NOTE: Guesses in italics are only guesses;
guesses in RED are a link to the solution or substantial clues.

When the announcement was put out that this foreign born A list movie/television actor’s stalker was leaving red ribbons, it was actually to distract from the fact that they were leaving blue hankies. There’s a subset of Tumblr stalkers who have gotten his addresses, notate what cars they drive and tell their followers that whenever he wears a blue hankie, it’s a secret message to and from him so the stalkers are encouraged to go into his neighborhood and carry/wave/gift blue hankies to show him that they’re in on his supposed secret message. Benedict Cumberbatch

This A list singer/part-time reality host is cheating on his actress wife. The thing is, his manager is the one who set it all up in advance so our singer would have very limited risk. Keith Urban/Nicole Kidman

This former A list foreign born singer who still has A+ list name recognition even in this country where she didn’t have much success, is bearding for this B- list foreign born mostly television actor who almost strictly works in his home country which is her adopted country. Kylie Minogue/Joshua Sasse (United Kingdom)

This B- list celebrity was pretty open the other night when she cheated on her old permanent A list celebrity husband.
Crystal Hefner/Hugh Hefner  (Halloween Party At The Playboy Mansion)

When this barely hanging on to B- list mostly television actor from that network show he was fired from, could not convince a woman to go home with him last week he started calling her all kinds of names. Vile names.
Mark Salling ("Glee")  (Halloween Party At The Playboy Mansion)

Despite vows of fidelity to each of the women who are carrying/have carried his babies, this foreign born former A+ list mostly movie actor, who is still A-/A hooked up with his syrup sounding ex the other night.
Hugh Grant/Jemima Khan  (UNICEF Halloween ball)

This B- list mostly television actor who saw his peak days on multiple tweener shows tried to hit on this reality star turned forced on to the world singer, turned celebrity, turned maybe singer again. Anyway, she told the actor at a party last week he couldn’t afford her and walked away. Paris Hilton (George Clooney’s Casamigos Halloween party)

She says it is true. It is kind of hard to believe, but at the same time, she is exactly his type, so maybe. She was on that long running MTV show and has actually made a career for herself since then in a much bigger role in a different country. She tells friends that she has hooked up with the royal ginger one. Stephanie Pratt ("The Hills" and "Made in Chelsea")/Prince Harry

Another messed up appearance from this Teen Mom. She was supposed to do something for this business she has a piece of, but insisted that she would only do it if she was paid $250 a minute. She says that is how much she values her time.
Farrah Abrham/webcam model  (sex toys made from molds of her body parts)

Everyone is a little worried about the offspring of this permanent A lister/Academy Award winner/nominee. She has always boozed and smoked a little pot, but she is really starting to use a lot more lately and going for some harder stuff like her famous parent. Lily-Rose Melody Depp (Johnny Depp)

For the first time in her marriage that I can remember, this former A list singer turned B list singer/joke is cheating on her do nothing husband. Literally do nothing. LeAnn Rimes/Eddie Cibrian

This closeted B+ list mostly television actress from that hit cable show which is slipping in the ratings this season is not dating her former co-star. Nope. She is dating a school teacher who is perfect for our actress because she apparently is not one who enjoys going out very much. Lauren Cohan/Steven Yeun ("The Walking Dead")

This former B+ list rapper/actress/celebrity/host/actress was passed out drunk backstage at the show of this permanent A list singer. She was all smiles and giggles when they got her awake enough to leave the show. Queen Latifah (Madonna show)

This foreign born A- list mostly movie actress from a franchise that is finished is slipping. If not for the franchise, she would probably be B- list. Anyway, she is going to break the hearts of a lot of guys, but make so many women happy when she comes out. Emma Watson "Harry Potter"

15. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 11/02 **#10**
Apparently this tool of a one hit wonder former A- list singer managed to explain why he was getting the phone number of another woman while his barely out of her teens girlfriend was using a bathroom. The guy will never change. Robin Thicke/April Love Geary (20)

16. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 11/02 **#11**
KINDNESS: I don’t know where she gets the money, but she is doing good things with it. Despite being surrounded by people with much bigger wallets, this B- list mostly television actress who usually travels around with family. wrote a check over the weekend for nearly six figures to a charity which was roughly double the next highest check. AnnaLynne McCord (with her sisters at "Unicef's Black & White Ball")

17. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 11/02 **#12**
This foreign born B list singer in a group who got publicly dumped in a big way, has been hooking up with wealthy businessmen. A favorite game of attractive female singers everywhere. A private show for a birthday or anniversary. No cameras and no one the wiser that it is just a date. An expensive date, but just a date.  Perrie Edwards ("Little Mix")/dumped by Zayn Malik

18. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 11/02 **#13**
This actor is foreign born. Probably B+ list at his absolute peak, he is down to B-/C+ list. Mostly television. Trying to up his role from recurring to main on a fairly hit show. He is probably most famous for his ex. Anyway, with times being tough, the actor is selling some stories about his foreign born A list mostly movie actress ex. He is prepared to talk about her insane drug use. An almost daily habit. How she has a temper that comes out once or twice a week to the point where they stopped buying dishes that would break. Walls were chipped everywhere. How she would want makeup sex that lasted for hours at a time and he was not allowed to get up from the bed until she felt they had made up enough. How she has several guns stashed throughout the house in case of any stalkers or intruders. After one particularly horrible fight he made her remove the ammunition because he thought she would reach for one during one of their fights. Stuart Townsend (Del Gruner on "Elementary")/Charlize Theron

19. BLIND GOSSIP 11/02
You need too stand back, because your teenagers are going to explode when we tell them about this young Hollywood love triangle! This young and very pretty girl is definitely one of the hottest actresses in Hollywood right now. TV and films. Millions of fans. Everybody wants her. Well, almost everybody. The one person who isn’t too happy with her? Her actor boyfriend! He was recently heard complaining about her over a meal with his parents at a Los Angeles hotel. "He was saying, "She’s young. She’s immature. She’s selfish. She’s annoying." He said that it was "So nice to spend time with adults." He was also talking about how he and [Young Actress] have broken up and gotten back together a bunch of times before but right now he is "under a ton of pressure to stay with her because of the publicity for his TV series and her project."" So, what’s the big deal about a guy complaining to his parents about his girlfriend? Well, this story has an interesting twist! You see, our actor and his parents weren’t the only people at the table. He brought a date with him. A girl. His former girlfriend. Yes, she is also a celebrity! "His parents really seemed to love his former girlfriend. They were all drinking white wine and laughing and smiling and taking photos. They seemed really comfortable together. [The Actor] was really friendly with [The Ex]. They weren’t kissing, but he was rubbing her back and stroking her hair the whole time." This is odd because Young Actress was in town that day. However, instead of bringing her to lunch with his parents, he brings his EX-girlfriend? What’s going on here? Well, it turns out that Actor and Young Actress ARE in a real relationship… but he is cheating on her with The Ex! "He warned everybody at the table that they needed to keep this (the relationship with the Ex) private, because [Young Actress] didn’t suspect anything and they needed to keep it that way for a while." Hope Young Actress doesn’t find out she’s actually part of a little love triangle!
Young Actress: Emma Roberts "Scream Queens"
Actor: Evan Peters "American Horror Story"
Actor’s Ex Girlfriend: Alexandra Breckenridge "The Walking Dead"

This current Presidential Candidate has a spiritual guru they use to reach the deceased and they’ve been using the spiritual guru to personally contact Jesus Christ.

This super hot female Oscar winner recently shocked friends when she let it rip at a fancy restaurant in New York City. But this isn’t the first time she has done so. People know she likes to have fun, but would be shocked by how loud she can fart. One pal says you can hear her across the room. She will have another big blockbuster released soon, and plans on walking down the red carpet with all her funny friends. She was recently dating a musician… but the music she was making might have ended that! Jennifer Lawrence

This is one killer blind item, folks. I’m hearing an established drama series that gets a fair amount of love on TVLine is set to whack its co-lead this season, so it’s time to start clutching your Grandma’s pearls. Details are super sketchy, but rumor has it the fatal twist is set to occur in this hour-long show’s forthcoming fall finale. Meanwhile, there are conflicting accounts as to whether the death will actually stick. Given the importance this particular character has to the series, it’s tough to imagine that it would. But in this Will Gardner-offing, McDreamy-snuffing TV world we live in now, I suppose anything is possible. This much appears certain: The episode in question will leave viewers with the very real impression that this fan favorite is a goner. Stana Katic "Castle"

23. RADAR ONLINE 11/02
World famous actor is hiding a shocking secret over "fears his fans will hate him." Decades of debauchery have finally caught up with one of Hollywood’s top megastars. In a bombshell world exclusive, can reveal that a bad-boy Tinseltown star has been hiding an explosive secret from the world: He is HIV-positive. Multiple informed sources confirm the world-famous actor, whom Radar has chosen not to identify, has been diagnosed with the deadly virus that usually leads to AIDS itself. The middle-aged star learned at least two years ago that he had contracted HIV — but he has desperately hidden it from the world, terrified his fans will turn against him. The individual confided this medical bombshell to friends as far back as October 2014. Without treatment, average survival time after infection with HIV is estimated to be nine to 11 years. Thankfully, the Hollywood figure has so far been successfully treated with an "AIDS Cocktail" of high-powered drugs meant to counteract the effects of the disease, including the medications Truvada and Isentress. "His medical outlook is positive," divulged a source. However, the star — known for a playboy lifestyle filled with one-night stands and sex-for-hire partners — has been "devastated" over his plight since doctors diagnosed the condition, according to a friend. Radar has learned multiple friends want the star to publicly admit the problem and face reality with courage and determination. It is not known exactly how the actor contracted the virus, but the star has previously admitted to engaging in tattooing, injecting drugs and having sex with prostitutes — all activities that increase the risk of contracting the virus. The star thought he was "indestructible" and took few precautions to protect himself against AIDS — even though he was indulging in high-risk sex practices, sources said. "He led a dangerous lifestyle," said one pal. "He’s learned this the hardest possible way." Struggling with the weight of the shocking news, the entertainer was hurled into a deep despair last year, racked by stress and pain associated with the deadly condition, Radar has learned. In lonely desperation, he went into seclusion at his home — rarely going out in public and seeing only family and friends inside the sanctuary of his mansion. He would also party night and day in a bid "to numb" the pain. His worst fear is that he will be remembered not as a great actor but as someone who contracted the disease," explained another source. "He has been tortured by the thought that his acting genius will be forgotten. "He was teary-eyed as he told friends that he had it, but he felt that a public admission would destroy him and his fans." Radar first learned about the star’s desperate battle with the disease in 2014. At the time, reps for the actor flatly denied it. But in recent months the star’s horrifying plight has become an "open secret" again in top Hollywood ranks, with multiple sources coming forward to tell how he’d confided in them. Radar also obtained a videotape in which one of the actor’s former partners revealed he had exposed her to the deadly virus. Alarmingly though, some sources said he has continued to be promiscuous. "It could well be a public health hazard," said a source. It was only after corroborating the accounts of multiple sources that Radar decided to publish this exposé. It also follows the brave disclosure from Who’s the Boss? alum Danny Pintauro, who revealed he is HIV-positive after mixing sex and crystal meth. Of the latest HIV victim, a show business source told Radar: "Many of this actor’s friends and associates have been saying for weeks that he has HIV. Nevertheless, the star and his legal team kept a firm grip of secrecy on his problems, even as rumors of his status swept Tinseltown. According to one source, the megastar has spent an elaborate fortune to secure the silence of his sexual partners — and others — who later discovered his HIV status. Some of those women believed he’d played "Russian roulette" with their lives, sources said. At the same time, the star had vowed to stop sowing wild oats and settle down with his then-romantic interest. But that relationship did not last — and neither the split nor the health predicament has deterred the tragic star from continuing romantic rendezvous. Charlie Sheen

This A- list mostly movie actor who seems to do nothing but get in trouble, was out the other day and openly carrying a crack pipe in his hands. No pocket. Just in his hands. Shia LaBeouf

A little out of character for this former A+ list mostly movie actress turned A lister. The doorman at her hotel tried to open the door to the car which was there to pick her up. Our actress yelled at him that she could open her own door. Our actress got inside the car and then yelled at him to close her door for her. Sandra Bullock; Drew Barrymore; Renee Zellweger; Jennifer Lawrence; Reese Witherspoon

I really didn’t think this B list mostly television actress could get more annoying, but she has found a way. First, can I just say that I want her new show to fail just so maybe, her boss would not have any other shows in which to cast her. Anyway, she was at a party and when talking to people, if they didn’t compliment her or her dress within the first ten seconds, she would say, "Doesn’t this dress look amazing," or "I spent so much time getting ready, but it worked out great didn’t it?" So, so into herself. Lea Michele ("Scream Queens" - Ryan Murphy)/The Inspiration Gala Los Angeles to benefit amfAR, The Foundation for AIDS Research

This makes about the millionth time this B list mostly movie actor, making his way into television after an Academy Award win/nomination has been asked to leave a party either for being drunk or handsy or both. Last week it happened again. He is used to it by now. Cuba Gooding Jr. (O.J. "American Crime Story")/The Inspiration Gala Los Angeles to benefit amfAR, The Foundation for AIDS Research

This B list celebrity has done cable reality, movies, network reality and so much more. He is also using again after being clean for a very long time. Steve O ("Jackass" "Dancing With the Stars")/Sea World protest

This former B+ list mostly television actress who had a run a long time ago on a vampire show, has done very little as of late. She was at a Halloween party and played the don’t you know who I am card when denied entry into a party. She was wearing a costume so the bouncer said no. She then handed over her i.d. and her phone which was loaded on her wiki. The guy still said no. Then she really went off on him, but he still said no. Michelle Trachtenberg "Buffy the Vampire Slayer"

These A list parents don’t seem too upset their mid-teens celebrity daughter is boozing it up and smoking pot with people twice her age.
Will Smith/Jada Pinkett Smith/Willow Smith/ Balmain designer Olivier Rousteing’s birthday party

Despite his best efforts, this late night talk show host, is having trouble keeping this reality star from a cable show that hopefully won’t get another season in the closet. The stories they come up with to make it look like he only enjoys women are getting out of hand. Andy Cohen ("Watch What Happens Live")/Jax Taylor ("Vanderpump Rules")

Why go out with your beard alone to a party when you can get your former network television co-star from a show that is no longer on the air to go to the party with his beard too. Matthew Morrison/Darren Criss ("Glee")

33. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 11/03 **#10**
The great thing about costumes is the guy you hired to pretend to be your A list mostly movie actor boyfriend was all hidden nicely away. You know, because he wanted to be with the other woman he is seeing. Eva Mendes/Ryan Gosling (Emma Stone)

34. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 11/03 **#11**
This always fighting with sobriety B- list actress/celebrity/Academy Award winner/nominee was wasted at an event and it definitely wasn’t booze. She thinks no one notices. Tatum O'Neal/Rosie's Theater Kids Gala

35. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 11/03 **#12**
This A+ list singer was invited to a very recent birthday celebration. No way would she attend. She hates being filmed and doesn’t like the invitees despite what they would lead you to believe. Taylor Swift/Kendall Jenner

36. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 11/03 **#13**
Back before I wrote about the celebrity sex broker, I wrote about a guy who thinks of himself as a celebrity. He kind of is. He sure knows a lot of them. I wrote about, how, through the guise of a company he sends celebrities to Dubai and pockets money as a middleman, or in some cases pays them to have sex with him. He used to have almost unlimited funds. For the past few years though, his empire has started to show cracks. His company, which used to have locations all over the world allowing for the shuttling of female celebrities to various countries for sex while making it look like they were making public appearances is floundering. So, he fell back on an old standby. He created a church. Yes, a church. More of a spiritual center. It must be a really successful church because within a couple of months of opening his first, there are four more that popped up in some of the same locations as his cover business. The genius move on his part is now men who want to pay for a celebrity give a donation to his church. They then get a tax deduction. The owner then buys a bunch of product from the shell company which then pays the female celebrity. Oh, and in just a couple of months, this former B+ list tweener turned A- list singer is spending two nights doing promotional work for the company in between two shows she is performing. To land her, someone must have made a very very large donation to the spiritual center. Sheeraz Hasan ("Millions of Milkshakes")/Selena Gomez

This B-list actress badly wants off of a show that she’s on. It’s in its second season and it’s disappointing in the ratings, but she’s not happy with the calibre of the writing, nor the type of ‘mad comedy’ show that she’s on. January Jones "The Last Man on Earth"

38. THE BLIND GOSSIP 11/03 **#1**
This reality star wants to make money off of you any way she can. However, those close to her think that she is delusional about becoming a health guru. "She’s starting to get scary about her weight again. She weighs herself multiple times a day to make sure her weight doesn’t fluctuate more than one pound. If it’s two pounds, she says she is too fat and immediately stops eating. It’s easy for her because she has years of experience from having an eating disorder. She just doesn’t get it. She thinks that skinny equals healthy. She doesn’t realize that when people meet her, they can see what a skeleton she is. She may be able to sell skinny, because that’s what she is, but she can’t sell healthy, because she clearly isn’t." Bethenny Frankel "Real Housewives of New York City"

39. THE BLIND GOSSIP 11/03 **#2**
This politician is feeling the pressure of the GOP Presidential race. A source close to his campaign tell us: "You won’t hear anybody from [the campaign] say it out loud, but he is panicking. It kind of sucks, but he really doesn’t handle pressure well. He just doesn’t have the stomach for it. Good at whining and crying. Not so good at fighting." Does he have enough money to hold out? "[The financial situation is] not good. There isn’t as much there as people think. If he drops out, the big money goes back to the Super PACS, and he’s burning through the rest of it so fast, we don’t think there will be much of anything left." So, is he going to drop out before the next debate? "No, he will be participating in the next debate, but he’s been given a number to reach [in the polls]. If he doesn’t jump 4 full points in the next six weeks, it’s over, and he’s done by Christmas. It would be too embarrassing for him to get killed in the primaries." Jeb Bush

40. THE BLIND GOSSIP 11/03 **#3**
This top film actor is really mad at a mostly-television actress who has been talking about him lately. Some of his gang have launched attacks on her credibility, but she isn’t afraid of them. Since he isn’t having any success hurting her, he’s got a new strategy: In addition to discrediting and attacking the TV actress… he’s going to attack a close friend of hers! The friend is a multi-hyphenate performer woman who is a bigger star than our TV actress. The actor thinks that by going after the multi-hyphenate he will get the TV actress to shut up. We don’t know what dirt he has on the multi-hyphenate, but if you hear negative things about her in the near future, you’ll know who is responsible! Tom Cruise/Leah Remini (close friend Jennifer Lopez)

This late night talk show host has been begging his wife to come home, or at least make it look like they are living together, to try and get some good press. Always about the press, never about the relationship. Jimmy Fallon/Nancy Juvonen

This B- list mostly television actor from an acting family is on a hit cable show. His family is super religious so they will probably freak out when he comes out as gay, but he is getting set to do so. Good for him. Tahj Mowry/"Baby Daddy" (sisters Tia and Tamera)

This foreign born B- list mostly television actress/part-time singer who was on a hit almost network show, had a three month fling with this married almost A+ list mostly movie actor when they worked together not that long ago. His marriage almost ended because of it. He wrote her a very big check to make all her memories disappear.
Actress: Jessica Lowndes
Show: "90210"
A+ list actor: Will Ferrell
Movie: "A Deadly Adoption"

This former B list reality star turned celebrity who has much higher name recognition than she should because of her last name and one of her A+ list reality friends was trolling through a Halloween party looking for a guy willing to pay for her next breast augmentation. Money is tight for her, especially as she gets older. Brittny Gastineau (friend Kim Kardashian)/Casamigos Tequila Halloween Party

KINDNESS: This actress is B list. If her hit network show was still on the air, she probably would be B+/A-. She has had hit movies and multiple hit television shows. Always seemingly in a good mood, she has been devoting more time to her kids and other kids too. She recently threw a Halloween bash at a shelter for families. She bought all the decorations and candy and dinner and costumes for the kids and just went out of her way to make sure the kids were able to experience Halloween. Alyson Hannigan

For all the traveling and photo ops they do together you would think this A list celebrity couple (because of her permanent A list status) would be stronger. They say the right things and do the right things in public, but at this point there marriage is a sham and they are only holding out for the kids to go off to school. That was the plan anyway. It probably won’t make it that much longer. Cindy Crawford/Rande Gerber

The phone was ringing off the hook yesterday at the plastic surgeon for this former A+ list mostly movie actress turned don’t really work much, but I am going to have permanent A+ list name recognition forever. She was bragging at an event about the work she had done over the past three months and she looks amazing. I hope she gets a referral fee. Demi Moore

Too many cameras around for this closeted former A list tweener turned A- list singer to bring his new boyfriend to a big party. He also is tired of the constant female celebrities trying to date him for the cameras. He did find some time to spend with his boyfriend later that night at a tiny dive bar in West Hollywood. Nick Jonas (Kendall Jenner and Kate Hudson)/Kendall Jenner’s 20th birthday party

This A- list rapper promised he wouldn’t cheat and would pay his girlfriend almost six figures per month. In exchange, she would do him a very huge favor that would keep him out of jail. Two things. He hasn’t been paying and hasn’t stopped cheating so she bailed on him. Rick Ross/Lira Galore

50. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 11/04 **#10**
A lot of rewriting history in a recent interview. There was definitely sex on this former network hit. The thing is, since one of the stars was below the age of consent for several years, people pretend she never had sex with anyone. Topher Grace ("That 70s Show"/Mila Kunis ("Watch What Happens Live")

51. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 11/04 **#11**
This publicly engaged B+ list mostly television actress on a hit network show has been hooking up with a guy she met only two days ago. Hey, this kind of situation can lead to these things. Hayden Panettiere/Wladimir Klitschko
(in a treatment facility for postpartum depression or code word for "rehab?")

52. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 11/04 **#12**
This former A- list athlete has not been spending much time with his new wife. Nope. He would much rather be with men. He has stopped hooking up with that talk show host though. Sean Avery (Hilary Rhoda)/Andy Cohen

53. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 11/04 **#13**
If you are a child of the 90’s, you know this show. You loved this show. Well, maybe not. You see there were two shows on the air at the same time. Most tweens picked one or the other. You had to choose one. It was big and ran for a long time. An actress on the show was one of the most popular of all the characters. Everyone loved her. Foreign born. She was huge in the tweener world for this role and when it ended, she dropped off the face of the earth. The reason? The entire time she was on the show, she was being sexually abused by one of the producers. She was young. She thought the producer was in love with her. For years, she did everything he said and never told anyone what was going on between them. She put him before school or friendships. He totally isolated her and used her. Brainwashed her. When the show ended, she thought they would go off into the sunset together. Instead, at the wrap party, he introduced her to a woman he called his girlfriend and said they were going to get married. Our actress was in shock. Numb. She says she does not remember anything for a month or two after that. She is trying to lead a normal life now, but it has been hard. Those years on the show should have been filled with great memories. Instead, it ruined her life.

54. BLIND GOSSIP 11/04 **#1**
It is much easier to become a celebrity if you use other celebrities as your stepping stones to fame! This hot young model used a foreign musician and an American musician in quick succession to get attention and to get photographed every day. It worked, too. Once the photographers cared more about her than about the guy, it was time for her to move on. You will likely hear blurbs about how she is "happy to be single for now"… but we know that she already has her sights set on a new boyfriend! They will play it as "just friends" for a few weeks so that it doesn’t look suspiciously sudden, but you should expect them to formally announce as a couple early in the new year. Yes, of course he is a celebrity, too. Civilians don’t make good stepping stones.
Celebrity: Gigi Hadid
Foreign musician: Cody Simpson
American musician: Joe Jonas
New boyfriend: Zayn Malik

55. BLIND GOSSIP 11/04 **#2**
There’s a group of twenty-something celebrities who are frequently photographed together. They are all young, attractive, and fashionable. They’ve even talked among themselves about creating their own little sorority. We would name the sorority Sigma Pi Alpha. So they must all be good friends, right? Nope! In fact, some of them can’t stand each other! They all recognize the value of famous people being seen with other famous people, and thus are unlikely to publicly diss others in the group. However, they find other ways of making others in the group look bad or feel bad! One will have an event but pretend that the invitation to another "must have gotten lost." Or one will receive the invitation but pretend that they didn’t so they don’t have to attend the function. So Passive Aggressive. Taylor Swift, Karlie Kloss, Cara Delevigne, Gigi Hadid, Marsha Hunt, Kendall Jenner (Taylor and Karlie didn’t attend her birthday party), Jaime King, Alana Haim, Lena Dunham, Selena Gomez, Lorde

56. BLIND GOSSIP 11/04 **#3**
This network TV show was so sizzling hot last season that everyone and their mother was begging for a guest-starring role. Despite the intense demand, one prominent performer – who was very excited about a guest stint on the show – has suddenly backed out, claiming scheduling conflicts. That’s not exactly true. Although they are always busy (like most popular performers), the guest role for a single show could have been shot in one or two days, and the producers were very willing to accommodate them. No, this was actually about the performer’s enthusiasm for the gig fizzling out. According to them, "The show has become really dumb." "Empire"

This R&B legend is headed to divorce. She caught her husband stealing money from her to support a stripper. Mary J. Blige/Kendu Isaacs

This foreign born model likes to think of herself as A list. She also likes to act, but only had one big role. Her A- list actor boyfriend could put her in a movie but chooses not to. Anyway, confirming she is a horrible person, she was extremely rude to a teenage fan the other night. She basically told him to f**k off. Then he said his last name and she was all over him and smiling and selfies. Horrible person.

Model: Rosie Huntington-Whiteley
Movie: "Transformers: Dark of the Moon"
Boyfriend: Jason Statham
Teenager: Victoria and David Beckham’s son Romeo
Event: Burberry Festive Film Premiere

This former A list singer took to the stage this week despite being wasted out of her mind at a charity event. Hey, singers get drunk, but she keeps telling everyone she is sober.
Kesha (All-Star 'Rhonda's Kiss' Cancer Benefit Concert)

This foreign born former A list singer who has trouble getting anything to stick now, says she is happy regardless because she is away from this A list mogul who was more interested in sleeping with new female singers than moving her career along. Leona Lewis/Simon Cowell

Why yes, that was this closeted former A+ list mostly movie actor who is an Academy Award winner/nominee making out and groping this pre-op transgender woman the other night at a club out of town. Bradley Cooper

This former A+ list comic actor who will probably have permanent A list name recognition forever is hooking up with a family member of his ex-girlfriend. Not appropriate. Jim Carrey/Cathriona White (committed suicide)

This B+ list mostly movie actor who is an Academy Award winner/nominee and has a side gig which is just as good as his acting gig is cheating on his girlfriend with this A- list mostly television actress who is in that hit network show. The one that gets monster ratings. Jared Leto/Valery Kaufman/(someone from "Empire")

After her network show was canceled last spring, this B- list mostly television actress who can never seem to get that super big break checked herself into a treatment facility this past summer for a month to deal with some mental issues she has dealt with on a fairly regular basis the past decade. Anna Friel "American Odyssey"; Samaire Armstrong "Resurrection"

While on vacation, the significant other of this Teen Mom was heard using the N word more than once. It isn’t like he has not used it a bunch in his life. She doesn’t care though. Jenelle Evans/David Easton (Uncle Bad Touch)
(in St. Thomas)

66. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 11/05 **#10**
This B+ list actor gets to play the same role on television as in the movies. Not a bad gig. He is also enjoying the perks that come with all this fame. Lots and lots of women. Did I mention he is married. Kevin Dillon ("Entourage")

67. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 11/05 **#11**
CMA AWARDS: The winner for most coke used at an after party goes to this female singer who is about to be dropped by her record label. Won’t be the first time. Hey, at least she has another music side gig going on that will help pay the bills. Jewel (songwriter, author and children’s music)

68. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 11/05 **#12**
H&M BALMAIN PREVIEW PARTY: You probably will want to come back to this one. The answer is one of the people in Random Photos Part Four. An actress. Peak of B+ list and that is stretching it. Best known for an almost network show no longer on the air. She went through the party last night talking to people about a former co-star who was there. Apparently there is bad blood. Our actress interrupted one conversation and randomly just says, "Oh one time, __________ had this bloody nose on set because of all the coke she was doing that day." She also talked about the guys she hooked up with and nicknames people had for her and it was awful.
Actress: Jessica Szohr "Gossip Girl"
Former co-star: Michelle Trachtenberg

69. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 11/05 **#13**
Over the past two weeks this no name actor/part-time musician has been trying to get some help. The reason? His girlfriend, who is married wants to leave Scientology. If you thought Leah Remini leaving was big, if this person leaves, it would be even bigger. Way bigger. It is not that she is a bigger name than Leah, because she is not, but she does have a name. A name that would be trusted and get her interviews. Lots of interviews. She has been in Scientology a long time. Her husband has been in it a long time and also has a big name. He would be staying. He will always stay. Her family has been trying to convince her to leave. She has wavered before but has always been convinced to return. This time though, the combination of family and this boyfriend have her on the verge of leaving. Apparently what she knows is way more than even what Leah knows. She has not given as much money or taken as many courses, but she was in a position to learn more and see more. I hope she gets out. Bijou Phillips/Danny Masterson; Marissa Ribisi/Beck; Greta Van Susteren/John P. Coale

70. BLIND GOSSIP 11/05 **#1**
We have had several blind items in the past about celebrities who hired surrogates and faked their pregnancies. A prominent California fertility doctor is now verifying that he has been personally involved in these fake pregnancies! In the upcoming TLC special, Jodie Marsh Is Making Babies, Marsh has an interesting conversation with Dr. Vicken Sahakian, Medical Director of the Pacific Fertility Center, based in California. "This doctor has inside information about "social surrogacy" – celebrities getting other women to carry their babies for them as they don’t want to be pregnant – and may have even performed [the IVF procedures] himself." Sahakian tells Marsh that he has helped several rich and famous celebrities have their babies via surrogate in order to preserve their own figures. "Typically these are women who prefer not to get pregnant and not to go though the process of pregnancy for many different reasons. For instance, if you are a model or an actress and your income is based on performing and how you look, and pregnancy will ruin that for year or more." Dr. Sahakian said he has had a number of "well-known" clients over the years who have opted for a social surrogacy. He refused to give any names but said some have even faked their own pregnancies while secretly using a surrogate! Marsh asks him: "So some have used a surrogate, then stuffed a pillow up their [sweater]?" Sahakian responds: "We are talking about well-known women. It would be taboo for them to admit they used a social surrogate. I have had a couple of patients who pretended they were pregnant, yes. [They are] very famous clients but I am not giving any names." Beyoncé, Nicole Kidman, Kevin Jonas’ wife Danielle, Kelly Preston, Madonna (Rocco), Coco Austin, Kim Kardashian (second pregnancy)

71. BLIND GOSSIP 11/05 **#2**
Guess who is behind the ad campaign that targets a Presidential candidate and literally calls him a "Racist F*ck"? It’s not just some random activist group! We found out that a Super PAC that EXCLUSIVELY funds a certain Presidential candidate from the opposing party directly paid the ad creator to produce the ad. Did the opposing party candidate see and approve the ad? Yes, although we are told that they will deny it if asked. If the ad is effective, expect to see a lot more similar nastiness from the same candidate, and a lot more shocking stunts designed to hurt the target candidate. Donald Trump/Hillary Clinton

This A-list actress sent her estranged daughter a check for fifty thousand pounds over an event recently. There was no phone call of thanks or even a note. It’s as if it never happened. Well, apart from the fifty thousand pounds deficit in the actress’ bank account. Nicole Kidman (daughter Isabella’s wedding)

73. US WEEKLY 11/05
Secret Celebrity Scientologists: Leah Remini’s still talking about Scientology! The actress sat down with former church member Paul Haggis on Wednesday, Nov. 4, in New York City to discuss her new book, Troublemaker: Surviving Hollywood and Scientology. The pair spoke about their time in the religion, their decision to leave, and the backlash they’ve suffered since, with Haggis revealing Remini was the only person he knew who did not disconnect with him when he left Scientology. "You did not have to do that. We were not close friends," the director, 62, told Remini, 45, expressing his gratitude at her kindness. Haggis also revealed that there have been many celebrities who have left the church who have kept the fact that they were members entirely secret. While refusing to give names, the director explained the stars were advised against talking about their religions by the Hollywood machines. "‘Walk away. Don’t say anything. It will hurt your career,'" he said of the advice given by most Hollywood agents.
Will and Jada Smith; Lisa Marie Presley; Jim Carrey; Christopher Reeve; Jerry Seinfeld; John Brodie (former quarterback for the San Francisco 49ers); Diana Canova ("Soap"); Jason Beghe ("Chicago P.D. and Fire"); Jeffrey Tambor; Mimi Rogers; Tom Berenger; Brad Pitt; Van Morrison

What better way to get some positive attention for yourself after the horrid way you treated a family member then by inviting a pap along to take photos of your own family. Big step for this A list mostly movie actor and his B- list actress wife. Of course she had to play the let me show you my breasts game in the photos. Ryan Reynolds (his father died)/Blake Lively (Blake's breasts)
(Ryan insults a bunch of kids in X-Men costumes)

It is really going to be tough for this EGOT (on a technicality) winner to try and get back to solvent if she keeps playing concerts with only 25% of the seats sold. Promoters are not going to pay her outrageous fee to have a bunch of empty seats. Liza Minnelli

At the advice of her team, including her A+ list husband, this A+ list singer decided not to speak out in favor of equality for LGBT people in her hometown.
Jay Z/Beyoncé (Houston, TX)

This A list in her mind do everything diva had a party at her house that involved about 20 horses all standing in the street leaving their fecal matter everywhere. Her neighbors had to live with the smell for weeks because she wouldn’t do anything about it. Jennifer Lopez
(Diva Jennifer Lopez Slammed By Angry Local)

This a-hole of a former A list singer turned part-time reality star, left his long suffering girlfriend to make her own way back to their hotel when he picked up another woman to spend a few hours with. CeeLo Green/Shani James (MOBO Awards)

This A list model and former bff of this A+ list singer was asked multiple times on a recent red carpet about the singer but the model ignored all the questions. Breakups are tough. Karlie Kloss/Taylor Swift (WSJ Innovator Awards)

The former model/former bff of this failed reality star who rushes into some impulsive decisions, says the failed reality star gives her child sizzurp to fall asleep when the failed reality star wants to entertain at her home.
Former model: Amber Rose
Failed reality star: Blac Chyna (failed reality show) (impulsive decision: tattoo rapper Future on hand)

The good news is someone will probably actually watch her on film again. The bad news, for this former almost A list mostly movie actress is that it is porn. Three guys and a bunch of coke. There is another woman in the video too. Unknown if she gets paid more or less than our actress. Lindsay Lohan

This former B list celebrity hosted a show back in the day. She has a catchy sounding name. She has not done anything since she landed a rich husband who is only rich because of his A list actor family member. She has the good life right now but is putting it all on the line by sleeping with a couple of different guys. Ananda Lewis/Harry Smith (Will Smith’s brother)

83. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 11/06 **#10**
KINDNESS: This actress is B+ list. Had a great run on a pay cable show. Has a monster network show lined up but might not be the hit it could have been because of all the behind the scenes drama. She is married to a favorite of everyone. Our actress has bought three preschools and charges no tuition or fees at any of them. She did it to help families who can’t afford to send their kids to preschool so end up staying home and not working.
Actress: Carrie Preston (married to Michael Emerson from "Lost")
Pay cable show: "True Blood"
New network show: "Crowded"

84. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 11/06 **#11**
This B list celebrity/wannabe model who is the offspring of a former and current A lister is going to need some more rehab. Goodness was she doing a lot of drugs at a party this week. I guess she found a new dealer or got it for free. Ireland Baldwin (Kim Basinger and Alec Baldwin)

85. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 11/06 **#12**
First time in the blinds for this B list mostly television actress who is out of work after her cable show bit the dust after a few years. Recently married, her husband is already cheating on her. He does that. A lot. Its why his relationships never last. Gabrielle Anwar ("Burn Notice")/Shareef Malnik

86. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 11/06 **#13**
It has probably been a long time since you thought about this couple. They were never a couple in the traditional sense of being out in the open and displaying their love. This was always on the down low. For decades. Two men. One man has been through a bunch of marriages and women. Permanent A lister. The other guy was A list at one point. Not so much now. Sure, he still has a name, and makes a good living, but he is not A list any longer. He has never been married. He always says he has come close a few times, but it’s not true. He has just become a really good liar. When our permanent A lister was with one of his woman, it left the other guy on his own. He has done a lot of exploring. At one point during his explorations he contracted HIV. The day he told the permanent A lister is the last time they spoke. Nothing will make the permanent A lister speak to him again. Ever. Decades of being together gone in one day.
Permanent A lister: Eddie Murphy
Former A lister: Johnny Gill

87. BLIND GOSSIP 11/06 **#1**
You don’t have to be part of a specific industry group to score an invitation to an awards show. At the Country Music Awards, there were lots of non-country celebrities in attendance. However, not all of them were thrilled to be there. While they did a great job smiling for the cameras, one member of a celebrity couple was out of their element. They were overheard complaining to their partner, "I think I’ve hit my quota of rednecks. How much longer do we have to stay? Can we go back to L.A. now?" Jessica Biel (went home early)/Justin Timberlake

88. BLIND GOSSIP 11/06 **#2**
This young singer has been contacting some old friends lately. Is he looking to rekindle old friendships that he may have neglected? Not really! "I didn’t talk to him for a long time so I was a surprised. After a minute of catching up he went into pity party mode about how nobody understands him and that he didn’t have many real friends but he that I was one of the only people he knew was his real friend apart from all the fame bulls*it. Then he asked me to help him with something. He wanted me to do some stuff telling everybody that he had it real rough in life because of the fame and that they should feel bad for him about that and it would be good if I said how proud I am that he came through to be a big success. So he didn’t really care about me at all. It was all about him and his image redo the whole time!" Justin Bieber

89. BLIND GOSSIP 11/06 **#3**
This acting couple broke up this year. One of the parties is having some trouble letting go. "He’s done with her, but she still texts him ten times a day! It’s a little scary that she seems so obsessed with him. "What are you doing right now?" "I wish you were here with me!" That sort of thing. He doesn’t get it. He doesn’t know if she is trying to be his friend or his sister or his mom or get back together or what." Does he respond to her texts? "He just sends back a one or two word reply because they might have to work together again and he doesn’t want to piss her off because she gets pissed off very easily. She doesn’t seem to be getting the hint that he is over her and is just trying to be polite." Jennifer Westfeldt/Jon Hamm

This A-list actress has basically retired at this point. She has no incentive or want to work. The scripts and the offers are coming, but she’s turning them all down. Cameron Diaz

This former B+ list tweener actress turned B+ list singer recently blew off a major gig to spend time with a man who paid her much more money than she would have received in resulting sales after the gig she blew off. Ariana Grande/"The Jonathan Ross Show" in Britain

This foreign born aging talk show host had a bad reaction to some botox. Surprising considering how much she has had over the years. Sharon Osbourne

This B+ list mostly movie actress from multiple franchises is trying to blame everything but her bad acting for what will be a bomb of a movie when it is released. Zoe Saldana/"Nina" (Nina Simone biopic)

The child of this foreign born A list model is no longer living with their mother because of the mother’s out of control drug use. Kate Moss/Lila Grace Moss Hack

This A list filmmaker is transitioning from a man to a woman. Michael Moore

Taking a tip from a closeted former Twilight actor, this closeted B+ list mostly movie actor always drags out his old high school girlfriend whenever he needs a shot of publicity. Ansel Elgort ("Twilight actor: Taylor Lautner)

The husband of this former Housewife shelled out mid five figures to have a threesome with this longtime B+ list celebrity and his wife.

This former A+ list tweener who still has A+ list name recognition used to party once every couple of weeks. Now, it is an almost daily thing and the drugs are getting harder. He has cut off his family and is getting lazy about work and appearances. Justin Bieber

This Disney actress who has a sister almost as famous just got a recent breast job because she thinks it will get her more attention and better parts. Laura Marano/"Austin & Ally" (sister: Vanessa Marano/"Switched at Birth")

100. NY POST/PAGE SIX 11/09
1. What 40-something music diva and mom has pals worried about her secret addiction to the codeine-based concoction sizzurp? Mariah Carey

2. What sober star canned her reps because a clueless staffer at the firm kept getting tipsy at the teetotaling star’s scheduled events? Taylor Swift

3. Which Oscar winner was getting so frisky with female guests at a New York members club recently, he ended the evening with his hands up the skirt of one aristocratic offspring in full view of guests?

4. Which pop star brought an underage date to the Chateau Marmont then flipped out — and stormed out — when the bar wouldn’t serve her alcohol? Joe Jonas

100. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 11/09 **#1**
This B- list mostly television actor comes from an A+ list acting family. He needs some help, but is refusing to get it and will die if he does not get the help he needs soon.

101. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 11/09 **#2**
This relation of a former hit A list reality family is living off kickbacks from a charity she is telling fans to contribute to. Jill Duggar/Derick Dillard (donation page)

102. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 11/09 **#3**
The B-/C+ list actress of this A+ list mostly movie actor says she cares for the couple’s child all by herself. I think all of the nannies they have on their payroll would disagree. Eva Mendes/Ryan Gosling

103. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 11/09 **#4**
While this A+ list mostly movie actor was at a high profile event hitting on blonde models, his current supposed blonde model girlfriend was at a different party name dropping him, but also letting it be known she was available.
Leonardo DiCaprio "Screen Actors Guild Foundation 30th Anniversary Celebration"/Kelly Rohrbach "Fallout 4 Video Game Launch Event"

104. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 11/09 **#5**
He has not been able to find another beard. She is tired of having to hustle every week to make ends meet in her big spending life. So, what to do? This A list athlete is trying to work things out with this former singer turned reality star turned red carpet walker. Lewis Hamilton/Nicole Scherzinger

105. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 11/09 **#6**
This A list NFL player took a page right out of this A+ list mostly movie actor’s playbook. Take your girlfriend somewhere warm and bring along a photographer to take a lot of photos of her in a swimsuit to distract distract distract. Russell Wilson/Ciara ("playbook" of Bradley Cooper)

106. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 11/09 **#7**
Apparently this up and coming B- list mostly television actress on a middling cable show got the family gene from her A list family. She loves her booze and drugs. It is not affecting her work but she looks about a decade older than her young age.
Actress: Greer Grammer (23)
Show: "Awkward" on MTV
Family: Kelsey Grammer

107. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 11/09 **#8**
This A+ list mostly movie actor rarely cheats on his wife. Usually only when filming out of the country and only when it involves no actual work on his part. The thing is though, his wife has started asking lots of questions because of his friend and our actor is now in some serious trouble because his lies have caught up with him. Matt Damon (friend - Ben Affleck)

108. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 11/09 **#9**
No A+ list singer to go home to last night, so this former almost A+ list singer hooked up with this Asian guy he met at a club. John Mayer/Katy Perry; Gavin Rossdale/Gwen Stefani

109. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 11/09 **#10**
Apparently there is a six or seven minute sex tape involving a royal who is in the top 20 line of succession. If it was longer it would probably be a best seller. Apparently though, it is going to be bought by a tabloid television show for big bucks but is going to hold off showing it until February sweeps. Princess Beatrice of York (7th) or Princess Eugenie of York (8th) (Prince Andrew and Sarah "Fergie" Duchess of York)

110. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 11/09 **#11**
This former A-/B+ list mostly movie actress who has tried television with no success. I mean no success. Not even a glimmer. Anyway, she recently had to have her two front teeth replaced again. The originals were knocked out by this foreign born B list actor who is a multiple Academy Award winner/nominee. Yeah, they don’t seem like a match. They both keep the relationship they had very quiet. Not only for the broken teeth but because he left his then wife for our actress.

111. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 11/09 **#12**
Thought she was doing better, but there was this former A- list turned B+ list mostly movie actress doing some lines of coke with the long time celebrity lover of this closeted A- list rapper. Ricardo Tisci (Kanye)/Amanda Seyfried "12th annual CFDA/Vogue Fashion Fund Award"

112. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 11/09 **#13**
Back in the day, this singer was A list. One named singer. No, not named Ashanti. She was young when they found her. Very young. Below legal age young. She wanted to be a star, so she listened to them (a back in the day female and male A list rapper) and did whatever they wanted. She did the drugs they told her to do. She had sex with anyone they told her to. In return they made her a star. They kept the majority of her money. She was their perfect breadwinner/plaything. She never complained and she never argued. If someone was ever going to show you an example of brainwashing, she was the perfect person to put on display. There came a time though when a few members of this group started having some financial issues. They took out some loans and toured more, but they couldn’t get out of the hole. So, they sold their prized possession. One day she was with one group and the next day she was with this mogul/entrepreneur/record executive. She said she was in love with him, but a few dollars in a different direction and she would have been saying she loved this A+ list rapper/mogul who thought he won the bidding for her. The guy who won grew tired of having to hide all of the other women. The A lister didn’t care, but the public wouldn’t understand so our mogul had to hide and keep things secret. He hated that. Lucky for him, the situation resolved itself. Lots of people say he resolved it himself.
Singer: Aaliyah
Female and male A list rapper: Missy Elliott/Timbaland
Mogul/entrepreneur/record executive: Damon Dash
A+ list rapper/mogul having an affair with her: Jay Z
Resolution: died in a plane crash

113. THE GOSSIP LIFE 11/09
This A-list executive likes to pretend that she was sacked because of a scandal and sexism, but the truth is the conglomerate behind the movie studio was planning to fire her before the scandal even happened. ‘They weren’t happy with the lack of successful franchises, nor the slate for the upcoming year," a source tells TGL. Amy Pascal/Sony Pictures (Sony email hacked)

114. BLIND GOSSIP 11/09 **#1**
PART 1: This famous model wants to convince you that she is a great humanitarian and intellectual. She recently taped an interview about her life. Perhaps she is trying to correct some recent image issues – or perhaps she is just trying to sell something – but she REALLY wants you to take her seriously! She spends a lot of the interview talking about spirituality, social responsibility, "mother earth", her charitable work, etc. Perhaps she is trying to become the next Angelina Jolie? She also wants you to think she is an intellectual. She says, "I wanna meet with Noam Chomsky. I’m meeting with all these amazing people. [I’m meeting with] these amazing professors at MIT. I’m just so interested in what these people have to teach me."
PART 2: Jada Pinkett Smith calls her stepson her "bonus child." Leann Rimes thought she deserved some attention on Mother’s Day because she is a "bonus mom" to her husband’s two children with Brandi Glanville. If those two labels annoyed you… prepare to be annoyed again! In an interview that will be broadcast soon, a famous model discusses her athlete husband and her husband’s child. The model and the athlete had just started dating when she "found out the same day the press found out" that his ex-girlfriend was pregnant with his baby. She does not blame her husband for anything that happened. She describes the athlete as a "sweet, gentle, kind, loving" man, full of "humility", who "doesn’t even know how good looking he is." On the other hand, she describes the media as "heartless and mean" for sensationalizing the ex-girlfriend’s pregnancy. She admits that when she found out about the pregnancy, she "wanted to run away." Gradually, though, she came around and now says, "I couldn’t ask for a sweeter bonus child."
Model: Gisele Bündchen (Charlie Rose interview)
Husband: Tom Brady (recent issue: "Deflategate")
Ex-girlfriend: Bridget Moynahan

115. BLIND GOSSIP 11/09 **#2**
You might be wondering why two celebrities would publicly break up… and then get photographed going out together! It isn’t because they are back together. It isn’t because they need to maintain a united front for the sake of the children. They do not have any children. They never even married. So, what’s the deal? She sacrificed years of her career to make sure that he became a big-time actor. He agrees that he owes her. Thus, she will continue to accompany him to events and interact with other industry people to resuscitate her career. Meanwhile, he gets to look like a good guy for maintaining an amicable relationship with his ex. You should expect this mutually beneficial arrangement to continue until she taps out because she is good on her own or has moved on to a new relationship. Yes, there is an outside chance that they will reconcile, but he treated her so shabbily over the years that it would be too hopeful to include that as a third option right now. Jon Hamm/Jennifer Westfeldt

116. BLIND GOSSIP 11/09 **#3**
When this celebrity spawn last went to the hospital, her family quickly came up with a phony surgery excuse, followed by a trip to rehab for "emotional reasons." All designed to gain your sympathy. All fake. It was drugs and it was an overdose. The kid continues to make a lot of bad choices. Instead of focusing on her modeling career, she is back to "partying" as usual. Sniff, sniff, Little Spawn! In fact, she is so out of control that we anticipate another "medical emergency" in her future. We’re not sure if that medical emergency will come from the drugs or from her dealer’s collectors. You see, she’s not very good about paying her dealer in a timely fashion, and those dudes can be bruisingly convincing about getting paid. Ireland Baldwin (Kim Basinger and Alec Baldwin)

117. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 11/10 **#1**
This Hunger Games actor had to skip a whole session of media interviews because he was so hammered. The interesting thing is that it is not Woody Harrelson.

118. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 11/10 **#2**
This foreign born A list mostly movie actor knows that this fashion mogul has the occasional sex romp with his girlfriend. The mogul knows the actor knows. The girlfriend knows that her boyfriend knows. The only issue is that the A- list mostly movie actress of the mogul doesn’t know.
A list actor: Jason Statham
Girlfriend: Rosie Huntington-Whiteley
Fashion mogul: François-Henri Pinault
A- list actress: Salma Hayek

119. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 11/10 **#3**
This young billionaire tech guy who has not been married all that long and who everyone knows, was all fan boy about this B list singer who does not seem to do much, but somehow retains her popularity. Anyway, he left his wife in a corner and spent three hours in the face of this singer at a party and then spent an additional three hours in her hotel the next morning. Mark Zuckerberg/Lana Del Rey "2016 Breakthrough Prize" awards ceremony

120. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 11/10 **#4**
KINDNESS: Instead of trying to rehash it or summarize it, I am just going to copy and paste it so you can read it for yourself from the writer. I will say that anyone, including myself, who has had contact with this actor comes away with the same response as this writer. "I was in California on the first day of a much longed for holiday when the phone rang 6.30 am with my boss asking if I’d mind doing a "quick job" not far from where I was staying. Since photography jobs are as rare as hens teeth and I wanted to seem helpful I agreed [slightly to the annoyance of my other half who was hoping the first day of holiday might be spent doing something more fun that hanging about waiting for me to do a job and edit it.] Anyway I was sent to the home of a well known tv actor who had recently been honoured in the uk for his charity work. He had a reputation as a nice guy and when I met him that was confirmed. He was very friendly and hospitable and as full of questions about me as I was about him. when I said that I didn’t live in California but was on holiday he was full of suggestions about things I might like to do. I’d mentioned that my husband and I enjoyed catching movies and eating out and he was full of recommendations of places he thought we might like. He was particularly enthusiastic about a place in Venice that is hard to get in to. As I was leaving he gave me the phone number of the the manager there and said I was to call saying I was a friend of his and that she would be sure to give me and my other half a reservation. Anyway, when I got back to my hotel and was putting my kit away I found he’d slipped $200 in my camera bag with a note saying he hoped we’d both have a meal out together on him. There was nothing ostentatious about this and I suspect he’d done it because he felt sheepish about enthusing so much about a place that I might not have been able to afford [he’d backtracked a bit while we were chatting]. Anyway we did call the manager and we were given a really nice table on a busy Friday night and we did have a fantastic meal on this actor and it made our holiday. A hint is that he may well have one jumped the shark but to me he’ll always be the coolest…"
Henry Winkler "Honorary Officer of the Most Excellent Order of the British Empire (OBE)"

121. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 11/10 **#5**
While this A list mostly television actress from a hit network show was picking up an award, her "husband" was 300 miles away seeing a movie with another guy. How much longer are we going with this whole fake marriage thing anyway.
Kerry Washington/"ACLU Bill of Rights" dinner

122. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 11/10 **#6**
This B+ list mostly movie actress who is an offspring dropped $5K on a tuxedo and shoes for her boyfriend to wear to an event. He blew her off as per the usual. She will still keep taking him back though. Dakota Johnson/Matthew Hitt ("LACMA 2015 Art+Film Gala")

123. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 11/10 **#7**
Talk about insecure. The barely a celebrity wife of this A list actor who is now mostly movies after a long run through television, has been doing pop ins every few hours while her husband films a movie. Hilaria/Alec Baldwin "Blind"

124. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 11/10 **#8**
She does know he is gay right? I mean, I don’t think this former B+ list tweener turned singer/actress is bearding for the guy. I really believe she thinks the guy is into her. She is acting like it anyway. Selena Gomez/Samuel Krost

125. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 11/10 **#9**
This foreign born A- list mostly movie actor who is in danger of dropping to B+, despite his high name recognition has a long time girlfriend. It doesn’t mean that his assistant does not also earn bonuses for certain extra duties she performs for the actor.

126. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 11/10 **#10**
This B+ list mostly television actor is working on two shows at once and is sleeping with a co-star on each show. But hey, he wants you to know he is looking for someone long term. He just likes a lot of short term in the meantime. John Stamos "Grandfathered" and "Fuller House"

127. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 11/10 **#11**
This permanent A+ list mostly movie actor has been seeing someone other than his very long long suffering girlfriend. He has always seen other women, but this one is really starting to push the girlfriend off to the side. Al Pacino/Lucila Sola

128. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 11/10 **#12**
This D list mostly movie actress gave up acting to work for/date this A- list comic actor who does movies and television equally, but is currently in a new television show. He is hooking up with his Academy Award winner/nominee co-star and the girlfriend is not happy. As in tabloid not happy.
D list actress: Rosario Dawson
A- list comic actor: Chris Rock
Television show: "Empire"
Co-star: Marisa Tomei

129. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 11/10 **#13**
KINDNESS: You know, today I was going to have a blind about Rita Ora helping one of her closeted celebrity female friends keep a secret by having sex with the woman’s husband to keep him happy, but then decided I would do something that is not the same old same old. You know, this actress has been in the blinds before, but it was more about her relationship troubles than anything else. She seems to have straightened all those out. Foreign born. Another one of those foreign born actresses who plays American so well that you have trouble remembering that English is their second or third language. She is A- list and survived being in a franchise with that A list mostly movie actor who creeps everyone out. Our actress has done some work for the UN. She says she wanted to actually make a difference and not be just some show piece trotted out for photos. Her cause is helping Afghan girls go to school. The way she did it was to restore an old school in her home country and open a boarding school for girls from Afghanistan who are persecuted for getting an education. So far our actress has 20 girls she has brought to the school and hopes to someday have 20 new girls each year. If you run into her and start talking about it, be warned that she will ask you for a donation. It costs her hundreds of thousands of dollars a year.
Diane Kruger

Which handsome evening TV news host has lost his cell phone and is worried that naked pictures might be exposed. The pretty boy anchor is also a real journalist and has travelled the world covering wars. But he also has 6-pack abs and loves to work out. Why wouldn’t he want to show what he is hiding under that suit and news desk? David Muir "World News with David Muir"

Today’s blind item is one of the top Good Hair-pushers in America — with his late pops to thank for setting him to live dat lifestyle. Just ask any one of his five brothers! As CEO of the family Inc, upholding the financial benefits of his father’s foundation doesn’t mean he’s also upholding the spiritual foundation his father reportedly instilled on him and, "dictated that all family members must follow." Matter fact, dude doesn’t even come close to it!!! Know why? Our blind item could soon find himself at the center of America’s biggest sex scandal since President Bill Clinton got Lewinsky’d!!! "________’s mistress has retained a lawyer. She’s ready to take this scandal all the way to Hollywood." The recent surfacing of some very wretched receipts seem to paint this 80-million dollar Marietta man as a sexual deviant and an adulterer!!! "I saw him with her in Jamaica in January of this year," a source revealed. "He was partying with her and a gang of her female friends at Hedonism 2." These depraved factors don’t exactly fair well with his ‘good’ Christian image: two porn stars, several email/text transcript communications, a still picture collection and … last, but certainly not least … ‘sex tape’ video footage!!! [Cue, that ‘Ready for the World’ 1985 track!] Check the inside word, Sun! "He’s been bored … bored with his Church … bored of his wife … bored of his brothers … and, bored of his kids. That’s why he went and made his mistresses believe they’re family. He went and f*cked around with a retired porn star and started playin’ daddy with her kids. Shyt! Last Christmas, he even gave her kids Christmas stockings! Now, he’s bored of them too! Now, she’s mad because her kids have gone from riding around in his fancy foreign cars, and eating at high end restaurants in Atlanta, to living mediocre again." Bernard Bronner (president and chief executive officer of Bronner Bros. Inc., Georgia’s largest African-American, Christian-based company)

132. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 11/11 **#1**
This B+ list rapper who dated a Kardashian long enough to buy her a birthday present hooked up with the enemy so to speak. Not, the model who is on the other side of the war, but her transgendered friend. In a public place. Well, a private room in a public place.
B+ list rapper: French Montana
Kardashian: Khloé
Model: Amber Rose

133. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 11/11 **#2**
Off to separate cars as usual. This B+ list mostly movie actor who is rarely spotted with his A list actress girlfriend, always meets his boyfriend in public places and then depart separately. So far, the boyfriend is on board with the other relationship because it actually gives them more time together. I’m not sure how much longer the actress is up for it though. Joe Manganiello/Sofia Vergara

134. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 11/11 **#3**
This one is juicy enough that it could go in the big blind spot of the day. This foreign born B+/A- list mostly movie actor has always cheated on his wife. He calls it open, she calls it tears on her pillow. He is now the father of a baby with a woman who has worked with him on multiple films over the past couple of years. Ewan McGregor; Christian Bale; Clive Owen; Javier Bardem

135. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 11/11 **#4**
This B list celebrity/talk show host/wannabe singer quit her most recent gig because she already earned her next level bonus and knew there would be no more. Oh, and this also saves her the embarrassment of some other gigs where literally no one was paying to come see her. Tamar Braxton ("Dancing With the Stars" and tour with Kem)

136. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 11/11 **#5**
To pay for her drug habit, this offspring of an almost permanent A list celebrity/actor/entertainer is turning tricks.

137. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 11/11 **#6**
It is hit or miss how much this A list mostly television actress will be in the episode of the show upcoming. At a taping this week, the actress had been botoxed and filled to such an extent that she looked completely different. The thought is to give her a week off and then there is a week off for Thanksgiving and the swelling will have gone down and she might look more back to normal. Kaley Cuoco "The Big Bang Theory"

138. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 11/11 **#7**
A little bit of a crisis for this A+ list mostly movie actor. His celebrity "girlfriend" was busted half naked on a lounge chair making out with another guy. There are photos. Bradley Cooper/Irina Shayk

139. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 11/11 **#8**
While taking turns doing lines of coke at an after party last night, these two offspring of respective A listers were trashing Kendall Jenner and Gigi Hadid for who their parents were. Dylan Penn/Ireland Baldwin "2015 Victoria's Secret Fashion Show"

140. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 11/11 **#9**
This Ladies Of London star is battling a prescription pill addiction. Annabelle Neilson (horseback riding accident)

141. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 11/11 **#10**
The significant other of this foreign born B+ list mostly television actress who has been on some really good shows and has a brand new one starting this season is cheating on her. Hey, it should be expected since she cheated on her significant other at the time to hook up with her current significant other.
B+ list actress: Alison Pill
Shows: "The Newsroom" "The Family"
Former significant other: Jay Baruchel
Current significant other: Joshua Leonard

142. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 11/11 **#11**
This actress has a television show. Yay for her. After decades of doing nothing and I mean nothing but spending other people’s money, she now is on television. It won’t be for long. She is an awful actress. She used to be A+ once. For a second. Anyway, she could have had a 20 minute conversation on the phone with this charity about their event but made them fly her and an assistant first class across the country to NYC. Oh, and pay for two nights in a hotel suite for the conversation she ended up having on the phone anyway because she was too busy to come meet them. Sharon Stone ("Agent X")

143. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 11/11 **#12**
This former A list athlete turned hand waver at events is cheating on his model girlfriend. Apparently the model’s friend has been keeping him company while the model is out of town.
Derek Jeter/Hannah Davis (in Los Angeles for T-Mobile Un-carrier X Launch Celebration)

144. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 11/11 **#13**
This former A list tween actress was at the top of her game before hitting the meth pipe. She not only lost her job on a very hit tween show but lost any kind of momentum in the acting world. She straightened out her life and started to get some work again. The process was slow. It is hard enough to move from the tween world to the adult world of acting, but with her reputation proceeding her, it was even more difficult. Things were getting better and then about a year ago she ran into this three named actress who is basically Satan with a SAG card. Sucking the life out of anyone with whom she comes into contact, our former tweener actress started hanging out with her and the next thing you know, drugs were back on the table and her revamped career was on the floor. No work coming and the one gig she did have lined up, she got fired from. Lalaine Vergara ("Lizzie McGuire"/Satan with a SAG card: Evan Rachel Wood

145. BLIND GOSSIP 11/11 **#1**
This over-30 actress most recently starred in an American television series that is no longer in production. However, the subject of this blind is her busy personal life! She was in a long-time relationship with an actor who is known for his dark role in a famous film franchise. Since they broke up, she has been dating a quirky, scruffy actor from across the pond who has more than thirty films to his credit. Although they have been together for several years, we hear that Actress and Scruffy aren’t doing so well. In fact, she has been getting busy with another man! He is not an actor, and they have not been photographed together in public yet. Since there has been no announcement of a breakup with Scruffy, we don’t know if this would be considered cheating… or moving on!

Actress/TV Series: Anna Friel "American Odyssey"
Dark Role Actor/Franchise: David Thewlis/"Harry Potter" (Remus Lupin)
Quirky Actor: Rhys Ifans

146. BLIND GOSSIP 11/11 **#2**
There were lots of celebrities at the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show. Let’s skip the models, though, and talk about two of the guests! One was there to check out the scene and to be seen on the red carpet. One was there to cheer on a model to whom she is related. Checker was not impressed with Cheerer’s fashion sense, and let loose with some friends after the show. [Checker] just went on an rant about it. "Holy shit! Did you see [Cheerer]? What the hell? Who the fuck is dressing her? I don’t mean to be judgmental but who the fuck that age shows sideboob… EWWW! That’s like my grandma showing sideboob! I don’t need to see that!!!" [Checker] kind of shuddered after saying that. It was more funny than it was mean. Not Mariah Carey.
Checker: Ireland Baldwin
Cheerer: Caitlyn Jenner (to cheer on Kendell Jenner)

147. THE GOSSIP LIFE 11/11
The ex-wives of this A-list Presidential Candidate have been paid for their silence over the coming months, even years. It wasn’t a big deal and it certainly didn’t cost a lot. Donald Trump (Ivana Trump and Marla Maples)

148. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 11/12 **#1**
This B+ list mostly television actress from a new hit network show has obviously learned how to be an a-hole from her dropping quickly B- list actor boyfriend. She complains about everything and everyone. She is a horror to work with and as the show continues to climb in the ratings she is getting worse. She went from being called by her first name to the crew being ordered to call her Ms._______. She won’t respond if you call her by her first name. Jaimie Alexander ("Blindspot")/Peter Facinelli

149. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 11/12 **#2**
This A list athlete/celebrity says that she dumped her A list celebrity boyfriend when he said he had to fly out of town for a meeting and the flight attendant on the jet was texting the athlete about the two women the celebrity had naked in the bed in the back of the plane. Serena Williams/Drake

150. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 11/12 **#3**
This gorgeous, lovely, wonderful, permanent A list model has cancer. Apparently it is fairly well advanced and she has had surgery and is undergoing chemo.

151. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 11/12 **#4**
This A+ list entertainer in her corner of the performance world who is an A- list celebrity thinks her life is full of love from one guy. Well, he is sharing that love with someone else every time our A lister goes out of town. Ronda Rousey/Travis Browne

152. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 11/12 **#5**
The girlfriend of this foreign born former A list mostly movie actor, who is probably still A- list and just out of a long term, high-profile marriage is pressuring the actor to have a baby with her. She can wait on marriage but he says asks her about a baby almost every single day. Antonio Banderas (Melanie Griffith)/Nicole Kimpel

153. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 11/12 **#6**
This amazing Academy Award winning/nominated B+ list mostly movie actress who also sings says she is going back in for some more non-invasive lipo. Apparently this is how she keeps the weight off after her "dramatic" weight loss. Jennifer Hudson

154. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 11/12 **#7**
A late night call for a different hotel room for the husband of this former A list singer turned Ukraine box office sensation. Apparently the fight was so intense between the two there was talk of police being called. Cooler, more sober minds prevailed and a different room was found for the husband. Jessica Simpson/Eric Johnson (in New York City) (Jessica Simpson is a movie star — in Ukraine)

155. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 11/12 **#8**
Her new opening act played matchmaker for this former B+ list tweener turned B+ list singer. He lined her up with a woman who will do her hair and makeup and also do the former tweener. All while keeping everything very discreet. Joe Jonas/Demi Lovato

156. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 11/12 **#9**
This C- list model/celebrity offspring of a former A lister told her celebrity boyfriend that she only "fucked _________ (former A+ list tweener turned A list singer) for publicity for the both of them and he needs to get over it." Josie Canseco (Jose Canseco)/Justin Bieber; Boyfriend: Mike Studd

157. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 11/12 **#10**
This waste of space B list cable reality star from the nightclub version of The Hills is trying to pretend he is not earning money and providing tips for a show about his show. It would get him fired if his employers found out. Jax Taylor ("Vanderpump Rules")/"Vanderpump Rules After Show"

158. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 11/12 **#11**
This A+ list mostly movie actress is on a promotional tour for her new movie. This married foreign born A list mostly movie actor is on a promotional tour for his new movie. One drink in a mutually shared hotel bar led to them hooking up in his suite.
Jennifer Lawrence "Hunger Games"/Daniel Craig "Spectre" in Beijing

159. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 11/12 **#12**
This openly gay foreign born A- list singer with the great voice and a recent number one in his country at least, stiffed an escort he called to his hotel room. The escort finally got the money out of the singer when he started screaming at the top of his lungs. Sam Smith

160. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 11/12 **#13**
He could have a child with almost any woman on the planet. Lots and lots of women would have volunteered. He had a "girlfriend" for years who gladly would have had his child. He, is an A+ list celebrity throughout much of the world. In the US, he is probably A-. Our A+ lister wanted to have a child. Desperately. The thing is though, he knew who he wanted to be the mother of his child. Finding her, let alone convincing her, took two years and almost a million dollars. Oh, he can afford it. It only took him about six months to track her down. Living under an alias gets you to a certain point, but paying off the family members made it a whole lot easier. He then took steps. Lots of steps. Slow steps. She was halfway around the world and he had limited time. Eventually though he managed to convince her. She was willing because her father would have been a huge fan of the A+ lister. Plus, she needed the money and, for his part, he knew she would keep a secret. Her family does not do a very good job of keeping secrets. Our A+ lister loves the genetic line of his son. Cristiano Ronaldo (dated Irina Shayk for 5 years)/Pablo Escobar’s daughter Manuela Escobar Henao (his son was born in 2010)

161. BLIND GOSSIP 11/12 **#1**
A couple of years ago, this famous musician got married in a major city. He paid for the venue months ahead of time, but a few weeks before the wedding, city officials began adding on fees for the venue to the tune of hundreds of thousands of dollars! It was too late to change the venue – and he didn’t want to cancel the wedding – so the musician paid up, but he was furious at the extortion. He and his reality star wife have been fighting to get the money back ever since.

Musician: Neal Schon "Journey"
Reality Star Wife: Michaele Salahi of Real Housewives of D.C.

162. BLIND GOSSIP 11/12 **#2**
These celebrity parents are well known and have been in the business a long time. They have a child who is in college. The child excitedly let the parents know that they were going to be skipping class to participate in some sort of "Million Student March" activity at their school. Since the parents are known to be liberal in their leanings, we were a little surprised to hear their reaction. They told [their child], "What?! WE are the ones paying for your education… so you’d better march yourself right back into that classroom and learn something!" Sounds like their child will be participating in the Alternative Million Student March! Tom Hanks/Rita Wilson (son Truman attends Stanford)

163. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 11/13 **#1**
Left to his own devices and without the demanding forced schedule he had as a member of a group, this former A list boy bander is killing himself with heroin. Literally. Zayn Malik "One Direction"

164. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 11/13 **#2**
This D list actress just goes through life thinking her B+ list actor husband from a very hit pay cable show and some other projects is doting and loving and faithful to her. I think he loves her and when they are together, he is very attentive, but it is probably to make up for the fact he will bang anything when she is not looking. Adam Driver/Joanne Tucker ("Girls"); Nikolaj Coster-Waldau/Nukâka ("Game of Thrones")

165. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 11/13 **#3**
Even as few as three months ago, this A+ list mostly movie actor would mingle with fans while he was filming. He was always taking selfies with them or signing photos. Now, when filming in public, he never talks to fans. OK, let me take that back. He does, BUT, they are all fans that have been pre-screened that are made to look random. Tom Cruise (Leah Remini’s book about Scientology)

166. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 11/13 **#4**
This permanent A lister has not made a movie in forever. When I say forever, I mean more than a decade, but she is still a permanent A lister. I think that is just more for who she is rather than real acting ability. Anyway, she campaigned for her actress daughter to get an award but the organization turned her down. The daughter bailed on attending, but the mom still went and presented an award to someone else. Goldie Hawn (Kate Hudson)/2015 Glamour Women of the Year Awards presented to Reese Witherspoon

167. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 11/13 **#5**
This Academy Award winning A- list actress confessed to an attendee at a party the other night that she had not eaten solid food in two weeks and was really looking forward to having a bite or two at the party. Yeah, the actress looked like she was skin and bones. Jennifer Connelly

168. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 11/13 **#6**
This permanent A list mostly movie actress who is an Academy Award winner has been calling in every favor from journalists to make sure in the reviews of her new movie they tout her as someone who should be nominated this year. She feels like in her last chance, the studio screwed things over so she is taking matters in her own hands now. Julia Roberts/"Secret in Their Eyes" (nominated but didn’t win for "August: Osage County")

169. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 11/13 **#7**
This soon to be C list reality star on an A list reality show that everyone wishes would go away, was spotted in the back of a West Hollywood bar making out with another man. Rob Kardashian "Keeping Up With the Kardashians"

170. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 11/13 **#8**
This B- list foreign born mostly television actress on a hit network show has already fired the assistant and cook of her new A- list mostly television actor boyfriend. They were both female and young. Morena Baccarin/Ben McKenzie ("Gotham")

171. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 11/13 **#9**
Want to know how rigged awards shows are in other countries? Our favorite foreign born B+ lister won one after she had sex with the son of the organizer. Rita Ora/"Bambi Awards"

172. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 11/13 **#10**
This former A list celebrity turned reality star turned celebrity turned big time mess has had CPS at her home three times over complaints of how she is treating her child. Tila Tequila

173. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 11/13 **#11**
This B-/C+ list mostly television actress who is also a reality star and a singer was the host of a party recently. She was being paid but spent most of her time doing lines of coke in a room reserved for her to get ready. Christina Milian "Gran Centenario Tequila Angels On Earth"

174. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 11/13 **#12**
Sex and cocaine in the bathroom for this Pretty Little Liars actress this week at a club. I’m surprised she can function at this point. Ashley Benson

175. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 11/13 **#13**
KINDNESS: I love this guy. I just do. Whenever you meet him, he is always ready to talk or take a photo. There is never an attitude with him at all. People always ask me who the nicest actors are in town, and my list generally starts with this actor. He was A list at one point. Television. Emmy winner. Heck, he won an Emmy when he was not even really trying. When he was trying, he managed to get nominated multiple times, but never won. He does movies. He does almost television. He is also very generous. He basically funds the drama department at his former high school and University. He has funded multiple scholarships and managed to convince others to donate not only to his former schools, but also convinced others to donate to their own alma maters. He has never asked for adulation. He never disrespects other people. The guy is all class and on world kindness day, he should be the actor we are discussing.
John Goodman

176. THE GOSSIP LIFE 11/13
This A-list actress is talented and versatile. She’s no Lucille Ball, but she can do comedy. She’s no Katherine Hepburn, but she can do drama. She’s a good performer all around, but her attitude gets worse and worse. She has such an ego on her that she believes she’s one of the greatest actresses of all time and has convinced herself that she’ll eventually win more Academy Awards than Meryl. I wouldn’t mind if she treated those around her with respect, but she treats the extras and the staff on set like serfs in her serfdom, and don’t bother approaching her if you’re a fan for an autograph of a picture. Unless she’s in a VERY good mood, she’ll decline in curt terms and walk away. Cate Blanchett (playing Lucille Ball in upcoming biopic) (played Katherine Hepburn in "The Aviator")

177. THE WRAP 11/13
Shonda Rhimes confirmed that she is all powerful in Shondaland and holds the fate of her stars firmly in her hands when she confessed to giving one character the boot because the actor rubbed her the wrong way. "Have you ever killed off a character because you didn’t like the actor? And extra bonus points for who it was," Larry Wilmore asked the creator of "Grey’s Anatomy" and "Scandal" when she visited his Comedy Central show, warning the "How to Get Away With Murder" executive producer: "Don’t even think about lying." After taking a brief pause to gather her thoughts, Rhimes replied: "Yes … and I’m not naming names." Her candid response got fans’ brains spinning with attempts to guess which star’s fate was decided because of a personality clash. The popular choice was Derek Shepherd (Patrick Dempsey), who was killed off "Grey’s" in a grisly tractor-trailer crash last season. However, other possible characters who’ve met horrible fates in the Shondaland world are: Harrison Wright (Columbus Short), James Novalk (Dan Bucatinsky), Mark Sloan (Eric Dane) and Denny Duquette (Jeffrey Dean Morgan). During the TCAs, Rhimes admitted that killing off McDreamy on "Grey’s" wasn’t an easy choice. "We had a lot of discussions about it," she said. "It wasn’t easy or fun, it is never easy or fun. We’ve been working really hard for a long time together. We’re family. Those choices and those decisions are never easy for any of us." Meanwhile, she has also confirmed that "Scandal" actor Short’s struggle with drugs and subsequent legal issues led to the demise of his TV career.

178. THE SUN 11/13
HOLLYWOOD was gripped with fear last night after a womanising A-list actor was diagnosed with HIV. The superstar, who The Sun is choosing not to name, has had a host of high-profile sexual partners. His lawyers are believed to be aware of the situation and preparing for a raft of potential legal claims from previous lovers. The actor’s list of exes includes an award-winning actress, a religious movie star, a top Hollywood personality with a controversial past, a TV star, a media personality and a glamour model. Last night a US showbiz insider said: "It has now become common knowledge that this star is HIV positive, something he has known for a number of years. "His lawyers are bracing for the threat of potential action. "The reality is that if he’s knowingly put women at risk then that’s disgusting and it’s only a matter of time before that becomes public." Some friends of the actor have privately encouraged him to open up about his condition, but he has so far refused. A source said: "Lots of people close to him have suggested he face this situation head-on and own it publicly. "Obviously it would be a huge story, but the reality is HIV is entirely treatable in this day and age and shouldn’t impact his ability to work or lead a normal life. "It could be a game-changer in the understanding of HIV given that he’s a straight man." However the star is said to be paranoid his entire career would become defined by the diagnosis and that he could open himself up to costly legal action from ex-partners accusing him of recklessly putting their health at risk. The source added: "He’s distraught about the possibility of the illness becoming a defining quality of his career. "He’s also concerned a lot of exes and previous one-night stands could look to sue."
Actor: Charlie Sheen
Girl 1: (award-winning actress) Winona Ryder
Girl 2: (stunning "religious" movie star) Kelly Preston
Girl 3: (celebrated media personality):
Girl 4: (Hollywood personality with a controversial past): Heidi Fleiss
Girl 5: (TV show favorite) Robin Wright
Girl 6: (busty glamour model) Stephanie Seymour

I am going to do something a little unusual here. It concerns the HIV+ actor blind that has been running rampant through the tabloids this week. If you have read my Twitter timeline, I already revealed who the actor is. If you have not, I will let you figure it out for yourself very quickly. The Daily Mail interviewed a porn star who did not give her name who said she had sex with the actor. Here is the porn star’s name. Daveney Calhoun. Google that name and you will find she used to be named Kacey Jordan. I think you can figure out the rest pretty easily. Oh, and one more thing. When you read, "religious actress," I don’t want you to think of Christianity. I guess she thinks of it as a religion, but most of us don’t.
Charlie Sheen

179. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 11/14 **#1**
This halfway to an EGOT winner secretly married her girlfriend this past summer. Queen Latifah (Grammy Award for Best Rap Solo Performance - 1995) (Primetime Emmy Awards Outstanding Television Movie - Bessie - 2015)/Eboni Nichols

180. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 11/14 **#2**
This idiot, who used to be an A list mostly movie actress despite her D list acting talent, and who, thankfully does not work much any longer, is going out on the road. Yep, she has decided to go on a speaking tour to tell the world she is anti-vaccination. Well, she isn’t taken seriously anyway. Her husband? I hope he thought this through. Jessica Biel (Justin Timberlake)

181. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 11/14 **#3**
The family of our foreign born heroin using former boy bander managed to get his ex-girlfriend over to the family house where they tried to stage an intervention a couple of weeks ago. That didn’t exactly work, but maybe if he gets back together with the ex, he would stop using so much. Zayn Malik ("One Direction")/Perrie Edwards

182. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 11/14 **#4**
These two never fight in public. They have their routine down pat. If they think one is going to want to argue, the other stays away from the event. Well, this past week, this A list couple, who have stayed together, despite him being in the closet and her smiling through it all, got into an argument in public. Whispered, but very heated, with a vein or two showing beneath that pasty botoxed skin of his. Then, they got it together and glued on their fake smiles. John Travolta/Kelly Preston ("Napa Valley Film Festival")

183. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 11/15 **#1**
This foreign born B+ list mostly television actor and his wife recently celebrated the birth of another child. What the wife does not know (or considering rumors probably does know and doesn’t care) is that her husband’s girlfriend gave birth to his child only weeks before the wife did. The girlfriend’s baby daughter looks significantly more like him than his wife’s last child. This is what happens when the husband makes the wife live back at home while he lives in the US. David Tennant/Georgia Moffett (her father Peter Davison portrayed the Doctor ("Doctor Who") between 1981 and 1984) (currently filming "Jessica Jones" in NYC)

184. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 11/15 **#2**
This former A list reality star turned celebrity turned please remember me, who has A list name recognition, is always talking about her boyfriend and what he buys her but conveniently ignores the fact he does the same thing for several other women. Paris Hilton/Thomas Gross (and now they have split)

185. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 11/15 **#3**
This troubled A- list mostly movie actor who gets arrested frequently and drinks even more, recently spent some time split from his actress girlfriend. Apparently he is back with the girlfriend but got another woman pregnant. Shia LaBeouf/Mia Goth

186. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 11/15 **#4**
The "husband" of this A list mostly television actress on a hit network show now spends his time delivering bongs to people who order them. Kerry Washington ("Scandal")/Nnamdi Asomugha

187. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 11/16 **#1**
This foreign born B+ list singer has always talked about her boyfriend and they have been in a long term relationship for what seems like she was in elementary school, but she is actually hooking up with that A list model who had that very long very secret relationship with an A+ list singer. Lorde (James Lowe)/Karlie Kloss (Taylor Swift)

188. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 11/16 **#2**
This former A+ list singer who now moonlights in reality television is trying to get a publicity jump start so has been trying to get this former A+ list tweener turned singer turned one step closer to full porn star to hang out with her and look like they could be a couple even though the former A+ list singer is in a relationship. Christina Aguilera (relationship with Matthew Rutler) ("The Voice")/Miley Cyrus

189. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 11/16 **#3**
This former A list child star turned A list mostly movie actress who is now a B lister with A+ list name recognition, has been cheating on her husband. Drew Barrymore

190. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 11/16 **#4**
This married 90210 star is hooking up with a married House Republican and has been for awhile. Shannen Doherty

191. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 11/16 **#5**
Look for this character to exit in the next season of this very hit, long running cable show. Apparently the female lead of the show with the bigger name discovered that one of the recurring characters is hooking up with the foreign born actor our female lead has been trying to land for awhile so now wants the rival killed off from the show.
Show: "The Walking Dead"
Female lead: Lauren Cohan (Maggie Greene)
Foreign born actor: Andrew Lincoln (Rick Grimes)
Recurring character: Christian Serratos (Rosita Espinosa)

192. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 11/16 **#6**
This foreign born A- list singer who just keep pumping out great music says that she almost didn’t make her latest record because guys still want to have sex with her before they will work with her. It took her several months to find a guy just willing to work for money and nothing else. Ellie Goulding

193. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 11/16 **#7**
This C list actress is only C because of the thousands of dollars she is paying tabloids to post her photo. No one has ever heard of her, but there she is, at least once a week in a photo. How? She is spending the fortune of her foreign born husband who is almost an octogenarian. Gabi Grecko/Geoffrey Edelsten

194. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 11/16 **#8**
The wife of this A list NBA player isn’t telling anyone that her pregnancy is the result of IVF. She has only told a few, close friends that she refuses to have unprotected sex with her husband since his diagnosis. Chris and Adrienne Bosh (illness)

195. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 11/16 **#9**
This A- list mostly movie actor is generally typecast into a certain type of role. He plays it well. He has been married forever and is hooking up with the friend of one of his daughters. The daughter has no idea. Samuel L. Jackson (Zoe)

196. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 11/16 **#10**
This former A- list Disney tweener from a decade or more ago who is probably a B- list mostly television actress right now, strictly because of her name is still technically married but is dating another married guy who is not in the technical state of marriage yet and still lives with his wife. Hilary Duff (Mike Comrie)

197. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 11/16 **#11**
This A list celebrity is also a reality star and a former talk show host turned talk show host. She has been talking to producers about getting rid of her supposed bff from a show because she thinks it will be much more successful with our A lister more in charge.
Tyra Banks/Chrissy Teigen/"FABLife" (I guess Tyra lost that battle. She quit today)

198. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 11/16 **#12**
This A- list mostly television actress on a hit network show has been dealing with her breakup by partying every night. Not a night goes by where our actress is not boozing and drugging it up. She can be one sloppy mess. Kaley Cuoco "The Big Bang Theory"

199. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 11/16 **#13**
It is tough to be a permanent A list actor and a permanent A list director, but if you live as long as this guy has, then, you might have a chance. He has definitely made and starred in some incredible movies. He also made some incredible duds. He has not been married as many times as you would think, but for someone who espouses such conservative opinions, he has lived a life that is anything but. I won’t bother to recite every indiscretion because that will take a biographer and a book. You can fill a book just with the crazy things he has done. I’m going to focus on one point in his life. It can be argued that the 70’s was his prime as an actor. Women literally threw themselves at him. He was great at staying out of the tabloids and made sure the women he involved himself with could stay quiet too. He met one of the loves of his life at a party. Not just any party. This was a no holds barred Laurel Canyon 70’s orgy. Yeah, he does not really seem the orgy type. He was the type to go to an orgy and pick out one or two women and take them to his place. Oh, and definitely no drugs. Picks up women stoned and wasted but won’t touch any for himself. The night he met her she was being pulled into a room about to have sex with a guy and another woman. Our actor steps in and takes both of the women and leads them back to his place. So, they go back to his place and enjoy some threesome fun. The woman with whom he was about to embark on a relationship actually left the next morning while the other stayed for a few days and brought over other women. Our actor had a serious kink. The other woman showed up a few days later and explained her situation. She was married, but was in an open relationship. Very open. Over the next few years, the couple engaged in threesomes almost every time they had sex. There would be other women and other men. The girlfriend became pregnant multiple times and had multiple abortions. It was a crazy time. In addition to the sex there were also the fights. Legendary ones. Today, police would have been called all the time. Back then, they came a few times and when they saw the actor they didn’t do anything about it. When they split, it was one of the few times our actor was splashed all over the tabloids. Clint Eastwood/Sandra Locke (married to sculptor Gordon Anderson, but claims it was never consumated)

200. BLIND GOSSIP 11/16 **#1**
Did you happen to notice that the "confirmation" of this new TV couple occurred during the first week of sweeps? Gee, could that be any more of a coincidence? Nope! Higher ratings during sweeps equals higher advertising dollars. Millions of dollars at stake here. Thus, the announcement. We told you a couple of months ago that this was coming and that you should expect the silliness to last all season long. By the way, you can disregard any reports that their exes are getting together to talk about the couple. Not true, and not happening. Just more attempts to turn up the volume on the drama! Gwen Stefani/Blake Shelton ("The Voice")/Miranda Lambert/Gavin Rossdale

201. BLIND GOSSIP 11/16 **#2**
You probably can’t name a film she’s made in the past ten years, but that isn’t stopping this actress from a famous family from working the fame circuit hard! Her goal is to have her photograph on the gossip sites EVERY DAY. No matter how dumb or trivial the occasion, her team contacts the paparazzi to let them know when and where she is going to be. Since she is almost out of fake boyfriends, our almost-40 actress needs another way to bring attention to herself. Although she definitely will not be nominated for anything this awards season, she will get your attention any way she can. The key to this will be showing off her body in warmer climates. Expect lots of workout and beach photos and a constant rotation of paid-for cleavage, abs, butt, and legs. Look at me! Look at me! I’m FAMOUS! Kate Hudson

202. BLIND GOSSIP 11/16 **#3**
Someone approached this filmmaker the other day to ask his opinion about the recent attacks in Paris. They asked him if he was planning to do something on social media or make some sort of statement about the events. He just stared at the person. They said, "Don’t you spend a lot of time in France?" He said, "Yes." They said, "Well, if you can open your mouth and call white American cops murderers, why can’t you open your mouth and do the same when it comes to Islamic terrorists?" He just glared at the person for a couple of seconds. Then he said, "Shut up," and walked away. Quentin Tarantino ("Cinema Is My Religion and France Is the Vatican")

203. THE GOSSIP LIFE 11/16
I’ve been working on this one for months, talking with various sources and making sure that every typed word is correct and verified. We don’t publish bullshit here. This is TheGossipLife, not RadarOnline. This A-list actress once drew her then A-list actor husband away from a powerful organisation. At first she begrudgingly accepted his allegiance to it for the sake of their relationship and the love they shared, but over time she saw just how harmful it was and she adamantly refused to renounce her over beliefs nor regularly partake, often secretly taking their children together to Catholic mass. ‘She felt they were anti-intellectual and harmful,’ says one source, who claims the actress is amongst the smartest people she ‘s ever met. ‘Every time I saw her, it was obvious that she didn’t want to be there and I felt her hostility.’ Her fervent opposition to it eventually led him to stop attending the services and drastically scaling down his involvement. The powerful organisation reluctantly accepted this on one condition: no public proclamation was to be released against them by either case, or there would be public repercussions for them both. For several years (yep!), there was no issue or clashing between the organisation and the actors… until the actress was caught attending a religious ceremony with their children… and him. He was practising the actress’ religion and – allegedly (my sources clash on this) – in the midst of converting! As soon as the powerful organisation discovered this, the hierarchy decided that all attention and efforts would be focused on splitting the couple up and the false rumours of an affair on her part eventually succeeded in achieving it. Our actor now has no life of his own that isn’t controlled or picked for him. ‘I doubt there’s even a human being behind that façade any more,’ says one of my sources on this, who is a former member of the powerful organisation. ‘If there is, it certainly misses and longs for the wife.’ Nicole Kidman/Tom Cruise (Scientology)

204. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 11/17 **#1**
They definitely won’t make a peep in public, because that is not their way, but this A+ list celebrity half foreign born couple is in marriage counseling. Apparently he strayed or at least was dishonest about his interactions with a woman and the marriage is teetering. Gisele Bündchen/Tom Brady

205. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 11/17 **#2**
This former B+/A- list mostly television actress who has not worked really since her last hit almost network show went off the air, is on a prescription pill tear over the past couple of months. She had some recent injuries and is abusing the pills and needs rehab. Rose McGowan ("Charmed")

206. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 11/17 **#3**
This A- list mostly television comic actress who stars on a network show that keeps hanging on, was all over a 70 something married billionaire at a recent charity event. His wife was not there and our actress sure was taking her place.

207. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 11/17 **#4**
Over the past couple of weeks this foreign born actor/actress married couple have spent more time together than the past six months combined. It is showing. At their most recent appearance together, the A list mostly movie actor and his B list mostly movie actress wife wore plastered fake smiles when they were posing together and tried to distance themselves as much as possible for the rest of the event. Things are definitely not good. Daniel Craig/Rachel Weisz (Academy Of Motion Picture Arts And Sciences' 7th Annual Governors Awards)

208. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 11/17 **#5**
This married foreign born former A+ list singer when he was in this duo and B list while solo has been hooking up for the past couple of years with this permanent A list singer whether solo or in a group.
A+ list singer: Dave Stewart
Duo: "Eurythmics"
A list singer: Stevie Nicks
Group: "Fleetwood Mac"

209. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 11/17 **#6**
A little over a year is still a long way to wait, but apparently this A list reality star from an A list family who has actual side employment wants to marry into the family of her idol. Our reality star tries to dress and act exactly like the matriarch of the family she wants to marry into. Kendall Jenner (20)/Brooklyn Beckham (will be 18 in a year and a half)

210. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 11/17 **#7**
This B+ list mostly television actor from the hittest of hit network shows was asked not to attend an event this weekend. He had been invited but his co-star worked behind the scenes to make sure he did not attend or she would be a no show. Terrence Howard/Taraji P. Henson ("Empire") (VH1 Big In 2015 With Entertainment Weekly Awards)

211. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 11/17 **#8**
While this A list singer/part-time reality star is sticking to the timeline that she put forward, her celebrity boyfriend has slipped a few times. Most notably when he was trying to be honest with his ex. Now she is telling everyone the true timeline of events. Gwen Stefani/Blake Shelton

212. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 11/17 **#9**
This closeted world A list athlete is feeling the heat for not having a girlfriend for quite some time. So, he did what he does best. He found a model looking for some fame and publicity. Hopefully not as publicity hungry as his last beard because she almost brought the whole thing down. Cristiano Ronaldo (last beard - Irina Shayk)

213. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 11/17 **#10**
This B list mostly movie actress is a multiple Academy Award winner/nominee. She almost got replaced on her latest movie because she was not taking her meds. Her behavior was erratic and she would forget lines and show up late. Marisa Tomei "Captain America: Civil War"; Winona Ryder "Experimenter"

214. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 11/17 *#11**
This actor is B list. Started off doing something other than acting. He is having a huge year and is in a big box office popcorn flick right now. Anyway, he is married but is hooking up with this former reality star from a reality family that is no longer on the air turned singer who had a cameo in a recent movie in which he starred. They have known each other since she was in her mid-teens.
Actor: Dave Bautista
Huge year: "Guardians of the Galaxy"; "Heist"; "Spectre" (popcorn flick); "Kickboxer" reboot
Reality star: Brooke Hogan (father Hulk Hogan)
Cameo: "L. A. Slasher"

215. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 11/17 **#12**
This former A- list movie and television actress no longer acts but has A+ list name recognition. Apparently she made a sex tape with a classmate who has been showing it around school. Amanda Bynes (Fashion Institute of Design & Merchandising)

216. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 11/17 **#13**
This B+/A- list mostly television actress on a network show that might be seeing its last season after a few good years, hooked up with Charlie Sheen right after he was diagnosed. She was in a dry spell in her career and he offered to be a mentor. She is hoping no one finds out they hooked up. She fears one of the porn stars that joined them from time to time will reveal her name at some point. Hayden Panettiere

217. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 11/17 **#14**
About a decade ago there was a hit network show. It had one female lead and that is the way she liked it. She is probably lower on the acting scale than she was back then, but she has way more name recognition now. She is probably A+ list when it comes to name recognition. Anyway, while filming her show, she had some rules. Number one was that her boyfriend was off limits. Yeah, her husband too, but especially her actor boyfriend. Sure, she had to keep the boyfriend out of the tabloids, but that doesn’t mean she wanted him dating anyone else. During one of the early seasons of the show when she had just begun hooking up with her co-star, another actress came on the show. She made it clear she was interested in the actor. The next thing you know, she was gone from the show. Banished except when absolutely necessary for her character to be there. Fast forward another year and another actress showed an interest. More than an interest, the actor actually hooked up with this actress. What happened to her? Gone from the show and to make things even worse, our actress talked smack about her and she has barely worked since.
Show: "Alias"
Actress: Jennifer Garner
Husband: Scott Foley
Boyfriend: Michael Vartan
First actress fired: Sarah Shahi (Jenny)
Second actress fired: Élodie Bouchez (Renée Rienne)

218. THE GOSSIP LIFE 11/17
This B-list actress is so hated on the set of her television show that the cast and crew have resorted to spitting in her food and drink. They’re all terrified of her, so it’s a miracle they’ve been so brazen so often. She quite often gets people fired and will humiliate someone in front of the cast and crew without a real reason. Debra Messing "The Mysteries of Laura"

219. BLIND GOSSIP 11/17 **#1**
This very famous actor was recently at a film festival with his actress wife. The area is thick with spas, and the actor was overheard trying to convince his wife to stay an extra night because he wanted to book some spa services like a facial scrub and a hot stones massage. She just gave him a stone cold look and said, "No." Perhaps she thinks he’s hit his lifetime quota of massages? John Travolta/Kelly Preston "Napa Valley Film Festival"

220. BLIND GOSSIP 11/17 **#2**
He was clearly trying to do damage control when talking about a huge number of topics: alcohol, drugs, health, sex, number of partners, protection, timing, disclosure, medication, money, his family, etc. It really was an all-out, one-sided spin designed to portray him as a responsible, careful, trusting, honest victim… and others as unsavory, treasonous, blackmailing liars. The number of lies he told were absolutely jaw-dropping. Let’s try this: Rather than us listing all the lies, we’ll let you play lie detector. Just pick any topic and go. Keep it brief. Charlie Sheen

221. BLIND GOSSIP 11/17 **#3**
She is a famous television actress who stars on a popular show. Her husband is a retired athlete who is now doing… nothing. So, when she recently received a pair of honors, he was right there by her side, beaming with pride, right? No. He didn’t show. Why not? Because they aren’t together any more! We don’t know why she continues to pretend that they are a couple who just likes to keep their relationship private. As of a few months ago, she wasn’t planning on having another baby with him. Would it really be that scandalous for her to announce the divorce already? Kerry Washington/Nnamdi Asomugha "Baby2Baby Gala"

222. BLIND GOSSIP 11/17 **#4**
While all reality stars create drama to get attention, this Mom is one of the worst. She is part of an ensemble reality show, but she says or does whatever it takes to bring attention to herself, whether it’s to solicit admiration or envy or pity. Guess that’s not enough. She wants more. She wants her OWN reality show featuring her family! She says that it will be like the Kardashians but with more money and more class. She sees a big cast, with all of her kids dating a rotating cast of famous people and having fabulous lives. She isn’t doing this for the money or the fame, though. She is doing it for her children. Right. All members of the family have to sign off to get this to work, and, as of right now, one of them is holding back. We’ll know in a few months if they acquiesce and if her plan succeeds. Yolanda Foster ("Real Housewives of Beverly Hills")/husband David Foster saying no

223. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 11/18 **#1**
This game show host/actor/comedian is starting to hurt for money. His wife spends a ton and his girlfriends spend even more. Plus of course there is that new baby on the way which one of the girlfriends says is his. Steve Harvey (Probably why he agreed to the Miss Universe publicity trick)

224. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 11/18 **#2**
There is not that much longer before the release of a movie starring this closeted foreign born B-/C+ list mostly movie actor. He has been using a B+ list actress beard the past few months and she has loved it. She wants to continue beyond the release date but he has had enough. He thought they would just go to an event or two but she has dragged him everywhere and always made sure cameras were in tow. Tom Hiddleston/Elizabeth Olsen

225. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 11/18 **#3**
This A list mostly movie actress who is an Academy Award winner/nominee recently blew off a charity meet and greet. Several people had paid $10K to meet the actress and attend a premiere. They got to be at the premiere, but the actress said she had a headache. It didn’t stop her from partying all night though. Jennifer Lawrence

226. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 11/18 **#4**
At a party the other night, this A-/B+ list mostly movie actress from that franchise was wasted and started undressing and making out with her new girlfriend in front of five or six people. One of those there said it looked like the actress was going to just have sex right there, but that her girlfriend grabbed her top and dragged the actress to a bedroom in the suite. Kristen Stewart "Twilight"

227. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 11/18 **#5**
When he is in NYC, this A+ list mostly movie actor has moved in with his A-/B+ list mostly movie actress girlfriend. He just needs to do something about the actress he lives with in LA. Ryan Gosling/Emma Stone/Eva Mendes

228. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 11/18 **#6**
This Girls actress befriended a woman on social media and invited her and a group of her friends to an after party for a premiere this week. Our actress didn’t have any extra tickets though so sneaked them all in through a side door with the help of a waiter. Have to love the creativity. Zosia Mamet ("Carol")

229. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 11/18 **#7**
This A+ list mostly movie actor had a private room in a sports bar this weekend. He and a few of his friends were watching football while doing shots of tequila and doing lines of coke off the bar in the room.

230. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 11/18 **#8**
This foreign born A list model who seems to spend most of her time dating rich guys was at an event last week which was delayed almost an hour because she was backstage spending an hour deciding which selfie to post to social media. She literally was going through hundreds she had taken.
Miranda Kerr   "Swarovski Star Raising For 2015 Rockefeller Center Christmas Tree"

231. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 11/18 **#9**
People could not stop laughing at this B-/C+ list mostly television actor who has been slipping since the end of this hit network show of which he was a part. He has had trouble finding parts so he decided to try and make himself look younger by coloring his hair. It looks ridiculously fake. Jon Cryer

232. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 11/18 **#10**
This A- list mostly television actress who seems to have a million television shows on which she appears both home and abroad is convinced this B+ list mostly movie actor she worked with on a mini-series is gay. He is in a relationship with a woman, but our actress said she hit on him hard the entire time they were filming and got absolutely no response. She always gets a response. Always.
Actress: Gillian Anderson
Actor: Paul Dano (dating Zoe Kazan)
Mini-series: "War and Peace"

233. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 11/18 **#11**
This B list mostly movie actress who is only that high because of her name and not because of her stellar movie career, still has A+ list name recognition. She was doing promo shoots for a bunch of products to make a few bucks but was just grumpy the entire time. No smiles. Just one product after the other in her hands until she finished. Katie Holmes "Olay"

234. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 11/18 **#12**
This A list actor/voice over/director/producer do everything guy showed up at an event with the woman he has been dating but left the event with this reality star turned singer turned actress who supposedly has a serious boyfriend. Seth MacFarlane/Katharine McPhee (dating Elyes Gabel)
  "The Grove Christmas With Seth MacFarlane"

235. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 11/18 **#13**
Short and sweet, but it is a good one. This former A list mostly television actor turned B list mostly movie actor in movies that have a very unique niche in the movie world is always talking about family and family values. The actor, who is married has been having a fling for the past six months with a woman he met on a speaking tour. This is not the first time he has strayed, but it will be the one, if he is caught that will bring down his little empire. Kirk Cameron/Kirk Cameron: Unlikely King of the Box Office!/Speaking Tour

Mean girls don't just exist in the movies — they're real. In theSeventeen, on stands November 24, cover star Bella Thorne opens up about one such Hollywood mean gir. "She's in the business, and she's very, very mean. I stay away from her at all costs. I never say hello to her. Her siblings are not mean like she is. It's just her. One of the reasons I don't like her is because she's been a billionaire since she was very little, and she's never had to work for anything in her life." Bella knows the value of hard work firsthand. When she was little, she was on food stamps; now, she’s one of young Hollywood’s busiest stars. "I’ve never really talked about it. I wasn’t hiding it, and it wasn’t like, ‘Oh, I’m embarrassed because we don’t have money’," she said. "It was, ‘Oh, we don’t have money, so we’re going to work that much harder.’ It was scary, though, because you really want those jobs. It’s a different hunger when you want your family to eat." Nicola Peltz

237. MEDIATAKOUT 11/18
The reverberations of Charlie Sheen’s HIV announcement are starting to ripple out. MTO just spoke with a top Hollywood insider who tells us that a very popular black actresses on TV today used to date Charlie Sheen. It’s not clear whether she and Charlie had unprotected relations. But we spoke to one of her closest girlfriends who tells us that she’s worried. So what’s next? We’re told that the woman, who has been in the game for more than a decade, is determining whether to lawyer up and sue… or keep it quiet since she doesn’t want to damage her re-surging career. This is crazy. (BLIND GOSSIP Note: The actress allegedly dated Charlie Sheen two years ago, which is after the date he was diagnosed with HIV.)

238. THE GOSSIP LIFE 11/18
The budget of this highly hyped television series has doubled due to delays, filming issues and a messy, messy set. The network regret their involvement and are fully prepared for a disappointment. Despite the wonderful cast and esteemed crew, they’re thinking a first season cancellation is the most likely result right now. "Westworld"/HBO; "Ash vs Evil Dead"/STARZ; "The Expanse"/Syfy

For 44 years, the subject of "You’re So Vain" has remained one of pop music’s most enduring mysteries. But at long last, Carly Simon has solved the mystery – well, sort of. The singer, 70, tells People that the second verse of her famous song refers to none other than Warren Beatty. "I have confirmed that the second verse is Warren," she tells People in an interview pegged to her much-anticipated memoir, Boys in the Trees, to be released later this month. Does Beatty know about the seminal role he plays in the song? In keeping with its theme, "Warren thinks the whole thing is about him!" says Simon. The mother and grandmother, who still resides in the same Martha’s Vineyard home she shared with former husband James Taylor, explains that the other verses refer to two other men – and she still isn’t naming names. Will she ever? "I don’t think so," she says, "at least until they know it’s about them."

You walked into the party like you were walking onto a yacht
Your hat strategically dipped below one eye
Your scarf it was apricot
You had one eye in the mirror as you watched yourself gavotte
And all the girls dreamed that they’d be your partner
They’d be your partner, and…

You’re so vain, you probably think this song is about you
You’re so vain, I’ll bet you think this song is about you
Don’t you? don’t you?

You had me several years ago when I was still quite naive
Well you said that we made such a pretty pair
And that you would never leave
But you gave away the things you loved and one of them was me
I had some dreams, they were clouds in my coffee
Clouds in my coffee, and…


Well I hear you went up to Saratoga and your horse naturally won
Then you flew your Lear Jet up to Nova Scotia
To see the total eclipse of the sun
Well you’re where you should be all the time
And when you’re not you’re with
Some underworld spy or the wife of a close friend
Wife of a close friend, and…


First Verse Guy: Mick Jagger
Second Verse Guy: Warren Beatty
Third Verse Guy: David Geffen

240. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 11/19 **#1**
This foreign born A-/B+ list mostly movie actor managed to convince the celebrity daughter of a permanent A list singer to have an abortion when she told him she was pregnant. He was unable to convince another girlfriend at the same time to do so however.

241. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 11/19 **#2**
This C list mostly television actress who is still technically married to an A list celebrity has now put the shoe on the other foot because she is hooking up with a married television producer. La La Anthony (Carmelo Anthony)

242. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 11/19 **#3**
Now that these two are no longer working together, things are rocky between this B list television/movie actor and his B list television/movie actress girlfriend. He is certainly telling women on the set of his current movie that he is available and that his relationship is over with the actress. Evan Peters ("X-Men: Apocalypse")/Emma Roberts (formerly worked on "American Horror Story")

243. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 11/19 **#4**
This B+ list take whatever she can get actress who has much higher name recognition than her position in the current scheme of the work she gets, has had some big hits. Very big hits. In both television and movies. She is married with kids. She also was doing lines while doing a voice over for a cartoon for kids. Nice. Sarah Michelle Gellar ("Star Wars Rebels")

244. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 11/19 **#5**
KINDNESS: This former Hunger Games actress who is probably a C list at best and got killed off early in the franchise was at the LA premiere of Mockingjay. When she was leaving there was some kind of discussion going on between some French tourists who thought their car was stolen. They were trying to talk to a policeman, but the language barrier was impossible. Our actress apparently speaks flawless French and was able to figure out their car was towed not stolen and where it was located and got them an Uber to take them to where their car was being held. Jacqueline Emerson/"Foxface" (her father was Ambassador to Germany)

245. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 11/19 **#6**
This still underage Disney actress is on multiple shows and even has some movies she is filming. She has already had two breast enlargement procedures. Where are the parents? Peyton List (17 years old) ("Jessie"/"K.C. Undercover"/"Bunk’d")

246. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 11/19 **#7**
This out of work B list mostly television actor who everyone knows has been saying the right things to try and win his actress wife back, but the saying is not equating with the doing. Seems he found a college aged groupie who is spending a lot of time with the actor. Brian Austin Green/Megan Fox

247. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 11/19 **#8**
This ANTM part-timer brought a flask to an event because he can’t stand drinking the product he was there to promote. He wanted to look like he was having fun and knew the flask would help.

248. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 11/19 **#9**
You know, I’m not sure how this whole pretending to be moving in with each other thing is supposed to work when this foreign born B list celebrity is entertaining men in her apartment on a regular basis. Is her A+ list mostly movie actor boyfriend supposed to wait out in the hall eating cereal until she is finished? Irina Shayk/Bradley Cooper

249. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 11/19 **#10**
This actress likes to keep her personal life quiet and her sex life even more quiet. Super quiet. You would be hard pressed to identify more than one person this actress has been with over the years. Not that long ago, she was much more open about her sexuality. Now, she doesn’t hide the fact she prefers women, she just does not speak about it publicly like she used to. One of the reasons is she thinks it might damage her burgeoning career which has seen her move up to A-/B+ list. She loves being famous and loves that she is known now for being an actress and does not want every conversation to revolve around her sexuality. Another reason she stays quiet is that she has become the go to person for older actresses who are deep in the closet. Our actress has been seeing several b list actresses who are in their 60’s up to their 70’s who love that someone is there for them and is young and will keep their secret.
Actress: Sarah Paulson
Recent Career: "12 Years A Slave"; "Carol"; "The Runner"; "American Horror Story"; "American Crime Story"
Older actresses: Taylor Holland (72); Cherry Jones (58)

250. MR. X 11/19/15 **#1**
What A/B-list rapper, when booking a flight recently, put his on again-off again girlfriend and members of his posse in coach seating while he luxuriated in first class? No words were exchanged between the couple when they departed the plane.. she was beyond pissed off at him. Rick Ross/Lira Galore

251. MR. X 11/19 **#2**
What former almost A-list actress turned C-list punchline is telling anyone who will believe her that she slept with an A+ list actor and Oscar winner/nominee? I wonder if they shared drugs as well. Lindsay Lohan/Ben Affleck

252. MR. X 11/19 **#3**
What closeted A/B-list actor and former tweener’s PR people flew his beard out to Asia where he’s been on vacation the last few weeks, after a transgender woman he slept with threatened to blab to a Japanese tabloid about their one night stand? Zac Efron/Sami Miro

253. BLIND GOSSIP 11/19 **#1**
If you’ve seen the photos of her husband out with a very young model, it should come as no surprise that this angelic film actress has separated from her showbiz husband. This is NOT a recent occurrence. They actually separated earlier this year! We also learned that the model is not the first woman the husband has seen outside of his marriage. While it must hurt to see her husband fooling around with a woman half her age, it shouldn’t come as a complete surprise to our actress that he is moving on while still married. We recall that when our actress first met him many years ago… he left his wife for her. The actress and her husband do not have any kids together, so the divorce shouldn’t be too complicated. If they do make a public announcement, it will likely be done quietly and over the holidays to minimize the amount of attention.
Actress: Kate Beckinsale
Husband: Len Wiseman (first wife a kindergarten teacher named Dana)Model: CJ Franco

254. BLIND GOSSIP 11/19 **#2**
This girl has had several careers that have put her in the public eye. One of them was as a reality star. While there were naturally lots of cameras around while she was filming, we hear that someone planted some hidden cameras around her home as well. Of course, those cameras caught her and her family in their most private moments. It’s hard to say if she would be more shocked to learn that there are private videos of her out there… or to learn that her husband was messing around with another member of her family. Yes, that was also caught by the hidden cameras.
Jessica Simpson/Nick Lachey (Jessica’s father Joe)

255. BLIND GOSSIP 11/19 **#3**
After a messy battle to get out of a bad marriage, this leading film actor is relieved to be getting back to normal life. So is his boyfriend, who had to pretend to live in the guest house during the tumultuous fake marriage. Now he’s happily back in the main house.
Jeremy Renner/Kristoffer Winters

256. THE GOSSIP LIFE 11/19
This network is considered a haven for creative types and the dream for writers, but things may be changing in the future. There are many at the network that are unhappy with the current slate, feeling only one or two shows is a commercial and critical success, worthy of the network, and that too much power/money has been given to famous actors, writers and producers simply because they’re famous. They fear that another medium is moving in on their domain and they’ll be left behind. HBO

257. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 11/20 **#1**
Back in the day she was a B+ list sex symbol in teen movies. When she got older she hit the same level as a television actress on pay cable. Now she makes the occasional movie and has A list name recognition. She also was recently diagnosed with cancer and is going to go through an intense treatment program. Kim Cattrall

258. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 11/20 **#2**
I guess web series’ don’t pay as much as no one thought they did. This web series actress who everyone knows for being a celebrity has a surprisingly low rate for flying across the world to sleep with men. No one here in the US wants anything to do with her because of her ex. Karrueche Tran/Chris Brown

259. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 11/20 **#3**
Seriously? Apparently this C list reality star who likes to pop up on that A list reality show every season to torture us with his horrible plastic surgery, does not realize that the entire world knows he is gay. I mean literally the entire world. There are people in the most remote corners of the world who only have seen him once and know he is gay. The guy is trying to convince us he has a girlfriend. Good luck with that. Jonathan Cheban/Anat Popvsky ("Keeping Up With the Kardashians")

260. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 11/20 **#4**
Things are really on the rocks between this A list singer who is in a group but rarely mentions them/part-time reality star and his wife. His cheating is to the point where he hardly even sees his celebrity wife at this point. Adam Levine ("Maroon 5")/Behati Prinsloo

261. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 11/20 **#5**
This female A list rapper was beyond just a diva at a concert this week. She refused to speak directly to anyone which would be ok except there was a last minute problem with a piece of equipment and the crew were trying to ask her questions but she would not speak to them until her road manager arrived and then she spoke through him.
Nicki Minaj  (A+E Networks "Shining A Light" Concert)

262. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 11/20 **#6**
It looked like this OITNB actress was winning her battle with sobriety but at an after party this week she was blitzed on booze and kept asking people whether they had any coke. Natasha Lyonne ("#Horror" New York Premiere)

263. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 11/20 **#7**
This B+ list mostly movie actress who loves dogs is fast becoming the Sienna Miller of the past few years. Having recently busted up one marriage, she is now hooking up with another married guy, this time a studio executive. Amanda Seyfried  (busted up marriage of Off-Broadway co-star Thomas Sadoski/("The Way We Get By")

264. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 11/20 **#8**
This A+ list mostly movie actress who is an Academy Award winner/nominee has been texting and calling her foreign born actor ex almost constantly to try and win him back. She is also having her friends leave nasty messages on his girlfriend’s social media. Jennifer Lawrence/Nicholas Hoult (PROBABLY Kristen Stewart)

265. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 11/20 **#9**
This B- list mostly television actress is lucky to find work since her almost network middling hit went off the air. At a recent event that was packed super tight in a tiny store, our actress insisted on having an entire section reserved just for her. Since it was not roped off, she had store personnel constantly telling people they needed to move. She loved the special treatment. Uggh. Sara Foster ("90210") Barneys New York Hosts Jennifer Meyer To Celebrate The Exclusive RTW Capsule Collection Barney New York XO Jennifer Meyer

266. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 11/20 **#10**
This former A+ list mostly movie actress who is still A-/A list and an Academy Award winner/nominee says she has a boyfriend and he has even showed up a few times, but she has been hooking up with a London banker for the past month. Gwyneth Paltrow/Brad Falchuk

267. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 11/20 **#11**
In the last couple of years I wrote about this show that was an ensemble family show that aired back in the day. It was a comedy and there were washed up former B listers who were hoping for a second chance with the show. Anyway, there was a heartthrob on that show. He is where the story begins. At a press event for his show he ran into a teen actress from another show which almost seemed exactly like his show. Same network. The teen actress was in her mid-teens. Our actor was older. Almost twice her age actually. And married. The thing is, they hit it off. Really hit it off. The next thing you know, he was cheating on his wife with this mid-teen actress. At some point he decided to start sharing drugs with her and she got hooked on drugs. Our actor was always getting quizzed by his wife about money he was spending and wanted to hide his drug purchases. He needed cash. How to get it? He convinced the actress to start turning tricks. Yep, there she was in her mid-teens being paired off with executives from the studio and friends of the actor to earn drug money for the both of them. Our actress got hooked more and more on drugs and the actor decided she was becoming a liability so he dumped her. Our actress crashed and burned and basically never worked again after her relationship with the actor.
Heartthrob: Sasha Mitchell
Show: "Step By Step" (started on ABC, later moved to CBS) (washed up former B listers: Patrick Duffy and Suzanne Somers)
Teen actress: Jodie Sweetin
Show: "Full House"

268. THE GOSSIP LIFE 11/20
I don’t think there’s an actress alive that wants to be liked and loved as much as this A-list actress. Populist politics? Count her in. Kissing anyone successful’s ass? Check. Pursuing roles in the latest ‘hot’ auteur’s movies? Hell yeah. It’s the game, I suppose, but I dislike how desperate and shameless she can be when she’s playing it. Crying and screaming at a friend/director because he worked with another actress, practically bullying him into casting you in his next movie? Grow up.

269. BLIND GOSSIP 11/20 **#1**
This young TV and film actress is very hot right now. However, behind, the scenes, producers are quietly warning each other that she is crazy and that they need to take precautions when working with her! A producer who has worked with the actress was asked by another producer if he should hire her for a specific part. "He said that she’s a good actress and you’ll get a good performance out of her… but you have to be very careful when you work with her. You have to make sure she is NEVER left alone with a male cast or crew member!" It turns out that she was blatantly hitting on male crew members if she was left alone with them, and then lashing out if they rejected her. She was so annoyed about one rejection that she went to production and claimed that HE had tried to hit on HER… and tried to get him fired! This made a lot of male cast and crew member nervous because many of them had been on the receiving end of similar behavior from the actress, and nobody wanted to lose their jobs. "All the male cast and crew members were warned that they needed to be careful, and they were not to put themselves in a situation where they could be alone with her, either on set or off set." Despite the caution, though, it seems that her talent will triumph over her personal behavior for now. "The producer kept calling her "crazy" and telling the other producer that he needed to be really careful. They laughed about it, though, and concluded that even if she is crazy, she may be perfect for the part because the character is crazy, too!" Emma Roberts

270. BLIND GOSSIP 11/20 **#2**
If the star of a TV show decides to leave, you would think that the rest of the cast would be upset and worried about how the departure turmoil will affect the shows ratings. Not in this case! One female multi-hyphenate sees this as a fabulous opportunity for her to jump into the lead position. So, while she will likely publicly express how sorry she is to see the lead go… behind the scenes she is happy about the turmoil!
Show: "FABlife"
Leaving: Tyra Banks
Multi-hyphenate actress:
Chrissy Teigen

271. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 11/21 **#1**
This A list reality star from an A list reality family who also has a side job, likes to pretend she is all goody goody but she isn’t. She is always the first one drunk at a party and is awfully chummy with some very famous cokeheads. Kendall Jenner

272. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 11/21 **#2**
This former A+ list porn star who has A list name recognition is hooking up with a married religious leader she idolizes.
Jenna Jameson

273. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 11/21 **#3**
This B+ list mostly television actress who stars on a hit network show and also does some cable show work is not technically of age, but recently split with her boyfriend because she got back together with her ex, who is in his mid 30’s. Ariel Winter ("Modern Family")

274. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 11/21 **#4**
This no name NFL player is cheating on his former A+ list celebrity turned reality star turned celebrity girlfriend. Porsha Williams ("Real Housewives of Atlanta")/Duke Williams

275. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 11/22 **#1**
This former A+ list rapper turned worst dad ever turned actor turned closeted rapper is trying way too hard to hide his love for men. He is over compensating in his public statements and he is going to face even more guys who he has hooked up with. 50 Cent

276. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 11/22 **#2**
All the other tabloids are laughing at this top of the hill tabloid because they paid about 4 times as much for wedding photos as anyone else offered. There is just not the market they think there is for the wedding photos. Joe Manganiello/Sofia Vergara

277. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 11/22 **#3**
This permanent A+ list mostly movie actor is on a new set of medications because he is old and has a lot of issues. One of them has made his legendary temper even worse and he has been randomly going off on people for literally no reason. Clint Eastwood

278. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 11/22 **#4**
This model/C+/B- list mostly movie actress is a celebrity offspring of a rocker who has seen better days since he was A+ list back in the day. Anyway, our offspring is not some teen, she is much older than that and should be over the whole coke and clubs thing but she was going to town like crazy the other night at a party.

279. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 11/23 **#1**
AMERICAN MUSIC AWARDS: This A list reality star from an A list reality family shows one thing to the cameras but there she was last night in a VIP section at an after party making out with random guys while she got hammered. Kourtney Kardashian

280. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 11/23 **#2**
This former A+ list mostly movie actor turned A lister didn’t have much to do when he walked a red carpet recently so he got wasted beforehand. So, his wife had to basically keep him upright and moving towards the general direction of the doors while she tried to do a couple of interviews without her husband crashing to the ground. Not a pretty sight. Johnny Depp/Amber Heard ("The Danish Girl")

281. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 11/23 **#3**
AMERICAN MUSIC AWARDS: He probably was never going to sing live anyway, but when this former A+ list tweener turned A list singer spent a couple of hours smoking pot before the show, he was all lip sync for his performance. The producers didn’t want to take a chance on anything happening. Justin Bieber

282. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 11/23 **#4**
AMERICAN MUSIC AWARDS: Everyone kept telling this former A list "singer" turned reality star how great she looked. She definitely has been taking care of herself. The thing is every person could not stop staring at her face. Whatever she did to it since the latest season of her show stopped airing had everyone doing double takes. Paula Abdul

283. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 11/23 **#5**
This washed up former C list reality star who is only famous because of the A lister he married at one point in his life, found out through his ex just how much botox and plastic surgery this current A+ list singer has. Apparently his ex got a really close look very recently. Her comments were supposed to be hush hush but the ex has been telling anyone and everyone just how messed up the face of the A+ lister is.
C list reality star: Kevin Federline

A list ex: Britney Spears
A+ list singer: Beyoncé

284. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 11/23 **#6**
This former A list mostly movie actor is foreign born. He used to be able to headline movies on his won, but now he only gets direct to "On Demand" on his own. He relies on a franchise to pay his bills but his girlfriend has gone through most of his fortune with a never ending series of get rich quick schemes that he never says no to and that never work. Antonio Banderas ("Shrek")/Nicole Kimpel (Dutch investment consultant)

285. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 11/23 **#7**
She has been in this situation before but still does not get it. The last time she was in this position it cost her a very long term relationship because she thought is was love and not just the booty call it was. Now, our foreign born B- list mostly movie actress thinks she is in love, but she is just the booty call of this A list mostly movie actor who is an Academy Award winner/nominee.
Actress: Freida Pinto

Long term relationship: Dev Patel
Former booty call: Stephen Dorff
Current booty call: Sean Penn

286. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 11/23 **#8**
This foreign born A list boy bander who has A list name recognition on his own, was convinced after 20 minutes of pleading to remove the lipstick he had applied prior to a national television appearance. Harry Styles/"One Direction" ("Jimmy Kimmel Live!")

287. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 11/23 **#9**
A new way to combine business with pleasure or at least a nice big check. Several designers have opened random dress boutiques in Dubai. Not for people living or visiting there, but to allow celebrity clients an excuse for visiting. It seems as if this B+ list model who can’t stay out of the news or the tabloids is one of the first to try out the scheme. Figures if you know her background.
Gigi Hadid

288. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 11/23 **#10**
Another night, another drunken mess for this former A+ list mostly movie actress who is now A- and dropping. Her name is all that is saving her right now. Maybe she is drinking to deal with her marriage. Who knows, but she is a mess. Cameron Diaz

289. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 11/23 **#11**
She is an up and coming R&B singer. She has a great voice and is a great writer. She has worked with some big names since she broke on to the scene just a little over two years ago. She came out of nowhere. Her official biography is extremely limited. Tiny even. Why? It turns out she has a little secret. When she was growing up, she lived as a male, but since making her way out to LA she has started living her life as a woman. It is how she identifies and I think it is great. I think the fact she hooked up with some guys who are taking advantage of that for their own use is really bad. If she crosses them, or goes against them, they will leak her secret. Of course, since she has slept with a couple of them, including a homophobic A list male singer she definitely has some cards up her own sleeve too. Sza/(Chris Brown; 50 Cent; Kendrick Lamar)

290. MR. X 11/23 **#1**
AMERICAN MUSIC AWARDS: Easy Easy: What rapper and his reality star girlfriend had cameras from the latter’s show following them everywhere before, during and after the show? It explains a whole lot. Tyga/Kylie Jenner

291. MR. X 11/23 **#2**
What openly gay reality star was bragging to anyone who would listen about his one night stand with this closeted former tweener after last year’s AMAs, while the former tweener was in earshot? Awkward. Frankie J. Grande (Ariana’s brother/"Big Brother"/Nick Jonas

292. BLIND GOSSIP 11/23 **#1**
If you thought that producers were upset that seating arrangements had to be shuffled before the American Music Awards… you’d be wrong! Producers LOVE this stuff! Controversy generates ratings, and couples who publicize that they are together or breaking days before the event are a dream come true. They know you’re not talking about the show or the winners or the performances the next day… you’re talking about relationships! It’s not coincidental that it is the holiday season and that lots of people have projects to promote! So there are THREE couples that pulled publicity stunts just in time for the AMAs! This "new couple" announced that they are dating literally within the past couple of weeks (and just days before another awards show). This couple got "back together" literally days before the AMAs. This couple "broke up" literally days before the AMAs. All stunts. But, hey! It’s not a stunt if YOU believe it’s real! Watch their TV shows during sweeps! Buy their songs! Help them promote their concert tours!
New Couple: Gwen Stefani/Blake Shelton
Back Together Couple: Selena Gomez/Justin Bieber
Broke Up Couple: Kylie Jenner/Tyga

293. BLIND GOSSIP 11/23 **#2**
You would think that members of the cast of this ensemble TV show would be chastised every time one of them says something incredibly stupid that makes headlines. Not even close! Every time one of them says something dumb, the ratings shoot up. So, although the producers will discuss the controversy at the next day’s meeting, it’s more to cover their butts than it is to seriously warn the cast. One crew member told us: "We call it the "purposefully stupid" approach. Hire one or two reasonable, intelligent people to pretend that you want to be taken seriously – then hire some who are just dummies with big mouths – and watch them generate headlines!" "The View"

294. BLIND GOSSIP 11/23 **#3**
This young star was initially thrilled that her boyfriend finally proposed to her! Then she got controlling. She thought it was too anti-climatic to get engaged before the holidays. She also wants it to be a much bigger deal with lots of drama so she has a good story to tell. She told him she wants him to re-propose. When he does, she will pretend to be surprised. He is annoyed but he’ll probably do what she wants. Audrina Patridge/Corey Bohan; Kylie Jenner/Tyga

295. THE GOSSIP LIFE 11/23
A lot of employers in this famous, fabulous industry are hoping the sexism debate doesn’t turn to them next. To ensure it doesn’t happen, a group of the most powerful have talked over email, planning how to handle the media just in case people start looking deeper. They don’t want to be exposed as paying their male employees significantly less than the females. Fashion models

296. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 11/24 **#1**
This B- list reality star on a B+ list reality show on Bravo is being accused by his significant other of cheating on him. She says women. She probably thinks that but he loves guys. Always has. Mike Shouhed/Jessica Parido "Shahs of Sunset"

297. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 11/24 **#2**
Speaking of cheating, this B list athlete is cheating on his A- list celebrity/reality star girlfriend. They actually deserve each other. Khloé Kardashian/James Harden

298. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 11/24 **#3**
This foreign born A- list mostly movie actor who is an Academy Award winner/nominee wore more makeup to a recent premiere than most of the women. He says it was for the inevitable television interviews and he looks pale otherwise. Uh huh. Eddie Redmayne

299. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 11/24 **#4**
The batch of prescription pills that this Teen Mom is addicted to has her paranoid and delusional and has everyone terrified to even be near her. Leah Messer

300. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 11/24 **#5**
This B list celebrity/model/offspring sure can pick them. She went from a coke head to a heroin junkie. Gigi Hadid/Joe Jonas/Zayn Malik

301. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 11/24 **#6**
Apparently this A list mostly movie actress who has her second franchise and is an Academy Award winner/nominee is getting tired of her very possessive and jealous boyfriend and is exploring other options. Anna Kendrick/Ben Richardson ("Twilight" and "Pitch Perfect")

302. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 11/24 **#7**
She can complain all she wants, but there are plenty of people who have witnessed this foreign born former A- list singer doing drugs. Heck, her significant other owns one of the most high profile celebrity drug spots there is. Cheryl Fernandez-Versini/Jean-Bernard Fernandez-Versini (he founded upmarket nightclub and restaurant Cosy Box, which is open for the duration of Cannes Film Festival)

303. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 11/24 **#8**
This B- list mostly movie actress is on the other side of cheating this time around. She is the other woman in a relationship. He told her he was separated. He wasn’t then, but he is now because his wife kicked him out.

304. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 11/24 **#9**
The celebrity boyfriend of this A+ list singer is getting tired of being told that he has to share his girlfriend with another woman. Hey, she has been around a lot longer than the current flame. Rihanna/Travis Scott/Melissa Forde

305. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 11/24 **#10**
This B list mostly television actor who probably won’t be long for the network show he is on was certainly collecting a lot of phone numbers from women while his A- list singer girlfriend was otherwise occupied at a party the other night. Demi Lovato/Wilmer Valderrama ("Minority Report")
(Jennifer Lopez's 2015 American Music Awards After Party)

306. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 11/24 **#11**
It is pretty telling that this foreign born B+ list mostly television actor from a hit pay cable show has a movie in which he is starring that is scheduled to shoot at the same time as the next season of the show would film. I guess he is getting killed off.


307. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 11/24 **#12**
This foreign born B list mostly movie actress seems like she is in a dozen movies this year. Honestly, it is only slightly less than that. Because she was working so much she did not see her full frontal loving foreign born actor now ex-boyfriend as much as she would have liked, but she was not expecting him to continually cheat on her either. Alicia Vikander/Michael Fassbender

308. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 11/24 **#13**
With all of her bearding efforts failing and trouble making ends meet, this former A list singer in a group turned reality star is spending a week with a man on vacation for just south of six figures. Nicole Scherzinger (in the Maldives)

309. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 11/24 **#14**
Since this has a rough correlation with food and Thanksgiving is definitely a lot of food, I think this is a good fit for this week. Hey, even if it had not been this week I would have written it. I don’t think this guy has ever been a blind. I have met the guy twice. Both at restaurants. Once at a Thai place where he ate more than me and another time wolfing down a bunch of Burger King at the airport. I mean these were airport prices so he must have had $50 worth of burgers and fries in front of him. The crazy thing was I saw him looking at salads before he made his way over to the Burger King. Like me, he has had some weight issues from time to time. Not as bad as me, but the man enjoys his food. It turns out, this B- list do anything he can get comic actor who used to be A- likes his food delivered in ways that are far more interesting then sitting down at a table. Recently our actor was at a charity event. A big event. Lots of money being passed around to get celebrities there. Great resort where they were put up. A guy who works at the hotel who used to be a great source in LA before moving said that he got a call from the actor and said he wanted a stripper. It is not a strange request. Happens all the time. My guy told him there were plenty online and he would feel more comfortable if our actor chose one for himself. Our actor then said he wanted a stripper who specialized in the unusual. That sentence was stretched out over 30 seconds of umms and pauses. It turned out our actor wanted a stripper who was willing to cover herself and our actor in food while she got naked and maybe he did. My guy made some calls and put him in touch with a service. A short time later, our actor put in an order for pudding and pies and cakes and a bunch of other desserts from room service. Not just one or two things, but enough for a party of 30-40 people. We are talking about $1000 worth of desserts. The thing is, the charity was footing the bill for room service so our actor probably didn’t care. The next thing that happened was that a call to housekeeping brought a request for several sheets. Then, a group of four women came into the hotel accompanied by a guy who went up to the room of the actor. The guy came back down to the lobby and waited for a good two hours. When the women came down they were wearing sweat suits but you could see tons of food in their hair. Our actor must have been an expert at this because the maids cleaning the room didn’t find any food anywhere. The sheets had disappeared and the empty food trays were there, but no mess. Jon Lovitz (2015 Chris Evert/Raymond James Pro-Celebrity Tennis Classic Gala)

310. LAINEY GOSSIP 11/24
Right now it seems like nothing can go wrong for him, at least not professionally. He's in a groove. Personally things seemed to be going great too. He's happy with his partner. They're loving parents, they are supportive of each other, they are both kind and sweet people. But she's been upset about not being able to get pregnant and now she's in denial about a serious problem. It's starting to affect her career. She shows up drunk to events, embarrassingly drunk. To the point where reporters speaking to her don't even feel comfortable using what she's said, even though these are press opportunities for promotion. And they are really concerned about it at work. She drinks at work and it's making the situation difficult for cast and crew because they have to keep reshooting over her mistakes and the retakes are piling up. Her boss has had extensive experience with a big star disrupting the set and is just trying to get through as much as they can, keep production going, because no one wants the staff to be out of pay if everything is suspended. Recently though, it’s come to the point where they had to hold an intervention for her. It happened on set. Right now she's not in rehab but the hope is that they can keep her functioning until there's a long enough break for her when she's ready for treatment. Chris Pratt/Anna Faris ("Mom")/Executive Producer Chuck Lorre was also Executive Producer of "Two and a Half Men" during Charlie Sheen’s time on the show

311. BLIND GOSSIP 11/24 **#1**
Does this hit singer have a hot new boyfriend? No. Just because you smooch someone in public doesn’t mean you are dating them. In fact, if you are a celebrity, there is a better-than-average chance that it’s just a stunt to get people talking. In this case, it worked, too. It’s all about that publicity. No romance. Meghan Trainor/Charlie Puth

312. BLIND GOSSIP 11/24 **#2**
FINANCIAL FAKER 1: We usually tell you when celebrities are faking romances, but today we are going to tell you about some financial fakers! This famous bad-boy actor is facing multiple lawsuits related to his personal behavior. He is having a tough time shielding his assets. Setting up real estate trusts at this point would be an obvious signal to the courts that he is trying to hide his assets. While he has received the same advice from two different counselors – sell your houses to your exes so your children will have a place to live – he is so distrustful of his exes that he would rather sell the properties to someone else than allow them to control his assets. That’s why it looks like he is going to liquidate everything to cash. He thinks that will give him more control over the money. When the plaintiffs come after him, he can always claim that he spent all the cash on lawyers and hookers and gambling and that he doesn’t have any money left for them.
Charlie Sheen

313. BLIND GOSSIP 11/24 **#3**
FINANCIAL FAKER 2: This actor is facing multiple serious lawsuits related to his disgusting personal behavior. We are hearing that he is considering a very sneaky strategy for protecting his wealth. He may divorce his wife for the sole purpose of shielding half his assets from the plaintiffs! The actor needs to trust his wife completely in order for this arrangement to work. Will she go for it? She’s enabled him for years and she is really upset that their entire fortune could disappear, so she will agree to whatever plan will help her keep the money. There are actually two goals here: Keeping the wealth and creating two sympathetic figures. They’re going to milk all the sympathy they can from portraying her as the long-suffering wife who is now facing life on her own. He’ll get sympathy, too, for having to deal with a divorce at the same time as his legal settlements. Plus some people will feel bad that he is losing "all" his money because of the lawsuits. Camille Cosby (Bill)

314. BLIND GOSSIP 11/24 **#4**
FINANCIAL FAKER 3: This hypocritical reality star supposedly sold his house – his biggest asset – because he is facing legal problems and a huge lawsuit. However, he actually sold the house at a deep discount to a company owned by… himself! While the transaction was legally executed, we are counting lots of ways in which he was incredibly naive about the details. The heavily discounted price dollar amount throws up a giant red flag, the timing is laughably coincidental, and the paper trail was poorly hidden because it points right back to him as the owner! The courts REALLY don’t like it when defendants hide assets to avoid paying out damages. This financial fakery will certainly come back to haunt our reality star. Josh Duggar

315. THE GOSSIP LIFE 11/24
Don’t expect the usual messy break-up drama from this A-list actress’s upcoming divorce. She’s assembled a PR team and family to keep her in line. She knows just how much damage her break-ups have caused her career, and there’s no way she’s letting it happen again. Drew Barrymore and Will Kopelman

316. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 11/25 **#1**
This former A+ list tweener chose drugs over work again. This is not how he has done things in the past which gave him a boost in his bad behavior ways. Now though, the drugs are winning and people are scared to book him for fear he won’t show up or will show up wasted and unruly.
Justin Bieber  (cancelled appearance in Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade)

317. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 11/25 **#2**
This permanent A list singer who might be permanent A+ list travels with a huge production. She also has two sets of exercise equipment valued about $100K which she has moved to each city and set up at the venue and in a conference room at each hotel where she stays. Madonna

318. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 11/25 **#3**
Despite what she say publicly, this west coast Real Housewife is still seeing her supposed ex. Vicki Gunvalson ("Real Housewives of Orange County")/Brooks Ayers

319. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 11/25 **#4**
The boyfriend of this former A list mostly movie actress turned sometime pay cable television actress, has been cheating on her with an employee of an organization he does some work with from time to time. Liv Tyler/Dave Garner

320. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 11/25 **#5**
This former A+ list mostly movie actor turned B+ list television actor turned future A lister who is still funny, is dating a former groupie/stalker who left her family and just moved in with the actor after they had been talking for just two days.
Actor: Anthony Michael Hall (Lucia Oskerova)
Movies: "National Lampoon's Vacation"; "Sixteen Candles"; "The Breakfast Club"; "Weird Science"; "Edward Scissorhands"; "The Dark Knight"; "Foxcatcher"
Television: "The Dead Zone"
Future A lister: filming Ben Affleck’s "Live by Night"

321. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 11/25 **#6**
He says now that the work he had done to his face is just for a movie he is shooting, but it isn’t true. This A+ list mostly movie actor is in love with botox, especially after seeing some photos of himself last year. It just makes him look like a pile of wax. Brad Pitt

322. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 11/25 **#7**
KINDNESS: This B list mostly television actor who had a great run on a pay cable show and looks to have an almost television hit on his hands, recently helped out a Boys & Girls Club that needed a remodel. They had a bunch of fundraisers but were well short of their goal. Our actor stepped in and made up the $50K difference which is a lot from this guy. He makes a good living but not a great living.

323. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 11/25 **#8**
Apparently she has a way with words or something else because the wife of this former A+ list mostly movie actor turned A lister turned B+ lister turned A-/B+ list mostly television actor ended up getting the $100K piece of jewelry she wanted when the actor first balked. His wife started crying and walked out of the store. Ten minutes later he was walking out of the store with the purchase. Hilaria Baldwin (Alec)

324. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 11/25 **#9**
This A list momager thinks she is being cool when she drinks. She thinks no one notices that she falls down and runs into things and gets out of control. Her drinking habits have become legendary and cringe worthy to those around her at a party. Kris Jenner

325. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 11/25 **#10**
Another tabloid has been suckered into the whole former B+ list mostly movie actress turned bit part getting/sometime directing actress dating the A list mostly movie actor. She loves the stories because it covers for her married boyfriend relationship. The actor doesn’t mind because he dates who he wants and they deal with it or don’t date him any longer. Katie Holmes/Jamie Foxx

326. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 11/25 **#11**
It has been well over a year now since this celebrity couple have had sex. They would never say that thoughtbecause they might not get another season of their show. Kendra Wilkinson/Hank Baskett ("Kendra on Top")

327. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 11/25 **#12**
KINDNESS: I think on the day before Thanksgiving, you absolutely need to have a kindness. The fact that it involves someone who is scorching hot right now and could possibly be the biggest A+ lister on the planet the past month makes it even better. This A+ lister is staying at a hotel in NYC. In the hotel is a group of about 20 students who are taking part in the Macy’s Thanksgiving Parade tomorrow. They have been rehearsing in the hotel and staying there. Our A+ lister ran into a few of them in the lobby earlier this week. They told her what they were doing and the next thing you know our A+ lister showed up to watch them and even joined in with the marching around the room. She took a ton of photos with anyone who wanted them and even recorded several voice mails in her very distinctive voice. A day after she showed up to hang out with them, she showed up again with tickets to a Broadway show for every person. She also made arrangements for all of them to visit the cast backstage. She wanted to make their trip to NYC complete. Adele ("Hello")

328. THE GOSSIP LIFE 11/25
This actor is A-list, but the police might have to prepare a pen and notepad for an interview, because our actor has ties to some of the insurgent terrorist groups in the Middle East. I can’t get a clear scoop on the extent or the actor’s complicity, but it’s very questionable to say the least and although he’ll cite his political beliefs as fair game, I don’t think he’ll be too happy about more scrutiny into his personal life.

329. BLIND GOSSIP 11/25 #1
This singer’s team has a singular purpose right now: come up with an excuse to explain why he is behaving so badly and why he is missing work commitments. They tried the let’s-blame-everyone-else strategy. Badly-behaved fans, intrusive media, mean bloggers, stupid critics, aggressive paparazzi, traitorous friends, and the unrelenting pressure of being famous were all fingered. However, it didn’t work because they tried tagging too many parties. It just made him look petulant and thin-skinned. They can’t simply admit that our singer literally spends HOURS every day consuming mood-altering substances, so they have to come up with something that creates sympathy. Like a medical excuse! Chemical imbalance? Reaction to some medication? Bipolar, depression, ADD, thyroid disorder, premenstrual syndrome? Whoops, scratch that last one. We don’t know what it’s going to be. All that matters is that they pick something that will make people stop calling him a spoiled brat who needs reh*b… and start treating him like the unique baby snowflake he is. Then his next meltdown will generate sympathy instead of eyerolls. Justin Bieber

330. BLIND GOSSIP 11/25 **#2**
While most people look forward to going home for Thanksgiving, this actor is not one of them! He was overheard complaining to a friend that he was stressing out… over the food! He was going on about Thanksgiving dinner, saying, "It’s all brown! The turkey, the stuffing, the gravy, the rolls, the apple pie. Everywhere you look there are mountains of brown food. The only vegetable on the table is this canned green bean thing covered with cream sauce and canned onions. My mom even manages to make green beans brown! I eat a couple of plates of brown food and I gain ten pounds!" Guess he doesn’t want to ruin that action star body! Chris Pratt

331. THE GOSSIP LIFE 11/26
This A-list actress may be absolutely breathtaking in pictures, but so many people find it hard to recognise the actress in person. I’m not saying she’s a hideous monster or anything, but she looks just average. A source of mine claims to have had a conversation with this egotistical, childish, sarcastic woman and later on someone told him that it was our actress. Charlize Theron

332. POPBITCH 11/27
Harry Potter and the mountain of gak: Which two cast members seem to be trying to outdo each other with the amount of magic dust they can hoover up?
Cast Member 1:
Cast Member 2:

333. THE GOSSIP LIFE 11/27
For a hell of a long time this B-list actress refused to do certain roles because she considered them too commercial or too thin (role without a lot of layers), but her attitude has changed lately. After several of her auteur-directed efforts flopped critically and commercially, she’s now happily taking roles in big budgeted pulp. Don’t let the persona fool you. She’s just a big of a game player as the rest of them. Jessica Chastain "The Huntsman Winter's War"

334. BLIND GOSSIP 11/27 **#1**
What the heck did she do to her face? knows! This woman is the daughter of rock royalty, but has also made a name for herself in the fashion world. Self-conscious about aging, she wanted to add some youthful fullness to her face… so she had cheek augmentation. However, instead of a slightly fuller look, she now has two round, hard-looking half-domes on her face! Stella McCartney (Paul McCartney)

335. BLIND GOSSIP 11/27 **#2**
There are two famous actresses in Hollywood who do not speak to each other. We know why. It has to do with the casting of a critically-acclaimed film that was released earlier this century. The director of the film based one of the characters on a real-life actress who has starred in a at least forty movies over the years. The director had met the actress on several occasions and found her enthusiastic speech and over-the-top gestures annoying and phony. When it came time to cast the part of a ditzy actress in a film, the director did not want to hire Phony… but wanted the part played as a Phony "type"! We don’t know how the director communicated this to the actress who was hired, but the actress nailed it. If you close your eyes and listen to the character, you could almost swear that Phony herself was playing the part! Of course, the director denies that the character was based on Phony. However, Phony knows the truth… and to this day refuses to speak to the actress who imitated her!

Film: "Lost in Translation"
Director: Sofia Coppola
Phony Actress: Cameron Diaz (rumor has it that the Anna Faris' character, Kelly, was supposedly Cameron Diaz, with whom Spike Jonze worked with on "Being John Malkovich")
Actress who played her: Anna Faris

336. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 11/28 **#1**
This married A+ list mostly movie actor who you never would want to see act again in a drama, has discovered Hollywood’s newest version of a rub and tug. Spray tans. Get naked, get "rubbed" and then get a spray tan so no one is the wiser. Our actor is getting tanned at least twice a week. John Travolta (playing Robert Shapiro on "American Crime Story")

337. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 11/28 **#2**
It has been nonstop coke and partying this past week for this former A+ list singer turned A- list singer/part-time actress. Hopefully the new year either sees her kicking the drugs or getting rehab. She needs something. Lady Gaga

338. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 11/28 **#3**
It only took a couple of days apart from each other to see this A list singer/part-time reality star cheating on his singer girlfriend. He told a woman that the relationship was all for show while he was hitting on her this week. Blake Shelton/Gwen Stefani

339. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 11/28 **#4**
The reason this former A list mostly television actor left his hit network show was because his wife made him as a condition to remaining in the marriage. The years long hookup with his co-star was not something that could just be stopped. There had to be a dramatic step taken. Patrick Dempsey "Grey’s Anatomy"

340. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 11/28 **#5**
This foreign born B list mostly movie actress got a high profile foreign ad campaign. She is also getting paid about 5 times what someone of her stature should be making for it. All she had to do was reenact her most famous sex scene from a recent hit blockbuster movie and she got the job. Margot Robbie (British Airways)/"The Wolf of Wall Street"

341. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 11/28 **#6**
This celebrity offspring of a permanent A lister didn’t ruin Thanksgiving for a family, but she is certainly not helping. On Wednesday afternoon she hooked up with this married with children A- list mostly movie actor who is in a hot franchise and started off on television.

342. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 11/28 **#7**
At a recent Q&A, this A- list mostly movie actor came thisclose to coming out of the closet. The moderator really thought our actor was going to do it right on stage, but after inching open the closet, our actor rushed back inside. Jake Gyllenhaal

343. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 11/28 **#8**
This foreign born B-/C+ list reality star/celebrity who is known more for who he has dated than much else, cheated on his girlfriend with a US based reality star who is lucky to be getting any work in reality with the way she has repeatedly messed up and driven producers and other employers insane.
Foreign born reality star/celebrity: Calum Best (dated Rachel Hunter, Elizabeth Jagger, Kimberly Stewart, Patsy Kensit, Lindsay Lohan)
US reality star: Brandi Glanville "Real Housewives of Beverly Hills"

344. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 11/29 **#1**
Wow, the PR team threw this B list celebrity/professional beard under the bus with their statement. You can’t blame her for wanting something in writing about how much she would be paid to be with this former A list name athlete turned celebrity. They talked about her like she was a corrupting influence. Hardly. Olivia Culpo/Tim Tebow

345. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 11/29 **#2**
The significant other of this A list singer/part-time really good actress is cheating on her with multiple women. Kind of surprising considering how many steroids he is taking. Jennifer Hudson/David Otunga

346. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 11/29 **#3**
I’m trying to think of a celebrity relationship where the significant other of the celebrity is treated worse than in this relationship. This prolific baby maker who finds time to rap at the A- list level spent most of Thanksgiving shuttling women to a bedroom or a game room where he would have sex with them (unprotected of course) or have them orally service him and then spend the next hour being the boyfriend before repeating the process with a new woman. Lil Wayne/Christina Milian/Dhea Sodano

347. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 11/29 **#4**
No one believes you. You being this B list celebrity/reality star/reality host who photoshopped the fiznuck out of a recent photo and when people started asking about the bent edges in the photo suddenly made sure no further photos would be required. Coco Austin (Ice-T’s wife)/gave birth
(Coco Austin’s Surrogate Had Her Baby)

348. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 11/29 **#5**
This foreign born A- list mostly movie actress who has had quite the career comeback over the past two years, is up to her old tricks. She is on a film set and doing the dirty deed with this still married A+ list mostly movie actor. Sienna Miller (born in US, but raised in London)/Ben Affleck "Live by Night"

349. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 11/29 **#6**
This permanent A+ list mostly movie actor will stay that way no matter how many easy paychecks he keeps cashing for awful movies, talks a great game about human rights. As long as those rights don’t interfere with him making money. Two separate projects and several thousand people homeless because of them. Lots of bribes passing between our actor and governments. Robert De Niro (human rights)/(Robert De Niro's plan for Caribbean mega-resort opposed by island residents)

350. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 11/29 **#7**
This former C+ list singer who missed the A+ list days of this group who is still A+ list, is turning tricks to pay for her drug habit. Farrah Franklin/"Destiny’s Child"

351. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 11/29 **#8**
This foreign born B list model/meh actress sure does know her way around beard and baby, so it makes sense she is willing to talk about those things. For her to actually have a baby with her closeted A+ lister she would require an upfront fee of $1M and at least $1M a year just for her for the next 20 years. He could go so much cheaper, but she is so willing and will do literally anything as long as the price is right. Rosie Huntington-Whiteley/Jason Statham

352. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 11/30 **#1**
This barely still in the closet Teen Wolf star is certainly getting chummy with his stand in on the show and he is not shy about spilling all the details of their encounters. Tyler Posey (plays Scott McCall)

353. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 11/30 **#2**
It has already started. This B list model/celebrity offspring missed a photoshoot because she is involved with that drug addled celebrity boyfriend of hers. It won’t be long before she is hooked on the hard stuff too. Gigi Hadid and Zayn Malik

354. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 11/30 **#3**
It is 50/50 right now whether producers of this foreign reality show will replace this A- list celebrity offspring/former host/former reality star. Her drug use is out of control. Kelly Osbourne/"Australia’s Got Talent"

355. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 11/30 **#4**
As a condition of taking him back, this A list reality star cut off her wishes he had more money B+ list rapper. Now he is really broke and has moved in a friend and sleeping on an inflatable bed. Kylie Jenner/Tyga

356. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 11/30 **#5**
This B list celebrity offspring/part-time singer/part-time actress is in a bit of trouble with her family. They don’t care she is seeing another woman. They are definitely pro same sex. However, they are always about keeping everything discreet. That is where their issue is with her. She is going too public. Willow Smith (Will and Jada Smith)

357. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 11/30 **#6**
This A list director/part-time actor with a kink had to pay a huge bribe to the police and to a family. Apparently while our director was out of the country he was caught masturbating in a dressing room that was inside a woman’s changing area. Quentin Tarantino

358. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 11/30 **#7**
Now that his girlfriend has dumped him, this B list actor/rapper wannabe who has been acting forever has been going into overtime with Grindr hookups. It is why his girlfriend dumped him in the first place. Ray J/Princess Love

359. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 11/30 **#8**
This foreign born C list mostly movie actress you have never heard of, will be an A- lister by the end of the year who you will all know. Even though she is new to the business she definitely has the partying part down pat and was high as a kite on coke for her first national television appearance. Daisy Ridley "Star Wars: The Force Awakens" ("Jimmy Kimmel Live!")

360. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 11/30 **#9**
The family of this former A list athlete is being barred from talking or posting any photos of the former athlete by his wife. It seems that she wants to save it all for a money making special. Always about the greed. Lamar Odom/Khloé Kardashian

361. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 11/30 **#10**
This former Glee actor is still hiding deep inside the closet. Despite his beard, everyone knows he is gay. He is fully on board keeping everything a secret because he really wants to get cast in a superhero franchise and thinks if he comes out it will ruin his chances. Darren Criss/Mia Swier or Matthew Morrison/Renee Puente

362. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 11/30 **#11**
Not good news in this holiday season for this pro athlete with the catchy name none of you have ever heard of. He was in an intense relationship with this foreign born A list boy bander. They have called it quits though as our boy bander dumped the athlete. Xander Ritz (Major League Lacrosse player)/Harry Styles ("One Direction")

363. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 11/30 **#12**
This former tweener actress has been combining her prescribed medications with crack. Our actress, who has not done much since her ensemble hit show went off the air a couple of decades ago, is sleeping with multiple men to pay for her crack addiction. Her family will only help with her prescribed meds. Lark Voorhies "Saved By the Bell"

364. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 11/30 **#13**
This celebrity has always been unusual. She is old now, but still unusual. I think she is a permanent A list celebrity even though she has not really done much in her life. Yeah, she has sung, but she is not famous for anything she has really done musically on her own. She is much more known for who she was with, then anything she has done. Hey, at least she has not done reality television. I don’t think. Let me check. No, no reality. A lot of self credits though so maybe I didn’t see it as I quickly scrolled through. Anyway, unusual for sure. A little creepy. How creepy? During her single years she had a lot of kinks and a lot of fetishes. I’m not judging. I don’t judge. Not on most of them anyway. Apparently though, she took the whole mother/son relationship a little too far and would often sleep naked with her son and made him sleep naked too. He won’t discuss it but an ex-girlfriend says that he told her that his mom would give him massages while they were both naked and would call him the man of the house. Just really sick stuff. Yoko Ono (married to John Lennon)/Sean Lennon (ex-girlfriend - Bijou Phillips)

365. THE GOSSIP LIFE 11/30
This A-list commodity has already spent over eight figures overall in gifts for his A-list partner. James Packer/Mariah Carey

366. BLIND GOSSIP 11/30 **#1**
Jennifer Lawrence and Bradley Cooper have teamed up for several films that have been both critical and box office successes. Although there is a 15-year age difference between the two, they have been able to do films that utilize both their talents well. There is an established, over-30 actress who has had success in both TV and films. She has decided that teaming up with a hot actor on more than one project would be a way to emulate the success of JenniBrad. She sees herself as the love interest to the actor in two scripts she has been considering. She has put feelers out to several hot young actors, but has not been getting the kind of response she expected. One puzzled young actor asked, "Is she going to play my mom in these films?" Ouch. Jennifer Aniston; Katherine Heigl

367. BLIND GOSSIP 11/30 **#2**
We couldn’t figure out why this singer was so mad! He knew it was a fake relationship. His girlfriend knew it was a fake relationship. Her new boyfriend is a friend of both of them and knew it was a fake relationship. So why was he acting all cranky towards both her and her new boyfriend? Well, we found out why! It turns out that she messed with the timing of their "breakup"! While they didn’t have a formal contract, their relationship was supposed to go through the end of the year. That included his tour and the holidays. However, the more famous celebrity was suddenly looking for a new girlfriend. Knowing that she had to act fast before another girl jumped in there, she ditched the singer early and latched on to the other celeb in record time! That’s why their "breakup" was so sudden. And that’s why our singer is now so mad at both of them. She violated their verbal agreement. And her new boyfriend violated his "bro code." You mad, Bro? Oh, yes! Joe Jonas/Gigi Hadid/Zayn Malik

368. BLIND GOSSIP 11/30 **#3**
This pretty actress is only in her twenties, but she already knows how the fame game is played! Although she is very busy working, she would like to score a faux romance for the New Year. Her people have been making inquiries about eligible male celebrities who might need a "girlfriend." Her qualifications? Young (definitely under 40), cute, masculine in appearance, bigger than her (which isn’t hard because she can’t weigh more than 120 pounds soaking wet), discreet, and willing to do a formal appearance contract (as opposed to just winging it for an indeterminate amount of time). No musicians need apply (Sorry, Justin Bieber and Joe Jonas!). She would prefer another actor – as it would be easy for them to promote each other’s projects – but we hear that there is a famous professional athlete who is very interested. Guess this means that he will be jumping straight from one relationship into another?

Athlete: Tim Tebow

369. BLIND GOSSIP 11/30 **#4**
There are many actors who would love to snare the lead in the next chapter of this iconic masculine franchise. While some are publicly expressing their interest in the role and showing off their bodies to demonstrate their preparedness to take on the action role, others are being more… covert. In fact, one well-known comedic actor has been going behind his agent’s back and has been sending half-naked photos of himself directly to the (presumed) producers! A person who saw the pics said: "I let out a little gasp when I opened up the pics in the email. It was just so weird. It was like he was trying to seduce some girl by sending half-naked selfies of himself to her. I do have to say, though, that although I don’t normally think of him as being sexy, his physique was more impressive than I expected!" Somebody get that man an audition!

Comedic actor:
Franchise: "James Bond"

Not only is this rapper not rack’in anymore, he clearly refuses to recognize the kurse of keeping up with that diabolical dynasty. It’s a sinister situation our blind item was warned about by his (now former) friends. I’m talking about the set of music industry friends that held Mr. Hub City down after dude went bust over the drastic low number of sales connected to his non-gold dynasty album. "They were supporting him financially. They also gave him access to their cars in order for him to keep the image going." We’re told that’s how our blind item gained the funding to flee from Calabasas, throw deuces up at dat doll, and set up shop in the Hollywood Hills. Guess what? It’s looking like it’s now all downhill for this dude. Know why? Because not only did dude disregard his financially-supportive friends’ advice by taking it back to keeping up with the wretched again … sources say he told ’em, "fuck off!" Now, they’re bout to air him out!!! He recently pledged his obedience to dat devious dynasty by apologizing to Drake for diss’in. Know why? Because they told him to! Just ask Kanye ‘New Slave’ West. Tyga

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