NOTE: Guesses in italics are only guesses;
guesses in RED are a link to the solution or substantial clues.

1. WHICH magazine editor partied so hard at a recent bash at a gay Chelsea hot spot that she left via ambulance?

2. WHICH picture-perfect Hollywood pair likes to invite lucky strangers into bed for three-ways and has their assistants outfit their hotel suites with plastic sheets ahead of the encounters? Jennifer Anniston/Justin Theroux; Jessica Biel/Justin Timberlake

3. WHICH powerful married businesswoman had a lengthy affair with a well-known hairstylist?

4. WHICH male fashion star is rumored to have been caught sleeping with an underage man?

5. WHICH powerful mogul is spending his summer ordering his minions to procure beautiful women he has never met to decorate his yacht in the Mediterranean? Eric Schmidt, the billionaire boss of Google

This C+ list mostly television actress who was in the B range when her hit cable show was on the air has been passed up for parts recently because the aging actress could not work for almost six months after having reconstructive surgery to repair her nose which had been ravaged from years of coke abuse. Despite being ready and looking great now, she has been gone for a few months which is always going to hurt your chances.

This B- list celebrity/singer is being paid a fortune to keep her mouth shut over events she knows happened with this former A+ list celebrity. She has been paid so much money that she has not really had any desire to work, and also when she goes out, she is asked about the situation, so just prefers to stay in and hide. Sheryl Crow/Lance Armstrong

This B list mostly movie actor made the switch to television a few years ago and keeps trying for that one big payoff. His shows keep getting canceled. A list name recognition. He loves his wife's breasts so much that not only did he make her take hundreds of photos and videos of her breasts, he also got a sculpture made of them before she got pregnant because he wanted to remember them the way they were.

This A list mostly movie actress who is an Academy Award nominee/winner was at a restaurant the other night and they lost her reservation and dared to make her wait a few minutes. Not a good idea. The foreign born actress went off on the staff in several different languages and threatened them that if she was not sitting in five minutes she would have her husband buy the place and then close it. Salma Hayek (François-Henri Pinault)

This late night talk show host has been in touch with his ex way way more than he has let on to his current significant other. Way more. Did I say way more, because I think the current significant other would be shocked at the amount of contact. Jimmy Kimmel/Sarah Silverman

This former A list singer is now probably a B- when it comes to singing, but has other things that are keeping her close to A list celebrity status. If you ever need a buck, you could probably look in her house where she keeps close to a million dollars. In cash. Oh, and a few hundred thousand in gold too. As she says, no one can seize cash if they don't know about it. Jessica Simpson

This former A list mostly television actress does not do too much acting any longer, but still is a big enough star where she has A list name recognition. She has periods where she is literally everywhere trying new ways to make money. One of her ways is a skin cream that burned her chest and arms after she applied it. She still wanted to sell it to the public though because she felt that not very many people would have the same reaction she did. Kirstie Alley

This former A+ list celebrity/singer made several sex tapes a few years ago. Actually more than several. The disturbing thing about them is the guy who is trying to sell them and the fact that she is not using protection despite the STD she knows about during filming.

A former assistant sent this in, and I loved the way she wrote it so much, that I kept it pretty much as is, except for my list additions. I work in fashion and a few years ago was working for a designer named ____________( who is amazing by the way and probably the nicest boss I've ever had). Really big. Loved by Vogue. Well respected. Anyways she got a call from this former A list celebrity/singer who is now still an A list celebrity and working on that singing thing again's assistant who said that our celebrity loved the designer and wanted to meet with her to discuss possibly designing some couture pieces for her. The designer had done some tie dye tights that our celebrity said were "genius". Which they were. The designer went to the celebrity's house which was huge. Our celebrity was in bed and called the designer in. Our celebrity was completely manic and jumped out pulling open the doors to an enormous cabinet that was completely full of pill bottles. This cabinet was 6 foot high and packed to the rafters with nothing but pills. She took a few handfuls and ran into the adjoining room telling the designer that she was working on designing a collection that was really punk. In the next room there were rails and rails of vintage dresses, vintage might be the wrong word...try 18th and 19th century dresses that would be worth at least 10 grand a piece. And our celebrity had cut them all up. Huge ballgowns probably worn by royalty were cut to the knee and had patches of random fabrics glued and half stitched on. She warbled on for an hour about working together. She kept leaving and downing more pills and going off on tangents. The designer really wanted to work with her. But after 5 hours of "speaking" with our celebrity she finally left after the celebrity passed out cold on the floor in one big thud. The designer said she thinks the dresses that had been destroyed probably cost in excess of 1,000,000 pounds ($1.5M).
Designer: Emma Cook
Celebrity: Courtney Love

11. BLIND GOSSIP 07/01 **#1**
They were a beautiful, young celebrity couple with approximately equal careers when they got married. But her acting career quickly eclipsed his and she dominated the marriage. Her needs, her projects, her desire to have kids right away took priority over whatever he wanted. Instead of celebrating her success, he became angry and resentful. It showed in every photo and every interview. They divorced after only a few years of marriage. His current girlfriend is half his age… and is still in school. While she pretends to be all about the academics, her friends know that her real dream is to be a very famous model/actress. Here we go again.
Actress: Reese Witherspoon
Actor: Ryan Phillipe
Actor’s Current Girlfriend (not famous): Paulina Slagter – a model and college student

12. BLIND GOSSIP 07/01 **#2**
This family is very famous, with branches of the family tree reaching into entertainment, fashion, and the media. And there is a big family fight going on right now over a sex tape that one of the younger members of the family wants to release! The family has banded together to try to prevent a sex tape featuring one of the foxy young girls in the family from ever seeing the light of day. They are trying everything from bribes to legal measures to try to prevent this tape from hitting the market. We’ve got some news for the family: Given how determined the girl is to release it, there may not be enough silver in the world to keep their family’s reputation intact! Anderson Cooper’s relative Abra Stokowski Vanderbilt

Which A-list male celebrity is being refused clothes by several fashion houses after recent samples have been returned soiled! The actor has recently lost a lot of weight, telling everyone that a strict diet and regular visits to the gym are behind his new body of steel. However, insiders say the young action star has been cheating and using laxatives to make himself look amazing on the screen. Not only does he have a leakage problem, but the young stud also has an odor problem – as he cannot stop farting!
Chris Evans

She seems to have landed herself a pass to the next swinging level. That’s because her Union with one NBA champ involves the couple hosting Miami swinger parties. That’s leaps and bounds beyond her previous days as a 2004 regular jump-off at Will and Jada’s L.A. swinger parties. She’s often been seen alongside her BFF actress girl. Know why? Because Adrienne-Joi Johnson is said to be have taken part in three-ways with the couple. But, those three-ways are now something she’s beginning to hold back on — as sources reveal she wants him to put a ring on it. That’s exactly why he’s reported to be cheating with Caucasian females — and a transgender Latino! Now, can you guess which shameless couple I’m talking about? Gabrielle Union and Dwyane Wade

15. ALLIED IS WIRED 07/02 **#1**
This A-/B+ starlet is notorious for her bad breath. She thanks genetics and a vigorous workout regimen for her slim figure, but the real reason behind the halitosis and lean body is bulimia.

16. ALLIED IS WIRED 07/02 **#2**
These two former costars have been quietly dating. He has been open from the start of their relationship that he wanted to keep things very casual and didn’t want to go public with their romance. She has fallen hard and hopes for a ring. He has told pals he never wants to get married again, but she is doing everything she can to keep cupid’s bow pointed at her.

This A list mostly movie actor who is in danger of dropping to a B list unless his franchise success starts being duplicated spent an entire day at a Scientology facility. They are putting on the full show and doing everything they can to get him to commit because they know if he does and goes public with it, they will bring in thousands of young people. Robert Pattinson/Riley Keough

This B list celebrity turned B-/C+ list mostly movie actress has been on a rampage the past two months. She is convinced her A- list mostly movie actor boyfriend cheated on her and has been letting him know it everyday. The clothes he had at her place have been burned and the ashes sent back to him in the mail. She also texted all his friends to tell them what her thoughts were on the situation. She is not happy and when she gets wind of his current girlfriend, I hope she is ready for some of the same. Gina Carano /Henry Cavill/Kaley Cuoco

This A+ list mostly movie actor bailed on his fans and other obligations after his actress girlfriend told him he had 20 minutes to get to her place or she would not see him for a week. Apparently she has followed through on her threats before so the actor hustled over as quickly as possible. The guy is lust blind. Johnny Depp/Amber Heard

I'm not sure how much more dumb this A- list mostly movie actor could get. He is an Academy Award winner/nominee and he has got a woman pregnant. Not the first time that has happened or the first time he got a woman pregnant that he did not even know her last name. Seriously. Owen Wilson

This B-/C+ list mostly television actress who does not have a show right now and used to be a has been reality star has been offered $1M from Playboy to pose for them which is the most they have offered in a long time. Our actress/reality star is balking despite the fact she has not made that much combined over the past five years because she thinks it will hurt her acting chances. She did not use the word craft, but I know she was thinking it. No one thinks of her as a good actress anyway so it won't matter, but she is convinced she can make it without going nude. Unless it is crucial to the role or something. Katherine McPhee

This sister and brother actor tandem are actually only half-siblings. Both have admitted that they have got drunk and fooled around. No sex, but definite kissing and groping.

This B- list mostly television actress with close to A list name recognition has been on some hit shows for several different networks. She also was fired by a producer once for not sleeping with him. She actually got him fired and a raise when she threatened to blow the whole thing public.
Jennifer Esposito

This A list celebrity chef was overheard complaining about his wife who says that she only lets him go to work alone. He is not allowed to go anywhere else alone because of all the times she has caught him cheating. I guess she thinks he will behave at work. He has not in the past, so it will be interesting to see if she starts following our chef to work too. Gordon Ramsey

Over the past month or so, I have managed to gather a few tidbits about a show that is no longer on the air, but which all of you have seen. All of you. You might have only seen one episode or tell your buddies you have never seen it, but you have seen it. One of the actors on the show had sex with over twenty extras and assistants over the course of the show. One of the actors did heroin and coke and just about every other drug you could name in his trailer at one point or the other during the series. That same actor was joined by the significant other of an actress on the show as they did lines of coke off the floor of the trailer. The actress pretended to be horrified by this, but once did lines of coke off an actor boyfriend's chest. Another actress on the show went an entire season not talking to anyone other than her significant other because he is an extremely jealous kind of guy. She went from happy go lucky to a miserable introverted person over the course of a summer.

This almost A list mostly movie actress from a former hit franchise is trying to show how tough and punk she is. It is pretty hard to look tough though when you are screaming at a waiter in English which he does not understand about how he is going to lose his job if he is passing over non-vintage champagne instead of vintage. Kristen Stewart

This C list celebrity who has celebrity offspring way more famous does have A list name recognition. He also has been cheating on his significant other with this F list celebrity who used to be D list when she was dating this former B list reality star who still has A list name recognition, but no wife. The whole bunch of them should be exiled to a portion of the world with no cameras.

This former almost A list mostly movie actress and now a C lister lucky to get work has someone in her camp who is selling serious stories about her. Not just fluff, but life changing stories. Apparently they have a handwritten journal from the actress where she describes trying to kill herself three times in two weeks and being admitted to a mental hospital for a week before convincing them to let her leave. HINT: She is now selling the journal as a book to be published. She has dated several A listers. GUESSES: Winona Ryder; Renee Zellweger; Kristen Dunst

This former B-/C+ list mostly movie actor with A list name recognition has grown bold since he got married. Really bold. Bold enough to take his wife and his transsexual lover out together. Doug Hutchinson/Courtney Stodden

This A list celebrity/singer has been seeing a guy, but doesn't want anyone else to see him yet. She is afraid of what some of her more close minded fans will think because he is African-American so she is hiding him at home and now hiding him while they vacation together. Miley Cyrus

This B list celebrity with A list name recognition is back on drugs again and his girlfriend walked out on him after he chose drugs instead of her. Now that he is making bad choices after being sober for so long, I wonder if he will get back together with his ex who used to be an A list celebrity.

This former A list hooker is having trouble making ends meet and is being cheated on so she has been calling her ex-clients and also the tabloids about some people she has not spoken about before and others she has more information to reveal. Heidi Fleiss

This B list mostly movie actor has had some great roles and been in one of the biggest movies of all time. He also says that he would have quit acting if he had to work with this A list mostly movie actress again, who he called the most boring person he has ever met and a complete wasteland of personality. Orlando Bloom/Keira Knightley

Which superstar Yankee, that isn’t a stranger to enjoying an evening with the beautiful ladies, is as impressive out of his stripped uniform as his is in it. "He is huge, but it swings to the left" one of his ex friends reveals to NAUGHTY BUT NICE ROB. "He is a gentleman and very caring but when he gets naked it’s not something you can pretend to ignore. For someone less experienced, it could be a problem." Derek Jeter; A-Rod

35. POPBITCH 07/04
Which Hollywood action film director, with his first film in ages out this summer, has a terrible reputation in LA for demanding sex from actresses who audition for his films?

36. NY DAILY NEWS 07/05
Wendy Williams’ camp at her daytime talk show has some odd rules for the talking heads who come on to discuss gossip. "One woman who was on once was never invited back, because the woman was actually taller than Wendy," an insider at "The Wendy Williams Show" tells Confidenti@l. "The woman is smart and well-spoken, but Wendy’s producers said no one taller than Wendy [who’s listed as being 6 feet) is allowed to come on because she doesn’t like it," says the insider. "Apparently you can be pretty, but not pretty and tall. Wendy needs to be the tallest lady on set at all times. Plus, if you are funny — forget it. She also prefers men, because she gels with them better." Though it’s unclear if the directions are coming directly from Williams herself, the source does say that behind the scenes of her syndicated show, the staff is primarily made of men. "Wendy can get weird with other women," says our insider. "After the show, when she doesn’t go straight home, she hangs out with her gay glam squad and husband Kevin. You are more likely to spot a woman kissing Anderson Cooper than hanging with Wendy." Her staffers apparently have no problem about publicists who pitch clients for the show knowing how things work. "What is surprising about all of this is not Wendy’s views, but the fact that her staff are comfortable expressing them to PR people," says our source. "It’s odd, but the honesty is kind of refreshing." The rules don’t stop there — Williams is so protective with her show that if she sees her experts on another program, she considers it the ultimate betrayal. "I had been a regular guest on Wendy for over a year," another pretty [but short] source tells us. "But when I started doing other shows they stopped inviting me back. It is not like Wendy pays me or has some sort of exclusive contract with me. And she isn’t ‘GMA’ or ‘Today.’ Now she is left with all the not-tall experts that the big shows don’t want." Recently Williams also lost a booker who fled to Bethenny Frankel’s talk show, "Bethenny," which goes nationwide in September. We’re told Williams also hired an outside agency to book her bigger stars. "She wants the guests Rachael Ray gets," says our first source. Williams’ show, a hit, has been renewed through the 2016-17 television season on Fox, with ratings continuing to grow. Also a best-selling author, Williams just began her Broadway debut as "Mama" Morton in "Chicago" at the Ambassador Theatre.
Taller guest:

Which male TV host is terrified that his stripper past might come back to haunt him? Now in his 40’s, he is lucky enough to have been a stripper long before everyone had a camera phone. Working his way through school by taking his cloths off at the weekend was not unusual for this person, what is unusual is that it has yet to be revealed. Helping him is the fact that he studied overseas, where Europeans have a much more liberal attitude about nudity. Also helping him is – if a picture were to be uncovered, his ‘talent’ might actually make him MORE popular in the USA! Wink!

Clothing-gate: This past week's BET Awards presented some scandalous outfits, but is the biggest one may be the cross dressing that went wrong. A red carpet backlash sent one Personality for an unwelcome makeover. B. Scott

This actress is A list and mostly movies. She does not deserve to be A list but people keep giving her lead roles. Although I don't think she deserves her A list status based on just being in a popular film franchise, I am happy for her personally because she finally got to be free last week and spent the entire week being herself with a woman she has always wanted to be with and got to live, at least for a week as a woman out of the closet. I guess it was being out of the country and that country will do it for you. Kristen Stewart/Paris Fashion Week

This former almost A list reality star and still B list celebrity has been ignoring her child to not only party her brains out, but also make ends meet with men who are willing to pay her a lot of money. She prefers when women pay her though. HINT: She has been on multiple cable reality shows. PROBABLY: Kendra

What still very much under the age of majority celebrity went under the knife to make sure her breasts were perfect. Doctors advised against the procedure because she was still growing, but her manager told the doctors to proceed and that things could be changed later if needed. Her career is now. HINT: She is on an A list cable reality show.  Kylie Jenner

This A+ list mostly movie actor has been spending a lot of time away from his actress significant other. Lots of time away. Apparently he realized how little she thinks of him as anything other than a sex god and he wanted to be the one doing the hunting so he has started moving away from her and finding people he can use like he feels she is using him. Ryan Gosling/Eva Mendes

This C list celebrity/reality star had to use every bit of his fame and his family's name to have sex this past weekend. Dropping a few hundred in gift money probably didn't hurt either. He calls is gift money. He should call it that because he has it given to him since he can't earn any on his own. Rob Kardashian

This former B list mostly television actress who was on at least three hit network television shows is aging a bit, but still gorgeous. Still also up for a fun time. On vacation, our actress had a few drinks and let herself be "persuaded" to join a threesome. Not her first. You can't date who she has dated and not have done multiple threesomes. The couple she hooked up with though won't stop talking about it. Heather Locklear

This A list X Games and Olympic athlete partied with a woman all weekend long, but sent his bodyguard out to collect phone numbers whenever our athlete/celebrity spotted someone he liked. He then texted them to see if they were interested in hooking up with or without the woman he was with. Shaun White

This C list mostly movie actress with A list name recognition had her heart broken when her boyfriend broke up with her. Apparently she got drunk one night and showed him the almost 1,000 naked and partially naked photos she had sent her ex. She had sent her then boyfriend of one year none. Apparently she also still has every text message and e-mail saved from that previous relationship and reads them constantly. Minka Kelly (Boyfriend: Chris Evans) (Ex: Derek Jeter)

You don't really hear much about this B- list actor who evenly divides his time between movies and television. Foreign born and never in the tabloids. Not really a family man, but a long relationship kind of guy. He is in one right now, but that does not mean he did not want to have some fun on his hit network show and he selected one of his co-stars as someone he would like to get to know better. She agreed, but started feeling guilty about cheating on her husband so wanted to break it off. Our actor didn't want to break it off and said to the actress he would have her fired if she broke things off with him. She broke things off with him and the actor did have her fired. He knew the show needed him and could easily replace her. She has not found work since and he has been sure to bad mouth her whenever he gets the chance. HINT: The show is filmed outside the continental US PROBABLY: Alex O'Loughlan/Grace Park "Hawaii Five-0"

Daphne Joy was engaged to Deray Davis — before she quickly packed up and left the comedian for today’s blind item. Now, Daphne’s preggers with our mystery man’s baby, but dude isn’t exactly rejoicing over the news. Know why? He kicked Daphne in the stomach last week, because she refused to get an abortion. This after we’re told our blind item had a vasectomy, a few months back — before he impregnated Daphne. When our blind item dated Meagan Good and Ciara, both ladies became pregnant for him and both had abortions for him, after he told them to do it. Our blind item was stoked on Meagan Good when they were a couple, but he quickly told her to kick rocks when he found out she was a ecstasy pill-poppin’ whore. 50 Cent

49. REALITY TEA 07/08
Which reality star husband has a mistress in Florida? This relationship has been going on for a year now and the reality hubby recently impregnated the mistress and paid her to have an abortion. Lamar Odom

50. ALLIE IS WIRED 07/08
This celebrity’s money maker is music, but he isn’t a stranger to the silver screen. He is going in for another round of plastic surgery. He started with some lipo and an eye lift. It was pretty obvious, most kept quiet and just accredited the change with his new lifestyle. It is going to be a lot harder to pass off this time. He has a mile long list of things that he wants done thanks to all his insecurities. Eminem

This A+ list mostly movie actress was "visibly shaking and sweating" for much of a recent flight she took. It was not caused by fear, but it appeared to be some kind of withdrawal symptoms. As soon as she got off the flight and into a non secure flight she met someone and rushed to the bathroom and emerged a few minutes later looking one hundred percent better. She should probably stick to private jets in the future. This will be revealed. Angelina Jolie

This almost A list celebrity and former B list reality star did have two paps she paid with sex to make sure they were always around. One of them told her how much her photos were worth though so now she cut off the sex and takes a percentage of what they make. Farrah Abraham

A hotel doctor rushed to the room of this A list celebrity/singer after she was non-responsive when an assistant tried to wake her. The celebrity/singer had passed out from a combination of drugs and alcohol and the assistant was so freaked out she could not determine whether the celebrity/singer was breathing. It turns out she was and the doctor advised that the singer should sleep it off. The assistant said that was not possible because the celebrity/singer had to perform so the doctor gave her some type of shot which got her moving enough to at least be functional and another an hour later prior to her going to the performance. Rihanna

This former B list mostly television actress from a very hit show for an almost network is not on the same page with her A list mostly movie actor husband when it comes to certain things in their marriage. He wants a family. She does not. She wants to be famous and be an actress and model and before she has any kids he is going to have to find her a huge role. If it is a big enough hit, I'm guessing she would leave him because she is getting tired of the being hidden away and brought out for parties. Blake Lively "Gossip Girl"/Ryan Reynolds

This former A list tweener who is still an A list celebrity/singer has been known to not say no when her younger family members ask for a hit off a bong or have a little shot of booze. In fact, she thinks it is part of the growing up process. Uh huh. Will that be her answer when the little one hits rehab? HINT: Apparently the younger family member did go to rehab. PROBABLY: Miley Cyrus

This former A list tweener who still looks like a tweener lost two of his teeth. He likes to say it was a fight. The truth is that he has been smoking meth on a pretty regular basis and that had more to do with it than anything. Aaron Carter

This A list mostly movie actor was found two nights ago by his significant other in a park at 2 am while he was waiting to meet his dealer. He was supposed to be clean. Explosive fight between actor and significant other. Phillip Seymour Hoffman

This former B- list reality star is now a C- list celebrity. She managed to snag a magazine cover recently, but won't ever be invited back to the pages of the magazine. What was supposed to be a two hour shoot took two days because of her demands. She kept everyone waiting at one point because one of the production assistants brought regular limes instead of key limes for her water. One hour later he was back and she made him squeeze the juice out until it was the right taste for her. She took that one sip and never touched the drink again that day. Two days of this. She was on a very popular cable reality show a few years ago. Farrah Abraham

Most of the time if you are a guest star on a show and decide to sleep with the star of the show nothing is going to come of it. This time was different though. The star is just about A list. I think that he is probably A list because of his two very very long running hit television shows. Plus, he has A list name recognition. Plus he has this air of mystery about him that people think is fun. Anyway, he is also a bit of a player. OK, a lot of a player and he has been known to enjoy the women who come on to his show. He enjoys them a lot. A few years ago while our actor was married, one of the guests on his show was a woman who was probably C-/D+ at the time. She came on the show and, even though she is married to a D- list actor, she slept with our A lister. Somehow his wife found out, but the actress confronted the wife and denied it. Repeatedly. Said the A list actor was a perfect gentleman and a great actor and really sold it well. She sold it so well that the actor recommended her for a part which she ended up getting which is the lead on a very hit cable show and a level of fame that she has never had before.

Which A-list young actress who had been dating a British actor for soooooooooo long, has found herself having to adjust to being with American boys who look a little different when they take off their pants. Most British men are not circumcised, unless they are Jewish, while many American boys are. After years of dating an English guy, being intimate with an America proved to be quite the surprise. The couple has been off on one several times. Although friends now say it is now finally over for good! Jennifer Lawrence & Nicholas Hoult

This male half of a reality couple is probably a B- list celebrity. If it were not for the show he was on, he would be a C- list distant memory. Anyway, I think the female half of this couple who is a bigger celebrity would be shocked to know that the reason the cameras never follow our male to his office is because of the assistant there he is having an affair with.

If I were this B list mostly television actress from a very hit network show, I would think very carefully about letting her B-/C+ list mostly television actor from a very hit network show go to the doctor with her. She is pregnant. I don't think he is going to like the timing of it very much. If he does the math.

This A list athlete was overheard talking about his A list celebrity/model ex and said that he only remembers her being sober two or three times the entire time they went out and that she is the most obnoxious person in the world when she is drunk and that she acts like she is 12 most of the time. Justin Verlander and Kate Upton

This married A list mostly movie actress who is also an Academy Award winner/nominee has a male assistant about half her age who just also happens to be an ex porn star and spends almost every second with our actress, and when not in public, he usually can be found without a shirt on with our actress always touching him. Someone who witnessed it says it is creepy and also thinks the pair are not having sex, just some really odd relationship. Catherine Zeta Jones

This A list mostly movie actress who is an Academy Award winner/nominee came home to find her celebrity husband in bed with another woman. Her reaction? She was only upset that he had brought the other woman home and screamed at him that he knew better and to use a hotel or another house and kept asking what if the kids had come home. Gwyneth Paltrow/Chris Martin

This former A list celebrity as part of a group is still a B list celebrity/reality star. For the first time in a year or so she and her husband played the cuckold game where she makes her husband watch her with another guy all night. Just not sex, but also dinner and flirting and her being all over the guy and him being all over her. Mel B (Melanie Brown) "Scary Spice"

This former B list mostly television actress has a show on the air. Barely. If this almost network was not dying before our eyes, it would not be on. She is probably a C+ lister at this point even though she is the star of the show. Anyway, our actress thinks she is big stuff just like she used to think she was big stuff and is acting like it. She recently asked for $100K to host a party in Vegas. The club was thinking more like $10K. In addition, our actress wanted a private jet, three cases of champagne and a new fur coat. The club passed. Katie Cassidy "Arrow"

This former A+ list mostly movie actor who was the biggest star in the world back in the day is aging rapidly and in bad health. He has a nurse on call 24 hours a day, but none of his nurses will do anything special for him so every night he has a hooker come to his house and pretend to be a nurse and does what hookers do. Burt Reynolds

It was one night. One night these two actresses spent together. They should make a movie about this night. Each of the two have been on a downward spiral never seen before, since that night. One is a frequent guest to this spot (former almost A list mostly movie actress who is a C- based on what she has done lately with A+ list name recognition) and the other (former B- list mostly television actress from a hit almost network show turned C list celebrity) has been a guest in this spot before previously, but not as often. One night a few years ago, when both were at their most recent high peak, the two ran into each other at a Fashion Week show. They sat next to each other and clicked and ended up spending the next 18 hours together. The younger of the two, who is also less famous introduced her new friend to heroin. No shooting up, just snorting it. The more famous of our pair did not want to try any needles. The younger has a couple of permanent scars from using needles. Our older actress loved snorting it. She did it non-stop all night and also tried to show her thanks by making moves on the younger actress who wanted no part of any female loving that night, but did let herself be set up by our older actress with a guy who was roughly three times her age and who ended up buying all the drugs that night and the suite at this hotel all three used. Since that night, both of our stars have been to rehab several times. They have watched their careers evaporate. They found a new level of drug use that no one thought they could reach. The younger one has overdosed twice since that night. HINT: The younger one was on almost network hit and the older one is a waste of space.
Younger one: Taylor Momsen "Gossip Girl"
Older one: Lindsay Lohan

70. BLIND GOSSIP 07/10 **#1**
This couple consists of one of the most famous actors in the world and his wife. While the rumblings about an impending divorce are new, the infidelity is definitely not. In fact, he has been unfaithful every single year of their long-time marriage! His conquests are usually young and blonde, but frankly, any pretty girl will do. His wife has always known about the cheating, and has always looked the other way… except for one affair that he had with a very famous pretty actress with whom he starred in one or more films! The wife almost went completely over the edge with that one because the actress was so infuriatingly duplicitous. The actress pretended to be close to the wife – and often praised the couple in public as an example of a great relationship – while carrying on an affair with the actor behind closed doors. The wife absolutely hates that actress to this day. Although there are plenty of photos of the two women acting all friendly in public, behind closed doors the wife refers to the actress as "Fake Bitch".
Actor: Denzel Washington
Wife: Pauletta Washington

Actress: Julia Roberts

71. BLIND GOSSIP 07/10 **#2**
He is the star of one of the biggest movies of the past year. She is the star of a popular television show. They are now dating. Is their relationship real? Not quite. They are both single, good-looking, successful actors… who share the same publicist. Yes, this relationship was cooked up in a publicist’s office. (Note: PR relationships are so much easier when there is only one publicist involved!) Their initial contract is only for just a few months. Then they will have a chance to decide whether they both want to renew. The upside is that they really don’t mind hanging out together, have become real friends, and have garnered themselves a lot of publicity. The PDA is just for the cameras at this point and they haven’t slept together yet… but one of them is hopeful that it will become something more. We think this fake dating relationship could actually become a real one!
Actor: Henry Cavill "Man of Steel"
Actress: Kaley Cuoco "The Big Bang Theory"

72. BLIND GOSSIP 07/10 **#3**
Although they have been married for several years, this married couple kept pretending that fertility difficulties were keeping her from getting pregnant. Actually, the real reason that she wasn’t getting pregnant is because the two never had sex! Inside the family, they joked about his "slow swimmers" being the cause of their fertility problems. His swimmers aren’t slow. They just weren’t going anywhere near her if his actual penis and her actual vagina were involved! The whole "loving married couple in a house trying to have a baby" thing is fake, fake, fake. Although you may have seen one master bedroom on camera, the couple actually has separate bedrooms and do not sleep together. Like ever. They are having a baby, but it wasn’t conceived via sex with each other. This baby batter was mixed up in a test tube and implanted via IVF. By the way, he does have sex, but it’s not with his wife. It’s with someone outside their marriage who occasionally appears in background shots or in paparazzi shots of the family on vacation. That person has got to be really bumming about the whole pregnancy thing.
Husband: Kevin Jonas
Wife: Danielle

73. BLIND GOSSIP 07/10 **#4**
This good-looking married couple consists of two famous actors. Since both were involved in high-profile – and occasionally controversial – relationships in the past, they are subjected to a lot of scrutiny every time something minor happens. They actually have a very good relationship, and are both respectful and loyal to each other. However, when they weren’t photographed on the red carpet recently in connection with one of their projects, people started gossiping about a serious rift. Well, here’s what really happened: They had a minor argument just before they got to the event, so they weren’t feeling very couply. Thus the scarcity of photos together. They were fine a few hours later. Oh, and the argument was about work schedules and travel schedules and priorities. Not unusual when both are successful working actors.
Husband: Ryan Reynolds
Wife: Blake Lively
His old relationships, Alannis Morissette, Scarlett Johansen
Her past relationships, Leonardo DiCaprio, Penn Badgley

74. BLIND GOSSIP 07/10 **#5**
There is a couple on a reality show that comes across as an ordinary married couple complete with a house and kid/s and a business. However, their real back story might shock viewers. Although their show promotes them as a husband and wife team who always seem to be at war with each other, the two are not married. And before they joined the show, they had very colorful histories. She was a stripper who was arrested for drunk driving. And he was busted once for drunk driving, several times for dealing meth, and did hard prison time. Just your average wholesome reality show couple!
Husband: Jarrod Shultz
Wife: Brandi Passante
Reality Show: "Storage Wars"

75. ALLIE IS WIRED 07/10
This haughty celebrity chef isn’t afraid to play the Do You Know Who I Am? card. During an event he blew past the line of waiting fans without saying a word to them. He kept his head down and went straight to the front of the line. Once there, a security guard wouldn’t let him pass and informed him he had to wait "just like everyone else." This didn’t sit well with him and he had his assistant inform the guard just who she had snubbed. She shrugged, apologized and informed him he had to wait. As soon as she started letting the line in, he blew past her and scoffed. Hint: It’s NOT Gordon Ramsay, but Haughty Chef isn’t afraid to make snide comments about him given the chance. Bobby Flay; Mario Batali

This Couple has endured cheating allegations for all the years they've been together, but is there something to it this time? An attack on the paparazzi never happened before with the other allegations. Where there's smoke there's fire. Khloe Kardashian/Lamar Odom

77. POPBITCH 07/11
(British blog)
Which popstar-turned-reality-TV-judge refused to speak to one of his associates because he didn't want to be told what to do by a woman?

Gary Barlow and Sharon Osbourne "UK XFactor"
Tom Jones/Holly Willoughby "THE VOICE UK"

This C list celebrity is already using again, at least according to one of her dealers. He is her backup dealer. Her main go to person is being paid off by certain people to report if she tries to buy drugs from him. Her new dealer says she bought enough to kill herself if she is not careful. Brooke Mueller

This B list mostly television actress should be careful loaning out her credit cards to her new boyfriend. Does he really need a $10,000 watch? $5,000 in clothes? All bought in under an hour. He is going to break her. It is all about the money. Eva Longoria/Ernesto Arguello
(She broke up with him shortly after. I think she caught on to his game)

This former almost A list reality star turned C list celebrity turned B- list reality star scared everyone recently when she passed out. She said it was the heat. More likely the fact she had not eaten in three days. When she was revived she allowed to be given one sip of juice before asking for her cigarettes and some sugar free Red Bull. Nicole Richie

This former A list celebrity/singer who is now probably a C lister when it comes to his specialty and a B list reality star in one country is more famous for his ex and his name than his career. He has been ignoring his kids in favor of the string of women less than half his age who he has been enjoying. He makes no effort to see his kids at all. Seal

This former almost A list mostly television actress calls her former co-star almost every week. Our former almost A lister has dropped down to a C list as far as work goes, although she does keep her name recognition high. She calls her former co-star because her former co-star has managed to keep working and staying a nice comfortable B-. Our former almost A lister wants work but her former co-star remembers how badly she was treated by the almost A lister and has told producers she will walk off the show if her former nemesis even gets a whiff of a guest star role. Alyssa Milano/Shannen Doherty "Mistresses"

This C list mostly movie actress is foreign born. Would you know her? She has had some big shots here in the States on a very critically acclaimed network show for one, but was canceled prematurely. She has been in the photos a lot. She makes big time movies. She also has very bad choices she makes in relationships and drug use. She didn't show up for work the other day because her A list mostly movie actress co-star could not wake her up after our C lister crashed on the floor literally. Passed out like a log after too many drugs and hit her head on the floor. No blood so the A lister didn't do anything and had her assistant check up on the condition of the C lister all day. Finally moved around dinner time. 14 hours after she hit the floor. Anna Friel/Kate Hudson

Shortly after this B+ list mostly movie actress split with her A+ list mostly movie actor husband she was asked out by a co-star, who also used to be an A+ list mostly movie actor. She was willing and said that she was excited about it until he picked her up and for the next three hours she could barely breathe. Apparently the actor had not showered in weeks because he said he was cleansing his body of toxins and this included also not brushing his teeth despite chain smoking and gorging on coffee. When he went in for a kiss at one point, our actress said she would have rather died and was hoping to pass out.
B+ actress: Robin Wright
A+ husband: Sean Penn
A+ actor: Keanu Reeves (who after his recent movies and especially Ronin is now a former A+ lister but is probably a permanent A lister because of the name.)
Movie: "The Private Lives of Pippa Lee"

This A+ list mostly movie actor from some of the biggest movies of all time who everyone thinks is gorgeous has lung cancer after 30+ years smoking. He is hopeful of a full recovery, but friends and family don't think he will live more than another year. He is too far gone.

These two A+ list celebrities/singers used to be very good friends. Never great friends, but the older of the two was willing to pass on her torch to what she thought was a worthy successor. Then the younger of the two decided to try and steal the older celebrity's manager for herself. Not a good move. Then the younger celebrity started hanging out with the older celebrity's ex. One who knows all the secrets and the younger one was pumping the guy for information. Even slept with him a few times just so she could say she had slept with the same guy that the older celebrity had been with. If she wanted to continue that game she would have to sleep with a whole lot more than one, but she thought this guy was special, so figured it counted for extra. The younger celebrity also has been accused of stealing some things from the home of the older celebrity. Nothing high dollar, but very sentimental. The final straw though came when the younger celeb took credit for the older celebrity's latest project saying that she had done the whole thing for the older celebrity, but wanted to do it as a favor. Not true and not appreciated and the younger celeb has found it tough to do anything now because the older celeb has told as many people as she can to not work with the younger celeb. Cher/Lady GaGa
PROBABLY: Cher’s ex Gregg Allman or Rob Camiletti
Lady Gaga leaked online: "The Greatest Thing" duet between her and Cher

This A-/B+ foreign born mostly movie actress with A list name recognition is not doing much press for her latest movie. She wants to, but after a publicist sat in with her during one interview it was decided to not let her do any unless they are essential and already booked. She has trouble putting sentences together for very long and looks more like a zombie than a star. Catherine Zeta Jones "Red 2"

This B list celebrity is not being honest with the public about his very serious illness because he does not want to explain how he contracted it, or answer any questions about it. He has his story and is sticking to it. Morrissey

This A+ list celebrity/singer always tells her fans they are perfect the way they are and that beauty is on the inside and goes on and on about it. Apparently though, when it comes to her though, she makes a ton of modifications and then goes into hiding, only to emerge looking like a different person. Lady Gaga

What A+ list mostly movie actor would be horrified to learn that his daughter has posed nude for a very famous photographer. I mean the dad would lose his shit. Bruce Willis

This B list mostly movie actress who has tons of name recognition, but I would have a hard time thinking of the last movie she was in even though she seems to make several each year. Gorgeous. Losing her hair. In huge clumps. Is scared to cut it short though and wear a wig because her actor boyfriend likes it long. Yeah, but I bet he would like the wig better than the bald spots. Diane Kruger

This tweener actress is mid-teens. Disney and the entire Disney family of networks has been her home. Apparently they have not taught her any manners. She yelled at a doorman this week for not opening the door for her. He was helping a woman with a package, and our tweener actress stood there waiting. When the doorman finished with the woman he came to open the door for our tweener, she said, "Next time, the other person waits. I give bigger tips." Peyton List "Jessie"

This C list mostly movie actress who has tried the celebrity route and reality star route to get famous is telling friends that her persistence has paid off and that she gets a one week tryout with this A+ list mostly movie actor later this summer. Julianne Hough with George Clooney and it is exactly her willingness to tell everyone that cost her a shot at the gig.

This former A+ list mostly television actress who is now a C+ with high name recognition reached her peak on the list way back in the day when she was a teen on a very very hit network television show. Of course by then, she says she had already lost her virginity. She says she was 12. Her mom already had put her on birth control because she knew that guys would be all over her daughter on the set. Melissa Gilbert

A few years ago I had a blind item which detailed how this A+ list mostly television actor had a thing for kiddie porn. It ruined his marriage. Although he tries to fulfill his fantasies in a safe and legal way with people who are of legal age, it is not always easy when he has to deal with someone close to him who also shares the same kink, but has actually been arrested for molesting a child. I know it is unlikely because of how things are arranged, but it does scare me that both of them have access to kids on a regular basis. Charlie Sheen

She may boast about speaking ‘Woman To Woman’, but this singer appears to fail to recognize one original Bad Boy lady was throwing her a rope when she extended our blind item a Faithful invite to become an R&B Diva LA. We’re told our blind item believes all R&B Divas are ‘washed-up’ — and she thinks she’s not. But, word from the industry is our mystery lady is blackballed, for bashing Beyonce on Twitter. Her last album flopped, and her BET reality show tanked. Know why? Because no one is really checking for her anymore, after she’s said to have ‘burned too many bridges.’ The 31-year-old is reported to have installed a stripper pole in her house, and hired strippers to teach her how to do pole tricks. That’s before we’re told she ended up having them join her and hubby Booby in three-way smash sessions. Booby is said to be terrified of her, because he thinks she’s nuts! Keyshia Cole

This A list mostly movie actor is starting to scare his neighbors. Not only does the actor have an extensive collection of guns he keeps adding to everyday, he has also been cleaning them and dry firing them in the front and back yards and building some kind of target range. Johnny Depp

This A list celebrity/singer picked up a guy the other night and they were all set to have sex when the guy asked our celebrity if she had any condoms. She said she did, but that she wanted to roll the dice that night. She then asked the guy if he was scared of rolling the dice with a stranger. He said he was and then she kicked him out of bed and out of her hotel room. Without letting him get his things. Rihanna

This former B list reality star who is now a C list celebrity who only manages to stay C list because of one of her projects, is lucky she has not lost her kids yet. At one recent party her kids were playing in the pool while our celebrity did lines of coke off her dryer and then had sex with the guy who brought the drugs right there on the dryer. HINT: Used to be a "Teen Mom"

This B- list celebrity/reality star has been dodging questions about same sex marriage because she has been cheating on her partner and has no desire to get married right now. Things have got really nasty between the pair and barely speak to each other and have split everything, even things you really should not split. Jillian Michaels

This A list mostly television actor got really wasted over the weekend when he was out of town. He also hooked up with a woman. This would be surprising news to his long time boyfriend, although our actor has done this before. He is open to whoever he happens to be attracted to that night. HINT: He has a movie opening soon PROBABLY: Neil Patrick Harris "A Million Ways to Die in the West"

This former almost A list celebrity and B list reality star turned a 15 minute photo shoot into a three hour nightmare because she was so wasted on coke. At one point she even started bleeding on some of the clothes for the shoot. Ashlee Simpson

This B+ list celebrity has been accused of cheating on his B list celebrity girlfriend of many years. He keeps getting away with it though because he takes her with him almost everywhere he goes and is a perfect gentleman. It is the times he does not take her. Every single one of those times he has someone ready to go. Enrique Iglesiasa/Anna Kournikova

Things have never been the same since this almost A list mostly television actress from a very hit cable show brought home a woman for herself and her actor husband. The husband has been seeing the other woman on the side and with his wife. The other woman has told the husband that he needs to be with her or she will spill everything. Meanwhile, the three of them or the two of them keep getting together.

When this couple got together, they definitely had plans for children. The A list celebrity husband thought they would make them the old-fashioned way, but the A list mostly movie actress said no to that very quickly. That would involve far too much sex and you could never be sure whether it would work so then you would just be forced to keep having sex. She had a much better idea. Surrogacy. She knew just the person and was an old family friend. So, our celebrity thought to himself, well at least it will be my sperm so I will have a child. Not so fast said the actress. She felt that his medical history was not really suitable to fathering children who were likely to succeed. Her genes were impeccable so she would be the mother, but she had someone in mind who would be a far better candidate. Her brother-in-law. Great health and mind and body and just the perfect person. Yes, of course she had one quick fling or two or three with him, but, this was about the future and making sure their children were exquisite. Well, her children really. Yes, sure, she would not see much of them right now because she was far too busy, but, in the future, when they were of an age to talk and be nice companions she would speak to them. HINT: Both are foreign born and as of me writing this are both out of the country. Nicole Kidman and Keith Urban

106. BLIND GOSSIP 07/15
There are lots of young celebrities who could use a good slap upside the head before they wind up in the headlines for the wrong reasons. Let’s start with these five:

The first is a young female singer we’ll call HalfWit. She garners huge amounts of publicity about her fake sobriety and about being a positive role model for young girls. What a liar. We know that she was blowing piles of snow up her nose last week. Yes, she calls it "snow". Because that just makes it so much cuter!

The second is a young male singer we’ll call Jokester. His pretty girlfriend is a heroin addict who encourages him to do it too because it’s "natural". She is out on tour with him right now and even brought some balloons for him. How thoughtful.

The third is a young male singer we’ll call Baby. He starts smoking weed first thing in the morning, does cocaine, drinks every day, and mixes up a tasty purple beverage when he wants to get really wasted. He hasn’t had a sober day in over a year now. He is so reckless that he may expire in a car accident instead of an OD.

The fourth is an under-30 female singer we’ll call Really FuckedUp. She is so fucked up all day, every day that she can’t fulfill even the most basic of work commitments. All of those who think that you can’t get addicted to weed are just naïve. She’s going to get sued pretty soon for not fulfilling her contract. Wonder if she’ll get a tattoo to commemorate that?

The fifth is a sweet young female singer we’ll call Princess. She started doing blow fairly recently, but now it’s a daily thing. Getting back together with her ex and hanging out with his unsavory posse of juvenile delinquents and addicts certainly isn’t helping the situation.

Isn’t Hollywood glamourous? Some of you wonder why we ride young celebrities so hard about their drug use. Cory Monteith is why. So, before you yell at us (He’s fine! She’s sober! You’re just a bunch of haters!), consider the case of Cory Monteith. Then go ahead and email or tweet one of your favorite celebrity listed above… and tell them how much you are going to miss them when they die a young and horrible drug or alcohol-related death.
Half Wit: Demi Lovato
Jokester: Joe Jonas
Baby: Justin Bieber
Really FuckedUp: Rihanna

Princess: Selena Gomez

During her heyday, this LA R&B Diva had her singing career on lock, but that may not have been the case during her then-marriage. Know why? Because though "He Proposed" to her, sources say ex-hubby Jeffery Rolle often insulted our blind item about her weight. It’s the reason why we’re told she’s "insecure" and "depressed" over her Big Girl figure, which led her to take action — reportedly using the steep hill in her former ATL backyard as an exercise tool, walking up and down it as often as possible. According to an insider, after our mystery lady lost some weight, she had a weave make-over — but her new look reportedly failed to get Jeffrey’s attention. Wait, That’s not all!!! We’re told while our mystery songstress was said to be desperately trying to buy her his love — with luxury gifts, like a Mercedes Benz 500 — dude was tricking off her money on strippers at Atlanta strip clubs. That’s when sources say she she packed up and moved back to California — checking into "Heartbreak Hotel." Now, can you guess which ‘Soul Of A Woman’ I’m talking about? Kelly Price

108. DAILY MAIL 07/15
A secret lover has warned a mystery British rock star to cough up or she will reveal all about their love child. Here is a brief summary:
Mystery rock star has fathered a daughter by a writer in New York
She demanded £2million but he flatly refused the request
Friends say that he is willing to do anything to keep it a secret
Woman has stated that she will tell his wife if he does not acknowledge her

A married British rock star is facing demands from a the mother of a US love child that he has tried to keep secret. The mother demanded £2million and child support but friends say that he refused the request. The singer cannot be named for legal reasons and is thought to be desperate to keep the news a secret. The star fathered the little girl after a one night stand that he has described as a mistake. One friend told The Sun: ‘He has a duty not just morally but in law. The mother is holding all the cards and if he doesn’t accept his responsibility she has said she will call his wife.’ The woman is said be completely certain that he is the father as there is no possibility that she is anyone else’s daughter. She has said that she is prepared to tell his wife if he refuses to acknowledge his daughter. The Sun describes the singer as part of an internationally successful rock band that has had a string of hits played on the radio. Instantly recognisable, he is known as a responsible husband and father. The star is willing to negotiate with the mother to keep his wife in the dark. The child’s mother is a successful freelance writer in her 30s, and has refused to speak out before the matter is resolved. She is considering DNA testing, and yesterday a mobile DNA testing van was parked outside her New York City home. A friend told The Sun: ‘He knows his wife will go ballistic and throw him out. He’ll be picking his clothes up off the street.’ Neighbours say the woman adores her little girl, but always stays silent on the subject of her father. After a brief meeting in New York last year, she fell pregnant and contacted the father. But he refused to acknowledge his daughter and hired lawyers. Her friend said: She knows she will be entitled to a big sum. She was successful before they met, but now she’s set for life.’ The singer’s agent refused to comment.
Singer: Liam Gallagher
Band: Beady Eye
Wife: Nicole Appleton
Writer: Liza Ghorbani

It takes a certain personality type to want to perform each Saturday night on live TV! A healthy sense of ego is usually involved, which is something one cast member hasn’t been able to leave at the show when they leave 30 Rock on Sunday morning. This is evident by the huge, naked oil painting that he has over his bed. The painting is over six feet wide and pictures the funnyman lying on the ground flashing a much more worked out body than he has in reality. The detail in the oil painting is remarkable, highlighting his slightly hair chest and legs that are painted apart. However, the cast member does leave some things to the imagination as a leaf has been carefully painted over his private parts to ensure that any lucky person that makes it into his bed, has one surprise to look forward too! HOWLING! Fred Armisen

110. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 07/16 **#1**
This still A list mostly movie actress got a breast augmentation. When you hear the reason, it will blow you away. Her boyfriend wanted some photos of her topless and she did not like her breasts, so she got them done and then let him take photos of her breasts.

111. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 07/16 **#2**
This former B list reality star from a very hit cable reality show and now D list celebrity has managed to bring a charity to the brink of bankruptcy because of the fees she demanded to help the charity and with the bills she charged to the charity without them knowing. Kristin Cavallari

112. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 07/16 **#3**
This A list mostly television actor loves his drugs and his women. He thought he had the perfect co-star when she agreed to share his drugs and him. Turns out though she got back together with her ex so stopped both. Cost her everything. Charlie Sheen/Selma Blair

113. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 07/16 **#4**
This A+ list mostly movie actor has no idea that prior to the first date he had with his wife, she had spent the night before with this other A+ list mostly movie actor. She was working where they were filming and was determined to keep at least one of the actors. She did. Ryan Reynolds/Blake Lively/Leonardo DiCaprio

114. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 07/16 **#5**
This B list actress would love to be mostly movies, but has been stuck doing television for some time. Her name recognition is high. She was on a very hit show. The show went off the air. She is having an affair with the married rabbi of her temple. HINT: She has filmed one thing since this item was written despite what her IMDb page might lead you to believe. Apparently the word is out that as much as a producer or director would like to hire her their wives won't allow it. She won't steal the husbands but she will do whatever it takes to stay on a show or to get some roles. None of the hit shows she was a regular on were on the big three. Michelle Trachtenberg

115. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 07/16 **#6**
This former almost A list mostly television actor is still on television, but reduced to cable. B- list probably. He refuses to ever speak to this B list celebrity/reality host because the reality host slept with the actor's wife. The actor was cheating on his wife and made the wife look bad even though he was doing the majority of the cheating, but he still holds a grudge against his former best friend/reality star. Mark Paul Gosselaar/Jeff Probst

116. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 07/16 **#7**
In what is very unexpected behavior from this B list mostly television actress who seems to go from hit show to hit show and is definitely known for her certain look was without her boyfriend the other night at a club and grinding down on the lap of a Russian hockey player. She was wasted, but this is something no one has ever seen from her before. She was all over this guy.

117. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 07/16 **#8**
This aging rocker who is not as old as a Rolling Stone and also has television experience does not even bother making an effort at finding groupies any longer. On a recent cruise he had one of his tour guys find women wearing his shirts and if they were single and interested the tour person just sent them to the former A list rocker's cabin. Rick Springfield

118. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 07/16 **#9**
This actress used to be almost A list. It was mostly movies. That is what she is famous for. Over the past few years she has gone from a flood of movies every year to a trickle. One a year at this point maybe. Although she is a very good actress, she started to get less work because she had a habit of making people very uncomfortable. She scared them. Our actress has no problems stating exactly how she feels and if she is sitting at dinner one night and thinks a thought about someone at the table she will say it. More than once she has told someone she thinks that person is going to die. She has been on at least three sets where the power went completely out. She then employs her favorite expression which is Death Hour. She is convinced most people die in a certain time of the day and that she knows what that time is. It varies depending on her mood. She always talks about death and loves seeing photos of death. It all can become too much. At first, someone might think it is quirky, but after months of working with her, and living through it everyday, it turns from quirk to fear and not wanting to be around her any longer. This, over time has caused her to get fewer parts and for her to get even that more scarry. Fairuza Balk

119. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 07/17 **#1**
This A list cable talk show host has always been known to have a big ego, but this might be taking it one step too far. The cable network for whom he works is required to post ads for his show on as many billboards as possible which can be seen by him on his drive to and from the studio. If he sees a billboard that does not have him on it he apparently has a fit. Bill Maher

120. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 07/17 **#2**
This former almost A list mostly television actor from a long running television show is now starring in movies. He also is making casting decisions. He recently recast a role because one actress would not sleep with him and dropped her for another that would. Zach Braff (replaces Anna Kendrick with Ashley Greene)

121. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 07/17 **#3**
This actress is B-/C+ list. Mostly television. She is on a very popular show and her fan base is all about making her A+ every chance they get. Our actress is not shy about peace and love and recently spent a weekend being naked and enjoying a commune lifestyle including so much pot that she said it took her almost a week to come down from the high. She says she loved being able to be naked and free and not having to worry about what people think about her.

122. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 07/17 **#4**
Our actress from Blind Item #3 is back. One of the things she is into is free love and one of the people she recently loved on is this A+ list mostly movie actress who brought her A list mostly movie actor boyfriend along. To watch.

123. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 07/17 **#5**
This former B list mostly television actor from a very hit cable show who is now a C+ list actor looking for work has an A list celebrity girlfriend. One of these days he hopes to be able to perform and have sex with her. Of course, if he does, he better double or triple up because her ex left her with something you never ever want to get. Ever. Michael Pitt/Kristen Stewart (Robert Pattinson)

124. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 07/17 **#6**
This former A list mostly movie actress who is still a solid B+ and hopefully will never make another movie with this almost A+ list mostly movie actor was overheard the other day telling a friend that her current guy is a consolation prize and that she did everything she could to get her last boyfriend to have kids with her. She said she did a threesome for the first time and did something else she had never done before, but, he still dumped her. Kristen Stewart/Robert Pattinson (Michael Pitt)

125. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 07/17 **#7**
This B list mostly movie actress with almost A list name recognition needs rehab desperately. No one can handle her when she is wasted and she seems to be wasted at least every other day to the point of passing out. Emma Roberts

126. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 07/17 **#8**
With all the sex in the history of the grounds of the Playboy Mansion, this weekend set the record for loudest coupling between this C+ list mostly movie actress/reality star/foreign born and this B list athlete who is A+ in his own corner of the sports world. She would not stop screaming. She would also not let the athlete go until he finished and he was definitely trying to escape.
Reality star: Bai Ling
Athlete: Yasiel Puig

127. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 07/17 **#9**
She will talk about it now. Sometimes. She has to be in a good mood and you have to catch her at just the right time. I have known her forever, and even I don't know everything there is to know. She says it started off great and that she was shocked to be the focus of this guy who at the time seemed to be at the center of the universe. He was A list. He was movies. He was everywhere. He was in everything and people loved him and worshiped him and here he was, dating her. Not just dating her but romancing her and convincing her to leave the guy she was with because he was going to be next to her forever and never leave and everything he said was wonderful. That was the thing though. A lot was words. When they started dating, the whole e-mail thing was new, and cell phones were great, but texting was not something you did all the time. He was on sets and word would get back to her about the women he was seeing, but then he would call her every night and they would talk and he would make it right. That is the thing, he would always make it right. When she would actually catch him cheating he would send over huge presents. She used to be almost A list. She trashed her career for him because he would keep telling her they were going to get married and she should prepare for it so she would turn down work during that time period and then he would cancel the wedding a month or two before, just to mess with her. He told her franchises were dumb so she walked away from one and turned down another just because she always did what he said. They had a lot of breakups but she would always take him back. She was the one fighting. He was always with someone else or several people and she would have to work to get him back and then he would hurt her again. Even after the split was finally permanent, the scars were there. It took almost a year for every year they were together for her to start feeling normal again. Normal enough to start talking about it. I know there is more, but it comes out very slow. She does enjoy the fact his career has stalled. He has probably dropped to B+ although he usually is the lead in movies he stars in. She has moved back up to B- again and has moved on. She does not know what she will do if she runs into him. Last time she saw him she hid in her car for an hour until she was sure he had gone. John Cusack/Neve Campbell

128. LAINEY‘S GOSSIP 07/17
There’s a reason she recently decided to flaunt her brand new relationship so publicly. Suddenly she’d found true love behind the scenes? And they were telling magazines about it? And getting papped on holiday in Europe? It was because she was sending a message. To the major Hollywood player with whom she’d been having an affair for 6 months. Only, at the time, he had a girlfriend. They were dealing with each other undercover. She would travel to see him while he was shooting on location overseas. No one, none of us, picked up on the fact that she showed up in the same city. He was sleeping with both the official girlfriend and the side job and telling the side job that he’d break up with the official one and make her the bonafide but, really, the side job, to him, was just a good fuck and not a proper escort at the kinds of functions he usually needs an escort for. She continued to pressure him though and when he refused her demands, she showed up with a new man, jammed it in his face – and ours – and very shortly afterwards, he formally ended it with his gf, with a generous send-off. Now? Impasse. She’s enjoying her summer hookup. And he’s all like, ok, I’m available, you can come to me, or don’t. It’s not like he can’t find a replacement, like, right away. Any woman becomes an instant star as soon as he takes her out. Given that she’s already a star, on a smaller scale, their reveal, should they figure out their situation, would be great for gossip though it could overshadow his work. And he has a lot of it coming up.
She: Eva Longoria
Her New Boyfriend: Ernesto Arguello
Hollywood Player: George Clooney
Hollywood Player’s Official Girlfriend: Stacy Keibler

129. BLIND GOSSIP 07/17 **#1**
This television star recently lost a close friend. Some of you may think this would be the wrong time to go in on her about her own problem. Actually, we think it’s the perfect time. This TV star is very, very talented, but has always been self-conscious about her looks. She was of normal weight in real life, but thought she would look better on TV if she was thinner. So she lost weight. Lots of weight. The public story is that she the weight through a healthy vegan diet and exercise. Absolute bullshit. She started doing cocaine. Lots of cocaine. Now she’s hooked. She’s afraid if she stops, she’ll gain the weight back. If her friends and colleagues care about her, they will help her understand that her weight is not as much of a priority as taking care of her addiction. Given the loss of her close friend, we hope that she and all of her friends are shocked into getting some help.
Actress: Lea Michele
TV Show: "Glee"

130. BLIND GOSSIP 07/17 **#2**
The cast of Glee is in shock over the passing of their colleague and friend, Cory Monteith. One specific cast member was walking around a store in SoHo yesterday with three friends, talking about how they would like to honor Cory. "I’m going to get a dog. And I’m going to name him ‘Cory Monteith’," said the Glee cast member. "That would be disrespectful," said one of the friends. "No, it’s not! It would be cool! That way, whenever I talk to him, it will be like having Cory around. Come here, Cory Monteith! Get the ball, Cory Monteith!" "That’s an incredibly stupid idea," said another friend. "Well, I like like , and I’m going to do it," said the Glee cast member. Chord Overstreet

Which celebrity hairdresser, who endorses a hair collection, tests out all of his products on his own dogs. He does the hair of several huge Hollywood celebrities, including a very famous British singer, an original housewife and a tabloid cover legend. But before he does anything he makes sure his puppies approve! He puts all the extensions on his dogs to see if they look real or fake, plus if you want to know the truth about how comfortable an extension is, trust a dog not a celebrity!
Hairdresser: Ken Paves
Famous British singer: Victoria Beckham
Original Housewife: Eva Longoria
Tabloid Cover Legend: Jessica Simpson

132. ALLIE IS WIRED 07/18
"This female star’s niche is rom-coms and made a name for herself in comedies. She is basically just a pretty face and she has tried dramatic roles with substance, but her looks just don’t translate into talent. In fact, some fellow celebs wonder how she gets roles that require more than an ounce of skill. She also claims to read scripts with excruciating detail, but in reality an assistant usually gets the job of reading her parts to her. On several occasions she had to have "big words" explained to her." Kate Hudson; Cameron Diaz; Jennifer Anniston

Is a big Political name letting the team soil a great reputation and a promising upcoming election?

134. POPBITCH 07/18
(British blog) Which recent celebrity break-up may have had something to do with her cocaine habit and his hatred of it?
Miley Cyrus/Liam Hemsworth

135. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 07/18 **#1**
ESPY AFTER PARTY: What B list celebrity/athlete who is world famous in a non-professional sport dared his date to flash her breasts at some people at a party. She not only flashed, she also let the people close to her decide whether they were real or not. This process took a good ten to fifteen minutes and the athlete loved watching his date do this. Michael Phelps

136. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 07/18 **#2**
ESPY AFTER PARTY: This C list reality star from a very hit network reality show was found crying in the bathroom. She was half drunk and my source had a hard time catching everything because the reality star was sobbing/whispering but apparently there was an NFL player (No other description available) who decided he liked what he saw and grabbed her breast and ripped the fabric from around the breast so she needed something to cover herself so she could leave.

137. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 07/18 **#3**
ESPY AFTER PARTY: This D list mostly movie actress was passing out stills of herself from her latest movie which did not do as well as expected, but still her biggest project to date and had everyone in it. The stills were reduced to business card size and she would walk up to a guy and look at him and write down something on the card and hand it over. She was writing what price he would have to pay to be with her for the night. Different prices for every guy depending on how they looked. She was at the show too. Syd Wilder "This Is The End"

138. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 07/18 **#4**
This former member of an almost A list band that has since faded into almost obscurity and dependent on their next release for label survival is considered to be what made the band go. Now he is a shell of his old self and spends almost 24/7 doing drugs. Apparently he is just counting down the days until he is eligible for that celebrity club that no one really wants to join.

139. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 07/18 **#5**
ESPY AFTER PARTY: This female A list celebrity who is probably a B- list athlete and never any fun, seemed to take great pride in humiliating her athlete boyfriend. She walked up to a group he was in a conversation with and started telling him in front of everyone that she was still waiting for that drink and he needed to get it for her right then. She then handed him her purse and said she was tired of holding it. Satisfied, she walked away. Danica Patrick/Ricky Stenhouse Jr.

140. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 07/18 **#6**
ESPY AFTER PARTY: This C list celebrity who only has fame because of her past group won the award for most drunk person of the night. She also wins the award for most time spent in rappers laps. None of them seemed too thrilled about taking her home because apparently it is a been there done that kind of experience for most of them. No one is sure how she actually got invited, but thinks it is because she once slept with her A list celebrity/reality star former boss' boyfriend and he gets her tickets.
Celebrity: Aubrey O'Day
Group: "Danity Kane"
Forner Boss' Boyfriend: Sean Combs

141. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 07/18 **#7**
This MTV VJ from back in the day had sex with this still A list musician right on the set. She was interviewing him and after it ended they stayed right there and just went at it.

142. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 07/18 **#8**
This A list mostly television actress is supposed to be preparing for several happy occasions. One must wonder if her significant other is being included in this or not because he was spotted with another woman who was definitely not our actress. The other woman was wearing a bikini and removed it so the significant other could rub oil on her more thoroughly. Another busted relationship? Yeah, I think people could see that coming. Jennifer Love Hewitt/Brian Hallisay (birth of baby and wedding)

143. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 07/18 **#9**
Back in the day these two barely A list foreign born mostly movie actors were fit and ready for anything. It is why they were cast in the movie that brought them together, forged a years long friendship and why now they rarely speak unless forced. They spent two years drinking and womanizing. Even though both were in relationships, nothing stopped them from their conquests every night. Once, one of the actors who works more than his old friend now had his wife stop by the set for two weeks. He saw her the first night and the last and in the middle 12 days slept with 12 different women. I think this is why she is an ex now. One of his exes decided she loved him the way he was and has come back to him even if he does cheat and beat as she likes to put it. There were only so many women to go around and the two became enamored over one woman in particular. No one is quite sure why it was her they chose to fight over. There were other more attractive women around, but this almost A list mostly movie actress was someone they both wanted and she led them to believe she was open to either of them and loved the attention she was getting from them. Even though she would not be shooting a certain day, she would still drop by the set just to have the two guys fawn over her. At some point though the fawning became jealousy when she decided to be with the actor who does not work as much now and this led the other actor to go on a rampage not seen for some time. He destroyed an entire set which needed to be rebuilt and he and the other actor got into a huge fight which was exacerbated by the amount of liquor they both consumed. They each got in some good blows and each injured the other. Although they tried to put that night past them, they have never been able to. They will see each other and they have tried to repair the bond, but for some reason it does not want to be repaired even though the woman has moved on and moved on to another man.

144. CELEBTZER 07/18
We have to be honest — we would never, ever, in a million years have put these two ladies together for a secret rendezvous. One of the women involved is a young wayward star. The other, a veteran of the silver screen. The wayward starlet has flirted with bisexuality and has been opened about bedding women and men. It has long been known in Hollywood circles that the leading lady of the silver screen preferred the company of women, and this year, she somewhat acknowledged it in the public arena. Naturally, their fling didn’t last too long, given the age difference and the fact that one of them gravitates towards men, too. But it’s the coupling of this pair that gets us every time. Can you guess?
Young wayward star: Lindsay Lohan
Veteran of the silver screen: Jodie Foster

Today’s blind item is a comedian who sources say paid off one Caucasian woman a lump sum of cash. Know why? Because she accused him of raping her. Here’s what our mystery man told an investigator on the rape case: "I had a rubber on. I probably took it off right when I was getting ready to cum. I probably came on her ass. I’m fucked. I’m better getting caught with fucking needles in my arm." He may be a comedian, but his soon-to-be ex-wife probably doesn’t see him as a funny man. Know why? Because dude is reported to have cheated on Ms. Compton — with a list of Caucasian woman. Don’t believe me.. Just ask Madonna. That’s why we’re told his estranged wife turned into a jealous woman, said to have often showed up unannounced on the set of "I Think I Love My Wife." Sources say that didn’t stop our blind item from smashing his co-star.. Just ask Kerry Washington. He’s one of the biggest house Negroes ever. Know why? Because he often uses his stand-up stage to crack on Black folks, for the other man. Now, can you guess who I’m talking about? Chris Rock

146. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 07/19 **#1**
This former A list tweener who is in this space frequently picked up two women and made them have sex with each other in front of our former tweener and his friends as a condition to being with him. They agreed and were filmed the entire time. There is some question whether one of them is over 18. Neither ended up having sex with the tweener who passed them off to his friends while he watched. Justin Bieber

147. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 07/19 **#2**
This former almost A list movie actor who approached A list only because of a franchise recently spent 48 hours in a detox facility which is all he had time for without drawing attention to his news. His body was so messed up that everyone around him thought he was going to die. He is still really sick and is having severe withdrawals and doctors have told him if he does not stop drinking he will die. Daniel Radcliffe

148. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 07/19 **#3**
This former A list celebrity/singer who is now a B+ in his new gig does not seem to have learned his lesson and had sex on the beach with someone who was not his wife. Oh, and not his baby mama. Oh, and not his current mistress. Liam Gallagher

149. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 07/19 **#4**
This A list celebrity/singer made her dancers and backup singers strip to nothing because she said that a bunch of coke was missing and that one of them must have taken it. There they were, all of them in a group naked while she quizzed them and went through their clothes. After two hours, her assistant showed up and reminded the singer that the singer had used it all earlier. Rhianna

150. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 07/19 **#5**
This former A list athlete who is still an A list celebrity, is trying to make a comeback. He is also trying to dodge a lawsuit involving one of his businesses. A man ended up with two broken legs at the celebrity's gym, due to faulty equipment. The staff kicked the man out and made him walk to the doctor. In response, the athlete said wasn't concerned and only cares about making sure he gets paid and that the guy was probably faking his injuries to get money from the athlete. Alex Rodriguez

151. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 07/19 **#6**
This former B list reality star who is still a B list celebrity and who has had some awful taste in celebrity boyfriends might not be so innocent when it comes to her most recent breakup. She said it was he who cheated and he did. What she conveniently forgot to mention were the three or four nights in the final month of the relationship that she spent at the house of her ex, the former A list rocker who is still big with the 80's & 90's crowd. Kat Von D/Deadmau5/Nikki Sixx

152. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 07/19 **#7**
This former almost A list mostly movie actress who is now a B- list mostly movie actress headed to a C says that she once orally serviced this A+ list celebrity/singer while he watched his A list mostly movie actress wife in a movie. I thought the two would split up when that relationship started buzzing. Kate Bosworth/Chris Martin/Gwyneth Paltrow

153. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 07/19 **#8**
This A list mostly movie actor who is getting serious buzz as a sort of television actor was out celebrating last night when he went into a rant about how ugly his waiter was and called the manager over to tell him how ugly the waiter was and that our actor was never coming in again unless he got a different waiter. Preferably someone young and hot and attentive. Kevin Spacey (Netflix)

154. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 07/19 **#9**
A little back story to this blind. Originally this blind was not going to be blind at all and was going to be published by a reporter who had done extensive research on the story, and the fact that a celebrity was involved was just one facet to the story. That celebrity, who used to be an A list mostly movie actor was questioned by the reporter about the facts and the former actor hemmed and hawed and said he would get back to him. He never did. Instead, the reporter was visited at home by three gentleman with Eastern European accents who advised him that any story he was writing could be written, but that if the actor/celebrity was mentioned in the story or implied or inferred that they would visit him again at a time when the wife and daughter of the reporter were also home and then they all could have a chat together. Our actor/celebrity it seems has friends in very high places. One of the three men who paid the reporter a visit had a diplomatic passport. At this point, the reporter's first draft did not mention the actor/celebrity, but I am hoping he will change his mind or that this might help ruffle some feathers and that if enough people know, that the reporter can proceed without fearing for his safety or the safety of his family. The story goes back about ten years. Maybe a little more. Our actor was just coming off his peak. He was not A list any longer, but he still had that A list name recognition and glow about him. Our actor also had an appetite for women. A huge appetite for women. Because of his status, he had no problems getting women, but he had certain kinks that needed to be satisfied so he preferred to find some women in Asian countries or poorer countries where they could be bought and arrangements made for them to be given a "job" in his production company and a visa arranged so they might be able to travel with him. Our actor did this for many years, even while he was married to, at the time, this B+ list mostly movie actress. At the time of the blind he was divorced from that actress wife, but he was seeing this other C list mostly movie actress who he had met on a film. He also happened to run into a dictator. They had previously crossed paths and were actually friends because if their shared appetite for violence and women and the dictator was a huge movie fan, especially of our actor. He also admired the actress our actor was now dating. Our actor gladly handed the actress over to the dictator for a night. The actress did not even utter a protest because she had been beaten enough by the actor and the dictator had a reputation of his own that she did not want to meet. So, she stayed quiet, but she is also one of three sources the reporter used and the actress has not been seen in almost a year. Whether she is in hiding on her own or is being hidden without her consent, I don't know. The next day, the actor and the dictator had a chat and the actor said he was tired of his most recent travel companion and that her visa was running out, but he had no idea how to get her back to her country and just did not want to bother. The dictator offered to take the woman off our actor's hands and the actor agreed, but said they should make it official. He always wanted to sell someone so the dictator offered the actor $20. The actor agreed. One hour later the woman was in the hands of the dictator and two years later she was dead. Killed because of internal injuries after a particularly brutal rape which the dictator was known for. The reporter said that people noticed the woman who was killed, not because she was killed, because it happened more frequently than one would think, but because she was Asian and the rest of the sex slaves of the dictator were not Asian. The other sources for the reporter also confirmed that the dictator was proud that he had got the woman from one of his favorite actors and that he was sorry she had died because the actor would ask him about her when they saw each other. The dictator is now dead. The protection the actor is getting comes from another leader who also enjoys the company of the actor and they share the same taste in women and violence.
Actor/celebrity: Steven Seagal
Wife: Kelly LeBrock
C list movie actress:
Dead dictator: Muammar Gaddafi
Leader: Russian President Vladimir Putin

155. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 07/22 **#1**
This still A + list comedian who has gone through periods of wanting to get away from it all loves to spend an afternoon on the dining patio of this popular LA hotel. While his fellow patrons light up a cigar, our actor chain smokes joints. If someone complains, he goes across the street, smokes it and comes back, but that gets tiring. Dave Chappelle

156. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 07/22 **#2**
This former A list mostly television actor from one of the biggest television shows of all time has been in trouble a few times since the show went off the air. He tries to hide and keep his life secret, but the people in town are getting upset at his behavior. Recently our actor, who claims to be clean and sober took his friend out for the night where they partook in strippers and 8 balls. Meanwhile our actor's wife stayed home with the kids. The people in town wish he would be a better role model to the kids in town who look up to him. Matthew Fox

157. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 07/22 **#3**
This B-/C+ list actress who has a very famous name is being written out of a star role on a very popular almost network show because no one can stand her diva behavior. She thinks she is the big star and that she can't be replaced and acts like that to everyone. Apparently she can be replaced though because they rewrote everything to get rid of her. Huh. Must run in the family. Katie Cassidy (everyone assumed Katie was going to play Black Canary because her character was named Laurel Lance and the Black Canary's real name was Dinah Laurel Lance)

158. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 07/22 **#4**
This Academy Award winning actress who has been long forgotten as a winner despite her continued B- list mostly movie actress status was so hammered for a magazine photo shoot that the magazine had to reschedule for a different month. They did so and our actress turned up even more drunk. One more time they rescheduled and our actress managed to stay upright long enough for them to finish the shoot. Marisa Tomei

159. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 07/22 **#5**
This A+ list mostly movie actor has been in this space for being difficult. He is a great comic actor but his people skills suck. Even if he is standing right next to someone he will not speak to them directly unless he feels they are his equal. The only people he considers his equals are fellow actors who make as much as him or the director of his movie. There are times where he does not even speak to his wife directly but makes his assistant speak to her. He is in the top 5 most difficult actors to work with. Ben Stiller

160. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 07/22 **#6**
This former B list mostly movie actress who does not do much other than online wig ordering spent three hours riding in circles through NYC over the weekend waiting to meet up with her drug dealer. By the time he arrived, our actress had built up such a crowd of bystanders that the dealer fled. Amanda Bynes

161. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 07/22 **#7**
This offspring of A list actors has run away from home three times in the past year because the A list mom in the family is pressuring the offspring to work as much as possible and wants her to become the most famous face in the world. The offspring has had enough and wants to quit. Wants to be a kid. Willow Smith

162. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 07/22 **#8**
This A list reality star/host/former really bad actor had no intentions of settling down but found a woman who was willing to not only put up with his cheating, but the first woman who did not look at him funny when he wanted her to wear a device and do something to him which most women frowned upon. He used to have to pay for it, and now he gets it for free. Mario Lopez

163. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 07/22 **#9**
Have you ever seen the movie One Crazy Summer? I like it. It is one of the more bizarre movies of John Cusack's career but kind of fit in with the whole Better Off Dead vibe he was working at that point. It was one of the more bizarre appearances from Demi Moore ever. You just don't expect her to be in that movie. Anyway, the headline made me think of the movie. A few years ago now, this A list celebrity-singer was at a party with this B- list celebrity/reality star who is married to a B list mostly television actor. Got the players? Good. Speaking of players, our A lister confessed that she had always wanted to be a hooker for a night or two just to see what it was like. Everyone thought she said it as a joke, but apparently she was serious and the B list actor decided to set things up for the A lister and one night almost four years ago now, our singer became a hooker. This was not some escort thing where she went high class. This was low brow, street walking at its finest with a wig and an outfit that would blow you away. She charged street prices and acted just like any other woman on the stroll that night. The only difference was that she was watched over to make sure nothing happened to her and that she would not get busted by the police. There were always three or four people watching her. She worked from about 8pm to 6 the next morning and made a few hundred bucks which she gave to other women on the street. No one recognized her and she said it made her a better person. Not sure how. Oh, and this will be revealed. Rihanna/Coco/Ice-T

He’s a rapper suspected to be in serious danger with one street gang, after sources say our mystery man refused to pay a street-imposed tax. That’s because a member of our blind item’s "Free Banditz" crew was murdered, July 15th, in front of a crowd gathered on Atlanta’s Magic City strip club parking lot. No witnesses came forward … Dave’s murder comes just a few months after the murder of another person close to our blind item, "Double D" — who sources say was "shot dead while driving his Maybach on the I-20 freeway, in broad daylight, during 5 o’clock rush hour traffic. Again, no witnesses came forward. He may have woken up in a new Bugatti, but our blind item was surprised by gang bangers at West Hollywood’s Greystone Manor nightclub, last month. That’ before we’re told he escaped the crew, with Ciara. It’s a situation which Drake may want to take heed to. Know why? Because our blind item is on Drake’s "Nothing Was The Same" tour. Now, can you guess who I’m talking about? Future

165. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 07/23 **#1**
This former A list reality star turned B- list celebrity turned B+ reality star got bodyguard envy this week. Despite no one recognizing her where she is, and not one person asking for a photo or coming up to her for an autograph, and only the very rare pap even bothering, our reality star decided she needed bodyguards. So, she now has two shadowing her for the rest of her vacation. She also wanted to fit in with the other celebrities she saw who had them. Nicole Richie

166. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 07/23 **#2**
This former A list celebrity/"singer" who transitioned into reality television before dropping off the face of the earth still has A list name recognition. She is also aging a bit and still goofy. She also would like the world to know she has a new boyfriend. Unfortunately it is very expensive for her to show him off because he charges by the hour. Apparently our former A lister makes sure she gets her money worth, and almost every hour too. Paula Abdul

167. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 07/23 **#3**
This A list singer who has enjoyed being on the top of the world right now with his latest effort has definitely let fame get to his head. He had dropped to B list for awhile and was only able to cheat on his wife with groupies he found on the road. Now he just has to go out to lunch or dinner. He has loved his wife being out of town so much. Robin Thicke

168. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 07/23 **#4**
This A+ list mostly movie actress who is an Academy Award winner/nominee who has been married, had two sex scenes cut from her upcoming film. She said that she can't even pretend to have a sex scene in real life and is not a good enough actress to fake it for the movies either.

169. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 07/23 **#5**
This A- list mostly movie actress who seems to make the same movie every time out and is not named Jennifer Aniston refuses to do any nude scenes. Ever. She does not think they are ever necessary and think they set a bad example for women and that they are not "proper." This is the same woman who used to do lines off the naked bodies of actors from as far back as high school. I guess that is "proper" though.

170. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 07/23 **#6**
"There was this period of several weeks where I had to be home at a certain time and ready to go out. Not for a red carpet, but to go exercise with him. In public. Everyday. He had made arrangements with some photographers to capture us being together. He would try and hold my hand while jogging. It was all ridiculous. He would look at what I was going to wear and it had to match what he was wearing. Not identically, but the style. If he was wearing a worn out pair of shorts, then I was supposed to also look like I was wearing things I had for years. He would spend hours obsessing over each of these details. Should I wear headphones? Should he? Should we wear the same ones? What color? Those were a very long three weeks. Hours and hours preparing for a two minute jog around the block and then to the back of the building and up just so it would look like we had the perfect marriage." Outtake of an interview this former B+ list mostly movie actress and now a C with still A+ list name recognition gave about her actor ex-husband. Katie Holmes/Tom Cruise

171. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 07/23 **#7**
This ex-boyfriend of a male B+ list singer/celebrity who is branching out into different directions is HIV+. Although he and the singer broke up a few years ago, he is not saying when he became infected with the virus and has implied that he has been positive since well before dating the singer. Adam Lambert

172. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 07/23 **#8**
This horrible mother of a former almost A list mostly movie actress who is now a C+ with A list name recognition once crashed her daughter's sex party. Her daughter was having sex with this A+ list mostly movie actor who deserves to be about a C with his talent and the mom wanted to be part of the action. Not with the daughter, because even she is not that creepy, but wanted the A+ lister to alternate so to speak. He refused. He also left. Dina Lohan/Lindsay Lohan/Gerard Butler

173. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 07/23 **#9**
In the past I have written about some television shows that were high profile and the incidents that happened on set. Most of those shows did not have the run this show did. Most shows did not have the stars this show did. Most of those other shows did not have stars who are still huge stars. This show was on the air a long time. The blind takes place as the show was in its final season of production. Everyone was making lots of money and everyone had their own little place on the show. There was the male lead. He was a nobody before the show started and was a nobody after the show ended until he struck gold again. Two hit shows in a lifetime is pretty good for this actor. He was married while he was on the show, but that did not stop him from having sex with whatever guests were willing to have sex with him. He and one of the other male stars of the show made a deal. The younger star would get to have sex with everyone under the age of 25, and the older star took the women that were over 25. It worked out great for them. They never fought about anyone. They simply asked women how old they were at the beginning of the week, and acted accordingly. The younger actor also had a girlfriend at the time, but she only counted when the actor was away from work. He has not really done anything since the end of the show and is the only main cast member to not do well since the show ended. One of the female regulars on the show clashed a lot with the male lead I mentioned earlier. It was awful. They hated each other. There was a time during the final season where the cast was debating whether to come back for another season. It would involve pay cuts. Our male lead was with the female lead who has also been blessed with two huge television shows in her career and they came up with a plan to rid themselves of the female regular they both hated and eliminate her salary and then they would not have to take a pay cut. The regular had heard every word because the actors had forgotten they were wearing live microphones. All the cast. At the time she was still in her teens who was followed around by her boyfriend everyday. One day, the actress showed up for her 20 hour workweek at 10:30 in the morning after her regular three day weekend. She was met at her car by a production assistant who was on hour 5 of his day and about hour 80 of his workweek and the actress sat down in the golf cart and sighed. The assistant asked what was wrong and the actress said work sucked and that she was just so tired of working and the long hours, but the production assistant would just not understand. Uh huh. Oh, as a final crew gift to everyone who worked on the show, the cast, who was making a combined $2M a week, gave out a gift that cost them $50 each. Nice. This will be revealed.
Show: "Married With Children"
Older Male Lead: Ed O'Neill ("Modern Family")
Younger Male Lead: Ted McGinley
Female regular that clashed: Amanda Bearse
Female Lead: Katey Sagal ("8 Simples Rules" or "Sons of Anarchy")
Brat: Christina Applegate

He’s A-list in the music world, and likes to throw his weight around. His last high-profile romance fizzled out and perhaps we now know why. He gets his kicks by watching his girlfriend have sex with other men so he hires gigolos to service her. This mystery man gets a hotel suite, sits in a corner wearing a bandana over his nose and mouth, and directs the action while pleasuring himself. He barks out commands like a film director and refers to his girlfriend in the nastiest most vulgar terms. Most appalling, he insists that the hired men complete the action in her face and then he joins the fun. One more thing, he’s black but only hires Caucasian gigolos and drops racial profanities that would make even Paula Dean’s hair stand on end. No wonder he has trouble keeping a girlfriend…
Music Man: Chris Brown
His last high-profile girlfriend: Rihanna
Current girlfriend: Karrueche Tran

175. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 07/24 **#1**
This former A+ list mostly movie actor might still be an A. Maybe. He is always the lead, but his time has come and gone. He spent most of the day the other day on his latest film trying to impress a 20 year old who finally put him off for good by reminding the married actor she was not even born when he had last been nominated for an Academy Award. Our actor then tried to have her fired. Kevin Costner "Black and White"

176. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 07/24 **#2**
This could spell trouble in paradise. This couple is sickening sometimes in their love for each other. It is like puppy love that won't end. It might now though as the couple got into a huge fight at a grocery store. The C+ list actress of the couple knocked down a whole row of canned goods and yelled at our B+/A- list mostly movie actor who got his start on a hit network show. Several people overheard them arguing about a young woman on his most recent film who may have had a fling with the actor which caused the cans to go crashing. Our C+ lister has quite the temper. Rightfully so in this case. Those poor green beans.

177. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 07/24 **#3**
What talk show host not named Mario Lopez has taken off his wedding ring and has separated from his wife. The talk show used to be A list and so did his marriage. He told his wife there was no other woman, but he sure has been cozy with that assistant to the producer of the show. Maury Povich/Connie Chung

178. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 07/24 **#4**
This actor is B- list. Mostly movies. More known as a character actor or second lead kind of guy. He has been in a few of the biggest box office hits of all-time. Deep voice. That is not his assistant he always has on set with him. It is a hooker/stripper he met a few years back who he gets producers to pay directly so he can never be accused of paying for sex which is what she does for him all the time. Except when he is with his wife. This is the first time this actor has ever been in a blind.

179. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 07/24 **#5**
The negotiations for this divorcing couple are ongoing. The conversations are getting more interesting. The attorney for the former A list mostly movie actress in the divorce said they had photos of the former almost A list now a television actor snorting coke off several different naked women and implied they might release the photos. The attorney for the actor then said they also had similar photos of the actress snorting coke off the same naked women and implied they could release those. What happened in this house? Wow. Demi Moore/Ashton Kutcher

180. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 07/24 **#6**
This is the second of a few parts of an interview that was done by a reporter for a monthly magazine. The magazine won't use these parts because they are afraid of the backlash. The reporter gave these parts to me. "Early morning was his mediation time. He sometimes did it at night too, but the morning was sacred to him. He woke up everyday at 4:30 and was not to be disturbed until 6. I saw one person fired who did disturb him. One morning I had to see him because one of our child/ren (I'm keeping it gender neutral. The reporter did not) was sick. Really sick. I had been up all night with one of our child/ren and the child was running a really high fever. The child needed to go to the doctor. I wanted the emergency room, but I knew I would not get my way on that because my husband did not go to emergency rooms. When he became sick or hurt, he went to a private doctor or had one brought to him. He never wanted anyone to see he was sick or know he was sick. This was our child though and I was scared. I went to his bedroom and was stopped halfway there by a security person who asked where I was going and then advised me that my husband was not to be disturbed until after six. I started screaming. Really screaming. Then I went back to the bedroom and got our child and she was limp and hot and sweaty and looked miserable. I then started screaming again and finally he came out of the bedroom in a robe looking like he was headed to a premiere and had the meanest look on his face which he then turned into a plastic smile. It still gives me shivers." Katie Holmes/Tom Cruise

181. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 07/24 **#7**
This B- list mostly television actor who plays a doctor on a network show is having an affair with a real-life doctor he met while doing charity work. Patrick Dempsey

182. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 07/24 **#8**
This long long time B list range actress who does television now, but made her fame in movies, got cast in a almost network show. After being cast, she left abruptly. The reason given was because she got another show. She did get another show, a network one, but only after she called in lots of favors to get it and get her off her current show because one of her B- list mostly movies co-star would not stop harassing her and the producers said she just needed to get along with him. This is also her first time appearing in any blind.

183. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 07/24 **#9**
This actress could still be the next big thing but she is going to have to crawl back to the top for it. She was at the top as a tweener, at least as far as movies. She was one of the most recognizable tweeners in movies. She was probably a B- list in the real world and an A- in tweener land. Now she is a B- but she is willing to sleep with anyone to get to the top. It is not even so much that she will do the casting couch thing that has put her in a blind item for the first time ever I think. There might be one more, but I can't remember if it was a news story or a blind item. Anyway, not more than one other. The problem with our actress is that she loves married guys or guys about to get married. It is often said that an actress broke up the marriage of an A list director. Everyone assumes it was a former B list mostly television actress. Nope. It was the subject of our blind today. She slept with one of her best friend's boyfriend two weeks before he got married to the best friend who is an actress. Our actress was married at the time. Oh, one of her longest affairs is with another director who was sleeping with our actress while she was married and even though he is now married, our actress continues to sleep with him. She has found the perfect casting couch. Forget producers. She focuses on directors who can get her cast. One person and they keep working and so does she. When she got divorced her workload increased because she had more time to flirt with and sleep with more directors and did not have to worry about keeping her husband happy.
Tweener: Alexa Vega "Spy Kids"
A list director: Robert Rodriguez
B list television actress: Rose McGowan
Best friend: Nikki Reed
Tweener’s ex-husband: Sean Covel

184. ALLIE IS WIRED 07/24
This celebrity couple is going through a rough patch. They are trying couples therapy and even a vacation to get away from the stress of life. He wants to make it work and stay together for their kids, but she is too preoccupied with remaining in the spotlight and keeping up appearances. Nicole Richie/Joel Madden

185. BLIND GOSSIP 07/24 **#1**
This very famous 30-ish actress flew into JFK a month or so ago on a commercial airline. It was not a pleasant trip for those around her. Prior to the flight, she sat in the boarding area far away from everyone, with her head down so that no one could look at her. When the gate agent and the flight attendants said "Good morning!" and "Welcome aboard!" on her way into the aircraft, she simply glared at them and turned her head away. She sat in Row 1, Seat 1A with a female companion (who may have been her assistant) beside her. The First Class flight attendants started service. When the FA asked the award nominated/winning actress if she wanted something to drink, the actress ignored her and just stared out the window. The FA assumed that the celeb could not hear her, so she asked again, "Would you care for something to drink?" The actress whipped her head around, glared at the FA, looked her up and down with disgust, and then turned her head away again. Her assistant addressed the FA. "That means ‘No’." The only time the actress spoke during the entire flight was to her assistant… and it was to make fun of the way way that other people on the plane looked! An FA reports that, "She looked very unhealthy herself, so it was especially odd to hear her criticize other people so loudly. [The actress'] face was completely broken out with acne, and she was so thin that they could see her ribs in her back through her shirt." Upon deplaning, she did not get off with the rest of the passengers, but instead sat with her head covered until everyone was gone, and then deplaned with her companion carrying all of her bags. Despite the actress’ rude and unprofessional behavior, the FAs and the other passengers kept their cool throughout the flight… but they do hope that she will choose to fly privately from now on. Cameron Diaz

186. BLIND GOSSIP 07/24 **#2**
Oh those boy banders and their "girlfriends"! Yes, the word "girlfriends" belongs in quotation marks. These "girlfriends" seem to really know how to play the game! Give the people a little public hand holding, a little public smooch, a photo op, and then go away. You see, just because a "couple" is traveling the U.S.A. doesn’t mean that they are traveling together. It’s a big country, kids, and much of the time they are not in the same city or state… or even traveling in the same direction! Especially not this couple. They look like they are together. But they really aren’t. And they are very tired of each other. Lots of bickering and complaining taking place in private. They won’t make it to the end of the year as a "couple".
Band: One Direction
Couple: Louis Tomlinson & Eleanor Calder

For some reason yesterday the internet decided that Blake Lively was pregnant. I don't know if she ate something and there was a photo of her or Ryan Reynolds was trying to get the focus off his two huge box office bombs or what, but the story was out there. Her publicist (who jut happens to be Ryan's and who Ryan pays for) said that Blake is not pregnant. I don't expect Blake to get pregnant unless there is a time and a place where mirrors stop to exist. The two of them combined must spend hours looking into mirrors. I don't think either of them could stop looking at themselves long enough to have sex with each other. I know Ryan said he wanted to have a bunch of kids with Blake but he also said the same thing about Alanis and Scarlett and look how that turned out. The only time Ryan has ever been serious about kids is when this A+ list mostly movie actress asked him if he would be willing to donate sperm to her. He said no. They have not spoken since. Sandra Bullock

188. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 07/25 **#1**
This married, former B list mostly television actress from a hit show that has been canceled is now slipping down to a C because she does not work. Despite her fear of actually carrying a suitcase lest someone think she is a regular person, there is one bag she clutches and won't let anyone touch. That is because that bag has her magic pills. Not only her Adderall, but also several other prescription drugs which carry her through each and every day. She does spend a lot of her day prescription shopping. Portia De Rossi

189. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 07/25 **#2**
This former B list mostly television actress is probably a C now and you would not be surprised to see her in something like SharkNado. She still has really high name recognition, despite not being on a big hit in a long time. Her old hit was enough to keep her star power going for decades. She also is married. No one sees the husband much, and because of her goody goody image, there is a reason for that. Her husband has another family back in his home country. He met an escort a few years ago and when she got pregnant, he decided to set her up and over the past few years she has got pregnant by him a few more times. Our actress cannot have a scandal, which is what divorce would be, so everything stays hush hush. Candace Cameron Bure

190. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 07/25 **#3**
This former A list tweener back before there was such a term who is now an actress with A list name recognition and C list when it comes to finding work is having such withdrawal symptoms that she will jump down the throat of anyone who says one thing she does not like. This woman is on edge. She shakes and trembles and barely manages to keep it together while filming. It is a shocking sight. Winona Ryder; Christina Ricci

191. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 07/25 **#4**
This B-/C+ list celebrity has A list name recognition. In a half kind of way. She is also suffering from a bit of a substance abuse problem and needs rehab, but does not want anyone to know. She is going to keep it super quiet when she disappears for about a month. Her behavior has been erratic and her family has been scared for her kid(s). Solange Knowles

192. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 07/25 **#5**
This A+ list celebrity/rapper caused this male escort he had hired to have to go to the hospital after he was abused so violently during sex this past week. Our celebrity made him sign an agreement when he arrived and gave him a huge tip when he left. Hope it covered the hospital bill. Diddy; 50 Cent; Kanye West; Dr. Dre

193. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 07/25 **#6**
This former A list tweener who was the biggest name on the planet a few years ago has an STD from her ex actor boyfriend. Not an STD that goes away either. He has been having sex with everyone on the set of his new show and the word on the street is that he never uses a condom unless the other person insists. He is ruining a bunch of lives.

194. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 07/25 **#7**
This A list celebrity/singer/former tweener and sometime B- list actress was at an event this week. She made it very very clear that she would walk out from the event if anyone tried to speak to her other than the two people designated by the event to do so. She also said she would not be signing anything and if any of her fans touched her she would also walk out the door. She also said someone needed to walk behind her at all times with a water bottle and to have it refreshed after it fell below 3/4 full. Yeah. Well, she learned attitude from the best. Selena Gomez

195. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 07/25 **#8**
This foreign born B- list mostly movie actress and huge model had to back out of a role she was scheduled to start filming because she is going to need surgery to her nose after her husband beat her for talking to a guy and ignoring him. They were in Europe on a yacht and the guy just went ballistic. He took her downstairs in the yacht and a short time late came back and said they needed to return to shore and get a doctor because she had slipped on the floor in the bathroom.

196. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 07/25 **#9**
This A+ list movie director who is one of the most famous directors ever has not spoken to his daughter in five years. He caught her in bed with an African-American and he says he is not prejudiced, but he is.

197. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 07/25 **#10**
This actress used to be B- list. She was always mostly television. She was on a hit show and then did some other work, but now is more known for being famous than anything else. She has had issues in the past. Lots. Everyone knows about the drugs, but not the escorting or the money she made fulfilling men's weird porn fantasies they had about her. She has not really changed all that much from the drug years. She still scrapes by and still counts on men to give her money although she is more careful now about who she has sex with because she has a reputation. Well, she thinks she does and people do think she is on the straight and narrow. She would love a reality show. To do that though, she needs to be the victim and her ex is not going to let her be the victim. He is prepared to show the world what she is really like unless she gives in to his demands which she has to because he has videos. Lots of videos. Lots of videos that would cause her to never work again. Ever. It would make her a pariah. So, look for a very quiet announcement later that will essentially let her get her reality show but she will have nothing else in her life. Jodi Sweetin

This new May-December relationship may have a snag. Somebody's still got a spouse. How long will it take before somebody gets checked?
Al Sharpton and Aisha McGraw

199. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 07/26 **#1**
This former B list mostly movie actress was going to be the next big thing at one point. A bunch of movies in a row. Kind of reminds me of Kirsten Dunst, but without the booze and need to have a string of rock star boyfriends. Anyway, she now does mostly television. Probably B- list. Anyway, two nights ago she and some guy she had just picked up at a club decided to have sex in a cab on the way to his place. Full on sex. He managed to finish before arriving at his place, so she just said good night, and went home. Where is Taxicab Confessions when you need it? Julia Stiles

200. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 07/26 **#2**
This former A list mostly movie actress who was this close to A+ before everyone realized she can't act and was not popular and made a string of bombs, got naked with this almost B+ celebrity who everyone has been talking about this past year. As soon as they got naked though, the boyfriend of the almost B+ lister walked in the room and started undressing and that was the cue for the former A lister to grab her clothes and leave. I'm sure her husband was glad to get her back.

201. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 07/26 **#3**
This A list reality star with A+ name recognition from a very hit cable show is thrilled with her weight loss. You know, diet and exercise is what she says. The Adderrall she pops like Skittles would tell a different story. She takes so many that she has been sleeping two hours a night and has become the most impossible diva on the set of her show.

202. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 07/26 **#4**
The boyfriend of this former A list reality star from a hit cable show who is now a B list celebrity and still has A list name recognition brokered a deal for the celebrity to have sex with a fan. $100K for just three hours. Impressive. What is not that impressive is that the boyfriend is keeping it all for himself. Yeah, he is that way for sure. Farrah Abraham "Teen Mom" (former boyfriend now: Daniel Alvarez )

203. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 07/26 **#5**
This show creator of a hit cable show admitted that he let his peen get the best of him when he cast this B- list mostly movie actress in a role for which she was not suited. She said she would sleep with him if she got the part and he really wanted to, she got the part and was hated. She slept with a cast member to get him to stick up for her, but he just blew her off when she tried to get him on her side and keep her on the show. Matthew Weiner/Jessica Pare/Jon Hamm "Mad Men"

204. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 07/26 **#6**
This barely A list mostly now movie actor is back on the stripper bandwagon again. The married to a celebrity actor is keeping it online this time though and just has webcam chats with several different women who have all signed non-disclosure agreements. His wife does not know though. Josh Duhamel/Fergie

205. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 07/26 **#7**
This actress is C- list. Mostly movies. She is related to a B- list actress who will join her relative in the C range very quickly since her show ended and can't get work. Anyway, the current C lister is about to get a few roles because she filmed herself and this almost A list mostly movie actress having sex. Apparently it is very hot. The almost A lister is out so that is not the big deal. It is who she is dating now. He does not want a scandal and is throwing parts the C lister's way.
C- list actress with sex tape: Angel McCord
B- list actress relative: AnnaLynne McCord
Almost A list Actress: Amber Heard (dating Johnny Depp)

206. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 07/26 **#8**
This father/son duo spent a night holed up in a strip club on a recent night. They each took someone back to the hotel. One is married to a permanent A list celebrity. The other has an A list celebrity girlfriend.

207. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 07/26 **#9**
This A+ name who is now a shell of her former almost A list mostly movie actress self has apparently been banned from ever entering a certain country again after a hotel claims that a rare piece of jewelry was stolen by the actress. They have kept it quiet, but the insurance company is going to pursue a claim against the actress. The only action the hotel took was to talk to someone who had it arranged that the actress is not allowed back inside the country. I don't think she was planning on going back anyway.

208. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 07/26 **#10**
This actor was approaching A list when he was younger. That was when he got the role of a lifetime on a television show. Then he dropped to B despite a truly great film performance that everyone loves. Loves. He stayed busy even without fame and was pumping out movies as fast as he could make them. Every genre, but not many successful ones. It didn't matter. He was working. From the time he hit his first set when he was in his teens he was drinking. That turned to drugs and back to drinking. That turned to rehab and then rehab again. As he drank and grew older, he also became a real pain to work with and directors and producers wanted less and less to do with him. When he came on the set with a knife once and then later with a gun while high on meth, he was shown the door. Literally. Rock bottom. He said he literally slept in a gutter that night because he kept drinking and kept using and when he fell down off a curb, the gutter was on a slant and he did not have enough muscle coordination to beat the slant and was on the ground all night. He woke up and went to rehab the next day. Had a slip and then went again. After that second chance he has kept on the straight and narrow. He has been clean. From the day he got out of rehab that second time he has been calling producers and directors and writers. He just wanted a chance to act again and to show everyone he could do it. He says he never missed a day of calling for almost two years. He kept going to lunch with people to show them he was clean. He made sure people saw him clean. Now, almost two years later he landed a great film role and a small part on a very popular television show. Hopefully he can keep it together. Haley Joel Osment

209. MOUTH TO EARS 07/26
What rhymes with hug me?!? A certain R&B star can’t seem to push away for his fame whore ex because they both share a love for blurred lines. When you find love in a hopeless place, it’s always hard to let go. The star became famous because of his sibling but now has a name of his own. The family can’t stand the little starlet because of her desperation for the limelight. Unfortunately… it’s too bad and oh so sad for them because, he’s already fell in love. The good thing is, this R&B star’s family is no joke. We are confident they’ll find a way to make this fame whore get "ghost"…

R&B Star: Ray J Norwood
His Ex: Teairra Mari
His Sibling: Brandy Norwood

She’s said to be set to reveal the Confessions of her ex-Boo, who seems to believe he can take over as the new King of Pop. Sources say she’s now got the the goods to back her story. Know why? Because word is — not only does she have a sex tape of her smashing him with a strap-on — she’s got pictures of his bi-sexual activities, and the addresses of the men he reportedly smashed. Don’t believe me.. Just ask the private detective we’re told she hired. We’re told that’s the juice the smashing stylist is using as leverage to keep the singer signing over those checks. During their twisted marriage, insiders say she found out he Got It Bad for young Caucasian and Latino guys — who he reportedly would take to his jump-off spot, an Atlanta Juniper Street condo, over the cupcake store. Their former marriage is a situation that led her to recently land a spot on ‘Hollywood Exes Atlanta.’ Now, can you guess which celebrity ex-couple I’m talking about? Usher/Tameka Raymond

211. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 07/27 **#1**
Sometime in the next week there is going to be a 30 second cell phone recording hitting the internet which shows the celebrity husband of this A list reality star having sex with a woman who is most definitely not his wife. The recording is very very recent. The recording is grainy but there is no mistaking who it is. Lamar Odom/Khloé Kardashian

212. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 07/27 **#2**
This A list singer/former A list tweener made five women stand naked in his hotel room before they were allowed to talk to him. While they were standing there they were talked about and leered at. There were more women originally but some gave up and one was pulled out of the lineup because one of the guys there wanted to have sex with her and another two were kicked out for being too fat. This will be revealed. Justin Bieber

213. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 07/27 **#3**
This B- list mostly television actress from a very hit, long running, network show has finally walked away from her husband. At least this time it has been a week. He cheats constantly and is at it from the time his wife leaves for work until she gets home. He then goes out at night, leaves her with the child(ren) and hooks up with whoever he has met online that day. He promises the women that he can make them a star. He then has sex with them and rarely calls them again. Ellen Pompeo/Chris Ivery (Obviously she took him back again and will keep doing so. Not sure why.)

214. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 07/29 **#1**
This husband of a B+ talk show host is back to his old ways. Wasn't that him with a 20 something old woman sitting on his lap making out with him in the back room of a restaurant while his amazing wife was out for the night? Rachel Ray

215. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 07/29 **#2**
This A list Broadway star and C+ list television and movie actor has always been good looking. He has also always been heavily into drugs and booze. He is sober now. He also cheated on his long term boyfriend with a very young man he met in AA meetings. To be with his new love, he left his boyfriend behind in New York and has moved in with his new younger boyfriend in West Hollywood. New tattoos and a new mustache complete the mid-life crisis look and act. Cheyenne Jackson

216. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 07/29 **#3**
This drummer of a three person band who is one of the top bands of all-time has more money than he could ever spend. Did he spend it on his nephew when his nephew was dying of leukemia? Nope. Not one penny. He wanted nothing to do with it or death and told his sister that he was not going to help her or his nephew. The nephew died. Think about that when he is out promoting a new record. Frank Wright/Green Day

217. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 07/29 **#4**
This almost A list Disney tweener who could either move to A or disappear from our radar screens over the next few months might want to do something about her mom. The mom has just got a new breast job and was showing them off to anyone who wanted a look this weekend. She also was busted having sex with a room service waiter on a lawn at the hotel where she and her daughter were staying.

218. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 07/29 **#5**
This former almost A list mostly movie actress who is now lucky to be a B-/C+ has always made the most news for herself when cheating with married men. She is at it again and even though she was away on a vacation with her family, her married boyfriend flew in and they spent one night together when she told everyone she needed a night to herself. Sienna Miller

219. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 07/29 **#6**
This A list mostly movie actress who is an Academy Award winner was at a party this past week. Apparently the host of the party had red wine which our actress loves. What our actress did not love was the fact that she recognized that the bottles were only about $20 a bottle. The host spent what she could afford. The actress sent someone to go buy two cases of wine that averaged about $250 a bottle and presented them to the hostess and said, "Here you go. Serve this instead. It is either this or I will leave. I can't drink the stuff you put out." Gwyneth Paltrow

220. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 07/29 **#7**
This B- list mostly movie actress who got her start doing other things and has been through every possible job in Hollywood had sex with this B- list actor from a very hit television show. No big deal except at the time the actor was involved with his co-star who is also a B- list actress. I have written about the fact that both of the actresses are friends and that the cheated on actress has no idea. Over the weekend though, the actress cheater got drunk and spilled to the cheated on actress saying it did not matter anyway since the couple had split. Plus, the guilt was killing the cheater. Any happy photos you saw of the night, were from way earlier in the evening. Julianne Hough/Ian Somerhalder/Nina Dobrev

221. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 07/29 **#8**
"As soon as his girlfriend left the set, he was asking me again what it would take to sleep with him." A list mostly movie actress discussing the repeated propositioning by this A list singer/celebrity.
Keira Knightley/Adam Levine

222. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 07/29 **#9**
This B- list television and movie actor who is on a roll right now as he shoots to the A list does not try and use his fame to pick up women. He prefers cash instead and says it is so much easier than actually having to care. He has spent $25K in the past week on escorts during his vacation.
Benedict Cumberbatch

223. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 07/29 **#10**
This Academy Award nominee/winner for acting is probably a B-/C+ lister. I know that you get to be a permanent B lister if you win, but this was a long time ago, plus, maybe he did not win. It was a great movie he was nominated for though. One of the more powerful movies of the past 30 years, although it really did get screwed over. Anyway, our actor has been married forever. At this point, it actually does seem like forever. He was always very careful about how he cheated on his wife. Back when they were first married he was clumsy about how he cheated, but he perfected away that many actors use to this day. Actors today are a little more clumsy about it and are more forward. Our actor did a lot of theatre and would rent a studio or a theatre for the day and have a casting announcement posted which would say that there was this great part and offer lots of money and only beautiful women of a certain age needed to show up. On the day of the audition, our actor would be there and his eyes would be wandering over every inch of every woman's body and then the casting director would talk to the actor and make notes and walk down the line and say yes or no to to all the women. The yes women were then ushered to a room for two minutes alone with the actor. Depending on their answers, they would either get to go to dinner with the actor or would be sent home. At the end of an hour or two, the actor would have five or six women who would be willing to have sex with him and would keep him happy for a few months until he would start the whole process again. Danny Aiello (movie: "Do the Right Thing")

224. BLIND GOSSIP 07/29 **#1**
His wife talks about the constant morning sickness of the first trimester, about buying cute baby clothes in a neutral color, and about her healthy food cravings. In fact, both of their families have been talking and tweeting non-stop about her pregnancy. Sweet, right? Not really. The cheerful announcement that this young reality couple was pregnant didn’t slip past us unnoticed. We knew that the couple was fake, fake, fake and did not actually sleep together, so the origins of the baby were dubious at best. Well, we now we have the shocking truth: She is not pregnant! Never was! It’s all a publicity stunt… and both families are in on it! She will continue to pretend to be pregnant for the rest of the summer… and then she will "miscarry" before her husband’s record drops. They expect the sympathy of the fans and the public to boost album sales and their reality show ratings. Clever marketing… or sick and twisted?
Husband: Kevin Jonas
Wife: Danielle Jonas
Reality Television Show: "Married to Jonas"

225. BLIND GOSSIP 07/29/13 **#2**
You may be sweltering in the summer sun, but these two boy banders are already dreaming about winter. That’s because they have started planning their first winter vacation together after one of the boys breaks up with his faux girlfriend! One of them wants to hit the slopes and go skiing. The other wants to go to a beach somewhere, where they can frolic in the surf and splash water at each other. It’s actually a very cute disagreement. We’ll just be happy to see them together, enjoying each other’s company. However, if they do choose the beach, we do wonder what kind of bathing suits they will wear. One prefers Speedos, while the other is inclined to be a bit more modest. We say: Forget modest! Just have fun being yourselves and being with each other!
Guy 1: Harry Styles
Guy 2: Louis Tomlinson
Band: "One Direction"

226. BLIND GOSSIP 07/29 **#3**
This actress likes to take things that don’t belong to her. She is having an affair with one of the married directors of her hit television show. The actress has been to the director’s home several times when the wife isn’t there. She likes to take little parting gifts with her when she leaves. We wonder if the wife even notices that she’s missing a couple of very nice pieces of jewelry. The actress likes to tell friends that the director generously gave her the jewelry as gifts. She really wants them to believe the relationship is more than a booty call. It’s not.

VERY few know about our mystery lady’s fetish for Black men — a secret DL thang her reported bi-sexual father is said to share with her. Don’t believe me.. Ask Pete Wentz. This ‘Chicken Head of The Sea’ is now being outed! Know why? Sources say she made Young Jeezy’s long list of industry hoes who busted it wide open for him. Don’t believe me.. Just ask the "Come On Over" singer’s BFF, Cacee Cobb — who knows all about the time our Blond blind item shared a three-day long smash session with the rapper, inside her Sin City hotel suite. We’re told it all went down back in 2007, during Las Vegas’ annual Magic Show convention. That’s where our mystery woman was in attendance to promote her now-Billion dollar worth fashion empire. "During the convention she sent her sidekick Cacee to do her dirty work, as usual, having her approaching Young Jeezy — while he was promoting his U.S.D.A. clothing line." Did Jeezy’s smash session with our blind item [NOT Christina Aguilera] inspire the rapper create the track "WHITE GIRL" (FEAT. U.S.D.A.) — releasing it the same year of his sexual encounter with our singer/reality star/business mogul? Of course! Just ask Slick Pulla. Now, can you guess which Texas native I’m talking about? Jessica Simpson

228. ALLIE IS WIRED 07/29
You’d know the star even though he has only had two major roles. It’s no secret that he will do anything to get laid. He was busted for using a social network to try and pick up attractive women, but the behavior hasn’t stopped. He will promise to help your career, but once you put out, he disappears. During one fling, he asked his conquest to beg him for fellatio. She refused and he dropped her off at a gas station and left her there.
Dominic Monaghan

229. PAGE SIX/NY POST 07/30
1. Which Hollywood star who lives in New York was caught in a compromising position at performance venue McKittrick Hotel’s newest space? After drinks, the educated actress and her man meandered to cabaret spot The Heath below and started steaming up the windows of a train car-inspired VIP room. When a staffer caught them in the act, the lovers fled the club.

2. WHICH top married record exec had an ’80s affair with a little-known client who gave birth to one of today’s biggest pop stars? The exec signed him, too.

230. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 07/30 **#1**
This C list celebrity who is more known for her drug use and her ex than anything else has been trying to blackmail her ex. She says she has proof of some very illegal activities her actor ex engaged in that are not of the easily forgiven nature and that he should cough up the money or the world will discover what kind of guy he is and that he will never work again if the world knows what he has done in the past. It is some scary stuff. I don't know if the rumors are true, but it is some scary stuff. Brooke Mueller/Charlie Sheen

231. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 07/30 **#2**
This C- list mostly television actress is more famous for who she was born to rather than her acting. Her current actor boyfriend has had just about enough of her after she complained for the umpteenth time that our actor was not spending enough money on her. She expects gifts everyday. Nice gifts. She thinks it is the price to pay for being with her. Umm. Rumer Willis (Jayson Blair)

232. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 07/30 **#3**
For as much as this B- list mostly movie actress (who deserves to be a C- lister) has got almost naked in her career for money, you would think she would be less than shy when it comes to her personal life. Not so. Apparently she is puritanical when it comes to her actor/celebrity husband seeing her naked and she locks the bathroom door while showering. She also wears the most utilitarian underwear she can find and wants nothing to do with anything sexy. The only time she ever does anything different is a birthday or anniversary and only with a two hour shower before and a cry after. This will be revealed.

233. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 07/30 **#4**
This former B- list reality star and now a solid D who is part of a group of reality stars that have a straight line for a family tree was told as a joke she would have to have sex with several people on a reality show if she was cast. She said, as long as I don't have to have more than two people a day, that is fine. When they told her it was a joke, she said, she would be willing to do so anyway if it would help with ratings.

234. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 07/30 **#5**
This former almost A list mostly movie actor has been using his assistant's urine and the urine of production assistants for mandatory drug tests. The production company is on it with him because they want the show made. They think the actor can function even if he is using and will do everything to make the show and to fool the insurance company. Philip Seymour Hoffman (don't know how I missed this one when I was revealing his other drug problem blinds after he died. I miss this guy a lot.)

235. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 07/30 **#6**
This actor was A list back in the day. Mostly movies, he was everywhere. He has had a long fall from grace since then and now just kind of likes to pretend he is still living in his glory days as a teen. Well, he lost the right to see his kids after reliving his glory days with three women on the living room floor naked. Yeah, not something his kids should see. I'm not saying the mom is that great, but she does confine herself to having sex with random celebrities who have some money to burn when they are in LA.

236. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 07/30 **#7**
This Academy Award winner/nominee A+ list director's daughter was having sex on a set with this A+ list mostly movie actor. There were cameras set up for a shot later in the day and the director watched his daughter have sex with the actor and then after it ended, said that she has great stage presence.
A+ Director: David Cronenberg "Map to the Stars"
A actor: Rob Pattinson
Daughter: Caitlin Cronenberg

237. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 07/30 **#8**
This engagement between (a former B list mostly television actress who has been on two very hit network shows and married to an A lister) and her celebrity boyfriend ended because he wanted to pass her around to his friends like he did with his former almost A list movie who is now a C doing television movies actress girlfriend. This will be revealed.

238. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 07/30 **#9**
This A+ list mostly movie actress had one girlfriend left. All of the others in her life had gone by the wayside or they could not stand to be around our actress any longer. Now, her last girlfriend is gone too as our actress fucked her husband one day when the couple had been visiting and the wife went shopping. This will be revealed. Angelina Jolie

239. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 07/30 **#10**
This actor used to be almost A list. Mostly movies. He is probably a B- list now because he has not done much since the big one. The one big thing that made his career. One of his best friends said the actor tried to commit suicide about 18 months ago. That one would have been the be all and end all of untimely celebrity deaths. People would have talked about that one for decades. All the books would have speculated about his sexuality until his one or two very reticent male lovers would have poked their heads out and spoken. He wants so much to be out. There is not a man out there in the entertainment business who wants to be out more and cannot. He thought if his last project had been successful he could have, but it was not, so everyone advised him against it. That led to the attempt to kill himself. Now he is back where he has been so many times before. A woman handed to him on a silver platter. Make nice for social media. You are having the best time. The actress they chose for him this time is having a great time. She loves the attention and thinks this will be great for her career. The actor has been through it and done it and just wants to be himself. He just wants it all to end. Either by coming out or by ending his life. He just is tired of living the lie. Taylor Lautner/Marie Avgeropoulos

240. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 07/31 **#1**
This B- list mostly movie actress with the husband who is one of the most famous celebrities in the world right now, but just as much of an a-hole as ever was a bit upset this week. The actress made significant changes to her current movie and everyone said thanks and the producer and director told her how important it was and she believed them. They didn't use any of her suggestions and all the time and effort she put into the extra work was for nothing. She walked out of the premiere early, and was about as angry as she has ever been in her life, and remember who she is married to, so that is saying something. The rest of the press run should be exciting. Paula Patton/Robin Thicke

241. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 07/31 **#2**
This new found C list celebrity is going to find out quickly that her past is going to catch up. At least three men have agreed to be interviewed who said they had sex with the celebrity for money and there are plenty more out there. The innocent victim game is not going to work much longer. The stories all include how she would call them constantly begging them to go out with her because she needed more money for clothes and drugs. Sydney Leathers (Anthony Weiner's phone sex partner)

242. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 07/31 **#3**
It is a good thing this former almost A list celebrity/singer does not get along with some of the members of her family because, one member of her family in particular wants nothing to do with her any longer now that she is dating a guy who this person finds "unacceptable" and not because he does not have very many career prospects. The family member went ballistic. Ashlee Simpson/Evan Ross (Joe got mad that she's dating an African-American)

243. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 07/31 **#4**
This A+ list mostly movie actor who has been kind of stuck in a comic rut lately was out this week with an actor who is probably a B- list mostly movie actor on his best day but probably an A+ in the looks department and has made some good movies recently. Always been a tool though. The tool part came out this week as he and the A+ list actor played a version of Name That Tune. Basically it involves getting a woman to do something outrageous in under a certain amount of time or you have to drink. They both got drunk, but also there are a lot of women out there who are willing to make out with an actor they just met one minute earlier. Or flash. Or do lots of other things. This will be revealed.

244. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 07/31 **#5**
Sure, they could all be disgruntled, but when you get a group of four or five people who say that this stumbling politician has been having sex with one of his top campaign staffers, then you start to believe it is true. Especially with this guy. Eliot Spitzer (five months ahead of NY papers)

245. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 07/31 **#6**
This A+ list mostly movie actor has a kink that has gone unnoticed until his wife was spotted at the Hustler store on Sunset recently. She purchased a few things including handcuffs and a paddle. She asked the salesperson lots of questions about the handcuffs and how easily you could get out of them and how much the paddle would hurt and said she was trying to spice things up. Matt Damon

246. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 07/31 **#7**
This former A+ list mostly movie actress is still A list and still has that Oscar. She also is anal about planning which might be the reason she has taken such a drastic step. Apparently she and her A+ list celebrity husband are splitting up and thinks things will be easier as a result of the steps she is taking now to prepare. Gwyneth Paltrow (planning her move to LA)/Chris Martin

247. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 07/31 **#8**
This Real Housewife spent one hour deciding what bag to carry for her television appearance yesterday. She brought 14 bags with her in the car and debated which one would make her look better and if any of them would end up making her money. Probably should have been more focused on other things like who her husband was having sex with the night before the television appearance. Teresa Guidice

248. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 07/31 **#9**
This celebrity has already dropped to B- and it has only been a few weeks since the public announcement of the split. It did not take her long to go back to her old ways. She called her long time, led along ex who still thought he was dating her when she was having sex with the old man and she was doing lines like a champ this weekend which she said the old man would not let her do. Stacy Keibler/George Clooney/Geoff Stults

249. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 07/31 **#10**
Most of the time if you go from nothing to being on the top of the entertainment world in a very quick span, people want to be your friend and suck up and people come out of the woodwork you have not seen in forever. You usually also get to settle a few old scores and walk on some people who walked on you or hurt you in some way. For this now B list mostly television actress who wants to be A list so bad, none of it is working out quite like she envisioned. First, there were the guys along the way she liked a lot and who she thought would be all over her now that she is a big deal. Nope. They said they did not like her before and nothing is going to change their mind now. She thought she would get to be a bitch to some people who she thought were mean to her on the way up, but they still don't talk to her and still don't like her and that is the thing our actress has not got yet. When I spoke to a couple of people they said the actress was not liked before she got famous and no one wants to kiss her butt now that she is famous. She is still a pain and has always thought she was better than everyone. No one wanted her to succeed and are hoping everyday she crashes and burns. She had very very few friends before and they were usually people she wanted something from. No one wants to be her friend now. There are no hangers on. The assistants who have horror stories like having to fish out feces from the toilet because our actress wanted to see their reaction for a possible script. The assistant who was forced to stay awake for 36 hours because the actress was lonely and said if the assistant fell asleep, that the actress would fire her and talk trash about her. Our actress has had to resort to paying guys to have sex with her because no one wants to be with her unless they are forced or getting paid. Lena Dunham

250. BLIND GOSSIP 07/31 **#1**
We have LOTS of fascinating information for you about the married pregnant socialite who has recently been thrust into the headlines! She has a long and rather sordid reputation for being a gold digger. Her husband’s parents were so disgusted that he was marrying her that they didn’t even show up to their wedding. She cheated on her husband many, many times during their marriage… including the night before their wedding! Although her husband is extremely wealthy, she won’t be scoring big in the divorce. He knew of her propensity for cheating, and their pre-nuptial agreement is ironclad. We saved the best for last: She wasn’t only sleeping with a music mogul. She was also sleeping with… his brother! He lives in London and the two carried on an intercontinental affair for years. The brother even stayed with her in her New York home at The Savoy while her husband was away on business. Now that’s brazen! More tomorrow.
Socialite: Lauren Silverman
Husband: Andrew Silverman
Music Mogul: Simon Cowell

251. BLIND GOSSIP 07/31 **#2**
While we talk a lot about the female half of this music superstar couple, today we’re going to focus on her husband. Yes, he is as big a celebrity as his wife. He has been humping behind his wife’s back for years! While there have been an assortment of women, one has been a steady hump-mate. She is a fashion stylist… who Hubby once rewarded with her own reality show! The stylist is madly in love with Hubby. We don’t know whether those feelings are reciprocated… but we do know that the wife knows all about the relationship. Will the couple divorce? No way! Their marriage is far too profitable to split up over a little thing like chronic infidelity.
Music Superstar Wife: Beyonce
Music Superstar Husband: Jay-Z
Fashion Stylist: June Ambrose ("Styled By June")

252. BLIND GOSSIP 07/31 **#3**
This young celebrity couple’s status is not what it appears to be. A recent event indicates that, despite a very nice engagement ring, they are not committed to each other. She came to visit him on the Canadian set of one of his upcoming films a couple of weeks ago. That night, they attended a party at a local pub, seemed to be in good spirits, and seemed to be together. However, by the end of the night, she was nowhere to be found… and our actor was making out with a very attractive, long-haired female party guest! Perhaps engagement rings don’t represent quite the level of commitment that they used to? Miley Cyrus/Liam Hemsworth

253. ALLIE IS WIRED 07/31
She’s an Oscar winner. She’s A-list. She’s a stoner. She was enduring minor weight issues and curbing her munchies so she gave it up temporarily, but started back up while working on her upcoming film. Our stoner starlet and of her costars would bake together on set.

Actress: Jennifer Lawrence
Upcoming Film: "American Hustle"


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