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He is a very talented multi-hyphenate. She is an actress. Together, they are one very good-looking (and very rich) couple. However, they haven’t been seen together much lately. Is their marriage in trouble? No. In fact, they will be announcing in the next couple of weeks… that she is pregnant with their first child! She is already showing, which explains why she has been avoiding the cameras lately. Congratulations to the happy couple!
Multi-hyphenate: Justin Timberlake
Actress Mom: Jessica Biel

This B- list mostly television actress who has been on two hit shows in completely different genres is also a world class stalker. As in she not only has followed her ex but also installed tracking devices on his car and at one point was following him 24/7 and slept outside his home waiting for him to emerge everyday. I'm pretty sure this is why he is an ex. Olivia Munn ("Attack of the Show", "Newsroom"); Teri Hatcher ("Lois & Clark: The New Adventures of Superman", "Desperate Housewives")

This Teen Mom saw how much money Farrah Abraham made so shot her own porn video Monday. The actor who shot with her says she was wasted but they filmed anyway. The mom controls the product so it's up to her what to do with it. He says there is nothing glamorous about the shoot and that if the public is expecting something nice and sweet then this porn is not for them. Maci Bookout

This very recent Academy Award winner/nominee actress dropped off her child for a one night sleepover with someone from her class and didn't pick her up for three days. This actress needs rehab desperately but doesn't have very many friends to push her into it and her agent and manager just want her to keep working because they think that will help. Michelle Williams; Amy Adams (takes acting classes)

This barely A list mostly movie actor who has been in almost a handful of the top grossing movies of all time is on vacation. What started out as little getaway with his non movie co-star has turned into him basically dumping her for several other women at the resort and pushing his co-star to the couch. Yeah, the multi-millionaire was too cheap to get her a room of her own and won't pay for her to go back early. Orlando Bloom

This B list mostly movie actress who is B list only because of her A+ list name recognition popped into a store to pick up a pack of cigarettes. When she was recognized by some people in the store the actress left the cigarettes on the counter and fled. Apparently that scolding she got a few years ago must have left its mark. Christina Applegate (smoked after having breast cancer)

This A+ list mostly movie actress has an assistant/lover. The assistant is female. Now, the person who saw them on our A+ lister's film set together wasn't shocked when they saw the pair together. What shocked the person is that apparently when the male partner of the A+ lister came to visit, he also enjoys the affections of the assistant. For sure this will be revealed. Angelina Jolie/Brad Pitt

This former reality star who is famous for something other than reality and it definitely isn't his brain, convinced a woman to have sex with him in a club in Vegas on NYE. No bathroom. No hidden VIP room. He made her just get on top of him in front of 15-20 other people. After about three or four minutes of this he pushed her off and started talking to a guy he was with. Ryan Lochte

I really dislike when an actor or actress gives an interview and goes on a rant about how great they are and how everyone should live their lifestyle. It especially irritates me when the person in question goes for the high and mighty thing but are the biggest pill popper in town. Such is the case with this B- list actress who will take whatever work you give her. She used to be almost A list back in the day on a very hit show and talks a big game but she just copes by pill popping. Marilu Henner; Jane Seymour

This B+ list mostly movie actor who got his most amount of fame in television will probably touch A list again later this year or early next year. Anyway, after an extended stay in Europe he says he prefers American women to European women because European women on a one night stand still expect you to talk to them before and after sex. Jeremy Piven ("Entourage" movie)

11. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 01/02 **#10**
This B-/C+ list actor who recently lost his gig on a network show that has seen better days since it's peak a couple of years ago choked a woman on New Year's Eve in front of several people but she hasn't pressed charges and was from a different country so the actor might get really lucky. People were pulling him off her because she was close to passing out. They were both drunk. Mark Salling "Glee"

12. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 01/02 **#11**
Our actress is B- list. She usually stays in the B range but she has moved up to the brink of A list a few times. Most recently she moved there when she was the lead female in a huge popcorn flick. Unfortunately for her, the movie bombed so she is back on television and filming way out of the way like she did previously. Our actress has always been a good actress and she is great looking too so it should be a winning combination. Very true. Just a couple of tiny issues. She is a drug addled mess and all the drugs she has taken have made her crazy jealous. She has been married before. Shortest courtship and marriage ever because she hid her drug use as long as she could and when she got married thought it would be safe to bring it out. She also freaked out everyday when her husband would go to work because he was casting for movies and he loved sleeping with actresses. It is how he met our actress so it makes sense. She checked in with him every five minutes and after about a month he walked out the door and never went back. Somehow our actress has snagged another guy. I'm not sure how considering her drug use hasn't declined. I guess he could use drugs too. I guess he hasn't seen her jealous side either.
Actress: Rachel Nichols
Popcorn flick: "Conan the Barbarian"
Television: "Contiuum" on Syfy
First husband: "Star Trek" producer Scott Stuber
Current boyfriend: Michael Kershaw

13. BLIND GOSSIP 01/02
This reality star had no problem feeding you all the positive aspects of her courtship and marriage for ratings. When the marriage crumbled, however, she didn’t feel quite as compelled to tell you the truth. That sort of duplicity seems to be rearing its head once again in her new relationship. She wants you to believe that she is currently dating someone who is very successful and very desirable. So it’s doubtful that she will disclose her current beau’s seedy past. Like the fact that he and one of his fraternity brothers were expelled from college after being found guilty of raping a female student. Bethenny Frankel’s new boyfriend, Michael Cerussi

14. NAUGHTY BUT NICE 01/02 **#1**
Following in the footsteps of Robin Roberts, Sam Champion, Anderson Cooper and now Jenna Wolfe – yet ANOTHER high-profile TV newsperson is getting pressure to coming out of the closet and reveal they too are gay. Everyone in the business knows the truth about the person, but they have been shy about confirming the rumors in fear that it will hurt the career they have worked so hard to build. "He knows Robin well, and is waiting to see what the response will be to her news before he does anything. However, if the public does not turn away from Robin, then he too is telling friends it is time to tell the truth," a pal tells NAUGHTY BUT NICE ROB! CLUE: This is a newsman – and he is CUTE!
David Muir

15. NAUGHTY BUT NICE 01/02 **#2**
Which talk show host got caught asking celebrity guests to sign books, perfumes and other products they were promoting, before selling them ALL on EBAY! "She is very cheap and does not pretend not to be, however, saying you are cheap and getting caught selling items guests gave you are two very different things," a witness tells NAUGHTY BUT NICE ROB. So far, everyone is pretending that it didn’t happen. No-one is saying anything, but once word gets out, and it will, it will prove even harder for this person to get guests! Bethenny Frankel

16. NAUGHTY BUT NICE 01/02 **#3**
Which TV host, who is married with children, was spotted locking lips with a very young and pretty intern the New Year’s eve? Known for his conservative beliefs and strong views supporting the traditional family, this talking head has been preaching the message of ‘do as a say, not as I do,’ for years! The ambitious intern, is said to know very well that he will never leave his wife, but having a powerful man on TV as a very close friend is something that she thinks will help her career! CLUE: We are talking about a very BIG man – who loves animals! WINK! Mike Huckabee

17. JUST SAY JENN!!! 01/02
This celebrity's weight has always been the subject of a lot of gossip and headlines. She goes up, she goes down, and it's usually tied directly to what drug she is on at the time, (she goes through phases where it's all about the ecstasy or it's all about the adderall, always washed down with booze and a painkiller/Xanax chaser) most recently a dramatic weightloss that she can't wait to have in the headlines as she boasts her new, super healthy lifestyle and the wonders it's doing for her life. Well, it's not a super healthy lifestyle, I mean duh. Can't be on drugs when you're trying to be healthy, but this takes her new bizarre behavior to a whole new level. A few weeks ago, a dancer turned her on to something called 'chewing' where our celebrity can eat whatever she wants, provided she spit it into a cup before she swallows it. Now she has 'The Cup' go wherever she goes. Including nice restaurants. She's not even discreet about it. One source who was dining there at the same time as our celebrity noted the giant plastic orange cup coming out from under the table, the celebrity spitting into it, and the cup returning back under the table. Sexy. It should be noted that these weren't family dinners. She was dining with two people, but not her family. They're enjoying their alone time. LeAnn Rimes

This former B list mostly television actress spent TEN minutes texting back and forth to her A list mostly movie actor husband yesterday to make sure he approved of what she was about to order at a restaurant. She spent the entire meal texting him and kept apologizing to her friend sitting across from her. The former actress seemed panicked the entire time. She is headed for a meltdown. Blake Lively/Ryan Reynolds

This A+ list mostly movie actor was a sweaty mess on a flight two days ago. The actor couldn't stop shaking and trembling and sweating in first class and he spilled more than one straight whiskey as he tried to bring the glass to his mouth. I'm guessing withdrawals because it was a fairly long flight. Robin Williams

This celebrity chef who has never appeared in this space before, walked off the set of a shopping network when his regular hostess was not scheduled for the chef's block of time. Apparently the director scheduled the space with a male host. Our married chef was having none of that because the chef usually has some after show time with her alone in his hotel room and he refused to go on the air until she could make it to the studio. Todd English

This very attractive female co-host of a talk show was overheard telling a friend that she was tired of her boyfriend not being able to step up. She said he only spent a few thousand bucks on her Christmas gift and also cheaped out on their vacation because he couldn't afford to go to the Caribbean. Bethenny Frankel; Hoda Kotb

This very recent one hit wonder was in a NYC pawn shop yesterday trying to get money for a bag she paid $25K for. When the pawn shop said they don't loan money on bags because they could be fake, the foreign born singer begged them to at least give her a couple of thousand. They said no so she eventually gave them a piece of jewelry to get the money she needed. Carly Rae Jepson

I almost feel sorry for this former A list mostly movie actress who was in one of my favorite movies of all time. The actress, who is now a B lister and is probably safe there for a few more years was dumped by her guy for a much younger woman he met in a hotel lobby. So, yeah, a groupie. Our actress had even toned down her clinginess and cut back on her career for the guy. Kate Hudson/Matt Bellamy (Guess she took him back.)

This A list mostly movie actress who owes it all to a franchise rather than actual acting talent better be VERY careful. That woman she thinks she can trust with the big secret was in West Hollywood last night buying shots for people and using a credit card she says the actress gave her. She then started talking about their sex life together. Kristin Stewart (Alannah Rowland)

This A list mostly movie actress who used to be A+ and unfortunately by rule is not allowed to drop beneath B list, was her usual miserable self the other day. While at the airport she had a group of staffers and her own bodyguards herd people out of the way so the photographer she hired could get clear shots of her family. The process took 15 minutes because she had to check the photos after every ten or twenty shots until she was satisfied. Nicole Kidman

I love when people say they are quitting something when in reality they are fired. Such is the case with this very recent reality show announcement. No one wanted the under performing show. The explanation for the quitting makes no sense either. An investment in a proper PR person would be a great idea. You don't say you are going to quit something because you don't want to be in front of the camera any longer and then announce your new projects where you are in front of the camera. Tia and Tamera Mowry

27. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 01/03 **#10**
This B list mostly movie actor has only been married about a month. His wife has already fled to a friend's home twice because of the drinking and violence. So far he has been able to persuade her to come back each time. If this is anything like his past relationships the beatings will only get worse. Terrence Howard

28. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 01/03 **#11**
"She can be Hawaiian as long as she looks American." C+ list mostly movie actor who has been in some of the biggest comedy movies of all time describing to a spa worker how he doesn't like people of color to give him massages. Peter Dante

29. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 01/03 **#12**
This A- list mostly movie actress/Academy Award winner/nominee who would probably be a B+ if she didn't get a lucky break in her few billion dollar movies, doesn't see her kids before 10am. Even if she wakes up earlier than that, she says it upsets her routine if she sees them before that time, so has the maid or her husband watch them. Gwyneth Paltrow

30. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 01/03 **#13**
KINDNESS: This kindness is unique because it has been happening for almost a decade. The A++ list celebrity/former athlete has been active in the life of the family ever since it all began. What happened was a little girl was on vacation with her family. The little girl got run over by a car and the driver was never caught. The government where this happened just said these things happen. The girl was left a quadriplegic. After months in a foreign country the family came home and had to figure out how to pay to adapt their home to their daughter and all of the medical expenses that insurance didn't cover. The amount of money was massive and a fund was established to help the family. One of the girl's relatives sent a letter to our A+ lister asking if he could donate a shirt to be auctioned. Three days later our A+ lister was at the front door of the home with piles of gifts for the girl. Our A+ lister also wanted to see the plans for the house and asked how much it was going to cost. He wrote a check right there for a mid six figure amount. He also paid for the family to go on vacation to Disney in a special disabled kids tour. The A+ lister is still in touch with the family every few months and because of his generosity there was enough money in the fund that it exists today to help families in similar situations. David Beckham/Phoebe Lyle Trust

This Legend just celebrated a huge milestone with his love. But, with all the talk of sidejawns getting pregnant during these recent "breaks," did it and will it spoil celebrations plans? The Legend has been known to take a "break" or two himself back in the day. Michael Jordan

32. MEDIA TAKE OUT 01/03
The mother of all "on break babies"! Russian model is claiming to be having a baby from one of your fave’s husband! just got wind that a woman described as a "Russian model" just hired a lawyer in New York City. She’s claiming to be pregnant with a HUGE celebrity’s husband. Yes, that one. Everyone is waiting to see if it’s just an extortion plot or if it’s real. If this chick is telling the truth, this is going to be the BIGGEST story of 2014. One of the weeklies is already working on the story, we hear. Expect news to break any second now…
Russian Model: Anna Troyanska
Celebrity: Beyoncé Knowles
Celebrity’s Husband: Jay-Z

Because this Hollywood harlot ran some serious mileage up on her NaNa, she’s said to have turned to plastic surgery to re-tighten that coochie. Just ask AJ Johnson. But even surgery can’t squash the reported odor she’s got goin’ on down south.. Ask Serena Williams. Sources say that’s because our blind item’s been bustin’ it wide open for pro-athletes for years! She was once catching her ex-hubby’s football — but when she discovered the NFL basically irons out to ‘Not For Long’ careers, not only was she shopping her punany with the NBA [just ask Jason Kidd and Darren Sharper] she divorced her dude! That’s when she’s said to have taken her ho’in hustle overseas to hook up with wealthy tycoons.. Ask Essence Atkins. In addition to diggin’ for gold, this heaux has a thang for married men. She’s even roasted one acting-Chesnut over an open fire! Threesome smash sessions and swinger parties are plays she used to lure her current NBA baller away from his wife and kids. Since then, she hasn’t only discovered her NBA All Star’s reported fetish for Latino tranny’s, dude’s brought a new baby momma into the picture! Just ask Aja Metoyer. We’re told the reason why he proposed marriage to our mystery lady is because his team demands their players keep a family image. Now, can you guess who I’m talking about? Gabrielle Union

"I can't really do anything with you right now but if you want to find another girl I'll watch both of you or you could use this beer bottle on yourself or something." (For now) A list singer/celebrity talking to a woman he met in a hotel bar this week while his wife was asleep upstairs. The woman declined. He then moved on to another woman. Robin Thicke

This former A list closeted boy bander who would still be A list if the band was together spent some of his holiday out of the country where he indulged in his love for teenage Thai boys. JC Chasez "NSync"

This former A+ list model who is still A list and a reality star learned that she is no longer wanted by really rich men. No guys gave her the time of day despite three days of trying. She just brings too much drama. I think she would rather be with teenage girls she "mentors" anyway. Naomi Campbell; Tyra Banks

This A list Academy Award winner/nominee actress says she won't do any press with this younger A list mostly movie actress for their new movie because the older actress says the younger one got all the attention on set and everyone was fawning all over her and the younger one treated the older actress like crap and would constantly mention their age difference. Charlize Theron/Amanda Seyfried "Million Ways to Die in the West"

This former almost A list celebrity/singer who creates controversy every time she opens her mouth went on a rampage at a record executive's home and claimed he was having sex with another performer on the label. She used a different word than sex and did it loudly and frequently right in front of the wife and kids of the executive. Could he have been? Maybe. It wouldn't shock me. Apparently the singer on the rampage though also took it as a personal affront he had not had sex with her. Our rampager was booted from the label and the damage she caused added to what she already owes the company. Ke$ha/Dr. Luke

This foreign born Academy Award winner/nominee actress is apparently willing to stay with her guy through anything. He was caught again this week with another woman who looked to be in her late teens. He has a thing for blondes lately. At some point I think the couple needs to address all of this. Then again, they have never really cared what people think. Helena Bonham Carter/Tim Burton

KINDNESS: This A list mostly movie actor who used to be A+ when his comedies would open like crazy spends an hour each day picking up trash either from the side of the road or the beach. That doesn't seem like a lot but think about 9 people spending a full work week picking up trash and that is what it equals. Good for him. Adam Sandler

This A list everything except for actor cares so little about his significant other that he is actually having sex with women in a bedroom that is next to the bedroom he makes her sleep in. Simon Cowell/Lauren Silverman

This A list mostly television actress from a hit network show was crying a couple of nights ago and it was directed at her significant other. Apparently the actress had dropped $10K on a gift she bought just for the guy and he was complaining about it the whole time saying he wished that she would have got him a watch or even the motorcycle he wants. Maybe he should get a job. Kaley Cuoco

It was not just the drugs which our former A list mostly movie actress says she doesn't touch, but it was also all the women and strippers that always seemed to follow the boyfriend of the actress because of the drugs. She couldn't take it any longer and dumped the guy. She has an image and the boyfriend had already made her do some things of which she isn't proud. Her childhood fan base would freak if they knew what she has done. It's like the time she ran away with the guy old enough to be her dad for a weekend while she was just 17. Emma Watson

This former almost A list mostly movie actress should probably be a C+ lister at this point but that name of hers is going to keep her hovering at the A list for at least a couple of more years. She has A+ name recognition. She is also turning into a not very nice person. That sweet image she tried so hard to craft goes away when you are around her. She left her child home while she went out to eat with a couple of friends. When anyone approached the actress for a photo or to say hello, her bodyguard would leap into action and keep them away. Apparently she doesn't want to meet any fans and won't ever pose for a photo. She won't sign anything and will ignore any attempts at conversation. I think she needs to think about where she is going to be in a few years and how desperate she will be for fans. Katie Holmes

Yes, that was a B list celebrity with a style all her own and a unique look that keeps her very high on the list accepting a very large envelope stuffed with cash as she hugged and kissed the man who handed it to her before they sat down for drinks and dinner and she fawned all over him like he had just paid for her services. Considering she traveled half way across the country just to meet the guy, I think that is fair to say. I wonder what she told her very very very jealous boyfriend/lap dog. Dita Von Teese and Benji Madden

This B list mostly movie actor is supposedly sober. I say supposedly because his PR people are trying to make sure the world thinks he is, but he has slipped a few times in the past month. The guy is trying, but he is not being honest with himself or his fans if he pretends he has been sober as long as he claims. Zac Efron

This C- list mostly television actress who has been in the news lately is looking to make some money. Not only is she going to sell her story of her life in Hollywood but is also going to talk about the married producers and actors who cast her so they can sleep with her. She says that she has had eight to ten television parts over the past few years and in each one she had to sleep with a producer or the male star to get the role.

This now most well known brother of a singing family hides three of his cars at a neighbor's house so they cannot be repossessed or seized in some of the judgments that have been filed against him. Apparently he trusts his neighbors a lot because one of them has a great deal of cash they hold for the singer. Jermaine Jackson

This B list actress is now mostly television. Hit show. Cable. Very hit show actually. On a flight from LA this weekend she was a mess. Before boarding the plane she was downing drinks as fast as the bartender could pour them in the airline lounge and then on board the plane kept drinking until she started crying and shaking and the actress cried for about three of the four hours of the flight. Her boyfriend tried to console her but she would be holding him one second then pushing him away and drinking the next second. She needs help. Emma Roberts/Evan Peters

This A+ list mostly movie actress was out to dinner with her husband. They were having their usual glum meal which was surprising given the location. After about 20 minutes the pair were joined by a man and the husband of our A+ lister jumped up and hugged and kissed the man and then changed position so he could sit next to the man while his wife stared off at the crowd. Apparently she doesn't do the cell phone thing. For the next two hours the wife picked at her food and drink while the two men couldn't stop touching each other and hugging and were basically all over each other. Anne Hathaway

This A list mostly movie actress not named Sandra Bullock is causing a lot of drama at an adoption agency. Apparently she was supposed to be in the final stages of adopting a child and only had to sign some forms but is having second thoughts. Maybe the new guy doesn't like kids. Charlize Theron/Sean Penn

52. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 01/06 **#10**
This still barely hanging onto A list Academy Award winner/nominee actress had her breasts enlarged from a small B to almost a D while she was out of the country. Apparently this has caused all types of issues for wardrobe for her new movie. Nicole Kidman

53. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 01/06 **#11**
This former A list reality star/mom not named Kris Jenner says she is getting her daughter extensive plastic surgery before she also has her daughter start modeling. Katie Price/Princess Tiaamii
(born 2007)

54. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 01/06 **#12**
I will try and make this as PG as possible but this Academy Award winning actor was being his usual racist self this past week when he said he didn't want some N word to be associated with our actor. Nothing the actor can really do about it but it just brings up a whole bunch of issues and the way he treated any black people he worked with. He tried his best to keep all black people out of his movies and because he was such a big star he mostly got his way. If a black person did get to work on a movie with our actor they usually left pretty quickly because our actor is not and was not shy about using racist terms and making sure to make the worker or actor's life as miserable as possible until they left. Surprisingly his prohibition didn't extend to black women because he said in the dark he couldn't tell a white woman apart from a black woman. If you were expecting that he has or had any respect for women you would be wrong considering how frequently he would rape women if they didn't have sex with him voluntarily when he would take them on dates. Our actor wouldn't speak to his son for years when the son started working with a black person and with very rare exception he hasn't since that time. The no respect for women thing got passed down too. Jeremy Irons

55. BLIND GOSSIP 01/06
Fans of this guy with the messy hair style are forever debating his romantic exploits. Well, we have several updates that should clarify things for you! First of all, he is no longer dating that guy who is involved with the music industry (but who is not a singer). They are still friends and still hang out together, but Messy Guy has moved on to another guy whose job has a similar description. Secondly, he and his Ex are getting along much better lately. No, they are not back together. Yet. Third, as of today, that short-term PR relationship he is in with a young female celebrity is still scheduled to end before Valentine’s Day. If there are any more extensions, we’ll let you know.
Messy Guy: Harry Styles
Music Industry Guy 1: Nick Grimshaw
Music Industry Guy 2: Ben Winston
Ex: Louis Tomlinson
PR Girlfriend: Kendall Jenner

56. JUST SAY JENN!!! 01/06
This C-list rock front-man with A-list name recognition, is known as a nice guy, but really resents that his virtually unknown bandmates are getting truly awesome gigs writing music for hit movies and shows. He's had one or two of these opportunities that were pretty much universally panned, but his bandmates keep getting critically acclaimed gig after gig. He's jealous that he's always been just the 'singer' with some vanity songwriting credits, and the musicianship of the bandmates is what made them such a huge success. It's why he's never had a decent solo career. Instead of improving that aspect of himself and learning more about music and songwriting, he's decided to be a bit of a little girl and spread some ugly drug rumors about his bandmate that has a gig writing the music for this hit non-network series. When he tells these stories, they always end with him handing the producer a demo of what HE would do with the music for the series.

You cannot blame anyone for wanting to expand their empire – like the Kardashian’s did. However, when you are on TV giving legal advice, you should be extra careful with the company you keep. One big-time TV talking head has jumped into bed, business-wise, with someone known within the industry as very shady. "They either have no idea who this business partner really is, or they have lost their mind," one insider tells NAUGHTY BUT NICE ROB. "You would think that someone in this position would be very careful with whom they team up with. They have worked so hard to build a reputation and career, it would be terrible for all that to be destroyed because of one bad choice."
Dan Abrams/Zachary Hildreth "Medialite"

This December-born dude’s birthday antics may have been a little too much … even for the leading Hollywood guests who attended his party. Know why? We’re told our blind item may have shared a little too much of his birthday celebrations’ ‘Living Color’ — bragging, "I just had the midget jerk me off." That could be why, just one week later, the 46-year-old Academy Award-winner’s Christmas bash went bust. "No A-listers showed up." He shares the same birthday with Morris Day. Now, can you guess who I’m talking about? Jamie Foxx

This A list singer/celebrity who has been in this space multiple times before is telling friends she is getting married. To a woman. She might be telling friends that and she might really want that but she is going to get her heart broken because the woman in question doesn't want to come out. Our singer says she will make it happen. Rihanna/Cara Delevingne

This A list mostly television actress from a hit network show was basically drunk for the 48 hours leading to her wedding and she was told by more than one person to not go through with it and our actress was making a huge mistake. Apparently the husband is trying to isolate her from her friends and wants her close to protect his interests. Probably to pad his wallet too. He has been pushing hard for a bay to lock everything in. Kaley Cuoco

This former A+ list mostly movie actor who will probably be A list until he dies despite not much acting talent, cut a meeting short he was taking while on vacation because two Russian women in their early 20's were waiting for the grandfather aged actor. He said he never passed up a chance for young women with accents and that's why he told his wife he would be all day. Sylvester Stallone

This former A list mostly movie actress who doesn't work enough to maintain that level is B list and probably will be for a long time because of her name. Offspring of a celebrity and proud of it. What she isn't proud of is she says she has gained 40 pounds in the past year and is considering having surgery for a lap band because she doesn't have the willpower to lose the weight on her own. She says she was never more grateful for a cold winter in her life. Carrie Fisher

This former almost A list mostly movie actress who is now a reality star who can't get acting work, made far more money meeting a businessman for three hours then she did for the event for which she flew around the world. Reportedly the man spent upwards of $100K to spend three hours with the former actress. Lindsay Lohan (and thus concludes the Lindsay portion of the day)

This A list reality star who has A list amounts of money, took his wife off restriction. He let her out of the house. That doesn't happen very often because he says she embarrasses him with her behavior. Yeah, well you would do a ton of drugs and booze if you were married to the guy too. Hugh Hefner; Donald Trump

This A list mostly movie actress/Academy Award winner/nominee was at dinner the other night with her boyfriend. Despite the very very cold temperatures our actress was wearing a very short dress. As they walked to the coat check her boyfriend raised the dress exposing a completely bare butt which he stroked for all the people in the waiting area to see. Must have lasted two or three minutes and our actress didn't say or do anything. She has always been a little kinky.

This personal pap to this A list reality family makes a ton of money but it comes at a cost. He has to sleep with the person in charge and she collects frequently. I really hope the money is good or he can close his eyes and go to his happy place. Kris Jenner

This A+ list celebrity/singer in every country but the US has spent the past year going from guy to guy. Some like her for her but most want her money. Apparently she caught one of her recent guys making out with another woman at a party and he said to her that she doesn't pay him enough to be exclusive. Kylie Minogue

68. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 01/07 **#10**
This B-/C+ list celebrity/former reality star from a hit reality show is trying to sell a reality show which centers around her health scare. When asked what friends she could bring to make it more interesting the celebrity said all her friends actually work for her. Camille Grammer (cancer)

69. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 01/07 **#11**
This B list actor from a former franchise who gets by on looks alone was hitting on a waiter pretty hard at an event a couple of nights ago. He then looked at the waiter's fingernails and told the waiter he would have to cut the nails because he doesn't like guys to dig their nails into his shoulders when they are having sex. So, does this mean our actor prefers to be on the receiving side of things? When he finally comes out, we should ask him. Or all the women he has been "dating" the past few weeks. Such a set up job. Kellan Lutz

70. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 01/07 **#12**
I have to admit that I have never watched the show this actress is on. I try to watch at least one episode of every show but for some reason have missed it despite the fact it has been on for a few years and has a past blind item regular who has turned his life around. Kind of. This actress is probably C+ list. I guess if you watch the show then she is probably a B-. She has been on hit shows. Long running ones but she just never seems to get real star traction. She does have two great roles which make me love her forever. Anyway, I got off track. She is in a rebound relationship. She thinks the guy is great because he is younger than her and sexy and she thinks he walks on water. In fact though he is using her name and her status to move products from foreign countries back to the US. He convinces her to go with him to foreign countries and then he makes some purchases and within those purchases are usually items that are very valuable and very illegal to import without proper licenses and definitely not supposed to be exported. He specializes in works of art from hundreds of years ago and he puts them in suitcases they carry together and passes them off as items he picked up in a gift shop but they are really worth a ton. The actress girlfriend has no idea. He has been jailed before a couple of times for crimes, but not smuggling.
Actress: Erika Christensen
Current Show: "Parenthood"
Great Roles: Caroline Wakefield "Traffic"; Madison Bell "Swimfan"

71. JUST SAY JENN!!! 01/07
This C-list, occasionally sober, mostly movie actress was recently literally scraped up off the floor of a club by this A-list all movie actor, because he was scared of her getting trampled by people dancing. This is only news, because this A-lister isn't really known for liking the nightclub life. He goes to meet up with random guys his assistant scouts out for him online. He tried to help the actress, even though she was going back and forth between being combative and belligerent, and coming on to the actor. He put her in a cab alone, paid her huge bar tab, and sent her on her way. The next day, she told everyone they slept together and he was going to get her a role in his latest project, which is hilarious because everyone knows he wouldn't touch a girl with a ten foot pole...especially her.

Lindsay Lohan. We can't reveal the A-lister because he sues everyone and that right there is your big giant hint.
A-lister: John Travolta

Distraction works well when you had a lip injection gone wrong and are trying everything you can to get the swelling down to normal. This A list reality star hasn't been seen in a few days because she had a horrible allergic reaction to some lip injections. What you have been seeing on the internet is not recent.

This B list mostly movie actress is back on the booze and cheating on her long time amazing girlfriend while the girlfriend is out of the country in Asia for a month. Lets not forget the cheatee who seems to be going out of her way to create a love triangle between two women while trying to stay in the closet. It's getting really tough to do and all those fans who want her together with a certain celebrity and didn't know she was gay are in for a shocker. Michelle Rodriguez/Cara Delevingne/Rihanna (and Michelle's ex is amazing. Deserved way better) (POSSIBLY: Francesca de Sola)

This Academy Award winner/nominee who is aging but will be good looking forever was up to his old tricks again this week. He played his favorite game of flirting with married women and then groping them and seeing which women were receptive to hi responses. He never goes to places where single women gather and prefers the married vibe. He gets the phone numbers of the interested ones and then invites them over. They probably think they are going to get hours of fun and pleasure and they get about 30 minutes of quick sex before they are shown the door. The guy is not shy about touching women in front of their husbands. All over. Warren Beatty

This still A list mostly movie actress was doing a live television interview. It was the morning. She was in her dressing room. This was the actual conversation to get her to go out on stage. "Ms.____, we are ready for you now." "Hang on just a second, I need to do something first." Our actress then takes a little baggie out of her purse and lays out a little line of coke on the makeup table in the dressing room and snorts it right up. Actress- "I hate coffee, but I do love Colombia." She then got up and walked out to the set. Cameron Diaz

This actor is A list, but he never feels A list. Sure, he is the male lead in most of the movies in which he stars, but he just doesn't have that charisma that someone close to him has. Anyway, our actor spent the past week on a hooker and stripper bender like you would not believe. It was more than even Charlie Sheen could probably handle because our actor has stayed off the booze and most drugs and according to one stripper who was at the actor's house for a couple if days she didn't see him sleep and he kept popping Viagra like candy every few hours. Owen Wilson (Vince Vaughn)

This barely A list mostly movie actress walked a red carpet last night. Prior to the red carpet she was stopped by fans. Our former late night actress blew past them all and kept telling the security around her to keep the fans away and they were scaring her. After the red carpet our actress broke down and cried right inside the door to the theatre. Kristen Wiig

This former A list mostly movie actor from back in the day has tried to make a comeback but he was typecast from his one huge role. No one could ever see him out of it. He tried to make it in reality but no luck. He is married with children and spent a few hours locked in the hotel room of this B list reality star from a hit network reality show. They have a history. She thinks he is going to leave his wife. What he should be concerned about is our reality star knocking on the door to his house to talk to his wife. She would do that. Ralph Macchio ("The Karate Kid") & Karina Smirnoff ("Dancing With the Stars")

Maybe this married foreign born celebrity chef (not named Gordon Ramsay) should spend more time at his restaurants and less time having sex with other women and partying. At least one of his restaurants in Beverly Hills is empty every single night. The chef doesn't care though because he was already paid for his involvement and says no one will notice if it closes. The owners will and are threatening a lawsuit because the chef has not been in the place in a year despite his contract which says he needs to show up a few times each month. I have been in the place before. To be fair it wasn't empty the night I went in to use the bathroom. There were at least two foreign businessmen asking the waiters how come no one else was in there besides them. Oh, and did the waiter know Mila Kunis and where she lived.

This actress used to be A list. Foreign born. Aging now but I still think she is gorgeous. Not married. Used to be madly in love with this A++ lister. Anyway she had a date the other night. Left her child with a babysitter. Ended up spending the night at the date's house but never bothered to call the babysitter who expected her home around 11 pm. The babysitter kept calling but our actress had turned off her phone. The actress showed up the next morning around 10 am and didn't even apologize or ask about her child. Minnie Driver/Matt Damon

81. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 01/08 **#10**
This former A list tweener who is now a "C list get anything" actress was about five minutes too late catching her husband in a very awkward encounter with a former mistress. The husband got the mistress out of the coffee shop while checking his phone every two seconds. The pale color of his face slowly returned when he realized he hadn't been busted. Hilary Duff/Mike Comrie

82. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 01/08 **#11**
This new celebrity mom did a couple shots of tequila after her baby was born just so she wouldn't be tempted to breast feed. Rachel Zoe; Kate Winslet

83. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 01/08 **#12**
This A list mostly television actor who doesn't really work right now has a lot of work friends. Lots of them. Outside of work or a red carpet though he has very few friends. He is just not a very likable guy. In his current situation he is becoming even more unlikable and his few friends say they have been cut off from him too. Three years ago our actor would go out once a week to a friend's house and they would play cards and drink and smoke cigars. This would last until the middle of the night. Two years ago it was reduced to once a month and now it is about once a quarter and the actor has to be home by midnight and is capped on the number of drinks he is allowed and can't smoke at all. His current significant other has worked hard to cut off everyone who was in his life before and substituted them with people she knows and people who can help her career. A friend of the actor says that our actor goes to the store three or four times a day and walks the dog three or four times a day just to get out of the house. He also is sneak drinking whenever he can and one of the two stores he frequents keeps a bottle of whiskey behind the counter for the actor so he can come in and have a few swallows before he has to get home. He is losing his once thick hair and looks ten years older than he did a few years ago and his friends think his significant other is going to drive the guy to an early grave. Alec Baldwin

84. BLIND GOSSIP 01/08 **#1**
Employees of a certain magazine are still buzzing about a bizarre photo shoot they did with this minor celebrity. We’ll let one of them tell the story: "Craziest fucking [photo] shoot ever! We’ve shot hundreds of pregnant women, and this one was supposed to be a pregnant celebrity mom keeping fit… except we knew that [she] WASN’T PREGNANT!!! However the whole crew we were warned not to say anything and to pretend like everything was normal! WTF?! There were lots of moms on the set and we are all usually real hands on with wardrobe and positioning etc. but on this one we were told to back the fuck off. The fake belly was so totally obvious! It was one of those prosthetic ones I’ve seen used on film sets but we had to pretend like it was REAL! [She] tried to hold it in place but that thing kept shifting around like crazy!!! One of us instinctively moved in to position it but was pulled back because [the photo subject] looked like she was going to have a panic attack. The strangest thing was that her and [her husband] stood around talking about it like it was actually real. Are they both mentally ill??? Then we had to participate in this weird baby shower party and give them gifts for their imaginary baby. Awkward!!!" No, this one is NOT about Beyonce.
"Pregnant" Celebrity: Danielle Jonas
Husband: Kevin Jonas
Magazine: "Fit Magazine"

85. BLIND GOSSIP 01/08 **#2**
This woman is a very famous but not necessarily well-loved celebrity. However, we have an interesting story about her that may change the way you think about her.She was doing a smaller film a few years ago. It was one of those indie pics with a tight budget. Well, at one point, they went over budget and the director shut down production early for the day. Our actress was confused by this and asked the director why they couldn’t keep rolling. She thought that things were going well, she was enjoying herself, and she didn’t want to stop filming. The director confided in her that they were nearly $100,000 short and there was no way he could afford to keep paying everyone on set. They were also going to be shooting a crowd scene the next day, and he was stressed out about a lack of resources to deal with all the extras. The actress was concerned, but left along with the rest of the cast and crew. That night, she made a paid appearance at a nightclub. The next day, she came back to the set and handed the director her check for the night. It was larger than the amount he told her that they needed. She also brought along suitcases packed with enough items from her sizable personal wardrobe to clothe many of the female extras in the crowd scene. The director was both shocked and pleased by her generosity. While the film did not turn out to be a box office success, this generous celebrity certainly did her part to make sure that it was completed and released!
Actress: Paris Hilton
Director: Tom Putnam
Film: "The Hottie and the Nottie"

86. BLIND GOSSIP 01/08 **#3**
There is a really interesting sapphic brawl going on right now among several female celebrities! You might hear that there are four women involved, but there are actually only three, and we’re going to give you the scoop on all the drama behind the scenes! The pretty woman in the middle of the fight is a foreign-born female model. The two who are bickering privately over who has more of a "claim" over her are an over-30 actress and a under-30 female singer. The actress is lesbian, and the singer is bisexual. The model and the singer have been lovers for at approximately two months now, and the actress is a bit newer on the scene. The actress and the singer can’t stand each other. For now they just texting each other. The text messages are pretty wild: "Back the fuck off!"; "No you step off bitch!"; She doesn’t want to be with some butch dyke!"; "I’d beat the shit out of you but you would probably enjoy it!" It would be fascinating if this argument spills over to Twitter, but we kind of doubt it will, because both the actress and the singer have big egos, and we don’t think either one wants to put themselves out there publicly and then wind up the public "loser." The fourth woman who some suspect is involved – but is not – is a very hot young singer who has been caught kissing the model in the past. It was definitely more for the cameras than anything. The young singer is not making a bid for some sort of exclusive relationship with the model and is not part of this cat fight. Too bad, because that would have been kind of fun! What does the model think? Well, she is just enjoying all the attention, and isn’t committing to anyone.
Model: Cara Delevingne
Over-30 Actress: Michelle Rodriguez
Under-30 Female Singer: Rihanna
Young Singer: Rita Ora

87. JUST SAY JENN!!! 01/08
This C-list singer has had a low profile recently which is generating buzz that her new team has finally gotten her to agree to rehab. Nope. She's going to 'therapy' a couple of hours a day to shut everyone up and make it look like she's trying to be healthy, but she's back in her place of being an obsessive wingnut fueled by stimulants and booze. Her most recent record deal fell completely through the floor, and it was really her only shot at signing anything on a major label, even if it was mostly overseas. The biggest part of the problem with the deal was that they wanted her to cut her Svengali/chief enabler loose and work with some of the writers and producers she's had success with in the past, and she flat out refused. She also refused to perform some of the new demos at a private showcase in Stockholm for record execs to hear. Her philandering husband is the reason why she didn't go. He wouldn't leave his kids, and there's a new dalliance...a single mom friend of the family that can't be trusted alone with him. There are rumors swirling that there's something more than 'playdates' going on between the two of them...especially when he chose to take the friend out riding motorcycles instead of the singer. Oh and get this! His ex-wife is totally on board with these two hooking up, and even encourages it by helping to schedule events for the kids to attend together so they can meet up. It's sending the singer into an absolute tailspin, because she doesn't even speak to her husband anymore. On their latest 'family' getaway, she only saw him twice and spent the majority of it alone with her assistant. So basically she walked away from $30 million to babysit her estranged husband, pay his ever mounting gambling debts (football is about to clean them out), and act a complete fool.
C- list singer: LeAnn Rimes
Husband: Eddie Cibrian
Husband’s Ex: Brandi Glanville

This former B list mostly movie actress who once reigned supreme over a certain kind of film and has tried her hand at television with little success was out with her new girlfriend the other night. Our long time closeted actress even to her family recently started dating someone half her age and is loving it.

This aging former A+ list mostly movie actor had to pay a substantial amount of money to a woman's pimp the other day while overseas. Apparently our steroid impaired actor had issues getting himself to attention and he blamed it on the lack of skill of the woman he hired and slapped her hard enough to bruise her. She isn't going to be able to work for a few days so some money was exchanged. Mickey Rourke

This A list celebrity/singer asked to be drugged and unconscious for the first few days of withdrawals so she wouldn't have to deal with it all. The facility refused. Coming off the drugs has apparently been really really hard. Ke$ha

This B list actress who divides her time between stage and screen and television is a good actress. Not the greatest person in the world but a good actress. She was on the phone the other day while standing in line for her car and was screaming at her agent or manager. Basically even though she is twice the age of the character she apparently thought she could still pass for a 20 year old and was ticked off her agent couldn't get her the role or at least a chance to read for it. When she got off the phone she asked a man standing close by how old he thought she was. He was trying to be nice but guessed an age two years older than our actress. "That's fucking ridiculous," was her response. Kristin Chenoweth

This former almost A list mostly movie actress who is now a washed up reality star has been boozing and drugging so hard that she can't find enough days to be sober to film her show. Now there might not be a show and she will have to return a great portion of the fee she already spent. Oh, and get out of her paid for apartment. Lindsay Lohan

The way you get hired to be the spokesperson for this company is by sleeping with the head of the company. He used to only be able to get D list reality stars but now has his pick of women. His wife doesn't care but I wonder if the new B list mostly movie actress/former A list tweener told her boyfriend what she had to do. Vanessa Hudgens "Bongo"

When this B list mostly television actress/reality star got a lot of publicity in the past few weeks a producer on one of her shows said it was the worst news ever because they don't want her back. Apparently she was the worst person to work with and was a huge diva who was truly awful at the job for which she was hired and a horrible casting decision. She didn't know anything about the subject and was a diva and was so wooden and obviously reading her lines that it took hours of overtime to get everything right. Alyssa Milano "Project All-Stars" (Jay Mohr’s fat-shaming)

When the closeted gay man doesn't have a movie to promote we see the B- list mostly movie actor with a "girlfriend" once every few months just to remind us he is virile and straight. The rest of the time it is solo photos of him working out. With a movie to be promoted though it seems like every tabloid just is jumping on the he is such a ladies man and is dating so many women. How does he find the time to date so many? It is one thing for someone to not come out. That is a personal decision but the tabloids just jump on board because they want stories and interviews with the other clients of the publicist. Kellen Lutz

This A+ list mostly movie actor caused a big fight backstage at an awards show this past week. He took the lead in accepting an award and the other people in the cast were not happy and told the actor he needed to check his ego. There was actual pushing and shoving and if they win another award it will be fun to see what happens. Bradley Cooper

97. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 01/09 **#10**
This B list celebrity who is only that high because of his wife was all over women in a club this week and took two of them back to his hotel room with two more being brought by this A list celebrity/former athlete. Swizz Beatz (Alicia Keys)/Shaquille O'Neal "International CES 2014"

98. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 01/09 **#11**
This no name girlfriend of this former A list tweener and now B list celebrity ordered some champagne via room service. The tweener looked at the bill and saw it was a $5000 bottle of champagne. He didn't say anything to the waiter but the waiter heard the celeb yelling at his girlfriend when the door closed that he wasn't made of money. Joe Jonas (Blanda Eggenschwiler)

99. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 01/09 **#12**
This B list celebrity/talk show host/reality star hasn't had sex with her husband since she gave birth many months ago. She says now they have a baby he is just going to have to get used to that. Tamar Braxton

100. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 01/09 **#13**
This former A list celebrity is world famous. If you want to talk about name recognition it is A++. It does not mean he is universally liked or admired though. In fact, he has a lot of haters. If they knew more about his personal life they would dislike him even more. How about the girlfriend who he forced to lose 25 pounds even though she was already underweight. He said it didn't look right for him to have a fat girlfriend. Apparently he doesn't see any issues with having a girlfriend who is slowly starving to death to keep him happy. He will never get married again because he says that girlfriends are hungrier and will do what you want because they always think there is a ring coming. Once they get the ring he says, "they aren't worth shit." One celebrity girlfriend was promised a ring repeatedly and gave up her career for the guy. She had a great career and he refused to let her do anything but be with him. He said it was her job and because he kept saying and promising they would get married she agreed. When he found the woman half her age he dumped her by text and told her that her things were being boxed and shipped to her home and that the locks had already been changed. The guy is a tool who traps these girlfriends into horrible conditions and knows they won't leave him because he takes away anything independent they had. Lance Armstrong
(POSSIBLY: Celebrity: Sheryl Crow)

101. JUST SAY JENN!!! 01/09
The People's Choice Awards: I never understood what the whole hullabaloo over the People's Choice Awards is all about. It's a horrible show, typically horribly hosted, and the winners already know they're winning like a month before the show. It's like a 2 hour endless meme of awful. Especially when they act all shocked and muster up the tears of shock and humility when their name is announced. I get the giggles every single time. But the PCAs are good for a little dirt, so let's talk about something interesting that happened last night. You're gonna have to use your noodle a little. This A+ list all movie actress and this almost A list mostly television actress have had a huge beef for the last couple of years or so. It all started with their last project and how much better the A+ lister was treated by production and had to be accommodated all of the time, usually at the expense of the almost A-lister. It was really a quite bitter feud that almost completely tanked the project they were working on, and they haven't spoken to each other since it wrapped. Both of these stars are very press wary, so it wasn't about to become tabloid fodder. Well, last night, both won awards and in the backstage area, the A+ lister congratulated the almost A-lister and profusely apologized for her behavior in the past. It's stunning because she doesn't apologize for anything. Ever. She explained that her issues with this B-list mostly movie actor, his C-list wife and her child (the A-lister's), were to blame for her acting like a total bitch, and it was entirely wrong. There was also the issue of the almost-A lister's B-list family member trying to weasel a gig from the A+ lister by association. The almost A-lister had NO idea that had ever happened, and was embarrassed and furious. No wonder the A+ lister was throwing her shade...she must've thought she was trying to get her whole family hitched to her wagon. Both actresses had a good laugh and cry about it and buried the hatchet. Then they spent the whole night hanging out and making fun of the B-list family member who got turned away from just about every after party.
A+ list all movie actress:
Almost A list television actress:
B- list movie actor:
C- list wife:
A- lister’s child:

This "break" girl is talking. She claiming her babbydaddy's behavior has been very disappointing and she's getting the gold-digger label unfairly. Will he clear things up to make for decent co-parenting or will he tell her to Move Get Out The Way!?

103. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 01/10 **#1**
This B list mostly movie actor with a very unique look and style is married to a B- list mostly television actress who does not work much, but is lovely. Anyway, the actor was out alone the other night. Well he went into the show alone but ended up seated next to another man. They held hands and touched during the entire show. Matthew Broderick/Sarah Jessica Parker

104. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 01/10 **#2**
This now former college quarterback is running around having sex with almost every woman he meets. He is also having sex with all of these women without condoms at least according to three of the approximately twenty he has had sex with in the past week. The twenty is just a guess considering the three women said they were one of many in their night. It was kind of like Hef's assembly line thing. Johnny "Football" Manziel

105. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 01/10 **#3**
This former A+ list mostly movie actor who is living off his millions but still has a name that gets people to turn their heads, does not go for the usual rub and tug. He goes for the full waxing of his body from neck down and then gets tugged. Apparently there is something for everyone. Remember when he dated________. That was a strange coupling. Then of course look who she married and it starts to make more sense. Keanu Reeves/Sandra Bullock/Jesse James

106. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 01/10 **#4**
This actress is B list. Actually with the number of shows she is on she could be almost A list. Anyway, our actress is still a minor. She is also dating/having sex with a guy in his 30's and is doing it with the blessing of her family. They like the guy and think he is a good influence. Of course they introduced the guy to her so that may be why they like him. I think it is creepy. Ariel Winter

107. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 01/10 **#5**
This former West Coast Real Housewife who still gets reality work, cheated on her significant other with a producer of a show that is currently airing. There was a lot of sexual tension between them (don't ask me how) and they met after the show wrapped for drinks and that led to some sex in the front seat of the car. Taylor Armstrong (Real Housewives of Beverly Hills) "Couples Therapy"

108. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 01/10 **#6**
My only guess is this B list mostly movie actress who is in this space frequently didn't want to sleep with anyone for awhile so got herself a boyfriend. She can plead boyfriend when confronted with the casting couch and go on vacation with someone she can call her boyfriend but when the guy has a boyfriend already who he left behind and is barely in the closet you can run the risk of being very embarrassed by a tabloid headline. Emma Watson/Matt Janney

109. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 01/10 **#7**
This D list celebrity who would be a nobody on no list if not married to this A list actor, has gone through multiple nannies and maids over the past few months and is apparently a tyrant who screams much more often than she talks. The agency she uses says two people quit before lunch on their first day and multiple people have not gone back after the first day. Hilaria Baldwin (Alec)

110. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 01/10 **#8**
Have you ever been scared by someone at a party? You know, the person who probably did a whole bunch of something before they got there and walk around with a dazed and glazed look that says that someone might end up dead before the night ends. Two sources wrote in almost the exact same thing about this B list actress who went from a big hit to a show that will probably be canceled at the end of the year. She walked around in a daze talking to herself at a party last night and then would suddenly stop and turn and talk to someone and then move on. Then suddenly she was gone. Hayden Panettiere

111. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 01/10 **#9**
This aging foreign born actor was almost A list at one point in the US. Still A list in his own country but even there he has been forced to take his love of young teens to another country. When he is sober he can handle his urges but when he gets drunk watch your 12 and 13 year old girls if you live in this adopted country he sometimes calls home. The parents of the daughters have complained to the police and it is the parents who get arrested for negligence or some other made up charge and are kept in jail until they agree nothing happened.
Actor: Gérard Depardieu
His own country: France
Other country: Russia

112. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 01/10 **#10**
This B- list mostly television actress who is on a cable show was out to lunch yesterday and sucked back a bottle and a half of wine with her baby in tow. The waiter asked if the actress wanted the rest of the second bottle and the actress said no because she was headed to an early happy hour. Lovely. January Jones

113. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 01/10 **#11**
This still married B list actress on a cable show has been trying to get pregnant with her co-star. He wants a baby and she wants to make him happy. Matthew Rhys/Keri Russell "The Americans"

114. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 01/10 **#12**
#1- This actress is probably B- list. She was mostly movies and finally got her big break in television. Famous family. Our actress is very germ phobic to the point where her sex life is all about condoms and gloves. Her long time boyfriend says that she likes to use gloves when touching him otherwise she feels the need to wash her hands every five seconds. She apparently loves sex, just has issues with germs. Oh, and kissing is a big no no. Emma Roberts/Evan Peters ("American Horror Story")

#2 - This B- list mostly television actress who can also sing, used to rush home with her co-star and have sex with him before her other co-star roommate would get home. Those two ended up dating.
B- list actress: Dianna Agron
Co-star: Cory Monteith
Roommate: Lea Michele
Show: "Glee"

#3 - This Bravo reality star has split with her boyfriend but refuses to acknowledge it because she thinks it will be the end of her career. Patti Stanger "Millionaire Matchmaker"

#4- This Disney Channel actress on a hit show for them is a minor with an unusual name. She also has an eating disorder and weighs herself twenty to thirty times a day. Zendaya "Shake It Up"; G. Hannelius "Dog with a Blog"

115. BLIND GOSSIP 01/10 **#1**
This breakup happened within the past couple of months. She is the bigger celebrity of the two. She was supposedly engaged… and then not engaged. What happened? Change of heart? Was she cheating? Was he cheating? It was him. He was cheating. With a guy. She is playing it off pretty lightly and telling friends, "I guess he just forgot to tell me he was gay." But, inside, she has to be pretty upset. This is not the first time this has happened. Girl needs a gaydar tuneup. Kelly Osborne/Matthew Mosshart

116. BLIND GOSSIP 01/10 **#2**
This reality star clearly has a very high opinion of herself. She actually had her publicist contact the Golden Globes, extolling her virtues and accomplishments, and begging for two tickets for this Sunday’s awards ceremony. The Golden Globes? Really? Does she actually think that she belongs in a room having dinner with Chiwetel Ejiofor, clinking glasses with Sandra Bullock, and making small talk with Judi Dench? The Golden Globes may be Oscar’s drunk cousin, but come on! Girl should consider herself lucky if she gets invited to an after party! Farrah Abraham

117. MOUTH TO EARS 01/10
Ain’t nothing like a big butt and a smile!!!But this YMCMB man definitely likes a big booty. This famous man, often spends his time in Calabasas. People sometimes confuse his main interest with a tranny. Sources can’t say how often he likes to get down, but let’s just say he loves to bend it over and bust it open for a real playa. Word is he has even dealt with the most infamous Tranny in the game right now. Who are we talking about?

The last person this rappin’ thug gets any of his motivation from would be his baby momma. Know why? We’re told dude’s not only ‘ashamed of her looks,’ he doesn’t want the public to know she’s ‘got five other kids from different men.’ Aside from the father-son beef she sparked after reportedly turning their son on him … she’s said to be relentless in keeping dude on his toes. Know how? She’s has plans to take all her tea to reality TV, keeping our blind item busy slamming each of her windows into that world shut! Long gone are the days when he loved up on the likes of his baby momma, who he recently announced "is a bitch." Know why? He’s now a Roc Nation rapper who "feels he’s got the fame and the funds to date white girls." Jeezy

119. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 01/11 **#1**
This C list celebrity who comes from a higher list celebrity family says she has a boyfriend. What she has is a guy who takes her out when he needs some respected arm candy otherwise he likes people from a lower rent district. Our celebrity who likes to pretend she has a fashion career was hitting on another man she thought was wealthy. When she found out he teaches college she practically jumped away and moved on. The thing is the guy is a billionaire but wanted to see how she reacted. Nicky Hilton

120. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 01/11 **#2**
This former A list tweener is no stranger to cheating from her own perspective. She cheated back in the day with this then almost A list mostly television actor from a very hit show who was engaged while our tweener was getting busy with him. His marriage didn't last long. Hilary Duff/Chad Michael Murray/Sophia Bush

121. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 01/11 **#3**
This former Gossip Girl was doing a photo shoot in a public place recently and refused to shoot until all the people were cleared from the building. The management refused to do it and the actress turned singer said she couldn't work under those conditions because she needed to be at one with the camera and walked out and hasn't rescheduled. Taylor Momsen

122. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 01/11 **#4**
Yes that was the boyfriend of this former A list reality star/singer/celebrity turned punch line getting Viagra from the pharmacy at Ralph's. It's good that he is trying because he didn't even used to bother because he had no luck getting up for the game so to speak which is why he never dated anyone longer than a month or two. Maybe he needs to go in another direction?

123. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 01/12 **#1**
This B list mostly television actress from a very hot show who is also a writer is in negotiations to pay off some other writers who say she stole their work after mentoring them. Apparently mentoring meant getting their ideas and then taking them for her own. Lena Dunham "Girls"

124. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 01/12 **#2**
There are two other women set to come forward to tell their stores of how this C list reality star/actor also cheated with them. Apparently he was communicating with one of them within the past few days. Well, it isn't like anything is going to happen to him. Dean McDermott (Tori Spelling’s husband)

This A list reality star is probably the worst celebrity on earth. The things she said to a minimum wage worker yesterday are not acceptable in any society but she feels the rules don't apply to her. She is a truly awful human being and it took a lot to pass Lindsay Lohan for the honor of worst celebrity on earth. This reality star knows what she said and did and someday she is going to have to answer for her actions.

126. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 01/12 **#4**
This former A+ list mostly movie actress who still has A+ list name recognition but is down to a B lister acting wise was at a party two nights ago and had her breasts in full view. She was stopped several times by people to point it out but she just let it be for a good twenty minutes. Cameron Diaz; Kate Hudson; Gwyneth Paltrow

127. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 01/12 **#5**
This model/singer/reality star/everything is foreign born. She says she makes millions from her endeavors but the way she makes money is by selling herself. She does a very good job. Despite her being older than most of her competition, our model who is always in gossip tabloids wearing bikinis made conservatively $500K since Christmas by spending time with men. She charges $50K a night. She probably feels cheated that she was married so long and couldn't charge her husband. Victoria Silvstedt

128. BLIND GOSSIP 01/13 **#1**
This very famous blonde looked absolutely beautiful at the Golden Globes last night. She was engaging in some activity, though, that we have warned her about before. No, she wasn’t drunk. And she wasn’t doing drugs. She was on a man hunt! She found one, too. A handsome black guy. She passed by him, did a double take and kept making eyes at him. Then she passed by again, leaned in and said "Hi" and introduced herself. A little while later she was back. This time she threw her arms around him and took a pic with him. Then she spent almost a full hour with him, hanging on him, whispering in his ear, stroking his arm, exchanging digits. What’s wrong with that? Nothing… except for the fact that she really wants to be in love and he is never going to fall in love with her. Why? Because he’s gay! Girl: We’ve told you about this before! Try to date straight boys! They might actually like you. Taylor Swift

129. BLIND GOSSIP 01/13 **#2**
This guy wasn’t just demanding to be the center of attention while he was on stage at the Golden Globe Awards. He was like that at the after parties as well. He brought two dates and multiple menacing bodyguards into an after party. It was like his own private entourage and Secret Service contingent. Dude, it’s an industry party! You’re not that special! You weren’t even nominated for anything! There were a hundred people in the room more important than you! If you wanted to say hello to him or wanted to take a photo with him, he would have his bodyguards block you. The exception? If he thought you were really good looking (male or female) or really famous, he would motion to the bodyguards to let you through. Then he would chat or flirt with you and take a photo. Even if you got through, it didn’t mean that your encounter was going to be a pleasant one. One notable female celeb (who was there supporting a nominated friend) did get through… but walked away muttering, "What an asshole!"
P. Diddy

130. BLIND GOSSIP 01/13 **#3**
This show and its actors have been nominated for Golden Globe Awards more than once. One of the stars of this show told this story about what happened to their co-star at last year’s Golden Globe Awards. Apparently, this handsome and quirky TV actor was so drunk by the end of last year’s show that he was stumbling all over the lobby of the Hilton. The good news: He is happy drunk! Whenever someone (celebrity or not) came up to him to take a photo, he would emphatically yell, "Of course I will take a picture with you! Of course I will! Get over here! Come here!" and then bring the person into the shot, and use one of his long arms to take the photo. He would hug and kiss them for the photo, and, after it was done and they were walking away, he would yell at them across the lobby, "Hey! Thank you for taking a picture with me!" He had everyone in the lobby giggling at his antics. He is just a genuinely nice person, and grateful for his success. He did make it to one after-party, but was so wasted that he literally had to be carried out of the party with one arm around a family member and the other around one of his co-stars. In case you were wondering, yes, he was there this year, too, much more sober, and got through the entire evening standing on his own two feet. Ty Burrell

131. BLIND GOSSIP 01/13 **#4**
This male celebrity arrived at the Golden Globes with his beautiful wife. They are a good-looking and photogenic couple and are always happy to pose on the red carpet together. During an after-party, though, he certainly didn’t act much like a married man! He would walk up to an attractive woman, introduce himself, and chat them up for a couple of minutes. He pretended he couldn’t hear them, and would pull them in close to him, sliding his hand down their back as far as they would allow him. He would then compliment them on their body and tell them that they were in great shape. He would ask, "Would you like to work out together some time?" After he got their number, he would give them in a quick kiss on the cheek goodbye, promise "I’ll call you!" and then go on the the next. He must have collected a dozen phone numbers that way. Later in the night, he even pointed to his phone and bragged to a friend that he was doing well with his "Golden Globes Collection". The weirdest thing was that his wife witnessed the whole thing as if it was the most natural thing in the world to watch her husband picking up other women to "work out" with! Robin Thicke/Paula Patton

"They have an open relationship … like Will and Jada." She greets her TV audience by asking them ‘How you Doin’?’ — but when it comes greeting her hubby, ‘What cha been doin’?’ could be a better question. Don’t believe me.. Just ask the L Brothers. One ‘Mercedes Ladies’ lyricist tells us … the 70's rap brothers is an entourage which our switch-hittin’ blind items once made a point to roll with. Know why? For the groupies! "She macks on the ladies and he macks on the dudes." Here’s the drop: "He recently paid off a transgender prostitute to go away. He’s in the closet, but he forces her into threesomes with other women. She’s into women, but she wants to be with them like he is with men." When her show is on hiatus, she enlists Dr. Michael Jones to head her body makeovers. Now, can you guess who I’m talking about? Wendy Williams (husband Kevin)

133. JUST SAY JENN!!! 01/13
Today I'm going to do something different and give you two possible answers to this blind, and you have to see who fits. These two C-list couples have a lot in common:
They met having an affair.
Their marriage is currently on the rocks.
The guy is a horrible actor and a douche that can't find work.
The woman has a lot of drug/mental issues.
Both couples are broke with crushing debt and limited income.
These two couples have super volatile fights.
The list goes on... So which one of these couples got into one of their classic knock down, drag out fights recently over the fact that the wife cancelled ALL of the husband's credit cards, and completely cut him off from having any access to the money whatsoever? Not only was the cash cut off, but all of the fancy toys she bought him were packed up and shipped to a storage unit. He had no idea because he's been spending the majority of his time away from home. If he wants his privileges back, he has to agree to stay another five years, follow all of her rules, and participate in a lavish vow renewal ceremony. Otherwise, she refuses to work to generate more income for him to spend, and she has no problem watching him suffer without the benefit of distractions. All it takes is ONE press release to release all of the demons and finish him for good. So is it Eddie and LeAnn or Tori and Dean?

134. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 01/13 **#1**
Golden Globes: This Golden Globe winner/nominee movie actor/celebrity originally had a date to the show. They arrived together and they started down the first ten feet of the carpet together. After his second solo interview with her completely out of the picture she asked when she was going to get to be on camera with him and he said it wasn't going to happen. She told him that he promised she would be shown and spent a lot of time looking her best. He said tough and she walked off the carpet and down the street. Jonah Hill

135. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 01/13 **#2**
Golden Globes: This A list mostly television actress got hammered at the party much to the chagrin of her significant other who didn't know anyone at the event. The actress began the night fairly cozy with her guy but by the end of the night was telling him to stop acting like a baby and grow a pair and the party they attended after was a disaster. They didn't speak and he kept saying they should go home and she kept trying to have fun with her friends. She did flash a guy at the party who screamed she had nice tits. Kaley Cuoco

136. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 01/13 **#3**
Golden Globes: This A list mostly movie actor was spotted by a restroom during the show getting the phone number of a woman who made it perfectly clear she didn't care if he was married. When a woman takes out lipstick and writes her number on a napkin she probably isn't looking for acting tips. The actor had a cell phone in his hand so her number must be going into a second phone. His wife looked really good at the ceremony. Channing Tatum

137. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 01/13 **#4**
Golden Globes: This B- list mostly television actress who hasn't worked since her hit cable show went off the air was the subject of a lot of whispering during the show. She was clearly whacked out on something. Despite her amazing appearance she seemed to alternate between periods of not being responsive to periods where she would talk a million miles a minute. At some point during the show she started sweating and used the tablecloth to wipe it off and left makeup streaks all over it. Anna Gunn "Breaking Bad"

138. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 01/13 **#5**
Golden Globes: One of the more annoying people last night was this B- list mostly movie actress who used to star in a franchise and now doesn't do a whole lot. She got drunk and as the night wore on kept telling people that she could have been invited to the show but chose not to be because she wanted to give others a chance to attend who might not get another chance. She also kept reminding people that she turned down the role that Jennifer Lawrence won for which is not at all the truth. Our actress begged for an audition but had no shot of the part or even reading for it. Everyone wanted her to run into Jennifer Lawrence but it didn't happen. Nikki Reed ("Twilight" series) (Jennifer Lawrence won Best Supporting Actress "American Hustle")

139. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 01/13 **#6**
Golden Globes: Apparently this E! reporter should fear for their safety for a few days. The reporter was telling people on the set of the show that this married A list celebrity/singer had hit on her a few times. Well, our celebrity's actress wife heard what the reporter claimed and the actress said there is no way the husband would touch someone that looked like a troll and then the actress said if she saw the reporter that she would fuck her up. Seemed pretty serious.
E! reporter: Kelly Osborne
A list celebrity/singer: Robin Thicke
Celebrity’s actress wife: Paula Patton
(doesn't care now though, does she)

140. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 01/13 **#7**
Golden Globes: Sure, it was late and most of the crowd had left or was drunk but it isn't every party where you see a pretty damn old Golden Globe/Academy Award winner having a woman a third of his age take the guy's peen out of his pants and start jerking. She has been doing this for some time for the actor. He must pay well because she always looks like he is the only guy on earth. Nothing was taken to completion. The actor did say it was time to go though. Jon Voight

141. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 01/13 **#8**
Golden Globes: I think it was just two weeks ago I read some interview this former A list tweener gave where she said she never tried coke before. Well she must have got really good at it in the past few weeks because she had no problems talking and doing line after line at this after party. There were a couple of guys who kept giving her more because when she would bend over to do the line her breasts would fall out. She knew it and didn't care. Vanessa Hudgens

142. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 01/13 **#9**
Golden Globes: To the simple question of who are you wearing, this former B list mostly movie actress who is more famous for her look and franchise and interesting new career said "I wore a form fitting dress this year so I wouldn't get drunk and have sex in the bathroom like last year. I ripped my dress and had to pay for it. Definitely not worth it."

143. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 01/13 **#10**
Golden Globes: On Saturday night this A list celebrity spent a ton of money on his A list mostly movie actress wife. She begged and pleaded for him to buy it for her. She doesn't ever spend her own money on anything. He bought it and apparently expected some sex that night which might be understandable considering he spent almost $1M. He didn't get any sex and none the next morning and by the time the Globes occurred our celebrity was in a really bad mood and he was openly fighting with his wife in a very subtle classy kind of way. Apparently this is not the first thing he has bought her recently to try and make her happy and it was not his choice to move to LA and for two married people the hate was palpable. Gwyneth Paltrow/Chris Martin (Bansky painting)

144. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 01/13 **#11**
Golden Globes: This newbie to the whole Golden Globes thing had a big year. Most people still haven't heard of the B- list mostly television actress who was nominated. At one very exclusive party she was in a corner with another woman and they were softly kissing and touching each other before they separated. Our actress then made her goodbyes and met the woman outside. No one saw if they came in together or just left together. Taylor Schilling

145. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 01/13 **#12**
This former A list mostly television actress might find out firsthand what it's like to be on the other hand of the cheating couple. Her fairly new husband was Mr. Handsy all over this actress who is also one of my favorite spies at a party this weekend. Every time my spy turned around this husband was there and was touching and touching and touching. Didn't do it when his wife was next to him though.

146. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 01/13 **#13**
This almost A list mostly movie actor who is A++ in one very big department blew off his girlfriend Saturday night because he finally managed to convince his recent co-star to hook up with him. He tried during filming and during the press tour but now during awards season she finally gave in. The thing is it might actually last because he has been trying a long long time.
A list actor: Michael Fassbender
Girlfriend: Noomi Rapace
Co-star: Lupita Nyong'o
Movie: "12 Years a Slave"

147. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 01/13 **#14**
Maybe they split because this D list celebrity was supposed to keep his same sex activities on the DL so his A+ list diva and B list everything else wouldn't be embarrassed by him again. He was in a gay club in NYC this weekend and was all over this other guy. Casper Smart/Jennifer Lopez

148. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 01/13 **#15**
#1 - This former B list reality star who has a habit of marrying rich and not doing anything to really make a living is fighting to keep some of her kids. One father doesn't care that she was smoking meth in a hotel room with her kids there but another father does.
Reality star: Shanna Moakler
Fathers: Travis Barker; Oscar de la Hoya

#2 - This A+ list mostly movie actress was at the Golden Globes but two nights earlier was drinking sake shots in the bathroom. Not wanting to be caught on camera the actress would go into the bathroom every few minutes and do a shot there with one of her friends. She had several friends and they rotated bringing drinks into the bathroom. Reese Witherspoon

#3 - This B list actor who has been on television a lot more than in movies recently has been in some huge movies and a fairly popular television show which is ending its run. The actor wouldn't take no for an answer the other night and kept hitting on a waiter who insisted he was not gay. Our actor was groping him and cornering him and finally the waiter just walked out because the catering manager wouldn't do anything. Neil Patrick Harris

Which young engaged star better start winning over her mother-in-law, if she has any chance of walking down the aisle? After a romantic engagement, the couple has returned home to a mother of the groom who has not yet given her approval…and if mommy doesn’t say, yes, neither will the future bride! "Like a lot of moms, her son is her Prince. And she isn’t ready yet to let him go," a close friend tells NAUGHTY BUT NICE ROB. Ashlee Simpson/Evan Ross, Diana Ross' son

150. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 01/14 **#1**
This former A+ list mostly movie comic actor who will probably always be A list left his girlfriend at home the other night at a party because he said it was an industry thing and she would be bored. You know, because she is only like 20, maybe 21. So, our actor was solo but not for long as he hooked up with two waitresses from the event and walked across the street to the Hyatt and took the only room available. A $5000 a night suite. He spent two hours with the women and then left, leaving the two women there who racked up a $2500 room service bill. Jim Carrey

151. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 01/14 **#2**
This A+ list mostly movie actress who is headed to television and her fairly newlywed husband have been taking a break. They say it is work related but it is because he cheats and she lies. Another failed relationship for her. Hopefully she won't crash and burn like the last time. Halle Berry/Olivier Martinez (they end up getting back together for a week and then take months off at a time)

152. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 01/14 **#3**
This A list celebrity family who has never been on a reality show but has been on lots of television told someone who just got out of rehab that one joint wouldn't hurt and kept insisting that she smoke just a little so she could be part of their group. The woman is now back in rehab. Paris Jackson

153. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 01/14 **#4**
This aging yet always A list rock star who had his best years when still part of the band has tested the open relationship part of his marriage to the limits. Our singer has a girlfriend he met through his daughter and there is word she may be in the family way. Gene Simmons; Paul McCartney

154. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 01/14 **#5**
This B list celebrity/model/really good looking guy who wants to do more than just be good looking might want to go back to being just good looking because he was notified he is a target in an FBI investigation related to some of his most recent contacts. Apparently his contacts have been raising money and using his name for some very unsavory purposes. Tyson Beckford; Gabriel Aubry; Marcus Shenkenberg

155. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 01/14 **#6**
This former West Coast Housewife who is not the one from earlier in the week bought her much younger boyfriend a stripper. She came to their hotel room and the stripper danced for about an hour. The former Housewife sat in the corner texting the entire time and didn't say a word. The stripper said it was like having a chaperon in the room and the guy never even moved and seemed grateful when the hour was up. Adrienne Maloof/Jacob Busch (24 years old)

156. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 01/14 **#7**
This former A list tweener who has had the least amount of success of his co-stars told a hotel where he was staying that his girlfriend was missing and hadn't come home during the night. Sounds like the beginning of a Nancy Grace orgasm but the girlfriend was found passed out naked next to the pool. She was a little bruised and beat up but no one is talking about what happened. Our former tweener may have got a little out of hand the night before. David Faustino "Married with Children"

157. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 01/14 **#8**
This turned out to be one heck of a hair pulling fight. In one corner you have a B list celebrity who has also done and is currently doing reality television. Likes dating rich old men who are also actors. In the other corner you have a B- list mostly television actress who was recently on a huge cable hit and a bomb of a network show. She looks to be the stronger fighter from her size and personality but our B list celebrity has some experience. The reason they are fighting? Our B list actress has been sleeping with the former boyfriend of the B list celebrity. Still feelings for the guy i guess.
B list celebrity:
B- list television actress:

158. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 01/14 **#9**
This former B list mostly television actress who made her fame as a tweener is all grown up now and trying to make a comeback in a big way the past few months. Our actress recently took a $200K payday from a university that opposes interracial marriage. Candace Cameron Burre

159. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 01/14 **#10**
This B list mostly television actress known for her curves from a very hit cable show has lost 20 pounds in the past six weeks because she has been turned down for every role as "too fat." Apparently she also spoke to a plastic surgeon about a breast reduction. Christina Hendricks "Mad Men"

160. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 01/14 **#11**
"Could you look more black?" Television executive to this B- list mostly television actress this week who once was on a very big television show. Super sized even. She told him to fuck off. Aisha Tyler "Friends"

161. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 01/14 **#12**
This A list singer/celebrity has always been edgy and overtly sexual. It is interesting that her current boyfriend says the singer refuses to perform oral sex. She says it is gross. Lady Gaga (Taylor Kinney)

162. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 01/14 **#13**
This celebrity is a lovely person. Probably too lovely for her own good. Too trusting. She believes every word that people say to her. It has caused her to go down in flames and until she realizes what people are doing to her they will continue to walk over her and take advantage and she will end up with nothing. Our celebrity is probably B- list. A singer. For a brief moment in time she was approaching A list. Now, she will be lucky to not be a D by the end of the year. At this point she is just fighting to get paychecks. People think she is rich because of her success but her "mentor" kept most of the money for himself and told her she would make her money the next time around. Her mentor is an a-hole of monumental proportions who convinced her to sign over some rights in exchange for his help with her music. She did so and now has nothing but promises and two or three nights of being degraded by the mentor who is a former A list tweener. She bought a lot of things because she thought she had the money or would keep having money. Not extravagant things. She wasn't out buying pink furs or anything. She bought a condo which she is now selling. She bought a car which she already sold. She was talked into working with other people and because she is nice did so for a flat fee even though she was entitled to much more. She just wanted to help and was trying to pay it forward. There is no pay it forward in the music industry. Because she has not jumped on the sex for songs bandwagon or sex for everything bandwagon her career has nose dived. Things are "delayed." Things are "subject to budget cuts." No air play and no support means our celebrity has gone from a household name to a nobody in record time.
Celebrity: Carly Rae Jepsen
Mentor: Scooter Braun

163. BLIND GOSSIP 01/14
Which Golden Globe-nominated actor was spotted leaving a stall in the men’s room at the Beverly Hills Hotel with a mystery man? The younger gentleman could have been an assistant or stylist, calming the actors nerves. Or he could have been a "very special" friend trying to help the celebrity relax before the big show. Wink! However, what was very strange is that after the guys got VERY close in the privacy of the bathroom, they were never seen again together in public ALL NIGHT LONG! Kevin Spacey

164. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 01/15 **#1**
In the past three days this A+ list celebrity/athlete was up to his old cheating ways with his old celebrity cheating partner. She is free and he isn't at least according to his girlfriend. One person said this was the first time they reconnected and another person said it was the second or third time and they text constantly. They both agree though that the pair saw each other within the past few days. Tiger Woods/Rachel Uchitel

165. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 01/15 **#2**
This A+ list mostly movie actor loves massage parlors. The thing is he doesn't like to be recognized when he goes inside them. So, his thing is to call ahead to the place and then walk in with his motorcycle helmet still on and doesn't take it off until he is in the room. He puts it back on before he leaves. Yes, I guess it is possible he leaves it on during the massage too. He's such an idiot. Bradley Cooper

166. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 01/15 **#3**
This C- list actress who is only that high because of her A+ list parents threw a fit on the show she is guesting on when she learned she would have to share a trailer with someone. In her position she is lucky she got a trailer at all. She refused to shoot until she had a trailer as large as the biggest star on the show. She then never even used the trailer. And she wonders why people don't like to hire her. Well her bad acting has something to do with it.
C- list actress: Rumer Willis
Parents: Demi Moore/Bruce Willis

167. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 01/15 **#4**
Is there even a place in a fur showroom to have a quickie? Somehow this former almost A list mostly movie actress who is now a give me a C, a bouncy C thought it was the perfect place or her suitor did. The one who bought her not one, but two furs with almost a six figure value. I don't know what guys see in her but she must do something others won't. The two weren't shy about it and the staff all listened in on it. There were no other customers in the place at the time. Lindsay Lohan

168. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 01/15 **#5**
This B list singer/D list actress who is going to be in a probable hit movie kept hitting on female flight attendants during her long long flight. She had a little mini-private cabin within the plane and kept pushing her call button and was naked each time. After a few times doing this she was warned she would be arrested when the plane landed if she didn't get dressed immediately and also stop pressing the call button. Rita Ora

169. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 01/15 **#6**
This aging A list rock star wants you to believe he is sober. He isn't even close. He was popping pills like they were Skittles last night. Over Christmas he passed out in the same restaurant two nights in a row when he combined all those pills with booze. At his age he is going to kill himself unless he stops. Steven Tyler

170. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 01/15 **#7**
This B list rapper with a great name was out with some other guys the other night including a former A+ list athlete who needs to pick it up this next season after a B list year last year. Anyway, the group of friends had a suite at a show and their own pair of strippers/hookers who never got to see more than five minutes of the two hour show because they were constantly performing lap dances and other services for the celebrities.
B list reapper:
A+ list athlete:

171. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 01/15 **#8**
This B list singer/celebrity/former reality star is used to getting all the attention so when her sister started getting some at a recent photo shoot our celebrity told her sister to leave. The celebrity said that her sister needs to learn her place. Hilary Duff/Haylie Duff; Jessica Simpson/Ashlee Simpson

172. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 01/15 **#9**
This British actor that everyone loves. No, not that one. A little older. Yeah, Academy Award nominee/winner. Good looking guy. Dropped almost $1000 bucks into a homeless man's lap because he was on the way to the airport and leaving the country and wouldn't need it he said. Colin Firth

173. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 01/15 **#10**
This former A list television and movie actress who no one seems to like any longer, was doing a round of press interviews for her new movie and more than one reporter is convinced the water bottle she sipped from constantly was actually vodka. The smell and the slurring were the tip offs. Katherine Heigl "The Nut Job"

174. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 01/15 **#11**
This married B list celebrity/reality star/singer was all over this plus sized model the other night. Lots of groping and tongue swallowing. The model didn't weigh that much but was probably still twice the weight of the wife of the celebrity.
B list celebrity: Joel Madden
Plus sized model: Kate Upton
Celebrity’s wife: Nicole Richie

175. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 01/15 **#12**
This reality star is A list. If she wasn't A list I probably wouldn't bother writing about her. She also has A list or higher name recognition. She also has a coke problem that is out of control. It's funny how you only ever hear about one side of the story. Apparently Adderall doesn't do anything for her except make her jumpy and unable to sleep. She was gaining weight and getting mocked so she started back down her coke road again. She gets it from one of the guys she used to cheat on her former significant other with. When you see them together you know a deal went down and she enjoyed some with him too. And by deal I mean he gives it to her. She never pays. Well, she pays in other ways. And pays and pays. She tried to kick the habit recently because there was so much press around her, but she is hooked and went back for more and will keep going back for more until she hits rehab. Just like a lot of her life, the rest of her co-stars have no idea what she does away from the cameras. Khloé Kardashian

176. BLIND GOSSIP 01/15 **#1**
Do they sell babies at Babies R Us? Because this family is trying to buy one! Adoption agencies up and down the West coast are buzzing about the "rush order" for a white baby placed by a celebrity couple that is faking the wife’s pregnancy! "I work for [redacted] in [a West Coast city] and we received a "rush order" for a Caucasian baby for [redacted]… It is ridiculously hard to find a women in her third trimester who is willing to negotiate!" Yes, we did ask what they meant by the word "negotiate." Our source quickly clarified that although it is definitely illegal to buy or sell children, that certain large monetary incentives make it much easier to procure an adopted child… and to keep all the transaction participants quiet! They wouldn’t tell us the amount (although they hinted it was in the $1 million range), and they didn’t want to say whether the money was going to the attorneys, the adoption agency, the expectant mother, the hospital, the doctors, or a combination of the above. Yes, there are a lot of people to pay off! The only people that don’t have to be paid off are the family members of the adoptive couple, who all know about the deception but are playing along. As of right now, it looks like they have found an expectant mother in the San Diego area and that the deal is closing just in time for the adoptive mom to avoid that fake miscarriage. However, the birth dates don’t match up exactly, so we don’t know what they are going to do about that. Since they have already faked the sonogram and the belly and the photo shoots and a video, they will likely lie about this, too. Kevin and Danielle Jonas

177. BLIND GOSSIP 01/15 **#2**
Ariana Grande just won a People’s Choice Award for "Favorite Breakout Artist." In the new issue of Teen Vogue, she talks about the negative effects a former relationship had on her. "I was dating a boy who made me a different person. And my family was like, ‘You’ve lost your light, you are constantly distracted.’ If I waited too long to text him back, it was the end of the world. And it was just a very unhealthy relationship. Jai Brooks

178. JUST SAY JENN!!! 01/15
This blind is a bit of a bummer. Sorry. This A-list award winning actress secretly battled a serious illness last year. Her look changed drastically, but people chalked it up to her getting ready for a role, and didn't think anything of it, but she was very, very sick throughout the year. She's missing from the award circuit this year because her conditioned has worsened and it is impossible to downplay it publicly anymore. It's quietly known among the business that she's sick. Not Angelina Jolie. Faye Dunaway

179. MOUTH TO EARS 01/15
He may or may not be a scrub!! But maybe this housewife should of listened to her mother. After all the fights between this Atlanta housewife’s mother and her fiancé, we are starting to see Mom’s side of the story. This Housewife’s fiancé was spotted out on the town over the weekend. Sources spotted this mystery man at Phillipe Chow’s in Beverly Hills, allegedly trying to holler at all the baddies in the building. All we can say, if this is how dude acts in LA, we can only imagine how he will get down globetrotting, handling international business. Can you guess who we are talking about? Kandi Burruss/Todd Tucker

180. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 01/16 **#1**
This B list mostly television actress who has a bit of the off kilter in her was spotted at a restaurant with a man. Not to worry I don't think she is cheating on her B list mostly television actor significant other. Nope. The guy she is meeting with is writing a tell all book about this A+ list celebrity. A scathing tell all apparently. Our actress seemed happy to tell lots of stories considering it was a three hour long meal.
B list actress: Anne Heche
B list actor: James Tupper
A+ list celebrity: Ellen DeGeneres

181. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 01/16 **#2**
This foreign born B- list mostly movie actor who willingly gave up A-/B+ list status is a cranky guy. Very cranky. Doing press for his new movie that no one will go see, he has been confronted by fans of his past effort that made him famous. If you are lucky he will ignore your requests to have him sign something related to his past effort. If you are not so lucky he will yell at you. Tell you to get a fucking life is one of his favorite expressions. The accent makes it more sinister. Don't worry fans. In a few years he will be at conventions posing for photos and signing autographs at $20 a pop and pretending he loves you. Dan Stevens (Matthew on "Downton Abbey")

182. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 01/16 **#3**
This married foreign born A list Victoria's Secret model with child(ren) and a last name I can barely spell, let alone pronounce was at lunch this week. I know, I know and apparently she did eat something. Anyway she was wearing a very very short skirt. And nothing underneath. While she was sitting it rode up even more and some guys in suits were taking photos of her on their cell phones. When she noticed what happened to her skirt and what the guys were doing she went over to them and noticed their wedding rings and asked whether they were going to show their wives the photos or if they would do the same thing with their wives there. She then volunteered to call their wives if they wanted to let them use the phone and if the wives said it was ok, then she would let them keep the shots. Instead, the guys deleted all the photos from their phones. Doutzen Kroes

183. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 01/16 **#4**
This actress used to be A list. Well, A list in the tweener world. She hasn't really made a dent outside that world and time is running out. She isn't a great actress and only has one look. She's convinced she is a superstar though. One thing that might help is to give up the getting fall down drunk thing she does every single night without fail. Plus she is an angry drunk and has burned a lot of bridges with her drunkenness. Ashley Tisdale

184. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 01/16 **#5**
So, this A+ list mostly movie actor popped the question to his significant other. She said yes. The actor told her not to wear the ring for a few weeks or tell the world because he needed to tell his kids. They already hate the significant other with a passion so he wanted them to hear the news from him. The actor must not be familiar with the way his significant other craves fame and attention. She lives and breathes for people to notice her and doesn't care about anything else. Johnny Depp/Amber Heard (It took her roughly 20 minutes before she was able to go to the bathroom and call a tabloid)

185. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 01/16 **#6**
This C+ list mostly television actor who was in a very hit cable show is having trouble finding work. He is also having trouble finding money. So, during last week's gifting suite extravaganza he hit every suite three or four times and is now selling it all on eBay to make a few bucks. RJ Mitte (Walter White, Jr. on "Breaking Bad")

186. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 01/16 **#7**
This C list reality star/actor/celebrity has his A- list celebrity/reality star wife convinced he is a sex addict. He even found a doctor who said that the C lister should see a sex therapist for twice weekly sessions. So, if you see a sex therapist/escort under a different name does insurance cover it? Tori Spelling/Dean McDermott

187. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 01/16 **#8**
After a wave of negative publicity this B list mostly television actress is coming up on one year since she took a celibacy vow. She told herself that she wouldn't have sex for a year and the actress from a very hit cable show is thisclose to making it. So she says anyway. She wants it to be a tabloid cover story. The problem is there are a few guys out there who would probably dispute her claim.

188. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 01/16 **#9**
This foreign born B+ list celebrity/singer with the interesting name and look spent an hour in the lockup of a Rodeo Drive store because she tried to walk out of the store with a $15K metal purse. A tiny thing. Tiny enough she tried to fit it into her bag. Apparently the store was willing to call her manager who called her record label who had the head of the label call the owner of the chain of the stores and our singer walked free with the purse in hand as a gift from the owner of the store. Umm, don't try that at home. Jessie J; Lorde; Rita Ora

189. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 01/16 **#10**
This actor was A list back in the day. Mostly television. One hit network show to his credit. His name now has become a joke and his family even more so. Apparently he abandoned a child after a one night stand with the mom. No child support and no communication. Just a one time lump sum payment to the mom to go away. Now the kid is back and she says the mom from the one night stand was our actor's married co-star who divorced shortly after the baby was delivered. This is not Old Hollywood. Just big hair time period Hollywood. David Hasselhoff; Alan Thicke; Lorenzo Lamas

190. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 01/16 **#11**
This former B+ list mostly television actor from a hit network show would not let a lack of money keep him from drugs. The professed straight actor spent many a night with a guy in return for drugs.

191. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 01/16 **#12**
This C+ list mostly television actress from a hit pay cable show has been in this space before. She is married. Cheats a lot. If she is gone from her husband for any length of time she is cheating. She always gets drunk first to blame it on that but as often as she cheats she would have to be drunk all the time. She is like a kid in a candy store the past two days. Jumping up and down because she feels really free and has been almost non-stop trying to find guys to bring to her hotel room. She even skipped an event for her show for one guy. Jemima Kirke "Girls"

192. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 01/16 **#13**
Earlier this year I wrote about this former almost A list mostly movie actress who is now a C lister with the highest name recognition of any C lister you know. At the time I said that she was in negotiations to get married to a foreign national for a huge sum of money. He wants a green card. At the time it was also thought he wanted to be known as the husband of our actress. The word is that the couple is getting married very soon and one of the things that our actress is doing right now includes some interviews with government authorities related to his being granted a visa. Right now the plan is for the wedding to be secret and then have them become a couple and have a lavish wedding she hopes to televise. As part of the deal there is a pre-nup but this is by far the biggest paycheck she will ever get if it all goes through even after all the fees that people are taking along the way. Lindsay Lohan/Mohamed Al-Turki

193. BLIND GOSSIP 01/16
You may be aware that a celebrity is concerned that his cell phone was seized by police. He knows that there are photos and film clips of him on there in various states of undress and doing various drugs. However, there is a much bigger story behind the cell phone that only we know about! The bigger story is about who else is on the cell phone! For the past two days, half of young Hollywood has been freaking the fuck out about the seizure. Why? Because many of them were snapped and filmed while they were in various states of undress and while they were drinking and doing drugs (pot, coke, pills). Plus there are tons of very personal text messages that flew back and forth about all kinds of fun activity (underage drinking, drugs, cheating, sex, etc) that none of them thought would ever get out. Who is on there? Actresses, actors, singers, reality stars, and professional athletes. We’ll give specs on just a few of the celebrities who are panicking and what they are panicking about: a very drunk young actress who flashes the camera, an underage male actor from a famous family doing drugs, a successful film actor who exposes his private parts, a singer with a clean image doing drugs, a young female reality star doing drugs, a married athlete hooking up with a someone else, a boybander kissing another guy, and a completely nude young actress. We want to emphasize that these are people who believe that there are compromising images of them on the cell phone. There may be others as well. Young people of Hollywood: Resume your freak out!
Celebrity w cell phone: Justin Bieber
Very drunk young actress: Jacque Rae Pyles
Underage male actor from a famous family: Jaden Smith (parents Will and Jada Smith)
Successful film actor: Will Smith
Singer with a clean image: Selena Gomez, Carly Rae Jepson, Taylor Swift or Ariana Grande
Young female reality star: Kendall or Kylie Jenner
Married athlete: Tyson Chandler, Kevin Durant or Floyd Mayweather
Boybander kissing: Harry Styles and Louis Tomlinson
Nude young actress: Abigail Breslin

Has this Legend finally become too successful? She been a darling of all media, and after decades in the business is only becoming bigger. There are always haters, and they're showing her no love for latest, successful media venture. Is she experiencing backlash?!!!! Oprah not getting an Oscar nod for role in "The Butler"

195. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 01/17 **#1**
This B list celebrity/original DJ/artist was confronted at a party this week by a man in drag who threw his wig at the celebrity and started swinging wildly while accusing the celebrity of giving him herpes. The man had to be held back from the celebrity by three or four security staff. Our celebrity made a comment that it was probably just some person who had too much to drink. Uh huh.

196. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 01/17 **#2**
This B list mostly movie actress is still dating this guy despite him telling all his friends that he is just waiting for her sister to turn 18. Considering our actress gave this guy her virginity this is probably going to cause some serious heartbreak when she finds out.
B list actress: Dakota Fanning
Sister: Elle Fanning
Guy: Jamie Strachan

197. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 01/17 **#3**
This A list mostly movie actress is making a lot of money from her new collection but don't expect her to wear anything from the collection unless it is an official contractually obligated event because she thinks the collection looks cheap and has a tough time talking about the collection with a straight face. She isn't that great of an actress. Eva Mendes

198. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 01/17 **#4**
This B- list mostly movie actress who is an Academy Award winner/nominee was shopping for clothes this week and there were no dressing rooms available. Our actress was in a hurry so got undressed off to the side of the rooms but in full view of anyone who looked. Our actress, who was without a bra, tried on two or three different tops before leaving the store without buying anything. Sally Hawkins "Blue Jasmine"

199. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 01/17 **#5**
Coffee break has turned into an entirely new meaning on the set of this highly anticipated movie. When the two leads talk about getting some coffee they are actually talking about Colombia and coke. Apparently the lead actress had a really hard time hiding her found again habit while spending the holidays with family and is glad to be working again. Dakota Johnson/Jamie Dornan "Fifty Shades of Grey"

200. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 01/17 **#6**
Who knew? I never knew this wannabe D list mostly movie actor who is more famous for his name and family than his acting is apparently quite the man's man? Our actor was stuffing tons of money into the speedo bottoms of various gentleman dancing on the bar in a club and wouldn't let his hands stop wandering. His family has issues with their wandering hands too, but in a different capacity. Michael Douglas Lohan II (Lindsay’s brother)

201. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 01/17 **#7**
This A list mostly movie actress/Academy Award winner/nominee has always been reclusive and stand offish. Something in the past couple of months has changed about her though and the actress who once would barely acknowledge fans or be spotted in the daylight has turned into an entirely different person. She actually went on a date last week and the actress was all over her date. Everywhere they went. Maybe she is on meds? A complete 180. Someone actually said the actress was fun now. Never a word associated with her previously. Jessica Chastain

202. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 01/17 **#8**
This foreign born former B+ list singer/celebrity who is now a B-/C+ thanks to her lengthy absence away from music is not likely to be invited back to this event by the host. Our singer was drunk and talking loudly during the event and was taking photos with her cell phone and just being an obnoxious pain. She then insulted a guy next to her and asked him how big his dick was and that even though she is married it has been a long time since she had a dick and did this all during the event. Lily Allen "Louis Vuitton Menswear Fall/Winter 2014-2015 Show"

203. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 01/17 **#9**
This former D list reality star/ C list punchline and former lover of reality stars has a profession but makes most of her money selling stories to tabloids about her clients. Tila Tequila

204. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 01/17 **#10**
This foreign born C list celebrity with a checkered past and very good looks is engaged to two guys at once. Do they not read tabloids? Apparently she is seeing who will give her the better deal to be their wife. Sophie Monk

205. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 01/17 **#11**
This A list comic actor who does a mix of movies and television needs rehab in the worst way after a near overdose of pills and booze this past weekend. Jason Segal

206. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 01/17 **#12**
Critic's Choice Awards:
#1 - This A+ list mostly movie actor got quietly drunk at dinner last night as his much younger girlfriend talked about her modeling career. Our actor fell on one trip to the bathroom and on the way back sat at a booth with some tourists where he proceeded to drink some wine straight from their bottle. He did buy their dinner though. Bradley Cooper

#2 - This A+ list mostly movie actress was discussing her Oscar nominated role and only complained that she didn't get any sex during the filming which must make her husband happy. Amy Adams; Cate Blanchett

#3 - This A list mostly movie comic actor blew off his girlfriend for the chance at a night with two Asian women who bought tickets to the event just to meet the actor. He looked like a kid in a candy store as they kept fawning all over him as he pawed them. Jonah Hill

#4 - This former reality show host turned sidekick wife spent most of the night chatting up a guy who was paying far more attention to her than her husband. He tells everyone he is gay but he is known as a guy who exclusively dates married women who support his lifestyle.

207. BLIND GOSSIP 01/17
This girl was at the top of her game just a couple of few years ago. However, she is hardly working at all now, and it’s creating major problems in her relationship with her celebrity husband. With her friends, she keeps privately comparing her acting career to Jennifer Lawrence, and is not at all happy that she is not measuring up. Lawrence did three films in 2013, has eight in production, and a couple in development. Score: Jennifer Lawrence 13, Our Actress 1. Ouch. We don’t know if it was originally his idea or her idea to stay home while he worked, but it’s not helping their relationship. Her husband is working on multiple projects and traveling… and she is home fretting about her career and texting and calling him every five minutes. Lots of tension. Lots of arguments. How long is she going to stay idle? Until her marriage collapses? Her friends tell us that a separation is coming this year if things don’t change. Blake Lively/Ryan Reynolds

He’s a South Side of Chi kid who didn’t only make it to Hollywood, he put a ring on one of the city’s leading porn stars. Insiders say our mystery man decided to get at her after he saw her sex tape.. Just ask Blac Chyna! He and his soon-to-be wife are a match made in hell because she’s down with all the isms he comes with … Tisci, Tyga and all! Know why? Because they’re part of the Hollywood swingers club, the B-Rated version. A-rated Will and Jada would agree! Our blind item and his baby momma are Bound 2 Blac and Rack Cities. That’s because the quartet make smash sounds together… and do couple-date nights too! Don’t believe me.. Ask Luke Wilson. "They all go to the movies together. Their big night was ____’s birthday party in Vegas … at the MGM Grand." Blac Chyna has our bearded-lady blind item to thank for her Woodland Hills beauty bar. Her sponsoring of her smashing sista isn’t just a good look for a fellow working girl, but a play to keep her bisexual-men-lovin’ kind close. Don’t believe me.. Ask Gucci Mane. Kanye West and Kim Kardashian

209. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 01/18 **#1**
This A list reality star thinks she is going to get a huge deal signed and make a lot of money. Not so fast. The woman behind the throne of the decision making still hasn't forgiven our reality star for treating her like crap when the reality star thought the decision maker was a regular person. She even made the decision maker cry.
A list reality star: Kim Kardashian
Woman behind the throne left in tears: Chloe Green

Deal: Topshop

210. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 01/18 **#2**
The most depressing sight that anyone has seen in quite some time happened this week. A pregnant former A list reality star still with A list name recognition trying to get work by offering herself up for the casting couch. Kendra Wilkinson

211. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 01/18 **#3**
I never thought I would see this B list get whatever she can actress with A+ list name recognition, dancing on tables while drunk but she did this week. She took her two friends out and they had a room for twenty people to themselves. The whole dancing on tables thing loses its impact if there are only two of you and a waitress coming in to drop off another bottle. Katie Holmes

212. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 01/18 **#4**
This A list mostly movie actress has one king size bed in her hotel at Sundance. And one female roommate. They seemed pretty giddy checking in. It would be nice if she just came clean about her sexuality. Kristen Stewart

213. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 01/19 **#1**
This B- list celebrity/reality star/future porn star was out the other night with a couple of people when a black man came up and wanted to say hi. The celebrity said hi but after he left she says she doesn't like black people and tries not to touch them or talk to them. She is awful. Farrah Abraham; Courtney Stodden

214. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 01/19 **#2**
This former almost A list mostly television actress is now a C list mostly straight to cable movie actress. She also has a lot of debts. So, she has started earning money the Lindsay Lohan way. Not as big of a face or name though so she can't charge as much and apparently doesn't enjoy it like Lindsay enjoys it. Probably because our actress doesn't self medicate any longer. Mischa Barton

215. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 01/19 **#3**
Apparently things went poorly for this former almost A list mostly movie actress who now has four or five cigarette burns on her shoulder from her latest guy. Another brand new fur for her trouble though. Lindsay Lohan

216. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 01/19 **#4**
This former A list mostly television actress who is not working right now spent some time in public with her baby. Except for the delivery it is about the only one on one time she has spent with her baby. She started with two nannies and now has four. For one child. Jennifer Love Hewitt

217. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 01/19 **#5**
This former A+ list celebrity is now probably a C lister with still pretty high name recognition. She was wasted out of her mind at 6 am for a morning talk show and it wasn't from the night before. Apparently she is a morning to bed drinker. Probably not a good thing to do for someone like her. Cameron Diaz

218. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 01/20 **#1**
This former A list mostly movie actor who is now a C list celeb/reality star when he can find work was at a club this week. Minus his usual hangers on of women he pays for our former A lister instead was making out with a guy in a wig who needed a shave and said he was a pre-op transsexual. Not the first time for our actor. Corey Feldman

219. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 01/20 **#2**
This actor is A+. Aging. Married. Has a huge fondness for strippers. I'm actually shocked he got married because it isn't like he was faithful in any of his previous relationships or marriage(s). The stripper he was with this weekend was curvy and cheap looking which is the opposite of his former actress wife. Former might be too strong of a word. The former A list actress barely works now. Our actor was seen in a parking garage walking to a car with his arm around the stripper and a hand on her breast. The pair would stop every couple of feet to suck face. Harrison Ford/Calista Flockhart

220. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 01/20 **#3**
This former B-/C+ list mostly television actor who only got that high because of the very hit show he was on, recently celebrated getting out of prison by hanging out with his girlfriend but ended up having sex with a guy he met in prison. Considering he likes to pretend he is straight and his friends are complete homophobes he might want to keep this quiet. Too late. Lillo Brancato

221. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 01/20 **#4**
This A list actor (in a way)/writer/and so much more with a ton of money and talent has a huge fetish which has caused him to lose at least a few girlfriends. He loves having sex with pregnant women. It is his thing. Since only one of his girlfriends have been pregnant though it has been tough for him to satisfy this kink without straying. He says it's worth it though. Seth MacFarlane/Alexis Knapp

222. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 01/20 **#5**
This B list mostly television actress who is very talented in many areas was at one of the awards shows this weekend with her rich boyfriend but was more than happy to exchange phone numbers with a richer potential boyfriend. She will probably audition for him too. In her own way. She is always up for auditioning if it will get her work or money. Kristin Chenoweth/Dana Brunetti (produced "Captain Phillips")

223. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 01/20 **#6**
This D list celebrity is married to this former A list mostly television actress with A++ list name recognition. He says he loves being with her because she will let him beat her and bring in other women and is willing to do whatever it takes. He says that is worth locking down even if she is expensive. Rick Salomon/Pamela Anderson

224. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 01/20 **#7**
This mellow married A+ list rapper was backstage at a show this week with three or four women and told them they would need to leave unless they started sucking. One left but the other two got to work. Snoop Dogg

225. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 01/20 **#8**
Shortly after this D list celebrity left the home of this A+ list reality star she was having sex with this A list celebrity/rapper/reality star while his wife watched and coached her along.
D list celebrity: Farrah Abraham
A+ list reality star:
A list celebirty/rapper/reality star: T.I. and Tiny

226. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 01/20 **#9**
This A list mostly television actor has been on an 18 year old escort binge this week. All male. Not sure if they are for him or his girlfriend or both. Our actor does enjoy barely legal male teens.

227. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 01/20 **#10**
This model used to be A+ list. The biggest name in the world or close to it. She is married now to a movie guy. The model has always been known to have the kinkiest sex ever. Some say it is because of where she grew up. She is into anything and everything but wants her partner to be loyal. No cheating outside the bedroom. She has to be with you at all times. So, the couple had sex with this B list movie/television actress who was also doing something else with the husband. Well, one thing led to another and the threesome turned into a twosome which violated rule #1 of the wife. The husband didn't want to give that up so has been in denial mode ever since.
Model: Claudia Schiffer
Movie guy: Matthew Vaughn
B list actress: January Jones (had a baby by him)

228. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 01/21 **#1**
This Golden Globe winning actor/Academy Award winner/nominee got into a fight in a club this weekend and it took three bouncers to get the aging actor out of the club. It sounds like it was a bath salts thing because our actor was trying to randomly bite people and claw their eyes out. Mickey Rourke

229. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 01/21 **#2**
This B list former reality star was almost an A list reality star in a very hit cable ensemble show and then had her very own show for a bit. It was the last time she will get a show. Apparently our former reality star and still C+ list celebrity thought she was A+ list. She took four or five hours in makeup each day and always had to be addressed as Ms. ___________. After spending half the day in makeup she would only shoot for a few hours each day because she would make a new demand every few minutes. One season was enough and our celebrity has no idea why she can't get any other work. Audrina Patridge "Dream Maker"

230. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 01/21 **#3**
At a party on Saturday night in Sundance this 18 year old who was hammered out of her mind decided to give a lap dance. Her subject? This barely A list mostly movie actress who isn't that great of an actress but keeps finding work. The closeted bisexual actress smiled like she has never smiled in her life and soon the 18 year old was headed to the hotel room of the actress. The 18 year old also accompanied the actress back to LA in the same clothes she was wearing the night before. Our actress said she would take her shopping. I wonder what the actress is going to do about the sometime girlfriend she left back at her place in LA. Kristen Stewart

231. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 01/21 **#4**
This A list celebrity/singer needs to watch out from those veryclose to them. The people they think are their friends are trying to sell stories and photos that paint the singer in a horrible light and have a plan to blame it all on someone else. Justin Bieber/blame it on Selena Gomez

232. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 01/21 **#5**
This former A list mostly movie actress who once had A+ name recognition because of one specific role had a female escort she had for about a week when she was filming her most recent movie. Apparently she liked to direct sex scenes between the woman and the boyfriend of the actress. Most of the scenes ended violently. Our actress likes that. Sharon Stone

233. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 01/21 **#6**
This B list now mostly movie actor who has moved on from his hit television show didn't refuse when his female co-star insisted they have sex to get the sexual tension out of the way. She has a long term significant other but it isn't like he hasn't cheated before. Zack Braff/Kate Hudson "Wish I Was Here"

234. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 01/21 **#7**
This former A list R&B singer who tried to mount a comeback not that long ago took her hiatus because she wanted her pimp to move on and find some other women to take advantage of. Ashanti; Eve; Brandy; Ciara

235. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 01/21 **#8**
This former A+ list television actress who bombed at movies and just about everything else got kicked out of a gay club this week because she wanted the bartenders to get naked and kept trying to make it happen with her hands and teeth.

236. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 01/21 **#9**
This forever A+ list mostly movie actor with multiple Oscar nominations and wins has been telling people in the past couple of weeks that he spent a night with this almost A+ list mostly movie actress who is about a quarter his age. She thought it would help her career and it definitely hasn't hurt. Jack Nicholson/Jennifer Lawrence

237. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 01/21 **#10**
This married A list designer who says he is straight and sells D list clothes and a very famous name recently had to pay off a young man's family after our designer spent a long weekend with him in a Manhattan hotel room. The young man was just 16 but told the designer he was 18. Christian Audgier/Ed Hardy brand

238. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 01/21 **#11**
The mom of this almost A list mostly movie actress who is one good role from being A+ has taken the mantle away from Katherine Heigl's mom as the most difficult mom in Hollywood. If you want her daughter to look at a product or pose with a product the mom will want at least $10,000 before she will even look at a product. Many times the mom has said she kind of likes something but needs even more money. One company said they paid the mom $100K and the daughter never even knew the mom tried out the product. Apparently the mom has a bit of a drug and gambling addiction and she is making almost $1M a year just by promising access to her daughter which she never delivers. The mom asks for nicer hotel rooms than the studios give her daughter. She has forced her daughter into tiny rooms while she takes suites for herself. Room service bills are never less than $1000 per night and if there is a spa often exceed $2500 a night which she bills either to the company paying for the rooms or to her daughter. She never lets her daughter travel alone or even go to parties alone for fear that she will find someone else and mom will be kicked to the curb and forced to actually work for a living. Chloë Grace Moretz; Bella Thorne; Hailee Steinfeld

239. BLIND GOSSIP 01/21
This male entertainer has several tattoos. The ones that are visible are rather easily explained. However, there is one that is NOT visible that may say a lot about how he is feeling! This tattoo is located on a part of his body that is covered by a swimsuit. This tattoo is rather small compared to his other tattoos, and the content is very simple. It is a single letter. It is not one of his initials, nor is it the initial of anyone in his family or any girl he has dated. Whose initial is it? Well, it does match up to one of the initials of a guy he once dated! Since he got the tattoo fairly recently, it may be a very good sign that he is serious about getting back together with him!
Entertainer: Harry Styles
Ex Boyfriend: Louis Tomlinson

240. JUST SAY JENN!!! 01/21
These two C-listers have a common bond...another C-lister that made them look like awful people (because they are) and had some B-list moments in the sun because of it. Even though the C-list couple have had about four horrible months and the relationship is most likely doomed, they have closed ranks and have decided to capitalize on the other C-lister's controversies. The wife of the relationship is tickled that this might be the way to keep her husband around for a while, and make him happy...and he is... and well he's just an opportunistic douche that likes to see people suffer whether or not he caused the suffering himself or not. Instead of gloating, and saying "We told you!" They've decided to take a different approach. One of stability and cool. The C-lister's going to have some more poop coming down the pipe, and they're just going to look like pillars of sanity while it all falls apart. Then when it comes time to promote their latest project, there's going to be a whole lot of tell alls happening on their end. Now the network is warming up to the idea of this show actually having interest as the tables turn a bit. Don't worry...the problem with them is that the wifey listens to NO ONE but the voices in her head. She'll cook up something crazy and torch it like always. The husband on the advice from the network, is showering her with kisses and cuddles to keep her sane. But again, that only lasts so long. Pop your popcorn...stay tuned... Eddie Cibrian/LeAnn Rimes and Brandi Glanville

241. MOUTH TO EAR 01/21
Come on ladies…lesbihonest for a minute. We have no issue with a little girl on girl action, but these ladies are keeping things on the low. Now we aren’t really too surprised this Basketball wife is down with muff diving. She has always had a masculine vibe about her and is always down to fight. But this rapper’s baby mother, we would of never suspected. We watched their engagement get broken on the couple’s reality show and now it all makes sense. Our sources are alleging that this BBW has brainwashed this rapper’s former fiancé into leaving the gangsta rapper. She has had issues with infidelity from the Compton rapper in the past. But is turing lesbian a rebound move or is this legit??? Can you guess who we are talking about?
Basketball wife: Tami Roman
Rapper’s baby mother: Tiffney Cambridge
Gangsta rapper: The Game

She may be gearing up for a trip down the isle with Dwayne Wade… but before she started cashing NBA checks she was collecting NFL loot! Just ask her ex, a former star player for the Vikings, Packers and Saints. A tipster tells us … just as she hooked Wade by feeding into his group-sex fetishes, she did the same with her S&M-lovin’ ex. Now, if his attorneys have their way, dude could be tying the knot at the same damn time as our mystery lady. Just ask his publicist, Elizabeth Morris. Know why? His camp is looking to gain him the image of a clean cut fella. That’s not gonna work with the streets. Know why? Word is … dude’s rough sex rep as being so intense, even top dollar won’t convince escorts to take his calls. "He paid Dollicia Bryant a small fortune so she wouldn’t report him for beating her. She used the money for plastic surgery." He’s currently out of jail on a $200K bond. Now, can you guess who I’m talking about? Gabrielle Union/Darren Sharper/Dollicia

243. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 01/22 **#1**
This former A list mostly movie actor who was A list only because of the monster franchise he was in (Not Twilight) was banned from flying with one certain private jet company for his return flight because he got drunk and kept trying to grope a male flight attendant on the flight.

244. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 01/22 **#2**
This hit MTV show is full of real life drama. A lead actress on the show had an affair with a co-star which destroyed her marriage but her relationship with her new guy ended because he was cheating on her with another actress he met at a cast party who is not on the show but has dated another cast member on the show.
Lead actress:
Other actress:
Other cast member:

245. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 01/22 **#3**
This A list everything likes the world to think he is straight and make sure you always see him with women and he even has kids with women. Lately though he has been showing tiny hints that he also enjoys men. He also set up a foundation which also looks for aspiring male songwriters in undeveloped countries and has been personally looking through the photos of the applicants and flying his favorites to meet with him where he spends a weekend with them in a hotel while they work on songwriting. Uh huh. Usher "New Look" Foundation

246. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 01/22 **#4**
This B- list mostly movie actress now after her failed television bid was having dinner with a man the other night when her B list mostly movie actor current co-star came up to the table and broke up the dinner by sitting down and being obnoxious. Apparently the actor was drunk and wants the actress for himself. The dinner companion left before the two actors started having a very loud argument.
B- actress:
B list co-star:

247. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 01/22 **#5**
This foreign born B- list mostly movie actor here but divided between television and movies in his home country was almost arrested two nights ago for smashing the glass of a pharmacy drive through window. Apparently he needed a prescription for Viagra filled and wasn't getting the attention he felt he deserved. He paid the store some money to keep the police from hauling him off. Sean Bean

248. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 01/22 **#6**
This B list celebrity and former reality star/actress has a list of men she is dating. The list was provided by her agent who says she can get a reality show with any of them if she can get them to agree. She is not known for taking no and is desperate to stay in the spotlight after trying her hand at singing last year. Julianne Hough

249. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 01/22 **#7**
This former B list mostly television actress who has A+ list name recognition has been passed around like a party favor the past few weeks. Apparently her celebrity husband made some type of deal with her because it has been a revolving door at their place with guys coming to be with her. Pamela Anderson/Rick Salomon

250. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 01/22 **#8**
This former A list mostly television actor who was a really big deal at one point has been holding acting classes and talent workshops but seems to send them all home except for the very early teens. He has always loved them and his actress wife just has no clue or doesn't care. Timothy Busfield/Melissa Gilbert

251. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 01/22 **#9**
This NBA superstar is still seeing the other woman in his life and not just in a platonic way like his wife believes. Lebron James

252. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 01/22 **#10**
This American Idol top two finisher says that he doesn't drink or smoke or do drugs and implies he is still a virgin. I think the stripper he did coke with in a hotel room last week would be surprised to hear that from him. OK, well not really a hooker. More of a groupie he pays to be with him every day. David Archuleta; Scott McCreery

253. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 01/22 **#11**
This foreign born C list celebrity has been as high as B list in the US. In her own country she has reached A list levels but not really in acting. More of a celebrity even in her own country. Sometime host. Anyway, even though she was at or near the A list in her own country she often had problem paying her bills and her expenses far exceeded what she was bringing in because of her spending on clothes and also drugs. So, like many barely making it in the business she turned to other ways to make money and became someone who would go to clubs and have sex with men for money and drugs. She started making several thousand dollars a night and her drug habit was taken care of most nights for free. These were the kind of clubs where there was no question what was expected of the women there. They were brought to the club to be companions for men in the club for a night or even longer. The men who came to these clubs also knew what they were getting and walk the clubs looking for just the right woman to spend the night with and negotiate a price before sitting down to get to know each other better. The owner of the club would then ask if coke or other drugs were needed and have those brought to the table. This is exactly the club and the situation where our C lister met the A+ list mostly movie actor who made her famous. He likes to find his women in less obvious places but was trying to secure some financing for a project and the person he was meeting also knew the actor was looking for someone new and long term and suggested the club would be the perfect place. Our actor likes to pretend this period of his life didn't exist because it has led to many complications that have caused his carefully crafted image to be dented. Elisabetta Canalis/George Clooney

254. BLIND GOSSIP 01/22 **#1**
This actress presented her actor boyfriend with one important rule before she would agree to date him. Knowing of his dark history with women, she told him that he must never lay a hand on her or her child/ren in anger. If he did, she would not only permanently leave him… but she would have him arrested! He thought that was fair, and agreed. In writing. Charlize Theron/Sean Penn

255. BLIND GOSSIP 01/22 **#2**
This married couple consists of two big-time celebrities who have each had problems over the past few years. The stress was too much. The marriage fell apart. They separated. They got back together. They are playing the happy couple again. All better, right? Not so fast. It’s bad again. This time, it’s not a body problem. Well, actually, it is kind of a body problem. He has a problem keeping a certain part of his body inside his pants! She is tired of his games, can’t take it anymore, and they are separating again. Michael Douglas/Catherine Zeta-Jones

256. DEADLINE 01/22
A brief conversation between a Producer and a Reporter.
Producer: I can’t believe I was nominated for an Oscar.
Reporter: Why?
Producer: Because I’ve produced such tons of shit.

Which celebrity took her diamond ring in to get it cleaned, and found out that it is FAKE! She has just got engaged to the "man of her dreams" – who has a lot of family money, but no-one is sure what he actually does! "She does not know what to do," a close friend tells NAUGHTY BUT NICE ROB. "Should she say something or pretend she does not know?" Ashlee Simpson/Evan Ross

258. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 01/23 **#1**
This former A list celebrity who has had some huge musical hits back in the day and some great cameos in movies has a game he likes to call groupie roulette. He is also willing to play with strippers but is always cash poor so prefers groupies. He takes them out to dinner or to a club and has them perform certain tasks which get more dirty and degrading as the night goes on. Whoever is left at the end of the night gets to go home with him where he sweats all over them for a few minutes before sending them home with cab fare. Meatloaf; Wayne Newton; Billy Idol

259. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 01/23 **#2**
This B list reality star with A+ list name recognition on an A list reality cable show has a friend he met while visiting The Abbey a few months ago. Apparently the aging married B lister and his 20 something friend are inseparable and the reality star has moved his friend into his home. The friend was even by the reality star's side during a recent major life event. Bruce Jenner "Keeping Up With the Kardashians"

260. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 01/23 **#3**
For the first time in a long time this former A list celebrity/singer did meth last night. She wanted some coke but had to settle for meth. She is in a very dark place right now and the next couple of weeks could determine whether she gets back on track or kills herself. Lady Gaga; Rhianna; Courtney Love

261. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 01/23 **#4**
This former A+ list mostly movie actor has slipped to A list because of his recent bad movie choices but at least he still has his looks. Apparently though he is becoming even more of a pain to deal with though because he hates his new movie he is refusing to do any kind of press for it unless he is paid more. He probably would still skip out on it. Producers are hating him right now. Well, they join a very long list. Ryan Reynolds

262. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 01/23 **#5**
Kindness: This actress is not the biggest star in the world but she still has a name and once had her own network show and was on a huge cable television hit. On a flight this week our B list actress had a middle seat in the very last row of the plane. She was seated next to a child who was flying alone to see his dad for a visit. When she heard it was his first time flying alone our actress spent the almost two hour flight playing video games with him and building a LEGO model and never once seemed to get tired or want any kind of break. Because he was alone he was the last person to get off the plane and our actress waited with him until the flight attendants took him off to meet his dad. Krysten Ritter "Don't Trust the B---- in Apartment 23"/"Breaking Bad"

263. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 01/23 **#6**
This former A list R&B singer was really young when her parents decided she could be a star. They let this, at the time A+ list R&B singer talk them into letting their daughter move in with him knowing he would be having sex with her but it was the price they were willing to pay to make their daughter a star. Aaliyah/R. Kelly

264. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 01/23 **#7**
If you are a woman and wanted a photo with this former A list mostly movie actor last night then you got some groping. The actor made a point of being as Robin Thicke as possible with the women who wanted a photo with our actor who has dropped to B- list. Lots of hands on butts and hands on breasts if you wanted to pose next to him. He was a tool. Brendon Frasier NYC premiere "Gimme Shelter"

265. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 01/23 **#8**
Two fashion photographers located in Europe were asked to shoot this A+ list reality star nude. They agreed until they discovered that credit was supposed to be given to her celebrity boyfriend who would claim the photos as his own. So, when the inevitable "art" photos are released in the next few weeks you will know they weren't taken by the celebrity. Kim Kardashian/Kanye West

266. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 01/23 **#9**
This former A list talk show hostess is now just a celebrity. Still probably A list because of her name. She acted like it this week when she insisted on receiving 20 sets of swag before she would agree to be photographed with it. Total value? $20K. Rosie O’Donnell

267. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 01/23 **#10**
For the first time anyone could remember this foreign born B+ list mostly movie actress who always seems incredibly uptight despite her relaxed actor boyfriend got hammered the other night at a party. She was laughing and dropping f bombs and her boyfriend literally had to help carry her out after she wanted to start doing shots. Diane Kruger/Joshua Jackson

268. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 01/23 **#11**
This former Twilight actor who is really well known kept adjusting himself repeatedly while hosting a party because he had a hole in his jeans. When asked if he wanted to go change he said no because he was hoping someone would help him do the adjusting. Kellan Lutz

269. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 01/23 **#12**
One of the greatest rumors I ever heard was about this one time A+ list mostly movie actress who also had A+ list name recognition. Today she is probably a B list mostly whatever she can get actress but isn't that old and still has A list name recognition. Until recently I always thought the story was just a story but I spoke to someone recently who was involved in the actual negotiation. Well, at least one part of it. When our actress was very young her mother had a lot of famous connections and these connections showed a great interest in her daughter. They wanted to be her first. The mother, who was always willing to make a buck auctioned off her daughter. The man I spoke to represented one of the three men bidding for the right to take the virginity of the daughter. His boss ultimately dropped out when the bidding reached $2M. He said that his boss said that no woman was worth that price for one night and he could buy 100 virgins for that price. Apparently the man who did win might have had some karma kick back against him two decades later. The actress is OK with her name being revealed, but wants to wait until her mother passes away. The actress won't say whether she actually did have sex with the buyer, although she did know him very well when she was very young. The buyer was Jeffrey Epstein and the karma did kick back against him when he got arrested just about two decades after this happened. Drew Barrymore (mother Jaid Barrymore) (born 1975/10 or 11 years old in 1996)/Jeffrey Epstein (A Timeline Of Sex Offender Jeffrey Epstein’s Convictions And New Allegations)

270. POPBITCH 01/23
Which married Vegas music star with a new record out this year secretly prefers same sex love? Celine Dion ""Somebody Loves Somebody"

271. NAUGHTY BUT NICE ROB 01/23 **#1**
Fabulous manager/publicist Gina Rodriguez who has represented Octomom, Tan mom, Michael Lohan, Heidi Montag, Alex McCord, Kim Zolciak-Biermann, Sydney Leathers and Joey Buttafuoco is NOT HAPPY with one of her clients! Guess who? The nightmare client I will NEVER work with, she writes:
Does the following:
1. Calls or Texts you multiple times during the day/night for "updates"…(NO TIME FOR THIS,YOU WILL BE NOTIFIED IF BOOKED)
2. Does not have any form of income…example ‘NO JOB’, I am not your employer. (#1 occurs because they don’t have #2)
3. Thinks they are A List status because there story is all over the press for a few weeks…Your ONLY Famous until the next scandal hits. ?#?StayHumble?

272. NAUGHTY BUT NICE ROB 01/23 **#2**
Which reality star who is already in hot water with his wife has found himself in even more trouble after she found massive amounts of GAY PORN on his computer? The gentleman in question is known to have a wandering eye for the ladies, but it turns out he also like the boys too – at least when he is sitting looking at his computer screen. His particular fetish is searching for naked pictures of male celebrities….he really likes Ryan Reynolds! (well, at least he has good taste in men. Wink) This guy is literally a star-fucker!
Dean McDermott/Tori Spelling

Our blind item would have you believe she’s got an African Prince locked down … But we’re told that’s nothing but a facade. She’s gay for pay, and word is she’s a deep throat pro. Don’t believe me.. Just ask Keith Washington. Long before she became a Peach-state Housewife, she called Van Nuys, Cali home. That’s where our whistle blower says home girl was pulling tricks for five-racks. But that doesn’t mean her Johns were getting top dollar goods. Know why? We’re told she left some of them with VDs! Just ask Mike Tyson. "She did outcalls. She’d find randoms from Craigslist to roll with her. She did the professionals, keep $4,500 … and give the random $500 to smash." Even though she was gettin’ guap, this heaux was far from being any sorta housewife. That’s because Miss Thang’s Valley-spizz reportedly featured a ‘disgusting toilet that didn’t work’ … and her things ‘thrown everywhere.’ She’s hired an actor to play her father on her reality show. Know why? Sources say she doesn’t know her father … Ask retired boxer Michael Moorer. Our blind item claims to be a ’70s baby, but people close to here say she’s in her early ’50s. Kenya Moore "Real Housewives of Atlanta"

This Newlywed got busted high profile when he tried to holla. Not a good look although his team did manage to make a social media leak of the creepin' in question disappear into thin air. Hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm! LeBron James

275. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 01/24 **#1**
These two network morning hosts can't stand each other. The only time they talk is when forced to on camera. The lesser paid host never stops talking trash about her more famous partner. Josh Elliott/Lara Spencer "Good Morning America"

276. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 01/24 **#2**
This former almost A list actress who divided her time between movies and television has a unique way of recovery. She attends recovery centers and programs that pay her to come to their programs and then advertise her presence. Our actress gets free treatment, a salary and commissions from new signups.

277. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 01/24 **#3**
This former A list tweener who is now an A list celebrity/singer and B- list actress with almost A+ list name recognition has a fairly squeaky clean reputation. That reputation is in danger though because there is a 30 second cell phone video of her snorting lines of coke like a champion while dressed in just a pair of panties. Selena Gomez

278. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 01/24 **#4**
This still young, former almost A list mostly movie actress who recently failed at television but continues to maintain B list status due to her long career was at a premiere and a fan asked our actress if her breasts were real. Shocking pretty much everyone, including her husband, the actress let the fan squeeze them to see for himself. Christina Ricci

279. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 01/24 **#5**
This West Coast Real Housewife yelled at her kid for not having a smile on her face when a pap was taking their photo.

280. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 01/24 **#6**
This A list celebrity/singer almost got kicked out of a place this week because she was caught having sex in a room off the kitchen. Her sex partner was kicked out. Money talks. Kesha in rehab

281. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 01/24 **#7**
This former A list singer/celebrity/reality star who crashed and burned in the biggest way possible was at a club this week and got free bottle service with her guy. She drank a full bottle and then complained because it wasn't expensive enough and threw a tantrum until the club produced a bottle they sell in the club for $5000. She is really becoming very unlikable. Ashlee Simpson

282. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 01/24 **#8**
This A list mostly movie actress who has flirted with A+ list in the past has been trying to reshape her history the past month or two. She is trying to make the world believe she has been this sober person all her life when in reality she has never gone more than a month without doing drugs. Cameron Diaz

283. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 01/24 **#9**
This former B- list mostly movie actress who is now reduced to whatever type of reality or acting gig she can get but still looks great was putting the hard press on this A list celebrity who is rich. She would love to be his arm candy for a month or two to pay off some bills owed to some not very nice people. Shannon Elizabeth/Russell Simmons

284. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 01/24 **#10**
This foreign born B- list celebrity/sometime actress who has had a big year name wise was drunk while shopping yesterday and stood naked in a dressing room trying to get her friends to join her. She spilled red wine all over the carpet too. Rita Ora

285. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 01/24 **#11**
This B list mostly movie actress who everyone knows from a huge long long running franchise and a hit television show was running down the hallways of a hotel this week screaming and pounding on doors because she couldn't remember which room her new girlfriend was in. The two had a fight and the actress stormed out of the hotel. Came in and couldn't find the room. She went down to the lobby and started screaming there too. The drinking is bad now. Michelle Rodriguez

286. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 01/24 **#12**
This Real Housewife wasn't shy about saying what was on her mind at an event earlier this week. The reality star/sometime actress had this to say about some people at the party and in her life.

#1 She pointed out one female talk show host and said the host is cheating on her boyfriend with at least two different guys. One is the co-host of the show and another is someone she worked with in the past year.

#2 The Real Housewife also pointed out a guest who was on a set the Housewife visited and saw this B list mostly television actress from a very hit show pacing back and forth in front of her trailer wearing nothing but a robe which kept flying open while she chain smoked cigarettes and screamed into the phone about needing a hit and that whoever was on the other end of the phone needed to hurry.

#3 - She said she was at a party a few weeks ago and met this Mad Men actress who treated her like crap and shook hands like the Housewife was supposed to kiss her ring. January Jones

#4- At that same event she ran into an A+ list mostly movie actress who our Housewife thought was going to be uptight but was so high that all the actress did was giggle the whole night and talk about needing a big dick which she wasn't going to get from her husband.

287. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 01/25 **#1**
Why would one of the best known actors in the world go to a massage parlor? No escorts to a hotel? Apparently not because our A list mostly movie actor who is married and good looking got the info from a concierge at the hotel he was visiting with his wife and then took a cab to the massage place and was back in an under an hour and told the concierge it was just as advertised and tipped the guy $1000. Channing Tatum/Jenna Dewan-Tatum in Miami

288. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 01/25 **#2**
This B list mostly television actress who really struggles with getting good acting roles despite showing up in the tabloids on what seems like a weekly basis because of personal issues has made the producers on her new show ticked off. The actress has been sending bills for her daily hair and makeup to the producers for payment even when she is not shooting. She has also been sending them bills she considers remotely related to the show. None are being paid but the producers keep getting asked for payment. Kirstie Alley

289. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 01/25 **#3**
This B list actress from a hit cable show will probably fade to a C list writer once the show ends but for now she is a star. She is also constantly talking about the actor who wouldn't sleep with her and who couldn't stand the actress. There is not an hour in the day where she isn't mentioning him or trying to find out what he is doing and her talk about him is all talk. Lena Dunham/Christopher Abbott "Girls"

290. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 01/25 **#4**
This C list celebrity offspring who is trying to Instagram her way to A list might have a last name but no real talent. Anyway she does have a fan base and tried to parlay that into some free things. She told the company she would love some of their products and agreed to pose with them in exchange for the products which can be quite expensive. Well, her relative's publicist found out about it and stopped the transaction from taking place. Our celebrity offspring is a big fan of sex toys. That would have been great to see it happen. Ireland Baldwin (parents: Alec Baldwin/Kim Basinger)

291. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 01/25 **#5**
This A list mostly movie actress is only A list because of her looks. She is a terrible actress and thankfully has started getting less work. She is also almost out of money. Her husband told her he lost most of his recent investment so now our actress is in scramble mode and told her agents she will do whatever parts they want her to do. Look for a heavy movie schedule from her as she pays off monster debts. Halle Berry/Olivier Martinez

292. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 01/25 **#6**
This former A list singer/celebrity is now a B lister in singing and reality. She does get an A at hiding money telling one big company that she needed cash at a recent performance. She gets a tiny check sent to her agent for tax purposes and a big pile of cash in her hands at every show. The big company said it didn't work that way so our singer reluctantly took a check. Guess she will pay taxes on at least one thing this year. Toni Braxton "Gain Flings"

293. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 01/26 **#1**
This A list singer/celebrity doesn't know it yet but his dad tried out the singer/celebrity's current girlfriend first before he was willing to introduce her to our A lister. Apparently this is something that happens frequently before women get introduced to the A lister. Justin Bieber/Jeremy Bieber/Chantel Jeffries

294. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 01/26 **#2**
This almost A list mostly television actress who probably needs one more season of her network show to be full on A list wants a central character in her show written out because he doesn't show our actress the proper respect. Apparently he doesn't kiss her butt enough and the actress who used to be so sweet and fun has now turned into someone who is a huge diva and pain to work with. Painful to work with. Zooey Deschanel "New Girl"

295. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 01/26 **#3**
This female American Idol finalist/winner with B list name recognition despite her accomplishment better watch out for her significant other. He sure has been seeing that tall blonde Victoria's Secret model a lot recently. He calls them casting sessions. Uh huh. Jordin Sparks/Jason DeRulo

296. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 01/26 **#4**
This A list reality star with A list name recognition had lots of appearances to make the past few days but only went to the ones where she had been paid a lot of money. The smaller ones she blew off to sit in her room and do line after line of coke. Kind of hypocritical don't you think? Khloé Kardashian

297. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 01/26 **#5**
This former A+ list singer/celebrity who has dropped to A list tried to steal all the attention away from the guest of honor at a party this weekend. Our former A+ lister was being obnoxious and saying it was great they were honoring so and so but that our A lister sold more records and done more for the world and wouldn't shut up talking about herself all night. She made a lot of new enemies. Lady Gaga/Carole King

298. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 01/26 **#6**
This former B list reality star turned "actress" was offering a Grammy discount last night to prospective suitors. She probably feels it is the Christian thing to do. Farrah Abraham (writing Christian parenting book)

299. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 01/26 **#7**
This B list mostly movie actress had a big year in more than one way. She got kicked out of a class though for making fun of a woman's camel toe. The actress has been kind of grouchy lately and there are rumors that her commitment phobia boyfriend may have struck again.

300. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 01/27 **#1**
This now former reality star/pro athlete from a still popular reality show has been out of LA for awhile. He is running through his money very quickly and appears to be spending some of it on hookers and partying. The former reality star took turns taking three hookers into a bathroom at a really nice restaurant the other night. It was an every 15 minute thing. He always went but the hookers had to rotate. The one time he was gone longer than 5 minutes from the table was when one of the hookers took care of him in the bathroom. They always used the men's room. Lamar Odom "Keeping Up With the Kardashians"

301. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 01/27 **#2**
This east coast Real Housewife thinks she has found a great rebound guy. Really young and good looking. She loves paying for everything for him and takes him everywhere so she can be seen. He is loving it too because he is telling everything directly to a tabloid. She doesn't know that part. Ramona Singer "Real Housewives of New York"/Travis Millard

302. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 01/27 **#3**
Pre-Grammy Party: This way under age reality show daughter was wasted out of her mind this weekend at a party. She was spotted doing lines of Molly and multiple Jello shots. I mean she was sloppy drunk and the guy with her took advantage and was pawing her and groping her and she didn't care. Kylie Jenner

303. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 01/27 **#4**
Pre-Grammy Party: This former A list tweener who is still a barely A list singer/celebrity threw herself all over this A+ list rapper/sometime actor. He had no idea who she was. She was all over the guy and grinding on him and bringing him drinks and letting him do what he wanted. At some point someone told him who she was and he jumped up and said he didn't want any more drama and liked being with nobodies now. Ariana Grande/T.I.

304. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 01/27 **#5**
This married Academy Award winning actor wasn't shy about cheating on his wife this weekend with this C+ list celebrity with an iconic name. It seems like she will sleep with absolutely anyone.

305. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 01/27 **#6**
This B list mostly movie actor turned work whenever I can get it when the franchise isn't filming says he has a boyfriend. He also says the boyfriend is the love of his life. I wonder if the boyfriend knows about the co-star our actor hooks up with everyday around 5pm. Zachary Quinto Miles McMillan/"Glass Menagerie" co-star Brian J. Smith

306. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 01/27 **#7**
This A+ list singer/celebrity/B- list actor stayed home from the award show because he would have gone solo again and had to answer questions why he continues to go solo to big events. He will blame scheduling conflicts. Justin Timberlake

307. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 01/27 **#8**
Grammy Awards: The award for most coke use in one night was this A list singer/celebrity who has multiple kids with multiple women. He used to be married to an A+ lister. The celeb was sweating like crazy and out of control at one point before he drank some booze and outside to calm down. Marc Anthony (Jennifer Lopez)

308. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 01/27 **#9**
Grammy Awards: This former A list rapper/tweener actor turned C+ list mostly movie actor who will always have A list name recognition with that name sent a woman to the hospital early this morning when the top of a champagne bottle broke off inside her. Yep, you read that right. He wanted to see how far it would go and she complied. Until it broke. Bow Wow

309. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 01/27 **#10**
This dance pop group made their name by opening for a very religious top 40 band. That is the reason the lead singer of the dance pop group swears he is a straight. The various guys he was trying to tongue fuck last night at parties would disagree.

Tyler Glenn/Neon Trees (opened for The Killers)

310. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 01/27 **#11**
Grammy Awards: This B list celebrity/former reality star had the perfect smiley face before taking out her claws and knife and anything else she could find to stab this A+ list celebrity/singer in the back. The B lister, who was hammered at a pre-show party was begging for the A lister's phone number and when the A lister refused to give it that was it. The rest of the night the B lister talked about how awful the A lister is and how she thinks she is too good for everyone. Called her the c word a few times. I think the A lister made the right choice. Kelly Osborne/Katy Perry

311. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 01/27 **#12**
This forever A list singer/celebrity was trying to explain her vision for a new music video. She spent eight hours the night before shooting explaining her vision to the director and several hours more the morning of the shoot. When she tried to talk about her vision to her guest on the song he said fuck that I have some place to be in an hour. Let the cameras roll. Mariah Carey (PROBABLY Trey Songz)

312. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 01/27 **#13**
Last week I was enjoying a bourbon or three at a favored watering hole when a game began of who is the craziest celebrity family. The obvious suspects were discussed but quickly discarded when the topic turned to this family. It is unusual because the celebrity is the mother with an ever changing cast of characters who play the part of her male significant other. It's like they rotate in for a year or two and before you know it there is someone else. She was huge back in the day. She is aging but not old and at the peak of her fame was A+. People were talking EGOT for her. Number one movies and songs and a career that no one ever thought would die. It is flickering but mainly because she is just so crazy and so difficult to work with. She goes back and forth between men and women as her partner but only the men are seen in public. She is the biggest diva on the planet when she is on a film set. She makes constant demands and then changes them when they are fulfilled. She talks to herself all the time and there are rumors she has disposed of people close to her. She has child(ren). The child(ren) turned out as messed up as you would expect and the fights between parent and child(ren) have been spectacular which is usually fueled by drugs often taken by both of them at the same time. The mom doesn't think she has a drug problem but does. The child(ren) has/have since early teenage years.

313. BLIND GOSSIP 01/27
These two music types are always cordial when they see each other, but Smack Talker rarely has anything nice to say about Singer in private. There were tons of big celebs in attendance at this Grammy party. Smacker was watching and listening to Singer during the night, and something… shifted. Smacker said to a friend: "You know, I always thought Singer was just some dumb bitch who got lucky and would flame out real quick, but last night… she actually came across as super confident and mature. Girl’s got chops too! I would never tell her this to her face, but I think she might actually have 5 or 10 years of super stardom ahead of her. Maybe I should work with her." So, there you go, Singer! A compliment from the person you would least expect to say anything nice about you. That’s Hollywood. Smack one day, sucking up the next.
Smack Talker: Katy Perry
Singer: Miley Cyrus

314. MEDIA TAKEOUT 01/27
Last night there were FIREWORKS on The Atlanta Housewives . . . they showed Apollo BEAT UP Kenya's assistant. First off let us just say that Apollo really was in the wrong with what he did to that boy . . . and Peter too. All that man did was stand up to protect his friend Kenya, and he got JUMPED by Apollo and Peter. But that's not what we're here to discuss. has PROVEN THEMSELVES as the one TRUE source of Housewives spoilers and reveals . . . because we have a TON OF SNITCHES on that show. But what we heard YESTERDAY is going to KNOCK YOUR SOCKS OFF. According to a person that WORKS ON THE SET of the Housewives one of the woman was seen doing LINES OF COCAINE just minutes before they started filming. The insider explained, "[The Housewife] looked like she was high last night because she WAS HIGH. A PA [production assistant] witnessed her doing lines of her narcotics before they started shooting." WHAAAAAA-A-A-AAAT!!! Must be one of them things she picked up out in LOS ANGELES . . . NeNe Leakes

315. NAUGHTY BUT NICE ROB 01/27 **#1**
Madonna and her son David Banda, 8, showed up to the GRAMMY AWARDS rocking matching black tuxedos and top hats, and backstage Madonna was far more concerned about being a mom than meeting other stars who wanted to take pictures with her. One young star had her assistant go over to Madonna’s area and ask if they could meet and take a picture, Madonna said NO! When the young singer found out about Madonna’s response, she "hit the roof," an observer told NAUGHTY BUT NICE ROB! HOWLING! It was NOT JAY Z.
Ariana Grande; Taylor Swift

316. NAUGHTY BUT NICE ROB 01/27 **#2**
Which celebrity teen son got so drunk at THE GRAMMY after-parties he threw-up over one winner! The young teen has been spotted before with booze, but his hard partying following the awards shocked everyone, including his FAMOUS mom! She pretends to be a strict mom in public, however, when she is not in front of the camera’s she lets her KIDS run wild! If mom wasn’t such a music legend, these brats would not be tolerated. Madonna’s son Rocco Ritchie

Back when he was a 90's New Jack, there’s one Moore fan [who's now an ATL reality star] that stalked our BX blind item. Most recently … ‘when he was doing his Atlanta stage play’ … her relentless efforts led her to land the chance to bust it wide open for the Boogie Down brother. But, she later snapped. Know why? Sources say, "he told her he’s a married man and squashed it." We’re told the Rotten Peach ‘felt so used’ — so she contacted him to ask if he’d pretend to be her boyfriend on TV. That’s when our whistle blower says dude straight punked her by saying, "How much are you going to pay me?" OUCH!!! That’s the reason behind Miss Thang’s social media stunt on our blind item’s wife. The man she ended up recruiting to play her boyfriend got his azz kicked by Apollo. Now, can you guess who I’m talking about? Kenya Moore/Christopher Williams "Real Housewives of Atlanta"

318. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 01/28 **#1**
Well, that didn't take long. This notorious almost A list mostly movie actor already had sex with his co-star. Despite being in a relationship, the A lister had sex with this legal in some states B- list mostly movie actress. They have been working together for just a few days. Hailee Steinfeld/Ethan Hawke "Ten Thousand Saints"

319. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 01/28 **#2**
Last week this former almost A list mostly movie actress did line after line of coke to celebrate a new deal. Provided the very best in coke by her new bosses, she couldn't refuse. The bosses also filmed her doing the coke to have a little edge over the actress if she gets out of line or doesn't do what she is told. Lindsay Lohan

320. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 01/28 **#3**
This celebrity wife of a former A+ list mostly movie actor who is probably still an A lister was so convincing in her threat to kill a woman she suspected of cheating with her husband that the woman gave up a $1M+ year career in LA to move all the way across the country because she was so scared for her life. The move didn't work out too well for the woman. Better than death though.

321. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 01/28 **#4**
This A- list celebrity/singer is not allowed to be alone with her baby because of some things she has said and the way she has acted around the baby. There is always a nanny with the baby or the father. Fergie; Lily Allen

322. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 01/28 **#5**
Apparently things have already ended between this A list celebrity/host and her A list celebrity/B list actor boyfriend. I say they have ended because he was not being shy about making out and groping some woman this weekend who is definitely not his significant other. She is pretty recognizable. Jenny McCarthy/Donnie Wahlberg

323. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 01/28 **#6**
This A list celebrity who some weeks is on television just about every day was investigated by the FBI because there were rumblings that the celebrity was trying to find a hit man to kill his now ex-wife. They must not know him very well. He would do it himself rather than hire someone. He thinks he is James Bond. Charlie Sheen/Denise Richards

324. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 01/28 **#7**
This B- list celebrity who everyone wishes was D list took a guy home last night and had sex with him with her husband in the next room. Oh, and her mom in another bedroom. Courtney Stodden (husband: Doug Hutchison)/David Weintraub

325. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 01/28 **#8**
This A list celebrity/singer who claims he is a hands on parent and loves children is coming up to the one year mark since he saw his youngest children. His A list celebrity ex says the kids don't even remember what he looks like at this point. Marc Anthony/Jennifer Lopez

326. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 01/28 **#9**
This C list celebrity was, at one point in time an A list celebrity because of who she was dating. She was also earning a lot more back then for her work. She still has a name but other members of her family have passed her in fame. Anyway, the C lister recently tried to go back to her roots and sing and play an instrument and start a band but she has done so many drugs that she can't remember how to play the instrument any longer and was stuttering while trying to sing. I don't know if she will make it to 40. Samantha Ronson (dated Lindsay Lohan)

327. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 01/28 **#10**
This reporter who has a pretty big name works for a big news company that doesn't have a magazine but seems to have everything else gossip and entertainment related, told publicists he would trade interviews with celebrities for positive remarks about whatever they were wearing no matter how hideous it actually was. Lots of publicists took him up on it. He had nothing negative to say about anyone. Real journalism being practiced over there. Ross Matthews for interviews for his show "Hello Ross" on E! Network

328. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 01/28 **#11**
This B list reality star (again)/B list celebrity(#1) was talking to another B list reality star (#2) from a very hit reality franchise. The celebrity from the franchise started off as a hooker and is still one, but a very highly paid one. They were talking about guys and money and #1 says she makes $25000 a month sometimes from guys. #2 then says she has made that in a day. Definitely revealed.
#1: Brittny Gastineau ("Gastineau Girls") (new show)
#2: Joanna Krupa "Real Housewives of Miami"

329. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 01/28 **#12**
This foreign born B+ list mostly movie actress broke down in tears for several hours on the set of her new movie. Apparently a lack of food for several days and no sleep because of the meth type drugs she was taking just caused her to have a total breakdown. This movie is also a completely different experience for her. Rosamund Pike "Gone Girl"

330. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 01/28 **#13**
This former SI swimsuit cover model who is still big today loves talking about the time she had a threesome in front of thirty people who had no idea who she was because she was wearing a mask. Definitely revealed. Elle Macpherson

331. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 01/28 **#14**
This actor has always seemed so nice. So open and warm that you would never guess what lies just beneath the surface. The guy is a twisted fuck. When you look at who is close friends are you kind of can see it because otherwise his friend choices would be a head scratcher. When there are strippers or hookers involved, this actor has had them. He is not flamboyant like Charlie Sheen. He stays under the radar. B- list actor who works whenever he gets it but that face. A list facial recognition. You might not know his name but he is a face you always recognize. He has been married for quite some time. Not forever, but not short either. During his marriage he cut back from a couple of hundred hookers a year to probably fifty. The thing is over the past few years, the age of his hookers has gone down considerably to the point where lots of people are wondering whether he is ever hitting the 18 age mark again. He loves going places where he can get younger hookers and it is getting to the point where his wife doesn't want to be part of a scandal so left the actor when a 16 year old he swears told him was 18 said she was pregnant and is planning on keeping the baby. The actor is calling on his A list actor best friends with the most contacts to try and make this go away or to loan him enough money to make the family go away.

332. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 01/28 **#15**
This B list celebrity with A list name recognition who has also been in multiple reality shows and been around forever had to have her fake breasts reduced a size because she keeps losing too much weight. They literally didn't fit on the front of her body so she had to go down a size. Nicole Richie

333. NAUGHTY BUT NICE ROB 01/28 **#1**
After the historic mass wedding of 33 couples, many of whom were same-sex, during the Grammy Awards, this celebrity with many talents – who has never publicly spoken about her own sexual orientation – is getting ready to come out. "It is time," a friend tells NAUGHTY BUT NICE ROB. "She is getting more comfortable with the truth and want’s to share it to help others who are struggling." Queen Latifah

334. NAUGHTY BUT NICE ROB 01/28 **#2**
"I was with a client one in the mens room," says A-list publicist Ken Sunshine. "We are going our thing at the urinal. We are tipped than in the stall was a paparazzi taking photo’s of us. Thats the level of depravity we are talking about and its crazy." GUESS WHO! – Hint, he is a BIG BOY…some might call him a Wolf! Wink. Leonardo DiCaprio

He’s a revered music producer, reported to have ripped off a long list of recording artists. Sources say … that’s why it was nothing but our blind item’s own Karma when he became a New Jack con victim. Don’t believe me.. Just ask self-proclaimed real estate guru Troy Titus. Dr Dre recently joined forces with our blind item, and his Street crew — performing together on a pre-Grammy stage. No Diggity! He may be striving to stay relevant, but there’s one thing this Guy doesn’t want you to know the most. He’s a flaming queen! Don’t believe me.. Just ask Chauncey. Here’s the drop: "Years ago, me and two of my girlfriends went to a party at his place in Virginia Beach. The spot was dope … black marble floors everywhere. I looked around the room and it was a bunch of dudes. One of them was even wearing a neck choker! So I made it a point to observe him more. Now I know a queen when I see one, and I saw a flaming queen in that man. Those dudes were about dudes … and me and my girls stay Tens. Him and all his crew are a bunch of fags." All he really wants to do is is zoom-a- zoom-zoom-zoom in a boom-boom. Now, can you guess the Harlem rump-shaker I’m talking about? Teddy Riley

A secret, steamy relationship between one of NBC’s best-known on-air personalities and a network executive has been put on ice because the duo fear their naughty behavior will be exposed by eavesdropping Russian agents at the Olympics. Confidenti@l has learned exclusively that the exec, who admits to a 20-year-long, on-and-off-again shagfest turned sexting bonanza, is frustrated the fun will be on hiatus as long as one of them — we won’t say who — is covering the Games. "Everything is being monitored and any little secrets or fun staffers have is at risk of being exposed," says a well-placed insider. NBC’s Olympic staff has been warned in a memo to watch what they email and text during the games, because Russian federal law allows for "the monitoring, retention and analysis of all data that traverses Russian communication networks, including Internet browsing, email messages, telephone calls and fax transmissions." An NBC rep said the memo was similar to others the company distributed to employees before the 2008 games in Beijing, where communications with the outside world are closely monitored by the government. "Standard operating procedure for us in today’s digital world is to remind employees that privacy laws around the world are different, and to act accordingly," the rep said. There has been great concern about the security of the Games among the competitors and press arriving in Russia. NBC is addressing the issue, and its employees are not supposed to leave secure areas without bodyguards. But in regards to email, the network is stressing that security is not just physical. "The staff have been coached over and over about the major concerns," our original insider says. "We have emergency numbers and have been told what to do if we see anything suspicious. Additionally, we have been advised to not leave the Olympic Village without an escort and to not bring clothing, bags or anything that identifies us as Americans." The Sochi Games will be the first headed by former "Today" show honcho Jim Bell since he moved over to NBC Sports. At the London Olympics in 2012, Bell oversaw the "Today" team and its coverage. But the current event is being treated much differently, we’re told. "The staff enjoyed exploring the city," says our source. "In London we went to pubs, and in China we saw the sites at night, but in Russia we will not be leaving the Olympic zone. It’s like a military zone. It’s scary stuff and will change the coverage. We all knew we have to be careful, but now having to watch what we text or email; this is something else."

337. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 01/29 **#1**
This D list celebrity of A+ list celebrity offspring is in big trouble. She is spending thousands of dollars a week on drugs and combining things that shouldn't be combined and overdosed at least once in the past few months. The problem is there is no one around to tell her to go to rehab. Not Bobbi Kristina. Paulina Gretzky (daughter of Wayne Gretzky)

338. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 01/29 **#2**
This married A list mostly movie actor is A list based pretty much on looks. OK, all on looks. Anyway, he bailed on a wrap party early because he said he had to catch a flight. What he really did though was take the waitress who had been flirting with him at the party back to his hotel room for a few hours. She said that it was really great sex and knew he was married but didn't care. They didn't use protection. Chris Hemsworth (in Japan promoting "Thor: The Dark World")

339. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 01/29 **#3**
This B list mostly movie actress (A list name recognition) and her B list mostly movie actor ex have been fighting about who had visitation when their very young daughter ended up pregnant. They each are accusing the other of ignoring the daughter. For her part, the daughter has the father narrowed down to two guys. Lily Sheen (Kate Beckinsale/Martin Sheen)

340. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 01/29 **#4**
This B+ list national female talk show host says she has a significant other. Maybe she does but that male stripper/body builder guy who was giving her a lap dance at a ladies night club the other night might disagree. She had her tongue running up and down his body and lost her glasses on the floor when she did something else with her mouth. Jenny McCarthy

341. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 01/29 **#5**
This married A+ list mostly movie actor spent the other night at a party following around a guy and talking to him about his career and spent almost an hour total working on him but when he went in for the kiss the guy said he wasn't into guys and our actor said that he could probably come up with a dollar amount that would make him into guys. Nope. The man walked away. John Travolta

342. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 01/29 **#6**
Do you excuse yourself from dinner when your dinner guest brings a mid-teen female as his guest? What if the mid-teen sits on his lap? Makes out with him? Gets groped? Well, this former A+ list mostly movie actor/still A list actor just ignored it and didn't seem all that bothered about it.

343. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 01/29 **#7**
This B+ list mostly movie actress who is still underage should really be careful trusting her boyfriend. He is a good decade older than her and he records all their Skype chats, especially the ones that she gets naked for. He isn't shy about showing them to his friends but hasn't sent them to anyone else. It's a view in front of him kind of thing which is awkward. Abigail Breslin (Now she is legal so I guess anything goes)/Tyler Shields

344. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 01/29 **#8**
This former A list celebrity/band member was so desperate for any kind of high last weekend that he was huffing paint. Apparently the storage shed he found the paint in had a good supply of green since that was all over his face. Steven Adler "Guns N’ Roses"

345. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 01/29 **#9**
Despite being married over a decade this B list celebrity says that he only had sex with his B+ list actress wife with A list name recognition a handful of times. Yeah, well it isn't like she was off with other guys but apparently he didn't figure out the whole picture for awhile. Chad Lowe/Hilary Swank

346. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 01/29 **#10**
New York Fashion Week: This A list designer slapped one of the models that was going to walk in his show. She said she wanted to walk in a different show so he slapped her and knocked out a tooth.

347. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 01/29 **#11**
This former A list mostly movie actor who has stayed A list for several decades has now mainly moved to television. The very straight actor showed up at the emergency room this week with "an object in his anus" that needed to be removed. That was probably an uncomfortable ride to the hospital. Robin Williams

348. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 01/29 **#12**
I don't know what it is about her cousin but for the third time the cousin of this former A list celebrity/singer who is still B+ list had sex with the B+ lister's man or former man. This time it was a baby daddy of the B+ lister. Britney Spears/Alli Sims

349. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 01/29 **#13**
With this couple spiraling towards divorce one can definitely say she did the best she could. She is a regular person who some say got lucky. He is an A+ list mostly movie actor. They are going to divorce because he found someone younger and who he thinks is hotter and who makes his ever reducing libido actually rev. She is probably one of the kinkier women married to an actor and he is going to be shocked at the number of his friends who have heard his tales that line up at her door wanting to ask her out. They are keeping their mouths shut about the marriage because they really want a shot at dating the wife when she becomes an ex. Threesomes? No problem? Roleplaying? She is ready. Anytime and any place she is willing. There are not too many places they haven't had sex during their marriage. Plus, she had his kids and did everything else, but she is still being replaced. Matt Damon (bartender in Miami, Luciana Barroso with daughter from previous marriage)

350. BLIND GOSSIP 01/29
While these married celebrity actors may have good intentions in trying to rally support for an issue in which they believe, other people in the business are laughing at their grandstanding and self-serving behavior. Here is what three of them told us: "Really? Ethics? That’s funny. And where are the ethics in rich celebrities begging normal people for money for a pet project?" "Are these the same ethics that they use in claiming to be vegetarians while eating meat?" "They are trying to say that they would walk away from show business because they care about ethics more than their careers? If they really cared about ethics so much, there would be no excuse for some of the crappy projects on their resumes." Ouch.
Husband: Dax Shepherd
Wife: Kristen Bell
Issue: Banning photographs of celebrity kid in magazines

351. POPBITCH 01/29
Which celebrity chef has a penchant for seasoning his sleeping conquests with his own special sauce? One poor woman awoke the morning after to find him standing over her, masturbating into her hair. When reprimanded, he replied, "Sorry - this is just what I do."
Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstalland

Which aging pop legend has been using RENT A GENT? Rent A Gent is the newest site on the scene offering quality, skilled and handsome men available for "rent," and they already have one very famous FAN! "Rent A Gent fills a void for the independent, successful, single woman who want to have fun, who may need an extra set of hands for a home project requiring some muscle or yes, looking for a charming stud to strip down to their birthday suit for that unforgettably wild bachelorette party. Forget those lackluster French lessons that you booked, the run of the mill cooking classes, or tiresome music lessons, Rent A Gent provides women with an exciting and stimulating way to learn new skills and enrich their social lives," reads the sites press release. GOOD FOR HER! Madonna; Cher

353. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 01/30 **#1**
This budding NFL star starting quarterback better hope there is no drug testing in his immediate future. He and the two blondes on his arm this week were doing a few lines at a club. The lines were provided by the owner of the club as a thank you for coming in. Colin Kaeparnic

354. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 01/30 **#2**
This former B list mostly television actor has done little to nothing that would put him in the spotlight for quite some time. Now that he is somewhat back he is taking full advantage of the situation. He managed to convince a barely 20 year old production assistant to go to dinner with him. When they went out this week he sat on her side of the table and proceeded to paw her and try and kiss her while she was pushed against one end of the booth with no chance to get out. She finally managed to convince the actor that she needed to go use the bathroom and fled the restaurant. Dave Coulier "Full House" reunion

355. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 01/30 **#3**
I'm not sure how this couple is still married. The wife, a former B list celebrity/host spends almost every day with her very young boyfriend while her older former A list celebrity husband is oblivious or just doesn't care. Hell, he probably is asleep by 5pm every day anyway. Kathie Lee and Frank Gifford

356. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 01/30 **#4**
This B list mostly movie actress who is only B list by the grace of her name has been sending gifts and hanging out at bars and restaurants where this book publishing executive hangs out. She is becoming quite the proficient stalker. They went out once and she is in love. He sees a lot of different women but our actress with the A list name recognition always seems to be there when he does. Revealed for sure.

357. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 01/30 **#5**
This former A+ list rapper who has dropped to almost A-/B+ range had his pick of women the other day that were willing to do whatever they could for the former A+ lister. He has a big project and they want to be a part of it. He was nice to all of them but hung out with his constant pre-op boyfriend. 50 Cent "Power" on Starz

358. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 01/30 **#6**
This B list mostly television actress from a hit network comedy who is pretty young, but legal, gave an interview this week. It was for radio. She could never have made it through a television one. She was wasted and kept spilling out of her dress. Apparently she chose to go braless for the interview and at some point just gave up trying to get her breasts to stay in place. Sarah Hyland

359. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 01/30 **#7**
This former B list model who is known for her look and her significant others saw a divorce attorney last week because she says all her B list celebrity husband does all day is smoke pot and then at night has sex with strippers. I'm not sure what she expected but she is still living with the guy for now. Amber Rose/Wiz Khalifa Dated: Kanye West; Chris Brown; LeBron James; Drake; Eddie Murphy; Amar'e Stoudemire; Safaree Samuels

360. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 01/30 **#8**
This NFC East football player says he couldn't afford the woman that is currently having sex with a former A+ list tweener. The football player also says that even though they used condoms while having sex she was always taking pregnancy tests. Constantly.
Football player: Desean Jackson
Woman: Chantel Jeffries
A+ list tweener: Justin Bieber

361. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 01/30 **#9**
This B- list mostly television actor who had a great role on a great hit cable show walked out of an interview last week when a reporter called him black. The actor said he isn't black and it really ticked him off. Jason Momoa "Game of Thrones" at Sundance

362. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 01/30 **#10**
This B- list actress finally got a movie role again. It was a pretty big hit in the past few months. Even though she had been in the original, it was touch and go if she would get to be in this installment because she caused so much drama in the last installment because she slept with two married co-stars. Christina Applegate "Anchorman: The Legend of Ron Burgundy" (Paul Rudd and Steve Carell or Will Ferrell)

363. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 01/30 **#11**
This high ranking out of California government employee has been telling friends that her two year old baby was fathered by this married A list mostly movie actor who is having a great year. Idris Elba

364. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 01/30 **#12**
This former A list tweener has moved on from her tweener past and trying out the real world of acting. She lives by her very innocent reputation but the reality of her life is much different. From an early age, this actress hooked up with guys that were two or three times her age and even though she is legal now, her behavior started when she was far from legal. Most of the time you hear about guys trading coke for sex. This actress always brought her own coke to parties because she didn't want to be drugged by some random guy. She would walk into a party and find a guy to hook up with. She only wanted guys who would also do coke with her because it created a certain level of trust. To further ensure that none of them would try and get back at her she would film them doing some lines of coke before she would do any coke and before she had sex with them. Selena Gomez

This Neo-Soul Singer may have found romance at last. Always seen with a bevy of ladies, does this ex-BET'er hold the key to his heart? Hmmmmmmmmmm! Maxwell and Julissa Bermudez

366. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 01/31 **#1**
This B- list mostly movie actress with a famous last name did the walk of shame this week at 3 am from the hotel suite of this married NFL owner. Even had her heels in her hand. Kate Hudson/Dan Snyder (Washington Redskins owner); Rooney Mara/Jim Irsay (Owner and CEO of the Indianapolis Colts)

367. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 01/31 **#2**
This A list reality host from a very hit show was spotted in a Starbucks holding hands with the significant other of this former B list mostly television actress turned celebrity with A++ list name recognition.
A list reality host: Heidi Klum
Show: "Project Runway"
B list actress:

368. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 01/31 **#3**
This A+ list mostly movie actress disappeared for a few months because she had a plastic surgery that went wrong and had to stay in hiding until her body could heal enough to repair the previous damage. Renee Zellweger

369. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 01/31 **#4**
This B-/C+ list mostly television actress who is on a hit network ensemble show recently filmed her first big film role. She says that the B- list mostly movie actor who was the lead in the film overdosed at least twice during filming. Considering how much drama he has caused while promoting his latest film because of his drug use, the overdose thing isn't surprising.
Actress: Emily VanCamp
Show: "Revenge"
Actor: Chris Evans
Film: "Captain America: The Winter Soldier"

370. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 01/31 **#5**
This former B list reality star turned C list celebrity and now back to sometime reality star/ B list celebrity is being investigated for hiding money that her former B list rapper boyfriend had her hold for him. He is going to jail and she might not be far behind.

371. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 01/31 **#6**
This B- list mostly television actress from a hit network show starring one of my favorites was overheard on the phone screaming at her boyfriend because he wouldn't pay for a private jet flight for her. Apparently she had to take a flight that didn't have a first class section. She screamed and yelled for 20 minutes. Eventually she took two flights and went 500 miles out of her way just so she could fly first class. Naya Rivera ("Glee" Jane Lynch)/Big Sean

372. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 01/31 **#7**
This barely A list mostly movie actor who probably ruined his shot at long term A recently brought home a woman to his place after picking her up at an event. When they got to his place she started to service him orally and he said it was awful and she was awful at it and kicked her out and told her not to come back until she got better. Nice guy. Aaron Eckhart

373. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 01/31 **#8**
This B list mostly television actor at this point had some success early on in his career and that success has brought someone back from his past again. This B- list mostly television actress knows a bunch of stuff about the actor and hates him for it and is happy to share it all to the people she works with which is why he refuses to shoot scenes the same days this actress is on set.

374. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 01/31 **#9**
This C- list reality star from a new show that uses # frequently in every thing they do on the show was at a club for a party and people weren't paying attention to her so she lowered the top of her dress and rubbed cake frosting on her breasts and told the guys to come have a taste. Her parents must be proud. "Rich Kids of Beverly Hills"/Morgan Stewart

375. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 01/31 **#10**
This pint sized reality star keeps telling her boyfriend no to sex while telling the guy she has been seeing on the side yes. Look for the official announcement of the split soon because she can't keep up the hiding for much longer. Too well known of a face. Snooki

376. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 01/31 **#11**
This female talk show host came to the door naked when a limo driver picked her up at her place. She was running late and, to be fair, did have a pair of sunglasses on. On the way to the airport she did a couple of lines of coke and helped herself to the complimentary mini bar and actually looked pretty good when she got out of the car an hour later. Chelsea Handler

377. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 01/31 **#12**
I suppose since it is Friday that if you are going to have something freaky it should be on this day. This is a strange one. Back in the day this celebrity was A list with his group. He tried to go solo but it isn't working very well. Apparently he is getting back together with the old group which had a few number one songs. Our singer has been working on a solo album for about three years. He has spent millions of record company money with not much to show for it. Part of the problem is his love of pot. There is barely a moment he is awake that he does not have some close at hand to smoke or actually smoking. His other problem is that he is addicted to porn stars. He prefers washed up porn stars because he says they try harder. He loves ones in their late 30's and early 40's with makeup that is layers deep. He says it is because it complements what he tries to do. Our singer loves dressing up like a woman and tries to model himself after the porn stars. He says there is nothing like dressing like a woman while having sex with a woman. He moved in with one of the porn stars for a few weeks when he was hiding from his manager and spent the entire time dressed as a woman. When his manager finally caught up with the singer he burned all the women's clothes and wigs and has kept him virtually locked up in the recording studio to get the record finished. Snoop did a track with the singer. Maybe it will be good.

378. MEDIA TAKEOUT 01/31 reported about a very BIG NAME celebrity couple getting back together . . . well we're told that many in the entertainment industry are NOT AT ALL happy about it. You see, according to a TOP entertainment insider the rapper used to BEAT UP his R&B singer love . . . and that's part of the reason that the two SPLIT UP. The insider explained, "[Rapper] used to put his hands on [R&B singer] and she's got a mouth on her - so she would start a lot of the confrontation. Those two are just NO GOOD for each other. He is an abuser, and she has a very bad temper too. You'd never know it just by seeing her." Wow . . . and we were rooting for these two to get back together. Now we see that it's FOOLISH for them to do so . . . Nelly and Ashanti

Totally unaware that over twenty subpoenas for documents have being issued to people and organizations in the investigation into the George Washington Bridge lane closures scandal that involves New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie’s associates, this NEW YORK diva is "livid" that she couldn’t get a permit to shut down the bridge to film her new music video! When the notoriously difficult performer was informed that her "artist vision" wasn’t going to happen, she demanded, "get me another bridge" Don’t you love a home-grown STAR? Jennifer Lopez

"Whitney wanted to beat her ass!" She’s a conniving counselor, said to have dodged a Whitney Houston beat down! Our tipster says the late legendary songstress snapped when she found out this BOP was secretly smashing Bobby Brown! We’re told it all went down back when our blind item was representing Bobby Brown, during his child support hearings. We’re told she didn’t only play her BOP role for Bobby, she did the same for Mystical too! She calls herself a Southern Bell, but to others she’s known as ‘Southern Bell-hopper’ — on bended knees, serving up the likes of Mannie Fresh and Bryan ‘Birdman’ Williams at Patchwerk Studio. Some say she’s the ‘head doctor’ of Atlanta. But our source tells us that’s a lie. Don’t believe me.. Just ask Chuck Smith. Phaedra Parks "Real Housewives of Atlanta"

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