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If we are revisiting the terrible pasts of actors and actresses this week, please do not forget about the always commando A- list actor and how he got an entire fraternity shut down because he nearly killed a guy during hazing. The actor will say he was acquitted. He was not. That is a lie. Jon Hamm (Jon Hamm Accused of Violent Fraternity Hazing: Report)

It appears that the alliterate one got one of the US tabloids not named Kneepads on her side. A recent cover has a headline that just so happens to be a title that is registered and owned by one of their employees. If that movie was made, there would never be a chance for redemption.

This foreign born former back in the day A+ list singer in a group has totally transformed himself. He lost a ton of weight, got new teeth, got some work done to his eyes and face and no one would recognize him walking down the street. All of you know who he is. Boy George (Boy George Reveals Details Of Forthcoming Biopic ‘Karma Chameleon’)

This A+/A list mostly movie actor must be staying sober because he got to do the dad thing without being supervised. Ben Affleck (Ben Affleck hangs with his kids after Jennifer Lopez reunion); Brad Pitt (Brad Pitt wins joint custody of kids as Angelina Jolie continues legal fight)

The spouse of this former west coast Housewife is under criminal investigation because of his business.

This supposedly religious B list reality star is on multiple shows but makes most of her income from sleeping with athletes when they come through town. Savannah Chrisley (Savannah Chrisley soaks up the sun in an electric green bikini as she shares body positive message from a yacht on Memorial Day)

This back in the day A+ list reality star/sex tape star is in a war with her mom because the mom is now on television trying to make it seem as if she is motherly and kind. The former A+ lister is not having it. Paris Hilton/Kathy Hilton/"Real Housewives of Beverly Hills" (Kathy Hilton Throws Extravagant 'RHOBH' Viewing Party With Daughter Paris, Sister Kyle Richards, More — Photos)

This A- list actor who has been acting since he was a child, has spent his whole life becoming more of a jerk. His latest girlfriend will get dumped just like the last. He was tired of her, so he came home. She couldn't follow because the border was closed to her, just like it is to his current love interest. Cole Sprouse/Ari Fournier/Reina Silva (both Canadian) (All About Ari Fournier, Cole Sprouse’s Rumored New Girlfriend)

At least three big publicists now send harmless items directly to this gossip site ("Deuxmoi") just to get more buzz for their clients. "Deuxmoi" (The Celebrity Gossip You Won’t Find in the Tabloids)

This A/A- list dual threat actress all of you know says she was originally slated to star on this back in the day pay cable show for an entire season. She walked away from it though because she was constantly being sexually harassed and every day was badgered to do a nude scene or sex scene.
Anna Faris/"Entourage"

Get Rid Of It: Back in the day, this A++ lister was paranoid. He knew from experience that unless you completely destroyed things, people would discover them. You couldn't just hide evidence, you had to destroy it. He felt the same way about bodies. Don't bury them or dump them in a swamp or body of water. Burn them. Makes sure there is no chance it can come back and bite you. He wanted a government repository where everything could be collected and burned. One of his team found the perfect place. An underground area that once set on a fire, would be a permanent incinerator for anything that needed to disappear permanently. Documents and bodies were the most popular. The bodies were actually spies or presumed spies or in the wrong place at the wrong time people all from Europe at the height of the cold war. They were flown from Europe and dumped in the incinerator. At least two successor A++ listers continued to use it. If you believe the rumors, the set of the Moon landing ended up in it too. Oh, the place is still burning too and ready for use. This Mine Fire Has Been Burning For Over 50 Years

The director who groomed her husband from an early age should have just gone with the vow renewal ceremony to show us all how strong their marriage is. At least that wouldn't leave a permanent mark when they are split by the end of the year. Sam Taylor-Johnson/Aaron Taylor-Johnson (Aaron Taylor-Johnson, 30, and wife Sam, 54, show off matching tattoos)

It shouldn't surprise anyone about the burner account of the former celebrity turned porn star turned yachter. She is the personal play toy of a man who is the personal banker of a terrorist organization. They happened to be introduced by the former boy bander.

It isn't an athletic competition and you don't lose your job if you are jacked up on PED's, so this foreign born superhero makes his job easier by using them daily. Chris Hemsworth/"Thor" (and he's not the only one) (Chris Hemsworth’s Biceps Look Godly on Last Day of Filming ‘Thor: Love and Thunder’)

Whenever the burning of the genitals hazing story is mentioned, the commando going actor (Jon Hamm) is always out the next day with his girlfriend (Anna Osceola) getting papped. It is to say to the world, yes, I am almost killed a man but if I was so horrible, would I have a girlfriend? Well, the cleaning product actor (Armie Hammer) does and the serial beating/heroin loving former A list singer (Chris Brown) has a line of women to call, so yeah. Jon Hamm/Anna Osceola/Armie Hammer/Cayman Island dental hygienist Lisa Perejma/Chris Brown (Jon Hamm Accused of Violent Fraternity Hazing: Report) (Jon Hamm and girlfriend Anna Osceola step out for grocery store run over Memorial Day weekend in LA) (Armie Hammer’s new girlfriend is dental hygienist Lisa Perejma) (Chris Brown looks unrecognizable in new photos from Drake’s Billboard Music Awards after party) (Chris Brown BLIND ITEM REVEALED 05/24/21)

Reader Blind - 90's Limo Driver: Which tall, LA based, A list actor/musician liked to swap stories about chasing women and conquests with the driver?

Several months ago, this north of the border celebrity mentioned to the alliterate one that the alliterate one should publicly put it out to the world that she was trying to be a peacemaker, but the other side was being unreasonable. Even if she didn't mean it, the north of the border celebrity said, at least it would put the other side in a no win situation. The alliterate one decided to go with burning bridges. The other side now though is using the peacemaker strategy and using language that which shows if the alliterate one doesn't accept the peace offering then, it really isn't about mental health, but just playing whatever cards will make them the most money.

He lies and exaggerates his accomplishments about many things, so take this with a grain of salt. The celebrity CEO says it is his technology that allows the cartel to use drones to deliver drugs across the border that can never be caught by police. Elon Musk (AI drone may have 'hunted down' and killed soldiers in Libya with no human input)

This former A+ list mostly movie actor (Nicolas Cage) who is an Oscar winner dumped a woman (Erika Koike) because she wasn't into his sick fetishes as much as he thought she should be. She is now dating this back in the day actor turned director (David Schwimmer) who has been in the news a lot lately along with his former castmates from a show ("Friends") that was a really big hit. Nicolas Cage/Erika Koike/David Schwimmer/"Friends" (David Schwimmer walks arm in arm with a mystery woman in New York City after Friends: The Reunion) (Nicolas Cage and Erika Koike get divorced after being married for just 4 days)

This A- list mostly television actress who stars on a very hit streaming show is being cheated on by her husband every day she goes out to shoot the show.

For the past several nights, the significant other to this in the news every second politician has been spending them with a billionaire who is a friend of a family member. The nights have not been platonic.

The New Rock Stars: Rock stars and underage women are not a new combination and there are a pair of rock stars who became famous in the past twenty or so years, who have continued to add to that tradition. Both approached either A or A- list at their height, and both came up around the same time. Both these incidents came before the height of each rock star's fame. The first is the most famous member (Pete Wentz) of a three named band ("Fall Out Boy") that is arguably A list. He is as known for his ex wife (Ashlee Simpson) as he is his music. Few people know, however, that in his earliest days of recording with the band, that he actually dated a girl who was not even of driving age when he was in his mid-twenties. No one seems to talk about this in his dating history when they would rather talk about the famous women he dated. That's also the same of this foreign born singer (Matt Bellamy) who reached A- list with his band ("Muse"), one with an inspiring name and an association with a much hated film franchise ("Twilight"). Long before he became famous and started dating celebrity offspring, he would troll AOL boards, looking for nudes from fans. He didn't care if you were underage or not, though he would apparently just ask for breast shots and not push for full nude if you were. Pete Wentz/"Fall Out Boy"/Ashlee Simpson/Matt Bellamy/"Muse"/"Twilight" ("Twilight" Soundtrack - Supermassive Black Hole) ("I Belong To You" "New Moon")

23. POPBITCH 06/03
(British blog)
Which revered A-list author has offered a glowing cover quote for an up-and-coming writer 30 years his junior; one who – by startling coincidence – he also happens to have shagged on the sly?

It couldn't be more obvious that this former A+ list singer/musician is ready to finally come out of the closet. It will also allow for the release of a good two dozen blind items about her. Alicia Keys

Although the Housewives has had its share of yachters throughout the years, they don't really want you to know they were, so, except for very rare cases, pretend their past never happened. So, when this straight up yachter for pro athletes says she wants to join one of the franchises, that is going to be a hard no. Rachel Uchitel/"Real Housewives of New York" (Rachel Uchitel Would Be ‘Honoured’ To Join ‘Real Housewives Of New York’)

Apparently the bad drug reaction that got her hospitalized didn't make the one named singer stop using drugs. Don't go on social media wasted, but if you do, make sure it is not on camera. Grimes (Elon Musk’s girlfriend Grimes baffles internet with rant about AI and communism) (BLIND ITEM REVEALED 05/12/21)

With another woman coming forward to talk about the sexual assaults from this former pastor at the Gen Z cult, I am hopeful the A- list singer/bad actress will also come forward with her stories. I don't think the B+ list celebrity offspring will though. She was in too deep. Carl Lentz/"Hillsong"/Selena Gomez/Hailey Baldwin Bieber (Leona Kimes/nanny) (Hillsong Staffer Accuses Ex-Pastor Carl Lentz of Sexual Abuse as He 'Vehemently' Denies Claims)

This foreign born B list actor most known for playing a galactic crime lord in that massive space franchise still has not commented on the sex tape he accidentally made public on his Instagram and which now can be found on Twitter if you look hard enough. Ray Park/"Darth Maul"/"Star Wars" (Star Wars Fans Worried About Darth Maul’s Return After Ray Park’s Instagram Post)

Will this foreign born A- list mostly movie actor actually announce he is headed to rehab or will he be sticking with his original explanation for why he departed a movie. Everyone will find out anyway, so he might as well confess. That hidden girlfriend of his likes to talk a lot. John Boyega/"Star Wars"/"Rebel Ridge"/Maggie Carrie/"Love & Hip Hop: New York" (John Boyega Exits Netflix Movie ‘Rebel Ridge’ Mid-Shoot, Family Reasons Cited) (BLIND ITEM REVEALED 05/14/21)

These two closeted men in the Bachelor universe are pitching a show which features the pair with their respective girlfriends. Matt James (Rachael Kirkconnell)/Tyler Cameron (Camila Kendra) (Matt James, Tyler Cameron enjoy Hamptons with Rachael Kirkconnell, Camila Kendra) (Matt James and Tyler Cameron’s Bromance Through the Years: See Photos)

What has never been answered, and the ex is not allowed to answer, is where the massive lump sum payment came from to pay off the mother of his child. That was a massive payment which he didn't have on his own. The same question can of course be asked of the one of nine and his debt because he didn't have the money on his own either. No matter which side you choose, it is all fixed against us.

This former A+ list athlete in his corner of the sports world turned grifter thinks that bailing on his job will make his most recent grift suddenly legal or moot. It won't. Tito Ortiz/martial arts/Huntington Beach Mayor Pro Tem (Tito Ortiz resigns from the Huntington Beach council after a rocky 6-month tenure)

I mean the guy is banned for life from trading for securities after his Ponzi scheme was busted, but I'm sure the $1M+ he got in pandemic loans from the government for his "businesses" is all legit. Right? Maybe it is to help the legal fees for the accused serial rapist actor. David Gentile/Danny Masteron/Scientology (GPB Capital Founder and CEO Among Three Individuals Indicted in Private Equity Investment Fraud) (From Hero To Zero: How David Gentile Kept His $1.7 Billion Running For So Long) (Which of the Masterson brothers profited from their Scientology stepdad’s Ponzi scheme?)

The Papers: One would assume that the family would go through everything and remove all traces of anything that could lead to more reveals about this deceased A+ list scientist's sexual fetishes before handing them over to the government. Let us not forget that he was a guest on the island of the pedophile. They were so close that the billionaire modified several transports just for the scientist. On one particular visit to the island there was a very young blonde looking after the scientist. It is well known that he frequented sex clubs and would lay on a bed and have naked women grinding on him. He loved being seen there. He visited them wherever he was. He had a favorite here in California too. So, what will we find in those papers? Stephen Hawking/"Little St James"/Jeffrey Epstein (Stephen Hawking’s office and archive gifted to UK to settle tax bill) (Top Secret: Inside Jeffrey Epstein’s Orgy Island Summit With Stephen Hawking) (Stephen Hawking Honored by Strip-Club Owner With Botched Tribute)

One wonders if the flowering financial institution got that big payday from the celebrity CEO to not only stay quiet about sex and drugs, but also because he spent some time in the murder closet or had her set one up in his own home. Azealia Banks/Elon Musk (Elon Musk, Azealia Banks, and Billions of Cicadas—Who Said NY Is Dead?)

Back in January, much to the chagrin of her stans, I said the movie starring this foreign born alliterate singer was trash. I also said the studio was desperate to find a streamer to take the movie off their hands. They finally found one but the release has been delayed another 3-4 months to try and salvage anything useful. Camila Cabello/"Cinderella"/"Amazon" (Amazon Eyes Fall Release Date For Its Camila Cabello ‘Cinderella’ Acquisition; See First-Look Photos)

This A+/A list mostly movie actress who is a multiple Oscar winner/nominee and had at least one franchise is cheating on her significant other. She bores easily. Jennifer Lawrence/"X-Men" and "Hunger Games"/Cooke Maroney (Jennifer Lawrence yawns through return to ‘Red, White and Water’ set)

It doesn't shock me at all that this porn studio is being investigated for multiple druggings and rapes of men. It does after all have as a silent partner, this disgraced director. "Helix Studios" (Bryan Singer) (Adult Performers Leave, Want Owner of Helix Studios Investigated for Alleged Culture of Abuse, Sex Harassment, Drugging)

This foreign born former boy bander was a guest at a wedding of yet another child bride. Zayn Malik/"One Direction" (Zayn Malik's younger sister Waliyha, 22, launches business selling 'elegant modest wear' for women)

Our favorite foreign born singer/bad actress/frequent yachter hooked up earlier this week with the A list alcoholic actor who is supposedly in love and in a relationship. Rita Ora/Ben Affleck/Jennifer Lopez (Jennifer Lopez & Rita Ora Have a Business Meeting at Soho House)

A group aligned with the government behind this huge social media app is using facial data and information from its users to generate fake identifications which are then used to open accounts to launder money. "TikTok"/China (TikTok updates US privacy policy to collect ‘faceprints and voiceprints’ (but won’t explain what they are))

This alliterate A- list mostly television actress all of you know, paid nearly $500K to make sure a sex tape of her offspring was never made public. Lori Loughlin/Olivia Jade Giannulli (Lori Loughlin's Daughter Olivia Jade Is Making Influencer Comeback)

Before latching on to his current teenager, this often inebriated sometime reality star all of you know had a hookup with this at the time teenager who is A+ list in her world and a very close friend of his ex. Scott Disick/Amelia Hamlin/Addison Rae/Kourtney Kardashian (Amelia Hamlin, 19, poses in 'empowering' lace lingerie while reading a book... after telling Scott Disick, 38, she is 'blessed' to be with him) (Kourtney Kardashian Reveals What She's Learned From Addison Rae)

This former A++ lister overturned decades of rulings by a government agency just because he wanted to be friends with an A+ list mostly movie actor and also sex with an actress he had wanted for a long time. Bill Clinton/Scientology/John Travolta/Anne Archer (Clinton Offered Help on Scientology)

Four For Friday - Boy Band Bad Behavior:
#1 - This boy band was one of the first in this modern era. They were notorious for never taking no for an answer. They were probably the worst at sexually assaulting teens and women. "New Kids On the Block" (Have New Kids Become New Brats? : Music: Offstage fights have begun to undermine the group’s image)

#2 - This boy band was known for beating up boyfriends of women they wanted to have sex with. It shares a common bond with #1. "The New Edition" (The Good, The Bad, And The Music With "The New Edition" Story)
#3 - This foreign boy band is much more recent. They were known for trashing their dressing room if they didn't think the coke was up to par. "One Direction" (One Direction Guys Trash Dressing Room In Most Boy Band Way Possible)
#4 - This alliterate boy band would get hammered drunk and have nights where they agree to use everything but toilets to relieve themselves. Hotel rooms, dressing rooms, buses, inside restaurants. It was bad. "Backstreet Boys" (Backstreet Boys: Bieber can’t hold a candle to our bad behavior)

Even the significant other of this A- list actor has confided in friends that the beating was drug related. Miles Teller/Keleigh Sperry Teller (Miles Teller Has Black Eye After Getting Punched in Face on Maui)

This A-/B+ list actress/pro beard supposedly had a new gig lined up, but right now she is hooking up with a guy who pays big money for weekend fun. Olivia Munn/John Mulaney (Olivia Munn Stuns In Bikini On Desert Vacay Amid Controversial John Mulaney Relationship)

This permanent A list singer spent years having a con artist manage her career. She sees the same thing in the permanent A+ list rapper. She wants out and wants the money owed to her. Mariah Carey/Jay Z (Mariah Carey dumps Jay-Z’s Roc Nation after ‘blazing row’)

This A list celebrity to the under 12 crowd wants to be an actress, but won't stop complaining about every bit of it. Mark my words. Five years from now she is going to be a walking blind item. JoJo Siwa (JoJo Siwa WON'T have to kiss a man in upcoming Christmas movie Bounce now she's come out as LGBTQ)

It is absolutely amazing that every time the A list everything in her mind meets up with any of her exes, the cameras just happen to be there to capture the moment. Jennifer Lopez/Marc Anthony (Jennifer Lopez Hangs Out With Marc Anthony Amid Reunion With Ben Affleck)

At least they let the A list celebrity save face and say she was leaving a project. More than she did for others when she crowd sourced firings. Chrissy Teigen (6 celebrities Chrissy Teigen has targeted online before getting canceled herself) (Chrissy Teigen back on Instagram after cyberbullying scandal) (Why Chrissy Teigen fears there’s worse to come)

There are a lot of fake cooking shows out there, but this one involving a very popular star who has never done the food thing before might top them all. There is someone off camera coaching the A list home improvement celebrity. Joanna Gaines/"Magnolia Table with Joanna Gaines" (Joanna Gaines’ Inspiration for Her ‘Magnolia Table’ Kitchen Was an Abandoned Gristmill From the 1800s)

Last year, I told you about the former A-list singing tween who was part of a duo on his show, his years of sexually assaulting many underage girls, and his move to Mexico. His former girlfriend came forward to expose his rampant grooming and sexual assault of underage girls, and child porn on his computer. The folks who make films about these horrible people talked about it online repeatedly, sharing stories that more victims of our former A-list actor posted on their own social media accounts. The former girlfriend didn't hide herself from the public. Did anybody in the media care to interview the former girlfriend, or any of the other victims? Of course not, until he was finally arrested yesterday. Drake Bell/"Drake and Josh"/Melissa Lingafelt (Drake Bell Changed His Name and Moved to Mexico Because 2020 Still Has More Surprises) (Drake Bell's Ex-Girlfriend, Who Previously Accused Him Of Abuse And Alleged Penchant For 'Underage Girls,' Speaks Out Following His Bombshell Arrest For Child Endangerment) (Drake Bell of Nickelodeon's 'Drake and Josh' charged with crimes involving a 15-year-old girl in Cuyahoga County)

What happens when you're a former tweener actress from multiple kiddie networks and your career is losing relevancy with every passing year? You try to copy this other recent tweener and come out as bisexual during Pride Month.
However you also admit:
That you have never dated or had sex with another woman.
You're currently in a monogamous relationship with a man.
And you plan to marry this guy but have no ring to show for it.
No entertainment news outlet anywhere in the world picked up on it, but hey at least your post got 200 likes.

This Ponzi schemer/former A++ candidate and procurer of young boys for Hollywood parties is one of several in a group who have a new grifter crypto scheme. They have been pushing countries to accept crypto as legal tender so they can insert their crypto into the economy. They want to take their grift to the international level. Brock Pierce (Bit Digital Appoints Brock Pierce To Advisory Board)

This foreign born "celebrity" doctor only gets shots at being famous because of her actor husband. Every opportunity she "earned" has crashed and burned. After making a whole bunch of money overcharging for COVID tests at the outset of the pandemic, she is now charging $2K-$2400 a year just for the honor and privilege of being her patient. Dr. Bojana Jankovic Weatherly/Michael Weatherly (Light Up 2021 Keynote Speaker Dr. Bojana Jankovic Weatherly) (BLIND ITEM 01/06/21)

The "charity" ("Grant Love Project") of the significant other (Alexander Grant) of the A+ list mostly movie actor (Keanu Reeves) has been in violation of California since its inception. "Grant Love Project"/Alexander Grant/Keanu Reeves (Alexander Grant vs. Parker: Framework For A Wrongful Conviction)

This closeted A list mostly movie actor from multiple franchises, just bought his boyfriend a really nice house. Chris Pine/"Star Trek"/"Jack Ryan"/"Wonder Woman" (Chris Pine scoops up quaint Los Angeles bungalow for $1.4 million)

This B+ list actress who always uses her middle initial but is not an Oscar winner/nominee has been asked to be a Housewife before, but this former A+ list rapper/bad parent turned actor/producer/still bad parent always calls in favors to keep her off the airwaves. Vivica A Fox/50 Cent (Vivica A. Fox And 50 Cent’s Current Girlfriend Call Truce On Social Media Catfight)

I did not have a same sex casting couch story involving this A+ list mostly movie actor on my BINGO card, but there you are. Did he say there was sex? No. However, no one he told the story to believes there was no sex.
Chris Pratt (he told the story publicly)

This athlete/criminal/rapist/sexual predator who is A+ list in his part of the world has a group that shares naked pics and videos his fans send into him. No one knows the age of the fans, but they are all young. There are at least a dozen actors/directors/executives/agents/political types (current and former) who are in this group. Jake Paul

This media conglomerate that doesn't involve a mouse is looking to purchase that sports entertainment franchise that has been struggling since COVID. "Comcast"/"WWE"

Just like he did with the foreign born fighter, this permanent A+ list fighter/woman beater could have ended it early, but always wants the possibility of a rematch for more money. Conor McGregor/Floyd Mayweather Jr./Paul Logan (Floyd Mayweather Jr. vs. Conor McGregor) (Watch as Floyd Mayweather appears to hold Logan Paul up after ‘knocking him out’ with vicious right hook)

This west coast city A+ lister is being wooed by the cult to stay and not accept a foreign job. They know he is a key to their livelihood. They literally have him in their pockets just like so many other politicians in the city. Eric Garcetti, Los Angeles Mayor/Scientology/India (What’s $20,000 between friends? LA Mayor Garcetti presents a Scientology gift to city) (The LA mayor’s ‘jinx:’ Garcetti could leave for India as city faces host of challenges)

This love or hate A list celebrity (Chrissy Teigen) is learning one very important fact. The reality family (Kardashian/Jenner) throws anyone and everyone under the bus. Everyone. Sales have always been abysmal in the product ("Safely") started by the family and the celebrity. Now though, those bad sales can be blamed on the celebrity while the momager (Kris Jenner) laughs and laughs as she goes back and forth over the body with the bus. Chrissy Teigen/"Safely"/Kris Jenner (Chrissy Teigen, Kris Jenner and Emma Grede have come together to build a saucy cleaning brand) (Kris Jenner Has Yeeted Chrissy Teigen Off Their Cleaning Brand Bc The Devil Works Hard Etc)

Speaking of the reality family (Kim Kardashian) as well as this permanent A list dual threat actress (Jennifer Aniston) and the actress (Jessica Alba) who is actually pretty close to billionaire status ("The Honest Co."). Back in the day when this celebrity (Joe Francis) was raping and sexually assaulting women and making child porn they still hung out at his place south of the border ("Casa Aramara", Punta Mita, Mexico). So, just because he recently got busted for what would have been attempted murder here, they will still hang at his place. Kardashian/Jennifer Aniston/Jessica Alba/"The Honest Co."/Joe Francis/"Casa Aramara", Punta Mita, Mexico (Joe Francis Loses the Right to Profit from Kim Kardashian's Favorite Mexico Estate) (Aniston will be part of ‘Girls Gone Wild’ case) (Joe Francis Was Arrested And Charged For Domestic Violence Last Year)

This cable channel is about to have a huge issue on its hands. The channel is spending big bucks on PR and promotional gimmicks to make this Housewife seem loveable. The former reality star is having none of it and is set to release audio and video and personal stories which will show the Housewife for who she really is. It won't be pretty. The abuse at her hands was horrific. "Bravo"/Kathy Hilton/"Real Housewives of Beverly Hills"/daughter Paris Hilton (Kathy Hilton Says Kim Richards Was First Sister She Called Before Joining Real Housewives; Weighs In On Possibility Being On The Show With Kim And Kyle)

When you don't sleep with who you are told to sleep with, then the next thing you know, your record sales suck. Will the teenager keep doing her own thing and vanish, or will she do what she was told and watch her career skyrocket again. The Disney singer who is so popular right now faces her time of reckoning soon and will have the same decision to make. Billie Eilish/Olivia Rodrigo (Billie Eilish’s Latest Single, "Lost Cause," is an Actual Lost Cause, Image Change from Slacker to Femme Fatale May Be Cause) (Olivia Rodrigo Scores Second Week at Number One on Artists 500 Chart)

One of the men on this cable show about polygamy seems to be more interested in shooting porn with as many women as possible rather than finding a sister wife. (Missing ‘Sister Wives’? Here Are Other Polygamy Shows & Movies)

This A-/B+ list actor/serial sexual assaulter didn't let his recent court loss stop him from pursuing a bunch of women at a party over the weekend, whether they wanted to be pursued or not. Cuba Gooding Jr./Floyd Mayweather Official After Party (Cuba Gooding Jr. Accuser Reportedly Wins Judgment in Groping Lawsuit) (Floyd Mayweather Official After Party)

At the same party as #9, this A list rapper had much better luck with women. His supply of coke and willingness to share with women might have had something to do with it. G-Eazy/Floyd Mayweather Official After Party (Floyd Mayweather Official After Party)

The A/A- list commando loving actor is supposed to be sober right? Isn't that the party line? Perhaps then, he shouldn't allow his drug dealer to post to social media just exactly what drugs he is selling to the actor. Jon Hamm (BLIND ITEM REVEALED 06/01/21)

For some reason, this bird CEO is trying to remove all traces of himself from that same party at #9 and #10. He sent out letters from his lawyers to get photos removed from photo sites. Jack Dorsey/"Twitter"/Floyd Mayweather Official After Party

This foreign born A- list actress has been hooking up with a producer from her home country. Her significant other is nowhere to be found.

The Rape Club - A First Person Account
Testimony directly from a survivor. The first rule of Fight Club is: you don’t talk about Fight Club – The same applies to Rape Club. Some people still believe that attractive people can’t be rapists or pedophiles. This label applies to our "A+ list" actor, as he was often among the sexiest men in the world. We’ll call him "AA". I didn’t want to believe it, but it seems that at a certain level you have no choice. You either partake or you won’t advance further. Our "A+ lister" recently divorced, and they use that to explain his alcohol abuse and depression. It was the pain of his dear friend’s murder what tortured the actor. The murder of the "A+ list" singer is covered-up as a suicide, and he knows why and who did it. He was initiated in Rape Club by the main schemer of the murder, and he’s still owned by him. The billionaire producer ( still controls Hollywood and the music industry. We’ll call the producer "AB." He gave the actor his first break, along with another member of Rape Club. This other member is another divorced "A+ list" actor too and is not allowed near his daughter. We’ll call him "AC." Our actor’s wife is so involved he couldn’t take it anymore. He is scared to death for his children. The actor’s life is full of secrets, the truth is he was an all-around wild man when he arrived in Hollywood. He was willing to do anyone, any age, any gender, all to fit in. His participation in the casting couch was a cost he was more than willing to pay. It was later that he started to be tortured by the guilt of the progressively worse requirements of Rape Club. Testimony: "I think AA is next. I have personal memories of him and his wife, and they are definitely involved. At different times and ages, not when they were together. But one of their kids looks exactly like me when I was her age, and her gender confusion is very upsetting. She triggers me every time I see a picture of that poor girl. I will come forward with it when the time is right, but not yet. I need to work on those memories first. He didn’t seem like he wanted to be there with me, and we just talked the whole time. Then for a minute, in the end, he had to do what he was there to do to make his bones. It wasn’t nice at the end, brutal even. But during the conversation, it was as if he was feeling like unburdening himself. He seemed remorseful and angry that he had to do anything to me. He wasn’t like the other pedo who really enjoyed it (another A+ list actor). It was as if it wasn’t his choice, and he did something more violent than sexual. A very short abuse at the end of a long, heart-pouring-out, kind of conversation. If someone like that (trapped by the cult) thinks they are talking to a loving, sympathetic person who is 100% guaranteed to forget, it happens. They say so much vulnerable, honest truths. Everyone needs to share their deepest shames and secrets to heal the wounds. Even these assholes. AA complained about AC: ‘He’s such a f**king poser pretending to be in this cult when everybody knows he does the exact same s**t.’ He means pedophilia, ritual sacrifices, and Satanism. I was 13, I think.

About 2 decades ago, a 30-something comedian groomed and raped a girl who was 15, and looked even younger. Sure, they called it "dating". He is now an A-list comedian. Recently, the victim told her story on her social media account. She produced many pictures of them on "dates" together at the time with the A-list comedian, including formal events - which nobody apparently questioned or called the police at the time. The industry media reported her story. The A-list comedian issued a bland denial, which is literally impossible to believe, given the many details his victim recalled, places and times, and mountain of corroborating evidence. Did anybody in the media cast doubt on the A-list comedian’s denial? Did any of the A-list comedian’s industry peers call him out, or demand any consequences? You know the answer. Nothing at all. The A-list comedian has many even more powerful A+ list friends, who keep inviting him on shows. Nothing has changed at all. Jeff Ross/Jessica Radtke (‘He Liked That I Was Innocent’ Jessica Radtke met Jeff Ross at a comedy club at 15. Soon after, she alleges, they began a sexual relationship)

Of course the former A+ list teen actor turned A+ list grifter wants in on the NFT (Non-fungible token) grift. However, his pathetic attempts demonstrate that not only does he have no idea what he’s doing, but doesn’t know how to even have one made. Corey Feldman (Corey Feldman Reveals His Six-Month Plan for Long-Awaited Music Releases and More)

So, the SEC (U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission) is cracking down hard on regular people buying and selling meme stocks. They are accusing them of pumping and dumping and want fines and criminal prosecutions. Who are the people who complained? The rich billionaires including the NBA team owner and the celebrity CEO. There are more, but that gives you a sense of how there will never be a level playing field. Mark Cuban/Elon Musk (Regulators Probe Market Amid Rising Meme Stocks) (Mark Cuban thanks Wall Street Bets for 'changing the game' after the Reddit forum fueled a meme-stock frenzy) (Elon Musk tweets again, sending shares of ‘Baby Shark’ investor soaring)

Reader Blind: This A-list podcast host, not named Joe Rogan, recently let slip on another big radio show that this infamous, very loud comedy legend was a member of the Church of Satan. You can add that to the hundreds of other reasons the comedian was a horrible person.
Marc Maron/Sam Kinison (How an angry comic who had a coke habit became the Barbara Walters of podcasts) (Sam Kinison BLIND ITEM REVEALED 11/14/17)

This back in the day A list mostly movie actress is probably A- list and does more television than movies. She once was in a superhero franchise and loved boozing. Apparently she pulled a Mindy and had a secret baby during COVID. No announcement was made though because her actor significant other is hooking up with one of his co-stars while she is back to hitting bars. Kirsten Dunst/"Spider-Man"/Jesse Plemons/Lily Gladstone/"Killers of the Flower Moon"

When a movie was first being made about this back in the day former A list pair of celebrities (Ed and Lorraine Warren) with a unique claim to the A list (paranormal investigators), the studio (Warner Bros.) making the movie ("The Conjuring") was informed that one of the pair (Ed Warren) was having an affair with an underage girl (Judith Penney) too young to drive with the knowledge and support of the other half of the pair (Lorraine Warren). The studio ignored it and forged ahead anyway and made multiple films about the pair. This was before MeToo, but now, maybe, that there is a new film maybe will finally pay attention. Did the studio tell the actors (Patrick Wilson/Vera Farmiga), who are roughly on the same list level, who portrayed the pair? Ed and Lorraine Warren/"paranormal investigators"/"Warner Bros."/"The Conjuring"/Ed Warren/Judith Penney/Lorraine Warren/Patrick Wilson/Vera Farmiga (The Alleged True Story Behind the Real 'Conjuring' Couple Is Creepy)

Even though he was getting a bunch of kickbacks from vendors that he helped land permits to operate at this national park, this lightning rod Congressman was instrumental in getting all the vendors removed from the park because he knew it would hurt the pocketbook of this A list cable host who owned a bunch of vendors that did business in the park. He hates the cable host.

This is quite the plot twist. Apparently the wife of the lifer drug kingpin was responsible for getting many members of drug cartels worldwide to use the app controlled by law enforcement. Was she arrested to protect her? Was she working for the government? Emma Coronel Aispuro/Joaquín "El Chapo" Guzmán/'AN0M' (How Australia's biggest organised crime sting - which yielded mountains of drugs, cash and guns - was almost blown when tech blogger warned the fake AN0M app being used to spy on mafia and bikie figures was a SCAM) (El Chapo’s wife, Emma Coronel, could hold the keys to dismantling the world’s most dangerous drug cartel)

It used to be the hatred this A+ list mostly movie actress (Reese Witherspoon) who is an Oscar winner had for her then alliterate A list actor co-star (Vince Vaughn) that was the worst of all time when they filmed ("Four Christmases"). That cult leader/actor/singer/underage girl lover (Jared Leto) is challenging that with his A+/A list actress co-star (Anne Hathaway) ("WeCrashed"). Reese Witherspoon/Vince Vaughn/"Four Christmases"/Jared Leto/Anne Hathaway/"WeCrashed" (Reese Witherspoon Hated Vince Vaughn So Much She Refused to Film A ‘Four Christmases’ Sex Scene) (Anne Hathaway and Jared Leto hold hands as they continue filming Apple TV+ series WeCrashed in NYC)

This A list mostly movie actor from an acting family was bragging last night that he recently had sex with a stripper and two decades earlier had sex with her mom. Luke Wilson (Luke Wilson comes home to Texas with ‘12 Mighty Orphans’)

This week I wrote about the A list celebrity you either love or hate and how she was thrown under the bus by the reality family. Let us not forget that the celebrity once considered them to be trash and made that known publicly. It was only after she realized she could make some money and get some bonus fame that she turned a 180. Chrissy Teigen/Kardashian (The Harsh Kardashian Backlash That Forced Chrissy Teigen To Quit Twitter)

Leading up to the hearing this month, the social media posts of the permanent A list "singer" are only going to get more disturbing. Britney Spears (Britney Spears Anticipated to Appear Remotely at Next Conservatorship Hearing to Address Court Directly) (Britney Spears' most cryptic post yet as she calls her enemies 'tricky little s**ts')

At this point, there really needs to be an intervention for this back in the day teen actress turned Housewife turned sometime reality star. The rest of the family is all caught up in their glory while the former Housewife looks like she could end up dead at any minute. Kim Richards/"Real Housewives of Beverly Hills"/addition of sister Kathy Hilton (Kathy Hilton Says Kim Richards Was First Sister She Called Before Joining Real Housewives; Weighs In On Possibility Being On The Show With Kim And Kyle)

Cocaine Love - Back In The Day: Everyone always thought this actress was the quiet/prudish type. It is only because of the role she played which typecast her for the remainder of her career. You might not know the name of the actress, but you know the role she played on this hit television show. Everyone knows this show. Shortly before landing the role that would make her famous, the actress went to a party and did LSD and coke with a relative of the showrunner of the show. He loved getting people on LSD and then having sex with them. He didn't consider it rape. He was big into combining drug trips and sex. Our actress was crazy about coke and on the set, if you ever wanted to have sex with her, she was willing, but it was going to cost you coke. Never money for coke, just the coke. The relative of the showrunner worked on the show and would often hook up with the actress. They continued on for many years after the run of the show, despite the fact he was married. The husband of the actress gave up trying to be married to her because of her love of drugs and sex. She fully embraced free love.
Dawn Wells/"Mary Ann"/"Gilligan's Island"

Unlike the alliterate actor, there is no money for a documentary. However, this former A- list mostly television actress from multiple hit shows is pitching a reality show starring her as she runs for political office. She has already done a sizzle reel. There are lots of places she could have a real shot at winning. She picked one where she realistically has zero shot. So, is it for attention, the show, or just to make some money. Matthew McConaughey (Governor of Texas)/Alyssa Milano (U.S. Representative for California's 4th congressional district) (Alyssa Milano considering run for Congress in 2024: 'I’m looking at California’s 4th District')

Apparently the wealthy farmer's fetish for flooring extends beyond carpeting. It took floor installers on the main house he had built a couple decades ago, nearly a year to install the wood flooring. Why? There could be no knots in any of the pieces. There could also be no pieces that looked as if they might contain knots. Bill Gates (Bill Gates Enters The Carpet Business in UK) (BLIND ITEM REVEALED 05/25/21)

This reality host for a cable channel doesn't need to sleep with the male and female executives at the company to keep her job, but it doesn't hurt. The mostly men she sleeps with outside of the company are to supplement her very opulent lifestyle and love of good coke.
Joseline Hernandez/"Joseline's Cabaret"

The barely there celebrity spouse of this A+ list host would probably love if the rumors of her sleeping with the celebrity chef were true. The thing is though, he likes to stick to women barely out of their teens who also know to keep their mouths shut. The spouse is a big big talker.

I think it is unfair to blame the A- list actress for the A+ list football player holding out or asking for a trade. Unlike when he previously dated an actress, this one at least cares for his well being and not just how big of a check he can write. He just has the acting/hosting bug and wants to be on the west coast, preferably Los Angeles. Shailene Woodley/Aaron Rodgers/Olivia Munn ('We jumped in headfirst': Shailene Woodley says she moved in 'immediately' with Aaron Rodgers)

Old Hollywood: Despite what a new book says, yes this permanent A+ list singer did hook up with the alliterate A+ list actress. Also, the actress was not murdered. Did she have reason to believe she could or would be murdered? Yep. Was she? Nope. Frank Sinatra/Marilyn Monroe

Sure, go after the whistle blower who blew away the notion that the rich actually pay some taxes. They don't. They always talk about how they pay their fair share and to go ahead and raise their taxes because they are happy to do so. They don't. It is why the depending on the day, richest or second richest man in the world so badly wanted US citizenship and why he takes pains to be in the US enough days each year to only pay taxes here. In his home country he couldn't avoid paying huge amounts of taxes. As a US citizen though, he pays none. What is funny though is his actress wife actually does pay taxes. François-Henri Pinault/France/Salma Hayek (Salma Hayek, François-Henri Pinault Check Out of Bel Air Estate)

This A+ list mostly movie actor is now trying to make money off the disgraced producer's story. The same actor who enabled and supported the disgraced producer. The same actor who made money with the disgraced producer. The same actor who knew what the disgraced producer was doing for years and never stopped him. Brad Pitt/Harvey Weinstein (Brad Pitt Producing Film About Harvey Weinstein Exposé With Carey Mulligan, Zoe Kazan Set to Star)

The foreign born A/A- list model/wannabe actress has a fee that is astonishingly high for her services. She has made millions as a beard and is a great choice, if somewhat surprising. Irina Shayk/Kanye West (Kanye West spotted with Irina Shayk on French vacation amid dating rumors) (one of many Irina Shayk "beard" BLIND ITEM REVEALED 11/13/20)

While other ways of meeting people were shut down during most of the pandemic, the internet has been a rich hunting ground, allowing a predator to lure potential targets directly to his screen. Take for instance this popular social media platform: This A list actor/singer regularly has live sessions where he will interact with viewers, some of them very young. The surprise at having someone so famous make direct contact? Precious. What happens after that? Unknown, but troubling given this actor’s reputation around here. Jared Leto (Jared Leto, Scooter Braun and Troy Carter are backing Moment House, a startup recreating live events… digitally)

100. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 06/09 **11**
This network news anchor wanted heads to roll after someone moved his chair out of position. He hates having his face straight on to the camera. "ABC"/David Muir/"World News Tonight With David Muir" (ABC brass worry that David Muir's makeup is hurting ratings) (The Untold Truth Of David Muir)

101. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 06/09 **12**
This A list mostly movie actress who all of you know and is an Oscar winner/nominee says she lost a nanny to this former cabinet member who didn't need nanny services, but a different kind of service.

102. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 06/09 **13**
This foreign born former action A lister has been accused of beating to near death, an escort he hired in an African country.

103. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 06/09 **14**
The Actress: There has always been talk about secret babies in this family. They are after all, very good at keeping secrets. It was even easier prior to social media and to keep the press from publishing something that would do damage to the family. This actress (Isabella Calthorpe) reached her peak at about B+ list worldwide, but got to A list in her own country. For the first five or six years of her career, she had a lover who is very very high up in this family. The heir actually. The pair would hook up every chance they got. She was exactly his type and didn't expect anything from him but a good time. At one point in time, he gave her a family heirloom which he had to ask for back because a parental unit discovered it missing. At the peak of her fame, they had to split because of the attention she received at home. She found out she was pregnant and quickly married a man who she was with for only a few years. That could cause some issues, now couldn't it. Isabella Calthorpe/United Kingdom/Prince William/Sam Branson son of Sir Richard Branson (Meet the woman Prince William pursued when he and Kate Middleton broke up)

104. POPBITCH 06/10
(British blog)
Which livewire A-Lister has a special party game he likes to play with friends? He sets his guests off on a big treasure hunt, the final clue of which leads them to a room that they open to 'discover' him simulating a sex act with one of his bodyguards.
Tom Cruise (Tom Cruise loves hide and seek so much he made Will Smith and Jada Pinkett-Smith play with him); Graham Norton

The news anchor who had an affair with the morning host/predator is going through a pretty ugly divorce right now. Added to that is the fact that the kids appear to be on dad's side in all of this. Natalie Morales/Matt Lauer/Joe Rhodes (Natalie Morales Husband of 16 Years Joe Rhodes and Two Children, Divorce Alert?)

It is interesting that this love or hate her A list celebrity has never offered up a room for her biggest online supporter/defender, but hasn't dared express why that is for fear of being targeted by him. Chrissy Teigen/Yashar Ali (Twitter Superstar Yashar Ali Got Evicted by Kathy Griffin, LA Mag Reports) (The Curious Rise of Twitter Power Broker Yashar Ali)

This permanent A+ list NBA player who was ousted from the playoffs, is married, but promised he would take his girlfriend on vacation when the season ended. He canceled on her and she is going off on him to friends. LeBron James (Suns eliminate Lakers, LeBron James from playoffs after early Anthony Davis exit) (Twitter Users Compile An Incredible List Of LeBron James’ Lies And Exaggerations)

Don't believe the hype. This alliterate A list reality star doesn't want to get back together with her ex. It is a storyline for the season to make it seem like she did everything she could and she is the victim. It is all so tiring. Kourtney Kardashian/Scott Disick/"Keeping Up With the Kardashians" (KUWTK Reunion: Kourtney Kardashian Says Ex Scott Disick's 'Substance Abuse Was the Deal-Breaker') (Kourtney Kardashian Has Moved on with Travis Barker But Scott Disck Can't Seem to Let Go)

Reader Blind: A while back, this very old retired actor (Earl Holliman) finished an autobiography with the help of a co-write. This actor was never A list but was in many big films with A+ list stars (filmography) of the days. His most famous role was a supporting one on a TV show ("Police Woman") with a female headliner (Angie Dickinson) who has since repudiated the show. In the book are details that are not surprising - The actor who never married and had no children comes out but it's always been well known that he was gay. He confirms a sexual relationship with an iconic short-lived actor (James Dean). They were in a film together ("Giant"). But in the book are also observations of a body the actor refers to as the organization. This group ("Velvet Mafia") which was made up of studio bigwigs, organized crime and various shadowy types would provide children for sex for top level stars. Once the rough draft of the autobio reached a publisher, word spread quickly. The organization still exists albeit in slightly different form and they were quick to pounce. They paid off the co-writer to disappear. The actor is infirm and does require daily assistance. They replaced all his caregivers and denied any access to him making him basically a prisoner. The actor tried several times to make contact with the outside world. The response? A press release was put out saying he will no longer sign autographs due to his advancing age. Earl Holliman/"Police Woman"/Angie Dickinson/James Dean/"Giant"/"Velvet Mafia" (Why Angie Dickinson regrets doing "Police Woman")

There is no way this streaming superhero show makes it past this upcoming season. The whole shift the show is having to do makes no sense because of what they did last year. It is a mess. "The Umbrella Academy"

Remarkably enough, the new memoir from this celebrity/political aide/cheated upon wife/child porn enabler?!? doesn't mention her own affair or her very close relationship with the drug dealer's wife and their business arrangements. I'm guessing she is saving all of that for a sequel. Huma Abedin/Anthony Weiner/Emma Coronel Aispuro (Huma Abedin Is Releasing a Memoir) (BLIND ITEM REVEALED 03/01/21)

Reader Blind: One slightly disturbing aspect of the second of two hits show this deceased actor was in was the fact that despite his advancing age, the character he played often bedded female guest stars on the show. His first hit show was with a co-star, this show was sort of a detective show. On the road, the actor tried this in real life attempting to sleep with younger women when attending promotional events. One time he did have a threesome but the women stole all his money and his toupee afterwards.
Jack Klugman/"The Odd Couple"/"Quincy, M.E." (Klugman and Shatner: worlds apart)

The alliterate one and her stooge husband can huff and puff as much as they want, but they know they will lose if they pursue legal action. Of course they didn't ask permission of the person in charge about the name of their kid, just like they didn't ask her about trademarking the name either. Kind of ironic that they spent weeks trashing her parental abilities and then trademark her name to profit off it.

114. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 06/10 **10**
Reader Blind: This recently deceased actor (Gavin MacLeod) primarily well known for a few popular tv shows including one where he was first ("The Love Boat") billed had an epiphany (conversion to Christianity) several decades ago. He gave up his old Hollywood lifestyle reunited with a former partner (Patti) and lived happily after after. A far cry from their first go around together when they would attend swinger parties and he would watch her have sex with three of four men in a night. Gavin MacLeod/"The Love Boat"/conversion to Christianity/Patti

115. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 06/10 **11**
When checking out the review site, always remember they are owned by a movie studio. Be especially wary when you see the scores of the movies from that studio. "Rotten Tomatoes"/"Warner Bros."

116. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 06/10 **12**
I can't believe the authorities are freeing the alliterate rock singer. The guy is a serial child sex predator. Gary Glitter (DISGRACED Paedo Gary Glitter is ‘remorseful’ and ‘ready to start new life’ claims Jim Davidson as pop star could be free in weeks)

117. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 06/10 **13**
Reader Blind: Many decades ago, a behind the scenes push led to a change in policy. This very popular long running tv series ("M*A*S*H") had a casting change. One actor (Larry Linville/"Major Frank Burns") left the show and another (David Ogden Stiers/"Major Charles Emerson Winchester III") came in playing a different character but one that had the same type of relationship with the protagonist(s) (Alan Alda ("Captain Benjamin Franklin "Hawkeye" Pierce") and Mike Farrell ("Captain B. J. Hunnicutt")). The new actor was gay and never tried to hide it. During a promotional junket, he brought along his male partner as other actors from the same show brought along their wives and husbands. The network ("CBS") made a fuss about this but he stood his ground and they gave in. This actor finally came out publicly a few years before his death. "M*A*S*H"/Larry Linville ("Major Frank Burns")/David Ogden Stiers ("Major Charles Emerson Winchester III")/Alan Alda ("Captain Benjamin Franklin "Hawkeye" Pierce") and Mike Farrell ("Captain B. J. Hunnicutt")/"CBS"

118. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 06/10 **14**
A Note: In this space I have often addressed the indiscretions of this celebrity chef. She is definitely low hanging fruit when it comes to gossip because she makes so many of her own scandals. That being said, what I often forget when writing about her is that considering where she came from as a child, she is a success story. Many people are completely unaware that her dad started raping her multiple times a week when she was just 13. It went on for years. He was deranged and she was also protecting her sister at the same time from the situation. Not only that, but she escaped as a teen and went to a shelter with her sister. To top all that off she publicly shared her story in front of hundreds of people, although at the time she was not the star she is today. She also continues to support and volunteer at the same types of shelters. Giada De Laurentiis/father Alexander DeBenedetti (A Place of Solace From the Horror of Rape)

Guess Who Wants To Slither Back? I mean. Who knew the world was such a cold, hard place where everything is not just given to people with an eighth grade education? If only she had a decent agent or entertainment lawyer or any sort of any kind of reputation. Insults and assaults are not really a hot commodity anymore. What else do you have? When all of your representation drops you after you have been fired. You really think you can come back with one of those attorneys who stands on a moving 18 wheeler to attract accident victims? Your current talent agency is local and also represents teens dying to be in a Bojangles commercial. Hoping your new glorified waitressing job works out. Word on the curb is you already tried to give the place over to a kid who is not even old enough to apply for a liquor permit. Did you forget about the one who can’t keep his dick in his pants? And has anyone checked in on your husband lately? Seriously. Is he okay? Breaking news: The Answer Is NO! NeNe Leakes/"Real Housewives of Atlanta" (RHOA: NeNe Leakes Isn't Ruling Out a Possible Return to the Show)

It wasn't until the cable honcho who loves a sexual predator got the new job that he decided it was as good of a time as any to bring back one of his favorite sexual predators. He is also the one who is giving the anonymous quotes to the media. Jeffrey Zucker/"CNN"/Jeffrey Toobin (With AT&T's WarnerMedia-Discovery deal, Jeff Zucker poised for a comeback) (Jeffrey Toobin is back at CNN eight months after exposing himself on Zoom)

It used to be the celebrity CEO did very few drugs. Then, he graduated to doing them at home a few times a week. That turned into everyday which has not turned into everyday and everywhere and if he didn't have people watching him 24/7, would already be dead, and not from an overdose. He just does stupid stuff when he is wasted that, if he were alone would have killed him already. He is going to be the next John McAfee. Elon Musk

This alliterate B+ list actress has many many millions of followers on social media. She barely works any longer, and since the death of someone close to her has become increasingly paranoid. She really needs to get some professional help. She has already threatened the lives of several people.

It is pretty remarkable that this A list celebrity told at least one of her exes that she couldn't get pregnant and that her foreign born celebrity husband has always said it would be very difficult for him to have kids, and yet the two managed to whip through three pregnancies in pretty short order. Makes you think.

This B+ list celebrity offspring of a permanent A+ lister had to buy several sex tapes that were made of her while she was wasted. She spent about $250K to get them. Lourdes Leon/Madonna (Lourdes Leon Is Ready to Express Herself)

Reader Blind: This deceased disgraced A lister (Ray Blanton, Tennessee Governor and U.S. House of Representatives) in his part of the country (Tennessee) was at the center of a huge scandal  many decades ago. This deceased actor and wannabe A+ lister (Fred Thompson, United States Senator from Tennessee) first achieved some recognition during this and this Academy Award winning/Academy Award nominated actress (Sissy Spacek) was in a film version ("Marie") of these events. Recent news stories confirm that the people around the disgraced A lister were involved in murder. More will come out - The disgraced A lister gave his okay to this and the rape parties that were held in a nearby women's prison. Ray Blanton, Tennessee Governor and U.S. House of Representatives/Tennessee/Fred Thompson, United States Senator from Tennessee/Sissy Spacek/"Marie"

The wealthy farmer is charging his tenants double what they used to pay previous owners. He gives them a discount if they use his seeds and lease equipment from companies he controls. Bill Gates (BLIND ITEM REVEALED 05/01/21)

Reader Blind: Many years ago, a film was being made that was a partial rip-off of one of the biggest films ("Jaws") of all time which had come out a couple years earlier. The rip-off film ("Tentacles") was complete shlock except for one detail - There were several highly regarded actors , Oscar winners even, in supporting roles (all deceased now) (Cast). Most of them were just there for a good time by the beach with lots of drugs, alcohol, and sex. One story of something that happened during the shoot - This permanent A+ director (John Huston) from a Hollywood family who also did a bit of acting (including in this film) was very drunk as usual in a restaurant and took a dare from a friend - He attempted to have sex with a smaller version of the film's monster (squid). "Jaws"/"Tentacles"/John Huston/squid

Reader Blind: This recently deceased actor (Clarence Williams III) whose career highlights include a trendy hit tv ("The Mod Squad") show and a "colorful" movie ("Purple Rain") went through a weird patch in his career. He was professional in his work as always but when not actually on camera demanded everyone on sets he worked on address him as Gozingo3000 and explained he was actually a visitor from another dimension. When not shooting, he wore a black and red cape and a suit made of plastic. This went for several years until he one day he just abruptly stopped this behavior. Later, he explained he was getting into character for a film that ended up not being made. Clarence Williams III/"The Mod Squad"/"Purple Rain" ('The Mod Squad' actor Clarence Williams III dies at 81)

129. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 06/11 **10**
Reader Blind: This now deceased permanent A++ musician/actor/icon (Elvis Presley) had a problem. One of the many women (Sandy Ferra) he dated caught him wearing something very unmanly in private. To prevent her from spreading any tales, he got her married off to a friend of his - A still living celebrity (Wink Martindale) associated with a specific genre of TV show (game show host). Elvis Presley/Sandy Ferra/Wink Martindale/ game show host (A New Name in the History of Elvis’ Teenage Girlfriends) (Interview with Wink and Sandy Martindale)

130. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 06/11 **11**
This one named DJ got thrown out of a party last night after he said something racist to a guy and was about to get beat up by several men.

131. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 06/11 **12**
Reader Blind: Two stories of athletes in the same sport at the same ongoing event....
1.) This male closeted athlete (Richard Gasquet) who is from the country where the large ongoing event is occurring is arguably in the twilight of his career. There was a scandal earlier in his career involving substances. The athlete's story how he interacted with those substances was accepted by authorities. It was partially true. He did not take the substance directly but did receive it from placing his lips on another person's body. However, it was a not a woman he was with and it wasn't through kissing on the mouth. Richard Gasquet/France/cocaine (Richard Gasquet escapes ban after CAS clears him over positive cocaine test)

2.) This female athlete (Petra Kvitová) who was won big twice in her sport pulled out of the ongoing event allegedly either because of an injury or to show solidarity with another female athlete (Naomi Osaka) who did the same thing. Neither is true. She is tired of being questioned about the incident (knife attack) of a few years years ago where she was a victim. The true story of this was that she was basically the sex slave of an oligarch in her home country (Czech Republic) who sponsored her until she broke away and this was his response. The fact that video has surfaced of her in all types of sexual acts is something she wants to avoid discussing. Petra Kvitová/Naomi Osaka/knife attack/Czech Republic (Petra Kvitova withdraws from French Open; injured ankle in fall during media availability) (Petra Kvitova: Tennis star tells court of knife attack horror)

132. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 06/11 **13**
Reader Blind: This organization whose public face/leader is in confinement is getting ready to drop a big one - The sealed investigations this national body did on its own which resulted in many financial settlements. One that ended up not involving a cash pay out - This married female member of the body who is no longer part of it had a sexual relationship with a young African-American college student who was interning there. One of her opponents back in her home state once tried to bring this up but was physically threatened into dropping the matter by the female member's family who had other high level members in powerful positions and organized crime ties.

133. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 06/11 **14**
Four For Fridays - 80's & 90's Action Stars:
#1 - This foreign born on the smaller side action star liked to pay hookers to walk on him while wearing stilettoes. Jean-Claude Van Damme
#2 - An actress/celebrity ex of this permanent A list actor used to tell friends that the actor liked to be tied down and then peed on. She stopped telling the story after he sent her a check. Brigitte Nielsen/Sylvester Stallone
#3 - This actor is more of a celebrity now and was always the supporting player in most of the action movies in which he starred. He was an A list celebrity while being a B list actor. He hit on every single girlfriend his son(s) ever brought home. He also slept with a bunch of them. Jesse Ventura/Tyrel Ventura
#4 - This action star was more action because of good editing and stunt doubles. Foreign born and in a long running franchise for a few years. A foreign born significant other of his that many of you know, used to charge him to have sex with her. She said that he paid her before they were a couple and it wasn't going to be free, just because they were a couple. Christopher Lambert/"Highlander"/Princess Stéphanie of Monaco; Dolph Lundgren/"Universal Soldier"/Paula Barbieri (relationships with O.J. Simpson and Michael Bolton) or Grace Jones

When you (A list host/producer) are setting up a pap show with an age inappropriate beard, try not to have your boyfriend in the shots leading up to the shots with the girlfriend. Ryan Seacrest (46)/Aubrey Paige (23) (EXCLUSIVE: Ryan Seacrest, 46, moves on with a MUCH younger model! Hollywood's most eligible bachelor revealed to be wooing Instagram influencer Aubrey Paige, 23)

The alliterate one is set to launch a subscription service. It is going to be for babies/kids, including clothes and will be GOOP type prices. Hey, whatever floats your boat. What is nuts is that she is trying to convince suppliers that being a part of her brand will help them, so she wants them to give their products away for free.

This foreign born one named singer was paying a lot of attention to girls who were barely old enough to drive. It is probably why he agreed to go to the event with the A+ list athlete. Drake/LeBron James/son Bronny James’ sophomore season debut for the two-time defending CIF Open Division champion Sierra Canyon Trailblazers (LeBron James, Drake and more in attendance for Bronny James' star-studded season debut)

Reader Blind: A lot of people assumed this deceased Tony winning/Tony nominated/Oscar nominated (Awards) actor (Robert Preston) was gay which was due to his slightly effeminate showy style, his career in music theatre, and his lifelong childless marriage which many assumed was a marriage (Catherine Craig) of convenience. In fact, the opposite was true. The actor was a relentless womanizer who talked constantly about sex. His wife was unable to bear children but he did have a couple children with different women, one of whom received a payout from his estate. A story about him - When he was at the height of his success during a theatrical production of his most famous role both in the theatre and in the film version ("Harold Hill"/"The Music Man"), which was in a musical, he required a woman be ready for him backstage during costume changes and interludes, she would be naked and ready and he would have sex with her quickly from behind while they were both standing up before rushing back on stage to continue the show. Robert Preston/Catherine Craig/"Harold Hill"/"The Music Man"

Speaking of A list athletes, this married retired A+ list athlete is hooking up with this B+ list actress who likes to party way too much to keep anything discreet.

This A- list actress is an offspring of at least one person equal to or higher on the list. There has been talk she split with her husband after cheating with an actress. Now, it appears she is hooking up with a different woman. Zoë Kravitz/Lenny Kravitz and Lisa Bonet/Karl Glusman/Taylour Paige (Zoë Kravitz Files for Divorce from Husband Karl Glusman After 18 Months of Marriage) (Zoë Kravitz and Taylour Paige Are ‘A Thing,’ Whatever That Means)

At some point, this singer/actress really needs to look in a mirror and then at the men she dates. Is she deliberately seeking out men who will cheat or use her just so she can be a victim? To give her new material for her podcast? Jana Kramer/Graham Bunn (MOVE OVER, MIKE Jana Kramer holds hands with Bachelorette’s Graham Bunn just weeks after split from cheating husband Mike Caussin)

The former A+ list rapper has a line in the sand he won't cross. Early last year he was asked by an organization that he had been doing events with, to give them a big check. He was all set to do so until he discovered it was a front for the celebrity cult. He has not done any events with them since. Kanye West/Scientology

The crew of this hugely popular streaming show can't stand the actress/executive producer who stars in the main role. Plus, the cast hates her too because she wants the most screen time and if someone starts getting too much, goes to the writers. Elizabeth Moss/"The Handmaid's Tale"; Kaley Cuoco "The Flight Attendant"

This former B+ list singer from a group who got her start on a reality show about the group says that while he was still married, this former A list musician who is always in the tabloids as of late, would offer her $25K just to let him see her naked and offered the same thing or more to she and her bandmates for sex. Aubrey O'Day/"Danity Kane"/Travis Barker (Aubrey O’Day once claimed Kim Kardashian and Travis Barker hooked up)

The manipulative manager knows the most recent offering from this foreign born former A+ list tweener sucks. Ticket sales for the recently postponed tour were awful and with so much competition next year, wants the singer to record another album and wants him to spend millions on really good songs, just so the manager can make a ton on the tour. Scooter Braun/Justin Bieber (Justin Bieber summer tour, including United Center dates, will be postponed until 2022)

This Teen Mom says an A list politician from her state once groped her while they were at a BBQ together.

This B list actress from an entertainment/acting family has past her peak. She doesn't really have a huge name, but can promise producers a threesome with herself and a sister if they give the actress a lead role in a crap video on demand movie. Victoria Justice and Madison Grace Reed; Vanessa and Laura Marano (Victoria Justice, Vanessa Marano & More Attend Race To Erase MS Gala 2021)

This three named ingenue was flashing her breasts to a guy who was on a date with a woman. The ingenue was wasted and messy. Lana Del Rey (Lana Del Rey enjoys lunch date with her dad Robert at celebrity hotspot Craig's in West Hollywood)

Apparently this writer/director/showrunner who is known for being a jerk, called this alliterate foreign born former A+ list model a wh**e, and she was having none of it. Aaron Sorkin/Paulina Porizkova

This national A list radio host got orally serviced by a passenger who was not their spouse while on a private jet flight this past week.

So far, this billionaire CEO known for killing the taxi industry has kept quiet his booting from the whole kitchens thing he started. The term was "gross misconduct." Travis Kalanick/"Uber"/"CloudKitchens" (Go read this deep dive into Uber founder Travis Kalanick’s CloudKitchens startup)

I recently told you about the A list singing teenager who is not from Disney. Our singer has always slept with older men, but wouldn't sleep with who they wanted, so are trying to ruin her career. Now, she is discussing a sexual assault by an executive and they will really crush her. It could get so bad, she won't be able to have a 2022 tour. Billie Eilish (What did Billie Eilish Do? 'Queerbaiting' Controversy Explained)

One thing that must just burn the alliterate one is that she has no access to jewels worn by her mother-in-law. Her rival does and can pull them out and wear them whenever she wishes.

It really is getting ridiculous how this permanent A+ list radio show host spends hours each week discussing his underage sex fantasies, and no one does or says anything.

Speaking of underage sex fantasies, this disgraced director has his own and acted on them. This former A+ list mostly movie actress who is a multiple Oscar winner/nominee was on set with one of the director's conquests in a foreign country. She could call him out for it, but won't risk further damage to her already tarnished career.

The permanent one named A+ list singer fired the Oscar winner. I told you that much months ago. The Oscar winning writer was fired because she was to raw and too honest and too good at smelling BS when she heard it. Instead of having a great biopic, our singer is more interested in a nice sanitized Freddy Mercury version that ignores the bad. So, she hired someone who will write what she says and who writes really bad movies. Madonna/Diablo Cody/Erin Wilson (Madonna's Troubled Movie Biopic Appears to Have a New Writer) (BLIND ITEM REVEALED 03/24/21)

This former A/A- list singer/possible murder suspect who got lucky there wasn't another, is just calling out truths about this A list musician who is a multiple Oscar winner/nominee. He is all caught up in the whole alliterate singer's ongoing sexual predator issues and hasn't addressed his involvement. Courtney Love/Trent Reznor/Marilyn Manson (Courtney Love Accuses "Creep" Trent Reznor of "Systemic Abuse" of "Girls as Young as 12") (Trent Reznor Denounces Marilyn Manson in New Statement)

This offspring who is a horrible actress and failed reality star is still parched with thirst. For the first time in a long time she called the paps to get her entire family in hopes a producer will give her another roll of the reality dice.
Tori Spelling (This is also the reason for the split stories that are everywhere) (Tori Spelling and Dean McDermott take their kids to a movie and for ice cream in Calabasas)

This former A+/A list singer has a very selective memory. Somehow she manages minute details about sexual harassment that didn't happen, but can't remember if she ever saw an athlete doping dozens of times despite living with him, and certainly has trouble recollecting whether she had a relationship with this rapper/country star who uses a stage name. Sheryl Crow/Lance Armstrong/Kid Rock (Sheryl Crow Recounts 'Long Bout of Sexual Harassment' from Michael Jackson's Manager)

159. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 06/14 **10**
Last week I told you that you can't always trust a certain movie review site because it is owned by a movie studio. Well, it looks like that movie studio is also offering podcasters cash and other incentives to say amazing things about a certain movie. "Rotten Tomatoes"/"Warner Bros."/"In the Heights" (In the Heights First Reviews: Definitely The Movie Of The Summer, Possibly The Movie Of The Year)

160. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 06/14 **11**
Our favorite closeted foreign born A/A- list cable star was busted coming out of a hotel room by his fans. You would think sharing his room would be a woman which is what his fans wanted to see. It was a man. Sam Heughan/"Outlander"

161. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 06/14 **12**
The walking blind item better watch out for her bank account. She will be broke before she knows it and that much younger girlfriend will be on to someone else with money. Taryn Manning/Anne Cline ('OITNB' Star Taryn Manning Engaged After GF Anne Cline Proposes)

162. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 06/14 **13**
Huh. Who would have think it. Sixteen days before the quarter ends, and the celebrity CEO is all in on crypto again just in time for his company to sell some and show a profit for the car company. Elon Musk/"Tesla" (Bitcoin jumps as Elon Musk suggests way that Tesla could start accepting it again)

163. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 06/14 **14**
That Seems Wrong: Everyone knows there were some strange things going on during the filming of this very hit television show. What you might not know is that the show's lead actor was hooking up with the lead actress of the show. It happens. Just because they were playing siblings doesn't make it wrong. I mean, that was a staple of the vampire films. Anyway, what kind of pushed it over the top was that our lead actor who was A+ list at the time was also hooking up with a pseudo relative and wanted the lead actress to join them in a threesome. That suggestion was the last time, the lead actress ever spoke to the lead actor ever again.

These two former A list mostly movie actresses, one of whom stole an Oscar nomination/win have joined forces to start a MLM program which is going to be a pyramid scheme. They know they will have years before anyone does anything about it and plan to be out of it long before the trouble brews. Kate Hudson/Gwyneth Paltrow (Want To Start a Side Hustle? Use These Tips From Kate Hudson, Jessica Alba and More)

None of the sponsors/companies who are speaking on or off the record think that the A list celebrity you love or hate was genuine in her latest apology. She failed to mention anyone by name again and says she has reached out to those she offended, but that was not the case last time and because she won't name the names, no one knows who to check with to see if it was done. Chrissy Teigen (Chrissy Teigen has apologized for bullying. Her targets say they're still trying to heal)

This foreign born A- list model/wannabe actress/pro beard says all she had to do was take photos with her most recent client and they were introduced by a yachting client of hers. There were lots of photos not yet seen where they were seated at dinner or holding hands and kissing. She changed wardrobe about a dozen times. She also said it was a condition other people were always around because it was terrifying to be alone with him. Irina Shayk/Kanye West (Irina Shayk Reportedly Sees Kanye West as the Best Way to Move On From Bradley Cooper)

According to the staff who served them, this rebooted couple had one session of PDA. It coincided with the same time a person filmed them. A person by the way who had their meal included on the bill of the couple. Jennifer Lopez/Ben Affleck (Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez make out at steamy, PDA-packed dinner)

Everything seems to be coming up roses for this permanent A+ list rapper who is on your television all the time. There is a group of five or six women who have all hired an attorney to represent them in their fight against the rapper. That image that everyone has of him is about to go up in flames. Snoop Dogg (Snoop Dogg & His Wife Shante Broadus Celebrate 24 Years Of Marriage)

169. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 06/15 **6**|
This sometime reality star is convinced that he can create a group of teens and very young women, including his girlfriend into his harem. He wants to create a new Playboy, but online and using Only Fans as the platform. He sees himself getting half of everything generated and being a new Hugh Hefner. Scott Disick/Amelia Gray Hamlin (Amelia Gray Hamlin and Scott Disick Pack on the PDA at Her 20th Birthday Party: Photos)

I love when actors or actresses go on shows and say one thing while their actions are the antithesis. Take for example the offspring of this actress all of you know. The actress talks a good game but when her offspring got a young women pregnant, abortion was the only solution, and the woman was forced to sign a NDA to keep the perfect image of the actress and family. son Lev/Candace Cameron Bure (Candace Cameron Bure reveals son Lev, 21, called off his engagement)

To make his case in court, this alliterate B+ list comic actor had to essentially admit he had been having an affair which caused the split from his long time wife. Rob Riggle/Tiffany (Rob Riggle Claims His Estranged Wife Used a Hidden Camera to Spy On Him)

All of the energy and stories and lies this reality family puts forth each day just so they can keep a family member in the closet is quite astonishing. Kendall Jenner (An Executive Producer For "Keeping Up With The Kardashians" Revealed Kendall Jenner's Rule To Keep Her Love Life Private On The Show)

173. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 06/15 **10**
Once again this foreign born diminutive superhero is really pushing the envelope. He wants his character to be gay, just like he is. Tom Holland/"Spider-Man" (Marvel releases ‘Eternals’ trailer featuring its first gay superhero)

174. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 06/15 **11**
This former A list actress/writer who has slowly faded into obscurity after her one hit wonder television show hooked up with an underage high school boy. That is what she says. No one is sure if the boy exists or it is just her fantasy. Lena Dunham/"Girls"/Luis Felber (Lena Dunham confirms relationship with Luis Felber: ‘I am the luckiest’)

175. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 06/15 **12**
This A- list singer (Demi Lovato) knows this isn't the truth, but has been telling her own fans and using fake names to go on message boards to say that this A+ list singer (Ariana Grande) knew about the bombings (Manchester Arena bombing) in advance. Jealous much? Demi Lovato/Ariana Grande/Manchester Arena bombing (Ariana Grande honors Manchester bombing victims on four year anniversary)

176. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 06/15 **13**
Some good news? This foreign born alliterate singer has been sober for about a month because the married guy she is hooking up with, insisted on it. Her "boyfriend" could never get her to do that. Camila Cabello/Shawn Mendes (Camila Cabello Goes Cute in a White Dress While Out in WeHo with Shawn Mendes)

177. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 06/15 **14**
Sleeping: This former A list wrestler (CM Punk) turned actor not named Dwayne or John had quite the experience with this former A+ list comic actor (Robin Williams) who is an Oscar winner/nominee. Our wrestler was crashed at the house of this former A- list musician/singer (Lars Frederiksen) who started a one named band ("Rancid") back in the day. "I never ever tell this story. There was one time I was sleeping upstairs and, I like to sleep. To this day, if I don't have to get up and do anything - I don't got to set an alarm - I'm a free spirit. Do you know what I mean? I don't got planes to catch. I did a whole lifetime of that, so I just sleep until I wake up, and I was doing that. I woke up because somebody had jumped on top of me while I was sleeping and as I wake up and I turn around I'm like, 'it's f--ing _____________.' So, what do you do? Right? This is the first time I've ever met him and I think, as the story goes, he was just like, 'oh, the wrestler, he's sleeping upstairs right now?' I'm going to Jimmy Superfly Snuka this motherf--er.' So he runs up and he splashes me in the bed. I wake up and I immediately think it's the singer, so I just start charging after him." "Halfway through running down the stairs, I'm like, 'I'm pretty sure that's ________________,' but I don't give a f--, I'm going to get this motherf--er now. I half-ass tackle him. He's trying to run out into the street. and then I just picked him up and I'm airplane spinning him. I just put him down and he's like, 'I got to go,' and just f‚s off and runs away. I'm standing there just like, 'that's the damnedest way to wake up.' I just remember walking back in the house and being like, 'was that _____________?' The singer replied 'Yeah.' and I just thought that was really cool." CM Punk/Robin Williams/Lars Frederiksen/"Rancid" (CM Punk Recalls Airplane Spinning Robin Williams)

The really rich tech guy with the generous ex is spending a lot of money to determine whether if he has workers sign contracts to work for a certain amount of time, if he can enforce it, or will still have to let them quit. If they are allowed to quit, he wants a clause in the contract forcing them to repay a bonus he plans on offering. They won't be able to repay and will be forced to continue working for the company until it is paid off. Jeff Bezos/MacKenzie Scott (MacKenzie Scott gives away billions, again) (Amazon Is Paying Employees to Quit Right Before Critical Union Vote)

The former A list rapper is going through money like water. Her husband could work, but likes spending her money instead. He publicly cheats on her and she takes him back. He cheats with women who almost put his wife in jail. He is now back with one of the woman who almost got his wife jail time. I think the wife thought having another baby would change him. What? Cardi B/Offset (Cardi B’s New Pic After Offset Spotted w/ Other Women – NOT Wearing Wedding Ring!!) (EXCLUSIVE: Cardi B Pregnant With Baby #2!! (PICS)

I do find it funny that this A/A- list dual threat actress who all of you know says one of her biggest pet peeves is people using coupons in line in front of her and now she is getting a massive paycheck to be a champion for it. Kristen Bell (STXfilms’ Kristen Bell Coupon Clipping Scam Comedy ‘Queenpins’ Sells NA For $20M+ To Paramount+ & Showtime)

The owner of the biggest at home porn site wired seven figures into the account of the company that maintains a record of the internet's past. Why? Because his previous websites advertised directly to child porn lovers and promised them access to websites featuring girls at least as young as 16, if not younger. He made his fortune exploiting young kids and the magazine that likes to pretend a certainly family is filled with billionaires called him out on it. So, he wiped away all the evidence.
Timothy Stokely/OnlyFans/Wayback Machine/Forbes

This foreign born A list dual threat actor is a superhero. He was on the shortlist for the lead role in a long time franchise. Then, when the current lead extended, our actor was convinced with a whole bunch of money to commit to the superhero franchise. He is contractually barred from playing the other role. Tom Hiddleston/Daniel Craig/"James Bond"

More lies from the alliterate one. There was no video call to grandma, and apparently she has done something to anger the one named permanent A+ lister because the A+ lister's social media has barely a mention of the alliterate one and her husband. It used to be filled with mentions.

This company ("Tesla") has moved its massive drug deals from the California (Palo Alto) border to the company town they own and control (Starbase, Texas). They control the infrastructure and where people and law enforcement are allowed to travel. No one wants to cross the big money making operation (SpaceX Launch Facility) bringing a boom to the small town (Boca Chica, Texas). It is about as invincible as you can get. "Tesla"/Palo Alto/Starbase, Texas/SpaceX Launch Facility/Boca Chica, Texas (Why Elon Musk moved to Texas—and what he really thinks of California) (Elon Musk Is Turning Boca Chica Into a Space-Travel Hub. Not Everyone Is Starstruck)

This foreign born former A list mostly movie actor who is thisclose to his sister is hooking up with this married foreign born A- list mostly movie actress. They hooked up back in the day too and are set to co-star again in a project. Colin Farrell/Rachel Weisz/"The Lobster"/"The Love Child" (Cannes: ‘The Lobster’ Stars Rachel Weisz, Colin Farrell Reunite in Todd Solondz’s ‘Love Child’)

The youngest sibling in the main group of the house of royals has been having an affair for years with a television host. They are both married. Prince Edward/Ulrika Jonsson (Ulrika Jonsson: My bit of slap and tickle with Prince Edward)

187. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 06/16 **10**
This B/B- list celebrity offspring of a former A list model turned A- list actress was the final straw in the split of this A- list actor all of you know and his long suffering girlfriend. She caught the pair having sex and enough was enough. Rainey Qualley/Andie MacDowell/Jon Hamm/Jennifer Westfeldt (The Hot 'Mad Men' Model Is Andie MacDowell's Daughter)

188. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 06/16 **11**
This A list rapper might have hit a red carpet with the alleged billionaire reality star, but he was hitting/smashing/hooking up with someone else a day prior. Travis Scott/Kylie Jenner (Travis Scott declares love for ‘wifey’ Kylie Jenner at red carpet event with Stormi)

189. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 06/16 **12**
The celebrity offspring of this former wannabe A++ lister is cheating on his actress significant other. Robert F. Kennedy, Jr./Robert F. Kennedy/Cheryl Hines

190. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 06/16 **13**
The affianced of this A list celebrity who just happens to also do the politics thing, has had enough. She wants to move on with something real. Kimberly Guilfoyle/Donald Trump Jr. (Kimberly Guilfoyle already feels like she’s married to Donald Trump Jr.); Rosario Dawson/Cory Booker (Rosario Dawson on Moving In with Cory Booker: It's a 'New Chapter in My Life')

191. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 06/16 **14**
It will be really fun to watch this alliterate A list reality star and other celebrities be sued when the owners of the crypto ("EtherumMax") they are promoting right now walks away with everyone's money. You couldn't find a shadier crypto to endorse. Kim Kardashian, Floyd Mayweather, Paul Pierce/"EthereumMax" (Kim Kardashian and Ethereum Max. Why?) (You can now use EthereumMax to buy tickets for Floyd Mayweather vs. Logan Paul. But what is EMAX?) (EthereumMax - Reddit)

192. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 06/16 **15**
Kindness: There is no special title, just the word kindness. I frequently get asked about this former A list singer and have shared several stories of her kindness towards me and others close to me. This is not about that, but about how kind and caring a person can be. She played a show and afterwards was signing autographs and posing for actual real photos that people took with cameras. One of the first people in line that stretched to nearly a hundred was a tweener girl in a wheelchair. She didn't really need the wheelchair to walk, but recently had chemo and was exhausted. She had lost her hair to the chemo and was incredibly excited to meet her idol. The singer probably took about 15 minutes talking to the girl and then the girl stood and posed for photos and got several things autographed. During the conversation, the singer discovered that because of losing her hair and the need sometimes to be in a wheelchair, kids at the school of the girl teased and taunted her mercilessly. Two or three weeks later, our singer showed up at the house of the girl and offered to accompany her to school. The parents knew and the school knew, but not the girl or anyone else at school. There was no press. There was nothing to draw attention to the situation. Our singer went to school with the girl and stayed with her the entire day through every class and lunch. The singer introduced herself as the cousin of the girl. The girl had the day of her life and was never teased or taunted by kids at school again.

The house owned by the jailed serial rapist/madam/procurer isn't going to be foreclosed on any time soon. Once again her husband using unknown funds, paid the $11K property tax bill. He did change the address of the fake business from some random Boston address to the address of the house. Ghislaine Maxwell/Scott Borgerson

Just as I told you in a blind and a reveal would happen, it has happened. The NBA owner pumped a worthless crypto from nearly $0.00 to $60.00 and then bailed on it sending it back down to $0.00. He made close to another billion and everyone else lost all their money. But, yeah, lets spend a bunch of tax dollars and outrage on some whistleblower who showed that people like him probably won't even pay any taxes on the windfall. Mark Cuban (Mark Cuban-Backed Axie Infinity Overtakes NBA Top Shot In NFT Sales)

The conglomerate behind this online/television tabloid has been trying to sell the entity, but has zero buyers. One of the things they were hoping to do with a new buyer is have them worry about all the liabilities incurred by the second in charge executive of the company. An investigation revealed dozens of women that were sexually harassed. There have been a few settlements, but there are a lot more in the future. The head of the tabloid has been keeping all of this from the public. It kind of seems the opposite of what they normally do. "Warner Bros."/"TMZ"/Josh Dickey

The alliterate talk show host is being strangely quiet about the A list celebrity you love or hate. The reason is she wants a chance at a big interview/healing session if the one named A+ list host takes a pass. Wendy Williams/Chrissy Teigen/Oprah Winfrey

Next time, the cartels won't let the former child porn maker/sexual assaulter/woman beater/coke for butt sex trader/pimp for former Housewives and his family escape the blaze. They will be dead in it. Joe Francis (Joe Francis' Mexican Property Casa Aramara Catches Fire, Crazy Blaze)

At least two employees of this nationwide exercise company phenomenon were fired after company officials caught them selling names, addresses and alarm codes of customers on the dark web. Cameras are always on the machines and many of those cameras captured alarm codes being entered and also passwords of computers. "Peloton" (Hackers can spy on Peloton bike and treadmill users)

This directionally challenged rapper has videos of this alliterate reality star doing drugs and engaging in sexual activity. He loves showing the videos to people. From accounts, I have heard, the reality star doesn't know she was being recorded. French Montana/Khloé Kardashian

Bani and I had a little email exchange earlier this week. I had the opportunity to ask him whether the offspring of this A++ lister was ever a client. He said no, but that a family member was someone who was often available for hire for the right price.

This west coast Housewife got the phone number of her husband when he called into the company where she worked. That led to them going out and eventually marrying. Crystal Kung Minkoff/Rob Minkoff/"Real Housewives of Beverly Hills"

202. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 06/17 **10**
There is a deep fake sex tape of this teen A list singer. She knows it exists. Will they use it against her to get her to bend to their will? Billie Eilish

203. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 06/17 **11**
You can't be a martyr/victim if you join the crowd, so the alliterate one will stay home once again.

204. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 06/17 **12**
The producers of this rebooted Nick show make it seem as if it was the decision of this uninvited actress to not return. No, it was because she was telling truth bombs about the creator of the show which is why she wasn't asked back. "iCarly"/Jennette McCurdy/Dan Schneider (How the 'iCarly' Reboot Addresses the Absence of Jennette McCurdy's Character Sam)

205. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 06/17 **13**
This A+ list mostly movie actor is being blackmailed by a woman with whom he had an affair. The woman makes a living at this and has garnered six figure settlements from other actors, including an A+ list mostly movie actor who is a multiple Oscar winner/nominee. He coughed up nearly $1M to keep his reputation pristine.

206. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 06/17 **14**
Addiction: Everyone likes to portray this foreign born former A+ list celebrity as perfect. In this space and in others, I have spoken about her and how she is not as perfect as the world likes to think. Take for instance her addiction to drugs. This particular addiction took place after she started doing too much cocaine. She says she needed something to take the edge off the coke, so started using Rohypnol. She started using it to excess and became horribly addicted. It is said that one of her suicide attempts used the drug. She used it to also to numb her experiences in life and to forget things that happened in her past. Although it is a date rape drug, she would take it to get through sex, especially with some of the men she needed in her life but was not attracted to.

It shouldn't shock anyone that this cabinet member got into bed with a company at the expense of the public and their safety. Two decades ago he was part of a group that includes another cabinet member that arranged for a $200K deposit into the bank account of a family member of the A++ lister. The next thing you know the huge donor's drug dealing son was released from jail.

Old Hollywood: This story comes from a friend who does stand-up and has told this story on stage. When she was a kid, maybe seven or eight, she was at an amusement park and waiting to get on a ride. Who gets on the ride with her? This permanent A+ list singer/actress and two of the actress/singer's two children. The singer was strapped into the ride next to the storyteller who was the kid. Our singer/actress hurled all over the kid from the motion of the ride. The most amazing thing, she said, was that our singer/actress was in an all white outfit - slacks, sweater and shoes - and didn't get anything on herself but it went all over the kid. Our singer just said, "Sorry, kid" and walked off with her kids when the ride was over. Her mother tried as best she could to clean her clothes off from a water fountain, but could only do so much, I guess. It ruined her night at the amusement park, but if that wasn't bad enough, she was mortified when they headed for home. Outdoors and by the ocean, it might not have seemed to smell so bad but when they started to get in the car, her father said to her mom, "Get a beach towel to cover her up, get her clothes off, and toss 'em - get rid of them. We can't have 'em in the car because they smell like puke and you can never get rid of the smell of puke." Her mother hesitated, though: "But, but, but, I can't do that. I mean, it's ____________'s puke."
Judy Garland

As I previously told you, the social media "posts" of the permanent A list "singer" are getting more strange as the court date nears. If she sounded normal in a post, it's release to the public wouldn't be allowed. Britney Spears (Britney Spears Says She Has 'No Idea' If She'll 'Ever Take the Stage Again': 'I'm Having Fun Right Now')

This former A+ list teen movie actor turned grifter, is desperate for funds. He ran out of people to pay full price for his messages. He needs income. No one wants to hire him for acting. Oh, and his significant other is looking for someone with a bigger wallet. Probably less work done to the face too. Corey Feldman (Corey Feldman Insists ‘Gremlins 3’ Is Still A Strong Possibility)

This former A+ list NBA player is a legend. He got paid a lot of money to make a documentary about COVID. This is the same NBA player who once paid nearly six figures to go on a trip to the end of the Earth. If you want to make your point solid, then perhaps you should find someone else to make it for you. John Stockton (John Stockton’s Wild Anti-Vaccine Video Gets Booed By Fans)

This one time significant other of the YouTuber/fighter/future federal inmate/sexual assaulter has an OnlyFans. She convinced a guy to pay $50K for a meetup. She has screwed over guys before, but not that big of a dollar amount. This is a guy who collects money for the mob, and is not happy. Tana Mongeau/Jake Paul (A timeline: Tana Mongeau’s rise from YouTube storytimer to A-list wannabe)

This A list celebrity is feeding stories to the tabloids about this A- list fashion designer. The celebrity wants payback. Chrissy Teigen/Michael Costello (Chrissy Teigen and John Legend push designer Michael Costello to 'admit' he faked the DMs that showed her bullying him)

This foreign born former A+ list athlete turned celebrity ran out of a room at a party so fast, no one was sure he had been in there. Why? Well, he got to the party and asked about his A list singing friend who he also does business with. They directed our celebrity to a room where the singer was doing lines of coke with several naked women and a different naked woman was orally servicing a retired NBA player. David Beckham/Marc Anthony (David Beckham cuts a suave figure in a suit and tie and chats to celebrity pal Marc Anthony as he supports his football club Inter Miami at their match against Atlanta United in Florida) (Marc Anthony gives insight into his friendship with ‘brother’ David Beckham in moving message)

This Housewife got her lawyers back on board after she paid them. Now everyone wants to know where the money came from to pay them. Erika Jayne Girardi/"Real Housewives of Beverly Hills" (Erika Jayne’s Lawyers File to Dismiss Motion to Withdraw Representation After Claiming ‘Trust’ Was Broken)

216. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 06/18 **10**
An odd, but interesting tidbit. This foreign born B+ list celebrity who used to be a reality star and is an entertainment family all of you know, only allows anal sex for the first couple months of a relationship. She likes to make sure you are a keeper first. Kelly Osbourne

217. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 06/18 **11**
This former NYC Housewife's husband hooked up with a west coast Housewife. Kristen Taekman/Josh Taekman (The Real Housewives of New York City star Kristen Taekman prepped for her new Amazon Live show, Last Night’s Look, on June 9, 2021 in Los Angeles)

218. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 06/18 **12**
This former Twilight actress blew all her money on drugs and bad shopping decisions. Now, she is sleeping with foreign movie producers in return for straight to streaming roles no one will see.

219. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 06/18 **13**
This A list country singer/frequent commercial actor and his actress wife turned down an invite to the alliterate one's house. They didn't want to end up pawns in her game is what they told friends.

220. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 06/18 **14**
Four For Friday - 90210 Or Melrose Place: Were the perpetrators of this horrible behavior on 90210 or Melrose Place. Bonus points for getting the actor/actress. No reboots here.
#1 - This actress who has also done reality, orally serviced her co-star while he was on speaker with his newlywed wife. They later divorced.
#2 - This actress is way more known for daytime television. She has an Emmy win/nomination for that. She caused a huge scandal on the show when she was caught in a weekend drug/sex fest with a producer. It cost her a main role and also ended her marriage.
#3 - Even though they ended up together for a couple of years, this actress says she was plied with alcohol and was date raped by her co-star on their first date.
#4 - If you wanted to hook up with this actress, you had to be willing to do it with your microphone live. She did that so guys would stop hitting on her. One actor said the condition was fine, so they ended up hooking up and the whole cast and crew got to listen.

Terrorizing Production: This is going to be a really lame blind item, but it’s pretty much all I’ve got tonight. I received some information from a source about a new addition (last season) to housewives franchise that is not currently airing. I was told that the focus of this blind item was REALLY disrespectful toward production. A total nightmare to work with. Also, no one in the cast liked her. They tried but she just rubs people the wrong way. Only one castmate was able to be around her. This didn’t really surprise me. However, I decided to ask my primary source about her. That source confirmed that is was true. Also, the source said that the entire cast is unbearable to work with. They seem to have trouble getting anyone to return after one season of working on this franchise. None of their showrunners or co-Ep’s ever want to come back and do a second season. After last season, one producer left for another Bravo show and another jumped over to Peacock. Dr. Tiffany Moon/"Real Housewives of Dallas"/D’Andra Simmons (Is A RHOD Cast Shakeup Coming? Only 3 Current Cast Members Will Return For Season 6 According To Report As Fans Weigh In)

This singer has won many many awards. He is A list. He also scheduled talked to a divorce lawyer on the phone on Thursday. John Legend/Chrissy Teigen

This disgraced actor is in settlement talks with the last of his many accusers. He will silence that accuser and then be done with everything as it never happened. Kevin Spacey (Lawsuit against Kevin Spacey dismissed by judge after accuser refused to identify themselves)

This former singer/backup singer/reality star from a family where she is way down the list, recorded herself having sex in a swinger's club. It is crazy graphic and lasts nearly two hours. Towanda Braxton (‘Braxton Family Values’ Star Towanda Braxton Loses Home to Foreclosure Amid Bankruptcy)

This NBA player (Carmelo Anthony) is being put on blast for not acknowledging his kids. Meanwhile, the NBA player is letting it be known for now at least that the woman was catfished by someone close to the player (La La Anthony). Carmelo Anthony/La La Anthony (Woman Alleges Carmelo Anthony Is The Father Of Her Newborn Twins, Claims He Has Provided Financial Assistance But She Is Seeking For Her Children To Have A Relationship With Him) (It's Really Over: Lala Anthony Reportedly Files For Divorce From Carmelo Anthony After 11 Years Of Marriage)

The wealthy farmer is trying to put together a deal to buy that big chip maker and one partner is the celebrity CEO. As part of the deal, unbeknownst to the company, is that all production would move to the mainland. Bill Gates/Elon Musk/"Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Co."/China (The World Relies on One Chip Maker in Taiwan, Leaving Everyone Vulnerable)

This cable news anchor is spending a ton of money on publicity to get articles in the tabloids and monthly magazines. His image has taken a big hit over the past year, because people don't take him seriously any longer. The association with the late night host is one of those reasons. Anderson Cooper/"CNN"/Andy Cohen/"Watch What Happens Live"

This foreign born A list mostly movie actress who is an Oscar winner/nominee told a story about how this A+ list mostly movie actor kept telling her during sex how much he wanted to use her body as an ashtray. Charlize Theron/Sean Penn

This foreign born A list action movie star had to pay a $1M fine to his government to cover up his affair with a daughter of a government official.

Unlike the mostly retired fighter, this former A++ list heavyweight/rapist won't participate n a fixed fight. So, if the You Tuber wants a fight, he will get one and will most likely end up down in under one minute. Floyd Mayweather/Mike Tyson/Logan Paul (Logan Paul Thinks He Can Beat Mike Tyson: ‘He’s Old, Old’)

The alliterate one and her husband are upset that a new book is being published which makes them seem like the bad guys in the bullying situation (they were). So, the alliterate one is planning another big interview to throw a lot of tarnish on what would have been a special day.

This west coast Housewife hides her alcoholism really well. That being said, when the cameras are not filming she usually passes out about noon for a few hours before starting again in the late afternoon. Shannon Beador/"Real Housewives of Orange County" (Shannon Beador Reacts To Tamra Judge’s Claim That She Has A Drinking Problem; Says Tamra And Vicki Gunvalson Attack Her Weekly)

Reader Blind - 90's Limo Driver: The driver picked up a young, handsome Latino kid in his mid-twenties at LAX. The kid had a shit eating grin on his face when he entered the car and it took him less than five minutes to spill the beans. He was a grip who worked on movie sets and he had met the A+ list actress, (known as a "good girl") not yet married at the time on a set. He had just spent ten days with her in NYC at a five-star hotel. They had a whirlwind romp eating at the best restaurants, drinking around the clock, having sex and shooting pool. The boy was in love. The driver, being a bit older and more experienced, explained to the kid that he was probably heading for an emotional hit, but should cherish the ride he already had. The kid nodded, admitting the reality. When the driver dropped him off, the kid took the driver’s number and vowed that they would go out for drinks some time. That never happened. What did happen was that the tabloids caught wind of the relationship, and it quickly ended less than a week later. Don Padilla/Sandra Bullock (Sandra Bullock and Don Padilla during Kelly Klein "Underworld" Book Party at Calvin Klein Store in New York City, New York, United States)

The still not legal foreign born actress has a lot on her plate this fall. The last thing anyone needs is for her real love life to be exposed. Enter the fake boyfriend who still has a girlfriend he is sleeping with and who hangs out with the "couple." Millie Bobby Brown/Jon Bon Jovi’s son Jake Bongiovi (Millie Bobby Brown Walks Around N.Y.C. with Jon Bon Jovi's Son Jake Bongiovi)

Not only did this disgraced A list director brag about having sex with these two foreign born siblings who model, but this A+ list mostly movie actor has also shared that same privilege. They both had to pay the younger sibling. 15 Model Siblings Who Are Ridiculously Good-Looking

The woman in the center of a political sex video scandal has also serviced the husband of this celebrity chef in the past. Zack Weiner (A leaked video of a Manhattan City Council candidate in a BDSM dungeon was flagged to the press by his campaign manager)

This A list mostly movie actor with the famous name is getting into the "charity" business with this A+ list mostly movie actor.

No one is quite sure how the head honcho at this online/television tabloid was allowed back on a plane to the US last week after testing positive for COVID. He probably called everyone he knows and got special permission or used a fake COVID test after landing. Harvey Levin/"TMZ"

She just bought her next door neighbor's house, but this foreign born one named A+/A lister is set to fly back to her home country for a week to hang out with this married foreign born A+/A list celebrity who will be all alone. Adele (Adele Buys Next-Door Neighbor Nicole Richie’s Beverly Hills House for $10 Million)

This foreign born A+ list athlete thought she was pregnant. Even though it turns out she wasn't, she was kind of hopeful for the built in excuse to not play for a year or more. Naomi Osaka

This A+ list YouTuber who seemingly identifies as something/someone new each week is someone to be feared. They have hours of footage of the biggest YouTube and TikTok stars and could bring them all down with one massive post. Because of it, the YouTuber fears for their life. Trisha Paytas ("I am afraid of her": Gabbie Hanna labels Trisha Paytas a "dangerous woman" as she calls her out on Twitter for "projecting" onto her)

This foreign born A- list model who, by name alone, sounds as if she might be from a different country than her home, has had two high profile relationships. Neither of the guys she was with, whether the beard or the other actor wanted any kind of publicity. She craves publicity and COVID crushed that for her. She and the A/A list mostly movie actor are done, just when he is about to gear up publicity wise. Suki Waterhouse/England/Bradley Cooper/Robert Pattinson/"The Batman"

This foreign born B+ list actress who gives off Ana de Armas vibes made a deal. Our actress gets free PR services for a year for a month of pretending to be the girlfriend of a client of the PR firm. They think he could be huge but needed a little push. Rumor is he is sleeping with someone at the firm too. Eiza Gonzalez/Paul Rabil (Eiza Gonzalez and new beau Paul Rabil look smitten as they stroll hand-in-hand during loved-up AM coffee run)

Last week I wrote about this executive and his sexual harassment scandals that have the parent company of the tabloid looking to sell and get out from those potential lawsuits/settlements. He will leave the company by the end of the month. They will let him save face by saying he is quitting. Josh Dickey/"TMZ"/"Warner Bros" (BLIND ITEM 06/17/21)

This way back in time A++ lister is the best A++ lister there has been. He was also a wrestler who is credited with a wrestling move still used today by taller wrestlers. Modern wrestlers give it their own name depending on their storyline, but the A++ lister invented it. Abe Lincoln 16th U.S. President/"The Chokeslam" (Inside Abraham Lincoln’s Surprising Career As A National Wrestling Champ) (Abraham Lincoln Invented Pro Wrestling’s Chokeslam)

This former A- list cable actress from a hit show, used to be able to keep it together. Sure, at night she was messy, but during the day she could control her need for drugs. This is not the case any longer. Plus, if she keeps hanging out with the people she has, she will end up dead. Ashley Benson/"Pretty Little Liars" (Ashley Benson shows off her taut frame in a white crop top and taupe blazer as she parties with TOWIE's Vas J Morgan in West Hollywood)

247. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 06/21 **10**
This former A+ list singer/songwriter turned dirty old man has slept with both for the alliterate foreign born A- list singer and her singer "boyfriend." John Mayer/Camila Cabello/Shawn Mendes (Camila Cabello Leaves Thirsty Comments During Shawn Mendes’ Instagram Live With John Mayer)

248. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 06/21 **11**
This woman in the news this week who is going after her sugar daddy, was for about a six months the recipient of a huge amount of largesse from this behind the scenes political brother who died not that long ago.

249. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 06/21 **12**
This foreign born B- list actress always knew her foreign born A+/A list mostly movie actor husband cheated. She just didn't know any of them were quite so serious as the woman he says he has fallen in love with. Elsa Pataky/Chris Hemsworth (Is everything OK? Elsa Pataky appears downcast as she tightly embraces Matt Damon's wife Luciana Barroso during a brunch date in Byron Bay)

250. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 06/21 **13**
This foreign born A- list comic actress is still insisting the weight loss is diet and exercise. She really wants an endorsement deal. Rebel Wilson (Pretty in pink! Rebel Wilson showcases her 30 kilogram weight loss on the set of her new movie Senior Year)

251. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 06/21 **14**
Freaky: One a few occasions I was lucky enough to hear a few stories from this former A+ list singer (Rick James). He crashed and burned really hard, but while he was alive he lived every day like it was his last. One time we spoke for five minutes before he got up and left to go do some coke and have sex with a fan. Another time he spoke for a couple of hours uninterrupted where a flow of stories from his coked out years emerged. One story he told had me confronting the subject of his story just a few days later. She denied it, but was with one of her kids at the time, so, you know. His story checks out time wise. It is not like she was married at the time. Yes, she was dating her second husband (Arne Næss Jr.), but it wasn't like they were married. I think it was the fling with the A+ lister that propelled her into a nice solid marriage. She is permanently A+ list (Diana Ross) and met our singer when he was hanging around her record label ("Motown"). He was partying with the wife and offspring of the label head and also doing some recording. One night, at the recording studio he offered her some coke. She RARELY did coke because she didn't want to ruin her innocent reputation. They did some and then did some more and then apparently had sex all over that recording studio all night. A one night stand for the ages. Rick James/Arne Næss Jr./Diana Ross/"Motown" (Rick James/Diana Ross/Berry Gordy)

This back in the day A+ list hated reality star has turned popular opinion about her 180 degrees. She and her significant other were leasing a Malibu beach house that they kept subletting to different people for weekends or one day parties or professional photo shoots even throughout the pandemic when the beach was closed. Malibu started cracking down on the subletting thing in general over the past year and changed the rules only allowing longer term leases but the pair kept doing it until finally they were kicked out of the house. Paris Hilton/Carter Reum (Paris Hilton: ‘I’m Sick of People Using Me’)

One thing this A- list sometime/part time reality star omitted from a recent explanation is the cut he receives for introductions he makes to other like minded men. Scott Disick (Scott Disick, 38, insists he doesn't go out looking for young women to date amid Amelia Hamlin, 20, relationship: 'They come looking for me because I look young')

Whether the divisive A list celebrity has a case against one of her accusers or not, it has already brought out even more awful accusations against her and will lead to an in depth exploration of her bullying and is not something her brand needs. Chrissy Teigen/Michael Costello (Michael Costello Reportedly Faked DMs of Chrissy Teigen 'Bullying' Him) (Chrissy Teigen steps away from her cleaning supplies company Safely) (Chrissy Teigen is all smiles on LA outing after losing sponsors over Courtney Stodden and Lindsay Lohan bullying scandal)

You go on national television to tell everyone that your foreign born athlete significant other is amazing and how he worked so hard to make everything right after cheating. It was all lies of course, but no baby daddies ever get thrown under the bus in this family. You look like an idiot, but you do it anyway. Then, not 24 hours after this airs, you get asked to comment on the foursome he was involved in with three other women. You then immediately announce a split so it makes it look like he didn't cheat on you for the 500th time. Khloé Kardashian/Tristan Thompson (Khloé Just Reacted to Claims Tristan Attended a 22-Year-Old’s Party With Other Women Before Their Breakup)

This fired reality star is still new to the game. The fake same sex relationship that looks horribly unconvincing is not a good enough storyline to get you another season. It really won't give you anything and when she realizes it, my guess is the "relationship" will end. Braunwyn Windham-Burke/Fernanda Rocha/"Real Housewives of Orange County" (RHOC's Braunwyn Windham-Burke Is Dating Season 6 Alum Fernanda Rocha: 'She's Definitely Special')

This wrestling hall of famer with one of the great nicknames of all time is fighting for his life right now. "Mr. Wonderful" Paul Orndorff (Heartbreaking Video Shows Paul Orndorff’s Failing Health)

This Chicago billionaire who is set to even be more wealthy with a one time sale is leaving the city and moving overseas. This will be a huge blow to the sex industry in the city as it is estimated that between himself and his like minded friends who host parties that they spend $10M-20M per year on sex workers/strippers. "Medline" CEO Charlie Mills and/or President Andy Mills (Here’s why the Mills family sold a major chunk of family-held Medline, with a payday estimated at $34 billion)

Speaking of #7, this married former A+ lister of the city is not only invited to the farewell bash, but apparently was gifted a farewell bash of his own with two of his favorite escorts. Former Mayor of Chicago Rahm Emanuel (THE WATCHDOGS: Daley deal makes Rahm Emanuel’s pals richer)

This former reality star who has a habit of molesting children and watching them being molested is arguing for a no jail time deal. The only way he is getting a no jail time deal is if he rolls over all the car dealers in his area using stolen parts which would also mean throwing a bus over dad who is paying for everything. Josh Duggar (Motion to delay Josh Duggar child porn trial denied) (Josh Duggar's Job Might Be Rooted in One of Daddy Duggar's Many Businesses)

261. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 06/22 **10**
Everyone is now wondering whether this long long long time closeted former A list athlete who is still trying to be a pro, will use this opportunity to also finally come out.

262. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 06/22 **11**
This former A list horror actress has had multiple abortions throughout her life because she didn't want people to know she was involved with African American men who were the fathers. Linda Blair/Rick James (Linda Blair’s ‘Betrayal’ Inspired Rick James to Write ‘Cold Blooded’ About Their Love Affair)

263. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 06/22 **12**
This former A/A- list dual threat actress who has had issues in the past, was offered a chance to read for a part recently. It was a record yourself at home kind of thing for a supporting role in a romantic comedy. She did it in the nude and sent it in that way.

264. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 06/22 **13**
Myself along with other tabloids that call out hypocrisy all pointed out that the alliterate one trademarked their kid's name to make a buck. They did so even after trashing the namesake and didn't even ask the namesake if they could have the trademark, despite the namesake owning the rights to it. Now, Kneepads put on their biggest pair in stock so they could say that it was to protect the child. Uh huh.

265. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 06/22 **14**
Murder In New England - Part VI
The tipster's first language is not English, so I lightly edited it.
I would have loved to have been around when the cover up was planned. To review: two gay lovers killed a man while they were robbing his house. The velvet underground was afraid that the straights would be so outraged by this that a pogrom would be started against all gays in the state and nation. If they ever got out of their echo chamber, or should I say, circle jerk, they would know that there was no fear of a pogrom, then or now. The straights saw this as a crime committed by two individuals not an attack by the gay community against straights. This is a community where murders are considered heroes, murder accomplices are financially rewarded, burglary does not seem to be a crime. However, perjury is considered a serious crime. The most notable feature of this trial is not the lies. There were very few of them. It was the brutal honesty of many of the witnesses. The arresting detective. testified under oath that he broke the chain of evidence. He tampered with the tape. He erased parts of it, he edited other tapes. There are many tapped conversations that have not been released. The tapes that prove that the widow is "guilty" are false. To sum up, the arresting detective is not a perjurer. He would retire after a full career. The Creep was an unhappy fellow. His image of him being the tough guy that women hire to kill their husbands has been disproved. The rapist and the real killer took that role. The creep is in prison because his father turned him in. His father brought the deadly firearm to the police and made a deal for himself. He had sold stolen goods to police at low prices. Since he was a friend, they did not charge him. He could have cut a deal for his son to not receive jail time, but he didn't think of it. The creep was constantly heckled by the real killer and the rapist. They claimed that when they get to be adults, they can file an appeal. Not only can they be released but the charges are erased as if it never happened! They believed that this would happen because they are popular with the media, while the creep is a nobody. The guards reminded the creep that if he didn't talk about his fantasies about wives hiring him to kill their husbands, he wouldn't be behind bars. The police were not close to cracking his case until he opened his mouth. Now he had to testify. The creep knew that perjury was the only serious crime the state would prosecute. The creep wanted to take the simple way and just tell the truth, except that he did not know what the truth was. Could he depend on the real killer and the rapist to not fold under pressure? Would the girl break down? In court both sides did not push him too far. To establish his credibility, he talked about his past crimes. The community was shocked. They never realized that such criminals existed in their mists. He talked about the fences that bought the stolen goods. People were shocked that the police did not arrest these fellows for being accessories after the fact. If you want to stop theft in your community, arrest the fences. Later life would be good to the Creep. He did spend less time in prison than the other two losers. Now he has the tough minded reputation that he always wanted. Criminals, thieves, scoundrels and those who worship evil's might see him as a tough guy. What everyone knows about this case comes from the mainstream media. All they know is that The bigmouthed widow spilled the beans and the creep had nothing to do with them getting caught. He is now known as a stand up guy who did not tell the cops that his father gave him the firearm. That would have made the father part of the murder conspiracy and would have put him behind bars for life. Remember the only reason they had a pistol was that the real killer wanted the gun because he wanted to shoot it out with the police if caught. He did not plan to go back to prison. The creep was never asked if his father gave him the firearm. Not at the trial or before. Since perjury is the only serious crime, I bet he would have revealed that his father gave him the gun if anyone bothered to ask..

(Part One)
(Part Two)
(Part Three)
(Part 3B)
(Part Four)
(Part Five)

This foreign born dual threat A- lister who has really done some excellent television in his career and also had the good fortune to be in a monster movie franchise, is offering up a fake girlfriend just to get some publicity which he doesn't really need.

The celebrity cult is working overtime to try and make it seem like they are normal. They are also doing everything to distract from the actor/accused serial rapist. Scientology/Danny Masterson (The celebrity Scientologists going out on a bit of a media blitz right now) ('That '70s Show' star Danny Masterson relinquishes passport, pre-trial hearing date set in rape case)

This permanent A list rapper's deal with the bird CEO went through, but there was an after the fact adjustment when the rapper's proclivity for adjusting streaming numbers was discovered. Jay-Z/"Tidal"/Jack Dorsey/"Square" ("Twitter") (Roc Nation CEO Desiree Perez and Jay-Z Finalize Deal for Tidal Platform) (Roc-A-Fella Records Sues Co-Founder for Trying to Sell Jay-Z’s Debut Album as an NFT)

With some very very inside help (Jamie Spears), this former business manager (Lou Taylor) to a permanent A list singer (Britney Spears) embezzled nearly $3M which was all hidden by accounting gimmicks and fake companies. These sums were in addition to the money the manager was paid for their services which was also in the millions. Jamie Spears/Lou Taylor/Britney Spears (Britney Spears addresses court in conservatorship hearing) (Who is Britney Spears’ former business manager Lou Taylor?) (‘Framing Britney Spears’ and what more there is to know about Britney Spears’ conservatorship) (Britney Spears’s Dad, Jamie, Is Reportedly Living in an RV in Louisiana After Selling Their Family Home)

This foreign born A- list mostly television actor who got in some trouble this week has some of the actresses he treated like crap while demanding sex from them, all lined up to take their shot at him. Stephen Amell ('Arrow' star Stephen Amell kicked off flight after heated argument with wife)

This former A+ list rapper is not telling any lies when he says the music industry likes to find a drug you like and then keep you addicted to it so you keep pumping out product to feed that addiction. Kanye West

This permanent A list actress was iconic in a television role and has hits and misses in movies. Everyone knows who she is. She is being super secret about her love life because she is dating a married guy which would cause tabloid headlines around the world. Jennifer Aniston/"Rachel"/"Friends" (Jennifer Aniston 'Absolutely' Won't Try Online Dating - But Wants to Find 'a Fantastic Partner')

This hugely wealthy man has made it is his life's work to keep anyone who is not a legitimate heir, away from the family fortune. They shouldn't want his money anyway because so much of it in recent years comes from his investments in payment systems used by the underworld for a lot of horrible things. Warren Buffett (Why Warren Buffett disowned his own granddaughter) (Warren Buffett gives away another $4.1 billion, resigns as trustee at Gates Foundation)

In case you didn't notice, the alliterate one is buying ads for her book that look like unbiased reviews.

275. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 06/23 **10**
This A- list mostly television actress who starred in two hit shows, tried to kill herself around Christmas last year.

276. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 06/23 **11**
For all the bluster and bravado, this Congressperson is set to cut a deal. Apparently there is a lobbyist about to go down in all of this who is essentially acts as a pimp for votes.

277. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 06/23 **12**
This Housewife hasn't stopped her criminal enterprises. There are going to be additional indictments and she probably won't be out on the street any longer. Jen Shah/"Real Housewives of Salt Lake City" (RHOSLC star Jen Shah 'forced out of $4M Utah rental home' as it goes up for sale before fraud trial... where she faces up to 30 years jail time over '$5M telemarketing scheme')

278. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 06/23 **13**
This three named A- list singer chugged an entire bottle of wine from the bottle while waiting to be seated at a table this past weekend. Machine Gun Kelly (Megan Fox and Machine Gun Kelly pack on the PDA with kisses after being pulled over in LA)

279. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 06/23 **14**
The War: Over the years I have written about the battle between one side of the velvet mafia with a nominal head in this closeted A list host/producer (Ryan Seacrest), who does a little bit of everything, and the old guard, led by the mogul (David Geffen). They each have differing ideas on what the mafia should be doing and who it should be helping and protecting, but there is a lot of mutual respect and neither was going to have the other killed or blacklisted or anything like that. Sure, there is some fallout when one of their boy toys choose sides and can't get work for awhile, but they call that fun and games. One thing they mutually agreed to do is make sure a different talk show host (Ellen DeGeneres) went down for the count. Did the talk show host bring it upon themselves? Absolutely. Did the media, with a push from the two rival leaders help? Definitely. It seems as if both of them had big issues with the way the host wanted to be the king maker for all of gay Hollywood. The host said if you wanted their blessing, you needed to come on their show or the host would tell all of their high powered friends who came on the show not to hire so and so or that so and so was difficult. I mean, this is pretty much how the host lives their life anyway, so it wasn't much of a stretch. Our two leaders have carried that mantle for decades and were always looking for an opportunity to undercut and to push the host out. They got their chance and made the most of it. They are also imposing penance on those gay men and women who pledged their loyalty to the host. Ryan Seacrest/David Geffen/Ellen DeGeneres (Adam Carolla: The Gay Mafia Is Real)

This foreign born A- list mostly movie actress with at least one franchise still puttering along somewhere in the background has split with this A- list mostly television actor who stars/starred on a long running cable hit. Diane Kruger ("National Treasure")/Norman Reedus ("The Walking Dead") (Norman Reedus and Diane Kruger List Castle-Like Los Angeles Home for $9.25 Million)

This comic had a horrible 2020 and his 2021 isn't looking much better. No one is hiring him and he is doing everything he can to avoid having to get a real job. No company will hire him once they find out what made him unemployable in the first place. Chris D’Elia (Chris D'Elia, Accused of Using Social Media to Groom Teens, Pivots to TikTok) (Chris D’Elia quietly unloads Beverly Hills mansion amid controversy)

This still underage A list TikTok star/reality star says she felt pressured to have sex with the money man behind one of the hype houses. He is in his 30's.

The A- list offspring of this permanent A++ lister is blaming her ex for the $500K tax bill she owes. She says he lied about income and she is the one who is being held responsible. Lisa Marie Presley/Michael Lockwood (Lisa Marie Presley is divorced from Michael Lockwood 5 years after split)
(Ghislaine Maxwell, Lisa Marie Presley among New York’s worst tax deadbeats)

For nearly two decades this investor was a big owner in a major California sports team. He even ran the team for several years. He was forced out because he was stealing from the team. No one heard a peep.

This former A+ list singer who is a serial abuser of women and drugs, rarely emerges in daylight hours. He did this week and looked like death. Chris Brown (Police investigate Chris Brown over alleged battery of woman in LA)

No one wants this west coast Housewife on the show any longer, but the products she has launched during the show make her very valuable to the channel in the long run. She can stay as long as she wants.
Lisa Rinna/"Real Housewives of Beverly Hills"

This southern reality star says he has some naked photos and a quick X rated clip of the offspring of a wannabe, but probably won't get the chance 2024 A++ lister.

This alliterate former A+ list mostly movie actor had a huge fine levied on him by the government and it was paid by a Russian oligarch. Steven Seagal

289. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 06/24 **10**
This international health organization asks permission from the wealthy farmer before it makes any big decisions. Is that how this is supposed to work? "World Health Organization"/Bill Gates

290. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 06/24 **11**
This talk show host who is on one of those shows with several panelists, is being cheated on by her husband which is a shocker. She married him despite the fact he lied about his wealth and stuck things out. Now, he was married when he started hooking up with the host, so maybe she should have seen it coming. Adrienne Bailon/"The Real"/Israel Houghton

291. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 06/24 **12**
This A list celebrity is using her handful of fake social media accounts to trash this tabloid writer for remarks he made over a dozen years ago. She wants other people called out for bullying. Chrissy Teigen/Perez Hilton (Perez Hilton regrets how he treated Britney Spears. Fans say he’s not that innocent)

292. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 06/24 **13**
This local news anchor told a friend last week that she had a six month long fling with a married A+ list politician from her area who is a rising star and is really still new to the whole politics thing.

293. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 06/24 **14**
One Reason: You never hear anything about this former A+ list mostly movie actor who all of you know. He is mostly a comic actor, but over the years has moved beyond that. No one knows that he cheated on his first wife or humiliated her by sleeping with an A list actress who was starring in the same movie as our actor and his wife. That is not what this blind is about though. Our actor was blitzed out on coke one night many decades ago and watched a movie starring this stage actress turned A- list movie actress. He decided then and there he wanted to hook up with her, so wrote two movies in two months and cast her in both so he could have sex with her for nearly two straight years. Then, he tired of her and dumped her and found that he no longer needed to write movies to sleep with women, they would do so, simply because he was famous.

It seemed like a throwaway comment, but in reality, this A list cable news host does on occasion wear a wig to keep her hair looking the same as it did when she started. Rachel Maddow (Transcript: The Rachel Maddow Show, 6/22/21)

Speaking of cable news hosts, this lesser known one than #1, is still well known and on the opposite side of the political spectrum. She is trying and failing to keep it a secret that her boyfriend is a porn star known for his larger than seems possible endowment.

This A list mostly movie actor who also directs sometimes and is not an alcoholic with a really bad back tattoo, is working behind the scenes to keep money from the estate of a frequent co-star in a franchise. More money for himself was what he said.
George Clooney/Bernie Mac/"Ocean's 11" (Steven Soderbergh Wants to Do Another Ocean's Eleven Sequel with the Original Cast)

Apparently this former politician turned punchline with the noun for a surname nickname, which is way better than his real last name, has a group of sycophants who are making him think that he should run again for political office. Anthony Weiner (Anthony Weiner’s Not Coming Back. But He Has Nowhere to Go)

This foreign born A- list mostly movie actor's people can say whatever they like, but the only person the actor told he was leaving was the desk clerk who checked the actor out of the hotel. John Boyega (John Boyega’s Abrupt Netflix Movie Exit: Agent Denies Report He Left Without Telling Anyone)

The alliterate talk show host is doing her best to not share with the world that she has been hooking up with the former NBA player turned drug addict. She keeps hinting at it though. She knows he won't make it public, but really wants him to. Wendy Williams/Lamar Odom (Wendy Williams on Rumors Karlie Redd is Dating Lamar Odom: ‘She’s Too Old and Dusty For Him’)

The former A+ list rapper should really take a long long look in the mirror when he decides to sue someone for making a knockoff. Kanye West (Kanye West Is Suing Walmart for Selling Knockoff Yeezys)

Early next month, look for announcement from a tech company all of you know, about a new partnership in this very large Asian country. It is a thank you for removing thousands upon thousands of videos critical of the country. "YouTube"/China (EXCLUSIVE-YouTube takes down Xinjiang videos, forces rights group to seek alternative)

This B list celebrity offspring of barely there reality stars only was able to book a show at Fashion Week as a model because her lover paid for her to walk in the show. Bella Hadid (Mohamed Hadid, Yolanda Hadid Foster Hadid (Bella Hadid Brings a Snakeskin Briefcase to Dior Fashion Show in Paris!)

303. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 06/25 **10**
Speaking of Paris Fashion Week, this A list rapper slapped a model who turned him down for a date. Travis Scott (Travis Scott Launches Dior Fashion Collection with Pop Smoke Tribute)

304. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 06/25 **11**
This online tabloid is about to expose the secret affair, this long long time boyfriend of an A list singer is having. Just another stop on the hate campaign. "TMZ"/Sam Asghar/Britney Spears

305. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 06/25 **12**
Kindness: After meeting and hanging out with two women at a bar and then back at his hotel all night, this foreign born A list mostly movie actor wanted to hang out with one of the friends on a more intimate basis. To keep everyone happy, the actor paid for a room next door to his for the other friend. The actor also paid for all the nights out that week and was spotted more than once passing out $100 bills to homeless people.
Kiefer Sutherland

306. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 06/25 **13**
Why won't the widow let the daughter of the rocker read the letter written by the doctors? It was a crucial part of the settlement, but the daughter is being left out of the loop on purpose. Maybe the daughter wouldn't agree with what is written? Vicky Karayiannis Cornell/Lily Cornell/Chris Cornell (Chris Cornell's Family Reaches Settlement With Doctor Who Prescribed Him "Mind-Altering" Drugs)

307. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 06/25 **14**
Four For Friday - Author's Bad Behavior: All of these authors have been or are A list or higher.
#1 - This back in the day author/magazine columnist got some people to lie under oath to help make his biggest case. Truman Capote/"In Cold Blood"
#2 - Prosecutors wanted to speak to this prolific crime/mystery author about a subject he wrote about, but were barred by their superiors. The author had all kinds of inside information provided by an A++ lister. James Patterson/Bill Clinton ("The President's Daughter" by Bill Clinton and James Patterson)
#3 - This fantasy author is the one who spilled the beans to the news mogul that his wife was sleeping with the former A++ lister of that country. George R. R. Martin or J.K. Rowling/Rupert Murdoch/Wendi Deng/Tony Blair (Wendi's rumoured affair with Tony Blair led to my divorce, Rupert Murdoch says)
#4 - This writer with a series of books turned to television, got divorced from his first wife because she caught him in a threesome with another man and woman. Dominick Dunne

Another event, another opportunity for this late night host to be jacked up on coke. Andy Cohen/"Watch What Happens Live"/"Pride Weekend" in New York City (Anderson Cooper & Andy Cohen Have a Dads Night Out at Pride Event in NYC!)

The space company of the celebrity CEO is screwing over astronomers with the placement of their satellites. It isn't a coincidence. They want astronomers dependent on technologies that only the space company has, and you will have to pay a fee. "SpaceX"/Elon Musk (SpaceX Satellites Are A Problem For Astronomers)

Most of the "family" (Jensen Ackles) of this B+ list mostly TV actor (Jared Padalecki) don't have his best interests at heart. It's uncertain why. But seeing as the same "family" ("Supernatural"/"The CW") forced the foreign-born veteran actor (Mark Sheppard) to shoot a humiliating scene and later made him their persona non grata because he refused to take a pay cut, money is a likely motive. Jensen Ackles/Jared Padalecki/"Supernatural"/Mark Sheppard (Jared Padalecki Blindsided by Jensen Ackles’ ‘Supernatural’ Spinoff: ‘I’m Gutted’) (Supernatural Prequel series "The Winchesters" to return at CW!)

This back in the day A- list mostly television actress who walked away from a hit show and got her sister addicted to drugs had to do an English accent for an audition. Mind you, she was raised by English parents. She couldn't do it and didn't get the role. Mischa Barton/"The O. C."/Hania Barton (born in Hammersmith, London, United Kingdom)

The alliterate one is worried about the trip her husband is taking. It is evident by the documents he recently signed that he is not willing to be a commoner. He loves the title. The alliterate one actually went straight up commoner for her portion of the document. Will the husband be seduced into coming back to the home country? Will the one named singer play a part in that?

The TV network ("ABC") that was outed for covering up the story of a victim (Virginia Roberts [Giuffre]) of the billionaire pedophile (Jeffrey Epstein) over a decade ago, is now airing the sibling (Ian Maxwell) of his accomplice (Ghislaine Maxwell) telling everyone she is innocent, without any rebuttal from the many victims. "ABC"/Virginia Roberts [Giuffre]/Jeffrey Epstein/Ian Maxwell/Ghislaine Maxwell ('I had it all': ABC host claims network squashed Epstein story three years ago in leaked video) (How Ghislaine Maxwell went from high society to being accused of sex trafficking) (Ghislaine Maxwell being kept in conditions 'as bad as Guantanamo Bay' brother claims) (Ghislaine Maxwell's brother says she believes their father who plundered hundreds of millions of dollars from his employee's pension funds was MURDERED when he was found in the ocean in 1991 next to his yacht off coast of Morocco)

The west coast Housewife created a new company in January of this year which she is pretending has all her money. It doesn't. With all of the shell companies and bank accounts and safe deposit boxes she has, no one is going to find anything unless they tail her and monitor her 24/7. Erika Jayne Girardi/"Real Housewives of Beverly Hills" (Erika Girardi Accused of Refusing to Turn Over Bank Records, Using 'Glam' Lifestyle to Hide Assets)

Reader Blind: One big name I’ve been expecting to come up at some point in relation to the billionaire pedophile, is this singer you all know who is as much identified with a certain drink as he is with his home state. He was absolutely tied into the same networks, particularly during the tail end of the Cold War, when he was a very high level intelligence operative. He was a go-between in the drug and human trafficking trade between his state and a nearby island country that was off-limits in those days. He still is an elite member of that summer camp in California. Jimmy Buffett/Jeffrey Epstein/"Margaritaville"/Key West, Florida (not his home state, but where "Margarittaville" is located)/Cuba/"Bohemian Club" (Jeffrey Epstein’s A-list pals rush to distance themselves) (Jimmy...A Bohemian?) (WikiLeaks list sheds light on Monte Rio's Bohemian Grove) ("Cuban Crime Of Passion" lyrics)

Jennifer Aniston has experienced her fair share of Hollywood personalities over the years - the good and the bad. While sitting down for SiriusXM's The Howard Stern Show on Wednesday, Aniston revealed that one particular male actor who appeared on Friends had an "attitude" while on set. "The funny thing is, that male did apologize about their behavior years later, and just said, 'I was so nervous, to be honest, that I wasn't on my best behavior,'" prefaced Aniston, 52, who joined Friends costars Lisa Kudrow and Courteney Cox virtually. "It was as if they were just too 'above' this, to be on a sitcom. And I remember when we were doing a network run-through, the network and the producers would just laugh. And this person would be like, 'Listen to them, just laughing at their own jokes. So stupid, not even funny,' " Aniston recalled. "It was just like, 'What are you doing here? Your attitude, this is not what we're all about. This is a wonderful, warm place to be, and you're coming into our home and just s------- on it.'" Host Howard Stern questioned if the mystery actor was Tom Selleck, who had a recurring role as Dr. Richard Burke, Monica's love interest. "It was Tom," Aniston jokingly confirmed. "You just don't know how cruel and unusual he is. ... Tom has an angel's halo over his head, it's just a permanent halo over Tom's head." Aniston recently joined Kudrow and Cox, as well as their male counterparts David Schwimmer, Matthew Perry and Matt LeBlanc, on the long-awaited HBO Max reunion special Friends: The Reunion, which premiered last month. Aniston previously told PEOPLE she "wouldn't change a thing" about her experience on the original series, which ran for 10 seasons on NBC, from 1994 to 2004. "Nothing to warn or be aware of," she said of the advice she'd give her younger self. "It's still, to me, one of the greatest jobs I've ever had," Aniston added. "It goes so beyond the work and what the show was, which was, in and of itself, just a spectacular phenomenon, but the friendships and family that came out of it is just - you can't put words to that really. It's priceless." Jennifer Aniston Remembers Male Actor Who Had an 'Attitude' on Friends Set: He 'Later' Apologized. Fisher Stevens (Fisher Stevens apologizes to the cast of 'Friends' for past behavior)

This foreign born wrestler (Jacques Rougeau) is permanent A list in the particular region of the country he comes from, but B list elsewhere. He comes from a wrestling family and briefly held a top prize in the promotion everybody knows. I say briefly because a particular north of the border organization got wind of his gimmick and threatened legal action, so he dropped the belt and went off the grid. He returned to the promotion several years later wearing the same outfit but using his real name as part of a tag team. His tag team partner (Pierre Carl Ouellet) had one eye due to a childhood accident. The subject of this blind is also missing a body part which usually comes in twos. While wrestling the permanent A+ lister (Dynamite Kid) from a different region of the same country that he was feuding with, he got crotched hard on the ropes and ruptured a testicle. Surprisingly this wasn't not the first genital related incident in his career. As part of a rib against the hall of fame wrestler (Jake "The Snake" Roberts) mentioned in a recent blind, he had his entire penis tattooed to resemble a snake. One night he pulled out his newly inked member to the hall of famer at which point the hall of famer ran off screaming. Jacques Rougeau/Pierre Carl Ouellet/Dynamite Kid/Jake "The Snake" Roberts (Real Life Fights Between The World’s Most Famous Wrestlers)

You have to admit this standup comic/late night writer/actor paid for the very best when he went after this A-/B+ list actress and her services. She knows exactly the right angles for those "random" pap shots. The issue here is he can't afford her rates long term. John Mulaney/Olivia Munn (John Mulaney and Olivia Munn Step Out for Lunch Date in L.A.: 'They Were Having a Great Time,' Says Insider)

This host is A+/A list. He stars on multiple shows and formats and genres. He used to be A+ list as an athlete. He is also an A+ list swinger which he really tries to keep secret, but the ex that used to be married to an actor is always asking for a few dollars here and a few dollars there. Michael Strahan/Nicole Mitchell Murphy/Eddie Murphy (Michael Strahan’s Ex-Wife Arrested After Ex-GF Gets Protection Order)

This former A- list actress says she is a brand new person, but she still talks to the same people from the same cult. Allison Mack/"NXIVM" (Allison Mack’s Attorneys Ask Judge for No Jail Time in NXIVM Case, Claiming She Has ‘Turned Her Life Around’)

Even the in-law who conspired with the Svengali to try and bring him back in some way, can see the writing on the wall and would like the paydays to continue from the A list "singer." Jamie Watson/Sam Lutfi/Britney Spears (Jamie Lynn Spears’ Husband Jamie Watson Sends Britney Support After Conservatorship Court Hearing)

This is at her essence, what is wrong with this former A/A- list singer/possible murder suspect/kidnapping enabler. How in this world, knowing what she knows about the music industry is she calling out the teen singer for an album cover? Do you think the singer had ever seen the cover before? How much do you want to bet the singer doesn't even know any songs the murder suspect sang. Go after a higher up at the label. This just makes you look unstable. Oh, and while we are at it, would you like to discuss who actually wrote all the songs on that album, or is that off limits????? The cover is probably the only original thing you contributed to the record. Courtney Love/Olivia Rodrigo (Courtney Love accuses Olivia Rodrigo of copying Hole album cover)

This foreign born cranky mogul, just likes to hear the sound of his own voice. There is no way he will ever get the foreign boy band to reunite. None. They all hate him. Simon Cowell/"One Direction" (Simon Cowell thinks he can reunite One Direction)

It shouldn't surprise anyone who has read the site for awhile that the one named racist DJ also slept with underage women and tried to get naked photos of them too. Diplo

There is a British comedian/host who is A/A- list in his country and who you probably have never heard of here. A huge deal is being made about his success and a house he just bought which was bought using the yachting money his girlfriend has made over the years. You can't really advertise that though. Jack Whitehall/Roxy Horner (Jack Whitehall splashes out £12million on luxury mansion love-nest with girlfriend Roxy Horner)

Last year I repeatedly told you the former A+ list PED (Performance-enhancing drugs) using athlete who loves strippers didn't have enough money to buy a baseball team even with the help of the A list everything in her mind. Despite months of saying the deal was just around the corner, you knew the truth and he bailed when his finances were questioned. A couple of months ago I told you that even though he was a tiny part of a new deal to buy a team in a different sport, he still didn't have the money to put up his share. And now? He is about to pull out of it. Alex "A-Rod" Rodriguez/"New York Mets"/Jennifer Lopez/"Minnesota Timberwolves" (A-Rod’s deal to buy the Minnesota Timberwolves is about to get tested)

This former Disney Channel star has done so much work to her face and body and the drug use has changed the rest. She is a shell of what she once was which is why her sibling makes way more money yachting than the actress ever did. Vanessa Hudgens/Stella Hudgens (Vanessa Hudgens is all smiles as she shows off her taut midriff while leaving the gym with her workout pal GG Magree)

This celebrity is only famous and only known because of her a-hole actor husband. She was called out last year for a fraud but has decided to double down on it this year. She needs help. Hilaria Baldwin/Alec Balwin (Hilaria Baldwin reflects on five pregnancies, miscarriages and past ‘self-abuse’)

Let us not forget that this former wrestler turned author essentially stole her now husband from a former wrestler who she always said was her hero growing up. AJ Lee/CM Punk/Amy Dumas (CM Punk ‘Looks Older’ In New AJ Lee Photo)

Apparently the PR team for this A+ list mostly movie actor think it is a better look to lie about him dating actresses and doctors and stuff and not the truth which is foreign born Instagram models/yachters/reality stars. Brad Pitt (Brad Pitt & girlfriend Nicole Poturalski break up)

The aired story of this Housewife and her day of filing for divorce doesn't match documents filed under penalty of perjury. Erika Jayne Girardi/"Real Housewives of Beverly Hills"/"The Housewife and the Hustler" (Erika and Tom Girardi's Legal Scandals Explored in New Documentary, The Housewife and the Hustler)

In one of his many unpublished manuscripts this former A list game show host/producer left behind upon his death, he says he is the one responsible for the death of the journalist/publisher/spy who has the offspring in jail awaiting trial. Chuck Barris/Robert Maxwell/Ghislaine Maxwell (Was Chuck Barris a CIA Assassin? "There’s a Possibility," ‘Dangerous Mind’ Producer Says)

More Dirt - A Compound Blind Item: The Compound has mostly been shut down, but the dirt continues to ooze out. A former tenant recently found out that pornography had been shot in their bedroom while they were away at work. It turns out the eldest son of the anarchist landlord had a number of side hustles, one of which was shooting and selling pornography to an X-rated publication, and he was using the rental properties to do it.
("THE COMPOUND" an Intercerebellar blind item PART 1)
(The Compound Part II: She Was Nearly a Household Name - An Intercerebellar Blind Item)
(The Compound Part 3 - The Reckoning)

334. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 06/28 **10**
As one will, a recent conversation turned to Daytime Emmy Awards and how they never got anyone a raise, were really only relevant for a year or two and are mostly used to help people get closer to an EGOT. That led to the story of how back in the day, the magazine ("Soap Opera Digest") that tracks daytime programming also gave out their own awards and to get one, simply required you take the editor out to a great dinner and as much booze as they wanted. "Soap Opera Digest" (Soap Opera Digest Awards)

335. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 06/28 **11**
This barely there celebrity/model of barely there celebrity parents is back using drugs with her on again/off again significant other. She stopped for a long time.

336. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 06/28 **12**
First it was the in-law and now it is the sister who is trying to rewrite history. It wasn't even a year ago the sister was trying to grab as much free money as she could with a crooked scheme that was dropped the second a new team of lawyers came in with forensic auditors. Jamie Watson/Jamie Lynn Spears/Britney Spears (Jamie Lynn Spears Supports Britney Spears Following Testimony: "I’m So Proud of Her for Using Her Voice")

337. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 06/28 **13**
The significant other of this A+ list politician all of you know, got another woman pregnant.

338. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 06/28 **14**
Blink: It was a lot easier to do back in the day then it is now when everything is so easily documented, photographed and logged. You could rewrite things to make them fit the new narrative and people would accept it. It was a lot more effort to go back and look up what really happened and the new version was accepted as truth. Would it work on kids though? It should be even easier they hypothesized and decided to screw with parents of kids at the same time. It is often tossed in the bucket of similar examples, but this was one is actually real. It all started at the same time as the other experiments dealing with mind control that were running at the time. One of the original people involved had been recruited during World War 2 while illustrating medical experiments. This was going to be a long long mind control experiment and whether you could convince and entire world of one thing when another had been true. Brought in to help with the screwing around with the minds of people was the author/publisher who was canceled within the past year, although they will never really be canceled. He was always willing to screw with minds of people and started from the first book when he changed the names of the authors and then again in the second. He wanted people confused and unsure of what they were seeing. It worked. "Mandella Effect" ("False memory syndrome") (What is the Mandela effect?)

This big four award giving organization is broke and trying to restructure their debt. Their income is 30-40% lower than they forecast when they set up the payments. Nothing like saying your industry is in the crapper than having the big award organization file bankruptcy. "Tony Awards" (Broadway’s Tony Awards Are Finally Happening - Behind A Paywall) (A Chance to Fix the Tonys, and So Many Things to Fix)

The ex of the A lister is always looking for the angles and if he thinks he can get a check out of supporting his ex and not have to work for a few additional years, then he is all for it. He knows that clock is ticking down to actually having to find a job. Kevin Federline/Britney Spears (Kevin Federline may request evaluation before Britney Spears’ conservatorship ends)

The A-list statutory rapist comedian who is now working more than ever, is trying to ruin the career of any lesser-known comedians who refuse to work on comedy nights featuring him. The A-list comedian has even strong-armed lower profile shows into cancelling prior bookings featuring the lesser-known comedians.
Jeff Ross

This A list alliterate reality star who is taking yet another vacation (while also probably studying lots and lots) didn't travel with her usual pap and is ticked off about the photos published of her which she would never have approved. Kim Kardashian (Kim Kardashian Wore a Tight Lace Dress With Ovary Cutouts in Vatican City) (probably the best article title EVER!!)

Remember not that long ago when the alliterate talk show host had her water glass filled with vodka and you never knew what was going to happen on the show. That was nothing compared to what you will see on the A- list singer's new show. I'm sure the idea sounded good to some stan who gave the green light, but this will be train wreck television. Wendy Williams/Demi Lovato/"The Demi Lovato Show" (‘The Demi Lovato Show’ Gets Roku Premiere Date; Shortform Talker Had Been Set For Quibi)

I always assumed this former A list mostly movie actress who stole an Oscar had deleted her Tweet using a racial slur. I was wrong. Nine years later and it is still there just as ugly as ever. Gwyneth Paltrow (Tweet)

This weekly talk show host has come down hard on two women who signed NDA's he gave them before sex. They are both accusing him of being violent during sex and something they did not agree to. Bill Maher (MSNBC's Tiffany Cross slams Bill Maher, insists 'angry white man' should 'stay in his lane')

This cable news host who recently got shot down in a proposal, was apparently barred from contacting an offspring of a former A++ lister after hitting on her. Van Jones/Kim Kardashian/Sasha or Malia Obama/Barack Obama (Van Jones ‘blown away’ by Kim Kardashian’s ‘poise and persuasiveness’)

The singer/actress who is perpetually a victim to every man who has ever entered her life and tries to be the center of attention every chance she gets, somehow found a way to insert herself into the whole A list "singer" thing. Not the actual A lister herself, because lets be honest, she probably has no idea who the victim is, but reached out to a bunch of tabloids to tell them how she is helping the sibling of the singer. I feel like our perpetual victim must sleep with a hose in her mouth all night just to quench that thirst. Jana Kramer/Jamie Lynn Spears/Britney Spears (Jana Kramer SLAMS Social Media Trolls For Going After Jamie Lynn Spears Amid Britney's Conservatorship Battle)

348. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 06/29 **10**
Speaking of thirsty, this former A- list actor who is still technically married to his actress ex, called the paps to come take some shots of himself and his girlfriend. There were no takers. They were too busy with other clients. Brian Austin Green/Sharna Burgess (Megan Fox/Machine Gun Kelly) (LISTEN: Brian Austin Green & Sharna Burgess Talk New Charity, DWTS & More!) (Megan Fox And Machine Gun Kelly 'On The Rox' As Actress Rides Rapper Out Of Crowded L.A. Bar)

349. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 06/29 **11**
This foreign born A+ list mostly movie actor has been super under the radar as of late. He has always kept his personal life quiet, and his actress significant other rarely speaks of him or about him or acknowledges him. This has been next level though and it makes you wonder if there is something going on with his mistress. Ryan Gosling/Eva Mendes (Eva Mendes Says Ryan Gosling Doesn't Take Any of Her Instagram Photos: 'It's a Girl Thang')

350. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 06/29 **12**
This A list singer was tired of his girlfriend living with him. Instead of asking her to leave, he hired a company to "haunt" his house whenever she was there alone. All kinds of freaky things happened. It only took two days of it to get her to leave.

351. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 06/29 **13**
This A- list actress/director has seen her life fall apart since she went full in on the fake relationship thing. Olivia Wilde/Harry Styles (Olivia Wilde is seen out with her kids for the first time since ex Jason Sudeikis confirmed 'secret' romance with Keeley Hazell... after she moved on with Harry Styles)

352. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 06/29 **14**
Joy - Kindness: Was she my favorite actress (Glenne Headly)? That is a loaded question. She insisted that she was. People always ask me who are the nice ones out there, whether it be actors or actresses. She was the nicest. I always called her the Kevin Bacon of actresses. There seemed to be a time where she was in every movie and every television show at the same time (Filmography). You could connect her to anyone. She suffered the indignity of being cheated on by her higher on the list actor husband (John Malkovich) in a very high profile on set ("Dangerous Liaisons") affair (Michelle Pfeiffer). Everyone was crushed for her because she was always so kind. She once made a huge donation at an event to get a walk on role in a movie ("The X-Files: Fight the Future") because she wanted to give to the organization, but also because she knew she could talk the director into getting another dozen or so people walk on roles. Each of those dozen donated to the same charity. She did the walk on thing in the movie and said it was glorious because her name wasn't going to be in the credits and she just soaked in the environment. It was a massive hit movie. She was in plenty of hits. She was always the dependable lead actress. Nothing spectacular, but if you needed a comic actress, she was there. She had the best stories and always had time for everyone. About a decade prior to her death, she got sick. She didn't tell anyone, but it kept her from working for several years. Instead of feeling sorry for herself, she did a million things for a million people. She was always calling and asking for donations or if I knew someone who could help do something for someone. You didn't say no to her. She loved calling using different accents or as different people or characters. She wanted you to have fun when she called, even if she was hurting or in pain. When she was able to go back to work, she went at it full steam. She poured herself into whatever roles she could for the last few years of her life. She was back where she had been, seemingly shooting movies and shows nonstop. It went like that right until the day she suddenly died. To not get those phone calls or quirky emails any longer was crushing. She did so much for so many and she is very much missed. Glenne Headly/John Malkovich/"Dangerous Liaisons"/Michelle Pfeiffer/"The X-Files: Fight the Future" (Inside Michelle Pfeiffer's Scandalous Affair With John Malkovich) (These Celebrities Are All Members of Mensa, the High IQ Society!) (Charities)

Apparently this former A+ list rapper is not going to stay off drugs while pregnant. Cardi B (Cardi B Is Pregnant! Rapper Reveals She's Expecting Second Child During BET Awards Performance)

Two things at play here. I don't think the permanent A+ list shock jock can handle 2+ months alone with the wife without the marriage collapsing. I also think it is 50/50 whether he reports back on time. Howard Stern/Beth Ostrosky Stern (Fans outraged by Howard Stern’s summer off after $500M Sirius XM deal)

This very fast rapper has been unable to "perform" with his singer "girlfriend" for much of the past two months. He tells her it is an illness. A$AP Rocky/Rihanna (A$AP Rocky Sweeps Rihanna Off Her Feet During Late-Night NYC Date)

This back in the day tween actress who got rebooted as an adult to the same character, has been sober for quite a few years after having some really bad years. It is probably not the best idea for her to be in a relationship with a drug dealer. Jodie Sweetin/"Full House" (Jodie Sweetin's ex-husband Morty Coyle fights in court against reducing his $2,800 monthly child support he receives from Fuller House star)

Speaking of drugs and actresses, this A- list mostly movie actress with at least one franchise is someone all of you know. She is out of the country and had a friend go buy drugs for her. The friend got busted. The actress doesn't need this getting back to her. The last thing she needs is more damage control. Amber Heard/"Aquaman"/London (Amber Heard shares candid snaps of herself on a London street - after it was reported the highly-anticipated Aquaman sequel would film in the UK)

The comedian rapist decision has no legal precedent in a federal case, but it does show what can happen when someone is assured by the authorities they won't be prosecuted for something but then are. It is a similar situation to what the madam/procurer is facing now. Bill Cosby/Ghislaine Maxwell (Bill Cosby Freed as Court Overturns His Sex Assault Conviction) (Bill Cosby is free; Ghislaine Maxwell should be, too)

Speaking of molesting, there is a woman who says she is the offspring of this A list singer in a group that is also A list. Her mom was 15 when she got pregnant and the rocker was in his late 20's.

The widow of this technology king who always had an edge to him says that people were jealous that he had such a thriving crypto farm and doing it all without having to pay any electricity bills. She says that just a short time after this much wealthier tech CEO came to visit the country is when the king got arrested. Janice Dyson/John McAfee/Elon Musk/Spain

Lots of buzz around town and north of the border town that this television superhero could be headed for divorce. She has definitely discussed it, but is hopeful that with the series ending that things can improve and also committed to at least trying to make it work because of the offspring. Is the husband as committed? That is the big question. It doesn't seem like it. Melissa Benoist/"Supergirl"/Chris Wood (Melissa Benoist Is All Smiles on the Set of 'Supergirl' While Filming Final Season)

362. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 06/30 **10**
This Chicago franchise A list actor is hooking up with the wife of this A list Chicago MLB player.

363. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 06/30 **11**
This actor was going to be the next big thing, until he wasn't. He did have some success in a movie franchise and in a television show, but he might have received more fame for the crash and burn of his marriage to someone who is higher on the list. Anyway, our actor got COVID and apparently is out of the sex game for good. Peter Facinelli/"Twilight"/"Nurse Jackie"/Jennie Garth; Justin Theroux/"Zoolander"/"The Leftovers"/Jennifer Aniston

364. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 06/30 **12**
Creep - Old Hollywood: I thought I told this story many years ago, but apparently I never did. It was one told to me by that long time unofficial mayor of Hollywood (Johnny Grant). It wasn't a very long story, but I always thought it interesting because of how the two people are inexorably tied, and how one probably wouldn't have had as much success without the other. One was this alliterate permanent A list actress (Marilyn Monroe) everyone in the world knows. She was always very close to my old Mayor friend and was often her plus one when she needed a night just with a friend and not someone who wanted to sleep with her. There were many times in her career when she felt obligated to sleep with someone, whether it was because she owed them or it would make her career better or sometimes just because she was scared. She often said she had far more sex she didn't want, than sex she did want. One of those unwanted times was with another alliterate A lister (Howard Hughes). Someone who owed more to our actress than she to him. He couldn't really help her. She knew that. His friends were not her friends. They of course knew the same people, but they just didn't run in the same crowd. For the longest time, he had been pursuing her. He wanted to sleep with her, just to say he did. He was obsessed with her. She always turned him down and would generally ignore him whenever she saw him. He finally made a deal with this permanent A+ list singer (Frank Sinatra) to book him at triple his rate for some shows, if the singer would get the actress to agree to sex. So, the actress met with the guy who had been pursuing her and he treated her like crap and made her feel every ounce of his rage that she had decided to turn him down. In her life she had been raped multiple times, but said this was even worse than those. Johnny Grant/Marilyn Monroe/Howard Hughes/Frank Sinatra (Honorary "Mayor Of Hollywood" Johnny Grant Dead at 84)

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