NOTE: Guesses in italics are only guesses;
guesses in RED are a link to the solution or substantial clues.

On the first day of filming, this former A list tweener turned celebrity was so happy to be acting again that she was super sweet and everyone loved her. On the second day the demands started. They started small, but have grown each day to the point where there are four or five people now who do nothing but cater to the former tweener and everyone is so tired of her and really hope the show goes nowhere because they hate working with her. Hilary Duff "Younger"

While this A list singer blissfully promotes her latest music, her husband has been using the free time to cheat as much as possible and has even hooked up with his ex when he went to see his offspring with her. Alicia Keys/Swizz Beatz

Usually this works much differently when it happens but this A list singer who used to be a tweener actress was asked to leave a club two nights ago because she kept groping other women and wanted to see them naked. With one woman she actually ripped her dress because our singer wouldn't let go when the woman tried to get away. She is a mess. Miley Cyrus

This very recent former A list talk show host is now retired and the other day she kept telling the doorman to a building that she lived there now. She doesn't and has not lived there in 20 years. Barbara Walters

The other night this A list singer who used to be an actress had to wade through a group of fans who had been waiting for most of the night to catch a glimpse of her. She told the two bodyguards with her that if any fan got within five feet of her she would fire them. Shortly after they got inside her hotel, she told them that fans had got closer than the five feet and she fired them both on the spot and turned and went to the elevators. Ariana Grande

This former Jersey Shore star has a sex tape. Well actually, she has several. She is trying to get her ex to agree to release them because she needs the money. Sammi "Sweetheart" Giancola/Ronnie Ortiz-Magro

This former A+ list singer who has slipped to A-/B+ is going to have to tour for lots and lots of years because she is bankrupt and is going to file for bankruptcy in the next couple of months, if not weeks. Her massive spending on stupid things and legal bills and slow ticket and record sales have all contributed to it. Lady Gaga

This former B list mostly television actress who might be one of the worst actresses to ever act turned reality star turned sometime actress is so hard up for cash that she is selling stories to the tabloids about her supposed bff and fellow actress. Any dirt you see on the actress all comes courtesy of the cash starved actress. So far she has been selling small stories, but soon she will cash in with some huge ones that only she knows. Tori Spelling/Jennie Garth

This not married and not foreign born still gorgeous B+ list celebrity who was an actress for a brief moment in time in a very hit show and also has done some reality got a job as a face for a company and she said it was the first time in two years she didn't have to sleep with someone to get a job. She said she was shocked she didn't have to. Carmen Electra "Style 360"

10. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 10/01 **#10**
This is probably going to hurt her future income as an escort. I know when you charge by the month or have a contract you like to be referred to as something other than an escort, but it is what you are. Anyway, the former B- list reality star who didn't last long on this A list reality franchise is HIV+ and she can thank the guy that is currently paying her and passing her around. Sarah Winchester (at the bow on Heather Dubrow’s birthday cake "Real Housewives of Beverly Hills"

11. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 10/01 **#11**
If you are a photographer and want to make a lot of money, then this might just be the way. While sorting through thousands of images he was determining whether to delete, he stumbled on a series of photos he took of this A list reality star. Really A+, but I refuse to give her credit for the +. Anyway, they were photos of our reality star from quite some time ago. At the time she was with her current significant other, but the photographer noticed something he missed the first time when he was actually just snapping off a few hundred shots in a matter of a minute. Our reality star was entering a hotel. Nothing unusual about that. It is a hotel used for press events and power lunches and he was on the same side of the street as the hotel, but across a driveway and had been focused on getting the best shot he could of her while she weaved her way through hotel guests waiting for their cars at the valet line. On two or three of the photos he took, there is a doorman opening the door to the hotel and inside, further back in the lobby there was a person who has a smile on his face. It is the celebrity ex of our reality star. He is clearly there and clearly waiting for her and in one of the last images he managed to take before the door closed she has one of her arms up as if to hug the ex. So, this probably would not mean much by itself. Our pap got a tip when the reality star was leaving and she was definitely alone, but something else was different which he also didn't notice until he started going through the photos of her entering the hotel. She was wearing earrings when she went in the hotel, but was not wearing any when she left. Her hair was not as firmly in place and actually looks a little frazzled when she leaves which would not have occurred just sitting at lunch or in a meeting. Again, two small things. The pap doesn't have any photos of the ex leaving because he had not even known he was there until after the fact. The pap left when the reality star left. What makes all of this interesting and possibly worth a lot of money is that about two months later the reality star announced she was pregnant. Hmmm. That would be one thing, but apparently there is more. the baby looks a lot like the ex and people always comment to the ex that the baby looks just like the ex did when the ex was young. Did the pap catch the day the couple had sex and conceived a baby? He thinks so and thinks he can get paid big for the photos.
A list reality star: Kim Kardashian
Significant other: Kanye West
Celebrity Ex: Reggie Bush

This B list mostly movie actress who doesn't have that level of acting talent but still makes millions acting and other ventures tried to meet her idol the other night. The idol, who is an A+ list celebrity and part-time actress and a million other things rebuffed the overtures of the actress who told friends that the celebrity would probably love to meet her. Jessica Alba/Jennifer Lopez

This C list celebrity offspring who is about to move up to B went solo on a trip without her new boyfriend because she got paid six figures while she was there to have sex with a friend of her father who had been counting down the days until she turned 18.

This foreign born A list model has trouble finding any woman who will have sex with her more than once or twice because of how violent she is during sex if she has been drinking and she drinks almost everyday. Cara Delevingne

At least two local residents have had sex with this married almost A+ list mostly movie actor as he films in their town. Apparently he is trying to find a regular for the entire shoot. Channing Tatum "Magic Mike XXL" (Savanna, Ga.)

This B list mostly movie actress who is an Academy Award winner/nominee looked good at a show during Paris Fashion Week, but she was so wasted that no one could understand anything she was saying and she kept trying to say a lot. Everyone was shocked that she was so hammered so early in the day. Michelle Williams

In what will surely become an epic battle, this B list celebrity/model/reality star says that her A list ex called her and wants her to model his new line of clothes. I wonder if the A lister told his wife. Amber Rose/Kanye West/Kim Kardashian

Apparently it was not just a one time thing for this A list mostly television actress who is on a hit network comedy. She hooked up with her ex again this week while her current significant other is off filming a movie. I think if she wants a third time she should break up with her boyfriend and not just keep cheating on the guy. Sofia Vergara/Nick Loeb/Joe Manganiello (filming "Magic Mike XXL")

In the "I will have some of whatever she is drinking" category, this former B list mostly movie actress turned waste of space and "please give me a job even though I will screw up" says that producers of a movie were making her an offer before they offered it to Jessica Chastain because they think our actress is more talented. Lindsay Lohan

This A- list mostly television actress who goes from one popular show to the next wants the world to think she quit her most recent show, but she was fired because she wanted a huge raise and she is not that great of an actress. She was also a huge diva, so producers said bye. Alyssa Milano "Mistresses"

21. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 10/02 **#10**
One person not invited to the actor wedding of the month was this A+ list mostly movie actress. Even though they have been friends forever, apparently they stopped speaking to each other a couple of years ago when the actor ended their on again off again affair permanently. Julia Roberts

22. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 10/02 **#11**
KINDNESS: This actor has been in so many different projects and is probably B- at this point although there was a time not that long ago that he actually was the lead in a big box office release. He looks more like a character actor and he has been playing the same type role forever. As a teen in a great comedy to what he does now. He just has that look. Anyway, he was filming a show in a college town in the northwest and during filming ran into some college students and heard the story about a friend of theirs who had to leave college because the parents of the student made too much money to qualify for loans but didn't have any money to pay for college. The student was working two jobs to try and save enough for another semester and had been working two or three jobs the entire time they had been in school. When our actor heard about the student he met them and then also talked to a couple of administration people at the school and long story short is going to pay the tuition and room and board for the student for the remaining two years of school they have left before they graduate. Our actor makes a good living, but this is still a pretty large expense he has taken on and a very happy ending for the student and a lot of good will for the show to come back to town and film again.
DJ Qualls

23. BLIND GOSSIP 10/02 **#1**
Mario Lopez has written an autobiography titled Just Between Us. He will be teasing some of the book’s highlights on today’s The Ellen DeGeneres Show. First interesting story: His family used to smuggle illegal immigrants from Mexico to the United States for money. "My dad did what he had to do to take care of us. Often times when we’d take little trips across the border — and this was obviously pre-9/11 — we’d come back [to the United States] right away. He’d pull over and he’d open the trunk and sometimes people would come out." Second interesting story: Mario Lopez had a fling with a major pop star in Las Vegas six or seven years ago. He did not say if she was performing there or if she was just visiting there. The two are still friendly. He would not admit if he had interviewed the unnamed singer in the years since they slept together, and he would not give her name. "Out of respect for my wife… I don’t want to drop names." Then he and Ellen jokingly ran through a list of names. Who do you think it was?
Britney Spears

24. BLIND GOSSIP 10/02 **#2**
This TV star has worked steadily for many years and has been on more than one TV show. She had a strange encounter with a friend the other day. While the star was talking, she kept calling the friend by the name of a third person (a celebrity) who passed away! At first the friend simply corrected the star by saying, "You know I’m not X, right? I’m Y!" The star brushed it off with a laugh and claimed it was just a joke. But within five minutes she called her by the dead friend’s name again. Twice. Our star was not drinking anything stronger than sparkling water, so it is unclear what is going on.
TV Star: Barbara Walters
Celebrity Friend who passed: Joan Rivers

For someone who claims to be sober, the booze followed by the trips to the bathroom every ten minutes at dinner the other night is probably not the way to prove it for this former A list athlete turned celebrity and some time reality star who has been in some juicy scandals over the past few years. Oscar DeLa Hoya

This teen B list mostly movie actress was left in tears the other day when a designer said they didn't have anything for the actress to wear because she was too big for their clothes. But, they would give her some shoes. She is, at most, a size six and has had issues in the past so that was not a good thing to hear. Abigail Breslin

The wedding of this B list mostly movie actress and her A+ list actor boyfriend has been delayed. Postponed. It might even be called off if she keeps hooking up with different people on the set of her new movie. Amber Heard "Magic Mike XXL"/Johnny Depp

At a premiere the other night, this former almost A+ list mostly movie actor, who is an Academy Award winner/nominee had his significant other service him with her hand during the movie. The people next to them could not believe it was happening but then again, with this guy, anything is possible. Nicolas Cage

In what has to be one of the crazier hookups I have heard about, this now married A+ list singer was not married, but in a relationship when he smoked pot for several hours with this former A+ list tweener who now is a B+ list singer who parties too much. The two hooked up while she was still with that actor boyfriend of hers at the time.
A+ list singer: Adam Levine
A- list tweener: Miley Cyrus (Liam Hemsworth)

The offspring of this B list acting couple went home to her mother's house after spending a weekend with her dad and said that her dad had a woman spend the night who was definitely not the actor's recent celebrity/actress girlfriend. Michael Sheen/Kate Beckinsale (Lily)/Sarah Silverman

This permanent A+ list actor might be getting old but it didn't stop him from getting one of his daughter's friends pregnant. The actor might even get married which would be a shocker even bigger than George getting married. They do have something in common though movie wise. Jack Nicholson (Lorraine Nicholson 24) (both were in "Batman" movies)

This A- list mostly movie actor who has been A+ or close to before and has also been on a hit television show started a commune with his wife although on the commune no one is a wife apparently. All people are free to do what they want. Sounds like an excuse to have sex with a bunch of strangers while you get wasted. Woody Harrelson

I'm shocked punches were not thrown last night when this A- list mostly television actress from a hit almost network show crossed paths with the current reality star who used to be a reality star before she tried singing and acting. The two were bff for a short time until the brother of the reality star got what he wanted. The A lister did say something about the reality star being evil and using some not so family friendly adjectives in front of it.
(Nina and Julianne hung out this weekend so Nina must be hooking up with Derek again or he wants to)
A- list television actress: Nina Dobrev
Show: "Vampire Diaries"
Reality star: Julianne Hough
Brother: Derek Hough

Michael Kors event

34. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 10/03 **#10**
Our favorite foreign born B- list singer and sometime actress is at it again. Her boyfriend did not give her the career help or money she was looking for so she is cheating on him (as is her norm) with an up and coming reality star for at least the next few weeks to take advantage of his fame.
B- list singer: Rita Ora
Boyfriend: Tommy Hilfiger's son Richard
Reality star: "Kaiser Chiefs" frontman Ricky Wilson
"The Voice UK"

35. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 10/03 **#11**
#1 - Behind the scenes the staff of this late night show are all looking for jobs because they know they will all lose them if their boss doesn't start improving. Seth Meyers

#2 - This married B- list mostly television actress is hated on the set of her almost network television show. Quick to act like she is the star, even though she isn't, she also likes to name drop and is always telling her hair and makeup people about the party with so and so and the gifts from so and so and annoys the workers to no end. What really makes them talk smack about her though is that she refuses to even acknowledge one of the staff if she sees them outside of the set. Jenna Dewan "Witches of East End"

#3 - This B+ list celebrity is having trouble getting work other than as an accessory or selling stupid products because she talked smack about this A+ list mogul/reality star who she dated briefly. He is the king of the worlds she is in and no one wants to cross him. Lily Allen/Simon Cowell

#4 - This B- list mostly movie actress who uses more than two names has been documenting her experiences with this B+ list mostly movie actress and is going to write an unauthorized biography with lots of dirt the B+ lister shared in confidence beneath the sheets. Evan Rachel Wood/Ellen Page

36. BLIND GOSSIP 10/03 **#1**
Lots of people are swooning over the hot body of this celebrity. However, don’t be fooled into thinking that his body comes naturally! Yes, some of it is due to time in the gym. But more of it is due to steroid sessions. LOTS of them! According too a friend, "[Celebrity] has been using steroids for two or three years now. He started using because his natural body is physically incapable of developing that kind of muscle mass. He got good results by using so he just kept going. He cycles on for a few weeks, then goes off for a few weeks, and then cycles on again. It’s very scientific." There are murmurs of concern in his family, but nobody is really stepping up and warning him to lay off the juice. Why not? Because he is the only one among them who actually has a job! Nick Jonas

37. BLIND GOSSIP 10/03 **#2**
This actor is able to do both comedy and drama, and has been in some of the most iconic films of all time. He always seems to have drama going on in real life as well. While some of it you know about, there are two things going on that are not public. The first that his recent behavior is all about the drugs. Yes, he is back doing EXACTLY the same things that he did before. That probably doesn’t come as a big surprise to you. The thing that may surprise you, though, is what he is doing when he is not being outwardly confident. He threatens to "end it all"… and take everyone with him. His exes, his kids, his former business associates, everyone. His very elaborate plans are like something out of a violent video game or a scene out of one of his movies. Scary stuff. Charlie Sheen

38. WINE AND SASS 10/03
When I heard about this story, that song 'Control' by Janet Jackson came to mind. Most of the stories you are hearing about these two unlikely people being in a relationship are true. A-List Musician and A-List Actress are indeed a couple....and they really like each other. This guy is an all around easy-going person who goes with the flow and just likes doing his music. The girl is the exact same easy going as they come. She a total opposite of what he's used to. The problem is his ex is still in the picture in that she controls when and where he sees his kids. She was adamant that they have a super-amicable divorce and she convinced him that they would have the bestest co-parenting set up ever created. He believed her. They have been married only in the sense of the title for a while now and she was the one who decided on the divorce so he thought all was good when he met his new girlfriend. All WAS good until he moved on. His ex secretly moved on years ago, but she became unhinged at the thought of him moving on....and the person he chose made it even worse. She's the exact opposite of his ex in every way and his ex is really struggling with it. The only thing she knows to do is try to control him through the kids and leak stories to soothe her bruised ego. All the reports you are reading about how close he is with his ex are not true and leaked from her. Any sightings of them together were purely her doing and happened because she told the kids he was coming...which left him with having to go or disappoint them. She knows he doesn't care enough to even fight the reports. His new girlfriend doesn't care either and they are just sitting back and watching her make up her own stories of how they are all getting along fantastically while baiting him with the kids behind closed doors. She doesn't want him back...but she doesn't want him to move on either. Her ex replacing her with someone famous for being the girl-next-door and very likeable when she is very much not likeable was the final straw for her to recruit some of the very best to figure out how to fix her image. You've seen the stories of her friends commenting on how wonderful she is and now you're going to see her slowly morph into a more approachable and "cool" person. The first step in that is keeping her from making so many pretentious and snarky comments...which will be hard considering her job. The people she is working with to repair her image are fighting a losing battle and have basically told her she needs to give up control in her job and let someone else do it. She did not take that news very well. I will be curious to see if she can actually hand over the reigns and relinquish some control. If she does, you will know that she is serious about this image change and it's not just something she is doing on a whim to make up for her bruised ego. It will look like it's coming from her, but the tone will be completely different because it's actually not her. Gwyneth Paltrow ("GOOP")/Chris Martin/Jennifer Lawrence

Our blind items artist, Tracy T, is rumored to providing sexual favors to his "Boss" for an album release. Don’t believe me.. Ask Malita Rice. Here’s the drop: "Ever since our blind item bought his mansion in Atlanta — Tracy T left his mothers house to reside with him. He’s following Birdman’s footsteps and he’s treating Tracy T, like an Asian trade student." Tracy T has been heard pleading weekly to our blind items manager Gucci Pucci, to get a record out before Meek Mill comes home from prison. Rick Ross

I'm not sure why she is married or if this is part of her marital duties, but this married A list celebrity who has also done reality and a long running television show not only had some bathroom sex with her companion for the evening but also orally serviced him during a garden party the other night. Pamela Anderson

"Does it look like I am dressed to go wander through a haunted house?" This former A list tweener actress turned "please give me any kind of movie" B list mostly movie actress who lives by name recognition alone telling organizers she would only walk the red carpet for her paycheck. For someone who doesn't get much work she sure does act like a diva. Vanessa Hudgens (Knott's Scary Farm celebrity VIP opening)

This former A list mostly movie actress is now still a solid B list. She is crushed right now because the guy who took her virginity and who she thought she was going to marry cheated on her when she was out of the country. Dakota Fanning/Jamie Strachan

This foreign born B list celebrity/actress/model is probably still famous for the foreign born A list actor she dated forever. Our celebrity/actress/model was at a charity event the other day and told organizers she would bail unless a woman was asked to leave who was wearing the same dress as our celebrity/actress/model. The organizers did it even though they knew they would lose the donation. Liz Hurley/Hugh Grant (Ambassador for Breast Cancer Awareness month)

This B list celebrity/actress offspring was in the bathroom when the subject of #1 today was having sex. Apparently things got so crazy that the stall was broken and splintered and and managed to slice the arm and draw blood of our B lister. Zoe Kravitz (#1 was Pamela Anderson)

This B+ list mostly television actor from a hit cable show tried to have sex with a groupie he picked up at a premiere event but was unsuccessful in his performance and then followed that up with puking all over the bed. Lovely. Norman Reedus "The Walking Dead"

Big relationship problems for this foreign born B list singer who might just be a one summer wonder. Apparently the whole sex tape thing and the things she told her boyfriend are not adding up. Iggy Azalea/Nick Young

This A+ list mostly movie actress was sitting in a restaurant and calmly fired her maid over the phone the other day. The noise level got louder when apparently the maid started trashing and breaking things in the house of the actress while on the phone. Our actress dropped some money on the table and ran out leaving her PR person behind.
Reese Witherspoon

This former B list singer was once the significant other of this A+ list mostly movie actress but they split because he couldn't stop cheating. Even though he is married now to someone else, the cheating remains. He was at gathering of celebrities for a special charity event involving only celebrities and ended up hooking up with this foreign born B- list mostly movie actress who is always willing to get naked on a red carpet or a movie.
B list singer: Eric Benét (new wife: Manuela Testolini)
A+ list actress: Halle Berry
Foreign B- list actress:
Event: "Circle of Sisters Presents: R&B Live Concert"

This foreign born A list reality star/celebrity/model is head over heels in love with her significant other. In this space before I documented how he likes her, but hates her baggage. They tried again this past week and he still can't handle the baggage. They fought in public multiple times at the location where they were and have not spoken to each other since that day ended. Heidi Klum/Vito Schnabel (her 4 kids)

This C- list celebrity would not even be on a list if not for her A+ list significant other. She is hoping to get pregnant, but he refuses to have sex with her and is just having sex with his usual assortment of hookers and one of his exes. He won't split with the C lister though because she never signed a confidentiality agreement and it will cost him plenty of money now to get her to sign. Low seven figures is what she told her friends she wants. Brett Rossi/Charlie Sheen ( I guess the decided on a dollar figure in the past two weeks)

This married B list singer/reality host is hooking up with a contestant on the show but she had to withdraw from the show to keep seeing him and did so. They are together right now, but she is going to be sorry she gave up her chance when they inevitably split.

The B and C list celebrities that pose for photos with this new product have one thing in common. They all need the work and are all willing to sleep with the owner of the company to get the work. So, next time you see someone posing with the product or wearing something promoting this new product, you will know what the person did to get the job. (Arma Energy Snx) (Lyfe Tea)

The B list mostly movie actress with A+ list name recognition is about to get her perfect princess world shattered because the wife of the guy she has been hooking up with discovered her identity. The wife thought the guy was just leaving the marriage because they were not getting along. This is going to be messy. Katie Holmes/Richard LaGravenese "Untitled Richard LaGravenese Project"

The producers of this cable reality show that started a new season this past week really wanted to shake things up and also have this former A- list reality star turned actress turned network reality star turned celebrity on their show. The problem is she couldn't find a guy to go on the show with her even after she offered to give them half her paycheck.

This actress is B list. She should really be C list but she is on a show even though no one watches it and is married to an A+ list mostly movie actor. She is also a diva and thinks she is so important and special. In the city where she is filming she goes to a gym and always wears sunglasses inside. When no one recognized her then she started carrying tabloids with the pages open to her face. It is truly pathetic.
B list actress: Jenna Dewan Tatum
A+ list actor husband: Channing Tatum
Show: "Witches of East End"

Now that this B list celebrity/host has come into much more money than she had, her ex told her about a tape he made of the two of them. She knows about the tape, but he is in some financial trouble and is trying to sell it to her or threatening its release. Melissa Rivers/Steve Hirsch (Founder and Co-Chairman of adult entertainment Vivid Entertainment)

57. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 10/05 **#10**
This former Real Housewife finds out where "Real Housewives Beverly Hills" is going to be shooting and tries to get in the shot or get herself involved in the filming almost every day. Joanna Krupa "Real Housewives of Miami"

This A list designer got the entire remnants of a theatre sized Coke thrown in his face when he got into an argument with his maybe out of his teens boy toy as they were exiting the theatre on the sidewalk. The boy toy then stormed off after using some very choice words towards the designer. Calvin Klein

This married B list mostly television actor who has a good thing going on a cable show that seemingly will go on forever was in this space about two months ago because he was cheating on his wife. He is still cheating but has moved on to this B- list mostly movie actress turned television actress turned doesn't really do much any longer. Mark-Paul Gosselaar ("Franklin & Bash")/Selma Blair

This former west coast Housewife recently got a new set of breasts because her much younger boyfriend wanted her to get them. It hasn't really kept him from cheating on her though and more than once he has had sex with the former Housewife and then gone to his other steady and had sex with her. Adrienne Maloof "Real Housewives of Beverly Hills"/Jacob Busch

This former Playmate and multiple reality show star has been reduced to charging by the hour. Expensive, but still by the hour. Jayde Nicole

This momager who also had her own reality show is supposed to be sober but she could barely stand upright from all the boozing she did the other night. Good thing she wasn't driving. Dina Lohan

It must be really tough to act natural when you are this B+ list talk show host and you are with your wife and two of the five people serving you have slept with you when your wife didn't join you previously. Steve Harvey

Normally this person wouldn't rate high enough to get a blind, but he is A list in his home country even though he is probably C+ list at best right now here because his television show is just getting started. Plus, the way he is using heroin, I'm not sure if he will ever move up the list which is sad because he has a lot of talent. John Simm "Intruders"

Since this B+ list mostly television actor from a hit almost network show cheated on his B list mostly movie actress girlfriend, she decided that some ex sex would be ok last week. Ian Somerhalder/Nikki Reed/Paul McDonald

KINDNESS: A girl who was off school last week got a great surprise from this A+ list mostly movie actress who is a very recent Academy Award winner/nominee. The girl and her mom spotted the actress while she was about to go on the set of her movie and asked for a photo. That is usually a no no with this actress, but she smiled and said yes and then shocking probably every person on this earth asked the girl and the mom if they would like to visit the set and our actress even had the girl's makeup and hair done by the crew. Anne Hathaway "The Intern" (filming in NYC last Thursday)

67. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 10/06 **#10**
One day, I suspect when the father of the family passes away there will be a book written which will describe all of the goings on inside the family and it will probably be written by the mom. She seems the closest to breaking ranks right now. The only thing holding these people together is they all desire fame more than anything and realize if anyone discovers their story, that fame will become infamy and none of them will have a career or make money for the rest of their lives. It all started with the father. The biggest celebrity in the family. He would be on the road and started having sex with progressively younger women who looked like his wife and then one day it just happened. He started having sex with his daughter. The mom knew, and didn't stop him, and when she started molesting her son it seemed to give the whole thing her approval. Apparently the mom never had sex with her son, but did molest him and at one point as he grew older he did try and have sex with her, but she had moved on and was trying to heal and was disgusted that her husband had basically left her for their daughter. Neither of the kids has had anything close to a normal sexual relationship. Their exes tell a tale of performance issues and crazy festishes and the daughter is out of control when it comes to being punished to the point she has scared off boyfriends. There was a crack in the armor a few months ago and the entire family panicked and rallied together to make sure nothing leaked and also to ensure that it never came that close again. The problem they are having is that crack in the armor whispered to someone else and now the whole thing might come tumbling down in the next few weeks.
Father: Hulk Hogan
Mother: Linda Bollea
Daughter: Brooke Hogan
Son: Nick Hogan
Crack in armor: Brooke broke up with Phil Costa

68. BLIND GOSSIP 10/06 **#1**
She normally has a very healthy-looking physique, so you may be wondering why this actress’ clothes are suddenly just hanging on her. We can sum it up in one word: Cocaine. She thinks that there is only one look that suits her, and as she ages, she has become plagued with self-doubt about her ability to maintain that look. She started doing cocaine so she could drown out all that negativity and make herself feel better. It was a problem in her past and it’s back again. And now she can’t stop. Pamela Anderson (drown out - "Baywatch")

69. BLIND GOSSIP 10/06 **#2**
This young man is rich and famous… and paranoid! He tells girls who date him that they have to sign confidentiality agreements. There is a substantial amount of bullying tactics used to get the girls to sign. However, he had better hope that those bully tactics are enough of an "incentive" for them to keep their relationship private. Why? Because those contracts are unenforceable! The girls he dates are usually minors. Minors can sign enforceable contracts only under VERY limited circumstances… and dating confidentiality is definitely NOT one of those circumstances!
Prince Jackson

70. BLIND GOSSIP 10/06 **#3**
This TV Star and her husband are both famous. Her child/ren are becoming known as well. She and her family live the good life, full of every imaginable luxury. However, underneath the veneer of beauty and luxury, it’s not quite as pretty. Mom is realizing that one her kids is not just spoiled… but dangerously out of control. After going through the child’s car and making some shocking discoveries, she sent them an impassioned email, begging them to get their act together. We’ve edited it for brevity and anonymity: "I am really in tears and really scared. Who are you? What were you thinking? You have literally turned into a spoiled, unthankful, unthoughtful, careless human being that is lucky to be alive. [I went through your car.] What an eye-opening experience to find it littered with beer cans, bottles of vodka, bottles of Aderall, Vyvanse, rolling papers, and dirty underwear. I have honestly never seen anything like it. Was your life that terrible at home? I am at loss for words. You need to do some serious soul searching to see how you got where you are and then get on your knees and thank god for still being alive!!! How can someone as kind, beautiful and smart as you end up in this kind of a mess? I have really failed as a mother and that is just the honest truth. How did I trust you were ok? Am I that stupid and naive? Or are you that good of a liar? WHY? What have I done to deserve this? I am so freaked out. How are you going to survive? Why am I even working my ass off to get you in a beautiful apartment if you can not even keep your car clean? Is that how you are going to trash your home? If your car looks like the way you feel about yourself you really need professional help. I thought that together we were going to be able to work through this but now I am not sure anymore if I have the tools to help you unless you are really understanding what this has come to. I need answers and explanations. Start writing and tell me what is going on inside of you because I need to understand. Where are you at and what are you going to do to change? Maybe you should see how real people live in order to appreciate the extraordinary life you have lived. I love you so much but if you could feel the pain I feel right now you would fall to the floor. I just don’t understand how little respect for life you have and how little you understand about how delicate it is. I know you know right from wrong, I know you know how to live a clean and conscious life because you saw me live it. I am not asking you to be perfect but I am asking you to respect the life I have given you. There is nobody and nothing more important for me to see you thrive and be happy. You have so much to give and you are such a bright light. I literally can not live without you. I beg you to please change your life. If you love me and [other family members], you should think about how you conduct yourself. Do you want [sibling] to take the same chances you have taken? Would you want [sibling] to drive around with a car like you left behind? Are you an example of the life you want [sibling] to live? I cleaned your car and destroyed all the evidence of a chaos you created that I am ashamed off and truly hope to never see again. Life in my home has changed forever." Do you think this email will be effective in getting this child to change?
TV Star: Yolanda Foster "Real Housewives of Beverly Hills"
Child: Bella Hadid (sibling: younger brother Anwar)

71. WINE AND SASS 10/06
This east coast Real Housewife has a lot of secrets that she has expertly kept hidden, mostly by either ruining anyone's life who wants to spill these secrets, or paying them a ton of hush money. One of the biggest secrets she wants to keep hidden are her super dark drug years. She was addicted to drugs for a very long time and prostituted herself to feed her habit. It led to the end of her first marriage. Her now nemesis is one of the biggest reasons she got cleaned up, but has never, ever acknowledged it. It wasn't long after their falling out, she got back on the drugs again. It also led to the demise of her relationship with another person trying to help her, and a slew of other failures because when she's on drugs she is completely out of control. She's smart enough to have this information sealed in legal proceedings in order to protect her image, but her ex's camp is asking the nemesis to leak the information in order to force her to get help. So far the nemesis refuses. She's waiting for the price to be just right, then she'll spill. The housewife knows what's up, so she's trying to cozy back up to her former friend in hopes it will keep her quiet. Not Kelly Bensimon.
Real Housewife: Bethenny Frankel "Real Housewives of New York City"
Nemisis: Jill Zarin
Other relationship: husband (soon-to-be ex) Jason Hoppy

This B+ list mostly movie actor who has a significant other he cheated on his now ex-wife with is cheating again with this B- list mostly movie actress who is a Golden Globe nominee/winner and has been in a very very big franchise.
B+ list actor: Ethan Hawke
Significant other: Ryan Shawhughes-Hawke (nanny)
Ex-wife: Uma Thurman
B- list actress: Emma Watson
Franchise: "Harry Potter"

This A- list mostly television actress from a long running network show and moonlights in movies is rarely in this space. She stays private which is why she has been so good at hiding her affair from her significant other. She doesn't want to break up with him until she sees where the affair is going to lead.
A- list actress:

Even though he cheats all the time, this B+ list mostly television actor right now who is on a fairly hit pay cable show only lets his actress significant other star opposite guys he knows to be gay or in a a very secure relationship. He is incredibly jealous.
B+ list actor: Peter Facinelli
Show: "Nurse Jackie"
Actress significant other: Jaimie Alexander

This celebrity offspring who has been on reality television told friends a few weeks ago that he was hooking up with this still married B list celebrity and former model.
Celebrity offspring: Nick Simmons (Gene’s son)
B list celebrity: Amber Rose (still married to Wiz Khalifa)

This B list mostly television actor who is working in a couple of things right now that are totally different and has been on multiple hit shows finally found someone who can fulfill his fetishes. He loves to be dominated by his women which caused big problems in a marriage and also that he likes to be with more than one woman which caused him big problems in his most recent relationship. The fact that his new someone is also an actress makes it even more likely this will all come out. She is a bit of a talker.
B list actor: Michael Sheen
Marriage: Kate Beckinsale
Recent relationship: Rachel McAdams
Current relationship: Sarah Silverman

This B+ list mostly movie actress with A+ list name recognition doesn't even own a phone because her B list actor husband doesn't trust her. In a world of insecure in Hollywood he is at the top. Megan Fox/Brian Austin Green

The wife of this A+ list mostly movie actor showed up with the actor to a recent event and demanded that publicists stay behind her at all times so she could be viewed by the cameras on the red carpet. At the event she name dropped her husband's name a million times and was just the biggest pain. She has not been like this in public for a couple of years.
Rhea Durham/Mark Wahlberg

Her booze and drug problem used to be kind of cute. It was all part of the act. Her sleeping with everyone to get ahead was just glossed over because no one wanted to pick a fight with the people she did sleep with or get on their bad side. Things have gone from cute to worrisome to out of control. If our A- list celebrity who has literally done everything but sing wants to stay on top she is going to have to change. Over the past few months if she has been awake she has either been drunk or wasted. Drugs are everywhere with her now. She has to fly private because she needs drugs that much. She is having sex with random strangers or fans and waking up every morning after a blackout. She is ticking off her friends because she always hits on their significant others during a night out and rarely apologizes and blames it all on the drinking. They tell her to stop and she says she is fine and that it is under control. It isn't. She has millions of dollars of promotion and investment riding on her over the next few months and unless she somehow manages to get control of herself, it is going to be a crash and burn of epic proportions. Chelsea Handler ("SiriusXM Town Hall") ("Handler-centric programming on Netflix")

This B-/C+ list mostly movie actress was at a premiere of her new movie last night and passed out. The teen actress confessed to not eating much for the past two weeks because she wanted to look good for the cameras. Bella Thorne "Alexander and the Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Day" premiere

81. MEDIA TAKEOUT 10/07 just got wind of a JUICY bit of gossip. A VERY popular singer that is PROMINENTLY featured on is close to BANKRUPTCY!! According to an ULTRA RELIABLE insider snitch the GORGEOUS SINGER is spending OUT OF CONTROL . . . and not making enough to pay for her lavish lifestyle. The insider tells that the singer has NOT been making the kind of money touring that she used to. Explains our snitch, "[Singer] had a tour last year that did OK, not what everyone hoped. And her tour this year, with [another popular artist] was great, but he got most of the money." But despite her MODEST ticket sales, the girl is living like a ROCKEFELLER. The insider told, "Private jets, yachts, and she has her family in [REDACTED] living like kings and queens. She's going to be broke soon if things don't change." Well it doesn't look like things are going to change anytime soon either. You see her NEW ALBUM keeps getting delayed because the label is NOT IMPRESSED with the songs she's turned in so far. And the word on the street is that her new music - which consists mostly of dance tracks - is not going to be as popular as she'd hope. Rihanna (Eminem tour)

82. BLIND GOSSIP 10/07
You probably know that this handsome, masculine actor has had big roles in a string of blockbusters over the past five years. What you may not know is that prior to acting in these blockbusters, Our Actor was happily living life… as an openly gay man. However, there are no openly gay action stars. So his publicists tried shoving him back in the closet and marketing him as a manly straight guy. They brought in a fake girlfriend who claimed that she and the actor had known each other for years and were talking about marriage. They scrubbed his Wikipedia profile. They got several articles about him being gay removed from internet search engines. Basically, there was a lot of suppression and lying going on to try to sell him as a manly action hero. There was one thing they missed. Our Actor was on a gay video chat site. Using a couple of different screen names, he would chat with other gay men on video: asking if they recognized him; admitting that was he was doing was stupid; and basically saying that he just didn’t care about his career enough to stop doing it. Well, right before the premiere of one big fantasy film, the producers found out about this. They logged onto the site, and there they found their star, taking his clothes off, lying on the bed, and engaging with other gay men. The producers completely FREAKED THE FUCK OUT. They dragged him in for a meeting, chastised him for jeopardizing their big film, and made him delete his profile. Our Actor has another big film coming out this holiday season. Given those past events, his publicity is on lockdown, and interviewers will be warned ahead of time not to ask any questions about his personal life. The film will be the only thing that will be coming out this year.
Actor: Luke Evans
Fantasy film he jeopardized: "Dracula Untold"
Big film coming out: "The Hobbit: The Battle of Five Armies"

This B+ list mostly television actress from a very hit network show was at an event this week where she performed. Her performance was on time, but she showed up late to the stage for rehearsal and was caught in her unlocked dressing room partially naked horizontal on a couch with another woman. Probably explains why she never has a boyfriend. Everyone would love her even more if she came out. Bellamy Young ("Scandal") "14th annual Les Girls cabaret fundraiser for the National Breast Cancer Coalition Fund’s Deadline 2020"

This former A list mostly movie actress who was the go to exotic actress a little over a decade ago has steadily been getting less work and was having trouble making ends meet. Then she met a married studio executive and convinced him to leave his wife for her. They are engaged even though his divorce is not final. I bet she won't tell that version of events though when it gets mentioned in the tabloids. She also got a new movie out of the deal. Monica Bellucci; Tia Carrerre

This B list mostly television actress who just landed a new network show after her last one went up in big flames continues to be a pain and a diva. She was paid just about $10K to wear something from a discount retailer and they wanted her to wear it all day and to wear other things from the line. She refused and would only wear it for ten minutes of photos and then took it off. She said it was fine to wear it and get paid but if they actually wanted her to wear it all day or more of the stuff she wanted to have an entire line and be paid accordingly. Katharine McPhee "Scorpion"

While his actress wife and their kids were out of the country, this A list mostly movie actor was having sex in his house, in the marital bed with two promotional models he met at gifting suite.

This A list mostly television actress who has gone from a hit network show to two middling hits is having a few issues with the love of her life. He wants kids, even via surrogate, but our actress says she doesn't want any more. Jaime Pressly/Hamzi Hijazi ("My Name is Earl") ("I Hate My Teenage Daughter") ("Jennifer Falls")

This foreign born A list model who now has become an actress in a huge big budget flick got a payout of $10M from her A+ list celebrity ex to keep her mouth shut about his love of other guys. It would ruin his career. Rosie Huntington-Whiteley ("Mad Max: Fury Road")/Jason Statham; Suki Waterhouse ("Insurgent")/Bradley Cooper

This former A+ list celebrity/reality star who still has A+ list name recognition said the N word about ten times over the weekend at a party when she kept reminding security not to let anyone close to her. I hate her. Paris Hilton

The husband of this A list mostly television actress on a very good, very hit network show is making his wife look bad. He has been going out everyday while she is on set and hooking up with a graduate student at her apartment and taking her to lunch where everyone can see them kissing and holding hands. Kenneth Lieberthal (an American academic)/Julianna Margulies ("The Good Wife"); Nnamdi Asomugha/Kerry Washington ("Scandal"); Scott Phillips/Julie Bowen ("Modern Family")

This A- list mostly movie actress and her now B list mostly movie actor who has much less success on film than he did on television are having some issues after they ran into one of her exes at a wedding. The thing is the ex was an "on" since the couple have been married. Emily Blunt (John Krasinski)/Matt Damon (co-starred in "The Adjustment Bureau" in 2011) (George Clooney’s wedding)

92. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 10/08 **#10**
This former B list mostly movie actress was in a huge long running franchise and lived until the end. She yelled at a woman yesterday who thought the barely 20 something actress looked amazing for 40. It was a crazy overreaction for the usually happy foreign born actress. Bonnie Wright (Ginny Weasley) "Harry Potter"

93. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 10/08 **#11**
#1 - This A+ list singer heard that this other A+ list singer never dressed herself, but let her assistant to do it. So, our first A+ lister has gone one better and now has her assistant also undress her. It made a private jet pilot pretty happy when he wandered through the cabin and saw it happening as our singer got ready to land.
A+ list singer #1: Mariah Carey
A+ list singer #2: Rihanna

#2 - This A+ list mostly movie actor is headed to Broadway in the next month. He heard about the role when he was having sex with the NYU sophomore who works for the producer of the play. Yeah, she might have been a plant because the producer has sex with her too. Bradley Cooper "The Elephant Man"

#3 - This A+ list mostly movie actress rented a house while filming her new movie after she hooked up with this female wardrobe assistant and wanted more privacy than a hotel could offer.

94. NY POST/PAGE SIX 10/08
1. What top music exec, who’s married to a woman, was caught by colleagues pleasuring a male intern in his label’s men’s room? But the exec’s so good, his bosses made the scandal blow away?
L.A. Reid

2. Which girlfriend of a hot Hollywood star admits to pals her beau would be downright odd looking if he wasn’t becoming so famous? Sophie Hunter/Benedict Cumberbatch

95. BLIND GOSSIP 10/08
This actress is pregnant, but she and her husband have not announced it yet. What are they waiting for? Well, it’s not the timing. It’s their history. She was pregnant before, told friends and relatives… and then lost the baby. The husband blamed her and her unhealthy habit (we’re leaving that one purposefully vague) for the miscarriage and chastised her for sharing the news prematurely. They fought so much about it that they didn’t try again for months. We don’t know if her habits have changed, but they are getting along better (obviously) and are now being extra cautious about announcing too early. If all is well, they should announce in the next three weeks. Kaley Cuoco and Ryan Sweeting

This married foreign born A- list mostly movie actor who is very good looking left at intermission of an event he was attending when he hooked up with the woman he came to see. After making out for most of the intermission they decided to not go back in and instead left in his car.

This married B- list mostly whatever kind of work I can get because the only reason I am this high is because of my name actor got drunk and hands with the wait staff at a recent event and even followed one of the waitresses in the kitchen to give her a hard time for not responding to his groping in a positive fashion. Cuba Gooding Jr.

This A- list mostly television actress from a hit cable show thought her married A- list actor boyfriend was being faithful with her, but he is also hooking up with this multi-faceted celebrity offspring. January Jones/Ethan Hawke

Apparently there is trouble in paradise between this former franchise A list mostly movie actress and her female lover. Our actress hooked up with a male co-star and made arrangements to leave her constantly by her side female companion behind when she saw the actor again so they could be uninterrupted. Kristen Stewart/Nicholas Hoult

100. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 10/09 **#5**
KINDNESS: This one is special just because of the effort that went into it. This A+ list singer always visits hospitals and never with cameras. People use their cell phones sometimes, but she never asks for publicity. Recently while in Paris, our singer visited a children's hospital and apparently studied French for two months knowing she was going to do this just so she could talk to the children in their language as much as possible. Taylor Swift

101. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 10/09 **#6**
I really can't make them much easier than this. Apparently the reason this former A list tweener turned B- list mostly movie actress broke up with her on again off again on again off again on again off again former boyfriend is she saw a video he has on his phone of this A list reality star turned celebrity naked in her now ex-boyfriend's bed. The former tweener told several people the other night but tabloids will never ask these questions even though she would have spilled. Selena Gomez/Justin Bieber/Kendall Jenner

102. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 10/09 **#7**
There was something sad about this aging former A+ list mostly movie actress who rose and dropped so quickly but keeps her A+ list name recognition because of one role, drunk and breasts falling out of her top the other night as she kept hitting on guy after guy at a big event. Sharon Stone  ("New York Gala")

103. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 10/09 **#8**
I really wasn't expecting this from her, but this B list mostly movie actress who is pregnant was drinking wine from a coffee mug at a restaurant the other night and had several glasses. Isla Fisher

104. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 10/09 **#9**
"I needed a night away without the kid(s)." B- list mostly television actress who throws around her name every chance she gets talking to one of her friends. What she needs is a night with her kid(s). The only time she ever sees the kid(s) is when there is a photo op or sometimes when she is home changing clothes. It was all about the money and that is all that matters. Melissa Joan Hart

105. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 10/09 **#10**
KINDNESS: Short, but very sweet. This currently single, but formerly married to an actor A list mostly movie actress who is an Academy Award winner/nominee is the go to person for a few vets around LA. If someone comes in with an animal that is injured and the owner can't afford to pay for the procedure, the vet will get in touch with the actress who has spent several hundred thousand dollars of her own money to pay vet bills the owners think are being paid for by some grant or the vet being nice. The actress has never said no when asked. Hilary Swank  ("ambassador for the annual Iams Home for the Holidays campaign which promotes pet adoption for the holidays")

Who is Jack M? Earlier this week, Kathy Griffin slammed Stephen Collins and said that Jack M would be next. Any clues? UPDATE: Kathy says, "Good God I didn’t mean Jack McBrayer."

107. BLIND GOSSIP 10/09
This actress is going totally crazy making lists for her husband’s girlfriend! The lists are rules that the wife wants the girlfriend to follow in her interactions with her child/ren. One of the lists contains the foods she does and does not want the child/ren to eat (mostly centered around unprocessed foods versus fast food). Another list contains the kind of entertainment she considers acceptable and unacceptable for the child/ren (e.g. children’s books versus video games) and how much time they are allocated for each. Another list contains health and sanitary rules (e.g. interaction with pets, hand-washing procedures, etc.). There are more. Lots more. Her husband absolutely hated all this micromanaging when they were together and is not thrilled with the fact that the actress is now aiming to control the girlfriend. Yes, that’s the real reason for the meeting. You didn’t really think this was going to be a casual hey-let’s-grab-a-beer-and-chat thing, did you? With this actress, nothing is casual and everything is controlled.
Actress: Gwyneth Paltrow
Husband: Chris Martin
Husband’s Girlfriend: Jennifer Lawrence

108. POPBITCH 10/09
(British blog)
Which fashion designer is being lauded by fashion magazine, but has got the nickname 'Puppykiller' closer to home? Staff were always shocked at the rough hand with which their boss handled his pooch (the occasional rough foot too), but now that none of them have seen the dog in weeks, whispers are starting to swirl.
John Galliano

109. WINE AND SASS 10/09
This celebrity is completely out of money, and just about out of credit after making three scandals go away over the last few months. Their spouse/significant other is holding a very messy/public/scandalous divorce over their head if their paydays don't keep happening. The only two sane people in the celebrity's life have told them to cut their losses, quietly file for both bankruptcy and divorce, and work like crazy to comeback from this. The other insane people in the celebrity's life have suggested that maybe the star should 'work' overseas for middle eastern 'businessmen'. The celeb has been meeting with other 'stars' who earn their living that way. The spouse/sig other? Doesn't care. The more their spouse is away, the more they can play, and spend...and have that messy divorce anyway. LeAnn Rimes and Eddie Cibrian

110. THE NEW YORKER 10/09
Which celebrity is commenting all around the Web about how he’s a combination of Steve Jobs and Versace, under the handle CantyayEast77? Kanye West

111. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 10/10 **#1**
This married B- list mostly movie actress who keeps getting work despite her less than stellar personality and bad performances loves to talk about how she spends hours thinking of just the right gift for friends but her former assistant says that she was told to just pull something from a closet of gift bags from swag suits the actress has been in and give something from the stockpile that our actress has already cherry picked for the best stuff. Kate Bosworth

112. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 10/10 **#2**
This former B list actor turned celebrity turned current reality star told friends that his still fairly newlywed wife is giving him a hard time because she wants some of the attention he is getting now and that any solo reality show he lands after his current project, better include her because she feels like she can be a star. Yeah, I think that is the reason she married him in the first place. Alfonso Ribeiro

113. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 10/10 **#3**
This A- list mostly comic movie actress is not looking forward to promoting her new movie because she hates her female co-star. Our A- lister took on the role because it was different than her usual fare but also because the foreign born A- list male lead who is best known for his pay cable role dated our actress a few times leading up to shooting. Once shooting began though and the no name co-star other lead appeared, our actor dumped the comic actress and started hooking up with the no namer.
A- list actress: Kristen Wiig
Female co-star:
A- list actor: Alexander Skarsgård ("True Blood")
Movie: "The Diary of a Teenage Girl"

114. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 10/10 **#4**
This A- list talk show host is making waves behind the scenes to keep his supposed celebrity/actress friend from getting a certain job she covets. He wants her where she can make him the most money. Andy Cohen (executive producer of "The Real Housewives" franchise and host of "Watch What Happens: Live")/Nene Leakes ("Real Housewives of Atlanta") (wants to take over Joan Rivers place on "Fashion Police")

115. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 10/10 **#5**
This former almost A list comic movie actor who has returned to his performer roots and this B list mostly movie actor who has looked the same and never gone above or below B list for the past two decades made a spectacle of themselves the other night with how they treated women at a party. As they got more drunk they egged each other on to see who could get a woman to do even more just because the women wanted a chance to be with them. It was definitely some of the sleaziest stuff I have heard about in awhile.
Almost A list actor: Chris Kattan
B list actor: Harland Williams
"Comedy Works"

116. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 10/10 **#6**
Short on money, this former indie director/actor who has one big project to his name which sucked, but got his name out there is selling a sex tape of his former actress girlfriend who is B list and can't seem to get a show of her own to stick after some success as part of an ensemble. Vincent Gallo (Brown Bunny")/Chloë Sevigny ("Big Love")

117. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 10/10 **#7**
This former B list talk show host turned celebrity was at an event the other night and was asking everyone for an investment in her new project which doesn't even exist. It is how she is making her living now and she spends all the money on keeping up her lifestyle. Star Jones "Angel Ball" launch party

118. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 10/10 **#8**
This former A list mostly movie actor turned drug addicted pervy B list actor has spent all of the money his son came into a few years ago. The son has no idea. Ryan O'Neal (Redmond, his and Farrah Fawcett’s son)

119. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 10/10 **#9**
This married former A list mostly television actor was part of one of the biggest shows in television history. He says he owes all his success to his acting coach/C-list actor so the actor sets him up with actresses he meets on sets who have money for classes and are also willing to have sex with the coach.
A list actor: Ted Danson
Show: "Cheers"
C- list actor: Dan Fauci

120. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 10/10 **#10**
This foreign born A list singer who was A+ list for an album is being cheated on by her significant other who has been hooking up with the ex he cheated on with our singer. Adele/Simon Konecki (Clary Fisher)

121. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 10/10 **#11**
#1 - This A list Academy Award winning actress told producers they would be out of luck if they wanted her to promote her new movie if her B list co-star would be there. He treated her like crap on the set of their movie when she refused his advances. Charlize Theron/Tom Hardy "Mad Max: Fury Road"

#2 - This do everything celebrity who is currently on a reality show after stints doing everything, dumped her boyfriend when he didn't give her the kind of publicity she thought she should get. Now she is modeling herself after Chelsea Handler and the way she got to the top. Please no talk shows from her. Julianne Hough/Brooks Laich

#3 - This Disney tweener from a very popular show turned movie actress has given her old boyfriend another chance but he hasn't stopped hooking up with the tweener's best friend every chance they get.
Tweener: Bella Thorne
Show: "Shake It Up"
Boyfriend: Tristan Klier

#4-This former A+ list celebrity at a time before there was the internet, is B list now and an actress. She was talking this week about the time this A list director molested her when she was very young and working for him.

122. BLIND GOSSIP 10/10
This reality star recently got a nose job. That wouldn’t seem like such a big deal unless you knew something about her background. Before she became a reality star, she was fine with the way she looked. Her biggest aspiration in life was to get herself educated and to make something out of her life. However, since landing the gig, her priorities have shifted dramatically. She isn’t going to school. And she is now obsessed with her appearance, wanting to improve every body part through plastic surgery so she can be a famous model. Her new nose does look a little better… but it is debatable whether or not she would have a big career as a model if she didn’t have the reality show fame to back her.
Reality Star: Kendall Jenner
Reality Show: "Keeping Up With the Kardashians"

123. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 10/11 **#1**
This married foreign born former A+ list mostly television actor from a long running hit network show has been locked down by his wife since his show ended. He has had her everywhere with him after he got busted by a family member with a hooker in the house. Well, this week, with his wife letting him travel on his own, it was hookers all over again. Apparently, lots of them. For three days, when he was not working, he was having sex. Hugh Laurie ("House") at N.Y. Comic Con  His wife Marbella

124. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 10/11 **#2**
This B- list celebrity offspring/former reality star has been cut off by her permanent A list father after he watched security footage of her at one of his houses doing lines of coke with several other people, all of whom were naked. Clint Eastwood’s daughter Francesca

125. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 10/11 **#3**
This former A- list mostly television actress from a hit network show that now barely works is getting quite the reputation at the school of her kid(s). Apparently she is hooking up with dads at the school whether they are single or married. Teri Hatcher

126. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 10/11 **#4**
This married B list talk show has a female assistant that he actually doesn't have sex with. Shocking I know, but he uses her when he goes to clubs to go up to women to see who will be interested so he does not have to do it himself or take the chance of getting busted. She does his dirty work for him.

127. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 10/11 **#5**
This B list reality star on a long running hit network reality show has been talking smack about a co-worker to get her fired because our reality star would like to be the only female in her position.
B list reality star: Julianne Hough
Co-worker: Carrie Ann Inaba
Show: "Dancing With the Stars"

128. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 10/11 **#6**
This B+ list mostly movie actor probably used to be A-. He is an Academy Award winner/nominee and has dated an extremely wide range of celebrity. Right now though he is cheating on his power player wife even though he has described it as a perfect marriage. I guess it is not that perfect. Ed Norton/Shauna Robertson

129. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 10/11 **#7**
This A- list celebrity is about to drop back to B+ despite her multiple reality shows and other shows and even her other endeavors. She doesn't have anything on the air right now. She also is having some financial issues so doesn't want her boy toy seen in public by her wealthy financial backer who wants to marry our celebrity.
Celebrity: Bethenny Frankel ("The Apprentice: Martha Stewart"; "Real Housewives of New York City"; "Bethenny Getting Married?"; "Bethenny Ever After"; "Skating with the Stars"; "Bethenny" talk show; "Skinnygirl" franchise)
Boy toy: Michael Cerussi
Financial backer: Warren Lichtenstein
Financial backer: Warren Lichtenstein

130. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 10/11 **#8**
This multiple Emmy nominee/winning actress is known for her serial relationships and since she is single right now she decided she needed to not be single and landed this married director who shot her most recent movie. The director has had multiple actress wives and now looks like there may be another one.

131. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 10/12 **#1**
The crazy thing is that this former A list singer turned reality star turned celeb with A list name recognition was having to pay by the hour to take her young male friend out for his 21st birthday. Paula Abdul

132. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 10/12 **#2**
This married performer turned A+ list mostly television actor turned permanent A list celebrity has been inviting this A list mogul to every event he can think of because his wife wants a job with the mogul's company even though she has no experience. Jerry Seinfeld (Jessica); Alec Baldwin (Hilaria)

133. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 10/12 **#3**
This A list celebrity couple spent their first time together in almost a month to do something special with their kid(s) together. Considering how much the couple does not like each other and that they are living in separate buildings at their home, it was nice to see them do something for the kid(s). Josh Duhamel/Fergie

134. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 10/12 **#4**
This B list mostly movie actress with A+ list name recognition who is locked in place in that position and has been in this spot frequently as of late introduced her still married boyfriend to her kid(s) for the first time. It was the first time he spent the night. Of course he had to fly out of town to do it. Katie Holmes/Richard LaGravenese

135. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 10/12 **#5**
This family does not have as much money as people would think and with this newly married D lister still trying to make it as an actor without ever auditioning for anything mind you, the A list sister-in-law has given him a job with a paycheck where he doesn't have to do anything and given her sister a raise for not doing much of anything either.
Diana Ross’ family
D lister: Evan Ross
A list sister-in-law: Jessica Simpson
Sister: Ashlee Simpson

136. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 10/12 **#6**
This former A list mostly television actress who is a take anything I can get actress now with still A list name recognition told all her friends she was pregnant. She thought she was and started eating and eating and eating and when she discovered she wasn't, kept eating. Now she thinks she can get a weight loss company to give her a gig so keeps eating. Mischa Barton

137. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 10/12 **#7**
When the cameras are not rolling, this B list reality star from an A list reality show is drinking again and still hooking up with as many blondes as possible which his significant other probably doesn't appreciate. Scott Disick/Kourtney Kardashian "Keeping Up With the Kardashians"

138. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 10/12 **#8**
This former B list mostly television actress had to promise publicity and a magazine photo spread to get any non-employees to show up at a recent party she threw. Blake Lively Reynolds (lifestyle blog "Preserve")

139. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 10/12 **#9**
This foreign born for the briefest of flickers instant A list mostly movie actress who is now mostly reality and living off the money of past relationships almost was killed recently when she was passed out drunk in a restaurant parking lot and a driver almost backed over her before someone spotted the body and stopped the driver. Brigitte Nielsen

140. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 10/12 **#10**
You would think that she would just split with him, but even though he had to sell the engagement and wedding ring set he bought, she still sticks with him and also hands over most of the money she earns as a former B list reality star from multiple shows who used to have A list name recognition turned professional red carpet poser. Holly Madison/Pasquale Rotella

141. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 10/13 **#1**
After what happened last time this foreign born B+ list mostly movie actor worked with his female co-star on this potential box office blockbuster, the wife of the B+ lister is with him for reshoots. Jamie Dornan (Amelia Warner)/Dakota Johnson "Fifty Shades of Grey"

142. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 10/13 **#2**
This formerly married A list celebrity couple who some could argue were an A+ list couple can't get along at all. Things have got so bad that their joint businesses have to have separate meetings with each of our celebrities because they won't get in the same room together any longer. To make things worse, the male half of the celebrity couple has not seen his kid(s) with his former wife in almost six months. Jennifer Lopez/Marc Anthony

143. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 10/13 **#3**
This B list mostly movie actress who makes her living almost exclusively from a franchise at this point has a great PR team for her sending out a Tweet a day, while our oft troubled actress hides out in rehab after her latest meltdown. The studio said they would find someone else for the franchise unless she got clean. Michelle Rodriguez

144. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 10/13 **#4**
This former B list celebrity offspring of a permanent A lister has been fairly quiet the past few years after a few very wild years prior to that. Her latest boyfriend is a married man with several kids, but our offspring says love is love and doesn't feel bad about it at all. Kimberly Stewart (Rod Stewart)

145. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 10/13 **#5**
This B- list mostly movie actress from an acting family who only scores that high on the list because of her family name and future scheduled projects has long battled sobriety and she is losing that battle right now because she wants to fit in with her new boyfriend. Dakota Johnson (Melanie Griffith/Don Johnson)/Matthew Hitt

146. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 10/13 **#6**
This former A list singer while part of a group turned B list celebrity who never sings any longer is getting married and is totally bending over backwards and has changed the wedding date multiple times just so he can get one A+ list guest to come. No one else matters to him except getting this guest to the wedding. Lance Bass (Michael Turchin)/Justin Timberlake

147. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 10/13 **#7**
This A list celebrity who used to be an actor and also failed music video director is trying to hide the fact that he is having sex with this B list celebrity/former model. He is doing it to save his own skin from his two girlfriends, and his wife. The thing is though he is making the B lister look like she is having sex with multiple guys because he has her going out with different guys every night. Not a very good business decision. Nick Cannon/Amber Rose

148. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 10/13 **#8**
I think this former A list tweener is going to be in for a really big shock when she sees some of the photos the hackers are offering for sale and will probably be released. They show her younger sister in a very compromising position with our former A lister's current boyfriend. Vanessa Hudgens (Stella)/Austin Butler

149. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 10/13 **#9**
For the second time that I can remember in the past two years, this foreign born B list mostly movie actress who has really high name recognition and not in a good way for the things she has done hooked up with this A list mogul/celebrity/reality star/wannabe singer because she needs another cash infusion. She has been working more to pay the bills, but lost all of her money in a side venture and our mogul has always had a soft spot for her after an incident several years ago. Sienna Miller ("Twenty8twelve" clothing label)/P. Diddy
(charges filed when Diddy’s security took memory card from camera from woman taking photos of Diddy and Sienna at a club)

150. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 10/13 **#10**
I heard this week that the beneficiary of the life insurance policy finally got paid for the death of this actor. The actor, probably B- at the very most worked a lot and was on a hit show at the time of his death. The people closest to him, the people he should have been able to trust are the ones who conspired to make everything look like a suicide. They are the ones who encourage him to get a life insurance policy. They are the ones who made it very large and also knew when suicide would not nullify the policy. They made sure that there was no one else to talk to. They kept him isolated from other people and friends. They talked him into breaking up with a girlfriend. They wanted no one for any authority figure to speak to except for themselves. It was carefully planned and meticulously executed. Now, they finally got paid for all of it. Lee Thompson Young "Rizzoli & Isles"

151. OPEN 10/13
She’s a popular leading lady, currently in semi-retirement, notorious for her mood swings, and the bête noir of assistant directors everywhere. The married actress has cut down on her film work considerably, but has shot a bunch of advertising campaigns recently for everything from baby diapers and chocolate milk to vitamin supplements. An agency representative on the set of a diapers commercial she was filming not so long ago revealed that the actress was "surprisingly well behaved" during the shoot and "incredibly patient" while the unit waited around for the star attraction—the infant who was to appear in the commercial—to wake up and behave for the cameras. Fearing that the actress might throw a hissy fit for being made to wait endlessly, the unit was apparently on tenterhooks, treading on eggshells around her, making sure she was comfortable. But there wasn’t a murmur of a complaint from her. Could she have changed, after all? Well, not quite. Just weeks later, while filming a chocolate powder commercial, the actress seemed to be back in her usual mood, snapping at assistants and production people, throwing her weight around while everyone on the set cowered in fear. When the director asked if she would do another take of a particular shot, this time approaching the scene another way, she reportedly glared at him angrily as if he had no business telling her how to do her job. During lunch break, the unit heard her vent her anger while she swore away like a sailor in her make-up room, unaware that the microphone she was wearing hadn’t been switched off.
Bollywood star, Kajol

152. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 10/14 **#1**
I don't know how much he is paying her, but it has to be a substantial sum for this A-list mostly television actress on a middling network show to be bearding for this A list celebrity. He must have been about to get outed or something because this is full on damage control like I have never seen. Two weeks ago she was still sleeping over with her boyfriend. Josh Groban/Kat Dennings ("2 Broke Girls"/boyfriend: Nick Zano)

153. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 10/14 **#2**
This newly married celebrity who was not really a celebrity most of us would have known a year ago is taking to her new life really well and already tried to get a hotel worker fired because she said he was not showing her the proper respect that a celebrity should be given. Yes, apparently she thinks that celebrities should be treated better than the other customers of the hotel. He wasn't fired. George and Amal Clooney

154. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 10/14 **#3**
This former A+ list athlete is quietly negotiating a deal with his significant other after she caught him cheating on her with several different women over the past six months. He doesn't want any more damage to his reputation so wants her to remain quiet about it. Not Tiger Woods. Lance Armstrong/Anna Hansen

155. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 10/14 **#4**
This married A list talk show host spent more time apologizing after sex with a reporter he met than the actual sex act itself. He kept saying he shouldn't have done it and that he felt guilty and also said that explained his brief performance time. Jimmy Fallon

156. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 10/14 **#5**
This B+ list mostly television actor from a very hit cable show was celebrating the other night with a co-star when the bar cut off our actor. He took out his revenge by throwing a glass at a huge mirror and breaking it. The owner was going to call the police but the co-star whipped out $5K in cash and bought off the owner. Norman Reedus ("The Walking Dead") at Paleyfest

157. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 10/14 **#6**
One of the biggest tools in the celebrity world keeps acting toolish. This B list mostly television actor who keeps getting work even though he is not really talented and better hope his boss can start working again so he can get a paycheck was at an event the other night with his A list mostly movie actress wife and was confronting every guy who looked at his wife. It was embarrassing. The guy needs to back off and stop being so insecure even if he does have a small peen.

A list actress: Megan Fox
B list actor: Brian Austin Green

Boss: Charlie Sheen/"Anger Management"
(production shut down due to Charlie Sheen injury)

158. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 10/14 **#7**
This married permanent A list mostly movie actor has been acting like he is single the past few weeks while filming his movie. Something happened over the summer. I thought he was quick enough and wasn't caught cheating on his actress wife, but maybe she did or maybe he just liked being single again. Harrison Ford/Calista Flockhart (injured his ankle)

159. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 10/14 **#8**
This former B- list actress turned reality star turned television actress who no one has actually watched act in anything because no one can find her show was lamenting at an event this past weekend that the only guys hitting her were men in their late 60's or early 70's. Hey, at least they are not actually hitting her which has been a problem in a past high profile relationship. Denise Richards ("Twisted" ABC Family)/Charlie Sheen

160. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 10/14 **#9**
This former B+ list mostly television actress who was on one monster hit pay cable show and has done little to nothing since has been pulled from the spotlight by her significant other who says that she should be focusing on him and his career and not hers. Yikes. He won't let her do anything other than the occasional promotional photo for cash. Jamie-Lynn Sigler "The Sopranos"/Cutter Dykstra

161. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 10/14 **#10**
Well, she is not like her sister, that is for sure. This C+ list celebrity who is celebrity offspring of the reality variety is still a teen and was offered some coke last night at a party and she ran out of the room like it was on fire. I'm assuming she could have just said no. She runs well in heels apparently. Bella Hadid

162. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 10/14 **#11**
This A+ list mostly movie actor is terrified right now that he is going to be forced out of the closet by the director he has worked with so often. The director, probably close to A list is married, but is going to come out in the next few weeks. He has already started telling those close to him and there is talk of him writing a book or at least an in depth article about his journey and that he will name some names or hint very strongly at names that he has been lovers with in the past and our A+ lister is one of those people. Barry Sonnenfeld/Will Smith ("Men in Black 1, 2 & 3" "Wild Wild West"); Baz Luhrmann/Leonardo DiCaprio ("Romeo + Juliet" "The Great Gatsby"); Gore Verbinski/Johnny Depp ("The Lone Ranger" "Pirates of the Caribbean: At World's End" "Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man's Chest" "Pirates of the Caribbean: The Curse of the Black Pearl")

163. BLIND ITEM 10/14 **#1**
Both halves of this married couple regularly say that they don’t want children. However, if you were to get the younger half of the pair alone – and just a little bit drunk – you would hear a completely different story! She wants a baby. In fact she would like more than one baby. However, there are two factors that will make that nearly impossible. First, her older spouse has 99% of the fame, money, and power in their relationship and doesn’t want children. Second, Potential Mommy has too many health obstacles and lingering bad habits to carry a baby to term. So the only way Potential Mommy is by getting healthy, getting pregnant by having an affair, and somehow hiding the pregnancy for the first few months. Then Power Player would be forced to play along and pretend that they both wanted a baby all along.
Potential Mommy:Portia de Rossi
Power Player:Ellen DeGeneres

164. BLIND ITEM 10/14 **#2**
Have you ever wondered why a young star would quit a TV show at the height of its popularity? This young actress said it was because she wanted to continue her education. Some speculate it was actually because an older male cast member made her feel uncomfortable. No and no. Here’s the real story! She was dating a young actor who had guest-starred on her TV show. After his guest stint was over, he enrolled in college on the opposite coast. Our actress wanted to live with him. So she abruptly quit the show, publicly claiming that she had decided to go back to school because her education was so important to her. How could fans be mad at her for being so intelligent and so mature? She moved across the country – not coincidentally to the same city as the young actor – moved in with him, and enrolled in a nearby school. The producers of the show were furious that she had abandoned the show and lied about the reason to make herself look good! They knew that co-habitating with the young actor was the true reason for the actress’ departure, but they could not publicly call her a liar. So they did something really sneaky. The producers publicly commended the actress for pursuing her education. Then they called the actor… and offered him a permanent role on the TV show! He was thrilled. He immediately dropped out of school, moved cross-country and joined the show as a regular… leaving the actress living alone in a city she didn’t care about, attending a school she didn’t care about, and pursuing an education she didn’t care about! Can you guess what happened next? Yes, our actress dropped out of school, moved cross-country again, and rejoined the show she had quit. She never went back to school. Guess that education wasn’t so important to her after all.

165. MR. X 10/15 **#1**
Which A- list rapper had his PR team go out and send cease and desist letters to several blogs which posted a pic of him giving a professional to another man? 50 Cent

166. MR. X 10/15 **#2**
What B-list singer and celebrity spawn dubbed the singing voice of that A-list actress and Oscar winner/nominee in that movie where she sings those '80s cover songs? She went uncredited for this job (but got a nice paycheck), and was pissed off when the actress did the talk show circuit saying she had so much fun singing.
B- list singer and celebrity spawn: Lisa Marie Presley
A-list actress: Gwyneth Paltrow
Movie: "Duets"

167. MR. X 10/15 **#3**
What A++ list rapper and mogul is actually 3 yrs. older than he says he is? His birth year magically changed when he started seeing his wife, who also is 3 years older than she says she is. Jay-Z/Beyoncé

168. MR. X 10/15 **#4**
What aging former A+ list diva singer/actress pulled the "don't you know who I am" card when waiting in the checkout line at Whole Foods? The cashier definitely knew who she was and ordered her to go to the back of the line like all the rest of the people, which she surprisingly did (not without some bitching and moaning). Diana Ross

169. MR. X 10/15 **#5**
What former boybander is getting ready to ditch his beard? They immediately went in two different directions after posing on the red carpet for an overseas premiere. He to his boyfriend, she to a much older man. Nick Jonas/Olivia Culpo

170. MR. X 10/15 **#6**
Which B-list talk show host and that A-list reality star are set to spoof their staged "feud" at an upcoming awards show? Wendy Williams/Nene Leakes ("Real Housewives of Atlanta") "Soul Train Awards"

171. MR. X 10/15 **#7**
What former A-list tweener doesn't have a new "girlfriend", she's just his sober coach? Zac Efron/Sami Miro

172. NY POST/PAGE SIX 10/15
1. What newly single A-lister had a fright when his side piece thought she was pregnant? Turned out to be a false alarm, but word of the unexpected bundle of joy with the woman still made the playboy’s voice crack ...

2. Which fashion editor will kill stories on designers who don’t agree to lend her free clothes? ... Olivia Palermo

3. Which married top business executive’s love of swinging got out of hand when he thought it was a good idea to move his girlfriend into his home with his wife? ...

4. Which seemingly dull music exec had a secret heroin habit that rivaled any rocker’s addiction? It was so bad the exec had to quietly disappear for periodic stints in rehab ...

173. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 10/15 **#1**
This foreign born still A list mostly movie actor has seen better days since his one big monster movie hit which is fast approaching a decade ago. Anyway, there was a time last year when he was dating this foreign born actress. They actually went out for a few months and then after a few months she asked when she was getting paid. It turns out she only goes out with guys for money. Well, our actor says he never pays, but wanted to get back at this foreign born A- list mostly movie actor who is really well endowed and shows it off. So, our actor told the actress/hooker that the well endowed actor would pay her so he set them up. Apparently our well endowed actor did pay up but dumped her after a second time together but not before she got called his girlfriend too in the tabloids.
A list movie actor: Gerard Butler

Foreign born actress: Madalina Ghenea
Well endowed actor: Michael Fassbender

174. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 10/15 **#2**
This foreign born B+ list mostly movie actor from a franchise that is taking forever to get going again has made a couple of million dollars the past few years, but he and his celebrity girlfriend have blown all their income on drugs and only have a place to live because producers of his movies pay for his accommodations and meals. Sam Worthington/Lara Bingle "Avatar"

175. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 10/15 **#3**
#1 - Kindness- This married A list mostly movie actress has not worked as much recently since she won an Academy Award. This weekend though she saved this former B list talk show host turned probably failed reality star. Nothing life saving, but the former reality star got caught up in donating at an event and realized she did not have that kind of money and told the A lister who stepped up and covered the amount so the reality star would not lose face. It was just under $50K.
Natalie Portman/Maria Menounos  "Los Angeles Children's Hospital Gala"

#2- This former B list mostly movie actress turned failed actress turned I got a lucky break and am famous again because of a cult hit had a morning interview the other day and explained her coke use in the dressing room as the only way she could ever be up that early. Tara Reid "Sharknado"

#3- This B list mostly movie actress with A+ list name recognition who does other things on the side threw a fit the other day when a class was canceled and combined with the exercise class she attends. She said she didn't want anyone within ten feet of her because she thought they would take photos which caused everyone else to be on top of each other and all hate her. Jessica Alba

176. BLIND GOSSIP 10/15
While cast members on this television show come and go from season to season, the producers are trying to create a little controversy to accompany the new season’s changeover. They are leaking stories about how two colorful female cast members are so "different" from each other. One is nice, the other is not; one is professional, the other is not; etc. The stories are fictional. The two women involved actually like and respect each other. Both are strong, successful women who work hard and behave professionally. Basically, the producers are trying to make it seem as if the two are in some sort of cat fight… even thought the two women won’t even share any air time! They don’t do this with the men in the cast.
TV Show: "Real Housewives of Atlanta"
Female 1: Claudia Jordan
Female 2: NeNe Leakes

177. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 10/16 **#1**
It certainly was awkward when this A+ list mostly movie actress was on the red carpet shortly after she overheard the subject of the film privately talking smack about the actress and the way she played the role. You really don't want to get on the bad side of the actress. Ever. Cheryl Strayed/Reese Witherspoon "Wild"

178. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 10/16 **#2**
She says it is love, but this A- list mostly television actress who will drop really quickly once her network show ends doesn't realize she is doing what every woman has done before her with the guy. She just happens to have more money to spend and give and the new $100K car is more than he earned in the past two years. Lea Michele "Glee"/Matthew Paetz

179. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 10/16 **#3**
This celebrity/model/celebrity offspring was in tears the other day while speaking to her mother who was yelling at her daughter to lose some weight because it reflected badly on the mother. Huh? Gigi Hadid/Yolanda Foster "Real Housewives of Beverly Hills"

180. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 10/16 **#4**
Out of work again after her most recent television show was canceled, this B- list mostly television actress who was the star of an almost network hit show reboot got some work done. What was supposed to make her look younger though makes her look ten years older. She had one offer dry up when producers saw her in person. AnnaLynne McCord "Dallas" "90210"

181. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 10/16 **#5**
This still married Real Housewife visited LA this week and had some male strippers sent to her hotel room. She kicked out the two that were gay after they did a show and kept the straight one for the night for a very big tip. Phaedra Parks "Real Housewives of Atlanta" (on the "The Ellen DeGeneres Show"show)

182. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 10/16 **#6**
This B- list mostly television actress is on a long running network show that nobody seems to watch. She has also been in touch with an actress about leaving that crazy celebrity cult. Erika Christensen "Parenthood"/Leah Remini

183. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 10/16 **#7**
This Million Dollar Listing star cheated on his long time significant other while our star was out of town partying. Josh Altman "Million Dollar Listing: L.A."

184. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 10/16 **#8**
This former A+list singer has dropped to B+ in a very short amount of time. Her record label got a huge bill for private jet flights and told her they would not be paying for any flights for her from now on. Now she flies commercial and puts everyone with her in coach because she can't afford to pay for private herself any longer or first class for anyone but herself. Lady Gaga

185. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 10/16 **#9**
This foreign born A list comedian and part-time actor was supposed to hook up with his A+ list celebrity ex this past week but he stood her up because he was having sex with a random fan he met a few hours earlier. Russell Brand/Katy Perry

186. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 10/16 **#10**
Over the past year, this long time singing legend who is a permanent A lister has slowly been sinking back into drugs and booze. Feeling older, the long time sober star started off with the odd glass of wine here or there which turned to more wine. He started to gain weight and injured his knee and got some medications and started taking those and combining them with the wine and then put on even more weight so he started taking Adderall and when that didn't make him lose weight he started using coke again. He needs rehab and in a big way, but his ego makes him think he can manage it on his own and that he is fine. Jon Bon Jovi

187. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 10/17 **#1**
The only reason I made this a blind is because I would have had to actually type out their names and when I do that, I get pin pricked just like when Harry Potter had detention. This reality family is in turmoil after the most recognizable was caught on tape trashing her brother. The things said on tape were incredibly mean and nasty and really horrific. A sister got wind of what was said and is supporting the brother and now it is war.
Brother: Rob Kardashian
Mean Sister: Kim Kardashian
Supportive Sister: Khloé Kardashian

188. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 10/17 **#2**
This former B list celebrity/host who had an A list catch phrase that people still use when they talk about his most famous show is now a guy who will support any cause, no matter how controversial as long as the check is large enough. For a six figure fee he will make a video and tell the world how great something is. These are not products, but causes and ideas. He will literally say anything you want him to. If you want him to use his catchphrase, it's extra.
Chuck Woolery

189. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 10/17 **#3**
I don't understand why this emerging A list mostly movie actress does not just come out already. If I read one more article about how she can't find the right guy to date and how she gets turned on filming sex scenes with guys and loves guys, but then goes home to her girlfriend from NYC and their two cats, I will scream. Anna Kendrick; Shailene Woodley

190. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 10/17 **#4**
This aging married almost A+ list mostly movie actor has taken off his wedding ring and is hitting on college students right and left. Still no statement from him or his actress wife but in the past couple of weeks he has not been shy about his leering and groping and spending the night with them. Harrison Ford

191. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 10/17 **#5**
This B list mostly movie actress ran away from her former A list mostly movie actor boyfriend. He is right on the edge of A and B. Anyway, he went into a drunken rage and came after. When she came back to him after the last time he did it, she said she wouldn't ever give him another chance if he did it again. Strange thing is she went and moved in with his mother. Mia Goth/Shia LaBeouf (and when it happened again recently, she still wanted him back. It was Shia who left)

192. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 10/17 **#6**
This lead singer of a one hit wonder band with a strange name had women throwing themselves at him two years ago was playing at a club the other night and told a woman he was the singer of the group that was headlining. She said she had never heard of the group so he started singing the one hit and told the woman they should go back to the bus and he could show her around his bunk. She turned him down cold.
Mark Foster/"Foster The People"

193. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 10/17 **#7**
This former A list performer turned A list actress turned host smokes pot for hours before and after each show just to be able to put a smile on her face and perform. Whoopi Goldberg

194. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 10/17 **#8**
#1 - This foreign born A-list mostly movie actor who everyone thought would probably be A list by now after his franchise ended certainly has a type when it comes to girlfriends. Edgy and someone who prefers women more than men. Robert Pattinson

#2- That didn't last long. Cheating on both sides is ending this marriage quickly. B+ list actor/performer/reality star and his B+ list celebrity wife. Donnie Wahlberg/Jenny McCarthy

#3- This A list network host is really young for his job. He was even younger when he used to hook up with the man who held the same job long ago.

#4- She (married B list celebrity/former model) posted one photo to social media, but the rest of the photos when she took off what she was wearing she sent to this C list celebrity offspring to convince him to make a sex tape with her. He has been wavering on whether he wants to. It will be a big seller, but he doesn't need the money and is not that desperate for fame. She is. Amber Rose/Nick Simmons

195. BLIND GOSSIP 10/17
This famous actor has had a stellar career both in film and television. He recently had an "amicable" break up with his significant other. The breakup wasn’t as amicable as he wants you to believe it was, and it’s going to cost him a fair bit of pocket change to pretend it was. In fact, he will be giving his ex-SO over $1 million, paid in timely installments, as a parting gift. It may sound generous… but private health care and silence are both quite expensive nowadays.
Actor: Charlie Sheen
Ex-Significant Other: Brett Rossi
(rumors that Charlie is HIV)

Our blind item today is the current WBC welterweight champ. He was unaware a member of his entourage was using him to traffic cocaine across the country. When his homey, Marcus Coats, would board private jets with the champ his luggage was filled with bricks of cocaine. Here are the deatils from a law enforcement source familiar with the investigation: "Marcus recently got busted and he said he’s not going down alone. Marcus told the FED’s how he was transporting the coke to his connections in other States. Now, the FED’s have added _______ to their investigation." Floyd Mayweather

197. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 10/18 **#1**
Everything was going great at dinner between this long time celebrity couple. The couple consists of a former A list mostly movie actor who was on a hit network television show and has been working non-stop for decades. His wife is an actress too and has had almost as much success. When our actor started drinking though, things got crazy and when he took his shirt off at dinner things went awful. The attempts at hugging all the women as he left just kind of put things over the edge, but the wife was patient. No yelling. Danny DeVito/Rhea Perlman

198. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 10/18 **#2**
At an event the other day, this A list male model/part-time reality star/sometime actor would not stop hitting on this female A list model who also happens to be besties with someone A+. When she asked him about his girlfriend, he said they have an understanding. The female A list model then held up her cell phone where she had been texting his girlfriend and showed him that she didn't have the same understanding he did.
A list male: Tyson Beckford
Girlfriend: Shanina Shaik
A list female model: Karlie Kloss
A+ celebrity: Taylor Swift

Event: Alexander Wang x H&M Collection launch

199. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 10/18 **#3**
This foreign born former A+ list mostly movie actor who is now an A and maybe moving down to A- is not thrilled with the latest news about his relationship that has been released. Apparently he was told the whole thing was an accident, but he has his doubts. He split with every other woman that ever wanted this because he doesn't. Ryan Reynolds/Blake Lively (pregnant)

200. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 10/18 **#4**
This aging A- list mostly movie actress is an Academy Award winner/nominee who has A+ list name recognition. Despite her age she also has a big problem with bulimia and failed to pass a recent physical and saw her part in a number one movie go to an actress of the same generation. Michelle Pfeiffer/Julianne Moore "The Hunger Games: Mockingjay - Part 1 & 2"

201. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 10/18 **#5**
This aging former A list mostly television actor from a hit network show turned A list mostly movie actor turned mostly television actor on another hit network show is married. His wife and everyone knows on the set of his show though that his stylist does no styling and is his long time male lover. Our actor refuses to ever come out of the closet and at this point in his career after hiding for decades, no one really expects him to.
Actor: Tom Selleck
Wife: Jillie Mack
First hit network show: "Magnum, P.I."
Movies: "3 Men and a Baby"; "3 Men and a Little Lady"; "Quigley Down Under"; "Her Alibi"; "In & Out"
Second hit network show: "Blue Bloods"

202. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 10/18 **#6**
This B list celebrity/singer would probably be C- if not for her A++ list family member. Our B lister was getting in her car to go to an event this week and someone noticed all the bruises and black and blue marks and cuts all over our celebrity's body. It looked like a car accident victim. After several minutes of discussion our celebrity changed into something which would cover her from head to toe.

203. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 10/18 **#7**
This aging former A+ list singer turned bad actress turned singer turned everything shills for a weight loss company but gets lipo every time she has to film a commercial for the company. Marie Osmond (Nutrisystem)

204. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 10/18 **#8**
Smiles out front and daggers behind. This current A list model who does not do runway, wants to be famous for more than modeling and wants her own show. She takes every chance she can to tell producers they should fire this particular talk show host and hire our model instead who says she will get lots more viewers and especially guys to watch. Meanwhile she pretends to be the bff of the talk show host.

205. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 10/19 **#1**
This B list mostly television actress has been in three straight television hits. Two different networks and a cable network. Apparently she is also ashamed of her past. At an event recently a star of a hugely popular cable reality show that has been on forever tried to talk to the actress, but she blew him off and said she didn't know him. Umm, well he is the guy who took her virginity way back in the day and they dated for a year, so I'm guessing she does know him, but likes to pretend she is above her past now.

206. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 10/19 **#2**
This married B+ list mostly movie actress married to an A+ list mostly movie actor has no idea that a woman she considers to be a good friend and charity partner also used to set up our A+ list actor with D listers that would walk into her office looking to get free things. In return, our A+ list actor would send over established people he met who were of more use to the celebrity.
B+ list actress: Rita Wilson
A+ list husband: Tom Hanks
Charity partner: Rosie O’Donnell

207. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 10/19 **#3**
This former A list singer turned C+ lister with one name that is trying to always mount a comeback had to sleep with this A+ list athlete to get him to attend a recent party. She thought he would, then be with her during the party, but he left with one of her friends.

208. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 10/19 **#4**
There have been no hookers this season for this foreign born A list athlete in his own country because his A list singer girlfriend doesn't let him out of her sight especially after the 17 year old he got involved with last year. Shakira/Gerard Piqué

209. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 10/19 **#5**
He might talk a good game about his marriage to his wife and posted a loving tribute to her recently online but this A+ list rapper was having sex with this Real Housewife this weekend. Snoop Dogg/Porsha Williams "Real Housewives of Atlanta"

210. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 10/19 **#6**
This married former A+ list athlete turned A++ list celebrity went to lunch with a soccer mom the other day. Just the two of them and they looked very cozy. Michael Jordan

211. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 10/19 **#7**
This A list multiple talk show host/reality star was visiting the set of a shopping channel to sell her stuff. Our host walked up to several items during rehearsal and talked about how she had them and wore them and how great they were and doing everything you are supposed to do. The one little problem was that what she thought were "her" designs belonged to someone else. Apparently our host had never seen her line in person before she started selling it even though she was "totally involved" in the process. Giuliana Rancic/HSN

212. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 10/19 **#8**
The FBI is investigating this momager and this B+ list rapper for transporting minors across state lines for the purpose of sex. They are cracking down and apparently there is talk of a grand jury convening. Kris Jenner (Kylie)/Tyga

213. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 10/20 **#1**
The wife of this A list talk show host recently called her parents and told them she was thinking of killing herself because her husband said he was in love with his most recent fling and it wasn't just sex. She did almost kill herself a few years ago when her husband got particularly close to another woman so the family has flown for an extended visit. Our talk show host has moved into his apartment in the city. Matt Lauer/Annette Roque

214. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 10/20 **#2**
It is one thing to do a favor for a friend, and it is another to do something that you hate. This A+ list mostly movie actress was at an event over the weekend but refused to pose next to this B- list mostly television actress from a new network show because one of the A+ lister's best friends had her marriage end partly because of the B- lister.
A+ list actress: Reese Witherspoon
B- list actress: Katharine McPhee
Network show: "Scorpion"

Event: ALS Walk
A+ lister’s best friend: Mary McCormack (husband Michael Morris)

215. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 10/20 **#3**
This B list reality star who is coming to her own personal end after a long run on this A list network reality show was in tears over the weekend because her guy was cheating on her. She had spent hundreds of thousands of dollars on the guy thinking he was the one but he dumped her for someone much younger who is the daughter of a permanent A list mostly movie actor/director who he has been cheating with for the past several months.
B list reality star: Cheryl Burke
Show: "Dancing With the Stars"
Guy: JT Torregiani
Daughter of A lister: Francesca Eastwood (Clint Eastwood)

216. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 10/20 **#4**
This B list mostly television actor from a hit almost network show was banned from an event this weekend that featured all of his co-stars. No one wanted a scene which is what would have happened if he showed up, especially if he brought his new actress girlfriend.
B list actor: Ian Somerhalder
Show: "Vampire Diaries"
Ex: Nina Dobrev
New girlfriend: Nikki Reed

Event: Candice Accola’s wedding

217. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 10/20 **#5**
This former US gymnast turned celebrity turned reality star is telling friends she had a three month fling with this former athlete who loves to pretend he is still a virgin. He has been trying to buy her silence because she wants to talk about it in a new reality show she is filming.
Athlete: Tim Tebow

218. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 10/20 **#6**
This A list singer/sometime network reality star is hooking up with a contestant on the show he is on, but it is not one of his team. Blake Sheldon; Adam Levine or Pharrell "The Voice"

219. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 10/20 **#7**
This foreign born B- list singer who would probably be C list if not for her catchy name is openly gay and in an abusive relationship. Her girlfriend has beaten her badly on more than one occasion but our singer sticks with her because she thinks she can change the girlfriend. Not a good idea. (Elly Jackson) La Roux; Charli XCX

220. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 10/20 **#8**
Apparently in this messy back and forth, the a-hole celebrity guy says he has recordings of this A- list singer talking about when she used to turn tricks and how much she would charge and lots of details. Dr. Luke/Kesha

221. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 10/20 **#9**
This former A+ list mostly television actor from a hit network show who is still A list, but only because of that show. Otherwise he is probably a B- lister who can't catch a break. He tried to get a celebrity ex-girlfriend pregnant just so she would stop using so much coke. Matthew Perry/Jennifer Capriati

222. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 10/20 **#10**
This still married C list celebrity is married to a former A list tweener. She thought he was still into her even though she has been dating different guys. It turns out though that he has been hooking up with this foreign born A list model turned actress in a hit summer movie. Now our former tweener is trying to win her husband back. This is a crazy relationship.
C list celebrity: Mike Comrie
A list tweener: Hilary Duff
Foreign A list model: Irinia Shayk
Hit summer movie: "Hercules"

223. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 10/20 **#11**
Several months ago there was a reunion of sorts. The pair had not seen each other in many years. Most people don't even know the pair ever met, but they had, and back in the day they even did more than just meet. The woman is an A+ lister. She has been A+ list for quite some time and was at the top of the world when they first met back in the day. She was following through on a wish he had made a few years before they actually did meet. When he heard that she was going to be in his city, calls were made and they spent a night ordering room service and having sex even though she was married at the time. It was something they both wanted as far as dinner went, but the extra entertainment wasn't planned. Since that day, the A++ list celebrity she hooked up with has moved on with his life and she has moved on with hers. Rarely did they speak to each other or even attempt to contact each other. Fast forward many years and our A++ lister and A+ lister were going to be in the same city again. Not his city this time but her city. Arrangements were made and even though at the time she was involved with someone again, the two hooked up again, but this time in her hotel room and with two sets of bodyguards outside the doors. Apparently our A+ lister was on a high for a week after this meeting and talks about it constantly to the point where a few months later she was in the A++ lister's city and wanted another meeting but he was too busy to meet. For almost two weeks she refused to leave her room except for required events because she kept waiting and hoping he would come by or call and he didn't do any of it. Since that happened she has never been the same. Something happened inside her those two weeks and she rarely smiles and has just not had the spark she once had. It is as if a light went off inside her. Britney Spears/Prince William

224. BLIND GOSSIP 10/20
This award-winning comic actor is probably best known for a character he played on a popular 1970s television show. He was a passenger on the same plane as the Ebola-infected nurse from Texas. He is currently under voluntary quarantine at home and is self-monitoring to make sure that he shows no symptoms of the disease. While other passengers have disclosed on social media that they were on the flight as the nurse, or flew on the same plane after her, our actor has not. Given that he is a performer who loves attention and is always detailing his life on Twitter to his many followers, it’s interesting that he has been silent about this. Is it because he is an avid Obama supporter and doesn’t want to do anything that might cause people to lose confidence in the President?
1970s TV Show:

225. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 10/21 **#1**
This former reality star was probably C list at best despite having her own show. She is more famous for her name and her reality show offspring who also has lots of higher listed friends. Anyway, our former C lister makes a nice living as a woman who connects D listers with men who will pay for them and handed a card to this B list mostly television actress on a new network show with the admonition that she had seen her show and her last failed network show and she was probably going to need the card or acting lessons. There was a look of horror on the B lister's face when she found out what the C lister does, but she KEPT the card.
Former reality star: Lisa Gastineau
Show: "The Gastineau Girls"
Reality show offspring: Brittny Gastineau
B list actress: Katharine McPhee
New network show: "Scorpion"
Event: Bernie Brillstein Golf Classic (proceeds set to aid the creation of a new Barlow Respiratory Hospital)

226. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 10/21 **#2**
This A+ list everything in her mind but in reality a B list singer/actress/reality star was begging this A list singer/songwriter for songs for her new record and implied she would be willing to hook up with him if he wanted. He passed on both offers and says he wanted to work with younger singers. Jennifer Lopez/Bruno Mars

227. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 10/21 **#3**
This D- lister got a nice double payout this week. One check from a tabloid and one from the B+ list reality star on a long running MTV franchise who gave him some money for taking her side in a rumor. Probably going to be a week long bender for him with that kind of money.

D- lister: Robbie Kidd
B+ list reality star: Leah Messer
MTV franchise: "Teen Mom 2"
Rumor: denied Leah's husband's claim that he slept with her

228. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 10/21 **#4**
This former B+ list mostly movie actor turned television actor on a long running hit pay cable show who now has another long running show you probably haven't seen pulled out one of his famous lines this weekend. Despite sleeping with several black women he always uses the line that they will be his first. It didn't work with this Academy Award nominee/winner who knows a couple of the women he slept with previously and never spoke to again.
B+ list actor: Jeremy Piven
Shows: "Entourage" and "Mr Selfridge"
Actress: Lupita Nyong'o

Event: Sindika Dokolo Art Foundation dinner

229. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 10/21 **#5**
What long sober former A+ list singer who has dropped to B+ with her long absence was doing some lines of coke the other day. Yes, during the day. She said she wanted to feel younger.

230. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 10/21 **#6**
This foreign born A- list mostly television actor who all the women love went on a date with his girlfriend the other night and went back to her place for a few hours. He then left her place and went to a party where he picked up a woman and took her back to his place for a few hours before heading back to the apartment of his girlfriend where he stayed until the morning. Benedict Cumberbatch/Sophie Hunter

231. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 10/21 **#7**
KINDNESS: This A+ list mostly movie actor who will always be A list knows how to promote a movie with the very best of them, but this had nothing to do with promoting because he tried to keep it secret. While filming his latest installment of his franchise our actor has been all over the world. In each city he has filmed he has visited a US military base and had dinner or lunch with the personnel and also visited base hospitals. A total of five bases so far and he has not finished filming yet. Tom Cruise "Mission Impossible: 5"

232. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 10/21 **#8**
One hit wonder a-hole to a woman changing the diaper of her toddler at a pumpkin patch - "So, you seeing anyone? I think we would be great together. I'll have my guy get your number." He then walked away and his "guy" came up and tried to get the woman's number who refused. Robin Thicke

233. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 10/21 **#9**
This former B+ list talk show host who has moved on to new things had breast implants put in about a month ago and has been taking pain pills non-stop since which she combines with everything else she takes. Chelsea Handler

234. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 10/21 **#10**
These two foreign born A- list mostly movie actors don't really get along that well because the younger of the actors hit on the wife of the older actor. The younger actor swears he didn't know she was married to the older actor. Notice though he knew she was married. They have sucked up their hate for each other and are working together though. Jude Law/Colin Firth (Livia Giuggioli) "Genius"

235. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 10/21 **#11**
This former A list tweener turned B list mostly movie actor connected with his pimp/drug dealer again and that is never good. For three days they partied and our tweener's sober coach was corrupted by the fame and glamour and and is loving all of the attention and forgot the reason why she was supposed to be there. Instead of being sober and being a voice of reason she became the first one to start smoking and drinking and partying and gladly joined in when the actor was given a "model" for the night by his benefactor. Just when you think our tweener is making strides he slips in a massive way and then thinks he can right the ship The only good news coming out of this most recent bender was the lack of heroin which made an appearance over the summer. Our actor though is as bad off as he has been in the past year. Zac Efron/Sami Miro

236. BLIND GOSSIP 10/21 **#1**
These two actresses don’t have much to do with each other. It’s not totally surprising given that a well-known TV Actor dumped Actress 1 to date Actress 2. To make matters more complicated, Actor still has to see Actress 1 on an everyday basis and then go home to Actress 2. You would think that Actor would do everything possible to avoid talking about Actress 1 to Actress 2 and vice versa. Nope! Exactly the opposite. You see, our Actor is a total shIt-stirrer. He LOVES to remind each one that the other actress is beautiful and talented and is a significant part of his life. Then, when the claws come out, he pretends to be surprised and acts like he is the innocent man in the middle. He’s not innocent at all. Just who do you think is leaking that stuff to the press about the women "fighting" over him? Yes, it’s him. He thinks that it makes him look like the ultimate prize.
Actor: Ian Somerhalder
Actress 1: Nina Dobrev
Show: "Vampire Diaries"
Actress 2: Nikki Reed

237. BLIND GOSSIP 10/21 **#2**
This famous film actor is known to be a ladies’ man. He has dated many beautiful women over the years and they usually part on amicable terms. Usually. One of his recent exes – who is famous in her own right – sent him a quick text the other day requesting that he call her. Thinking nothing of it, he did so. She screamed at him and called him a liar and a pig and a few other choice names. She had just found out that his claims that he had been faithful to her during a certain period of their relationship were completely bogus. According to friends, he wasn’t particularly moved. He simply shrugged off the criticism and told her, "You knew who I was when you met me. Just because I say something doesn’t mean that I mean it. Get over it." Then he hung up on her.

Actor: Leonardo DiCaprio
Ex-Girlfriend: Toni Garrn

Which reality star is soooooo convinced that she will catch Ebola that she forced her assistant to seal all her windows and doors and will not allow anyone into her home! She always makes everything about herself, so it should come as no surprise that she has done the same with this disease!

239. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 10/22 **#1**
The only time this married Bachelor couple gets together is if there is a photo op or a chance to make money from something they need to do as a couple. They both live in separate homes and she has practically moved in with a new guy. Sean and Catherine Lowe

240. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 10/22 **#2**
A Touch Of Old Hollywood: This C list cult director with a documentary out about him right now making the rounds at film festivals is full of lies. The real reason he was infamously kicked off of his first big break, which became a mega flop, is because the A+ mostly movie actor who has A++ list name recognition star of the film found out he was beating his then girlfriend and had him kicked off the movie. When the star confronted the girlfriend, she tried to lie for the director, but the star saw the bruises and figured out the truth.
C list cult director: Richard Stanley
Documentary: "Lost Soul: The Doomed Journey of Richard Stanley's Island Of Dr. Moreau"
Mega flop: "Island of Dr. Moreau"
A+ actor: Marlon Brando

241. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 10/22 **#3**
The boyfriend of this B list celebrity who has an A+ lister in the family said he has not been back to the home he shares with his girlfriend since he woke up a couple of weeks ago with her pacing the bedroom with a knife from the kitchen.
B list celebrity: Emma Roberts
A+ family member: Julia Roberts
Boyfriend: Evan Peters

242. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 10/22 **#4**
This C list singer/celebrity who is only that high because of the C list offspring she is dating said she met one of her possible future relatives and he said that it was nice to meet her but she was going to hell unless she "stopped being gay."
C list singer/celebrity: Angel Haze
C list offspring: Ireland Baldwin (daughter of Kim Basinger and Alec Baldwin)
Relative: Stephen Baldwin

243. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 10/22 **#5**
A divorce announcement is imminent from this former A+ list mostly movie actress and Academy Award winner/nominee who is now A-/B+ list. Her husband is cheating on her and our actress is not one for second chances. Julia Roberts; Reese Witherspoon; Nicole Kidman

244. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 10/22 **#6**
This former B list mostly television actress who is the offspring of a former A+ list celebrity is trying desperately to hang on to her side project but has no more money and investors are flocking to the more successful similar projects of other actresses. So, our actress is contemplating a sex tape or a Playboy spread to get the money she needs. It won't help. Katie Cassidy (father David Cassidy) TOMBOY KC

245. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 10/22 **#7**
This no name married to an A list mostly movie actress is trying to convince her to buy the most expensive house she can afford because he knows eventually she will divorce him and half will be his. Zoe Saldana

246. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 10/22 **#8**
Apparently this A list reality star from this A list reality family and their A list reality show has no pride at all and hooked up with the still married B+ list rapper because she must know he is going to cheat and she just doesn't seem to care. Probably the drugs. Khloé Kardashian/Wiz Khalifa

247. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 10/22 **#9**
This A- list mostly television actor from a hit cable show is nearing the end of his great run and he is not getting the projects he thought he would. So, he is leaning on the girlfriend he cheated on for much of the past decade. She finally has her own voice though and has been meeting another guy fairly frequently and the long term relationship could be over. Jon Hamm ("Mad Men") and Jennifer Westfeldt

248. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 10/22 **#10**
This A list mostly television actress from a very hit network show let it slip at an event the other day that she had not seen her husband in weeks and only speak to him once every three or four days when he checks on someone in their life. Kerry Washington ("Scandal")/Nnamdi Asomugha "2014 Elle’s Women in Hollywood Celebration"

249. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 10/22 **#11**
There was a big event held this week honoring an actor for his acting achievements. Many of his co-stars past and present attended. Some did not. Some very notable stars skipped it. The reasons? EVENT: American Cinematheque tribute to Matthew McConaughey
#1- This Academy Award winner/nominee skipped the event because of some events I wrote about several years ago in a blind which changed her life forever and led to who she is now and is especially relevant this week. Sexual assault and abuse and just being treated like meat. Renee Zellweger ("Texas Chainsaw Massacre: The Next Generation")
#2 - This Academy Award winner/nominee skipped the event because he told several people a few years ago that our actress prefers women and she told him in confidence. Jodie Foster ("Contact")
#3 - This A- list mostly movie actress with A+ list name recognition skipped the event because the entire time they filmed a movie together he would not stop pawing at her and groping her and calling her all kinds of names. Plus, he hooked up with their co-star which she found offensive. Sarah Jessica Parker/Zooey Deschanel "Failure to Launch"; Nicole Kidman/Zac Efron "The Paperboy"; Ashley Judd/Sandra Bullock "A Time To Kill"

250. BLIND GOSSIP 10/22 **#1**
This young film actor seems to be doing more vacationing than working lately. On a recent trip, he was accompanied by a young woman. Some are saying that they are dating and that he is on a "love high." Oh, he’s high all right. But it’s not on love! If you were to look just beyond the cropped images of him with the girl, you might catch a glimpse of the person who is REALLY his main companion on this trip. This person is not a celebrity… but we know who he is! He is one of the scummiest, most notorious drug dealers in the world. He scores hard drugs – like cocaine and heroin – for some of the biggest celebrities in Hollywood when they travel. That he is a new close friend of our young and troubled actor is no coincidence. Zac Efron/Sami Miro

251. BLIND GOSSIP 10/22 **#2**
When couples have different views on having children, it can make for a stressful marriage. In the case of this couple, the domineering partner’s overwhelming opposition to children has become downright scary. When our girl – who is an actress – started leaking how she really wanted to have a baby, her spouse found out and brought down the hammer on her. Our Actress was forced her to make a very public statement in an awkward and controlled environment completely renouncing her desire to ever have children. According to a friend of the couple, "It was like watching a hostage make a statement condemning their own country. It was all scripted and controlled. She was terrified and said exactly what The Control Freak wanted her to say." Portia de Rossi/Ellen DeGeneres

252. BLIND GOSSIP 10/22 **#3**
This actress and her husband will be announcing their pregnancy VERY soon. We think it will happen within the next week or so. The announcement is being controlled and orchestrated to an unnatural degree. Why? Because the wife is pairing the baby with a business! She made some noise last year about wanting to get involved in a business venture and did a few interviews. Have you heard a peep about it since? No. That’s because she and her business partners decided that if they were going to do a business geared toward parents, "We all need to be moms or expectant moms first." Well, prepare yourself, because that time has come! If you thought that Jessica Alba and Blake Lively were using their status as moms to sell you something, you haven’t seen anything yet! The first marketing campaign will begin after the pregnancy announcement is made. Justin Timberlake/Jessica Biel
  ("Au Fudge", the kid-friendly restaurant she’s opening in L.A. with designer pal Estee Stanley)

253. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 10/23 **#1**
This former almost A+ list mostly television actress who went from late night to movies to prime time now does a little bit of everything. What she and her best friend don't do though is talk to this A+ list mostly movie actor who started in roughly the same spot as his frequent co-stars. There is definitely a war between two sides and you have to clearly come down on one side or the other if you are from their group.
A+ list actress: Tina Fey
Best friend: Amy Poehler
A+ list actor: Adam Sandler
Same spot: "Saturday Night Live"

254. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 10/23 **#2**
These more well known than most former American Idol contestants who have been in a relationship forever might be ending it soon if she finds out about him cheating while she was on the road with her show. Diana DeGarmo/Ace Young

255. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 10/23 **#3**
His kids were not supposed to be there so it probably came as a shock to this B list mostly movie actress with A+ list name recognition to step out of the shower and have the young kids of her married lover in the bathroom with her. Katie Holmes/Adam Schweitzer

256. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 10/23 **#4**
It all seems crazy at this point. This B list mostly movie actress still thinks she has a future with her B list mostly movie actor boyfriend even though he never comes home and she always hears about him spending time with other women and crashing at their homes. A shared bond can only take you so far. Olivia Wilde/Jason Sudeikis; Eva Mendes/Ryan Gosling

257. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 10/23 **#5**
This permanent A list mostly movie actor who is an Academy Award winner has been cheating on his girlfriend, but what made him mad was he caught her texting her girlfriend telling her that she was only "fucking the old crazy man for the money." Al Pacino/Lucila Sola

258. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 10/23 **#6**
This married B list mostly movie actress says that when she cheats on her former A+ list athlete husband it is just because she is keeping her options open for the future. Brooklyn Decker/Andy Roddick

259. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 10/23 **#7**
This foreign born still somehow A list model thinks her husband is long over his thing for his co-worker, but they still hook up every chance they get. It is usually out of town, if not out of the country. Kate Moss/Jamie Hince

260. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 10/23 **#8**
This former A list mostly television actor from a hit network show turned movie actor usually just cheats on his wife with fans. This time though he cheated with a movie actress who is also a recent co-star and it is making things very complicated.
A list actor: Matthew Fox
Network show: "Lost"
Co-star: someone from "Welcome to Harmony"

261. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 10/23 **#9**
Quietest separation ever for this former A list model turned actress married to a former A list athlete. They both cheated so this is best for both of them. Angie Harmon/Jason Sehorn

262. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 10/23 **#10**
This former almost A list mostly movie actress who used to be at the same level at the same time as the subject of the Kindness blind earlier today turned B list television actress freaked out while out the other day and started talking to herself and threw nail polish bottles all over the floor before walking out of a salon. Selma Blair

263. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 10/23 **#11**
KINDNESS: I have talked a lot of smack about this actress over the years. It didn't have to be that way. I actually used to have a crush on her way back in the day and then she went and got all strange and decided to have an affair with a married guy who was a co-star and got into a love triangle and it was just a big mess and it seems like her once promising barely A list movie career turned into a B- lister who is living off that earlier fame. Not so much of a kindness to start, but she is doing some amazing things for those less fortunate and actually has raised millions of dollars for orphans and has fostered ten children herself over the years and has raised money for missions to help orphanages in other countries and to get group homes built and schools and to provide them with the best chance of getting adopted by a family and if they can't, to at least make sure they have the best life and education to succeed on their own when they get older. She works hundreds of hours a year on the cause and gets little to no recognition for what she does.

264. BLIND GOSSIP 10/23 **#1**
Thanks to her work in a popular franchise, this young actress became a major star before she even turned 20. She has always tried to come off as being very cool, casual, and nonchalant in her style and her attitude, as if she couldn’t care less what you think of her. So we were a little surprised to learn that those days where it looks like she just rolled out of bed and threw on an old pair of jeans and a T-shirt and forgot to brush her hair… are totally calculated! A friend of hers told us, "[She] wants you to see her as this person who is doesn’t give a shit about about how she looks but the truth is that she cares a LOT! She will usually change two or three times before she walks out the door. It’s her anti-movie-star look. Everything from the baseball cap to the messy hair to the Chuck Taylors to the flannel shirt tied around waist is totally planned. That just rolled out of bed look takes over an hour. It’s all part of her wanting indie cred." She is taking time off to spend with her secret S.O. (which will be a nice change for her from her faux relationship days). When she goes back to work, look for her to pursue roles in smaller, independent films to fit her carefully calculated "I don’t give a shit" image. Kristen Stewart "Twilight"

265. BLIND GOSSIP 10/23 **#2**
These two celebrities are both very well known. They are in two different areas of the entertainment industry. They were married, then divorced. There was plenty of blame to go around. We know about one incident that happened while they were still married. The Husband called up a non-famous woman who he knew before he was married. The woman was wary about meeting up with him, because she knew he was now married to this big celebrity… and she didn’t know if he was sober or not. She met with him at a very famous hotel in a large city. They wound up spending the night together and he shared really personal details of his marriage. He told her it had been too long since he had been with a real woman who had some meat on her bones. He told her how exhausting it was to be married to someone who tried to turn everything into a publicity stunt. He told her that The Wife – who knew that he was now sober – seemed to be purposefully getting wasted all the time just to torment him. He talked about simply wanting "pure universal love." Perhaps talking out loud about his marriage woes helped to clarify things for him, because one week later, he filed for divorce. Russell Brand and Katy Perry

266. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 10/24 **#1**
KINDNESS: An American couple was dining at a restaurant in London and noticed this A+ list celebrity. Not sure of what to do or the protocol, they just kept staring, but didn't know how to ask for a photo. The A+ lister was alerted to them by some of his fellow diners and walked over to the couple and sat down with them and then posed for multiple photos. It was simple, but it made their entire vacation. Prince Harry

267. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 10/24 **#2**
This professional beard/B+ list mostly television actress most recently seen on a hit pay cable show is now offering to get pregnant for a guy if the price is right. She wants a baby and figures she might as well get paid for it. Olivia Munn "The Newsroom")/Aaron Rodgers

268. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 10/24 **#3**
This former A+ list mostly television actor from a long running network comedy that is now off the air lost his temper and yelled at his wife when he caught her flirting with this B+ list mostly television actor who goes from one hit network show to the next for the past three decades.

269. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 10/24 **#4**
The answer can also be found in the 10am photos. This celebrity is most likely to hear the phrase, "Is it in yet?" Brody Jenner

270. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 10/24 **#5**
This is also from the 10am photos. This celebrity loves to pretend she is into guys and dates lots of guys, but she is never actually seen out with guys or with a boyfriend because she prefers women. Peta Murgatroyd

271. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 10/24 **#6**
These are all from the photos in the 10am post. Remember that no one can be repeated, but not all of them are necessarily used.
#1- This celebrity primarily earns her living having sex with men. Brittny Gastineau
#2 - This celebrity charged the most money for one night of sex (that I know of) Joanna Krupa
#3 - This celebrity stole almost $1M and hides it in the same account that her significant other uses to hide his money. This is why she is actually nice to him. Gretchen Rossi/Slade Smiley
#4- This celebrity has made it her goal to have sex every day for the rest of her life and has kept that going for three years straight. Aubrey O'Day

272. MR. X 10/24 **#1**
"I just couldn't take anymore of the 'poor me, poor me' crap, she's become a completely different person from the one I knew. She needs to get her head out of her ass and stop blaming everyone for something she knew would bring her more attention." - B-list actress/model on why her friendship with that A+ list actress and Oscar winner/nominee dissolved. Riley Keough/Jennifer Lawrence (nude photos leak)

273. MR. X 10/24 **#2**
What B-list R&B singer's PR people are good at masking the truth? There were no A-list guests at that recent bash he threw, just his family members and a couple of close non-celebrity friends. In fact, the A-listers barely know him. Robin Thicke/Leo DiCaprio (divorce party)

274. MR. X 10/24 **#3**
Which C-list mostly television actress and reality star filmed her "hospitalization" for her reality show? She isn't sick at all, by the way. Tori Spelling

275.MR. X 10/24 **#4**
What former child star turned indie actor is growing weed in his backyard? Might explain the weight gain... Haley Joel Osment

276. MR. X 10/24 **#5**
Which network reality star had a 'soft' coming out of the closet a few nights ago at a charity event? He's planning on officially coming out after the latest season of his show is over. Derek Hough "Dancing With the Stars"

277. BLIND GOSSIP 10/24
Two actors claim that they went up for the same role in the early aughts. The First Actor got the part. Years later, the Second Actor says that he was asked to perform a sexual favor on a man in order to get a role but refused to do so. He further claimed that the reason the real reason the First Actor got that same role is because he acquiesced to the demand and performed the sexual favor. The First Actor confronted the Second Actor about the gay sex claim, but the Second Actor refused to retract it. Then, several days later, two things happened: The Second Actor suddenly claimed that he had only been kidding when he made the remark. And a sexy Actress popped up to reveal herself as the First Actor’s secret girlfriend. Here’s what’s really going on: The Second Actor was not kidding. The First Actor provided the Second Actor with a significant incentive for him to change his story. And the Actress is a friend who is has been upgraded to a role as the First Actor’s contracted "girlfriend" for the next few months. Everybody wins.
First Actor: Tyrese Gibson
Actress: Sanaa Lathan
Second Actor:Carlos "Spanky" Hayes
Role: John Singleton’s "Baby Boy"

Today’s blind is married to the Queen of Hip Hop Soul. According to persons familiar with our blind item husband, he was once allegedly charged in a rape case. An insider is saying the old school rapper, and KRS ONE hype man, Busy Bee, told him our blind item was arrested back in the day for raping a girl. Here is the drop: "He was Busy Bee’s errand boy. When he met ____ he started to act brand new. Word is, he beat his rape case, the charges were dropped." Kendu Isaacs/Mary J Blige

279. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 10/25 **#1**
This former A list singer back in the day is accusing this former A list singer/reality star/celebrity of stealing almost $1M from him in a scam that she orchestrated with her ex. Considering how she runs through money like water and never seems to face any accountability for her actions, it doesn't surprise me at all. The victim is trying to settle things before going to the police.

280. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 10/25 **#2**
No matter how much they might say otherwise during their show, this "Vanderpump Rules" star charges by the month. Better than charging by the hour I guess. Jax

281. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 10/25 **#3**
This former A list talk show host turned B list host turned A- list host turned no host at all where it really matters still has A+ list name recognition and an A+ list diva temper to go with it. At a charity event the other night, our former host was trying to get into the event and there was a crowd and she started screaming the "don't you know who I am" and get out of my way and don't even think of taking my photo was heard. She was just being the biggest pain and everyone was totally turned off by her behavior. She was awful to everyone. Katie Couric "16th Annual Tomorrow Is Tonight Gala benefiting Project A.L.S." ("Today"/"CBS News"/"Katie"/"Yahoo"

282. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 10/25 **#4**
This former Twilight actress has a new love. What she hasn't figured out yet is the reason he disappears for a day or two every couple of weeks is his massive substance abuse problem. It is his way of escaping. It used to be once every few months and has now become a once every two week thing. Ashley Greene/Paul Khoury

283. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 10/25 **#5**
There is no such thing as charity for this B list reality star from an A list network reality show. At a charity event last week she wasn't getting paid so she lined up designers and brands who would pay her for wearing their stuff at the event. She made a couple of thousand bucks and would have made more but the organizers made her wear one of their t-shirts instead of the one she had planned to wear for money. Julianne Hough "International Day of the Girl"

284. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 10/25 **#6**
Even though she is living with her mother, this C list celebrity offspring is using again. This kind of thing happens when the mother gets wasted and passes out. Not setting a very good example. Tallulah Willis/Demi Moore

285. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 10/25 **#7**
This way underage A list Disney star was at an event the other day with people her age and after 30 minutes called an end to it declaring to her PR person that she needed vodka in a hurry and was tired of doing the same crap everyday. Bella Thorne
("Just Dance Homecoming at Aspire Pacific Academy in Huntington Park, California")

286. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 10/25 **#8**
This A list mostly movie actress turned television actress who was also television way back in the day had her hair extensions yanked out by her husband the other day when he came to visit their child and our actress got into a fight with her husband. Halle Berry/Olivier Martinez (her extensions)

287. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 10/25 **#9**
This former A list tweener not named Zac Efron was hanging out with his drug dealer friend who he had not been seen with in a few months. The last time they were together our tweener almost died. Joe Jonas

Considering the events of the week, I thought I would take another look at this blind.
February 7, 2014
This very popular reality show family got quite the surprise when they discovered that a daughter in the family became pregnant by a crew member on the show. The crew member was "reassigned" to other duties. You all think you know the family but you might want to think outside the box and a different cable network than you are probably guessing too. "Here Comes Honey Boo Boo" Mama Junes’ daughter Anna Cardwell

289. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 10/26 **#1**
This C list reality star from a VH-1 show met her current B+ list football boyfriend when he paid her for sex. Even though they are boyfriend and girlfriend now, she still makes him pay, just not every hour. Draya Michele "Basketball Wives"/Orlando Scandrick (Dallas Cowboys)

290. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 10/26 **#2**
It's not just one at this point because this Teen Mom is trading drugs for sex and she thinks she can trust the guy setting it all up but he is the one selling everything to the tabloids. He also has some other things he is willing to sell that are even more devastating. Leah Messer

291. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 10/26 **#3**
This former A list mostly television actor who was on two very big long running network hits but was only the lead in one of them has not matched that success in the past couple of decades. He spent the other night at a party for someone else trying to get the paps to take his photo and tried to get reporters to want to interview him. He was a man desperate for attention.

292. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 10/26 **#4**
Do you remember that episode in Friends where the guy was no fun when he was sober, but everyone loved him when he was drunk? This A+ list singer has been sober for over 30 days now and everyone who sees her says they have never seen her more depressed and that she is like a robot going through the motions of each day and there is no spark in her any longer. Rihanna

293. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 10/26 **#5**
This former ANTM favorite is a huge favorite of the Silicon Valley crowd because she makes all their nerd fantasies come true. It is expensive, but they love they have seen her on multiple reality shows and "gets them." Adrianne Curry (Nerdist Industries "Lady Killers")

294. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 10/26 **#6**
This pregnant A list mostly movie actress kicked her husband out this week for several nights because he kept trying to get her to smoke pot with him. Zoe Saldana

295. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 10/26 **#7**
This A list mostly movie actress has made her name in a franchise even though she has proved her acting skills in other fare. She also is having huge cold sore breakouts this month which has led to numerous canceled appearances and also delays in a movie she is shooting.

296. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 10/26 **#8**
This foreign born B- list mostly movie actress who has one great movie role in the past year was talking to her friends about a guy who was hitting on her at a party last week. She said he kept asking for her number and if she wanted to leave the party together. She was describing him and then gave his first name which is the only name she had and everyone realized the guy in question is a B list celebrity/actor married to an A list celebrity. Margot Robbie/Mark Consuelos (Kelly Ripa) "The 31st Annual FGI Night of Stars"

297. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 10/26 **#9**
This A list Victoria's Secret model who hit her peak a few years ago has been cheating on her current boyfriend with the A list celebrity who practically dumped her at the altar a few years ago when he had the chance to trade up money wise.

Victoria’s Secret model: Selita Ebanks
A list celebrity: Nick Cannon
Trade up: Mariah Carey

298. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 10/26 **#10**
This A list model/host/celebrity/producer runs all over the world chasing down the guy she loves. He sees other people and will do nothing that causes him to make any effort for the A lister. It is a position she is not usually in because usually everyone chases her. Considering he treats her like crap when they are together and not, everyone is shocked to the lengths she is going to make it work. Heidi Klum/Vito Schnabel

299. MR. X 10/27
What B-list actor in several different mediums is no longer on speaking terms with the producer of that soon-to-be-ending TV show after the producer called his wife a tranny? Matthew Morrison (Renee Puente)/Ryan Murphy "Glee"

300. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 10/27 **#1**
This foreign born C list musician was at a party the other night and would not stop talking smack about this A list singer who the musician used to be in a band with. The musician says he has to work every day of the week to earn a living because the singer was greedy and didn't want to share the spoils from the band all teens like at some point even though the band split almost 30 years ago.
Andy Rourke/Morrissey

301. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 10/27 **#2**
For a guy who says he has a girlfriend, this former A list tweener from a famous family sure does spend a whole lot of time on Grindr. Nick Jonas/Olivia Culpo

302. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 10/27 **#3**
This B list celebrity who would be a D lister if she wasn't married to this old A list celebrity still cheats on him with her ex but does so more discreetly. Plus, she gets paid to be married so it works out well for her. Hugh Hefner/Crystal Harris

303. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 10/27 **#4**
This former A+ list singer is now struggling to stay in the B range and has her semi-regular hosting duties keeping her at that level. One of the reasons for the drop in her status is that she is letting her unemployed significant other now manage her and decided on her career decisions. Not a good move. Christina Aguilera/Matthew Rutler

304. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 10/27 **#5**
This B list celebrity/sometime reality star married to a B list mostly television actor on a hit network show has willingly slept with a family member. She used to get paid for shows with the family member. Coco Austin (sister Kristy Williams)/Ice T ("Law & Order: SVU)

305. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 10/27 **#6**
This former model turned reality star turned celebrity is pregnant, but has split from her significant other because he didn't want more kids and feels like he was tricked. Petra Nemcová/Laurent Lamothe (Prime Minister of Haiti)

306. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 10/27 **#7**
This former A- list mostly television actress from a very hit network show that ended a few years ago got called to her daughter's school because her daughter had sent naked selfies to a boy. Of course the mom does it every day which her daughter pointed out in front of the vice-principal. Teri Hatcher ("Desperate Housewives")/Emerson Tenney

307. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 10/27 **#8**
Going from the bed of a stripper you hook up with to an anniversary dinner is just about on par for this reality husband. Joe and Teresa Giudice "Real Housewives of New Jersey"

308. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 10/27 **#9**
This former B list mostly television actress turned C list movie actress isn't slowing down her escorting career even though she recently tested positive for HIV.

309. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 10/27 **#10**
One of the reasons the husband of this A list mostly television actress from a hit network show has not been seen as much lately is he is involved in a big drama of his own. He is being hit from multiple angles about child support cases and at the same time being threatened with blackmail. At a trial that is about to start, our husband is going to be confronted by one of his past male lovers who was with the husband at the time the child in question was conceived. Apparently the husband admitted to his male lover that the child was his and this is all going to come out in the trial. Of course if the husband is willing to fork over more money then the mystery man will not appear on the stand. Of course for more money to exchange hands, the wife is going to have to get involved and write the check. She certainly has done that before to help her husband out of another child support jam he was in last year. Anything to keep up the pretenses that this is a normal husband/wife relationship.

310. BLIND GOSSIP 10/27 **#1**
This very famous music artist is known as quite a ladies’ man. That’s why we were a little surprised to hear that he has an interesting set of toys at this home: a large collection of dildos in every color and shape and size. The reason that this is interesting is not because he uses those toys on his female guests. It’s because he has the ladies use them on HIM! Hold on, though. Before you start thinking our hip hop guy is leaning gay, you might want to hear what one of his friends told us about the collection. "I don’t think that means that he is gay. I think that he just likes to have rubber penises shoved up his butt." Thanks for the clarification. P. Diddy

311. BLIND GOSSIP 10/27 **#2**
We received a couple of new photos by email. They show a female celebrity. She isn’t wearing any clothes. Photo Girl is facing the camera – and the lighting is good – so you can see her face quite clearly. She is lying on her back on a bed and she has her knees spread far apart. She is having sex with an unidentified male. Based on the position of her arm stretched out toward the camera, one of the photos might be a selfie. The others look as if they were taken by him. This is a celebrity for whom the release of the photos would be very costly. There are a lot of product endorsements at stake that are based on her wholesome public image. Are the photos real? We are not photo experts, but we did run them by an expert who reports that "the file metadata indicates these files have not been edited." So they may very well be legit. BONUS CLUE: She is married and she is over 30
. Giada De Laurentiis

312. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 10/28 **#1**
The reason this projected box office smash is going to flop is because of the lack of chemistry between the two leads. Maybe if the married actor hooked up with his co-star instead of that part-time actress who hooks up with everyone, then things would have been better.
Movie: "Fifty Shades of Grey"
Male lead: Jamie Dornan
Part-time actress: Rita Ora
Female lead: Dakota Johnson

313. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 10/28 **#2**
This married A list talk show host spent another weekend working. Well, he calls it working. His mistress calls it something else and his wife continues to be clueless. Jimmy Fallon

314. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 10/28 **#3**
If you have been looking for this foreign born B- list mostly television actor who has not done much since his long running hit almost network show ended, you can probably find him holed up in his apartment spending most of his days shooting heroin. If you thought he was pasty white before, you have not seen anything. Ed Westwick

315. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 10/28 **#4**
This B list mostly television actor might not have been in much since his hot pay cable show went off the air, but hey, he did have a movie of it too. Anyway, he goes through women like water and since he goes through them so quickly he makes them pay for everything. Sometimes he will buy a cup of coffee, but if they want dinner or a movie or anything that involves money being paid out before sex that day he makes them pay. Adrian Grenier "Entourage"

316. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 10/28 **#5**
After drinking related arrests and other drinking issues, this B list mostly television actress who was on a long running hit network show says she is sober. The lines of coke and the booze she consumed the other night at an event she was getting paid to attend would probably refute that claim.

317. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 10/28 **#6**
It was pretty obvious from the second this A list mostly television actress from a hit network show first saw her boyfriend after a few weeks that he had been cheating. She doesn't care though as long as it does not interfere with performance. Her last boyfriend did it and she does it and just expects it. She would prefer he cleaned up after them though because she says she found an earring and hair pins and other things. Joe Manganiello/Sofia Vergara

318. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 10/28 **#7**
After always getting on her significant other about his cheating it seems kind of strange to hear that this foreign born B+ list mostly movie actress who is an Academy Award winner/nominee has been hooking up with someone of her own. I thought things were great between the couple right now. Naomi Watts/Liev Schreiber

319. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 10/28 **#8**
This OITNB actress is making the most of her first time to the big time. The bloody nose though is a sign of overuse and someone on the show with more experience should tell her that. The blood was all over her evening dress the other night.

320. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 10/28 **#9**
This newly married B list mostly television actor showed his wife what she can expect from their marriage as he spent much of an evening making out with another man while both were wearing costumes. Matthew Morrison/Renee Puente

321. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 10/28 **#10**
KINDNESS: This foreign born A list singer/musician with the non-rock star like personality spent two hours out in the cold this past weekend making sure that every fan who waited to see him got a photo with him or an autograph. I can't think of any others who would do that and he does it regularly. Ed Sheeran

322. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 10/28 **#11**
A popular tabloid which I don't really like had a meeting the other day with the PR team from this former A list mostly movie actress who has probably dropped to A- since her franchise ended. She has not been able to score a big hit other than one which she would probably want to forget. The PR team is concerned because they feel like they don't get enough positive publicity from the tabloid and the tabloid says they have a hard time coming up with stories that don't include her female lover. At that point the PR team freaked out and said that our actress is straight and that how dare the tabloid and the tabloid people responded by saying, they meant nothing by it and will make sure they take the line that our actress is straight and that men love her but before they can give her any kind of sexiest woman alive thing, that they are going to need to see her with a boyfriend or have some type of male/female romance. They have no problems with our actress being gay, but if her people want her to be straight, then they need to come up with a boyfriend quickly or there will be very few story lines or articles that can be written. The PR team said they would come up with one and they even worked on a timeline for stories about the new couple.
Magazine: People
Actress: Kristen Stewart
Franchise: "Twilight"
Other movie: "Snow White and the Huntsman" (had affair with married director Rupert Sanders)

323. BLIND GOSSIP 10/28
People rise and fall in the entertainment industry all the time. When you are rising, everyone wants to be your friend. When you are falling… half a dozen people are ready to step over your body and take your place! This former reality star has been planning a comeback. And now that there is a hole in the lineup of a network that banks on reality, she is ready to jump in. She looks good, she is already in meetings pitching multiple show concepts, she is flexible on the dollars, and she knows exactly how the whole system works. This opportunist is ready to go, but producers have to be sure of one important thing: Does the audience still care about her? If they do, her show will be rushed into production within the next couple of months.
Falling Reality Star: Mama June "Here Comes Honey Boo Boo"
Opportunist: Kate Gosselin

324. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 10/29 **#1**
Until he was asked to take a seat by an usher, this B list mostly movie actor who is an Academy Award winner/nominee and failed rapper was sitting on the floor of a movie theatre in front of the front row and seemed to be softly chanting. Joaquin Phoenix

325. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 10/29 **#2**
This very good looking still technically married B list mostly television actor from a hit network show was hit on by this in the tabloid news lately B list singer. He said sorry, but that he doesn't date women of his race. She then went off on him but he didn't seem to care. Taye Diggs

326. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 10/29 **#3**
The actor with the long career who seems like he is in the blinds every week is married. I'm not sure why. He seemingly has sex with different women every night, including three nights ago and I'm shocked he is able to make it to his network show for work every day. He has been on a roll for however long that first show he was on at the beginning has aired. Chris Noth

327. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 10/29 **#4**
This C list celebrity who is only that high because of her A list actor husband who is back in movies for now fires her nannies every month. She doesn't want her husband to get attached or be able to develop a relationship with one and thinks they are interchangeable when it comes to kids. So far she thinks it has worked. Hilaria Baldwin/Alec Baldwin

328. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 10/29 **#5**
This A list mostly movie actor who finally has a modest hit didn't file a restraining order against a recent stalker because the pair ended up having sex and also have been seeing each other since. Keanu Reeves "John Wick"

329. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 10/29 **#6**
This A+ list mostly movie actress requires two free bags and $50K for one day of her carrying the bag. Our actress literally makes almost as much money carrying bags as she does acting. Reese Witherspoon
(many purses)

330. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 10/29 **#7**
According to the boyfriend, his former B list reality girlfriend from a very hit MTV show back in the day and a couple of other things that did not work out so well for her called a break so if he wanted to make out and grope with some Playmates then she should not get ticked off. Audrina Patridge ("The Hills")/Corey Bohan

331. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 10/29 **#8**
This foreign born A list mostly movie actress who always seems to play the same role and has looked the same in every role from blockbuster to indie loves being married because her husband gives her space to be with other women and her last serious boyfriend didn't. Keira Knightley (husband: James Righton) (last boyfriend: Rupert Friend)

332. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 10/29 **#9**
This married A list mostly movie actor (as long as he stays in his genre/niche) left the wife home while he hooked up with this this porn star turned actress.

333. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 10/29 **#10**
Her sobriety didn't last long. This former A list celebrity/reality star/singer turned C+ list celebrity recently got married and was sober at the time of her wedding but is back to her pill popping ways and her dealer says it is worse than it ever was before because she doesn't want to get caught with coke so is doubling up on the pills. Ashlee Simpson

334. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 10/29 **#11**
If you think Brian Austin Green controls Megan Fox's life to the point of micro management, it is nothing compared to this A list singer married to a former A list singer. She had the chance to be a judge on The Voice during its first season but he made her turn it down because he didn't want her away from him that much because he would not be able to keep an eye on her. Now, this is all strange because he is the one who cheats and would love to continue his fling with the A+ list singer. It was a one time thing but he thinks it can be a forever thing. She calls it a mistake but that doesn't stop him from calling and texting her all the time. Anyway, back to the controlling. Hair? She once cut it and he went into a rage and made her get extensions the next day. Since that day, he has to be told of all hair appointments or any magazine shoots that will require any hair cutting. He is at all magazine shoots which mostly take place at their home or on the road with him. She is not usually allowed to travel alone. If she steps out of line there have definitely been slaps and shoves, but no punching. Bruises and scratches and pulled hair, but nothing that leaves a mark where people would ask questions. He has drinking issues and steroid issues and is just incredibly insecure. As for her part, she just puts up with it because she doesn't want to deal with what would happen if she leaves. So, she just copes. Pills help.
A list husband singer: Tim McGraw
A list singer wife: Faith Hill
A+ list singer: Taylor Swift

335. BLIND GOSSIP 10/29 **#1**
Have you ever seen one of those Photoshopped creatures that is a composite of several animals? The Greek call this a "chimera." There is a talented entertainer who is best known as a TV actor. He has always claimed that he is straight. He even dated several famous women, although he eventually married a non-famous woman. However, there are several facts that stand in the way of his claim to straightness. Our actor has a long history of hooking up with men. At least two of the famous women he dated have served/are serving as beards for other celebrities. And, although he is now "happily married"… he just hooked up with another guy in the past week! To add further mystery to the mix, his wife’s birth gender has been the subject of some crazy rumors. So…he is gay, straight, or bi-sexual man married to a woman or a man or a woman who used to be man? We honestly don’t know. He’s the human chimera!
Actor: Matthew Morrison
Wife: Renee Puente
Famous Ex-Girlfriend/s: Kristen Bell; Chrishell Stause; Lea Michele; Kelly Brook (beard); Olivia Munn (beard)

336. BLIND GOSSIP 10/29 **#2**
This acting celebrity is known to be a strong supporter of the Democratic Party and has consistently put their money where their mouth is over the years. When Barack Obama was running in 2008, they were among his most vocal supporters. You may have noticed that they have quieted down significantly. Their financial contributions have slowed to a trickle, too. That’s because while they are still a Democrat, they are privately telling close family and friends that "Obama fucking betrayed me" (No, we don’t know what that’s all about); that they "can’t wait until he leaves office and takes his entire fucking pack of liars with him"; and that "Obama is the worst fucking President EVER." George Clooney

337. BLIND GOSSIP 10/29 **#3**
This celebrity is not a top box-office draw, but you definitely know who he is. He is ready to come out of the closet. We think that he will be fine, and his career will be fine, too. Know who won’t be so fine? The female celebrities who used to date him! There were quite a few of them, and they are spread out across all areas of the entertainment industry. They all knew that he was gay, but they are panicking a bit. They are concerned that if HE comes out, people will automatically label THEM as gay or bisexual or liars who are willing participants in fake or beardy relationships. Then those same accusations will also be made about THEIR current male companions. Lots of calls flying back and forth between publicists. One is even suggesting that he come out as bi-sexual instead (which he’s not) so that their client will look innocent. BONUS CLUE: He is currently on a TV series.
Performer: Shemar Moore "Criminal Minds"
His Ex-"Girlfriends": Sanaa Lathan (dating Tyrese); Toni Braxton; Halle Berry; Claudia Jordan (model on the U.S. version of "Deal or No Deal" and competed on seasons 2 and 6 of "Celebrity Apprentice" and new member of "Real Housewives of Atlanta"); Ashley Scott (American actress and model); Kimberly Elise (American film and television actress.); Victoria Rowell ("The Young and the Restless", and "Diagnosis: Murder"); Gabrielle Richens (British model and TV presenter); Lauriane Gilliéron (Miss Switzerland 2005 and actress)

338. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 10/30 **#1**
This foreign born married former A+ list mostly movie actor turned A lister who is still a good looking huge diva was away from his wife a couple of weeks ago and hooked up with this foreign born B+ list mostly movie actress who everyone loves while they were in town for the same event.
Ryan Reynolds/Rachel McAdams  (received stars on Canada's Walk of Fame)

339. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 10/30 **#2**
The reason this married B+ list rapper and part-time reality star/actor is so close to this maybe one record wonder female singer and acts as her spokesperson sometimes, is they have had a long sexual history together and even though she has a celebrity boyfriend the two still find time to hookup every month or so. T.I.(Tip)/Iggy Azalea (Nick Young) (I guess the hookups stopped and now he stopped working with her)

340. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 10/30 **#3**
This married former B list mostly movie actress turned B list television actress on a middling hit network show has been hiding her drug problem from her actor husband because it would crush him to know she is using. Hey, at least she isn't using in front of the kid(s). Anna Faris ("Mom")/Chris Pratt

341. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 10/30 **#4**
This former Bachelorette was dumped by her boyfriend when she wouldn't stop doing everything she could to stay famous. He says there is no show she would not be willing to do to get back to the level of fame she once had. Ali Fedotowsky

342. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 10/30 **#5**
When this recent Academy Award winner struck out with a Victoria's Secret model he turned his attention to her publicist who was standing right next to her and when he struck out with her he started making moves on a waitress and got her phone number while the other two women were still standing there. Jared Leto/Alessandra Ambrosio

343. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 10/30 **#6**
This former A list celebrity/actress turned B list take what she can get actress with A list name recognition, told people the other night that she and her husband are taking a break. She has always been willing to put up with his cheating, but he doesn't get her roles any longer and she has started seeing a studio executive who has been crushing on her for years. Kate Beckinsale/Len Wiseman

344. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 10/30 **#7**
This A list mostly movie actress who is an Academy Award winner/nominee and holds another place in Academy history is having big problems with her husband. Apparently they have decided they don't like each other. Also, he thought she wanted kids and she doesn't. Plus, there is still that whole he likes men as much, if not more than women. Anne Hathaway/Adam Shulman (hosting with Franco which was a huge fail)

345. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 10/30 **#8**
This B list celebrity who was a reality star/host/game show host and so much more was going to get naked in a new Vegas show that was going to make her a few million bucks for a year. Her husband paid her the same amount to not get naked and to not be in the show. He knows that would be the end of them plus he is a jealous guy. Really jealous.
Jenny McCarthy (Donnie Wahlberg) "Singled Out", "Party @ the Palms", "Love in the Wild"; "The Jenny McCarthy Show"; "The View"

346. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 10/30 **#9**
This former A list singer who is still relatively young dropped really fast and has never risen above B again despite her one word name recognition. Apparently she overdosed two weeks ago after becoming despondent about her career and ex hooking up with someone younger and with a brighter career. Ashanti/Nelly/Shantel Jackson

347. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 10/30 **#10**
Apparently the reason the millionaires and billionaires keep reaching out to this A list model is that she can get very rough and knows how to use a paddle. Miranda Kerr

348. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 10/30 **#11**
KINDNESS: While working on a movie with kids, this A list mostly movie actor who only gets to be A list when in his franchise or an action movie, met with some families of special needs children. The families had been visiting the set and consisted of families mainly with children who have Down's Syndrome. Our actor was so touched by the families he met that he visited one of the centers that was training teens to become productive adults and that had job training and how to live on your own and just preparing them to be adults with Down's Syndrome. Over the past decade our actor has funneled millions of dollars towards the center through his own donations and those of cast members. He makes sure all of the families and attendees visit his sets and go to the premieres. He has basically been a one man provider of funding for two centers who would not be open with the kind of services they offer if not for our actor. At one point during the peak of the recession he was what was keeping them open. Vin Diesel

349. BLIND GOSSIP 10/30
This reality star is not naturally thin. She has a very serious eating disorder. While reality fans and body critics debate whether or not she looks healthy, there is a private battle going on behind the scenes. The reality star‘s ex is talking about taking full custody of their child/ren. He believes that their child/ren is in grave danger due to the mother’s continued eating disorder, and does not want the child/ren witnessing or imitating the mother obsessing over food, binging, purging, starving herself, vomiting, or popping laxatives like candy.
Bethennty Frankel/Jason Hoppy

350. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 10/31 **#1**
This former B+ list mostly movie actress who is a C list talent with A+ list name recognition and partying skills was forced to recently deny a relationship after she was threatened with a lawsuit for leaking that she was involved in a relationship with an actor. Lindsay Lohan/Tom Cruise

351. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 10/31 **#2**
That didn't last long. Just a week ago this A list mostly television actor who will drop from that lofty perch once his hit cable show finally ends was desperate to hang on to his girlfriend. That is until he hooked up with a yoga instructor who is a sophomore at a NYC university. Jon Hamm "Mad Men"/Jennifer Westfeldt

352. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 10/31 **#3**
For a brief flicker in time this father was an A list celebrity. Now with one or two annual exceptions he remains in the shadows. He wants a bit more fame so will be on a long running cable reality show but it will all be a lie because he is gay and he will be playing straight. Larry Birkhead (Anna Nicole Simpson’s baby daddy) "The Millionaire Matchmaker"

353. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 10/31 **#4**
This pint sized B list mostly movie actor with a nice television interlude for a brief bit had an hour to spare before a press interview and asked his PR person assigned just for the day where he could find a quick rub and tug from a guy. Elijah Wood ("Lord of the Rings" and "Wilfred") "Set Fire To The Stars" premiere

354. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 10/31 **#5**
This B+ list mostly television actress from a fairly hit network show that has been around a bit now had a very high profile date and has not seen him since and probably won't until another big red carpet. Kat Dennings ("2 Broke Girls")/Josh Groban

355. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 10/31 **#6**
This B list celebrity offspring of permanent A list celebrities was forced to have an abortion by her now ex-boyfriend. Our celebrity finally broke free of the guy after her mom stepped in after a beating sent the offspring to her parent's home for the night. Kelly Osbourne (Sharon and Ozzy Osbourne)/Matthew Mosshart

356. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 10/31 **#7**
For years this foreign born forever A list model has said she doesn't do coke. Well, when her daughter brought some out at a party recently she said it was from her mom’s stash. Iman’s daughter Zulekha Haywood

357. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 10/31 **#8**
This A list celebrity couple who are still married despite the other people in their lives still have sex once a week because they feel it makes them more civil to each other. Gwyneth Paltrow/Chris Martin

358. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 10/31 **#9**
This married former A list movie and television actress who had a much briefer run as an A list movie actress was cruising for men with her former long time co-star this week. Our married actress has been enjoying some of her renewed fame and has been hooking up with guys right and left. Katherine Heigl (was filming "State of Affairs" in NYC)/T.R. Knight (in a play in NYC) "Grey’s Anatony"

359. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 10/31 **#10**
This youngish Modern Family actress yelled at a valet guy the other night because he didn't bring her car first. There were three other people in the line but she told him "I'm a celebrity and its important I leave right now." When he ignored her she screamed at him. Sarah Hyland

360. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 10/31 **#11**
KINDNESS: Our actor is A list when it comes to looks. For over three decades on television he has had A list looks. As far as work goes, he probably is B list just because of his looks and past gigs. Mostly television. Not Emmy Award stuff, but long term crowd pleasers. He is the only actor who makes commercials look like something you would want to do. He goes out to dinner almost every night. Usually one of three places. All of them are located within a mile of each other, although one of them did just shut down and is moving to a new location so I don’t know if he will abandon it or not. Every night that he has gone out for the past year he has always bought dinner for a couple. The places he dines are anniversary or birthday type places and our actor always asks who is celebrating what and always buys dinner and a bottle of wine or champagne and if the couple wants it, he will even stop by and say hi. He especially loves doing it for tourists in town celebrating. He gets a kick out of it and likes making people happy and it just goes with who he is. Is he affecting the world? No, but he is making people feel good almost every night. John Stamos
(goes to the Palm, which has relocated to Beverly Hills and reopens this week)

361. BLIND GOSSIP 10/31 **#1**
This singer is pregnant. And although she hasn’t even announced it yet, we already have two EXCLUSIVE pieces of info about her pregnancy for you! First: The identity of the father. It may not be who you think it is! You think it’s her ex, don’t you? The one with whom she had all the drama? Well, here’s the shocker: She honestly doesn’t KNOW who the father is! Yikes! She does have it narrowed it down to two people, though. It’s either her ex… or her record producer! Yes, she was hooking up with him at the same time she was with her ex. What a mess! Although it is the kind of drama that would play well on a reality show. And here’s the second little fact that you will be the first to know: She is pregnant with twins! Which is actually kind of ironic… Miley Cyrus (played 2 roles in "Hannah Montana")/Liam Hemsworth

362. BLIND GOSSIP 10/31 **#2**
This multi-hyphenate guy loves the the overt sexiness and spontaneity of his celebrity wife. That’s why he married her. However, his family doesn’t have quite the affection for her. They see her as "slutty" and "disgusting." There was a tipping point for the family. Much of the family, including lots of kids, were gathered together for a family event. Wifey was acting inappropriately. When one member of his family asked her if it would be possible for her to "dial down" the sex talk around the kids… her response was to get even more vulgar! That did it. Some family members walked out and now have very little contact with the couple. Others work with him but avoid her. The husband has always been a big family guy, and it’s killing him that his family hates his wife. However, he feels like he is stuck in the middle. "What am I supposed to do?" he constantly asks. We would not be at all shocked if this marriage ended within a year. Donnie Wahlberg/Jenny McCarthy

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