NOTE: Guesses in italics are only guesses;
guesses in RED are a link to the solution or substantial clues.


I am actually kind of shocked. I really thought when this show was canceled that the two co-stars, who were together in real life would end their relationship at the same time. Apparently she must think she can convince her boyfriend that he likes her more than other men. Probably not likely but she is still trying. Emily Van Camp and Josh Bowman "Revenge"

Things must be getting serious between this closeted A list soon to be former boy band member and his boyfriend. Not only have they spent every day together throughout the summer, but the boyfriend has been talking to realtors in Los Angeles about buying a house and he said they were going to buy it together. Xander Ritz/Harry Styles "One Direction"

This former A list mostly movie actress must really miss being in the public eye. Either that or her celebrity husband is trying to distract from the impending explosion in the relationship of another family member. There is no way that the former A lister is pregnant, despite any reports to the contrary. Cameron Diaz/Benji Madden (Joel Madden and Nicole Richie)

The former A list mostly television actress mom is incredibly supportive, but her former A list ex is less than thrilled that one of their children is gay. Pamela Anderson/Tommy Lee (Brandon or Dylan)

This married A+ list mostly movie actor had a nanny watch his child/ren for a few hours so he could hook up with a fan he had met earlier in the day. He is not usually that indiscreet. Brad Pitt

This seasonal A list singer in a relationship hooked up with his celebrity ex last night. Josh Groban (Christmas albums)/Katy Perry (both in NYC)

This married B- list mostly movie actress with A+ list name recognition and a lucrative side gig has been hounding this A+ list celebrity couple who would be A+ list in every country in the world. Our actress wants to do business with the couple but they can’t stand her. Our actress basically changed her entire schedule just to try and run into them. Jessica Alba/Victoria and David Beckham

This celebrity offspring/hopefully one hit wonder made his girlfriend sit in a hot car for almost two hours because he had a meeting and didn’t want her to come because it would make a bad impression but also wouldn’t let her go somewhere because he didn’t want to be kept waiting for her when his meeting was over. Tool. Robin Thicke

This former A+ lister turned A list singer has apparently asked her sister to be a surrogate. Our singer wants kids, but does not want to take the time to be pregnant herself. Katy Perry

10. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 09/01 **#10**
The good news is that this B list singer showed up sober for a kid’s event. The bad news is she did not leave sober. She needs help and her husband is trying. Fergie/Josh Duhamel (son’s second birthday)

11. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 09/01 **#11**
I woke up yesterday to an e-mail from Bani. She did it. Did you see it? She will be the first to get mid seven figures for one night for sure. We definitely expected it at some point, but not so soon. This will drive her price so high. My phone has been buzzing non-stop since she did it. This is the biggest response I’ve ever seen." Attached to the e-mail was a photo. I had not seen it, but there it was. A photo sent out to the world through social media from a huge worldwide event. She was letting them know. Let me back up for a second. One thing Bani and I discussed was a way for sellers to let buyers know that they can keep a secret. The last thing you want any of these people doing is blabbing. The buyers never blab except to each other. You would think the sellers would have it worse if they talked about it, but the buyers could be put to death, so they kind of need the secrecy thing even more so. So, how is this all communicated without actually speaking. Well, a lot of it I documented earlier with the website they use and the modeling shoots in Miami. Those are ways, but sometimes it isn’t possible to do that, but the seller wants to let every possible buyer know they will stay very quiet. It is called the pose. Usually you cross your legs and put a finger to your mouth to symbolize, "Shhh," or "Be quiet." This is what our barely legal A list reality star did the other day and in the Middle East Bani says they are going crazy. In my mind it is crazy to pay say $5M for sex for one night, but it is not much less than she would get for a porn and now we know she can keep a secret. Kylie Jenner (at MTV MVA’s)

12. BLIND GOSSIP 09/01 **#1**
Did you notice that this VERY famous actor was out of sight for a few days? Well, there’s a reason for that. He was in the hospital for a secret procedure… to have his sperm extracted! Typically, this procedure is done on men who have had a vasectomy. Rather than reversing the vasectomy, the sperm is retrieved using Testicular Sperm Aspiration (TESA), Percutaneous Sperm Aspiration (PESA), or Testicular Sperm Extraction (TESE). Yes, it’s painful. The doctors generally recommend against using the extracted sperm for artificial insemination, as the quantity of the sperm retrieved is very low. Instead, the sperm are usually used in IVF (In Vitro Fertilization). Even with IVF, there has to be a perfect storm of biology and science to have a viable pregnancy, and this couple has several challenges. Both of them are on the older side. Our actor is over 40, and the volume, motility, and structure of sperm all decline with age. His wife also has her challenges, as women’s fertility drops steeply after the age of 35, and underweight women have a more difficult time getting pregnant. Even if his sperm is viable, her eggs are viable, and she is healthy, there is still less than a 50% chance per cycle that she will get pregnant. So, in summary, it looks like our actor may have had a vasectomy but now wants descendants. His sperm is going to be married with an egg in a laboratory. And – if all goes well – he and his new wife will have a baby next year! It will be the first child for both of them. BG Note: Not all men who undergo sperm extraction have had vasectomies. Some have azoospermia, a medical condition where a man does not have any measurable level of sperm in his semen. Azoospermia affects about 1% of the male population, and is associated with very low levels of fertility or even sterility. George & Amal Clooney

13. BLIND GOSSIP 09/01 **#2**
This blonde leading lady with the musical husband has spurred some pregnancy rumors by wearing baggy clothing while out in public. So, is she or isn’t she pregnant? Well, our film actress met up with a friend very recently. The friend had a gift bag for the actress. The two women gave each other a hug… and then the friend put her hand on the actress’ belly for just a second or two. The actress smiled and said, "I know, right?" and then admonished, "But it’s still early!" While it was just a few seconds and a few words – and neither woman used the words "pregnant" or "baby" – there’s something about their exchange that seems very natural for an expectant mother in the early stages of pregnancy! Cameron Diaz/Benji Madden

14. BLIND GOSSIP 09/01 **#3**
These two singers were both at the MTV VMAs. Both are unmarried and under the age of 30. While they do have similar taste in music, they are not two people who you would easily put together as a couple. However, something obviously clicked with them, because they wound up hooking up after an after party. Yes, that kind of hooking up! She got home the next day around noon. She told friends that she THINKS that the sex was good… but she doesn’t really remember!
The Weeknd/Selena Gomez or Rita Ora

15. BLIND GOSSIP 09/01 **#4**
This famous film actress’ relationship with her new boyfriend is heating up. Sure he’s cute, but there is something familiar about him. He reminds us of her ex husband. You know, the one who treated her so badly? While they don’t look anything alike, the new beau is a similarly freewheeling kind of guy. Doesn’t have much use for rules or structure. He’s into tattoos and motorcycles. Not as much as the ex… but still enough for her friends to wonder if she is trying to replicate the old relationship so that she can fix what went wrong. She has a child to worry about, so we hope she’ll be more practical than that.
Sandra Bullock/Bryan Randall (Jesse James)

The network behind this series is preparing for an unmitigated disaster. It started off as a risk with mostly a foreign cast (no stars) and a unique premise, but it’s quickly escalated into a guaranteed flop with dull scripts and mediocre acting. They’ve already cancelled the show, but they’re still going to the air the series as a limited miniseries of some sort. ‘They were going back and forth between canceling the show before it aired, losing loads of cash and garnering the bad publicity that comes with it, or just airing it in a quiet timeslot and hoping no one notices.’ "Flesh & Bone" (Starz)

This B list mostly television actor has not done much since his long long running network hit show ended last year. Apparently he is not the easiest person to work with and got into numerous arguments on an almost daily basis with the cast and director of his latest project so walked out on the entire production. Josh Radnor "How I Met Your Mother" (replaced in Broadway show "She Loves Me" with Zachary Levi)

Behind the backs of her family, this former reality star who only stands out because she is old enough to get married and move away from the home is in talks to have her own reality show which is why she is being so vocal about certain things going on around her. She is also perfectly willing to do whatever it takes and say whatever it takes to get her own show.
Jessa Duggar (and then she got one but had to share. She is thirsty. She wants her own show)

Usually it is this A list now mostly movie actor who is doing the yelling and berating at his wife. The other night it was her yelling at him about the junk food he was eating and that he looked fat. Hilaria and Alec Baldwin

This former A- list mostly television actress from a hit network show that ended ages ago has turned into a C lister who is only that high because of the show and her ability to stay in the headlines because of news about her. She skipped out on a major event because she is so strung out on drugs she does not do anything but use and try and find more drugs to use. Mischa Barton ("The O.C.")/"breach of two contracts to provide services for the film Promoted"

In addition to his drinking issues, this married A list talk show host has also been hooking up with a former tweener actress. Jimmy Fallon/Victoria Justice

This A list model/celebrity/host fell asleep at her table the other night during dinner. She really needs to learn to control her drinking. Chrissy Teigen

This former B+ list tweener turned A-/B+ list singer could be overheard the other day talking to her makeup person that she has been purging again because she feels like she is gaining weight. Demi Lovato

This foreign born former A+ list athlete who probably has the highest name recognition from his sport ever is cheating on his wife with a college student he met at a speaking gig. David Beckham

This network reality star is faking an injury so she can collect a higher paycheck elsewhere. Petra Murgotroyd "Dancing With The Stars"

26. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 09/02 **#10**
This long long time reality star loves being on television. The rest of her family? Not so much. She doesn’t care though. Anyway, she is pitching another season of her show which would follow her as she gets ready to be married and married. The one big problem is that her boyfriend has not even asked her and has no plans to. Maybe she thinks she can convince him or something or fake it. Kate Gosslein/Jeff Prescott (instead he dumped her)

27. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 09/02 **#11**
#1 – Probably not a good idea for this B+ list reality star/celebrity to be leaving her celebrity husband at home alone for a long period of time especially with the relationship he has developed with a woman at a store he seems to go to every day. Kendra Wilkinson/Hank Baskett

#2 – This foreign born B list mostly television actress on a hit cable show is sweating that no one sees some footage of her from a couple of years ago doing coke. It is not that big of a deal but it would be a huge deal to her possible future bosses in a life changing gig. Olivia Cooke "Bates Motel" (up for lead in "Star Wars VIII")

#3 – This Housewife probably should be careful with who she ticks off. The person ticked off is about to release a list of all the married men the Housewife has slept with over the past year. Cynthia Bailey releasing list about Porsha Williams "Real Housewives of Atlanta"

28. BLIND ITEM 09/02 **#1**
She knew exactly who he was beneath the smiling, perfect veneer before she ever married him. Just because he’s a leader in his field doesn’t mean that he has integrity. She knew that he had a slimy side to him. She knew that he was a liar and a cheater and that the perfect exterior was just thin veneer. She knew this and she went and married him anyway. She wanted to be half of a perfect-looking, top-of-their-game, ultra-rich, ultra-famous couple and that’s exactly what she got. She gave him a pass on the rest. However, veneer is fragile. As the years pass, it’s bound to chip and rub off at some point. And now that the rest of the world sees what she has always known – the lying and the cheating and the drinking and the gambling and the girls – she is furious. Not shocked or surprised. Just angry. Angry at him that he couldn’t keep the ugliness tucked away to maintain that perfect exterior for her and for their family. After the incident with [Her husband] and [famous actor], she just lost it. She was screaming at him that he was a stupid selfish bastard and that he was ruining everything they had worked so hard for. Now she has thrown down the gauntlet: He has to clean up his own slimy mess and repair the veneer, or she is going to divorce him. Don’t underestimate her just because she is pretty. Don’t expect her to express her anger in public, either. She is totally in control of her own reputation… and she NEVER slips.
He: Tom Brady (Ben Affleck)
She: Gisele Bundchen

29. BLIND ITEM 09/02 **#2**
Given the histories of these two drama queens, we were a little surprised that we hadn’t heard anything about either of them from the set of their new TV show. Until now. It turns out that one of the actresses was sure that the other actress was getting more lines than her in a particular episode. So she had a crew member sit there with the script and actually count the number of lines each actress was receiving! The crew member later told others on set: I sat there and started counting, but as soon as [First Actress] walked away, I stopped. The whole thing was so stupid! But I knew that if I didn’t confirm her theory that she would just go on about it. So when she came back I told her that [Second Actress] did get more LINES, but that [First Actress] actually had more total WORDS, so her part was actually bigger. I even made up some numbers to go along with it, and that seemed to satisfy her. Lea Michele/Emma Roberts "Scream Queens"

30. RADAR ONLINE 09/02
Everybody knows that the MTV Video Music Award Show is one of the craziest, most unpredictable broadcasts of the year. But as weird as things get on stage, that is nothing compared to the compared to the wild, coked-up antics that celebrities display behind the scenes — and is privy to all of the too rude details! Read through these blind items and see if you can figure out which celebs were behaving badly at the MTV VMA after-parties!
1. Which actress-turned-singer stunned onlookers with her obvious attraction to women? Maybe that’s the reason she hasn’t had a high-profile boyfriend in years! Hailee Steinfeld
2. Which still-barely-legal singer and sometime actress tossed her cookies after several fireball shots? "She was a mess," an eyewitness tells Radar. Ariana Grande
3. Which pretty brunette was seen popping an anti-nausea pill after a few too many drinks? Selena Gomez
4. Which former child star was seen asking around for Ambien or Xanax? "When I told her no, it was like I didn’t exist any more!" one source told Radar. Demi Lovato
5. Which rising pop star was spotted doing cocaine in the bathroom with a gaggle of giggling female fans?

This child star is on a hugely popular show. He’s grown up before your eyes and is in his mid teen years. He’s an out and open homosexual, but that information won’t be released any time soon. Isaac Hempstead Wright (Bran "Game of Thrones")

He might’ve been doin’ a celebratory Money Dance yesterday, but this Mississippi MC Blind Item is obviously overcome by fear of foreclosure, today. Don’t believe me.. Just ask The-Dream! Our blind item is far from being a stranger to pulling full-fledged identity-takeovers. Don’t ask his Diddy, ask Fiddy! And even though he’s a rapper rollin’ on a front factor that carried him all the way to the top, breakin’ banks … insiders suspect that it was only a matter of time before the universe presented him with his new found set of financial woes. That’s because they say it’s just a chip off the ol’ Holyfield. It’s a situation that’s reportedly caused a trickle down effect spilling all the way to our lyin’ azz lyricist’s IG THOT. Know how? Sources say now pulling tricks in Maybach’s across Hollywood, rather than pushing Maybachs across the ATL. "L___ is out here in Hollywood tricking her ass off. She’s working for the same escort agency that A___ R___ is working for." ~Insider. Dig the Drop: "His wing spots ain’t making paper like he thought they would. That’s why he’s rushing to put out another album. His recent charges and legal fees got him up against the ropes. I guess that’s why his girlfriend L____ G___ is out here in Hollywood pulling tricks with A____ R___."
Blind item: Rick Ross
LG: Lira Galore
AR: Amber Rose

They both have played gay characters, but both of these actors are closeted and dating each other. One is a B- list mostly television actor who was last seen on a hit network show. The other was a constant on a hit almost network show that had much bigger stars. Now he is a take what you can get and probably will end up being on Broadway a lot just like our B- lister. Darren Criss "Glee"/Aaron Tveit "Gossip Girl"

This married A+ list athlete got caught up with the wrong thirsty D list celebrity. She is accused of homewrecking one home, but really it is the home of the A+ list athlete that she really messed up. Well, he messed it up too. Hope the sex was worth it.
A+ list athlete: Tom Brady
D list celebrity: Christine Ouzounian (Ben Affleck)

This long time A- list mostly television actor has gone from one hit to the next whether it be network or pay cable. Not much luck in movies except as part of an ensemble. He is married and known to cheat but apparently an experience a couple of weeks ago did not go well. The woman in question said the actor could not perform and blamed it on medication he was taking. Kelsey Grammer

This A- list mostly movie actress/part-time behind the camera person was at an event earlier this week and acting strange. Talking to herself and glassy eyed. She has never had a drug rumor about her, but the married actress is going through some personal issues at home so maybe it is related to that.
Elizabeth Banks (and now she cited family issues for pulling out of the next "Pitch Perfect")  (Venice Film Festival 2015)

This A+ list singer almost got arrested the other day while flying. She refused to get off her cell phone before taking off. She finally did but then called the flight attendant bitch throughout the flight and called her that to her face and when told to stop refused. She was just an overall pain. It was only when the co-pilot came out and warned her that the singer got better. Rihanna

This former A+ list mostly television actor has cancer but is still continuing his partying ways. Charlie Sheen

The significant other of this A list mostly television actress from a hit network show says when they first started dating that she made him delete every number from his phone other than his family that was a woman. Kaley Cuoco-Sweeting/Ryan Sweeting ("The Big Bang Theory")

This married permanent A list female singer hooked up with a female former A list celebrity while they recorded together. Dolly Parton/Queen Latifah

He has really turned into a dirty old man. The 200 year old former A list mostly movie actor father of an A+ lister had his hand up his girlfriend’s skirt most of dinner the other night even while he was eating. They were seated in such a way that about ten percent of the place could see them and this was not on the thigh either. Jon Voight (Angelina Jolie)

42. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 09/03 **#10**
The wife of this soon to be A+ list again mostly movie actor once tried to hit on the actor’s close to legal daughter. Amber Heard/Johnny Depp (Lily-Rose)

43. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 09/03 **#11**
Over the past few months I have not had much luck in getting hold of an old friend. I understand why I can’t and hope she gets the help she needs. When healthy she is one of kinder celebrities I have encountered and back in the day I witnessed a really cool act of kindness performed by her and her then husband. When this incident happened she was A+ list. She was in a group but it was all her that made it pop. Her group was touring with another group that still lingers but had its heyday about the same time as our foreign born former A+ lister. I was there because of the other group and everyone decided to go to lunch. Both groups together. It was a mutual admiration society. All told with friends and whatever there were about 25 of us. No one bothered to call a restaurant we all just showed up. Seating 25 people was going to be an issue. All the tables were filled and there was a deadline to get back and no one wanted to get back in the vehicles and find another place to eat. This was in a strip mall and one of the stores was a True Value or Ace Hardware. Our singer walked over and saw they had picnic tables for sale so she bought all they had and then some traffic cones and rope and blocked off part of the parking lot and set up the tables. She then went back to the restaurant and told them her plan and they agreed to deliver the food. It was a Mexican place and they just served a bunch of different fillings with tortillas and brought out chips and salsa. Basically it became one big buffet. Our singer felt bad for the patrons inside because their lunches had been disrupted so she bought all of them lunch and gave them all tickets and backstage passes to the show and boozed them up like crazy that night. She went to all the owners and employees of the stores in the strip mall and invited them all to eat for free at the buffet and did the same thing with tickets and passes. She paid the bill for the entire place and for a tip she tripled the amount of the bill. It was just something I will never forget. All of these people who were gathered together almost instantly and all together eating lunch out on picnic tables in the middle of a parking lot.
Old friend:
Dolores Oriordan (ex-husband: Donald Burton)
Group: "The Cranberries"
Other group: "The Band"

44. BLIND GOSSIP 09/03
This champion athlete is furious that some very incriminating photos of him are being offered for sale and may be published. Some of the photos show him snorting cocaine. Others show him being fisted by another person. The photos are so graphic that even the biggest news outlets would not purchase them for fear of being sued. By the way, when you figure out who it is, you will find the fisting part ironic. Oscar De La Hoya

45. POPBITCH 09/03
The failure of which latest big-screen remake of a classic TV show has been blamed on bad casting choices? Studio execs have been pointing fingers at one actor in particular, saying his inability to act wasn't even their biggest problem. It was the rate at which he hoovered up gak. Henry Cavill "The Man from U.N.C.L.E."

This A-list couple ARE divorcing and the announcement is imminent. They’ve been in this place several times before, but the A-list wife is adamant this time and when she’s adamant, she usually achieves what she wants to achieve. Kate Beckinsale/Len Wiseman

Just when our blind item appeared to find refuge in the safety zone, her baby daddy rapper is back with a vengeance to remind her that no band is free! "He told her that he was going to expose her by releasing her text messages where she confess to him that she used to pull 20K tricks in Dubai." ~Hollywood Insider. While she plays the field from Seattle, she’s also said to be threatening her baby daddy over child support payments. The drop: "He left her because she was sniffin’ too much coke. Onetime ____ locked her out from their room when they were staying at the Continental Hotel. He didn’t want her to get into the room because all she was trying to do was to get her cocaine out of her purse. He told her ‘I’m going to call the paparazzi on you’ and she took off. If she tries to take him to court to pay a high child support check? He’s going to expose her." Ciara (Russell Wilson)/Future

This A list rapper is not above picking up a few extra dollars by spending some time with men for cash and gifts. It would take her several weeks of touring to make as much as she will make from a few nights of partying with men in this foreign country. Nicki Minaj

It looks like this singer/B+ list mostly movie actor who is an Academy Award winner/nominee has dumped his most recent girlfriend or is cheating on her with this transgender reality star. Jared Leto (Valery Kaufman)

This A- list rapper whose name is horribly misspelled is cheating on his most recent baby mama and not being very discreet about it either. Fabolous

This B+ list mostly movie actor who came from television was supposed to fly back home this past weekend to see his actress significant other and their child but he hung back claiming he had to work. What he had to work on was someone he met on set. Jason Sudekis ("Mother’s Day")/Olivia Wilde

This B+ list mostly movie actress now that her hit cable show has ended was drunk at an event last week and drinking a beer. That somehow led to her telling relative strangers about the things she has done with beer bottles in the past and it was definitely R rated. January Jones ("Mad Men")

This former B list tweener actress from a very hit tween show that existed before there was the term tween turned basically a one off movie actress is still somehow a B lister. It is because of that show. Anyway, she felt when she went shopping the other day that she should get all her stuff for free and threw a major fit when they would not even give her a discount. She walked out without getting anything. Elizabeth Berkley ("Saved By the Bell") and ("Showgirls")

I have only ever heard this about men, but apparently this comic A- list movie and television actress who has had a very good year was having sex with a guy recently and she kept telling him how lucky he was and that he should appreciate it and just went on and on about herself. Amy Schumer

Do you think these two soon to be reality stars and currently bff will be best friends when the B+ lister who has dated and married much higher on the list finds out the B- lister slept with the ex-husband of the B+ lister. And not that long ago.
B+ lister: Amber Rose
B- lister: Blac Chyna
Ex-husband: Wiz Khalifa

#1 – This B+ list mostly television actress from several network shows that have been very hit and very miss, threw a huge fit the other day because she wanted a role and thought she was a lock. The producers didn’t want any part of it but her agent told her she had a great shot. A great shot? She never even auditioned. Kate Walsh ("Grey’s Anatomy") ("Private Practice") ("Bad Judge")/"Everything Carries Me To You"

#2 – One of the two women passed, but this married reality star who seems to go from athlete to athlete is headed to Dubai. I’m sure she will tell her husband it is for some kind of fashion thing. He doesn’t care. Evelyn Lozada PROBABLY: La La Anthony passed

#3 – Kindness- This A- list mostly television actress is on a hit cable show currently. Did I tell you she is an Academy Award winner/nominee. Anyway, our married actress is a big believer in helping out and serving and she has let her guest house be used by battered women escaping from men for decades. Hundreds of women have her to thank. She also gets them clothes and whatever else they need since so many are fleeing with nothing but themselves or their kids. Not Jessica Lange. Angela Bassett (Courtney B. Vance)/"American Horror Story"

#4- This foreign born B list mostly movie actress is in a franchise. A great role, but small. Second one coming up for her. She has had a long time secret boyfriend but they have been rocky since he found out she hooked up with a former co-star who could be a co-star at some point in the franchise.

57. MR. X 09/04 **#1**
What former A-list mostly television actress who is now an out of work B/C-lister has some important decisions to make in the next couple of months? Her thyroid cancer has returned and in between chemotherapy and taking meds (it took some convincing but she’s taking them) she’s been consulting with her PR people about whether or not to go public with her illness. If she does, she’s risking the chance of cutting ties with that slimy sect she’s been associated with for years and who are being kept in the dark about her cancer treatment. Hopefully everything works out. Kirstie Alley/Scientology

58. MR. X 09/04 **#2**
The rumors are definitely true. What athlete who has been in the news a lot lately had an Ashley Madison account? The wife found out after a family member sent her the link of his account via an email, and was so pissed off that she not only deleted the Ashley Madison account herself but she tracked down several of the women that her hubby was talking to. One of the women threatened to call the police after wife threatened to beat her ass. Tom Brady/Gisele Bündchen

59. MR. X 09/04 **#3**
What still married A/B-list host got a contestant on the TV show he emcees pregnant? Turns out she’s his newest side chick and our host had to beg the producers to give her some air time. Did I mention she already has a boyfriend? There’s been some hush money paid to him so he won’t talk. Nick Cannon (still married to Mariah Carey)/"America’s Got Talent"

60. BLIND GOSSIP 09/04 **#1**
The cast members of this reality show usually present a united front. That’s why we were a little surprised when one family member recently criticized another. Well, we just found out why. MONEY! She has no education, no profession and no other means of supporting herself beyond reality television. Her significant other is equally useless. They are worried that there is no money coming in and decided together that if she turned on a family member and badmouthed them, the public would like her more and they would be in a better position to book their own gig. Of course the move was met by opposition from family members, and she was reprimanded immediately for her actions. However, she got her point across. One of her sisters is watching our girl closely to see what happens in the next couple of weeks. If her sister’s strategy worked and she starts getting paid work, expect her to make a rebellious move as well in the near future. Jessa Seewald turned on her brother Josh Duggar

61. BLIND GOSSIP 09/04 **#2**
This young film actor wanted a role on this big HBO drama series so badly that he contacted the producers directly to let them know that he was available and that he wanted the part. They recently announced who booked the role… and it wasn’t him. Instead, they chose a different young actor who was featured in a very popular franchise film series. Our young actor was furious, yelling "But he doesn’t look anything like the brother! I look like the brother! He doesn’t!" What he didn’t realize was that producers didn’t want someone who looked like the brother. They wanted someone who looked completely different. And they GOT him!

TV Series: "Game of Thrones" (Sam Tarly's brother Dickon)
The other actor who got the role: Freddie Stroma
Popular franchise film series he was in: "Harry Potter"

This former A-list singer is no longer in contact with one of her parents. His messy behaviour has finally pushed her to the edge and she’s at the end of her tether. Their relationship is over for now. Jessica Simpson

He’s a man of many names; as well as the newest face on the Hollywood set of a popular television series. She’s the Boogie Down Boriqua who bumped him on his former Big Apple TV set, last year. That’s before our mystery pair ALMOST got married, in April. Most recently, his bark sent a buzz across instagram, revealing he’s pissed and she’s in the dog house. The question is why … Insider word reveals she was triggered during a recent argument between our blind item’s; leading her to bail on him; leaving him "still angry" and alone up inside their love nest at moms house. Don’t believe me.. Just ask Draya, who is said to be the person who introduced her to the hoe game. Check the Word: "She left the house and met up with Draya; and they had a threesome with Orlando. She’s trying to get a reality show. If it doesn’t happen, she’ll be running back to run back to Mona." Bow Wow/Erica Mena

This A list reality star is so scared of losing her loser B+ list rapper boyfriend that she does whatever he says. At this point if he told her to get EEE sized breasts she would do it. Nothing she does though will get him to stop cheating. Well, she could cut him off financially but she won’t do that. Kylie Jenner/Tyga

Several powerful people in the record industry are trying to get this former A+ list rapper who still gets there with a great record/part-time actor, either dropped from his current label or try and get radio stations to not play any of his music. They are angry about the people he has been meeting with and the views they espouse. Eminem/Louis Farrakhan

This soon to be A+ list mostly movie actor again was doing well. Then, his publicity hungry, all controlling wife came to town and had him using again within 30 minutes. She likes to be in charge and if he does not break free she will kill him. Johnny Depp/Amber Heard (Johnny Depp arrives on red carpet smoking a cigar but still gets a kiss from doting wife Amber Heard at The Danish Girl premiere)

KINDNESS: Technically this A list rapper with three straight number one albums is foreign born in an Amy Adams kind of way. A fan contacted him and said both of her parents were in jail and she had no one to attend her graduation. Our rapper not only attended the graduation but came bearing gifts and tickets to his show the next night. J. Cole (born on a United States Army base in Frankfurt, West Germany)

To make the producers as much money as possible and also the record labels, this foreign talent show which bombed here is rigged in its home country. You shouldn’t even bother to audition. "X Factor"

Combine a little coke bloat with some botox and fillers and this B list singer with a crazy loyal following who has had a quiet year after such a breakout, looks nothing like the singer who showed up out of nowhere a couple of years ago. Lana Del Rey or Kesha

This A list everything except daytime talk show host, which he sucked at, dumped the woman he wanted the world to think was his girlfriend. Hey, summer vacation is just about over and the need to have someone on his arm. He will roll another one out for award season. Ryan Seacrest/former Miss Teen USA Hilary Cruz

This closeted boy bander who is arguably the most famous from the group, hung out the other night with a pro tennis player who specializes in doubles. The tennis pro is out and open to friends and family so maybe our boy bander is taking a step that way too. Harry Styles ("One Direction")/Marc Lopez or Marcel Granollers

This former B list mostly television actress from a hit almost network show that is no longer on the air has achieved more fame for something away from acting. This week she slammed her actor ex/former co-star because he told her he didn’t want to have kids. It was a deal breaker for her. Apparently he just didn’t want to have kids with her since his girlfriend recently had a baby. Kelly Rutherford ("Gossip Girl")/Matthew Settle

This in the news former reality star from an A list reality family, has bailed on his rehab and was spotted at a hotel with a blonde woman. This should be good. Josh Duggar

The hopefully now actress ex-girlfriend of this A-/B+ list mostly movie actor who has been acting since he was a tween, says that whenever she did not spend the night with the actor his mom did and would sleep in the same room as the actor. Mia Goth/Shia LaBeouf

At a charity event this weekend, this B- list mostly television actor who literally works on 40 projects per year and is in an acting family not named Baldwin, was wasted out of his mind. The guy was feeling no pain and was not shy about sharing that fact with every person he encountered.

The reason this former A-list actor struggles to get any work now is because when he was an A-list actor, he spent the majority of his time smoking weed, fighting and accusing the majority of people of racism. His reputation recently lost him the lead on this HIT, HIT, HIT TV show. Wesley Snipes/"Empire"

This former A+ list mostly movie actor who might not get to work again found his latest girlfriend when he spotted her having sex with some guy on a free porn channel. He apparently spent thousands of dollars to track her down and has been dating her ever since. Mel Gibson/Rosalind Ross

It didn’t take long for this foreign born A list mostly movie actress who is an Academy Award winner/nominee to get over her actor ex. She is dating a married man who she has hooked up with in the past. His wife is on to him though and things are getting tense from every side. Charlize Theron (Sean Penn)

Apparently this former almost A- list mostly movie actress turned escort is having issues with her married boyfriend. He has cut her off and she is hooking up with a bunch of new men each week in hopes they will also want to marry her. The loss of her married boyfriend also means our former actress will soon start to have visa issues and may be returning home. Lindsey Lohan

Apparently in an effort to stop the constant payouts to his male lovers to buy their silence, this married, closeted former A+ list mostly movie actor has been given four men that are in an organization who he can use anytime without any fear of them speaking out. Yeah, but how big does that donation to the organization have to be. John Travolta (Scientology)

The drugs are really getting to this former tweener actress turned singer and it is 50/50 whether she finishes her tour before she heads to rehab. I wouldn’t be surprised if she pulls the plug on her remaining dates because right now drugs are her number one priority. Ariana Grande

It has not been that long since the wife of this foreign born dual threat A list actor gave birth. Apparently she is pregnant again but considering how little time the couple spends together, there is also some doubt about who the father is. Benedict Cumberbatch/Sophie Hunter

It is no coincidence that this beard and her A+ list actor boyfriend always take the same type pap shots. The tabloids want to make money too to print the stories and the best way is for her to wear as little as possible. Irina Shayk/Bradley Cooper

KINDNESS: This former A+ list singer in a group and solo who is a permanent A lister has been battling ill health for a long time. He is feeling better but has been spending several hours every other day at a hospital where he received treatment to bring some laughs and companionship to the patients there. He wanted to give back and this is the way he is doing it. George Michael

This foreign born A- list mostly movie actor from some of the biggest movies ever who can’t decide if he is in the closet or out, is on vacation with a new boyfriend which is definitely a jab to the guy who thought he was dating the actor. Luke Evans

86. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 09/08 **#10**
This A-/B+ list mostly movie actor is not taking his crushing box office bomb very well at all. Sobriety is in the rear view mirror. He is blaming his sobriety on the movie being bad.
Zac Efron ("We Are Your Friends" among the top 10 worst wide-release openings in box office history)

87. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 09/08 **#11**
None of you would probably be able to get this actor’s name, but you would all know the character he played on television as a teenager. This was back in the day. The show did not run for all that long but had at least one huge name who was on it and several others who keep working today. Our actor was popular during the run of the show and had three separate entertainment projects going on at once. A few years after the show ended, our actor, who is closeted, met another man and contracted HIV which developed into full blown AIDS. Everyone thought he was going to die. Everyone kept expecting the call but it never came. He fought it off long enough for the drug cocktail to appear and continues to live today although he continues to be in ill health most of the time. He has his bills paid for him by that huge name who starred with him on the show.

This young A-list singer is constantly sniffing up cocaine that he’s considered to be ‘severely addicted’ by many of his team. They’re protecting him, but it’s only a matter of time before someone leaks something to the press. Sam Smith; Ed Sheeran

89. BLIND GOSSIP 09/08 **#1**
Most people would take acting classes to become an actor, but this famous athlete isn’t most people. He is using a "push" strategy to break into acting. He had his publicists go on various message boards and try to rally fans into putting the athlete up for a classic men’s film role. The unsuspecting fans took the bait, and now the athlete is in the headlines as being "considered" for the famous role. No. It’s all a lie. He is NOT being considered for the role. It’s just a PR stunt by his team. Other than doing a few commercials (in which he plays himself), he has no acting experience. By the way, his wife tried to stunt her way into an acting career as well, and it didn’t go so well for her. Perhaps they could take some acting lessons together… if they can stand to be in the same room together for more than five minutes.
David Beckham/Victoria "Posh Spice" (to play James Bond)

90. BLIND GOSSIP 09/08 **#2**
You may feel bad for this handsome TV star now that he has broken up with his actress girlfriend. Don’t. He already has a new girlfriend. Actually, two of them. One is an actress. One is not. They don’t know each other but each thinks that they are "the only one." Up until now, he has been telling each of them that he couldn’t be seen in public with them because the public thinks that he has been with the same woman for many years. Now that the breakup has been announced, it will be interesting to see which of them he trots out in the next few weeks… and how he’s going to explain it to the other one! Yes, he’s a dog. Always has been! Jon Hamm/Jennifer Westfeldt

This Neo Soul man seems to be on a DL tip, leading a double life. Know why? On one hand, our blind item is a man with a baby and a soon-to-be bride (so it’s said). But on the other hand, he’s a dude with a fetish for spying on naked men. Just ask Jeezy! "Just chillin’ one day, I was like, ‘Is that… Jeezy? "I hit him up, ‘Yo, you probably shouldn’t walk around naked – I can see you." Rumor has it that our blind item and his Independent Woman regularly welcome men to the swings of their playground. And guess what.. Sources say he wouldn’t have it any other way! "He’s all about nekked men being all up in the room, jumpin’ off all over…" Here’s what a source reveals about our blind item: "His fiance had an ad on Backpage because she was an escort. He got with her because, she’s not going his beard, she’s there to bring the boyzzz home for him." Can you guess who I’m talking about? Ne-Yo/Crystal Renay

This A- list mostly movie actress who has been in a franchise, has the most squeaky of squeaky clean reputations but this past weekend did her own Burning Man type retreat and was spotted high as a kite on mushrooms. Anna Kendrick "Twilight" and "Pitch Perfect"

This foreign born former B+ list mostly television actor when he was on that very hit ensemble almost network show, who is now a B- lister living off that fame, has not been shy about showing off his boyfriend in public so hopefully he will just come fully out of the closet unlike his former co-star who still is deep in the back of the closet behind the clothes you have not worn in years.
B+ list actor: Ed Westwick
Former co-star: Chace Crawford
Show: "Gossip Girl"

The offspring of this permanent A list rock star is back on drugs in a big way and needs rehab again. Jon Bon Jovi’s daughter Stephanie

This A+ list mostly movie actor is out of the country promoting a movie. A hotel employee overheard the actor yelling at one of his flunkies for not checking for bugs in the room. Electronic ones. Apparently the batteries ran out in the one they use to check and our actor was ticked off there were no spares and that he wanted it swept by the time he got back. Tom Cruise  (in China)

This B+ list actress from an acting family told a friend that she wants the child of her boyfriend to call her mom rather than by her first name at least out in public. She says she feels like people view her as a homewrecker when he calls her by her first name. Kate Mara/Jamie Bell (ex-wife Evan Rachel Wood)

He is American born but doesn’t act it. This A-/B+ list mostly movie actor has been battling drug problems over the past year and while getting makeup done for a talk show the makeup person said there were noticeable meth marks on his face that needed to be covered. Andrew Garfield (born in L.A., raised in England) on "The Late Late Show with James Corden"

This foreign born actor is probably A- simply because of the two monster franchises in his career. He is still fairly young and is good looking but has started to color his hair and it makes him look like he is wearing some type of plastic wig on his head. Orlando Bloom/"Pirates of the Caribbean" and "Lord of the Rings"  (photo)

This former Housewife failed in her plans to get back on the show and is being hounded by creditors. Things are so bad she recently pulled a trick that could land her in jail if she is caught in order to get some much needed funds. Brandi Glanville or Kim Richards

100. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 09/09 **#9**
This A list mogul who really wants you to take him seriously as a performer spent the night in a tent this weekend with another man and had his long suffering girlfriend find another place to sleep. Sean "P. Diddy" Combs/Cassie ("Burning Man" in Nevada)

101. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 09/09 **#10**
This former A list reality star who is still thankfully off the air, once had to pay off a massive drug bill by sleeping with the son of a drug lord. She spent the weekend with him at the home of this celebrity sex offender/molester she calls a friend. Paris Hilton/James Franco

102. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 09/09 **#11**
Not that long ago I wrote a blind item called The Grateful Wife. The wife of this foreign born actor who is going to be in what should be the biggest box office movie ever even though it has just started shooting. He also is and has been in some great shows. One of those shows was canceled and his wife was grateful because if it had not been canceled he was going to be with this A- list mostly television actress who has one huge career defining role she still brings out. Anyway, so many producers and casting people liked the actor/actress couple together they have been proposed for multiple shows. There is also the thing where our actress flew halfway around the globe every single weekend for several months and one of those reasons was to see the actor. The actor returned the favor by flying thousands of miles for an event where she was working even though he had nothing to promote. Our actor and his wife have not been spotted together since this whole thing started so they could be done. I hope they are done. He is so transparent and is not good at hiding it. Our actress is though. She always is good at keeping secrets.
Foreign born actor: Mads Mikkelsen (Hanne Jacobsen)
Upcoming movie: "Rogue One: A Star Wars Story"
A-list actress: Gillian Anderson ("The X-Files")
TV show together: "Hannibal"

103. BLIND GOSSIP 09/09 **#1**
This young multi-hyphenate is mostly known for her work on TV. She recently got engaged. Good for her! It’s nice that she found a keeper. There’s a rumor going around that one of her exes – a very famous TV guy – is devastated about the engagement. A source close to the situation tells us: Devastated? Ha ha ha ha! He couldn’t care less. It’s not like he was ever going to marry her or anything. She’s not like "The girl that got away." She’s like "The beard that completed her contract!" Julianne Hough (Brooks Laich)/Ryan Seacrest

104. BLIND GOSSIP 09/09 **#2**
This reality show star – who has been really working the paparazzi hard lately – recently overdid it with the self tanner. While she may have been trying for a dark, exotic look, she actually turned a peculiar shade of orange. Someone from the show told us: She thinks she looks great but it just looks dumb. Someone looked her up and down and said, "Don’t tell me… orange is the new black!" We all burst out laughing but she didn’t get the joke. She was all, "What? Like the TV show?" Once you think about her family’s dating tendencies, the joke actually makes perfect sense. Khloé Kardashian or Kourtney Kardashian

105. BLIND GOSSIP 09/09 **#3**
There is something odd about this reality star. We’re not just talking about the obvious things. She’s very duplicitous. She tries to come across as sweet and innocent when she is incredibly scheming and selfish. [My side of the family is] very upset with [her] right now! [She] is so insecure and so competitive that she can’t let any of us have the spotlight for five minutes without jumping in and pushing us aside? Why can’t [she] let anyone else shine? Her actions were rude and uncalled for. She’ll get hers! You know the type. She’s like one of those women who wears a white dress to another woman’s wedding.
Michele Duggar posted about her niece Amy’s wedding facebook, she talked about Jessa’s wedding photos and encouraged everyone to go to Jessa’s website. At Amy’s wedding there was alcohol, dancing and the bride wore a strapless dress with a peekaboo panel around her midriff.

106. THE GOSSIP LIFE 09/09
The reason this B-list actress wears her hair the way she does now is because her ex-husband hated when she wore it that way. Robin Wright/Sean Penn (short)

107. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 09/10 **#1**
Apparently this closeted B+ list mostly movie actor from a franchise that has one installment remaining, is taking PR tips from an A+ list mostly movie actor. Lots of PDA with a woman to really try and prove to the world you are straight. No one cares. it’s fine to be out of the closet. Josh Hutcherson (Claudia Traisac )/Bradley Cooper "The Hunger Games: Mockingjay - Part 2"

108. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 09/10 **#2**
This A- list singer from a permanent A list group had some early success solo but really needs the group to stay relevant. You would think she would be incredibly nice to her fans but that is not the case. At a recent event she ignored all her fans and stayed as far away from them in a VIP section. Every other star there was mingling but not our singer. She did what she was paid to do and nothing more. Kelly Rowland (Destiny's Child)/"Beyonce at the Budweiser Made in America Concert"

109. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 09/10 **#3**
This B list celebrity who is known for one look and made a career out of it, says that she will never do another threesome with a man in her life because every single time the man ends up with the other woman. She says one time it even ended her marriage because she came home on two different occasions to find her husband having sex with the woman they had both shared previously. Dita Von Teese/Marilyn Manson

110. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 09/10 **#4**
This foreign born B list mostly movie actress who had the ultimate actor insult happen to her last week, says she is exhausted being a mom. Yeah, I get that. She wants the world to think she is doing everything on her own but she has a fleet of nannies which she conveniently fails to mention in interviews. Sienna Miller  (abruptly cut from Johnny Depp film "Black Mass")

111. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 09/10 **#5**
This former B list tweener turned A-/B+list singer with a current hit in the radio, has a boyfriend but she and her female lover had to be let back into their hotel room the other night when the balcony door got stuck and would not open. One of them was naked and the other had a towel. Demi Lovato (Wilmer Valderrama)

112. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 09/10 **#6**
This foreign born A-/B+ list mostly movie actress who is an Academy Award winner/nominee has given her actor significant other a million chances. He was well behaved for almost nine months, but apparently is cheating again and it is serious enough that this could be what she needs to finally walk away. Naomi Watts/Liev Schreiber

113. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 09/10 **#7**
A few nights ago, this B list model/celebrity offspring from a big celebrity family couldn’t resist when this A+ list female singer offered her some coke. That family sure does like their coke. She did pull away when the singer started trying to grope her while she was bent over doing the coke. Ireland Baldwin/Rihanna

114. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 09/10 **#8**
This B list dadager/former part-time reality star made a big deal about having two guys rub him down with tanning oil the other day while at a pool. Considering they were half his age it just looked creepy. Joe Simpson (Jessica)

115. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 09/10 **#9**
This designer turned reality star turned designer was just a bunch of bones at a recent event. People could not stop talking about thin she is. As in how does she manage to remain alive thin. Rachel Zoe

116. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 09/10 **#10**
This foreign born permanent A list model is married but it was not her husband she had sex with in a limo the other night before passing out from too much booze and drugs. Apparently the guy she hooked up with went home, but the limo driver stayed with her until she woke up the next morning. Kate Moss ("GQ" afterparty)

117. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 09/10 **#11**
All of these are celebrity couples that had a little kink they liked to explore with each other.

#1 – This sometimes A+ list mostly movie actor who is probably in a franchise still if they ever decide to make another, enjoyed having his now ex-wife who is a B list celebrity of celebrity offspring use a toy on him. He liked it best when she wore the toy. Antonio Banderas/Melanie Griffith "Shrek"

#2 – This couple also consisted of a celebrity offspring and his B list actress significant other who has been in two long running television shows. She has not done much since the second went off the air. His favorite thing was to have his actress significant other watch him with other men. Ashley Hamilton/Shannen Doherty ("Beverly Hills, 90210" and "Charmed")

#3 – This foreign born B+ list mostly movie actor is an Academy Award winner/nominee. He has been married multiple times and each time he would cheat on his wife because of his need to inflict a great deal of pain on them. The guy is a sadist and apparently his new girlfriend was a professional sub which is how they met. Gary Oldman

118. BLIND GOSSIP 09/10 **#1**
This musical TV guy LOVES all the fun rumors that are flying around about who he’s dating! Too bad one of them is definitely not real. [It’s just a] PR stunt for the upcoming season of [his show]. You can expect those rumors about him and [costar] to stretch over the entire season. They’ll both play along. There will be flirting and denials and maybe a few "dating" photo ops. It’s good for the show but it’s also good for them personally because it’ll distract fans from the ugly divorce stuff. We’re looking forward to a fun season of romantic musical chairs! Blake Shelton/Gwen Stefani "The Voice"

119. BLIND GOSSIP 09/10 **#2**
Does anyone care about this talk show whose cast has been endlessly reshuffled over the past few years? No? Well, you’re in good company, because neither do the people who work on the show! [The show is] so bad that none of us even fucking care any more. We smile at [the Producer] and fake enthusiasm but as soon as we turn around, everybody rolls their eyes. Most of us have already started putting out feelers for other jobs. It’s been a nice steady paycheck but they honestly need to let this piece of shit die already. "The View"

120. BLIND GOSSIP 09/10 **#3**
These two pop stars used to be friends. Then they stayed away from each other for a while. Now they’re buddies again. Why are they hanging out together again? Because neither one is sober. It’s hard to be judgmental about someone else if you are partying yourself. And as long as you’re going to fall off the wagon, might as well take an old friend down with you! Selena Gomez/Demi Lovato

121. THE GOSSIP LIFE 09/10
This now departed A-list icon is one of America’s most beloved figures, but if you knew the truth about her you’d be very disappointed and shocked – our A-list icon only thought about legacy and future at the end of her life. She, desperately disappointed with her children, deliberately locked them in an impossible legal situation after her death, meaning that neither of them inherited much of her hard-earned fortune but their children and their grandchildren would. ‘She actively schemed against her children,’ my source says. ‘They despised her for it. She didn’t trust them.’ Lucille Ball

122. SANDRA ROSE 09/10
This Blind Item fell into my Inbox about an hour ago. The tea is lukewarm because most of you know about this actress’ sexual proclivities. This B-list TV actress is said to be back on the prowl after 3 years of wedded bliss. Even though she’s happily married (to one hunk of a man), her friends say women are her weakness. My source says the actress, who is in her mid-40s, tried and failed to suppress her lesbian urges during long lonely nights away from her husband. My source says the actress keeps a girlfriend on the side. She reportedly makes sure the woman’s rent is paid on time so the blogs won’t get wind of her extracurricular activities. As always, you didn’t hear any of this from me. Tichina Arnold/Rico Hines (married August 2012)

123. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 09/11 **#1**
This foreign born B list celebrity who is an offspring had sex with a producer last week to try and land a new job. Meanwhile she is telling the public she does not care whether she is on television or in the public eye. She just constantly lies whether it is about how much she relishes fame or her drug use or even what color the sky is. Kelly Osbourne/Harvey Weinstein

124. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 09/11 **#2**
I get why the husband just calls them rumors. He would like to stick with his B list celebrity/multiple reality star meal ticket, but every single time the B lister leaves LA it is because she is cheating on her husband. Every single time. Most of the time she is getting paid. Kendra Wilkinson/Hank Baskett

125. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 09/11 **#3**
No girl code for our favorite foreign born B+ list singer/actress. She knew this former tweener turned bad actress had a date scheduled next week with this former boy bander turned solo singer. Not only did she go out with the singer but also had sex with him and then texted a photo of them in bed together to the former tweener.

B+ list singer/actress: Rita Ora
Former boy bander: Zayn Malik "One Direction"
Former tweener: Selena Gomez

126. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 09/11 **#4**
This former B+ list mostly television actress from a hit show that ended long ago has been living off that show for over a decade. She also stays in the news with her constant brushes with drugs. She is promoting a movie no one will see and on the red carpet no less was trying to coax some coke from a producer she has sex with regularly just for drugs and parts. Mischa Barton

127. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 09/11 **#5**
Apparently this A list talk show host has learned no lessons. The married host was bombed out of his mind at a club and loved all the attention he was getting from women and got lots of phone numbers. Jimmy Fallon

128. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 09/11 **#6**
Things are off to a rough start for this B list mostly movie actress from an acting family that no longer acts. Her new boyfriend has been cheating on her while she is out of the country. Elizabeth Olsen (Olsen twins)/Tom Hiddleston

129. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 09/11 **#7**
This talk show host had one of her producers fired when she found out the producer was hooking up with men all over the world for money. The thing is, the talk show host used to do the same thing back in the day before hitting it big. It wasn’t all over the world, but if you ask around town, there are lots of guys with stories to tell. Wendy Williams

130. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 09/11 **#8**
The powers that be over at that always looming cult are coming up with a response because one of their higher profile celebrity members who is married to a celebrity is on the Ashley Madison list. Danny Masterson/Bijou Phillips (Scientology)

131. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 09/11 **#9**
The drugs have started to affect the acting of this A- list mostly movie actor. There is only so much CGI they can use in the movie. They do need some acting and have decided to cut some of his scenes and add more of this A+ list mostly movie actor into the movie.
A- list movie actor: Henry Cavill
A+ list actor: Ben Affleck
Movie: "Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice"

132. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 09/11 **#10**
There is someone in Random Photos Part Two today and this blind is about them. Every time I pose a photo of her all I ever think of is a time I saw her at a park. That 30 minutes perfectly sums her up. She was with her baby and Jessica Alba was sitting next to her. Jessica was about to leave and the subject of our blind who we can call Orange for our purposes kept hugging Jessica and telling her how much she loved Jessica and she would text her later. It was a non-stop hug and hush fest. Meanwhile, Jessica was busy trying to prepare her husband and kids for the pap walk to the car which was the sole purpose she had come to the park and kept saying uh huh to Orange. After Jessica left, Orange called her husband and yelled at him to hurry because the paps were not going to stick around long. She did it from the bathroom but everyone heard her. So, the guy gets there. The entire time she was waiting she was in the bathroom. He gets to the park and has a blanket and a book. The couple then take the blanket, book and baby to a grassy part of the park. They lie on the blanket for five minutes pretending to read the book to the kid and to make them seem like the perfect family for the paps. After the five minutes they gather everything up and leave the park. Oh, I almost forgot. Fast forward a couple of months later. I see her randomly with Jennifer Meyer and they are saying goodbyes and Orange is telling Jennifer how much she loves her and won’t stop hugging and I am thinking to myself, "Is this normal for her or did I just happen to stumble upon her two best friends?" It literally went on for several minutes as Jennifer tried to peel herself away without seeming like a bitch. Jennifer might make some really over priced jewelry but she is really nice and was even more nice that day. In the world of fake there is fake and then there is Orange who is a step above all of that. She goes above and beyond to kiss up and to stay in front of any camera she can find.
actress: Jaime King/played Lemon on "Hart of Dixie"
with Jessica Alba
sucking up to Jennifer Meyer
in park with husband

133. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 09/11 **#11**
#1- She was paid to beard for this former A+ list tweener for a year and this week she spent two nights with this former A list mostly movie actress turned everything but acting to make a living with A+ list name recognition. The former beard was paid very well and also is going to get a pretty big acting gig because of it.
A+ list tweener: Zac Efron
Beard: Sami Miro

#2 – I don’t know how this B- list mostly television actor who has hits and misses since a drug related firing is supposed to stay sober with the amount of drugs his celebrity girlfriend ingests. Jesse Metcalfe/Cara Santana (fired from "Dallas")

#3 – This OITNB actress was at nighttime party and hooked up with a guy. Apparently they couldn’t wait to get a room or even a limo. They were both sloppy drunk and pawing each other and didn’t seem to care that everyone was watching. This was a good 30 minutes long. Natasha Lyonne/Dark Horse Wine Presents The Los Angeles Premiere Of IFC Films' "Sleeping With Other People"

#4- This foreign born B list model who never really seems to model but is A+ list at bearding for A+ listers, left a party early to have dinner and a sleepover with an NBA owner. Irina Shayk (Bradley Cooper)/Mikhail Prokhorov "Brooklyn Nets"

134. THE GOSSIP LIFE 09/11
This professional reality star who is likely B-list in her world is currently working on a porno to release. She’ll do the whole ‘stolen thing’ but she’ll be earning cash and publicity from it the entire time.
"Teen Mom" Jenelle Evans

135. LAINEY GOSSIP 09/11
A short and quick blind that gives some added insight into a high profile relationship: It’s not just John Travolta who uses spray to fill in his hair. But this guy fronts like he’s way cooler. So they have more than just letters in common. And he's pretty worried about the hair loss. Right now then he’s using the spray, so much that it stains the sheets, the pillowcases, hard to get out. So while his vibe is all chill, supposedly, he's just as concerned about aesthetics as his wife, which, I guess, is pretty obvious when you consider his signature style - another sign that this is finally the perfect partnership. Justin Theroux/Jennifer Aniston

136. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 09/12 **#1**
He didn’t sleep with the A list producer for this role, but this offspring of a permanent A list actor did introduce the producer to a late teens male friend who got our offspring the role. Kind of like casting couch by proxy.
Patrick Schwarzenegger "Scream Queens"/Ryan Murphy

137. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 09/12 **#2**
Speaking of sex for roles, this former host is tired of getting gigs based on who her significant other is. She wants to get them on her own. Her most recent gig as the face of a brand she got on her own but had to go the casting couch route to do it. All she says though is she finally did something without having to name drop or have her A list actor husband call in a favor. Camila Alves/Matthew McConaughey "Camila Alves Goes Back To School With Target"

138. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 09/12 **#3**
This B list mostly movie actor who is just as much of a jerk in real life as he portrays in the movies seems to have a constant A- list co-star as of late. Anyway, our actor was being his usual tool self on set this week and was in the face of a crew member who dropped something while our actor was running lines to himself. The actor yelled at the guy for dropping the item and told him he was lucky to have a job and there was probably some other minimum wage guy who would take the job if the crew member couldn’t handle it. I mean it was an epic rant. Totally uncalled for.
Actor: Jesse Eisenberg
Movie: "Untitled Woody Allen Project"
Actress: Kristen Stewart
Movies they starred in together: "Adventureland"; "American Ultra"; "Untitled Woody Allen Project"

139. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 09/12 **#4**
This short tempered A list mostly movie actor now that his hit network show ended isn’t really concerned about how much weight he gains but regularly gets botox and used to get fillers in his lips too because he thinks they look too thin. Alec Baldwin

140. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 09/13 **#1**
This foreign born permanent A list mostly movie actor is an Academy Award winner/nominee but is best known for a franchise that gives him that permanent A list status. He is also in full-time get off my lawn mode. The actor was at an event this past week and anyone who came up to him got an fuck you and he was just cranky. Hopefully that means he is feeling well. He is getting up there in age. Sean Connery "US Open"

141. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 09/13 **#2**
This foreign born former A- list singer in a group now makes her money reality judging in her country after an epic fail here. She also seems to get married frequently. Oh, and lose lots of weight. At a dinner a few weeks ago, she did the whole order a bunch of plates thing but try to stick to drinking wine. When she went to the bathroom she brushed her hair and literally a huge clump came with the brush and it was not an extension or anything like that. Cheryl Fernandez-Versini (Cole)/American version of "The X Factor"

142. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 09/13 **#3**
The girlfriend of this A- list mostly movie actor who has been acting since he was a teen and is a celebrity offspring, was at a premiere the other night and let it be known that she wants a reality show and feels like she has a lot to say and spewing all kinds of crap. She says her boyfriend is not really into the idea but that she can change his mind. Women who used to push him too hard got beaten, so I hope she is careful. Kathryn Boyd/Josh Brolin (ex - Diane Lane)/2015 Toronto International Film Festival - "Sicario" Premiere

143. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 09/13 **#4**
No one knows where they came from. Maybe she had pockets in her dress or her clutch was like Hermione’s bag, but this former A+ list mostly movie actress who rarely works now was munching on snacks she brought to a party. Her own snacks. Apparently she just nibbles on them every waking moment as part of her diet. She eats nothing else. She still has A+ list name recognition and her spawn and her exes are everywhere. She comes up with something strange almost every year, but no one could figure out where they were coming from.
Demi Moore/Salvatore Ferragamo 100th Year Celebration In Hollywood Rodeo Drive Flagship Store Opening

144. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 09/14 **#1**
This married foreign born B list singer has already made her husband accept that she is going to also be with her ex. In addition to that arrangement though is that she still hooks up with other men too, especially ones who are willing to share their drugs.
Singer: Lily Allen
Husband: Sam Cooper
Ex: Seb Chew
New guy: Zayn Malik

145. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 09/14 **#2**
This former A+ list singer turned A- list turned part-time actress was wasted out of her mind on some kind of opiate. No one thinks it was actually heroin but she could barely stand without being held up and dozed off a few times at some strange moments in time. Also, she really needs to talk to her plastic surgeon about the work he has been doing. Lady Gaga (Alexander Wang fashion show 2015 New York Fashion Week)

146. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 09/14 **#3**
This A- list mostly movie actor who is an Academy Award winner/nominee says his actor brother is the threesome king. I wonder what his actress girlfriend thinks about all of that. James Franco/Dave Franco (Alison Brie)

147. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 09/14 **#4**
This B+ list mostly movie comic actor who started off on television has a significant other but he hooked up with a co-star on the ride between the premiere of their movie and the after party. Jason Sudeikis (Olivia Wilde)/Andrea Savage or Natasha Lyonne - Premiere Of IFC Films' "Sleeping With Other People"

148. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 09/14 **#5**
At a Fashion Week show, this foreign born celebrity/reality host brought her dog. She thought it looked cool. The dog was a menace though and was yapping and peeing everywhere and the celebrity just ignored all of it was happening.
Kelly Osbourne  (Polly her Teacup Pomeranian)

149. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 09/14 **#6**
Last week, the producers of this show had to cut out most of what this A list singer had to say about fashion. It was so at odds with everyone else on the show that it will be interesting to see if they can piece anything together to save the most important episode of the year. Carrie Underwood"Project Runway" season finale

150. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 09/14 **#7**
This OITNB actress believed this A-/B+ list rapper when he said he was single. So, she hooked up with him and watched him 12 hours later hook with up with this A+ list singer. Dascha Polanco/Travis Scott/Rihanna

151. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 09/14 **#8**
At a Fashion Week Party, "Orange" was ticked off that paps were only shooting photos of her from the front and finally told one of them that her outfit was see thru from the rear and acted surprised when they started taking photos only from behind. It is specifically why she wore it. She lusts after the attention. Jaime King

152. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 09/14 **#9**
This foreign born B- list mostly movie actor is married. I mean he says it and his A list actress wife say it, but neither of them act like it and at fashion week he treated it like a candy store with the amount of models he hooked up with. Olivier Martinez/Halle Berry (apparently missed this the first time through looking for their dirt when they publicly split a short time after this)

153. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 09/14 **#10**
They both might be in awful/sham marriages, but neither of this couple everyone wants together seem to be into each other right now. At a Fashion Week event, this A-/B+ list mostly television actor from a hit network show was seen canoodling with a VS model who had her arm inside his and would not let go. He had a ton of lipstick on his face and lips from her too. Tony Goldwyn (Kerry Washington)/Toni Garrn

154. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 09/14 **#11**
Did you know there is another A+ list singer out there that is just like Britney Spears? The only thing that has managed to keep this other A+ list singer out of the headlines is that she is watched 24/7 much like Britney is now. Our singer was headed down a road of hair shaving and pink wig wearing but then got involved with a celebrity who saw their potential as a power couple. He loved the idea of creating a brand with her while at the same time being able to do whatever he wanted with whoever he wanted and she would never say or do anything. It is just not in her nature. Apparently she is almost dead behind the eyes and is happy just taking photos of herself and traveling the world. She would rather stay home then to have to get dressed to the level of what is expected. She would rather just watch television or talk to her friends. Her guy loves it. He goes out all of the time alone and is never asked about his life by her. Others close to her call him out, but not her. Beyoncé/Jay-Z

155. BLIND GOSSIP 09/14 **#1**’
This is going to be a shocking post for those of you who are fans of this young musician. He was such a nice kid when he started out, but now it’s all gone downhill. The drugs, the breakups (plural), the photos, the fights, etc. have becoming an everyday occurrence. Fans love him and want to support him, but his behavior is erratic, self-destructive, and very puzzling. So… why is he behaving so irrationally? A few months ago, he was diagnosed as bi-polar. He has been prescribed medication, but he is currently refusing to take his meds. Instead, he uses the drugs and the alcohol to manage his huge mood swings. Everyone around him knows that is becoming a danger to himself, but frankly, there is little they can do about it. Similar to the Amanda Bynes situation, he is an adult, and no one can force him into treatment until he gets to the point where he is a danger to himself or others. Until then, you can expect the irrational behavior to continue. There will be one Bonus Clue on Twitter later. Only one. BONUS CLUE: If you think this is about an American, you are looking in the wrong direction. Zayn Malik

156. BLIND GOSSIP 09/14 **#2**
If you pay a celebrity millions of dollars to be in a commercial for your product – not just doing a voice over, but actually IN the commercial – you want the talent on camera the majority of the time. Think Jennifer Aniston in an Aveeno commercial, or Rob Lowe for DirectTV. Those companies got their money’s worth out of their celebrity spokespeople, didn’t they? The last spokesperson for this particular company was game for anything the role entailed, and she was on screen during at least half the commercial. The company naturally expected the same of the new spokesperson. But they did something really dumb: They gave the new talent approval over her image. Uh oh. This a person who is wildly controlling about the way she looks, and who demands that her image reflect the kind of perfection that she simply doesn’t have in real life. By the time our celebrity sifted through the hours of footage they had taken, there were only a few seconds of film that she was willing to approve… and only after those few seconds were highly edited to make her look taller and thinner!

Old Spokesperson: Kate Upton
New Spokesperson: Mariah Carey
Product: "Game of War" video game

157. THE GOSSIP LIFE 09/14
Some production members are worried about how the second season of this hit TV show will turn out. A few of the cast members have been very vocal with their criticism of the writing and there’s been a whole lot of politics regarding certain changes. It certainly has all the ingredients for a recipe of disaster. "Empire"; "Fear of the Walking Dead"; "Mr. Robot"; "Agent Carter"

This infamous Momager can’t seem to land an Alpha Male to save her sex life! Just ask her latest boy toy, who’s reported to be Keeping Up With The Man-Crush He Has On Her Rapper Son-in-Law, rather diggin’ on her Senior Citizen Va-J-J! Don’t believe me.. Just ask Kimmy Kakes! "She’s depressed because her baby daddy is a tranny and her new dude uses his free time trolling Grindr looking for cock." ~Her Sister Hollywood insiders tell us … part of her Hollywood hook-up deal with this, her latest dude, involves her agreeing to "pay him in installments." And according to her Houghton, dude diggin’ his gig as her "side piece." Know why? His Xposed pub-position is a gig that lands him interaction with the MC at the center of his reported man crush! The drop: "He was overheard saying that he thinks K____ is sexy. She only dates gay men but she’s sometimes gets paranoid thinking that her new guy might end like B___." Kris Jenner

159. SANDRA ROSE 09/14
These two Hollywood exes have reportedly given up on men for good and are now intimately involved with each other! The two women recently got out of abusive relationships with men. The women reportedly began dating exclusively 2 months ago — and they don’t care who knows it. One of the socialites, who has no kids of her own, is very much involved with raising her lover’s daughter. Word has it that the woman has assumed the role of "daddy" in the child’s life. They say she spends her own money buying expensive gifts for her new family. She is very jealous and controlling. The brunette keeps a tight leash on her lady. She allegedly gets very upset if her blond bombshell even glances at a man. Her girlfriend loves the attention. Meanwhile, insiders whisper how easily the brunette slipped into the role of a stud lesbian. But it’s an open secret that she is an aggressive bisexual who prefers lipstick lesbians.
Blonde: Karrueche Tran (Chris Brown)
Brunette: Christina Milian (Lil Wayne)

160. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 09/15 **#1**
I’m making this a blind just to make it slightly more interesting. Much like the Orange ones, it is pretty easy. Let us call this person Red. She is in bad shape. Former almost A- list mostly movie actress who is in a foreign country now. She has had problems with drugs and booze before but she is on a whole new level now. I don’t know if it is because her relationship with the married man crashed and burned and she is having to make her living by basically being with a new guy every night and sometimes multiple men at night, but her choice of drugs has gone off the deep end and she is in real danger of overdosing and I don’t think it would necessarily be an accident. Lindsay Lohan

161. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 09/15 **#2**
The girlfriend of the former A+ list tweener who is still acting but crashed and burned badly on his latest effort, is hooking up with the drug dealing friend of our former tweener.
Sami Miro/Zac Efron

162. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 09/15 **#3**
After acting like one of the biggest divas ever at a NYFW event, this former reality star turned actress turned host is in danger of being fired from her hosting gig. The policy of the show is no drama and her attitude at NYFW is about the same thing that has been going on with the show. The NYFW incident was just the final straw. NeNe Leakes ("Real Housewives of Atlanta")/"Fashion Police"

163. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 09/15 **#4**
This B list mostly television actor burned a lot of bridges in his last big movie job and he does the same in relationships and also now on his current network hit. He is ticked his role has been reduced and the actor says he is going to start spilling a lot of secrets about the cast and producers. Considering the amount of drugs he takes and all his enemies, he is lucky to even be working. He should be thanking them. Terrence Howard (cut from "Iron Man")

164. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 09/15 **#5**
This aging permanent A list singer/performer/Academy Award winner/nominee has sold off many of her most valuable possessions. She was hoping she could tour the world and make it all back but things are not looking rosy on that front and there is going to be another massive sell off of her items which she hopes will last her the rest of her life. Liza Minnelli (cancelled tour)

165. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 09/15 **#6**
This former not very far back Bachelor contestant says the Bachelor who picked her has way more love for men than women. Chris Soules/Whitney Bishoff

166. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 09/15 **#7**
The foreign born mid-teens celebrity who is a celebrity offspring is in the blinds for the first time because she was doing lines of coke with some guys at a fashion week party who were all about three times her age. According to the spy it was a disturbing scene, not just because she is so young, but because the guys all looked and acted like they also wanted to have sex with her. Phoenix Chi Gulzar (Mel B's daughter)

167. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 09/15 **#8**
At a fashion week show this past week, this one year wonder, unless she also ends up as a beard for a former tweener was this celebrity. She kept spilling out of her dress and the jokes mixed with her title and her continued toplessness were priceless. Olivia Culpo "Miss USA 2012" (ex - Nick Jonas)

168. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 09/15 **#9**
This celebrity offspring of the less famous sibling in the family thinks of herself as a model but I’m not sure what kind of modeling she is doing with the horrible injections and fillers she has done to her lips and face. She thinks she looks great but looked so much better before. Hailey (Stephen Baldwin’s daughter)

169. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 09/15 **#10**
This former B list mostly television actress from a very hit cable show no longer on the air, has a new movie coming out and is terrified that it will flop. She is binging and purging and has lost a ton of weight off her already tiny teen frame. She looks super frail. Kiernan Shipka "Mad Men"/"February"

170. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 09/15 **#11**
Like so many other Instagram models, this model is not actually a model or fitness instructor or herbal tea sales person or any of the other million jobs they claim to work. Nope. This Instagram model is an escort. A very high priced escort. Like many of the escorts on the site, she takes a lot of photos. Things people have bought her or holding cash she was paid. Most of the time they say they earned it themselves with some kind of #blessed hashtag, but no one is buying it. Well, this particular model hit pay dirt a couple of years ago. She met a Presidential candidate. At the time he was not running for office but he is now. Back in the day when they first hooked up she took photos of the two of them together. Innocuous looking photos. She is at a dinner or a lunch. There are others around, but make no mistake, she was there to be with him. He is married. was at the time too. All of these events she attended happened to be in hotels. They would spend some time together before or after the event. No photos of that time together or so our candidate thought. It turns out he was wrong. No selfie queen would ever not document all parts of her life. She might not share everything with the world, but she is certainly going to keep it for herself and her close friends. Fast forward a couple of years. Their fling has long since ended. It actually lasted a bit longer than most. Suddenly on her page pop up photos of her with the candidate. First it was just the events. The photos she had posted a couple of years ago. She e-mailed the candidate with a link and of course he thinks nothing of it and probably thinks he could squash her if she says they had a relationship. Then, she sends him a photo of him brushing his teeth in a hotel room bathroom mirror. He has his head down but you can clearly see her in the reflection of the mirror holding the phone. He is wearing nothing but a towel and she is in a bra and panties. When he fails to respond she sends him a link to the photo and it is up on a new private Instagram account. He freaks out but thinks it can still be handled. They start negotiating. Things are not going well and she has promised to post the photo to her own public Instagram account by the end of the month if she does not get her dollar figure. She currently has several hundred thousand followers so this should be interesting. Donald Trump (POSSIBLY: Loredana Jolie or Ms. Maya Blue or Ava Xi’an or Natalie McLennan

171. BLIND GOSSIP 09/15
He dated one of the most famous pop stars in the world. She dated one of the most famous athletes in the world. There are rumors flying that they are now dating each other. True? No. Just friends. He’ll be smiling for the cameras with another celebrity "girlfriend" soon enough. He just loves how they bolster his fame quotient AND provide him with cover. She just needs to find a normal heterosexual guy who doesn’t cheat on her.

He: Charlie Ebersol
He dated this Pop Star: Britney Spears
She: Lindsey Vonn
She dated this Athlete: Tiger Woods

172. THE GOSSIP LIFE 09/15
This A-list actor and B-list actress were having such a torrid affair during the filming of their last movie that producers had to take them aside and warn them that their behaviour was damaging the outcome of the movie. Margot Robbie/Will Smith "Suicide Squad"

The producers behind the popular dance television show, that these two are now competing on, seem to have regrets in ever extending these two blind item ladies an invite to step on their ABC stage. That’s because the ratchet factor these two reality TV stars have brought to the set is said to be "stagnating production!" "Producers are growing tired both of ’em. They need to take that bad biz to the Jerry Springer show!" ~ABC-TV Source Check it: "_____ threatened to beat up ______ and _____ is scared to death. If they both keep up with their childish attitude? They’re both going to get voted off with the quickness." Tamar Braxton/Kim Zolciak Biermann "Dancing With the Stars"

174. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 09/16 **#1**
This former tweener turned talk show host is already over her most recent breakup. She has made plans to spend some time with a guy willing to pay to spend time with her. No, not in Dubai, but in Mykonos where it looks more like a vacation than business. Adrienne Bailon ("The Real")/Lenny Santiago

175. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 09/16 **#2**
This B+ list model no one had really heard of a few months ago, says that she and her A+ list actor boyfriend still have not had sex, but she had no problems name dropping him two days ago to get a table at lunch when the restaurant said the place was full. She got in and you should have seen her lead her friends to the table. Kelly Rohrbach/Leonardo DiCaprio

176. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 09/16 **#3**
Apparently this recently married couple who also recently had a child together are on the outs. The B- list mostly movie actor/celebrity offspring husband has been having sex at a friend’s apartment with a woman he met a few months ago and his celebrity wife just found out about it. Evan Ross (Diana Ross’ son)/Ashlee Simpson

177. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 09/16 **#4**
This C list mostly television actress who has done movies too, is a celebrity offspring who also has done reality television. She has landed her first big role and it is becoming quite clear why she never landed any big roles despite that big last name. Her acting is awful and producers are hopeful that that she can at least get some middling reviews. They are ok with that.
Rumer Willis  "Chicago"

178. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 09/16 **#5**
This foreign born A list dual threat actor is making himself a triple threat with his new project. He spends an hour every afternoon in his dressing room with a different woman. Never his wife though.
Benedict Cumberbatch

179. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 09/16 **#6**
I don’t know if it is blind devotion or love or what, but this current A list singer who could fall just as quickly as he rose if he doesn’t have a string of hits, made his model/celebrity offspring girlfriend show everyone around a VIP table at a fashion week after party, her bare breasts. According to one of the people who were there he basically shamed her into doing it and she looked extremely embarrassed. The Weeknd/Bella Hadid

180. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 09/16 **#7**
This recent relationship between a former A list rapper and a singer turned reality star turned actress ended because he found out about the threesome she did with her A list co-star and his on again off again girlfriend.
A list rapper: Lil Wayne
Actress: Christina Milian
A list co-star: Taye Diggs "Baggage Claim"/Amanza Smith Brown

181. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 09/16 **#8**
This A list reality star from an A list reality family might be the least popular of the bunch but she is cleaning up and loving being the beard for this A list athlete. Despite her young age, this is not the first time she has bearded, because she did it for a closeted boy bander not that long ago.
Reality star: Kendall Jenner
A list athlete: Lewis Hamilton
Boy bander: Nick Jonas

182. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 09/16 **#9**
February cannot get here fast enough. This A list reality star is probably the only person on the planet who does not know (or maybe she doesn’t care) that her athlete boyfriend hooks up with as many women as possible. Khloe Kardashian/James Harden (February is Kardashian free month)

183. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 09/16 **#10**
The he says he is the boyfriend of this A list in her mind everything actress/singer/reality star, has been hooking up with a male production assistant who works on the A lister’s show. Casper Smart/Jennifer Lopez "American Idol" or "Shades of Blue"

184. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 09/16 **#11**
#1 – This former A+ list mostly movie actor created a painting entirely out of his own blood. Jim Carrey

#2- This B+ list mostly movie actress is adamant about expressing who she is not dating because she doesn’t want her pushing grandfather age boyfriend to be upset. Elizabeth Olsen (guess the age thing runs in the family) (denies dating Tom Hiddleston)

#3 – This A list reality star was full on crying when she came out of a doctor’s office but by the time she hit the street and the paps had her game face on. Some bad news she wants to save for later maybe. Khloe Kardashian (removal of tattoo honoring her late father Robert Kardashian that says "Daddy"

185. THE GOSSIP LIFE 09/16
This A-list performer is currently starring on a reality show, but what she doesn’t know is her hustler fiancée is stealing money from her. ‘It’s like she’s under his spell,’ says my source. ‘She allows him to get away with anything.’ Jenna Jameson "Celebrity Big Brother"/Lior Bitton

186. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 09/17 **#1**
This married A list rapper/part-time reality star and recent name changer recently stopped having sex with his one hit wonder protege because his wife was fed up with her. The wife knew her husband was having sex with the one hit wonder and was fine with it but felt her husband was not getting what he deserved from the relationship so made the husband break it off. Strangest marriage ever. T.I. /Tiny/Iggy Azalea
 (changed name to Tip)

187. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 09/17 **#2**
This foreign born B list model was in a relationship with this former tweener turned bad actress turned singer, but has moved on to this foreign born A list model turned actress who does not promote well. One sticking point. The A lister has not told her girlfriend.
B list model: Stella Maxwell
Tweener: Miley Cyrus
A list model: Cara Delevingne

188. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 09/17 **#3**
This former A list singer who had a lengthy rehab stay, got such huge lip fillers that she could not even talk, let alone record anything at the recording studio her label rented at a very high expense last week. Kesha

189. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 09/17 **#4**
This Teen Mom should be more careful who she does drugs with. She probably thought this former A list singer would keep things quiet about the two doing drugs together. The Teen Mom obviously does not know the penchant of this singer turned actress turned possible murderer for telling everybody everything she does in life. Courtney Love/Jenelle Evans (Interview Magazine party)

190. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 09/17 **#5**
This A list model turned host wants everyone to like her despite not being all that likable. She has been spinning a yarn about how she is having a tough time getting pregnant. She isn’t even trying, because she thinks it will kill her career but she wants people to think she wants to be pregnant. Chrissy Teigen

191. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 09/17 **#6**
The son of this former A+ list mostly movie actress who had a good decade run at A list before watching her career dry up, says that his mom has started cutting herself on a fairly regular basis. Meg Ryan (Jack)

192. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 09/17 **#7**
This former tweener turned singer/former reality, basically drops f bombs every few seconds for most of the day. Last week a radio station was taping an interview with her and after five minutes they had nothing they could even use because of what she was saying. After a full 20 minutes they managed to keep two minutes of actual interview they could air. Demi Lovato

193. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 09/17 **#8**
This B- list mostly movie actress has also starred in a hit pay cable show. She seems to be most well known for who she dates and how no one likes her. Her former significant other is an actor. They have a child together. He was filming a movie and the actress called him. She said she didn’t want their baby any longer and he needed to come over and pick up the kid and she was leaving the house right that second. The actor had to postpone a scene, drive across town and the actress was not there. A neighbor was there watching the kid. Apparently the actress thinks the child is interfering in her work and love life. Evan Rachel Wood ("True Blood")/Jamie Bell (PK adds: maybe that’s why Kate Mara wants his son to call her mom)

194. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 09/17 **#9**
#1 – Being surprisingly good while at the shows is this B list mostly movie actress who makes her living almost completely through her franchise. At a fashion show earlier this year she was wasted and groping models and she was told she needed to be sober and stay away from the models in the future or she would be banned. Michelle Rodriguez

#2- This B list model/celebrity offspring is just the opposite of #1. She has been out of control with the drug use. Mostly pills and coke to get her through the busy days and nights. Hailey Baldwin

#3 – This model has a big name but she makes most of her money yachting. She spent 15 minutes trying to convince this mid-teens actress to join her on an upcoming trip. The actress kept reminding her she was just in her mid-teens but the model kept saying it didn’t matter. The actress looked horrified. Shanina Shaik/Kiernan Shipka  (2015 Harper's BAZAAR ICONS Event)

195. MR. X 09/17 **#1**
What C-list former tweener turned talk show host split with her fiancé after he threatened to blab to the tabloids about her extra curricular activities which earn her some additional money? He won’t be talking anytime soon after her PR people paid him not to. Adrienne Bailon ("The Real")/Lenny Santiago

196. MR. X 09/17 **#2**
What model turned professional beard is suddenly back on with that closeted athlete she supposedly broke up with several months ago? She must need a paycheck badly. Kendall Jenner/Lewis Hamilton

197. MR. X 09/17 **#3**
What mostly television actress who also sings on the side, shocked some people at a NY Fashion Week party because the latest plastic surgery done on her face made her unrecognizable?
Vanessa Williams

198. MR. X 09/17 **#4**
What former A-list singer who is probably better known for his personal life recently cast a transgender model as the love interest in his newest music video? This video vixen has slept with many closeted musicians, and she’ll probably sleep with the aforementioned singer as well. R Kelly/Sidney Star

199. BLIND GOSSIP 09/17
Despite the reports of him acting wasted and completely out of it at several events in the past few weeks, this young actor’s "girlfriend" has come out in his defense and is telling people that he is completely sober… and that they are really, really in love. The fact that she describes herself as a "marketing mastermind"- coupled with fact that her relationship with him is totally fake – should tell you everything you need to know about the truthfulness of any statement she makes. Sami Miro/Zac Efron

200. THE GOSSIP LIFE 09/17
The declining A-list parents of this despised C-list actor are refusing to accept him for who he is and are pretty much forcing him to obey their order on a very specific thing. ‘They think of the kid as a robot,’ says a source. ‘Someone to programme and deny/grant independence on whatever they wish. The kid’s not a bad boy and he’s very aware of what people think of him, but he’s not used to this level of strict parenting. His parents usually allowed him to do whatever he wished, but on this, they’re staying firm." Will and Jada Smith/Jaden (to come out as gay or transgender)

201. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 09/18 **#1**
This married celebrity couple are probably at their happiest point in their marriage. Thanks to an A+ list rapper, the husband in the relationship, who is a B list rapper has a steady side-piece who will keep her mouth shut while his A list singer wife has found a woman who she has been with for three months now and is a "nanny," at least for payroll purposes.
A+ list rapper: Jay-Z
B list rapper: Swizz Beatz
A list singer: Alicia Keys

202. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 09/18 **#2**
Apparently things are not going as well as they had before for this A+ list mostly movie actor and his model beard. She liked it when it was just the two of them traveling and having fun, but now he has told her some of the things and people he wants her to interact with and to really make it look like a relationship. She probably would be willing but the people he has introduced her to don’t like her and treat her like an employee, which she is if you think about it. Irina Shayk/Bradley Cooper (his mom)

203. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 09/18 **#3**
Earlier this week, this married B list mostly movie actress was hitting on a B list female singer who was A list as recently as a year ago. The B list singer was not feeling it and felt really pressured by the actress who was wasted on something and just would not take no for an answer to the point where the singer had to leave the club before she was scheduled to. Amber Heard/Kesha (The Roxy)

204. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 09/18 **#4**
The actor boyfriend of this former A+ list singer turned A- got another woman pregnant. Our singer still is trying to win him back though. Taylor Kinney/Lady Gaga

205. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 09/18 **#5**
This B list mostly movie actress from an acting family is about to get a restraining order against the ex of her current actor boyfriend. Apparently the ex is texting and e-mailing our actress and has repeatedly threatened her. Kate Mara/Evan Rachel Wood (ex: Jamie Bell) or Elizabeth Olsen/Jane Arthy (ex: Tom Hiddleston)

206. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 09/18 **#6**
Everyone thought at the show it was a little tent area for this former tweener actress turned singer who had a pretty great week to change costumes or fix a costume if necessary. Nope. It was a place she would run into for a quick bump of coke if she needed it. She always needs it for any show before noon. Ariana Grande  (debut of her first fragrance "Ari by Ariana Grande" at Macy’s Herald Square)

207. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 09/18 **#7**
This closeted foreign born B+ list mostly television actress in a hit pay cable show is having a bad week. The woman she has been seeing since award season last year just couldn’t handle the temper of our actress or always hiding from the public so she left. Emilia Clarke/"Game of Thrones" ("can’t stand" sex scenes on TV)

208. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 09/18 **#8**
The actress from yesterday who is on her best behavior at fashion shows, was a sweaty mess at an event this week. Wasted and dripping with sweat at a charity gala, she started taking off her clothes from the door to the sidewalk and was literally down to nothing when she stepped into the car waiting for her.
Michelle Rodriguez  (Unitas Gala Against Sex Trafficking)

209. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 09/18 **#9**
This A+ list NFL player who doesn’t play for Green Bay, should just come out already and be done with it. He is trying way too hard to make it seem like he is straight. JJ Watt (Houston Texans) or Russell Wilson (Seahawks)

210. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 09/18 **#10**
This A list mostly movie actress is an Academy Award winner/nominee. She is also married with child/ren. The guy she met on the set of her latest movie is the guy she has been hooking up with and doing coke with and the marriage, already on shaky ground is over. Julia Roberts ("Mother’s Day")

211. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 09/18 **#11**
If she is in town, and by town, I mean a little town slightly south of Santa Barbara. She is an Academy Award winner/nominee. You could argue she was A+ list at one point. Definitely A list. Foreign born with a permanent A list movie actor husband. Our actress has gone through some issues over the past few years, one of which is trying to keep track of her real age. I digress. Anyway, she has some issues she has worked through including her husband constantly cheating on her. One of the things these issues have caused is a lack of friendship. She has very few friends. Oh, sure she can air kiss with the best of them and put on a big Hollywood fake grin, but it is just fake. Empty. So, there she is, on the little main street in this town, strolling from shop to shop. She has enough money where she spends a few bucks at each store, but it is more a payment for letting her be there and talking to her. She can stay in a store for an hour just talking. Wanting to be talked to. She will make the rounds of her four or five favorite stores over the course of a day. It has nothing to do with what they sell, although her favorite does sell consignment clothing. Nope, what it has to do more with is the person in the store. She goes to shops which will talk to her and entertain her. Converse with her, even for a little while. Everyone in the town loves her and loves spending time with her, but for some reason she never does this with any other people. No one in the industry. No one when she is on sets. Maybe she thinks they are as fake as the air kisses they blow. So, if you are in this town, and it is a weekday, because she only does this on weekdays, don’t be surprised to see her in stores, seated on a chair, talking and smiling and laughing and at the end of it, purchasing something to make it look like it was all business, when it is really her trying to find a friend. Catherine Zeta Jones

212. THE GOSSIP LIFE 09/18
This former B-list reality star may be over the hill reality tv-wise, but she is still wanted by certain gentleman. She has been high price escorting to supplement her income. She’s earning over six figures a month. Audrina Patridge "The Hills"

213. BLIND GOSSIP 09/18 **#1**
This bubbly singer/actress has always been known as a bit of a ditz, but when she starts swaying and slurring in public, the first thing people assume is that she must be drunk. Not necessarily. While our girl loves her booze, she actually has a much more dangerous problem: prescription pills! However, she will NEVER admit to a drug problem. That would be much too damaging to her very valuable brand… and that brand is how she makes her living now. So her team will help her find a more acceptable excuse for her behavior. Glass of wine? Cold medicine? Something minor that can be easily brushed off and laughed about. Of course, it would be better if they spent less time thinking of excuses for her… and more time thinking of ways to intervene and convince her to go to rehab. Jessica Simpson (HSN appearance)

214. BLIND GOSSIP 09/18 **#2**
We told you early on that the expensive car with which this young celebrity was gifted was not really an outright gift at all. The car is simply being leased for a short period of time. Well, we have a new bit of information to share about the car. Did you wonder why she painted the car a different color so soon after receiving it? Especially since she doesn’t even own it? Wonder no more! It’s not paint! It’s actually a plastic car dip that will peel right off in sheets when the car goes back to the dealership. Just a little more plastic and fakery to add to the tally. Kylie Jenner (Ferrari from Tyga)

215. BLIND GOSSIP 09/18 **#3**
This celebrity was not impressed with one particular designer’s collection during New York Fashion Week! Yeah, [Celebrity] went to that show. Said, "It was the buttugliest collection I’ve ever seen!" [Celebrity] said that "The models all looked like zombies with patches of flesh hanging off their bones. The only way I’d ever buy that shit is if I had to choose my own wardrobe for an episode of The Walking Dead!" That doesn’t exactly sound like a rave review. And, no, this celebrity has never been on The Walking Dead. Ice-T/Kanye West’s fashion show

216. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 09/19 **#1**
This foreign born B list mostly movie actress says she was cut from a movie not because she sucked in it but because the now wife of her A list co-star found out they were having sex and ordered the actor to get her fired. The firing didn’t happen but the actress was cut.

Actress: Sienna Miller
Actor: Johnny Depp
Wife: Amber Heard
Movie: "Black Mass"

217. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 09/19 **#2**
There was some noise because this B+ list mostly movie actress who also does commercials was sitting outside for lunch. That being said, she either told her friend she wanted another baby with her A+ list mostly movie actor husband or she is having another baby with her husband. Either is kind of shocking. Jennifer Garner/Ben Affleck or Blake Lively/Ryan Reynolds

218. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 09/19 **#3**
While this foreign born A-/B+ list mostly movie actress who is an Academy Award winner/nominee has been traveling the world promoting her new movie, her A-/B+ list mostly movie actor husband who is an Academy Award winner/nominee has been hooking up with two different women. Penelope Cruz ("Ma ma")/Javier Bardem

219. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 09/19 **#4**
This former B list celebrity turned B- list reality star is the offspring of a permanent A list singer. She usually likes her men at least twice her age but made an exception for a long time friend who was a reality star until recently. He was also in a relationship with an A list reality star until recently. Anyway, the two hooked up but our offspring says an army of hookers could try and get him erect and it wouldn’t work. Too much booze and drugs. He is all talk and stumble at this point in his life.

B list celebrity: Kimberly Stewart (daughter of Rod Stewart) (has a son with Benicio Del Toro)
A list reality: Scott Disick (significant other of Kourtney Kardashian)

220. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 09/20 **#1**
This B list mostly television actor from a fairly hit show who also moonlights in movies and a daily show actually took a phone call from his actress girlfriend while having sex with another woman. Well, undressed anyway and about to.
Fred Armisen

221. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 09/20 **#2**
You would think this former A+ list mostly movie actress would want to stay out of anything controversial. She got caught in a cheating scandal once and it ruined her career. She is still hooking up with her celebrity ex despite the fact he is dating a permanent A lister.
Actress: Meg Ryan
Cheating scandal with Russell Crowe while married to Dennis Quaid
Celebrity ex: John Mellencamp
A lister: Christie Brinkley

222. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 09/20 **#3**
This B list celebrity/part-time reality star/future porn star says her B+ list celebrity ex who is broke as a joke, loved when she pretended to be a guy and added a little (not that little) something to her body to make her more guy like. Blac Chyna/Tyga

223. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 09/20 **#4**
This B+/A- list mostly movie actress who is a celebrity offspring says that every single day she tries to think of a way to not film the next installment of her franchise because she hates it and her co-star so much. Dakota Johnson/Jamie Dornan ("Fifty Shades Darker")

224. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 09/21 **#1**
EMMY AWARDS: From last night. FOX broadcaster who no one likes almost got fired b/c she had such a tantrum when she found out she would not be on Emmys broadcast. Erin Andrews Cowboys vs. Eagles game

225. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 09/21 **#2**
EMMY AWARDS: Unless you were someone who could do her a favor, this Emmy winner won the biggest pain in the butt award last night. Before she won she thought she was better than you, but now that she has won, she has taken it to an entirely different level. At several events last night and the awards itself she refused to mingle or interact unless the person was higher on the food chain than herself. For someone who likes to talk the game about how she is down to earth, she is far far from it. No one came away from last night with any like at all about her. Amy Schumer

226. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 09/21 **#3**
EMMY AWARDS: This former singer turned reality star turned part-time actress on a new show for fall spent forever getting down the red carpet. No, she was not talking to every interviewer. Not that many people care enough to be that desperate, but she lingered to see which guys came alone and which of those guys might be a future prospect. She knows she needs to stay in front of cameras and she wants a relationship with a guy who will actually want to be seen in public with her and not just have sex with her and toss her out or pay her and ask her to leave. So, there she was meeting guys and introducing herself and buzzing around the show and parties trying to get a future tabloid cover with lots of pap shots in between. Christina Milian "Grandfathered"

227. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 09/21 **#4**
EMMY AWARDS: This former B list celebrity turned former beard had her big shot but overdid it with too much coke. She did it to calm her nerves but it just made everything much worse. Olivia Culpo (dated Nick Jonas)/nearly passed out on Red Carpet

228. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 09/21 **#5**
EMMY AWARDS: This married, foreign born actress who is an Emmy nominee/winner for her pay cable show hooked up with another man despite the relatively short amount of time she has been married. He was a no show to the event.
Morena Baccarin/Ben McKenzie (then we found out a few days later they were together and the husband was dunzo)

229. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 09/21 **#6**
EMMY AWARDS: This Emmy winner is single again and acted like it. Boozing and groping his way through the show and then at an after party before drunkenly making out with an equally hammered B list actress who was his former co-star. Jon Hamm/January Jones "Mad Men"

230. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 09/21 **#7**
EMMY AWARDS: This married B+ list mostly television actor from a hit network comedy is an Emmy winner/nominee and left his wife at home. Presumably he could do this so he could hit on this B- list mostly television actress from a hit almost network show. He ran away in a hurry when she told him she was hooking up with this A list mogul who has a significant other.
B+ television actor: Anthony Anderson (Alvina Stewart)/"black-ish"
B- list actress: Kat Graham "Vampire Diaries"
A list mogul: Sean Combs (Cassie)

231. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 09/21 **#8**
EMMY AWARDS: This B list foreign born mostly television actor who owes a great deal of his success to a foreign born A list actor/sometime host/comedian who creates most of his own shows, sent his wife out into the parties looking for a threesome partner for them. Nothing wrong with that but when his wife would bring them by he would inspect them like a piece of meat. Creepy and disturbing. Stephen Merchant (girlfriend, not wife: Christine Marzano)/Ricky Gervais

232. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 09/21 **#9**
EMMY AWARDS: From AP (EL's friend) - This barely legal B+ list mostly television actress on a hit pay cable show had a string of 40 year old plus male executives lining up to hit on her. Apparently they all had seen a recent nude scene she did for a movie and they all wanted a chance to go out with her. About half of them walked away from their wives to talk to the actress. Maisie Williams ("Game of Thrones")/sex scene from "The Falling"   (POSSIBLY: AP is Amanda Peet, wife of David Benihoff, co-creator of "Game of Thrones’ at HBO’s after party)

233. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 09/21 **#10**
EMMY AWARDS: From AP (EL's friend) - "I almost punched this B list mostly television actress from a hit network show who started off on reality after she hit on my husband right in front of me. She looked at me like I was not even there as she grabbed my husband’s arm and rubbed her almost bare breasts on him. I have never been so fucking livid with another human being." Katharine McPhee ("American Idol") ("Scorpion")
 (POSSIBLY: AP is Amanda Peet, wife of David Benihoff, co-creator of "Game of Thrones’ at HBO’s after party)

234. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 09/21 **#11**
EMMY AWARDS: From JV (EL's friend) – This celebrity turned reality star turned celebrity again has decent name recognition because it is such a famous last name. She is engaged to an actor and she acts really chaste around him which really surprised JV because she remembers as well as I do when our celebrity used to do lines of coke off the body of her former boyfriend who loved to show off his manhood at parties. They had sex so many times in front of people that it was almost expected at parties.

Celebrity: Lydia Hearst
Engaged to: Chris Hardwick
Former boyfriend: Cisco Adler

235. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 09/21 **#12**
EMMY AWARDS: From JV (EL‘s friend) (several texts put together) – "I don’t know her (A list movie actress who was an A+ list television actress). I know him fairly well (B list actor/writer). They are married right? For real? I don’t understand this at all. I am looking at him. He is ten feet from me and has his arm around a woman who is definitely not his wife. This is not just posing for a selfie arm around her. It is like they just finished having sex and are cuddling after. You know, like Nicole Kidman poses on the red carpet with whoever she happens to be involved with. I am telling you these two have hooked up. And might do it again in a few minutes. If I was his wife I would leave in a second just from watching him now." Jennifer Aniston/Justin Theroux

236. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 09/21 **#13**
EMMY AWARDS: From JV (EL‘s friend) - "If I did the amount of drugs I saw this former A list rock star turned parody of himself/part-time actor do just in the past 15 minutes, I would be dead. He seems to always be planning his next exit or a trip to the restroom or the patio. He is not a happy drug user either. The guy is on the edge of violence right now." Marilyn Manson

237. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 09/21 **#14**
EMMY AWARDS: From JV (EL‘s friend) – "I have never met anyone who is so nice to every person who comes up to her. I met her for the first time ten minutes ago and I want to be her best friend forever. Seriously. She came alone but no one wants to stop talking to her because she is so nice. When I met her (foreign born B+ list mostly television actress from a very hit PBS show) I realized what a great actress she is because I expected her to be one way and she was just not that person from the show. I realize I’m also a little drunk." Laura Carmichael (Lady Edith) "Downton Abbey"

238. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 09/21 **#15**
#1 – This permanent A list model was talking smack about the guy who should be the next James Bond. Apparently when they had a brief hookup he failed to mention that his significant other could pop in at any time and apparently did. She also said the significant other is pregnant. Naomi Campbell/Idris Elba (Naiyana Garth)

#2 – This B list mostly comic television actress who crashed and burned badly when she was in front of the camera but has made a few bucks behind it, got into a fight with a B list mostly television actress who is an offspring. Apparently the comic actress called the other actress out on some drug use and the offspring said the comic actress should mind her own business and it got really mean, really quickly. Whitney Cummings/Emma Roberts

#3 – Kindness – This B list mostly television actress who is on a hit network show after being booted from a different network show where she was beloved, had two women with her at an after party. She introduced them as her hair and makeup people but really she sneaked them into the party after she bummed a cigarette from one of them outside the venue and they started chatting.
Actress: Jennifer Morrison

Show: "Once Upon A Time"
Booted from: "House M.D."

239. BLIND GOSSIP 09/21 **#1**
At last night’s Emmy Awards, this actress was overheard discussing her strategy for dealing with a win/loss scenario. OK, so if I win, I keep my clothes on, I keep it classy. If I lose, it’s "go time"! Maybe not full frontal. Maybe just a little nip slip. Just something to get the folks talking. Amy Schumer

240. BLIND GOSSIP 09/21 **#2**
This actor had a good night last night. However, while he may have appeared humbled by his victory, that humility did not exactly carry over to the after party scene. As an actor, I would have used [the win] as an opportunity to hit up every industry person in the room to line up new projects, but [he] was using his time to hit up every woman in the room for their digits! I was only watching him for a few minutes, and he must have collected a dozen phone numbers in that time, including from a woman I know who is "taken". She was hesitant, but he was really persistent and got it from her. Although he wasn’t slowing his roll as far as the womanizing was concerned, the good news is that at least his drinking seemed to be under control. At one point he didn’t have a drink and someone handed him their glass. He asked, "What is this?" and then only took a sip after he confirmed that it was non-alcoholic. Jon Hamm "Mad Men"

241. THE GOSSIP LIFE 09/21
This nonfamous screenwriter wrote the script to a very famous flop. It was a catastrophe critically and commercially. Instead of having some class and grace, he actually tried to edit his wikipedia page and erase all the objective negativity on his page (the sourced bad reviews, the criticisms). The mods of wiki caught him out. ‘It was super obvious it was him,’ says my source. ‘All his previous edits (dating back to obscurity) related to him. He tried to remove everything bad. We thought, ‘Are you kid, man? You didn’t think anyone would notice?’ What a dope." Arash Amel "Grace of Monaco"

Once upon a time, this blind item was in Love with a Coco — a fact the rapper isn’t likely to admit to anytime soon. Just ask Mialy, the African model previously recruited for his pub-play aimed at burying any and all traces of his Caucasian love connection. But like it or not, it’s a fact that the rapper’s European ex is reportedly refusing to let be forgotten — as she currently continues to drop word that he is the father of her newborn child! Don’t believe me.. Ask Young Dro! "He used to dated Cansu first … word on the streets is she don’t know who the daddy is." Check the Word: "There could be more to why he pays for a sister to front as his girl. I mean, haven’t you ever wondered why Ne-Yo was spying on dude?" Young Jeezy

243. MID-AIR 09/21
(Bollywood news) After their "affair" became public last year, this couple has tried hard to maintain a low profile. We have now found out that the married actor and his non-industry ladylove took a secret trip to London to spend quality time with each other. Being far away from prying eyes, they couldn’t contain their excitement and indulged in some serious intimacy throughout the duration of their journey. A passenger, who was witness to the PDA, says, "The couple threw caution to wind and was seen passionately smooching each other. They even asked the cabin crew not to disturb them." The source adds that the couple’s relationship did much damage to their respective marriages after which they tried to stay away from each other and reveals: "But they have been meeting off and on. They have had several clandestine getaways to foreign shores earlier too so that they can enjoy some privacy." Arjun Rampal (Mehr Jessia)/Sussanne Khan

244. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 09/22 **#1**
This A+ list singer took back her former A list singer ex yet again and yet again, he did the same thing he always does this past weekend. Get phone numbers of women, even while he is actually at the same event as the A+ lister because he always needs someone to fill up his free time. The A+ list finds out and they split for a month or two and then she takes him back. Katy Perry/John Mayer (Allison Williams wedding)

245. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 09/22 **#2**
There were some things missing from the hotel room of this A list reality star who has a side gig from an A list reality show. Since Lindsay Lohan was not in town, the finger has been pointed at the girlfriend of this celebrity offspring. The offspring apparently just wrote a check to cover any possible loss and is confident he will get his money back when the goods are found. Don’t hold your breath.
A list reality star/side gig: Kendall Jenner (model)
Celebrity offspring: Jaden Smith
Girlfriend: Sarah Snyder

246. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 09/22 **#3**
At an Emmy after party, this B list mostly television actress who is best known for a network comedy, but does a handful of other things at the same time, said she is not sure about her boyfriend. Apparently the still, very young actress says she is always fighting him off and it is non-stop pressure by him to have sex, even while at the party. He then gets angry at her. Doesn’t sound good. Ariel Winter ("Modern Family")/Laurent Claude

247. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 09/22 **#4**
This A- list mostly movie actor who started off as a tween and has had some issues for what seems like forever, made his brand new girlfriend have sex with two of his friends. Apparently there is a scene similar in a new script he read. The guy is method and I swear he picks these scripts just to mess with the women in his life. Shia LeBeouf/Sasha Lane ("American Honey")

248. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 09/22 **#5**
This comic A- list mostly television actress who just started a new season of her show on almost television, says she went on a first date with a guy a couple of weeks ago and during dinner all he kept saying was she should really try waist training. As in, not just one comment but, as in five or six times in an hour he brought it up. There was not a second date. Mindy Kaling/"The Mindy Project" (season 4 is no longer on Fox, but now on Hulu)

249. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 09/22 **#6**
She does not seem the type but this foreign born married A list mostly movie actress who is an Academy Award winner got drunk at a hotel bar while out promoting her new movie and hooked up with the reporter interviewing her in the bar. Penelope Cruz "Ma ma"

250. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 09/22 **#7**
This B list mostly movie actress from an acting family and a stalled franchise is promoting a new movie. There she was on the red carpet and earlier that morning people thought she overdosed because she was unresponsive after an entire night of drug use.
Actress: Dakota Johnson
New movie: "Black Mass"
Stalled franchise: "Fifty Shades of Grey"/"Fifty Shades Darker"
Actress: Rooney Mara
New movie: "Pan"
Stalled franchise: "The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo"/"The Girl Who Played With Fire" (announced/rumored)

251. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 09/22 **#8**
There she (B list celebrity/singer) was again. Half way around the world from her A list athlete supposed boyfriend while she hooked up yet again with the guy she has been seeing on an almost daily basis. Ciara (in London)/Russell Wilson

252. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 09/22 **#9**
Counting down the days until this Teen Mom goes to court again. She should probably put down the crack pipe because to have any hope, she will need to pass a drug test. Hey, it is why the case was continued last time. Jenelle Evans

253. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 09/22 **#10**
This married A+ list mostly movie actor is sweating things a bit. One of the various women he keeps on standby is pregnant. She is telling people it is the actor’s baby, but he isn’t so sure. He just wants to keep everything quiet forever, and especially until there can be a DNA test. Denzel Washington

254. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 09/22 **#11**
This B+ list mostly television actress who is on a hit network show that saw its lead quit when she wouldn’t move, left her foreign born B- list mostly television actor husband. Hey, divorces happen all the time. Not blind worthy at all if left on its own. However, our actress is divorcing her husband because she has agreed to beard for her ex-boyfriend. Yep, that A- list mostly movie actor , who is having issues with his male significant other, not to mention his other woman who did used to beard for him. He thinks, and our actress agrees, that he needs to firm up his relationship status to the world and our actress is willing to do it. They used to be a couple when he was confused and she has always loved him. Always wanted him back so she is perfectly willing to beard just to be with him forever.
Actress: Jes Macallan
Show: "Mistresses" (Alyssa Milano left when filming moved from Los Angeles to Vancouver)
Husband: Jason Gray-Stanford
Ex-boyfriend: Jeremy Renner

255. BLIND GOSSIP 09/22 **#1**
Critics are generally keeping quiet about this Hollywood spawn’s latest venture. Perhaps they don’t seem to want to be the one whose critique gets lambasted by the spawn’s entire family and the fans of her last project? While the audience was heavily seeded with friends and family to ensure a friendly reception, we did receive feedback from some neutral parties who were there. Give me an adjective for mediocre. She tried, but I’ve seen more talented people in high school productions. (Did she ever do a high school production?) And: She didn’t completely suck, but it sure wasn’t anything I’d want to pay money for. If my tickets weren’t comped, I would have felt ripped off. Finally: Meh. Show business. Nepotism. What more can you say?
Spawn: Rumer Willis (daughter of Demi Moore and Bruce Willis)
Current Project: Broadway production of "Chicago"
Last Project: "Dancing With the Stars"

256. BLIND GOSSIP 09/22 **#2**
This actress was recognized for her talent at the Emmys. Unfortunately, she didn’t receive quite as much love for her unpolished looks! A stylist at the event told us: Did she forget that there was going to be a red carpet and photographers and an audience? Aren’t they [her and her husband] freaking rich? You would think she could afford to hire someone like me. On the other hand, maybe she did hire a stylist but didn’t take their advice. So I should actually be glad it wasn’t me, because I wouldn’t want to be blamed for that hot mess! And this conversation took place between two actresses in a different category:
A: I don’t get it. Is she still in character?
B: I don’t think so.
A: Then why does she look like that? Maybe she is trying to make a statement like she is above all this?
B: Honey, NOBODY is above all this!
Frances McDormand

257. BLIND GOSSIP 09/22 **#3**
This pair of entertaining celebrities certainly make for a very interesting and colorful new couple! However, friends of the brunette are warning her that the blonde’s motives may be quite selfish. One of them overheard a conversation the blonde had with an outside party. It was about money. It turns out that her financial situation is not at all stable. That’s not shocking, given that her entire life has been rather unstable. However, given that the net worth of the brunette is ten times that of the blonde, her friends are worried that the blonde’s motives may not be purely friendship or romance related. Their warnings may be falling on deaf ears, as the brunette is said to be "completely smitten." The blonde is taking full advantage of that, entwining herself in the personal and professional life of the brunette. "Let’s do a project together!" You get one guess as to who will be financing the project.
Brunette: Rosie O’Donnell
Blonde: Tatum O’Neal

258. THE GOSSIP LIFE 09/22
This B-list singer who’s a member of a group that is splitting up is already working on material for his first solo album. He wants to come out of this, fighting. He doesn’t want to fade into obscurity. One way or another, he’s going to succeed. Harry Styles "One Direction"

It seems that this advocate of area codes might’ve just reached his breaking point! Know why? Not only has our mystery man come to terms with a dying music career, the longtime closeted emcee has reportedly put down the mic and picked up the video game controller — to act out his "race car driver fantasies." "He sits around all fucking day playing driving games & it’s driving his new wife crazy." Associates close to our blind item are now left to file complaints over his obsessive, deranged beliefs of being a race car driver. Just ask Lorenz Tate! We’re told you can’t blame his Paul Walker-worshiping for the reported rip-offs he pulled on acts previously signed to his label. "He portrays himself as a very quiet person — but he’s got bruhs in different area codes … Ask Chingy!" The drop: "He got married to squash the gay rumors about him … and he’s now acting like he’s Mario Andretti. This n*gga sits around all day playing with a Thrustmaster steering wheel. If he ain’t talking about cars? He’s constantly shittin’ on today’s rappers because his latest record flopped." Dude entered the game rockin’ with a gay porn star — whose real name is "Gordon"; The pinnacle of his career featured our blind item callin’ women bitches, and ordering them to begone; He’s now closin’ with a Beard and a Baby … Ludacris

260. LAINEY GOSSIP 09/22
Matt asked me for a birthday blind so who’s the douchebag who justifies his hate for media but can’t justify what a dick he is to the people who work to support him? For someone who fronts like he’s so tough, all he ever does is whinge about how nobody takes care of him, how nobody knows what he wants for lunch, and when he’s done moaning about that, his mean streak kicks in and he doesn’t stop until he’s made people cry. There’s no defence for being a coddled movie star and berating someone until they run out of the room, sobbing. This is why he’s off the list.
Tom Hardy

261. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 09/23 **#1**
This B+ list mostly television actress has worked steadily on network television for the past decade. First in a hit network show, then on her own in a hit network show before bombing big time. I guess she wanted to remind the world she does date men, by her announcement, but no one is fooled. It is all women all the time for her. The guys she picks to date have never dated a woman before or after her. Kate Walsh ("Private Practice" and "Bad Judge")/Chris Case

262. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 09/23 **#2**
This foreign born B list mostly television actress crashed and burned badly last season with a show based on a movie. She has not done well in movies or television in the past decade but still has a name because of some big movie hits. She thinks she is far more popular than is the case. She wanted a store closed for her early so she could shop without being mobbed. The store refused. She came in and no one recognized her. When she left, someone did recognize her, but she blew them off for a photo. Minnie Driver  ("About A Boy")
 ("I could have been as big as JLo!")

263. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 09/23 **#3**
This former boy bander turned host is super insecure and jealous when it comes to his celebrity wife, but it is him that keeps cheating on her. Maybe he is scared she will do the same to him which would serve him right. Nick and Vanessa Lachey

264. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 09/23 **#4**
This married permanent A list singer from a singing family was late to a meet and greet after a show this past weekend because she was having sex with one of her female backup dancers. Apparently it is the backup dancer who does all the work. Janet Jackson

265. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 09/23 **#5**
Police in NYC raided a peep show earlier this week. Apparently someone spotted this lusted after foreign born B+ list mostly movie actor who was in a hit pay cable show was there watching some guys dance naked. It was going to be a huge day for the pap, but the actor slipped out before police got there two hours later. Yeah, not a big priority for them. Alexander Skarsgård "True Blood"

266. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 09/23 **#6**
This aging, permanent A list mostly movie actor who might be close to a permanent A+ list is an Academy Award winner. The other night at a premiere he went off on his wife in public and just would not stop. I think the aging combined with the pressure his 20 something girlfriend is putting on him to leave his wife is really getting to him. Robert De Niro/"The Intern" premiere

267. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 09/23 **#7**
This foreign born sometimes out of the closet B+ list mostly movie actor cheated on his latest boyfriend with a man he met on Twitter. The hookup was arranged before our actor traveled to the country where the tryst and premiere were scheduled to occur.
Luke Evans/63rd San Sebastian Film Festival: 'High-Rise' Premiere

268. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 09/23 **#8**
This married long time reality star who has a show based on his job, likes to pretend he is all high and mighty and the right side of the law but he has been hooking up with the girlfriend of his son. Duane Chapman "Dog the Bounty Hunter"

269. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 09/23 **#9**
This celebrity billionaire spent 45 minutes with an escort while his A list girlfriend got ready for a date with the billionaire. Hey, the A lister is probably all for it.
James Packer/Mariah Carey ("The Intern" premiere)

270. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 09/23 **#10**
This A- list mostly television actress from a hit network comedy says that her husband wants her to get some help for an eating disorder. She is already dangerously thin and it is getting worse. Julie Bowen "Modern Family"

271. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 09/23 **#11**
She keeps to herself. Sure, she has "art" projects, but that is pretty much all she has going on now. More often than not, she is using the money she earned from her almost network hit to pay for most of the production costs. Because that money is not going to last forever, she supplements her income being a Dominatrix. She is in extremely high demand, but most of her clients don’t know she is also an actress. She never has sex with the clients, but is so popular that she charges $2500 an hour and usually works 20 hours a week doing it. Yeah, so she is making quite the living. She is introduced to her clients via sex clubs in NYC and LA who fly out to LA and meet with her at a Chateau Marmont bungalow she rents a couple of times a week. Rose McGowan "Charmed" (at Chateau Marmont)

272. BLIND GOSSIP 09/23 **#1**
This TV actress has starred in at least one hit TV show. She recently excised her boyfriend from her life. No big deal. She is getting smarter, though. Last time she broke up with a beard, it cost her a bundle. This time, no charge. Kate Walsh ("Private Practice" and "Bad Judge")/Chris Case

273. BLIND GOSSIP 09/23 **#2**
Friends of this guy are VERY worried about him. They think that it would be a mistake for him to return to the spotlight, but they don’t know how to stop him… or his family. Just because he looks better doesn’t mean that he actually is better! [He] had a serious breakdown and is still on meds and totally fragile but the [family doesn’t] make any money off of him while he’s on the sidelines so they keep pushing. They constantly call him and text him pretending like they are all loving and supportive and telling him that they are only thinking of what’s best for him. WTF?! Who pushes a mentally unstable person into the spotlight just so they can make a few bucks off of him? [He] is running out of money and he’s too weak to stand up to all of them so they are taking advantage of that by bribing him and pushing him to get back on social media and get back on reality TV and start creating controversy. He is totally not ready for this and we are really scared for him because we don’t think he will be able to bounce back from another breakdown. Rob Kardashian

274. THE GOSSIP LIFE 09/23
This A-list actress is miserable at the moment. She’s breaking her back trying to get pregnant with her husband and it’s just not happening. She’s rejecting movies as they come in to focus on her efforts, but it’s all futile so far. Maybe one day. Anne Hathaway

This pair of actors may soon prove themselves to be a double menace to Tom Cruise’s Hollywood society. Just ask Katie Holmes, who is reported to be "a month late for her period." That’s according to a very reliable Hollywood insider that exclusively tells HSK, "if Katie is pregnant, she’s about to have a Black baby." So, Who would the potential Daddy be? According to our source — it’s a toss BETWEEN BOTH OF OUR MYSTERY MEN! "They were both smashing Katie Holmes at the same damn time, and word is they both bussed off in Tom Cruise’s ex!" He’s a Texan dude from town just east of Dallas; he’s straight outta South Central, 51st and Hoover to be exact. Both of ’em have long stood by the motto, ‘Sharing Is Caring.’ Just ask Devonte Swing! Dig the Drop: "Katie’s period is late and all three of them are worried because Katie doesn’t believe in abortions. If Tom finds out about this, dude’s career is definitely going to stay in a slump." ___________ says he’s the only member of Mr. Bishop’s crew to tell ___________ to dance for Quentin Tarantino. Tyrin Turner "Menace II Society"/Jamie Foxx (born Eric Marlon Bishop)

276. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 09/24 **#1**
This comic actress turned host recently split with her significant other but has been hooking up with them in a classic ex sex move. The actress said they wanted to get back together, but has also been having sex with several other people and flaunting it all over social media. Rosie O’Donnell (her affair with Tatum O’Neal/Michelle Rounds (suicide attempt)

277. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 09/24 **#2**
This foreign born always in trouble with the law, reality star turned celebrity, turned reality judge, turned part-time mistress to Simon Cowell, has supplanted Lindsay Lohan as the new mistress to this married man with children. Tulisa (PROBABLYDomingo Zapata)

278. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 09/24 **#3**
At a London fashion week party, this celebrity offspring of a celebrity going through a divorce was sharing lines of coke with a female singer who would not stop flirting. Apparently the singer was trying to make her model girlfriend jealous.
Celebrity offspring: Daisy Lowe (Gavin Rossdale divorcing Gwen Stefani)
Female singer: St. Vincent
Model girlfriend: Cara Delevingne

279. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 09/24 **#4**
This permanent A list singer/part-time actress was yelling at her daughter out in front of their NYC hotel. Apparently our A lister decided what the adult daughter was going to wear was inappropriate and yelled at her to go change. Yeah, all this happened in front of the singer’s fans. Bette Midler/Sophie von Haselberg

280. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 09/24 **#5**
This married conservative national television talk show host was not so conservative with the blonde escort he hired for a couple of hours the other night here in LA.

281. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 09/24 **#6**
It turns out the reason this former tweener turned television talk show host split with her long term boyfriend, is he found out about her hooking up with the executive that got her current job and how she keeps on hooking up with him despite being married. Adrienne Bailon ("The Real") & Lenny Santiago

282. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 09/24 **#7**
This former A- list singer and possible killer burned a $10,000 dress the day before it was supposed to be shown in a fashion show. Our singer/part-time actress got too close to the dress with a cigarette. Courtney Love

283. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 09/24 **#8**
This B+/A- list almost television actress had a big hit back in the day, but now, a group she belongs to has started sending someone on the road with her every time she travels. Apparently they are concerned about someone in her life who might make her leave the group.
Actress: Laura Prepon
Big hit: "That ‘70s Show"
Someone from "Orange Is the New Black"
Group: Scientology

284. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 09/24 **#9**
This A list celebrity used to be a singer. Well, she pretended to sing. Pretended up to A list. Anyway, she was at a lunch of one of her new lines and drank too much and got sick in front of ten VIP’s. Victoria Beckham

285. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 09/24 **#10**
This Orange County Housewife is always telling people about magazines who want to shoot her and photographers and she does go on several shoots each month. The thing is though, she is paying for all of them and there is very little real interest. She just likes the attention and being able to say she has another shoot. Meghan King Edmonds "The Real Housewives of Orange County"

286. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 09/24 **#11**
#1 – This former almost A+ list singer is off the wagon and is doing things while on drugs that she is going to regret. Using while being recorded and a couple of videos of her having sex in a recording studio with two different men. Rihanna

#2 – This married foreign born A list dual threat actor had sex with a fan and that fan has turned stalker. He wants to get the fan out of his life, but doesn’t want his wife to know about the sex. Benedict Cumberbatch

#3 – This foreign born B list mostly movie actress was crazy wasted and wandering through her hotel screaming for a bathroom. When someone pointed it out, she ended up going in the men’s room and causing a scene in there. Sienna Miller  "San Sebastian International Film Festival"

287. POPBITCH 09/24
Which high-profile record label boss once turned down sex with Belinda Carlisle because he had arranged a game of tennis with a sponsor?

288. BLIND GOSSIP 09/24 **#1**
Don’t let this famous pop star’s sweet appearance fool you. She is about to get revenge on a rival pop star in a VERY public way! Since Blondie’s recent song and video were clearly about Brownie and their ongoing feud, Brownie is firing back! She has written a new song that mocks Blondie and rips her innocent, good girl facade to shreds. Of course, it’s all very Blind Gossipy, as no names are mentioned in the song. But – just in case Blondie tries to pretend that Brownie’s new song is not about her – wait until the video comes out! Brownie’s idea for the video to accompany the song will leave no doubt that it’s about Blondie. It will be a humorous, Weird Al Yankovic-style parody… of Blondie’s recent hit video! At this point, the song is a definite and the video is still in the planning stages. Whether she does one or both, Brownie is going to send a clear message: If you attack me, I’m going to attack back!
Brownie: Katy Perry
Blondie: Taylor Swift
Blondie’s video that will be parodied by Brownie: "Bad Blood"

289. BLIND GOSSIP 09/24 **#2**
It’s a mother’s worst nightmare. You give your child everything… only to lose them to an adulthood filled with drugs, criminals, and grifters. Unfortunately, the news just got even worse. While our Celebrity Mom is still trying to convince her child to come home, the child may be complicating the situation… by having a baby of her own! She has purchased multiple pregnancy tests in the past week. Of course a pregnancy would make the situation worse than it already is. The girl has no education and no job skills. She is medically, emotionally and financially unable to care for a baby. Plus, it will tie her to the grifters forever. She may be young and stupid, but the people who are preying on her are not. They are expecting a big payday from this fiasco. If they can’t get the Celebrity Mom to dole out the dollars, their backup plan is to have the child do a reality show about her pregnancy. Rosie O’Donnell and her daughter Chelsea

290. THE GOSSIP LIFE 09/24
The former long-time partner of this A-list actor is in and out of rehab for emotional stress. She’s in a deep depression over the break-up. She was always holding out for marriage and even when her friends called her mad, she still thought it was still going to happen. Jennifer Westfeldt/Jon Hamm "Mad Men"

She’s gone from keepin’ a forte for Sittin’ On Top The World to plottin’ to secure herself a proper paper route — even if she’s gotta lie, cheat or steal to get it. Just ask Claudia Jordan, whose dethroning was sealed after her mic was snatched by none other than our blind item! Sources say the move was premeditated by our blind item, making the takeover complete. But that doesn’t mean she’s done schemin’! According to our insider, "Why else would she jump on Lady Gaga’s leftovers?" "Laurie Ann’s pussy smells like shit, but she don’t care … she’s an opportunist … and if that’s what it takes to ride with Laurie Ann’s plans to get them a reality show … that’s what it is." According to our sources … Puffy would have this funkdafied femmcee to thank for bringin’ him a bone. That’s because insider word points to her as Bow Wow’s source with the drop that exposed Jermaine Dupri for his So So Deceptive ways … leading Bow Wow to So So Dump JD and chose up with Puff Daddy. Don’t believe me.. Just ask French Montana! The drop: "She told Bow Wow All about JD’s shady ways but she’s still with JD while Bow Wow bounced and hired Puffy as his new manager." Da Brat

292. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 09/25 **#1**
This A- list mostly television actress from a long running hit network show that has probably run long enough now spends as little time on set as possible and is doing more and more drugs as her marriage crumbles. Mariska Hargitay "Law & Order: SVU"; Ellen Pompeo "Grey’s Anatomy"; Kaley Cuoco "The Big Bang Theory"

293. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 09/25 **#2**
This Teen Mom who just had her season finale last night told her new boyfriend she would take care of him financially which is one of the reasons he moved out of the home he was sharing most of the time with another woman. Leah Messer

294. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 09/25 **#3**
This probable Academy Award nominee this year was doing so many drugs this week with his actress wife that people wondered if she was trying to kill him. One night the actor wanted to go home but the actress insisted they do a few more lines and then again and again. Johnny Depp ("Black Mass")/Amber Heard

295. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 09/25 **#4**
There is a lot of flirting and canoodling going on, but so far it has not moved beyond some making out between this married former A+ list female singer and this married A list mostly television actress who stars on a very hit network show. Alicia Keyes/Kerry Washington "Limited Edition Allstate Foundation Purple Purse Launch With Kerry Washington"

296. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 09/25 **#5**
This Empire actress said that she had to have sex with this, foreign born, at the time A- list mostly movie actor who has since reached A+ list status briefly to keep a job she landed on his movie. Apparently the actor took a liking to her and the producer approached her and said they were thinking of replacing her, but she could probably save her job by sleeping with the actor. It was early in her career and she needed the break so did. Kaitlin Doubleday/Ryan Reynolds "Waiting"

297. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 09/25 **#6**
This Sports Illustrated swimsuit model is being cheated on by her longtime boyfriend, who is a former A list athlete. His cheating is legendary and he has a lot of free time right now. Hannah Davis/Derek Jeter

298. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 09/25 **#7**
The latest hiccup in the relationship that should never end in marriage between this A list mostly television actress from a hit network show and her B+ list mostly movie actor boyfriend with A list good looks, is that he does not want a pre-nup. If there is a pre-nup he wants at least $10M if they get divorced. Sofia Vergara/Joe Manganiello

299. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 09/25 **#8**
This former A list rapper turned A- list mostly movie actor is married, but it didn’t stop him from offering $1000 to any woman who would service him orally at a club earlier this week. He had to up the offer to $1500 before a woman agreed. Ice Cube

300. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 09/25 **#9**
This former A+ list mostly movie actress has dropped to A- over the past few years. A publicity driven marriage to an idiot has not really helped and her attempts at making her face look younger have backfired to the point where no one wants to book her for a movie.
Cameron Diaz/Benji Madden

301. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 09/25 **#10**
Apparently the egos on this potential huge box office winner reboot of an 80’s franchise are so out of control that a good half of the day is spent making sure each person has the same number of lines, the same number of production assistants and the same number of compliments from the director. I should clarify that only two of the stars are acting this way. One of the stars who came to the film from late night is a joy and everyone adores her.
Movie: "Ghostbusters"
Stars with big egos: Melissa McCarthy and Kristin Wiig
Late night joy: Kate McKinnon

302. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 09/25 **#11**
#1 – Much like what happened in the show that was really popular for its very short run, this B+ list mostly television actress says an actor forced himself on her during filming, but she was too scared to do anything about it. Amy Jo Johnson "Felicity" (storyline - Zach date rapes Julie)

#2 – This former Real Housewife is hoping for marriage with her new boyfriend, but he just likes fucking with her head and degrading her. He is a total a-hole and is known for finding women older than him and treating them like crap. Kelly Bensimon "Real Housewives of New York City"  (Nicholas Stefanov)

#3 – This foreign born former A lister in her country who still acts, but won’t ever be more than C list at this point, is known here most for who she dated for awhile. Oh, and for being in the blinds frequently. She says she is dating this celebrity. Nope. He is deep in the closet. They travel together though, and are traveling now. He is her cover for the real purpose of the trips. Sex for money. She had a really bad problem a couple of years back when traveling alone, so he goes with her. Sophie Monk/Oscar Gordon (has mentally ill stalker)

#4 – This Academy Award winning actress would not have been smiling as much on the red carpet recently if she knew this foreign born A list model had slept with her husband a week earlier.

303. BLIND GOSSIP 09/25
This politician may or may not be President of the United States someday… but he’s already yapping behind the scenes about his rather interesting choice for Vice President! Since he is male, he wants to appeal to female voters by choosing a female running mate. To that end, he is already talking to a woman whose family name is certainly one of the most famous in political history. The only trouble is… she’s never actually DONE anything! She’s never won an election of any kind, and it would be easy to argue that any job she has gotten came from trading in on her family name. Would that family name really be enough to sway voters to their ticket?
Possible President: Joe Biden
Possible Vice President: Caroline Kennedy

304. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 09/26 **#1**
This now out of work athlete who has A+ list name recognition, but is not that great at his sport is looking for some positive publicity and someone who can keep her mouth shut. So, he brought in this out of work pro beard who spent a lot of time with a former A list tweener. Tim Tebow/Olivia Culpo (Nick Jonas)

305. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 09/26 **#2**
Apparently not the most faithful of girlfriends, this B list mostly movie actress is cheating on her new girlfriend. Granted it is probably just a one or two night stand while out of the country, but still.
Cara Delevingne/St. Vincent (it has not seemed to hurt her relationship) ("Rock in Rio Festival" in Brazil)

306. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 09/26 **#3**
This A- list mostly television actress is on a long running network show. I mean really long. She is also in an acting family. She is also married, but I’m just waiting for the announcement of a divorce. There was a major life event recently for the couple so they have been holding off, but, considering they are both seeing other people, it is time. Emily Deschanel/"Bones" (life altering event was the birth of a second baby)

307. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 09/26 **#4**
This former boy bander turned a list solo singer turned part-time movie actor broke up with this one named former A+ list singer in a group turned B list solo singer because of the amount of drugs she was using. It was almost 24/7 and he was sure some pap would catch them together while she was using. Justin Timberlake/Fergie

308. MR. X 09/27 **#1**
What singer-songwriter who might or might not be one of the breakout stars this year, was spotted making out backstage with that married A-list rapper-mogul at that charity concert? This isn’t the first time they’ve been intimate. Jay Z &  Tori Kelly "2015 Global Citizen Festival In Central Park To End Extreme Poverty By 2030"

309. MR. X 09/27 **#2**
What A/B-list actress and singer who has appeared in more than one medium agreed to sing at event sponsored by that slimy cult, even though she’s a devout Christian and abhors their beliefs? Her reason for accepting this odd gig was that she was getting a big fat paycheck. It just seemed like a desperate move for some extra cash.
Actress/singer: Kristin Chenoweth
Slimy cult: Scientolgy
Event: "Marisol Nichols Presents The Human Rights Hero Awards" (Marisol Nichols became a member of the Church of Scientology after she was introduced to it by her chiropractor)

310. MR. X 09/27 **#3**
What former girl group member who is known nowadays for something other than singing has been on a booze and coke bender as of late? It’s been really bad and her estranged husband is getting concerned that she’s sharing the drinks and drugs with a family member, which she is. Mel B/Phoenix Chi Gulzar (ex-husband Jimmy Gulzar)

311. MR. X 09/27 **#4**
What former A-list musician and that iconic model got into a backstage scuffle at an AIDS charity gala overseas? Fists weren’t thrown, but there was lots of name calling and screaming. Apparently the musician was being paranoid over rumors that the model had been flirting with her boyfriend in a club a few weeks before the event.
Nicki Minaj/Naomi Campbell

312. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 09/28 **#1**
This former B list mostly movie actor who comes from an acting family and is almost more famous for his ex, than his acting, is back on drugs and booze in a big way. His current significant other is tired of being a mother to him and his constant need to party and pretend he is 20. His cheating is also out of control. He needs rehab but won’t ever do it.
David Arquette ('Is he high or just freaking weird?' Fans express concerns for David Arquette after he slurs his words and appears 'awkward' on The Ellen DeGeneres Show)

313. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 09/28 **#2**
In order to hide his latest slip with sobriety, producers of this sequel cut the filming day of this former A list tweener turned B list mostly movie actor and have told extras to stay away from the actor when they are not actually filming scenes together. Zac Efron "Neighbors 2: Sorority Rising"

314. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 09/28 **#3**
This B- list singer/actress from a hit cable show that just finished wrapping is so jealous of her A- list almost television actress ex that the actress ex showed up late to the Emmy Awards just to avoid a confrontation that the B- lister would surely have planned to occur. I definitely see the possibility of a future restraining order.
B- list singer/actress: Carrie Brownstein
Cable show: "Portlandia"
A- list actress: Taylor Schilling

315. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 09/28 **#4**
It is so unlike this permanent A list actor turned celebrity, but his celebrity wife was spotted doing some lines of coke following a fashion week party. To call it shocking is an understatement. Apparently when she decides to let go though, she really goes for it.

316. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 09/28 **#5**
An on set romance that did not have a happy ending involved this married A+ list mostly movie actor who has had a pretty bad month and is not named Ben Affleck and this B list mostly movie actress from an acting family that is involved in a relationship with an actor that will not have a happy ending either. On set, the A+ lister hooked up several times with the B lister, who broke up with her boyfriend because of what the A+ lister said. When they broke things off, her old boyfriend didn’t want to get back together so she moved on to her current boyfriend. To say the press tour for the film where they hooked up has been chilly is not a strong enough term.
Movie: "The Martian"
A+ list actor: Matt Damon
Bad month: "dismissing diversity behind the camera in Hollywood" and "gay actors ought to remain quiet about their sexuality"
B list actress: Kate Mara
Actor involved with: Jamie Bell (ex-wife is Evan Rachel Wood)
Old boyfriend: Tom Hiddleston

317. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 09/28 **#6**
Almost 24 hours of partying led to a very wasted and messed up looking former A list mostly television actress who has lived off her fame for the past two decades. The actress turned celebrity was at an event honoring her and was totally out of it. Eyes glazed and mumbled words were about all she could contribute. Pamela Anderson  (Icons & Idols No. 3 event to celebrate the 10th anniversary of InTouch magazine)

318. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 09/28 **#7**
This former A- list singer from a group turned reality judge has been hooking up with the married President of a country. Twice in his country and once recently in a different country.
Nicole Scherzinger

319. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 09/28 **#8**
This former A+ list tweener is a lucky guy. His drug dealer got stuck in traffic so our former tweener turned do nothing didn’t have drugs on him when his bag was searched upon arrival in a foreign country this past week. I guess they have heard about him too.
Joe Jonas (Charles de Gaulle airport)

320. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 09/28 **#9**
This A+ list singer used to be best friends with this other A+ list singer. Back in the day if they had been in the same place at the same time they would have got together. Not now. Neither of them can stand each other and when they had a chance to meet this past week, they blew it off. It all revolves around drugs, a guy both of them hooked up with and a woman/girlfriend one of the A+ listers treated poorly after a sexual encounter.
A+ list singer: Katy Perry
Other A+ list singer: Rihanna
Guy: John Mayer
Woman/girlfriend: Melissa Forde

321. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 09/28 **#10**
This A-/B+ list mostly movie actress who has two franchises but still no big name recognition was at an event last week with her husband. Apparently she did not care for a reporter’s questions so turned to her husband, and said, "Fuck these losers." That will probably be brought up the next time she is promoting a movie and wants to talk to reporters. Zoe Saldana/Marco Perego
 "VIP Sneak Peek Of go90 Social Entertainment Platform"

322. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 09/28 **#11**
This former B+ list tweener is now a B+/A- list singer who would probably love to act again or do whatever she can to make a few bucks and stay in the public eye. She has tons of female fans. Gazillions. They obviously have never spent much time with her though. You will be lucky if you get a hello from her if you see her in public. Other women who have worked with her don’t usually have anything nice to say about her unless she is still below them on the fame ladder. If she is above you, then you need to do what she says or serve your purpose and then be gone. This is all so fascinating to me considering she generally prefers women to men sexually. Oh, she won’t say that. She does though. Now, if you are a guy, she will get along great with you. Her percentage of male friends to female friends is 95/5. She gets along with guys. With women, it is always her first and other women second. She won’t compliment other women unless she is getting something out of it too. She cannot say anything nice without also mentioning herself. She seems sweet, but when you start to look into her world and her actions and talk to people who have worked with her, everyone sees it. She had a gig a few years ago that was a disaster. The thing is though, she made enemies with her female co-star and ended up sleeping with her male boss. That is and has been her m.o.. I have personally seen minor celebrities in awe of her and look to her as a role model and then they spend a few minutes with her and get dismissed and realize she is not the hero or the image they thought.
Tweener: Demi Lovato
Disaster gig: On October 30, 2010, Lovato withdrew from the Jonas Brothers Live in Concert tour, entering a treatment facility for "physical and emotional issues". It was reported that she decided to enter treatment after punching female backup dancer Alex Welch, which led to an intervention by her management and family
Female co-star: Selena Gomez
Boss: Simon Cowell "The X Factor"

323. MR. X 09/28
What A-list mostly television actor has been getting frisky with one of his costars on the set of his upcoming TV show… who happens to be another man? Actor #1, who is married to a woman, has had numerous relationships with men dating back to the very beginning of his career. Actor #2 is still deep in the closet and hopefully this show will put him back on the entertainment radar. So on the first day of shooting the pilot, Actor #1 made his intentions to Actor #2 known right off the bat.. he grabbed the latter’s ass between takes. I don’t know if Actor #2 has returned the favor but I wouldn’t be surprised if he did.
Actor #1: Don Johnson
Actor #2: Chase Crawford
Pilot: "Blood & Oil"

324. BLIND GOSSIP 09/28 **#1**
This famous Los Angeles Mom is great about picking up her kids from school… but the other parents aren’t too happy with her! She has been showing up in some very inappropriate outfits. Lots of skin and no inhibition. If she gets there early, she gets out of her car and mingles with the other parents while waiting for the kids. She likes to think of herself as just one of the gang, but she is making the other parents uncomfortable. This isn’t The Valley so it’s just super awkward. The rest of us put ON clothes before we go to the school, but she looks like she takes them OFF before she goes to school! Plunging necklines, no bra, daisy dukes. One of my kids asked if she was wearing a costume, and I just told them "Yes" because I didn’t even know what to say! I still don’t know what I would say if one of her boobs pops out (and that’s bound to happen one day). She doesn’t look that trashy when I see her on TV or in magazines, so I don’t know what the deal is. When I see her at school she looks like she belongs on the pole or on set in Chatsworth. She likes to talk to one of the dads a lot, but I don’t think there is anything going on there. Some of the other moms are thinking of talking to the school administration about it, but what are they going to do? Create a parental dress code? Give her detention? So far no one has had the courage to tell her that she looks like a hooker. BG Note: The Valley = The San Fernando Valley, which is the adult film capital of the world. Chatsworth is a town in The Valley. Brandi Glanville

325. BLIND GOSSIP 09/28 **#2**
We are about to tell you a very shocking secret about a female celebrity who sits on the panel of a reality competition show. She is married and is a mother. While she is all business at work and does not talk a lot about her personal life, she seems quite content with her family. She is very rich, her husband is very successful and her child/ren are healthy and attractive. Now, here’s the shocking part. She has a lover. A female lover! Although the relationship is fairly new, she already seems pretty heavily invested in it. She has been telling close friends all about how hot the girlfriend is, how much in love they are, and how she can’t wait for her friends to meet her.
Barbara Corcoran "Shark Tank"

326. BLIND GOSSIP 09/28 **#3**
When you think about Humphrey Bogart, you think about his role as Rick Blaine in Casablanca. When you think about this late actress, you think about her star-making role in one of the most classic films of all time. They are going to be making a biopic about this gorgeous, iconic actress. Everyone wants the part. Everyone. One famous film actress – who we think would be appropriate for the role – wants the part very badly. So when she heard that another actress was being considered for it, she completely flipped out. She called [her agent] and was practically screaming about [the other actress]. "She can’t have that role! It’s mine! Why the hell is anyone even putting her name out there as ‘considered’? Who did she have to fuck to get ‘considered’? She looks nothing like [the classic actress]! I’m the one who look likes her!" On and on… Yikes.
Iconic Actress: Vivien Leigh
Her Classic Role/Film: Scarlett O‘Hara/"Gone With the Wind"
Considered Actress: Rosamund Pike

Screaming Actress: Emily Blunt

327. THE GOSSIP LIFE 09/28
This A-list politician is soon to announce he’s running for President. His main target in the primary race? No, not the obvious target with a highly young following, that’ll come later, but the top dog with the questionable background. He wants to wipe her out first. His strategy against her will be her record and the controversies surrounding constantly her. His strategy against the obvious target is invoking sympathy and attacking the obvious target’s idealism.
Who is our A-list politician? Joe Biden
Who is his main target? Hilary Clinton
Who is his obvious target? Bernie Sanders

328. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 09/29 **#1**
No one is quite sure why this celebrity turned reality star is hiding the fact that she is using a surrogate, but she is, despite her claims to the contrary. Coco and Ice T

329. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 09/29 **#2**
Desperate to keep her name in the tabloids in an attempt to recapture her A+ list mostly movie acting status, this celebrity offspring is going out on dates with a closeted former tweener who is mounting the kind of comeback she wants. Kate Hudson/Nick Jonas

Dating an A+ list mostly movie actor is quite the step up for this B list model, who a year ago was working the yacht circuit and Dubai to make ends meet. Although she is a well known model, she made much more on the circuit and is hoping for a big payday down the road after being with the A+ lister. He doesn’t pay. Leo DiCaprio/Kelly Rohrbach

331. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 09/29 **#4**
This former A+ list singer has dropped to A- and is hoping her side gig will push her back to the top. It might not be that easy considering her racist beliefs are set to be plastered all over the tabloids in the coming weeks. Lady Gaga (appearance on "American Horror Story")

332. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 09/29 **#5**
One of the lead characters of this hit, long running ABC show is set to be killed off. Something has to be done to stop all the fighting and bickering on set between the two leads. One of them has to go. Which one will it be? Producers are hoping one of them will ask out of the show. Nathan Fillion/Stania Kanic/"Castle"

This celebrity offspring of a permanent A lister was a reality star turned celebrity turned reality star. She is married and is back on drugs in a big way. Meth apparently and she was wasted at an event this past week while out of LA.
Nicole Richie (father: Lionel Richie) (husband: Joel Madden) " LEGO Dimensions in New York City"

334. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 09/29 **#7**
This former singer turned celebrity turned reality star turned B- list mostly television actress on a new network show is ticked off at her former bff who is a celebrity/part-time actress. The former bff knew our B- lister was hooking up with this athlete, but when our actress started shooting, the former bff moved in and took the guy and his money.
Actress: Christina Milian

Show: "Grandfathered"
BFF: Karrueche Tran
Athlete: Manchester United player Memphis Depay

335. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 09/29 **#8**
This fashion editor who is almost as well known as Anna Wintour got hammered at a charity party in Milan and hooked up with a guy in a side room. She said that is how she prefers her relationships. Quick, with no chance of them moving in with her. Anna Dello Russo (Vogue/Japan)

336. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 09/29 **#9**
The last straw for this barely celebrity girlfriend of an A list rapper to dump him was when she caught him naked in a room with this A list rapper who has an A list reality girlfriend.
Celebrity girlfriend: Karrueche Tran
A list rapper: Chris Brown
Other A list rapper: Tyga
Reality girlfriend: Kylie Jenner

337. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 09/29 **#10**
Both of these people are B listers. If their new shows do well, they have a chance to be A-/B+ list mostly television. The woman in this relationship is foreign born. She has cheated on her boyfriends in her last five relationships. All overlapped. All people she met while working with them. The last time she cheated was probably the biggest headline maker. This time when she cheated, no one really noticed until she had moved on. Oh, she tried to halfheartedly pretend that the relationships didn’t overlap, but she doesn’t really care any longer. All she cares about is her craft, her significant other and the drugs he got her hooked on shortly after they started dating. She was never really a drug user, but he kept telling her how it would help her work and lo and behold she landed a huge part. The only problem is that producers are already talking about replacing her character if the show gets picked up for an entire season. She used to be reliable. Now her work is vacant and she always shows up late.

338. BLIND GOSSIP 09/29 **#1**
Which reality star and her musician boyfriend are about to see their stolen sex tape leaked? We don’t know if their claims of it being "stolen" and "leaking" are going to hold up, though. One of them is much more thirsty for fame than the other. If they fight publicly about it, one of them may have sold the other one out. If they don’t, it was likely stolen, and one or both will retaliate against the third party.
Reality Star: Nikki Mudarris "Love & Hip Hop: Hollywood"
Musician Boyfriend: Mally Mall

339. BLIND GOSSIP 09/29 **#2**
This actress from an iconic television show recently did an appearance at a retail store. The event was publicized in advance… but very few people showed up. While she was gracious and upbeat with fans, behind the scenes was a totally different matter. She was pissed that the event was such a failure. She kept asking her (Assistant? Publicist?), "Where is everybody?" She blamed everyone around her, saying that they embarrassed her, that they obviously didn’t promote her right, etc. She looked like she was ready to cry. Maybe the event was a bust because she just isn’t as big a deal as she was in the 1990s? Pamela Anderson (book signing)

340. THE GOSSIP LIFE 09/29
This alleged A-list supermodel has had breast implants in the last couple of years. It was a subtle job and they’re not too large for her frame, which is why so few have noticed. She had them to support her acting career that she feels is about to take off. Rosie Huntington-Whiteley

Once upon a time … our blind item wasn’t just a struggling actor, he was a common errand boy! Just ask Carl Anthony Payne. His journey straight outta Compton, to Hollywood didn’t begin until he started playing for the OTHER team … Miguel Nunez knows exactly what I’m talking about. That’s the very reason why — after two kids, and nearly two-decades — our blind item’s wife cites ‘irreconcilable differences’ between them! "She filed for divorce because she grew tired of sharing him with other men." The drop: "She can’t take his deceiving ways anymore. It hurts when you find out you’re man is cheating on you. But when you find out he’s cheating with a man … A woman could go crazy, pick up her phone & call her lawyer to file for a divorce." Anthony Anderson/Alvina

342. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 09/30 **#1**
This barely relevant reality star got pregnant with a married man’s baby but convinced this former rapper turned B- list actor that the baby belonged to him. When the actor found out, he dumped her. Probably knowing she had slept with the other man for money probably helped with the breakup decision too.

Reality star: Erica Mena "Love & Hip-Hop"
Actor: Shad Moss (Bow Wow)

343. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 09/30 **#2**
This openly gay B list celebrity/former reality star has no income right now. He still has a name, but no income and his last boyfriend dumped him for cheating. Now, our B lister is trying his best to land this B list mostly television actor from a hit network show for money and to keep the fame train going. Michael Sam/Jussie Smollet "Empire"

344. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 09/30 **#3**
Ultimately there were just too many drugs and too much cheating by this former A list mostly movie actress for her B+ list mostly movie actor boyfriend to take and the pair split. It was a long time coming. Amanda Seyfried/Justin Long

345. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 09/30 **#4**
A fan wanted this foreign born B+ list mostly movie actor to pose with her on a red carpet the other day. The actor, who is known for going full frontal obliged. When the woman held the phone up there was a photo of her topless on the screen with her phone number. Apparently the actor hooked up with her while the movie was playing. He sent someone out to get her during the movie and had sex with her at the theatre. Michael Fassbender "Macbeth"

346. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 09/30 **#5**
The sparks have been flying between this foreign born B list mostly movie actress and this foreign born B list mostly movie actor who everyone seems to think is hooking up with the actress from the acting family. Nope. It turns out he has been hooking up with the foreign born actress while they promote their movie leaving her actor boyfriend in the dust. Serves him right.
B list actress: Mia Wasikowsk

B list actor: Tom Hiddleston
Movie: "Crimson Peak"
Actress hookup: Elizabeth Olsen
Actor boyfriend: Jesse Eisenberg

347. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 09/30 **#6**
For the first time in a decade this former A+ list mostly movie actress who was that high for a split second before barely getting any work, did not have to sleep with anyone to get a part. The lead actor, who is also producing the movie thought she would be great for it. She says she kept asking him if he wanted to sleep with her or what was the catch. That is how bad it has been for her since the peak of her fame. Megan Fox/James Franco "Zeroville"

348. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 09/30 **#7**
This permanent A list supermodel always talks about how she has never done anything to her body, but in the last couple of weeks she had several procedures performed on her to keep herself looking like she always has. Cindy Crawford

349. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 09/30 **#8**
If you are a celebrity, or are rich, or can do her a favor, this former B+ list tweener turned bad actress will be your best friend. If you are just a fan though, she has zero time for you unless she is being paid. One of the more rude celebrities to fans right now. Victoria Justice

350. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 09/30 **#9**
This foreign born B list mostly movie actress has a brand new network show that is doing really well. While promoting the show she had a connection with this married tool of a talk show host. It has only been a few days since she did the show, but has met with him twice since then. I wonder if he would leave his wife for this one. Priyanka Chopra/Mario Lopez (Priyanka Chopra visits "Extra" at Universal Studios Hollywood)

Priyonka Chopra/Mario Lopez "Extra"

351. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 09/30 **#10**
This A list foreign born mostly movie actress is an Academy Award winner/nominee. At a charity event this week she was awful to everyone involved and was doing coke so openly that she was making the organizers nervous there would be complaints from donors. Charlize Theron/"Let Girls Learn" Global Conversation

352. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 09/30 **#11**
This fashion house is credited for one of the most important fashion innovations ever. Now though, under new ownership it is a horror house. Literally. The owner treats everyone like a slave, which is not all that surprising given their upbringing. That was kind of the norm for them growing up. Contracts have been awarded for manufacturing all of the garments to companies who use child and slave labor. No one will ever catch them though because the owner of the fashion house has a lock on most of the news that comes out of the country. If you want to model for the line then you better be prepared to be passed around to all the men who are financial backers and red tape cutters for the company. The owner has zero respect for anyone unless they are rich or famous. Preferably both. When you think of evil people who run companies, this person is right at the very top of the list.

Fashion House: "Vionnet"
Innovation: bias cut
Owner: Goga Ashkenazi

353. BLIND GOSSIP 09/30 **#1**
This actress has had this vision of herself for the last few years. She wanted to stop acting and become a lifestyle guru and business mogul. She envisioned herself as a combination of Martha Stewart, Kathy Ireland, and Jessica Alba. To that end, she practically stopped acting and threw herself into the business of starting a business. It was rather ill-conceived from the beginning, but [Actress] doesn’t have the education or business savvy to recognize that. She hired experts but wouldn’t let us do our jobs or take our advice. Then she started blaming us when her strategy failed. She thought that if she acted more authoritarian and pushed and threatened everyone harder, it would help, but you can’t treat professionals like indentured servants. The harder she pushed, and the more she blamed and threatened, the more everyone resented her. The whole thing was hemorrhaging money, and people were quitting. There is really no on to blame except herself. She’s never failed at anything, so I have to say that I think she was genuinely shocked. I’m sure she’ll try to portray herself as some sort of brave humble pioneering entrepreneur. Not. The people who worked with her know the truth: She was just a mean rich girl who didn’t know how to manage shit. Thank god that’s over… Her fallback position? Back to acting. Lots of projects lined up. Those millions should take some of the sting out of one failed venture. Blake Lively (her website "Preserve")

354. BLIND GOSSIP 09/30 **#2**
This soon-to-be-ex-husband of a popular actress is not too happy about a "hit piece" on him that blames him for their marriage falling apart. His friends tell us: We saw the article and we were like "WTF?" He’s not cheating on her; he’s not getting her money; he agreed to get help; but she throws him under the bus anyway?! He’s really hurt by this and he knows that her publicist is telling her to save her reputation and put out the hit piece because people were blaming her for getting married too fast. She knew what she was marrying into but now she wants to play the victim and blame him so people will feel sorry for her? He never did her wrong and he never said a single bad thing about her. He doesn’t deserve this. SMDH. Kaley Cuoco/Ryan Sweeting

355. BLIND GOSSIP 09/30 **#3**
This pretty actress had a baby in the past year or so. Yes, she actually gave birth to the baby herself. No surrogates involved. She has mentioned in several upbeat interviews about how happy she is, how much joy the baby’s birth has brought her, etc. However, we learned that in private she has actually been anything but since the child’s birth. It’s been months of crankiness and crying. I’m talking about her, not the baby. One of the issues she has is with what the birth did to her body. Hellooo? You just had a baby! Another is that she is having a lot of trouble sleeping. Another is that [her partner] just isn’t pitching in as much as she had hoped. Baby blues? Postpartum depression? We don’t know. However, we are assured that she has people around her who are aware of what she’s going through and are doing their best to help out. No, it’s not Hayden Panettiere (who did recently speak out about her own experience with postpartum depression). Drew Barrymore (PEOPLE article)

356. THE GOSSIP LIFE 09/30
This A-list – maybe B-list – actor was advised by all of his agents to drop out of an upcoming film that is going to be rife with controversy, but he adamantly refused. He wants to work with the director and he really likes the script. It’ll either be an unmitigated disaster or it’ll win every Oscar it can.
Who is our actor? Andrew Garfield
What is the film? "Hacksaw Ridge" (directed by Mel Gibson)
Why is it controversial? He’ll play Desmond Doss, a Seventh Day Adventist who served with distinction in the US Army during World War 2 without ever firing a bullet.

Dallas was the city where this R&B singing blind item was caught french-kissing another man backstage, just a few years back. It’s a groupie situation that may have set the stage for why our blind item’s current BF doesn’t love the ties he keeps with his fans. "His boyfriend was mad at him & they were fighting because his boyfriend thought he was getting too close to his groupies." According to industry insiders, the identity of our blind item’s boyfriend is revealed in his "Put That Woman First" music video — timecode 2:57, to be specific. That’s where you’ll see dude’s bromancer, "holding an umbrella walking with a woman in the rain." The drop: "My husband and I saw him giving his boyfriend a rose and they hugged and kissed afterwards. I was shocked!" Jaheim

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