea. One of those shows though, did provide a great story. One thing I learned when I saw my first rider for a gospel group is that they have two different riders. One is for when they perform in a church. They ask for wholesome things a church would be willing to provide. When they performed outside a church, they had a different rider which really was no different than any other band's rider. They wanted as much booze and the best quality they thought they could get out of you. The particular group that I am referring to in this blind, was A list in their corner of the music world. I thought it was going to be a money maker because they were so popular. What took me a few times to figure out though is people get used to seeing these groups for free in big churches because the churches pay the fee and hope to recoup it during offering time. Usually groups will roll in around 2pm or so and then depending on how big they are, will often stay at the venue until the end of the show because they want the showers and the food and some rest. Bigger bands tend to go back to whatever hotel they are staying at. I assumed this group, being higher on the list would head to whatever hotel they were staying at. Nope. Apparently they all convinced their wives to take a one night trip to a casino. I know, right. So, these guys were looking to party hard. Beginning about noon, they started drinking and they kept right at it up until they hit the stage about 8pm. They held their booze pretty well and were obviously experienced at drinking and playing. After the show, I assumed there would be some kind of meet and greet, but realized that reeking of booze and being half in the bag was probably not the message they were looking to send. Who they did meet and greet with were some female college age students they had "worshipped" with the previous summer. A couple of the guys used the backstage area to "worship" while a couple others went to the tour bus. It was probably no more than 30-45 minutes later that a black Suburban pulled up to the back of the venue and four women piled out if it. I wasn't there to see that happen. I was there to see two of the women start beating on their husbands while two of the college age students fled the backstage area with their clothes in their hands. The two guys on the bus managed to emerge from the bus fully dressed, and without any women in sight. They tried to get the women to go back inside the venue so the students could escape, but no such luck. The students were found hiding on the bus. Thankfully they at least had managed to get dressed. The wives had known what was going to happen. Someone tipped them off. I believe all of them are still married to the same women. "Jars of Clay" (Dan Haseltine) (Stephen Mason) (Matt Odmark) (Charlie Lowell)

This alliterate singer is going through a very rough period because of her celebrity husband's serial infidelity. It is why she left him and watching him this week being showered with accolades when she knows how bad he is, led to an overdose for her. Teyana Taylor/Iman Shumpert/"Dancing With the Stars" winner (DWTS’ Iman Shumpert’s wife Teyana Taylor rushed to hospital after ‘body gave out’ before concert)

Sexual assault and sexual harassment in the workplace is not something that is going to you fired at this cable news outlet. You will be protected and defended. The boss has a long habit of doing it, so it shouldn't come as a shocker that the alliterate host can do and say what he wants and feel safe from an repercussion. Chris Cuomo/"CNN"/Jeff Zucker (CNN’s Chris Cuomo scandal is Jeff Zucker’s scandal, too)

This former Housewife who has had multiple reality shows, will usually talk about anything. One thing she doesn't discuss, are the credible threats against her life she has received the past few years because of an ongoing dispute. Lisa Vanderpump/"Real Housewives of Beverly Hills"/"Vanderpump Rules"/"Puppygate" (Executive producer claims Lisa Vanderpump leaked ‘Puppygate’ story)

I have been telling you for years that this A list mostly movie comic actor is not the nice guy he seems. Don't you find it interesting the number of actors and directors that never want to work with him again. It is one of the reasons why there has never been a sequel to a holiday favorite. A script has been ready for years. Will Ferrell/"Elf" (Why Will Ferrell cut off ‘Anchorman’ director Adam McKay: He ‘f – – ked up’)

This Jersey Shore star is cheating on their significant other with a fan they met at a meet and greet.

Sure, you could be a cynic and say this A list mostly movie actor has a new movie coming out which is why the interesting story that made headlines, or you could get the truth which is he was out cruising and likes that kind of danger. Bradley Cooper/"Nightmare Alley" (Bradley Cooper reveals he was held at knifepoint on NYC subway)

Does it really count as working all weekend if you make a quick appearance on the factory line and then go back to your house and party with a bunch of barely legal women smuggled across the border that you pass out in lieu of bonuses. Elon Musk/"Tesla" (Elon Musk tells SpaceX employees that Starship engine crisis is creating a ‘risk of bankruptcy’)

There is an email being offered to news organizations between the leaders of two governing sports organizations. They make it clear that everything must be done to not offend this very large Asian country about a missing player. There is too much money at stake was the main takeaway from the email. "International Olympic Committee" & "International Tennis Association"/China/Peng Shuai (What the Peng Shuai Scandal Is Really About)

Reader Blind: This wannabe A Lister then wannabe A++ lister now wannabe A lister has an unusual relationship with his wife which the media has never really explored. His wife has a boyfriend whom she spends the night with a couple times a week while he looks after the children. He has to allow this as she is basically finances his various endeavors. Beto O’Rourke/Amy Hoover Sanders (Amy Hoover Sanders’ Wiki. How rich is Beto O’Rourke’s Wife?)

346. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 11/30 **10**
Reader Blind - 90's Limo Driver: I know many readers will not believe this one, but it is 100 percent true. The airport concierge was worried. His car had broken down and the repair was going to be $270. He didn’t have it. He was at LAX worrying about that, when he met the controversial television psychic (now deceased) at the gate and escorted her through the airport. The psychic had another woman with her and was chatting with her as they walked through the terminal. The concierge barely said two words to the psychic as they collected the bags in baggage claim, and he called a car for her. The psychic handed the concierge some cash and thanked him when she got into the car, and he stuck it in his pocket. As he was walking away he counted the cash and was shocked to see it was exactly $270. "Miss Cleo"

347. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 11/30 **11**
This foreign born one named permanent A list singer needs to get away from the very fast rapper. He has hurt multiple women and during a recent fight, nearly caused permanent damage to our singer. Rihanna/A$AP Rocky (Legal issues)

348. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 11/30 **12**
This former A+ list mostly movie actor who is an Oscar winner, made a big deal last night at a very big event, about keeping the booze away from him and that he is now sober. So, the multiple flasks in his oversized coat that he sipped from the entire evening were water?? Nicolas Cage/"Gotham Awards" (Nicolas Cage, 57, and his wife Riko Shibata, 26, arrive in style at the Gotham Awards in NYC) (Is Nicolas Cage OK after reported drunken meltdown in Las Vegas?)

349. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 11/30 **13**
At the same event as #12, this alliterate actress kept to herself as much as possible. The whole throuple thing has really made her uneasy talking to random people because she never knows what they are going to ask. Tessa Thompson/Taika Waititi/Rita Ora (Dakota Johnson, Maggie Gyllenhaal, Kristen Stewart, and Tessa Thompson glam up for The Gotham Awards in NYC) (The Rita Ora, Tessa Thompson, and Taika Waititi Situation, Explained)

350. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 11/30 **14**
Protection - Anniversary Month: I don't write many wrestling blinds in this particular spot because it can be very difficult to give descriptions for the people involved. You have to go back a little while for this one. A wrestler (King Kong Bundy) I enjoyed getting together with when he would randomly appear in town to perform standup comedy was a great story teller. He was not necessarily the best stand up comic, but everyone loved him. I mean how many wrestlers get their stage name used as for the name of this iconic television family ("Married... with Children" - "Bundy"). He did. He and I went way back when I tried my hand at promoting wrestling. I wasn't very good at it and was still in high school when I tried. He was great and was the reason any wrestlers even agreed to take a chance on me. The very first promotion I did was in a high school gym. I had never been in a ring or seen one assembled, but I was fascinated and got right in that thing when it was ready to go. Our wrestler showed me a couple of things and I knew right away, I would never be a wrestler. I wandered around as others entered the locker room or used the weight room. One of the bigger wrestling names was in the weight room with the biggest name there. They were fighting. At first, I thought they were working out fight moves or what they were going to do, but it was a full on fight. There were no cameras. Just two guys jacked up on steroids trying to beat each other up. I didn't understand what was going on at the time, but later found out from our wrestler what it was about. There was a female "manager" (Jeannie Clarke aka Lady Blossom) story line. The manager, to keep her job was passed around by the organization that ran wrestling in that area. To stop being passed around, she needed a protector. A wrestler (Billy Jack Haynes) agreed to do so because he liked her and they ended up married. Every so often the protective wrestler/husband had to beat up other wrestlers who were still trying to treat the manager like property. That always stuck with me and wondered how it was with other organizations at the time. King Kong Bundy/"Married... with Children" - "Bundy"/Jeannie Clarke aka Lady Blossom/Billy Jack Haynes (BLIND ITEM 04/15/2019)

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