NOTE: Guesses in italics are only guesses;
guesses in RED are a link to the solution or substantial clues.


A new source on the scene alleges this arguably A, likely B list rapper has paid out a considerable percentage of his net worth in settlements regarding his violent behaviour. 'All in the past now,' she whispers, 'Thank God.' Chris Brown

2. MR. X 04/03
What vile late night host and name dropper is waging a smear campaign against this Daytime Emmy nominated daytime host? He’s secretly paying people who have been accusing the daytime host of something she’s already apologized for years ago. By staying silent, she’s winning the battle. Oh, and that other daytime host/Daytime Emmy nominee who is friendly with both parties is staying quiet because she knows the late night host is asking for trouble doing this. The Daytime Emmy voting committee historically doesn’t go for this petty smear campaign bullshit so it will probably backfire in the late night host’s face. Andy Cohen ("Watch What Happens Live")/Wendy Williams/Kelly Ripa (transphobic remarks about Bruce Jenner)

This foreign born mostly movie actor is probably A- list. Multiple Golden Globe nominations/wins but no such love from the Oscars. This weekend, instead of telling women he was hitting on that he is in an open marriage, he was simply telling them he wasn’t married. Ewan McGregor

He wouldn’t actually go to a strip club, but late last week, this former A+ list athlete had some strippers over to his place while his A list everything in her mind girlfriend was off doing press for the day. Alex Rodriguez/Jennifer Lopez

That break between the B+ list actress beard and her A list athlete guy she calls her boyfriend is getting longer. Looks like things might be permanent between the pair. Olivia Munn/Aaron Rodgers

The drug addicted offspring of the permanent A++ list celebrity was on her best behavior at an award show this past weekend. She didn’t even try and sneak a cigarette. I think the overdose scare she had Wednesday night scared her sober for a few days. Paris Jackson (Michael Jackson) (GLAAD Media Awards)

This former A list mostly movie actress, who is also a celebrity offspring had her people call designers and basically strong armed them into giving the actress clothes and accessories for her entire press tour for her new project. The thing is they made it seem like it would be dozens of events, but is really just a handful. Kate Hudson (Fabletics)

Honestly, this former Housewife does a pretty good job of making enough money being a companion to men during winter weekends on the beach to not have to do anything money wise the other nine months of the year. Kelly Bensimon (return to "Real Housewives of New York City")

Kind of calling the kettle black, but this B list actress who will take anything gave a lecture to the A-/B+ list mostly movie actress who once played her daughter about drug use and how the younger actress was taking too many and people were talking.

This former A- list mostly television actor from a hit cable show now off the air for a couple of years has new movies and also is going to need a cash infusion after dropping $250K to a casino. That is a lot of money for him. Charlie Hunnam ("Sons of Anarchy")
("CinemaCon Big Screen Achievement Awards" in Las Vegas)

Back in the day, this former A+ list mostly movie actor who is an Academy Award winner/nominee was set to play a superhero. The studio bailed on the movie though and the actor never got a chance. Now though, fast forward three decades and he is begging for a chance to play the superhero now. He feels like he is missing out on all this superhero money and that the studio owes him. Kevin Costner ("Green Lantern")

12. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 04/03 **#10**
This former religious singer has had to give that up because of his personal life is running some kind of crazy ponzi scheme to keep his crazy spending habits going. He is scared his celebrity wife will leave him if the bankroll does. Israel Houghton/Adrienne Bailon

13. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 04/03 **#11**
Apparently old grudges remain between this A-/B+ list mostly television actress who will always be remembered for this iconic role and her B- list former co-star on that show. There was a lot of "hey, did you sleep with the guy I ended up getting married to, and if so, I hate you for the rest of time" kind of thing going on. So, give it another decade maybe. Sarah Michelle Gellar (Freddie Prinze Jr.)/Eliza Dushka
 ("Buffy the Vampire Slayer")

14. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 04/03 **#12**
Our favorite three named actor from a superhero show minus the superhero should watch out for himself. The IRS knows what conventions you are attending so those backpacks full of cash you are collecting from appearing at the conventions should be reported even though you are not planning on it. Cory Michael Smith ("Gotham") ("Wondercon")

15. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 04/03 **#13**
Shuttling between friend’s couches from down in Anaheim and up through the Valley and even into Hollywood is a porn star. No set home address. Not on drugs or strung out, just not making enough money to make ends meet. She shoots a couple of scenes a month and does a little escorting but never seems to get ahead. She came out to LA not even a year ago, full of visions of herself becoming a huge name in the adult business. A little older than the average adult actress and conflicted about leaving her young babies back at home with their father kind of added to the long odds. One thing she does have going for her is a secret. The problem is, she is trying to figure out a way to make money with this secret, and it is not really something that is going to pay her the lottery type money she thinks it will. First, she has told more than a couple of people the secret, and second, everyone always asks her why she has not told the police. Ahh, the police. Many suspect that she has not told the police because of what is going on back in her home town. No one really knows the whole story about her babies and their father(s). This could explain her reluctance to get involved, but will also make it hard for her to make any money. So, what is the secret? She was doing a threesome with another adult actress and this permanent A list mostly movie actor who has multiple Academy Award wins/nominations. They were all having sex at a party at some random home in the middle of nowhere. Literally like in the mountains north of Six Flags. The actor heard there were going to be porn stars there so he showed up. During this threesome, our actor was choking the other porn star while having sex and apparently she lost consciousness. For a few minutes. Like stopped breathing for a few minutes. To the point she has brain damage. This was a massive party. Several hundred people. Apparently our porn actress told everyone that the guy they were having sex with took off. People knew the actor was at the party, but only our porn star knows about him having sex with her and the brain damaged woman. The brain damaged woman has one relative who lived in the south somewhere and that is where she is now. Our porn star got nothing for keeping it a secret, just a threat from the actor to stay quiet.

I may be about to commit sacrilege. This famous comedian/actor might be beloved by all of us as one of the world's greatest comedic actors, but he was/probably still is despised by the comedy community. '[name omitted] was the biggest joke thief on two feet,' according to a comedian from back in the day. 'He'd come into a club, spot a comedian killing and do half their routine the next night on Letterman. Scum!' Robin Williams

17. MR. X 04/04 **#1**
Which slowly slipping to B+ list pop star is about to be exposed in a homophobic scandal? She was caught on tape a few years ago joking with some family members about some of her fans and she uses the f-word every few seconds. Surprising coming from someone who has dabbled with the ladies. Her fans will probably turn on her if they found this out. Katy Perry

18. MR. X 04/04 **#2**
What C-list movie/TV actress whose best known role is as a celebrity spouse, has sold several stories to the tabloids exposing her not-so-closeted A-list hubby’s extra curricular activities and several months later tells them a month or two after these stories break that their marriage is fine (can you say coo-coo)? The husband is already shopping for divorce lawyers again. Then, someone spots him and he is forced to stop. Jenna Dewan Tatum/Channing Tatum (cheating with Amber Heard)

19. MR. X 04/04 **#3**
That black wig and those glasses are not fooling anyone. Everyone knows this A+ list singer not named Katy Perry or Rihanna when she rolls into this gay bar in West Hollywood to play a little Drag Queen Bingo. Taylor Swift

20. MR. X 04/04 **#4**
This multiple year reality star who used to be an A- list mostly television actress on a long running hit network show is in talks to join the dysfunctional ABC morning talk show.

When her boyfriend decided to borrow another $100K from her for the third time without actually paying anything back, this former child actress turned bazillionaire still A list celebrity split with her boyfriend. Ashley Olsen/Richard Sachs

Been there done that multiple times, although this time this B+ list always broke rapper did manage to get two women pregnant at the same time which is why he has been dumped this time around by his reality star girlfriend. Tyga/Kylie Jenner

Much like her sister did back in the day, there appears to be a limit to how much into character this A- list mostly movie actress is willing to get. In this case, it is about getting dirty and looking bruised. She just won’t do it because she thinks her image is more important than any role. Elle Fanning ("I Think We’re Alone Now")/Dakota Fanning refused to shave her head in "My Sister’s Keeper", replaced by Abigail Breslin

This celebrity offspring of barely relevant celebrities has missed some modeling assignments because she was hit by her foreign born singer boyfriend who has a very big temper. Gigi Hadid/Zayn Malik

This former naked celebrity turned reality star turned celebrity in search of any pap camera she can find is married. For now. Apparently she left her husband again after catching him cheating again. Kendra Wilkinson/Hank Baskett

This would make things even more complicated in her very complicated relationship. This foreign born A- list mostly movie actress has multiple friends telling others she is pregnant with the baby of this frequently drunk, always philandering, A- list mostly television actor. Diane Kruger/Norman Reedus

This former Glee actor says he wants to get out on the road or film a movie in a foreign country just to get some time away from his significant other. Matthew Morrison

It would be the perfect relationship. This foreign born thirsty underwear model who is not getting much out of her current relationship publicity wise and this former A+ list tweener turned A- list singer who lives and breathes in a closet. They are talking about it. Emily Ratajkowski (Bradley Cooper)/Nick Jonas

For just the 3rd or 4th time that I can remember, a male actor was paid to fly to Dubai to do some "yachting." The former Disney tweener was paid a significant sum for his very short stay. Interesting was that the person paying for the actor’s services wanted the actor to stay silent about the trip until after the actor returned to the US. Zac Efron
("Hugo Boss" photo shoot)

30. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 04/04 **#10**
Usually when a married man hooks up with a woman other than his wife, he would like it kept a secret. Is it usually kept a secret? I think it depends on who the man is and how big the check is. Many moons ago in this very space we were introduced to an actress who had her biggest success as a teen and into her very early 20’s. Even then, she was more interested in things other than acting. She made a significant amount of money being a dominatrix to actors/producers who could afford her very expensive non-sexual services. Did I mention the services were expensive? Unlike most young actresses, she didn’t need to go to audition after audition. She made a ton of money and when she did want to act, all she had to do was talk to one of her clients who would make some calls and our actress could do some acting. Fast forward a few years and our actress meets a guy she wants to be with forever. One tiny catch. She doesn’t want him to discover her past. She prefers him to think she is an innocent. Someone who is there to experience something together as a couple and not worry about what happened prior to them being a couple. She had this grand vision of how she wanted him to see her and it didn’t include whipping some closeted A+ lister while he wore nipple clamps and recited lines from his movies. So, an agreement was reached. She would be quiet. Her clients would be quiet. At one point she had so many clients that she had farmed out some of the work to a friend who now took over the whole empire. Meanwhile, our actress gets married and walks away from acting and spins and spins about why she did. In the past few months, she is worried her 24K gilded existence will come to an end though because one of the producers who was a client is facing money issues. He won’t write a book but he is not opposed to blackmailing the now very very very wealthy by marriage actress for some money each month to keep their secret.
Actress: Leelee Sobieski
Husband: Adam Kimmel (son of Martin Kimmel)

31. MR. X 04/05 **#1**
These two actors, both of them B-list with A-list name recognition, have been secretly seeing each other romantically ever since they did a liplock onscreen in that notorious box office bomb. They’re both bisexual, and both of their families know about this relationship. What seals the deal is they gave each other bracelets with their zodiac signs. Shailene Woodley ("Tris") (Scorpio)/Theo James ("Four") (Sagittarius)/("Allegiant")

32. MR. X 04/05 **#2**
This Tony Award winner is getting a lot of crap for her new role. She shouldn’t be. That A+ list singer who had her name thrown out had it done so purely as a favor to make it look like she was wanted. Nope. The director of the movie had no idea the firestorm it would create.
Tony winner: Cynthia Erivo
Movie: "The Lion King" ("Nala")
A+ list singer: Beyoncé
Director: Jon Favreau

Before and after and event for her company, this B- list actress who doesn’t really act much any longer was not particularly nice to fans or her hosts. It was only during the event when the cameras were focused on her that she pretended to care. Jessica Alba
 ("Honest Beauty" makeup range at Target)

This foreign born permanent A list celebrity now has a new exercise class and a minder who comes with him courtesy of his wife. I guess that is one way from stopping him from seeing that other woman. David Beckham (Victoria)

This still not old enough to vote A-/B+ list mostly television actress in that tween world is finally getting her payoff for years of doing the bidding of producers and studios by being the Tiger Beat like beard to several other tweens to boost their career. Bailee Madison

Not happy about the costume that was given to her and making it plain to the director was this former A list tweener actress and singer who has finally landed a decent cable show after years of misses. Hilary Duff ("Younger")

Apparently sports betting is not the only thing this actor/celebrity offspring does when his B+ list actress wife with A list name recognition does when she is gone. He is also a big fan of webcam sites and has stopped showing himself to the models in an effort to stay anonymous. Brian Austin Green (Megan Fox)

With a smile on her face this permanent A list mostly movie actress with one of the most powerful franchises of all time belonging to her, told her most recent co-star that she needed to stay sober or our permanent A list actress would have the co-star fired from her own franchise. No one f**ks with our permanent A list actress. Sigourney Weaver ("Alien")/Michelle Rodriguez ("Avatar")

He’s back. Our now skinny A- list comic movie actor is working on a major coke bender the past few days. Just a couple of hours sleep each night and back to his old disrespectful to women ways too. Jonah Hill

This B+ list mostly movie actor/singer spent much of a charity event using the pickup line that quickies and charity events go together while trying to find a woman who agreed with him. He found no takers though. Jared Leto
("Fundraising Concert Benefiting The ACLU")

JENNIFER LOPEZ: "You know, this is funny, I was doing a movie, with a big, big star, big director…nameless…early in my career, and I got the lead woman role in the movie. And the director said to me, "Can I see your tits?" And I was like, "Mmm, no you can’t", and he was like, "Why not? Are they saggy?" I said "No, actually, they’re perfect. But your not gonna see them". And he pushed a little bit, and then he stopped, he realized he was gonna get nowhere with me. And I thought to myself, would you ask the star of this movie to see his dick? No you would not. Or his ass? You know what I mean? Why are you asking me this? Like, I’m not gonna show my tits in your movie, so…blah blah blah, whatever. It was just weird."
Movie: "Out Of Sight"
Director: Steven Soderbergh
Male star: George Clooney

You might be like me and following the Bill O'Reilly controversy with an eager eye. I was discussing the story with a friend and he insists that a similar accusation was levied against another high profile presenter. It was far from today and unlike Bill, it was only one accusation that went away quickly, but some in the industry still mention it.

43. POPBITCH 04/06
(British blog)
The tabloids have spent years wringing headlines out of his health struggles, so what angle will they go with when this well-loved, but troubled, star reveals he has cancer?
Paul Gascoigne

If you're a fan of sitcoms, then you might be wondering why you rarely see this once A list television actor in high profile projects anymore. "Hard work," says one scrub. "The sort of guy that you could write a million dollar check to and he'd complain about the ink used." "He's terrified of looking bad on camera," confides another. "He'll complain if a set has hired too many good looking background actors." Zach Braff

This A list singer couldn’t wait to show off her new breast enlargement and lift but called it something else.

This female MMA fighter is probably finished fighting. Well, except with her boyfriend who hit her the other day. Ronda Rousey (Travis Browne)

Much like his character in that iconic role and television show, this B list mostly television actor’s wife thinks one thing is happening in their relationship while the actor already is hooking up with someone barely in their 20’s. David Schwimmer (Zoe Buckman)

This former tweener actress turned adult singer wants her old franchise to have a reboot. In that, she wants to have a same sex, sex scene starring herself but the producers don’t want any part of that. Demi Lovato ("Camp Rock 3")

Pap photos of this foreign born A list mostly movie actor who is ending a franchise rarely include his wife and kids any longer. Divorce, although unannounced will do that. Jamie Dornan (Amelia Warner)

This A list voice actor who you all know from a long running network show brought along some 20 something with him to a morning show. The fact she was still wearing what she had been obviously wearing the night before when they first met made it really awkward for everyone. Hank Azaria ("Howard Stern")

It has now been three years since this married foreign born host/model/part-time actress started first hooking up with the guy who helps her kids with sports. Her A+ list mostly movie actor husband doesn’t seem to mind. Camila Alves/Matthew McConaughey

Our favorite frequent commando going actor is back on the bottle again. Not in a quiet one drink a night kind of way either. Jon Hamm

This B+ list mostly television actress will soon fade to B and then lower once the final episode of her cable show airs. She is really depressed because she was told by her people she needed to come back to LA if she had any chance at a career. She had been pretty happy where she was. Ashley Benson ("Pretty Little Liars")

54. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 04/06 **#10**
Our favorite former almost A- list mostly movie actress turned escort is not having to pay the pap traveling with her but does spend 30 minutes a day making sure he gets that day’s shot to sell to tabloids around the world. I think she is using them as an ad campaign, and not for producers to cast her. Lindsay Lohan

55. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 04/06 **#11**
This former A list mostly movie actress who is a celebrity offspring is forbidden from bringing any guy to anything that involves her oldest child. Part of her most revised custody deal. Kate Hudson (Ryder, son of Chris Robinson)

56. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 04/06 **#12**
The staff at this local non chain coffee shop have noticed the bruises on the face of this actress. The cut lips. Everyone knows her A- list mostly movie actor significant other who ALL of you know is the one who caused the damage. She got away once. I think it will be much harder for her to leave this time. Mia Goth/Shia LaBeouf

57. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 04/06 **#13**
Over the years I have told you about two specific companies that were fronts for female celebrities/actresses to get paid for selling themselves in a way that makes it look like just another product endorsement deal. Well, now you can add a third company to that list. This company specializes in celebrities who have a name and a face, but would be considered by us to be C and D listers. The group is actually more interested in making long term connections rather than just a one night stand because a great deal of their pay comes if there is a marriage. I think this is why they are focused on the C and D listers. So, when you see an actress posing with a certain beverage brand in photos that make no sense for the product they are selling and they are a C lister, then you will know. So far, I have heard of three that you would know who are involved. "138 Water" (BIKINI SHOTS) (Rachel McCord; Hailey Baldwin; Christina Milian; Brandi Glanville; Keyara aka Ciara aka Jean Watts)

58. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 04/06 **#14**
#1 – This A list daytime talk host whose hair color changes with the new show season berates his weary producers in front of the studio audience if a show goes over "live to tape" in time because he’ll hit traffic on the George Washington Bridge coming home from the studio. Meanwhile, the producers will be working until 10 pm wrangling possibly pregnant guests for the next day’s taping. He also wants the guests pre-produced not to touch him. If they do, the producer will be in for another reaming. Maury Povich

#2 – The father of this A+ list former reality star turned something else used to pay protection money to the grandfather of an employee of our A+ lister. Donald Trump/Kellyanne Conway (Jimmy "The Brute’ DiNatale)

#3 – Apparently this A list reality star is willing to be a temporary beard for this celebrity offspring, who, much like his dad is also in the closet. Kourtney Kardashian/Quincy Brown/stepfather Sean "P. Diddy" Combs

A source insists to me that Ashton Kutcher and his MTV crew tired to "punk" this wacky A list icon and when they got in touch with his agent to arrange the joke, they were met with a stern warning and told not to even try or "he will shoot you dead." That would be one episode of Punk'd worth watching! Howard Stern (opposes gun control)

The foreign born A- list mostly movie actor who is always A+ list when it comes to action has bailed on his foreign born model girlfriend. To keep everything quiet though, he has written her a very large check. Jason Statham/Rosie Huntington-Whiteley

The foreign born A- list dual threat actor that I want to play the next James Bond was high as a kite at the premiere of his latest project. Apparently he took a taxi to the event and when he emerged from the cab, it was pretty evident both he and the driver had a glorious ride over. Idris Elba ("Guerrilla" premiere)

Also wasted this week at an event, although on considerably harder drugs was this foreign born B+ list celebrity offspring of an A list celebrity couple. Kelly Osbourne ("Star Magazine's Hollywood Rocks"); Brooklyn Beckham

A supposed long ago ex, but maybe not so ex of this A- list reality star was spotted in a photo shoot wearing some very very recently stolen jewelry belonging to a sibling of the A- list reality star. Sibling: Kendall Jenner

I think he is way too young for her to look right, but as I told you last week, this former boy bander has two big projects coming out this summer and would like a beard to be there for him as it happens. Apparently they are not trusting their luck to some random woman who will probably have a boyfriend and still posts Instagram pictures of her boyfriend so might go professional. Nahh, the newly released from her contract actress is not going to be it. However, the reality judge who has done it for years in the past is a possibility. I don’t think people would believe the relationship, but she is a consummate pro. Harry Styles ("Dunkirk" and album release)/Olivia Munn/Nicole Scherzinger

It would probably shock everyone, including their respective significant others that these two A list country singer exes have been texting and sexting the past two months. Miranda Lambert (Anderson East)/Blake Shelton (Gwen Stefani)

I love the spin PR people are trying to put on the relationship of this part-time reality star who is the offspring of a multiple reality show parent. What I see, because I am not blinded by kneepads is a violent drug addicted athlete who is way worse than Johnny Football and has barely any money left from a huge bonus. I’m waiting for what will be some explosive fireworks at some point down the road for the couple. Brielle Biermann (Kim Zolciak/Kroy Biermann)/Michael Kopech

This foreign born A-/B+ list mostly movie actress with two first names is cheating on her significant other with someone on her latest project. Alice Eve/Alex Cowper-Smith

This Academy Award winner/nominee who goes off the deep end a few times a year was at it again last night. He would not stop hitting on this B- list mostly television actress who is in a cable superhero show just renewed for another season. The comments he was making to her had several people throughout the night trying to get him to stop. Cuba Gooding Jr./Amber Midthunder or Rachel Keller ("Legion") ("8th Annual FX All-Star Bowling Party")

69. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 04/07 **#10**
When his A+ list male lover is not there, this married kind of a celebrity improvises. He spent a couple of hours with the French waiter that makes much more money hooking up with closeted male celebrities and other wealthy men than he does from waiting tables. Rande Gerber (Cindy Crawford)/George Clooney (in St. Barts)

70. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 04/07 **#11**
Judging by the conversation a nurse overheard, I’m guessing at some point in the very near future, this former porn star is going to have to make a deal with multiple federal agencies to either cut a deal or go to jail. Jenna Jameson
(fiancé Lior Bitton/diamond dealer)

71. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 04/07 **#12**
Worst I have ever seen her look was the most common phrase at a party last night used to describe the substance abuse situation this A list singer has going on right now. Just barely keeping it together was another one. Katy Perry
 (Caroline De Maigret and Pharrell Williams Dinner In Celebration Of CHANEL's Gabrielle Bag)

72. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 04/07 **#13**
#1 – This B+ list mostly movie actor who is an Academy Award winner told his actress wife there was no part for her in a production he is staging. Not true at all. Producers wanted to also cast his wife but he said he would not do the role if she was cast. Javier Bardem/Penélope Cruz (Untitled "Universal Monster" Project)

#2 – These noon time trysts are becoming more common for these married former network television co-stars. She is still on the show and has access to a place they use once every couple of weeks to hook up. Mariska Hargitay ("Law & Order: Special Victims Unit")/Christopher Meloni

#3 – Yeah, apparently the foreign born actress who, with the men who slept with her broke up a few marriages, while also not being very successful in her own relationships is sleeping with the A+ list mostly movie actor. They have tried to keep it quiet the past two weeks but have been growing more careless. They are both single, but it would be front page tabloid stuff. Sienna Miller/Brad Pitt ("The Lost City of Z")

#4 – This openly gay still A- list singer (because of his past works and name) has been cheating on his significant other with a foreign born gay magician who is also in a relationship. Barry Manilow (Garry Kief) (POSSIBLY: Siegfried Fischbacher (Roy Horn)

73. MR. X 04/08 **#1**
What A+ list songstress who will probably release an album later this year and sweep the Grammys for 2018 is seriously considering coming out as "sexually fluid"? Her PR people are warning her against it fearing fan backlash, so this is definitely a wait and see scenario. If she does come out, it won’t be this year. Taylor Swift

74. MR. X 04/08 **#2**
After a very public fracas involving her family, this B-list singer and celeb spawn went back into the recording studio and laid down some tracks for not one but TWO albums. One will be a cover album of lesser known disco songs with help from the disco era’s two greatest producers and the other a collection of jazz standards with some help from that jazz pianist and archivist. Expect her to do some club dates later this year and into 2018.
Lisa Marie Presley/Giorgio Moroder, Nile Rodgers and Michael Feinstein

I love how this Atlanta Housewife talks so much crap to everyone about their morality and is the first one to say yes when there is a chance to yacht.
Porsha Williams

I guarantee you there will be people killed before this hated A- list singer and this sizzurp drinking/seizure having A list rapper go to jail for this massive drug conspiracy off which they are a part. Chris Brown/Lil Wayne

This A-/B+ list mostly movie actress was told to keep her plugs subtle. Her A+ list actor husband thinks he is the master of subversion. The thing is, she has kind of taken the whole promoting thing a little too far and her Instagram is littered with things she is trying to sell herself and for her friends. Blake Lively (Ryan Reynolds) ("Mrs. R" ring) (Bedazzling Party) (Instagram)

KINDNESS: I had forgotten about this and then someone was kind enough to remind me. In a way this actor, who is A- list and does everything from movies to internet could be the subject of two kindness blinds. One, for refusing to work with the hateful, horrible, never going to change, porn star loving, women hating A list director with multiple Academy Award nominations/wins who ruined his acting career. The other kindness is because of the time he decided to move a homeless woman into an apartment who had been homeless for almost two decades. Zach Galifianakis (refused to star in "Hangover 2" with Mel Gibson) (helped homeless Marie "Mimi" Haist) (Movie: "Queen Mimi" available on Netflix, Amazon and iTunes)

The celebrity/actress/offspring wife of this actor/celebrity/multi-tasker thinks his sexual assaults of women are a big lie. She thinks the women gave themselves to her husband and then later decided to try and make money and hurt him. She mentions the hundred other women who never have said anything. Bijou Phillips (shunned sister Mackenzie Phillips after her reveal of incest)/Danny Masterson investigated for sexual assault

The last thing this actress needs to do while trying to repair a PR image that has taken some body blows over the past year is have her PR people spread rumors that she is pregnant. No one is sure why the foreign born B+ list actress is doing this other than to try and make her relationship with the cable actor seem more solid. Diane Kruger/Norman Reedus

81. NY DAILY NEWS 04/10
Jenny Nordbak wrote "The Scarlett Letters" to tell all about her experience working in a California Sex dungeon. Recent college graduate Jenny Nordbak answered a job ad declaring "no experience necessary." And what an experience it turned out to be. The 22-year-old soon found herself working in a Los Angeles sex dungeon, putting a leash on a major Hollywood star, as she reveals in her astounding new book "The Scarlett Letters." Her rope work was weak, Nordbak knew, but she had the basics of bondage down. She also was strong in the torture of male genitalia, an art in itself. The latter soon came in helpful when a major movie star walked into her session room. Nordbak's test scene was almost child's play: Face-slapping, verbal humiliation and nipple torture with paddles and a light flogger at hand. Nothing she hadn't already done a hundred times before. It was Mr. Mega-Movie Star who taught her a trick not to be found in a BDSM big primer. On his first visit, he swaggered into the room wearing shades and smacking gum, while flashing the "million-dollar smile" recognizable to anyone on the planet. Nordbak quickly roped him to a cross and with a combination of flogging and tugging, drove him wild. Afterwards as they cleaned up, he promised a surprise when he came round again. Next time, she took him directly in the depths of the dungeon into the cave. His first sexy move was to pull off the sunglasses that made him more recognizable, not less, and perch them on her nose. Mega-Movie Star reached into a small leather satchel and produced a selection of urethral sounds, metal rods for insertion. A long time practitioner, he handed Nordbak the thickest one. Nothing more can be said except that it ended happily for both. Mistress Scarlett took almost as much sexual pleasure as her client when he coached her through several variations. Jack Nicholson

82. MR. X 04/10
The newborn child of that closeted A-list actor and his beard has been shrouded in secrecy. His PR people are freaking out because the kid looks nothing like him and it resembles a Middle Eastern businessman she slept with around the time the child was conceived. The PR people contacted Kneepads for the "exclusive" and a splashy cover story may be coming soon. Bradley Cooper/Irina Shayk

When you take enough drugs where you are going to pass out, it is probably the right move to leave an event early, much like this A-/B+ list mostly movie actress did. Hanging out with people who do more drugs than even she does has not been the best idea. That studio who is expecting a lot of press from her very soon must be very nervous. Amber Heard (4th Annual unite4:humanity Gala)

Look for this feud to either end or end in death. Those are pretty much the only two options after this still hated A- list singer stole a bunch of sex tapes authorities would love to see from a rapper the singer has been feuding with. Chris Brown/Soulja Boy

Not content with exclusives that don’t bring the clicks like they used to, the suck up butt kissing tabloids are actually being paid to run stories from this reality family to keep them front and center and on the covers of magazines and at the top of websites. "The Kardashians"
(PEOPLE: Kim Kardashian Battles Intense Anxiety as Kanye West Has a Breakdown: 'I Just Want to Disappear') (US WEEKLY: 'Keeping Up With the Kardashians' Recap: Kim Kardashian Reacts to Kanye West's Concert Meltdown) (DAILY MAIL: 'Don't scare me': Kim Kardashian sobs while learning of husband Kanye West's mental breakdown on KUWTK) (STAR MAGAZINE: Rob Kardashian Demands New DNA Test Over Dream) (NATIONAL ENQUIRER: Rob Kardashian Tries Hypnotizing The Weight Away) (IN TOUCH WEEKLY: Kylie Jenner to Star in Her Own Reality Show)

This married A- list almost television actor from a decently hit show but nothing like his last show almost got punched out when he tried to hit on a woman at a biker bar. The boyfriend of the woman was not amused.

It could be breakup part two for this A- list mostly movie actress with a franchise and her mostly out of work, former A- list mostly television actor significant other. Very rarely does our actress venture out anywhere solo, but she has multiple times this past week. The last time this happened, they had a very public split. Megan Fox/Brian Austin Green

This foreign born B+ list alliteration singer who started off on a reality show has been having an affair with a very very wealthy man who has been busted by his wife. Apparently the singer had no idea the man was married but is sticking with him now. Leona Lewis

On this go around of his drinking problem, our former A list mostly television actor from a hit cable show turned A-/B+ list mostly movie actor has been an angry drunk. He is not exactly doing himself any favors with potential employers who hear stories around town. Jon Hamm ("Mad Men")

Speaking of angry, this foreign born A list action star who really does nothing else was ballistic that at one of the only times he has hung out with this foreign born model in quite some time they were besieged by paps. She of course called them and he was ticked. Jason Statham/Rosie Huntington-Whiteley

Ruh oh. Late last week, this still A list singer, but more concerned with how much money she can make each television season, busted her A list boyfriend cheating. Gwen Stefani/Blake Shelton

92. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 04/10 **#10**
Why yes, that was this former A- list mostly television actress turned train wreck of a human being performing oral sex on her drug dealer in a hotel parking garage the other night. Mischa Barton

93. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 04/10 **#11**
#1 – While this celebrity offspring of a permanent A lister was on a very very very long flight to go yachting in the Middle East she told a fellow first class passenger she had been doing it since she was 16. That is about a year earlier than anyone had previously known. Sofia Richie in Qatar

#2 – I got an e-mail asking me a question about this foreign born dual threat A- list actor not named Cumberbatch. They wanted to know if he is "that nice or has an inner darkness lurking." Have I made him out to be nice because I am sorry if I have. He is a self-centered pretentious a-hole. He is a really really good actor though. Oh, and he can play the PR game almost better than anyone. His one problem other than a-holery is that he is obsessed with trying to find someone he thinks is a suitable publicity match. Tom Hiddleston

#3 – Word coming from that finally in the can third installment of a now troubled franchise is that one of the leads did herself no favors when it comes to landing that female centric Christmas movie everyone is buzzing about. She was at the top of a very short list but now might not even get a chance. Anna Kendrick ("Pitch Perfect 3") (Nicole Claus in Untitled Santa Claus Project)

Sometimes it's a compliment to be compared to a fellow celebrity. For example, Isla Fisher has spoken about how she's flattered by the comparisons to Amy Adams. It isn't in this case. This A lister hates how often she's been compared to Caitlyn Jenner to the point that she once told a fan to "fuck off" for uttering it. Hardly model behaviour! Cindy Crawford

95. MID-DAY 04/11
(Bollywood News) She is a favourite with a big shot filmmaker and is said to have bagged his next production venture starring two prominent stars. The producer, also her mentor, has now asked her to repair a botched-up plastic surgery that was dicussed more than her acting chops in her last film. Before this new project rolls out, she has to undo whatever she did. Poor thing is in a fix. What if things get worse? Vaani Kapoor (Producer: Aditya Chopra "Shuddh Desi Romance", "Aaha Kalyanam" and "Befikre")

This A list "musician" is planning on dropping her next album completely out of the blue, a source tells us. It won't be announced. It won't be promoted. It'll just be dropped out of the blue. I guess this is the new thing. Beyoncé

This permanent A list singer gave her ex a check for $1M to drop their custody fight so she could complete a legal proceeding which would not have moved forward if the custody fight was ongoing. Madonna/Guy Ritchie
(custody fight for their son Rocco)/(adoption of Malawian twins)

Several years ago I told you about a group of women who were infamous but used that publicity to make a lot of money selling sex. Since then, only one still does it and she makes a fortune. She sells herself for money about once every two to three months for mid five figures to men who have been vetted by the man she lives with. Casey Anthony; Amanda Knox

He is probably a B- list, B- list actress but has A list name recognition among the daily tabloid readers. The bodyguard of the rapper at his request has been filming all of the times the couple has had sex with hidden cameras the bodyguard set up around the bedroom and the various hotel bedrooms of the rappers. Karrueche Tran/Migos’ Quavo

100. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 04/11 **#4**
While this A-/B+ list mostly movie actress with at least three franchises filming is on the road promoting her latest movie, her husband is cheating on her. Zoe Saldana/Marco Perego ("Guardians of the Galaxy 2") ("Avatar" and "Star Trek")

101. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 04/11 **#5**
The crew on this movie are pretty much unanimous in their opinion that this foreign born A/A list mostly movie actor who does mostly action movies right now is one of the worst actors they have seen. The scenes and dialogue have to be kept simple for the actor. Daniel Craig

102. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 04/11 **#6**
This A+ list mostly movie actress turned A+ list dual threat actress ripped her personal pap because he was late to get her picture the other day and some random pap got her at a time and place and angle she hates. Reese Witherspoon

103. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 04/11 **#7**
This A+ list mostly movie actor is making the umpteenth installment to one of his franchises. His trailer is bulletproof and bomb proof and he has a ring of dummy trailers surrounding his for further protection. Tom Cruise ("M:I 6 - Mission Impossible" filming in Paris)

104. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 04/11 **#8**
Don’t believe the hype this A list mostly movie actor is selling. He is all happy go lucky about his wife being with him while working but she insisted because of his track record with women over the past year. Chris Pratt/Anna Faris

105. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 04/11 **#9**
This B list late night host is infamous at certain gay bars for bringing slurry, toned twentysomethings back to his fancy pants, pre-war NYC apartment later at night. Only he doesn’t take them to his stunning third floor palace peppered with photos of… him and celebrities. The host fools around with the (confused but willing) guys in the basement storage closet he has in the building where he also keeps two bicycles and folding chairs. The recap of those adventures would make a great NYC reality show. Andy Cohen ("Watch What Happens Live")

106. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 04/11 **#10**
This is coming from her side (the model) rather than the guy, but all the other yachting journeys she has been on have checked out. Apparently this B list model who is a celebrity offspring and an offspring of a yachter is going to spend some time with this soon to be divorced foreign billionaire who is a long time family friend of the father of the model.
Model: Bella Hadid
Parents: Yolanda and Mohamed Hadid
Billionaire: Wissam Al Mana (Janet Jackson)

107. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 04/11 **#11**
This A list singer is fighting with her record label again. Last time they fought, she won and the record lost. She is winning the fight again, but the record company says it needs to sell better than her last record they liked or they will drop her. Kelly Clarkson

108. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 04/11 **#12**
This former A list mostly television actor from a very long running iconic network show turned failed movie actor turned director turned take what he can get actor is divorcing his wife. We got that. I also told you about the other woman he got pregnant. Apparently though, the woman he got pregnant charges by the hour and our actor is just finding that out and has been going crazy texting and e-mailing and yelling at her. David Schwimmer

109. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 04/11 **#13**
There was a certain point in time a few years ago where this permanent A list celebrity backed away from this religion. The reason? The leaders had become too greedy. Our celebrity has always made a point of having a long and steady career. Sure, there are some highs, but there are also very few valleys. She had always taken a percentage of earnings of the group, but gave that up as authorities began looking at things more closely. She also used the opportunity to force people out of leadership positions. When the dust settled, she was as close to the top as she could get without people knowing she was there. She also managed to double the percentage she gets from every dollar pulled in from every group across North America. Despite the hundreds of millions she has earned in her lifetime, she is always looking for more and she says it is the easiest money to make. No real work to do and it comes in hand over fist from people who think it is doing something for them. Madonna/"The Kabbalah Centre"

110. THE GOSSIP LIFE 04/12
A source got in touch over the weekend regarding this A list couple. He claims that in a recent business meeting with them he was "astounded" by how intelligent she came across. "It was weird," he says, "because I would never have thought that before I met her." As for him? "Dumb as a rock," he laughs. "Unless he was talking about sports." Tom Brady/Gisele Bündchen; David and Victoria Beckham

111. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 04/12 **#1**
Don’t be shocked if a recent pregnancy announcement ends up being twins. This pregnancy was through IVF because there is no way this guy is going to be standing attention with a woman. We won’t find out though until they can sell every possible portion of their story to any tabloid willing to pay. A reality show would be their dream scenario. Heidi and Spencer Pratt

112. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 04/12 **#2**
There is a lot of bad blood between the actresses in this upcoming movie reboot of a television show. The reason? One of the actresses, who also happened to be in a very hit pay cable show is being seen as being the focal point of the studio’s efforts and is getting the best magazine photo shoots and interviews while every other actress is only offered something after our actress has passed. "Baywatch"/Alexandra Daddario

113. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 04/12 **#3**
Don’t believe the hype. This comic actress from an iconic show who is currently a judge says one thing about her old show, but plans are being made to not include her in a reboot which would air on a streaming service. Lisa Kudrow

114. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 04/12 **#4**
This closeted A list reality star with a bit of a recent PR problem is hooking up with the foreign born singer who basically forced the former vampire out in the open. The two have been sending more and more time together in the singer’s apartment out of the country. Kendall Jenner/Soko (Kristen Stewart)

115. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 04/12 **#5**
This foreign born permanent A list singer/musician has cancer and is not expected to live beyond this year. Eric Clapton

116. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 04/12 **#6**
In what is one of the most strange relationships ever, this A list reality star who is now going to have a second show saw some photos of her now ex with other woman and bought him a gift to try and win him back. He will come running back but is holding out for an even bigger gift. The thing is, he is at fault for everything but has her completely messed up in the mind. Kylie Jenner/Tyga

117. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 04/12 **#7**
This primetime entertainment host is staring in the face of multiple new women who are about to speak out against him. At this point, the network is really considering cutting ties to the host. Bill O'Reilly

118. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 04/12 **#8**
After studios started offering roles to other actresses instead of her, this still not able to drink B+ list mostly movie actress has given a family member the job of sober coach. The studio would prefer it to be someone neutral. Chloë Grace Moretz

119. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 04/12 **#9**
This A- list singer who really wants to be an actress has a boyfriend but it hasn’t stopped her from having phone sex with her actor ex-boyfriend. Lady GaGa/Taylor Kinney

120. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 04/12 **#10**
This Disney reboot of a classic favorite probably ended at just the right time for this actress/singer because she is going kind of crazy with coke. Crazy as in she is taking some really career ending chances. Sabrina Carpenter ("Girl Meets World" reboot of "Boy Meets World")

121. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 04/12 **#11**
This celebrity offspring of a barely celebrity is a model. The thing is though, she is never going to be big enough in runway, so she wants SI and Victoria’s Secret and got her self a breast enlargement to give her an edge over her frenemy who is also a celebrity offspring. Hailey Baldwin/Gigi Hadid

122. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 04/12 **#12**
Remember a few months ago when an actress publicly spoke about her sexual assault and wouldn’t name her attacker? I made it pretty obvious who it was. Look in that direction for Abigail Breslin’s attacker.
Harvey Weinstein (Abigail Breslin sexual assault)

123. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 04/12 **#13**
Back in the day, this actor was probably A- list. Not because of any particular acting talent, but simply because every person probably knew who he was. He was never going to headline a movie, but he was still one of the most popular actors working. When the big box office projects dried up he could still make a lot of money in straight to DVD or On Demand movies. When those began to dry up he still could make a decent living making appearances. He still does that, but the amounts he is paid is lower each year. Right now, he spends most of what he earns on women he finds on the street at night. He rolls up to them and they see his face and think they are headed for a big payday. He doesn’t have big payday kind of money. He has just enough to pay them what they charge everyone else and takes the rest of his money to the liquor store. He goes home and drinks himself to sleep every night. His place is awful. It stinks of urine and a guy who barely takes care of himself. He used to have someone come in and help him and also clean, but he has trouble finding the money to pay them. He was near death one morning recently when a friend found him and convinced him to go to rehab. He has been there before, but hopefully this time it will stick.

124. THE GOSSIP LIFE 04/13
The ensemble of this B list show has fallen out. Not a single member of the main cast talks to each other off of set and although some are polite to each other when they're working, others simply do not engage. The show's lead gets the blame for the unhappy working environment, according to my source. He compares her behaviour to that of a medieval queen; demanding, rude, entitled and very quick to scream. Emma Roberts ("Scream Queens")

125. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 04/13 **#1**
She can protest all she wants, but the husband of this Real Housewife has sex with more people now that he is married than he did when he was single. Luann de Lesseps ("Real Housewives of New York City")/Tom D’Agostino Jr.

126. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 04/13 **#2**
This A list mostly movie actor who gets to be A+ when his unusual franchise films is not known as the greatest actor of all time. He is known though for cheating on his actress wife with female fans he picks up at stores like Forever 21. He goes in to ostensibly return something and then waits for the swarm. He picks and chooses and takes phone numbers. No one over 21 need apply. Channing Tatum ("Magic Mike")/Jenna Dewan

127. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 04/13 **#3**
For almost every night the past two weeks, this A list country singer has gone to a bar and quietly drank by herself in a corner booth until she passes out. The owner of the bar then calls her manager who comes to pick her up. Wynonna Judd (lost a dear friend)

128. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 04/13 **#4**
A former girlfriend of this B- list actor who is a celebrity offspring of a permanent A+ lister says the only way he could release when with a woman is if he closed his eyes and the woman used her hand. Oh, she also said he would sometimes watch gay porn while she did it. Scott Eastwood (Brittany Brousseau)

129. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 04/13 **#5**
This A- list mostly movie actress who is an Academy Award winner/nominee has no idea her ex is hooking up with a girlfriend in front of their kids. In fact, he specifically told her he was not seeing anyone. She found out by seeing a pap photo. The anger was high. Naomi Watts & Liev Schieber

130. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 04/13 **#6**
For the first time in years, if not a decade, this former A list mostly movie actress who dropped off the face of the list before making a recovery on a hit cable tv show is hitting the high end yachting circuit in Asia. Her actor boyfriend is clueless. The actress, now probably a B+ list mostly television actress is loving the renewed attention she thought she lost forever. Evan Rachel Wood ("Westworld")/Zach Villa

131. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 04/13 **#7**
This former/possible future US gymnast who is not currently on network television has a sex tape. Apparently a two hour long one. McKayla Maroney

132. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 04/13 **#8**
An out of control fight a few weeks ago between this A- list mostly movie actress who is an Academy Award winner/nominee and her foreign born A-/B+ list mostly movie actor husband who surprisingly has not been nominated for an Oscar or Golden Globe caused the actress to throw her wedding ring at her husband while they were outside a theatre. Jennifer Connelly/Paul Bettany

133. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 04/13 **#9**
This foreign born one named permanent A- list (probably a little bias on my part) singer should really come clean about his HIV status. I think his fans would be there 1000% for him. Instead, he tries to write off his frequent illnesses as something else. Morrissey

134. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 04/13 **#10**
I really thought this closeted NFL player would silently hook up with his married ex. Apparently though, there is talk he is hooking up with a closeted former tweener. There is a lot of talk. Too much to not write here, but I really think he wants nothing more than to get back together with his married ex. Aaron Rodgers (Olivia Munn)/Kevin Lanflisi/Nick Jonas

135. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 04/13 **#11**
Apparently this married foreign born A++ list celebrity who probably didn’t want to be A++ and would much prefer to stay in the shadows has been caught multiple times squeezing the hand or hugging a hired male tutor. It sounds innocent when you write it, but apparently it happens all the time and no one thinks the relationship is platonic. Melania Trump (son Barron)

136. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 04/13 **#12**
#1 – This foreign born B list mostly television actor who did a big thing on pay cable and now an almost network superhero show actually tried to get out of reprising his role on the hit show because he sexually assaulted a woman on the set when he was last on the show. Apparently that woman quit the show shortly after but has only told her story to a few people. Our actor is afraid the police are going to want to question him, but she has not gone to the police yet. Manu Bennett ("Spartacus"/STARZ) ("Arrow")

#2 – This foreign born still technically married A-/B+ list mostly movie actor who has a long running franchise used to cheat on his wife. Now he cheats on his girlfriend. He is even ballsy enough to bring the woman he is hooking up with to dinner with his girlfriend as a double date of another guy. James McAvoy/Lisa Liberati

#3 – They said they would be able to get along, but this A- list mostly movie actor who is a celebrity offspring is already trying to get a larger part in an upcoming installment of a franchise. That should go over well with the foreign born A list mostly movie actor. Josh Brolin ("Dead Pool 2")/Ryan Reynolds

137. THE GOSSIP LIFE 04/14
This A list company are close to breaking point, multiple sources tell me. A scandal has developed over the behaviour of one of the company's stars and the company are ready to cut their losses and disassociate out of fear of further bad press. "Enough is enough," says one source. "They've stood by him enough, but they're losing money now and several company-related ventures are threatened." FOX NEWS/Bill O’Reilly

138. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 04/14 **#1**
The most recent celebrity to date this HGTV star says she was the worst person he has ever dated and this guy, just so you know has dated more than one stalker. He says she would call and text constantly and need to know where the celebrity was. If he had a work commitment, he had to prove it. She would call and yell at him and leave him screaming voice mails if he didn’t respond back to her in just a few minutes. Christina Al Moussa ("Flip or Flop")/Anaheim Ducks hockey player Nate Thompson

139. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 04/14 **#2**
Just a couple of years ago, this standup comic turned A list mostly television actor was the talk of the town. Then, he had some PR problems that really didn’t make it into the supermarket tabloids but that all of you knew. It turns out that for much of the past couple of years he has been quietly settling a bunch of potential lawsuits against him from women. Louis C.K.

140. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 04/14 **#3**
This B+ list mostly movie actress is probably best known for her movie franchise that is probably the biggest in the world right now not named Star Wars. Considering the way she has been treated on that franchise, she is still talking a good game because she wants to work again. Even her husband doesn’t know about the producer who basically fired her because she wouldn’t sleep with him. Jordan Brewster ("The Fate of the Furious")

141. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 04/14 **#4**
The producers of this game show are freaking out because there are multiple women who auditioned for the hugely popular network show who slept with one of the judges on the show. This is all just coming out now and the number is in the dozens.

142. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 04/14 **#5**
I think I was writing about this first, but even if I wasn’t, I can add a little more to the foreign born movie actress who was hooking up with the man who got his ex-wife from the marriage before this most recent one, pregnant 342 times, most of them with twins. It turns out, our foreign born actress has been seeing another guy who takes care of her very well and doesn’t want to rock that boat in case the A+ list thing doesn’t work out. Soooo, you get vehement denials.
Foreign born movie actress: Sienna Miller
A+ list actor: Brad Pitt

143. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 04/14 **#6**
This reality network judge on what is an extremely long running hit show is going to be fired at the end of this season, but has no idea. Producers want someone younger. Way younger. It wouldn’t shock me if they went for a past contestant from the show or this former tweener who used to be a judge on a different reality show. Carrie Ann Inaba ("Dancing With the Stars"); Mel B ("America's Got Talent")

144. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 04/14 **#7**
This B+ list dual threat actress who uses a middle initial in her name showed her displeasure to the barista who got her drink wrong by getting his attention and then pouring her drink in the trashcan. She then asked him if he thought he could get it right this time around. Vivica A Fox

145. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 04/14 **#8**
This A list talk show host must have cheated again because he has been shopping nonstop for gifts for his wife. For sure his wife. He buys his girlfriends presents from other stores so nothing gets crossed. Matt Lauer; Jimmy Fallon

146. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 04/14 **#9**
This foreign born singer was A- list when her hit was being played. Now the singer, with a bunch of Roman numerals as her name, is just a drug addled mess who jumps from one writer and producer to the next while doing just enough to keep her fix going each day. Charli XCX

147. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 04/14 **#10**
The only reason this B+ list mostly movie actress you all know with a new superhero franchise coming soon did not do a Britney and shave off her hair is because someone grabbed the clippers from her hand. There is a bald spot though where the clippers did make contact. She really needs to get off the drugs. Amber Heard ("Aquaman")

148. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 04/14 **#11**
We know this tool of a barely relevant celebrity is hooking up with a former nanny and they are trolling for women on a sugar daddy site even though he really doesn’t have any money. What is surprising to me is that his soon to be ex is actually already hooking up with a guy who has been staying over most nights. Stephen Belafonte/Mel B

149. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 04/14 **#12**
This celebrity couple, who I’ll call Mr. and Mrs. M, were A+ list back in the day. Mrs M. was already an A-list celebrity in her own right when she met and married Mr. M. Mr. M. was, to put it mildly, very bad news. Before he met and married Mrs. M, he’d risen from an obscure backwater and made his money from various shady business ventures. Mr. M. got away with his grifting for the usual reasons- because he was an attractive guy with a charismatic personality. He eventually made his way to Hollywood and worked there with moderate success before moving on to other business ventures in New York and Europe, where he met Mrs. M. He reeled her in the same way he charmed the other people he’d ripped off in his past. During their marriage, Mr. M was never faithful to Mrs. M and was also a prolific substance abuser and batterer. Mrs. M. put up with this behavior for a very long time- and was very good at hiding the abuse. And for a long time, the facade of their happy relationship remained untarnished and eventually, they had a child together. Not long after the birth of their child, Mr. M, beat the crap out of Mrs M. yet again, leaving bruises on her face and body. This particular beating was so bad that the photos taken at their child’s christening had to be airbrushed to cover the marks so that they would not be seen in the images released to the press. Mrs. M still, incredibly, continued to hide the brutality of the situation she was living in from many of the people around her. Eventually though, cracks in the facade of this couple’s situation began to appear to those around them. Mr. M’s drinking and drugging eventually became more unmanageable and he made several ugly scenes in front of friends and in public. This helped open the eyes of those around the couple and helped them connect the dots about what was happening. Many of them became extremely concerned about the safety of Mrs. M and her child. By this time, their child was in pre-school and was also being exposed to the substance abuse and violence in this family situation. Mr. M was a careless parent when Mrs. M was away working- and would drink/drug himself into a stupor and not watch their child. Several times the child was injured or placed in grave danger because of this neglect. Mr. M also continued to cheat on Mrs. M, and eventually he met a young woman and became totally obsessed with her, giving her lots of money and jewelry. He even had the nerve to take their child to meet his new girlfriend– and they partied and eventually passed out, leaving the child unsupervised. This poor child then had a terrible mishap that could have been fatal. This was the final straw for Mrs. M, who finally left Mr. M for good and filed for divorce. One good thing to come out of all this was that Mrs. M. had a close male friend who had secretly carried a torch for her for years. We’ll call him Mr. R. Mr. R. had no problem stepping into the void left by Mr. M. and was a good guy who helped Mrs. M. heal from the trauma of her bad marriage. He was also a much-needed father figure to Mrs. M’s child. His relationship with them both was a positive and healthy one. Unfortunately, that happiness was short lived when Mrs. M. died unexpectedly. Friends who knew Mrs. M. believe that she must have had a premonition about her own death, because only months before, she had gone to great lengths to establish an ironclad Will and Trust for her child. She did not want Mr. M to have access to any of her money or to be able to harm their child ever again should something happen to her. When Mr. M was told about her Will, he became unglued and threatened to smear Mrs. M’s public image. This guy truly had no soul. He went to court and demanded temporary custody of the child. During the first week he had the child back with him, he drank excessively and in a drunken stupor nearly burned down the house over this poor kid’s head. Even though he tried, Mr. M was not able to overturn the financial portion Mrs. M’s Trust, which had named Mr. R and Mrs. M’s sister as the Trustees of the child’s inheritance. Mr. M was enraged about this too and and made a huge scene at a memorial service for Mrs. M. because of that. Their child was now old enough to understand what was going on and experienced the added trauma of seeing this all go down. Really terrible stuff. The legal fight over the child and the money/estate continued for a while longer. The child also continued to suffer while being forced to have visitations with Mr. M., who they were terrified of. Eventually, Mr. M signed an agreement with the Trustees in which he relinquished custody of the child to Mr. R. in exchange for a cash settlement. Essentially, Mr. M took the money and ran. He went on to marry and divorce several more times and eventually went broke and died a couple of years ago. (Not surprising, but Mr. M rarely had contact with his child after taking the cash settlement.) Mr. R did a great job raising this child, (who is now a young adult) and in spite of everything that happened, this kid is a very solid individual. The best part of the story is that when Mr. M died, no one claimed his remains, so he received a pauper’s burial. The child and their friends (who know about the history of this situation) recently found out where Mr. M’s grave is located. They’ve developed a ritual where they visit the grave regularly to spit on it, jump on it, curse at it and dump urine on it. It’s become such a past time that they have recently started posting photos of these junkets on social media for their friends. The friends suggest new and disgustingly hilarious things for them to do when visiting the grave.

150. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 04/15 **#1**
The only thing the birth of a baby has done is make this closeted A+ list mostly movie actor even more determined to spend time with his boyfriend. Bradley Cooper/Irina Shayk/Lucky Blue Smith

151. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 04/15 **#2**
This generally wasted, years long drug addict who was a former tweener turned adult singer sucker punched another woman who dared touch her boyfrnd. Selena Gomez/The Weeknd

152. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 04/15 **#3**
This permanent A list "singer" has had several male strippers sent to her place while on vacation this week. Britney Spears

153. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 04/15 **#4**
Any young men fan boying for this former A- list singer reality star who crashed and burned in the most dramatic way is sent to her father for an introduction. He says it is to check out new talent. His talent search sure does include a whole lot of touching. Ashlee Simpson/Joe Simpson

154. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 04/16 **#1**
Our favorite former tweener turned drug addict had a temporary procedure done to her nose to keep it from collapsing. She needs extensive plastic surgery on it but is afraid that if she is out of commission for a week her boyfrnd will leave her for someone else. Selena Gomez/The Weeknd

155. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 04/16 **#2**
This closeted former Teen Wolf actor is hooking up with the doth protest too much closeted network actor on a very hit show. Tyler Posey/Jack Falahee ("How To Get Away With Murder") (at Coachella)

156. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 04/16 **#3**
This closeted outer space franchise actor is trying out a new beard at Coachella. Great way to quickly get the bf/gf thing out there for consumption. Chris Pine ("Star Trek")/Sofia Boutella

157. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 04/16 **#4**
It was supposed to be an attempt at reconciliation, but what it turned into was this A+ list mostly movie actress who is a multiple Academy Award winner/nominee getting hammered at a whiskey bar while her director boyfriend got progressively more upset. Jennifer Lawrence/Darren Aronofsky

158. THE GOSSIP LIFE 04/17
Someone hasn't made peace. This B list actress refuses to answer questions or even talk about her late famous mother. "We're not saying she freaks out and turns a question into a crime scene," says one source, "but she will clam up and go quiet if you ever broach that area." At her request the subject has actually been banned from set according to a memo. Billie Lourd ("Scream Queens")/Debbie Reynolds

All the answers this week to the blind items are people who have never previously been an answer to a blind in the past decade.

159. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 04/17 **#1**
This actor will be lucky to have a job when his long running network show ends. The thing is though, he was the one in a million guy who went from reality to acting and actually succeeded so maybe lightning will strike twice. One person who probably won’t be going with him is his co-star girlfriend. He has been hooking up with an actress he met at his agent’s office a few weeks ago. They have been pretty inseparable. David Giuntoli ("Road Rules")/Bitsie Tulloch ("Grimm")

160. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 04/17 **#2**
This A- list mostly television actress is only that high because she is a lead on a network show. A one and done fairytale like network show if she has her way. She is doing everything she can to destroy it from within because she loves being a movie actress so much more. No long hours. No fans to deal waiting off the set. She can be her inner diva. No one on the cast or crew likes her at all and people who starred with her on her most recent movies dislike her even more. She is setting her up to be someone no one remembers a few years from now. Adria Arjona ("Emerald City")

161. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 04/17 **#3**
This was going to be his time. For the first time, this show runner was going to get a show beyond season one. Fourth time a charm and all that. Honestly if they had not fired him before the first show even aired, I would have said they had a shot to make it to season 2. When he couldn’t get his personal issues under control though, they brought in someone else who changed the direction of this superhero network show and I would give it about 20% chance to get renewed for a second season. Ben Queen (and 8 days after this blind, NBC pulled "Powerless" from the lineup)

162. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 04/17 **#4**
This actress is B+ list. I say this because she did get her start on that long running late night show. That gives you a nice base. In between her handful of movies being released this year she also found time to be sexually harassed on a daily basis on that middling hit almost television show she films. She says it is a miserable experience. Michaela Watkins ("Saturday Night Live") ("Casual")

163. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 04/17 **#5**
This Vancouver filmed NBC network show that is on the edge of being renewed has a male lead who is married. He is hoping the show gets renewed so he can keep sleeping with that woman he met who works at the Sutton Place wine store. It must be awkward when his wife is in town visiting and they both walk in there. Matt Lanter ("Timeless")

164. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 04/17 **#6**
There is not a lot to be said about this network show. Certainly no redemption. Anyway, this actor really should hope the show will get renewed (it won’t) because it is the only thing keeping him from drinking 24 hours a day. I give him a month where he is not worrying about the show and staying sober for the show before he ends up dead.

165. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 04/17 **#7**
KINDNESS: This foreign born actor is probably B+ list. For those of a certain age you know him from this amazing sketch show and another that was going through an awful time period. If you are of a younger age, you know him from this hit network show. Anyway, he raised a bunch of money last year and chartered a plane from his home country and flew a bunch of underprivileged children and their parents down to Disneyland for a weekend. Disney did put up the money for the tickets, but our actor raised and spent his own money or flights, food and hotel rooms. Dave Foley ("The Kids in the Hall") ("NewsRadio"/time slot changed 11 times) (Pat on "Dr. Ken")

This third billed actress on a new middling hit network show that I really don’t like watching is foreign born and started out as a celebrity. Her parents would literally kill her if they found out she was sharing a bed with a woman who works on the show. Matreya Scarrwener ("Imaginary Mary")

167. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 04/17 **#9**
This A-/B+ list mostly television actress is the lead on a hit pay cable show. Her husband is very active politically and has no idea his wife contributes to a PAC which goes against every single one of his pet projects. The more money she makes, the more money she donates.

168. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 04/17 **#10**
This B+ list actor is a dual threat. Primarily known for his run on a long running pay cable show, he has a chance at some box office success this summer. Anyway, he loves to talk about how he is straight, but he isn’t. He is protecting his boyfriend who is still in the closet to his family. Ryan Kwanten ("True Blood") ("Supercon" or "Category 5")

169. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 04/17 **#11**
This foreign born mostly television actress is B-. She is on a hit network show but plays an offspring. The good news for her is that on the show she is an only offspring so doesn’t have to compete for camera time. She does have an unnatural obsession with her weight though so starves herself, chain smokes and does as much coke as people will give her for free.

170. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 04/17 **#12**
This A- list mostly television actress is on a very hit long running network show. She is awful in movies though. She keeps wanting to get away from television, especially since the show is towards the end of its run. When producers look at her past movie work though they cringe. The acting is just not there. She plays one role well and forever and ever she will basically play the same type role in a never ending stream of the same type show. Hey, there are worse ways to make a buck.

171. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 04/17 **#13**
It took about five minutes on the first day of work for these two co-stars to know they wanted each other. The show, one of many in this family tree is now a solid network hit of a few years fame. The branches of this tree never seem to stop growing. Anyway, the lead actor has been in all three of one of the big branches of this tree. At this point, with the continued success of the show, he is probably A- list as a television actor. His co-star had a couple of movie breaks after doing the soap thing. It has been a longer harder road for her than for her male co-star even though, she is a very good actress. Almost too good for the show. Within a week of meeting, the two leads were hooking up every chance they got. There was talk of a future and things just grew more intense. Our actress was married and soon decided she wanted to leave her husband for the actor and did. Our actor meanwhile forgot to tell the actress about the woman he called his girlfriend and who he continued to see while professing love to the actress. He did this until that day when our actress opened a tabloid and saw that the actor had asked his girlfriend to marry him. The actress didn’t know about the girlfriend was blindsided. She called it a punch to the gut. When the actress confronted the actor he refused to speak about it and since that day, things have been awful between the two. It is a tribute to her acting talent that she keeps it together. Meanwhile, the tool of an actor hits on extras every week while his now wife is none the wiser.

A BRITISH pop legend is being probed by cops over claims he raped a 14-year-old girl. The solo superstar’s bodyguard is alleged to have plucked her from the front row of a concert crowd. The woman says the singer then plied her with champagne and attacked her in his hotel suite. She said: "It affected my entire life." The woman says she was a "naive 14-year-old virgin" when he pinned her down on a hotel bed. The then-teenager was so confused she even thought she had hurt him, she claims. She said: "I was very young, I had never been with a guy, never French-kissed. "I couldn’t understand the grimace on his face when he was probably climaxing. "I hit a moment of confused panic because I thought I had done something wrong." Cops have launched a probe into her claims and she met detectives last week. The alleged victim and her pals had been given free tickets to the solo star’s concert in the 1970s. They were spotted giggling near the stage when a bodyguard picked them out and invited them to the singer’s hotel the next day. The girls, aged 13 and 14, went along hoping to meet the star and get his autograph. But an aide separated her from her pals and took her to a suite. A comedian, a female pal and a backing singer were relaxing in the room when the star appeared wearing a short white robe. He led the girl to a balcony and put his arm around her waist while they posed for photos, taken with her camera. She has produced them in evidence. The woman, now in her 50s, says: "He offered me Dom Perignon Champagne. I didn’t know what it was at the time. It looked like soda. "You just feel you have to be with the crowd so I took a sip and thought it was the most vile tasting thing I’d ever had. "All I wanted to do was get it down in one gulp then get it out of the way. That is what I did, not realising I was now drinking alcohol for the first time. "Then he gave me another glass and was telling me how lovely I was...and you have beautiful eyes...I really like you... and he carried on with this flirtatiousness. "Before I knew it, it was like an immobility had set in there and then. He had me down on the bed in one fell swoop. "His gown was off. I was wearing a jumpsuit. He zipped it down and what had started as ­affectionate and safe, almost, was suddenly becoming painful and forceful, not comfortable. "I was confused and couldn’t understand where the pain was coming from. "It was just beyond me. I was very numb and found that I could not move. All I heard repetitively as he was pinning me down was, "relax, relax", ‘It won’t hurt if you relax’. "Those words have just stuck with me over the years. "I never understood at the time what he was trying to say. I was very naive. I thought I had hurt him and was so frightened. "My father was very strict with me — and I just knew I had to get the hell out of this place. "I came to my senses, sat up, zipped myself up and got the hell out of there. I ran as fast as I could." She fled to the exit but told how she inexplicably went back to the suite — because she had forgotten to get his autograph. She says the star tenderly cupped her face and promised to stay in touch. Only when she showered back at her family’s room did she realised her body was covered in bruises. And she says she was left traumatised for years because she was too ashamed to confide in friends and family. The woman wept as she alleged: "I had bruises all over my body, in my groin and on my neck. "I had hand imprints on my arm and I was trying to understand what happened. I couldn’t. (My mother) said if your father sees that he’ll kill you so I just dried my hair and fell asleep. "I woke up the next day and it as though nothing had happened at home. Nothing was spoken about and I got dressed for school. "In my mind I was completely confused about how to process this. Was it a good or bad thing? What actually happened? "The more I tried to speak about it — the loss of innocence at that time — nobody would hear me. It affected my entire life thereafter." The woman said the incident left her obsessed with the singer and wrecked any chance of normal relationships with men. In 2013 she emailed her allegations to Scotland Yard. The alleged offence, which happened overseas, was out of their jurisdiction. But chiefs agreed to register the case for intelligence purposes and passed her claims to their counterparts abroad. An official probe was opened by the police force abroad in August 2014, only to be dropped six months later. But it was disclosed last month that a new prosecutor and investigating officer have been assigned to the case. A spokesman for the prosecution service said yesterday: "We can confirm that charges were registered in respect of events which are alleged to have occurred in the 1970s. "The case has been referred to police with a request for further investigation. "This is with a view to enabling us to make a decision regarding prosecution. The docket will be further considered upon its return from the police." A police spokesman said: "This office can confirm an investigation has been conducted regarding a rape case reported during 2014. It is still under investigation." And a lawyer in the city where the rape is said to have happened said: "The alleged victim is a credible witness with excellent recall of the facts. "The key to a successful prosecution is finding witnesses who place the complainant in the star’s suite and who can speak for her childlike demeanour." Tom Jones

173. THE GOSSIP LIFE 04/18
The subject of this salacious post by Scott  yesterday isn't the only one sweating. The studio and the star are sweating over an upcoming movie. It carries a mid range budget and high expectations, but all indicators right now are pointing to a big fat bomb at the box office and a train wreck with the critics. The blame game hasn't set in just yet, but the studio is reluctant to go overboard with promotion when the executives aren't exactly fully behind it.
What is our movie? "Snatched"
What is the studio? 20th Century Fox
Who is the star? Amy Schumer and Goldie Hawn

174. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 04/18 **#1**
You know what you don’t see very often? A knock down drag out fight in a labor and delivery room. Granted, this foreign born B list mostly television actress was in the middle of giving birth so there was not much knocking down she was doing. She was doing a lot of yelling though, to the point where nurses had to intervene. Her significant other is the lead on a second year network drama which probably won’t see season 3. He insisted that she now stay home and take care of the baby and give up acting. I just think he is a jealous control freak. Raza Jaffrey ("Code Black")/Lara Pulver (gave birth to a son February 2017)

175. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 04/18 **#2**
This openly gay foreign born B+ list mostly television actor has something in common with at least one of the subjects of #1 and it isn’t just being on a dying/dead network television show. Our B+ list actor was getting orally serviced by a man this month at a West Hollywood club and the guy doing the servicing was most definitely not his long term actor boyfriend.

176. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 04/18 **#3**
This married B- list mostly television actress was on one of the shorter lived network shows of the season. She was so traumatized by the drama on set that she has not even tried to land a new acting job and this is someone who was eventually going to be an A list television actress. She just needed the right break. Dreama Walker (Katherine Heigl’s series "Doubt")

177. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 04/18 **#4**
KINDNESS: By my count, and I did have to use most of my fingers and toes so I could be wrong, during the 2015-2016 television season, this actor was on 13 shows and five movies. Oh, did I mention one of the network shows he is the lead. So, yeah a busy guy. Somehow, with all of that and a wife and a child he still finds time to teach music 15 hours a week for free to kids who can’t afford lessons. Thomas Lennon (Felix Unger "The Odd Couple")

178. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 04/18 **#5**
This CBS show is on the bubble for getting renewed or canceled. I will go with canceled. The producers would cancel it in a second if they knew their foreign born lead actor is a meth addict. Augustus Prew ("Pure Genius")

179. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 04/18 **#6**
If you see this B list mostly television actor cast on your show run for it. He is like the male version of Alicia Silverstone, although never the lead. He is always a regular, but never a lead. He just goes from one bad show to the next (including this year). A lot of people think he is foreign born, but he isn’t. Apparently he is also big on selling information to the tabloids about all of his co-stars from the half dozen crash and burn network shows he has been a part of the past few years. Kobi Libii ("Doubt")

180. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 04/18 **#7**
This foreign born A- list mostly television actress gets that high because she is the lead on an almost television show. Even though she is the lead and it has been on for a few seasons, she is arguably the least known member of her acting family. She likes everyone to think she is a closeted lesbian, when in fact she is living with one of the male creators of the show. Because of the closeted rumors she started, she thinks it makes press people reluctant to ask anything about her personal life, which she loves. Lola Kirke (Simon Kirke (father), Lorraine Kirke (mother), Jemima Kirke (sister), Domino Kirke (sister), Penn Badgley (brother-in-law), Alexander Dellal (cousin), Charlotte Olympia Dellal (cousin), Alice Dellal (cousin)/"Mozart in the Jungle" on Amazon

A few months ago on her 21st birthday, this B- list mostly television actress who has been on the same network show since long before she could drive had to be rushed to the hospital because of alcohol poisoning. Apparently, until that night she never had more than one drink a night. That night she had one drink every few minutes. Sami Gayle ("Blue Bloods")

182. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 04/18 **#9**
This A/A- list mostly television actor is part of a movie franchise and also is the lead in a fairly hit network show. He and his girlfriend are known as two people you do not want to invite to a party together. Once they start boozing or doing something more, the arguments and fireworks begin and everyone around them fears the couple is going to destroy each other with words or violence or both. As a consequence, they are rarely invited anywhere together more than once. Lucas Till ("MacGyver") ("X-Men: First Class")

183. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 04/18 **#10**
This foreign born A list mostly television actor who stars on a long running hit network show has had multiple trips to rehab over the past few years. Most have been very quiet trips. His first love, who was with him for years and left a part of herself with him died of a drug overdose. Both of them bonded over drugs and our actor has struggled with them for years.

184. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 04/18 **#11**
This former B+ list mostly television actress was on a long running network hit. Big gap between that and her latest network hit on the same network as her last hit. No one in the production knows she is a cancer survivor or that the cancer has returned. She is scared to tell anyone for fear of getting fired from the show. It has been a long long road to get back to where she had been.

185. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 04/18 **#12**
For the first six months this B- list mostly television actress from a hit network show started auditioning for roles, she used her mother’s last name to try and get work. She got absolutely nowhere. So much for making it on her own. The second she started using the last name of her foreign born permanent A+ list performer dad she landed a job and has never looked back. Anna Baryshnikov (Mikhail Baryshnikov) ("Superior Donuts")

186. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 04/18 **#13**
I actually triple checked that I have never written about this actress in the past decade of the site. It kind of boggled my mind she never turned up for anything. It is not like she is obscure. When you land yourself an iconic television show, and its spin off, you are going to get some traction, even if it is in a supporting role. That wasn’t even her best acting. Her best stuff was saved for a long running show where she even got some supporting actress wins and nominations. This is someone who has worked steadily for almost two decades and had good roles. Most of you would know her, at least to look at her, and she is way more than a character actress. She is a good actress. The thing is though, for an actress she is getting up into those have to play a mom role years and that is not always her strong suit. So, how does she keep landing good roles? It turns out she has a very special gift. When she is around town, she is always introducing herself to aspiring young actresses. Whether it be at a restaurant or coffee shop, she is always saying hi and making connections. The women she follows up with are those she deems willing to trade some time on the casting couch for a role. She then introduces those women to producers or directors of projects of which she wants to be a part. Instead of offering her married self for the part, she offers someone else who gets a part for themselves and our actress gets her part. The only difference is that sometimes our actress has to find four or five women depending on how big of a role she is asking for in the show or movie. Alyson Hannigan (Willow Rosenberg "Buffy the Vampire Slayer" and "Angel") ("How I Met Your Mother")

187. THE GOSSIP LIFE 04/19
You will not believe the deal this A list actor is closing for the next installment of that famous franchise. It is practically unheard of and may make him the highest paid actor ever. It's the sort of money that is enough to last forever, unless, you know, he starts blowing it all on girls and sporting golden body parts. That could get a little pricey. Daniel Craig ("Bond 25")

188. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 04/19 **#1**
This foreign born B+ list mostly television actor is halfway to an EGOT (if you count nominations). He is also on a very hit network show. After struggling for years to get more than character work, he slept with a casting director who has since helped our actor land a bunch of good roles.

189. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 04/19 **#2**
The least well known main cast member of this candy bar sounding almost television network’s biggest hit cheated on her now husband to land her part. She is not the casting couch type but her now husband wanted her to focus on babies and not acting. Ashley Hinshaw (Topher Grace) ("StartUp" on Crackle)

190. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 04/19 **#3**
This B list mostly television actress seemingly goes from one hit network crime drama to the next. She recently was starring on a hit network show but was fired because she wouldn’t sleep with one of the producers. They had been sleeping together, but when she got divorced, she stopped. The producer wanted to keep going. Our actress said no and she was gone. Parminder Nagra ("The Blacklist")

191. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 04/19 **#4**
I wouldn’t really call this a kindness but I like to point out people who go above and beyond and are loved by everyone they encounter. Such is the story of this B/B- list mostly television actress who concurrently had recurring/main roles on two of the biggest network hits (different networks/no superheroes) of the past decade. In each of them, she was only supposed to be a guest, but she was no nice and so genuine to everyone that the writers changed storylines just to get her more episodes to the point where she was practically main cast in both shows at one point. Just an incredibly wonderful person.
Laura Spencer (Jessica Warren "Bones") ( Emily Sweeney "The Big Bang Theory")

192. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 04/19 **#5**
This foreign born B- list mostly television actress can look forward to raising her profile to B+ list if her first year middling network show is renewed. If it is, her people think it is time for the closeted actress to find a beard even though she has been living with a woman for the past several years. Natascha McElhone ("Designated Survivor")

193. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 04/19 **#6**
This B- list mostly television actor is an Emmy nominee/winner for a massive pay cable hit that is no longer on the air. Our actor is on a fairly new CBS network hit. He is a great actor. He is also HIV+ but just a handful of people in his life know.

194. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 04/19 **#7**
This former A list NYC politician is back on the cheating train again. And no, it is not the guy who has been caught what seems like a half dozen times already. Good documentary though. Rudy Giuliani (don’t just Carmelo Anthony for cheating on his wife)

195. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 04/19 **#8**
It didn’t take long for this foreign born carton like superhero movie actor to break up the on set/kind of on screen romance on this almost television hit from last year that everyone is waiting to see for a second season. Dacre Montgomery (Red Ranger/"Power Rangers")/Natalia Dyer/Charlie Heaton ("Stranger Things" on Netflix)

196. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 04/19 **#9**
This dynasty like family is scrambling like crazy to find a cache of missing letters. They are ok with their two most famous members being remembered as womanizers and cheats, but draw the line at being remembered as bisexual womanizers and cheats which is what the letters would show. John, Bobby or Ted Kennedy

197. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 04/19 **#10**
This back in the day former A-/B+ list mostly television actress who got her start in modeling probably would have been A list, but she was a replacement for an A lister on a hit network show. Anyway, she pays a man to have sex with her once every two weeks. Shelley Hack who replaced Kate Jackson or Tanya Roberts who replaced Shelley Hack on "Charlie’s Angels"

198. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 04/19 **#11**
This A- list country singer who is a multiple Grammy winner/nominee shocked a lot of people recently with this life event. I mean, he was cheating on his significant other as recently as the holidays. Sam Hunt married Hannah Lee Fowler

199. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 04/19 **#12**
A grandson of this permanent iconic A list legend of a singer/musician will contribute his own singing work for free as long as his collaborator is female and will sleep with him. Yes, even the A listers. Skip Marley (Bob Marley) (Katy Perry)

200. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 04/19 **#13**
#1 – This old media mogul who has been a media mogul for as long as I can remember. He is married, but no one believes it is real. Too old to pick up young men on his own, he relies on long time female friends to find him weekend companionship. Barry Diller (Diane von Furstenberg)

#2 – This A- list politician looked like he had a fast rising political career. Now? Put a halt to it which is a big shocker. Reason? The buzz about those multiple affairs was going to leak. He is hoping that calling it quits will keep those affairs out of the limelight. Jason Chaffetz (Utah Republican member of U.S. House of Representatives)

#3 – This male A list criminal who was well known for something else in sports before he was a criminal got busted having sex with another man which is why he had his most recent case brought against him. He wanted his secret kept and there is only one true way to have a secret kept. Aaron Hernandez (committed suicide)

201. THE GOSSIP LIFE 04/20
This iconic star is beloved and considered to be amongst the most prominent celebrity liberal activists, but I received my third tip in under a year regarding inappropriate and nasty comments. "I'm as as liberal as you get," insists my New York friend, "but suggesting all conservatives should lose the vote and be attacked because they disagree with you isn't the right thing to say." "I'll never have a conversation with him again," says another, who actually made the trek to meet the star in LA. "I went there loving him and left hating him. The nice guy act is exactly that!"

202. POPBITCH 04/20
Which Hollywood ex-teen star is following in the footsteps of celebs like Sophie Anderton and Anna Kournikova by getting paid to holiday with a certain sheikh in the Emirates? He's a long way from high school now. Zac Efron

Coachella: This north of the border hipster singer got kicked out of the house he was staying in when he torched a guest house in the back. Apparently someone was using grill lighters for the meth they were smoking and things got out of hand. The guest house will have to be torn down and replaced. Tory Lanez

204. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 04/20 **#2**
Coachella: If this three named singer seems like a tool and playing way above where he should be billed, then you are right. Besides the extra mirrors he requires and the constant foot massages, he refuses to talk to any groupie who looks older than 16. Oh, he wants them all legal, but wants them to look like they could be in middle school. Father John Misty

205. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 04/20 **#3**
Coachella: A woman this past weekend says she was sexually assaulted. She thinks it is this one named DJ/producer. The problem is there is confusion about who the one named DJ/producer is and whether this was a guy who she believed to be him or actually him. Her story is 100% believable, but so far she has not gone to the police because of the whole conflicting identity thing. Skrillex

206. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 04/20 **#4**
Coachella: This foreign born A- list model comes from a modeling family. A real one. Not some s**t show like the Hadids or the Baldwins. She has one thing down. The coke use. It was not all that prevalent last weekend but she certainly made the most of what she could find. Lottie Moss (Kate Moss)

207. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 04/20 **#5**
Coachella: Back in the day when I started this blog, this foreign born Paris Hilton type would only go out with the hottest of musicians. Both looks wise and career wise. Chances were good too that you would never hook up with her. Things have changed. A decade on and she was throwing herself at guys in bands that you need a magnifying glass to read their names on the poster. She even did something I would never thought she would do. She orally serviced a guy for a minute or two pretty much in full view of many just so he would hook up with her for the night. Lady Victoria Hervey

208. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 04/20 **#6**
This foreign born dual threat actress had a really big year. She had a role on a huge pay cable show that I still maintain sucks and has a new movie coming out. A potentially big one. Anyway, the director of the movie had sex with the actress and tells everyone about it. She didn’t know he told everyone until the premiere the other night when everyone was talking about her. Angela Sarafyan ("Westworld") ("The Promise"/Director: Terry George)

209. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 04/20 **#7**
KINDNESS: Coachella: This rapper who has a name like a Broadway musical and has a handful of Grammy wins/nominations managed to lay his hands on a couple of dozen passes which he gave to every child and parent in his child’s class. Oh, but get this. Everyone in the class thinks it was the teacher who won a contest for her class so they all love her now. Westside Ty

210. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 04/20 **#8**
This B- list mostly television actor is currently in the main cast for two pretty hit shows. One is on a network and the other is on cable. That being said, you might know his face, but no way are you going to know his name even after a half dozen seasons of television comedy. Anyway, our actor has quite the collection of naked photos he has managed to take of various female guest stars from his network show. They often use a trailer next to his and he has a way of taking photos in it. Creepy.

211. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 04/20 **#9**
This B list mostly television actress always seems to get a break on a show destined to fail. Such is the case for this network show which has had a couple season run. Unfortunately for our actress she got her main cast job this season. For whatever reason, whether it is because she is smarter than almost anyone else on set, she is considered a jinx. When she walks on to a show, bad things happen. People get injured, the show gets canceled. There was one time she made a point of saying goodbye at the end of a day to a woman who was in a hospital 45 minutes later because of a horrific car accident. Our actress did the Disney thing but has an education to do whatever she wants.

212. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 04/20 **#10**
This foreign born A- list mostly television actor starring in a movie reboot is cheating on his newlywed wife.

213. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 04/20 **#11**
This A-/B+ list mostly television actor has had a good run the past half dozen years. The shows have been good and he has moved up the billing to lead of a current network show. Our comic actor is married, but he also has a guy he sees who no one, not even his wife knows about. He has her convinced he is straight. Ken Jeong ("Dr. Ken")

214. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 04/20 **#12**
She is the star of this network show which is a big hit. She might not be the star for much longer. Apparently the amount of drugs she ingests on a daily basis is mind blowing. It is also causing a lot of headaches with the crew and producers and cast. The problem is that because of the role, it is going to be almost impossible to drop her from the show.

215. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 04/20 **#13**
Usually when a couple of artists get together and make some magic and that magic turns out to be a hit, then everyone is the greatest of friends. Usually. When this one named singer agreed to do something with a barely known duo she negotiated herself quite the deal. The duo just assumed they would have the same deal they had with everyone else they worked with. Nope. When the project they worked on turned out to be a massive hit, the now A list duo went looking for their money only to find out it was going to be a fraction of what they were expecting. They accused the singer of being greedy and she said they were the ones to agree to the deal. One of our duo literally spent 24 straight hours texting the singer and I’m not sure there was a nice text in that 24 hour time period. There were certainly some words said which I have never uttered, but he did. It was basically a rant sent out one text at a time. He even publicly trashed her which was basically the end of any kind of relationship. This guy from the duo is known to be a jerk to just about anyone he meets. Fans, executives, promoters. They are all waiting for him to fall and are not going to help him up.
Halsey/The Chainsmokers/Andrew Taggart (song "Closer")

216. RADAR ONLINE 04/21
Nine years after his E! hit reality show went off the air, Dr. Robert Rey, better known as Dr. 90210, is coming forward with a tell-all about his fascinating life and career — and he’s not holding anything back! Check out the biggest revelations about his many celebrity patients in’s exclusive excerpts from the upcoming memoir, Dr. Robert Rey: The True Story of Dr. 90210. In his first year as a Beverly Hills plastic surgeon, Dr. Rey, now 55, performed for free on Hollywood hopefuls. "Between 1998 and 2000, I performed more than 20 surgeries with the promise that I would be ‘paid soon,’ but, of course, I rarely saw those beautiful little faces again," he reveals. "Few came back, and even then, I received so little money that it could barely cover my costs." In addition to a big heart, he claims he wanted to become well known by movie studios. "I can say that one of the girls that I operated on for free turned out to be a famous model and later a television presenter," he spills. Another, he claims, became a director on a popular TV talk show. His hard work paid off! When she scored an entertainment career, the director booked Dr. Rey on her show multiple times. Now, decades into his successful career, "I’ve done surgery on the wives of presidents, women belonging to the European nobility, princesses, and even Queens," the millionaire boasts. "Also, I’ve performed surgeries on a large number of movie and music stars, other celebrities, and the wives of famous basketball and baseball players," he reveals. Due to confidentiality, he says, Rey can’t spill his famous patients’ names.

217. THE GOSSIP LIFE 04/21
I've heard rumblings of this rumour for years, but it's picking up somewhat in the past year or so, so I'm no longer dismissing it as an urban legend. This A/B lister continuously sleeps with underage fans of his, and often pursues the younger sisters/daughters of famous actors, models and executives. 'It's running joke for some to keep their daughters/sisters away from [name omitted] in Hollywood,' whispers a Hollywood nobody. 'A joke. It should be a f**king statement to the police.' 'If he wasn't handsome, then there would be a HUGE problem,' says another. Jared Leto; James Franco

218. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 04/21 **#1**
This band is A+ list if you are into thrash metal. Now defunct, they had a guitarist with one of the best nicknames ever. Anyway, he had a hole in the palm of his hand. Why? He would hammer a f**king nail into every night before each show to get pumped up. Yeah.
Pantera/Dimebag Darrell

219. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 04/21 **#2**
This actress from the zip code reboot has a superhero show now. I have seen her give lectures on why she is a huge fan of bulimia and the best ways to hide it. Jessica Stroup ("90210") ("Iron Fist")

220. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 04/21 **#3**
This old B+ list mostly movie actor is 3/4 of the way to an EGOT if you count nominations and halfway if you count wins. He has had some memorable roles in tv and movies, but back in the day he was in this movie based on a book. Anyway, he was 70 or close to it and married. It didn’t stop him from having a different female extra in his trailer every day. He was even there the days he was not scheduled to film.
Hal Holbrook (Dixie Carter - 1984–2010) ("The Firm" - 1993)

221. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 04/21 **#4**
This B- list mostly television actor should be grateful for that long running NBC comedy hit of which he was a part and hopefully he saved some money. He has had a tough time getting anyone to hire him for more than one off episodes. He was the biggest a-hole the final season or two of the show and really had no reason to be other than he thought he should get more lines. Judah Friedlander (Frank Rossitano "30 Rock"); Robert Maschio (Todd "Scrubs"); John Mahoney (Martin Crane "Frasier"); Lucas Neff (Jimmy Chance "Raising Hope")

222. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 04/21 **#5**
This B list mostly television actor got his role drastically reduced on this network hit which has moved to a different medium when the creator/star found out he beat his actress first wife which is why she left him.
Actor: Chris Messina
Ex-wife: Rosemarie DeWitt
Show: "The Mindy Project" moved from FOX to HULU
Creator/star: Mindy Kaling

223. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 04/21 **#6**
This married B- list mostly television actress has had two big breaks. Both on cable, although one was pay and her current is basic. She wants to be a singer and although she has never hit a casting couch before, she did sleep with guys for tracks. Constance Zimmer ("Entourage") ("UnREAL")

224. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 04/21 **#7**
This foreign born regular on Game Of Thrones now has a movie franchise of which he is the star. Maybe he should try and quit heroin. He is living on the edge right now. Alfie Allen (Theon Greyjoy "GOT") ("The Predator"); Iain Glen (Jorah Mormont ("GOT") ("Resident Evil: The Final Chapter")

225. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 04/21 **#8**
This horror movie was incredible. The actress who played the lead has been doing her best to take advantage of that buzz. The problem is that she is the biggest diva in the world. She got so much attention from the movie, that this barely old enough to drink actress now expects people to treat her like an A+ lister. Anya Taylor-Joy ("Split")

226. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 04/21 **#9**
This guy is probably a C list celebrity. He seems like he knows every celebrity from coast to coast because he does. Unlike most Instagram celebrities who are ignored by the rank and file, this one has friends from the very top to the very bottom. Everyone wants to know him because he gives you great deals on drugs. In return he takes pics with them and uses those pics to sell drugs at higher prices to regular folks. His regulars are frequent guests to this space for their drug use. He has a new conquest in mind who has not been in this space before. She is an A++ list celebrity no one even knew a year ago. Andrew Warren (Tiffany Trump)

227. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 04/21 **#10**
This foreign born B+ list mostly television actor went from a very hit almost network show to a pay cable show. He needs that work because he got three different women pregnant in Vancouver while working there. Three that I know of anyway. Ricky Whittle ("The 100" on The CW, filmed in Vancouver) ("American Gods" on STARZ)

228. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 04/21 **#11**
This B+ list mostly television actress is in multiple superhero shows for this almost network. Back in the day she used to hook up with The Hoff when he would help her with her career.

229. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 04/21 **#12**
He is American born but his name makes him sound like he was born in another country. His Hollywood wives are almost more famous than he is. He has a ton of credits. Mostly movies because even when he does television it is always made for tv stuff. Anyway, the reason he divorced his most recent actress wife is that our actor decided to try his hand at directing and took it upon himself personally to audition every actress in town for the sex scene.

230. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 04/21 **#13**
A few years ago I was having lunch with this actress and I asked her what happened. I didn’t even need to ask anything more than that and she knew what I was referring to. Our actress is B list. At the onset of her career she landed some big breaks, and they did what they were supposed to do. They catapulted her into a lead role on a network show that went on to be a hit. She was on it from the very beginning. Everyone loved her. They loved her character and the writers had tons of material and her character would have given them more freedom to explore some things and not get buttonholed into one scenario. That buttonholing eventually did happen and the show ended. Our actress has had a resurgence of late which seems odd to say because she is not that old. Just barely on the far side of 30. She has had a couple straight years of main roles on network shows but they went nowhere. The thing is though she pretty much had to take whatever was offered because of what happened on that show which first aired almost a decade ago. During meetings for the show, our actress started dating one of the producers. She had already landed the gig and actually had not even met him prior to landing the gig. She said that at first everything was fine and it was like any other new relationship. It was after about a month though when she started spending more time with him that she began to realize he was drinking too much and that when he was drinking he got violent. She made it clear he never hit her but he did threaten her and he would scream and yell at other people. He thought he was the s**t because he had a network show about to air and he was basically a prick to everyone he encountered while drunk. Even when sober she realized he was not the guy she wanted to be with. So, she broke up with him. He didn’t make it seem like it was a big deal and she suspected he was probably sleeping with three or four women and that she could easily be replaced. Two days later she gets a call from her agent and he tells her she has been cut from the show. Not an episode, but the entire show. Despite promos that had aired and interviews she had given for the new season, she was gone. Her character was eliminated. Well. she decided to make a fuss about what happened and that lasted about a day. She ended up being paid for the entire season and also had to sign a settlement saying she wouldn’t discuss it and wouldn’t sue. The thing is though, since she couldn’t tell her side of the story, the only thing out there were rumors. Those rumors cost her about four years of work before she got another chance at a main role in a show. Everyone assumed she had caused trouble on the set or was a crap actress and no one was willing to hire her. She basically had to go back to square one like she just came to Hollywood with no experience. The only thing she had going for her was a decent agent who kept sending her out.

231. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 04/22 **#1**
This former A- list cable actor from a hit show now defunct is trying to spin some kind of tale about quitting or taking a break from acting. Nope. It is because everyone is waiting to see if this big tentpole movies of his is going to do any box office or be a dud. Maybe he should have taken that other franchise role. At least he would have stayed in the limelight the past few years. Charlie Hunnam ("Sons of Anarchy") ("King Arthur: Legend of the Sword"/Warner Bros./the movie was a dud) ("Fifty Shades of Grey")

232. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 04/22 **#2**
There is so much buzz right now about the "baby" of this A+ list mostly movie actor and the woman he calls his girlfriend that it is deafening. The biggest issue right now which is causing the buzz is two PR teams who can’t decide on a story to stick to. Bradley Cooper/Irina Shayk

233. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 04/22 **#3**
This NFL player took the virginity of this A list athlete/reality star and then dumped her shortly thereafter for this other reality star who is as thirsty as they come. Aly Raisman/Colton Underwood/Savannah Chrisley

234. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 04/22 **#4**
The creator of one of the bigger hits on ABC not named Shonda feels like the network has really morphed the show into something he does not recognize. He said he never thought it would happen but this A- list comic actress who had a similar type show says she told him from day one what would happen and to not sign with the network if he was not prepared for it. Eddie Huang ("Fresh Off the Boat")/Margaret Cho ("All American Girl")

235. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 04/23 **#1**
Our favorite three named singer/ingenue loves being with guys who are already in a relationship. No different in her latest hookup with this rapper. Lana Del Rey/G-Eazy

236. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 04/23 **#2**
Ask enough club owners/promoters in London and you will find one who has a recording of our favorite foreign born B+ lister actress/singer orally servicing a group of guys from back in the day when she was first starting out. Rita Ora

237. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 04/23 **#3**
With no one to say no no or keep her busy having sex all day, our permanent A+ list singer is spending more time using and it is worse than ever. Honestly, it would not shock me if she ended up dead of an overdose.
Mariah Carey

238. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 04/23 **#4**
This foreign born A list athlete didn’t really have much choice but to get married. The couple knows way too many secrets about each other. Her more than him and if he wants his career to not go the way of Tiger Woods PR wise, he had to do it. Rory McIlroy/Erica Stoll

239. THE GOSSIP LIFE 04/24
This A list news 'personality' is planning on a quick makeover before she returns to the air. Nothing too splashy, but enough to get the headlines firmly focused on her. Although she's had plastic surgery before, she's not planning on going under the knife this time around. Megyn Kelly

240. MR. X 04/24 **#1**
This closeted A list athlete who is A list all over the world except Canada and the US had to hire his beard full time. No, not because of more gossip about his boyfriend but because a group of three women has been trying to sell stories to tabloids that he raped them. Hey, I am all about always believing the victim, but this is a shakedown. If you are not growing a beard, he wants nothing to do with you sexually. Cristiano Ronaldo/Georgina Rodriguez (Badr Hari)

241. MR. X 04/24 **#2**
Speaking of girlfriends in it for the money, this model who has been the sidekick to this A+ lister for over a year is signing on for another year. Yeah, they don’t always get along. But, he has had the worst luck finding a replacement amidst his ongoing cloud of corruption he is still trying to shake. Nina Agdal/Leonardo DiCaprio (Malaysian Money Scandal and His "Unusual" Foundation)

242. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 04/24 **#1**
This B+ list mostly movie actress who has a new movie that has just been released says of her time protesting about Standing Rock, "It got me the publicity I wanted and I didn’t have to compete with a bunch of other actresses for it." Rosario Dawson ("Awake: A Dream From Standing Rock") ("Unforgettable")

243. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 04/24 **#2**
There have been some really angry confrontations between this a-hole of an Academy Award winner and his acting sibling about the a-hole’s actress girlfriend. Also joining in has been the a-hole’s ex. Everyone is worried it is an attempt by the actress girlfriend to land a big fish for Scientology.
A-hole Academy Award winner: Casey Affleck
Acting sibling: Ben Affleck
A-hole’s actress girlfriend: Floriana Lima
A-hole’s ex: Summer Phoenix

244. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 04/24 **#3**
This former A+ list mostly movie actress does not really act any longer. She could, if she got her meds right. Celebrity offspring abound and her ex is still A+ list. Another is A- list. Anyway, our actress is mum on her love life because she is dating one of the exes of her kids who wasn’t really an ex when they started hooking up. Not the first or third time mom has done this. Demi Moore

245. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 04/24 **#4**
Events in the next few weeks should open the door for this network on screen couple to be one step closer to a real life couple. You know, from that ABC show. No, not OUAT. Jesse Williams/Sarah Drew (Dr. Jackson Avery/Dr. April Kepner "Grey’s Anatomy")

246. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 04/24 **#5**
Why yes, that was that married A list mostly movie actor in Vegas this past weekend enjoying the attention of two women who sell bottles in a night club. Apparently our actor didn’t even have to pay for their services. They were happy to go to his room with him for free. Channing Tatum ("Magic Mike Live")

247. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 04/24 **#6**
The mother of this A+ list mostly movie actress who is an Academy Award winner/nominee has been spotted everywhere with her actress daughter as of late. Apparently she is afraid the money stream will be cut off if she does not stick to the side of her daughter. Reese Witherspoon’s mother Betty

248. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 04/24 **#7**
Apparently this actress is better than I thought for her to have her A+ list celebrity boyfriend think she really cares about him. It is the money. She will do anything for the money. I’m kind of shocked he is falling for it, but hey, Mariah had James convinced for a long time even while she was having sex with someone else while holding out on him. Elon Musk/Amber Heard

249. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 04/24 **#8**
Orange was being her usual awful self at a party this past weekend. Not one sentence out of her mouth did not have a name drop. None. At one point, it became a game for some people at the party. Ask Orange about working out and she will tell you who she works out with. Ask her if she cooks dinner and she will tell you who shares recipes with her or where she has eaten or has cooked for her. She never really answers questions asked, but twists them to add a name drop. Jaime King
(The Humane Society of the United States' To the Rescue Los Angeles Gala)

250. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 04/24 **#9**
There will be a reboot of this not that long off the air almost network hit. It is going to happen. When it went off the air, the stars of the show said no chance because they all thought they would be big movie stars. The married actress who is nice as opposed to the married one who is not told me the project will happen with or without the not so nice married one. Everyone is being given the same amount of money and the same perks and anything else you hear is crap. The not so nice one is trying to say she is getting double or triple what everyone else is, but it is to just feed her ego because the others know it is not true.
Show: "Gossip Girl"
Nice married actress: Leighton Meester
Not so nice married actress: Blake Lively

251. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 04/24 **#10**
This television actress who really wants to be a successful singer won’t be. We all love Idina but we all know she is not going to be getting her songs played on the radio until Frozen 2. This actress is the same way. She thinks her music is the bomb and honestly it is just like every other American Idol wannabe except our actress is on television already. That being said, she is doing a lot of press and if I hear one more time about how she wrote that song for her old boyfriend, I may scream. Someone should ask her what part of the "writing" she did.
Lea Michele/Cory Monteith ("Hey You")

252. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 04/24 **#11**
Back in the day these A list reality stars loved name dropping the guy who let them use his place out of the country. They would fly down on his jet before they could afford it and party and have sex with him and his friends. Now, they still go there but they pretend they are someplace else because they like to pretend they are not besties with a sexual predator/rapist/registered sex offender/child molester/fugitive. Joe Francis/Kim Kardashian/Kanye West (currently in Mexico)

253. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 04/24 **#12**
#1 – At this point the income does not exceed the expenses for this reality couple with multiple shows. Yes, even if you include her return to an old one. At their current rate of spend, they will be out of money within two years. They literally save nothing and have no backup plan if reality life ends. This will be a huge crash and burn. Kim Zolciak and Kroy Biermann (return to "Real Housewives of Atlanta")

#2 – This former A+ list north of the border singer went to the wrong plastic surgeon. He convinced her she could look 20 again. She is convinced she needs to look young to recapture her glory days. All people are doing now is laughing at her. Shania Twain

#3 – That ABC network actress turned cable actress on the same show was at a UFC fight this past weekend. Usually she goes to a different kind of fighting event. Anyway, she was making out with a guy other than the one she says she is with while her ring was turned upside down. Hayden Panettiere ("Nashville")/Wladimir Klitschko

254. THE GOSSIP LIFE 04/25
I'm hearing that this hot starlet is hooked on chasing the Mexican horse, and I don't mean Eva Longoria. Yes, two separate LA sources have insisted that this slutty star is addicted to heroin and has fallen into a crowd of losers, enablers and fellow smack lovers. Somebody help her. Quick. Demi Lovato

255. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 04/25 **#1**
Yesterday I told you about the B+ list cable actress who you all know at a fight who was making out with a guy while her ring was upside down. Well, it turns out he is an athlete based in the town of the name of the show. Hayden Panettiere (UFC Fight Night 108, (April 22, 2017) inside Bridgestone Arena in Nashville, Tennessee) (Tennessee Titans or Nashville Predators)

256. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 04/25 **#2**
You rarely see him angry, especially in public, but this foreign born A+ list mostly movie actor not named Ryan Reynolds got upset when a woman he was hooking up with confronted our actor while he was eating breakfast. See, the world is supposed to think he is a lovable family guy to the actress you never see. Ryan Gosling (Eva Mendes) (going to breakfast)

257. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 04/25 **#3**
Seriously, I could write one of these every single day so I will stop. You get the picture. Former A+ list athlete who loves strippers hooking up with one of his regulars while his A+ list in her mind girlfriend spends a few hours away working. Alex ("A-Rod") Rodriguez/Jennifer Lopez

258. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 04/25 **#4**
Yes, the soon to be husband of this A+ list athlete has hooked up with the athlete’s non relative best friend. You know, the one who dominates her social media. Serena Williams/Reddit co-founder Alexis Ohanian/Caroline Wozniacki

259. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 04/25 **#5**
Speaking of cheating, this A++ list daytime talk show host is cheating on her significant other. It is most likely divorce time. Our host is in love or lust with someone. Ellen DeGeneres/Portia de Rossi

260. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 04/25 **#6**
I think lost in the whole athlete gets the dancer pregnant so his wife leaves him story are two things. This is not the first time, including a pregnancy this has happened. Second, the wife loves this because now she looks like the victim despite cheating just as much, if not more. Carmelo Anthony/La La Anthony

261. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 04/25 **#7**
This offspring of foreign born permanent A list celebrities is trying to make a name for himself. He made a name for himself at Coachella this year with his obnoxious behavior. If your underage self can’t handle the booze and pot and whatever else you took, then don’t take the stuff. Despite the name, no woman who encountered him will ever date him after his behavior. Brooklyn Beckham

262. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 04/25 **#8**
She was his go to when he was horny. Apparently this B+ list celebrity who was married to someone much more famous thinks of herself as more than a booty call of this foreign born permanent A list mostly movie actor who is an Academy Award winner/nominee. Her PR team is trying to shame him into making the relationship more. Terri Irwin (Steve "The Crocodile Hunter" Irwin)/Russell Crowe

263. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 04/25 **#9**
I find it utterly fascinating that this closeted A+ list mostly movie actor just had a baby and his long time barely legal closeted boyfriend who sounds like a Britney Spears song is also due to have a baby. We already know the story of the latter pregnancy situation but I have never been told who the dad is. Perhaps the two babies share the same dad. Bradley Cooper/Irina Shayk; Lucky Blue Smith/Stormi Bree (Britney Spears song "Lucky")

264. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 04/25 **#10**
About once a year, this permanent A+ list married couple plant a bunch of stories about how they are trying to buy some insanely expensive house in LA. Invariably a few months later someone else crazy rich outbids them in some game of billionaire dollar listing. The thing is though, our A+ list couple don’t have the kind of coin they like the world to think they have. Oh, they have money. A lot. They don’t have billionaire money though. I sometimes wonder if both members of this couple know the full financial picture. Beyoncé/Jay Z

265. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 04/25 **#11**
Another celebrity another Lyme disease excuse. It always amazes me that celebrities never mention their Lyme disease until they need an excuse for rehab. Then they say they were getting treatment from Lyme Disease. It is also astonishing how many get the disease who never leave their homes except to go to clubs or shopping or restaurants. So, here is to your "Lyme Disease" miss foreign born B list celebrity of A listers. Kelly Osbourne

266. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 04/25 **#12**
This NYC Housewife is the victim of a ponzi scheme from one of her wealthy boyfriends. Apparently she has lost most of her money. Sonja Morgan

267. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 04/25 **#13**
I will go ahead and tell you right upfront that this person has never been a blind. Hopefully that will save a lot of needless speculation. Oh, and there will be a lot of speculation. Our actor is foreign born. Like what seems every other current actor he has a superhero franchise. The good news for him is that his is a movie franchise so he doesn’t have to do the random tv, almost tv crossover thing where all you do is play that character literally 12 months a year with no breaks. Our actor has been on hit network and almost network shows. One thing he always does is find a girlfriend from each show he is on. Girlfriend in the sense of hey, I don’t want to have sex with you but since you have no boyfriend lets go out as friends and if paps think we are together don’t say no kind of girlfriend. He has been lucky in landing some very high profile names this way. No walk ons for him or models you have never heard of except on Instagram. In the past few years there has been some turmoil. He was involved in a relationship with a closeted former boy bander. That boy bander though is committed to the closet, mainly because he still hasn’t decided if he prefers men or women. He led our actor on for quite some time making him think he was going to come out and identify as gay but kept hooking up with women too and our actor had enough. Our actor actually contemplated suicide he was so devastated at the breakup. It took him some time to get right. He threw himself into movies, including his franchise at a record pace and finally, on his last movie, he found not only a new guy he is head over heels with, but also a co-star who is totally wiling to be seen with him until their movie is released early next year.

Actor: Sebastian Stan
Super-hero: Bucky Barnes/Winter Soldier
Network show: "Once Upon a Time" (Jennifer Morrison); "Kings"
Almost net work show: "Gossip Girl" (Leighton Meester); "Political Animals"
Dated: Jennifer Morrison ("Once Upon a Time" ); Leighton Meester ("Gossip Girl"); Margarita Levieva ("Spread"); Dianna Agron
Boy bander: Harry Styles ("One Direction")

268. THE GOSSIP LIFE 04/26
A nice blind item for the day, Gossipers. I hear from a very reliable source that this B list television actor did an act of kindness recently. Unlike a lot of wealthy people who attend popular churches in cities, he and his family attend a local, more working class church. Some money was needed for repairs on the building and the actor stepped in and supplied the money. If the King of King does truly return, then our actor might be one of his favourite people. Kevin James

269. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 04/26 **#1**
Well, if this foreign born A- list mostly movie actor is really hooking up with that former television vampire, then he is cheating on her. Our actor took a woman back to his place while out of the country and she didn’t leave until the next morning. Nina Dobrev ("Vampire Diaries")/Orlando Bloom

270. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 04/26 **#2**
A miscarriage is what caused this still technically married A-/B+ list mostly movie actress to call it quits on her most recent marriage. Jennifer Garner/Ben Affleck

271. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 04/26 **#3**
I’m not sure what he tells his girlfriend but this A- list mostly television actor on an almost television show told the 19 year old he has been hooking up with that he is single and does talk to her all the time. All the time meaning when he is on set, rather than when he is home with his girlfriend.
John Stamos ("Fuller House" on Netflix/production for the third season began on March 18, 2017)

272. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 04/26 **#4**
KINDNESS: This still very young GOT actress who is currently filming a movie helped out a guy yesterday. He came to the set to show her some prop from the show that supposedly had her autograph on it that he bought at a show. She told him it wasn’t her signature. It was a fake. She didn’t remember the prop either. What our actress did do though was sign the cover of the script of what she is working on now and took some selfies with him. Maisie Williams (filming "Departures")

273. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 04/26 **#5**
Who knew she was so anti, but this B+ list mostly television actress who also beards at the professional level yelled at a guy for smoking a joint so close to her this week. Apparently there were paps and she didn’t want it to look like she was smoking too. Olivia Munn

274. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 04/26 **#6**
Long time no hear from our favorite A list foreign born singer. On a recent flight she helped herself to the free booze but also sipped from multiple flasks when she felt the service was too slow. Feeling no pain and stumbling off that flight was our singer when she arrived into LA. Rihanna

275. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 04/26 **#7**
I already have told you about the minor procedures that this still underage celebrity offspring who is also the celebrity sibling of the most famous in the family has done. Now, because her way older than her boyfriend wanted her breasts larger, she is undergoing a breast enlargement. Noah Cyrus (Miley)

276. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 04/26 **#8**
At this point in her charity work, she has done so many events that the former flash in the pan from the flash of her legs A+ lister now says the same speech and just changes the disease and the name. She also likes the checks to be in five figures. Sharon Stone

277. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 04/26 **#9**
It has been months if not a year since anyone has seen this B+ list actress who doesn’t act but wants to direct but doesn’t do it very well so happy. She has A+ list name recognition and was chain smoking and throwing back huge volumes of wine the other night and actually was nonstop laughs. She even interacted with other people which is really rare. She has very very very few friends. Katie Holmes
 (Tribeca Film Festival Artists Dinner hosted by Chanel)

278. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 04/26 **#10**
This dual threat actress is probably A-/B+ list. Academy Award winner/nominee. Her much much much younger actress sibling has been hooking up with a guy who plays the son of our A-/B+ lister. Vera Farmiga/Taissa Farmiga/Freddie Highmore ("Bates Motel")

279. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 04/26 **#11**
This foreign born two first name actress I told you about in the past couple of weeks who is cheating on her significant other was telling people the other night at an event that they have split. Alice Eve/Alex Cowper-Smith

280. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 04/26 **#12**
This former A- list singing tweener who has a much higher rated sibling who actually amounted to something other than abusing drugs and being an a-hole to people was wasted out of his mind at a recent meet and greet for his fans. Yes, apparently there are fans. He probably owes them money. Aaron Carter (Nick Carter)  ("Go Pool at Flamingo")

281. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 04/26 **#13**
#1 – This alliteration gossip website has no problem keeping a YouTube star firmly in the closet and even helping the PR people talk about his romance with this celebrity offspring who grew up thinking gay people were evil. Apparently if there is money or fame involved, then being gay is not so evil. "JustJared"/Cameron Dallas/Hailey Baldwin (Stephen Baldwin)

#2 – Our favorite full frontal actor is dodging a female stalker who has threatened to kill him. This is what happens when you sleep with someone you know is a stalker and then try and dump them. Michael Fassbender

#3 – Let me see if I got this straight. This former network reality host has one woman pregnant that got pregnant while he was seeing two other women. He is having sex with her. He is also having sex with his A list ex and also having sex with this singer/reality star/part-time actress who also arranged for a threesome between herself and a female intern she met at a recording studio. Oh, and all of this is unprotected.
Host: Nick Cannon ("America's Got Talent")
Pregnant woman: Brittany Bell
A list ex: Mariah Carey
Singer/reality star/part-time actress: Christina Milian

282. THE GOSSIP LIFE 04/27
There's nothing worse than being fired, and the cast of this television show recently experienced the horror of one of the worst types of termination. Our network got the entire casting together ahead of an upcoming season, informed them the show was undergoing a reboot and promptly told them all to find work elsewhere for the upcoming television season. 'We were completely blindsided,' one of the actors screamed at me in all caps during an email. "Scream" on MTV

283. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 04/27 **#1**
They made it sound manly so he would have a good story to tell, but this A list mostly movie actor who is an Academy Award winner/nominee got injured filming a movie because he was wasted. Nicolas Cage (broken ankle)

284. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 04/27 **#2**
After her appearance on this daytime talk show, this former A list athlete got into a yelling match with the lead host. Apparently the former athlete turned reality star turned author said some things which got under the skin of the host and refused to apologize. Caitlyn Jenner/Whoopi Goldberg

285. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 04/27 **#3**
No one has ever asked this former rapper turned A-/B+ list actor who is the father of his wife’s baby. Someone should.

286. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 04/27 **#4**
This former reality star turned celebrity turned reality star who is the off spring of a permanent A+ lister and has A+ list name recognition herself is really drinking a lot more than she used to. This is someone who had serious issues with substance abuse and seems to be getting drunk on an almost daily basis. Nicole Richie

287. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 04/27 **#5**
A reporter to the set of this fairly hit network show says that the A+ list everything in her mind star of the show has her scenes mapped out in such a way that everyone else does a lot of action while she remains as stationary as possible. It is bizarre how they have it all set up. Maybe she can’t act and walk at the same time? Jennifer Lopez ("Shades of Blue")

288. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 04/27 **#6**
Two people who only pretend to get along are this former A list mostly movie actress who is also a celebrity offspring and this A- list dual threat comic actress. You would think, given the situation they would be friends, but nope. Hate each other. Let me clarify. The offspring says nasty things about the comic actress all the time so one can assume the comic actress feels the same in return. Kate Hudson/Amy Schumer (Amy stars in "Snatched" with Goldie Hawn)

289. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 04/27 **#7**
They are not related, even by marriage even though it seems as if they are. However it was still kind of creepy a couple nights ago to see this sometime reality star on that too long running A list reality show watching videos of what could have been his reality star sister-in-law having sex with her rapper ex. Lots of videos. Scott Disick/Kylie Jenner/Tyga

290. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 04/27 **#8**
Apparently there was a time in the not too recent past where this A-/B+ list mostly television actress who stars in a new almost television show spent some time away from her church. At a premiere the other night they had multiple minders with her to make sure she didn’t speak to anyone from that time period. Elizabeth Moss ("The Handmaid’s Tale") (Scientology)

291. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 04/27 **#9**
As much money as this manager has made and will make from this former A+ list tweener turned A- list adult singer, the manager almost dropped the client because of some specific behaviors that the manager found personally offensive. The former tweener actually begged for the manager to stay on. Things have not been good between them since. Scooter Braun (Jewish)/Justin Bieber
 (former neighbors -- the ones whose house he egged -- claim the singer committed a hate crime by hurling anti-Semitic comments)

292. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 04/27 **#10**
This permanent A list singing legend has her hands tied by her lawyers. Our legend could be on the hook for millions of dollars if she does anything that even in the slightest looks like revenge against the woman who was sleeping with the husband of the legend. You know, because the woman works for our legend. Mary J. Blige/Kendu Isaacs/Starshell

293. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 04/27 **#11**
It looks like this B+ list mostly movie actress from way back in the day who comes from an acting family is in need of some cash. Look for a bunch of stories about her family members in the next month or two. The only time we ever hear about her family is when she needs money. Lana Wood (Natalie Wood; Natasha Gregson Wagner)

294. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 04/27 **#12**
Look for a string of crazy incidents over the next few weeks. This rapper turned actor who should have been a biker with that name is back on drugs bigger and better than ever before. He had been doing well. DMX (Instead, he headed to rehab the day after this blind item)

295. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 04/27 **#13**
What do you do if you are this A-/B+ list mostly television actor from a long running network show? You have had a bad time as of late from the media. I’m not sure the media even cared anything about your life until recently. Oh sure, you probably spent some money each month on your PR people so once or twice a year they would throw you a bone for all that money and get you a photoshoot in an airline magazine, but not much else. You just deposited your paychecks each week and took your married self over to West Hollywood after work and hooked up with a lot of different guys. A ton of guys. It would take you about five minutes of asking to find someone who either hooked up with the actor or knows someone who did. That was your secret. The one you desperately want to keep. When your wife says she wants to divorce, you don’t want your love of men to be the reason that is offered up. So, what do you do? You make it look like you were cheating with an actress and to you, that is more preferable than coming out of the closet to the world. The bad publicity is worth it. The thing is though, you might have picked the wrong person to choose to bring into this maelstrom. I love using new words. All of this drama might still lead to what you have been avoiding. Jesse Williams ("Grey’s Anatomy")/Minka Kelly)

296. MEDIA TAKEOUT 04/27
[Biracial actor] did not cheat on his wife with a woman. He has a white gay lover and a home in Negril, Jamaica. Despite what many think, his wife is not a beard. They genuinely love each other, so much that she’s turned a blind eye to his bisexuality for years. He did NOT cheat with [popular actress]. In fact, now that his relationship with his wife is over, his PR team is working overtime to dismiss this rumor and hide his sexuality at the same time. Expect them to set him up with a black female actress, so that he can maintain his image of pro-black/woke. Also, expect his character to be killed or written off from [A popular show]. [Entertainment exec] has gone into Waiting to Exhale mood, even though he’s practicing exactly what [the exec] preaches. KA-BOOM!!! Jesse Williams/Minka Kelly/"Grey’s Anatomy"/Shonda Rhimes

297. THE GOSSIP LIFE 04/28
The male side of this A list couple that are likely heading for a divorce is dreading negotiations over a settlement for one simple reason... 'The bad boy doesn't have a pre-nup,' laughs one source. 'Naughty!' 'It will be one of the most expensive celebrity divorces on record,' insists another, who is much more skeptical about it. 'If it actually happens.' David and Victoria Beckham

That foul odor assaulting executives at an unnamed broadcast or cable network is the stank emanating from an upcoming drama series that is allegedly so bad it’s actually unwatchable. How pungent are we talking? Well, according to sources, the network behind the ambitious project tried mightily to pawn off the entire first season on one of the big streamers at a steep discount (we’re talking pennies). But the influential Powers That Be behind the series put a kibosh on the fire sale. So now the net in question is forced to sit back and watch the stink bomb smell up its airwaves (beginning at some point in the next seven months). Making matters worse, this small-screen Ishtar was, by all accounts, a costly disaster, with most episodes coming in way, way, way, way, way over budget. I’ve said too much, so I’ll stop now and hand this case over to you to solve: What once-buzzy series is destined to make Viva Laughlin look like Mad Men? Speculate away. "Still Star Crossed"

299. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 04/28 **#1**
This A+ list mostly movie actress who has multiple Academy Award wins/nominations says she recently read a four page interview she supposedly gave to a kiss butt kneepadding tabloid and said she didn’t even know she was going to be in the magazine. She asked her people and they just answered the questions for her via e-mail. Jennifer Lawrence (article)

300. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 04/28 **#2**
Our favorite former tweener turned drug addict/part time actress/part-time singer treated this Olympian like crap when she thought she was just a fan. When she found out who it was, her attitude didn’t change all that much when the underage Olympian would not do shots with her. Selena Gomez/Laurie Hernandez
(member of the U.S. women's gymnastics team at the 2016 Summer Olympics, winning gold in the team event and silver on the balance beam)

301. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 04/28 **#3**
This former A+ list singer turned A- lister has been really busy with a new television gig. Her husband has been loving it though and has been cheating with this protege of his who he thinks will be big. Alicia Keys ("The Voice")/Swizz Beatz

302. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 04/28 **#4**
What do you do when your Academy Award winning mother starts talking about guys at a party she has slept with who also happen to be your friends? If you are this offspring, you just walk away from mom and out of the party.
Susan Sarandon (Eva Amurri)

303. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 04/28 **#5**
This former tweener actress with her own show has done nothing really since it ended despite massive publicity efforts by her team. No one likes her plus she is not that great of an actress. She did tell this aging, if not old multiple Academy Award winner/nominee she would be willing to do the casting couch thing with him to get a part in his next movie. Victoria Justice/Sylvester Stallone (Harper's BAZAAR May Issue Event Hosted by The Stallone Sisters and Amanda Weiner Alagem at Mama Shelter Hollywood)

304. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 04/28 **#6**
This pair will not be good for each other. It will be an explosive mess that will end up front and center on the tabloids. A comic actress who recently split with a superhero and the in bad shape right now actor who loves going commando and makes sure you know it. It is interesting we talk more about that then his former hit cable show in which he starred. Jenny Slate (Chris Evans)/Jon Hamm ("Mad Men")

305. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 04/28 **#7**
I guess this foreign born model turned worst actress on earth has been reading reviews about her acting and is trying to change things on her current movie set. Oh, not by taking acting classes or even watching videos on how to act. Nope. Instead she is asking for direction but doesn’t know how to do what the director suggests. She thinks she is brilliant of course. Cara Delevingne ("Life In A Year")

306. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 04/28 **#8**
KINDNESS: Although he (foreign born A/A- list mostly movie actor with multiple Academy Award wins/nominations) is not one of my favorite people, I get two or three e-mails a month about his wife and how she is the most amazing person ever. Apparently she volunteers in multiple places to the tune of about 50-60 hours a week. No salary and you always feel that where she is that moment is the only place she wants to be. So, kudos to her. Eddie Redmayne/Hannah Bagshawe

307. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 04/28 **#9**
Apparently this former A+ list mostly movie actor from back in the day turned A- list mostly television actor who bounces around cherry picking projects was ticked off this week. His agent forgot to tell the actor he was not top billed in a recent movie. No matter the part was supporting, our actor was under the impression he was top billed. He was pissed. Rob Lowe ("How to Be a Latin Lover")

308. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 04/28 **#10**
Big movie opening this weekend for this foreign born B+ list mostly movie actress who crashed and burned on television here after a big hit in her home country. Anyway, she was at an after party for a film at this film festival and not the after party for her own film at the festival when this B+ list mostly television actor from a hit network show that films in NYC walked up to her. The actor, who is married, set his drink on a table and pulled out his peen. He then said he was famous and that she should do them both a favor and suck on it. Yeah. Karen Gillan ("Doctor Who"; "Selfie") ("The Circle"/Tribeca Film Festival)

309. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 04/28 **#11**
The last time this VS model did the pay relationship thing, she was asked to do it for the publicity rather than getting any money. This time, with that closeted NFL athlete there is money on the table if their test dates go well. Kelly Rohrbach (Leonardo DiCaprio)/Aaron Rodgers

310. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 04/28 **#12**
Our favorite foreign born B+ list singer/actress ran into a celebrity offspring of this permanent A++ list singer and gave him her number. She told him if he was smart that she would be the first number he should call when he turns 18. Rita Ora/Rocco Ritchie (Madonna)

311. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 04/28 **#13**
#1 – The good news he is legal. The bad news for this openly gay A list director is that his much much younger boyfriend is spreading secrets about the director to anyone who will listen. Don’t even get me started about the orgy on the private jet. Bryan Singer

#2 – You know who hates her fans more than any other person hates their fans? This A- list singer who really really wants to win some type of acting award. She went on a 20 minute f word fueled rant about them the other day. Lady Gaga

#3 – Our favorite superhero actor who will sleep with any woman walking and is not named Ben Affleck apparently made one of his actor co-stars ticked off at him by trying to sleep with the significant other of the actor. He also tries to sleep with every female of the crew or any female that walks on the set he finds attractive. Not a popular guy on set. Henry Cavill

#4 – This B+ list celebrity host might hate that her own husband cheated on her multiple times, but she loves finding women who are the mistresses for her new project. I think she won’t find it as funny when she realizes some of those women she is counting on for a hit show also slept with her husband. La La Anthony (Carmelo) ("Goal Diggers")

312. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 04/29 **#1**
Things may look great for this former A+ list boy bander from a foreign land. However, they are not so great. Yes, for any of us they would be great but his sales have not met expectations and he is hitting the bottle hard and making his drugs a little harder too. Zayn Malik ("One Direction")

313. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 04/29 **#2**
This slightly lesser known celebrity offspring/model was yachting during the Fyre Festival. Apparently though, the guy didn’t like her enough to pay for her to fly home. Bella Hadid

314. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 04/29 **#3**
The shorter named of these actress twins turned celebrities turned reality stars turned a bunch of everything seems to visit the plastic surgeon almost monthly while her sister has never gone. It used to be hard to tell them apart. Not any longer. Tia Mowry
(Tamera Mowry)

315. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 04/29 **#4**
This former almost network vampire got a puppy because this foreign born A- list mostly movie actor said it would be great if they got one together. Two days later he was cheating on her and dumped her. Nina Dobrev/Orlando Bloom

316. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 04/30 **#1**
The actor who plays this speedy superhero on an almost network show used to hit on women by liking their naked or almost naked photos. Some of those turned into hookups. Well, a lot of them. The thing is though he publicly said he had a girlfriend so he was always worried about being busted. Now he is worried about a dozen or so of those hookups all talking about how he was with all of them at the same time as the girlfriend. He told his girlfriend he is giving up everyone but her, but we shall see. Grant Gustin ("The Flash")/LA Thoma

317. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 04/30 **#2**
There will not be a third opportunity for the girlfriend of this former Hunger Games actor to disrupt a movie set. For the second time she had to be escorted off the movie set when she got out of control and threatened to stop the whole production. Josh Hutcherson/Claudia Traisac

318. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 04/30 **#3**
This permanent A list singer finally found someone who will treat her right. Her soon to be ex husband certainly didn’t do that. One problem. The guy she is falling for is married. I don’t think she knows that and she will be devastated. Mary J Blige (Kendu Isaacs)

319. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 04/30 **#4**
This former A list reality star with A+ list name recognition who was hated at an A list level thinks it is love with her new boyfriend. He has two other women he hooks up with on a regular basis because he needs a break from the 24/7 smother fest the former reality star does in her relationships. Paris Hilton/Chris Zylka

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