NOTE: Guesses in italics are only guesses;
guesses in RED are a link to the solution or substantial clues.

This B+ list celebrity who saw her last relationship go up in flames publicly in a big way, has moved on to an A- list celebrity who is A+ list in his chosen profession. She is going to be waiting a long time for anything more than a kiss from the guy. No, not celibate. Just in the closet.
Khloé Kardashian/James Harden (plays for the Houston Rockets)

What this A list mostly movie actor needs right now is his actress significant other to be sober. She isn’t. She likes to pretend she is and that she is sober and supportive but she is just as out of control as he is. Johnny Depp/Amber Heard

She might be married to an A list athlete, but it doesn’t mean this B list actress is not always exploring her options and she explored one this past weekend. Gabrielle Union/Dwayne Wade

This B+ list mostly movie actor is married to a B+ list mostly movie actress from an acting family. She has always put up with his cheating but they were mostly one night stands or set hookups. He has someone serious now and look for their split announcement very soon. Maggie Gyllenhaal/Peter Sarsgaard

I hope she names names publicly, but if she won’t, then I will because it just is not right. This A- list almost television actress says she was harassed multiple times the other night about her sexuality. The one person she recognized is this B+ list rapper who has his own sexuality issues which he hides behind while pretending to date celebrities and A list reality stars.
Television actress: Laverne Cox
B+ list rapper: French Montana
Event: BET Awards

Even though she is not married and is not wealthy, this former Bachelorette who is trying to stay relevant after losing her last in front of the camera job, is begging everyone to get her on RHBH for next season. She is hanging on to her 15 minutes by the tips of her manicured fingernails right now. Ali Fedotowsky (not returning to E! News)

This Scandal actor who has been in some other hit shows is arguing with producers because his wife wants to do a reality show. The producers really don’t want it. I would say if his wife put her foot down, he would leave the show. Scott Foley/Marika Dominczyk

This A list mostly movie actress is going to be ticked off when she finds out her A list celebrity husband is doing drugs again, He convinced her a year ago that one of his employees was doing it when she suspected her husband. He is getting more reckless about it now though and won’t be able to throw someone else under the bus. Nicole Kidman/Keith Urban

This former A list mostly television actor from a hit cable show that just ended has walked out on his significant other because she keeps talking about having kids and our actor does not want any. Apparently he has been stringing her along for years that they would. Jon Hamm/Jennifer Westfeldt

10. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 07/01 **#10**
This former B+ list mostly television actress from a recently ended network show might not be having sex with her husband but it has not stopped her from hooking up with her boyfriend. Naya Rivera "Glee"

11. BRAPPP 07/01
I’m hearing the producers of this upcoming blockbuster are close to recasting one of their key roles in future installments. "They’re not happy with the way it’s turned out," says one insider. "She’s not charismatic enough to be a movie star and she’s not talented enough to be an actor. She’s just lost between a movie star and the rest of the actors here." They weren’t saying that during filming, I’m told by a different insider who is in the publicity game. It’s only since they received reviews from impartial parties their tune has changed and they’ve considered prematurely terminating the actress from her lucrative contract. Emilia Clarke "Terminator Genisys"

12. WINE & SASS 07/01
Hey there! Happy Wednesday! So the big news in Celebritiesville is the 'you heard it here first' divorce announcement of Jennifer Garner and Ben Affleck. Then right behind that announcement came the news that odd-couple Jennifer Lawrence and Chris Martin have also ended Gwyneth Paltrow's nervous breakdown. So if there's a blind you think we wrote about them? We did. Some tea on these couples in a semi-blind kind of way....
**One of these couples has a lot of dirt on one another and are extremely image conscious. One of the parties has a major ax to grind and has no problem spilling all the tea. The problem is that turnabout is fair play and the other one will do the same in kind. It's going to be a delicious bloodbath. Ben Affleck/Jennifer Garner
**The other couple is an instance of three is a crowd although one fell very hard, very fast and has a lot of hurt feelings causing them to spin-out a bit when they're known for their level headedness. The third party in this relationship has no problem exploiting it, either. Gwyneth Paltrow/Chris Martin/(third party) Jennifer Lawrence

Two TV worlds are threatening to collide this fall and you may want to start bracing for impact. According to multiple sources, execs at a major network (of the broadcast or cable variety) are toying with the idea of staging a crossover event between two of its drama series. And here’s the catch: The shows in question share wildly different DNA. In other words, a Chicago Fire/Law & Order: SVU two-parter this most definitely is not. I hear The Powers That Be feel the possible benefits (namely, increased buzz leading to higher ratings for both shows) would justify the creative cartwheels the EPs of the respective programs would have to perform in order to pull off such a stunt (and have it make sense). But I’m told the gambit is still far from a fait accompli, hence the reason this item is blind. Rest assured, if and when this becomes a done deal, you guys will be the first to know. "Bones" and "Sleepy Hollow"

14. POPBITCH 07/02
Which Brit actor (currently starring in one of the BBC's acclaimed drama series) liked the make-up artist who spruced him up for a Channel 4 appearance so much that he went home with her in a cab after the show? A cab that was paid for by the Channel 4 production team who'd booked him. A cab which he left running on the meter outside, while he did the deed.

This American Idol finalist/winner sure does have a lot of issues with her boyfriends cheating on her. Her latest celebrity boyfriend is doing the same thing her last celebrity boyfriend did. Cheating on her with whoever crosses their path. Jordin Sparks (Jason DeRulo)/Sage The Gemini

This always goody goody pop singer turned actress turned not doing much of anything lately with A list name recognition, is hooking up with a married guy. I would never think of her as the home wrecker type, especially after the things she has said, but she is. Mandy Moore; Hilary Duff

"Unless I’m getting paid for it, I don’t take photos with fans or sign anything." This A list reality star who has a big side job from an A list cable reality show. Is anyone nice in this family. Kendall Jenner (modeling)/"Keeping Up With the Kardashians"

This A- list comic/former actress/former reality star/former host complained for the first 30 minutes the other night about where she was seated at dinner. Apparently she could not be seen where she was seated so she kept getting up to take walks through the restaurant.  Kathy Griffin
 (Craig's restaurant)

This A list mostly movie actor who has been in a bunch of the biggest movies of all time and has a record that probably will not be broken for some time, has lung cancer from years of smoking. Samuel L. Jackson (the world’s highest grossing actor and his movies have made over $8.5 billion dollars worldwide)

The tabloids will spend years trying to find a new match for this former A list television actress turned A list mostly movie actress once she finally breaks the news that she has split with her actor boyfriend of several years. Too many women on set have been hooking up with him. The only thing holding her back is that she knows the tabloids will be everywhere. Jennifer Aniston/Justin Theroux

Do you think this Pretty Little Liars actress knows that her boyfriend used to hook up with her co-star. Oh, or that he still calls her wanting to hook up. Lucy Hale/Anthony Kalabretta

This little fling almost destroyed two marriages. B+ list mostly television actor who had a run on one of the best shows on television. He is married but had a fling with this A- list mostly movie actress who also directs. Her husband forgave her and his wife never found out.
Actor: Christopher Meloni/Sherman Williams
Show: "Law & Order: Special Victims Unit"
Actress: Elizabeth Banks/Max Handelman
Currently filming: "Wet Hot American Summer: First Day of Camp"

#1 – This foreign born A list comic who is also a B list mostly movie actor has an STD that he has been spreading on a daily basis to each of the women he has sex with. Russell Brand

#2 – This USA actor on a show that has been on for more than one season was kicked off the studio lot for waving a gun around. The guy was whacked out on something. I guess they will find a way to kill off his character, but he is one of the stars.

#3 – Speaking of bad behavior on sets, this B+ list mostly television actress/celebrity offspring has been hooking up with her drug dealer on set ever since she split from her long time boyfriend. Emma Roberts ("Scream Queens")/Evan Peters

24. BLIND GOSSIP 07/02
Which female media darling’s handlers had to scramble to keep her from being embarrassed by a half-empty room? The recent event was announced at one venue, but organizers started panicking when they failed to sell out even half the seats. Their choices were to try to block off half the venue, offer the seats for free, or move to a smaller venue. If they had done the first or second, the press would have had a field day mocking their client’s popularity. So, they quickly scrambled to move the event to a different venue with a seating capacity that was less than half of the original! Perhaps having millions of online followers doesn’t necessarily mean that people are actually willing to pay to see her? BONUS CLUE: She is on TV, but she is not an actress. Kim Kardashian (interview in the Commonwealth Club’s "Inforum" series)

25. BRAPPP 07/02
A weird blind today, but I’m trying to be clinical, so I don’t come across as a softcore porn writer: I’m told by a source that this A-list actress has a "hunger" – let’s say – for anal sex more so than regular sex and partakes in it more than she does vaginal. "Something about the simulation," the source tells me, who shared drinks with the actress (and several others) once. "She even admitted that’s mostly where she masturbates!" Jennifer Lawrence

The girlfriend of this closeted A+ list mostly movie actress moved out of the home of our actress. This is very bad timing because of the damage she could cause right now if she runs to a tabloid. Sandra Bullock (opening of "Minions")

Uh oh. This former almost A- list mostly movie actress who thankfully does not act much longer, has lost her meal ticket at least for the time being. The married boyfriend has cut her off financially so our actress is trying to hustle to make ends meet. That means there will be a lot of one night stands which also means more partying and a bigger chance for a collapse. Lindsay Lohan

This mostly movie actor is A- list. To me he is A list, but in reality is probably A-. That will soon change and he will probably be almost A+ list and a dual threat. Apparently he is going to do it as a single guy or at least that is what he was telling the woman at a hotel bar two nights ago. Guess that very long marriage is history or he is cheating. Paul Rudd "Ant-Man" (starring in and wrote the screenplay)

Not only is this B- list dual threat actress dating this permanent A list mostly movie actor but apparently she was also the other woman in his last relationship and was the main reason he split with his girlfriend.

This B+ list singer who is sometimes A list and also sometimes moonlights on reality shows has a significant other. She says it. No one believes her. Not in the sense she wants us to believe it. It is really hard to believe when her supposed significant other does not even share the same house and seems to also have two or three women he rotates taking to the house. Christina Milian/Lil Wayne

This model sounds like she had the most boring weekend ever with an A+ list mostly movie actor. She got to make a brief appearance at a party with our actor but the rest of the time he ignored her. She spent a lot of time in her hotel room and once managed to get him to go to a farmer’s market where he publicly ignored her. He does like the arm candy for public events though. Leonardo DiCaprio/Tobey Maguire’s birthday party in Montana

This permanent B list mostly movie actress is headed back to her television roots. My guess is she gets fired within the first few weeks on the job. There is no way with her drinking that she can keep to a television schedule for work.
Marisa Tomei (started on "A Different World")  "Empire"

This former A list singer/part-time reality star is not only working the yacht circuit herself this summer, but she is back to her old job and has four other women she is handling bookings for. Nicole Scherzinger

This B- list mostly television actress with A list name recognition has not done much since her long running hit show went off the air several years ago. She recently landed a movie role and called in sick after two days of shooting to go on vacation with her boyfriend. Eva Longoria (filming "Low Riders") (vacationing in Spain)

35. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 07/03 **#10**
A possible reason for this A list reality star to still be in a relationship is that her significant other says that the A lister is pregnant. Again? Really? Kourtney Kardashian/Scott Disick

36. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 07/03 **#11**
She wants you to believe one thing, but she is 180 degrees the polar opposite. She has always gone for the hey, "I might not wear very many clothes when I perform and my breasts are not real, but deep down, I am innocent" look. It is the story she contrived from her very first single. Her image is tightly controlled and even interviews with her are micro managed far more than other artists of her stature. It is very rare she will ever agree to an interview that has not been planned out for weeks in advance. One thing that would never come up because so few people suspect it is her drug use. When you think of singers and musicians you think of drugs, but she is quite possibly the biggest of all time. Yes, even more than Keith Richards. Ever since she hit it big she has been spending money like crazy on coke. Before getting famous she dabbled in coke but she did not pay for it in cash. Nope, she paid for it with her body. It is also how she made ends meet when she was struggling. Somehow that fails to make it into her official biography. It is not like she did that every day. It was a need to buy groceries or pay rent thing. Don’t even get me started on the record executives and managers she landed because of sex. This is a drug story. A drug story that has seen one A list ex have to go to rehab and almost killed him. He feigned a different ailment, but it was the drugs that almost killed him. Another ex said it was like a blizzard of snow and he couldn’t stay with someone who was that into partying and drugs. She has never missed a show because of drugs, but then again she does not have any shows during the day when she is trying to sleep. Also, during her numerous costume changes she often finds the time to do coke. You can always tell when she is trying to quit. She disappears from the map for several days and when she emerges she is always minus makeup and minus any kind of smile and looks like someone who has not slept for a week.
Singer: Katy Perry
A list ex: John Mayer
Ex Blizzard of snow: Russell Brand

37. BLIND GOSSIP 07/03
This wealthy guy is probably so dazzled by the beauty and fame of his new celebrity girlfriend that he does not even realize what’s about to happen to him! Years ago, she started dating a famous actor. They dated for a long time, but he would not propose. Then she got pregnant. A couple months later they were married. She learned from that experience that a pregnancy is a great way to get a man to commit to you. They were only married for a year before she started looking to trade up to to someone wealthier. It didn’t matter if they were ten years younger or twenty years older, a nice guy or a complete jerk, as long as they were worth at least $100M. Just a few months after dating one of them, she told him that she was pregnant. She moved into his house. She managed to score some pretty lush digs and toys while she was there, although she was never able to procure that big prize: a baby that would anchor her to the gazillionaire for life. It turns out that there was no baby, she was unable to get pregnant by him, and he never did propose to her. Not to be deterred, she has moved on to a new target. Someone needs to tell her new beau about her modus operandi… because we hear that she is ready to pull the same stunt with him. She wants that anchor baby badly!
Woman: Miranda Kerr

New target: billionaire Snapchat founder Evan Spiegel

Ex-husband: Orlando Bloom
Someone wealthier: James Packer
Other men: Leonardo DiCaprio, Justin Bieber

38. BRAPPP 07/03
"Karma’s a bitch," was the simple reaction of this C-list actor when he heard the news of this A-list couple breaking-up. Scott Foley, Jennifer Garner’s ex-husband or Michael Vartan

Disney executives are ticked off that the underage female star of one of their highest rated shows is in trouble again. She let herself be recorded getting drunk at a party yesterday. This comes almost a year after she was warned about her behavior when she had some photos leak. Dove Cameron/"Liv and Maddie" (she’s 19 and underage to drink...was at a party at Jennette McCurdy’s)

This former A list singer might not even be 30 yet but it has not stopped her from hitting the botox hard the past few months. That and a few other procedures combined with her need to have everyone notice her with her hair color has everyone worried about her. This is not just about getting older. Kesha

This B list mostly television actress from a very hit cable show that has a little bit of a cast shakeup for next season is hooking up with this older B- list mostly television actress who just ended a decade+ long run on a hit network show. Sarah Paulson ("American Horror Story")/Holland Taylor ("Two and a Half Men")

This foreign born A- list mostly movie actor who is one of the stars of that car franchise cheated on his latest boyfriend with his rich ex. The boyfriend was crushed because our actor had been talking about marriage. Luke Evans "Fast & Furious 6"

This B+ list mostly movie actress who seems to only work in that long running movie franchise was wasted out of her mind last week and tried to drive. No one could get her keys from her. Luckily for everyone she totaled her car before she could even manage to leave her driveway. Michelle Rodriguez

This celebrity offspring who is only famous because of his equally horrid celebrity offspring siblings is supposed to be sober but this past week in Vegas he was wasted and groping any woman who came in his direction. Conrad Hilton

KINDNESS: This A- list rapper/part-time actor who is an Academy Award winner/nominee quietly divided $1M among four separate children’s hospitals he visited over the past year. Each of them had lost the sponsorship of a large oil company who had been cutting back on charitable giving. Common (Academy Award for Best Achievement in Music Written for Motion Pictures, Original Song)

This foreign born B- list model who seems to make her living by hooking up with men all over the world for money while showing it all on Instagram and Twitter with a name that sounds like a pornstar, was in Greece this past week. Oblivious to everything that is going on there, the model went ballistic on some hotel staff because they were not moving at a speed to her liking when she asked for a fresh towel and drink. Shanina Shaik

This former lead singer of a manufactured group had a big gig this past weekend. Huge. National. She managed to get it together for the live show, but for the rehearsal she was stoned and slurring. Nicole Scherzinger "A Capitol Fourth 2015 Independence Day Concert"

This female A list rapper wants you to support her while a family member battles a serious illness, but has no problems trashing another family who recently faced the same thing.
Nicki Minaj

This B list former franchise actor who has swung and miss a few times now as a lead on his own, is still in the closet but was not exactly being shy with his long term boyfriend by his side this past weekend. Taylor Lautner/Wireless Festival 2015

After a rough night of partying, the girlfriend of this B list singer/hopeful one hit wonder/tool cheated on her in the few hours he was free from her on a morning last week.
Robin Thicke/April Geary  (he performed on "Today")

This celebrity offspring of a former A list mostly television actor from two very big hit shows, says she once went blind for two days after she got into her dad’s still and drank some of the product before it was ready. David Hasselhoff ("Knight Rider") ("Baywatch")

52. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 07/06 **#10**
This former A list Disney tweener turned A- list singer was telling this story this past week. Apparently two weeks ago he was sitting in his car having phone sex. He would not say whether it was a male or female. Anyway, he is taking care of business in a parking garage and there is a tap on the window. The tweener thinks he is going to get busted but it is a woman in her 30’s who had followed him to his car and just wanted an autograph. She never said anything about what the tweener was doing. Nick Jonas

53. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 07/06 **#11**
It is not always easy being the beard for an A list mostly movie actor. He might even be A+ list but I would like to see him branch out. When he does branch out he is not as successful. Anyway, one thing that makes their marriage easier is that she also enjoys people of the same sex. While at home she never indulges. Ever. She knows if she is caught, it will also break down his entire wall and everything that comes with it. When they travel on vacation though or she takes one of her many solo trips outside the country she indulges. A lot. If you thought Thailand was just for pervy old guys trying to relive their youth at $100 an hour, then you need to meet this woman. She has someone set up everything in advance and it is a parade of women that come through her permanent hotel suite she convinced her husband to buy in Phuket. Apparently she is very demanding and very picky. When she travels on vacation with her husband far from any possible prying eyes of paps, she always has set up something in advance to sample the local talent. She might be getting a little careless though. She used to take trips once or twice a year and now she takes a trip almost every month. Debora Lee Furness/Hugh Jackman

54. BLIND GOSSIP 07/06 **#1**
There are three very good actors who are involved in a weird love triangle that is part publicity stunt and part real. Our actor is older and already famous. Our first actress is younger and is starting to get a lot of attention and score some choice roles. In fact, she just landed another big role recently. A very big producer wants to turn our young actress into the next It Girl. He put our actor and actress together as a faux couple, because he thinks that her image will get a boost from people believing that a famous leading man is in love with her. The producer began pushing them into PDA photo ops and introducing them as a real-life couple late last year. There are a couple of problems, though. First of all, our actress is NOT happy about being in this fake relationship! The actor is too old for her, and their personalities don’t mesh well together when they are off-screen. She appreciates the publicity, but she really doesn’t want to be tied to him professionally or personally. She wants to date someone younger and hotter. However, she knows how powerful and influential the producer is, so she is playing along for now. The second problem is that our actor is actually in love… with another actress! The second actress is also famous, is well-established, and is much more age-appropriate. They have been seeing each other on the sly but are finding it increasingly difficult to stay out of the spotlight as a couple. Recently, our first/younger actress balked at signing on for another job with our actor. Guess who will be taking her place in that project? That’s right! The second/older actress! The producer is annoyed that his faux couple is falling apart. Will he be able to convince them to stay together? Or will he let them break up and announce that the actor is now in love with his new leading lady, the second/older actress? What will happen to It Girl? Stay tuned!
Producer: Harvey Weinstein
Actor: Michael Fassbender
First/Younger Actress: Alicia Vikander
Second/Older Actress: Ariane Labed
Movie: "Assanin's Creed"

55. BLIND GOSSIP 07/06 **#2**
There are quite a few celebrities out there who like to lie about themselves, but this professional athlete really takes the cake! You cannot believe a single word that comes out of his mouth when it comes to his personal life. Whenever he says something, know that it is exactly the opposite of whatever is really going on. He thinks that people are really buying into his whole holier-than-thou act that he and his new girl are throwing out there. Are you? Pass the cake, please! Russell Wilson/Ciara (vow of abstinence)

56. BRAPPP 07/06
This A-list couple want you to think they’ve broken up, but they haven’t. Her PR team is putting out rumours that she’s left him and moved (or back), but that simply isn’t the case – he’s having an affairs again and her team is doing damage control. Kourtney Kardashian/ Scott Disick or Jennifer Lawrence/Chris Martin

57. ALLIE IS WIRED 07/06
This Hollywood power couple has been on the brink of divorce while putting up a happy front for the cameras. In what may be a last-ditch effort, they’re reportedly employing a classic save-the-marriage move and planning for a baby. This is often one of the worst things a couple can do to keep their marriage together. Whether it works for these two remains to be seen. Ellen DeGeneres/Portia De Rossi

There were a lot of women. Oklahoma was a few years ago. But Oklahoma was certainly not the one who was the most recent, although the most recent, professional turned personal, that I know of at least, is also not that recognizable, for now. She’s waiting for her moment. Still, these affairs were not the biggest problem. The biggest problem is one he developed on the set of his most recent project. It started with pills and an injury a few years ago. Somehow he was able to function through that. Recently though he was shooting on location. He was a mess. He would go missing overnight. Not the prescription pills now but a hard drug. A very dangerous one. Not the party kind but the kind that brings you down, often alone, to escape. One that not too long ago took the life of a major, major talent. So it’s not the lovers that made him unsuitable for home. This is why she didn’t trust him at home. This is why she had to shake him up. But it’s not like he can get help openly. Not now, when so much is riding on him, with so much coming up. And that’s always been how Hollywood works. Your health is not the priority when there’s a multi-million dollar marketing strategy in place and so many stories to tell. So, sure, he has a support system, a lot of people out there looking out for him. But… is that the right objective?
Actor: Ben Affleck
Wife: Jennifer Garner
Filming "Suicide Watch" in Toronto
Philip Seymour Hoffman (heroin overdose)

This secret relationship that has teased the internet for quite some time could be over. This closeted A-/B+ list mostly movie actress discovered her lover has been selling stories to the tabloids and also locations where the notoriously private actress will be. Of course the lover will be right there too making sure the cameras get them together. Kristen Stewart/Alicia Cargile

The family of this A list athlete have stopped talking to him because he is trying to hide that he is gay. They have no issues with him being gay, but won’t go along with his lies any longer. Aaron Rodgers or Russell Wilson

This former B list mostly television actress from a long running network show that has ended and still has A list name recognition was out of town and ran into her kind of celebrity ex who was with his model girlfriend. The exes had some words and then the model jumped in and started in on the actress because she heard from the ex’s siblings that the actress was trying to get close to the siblings and was the only reason she dated the ex. Got it?

This A+ list mostly movie actress "looked like a zombie" on a recent flight. She didn’t move or speak during the 9 plus hours of the trip. No eating, no going to the bathroom. Just sat there motionless. When it was time to leave, someone tapped her on the shoulder and she got up. Angelina Jolie

The creepy award of the day goes to this B list mostly movie actress who would be nothing without her franchise who hung out backstage at a fashion show this week and just stared while the models dressed and undressed. Michelle Rodriquez/"Fast & Furious" (Versace: Paris' fall-winter 2015-16 haute couture week)

This openly gay A+ list designer recently had to pay almost $1M to settle with the family of a 16 year old boy he was having a relationship with. Even though the designer is a million years older, the age difference was not the issue. They sued because of the lifelong STD the teen acquired through the relationship. Karl Lagerfeld; Calvin Klein

This American gold medal gymnastics winner who has also done some reality television has a serious boyfriend. Maybe she should stop cheating on him, especially now with what is going on. Nastia Lukin (2008 Olympic individual all-around champion) ( 20th season of "Dancing with the Stars")/recent engagement to Matt Lombardi)

This A list DJ who also moonlights as part of a kind of musical group which is A list in the dance world, split with her significant other. She filmed herself burning all of the possessions he had left at her place and then sent him and everyone on her personal e-mail list the video. Hey, at least she put some good music to it for him to listen to while he watched. Leigh Lezark/"The Misshapes"

This former full-time talk show host turned part-time talk show/red carpet host kept a huge news story to herself in exchange for a bit part in a movie with a salary that was about ten times what she should have earned. Maria Menounos "Entourage"

68. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 07/07 **#10**
This Housewife is supposedly sober but people who have seen her say she is worse than she has ever been. Kim Richards "Real Housewives of Beverly Hills" (and then shortly after this she had the huge public relapse)

69. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 07/07 **#11**
#1- This former reality star turned celebrity turned reality star before they got rid of her for good is selling a new line but refuses to wear it except for the promo photos. Nice. NeNe Leakes "Real Housewives of Atlanta"

#2 – The wife of this former A+ list mostly movie actor is about to sue this former reality star turned celebrity turned reality star who has A+ list name recognition. Apparently the reality star stole a bunch of designs from the wife. The wife is not happy.
Jennifer Meyer (Tobey Maguire)
Nicole Richie

#3 – I thought he always said she was toxic, but this permanent A list singer hooked up with his celebrity ex about a month before he got married. Justin Timberlake/Britney Spears

70. BLIND GOSSIP 07/07
This TV star is claiming that she quit her job. Nope. She got fired! Producers will put up with a lot of problems (alcohol, drugs, family drama, bad relationships, legal problems, etc.). In fact, in her case, those sorts of allegations actually helped to keep her profile high! But she did the one thing that you can’t get away with. You can show up looking and acting a mess… but you MUST show up! She didn’t show up for work, which violated her contract, and now she’s out. She’s only lying about it to save face. Unfortunately, that’s about the only thing she’s saved. The girl is broke. Brandi Glanville "Real Housewives of Beverly Hills"

71. WINE & SASS 07/07
This A+ Lister is going through a divorce that will probably end up messy. He was caught having an affair with this B+ List actress years ago, and he fell very much in love with her and never got over going back to his wife to win an Oscar instead of following his heart. She's been obsessed with him ever since, and even got married to make him jealous. She basically methodically plans her entire life around making him jealous. There are thousands of blind items all over the internet about what a closet nutter she is, even though she looks perfect to the outside world. Her husband, another A-list actor, knows this is the case and keeps her on a short leash after discovering some incriminating texts between the former affair monsters. Now that the A+ Lister is available, the B+ Lister is in 'snag him before someone else does' overdrive. Her husband is on a promotional tour at the moment for a big project, and she is more than willing to put herself in the right place at the right time. She talks about what a perfect blended family they will be when they can finally be together. The Brady Bunch delusion is strong in this one. What does the A+ Lister think? He's all for it. He loves her, and he'd call her right now if he wasn't scared of a huge scandal on top of a scandal. The only thing he loves more than her are his political aspirations that are now in jeopardy. But he's not above a well-placed phone call to her current husband in order to move things along. Expect to hear another divorce announcement in the next year.
A+ lister: Ben Affleck
Wife: Jennifer Garner
B+ list actress: Blake Lively
Movie: "The Town"
Husband A- actor: Ryan Reynolds

72. BRAPPP 07/07
This up and coming starlet is garnering quite a horrible reputation already. She’s only 17 and is already being referred to as a slut. Bella Thorne

OLD HOLLYWOOD: It’s not unusual for actors to take liberties with their autobiographies. They of course want to look their best and while they will often reveal secrets about others, they are always hesitant to reveal secrets about themselves. Or be honest with themselves. Take for instance this actor. He has been as high as A+ list when he was starring regularly on television. I dare say that he still enjoys A list name recognition despite not doing much since that television show went off the air several decades ago. He did do a little something to make another generation familiar with him and it is not like his name ever is long out of the tabloids. In the book he wrote he talks about all of the women in his life. There were some, but there were also a fair share of men. Somehow, the book fails to mention the men and one man in particular. When our actor was just starting out he happened to be introduced to this actor with a great name who was a multiple Academy Award winner/nominee. Lets call him WC. Our young actor was trying to make it big in movies but had only been able to land a few minor roles. One of those minor roles was in a movie with WC. The next thing you know our young actor has moved in with WC. For two years our young actor was the plaything of WC who got him a good lead role in a movie and then the movie that would make our young actor a star which just also happened to once again feature WC. That movie was going to be huge. There was going to be lots of press. Lots of press meant that relationships would have to be formed. Everyone of course was in the closet. WC said he would be single. Our young actor was not given the choice and he was paired up with the lead actress who was coming off a divorce and needed a good love story for her career. At twice the age of our young actor, she thought it made her look good and she definitely had a big enough name to make our young actor look good too. Of course at the end of most days he was still going home with WC and would only spend time with the actress when the press could be arranged to be at a restaurant or some such thing to get the loving couple captured on film. By the time the movie wrapped our actress was already involved with other men, but our young actor insists to this day that the relationship was long and torrid. Not what she said. He just had a gap where he was not with any woman and didn’t want too many people asking questions about his love life or WC.

Actor: Robert Wagner
TV: "It Takes a Thief" (1968 - 1970); "Switch" (1975–1978); "Hart to Hart" (1979–1984); currently Anthony DiNozzo’s father Anthony DiNozzo Sr. on "NCIS"
Another generation: "Austin Powers" movies
Tabloids: Death of his wife Natalie Wood
New book: "You Must Remember This: Life and Style in Hollywood's Golden Age"
WC: Clifton Webb
First movie: "Stars and Stripes Forever"
Huge movie: "Titanic"
Co-star: Barbara Stanwyck (he was 22, she was 45)

74. MR. X 07/08 **#1**
OLD HOLLYWOOD: This actress was A-list for only a short period of time, then as soon as her popularity started to wane she left Hollywood for good. Partly because she got married, partly because the talkies were causing her endless stress, partly because of something else she was unaware of. Our star didn’t know that from birth she suffered from a mild form of epilepsy, which was only discovered after she passed away. They didn’t have accessible medication for epilepsy in those days, so she coped with alcohol to control her erratic behavior. Eventually, she had several nervous breakdowns and the first of several heart attacks due to these seizures and was briefly confined to a mental hospital after several suicide attempts. Very sad. Clara Bow

75. MR. X 07/08 **#2**
OLD HOLLYWOOD: When I first heard about this couple from someone who worked in Hollywood during the golden era I was at first dumbfounded but then it made sense considering who is involved. The man was a mogul whose name and creations you see everywhere on any given day. The lady was an A-list actress and Oscar winner. Both were married when they first met in the mid 1930s and started their decades long affair. She privately told friends that he was the father she never had. He told friends that she was terrific in bed and made up for the lack of sex he was getting in his marriage after his wife had bore children. His mistress was present at the premiere of his first big feature film triumph and avoided his wife who was sitting beside her husband the whole night. Did I mention that he wanted her to star in one of his films, which was originally planned to be a live action-animated spectacle. But then a strike with the animators’ union ended that idea until he brought it out of mothballs several years without his mistress starring. They still continued their affair and were seeing each other on a regular basis right up until his death. She was to reveal the affair in her autobiography but she feared a lawsuit by his kids and didn’t want to tarnish his company’s wholesome public image.
Mogul: Walt Disney

First Big Triumph: "Snow White"
Actress: Ginger Rogers (won an Oscar for "Kitty Foyle")
Movie: "Alice In Wonderland" in 1951

76. MR. X 07/08 **#3**
OLD HOLLYWOOD: What multiple Tony winning entertainer who also dabbled in films was also a closeted lesbian for much for her life? Her relationships with two A-list actresses were somewhat of an open secret in Hollywood. As for her longtime husband and father of her son, yes he was a closet case too. That son became famous in his own right and he took the secret that both his parents were gay to the grave.
Actress: Mary Martin

Husband: Richard Halliday
Son: Larry Hagman
Actresses: Janet Gaynor and Jean Arthur

77. MR. X 07/08 **#4**
OLD HOLLYWOOD: What leading lady turned character actress and Oscar winner/nominee accidentally revealed on a talk show that she fabricated most of her autobiography? Maybe it was the influence of alcohol but in the realm of promoting a ghostwritten memoir, she committed a major no-no.
Shelley Winters

78. MR. X 07/08 **#5**
OLD HOLLYWOOD: What foreign born A-list actor was such a perv that he installed two way mirrors in his home, so he could watch house guests have sex anywhere and at any time? The mirrors were discovered several decades after he lived in the home, before it was demolished. Errol Flynn

79. MR. X 07/08 **#6**
OLD HOLLYWOOD: Which former almost A-list actress had fallen so far down the rung of Hollywood to a B/C-list level that she accepted, in between gigs in Vegas and roles in sexploitation flicks, that for some extra cash she slept with rich businessmen in Europe under the guise of a "nightclub tour"? Jayne Mansfield

80. MR. X 07/08 **#7**
OLD HOLLYWOOD: What A-list actress and sex symbol was pimped out by her father when she was still very much underage? After they would perform at a nightclub, some of them on the US-Mexico border, father would bring daughter backstage where she would orally service much older men. One gave her the gift that keeps on giving and she wound up in the hospital after taking some possibly illegal medication. When she was starting out in Hollywood and had to use the casting couch to get a role, she started drinking to numb the flashbacks. Rita Hayworth

81. MR. X 07/08 **#8**
BACK IN THE DAY: What multiple Grammy winning songwriter and performer once filled in for an ailing singer on a duet which she and her husband wrote? It’s a song that has been heard countless times in movies, TV shows and commercials and has been remade several times. The record label was so impressed with the charade that when they found out the ailing singer wasn’t getting any better, they had her fill in again for the singer… for an entire album of duets. Valerie Simpson (of Ashford and Simpson)/Tammi Terrell (died of brain cancer)/Song: "You’re All I Need to Get By" with Marvin Gaye

82. MR. X 07/08 **#9**
OLD HOLLYWOOD: She was only A-list for a short period of time, but as soon as this actress and sex symbol’s popularity waned she fled from the spotlight and was seemingly missing in action for several decades. That is until a reporter in NYC was tipped off that she was working as a bartender in a gay club in Greenwich Village for minimum wage. Turns out she was going by her actual name and the club owners had no idea that they had a former celebrity in their employ. When the reporters ventured down to the club they saw her and she was completely unrecognizable: she had gained a tremendous amount of weight, had yellowed teeth from smoking cigarettes and was wearing her hair in a librarian style bun. They couldn’t believe that this was the same person, but it was. Veronica Lake

83. BRAPPP 07/08
I have to be ambiguous here, but this former A-list entity is NOT renewing his contract for his show. It’s a mutual decision, although there’s been a lot of wavering and quivering between the A-lister and the company that pays him. Howard Stern "Sirius"

84. BLIND GOSSIP 07/08 **#1**
It’s bad enough when a celebrity does one dumb thing. When they do three dumb things in less than a minute, though, it sends their PR team into hyperdrive! You can probably figure out the first two dumb things this female pop star did. The third is publicly dating a non-celebrity. For someone her age and rising stature, that’s a no no. Justin Bieber can screw no-names and impregnate backup dancers behind the scenes… but he makes sure that his public girlfriends are celebrities. This pop star’s team is still sifting through damage control strategies, but you should expect to see something today to counter the negative publicity she has brought upon herself. As of yesterday, they were still debating the merits of a downplaying (denial or "She was just fooling around") versus a full admission and apology and "moving on." Either way, there will certainly be a few star-spangled outfits and a new celebrity beau in her future!
Celebrity: Ariana Grande
Dumb thing #1: licking donuts
Dumb thing #2: "What the f*&k is that? I hate Americans. I hate America"
Backup dancer boyfriend: Ricky Alvarez
Full admission and apology

85. BLIND GOSSIP 07/08 **#2**
This comics-related film has not yet been released, but it will likely be a big hit. It will also probably make this actress who stars in it famous. On the cusp of this impending fame, producers are actively looking for ways to push our actress into the spotlight. Hooking her up with one of her male costars would be a tried and true tactic. And, in this case, they wouldn’t have to try too hard… because she’s already hooked up with one of them in real life! However, don’t look for the producers to promote this particular relationship in their promotion of the film. Why not? Because our actress is in a relationship with another man. For now, at least. Oh, and our famous actor is married. For now, at least. It’s not the first time he’s done this. It’s not even the second or third time. However, this one isn’t some rando pickup at a bar. This one is the straw that broke the camel light’s back.
Film: "Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice"
Actress: Gal Gadot
Actor: Ben Affleck (smokes Camel Lights)

86. BLIND GOSSIP 07/08 **#3**
While this dark-haired TV star and those around her are claiming that her relationship with her man is over for good, don’t put any money on it! She wants another baby. Just one more, she claims. And she wants all of her kids to have the same father. That would require him – or his sperm – to come back into the picture. We don’t know if it would be a temporary or permanent arrangement – or whether there would need to be some sort of compensation for his "services" – but it certainly does add an interesting twist to their breakup. So, if you were thinking that her good-looking ex was gone for good… you will have to think again! Kourtney Kardashian/Scott Disick

Over the weekend this aspiring Presidential candidate made a hasty retreat when he saw this long time A list celebrity/athlete/stripper dater headed his way with a golf club. Apparently he has not taken kindly to the remarks made by the candidate. Hey, it was a golf tournament, hence the golf club. Donald Trump/Alex Rodriguez "2015 Hank's Yanks Golf Classic" (Alex’s parents immigrated from Dominican Republic his father left and his mother worked two to three jobs to support the family. She was a secretary in an immigration office during the day and then waited tables at a local restaurant well into the night)

This former A list singer who now makes more money hooking up with guys might as well give up her singing career for good. A total of 20 people out of a capacity of 2,000 bought tickets for a show she was supposed to give this weekend. She bailed without showing up. Ashanti

Being offered for sale to tabloids this week are texts and photos between the husband of this A list singer and some random woman. Our A lister has been through this before and stuck with him. You know, for the kid. She deserves far better. Kelly Clarkson

This A- list mostly movie actress who everyone loves but can’t seem to get a handle on was doing some looping this week, but got nothing accomplished in a four hour session because when she was not doing lines or taking smoke breaks, she was being difficult. She does not usually take her issues to work. Troubling. Charlize Theron; Emma Stone

This former A- list mostly television actress who has moved on to reality television is faking her marriage to her non-celebrity husband just to keep the show going. Leah Remini "It’s All Relative"

"I can give you look A (gives the look) or look B (gives the look). I only have two looks. So pick one and lets film this piece of crap." A+ list mostly movie (mostly action) actor on the set of his new movie. Bruce Willis "Untitled Detective Comedy"

I’m not sure anyone ever figured them for a couple or would, but they did hook up once. This foreign born former A+ list mostly movie actor who is still a pain in the butt A lister and this A+ list singer/diva who sometimes does a group thing. After a show several years ago. She was married. He was in between marriages. Beyoncé/Ryan Reynolds

This A list mostly movie actor at least when it comes to his franchise larger than life character was replaced in an upcoming movie because of his substance abuse issues.
A list actor: Henry Cavill
Franchise: "Superman"
Dominic Cooper replaced him in "Stratton"

She wants a quickie wedding. Apparently this quickly fading from A list status big one hit wonder singer is leasing everything she has. Houses, cars, and anything else that can be leased rather than bought. Plus, even with just leasing she is almost out of cash. Iggy Azalea/Nick Young

96. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 07/09 **#10**
Not sure for who he is doing it, but this A list mostly television actor who just got one of his multiple shows renewed got a vasectomy reversed this week. David Duchovny

97. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 07/09 **#11**
She considers herself the Queen of the new gay mafia. Look for this A+ lister to start wearing My Family t-shirts or Mi Familia. You are only in her family if you are gay and play by her rules. If you are in her family, she can get you just about anything. And just like the mafia, you don’t want to cross her. You might not be killed, but your life will be hell.
Miley Cryus

98. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 07/09 **#12**
#1 - This murder victim of one of Hollywood’s most notorious unsolved murders was no innocent starlet. She was a high priced call girl with her madam being the ex girlfriend of an infamous mobster. She also had several famous men as her clientele. In the weeks leading up to her death she slept with two Oscar winning/nominated triple threats (actor-director-writer), two B-list actors turned criminals, a newspaper editor turned nightclub owner, studio heads and the aforementioned mobster. He had her killed so she wouldn’t talk and had a local surgeon who specialized in slicing up cadavers for research labs cut up the starlet’s remains and had his goons dump them near the home of his ex girlfriend. Needless so say she wasn’t scared and conspired with some of his enemies to have him killed.
Murder Victim: Elizabeth Short "The Black Dahlia"

Two Oscar winning/nominated triple threats (actor-director-writer): Orson Welles; John Huston
Two B-list actors turned criminals: Tom Neal; Lawrence Tierney
Newspaper editor turned nightclub owner: Billy Wilkerson (founded "Hollywood Reporter"/"Flamingo Hotel" and owner of such nightclubs as Ciro's)
Mobster: Bugsy Siegel
Mobster Ex GF/Madam: Virginia Hill
Studio Heads: Darryl Zanuck; Harry Cohn

Doctor: George Hill Hodel

#2 – What A-list character actor who started out on Broadway was also one of show biz’ biggest racists? He had a rule that he never take a curtain call with a costar who was not white. Needless to say, this rubbed a lot of his colleagues the wrong way and he didn’t make many allies. Did I mention he was also gay? He didn’t come out during his long career but it was an open secret. He also carried his curtain call rule over to the bedroom. Danny Kaye

#3 – This B-list actor who reached almost A-list level had an open secret about his parentage. He was biracial, his mother being a Pacific Islander and his father a white European, but was very light skinned that it was hard to tell. His studio’s PR people at various times stated either he was full blooded Pacific Islander or full blooded European. Either way, they made him darken his skin with light brown makeup in almost every movie he was in to make him look more exotic. Basically it was another form of blackface. Jon Hall

99. YAHOO 07/09
A hotel guest is demanding a bag of potato chips — that are only available on another continent. Such is the job of a high-end luxury hotel concierge, to whom rich and influential guests (who are never told "no") turn when they need something done, no matter how crazy or difficult it may be. "When someone comes up to you and wants something, you don’t ask him, ‘How do I do this?’" says Frank Hernandez, the lead concierge at Halekulani, a five-star luxury hotel in Honolulu, Hawaii. "You need to be confident that, ‘I got this; I will take care of this, so don’t worry. I will let you know when it’s here.’ That’s what guests love to hear." Frank once helped a concierge at another Hawaii hotel fly in a brand of potato chips that are sold only in Africa for a prominent hotel guest. (Frank describes the guest as a "very, very well known" award-winning film actress.) "She just really wanted these chips," remembers Frank, and a bag of Ruffles just wouldn’t do. So the concierge at the Maui hotel where the snack-craving guest was staying set the ball in motion: he called another Les Clefs d’Or concierge in Africa, who picked up a few bags of the chips, boxed them up and put them on a flight to Honolulu. And, no, the chips didn’t travel via FedEx or UPS. Frank says the concierge bought a seat just for the chips. (Just imagine what the passenger seated next to the potato chips must have thought: Is this my seatmate or an in-flight snack?) It was at this point that the Maui concierge pulled Frank into the Great Chip Airlift. "He called me and said, ‘Frank, I need your help! There’s a bag of chips arriving into Honolulu and I need you to go to the airport and find it,’" Frank says. "So I had to physically go to the airport, speak to the airline, the staff, and the flight’s chief steward. I promised them complimentary room nights and lavish dinners and anything that they needed." Frank found the chips and booked them on a flight from Honolulu to their final destination in Maui, where they finally arrived for the actress’ snacking pleasure. The final tally of her big chip airlift: six flights and $12,000 worth of airline tickets. At that price tag, to paraphrase that old ad slogan, bet she couldn’t eat just one. Charlize Theron or Lupita Nyong'o

100. BRAPPP 07/09
This A-list reality star is selling herself for $$$ to anyone that wants her. The price is pretty high, but it does include a lot of ‘fun’ and (if you provide tests) you can finish inside of her without using protection. Did I mention she’s underage? Kylie Jenner

101. POPBITCH 07/09
(British blog)
Which game young actor has been luring other gentlemen into the men's toilets with the promise of coke, only to then whip his kit off in the cubicle and demand that they have sex with him?

102. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 07/10 **#1**
KINDNESS: This B list mostly television actress has not done much to make waves since her hit network show ended a couple of years back. Another gig on that reboot of a big network hit is her biggest thing since the show went off the air. Not content to just act, our foreign born actress was recently filming a movie out of the country and rescued almost a hundred dogs during her off time. She is back in the States now and was at Comic-Con where she volunteered to help and also appeared in her own panel and has spent hours taking photos and meeting fans and seems to love every second of it even without any pay or attention from the press.
Actress: Yvonne Strahovski
Network show ended: "24" and "24: Live Another Day"
Current network show: "The Astronaut Wives Club"

Film: "All I See Is You" filmed in Thailand

Comic-Con event: Conversations for a Cause (ticket sales benefit Operation Smile)

This married pregnant B list mostly television actress made a sex tape. While pregnant. And not with her husband. Apparently there is a new round of hacking going on and this is the most popular file being shared. Naya Rivera

104. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 07/10 **#3**
This former A list mostly television actress from a long running hit network show who is now an A list mostly movie actress has been balking at doing any kind of promotion for her new movie out next month. It is so bad that even she is embarrassed with it. Her acting in it is one of the reasons it could not be salvaged into much of anything. She has made bad movies before. A string of them. I just think she does not want to see the A list mostly movie actor she hooked up with on the set. You know, because she is in a long term relationship. And was during the hookup.

105. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 07/10 **#4**
This permanent A list comic/former television star was spotted shooting up heroin in a back room of a tattoo shop while he is out of the country. Dave Chappelle

106. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 07/10 **#5**
This A+ list mostly movie actor and this quietly troubled A- list mostly movie actress have co-starred before. Apparently whatever connection they had before is much stronger now. Even though our A+ lister is in a relationship and the A- lister is in an off/on relationship, the two have hooked up and people are talking about the kind of on set romance that will have them dumping anyone in their way to be together.
Actor: Ryan Gosling (Eva Mendes)
Actress: Emma Stone (Andrew Garfield)
Past movie: "Crazy, Stupid, Love."

Current movie: "La La Land"

107. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 07/10 **#6**
Apparently there is not much demand for this former almost A- list mostly movie actress turned B list schlock queen in the Med this summer. The past two years have seen her drinking more, eating less and sometimes even falling asleep during sex while also raising her rates. Tara Reid

108. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 07/10 **#7**
I’m not sure why they are hiding so much, but this A list mostly movie actor who is an Academy Award winner/nominee/chain smoker waited inside a clothing store for an hour and stayed an hour after this B list mostly television actress met him there. She was only inside the store for ten minutes. The two spoke in a changing room. Apparently he has never heard of FaceTime. Sean Penn/Minka Kelly

109. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 07/10 **#8**
Supposedly this A list model with A+ list friends has been dating a guy for ages. Although they are rarely seen except when a little PR is necessary, she insists they are a couple. How come he tells everyone the pair have not even so much as made out in all the time they have "dated." Karlie Kloss/Joshua Kushner

110. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 07/10 **#9**
This A- list mostly movie actress celebrated her split from her significant other by going on a 48 hour coke and booze bender. She better make sure her ex is happy or there will be spillage all over the internet. Kristen Stewart/Alicia Cargile

111. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 07/10 **#10**
#1- This pint sized former reality star who is now just a celebrity while she waits for more reality has been making the most of all the traveling she is doing by cheating on her significant other with a guy who owns a chain of appliance stores. Nicole "Snooki" Polizzi "Jersey Shore"

#2- The budding war between these two bff is about to get much larger. This singer turned celebrity turned reality star has been hooking up with the A list ex of her now former bff. Christina Milian/Karrueche Tran (Chris Brown)

#3 – This A+ list openly gay mogul makes it very clear to his boy toys that his security and bodyguards have no issues killing someone if he orders it. David Geffen

#4 – Kindness – This A list game show host gave $2M to the USO last year and raised another $2M by selling things he didn’t need any longer. Drew Carey

112. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 07/10 **#11**
Everyone thought she was there for a huge event in the hotel. Nope. This former A+ list celebrity with the unique look who is probably a B+ lister by now bypassed the gala and headed to an elevator where she met up with a man paying big bucks to be with her for a few hours.
Dita Von Teese/"2015 amfAR Intimate Dinner"

113. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 07/10 **#12**
This mogul/clothing designer/former reality star/lover of all models says that he is back to models again after his last relationship with the B- list mostly movie actress he called his girlfriend for a bit. He says she stole almost $300K from him but he didn’t want the money back, just her out of his life. Russell Simons/Shannon Elizabeth

Action veteran Zoe Saldana isn’t pulling any punches when describing the sexism she’s faced in Hollywood over the years. "A producer once told me he hired me for the way I held a gun while wearing panties, not for my opinions," she told the Philadelphia Daily News in a recent interview promoting her new film, Infinitely Polar Bear. "I wish I’d recorded it, so I could play it for every girl in elementary school and tell them never to let anybody treat them that way. " Though Saldana stopped short of naming the offending producer, she’s had to battle almost in the buff in a pair of action movies, The Losers (2010) and Colombiana (2011). Luc Besson "Colombiana"

115. BRAPPP 07/10
This B-list actress in on one of the biggest shows in the world, but whilst her B-list co-star is being offered tons of high profile and high paying roles, our less traditionally attractive B-list actress is struggling to find high calibre work outside of it. With the show winding down, her team’s nervous about the future. She’s never really liked the way she looked, so she’s considering seeing a doctor for some plastic surgery. She’s only 18 / 19.
Who is our actress? Maisie Williams (Arya Stark)
Who is our co-star? Sophie Turner (Sansa Stark)
Show: "Game of Thrones"

116. WINE & SASS 07/10
Hold onto your hats, people. This blind will blow some wigs back! After Jenn and I conferred with each other we realized that not only do the reports we are getting individually, fit.... but we pieced together one of the craziest love triangles Hollywood has seen in ages. In fact, it's not really a love triangle but more like a love hexagon. I hope you can stay with me here as I try to dissect this and explain it best I can without getting the pants sued off me. Most of these people have been discussed in blinds many times before and as recently as this week. Here we go.... A List celebrity couple are getting divorced and we reported last year that it was inevitable and we also explained this week that the man in this marriage is in love with someone else. We'll call them, Jane and Brian. And... The family friend, who is now A List, still loves her and allegedly making his move. We'll call him, John. He was seen at another A List celebrity friend's 4th of July party without his wife. Let's call the A List friend who hosted the 4th party, Stacy. These two shared confidences and he told her how he feels about Jane. What's ironic? Stacy has secretly been in love with a man who is married to the woman Brian is in love with. We will call that A List Couple, Brenda and Rick. So, here's the rundown:
Jane wants John.
John wants Jane.
Jane and Brian are married.
Brian wants Brenda.
Brenda wants Brian.
Brenda and Rick are married.
Stacy wants Rick.
We aren't sure what Rick wants except to admire at his rock hard abs.
This year should be most interesting.
Jane and Brian: Ben Affleck and Jennifer Garner
John: Jason Bateman (starred with Jennifer Garner in "Juno" and "The Kingdom")
Stacy: Sandra Bullock (had 4th of July party)
Brenda and Rick: Blake Lively and Ryan Reynolds

117. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 07/11 **#1**
She has never said she has split with her husband so this former A list mostly movie actress who is an Academy Award winner/nominee turned television actress is a cheater I guess. I mean the husband cheats a bunch, so who could blame her, but she is cheating with her co-star. Not even shy about it this past week while promoting their show together.
Actress: Halle Berry (Apparently she is now hooking up with a producer on the new show she is working on, but hey, at least she is single)

Husband: Olivier Martinez
TV show: "Extant"
Co-star: Jeffrey Dean Morgan
SiriusXM's Entertainment Weekly Radio Channel Broadcasts From Comic-Con 2015

118. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 07/11 **#2**
It was kind of creepy watching this married former A list mostly television actor from that hit pay cable show that is no more groping some 20 something woman he met the night before. Plus, our actor was wearing makeup and reeks of cigarette smoke.

119. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 07/11 **#3**
This not even old enough to drive B list mostly movie actress who has worked some reality television was clearly involved with a guy who had to be pushing 30. She looks older when she is alone but when you see her with a guy that old it is disturbing. Willow Shields "Hunger Games" and "Dancing With the Stars"

120. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 07/12 **#1**
This B+ list celebrity might not be having sex with her celebrity boyfriend but she had no issues the other night hooking up with this athlete married to a royal. The athlete has fidelity issues.
Celebrity: Ciara (Russell Wilson)
Event: Kensington Palace Summer Gala

121. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 07/12 **#2**
I don’t know if not using the entire time she was pregnant made her crave drugs more but this A list mostly movie actress who is an Academy Award winner/nominee has been out of control with her coke use since the birth of her baby. Keira Knightley

122. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 07/12 **#3**
The new boyfriend of this former A+ list reality star who no one still likes is a huge financial supporter of political groups that barely disguise their racist and sexist points of view. Paris Hilton/Thomas Gross

123. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 07/12 **#4**
It definitely wasn’t planned. This foreign born B+ list dual threat actress who is in both fields right now has a brand new boyfriend and a brand new pregnancy. At this point she is not even sure she likes the guy so this was a turn of events she was not expecting. Rachel McAdams/Taylor Kitsch

124. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 07/13 **#1**
This foreign born dual threat A list actor has so little respect for his wife that he openly talked up and touched and flirted with his ex for an hour while his wife waited all by herself at the opposite end of the gathering. The next day at another event she was nowhere to be seen. Benedict Cumberbatch at Wimbledon (with wife on July 10) (without wife on July 12)

He did continue his streak of getting ripped beyond belief at comic conventions, but this B+/A- list mostly television actor from that hit cable show managed to stay away from groping random women. He did however get caught multiple times peeing outside the hotel where he was staying because he didn’t want to wait in the bathroom line. Norman Reedus/"The Walking Dead"

126. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 07/13 **#3**
According to his on again/off again girlfriend, this former A list mostly movie actor who is an Academy Award winner/nominee, the actor videos each time he masturbates because he is thinking of making it into an art movie. James Franco/PROBABLY: Lana Del Rey

127. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 07/13 **#4**
This foreign born A- list mostly movie actor who is waiting for his franchise to start shooting again has been faithful as of late to his wife. That all changed recently though when he traveled on his own to do some press and hooked up with a well known in her country blonde porn star.
Actor: Jamie Dornan (wife Amelia Warner)
Event: 50th Karlovy Vary International Film Festival in the Czech Republic (promoting "Anthropoid")
Franchise: "Fifty Shades of Grey"

128. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 07/13 **#5**
Talk about trying to save a marriage. This A list Victoria’s Secret model has been doing everything she can to save her marriage to this A list celebrity. The thing is though he can’t stop cheating and refuses to go to therapy with her because he does not want to be judged and doesn’t see the point. Behati Prinsloo/Adam Levine

129. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 07/13 **#6**
Trying to shake up the celebrity sex tape market, these two female wannabe reality stars who have both been part-timers in shows made a sex tape together. Apparently there is also one with the pair of them and the more well known of the pair with her rapper boyfriend. Christina Milian is not in this blind. Think more thirsty. I know you didn’t think that was possible. Blac Chyna/Amber Rose (Machine Gun Kelly)

130. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 07/13 **#7**
This foreign born B list singer who is that high because of her A list mostly movie actor boyfriend, has him missing appointments and other meetings because she has got him so involved with drugs. He is not the same guy he was before he met her. Robert Pattinson/FKA twigs

131. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 07/13 **#8**
This B list mostly television actress from a hit almost network show cut off her celebrity dad after he stole a ton of money from her. Katie Cassidy (father David filed for bankruptcy)

132. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 07/13 **#9**
This foreign born A list mostly movie actress who just went through a big breakup went off on a person in her yoga class this past week. Apparently no one is allowed to be behind our actress because she does not like anyone staring at her behind. Charlize Theron (Sean Penn)

133. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 07/13 **#10**
This former tweener turned A list singer with a really bad attitude is not involved with just one guy, but two, and generally is with both of them when she has sex. She likes to watch them. Ariana Grande

134. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 07/13 **#11**
This very popular actress is a tween icon, probably a D list celeb but an A+ lister with the tween crowd. There is no way your daughter or even son doesn’t know her. She is also a very deeply closeted lesbian and is afraid to come out because of both her upbringing and the network being afraid that it might alienate her fans. She also had a stalker who she is very afraid of and for good reason! This stalker used his connections to get close to her and when she finally realized what was happening it was too late. When he found out she was gay he got uncontrollably upset and raped her to try to "correct" her to become straight. Since then she has acted crazy and not herself. She has alienated many of her co-stars and made statements about hating herself and gained alot of weight. She has talked about what happened to her but hasn’t told the full truth and she won’t press charges because she’s afraid of getting pulled out of the closet if she does. Debby Ryan/"Jessie"

135. BLIND GOSSIP 07/13 **#1**
This is the second time that this young singer has bitten the hand that tries to feed him. Venting his anger or annoyance may provide him with a temporary satisfaction in his current conflict, but he’s only hurting himself in the long run. As one music industry executive told us: "This idiot just keeps proving over and over again why it was a good decision to fire him! This is a business, and he is showing that he is not mature enough to handle his business behind closed doors. The majors don’t want to sink time and money into some immature, marginally-talented kid with a drug problem and an attitude problem who can’t keep his commitments and can’t keep his shit together."
Singer: Zayn Malik "One Direction"
Current Conflict: 'You fat joke, stop pretending we're friends': Zayn Malik turns on producer Naughty Boy as he becomes embroiled in yet another Twitter spat

136. BLIND GOSSIP 07/13 **#2**
Gorgeous actress Amanda Seyfried is not afraid to speak up about doing what she thinks is equitable and right when it comes to her career. In an interview with The Sunday Times: "A few years ago, on one of my big-budget films, I found I was being paid 10% of what my male co-star was getting, and we were pretty even in status. I think people think, because I’m easygoing and game to do things, I’ll just take as little as they offer. But it’s not about how much you get, it’s about how fair it is. You have to decide if you’re willing to walk away from something, especially as a woman."
And in a cover story with Marie Claire UK: "After Mean Girls I kept getting scripts for big-boobed blonde idiots. I could have so easily been Karen Smith my whole career. I realised that if I really wanted to work forever I was going to have to make the right decisions.… That’s why I’ve made some tough decisions too, I’ve turned down some pretty big stuff [including some big blockbuster roles.] I didn’t want to be an action hero or in a fucking green suit for like, ten years, because I don’t want to be miserable. I think happiness comes from being free."
"Epic" ($100 million budget)/Josh Hutcherson
"Les Misérables" ($61 million budget)/Eddie Redmayne
"Mamma Mia" ($52 million budget)/Dominic Cooper
Blockbuster film/s and/or roles she turned down:

137. BLIND GOSSIP 07/13 **#3**
If you ask this TV host about her body, she’ll yap your ear off about how proud she is that her body is all natural and how hard she works to stay in shape. However, don’t get nosy when it comes to her face. She’ll never admit to having had TWO nose jobs, one when she was younger, and another just a few months ago! We don’t recommend trying to argue with her about it, either. She fought her colleague for the top spot… and she won’t be afraid to take you out if you try to claim that she’s not all natural! Maria Menounos

138. BRAPPP 07/13
This former A-list boy band member is so frightened about the direction of his career and the friends he’s lost that he’s drawn up a plan how to return to their (and the public’s) good graces. Expect feuds with cancerous influences. Expect PR pictures of him and his girlfriend. Expect overtures to his former band. Zayn Malik "One Direction"

139. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 07/14 **#1**
I know she can’t say she lost the weight by snorting coke and Adderall, but you would think this A list reality star would come up with something a little more believable about how she lost so much weight. Khloé Kardashian
 (she cut out soda)

140. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 07/14 **#2**
The only celebrity who could keep up with that B+/A- list mostly television actor’s drinking at Comic-Con that I wrote about yesterday was this A list mostly movie actress who is an Academy Award winner/nominee. She was so brutally wasted much of the time that her ex wanted nothing to do with her. He has grown up and she is getting worse all the time. Norman Reedus/Jennifer Lawrence/Nicholas Hoult

141. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 07/14 **#3**
Seem to have a partying theme here so far this morning. This foreign born B list mostly movie actor who did that whole book to movie thing. Good books, not Twilight. Anyway, he did a US talk show and didn’t even try and make an effort to clean up his coke use before going from backstage to in front of the cameras. James McAvoy "The Last King of Scotland", "The Chronicles of Narnia: The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe", "Atonement" (on "Conan")

142. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 07/14 **#4**
This A- list mostly television actor from a hit cable show who is only that high with people who actually watch the show, is closeted. The thing is he had way too much to drink the other night and publicly showed a little more than he would have otherwise. People are happy for the guy and there is no reason for him to have to hide it. Tyler Posey "Teen Wolf" (kept telling Tyler Hoechlin "I love you" on a live phone chat on MTV hit's panel at Comic-Con)

143. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 07/14 **#5**
This A list rapper who can’t decide who she is with, had sex with a guy while out of the country last week in exchange for a Porsche. First, she doesn’t need another car. Second, who pays to get it home? Nicki Minaji
 (returning from Germany)

144. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 07/14 **#6**
A big no show at Comic-Con was this B list mostly movie actress who is working on that very high profile upcoming show that everyone is discussing. The actress in question, who is young and been acting forever feels like she is being bullied on the set. This is not just minor stuff. She has actually talked to a lawyer about suing. Abigail Breslin "Scream Queens" (I think was meant to be her, but she was actually there)

145. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 07/14 **#7**
After having so many issues with his previous significant other, this B+ list mostly movie actor who has also had a couple of great television roles, has to get approval for his new girlfriend in advance.
Giovanni Ribisi  (after divorce from Agyness Deyn who wasn’t a Scientologist)

146. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 07/14 **#8**
This foreign born B+ list mostly movie actress who really doesn’t seem foreign born, got cheated on during her brief marriage and is now doing her best to help breakup a marriage by sleeping with this soon to be A+ list mostly movie actor who is a dual threat A lister now. Paul Rudd (actor and wrote screenplay for "Ant-Man") or Jason Bateman (actor and directed "The Family Fang")

147. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 07/14 **#9**
This month away from being a porn star reality star is funneling money hand over fist to her dead broke boyfriend who likes to pretend he is rich. Kylie Jenner (turns 18 on August 10)/Tyga

148. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 07/14 **#10**
This B list actress who used to be married to the a-hole singer is having a fling with her co-star who happens to have an actress significant other. Paula Patton (Robin Thicke)/Ben Foster (Robin Wright)

149. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 07/14 **#11**
#1 – This A- list always cheating politician who is married to an actress is probably more of an anti Semite than Mel Gibson and that is saying something. He is just not a very nice guy and at a party two weeks ago was just awful. Cheryl Hines/Robert Kennedy Jr.

#2 – Whenever she starts using coke again this former B+ list tweener turned meh actress/no more singing actress, always hooks up with her on again/off again ex of forever. If you see them together, she is doing coke. Selena Gomez/Justin Bieber

#3 – This A+ list mostly movie actor would not cooperate with Kneepads so they are taking the wife’s side now on everything because her people are cooperating. Ben Affleck/Jennifer Garner

150. BLIND GOSSIP 07/14 **#1**
his very wealthy celebrity loves their home and garden. It’s just too bad that love doesn’t extend to their employees! There is a strict caste system in place. Indoor workers are allowed to use a designated indoor bathroom. If you are primarily an outdoor worker, though, you are not allowed to use the indoor facilities. Those workers are told that they must drive into town to relieve themselves during the day. That’s not very practical, so the employees found a way around it. They now just relieve themselves in the celebrity’s precious garden! The celeb thinks that the roses look better than ever… and has no idea that the dewy bouquets they gather in the mornings were peed on by their employees! BONUS CLUE: The celebrity is female and over the age of 40. Barbra Streisand; Lisa Vanderpump

151. BLIND GOSSIP 07/14 **#2**
She’s beautiful, successful, and getting plenty of new work. She is best known for a role she formerly played on a popular TV series. So why was this pretty actress so darn miserable at a very recent convention-related party? It wasn’t because she was tired or drunk or anything like that. It wasn’t even because she was mad about anything that happened at the party. She was miserable because earlier that day she ran into this actor who had once rejected her! Actually, it wasn’t a total rejection. They did have a short relationship, but it was more serious for her than it was for him, and she was unable to gracefully let go. Now, whenever she sees him at a social or business event, it instantly puts her in a bad mood.
Actress: January Jones
Former TV Series: "Mad Men"
Actor: Liam Hemsworth

152. BLIND GOSSIP 07/14 **#3**
You’re probably wondering how much of the story this TV guy is telling is true. Some of it is. There were a few curiously fake details, though. He wants you to believe that he went to a restaurant, was nice to a few people, and then went home. He wants you to believe that he got home at a reasonable hour on a work night, and then hurt himself the following morning. No. He went out drinking for several hours after the restaurant. And he didn’t just get drunk. He got falling-down drunk. In fact, he was out partying until approximately 3:00 am. He hurt himself as soon as he got home. And he didn’t trip over any object except his own two drunken feet. Nice of him to throw a little shade at his wife’s choices, though. He went to the hospital as soon as it happened. Just after 3:00 am. Why the lies? Because the network really, really wants you to think he is a nice, likeable, responsible guy who just had an unlucky accident at a reasonable hour. They don’t want you to know that he is actually a falling-down-drunk-at-3:00-am-on-a-work-night, tripping-over-his-own-feet, alcoholic, fucked-up mess. So they are mopping up this mess… and making contingency plans for the next event. Jimmy Fallon

153. ALLIED IS WIRED 07/14
What shameless singer forced fellow passengers on a flight from London to L.A. to listen to her new album? She reportedly "asked" them to listen, but do you really have a choice at 35,000 feet? Ciara

154. DAILY MIRROR 07/14
Which picky Hollywood actor only dates girls aged between 18 and 19? As soon as he realizes a lass is in her early 20s, he deems them "over the hill."

155. BRAPPP 07/14
This B-list presenter has left her sought after position on her network. There must be thousands of people applying to replace her, right? Nope! The job is already taken. It was taken several months ago, if truth be told, by a younger and hotter B-list presenter. Giuliana Rancic/Maria Menounos "E! News"

156. BLIND GOSSIP 07/15 **#1**
This TV star is a fuck up. His recent debacle caused them to shut down production. So, are they going to replace him? They talked about it, and the decision is: No. They are NOT going to replace him! They scrambled to replace him for ONE DAY and couldn’t find someone. To find a long-term replacement would likely take MONTHS of searching and negotiation. A big issue is that any replacement worth having (in their opinion) is already locked in to other contractual commitments that would prevent them from taking this gig. We’ve told you before that other shows that needed to replace their host went through a ton of candidates before they found a less-than-optimal replacement. This show is too big and too important to settle for anyone who can not guarantee them keeping their #1 position. The other big issue is that he has a contract. They can’t fire someone for cheating on his wife or for being a jerk or for being an addict. They CAN fire him if his outside behavior causes a significant disruption to production… but this is the first time he ever missed work and production was only shut down for one day! There was another incident last year (we’ll tell you about that another time), but he didn’t miss work because of it. Remember the whole Charlie Sheen incident? It took MONTHS to fire him, and the main reason they were finally able to do so was because his personal behavior impacted production. They couldn’t fire him over crazy talk. They could fire him once he had publicly admitted to doing cocaine and had established a pattern of coming late to rehearsals, forgetting his lines, and failing to hit his marks. Our TV guy is a fuck up, but he is not in Charlie Sheen territory yet. All the producers can do is to read him the riot act and tell him that this is his "first strike" and that he had better not screw up production again. He is not being fired. He is not being replaced. He is simply being warned. Jimmy Fallon

157. BLIND GOSSIP 07/15 **#2**
Much of what you are hearing about this young music star’s pregnancy news is a lie. We will tell you what we know so far. He was impaired at the time it happened. He did not use protection. He did not plan this. She told him that she was using protection. We do not know if she actually did use protection or not. We do not know if she planned this or not. The story that they are very close friends is a lie. He partied and had sex with her a few times and that was it. The story that he and his mother have known for months is a lie. They found out much more recently. He was very shocked and upset when he found out. He feels like he was tricked. His current bandmate/s found out only a couple of days ago. His former bandmate/s found out yesterday, the same time that the public did. He is not really happy or excited… although he will pretend to be both, and will use both words a lot in the upcoming months. That’s it, Daddy-O. Or should we say, Daddy? Oh! Louis Tomlinson ("One Direction"/Briana Jungwirth

158. WINE & SASS 07/15
It appears that this summer is going to be an epic breakup season for some reason. I dunno, but the Celeb World seems to be cleaning house and ending all these relationships that were either fake, for show or just went south and they were holding on by their finger tips. Jenn and I have been getting blinds out the wazoo this week and this is a blessing for us because we are so busy right now that our precious site has had to take a back seat. I have one rule with my blinds and that's my refusal to write about upcoming interventions. Calling out celebs with drug problems is fine because hopefully it might reach the right people and they will get them help. But, if interventions are planned, I won't go there. I won't even run the slight risk that they or a "friend" would see it and warn them. Regardless of who they are and their chosen profession, they deserve to be clean and happy. But what I do post are train wreck relationships and this blind today, I've written about this couple before. I have no time to find it but trust me on this. B List couple who live internationally. Last year, the woman in this relationship cheated with an A+ Lister and thought she was going to jump into a serious relationship with him and dump her B Lister. That wasn't the case, she discovered him with another married A Lister. Well this month her relationship finally bit the dust. Her man had been doing ALL the family duties while she partied and cheated. He didn't know about the cheating part but was getting fed up with her absence. Then this spring he overheard someone talking about his girl hooking up with a director. He confronted her and of course she denied it. He's smitten with her so his friends knew better than to go there. But one A+ List celebrity went there. She got tired of seeing him look like a fool and when she was in town, searched him out and told him all she knows. They aren't close friends, but he is close to her ex-boyfriend. She's not one to beat around the bush and just genuinely wants to see him happy. He took what she told him and did some digging, it only took one phone call to verify the info. When his girlfriend came home, he wasn't there and never went back. She's not too bent out of shape about it. She's got her sights set on this other A+ Lister she's working with who's marriage is rumored to be a wreck. If she can pull this one off, I'll know hell has frozen over.
B list couple: Sienna Miller/Tom Sturridge
A+ list actor: Bradley Cooper
A+ list actress:
Director: David O. Russell
Kristen Stewart/Robert Pattinson or Carey Mulligan/Eddie Redmayne or Emma Stone/Andrew Garfield
A+ list co-star whose marriage is in trouble: Ryan Reynolds/Blake Lively (movie "Mississippi Grind")

159. BRAPPP 07/15
This A-list television actress is insufferable and impossible to work with. If you’re a fan of this actress, don’t expect to see her much after her current show finishes; her reputation is so bad that I doubt many are lining up to hire our albeit talented actress. She may have to stick to being a wife to a husband who can’t stand her. Julianna Margulies "The Good Wife"

160. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 07/16 **#1**
This B+ list singer who is also an Academy Award winner/nominee and a former reality star, recently pretended to show up for something that looked random, but was actually carefully planned. . All of the participants, including those who were supposedly surprised were in on the whole thing. Hey, who is going to pass up having her at your event.
Jennifer Hudson   (same-sex couple wedding)

161. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 07/16 **#2**
He was clean and sober when he met her. He was trying to stay clean and sober. Then he met this former A+ list tweener turned A- list singer and started using again. She is gone but the using is not. He needs rehab desperately. Patrick Schwarzenegger/Miley Cyrus

162. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 07/16 **#3**
It has been years and years and still the cast and crew of this long running network hit show cannot stand the female lead. It is so bad that she did not even bother inviting people to a recent event because she knew they would not show up. This way she can say she wanted to keep it to her close friends and family rather than explaining why there were a bunch of no shows. The whole event was kind of shady too.
Jennie Garth's wedding  (although Tori Spelling was there)

163. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 07/16 **#4**
This B list mostly television actor who is taking a run through that Broadway show that every B lister who can sing is trying, wants everyone to think he is dating a woman. Umm. no. Plus, the woman he chose is the puppet for the puppet master. At least pick someone who is not being paid by your sometime boss.
Actor: Taye Diggs
Girlfriend: Amanza Smith Brown
Broadway show: "Hedwig and the Angry Inch"
Puppet Master: Malcolm D. Lee (writer, producer and director of the "Best Man" series

164. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 07/16 **#5**
This foreign born former A+ list singer thinks she can compete with the younger singers of today and decided to spend several hundred thousand dollars to try and look a couple of decades younger. She should just go out and sing her music but she misses the days where she was a sex symbol and can’t stand that she is not any longer. Shania Twain

165. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 07/16 **#6**
This A+ list singer is so out of control that in the past year she has apparently become pregnant three separate times. With the number of hookups and the amount of partying she has done she has no clue who half the guys are or who she has been with. It is also why her A++ list mentor is becoming a former mentor as time goes by. Rhianna & Jay-Z

165. BRAPPP 07/16
This former B-list TV actress has led her family into a covert conversion to Catholicism after that huge religious scandal in the last couple of years. Leah Remini

166. BLIND GOSSIP 07/16
While everyone was publicly smiling and very accepting of one of the featured recipients at the ESPY Awards, the unofficial chatter of those in attendance was quite the opposite! There were a number of things that people were unhappy about. One prominent athlete was shaking his head and named a female athlete who he thought was more deserving of the award. Another was annoyed that the honoree "brought the plastic circus to town" with them. Another was asked to be photographed with the honoree. He refused, saying that he didn’t want to "be part of their publicity stunt." Another was whispering about how the award was "bought and paid for" and how it "takes the shine off" the event.
Honoree: Caitlyn "Bruce" Jenner
Female athlete who as more deserving: Lauren Hill. The 19-year-old freshman from Mount St. Joseph University in Cincinnati battled an inoperable brain tumor to achieve her dream of playing college basketball, while also helping to raise money for cancer research. She died in April.
Plastic circus: Kendall Jenner, Kylie Jenner, Kim Kardashian, Khloé Kardashian, Kourtney Kardashian, Brody Jenner, Brandon Jenner and Casey Jenner
Refused photo with honoree:
Brett Farve

167. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 07/17 **#1**
This B list mostly movie actress who really seems to only do television guest spots now despite her A+ list name recognition, has uprooted her life again because her married boyfriend swears he is leaving his wife. The wife is in Europe for the summer so our actress is enjoying the one on one time but when the wife comes back, there won’t be a divorce. The wife has all the money. Katie Holmes (moves back to NYC)

168. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 07/17 **#2**
This might be a new low for our favorite foreign born B+ list singer/part-time actress/part-time reality star. She had sex with the father of her now ex-boyfriend for a modeling contract worth six figures. Rita Ora/Tommy Hilfiger

169. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 07/17 **#3**
The wife of this former A+ list mostly television actor/celebrity would often act as the "wingman" for the actor to make feel women safe when he would invite them back to the family home. She would excuse herself once the three would arrive at the house. Camille (Bill) Cosby

170. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 07/17 **#4**
This foreign born A-/B+ list mostly movie actress who is an Academy Award winner/nominee opened the door to her hotel room stark naked. Nothing on. The room service waiter also got a good glimpse of two men in the living room of the suite who were also naked. Tilda Swinton

171. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 07/17 **#5**
This former A- list mostly television actor from a hit cable show that only has spawn of the original on the air, has been partying out of control and cheating on his wife more frequently. The guy went from cool to tool in a hurry. Aaron Paul "Breaking Bad"

172. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 07/17 **#6**
This A list singer in a group and solo is cheating on her celebrity husband with one of the producers working on her new record. Gwen Stefani/Gavin Rossdale

173. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 07/17 **#7**
#1 – The wife of this A+ list mostly movie actor has him convinced she has no kids. Umm, no, she does and he would probably understand but she just pretends it is someone else. Amal Clooney (George)/niece Mia

#2 – This A+ list mostly movie actor broke the desk in his office having sex with a woman this week. Guess wearing a ring does not actually mean the marriage is back on. Ben Affleck

#3 – This A list mogul/reality star/celebrity/host sent his girlfriend on her way until the red carpet premiere for his new show. Ryan Seacrest/Hilary Cruz ("Shades of Blue" cop show starring Jennifer Lopez)

#4 – This B list mostly television actress from a hit pay cable show was shaking from withdrawals at a premiere this week. You should have seen the way she was shaking. It was uncomfortable. Zosia Mamet/"Girls" ("Trainwreck" premiere)

174. MR. X 07/17 **#1**
ESPY AWARDS: What closeted A-list athlete and closeted A/B-list actor who’s gunning for an Oscar nomination with his latest film were eye fucking each other the entire night? I don’t know if they hooked up after the show, but by the way they were looking at each other they probably did. Aaron Rodgers/Jake Gyllenhaal "Southpaw"

175. MR. X 07/17 **#2**
ESPY AWARDS: Two people I know for sure hooked up after the show were this A-list reality star and this scandal plagued A-list athlete. She was seen getting his phone number between commercial breaks while his girlfriend of the moment seemed oblivious to it all (or maybe she was keeping quiet for a reason). Alex Rodriguez/Khloé Kardashian

176. MR. X 07/17 **#3**
ESPY AWARDS: What A-list mostly television actor who says he’s sober was seen ingesting some type of drug before he came out to present? It was probably speed. Keifer Sutherland

177. MR. X 07/17 **#4**
What foreign born model who racked up some serious dough bearding for that A-list actor is now earning more cash being the temporary beard for that closeted NBA star? He clearly wasn’t missing her the other night at a Men’s Fashion Week party where he was hitting on several male models.
Model: Toni Garrn
A-list actor: Leonardo DiCaprio
NBA star: Chandler Parsons

178. BLIND GOSSIP 07/17 **#1**
Why are they talking about renewing their vows? Did they not take the first time? In the case of this famous show business couple, the answer is "No." One is very controlling and a big-time cheater. The one wore a beautiful dress. They may think that their vow renewal will help their marriage, but their friends don’t hold out much hope that it will. They are quietly taking bets among themselves as to how long the marriage will last after the renewal. There is a $1000 buy in to the wager. The current over/under is just one year. Ellen DeGeneres/Portia de Rossi (Portia’s dress)

179. BLIND GOSSIP 07/17 **#2**
He is a handsome American actor with international recognition. He has made plenty of money and bought many things that he loves. So why is he now selling off those things? It’s a liquidation sale! Pay no attention to his excuses about disposing of those things because he has outgrown them/wants to avoid the paparazzi/wants to spend more time with his family/is preparing for a baby. The truth is that he set up his life in a way to get the non-tangible things that he wanted, and that set up is now backfiring on him. He’s facing a cash crunch. It’s time to pay the piper… and sometimes the piper will only accept cash.
George Clooney

180. BRAPP 07/17
This rapidly rising B-lister is considered uncontrollable, inconsistent and impossible to work with. Her career could recover from this latest event, but if it doesn’t – it’s because people on the inside don’t want it to. Ariana Grande

181. LAINEY GOSSIP 07/17
His girlfriend wants what his co-star has. An actor dating another actor and she’s getting a little obsessed with becoming the next superstar. Recently they were all at the same event together and she made it very clear, within earshot of others, in close proximity to her career target, that that’s what she deserves, that she has the talent, that she has it all. He seemed uncomfortable with how vocal she was about it, especially since the way she said it sounded really competitive and comparative, as though she thinks she’s actually better.
Girlfriend: Alicia Vikander
Actor: Michael Fassbender
Co-star: Jennifer Lawrence

182. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 07/18 **#1**
KINDNESS: It was probably filmed and my tipster didn’t know it, but let us give our celebrities some credit. For now. This A list reality star along with her fading quickly rapper husband gave the largest donation of stuff to a homeless shelter here in CA that the shelter has ever received. Kim Kardashian/Kanye West (probably filmed for upcoming "Keeping Up With the Kardashians"

183. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 07/18 **#2**
This celebrity offspring used to be B+. She is the offspring of a permanent A lister. She has a reality show coming out and apparently she is really stressed about it and is back on drugs in a big way. Not a good thing in her situation. Kimberley Stewart – daughter of Alana and Rod Stewart "Stewarts & Hamiltons"

184. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 07/18 **#3**
If I gave you a million people to list who would cheat on their spouse, this former A list mostly television actress turned behind the scenes person would not be in any of your guesses. It is shocking that she is now doing it.

185. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 07/18 **#4**
This former A list singer both solo and in a group has screwed over the wrong concert promoter. She thinks she can just run and hide with his money but he will make her pay. She thinks she is tough, but she should seriously consider giving him back his money and apologize profusely and maybe he won’t have her sent to the hospital. Oh, he has sent bigger people to the hospital before. Lauryn Hill

186. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 07/19 **#1**
I wouldn’t exactly call it bearding. Sure, this soon to be legal Disney star who loves a camera is with a guy she knows is gay is not dating him to cover for him. Nope. She is dating him to hide her relationship with that 40 something year old executive who is hoping to keep things quiet at least until she turns 18. Bella Thorne/Gregg Sulkin

187. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 07/19 **#2**
This Academy Award winner is a legend. A permanent A lister who has struggled with addiction and just recently completed another stay in rehab. She is already using drugs again. Liza Minnelli

188. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 07/19 **#3**
This A list guest singer who seems to be on every other song kicks back about a third of his earnings to an in the news drug cartel leader who gave the rapper/singer his start. He also funded a record label and studio and used some strong arm tactics to get him his first guest gigs. Pitbull/"El Chapo"

189. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 07/19 **#4**
It is all about drugs and partying when you date this former A+ list tweener turned celebrity. That’s why his latest celebrity girlfriend who does enjoy drugs, is moving on. She likes to party, but not 24/7. Plus, she says the former tweener never showers and has no sex drive. Joe Jonas/Gigi Hadid (seen canoodling with ex Cody Simpson)

190. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 07/20 **#1**
This celebrity offspring is not as well known as one of her siblings, but she does have some celebrity of her own. She also wants the world to know she is sober and the family ticks off her sobriety accomplishments. Thing is, she is using a ton and her family seems to think it is ok. Enabling. Tallulah Willis

191. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 07/20 **#2**
This B- list mostly movie actress has had her best success doing voices for several shows. The long time mistress of a married permanent A list mostly movie actor, she has been using a lot of drugs lately. Our actor, who has never acknowledged the affair is quietly trying to get the actress into rehab. He is afraid that she is going to start revealing a whole lot of secrets. Sanaa Lathan/Denzel Washington

192. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 07/20 **#3**
This former B- list mostly television actor turned reality host who is the 98 Degrees version of Ryan Seacrest, had a falling out with his client. She was providing him with women, but he has not been paying her so now he has been forced to use someone else who chats a lot more to the tabloids and the way our celebrity is spending money on women he better hope he keeps working. Nick Cannon/Amber Rose

193. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 07/20 **#4**
This married A+ list NBA player is hooking up with this A list female athlete who he was introduced to by her athlete best friend. I guess the whole other public relationship she was trying to make happen is just cover for the NBA thing.
A list female athlete: Caroline Wozniacki
Best friend: Lindsay Vonn
A+ list NBA player: LeBron James
Other public relationship: JJ Watt

194. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 07/20 **#5**
This former A+ list athlete who also did some reality television while dealing with drugs is back on drugs in a big way again and was spotted smoking crack in a room with 10 or so other people who probably never made millions of dollars a year. Lamar Odom "Keeping Up With the Kardashians"

195. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 07/20 **#6**
This arguably most famous player on the NY Giants is cheating on his significant other with a celebrity offspring.
Victor Cruz (two months before his girlfriend sent out the mass text)

196. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 07/20 **#7**
This foreign born B list actress/model is supposedly dating this A+ list mostly movie actor. Apparently it must not be all that serious considering she is earning about $25K a day spending time with some married European heir to a company.
Irina Shayk
A+ list actor: Bradley Cooper

197. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 07/20 **#8**
Apparently this Teen Mom dad in a relationship can’t resist hooking up with his Teen Mom ex even though he has been on the receiving end of her cheating before.
Corey Simms/Leah Messer (three months before everyone else knew)

198. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 07/20 **#9**
This A list tennis player likes to keep trotting out guys she is dating or engaged to but they always disappear and she always ends up with that brunette female who has been with her forever. Maria Sharapova/Camilla Belle (or unknown)

199. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 07/20 **#10**
Before this A list mostly movie actor died he went to rehab where he got a 16 year old girl pregnant. The family of the actor is trying to reach a settlement so that it never becomes public. Philip Seymour Hoffman

200. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 07/20 **#11**
It is not often an A+ list mostly movie actor gets away with murder. It is even more rare that it happened in a time that is not Old Hollywood. It did happen back in the day. The actor in question is still really close to A+ list. The actor was stealing from his business partner. Our actor was not the money making machine he is now and was using a lot of drugs and couldn’t pay. He also had some other issues. He got in over his head and when the silent business partners came looking for their share of the profits, our actor pointed the finger at the other partner as to why there was no money to pay the silent partners. The guy got killed and our actor quickly got out of sight and stayed out of sight for about a year. This was originally revealed on January 1, 2016
A+ list actor: Johnny Depp
Business partner: Anthony Fox
Venture: "The Viper Room"

201. BLIND GOSSIP 07/20 **#1**
This couple has both an age gap and a commitment gap. She is a famous hyphenate and he is a famous athlete. These two actually like and love each other and have been together on and off for a couple of years. Stereotypes usually portray the female as the one pushing for a commitment. However, in this case, he is the one doing the pushing! He is in his thirties and is ready to commit and start a family. She is much younger and isn’t there yet. She does love him but she actually wants to focus on her career – and date a bit more – before making that commitment. It’s hard for him to think of her dating other guys, so that is causing some friction in their relationship. Is that friction is also causing his game to be off? Kate Upton/Justin Verlander

202. BLIND GOSSIP 07/20 **#2**
She thinks it’s amusing to wear a ring on her ring finger and then coyly deny that she is engaged. It’s just another publicity stunt. She loves to attract attention to herself. Actually, since her film career hasn’t taken off the way that she planned, she has pretty much been spending all her time taking selfies and yapping about her personal life and engaging in publicity stunts. She has been heaping praise on her famous much-older boyfriend and dropping not-so-subtle hints in an effort to get him to propose. We can’t imagine how he’ll find the time to propose and get married since. After all, he is incredibly busy working… and fucking every young thing in Hollywood who will have him. Our girl knows this, but still clings to him like he’s the only man on earth anyway. She has some serious Daddy issues.
Demi Lovato/Wilmer Valderrama

203. BLIND GOSSIP 07/20 **#3**
This famous couple has an even bigger age gap than the two previous blind item couples. He is a film actor. She is gorgeous for a living and appeared in a huge movie this year. They’ve been a couple for several years now, but he has always resisted making the relationship official with a piece of paper. He was a bit of a playboy before he met her, but his reluctance to commit was also a timing issue. He was slightly overwhelmed (in a good way) by all the big budget films in which he started being cast right around the time they first got together several years ago. He’s been an actor for a long time, so he knew that he needed to ride the surge as far as it could take him. He’s continued to do well and is now a genuine movie star. She’s been loyal to him the whole time and has definitely boosted his profile. He is hinting to friends that he is thinking – just thinking – of proposing this Christmas. He recognizes that she is very desirable to other men and that he needs to lock it down before she gets antsy. Let’s hope he does so before his AARP membership arrives in the mail!
Actor: Jason Statham
Girlfriend: Rosie Huntington-Whiteley (model)
Big budget films started for him when they met: "Expendables"
Huge movie she was in this year: "Mad Max: Fury Road"

204. BRAPPP 07/20
This C-list actress is currently starring on a reality show. She’ll do anything to earn a buck, but what we’re shocked about is her stunning hypocrisy to do so. We know she amped up the drama to secure a renewal, but to attack someone’s sobriety when you have a fair amount of issues with alcohol yourself? Our actress constantly drinks, aggressively texts people in her life and passes out. Lisa Rinna "Real Housewives of Beverly Hills"

205. ALLIED IS WIRED 07/20
Many moms welcome the boobage boost that pregnancy brings, but not this A-lister. With another bun in the oven and months still to go, she’s worried that her growing bust will never be the same. She’s already considering plastic surgery to give the girls a little lift after she has this baby. Kim Kardashian

206. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 07/21 **#1**
The wife of this A list comedian/talk show host/other host and a million other things just can’t seem to kick her heroin habit. He doesn’t care though because he is too busy hooking up with actresses who were famous back in the day and are hoping for a handout or favor in exchange for sex. Steve Harvey/Marjorie Bridges-Townsend-Woods-Harvey

207. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 07/21 **#2**
I can’t imagine who would want to watch it, but this former A list reality star who is barely employed now despite his almost A list name recognition made a sex tape and it was not with his still a reality star ex-wife. Nope. It was a recent ex-girlfriend. She has it and is seeing if there is interest. I hope not. Jon Gosselin/Liz Jannetta

208. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 07/21 **#3**
This Pretty Little Liars actress was out of control this weekend at a party. She is one of the better known actresses from the show and she grabbed the crotch of this guy who had some coke and said she would make it worth his while if he would share. 30 minutes later they returned and both looked happy. Ashley Benson

209. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 07/21 **#4**
This former B list tweener turned B+/A- list pop singer should probably be rethinking her friendship with this probable flash in the pan female A- lister who slept with the former tweener’s actor boyfriend not all that long ago. Demi Lovato/Iggy Azalea/Wilmer Valerrama

210. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 07/21 **#5**
Our favorite foreign born B+ list singer/actress/reality star is not going to let this golden job disappear. For the past week she has had sex with her boss almost every day. She doesn’t care he is in a relationship. She will do whatever it takes to keep that easy money rolling in. Rita Ora/Simon Cowell "The X Factor"

211. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 07/21 **#6**
Don’t believe the hype or the stories being sent out. This foreign born former A list singer who seems to make her living exclusively on reality shows now has a major drug problem which is why she is desperately underweight. Cheryl Fernandez-Versini "The X Factor"

212. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 07/21 **#7**
The first thing this A-/B+ list mostly movie actress did when she turned 18 was go get botox and lip fillers. Her mom had been preventing her from doing it for years. Chloe Moretz

213. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 07/21 **#8**
#1 – This A list mostly movie actress who is an Academy Award winner/nominee has been quietly paying off victims who were molested by one of her family members. Reese Witherspoon’s brother

#2 – This B+ list mostly television actress who is on a hit network show after also being on another network hit a few years ago told a friend about a year ago that she was raped by two men when she was in her early teens and that her mother set it up just so the actress could land a part and the mom get a commission. Ariel Winter ("Modern Family" and "ER")

#3 – This former A list singer who is married to an actor who rarely works any longer hooked up with a woman the other day while her husband watched. She doesn’t know he had already hooked up with the woman a few months ago. LeAnn Rimes/Eddie Cibrian

214. BRAPPP 07/21
This A-list actor really needs to get straight. I’ve heard he cost his previous movie so much money with delays because of his problems that they seriously threatened to take it out of his back-end. He and his wife are constantly breaking-up and getting back together again over his substance abuse, but – like him – she’s a child in mindset, thinking its all game that they’re playing when they’re actually costing a studio millions of dollars and damaging his already dwindling career. Our C-list actress wife has her own problems, mostly she is borderline deluded. She believes that she should have a career near his level and the only reason she doesn’t is audience envy over her looks. Johnny Depp "Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Men Tell No Tales"/Amber Heard

215. BLIND GOSSIP 07/21
In his new book, Sick in the Head: Conversations About Life and Comedy, Judd Apatow spoke with Amy Schumer about their experiences with the opposite sex. FYI, Apatow and Schumer also worked this particular bit into an early sequence of Schumer’s new movie, Trainwreck.
But those experiences are funny. That’s the thing. Your worst sexual experience can be so humiliating and hilarious, both in movies and in stand-up. They’re always the best stories. A guy who has got a lot of terrible sex stories is the best dinner companion of all time.
It’s the best. I did one last season on my show, about the biggest penis I’ve ever encountered. It was like, that year I was single and I hadn’t been single for four years. I dated a wrestler and there was so much preposterous sex stuff from that relationship, and then I happened to go out with a guy and realized that his penis was way more than I bargained for. I probably already told you who the guy was, but he was an athlete. He was this guy my sister loved, a hockey player. I don’t watch sports but we winded up going out, mostly because my sister was like, "Oh my God, you have to go out with him! I’ve had a dream about you two falling in love!" So I go out with him mostly so she would think I was cool, but he was really hot and it was fun. I was like, There’s no way he’s going to be attracted to me. He could have sex with supermodels. So at the end of the night, I said, "I’m going to get out of here because I feel like a little insane with you." And he was like, "No, I’ll go with you." We went to another bar and then back to his place and—what happened with his penis, it was just so horrible and embarrassing.
I haven’t heard that bit.

You’re supposed to be really excited about a big penis, but when you’re faced with one, it’s like a unicorn—in theory, you’ve always wanted to see one up close but if it were ever standing in front of you, you’d be like, Fuck that, and you would run. You’d be like, Oh, it’s actually a horse with a weapon on its head. But in the moment, I was like, No, you have to do this. Everybody talks about how great it is. And I was like, okay, and I have a bunch of jokes in there about him going down on me because he was raised well but then I just realized that the guy has to do that, I mean he’s like lighting candles. This guy needs to get the girl relaxed. And then he kind of pulled it out and acted like it wasn’t a big deal. He was almost whistling like I wasn’t going to notice. And then I tried to get myself psyched: You can do this! You played volleyball in high school!
You have to slow your heart rate down. Like a Buddhist monk.
And then I say, "Do you have a condom?" He says no. And I was like, Way to call my bluff.
They don’t make condoms that big.
So then we tried and it didn’t work at all. It was not a possibility. I would have had to alter my body.
He must be used to this, right? He must know it’s going to happen.
At one point, I say to him: "Are you serious?" He’s like, "No, it’s usually—" And I’m like, whatever. In my twenties, I would have given it the old college try, but I’m in my thirties now and I was just like, I have Olive Garden leftovers in the fridge, see you later. It’s not happening. I’m not going to walk around New York with a gaping vagina because I had sex with you once.

Brad Richards (dated Olivia Munn, married Australian model Rechelle Jenkins)

216. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 07/22 **#1**
This B- list celebrity only gets that high because of his last name. Without the name he is just another guy in a band. A good band, but just a guy in a band that only the fans of the band know. The guy is so whacked out on drugs right now that he couldn’t travel for a recent gig because he could not live without his drug of choice for the time he would be gone. He would be a pick for a celebrity overdose in the near future. Miley Cyrus’s brother Trace ("Metro Station")

217. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 07/22 **#2**
Because of this A list celebrity couple, an author writing a book about the couple has 24 hour armed protection. Hey, the couple have tried to kill him before. Not themselves directly, but through an organization to which they belong.
Author: Robert Randolph "Kelly Preston Unscripted"
Couple: John Travolta/Kelly Preston
Organization: Scientology

218. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 07/22 **#3**
This part-time reality star who has reality stars/celebrities as his offspring is cheating on the woman he is supposed to marry. I don’t know what she expected considering he paid for her services the first time they hooked up.
Couple: Shiva Safai/Mohamed Hadid
Offspring: Bella and Gigi Hadid (models and "Real Housewives of Beverly Hills")
Couple: Hayley Roberts/David Hasselhoff
Offspring: Taylor-Ann and Hayley

219. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 07/22 **#4**
This A list singer really needs to split from her cheating husband. While she was out of town performing, he was using his father’s crash pad to have sex with a waitress/singer. Kelly Clarkson/Brandon Blackstock

220. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 07/22 **#5**
This B+ list mostly movie actress swore the coke that fell out of her diaper bag on a set the other day belonged to her A- list mostly movie actor significant other. Olivia Wilde/Jason Sudeikis (HBO's upcoming Rock 'N' Roll project)

221. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 07/22 **#6**
Besides ignoring her former personal assistant dining across the table from her, this A- list mostly movie actress from that vampire franchise was rude to the waitstaff, complained about the food and service and left a tip of about 5%. The former personal assistant dropped $20 on the table to boost the tip and apologized for the behavior of the actress. Alicia Cargile/Kristen Stewart

222. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 07/22 **#7**
No hand holding, no sitting next to each other, no kind words, no nothing between these two married movie stars. He is a B+ list always bad guy and she is a B+ lister who always seems to play the same type of role but does have that name going for her. He kept texting a woman all night which probably didn’t help improve the mood of his wife. Do you remember when he had sex with that actress headed to A list before her career derailed with that really bad Showgirls type career killer.
Couple: Peter Sarsgaard/Maggie Gyllenhaal
Event: "Southpaw" premiere
Derailed actress: Amanda Seyfried
Movie: "Lovelace"

223. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 07/22 **#8**
It was a perfect marriage. She is trying to save it. The outside world thinks that our Academy Award winning actress is still happy, but his cheating caught her totally by surprise and rocked her world in a very bad way. She has cleared her work schedule for the next six months which ticked off a lot of producers, but it is what she wants to do to try and save the marriage. Julianne Moore/Bart Freundlich; Julia Roberts/Danny Moder; Nicole Kidman/Keith Urban

224. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 07/22 **#9**
This still a teen A- list mostly movie actress has always hid all of her vices. Now that she is out of reach of her mother though, they are all coming out. The chain smoking and boozing and even the drug use. She is going to be in a world of pap hurt if she keeps it up. Abigail Breslin; Hailee Steinfeld

225. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 07/22 **#10**
The younger of this acting sibling family says that the boyfriend of the oldest acting sibling groped her and tried to make out with her. She has not told anyone but a couple of friends because she thinks her sister will be ticked at her rather than the boyfriend. Stella/Vanessa Hudgens (Austin Butler); Elle/Dakota Fanning (Jamie Strachan); Kate/Rooney Mara (Charlie McDowell); Elizabeth/Ashley Olsen (Bennett Miller) or Mary-Kate (Olivier Sarkozy)

226. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 07/22 **#11**
#1 – This A- list singer (at least for now) would love to pose for Playboy. Love it. It is a dream of hers. She has paid for most of her body and had always planned on posing for the magazine, but her boyfriend is totally against it. It is also why she denied denied denied when it came to her sex tape. Iggy Azalea/Nick Young

#2 – The private jet was not just for the four legged passenger. It also allowed this A+ list mostly movie actor to make a detour to New York for exactly 4 hours and 42 minutes. He hooked up with his ex. Ben Affleck/PROBABLY Jennifer Lopez

#3 – This foreign born A- list mostly movie actor who does great commercials (so you know I’m not talking about Matthew M) can’t stand the A list co-star of his about to debut new movie. He dislikes very few people in the world, but she is at the top of the list. Nicolas Hoult (Jaguar ads)/Charlize Theron "Dark Places"

227. LAINEY GOSSIP 07/22
The easy assumption is that their marriage is over because he cheated. He may have. But I’ve spoken to over a dozen impeccable sources, the best sources, sources I’ve worked with for many, many years. And while none of them can verify whether or not he stepped out, they can all confirm that she did. They work in a small town. It’s a protective community. The community insulates their own. Even if artists fuck up, the community generally keeps their shit contained, honouring a country code. So, even though a lot of people had a lot to say about her for a long time, out of respect for the business and for her husband, the community locked down her secrets. Also, they were afraid. Because, as two sources told me, "She’s crazy as fuck. She’s the one who doesn’t just threaten to burn down your house, she would totally burn down your house. No one wants to mess with her". This is why no one could challenge her when she took a song from another artist, written by the other artist, without any notice, and went on to great acclaim for it. In public they all pretended like it was agreed upon and civil, but that’s not how it went down. She ripped off the piece from an emerging young talent and you saw it on that girl’s face – she was helpless at the time. This is why no one wanted to expose her when she threw herself at another major superstar just before she got married. She offered herself to him repeatedly. While they were working together she presented herself to him one night only to have him push her out the door. So she’d start calling his wife, telling the wife that she was going to take her man, telling the wife that she wouldn’t be able to do anything about it. And she started texting him, begging him to tell her what she had to do to get him to leave his wife and be with her. She promised him, over text, that if he was with her they would be country royalty. When he refused to hook up with her, he and his label received a cease and desist from her people, telling him that he would have to reset his album because she and her now-husband would no longer allow him to use any of the music they’d written together. This is how and why they all ended up professional rivals. But, again, at the time, because she had a reputation for being so unpredictable, with mercurial mood swings, and because she was so popular (to the public) and powerful, no one wanted to take her down. Until now. The town is turning against her because her husband just cut her loose. He finally cut her loose because she was caught, very recently, cheating on him with a member of her tour team (he’s not talent but he has a prominent position) – and there’s a family involved. She tried, but there was no way she could deny it. The evidence was irrefutable. It was flagrant. And this is why people are breaking the code. They see this as the ultimate disrespect. The way she went about it, so carelessly, they see it like a willful humiliation of her husband, who is very well liked. This, on top of the fact that people have been waiting for years for her to get what’s coming, is why so many people in that community are ready to sell her out.
Couple: Miranda Lambert/Blake Shelton
Kacey Musgraves "Mama’s Broken Heart" for which Miranda won
Major superstar: Eric Church

228. WINE & SASS 07/22 **#1**
This is an easy one. We got some information from a very good source close to these A List Musicians who are now divorced.
1. She had no idea the divorce was coming. They haven't spent much time together recently and if you added up the total time they've been together in their entire marriage, it would probably add up to six months. He pulled some strings and had his divorce filing moved to the front of the line. With their pre-nup, it was an extremely easy case. BUT....
2. The documents were sealed because he had to fork over quite a bit of cash rather than fight her about the pre-nup. He cheated years before and was cheating now. This was a stipulation in their pre-nup. He cheats, she gets some serious cash. He put that stipulation in there to begin with, she doesn't need money.
3. If you speculated that he filed because he has a side piece, you'd be correct. The side piece was about to blow the lid off everything because she was tired of being a secret. So he filed for divorce to shut her up and as soon as the ink was dry, he had his PR team write up tons of different stories that all contradict each other and dumped her. With all the conflicting news stories, there's no blowing the cover off the whole thing. He's got the media and public not sure what to believe.
4. His ex-wife hasn't said one word about any of it. All the "source" posts you see are all from his team: she cheated, he cheated, she doesn't want kids, he doesn't want kids, she's psycho..... whatever they could come up with. And let me tell you that the ex is spitting mad at how he's handled everything. She considers the entire marriage a lie based on how he did all this behind her back while pretending everything was fine. Giving interviews about how amazing she and their marriage is while using contacts to get a quicky divorce. But she's not one to play her feelings out in the media, she will slow burn and then give her side of the story in her music and everyone will rush to buy what she's selling to hear her side. Her next album will probably be epic.
Miranda Lambert/Blake Shelton

229. WINE & SASS 07/22 **#2**
Ugh. This guy. Everyone knows this permanent A Lister is a complete scumbag. His ex made sure we all saw him for what he really was. I feel bad for calling him a pig because I'm sure pigs are nice and don't deserve to be associated with this monster. Has it damaged him professionally? Yes...well sort of. Has it damaged him personally? No. Not really. Women still line up to be with him. That's because he's always had a type. Successful in their type of industry, but not coming close to his fame and fortune. He puts on a huge show of being the absolute best man in the world to them and then he systematically tears them down to a shell of what they once were. He's been doing all his business and personal dealings out of the country lately. He's found that other countries don't care how he treats women and has found huge success over seas. Money is pouring back in. With his big business success he went back to his old tricks with his current relationship. He got wasted a few weeks ago and laid into her with such rage she ran out of their hotel room screaming. Per his usual M.O., he is throwing money at her to make it all better. I, for the life of me, can't understand why these women even give him the time of day. The next major alcohol binge will probably land her in the hospital.
Pig: Mel Gibson
New girlfriend: Rosalind Ross
Ex: Oksana Grigorieva
Overseas: ("The Bombing" in China) (sanctuary that he owns in Costa Rica)

230. BRAPPP 07/22
As we gear-up for the 2016 election in the United States of America, we see celebrities come out of their quiet closets and endorse political candidates. More than often it’s a Democrat that is financially and publicly backed. Of course, that’s because every celebrity in Hollywood is an unabashed liberal that adores Obama and supports gay right etc. It has nothing to do with the emails that are sent around by agents and publicists reminding their talent not to endorse any controversial candidates that may harm their careers. *whispers* That means Republicans. Shhh! *whispers* It’s fairly open knowledge that there will be repercussions if you endorse a Republican. The late Bruce Paltrow is on record refusing to hire an actor because he admitted to voting for Reagan, and that was when most of Hollywood did support Reagan. I have a list of talent that are secret Republicans. Do not expect any admissions. Do expect public endorsements of the nominated Democrat. Our first is an A-list singer. She pretends to be a liberal feminist for the sake of career and she’d see red if this was revealed, because you just know she’s very career conscious and would hated to be exposed as the big time fraud she is. Our next is an A-list actress. She argues with her significant other about politics all of the time. If truth be told, the fact that she leans towards the right is new to us. Like members of her family, she appears to have gotten conservative as she gets older. Our penultimate is an A-list actor. Another late born conservative. He was self-described far-left, but a period of transition changed that to Republican. Our final actor is A-list and an Academy Award winner, although he may be more known for his blockbusters. He’s the only non-American we’ve listed and this would send shockwaves through certain industries because his family is very liberal and very outspoken about it.
Actor Bruce Paltrow refused to hire: Dwight Schultz for a role on "St. Elsewhere"
A- list singer: Madonna, Taylor Swift, Katy Perry
A-list actress/significant other: Angelina Jolie (favors death penalty)/Brad Pitt
Penultimate A-list actor: Robert Downey Jr. (after incarceration)
A-list Academy Award winner actor: Christian Bale (his father was married to Gloria Steinem)

231. BOSSIP 07/22
This poor tormented songstress has been through a series of bad relationships since she first landed in the spotlight and it looks like just a matter of time before her latest ill-fated dalliance hits the headlines. Neighbors tell BOSSIP the soulful singer has had a certain rapper pay her several late night visits in recent weeks. The two have collaborated in song, but so far they’re shying away from taking the relationship public, even though her neighbors say his car is outside her house at least three times a week and they’ve been spotted locking lips on her door step on occasion. A source close to both confirmed to BOSSIP that they’re definitely getting it in but keeping it low. "They go on dates in the valley not to be seen." Meanwhile she’s been telling pals, "He’s such an amazing friend." Wonder if the baby mama who nixed nuptials with our mystery emcee would say the same, considering police had to be called when his fists allegedly collided with her face? Anyway, maybe things will be different this time. Especially since this pair has so much in common — including numerous run-ins with the law and a shared love of tattoos. Keyshia Cole/The Game

232. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 07/23 **#1**
This B+ list singer is really playing up this whole virtuous/celibate thing to the point where you know something must be up. There is something up. She has two guys she is rotating through her bedroom while pretending to be faithful to her celebrity boyfriend. Ciara/Russell Wilson

233. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 07/23 **#2**
This Real Housewife who was demoted for the most recent season of her franchise wants to be the star of the show again. She has been trying her hardest to find a celebrity or reality star or actor to hook up with but no one has been interested unless she pays them which she has not been willing to do yet. Brandi Glanville "Real Housewives of Beverly Hills"

234. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 07/23 **#3**
It turns out that this permanent A list mostly movie actor is not the only sex crazed member of the family. His celebrity sort of ex-wife has been sleeping with the boyfriend of her daughter for the past few months. Clint Eastwood/Dina Eastwood; Arnold Schwarzenegger/Maria Shriver

235. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 07/23 **#4**
There is no good way this can end. Someone is going to see them together because they can’t seem to shake each other since they worked together. This A+ list mostly movie actor who has an actress public significant other (things are different in private) and this married B list now mostly movie actress who had a great television role for half a decade.
A+ list actor: Ben Affleck
Wife: Jennifer Garner
Movie: "The Town"
B list actress: Blake Lively
Show: "Gossip Girl"

236. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 07/23 **#5**
This married A list director who sometimes acts holier than thou when it comes to his marriage but this is how two timing he is. He brought his regular side piece to an event where he was trying to hook up with this B list singer/mostly movie actress/Academy Award winner/nominee. Spike Lee/Jennifer Hudson "Jennifer Hudson Celebrates Her Campaign Launch for New York & Company's Soho Jeans Collection"

237. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 07/23 **#6**
This B- list celebrity was with his foreign born A- list model wife at dinner two nights ago and had her apologizing to him after she accused him (rightfully so) of cheating on her. He has got her under his thumb and she does whatever he says. Elle Macpherson/Jeffrey Soffer (had an affair with Gwyneth Paltrow in 2008)

238. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 07/23 **#7**
The wife of this permanent A list mostly movie actor has been AWOL lots of days during their really long vacation. When she does make it outside she looks nothing like she did at her peak. All of those prescription pills mixed with booze are really taking their toll.

239. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 07/23 **#8**
This A list mostly television actor who has had nothing but hits since coming to television from a long middling career in movies is cheating on his significant other with his foreign born co-star from their monster network hit. James Spader/Mozhan Marnò (she’s Iranian-American but was born in the U.S.) "The Black List"

240. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 07/23 **#9**
This B+ list mostly television actor from a hit network show that I still don’t like is married. The B- list mostly movie actress with A list name recognition he is sleeping with is single though. She usually sets her sights much much higher when sleeping with married men.

241. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 07/23 **#10**
This A+ list singer is so dependent on drugs right now that she told her assistant to smuggle some drugs through airport security. The singer would never do it, but the assistant did do it and got away with it. According to the friend of the assistant, she always carries any items through security that are embarrassing or illegal belonging to the singer. Rihanna

242. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 07/23 **11**
She is a celebrity. A part-time reality star. An A++ list last name when it comes to name recognition. She is married. She doesn’t want to be married. In public she puts on happy faces when she is with her husband. Because that is a pain, she rarely ventures out in public with him any longer. She has someone else. Older. Father figure type. Makes sense. Her father is an imposing sort. Very imposing. She does what he says and right now he says she is not allowed to get divorced. She has to be the happy wife and part of the happy couple and happy family. It is all one big happy piece of American pie. She agreed. The dad doesn’t know about the older man she is seeing. If that blows up in the press, it will be spectacular. Ivanka Trump (Donald)

243. BLIND GOSSIP 07/23
This hot model is more scheming in her love life than you would imagine! She told some friends recently that she wants to change partners twice a year and switch back and forth between gender preferences in order to maintain a steady stream of interest from entertainment media outlets. She has also decided that she is only going to date other celebrities from now on. According to her, they are the only people who can truly understand her… and help keep her in the headlines. For her next celebrity, she is looking to "trade up." Of course, the public story will be that she is simply "finding herself and looking for true love"! Cara Delevingne

244. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 07/24 **#1**
This former A list child star turned band member has got himself off heroin. The bad news is that he is smoking crack like crazy. Macaulay Culkin

245. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 07/24 **#2**
I’m a little surprised this B+ list mostly movie actress from an acting family agreed to do it. By it, I mean participate in a fake relationship. She must be really good friends with the actor or think she needs a relationship to move to that A list level. Her B list foreign born mostly movie actor "boyfriend" has been with more men than Lindsay Lohan. Elizabeth Olsen/Tom Hiddleston

246. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 07/24 **#3**
Sometimes you are willing to put up with a guy who is cheating on you to get a few extra roles. That is exactly the case for this tweener star actress turned actress in that television movie franchise that gets more ridiculous with each installment. Anyway, her love interest in the movie was cheating on her in real life but everyone loves them together, so in exchange for a few roles she agreed to pretend she is still dating him.
Actress: Ryan Newman "Zeke and Luther" and "See Dad Run"
Franchise: "Sharknado 3: Oh Hell No!"
Love interest: Jack Griffo "See Dad Run" and "The Thundermans"

247. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 07/24 **#4**
This B list actor has done it all. Movies, television and even Broadway. He also does it all when it comes to sex. He has never come out and told anyone about his love of men, but the formerly married actor has been sexing his way through most of the cast in his latest project whether they be men or women. Taye Diggs "Hedwig and the Angry Inch"

248. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 07/24 **#5**
That bright and shiny smile from this B+ list mostly television actress who is taking a run through almost television on another hit, is a trick. Our actress has a complete set of fake teeth she wears. It is also why she sometimes has trouble speaking so you can understand her. Everyone always assumed it was her love of botox that caused it. Jane Krakowski/"The Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt" (Netflix)

249. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 07/24 **#6**
A hotel room in NYC was the sight of this former couple reuniting for two hours. They are both in a relationship and they have both been in relationships for most of the time they have known each other, but it has not stopped this A list actor and A list actress from hooking up whenever they work together which is frequently.

250. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 07/24 **#7**
I’m shocked that this former kindness B list actress is even able to function with all the pills she pops. The actress is filming a new show after a big network miss and according to reports is doing great, but she is using OxyContin every few hours.
Actress: Krysten Ritter
Filming: "Jessica Jones"
Network miss: "Don't Trust the B---- in Apartment 23"

251. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 07/24 **#8**
It turns out that this A+ list mostly movie actor is not alone when it comes to finding someone new. His soon to be ex-wife who also happens to be an actress has been hooking up with one of the producers of her latest movie. Ben Affleck/Jennier Garner (filming "Miracles from Heaven" and "Nine Lives")

252. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 07/24 **#9**
He isn’t married, but he is in a relationship and they did hook up when he was married before so this is familiar ground for this foreign born B+ list mostly movie actress and this injured A list mogul. Sienna Miller/P. Diddy (not married but in on/off relationship with Kimberly Porter, from 1994 to July 2007) (knee surgery)

253. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 07/24 **#10**
At least one of the women that this A list reality star has had sex with in the past month which was before the split announcement with his ex, said they had unprotected sex. She said that he said that he was ok if she got pregnant. He really needs to lay off the booze. Scott Disick/Kourtney Kardashian

254. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 07/24 **#11**
#1- This front running Republican presidential candidate must be taking this seriously because for the first time I can remember he is not cheating on his wife. Donald Trump

#2 – When this actor/model hooked up with a Miss Universe the other day he made her wear her sash and nothing else. Tyson Beckford/Miss Universe 2014 Paulina Vega ("Southpaw" premiere)

#3- This B+ list mostly television actress is on a hit cable show but will always be loved for something else. She left her boyfriend and hopefully it is permanent after he hit her a couple of weeks ago.

#4- This foreign born A list mostly movie actress pulled her kid out of school and transferred him because the school would not fire a teacher she didn’t like. Charlize Theron

255. BLIND GOSSIP 07/24
Lots of wailing and finger-pointing going on at one singer’s PR camp yesterday. The client’s oh-so-carefully crafted and honed reputation suffered a smack upside the head, and she was VERY unhappy about it. Whose fault was it? Everybody’s! Just because a celebrity is wealthy and famous doesn’t mean that they are mature or capable of making consistently smart decisions when it comes to their public interactions. Some PR teams struggle every day trying to balance what the client wants to do with what the PR team knows is good for them. Here’s one axiom that was violated: If there is another celebrity who is making a mistake… let them! Even Napoleon understood that as a war strategy. "Never interfere with your enemy when he is making a mistake." While the other celebrity isn’t an enemy, our singer felt compelled to jump right in to the fray. And she did so very publicly. That was dumb. Here’s the second axiom that was violated: If there is conflict with another celebrity, the standard/proactive/mature/professional approach is to take the conversation offline. In this case, however, they took the reactive/incendiary/public approach. That was also dumb. And our singer got burned in the process. While you may think that her PR team was angry, they weren’t. Publicists LIVE for this stuff! Watch the client make a mistake, convince the client to step back, then go in and clean up their mess. Every word of the follow-up was written by the pros, and they are coaching her now in what to say in interviews about the conflict. While this whole thing shouldn’t have happened in the first place, her PR team should definitely be credited for a very nice save. And, for the near future, the singer will be limiting herself to lighthearted messages like Happy Birthday greetings and thanking her fans. Taylor Swift/Nicki Minaj/Katy Perry

256. BRAPPP 07/24
This A-list actress is tired of trying to reinvent herself as a serious actress since her rom-com days are long behind her. She’s been hinting recently to former writers and directors of her hit hit-rom movies that they should write her something new. She’ll be divorced soon enough and she’s wondering if she can parley that into a successful career comeback. Julia Roberts

257. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 07/25 **#1**
This former Bachelor and Bachelor Pad star is engaged. Congratulations. Might want to know your soon to be husband cheats pretty regularly. Rachel Truehart/Ronnie Lustberg

258. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 07/25 **#2**
If you figure out the woman in #1 then you will also know that she is a self-admitted shoplifter and says she does it for the thrill. Rachel Truehart

259. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 07/25 **#3**
OLD HOLLYWOOD: This actress was A+ list and even though she won an Academy Award she is probably best known now for what was written about her rather than her acting. A little addendum to that might be necessary because some of her sexual history is coming out and one of the things she enjoyed doing most was having a man pee on her. I guess an Academy Award winner and Kim Kardashian have something in common after all. Joan Crawford

260. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 07/25 **#4**
OLD HOLLYWOOD: This actor is going to be tough to get. A B-/C+ lister at his peak and that was in his last role in a war television show which he was on for three seasons. He did have an acting brother who has Tarantino and Seinfeld in his resume. Anyway, our B-/C+ lister was one of the worst abusers that Hollywood has seen. Both his wife and child were frequent visitors to hospital emergency rooms for the beatings he dished out to them but he was never arrested. The child was taken from the home a few times for her safety.

Actor: Edward Tierney ("Combat")
Brother: Lawrence Tierney (not married, but had one daughter) (was on "Seinfeld"/"The Jacket") (was in Quentin Tarantino's "Reservoir Dogs") and (considered "the meanest man in motion picture history")

261. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 07/27 **#1**
This B- list mostly television actress is only this high because of a now decade old hit network show she was on. Everything else she has touched has not turned out nearly as well. Whispers say her drinking has not helped and a recent talk show appearance seemed to back that up as producers very reluctantly let her go on when she showed up drunk. Rose McGowan ("Charmed")/Anthology Film Archives

262. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 07/27 **#2**
This permanent A list model who still works all the time despite the fact many of her contemporaries have slowed down or quit is really working the yacht scene hard. She works because she blows through all her money thinking another deal or guy will come along. So far this summer she has struck out completely despite really lowering her demands. Naomi Campbell

263. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 07/27 **#3**
This A- list singer who is currently on tour is using the tour as an excuse to do copious amounts of coke again. She says she will stop when she finishes the tour but she loves how it keeps her thin so she will probably never give it up. Katy Perry; Lady Gaga

264. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 07/27 **#4**
The hooker that this a-hole patriarch spends time with on a regular basis finally got her name in his will and apparently slipped him a drug that she thought would kill him. It still might. Joe Jackson

265. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 07/27 **#5**
You would think there would not be much demand for an openly gay actress during yacht season, but that is not the case. Our actress does it for the drugs and not for the money, but she is the go to threesome partner when that is what is requested. One of these summers she is going to end up dead of an overdose. Michelle Rodriguez

266. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 07/27 **#6**
This former B list model who never really seems to model any longer and just seems to spend her newly single life searching for a benefactor, dumped her most recent celebrity boyfriend. She has moved on to someone much younger and much more naive. The new guy, a B+ list athlete, already dropped $50K on a piece of jewelry for her which she will sell as soon as they split. Amber Rose/Machine Gun Kelly/Odell Beckham

267. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 07/27 **#7**
After hearing the paps and other people saying she looks puffy, this former A- list tweener turned dual threat actress stopped taking her meds or at least it appears that way to some people who have seen her the past few days compared to how she was even a couple of weeks ago. Selena Gomez (corticosteroids used to treat lupus)

268. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 07/27 **#8**
This Pretty Little Liars actress says that when she drunkenly hooked up with this former A+ list tweener who has not done much except get tattoos and in trouble the past few years that he finished before he even got to the goal line so to speak. Ashley Benson/Justin Bieber

269. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 07/27 **#9**
That whole cheating on her fiance really has not worked out well for this B list mostly movie actress from an acting family. She played her cards wrong and is definitely losing the PR war because of it.
Kate Hudson (she keeps trying to get some PR. How many Jonas’ brothers can she date?)  (Matt Bellamy dating Kate look alike)

270. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 07/27 **#10**
Don’t believe this celebrity offspring turned reality star when she tells you she does not have a boyfriend or any other guy in her life. She has a married guy she has been seeing for awhile and her story is all cover. Kimberly Stewart "Stewart & Hamiltons"

271. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 07/27 **#11**
#1- This actress is an Academy Award winner/nominee but you would be hard pressed to remember it. She is still B list but has other side projects that take up a lot of her time. The other night she was waxing poetic about how she takes samples of her skin everyday and uses that to determine what she will eat and what she will wear. Gwyneth Paltrow/"GOOP"

#2 – This foreign born A-/B+ list multiple Golden Globe nominee/winner for both television and movies is cheating on her dropping quickly B- list actor husband. Emily Blunt/John Krasinski

#3 – This foreign born female singer who is probably B list in her own country and C- outside it, is telling a story about how her actress stepmother was offered the position of beard for this A+ list mostly movie actor but she turned it down because she just couldn’t lie her entire life.
Foreign born female singer: Charlotte Gainsbourg
Step-mother: Caroline von Paulus
A+ list movie actor: George Clooney

272. BLIND GOSSIP 07/27 **#1**
Just when it started to get really nasty, these two performers suddenly stopped slinging mud at each other and did something oddly cooperative. What the heck happened? Well, their agency stepped in like a parent and read them the riot act! They were told that it was unacceptable for either of them tried to take down the reputation of career of the other, and that it was to stop… NOW! Given that this powerful agency has served them well – and made them incredibly rich – they both backed down immediately. As penance, they were told to come together (although not physically) and do something nice to promote a third party. They both complied, leaving their fans baffled about the 180 degree turnaround. It’s not so puzzling, however, once you understand with which agency the third party is signed. That’s right. It’s the same agency! In the end, business won out over petty bickering. Friends, family, and colleagues have all been warned to lock down the chatter immediately. Unless somebody goes rogue, both sides should be considerably more quiet from here on out!
He: Blake Shelton
She: Miranda Lambert
Third Party: Ashley Monroe

273. BLIND GOSSIP 07/27 **#2**
We were not that shocked to discover that this famous actor had been in touch with one of his ex-girlfriends. However we WERE shocked to discover that he has recently been in touch with ALL of his exes! If you are keeping score at home, that includes two ex-girlfriends, one ex-fiancee, and one ex-lover! Back when he was with them, they were single and childless. Years later, though, everyone is either married or divorced and has one or more children. Everyone is famous (except for the first girlfriend). Nobody’s life is as carefree and unencumbered as it once was. Since his own marriage is falling apart, he clearly is looking for something. What does he want from them? Does he think that any of them are The One That Got Away? Do any of them see him that way? It’s unclear if he is looking to reminisce, to hook up, for a friendly shoulder to cry on… or something else. We just thought it was odd that he had reached out to so many of them in such a short amount of time!
Actor: Ben Affleck
Any of his Exes: Gwyneth Paltrow, Jennifer Lopez, Blake Lively

274. BLIND GOSSIP 07/27 **#3**
While working on a film just a couple of years ago, this pretty actress from a famous family fell in love with one of her male costars. The relationship progressed, and they eventually got engaged. Sweet, right? A couple of years later, our actress started working on a film with a different handsome male actor. Uh oh. They began having an affair, and, long story short, our actress broke off her engagement with the first actor to be with the second actor. Now, many months later, she is finally being seen in public with the second male actor. However, their publicists REALLY don’t want you to view our actress as some slutty girl who had an affair behind her fiance’s back. And they REALLY don’t want you to view our second actor as some horndog of a guy who broke up the engagement. Why ruin two such promising careers and two such stellar reputations when you can just lie about it? So everyone is going to pretend that new relationship is completely separate from the old one. They are going to pretend that she is such a lucky girl to have found such a great guy well AFTER she suffered the terrible heartbreak of a broken engagement. (There was no affair! There was no cheating! The two relationships didn’t overlap at all!) And the public will root for this very good girl and her very handsome savior when they shine as a new couple in the spotlight of their film’s premiere together later this year. But you’ll know the truth. Her affair with the second actor broke up her engagement with the first actor. Cheating, cheating, cheating. Overlap, overlap, overlap.
Actress: Elizabeth Olsen
First Actor: Boyd Holbrook "Very Good Girls" (broke off engagement January 2015)
Second Actor: Tom Hiddleston ("I Saw the Light")

275. BRAPPP 07/27
I know I’m posting a lot of blinds about this huge show lately, but I have a couple of reliable sources that keep delivering gold. This B-list actress on the show visits a university in the UK often. She keeps it fairly secret. It’s just a shame that she doesn’t keep her partying and drug-taking a secret. This actress will show up at a uni party, take tons of drugs (in secluded areas) and flirt with everyone in the room before returning to her own home. Her family know she has a dependency on drugs, but she’s technically an adult and they have no control over her. A little hint: check out any non-professional pictures of this actress (red carpet, candid etc.) and you’ll see that she’s on something. It’s probably hard to notice unless you’re looking for it. Her family is looking for it and they have noticed it. Maisie Williams "Game of Thrones"

276. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 07/28 **#1**
The reality star wife who is only famous because she is the wife, is cheating on her former A list tweener husband with an ex no name pro-athlete who lives in the same neighborhood. Danielle Jonas (Kevin)

277. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 07/28 **#2**
The great thing about this B list mostly television actress who always seems to find work on hit shows, is that although she is publicly lying about her relationship with this A list celebrity, she tells her friends everything. Apparently they have tried to have sex a couple of times and it was a disaster both times. He even tried to take three Viagra the second time with no success. Olivia Munn/Aaron Rogers; Kat Dennings/Josh Groban

278. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 07/28 **#3**
The wedding of this OITNB actress is on hold not for the reasons given but because she is enjoying all the sex with fans that she has been having the past few months. She also managed to hook up with this A+ list mostly movie actress. Ruby Rose (Phoebe Dahl)/Angelina Jolie

279. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 07/28 **#4**
This B+ list country singer who got her start on a non country reality show has a significant other but she hooked up with her B+ list singer with A list name recognition ex this past weekend. Not sure what women see in him. Kellie Pickler/Kid Rock

280. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 07/28 **#5**
This A-/B+ list mostly movie actor who has not had the best year publicity wise and still keeps himself in that closet, set up a company to handle his investments because he is tired of his male lover’s name always being publicized every time they make a deal. This way it will just be the name of the company. Jeremy Renner/Kristoffer Winters

281. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 07/28 **#6**
This B list mostly movie actor has some very big financial holes which he can’t seem to fill. He is taking desperate measures at this point and if caught is going down in a huge criminal mess. Rob Schneider (Willie Mays baseball card stolen) (lawsuit over film investment)

282. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 07/28 **#7**
This Teen Mom pocketed more money than I would have paid her to promote a line of outdoor products. She hates them though and is such an idiot that when fans ask her about them she says she uses a rival product.

283. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 07/28 **#8**
This former A-/B+ list franchise movie actor/pay cable actor is on relatively hard times. Nothing seems to be clicking for him, but his significant other is on a roll. He is always hanging out on her set with her because he is terrified she will leave him for someone the same age as her and who is actually getting and keeping good roles. Peter Facinelli ("Twilight" and "Nurse Jackie")/Jaimie Alexander

284. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 07/28 **#9**
She had to spend one night with the guy but he paid not only her fee, but also spent an additional $100K to take care of her friends and their expenses and trip and shopping which was almost a week long. Way easier than making bad movies and music. Selena Gomez or Lindsay Lohan

285. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 07/28 **#10**
For once, this former A+ list rapper turned B+ lister has been smart. He has been using protection when having sex. Of course he has not been having much sex because the last two times he tried to have sex he had a seizure. Lil Wayne

286. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 07/28 **#11**
From the time she was about 12, this former A- list dual threat actress was being molested on a regular basis not only by the producer of her show, but also by two of the writers. She lost her virginity to one of the co-stars of her show while the producer watched. She was alone. She was on the set all the time. She was a vibrant, funny, outgoing person before this happened. Despite her young age, this was not her first acting gig. She had several shows under her belt. She felt pressured by the producer to go along with what he said and he gave her a huge reward. Her own show. This all sounds like a pattern that has been repeated over the years. She was thrilled. She thought all the forced sex and groping would stop. She was wrong. Despite her growing fame, she was always threatened with the show being taken from her and given to someone else if she did not cooperate. After a failed attempt at suicide, she confessed to some close to her what had been happening. They told her to stand strong and she did. A week later when she said no to the producer, she thought everything was going to be great. Three days later, the show was canceled.
Actress: Victoria Justice (actress and singer)
Producer: Dan Schneider
First show: "Zoey 101"
Her show: "Victorious"
Blind item reveal May 17, 2015

287. BLIND GOSSIP 07/28 **#1**
This handsome film actor has asked his publicist to find him a girlfriend in the next couple of months. This probably won’t get done in time to promote his summer flick, but it will provide plenty of photo ops prior to his other film’s release in 1Q2016. Nothing special about his requirements. He wants someone younger, pretty, smaller than him. He would prefer an actress, and thinks that they should be famous enough to be recognized… but not super famous, or she might overshadow him. (Actually, this sounds a lot like the TV actress who engaged in a fake relationship with him a couple of years ago!) The gig is for six months, with an possible extension after the film’s release… which means that we will probably start seeing him with a new girlfriend before Thanksgiving!
Actor: Henry Cavill
Summer film: "The Man from U.N.C.L.E." (August 14, 2015)
Film release in 2016: "Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice" (March 25, 2015)
Fake relationship: Kaley Cuoco

288. BLIND GOSSIP 07/28 **#2**
This pretty actress from a popular (and long-running) television series has a couple of exciting things going on in her life! First is the surprise wedding! How sweet. We love wedding photos. Except… we can’t see any full-length photos of the bride on her special day. There’s one of her back. There’s one of her taken above the waist. What gives? You probably know by now that she is pregnant. You might even be wondering in what order the wedding and the pregnancy occurred. Well, wonder no more! Our actress just got married a few weeks ago, but she is really, REALLY pregnant. In fact, we found out that our girl is due to pop THREE WEEKS from now! Yes, she got that wedding in just under the wire. Kelli Giddish "Law & Order: SVU"/ Lawrence Faulborn (wedding photo)

289. BLIND GOSSIP 07/28 **#3**
This famous athlete is off-season, so you probably haven’t seen him photographed lately. It’s a good thing, too, because he certainly wouldn’t want you to see what he looks like right now. You see, last month, he went out drinking with a few teammates. He drank so much that he passed out in the guest bedroom at his teammate’s house. When he woke up the next day, he looked in the mirror to find that his prankster friends had shaved off his eyebrows while he slept! He didn’t find it too funny… but his teammates sure did!
Anthony Davis "the unibrow"/New Orleans Pelicans

290. BRAPPP 07/28
This A-list reality star/singer has developed an eating disorder. She’s very unhappy about the situation that’s she gotten herself in and is actively trying to escape from it. She needs to embrace her sapphic side and finally leave that closet as a lesbian (or bisexual) woman. Cheryl Fernandez-Versini

291. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 07/29 **#1**
Much like her always losing at gambling family member, this A- list singer has lost several hundred thousand dollars gambling. She always makes good for the both of them, but at some point the funds are going to run out. Lady Gaga and her father

292. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 07/29 **#2**
That was not cigarettes or pot that this beloved A- list mostly movie actress was smoking when she was at an event the other night. It was dark and hard to see, but there was definitely a glass pipe involved. Jennifer Lawrence "Just For Laughs" festival in Montreal

293. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 07/29 **#3**
This actress is probably B+. I would move her higher but her hit pay cable show is an ensemble and she never does anything else but her show. Considering her duties with the show that is probably understandable. Anyway, her temper is legendary and she literally threw a drink at a production assistant this week when they dared bring her the wrong drink. The drink hit the ground in front of the PA and splattered everyone within five feet. Lena Dunham "Girls"

294. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 07/29 **#4**
It is probably/hopefully only temporary but this A list mostly movie actress who is an Academy Award winner/nominee and moonlights on television has taken back her significant other. Yes, the same guy who has beat her multiple times and cheats on her every chance he gets. This reunion will probably last until just the next beating. Charlize Theron/Sean Penn in South Africa for movie re-shoots of "The Last Face"

295. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 07/29 **#5**
This B+ list rapper’s money problems are so bad that he is pressing for a marriage really quickly to his reality star girlfriend. He has been trying to get her to do it but since she is filming there has not been a chance. He knows there will be a pre-nup but he doesn’t care. He just wants her to pay for everything now and he will finally have a chance to get some breathing room.
Tyga/Kylie Jenner

296. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 07/29 **#6**
Short and sweet. This A- list mostly television actor who is on a hit television role number three, has not had nearly as much luck with movies. None really. Nothing independent at least. Anyway, he recently wrote a seven figure check which was one of the reasons he took a recent job. The reason for the check? To keep his relationship with a 16 year old female teen out of the news and him out of jail. David Duchovny ("X-Files"; "Californication"; "Aquarius"

297. MR. X 07/29 **#1**
"I’m sorry, I don’t speak to the help. " – mother of an A++ list songstress to a limo driver who was simply asking her if the location he was dropping her off at was the correct one. Beyoncé’s mother Tina Knowles

298. MR. X 07/29 **#2**
What A++ list singer and multiple Grammy winner’s PR team is in panic mode after several people who have worked with the singer confirmed on Twitter that she is indeed a self-centered, bitchy control freak? Don’t worry folks, this is just beginning.
Taylor Swift (Ed Droste "Mean Girl Taylor Swift’s Friendship Rules!")

299. MR. X 07/29 **#3**
What A-list actor who has a film opening this week was sporting a noticeably longer hairdo lately? Yes, he has gotten a hair transplant and it probably won’t be the last one he gets. He had a noticeable bald spot before the plugs were put in, which made him freak out. Tom Cruise "Mission: Impossible - Rogue Nation"

300. MR. X 07/29 **#4**
What newly disgraced athlete is being set up by his ex wife, who is still waiting for those alimony checks? She and her attorneys have using the focal point of this current scandal as leverage/blackmail. Hulk Hogan (Linda)

301. MR. X 07/29 **#5**
What former A-list entertainer and EGOT winner recently applied for a permit to use medical marijuana even though she’s been a pot smoker since she was a teenager? Liza Minnelli

302. BRAPPP 07/29
This A-list superstar actor is trying to secure the director’s helm on the next installment of his franchise for a controversial friend, who happens to be eternally A-list. The producers, eager for the A-list superstar’s return, have promised to consider it and will be watching closely the production of the controversial A-lister’s comeback movie that starts filming soon. Robert Downey Jr./Mel Gibson "Iron Man 4"

303. BLIND GOSSIP 07/29 **#1**
This actress’ Significant Other thought that their public appearances as a couple meant that they were now a big and permanent part of each others lives. Maybe not. It’s not going so well right now. It seems that the glow is off the relationship and the actress has been putting a little distance between them. She is no longer including the S.O. in every movement and every decision, and the S.O. is a getting a bit panicky about her decreasing role in the actress’ life. She hates that [Actress] is just being passive-aggressive about everything. She is worried that [Actress] wants out of the relationship but doesn’t have the guts to say it. She doesn’t know why this is happening or what to do about it. We told her that maybe [Actress] just doesn’t want her up in her business every moment of the day, but she doesn’t think that’s it. She’s convinced that [Actress] is cheating on her or planning to dump her or something bad like that. Ruby Rose ("OITNB")/Phoebe Dahl (delays wedding)

304. BLIND GOSSIP 07/29 **#2**
These two music artists are back to sniping at each other. Nothing terribly surprising about that. However, what is surprising to us is how completely calculating one of the artists is being in their approach. The American Sniper is going in for the kill in a very strategic way! They have their team following traffic trends on social networking sites. When the traffic drops below a certain point, they fire another shot to spark some new outrage. We’re told that some of that outrage is manufactured purely to gain more followers/friends/etc… in the hopes that those numbers will translate to higher sales!
When our American Sniper isn’t hiding in the grass, he’s smoking it!
American Sniper: Meek Mill
Other Music Artist: Drake

305. BLIND GOSSIP 07/29 **#3**
Everyone is piling on this young actress and calling her all sorts of nasty names. We’re going to explain to you why you might not want to judge her too harshly… and why she should consider making some adjustments to the way she communicates. She was genuinely upset that her one of her interviews went so badly. She is young, she is not that experienced in dealing with the press, and she doesn’t quite understand how her demeanor rubs some people the wrong way. Despite what people are saying, her behavior with a group of journalists was not meant to be rude or nasty. You may not have seen many interviews with her, but she is actually consistently dry and sarcastic in real life. She will often say exactly the opposite of what she means to be funny. For example, if you ask her if she likes ice cream, she will say, "No. I hate it!" with a completely serious face. It is a standard of humor that is fairly common where she comes from. Unfortunately, she is just not experienced enough to recognize that her sarcastic delivery is not universally understood or beloved and can come off to other cultures as looking and sounding rude. Basically, her sense of humor got lost in translation. Likeability is often a key factor in popularity, and her team is going to have to help her adjust her communication skills. She’s either going to need to cut out the sarcasm… or learn how to do an appropriate American followup to properly convey her humor. For audio interviews, after a sarcastic remark, she could take a beat, say "just kidding", and then proceed to express her true feelings. For video interviews, following up a sarcastic remark with a quick smile (a common American approach) would let the interviewer know that her previous remark was meant in jest. It isn’t up to us to adjust to her. It’s up to her to adjust to us. The sooner she understands that and modifies her approach, the sooner everyone can focus on her talent. We’ve seen her latest work, and she does have good acting instincts. If she can just master the art of communicating properly in other cultures, she should have a long and successful career ahead of her. Cara Delevingne "Paper Towns" interview

306. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 07/30 **#1**
This foreign born mostly television actress who has not had much luck in television or much of anything despite one great critically acclaimed show which lasted a very short time almost a decade ago. She made her fame in the movies and with a paternity question. She also made a planeload of passengers upset when she forgot her passport and sent her assistant to claim it and deliver it to her at the airport.
Actress: Minnie Driver
Critically acclaimed show: "The Riches"

307. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 07/30 **#2**
It always cracks me up when the biggest drug user in the family by a great distance is the one preaching that no one in the family uses drugs. Yeah, I am talking about this A list reality star in an A list reality family. Khloé Kardashian

308. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 07/30 **#3**
This former full-time Housewife turned part-timer paid a guy $2500 while she was filming to have sex with her just to juice up her storyline because she wants to return to full-time status.
Porsha Williams "The Real Housewives of Atlanta"/NFL player Duke William

309. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 07/30 **#4**
This A- list mostly movie actress was almost A+ list at one point. An Academy Award winner/nominee she had a boyfriend that she cheated on and he made her life miserable. She couldn’t get any work at all for over a year and even the work she is getting now is not really at the same level. It has taken time and a lot of personal phone calls and pleading to get what she has now. Hilary Swank/John Campisi (agent at Creative Artists Agency)

310. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 07/30 **#5**
This A list actress is mostly movies now that her long running network show has ended. She has always been open and forthcoming about her life and been one of the better actress interviews. While promoting her new movie though she has been tight lipped and reluctant to discuss anything other than the movie. Her new boyfriend just has her completely under his control and it is scary to watch what he has done to her. Amy Poehler ("Wet Hot American Summer: First Day of Camp")/Nick Kroll

311. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 07/30 **#6**
I can’t remember ever hearing about this female permanent A+ singer ever being with another woman, but she is now. Apparently it is not a new thing either. This has been a relationship that has progressed over the past two years with a woman who even lives with the singer. Celine Dion (her husband René Angélil has throat cancer); Cher; Barbra Streisand

312. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 07/30 **#7**
Apparently the woman that finally caused the split between this former A list mostly television actor from that very hit cable show that ended and his very long term significant other was this foreign born B list mostly movie actress who basically played herself in her biggest movie role. She hooked up with the lead in that movie and hooked up with this lead from the first day they met. Not sure why her significant other sticks around. Is the baby even his?
A list television actor: Jon Hamm
Show: "Mad Men"
Significant other: Jennifer Westfeldt
Foreign born B list movie actress/significant other: Gal Gadot/Israeli businessman Yaron Varsano
Movie: "Keeping Up with the Joneses"
Her biggest movie role: "Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice" (Wonder Woman)
Lead actor: Henry Cavill

313. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 07/30 **#8**
This B list comedian/actor always comes across as a nice, normal guy. He used to be. Then a hit network show that has ended and a bunch of headlining gigs and shows and books has turned him into as big of a diva as you will find. There is a reason no one wants to work with him twice or why he is not invited to the events of his former co-stars who he had an almost decade long relationship. B.J. Novak/"The Office"

314. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 07/30 **#9**
This B+ list actress stars as a lead on an almost television show. The story is based on her, but she is about to be killed off. She is doing everything she can to change the minds of the writers and producers. Taylor Schilling/Piper on "Orange Is the New Black"

315. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 07/30 **#10**
If you thought Kaley Cuoco looked different for BBT this year, just wait until you get a look at this B+ list mostly television actress on a hit network show. Whoa. The work done to her this summer and her weight loss and whatever else she does has her looking like a wax figure. A skinny former coke head one. Sarah Hyland "Modern Family"

316. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 07/30 **#11**
This foreign born B list model/beard spent the night in a suite at a hotel in London this week when she was supposed to be at the place where her A+ list mostly movie actor boyfriend is staying. I guess he does not care what she does since they don’t have sex. Irina Shayk/Bradley Cooper

317. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 07/30 **#12**
This A list dual threat actor didn’t even bother looking for his cracked out daughter. She is a celebrity because most offspring of A listers tend to be celebrities. She is nothing special but most of you know her name at least. It was her mom who hired private detectives to track down her daughter. Basically the mom saved her daughter’s life by her actions but the daughter knows where the money is and blames the mom while the dad is beloved. The same dad that left her in the crack den. The crack den where the private detectives found her. The crack den where she had been for about five days and the same crack den where she was sleeping with random men for more crack. Lots of random men from what the report of the detectives says. Our offspring was a mess and almost dead, but she never gives thanks to mom. Montana Fishburne (father: Laurence Fishburne) (mother: Hajna O. Moss)

318. BLIND GOSSIP 07/30
Remember the case of Rachael Dolezal, a white women who pretended to be black? Well, we hear that a certain television personality is also lying about her background! This one is a reality star. The only reason that she was given a spot on this reality show that features X people is because she claims to be of mixed X heritage. Nope. She is actually a mix of Y and Z. Not even close to X.
Asifa Mirza "Shahs of Sunset" (X cast is Persian/Asifa Mirza claims to be half Indian, half Persian)

319. POPBITCH 07/30
1. Which big-serving tennis player enjoyed a threesome with a tennis fan and his coach at a UK tournament? They got down to it as the sounds of a brass band playing "Sussex By The Sea" drifted in from outside.

2. Seeing as he’s in the news for being linked to his nanny, can you remember which leading lady Ben Affleck was overheard on set telling "[Actress], you have THE finest growler!"? (growler: vagina...from the rhyming slang growl and grunt meaning cunt.) Rosamund Pike (British born) "Gone Girl" (in Amy and Nick’s sexual encounter, we see her, bra and panties still on, receiving oral sex from Nick. Amy is in a position of sexual power — powerful women get cunnilingus)

320. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 07/31 **#1**
This B list mostly movie actress from an acting family has a new movie coming out. Her male co-star is getting huge accolades, but not for our "do anything to get noticed" actress. Her PR company is paying people to Tweet out how great our actress is in the movie and to trash her co-star. She really is desperate to be famous. Elizabeth Olsen/Tom Hiddleston/"I Saw the Light"

321. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 07/31 **#2**
This former A list athlete turned reality star/celebrity trainwreck is desperate to hide his fling with a transgendered woman but at the same time wants it known how much he supports people who are transgendered.
Jose Conseco (plans to live for week as a woman in support of Caitlyn Jenner)

322. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 07/31 **#3**
This A-/B+ list mostly movie actress has basically moved to NYC to be closer to her married B+ list mostly movie actor lover. Sienna Miller/Eddie Redmayne  (filming of "Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them" starts filming in NYC in August)

323. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 07/31 **#4**
This A- list mostly movie actress who is a celebrity offspring is on a three day bender and actually looks pretty decent considering her massive drug use this week. The no showering kind of gives it away though.

324. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 07/31 **#5**
This B+/A- list mostly television actor did have a movie role this year, but when you think about it, the whole thing is television. Anyway, our actor recently got the snot beaten out of him when the boyfriend of the woman he was having sex with caught them together. Jeremy Piven or Kevin Dillon "Entourage"

325. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 07/31 **#6**
The boyfriend of this openly gay former A+ list singer in a group who is probably close to permanent A list like the band, says that the singer gave him a permanent STD. Michael Stipe "REM"; Boy George "Culture Club"

326. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 07/31 **#7**
We have a new possible contender for Coke Mom 2. This former B list model who basically made her fame with her boyfriend and then husband, had two girlfriends over and they were doing lines right in front of the model’s baby. Amber Rose (Kanye West and Wiz Khalifa)

327. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 07/31 **#8**
#1- This A list Christmas singer was having sex with a woman while his girlfriend was out to dinner. Josh Groban/Kat Dennings (Josh Groban's 'I'll be Home for Christmas' named top holiday song of all time)

#2 – As much as this foreign born singer does hook up with women he also hooks up with men. It is one of the reasons this A+ lister kept going back to him. She does not like boring. Chris Martin/Jennifer Lawrence

#3 – The former hookup while he was married of this Teen Mom husband made a sex tape with him which I have discussed here before. She actually has filmed three additional scenes with different guys she is going to release after the sex tape with him.

#4 – The husband of this A+ list mostly movie actress sure did have his hand really far under the skirt of the woman he took to lunch at a Century City restaurant. Jim Toth/Reese Witherspoon

328. BRAPPP 07/31
This B-list ‘musician’ is in an up and coming (or trying to be ‘up and coming’) boyband. He’s closeted as so many of them are, and he’s in relationship with another ‘musician’ in another up and coming boyband on his record label.
Union J’s George Shelley

329. BLIND GOSSIP 07/31 **#1**
This film and television actress from a foreign country is best known for her high-profile relationship with a famous actor more than ten years ago. She has been through several long-term relationships with wealthy men since then, but is now divorced and raising her child/ren on her own. She has reason to believe that she is about to get publicly dragged through the mud about a long-ago affair with a very prominent politician. The affair was one that was rumored about at the time, but the rumors are absolutely true. The politician was (and still is) married, but told our actress that the marriage was a sham. He has a lot of skeletons in his closet, and our actress happens to be one of them. She has instructed her publicists to prepare to deny deny deny everything, and they are going to go on the offensive now by trying to bolster public opinion of her as a good mom. They hope that perception will blunt any upcoming attacks on her as a mistress and a gold digger.
Actress: Elizabeth Hurley
Famous actor: Hugh Grant
Dated: Tom Sizemore; wealthy British video-producer-turned-chef William Annesley; Steve Bing/father of her son Damian (Net Worth: $600 Million); Theodore Fosrtmann (at the time of his death he was worth $1.8billion); Denis Leary (even though he was married); Tim Jeffries (known as the Green Shield stamps heir); Steve Nash (Canadian professional basketball player); Aussie cricketer Shane Warne
Married to: Arun Nayar (Net Worth: $200 Million)
Politician: Bill Clinton
Good mom

330. BLIND GOSSIP 07/31 **#2**
Celebrities usually try to keep a low profile during their travels so they can avoid chaos at places like airports and hotels. Not this film actor! He has been very famous for over twenty years, but his publicists still need to work overtime to make sure that everyone knows what a big star he is. In this case, publicists contacted some of his super fans in a specific city and notified them that the actor was going to be at a certain place at a certain time. They were told to bring as many friends and family members as possible who would yell and scream and mob him. In return, they were promised that he would personally meet and greet each super fan. So although it looks some spontaneous, rogue crowd of fans surprised him in his travels because they are all dying to see his new movie… all of that chaos was actually planned, orchestrated, and heavily marketed in advance! Tom Cruise/"Mission: Impossible - Rogue Nation" (Tokyo)

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