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As I told you just a short time after it was established, this fund with tons of cash was never going to be used for victims. It was all guilt trip money and as I told you, just used for fun and salaries. It was all a joke. They could have done good with it, but they would rather say no to helping a victim and yes, to a spa day for the office. "Time's Up Movement" (Time's Up charities set up by celebrities as part of Me Too movement spent $1.4m on salaries including $157k on conferences at luxury resorts)

This back in the day A list child/tween/teen actress who all of you know has a huge ambush planned for her ex when they face off in court. Mary Kate Olsen/Olivier Sarkozy (EXCLUSIVE: Divorcing Mary-Kate Olsen and Olivier Sarkozy are set to face off in court over their $13.5million Manhattan townhouse as it's revealed the ceiling is inscribed with cryptic message: 'Those who lose today will win tomorrow')

This former A- list actress who brings a negative energy to any set where she works has been pushing her blowhard A-/B+ list actor husband to find other shady ways to make money from fans. Times are tough because neither can really get work. It is definitely make or break time to their marriage too. It would be a nasty divorce. Nikki Reed/Ian Somerhalder (Ian Somerhalder Refused to Answer This Question About Wife, Nikki Reed)

This one and a half hit wonder not named after a flower might want to have a word with her friends. A couple of them are sharing that our singer uses a strap on with her husband so he won't want to go out with men.

One of the co-hosts of those morning network talk shows has a celebrity boyfriend. They have been going out for quite some time and she thinks it is rainbows and unicorns while he is off cheating as much as possible. Jeannie Mai/"The Real"/Jeezy (Rapper Jeezy Put On Blast For Postponing Wedding With Jeannie Mai Until 2025!)

This former reality star turned A- list singer turned hanging on by a thread to fame through any means necessary can't afford the coke she used to do to stay skinny. She has serious side effects to Adderall, so she just gains weight and watches her career continue to falter. Aubrey O'Day (Aubrey O'Day shops at Dollar Tree and more star snaps)

This foreign born A- list dual threat actor/celebrity who is a multiple Emmy winner/nominee is in a really dark place right now in his life and those close to him are staying close because they fear he might try and take his own life.

This northern A list politician was edited out of a recent movie because it made them look bad. The producers didn't think they would take the bait. When they did, they decided to not show it. Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau/"Borat 2" (Borat Subsequent Moviefilm's Justin Trudeau Blackface Reference, Explained)

This is definitely a first. This A- list mostly television actress from a hit NBC sitcom pays other women to tickle her while they are all naked.

The cleaning product actor has been on a bender and is getting aggressive to fans who don't seem to like him as much as the actor who has a thousand memes dedicated to him. I wonder if the cleaning product actor, out of spite, will drop some truth bombs about the other actor. Armie Hammer/Timothée Chalamet (Timothée Chalamet Shares Meme of Peach Scene from Call Me By Your Name: 'If Georgia Goes Blue')

The Pyramid: This foreign born A+/A list mostly movie actor had a pyramid built in his backyard. At first, he said it was because he loved Egyptology. That evolved into Egyptian themed parties that evolved into toga parties which evolved into orgies which evolved into a "volunteer" being mummified at the end of the party after accepting "seed" from one of them men at the party. There would be eye holes and a mouth hole, but otherwise they were unable to move. It used to last an hour and now the "volunteers" are often kept that way until morning so the "seed has time to flower." Yeah, this evolution is just going to get worse.

A few weeks ago I talked to you about this celebrity offspring of an A lister. The offspring started a sex cult that is off the charts crazy and now he is trolling for new victims on conspiracy YouTube channels.

Getting engaged and selling child porn within the span of 24 hours is not something one expected of this A list YouTube star/Only Fans star. I haven't seen anything like that since this actor was pulled out of the bed of his mistress and arrested for child porn. Gabi DeMartino/Mark Salling (YouTuber Gabi DeMartino Is Engaged to Collin Vogt After More Than 5 Years of Dating) (OnlyFans Suspended YouTuber Gabi DeMartino's Account After She Sold A Video Of Herself As A Toddler Flashing The Camera)

You would think that with actual photos seemingly proving for once and for all there is an actual third child for the foreign born dual threat A lister, the photos would be splashed hither and nither. Nope. No one wants to publish them. Why? The third child has been the subject of much publicity and even magazine articles. Is it to keep the conversation going? Benedict Cumberbatch (There’s A Conspiracy Theory That Benedict Cumberbatch’s Third Child Doesn’t Exist, And It’s Truly Wild)

This A- list actress/part-time host is about to film a project that won't require much acting because it is what she has been doing for decades, all with her husband's approval. Jada Pinkett Smith/Will Smith (Jada Pinkett Smith to Star in ‘Redd Zone’ for Netflix (EXCLUSIVE))

Lots of questions why this A- list singer/bad actress was included in a best of year magazine issue when she didn't do anything. All of the celebrities involved in these issues are there because of publicists and their relationship with the magazines. You don't have to do anything, you just need a good publicist. Selena Gomez/PEOPLE magazine "People of the Year" (PEOPLE Reveals Its People of the Year: George Clooney, Regina King, Dr. Anthony Fauci & Selena Gomez)

One of the enforcers for this permanent A+ list rapper is himself a rapper and is wanted by the feds. This is the kind of thing that could roll up the A+ lister too. Oh, and I know the enforcer will be caught when he is doing IG Live with his girlfriend from her place while there is a warrant. I mean, come on. Jay-Z/Casanova (Rapper Casanova surrenders in federal racketeering case)

After decades of abuse, rape, domestic violence, having your earnings stolen, and being pimped out, all at the hands of one man, it is no wonder that this one hit wonder has personal health issues. You would think the company that continues to make tens of millions of dollars annually because of her, would help her out, but nope. Irene Bedard/"Pocahontas"/"Disney"

It might have been an idiotic speech delivered by this foreign born A list celebrity, but at least it wasn't plagiarism like his A list celebrity significant other did in her most recent public pronouncement. Prince Harry/Meghan Markle (Prince Harry Humiliation: Duke Allegedly Plagiarized Aunt Sarah Ferguson’s COVID-19 Statement) (Meghan Markle accused of plagiarism in social media speech)

Apparently the post nearly three weeks ago was to show the buyer, this person really could sell the keys. Is the buyer waiting to launch a marketing plan or was the plan to shut the whole thing down with the purchase?

This permanent A- list musician/reality star/celebrity (Dave Navarro) who went from group to group is implying that a male relative (grandfather Gabriel Navarro) married an actor/famous murder victim (Ramon Novarro) (Murder) long before gay marriage was legal, but took his name anyway. Dave Navarro/grandfather Gabriel Navarro/Ramon Novarro

The Cougar: It has been quite some time since I have written about this former A- list actress. She has not really done much since her hit show went off the air. While her show was airing, she was often in this space for her various drinking exploits or her horrible choice in men. She still has that actress charm and she also has access to a trove of young men courtesy of her offspring. Throughout this pandemic, our actress has frequently hosted parties at her home which are arranged by her offspring and give her the choice of several young men from which to choose. Not wanting to let nature take its course, our actress, who long had a reputation for seducing men who came to her home, now uses alcohol and drugs to get the men to do what she wants. She then sends them on their way in the morning. There have been a dozen parties over the past few months. None of the men will go to the police, but they have been whispering among themselves, and three men who are in the same group of friends reported similar stories.

Blind Item: No One Wants You, Girl. NO BOD EE. For reasons I will never understand, this former housewife is convinced that she needs her own talk show. And she tried REALLY HARD to get on one of the two open positions on The Talk. The Talk has been flailing lately and has pretty much half of the viewership of The View. The women on that show, particularly, Sharon Osborne and Sheryl Underwood are kind of assholes. For some reason, they think they call all the shots and got rid of Marie Osmond after only one season. I record all the daytime talk shows except for this one. Because it sucks. They recently hired Amanda Kloots and Elaine Welteroth as new co-hosts. This goes to show when Bravo is giving you money hand over fist, you should just take it. Because you are nobody in the real world. Girl, bye. And for the record, production is laughing their asses off about this. NeNe Leakes/"Real Housewives of Atlanta"

This very powerful professional sports organization is not headquartered in the UK. They do business there though. As such, they want the vaccine first, for themselves. In order to skip the line they are paying triple the asking price for each dose. They purchased a total of 8K doses. 4K for the first round and 4K for the second. Because of this, there will be 4,000 nursing home residents and health care workers who will have to wait an extra 3-4 weeks for their vaccines. You know, so the billionaires can make more money with no more interruptions to their product. Oh, you will see people test positive. It will just be some player who you have never heard of or someone in the ticket office that you can't verify. Then, when they go a month or two without any major outbreaks they will want a pat on the back for doing so well with their guidelines and protocols. Oh, and this UK based professional sports organization is pondering doing the same thing because one of their owners is a mutual.

This foreign born former A+ list rapper is about to be sued by the woman raped by the rapper's convict husband. The rapper and her team regularly pressure the victim to take money so she stops talking about the rape. The rapper's supporters also regularly target the victim for harassment. The victim is going to sue for tens of millions of dollars and has a very very strong case. Nicki Minaj/Kenneth Petty (Nicki Minaj’s Spouse’s Rape Victim Is Talking And…It’s A LOT, A LOT.)

There has been a lot of online chatter over the past 48 hours about the alliterate one and whether she hazed two pledges to her sorority so badly they got the alliterate one suspended from the school and the sorority put on probation for four years. It is true the sorority wanted no part of celebrating her wedding and made that clear on the record to reporters. They just would not say why. Meghan Markle (Northwestern University/Kappa Kappa Gamma) (Hold the Phone — Did You Know Meghan Markle Was in a Sorority?)

This foreign born alliterate A+ list mostly movie actor has been working at home and behind the scenes to try and make it as difficult as possible for his significant other to be able to work. He likes her at home and not working. Ryan Reynolds/Blake Lively (Inside Blake Lively And Ryan Reynolds' 8-Year Marriage: 'Ups And Downs,' Parenthood, And Real Commitment) (Look at Ryan Reynolds' $5 Million Lower Hudson Valley Mansion)

Reader Blind: This former athlete (Pat Patterson) is recently deceased. He was foreign born (Montreal, Quebec, Canada) but spent most of his career in the States. In his time, he was A list in his corner of the sports world (professional wrestler) and originated a top prize ("Royal Rumble") in the permanent A+ list organization ("WWE") he is most closely associated with. He wouldn't really be known to younger fans except for a brief stint as a "lackey" for the organization's owner (Vince McMahon) some time ago. His sexuality was an open secret, and long before he officially came out there were allusions made to it by the organization's announcers. Given the nature of the sport, some would say this was inevitable. Another thing that was an open secret was his casting couch of sorts. At least one prize in the organization changed hands solely due to his "interference". Another "lackey" (Gerald Brisco) got his job in the organization solely due to him showing his significantly endowed member to the athlete. An announcer for the organization, the winner of a talent search, was fired after only a handful of appearances due to his refusal to orally service the former athlete. Several decades ago, a then A list talk show ("Phil Donahue Show") did an expose on the former athlete and several other employees of the organization molesting young male hired hands. The subject of this blind was suspended by the organization as a result, but this was only to save face and he was back as soon as things died down. How did things die down? Let's just say there was money involved (which the organization's owner had plenty of even then). Pat Patterson/Montreal, Quebec, Canada/professional wrestler/"Royal Rumble"/"WWE"/Gerald Brisco/"Phil Donahue Show" (Wrestling on Donahue, ’92!)

A slip of the tongue or something more? This foreign born A- list mostly movie actor who had a reveal this week, gave a recent interview where he referred to his wife as his ex-wife. Projection? Dreaming? Fact? Jamie Dornan/Amelia Warner (BLIND ITEM REVEALED 11/24/20)

Will this celebrity offspring who will never be more famous than one of her parental units or sibling, claim she was hacked or will she apologize or pretend she didn't make the racist comment? Noah Cyrus (Noah Cyrus Apologizes for Racially Charged Post in Defense of Harry Styles)

This former A+ list mostly movie actress doesn't act much any longer. All of you know her. All of you know her family. She has been diagnosed with cancer and is scheduled to start chemo right after Christmas.

The craziest tip I have received in a couple of months. I thought I would share. I made it blind. I'm originally from California but I've been in a language immersion program in (Italy) for the past 18 months. Yesterday I was doing my weekly shopping when I saw this A+ list mostly movie actor over at the fish counter. He was wearing his mask (actually two, one on top of the other) but I knew it was him because he had security with him and because I heard he was filming in the city (Rome). So he purchased a whole seabass but requested that they not wrap it up for him. He then took the fish into the men's room, was in there for about ten minutes, and when he came out, he no longer had the fish. I don't know what he was doing with it but it's really f**king weird. Tom Cruise (Tom Cruise wears TWO face masks as he greets fans on Mission: Impossible 7 set... before he and co-star Hayley Atwell are handcuffed together for gripping car chase scenes in Rome)

This older permanent A+ list celebrity has learned how to do filters on her photos and has sent hundreds of photos to her friends over the past few days. It has been really hilarious to see how happy the filters make her. Martha Stewart ('OH, MARTHA!' Martha Stewart’s fans shocked by ‘erotic’ description of ‘piping hot’ baked potato lunch after sexy pool selfie at 79)

Running For His Life: They knew he had to work early in the morning. They knew he would be either alone or with just one person in the house. They already made sure the outside security cameras were not working. They were waiting for him that night when he got home. He managed to sneak past them by using the doggy door to get inside the house. He went inside and hid. The only other person who could have saved him, left five minutes later. The A list singer was alone inside his house. They took their chance and killed him. They knew he would be alone. They knew people would call it a suicide. They were right. Chester Bennington (DEATH)

This foreign born A list singer who has a lot of secrets and plays a lot of games with the media, won't let anyone ask him those questions. While he is promoting his new stuff, he has made it clear there can be no questions asked other than those from an approved list. Harry Styles (Take a Dip With Harry Styles in This 'Golden' Behind-the-Scenes Video)

This former A+ list singer is still probably A- list just because all of you know her. In order to make her new product launch a success, she is having people say bad things about her biggest competition, this foreign born A+ list singer.
Alicia Keys/Rihanna/"Keys Soulcare" (Alicia Keys Released the First Three Keys Soulcare Products, and I Already Feel Calmer)

It is one thing for this NBA player (Malik Beasley/"Minnesota Timberwolves") to step out on his wife with one person (Larsa Pippen), but when there are four others in addition to your wife, you are just asking for your embarrassed/humiliated/betrayed wife (Montana Yao) to start dropping truth bombs about the drug arrest and what really is going on. Put that whole career in jeopardy. Malik Beasley/"Minnesota Timberwolves"/Larsa Pippen/Montana Yao (Malik Beasley’s wife shocked by him holding hands with Larsa Pippen) (Malik Beasley charged with pulling rifle on family during homes parade)

It is because the show is so spot on that this next in line has been having celebrities and actors and actresses say nice things about him in public. "The Crown"/Charles, Prince of Wales (Princess Diana's Butler Says 'The Crown' Is "Pretty Close to the Truth") (Prince Charles and Camilla, Duchess of Cornwall, Have Restricted the Comments on Their Twitter Account)

Down the road when this west coast Housewife quits or gets fired she will backtrack every word of a recent apology. Kelly Dodd/"Real Housewives of Orange County" (Kelly Dodd Gets Grilled by Andy Cohen Over Coronavirus Comments, Accuses Braunwyn Windham-Burke of Faking Alcoholism)

You would think with the track record of this A- list mostly movie actor, he would be on his best behavior on the set of a job he nearly lost. Nope. He is partying every night and eventually there will be photos. Zac Efron/"Gold" in Adelaide, Australia (Zac Efron is spotted enjoying a night out at an Adelaide bar after flying to South Australia to begin work on his upcoming movie Gold)

I'm surprised it took this long, but it sounds like a great idea. This foreign born A+/A list mostly movie actor is designing "craft/artisan" bongs which will be sold to a very high end market. Seth Rogen/"Gravity Bong" (Everything You Need To Know About Seth Rogen’s Gravity Bong)

This family usually buys, but never sells property. An A lister in the family is selling property purchased after marriage. There have been pretty steady sales for the past two months. Kim Kardashian (Inside The Kardashian/Jenner Family's Homes) (Kanye West and Kim Kardashian have spent millions on homes across the country. From Wyoming ranches to an ever-expanding LA compound, take a look inside their real-estate portfolio.)

This west coast Housewife let spill that the feds are investigating her still significant other. Erika Jayne/"Real Housewives of Beverly Hills" (Thomas Girardi) (Erika Jayne's Divorce From Tom Girardi Is a ‘Sham' to Protect Couple's Money, Lawsuit Claims)

Speaking of the feds, they are being kept at bay by a local police force looking again into the death of this Silicon Valley genius (Aaron Swartz) who was one of the founders of that big message board ("Reddit"). The feds really stalled the initial investigation and faked some information. Aaron Swartz/"Reddit" (Death, funeral, and memorial gatherings) (Family response) (Aaron Swartz' Death Fuels MIT Probe, White House Petition to Oust Prosecutor)

Think Tank Blues - Reader Blind: This well-known, right-wing "think tank" (The Heritage Foundation), which is actually a conservative religious organization, has several expert political analysts as well as several bigots (Notable Board of Trustees Members). One of their bigots, probably the most handsome on their roster (which perhaps isn't saying much), is definitely a tormented closet case. For a few years, the think tank tried to butter up the government of a certain nice, but uniquely isolated, nation (Taiwan) in an attempt to sway it from making history in its part of the world (something legal in several countries, but the think tank publicly campaigns against). The think tank continually ran articles and research boasting how this country was the best in this or that, and met with its government several times. The leader (Tsai Ing-wen) of the country, a very capable and educated politician who likes to appear as a fun-loving cat lady, would nod graciously but wasn't having any of it and went ahead and made history. This pissed off the think tank, and they stopped their bootlicking. The fact that the country is riding high during the pandemic, with credit for this given to a genius sexual minority appointed by the savvy cat-loving leader, added insult to injury to the think tank. You see for the think tank, although they won't come out and say it, God punishes certain acts (homosexuality), rather than allowing something to become successful and the envy of the world, and the fact that the history-making, nice nation was doing amazingly well by any measure was embarrassing. It is only recently in light of certain recent political events involving the country's bigger neighbor (China) that the think tank has slowly started to again mention the nice nation. Just don't expect heaps of praise like before."The Heritage Foundation"/Taiwan/Tsai Ing-wen/homosexuality/China (President Tsai Ing-wen listed on the Bloomberg 50) (Taiwan's Parliament Legalizes Same-Sex Marriage, A First In Asia) (Taiwan just went 200 days without a locally transmitted Covid-19 case. Here's how they did it) (Observers Say Beijing’s Planned Blacklist of Taiwan Secessionists Could Backfire)

This A- list mostly movie actress was told by her people there was no way she was going to be able to apologize her way out of this and she should just remove herself from social media and the public eye immediately if she wanted to be able to save her career, especially in her universe. Oh, she would get paid whether she was in it or not, but you don't want to be known as the person who was fired from a universe. Letitia Wright (Anti-Vaccine video) (‘Small Axe’ & ‘Black Panther’ Star Letitia Wright Deletes Social Media Accounts After Anti-Vaccine Video Backlash)

This alliterate A-/B+ list singer is giving up music. She says that now, but when her pro athlete finally leaves her for one of the porn stars they both sleep with, she may change her mind. Teyana Taylor/Iman Shumpert (Teyana Taylor Announces Retirement, Feels Underappreciated)

Crazy Tip Continued: Earlier this week, I posted about the craziest tip I received in quite some time. Here is a continuation of that tip. The only edits are for blindness and a note on 2016. "I believe I know who the fish bathroom guy is. I think it’s this A+ list mostly movie actor because I witnessed him doing something similar in 2016 (the actor was actually briefly in town in 2016) in a supermarket in LA. He had been wearing sunglasses but it was definitely him based on the nose and the bodyguard next to him. I mean being LA I guess it could have been any celeb but it was really the nose that gave him away. I took a number from the red number thing and waited to be helped. Our actor was taking a while, though, because he was carefully examining every fish that the guy placed on the scale. Finally he settled on one, not sure what kind it was though. The actor requested the man not wrap it up, so that’s actually the only reason why I followed him. I thought maybe they were filming a movie or something and they had an emergency need for a new prop. He went into the men’s room with the fish and the bodyguard but I stayed outside, afraid of appearing to be yet another star struck civilian following a celeb somewhere. Although when they opened the door to the restroom, I could see that there was not a film crew inside. I waited around like five minutes pretending to be shopping and was about to leave (I was thinking I might get in trouble for loitering outside the bathroom or something) when they suddenly came back out of the bathroom with no fish. I was really curious so I went in and found the fish in the garbage, wrapped in a massive amount of paper towels. Then I left." Tom Cruise (CRAZY TIP BLIND ITEM)

This week, this former A++ list politician (Barack Obama) publicly showed just how close his ties are to the family (Bronfman) that financially supported/supports the busted up sex cult (NXIVM) that saw its leader (Keith Raniere) be sentenced to a very long time in jail. On a side note, it is also interesting that this member of the family (Hannah Bronfman) who was befriended for years by the alliterate one (Meghan Markle) when it benefited the alliterate one, no longer speaks to the family member at all. Barack Obama/Bronfman/NXIVM/Keith Raniere/Hannah Bronfman/Meghan Markle (A presidential welcome! Seagram heiress Hannah Bronfman shares the first photos of her newborn son - after Barack Obama announced the baby's arrival during a surprise interview) (Keith Raniere, Leader of Nxivm Sex Cult, Is Sentenced to 120 Years in Prison) (Meghan Markle has connections to sex-trafficking cult NXIVM?)

This celebrity/talk show host is A list. The crazy thing is, despite being on television five days a week, she still has more thirst and is paying several online websites to feature her on a nearly daily basis and to have some of those posts permanently embedded on the front page of their sites. Not Ellen or Wendy Williams. Kelly Ripa (Kelly Ripa's Bikini Body Hungrily Welcomes Husband Home) (Kelly Ripa's 'Nightmare' Sweater Perfectly Encapsulates 2020) (Kelly Ripa Goes Radio Silent Amid Reunion With Husband)

The rapping doctor is desperate to settle right now not just for what everyone will discover about him, but also before his ex finds out about all the other money he is hiding. She should hang on and get that extra $100M. Dr. Dre/Nicole Young (Dr. Dre Wants To Settle His Divorce, It's Too Expensive!)

The bar star can say whatever he wants, but as I told you months and months ago, there was no way the show was letting him come back. You think he would quit that salary? Please. He needed every penny of it. Jax Taylor/"Vanderpump Rules" (Jax Taylor Fired From Bravo’s ‘Vanderpump Rules’) (Exclusive: Vanderpump Rules Is Cancelled!)

The same sex version of a Bachelor type show that is streaming right now has one tiny problem. The star is in a long term committed relationship. "12 Dates of Christmas" (Garrett Marcantel) (‘12 Dates of Christmas’ EP on Creating a Dating Show Out of Holiday Rom-Com Tropes) (12 Dates Of Christmas: Where To Follow All The Castmates On Instagram)

The former celebrity wife of this A list country singer keeps telling everyone about her career and that she is an entrepreneur. All she is doing is bugging all her friends and followers to buy that camera for your dog.
Brittany Aldean/Jason Aldean

This banking starch country singer got a warning from his record label. They were not happy he used COVID symptoms as click bait to sell his latest record. Chase Rice

This former B list actress turned country singer (Jana Kramer) turned permanent thirst trap has been married multiple times (Johnathon Schaech (m. 2010–2011), Michael Gambino (m. 2004–2004)). They were all very short because of this and that but she makes sure to talk about them as much as possible. She also talks about her current marriage (Mike Caussin) to the point the public just doesn't care any longer. That hasn't stopped her though from trying to land a reality show where she has cameras installed in her home 24/7. I think it is just a way she wants more in depth spying on her husband. Jana Kramer (Johnathon Schaech/Michael Gambino/Mike Caussin) (How Jana Kramer Reacted to Recent Message Claiming Mike Caussin Cheated Again: 'Freak-Out Mode') (Jana Kramer Reveals the Baby Name She and Mike Caussin Would Choose If They Have Another Girl)

There is a married NASCAR driver who hooked up with a guy all last season who travels with all the teams to provide technical support. That guy was fired when the NASCAR driver broke it off.

This A-/B+ list country singer/actress/host/reality star (Kellie Pickler) won't have children because she was sexually abused by her own father. She doesn't want anything to happen to any children she has, so refuses to have any. Kellie Pickler (Early Life)

This A list country singer didn't get married all that long ago. His marriage is already crumbling though because he got sucked into the vortex that is the three named Instagram model who yachts. She is based in the same city as our singer and many others. She is the go to yachter when they are all home or if they are in Europe and want a travel companion. She does not do US tours. The past year or so she has really been trying to get one of her customers to marry her and she has the singer on the hook.

This country singer has several top ten songs to his name. Most of them were from his first couple of records. He was headed to A+ list and then got on the wrong side of some people in the industry after a wife of a guy said she thought our singer was cute. That was it for the singer for nearly a decade. He finally got back to the top this past year because that guy who hated him, died.

Back in the day, this country singer was A+ list. He was everywhere. He couldn't be stopped. Lately, he has been in the spotlight for the first time in decades. Yes, he tours and what not, but actually front and center in the spotlight, it has been a long time. He actually got with his significant other many years ago when she blackmailed him into dating her. The dating and marriage thing were crazy fast because it is what she wanted. Not really how most love stories start out, but I guess it worked for them.

Could it be that a certain golden girl can do more with her mouth than simply sing? That's what she tells gents she fancies - a pick-up line which usually works. It's how she hooked up with that actor rumored to have an enormous tusk. In his youth, he's said to have opened more doors for many notable men - including his mentor. These days, he's more interested in famous females who can keep his name in print. The deep-throated diva with talent near her tonsils certainly fits the bill.

Back in the recent day a couple decades ago, this one-named rock band ("Trapt") was probably A- list. Hit song, hit album, one of the big names of their movement and then nothing for a long time. Recently, they have gotten some attention for the first time in years, but not in a good way. To add to their list of recent embarrassments, they are getting called out for advocating for pedophilia on social media. "Trapt" (Trapt Got Kicked Off Facebook for Posting a Proud Boy Meme to Announce Singer Joining Parler) (TRAPT Twitter Account Finally Suspended)

After a recent singing/yachting gig, our favorite foreign born B+ list singer/sometime actress lied to her nurse mom about what she had been doing and what she did for her birthday. Then, she got busted by the newspapers and the wrath of the public was nothing compared to that of her mom. Rita Ora (Rita Ora apologises for second breach of Covid lockdown restrictions)

This A- list singer/actress spent much of last night's award show doing lines of coke, mask requirement be damned. Vanessa Hudgens/"2020 MTV Movie & TV Awards"  (Vanessa Hudgens and Lily Collins go bold in rivaling black dresses as they lead stars on the red carpet at the 2020 MTV Movie & TV Awards)

Despite quarantine rules, this closeted permanent A+ list soccer star has been traveling everywhere internationally on his time off to see his long term boyfriend. Cristiano Ronaldo/BardHari (Moroccan Kickboxing Champion Badr Hari Tests Positive for COVID-19)

This back in the day A list dual threat teen actor (Frankie Muniz/birthday December 5) has been working his way back to acting. His team went ballistic over the weekend when a fire rod figure (Joe Arpaio) wished the actor a happy birthday. The team spent hours trying to get in touch with the figure to get the social media post removed. Frankie Muniz/Joe Arpaio

This B- list celebrity/reality star/porn star/possible accessory (Ray J) to murder will never eclipse his more famous sibling (sister Brandy Norwood). Our celebrity is married (Princess Love) but was doing lines off the breasts of this reality star (Sarah Oliver/"Bad Girls Club") while also having sex with her in front of several people. Ray J/sister Brandy Norwood/Princess Love/Sarah Oliver/"Bad Girls Club" (Ray J Cozies Up To 'Bad Girls Club' Star Sarah Oliver After Hinting At Princess Love Reunion [Video])

This former A- list celebrity really playing a dangerous game. He cheated on his last wife with this former A+ list singer and lives large off her income. Now, he is cheating on his wife with this alliterate A-/B+ list singer. Swizz Beatz/Mashonda/Alicia Keys

It is way easier for this foreign born A+ list couple to hide the separate bedrooms thing at home. It is much harder on the road, so you get the excuse. You could just mention the affair and that it has been hard to forgive. Prince William/Kate Middleton (Prince William and Kate Middleton's Royal Train Tour Labeled 'Obscene' Over Costs)

This A list singer from an A+ list group comes from a very religious background. The story goes that he was a virgin on his wedding day. Not exactly right. The church provided him with a mentor who would have sex with him once per week. Being with the mentor was accepted because it kept the singer pure because the mentor was a vassal of God.

This A- list singer/actor who we all know loves underage girls is trying to buy a website/message board from way back in the day that has first person accounts of dozens of underage girls and their experience with him. Jared Leto/"VoyForums" (Free Message Boards and Online Forums at VoyForums!)

The Crown Affair: This isn't very long, I just found it really curious and wonder if there is something or someone behind the scenes that made this happen. It definitely isn't the first time there was someone behind the scenes when it comes to this man. So, what we have is a foreign born celebrity (Rebecca Loos). At her peak she was A- list, but it was a 15 minutes/flash in the pan A- list thing. She made her fame by being a mistress. She milked that 15 minutes for a good solid two-three years. Amazing what having an affair with a high profile celebrity (David Beckham) will bring you. Fast forward a decade and she moved to a different country (Norway) got married and somehow managed to finagle into the network/friends of a very important royal in that country. That royal (Haakon, Crown Prince of Norway) is married and his choice of spouse (Mette-Marit, Crown Princess of Norway) was met with bewilderment at the time, but was the result of a honeypot scenario (Marriage and engagement) he fell into. Now, he is hooking up with this mistress of mistresses and one wonders if it is sex or way more. It could be oil interests like last time. Don't let that word oil send you in a crazy direction. Rebecca Loos/David Beckham/Haakon, Crown Prince of Norway/Mette-Marit, Crown Princess of Norway (Who is Rebecca Loos, what were the David Beckham affair claims, what was THAT pig scene on The Farm and who is her husband?)

In addition to dodging whatever punches the quick boxer rapper will throw her way, this foreign born permanent A+ list singer really needs to look out for his number one stalker. She has a very violent past and has punched those close to the quick boxer rapper and has also sexually assaulted the quick boxer rapper. A$AP Rocky/Rihanna (Rihanna and A$AP Rocky are confirmed to be dating ... after musical stars seen on intimate dinner in NYC) (A$AP Rocky files restraining order against alleged stalker he claims punched his assistant)

This tipster didn't identify if it was our actor or not, so this could be just some random person who has a fish fetish.
dear entlawyer.
i am reading your website for two years. excuse my english please as i am not native speaker. i am living in usa california for five years now but am from beijing. your 'blind item' made me remind me of what i saw in my beijing supermarket bhg many years ago. i worked at fresh meat counter of bhg supermarket in beijing which was next to fresh seafood counter. one day maybe in 2013 or maybe 2014 i see man go to seafood fresh fish counter and order one fish. he had two black clothes men by his sides and had sunglasses over his eyes. he spend many minutes looking at fish selection and then he order one complete fish called pompano. i did not see what he say to fish counter staff worker but i see him walking away from fish counter with fish not wrapped. but fish was raw so i do not think he would eat it then. at closing my superior says there is pompano in bathroom rubbish bin. i tell her what i see and superior says she see the same the day prior. also my peer who works later shift inform me that strange man return to supermarket in the evening and purchase pig trotters (pig feet). he put every package of pig feet in shopping cart and then become distressed when my friend says there are no more. Tom Cruise (CRAZY TIP BLIND ITEM #1) (CRAZY TIP BLIND ITEM #2)

This foreign born alliterate superhero posted something to social media where he pretended to care about social distancing and masks and washing hands etc. Meanwhile, his actions have shown the opposite and his girlfriend has been at multiple super spreader events at secret underground parties bragging about getting to be the girlfriend of the actor. Sebastian Stan/Alejandra Onieva (Sebastian Stan Just Posted a Homemade Video That's All of Our 2020s) (Sebastian Stan gets wet and wild with bikini-clad girlfriend Alejandra Onieva on a romantic retreat in Tulum, Mexico)

Not everyone sued the former A+ list rapper turned celebrity. There are a couple of dozen "converts" who live on the property. Despite his public disdain of premarital sex, throughout the winter, the converts have been assigned mating schedules to see which pairs can make the best babies/children. Kanye West (Who Are The Sunday Service Choir People Suing Kanye West?)

Maybe because there are so many celebrity makeup brands, no one still talks about this permanent A list model turned show creator/network reality host and how she walked away with tens of millions of dollars from her MLM scam while leaving all her followers poor and desperate to sell off their remaining supplies. One of those followers has tried to recreate the MLM scam using all the extra supplies and has been pretty successful in their scam. Tyra Banks (More Than Meets the Smize: A Look Inside Tyra Banks's Exploitative Empire)

Speaking of celebrities and MLM scams, this former A/A- list actress who played the same role in television and then movies has about 30,000 people beneath her in a hair product MLM. Our actress, who doesn't really act any longer is making nearly $1M a month. Well, this former stripper/porn star/reality star who sounds like a country, although a different country than her mother, decided she wanted in on it. Last I checked, our former stripper/porn star/reality star had about 50 people beneath her and was breaking even. Holly Marie Combs/Blac Chyna/Tokyo Toni (Blac Chyna Joins MONAT) (BLIND ITEM REVEALED 08/03/20)

This one named foreign born A+ lister was doing better staying away from underage girls, especially after he was exposed right when the pandemic hit. The thing is, now he is hooking up with a 16 year old and has been trying to keep her a secret. Her parents don't care because he just throws money at them. Drake (Why Does Drake Keep 'Befriending' Young Girls?)

This current relationship borne out of a network reality show will last just long enough for the streaming reality star to stop being called a homewrecker. Interesting how she was suddenly in a relationship to cover for all that messiness. This time next year she will be with the guy she home wrecked with. Chrishell Stause/Keo Motsepe/Gleb Saychenko/"Dancing With the Stars" (Chrishell Stause Opens Up About Her Relationship with Keo Motsepe, Gleb Savchenko Cheating Rumors)

This reality family is the worst when it comes to having a tell. They are horrible bluffers. If they had stayed quiet about their annual Christmas party, which they are still having by the way, rather than broadcasting they were not having one so now everyone will be looking to call them out, they would have been fine. These constant self owns are ridiculous. Kardashian/Jenner (There won't be a Christmas party with the Kardashians this year)

This A-/B+ list actress who did the fake relationship thing for quite some time with a wannabe A++ lister did actually hook up with one of his staffers. Rosario Dawnson/Cory Booker (Cory Booker Discusses Life with Rosario Dawson After She Moved in with Him: 'It's Just Really Nice')

The Sundown Town: This A list dual threat actor has a history of owning towns way back in his past. Well, owning towns adjacent. A couple of years ago he was at an event with the celebrity CEO and this foreign born A list mostly movie actress who is an Oscar winner/nominee with whom she shares a long history with the celebrity CEO. They have hooked up a few times, but it was party/recreationally based. The CEO and the actress were discussing buying towns. The trick was not to buy some old ghost town just to say you owned a town. Instead, you had to buy one that had a designation that would allow it to have its own police force. Even if the town only had a handful of residents, you wanted a police force that could write tickets all day and night. So, you also were looking for some town that had a road that connected interstates or the like running through it or a town that had a gas station not far from an interstate. Well, the actor took their suggestions to heart, and despite his progressive leanings, he ended up purchasing a town with a few hundred residents and had several roads and highways leading to and from an interstate. It is also a notorious sundown town. The actor had to hire a police force and he brought in several police who actually worked in the town when it could afford a police department. A more brutal bunch you can't even imagine, but our actor makes a six figure a month profit from all the tickets written in the town.

While promoting this new streaming movie, the foreign born A- list lead actor of the movie has made it very clear he will not be discussing any of the legal drama that has recently touched his life. I wonder if we can ask questions about the swinger lifestyle he used to have with his actress wife. That is much more fun anyway. "Uncle Frank"/Paul Bettany/Johnny Depp/Jennifer Connelly (My dad moved in with a man - then went back into the closet: Paul Bettany admitted taking cocaine and became Johnny Depp's party pal. Now, writes ALISON BOSHOFF, the British star has made a jaw-dropping revelation) ('Uncle Frank': A Melodramatic Meal, Undercooked And Over-Seasoned)

I guess the wife of this A+/A list country singer wants to feel independent, but charging fans $250 to watch you put makeup on someone and blocking those fans when they question the price, doesn't really seem the way to either be an entrepreneur or keep fans around. Brittany Kerr/Jason Aldean (Watch Jason Aldean's Wife Brittany Kerr Give Makeup Tutorial)

This physician (Leopoldo Luque) had two clients involved in a particular corner of the sports world (Soccer). The doctor and his clients are all from the same country (Argentina). The clients are both recently deceased, with their deaths coming in relatively quick succession. One was permanent A++ list in the sport with A+ name recognition (Diego Maradona) outside it, while the other is far lesser known (Alejandro Sabella). The two were friends and have a "believe it or not" trivia connection involving a then B list team from another country. The physician is now being investigated in connection with the permanent A++ lister's death. No doubt he will soon be investigated for the other athlete's death. He already served time a while back for killing another patient. Leopoldo Luque/Soccer/Argentina/Diego Maradona/Alejandro Sabella (Diego Maradona Doctor Under Investigation In Soccer Legend's Death) (Ex-Argentina coach Sabella dies after battle with illness)

Changing the name of your company doesn't change the fact you sell and distribute booze while also now operating rehab centers for people to get clean and sober. I mean, this is like the alliterate weight loss company that can only make a profit if 90% of the people who use their product fail. "OC Beverages"/"Revium Recovery, Inc."/"Weight Watchers"/"WW" (OC Beverages acquires anti-addiction rehabilitation business) (I did Weight Watchers (now WW) for a year—was it worth the money?)

The alliterate television superhero is splitting with his wife. The thing is though, it won't be to run off with his co-star like some shippers want. Nope. His co-star is hooking up with this married NBA player. Grant Gustin/"The Flash"/La Thoma Gustin/Candice Patton/J. R. Smith/Jewel Harris (Candice Patton And Grant Gustin Shipping Thread) (‘The Flash’: Grant Gustin and Candice Patton Teased More Barry and Iris in Season 7) (JR Smith Shows Rumored Girlfriend Candice Patton Love On Valentine's Day)

With this former reality star turned B+ list actress/singer (Jennifer Hudson) a lock to get another Oscar nomination/win this year (Aretha Franklin biopic "Respect"), the permanent A+ list singer (Beyoncé) who has been a co-star ("Dreamgirls") of the actress/singer yelled at her people about why she didn't get the offer to play the role. Well, she did, but her people turned it down without coming to her with it. Ruh Roh. Jennifer Hudson/Aretha Franklin biopic "Respect"/Beyoncé/"Dreamgirls" (Amazing Grace: Jennifer Hudson becomes Aretha Franklin in at-long-last biopic Respect)

This former star of a hard living reality show abruptly bailed on the show last minute. It was really strange. Now, he is being accused of molesting his children, which may have been the reason for bailing on the show. Glenn Villeneuve/"Life Below Zero" (What Happened To Glenn On 'Life Below Zero'? Check Out Details)

This streaming star (Christine Quinn) wasn't telling any lies about her thirsty co-star (Heather Rae Young) ("Selling Sunset") and the co-star's boyfriend (Tarek El Moussa) who happens to also be a reality star ("Flipping 101") and adjacent to an investment scam. The duo always has paps taking pictures. Christine Quinn/Heather Rae Young/"Selling Sunset"/Tarek El Moussa/"Flipping 101" (Tarek El Moussa Slams Heather Rae Young’s ‘Selling Sunset’ Costar Christine Quinn for Saying ‘S–tty Things About Us’) (Tarek El Moussa BLIND ITEM REVEALED 10/07/20)

Dig a little deeper and you will discover this patient wasn't receiving a placebo. The next excuse will be the patient had allergies we were not advised of beforehand. What allergies can you have? How many of them? Volunteer in Brazilian COVID Vaccine Trial Dies

In a stunning parallel, this offspring (Taina Williams) of a barely there celebrity is pregnant by her criminal rapper boyfriend (G Herbo), much like her barely there celebrity mother (Emily Bustamante) who just gave birth to a child from her criminal rapper boyfriend (Fabolous). Not sure if the daughter gets beat up like mom does, but everything else is the same. Taina Williams/G Herbo/Emily Bustamante/Fabolous (Love & Hip Hop Star’s Daughter Pregnant By Rapper G Herbo, Lawyer Says) (Emily B reveals new photo of her and Fabolous’ daughter and her fashions are already epic) (Fabolous Allegedly Punched Emily B Seven Times in the Face: Report)

Wag The Tail: Ask this permanent A++ list golfer (Tiger Woods) about any one of the women he hooked up with over the years ad he has an astonishing memory for details. Ask him about the woman he slept with in this SE Asian country and he doesn't remember a thing. You can even tell him the month and year it happened, and he can't recall. You can tell him the name of the woman and he will say his memory is foggy from that time in his life. The woman (Shaariibuugiin Altantuyaa) was murdered and our athlete had nothing to do with it. But he knows the story and knows what happened to her and her link to the Prime Minster (Najib Razak) of the country (Malaysia). He knows that her name is often brought up in association with not only shady deals she helped facilitate for the Prime Minister and his deputy (Muhyiddin Yassin), but also using those same skills to find investors for projects. She was a master at getting men to sleep with her. She is also a missing link between co-conspirators of the famous missing flight (Malaysia Airlines Flight 370) and the government that killed her. Tiger Woods/Shaariibuugiin Altantuyaa/Najib Razak/Malaysia/Muhyiddin Yassin/Malaysia Airlines Flight 370 (Woods commits to Malaysian event in busy October 2012) (Murder of Shaariibuugiin Altantuyaa) (Malaysia’s Najib Razak Fires Deputy Prime Minister in 1MDB Rift)

96. POPBITCH 12/10
(British blog)
Which celebrity charged a charity £16,000 for a one hour appearance? Then, when asked afterwards if they would pose for some photos with the beneficiaries of the charity's work, announced "I don't have time for that shit" and stormed out? Gemma Collins/'It's OK not to be OK' charity (Gemma Collins Reveals Incredible Vocals As She Teases Charity Christmas Single)

After nearly a decade gone from the airwaves, the alliterate serial cheating racist who used to be a reality star is back at it with a new show. He will not be allowed to do press for it. The network is hoping people forget everything he did. Jesse James/"Monster Garage" (They should also ask why his billionaire wife dumped him)
(Jesse James Returns to Discovery in an All New Season of Monster Garage) (Jesse James Caught In New Nazi Scandal -- New West Coast Choppers Logo Bears Disturbing Resemblance To The Iron Eagle)

The skeevy kids show producer (Dan Schneider) might not be hands on involved with the reboot ("iCarly") at his former network (Nickeloden), but with his best friend (Brian Robbins) running the show, he was able to keep one of the stars (Jennette McCurdy) off it. You know, because she said things about him and didn't try hard enough to stay quiet about the 30 something producer essentially living with the actress when she was 16. So, the big star (Miranda Cosgrove) gets a comeback because she kept her breakdown to herself and didn't broadcast her life to the world and how she continues to struggle in the aftermath of the show. Dan Schneider/"iCarly"/Nickelodeon/Brian Robbins/Jennette McCurdy/Miranda Cosgrove (In 5, 4, 3, 2 … an iCarly Reboot Is Happening at Paramount+) (Dan Schneider And The Darkness Of Hollywood.) (Jennette McCurdy BLIND ITEM 11/09/20)

As an almost throwaway implied aside in the massive hit piece on the A list actor, is that the A+ list talent agent takes on clients way below his grade if they sleep with him. "The Hollywood Reporter"/Johnny Depp/Kevin Huvane
("He's Radioactive": Inside Johnny Depp's Self-Made Implosion)

When the house this mountainous Housewife claims is hers, but isn't, and is on the market, finally sells, what excuse for a new home is she going to use. Jen Shah/"Real Housewives of Salt Lake City" (See Inside Salt Lake City Housewife Jen Shah's Breathtaking House)

The good news is it probably won't take a massive check from the celebrity CEO to keep the rapping flowering financial institution vague in her conversation with the feds, at least about finances. I do think she will definitely detail his drug use and some of his kinks just to watch the feds get all squirmy in their seats. Azealia Banks/Elon Musk (Azealia Banks Is On A Roasting Rampage & Twitter Is Here For It) (Azealia Banks Slams Owner Of The Shade Room: "She Is A Useless Pig")

This former pink haired rapper/wasted feline said recently in order to keep her label bosses happy, she is on call 24/7 to go party or be a "friend." Doja Cat

If there was any doubt that the keys to the kingdom were sold, the post earlier this week shows they were. I do wonder what the price will be per ad or link. The value of the first post to the advertiser looks to be worth about $10-$20K just in views and subscribers. To monetize though, you should use stock songs. Just saying.

Over the past several weeks, this A- list mostly television actor has been promising his girlfriend they will get married and he won't delay it too long. At the same time though, he did hook up with his A- list singer ex. Hmmm. Josh Duhamel/Audra Mari/Fergie (Josh Duhamel and his model girlfriend Audra Mari smile side by side on a romantic beach stroll in Malibu) (Why Josh Duhamel gave ex-wife Fergie a shoutout in his new film)

With the show in crash and burn mode, and no love from the general public, what does the A list talk show host have to lose by claiming she has COVID. Maybe someone will empathize. Meanwhile it gives her a month long break where she can wallow around in her new house and pick which household staff she can fire during the holidays. Ellen DeGeneres (Ellen DeGeneres announces she has Covid-19)

106. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 12/10 **10**
This A-/B+ list alliterate mostly television actor hosted a holiday party for the disgraced director and a dozen barely legal guys while the actor's wife spent some time with her boyfriend. Matthew Morrison/Bryan Singer/Renee Puente (Twitter erupts over Mathew Morrison's 'sexual' interpretation of the Grinch: 'I'm literally gonna need to see my therapist') (Matthew Morrison Gets Honest About His Past Relationships Before His Wife Renee Puente) ("The Atlantic" Bryan Singer article)

107. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 12/10 **11**
On The Road: I have known this musician (Chad Gilbert/39) a long time. He is in a band ("New Found Glory") that reached its peak (A/A- list) a couple of decades ago. Some hits for sure and all of you would know the songs if you heard them played. Marriages and long term relationships (Sherri DuPree/37/m. 2007/div. 2007; Hayley Williams/31/m. 2016/div. 2017; Lisa Cimorelli/27/m. 2020) are hard for him because he is always looking for someone new and someone exciting. As he has got older, the women he is attracted to have become younger and younger. When he is on the road, he is known for not asking how old someone is and because he is in and out of a town so fast and has a common name and is hard to pull out of a lineup because he looks like any aging guitarist who used to be kind of famous. The only question he ever asks is do you know how to drive. Not, if you are old enough to drive, but if you know how. He then branches off from that question, depending on the answer received. He either gives a lesson or asks them to prove it. In either case he gets them alone and he doesn't usually listen to no. Since the pandemic, and he has been forced to be near home, his only way of meeting new women who will be attracted to him is through a weekly event he hosts. He lives in a state (Tennessee) that type of thing and over the past couple of months he has started to become even more aggressive with women he meets and there was even a police report taken about a sexual assault in the parking lots of the club where he was working. The woman decided to drop the charges. About ten days ago, he sexually assaulted another girl when he groped her and tried to force her to perform oral sex on him. That got him kicked out of the gig he had been hosting for years and the father of the girl threatening to kill the musician. No police report for that one. Chad Gilbert/"New Found Glory"/Tennessee (Which Girl Group Member Just Married Hayley Williams’ Ex-Husband, Chad Gilbert – And Why Are Some Fans Concerned?) (Paramore's Hayley Williams Calls Out Ex Chad Gilbert In New Song)

If you will recall, I told you six months ago that AKA sticks would publicly go after the A- list former teen actor turned method nightmare for his behavior. She has now done so. FKA Twigs/Shia LaBeouf (FKA Twigs Says In A Lawsuit That Shia LaBeouf Abused Her And Infected Her With An STD)

This foreign born former A+ list boy bander/absentee dad is working with the alliterate Tik Tok star because he is trying to sleep with her. Liam Payne/"One Direction"/Dixie D’Amelio (People are upset with Liam Payne for making a song with TikToker Dixie D’Amelio)

This former B list actress turned celebrity thought her online support was lacking. It wasn't. So, through her PR agency, a troll farm was hired to support her everywhere online.

This Bad Girls Club cast member who likes to fight and was on a season 8 or 9 years ago is now in a cult and it is scary how she is recruiting other women to join her so they can serve the leader.

This foreign born permanent A++ list soccer player wanted a place where men and women could fulfill their yachting needs in a central location. No need to go to a different country or be on a yacht. It was so successful that he is opening a second location. He makes it especially easy for same sex yachting hookups which have always proved troublesome in the past. Cristiano Ronaldo (Cristiano Ronaldo opening up a hotel in Manchester)

This foreign born insanely wealthy married celebrity who is married to an A lister got a 16 year old girl pregnant and she is keeping the baby. François-Henri Pinault/Salma Hayek (Salma Hayek Wants Eyes Up Top In Braless Throwback)

A pharmacist is spilling about some of the medications prescribed to the permanent A list singer and the pharmacist says it is not so much the medications prescribed as it is, the doses. They are enough to screw up people three times her weight. Britney Spears

This northern politician who everyone assumed wrongly was a foreign born politician, hooked up last month with this permanent A+ list comedian.

This foreign born A list singer who is extra popular during the holidays gave his wife a bloody lip when he slapped her this week. Michael Bublé/Luisana Lopilato (Michael Bublé - It's Beginning To Look A Lot Like Christmas (Disney Holiday Singalong)) (Michael Bublé rep says that controversy over singer's exchange with wife Luisana Lopilato is 'a failed effort of cyber bullying' amid clip of the singer 'elbowing' actress)

117. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 12/11 **10**
This married mom blogger/influencer who has a name I can't pronounce and approaching a million social media followers had an affair with this statewide politician who has been in the news from a Housewife state.

118. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 12/11 **11**
#1 - For over eight decades this studio has not released extended footage of this permanent A+ list movie, because it does show a death that has long been speculated, but never proven. "Wizard of Oz" (Unpacking the myth of The Wizard of Oz’s hanging Munchkin)
#2 - The theory is that this A+ list movie character predated an iconic television character. The truth is that they occurred simultaneously when the writer of a movie and the creator of this five decade long television show got drunk together and talked about their craziest ideas. "Pink Panther" ("Pink Panther" (character))

#3 - This alliterate flash in the pan A list actress had her bathtub used as a toilet by crew on a movie because they hated her so much. Sharon Stone (Nasty bath surprise for 'annoying' Sharon Stone)
#4 - This three named actor recently showed off the tattoo he has like all other actors that have slept with the mogul to get parts and to show loyalty to the mogul (David Geffen). It is two letters.

The new biopic being made about a permanent A+ list Old Hollywood duo is going to whitewash the good stuff. The couple were never lovers in real life, just good friends. Sounds like bad fan fiction. I wonder if this will cover his (Fred Astaire) bisexuality and his relationship with his longtime choreographer (Hermes Pan); his gold digging second wife (Robyn Smith) who rewrote his will so his kid should could get no inheritance money; Her (Ginger Rogers) pre fame years when her stage mother from hell pimped her out to older producers so she could land parts on Broadway; her back alley abortion which made her unable to have kids; Her relationships with the rich alliterate industrialist/producer (Howard Hughes), the founder of the mouse house (Walt Disney), the alliterate permanent A+ list pianist/songwriter (George Gershwin); her alcoholism which she cloaked with her Christian Science beliefs. Fred Astaire/Hermes Pan/Robyn Smith/Ginger Rogers/Howard Hughes/Walt Disney/George Gershwin (Jamie Bell and Margaret Qualley to Play Fred Astaire and Ginger Rogers in Biopic) (Fred Astaire and Hermes Pan: A Collaboration That Changed 20th Century Dance Choreography) (Howard Hughes's Affair with Actress Ginger Rogers Was Far From a Storybook Romance)

This foreign born actress (Sophia Loren) is out promoting her streaming documentary ("The Life Ahead"). She talked about sex with an A lister (Cary Grant), but forgot to mention the time she had an affair with a co-star who then ended up getting divorced from his wife to be with the actress, who wanted no part of him once he was single. Sophia Loren/"The Life Ahead"/Cary Grant (Sophia Loren Makes Her Return to Film: ‘I’m a Perfectionist’) (Sophia Loren on her favorite leading men: Cary Grant, Clark Gable, Paul Newman) (Sophia Loren at 80 recalls her unconsummated affair with Cary Grant)

This celebrity offspring of a barely there celebrity had a not socially distanced Thanksgiving party and at that party she said she actually did start her sexual relationship with the north of the border one named rapper when she was just old enough to drive. Hailey Baldwin/Drake

This A+ list producer/mogul/host spends a good 10-12 hours a week receiving medical treatment. Simon Cowell (Simon Cowell 'is considering legal action against bike manufacturers' after breaking his back falling from monster 60mph electric bike)

This streaming cartoon has always been problematic, but now it is just glorifying child sex abuse. The streaming service thinks it is great for business. "Big Mouth"/Netflix (Parent Alert! Watch Out for Netflix’s Shocking "Big Mouth" (and More!))

This A list Disney actress was talking marriage, but that pushed the creepy perv director over the edge and threatened her career. So, the actress split with the boyfriend. Dove Cameron/Kenny Ortega/Thomas Doherty (Dove Cameron reveals her relationship with Descendants costar Thomas Doherty ended in October: 'The decision was incredibly difficult')

This drama is head spinning. From time to time here I have mentioned the very large reality family. I recently wrote about a soon to be addition to the family who was previously in a relationship with a family member who is not her betrothed. A younger sibling of the soon to be addition is currently in a secret sexual relationship with a member of a similar reality family. The Duggars/Claire Spivey/Justin Duggar (Justin Duggar’s Fiancee Claire Defends Him After Revealing He Paid for Her Ring: ‘He’s Motivated’) (BLIND ITEM 09/22/20) (BLIND ITEM 09/23/20)

The $10K a month rent thing demanded by the alliterate one and her husband didn't go over well. It got to the point where the family war was going to spill out in the open. So, the newlyweds were forced to move out or have family secrets exposed. Meghan Markle/Prince Harry/Princess Eugenie/Jack Brooksbank/"Frogmore Cottage" (Princess Eugenie and hubby exit Harry and Meghan’s digs)

The Fish Continues: Hey I've been reading your site a lot lately and my interest has been piqued by the blinds about a man and a fish. I have an interesting story for you. I've lived in Vancouver, BC, since 1998. I'm a makeup artist and have worked on numerous television shows that have filmed here since 1999. You probably won't believe this since it's the classic "friend of a friend of a friend" story but I figured I'd share it anyway. In the year 2000 I got work in the makeup department for a show. My supervisor was a woman with whom I formed a close friendship. Even years after the show ended we would text and Facebook message one another almost every day. So in early 2011 she sent me the most hilarious and bizarre text about something her cousin supposedly witnessed. Her cousin, who passed in 2015 in a car crash, was a celeb-chaser (before you ask, no, she did not literally chase them and her hobby was not related to her accident, nor was she a paparazzi). She would, however, consult her friend, who ran a "celebrity-tracking" twitter account to determine the whereabouts of celebs in the hopes she could spot them and possibly get autographs that she could then sell. I've always withheld judgement because she worked two jobs and still struggled to make ends meet. She heard that this A+ list mostly movie actor was filming at the Vancouver Convention Centre. She lived really close by at the time so she jumped in her car and was there in about five minutes. She was too late, though, and only caught a glimpse of him as he departed the scene, but she saw which car he got in and followed it for blocks until his driver pulled into the lot of the IGA on Robson. Apparently the actor waited in the car and the driver got out and went into the store. There was somebody else who remained in the car with the actor but she wasn't sure who it was. Probably a bodyguard. Apparently the actor looked anxious in the car, he was like sort of bouncing up and down in his seat. The driver came back with only a white paper package in his hand, which he started unwrapping before he even got the door open. It was some sort of whole fish. Our actor rolled his window down just far enough to grab the fish but she was unable to see what he did with it because the driver got in and quickly sped out of the parking lot. I thought my friend was totally bullshitting me but the blinds I've been reading lately have really made me start to wonder if she was telling the truth. Tom Cruise (CRAZY TIP BLIND ITEM #1) (CRAZY TIP BLIND ITEM #2) (CRAZY TIP BLIND ITEM #3)

If you get the longest running song ever on the country charts ("Body Like a Back Road"), I guess that makes you A list. What hurts that A list-ness (Sam Hunt) is having your mistress post a bunch of short videos on social media loving on you when you should be home with your wife. "Body Like a Back Road"/Sam Hunt/Hannah Lee Fowler (The Story Behind the Song: Sam Hunt’s "Body Like a Back Road" and the Legislation with the Power to Deliver More Hits Like It)

Here is the thing. I'm glad the A/A- list singer/crap director (Sia) spoke out about the A list actor (Shia LaBeouf). It needed to be done. Did she mention the underage actress (Maddie Ziegler) she put the actor in a position to groom? No. Plus, all the articles, including the ones today about the singer only talk about sex and abuse which is great for calling the actor out, but will only put a dent in his career. None of the articles mention the biggest allegation in the complaint which is the actor driving through through the streets of Los Angeles shooting and killing whatever dogs he could find, so he could get into character. That would destroy his career, but the media doesn't want to do that because they might need something from him or his team in the future. Sia/Shia LaBeouf/Maddie Ziegler (And until this all came out Sia had hired Shia for her next project, so this seems opportunistic by Sia)
(Sia Calls Shia LaBeouf a 'Pathological Liar,' Claims He 'Conned' Her Into 'Adulterous Relationship') (Maddie Ziegler Looks Back on Sia’s Controversial ‘Elastic Heart’ Video With Shia LaBeouf) ('HORRIFIC' Shia LaBeouf bragged about ‘shooting and killing stray dogs’ while preparing for film role, ex FKA Twigs claims in suit)

In the past I have spoken about and written about this A list singer (Anthony Kiedis) from this permanent A list Los Angeles based band ("Red Hot Chili Peppers") and his tendency to go after underage girls. There is a clip making its way around YouTube right now which shows the entire band sexually assaulting a Brazilian actress/television host/reality star (Cleo Rocos) who lives in the UK. They are sexually assaulting her during an actual television show being aired live. Anthony Kiedis/"Red Hot Chili Peppers"/Cleo Rocos (Members of the band Red Hot Chili Peppers sexually assaulting an actress after a performance (starts at 2:10))

Even though he is over 50, this back in the day A list singer every single one of you know, waited until an actress turned 18 to cast her as his love interest in a music video. Was he hooking up with her before 18? Yes, but waited until she was 18 to cast her so it would look better. It still doesn't. Not the first time he has straddled that 17/18 line. There have been other actresses/celebrities he has been with in the past. That is his sweet spot of ages he likes. Lenny Kravitz/Devon Aoki (Devon Aoki can date whoever she likes, according to her father)

The long time reporter (Jeffrey Toobin) who got handsy on a video call earlier this year is already lining up new gigs. This is the same guy who has been credibly accused of sexual harassment of women he knows and doesn't know. The same guy who once followed a woman back to her hotel room and used some very very coarse language to try and get her to sleep with him. The same guy who pays child support to a child he father while married to his current wife. All of these things happened while married. Oh, don't forget about his "investigation" into swinger clubs. But yeah, go ahead and hire him. Jeffrey Toobin (still employed too by CNN)
(Ex-CNN producer details Jeffrey Toobin's past, says masturbation scandal should be taken 'seriously') (Journalist Lisa DePaulo reveals how 'pervy' Jeffrey Toobin, 60, told her he'd split from his wife and left her a voicemail detailing sex act he wanted to perform on her - as it's revealed CNN is STILL employing him)

It turns out the Housewife married to the pyramid scheme founder is hiding a bunch of money through a bunch of shell companies. Whitney Rose/"Real Housewives of Salt Lake City" ('Real Housewives Of Salt Lake City': Whitney Rose's Husband Justin Rose Is Being Sued For Running Pyramid Scheme)

This recently arrested and indicted rapper who is going to be a new dad, is continuing the trend of rappers as of late by snitching on everyone they know in order not to go to jail. The feds are going to be busting a lot more people thanks to his snitching. G Herbo (G Herbo Pleads Not Guilty to Federal Fraud Charges) (G Herbo and Taina Williams Are Reportedly Expecting Their First Child Together)

This female A+ list politician has been sliding into the DM's of this male reality show contestant that is all about the quick wedding.

This former Disney actress turned A-/B+ list adult actress/director has a meth problem. Bella Thorne

Sure, you could call it an injury for this foreign born A- list actor, or you can call it having him lay low after what happened in his trailer with a woman who is about to sue him. Henry Cavill (‘The Witcher’ Production Continues After Star Henry Cavill Is Injured On Set)

Reader Blind: This Oscar winning/Oscar nominated Emmy nominated actor is A list not just for film roles but also because of his place in pop culture which is due to his often imitated delivery of lines. In a sense, he has always hidden his sexuality "in plain sight" and his pop culture otherworldliness has helped with that. He has been married to the same woman for decades. They do not have children and she lives in a different city only meeting up with him if he needs a public escort to an event. His neighbors where he lives primarily could tell stories about young strong men who are in and out of his apartment at all hours. Christopher Walken

More Fish: This was my first time ever as an extra and I was actually told I was lucky because I got to get more glimpses of the actors than most extras do. I noticed this A+ list mostly movie actor seemed jumpy, sorta like he was on something. He was like bouncing on the balls of his feet. He wears specially-made shoes with really thick soles, btw. I'm good at reading lips because I have partial hearing loss that's getting worse as I age, and as the shoot was ending I was on the other side of the street from him, so I couldn't hear what he was saying, but I read his lips and he kept saying something about a fish. He said the word at least three times. Tom Cruise (CRAZY TIP BLIND ITEM #1) (CRAZY TIP BLIND ITEM #2) (CRAZY TIP BLIND ITEM #3) (CRAZY TIP BLIND ITEM #4)

This one named foreign born former A+ list singer for a good fifteen minutes says her career has been destroyed by this A+ list singer who she once dissed. Lorde/Taylor Swift (Lorde Explains Taylor Swift Diss, Admits She "Cocked That Up a Bit")

There is a company selling a service to influencers on Instagram. The influencers do a holiday giveaway and then the company sets up a Finsta designed to look like influencers page and then tries to scam the followers of the influencer. The influencer then uses that as proof to Instagram why they need to be verified to protect their followers. "Finsta" (What's a Finsta? We Explain This Confusing Instagram Trend)

Apparently it is really hard for this barely barely barely celeb/reality star to find love or some boyfriend that will get her on a show permanently. We first saw her dating a Teen Mom dad and then going on another MTV dating show and now she is hooking up with someone who has starred on a reality show about getting married.
Kiki Cooper/Ryan Edwards/Are You The One/Henry (Married At First Sight)

It seems an odd choice of a go between, but this long time television producer who had a string of hits for an almost network that doesn't exist any longer, is trying to broker a deal to get a disgraced A+ list politician to resign so the opposite party Governor of that state can appoint a replacement for the rest of the term.

This A- list mostly movie actress who is an Oscar winner/nominee is a recent superhero. Even though she would like to do more of her own stunts, if not all of them, there is another company she works for that has a massive insurance policy out on her. As a result, the insurers have set all types of restrictions and the stunt person is used in almost every scene. Angelina Jolie/"Thena"/"Eternals"

145. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 12/14 **10**
This A list clothing designer is cheating on her girlfriend with a model.

146. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 12/14 **11**
This foreign born B list mostly television actress/sometime singer travels back and forth between Los Angeles and her home country (Australia). Why? She is always trying to put pressure on this A+ list actress (Nicole Kidman) to acknowledge the abuse the father (Antony Kidman) of the A+ lister inflicted on the B lister. Nicole Kidman/Anthony Kidman (The Sad Truth About Nicole Kidman's Father)

147. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 12/14 **12**
This foreign born A- list mostly movie actress (Ana de Armas) is already making plans to move on from the alcoholic A lister (Ben Affleck) and get one of the A+ listers (Ryan Gosling or Chris Evans) she is going to film ("The Gray Man") with to be a replacement. Ana de Armas/Ben Affleck/Ryan Gosling or Chris Evans/"The Gray Man" (Ana De Armas Joins Ryan Gosling And Chris Evans In Russo Brothers’ ‘The Gray Man’ For Netflix)

148. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 12/14 **13**
This B+ list actress all of you know is going to be crushed when she discovers her serial cheating boyfriend is cheating on her.
Katie Holmes

149. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 12/14 **14**
The Worker: She (Sofía Daccarett Char) kind of came out of nowhere and took off almost instantly when she did. She always wanted to be A+ list and nothing is going to stand in her way. Does she have a boyfriend? No. Does she have a girlfriend? No. Nothing like that is going to cause a distraction. She wants nothing about her life made public other than what she decides should be out there. She doesn't want people looking too deeply into her family and their history. It is one of the reasons she uses a stage name (Sofia Carson). To her a casting couch, is business. It is how she went from a glorified walk on role to be the star of a franchise (Descendants) in less than a year. She makes so many movies for independent producers because she likes working. They pay her double or triple the rate she makes on other projects because they also get to sleep with her once. She is a regular mistress of the head of a streaming service and gets rewarded with ridiculous salary amounts no one else would pay her plus starring roles in her choice of movies. Sofía Daccarett Char/Sofia Carson (Filmography)

Don't believe the hype. This A- list rapper who isn't allowed to see his kid, has never had sex, let alone had a baby with this former A list tweener star who is about to reboot her show on the perv network. Lil Pump/Miranda Cosgrove

This foreign born former A+ list boy bander turned drug lover didn't skip the relative's life event because of the past. He skipped it because he knows there was a radicalization done in prison and is staying far far away from any association with that. Zayn Malik

This foreign born permanent A+ list soccer player loves to watch his significant other with other men. Cristiano Ronaldo/Georgina Rodriguez

Our favorite foreign born B+ list actress/singer isn't even pretending any longer that she isn't yachting. She has really got in deep with the Eastern European crime bosses who seem to really like her. Rita Ora

The celebrity CEO really scares NASA when he starts posting to social media while wasted out of his mind. Elon Musk

This alliterate A+/A list mostly movie actor isn't going to do the politics thing because he cares about the issues. He is doing it because he likes the idea of a bunch of people stroking his massive ego. Matthew McConaughey

House On St. Charles: A few years back, the CEO of a big star phenomenon was in New Orleans for a huge conference. Also there, headlining the event, was the person in charge of PC and mobile security for this massive software company. Both were also attendees at a party thrown at the house. Of course they both took the bait. SolarWinds/Microsoft

This west coast Housewife might have quit booze, but all the prescription meds just make everything worse. So many prescriptions from multiple doctors. She is also my most likely Housewife to be arrested after a weekend rager. Braunwyn Windham-Burke/"Real Housewives of Orange County"

This A+ list singer who got her start on reality television and is married to a celebrity told a fan to f**k off this week when the fan asked to take a photo. Carrie Underwood/"American Idol"/Mike Fisher

159. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 12/15 **10**
Just because this multiple reality star with a meh side job isn't dating the southern reality star doesn't mean they haven't hooked up. Kristin Cavallari/"Southern Charm"/Austin Kroll

160. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 12/15 **11**
This A list male model is supposedly dating this foreign born mostly movie actress, but his significant other would be really surprised. Dusty Lachowicz/Eiza Gonzalez

161. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 12/15 **12**
The news coming out from this streaming service today isn't true. They are just trying to appease this A/A- list comic actor/comedian. Netflix/Kevin Hart/Most watched comedy special of 2020

162. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 12/15 **13**
This foreign born B list actress starred in a hit foreign based show which is also a movie franchise. She managed to get cast into a new show with some big names. She has struggled to find work because no one likes to work with her and her diva demands. Michelle Dockery/"Downton Abbey"

163. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 12/15 **14**
The Singer: When he first broke out, this singer (Shaggy) he filled the charts with hits. This was almost twenty years ago. Since then, each record brings more hits. In between records is where things get dark for the singer. He has long gaps in between records, sometimes stretching upwards of several years. That is a long gap for a singer who produces a lot of hits. While he does go on tour for some of his records, he doesn't for all of them and often does very abbreviated tours. He has also been known to cancel them for "injuries." He knows he is dark. He has been in trouble with the law because of that darkness. He also had some close calls while on probation. It was only because his probation officer is a fan, that our singer didn't end up in jail. It was also because of this probation officer that the singer was allowed to leave the country to help with his "foundation." The foundation ("Shaggy and Friendz") is nothing but a cover that he and three or four like minded individuals decided would give them cover for their darkness. The foundation is supposed to deliver supplies to impoverished people in poor Central and South American countries. It does, but it also identifies single mothers who are tortured and sexually abused, but won't say anything for fear of losing their children. It is a brutal situation and dozens and dozens of women have been abused by these men over the past decade or so. Shaggy/"Shaggy and Friendz"

Continuing her long and storied tradition of promoting/enabling/supporting sex traffickers/rapists and child sex traffickers, this permanent A+ list host did the same for the recently arrested foreign born sex trafficker. Oprah/Peter Nygard (Peter Nygard Is the Latest Multimillionaire With a Gated Island Estate to Whom Things Seem to Have Caught Up)

This A list momager went on a rampage last night and the online tabloid listened. They made a cheating story seem totally innocent. The alliterate reality star is an idiot for thinking anything will change. Kris Jenner/TMZ/Tristan Thompson/Khloé Kardashian (Tristan Thompson's 'Mystery Blonde' Dinner Date Identified, No Romance)

Many moons ago when this three named actress/reality star who all of you know from one of her acting roles started dating the man she is with now, I said his goal was to marry her. He wanted to do so as quickly as possible so he would actually have a couple bucks to his name and be able to pay all of his back child support. Now she is marrying him and the inevitable divorce will be even more ugly than her last one. Keshia Knight Pulliam/Brad James (Keshia Knight Pulliam 'excited to find' her 'happily ever after' as she announces engagement to actor Brad James)

This sideline announcer claimed she was sexually harassed at work. As part of a settlement, the league has to sell her merchandise on their website. Erin Andrews/"NFL" ("NFL SHOP")

This B+ list actress who got her start in a television franchise, before getting naked for the world, showed all of her social media followers the blood rituals she performs, up to, and including tasting and licking blood. Vanessa Hudgens/"High School Musical" (*NSYNC•Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays)

Speaking of rituals and such, this one named Italian high end designer sent out complimentary sunglasses to the biggest stars on the planet with a note. The note essentially said for them to wear the glasses if they want all their followers to think they are in the Illuminati. They are definitely some odd looking sunglasses. Gucci/"Inverted Cat" sunglasses (Trolled! Gucci’s 55k ‘inverted cat-eye sunglasses’ turns the internet UPSIDE DOWN)

The reason this foreign born B+ singer who all of you know because of marriage, hasn't had success since his initial record, is because he got all those songs from a guy he knew who died of AIDS. Our singer met him through the guy our singer was sleeping with at the time. The songs were originally slated to go to a different singer, but he didn't like them.

This south of the border A+ list social media star is apparently dead from a surgery gone wrong. No one has seen the body though and there was a post to her social media that was uploaded after her death. Someone quickly yanked it down, but it was there for a few minutes.
Joselyn Cano (Instagram model Joselyn Cano dubbed the Mexican Kim Kardashian ‘dies aged 29 after a botched butt-lift surgery' in Colombia)

This foreign born back in the day B+ list musician who further back in the day used to be a male escort has been secretly texting with the offspring of an ex. He desperately wants the offspring hooked on drugs as some payback. Pete Doherty/Lila Moss/Kate Moss (Pete Doherty Boasts About His Former Career As A Rent Boy And Drug Dealer To Fuel His Addictions)

173. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 12/16 **10**
Speaking of back in the day popular foreign born artists, this one named former A lister solo and in a group, fired his housekeeper when she asked for time off. He brags about this. He doesn't brag about the last time a housekeeper asked for a raise, he called ICE and tried to have them deported. He assumed they were undocumented. He was wrong. She sued him and won six figures.

174. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 12/16 **11**
This A- list actress who landed her own show for the first time in a long time has been gaining weight on an almost daily basis to the point that on Monday something fits and on Friday it doesn't. Mayim Bialik/"Call Me Kat" (Inside Mayim Bialik's 'Call Me Kat': Breaking the Fourth Wall, Cat Continuity & More)

175. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 12/16 **12**
In Los Angeles there are a handful of high end drug dealers who serve 80-90% of the celebrity community. They charge a premium and it is generally a premium product. There is a lot of overlap between the dealers, but enough business for them, there are no beefs about turf or exclusivity. Does the same thing exist for offspring of A++ listers because two, who are not related, share/have shared the same dealer on the east coast. Hunter Biden/Donald Trump Jr.

176. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 12/16 **13**
The directors of this west coast museum ("The Getty Center") say they are making it earthquake proof. I think they are getting rid of all the evidence they thought was hidden decades ago. Ever since the blind item I wrote a few years ago, there have been more inquiries and investigations. "The Getty Center" (The Northridge earthquake exposed flaws in the Getty’s construction—and changed how LA builds) (BLIND ITEM REVEALED 01/03/18)

177. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 12/16 **14**
Tarnished Gold: This alliterate gold & silver medalist (McKayla Maroney) is a member of a cult ("Church of Master Angels") which she promotes nonstop. The cult is scared to make a promo video using her though because the attention and publicity would be too much and the whole thing would crash and burn. People would realize the whole thing is a scam. The leader of the Church (Master John Douglas), who our medalist thinks is God claims he can remotely look inside patients’ bodies across the world to identify and kill viruses by commanding angels. Furthermore, she believes in her master’s powers to such an extent she is a student of his "Elite Development" course, where he teaches those same powers together with "the scientific proof of God". Access to the initial 4-day Elite course is strictly controlled and requires payment of $10,000 minimum. During the last 2-3 years, she has attended multiple seminars, events and visited their invitation-only chapel. She is believed to have successfully graduated from the Elite course in September 2020. The leader claims in total he has taught over 400 such Elite graduates to identify and kill viruses within the body using "remote scanning" before calling upon a mystical host of "master angels" under the guidance of the "Supreme God". He is supposedly a world renowned healer but whose genuine biography is a mystery. McKayla Maroney/"Church of Master Angels"/Master John Douglas (Instagram) (Interview with Australian Healer, John Douglas)
(If you want to read more about McKayla and the cult, click here.)

This A- list actor just had a long run on a hit network television show. The baby to save the relationship thing didn't work out and the actor was partying and cheating even more once the pregnancy occurred. Johnny Galecki/"Big Bang Theory"/Alaina Meyer (Johnny Galecki and Alaina Meyer break up, are co-parenting baby)

This A+ list government official is going to have to give a much better explanation as to why he was listed as the point of contact on the legal documents for a modeling company used for prostitution and trafficking. The company was started by the person arrested earlier today. Steve Mnuchin/"Next Management Corporation"/Jean Luc Brunel (Modeling agent Jean Luc Brunel arrested in Paris in Epstein probe) (US Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin 'acted as point of contact' for firm run by model scout Jean-Luc Brunel who is blamed for supplying girls sexually abused by Jeffrey Epstein)

This A- list former Disney actress/current meth user is on a bender for the ages and threatened this couple that she was going to make them her prisoner. It is beyond strange. Oh, and that was in a gas station parking lot.

The producers of this back in the day network hit ("Heroes") who blew it in the second season, are going to regret throwing this B+ list actress (Ali Larter) under the bus in a recent article. She has so much dirt on things that happened to her and her now, very damaged A-/B+ list co-star (Hayden Panettiere) and other women on set. The producers will be lucky to ever work again. "Heroes"/Ali Larter/Hayden Panettiere (Ali Larter Responds to Leonard Roberts’ Accusations: ‘I Am Truly Sorry’)

Despite this celebrity offspring (Lucas Hedges) being an Oscar winner/nominee and being thisclose to being a multiple Oscar winner/nominee, he keeps losing out on parts to the mediocre pretentious one who has anger issues and lots of memes. Our offspring hasn't realized that it is because of the memes and the attention the publicists get for the mediocre actor, that he loses roles. Our offspring doesn't like promoting himself and loses. Lucas Hedges/Timothée Chalamet

You can't possibly reboot this daytime show and not invite the face of the show for decades. But, that is the plan right now because the actors/producers/hosts who are rebooting the show hate the actress for some imagined slight from years ago. "All My Children"/Susan Lucci/Kelly Ripa & Mark Conseulos (‘All My Children’ Eyes ABC Return With Primetime Sequel ‘Pine Valley’ In the Works From Andrew Stearn, Kelly Ripa & Mark Consuelos)

This OG Office villain didn't think at the beginning of the year that he would see to live the end of it, but a year inside has actually been good for his health and the cancer that was threatening his life last Christmas is now in remission.

Apparently this publicist didn't know any better and sent me this. (click to see message)

In March, with COVID about to close off Europe to the US, this female cult leader (Mary Martha Cosby) who moonlights as a reality star ("Real Housewives of Salt Lake City") rushed over to the safe deposit box in Europe and smuggled hundreds of thousands of dollars in cash back to the US. Just in case the feds raid their main cult ("Faith Temple Pentecostal Church" ) location (Salt Lake City, UT), the money is apparently hidden in their smaller offshoot cult location (Indianapolis, IN) thousands of miles away. Mary Martha Cosby/"Real Housewives of Salt Lake City"/"Faith Temple Pentecostal Church"/Salt Lake City, Utah/Indianapolis, IN (‘Real Housewives of Salt Lake City’: Inside Mary Cosby’s Family Feud, Lawsuits, and Church Drama) (All The Gossip On RHOSLC’s Mary Cosby)

187. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 12/17 **10**
The residents of the Breaking Bad state should be asking their leaders how they could have let the streaming service swindle taxpayers out of so much money there will be a budget shortfall for a decade. New Mexico/"Netflix" (New Mexico’s Netflix ‘Deal’ A Blow To State’s Finances) (New Mexico’s Filmmaking-Incentive Program May Be Too Attractive)

188. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 12/17 **11**
Even with family members, including parents always nearby, this reality star from a long long long running show about his family showed that producers will still find a way to molest children on the set, just like they did to him. Imagine if there are no family members or parents present. Jacob Roloff/"Little People, Big World" ('Little People, Big World' star Jacob Roloff says a producer molested him)

189. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 12/17 **12**
Despite being a doctor, this celebrity wife of this A list mostly television actor/sexual harasser blows off masks and COVID protocols when there are social media pictures to be posted and thirst trap photo possible. Bojana Jankovic/Michael Weatherly

190. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 12/17 **13**
I find it interesting that for the second time in two weeks that the family who financed the sex cult is involved once again in political theatre. The father to the daughter mentioned last time, personally guaranteed he would purchase multiple works of art in an upcoming gallery exhibit in 2021. One that is getting a lot of press right now. The father is the gallery's biggest customer and is always given private showings involving the gallerist and the artists. Edgar Bronfman/Hannah Bronfman/Georges Berges Gallery/Hunter Biden (BLIND ITEM REVEALED 12/12/20)

191. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 12/17 **14**
The Other Way: I really expected the government of this Western European country (Germany) to do better. Apparently they have taken the position that as long as none of the residents of their country are victims, then they will look the other way. They have been looking the other way for a long time at the activities of this world leader residing (Thailand’s King Maha Vajiralongkorn) in their country. They think, as long as nothing gets to the public, then this is good business. They think they have a ton of leverage against the leader because of what they know. That is their big miscalculation though. They have no leverage. There can be no leverage when there can be zero opposition in the leader's home country. When there cannot be one word said or written without facing a death sentence. I can say it though. After the horrible food poisoning I got in that country, I am never going back. We are so used to seeing people from all over the world flying to the home country (Thailand) of this leader and sexually abusing their children and adults, but never stopped to think about how many are exported and trafficked, all with the blessing and enabling of the leader. He partakes too, and thinks they are nothing more than property to be bought and used however the owner sees fit. He has also made deals with the mafia in several European countries to help traffic drugs from his country to theirs, and in return they supply him with an endless array of girls boys and adults from their own countries. I do wonder if the establishment ("The Grand Hotel Sonnenbichl") where he is staying is also complicit. They know what is happening to the people occupying 30-40 rooms and how when a room becomes "vacant," a new occupant or two shows up the next day. Germany/Thailand’s King Maha Vajiralongkorn/Thailand/"The Grand Hotel Sonnenbichl" (Germany Finds No Evidence Against Thailand’s King, DPA Says) (King of Thailand Allegedly Ruling His Nation From German Ski Resort With a Retinue of Concubines)

This foreign born actor has taken off in 2020. The show in which he starred has a very basic name. He became a huge heartthrob and it isn't just because his name sounds like a kind of tequila has been outed as a homophobic bully. Paul Mescal/"Normal People" (Normal People actor Paul Mescal has been outed as a "homophobic bully" "the biggest bully in my year" in a series of anonymous reddit posts)

This A+ list writer/director/producer/mogul was super close to coming out this week. He teased it, but he thinks he will lose half his fan base if he does. Meanwhile, all those less fortunate people he helps, are all potential victims because he loves using them. Tyler Perry (Tyler Perry, billionaire, opens up about mid-life crisis)

This reality star from multiple shows who used to also be a sugarbaby/yachter is trying to set up one of her offspring with pro athletes, but the asking price is way too high. Kim Zolciak-Biermann/Brielle Biermann (Kim Zolciak says NFL players constantly message daughter Brielle Biermann)

This A- list mostly television actress has starred on multiple hit shows. Her latest is the streaming show that has really ticked off a high profile family. After her recent split, she thought she had a safe landing place with her alliterate actor ex, but he is into much much younger women now. Gillian Anderson/"The X-Files"/"The Crown"/Peter Morgan/David Duchovny (Gillian Anderson and ‘The Crown’ creator Peter Morgan break up)

If you Google the name of this actress who went from everywhere to nowhere, CDAN comes up first. Through multiple posts on the site, the actress was found. She wanted to be left alone. Because of the connection to the site, I get emails weekly from people who have all manner of scam want to get in touch with the actress. It has recently increased to multiple emails a day. Emily Longstreth

Don't believe the hype. This A+ list ranting actor isn't dating his co-star. She also doesn't have the thirst to get sucked into that career sucker. Tom Cruise/Hayley Atwell/"Mission: Impossible 7" (Tom Cruise reportedly dating ‘Mission: Impossible 7’ co-star Hayley Atwell)

This former almost A- list mostly movie actress turned escort had her latest client front six figures so our former actress could start a jewelry line. Lindsay Lohan (Lindsay Lohan Is The New Queen Of The Jewelry World?!)

This designer has been making creepy commercials for three decades. Right after Halloween he found hundreds of hours of audition tapes from those early ads. If you thought the banned ad videos were creepy, you can see he was using the audition tapes as his personal porn/hookup service. The auditions were not that much different from porn.
Calvin Klein

Radio Wars - Part Two - Reader Blind: I have written before about this loud and controversial radio host (Alex Jones) before, and how extremely vindictive he is towards anyone in his particular corner of the talk radio world who breaks his narrative and doesn’t toe his line. Well, he just had another host (David Knight) on his network fired for doing just that. This comes less than a week after going out of his way to publicly humiliate a journalist he fired earlier in the year. He will claim it’s because he is losing money, but he had no problem publicly buying the A+ list podcaster (Joe Rogan) a very expensive present last week. Alex Jones/David Knight/Joe Rogan (I was just fired by Alex effective immediately) (Joe Rogan upsets the Internet yet again, after hosting Alex Jones on his latest podcast) ("Radio Wars" - an Intercerebellar BLIND ITEM 01/09/20)

201. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 12/18 **10**
This wrestler and strongmen (Yusuf Ismail) was from north of the border but used a nickname ("Yusuf Ismail the Terrible Turk") evoking a far away land. In the late 19th century he won the "Championship of the World. Whenever he had a battle, he always insisted on getting paid in gold, rather than paper money. Not long after his victory over he took the first ship back to Europe. It was on a ship ("SS La Bourgogne"), where he was one of 600 passengers that drowned when the ship sank. It is reported that he fell overboard while passengers were being evacuated to lifeboats. He was dragged underwater by the weight of his money belt that contained between $8,000 and $10,000 in gold coins. He drowned before the crew could get to him. Surviving passengers claim to have seen him throw women and children overboard trying to reach the lifeboats; however no mention of this was included in the official report and is generally assumed to have originated by his manager and promoter (William A. Brady), who went on to become a successful Broadway producer. Yusuf Ismail/"Yusuf Ismail the Terrible Turk"/"SS La Bourgogne"/William A. Brady (Death)

202. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 12/18 **11**
The head of this cable network is still employing the sexual predator who got fired elsewhere. It is something the head of the network has a lot of experience doing. Protecting sexual predators everywhere he works. Jeff Zucker/"CNN"/Jeffrey Toobin (Journalist Lisa DePaulo reveals how 'pervy' Jeffrey Toobin, 60, told her he'd split from his wife and left her a voicemail detailing sex act he wanted to perform on her - as it's revealed CNN is STILL employing him)

203. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 12/18 **12**
This way way back in the day A+ list singer turned spokesperson (Dionne Warwick) turned Twitter newbie who everyone seems to love. People seem to forget that charity scam she ran three decades ago that bilked people out of millions of dollars. Dionne Warwick/"Warwick Foundation"/AIDS (Dionne Warwick Would Cast Teyana Taylor to Play Her in a Series — and Netflix Wants In!) (Dionne Warwick's foundation faces financial perils)

204. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 12/18 **13**
A bottle waitress is accusing this A+ list singer/bad actor of spitting on her. Justin Timberlake (Justin Timberlake is trash) (In 2007: Report: Justin Timberlake Accused of Spitting on Swedish Teenagers)

205. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 12/18 **14**
It Isn't Love: Back in the day, this permanent A+ list rapper (Jay-Z) was enthralled with the teachings of a cult ("Ordo Templi Orientis") that is known by three initials ("OTO"). He promoted their books and wore their clothing. He truly believed his belief and his following the cult, made all of his legal problems go away and get him to that A+ list status. Our rapper bailed on the cult when it moved away from the rituals he liked such as chanting and burning stuff and orgies to things like eating fecal matter. He said nope and walked away. One of his proteges/rivals (Kanye West) was introduced to the cult through the permanent A+ lister. He was a believer in the sense he loved the orgies and the sex spells. One day he got into an argument with a leader about something and the leader said the protégé would regret it. A close family member (death of Kanye’s mother) died within a week. That didn't bring the protégé back in the fold. But, as his career slowly declined, he thought maybe he should get back into it. The only thing is, he wanted to be the leader. He wanted to set the rules. He disguises his "mission" as one of peace and love and Christianity. Umm, not so much. People who have left his mission, and by left, I mean they literally had to walk a dozen miles to town and leave everything behind, say the whole setup is about feeding his ego and getting them to commit to him. Doing that requires blind loyalty. He achieves that by having them follow that infamous poem (lyrics) and other teachings of the founder of the cult (Aleister Crowley). When his friends fly into town, they come to have sex with the women and men that have been brainwashed to do whatever is ordered, no matter how humiliating or disgusting. Jay-Z/"Ordo Templi Orientis"/"OTO"/Kanye West/death of Kanye’s mother/Aleister Crowley (Have you ever noticed if you remove the e from Aleister it becomes A lister)
(Forget Illuminati! Here’s the satanic sex cult, Ordo Templi Orientis, linked to Jay-Z (Report)) (MASTER OF DARKNESS How Brit sex cult leader followed by Kanye and Peaches made fans drink semen and cat’s blood – and wanted them to DIE during orgasm) (Who Are The Sunday Service Choir People Suing Kanye West?)

The B list former co-star of this B+ list mostly television actor from a now defunct network show, confirmed what I have been telling you for years. The actor was murdered.

This singer/celebrity/television host/reality star was supposed to be sober after that recent suicide attempt. She has been wasted all week along with a former Housewife. Tamar Braxton/Nene Leakes (NeNe Leakes Shares Update on ‘Strong’ Tamar Braxton: She’s ‘Gonna Get Thru This But Please Pray’)

I don't feel sorry for the DC Housewife. She knew her significant other was messy. Now, in addition to all of his other girlfriends, she also has to live with the knowledge he hooked up with the alliterate former Housewife from another city. Gizelle Bryant/"Real Housewives of Potomac"/Jamal Bryant/Phaedra Parks/"Real Housewives of Atlanta" (Gizelle Bryant EXCLUSIVE: RHOP star addresses THOSE accusations made about her relationship with Jamal and insists they are 'fine') (Why RHOP's Gizelle Bryant Isn't A Fan Of Phaedra Parks)

After the scandal that rocked this cult with their leader and his sexual appetite, you knew reporters were going to be going in on this like crazy. Reporters have now dug up, the leader hooked up with a young make celebrity. They just don't know which celebrity. I know what name they are asking about and it shouldn't come as a shock. "Hillsong Church"/Carl Lentz/Selena Gomez (Selena Gomez is no longer a member of Hillsong Church ... as pastor Carl Lentz grapples with sex scandal)

This former A+ list mostly movie actor who was the highest paid actor in the world is leaving a trail of sexual harassment from the show he is leaving. Jim Carrey/"Saturday Night Live" (Jim Carrey's SNL Gig as Joe Biden Is Over)

This Scandinavian country is a huge trafficking country for drugs and people all because the dead billionaire pedophile corrupted its leader and his wife. They thought when the pedophile died, it would all end. Nope. Their secrets were sold long ago. Norway/Haakon, Crown Prince of Norway/Mette-Marit, Crown Princess of Norway (Norway's Crown Princess Mette-Marit "Regrets" Meeting with Jeffrey Epstein)

This A- list singer who kind of sounds like you turned a form of dance into pasta has always been known for having a fetish where she likes guys to suck her toes. She says the best ever was the guy from a southern reality show. Kelsea Ballerini/Craig Conover/"Southern Charm" (5 Things You Need to Know About Kelsea Ballerini)

At a non socially distanced fundraising dinner three months ago here in Los Angeles, this B list actress who all gossip followers know on here for various relationships she has with actors, but the checkout line gossip readers probably don't know, has always been up for publicity relationships. She did one not that long ago with the meme actor everyone loves. She says she was approached by a representative of the offspring of an A++ lister. She didn't know much about the offspring. She didn't know he was married. She thought it was going to be an arm candy and photos gig. Instead, she learned it was going to be a yachting gig. He wanted to have an affair with her. The money was going to be big, but once she found out there was a wife, she was gone. Eiza González/Timothée Chalamet/Hunter Biden/President Biden/Melissa Cohen

Don't believe the hype. This married serial impregnating, serial cheating pastor of a mega church who also happens to be a reality star isn't going to be fired from his church. He raises way too much money for the church.

This foreign born A-/B+ list mostly movie actor didn't tell the whole truth about why he deleted a totally accurate two year old tweet about his A+ list co-star. The foreign born actor was ordered to or would be fired from the movie. The actor bent to pressure and did. Simu Liu/Mark Wahlberg/"Arthur the King" (Marvel actor Simu Liu is slammed for deleting a 2018 tweet criticizing Mark Wahlberg for seeking a pardon for his 1988 assault on two Vietnamese men, after it was announced they'd appear in a film together)

So, what happened to the LLC? Did the feds freeze its assets? Was it dissolved? Last time the property tax bill of the procurer/madam/sexual assaulter's house was paid, it was by the LLC. This time around it was paid by the probable husband. It must be love because that bill was a little over $11K. Ghislaine Maxwell/Scott Borgerson (Ghislaine Maxwell says her marriage will keep her in the US if she's released on bail. She previously said she was getting a divorce)

This recent one season wonder who turned that into one further season on a network reality show is being used by the guy she loves. It is all business for him and the connections she brings. She thinks it is love. Hannah Brown

Reader Blind: The first iteration of this long running show (Mighty Morphin Power Rangers) was by far the most successful. For several years it was utterly inescapable and remains an icon ("Power Rangers") of the era's pop culture. The lead (Jason David Frank/"Tommy Oliver" - "Green Ranger") was probably A- list at his peak but hasn't done anything of note since, largely eking out a living by trading off his fame from the show. He has always been outspoken about his religious beliefs (Christianity), which frown upon same sex intercourse. One of his co-stars (David Yost/"Billy Cranston" - "Blue Ranger") on the inescapable show was gay, and the lead bullied him for it to the point that the co-star quit. How Christian. "Mighty Morphin Power Rangers"/"Power Rangers"/Jason David Frank/"Tommy Oliver - Green Ranger"/David Yost/"Billy Cranston" - "Blue Ranger" (David Yost, Blue Power Ranger, Says He Quit Show Over Gay Insults)

This A+/A list singer will never get married. The boyfriend still has no idea how close the singer and the former A+ list actor are. Ariana Grande/Dalton Gomez/Jim Carrey (Ariana Grande Is Engaged! Singer Shows Off Massive Diamond Ring from Boyfriend Dalton Gomez) (BLIND ITEM REVEALED 02/19/19) (BLIND ITEM REVEALED 02/07/20) (BLIND ITEM REVEALED 05/06/20) (BLIND ITEM REVEALED 06/29/20)

Drug companies are dumping tens upon tens of millions of dollars into modifying one of their biggest sellers because of how COVID has been affecting asymptomatic and symptomatic men. The effects are making this popular drug ineffective. Sildenafil (Viagra and Revatio/Erectile Dysfunction) (Yes, COVID-19 Can Cause Erectile Dysfunction in Men)

This foreign born manager, out together two of the most memorable punk bands of all time. One on each side of the pond. He also had a long term sexual relationship when he was in his 30's with a 13 year old. Malcolm McLaren/"Sex Pistols"/"New York Dolls"

This married studio executive (Mike Jackson) who sounds like a singer (Michael Jackson) and started a studio ("Get Lifted Film Co.) with this EGOT winner (John Legend) is on Raya. He isn't really being discreet, but posted a picture of his wife and new baby on social media last week. So, potential daters beware. Mike Jackson/Michael Jackson/"Get Lifted Film Co."/John Legend (How John Legend’s Get Lifted Became a Major Production House for Multicultural Storytelling) (Instagram)

You can say that law enforcement called it an accident, but when you control the law enforcement or at least have your bestie be able to, then, that is not saying a lot. What does say a lot is that when you are embezzling from that bestie, then he is going to kill your daughter. He wanted you alive so you can think about it for the rest if your life. That bestie, who is the leader of a country, has a usual method of asking you to kill yourself. When you didn't, he killed your young daughter. Andrey Shpilenko/Vladimir Putin/Valeria Shpilenko (Russian multi-millionaire slams claims of 'criminal link' to his 19-year-old daughter's death after she plunges from window of Moscow high rise flat)

It took several years after I first wrote about them, but the reporter who digs into all things about that celebrity cult which loves space, finally caught on to all the property swaps made to hide the assets of the former A- list actor/serial rapist. Tony Ortega/Scientology/Danny Masterson (If the feds are sniffing around, they might look at Danny Masterson’s besties)

This A-/B+ list actress stars on an almost network hit. In one of her lowest moves, she has been introducing women to her co-star. Women, she knows will be emotionally abused by the actor and in most cases just used for sex and dumped. Camila Mendes/"Riverdale"/Cole Sprouse

It was free, and it is not like she will be engaged all that long, but this A+/A list singer doesn't want people focusing on how much they don't like her ring, so a new one is forthcoming. Ariana Grande (Ariana Grande’s engagement ring from Dalton Gomez has heartwarming meaning)

This now former A- list reality star who has been involved with the family for well over a decade, has a little scam he runs. If he is out to dinner and sees there are fans, he will take a few photos in exchange for them picking up his dinner bill. When they agree, he then orders a really expensive bottle of wine or drink which he would normally never do for himself. Scott Disick

The child murderer is breaking the law again. This time she is offering "services" which sound a lot like private detective services which she is barred from offering. I guess people are not enjoying her other professional services or this is just an additional income stream. Casey Anthony/"Onlyfans" (Casey Anthony has COVID-19 now: Are people wishing her dead?)
(Casey Anthony P.I.? Accused child-killer opens private investigation firm)

There has been at least one studio (87North Productions) and also the people from this crossover A- list alliterate singer (Bad Bunny) who have inquired how much the cost is for a link on the site that was run for years as a signal outpost for tens of thousands of followers and now appears to be monetized. Neither the studio or the singer have received a response yet though. The studio wanted to promote a new movie ("Bullet Train"). I'm not sure the motivation for the singer's people. 87North Productions/Bad Bunny/"Bullet Train" (Bad Bunny Joins Brad Pitt In Sony Action Pic ‘Bullet Train’)

Twice in ten days this A- list reality star with the side gig hit up her OB/Gyn. Definitely adds fuel to the fire for pregnancy rumors, but the dad wouldn't be the same as the first. Kylie Jenner/first baby daddy Travis Scott (Kylie Jenner Fans Think She's Pregnant As She Goes For Private Shopping Spree) (No, Tyga is not Kylie Jenner’s baby daddy)

231. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 12/21 **10**
Speaking of pregnancies, and fathers, the baby daddy for this A- list actress has been pretty much MIA for the entirety of the pregnancy. It was always going to be that way. He also made some noise about wanting a DNA test (Evan Peters), but it is his for sure. Garret Hedlund/Emma Roberts (Emma Roberts covers up her baby bump in baggy sweatshirt during an errand run in LA... as she awaits birth of her first child)

232. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 12/21 **11**
This A list Broadway star flew back to NYC from London this weekend. Not only didn't he quarantine, he also threw a welcome home party with 30-40 people.

233. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 12/21 **12**
It isn't like the people that run the House On St. Charles don't have a bunch of damaging information about this celebrity offspring. They have a ton. I previously wrote about how they used info about the sibling of the offspring. The issue they have is there is nothing really left to damage their reputation so there is no leverage. That is why that love interest was brought in. Pillow talk and secrets. Things they actually can use.

234. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 12/21 **13**
There is no cheating. None. It is all a bluff to try and get people focused on something else other than the Housewife's spouse headed to financial ruin and jail. Erika Jayne/"Real Housewives of Beverly Hills"/Tom Girardi (Erika Jayne reveals and then DELETES name of one of estranged husband Tom Girardi's alleged mistresses... after claims the attorney had 'multiple affairs' prior to divorce filing) (Erika Girardi’s Assets Have Also Been Frozen)

235. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 12/21 **14**
Second Time A Charm: Once she got the will signed, the days of this A+/A list singer (Jim Morrison) from an A list group ("The Doors") were numbered. He was going to die. She (Pamela Courson) was going to make sure of it. She wanted to make sure the singer didn't get married and have his new wife change the will. Our singer was about to leave her. She knew the singer didn't love her any longer. She knew about all the other women and one woman in particular he wanted to get back home and see. About a month prior to his death, she gave him what she thought was enough heroin to kill him, but he managed to hang on and just got really sick. A friend who came to the hotel room saw the singer and got the hotel doctor to save him. She wasn't going to make that mistake the second time. The second time, she gave him the dose and watched him die while she had sex with her lover. Jim Morrison/"The Doors"/ Common-In-Law Wife Pamela Courson

More wasted ramblings or is there more to it? While partying with his new best friend, the alliterate A+/A list mostly movie actor who does bad car commercials, the CEO says he was in talks to buy the fruit company. Matthew McConaughey/Elon Musk/"Apple" (Elon Musk Says He Once Approached Apple CEO About Buying Tesla)

The children's network with the rampant abuse problems over the years, has reached out to at least two members of The Club. They did so because they are casting a kid's show featuring children who are trans or nonbinary. They are offering lead roles to the children of The Club. "Nickelodeon"/Charlize Theron/Megan Fox ("THE CLUB") ("BLIND ITEM REVEAL 04/10/19) (BLIND ITEM REVEAL 07/08/19)

This racist tattoo artist who used to be a reality star and also sells makeup just bought a massive house in the middle of nowhere. She wanted a haunted look, which she definitely got. She is pitching a reality show about living in a haunted house. Kat Von D (Kat Von D buys $1.8M Schenck Mansion in Indiana because of 'tyrannical government overreach' in California)

This married A list host/comic/former talk show host is out of the country in the yachting capitol of the world and has certainly been taking advantage of it. His wife doesn't even care. Steve Harvey/Dubai (Steve Harvey Shows Off His "Winter In Dubai" With New IG Pic)

This A list wedding dress designer/influencer recently discovered what a lot of influencers are going to learn the hard way down the road. When someone or some company comes along and hands you a bunch of money or promises a bunch of money, you often are required to give up everything you have worked for and also the use of your name to do any kind of business for the rest of your life. Hayley Paige (Wedding Dress Designer Hayley Paige Says She's Lost The Right To Her Instagram And Own Name In Court)

For the longest time, this makeup artist to celebrities (Beck Wainner/madebybeck87), would yacht with her bff (Summer Duncan). A few months ago, the bff got married to an A list singer (Jon Pardi), but with a really strict prenup. Now, the pair do online makeup tutorials, but charge a crazy amount of money. A ridiculous sum. The reason? They can say they are doing legit work, when really it is their version of OnlyFans. Guys send over the money and in return get a bunch of videos and pictures from the two women. Beck Wainner/Summer Duncan/Jon Pardi (Inside Jon Pardi and Summer Duncan's Rustic Fall Farm Wedding in Tennessee: All the Photos) (Summer Pardi is charging $200 to watch her and her makeup artist friend do Katelyn Brown’s hair and makeup online)

The long and storied sexual fetish of this back in the day A- list singer of an 80's hair band has come to an end. The singer, who has a name that sounds like he would be foreign born, but isn't, said he suffered internal bleeding that nearly killed him when he last tried the fetish. I will just say it involved a traffic cone and let you use your own imagination.

He got out of jail six months ago, and this California politician turned illegal arms dealer (Leland Yee) is all set to reveal a bunch of secrets in return for a bunch of cash. He knows where all the bodies are buried. He already gave up one to get a lighter sentence, but now he is going to expose all the cash for favors schemes. Oh, and also the politicians who pay actresses for "consulting," from their campaign donations. Leland Yee Former California State Senator (Leland Yee, convicted in 2015 corruption scandal, released from federal prison)

The buzz is the second child's father of the actress is the person everyone assumes is the right answer. However, the first child is actually the offspring of the disgraced A- list actor which is why that was kept quiet from the beginning. Mindy Kaling/B. J. Novak/Cuba Gooding Jr. (Secret Baby Daddy? Mindy Kaling Caught Sneaking Out Of Hotel With Cuba Gooding Jr.)

245. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 12/22 **10**
This A- list singer is going to get busted if she keeps threatening the soon to be wife of her actor ex. Demi Lovato/Amanda Pacheco/Wilmer Valderrama (Wilmer Valderrama’s fiancée, Amanda Pacheco, is pregnant)

246. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 12/22 **11**
This organization which hands out awards is doing their version of a shadow ban of artists and others who complain about the system. With the current situation, it is easy to not invite people or not ask them to perform. "Grammy Awards" Lil Wayne

247. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 12/22 **12**
I don't know if the guy is an arms dealer or drug trafficker. What I do know is the guy who is hooking up with the celebrity offspring of a permanent A lister and who is a third his age, has been seen before. The last time I saw his photo was several years ago headed to a different Caribbean country with a group of strippers who boarded the plane belonging to the billionaire pedophile. The pedophile stopped in Miami after being in Vegas and the goon and the strippers boarded. Sofia Richie/Lionel Richie (Sofia Richie Lounges In Sexy Bikini Top Amidst Scott Disick & Amelia Hamlin Romance Buzz)

248. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 12/22 **13**
The second in line (Prince Charles), who is vicious, vetoed the idea of the two siblings (Princess Eugenie and Princess Beatrice) being paid for their work for the family. They had been promised money, but were cast aside for two of the siblings (Princess Anne and Prince Edward) of the second in line. He loves digging the knife in deep of his brother (Prince Andrew). Prince Charles/Princess Eugenie and Princess Beatrice/Princess Anne and Prince Edward/Prince Andrew

249. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 12/22 **14**
The Fanboy Con: In a nutshell, this B+ list actor #1 (Ray Fisher) who was so mad he got cut out of this superhero movie #2 ("Justice League") and his career didn't take off afterwards, that he started his twitter war. So back in June, when he started his twitter tirade, he attacked the director #3 (Joss Whedon), he attacked the films two EPs #4 (Jon Berg) & #5 (Geoff Johns) who were the presidents of #6 ("DC Extended Universe") at the time. Also of note, #1 was being manipulated by director #7 (Zack Snyder) behind the scenes because #7 wanted revenge against #4 & #5 for being fired off the movie. #7 wanted both their names off the movie once this streaming service #8 (HBO Max) got involved to do his damn cut at a cost of $70 million. #5 received a call from #7's agent a week before #5's new project #9 ("Wonder Woman 1984") was announced. The agent asked #5 to remove his name off #7's cut. A week later, #1 lashed out at #4 & #5. #1 then attacked the current president of #10 (Warner Bros.), who is #11 (Jason Kilar), and even attacked this A+ list producer #12 (Toby Emmerich). Now here is the kicker: You know who #1 didn't attack? The film's producer #13 (Christopher Nolan), who was on set EVERY DAY for the reshoots of #14 ("Zack Snyder's Justice League"), according to multiple insiders. #13 spayed and neutered #1 dead in his tracks. MENTION ME ONCE AND I SUE #1 was told. How convenient you attack the director, the studio, the executives, but not the film's lead producer who was on set every day when #3's so called bad behavior was ongoing. (JUSTICE LEAGUE: Ray Fisher Believes Joss Whedon Brought AVENGERS: AGE OF ULTRON "Resentment" To Reshoots)

#1: Ray Fisher
#2: "Justice League"
#3: Joss Whedon
#4: Jon Berg
#5: Geoff Johns
#6: "DC Extended Universe"
#7: Zack Snyder
#8: HBO Max
#9: "Wonder Woman 1984"
#10: Warner Bros.
#11: Jason Kilar
#12: Toby Emmerich
#13: Christopher Nolan
#14: "Zack Snyder's Justice League"

Despite the strict lockdown that has shut down the island nation and kept its residents from traveling to other countries, the wife of this foreign born dual threat A list actor is still going on with her in person Christmas theatre production. New Zealand/Sophie Hunter/Benedict Cumberbatch (How New Zealand's film industry boomed during the pandemic)

I have spoken about this before, but no one ever says anything or does anything about it because this guy gets some kind of media pass. Apparently even if you are an absentee dad and have been grooming 15 year old fans for sex, you get a pass if you are this foreign born former A+ list boy bander. Liam Payne/"One Direction" (Liam Payne Says Son Bear, 3½, 'Reignited' His Love for the Holidays: He 'Filled That Hole for Me') (Liam Payne corrected people who accused him of dating a minor, but his critics are still unhappy) (Liam Payne And Fiancée Maya Henry Share Rare Steamy Snap From Topless Photoshoot)

This A+ list rapper is convinced she can get 100 people a day to be willing to spend $1000 on Tarot card readings from her. The next thing you know she will have her own little network much like the permanent A lister did back in the day. Cardi B (Cardi B will be using her ‘psychic power’ to provide fortune-telling to her fandom)

The back in the day A+ list singer who did release a crazy good record recently that didn't get a lot of traction and has the BEST stories about a director and his coke problems showed everyone another example of why #MeToo is over. No one in the industry cares any longer. They gave it 15 minutes and have moved on. The victims care, but the powers that be and the predators have moved on. When you are nominating accused rapists for awards, let alone giving them work, what is the point of it all. Fiona Apple/Quentin Tarantino/"Grammy Awards"/Dr. Luke (Fiona Apple details ‘excruciating night’ with Quentin Tarantino and Paul Thomas Anderson that made her quit cocaine) (Fiona Apple Floats A Boycott Of The Grammys Over ‘Bullshit’ Dr. Luke Nomination) (BBC LIST: The best albums and songs of 2020: Fiona Apple, Cardi B, Bob Dylan and Dua Lipa) (YAHOO ENTERTAINMENT LIST: The Weeknd, Fiona Apple, Run the Jewels and more: Yahoo Entertainment staff picks for best albums of 2020) (NEW YORK TIMES: Best Albums of 2020) (PITCHFORK: Fiona Apple’s Perfect 10) (THE WALL STREET JOURNAL: The Best Music of 2020: From Bob Dylan to Fiona Apple, Even Covid Couldn’t Stop the Groove) (NPR: Poll Results: NPR Listeners Pick The Top Albums Of 2020) (SLATE: The Music Club, 2020) (LOS ANGELES TIMES: The 10 best albums of 2020: Taylor Swift, Fiona Apple, more) (THE ATLANTIC: The 16 Best Albums of 2020) (THE DAILY NEWS: From Fiona Apple's Fetch The Bolt Cutters to Imploding The Mirage by The Killers and Taylor Swift's latest, the best albums of the year)

The main reason why the foreign born one hit wonder split with the father of her baby is he was openly talking about sacrificing their baby for Satan. Iggy Azalea/Playboi Carti (Iggy Azalea: How She Plans To Make Her 1st Xmas As A Mom ‘Special’ For Her Baby Son Onyx)

The first time could be written off as someone who was going through a very serious addiction crisis and wasted. The second time the former child star accused the A list host/radio host/actor/former spouse of a permanent A+ lister of orally servicing him when he was young, and dressed as a woman while doing it, then you kind of have to at least ponder the accusation and no denial this time from the A lister. Orlando Brown/Nick Cannon/Mariah Carey (Orlando Brown Addresses Nick Cannon ‘Fellatio’ Claims In New Freestyle)

The producers of this pay cable hit, have taken the opportunity in their second season to trash the alliterate one whenever they are afforded the opportunity. It is crazy when the trash talk comes from the mouth of the biggest religious leader in the world. "The New Pope"/HBO Max/Meghan Markle (Even ‘The New Pope’ Is Obsessed With Meghan Markle)

It's no wonder this A list big city politician hasn't done anything about his groping/harassing employee. The politician is known in town for taking those photos politicians do, but always making sure he gets a little more hands on, especially with actresses and models. He is famous for saying, "I didn't realize that was your breast. Sorry." Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti (Rick Jacobs) (LA Mayor Eric Garcetti is ordered to be deposed as part of sexual harassment lawsuit filed by bodyguard LAPD cop against former top aide Rick Jacobs)

The celebrity CEO was asked to respond to the blind item I ran yesterday and confirmed there had been talks, but gave some drug addled response that he was doing it as revenge for the way he was treated by that company. Elon Musk/"Apple" (Elon Musk Says He Once Approached Apple CEO About Buying Tesla)

259. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 12/23 **10**
For two years a reporter worked on a story about the cult that has been in the news frequently the past few weeks. The story had interviews with people who had been reluctant to speak because they feared the cult. He pressed on and got the scoop. Two days after publication this tabloid stole his already published story and claimed it as their exclusive. "Hillsong"/"Daily Mail" (EXCLUSIVE: Hillsong did nothing after Carl Lentz was accused of sexual misconduct in 2017, as volunteer detailed his 'sexual behavior with different women' and claimed she was 'extremely uncomfortable' after he was flirtatious and inappropriate)

260. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 12/23 **11**
There is a lot of tension in the marriage right now between this A- list mostly television actor with the massive ego and his wife who used to be an A- list actress who destroys everything she touches acting wise. Divorce has been in the air which was then paused when the actress thought she was pregnant and now it appears divorce is back on the table. It just feels toxic. Ian Somerhalder ("Vampire Diaries")Nikki Reed ("Twilight"

261. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 12/23 **12**
More Fish: I saw this A+ list mostly movie actor in Boston in 2009. I do not read your blog but my friend does and I am writing to you on her advice. I worked in the North End (basically Boston's Little Italy) at the time and the actor came into my store and asked if we sold whole fish. I told him no (we were a small shop), we only had a limited selection of fillets and he became agitated and asked if I knew where he could buy a whole fish. I directed him to a store around the corner and he left in a huff. It was weird and happened so quickly I didn't have time to process it. Tom Cruise (CRAZY TIP BLIND ITEM #1) (CRAZY TIP BLIND ITEM #2) (CRAZY TIP BLIND ITEM #3) (CRAZY TIP BLIND ITEM #4) (CRAZY TIP BLIND ITEM #5)

262. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 12/23 **13**
One of the midwestern mayors who had an affair with that Chinese spy was busted by his wife for having the affair. He was a crazy popular mayor who was the mayor of a large city and served multiple terms. It was expected he would run for another, but abruptly decided not to seek an additional term to fix his marriage. Jim Ardis/Peoria, IL/Fang Fang aka Christine Fang (Suspected Chinese spy 'honey-trapped' top US politicians) (Why Peoria Mayor Jim Ardis is not running for reelection)

263. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 12/23 **14**
The Contract: This foreign born actor (Mauricio Islas) was A+ list in his corner of the television world. He is lower than that now, but everyone in that corner of the world knows who he is. A couple decades ago or so, our actor had a nice little setup going. He was A+ list and, despite being married, regularly hooked up with co-stars, walk ons, and anyone else he could find. He was known as someone who didn't care about the age of the women he hit on or had sex with. Everything was great. Our actor was so popular that a rival network paid well over $1M to buy him out of his contract and bring his services to them. They paid several other millions of dollars in court fighting off his old network. Almost immediately after bringing him over, he started filming a new show and went back to his familiar patterns of finding anyone to hit on and to have sex with. The only problem he faced now was he was filming in the US instead of his home country. So, when he hooked up with his 16 year old co-star (Genesis Rodríguez), he probably thought everything would be the same as it was at home. Nope. This 16 year old had a famous father (José Luis Rodríguez) and when he heard about it, he called the cops and they arrested the actor. The actor faced a decade in jail. So, what happened? The network suspended the actor for a couple of weeks until they could smooth things over with the family and then it was back to work for the actor and he has never stopped working. The actress is probably B/B- list now. The network had invested so much time and money into the actor, they were not going to let a little statutory rape get in the way. Mauricio Islas/Genesis Rodríguez/José Luis Rodríguez (Génesis Rodríguez and Mauricio Islas: the scandal that shook Mexico)

Mr. X: Which former A-list actor (John Travolta) with A+ list name recognition is contemplating on whether to come out as bisexual next year? Even though he has always preferred men, it would be a big deal although no one will be shocked. But what about that not so gay friendly cult (Scientology) he has been a part of for decades and funneled money into? Allegedly he has been slowly drifting away from the cult since the death of a close family member (wife Kelly Preston) and he has had several confrontations with the sect's leader (David Miscavige) who he has always disliked. I'm not getting my hopes up for either event to happen soon, but stranger things have happened... John Travolta/Scientology/wife Kelly Preston/David Miscavige (John Travolta posts emotional message thanking his fans for their support following his wife's death)

Mr. X: What soon to be divorced actress who got her start in a franchise has gotten even more plastic surgery done on her face that it looks immobile? Megan Fox/"Transformers" (Megan Fox -- Good Genes Or Good Docs?!)

Want to have a tour of the underground "recording studio" the permanent A+ lister used to molest kids? Well, if you belong to this private club, you will soon have a chance. They are also going to make the bedroom where he molested children into a suite where members can stay. "Neverland Ranch"/Michael Jackson/"Soho House"/Ron Burkle (Pittsburgh Penguins Co-Owner Ron Burkle Buys Michael Jackson’s Neverland Ranch For $22 Million)

This flowering financial institution rapper is really stressing about her role in the investigation and is really overdoing the drug use to the point, she might end up dead before she spills everything about the celebrity CEO. Azealia Banks/Elon Musk (Azealia Banks has been subpoenaed in the Elon Musk $420 'funding secured' class action lawsuit)

After not seeing them in forever, this cleaning product actor was supposed to be focusing on his kids this holiday season. Instead, he just can't stop trying to find new women to hook up with. Armie Hammer (Armie Hammer steps out with model Paige Lorenze in LA... while estranged wife Elizabeth Chambers remains in the Cayman Islands with their kids)

This modeling agency owner recently died. A couple of decades ago he used to tell the story that he was the secret lover to this permanent A+ list mostly movie actor who is an Oscar winner/nominee and would provide the actor models to be used as cover.

This A list comic/writer can't afford rehab so this A list talk show host is paying for it. John Mulaney/Seth Meyers (John Mulaney filmed Seth Meyers skit while 'out of his mind' on substances prior to entering rehab: report) (John Mulaney’s odd ‘Late Night’ clip before rehab sparked worry)

This barely old enough to drink actress/singer (Sabrina Carpenter) has been in this space before. She has done a lot of work for Disney and is currently doing a little showmance for them with one of their upcoming stars (Joshua Bassett). I am still trying to establish if she has been corrupted into joining the cult (Scientology) a relative (aunt Nancy Cartwright) of her supports to the tune of millions of dollars a year. Sabrina Carpenter/Joshua Bassett/Scientology/Joshua Bassett/aunt Nancy Cartwright (Fans Freak Out Over Joshua Bassett & Sabrina Carpenter's Halloween Costumes)

This weekly kneepadding tabloid is on lockdown. No, not because of COVID. They have something they are protecting. Something big. My guess would be something to do with the alliterate one like a pregnancy announcement or something. They wouldn't lockdown over just a regular interview. "People" magazine/Meghan Markle

273. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 12/24 **10**
The disgraced A list actor did his annual woe is me thing. You would think it would remind people why he is an a-hole. His team, and he still has a team love that he does it and they can feel the tide turning. He should never work again, but the general public are now thinking of his screeds as a holiday tradition. Uggh. Kevin Spacey (Kevin Spacey continues bizarre Christmas tradition of tone-deaf videos)

274. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 12/24 **11**
The lawyers for this A list mostly movie actor are just taking his money from at this point. He has no chance to win, but they want those fees and he is paying them. Johnny Depp (Johnny Depp’s lawyers say he didn’t get a fair trial, want a new one)

275. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 12/24 **12**
The amount of cash this network is throwing at the three named actress just for a past its prime reboot is astonishing. It is also about ten times the amount being offered to the other leads, minus the one who the three named actress wants killed off in the show. HBO/Sarah Jessica Parker/"Sex and the City"/Kristin Davis and Cynthia Nixon/Kim Cattrall (Sex and the City May Finally Return—Without Kim Cattrall)

276. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 12/24 **13**
The books have been cooked since he bought the streaming service five years ago. The question for the permanent A list rapper is how badly does he want to sell it. Bad enough where he will let the books speak for themselves or is he going to try and pull a fast one with the bird CEO. Jay-Z/"Tidal"/Jack Dorsey/"Twitter"

277. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 12/24 **14**
Collared: Back in the day this actress (Sally Struthers) who would go on to win multiple Emmy awards ("All in the Family"), was brand new and landed a part in a movie ("Five Easy Pieces") opposite this permanent A+ list mostly movie actor (Jack Nicholson). He was A list back then, but not the huge star he is today. The pair hit it off and our actor discovered that the actress had some major Daddy issues and he played with that and by the end of the movie she was totally devoted to our actor and considered herself owned by the actor. Well, our actor was ready to move on to someone else, so he gave the actress to one half of this sibling team (Tommy Smothers) who had their own television show. The actress went with him without question. The sibling who was in between marriages at the time got our actress a collar that said Hollywood and she had to wear it everywhere she went. She also had to wear a necklace that said her heart belonged to Daddy. In return, he gave her a role on the show which then launched her career. Sally Struthers/"Five Easy Pieces"/Jack Nicholson/Tommy Smothers/"The Smothers Brothers Summer Show"

The former A+ list rapper (Kanye West) said he wasn't going to make any new music. He did. He also did ("Whole Lotta Red") so with the drug addicted deadbeat dad (Playboi Carti) who loves Satan which seems at odds with the image the former A+ list rapper portrays. Kanye West/"Whole Lotta Red"/Playboi Carti (Iggy Azalea continues tirade against ex Playboy Carti for cheating and not spending Christmas with their son) (SATAN BLIND ITEM 12/23/20)

Let me see if I have this straight. This B+ list YouTuber is pregnant by the guy who doesn't have a job and who she gives money too each month. Meanwhile, she also hooks up with the A+ list NFL player from the Super Bowl champ. Is it a throuple or just poly?

Although this back in the day A list talk show host has never come out, he got married to his boyfriend last week. Arsenio Hall

Don't believe the hype. This serial abuser who is also an A- list actor is not seeking any kind of inpatient help. At all. Shia LaBeouf (Shia LaBeouf’s Lawyer Says He’s Seeking 'Long-Term Inpatient Treatment' After FKA Twigs' Abuse Allegations)

If you thought the days of Triads killing people in the Chinese movie business was long ago stuff, you would be wrong. Just ask the Chinese producer who didn't pay his percentage after landing that huge streaming deal. Lin Qi/Netflix/"The Three-Body Problem" (Netflix Producer, Yoozoo Games CEO Lin Qi Dead at 39 Amid Poisoning Probe)

It is not admitting sleeping with her sibling yet, but this multiple network reality star has admitted to sleeping with a cousin.

Today marks the beginning of returning pets season. Whether it is the alliterate foreign born singer/bad actress (Camila Cabello) or the B+ list country singer (Carly Pearce) or the A- list mostly television actress from a hit network show. All three have already made arrangements to return the dogs they adopted. Camila Cabello/Carly Pearce (Shawn Mendes & Camila Cabello Kiss in the Hot Tub on Christmas!) ('Meet June!' Carly Pearce Becomes a Puppy Parent Following Split from Michael Ray)

The remaining members of this permanent A+ list group, pay a lot of money each month to scrubbers to keep people from sharing their stories on the internet of how the deceased singer of the group had sex with them when they were underage.

The murderer/admitted pedophile (Michael Alig) who was grooming the way underage (under 10) notorious B-list celebrity (Desmond is Amazing) died of a drug OD. Michael Alig/Desmond is Amazing (‘Club Kid Killer’ Michael Alig found dead of suspected drug overdose) (Desmond & The Killer) (Public Backlash Over ‘Drag Kid’ Who Hangs Out With Killer and Inspires Pedophile’s Open Lust)

There is nothing illegal about this, but it is odd that this permanent A list mostly movie actor is hooking up this holiday season with his most recent co-star who is just barely old enough to drink while he is nearly three times her age. Brad Pitt/Sydney Sweeney (Does Brad Pitt want to date Sydney Sweeney despite huge age difference?)

The recent revelation from the "boyfriend" of the permanent A list singer shows he only spends time with her for the cameras. Sam Asghari (testing posigive for Covid-19) Britney Spears (Boyfriend Sam Asghari Reveals He Recently Tested Positive for Coronavirus)

This foreign born C- list actress/celebrity who is really only famous for who she once dated in the past and whose name seems completely made up, got a Christmas card from her ex. She also got the most expensive thing in her wedding registry from him too. I bet his former A- list actress wife doesn't have a clue about either. Cressida Bonas/Prince Harry/Meghan Markle (Prince Harry's Ex, Cressida Bonas, Opens Up About the "Imperfect" Wedding She Planned in Two Weeks)

The hypocrites over at the streaming service (Netflix) that launders money have removed all titles featuring this A list mostly movie actor (Shia LaBeouf). The last I checked though, you could still watch any movie produced by the disgraced producer (Harvey Weinstein) or their own series starring the disgraced actor (Kevin Spacey/"House of Cards") or their own series which stars the actor (Danny Masterson/"The Ranch") accused of raping multiple women. Oh, or the movies directed by the foreign born director (Roman Polanski) who raped a child. Or finally, a bunch of their own child porn ("Cuties"). But sure, yeah, removing the A list mostly movie actor shows the world you care. Netflix/Shia LaBeouf/Harvey Weinstein/Kevin Spacey "House of Cards"/Danny Masterson "The Ranch"/Roman Polanski/"Cuties" (Shia LaBeouf Has Been Pulled From Netflix Award Consideration Following Allegations) (List of Roman Polanski Movies and TV Shows on Netflix)

Apparently if you want this A list actor/producer/writer/director/mogul to hire you, then you go out in public and tell everyone the A lister is straight. Tyler Perry/Tyler Lepley (Tyler Lepley Says Him & Tyler Perry Aren't Gay)

She might not have technically renounced her patronages, but if you are a no call no show for close to a year, isn't that the same thing? Meghan Markle (Harry and Meghan 'want a 12-month extension to Megxit deal that would see them keep their royal patronages beyond March 31 deadline' - and could head back to the UK to seal the deal in person)

Old Hollywood - Mr. X: This A- list singer/actor (#1/Russ Columbo) who had a name that sounded like he was mobbed up was gay and very much in the closet due to his Catholic upbringing. Our actor and an A list photographer (#2/Lansing Brown Jr.) who was openly gay were lovers and our actor used this A+ list mostly movie actress (#3/Carole Lombard) who was an Oscar nominee/winner and had been groomed since the age of 12 by a film director (#4/Allan Dwan) as a beard when she was still dating this mob connected B+ list actor (#5/George Raft) who also played mobsters and was good friends with #1. #1's manager was (#6/Pat DiCicco) who was the right hand man to an alliterate A+ list mobster (#7/Lucky Luciano). #6 allegedly killed his alliterate actress ex wife (#8/Thelma Todd) and definitely had a hand in the death of the creator (#9/Ted Healy) of this comic trio (#10/"The Three Stooges"). He also killed #1 after they had an argument over a blind item planted by this A+ list alliterate gossip columnist (#11/Hedda Hopper) about #1 and #2. He had to split up with #2 or risk losing his career. #1 had just signed a contract with Universal Studios ("Show Boat (1936 film)) and was slated to appear opposite this A+ list mostly movie actress (#12/Irene Dunne) who is considered the best actress to never win an Oscar. She was nominated multiple times. #6 killed #1 and pinned it on #2, who was in the room when the slaying happened. #5 who hated #6, ratted him out to the LAPD which somehow got back to #7 who sent some goons to pressure drop the case or else. #2 had a nervous breakdown shortly after and was never the same. (Two Lovers: The Story of Carole Lombard and Russ Columbo)
#1 - Ross Columbo
#2 - Lansing Brown Jr.
#3 - Carole Lombard
#4 - Allan Dwan
#5 - George Raft
#6 - Pat DiCicco
#7 - Lucky Luciano
#8 - Thelma Todd
#9 - Ted Healy
#10 - "The Three Stooges"
#11 - Hedda Hopper
#12 - Irene Dunne

It is next level shove it in their faceness/let them eat cake, when this now former A- list reality star (Kylie Jenner) with a lucrative side gig shows off pricey bauble after pricey bauble on their social media during a pandemic and at the end of each post wants you to swipe a link so they can get even more. Don't forget the root of all your fame is because your older sibling (Kim Kardashian) made a sex tape with the son (Ray J) of the woman (Sonja Bates-Norwood) she had stolen a credit card from and charged over six figures. Kylie Jenner/Kim Kardashian/Ray J/Sonja Bates-Norwood (Kendall and Kylie Jenner Revealed Their Favorite Amazon Items — Including Picks for Baby Stormi) (Sonja Bates-Norwood - In Biographical Summaries of Notable People)

This A- list singer/ingenue had a rough past few months with misstep after misstep. She also gave up coke and booze after those issues, so hopefully she sticks with it. Lana Del Rey (Lana Del Rey grabs takeout in Studio City with her arm in a sling as she reveals on Instagram she fractured it while ice skating)

The nearly sports organization can deny it all it wants, but it was COVID which killed one of its performers. WWE/Jon Huber aka Brodie Lee aka Luke Harper (Jon Huber, pro wrestler known as Brodie Lee and Luke Harper, dies at 41)

This A+/A list mostly movie actor who also directs and owns spy satellites had a little vaccination party for his wife and a dozen of their closest friends. I guess we will really see how fillers and the vaccine works now, won't we? George Clooney/Amal Clooney

This Premier League star who's been in the news a couple of times this year was once rumored to be the uploader of a very controversial X rated video. He denied it, but he was only saving face. Yes, that was his wife in the video. His dog too.
Kyle Walker

I'm not sure the point of stopping it, but the powers that be over at that photo site finally realized a good solid number of profiles were there to link to their own porn or searching for yachting prospects. It must have offended the head of the company. You know the one who started a site to rate women way back in the day and tried to sleep with as many as he could and when they said no, would rate them a zero and not let the rating budge. Mark Zuckerberg/"Facemash"/"hotornot" (Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg Says This 1 Mistake Could Be Holding You Back)

Fish Haiku
fish man is (A+ list mostly movie actor)
i know because i saw him
do stuff with a trout

it was long ago
on a long lost movie set
in california

i'm not an actor
my mother was in the crew
she brought me along

he had trout brought in
whole and large with mouths open
he refused to share

then he disappeared
into the bathroom with one
he thought no one saw

i went in after
and found it in the trash can
stuffed at the bottom

it was in rough shape
one eyeball was popping out
the mouth leaked white stuff

i ran to my mom
she told me to shut my mouth
so i said no more

She won't tell you unless you have known her for years and as far as I know her sibling either doesn't have the same story to share or at least has never shared it. The story is that when this celebrity offspring was 15 and 16, her back in the day A+ list actor father, who is now A/A- list would often sleep in her bed and wouldn't let her leave. There was no molesting, but he would spoon her all night. Then one day after about a year, it stopped.

The one member of this former A+ list boy band you would expect to go to rehab, muddles along, while his bandmate, who has a booze problem rather than a drug problem has gone to rehab. Zayn Malik/Niall Horan or Louis Tomlinson/"One Direction"

In an off the rails interview where the interviewer kept referring to a A- list celebrity as it and the interviewee who was the hired boy toy of the person being referred to as it, did let it be known that this B/B- list married NBA player has the smallest peen he has ever seen. Jason Lee/"Hollywood Unlocked" Jeffrey Starr/Andre Marhold/T. J. McConnell (Watch Jeffree Star’s Ex & Former College Basketball Player Andre Marhold Talk About Pacers TJ McConnell’s Manhood) (Pro B-Ball Player Andre Marhold Calls Out Pacers’ T. J. McConnell For His Small Junk (VIDEO)

This A- list singer who was on television when she was younger, is trying to take credit for a trend that has been on Instagram for five or six years. Our singer just did her first post this weekend and says she invented it. She is so thirsty. Demi Lovato/show your "stretch marks" (Demi Lovato Celebrates Her Stretch Marks with Glitter, Opens Up About Her Eating Disorder Recovery)

It was nice of the celebrity offspring (Ireland Baldwin) to defend a family member (Hilaria aka Hilary Baldwin). It is obvious the offspring of a pair of one time A listers (Alec Baldwin and Kim Basinger) has no idea what the family member has done to them behind the scenes or would have an entirely different response to the situation. Ireland Baldwin/Hilaria aka Hilary Baldwin/Alec Baldwin and Kim Basinger/cut out of Alec Baldwin’s will (Ireland Baldwin defends Hilaria amid Spanish accent controversy) (It’s not just her name, Hilaria Baldwin’s entire life is a fake) (BLIND ITEM 04/01/20)

About five years ago an app was created in Europe that was like a dating app, but women would set prices for how much they wanted to be paid for that date. Now, the app is filled with sexually trafficked women and kids. The profiles use certain code words to let you know about the victim. This app makes a ton of money and has had multiple rounds of VC financing. Peppr which morphed into Ohlala

307. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 12/28 **10**
In the past, I have written about this married show runner (Kenya Barris) and his affair with the celebrity offspring/actress (Tracee Ellis Ross/mother Diana Ross) on his biggest network show ("Black-ish"). That was small ball compared to what his sibling (sister Colette) knows. This is going to be messy. Kenya Barris/Tracee Ellis Ross/mother Diana Ross/"Black-ish"/sister Colette (Black-ish creator Kenya Barris files a restraining order against his sister Colette amid fears 'she's going to harm' his six children) (BLIND ITEM REVEALED 05/22/20)

308. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 12/28 **11**
To land bigger stars and not be like Dancing With The Stars, one network lets the stars decide if they have a date by which they need to be eliminated so the star can come for one episode when they have a break from their show or schedule or movie. "The Masked Singer"/"The Masked Dancer"/FOX

309. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 12/28 **12**
This back in the day A+ list tweener actress/singer is in a magazine this month topless and it was completely her idea and said she would only do the interview if they would publish topless photos of her. Miley Cyrus/"Rolling Stone" (Miley Cyrus Poses Topless for the Cover of Rolling Stone)

310. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 12/28 **13**
So far there has only been one PG-13 photo leaked of the A+ list singer. I can only imagine the hell storm that would come if there are other photos leaked which are of a more graphic nature. Taylor Swift (Taylor Swift and Joe Alwyn’s Private Pictures have Reportedly been Leaked Online)

311. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 12/28 **14**
If You Pay The Fee: The really rich guy (Jeff Bezos) who cheated on his wife (MacKenzie Scott) with a woman (Lauren Sánchez) who was already married to a rich guy (Patrick Whitesell) and had her brother (Michael Sanchez) all film it. Yeah, that rich guy. He is trying to do this on his own as a company rather than partnering with the company ("Ivestopedia") that changed its original name to something almost kindergarten like. Anyway, this is how this little program is envisioned by the rich guy and he has it ready to roll out as soon as he talks one of the three big boys into paying him. He would like an exclusive with all three ("Equifax", "Experian", and "TransUnion") so he wouldn't have any competition, but he figures the guy (Mark Zuckerberg) I wrote about it in an earlier blind item today is not far behind in the technology, but doesn't have an easy way to charge the fee like our rich guy does. The rich guy already charges an annual fee (Amazon). That fee would increase by anywhere from $30-200 per year per person depending on what level of "protection" you want. Sometime in 2021 the average person won't be defined by that three digit score. Instead, added to that will be a history of every website you have searched or visited in the past 60-90 days which might show that your picture is better or worse than that three digit score. If you pay the really high fee, then you have nothing to worry about because it shows you are "safe." The less you pay, the less "safe" you are. If you pay nothing, then good luck to you because you will be under the boot of technology even more. Just wait until you start getting paid with credits rather than actual money. Jeff Bezos/MacKenzie Scott/Lauren Sánchez/Patrick Whitesell/Michael Sanches/"Investopedia"/"Equifax", Experian", TransUnion"/Mark Zuckerberg/"Amazon" (Credit Reports and Scores)

One can always hope this year will be different than in years past, but every year for the past several years, this A list designer is called out for sexual assault and nothing has happened to him yet. Until and unless he gets arrested or goes to jail, his career won't suffer. Alexander Wang (Designer Alexander Wang ACCUSED of sexual assault; Diet Prada calls out celebrity friends for staying quiet)

You can choose to believe that vaccine doses were "discarded," or you can choose to believe the doses were sold by a worker to the CEO of a brewery and his family who are in the same state. Wisconsin (Oops: 500 vaccine doses discarded at Milwaukee-area clinic after being left out of fridge overnight) (List of breweries in Wisconsin)

Much has been said about the huge fall from #1 for the A+ list singer, but it really wasn't as bad as the foreign born former A+ list rapper married to a rapist. That fall was long and hard. Same with the foreign born A list singer who loves the end of the week. Chart manipulation is a beast that gets you at the end. Taylor Swift/Nicki Minaj/The Weeknd (BTS, Taylor Swift And Nicki Minaj: The Biggest Falls From No. 1 On The Hot 100 All Took Place This Year)

This now former Housewife didn't lie when she said there is a double standard when it comes to the producer/late night host and the franchise. He doesn't like to see any happy families in the non-white households. Other Housewives of color also were forced out because their families were normal or well adjusted. It never happens in the white Housewives families. Monique Samuels/"Real Housewives of Potomac"/Andy Cohen/"Watch What Happens Live" (‘Real Housewives Of Potomac’s Monique Samuels Exits After Four Years)

This married former A+ list singer all of you know, bought her girlfriend a new car for Christmas. Alicia Keys

This bike sounding rapper/actor who has been arrested more times than can be counted, needs to be really careful about his participation in the scam that has bilked hundreds if not thousands of people out of $500-1500. It probably violates his probation/parole. The other people involved like the former stripper who was hooked up with the Presidential candidate for a long time is just showing how broke they are to be resorting to scams like this. DMX/Amber Rose/Kanye West

Speaking of scams, this alliterate A list rapper with team owners as friends, is just going to take the financing for a project he and others are receiving and put it in their pockets. Meek Mill/Bob Kraft/Michael Rubin (Meek Mill, Lil Durk, Lil Baby and 21 Savage Are Building Their Own Music Platform) (Sixers Owner Michael Rubin on Meek Mill, Bob Kraft and That Chopper Ride)

It wasn't that long ago that I wrote in this space about the alliterate political sidekick to an A++ lister and how there are sex tapes of her taken by an ex. He recently has been trying to sell them to a big porn production company. From what I knew, there were hidden cameras used, so he wouldn't be able to sell them. The porn company says it hasn't seen the videos yet, but were promised clips last week. Hope Hicks/Donald Trump/Rob Porter

This alliterate foreign born barely there talentless celebrity offspring of permanent A list celebrities, is cheating on his girlfriend. She gets that a lot. Brooklyn Beckham/David and Victoria Beckham/Nicola Peltz (Brooklyn Beckham and Fiancée Nicola Peltz Spent First Christmas After Their Engagement Apart)

321. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 12/29 **10**
This foreign born accused rapist who is loved and supported by this foreign born former A list actress was the mastermind/beneficiary of the disappearance of $300M in bitcoin two years ago. Julian Assange/Pamela Anderson/Quadriga
(Julian Assange: What you need to know about the WikiLeaks founder)

322. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 12/29 **12**
This A+ list singer/host was an angry drunk the day after Christmas. Not sure why that celebrity sticks with him. Blake Shelton/Gwen Stefani

323. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 12/29 **13**
This kneepadding tabloid is taking steps to come down on the side of the A/A- list mostly movie actor accused by multiple women of various forms of abuse. "People" magazine/Shia LaBeouf (Shia LaBeouf and Margaret Qualley Hold Hands on Post-Christmas Hike amid FKA Twigs Lawsuit)

324. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 12/29 **14**
Betrayal - Old Hollywood: Considering she was busking for money during the day and doing threesomes for cash at night with her half-sister (Simone Berteaut), you would think her savior wouldn't be treated so harshly. You would be wrong. Our singer (Édith Piaf) was foreign born (Paris). A+ list. She was a favorite of the mafia because she had grown up with them. She had been involved in illicit activities from almost the time she was born. With her success, the mafia wanted a piece of the action. A taste. The person who gave the singer her big break (Louis Leplée) refused. Did our singer step in and do something about it? Nope. Did our singer participate in the murder of her savior? She didn't pull the trigger, but she made sure the hitman knew where the savior was going to be. The next time she got a savior, he gave some of the action to the mafia. He also changed the singer's name so the public would stop associating her with the murder. Simone Berteaut/Édith Piaf/Paris/Louis Leplée (The light and dark of the legendary Edith Piaf)

It has been 12 hours and already this A+ list mostly movie actor is trying to get this B+ list alliterate actress banned from ever working again after she called out the actor for sexually assaulting her. January Jones/Bruce Willis (January Jones Did A Drunk Instagram Live And Told A Story About Bruce Willis Being Gross)

This A- list preacher's (Cornelius Lindsey) wife (Heather Lindsey) also does preaching herself. She has had number one books. That was the past though. Her message is not sticking today like it did five or six years ago. So, she is running a scam ("Pinky Promise Movement") to try and take as much money from unsuspecting people as possible. Cornelius Lindsey/Heather Lindsey/"Pinky Promise Movement" (The Cult of Heather Lindsey) (Revisiting the Cult of Heather & Cornelius Lindsey)

The A- list actor/sometime singer who recently announced his divorce better really think twice about that insurance fraud he is pulling. Tyrese Gibson ('Black families and marriages are under attack': Tyrese Gibson and second wife Samantha Lee announce their split as he muses being 'raised in broken homes with no examples of what being a husband or father is')

This foreign born A list singer is going to come out as trans and change his pronouns to she/her. Harry Styles (What Harry Styles in a dress tells us about fashion and gender)

This A list mostly movie actor who is known more for his looks than acting, is signing on to shoot a new film. He wants the permanent A list actress already cast in the film replaced. He thinks she is too old to be his love interest and wants someone who will actually sleep with him. Channing Tatum/Sandra Bullock/"The Lost City of D" (‘The Lost City of D’: Channing Tatum Joins Sandra Bullock In Paramount Film)

Interesting that Kneepads has taken the side of the foreign born A- list celebrity in his divorce with the A- list home celebrity. They let him get out his version of events without asking for hers. They also didn't ask him about the relationship he has with his ex which kind of caused this whole thing. "People" magazine/Ant Anstead/Christina El Moussa Anstead/Louise Anstead (Ant Anstead on Split from Wife Christina: 'I Think Everybody Knows This Was Not My Decision') (Christina Anstead's husband Ant finally reunites with his children in the UK after months apart due to COVID-19 restrictions)

This foreign born former A- list actress who made her fame on a pay cable show is having to downsize because she is having a tough time getting high paying work. Emilia Clarke/"Game of Thrones" (Game of Thrones star Emilia Clarke sells Venice Beach home for $4.4M... after listing it in August for $5M)

This really bad actress (Louise Linton) who never changed her acting name when she got married to a producer/financier/serial casting coucher (Steven Mnuchin) all of you know, knows he will be back in the film business in a few weeks and has been trying to line up some roles for herself or a movie to produce. The word is out to not work with her though because her husband has got a new wife on the line who is half the age of his current wife. Louise Linton/Steven Mnuchin

That sure did look like the husband of the three named celebrity who has children with multiple A listers. Nothing wrong with the husband hanging out with his wife. Except for one tiny detail. She was out of the country on that little French island. Isn't he on bail? Is he allowed to leave the country? Tim Leissner/Kimora Lee Simmons/St. Bart’s (Kimora Lee Simmons Kicks Back in St. Bart's, Plus Kyle Richards, Eiza Gonzalez and More) (Goldman Sachs star Tim Leissner ends 2 year 1MDB saga with bank getting $2 Billion punch in the face) (1Malaysia Development Berhad scandal)

334. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 12/30 **10**
Judging by the nature of the being single announcement by the celebrity offspring, she finally realized the A list actor with the athlete sounding name she took home for Thanksgiving was taking a lot of women back to his home, and it wasn't for turkey. Lori Harvey/Michael B. Jordan (‘She Meant Which One’: Fans Ask Lori Harvey to Post Her Alleged New Boo During Post a Pic Challenge and She Posts Symbolic Snapshot Instead)

335. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 12/30 **11**
This Housewife is going full on in her ignorance game. Oh, and thinks she is being cute by "giving away" a lot of personal possessions and what they do with them, she has no control over their actions. Erika Jayne/"Real Housewives of Beverly Hills" (Erika Jayne plans to address her divorce from husband Tom Girardi on season 11 of RHOBH and 'she's not going to hold back')

336. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 12/30 **12**
When this singer turned reality star on multiple shows/host crashes and burns with her latest boyfriend, I fear for not only her safety, but the safety of her offspring. This is far too soon. Tamar Braxton

337. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 12/30 **13**
This married foreign born actor (Nikolaj Coster-Waldau) is A-/B+ list. Like an earlier blind item, he also made his fame from a pay cable show ("Game of Thrones"). He has been in this space multiple times because of his ongoing cat and mouse game with a former co-star/mistress (Gwendoline Christie). Our actor's wife (Nukaaka Coster-Waldau) tries hard on social media to show they are still together and still in love, but he did stay away from her for months on end while she got her biggest television/fame break. He barely paid lip service to supporting her in her efforts or against online trolls who criticized her looks. Nikolaj Coster-Waldau/"Game of Thrones"/Gwendoline Christie/Nukaaka Coster-Waldau (Nukâka Coster-Waldau after Wild with Dance finale: Thank you very much)

338. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 12/30 **14**
He Killed The Show - Old Hollywood: I am calling it Old Hollywood, but the subject of the blind is still alive. Very old, but alive. I always say the first rule of Hollywood is to never leave a hit show. This actor/singer (George Maharis) was one of the first to do it and when he left, the show ("Route 66") didn't have a chance, and crashed and burned the next year. He will say he left the show because he was sick. Yes, sick from drinking too much, but that isn't the reason. The reason was that he knew, that despite him being the second lead (Martin Milner), he was the star of the show. People watched because of him. He wanted a raise that would have made him the highest paid actor of the time, whether in movies or television. The name of the show is also memorialized in song ("(Get Your Kicks on) Route 66"). The producers of the show thought he was bluffing. He wasn't. They thought they could be a hit without him. They were wrong. It limped through the one season without him. They tried to get him to come back during that final season, but he asked for even more money than before, because he knew they were desperate. Not desperate enough to pay him his fee though. So, what happened to our actor? He never had another hit. He worked and worked, but no hits. George Maharis/"Route 66"/Martin Milner/"(Get Your Kicks on) Route 66" (George Maharis arrested in men’s room)

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