NOTE: Guesses in italics are only guesses;
guesses in RED are a link to the solution or substantial clues.

This A- list mostly movie actress/producer/former television actress from a long running network hit show which is over, is taking a lot of flack from women’s groups for continuing to support this jerk of an A list comedian/actor who regularly abuses women. Amy Poehler/Louis CK

It is hard to believe that this former A+ list tweener turned A+ list celebrity who does no acting can have abused drugs as much as she has for the past two decades and still be alive and never been busted. She did get close to busted once when an investigation touched on her. Having as much money as she does helps too. Mary-Kate Olsen (Heath Ledger overdose death)

This former A+ list child actor turned B- list celebrity/actor/performer with A+ list name recognition told some friends the other day that if he could go back in time he would kill a family member who molested the actor and his siblings. Macaulay Culkin; Corey Feldman

This former A list singer from back in the day who still has A list name recognition and who is basically a fat waste of space right now got his wife hooked on sizzurp. Must have made for an interesting pregnancy. Bobby Brown’s wife Alicia Etheredge (gave birth on July 9, rushed to the hospital on August 1 for seizures)

If this latest installment in a super hero franchise goes over budget, the studio might want to look at how much time and money is being spent making sure there are plenty of gay porn stars on the set for quickies and orgies. "X-Men: Apocalypse"/Director: Bryan Singer filming in Québec, Canada

KINDNESS: This former A list mostly television actor from a very long running hit network show turned A- list mostly movie actor who is an Academy Award winner/nominee, tipped 150% on a recent dinner check and also took photos with every single diner in the place. No one who wanted something from the guy didn’t get it. Steve Carrell ("The Office")

This former Beverly Hills Housewife is cheating on her husband. She says it is over. She wants to be in LA 100% of the time. She is thirsty in more than one way. Taylor Armstrong

8. BRAPPP 08/03
This actor is a former B-list television star, but it’s his bedroom activities that we’re interested. Nearly every female we know who has slept with our actor, rates him as a regularly superman between the sheets. One eternal A-list playboy model/actress considers him her top lover, and she’s had more than a few rock stars and legendary lovers in her midst. Dean Cain/Pamela Anderson

For public consumption, this former A+ list mostly movie actor turned A-/B+ lister who is trying his best to return to permanent A lister, has been dating a random Hollywood type model/actress/arm candy. In private he is dating a woman who is a transgender. He does not think his fans are ready for it. He won’t make it public unless he thinks it is a forever thing.
Actor: Keanu Reeves
Dating: Bojana Novakovic
Real girlfriend: Jamie Clayton

The foreign born celebrity ex-wife of this former A+ list singer who was A+ list back in Old Hollywood times, is having an affair with this married producer/reality star who has appeared in minor roles on several reality shows to always make his fame hungry wives happy. At least this current fling has already done reality but unless you live in a certain country you have never seen it.
Celebrity ex-wife: Danuta Anna Kolodziejska (Anna Anka)
Reality show: "Swedish Hollywood Wives"
A+ list singer: Paul Anka ("Paul Anka: I never pulled gun on wife")
Married producer/reality star: David Foster
Linda Thompson "Princes of Malibu" and Yolanda Foster "Real Housewives of Beverly Hills"

This celebrity offspring is being paid by another family member to keep yet another family member clean and sober by acting as a sober companion. She is failing miserably but is loving getting paid for something other than sex. Hailey Baldwin (father Stephen)/Ireland Baldwin (father Alec, who is paying Hailey)

This foreign born former A+ list singer from back in the day who has not had a hit in awhile after almost a decade of hits has been consoling another singer who is A- list. I wonder if the A- lister knows the former A+ lister used to regularly have sex with the now former husband of the A- lister.
Former A+ list singer: Shania Twain
A- list singer/ex-husband: Miranda Lamber/Blake Shelton

After the death last year of his long time partner, this closeted married foreign born A list mostly movie actor has found someone else he has been seeing while out of the eye of paps here in the States.

While out of the country, this A list reality star had some liposuction done to her body to get to the areas where even her excessive coke use can’t seem to get all the extra fat she wanted removed. Khloé Kardashian

As much as the crew of this somehow renewed for a second season network show hated the first season, the second is even worse. The former A list mostly television actress who is the star of the show thinks they should all worship her for getting them work for a second season and acts like it every second of the day. Debra Messing "Mysteries of Laura"

This former drug addict/A list reality star is married. She also has a new reality show and her other stuff she sells too. On a talk show appearance this past week she wore her wedding ring but only because her assistant made sure she put it on before walking out. Nicole Richie (Joel Madden)/"Candidly Nicole"

This celebrity offspring of a member of a permanent A list group of which he is no longer taking part after being fired, has a sex tape and is in a lot of trouble because she has been showing it to friends. She is younger than 18. Eva Sambora (Richie Sambora ("Jon Bon Jovi") and Heather Locklear)

18. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 08/03 **#10**
This B list mostly movie actress is married to an A lister, but maybe not for long. He apparently caught her raiding some of his bank accounts and wiring the money to herself. Amber Heard/Johnny Depp

19. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 08/03 **#11**
Back in season 2 of this hit almost television show, two of the leads hooked up. One is a closeted female (#1) and the other (#2) doesn’t hang out in the closet, but is not exactly leading a Pride parade either. #1 used to be almost A list on television on a hit network show and then dropped off the earth until this latest gig. #2? You had to love her other projects to know who she was but for now is probably B+. Everyone on set knew they were hooking up in the trailer after filming. They dated for about six months until the start of the next season of filming. When #2 started dating another woman, #1 couldn’t handle filming any more sex scenes with #2. Because of that, the writers had to add another character (#3) who probably is the most grateful person in the world because if it. When the new love interest was introduced #1 got ticked off and almost refused to work. So, the writers tried to minimize the sex scenes involving #2 and her role and is one of the reasons she might not be around on the show much longer.
Show: "Orange Is the New Black"
#1: Laura Prepon "That '70s Show"
#2: Taylor Schilling/Carrie Brownstein "Portlandia"
#3: Ruby Rose

20. BLIND GOSSIP 08/03
When you heard that this super-skinny female celebrity was dating this big actor, did you think that it was an odd coupling? After all, she has always been so body-conscious. Her past beaus tended to be either thin or buff guys. This guy is just so… opposite. Well, you can stop wondering about her motivation! We found out that she is looking to expand her "brand" to include a healthy men’s line. She wants to dramatically transform the TV actor so she will have a walking advertisement of what her brand can do. No, we don’t know if he is aware of her plan.
Celebrity: Bethenny Frankel "Real Housewives of New York City" (Skinny Girl)
Actor: Eric Stonestreet "Modern Family"

This star of a superhero flick was wishing he could disappear after fearing that he’d knocked up a one-night stand in Italy. While it was just a scare, the actor is now terrified that his ex will find out and not take him back. Mamma mia!

Actor: Dominic Cooper (filming "Stratton" in Italy/plays Howard Stark, Tony Stark’s "Ironman" father/starred in "Mamma Mia")
Ex: Ruth Negga or Amanda Seyfried

This B- list actress only gets that high because of her A+ list mostly movie actor husband. Without him she is close to D list at this point. Anyway, she performed at some charity event the other night and threw a fit because people did not present her with flowers or a standing ovation after her performance.
Jenna Dewan Tatum (Channing)   "Dizzy Feet Foundation’s Fifth Annual Celebration of Dance Gala Saturday at Club Nokia"

This former A list mostly television actress from a long running hit network show turned A list mostly movie actress has been in hiding for much of the past month because of some horrible plastic surgery. It is not that it was botched, but she looks so different that she is scared what people will think. Jennifer Aniston (I see the difference, but not enough to go into hiding. She does not show herself much lately though at all)

This openly gay A list designer who has a significant other was trolling in a bath house last week. Apparently he wanted bareback or nothing. Marc Jacobs

This falling down to a B list singer despite her rabid fan base, is out of the country right now but it has not stopped her coke intake. Apparently she is using a lot more openly being out of the country. I still can’t believe her boyfriend took her back after what she did to him.

These two actress sisters can’t stand each other. They rarely speak to each other. The more famous of the two is probably B+ and is a dual threat. The other is a B lister. The boyfriend of the B lister once hit on the B+ lister. Since that time, no love between the sisters.
B+ list: Kate Mara (TV and movies)
B lister: Rooney Mara (Charlie McDowell)

This foreign born mostly movie actor used to be A+ list. Now that he has kids with different mothers and late nights at universities to try and find someone who will have sex with him, he has slipped to A- list. The other night he called his ex who has a name that sounds like a singer. Anyway, he called her after not speaking to her for almost a year and wanted her to come over and have a threesome with some college woman. Hugh Grant/Jemima Khan (sounds like Chaka Khan) (her Halloween party in 2014)

Since I didn’t find any reveals for Reba and her divorce, I thought I would write a little Reba story that happened to me back in the day. I am giving you Reba’s name and it did take place at one of her concerts but it involved her opening act. It is hard to believe he used to be an opening act, but he was. At one point shortly after this he probably became the biggest male country singer of all-time. I mean he was everywhere and stayed that way for years. When he was opening for Reba he was just starting to break out and had his first huge single. Back when this happened, I was doing what I usually did at concerts during that time period, I was hanging out by the free booze. Hey, someone has to drink that stuff that people put on their riders. It was sound check and our singer, who was married at the time and according to the interviews he gave, happily, was going through a few of his songs while three or four women hovered near him. After he sang, he grabbed one of the women and took her to a little room off the side of the stage and didn’t even bother shutting the door. Just had sex with her right there. I remember that the only comment he made after was that he was upset his cowboy hat fell off because he didn’t like people to see he was balding. Fast forward about two hours. Our singer is scheduled to go on stage in about 20 minutes. He had to be on time taking the stage because Reba had a schedule and if you altered it any way, you were going to get a talking to from her and Narvel. And when I say talking to, I mean her yelling and ranting. She was the Queen of country at the time. You didn’t fuck with Reba. Our singer though was enjoying the attention of the groupies that his crew had found for him. It was a little backstage area and apparently one of them told him they would sleep with him. He refused though because he already had changed into a heavily starched shirt and jeans which were glued on. He did tell her she could perform oral on him though. She agreed and started to head back towards the area where the tour buses were parked. He said, "I don’t have time to go out there. It is right here or never." I remember her looking around at the ten or so people gathered and she just couldn’t do it. She started crying and said no. He called her a tease and looked at the other groupies gathered near him and asked if any would take his place. None said yes. I was disgusted at the whole thing and walked away. About five minutes before he was set to start his set I saw him behind the stage down at ground level. He was leaning with his back against the stage and the woman who had been crying before was now down on her knees. I guess she just wanted some privacy. No sooner had they finished that he ran around to the side of the stage and up the stairs and started his set. Garth Brooks

29. BLIND GOSSIP 08/04 **#1**
Let’s talk about this famous couple’s upcoming divorce. Claiming that the marriage fell apart because he cheated with some girl is a clever way to piggyback onto another divorcing couple’s excuse. To solicit public sympathy over another trusted young female temptress destroying the sanctity of marriage is preferable to admitting the truth. The truth is that she was in in a marriage with a bisexual man whose side pieces were usually male. It will be very interesting to see if the wife casually mentions any of the husband’s male "friends" in the next few months. We are particularly curious to see if she drops the name of one certain male musician. Gwen Stefani/Gavin Rossdale/Peter Robinson, who was known as Marilyn and (affair with nanny)

30. BLIND GOSSIP 08/04 **#2**
This young celebrity with the famous last name is having a complete meltdown over an acting job. She doesn’t know if she should quit… or stick with it… or if she’s being fired! She took a gig for which she was not qualified, and the realization of her unpreparedness is starting to sink in. She is handling the stress very badly and is crying and having major anxiety attacks over her potential failure. She can’t violate her contract, so she might have to gracefully exit the job by getting some sort of doctor’s note claiming that she is unable to fulfill her responsibilities. It wouldn’t be a lie. Just an exaggeration to keep her from the humiliation of failure or getting fired. How would the producers deal with her departure? "At this point they would be secretly relieved if she quit! That would save them the legal headache of having to fire her. They already have [a celebrity replacement] ready to go." Either she or the producers have to make a decision soon. The clock’s ticking!
Rumer Willis as Roxy Hart in "Chicago" on Broadway

31. BLIND GOSSIP 08/04 **#3**
Just because she was publicly caught for the first time doing something doesn’t mean that it was her first time doing it! This woman has always had impulse control problems. She also has a long history of taking things that don’t belong to her. When she was a famous child actress, she regularly got into trouble for stealing. She would cry and beg the store manager not to report her, claiming that it would ruin her career. She would say that she thought someone else had already paid for it, or that someone else had dared her to do it. She was a good little actress – and quite famous at the time – and the store manager didn’t want to be responsible for ruining some famous kid’s life over a $10 pair of earrings. So they simply released her to the custody of her parents. As she was making more money than them at the time – and they could not do anything to her that would interfere with her work – her parents just let it go, too. Without any consequences, the little thief never had reason to stop her behavior. Her family will say that they are shocked and that this is the first time that something like this has ever happened. They may even try to blame it on need or substance abuse or forgetfulness. However, they all know her history. The little thief has done this many, many times over the years. This is simply the first time she was unable to get away with it. Kim Richards "Real Housewives of Beverly Hills"

32. BRAPPP 08/04
Some opportunistic members of this suddenly prominent family are pitching a reality television starring themselves to various producers and production companies after a recently family tragedy. Bobby Brown's two sisters, brother and their children are filming about their lives, and Bobbi Kristina's struggle with her health will be chronicled in the process

This former almost A- list mostly movie actress who crashed and burned to the point of doing yacht work full-time, has had a recent cash windfall of her own because of her revived cable movie career. That cash has been going to drugs and she has spent all of the money she has earned. Now she is back hooking up with generous men who want to spend time with her. It wouldn’t shock me to see her overdose. Tara Reid "Sharnado" movies

The mother of this former A list reality star who still somehow has her own show after another show on a different network that was an ensemble, has been selling stories to the tabloids. It has caused a rift between the two because the mom is telling the truth about the daughter’s marriage while the daughter tries to make a story line to get another season. Kendra Wilkinson (mother Patti)

This former A- list mostly television actress who has not done much since her long running hit network show ended a few years back has been trying to get her daughter work. Her daughter has not got much work, but our actress is hitting the casting couch hard to try and get it to work. She sees her daughter as a future meal ticket. Teri Hatcher ("Desperate Housewives")/Emerson Tenney

This A list reality star is the matriarch of her family. She also likes to control every bit of information she can which is why she funnels money into these brand new celebrity websites that keep popping up. The sites seem to only focus on her family and only the positives. When they do talk about something else it is usually the enemies of the family. Kris Jenner

This about to be legal reality star wants to make a huge splash. One of the things she really wants to do is show off with a woman she has been having a fling with and who is also a threesome partner with her boyfriend. Kylie Jenner/Tyga/Mia Pia

The only time the paps had photos of this couple spending a romantic weekend with each other was on Sunday morning when they both showed up a place to eat. They wanted it to look like they spent the weekend together, but she was with her friends at one place and this former A list tweener turned A-/B+ list mostly movie actor was having his own drug fueled party in a separate place. Zac Efron/Sami Miro

Except when they are locked in their hotel room at night with all booze removed from the mini-bar, this Fantastic Four actor has a studio person watching them on this press tour to keep them out of trouble. Miles Teller

This married Academy Award winner/nominee actor who used to be A+ at least in his franchise, is probably A list now because he would only play a lead, but has not done much of anything great as of late. His wife caught him in bed with a barely legal couple who he was introduced to by a family member. The wife didn’t interrupt but apparently saw photos of the encounter on her husband’s phone. Nicolas Cage

This former A list tweener who has struggled since possibly reaching puberty is spending so much time using drugs that he is losing days at a time. He only ventures outside every few days and it is costing him a lot of money because he keeps bailing on paying gigs. Justin Bieber

42. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 08/05 **#10**
This thankfully now a former reality star from a family of reality stars, recently broke up with his girlfriend because she wouldn’t have phone or webcam sex with him. The girlfriend said it was all he talked about and she was always feeling pressured. Joshiah Dugger/Marjorie Jackson

43. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 08/05 **#11**
This not going to be long because there is very limited information that has leaked. This dual threat B- list actor was on a huge long running network hit but not for the entire run. He also has had a decent movie career and is headed back to television now. He is being investigated for providing meth to a minor and then having sex with her. One source said she was 16 and another said 17, but either way he would be in trouble. He has been providing her drugs for close to a year and also having a sexual relationship with her during that period.
Actor: Adam Rodriguez
Network hit: "CSI: Miami"
Movie career: "Magic Mike" and "Magic Mike XXL"
TV: "The Night Shift"

44. BRAPPP 08/05
This A-list reality star, who is whoring herself out in Cannes and the Middle East, is earning 40% of what her older sisters have earned. It’s gone up since the boob job, but she’s still lagging behind her oldest sister. The mother treats it as a competition. Kylie Jenner

45. BRAPPP 08/06
This actress is solid A-list, but her ego is somehow even higher than her talent. She’ll openly mock other actresses by boasting of how she could secure an Oscar nomination ‘without even trying’ while her contemporaries ‘struggle to even get work.’ She won’t admit it, but the actress thinks of everything and everyone as a competition and some even thinks she takes a little joy in her children’s failures, if she’s not dismissing their work entirely. Meryl Streep

This former America’s Sweetheart athlete from a couple of decades ago is cheating on her husband with a much younger athlete. Nancy Kerrigan/Jerry Solomon

Things must be at the breaking point for this B list mostly television actress from a hit network show and her boyfriend. Never a fun girlfriend, she was calling her boyfriend every ten minutes demanding to know why he had not shown up to the set yet. From the level of yelling, I’m pretty sure he never bothered to show up and I can’t believe he would want to continue dating her. Sarah Hyland (Dominic Sherwood)

This still A list mostly movie actress who is an Academy Award winner/nominee thought she looked awful when she saw scenes from the current installment of her franchise she is shooting. No stranger to plastic surgery, the actress got her breasts lifted and enlarged during a weekend off from shooting. So, yes, when you suddenly see her jump a size in breast size in the movie, now you will know why.
Renee Zellweger (PROBABLY: "The Whole Truth")

This Teen Mom had to postpone an extremely important event because she knows she would not be able to pass the drug test that would be ordered. Jenelle Evans

This former A- list mostly television actress turned A- list movie actress turned A list mostly television actress is pretty much just a celebrity at this point. Married, with child(ren) but not for much longer if anyone catches her with that guy she has been seeing. Katherine Heigl/Josh Kelley

This married former A list talk show host who is still an A list comedian has been putting out feelers for a new woman to fulfill his being spanked fantasies. The one he had been using got married and quit the business. Jay Leno

I didn’t think it was possible for this former A- list tweener singer turned sugary B+ list mostly movie actress, still has A list name recognition but does not much to hate this A+ list singer. They have had a long long feud about the now ex of our former tweener. With the news of the past two days though, our former tweener has gone on a rampage telling stories out of school about the A+ lister.
Former A- list tweener: Mandy Moore
Ex: Ryan Adams
A+ lister: Taylor Swift

News: Taylor Swift's '1989' to Be Covered in Its Entirety By Ryan Adams

Over the past two weeks a video has surfaced that was taken almost a decade ago. It features this former A- list mostly television actress from a very hit network show now off the air, turned do nothing until another big network break on a different network, having sex with a producer of the first hit. She was barely legal and apparently he filmed the encounter for his own pleasure but to also prove it was consensual in case it ever came up. Not being shown, but supposedly he has a recording of him having sex with the mom of the actress too.
Actress: Hayden Panettiere
First hit network show: "Heroes"
Second hit network show: "Nashville"
Mother: Lesley R. Vogel (a former soap opera actress)

Producer: POSSIBLY: Tim Kring (also creator) or Dennis Hammer

Why yes, that was this B list actress offspring from two cable shows sprawled out on the bathroom floor of the In-N-Out on Sunset and Orange drunk off her butt. She had been at the Roosevelt slamming drink after drink before staggering down the road. Emma Roberts "American Horror Story" and "Scream Queens"

This long running host of a game show is married but has no problems picking up college women visiting the show almost every day they film. He must be pushing 70 by now. Pat Sajak (68) "Wheel Of Fortune"

Lost in the shuffle of the career of this foreign born B+ list mostly movie actress who is beloved, is the time she got pregnant, went into hiding and then had the baby. That she had the baby is known by more than a few people. You can’t just have someone like her give birth and have a 100% lockdown. Fewer people know who is raising the baby, but it is a family member who suddenly had a baby one day. What I have always wondered is who the father of the baby is. Is it the actor who we would all want her to have the baby with under normal circumstances or is it that two week hookup she had. Those are the two big possibilities.
B+ list actress: Rachel McAdams
Normal circumstances actor: Ryan Gosling
Two week hookup: POSSIBLY: Josh Lucas or Owen Wilson

57. BLIND GOSSIP 08/06
These two very good looking celebrities broke up several years ago. Our actress went on to marry a famous actor and subsequently had minimal contact with the Ex. Why? Because her current husband is a temperamental jerk who is jealous of everyone that she has ever dated or been married to before him. It’s not even like a rivalry. It’s more of an all-out, blood-curdling hatred. So she avoids even mentioning the names of any of her Exes to keep him calm. Now here’s the odd part. She and her current husband are on the rocks. Know who she’s been leaning on for emotional support? One of her famous Exes! Uh oh. She had better hide the baseball bat, because if her husband finds out, he is going to go ballistic!
Actress: Halle Berry
Her Actor Husband: Olivier Martinez
Ex: David Justice (baseball reference)

This B list rapper who acts like he has more money than he actually does, skipped out on a paycheck to spend more time partying with a Thai transgender woman he met this past week out of the country. I wonder if his A list girlfriend knows. Tyga/Kylie Jenner

These two co-stars are hooking up. No, that is not what the blind is about despite the fact that the B list female in this couple does have a boyfriend. What is interesting is the B list mostly movie actor other half of this co-star couple said that this relationship is so different from his last where he was verbally and physically abused by his ex. She is a B- list publicity seeking dual threat actress. Olivia Munn (Aaron Rodgers)/Evan Peters/Emma Roberts (filming "X-Men: Apocalypse") or Jamie Bell/Kate Mara/Evan Rachel Wood

Apparently this guy has lived under a rock for the past year because he just noticed that one of the guys he used to pay for sex is dating this B list mostly television actress from a now ended hit network show, now working on another show, who would run away as fast as she could if she knew her guy also liked other guys. Lea Michele/Matthew Paetz

The wife of this A+ list mostly movie actor thinks of herself as a screenwriter. Not so much. She has been dropping the name of her husband to get meetings and has an agent. The agent realizes it is a crap script and doesn’t want to send it out for fear of being associated with wasting the time of people. So, she has been going out and everyone hates it but won’t say so for fear of the husband not wanting to do something with them. It is not George/Amal. Matthew McConaughey/Camila Alves

This probable one hit wonder who sounds like Gwen Stefani has been cheating on her celebrity boyfriend more regularly than in the past. He is in the dark but she has been hooking up with a doctor she met. A very rich doctor who is worth ten times what her boyfriend is worth. Iggy Azalea (Nick Young)

This former A+ list mostly movie actor who generally only did comedies, is aging now. His latest attempt at a comeback failed pretty badly this year. He still has A list name recognition but not the career any longer to go with it. That being said he always found plenty of women to sleep with during his decades long marriage. Then he got prostate cancer and can’t stand to attention any longer which also brought an end to the cheating. He thinks his wife never knew. He is wrong. Chevy Chase (ABC rejects Chevy Chase Vacation reunion sitcom)

#1 – This OITNB star makes a point of claiming she is gay, and not bi, but as recently as six months ago she had a fling with a guy for several weeks. Ruby Rose

#2 – This former A list tweener from a group made at least ten trips to the bathroom while out to dinner this week. His girlfriend was out of the country or she probably would have joined him. The former tweener had some of his family with him but they were helpless to do anything because they didn’t want a scene. Joe Jonas (Gigi Hadid)

#3 – This Formula One driver showed no discrimination when it came to having sex earlier this week. At multiple parties he hooked up with men, women and transgendered. Oh, and also an A+ lister. Lewis Hamilton/Rihanna

#4 – The foreign born B+ list mostly movie actor who once got a role when his wife slept with the director of the movie before running off with him, is cheating on his B+ list celebrity girlfriend. Nothing new except this one is still in her teens.

65. MR. X 08/07 **#1**
What Real Housewife and occasional (bad) actress is posing anonymously on message boards trashing that talk show host who she is determined to ruin? The reality star is claiming that the host’s promo tour is bombing due to the half empty seats in the venues the host is appearing at… which is further from the truth. The host had the last laugh by dissing the hell out of the reality star at one of those gigs. Nene Leakes ("Real Housewives of Atlanta")/Wendy Williams

66. MR. X 08/07 **#2**
What closeted A/B-list mostly movie actor and former tweener is also a silent partner in his boyfriend’s production company, as evidenced by some documents that were found in the actor’s trash by an undercover paparazzo? Apparently they are still together even after the actor slept with the director of his upcoming film.
Actor: Zac Efron
Director: Max Joseph (from "Catfish" on MTV)
Film: "We Are Your Friends"

67. MR. X 08/07 **#3**
What former A-list songstress who does reality TV on the side is probably lying about being bullied as a youngster? After talking to some of her former classmates from middle school and high school, she was anything but a victim. She and several members of the drama club clique she was a part of were holy terrors and nobody could say a nice thing about her. One of her classmates from high school told me that she had to drop out because she was never at classes probably because her mother was driving her around to auditions and meetings with record label execs instead of focusing on her education. Christina Aguilera "The Voice"

68. MR. X 08/07 **#4**
Easy Easy: Which newlyweds secretly got married years ago and had this "private" ceremony only to grab the next cover of Kneepads? Taking a page from her ex-husband’s playbook I see. Justin Theroux/Jennifer Aniston (Brad Pitt)

69. MR. X 08/07 **#5**
What B-list singer and celeb spawn is laughing off the reports that she helped reunite that A-list actor with his kid? She’s wiped her hands clean of the actor and the slimy sect his family belongs to years ago and she’s never forgiven him and his best friend for ruining some of her marriages and trying to split her own family up.
B- list singer and celeb spawn: Lisa Marie Presley
A-list actor/kid: Tom Cruise/Suri
(Lisa Marie Presley helps Tom Cruise flee Scientology)
Sect: Scientolgy
A list’s friend: David Miscavige

70. BRAPPP 08/07
This A-list actor still has his handsome good looks and a career that every other male actor in Hollywood would consider to die for, but our actor hasn’t had sex with a woman since his second wife. He’s been married since and that second marriage ended over a decade ago, but she was his last. I’ll have more on this marriage and that couple soon.
Tom Cruise/Nicole Kidman/Katie Holmes
Harrison Ford/Melissa Mathison/Calista Flockhart

71. BLIND GOSSIP 08/07
The wife of a very famous film and TV actor might want to spend more time working on her marriage instead of her next pose for the cameras. Her marriage – which appears to be solid as a rock – is not doing too well right now. They have moved into separate bedrooms in the same house. He has gained weight and is now wearing a CPAP at night (presumably to help with sleep apnea). If he wears the mask, she is turned off by the way he looks. If he doesn’t wear the mask, his snoring is so bad that she can’t sleep in the same room with him. Thus the separate bedrooms. She even has a nickname for him: "Have you ever heard of the Man In The Iron Mask? Well, I now call [Actor] The Man In The Plastic Mask. The only good thing about it is that when he wears the thing it’s the only time that he keeps his mouth shut." Yikes. Sounds like there may be more than one reason for their flexible living arrangement!
Alec Baldwin/Hilaria Baldwin

72. DAILY MIRROR 08/07
Katie Price insists she will have to "leave the country" because of shocking revelations in her new autobiography. The former glamour model will release her latest book in October and it’s set to shine a light on some of her previously-unknown relationships – including one with a "world-famous" A-list star. Speaking to the Daily Mail, she said: "I think people are always shocked by what’s happened to me. My next book is out in October and, oh my God, I think I’d better leave the country when it comes out." "There are lots of things in this one I left out of the last one. There are a couple of guys in there who’ve upset me so I think it’s about time I tell the truth about them. They’re household names. "I’ll be disappearing to the Maldives or somewhere where no one can see me once it’s out. I was seeing one of them for two or three months before Kieran." Discussing the main mystery man, Katie hasn’t named him just yet – we’ll have to wait until October – but she did give a bit of a hint about his identity. She teased: "He’s a world-famous professional and it’s… oh my God, if people knew. He’s British." David Beckham

This one named former Disney star who was second banana on her show before moving on to reality television and making a big name out of herself, says that this married former B list most television actor turned reality star turned host who has a way way bigger name than he should with his career, won’t stop hitting on her or calling and texting her. It is almost non-stop at this point. Zendaya/Mario Lopez

This Teen Mom was out in LA the past couple of weeks and openly bought drugs right on the beach. Leah Messer

This A+ list singer/diva better lock it down quickly because her supposed boyfriend who she wants but doesn’t love, is hooking up with a Victoria’s Secret model he met last week. Mariah Carey/James Packer

As part of a press tour, this celebrity offspring who is making a name for herself which is not really that hard considering she is already probably better known than her parents, but maybe not her step-dad, had to give an interview. This particular interview was pre-taped and involves games and other things. The hosts wanted our offspring to play a game involving geography. It was awful. As in didn’t even know where the continents were on a map awful. It was so awful that it would have been mean for the hosts to use it. They were going to use portions until the PR team of the company our offspring was working traded some access and free stuff to the hosts to kill all of it.
Celebrity: Gigi Hadid
Parents: Mohamed Hadid, Yolanda Foster
Step-dad: David Foster

To appear on this reality show that is paying her more than she earned in all of 2014 and 2015, this former A list celebrity/reality star had to agree to sleep with at least one person on the show. She can pick, but she has to have sex. If she sleeps with multiple people she will get paid more.
Tila Tequila (Kicked off by producers before she could do it. And not paid)  "Celebrity Big Brother: US vs. UK"

This A- list country singer is getting divorced because he got another woman pregnant. Jake Owen/Lacey Buchanan

This A list mogul/reality star/wannabe rapper e-mailed a video this week that he shot sometime last year of him getting orally serviced by a former model/celebrity girlfriend/celebrity wife/awful actress/wannabe reality star. Included in the e-mail was the model’s sometime boyfriend.
A list mogul/reality star/wannabe rapper: P. Diddy
Former model/celebrity girlfriend/celebrity wife/awful actress/wannabe reality star: Amber Rose
Model’s sometime boyfriend: Machine Gun Kelly

(Amber Rose Busted with Diddy's Son Quincy)

Apparently this A list reality star wants to be more like her sister than we previously thought. You know, being a beard for someone for more fame. She did it once before for an a list boy bander.
A list reality star: Kendall Jenner (sister Kim Kardashian/Kanye West)
Currently bearding: Nick Jonas
Former bearding: Harry Styles "One Direction"

This part-time Housewife from the southeast is still hoping to cash in on a sex tape to get herself out of a huge financial hole but in the meantime has started charging guys by the night to spend time with her. Previously she was looking for something more long term. Porsha Williams "Real Housewives of Atlanta"

Apparently early Friday morning, some guests on a yacht thought this B list mostly movie actress who only seems to act in her franchise at this point was dead. The amount of drugs and booze consumed the night before would lead someone to conclude it. She was breathing, but people there seem to think she is trying to kill herself because she increases the amount she uses almost every night. Michelle Rodriguez "Fast & Furious"
 (in Formentera, the smallest of Spain’s Balearic islands in the Mediterranean Sea)

This actor is probably B+ at this point. In addition to movies and television he also hosts and does commercials. He is everywhere. He is married and claims to be super religious. Well, he hooked up with an actress last week at a work event. She is a B lister who is a dual threat television and movie actress with a new show starting this fall. Her appearance as a lead is usually a jinx to television shows but can be good luck in movies. She is also married.
B+ actor: Steve Harvey

84. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 08/10 ** #4**
This B list mostly television actress/celebrity offspring from a hit pay cable show can’t seem to find much work outside her show. She also can’t stop seeing this guy she is cheating on her long term boyfriend with, while making the boyfriend think he is the one driving them apart. (Allison Williams and husband Ricky Van Veen split after 4 years of marriage)
Actress: Allison Williams
Father: Brian Williams
Pay cable show: "Girls"
Boyfriend: Ricky Van Veen

This former A list singer solo who will probably always be A lister if she stays in that A list group, is married to a guy. Her trainer is female and the trainer is the only person she has sex with. Frequently. Twice a day training sessions some times. I don’t know why she eve bothered to get married. Kelly Rowland/Jeanette Jenkins

You really wouldn’t know it by looking at her, but this still in her teens B list mostly movie actress turned television actress on an upcoming new show, is in big demand from a group of 40 year old men she rotates through. Apparently she is quite the take charge woman and dishes out punishment with great glee to these men, most of whom are married. Abigail Breslin  ("Scream Queens")

This former tweener actor who is nothing like his former tweener self says that his A- list mostly television actor co-star on their new show definitely holds a grudge. When a one line actress was on the show and showed an interest in our former tweener rather than the A lister, the A lister had her fired.
Former tweener actor: Josh Peck (Josh on "Drake and Josh")
A-list actor: John Stamos
Show: "Grandfathered"

It is really splashy and the internet is talking about it, but just like everything in this B list rapper’s life, it is all for show and leased, not owned. "Tyga presents Kylie Jenner with a $320,000 Ferrari at her 18th birthday"

This twice A list mostly television actor who does movies now and not very well, had $10K of women’s clothes delivered to the hotel suite he is sharing with his wife but the clothes are for him and not her. Kelsey Grammer

90. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 08/10 **#10**
This B list mostly television actress was asked if she ever sends sexy photos or sexts to her athlete boyfriend. Apparently he has never asked for any and never sent her any and they generally just watch tv or play Scrabble when together. She is not very good when it come to saying he right thing while bearding. Olivia Munn/Aaron Rodgers

91. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 08/10 **#11**
This former B list mostly television actor from a hit network show that is no longer on the air, is cheating on his wife with a guy in the play in which he is starring. Matthew Morrison ("Glee")/"Finding Neverland"

92. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 08/10 **#12**
#1 – This Teen Mom not named Jenelle or Leah got pregnant by a man who is not her significant other. She told three people who all have been trying to sell the story. Our Mom had a procedure to make her not pregnant any longer, and her relationship with her significant other would end in a second if he knew. Catelynn Lowell (Tyler Baltierra); Amber Portwood (Matt Baier); Kailyn Lowry (Javi Marroquin); Chelsea Houska (Cole DeBoer)

#2 – This former A- list singer in a group who can actually sing despite the abilities of the rest of the group, is not getting paid money in her latest fling. Instead she is trading for some items that will let her succeed as a singer again. Plus, she is going to get a ton of good publicity for the fling. Nicole Scherzinger "Pussycat Dolls"/Ed Sheeran

#3 – This foreign born dual threat (working on triple threat) A lister is wasting away because of the drugs he has been taking the past few months. Apparently they love their oxy products even on the other side of the pond. Eddie Redmayne; Benedict Cumberbatch; Liam Neeson

93. BLIND GOSSIP 08/10 **#1**
It’s amazing how law suits against this famous actor simply seem to disappear! All he had to do was pay the accuser a phenomenal SEVEN FIGURES to make it go away! As far as we know, that is more than he has ever paid anyone for their silence before. At least now the accuser can go on with their life and not have to face off against the defendant ever again (although they are prohibited from talking about the defendant or talking about the terms of the settlement). And our lucky actor? Well, he can go on pretending he is a perfect family man with a lovely wife and angelic children whom everyone is simply trying to shake down for money. John Travolta

94. BLIND GOSSIP 08/10 **#2**
Are you expecting a celebrity sex tape to be released this week? The celebrity herself hasn’t said anything, but there are lots of sites claiming that this now-legal female celebrity will be releasing a tape any day now. No. n insider tells us: "There is no tape! [The celebrity] and her management know that a tape filmed while she was underage would make the tape radioactive (not to mention illegal and classified as child pornography). No porn company would touch it with a ten-foot pole." The laws are strict. As per 18 U.S. Code § 2257 (a.k.a. 2257 Regulations), any porn film/sex tape released has to have photo ID and signed model release forms from each model stating that they were over the age of 18 on the date of production. Our celebrity could not have provided that documentation. So, what about a tape in the future? Consensus in the industry is that [she] is too famous right now and that doing a sex tape would actually have the reverse effect and damage her brand. The short term $ gain would destroy her long term ability to earn. The only person who would benefit from this would be the other person in the tape. We don’t see it happening. If it did, it would be a huge mistake. Kylie Jenner

This actor is D-list at the most, but there was a point where he was heading towards B even A-list. He was rumoured to be dating an A-list singer who is rumoured to date a lot of people and he had highly sought after roles in several blockbusters (one that flopped, another that did okay). What went wrong? He’s insanely handsome, but he could never really act and he’s so gay that Mr Blackwell calls him a ‘fag.’ Producers and his agency have decided to stop pushing him so hard and they’ve moved onto their next superstar. He’ll still have a decent career, but he won’t be the next Jude Law like they thought he was going to be.
Actor: Douglas Booth
Blockbusters: "Jupiter Ascending" and "Noah"
A+ singer: Taylor Swift
Also dated: Alexa Chung, Naya Rivera, Vanessa Kirby, Hailee Steinfeld, Miley

A woman has come forward with some shocking information that could place this Brooklyn M-C on a path that’s closely following his father-in-law’s footsteps! Jigga What!? " ____ has a another son and his name is McCory." According to the woman, our blind item fathered her son back in 1990! That would make the kid 25-years-old today … and the third illegitimate child blueprinted by our blind item. Check it: "He has another son who was born in 1990. He got —- pregnant when he was on the road with Big Daddy Kane." Jay-Z

Apparently Ben Affleck is not the only A+ lister right now to be going through marriage issues related to infidelity. This aging A+ lister who is probably a permanent A lister who has appeared in some of the biggest franchises of all time has been seeing a much younger copycat of his actress wife. Harrison Ford/Calista Flockhart

This A- list mostly television actor is the star of what seems like the hottest show on network television. Never known for being faithful, the former teen actor did cheat on his wife with his current significant other so she shouldn’t be shocked he is cheating with an actress on the set who has her part expanded the more she continues her relationship with the actor. James Van Der Beek "CSI: Cyber" ; Chad Michael Murray "Agent Carter"

This former Housewife in a city that no longer airs a show is being accused of stealing hundreds of thousands of dollars in earnings from teen models she represents. Lynda Erkiletian "Real Housewives of D.C."

100. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 08/11 **#4**
KINDNESS: If a child needs glasses and can’t afford them, chances are good that the donation of this A+ list mostly movie actor who must have a bad bone in his body somewhere, will cover the cost. The actor, along with his actress wife heard about kids who need glasses when they were getting some for their own child. The couple donated $1M which is apparently enough to cover every needy child in the US for a year. Chris Pratt/Anna Faris

101. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 08/11 **#5**
This A- list mostly movie actor who started out in music, dropped $75K on a gift to keep his mistress happy since she was not going to get to attend a premiere with his family also there. Ice Cube "Straight Outta Compton"

102. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 08/11 **#6**
The C+ list celebrity wife of this old permanent A list celebrity/former host/mogul, spent longer in a hotel room with her lover then at the event she was being paid to attend. Crystal Hefner (Hugh)

103. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 08/11 **#7**
Apparently the one place that this A+ list singer is allowed to be alone is her dressing room. Courtesy of an air vent it is also where she is hooking up with a dancer from her show that no one knows about. Britney Spears

104. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 08/11 **#8**
This B+ list mostly television actress is getting a second shot at her own show. Things were looking good but our actress has started to cut herself due to the pressure of carrying the show and all the people working on it. She had this behavior back in the day and you can still see scars on her arms and legs but it has been a long time. Krysten Ritter "Don't Trust the B---- in Apartment 23" and "Jessica Jones"

105. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 08/11 **#9**
They didn’t go all the way but there was some oral favors between this openly gay male talk show host and this "swings every single possible way" former A list male singer, when they got drunk together at a club this week. Andy Cohen/John Mayer

106. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 08/11 **#10**
This triple threat foreign born A list actor blew off fans after a show this week. They were waiting for hours but he didn’t stop for one photo or one autograph. He is getting cranky. Must be what we talked about yesterday. Or the pressure of the whole home situation. Benedict Cumberbatch "Hamlet"

107. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 08/11 **#11**
Normally I leave the great conspiracy stories to the amazing show Coast To Coast. . This one though, has such a high profile celebrity name involved with the story and a whole lot of events that seem far to numerous to be a coincidence. Make no mistake. This is not Old Hollywood. This person is alive and well and according to some court documents recently unsealed still considered a killer by at least one of his lovers. Our celebrity is A list. In a business sense he is A++ list. He has been around for decades and controls the world around him with iron clad authority. Rarely does anyone talk about him on the record. Not only are they too scared because of his power and money, but also because of a fear of getting hurt or sued or both. For some college aged men, it was not hurt, but killed. Over the past decade there have been a dozen or so college aged men that have gone missing. Just disappeared after a night of drinking. Some things they all had in common were they were gay or at least curious and they all needed money. Enter our celebrity. Through an intermediary he connected with all of these men. He likes young men. He likes to corrupt them. Nothing like throwing thousands of dollars in their faces the night they meet. A great time at a private house or in a specially customized party van that our celebrity has shipped to the town he is visiting. Some drinking, some money flashed around. Some sex and then some drugs in the drink of our young men. The thing is though, unlike Cosby, these men never wake up. They vanish without a trace. Our celebrity leaves town, with no one the wiser. No footprints in town. No trace. Not hotels or anything public. No video cameras. No credit cards. Most of the time. The thing is there are a handful of instances when he had something else going on in town that gave him a reason to be there. Those times do have a trail. They do leave behind some footprints. The thing is though, even though he had a hotel in each of those cities to use, he still had his party wagon shipped. Why? No cameras. No trace.

108. BLIND GOSSIP 08/11 **#1**
These two singers are an unlikely new couple. He thinks she really likes him. He doesn’t know that she makes fun of him behind his back and is just using him to bolster her own career. Hopefully he’ll figure this out in time to refrain from getting a tattoo in her honor! Ed Sheeran/Nicole Scherzinger (his new tattoo)

109. BLIND GOSSIP 08/11 **#2**
This actress was sober when she appeared in a franchise film this year. She fell off the wagon fast. A friend of hers tells us: "Any time she goes back to Europe, she hangs with the same people and does drugs and drinks to the point of blacking out. It’s really bad right now." Michelle Rodriguez/"Fast & Furious"

110. BLIND GOSSIP 08/11 **#3**
Producers of this reality show are hinting that this wife of a very famous actor is considering joining their show. According to an insider, that’s never going to happen! "She has always been snobby, but since marrying [Actor] she really thinks she’s royalty now. Royalty doesn’t do reality TV." Amal (George) Clooney/"Celebrity Apprentice"

111. BLIND GOSSIP 08/11 **#4**
Expensive gifts are great. However, if this musician didn’t really buy the gift he gave… and his girlfriend didn’t really own the gift once he gave it to her… did he really give her a gift at all? It turns out that they are both just pulling a fast one on the public and the gift will disappear with little fanfare before her next birthday. Tyga/Kylie Jenner ("Tyga presents Kylie Jenner with a $320,000 Ferrari at her 18th birthday")

112. BLIND GOSSIP 08/11 **#5**
This Republican Presidential Candidate may be the first one out of the race!: "He’s been through this before and he knows he’s done. The polls, the debate, the donations – none of it’s good. Staff morale is low. Unless there’s some miracle, he’s going to pull the plug [on the campaign] by the end of September." Rick Perry

If asked to describe this pop-rapper … Some would call him "Half-Breed." Others might say "he’s Mulatto." But according to our blind item’s very own description of his self, rather than "mixed", he’s straight up Jewish … the same ‘Jewish’ locker room troll that’s reported to be "funding a a street war in Philly." Don’t believe me? Just ask AR-AB & Co. "_____ paid thug/rapper AR-Ab and his crew to side with him, against Meek Mill." Meanwhile back in Tha Six … word from the streets has it that a million dollar deal is allegedly in the works, involving one of his very own crew members "from da east." Know why? According to a tipster, "to take the wrap" over the recent nightclub shooting that left two people dead and three people injured. Check it: "If he keeps on with this pay out to street thugs, dude will end up in a courtroom." Now, can you guess which acting emcee I’m talking about? Drake

114. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 08/12 **#1**
This A- list mostly movie actor should be A+ list with the chances he has been given. Always action or superhero, the actor was completely wasted on the red carpet of his latest premiere and is suffering from really bad drug bloat. The guy looks awful and is blowing his chances at super stardom. Henry Cavill "Man From U.N.C.L.E."

115. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 08/12 **#2**
In what should be a happy time for this former A list mostly television actress who has had multiple shows on several networks including cable, but nothing that matched that long running network hit, is not so happy. She caught the love of her life cheating on her again and it could be over after she was thinking it was going to be happily ever after. Courteney Cox ("Friends"; "Dirt"; "Cougar Town"; " Celebrity Name Game"/executive producer)/Johnny McDaid

116. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 08/12 **#3**
This member of that foreign all female singing group that is probably still A list even though they never perform, has her husband basically on lockdown 24/7 but he still has managed to cheat on her on a consistent basis. There is no way she will ever initiate divorce proceedings though. "Spice Girls" (Mel B/Stephen Belafonte)

117. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 08/12 **#4**
This Teen Mom is caught up in something that will bring her crashing into a harsh reality. A drug ring. Not coke or anything like that but prescription pills, steroids and other illegal items. She thinks she is in love so just goes along with it all. Amber Portwood/Matthew Baier

118. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 08/12 **#5**
Look for this former A+ list tweener turned B+ list mostly movie actor to show up on a yacht in the next week or two even if just for 24 hours. He has been summoned. Those 24 hours will probably ruin the rest of his summer. Zac Efron/ Mohammed Al Turki’s yacht

119. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 08/12 **#6**
Proving once again that she is not a nice person, the former girlfriend of this B list mostly television actor who is on a huge network hit after also appearing on a huge almost network hit and has never been in a blind before, is telling people as of late that our B lister is in the closet and for all the time they dated, the couple never had sex. Jessica Szohr/Ed Westwick "Wicked City"; Erin Andrews or Ashley Greene/Chace Crawford "Blood and Oil"; Blake Lively/Penn Badgley "The Slap"

120. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 08/12 **#7**
The only thing holding back this A list mostly television actress on a very hot network show from pulling the plug on her marriage is the people who will say, "I told you so. " There is also the issue of the pre-nup. Some people say there is not one which could cost her millions. Kaley Cuoco/Ryan Sweeting

121. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 08/12 **#8**
The reason this A- list mostly movie actress who is about to drop to B+ no matter what franchise she was in, broke up with her girlfriend, is the girlfriend was taking dangerous chances using drugs in places where she could be spotted. Our actress is no stranger to drugs but is super discreet and didn’t want to end up being associated with the girlfriend when she inevitably gets caught using in a photo. Kristen Stewart/Alicia Cargile

122. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 08/12 **#9**
Honestly, if this was any other actor ever in the history of time, I’m not sure I would believe what several people have told me. With this actor though, you just add it to his total and move on. Apparently our actor has decided to eschew the traditional dating approach after the beatdown he administered to his ex. He now wants someone devoted to him and grateful for his presence. So, he has hooked up with a woman who is the sister/niece/cousin of a Mexican cartel member. Everyone knows she is in his family, but no one is exactly sure of the relationship. No one will ask though. It turns out that our actor met her while researching a role and the cartel family member set the two of them up. The cartel member is apparently a big fan. He thinks they would be a great couple. It is about the time that they were introduced that our actor began using heavier drugs and started to get more violent. He also is apparently using drugs that are smuggled out just for him. A special brand. I guess actors get even better drugs then the rest of the world. Well, that and his connection. It is a crazy relationship and a dangerous one because if he does to his current girlfriend what he did to his last girlfriend, he will end up dead, A- list mostly movie actor or not. Shia LaBeouf

123. MR. X 08/12 **#1**
What A-list mostly movie actor struck a deal with a British tabloid to arrange some staged paparazzi shots with his latest beard? All three participants in this charade came out of it with more cash in their pockets. Bradley Cooper/Irina Shayk (Daily Mail)

124. MR. X 08/12 **#2**
This mostly movie actor who has been acting for several decades is now turning to reality TV to earn a paycheck, is contemplating on coming out as bisexual. For the last several years, he’s been living with another man. But this far from the first time he’s been with a guy. For several decades he was the on again-off again boyfriend of that now deceased TV host/producer. George Hamilton ("Stewarts and Hamiltons")/Merv Griffin

125. MR. X 08/12 **#3**
What former almost A-list actress who’s now a C-list punch line, drunkenly yelled at an overseas paparazzo for taking photos inside a club of her making out with her married lover? Lindsay Lohan

126. MR. X 08/12 **#4**
What C/D-list bad actress turned reality star’s latest plastic surgery has left her face almost immobile? Tori Spelling

127. BLIND GOSSIP 08/12
Usually it’s the opposing political party that takes the biggest negative shots at a Presidential Candidate. However, in this case, the shot against one Candidate are being orchestrated by another Candidate in his own party! What are they going to do? They are going to try to paint the First Candidate as a racist! Right now, the Second Candidate’s people are interviewing and "encouraging/incentivizing" those who have worked with/dealt with the First Candidate over the years to give specific examples of anything – anything! – that he has said or done that could be interpreted as racist. "Some of the stories are really dumb, and it would be embarrassing to put them out. "He only eats vanilla ice cream? Never chocolate? That’s racist!" I don’t know which of these [accusations] they are going to use, but they’re feeling kind of desperate about taking him out of the race A.S.A.P. Just don’t expect [Second Candidate] to admit that this is coming from his camp. He doesn’t want the blowback."
First Candidate: Donald Trump
Second Candidate: Jeb Bush

128. VANITY FAIR 08/12
Taylor Swift basically lurches out of her seat when asked if it’s important to her that her boyfriend (Calvin Harris) and her friends get along. "SO IMPORTANT. Oh, it’s so important." "In every friendship group, you’ve got one or two girls where you hear people say, ‘Oh, she’s so different around her boyfriend!’ " Swift says. "I never wanted to be that girl. So that was a huge goal of mine: never ever become someone else for the sake of a relationship." I suggest that it can sometimes be hard to maintain one’s identity in a new relationship, and Swift laughs, wisely. "If you’re a people pleaser, like most of us are, you try to adapt to what signals that person is giving off," she says. "It’s not about changing the fact that you’re a people pleaser; it’s about finding someone [to date] who is not critical. That can be the most painful thing, trying to love someone who is critical in their nature." Has that happened to her?, I ask, even though the answer is already obvious. "Uh, yes," she says. "But usually I don’t make the same mistake twice. I make new ones, but I don’t usually repeat my old ones." John Mayer (lyrics to "Mean")

129. THE GOSSIP LIFE 08/12
Our actress is hard to categorise. She’s yet to repeat the success of a huge franchise, but she’s fairly present within the media and has some success with independent movies. She could certainly be considered ‘unlucky in love.’ The reasons for that? People who have dated our actress find her absolutely emotionally exhausting. ‘She’s excessively pretentious under the disguise of culture,’ one source says. ‘She finds issue with absolutely everything. Her standards are impossible to meet. She’s tiring.’ So, when you wonder why our pretty actress regularly finds herself single despite all the great perks of dating her, this is why. Kristen Stewart

Move over Megan Good! Another industry THOT just trumped that play, scoring an instant touchdown, and taking the game (and her Lil Future) to a whole new level! Just ask Shad, Missy, Trey, Fiddy, Reggie, Luda, LeBron, Stoudemire, La La, Latifah … and, last but not least, her Mr. Bugatti baby daddy. "He doesn’t want his son mingling with his baby mama’s gay boyfriend … Ask Percy Harvin." In what could be record-timing, our mystery milf’s ‘1-2 Step’ all the way to the end zone comes just a few months before of Princess’ 30th birthday. The official word came courtesy of none other than the suspected Future Football Wife’s 87-million dollar man! That’s Mr. QB — whose Twitter feed stays laced in scripture — aka Mr. Rest Haven, who hinted at putting on ring on it after introducing his Future female as born-again virgin! "God told me to lead her. We’re abstaining from sex. We’re doing things Jesus’ way." Peep what an insider spills: "Everybody in the industry knows she’s ______ ______’s beard. One things for sure, _____ doesn’t want his son near that dude. But I don’t know why, because he hangs out with lots of gay n*gga’s too." Ciara/Russell Wilson/Future

131. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 08/13 **#1**
This B- list mostly television actress who is on that very hit almost television show and is no stranger to trouble, skipped a press event because she was so wasted on drugs. This is becoming such an issue that she might be killed off in the upcoming season. Taryn Manning (Tiffany 'Pennsatucky' Doggett/"Orange Is the New Black")/("Orange Is The New Black" FYC Screening)

132. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 08/13 **#2**
This former boy bander who is out on his own now, is being stalked via text by our favorite foreign born B+ list singer/actress who got his number and is sending him sexts and naked photos almost 24/7. So far he has not taken the bait but he is happy to share the photos and sexts with you if you run into him at a club. Apparently she is not a very good speller but is very imaginative. Zayn Malik ("One Direction")/Rita Ora

133. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 08/13 **#3**
This A+ list singer got so hammered at a club the other night that she fell asleep on the floor of the VIP section. I don’t care how VIP it is, if you fall asleep on the floor of a club you know that it is nasty and you have issues. Rihanna

134. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 08/13 **#4**
KINDNESS: This very close to A+ list mostly movie actor who had a great summer and has had a monster last couple of movies, probably hoped for this kind of career when he left his celebrity world behind. At dinner this week a couple was celebrating their anniversary. Not only did our actor pick up their check but he also ordered them a $2000 bottle of wine. Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson

135. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 08/13 **#5**
After two months of good behavior or at least no bad behavior that I was told about, this B+ list mostly movie actor who got his start on television on a long running network hit, is cheating on his B+ list mostly movie actress significant other. He waits until she is on the set of her latest movie and can’t check up on him. Jason Sudeikis ("SNL")/Olivia Wilde

136. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 08/13 **#6**
This singer was bordering on A list at one point in her career. Then she started dating this at the time married A list mogul. Her career went nowhere and while he goes out almost every night, he makes her stay home because he is too insecure for her to go out without him. When they do go out together he ignores her but does not let her talk to anyone except pre-approved females. Cassie Ventura/P. Diddy (he wasn’t married to Kim Porter but was with her for 13 years

137. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 08/13 **#7**
This former B+ list mostly movie actress who has failed miserably at her transition to television is using again. Apparently things got so bad earlier this week that she never showed up to pick up her child from pre-school. The school could not get a hold of the emergency contact until after 9pm so the child was not picked up until almost 10pm. Selma Blair (filming "American Crime Story")

138. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 08/13 **#8**
I guess since they did not stop her sister from doing it, the celebrity parents of this mid-teen celebrity can’t really do anything about the mid 20’s guy who is sleeping with their daughter. Noah Cyrus (Miley’s sister)

139. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 08/13 **#9**
Apparently this former A list mostly television actor from that long running network hit he was fired from, is not just content breaking up his own marriage with cheating. He is sleeping with the wife of his best friend. Patrick Dempsey "Grey’s Anatomy"

140. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 08/13 **#10**
Look for this A+ list singer to cash her huge paycheck for appearing on this network hit and then doing so little work that she might as well not be there. It’s why her own show crashed and burned.
A+ list singer: Rihanna
Network hit: "The Voice"
Her own show: "Styled to Rock"

141. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 08/13 **#11**
Would you trade a child for money? That’s what this girlfriend of an A list celebrity/reality star did. Gave up custody of her kid for the chance to make millions and be a star fucker. Lauren Silverman/Simon Cowell

142. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 08/13 **#12**
#1- This former top 5 female tennis player in the world now works as an escort to pay for her drug habit.

#2 – This married A list mostly movie actress who is an Academy Award winner/nominee hooked up with her ex. Yes, THAT ex while on vacation with her husband. She has never got over the ex. Anne Hathaway/Raffaello Follieri

#3 – This A list tweener singer split with his B list singer girlfriend via a text that also included a photo of him with two topless women. Austin Mahone/Becky G

143. BLIND GOSSIP 08/13 **#1**
This famous athlete’s wife was not at all happy that he put himself in yet another controversial situation by taking a little trip with his buddy. She was yelling at him, "So you just say yes to whatever a girl asks you? If she asked you to take your clothes off, would you do THAT? If she asked to give you a blow job, would you do THAT?" He just stood there shaking his head but he didn’t really fight back.
Athlete: Tom Brady
Wife: Giselle Bunchen
His Friend: Ben Affleck

144. BLIND GOSSIP 08/13 **#2**
Guess which musician is asking women to leak stories to the press to make him look like a womanizer? It is much more important to him that he comes out of his divorce looking straight rather than faithful… even though he was neither during his marriage to that other musician! Gavin Rossdale/Gwen Stefani

145. BLIND GOSSIP 08/13 **#3**
Yes, this celebrity totally set up her ex. She wants you to see him as a dangerous and unstable person so you won’t believe him if/when he spills a certain secret about her after their divorce. No, it’s not about her plastic surgery, paternity, or fabricated drama. It’s about her substance abuse problem. Khloé Kardashian/Lamar Odom

146. BLIND GOSSIP 08/13 **#4**
Whether you love or hate this Presidential Candidate, he certainly gets people talking. One of those people is a female journalist from a large media company. She had an affair with the married Candidate. She has been talking to friends and colleagues about how worried she is that the story of the affair will break nationally and ruin them both.
Donald Trump/Gretchen Carlson

147. BLIND GOSSIP 08/13 **#5**
This divorcing actor told his wife that he is not paying for the other woman‘s expenses. Liar! He IS picking up the tab. It’s just not on HIS credit card. A member of his team puts it on their credit card. The sneaky actor then reimburses them and proclaims his innocence. Ben Affleck (Jennifer Garner)/Christine Ouzounian

148. THE GOSSIP LIFE 08/13
This director was once a solid B-list director, amongst his other jobs. He wasn’t George Lucas, but he had the ability and the power to get a movie off the ground. Not only did he abuse that power, but he’s still considered by several prominent actors to be the worst director they’ve ever worked with. Our multi-talented B-list camp diva would fight and feud with the director on the set of this infamously troubled 2003/4 production over the ever changing script. The A-list lead actress wanted (and tried) to pull out of the movie at least four times, but her reputation and a lawsuit was threatened. Our now passed A-list actor and the director clashed so bad on a set that they had to be separated and the direction was handed over to another still alive A-list actor. Our passed A-list actor even tried to fight the director, who fortunately resisted. Our passed A-list actor would suggest changes and ideas in his normal abrasive manner and the director would reaction aggressively and confrontationally to every suggestion.
Who is our director? Frank Oz
Who is our B-list camp diva? Bette Midler
Who is our A-list lead actress? Nicole Kidman
What is our first movie? "Stepford Wives"
Who is our passed A-list actor? Marlon Brando
Who is our still alive A-list actor? Robert De Niro
What is our second movie? "The Score"

149. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 08/14 **#1**
This former A+ turned A- list singer got hammered the other night and was wearing something that kept opening to reveal her bare breasts. Diners who were near her said that she basically ended the night topless. Lady Gaga

150. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 08/14 **#2**
This overly jealous husband of a west coast Housewife doesn’t have anything to worry about when it comes to his wife cheating but he cheats on her every chance he gets. Heather Dubrow "Real Housewives of Orange County" (Terry Dubrow went crazy when David Beador shouted at Heather to spread her legs while she was on a mechanical bull at a hoedown)

151. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 08/14 **#3**
This female celebrity chef who used to be married to a much bigger celebrity than she is, has been hooking up with the married publisher of a magazine group. Apparently she is now in line to get her own magazine. Katie Lee (ex: Billy Joel)

152. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 08/14 **#4**
This openly gay B list mostly movie actor who is in the current reincarnation of one of the longest running television to movies franchises has a significant other. It didn’t stop our actor from hooking up with a groupie in the restroom of an office building after a radio show appearance.
Zachary Quinto/Miles McMillan (franchise: "Star Trek") (promoting movie "Hitman: Agent 47")

153. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 08/14 **#5**
In her (A list dual threat Academy Award winner/nominee) secret custody arrangement with the spouse she is still married to but not living with despite her claims, she only gets sporadic visits with her youngest child. Halle Berry/Olivier Martinez (son Maceo)

154. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 08/14 **#6**
The increased drug use of this B+ list mostly television actress is not only going to lead to her divorce but also might see her get demoted or fired from her hit network show where she just got promoted. Portia De Rossi/Ellen DeGeneres ("Scandal")

155. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 08/14 **#7**
Unlike her other Glee castmates, this main cast member has no jobs or opportunities and is making a living by selling free things she gets from gifting suites and also dealing some drugs. Becca Tobin (Kitty Wilde is the new head cheerleader and resident "Mean Girl) (mysterious death of her boyfriend)

156. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 08/14 **#8**
An escort hired by this permanent A lister and his husband said that the A lister only watched the escort and husband. Apparently the A lister is unable to stand to attention any longer. Barry Manilow; Elton John

157. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 08/14 **#9**
This former A list mostly movie actress who is now a B+ lister with permanent A list name recognition is married with children and recently had a fling with a female college student. Jodie Foster

158. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 08/14 **#10**
This never hear a bad word about her national morning host is cheating on her significant other. Robin Roberts (Amber)

159. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 08/14 **#11**
Bearding is not something for which you are generally paid at a young age. This mid-teens B+ list Disney actress, along with her mother though has made the act of bearding almost as lucrative as the income she receives from her acting career. It is her bosses over at Disney that first approached the actress and her mom. They needed a favor. A movie to promote for this Academy Award winner/nominee but she was drugging and partying and starting to get a bad reputation. The bosses wanted positive publicity so they paid our tweener almost six figures to be the best friend of the troubled actress for several months. The tweener has a squeaky clean reputation and seemed to never leave the side of the troubled actress. Shortly after the movie was released, the two actresses stopped seeing each other. For the next gig, our actress didn’t accept money, she accepted an additional television role to the one she already has. What did the bosses want her to do this time? Pretend she has a boyfriend. Not just any boyfriend. A guy who the bosses have big plans for when it comes to acting and singing but he needed a girlfriend to make the image complete. Plenty of photos of the couple. Not by the paps and definitely not doing anything more than side hugs. This is all pure Disney fun. It also suffers from a lack of chemistry which could also be because our tweener’s mom is the chaperon. She has to protect the investment. I think the actress is setting herself up well for later in life for any closeted men or as a sober companion. Or she might turn into Miley Cyrus.
Disney actress: Bailee Madison
Academy Award winner/nominee: Hailee Steinfeld
Movie: "The Magic Bracelet"
Boyfriend: Emery Kelly

160. BLIND GOSSIP 08/14 **#1**
This girl with the famous family name is still young and has never done anything notable herself. However, if feels like she is being treated like a regular person, it seems that she is not shy about dropping her family name for special treatment. She got annoyed after she was told she would have to wait 30-40 minutes for a table at our restaurant. She told the hostess, "Well, my name is Jane Doe. As in THE Doe family. You know, like in [Sister] Doe and [Father] Doe?" It worked, too. She got seated in less than five minutes! Kylie Jenner (Kim Kardashian/Bruce Jenner)
or Noah Cyrus (Miley and Billy Ray Cyrus)

161. BLIND GOSSIP 08/14 **#2**
This actress and mother was getting ready to send off her child/ren to school this year… but the school is now balking at taking the child/ren! The school requires certain vaccinations for all students, but the actress is firmly against giving her child/ren all those "dangerous" vaccines. She is "outraged that someone else is trying to tell her how to raise her kid/s" and telling friends that she may sue the school if they don’t respect her choice and back down. We don’t know how her celebrity husband feels about the matter, but she certainly appears to be the dominant one in this couple on this matter. Jenny McCarthy/Donnie Wahlberg (her son will be attending new school district in Chicago)

162. THE GOSSIP LIFE 08/14
This A-list reality star is pitching a talk show to various production companies. It’s something she’s always wanted to do. She even pursued Bethenny Frankel’s slot for awhile. Now, she’s stepped up in her pursuit. She really wants to go up against this A-list talk show host with a large online following. Jill Zarin/Wendy Williams

This Compton emcee will soon be making a comeback to realty TV … but his baby momma won’t be with him this time around. "The hardest part about the new situation is having to leave my kids," said our blind item. But don’t think for one second that Mr. All Red Errythang plans to be rolling solo for his grand return. Matter fact, he’s apparently already replaced the ex … only to stay Keeping Up With the Krew He’s most Komfortable with … even if he’s rollin’ with a teenager now! "His ex-chick was squealing on him, telling all that he was fucking the shit out of Mario." ~Hollywood Source. Homey’s on that "Young N Dumb’ tip with teen India. So is India all good with his Chocolate City-isms? Does she even know, yet? Though we don’t have a confirmed answer we can tell you this: Immediately after our mystery rapper squashed game with the mother of his kids, sources say he made Mario his main man, allegedly a same sex smash affair. We’re told "he recruited India right after that." "I swear, dem dudes are way tighter than before." Dig the drop: "He’ll only mess with young girls — anything 25 and under — that generation of females are all about that life. He sees it like this: Them chicks are the best beards … easy to control and even easier to scare. Just in case they start thinking about doing some dumb shit." The Game (Mario Winans)/"She’s Got Game"

164. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 08/15 **#1**
This daytime talk show host’s drinking is out of control. When you are lying about your drinking it is probably not a good idea to be reeking of booze at the same time. Meredith Vieira

165. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 08/15 **#2**
This B list mostly television actor who has made a living from two television shows from the same family tree is so deep into Scientology that he has cut off all contact with his parents. Jason Lee "My Name Is Earl"/"Raising Hope"

166. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 08/15 **#3**
At a party this week, an older man approached this B+ list mostly movie actress/celebrity offspring and wondered aloud whether she would be interested in having sex with him like her mother did several decades earlier.
Dakota Johnson (Melanie Griffith)  "Hollywood Foreign Press Association Hosts Annual Grants Banquet" (a member of the HFPH)

167. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 08/15 **#4**
He did not do any of the actual beating, but this A- list rapper with a million kids stood by and watched as this woman was beaten and kicked by two members of the rapper’s entourage after they accused her of stealing money from their wallets while they had been sleeping. Lil Wayne

168. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 08/16 **#1**
What happens out of the country stays in that country is what six or seven guys from this sure to be #1 movie are saying after a crazy weekend which saw them participating in a same sex orgy at a club in Europe while promoting the movie. There has to be video. Somewhere. The A- list star of the movie was not involved.
"Captain America"

169. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 08/16 **#2**
While out of the country this A- list singer who used to be a tweener actress got some work done. Her fans would freak if she told them or they found out so she did it really quietly.
Demi Lovato  (arriving in LAX covered up for a hot day)

170. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 08/16 **#3**
This closeted former A list tweener turned A- list singer was surrounded by 20 gorgeous female models while filming a video but only had eyes for the makeup guy who he invited back to his trailer for a private consultation. Nick Jonas (promo for the 2015 MTV VMAs)

171. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 08/16 **#4**
It was difficult to determine if this actress (former B list tweener turned failed singer/horrible B- list mostly movie actress with A+ list name recognition) was more upset that she got stood up by a guy she is kind of dating or that her dealer also stood her up because he is tired of selling to her on credit. Selena Gomez

172. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 08/17 **#1**
This former reality star turned B+ list pop singer just refuses to do anything about her celebrity boyfriend cheating on her. She gushes to the press about how great he is. Even when he was cheating on her this weekend? Jordin Sparks/Sage The Gemini (she put up with it for another six months before finally giving up)

173. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 08/17 **#2**
TEEN CHOICE AWARDS: "We have to keep this really quiet. If I get busted it would be a huge blowup for you and for me." Former A- list mostly television actor turned B+ list actor with an A- list celebrity girlfriend as he tired to hit on this B list talk show host. She turned him down and he went on to someone else.
Actor: Wilmer Valderrama
Girlfriend: Demi Lovato
Talk show host: Rocsi Diaz "Entertainment Tonight"

174. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 08/17 **#3**
TEEN CHOICE AWARDS: Apparently this B list model/reality star/celebrity who basically hit the lottery this year from where she was last year is a bit of a racist. Every guy in the place was hitting on her and she loved all the attention except from men of color who she ignored or walked away from quickly. Charlotte McKinney (Carl's Jr.'s All Natural Burger commercial)

175. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 08/17 **#4**
Cancer has returned to this permanent A list mostly movie actor who is an Academy Award winner/nominee. The cancer is aggressive and he will be lucky to live another year. Michael Douglas

176. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 08/17 **#5**
This former A list porn star who made news a lot during her celebrity marriage and after with her drug use overdosed this past week and only didn’t die because someone was there with her and watched it happen. Jenna Jameson/Tito Ortiz

177. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 08/17 **#6**
TEEN CHOICE AWARDS: This starved for attention B list mostly television actress from a hit network show will say she was drunk if you ask her, but she wasn’t. She planned in advance several key moves for last night to get herself the most attention possible. She wanted the world to be talking about her today. At least she didn’t go the wardrobe malfunction route.
Sarah Hyland/"Modern Family"   (tripped and said "fuck")

178. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 08/17 **#7**
No police were called but security did intervene when this A list rapper took a swing at his female protege/singer late last week while out of town. Apparently he would like to date her again. This is probably not the way to go about it.

179. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 08/17 **#8**
This long time Disney Channel actress who started as a tween and is now an adult still on the channel is cheating on her boyfriend. She has had a crazy romantic life that somehow she has managed to keep fairly quiet. Debby Ryan"Jessie" and "Girl Meets World"

180. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 08/17 **#9**
This B+ list very tall mostly movie actress is not getting along with her B list mostly television actress co-star during the movie they are filming. Nasty fights and harsh words. They don’t ignore each other, they go after each other. Uma Thurman/Maggie Q"The Brits Are Coming"

181. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 08/17 **#10**
This married B list mostly movie actress who thankfully does less acting now that her side job took off, talks a lot about women’s rights and sex trafficking but has no problem taking gifts from this convicted sex offender who everyone hates. Jessica Alba/Joe Francis

182. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 08/17 **#11**
So young to be a spy, but a love for drugs brought her to this spot. She is a B+ lister and I am only ranking her that high because of her name recognition. She does a lot of things, but none of them particularly well. She has done television and movies and singing. Nothing A list worthy. But, she is everywhere which jacks up that name thing to the point where I will give her B+. She loves drugs. Booze on flights and drugs the rest of the time. Never said no to coke this one. One of her bff is an A+ lister who never has said yes to drugs. OK, so, some pot but that’s it and she will never speak to you again if you bring it up. She tolerates our B+ lister drinking, but there are no drugs to be used. EVER. She doesn’t want to get caught up in anything that makes her look bad. She hates to look bad. One person who wants the A+ lister to look bad and to make her life miserable is another A+ lister. This A+ lister loves to drink and loves drugs. She hides the drugs, but you might as well just rename her coke because she loves it more than anything. One night she was enjoying her drug of choice and the B+ lister asked if she could join in. That began a lovely, but surprisingly quiet friendship between the two. No public photos or proclamations, just friends. Over the past few months the B+ lister has run into a problem where she is having trouble getting the drugs she needs. Enter our drug using A+ lister who provides for the B+ lister and in return just asks for some information about the do gooder A+ lister. The bad stuff about the do gooder. She gets it too. She then leaks it all to her friends who suddenly spout off about the do gooder and make her look bad. It has happened time and again. Look for it to happen again this week because our drug using A+ lister met with the B+ lister for ten minutes on Friday night and that usually means something big and juicy.
B+ lister: Selena Gomez
A+ lister "no to drugs": Taylor Swift
A+ lister druggie: Katy Perry

183. BLIND GOSSIP 08/17 **#1**
This foreign-born actress has always regretted ruining her marriage by cheating on her ex-husband. Although they haven’t seen each other more than once or twice a year in the past few years, she always thought that he would somehow circle back to her and he would forgive her and rekindle their relationship. Now that he is marrying someone else, she is a a little surprised. Although she will likely profess good wishes for their upcoming wedding, she did convey her disappointment to a famous actor ex-boyfriend (with whom she is still very friendly). "That’s it? So I waited too long to get back in there and give it another go?" "Yes, love, you did."
Woman: Elizabeth Hurley
Ex-Husband: Arun Nayar
Actor Ex-Boyfriend: Hugh Grant

184. BLIND GOSSIP 08/17 **#2**
If you think that this actor is genuinely making an effort to be a good father, think again! He is pissing and moaning about spending time together, and is doing the bare minimum to keep from looking like the bad guy. One family friend summed up the situation this way: He can’t even pretend to enjoy time with the kids. He has to be dragged out for any activity that involves them. Every single request gets a heavy sigh from him. Then eye rolling. Then whining. "Do I HAVE to?" He’s a bigger baby than any of the kids. If she left it up to him to decide on the activities, the kids would just sit in front of a television all day with him on the phone or the computer. This isn’t a new thing. He’s always been that way. He doesn’t hate the kids. He just hates putting any effort into being a father. [His wife] really hoped he might want to be more involved once he had a son, but it really hasn’t made any difference. [Optional] She the wife stop planning family activities that involve the whole family and let him spend time with the kids any way he wants to?
Husband: Ben Affleck
Wife: Jennifer Garner

185. BLIND GOSSIP 08/17 **#3**
She may not be making a sex tape… but she needs to be VERY careful around her musical boyfriend. Why? Because he might be taping her without her permission! He is telling friends that he thinks that a sex tape is a great idea for two reasons. He wants the fame and money that would come from it. He also thinks that it would dispel those pesky rumors about his sexuality. Of course he wants the girlfriend to do the tape with him. She’s young, she’s hot, and she has her own fan base. Her popularity would make the tape much more profitable than if he did it on his own with one or two no-name females. So far, she is saying no. However, he thinks she will change her mind when she sees actually herself on tape. We don’t know if that means that he has already taped her… or if he is planning to tape her. That’s why we are warning her to be careful. Kylie Jenner/Tyga

186. THE GOSSIP LIFE 08/17
This A-list TV actress is a regular contender at the awards, but if some of the behind the scenes of her hit show were ever released it would create quite the scandal. She constantly makes ignorant remarks that could easily be seen as racist (or even sexist). My source (who likes her, it seems) says it’s not even an intentional thing. "It’s just something she does to fill the empty air or make conversation." Often she doesn’t care about who’s nearby either. She insulted the homeland of a camera guy with a stupid generalization about terrorism that would make the Tea Party blush. Whenever someone calls her out (which is rare), she’ll justify it by saying ‘It’s not [insert accusation] if it’s true."
Sidefact: I was actually told about the gaffe our actress made in front of the camera guy by a very reliable source several years back. I refused to believe it because it just sounded too incredulous, even for the actress who has a history for that sort of behaviour. Claire Danes

He’s a soul singer with a religious rep that presents him as being a man of faith — but this from da dirty may soon be forced to bid "bye bye" to his family image. That’s because sources say he just got served with divorce papers! Jusk ask Tarsha! "She asked him for a divorce after she finding out he’s smashing his attorney Rhonda Patterson." ~Industry Insider Sources describe his new lawyer girlfriend Rhonda Patterson as being "nothing more than a groupie." Don’t believe me.. Ask Antonio Cromartin! Dig the Drop: "He chose a groupie over his beautiful family!" Dude previously showed nothing but love fore D’Jango. Ask Jamie Foxx! Can you guess the Southern singer I’m talking about? Anthony Hamilton

188. MR. X 08/18 **#1**
What A-list (for now) former tweener finally came to her senses and exploded at her momager for creating fake social media accounts to blast anyone criticizing her meal ticket? Expect the former tweener to make the rounds of the morning shows very soon to call out these online bullies… so naturally mommy dearest is very nervous.

189. MR. X 08/18 **#2**
What B-list actor/comedian’s wife blocked one of his mistresses on her husband’s Twitter account without him knowing? One of her friends tipped her off after they saw the husband and the mistress tweeting each other. I’m more shocked that she hasn’t filed for divorce yet, considering all of the past incidents involving the comic and his side pieces. Michael Epps (Wife Busts Him on Twitter Trying to Sneak Into Another Woman’s DMs)

190. MR. X 08/18 **#3**
What closeted B-list mostly television actor who’s currently appearing on an MTV sitcom ditched his beard for a Teen Choice Awards after party and was seen violently making out with another closeted actor who has appeared in that musical movie franchise? This wasn’t the first time they’ve hooked up.
B- list actor: Amadeus Serafini "Scream"
Closeted actor: Skylar Astin "Pitch Perfect"

191. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 08/18 **#1**
Now that the kids are out of the house, this aging permanent A list rocker loves having other men come over and have sex with his wife while our rocker watches. Gene Simmons/Shannon Tweed (empty-nesters)

192. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 08/18 **#2**
This past weekend while his celebrity girlfriend was out of town, this B list rapper used a family visit to hide his hookup with a man who recently photographed his girlfriend for a magazine shoot. Tyga/Kylie Jenner (in St. Barts)

193. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 08/18 **#3**
This B list mostly movie actress from an acting family that really doesn’t act any longer, might have set a record for having a boyfriend cheat on her. Well, probably not a record, but he was not even smart about it. He thought he was texting the woman he was cheating with, but accidentally sent them to our actress. Elizabeth Olsen/Tom Hiddleston

194. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 08/18 **#4**
Just waiting for the divorce announcement from this A list mostly television actress from a long running hit network show. Her husband moved out. Ellen Pompeo/Chris Ivery; Kaley Cuoco/Ryan Sweeting; Kerry Washington/Nnamdi Asomugha

195. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 08/18 **#5**
This one named foreign born B- list singer with some number one songs to her credit a few years back has been having an affair with the married former head of her old record label. Sade

196. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 08/18 **#6**
Apparently the months and months of secret rehab for this foreign born annoying B list singer did no good. She is back on drugs almost as bad as before she went to rehab. Lily Allen

197. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 08/18 **#7**
The ex before the ex of this A+ list singer has been trying to make some money by selling some really good stories about the A+ lister to tabloids. He signed an iron clad non disclosure agreement so this should be good. Britney Spears/David Lucado

198. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 08/18 **#8**
#1 – This foreign born former A- list singer from a group who now does nothing but reality television and getting married, spent more time puking than judging during a recent reality stint. Guess her new husband likes her even more thin than she was. Cheryl Ann Fernandez-Versini "The X Factor"

#2 – This former B+ list mostly television actress who might be the worst actress ever to appear in any kind of major role, turned reality star, is trying to figure out a way to capitalize on her impending divorce. He is cheating and boozing and doing a little coke too. Tori Spelling/Dean McDermott

#3 – People took a lot of pictures of drugs and drug use that are emerging from a party where this foreign born A- list mostly movie actor from that franchise and his celebrity girlfriend attended. Lots and lots and lots of drugs. Robert Pattinson "Twilight"/FKA Twigs

199. BLIND GOSSIP 08/18 **#1**
This young celebrity is more famous for her family name than for what she has accomplished on her own in the entertainment industry. The next time you see her, you may notice something different about her. It’s her face. She recently got more lip injections that have reshaped her mouth from a tiny, heart-shaped pout into a wider, fatter smile. Together with the caps on her teeth and a reshaped jaw/chin, she’s totally transformed the bottom half of her face. We’ll bet her bosses would appreciate it if she put as much work into learning her lines as she puts into changing her appearance. Rumer Willis

200. BLIND GOSSIP 08/18 **#2**
This studio is not at ALL happy about their film flopping at the box office. Everyone is pointing fingers at each other, but one executive is naming the problem: The stars of the film! "This isn’t some superhero film that’ll draw [an audience] even if it sucks. You can’t just throw a good-looking bunch of people together and expect that your job is done. We needed a star and instead we got mannequins. Yeah, they’ve all been in big films, but there isn’t a charismatic one in the bunch. they don’t have talk show energy or a big fan base or online following, so there was no buzz around them or the film. It was destined to flop. We’ll be lucky to make back production costs. God help us if someone starts talking sequel." "The Man from U.N.C.L.E." or "Fantastic Four"

201. REFINERY29 08/18 **#1**
(BLIND GOSSIP Note: This blind item comes from an extra on the set of a cosmetics commercial.) "I was working on a commercial where the newest face of the brand was a very famous, award-winning actress. When she got to set, she ignored everyone around her and immediately began fighting with the producer. She was screaming like crazy and having a tantrum. To make things even more awkward and crazy, she started chucking makeup at the door that the producer was standing near. All these packages of eyeshadow and foundation were getting thrown, breaking, and spilling all over the place. Tons and tons of product were destroyed. It was insane! Whenever I see her in a movie now, my mind goes back to that moment when all that makeup went flying."
Jennifer Lawrence/ "Dior" (did a movie called "Like Crazy")

202. REFINERY29 08/18 **#2**
(BLIND GOSSIP Note: This blind item comes from a crew member on the set of a film.) "I was on set for a film that starred a television actress who was trying to break into movies. We were filming on location in a small town in an impoverished country. One day, the actress asks for coffee, so the production assistant gets it from the caterer and brings it to her. The actress looks at her and says, ‘What the fuck is this?’ She then asks if she can have coffee from a café instead. Again, we are filming in an area where there is nothing like that! I was thinking, You won’t be able to get an espresso anywhere around here. The P.A. returns from whatever café she found and has coffee, but it’s in one of those red plastic cups. The actress again says, ‘What the fuck is this?’ and throws it on the ground. She then starts screaming, ‘I need someone to go to a café! Is there not a Starbucks around here?’ I couldn’t believe what an idiot she was."

203. THE GOSSIP LIFE 08/18
Our actress is married to an A-lister but we can only consider her C-level tops. She thinks the reason she doesn’t get the top roles is because she’s ‘too controversial.’ Why is she so controversial? Because she’s a liberal, atheist that’s bisexual. She thinks that’s considered controversial… in Hollywood… in 2015. Amber Heard/Johnny Depp

Today’s blind item is either a cheapskate OR he straight up refuses to pay what he weighs! Just ask Christopher Moore, his apparently overworked and underpaid bodyguard, revealed to be a starving security man. We’re told the bodyguard is only keeping his gig working for our blind item "to stay in the game", and is said to have resorted to alternative, controversial hustle methods to compensate for the monies our mystery ATL MC is NOT paying him! Don’t believe me.. Just ask Courtney Thompson! "He only pays Chris 500-bucks for 10-hour shifts on as his bodyguard, so Chris has to resorted to cuckold sessions with rich white couples." This HSK exclusive drops appears to be consistent with our blind item’s stingy track record. Know why? It wasn’t that long ago when the mother of his firstborn child, now 12, testified that he walks with 25-racks "on him at all times." That would be the same DNA-certified baby momma that our blind item insisted — despite his drastic monetary increase since 2003 — "shouldn’t receive a penny more" in child support. "Chris isn’t just prostituting himself to older white women, he’s also breaking into their homes and robbing them too!" Dig the Drop: "Chris was homeless so Courtney took him in and when she kicked him out. Chris started f*cking Courtney’s ex-husbands wife Lacey. Chris became a professional thief because. _____ don’t pay him sh*t." Just last year this rapper was caught lying on his paper after an Atlanta judge found him to be pulling in $50K each month, rather than the $16.5K he claimed to the court. Now, can you guess the lyrical liar I’m talking about? Future

205. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 08/19 **#1**
This B list mostly movie actress with the great name got ticked off at this A- list mostly movie actor who was a co-star with her on a recent movie. He reeked of pot, was stoned out of his mind and kept hugging everyone including the actress. She then reeked of pot and and it was a borrowed dress and she was going to have to pay for it.
Lake Bell/Owen Wilson   ("No Escape" premiere)

206. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 08/19 **#2**
This foreign born B+list mostly movie actor now that his hit pay cable show has ended is going to disappoint a lot of women who lust after him when he comes out in the next few weeks. He has tried the beard route to please his handlers but just wants to be open and honest. Alexander Skarsgård "True Blood"

207. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 08/19 **#3**
This B+ list country singer is the first to talk about his wife and family and God and church and is also the first to make a move on a groupie hanging around his tour bus. Luke Bryan

208. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 08/19 **#4**
This actress is B+ list simply because she is the lead on a network comedy. Really young to be a lead, but legal in both ways. I don’t think she has been a blind before but if she keeps doing coke like she did Monday night, she won’t be a lead for long.

209. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 08/19 **#5**
This is not going to end well. This married former tweener actor with that one great role who was such before the term was used, turned A- list mostly television actor, hooked up with his ex about a month ago. Wait until she feels scorned and then her volatile personality will explode all over the internet. James Van Der Beek ("Dawson’s Creek")/Heather McComb

210. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 08/19 **#6**
This brand new female talk show host is cheating on her girlfriend with a production assistant on the show. Raven-Symoné/"The View" (AzMarie Livingston)

211. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 08/19 **#7**
For someone who should be kissing a lot of butt right now, this foreign born B list celebrity offspring was blowing off fans who wanted photos of her last night. She was heard saying, "fuck this," about having to walk through some fans who were also waiting for other people. Once inside she would only talk to people who were more famous than her or could give her a job. Kelly Osbourne
 (Cost Plus World Market event)

212. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 08/19 **#8**
This married A- list mostly television actor on a very long running ABC show has spent about $10K this month on web cam sex. All on one woman. Jesse Williams "Grey’s Anatomy"

213. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 08/19 **#9**
KINDNESS: Not terribly long, but with all the child molesting and breakups, I figured a little kindness blind would be the way to go here. I remember the first time I met this actress. I don’t know her, but have met her a couple of times. The first time we were at a bookstore. It doesn’t exist any longer. It was over at Sunset And Vine and I was just cutting through the store from the parking garage. I spotted her because I had just been watching her show the night before. It was a hit network show that just crashed and burned when everyone thought they were bigger than the show. Not the adult actors, but the teens and young adults in it. Anyway, she was looking at Starting A Restaurant For Dummies or something like that and I asked something stupid like, "So, are you opening one?" She said she was thinking about it. She never did, but she was not opening it to make a profit. Her goal was to spend some of her money and raise other money and open a soup kitchen that looked like a restaurant. She wanted people to be able to sit down and select rather than just wait in line and then go wander to a table. It is still her goal, but the B list mostly television actress who is out of work right now has worked almost 40 hours a week since her show last aired volunteering in soup kitchens and feeding the homeless. She is out there in the middle of the night passing out blankets and kits. She goes above and beyond even though she could just write a check or stay home with her child. Rachel Bilson ("The O.C.") ("Hart of Dixie")

214. LAINEY GOSSIP 08/19
For a year now she’s been pitching a panel-style talk show about love and marriage, similar to The View or The Talk, partnering with popular parent and women’s lifestyle websites. Because of her high profile, she wasn’t expected to show up every day but often enough, like a few times a month, so that the audience would know that it was hers – the Barbara Walters of the group, you could say. The other women included a newlywed, a model-actress-mom in her 40s, a single, divorced woman in her 40s, and a woman in her early 60s. Would you believe, though, that even with her popularity with the MiniVan Majority, no one was interested. The show was rejected, repeatedly, while other similar shows, featuring other personalities, got picked up, like Tyra Banks’s FABLife. The reason? Too "upper class". Interestingly enough, this happened before everything blew up. And now that it’s all blown up, and she has everyone’s sympathy, the show still isn’t getting any play…even though she could be an expert at talking about love and marriage right now. But is she willing to go there? It might change if she’s willing to talk about it. Would she talk about it? On camera? Probably not. Not for the sake of the children. But that doesn’t mean it’s not leverage – not only from a business perspective but when dealing with that idiot too. Jennifer Garner (Ben Affleck)

215. BLIND GOSSIP 08/19
We have a fascinating scoop on what’s going on behind of the scenes of this humorous social media smackdown! If you think that it’s funny that this actor’s wife publicly humiliated him on social media… well, it may get a lot less funny. He may be playing like it was all innocent fun. "Was it something I said?" However, she is not the least bit amused. That’s because this isn’t the first time this has happened. She has caught him following, liking, flirting with, chatting with, and DMing LOTS of women in the past. This is the just the first time the information became public. So what’s going on behind the scenes? According to a friend of the couple: [Actor] got a big head after he landed the role of [redacted] last year. He thinks he’s all smooth, but he’s not. It’s not just some harmless flirting and fun. She caught him cheating before IRL [in real life] so this is just more of the same. She’s not gonna put up with it forever. She’s just waiting to hit that 10 year mark in their marriage. She’ll play it cool up until then. Then it’s goodbye and good riddance!!! Check back with us in a year.
Mike Epps (Richard Pryor: Is It Something I Said?)

216. REFINERY29 08/19
(BG Note: This blind item comes from an extra on the set of a music video.) "A music video for one of my favorite singers was putting a call out for extras, and so I submitted myself. I’d never done any background acting on a video before, and I was such a fan, so I was excited! The call time was at dawn, so I was already completely exhausted, but still looking forward to seeing one of my idols in person. She had the reputation of being extremely nice, especially to her fans, so I figured this was going to be an awesome experience. "But when she got to the set, she had the biggest b*tch face ever. She wouldn’t look anyone in the eye, let alone say hello like a decent human being. I just couldn’t believe how she seemed to be. At one point, we all could hear her whining and complaining about something to do with her outfit and treating the stylist like crap. I understand that everyone, even celebs, can have tough days, but that experience poisoned me as a fan. Now every time I hear a story about her doing some sort of charity or ‘good deed’ for one of her fans, I roll my eyes." Taylor Swift

217. THE GOSSIP LIFE 08/19
This actress is a former A-list Disney starlet and likely A-list in terms of fame and D-list in talent, but regardless of the fame, she’s struggling to secure decent work in movies. She’s refusing to go back to television and despite the fact every one of her movies has flopped, she thinks she deserves leading roles with decent sized budgets and salaries. Vanessa Hudgens

Today’s blind item is currently using an email from Nick Cannon’s company "Ncredible," to solicit video models into prostitution. "Some music video chick is shopping face-time footage of ____ threatening to kill her if she told anyone about ____’s prostitution ring." ~Industry Source. Here is what the source revealed to HSK: "She tells the girls that she’s shooting a reality show and she’s looking for models. These video chicks are afraid of her. Don’t believe me.. Ask Lira Galore. When ___, sends a girl on a call…she takes 20%. Numerous of girls were in the process of setting her up, but it all fell apart. Someone called TMZ yesterday and told them ___, was trying to pimp them. When ___ got word of a snitch…she instantly closed up shop." Amber Rose

219. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 08/20 **#1**
This still in a mid-life crisis former A list singer in a group who has dropped to B list solo and is only that high because of her name, tried to party with a bunch of 20 somethings at a pool party earlier this week. They wanted nothing to do with her until she started paying for everything. She really wants to feel young again. Fergie

220. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 08/20 **#2**
This female celebrity chef with A list name recognition spent an entire day with a married executive at his vacation home while his wife was out of town. Giada De Laurentiis

221. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 08/20 **#3**
This B list former tweener turned B+ list pop singer is mostly in the closet. She loves guys and women but tries her hardest to not let you know about the women. This week at an event she was saved by security from having a confrontation with her former lover who says the singer owes her money.

222. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 08/20 **#4**
This about to be legal Disney actress who has moved on to other riskier television fare, got really upset at her date the other night because he was paying more attention to the waiter than her. She knows he likes guys better than women but doesn’t want the world to know that. Bella Thorne/Gregg Sulkin

223. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 08/20 **#5**
Awkward is running into the ex of your significant other on a red carpet or at a party. Really awkward though for this B list mostly movie actress was not knowing that her celebrity significant other used to hookup with this A- list celebrity/multiple host until she was part of a conversation with the ex and a third person in the conversation asked how they managed to get along so well.

224. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 08/20 **#6**
It amazes me that this married foreign born A list celebrity in her own country and probably a B lister here who has also dabbled in reality in both countries, can get so much positive publicity while being in another country with the primary purpose being to hook up with a man for money who is not her husband. Cheryl Fernandez-Fersini

225. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 08/20 **#7**
This foreign born B+ list multiple network reality shows participant is cheating on his celebrity reality star girlfriend with one of her co-stars. Maks Chmerkovskiy/Peta Murgatroyd (PROBABLY: Witney Carson or Sharna Burgess)

226. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 08/20 **#8**
This B- list actress/reality star/celebrity offspring has been self-medicating and has whipped through prescription refills as quickly as they can be written. She is headed for a huge crash just when things were looking most promising. Rumer Willis

227. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 08/20 **#9**
This B+ list mostly movie actress/celebrity offspring finally wised up to her now ex-boyfriend. Of course it cost her about $20K and a bunch of self-respect. I think the final straw was him using the credit card of our actress to buy his other girlfriend a present.
Dakota Johnson  (Matthew Hitt)

228. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 08/20 **#10**
Opposite sides of the country right now for this actor/actress couple. He cheats while filming a movie and she hangs out with her friends thinking he is being so good and faithful. He is a tool and she needs to realize it. Both are B+ listers. Jason Sudeikis/Olivia Wilde; Justin Long/Amanda Seyfried; LievSchreiber/Naomi Watts

229. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 08/20 **#11**
#1 – Straight from the airport to the hotel suite paid for by her lover. The thing is, this foreign born model is not doing such a great job bearding. I think she wants what has been promised vis a vis movie roles but she is not getting paid by the A+ list mostly movie actor so she needs to earn a living. Irina Shayk/Bradley Cooper

#2 – This foreign born B- list mostly movie actress with a name that sounds like a description apparently tried to kill herself this past weekend. No a-hole of an actor boyfriend is worth that. He really messed with her head. Mia Goth/Shia LaBeouf

#3 – Interesting. So, this kazillionaire star fucker disappeared for a few weeks and apparently was having sex with the very rich foreign born D list celebrity offspring of a fellow kazillionaire. James Packer (Mariah Carey)/Chloe Green "Topshop"

230. BLIND GOSSIP 08/20 **#1**
They are looking for a "boyfriend" for this female reality show star. While they won’t call it a casting call, that is essentially what it is! Although she is short, she prefers a man who is at least 5’9?. He should be under 40, photogenic, in shape ("he has to look good with his shirt off"), like kids, and be able to handle the paparazzi. Willingness to engage in public conflict with her ex is a plus. One point of contention? Race. The star’s manager really wants someone who is black… while the female star would prefer someone who is not. While they probably won’t get anyone very famous for the part, they are aiming for someone semi-famous (like an athlete or musician) whose career would benefit from the exposure. It will be interesting to see who they wind up with. Whoever it is, know that it’s all just a storyline for the show, no matter how much romance or drama is reported! Kourtney Kardashian

231. BLIND GOSSIP 08/20 **#2**
In what may come as a bit of a surprise, this celebrity’s wife is actually breathing a sigh of relief now that the public knows that her husband is a low-down, dirty dog! Even though she also committed adultery in their relationship, he will look petty and retaliatory if he brings up her cheating during divorce proceedings. Therefore, it looks like she is going to be able to walk away from the marriage with the money, the kids… AND and a clean reputation! Jared Fogle’s wife Katie

232. REFINERY29 08/20
(BG Note: This blind item comes from an extra on the set of a film.) "I was cast as an extra in a movie with a friend. The lead actor has been famous for a long time, so they made us do something I had never done: sign an agreement saying that we could not discuss religion on the set at all, and we would not make eye contact with the lead actor. At first I thought it was weird, but due to his reputation, I decided it wasn’t that surprising." "When we get ready to film, the lead actor gets on the set and starts having a full-on breakdown. He’s pulling at his shirt, saying that it was choking him and he can’t breathe. Then he rips off his shirt and runs off the set. The crew immediately puts all of us extras in the holding room, and a full eight hours later, we get an announcement that says the lead actor is sorry for what happened and wanted to treat everyone to Starbucks to make up for it." Tom Cruise

233. MEDIA TAKEOUT 08/20 just got some HOT AND SPICY TEA for y'all. We can't say any names, because the person involved has plenty of $$ and lawyers, and we ain't trying to get CAUGHT UP IN NO LAWSUIT. Anyways, a snitch who works with a popular TV HOST told us that he hired a top DIVORCE ATTORNEY in Atlanta. Word is that he caught his very GLAMOROUS wife sexting a popular WIDE RECEIVER from the Atlanta Falcons. According to our insider, she has NO IDEA that he knows what's been GOING DOWN. He's playing it all real cool. But that he's getting all his DUCKS IN A ROW . .. to hit her with them PAPERS as soon as he got his affairs in order. When this story BREAKS . . . trust us it will be JUICY, EXPLOSIVE, and on ALL the news networks - and we'll have EVEN MORE JUICY DETAILS. And remember when it does where you READ ABOUT IT FIRST, on Steve Harvey/Marjorie Bridges-Woods

234. THE GOSSIP LIFE 08/20
Let’s talk about this A-list movie star’s behaviour on this never made movie that cost my source several million dollars. It was so deplorable that my source was relieved to eat the 7 figure loss. It started out as a small movie, shot in the homeland of this A-list actor, aiming to be lowly budgeted and hopefully an award contender. It became a disaster that seems to be widely forgotten and wasn’t reported on much at the time. A C-list actress was attached as the female lead but promptly fired when the A-list actor took the male lead because – my source is saying this is close to verbatim – ‘She’s a shit actress and I don’t act with shit actresses. It makes ME look bad. Can she even do the accent? She can barely act in her normal accent. How can she act in this accent? She’s out. Call ___ instead. Forget it. I’ll call ___ instead. She probably won’t return your calls." Our A-list movie star did call the other actress instead, who was matching A-list at the time (and completely wrong for the role, we may add), and she signed on for an unbelievably low salary out of respect for their friendship. The A-list movie star used this as leverage to take even more power over the movie and it got even more out of control. You think our A-list movie star would be happy, but no. Then, he started getting paranoid about billing and critics – thinking the A-list actress would ‘steal HIS movie away from him’ and ‘take top billing.’ He ordered rewrites months before production was set to begin, despite the script being based on a novel, he wanted crucial scenes reworked and re-imagined to suit his sudden change of character, lessening his initial role. Our A-list actress discovered the ongoings and begged the creative team and producers to stop him to no avail, initially withdrawing and then returning when the A-list movie star calmed down a little and begged her back. Everyone on set still ignored the then director and came to the A-list movie star with their questions and ideas. It became such a mess that with several million already invested, two of the biggest stars in the world attached and a hot script – the people behind it scrapped the film only a couple of weeks before the production was set to begin, pissing off the A-list actress who had just arrived on location and had already rejected high paying work for the movie. It pretty much ended his friendship with the A-list actress and was the start of the decline in the A-list movie star’s huge career.
Who is our A-list movie star? Russell Crowe
Who is our fired C-list actress? Bryce Dallas Howard
Who is our A-list actress? Nicole Kidman
Who is our director? Jocelyn Moorhouse
What was the movie? "Eucalyptus"

235. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 08/21 **#1**
This A+ list singer was so drunk and wasted on pills this week for a show that she showed up late and only managed to do that after forcing herself to puke up everything she ingested. Apparently the show was as awful as the hour leading up to it. Mariah Carey (in Israel)

236. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 08/21 **#2**
Who will land him first? You have a momager who is practically throwing her A list reality daughter at this A- list former boy bander while he seems to want the B+ list former tweener actress turned adult bad singer/bad actress who is the arch rival of the reality star. They both have shared other guys in the past.
Former boy bander: Zayn Malik

Momager: Kris Jenner
Reality daughter: Kendall Jenner
B+ list actress: Selena Gomez

Shared other guys: Justin Bieber, Nick Jonas

237. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 08/21 **#3**
This extremely annoying former A+ list reality couple are trying to make a comeback but it is not going well. While at dinner two nights ago, the male in the relationship said the comeback was not working because the female had let herself go and is too fat now. He berated her for 15 minutes until he finally got her to cry. Spencer Pratt and Heidi Montag

238. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 08/21 **#4**
What started out as innocent fun turned into this B list mostly television actress from a hit network show (yes, the same person who is in here constantly) hooking up with the actor boyfriend of this former A list tweener. Our network actress loves publicity. This would definitely bring her some if it goes public.

B list actress/show: Sarah Hyland "Modern Family"
Actor boyfriend: Wilmer Valderrama
"Teen Choice Awards 2015"
A list tweener: Demi Lovato

239. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 08/21 **#5**
This former B+ list mostly movie actress has slowly seen her star fall since she hooked up with this A+ list mostly movie actor. She rarely works any longer while he still works almost constantly. She stays home and still wants a relationship with him. Texting and calling him almost every minute of the day because you are worried about him hooking up again with his current co-star is probably not the way to go.
B+ list actress: Eva Mendes
A+ list actor: Ryan Gosling
Current co-star: Emma Stone
Movie: "La La Land"

240. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 08/21 **#6**
It almost sounds cliche at this point, but this A list singer/part-time reality star is cheating on his actress wife with the nanny. She thought the nanny would be safe because it is her cousin. Keith Urban/Nicole Kidman

241. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 08/21 **#7**
This so doesn’t seem like him any longer, but this A+ list rapper/mogul has dropped 30 pounds in the past few months because he spends whatever free time he has doing drugs. He barely eats any longer and has been late for countless meetings. Recording sessions have been canceled. Jay-Z

242. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 08/21 **#8**
This Teen Mom says that she makes more in one night having sex with a man then she does filming an entire season of the show. Great life goal. Farrah Abraham

243. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 08/21 **#9**
This A list athlete had a slip in his sobriety. Not Josh Hamilton although that wouldn’t shock me either. Michael Phelps

244. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 08/21 **#10**
This former reality star had a big run on a show that ended when the star died. Times are hard and his business is bad. He has been taking deposits from clients and never doing any work. George Kotsiopoulos (Joan Rivers "Fashion Police)

245. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 08/21 **#11**
#1 – This Southeast Housewife recently hooked up with a guy she met on vacation two years ago while with her husband. So, does that mean they waited two years to have sex? Doubtful. Phaedra Parks "Real Housewives of Atlanta"

#2 – The husband of this former A list reality star from multiple reality shows she got because of her main business, has been having sex with a guy who used to work for the reality star. Rachel Zoe/Rodger Berman/Joey Maalouf

#3 – I think this A list athlete really believes his singer girlfriend when she says she is not cheating on him. Russell Wilson/Ciara

#4 – The B list celebrity offspring of permanent A listers did his first line of coke the other night. The teenager looks innocent but is headed for trouble.

246. BLIND GOSSIP 08/21 **#1**
Some private romantic photos of this famous actor and his model girlfriend were recently published. Who took them? A sneaky member of the paparazzi lurking in the shadows? Nope! The photos were taken by a contracted photographer in a completely private venue. In less time than it takes to grow a beard, they snapped dozens of photos of the two celebrities. The couple then combed through them and picked out a bunch that looked like the photographer had caught two attractive lovers in the most spontaneous, playful and romantic of moments. When they returned to more public venues, they simply let the regular paparazzi do the rest. Bradley Cooper/Irina Shayk

247. BLIND GOSSIP 08/21 **#2**
We don’t know why everyone is so shocked that this dark-haired actress has altered her appearance with some facial plastic surgery. In fact, she has had at least FOUR rounds of plastic (that we know of) since her classic TV show went off the air more than ten years ago! What you might find a bit surprising is that close behind in that tally is her best friend from the same show… although the bestie’s work has been MUCH more subtle! Courtney Cox/Jennifer Aniston

248. BLIND GOSSIP 08/21 **#3**
This musician definitely has a thing for blonde actresses! He has an ex-wife with whom he still spends a lot of time, a female pal who has multiple kids and marriages of her own, and a girlfriend who is investing in real estate just to please him. Now there’s a fourth blonde in the mix! While she is simply being described as a mystery woman, we know who she is. She is an English actress who starred in a movie last year with an ironic name. What is she doing with him? A source tells us, "They are just work friends"… but refused to say anything more. Really? As far as we know, they haven’t worked together on any projects in the past. As far as we know, they don’t have any work projects together in the future. Sounds terribly vague and fishy to us. We don’t like it. And we’re betting that the first three blondes won’t like it either.
Musician: Chris Martin
Ex-Wife: Gwyneth Paltrow
Female Pal: Kate Hudson
Girlfriend: Jennifer Lawrence
Fourth Blonde: Annabelle Wallis

249. BLIND GOSSIP 08/21 **#4**
This young film actress recently asked an Australian film actor for a favor. She loves pets and wanted to know if the actor would bring back a koala bear for her the next time he traveled from Australia to the United States. When he tried to explain to her that the animals are endangered, she seemed puzzled. "But wouldn’t I be helping it, then? Actually, if you bring me back TWO of them I could breed them and give the babies to zoos and stuff. That would help, right?" The Aussie gently explained to her that you simply could not take the animals out of Australia. "Not even if I was willing to pay a lot?" "No, not even then." "OK, well I just wanted a cute little baby bear is all." "Actually, koalas aren’t bears. They’re marsupials. Like kangaroos." "Oh. Well… then could you bring me a baby kangaroo instead?" Joey King/Liam Hemsworth filming "Independence Day: Resurgence"

250. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 08/22 **#1**
This B list really good looking male singer who also does some modeling and television is telling everyone about the massive coke party he had with this other very good looking B+ list mostly movie actor who recently ended a forever run on a cable show and this former A+ list singer turned A- list different kind of singer. Apparently it was a coke party for the ages.
B list male singer: Nick Jonas
B+ list actor: Jon Hamm "Mad Men"
A+ list singer: Lady Gaga
"Hollywood Foreign Press Association Hosts Annual Grants Banquet"

251. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 08/22 **#2**
Another stupid excuse but the media just full on gets out their kneepads and says thanks for being our friend and so open and accessible that we will go ahead and spread your lies like they are the gospel. How come no one will call out this A list talk show host and tell the truth.
 Jimmy Fallon   (chips tooth)

252. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 08/22 **#3**
This A list in her mind everything who is good, but not great at lots of things, is on a new television show. She hates when they make her look like a "mom." She has been getting more and more vocal that she wants some scenes and wardrobe that make her look young and sexy. It doesn’t fit the theme of the show but she doesn’t care. She has threatened to quit numerous times. Jennifer Lopez "Shades of Blue"

253. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 08/22 **#4**
Someone from the family of this B+ list celebrity offspring needs to step in and cut her off from her current significant other. He is slowly killing himself and the longer she hangs out with him, the more likely she will end up dead too. Gigi Hadid/Joe Jonas (I’m not sure her new choice is any better)

254. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 08/23 **#1**
This brand new very hit network show already has some drama outside of the show. Apparently the celebrity husband of one of the stars is hooking up with another of the leads. The wife does not know, but several of the other cast members know and it is causing a lot of drama.
Show: "The Astronaut Wives Club"
Star: JoAnna Garcia Swisher (Nick Swisher "Atlanta Braves") or Odette Annable (Dave Annable)
Star doing the hooking up:

255. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 08/23 **#2**
This former almost A- list mostly movie actress might be a half a world away but she has somehow managed to be in almost as bad a shape as she ever has. In the past week she has been so wasted that she took a tumble down two flights of stairs and she kept trying to take the microphone and sing at a huge event for someone else.
Lindsay Lohan (and now all the stories about her at the wedding are coming out)

256. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 08/23 **#3**
This A- list politician with the famous name is cheating on his actress wife again. Robert F. Kennedy Jr./Cheryl Hines

257. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 08/23 **#4**
Doctors have only given this former A+ list mostly movie actor who was the most popular actor on the planet for awhile a few months at most to live. Burt Reynolds (Hopefully he keeps hanging on. He was not expected to make it to the new year.)

258. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 08/24 **#1**
This A list mostly movie actor/director/producer claims he is straight but the men who audition for him would say something else. If you want a part in one of his many movies and you are an up and coming actor you are going to have to earn that part on his casting couch. Tyler Perry

259. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 08/24 **#2**
I’m not sure why comic convention organizers even invite this B+ list mostly television actor from a hit cable show. Sure, the show is popular, but once again he managed to be hammered for the entire event and was pawing and groping any fan who showed any interest in him. I think he goes for the fan attention and because the women come to him and he does not have to do any work. Plus, the free booze.
Norman Reedus ("Walking Dead")/"Wizard World Comic Con Chicago 2015"

260. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 08/24 **#3**
This formerly married, oft cheating celebrity chef may be making a porn video very soon if her new boyfriend has anything to say about it and the boyfriend definitely knows porn. Giada De Laurentiis

261. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 08/24 **#4**
Another controlling relationship bites the dust. They were former co-stars. She was an A list mostly television actress who does mostly movies now after her show ended. She also is doing some producing of a great almost television show. Apparently his constant "advising" just wore her down to the point she couldn’t take it any longer and the two are over. Amy Poehler/Nick Kroll

262. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 08/24 **#5**
This Pretty Little Liars actress has been quiet as of late. It does not mean her drug use has abated. It has become so bad she will probably enter rehab in the next few weeks.

263. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 08/24 **#6**
The husband of this former B+ list mostly television actress from a now defunct hit almost network show who managed to make more of a name for herself by her boyfriends and what she wore on the red carpets says the couple have never had sex. Probably one of the reasons they are splitting. Rose McGowan/Davey Detail

264. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 08/24 **#7**
This foreign born B list celebrity/offspring says that if her celebrity/reality star/former co-worker does not start telling the truth that the foreign born B lister will start revealing some truths of her own which she promises will be the downfall of the career and marriage of her former co-worker. Kelly Osbourne/Giuliana Rancic

265. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 08/24 **#8**
This former A+ list mostly movie actor who can barely get work now is on a daily regimen of HGH and steroids to go with his excessive booze intake. He is a deranged mess right now. Mel Gibson

266. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 08/24 **#9**
This foreign born A list athlete in his own country and sport is probably a B- list celebrity here in the US. He still is a world class cheater though and his wife is going to end up going back home alone. Novak Djokovic (Cincinnati Masters)  (cheating)

267. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 08/24 **#10**
#1 – This former A list reality star who starred in multiple MTV shows is cheating on her husband. Well, she calls it taking a break. Nicole "Snooki" Polizzi

#2 – This former A list singer in a manufactured group turned reality judge is hooking up with this married permanent A list celebrity who would have his A+ list profile and image damaged forever if someone found out. I will say that she is usually discreet, but she is being careless. Showing up in places where he is with his family for one. Singer: Nicole Scherzinger or Aubrey O'Day

#3 – This foreign born model is cheating on her celebrity girlfriend with someone much younger. As in would probably be illegal in most places younger. Stella Maxwell (Miley Cyrus)/Lily-Rose Depp

268. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 08/24 **#11**
It was plenty awkward when this former A list reality star turned drug addled celebrity turned multiple more reality show star was at a party this weekend and every guest at least pretended to eat some food. Our former A lister just drank water and refused multiple offers of food. Wafer thin this one. Nicole Richie

269. BLIND GOSSIP 08/24 **#1**
Leaking the possible demise of a music group is quite a clever strategy. Here’s the story: Prior to the non-announcement, merchandise sales were dragging. Ticket sales were heavily discounted. We’re talking about reductions of 50-75% from the group’s peak. Personnel changes and personal scandals were receiving more press than song releases. This was worrisome for the group’s management, who were planning to squeeze another album out of the group. Then they calculated how much demand and prices would rise if fans believed that this would be their last chance to see the group. How about a not-so-modest $5000+ for a Meet & Greet? Better merchandise sales, higher ticket prices AND a new album? Beautiful! It should be a very profitable year! "One Direction"

270. BLIND GOSSIP 08/24 **#2**
The behind-the-camera folks at this cable show have LOTS to say about this former host with the famous last name… and none of it is nice! She’s got a lot of nerve bashing [Current Host] over her weight! [Current Host] might be too thin, but the only reason [Past Host] isn’t a whale anymore is because she had that stomach surgery. Another one said: This must be her weird way of asking for her job back because god knows NO ONE ELSE WANTS TO HIRE HER. Like who on earth would want to hire someone who is known to stab their co-workers in the back? A third colleague added: I would rather work with [Current Host] any time. At least [Current Host] has a college degree and worked her way up in this business. [Former Host] only got where she is because of her parents. Dumb, spoiled, no-talent cunt. Good riddance to bad rubbish!!! Yikes.
Show: "Fashion Police"
Former Host: Kelly Osbourne
Current Host: Giuliana Rancic

271. THE GOSSIP LIFE 08/24
This married producing team are A-list and fairly new to producing movies/tv. Although I may not agree with the religious agenda of a lot their work, I do have to praise one thing about them. New producing teams with a lot of money and not a lot of experience usually may 1. bad investments, where they lose money. 2. invest in a bunch of projects that never get made. Our couple are considered highly professional and highly determined. Nearly every project they’ve wanted to make, they’ve made, efficiently and professionally. This couple has a better track record than some of the seasoned veterans of producing and they’re earning millions as a result.

272. DAILY MAIL 08/24
A Hollywood actor, an NFL star and a top politician are among dozens of celebrities frantically calling up pricey damage limitation experts over the Ashley Madison hack. Well-known figures in the entertainment, sport and political industries are apparently phoning up experts to help them manage their reputations out of fear they will be publicly outed as cheats. Among these stars are an actor from a recent action film, a top NFL player, a TV drama actor and a TV reality star – all of whom are male, say the sources, who have insider knowledge on the matter. A top politician in the South, a Coca Cola executive and a former West Coast politician are also reportedly seeking out help after the cheating site – which has some 37 million users – was hacked. ‘They have to quickly remove all ties to Ashley Madison and protect their online reputation. ‘We’ve never taken more calls or email inquiries in such a short time. ‘Lives are getting destroyed worldwide, and people are scared and don’t want to be next.’ He added that in just 24 hours, dozens of ‘major players’ called up the firm, which charges clients from between $10,000 and $100,000 per month to ‘repair and protect their online reputations’. One of these celebrities was apparently so distraught about the possibility that his marriage would be destroyed if he was outed as a cheat that he cried down the phone line for five minutes. And another said he would be fearful for his life if his relatives found out about his actions. ‘One of our clients is concerned about getting killed by his family members if he is found out,’ Mr Schiffer told Daily Mail Online. ‘It’s crazy. We’ve never had so many celebrities call us in such a short space of time. It makes sense when you think about how many people are on [Ashley Madison].’
Actor from a recent action film: Ben Affleck; Chris Hemsworth
Top NFL player: Tom Brady
Actor from a TV drama:
TV Reality Star: Jionni LaValle (Nicole "Snooki" Polizzi’s husband) ; Josh Taekman (Kristen "Real Housewives of New York City") ; Nathan Griffith (Jenelle Evans "Teen Mom"); Dean McDermott (Tori Spelling)
Southern Politician:
Coca Cola executive:
Former West Coast politician: Arnold Schwarzenegger
Celebrity who cried on the phone about marriage being destroyed:
Celebrity who is afraid relatives will kill him:
Joe Giudice (Teresa "Real Housewives of New Jersey") or someone from "Duck Dynasty"

273. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 08/25 **#1**
Considering how much they both enjoy people of the same sex, the engagement of this actor/actress couple will probably lead to them being happy together for a long time.
Alison Brie and Dave Franco

274. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 08/25 **#2**
This foreign born B+ list actor was fired from a very hit pay cable show because his acting was so awful. Apparently all those acting classes after he was fired paid off though because he is about to be launched on the world as the lead of a set to be released big box office hit and the co-lead of a superhero movie.
Actor: Ed Skrein
Pay cable show: "Game of Thrones"/Daario Naharis

Big box office hit: "The Transporter Refueled"
Superhero movie: "Deadpool"/Ajax

275. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 08/25 **#3**
This foreign born B list singer who is only that high because of her higher ranked actor boyfriend, was all smiles as she devoured line after line of coke at a party this weekend. Apparently she was the life of the party and everyone was happy to let her take the lion share of the coke. FKA Twigs (Robert Pattinson)

276. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 08/25 **#4**
This Teen Mom might claim she is drug free, but the guy who sells her meth says she has not been paying and if she doesn’t, then he is going to start spilling and he knows a lot. Leah Messner

277. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 08/25 **#5**
Apparently this former boy bander turned host cheated on his wife with a transgender female. Things are probably not very happy in the family home this week. Hey, the good news he didn’t use Ashley Madison. Nick Lachey/Shauna Brooks

278. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 08/25 **#6**
They didn’t touch, but this closeted A- list mostly movie actor who still has a role in one franchise after being dropped by another, did have his boyfriend with him at a huge event this past weekend. They walked around together and stayed in the same hotel suite, but no PDA at all. Jeremy Renner "Wizard World Comic Con Chicago 2015"

279. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 08/25 **#7**
This closeted A- list mostly movie actress had another night out with her friends, It looks like she might have a new girlfriend too. A very very tall new girlfriend. The two spent some time in the bathroom sharing a little treat which caused our actress to go from bad mood to great mood and even left a huge tip. Kristen Stewart

280. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 08/25 **#8**
The friendship of these two former best friends is on the rocks right now. They are both B list. Both actresses although one started off as something else. The one who started off as something else was horrified to learn that her best friend used to sleep with this permanent A list mostly movie actor who is an Academy Award winner/nominee throughout his marriage. Even though the marriage ended a long time ago the affair revelation was recent.
Actress: Mandy Moore
Actress who started out as something else: Minka Kelly (model)
Actor: Sean Penn

281. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 08/25 **#9**
This B- list mostly movie actress was B list until her hit network television show recently ended. She has some movies scheduled for release which she hopes will push her back up the ladder. One thing that won’t help though is if she gets caught cheating on her long time significant other. Emily Van Camp/"Revenge"/Josh Bowman or Robin Tunney/"The Mentalist"/Nicky Marmet

282. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 08/25 **#10**
This never before been in a blind is on a very hit network show. She just became legal and is in for a world of hurt when her boyfriend sells the naked photos she sent him. He only went out with her until she did send him some so he could sell them. Sadie Calvano "Mom"

283. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 08/25 **#11**
It is not like this celebrity got off to a great start. Her first touch of fame was as a homewrecker. She loved being famous or infamous and wanted to stay in the limelight. She has actually managed to pop up in the news a few times since for some of her other exploits. What she does now though to earn a living is to have sex with guys for money. She has no problems with them recording it. She has had a ton of surgery and is a constant user of drugs. She thinks she has it all together but she really doesn’t. People who knew her before and after say she never touched drugs before, loved her body and would never let guys film her and splash it all over the internet. The crazy thing is this has all happened in just a few years. From normal to rock bottom. Rachel Uchitel (Tiger Woods); Sydney Leathers (Anthony Weiner)

284. THE GOSSIP LIFE 08/25
If you were wondering what this A-list talk show comedian’s next movie was going to be, then you may be surprised – our A-list talk show comedian has acted before but now he’s looking to star in a sitcom on a network. Jon Stewart

285. BLIND GOSSIP 08/25 **#1**
This music artist wants to do something unique to their body to get people talking. Since lots of people have tattoos, they want to do something more spectacular and are looking at different body modification procedures to serve that purpose. Currently under consideration: eyeball tattooing, microdermal skin implants (bumps or horns), or a series of piercing surrounding the entire face. Already ruled out: tongue splitting, scarification, skin elongation, tooth filing, and elfin ears. Miley Cyrus

286. BLIND GOSSIP 08/25 **#2**
This singer is promoting his newest song. However, his handlers are not allowing any live interviews at all. Interviews must be taped so that they can tightly control what he says. If he doesn’t like a question or doesn’t know exactly how to answer it, he looks at them and then the interview is paused so his handlers can reject the question or feed him the "right" answer. Why are they doing this? Well, they are still pushing that "I’m a good person now" image that they think will transition him from child star to adult star. However, it’s still totally fake, so he still needs to be coached and tightly monitored so he doesn’t slip and go off-message. Why would he go off-message if they have thoroughly coached him? Well, our singer has been known for doing stupid things while under the influence in the past. Things haven’t changed much. They can’t control what he drinks/smokes/pops/whatever, and they can’t control when he does it, so now they can only attempt to control what happens afterward. Justin Bieber

He’s a middle-aged child star, who’s no doubt endured a journey marked by dizzying highs and tragic lows; but could his alleged use of black magic really be what led our blind item to face more than his fair share of tumultuous times? I don’t know. But according to inside sources, dude apparently attempted to delay his daughter’s death by turning to a voodoo doctor "to wake her from her coma." His alleged call to "a medicine man" is said to be the secret reason behind the family brawl at an Atlanta area hospital. Just ask Alicia Etheredge. Over the course of just the past three-years he’s seen the tragic deaths of two of his leading ladies; marked the beginning of another marriage and welcomed the birth of another child. According to ancient writings, the name given to his newborn minion is taken from the tree "where Buddha conquered Mara (Satan)." Check it: "THERE SHOULD BE LITTLE DOUBT THAT ______ HAD SOLD HIS SOUL TO THE DEVIL FOR FAME AND FORTUNE EARLY ON IN HIS MUSICAL ENTERTAINMENT CAREER." Now, can you guess which Mystical Magic man I’m talking about? Bobby Brown

288. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 08/26 **#1**
I don’t think this A- list mostly movie actor has ever been a blind before. The comic actor who moves up and down the list depending on his movie releases also has a side gig. He also recently cheated on his wife while out promoting his new movie.

289. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 08/26 **#2**
I don’t know if she is going method or not, but for the first time I can remember, this B list mostly movie actress who used to be married to an A+ lister, is chain smoking in public rather than sneaking the occasional cigarette and she is using more coke than she has since her early days of television. Both have been aging her. Quickly. Katie Holmes (Tom Cruise)

290. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 08/26 **#3**
A male escort is selling his story about how he had sex with the on again off again boyfriend of this female A list actress/singer who does neither well. Jennifer Lopez/Casper Smart

291. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 08/26 **#4**
$10,000 a month is reportedly what this A list reality mom pays her boyfriend every month. Not nearly enough. Kris Jenner/Corey Gamble

292. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 08/26 **#5**
This actress is better at acting than I gave her credit for. She is B list and has a catchy name and is in a rarely ever filming franchise. She had a promotional event for her new project about three hours after she learned her husband had an Ashley Madison account and was really friendly and smiling.

293. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 08/26 **#6**
She says she is sober but the stench of booze coming from this former A list mostly movie actress in a franchise turned B list take what she can get movie actress was overpowering. Almost as bad was the work she has had done to her still very young face. Kirsten Dunst

294. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 08/26 **#7**
This Academy Award winner/nominee actress turned television actress says she is still married. I don’t know why she would want to be married to her actor husband but she hooked up with a crew member on her show and has been seeing him several times each week. Halle Berry (Olivier Martinez)/"Extant"

295. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 08/26 **#8**
This former A list singer while in a group who probably also killed someone, has been trying to adopt a child for the past year but has been turned down by most agencies here in the US. So, now she is looking to ruin the life of someone from out of the country. Courtney Love (Kurt Cobain)

296. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 08/26 **#9**
This actress who was in a blind yesterday, changed into a bikini over the weekend and her back was one big bruise. Apparently she drank so much that she fell off a deck at her home and landed on her back.

297. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 08/26 **#10**
This B+/A- list mostly movie actor who also has an actor brother brought a stripper to the set of the movie he is shooting. He says she is his assistant, but a month ago she was giving him lap dances in a club. Luke Wilson

298. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 08/26 **#11**
A few weeks ago this Academy Award winner/nominee shared a story. She is always good for a story and has way way more than most that are far more juicy than most. She is good about sharing. She said the worst experience she ever had on a film set was making this film back in the day. She was probably A list at that point in her career and so was her female co-star. Despite their status though, their male co-lead was never punished or fired or anything even after both of the women complained to producers that the actor was groping them almost constantly and our story teller said that at the beginning of filming she had gone on a date with the actor not knowing what he was like. She says that he forced her to have sex and that whenever they were alone on set he would try again.

299.. THE GOSSIP LIFE 08/26
Don’t expect this A-list supermodel or her husband to make any political endorsements now or next year. Last time around, her publicist threatened to drop her after who she endorsed last year. ‘Quiet donations I’ll accept, but anything like that? No way.’ Our publicist doesn’t want to come up with an excuse again this time. Cindy Crawford (Rande Gerber)/Mitt Romney

300. BLIND GOSSIP 08/26 **#1**
It’s really interesting that he is pretending to be such a ladies’ man. He may be a father – and he may be linked to women who are praised for their feminine features – but we hear that this rapper might not be into women at all! An industry insider tells us: [Rapper] knows that the way to make it in this industry is to pretend that he is gangsta and he is fucking women like [X and Y] left and right, but he has ALWAYS preferred the dick. He’s hooked up with some bigger guys who are on the DL, but [Rapper] doesn’t do it just to get favors from them. Nine out of ten times when he’s fucking, he’s fucking men. The Tupac act and all the drama with the women are just for show and for dough. Since most of the attention on this rapper centers around his relationships with women, it’s interesting to think that those relationships might only be for publicity and money. When evidence of him spending time with men gets some play, we want to see if he addresses it by denying it, by claiming that he was forced or tricked into it, by saying that he is bisexual, or something else.
Rapper: Tyga
His Women: Blac Chyna and Kylie Jenner

301. BLIND GOSSIP 08/26 **#2**
Jennifer Aniston and Justin Theroux aren’t the only ones who can keep a secret. There is another surprise wedding coming up soon! While everybody else is busy celebrating the last few weeks of summer, this attractive celebrity couple is planning to quietly tie the knot in a surprise ceremony. It’s not a total surprise. After all, they are engaged and at least one of them has talked about the wedding before (although it was discussed as if the date was father out). And some of the friends and family who are going to be there suspect that it’s not a regular party because of the couple’s insistence that they attend. However, for the most part, everyone is keeping it a secret. The wedding will happen before the first autumn leaf hits the ground.
Sofía Vergara/Joe Manganiello

302. BLIND GOSSIP 08/26 **#3**
Now that this celebrity couple has split up again, you are going to read all sorts of spin by both PR teams about the demise of their relationship. Want to know what really happened? Of course you do! Basically, Mr. Older and Wiser kept telling Miss Younger and Eager that in order to be a committed couple, she needed to make more of an effort! She needed to arrange her work schedule and home around his work schedule and geographic preferences and family needs and ex-wife’s needs. Thinking that he would keep up his end of the bargain, our actress did so. Her reward for that? Finding out that he couldn’t keep it in his pants and was screwing another celebrity! They had a big fight and broke up again. She’s hurting a bit. He’s screwing a lot. BONUS CLUE! All four people in this blind item are blonde.
Mr. Older and Wiser: Chris Martin
Miss Younger and Eager: Jennifer Lawrence
Ex-wife: Gwyneth Paltrow
Other celebrity: Annabelle Wallis

303. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 08/27 **#1**
This A list singer never stops hitting on other women other than his actress girlfriend. The other night at an event he hit on this brand new actress who was A+ list in her other performer job.
A list singer: Josh Groban
Actress girlfriend: Kat Dennings
New actress: Misty Copeland

Event: Gotham Magazine Celebrates Misty Copeland's Broadway Debut In "On The Town"

304. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 08/27 **#2**
This A- list mostly movie actress we all love has not been able to film the past two days because her drinking and drug use has been so bad. So far they have been able to shoot around her, but she needs to get better soon or they will have to find a replacement. Emma Stone "La La Land"

305. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 08/27 **#3**
Trouble in paradise for this B+ list mostly television actress from a recently ended network show who is moving to a new show for fall. She has been cheating on her boyfriend with a producer from her new show. Lea Michele (Matthew Paetz)/"Glee" and "Scream Queens"

306. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 08/27 **#4**
This has been coming from her side rather than his because nothing ever comes from his A+ list side. She, a B+ list former mostly television actress from a hit cable show turned movie actress is being groomed to be the next Mrs. He likes her and they get along and she fulfills most items on his checklist. Elizabeth Moss ("Mad Men")/Tom Cruise (Scientology)

307. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 08/27 **#5**
This celebrity offspring who also had a very short run as an A list singer with the crazy name made some really anti-Semitic remarks the other day which were on par with a Mel Gibson rant.

308. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 08/27 **#6**
The former wife of this former A+ list mostly television actor misses having the cameras around her but does not want to do reality television. There are still too many times she is not camera ready so to speak so she is going the porn route. She will make some bucks and get the fame without the grind of reality television. Brooke Mueller (Charlie Sheen)

309. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 08/27 **#7**
This game show host not named Drew Carey has been known to have sex with attractive female audience members. He invites them back to his dressing room for a "tour" in between shows. Wayne Brady

310. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 08/27 **#8**
This A list athlete/celebrity had a bunch of her new food line brought to a practice facility for her fellow athletes. When an arch rival, who is an A+ list athlete/celebrity found out who they were from she dumped them all in the trash. Maria Sharapova (Sugarpova)/Serena Williams

311. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 08/27 **#9**
This B+ list mostly television actor from a very hit network show had women all over him the other night and he was picking and choosing and making them show their bodies to him before he picked one to take home. I wonder if he beats any of his pickups. Terrence Howard

312. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 08/27 **#10**
This foreign born B list mostly movie actor has not done much since his decade long franchise ended. He sure is enjoying the fame it is bringing him while filming out of the country. He has been having so much sex that he has been late to set or leaving early. He really has gone crazy. Rupert Grint "Harry Potter"

313. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 08/27 **#11**
#1 – This A list athlete has been the biggest thing discussed the past month and her name is mentioned for lots of movies and other projects. It will all come crashing down when people start calling her a homewrecker. Her boyfriend was living with someone else when they started hooking up. Ronda Rousey/Travis Brown

#2 – This former A list mostly movie actor who basically has lived off a role from three decades ago is loving the free time he can spend with his girlfriend while his wife is away. Matthew Broderick ("Ferris Bueller's Day Off")/Sarah Jessica Parker (in Ibiza)

#3 – This spiritual adviser to this A list celebrity is sure taking a lot of time counseling the women the celebrity sends his way. Carl Lentz (Hillsong Church)/Justin Bieber

314. THE GOSSIP LIFE 08/27
This A-list female journalist/TV host spent well over six figures on plastic surgery before her solo talk show’s début. Of course, our A-list female journalist/TV host still will deny most of it. Katie Couric

315. BLIND GOSSIP 08/27 **#1**
This man is half of one of the most famous celebrity couples in the world. He is currently making a very big effort to be photographed on a regular basis with his kids. It’s not that he’s actually spending MORE time with them. It’s that he’s spending more PUBLIC time with them in places where he knows he will be photographed. Insiders tell us that this is part of his strategy in gearing up for a custody battle. He cares as much about his kids as he does about his posh lifestyle. He wants to be seen as a hands-on Dad who deserves primary or equally shared custody of the kids when they divorce. Yes, you heard us right! This incredibly famous couple is heading for a divorce! While they appear to be a united team in front of the camera, they spend practically no time together in private. We don’t know exactly when they will announce their split… but it is coming! David and Victoria Beckham

316. BLIND GOSSIP 08/27 **#2**
After a dust-up at a political press conference, a foreign media executive had some harsh words about the reporter who was involved in the controversy. Everybody here knows that [Reporter] isn’t a reporter at all. He is a one-note, paid-for, partisan lackey. We call him "The Al Sharpton of Illegal Immigration." Every word that comes out of his mouth is bought and paid for! Ask him who his daughter works for. Ask him how much his network boss gives to the opposing [political] party. MILLIONS and MILLIONS! We don’t know if the foreign media executive’s claims are correct, but it does sound like not everyone in the media is automatically siding with the reporter! (Donald Trump confrontation) Jorge Ramos/Ramos disclosed in June 2015 that his daughter, Paola Ramos, is working for the 2016 Hillary Clinton presidential campaign

317. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 08/28 **#1**
Our favorite foreign born B+ lister (do you need more of a description) bailed on a huge event back home for her so she could stay in LA and have sex with a guy who promised to give her some songs and produce her next record. She never changes.
B+ lister: Rita Ora
Guy in L.A.: Wiz Khalifa
Event back home: Launch of British "The X Factor"

318. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 08/28 **#2**
She might have the title but when producers saw some of her (B list mostly movie actress) first footage they replaced her. Actually they said they were bringing someone in to advise her, but she was replaced. Katie Holmes directing "All We Had"

319. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 08/28 **#3**
The dad of this A+ list singer is going to be a dad again. He got one of the singer’s backup dancers pregnant. Hey, at least they have been dating awhile. Britney Spears

320. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 08/28 **#4**
Apparently this Teen Mom who has a new gig is pregnant. Now she just needs to figure out who the father is. Farrah Abraham "Celebrity Big Brother"

321. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 08/28 **#5**
This B- list mostly television actress who is basically out of work now that her most recent show bit the dust is getting money and promotional offers by name dropping that A+ list friend of hers. She is telling them that her A+ lister will retweet photos and they are basically getting a two for one. This will not end well. Jessica Szohr "Complications"/Taylor Swift

322. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 08/28 **#6**
This A+ list mostly movie actress who has one more installment of her hit franchise to promote was doing lines of coke like a champ last night. She had stopped using for awhile but I guess she is back on the coke express. Jennifer Lawrence "The Hunger Games: Mockingjay - Part 2"/Billy Joel concert with Amy Schumer

323. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 08/28 **#7**
This frequent infomercial star is being investigated for child molesting. Vince Offer "ShamWow Guy"

324. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 08/28 **#8**
This full court press of publicity is going to backfire big time for this former A list reality star. There are a couple of women set to come out and share their stories of being with the former reality star’s husband. Nicole "Snooki" Polizzi

325. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 08/28 **#9**
This foreign born singer used to be A list when she was really young. Now she is probably B- list and only that high because people remember her name. She has a really big pill addiction that she needs to get under control. Charlotte Church (age 29)

326. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 08/28 **#10**
This slipping to A list singer had to be told to wipe the coke residue from her nose when she came out of a bathroom during a break in a performance. The singer whispered a very sincere thanks to her fellow restroom goer.
Katy Perry  (at Broadway performance of "Finding Neverland")

327. BLIND GOSSIP 08/28
This reality star never stops plotting her next job. Her new "relationship" with another TV guy has a very specific purpose. She figures that if she can get him to let her guest on HIS show a few times, it will help her position herself as the female version of him… and enable her to land a similar show of her own! Yes, she really is that calculating! Bethenny Frankel/Marcus Lemonis "The Profit"

328. MR. X "STUDIO 54" 08/28
1) What former athlete who has been in the news quite a bit lately met his now ex wife at Studio 54 when she was on her honeymoon with her first husband? They were all snorting some coke at the same table in the VIP lounge. Caitlyn (Bruce) Jenner/Kris (Kardashian) Jenner/Robert Kardashian

2) Which mostly television actress who started in a campy ’90s sitcom was a regular at Studio 54 in the late ’70s when she was still a starlet looking for someone in the industry to sleep with? One of those people she did end up sleeping with in the VIP lounge was a then A-list mostly television actress who hasn’t been acting nowadays. What made it even more freaky is that actress #2’s husband watched the entire thing. And no, this wasn’t the first time either had slept with another woman.
Campy ‘90s sitcom actress: Fran Drescher "The Nanny"
A-list actress/husband: Suzanne Somers/Alan Hamel
(Fran Drescher cruised hoping to rope someone from Hollywood into plugging her. Hubby went off with the boys, her marriage was a best-friends/no-sex one from the start. She wrangled Suzanne Somers when she was hot on Three's Company--Hamel would come in with Suzanne and Fran but would find other pleasures while the girls played with each other. Fran was as gay as her husband, and Suzanne's relationship with Fran seemed more intimate than with husband Hamel.)

3) What EGOT winner was speedballing coke and barbiturates for most of her nights she spent at Studio 54? Considering all of the gigs she had during that time, she never got any sleep and would basically perform in a zombified state. Not really that surprising considering the lady in question. Liza Minnelli

4) What politician and celeb spawn had to be carried out of Studio 54 one night by security because she had not only been drinking way too much but had ingested something other than coke which she had a bad reaction too? Her mother swooped in to do damage control and this never appeared in any press outlets. Caroline Kennedy (photo)

This DL blind item duo may front an "on-again-off-again" facade that stretches back more than four-years, but there’s nothing Straight about this Set! Just ask Johnny Boy! Today, our twisted two is back at playin’ like they’re all matched up again. Cast away all the smoke and mirrors the secret Singles game they’re each playin’ is likely to become clear. Her Destiny’s dame would certainly agree! "She’s a lesbian and he’s a bisexual dude who fucks instagram hoes & BBW’s to look like he’s a stud but he’s really a fag." ~Industry Source. Insiders say their connection is a carefully concocted cover-up made in Tinseltown and spun by top pub-players; creating a safety zone where our twisted two can be their very own Special Exempt selves. Every April, her destination becomes to Dinah’s desert — where va-j-j becomes her vantage. That’s the very place where his owls fly over the Russian roulette he plays. Ask Gabriel. The drop: "Any guy you see her on a date with is gay. She’s a fucking beard. She was linked to all the questionable cats in the industry. Jackie Long, Common, Brett Rather, Columbus Short and _____." Serena Williams/Drake

330. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 08/29 **#*1*
For the second year in a row this show is also acting as a drug provider/enabler. The recipient this year is a former A+ list celebrity in her corner of the entertainment world. She takes a lot of pills and the prescriptions she has are from a lot of doctors. Jenna Jameson "Celebrity Big Brother"

331. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 08/29 **#2**
The significant other of this Teen Mom told three different people three different stories about what he does to earn a living. I will tell you what he does. He "manages" the Teen Mom. Amber Portwood/Matt Baier

332. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 08/29 **#3**
Apparently as long as this former A- list mostly movie actress turned B lister who got lucky again in another franchise, passes a twice a month drug test she will get to stay in the franchise regardless of what anyone else says. Tara Reid/"Sharknado 4" (fans to determine Tara Reid's 'April' fate)

333. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 08/29 **#4**
This one word named former A list R&B singer solo and in a group finally had a middling solo hit after over a decade of misses, is hooking up with the sister of his significant other. Omarion/Apryl Jones ("Love and Hip Hop: Hollywood")

334. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 08/30 **#1**
Even though it was staged for the paps, this reunion of a former A list mostly movie actress turned network television actress who is an Academy Award winner/nominee and her actor husband could not have been worse. The person who served them said they barely spoke and looked miserable and that really the only speaking was some pleading from the husband. Halle Berry/Olivier Martinez

335. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 08/30 **#2**
I know this former A list singer in a group who is probably B- list solo right now despite her A list name recognition, is going through a mid-life crisis. I get it. Partying with young people, dressing young, but she went overboard on the plastic surgery and looks nothing like she used to. Fergie

336. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 08/30 **#3**
Back in the day at the Video Music Awards, this current A+ list mostly movie actor (as long as he sticks to action movies) hooked up with this celebrity turned reality star turned porn star who no one has heard from in a long time.
Actor: Dwayne Johnson
Porn star: Chyna

337. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 08/30 **#4**
Slightly over a decade ago, this at the time A list female singer probably won the most drugs consumed other than pot at the Video Music Awards. She did so much coke I’m not sure how there was any left in the city. Plus, when she does coke she gets nasty mean. She went off on other performers and the MTV staff. Probably why she has not won an award since.
Christina Aguiler/2001 "Lady Marmalade"   (nominated, but never won again)

338. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 08/30 **#5**
Back when the MTV Video Music Awards were held in Miami, this B+ list singer who needs to buy larger pants hooked up with this permanent A list singer. She was in between marriages, but was a few days away from her engagement announcement.

339. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 08/30 **#6**
At an after party following the 2009 Video Music Awards. You remember that one? Kanye West crashing Taylor Swift’s acceptance speech. Yeah, anyway, this one named female singer hooked up with the then girlfriend of the crasher. Amber Rose/Ashanti

340. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 08/30 **#7**
There have been a lot of divas at the Video Music Awards, but back in 2011 this at the time A+ list singer who has dropped down to A- was the biggest diva of all time. She threw fits and complained about everything. She was rude to everyone. Not even a nomination since. Nothing. Lady Gaga

341. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 08/30 **#8**
This A list movie director who definitely makes movies a certain way and has been known to enjoy some kink, got in touch with this B- list foreign singer after seeing her on the Video Music Awards a couple of years ago. And by get in touch, I mean he texted and called her almost every day for six months straight begging for a chance to meet. They finally did for coffee and he never contacted her after. Quentin Tarantino/Jessie J

342. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 08/31 **#1**
MTV VIDEO MUSIC AWARDS: At an after party last night, this D list take whatever she can actress who has a huge following on social media was turning off guys by always talking gifts and money within a couple of minutes talking. It is why this A- list mostly television comic actor with A list name recognition dumped her after a short time dating. Arielle Vandenberg/Will Arnett

343. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 08/31 **#2**
At an after party, this foreign born A list model turned box office disaster actress got hammered and started making out with other women which caused the model/actress and her girlfriend to get in a loud drink throwing fight. Cara Delevingne and St. Vincent

344. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 08/31 **#3**
MTV VIDEO MUSIC AWARDS: This A- list mostly television actress who is a celebrity offspring could be heard telling more than one person that she didn’t know why the f**k she agreed to show up and that everyone looked and acted like they were 12 and playing dress up. Mariska Hargitay

345. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 08/31 **#4**
MTV VIDEO MUSIC AWARDS: I’m surprised these two women have never had an actual physical fight. This foreign born B- list Emmy nominee/winner host hates this host that everyone seems to hate. The hated host once tried to hookup with the foreign born host’s then boyfriend and now husband. Maria Menounos/Cat Deeley (Patrick Kielty)

346. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 08/31 **#5**
This married, closeted A list mostly movie actor is usually careful about the men he sees but he has been making some big mistakes with the trainer he has been seeing while on vacation. Hugh Jackman

347. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 08/31 **#6**
Two people not getting along on set are this A list mostly television actress from a hit network show and this B+ list mostly movie actress who has A list name recognition. Apparently the B+ lister is tired of the me me me of the A lister and calls her the most plastic person she has ever met. Sofía Vergara/Uma Thurman "The Brits Are Coming"

348. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 08/31 **#7**
This B list celebrity/reality star/porn star does not have sex with her husband and he does not even sleep in the same room as her. That is reserved for her boyfriend. Courtney Stodden/Doug Hutchison

349. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 08/31 **#8**
This A list mostly movie actress who is an Academy Award winner/nominee says her ex-boyfriend borrowed almost $2M from her and has not paid it back. She feels like an idiot so is unsure whether she will file a lawsuit to get it back. Susan Sarandon/Jonathan Bricklin

350. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 08/31 **#9**
This married foreign born B- list singer is dating her drug dealer. The last dealer she dated broke up with her because she wouldn’t pay and stopped having sex with him too. Cheryl Fernandez-Versini

351. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 08/31**#10**
This permanent A list model might be hoping she stays married but her husband has been hooking up with the same woman the past three nights. Gisele Bundchen/Tom Brady

352. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 08/31 **#11**
Lost in the wake of all the buzz about his divorce and whether there was cheating is the downward spiral he has been in because of his drug use. A lot of the issues this foreign born former A- list celebrity had in his marriage were a result of his drug use. He went to rehab several times during the marriage with no one really the wiser. He would come out a changed man and his celebrity wife says things would be good for awhile. Then, he would inevitably relapse and the whole cycle would play itself out again. With the divorce and no restraint or keeping him in check he is using more than ever. It is at that point where if he does not go to rehab he is in danger of killing himself. Gavin Rossdale/Gwen Stefani

353. BLIND GOSSIP 08/31 **#1**
Every awards show needs talking points for the next day. They need moments of surprise or shock or controversy for the press to cover and for the fans to talk about. Some of those moments are like professional wrestling. The moves are planned in advance, and everyone plays their part… like the conflict between two women at last night’s MTV Video Music Awards. But here’s the surprising bit: The producers ORIGINALLY wanted the rapper – who loves to brawl – to continue her feud with a female pop star and call HER a "bitch" on air last night! That would have actually been a natural extension of a controversy started months ago. However, the pop star’s people refused to play and shut that one down fast. This year, the pop star was NOT going to be the target of any controversies. That’s why the rapper and the pop star wound up doing a collaboration… and the host was set up as the proxy target instead. All planned.
Host: Miley Cyrus
Rapper: Nicki Minaj
Pop Star: Taylor Swift

354. BLIND GOSSIP 08/31 **#2**
This singer had a very genuine, emotional moment on last night’s VMAs. Didn’t he? Nope. He PLANNED to break down at the end of his appearance! This is part of the godly, angelic redemption campaign that we’ve told you about numerous times. Did you see how his performance echoed that theme? By the way, he took his emotional cues for this performance from a similar breakdown by a rapper who did his own redemption tour for his criminal acts. Our singer may not be a jailbird, but his bad behavior did make him incredibly unlikable. He needed people to feel sorry for him. Thus the faux breakdown. There is one thing that his team did not do. To preserve the element of surprise, they didn’t tell producers what was going to happen. That’s why the host had such a coherent comeback to another performer’s "surprise"… and such an awkward response to this one!
Singer: Justin Bieber
Rapper: Chris Brown’s meltdown during "Man in the Mirror" at the BET Awards in 2010

355. BLIND GOSSIP 08/31 **#3**
This famous young actor and his girlfriend of several years broke up a month ago. There was never an announcement, but the relationship ended shortly after a very public squabble. While she was embarrassed and upset at first, she quickly came to realize that she may have dodged a bullet. Her family and friends are glad that the couple had such a public beef because others would now see what they have always known. The girlfriend always thought of him as quirky and artistic. However, they thought he was unstable and controlling, and have not been shy about lecturing her over the years about how she might meet with physical harm if she stayed. Shia LaBeouf/Mia Goth

356. THE GOSSIP LIFE 08/31
This indescribable man with THE famous last name is already cheating on his wife. They’ve barely been married a year and my source tells me he even cheated on her on the honeymoon. His wife has her own issues, including an addiction. Some would call all of this karma. Robert Kennedy Jr. (Cheryl Hines)

This Hollywood front artist may think his Empire’s all that but his former manager would explain why the revolution won’t be televised. Just ask Queen Latifah. "He wasn’t down with dude’s discriminatory methods by dating Asian & White women." Therein lies the reported cause of the static said to be keeping these mystery men at odds against each other. "S____ quit working with T____ because he wasn’t down with T___ dating outside of his race." The drop: "T___ went on to become a big actor after S___ told him he was a house Nigga and quit managing him. T____ don’t fuck with black chicks and if you want S___ to manage you? You can’t be bringing white girls around because he won’t go for it."
T: Terrence Howard
S: Shakim Compere "Flavor Unit"

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