NOTE: Guesses in italics are only guesses;
guesses in RED are a link to the solution or substantial clues.


1. POPBITCH 06/01
(British blog)
Which TV heart-throb was pissed enough at a party recently to let slip that he'd shagged his on-screen wife off-screen too?
Aidan Turner/Eleanor Tomlinson ("Poldark")

2. MR. X 06/01
It wasn’t rape that caused this A+ list soccer star to write a big check to a woman. It was because she had a tape of him having sex with another man. She was in the room when it happened and was holding the phone. Cristiano Ronaldo

This A- list Academy Award winning actress has been engaged at least four times the past couple of years. Hey, at least they all haven’t gone the distance to marriage. Apparently though, there is one secret wedding in there somewhere. Hilary Swank

A restroom in the Beverly Center is where you will find this married, openly gay actor and his lover every other day or so. They hook up in the bathroom for 20 minutes before our actor goes on his way. This sounds like a money changing hands kind of thing. Matt Bomer (Simon Halls)

If you want to call giving someone a bunch of cash every week dating, then yes, this A- list reality star all of you know is dating someone. It is the same way he started dating the last person he was with. That turned out well. Rob Kardashian/Mehgan James ("Basketball Wives LA")

This whole newfound popularity is really working against this A- list mostly television actress in a very hit almost television show. Message boards are filled with people discovering for the first time she is basically living her show and are really turning against her. Elisabeth Moss (Scientology) ("The Handmaid's Tale")

She used to be A list solo and in a group but now needs that group to be A list. Anyway, our closeted singer brought her female lover for her new long term television gig but left her husband far far away. Kelly Rowland ("The Voice Australia")

After bombing here in the US the last few times out, this A-/B+ list mostly television actor you all know had to go overseas to find television work. The oft married, often cheating actor hooked up with a waitress earlier this week. He never changes. His wife probably knows that already though. Don Johnson ("Sick Note")

This still way under age B+ list celebrity/singer/offspring is still hooking up with her bodyguard who travels with her everywhere alone. Noah Cyrus; Willow Smith

This AZ list reality star/out of control momager needs rehab. She won’t go of course so her drinking will just continue to get worse. Kris Jenner

This foreign born A-/B+ list mostly movie actress who is an Academy Award winner/nominee was going to pass on a movie because it would keep her from her celebrity husband too long. Then, she saw a cellphone video of him having sex with groupies on multiple nights and signed on to the movie. Carey Mulligan/Marcus Mumford ("On the Other Side: 23 Days With the Vietcong")

12. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 06/01 **#10**
This foreign born A- list mostly television actress is not going to make the producers of her network show start liking her again when they see what she did to her lips and face while visiting what she said was the best plastic surgeon in the world. It looks atrocious and nothing like she did at the end of last season. Priyanka Chopra ("Quantico")

13. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 06/01 **#11**
Pretty tough to give up drugs when you bring your drug dealer with you everywhere you go. This foreign born former boy bander will be the first to die from that group. I’m actually surprised he ever leaves his house. Zayn Malik

14. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 06/01 **#12**
#1 – One of the spies at a BBMA after party thought this talk show host was all over a guy who was all over her and was pretty sure it was not the talk show host’s husband. They weren’t sure though so, I let it go. Fast forward to a couple of days ago and there she was coming out of a hotel suite at the Four Seasons. The one on Doheny. The suite was registered to a guy who listed Las Vegas as his address so, apparently he was willing to travel for sex.

#2 – The wife of the singer had access to his Twitter page. So, yes, it was her writing all of those syrupy Tweets supposedly to her from her husband. Puts things in a whole different light. Vicky Karayiannis/Chris Cornell

#3 – The winner of this annual Playboy competition uses the platform as a way to charge customers higher fees. Her favorite way to meet new customers for her services is at fan conventions. She says she knows they aren’t police and they are always willing to pay double or triple what a regular client would pay. Dani Mathers

15. MR. X 06/02
It took awhile, but that wacky religion finally got payback against the now career dead comic thanks to their photographer church member. The comic has long been a SP. Kathy Griffin/Tyler Shields/Scientology

This B+ list mostly movie actress who has not had much luck in front of the camera since her long running network dramedy went off the air several years ago left her husband alone for the first time in a long time so she could shoot. It took him a day before he called that commercial actress/bikini model he has hooked up with before. Eva Longoria ("Overboard")/José Bastón/Charlotte McKinney

She is probably retired from what made her an A lister. No matter. This A- list celebrity wanted to be an actress anyway. She is awful though and no one would hire her other than to play herself. So, she is trying hosting. Apparently that is not going much better but she has a guaranteed contract so she will stay on the show. At this rate though, they will use her as little as possible. Ronda Rousey ("Battle of the Network Stars")

This five person group which is now down to four is really close to being down to three because one of the members is about to be fired for her drug use. "Fifth Harmony"

This former A+ list mostly movie actor who is doing a completely different kind of project. He also says that he has started a spiritual retreat at his compound. All he has are four Thai women who used to work at a rub and tug who now rotate servicing him. Jim Carrey

Our favorite foreign born former A- list mostly television actress from back in the day turned drug addicted mess loves being recognized UNLESS she is talking to her drug dealer and then she freaks out. She has been known to drag him to bathrooms and lock or barricade the door until she is finished meeting with him. Mischa Barton

This seemingly always drunk always commando former A- list mostly television actor turned B+ list mostly movie actor was crudely hitting on this foreign born A- list mostly movie actress who no longer has her franchise to fall back on. She was not enjoying the attention. Jon Hamm/Kate Beckinsale ("Underworld") (a few days after this blind, it was said to be flirting by tabloids. That is not how she put it)

Way way back in the day this actor was A list. Had his own superhero type show. Other than that he has not done much. It was around that time he starred in a bunch of movies that used to be a staple of late night pay cable and he had a frequent actress co-star. She is married to a rocker now. She and our actor have been rekindling their onscreen passion, but in real life. William Katt ("The Greatest American Hero")/Shannon Tweed (Gene Simmons)/"Last Call"

Probably should have used a less noticeable way to to do this, but this A- list mostly television actress with two hit shows under the same entertainment umbrella deposited $100K into her boyfriend’s bank account earlier this week. They went to the bank together and he deposited the $100K check from her into his account. Ariel Winter ("Modern Family" and "Sofia the First")/Levi Meaden

Interesting. Back in the day this foreign born A+ list singer used to hook up with this married male A+ list rapper. The thing is, she is primarily into women these days. One of the things she loves doing is finding women for her former lover. Like last night. She brought several women to an event and he chose which one he wanted to hook up with for the night. Rhianna/Jay Z
 (The Los Angeles Clippers Game)

25. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 06/02 **#10**
Don’t believe the hype. To distract from her disaster of a personal life, this B+ list mostly movie actress from an acting family tried to share with the world a bunch of do gooder charity things she recently did. Forget all that. This is a person who should probably have "let them eat cake" tattooed on her body. She could give a f**k about anyone and is only in everything for herself. Rooney Mara or Kate Mara (The Humane Society of the United States aid to abandoned chimpanzees in West African country Liberia)

26. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 06/02 **#11**
Going a little old school Four For Friday. One blind, but four items. Earlier this week I saw this actor got promoted on his show and I am really happy for the guy. He has fought his way back and it is a great show and a hit, so good for him. Back in the day he (#1) was on this network show. He had come over from movies. Thought he was Mr. Movie Star. Just like that too, with caps. The thing is though, he was a crazy drunk. When I would go out with him, it would nearly kill me and, as you may know, I like to drink a lot. He is one of those drinkers that could chug a half liter of vodka at a time. Not over the course of an evening, but just pick it up and chug it. He liked to get his drunk on quickly sometimes. With no movies calling his name he landed the lead in a network show. It was a really good network show (#2). Yes, it didn’t make it through the season, but it was good. Fans tried like crazy to get it back on the air. They used actual snail mail to make their point because each fan enclosed something to the network honchos. Anyway, one of the reasons the network didn’t want it to continue was because of our actor. The drinking was out of control and there was a scandal brewing with his co-star. She had been daytime (#3) on the network and the network brass loved her (#4). A lot. This was their gift to her. Her big break. Then she met our actor. Both our actor and actress were married, but not to each other. This didn’t stop them. They started hooking up almost from day one and didn’t stop until the show ended. It wasn’t like a once a week thing. I mean, when they were on set and not filming, they were having sex, and in the case of our actor, drinking. He would then cajole our actress to have something to drink. She would usually pass out. It was the biggest mess. The network wanted them both gone. Our actress never really recovered. The last couple of years have been ok for her, but she was going places and that show. She probably wishes she had not done it.

#1: Skeet Ulrich ("Riverdale")
#2: "Jericho"
#3: "The Young and the Restless"
#4: April Parker-Jones

I guess she is a B+ list actress. Most of you know who she is. Weekly tabloid readers? Not so much. Anyway, she works fairly steadily but most of us know her for her other income opportunities. Apparently those are very lucrative as she seeks out a new long term income source. She is filming a movie out of the country but made it part of her deal, that she only works Tue-Thu and they have to pay to fly her back and forth to LA every weekend.
Olivia Munn

Continuing the theme of companionship for hire, this former almost A- list mostly movie actress has once again lost out on the big fish she was hoping for early last month. Instead, she is back in her adopted country hooking up with men who could almost be her grandfather. Linday Lohan (from Cannes to London)

I never thought I would see it happen. The last time I know it happened was over five years ago. It was the first time I personally saw this B list mostly television actress who is an alliteration go an entire night out without drinking. Six hours straight of water. No beer. She didn’t even look tempted. You can’t ask her if she is sober now because that is rude. In LA, people bring it up on their own and everyone wants to ask, but won’t. You do try and give compliments like you are so thin. Or, you look amazing what’s your secret. At that point, if your use has been open in the past you say something like I am on a cleanse and not boozing for a week or a month or you say I have given up booze which means you have gone sober. Our actress didn’t take the bait for any of those questions. January Jones ("Mad Men")

One half of that famous male duo what was on this very hit very long running network show which they have both since left is headed towards singledom again. His wife was talking last night about how they have been spending time apart because it is best for their kid(s). Eric Dane "Dr. McSteamy" on "Grey’s Anatomy")

This former tweener actress turned adult B+ list singer/host/frequent talk show guest has been using her army of followers to get revenge on this comedian/comic actress who has made the former tweener’s life a living hell in the past. Demi Lovato/Kathy Griffin

The singer’s wife is making a money grab because the money train has come to a complete stop and an adviser told her if she makes a lot of noise she might get a quick check. Vicky Karayiannis Cornell (Chris Cornell)

33. MR. X 06/04 **#1**
This late night cable talk show host is using the events of this past week to try and insert himself in as host of this annual program. He wants to do it solo. Andy Cohen (CNN New Year’s Eve show with Anderson Cooper, after Kathy Griffin was fired)

34. MR. X 06/04 **#2**
This A+ list comedian who is permanently A list split with his girlfriend after he had sex with this married A+ list reality star. Our comic has now entered the gates of hell and is being manipulated so he will come on to their roster of death to replace the one real A lister they had before he became a zombie. Chris Rock/La La Anthony (Kim Kardashian is pushing her to consider Chris’ offer and enjoy herself)

35. TMZ 06/05
Khloe Kardashian says she's the victim of theft and betrayal by her former friend whom Khloe considered part of her family. Khloe took to Twitter over the weekend shedding some light on the incident and asking followers, "What would you do if you found out a friend was stealing from you?" Khloe hasn't yet filed a lawsuit or police report, but, sources close to the situation tell us she's already talked to her lawyers, claiming the friend charged tens of thousands of dollars in designer clothes to Khloe's credit card ... clothes that didn't end up in her closet. We're also told Khloe believes high-end designers sent her all sorts of stuff but the friend never turned it over to her. In all, Khloe believes a small fortune was taken. We're told Khloe's mulling over a lawsuit but hasn't decided yet. Her friends are urging her not to sue, because it will ruin the friend's career. We reached out to the friend for comment ... so far, no word back. Monica Rose

Why yes, that was this foreign born A- list mostly television actress from a one more season network show orally servicing a guy in a catering tent this weekend. Why yes, they had only met a few hours and yes, our actress was sloppy drunk. Priyanka Chopra ("Quantico")/The Tenth Annual Veuve Clicquot Polo Classic

She doesn’t believe any of her friends who tell her, but they keep telling this A- list mostly movie actress with multiple Academy Award wins/nominations that her husband is hooking up with a much younger woman than our actress. Reese Witherspoon

This closeted A+ list singer wants the world to think she has a boyfriend. What she doesn’t want the world to know is that for the past few nights this foreign born A-/B+ list female singer has been sharing her bed. Taylor Swift (Joe Alwyn)

Do you think this A- list mostly television actress from an acting family who has been acting almost her whole life who all of you know has any idea her barely legal daughter is known for bringing the best coke to parties. Candace Cameron Bure ("Full House")/Natasha Valerievna Bure

This A+ list mostly movie actress tries to attend church every week with her family. Apparently this year back in January she vowed to attend every week. To make it more enticing for her to go, she made a deal with herself. Every week she goes she writes a check to the church for $5000. If she misses though, then the next week she pays $10,000. Every week after that it starts to double. There was a point earlier this year when she was filming and when she came back she ended up writing a check for $320,000. Reese Witherspoon

Why yes, that was this celebrity offspring of barely there celebrities who is probably a bigger deal than her parents dope sick yesterday at brunch. It was not a pleasant sight. Hailey Baldwin (Stephen Baldwin and Kennya Baldwin)

Every single weekend this married former naked celebrity turned reality star flies to Vegas without her family to make money as a companion to men. It used to be a once every few months thing, but now has turned into her regular job. Kendra Wilkinson

This is a first. This A+ list reality star who hopefully with every ounce of my being will not have a show next season was threatened with a restraining order by her ex’s attorneys because she would not leave him alone. I wonder if her current boyfriend who she professes nonstop love for knows about her efforts to get back with her ex who is, not was in the same profession. Khloé Kardashian (Tristan Thompson)/French Montana

Well, at least filming for the third season has wrapped on this Disney show because the executives would probably not like the fact their one named lead got her nipples pierced. Zendaya ("K.C. Undercover")

45. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 06/05 **#10**
Going to that huge Game Of Thrones convention this summer? Wondering how come some of the big names will not be there? Their agent has been banned from all conventions run by the promoters because of his horrible behavior at the conventions the past couple of years. "Con of Thrones" in Nashville, TN

46. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 06/05 **#11**
She is a mess physically but even she knows she needs some good publicity. So, there she was this weekend, dazed and confused but posing for as many paps in as many situations as she could talk her husband into doing. I do wonder sometimes what this singer has over her husband to keep up this marriage charade. Fergie/Josh Duhamel

47. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 06/05 **#12**
Short, but very juicy. The foreign born lead singer of this former A+ list hair band from the 80’s has transitioned from a man to a woman. Basically only the band and family and management know. The decision was made by the singer to keep her transition secret for the next year until the band calls it quits.
Joe Elliott ("Def Leppard")

The parents of this still barely a teen B+ list mostly television actress only allow her 30 minutes of free time every four hours. They want their money train working as much as possible. Millie Bobby Brown ("Stranger Things")

This foreign born A list celebrity who is one half of an A list celebrity couple has been having nonstop tearful conversations with her husband. It sounds like the day is coming very soon when they announce their split. Victoria and David Beckham

This married closeted singer was A+ list not that long ago. Now, if not for her tv show appearances, she would be close to dropping from the B+ list range. Anyway, over the weekend she went after this A list reality star hard and would not stop hitting on her. It was unsuccessful. Alicia Keys/Kendall Jenner (Veuve Clicquot Polo Classic)

This A- list mostly television actor from a hit cable show is an Emmy winner/nominee. He was popping pills like candy the other night at an event. He likes to keep himself very medicated. Rami Malek (Panel And Reception For USA's "Mr. Robot")

Barely legal, this one named singer not named Zendaya and no one having anything to do with Disney is a Grammy Award winner/nominee. She is also a huge cokehead. Daya

Pretty tough for this celebrity offspring who happens to used to be a B+ list actress with A- list name recognition to get work. One project all of this year and one project last year. Her reputation for hooking up with married men is causing her to lack of work. Of course the guys she is hooking up with suffer not similar fate. Kate Hudson

This former A list "singer" turned not any kind of singer at all turned reality judge is desperate for cash. Hard to believe she has burned through all the money she has made the past decade, but she has. She really wants to be on that Idol reboot. Paula Abdul (aaaaand she didn't get the job)

It appears that this A- list news anchor/reporter used some of her time off between jobs to get some really bad plastic surgery. Megyn Kelly

CFDA FASHION AWARDS: I think it was just a day or two ago that I wrote about the celebrity offspring/wannabe model and her drug issues. Last night, she could barely even function. Hailey Baldwin

57. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 06/06 **#10**
CFDA FASHION AWARDS: She had a thing. He had a thing. But before each had their thing they were in town together without their respective spouses so they do what they do and hooked up for a few hours. The A- list network actress didn’t have time for most of her stylist team because of how late she was with her co-star. Kerry Washington/Tony Goldwyn

58. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 06/06 **#11**
CFDA FASHION AWARDS: The always pale married B+ list mostly movie actress got a breast enlargement. Nothing wrong with that, but she is so thin and so tiny that they don’t look anything close to real. I think she thought that too so she also got some cheek fillers and some limp plumping to make her look more curvy. She is even trying to eat more so she definitely looks more healthy than her normal ghost like appearance. Kate Bosworth

59. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 06/06 **#12**
CFDA FASHION AWARDS: Lots of talk and buzz last night that this fired creative director had a ton of information about her old boss. She sent it to certain people and then wham, the boss was fired too. Jenna Lyons
 (Mickey Drexler J.Crew CEO)

60. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 06/06 **#13**
CFDA FASHION AWARDS: No sign of the married executive this A- list mostly television actress from a barely renewed network show calls her boyfriend. Even though he is married, they are not shy about being with each other in public because his wife lives outside the US. Jaimie Alexander ("Blindspot")

61. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 06/06 **#14**
#1 – This horror star of the 70’s is back on a wide variety of pills, some prescribed and some not and is mixing them with booze. Not a great idea. Linda Blair ("The Exorcist")

#2 – This former A+ list mostly movie actor who disappeared for a couple of decades before coming back and starring in a hit cable show is desperate for funds because he is paying off a woman he sexually assaulted. Christian Slater ("Mr. Robot")

#3 – Kindness – She must have almost 200 credits to her name and she has had a regular role over the past two seasons on this superhero show. All of you know her from an iconic show and her appearances where she failed to wear a certain item of clothing. Our actress is one of the few that I know who still answers her own fan mail and actually sends back photos with a real signature to anyone who asks. Because she has been in so many things, she gets hundreds of requests a week and fulfills them all. Brenda Strong ("Supergirl") (Sue Ellen Mischke "the bra-less wonder" on "Seinfeld")

62. MR. X 06/07
This A list mostly movie actor who is an Academy Award winner/nominee and from an acting family was told to shut up recently when the actor said he got his latest spokesperson job by sleeping with the creative director of this American accessories company. James Franco ("Coach" men’s fragrance)/Stuart Vevers

This A-/B+ list rapper is closeted. He is also HIV+. It is going to be really interesting to see if he follows through on marrying the woman he calls his girlfriend. Gucci Mane/Keyshia Ka'oir

This B+ list comic/host/former network reality star has almost A list name recognition. He is on a booze and pill spiral and needs rehab but thinks he will look bad in the eyes of the world and also lose a bunch of money if he goes. Nick Cannon

This A- list model with the rhyming name who is a former reality host has been getting less modeling work because of her breast enlargement. After she gave birth, she decided she liked the larger size better but designers think she has lost the right look for runway. Coco Rocha

This A+ list mostly movie actor broke up with this foreign born model/beard quite some time ago. Apparently though he still obsesses over who she is dating or who he sees pictures of her with during nights out. He tries to sabotage every relationship with men she enters into. She is not sure why he is doing it since he never had sex with her the entire time they went out and has moved on to someone else a long time ago. Bradley Cooper (Irina Shayk)/Suki Waterhouse (Diego Luna, James Marsden, Nat Wolff, Richard Madden)

This A- list celebrity who has a famous ex she probably wishes she was not connected to, went to a party last night. She said it was the first time she went out in months and prefers to hide in her apartment because of the stares she gets when she goes out and the paps who follow her everywhere. Monica Lewinsky (Bill Clinton)

This celebrity offspring of a permanent A list celebrity went to an event solo the other night. 99% of the time her celebrity parent is with her. She is barely legal but was literally being drooled on by a bunch of old guys who hit up the event every year looking for yachters. She is not going to be one of those people. Her dad would though. Sailor Brinkley-Cook (Christie Brinkley/Peter Cook)

This former PLL actress not named Ashley Benson needs nose reconstruction because of all the coke she does.

Apparently this now reclusive A+ list singer was ticked off at the group she helped make famous for posing for photos the other night with the singer’s former "bff." Taylor Swift ("Haim" and Karlie Kloss)

I wouldn’t hold your breath to ever see labor room photos or any kind of photos showing the pregnancy of this A list couple (not Beyonce & Jay Z) because they used a surrogate. Not sure why they didn’t just admit to it. George and Amal Clooney

72. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 06/07 **#10**
It wouldn’t shock me at all to see some texts mysteriously leaked this week where this embattled/wrong/should have at least been suspended, A list talk show host which show the host being asked to trade money for sex from one of his exes and that she can bring friends with her too for an extra fee. Bill Maher/Coco Johnsen

73. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 06/07 **#11**
This foreign born A-/B+ list singer/judge/multi hyphenate has multiple nannies including overnight nannies which is a good thing because our singer is not in any kind of condition when night rolls around to take care of the baby. Cheryl Ann Tweedy-Cole-Fernandez-Versini/Liam Payne

74. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 06/07 **#12**
When you think of this permanent A list singer from a permanent A list group, you think of him being a pretty nice guy. You would never suspect that he has walked away from two overdoses and not done anything about it. The first happened several decades ago. He was using heroin. The band had played a show and he was with a groupie at her house. They had bought some heroin from a dealer friend of hers. According to the former tour manager, he got a knock on his hotel room door from the singer. It was about 6am and the singer said he woke up next to the woman and he realized she was dead. Our singer didn’t know what to do so got up from the bed and got dressed and then left the house. No one, not even the tour manager ever called the police to report the body. Fast forward to the late 90’s and it happened again. This time it happened in his hotel room while he was on tour. According to the tour manager, who found out later, the singer called the promoter of all of the international shows and told him what happened. The promoter told the singer to get his stuff and get out of the room and the promoter would take care of it. The promoter told the singer later that night in front of the tour manager that it had all been taken care of and that is the last anyone ever talked about it. Steven Tyler or Joe Perry ("Aerosmith"); Anthony Kiedis ("Red Hot Chili Peppers")

CMT AWARDS: Flying into town, this actress expected her A list singer husband to pick her up at the airport. When she saw his assistant there to pick her up, our actress went off. She knows he is using again even though he promised to stop. Nicole Kidman/Keith Urban

CMT AWARDS: This married former reality star turned B+ list singer turned wannabe full-time reality star had no problems sharing the fact she hit the casting couch hard to try and land this network reality job to which she is uniquely suited. Kellie Pickler ("American Idol")

CMT AWARDS: Surprising a whole lot of people, this closeted married B+ list actress brought her female lover to the show. Not the red carpet and not in front of the stage, but did allow her to hang out backstage. Jada Pinkett Smith

CMT AWARDS: The drinking was strong with this former reality star turned A list singer. I think she thinks that if she smokes a cigarette and pops a breath mint and sprays some of that perfume she wears that no one will feel the waves of booze coming off her body. Miranda Lambert (perfume: Dolce and Gabbana Light Blue and Michael Kors)

CMT AWARDS: Want to know why this A-/B+ list singer was a no show to the awards? Although fans expected her to be there she told producers there was no way she was going to be there and no way she was going to sing the song they wanted her to sing because that married B+ list singer went a little too far hitting on her last time they were together. Maren Morris/Thomas Rhett

CMT AWARDS: This A list group does their best to cover the sexuality of a male member. At one point he had talked about coming out but changed his mind after a homophobic rant directed at him by the A list singer/a-hole with two first names.
A list singer/a-hole: Toby Keith

CMT AWARDS: This singer is probably B- list. I might be generous. Former failed reality star. Barely even a reality star really. Blink and you would have missed her. Her career is floundering singing wise. She has a future doing something else, but might have blown her chance by cornering producers and songwriters about her own singing career instead of cornering singers and asking them questions.

CMT AWARDS: This very tan B+ reality star thought she found true love. I don’t think she still really knows that the athlete she thought would be her husband is closeted. Their relationship lasted about as long as it took for him to suggest the first time they have sex include his "best friend" for a threesome. Savannah Chrisley (Chandler Parsons)

CMT AWARDS: This B list singer has managed to crack the top 10 with a single and a record. He is married and has been for awhile now. He showed no shamed on hitting on woman after woman with his wife not more than a few feet away.

84. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 06/08 **#10**
CMT AWARDS: (KINDNESS) This B- list singer you probably have never heard of changed her stage name after her career had started. She has had some middling success. Last night she got a group of fans she had met at her show the day before into an after party. They have been fans since the beginning and the singer wanted to do something special for them.

85. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 06/08 **#11**
CMT AWARDS: This former network reality winner turned B list singer is about to be dropped by her label. The coke use probably doesn’t help her cause. Danielle Bradbery ("The Voice" in 2013)

86. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 06/08 **#12**
CMT AWARDS: I’m surprised this B list dual threat actress has been able to keep it quiet that she is sleeping with the actor who plays her dad on their cable show. Madison Iseman/Billy Ray Cyrus ("Still the King")

87. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 06/08 **#13**
#1 – This foreign born B+ list mostly movie actress has two franchises going for her right now. In a one off television appearance in her home country, our closeted actress met and started a relationship with an unknown actress. It has been a nasty split though and the PR people for the actress are scrambling. Sofia Boutella ("The Mummy" and "Star Trek Beyond")

#2 – Apparently Coke Mom has traded in coke for prescription pills. I don’t know how filming is going for her, but on a recent red carpet, she was thisclose to falling asleep. Debra Messing ("Nightcap" Season 2 New York Premiere Party)

#3 – This celebrity offspring wannabe full-time model got into a fight with one of her bff who is part of a family of barely there reality stars/wannabe models. Reason? Our offspring of an actor was working her game with a young, rich producer and he kept flirting with the bff. Hailey Baldwin/Bella Hadid

This former television vampire hooked up with the married host of a recent show on which she appeared. Kat Graham ("The Vampire Diaries")/Mario Lopez

This A+ list mostly movie actor was never more grateful to have a new movie opening so he wouldn’t have to talk about the horrible movie that he stars in and was released last month. He barely even tried in his promotional efforts or that movie, but even that little bit was too much. He hates the movie. Brad Pitt

This A list singer talks a good game about being faithful to his wife now after years of cheating, but he is still sexting lots of other women. Ozzy Osbourne (Sharon)

Because of what she would be wearing, it was touch and go whether this foreign born A- list mostly movie actress would be able to make a paid appearance for a company. Her foreign born ZA- list mostly television actor boyfriend had left a lot of bruises on her upper body.

This foreign born alliterate A- list Victoria’s Secret model gets cheated on every second she is away from her boyfriend but she just says it is part of the deal and that she accepts it. Alessandra Ambrosio/Jamie Mazur; Shanina Shaik/DJ Ruckus; Sara Sampaio/Oliver Ripley

This alliterate A- list mostly television actress from a hit network show is trying to use her power again on the show to force out an actress co-star who she thinks is getting too popular. Mandy Moore (Chrissy Metz - "This Is Us")

This tool of an actor who is probably B+ list and can be seen on almost television show is married. Did I mention he is a tool? He has one of the worst reputations in Hollywood and didn’t do anything to change it the other night when a woman turned down his advances and he called her a c**t. Danny Masterson/Bijou Phillips ("The Ranch") ("CMT Awards")

This A list country singer must read about her drinking issues and has decided to hide them by making it look like she is drinking non alcoholic beverages all day and night. She isn’t. Miranda Lambert

The drugs and the stress and the hiding deep in the closet seem to be getting to this lapdog/reality star who has been manic the past few weeks. As he has become more difficult, his business has been drying up. Jonathan Cheban (Kim Kardashian’s bff)

97. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 06/09 **#10**
Out of her f**king mind on drugs was the most gentle thing said about this one named singer who has gone from A list solo and in a group to being an aging middling solo artist who thinks she is better than she is at an event yesterday. Fergie (Moschino Spring/Summer 18 Menswear And Women's Resort Collection)

98. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 06/09 **#11**
This one hit wonder/celebrity offspring got busted cheating on his girlfriend while they were on vacation together. He thought she passed out so he had sex with their threesome partner. He blamed it on booze. Robin Thicke/April Love Geary

99. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 06/09 **#12**
At one point in time, the subject of this blind was A list. In some circles, she still is, and I think that in her niche, she probably still deserves that designation. Anyway, let’s just call her a former A list entertainer from back in the day, who if you’re a certain age, you’d be familiar with. I’ll call her Ms. C. During the height of her fame, Ms. C was not only very, very famous but also got a lot of attention just because of her unusual role as an entertainer and also because of her attitude. She had lots of attitude that was appealing in a bad-girl sort of way. Ms. C’s trajectory to fame was not an easy one though. Her family background was very unstable and included abuse. Not a very happy situation to grow up in at all. As a result of all that, Ms. C was an awkward misfit who had a lot of problems as a kid. Music and acting provided healthy escapes for her, and in particular she was very classically talented in music at a young age. No one would have ever guessed she’d end up as famous as she was, especially in her particular genre, but she did. Many of her talents were self taught and were distinctive and unique. Ms. C’s rise to fame was actually the result of a bunch of lucky breaks and connections for her. She was in the right places at the right times and made connections with like-minded people who understood her quirks and saw her potential. Once she’d made those connections, the fame for her and the others in her circle happened fairly quickly. Probably too quickly. This was one of those moments in time that special and talented people are often able to step into. Once she was on board the fame train, it took off- way, way too fast. The problem with Ms. C is that she was fundamentally uncomfortable being a public figure. She hated being interviewed, hating doing promotional work, hated all of the schmoozing that often is required when you become a famous person. To cope with these situations, as is the case a lot, she began using drugs and alcohol to calm her anxiety. Her fellow entertainers were very tolerant about this, since they understood her true nature and they put up with Ms. C’s using because they understood it helped her deal with the demands that were being placed on her. They probably did that for longer than they should have though, but they were all pretty young at the time too and were all trying to cope with the crazy stuff that comes with being famous themselves. During this time period, Ms. C also became close to another famous person who was in her sphere. They discovered that they had similar backgrounds and struggled with some of the same social anxieties. I wouldn’t call this a romantic relationship, but they were very, very close. I’ll call him Mr. B. – he and Ms. C. spent a lot of time writing letters to one another (this was before the Internet). They were able to connect since both were basically introverts who had become famous and were uneasy being in the public eye. They would try to meet whenever they were in the same city and shared a passion for stargazing and also poetry and art. As time went on, Ms. C’s substance abuse problems became worse and she was also physically run down from too much work. Stress, substances and overwork had taken a toll. Her fame had also started to wane and it became necessary for her to quit her career for a while because her health was totally breaking down. Mr. B was instrumental in encouraging her to do this, since he was also struggling with some of the same issues himself. When Ms. C left the entertainment business, the break was meant to be temporary, but it pretty much became permanent. She became a recluse with no desire to return to the spotlight. She had also developed some more serious health problems as a result of overwork, and it took a long time to recover from those things. And there was also the ongoing struggle to get off drugs and alcohol. Ms. C was eventually able to get a lot of her health back, but struggled with the addiction issues on and off for years before finally getting sober. Meanwhile, Ms. C and Mr. B had drifted apart and only kept in contact sporadically. She considered him a part of her old life, and because of how ill-suited she was to being famous, she had distanced herself from a lot of her old friends who were still in the public eye. Mr. B had also struggled with sobriety and other issues as well, while his fame continued to grow. Fast forward to a couple of years ago. Ms. C and Mr. B crossed paths at an industry event. Ms. C had only agreed to attend the event because she was invited by old friends and also because her children urged her to go. She still struggled with anxiety, so she was hesitant to attend and only decided to go at the last minute. Ms. C had also recently been receiving therapy for trauma related to a sexual assault by someone in the business in the early part of her career. She had been repressing the memory for years and finally was able to confront it as a trigger for the substance abuse. She was nervous she might see the abuser at this event, so because of that, it was pretty brave for her to decide to go at all. Her old friends were really happy to see her there. Mr. B was also at this event, and Ms. C was able to re-connect with him there. The connection was immediate and it was as if no time had passed at all, even though it had been many years since they’d been pen pals and confidantes. Ms. C and Mr B. stayed in close contact after this event. Since they were both older and wiser now, their friendship deepened and began to turn into something romantic, which was a surprise for both of them. The biggest problem though, was that Mr. B was still struggling with sobriety issues himself- and Ms. C was very serious about her own sobriety. She did not ever want to return to the days of using again. She now had kids to think of and also had built a life away from the business that was happy. Mr. B came to see Ms. C in her city and they had a long talk about their relationship. Although she genuinely loved Mr. B, she had to make it clear that the dealbreaker for her was that he must be sober if they were to have any future together. They made a pact that he would do what was necessary to get his life in order and successfully get clean. Things were looking really good for both of them when something happened that made any future for them as a couple no longer possible. Because of this, Ms. C. is terrified she will be thrust back into the spotlight and will be forced to discuss her relationship with Mr. B. She is very worried that the sexual assault she experienced many years ago could also be exposed as a result.

100. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 06/10 **#1**
This A- list reality star/sex addict/drug addict/alcoholic is trying to close a deal so he has been passing out this celebrity offspring to potential investors. Scott Disick/Sofia Richie

101. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 06/10 **#2**
The husband of this Academy Award winner blew off an annual life event to spend time with his muse/hookup partner. Benjamin Millepied (Natalie Portman‘s birthday)

102. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 06/10 **#3**
This Instagram model/celebrity offspring of a foreign born former A+ lister has every excuse in the world why she is back using drugs on a daily basis. She was always looking for an excuse and now she has it. Chloe Rose Lattanzi (mother Olivia Newton John’s new cancer battle)

103. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 06/10 **#4**
New show coming for this B+ list mostly television actress who is now on her third show in what seems like four years. She would rather do something other than act. Anyway, she was recently out of the country and was very lucky a friend happened to show up at a bar where the actress was having a drink. Some guy had spiked the drink of the actress and the guy would have taken her for sure if the friend had not been there. The police were called but the guy managed to get out of the bar before the police arrived.

Actress: Lea Michele
Former shows: "Glee", "Scream Queens"
New show: "The Mayor"
Friend: Joanna Garcia Swisher
Event: CTV Upfronts in Toronto, Canada

104. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 06/11 **#1**
This A list couple is just the latest in a long line of celebrities to have used this foreign hospital to cover for a surrogacy. The foreign born hyphenated one has also made use of the hospital’s well known secrecy. Cheryl Ann Tweedy-Cole-Fernandez-Versini/Liam Payne

105. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 06/11 **#2**
Our favorite foreign born A+ list soccer player tried as hard as he could, but he finally broke down and was seen in public with his long time boyfriend. Of course, the beard was there too. He had to make some type of concession to his handlers. Cristiano Ronaldo/Badr Hari/Georgina Rodriguez

106. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 06/11 **#3**
The producers of this A list reboot are having some serious second thoughts about the money they paid this A list singer. It has got to the point where they are looking for a way out of the contract because they are worried she is going to crash and burn in a very public way. Katy Perry "American Idol"

107. MR. X 06/11
Don’t believe the hype. This A+ list rapper had to leave the country to meet with some people he could not be seen with in this country or the s**t would have hit the fan. He did come up with a nice cover story though. Jay Z (cover story: meeting Damian 'Jr Gong' Marley, artist-owner of "Tidal" in Jamaica)

108. THE GOSSIP LIFE 06/12
Somebody call Faye Dunaway because she's been usurped. This B list television actress continues to find work for now, but everybody who has the misfortune of crossing her soon comes to the conclusion to that she is an absolute nightmare to deal with. 'She rarely lasts on shows because of her behavior,' says one source. 'Producers end up writing her characters out because she's a horrendous person.' 'It's heartbreaking to read that she's been cast on your show,' whispers another. 'The only silver lining is you'll read about her departure under a year later.' Jennifer Esposito

109. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 06/12 **#1**
This A list mostly movie actress had a big year this year and a lot of it was because of television. The married Academy Award winner/nominee spent the weekend hooking up with one of her long time favorite men. Nicole Kidman (at French Open Men's Final)/Lenny Kravitz (owns home in Paris)

110. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 06/12 **#2**
I think it is fair to say that this B list mostly movie actress has A+ list name recognition who would probably be a B- lister headed to C if not for that name. Never let it be said that the right marriage/partnership can’t help with that. Anyway, she is the best drunk ever. The only time she ever lets go is when she is drunk and when she is out in public it is even better. It is also about the only time you have a chance at getting an autograph or picture too unless she is getting paid. Katie Holmes

111. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 06/12 **#3**
Not everything was out in the open this weekend. That A list singer didn’t let anyone see her doing lines of coke. Katy Perry

112. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 06/12 **#4**
This married A+ list talk show host has a new girlfriend and is acting like their significant other is out of their life for good. Ellen DeGeneres/Portia de Rossi

113. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 06/12 **#5**
There is no way this barely legal foreign born B- list celebrity offspring of a permanent A lister who is not foreign born should be alive after the amount of drugs and booze she did last weekend. It was mind blowing. Lily-Rose Depp

114. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 06/12 **#6**
Apparently things are a little more financially tight for this former television vampire than I thought. Later this month she will be yachting. Well, her former co-star has been making the majority of her income from it for several years. Nina Dobrev/Kat Graham ("The Vampire Diaries")

115. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 06/12 **#7**
This one named singer missed an event at her child’s school because she was too wasted to attend. Fergie

116. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 06/12 **#8**
This very recent SNL actress has no money saved and no job prospects and is now living on a friend’s couch. Vanessa Bayer; Sasheer Zamata

117. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 06/12 **#9**
If you hire this former almost A- list mostly movie actress turned escort for the night, spend your time with her at a hotel. Also, you should be aware that if you fall asleep or take a shower, everything you brought with you, may in fact be stolen by her. Lindsay Lohan

118. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 06/12 **#10**
This former A list tweener actor turned singer?!? is always short of cash. Well, he was. He probably still tells his ex he is. How did he get so flush with cash recently? Got paid off by the guy who made his life so miserable when he was younger. All our actor had to do was stop talking about it. Corey Feldman

119. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 06/12 **11**
Dear Tabloids,
That is not a mystery man getting hot and heavy with the foreign born Star Wars actress on the set of her latest movie. It is her former co-star, who as it happens has a very very long time girlfriend, but managed to find the time to travel to a foreign country and hook up with our actress.
Love & Bacon,
Daisy Ridley/Tom Bateman (Hannah Britland) ("Murder on the Orient Express")

120. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 06/12 **#12**
One drink, already ordered and ready for them when they arrived. This A list celebrity/mogul/host allotted 15 minutes to pap photos to try and convince the world he is straight. He doesn’t even know what to do and his beard had to put on the 15 minute show to make it look even halfway real. Ryan Seacrest/Shayna Taylor

121. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 06/12 **#13**
Everything was going swimmingly with this series. Lots of fans. Considering the platform where it was airing it got ok ratings. People were kind of shocked when the show got canceled, especially considering the owners of the show and where it was airing. The reason? The executive producer of the show found out the barely legal actress on the show who turned him down because she was underage when they met had been hooking up with her love interest on the show from day one when she was underage. They did a very good job of keeping it hidden. When the executive producer found out about it, he demanded, yes demanded the actress have sex with him. When she told him to f**k off, he killed the show. Boom, just like that. Done. He also has basically blackballed the lead actor although when he tried to do the same to the actress she threatened him with a lawsuit and sexual harassment and a million other things. Not only did he back off about the blackballing he wrote her a big check to keep quiet about what happened when she was underage.

The show: "Girl Meets World"
The platform: "The Disney Channel"
The barely-legal, then-underage girl: Sabrina Carpenter (Maya Hart)
The male actor boyfriend: Corey Fogelmanis (Farkle Minkus)

The executive producer: possibly Michael Jacobs

122. THE GOSSIP LIFE 06/13
If you think about stars on drastic weight loss programs in Hollywood -- you would probably think about the countless actresses that are stick thin and frail-looking. Well, today's blind item subject is about an A list actor that is known for occasionally fattening up like a Christmas ham and suddenly losing the weight after a short period of time. "How does he do it?" people wonder. Diet? Fitness? Lots of sex? Sources are talking and they're telling the Gossip Life, "Good old fashioned bulimia." Leonardo DiCaprio

123. MR. X 06/13
What network reality star who is now on a different show than the one he is usually on was all set to come out of the closet this year until the Oscar winning mogul and collector of women told him to stay in the closet because he still wants him to star in the Broadway musical version of that classic movie musical he’s bankrolling (which I’m still confused as to why they’re doing it at all, because it flopped bad in its previous Broadway incarnation several decades ago). Hence the beard/fake girlfriend popping up out of nowhere. l predict he’ll come out by the end of the year.

Reality star: Derek Hough
Shows: "Dancing With the Stars" and "World of Dance"
Mogul: Harvey Weinstein
Broadway show: "Singin’ in the Rain"

Girlfriend: Hayley Erbert

124. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 06/13 **#1**
If you are looking for a reason for that upcoming divorce between the model and the businessman, it is because he could not stop cheating. The same thing happened while they were dating. ElleMcPherson/Jeff Soffer

125. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 06/13 **#2**
He might not be open about his sexuality yet, but this foreign born former A- list mostly movie actor who was really big a decade ago is finally getting work after a several year absence. His long time actress beard had a lot to do with it and a guy he has been seeing for the past year or so. Hayden Christensen/Rachel Bilson

126. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 06/13 **#3**
This one named permanent A- list singer who is closing in on permanent A list status is married. You would never know it though by the way he hits on people or that he never wears his wedding ring. Oh, or that you never see him with his wife. Usher

127. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 06/13 **#4**
At a party this past weekend, a group of actresses and celebrities did a mini intervention of this former reality star turned celebrity who all of you know. They are all concerned that she is starving herself to death and needs treatment for her eating disorder. Nicole Richie (Gwyneth Paltrow’s "In Goop Health" summit)

128. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 06/13 **#5**
This one named female singer took to the stage this past weekend and was high as a kite. Considering she does not get much work right now, and the buzz around town, you would think she would have tried to be 100% sober for this one. Brandy (L.A. Pride Festival)

129. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 06/13 **#6**
This foreign born actress is probably A- list. Each movie she has made has pretty much bombed but she wants to be known for much more than that pay cable show which is ending soon anyway. Her current boyfriend slapped her over the weekend in front of several other people while out of the country. It was during this proper cocktail party where everyone was in formal dress. She left the party with a friend. The whole party was quiet for a minute or two. People couldn’t believe what they had just seen. "Game of Thrones"
Sophie Turner /Joe Jonas; Emilia Clarke; Lena Heady/Pedro Pascal

130. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 06/13 **#7**
This married foreign born A- list mostly television actor from a long running cable show is cheating with his married co-star.

131. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 06/13 **#8**
This former A list mostly television actor from a long running network hit show turned director/B+ list mostly movie actor offered a waitress $5000 to sleep with him while out of the country. When she said no, he had some choice words for her and would definitely make you not want to watch anything he ever does again.

132. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 06/13 **#9**
At a recent wedding, this former network reality star turned B+ list network actress on a fairly hit show was telling everyone there that her co-star, who was present with her was her boyfriend. A week earlier he hadn’t been when she went on a weekend jaunt with the really old record producer. This past weekend when she was out of the country the boyfriend and the record producer were really far from her mind while with a new guy for the weekend. They all think they are the only person she is dating.
Actress: Katharine McPhee
Show: "Scorpion"
Co-star: Elyes Gabel
Record producer: David Foster

133. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 06/13 **#10**
This former daytime actress should have stayed in daytime. She thought she was better than daytime and has barely worked since. One area of work she has been doing lately is the beard for that A- list pay cable actor. One problem with that is now our actress has made some very disparaging comments caught on video and our actor wants nothing to do with her. The actress is doing some PR spinning, but it is not going to save this "relationship." Sam Heughan ("Outlander")/Mackenzie Mauzy ("The Bold and the Beautiful") (her friend were making fun of a homeless/drunk woman)

134. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 06/13 **#11**
This foreign born A- list mostly television actress on that one season left network show should have stayed quiet about that old affair she had that would have brought down an industry if it had been made public when it happened. Now, everyone is going to know that she is the mother of the baby her old partner is raising with his wife. Priyanka Chopra ("Quantico")/Shah Rukh Khan/Gauri Khan (industry: Bollywood)

135. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 06/13 **#12**
This network superhero show has a dilemma. Neither of the people involved is the lead, but they are main cast members. Both are foreign born. After a couple of seasons of beating around the bush, the pair hooked up. Neither of them wanted that because there is one small problem. They don’t get along. At first they did, but now the actor in this actor/actress couple wants to not be stuck in a relationship because he feels it limits his character. The actress found out about it and what began as a professional argument has become much more personal and heated. Elizabeth Henstridge ("Jemma Simmons")/Iain De Caestecker ("Leo Fitz") ("Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.")

Last year, Reese Witherspoon took part in an Entertainment Weekly round-table discussion for leading ladies or multi-hyphenate actresses or something. She told a story of why she decided to start her own production company as a way of producing female-centric movies with good roles for women and good jobs for female directors, producers, etc. Reese basically said that she was sent an awful script for a romantic comedy and there was a "girlfriend part" and she was told that a bunch of different A-list women were chasing this terrible role in a terrible comedy. And that’s when she knew she needed to start her own production company. Reese was rather blatantly talking sh-t about this movie that got made, which is how it became a huge blind item. She ended her story with "And by the way, two Oscar winners did it." We discussed the blind item here. Well, Reese took part in another roundtable discussion, this time for The Hollywood Reporter’s Emmy preview/potential Best Actress nominees. The whole piece was good, albeit long-winded and if you want to see the full THR package, go here. But Reese talked about that awful comedy again, plus she shaded someone else in a blind item.
Blind Item #1: "I started a production company five years ago because I was looking at maybe the worst script I’ve ever read in my entire life and it had two parts for women. I called my agents and said, "This is such a terrible script." They said, "Well, seven women want it so … you’re the only one who’s not vying for the part." And I thought, "God, if this is what we’ve come to, I have to get busy." Because you can either complain about a problem or you can be part of the solution." "A Million Ways to Die in the West" (Charlize Theron and Amanda Seyfried)
Blind Item #2: "I was talking to this very famous actor and I said, "How did you prepare for this role?" He said, "Well, I went into the woods for three weeks and I didn’t talk to anybody." And this person has a lot of kids and is married. And he’s like, "You did the same thing for Wild, right?" I was like, "Uh, no." If I went away for three weeks and no one could call me, everybody would’ve had a mental breakdown. I got on a plane and was shooting within 24 hours. I wish I had prep time. I love the preparation. I love watching and reading and digging deep. Matt Damon "The Martian"; Matthew McConaughey "Mud"

137. THE GOSSIP LIFE 06/14
Yesterday's blind item was about an A list actor that delves into bulimia to rapidly lose weight after gaining and today's blind item follows a similar theme. This A list actor lost a lot of weight for a movie several years ago and unlike the vast majority, he did it in such an unhealthy way that he caused permanent damage to his liver and caused an imbalance in his chemical equilibrium. Christian Bale ("The Machinist")

138. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 06/14 **#1**
This B- list mostly television actress is on a hot cable show. Unless you watch it, you have no idea who she is. She is kind of acting royalty. She is also a method actress which is fine if you are going to do some Oscar worthy film. It is just a pain to everyone on the set of a what is essentially a sitcom though when it takes you ten minutes to get in character and go through a bunch of exercises before every scene when you are shooting multiple scenes. She sometimes even does it before each take. Molly Bernard (Lauren Heller on "Younger")/granddaughter of actor Joseph Bernard, who co-founded the Lee Strasberg Theatre and Film Institute

139. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 06/14 **#2**
Our favorite A- list singer drug addict broke down and wants to know why people keep wanting to talk to her. Umm, maybe because you signed up to do a bazillion interviews to sell a new record. Selena Gomez

140. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 06/14 **#3**
This former A+ list mostly movie actor had a long bumpy ride down to the bottom. He probably settled at B- which is about as low as you can go after being A+ list. After not working for a few years at all because of his issues, he has been doing some good work and finally managed to land a couple lead roles in potential television hits. One of them was supposed to be really big but he and the cast all got caught up in some drinking and using and now no one wants to make the show. Dennis Quaid

141. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 06/14 **#4**
This A list mostly movie actor finally has another franchise and he is going to be milking it for the next decade. He should probably cut back on the drinking if he wants to make it though. Our actor, always known for being quiet just sits in his hotel room while on his current press tour and drinks until he has to be somewhere and then goes back to his room and picks up where he left off. Chris Pine ("Wonder Woman")

142. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 06/14 **#5**
This A- list mostly television actress from a very hit network show used to have something else she was A list at. Anyway, she would throw all her co-stars under the bus in a second if they get in her way. Most of the co-stars think she is wonderful, but not all. Mandy Moore ("This Is Us")

143. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 06/14 **#6**
This B+ list mostly movie actress is now headed to television. She owes a lot to the producer who kept her in a franchise for way longer than she could easily have been killed off or replaced. It kept her name and face out there when she couldn’t get much other work. When she stopped sleeping with him though, she got killed off in a second. Julia Stiles (the "Bourne" series) ("Riviera") (Frank Marshall or Jeffrey M. Weiner produced: "The Bourne Identity"; "The Bourne Supremacy"; "The Bourne Ultimatum" and "Jason Bourne")

144. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 06/14 **#7**
No matter how well the second season of this almost television show does, no one wants to work with the actor on the show any longer. He is fine when he is in the cast of his other almost television shows which are both hits, but when he is the sole star, things are awful.
Will Arnett ("Flaked")

145. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 06/14 **#8**
This foreign born Victoria’s Secret model is A- list for them. Most of you know her but not for her modeling. Apparently after a few day break, she and her actress girlfriend came to terms on how much the model would be given every month by the actress. Stella Maxwell/Kristen Stewart

146. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 06/14 **#9**
The soon to be ex wife of this former A list athlete is being introduced to men by this A list reality star who expects a kickback from every payment the former wife receives. Larsa Pippen (Scottie)/Kourtney Kardashian

147. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 06/14 **#10**
Don’t believe the hype. The only man this east coast Housewife has been seeing behind her husband’s back is the guy from here in LA. When the Housewife wouldn’t commit to coming out west for a show though then the relationship kind of fizzled. However, they still text a lot and she wants to still make it work. Teresa Giudice ("Real Housewives of New Jersey")

148. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 06/14 **#11**
This former A list singer turned movie actress turned reality star turned celebrity was obnoxiously drunk this past weekend. No coke spotted but that doesn’t mean it wasn’t there. Sometimes when certain family members are around she really hides it well. So, she doesn’t have to share. Ashlee or Jessica Simpson

149. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 06/14 **#12**
This one named foreign born singer was a flash in the pan A list singer even though he still has A list name recognition. His most recent girlfriend broke up with him after he got an audience member at the reality show where he works, pregnant. The audience member went backstage after a show and the next thing you know the pair hooked up every day for a couple of weeks. Seal (James Packer’s ex-wife Erica Packer) ("The Voice Australia")

150. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 06/14 **#13**
#1 – Another bodyguard another affair for this married A+ list reality star. Kim Kardashian

#2 – A very good friend of this former B list actress who started as a child turned reality star says she was the middleman so to speak of a financial transaction which saw the former actress put herself out publicly in a place which cannot be good for her career. I hope it was a lot of money. Keshia Knight Pulliam (support for Bill Cosby)

#3 – This way under age Disney actress is probably an A- list tweener. She is hooking up with guys two and three times her age and is desperate for more fame. It is really tough to watch and there doesn’t seem to be anyone there for her. Skai Jackson/Xxxtencion

151. POPBITCH 06/15
(British blog) Which TV actor was so desperate for his interview to end up on the cover of a Sunday magazine that he agreed to jump into the Thames in his tighty whities?
Bertie Carvel

152. THE GOSSIP LIFE 06/15
You may have heard about this A list actor's meltdowns in the past, but there's one that you've definitely not heard of and it's by far his worst. This A list actor was travelling on a transatlantic flight, in first class (of course), when he started freaking out about the plane being hijacked by "aliens" or "goblins" (depending on who you ask) after a loud semi-racist tirade. "He attempted to break open the plane door and flight attendants had to tackle him and take him back to his seat,' whispers a source. Another source speculates the actor was drunk or "high on rocks" at the time, but his agent in LA managed to clear the mess up with a few big fat paydays and a few threats to the airline. Ben Affleck

153. MR. X 06/15 **#1**
This foreign born A list rapper is folding under some serious pressure. She is out right now trying to buy an incredible song because her last few singles have sucked. Her television show was not picked up and no talent shows want to hire her because she is a pain. If she doesn’t come up with something soon, her label is going to drop her. Nicki Minaj ("Nicki" TV series)

154. MR. X 06/15 **#2**
He won’t ever say it publicly, but this A list manager knows that his A- list singer client was in big trouble until a few weeks ago. Sales had been lagging, everyone talked about her attitude first then her diva pose rule and then her acting and finally her singing. Now, she has changed the whole thing and has probably five or six years of goodwill she would never have received. Scooter Braun (Ariana Grande Manchester bombing)

155. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 06/15 **#1**
This former tween rapper/actor turned social media faker spent about a tenth of what he claimed to have spent on strippers recently. Oh, and half of what he did spend was given to him by the club for bringing in a certain number of people. Bow Wow

156. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 06/15 **#2**
Not sure if this former NFL quarterback who made a big splash, but didn’t play very long is still with his girlfriend because she was coming out of a guy’s hotel room, clothes in hand from earlier that night at 3am this week. Johnny Manziel (Bre Tiesi)

157. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 06/15 **#3**
Besides looking like twins, apparently this child of an A+ list reality star also shares the same blood type as her celebrity ex and his child. Kim Kardashian/Reggie Bush

158. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 06/15 **#4**
This drugged out foreign born former A list boy bander who is out on his own now and was the first to go is hooking up with someone who is definitely not his girlfriend. Zayn Malik (Gigi Hadid)

159. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 06/15 **#5**
With dad out of town, this one named singer was supposed to spend a lot of time time this week with her kid(s). Nope. Fergie (Josh Duhamel in China for "Transformers: The Last Knight")

160. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 06/15 **#6**
This A- list mostly television actress who recently walked away from a network hit is in rehab. Sophia Bush ("Chicago PD")

161. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 06/15 **#7**
A child of this former multiple cable show reality star who also took a turn as a network reality star and an actress is being accused of sexually assaulting a woman he was dating. NeNe Leakes ("Real Housewives of Atlanta") ("Dancing With the Stars")/Bryson Bryant

162. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 06/15 **#8**
This former A list tween singer who is closeted and trying to hide his drug addiction was like a kid in a candy store this past weekend for Pride. He had a hellacious 24 hour guy and booze and coke bender for the ages. Aaron Carter

163. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 06/15 **#9**
It is not exactly what she meant, but the PR people of this A list singer are having to placate a bunch of industry people about awards and award shows and swear she wasn’t including them in her list. She is going to have a tough time getting nominations or awards this year. Katy Perry

164. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 06/15 **#10**
Don’t believe the hype. This is one conspiracy that is not true. This former A- list mostly movie actor from an acting family did not transform into this a-hole YouTube host.
River Phoenix/Mark Dice (YouTube video)

165. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 06/15 **#11**
A couple of years ago, there was some rug sweeping. OK, a lot of rug sweeping. There was also a big disinformation campaign in full effect. At the time, the story was that this pseudo relative was going to spill the beans on some tabloid stuff but no one really believed her. Well, they kind of believed her and there were a lot of tabloid covers printed with her story. The thing is though, that was just her first salvo in the taking down of this reality family. They knew it. They also wanted to put a stop to it so they paid her a great deal of money. Slightly over $1M to make everything go away. Not just her story, but every piece of written documentation she had about what would really bring down the family. Honestly, we would still be talking about it every week in the tabloids if it had been released. Apparently there were documents that existed that proved that a now deceased family member of the reality family had hired a hitman to accomplish what was then later done by someone else. The documents would have moved all this from the back pages of the internet to the front pages of tabloids and newspapers and countless news cycles on the 24/7 news channels. Robert Kardashian’s wife Ellen (murder of Nicole Brown Simpson)

166. THE GOSSIP LIFE 06/16
This A list actor came to the sad realisation recently that his children are all addicted to hard drugs and in the desperate need of rehab. 'It's made him reflect and ruminate,' says a source close to the situation. 'He wants to be better for their sake.' Other than encouraging the kids to just say no and trying to wean them off of drugs and back onto mother's milk, our source isn't optimistic about our actor being able to save them from their demons. Sean Penn (Hopper Jack) (Dylan Frances)

167. MR. X 06/16
It is quite the production to get all the various players in this A+ list baby drama from the corners of the globe to a hospital room in LA to make everything look perfect. Beyoncé (Jay Z)

168. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 06/16 **#1**
This Housewife is known for her fake relationships. Her latest is no different. She just managed to convince him they would make a ton of money if they pretended to be married. Nothing is on paper anywhere in the US. Kenya Moore ("Real Housewives of Atlanta")

169. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 06/16 **#2**
This A- list country singer with the big hair is a fairly recent groom. He is also cheating on his wife. Sam Hunt/Hannah Lee Fowler

170. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 06/16 **#3**
Another newlywed not so happy is this B list mostly television actor who is probably waiting patiently for his former almost network hit to come back for a reboot. He has been hooking up with his B+ list actress ex on a fairly regular basis since she split with her boyfriend.
Actor: Penn Badgley
Wife: Domino Kirke
Reboot: "Gossip Girl"
B+ list actress: Zoë Kravitz

171. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 06/16 **#4**
This A- list mostly television actress stars on a very lucky to be alive network show. At an event the other night, she looked even more thin than usual. She really could use some eating disorder therapy. Abigail Spencer ("Timeless")

172. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 06/16 **#5**
This foreign born A- list musician from a band you probably have never heard of has a lot of talent. He also cheated on his wife with this OITNB actress and is now cheating on her with another woman.

173. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 06/16 **#6**
Speaking of OITNB actresses, this one is arguably the most famous of them all. She went off on her agent because she thought she was a lock for a role, but she lost out to someone similar to her but a decade younger.
Laverne Cox

174. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 06/16 **#7**
This B+ list actress/pro beard is apparently also available for a long term commitment from straight men who happen to be married. Specifically a very powerful politician. Olivia Munn

175. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 06/16 **#8**
This former A- list mostly movie actor from a very long running comic franchise has been hooking up with other women for the last few months with the blessing of his wife. Her only rule is she has to be in the house when he does it. Jason Biggs ("American Pie")/Jenny Mollen (pregnant)

176. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 06/16 **#9**
It is pretty amazing that this solo daytime talk show host can even make it through a show with all the drugs and "water" sipped throughout the show. Wendy Williams

177. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 06/16 **#10**
This foreign born A- list mostly movie actor who all of you know. I mean all of you – hooked up with a flight attendant during a flight – while she was working. Hopefully she was on a break. Orlando Bloom

178. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 06/16 **#11**
#1 – The crazy thing is if you ask any of the staff anywhere he has been they all love the reality star turned A+++ lister. Who, they all hate is the rest of the family. No one had any kind words to say about any of the family. None. No, not even that one. Donald Trump/Ivanka

#2 – Considering this A- list mostly movie actor, who has a new movie opening, is bisexual to everyone but the general public, it is not a shocker he hooked up with this openly gay A- list singer. Chris Evans ("Spider-Man: Homecoming")

#3 – She was the highest paid yachter ever and I told you this before. Now, it is all coming out just how much this foreign born A list model was earning for yachting. I knew it was the high six figures per stay, but even I didn’t know it reached seven figures. That is mind blowing. Miranda Kerr (Malaysian financier Jho Low)

#4 – Oh, how it must suck to find someone new to sing the high notes. Our favorite drug addicted singer is losing one of the best imitators around because the imitator got her own well deserved deal. Selena Gomez/Julia Michaels

179. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 06/17 **#1**
She may have a boyfriend and she may have some money, but apparently she would like more. This A list reality star with a very lucrative side gig told the people who matter last night that she is up for some yachting. It would be within the next few weeks. It would also be six figures per night. Yes, each night. Kendall Jenner (A$AP Rocky)

180. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 06/17 **#2**
This A-/B+ list mostly movie actress says she wants to marry her boyfriend but she is sure spending a whole lot of time with her long long time girlfriend. They look stronger than they have before. Amber Heard (Elon Musk)
 (Tasya van Ree)

181. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 06/17 **#3**
Pretty easy to drop that 50 pounds you said you gained while pregnant when you weren’t really pregnant and were just wearing a fat suit. Plus, now when you are this permanent A list singer, people all want to know how you lost the weight so quickly. What is the secret. Janet Jackson

182. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 06/17 **#4**
She looks so old that even though she is barely in her 30’s, the parts this former almost A- list mostly movie actress turned escort is being offered are generally the mom roles. Oh, and not mom to newborns. Nope, mom to teenagers. Lindsay Lohan

183. THE GOSSIP LIFE 06/19
I've always known this B list actress was eccentric, but her dietary practises are crossing a line, my whistleblower reports to me. 'She's ended up visiting a doctor on numerous occasions because of the side effects,' the source alleges. Our actress is pretty dedicated to the cause because the source also claims that she would be able to find her "wacky ingredients in the middle of nowhere in a blizzard if she had to.' Shailene Woodley (clay)

184. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 06/19 **#1**
This A list Broadway actress who is probably B+ in everything else has done the greatest job of being closeted I have ever seen. No one has ever suspected. Patti Lupone; Kristin Chenoweth; Bernadette Peters; Betty Buckley

185. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 06/19 **#2**
This one named permanent A- list singer is having big issues with his marriage. His wife is not only going to spill about his love for guys, but has some video too. Usher

186. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 06/19 **#3**
This former A list mostly television actress from a syndicated show back in the day who is now an A- list celebrity hopefully realizes her boyfriend has other groupies he also regularly hooks up with. Pamela Anderson/Julian Assange

187. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 06/19 **#4**
This A list mostly movie actress who I always think must have an Oscar nom/win but doesn’t is having some personal issues. She does not want either of the men she is dating to know about the other so she is really freaked out when she sees paps following her when she is about to meet the one guy who is like her and who they want pictures of. Scarlett Johansson/Chris Evans (superhero)/Colin Jost

188. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 06/19 **#5**
This foreign born pretty much permanent A list singer was wasted out of her mind at an event this past weekend. She has been much better as of late but was nowhere close to coherent this weekend. Rihanna ("Young Fashion Designer":LVMH Prize 2017 Edition At Louis Vuitton Foundation In Paris)

189. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 06/19 **#6**
This one named foreign born B+ list singer is letting herself be styled and basically managed by this A+ list singer. The A+ list singer also, despite kneepad type reports is also hooking up with the B+ lister whenever she can. Lorde/Taylor Swift

190. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 06/19 **#7**
This foreign born A- list mostly movie actor has a very quiet reunion for the first time in a very very long time with his former co-star who is also an A- list mostly movie actress. The message boards will be hopping if a picture is released. They were seen by several other diners.
Robert Pattinson/Kristen Stewart

191. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 06/19 **#8**
This foreign born permanent A+ list singer will never make it through her current endeavor unless she gets her eating disorder under control. It has been getting worse the past six months. Celine Dion

192. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 06/19 **#9**
I guess if the executive boyfriend of this Academy Award winning actress is going to hook up with random women at his company then it is fine that our actress has been hooking up with her bodyguard. Gwyneth Paltrow/Brad Falchuk

193. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 06/19 **#10**
This superhero is working on another franchise. The thing is, he has a string of women that he hooks up with but tells them all they should keep quiet about it because he likes his privacy. He just doesn’t want them to know about each other. A female stunt performer on the movie though has been very public about their fling which is causing him issues. Henry Cavill ("Superman") ("Mission Impossible")

194. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 06/19 **#11**
Don’t believe the hype. This singing/rapping married couple want another season of their reality show so are trying to make it look like they are together. By my count, the rapper has at least three women pregnant right now and has a woman living with him who is not one of the three. T.I. & Tiny ("The Family Hustle")

195. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 06/19 **#12**
This foreign born one hit wonder was out of the country this weekend and offered herself up to various producers and singers higher on the list than her (just about everyone is). She got zero takers. Apparently the word is out that if you hook up with her and she has your phone number, she will be bugging you 24/7. Iggy Azalea ("2017 iHeartRadio MuchMusic Video Awards" in Toronto)

196. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 06/19 **#13**
Created A Charity To Beat Women: Yeah, you read the title right. This A-/B+ list country singer is a Grammy nominee/winner with a handful of platinum and gold singles and albums. When he was still a teenager he beat a classmate who wouldn’t sleep with him but her family didn’t press charges. Since then, he has consistently beat the women he dates but has never been arrested for that. After a very close call though, he had an idea. On a tour earlier in the year he had visited several countries in a region and discovered he could get away with beating women in that region if he threw some money at them. So, what did this a-hole do? Started a charity for women in the region so he would have an excuse to visit all the time and have the poorest of the poor women coming to his charity for help where he could pick and choose who he wanted to be with. The guy is sick. Eric Church (Genesis Global)

197. THE GOSSIP LIFE 06/20
This B list actor hasn't hidden his problem with alcohol or the fact that he regularly attends AA meetings, but several different sources in LA can recall encountering the actor at meetings and him regularly breaking down about his want for alcohol, as well as the pressure of fame. 'I don't think it's something he'll ever get over,' says one witness who heard him loud and clear. 'At least from the way he talks.' 'It's weird. It's f***ing weird,' another sums up.

198. MR. X 06/20
The marriage between this actor/singer and this has done literally everything but is primarily a host, has survived lots of cheating from both sides. What looks like will bring it down though is the views she has about certain things. It is causing a huge wedge between them. Donnie Wahlberg/Jenny McCarthy (anti-vaccine/Generation Rescue, a foundation that assists families affected by autism)

199. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 06/20 **#1**
This country singer probably more famous for her reality show than her singing says her new record was inspired by some kind of nonsense. She got her new record by writing a check to a guy is how it happened. Jessie James Decker

200. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 06/20 **#2**
This former tweener pulled a trifecta. The B+ list singer got a job and coverage of that job to hide that she is making much more money yachting this week. Demi Lovato (new YouTube show "Simply Complicated" at Cannes Lions Festival 2017)

201. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 06/20 **#3**
This B+ list mostly television actor who is probably best known for dating this A- list actress who you all know has been on and off with the actress because he can’t stop watching porn every chance he gets.

202. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 06/20 **#4**
To make sure he can continue using drugs even when he is out of the country, this A list mostly movie actor sends an assistant to the country four or five days ahead of time with the product. Then, if they are busted, he would send another. No one has been busted yet. Johnny Depp

203. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 06/20 **#5**
I’m not sure how this A+ list mostly movie actress takes it. Her director boyfriend is always criticizing her to the point where it feels verbally abusive. He has never complimented her. Jennifer Lawrence/Darren Aronofsky

204. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 06/20 **#6**
Apparently this foreign born A+ list mostly movie actor had no qualms cheating on the former actress he calls his girlfriend or the frequent co-star with whom he hooks up. Our actor has been on a whirlwind of groupies on a press tour. Ryan Gosling ("Blade Runner 2049")/Eva Mendes/Emma Stone

205. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 06/20 **#7**
This former A+ list singer turned singer wannabe actress is desperately trying to get pregnant with her boyfriend. He had to visit the set where she was filming, multiple times when she was ovulating and did not really visit any other time. Lady Gaga ("A Star Is Born")/Christian Carino

206. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 06/20 **#8**
This former child actress turned can’t get an acting job turned celebrity turned B+ list mostly television actress continues her troubled life. She was spotted using while at a charity event. Jodie Sweetin (30th Annual Scleroderma Benefit)

207. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 06/20 **#9**
This mini me Ryan Seacrest wannabe is on vacation with his significant other. He told her they could either have threesomes every night or she could leave the room while he had sex with other women. It is why he specifically chose this vacation spot. Mario Lopez/Courtney Laine Mazza (Joe Francis' luxury Mexican estate)

208. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 06/20 **#10**
This B+ list mostly movie actress who you all know despite her not acting very much or very well the last few years did some recent reality television. Her success was because she knew what was coming so to speak.
Eva Longoria/"Family Feud"

209. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 06/20 **#11**
This pretty much kicked off from a Bravo reality show not named anything Housewives says that her drug dealer knows lots of men who have paid for the services of one of the women who is still on the show.
Show: "Vanderpump Rules"
Kicked-off: Kristen Doute
Still-on: Scheana Marie

210. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 06/20 **#12**
Just about five years ago I wrote about this actress and the strange cult in which she is involved. I even revealed it about six months later. I thought it was bad then because it involved group sex with underage people. How could it get worse? Our actress and her co-leader have started branding the pubic area of the teens and others to mark them as permanently owned by our actress and the freak co-leader. Videos are taken of the naked women to hold over them in case they try to leave the group. The women also have to provide further videos every month of themselves having sex. Crazy crazy stuff.
Actress: Allison Mack
Show: "Smallville"
Cult: "NXIVM"
Co-leader: Keith Raniere

211. THE GOSSIP LIFE 06/20
Guess which C list television actor, best known for his part on a cult classic television show, got into a screaming match with a coffee barista over a wrong order recently. 'It over such a minor thing and he went into such an angry tirade until he was puce in the face,' says the source in line. 'If cops were there he would've been arrested.' Arrested, huh? How ironic. Will Arnett ("Arrested Development") (tanned)

212. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 06/21 **#1**
This network reality star is set to marry her fellow network reality star, neither of which were in The Bachelor or any of its incarnations. She might want to question where he is going during the day more closely because it is not going to work out. Well, I guess there is some cardio in it. Maksim Chmerkovskiy/Peta Murgatroyd ("Dancing With the Stars")

213. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 06/21 **#2**
This final member of this acting/celebrity/singing family has a song out that is so heavily produced that the original recording and the finished product don’t even come close. You won’t see her singing it Acapella anytime soon.
Noah Cyrus ("I’m Stuck")

214. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 06/21 **#3**
The mom of this still underage reality star turned mostly movie actress went off on the director at a recent screening for making her daughter look bad in the movie and for making a movie that will kill her career before it starts.
Actress: Maddie Ziegler (mother - Melissa Gisoni)
Reality show: "Dance Moms"
Movie: "The Book of Henry"
Director: Colin Trevorrow

215. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 06/21 **#4**
One of the leads in this upcoming sequel has been trying her best to avoid any interaction with the rest of the cast because of the dislike there is towards her from many of the cast. To do this, she has been skipping events. Rebel Wilson ("Pitch Perfect 3")

216. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 06/21 **#5**
This Academy Award winning actress who seems to have given up on television after one bomb has been hooking up with the married CEO of this foreign based massive beauty/makeup company. Halle Berry ("Extant")

217. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 06/21 **#6**
This still barely legal former Disney actress who is known to tabloid and website readers in a completely different light than those who just watch her shows doesn’t think she will live to see 21. Bella Thorne

218. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 06/21 **#7**
This barely legal foreign born singer is pretty close to A list right now. He is also closeted and recently had to pay $50K to a guy who had a sex tape of the pair. Shawn Mendes

219. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 06/21 **#8**
Why yes, that was this foreign born closeted permanent A list singer seen finally out in public with her very long time girlfriend. The two went shopping together while out of the country and have gone to dinner multiple times too. Celine Dion

220. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 06/21 **#9**
Cannot say they don’t know how to play the game. This talk show host rarely if ever gets papped. But with marriage troubles everywhere in the media, our host managed to not only get papped but also get papped mid kiss with their significant other. What a coincidence. Ellen DeGeneres/Portia de Rossi

221. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 06/21 **#10**
It has been a long time since anyone has spotted this former A+ list reality star who was so hated using coke, but she was this week. Multiple times. Paris Hilton

222. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 06/21 **#11**
This foreign born celebrity offspring of a permanent A lister who is probably a B+ list celebrity herself recently got out of rehab. She dumped the drug boyfriend, went to rehab and has been clean for a couple of months. She met a guy last week though who sells drugs and she is in love and the whole cycle is going to start again. Kelly Osbourne/Mario Cuomo the lead singer of the "Orwells"/Boo Johnson

223. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 06/21 **#12**
This foreign born A- list mostly movie actress is going to go broke if she keeps buying her new boyfriend gifts like that $50K watch. Our actress has always been really frugal but that has gone out the window in the past couple of months. Kate Beckinsale
(Matt Rife)

224. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 06/21 **#13**
This A-list entertainer is really in a tough spot right now. A secret that has the potential to be unearthed could cause some major problems for him. This guy is almost universally loved in his niche demographic of very, very loyal fans. And recently, his popularity has increased to an even greater degree. I’ll call him Mr. G. Anyway, Mr. G. has been A-list (or maybe even A+ in some circles) for at least 25 years. He was once considered a complete outsider in the business, but is now very rich, famous and influential. It wasn’t always that way though. Back in the day, Mr. G. could not get his foot in the door anywhere to save his life, but stumbled on to a lucky break. In the process of getting that break, he befriended another entertainer, who I’ll call Mr. S. Mr. S was already an A-list entertainer in his own right when they met, and he and Mr. G became fast friends immediately. As is always the case with the fame machine, Mr. G and Mr. S’s careers took some twists and turns over the years, but their friendship always remained strong, even though at times they didn’t see each other very much. As is also the case in friendships between two guys, there were also a lot of ups and downs in both Mr. G and Mr. S’s personal lives too. Both of these guys made some bad relationship choices, which can really test a friendship. After all, there’s nothing worse than your close friend dating someone that you can’t stand. Anyway, these two guys were able to somehow navigate all that too, which is pretty amazing. A few years ago, Mr. G and Mr. S got involved in a project together which was very exciting for their mutual fans. It was something they’d both wanted to do for a long time and the added benefit of this project was that they got to work with one another more than they had in years. It was really great and they had a blast doing it. They were older now and just really enjoyed hanging out again. The thing is, during the course of this project, Mr. G and Mr. S came to the realization that they had stronger feelings for one another than just friends would. Mr. G had always known these feelings existed, but Mr. S. was in denial and had struggled with some issues rooted around those repressed feelings for years. This, understandably created a very uncomfortable and awkward situation for both of them. But because of their affection for one another as friends, they seemed to be able to deal with it without it totally destroying their relationship. Now keep in mind, both of these men are what would be considered classically heterosexual, so no one would ever suspect anything like this had taken place between them in a million years. And no one could find out either, because it had the potential to seriously damage both their careers and personal lives. Because of this, Mr. G and Mr. S made a pact that they could not let anyone discover their secret. At least not until they could figure out what they were going to do going forward. Unfortunately, someone connected to one of these men began to suspect that something transpired between them and started causing problems. And this triggered a chain of events which has had some unintended consequences. Because of all this, Mr. G is terrified that this secret will be exposed publicly. Due to those fears, he has had to withdraw from some important events which has raised quite a few eyebrows. The secret, for now, is safe– but who knows what will happen in the future. If this situation eventually gets outed, it is going to be a major story, so you better have your popcorn ready.

225. THE GOSSIP LIFE 06/22
Get some water, Gossipers, because this blind item is as spicy as chilli. This A list R&B superstar is about to be single again. 'His wife has had enough of his cheating,' spills a source. 'She's done.' Another source elucidates a little and pinpoints his affairs with men as the final straw. Usher

226. POPBITCH 06/22
Which A-list actor (famed for playing bad guys, boxers and other hard bastards) got a little deep into his method acting and thumped a runner on set who was tasked with adjusting his mic? ADDENDUM: Last week we told you about a runner who got thumped by a famous A-list actor (ironically, famous for playing hard bastards) when they were trying to adjust his lapel mic. We made a little error in our report. It wasn't a runner. It was in fact a skilled technician – a sound assistant. Also, we're told this same sound assistant had a second run-in with the actor. A much weirder one, in which the actor didn't punch him, but bit him. On the head. Someone ought to put a muzzle on him. (There's one in an old props department somewhere that will fit him.) Jason Statham

227. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 06/22 **#1**
Want to know what you do when people stop thinking you are A+ list? Well, if you are this actor who jumps from franchise to franchise, you get one of your buddies to tell the world how virile you are and how women throw themselves at him and how he has sex with them all. None of it is true, but the actor is thrilled. Tom Cruise

228. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 06/22 **#2**
One of those original boy bands has not really reunited like the much bigger ones. Anyway, one of the members got one of his teenage parishioners pregnant. "New Edition" (Bobby Brown)

229. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 06/22 **#3**
Did she not know she was going to be a beard? I can’t think of another reason the closeted foreign born former boy bander split with her. Maybe the whole no labels thing makes him think he doesn’t need to any longer. Harry Styles/Tess Ward

230. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 06/22 **#4**
In addition to dropping almost $250K to record his album, this B+ list mostly television actor doing a famous reboot about to start paid $25K to a tabloid to say nice things about his record. Kiefer Sutherland ("Down In A Hole") ("Flatliners")

231. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 06/22 **#5**
Mr. Commando, who is making other news this week and as I told you before, not dating a foreign born actress who hates his guts, was drunk as a skunk on a red carpet this week.
Jon Hamm/Kate Beckinsale (dating Jenny Slate)

232. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 06/22 **#6**
This actor/singer who is slightly better known for his music had a fan orally service him and a family member before a show this weekend while in front of a dozen or so people. Jared Leto/brother Shannon (Thirty Seconds To Mars Plays The Hollywood Casino Amphitheater In St. Louis, MO While On The Road With Muse)

233. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 06/22 **#7**
This foreign born permanent A list model was turned down cold by this one named rapper who I thought had sex with anyone that moved. Naomi Campbell/Future (in Cannes)

234. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 06/22 **#8**
When he has to film more than one week’s shows at a time, this married host usually has a stripper hanging out in his trailer to keep him entertained during breaks. Steve Harvey ("Family Feud")

235. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 06/22 **#9**
Don’t believe the hype. There is no movie based on this A+ list reality star. The "preview" is a nice montage of women you will see yachting this summer here and abroad. Kim Kardashian

236. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 06/22 **#10**
This is getting creepy. It is stalker-ish. There was the fake editing to make it look like you attended something you didn’t and now you want to use the same surrogate they used for their first baby for your next child. Kim Kardashian/Kanye West (Beyoncé/Jay Z‘s surrogate)

237. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 06/22 **#11**
Ahh, nothing like watching a permanent A list singer so drunk she can barely put together a performance for people who paid big money. Mariah Carey

238. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 06/22 **#12**
If I asked you who killed their career the hardest during this back in the day primetime network hit you would guess this actress. Guaranteed. You would be wrong though. Oh, she did her fair share of things and displayed some truly awful behavior and impressive drug use. But, it pales in comparison to what her co-star managed to accomplish. Her co-star was already on double secret producer probation after basically trashing her former hit show and walking away from it while signed to a contract. Her departure crushed the show. When I say someone does coke 24/7, it is usually an exaggeration. Not this actress. When she was awake, she was snorting. Paycheck after paycheck went to coke. She partied every single night. This was one of the biggest shows on the air. She was in demand. There was nothing she couldn’t ask for and she did. And did. And did. She was a nightmare. One of the biggest shows of the decade and she was fired and had to watch someone replace her, playing the same character and cashing all those huge paychecks. Did our actress work again? A handful of one off things, but nothing else.
Primetime hit: ‘Dynasty"
Actress who killed their career hardest: Catherine Oxenberg
Co-star: Pamela Sue Martin
Replacement: Emma Samms
Former hit show: "The Nancy Drew Mysteries"

(the ABC program alternated each week between "The Nancy Drew Mysteries" and "The Hardy Boys Mysteries". In season two, the shows were merged and renamed "The Hardy Boys/Nancy Drew Mysteries", which led to Nancy's role being reduced. This frustrated Martin, who left the series as a result. Her final appearance as Nancy aired on January 1, 1978. Martin appeared in a cover pictorial in the July 1978 issue of Playboy magazine, with the headline "TV's Nancy Drew Undraped".)

239. THE GOSSIP LIFE 06/23
Apparently old habits die hard because this closeted A list actor is back to making grand proposals to the heterosexual men and workers he encounters. 'His behaviour improved after [omitted] (a lifestyle event) but now he's reverting to old habits,' says a source who is talking. 'It probably won't be long before someone makes an allegation.'
Who is our actor? Bradley Cooper
What was the lifestyle event? birth of daughter

240. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 06/23 **#1**
This reality star who is a reality star as part of a family that is really only on reality because of the dad paid $5K to be the date of a NBA player. Savannah Chrisley (Todd Chrisley "Chrisley Knows Best")
 Luke Kennard

241. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 06/23 **#2**
This former B- list take anything she could get actress who only got parts because of who she was married to and her unique look is hooking up with some rich guy in his 80’s and had herself added to his will a week after his wife died.

242. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 06/23 **#3**
This nighttime talk show host fathered a child that his wife doesn’t know about.

243. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 06/23 **#4**
This permanent A- list dual threat actor who everyone knows in lots of different ways is married. His wife had to have help carrying our actor to his room while out of the country this week. Kelsey Grammer (wife Kayte)

244. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 06/23 **#5**
This broke B+ list rapper had his card declined while trying to impress a woman he picked up the night before. He then had another card declined, before finally getting a third to work. He blamed it on being out of the country. Tyga

245. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 06/23 **#6**
Never a good sign when this known for his looks more than his acting married B+ list actor hits a bar. He hit several of them this week while out of town and away from his wife who would never agree to him drinking. Joe Manganiello (Sofía Vergara) (2017 NHL Awards & Expansion Draft in Las Vegas)

246. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 06/23 **#7**
This foreign born former franchise actress turned A- list mostly movie actress tried harder this week to be more friendly to the press. To some degree it worked, although she still cut several short when she didn’t like the questions. Her team told her she needs to do a 180 after her last few press runs for movies because studios can always find someone else. Emma Watson ("The Circle")

247. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 06/23 **#8**
This A- list mostly television actress isn’t ever leaving her hit network show that has been on forever. She might however leave her husband if she keeps hooking up with her co-star. It has been going on for awhile now. Mariska Hargitay (Peter Hermann)/Christopher Meloni ("Law & Order: SVU"); Ellen Pompeo (Chris Ivery)/Jesse Williams or Justin Chambers ("Grey’s Anatomy")

248. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 06/23 **#9**
There are so many back room deals being made right now that the awards show for this cable channel is going to be ridiculous and laughable. "BET Awards"

249. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 06/23 **#10**
This back in the day A list mostly movie actress was beloved. She also was the best talk show guest. She has written what is apparently the best tell of all time to be published upon her death. Teri Garr

250. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 06/23 **#11**
That reveal I gave you earlier is pregnant. Miranda Kerr

251. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 06/23 **#12**
The subject of this blind is an actress that I consider A list. If you’re a certain age, then you know who she is and probably would call her A list too. She’s is pretty low profile, but I think she probably likes it that way. The reason is because she was once involved in a very notorious situation that brought a lot of attention onto her that she did not want. Most people who can remember what went down think they know the whole story, but the thing is, the accepted narrative is only a tiny piece of the entire situation. I’ll call our actress Ms. L. When she was younger, she was considered one of the most intriguing and talented people of her generation. She hung around a group of other very young and dynamic people of similar ages who were really enjoying themselves during those times. Ms. L eventually entered into a relationship with an uber famous man who I’ll call Mr. M. They appeared to be very serious about one another for quite a while- until a very disturbing incident occurred. Ms. L was collateral damage in that situation, in terms of everything that took place. The sad truth is that Ms. L was actually herself a victim of relationship violence that at times was so severe that she required hospitalization. Even years later, she has serious residual trauma from her past situation that almost no one knows about. This violence escalated after the above mentioned incident occurred. Ms. L was also subjected to physical and emotional intimidation to prevent her from talking about things she had seen and witnessed in her situation. She was essentially silenced by threats and kept quiet out of fear for years. Anyway, fast forward to now. Ms. L has kept her mouth shut for a very long time, but has received extensive treatment for trauma and PTSD-type problems. It has taken a long time to heal and she has been fortunate that she has had good psychological care and support from her loved ones. Again, virtually no one knows she has had any of these problems– she’s been very good at hiding it. The only people who know the severity of what she had to endure are close family and only a few friends who have been sworn to secrecy. Ms. L also suffered from some repressed memory issues about what happened to her and only recently has been able to recall all the horrible incidents in detail. Ms. L has a young female actress friend who recently became aware of Ms. L’s story. I’ll call her Ms. C. Ms. L confided her story to Ms. C as a cautionary tale so that the young actress would be careful not to get herself into a similar situation. Ms. C. is an outspoken feminist and looks up to Ms. L as a mother figure and she’s urging Ms. L to go public with her story. Ms. L has also gotten to the point in her therapy where she is no longer afraid and is ready to tell all. She’s angry about being silenced and her family, friends and medical team are supportive of her desire to go public. Mr. M and the other people involved in the past situation have of course gone on with their lives as if nothing happened, and have no clue that Ms. L could potentially expose them. If she does decide to go public, there will be added shock value because those who witnessed what was going on and did not intervene will also be called out publically. The best part is that Ms. L also has journals and medical records that document the abuse which will be undeniable. This story has the potential to be huge and will shine an important light on relationship abuse survivors. Ms. C is also anxious to help publicize Ms. L’s story and has a lot of power to do so because she has a massive following on social media. I hope Ms. L can remain strong and maintain the courage necessary to come forward.

Ms. L: Winona Ryder
Notorious situation: shoplifting charges in Beverly Hills, California
Mr. M: Johnny Depp
Disturbing incident: Johnny accidentally shot Winona Ryder (CDAN reveal)
Ms. C: Natalie Portman (starred together in "Black Swan")

252. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 06/24 **#1**
Want some creepy? Back in the day this A+ list mostly movie actor installed cameras and a sonogram and a bunch of medical devices in a luxury apartment in NYC when his wife was expecting. Now, he has loaned it out to someone in the same field who belongs to the same group. Tom Cruise (Katie Holmes)/Laura Prepon (Ben Foster) (Scientologists)

253. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 06/24 **#2**
One more installment of the franchise to go which has already been filmed. This married foreign born dual threat actor has been hooking up with a woman who works at his local pub. Apparently he goes over to her place every morning when her parents go to work. Jamie Dornan ("Fifty Shades Freed")

254. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 06/24 **#3**
Don’t believe the spin. This foreign born former boy bander from back in the day turned A- list singer in his own country tried a version of bath salts and it freaked him out. No other story is correct. Robbie Williams

255. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 06/24 **#4**
This former A list mostly television actress from an iconic show who is barely holding on to A list in the movies broke off a trip early because her husband was caught cheating again. Jennifer Aniston/Justin Theroux

256. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 06/25 **#1**
If this Housewife has so much money from all her projects how come each guy she dates dumps her as soon as she starts asking for loans for new companies and products she is developing. Bethenny Frankel ("Real Housewives of New York City")

257. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 06/25 **#2**
Our favorite former commercial actress/model/part-time really bad actress confronted her actor ex at a restaurant this week because she says he owes for the last two months they were together. Charlotte McKinney/Stephen Dorff

258. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 06/25 **#3**
When you tell the guy you have just got back together with that you wanted to stay at your own place that night, it looks really bad when you get papped in an unfortunate situation in the middle of the night after hooking up with your latest benefactor. Blac Chyna/Rob Kardashian (car accident at 2:30 a.m.)

259. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 06/25 **#4**
The troubled celebrity offspring of this foreign born permanent A lister made a sex tape with someone who was not her long time boyfriend. Apparently it was while she was wasted. Could be her drug dealer. Chloe Lattanzi (Olivia Newton-John)/James Driskill

260. THE GOSSIP LIFE 06/26
50 Cent made headlines this weekend when he admitted he had a true 'thing' for the fantastic Helen Mirren. Well, he's not the only one according to a source of mine. Like a detective, our source discovered this intel years ago and kept it under their hat for a rainy day. She spills that an A/B list actor regularly lusts after older women, Mirren not excluded, and has been known to proposition a geriatric now and the on set. I find solace in knowing one day I'll be old enough for this actor! Colin Farrell

Could it be that a certain champion is keeping a secret as big as his cup? It’s certainly not that he usually goes commando - everyone can see that! Nope, our sources tell us that he prefers the company of other men. He’s pretty quiet about his personal life, which I can respect. Instead of making passes, he has a special someone who is another giant with a similar Adonis-like physique. In the past, he’s publicly supported colleagues who are in same-sex relationships. But while his career is in limbo, the last thing he wants to do is rock the boat.
Rafael Nadal (Tommy Hilfiger underwear model)/Cristiano Ronaldo

262. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 06/26 **#1**
It took just a couple of days after I wrote my blind and just one week after hooking up with a new guy for that millionth rehab attempt to go to crap for the foreign born celebrity/celebrity offspring. Kelly Osbourne (peed her pants in public)

263. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 06/26 **#2**
It’s not too often that a couple has a threesome on their wedding night, but this B list mostly television actor who is really really hoping for a reboot of his former hit almost network show did just that. Apparently when they got engaged they had a female join them so on their wedding night they had a guy join in. A very regular go to partner for the groom. Penn Badgley/Domino Kirke ("Gossip Girl")

264. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 06/26 **#3**
This producer is always dodging lawsuits from disgruntled acts on his label. Apparently he has been getting some very good money hiding tips from his singer/girlfriend who has been hiding money for decades. Now, if he does end up losing any of the lawsuits, our producer plans to show he has no assets. Birdman/Toni Braxton

265. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 06/26 **#4**
This a-hole of an A list director who has a dark side to his movies apparently told an aspiring actress that she should really work on her body and hair before he would hire her. He said this after they had sex and an hour or two before a date with his actress girlfriend. Darren Aronofsky/Jennifer Lawrence

266. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 06/26 **#5**
This A list Academy Award mostly movie actor who is an Academy Award winner/nominee is tired of people talking about his weight so his PR people called in a bunch of favors and passed around some money and now magazines are gushing that he is super sexy. Jonah Hill

267. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 06/26 **#6**
Speaking of made up awards, this recently purchased weekly tabloid is going to create an award for this A+++ list celebrity in a further attempt to kiss his butt more. Donald Trump (chief executive of Us Weekly's new owner, American Media Inc. AMI CEO David Pecker is on record as a friend of President Trump and used his National Enquirer magazine to boost Trump's candidacy)

268. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 06/26 **#7**
This NBA player is being suffocated by this reality star to the point where he is going to make what ended up being temporary a few months ago, permanent. The pressure from her and her family and the constant media narrative that they are going to get married and have a baby is pushing him further away. Khloé Kardashian/Tristan Thompson

269. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 06/26 **#8**
If you have been reading for the past couple of years, you know this foreign born permanent A list model/mogul/reality host/Halloween lover has been cheated on by her kind of a celebrity boyfriend. Just because someone tells Kneepads they are innocent doesn’t make it so. Heidi Klum/Vito Schnabel

270. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 06/26 **#9**
This Academy Award winning actress is tired of being the third or fourth wheel of her oft co-star’s love life. She has been texting and sexting her former superhero ex for a few weeks now. Emma Stone/Ryan Gosling/Andrew Garfield

271. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 06/26 **#10**
In previous attempts, this A+ list singer tried to show the world how she thought love looked. Now, she just has tabloids write it all for her like she thinks it should be. She is so strange. Taylor Swift/Joe Alwyn

272. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 06/26 **#11**
This former A+ list mostly television actor has more problems than just another lawsuit. This permanent A list mostly movie actor used to regularly hook up with the tv actor’s ex. Charlie Sheen/Sean Penn/Denise Richards

273. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 06/26 **#12**
He says he is sober but this former tweener singer turned drug addicted mess of an adult singer from a singing family recently overdosed. Aaron Carter

274. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 06/26 **#13**
This deceased permanent A+ list actress and screen legend is an icon. And so much has been written and portrayed about her life that most people think they know everything about her that there is to know. Maybe that’s true, but I got an interesting email from a CDAN reader recently that may shed some new light on all that. Our A+ list actress (who I’ll call Ms. D) had a very public image that was quite different than who she really was in private. And even the private side of her that has been out there for public consumption doesn’t really do her justice in some ways. This reader told me an interesting story about this actress that pretty much proves that. Ms. D., at one point in her career, withdrew from the entertainment business to try to focus on her personal life. In doing so, she relocated to a smaller community where she attempted to live quietly among the locals. Even though the residents there knew who she was (you’d had to be from Mars not to), they tried to respect her privacy and treat her like a regular person as much as they could. Small town people were like that back then – they really just tried to mind their own business. These folks were also mostly poor, from working class immigrant families, so they had bigger problems to worry about than whether a celebrity was living nearby. My reader’s father and his family were also living in this community during that time and got to know Ms. D quite well. Her dad was a teenager then and had an after-school job working in a small business where our actress was a regular customer. My reader’s Dad remembers Ms. D as a kind, funny and very generous person, and also describes her as being much more beautiful in person than she was on screen. Ms. D was really nice to all the small business owners in the town and at this particular business, would give very generous tips to the young kids working there, including my reader’s father. Again, a lot of these kids came from poor immigrant backgrounds and the extra money from those tips helped put food on a lot of those family’s tables. After living in this community for some time, Ms. D was on a first name basis with all these kids and of course, as you would expect, they were all a little in love with her too. After she’d been living there for about a year, Ms. D made one of her regular visits to this particular business and noticed that my reader’s Dad was not there that day. (I’ll call him Johnny.) Our actress asked the owner of the business where Johnny was, and he sadly explained that Johnny’s mother had died suddenly and unexpectedly the prior day. (Since Johnny’s family was also one of those large immigrant families who were poor, this made the loss even worse.) Upon being told this news, Ms. D insisted that the business owner give her the contact information for the funeral parlor handling the arrangements for the family so she could send flowers, which he did. Not only did she arrange for flowers to be sent to the funeral parlor, but Ms. D also went there in person and paid the ENTIRE funeral bill for the family. Our actress made the funeral parlor owner promise not to tell the family who paid the bill and also asked for the address of the family’s church where the funeral mass was being held. As you can imagine, the owner of the funeral parlor was gobsmacked about this whole situation, and immediately called the parish Priest and told him what had gone down and that our actress might be coming to the church too. The following day, Ms. D went to the church to see the Priest. The Priest was apparently so impressed with the visit from our actress that he documented the visit in church records. Anyway, because Ms. D had paid for the funeral, the donation monies that were traditionally collected by the parish to help pay for the funeral were instead given to the family directly. This small amount of money enabled the surviving family to move to a new area to get a fresh start which they desperately needed after this tragic loss. This also had the long term effect of placing Johnny and his siblings in a better living situation, which made their futures as adults more stable as well. The family was told that all the funds came from the church, so they had no clue at the time that Ms. D had paid for the funeral. They just assumed that the church and community had helped, which was not uncommon in those days. The craziest part about this story is that the family only became aware of our actress’s generosity very recently. They had all heard the stories from Johnny about getting to know Ms. D. back in the day, but none of them had any idea about this huge kindness from her. My reader only uncovered this story while she was doing family genealogy research. She traveled from out of State to visit the area where the family had lived and discovered that the church they attended had been closed down in the 1970s. That parish had been merged into another one, but she was able to visit the new parish to look at the old archived records from the church, which were remarkably detailed and intact. It was there that she uncovered the journaled entry from the Priest about Ms. D making the payment towards the funeral. There was also another surprise: according to these same church archives, Ms. D also made a ‘sizable" donation to the church’s school at around the same time. Back then, this school had served the same community of poor immigrant families, so that money likely helped a lot of those kids continue get a decent education too. Pretty amazing. As luck would have it, the elderly Parish secretary who worked at the new church was also the daughter of the now-deceased secretary of the old church. She and my reader had a lot of fun uncovering all this stuff in their research. And come to find out, Ms. D and her kindness wasn’t such a big secret after all. Apparently a lot of the old timers from the old church and neighborhood had heard rumors about Ms. D and her generosity floating around for years. And of course, my reader’s father and the family had no idea about any of it, since they’d moved away after their mother’s death. When they were finally told this incredible story, they all cried. They were amazed and sad at the same time, not only because they had no idea about any of this for decades, but also because of the way Ms. D’s life turned out later. Marilyn Monroe lived for 18 months in Roxbury, Connecticut when married to Arthur Miller

275. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 06/27 **#1**
When you have a ton of your own money and want to be a star and won’t settle for people treating you like less than an A+ lister when you are B- tops, then you will have some issues as this model turned actress has discovered. No one who reps her or works with her likes the actress who was most recently seen in a tv reboot turned movie. Kelly Rohrbach ("Baywatch")

276. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 06/27 **#2**
This curvy A-/B+ list model has been throwing some shade at this A list reality star/model because the reality star broke the heart of one of the curvy model’s best girlfriends by cheating on her. Ashley Graham/Kendall Jenner

277. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 06/27 **#3**
A biopic on the life of this foreign born deceased A list legend has hit some stumbling blocks because the writers included everything in her life and death. When the death threats started coming though, the decision was made to sanitize everything to the point where it looks like a Disney movie. Jenni Rivera ("Jenni Rivera: Mariposa de Barrio")

278. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 06/27 **#4**
This foreign born B+ list mostly movie actress/celebrity offspring is undergoing outpatient rehab for an eating disorder but really needs inpatient. Lily Collins (Phil Collins)

279. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 06/27 **#5**
This A-/B+ list mostly television actor/writer is married to an A lister. He always cheats but it is getting worse. He doesn’t even try to be careful any longer. Justin Theroux/Jennifer Aniston

280. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 06/27 **#6**
This permanent A list singer already got the check for her latest endeavor. The company she partnered with thinks they are going to get her full cooperation. Nope. Now that she has been paid, I doubt they will see her again. Mariah Carey
 ("Premier Dead Sea Cosmetics")

281. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 06/27 **#7**
This foreign born B+ list mostly television actress was on an iconic foreign show before crashing and burning here had to escape from a hotel suite when the organizer of an event tried to corner her. Karen Gillan ("Doctor Who") ("Selfie") (Rising Star Award at the Maui Film Festival)

282. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 06/27 **#8**
This foreign born A-/B+ list mostly movie actress is A+ list in her country was married for a very long time. The past few years though she has been living with a woman. Surprising for her though is that she is keeping it quiet. She seems like the kind of person who would be putting that front and center. Monica Bellucci (Vincent Cassel)

283. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 06/27 **#9**
This B+ list actor/comic had a hit pay cable show but he was being a diva and thought he couldn’t be replaced. Every person was glad to see him go. T. J. Miller ("Silicon Valley")

284. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 06/27 **#10**
Apparently this A+ list mostly movie actor/director has been finding something really hysterical. Almost every woman he has hooked up with/had an affair with his being also linked to this A+ list mostly movie actor who keeps denying them all. Ben Affleck/Brad Pitt/Sienna Miller

285. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 06/27 **#11**
This permanent A list singer who has already been in this space today was supposed to hook up with this oil baron/a-hole for mid six figures. She thought she would do something like she used to do with her ex-boyfriend and nothing would happen. Apparently our baron would not take no for an answer. He gave her the option of returning the money but she wanted the money so eventually went through with the sex. Mariah Carey/James Packer

286. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 06/27 **#12**
This A-/B+ list mostly movie actress has been telling all her friends to comment anonymously on her social media asking questions about life and being a mother so our actress can answer them. She is trying to restart her websites because she sees what a cash cow GOOP is. Blake Lively ("Preserve")

287. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 06/27 **#13**
#1 – This closeted foreign born B+ list actor with a body that he works on constantly ditched the beard for some yacht filled fun with a bunch of male teenage acting aspirants. He is so rough with them that even his normally rough host had to tell him to tone things down. Alexander Skarsgård

#2 – It is not often you bring your husband along when you are yachting, but this former reality host/reality star feels more comfortable with him along. Brooke Burke Charvet/David Charvet

#3 – This A list singer grabbed the hand of this foreign born A list singer right when she saw paps. She LOVES that people think they are dating. Plus, she would love some songs from him. Katy Perry/Chris Martin

288. THE GOSSIP LIFE 06/28
This preachy B lister has expressed and made several statements in the past that support her committed liberalism and outlook on life, but that's all been put aside apparently because the man she's dating is far from a Jane Fonda liberal -- he's much more moderate and on a surprising amount of issues, he actually leans to the hard right. I've heard of falling in love and opposites attract, but I suspect this is something else entirely. Amber Heard/Elon Musk

289. MR. X 06/28
Before any other contracts are ever signed by the mouse network and one of their featured actresses who is probably too old for any more shows on the network, there will be a provision barring certain members of her family from the set. People have walked off the set and quit after dealing with this family member.

290. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 06/28 **#1**
Literally no celebrities want anything to do with our favorite actress turned escort. She told her bosses at a club she could bring out tons of celebs for her birthday party but no one is willing to come. Lindsay Lohan

291. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 06/28 **#2**
This B+ list mostly movie actress married to a B+ list mostly movie actor in an acting family told a co-star she wanted to have sex with him because it would turn on her husband. Alison Brie (Dave Franco)

292. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 06/28 **#3**
At this point, it is pretty obvious that the non blood related family of this deceased rocker are doing their best to make his death as big of a payday for themselves as possible by spinning the death was accidental while the blood family looks at it completely the opposite. Chris Cornell/Vicky

293. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 06/28 **#4**
Left unsaid by this musician about his former A list boss is the way the musicians would have to be covert about groupies who they were going to hook up with because their boss would find out and then swoop in. The boss didn’t necessarily care about the women but wanted to show his employees who was boss and why they had jobs. Just cruel stuff. Sean "P. Diddy" Combs

294. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 06/28 **#5**
Nervous about getting caught doing something legally wrong, the yachting adventures of this Housewife confines all yachting to locations outside the United States. She sure does spend a lot of time "vacationing." Phaedra Parks ("Real Housewives of Atlanta"); Bethenny Frankel ("Real Housewives of New York City")

295. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 06/28 **#6**
One of the stars from this long running MTV reality show hasn’t done much since the show ended but is using what fame they have left to make their living selling drugs at clubs to people who recognize the star. Ronnie Ortiz-Magro ("Jersey Shores")

296. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 06/28 **#7**
This B list mostly television actor is married to someone much more famous but he has been getting lots of female attention on this almost network show. He hasn’t been saying no. Mark Consuelos/Kelly Ripa ("Riverdale")

297. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 06/28 **#8**
This former A+ list tween actress turned B/B- list adult actress does kind of have a franchise. She is the go to person for party favors during the promo run for her latest movie. Miranda Cosgrove ("Despicable Me 3")

298. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 06/28 **#9**
This A+ list mostly movie actor who is an Academy Award winner is laundering money through a bunch of dollar stores from his pot farm sales.

299. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 06/28 **#10**
This married A/A- list mostly television actress from a very long running hit pay cable show is hooking up with the director of her latest movie. Claire Danes ("Homeland") ("A Kid Like Jake"/Silas Howard)

300. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 06/28 **#11**
#1 – Part of the money issues this A+ list couple are having is the money they invested with a foreign business person who was essentially running a Ponzi scheme. Beyoncé/Jay Z

#2 – This former tweener producer who got an A list tween at the time pregnant found a new way to molest young girls and teens. He started a YouTube camp where the teens pay money to get lessons from him on various things. During the lessons he has them change outfits numerous times and films them doing so. He also talks to them about any interest they have in acting and loves talking about sex scenes and those who are responsive he invites back to his place. Dan Schneider ("DanWrap")

#3 – This former Vampire Diaries actress literally threw things when she found out her suite was not the best one in the hotel. Kat Graham ("All Eyez On Me" London premiere)

301. THE GOSSIP LIFE 06/29
If news of a reboot of Will & Grace created waves, then I can't imagine the headlines if this came true... This A list cast has had very preliminary talks for a small reboot of their legendary television show. 'Just highly secretive talks for now,' says a source. 'Nothing is in cement, but there's interest from the network and the cast isn't completely against the idea.' Another source who works at the network dismisses the idea and claims that there's no truth to it, but the meeting and the idea may above her pay grade. "Friends"

302. POPBITCH 06/29
(British blog)
Which currently-in-the-news celebrity once managed to gamble 300K on his phone betting app in less than one hour?

303. MR. X 06/29
The reason we haven’t heard from this funny lady since that fracas is that she’s quietly planning her comeback. She’s set to do surprise standup shows at the comedy clubs in LA where she got her start. At least one of these secret shows will be filmed for a TV special. She’s also been in talks with that Emmy winning producer for a part on the upcoming season of that eerie show. Kathy Griffin (Ryan Murphy "American Horror Story")

304. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 06/29 **#1**
Kudos to her for trying, but this B+ list mostly movie actress who seemingly only works in a franchise does not have much leverage in her fight. Producers of the franchise would cut her loose in a second if she rocks the boat too much. They feel like they have bent over backwards for her over the years. Michelle Rodriguez ("Fast & Furious")

305. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 06/29 **#2**
This former A+ list athlete was cheating on her now husband fairly regularly with a guy up until about six weeks from her wedding. She told the guy she wanted to marry him instead. Tara Lipinski (Todd Kapostasy)

306. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 06/29 **#3**
Let us look at this from the other side. If the closeted A list reality star with a great side job is so serious with a certain celebrity, then why does he have someone he practically lives with and different women he has sex with almost every night he is not at home, none of whom are the reality star. Kendall Jenner/A$AP Rocky

307. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 06/29 **#4**
Apparently when he beat her was the final straw for this celebrity offspring/part-time model/wannabe actress. She tried to take the singer’s drugs from him and he beat her. Hailey Baldwin/Justin Bieber; Bella Hadid/The Weeknd

308. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 06/29 **#5**
This now former reality star who was on top of the world is soon going to the bottom. It could have even been worse. Our reality star got into a fight with a woman last week and security at the event was quickly there. If security had brought in the police, things would have been really bad for the former reality star.

309. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 06/29 **#6**
This would be a big deal in the family if she got caught. She is a wannabe reality star who used her A+ list sibling’s fame to launch her reality career. Now, she is sleeping with his female opening act. The sibling and the opening act are closeted. Bruno Mars/Tiara, Tahiti, Presley or Jaime Hernandez ("The Lylas")/Camila Cabello ("Fifth Harmony")

310. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 06/29 **#7**
This weekly tabloid was offered exclusive photographs of a curvy B+ list mostly television actress on a hit network show. The tabloid said yes, until they discovered the photos were of the actress in a bikini. Then they said no. They have weight limits for bikini photos. Chrissy Metz ("This Is Us")

311. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 06/29 **#8**
This former one year wonder/former beard did a ton of shopping this past week. Just spending ridiculous amounts of money. The card she was using was neither in her name or the name of her boyfriend. Olivia Culpo/"Miss USA 2012" (Danny Amendola)

312. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 06/29 **#9**
Her boyfriend isn’t paying the bills and the guys he is trying to set her up with want to have time with her for free, hence her going back to her old ways, this time with a foreign born A- list athlete. Our former A- list actress was really hoping her boyfriend would be different from the others. Pamela Anderson (Julian Assange)
 (Adil Rami (French professional footballer)

313. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 06/29 **#10**
This A- list mostly movie actress would probably be A list if she picked better movies. Anyway, our actress has apparently given up on permanently reconciling with her B- list actor significant other all of you know. She has been seeing a guy several times a week. Naomi Watts/Liev Schreiber; Megan Fox/Brian Austin Green

314. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 06/29 **#11**
#1 – Funny side note to the guy that this foreign born A+ list singer has been hooking up with the past few days. He previously paid to hook up with this foreign born permanent A+ list model. She literally tried to get away with stealing a painting off his wall and walking out of his house with it. Rihanna/Naomi Campbell (Saudi Toyota heir Hassan Jameel)

#2 – This A list mogul wannabe rapper spent $100K this week to bring a ten year old song back to life and to the top of the charts for his girlfriend. He owes her a bunch of favors and this was one of them. It also sets up the next record really well. Sean "P Diddy" Combs/Cassie Ventura

#3 – This back in the day boy band is trying to do another reunion tour. Their one off performance this past week did not go well. One of the members who is all about hooking up with fans and then talking about it on his show has a serious problem and needs rehab. He has never had to lip sync but was this week. "New Edition" ("BET Awards")/Ralph Tresvant (DJ on The BASS of Boston WZBR 1410 AM. The show "Inside the Ride with Ralph Tresvant")

315. THE GOSSIP LIFE 06/30
This C/B list television actress on a really hot show is being tipped for stardom by several different sources. 'She started late in the game, but she just glows on screen and I expect her to be getting movie offers by the end of the year,' one source shares. 'I just hope her controlling partner doesn't ruin it for her.' Betty Gilpin ("GLOW")/Cosmo Pfeil

316. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 06/30 **#1**
This B+ list singer hit A list for a bit there a few years ago with her group. No one really knows who is in the group except for her. Apparently she has been back using a lot as of late and her marriage is on the rocks.

317. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 06/30 **#2**
This former primetime actress has had her chances. She has hit it big in television multiple times. She just can’t stay sober and recently almost overdosed after being clean for several months. Heather Locklear

318. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 06/30 **#3**
This northeast Housewife thought she had a deal to meet a guy for a weekend. She showed up at a private jet facility because he supposedly arranged one for her. Nope. She spent 30 minutes trying to check this out while her luggage kept falling to the ground. She tried to call the guy but he had disconnected his number. Bethenny Frankel ("Real Housewives of New York City")

319. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 06/30 **#4**
This former entertainer turned A- list mostly television actor on a hit network show has been hooking up with a clone of his celebrity wife, but about half her age. Ice-T/Coco Austin

320. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 06/30 **#5**
In a strange turn of events, these two in the news reality stars hooked up this week. Was not expecting that. DeMario Jackson & Corinne Olympios ("Bachelor in Paradise")

321. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 06/30 **#6**
This A list reality star continues to annoy. Her team is trying to sell to tabloids her idea for a book of the month club like Oprah’s back in the day. The thing is though, our reality star barely even reads magazines. Khloe Kardashian

322. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 06/30 **#7**
This foreign born A- list mostly movie actress who is an Academy Award winner/nominee had an appointment to get $50K of plastic surgery to try and keep getting roles for her age or younger. The past few months, the offers have mostly been coming from indie films rather than studio films. She is waiting to see how a show she signed on for does first. Naomi Watts ("Gypsy")

323. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 06/30 **#8**
Speaking of that show in #7. A serial cheater on the show has a girlfriend but is hooking up with his much much younger co-star. Billy Crudup/Sophie Cookson

324. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 06/30 **#9**
Apparently a billionaire can cause two former friends to not speak to each other again because that is what’s happening right now with this foreign born permanent A list model and this foreign born A+ list singer. Hassan Jameel/Naomi Campbell/Rihanna

325. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 06/30 **#10**
There is a group of people willing to finance a lawsuit against this reality family so they can obtain discovery and find out the true net worth of the family and from where the money is coming. The Duggars

326. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 06/30 **#11**
This former B+ list mostly television actress from a now ended long running network comedy hit has crashed and burned in the movies. Her PR people have really run with her being the breakout star of this summer but she needs to get that pill/booze use under control because she can be an angry person when she is not balancing them right and it has turned off a lot of the press who are supposed to be writing flattering articles about her. Aubrey Plaza ("Parks and Recreation") ("The Little Hours" and "Ingrid Goes West")

327. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 06/30 **#12**
He doesn’t seem the type, but most rapists don’t look like the guy from Pennsylvania who wrote about his love of rape. There is not usually a big sign saying, I am going to rape you if you show any interest in me at all. Apparently this foreign born A+ list singer in a group has grown tired of the women who want to have sex with him on a near daily basis and he focuses on the women who seem less than interested in sex. Oh, they all know who he is and want to meet him, but have boyfriends or husbands or just wanted a fan moment and not a sex moment. Recently, this singer who all of you know met two women. One of them really wanted to have sex with the singer and her friend was just a fan and that’s it. Not even a huge fan. Well, the singer had sex with the fan and then got the phone number of the other woman. He proceeded to send her gifts and call and text her. He would send flowers to her every day. At some point she broke down and agreed to go to dinner with him. He had a car service pick her up. She thought they were going to meet at the restaurant, but he had the service drop her off where he was staying. When she got there, he said they could just go together. He invited her in for a minute while he finished getting ready and could set the alarm. He offered her a drink and when he gave it to her started kissing her. She responded to the kiss but says that he when he pushed her down on the sofa she said no. He didn’t listen and raped her right there on the sofa. When he finished he stood right up and said they should get to dinner. She said she was numb during the ride and dinner and after told him she was feeling sick when he said they should go back to his place. He called her a cab and that was the last she ever heard from him.

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