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They are supposed to still be in the honeymoon phase of their marriage, but their relationship is at its worst. This foreign born A- list mostly television actress on a hit network show and her B list mostly movie actor husband spent the other night dividing their time between ignoring each other and bickering. It made everyone at their table uncomfortable. They should never have got married. Too many issues on both sides. Sofia Vergara/Joe Manganiello "Screen Actors Guild Awards"

This television pairing from a very hit almost network show that everyone wants together, got a real boost in the past two weeks. The married A- list mostly television actor star of the show was spotted coming out of the place his B list mostly television actress calls home while they film out of the country. They had been holed up for at least two hours. The crazy thing is, 30 minutes after the actor left, he came back with some other people and the group went shopping and to dinner and he never did anything more than kiss her on the cheek. Stephen Amell/Emily Bett Rickards "Arrow" (filming in Canada)

This former A+ list tweener turned whiny A- list singer threw an A+++ like diva tantrum this past weekend. Apparently he didn’t feel like he got paid enough respect by the staff where he was performing and smashed four bottles of champagne that had been provided against a wall. Glass and booze were everywhere. Justin Bieber

This busty B- list mostly television actress is working since her hit cable show ended not that long ago. Her problem is that she is not getting any roles other than ones where she is not known by the producers. She was so awful to most everyone she encountered during the run of the show that no one wants to hire her for anything that is high profile. Christina Hendricks "Mad Men"

This celebrity offspring of one time A+ listers is arguably the least famous of the offspring but the most likely to seek out attention. Nothing new then with this. She recently posed for photos with a photographer known for pushing the edge but not sexually assaulting every woman who walks in the door. Apparently the photoshoot is porn but she says the sex toys she is photographed inserting into various body parts are art. Tallulah Willis/Tyler Shields

That wasn’t his wife that this A list rapper turned A- list mostly television actor on a hit network show was swapping spit with the other day after celebrating a big accomplishment. They were doing a whole lot more than just kissing too. Ice-T

This former almost A- list mostly movie actress turned escort had a seizure while out shopping the other day. She also tried to use a credit card reported stolen earlier in the day to make a purchase. Lindsay Lohan

This B+ list mostly movie actress who is a celebrity offspring was trying to be all Cookie Lyon recently when she showed up at the hotel room of the guy she just started dating last week. Our actress was wearing a fur and nothing else. When the door open she opened the fur. Wrong room. Her new guy was across the hall.
Dakota Johnson

This openly gay female director/actress has been going through female assistants like crazy on the set of her new movie. Apparently none of them are willing to have sex with her. Jodie Foster "Money Monster"; Kathryn Bigelow (Untitled Kathryn Bigelow Project)

10. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 02/01 **#10**
Kind of quirky and fun. These two female A+ list singers are related to each other. They might be the two biggest A+ list singers on the planet. Celine Dion/Madonna (Family Tree Magazine)

11. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 02/01 **#11**
In this spot, I talk frequently about stars who have reached really big heights and then have come crashing back to earth and never ever see their star shine again. This time, there is hope. I hope it has a happily ever after, but only time will tell. This actor was never higher than B+ list and that was a very brief moment in time. B+ in movies is still great and to add to that he also had musical talent and actually had a couple of songs crack the top 40. The thing that gets me is that just when he reached his peak- actually while he was making the movie that landed him at his peak he was self-destructing. Because of a horrific childhood growing up, our actor was always troubled by demons and the things done to him at an early age. Whenever he would relive those days he would turn to drugs to escape. Meth was his drug of choice. For the most part he could keep it together, but during the filming of this hit movie in which he had a big role, it all came crashing down on him. He was forced to face his past right before filming started. During the movie you can see him transform from this great looking future lead actor who every woman wanted, to a guy who looked like he stayed up 20 hours a day either filming or smoking meth. He was a mess. When the film wrapped, the A+ list actress lead of the movie told him he needed to get help and she would pay for it. He didn’t listen. Instead, he smoked away his money and got arrested more often than DMX. He bounced in and out of rehab. His marriage was awful because of the drugs. For a decade, this was his life. Just a vicious cycle. About six years ago, a producer gave our actor a chance. A chance to make a comeback. At the time, our actor was sober and he thought it was going to be the rebirth of his career. Not so fast though. This movie is not over and there has to be more adversity. There was. Another cycle of drugs and sobriety. Fast forward to another producer. One who grew up watching the work of our actor. She thought she could bring out the talent that once made him famous in music and acting. Our actor is not that old. The drugs have aged him though. The past fifteen years have made him go from drop dead gorgeous to more of grizzled look. He is filming now. The producer says that he has been great. He is the lead. The top billed actor. This is his chance. Probably a final one. Probably one that no one else would have given him. I hope it works out for him. He deserves a happily ever after.
Actor: Edward Furlong
Music career: In 1992, he launched a successful music career in Japan and is still extremely popular with Japanese girls today. His debut song "Hold On Tight" even beat Whitney Houston's "I Will Always Love You" to #1 on the Japanese charts
Movie at peak: "Before and After"
A+ list actress: Meryl Streep
Failed comeback: "The Green Hornet"
Current movie: "Karma"

12. MR. X 02/01 **#1**
This B+ list mostly television actor in an acting family is on a hit pay cable show. Apparently he also has been getting into some very loud, very scary vocal fights with his significant other which is only compounding the shaky relationship issues they had. Liev Schreiber "Ray Donovan"/Naomi Watts

13. MR. X 02/01 **#2**
No one knows why this foreign born A- list mostly movie actor who does have a television show and a franchise, keeps openly pining over this A list mostly movie actress who is an Academy Award winner/nominee not named Jennifer Lawrence. The actor and actress in question are both gay. They both like to pretend otherwise but whatever relationships they throw out for cameras are fake. Tom Hiddleston (Loki in "Thor") and (tv series "The Night Manager")/Jessica Chastain

This B-list actress on an A-list show is acquiring a status as a home wrecker. People tell me they can count several relationships and marriages our B-list actress has ruined. She too easily finds herself in the fire and brimstone of passion, then the fire and brimstone of drama. Carice van Houten/Melisandre "Game of Thrones"

Which celebrity PH (penthouse) apartment is shrine to Oprah? The celebrity lives in a fancy PH apartment on the Upper West Side, between 60s and 75th street with views of the river. The apartment is so nice that the elevator opens up into the PH. But what surprises all of the guests is how many pictures of OPRAH are all over the place. Pictures of people in frames all over the living room and a huge oil painting of Oprah in the dinning room. Oprah’s face is literally everywhere. There is even a small picture of her in the guest bathroom off the lobby! The celebrity is a famous TV personality herself, but nowhere near as famous as MISS O! "It almost feels creepy," one eyewitness tells NAUGHY GOSSIP. "No matter where you are in the place, Oprah is looking at you." Gayle King

I guess this former A list tweener would rather go back to the closet than ever even pretend he is hooking up with the movie actress so desperate to have the world thing they are together. Nick Jonas/Kate Hudson

This foreign born former boy bander from a band in the news this week, is skipping gigs and promo appearances because of his heroin addiction. His management and record label just bury their head in the sand just like with Amy Winehouse and he might end up dead too. Zayn Malik (formerly "One Direction")

This Presidential candidate declared himself a big winner last night. Nothing is going to happen in the next couple of weeks but the week of February 14th, look for crystal clear photos of this candidate in some very compromising positions to be released. Marco Rubio

Big drama in the marriage of this A-/B+ list mostly television actor on a long running almost network show and his B list actress wife in the likely to be canceled network show where she got a gig. She has been Yoko-ing everything in his life and it is really pushing back which is causing him to lose a ton of fans. It has also resulted in the potential for some litigation which could go through his money really quickly. Getting involved with this actress was never a good idea. Ian Somerhalder "The Vampire Diaries"/Nikki Reed "Sleepy Hollow"

This former B list mostly movie actress who only seems to focus on her side business now, went off on a pap last week. Our actress likes to control her look and the situations where she "runs into" paps. A pap got her by surprise when she was not prepared and told him he needed to learn how the game was played. She also wanted his photos but he wouldn’t give them up. Jessica Alba (at LAX)

The former wife of this closeted NFL quarterback was asked to do an interview about her former husband. Nope. Apparently she signed a book length non disclosure agreement. You know, so no one can ask her why they only had sex a handful of times in a multiple year relationship/marriage. Russell Wilson ("Seattle Seahawks")/Ashton Meem

This A- list singer/musician whether solo or in his group is a multiple Grammy Award winner/nominee. Several number one records. He is aging and has been getting fillers but also is trying to cover his face with makeup. At a recent press appearance it start dripping off all over his shirt like he was melting. Lionel Richie

This former B+ list mostly television actress has primarily moved to indies now that her hit cable show went off the air. She is doing a little run on a tv show, but nothing like she once had. She is also hooking up with a married man which is surprising considering how much she blasted her ex-husband for cheating.
Actress: Jennifer Carpenter
Ex-husband: Michael Hall
Cable show: "Dexter"
TV show: "Limitless"

This Teen Mom who you would never suspect of this, would rather spend her nights partying then taking care of her kid and passes off the kid as much as possible. Catelynn Lowell Baltierra

25. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 02/02 **#10**
This B list mostly whatever she can get actress is only that height because of my affinity for her and the amazing work she does for so many charities. That being said, she was supposed to be back with her cheating ex but that was not him she was making out with and more in a restroom at a lodge during Sundance. They were both really loud. Annalynne McCord/Dominic Purcell

26. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 02/02 **#11**
Instead of making this a narrative, I thought I would just throw out a few things this former A- list dual threat actress from back in the day has done to her children. Our actress has spawned an acting family. Janet Leigh (actress, singer and author)

#1 – Let her eldest daughter be molested by an actor ex-husband because our actress was trying to get back together with the ex. Kelly and Jamie Lee Curtis

#2 – Would entertain political donors in her home. By entertaining I mean she had sex with men who in return would give money to her favorite politician in the state who was much more famous than our actress. More than once she had sex with men in her daughter’s room while her daughter was sleeping in the bed.

#3 – Raided a multi-million dollar trust fund established by the father of her kids for a get rich quick scheme that failed. She lost every penny of the trust fund. Tony Curtis sued Janet Leigh

27. MR. X 02/02 **#1**
What A-list host and judge is cheating on his wife with the woman whom he credits with saving his show, but others say ruined it? Did I mention she’s married, too? Howard Stern/Marci Turk (the woman responsible for Howard Stern’s ‘PC’ behavior)

28. MR. X 02/02 **#2**
Which surprisingly still married acting couple (I’m using that term very loosely) are in a race to see who will be the first to be sent to the ER? His drinking has increased to dangerous levels and she’s been mixing her pills with some coke. The fact that they’re being pressured more than ever to cut ties with some shady people isn’t helping matters much. Channing Tatum/Jenna Dewan-Tatum

The fairly famous husband of this A-list actress cannot get a movie made for the life of him. No one wants to bankroll him, even though his wife has offered to appear for a low fee. It’s causing problems between him and his wife, and my source claims they wouldn’t be surprised if they split. Cate Blanchett/Andrew Upton

A notorious womanizer, this foreign born mogul/reality star has been using aggressive behind the scenes maneuvers to shut down any words about him being bisexual. One of his singing proteges though is really trying to push the mogul out into the open with his actions. Simon Cowell/Leona Lewis

Drug addiction is part of rock and roll, but for some reason this former A+ list band is trying to keep quiet the real reason they are canceling the remainder of their tour. Def Leppard

This one of many co-hosts on a talk show is on paid leave while they search for a replacement. Meanwhile, to keep her busy, they got her a few acting gigs on the network. Raven-Symoné "The View"

This 16 & Pregnant Star who never made it to the big time of Teen Mom is charging by the hour for sex while she looks for a big porn payday. Valerie Fairman

The executive in charge of this entertainment news program and companion website said they want all coverage of the Sean Penn/Lee Daniels lawsuit to be pro Sean Penn. Heavily pro Sean Penn. The speech to a couple of staffers was heavily laced with seriously hateful and racist language. Not TMZ.

This could almost be called a kindness. This former comic turned actress turned talk show host had this A+ list mostly movie actor on her show recently. Apparently he was a little nervous about going on the show and was hiding out in his car at the studio. Our talk show host went up to his car, tapped on the window and passed him a shot of tequila and drank one herself. Apparently that broke the ice and he went in to do the show. Ellen DeGeneres/Leonardo DiCaprio

The beard of that former Glee actor is getting careless. She is letting her real boyfriend post a whole lot of photos of the two of them on social media which is threatening the entire bearding relationship. Mia Swier/Darren Criss

I guess she has a reason to cheat. This B list mostly movie actress is cheating on her athlete husband with one of her recent co-stars. Gabrielle Union/Dwyane Wade

This openly gay B-/B list mostly movie actress is trying to negotiate a settlement with a woman who is accusing the actress of sexually assaulting her. Not Taryn Manning. Michelle Rodriguez

39. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 02/03 **#10**
KINDNESS: One of my all-time favorites from soaps made it to the big time of some hit network and almost network shows and some really big movies. For her latest box office hit she wanted to do something special and rented out a theatre in every city she went promoting the movie and gave the tickets to school kids and their parents. She also tried as much as possible to get other stars of the movie to show up. She paid for all the popcorn and drinks and probably spent a total of $50K of her own money, not the money of the studio to make it all happen.
Actress: Jordana Brewster
Soap: "As the World Turns"
Hit network show: "Chuck"; "Dallas"; "Secrets and Lies"
Almost network show: "Dark Blue"; "American Crime Story"
Big movies: "Fast & Furious"
Box office hit: "Furious 7"

40. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 02/03 **#11**
This former A list tweener who had a really big week this week is being cheated on by her boyfriend with this underage celebrity offspring. Vanessa Hudgens ("Grease: Live" and death of her father)/Austin Butler/Lily-Rose Depp

41. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 02/03 **#12**
This Golden Globe winning actor who is back in movies after a run through a hit pay cable show, was berating his long time girlfriend the other night at dinner. When she stood up to leave, he grabbed her arm and shoved her back down. She then started crying really loudly and he just walked out leaving her there. Michael C. Hall (Best Performance by an Actor in a Television Series - Drama - "Dexter")/Morgan Macgregor (at Sundance promoting "Christine")

42. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 02/03 **#13**
This affair has been going on for two years. Two years. That is insane without being caught. What is even more insane is that one of the actors used to be just about A+ list and has been in some of the biggest box office movies of all time. He seems foreign born but he isn’t. He has had a significant other forever. He has been hooking up with this married actress who doesn’t really seem married because you never see her husband. He was there before they got married but much like Freddie Prinze has disappeared into marriage obscurity. Anyway, the actress does indie movies after a slightly better than meh television career. Apparently, right after she got married the two met at a conference for actors who wanted to direct. One thing led to another and literally just a few weeks after she got married she was in bed with this guy for the entire weekend. They never meet in LA and the whole thing has been hush hush hush. Super secret. Since they are both in relationships and want to keep it that way they have been discreet. The only reason it has started to break open is they were spotted two weeks ago outside of LA. They were both at a film festival and shared a lodge together. It was a free standing structure and they probably thought they could get away with it. Apparently the driver assigned to her saw the actor and asked about him when the actress got in the car. The actress gave some lame reason why the guy would be in the house at 8 am in his pajamas. Later in the day the driver was giving the assistant to the actress a ride back to her hotel and asked how long the actress and actor had been going out and the assistant blurted out the whole two weeks since the actress got married. The assistant then told the driver not to say anything to anyone about what he had seen or ask about any of the other times the couple has got together the past two years. You know, if I was going to pick a couple to hook up, it would not be them. It is Benicio Del Toro/Kimberly Stewart strange. Viggo Mortensen at Sundance

This A-list film studio is hemorrhaging money, according to my source, and there’s even corybantic speculation on the starry streets that it may go under. My source claims it’s due to underwhelming box office performances and bad investments, but thinks the studio is more likely to go through a structural overhaul than a bankruptcy filing, which will be sure to ruin the rapturous spirit of the studio’s many foes. Weinstein Company

Reese Witherspoon on when she decided acting wasn’t enough: "About four years ago I got sent an awful, terrible script. And this male star was starring in it, and there was a girlfriend part. And I thought, "You’ve got to be kidding me. No, I’m not interested." They said, "Well this actress is chasing it, that actress is chasing it: three Oscar winners and two huge box office leading ladies." And I thought, "Oh, that’s where we’re at? You’re fighting to be the girlfriend in a dumb comedy? For what?" And by the way, two Oscar winners did it." "New Year’s Eve" (Halle Berry, Hilary Swank, Robert DeNiro) or "Valentine’s Day" (Julia Roberts, Jamie Foxx, Shirley MacLaine)

Police have asked to interview this A list mogul wannabe/rapper for the first time in forever about his knowledge of a murder. So far he has been keeping it out of the press but won’t be able to for much longer.
Sean "P Diddy" Combs/Tupac Shakur

Proving why it wouldn’t have been a good idea, this former A list mostly movie actress turned A- list who is a celebrity offspring, went ballistic the other day. Not only did she blow up the phone of this former A list tweener turned A- list singer but she went after her management team who had promised her she would be the "girlfriend." Nope. Kate Hudson/Nick Jonas (dating Lily Collins)

For the first time I can remember, this almost A+ list mostly movie actor who had a run on a hit network show is involved in a scandal. Our actor has been non stop speed and coke for the past month and he is going to flame out if he does not slow that down. He isn’t like his wife who is a decades long lover of the white stuff. Chris Pratt/Anna Faris

No one can really figure out why there is a feud between this back in the day A+ list group and this current talk show host. It’s because one of the members of the group used to hook up with an ex of the talk show host and was the reason they split. "TLC"/Chilli/Wendy Williams

This permanent A list singer in his back in the day group and solo is married. Usually I would say when he cheats like he did last week that he is probably in an open marriage. He told the woman last week though that she needed to be discreet and not tell anyone. Hmm. Sting

This married A+ list mostly movie actor told a woman a couple of weeks ago that if she slept with his friend that he would have sex with her after. He didn’t. Apparently he tells that to lots of women to get his friends women they could never otherwise land. Channing Tatum/PROBABLY: Jonah Hill

Why yes, that was a well known entertainment reporter having sex with this once a year A list singer a couple of hours after she asked him how his relationship with his actress girlfriend was going. He said strongly on camera but who knows what he said off camera. Enough to get the reporter to jump in the sack with him. Maria Menounos/Josh Groban/Kat Dennings

This B list mostly television actress on a hit HBO show was having her hair held by a friend while puking in the snow in NYC during the blizzard. Our actress went on a 48 hour drug and booze binge. Jemima Kirke "Girls"

This Teen Mom with a bunch of side gigs went ballistic because she lost out on a $10K fee for hooking up this wannabe reality star with a guy overseas. Farrah Abraham/Blac Chyna

54. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 02/04 **#10**
This former talk show host turned disaster has moved from snorting blow to snorting heroin. She is burning bridges wherever she goes. Chelsea Handler or Kelly Osbourne

55. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 02/04 **#11**
This pint sized permanent A- list mostly television actor who has been working non stop for almost forty years is cheating on his long suffering wife with a recent co-star No actual sex. He just likes to watch her get naked for him. Danny DeVito (Rhea Perlman)/Zosia Mamet "Weiner-Dog"

56. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 02/04 **#12**
Pretty much how she started, this former A- list reality star from multiple reality shows is sleeping with an old guy for money. Hey, her significant other is probably ok with it since he barely earns any money. Kendra Wilkinson (Hank Baskett)

57. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 02/04 **#13**
KINDNESS: This is going to be a tough one for you to get, but it is a really good kindness and a year from now you would all get it. Anyway, our actress is foreign born. She was in a top 10 movie of the year. Way down in the call sheet, but if you saw the movie you would remember her. She is young. Started off doing tween stuff before getting a network break. Now it is foreign television and US indies until that huge movie with high expectations is released next year and will probably bomb. Our actress does so much charity work I’m not sure how she finds time to act. She grew up spending hours doing outreach so I guess it is ingrained in her. She was promoting an indie film recently and was more busy talking to church groups that heard she was in town and wanted her to speak than doing actual press for the movie. In the movie world she is clawing her way up, in the charity world she is a rock star. Brilliant, young, gorgeous, married to an athlete. She has spent time in some of the worst places on earth working in hospitals or teaching or building houses or 100 other things. She has been in life threatening situations involving rebels and diseases and she keeps going back. She volunteers for the most difficult jobs and then convinces other people to come with and donate their time or stay home and donate money. No cameras. No publicity. She just does it to help.
Actress: Naomi Scott
Husband: Jordan James Spence is an English footballer who is currently playing for "Milton Keynes Dons"
Top movie last year: "The Martian"
TV: "Life Bites"; "Lemonade Mouth"; "Terra Nova"
Next year’s bomb: "Power Rangers" (Pink Ranger)

Charity work: Scott was born in London, England. Her mother, Usha Scott, is of Indian descent from Uganda, and her father, Chris Scott, is British. Her father serves as senior pastor of the Bridge Church, Woodford in Redbridge. Scott has participated in missionary and outreach work.

Studio marketing teams cognizant of this A-list actor’s box office status are no longer advertising their projects showcasing the actor. Despite his salary, star quality and fame, he’ll be treated like just another piece in the ensemble. Will Smith "Suicide Squad"

59. POPBITCH 02/04
(British blog)
Buoyed by a recent win in the courts, which downmarket celeb hanger-on is trying his luck with a series of lawsuits, attempting to sue anyone who has run a story about him in the last three years?

This recently divorced actress and her celebrity ex husband have a dirty little secret. The pyramid scheme he has been running which is about to collapse.

This actress/talk show host would probably be fired in a second if the public knew just how racist she is and who she has been throwing big bucks too in the past few months. I have written about her before and just because she has a platform as large as hers makes me very scared that she will use her influence to convert people to her way of thinking each time she gives a little speech or whatnot.

This B list singer/ingenue was spotted doing lines of coke and making out with this B+ list mostly television actor on a hit cable show. He was partying just as hard. Lana Del Rey/Norman Reedus

This A list Academy Award winner/nominee who might be scared for his life spent $3500 in booze and food the other night and took shots at the waiter all night and other wait staff. The guy was an a-hole and didn’t even leave any tip. Sean Penn

I love how this foreign born celebrity chef who has been in this space multiple times thinks he is being clever. Our married chef thinks by hiding this A-/B+ list celebrity in plain sight that people will think they are just friends. Apparently she has been seeing our chef exclusively for months and he has been paying her a substantial sum each month to do so. Jamie Oliver/Anna Friel

Apparently the wife of this A+ list mostly movie actor who fancies (love this word) herself as a celebrity too is not above some bumps of coke each day to keep her appetite subdued. Amal Clooney; Hilaria Baldwin

This married A- list mostly television actress on a hit network show recently had an abortion. She knew the baby was not her husband’s baby and had already split with the father who is a married co-star on the show. Kerry Washington/Tony Goldwyn

Apparently our favorite foreign born B+ list singer/part-time actress does sometimes say no. She was supposed to have a much larger role in this monster network hit than she ended up having. The thing is though she walked off the set because she refused to have sex with an actor on the show and he started being nasty with the names he called her so she just walked. Everyone should walk from him, but not enough do. Rita Ora/"Empire"/Terrence Howard

This beloved foreign born A- list mostly television actor may or may not still be in a relationship with his actress girlfriend but he is hooking up with his co-star on a non-filmed project. Joshua Jackson/Tessa Thompson (Off-Broadway play "Smart People")

69. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 02/05 **#10**
KINDNESS: This former Glee actress turned B list mostly movie actress had a party in her Nashville hotel room for a handful of fans she met on the set of her new movie. They were hanging around the entire day and then went back to her hotel and sang karaoke. That is about as wild as she gets. Dianna Agron (filming "Novitiate" in Nashville)

70. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 02/05 **#11**
This ultimate celebrity offspring was the darling of the tabloids before there was an internet. She is so secretive that she had a child with her husband a few years ago and only a few dozen people even know. That could change if they decide to send the child to school rather than have tutors brought in. Athina Onassis (daughter of Aristotle Onassis and step-daughter of Jacquline Kennedy Onassis)

71. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 02/05 **#12**
A daughter of one of the band members from this foreign band which might be permanently A list has been hooking up with a guy in the band. "Duran Duran"/one of Simon Le Bon’s daughters Amber, Saffron or Tallulah/Roger Taylor

72. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 02/05 **#13**
#1 – This former A list mostly movie actress who started as a teen turned do nothing much for a long time and now is a B+ list television/almost television actress still has A list name recognition. On the set of her new show she has turned her trailer into some kind of Wiccan shrine and freaks people out in a daily basis.

#2 – This racist Bravo reality star who is the star of his little show is probably not going to tell his fellow Klan brethren about the black hookers he picks up in a city a couple hundred miles from his house. Thomas Ravenel "Southern Charm"

#3 – This foreign born B- list mostly movie actress/model who barely stays above that C+ status because she has a memorable name. She is sleeping with the married CEO of the largest company in her home country. Emily Ratajkowski

#4 – This permanent A+ list designer is HIV+ after becoming infected by a Brazilian escort. Marc Jacobs

This foreign born A list dual threat actor is the next generation. Maybe that is why old friends of his wife in that church have rekindled their friendships with her to the point where they are her only friends. The next step is the actor which would be a huge "get."
Benedict Cumberbatch/"Scientology"

The C list celebrity to this just about permanent A+ lister is off her meds and boozing it up which is never a good thing for her. She has been lashing out at people at events where she is getting paid and no one has seen her sleep longer than an hour in three days. Francesca Eastwood/Clint Eastwood

This possibly out of work mostly openly gay talk show host was being annoying during a guest starring role because she was convinced an extra is gay and would not stop hitting on her and following her everywhere. Raven-Symoné ("The View")

This A list filmmaker was hospitalized because he had bad reactions to the hormones he is taking for his transition. Michael Moore

This A- list mostly movie actor who has always failed as the top billed lead in a movie is closeted. He really wants a reputation as a ladies man though so got himself really drunk at a Super Bowl party to give him the courage to hit on women. Jeremy Renner "The Playboy Party"

She shows up when she is expected but there is no interaction between this A list foreign born mostly movie actor and his B list actress wife. He just can’t afford any slip ups or things that make him look bad. This is his final chance to hit it big. Ryan Reynolds/Blake Lively

This B list mostly television actress on a hit network show wants to keep working but her wife wants the actress to get some help for her eating disorder and thinks it is more important. Portia De Rossi ("Scandal")/Ellen DeGeneres

You know, if you want to make the fake relationship thing look real, your B+ list mostly television actress girlfriend should not be hitting on every guy in the room other than the fake boyfriend. Olivia Munn/Aaron Rodgers

This A- list mostly movie actor who is a superhero is known for the strange things he has made his exes take part in. He had a long time celebrity girlfriend who was willing to do most and an A- list actress who was not. His new girlfriend apparently goes above and beyond and is trolling for new men and women to bring to the bedroom almost every night.

Actor: Henry Cavill ("Superman")
Celebrity girlfriend: Gina Carano
A- list actress: Kaley Cuoco-Sweeting
New girlfriend: 19 year old Tara S. King

This foreign born permanent A list model turned reality star turned part-time television actress was once busted having sex by the pregnant significant other of this foreign born A- list dual threat actor. She vowed to never hook up with him again after being so embarrassed. Well, that didn’t last. They are back at it again even though he still has that same significant other. Naomi Campbell/Idris Elba/Naiyana Garth

This is certainly a turn of events. This D list celebrity says he had sex with this permanent A+ list singer an hour before she died. When you think about their relationship, it is disturbing. Nick Gordon (Bobbi Kristina Brown’s fiance)/Whitney Houston

This Super Bowl quarterback is being accused of covering up several sexual harassment cases with money over the years. Peyton Manning

This presidential candidate who is thisclose to dropping out might have bought the coke he snorted as an adult from the family of this other candidate. Maybe. The coke snorting thing did happen though. Jeb Bush/Marco Rubio

Apparently this A/A+ list mostly movie actor has turned to the drug of choice for this former A list singer. Meth. The teeth of our actor have started dropping out too.
Johnny Depp/Marilyn Manson

For her new music video, this A+ list singer decided to just steal a bunch of footage and let the owners of the footage try and beat her in court. Even though it was stolen, she doesn’t care. She thinks they will give up when they think about taking her and her money on in court. Beyoncé "Formation" video

This daytime talk show host can’t justify walking away from her massive contract so she won’t quit. She will however do her best to try and get fired so she can get paid without having to be there. Whoopi Goldberg "The View"

At least two designers have cut off this foreign born looking more and more like a one hit wonder singer after she stiffed them on payment for a total of about $50K in clothes. She is broke. Iggy Azalea

90. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 02/08 **#10**
This foreign born B+ list mostly movie actress had the best version of a franchise no matter what is done now. Anyway, she was in another probable franchise but bailed for the second installment because she couldn’t stand the groping and pawing and general sexual harassment she was put through by this foreign born A- list actor.
Actress: Noomi Rapace
Best franchise: "Sherlock Holmes: A Game of Shadows"
Probable franchise: "Prometheus"
A- list actor: Michael Fassbender

91. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 02/08 **#11**
At an event last week, our favorite foreign born B+ list singer/actress/better not spill too much tea on Jay Z or else was brought a blanket by a staff member. The blanket was to cover the lower half of our B+ lister who was Sharon Stoning a group of school kids in her short dress and no panties. Rita Ora

92. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 02/08 **#12**
I guess this B+ list mostly movie actress who is the celebrity offspring of an actor and an actress has given up on even trying to pretend she is sober. Falling down drunk the other night with wine stains on her dress. Dakota Johnson (Melanie Griffith, Don Johnson)

93. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 02/08 **#13**
They should make a movie about this one. I guess it will have to wait a few years until everyone dies, but maybe they could do some kind of inspired by true events thing. Hey, if they can make a television show about Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes’ arrangement, they can make a movie about this. It happened back in the 80’s. No worries that you won’t know the players involved because even if you were born 15 years ago, you know both of the main figures. One, an actress, is probably still really close to A+ list while the other main participant in this story is a foreign born A- list mostly television actor from an acting family. There was a public story and then the real story which never saw the light of day. Until now. Even when this story occurred, our actress was A+ list or really close. The thing is though, she was right on the edge of crashing and burning right out of the industry. In these pre-internet days reports still managed to come out of a movie she was filming that she was being a diva. Not showing up on time or at all. Missed lines or not knowing any of her lines. It was a pathetic excuse for acting. The thing is though this was not some tiny indie. This was a huge blockbuster being helmed by a director who has been A+ list forever. Our actress was involved with drugs. Heroin to be specific. It took over her life. It consumed her. Our actor, who has been known to dabble in some substances himself saw what drugs were doing to the actress who he also called his girlfriend. He knew they needed to split. He wanted to try and get her the help she needed and that her friends and family and people were trying to get her. He let her people talk him into taking the fall for the demise of the relationship. He didn’t care if he looked bad. He knew he could bounce back. He almost didn’t. Eventually he ended up bigger than he was back then, but it took some time. He agreed to let paps catch him with a hooker at a nightclub which would give our actress reason to split. She had no idea it was a set up. The people closest to her used it as an in to get her to get help. They also used another actor who had a big crush on her and wanted a relationship with her to be the shoulder to cry on as she traveled outside the country to rehab. For weeks after the actress left town, our actor crashed on the sofa of this, at the time A- list actor from a sprawling acting family. Our actor was a mess of heartbreak and booze.
Actress: Julia Roberts

Actor/Acting family: Kiefer Sutherland (born in London to parents Donald Sutherland and Shirley Douglas)
Movie: "Hook" ("Tinkerbell" directed by Steven Spielberg)
Shoulder to cry one: Jason Patric (his father is Academy Award-nominated actor and Pulitzer Prize-winning playwright Jason Miller (born John Anthony Miller, Jr.) and actress Linda Miller (born Linda Mae Gleason). His maternal grandfather was actor/comedian Jackie Gleason
Sofa he crashed on: Emilio Estevez

If you’re a fan of this television show, you may have noticed some strange ongoings regarding its renewal and production. Usually the series is renewed after its release. It’s been the tradition its last couple of seasons, but something changed this year – why? I can confirm it was a conscious decision and I can confirm it was meant as an affront. But why? The series was originally supposed to run for a certain amount of episodes and a certain amount of seasons. That was the plan. That was always the plan. I even published a blind item that told you the series is set to come to a shocking ending and this’ll be its last season. What changed? The network behind the show agreed to the original plan because they were convinced that – by now – they’d have several huge shows available for their audience to eat up and the award shows to nominate. They don’t. They need the show more than they thought they would, so they went back on their word and caused many of the cast and crew dismay, some even quit. I can tell you this, however, the upcoming season will still have a very shocking ending.
What is the show? "House of Cards"
What is the company? Netflix
Who quit? Robin Wright or Kevin Spacey

The Irish Independent] Over the last few years Neeson has transformed into one of the most kickass action men in movie history, but before that he was more renowned as a romantic lead. So, with Valentine’s Day coming up, I wonder what Liam’s plans are. "I’ll send out a few bunches of flowers to various people and I usually just say ‘from an Irish admirer’." Is he involved with anyone? "Yes, but I’d embarrass her if I said her name, she’s incredibly famous. I’ll have to do my best for her. It’s amazing how far a simple bunch of freshly picked flowers will go in a lady’s life, I find." Liam was photographed looking quite gaunt last year – he lost the weight for a role – and he tells me he is quite equanimous about getting older. "Before I pass the mirror I feel 43. When I actually look in it I think ‘no, definitely 63’, especially if I haven’t been to the gym that day. I think I’m a bit more philosophical about all that stuff than I was when I moved out to Hollywood in 1987. I’m fitter than I’ve ever been in my life so that has to count for something. I want to stay on this planet for a long time to come." Nigella Lawson; Susan Sarandon; Demi Moore; Diane Lane

This A-list writer/producer is extremely powerful and successful, but his star has waned a little after several flop seasons and series. He’s the producer on a current show, but his involvement has been scaled back on the creative side for its first season. The show has turned out to be a triumph on all fronts and it already has a second season in development. Here’s the problem. Our A-list writer/producer (and his partner) feel the success is in equal part to them and are now involving themselves more and more in the creative proccess, and the results of their domineering, haughty insistences are… far from auspicious.
Show: "American Crime Story"
Second season: Hurricane Katrina and its aftermath
Writer/producer: Ryan Murphy
Partner: Brad Falchuk

This Teen Mom can get as much medical help as she wants documented for cameras but until she comes clean about what she is doing to her body, they can’t help her. Never a blood test. Jenelle Evans

This Housewife was caught laughing after an interview because even she didn’t believe the lies she was spinning for the reporter. The reporter fell hard for the bait though. Some people never change.
Teresa Giudice ("Real Housewives of New Jersey")/"Good Morning America" interview with Amy Robach (she said the only thing she missed were her daughters and husband)

This former A-/B+ list mostly movie actress who depends on men and made for tv movies to live her lifestyle, is going to end up dead in the next year if she does not start eating. Our actress apparently does nothing but drink and smoke each day and might have a couple of bites of salad every couple of days. Tara Reid

100. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 02/09 **#4**
Technically he is not foreign born, but most people think he is. This A- list mostly movie actor who has seen bigger days in movies is dating his sober coach after a long run with the actress everyone likes. The problem with dating your sober coach is that when it ends, your sobriety tends to disappear with it. Andrew Garfield (born in L.A.)/Emma Stone

101. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 02/09 **#5**
This C list celebrity starred in a porn and probably contributed to the death of an A+ lister. He also comes from a celebrity family. The woman you see in his life thinks she is going to be his wife. Nope. he already has one of those she doesn’t know about. Ray J (Princess Love)/Whitney Houston

102. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 02/09 **#6**
I’m not really sure how this former A+ list tweener has not overdosed yet. He has enough people to protect him where he probably won’t be caught smoking meth or crack or any of the other drugs he ingests, but I’m shocked there has not been an overdose. Maybe there has been one and they covered it up. There is no way that scrawny little body can keep going at the rate he is using. Well, there is, but not also performing. Justin Bieber

103. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 02/09 **#7**
While the PR team of this A- list singer/part-time actress passed out favors like Halloween candy to the press to make sure they called the singer’s rendition of a classic, the best ever, the singer herself was smack talking this A list song writer to anyone who would listen. Lady Gaga "Star Spangled Banner" at Super Bowl (talked smack about Linda Perry)

104. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 02/09 **#8**
The husband of this A- list mostly movie actress/Academy Award winner/nominee who decided to do some acting this year after a bit of a break is an A lister in his world. Our actress is super conservative so its shocking that she is ok with him sleeping with other men. She is a big supporter of gay rights but fidelity is HUGE to her. Natalie Portman/Benjamin Millepied

105. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 02/09 **#9**
This foreign born B- list mostly television actress crashed and burned in her latest television show. She won’t be moving with her athlete husband to their new city. She has found another guy she met on the set of her latest project.
Actress: Elisha Cuthbert
Latest television show: "One Big Happy"
Athlete husband: Dion Phaneuf

106. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 02/09 **#10**
This B+ list mostly television actress on a hit pay cable show does more than just act. She also finds time to do a whole lot of drugs which is causing a whole lot of issues in the run up to the new season. Lena Dunham "Girls"

107. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 02/09 **#11**
It isn’t like she has not slept with guys for money the past decade, so sleeping with a guy or pretending to for a reality show is not a big deal. She is a B- list celebrity who used to be a reality star, then a singer, then a celebrity, then whatever it is she does. He is a former reality star turned celebrity who tans a lot. Aubrey O’Day/Pauly D

108. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 02/09 **#12**
This former model turned sometime bad actress who loves fame more than a contestant on "The Bachelor", is always bragging about flying private, but unless someone else is paying she can’t afford anything more than coach. What was that nickname I gave her? I need to go find it. Jaime King

109. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 02/09 **#13**
The good news is there were not many children on the set of his cable show. The bad news is most of those kids were hit on and groped and molested by two of the people on the show every chance they got. No one knows if there was filming involved in trailers, but it wouldn’t shock anyone if there were hidden cameras which were removed every night. They would have to be removed that often because of the cleaners and because the trailers not involving main cast were frequently moved to other sets where they were needed. One of the men involved was an A+ list actor at one point in time. The other has never been higher than C+ probably despite being in several of the biggest movies in box office history. They basically divided the kids with the A+ lister preferring girls and the C+ lister preferring boys. In the weeks where there were multiple children on set, the production ground to a halt because of the constant maneuvering to try and get the kids separated from their parents and alone with the actors. Whenever a parent became suspicious, the youth in question would be given a speaking role either on the show or another show. The reason invariably given for the kids to be alone with the actors was coaching. On the set there was no one really helping the actors. They did it on their own. The set was always chaos anyway so no one really noticed extra chaos. There were so many drugs and parties on the set that it seemed more like a fraternity. The kids never had a chance. It was not the first time for either of these actors. Their ties in Hollywood to underage sex and child porn is extensive. The fact that the A+ lister basically controlled everything and the jobs of everyone on the set helped him get away with it. Plus, everyone was always scared to confront him. No one was going to ask him why he needed to spend time alone with a kid. They should have.

110. PEREZ HILTON 02/09
What mega famous reality TV star just turned down a big bucks offer to star in her own daytime panel talk show? Her team doesn't think she's ready and wouldn't come off well on the show! Smart! She should stick to what she's good at - it's already making her bank! Kim Kardashian

111. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 02/10 **#1**
This B list mostly television actress on a new hit network show is pregnant by a guy only interested in her for her money. She has tons. She also might be the only woman he has had sex with in his life. He told his friends it is being straight for pay and can’t wait for those child support checks to start rolling in.

112. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 02/10 **#2**
This foreign born B list mostly movie actor used to be pretty close to A+ list. Now he gives girlfriends freebies he picked up from one of the companies who pays him to make their commercials and passes the gifts off as being paid for by him. Jude Law (Lexus)

113. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 02/10 **#3**
I told you a couple of months ago that this cable network was not going to be fleeced by this red carpet host/talk show host/reality star again. She tried the same trick and was shown the door. Let’s she if she comes crawling back begging for her job. Kelly Osbourne or Giuliana Rancic

114. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 02/10 **#4**
Ask yourself if you would have sex in this situation. You are in a bar with this foreign born A- list mostly movie actor. Things are going well and you decided to take him up on his offer to have sex in a bathroom. In the bathroom he looks for a condom and says he used all of his earlier that day. He then gets one from a friend outside in the bar and comes back. The woman had sex with him. Michael Fassbender

115. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 02/10 **#5**
This Irish actor used to be A list. Now he is B+ list with a lot of name recognition. He got a woman pregnant and has been threatening her family and the woman that she better get an abortion. Apparently she and her family won’t back down despite the increasing threats. Colin Farrell

116. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 02/10 **#6**
This B+ list mostly television actress has a new pay cable show out. She was supposed to walk a recent red carpet with her B+ list mostly movie actor significant other. He bailed because he said he had meetings. Meetings being code for having sex with a fan. Olivia Wilde ("Vinyl")/Jason Sudeikis/Elle’s 6th Annual Women in Television dinner

117. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 02/10 **#7**
This B- list mostly movie actor from an acting family was passed out in the hallway outside a restroom this past week. The vial of coke he had been carrying smashed in his hand as he landed. The powder mixed with blood and passed out actor must have made for a pleasant sight. David Arquette/Maxim Magazine And Bootsy Bellows Super Bowl Party

118. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 02/10 **#8**
This A list singer/part-time reality star has been like a kid in a candy store the past few days. He has been hooking up with women right and left while keeping it all secret from his A list singer girlfriend. Blake Shelton/Gwen Stefani

119. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 02/10 **#9**
This B- list mostly movie actress used to be on a long running hit network show. It’s over and unless the movie is a hit, her career will be taking an even bigger step back. Anyway, she was kind of shamed at one of the many award things that goes on because she was openly doing some coke. Someone said it was so 80’s. The crowd at this particular award show is a little older than most. Our actress did not do it again all night so perhaps the public shaming by people old enough to be her grandparents was the trick.
Actress: Aubrey Plaza
Network show: "Parks and Recreation"
Movie: "Mike and Dave Need Wedding Dates"
Event: 20th Annual Art Directors Guild Excellence In Production Design Awards

120. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 02/10 **#10**
KINDNESS: This B list mostly television actress is a recent award winner and on hit cable and network shows simultaneously. She’s good like that. She is also very generous and one of my favorite people. Despite not making crazy money, the actress chartered a bus and paid for about 75 kids and parents to go to Legoland. Nice. Regina King ("American Crime" and "The Leftovers")/2015 Primetime Emmy Awards Outstanding Supporting Actress in a Limited Series or a Movie - "American Crime"

121. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 02/10 **#11**
Instead of that ridiculous tattoo she got before, this C list celebrity/reality star wannabe with A- list name (tabloid reader) recognition might as well get a tattoo that says will fuck for money. Instead, she likes to pretend she is in a relationship. Please. Blac Chyna (parties in Trinidad)/Rob Kardashian

122. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 02/10 **#12**
This larger than normal A list mostly movie actor had to talk his way out of a situation on a plane. Recently he was traveling and the woman seated next to him accused him of pleasuring himself. He said he was just trying to adjust his belt because it was too tight and that his pants were unbuttoned because they were tight too and the belt was covering the button. I believe him. He is an a-hole, but not going to do that. She got a new seat. Vince Vaughn

123. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 02/10 **#13**
#1- The only time this A- list mostly movie actress from an acting family spends time with her youngest child is when she drops the child off with the child’s father. The rest of the time it is nannies. A fleet of them. Kate Hudson (Matthew Bellamy)

#2 – This A list mostly movie actor from an acting family has a new movie being released. He also has been stalking one of the PR people assigned to the movie. It got so bad she left early from the trip. Owen Wilson "Zoolander 2"

#3 – There are going to be a lot of disappointed executives when they learn this one named Disney actress who had a chance at A listerdom has a sex tape.

On Wednesday night, I attended Glazerpalooza, the popular annual Super Bowl party hosted by FOX insider and Ballers star Jay Glazer with The h.wood Group. Ballers is a bad show, but this was a good party. Here are highlights and observations from the star-studded event in the order I recall them (the evening is hazy in spots). This was an open-bar event (that's a good job by you, Jay Glazer), but I still heard the incredibly lame pickup line, "Can I buy you a drink?" three times, including once by a bombed, boorish prominent former player. Later in the party, this same individual accidentally knocked a woman onto the dance floor, drink and all. Wait, is this my first BLIND ITEM? Kill me. (Attendees)

125. THE GOSSIP LIFE 02/10
This is bizarre… Whenever I post a blind item, I always try to check with multiple sources to see if it’s accurate and in this case I’m hearing contrasting things from several sources. I don’t ever want to mislead. As we always say, no one makes money off The Gossip Life – we just want to post the stuff we can’t post at work, so I’ll tell you what’s going on. I posted a blind item recently about a showrunner quitting his hit show because his company demanded another season. Another source, who has a history of being reliable and I’ve worked with, saw the post and emailed me to tell me that it’s a work and the series DOES end with this season, they just want the ending to shock you to your very core. This is turning into a saga of confusion for me and I have no idea what the truth is, so I’m just giving you what I’m being told by my sources. History of the saga: In December I was told that this hit series is going to end with the current season and I posted the item when we returned from vacation in Jan. About a month later, certain news broke and after a conversation I was given an update on behind the scenes politics that have changed plans and I let you know. Yesterday I got told this.
What is the show? "House of Cards"
What is the company? Netflix
Who quit? Kevin Spacey (he dies)

Today’s blind item is a Shark … the sexual predator kind. He’s bold, he’s brazen and he’s banked billions. Still, he’s a Shark that could soon be Tanked by receipts, just emerged outta his cesspool of Lone Star secrets. And now, he should be very worried. Know why? We’re talking audio tape recordings and pictures of his mistress and a well known meth dealer/pimp. And to top it off, mainstream media is now actively gathering information to publish a word of him impregnating a 16-year-old girl from the Pacific Islands. "He bought her a home in Beverly Glen to raise their daughter and she’s now a philanthropist but she never worked anywhere in her life." — Source. Jacky Jasper broke the story first! Back in August 2015, we exposed this scumbag and told you all about his secret daughter. Now, we have audio of his mistress spilling the beans and naming our blind item as the father of her 10-year-old daughter! What’s out there about our blind item: "He attended the University of Indiana, where he played rugby and bought a nightclub that he named Motley’s. He says he had to shut down the bar when authorities discovered that the winner of an in-house wet T-shirt contest was a 16-year-old girl on probation for prostitution." He once delivered a swift kick to Lamar Odom’s shin, dropped an N-bomb and ordered Lamar "the fuck outta his locker room." Now, can you guess the racist child rapist I’m talking about? Mark Cuban

127. THE GOSSIP LIFE 02/11
This A-list television actress is still reeling from a botched piece of plastic surgery from several years ago. She regularly sees an American surgeon to fix the horrific job another did. It’s not so noticable now, but it was a real horror story initially. Jessica Lange

128. POPBITCH 02/11
Which celebrity couple have packed all their kids off to very expensive, prestigious schools in London – except their youngest? She was at a fancy girls' school, but they pulled her out after a term because her shagger dad had been having it away with one of the teachers. Which would have made parents' evening pretty awkward. Victoria & David Beckham

129. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 02/11 **#1**
I don’t know how this actress finds the time to work so much but she does. Hit cable show that is ending to go with a hit pay cable show and formerly a network hit too. She was on all of them at once. It is the cable show where she had the most power. She delayed production until she was given her own production deal with the studio so she would have a job when the cable show ended.
Sasha Alexander (network show: "NCIS") (cable show: "Rizzoli & Isles") (pay cable show: "Shameless")

130. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 02/11 **#2**
This foreign born B+ list golden voiced almost one album wonder singer lost a lot of weight with his drug use but now has an addiction he can’t beat. Sam Smith

131. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 02/11 **#3**
This A list talk show host is scared to undergo cancer treatment but if she doesn’t, she will die. Ellen DeGeneres

132. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 02/11 **#4**
This C list mostly television actor with A list name recognition among tabloid readers insisted on having sex with the woman who is carrying the baby of he and his celebrity wife. He wanted it to be as real as possible. His wife agreed because she is an idiot. Eddie Cibrian/LeAnn Rimes

133. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 02/11 **#5**
This former A list mostly television actor who is probably B list acting wise but has A list name recognition because of that long long running hit network show, had an intervention over the weekend. Friends and family and former co-stars all tried to convince the actor he needs rehab again. He blew them off. Matthew Perry

134. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 02/11 **#6**
The only reason this foreign born permanent A list model went back to her A list celebrity husband is because of their kids together. When she found out about the one woman he cheated with, it snowballed into several. She was devastated. Gisele Bündchen/Tom Brady

135. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 02/11 **#7**
Don’t believe the hype. This royal is not pregnant. She can’t get pregnant actually. Her surrogate can though. Victoria, Crown Princess of Sweden; Princess Sofia of Sweden

136. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 02/11 **#8**
The girlfriend of this B list singer with the really famous sounding name better get her story straight. I think her boyfriend would prefer people not know he was cheating on his actress wife with her when they first started dating.
Ryan Adams (ex-wife: Mandy Moore)

137. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 02/11 **#9**
Holy crap. This A-list singer/part-time actress was more wasted than I can ever remember her at a public appearance. This schedule she is currently trying to maintain has got her using a variety of speed drugs and coke but she has stopped taking other drugs to bring her back down. She is a mess. Lady Gaga (2016 Saint Laurent at the Palladium Event)

138. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 02/11 **#10**
This NY Giants player who is supposedly back with his girlfriend is back to cheating. That was a model he took back to a hotel suite he specifically got, just to have sex with models he picked up during Fashion Week. Victor Cruz

139. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 02/11 **#11**
Do you hate your job? Probably not as much as these crew members who have to go to work everyday to work with this B- list mostly television actress married to an A+ lister. Jaimie Alexander is always going to be the worst, but this actress really is in the running for second. Jenna Dewan Tatum (Channing Tatum) "Supergirl"

140. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 02/11 **#12**
This B- list mostly movie actor got into an argument with his A list mostly television actress wife who is on a hit network show. She was offering to help him get some parts. The only reason he is B- list is because of his name and his wife. Oh, and his body. It certainly is not because of his acting talent. Joe Mangiello/Sophia Vergara

141. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 02/11 **#13**
One thing I really dislike is when an actor has somehow managed to bamboozle his fans or the public into thinking he is some great guy when the reality is he is an a-hole. Such is the case with this foreign born A- list mostly television actor. He has appeared on foreign hit shows and also had a run on a network show here which was a hit everywhere in the world but the US. It was kind of meh here. On his biggest show, which is a long running foreign staple, he screwed over his co-star so bad emotionally that she has practically quit the business. When she does work she is a shell of the person she once was. He played so many head games with her while stringing her along and having sex with the woman who was publicly his girlfriend. That girlfriend he screwed over not only by cheating on her all the time but threatening to tell the world some of the stories she told him in confidence. He blackmailed her into having threesomes and sleeping with friends of his. Oh, he gets worse. He started dating this foreign born B+ list mostly movie actress who was also on a hit television show. The thing is he still wanted to enjoy the ex so he blackmailed the ex until two months ago to keep having sex with him. He finally stopped when his current girlfriend found out and threatened to leave him. The guy is so bad that when he would blackmail the ex for sex he would make her call her boyfriend while she was naked and listen to her give an excuse why she was going to be late or miss a date.
Actor: David Tennant
Long running staple: "Doctor Who"
Co-star: Billie Piper
Network show: "Gracepoint"
Publicly dated: Bethan Britton
B+ list actress: Sophia Myles
Current girlfriend (wife): Georgia Moffett

142. THE GOSSIP LIFE 02/12
I can exclusively confirm that this miniseries has become such a hit that they are bringing it back for a full season. It’s a definite thing, bet on it. "The X-Files"

143. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 02/12 **#1**
The husband to this former B list mostly television actress on a hit network show that ended almost two years ago is a glorified babysitter. His wife, the actress has ditched him and the marriage and has been casting couch hopping like crazy.

144. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 02/12 **#2**
This foreign born B list mostly movie actor had a great shot to get to A. Sure, he had a couple of bombs but people were still casting him as the lead. Now, though, with his drug use at an all-time high and his celebrity girlfriend constantly whispering in his ear he has dropped out of multiple projects and producers are skittish to cast him for fear he will drop out of their projects.
Robert Pattinson/FKA Twigs

145. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 02/12 **#3**
This A list country singer not known for his fidelity is taking an overseas trip and leaving the wife behind. Apparently there is a female singer on this international bill who he hooks up with when they can get time alone. I honestly thought she was a better person than that. Eric Church/Miranda Lambert or Kacey Margraves/"C2C: Country To Country 2016" (Greenwich, UK and Glasgow, UK)

146. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 02/12 **#4**
This A list rapper wants to be A+ list again. He is slipping. Usually he is much more careful about who sees him using coke, but at a recording studio this past week, he did line after line in front of a group of people he had just met. Kanye West

147. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 02/12 **#5**
This A+ list mostly movie actor is just cashing paychecks at this point in his career and giving no effort. Another bomb but he doesn’t care. It is like the actor has been cursed since he got married. George Clooney "Hail, Caesar!"

148. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 02/12 **#6**
The girlfriend of this A-/B+ list mostly movie actor from an acting family was trying to wipe away her tears when she hit a red carpet. Apparently her actor boyfriend grabbed her by her hair while in the limo and told her she was worthless without him. By the time the door was opened he was all red carpet face ready, but the girlfriend was a mess. Josh Brolin/Kathryn Boyd ('Hail, Caesar!' Premiere - 66th Berlinale International Film Festival)

149. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 02/12 **#7**
You know that wedding this former almost A- list mostly movie actress attended last year? Yes, I am speaking of our actress turned escort. The wedding with all the drama? Yeah, that one. It turns out that our actress hooked up with the groom a couple of days before the wedding. Get this though. The groom has no shame about it an even sold the story to some tabloid in his home country describing the encounter.
Lindsay Lohan  (wedding of Lana Zakocela and Justin Etzin)

150. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 02/12 **#8**
This foreign born celebrity had her time in the sun. A true 15 minutes. Dated an A+ lister and got herself some network reality. Now though, nothing. She misses the limelight and is spending her husband’s money on paps to take her photo all the time and send them back to her home country in hopes of getting a reality deal there. She wants them to pay her fee and for her to keep living in LA. So far there have been no takers.
Celebrity: Elisabetta Canalis (born: Sassari, Italy) (husband: orthopedic surgeon Brian Perri)
A+ lister: George Clooney
Network reality: "Dancing With the Stars"

151. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 02/12 **#9**
OLD HOLLYWOOD: This A+ list mostly movie actress who definitely had some family issues also created one of the biggest stars ever. She was married and she fell in love with an actor who was also married. She was so in love with this actor that she shut down the film she was making and had them shoot the entire movie again with her new lover. He became A++ list. The actor who was replaced had been A list, but he disappeared forever.
A+ list actress: Joan Crawford
Married to: Douglas Fairbanks, Jr.
Married actor: Clark Gable (married to Maria Langham)
Movie: "Laughing Sinners"
Actor replaced: Johnny Mack Brown

152. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 02/12 **#10**
OLD HOLLYWOOD: Throughout her life, this permanent A+ list mostly movie actress had photos and portraits and clippings of this A list mostly movie actor scattered throughout her house. The closted gay actor was her very best friend. Until the day he died, she would never go out socially unless he would be present. Elizabeth Taylor/Montgomery Clift

153. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 02/12 **#11**
Long before she hooked up with that A+ list movie actor or the celeb/actor who used to be A+ list back in the day, this celebrity turned reality star, turned actress, turned host, turned celebrity, turned host, turned whatever, had a much darker side to her. It all started when she was sleeping with a married businessman. The businessman paid her a substantial sum of money and she needed the money to support herself. Well, this pap caught her with the businessman in a very compromising position. The pap confronted our celeb/actress/host that he would keep the pics quiet but she was going to have to sleep with him whenever he wanted. He also wanted to be seen publicly with her. She did both things. After awhile he got bored and found some new woman to have sex with. Our celeb/actress/host was then told she needed to sleep with various other men. Meanwhile our pap would be there snapping photos and he would have new blackmail victims. Our celeb/actress/host did it multiple times until the pap said her debt was clear. The thing is though, a blackmailer never quite goes away. Over the next decade as she moved on with her life, the pap would unexpectedly show up and ask for a little favor. Most of the time it involved setting up some of her celebrity friends to be blackmailed. This continued until about three years ago when she finally managed to rid herself of him. For now.
Celeb/actress/host: Jenny McCarthy
A+ list actor: Jim Carrey
Celeb/actor: Donnie Wahlberg

154. MR. X 02/12 **#1**
Everyone thinks it was a publicity stunt, but this reality star/music guy really did have sex with this A+ list singer. She was going through one of her prescription drug phases. Stevie J/Mariah Carey

155. MR. X 02/12 **#2**
This momager is not the one you think of when you think the work momager. Shh. No speaking the name. Anyway, this momager thinks she can do better than the pros and fired the person in charge of her offspring’s career. Bad move. I think the mom just wanted and extra 15%.
Ariana Grande (mother: Joan)/(manager: Scooter Braun)

156. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 02/13 **#1**
This B list mostly movie actress married to the foreign born A (about to be A+ again) list mostly movie actor fired her hair stylist. Immediately after a charity event because the stylist forgot to move one of the hair clips from the hair of the actress. When the actress noticed she made her husband pose again with the offending clip removed. Blake Lively/Ryan Reynolds "2016 amfAR New York Gala"

157. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 02/13 **#2**
That solo thing is going well for now for this foreign born former A+ list boy bander. His model girlfriend should probably check herself for STD’s considering the singer’s love for bareback sex with the random women he meets. Zayn Malik/Gigi Hadid

158. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 02/13 **#3**
This B+ list mostly movie actress who has a franchise and is a great Tweeter blew off a recent premiere. This is totally unlike her. She is always where she is supposed to be at the appointed time. She didn’t want to see her now ex-boyfriend who has been hassling her about her new boyfriend.
Actress: Anna Kendrick
Ex-boyfriend: Edgar Wright
New boyfriend: Ben Richardson

159. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 02/13 **#4**
This Teen Mom 2 star is going through some really manic cycles. She is up for 48 hours straight on some of the pills she is taking followed by a huge crash of a day or more. Her addiction is worse than ever. Leah Messer

160. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 02/14 **#1**
This A list mostly movie actor has a movie that opened this weekend. For once he was not his normal a-hole self. While in Europe filming this movie he paid for his kid and some others to take a class to become a gladiator. Apparently it is a tourist trap and the class is crap. Instead of going into one of his famous rants or asking for his money back he just got the kids out of there and paid for them to do a bunch of other activities for a week. Ben Stiller "Zoolander 2" (filmed in Rome, Italy)

161. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 02/14 **#2**
This foreign born A- list model is a celebrity offspring although she didn’t know it for a long time. She has been talking smack about her father’s soon to be ex and controlling bitch was probably the nicest thing she said. The model says the persona you get in public is not anything close to that in private.
Model: Daisy Lowe
Father: Gavin Rossdale
Ex: Gwen Stefani

162. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 02/14 **#3**
This former A+ list athlete never seems to be able to stay out of the tabloids. He has fallen off the wagon hard and embarrassed himself at a resort this past week. Well, yeah, not as embarrassing as that one time a few years ago. This time it was just him trashing women and acting like an entitled a-hole. Tiger Woods

163. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 02/14 **#4**
This A list model with the alliteration for a name is the go to threesome partner for this A list mostly movie actor in an acting family. Karlie Kloss/Owen Wilson or James Franco

164. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 02/15 **#1**
This former A list tweener from a musical family didn’t get as much fame as another family member. The drugs probably contributed to it. He has never stopped. At a gifting suite for the Grammy Awards he had to go outside multiple times to smoke meth. If you told me tomorrow he died today, it would not shock me at all. Aaron Carter (other family member Nick) (missed this one last month)

165. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 02/15 **#2**
At this pre-Grammy party, our favorite foreign born B+ list singer/actress got together with this A+ list singer. First they trashed that tweener actress turned singer to anyone who would listen, then the pair did a few lines of coke together before having a threesome with that foreign born A- list mostly movie actor one of them has been seeing.
B+ list singer/actress: Rita Ora (rumor that she dated Justin Bieber)
A+ list singer: Katy Perry (Selena Gomez best friends with Taylor Swift)
Tweener actress: Selena Gomez (rumor that she dated Orlando Bloom)
A- list actor: Orlando Bloom

166. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 02/15 **#3**
This former model turned celebrity wife to a permanent A+ list mogul turned reality star turned celebrity has hit the baby daddy lottery a few times. The marriage lottery a few times too. Her world is about to come crashing down into financial ruin and possibly jail time for obstruction. She better hope that mogul is feeling generous.
Celebrity wife: Kimora Lee Simmons
A+ list mogul: Russell Simmons

Current husband: Tim Leissner
(Goldman Sachs banker, the American now under investigation by the FBI over his reign of Goldman's south-east Asia operations as its chairman, linked to Malaysian Prime Minister Najib Razak)

167. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 02/15 **#4**
At a pre-Grammy party, this one named singer told people there she could stay out all night because she doesn’t live with her husband any longer. Fergie (Spotify Creators party)

168. THE GOSSIP LIFE 02/15
A decision has been made to slowly phase this A-list fighter out of the company. Their heart is no longer in the game and the hierarchy knows it. Conor McGregor of UFC

169. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 02/16 **#1**
GRAMMY AWARDS: This still underage singer who looks a decade older got her start in reality television. She came as the date of this guy twice her age and neither was shy about showing they were a couple. J-A-I-L. Diamond White "X Factor"

170. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 02/16 **#2**
GRAMMY AWARDS: A decade ago this Grammy winner would have been close to A list. She was selling a ton of records and making movies. Award winning movies. Now she is about finding bare bones record deals and network reality. Oh, she also had sex two nights ago with this current A list singer who ignored her last night because he brought his celebrity girlfriend as his +1. Mya/The Weeknd/Bella Hadid

171. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 02/16 **#3**
GRAMMY AWARDS: This foreign born A list song writer wrote a huge hit for someone else and had a huge hit for herself this past year. Throughout the afternoon ceremony she did drugs nonstop and people were wondering aloud how she was even standing after all she did. Sia

172. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 02/16 ** #4**
GRAMMY AWARDS: This cancellation was not talked about as much as the big cancellation of the night, but the singer canceled because producers would not meet her list of demands. The demands stretched to 15 pages for three minutes of airtime. At a rehearsal she confronted them all and went on a 15 minute rant before walking out and never returning. Lauryn Hill

173. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 02/16 **#5**
GRAMMY AWARDS: No one even knew that this A- list mostly television actress from a hit network show was friends with this A- list singer/rapper. He used to have his career financed by members of a drug cartel while she slept with some top guys from it. They know each other very well. Sofia Vergara/Pitbull

174. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 02/16 **#6**
GRAMMY AWARDS: This former tweener turned A-/B+ list singer/bad actress stayed off coke last night and during the afternoon show. How? Her A+ list companion went through the purse of the A-/B+ lister and the bags of her assistant too before they headed out to the show together. Selena Gomez/Taylor Swift

175. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 02/16 **#7**
This fading B-/C+ list model should be celebrating her marriage to this mogul. She is, but knows she will have to put up with all of his cheating because the prenup barely pays anything if they get divorced. Liberty Ross/Jimmy Iovine

176. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 02/16 **#8**
GRAMMY AWARDS: This A- list foreign born singer went off on her people last night and the night before last and yesterday during the day for pairing her with someone who sounded ten times better than she did.
A list singer: Ellie Goulding
Singer who sounded better: Andra Day

177. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 02/16 **#9**
GRAMMY AWARDS: This closeted bisexual A- list mostly movie actress who loves to live Tweet might be ready to jump out of the closet. Two straight award shows she has been with her female lover. Men in her life treat her like crap so this is probably a good thing. Anna Kendrick

178. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 02/16 **#10**
#1 This foreign born A+ list director is still known today for the style of film he created. He constantly cheated on his wife. The thing is, she used to cheat on him too. Primarily with this B list character actor who worked for decades. He was the lead in a movie that got a remake this year and also even had a cool little role on an 80’s cult hit. Oh, and did I mention his wife was best friends with the director’s wife. Makes things interesting.

A list director: Federico Fellini
Wife: Giulietta Masina
B list character actor: Richard Basehart ("Moby Dick"/remake "In the Heart of the Sea") ("Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea")
Wife’s best friend: Valentina Cortese

#2 – This A list mostly movie actress was known for her looks, her posters and that A+ list director she married. At one point in her career she underwent an eye lift procedure that was botched and she could never fully close her eyes for the remainder of her life. Oh, and had to wear fake eyelashes 24/7. Rita Hayworth/Orson Welles

179. MR. X 02/16 **#1**
GRAMMY AWARDS: Funny how someone can party non-stop for three days straight but get a doctor’s note for something unrelated. This A+ list singer sounded like crap at rehearsals from all the drugs she takes. That is why she canceled. It would have been awful. Rihanna

180. MR. X 02/16 **#2**
GRAMMY AWARDS: This close to A+ list mostly movie actor had to have paramedics look him over yesterday afternoon because his heart was racing from the meth and booze. Johnny Depp

181. MR. X 02/16 **#3**
GRAMMY AWARDS: This foul mouthed comedienne who never shies away from controversy and has been accused of homophobia divorced her husband and is now going to come out as gay. Lisa Lampanelli

182. THE GOSSIP LIFE 02/16
Friends are worried about this A-list television host. fearing that her drinking is out of control. She’s extremely loved by her friends, co-worker and staff, known for being affable, fun and approachable, but after a fairly recently tragedy she’s been keeping more and more to herself. Kathie Lee Gifford (death of her husband Frank Gifford)

183. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 02/17 **#1**
This A list red carpet host had to have several of her veneers replaced in an emergency over the weekend. She had to work the red carpet at the Grammy Awards. She probably would not need new veneers if she was not constantly throwing up what little food she eats. Giuliana Rancic

184. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 02/17 **#2**
In case you were wondering what the feud is about between this A+ list singer and this B+ list singer it is that the A+ lister trash talked the B+ lister. Yeah, it turns out our A+ lister has a completely different image than she wants you to know. I have told you this often. Anyway, she said the B+ lister only has a career based on having sex with anyone and not talent. The B+ lister was in earshot and has never forgotten. Taylor Swift/Demi Lovato

185. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 02/17 **#3**
This A+ list singer married to an A+ list rapper doesn’t like you to think you can just hire her for a gig. So, when she was offered her fee to sing at a wedding out of the country, she made it seem like she was just a guest at the wedding and not the entertainment. Guests at the wedding had to leave their cameras and cell phones at the door. Beyoncé/Jay Z

186. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 02/17 **#4**
This Southeast Housewife finally pulled the trigger on her marriage. Apparently it was not just the non-stop cheating by her husband but she also found out how much of her money he spent over the years. Oh, and that he slept with at least one of the other Housewives from the show. I say two, but she thinks just one. Cynthia and Peter Bailey "The Real Housewives of Atlanta" (slept with Porsha Williams)

187. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 02/17 **#5**
Can’t wait to see if this foreign born A list celebrity in her country and unknown here, decides to dump her boyfriend and accept the money from this A+ list mostly movie actor to be his date to the Academy Awards and his girlfriend for a few months. Laura Whitmore (Sunset Sons rocker Rory Williams)/Leonardo DiCaprio

188. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 02/17 **#6**
It is really easy for this B list celebrity to talk about abstinence when she is not practicing it. Oh, she is practicing it with her boyfriend but none of the other guys she regularly hooks up with for money and favors and just for fun. Ciara/Russell Wilson

189. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 02/17 **#7**
This closeted A- list mostly movie actor who does a lot of action tried to play hide from the cameras at Grammy parties the other night. He and his boyfriend who may be his husband were spotted in the background of a photo. One single photo and the look of shock on their faces is priceless when they realize they have been spotted. Jeremy Renner

190. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 02/17 **#8**
This actor might have the thinnest skin in Hollywood. Along with all of his other quirks that have been documented here, this A-/B+ list mostly television actor who is on a crap network show right now, will trash you if you say anything bad about his projects. The actor has Twitter under his own name and others and apparently has hours each day to troll anyone who says anything negative. Zachary Levi ("Telenovela")

191. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 02/17 **#9**
This foreign born former A list boy bander got into an argument with his celebrity girlfriend the other night at a restaurant. Apparently the bathroom was not private enough for him to get a fix so he made her leave fifteen minutes after arriving. Zayn Malik/Gigi Hadid

192. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 02/17 **#10**
While this one name foreign born dropping to A-/B+ list from A+ list was being pampered in a day spa, her significant other was having sex with a woman he flew into town. The significant other is the one who paid for the all day spa treatments just to make sure he would not be caught. Shakira/Gerard Piqué

193. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 02/17 **#11**
This foreign born A- list mostly movie actress who is an Academy Award winner/nominee has tried to keep her distance as much as possible from her married A list co-star in a recent movie. He hit on her constantly during filming and said all of his leading ladies have sex with him. When she wouldn’t sleep with him he treated her like crap. He has always been a tool. Charlize Theron/Javier Bardem (Penélope Cruz) "The Last Face"

194. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 02/17 **#12**
This A- list mostly television actress stars in a fairly hit cable show. She also does some movies. She also talks a lot about being happy in your own skin and she will never go Hollywood, blah, blah. Plastic surgeon appointment last week for a liposuction consultation. Amy Schumer

195. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 02/17 **#13**
Another chapter of my irregular look into celebrity charities. It was not that long ago that this charity seemed to be doing quite a bit of good. Founded and run by a B+ list mostly television actor who keeps bringing home that weekly check for that long running almost network television show. Donations were high and expenses were low. Actual things were getting done with the promise of a lot more down the road. Then, coinciding with a major life event, things have taken a dramatic turn. Now, the charity seems like it is still doing good things, but if you take a look inside the numbers, it seems to be doing more for the friends of our actor’s significant other. She likes to look like a big shot. While the amounts donated have doubled since she came around, the expenses have quadrupled. Huge salaries for very little work are being paid. Huge parties are being thrown so she can look good. The parties end up costing almost as much as they raise. Expenses they claim were spent on services were inflated to the point of lunacy. They definitely paid for the services, but at six times the going rate for the services. So, where did the excess funds go? Tens upon tens of thousands of dollars. Oh, and that monster purchase the charity triumphed? Just a tiny down payment. The rest has to be paid over time but they never stated that part. This is just going to come crashing down. The good work they could have done, gone up in smoke because of the need to be dramatic and get attention and publicity. Ian Somerhalder ("Vampire Diaries")/Nikki Reed (ISF Animal Sanctuary!)

196. THE GOSSIP LIFE 02/17
This B-list actress was everywhere a couple of years ago, but she’s since faded into obscurity and hasn’t had a major release in almost three year. The reason? She had an insane ego before she had any right to, and when her big budget movie flopped – no one had to work with her for commercial purposes, so they didn’t. She’s coming back with a better attitude, however. Lily Collins "The Mortal Instruments: City of Bones"

197. SANDRA ROSE 02/17
The stage is being set for a nasty divorce involving a Hollywood power couple. According to insiders the once glamorous socialite wife is discretely interviewing divorce attorneys on the west coast. One of the high-powered divorce attorneys blabbed about the bizarre interview to his mistress. That’s how the word got out. The socialite is reportedly upset that her emotionally troubled husband is now hopelessly addicted to social media. She has begged him to stay off social media, but her musician hubby is hooked. The socialite recently gave birth to the couple’s 2nd child who has some sort of birth defect. This is what sent the husband over the edge. The musician reportedly blames himself for his son’s deformity. The infant has undergone corrective surgical procedures since his birth. The couple is rarely seen in public with the infant. And when they do bring him out, they cover his entire body with a blanket. Each time they visit the plastic surgeon they fly by private jet to avoid the paparazzi at the airport. Who is the couple? Kim Kardashian/Kanye West

198. POPBITCH 02/18
Which Hollywood star caused widespread confusion at the BAFTAs when she announced to her make-up artist that she "didn't want anyone touching [her] face?"

199. THE GOSSIP LIFE 02/18
The production has been announced, alongside a famous actress in the titular role and a solid director helming. It’s only a matter of time before the movie is made, right? Guess again. After the actress’ last movie tanked, the studio are considering scrapping the entire movie or recasting the lead. They feel the actress doesn’t with the target audience at all and it’s potential a cataclysmic failure. Their marketing department is encouraging them to recast, but the hierarchy favour scrapping the entire thing.
Production: "The Little Mermaid"

Actress: Chloë Grace Moretz
Last movie: "The 5th Wave"

200. MR. X 02/18
What two stars of a movie opening this week are suddenly dropping out of most (but not all) promotional appearances on the morning chat show circuit after initial feedback from critics and projected box office numbers proved underwhelming? That the movie was also shelved a year after production wrapped may also be a sign that it’s a stinker. Jason Sudeikis and Stephan James ("Race")

201. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 02/18 **#1**
This closeted A list NFL athlete has been seen surrounded by women at clubs all the time, but has never hooked up with one. No one has ever seen him on a date with a woman. This is a high profile athlete and just as the whispers get almost too loud he suddenly finds himself a high profile actress to date or at least be photographed with. Odell Beckham Jr./Zendaya

202. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 02/18 **#2**
This A+ list mostly movie actor was a huge pain when he was recently on a talk show as a guest. They wanted him to do a skit but he was a prick up until he actually got to the show and had to be talked into even doing the crap version of the skit that ended up on air. The original plan was for something that would have been amazing. Our actor thinks he has some big hits in his recent body of work. He doesn’t. George Clooney/"Jimmy Kimmel Live!" ("E.R." Cast Reunion)

203. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 02/18 **#3**
While standing in line waiting to order some food this week, this probably still A+ list singer was handed a demo by this teenager. The A+ lister turned to the teenager and said, "Do I look like I’m a fucking charity," and refused to take the demo. Our A+ lister then turned to the friend she was with and said," I don’t have fucking time for nobodies."
Katy Perry

204. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 02/18 **#4**
She is 18, so its legal, but it is so creepy that this A- list mostly television actor who is starring in a network reboot right now has a girlfriend who he picks up from school sometimes. High school. He has a kid in high school. Not the same one thankfully. David Duchovny/"The X-Files" (daughter Madelaine is 16)

205. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 02/18 **#5**
This current franchise actress has opened the closet door before but just a peek. She has always been pressured by her people and the studio financing this franchise to be super quiet and to at least pretend she likes guys. The actress though has had enough and says who she is as a person is more important than a studio or a movie and has been seen openly with her long time girlfriend. Shailene Woodley ("Divergent")/Isidora Goreshter

206. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 02/18 **#6**
Big first crack in this relationship. This Teen Mom didn’t spend Valentine’s Day with her significant other. Spent it with her kid with no significant other in sight. Amber Portwood

207. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 02/18 **#7**
This A list mogul/former reality star not named Sean Combs has been cheating on his wife with this singer who turned a catchy one hit wonder type of song into a career. Brief career so far, but successful. L.A. Reid/Meghan Trainor

208. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 02/18 **#8**
This female singer/reality star/fashion line on the side was basically begging for money from designers to help with her collection because her celebrity husband won’t sink any more of his money into the bleeding money project. Tamar Braxton/Vincent Herbert

209. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 02/18 **#9**
This closeted former Glee actor was like a kid in a candy store when he hung out backstage at some of the NYFW men’s shows. He hit on every guy to see who would be interested in hooking up. Darren Criss

210. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 02/18 **#10**
After a recent event, this B-/C+ list mostly movie actress hooked up with her B list mostly television actor ex. The actor is married, but the actress is not. It is also not the first time the pair have rekindled their romance. Usually it involves a lot of partying. This time it was being alone together in a city. Their B+ list offspring does not know. Melanie Griffith/Don Johnson (Dakota Johnson‘s film premiere of "How Top be Single")

211. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 02/18 **#11**
The owner of one of the world’s largest oil companies is paying this B list mostly movie actress who is an Academy Award winner/nominee mid six figures per MONTH to be with him.

212. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 02/18 **#12**
This multiple Grammy winner/nominee with multiple platinum records is pretty much a reality star now. The thing she doesn’t want anyone to know is she cheated on her now ex husband with the man she is with now. That man is not the man she thought she was getting when she gave up her marriage. For one thing he lied about his connections and money and even where he lived. Since they always met in hotel rooms she paid for and just a few other times for dinner, she just didn’t know. Now, he basically runs her life and spends her money freely. He controls who she talks to and what she does. He knows she is capable of cheating so when they are not together, he had a GPS put on her phone to track her movements. She knows she is in an abusive relationship but doesn’t know how to extract herself from it all while still making herself look good. She is embarrassed and ashamed at what has happened to her but can’t get out. Christina Aguilera (ex-husband: Jordan Bratman)/Matthew Rutler

213. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 02/19 **#1**
This B- list cable reality star who is A+ list to the people who watch the show owes a lot to his sugar daddy. The closeted star loves to make people think he is all about being a player with women but it is men, especially one of his male bosses who he is involved with and who pays his bills. Even those very public ones. Jax Taylor "Vanderpump Rules"/Andy Cohen (probably paid for his bail in Hawaii through Tom Schwartz)

214. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 02/19 **#2**
Usually this foreign born permanent A+ list member of a group who has done nothing solo that I can think of off hand, is much more discreet about cheating on his long term wife. This past week though he was flaunting a mistress he brings on vacations with the family. Separate accommodations of course. Bono

215. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 02/19 **#3**
Much more likely than dating the actress everyone always pairs him with, is this almost A+ list mostly movie actor hooking up with a foreign born A- list male athlete. Our actor much prefers men to women no matter how much the tabloids like to publicly say otherwise. Jason Statham/Carl Froch or Chris Evans/Lewis Hamilton

216. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 02/19 **#4**
This permanent A list "singer" has avoided getting a lot of plastic surgery. In fact, she has only tried botox a couple of times. After years of smoking damage to her face, she decided to get a face lift and some other work done too. She looks completely different. Britney Spears

217. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 02/19 **#5**
This foreign born B+ list mostly television actor who is the lead on a network show has an interesting relationship. He has dated guys and very few women. He also loves fame and money, two of which, despite his role, he is lacking. Enter the celebrity girlfriend. She always makes bad decisions in men and some say she prefers women to men. Maybe they are right for each other. I just don’t see what is in it for her. No one cares what she does or who she is with. Joshua Sasse "Galavant"/Kylie Minogue

218. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 02/19 **#6**
This was not supposed to be beard hour, but it is turning out that way. The tabloids have been primed to put this couple on full love mode. One, is a foreign born former B+ list almost network actress who is now a movie actress and needs a hit to stay in that B range. The other is a former almost network star who crashed and burned in his latest project. There is no way on this earth that he is interested in the actress, no matter how hot she is. Now, her former male co-star? Oh, yeah, definitely his type. Don’t let the tabloids fool you into believing this one.
Actress: Nina Dobrev
Actor: Chace Crawford
Latest failed project: "Blood & Oil"
Her former male co-star: someone from "The Vampire Diaries"

219. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 02/19 **#7**
To counter all those cheating rumors and to try and give him a fait accompli, this former A list tweener turned B+ list performance art singer has been leaking stories to the tabloids that she got married to her foreign born actor boyfriend. Not a chance. Miley Cyrus/Liam Hemsworth

220. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 02/19 **#8**
This three named mostly television actress who has not had any luck in over a decade with the locked in the house husband is hoping to be the next Elisabeth Hasselbeck. She already leans to the right a lot and has made it known she will go extreme right if the check is big enough. Sarah Michelle Gellar/Freddie Prinze, Jr.

221. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 02/19 **#9**
Hey, at least on the vacation both wives can talk about the woman that both of their husbands had sex with. I’m just wondering if she had sex with both of the husbands as part of a threesome or just over the course of a weekend.
First couple: Jennifer Garner/Ben Affleck
Second couple: Tom Brady/Gisele Bündchen

Woman they both had sex with: Ben Affleck’s former nanny Christine Ouzounian

222. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 02/19 **#10**
This B- list mostly television actress is on a middling cable show right now. Multiple seasons. She has had good luck with shows and friendships. Never afraid to speak her mind, our actress was yelled at by a group of three or four guys in NYC. They said some things about her body and instead of ignoring them, she jaywalked over to the group. She then spent five minutes ranting at them about their appearance and a bunch of other things before walking away. By the time she finished, she had a crowd of 20 people around her riveted by what she was saying. Sarah Paulson or Chloë Sevigny "American Horror Story"

223. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 02/19 **#11**
By my count, this B list actress was on cable, network, web and almost television shows simultaneously. She also found some time to do a couple of movies. One of the movies she was supposed to do only a smattering of press, but one of the two female leads didn’t get along very well with the other female lead or any of the stars of the movie. So, she was excused from most press and promotion while the always gets along with everyone B lister took over and was loved by all.
Actress: Alison Brie
Shows: (cable: "Mad Men"); (network: "Community"); (web: "The ArScheerio Paul Show"); (almost television: "BoJack Horseman" on Netflix)
Movie: "How to Be Single" starring Rebel Wilson and Leslie Mann
Female lead that doesn’t get along with other female lead: Dakota Johnson

224. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 02/19 **#12**
This B+ list dual threat who has a franchise and a television show/mini series should really be careful. His boyfriend was busted for dealing drugs and is now springing traps on other dealers for the cops. If the dealers find out, they will come after the boyfriend and our actor. Zachary Quinto ("Star Trek" and "The Slap")/model boyfriend Miles McMillan

225. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 02/19 **#13**
Whenever I think about giving this former A list mostly television actor from a hit network show turned B+ list mostly movie actor a second chance, I remind myself of this story. This happened awhile ago, but he has never changed. He has always put sex before anything else. I remember in his first marriage his wife would literally lock the bedroom door and put the key under her pillow or he would sneak out and go have sex with someone. Anyway, fast forward out of that marriage and into another. Kids this time. Shortly after he had his first kid, our actor was doing some kind of made for tv movie. This was when it was doubtful whether he could resurrect his career. On the way to the set where they were filming, our actor had to drive past a community college. Driving past one morning he sees this student and slows down in his very expensive car and says hi. When she says hi in return he stops the car and starts chatting to her through the window. Apparently he told her he was filming a movie and asked if she would like to come see it. Now, remember his infant is in the back seat. The student gets in the car and the flirting gets more intense. It gets so intense that as soon as the car is parked at the set, the actor and this student head to his trailer and they have sex. About 15-20 minutes go by and someone hears his baby screaming in the car. The car is locked. So, they go to the actor’s trailer and tell him what is going on. Our actor has not opened the door. He tells them to let the baby cry it out. When they refuse, our actor starts screaming at them through the door before finally opening the door and throwing the keys at them. He then tells them to leave him alone for the next hour. About two hours later he emerges from the trailer with the student and tells someone to give her a ride back to her school. He then goes to the craft service table and next to the table is his kid being rocked by some production assistant. The actor looks at the assistant and tells her to keep watching the kid for a couple of hours because he needs a nap. He then takes an apple and goes back to his trailer. About 45 minutes after he goes to his trailer, he comes flying out of it at full speed and rushes over to his kid and grabs the kid and runs back to the trailer. About five minutes after that, our actor’s wife comes and our actor makes a big deal of how he has been trying to shoot scenes but can’t get anything done because of the baby and he passes the baby back to his wife who drives away with the baby. At that point our actor looks around until he finds the person who drove the student back to school. Our actor asks if by any chance the driver got the phone number of the student. The driver didn’t get it, but the actor said not to worry about it and there were plenty more. He then went and got hair and makeup and went to work.
Actor: Will Arnett (son born 2008)
First wife: Penelope Ann Miller
Second wife: Amy Poehler
Hit network show: "Arrested Development"

226. BBC NEWS 02/19
Oscars 2015: Secrets of the limo drivers: That water has to be room temperature, not chilled, because "it can affect their voice," says Darbahani, and the same applies to the AC - that has to stay switched off. Behind the tinted windows there are also chips, peanuts, juice and hard candy ("chocolate is too messy,") too, but it's usually requested that the drinks cabinet stays dry. No one wants any flubs in front of the camera, though the champagne is usually in the trunk ready for after the show. The limos are mini-offices, with Apple TV, wifi and Bluetooth. Chauffeurs always take time to lay out the goodies, even arranging the napkins, because a good impression (or knowing the nearest place to get cigarettes) can affect the size of their tips, which Darbahani says average around $100, though can be as much as $800 - or as little as $20. Special requirements cost extra, of course. One "very well-known actor," says Darbahani discreetly, "wanted incense, no music, and a specific route for the driver to take. He was meditating in the car before the Oscars." Drivers have an emergency kit as well: a black bag with travel-size hairspray, mouthwash, a small sewing kit and other bits-and bobs. "It can get them a big tip," says Darbahani, recalling the time when a driver had to staple the dress of an actress. "In the pictures from the event, you can see how she kept her hand over the staples the whole time." Planning begins several weeks in advance, and at the main office there's a dispatch room "like air traffic control," which ensures they know where all the drivers are at all times. "It's a nightmare, because everyone is always changing their pick-up times, and we can't say no to clients. The night before the Oscars I don't get home until 2am, and I only relax after the Oscars have ended." And does anyone ever leave Oscar behind on the back seat? "Never!" he laughs. "They always hold onto it. It's priceless! But when our details guy is washing the cars the next day, our lost and found box is quickly full: iPhones, keys, make up, make up cases, lipsticks, once a watch worth $68,000. The phone rings all day. We also find bras, clothing, underwear. Sometimes there's no place to change, and clients change in the vehicle." But there is one thing that always gets left behind: "Fake hair! Toupees! We have a lot - a lot! No one ever claims those, even though some of them are very expensive!"
Actor: Matthew McConaughey
Actress: Lupita Nyong'o

227. THE GOSSIP LIFE 02/19
This A-list television show was tracking extremely badly, so they resorted to a cheap trick to try and boast the ratings, using the fandom of this certified hit. It didn’t work and if anything it backfired on the certified hit. Bad marketing.

228. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 02/20 **#1**
This B list mostly movie actress who only really has that franchise thing going was kicked out of yet another bar after getting too handsy with a waitress. Michelle Rodriguez ("Fast & Furious")

229. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 02/20 **#2**
Proving that once again he is an idiot, this B list rapper cheated on his A list girlfriend who basically supports him. He says he cheated because of some big things going on in his life and threats on his life. If he thinks he has the girlfriend wrapped around his finger, he is wrong. Meek Mill/Nicki Minaj

230. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 02/20 **#3**
This dynastical Presidential candidate is worrying his friends and family and definitely the people in his campaign close to him. His behavior over the past few weeks has been erratic. Some say manic. For his health, everyone wants him to pull out and not try and hang on to more favorable states. Jeb Bush (dynasty of George H. W. Bush and George W. Bush) (he did drop out)

231. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 02/20 **#4**
This A+ list mostly movie actor likes to pretend he does not have a million people all making his life and homes run smoothly. He will not talk to any of the help. They are supposed to clear a room before he enters but if they are too late, they need to remain quiet and not move until he leaves. Tom Cruise

232. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 02/21 **#1**
This still underage celebrity offspring is starting to make a name for herself. The problem she faces is twofold. Her drug use and her anorexia. Mom has always struggled with anorexia and dad with drugs so its going to be tough. People are genuinely worried for her health.
Offspring: Lily-Rose Melody Depp
Mother: Vanessa Paradis
Father: Johnny Depp

233. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 02/21 **#2**
It is not only A Teen Mom that is hospital prone. This former really bad actress turned celebrity with A list name recognition has her own drug issues which cause her to be frequently hospitalized. Tori Spelling

234. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 02/21 **#3**
This foreign born permanent A list model/sometime actress/sometime reality star was severely beaten by one of the men who pays her for sex. It is not the first time he has done so but she will keep seeing him because the money he pays is worth the pain. Naomi Campbell

This A+ list singer is making plans to be spotted everywhere with the reluctant guy she calls her boyfriend. Her PR team wants to cut through the international story that basically outed her. Taylor Swift/Calvin Harris

236. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 02/22 **#1**
This former A+ list Disney actor turned A-/B+ list movie actor is doing his best to stop a tell all book being written about him by the man in his life who knows every last secret. Zac Efron

237. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 02/22 **#2**
A complete whitewashing of her past is what this controversial former Nickelodeon star is trying. After she crashed and burned in a very public way and she was forced to do almost television on a show no one really watches, the actress is trying to erase her past. Gone from social media is the trashing of her parents. Gone are any references to the guy in his 30’s who was having sex with her when she was a minor. She called him her boyfriend. His wife would probably disagree. Gone is any of the drama that saw her career crash. Now it is just unicorns and rainbows and she also refuses to discuss her past in any interviews. It is probably why she does not get asked for many. Jennette McCurdy "Between" on Netflix

238. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 02/22 **#3**
This foreign born A list mostly movie actress who is an Academy Award winner/nominee is being investigated by Child Protective Services. Charlize Theron

239. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 02/22 **#4**
After my recent blind about the closeted Glee actor and his careless beard girlfriend, the narrative has started to change. Now, the "girlfriend" is being public with her real boyfriend, BUT as matchmaker for him and his "girlfriend," who just happens to be the best friend of the matchmaker. Now they can all double date. This is so exhausting. Just come out already. Darren Criss/Mia Swier (Mia Von Glitz)

240. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 02/22 **#5**
You would think everyone would get along and come together in this situation, but no. This A+ list singer is being slammed by this former B+ list tweener turned B+ list singer for not publicly doing enough. Yeah, like the B+ lister has ever been public with all of her skeletons. There are a whole lot of skeletons in that closet she pretends to share. Taylor Swift/Demi Lovato (supporting Kesha)

241. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 02/22 **#6**
Apparently one epic divorce was not enough for a member of this A-/B+ list rock band. Even though he is married again, he is cheating on his current wife with that former A list singer who had quite the run a little more than a decade ago. He is "producing" her new record. Patrick Carney ("The Black Keys")/Michelle Branch

242. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 02/22 **#7**
It is a nonstop PR battle to see who can be the beard to this former A list tweener turned A- list singer. In one corner you have the former A list mostly movie actress and in the other you have the much younger, foreign born A- list mostly movie actress. They each have a PR team that swears their client is dating the closeted former tweener. Nick Jonas/Kate Hudson/Lily Collins

243. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 02/22 **#8**
This French actor who is an Academy Award winner/nominee has a string of early teen girls he sleeps with with no repercussions because of a deal he made with someone. A very bad someone. Gérard Depardieu/Russian President Vladimir Putin

244. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 02/22 **#9**
I am going to go ahead and give this foreign born singer, permanent A list status. You could argue he isn’t because he has not released anything in forever or performed in forever either. All of that non work while maintaining his spending habits has left him broke. So, he wants to perform. Doctors said if he pushes too hard he will end up killing himself. I think he wants the money so will go on tour. George Michael

245. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 02/22 **#10**
This former A+ list celebrity who everyone hated, turned A list reality star everyone hated, turned please just look at me, has spent much of the past week out of the country getting paid six figures to be with this married businessman. She makes it seem like a vacation and that she is alone. Paris Hilton

246. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 02/22 **#11**
Every so often this B list celebrity with an A+++++ list friend likes to make the world think she dates guys. Nothing better than a guy who has enough money to say fuck it and go along for laughs. Gayle King/Oprah Winfrey/Steve Bing

247. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 02/22 **#12**
This former A+ list celebrity who got her start on that syndicated show back in the day still has A+ list name recognition. She was a drunken mess while out of the country at a big event where she was hired as an escort.
Pamela Anderson  (Landmark 6 Office Tower, Kelowna, British Columbia, Canada)

248. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 02/22 **#13**
There were a lot of fans who really liked a certain couple together. She is a B+ list actress who is a multiple Golden Globe/Emmy nominee/winner. Almost A list name recognition. He is an A-/B+ list mostly movie actor. Their romance kind of came out of nowhere and while the public approved, there were people behind the scenes who didn’t. Our actor has a long history with Scientology. He is not vocal about it, but the vast majority of his friends are in Scientology. Our actor dating this particular actress was going to be a problem. A big problem. Not that they wouldn’t want to land her as one of their own, but that was not going to happen. Even if it could have happened, I’m not sure they would have taken her. At first, there were tentative feelers put out. She wanted nothing to do with any of them. Nothing. So, our actor broke everything off with all of his Scientology friends and focused on his actress girlfriend. Things got serious in a hurry. Engagement. The thing is though, his family and friends wanted him back in the fold. What to do? They had not expected this engagement thing. They thought it would be a fling and he would move on and come back to where he was supposed to be. So, when they knew our actress would be out of town for several weeks, his old friends threw him a party. A big party. They also made sure to include about 20 really good looking women who were there to throw themselves at the actor. It worked. He took the bait. He hooked up with one of the women and she stayed with him 24/7. His "friends" made sure they posted photos of the happy couple to their social media. The next thing you know, our actress and actor have split. She throws his ring away. She is devastated. A couple of weeks go by and our actor calls the actress and wants to get back together. They have dinner. One thing leads to another and they get back together. She insists he get rid of all the "friends" and they are gone. Banished from his life. For a few months everything is fine. Then, our actor suddenly called it off with the actress. He couldn’t handle the pressure from his "friends." The nonstop calls and texting. And when he finally relented, they did not let him go. Someone was with him 24/7. They whisked him away for parties and fun and kept him occupied. When he started filming a movie, someone stayed with him the whole time to just be there in case he bailed. They did this for six months until they were sure everything between our actor and actress was really over. Robin Wright/Ben Foster ("Scientology)

249. THE GOSSIP LIFE 02/22
It’s a big-budget comedy with an A-list star that’s to be released very soon… yet no reviews. Why? It’s terrible, my sources tell me, and they’re expecting it to be panned dreadfully. I could be the A-list star’s first real critical flop and many are predicting it’ll end Hollywood’s love affair with him. Sacha Baron "Grimsby"

Today’s blind item doesn’t seem to be repp’in his Cash Money roots. Know why? Word from the streets reveal this lil emcee has money concerns on his mind, facing hard financial times. We’re told that’s why dude is scrambling to secure his spot in reality TV. Don’t believe me? Just ask Christina Milian. "He’s trying to do what Puffy did with Bad Boy, pitchin’ his version of Making The Band." — Industry Insider. According to our source … because our blind item believed the television networks would be bidding high for his reality show — when they really passed on his pitch — rather than being one of them Hot Boyz, this blind item is a Disappointed Boy. The drop: "He’s now depressed because he thought he was going to get a healthy budget for his reality show." Now, can you guess the rapper I’m talking about? Lil Wayne

251. THE GUARDIAN 02/22
The Secret Actress is an Oscar- and Golden Globe-nominated actor who lives and works in LA today. If you asked my parents about when I became an actor, you would be met with a massive eye-roll. Early in my career, I took my mother to a screening of one of my films. During one of my more emotional moments, one that involved copious amounts of tears, snot and begging, my mom leaned towards the stranger sitting next to her and said: "I’ve been watching this exact scene since she was three, I’m so glad I didn’t pay for this ticket." The stranger happened to be a famous Oscar-winning actor who was extremely charming and according to mom, whispered back a version of Aristotle’s "The things we have to learn before we can do them, we learn by doing them." And this, it turns out, is all I remember of the beginning: practice. At school, when a teacher asked for a volunteer to read out a poem, equation, footnote or list of hazardous substances, my hand would shoot into the air and I would become the prescient emoji for "pick me". There was nothing I could read, feel or do that couldn’t, or wouldn’t, be metabolized into performance. As every actor will tell you, at some point in some relationship, they have had some version of "Why should I believe you? You lie for a living!" thrown at them, and so it was that at an early age I realized that while people like the entertainment aspect of performance, they don’t necessarily trust the entertainer. My friends at school were, I think, sometimes mistrustful, if not just embarrassed by the wanton ease with which I bandied around emotional articulation. I would slip quite happily between emotional poles and could swear that all of it was genuine. To me, it was, and all of it was in the service of practicing how you connect with emotional truth, synthesize it through your own particular mainframe, and then project it out into the world. Sounds like a load of baloney, but it’s actually one of the more honest cornerstones of acting. At my school, the English department was also the drama department. This is a brilliant way to begin an acting career. English teachers don’t have the faint sliver of resentment that has morphed into dogma that you sometimes find in drama school (or certainly the drama schools I went to). It was the very fact that they weren’t frustrated performers that allowed them to create a solid foundation around which we could fill in the mad, emotional grout. Plus something about not being spoon-fed children’s drama created an appetite for doing things well outside my apparent capabilities. I don’t think I have ever really lost that. But I wish I had now what I had at 12, which was the cojones to freefall awkwardly through anything and not give a shit what anyone thought. I have gone on to have a very successful career and, while the media and the public have their own idea of what success is, mine begins and ends with being paid to do what I love, and still being employed in movies and television years after I began. I have worked all over the world. I have long wanted to write some sort of book about my experiences, but without naming names it becomes rather boring rhetoric and yet if I do name names it’s a gimlet in the face at all the top restaurants and I’d probably never work again. But there are such good stories … When I was approached to write this column I thought the cloak of anonymity would be helpful in creating a frank response to many of the issues and stories I come upon in my industry. The vast pay discrepancies between male and female actors, the ongoing lack of opportunity for actors of color in leading roles in movies, how Oscar campaigns are run with political precision and what it’s like to audition for a director while he is heavily making out with his girlfriend, who is also really famous and really married to someone else. I will look at this as bringing you what I hope will be an interesting, insider vantage point, into some of the day-to-day and after-hours aspects of Babylon.
Actress: Minnie Driver
Oscar-winning actor: Colin Firth
Movie: "Circle of Friends"
Director and girlfriend:

252. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 02/23 **#1**
This A list celebrity/network reality star/really rich guy has a child that was conceived when he had sex with a minor. Mark Cuban "Shark Tank"

253. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 02/23 **#2**
This A+ list singer has apparently found her next female lover. She is probably hoping this one can be more discreet about showing affection. Does the boyfriend ever get to escape or does there need to be an album worth of material first?
A+ list singer: Taylor Swift
Next female lover: Ruby Rose or Kesha
Showed too much affection: Karlie Kloss
Boyfriend: Calvin Harris

254. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 02/23 **#3**
This former tweener actress/singer who was one shortly before the term was really used, has a new show that is a middling cable hit. She refuses to do any press for it though until she gets a raise and a bigger role on the show. Or a spinoff featuring herself. This is why no one likes her. Hilary Duff "Younger"

255. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 02/23 **#4**
A few days after she returned to work, this A-/B+ list mostly television actress on a long running still hit show received some flowers and a gift. Not just any flowers or any gift, it was $1000 bouquet and a very expensive piece of jewelry. It was from this A-/B+ list mostly movie actress. Our television actress put the flowers through a paper shredder and gave the jewelry to her assistant and claimed she bought it just for the assistant.
Television actress: Zooey Deschanel

Show: "New Girl"
Movie actress: Megan Fox

256. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 02/23 **#5**
It was not like they were friends anyway, but when this A- list mostly movie actress had sex with this married A-/B+ list actor/writer who has a movie and a pay cable show the wife of the actor threatened to hurt the actress when they saw each other again.
A- list actress: Kristen Wiig
A-/B+ list actor/writer: Justin Theroux
Move and pay cable show: "Zoolander 2" and "The Leftovers"
Wife: Jennifer Aniston

257. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 02/23 **#6**
It didn’t take very long for these two to latch on to each other. You know the A- list mostly movie actress who likes to pretend she is dating the former tweener? Yeah, well after a couple lines of coke the other night she hooked up with the newly single serial cheater B list mostly television actor who just got out of a long term relationship. The two deserve each other. Kate Hudson (Nick Jonas)/Peter Facinelli

258. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 02/23 **#7**
Apparently this former A list reality star/drug addict turned celebrity, turned reality star, turned possible side gig that really doesn’t make money person, thinks she is a Queen. When she is introduced to someone at a party, our celebrity likes to present her hand in such a way that you feel like you are supposed to kiss it. It worked for Elizabeth Taylor, but it doesn’t work for this celebrity and really shows how much better she thinks she is than you. Nicole Richie

259. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 02/23 **#8**
At least publicly, these two appear to still be engaged, but it baffles me why this A-/B+ list mostly movie actor from an acting family was locking lips with a random woman if he is together with this B list do everything actress who is very lovable. Dave Franco/Alison Brie

260. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 02/23 **#9**
Apparently this male escort had no idea who he hooked up with until this week when he saw a picture of his client in a magazine. The escort said that over Super Bowl weekend that twice he was paid for sex by this closeted former NFL athlete with A list name recognition.

261. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 02/23 **#10**
This Emmy/Academy Award/Golden Globe nominee/winner who has been doing television as of late, had her wig sitting on the same table she was doing lines of coke from at a party last week. Lady Gaga; Taraji P. Henson; Jessica Lange; Viola Davis

262. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 02/23 **#11**
This A-/B+ list mostly movie actress is doing her best to get fired from her franchise. The actress has been boozing nonstop for most of filming and now has a minder with her to keep her from drinking until she finishes shooting for the day. With the exchange rate now, booze is almost affordable there now. Almost. Dakota Johnson "Fifty Shades Darker" (Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada)

263. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 02/23 **#12**
This married A-/B+ list mostly movie actress has A+ list name recognition. She had to quit a hit network show because she is too sick to work that much. Smaller roles in movies is all she can handle right now.

264. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 02/23 **#13**
This B+ list mostly movie actor who also does some singing has a lifetime ban from a certain airline. Our actor has actually only taken four flights on this particular airline, but three of the four were disasters. Our actor likes to drink when he flies, and obviously overdoes it. One of the incidents he started harassing a flight attendant, but the major incident that resulted in the ban was him harassing fellow passengers. He was sitting next to a woman, he had been heavily drinking, and for no reason he started berating her calling her (this a direct quote from the incident report) "A disgusting, fat pig" and "bitch". He didn’t just say this quietly, he screamed it, which caused other passengers to tell him to stop. He started attacking the other passengers, verbally assaulting them as well, and physically grabbing one. But it was the original woman who got the most of the heat. Just slur after slur about her weight, and screaming that he "hates fat people". Long story short, one of the pilots had to get involved, and radioed ahead to security. When the plane arrived at the gate the airport security and police were waiting for him when he arrived and he was detained, but not arrested. That’s as far as the report goes, as after the plane lands the airport police take it from there and have to file their own incident report, which is not included in the system. But he was threatening violence, and just completely out of control. The other prior incidents were VERY similar, though not as bad as the final one, which is what got him permanently banned from the airline. The two other flights were very short flights, so it’s pretty amazing he even had time to get out of control on them. Jared Leto

265. THE GOSSIP LIFE 02/23
This A-list actor/director is a practising Christian and always has been, but you’ll never hear him say it. Why? He doesn’t feel it fits in with his ‘cool, intellectual image.’ This is just one of the many parts of his real persona that he hides to befit his ‘cool, intellectual image.’ Truly a great pretender. Ben Affleck

266. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 02/24 **#1**
One acting brother deals with his addictions by sleeping with hundreds of women each year. The other acting brother deals with his demons by doing enough drugs to make any of your heads spin. He just doesn’t usually show up publicly wasted like he did the other day. Ben Affleck/Casey Affleck; Luke Wilson/Owen Wilson

267. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 02/24 **#2**
This former Housewife is ticking everyone off on her new show. She thinks she should get the majority of camera time and the crew hates her because of the constant demands. She recently hired an assistant who spends her entire day asking for things from the crew for the former Housewife. NeNe Leakes "Fashion Police"

268. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 02/24 **#3**
This talk show host is convinced her former tweener co-star is selling stories about her to the tabloids based on texts and photos he stole from the talk show host. Raven-Symoné "The View"/Orlando Brown

269. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 02/24 **#4**
This former A+ list rapper who has A+ list name recognition is not allowed to be alone with his children because of fears he will injure or kill them. 50 Cent

270. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 02/24 **#5**
The boyfriend of this still A+ list mostly movie actress who does not work as much now, told his friend that he has only had sex with the A+ lister a handful of times despite dating for over a year and even living together. Does he not know she is into women? Sandra Bullock/Bryan Randall

271. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 02/24 **#6**
This foreign born A list mostly movie actor who now has a franchise, tried to hookup with this commercial actress turned reality star, turned you better have some money if you want to date me. Our actor never pays so he got turned down by the actress. Charlotte McKinney/Gerard Butler

272. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 02/24 **#7**
The actress who beards professionally had some work done and now she is having trouble getting acting work because no one likes her new look. Olivia Munn

273. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 02/24 **#8**
This former A+ list tweener turned performance artist, is leaking stories to the media about money issues with her actor boyfriend. So, if they split, there is a built in excuse rather than the fact he is hooking up with every woman he sees. Miley Cyrus/Liam Hemsworth

274. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 02/24 **#9**
This former child actress from an acting family doesn’t need to act any longer because she is rich from her side project, barely leaves her home any longer. She is basically comatose 24/7 from the amount of drugs and booze she ingests. Despite not acting in forever, she still has A+ list name recognition. Mary-Kate Olsen

275. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 02/24 **#10**
Why yes, that was this multiple Academy Award/Golden Globe/Emmy nominated/winner doing her best Michelle Pfeiffer from Fabulous Baker Boys impression on a bar piano the other night. Our former A+ list mostly movie actress was hammered and off key and had to be helped down from the piano after nearly falling off several times.

276. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 02/24 **#11**
This one makes me sad. This B list celebrity is cheating on his A- list singer significant other. Everyone loves this couple. Carey Hart/Pink

277. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 02/24 **#12**
For someone who always talks smack about people using drugs, this A+ list reality star sure does take a lot of them. Publicly too. She just makes sure there is no one with a cell phone. When she does coke it is like an 80’s movie. She destroys those lines. This is not just a little bump here or there. Kris Jenner

278. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 02/24 **#13**
I get the sense that most politicians, male and female cheat on their significant others. They generally don’t get caught unless their cheating involves hookers or future porn stars. If you are with someone who is selling themselves, chances are good they will sell information too. If you keep your cheating confined to staffers or lobbyists you don’t usually get busted. Unless they do something stupid. This up and coming Presidential candidate did just that. He used a credit card from his political party to pay for trips for his mistress. For some reason he didn’t think the names of the people on the airline tickets would ever be publicized. He was under the impression that only the actual charge for the ticket would ever be seen. So, when the news breaks about why the married politician was buying plane tickets for his mistress and shacking up with her in hotels he also charged to the political party, he is going to have a lot of explaining to do. Or maybe he won’t. At this point, I think we would all be more surprised to find a politician who was not cheating. Still though, it is tough to do the whole family values thing when you are cheating. Oh, and did I mention that his mistress is a lobbyist and that he gave her organization very special treatment. Marco Rubio

279. TV LINE/Matt Webb Mitovich 02/24
One of the Scandal actors got plastered — but why? (And should we be worried?) Tony Goldwyn, who plays Fitz on the ABC drama, shared on Instagram this photo of a (what appears to be male) cast member’s head getting fitted for a plaster cast. The reasons for such a procedure are few, a frequent one being that the special effects team needs to make a "dummy" head for a stunt scene (e.g. a gruesome gunshot to the noggin; see The Walking Dead‘s Carl). Then again, the purpose could be as benign as creating a bust of exiting President Grant, for display in a museum or some such. Zzzzzz. Or… if we want to go all Mission Impossible on this thing… the special effects folks could be creating a latex mask of the actor, for the purpose of, say, Cyrus "peeling off" his face in the season finale to reveal he is really Billy Chambers! Scott Foley "Jake" (the hands look very similar)

280. THE GOSSIP LIFE 02/24
This B-list television actor is furious about this A-list actor’s recent success. He feels they were afforded "a hundred more" opportunities because of their ethnicity and gender. A lot of people feel the same way and I would expect someone of stature to come out and say something.
B- list television actor: Terrence Howard
A- list actor: Ryan Reynolds
Someone of stature: interview with Lexi Alexander, director of "Arrow", "Supergirl" and "Limitless"
"Look at Ryan Reynolds for example. I don’t dislike the guy, but what actor of color or female actress would have been given as many opportunities as Ryan Reynolds got before he had a hit with Deadpool? He played not just one, but several superheroes, that failed at the box office, and got to make another?"

281. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 02/25 **#1**
Apparently one of the reasons this former A+ list rapper is acting so awful is that he has been mixing a bunch of medications because he thinks he is a doctor. He is juggling a combination of five or six types of medicine that he got a doctor to prescribe. Kanye West

282. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 02/25 **#2**
This former child actress from way back in the day, turned nobody, turned now multiple reality star, was sipping from a flask before a recent interview. She is never going to get sober. Kim Richards "Real Housewives of Beverly Hills" and "The Mother/Daughter Experiment"

283. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 02/25 **#3**
This A+ list singer/diva has done some very strange things in the past. This one might top them all. Apparently our singer gets daily enemas to avoid having to actually use the bathroom. Oh, and might be the only person who also sips champagne while getting them. Mariah Carey

284. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 02/25 **#4**
This former A+ list tweener turned A- list singer with A+ list name recognition is being accused by a woman of standing by and doing nothing while she was sexually assaulted by one of the singer’s bodyguards. She says the singer watched the whole thing. Justin Bieber

285. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 02/25 **#5**
This B+ list mostly television actress was losing her long running cable gig, so threatened the producers she would not show up for filming the final few episodes if they did not cast her in another show they produce. They cast her. Apparently she was not being as pain in the butty as it sounds. She was forced to do the casting couch to get the long running gig and felt the producers owed her.

286. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 02/25 **#6**
This B+ list rapper gets along great with this A+ list reality star because she likes guys and so does he. Their threesomes are becoming legendary. French Montana/Khloé Kardashian

287. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 02/25 **#7**
I have never seen this married foreign born permanent B+ list mostly movie actress who is an Academy Award winner so happy. I think the new man in her life is making her feel really good about herself. Her marriage is nothing but a word at this point anyway because of her husband, so good for her. Catherine Zeta-Jones (Michael Douglas)

288. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 02/25 **#8**
This foreign born B list mostly movie actress is a very very recent Academy Award winner/nominee. Very recent. She is telling people she hooked up with this married A+ list mostly movie actor on their latest project. Alicia Vikander (nominated for "The Danish Girl")/Matt Damon "Jason Bourne"

289. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 02/25 **#9**
This foreign born A list long time Victoria’s Secret model went off on a coat check person the other day because the coat check person brought the coat out to the model on a hanger. I know, I know. Apparently the coat check person was supposed to carry the fur coat with two hands and never transport it on a hanger. The berating went on a good five minutes.
Adriana Lima

290. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 02/25 **#10**
Some very high priced escorts in NYC were shown the door a couple of weeks ago because they would not have unprotected sex with this HIV+ actor. Charlie Sheen

291. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 02/25 **#11**
This married foreign born B+ list mostly television actor who is an Academy/Emmy Award winner/nominee on a hit pay cable show is sleeping with his co-star/celebrity offspring. Clive Owen/Eve Hewson (daughter of Bono) "The Knick"

292. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 02/25 **#12**
If there is an award for the celebrity offspring who collectively do more drugs than any other celebrity offspring, these two sisters would be world champions. No jobs. Just shopping and doing drugs 24/7 with their parents’ money. Scout and Tallulah Willis (parents: Demi Moore and Bruce Willis)

293. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 02/25 **#13**
This actor is probably permanently A+ list. He is not that great of an actor but somehow is a multiple Academy Award winner/nominee. He is getting up there in age. Hitting a big birthday this year. Back in the day he was cruising for teens. He always went looking for them. The younger the better, He especially loved going to states that have really young age of consent laws. Back when he was in his 40’s, he found a state that had an age of consent of 16. He would go to a mall or arcade and make a big entrance. People recognized him and swarmed him. He would find one or two of the female teens and take them to his hotel. They had to be 16 or 17. No one older. Anyway, one time he found a 16 year old and played his star card and she was soon joining him back at his hotel. At his hotel he brought out a surprise. She was going to have to have sex with the actor and his bodyguard. The bodyguard was a regular in these things. He was there to act as a witness and to make sure nothing happened to the actor. When it was over our actor threatened to kill the teen if she ever told anyone. Well, she did tell someone and went to the police. The police pressured her to say the encounter was consensual because they didn’t want to have any trouble with the actor. The police never even bothered to talk to the actor or the bodyguard. They just pressured the teen until she dropped the whole thing. She has lived with the emotional scars her entire life and is finally going to come out talking about it and what the actor and the bodyguard did to her. Sylvester Stallone

294. POPBITCH 02/25
A British solo star and a sought-after producer were making sweet music together until signs of a massive falling out erupted on social media. What happened? The producer misread the signs and tried it on with the singer, who flipped his lid and stormed out. Zayn Malik/Naughty Boy

295. THE GOSSIP LIFE 02/25
This A-list television host was on the top of the world a couple of years ago, but his failing talk show is in danger of cancellation. Stephen Colbert

Today’s baller of a blind item got so hooked on Miss. Mary Jane that he didn’t just bounce on his ex-wife … he took the kids AND left her homeless!!! Fast-forward to this past NBA All-Star weekend. That’s when our blind item’s home wrecker wife ordered dude to check his kids into a lower grade hotel … and he actually followed her suit! Don’t believe me… Just ask their caucasian male nanny! That’s while they stayed posted up in a posh, luxury hotel. The Drop: "He checked his kids and family into the Windsor Arms Hotel & they were a mess-his mother told the hotels restaurant ‘If you fuck up my sliders I’ll kick your ass." Despite her photo-ops with him and his kids, we’re told his actress wife doesn’t like to be around his "ghetto family and kids." Can you guess the deadbeat All Star I’m talking about? Dwyane Wade & Gabrielle Union

297. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 02/26 **#1**
This B list singer who is a celebrity offspring was a sweaty coke head mess the other night at an awards show. He is going to destroy that girlfriend of his. Robin Thick (April Geary)/"All Def Movie Awards"

298. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 02/26 **#2**
This could be the worst idea ever, or work out really well. Apparently the talk being bandied about for this weekend is that the Best Picture Academy Award is going to be presented by a trio of legendary women who have each won an Oscar. I think it is a long shot. I’m not sure you could even sober up one of them long enough for her to be a part. Jane Fonda/Barbra Streisand/Liza Minnelli/Diane Keaton/Sally Field/Shirley MacLaine

299. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 02/26 **#3**
This B- list celebrity of an A++ list celebrity cut her hair not only to make a statement but to also try and pass a drug test. Paris Jackson (Michael)

300. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 02/26 **#4**
Would you marry a woman your son had sex with first? That is what this D list celebrity is doing. Oh, you know what. Bryan Ferry did the same thing so maybe it is not that crazy in the musical world. Jeremy Bieber (Justin)/Chelsea Rebelo

301. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 02/26 **#5**
This foreign born B list mostly television actress doesn’t really seem foreign born. She also is only B list when her pay cable show is currently airing. Did I mention she is married? Did I mention she has sex with this A+ list rapper once or twice a month. Jemima Kirke "Girls"/Jay Z

302. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 02/26 **#6**
This B- list Victoria’s Secret model hooked up with this D list model who is a celebrity offspring. One of the pair still has sex with that former tweener for money while the other model limited herself to one really bad night of almost sex with the guy.
B- list model: Barbara Palvin or Jourdan Dunn
D list model: Hailey Baldwin
Tweener: Justin Bieber

303. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 02/26 **#7**
A strange week for this longtime pair of friends/lovers. They have both gone full out for PR to make them look straight. First there was the photo of the lesser known female celebrity with a guy who is definitely not her boyfriend and then comes a story planted about how the A+ list one in the couple has men fighting for her.
Lesser known female celebrity: Lorde/Diplo
A+ list celebrity: Karlie Koss/Joshua Kushner/Derek Blasberg

304. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 02/26 **#8**
This A list dual threat actor who also produces and directs and just seems to do everything pays a whole lot of money each month to his "girlfriend/baby mama" to keep his secrets safe. Tyler Perry/Gelila Bekele

305. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 02/26 **#9**
This B list mostly television actress from that franchise who is probably going to be the death knell to this network show, is now telling interviewers a completely different version of her childhood than she shared a decade ago when first being interviewed about it. Nikki Reed "Sleepy Hollow"

306. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 02/26 **#10**
This foreign born B list fashion model is involved with this A- list fashion model who got dumped by the A+ list singer. Jourdan Dunn/Karlie Kloss/Taylor Swift

307. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 02/26 **#11**
This foreign born A list reality star host from that long running cable competition show lost her shit when a guy accidentally stumbled at a party and touched the arm of the actress. I mean she went off on the guy. Finger pointing and jabbing, all because the guy tripped on some loose carpeting. Padma Lakshmi "Top Chef"

308. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 02/26 **#12**
What now retired NASCAR driver makes his wife wear flowing dresses so it is harder to see her do the deep knee bends when they stand next to each other on a red carpet. Jeff Gordon/Ingrid Vandebosch

309. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 02/26 **#13**
I’m pretty sure everyone has come to the conclusion this surrogate was murdered. It didn’t have to be that way. Probably some differences in communication. Another issue were there were several levels of communication so it was like playing a really bad game of telephone. The biggest issue was probably that the people doing the killing were star struck. Even though they never met or even spoke to the people at the top of the ladder, they knew who they were working for and wanted to be hired again. It all started a few years ago. This A+ list couple wanted a baby, but the mom to be didn’t want to sacrifice her body or take any chances she would not get her body back to pre-pregnancy levels. That being said, they did try and have a baby a few times. Mom miscarried and also was just not that enthusiastic about carrying a baby. They talked to some surrogates and services in the US. After about a year, they finally found someone they thought would be suitable, but she miscarried after a couple of months. After the miscarriage, our A+ listers had to shell out six figures because the surrogate was going to spill to the tabloids. Giving up on the US, our A+ listers went abroad. They heard about a surrogate factory. Sounds about as horrible it was. There were different levels of surrogates at this factory. The surrogates who were the lowest paid or just breast milk providers lived in certain conditions. Our A+ listers were put in touch with surrogates in the same company who were the best of the best. They only carried babies once every three years, had an impeccable background and were the choice of royalty and the rich. Discretion was not even an issue or so our A+ list couple thought. They were never shown the more awful parts of the "home." Their meetings were at a hotel in the country and then again at a hotel in London. Everything was agreed to and everything went according to plan. A baby was born and mom and dad were thrilled. They then remembered what had occurred with the woman to whom they previously paid six figures. What would stop this professional surrogate from selling her story? Although our A listers had paid her well, how much of the fee she received was unknown. It is suspected her employer received most of it. A tabloid story could make the surrogate wealthy. So, our A+ listers sent word to make sure that the surrogate would not say anything and that everything was hush hush. At some point, this communication turned into the surrogate has to die. The secret needs to be kept. It took awhile, but word filtered back to our A+ listers of the fate of the surrogate. Probably why they have never had another child. Jay Z/Beyonce (and almost a year after this blind was written, she did get pregnant via IVF)

310. THE GOSSIP LIFE 02/26
It’s fair to say that our A-list actor is the biggest action star in the world: an ideal for masculinity and machismo everywhere, but there are rampant rumours that our actor can be a little "queen" when he wants to be. Several former co-workers are convinced he’s gay. He must keep that closet door firmly closed, because nobody knows for sure. Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson; Jason Statham; Vin Diesel; Tom Cruise

311. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 02/27 **#1**
She has barely started cleaning up the mess that is her latest marriage, but this foreign born former A list singer (only in her country) turned reality judge is already spinning that she is with another guy. This time, a now former boy bander. This is all more fake than the smile Lindsay Lohan gives a guy with a black card. Cheryl Tweedy Cole Fernandez-Versini/Liam Payne ("One Direction")

312. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 02/27 **#2**
The only time she wasn’t nose deep in some coke last night was when this A+ list mostly movie actress who is an Academy Award winner/nominee was actually speaking at the event. Jennifer Lawrence

313. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 02/27 **#3**
This former A+ list singer turned A- lister/part-time actress is trying to show she supports Kesha by breaking off her association with that pig of a photographer, but they are going to do a shoot next month so by then I guess she will forgive him for being a pig? Lady Gaga/Terry Richardson

314. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 02/27 **#4**
This former A+ list reality star who everyone hates has been trying to get pregnant for a year. Apparently it is not possible for her to become pregnant because of some issues in her past. Paris Hilton

315. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 02/28 **#1**
This former almost A+ list singer is burning through all her money and loans/gifts from others and spending it on insanely expensive vacations and a new car. Kesha

316. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 02/28 **#2**
This former A- list rapper who moved into movies and television as a B- list actor moved from one abusive relationship to another. His ex has spoken out about how she was controlled and verbally abused. Now, his current girlfriend has been forced to give up her friends and had to delete everything from her phone except for our B- list actor.
Rapper: Shad "Bow Wow" Moss
Ex: Erica Mena
Current girlfriend: Keyshia

317. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 02/28 **#3**
This A list rapper is cheating on her boyfriend with a guy who actually seems to have a better future. The boyfriend is threatening to kill the A list rapper. Nicki Minaji/Meek Mill

318. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 02/28 **#4**
Usually it is the other way around, but this celebrity chef is being cheated on by her significant other who is also a celebrity but in an entirely different field. Giada De Laurentiis/Shane Farley (TV producer)

319. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 02/29 **#1**
ACADEMY AWARDS: At a pre-Oscar party, this married A list producer made it very clear that this B list singer/ingenue was his latest conquest. Apparently she wants a career in movies and he is going to make it happen. His wife must be so proud. Harvey Weinstein /Lana Del Rey

320. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 02/29 **#2**
ACADEMY AWARDS: This foreign born B list mostly movie actress who is only that high because of the monster movie she was in, clutched a vial of coke in her hand as her bag was screened at the security checkpoint. She doesn’t have an assistant because that is usually their job. Daisy Ridley "Star Wars: Episode VII - The Force Awakens"

321. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 02/29 **#3**
ACADEMY AWARDS: This A list mostly television actress from a very hit network show pretended to be all noble about appearing, but like a few others was paid between 50-100K to appear and some even had talking points prepared for them. Kerry Washington ("Scandal")

322. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 02/29 **#4**
ACADEMY AWARDS: At least during the show, the couple that had the biggest spark together was this foreign born almost A+ list mostly movie actor and this still technically married B+ list mostly movie actress. The spark was intense. I just don’t know how many more women he can juggle and if that is a road she wants to go down. Ryan Gosling/Jennifer Garner

323. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 02/29 **#5**
ACADEMY AWARDS: This foreign born B+ list now mostly television actress on a hit new network show had been hooking up with this married A- list celebrity for the past few months. She probably found out he cheated on her with women other than his wife because she was stone cold to him off camera. Icy cold. His game playing is going to explode. Priyanka Chopra

324. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 02/29 **#6**
ACADEMY AWARDS: Nicorette Part One: This foreign born A list mostly movie actress who is an Academy Award winner/nominee with A+ list name recognition was put in her place last night about halfway through the show. Smacking louder on her Nicorette than an SNL impression of Britney Spears, the actress was told to, "shut the fuck up," and that she was driving everyone crazy. Charlize Theron

325. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 02/29 **#7**
ACADEMY AWARDS: Nicorette Part Two: This foreign born B+ list mostly movie actress who is an Academy Award winner/nominee ran out of Nicorette fairly early on in the ceremony. Her actor significant other had a stash in his pockets which was also gone through. Our actress then started asking those around her for some. She was very quiet while chewing but went through a ton of the stuff. Naomi Watts/Liev Schreiber

326. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 02/29 **#8**
ACADEMY AWARDS: The actress from #6 was involved in an incident prior to the start of the show. Apparently she had been flirting with Michael Strahan, or at least he thought she had been so he made his move. She blasted on him and said it had all been for the cameras and the guy looked humiliated. Charlize Theron

327. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 02/29 **#9**
ACADEMY AWARDS: This starting to age A list mostly movie actress is a multiple Academy Award winner/nominee who is one of the few to be nominated twice in a year. She was so wasted on prescription pills and every time she took one during the night, and it was at least three, she would whisper, "my back." She wasn’t whispering it to anyone, just kind of herself. Julianne Moore in 2002 "Best Actress in a Leading Role: Far from Heaven" and "Best Actress in a Supporting Role: The Hours" or Cate Blanchett in 2007 "Best Actress in a Leading Role: Elizabeth: The Golden Age" and "Best Actress in a Supporting Role: I'm Not There"

328. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 02/29 **#10**
ACADEMY AWARDS: One of the biggest a-holes of the night award goes to this foreign born A/A- list mostly movie actor who is an Academy Award winner/nominee. He badgered a female seat filler the entire night. He would move from one seat to the next to get closer to her and just tossed out one sexual remark after another. He thinks of it is as flirting. It was awful. Russell Crowe

329. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 02/29 **#11**
ACADEMY AWARDS: This foreign born A list mostly movie actress who is a multiple Academy Award winner/nominee was rude to everyone the entire night. Her driver complained. Her assigned publicity people complained. She blew off countless networks and reporters. For someone nominated, you would think she would have been a bit more participatory and kind. Saoirse Ronan

330. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 02/29 **#12**
ACADEMY AWARDS: After blowing her cover multiple times last week, this B+ list mostly movie actress who does moonlight in a special kind of television, got her beard duties under control last night. She stayed close to the side of her project. Last week, the two guys she randomly made out with at a party really messed things up for her. Olivia Munn/Aaron Rodgers

331. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 02/29 **#13**
ACADEMY AWARDS: A huge fan girl moment last night when this foreign born Academy Award winner from last night met this A- list mostly television actress who starred on a long running hit network show before heading out to do her own show. No one could tell who was more excited to meet the other. They are going to be best friends forever. Alicia Vikander/Mindy Kaling

332. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 02/29 **#14**
ACADEMY AWARDS: The marriage that should never have happened is showing huge cracks. This A list mostly television actress from a hit network show cheated on her husband with her ex last week. The husband should be used to it by now but bailed on the award show. Sofia Vergara/Joe Manganiello/Nick Loeb

333. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 02/29 **#15**
ACADEMY AWARDS: This A list movie director also had a chance at Oscar gold last night for one of the other things he does, had to jump out a second story window the other night fleeing from the bedroom of a married actress. He had several versions of the story he was sharing last night.
Brett Ratner

334. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 02/29 **#16**
ACADEMY AWARDS: This former B+ list tweener turned bad actress/B+ list singer with A list name recognition was being hit on by several married executives at an after party last night. She spent some time in a quiet corner booth with the one who will probably give her career the best chance of moving up another few levels. It is not the behavior her bff expects from her. Selena Gomez/Taylor Swift

335. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 02/29 **#17**
ACADEMY AWARDS: At an after party, this A- list mostly movie actress/celebrity offspring spurned the advances of this A list mogul (she never dates guys of any color other than lily white) but did pair off with this foreign born A- list full frontal friendly movie actor. She is a bit desperate at this point. Kate Hudson/Sean "Diddy" Combs/Michael Fassbender

336. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 02/29 **#18**
ACADEMY AWARDS: This former A+ list singer turned A- lister/part-time actress was turned away from a party even though the host who hates her was out of the country.
Lady Gaga/Madonna "Madonna’s Bash"

337. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 02/29 **#19**
ACADEMY AWARDS: Even though he was definitely hitting on women right and left at a party, this B+ list mostly movie actor with a lucrative side job did make out with his male date every so often. Jared Leto (band "Thirty Seconds to Mars")/Designer Alessandro Michele

338. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 02/29 **#20**
ACADEMY AWARDS: At an after party, this closeted foreign born A list tennis player was doing her best to look like she was talking to this still married A+ list mostly movie actor but was really trying to gauge the interest of this former B+ list mostly movie actress who is married to an A- list singer/actor.
A list tennis player: Maria Sharapova
A+ list actor: Ben Affleck
B+ list actress: Jessica Biel
A- list singer/actor: Justin Timberlake

339. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 02/29 **#21**
ACADEMY AWARDS: Not wanting a repeat of when the boyfriend/possible husband walked behind a camera, this closeted A- list mostly movie actor walked the red carpet alone at this after party while his boyfriend/possible husband waited inside. Jeremy Renner/Kristoffer Winters

340. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 02/29 **#22**
ACADEMY AWARDS: I guess the problems at home are causing some issues with this very tall A list mostly movie actor. Wasted on a combination of drugs and booze last night at an after party. Sloppy wasted. Vince Vaughn

341. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 02/29 **#23**
ACADEMY AWARDS: That mogul I mentioned way way back in #1 sent a $200K car to this former Disney actress. He is desperate to sleep with her. He never buys gifts. You know, except for his wife when she catches him. Harvey Weinstein/Zendaya

342. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 02/29 **#24**
ACADEMY AWARDS: This former A list mostly television actor who switched to movies now that his long running cable show is over, was all over this B+ list entertainment reporter with the very long name. She only invokes her boyfriend to put off guys she does not want to hook up with. She didn’t mention the boyfriend last night at this after party with the actor. Jon Hamm/Maria Menounos

343. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 02/29 **#25**
ACADEMY AWARDS: It all started last month. A kind of war brewing during the Golden Globes. Oh, there have been a few potshots at other awards throughout the season, but last month it really picked up steam. This foreign born A list director who is a multiple Academy Award winner/nominee started trash talking this former A list mostly movie actor. The actor starred in one of the director’s recent movies but starred in a competitor this award season. Apparently the director started trash talking the actor and the rest of the cast and called the director of the current movie a hack or something to that effect. The director went on to trash this foreign born A-/B+ list mostly movie actress who is an Academy Award winner/nominee and starred in a movie for the director. Her significant other was a part of the competition too and our director said he would never hire the significant other. This just went on and on. Our a-hole of a director did not limit himself to just trashing his biggest competition, he took shots at every crew member or actor who was competing against his film for awards. Things got so bad that our a-hole director almost came to blows during the Academy Awards with a nominated crew member at the Golden Globes. At an event earlier this month, the pair had to be separated again. Last night, the tensions were super high. Some idiot sat the cast and crew of the three movies close to each other and during every commercial break they would start in on each other. If there had been more booze last night, there would have been fights. Our a-hole director was throwing the bird and shade at everyone who won not involved in his project. Backstage, the director got shoved by a crew member from the biggest winner of the night.
A list director: Alejandro González Iñárritu
A list movie actor: Michael Keaton
Recent movie: "The Reverant"
Competitor movie: "Spotlight"
Director: Tom McCarthy
A-/B+ list movie actress: Naomi Watts
Movie made with director: "Birdman"
Significant other: Liev Schreiber

344. MR. X 02/29 **#1**
ACADEMY AWARDS: Two different people, same subject. One was at the Elton John party the other the Vanity Fair party. One a B-list mostly movie actress and Oscar winner/nominee who has done TV quite a bit lately another an eccentric A/B-list musician. Both technically belong to that slimy cult but have been slowly distancing themselves and their families away from it. At these two parties, my sources overheard them talking about freezing their bank accounts because the SEC is closing in on the sect’s ponzi scheme which would make Madoff look like child’s play.
B- list movie actress: Juliette Lewis
A/B list musician: Beck
Cult: Scientology

345. MR. X 02/29 **#2**
ACADEMY AWARDS: What closeted (for now) former tweener actor/singer turned successful solo star was being hit on all throughout the Vanity Fair party by an openly gay journalist who happens to be one of the magazine’s main writers? I don’t know if they actually slept together after the party but I wouldn’t be shocked if they did. Brett Berk/Nick Jonas

346. MR. X 02/29 **#3**
ACADEMY AWARDS: What A+ list actor and Oscar winner/nominee slathered on the makeup last night? If you watched the show in HD you could clearly see he was wearing lip gloss. Leonardo DiCaprio

347. THE GOSSIP LIFE 02/29
This A-list actor threw the biggest temper tantum yesterday after their loss at the Academy Awards. 90% of their criticism was aimed at the studio for not properly campaigning on their behalf, and ‘all the marketing people – every one – should lose their fucking jobs!’ Sylvester Stallone

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Last updated: July 12, 2018