MARCH and APRIL 2012

NOTE: Guesses in italics are only guesses;
guesses in RED are a link to the solution or substantial clues.

This former B list television actress who was on a really big hit network show just a couple of years ago now just seems to float mindlessly and flit between boyfriends. She comes from a broken home and abusive home. Her dad used to beat her and get into bed with her. Her mom just let it happen because she was being beaten herself and did not want to provoke. Well, now the actress who is still very young only seems to date boyfriends who are abusive and willing to hit her. Her last boyfriend (former A list athlete with B list name recognition) was so scared that he would kill her he broke up with her. Her new celebrity boyfriend does not punch nearly as hard but seems to love it. Probably getting out his anger because he is closeted.

actress: Hayden Panettiere
former boyfriend: Wladimir Klitschko
current boyfriend: Scotty McKnight

2. BUZZFOTO 03/02
This C list actress got smashed this weekend and pulled out the old cellphone to make a few calls. She ended up calling a contact at a popular magazine and told a story that she will regret coming out in the mags next week.

If anyone's ever wondered at least one of the reasons why Caesar Anchovy-Arse likes to abuse his stunning wife, Strippa Rip-Ya, who never has really figured out how best to confront her B-list hubby, we have a major clue comin' your way. It's not just Caesar's "unbearable temper" (as mutual friends put it), or his penchant for guzzling beer instead of drinking up his wife's beautiful bod and personality, it's that Caesar has a penchant for other temptations. Pretty typically seedy, too. Wanna hear what they are? "[Caesar] loves nothing more than to head down to Mexico, check into a place on the beach and do all the drugs he can," says a professional friend to the not exactly charming star. "And then when he's high enough, he'll have sex with anything and everything. Men, women, whatever, doesn't make a difference to him." Wow. No wonder Caesar's always been so passive-aggressively hell-bent on making his wife's life major crapola. He's not that into her! Makes complete sense. "I don't think he's ever really come to terms with the fact that he's bisexual," surmised the Anchovy-Arse source. "That's a major area of denial in his life. It's pretty consistent that he's treated [Strippa] like he has. He doesn't respect her. He doesn't respect himself." Which is probably why Caesar goes out of his way to play the hetero-card, once he's back home in the States. Now, as tempting as it is to start feeling a pang o' sympathy for Caesar, we beg you not to: Caesar went into his marriage knowing full he had other sexual needs. But he wanted a family. And on top of that, it's not like Caesar's some huge-butt star with a massive following—he'd certainly survive if it became publicly known he swings both ways. I mean, we're not talkin' George Clooney or Brad Pitt-level here. And It Ain't: Matthew Broderick, Mark Consuelos, Josh Kelley.

She’s supposed to be the doting mother. Ask the people who help her with her kids. They certainly don’t agree. First of all she’s never around. And when she’s present she’s distant, not only not involved, but almost irresponsible about it. One of her children may have developmental challenges. As such, diet can exacerbate the issue. Since she can only spend so much time with her children, and often slotted in like appointments in her schedule, she doesn’t bother observing the food requirements that can help with the child’s behaviour. Mom supplies junk food because it’s quick and dirty so that she can get out of there that much faster. When the kid acts out because of the shit he’s just consumed, she’s incapable of dealing with it and takes off anyway. It’s left then to the staff to raise her family. How does she treat them? Nannies’ cell phones are confiscated at 8am and not returned until 10pm. There’s a trusting and kind working environment, non? Totally encourages loyalty. As you expect, bosses like this always play favourites. Her favourite? Curiously enough, it’s the bodyguard. He’s been seen rubbing her feet. Of course that had nothing to do with the separation ...even though the foot massages have been happening for a while now. It’s not Gwyneth Paltrow. Heidi Klum

So, as you may know, when you are a minor and on a film set or a television set, you still need to go to school. Well, to take care of that thorny issue, tutors are hired and pretend to work with the children until they can be called back to the set and work. I wrote about one tutor way back in the day, but wanted to tell you about a guy who was a particularly vile guy. He died not too long ago and he took the virginity of about half a dozen celebrities you would know but all told he probably did the same thing to 50 or 60 teens. It might have been more. No one ever did or said anything about it. One time one actress complained and she was fired. Another time an actress told the tutor that she actually had lost her virginity to an actor on the show so the tutor made up some thing about the actor and had him fired. The tutor did not like to share. The tutor would eventually be accused of sexual assault or he would get some girl pregnant and he would move on to another studio or another employer. He never had any trouble getting hired.

#1 - One actress who was A list back in the day when the tutor slept with her and is now probably a B- with some big time tabloid relationships in her past once said the tutor slept with every teen under 16 on the cast of her show. To do that he must have been very busy because there were about 100 teens that walked through that show at some point.
Lisa Bonet ("A Different World")

#2 & #3- This actress who was B list at the time it happened and on a very hit network comedy show says the tutor is the reason so many of her relationships now are so messed up and that she started taking drugs to ease the pain. This actress had one more middling show after the first. The second was a spin off. As a point of reference she also said that after the tutor had sex with her, her co-star (A list at the time and now a reality C) and very famous user of women had sex with her too almost everyday even though he would sleep with different women at night.
actress: Erin Moran
very hit network comedy show: "Happy Days"
spin off: "Joanie Loves Chachi"
co-star: Scott Baio

#4 - More recently, the tutor made his way through several networks which cater to children. He found lots and lots of teens there. His most recent assault, because lets face it that is what they are, happened on the set of a very hit tween show. Like very very hit tween show which is still airing. The second lead female co-star had just turned 17 when she was assaulted by the guy. She complained to the head of the show who had been a television star himself and he fired the tutor. It turns out the tutor had sex with two of his former co-stars on a hit network show back in the day.
tween show: "iCarly"
second lead female co-star: Jennette McCurdy

This well-known funny actor is known to enjoy a drink or two over the course of an evening. While driving home (sober) after a recent dinner in Southern California, however, he was pulled over for speeding. The officer walked up to the driver’s side and asked the actor for his license and registration. The actor put on his trademark smile and asked the officer "Don’t you recognize me?" The officer replied, "Yes. Now show me you license and registration anyway, Funny Man." Uh oh. This did not bode well for our actor. He produced the documents, but continued to smile and engage the officer in conversation, hoping that he could establish a rapport and avoid a ticket. The officer looked at the documents and then looked at the actor. "Have you been drinking tonight, Sir?" "No. Why?" "Because your eyes look a little red." The actor couldn’t resist asking a question in return. "Officer, have you been eating donuts tonight?" The officer, visibly annoyed, said "No. Why?" "Because your eyes look a little glazed." The officer stared at the actor for a few seconds, then burst out laughing. The actor got off with a warning, and the officer went home with a good celebrity story to tell.
Jim Carrey

7. CELEBZTER 03/04
There is much concern for this actress. She has always liked to "party", but all of her friends which used to go on vacation with her and snort up that Colombian Marching Powder first thing in the morning, knocked back with a shot of tequila, have since grown up and moved on. The problem is, she hasn’t. In fact, she’s desperately looking for a "party" with anyone she can find it. Perhaps, she can’t deal with the notion that her great love has found happiness. But she is making stupid decisions, and her most recent hook-up has been known to go on 48-hour coke binges….and turns violent. Expect a checked into rehab statement any day soon.
Actress: Cameron Diaz
Great Love: Justin Timberlake (Jessica Biel)
Recent Hook Up: P Diddy

Just a few short weeks ago this underage star stood on a table in a club screaming "Shots! Shots! Shots!" and downing alcohol until she could barely stand. The alcohol was purchased for her by her much older boyfriend. Then she went and did line after line of cocaine in the bathroom. The cocaine was provided to her by her friendly neighborhood drug dealer (with whom she got matching tattoos). Despite having completed rehab in early 2011, it was clear that our party monster was once again out of control. So, in January of 2012, she went to rehab again. It didn’t last long. Less than a week, then she was pulled out to go back to work. Of course, that strategy didn’t work, so in February, she checked into rehab yet again, this time at a different facility. Based on the seriousness of her alcoholism and coke addiction, her doctors recommended a six-month stay. She was pulled out after two weeks. It doesn’t take a genius to know that you can’t rid a drunk, cutting, eating-disordered, bi-polar cokehead of her demons in two weeks. This poor girl has had so much emotional trauma in her life that there is no quick fix to her problems. She needs intensive help over a long period of time. She also needs to purge herself of all of the enablers and liars and sycophants who surround her on a daily basis and exacerbate the problem. Yet, there she is, back at work, smiling and performing for her fans and pretending that everything is great. She is also promoting a television special on – wait for it – how she has stayed strong and sober and sexy for the past year. It’s not about genuine recovery. It’s about PR. There will be no mention during the special about her severe relapse and her health scare and the two more stints in rehab this year. Those were "vacations" and "retreats". Unfortunately, as long as the lies and the hypocrisy continue, so will her disease. She needs to take a solid six months off to do nothing but get well. The fact that she is constantly being yanked out of rehab and thrown back into the work force because so many people and shareholders rely on her income is both disgusting and sad. Shame on the mouse. Shame on the moonman.
Demi Lovato

It's been awhile since we've heard from beefcake boy-lovah Stealth Stud-Poof. See, SS-P knows expertly how to play the Hollywood closeted-star game and he's been busy maintaining his A-list status, landing super-sexy roles, buffing up his stellar bod, and ya know, banging his über-hot BF on the side! Sounds like the perfect life, no? Heck, he didn't even have to hide his same-sex shenanigans: Everyone in Poof's camp was in on the sitch (even the Mrs.). He just had to keep things under wraps from the public, which, of course, he always has. Until now. Mr. Poof seems to have developed a habit of forgetting to close the shades on those big ol' windows at his place (which he pretty much keeps separate from the pad with the wife), giving many passing looky-loos quite the shocking show! See, Stealth purchased a swanky apartment for his loverboy where the two dudes can get it on for days on end without any prying paps trying to home in on their love nest. But on one of the recent visits with the BF (one of Stealth's favorite ways to relax and indulge), he seemed not to notice the exclusive complex has turned into quite the celebrity hot spot. Which means fans. Lots of 'em, all hoping to catch a sighting of one of the many stars living in this A-list building. But here's what they weren't expecting to see: Stealth and his pal getting it on. Not in the entirely raunchy way you might think (or want). But sure enough, Stealth was hugging and kissing his man with years of affection behind those sparkling eyes. You know, the kind of open-mouth kisses that take you straight to the bedroom—which is precisely what happened. Adorable…but homo-licious, none the less. And oozing with passion that could destroy Stealth's career of playing badass ladies' men—at least, that's what his people tell him. So tread carefully, Stud-Poof, and get some damn curtains—or we may soon be removing the Stealth from your moniker. Unless, of course, you're just waiting for someone to snitch so you can turn your fab domestic life with your dude into a full-time sitch? AND IT AIN'T: Brad Pitt, Orlando Bloom, Matthew McConaughey.

10. BUZZFOTO 03/05
We’ve written about this B/C list young actress before, and she’s no stranger to strange relationships and abuse. However, we hear that her current relationship with an older man is extremely abusive and if she doesn’t get help, she might not survive this one. Unfortunately, she has little to no resources or a good support system. We sincerely hope it isn’t true!
Hayden Pannettiere

This could turn out to be a tweener catfight. You know even , when you are a tweener, there are apparently jealousies and lots and lots of sexual backstabbing. So, this former A list female tweener (No Love) has not said two words directly to this also former A list female tweener (Not So Innocent) since despite having to sometimes work together. It all goes back to when they both were on the same network. No Love used to hate how goody goody Not So Innocent was or at least pretended to be. Turns out that Not So Innocent was the queen of the quickie when it came to oral and No Love felt like Not So Innocent should have the horrible reputation. So, whenever Not So Innocent liked some guy, that is who No Love went after. It is how she ended up with her long term relationship which just ended. Of course No Love ended up looking trashy during that too which killed her because she waited forever before she even had sex with the boyfriend while Not So Innocent was with anyone and everyone. If not for the fact one of these tweeners is not a fan of women, she would have probably had the whole family. Not So Innocent's current boyfriend was deciding between No Love and Not So Innocent at one point, but No Love, as much as she hates Not So Innocent, could not stop laughing everytime this current A list tweener opened his mouth to speak. So, he made his second choice. Well, actually third, because his second choice ended up in rehab after they had sex.

No Love: Vanessa Hudgens
No Love's long  term relationship:  Zac Efron
Not So Innocent: Selena Gomez
tweeners not a fan of women: The Jonas Brothers
Rehab: Demi Lovato
Boyfriend: Justin Bieber

12. BLIND ITEM 03/06
He used be a genuinely nice guy. Serious about his music, surrounded by people who cared about him, kind to his fans, grateful for his good fortune. Then he surrounded himself with an entourage of users and hangers-on and everything changed. The members of this entourage are very versatile. His drummer is also his drug dealer. His bodyguard parties with him and engages in Twitter wars for him. The models double as escorts. The rest of the party crowd uses his name to hawk their wares, everything from jewelry to drugs. He doesn’t mind. It makes him feel popular. Then there’s the slimy actor pal who has quite the impressive track record of ruining young lives (and is about to add one more to the list). Thanks to his choice of friends, the formerly wholesome singer started doing drugs last year… and hasn’t stopped since. He now drinks every day and parties every night. The party usually starts around 4 PM, the shots of Patron start at 8 PM, and then it’s constant drinking and smoking cigars and drugs until 4 or 5 or 6 AM, even when he’s scheduled to work the next day. As he gets more and more loaded throughout the night, he likes to rail about how much he hates his life, how much he hates his family, and about how he’s the one who really deserves the success one of his band mates is now experiencing. He’s going downhill fast. He’s been blowing off writing sessions and missing rehearsals. The rest of his group (who genuinely do care about him) make excuses for him and reschedule rehearsals again and again. He doesn’t seem to care about anything except the alcohol and the drugs and being the king of his party entourage. He even ditched a charity event last week because he decided that he would rather go party in Miami. He has nothing but contempt for his fans (he makes fun of them and tells them to "get a life"). And all that smoking has completely ruined his voice. Yes, he used to be a genuinely nice guy. Now he’s just an ungrateful, jealous, bitter alcoholic with a smoke-ruined voice, surrounded by users and losers, hating his fans, hating his life. We know you’re reading this. Get help, dude.
Joe Jonas/friend: Wilmer Valderrama

So, this very solid A list movie actor who has rocketed to almost A+ status in the past year has had a series of gorgeous girlfriends. Back to back to back they have been B+ or A list actresses. Anyway, it seems that our actor is not above getting a little male action on the side. Never a main course, but always on the side. He also prefers them younger than him. Our actor has been sending e-mails to a brand new A list actor who is just getting started with his own franchise. The two actors have been communicating, and even gone out once or twice, but so far the young actor is resisting the advances of the A lister.

A list movie actor: Bradley Cooper
brand new A list actor: Josh Hutcherson

14. BUZZFOTO 03/06
This newest celebrity who is only famous for being famous, (and really only became so because of the internet) is constantly hatching plans to stay in the limelight. Don’t worry fans, she’s got a sex tape all cooked up and coming your way!
Courtney Stodden

15. BLIND GOSSIP 03/07
She’s not a regular Mom. She’s a cool Mom! When her daughter has a gig, she doesn’t just show up and clap. She parties hard with her daughter’s friends until the wee hours of the morning. And when Mom’s partying, she and her mouth get totally out of control. On a bender last week – and while her daughter was on the other side of the room – she regaled a large group of people with the most intimate and disgusting details of her daughter’s sexual conquests. She told stories about a famous singer who thought her daughter was beautiful ("He likes to take the virginity of his groupies!"), an heir to a family fortune ("Good thing he has a handsome face, because his penis is really small!), and a slimy actor ("He likes the back door, and he said that [my daughter] was the best sex he’s ever had… and he’s had everybody!"). It’s nice to see a Mom so proud of her her little princess.
Mom: Dina Lohan
Daughter: Lindsay Lohan
Singer: James Blunt
Heir: Harry Morton
Actor: Wilmer Valderrama

1. WHAT music superstar is singing the blues over his soon-to-be ex-wife’s threat to write a tell-all book about his dirty sex secrets? Turns out that the "irreconcilable differences" she cited in her divorce papers were code for addiction to porn and seedy low-rent massage parlors!
Kenny G

2. WHAT A-list actress, who’s currently going through legal battles with her partner, has actually asked friends to make untruthful and damaging claims about her ex? Apparently she wants him out of the picture so she can move out of the country. Halle Berry/Gabriel Aubry

3. WHICH Academy Award-nominated actor’s drinking has gotten so out of control that his A-list co-star had to sit him down and tell him to cool it? The boozer didn’t take home an Oscar, but he sure did raise eyebrows while drowning his sorrows at the "Vanity Fair" after-party!
Academy Award-nominated actor: Jonah Hill
A-list co-star: Brad Pitt

4. WHICH hunky Irish actor – he’s supposedly clean and sober – was spotted boozing it up at a Cirque du Soleil performance in Los Angeles? The star stumbled into the men’s room and swayed back and forth as he tried to relieve himself! Johnathan Rhys Meyers; Colin Farrell

5. THIS young megastar has a secret kinky obsession with his actress girlfriend’s lingerie! The clean-cut teen, who likes to wear his sweetheart’s frilly panties under his low-riding hip-hop jeans, was recently caught going through his honey’s G-string collection.

17. BEST WEEK EVER 03/07
Which reality show star was spotted acting erratically on a recent flight from New York to LAX? Yes, this person made at least 20 visits to the bathroom on this nearly 6 hours flight, and our spy says that during one of those visits, was spotted reaching into the back of his pants and pulling something out before fully closing the door. And in between these visits? Well our star was just chatting everybody up: From fellow first-class passengers, even making his way past the fabled curtain to shmooze the plebes sitting in coach. Nope, no naps for this guy. Just an apparent bladder problem and lots of talking. He also apparently kept throwing napkins into the aisle, which were quickly cleared by the patient flight attendants. Mike "The Situation"

#1 - This former A list tweener has had two abortions in the past year. Hopefully it does not add to her personal demons.
Demi Lovato

#2 - Which B list always movie actress was introduced to coke by her sisters who are also famous. Their favorite game was watching their not even teen sister get high on coke. That turned into an addiction which turned into a nose job. A not very good one, but her acting career has not suffered. Elizabeth Olsen

19. BLIND GOSSIP 03/07 **#2**
In a case where one half of a couple makes substantially more than the other, who pays for the engagement ring? Well, in the case of these three engaged couples where the woman has the bigger paycheck, it certainly wasn’t the future groom. The first couple went directly to the jeweler and cut a deal for a very impressive diamond sparkler. They worked out an arrangement where the couple agreed to make x number of mentions of the jeweler in the press for a 50% discount. Then the female half of the couple paid the balance in cash. The second couple tried harder than anyone to try to talk multiple jewelers into a free ring. When no one would agree to the freebie, she simply turned to her future fiance and said, "Here’s the money. You know what I like. Now, go get me the biggest fucking diamond you can." The third couple knew ahead of time that they were getting engaged, and she knew exactly what she wanted. Because she likes to control everything, she picked out the ring in a secret private buying session with the jeweler, where they settled on a price. Then she later gave the money to the boyfriend, who went to the store to pay for the ring. Of course she pretended that she had no idea that there was a ring coming, that she was thrilled with her fiance’s taste, and that she was so impressed that he paid for the ring himself. So, when you see those shining baubles on the ring fingers of these lucky stars, you now know that in all three cases, the future groom didn’t have to lay out his own cash… but that he still gets to look like he’s a generous man with good taste.
first couple: Kim Kardashian
second couple: Snooki
third couple: Natalie Portman

20. POPBITCH 03/08
(British Blog)
Though they weren't surprised by news of his affairs (his wife is a notoriously difficult woman) bandmates and crew of which pop star were gobsmacked by the fact that he was caught playing away with ladies, and not the gender they were sure he was into?

What Jersey Shore star has been spending every penny he makes trying to impress one of his actress crushes from back in the day. She is now a C with A list name recognition, but the guy thinks she is at her back in the day prime (did she really have a prime?) Anyway, he coughs up dough and follows her around and she keeps demanding more. He has upped his fee for appearances just so he can keep up with her financial demands. He does say the sex is good.
Vinny Guadagnino/Pamela Anderson

Which Hollywood couple of nearly 10 years are headed for Splitsville? Hint: He arrived at the Oscars alone, while she stayed home with their two kids.
Michael Douglas/Catherine Zeta Jones

How long can this major political figure continue living in a hotel…how come he is not home with his family?!! Jesse Jackson

24. BLIND GOSSIP 03/08
This actor has developed an interesting side business. When someone within the entertainment industry runs into trouble and can’t pay off an expense through their regular accounts, this rich and powerful actor discreetly lends them the money at a very high interest rate. Need to pay off your pregnant jump off? Need to keep your house out of foreclosure? Need to square things up with your bookie? This is your go to guy. Some might consider the interest rates on the loans usurious. But for those who are able to keep their names out of the tabloids, their butts out of court, their creditors off their back, and their spouses in the dark, his services are priceless.
Mel Gibson; Tom Cruise

Ever wonder what happens when you put a former B+ female tweener who gets her own first show and you mix her with a former B list television actress from a long running hit ensemble show who also thinks she is the star? You get several years of pleasantness on the outside and the worst conditions ever on a show on the inside. The former tweener had a huge ego. Coming off some movies and a very popular tween show she thought she was going to be the biggest star on the planet. She also had a very goody goody image on the outside, but on multiple occasions had more than one guy at once. She is also a huge collector of her own homemade porn. The actress coming into the show who had been on the hit ensemble show also was a goody goody on the inside and out but it did not stop her from being a diva. She also could be the biggest bitch on the planet if you crossed her. As she told the tweener once after they got into a hair pulling fight, "I learned from the meanest actress who ever walked onto a television set. You will lose." How about the times that our tweener would walk around naked when the actresses husband would stop by the set. "Oops. I did not know you were here." Not that she would ever normally have sex with him. She likes big, big big guys if you know what I mean. However, to get back at the actress she would have slept with the husband who is also a B list movie actor. For years the two never spoke to each other unless they had to. Knowing how prudish the actress was, our tweener would have wild sex as loudly and as close to the actress as possible even when her kids were visiting. She would even have sex in the actresses' trailer and have her companions leave their used condoms. It was a wild wild set and the two still hate each other.

former B+ female tweener: Amanda Bynes
former B list television actress: Jennie Garth (Peter Facinelli)
show: "What I Like About You"

There's something to be said for gals—gay and straight—who have very religious upbringings. When it comes to sex, they tend to lean heavily in one direction or the other. Usually nothing vanilla or boring between the sheets with belting, church-going gals who call Jesus their BFF! Certainly is the case with hugely talented star Sissi Sparkle, who has everybody wondering lately... "Has she ever had a girlfriend?" many are starting to ask, since fans are just now (stupidly) waking up to the fact that Sissi never really has had much of a man in her life—apart from some silly flirtations here and there. True, there was the one guy a long time ago, but, he was just a cover-up, people! But recently, Sissi's been in the news in a pretty major way. She's big on the celeb radar again—very big. So it's no wonder folks are starting to wonder—in some cases, not for the first time—where the hell is the man in this multitalented powerhouse's existence? Answer: paid to further Sissi's fabulous-again career! ‘Cause it was always the ladies who did it for Sissi. Always. And, damn, do the girls who lived to tell about their wild sex times have a lot to say about it! (But they never will.) AND IT AIN'T: Dolly Parton, Jennifer Hudson, Britney Spears.
Whitney Houston

This ‘Twilight’ star was due to come out of the closet, but has decided to wait at the insistence of his PR team and studio. He wants to claw his way to the top as a more established actor to ensure his career will be able to handle the impact of announcing his sexuality.The studio wants to cash in on his heart throb status as much as they can. We might be waiting for years before our suspicions are confirmed.
Taylor Lautner

28. BLIND GOSSIP 03/09
Add one more celebrity pregnancy to the list! This one is a surprise because their relationship was designed to be just a PR set up. They were scheduled to break up later this year. But they wound up becoming friends with benefits, and before you know it, she wound up pregnant. Although they definitely do not love each other, both care very much about their public image (which is why they were in a faux relationship in the first place). If they keep the baby, there will be a wedding. They want to hold off on the announcement of the pregnancy until April even though she will probably be showing before then. In the meantime, they’re going to have to rewrite that song: First comes PR… then comes baby in a baby carriage… then comes marriage. OK, maybe the song won’t be a hit… but the baby will sure be cute!
Jessica Biel/Justin Timberlake

29. BUZZFOTO 03/09
On a recent movie set, these two A/B list costars were acting out a pretty intimate sex scene for the cameras. A source tells us that one of the stars got a little too into the scene and began taking it too far. When the other person wanted to stop, it was too late and both ended up upset in their trailers for hours being talked down by staff.
Keira Knightley and Michael Fassbinder "Dangerous Method"

30. BUZZFOTO 03/12
This B list film and television actress is always bragging about being a mother to the press, but she might not be so good at it out of the spotlight. She’s forgotten to pick up her child from school on more than one occasion and last week the child called her grandmother saying she was home alone and hungry. The child is under ten.

This B- list foreign born always movie actor just recently got engaged to a very high profile actress. Does she know about the two employees he is sleeping with whenever he comes to town?
Olivier Martinez/Halle Berry

32. BLIND GOSSIP 03/12
This actor has shown up for work on his new gig prepared and in good shape. Good news, right? Not so fast. We don’t know how much longer that will last. There has recently been some slippage into some bad habits away from the set. This news has cast and crew worried that this could be a very short gig. His management is aware of the issue and is trying to get the star back on track. They know that he won’t be winning many fans within the industry if he can’t be relied upon for a steady paycheck.
Charlie Sheen

A week or so ago I was talking to someone I have known forever. She is an actress you would all know if you saw her, but might not know her name. She has been acting for 20 years and is probably on her biggest hit right now. Scary show too. Anyway, she started off on a show that was a reincarnation/spin off of a very hit show that used some, but not many of the stars from the first show. She says that if you wanted to be on this new hit show you had to have sex. Constantly. With the producers. If you said no they would just find another woman or guy and slide them in and kick you out. The only people exempt from the requirement were the holdovers from the other show. However, those holdovers were all the biggest abusers of the new talent. The oldest actor was also the creepiest. He loved finding the legal and maybe not quite legal actors and actresses for himself. There were two people who quit rather than have sex with the guy although he supposedly could not stay hard enough to actually consummate the act. One other actor made his way through over 100 cast members and extras during the run of the show and the actor literally cried when the show was canceled because he knew he would never be able to coerce women like that again. If you go over to his house he will show you tapes of about half the women he had sex with. There was one B+ actor who is still that today who participated, but only when his girlfriend was not around. When you go through the list of the cast members who were on the show and how many episodes they were in, you can see which ones made the producers happy and which ones were sent packing after just a few episodes. As for my friend? She stuck it out as long as she could. She had one producer who really liked her and she had sex with him and he protected her from the others. He left though about halfway through the run of the show and she followed him out the door so she would not have to experience the other producers or cast.

34. BUZZFOTO 03/13
Which actor, who recently announced his divorce, really split with his wife for ‘experimenting’ with his younger male costar?
Peter Facinelli and Kellan Lutz

For those of you who have read the site for a long time, this one might be easier than those of you who don't know about the connection I had to a certain hit television show that had a very long run and has spawned at least two very big names, but not so much my connection to the show. Nice guy, but not a huge star. Anyway, on this show, everyone at first was really united and became kind of like family and it was at this time that one of the co-stars and now an A list television actress who has pretty much given up on ever doing a movie again. She confided that she had been sexually assaulted and her virginity taken by an actor after an acting class one night. The actor, who is now a B lister with a new show of his own and not the greatest reputation took some time after that before he became famous and did get beat up by two of the actors from the victim's show. One of the actors was an A list actor on one of the more fan fanatic shows of all time. Anyway, this actress started dating a celebrity and she told him she was a virgin and then confided in him the story about being sexually assaulted and at first he was ok about it, but then decided he could not deal with her constant emotional issues and the constant presence of family members so started cheating on her and they split. Her relationships ever since this episode have been one disaster after another because she does not trust and she always ends up doing what she thinks she is supposed to be doing rather than just following her heart. She refuses therapy because she does not want her secret to get out. A few months ago she walked down the red carpet and saw her attacker and froze in place for a good two minutes before leaving and then not being seen in public for a week. She is very careful to never go to anything where he might show up. It is why she usually stays in or stays close to home.

This celebrity mom-to-be is treating her body like a garbage disposal. She is unashamedly eating anything and everything she wants. The weight gain is already obvious, but it’s all part of her plan. She has already inked a deal with a weight loss company and will be sporting a slim and trim post baby body before you can say deep fried Twinkie. However, the secret of her incredible pound shedding will be plastic surgery, not diet and exercise. Right now she and her manager are deciding whether or not to add a breast reduction to the lipo and tuck procedures. News that she is in labor will hit soon, but it’s actually a scheduled c-section.
Jessica Simpson

1. WHAT legendary comedian has been feuding with her longtime female sidekick for years? The beloved Emmy Award-winning funny ladies never get together socially anymore, but will put on their best game face when they’re honored for their work on their classic TV variety show.
Carol Burnett & Vicki Lawrence

2. WHAT super-famous African-American movie star stunned his co-stars when he was overheard ranting and raving about white people? The angry actor snapped: "I only deal with white people because I have to work with them." Denzel Washington

3. WHICH A-list actress has an entire storage room to hold all the free swag she’s accumulated over the years? The thrifty TV-turned-movie star rented office space in Hollywood that she’s filled with designer handbags, electronics and beauty products that she then re-gifts to friends! Jennifer Aniston

4. WHICH actress/single mom, who’s never revealed the identity of her baby daddy, is currently in an abusive relationship with a new guy? The unlucky-in-love star was in tears during a girls-only lunch after receiving a barrage of vicious texts from Mr. Wrong! January Jones

5. THIS semi-retired supermodel is finally ready to kick her cheating, good-for-nothing husband to the curb! The still-sexy catwalk queen and mother of two has turned the other cheek for many years, but the last straw was when her hunky hubby started canoodling with one of her girlfriends! Christy Turlington and Edward Burns

38. BLIND GOSSIP 03/14
As you may have heard, a contestant from one of the top reality shows is getting the boot later today because he was arrested last year. We don’t know if this is a standard rule for all reality competition participants, but if it is, there is a bit of hypocrisy involved. It turns out that at least one judge or host on each of the top reality competition shows has an arrest record and would probably be disqualified from competing on the very show they are judging. Jermaine Jones "American Idol"
Judge or Host/Show: Steven Tyler "American Idol"
Judge or Host/Show: Christina Aguilera "The Voice"
Judge or Host/Show: Simon Cowell - "X-Factor"
Judge or Host/Show: Jennifer Lopez - "American Idol"

39. BUZZFOTO 03/14
This celebrity couple have been living together for the last three years. They’ve become more like roommates, rather than lovers. He demands half the rent each month from her and they now sleep in separate rooms. The arrangement seems to work well for both, since they reportedly have no plans to change.

40. GAWKER 03/14
Three young men, to be exact, according to the source. They were all "summoned" to the mogul's apartment for some downlow fun. He was very enthusiastic about giving blow jobs and very effeminate, which is odd, considering his rep as a ladies' man. Our source says that he entertained his visitors "while his assistants typed on their laptops and waited for him to finish." Mr. Mogul doesn't seem to mind that most in his inner circle know of his extracurricular proclivities, but he certainly doesn't want it public. Yet.
P. Diddy

Hollywood could be gearing up for the next big divorce. This gay couple has been together a long time and they’ve already started a family. They seem like the picture of happiness. Here’s the surprising part – the LESS famous half of the pair is cheating with a twentysomething midwestern stud! He flies the hot young guy around and puts him up in hotels and sneaks out to see him when he’s not parading around with his "happy gay family." During Oscar week he spent every spare minute with his muscular paramour. Neil Patrick Harris ; Elton John

There is an actor that is still working today and will always be a B lister because of his acting talent, although he had a very long absence because of these two incidents. No one would hire the Academy Award winner/nominee despite his pedigree because of what he did. Apparently time heals a lot of wounds but when you do what he did, it takes a long time and forgiveness from the two women involved. Back at the height of his fame which was not that long ago, he met up with this very underage teen who had just hit it big and was partying up a storm. When I say teen, I mean barely a teen, but still the biggest story out there. She was a wild child and was not above getting wasted out of her mind. Frequently. Daily even. No family who cared so she was on her own and this actor took advantage of that and had sex with her. She had sex previously but it was with guys just a little older than her, not a guy in his 30's/40's. He did it more than once. In fact he moved her in with him for about a month and then she got pregnant and he kicked her out and sent her back home to her family. What to do? The family sent her to get an abortion and also to rehab. Nothing really happened to the actor at that time. Later though he got into more trouble. The actor was involved with a woman who is also an actress and is a good solid B-/C+ to this day. Talented. She is very talented. They had a consensual relationship, although any relationship with this actor was always fraught with verbal and physical abuse. He beat her and yelled at her. She too got pregnant and wanted her to have an abortion. She refused. He would beat her on a daily basis to get her to change her mind. She refused. So, he beat her some more until finally one day she lost the baby. Two days later she was gone and so were his job prospects. Both actresses had powerful friends and this A lister who was on the top of his game just faded away almost instantly.

1. The jig is almost up for this Manager… take the spotlight off of her and her dirty deeds, she keeps putting out stories about her former client’s ex-husband. All the while, she profits from her client’s death.
Manager: Patricia Houston
client: Whitney Houston
ex-husband: Bobby Brown

2. This Singer just signed on for a new singing reality show. Now that the producers found out he has a major drinking and substance problem, will they keep him on the show? Robin Thicke (new reality show entitled "Duets")

44. GAWKER 03/15
Are Asian co-eds the real reason this network comedian likes to tour colleges? We've heard multiple accounts of this TV funnyman romping with girls he picks up on college campuses—and getting a little raunchy with the play-by-play. According to a source, his pillow talk went something like this: "Nice and tight, just as I suspected." For the record, he was not complimenting this particular Asian coed on her abdominal muscles.

45. BUZZFOTO 03/15
This A list actor, probably one of the biggest names in the biz, has an unusual hobby. He loves to attend drum circles in his local town. He goes at least monthly, if not more and loves hanging out with the people and enjoying the music and the community.

Happy Friday, sexy Awful readers! Before you go off and do all those naughty things you have planned for the weekend (and I know you’re going to be up to no good), let me introduce you to pretty and pure Billy Bend-Over. He’s got rosy cheeks, luscious locks and a bubble butt to boot—all the perfect makings of a movie star, no? Especially with his "aw, shucks" 'tude that America loves. But Bill has a little secret about how he got to the top… By getting on bottom! We’ll get to that in one sec though. See, Billy is no stranger to gay rumors. Homolicious rumors have followed him during his time in the limelight (which big-screen star worth his box office hasn’t had his sexuality questioned?), but the thing is… Billy is straight. Or so say his pals. But that never stopped Billy from doing whatever he needed to do to land a role. You didn’t think casting couch biz was exclusively for gals like Portia Vajazzle and Bernadine Couch-Butt, did ya? Nope! Billy’s toosh is quite cozy with those par-tick couches. Or beds. Or wherever it may be that he needs to perform certain, uh, "auditions" to prove exactly how much he wants a role. Like he did to land his most iconic big-screen role, when he bedded the director—who was very much a man—to score the gig. Wonder if it was worth it. And I wonder if it’d be worth it if his fans found out…or worse, his significant other, future 2.5 kiddos and that picket friggin’ fence he so cherishes. AND IT AIN’T: Peter Facinelli, Alex Pettyfer, Jon Hamm.
Chris Hemsworth

47. POPBITCH 03/16
(British blog) Which Brit expat actor is popular with US TV networks but possibly getting less popular at home, as he's suspected of at least 15 affairs? The actor's wife isn't going to get a great deal of sympathy from her colleagues in the costume department either. Her habit of going commando in her on-screen outfits hasn't gone unnoticed by the launderers.
Damian Lewis/Helen McCrory

KINDNESS: There has been so much drama about horrible actors here this week, that I thought I would tell you about one of the good ones. Oh, he has his faults, but he definitely makes an effort to help others. He is an A lister on television on a very hit show and was in one of the best and most popular movies of the year last year. Anyway, without any publicity on his part, our actor has made arrangements to purchase 25 tickets to each Lakers and Clippers game to give a chance for impoverished children and their families to attend games which they would otherwise be unable to do. He and his partner also founded an organization which provides after school activities in the arts like music, ballet and drama classes for kids after school. They pay for all the salaries of the instructors and any supplies needed by the kids are also paid for through their efforts. They have made sure these kids and families have school supplies, Christmas presents and have even paid for birthdays for over a hundred children. The great thing about this, is they have done it all quietly without asking or seeking any attention for their actions. Jon Hamm/Jennifer Westfeldt

49. BUZZFOTO 03/16
This C list actress from film only recently, hosted a party for her boyfriend’s birthday. She invited several of her costars from her latest film that came out in late 2011. She and her costar (a B+ actor) both had a little too much to drink and ended up making out on the couch in front of everyone, including the boyfriend.

What celebrity father hasn’t seen his kid since she was born? He showed up for the birth and wrote a big check to keep the mother happy, but has been too busy dating models almost half his age to spend time with the tot. It seems cruel, but at least the child support checks still show up.
Ryan Phillippe

This year, the NBA had an all-star team. One of the members of that all-star team loves nothing more than to spend every night on the road after a game in his favorite blond wig while he watches television and tries on the clothes he bought for his "wife." The NBA player spends a lot of time buying things for his "wife," and then spending his late nights wearing it. There have been some nights this season where he has stayed up all night after a game and the second game of a back to back has been less than stellar because of his obsession with his clothes and other persona. Before he got married to his current wife, he used to keep his obsession confined to the road and hotel rooms and would throw away the clothes after every road trip because he did not want a girlfriend or maid or family member to see his collection at home. He would spend and then throw away thousands of dollars worth of clothes and shoes every trip. He would not give them away to charity or leave them in his room. He would take them to a hotel dumpster and be done with them until the next trip. The only thing he has always managed to keep are his two wigs. One is blonde and the other brunette. After he met his current wife, and when they got serious, he let her in on his secret. She was not only open to it but encouraged it and does shopping for him to make it easier, but he still loves being on the road and wearing his brand new clothes he found for himself. Oh, and every so often he also wears a pair of women's panties under his uniform. Chris Bosh

52. BUZZFOTO 03/19
You’ll never see this C list television actress in a sleeveless shirt or a tank top. She tells people that she covers up her arms for religious reasons, but it’s because she’s a cutter and has been for years. She has many scars on the insides of her arms.

53. GAWKER 03/19
Male comedians are weird. They jerk off all the time, and then go on stage and talk about jerking off all the time, for money and laughs. But our nation's most hilarious stand-up comic and critically cherished sitcom auteur adds a thrilling twist to his onanistic escapades: He traps unsuspecting women in his hotel room and makes them stick around until he's done. We've heard from several sources that this shameless funnyman whips it out at the most inopportune moments, often at times when his female companions have expressed no interest in watching him go at it. A representative example: At the Aspen Comedy Festival a few years ago, he invited a female comedy duo back to his hotel room. The two ladies gladly joined him, and offered him some weed. He turned it down, but asked if it would be OK if he took his dick out. Thinking he was joking (that's exactly the kind of thing this guy would say), the women gave a facetious thumbs up. He wasn't joking. When he actually started jerking off in front of them, the ladies decided that wasn't their bag and made for the exit. But the comedian stood in front of the door, blocking their way with his body, until he was done. One of the ladies was so shaken by the episode that she complained to the festival's organizers about the comedian's behavior. She promptly received a call from his extremely powerful manager explaining that, if she valued her career, she would drop it. She valued her career. When we contacted the victim to check out the story, she wrote back: "first of all, your facts are wrong. and secondly, i don't want to be a part of this story. i'm sure you understand." When we asked her which facts were wrong and if the incident ever happened at all, she wrote: "please don't contact me about this matter anymore. Breast of luck to you." When we reached out to the extremely powerful manager, he put the comedian's publicist in touch with us. After a lengthy and detailed phone conversation, the publicist agreed to ask the comedian about the incident. Weeks went by and we heard nothing. When we followed up with the publicist, he replied: "Sorry for delay but I never heard back from [him]." If you've ever come across this jerk-off (or if he's ever come across you!), please let us know. He's lucky no one's called the cops yet.
Louis CK
UPDATE 05/21/15
In January 2015, a part-time comedian named "Jason" sent Louis C.K. an email asking him to "please stop sexually assaulting female comics." Jason wound up having a brief phone conversation with Louis C.K.] The subject of their phone call was sexual misconduct allegations made by the tipster’s friend against the comedian. I talked to Jason after this phone call with C.K. He characterized their conversation as stilted and non-substantive. His interpretation was that C.K. was "sizing me up" to "find out what I had heard." Jason left the conversation under the impression that the two would speak again soon. In the four or so months since, they haven’t. I had asked Jason about the events that motivated him to email C.K. out of the blue in the first place. He was reluctant to go into much detail, but he said that two women he knew had been mistreated by him. He described one of the alleged incidents, which he said had happened sometime in the second half of 2014: A female friend of his told him that C.K. had come up to her at a comedy club, grabbed her by the back of the neck, leaned into her ear, and said "I’m going to fuck you." In March of 2012, we ran a blind item titled "Which Beloved Comedian Likes to Force Female Comics to Watch Him Jerk Off?," which described an incident that had supposedly taken place in Aspen a few years prior involving "our nation’s most hilarious stand-up comic and critically cherished sitcom auteur" and two unnamed female comedians. The item, which we couldn’t pin down at the time, was, as several commenters noted, a now well-circulated rumor about C.K.—although, in a confusing development, the comedian Doug Stanhope, a friend of Louis C.K., took to Facebook and claimed to be the culprit. (Several of Stanhope’s Facebook commenters replied that they thought it was about C.K.) One of the commenters on our post affirmed that the whispers of C.K. taking his dick out whenever he pleases are well-known within the comedy world: I have it on good authority (friends in the biz) that it’s Louis CK. I’ve heard stories about his propensity for whipping it out and jerking off in front of women at inappropriate times (i.e. dinner table, bar, etc.). Another source relayed a story about a similar incident, at an afterparty at the Just For Laughs comedy festival in Montreal several years ago. The comedian allegedly took two women up to his room, but at some point they barged out, claiming he had started masturbating in front of them without warning. Jason had heard the Aspen rumors, and said he reached out to us because he thought up-and-coming female comics should know "the reputation" of perhaps the most powerful stand-up comedian in the world. We had no means of verifying Jason’s claims directly. He said the women he knew had told him they wouldn’t come forward, citing C.K.’s reputation and power in the comedy world. The two members of the comedy duo who were supposedly subjected to the Aspen jerk-off incident wanted nothing to do with the story then, and did not respond for comment when contacted before the publication of this post. We’ve reached out to C.K.’s rep about these allegations and are awaiting word back.

54. BUZZFOTO 03/20
This C list director has forbidden his two main stars in his latest film from dating during the filming of this upcoming blockbuster. He says it’s a chemistry thing, but it’s because he’s been secretly dating the actress. What he doesn’t know is that the actress is also sleeping with the B lister she is supposedly forbidden from having a relationship with.

It was not that long ago that this A-list actress nominee/winner of the biggest award was just starting out in movies. There she was in one of her first movies and she owed it all to the guy she had known for awhile. He has touched A list himself and at the time was set to become a star but told his friend he could get her on his new movie but that she was going to have to have sex with him. No problem. She liked him anyway and they had fooled around before so sex was not an issue. He then got her invited to the set where she met some of the other actors and actresses. She was having a great time and then our A list actor told her that the director liked her and wanted to put her in the movie, but that he had just broken up with his girlfriend and maybe our A list actress would have sex with the director too. A little more hesitant, but she did. The next thing you know she also had sex with one of the producers who said that he was working on a movie after this one wrapped and he would make her a lead. But, before he could make her a lead, he wanted to know he could count on her so he ended up having sex with her and then the next day she heard him saying the same thing to another actress on the movie who would later become a solid B lister with a very unique voice and they went into a trailer to have sex but emerged a short time later and the producer yelled to our A list actress that she got the part. Well, she got the part subject to her having sex with everyone on the first movie that the producer thought it would be fun to see her with. The resident drug addicted actor? He thought it was hilarious to have her have sex with that guy. He passed her around like candy and kept passing her around like candy, but he did give her the role he promised her. During the shooting of that movie the producer tried to play the same game with her, but she was already getting buzz nationwide from something else and she was immune. Not so for this other actress in the movie who was also brought on board by the A list actor from the first movie under a similar situation. Who knew he was such a pimp? Anyway, that actress lasted about a week being passed around and then overdosed. Some say suicide, some say accidental. What everyone agrees is that she had never used drugs before that week and being passed around like candy.

56. GAWKER 03/20
This fashion designer is known to prefer men young enough to be his sons—or grandsons. But what most people don't know is that his sexual appetite has grown with age. A spy tells us the "sexpig" designer orders male hookers in "industrial quantities" for physically punishing acts. His obsession: fisting.
Karl Lagerfield

1. WHICH one of the "True Blood" hunks gets a huge kick out of working out at a West Hollywood gym in front of its mostly gay clientele? The gorgeous star says he’s straight, but he enjoys flirting and flexing his muscles for the appreciative boys SO much that tongues have been wagging!
Alexander Skarsgård; Ryan Kwanten

2. THIS former TV sitcom star from the ’90s is trying to make a career comeback, but is working overtime trying to save her drug-addled co-star? The actress in question had her own addictions and has been sober for years – and now she’s finding it difficult to stand by and watch the star of her new show throw it all away. Brett Butler and Charlie Sheen "Anger Management"

3. WHICH overexposed entertainer demanded that a resort hotel completely shut down while her hush-hush music video was being filmed? The singer abused her star power and didn’t seem to care that a busload of kids had to wait hours to get access to the public beach area near the hotel! Rihanna

4. WHICH popular TV star has been a regular at a dive bar near the set of his new show? The actor is a favorite in Hollywood, but his love of liquor has insiders wondering whether his fondness for the spirits may have cost him a huge film role!

5. WHAT TV star and separated single mom has turned to a popular dating website to find Mr. Right? The gorgeous 40-something actress is tired of dating social-climbing Hollywood actors and vapid Malibu millionaires, so she set up a profile using a photo of one her nonfamous friends!

Both are acclaimed actors. One’s an actor you find super cute. He’s popular and adorable, like dimples and old fashioned dresses. The other’s an actor I find super gross. And dramatic. And full of his own shit. He fronts like he’s dark. He’s difficult. The work is often beneath him. The work is often taken away from him because the attitude that it is beneath him is so often intolerable. The two had a torrid affair. Which is nothing unusual, of course not. Except that dimples broke up with drama and drama practically had a psychotic break. There was a month-long spiral. A couple of times he came close to really hurting himself. He also threatened to expose them both, though no one is taking that seriously. As a result, his heartbreaker is trying, ignorantly, to go back to the other side of his bisexuality.
Joseph Gordon-Levitt and Michael Pitt

59. BUZZFOTO 03/21
This D list (Z list?) former child star is currently in the process of starting his own religion. He’s claiming to have visions and knows when the end of the world is. He currently has about five followers.

THE HUNGER GAMES: I have been saving this one for a few months in anticipation of this week and when everyone is ready to see the movie. Over 2,000 screenings are already sold out and the reviews are great. But what happened while the movie was being made? Someone in the cast who was shooting almost everyday filled me in on every detail. They are also one of the stars of the blind. I am going to let her tell it in her words with just a little editing by me to add the identifiers. "From the first time all of us were together, it was pretty amazing. I think we were all excited to be part of a movie that was going to be a big hit. This was not just any movie. We all knew we won the fucking lottery by being cast in the movie and it was not about the craft or anything else, it was about us making it as actors and actresses and having the opportunity to be known. From day one, I knew this now B+ actor, but relatively unknown actor wanted me. I wanted him. Problem? We both had other people in our lives. So, after a few days of flirting on the set a million miles from our partners, we decided fuck it and we fucked. Like crazy. Like rabbits. Everywhere. We needed to get it out of our system and we did. Then the next thing you know he is dumping his celebrity girlfriend and telling me he wanted to be with me and then I kind of woke up and realized I loved my boyfriend. It took a looong time before he would speak to me again, but he did manage to get back together with his celebrity girlfriend and she visited once. Idiot. There is another male lead, but honestly, there are no sparks and it is only because we became good friends and that he is such a good actor that you see any sparks with him on screen too. For as many young people as there were there were not a lot of drugs around. Tons of boozing, underage and otherwise, but it was mainly the "grownups" as we called them that were treating the woods of North Carolina like their very own hot box. One of the grownups is so damn sexy that I almost forgot my vow to be faithful to my boyfriend after my slip. Oh, I did slip one other time, but it was just making out. I think that guy was gay anyway. So, this sexy hot grownup. Smoked pot everyday and the sexiest body I have ever seen. Seriously. He might be older, but when he speaks and moves, people look. Total pot head though. The only person I saw keep up with him was the girlfriend who visited the actor I had sex with and this other B++ list now movie actor but got started in televison. The thing is about our sexy actor/celebrity is that he kind of likes them young. Not young like one of the other former B+ list actors likes them young. That guy does not care how old you are but you better look 15 or he is not going to be interested. He gave everyone the creeps and he was always showing up in strange places. He was married too and he told people he had married his mistress after cheating on his wife with her. Creep. He was way into this about to be a B+ lister who is way under age. I don't know if they ever did anything because she kept to herself and thought she was better than all of us. She thought she was mature so she might have thought it was cool to have sex with guy 20 years older than her, but I don't know for sure. They did spend a lot of time together in their trailers and his hotel room. Going back to the sexy actor, at first he was hitting on this B list actress from television and movies and one very hit network show and we all thought they made a great couple. Turns out though she was interested in him, but he turned her down. He ended up having sex with this production assistant who was 18 and got the job because her dad owned some buildings we used for filming. He was always very nice to her, but she was in love with him and everyone was jealous of her. There was one actor who I mentioned above who was a pothead. He was basically treating this movie as his personal playground. It did not matter if you were gay or straight or old or young, he was going to hit on you and if you were up for it he was going to have sex with you. The guy must have had sex with two different people each day and is married so it was kind of disgusting. He was probably the biggest star that everyone wanted to meet when he was on set and he knew it. I also heard he took photos of a lot of the girls he had sex with. He never tried to hit on me, but he did hit on this girl he thought was 20 because of how she looks but was really 12. I also have never seen anyone so stoned act that well. He was very good. What else? One pregnancy for sure during filming. Multiple breakups and getting back together. Always funny when a girlfriend or boyfriend would visit and everyone would pretend that the other party had been totally faithful. No one was faithful except this one older actor who is so good. He was about to get married and he was such a good actor and behaved himself. He was about the only one. It was like people had never been away from home before. I hope this was what you were looking for.

Narrator: Jennifer Lawrence
Boyfriend: Nicholas Hoult
B+ Actor: Liam Hemsworth
Celebrity Girlfriend: Miley Cyrus
Other Male Lead : Josh Hutcherson
Sexy Grown Up: Lenny Kravitz
B++ list now movie actor but got started in televison/pothead: he has not come out so I have to leave this name out (PROBABLY Woody Harrelson)
Creepy former B+ list actor: (PROBABLY) Wes Bentley)
B list actress from television and movies and one very hit network show: Elizabeth Banks
Underaged B List Snob - Isabelle Furhman
12 Year Old - Willow Shields
Faithful Actor - Stanley Tucci

It was not that long ago that this actress was headed for A list status. She kept getting the female leads in movies and was getting her name above the title and then one day it just seemed to vanish out of nowhere. The biggest clue I can give you is that she dated someone who also dated a blind item star of the past few weeks. She also has starred in a very big franchise. This actress is probably a C- right now for what she is doing now, but still has great name recognition. She might even have an A list name recognition. Before our actress hit the big time, I knew her and she was just someone who was trying to make it. Her only vices were shots and chain smoking. When she began to hit it big she got introduced to coke. She told me about the first time she did coke and said she wanted to stay awake for days on end and never stop doing it and she felt like it was her best friend. This was after just one night. Our actress got so hooked on coke that she spent an entire paycheck from a movie on coke. Over $1M in just a few months was gone on coke. Then, still addicted, but not really able to pay for it, she got involved with a group of guys who kept her supplied but they had to do her favors. Not for them. They thought she was already too cracked out, but they certainly gave her to investors because they wanted to prove they had connections and because our actress at the time drove guys crazy. The group of guys got their money which they used for businesses but also skimmed off a huge chunk. Meanwhile, our actress was still addicted to coke, and was not getting any parts. She still had fame and was making money doing promotions, but the bulk of her income came from hiring herself out to whoever could afford her. Just because she was strung out does not mean she could not charge high prices. A night with our actress cost upwards of $25,000, plus she got free booze and drugs and it was not a bad way to make a living. Her family staged several interventions, but they never worked. Our actress became known as someone who could keep her mouth quiet and was up for anything. If you had enough money, anything was game. Actors, athletes, actresses, anyone and everyone this actress fucked for money. No matter that her most recent movie was becoming a faded memory, people still lined up to give her money to sleep with them. She slept with the entire male cast of this very popular hit comedy that has launched a bunch of careers. They had a party and invited her. She was the only guest. When this A++ list movie actor and former co-star was having premature problems, he called her and they spent once a week together for a year until he felt confident again. Then about 18 months ago, the drugs and booze finally got to our actress and she had an overdose/heart attack. Something serious happened. She was in Europe on a yacht and almost died. This was her wakeup call. Her rock bottom. She was not earning as much money from selling her body and her body was not going to last much longer anyway. She said she went four years straight of doing coke everyday but a week when she was with a guy who would not let her do any. She had charged him extra. So, our actress started reconnecting with people and the next thing you know she got an indie and a guest spot on a very popular show and even a nice feature film. She even managed to get back in touch with me and says she is on a very precarious edge. She slips frequently and has accepted offers from men, but is slowly turning her ship around. Would be nice to see.

62. BUZZFOTO 03/22
This very popular East Coast comedian was photographed heading into a local soup kitchen in NY to do some service last week. When he saw the photographer, he offered to pay him for the photos because he didn’t want to publicize his work at the shelter. He claims that if it gets out in the press, he wouldn’t be able to serve his community as freely. The photographer agreed to delete the photos and the comedian’s secret is safe.

Do we have any Blind Vice couples with happy endings? Stealth Stud-Poof and his BF? Eh. Judas Jack-Off and Dashed Dingle-Dream? Definitely not. So it was with naïve, battered hope we were all holding out for a Toothy Tile and Grey Goose's happy ending, right? Don't think we're getting it: Because even though put-upon Grey has looked the other way during Toothy's past indiscretions this latest one's a little harder to stomach. T2 had the nerve to not exactly discreetly hole up in a fancy hotel room recently with a coworker. From one of his movies, no less. It did not go unnoticed by the posh inn's even more posh clientele. This is a far cry from one of Toothy's back-alley pretty-boy quickies, and it's a situation Grey's finding it much harder to not let bug him. We say why try? Isn't enough enough? Come on, true love's one thing (especially when you have family together), but unending masochistic devotion's entirely another. Grey, stop pretending you're Saint Suck-Up and completely move on, already. AND IT AIN'T: Brandon Routh, Lenny Kravitz, Jon Hamm.
Austin Nichols

This actress is A list through and through. She has achieved about the most success an actress can receive. Money, fame and awards. She wanted to be the world's sweetheart, but if they knew how she got to her lofty position they would be rethinking their judgment. When Backstabber came to Hollywood she thought she was hot and that she could make it on her looks. Back home she was always the prettiest and she figured she would be here too. Nope. Not even close. She was smart enough to figure that out and also learned about the casting couch really quickly. Her first roles were secured via the casting couch and also led her to do some things she has never done since on film. It is true that she has attempted to buy some of those earlier films and then make sure no new copies are ever released. In one of her casting couch experiences she met a mentor who has guided her almost every step of the way. Although they stopped sleeping together after six months when Backstabber threatened to tell his wife, they have been good friends ever since and Backstabber makes sure to send over some young actresses she runs into looking for a break to his office to keep him happy. It came to Backstabber's attention that there was a role which would be perfect for her but the lead had been promised to someone else. Another actress who had very similar qualities and beat out Backstabber for a career defining role and made her white hot. Destined for A list (and still with great name recognition, but not Crash & Burn from yesterday), she made a few more movies and now has one bomb after another on television and in movies. Backstabber started whispering in ears that this actress had a drug problem and could not be relied on. She told everyone she could about the drugs and booze and erratic behavior. None of it was true, but what was a shoo in for the actress and her spot as the actress to watch disappeared in a flash and went to Backstabber. This is where it gets interesting. On the set, Backstabber met her soon to be husband, but he was already having sex with two of the other still B list co-stars and would have laughed if you told him what Backstabber had in mind. Aside from the casting couch, Backstabber was not and is not a sexual person. She does it out of duty. For this guy though, she knew that would not work. She seduced and teased and the next thing you know, the guy had left the other two co-stars in the dust and was on his knee in a second trying to marry Backstabber. To be the world's sweetheart you needed a husband. Mission accomplished. The only misfire Backstabber had was that her husband would chat in a second and with Backstabber only having sex with him once a month at the most, he would go wandering and straying. She did not mind when he was quiet about it, but after she paid for the third abortion for him, he was out the door. While they were married, Backstabber continued to climb the Hollywood ladder. Drug accusations here, sending over some of her "friends" from back home to spend the night with a studio executive. To get the ultimate prize, she actually did have sex with a few people who could make or break things for her. She has no actress friends left in Hollywood because she has talked smack about everyone of them. She works for charities but only because it is expected. She has said privately that she keeps every penny she has ever made and that she is not going to give her money to a bunch of broke people or the N word on the street. Oh yeah, she is racist. Probably more so than anyone at a KKK rally. Movies with black people? Not if she can help it. Earlier in her career she could not control it. Now? Casting approval. No black people. Other minorities? No thank you. If she sees you drinking she will try and have you fired. Swearing? She better not hear you. Yeah, so it was a real treat when she had to work with a guy who dropped F bombs every five seconds and had a string of hookers and booze in his trailer the whole shoot. You can see her grimacing the entire movie.

It is amazing to me to see how this B- list always movie actress is trying to change her image. She thinks that one thing she has going on in life will change the way the public perceives her and suddenly make them like her. They probably won't and if they knew what else she did, she would rush into hiding for the rest of her life. This actress has never been known for being respectful of others or their relationships. She has no qualms about doing what she wants, when she wants it and in her mind she always comes first. She has destroyed several marriages and made way more money blackmailing the men in her life then she ever has from any films in which she has appeared. Our actress sucks in the actors by being available and doing exactly what their significant others will not do. Her first and probably still biggest conquest was with this A/B list always movie actor. She destroyed his marriage and then tried to destroy his career. See, everyone thinks later that he was the bad guy which he was when he cheated, but then she made it seem like he cheated on her too so people would start to like her. She found a woman who agreed to have sex with the actor and our Blackmailer filmed it. Several times. She told the actor she wanted $1M or she would release the tapes. He paid, so she did not release the tapes. What she did do though was tell the world he cheated on her to get public opinion on her side. It did not work. Later, our blackmailer found an actor who fit her criteria perfectly. Married, wealthy and had children. Children were always her lever. Whether she was blackmailing a politician or a designer to show her clothes, she loves married men with children. They are the most vulnerable and the usually the most willing to go after her when she turns on the charm. The fact she is willing to do anything anywhere with the guys including offering up same sex people close to her and you realize she will stop at nothing. With the rich actor she thought it was going great and that she was going to get her happy marriage. Turns out though the actor had second thoughts. What he had not counted on was our actress having tapes of them together doing things the public would be aghast at and his wife would never forgive. She was being hard enough to deal with as it is. To see videos of him with our actress tied up and being whipped would be too much. The fact the actress had brought someone along who was also naked would have made things 100 times worse. $10M later and our actress pretty much gives up acting and everything else. Her total haul over a ten year period of blackmailing was about $20M which was enough to finance a company, keep her in luxury and now let her pretty much retire and do nothing.
Sienna Miller (she's pregnant/Jude Law/Balthazar Getty

66. PAGE SIX/NY POST 03/26
1. Which wealthy jet-setting businessman has been holding casting calls for models in New York for a jewelry line, while inviting the most beautiful girls on a foreign horseback riding retreat?
Donald Trump

2. Which publicist has been sleeping with his or her clients while fibbing to the press about their infidelities and indiscretions? Lizzie Grubman

3. What hot young Brit model-of-the-moment has gotten a reputation on the London fashion scene for being a devotee of retro party drug "special k?"

This action star has been labeled a huge pain to work with and known for throwing temper tantrums on set. When directors push him to portray something other than a hardnosed hero, he will argue and whine before stomping off to his trailer where he will refuse to come out until the director apologizes.
Bruce Willis

68. GAWKER 03/26
The "bodyguard" is supposedly an ex-cop who's been hired by this actor to guard him from whatever it is he needs guarding from. They've been spotted at numerous NYC spots and it's quite apparent to everyone who knows the actor's tastes that the only part of the body that is being guarded by this individual is the Action Star's penis...

It takes a lot to shock us here at AT. That said, we were pretty taken aback recently by some personal plans announced by the hunky Barry Wanger-Banger, a pretty cool gay dude who's never made a point of hauling out the beard factor for his career. Until now, that is. So color us plum, then, when Barry just revealed… He's taken the "relationship" he's got going with his latest "girlfriend" to the next level. Barry's certainly intimating he's going to marry this poor woman (who we seriously doubt knows the full extent of what her man prefers to do between the sheets when she's not around), and the tabloids are certainly biting this possible-engagement line hook, line and sink-her. Come again? This is the same guy who in the past has proven so pathetically inept at the dating-a-female thing, his idea of a hot time at home is playing basketball out back with the guys? This is with the chick hanging around inside the house, mind you, wondering what the ef she's even doing there in the first place. Even George Clooney knows not to invite the gals over while he's playing B-ball with the boys! Why can't Barry figure this simple rule out? Well, because being with the women—and certainly getting engaged to them—was never really his idea in the first place. Nope, we've got a real Jackie Bouffant situation going on here, babes, where Barry's creative team decided it was high time Wanger-Banger's career got, well, bangin' again. And what better way to do that than with fake matrimony? Well, fake babies. And that very well may be the next step. AND IT AIN'T: Jonah Hill, Justin Timberlake, Alex Pettyfer.
Sean William Scott

70. BUZZFOTO 03/26
This actor has a steady role in a very popular television show on cable that is getting a lot of buzz after starting its next season. He isn’t one of the main characters, but is in almost every episode. He was seen at a club this winter making out with a very famous, troubled starlet.

It seems recently that actresses have been the mean and nasty ones in the blind items. Let me tell you about this man who is an Academy Award winner. No fussing or messing about determining whether he is a nominee or winner. He is a winner. He is also alive and not that old. I would say that most of you would have dated him until you read about him right here. A boozer of epic proportions, he is apparently generally a nice guy until he gets some booze in him. Over the years he has destroyed not only his share of marriages, but also put dates into the hospital and paid off hundreds of thousands of dollars to keep himself out of the spotlight. Back in the day he was friends with this foreign born actress. She is an A lister too as much as it pains me to say it. They would always hang out and would always be spotted together doing promotional work together. Then one day they went out and he got drunk and she got tipsy and he sexually assaulted her. She had been recently divorced and he had been in and out of the news. They had been spotted together several times and things were going well until then. They have never spoken since. Not once. One time he broke up a celebrity marriage. That relationship crashed and burned quickly because he would drink and regularly beat the B list movie actress. She had to cancel a publicity tour for a movie because our actor beat her so bad. He has gone to rehab numerous times and producers have threatened him with banning him from giving him big roles but he is just too good of an actor and too big of a star to keep him away. Producers and studios will take him regardless of his issues. In his current relationship, he poses with his significant other when he has something important. He has to pay her. She has long ago given up on anything pretending to be normal. He has beaten her. One of their kids came when he forced her to have sex. She hates him too, but is willing to swallow her pride for the money. He once tried to sexually assault another Academy award winning actress. She managed to beat him off and kicked him in the balls. She then told her husband who continued the beating. They had to stop shooting on the movie for a week to allow him to recover. The crazy thing is the guy who beat up our woman beater still worked with him again even after he had tried to rape his wife. How messed up is that?

Academy Award winner: Russell Crowe
Foreign born actress: Salma Hayek
Celebrity marriage: Meg Ryan/Dennis Quaid
Significant other: Danielle Spencer
Academy Award winning actress (husband): Jennifer Connelly/Paul Bettany

72. BUZZFOTO 03/27
This actor on a newer HBO series, is struggling with overcoming an addiction to alcohol. He’s asked that while on set, no one brings alcohol around him or his trailer to avoid the temptation. Unfortunately, one careless cast member is always offering him a beer in between takes, to the point that some of the other cast think it might be on purpose.

1. A feud is brewing aboard the USS Enterprise! Two ac­tors currently filming the untitled "Star Trek" sequel have been at each other’s throats. The pair got along on the first film, but they’re bigger stars now and bigger divas!
Zachary Quinto and Zoe Saldana

2. WHICH D-list star escaped from a Los Angeles drug re­hab and headed for the nearest gin mill? The once-promising indie actor was boozing it up until he spotted his angry girlfriend entering the bar, and dashed out the back door!

3. WHICH Grammy winner’s marriage ended because his young wife desperately wanted kids and he was dead-set against it? The New York-based singer-songwriter is already a papa of one, and refused to have more kids. So his wife flew the coop! Billy Joel/Katie Lee

4. THIS reality show mom stole money from a relative to put her daughter through dance class. The thieving stage mom’s family is livid with their greedy relative and on the verge of pressing charges! Who is she? Teresa Guidice "Real Housewives of New Jersey"

5. WHICH popular "Real Housewife" is angling to get her own spinoff series? The brunette beauty feels ganged up on by her co-stars, and is desperate to flee. She’s discussing hosting a lifestyle makeover show with Bravo execs.

74. BLIND GOSSIP 03/28
Like many television shows, this one has seen cast members come and go over the years. As one female cast member transitions out, though, there is some very interesting maneuvering going on behind the scenes. The male lead wants to pick the replacement. And his top choice is… the woman who nearly destroyed his marriage! They had an affair a couple of years ago, and when his wife found out, she filed for divorce. Husband and wife eventually got back together, but his active lobbying for the other woman as his future costar certainly came as a surprise to us. His wife would probably be surprised as well. His paramour is not the top choice of the producers, though, so it will be interesting to see if they give her a chance at his insistence. It will also be interesting to see if their behind-the-scenes chemistry translates into on-screen chemistry. We’re going to pour ourselves a hot cup of coffee and watch how this one plays out today.

Male lead: Matt Laurer
Woman leaving: Ann Curry
Woman’s possible replacement: Savannah Guthrie

The actress I am going to discuss today has actually been in a blind in the past few weeks. She was not the star, but was a player in one of the blinds and perhaps if you put this piece of the puzzle together with another piece it will all fall into place because several of these definitely connect. Let me start off by saying that this actress is A list. Huge star. Academy Award winner. Quite possibly also the coldest person on the planet. The only emotion you will ever see from this actress is on the set. Even when she has something truly awful happen to her, she shows nothing on the outside. Rage on the inside and she will make you pay, but solid calm on the outside. Anyway, our actress has been married before. She is also currently married. Our actress has had a plan from day 1. Not day 1 of her career, but day 1 of meeting another individual who became a central part of her life and changed her from someone warm and funny to the coldest person alive. He should know because he is the coldest man alive. He told her she needed a plan and in the first week they were together he made her list out hundreds of goals and objectives for herself. Everyday he drilled her on the goals and objectives and asked her what she had done about each one. The grillings could last hours and he hammered at her over and over. At first she was scared and wanted to leave but he kept her there. He basically turned her into a prisoner. She became a totally different person and became focused only on reaching those goals. Fun was removed from her life. Everything had to have a purpose. There is no wasted motion or effort. If you go outside, you have to have a reason. When you hit a red carpet, there are certain things you must do everytime. The dress you are going to wear should not be about the way it makes you feel, but the message you are trying to share or convey. Gestures are not random, they should all be planned. Touching yourself or your partner or not should be planned. Our actress maps out every second of everyday. After her split from The Controller, our actress got involved for a short time with a celebrity who is on everyone's wish list. She fell for him hard for about three days. It seemed to last longer but it was three days. She just could not enjoy herself with a guy who was so free spirited and out of control reckless. This is an actress who just like in her public life plans everything in her personal life too. Sex? She knows exactly what she will do and when she will do it. She has three or four different programs that she follows. Her current husband actually gets no sex at all whatsoever. They sleep in separate bedrooms much as she did in her past relationship. She runs his life. He also used to be a free spirit, albeit one with some issues. Yes, she straightened those out, but has changed him into a machine. The actress believes that children are props that are used to advance a career and play a part in success. They are to be brought out and displayed when it is most advantageous. New movie? Bring out a child. New job somewhere? Bring out a child. Someone writes they have not seen a child in sometime, bingo, one of the people hired to look for such things brings it up and the child is produced the next day. Our actress used to do a lot of drugs and booze. Now? Nothing. She eats barely any food and expects the same of her husband. Surprisingly though, despite his past issues she lets him have several drinks each night and even to smoke pot. She thinks it keeps him more docile. She has been beaten before by him when he was sober so she lets him drink and smoke but only in the house and without friends there. Friends? The couple has no friends. She got rid of his friends a long time ago just as her friends were banished when she met The Controller. Our actress has exactly one friend. Brought out now once a year for lunch. Her husband? None. Although he gets along well with the security guards. Our actress has sex with exactly one person. Her trainer. Has been with him for years and years that way. Exercise and then sex without fail several times a week forever. Yes, it even goes back to her time with The Controller because he did not have time for such things. His only rule about the sex with the trainer? Had to be in the house and the trainer signed a brutal confidentiality agreement. The one problem in the plan of the actress after all these years is that no matter how hard she tries she cannot make people go see her movies. She still has not figured out though that she might be the problem and not others. If a movie bombs she never speaks to the people involved again. If it does well, she basks in the glow and takes all the credit. With all the bombs she has had over the past few years most bridges have been burned. She is still working her plan, but now her career seems to be out of her control. Lately she has started to follow a new plan to get her in the good graces of the public. Dutiful wife and mother. The problem is after so many years of not caring, it is tough to believe that she really wants to be either.

Actress: Nicole Kidman
The Controller: Tom Cruise
Celebrity on everyone's wish list: Lenny Kravitz,
Current Husband: Keith Urban
Friend: Naomi Watts

As has been the case throughout the past week or so, many of these blind items interact with some of the same players appearing in more than one. Actor #1 is your puzzle piece this week to be joined with another blind. It seems to be Academy Award week this week in the blind items and today is no exception. This actress has not only been in this spot before, but has also won an Academy Award. This actress who is still very much an A list actress has not worked much in the past two years but still maintains that status. Much like The Backstabber, this actress also has tried to hold the title of the world's sweetheart. Everyday though, our actress lives with a secret. A big secret. One that she thinks if revealed would cause her to lose any future roles and would also make the public at large feel like they could never trust her. Lets call her Secret Keeper. For the past 20+ years our actress has been in the closet. That in of itself is not the biggest deal in the world, but it is the way she chooses to create this fiction around her which is probably the greatest acting job ever. Generally when it comes to the world of beards it is a very male dominated world with gay men finding women to act as beards. Our actress has become a master of the beard and has told friends she used Katharine Hepburn as her role model. Secret Keeper has always had that innocent look in movies. She tries to stay out of the tabloids and to never draw attention to herself except when it comes to one very important thing. Men. Some of the best looking, most gorgeous actors in the world have been linked to Secret Keeper, but they never actually go out. It is probably fair to say that Secret Keeper has been linked with three of the hottest actors on the planet. All of them A list and all of them supposedly wanting to date Secret Keeper. The truth is none of them have ever dated Secret Keeper but sure are happy to hang out with her. They keep her secret safe while making it look like she is desirable and wanted and all heterosexual. She also keeps their secrets. The first actor who went along for the ride with Secret Keeper was supposed to be a long term thing. He is an A lister through and through and only shows up on television in cameos. Although these two were supposedly together for a year or more, no one ever saw them out in public. She is not good in public with affection and men. Despite her Academy Award, she is not that good with men on the screen either. Most of her relationships on screen are not about long kisses and sex scenes. In fact, it is really really rare that she ever kisses a man on screen. Anyway, she and Actor #1 had a thing until she found out about some things he was doing to other women that she found repulsive. He was setting them up and acting more like a pimp than an actor. Plus, he wanted a relationship that involved sex with a woman and Secret Keeper did not play that game so they split. Unlike her other bearded relationships, Secret Keeper never speaks to Actor #1 because of his past actions. Actor #2 was second on the playlist after Actor #1. He is also an A lister, but probably would never have achieved it without the help of Secret Keeper who showed her appreciation for his year of service by introducing him to people that took his career from a "hey, that guy is pretty good, to an automatic greenlight if this guy is on board." The secret she keeps for him is that, despite the fact that women crave him, he does not always reciprocate. His longest term relationship was a struggle for him because he was always going back and forth between men and women and his B list actress girlfriend did not appreciate that. Actor #2 did introduce Secret Keeper to someone who has become a fixture in her life. Actor #3 is also A list and is perfectly happy to let the tabloids think that he has sex with Secret Keeper everytime he is single. They don't, but he hates the tabloids anyway and feels like he is sticking it to them each time. They do really care for each other and when he is involved with someone they can't hang out because then people might suspect they are just friends. It is only when they are both "single," that he can come over and the tabloids go crazy. In what is probably the best example of her acting skill, our actress even faked a marriage. The couple never had sex, but when he began to stray and get caught, it had to end. She had to play the hurt wife, even though she didn't care at all about the affairs, but the fact that she was going to have to end it and lose her perfect cover. At the present time, Secret Keeper just stays at home and has her few select, very very long term companions that she sees who pose as maids or assistants or whatever makes them innocuous to the paps. Secret Keeper is probably the best ever at keeping a secret.
Secret Keeper: Sandra Bullock
Actor #1: Matthew McCounaghey
Actor #2: Ryan Gosling (Rachel McAdams)
Actor #3: Ryan Reynolds
Husband: Jesse James

77. BUZZFOTO 03/29
This teenage heartthrob was recently in the Magic Kingdom and he and his friends had a great time laughing and being generally obnoxious. It’s understandable for his age we guess, but making kids cry kind of crosses the line for us. The worst thing about his behavior was the ‘contest’ the group devised which involved seeing who could pop the most balloons of other guests, especially those tied to strollers.

What other MTV reality star is in rehab? Seems as though work pressures — and early motherhood — have taken their toll.

Why are a legendary Comedian and a Singer no longer friends? They go back a long way. Could money be at the root? Eddie Murphy and Johnny Gill

Are you all ready for some end-of-the-week coworker catfighting?! Have you ever despised another employee so dearly that you hoped against hope that one day they'd be canned, allowing you to lay claim to their cubicle and freeing you from the burden of their watercooler blabber? Meet Harriet Talons—and rest easy knowing she won't be occupying your office anytime soon. She's a popular boob-tube babe on one of those hit series that's always being talked about…which would so not be the case if her coworkers had a say in it: Because they want her character killed. Dead. Six feet under. Never to be heard from again. And they want Harriet banished from set, thrown out on her perfectly toned toosh to fend for herself in cold, cruel Hollywood. Yep, Harriet's entire crew wants her fired. And badly. In fact, it's all pretty much anyone ever talks about anymore. The problem is, Ms. Talon's safety is all but secured—while another character's life hangs in the balance, Harriet knows her onscreen alter ego won't bite it anytime soon. Probably not ever, actually. Sorry, crew folk, looks like the wrath of Harriet will live on. I would normally suggest the people who truly despise her quit…but then there'd be no one left to work on the show (and some of H.T.'s castmates are pretty sweet, I wouldn't want them to be punished). If it makes you feel better, know that it's not just at work that she's a total nightmare. Heck, even Harriet's neighbor—who's a big-screen heartthrob as well as a juicy Vice star—can't stand the chick. Maybe it's because she's always begging for him to date her, which, FYI, he wouldn't do in a billion years. AND IT AIN'T: Ellen Pompeo, Emily VanCamp, Jessica Lange.

#1 - When this Academy Award winning actor who rarely does television was single everyone used to love to go to his house to party. It turns out that our actor always feared getting recognized going for rub and tugs so hired two full-time women who lived in his guest house and were always on call. They were there for about two years and he even gave them health insurance.
Jack Nicholson

#2 - This B- list television actress is on a new network hit, but a couple of years ago she almost died because of her eating disorder. At one point she was down to 75 pounds and bed ridden.

#3 - Two brothers from a celebrity family. Huge name recognition. Back in the day they were a-holes. Heck, even now to some degree they are. Anyway, the two brothers used to enjoy getting into fights whenever they had the chance. Their favorite target? Gay men. Kind of surprising when you think about what they preach now.
William Baldwin- Born Again
Stephen Baldwin- Preacher

#4 - Which Mad Men actress buys and returns thousands of dollars worth of merchandise each week just so she gets attention from the staffs at stores. She loves when they swarm all over her.

82. BUZZFOTO 03/30
This A list star admitted to a source recently that as a child he was severely physically abused by his overbearing father. Because of that, he went into acting and was determined to make a lot of money and be successful, so that he would never have to depend on his father again.
Tom Cruise

You would think this would be relatively rare, but there are two celebrity father/son combinations out there who have had sex with the same woman. One of the celebrity father/son pairs has done this more than once although the son is not aware of the one that became his girlfriend, only the others. The other father (former B list television actor)/son (singer) celebrity have shared the same woman twice but know about it and the father thought it was a bonding experience.
father and son #1: Julio & Enrique Iglesias
father and son #2: Alan and Robin Thicke
(I want to make clear that they did not have sex with the women at the same time or even the same day.)

84. BUZZFOTO 04/02
This C list actor from a steady television series, was recently photographed with his kids. When his picture was being taken, he allegedly started using some really offensive racial slurs towards the photographers, to which his young son strongly rebuked him and made him apologize.

85. BLIND GOSSIP 04/03
This good-looking entertainment couple has been dating for a while and the relationship is serious. However, they have been having some serious religious/family drama lately. One already promised their parents that they would attend Passover dinner. The other promised their parents that they would attend Easter services and dinner. The parents live on opposite coasts and the couple are temporarily working in different cities – a total of four different locations. For both of them to attend both events and get back to work on time would require multiple flights over one weekend. ( No, they are not wealthy enough to afford a private jet, although they may be in that financial position soon) They have been arguing about the Easter versus Passover issue for the past couple of weeks. Lots of shouting and name-calling ("You’re being a selfish * about this!"), loud enough to be heard by their cast mates and crew members on both sides. The most cringe-worthy moment came when she hung up from one call and loudly announced to those around her, "I will never marry a fucking [insert other religion here]!" Lea Michele (Jewish)/Cory Monteith (Christian)

This actress got a big head and quit her tv gig because she thought her career was going to flourish on the silver screen. She was overheard dubbing herself as the "next Jennifer Aniston," but things are not panning out the way she hoped. Now she wants back on the show that saved her from "TV movie hell" to reheat interest in her former fan base. That isn’t going to happen. Several costars, production crew and writers threatened to end their contract negotiations and quit if she returned. Katherine Heigl "Greys' Anatomy"

87. BUZZFOTO 04/03
After having ‘creative differences’ this B/C list actress recently announced she was giving up her role in a film that is creating a lot of buzz. We found out the real reason for the split was because she was caught trying to steal clothing from the costume department.
Emma Roberts "Spring Breakers"; Melanie Griffith "The Hot Flashes"

1. WHICH hunky A-list star can’t keep a relationship because his meddling mom keeps getting in the way? It seems that no one is good enough for Mommie Dearest, especially the last three actresses her momma’s boy has dated.
Bradley Cooper

2. WHAT actress – she’s married to an Oscar winner and recently guest-starred on a hit legal drama – is a nightmare for personal shoppers at New York’s luxury department stores? The shopaholic star is so hated because of her dismissive "better than" attitude that they’ve nicknamed her "Leona" after the famous late hotel heiress Leona "Queen of Mean" Helmsley. Rita Wilson "The Good Wife"

3. WHICH huge reality star had sex with a guy she barely knew in the same room as one of the young girls she was supposed to be chaperoning? The teen, who also appears on the show, was asleep when the canoodling began but woke up and immediately called her mom when she saw her guardian fooling around!! Kim Kardashian, sister Kendall trip to New York City

4. WHICH movie star-turned-TV actress is having problems in her 10-year marriage because the couple can’t have children of their own? She’s been on fertility drugs for years and her sports star hubby refuses to adopt. Ashley Judd and Dario Franchitti

5. WHICH D-list actor shocked a roomful of strangers when he announced he had to have his hemorrhoids surgically removed? The 30-something star, who’s more famous for his quickie marriage to a D-list TV actress and being the son of a Hollywood playboy, didn’t get the reaction he was looking for because no one recognized him!
D-list actor: Ashley Hamilton
D-list TV actress: Shannen Doherty
Hollywood playboy father: George Hamilton

89. BUZZFOTO 04/04
This British actress was in a relationship and in a film with this British born actor. He became famous and successful in America, but unfortunately she has not. It is said that since their split, he’s tried several times to sabotage any relationships she has had, even though he’s been linked to other women. He once showed up completely drunk at the home of someone she was dating and threatened to kill him unless he ended the relationship.

You should not confuse today's Director with the "Director's Wife" blind item. I'm not sure they even know each other. Although, with as many guys as the Director's Wife has been with, it certainly is possible. Our director is A list. Everyone would know his name. The thing about this director is that he is in love with himself and thinks he is a God, and imagines himself as a director from days gone by in Hollywood. The days where a director could do or say anything and be with anyone and never suffer any consequences. Our director has by his estimation had sex or sexual contact with over 5,000 women. He thinks it would be much higher except he tired to be monogamous in a relationship for about a year and feels like it cut into his total. His one attempt at monogamy was with this A list celebrity. He considered it being faithful if he only had sex with someone else once or twice a week. The celebrity finally tired of it after our director told her she needed to get a checkup for the third time. Apparently the first two times did not convince her to leave. Casting couch? Our director did not invent it but he has perfected it. You want a role in his movie? You got it. Everyone but the female leads has to audition at his house for speaking roles. He never has ugly women in his movies and he has had sex with most. On one movie he shot, he and one of actors who was probably close to A list at the time each slept with the over 20 women who were on camera in the movie. They would do this in threes and fours. Our director does not even bother to learn any woman's name unless he sees them more than three times. He is very good about not getting women pregnant despite the fact he does not believe in protected sex. Yes, even with hookers. He generally just throws money at them until they agree. Our director has had to settle several sexual harassment suits because of women he has fondled, exposed himself to or hit on during shoots. One of his best friends who used to be an A+ list movie actor used to let him have sex with his wife whenever he wanted. Some people even say that one of the actor's children is actually the child of the director. In return for allowing him to have sex with his wife, our director would make sure the actor knew about promising young male actors who needed someone on one acting lessons.

Director: Brett Ratner
A list celebrity: Serena Williams
Sexual assault: Olivia Munn (didn't learn her name)
Close to A list actor: Charlie Sheen
Movie: "Money Talks"
Best friend: The former A+ list actor has never come out, so I can't do that part of it.
(POSSIBLY: Chris Tucker)

91. BLIND GOSSIP 04/04
Don’t believe for a second that all is well between these two male stars! In front of the camera, they are friendly colleagues. Behind the scenes, it’s gotten very ugly. Star 1 privately refers to Star 2 as "The Hair" because he thinks that Star 2 is a good-looking but "so freaking overrated". Meanwhile, Star 2 – who is best known for playing a supporting role – is bragging to friends that he is very confident that he can have any job he wants… including Star 1’s job. He told several friends, "Please. Anybody in a suit could do that. I could have that job today if I wanted it." Star 1 heard about Star 2's comments, and is furious that Star 2 would even think of undermining him. However, he is putting a back-up plan into place. If he does get the boot, he wants to re-team with a past costar with whom he has a great relationship and build a powerhouse to compete with Star 2. Meanwhile, the executives are loving the tension, because it gives them some leverage in negotiating everybody’s contracts. This should be good.
Star 1 (The Suit): Matt Lauer (past co-star: Katie Couric)
Star 2 (The Hair): Ryan Seacrest

92. CELEBZTER 04/04
Happiness has long eluded this starlet. And, whilst she appears to have it all, love is what she really needs and longs for. And in recent months, she seems to have found it… well, on the surface, anyway. Because behind her back. her knight in shining armour has been cheating on her…. and worst still, bragging about it. Every time he’s out of her sight, he is picking up random girls in bars. The saddest part of this tale is that cheating appears to be a common thread in her life, with man after man doing the deed with others behind her back. We want her to be happy, but this rogue lover isn’t for her.
Halle Berry

93. BUZZFOTO 04/05
This angelic child starlet, who has an upcoming movie, is anything but sweet in real life. The word is she’s so obsessed with being famous, she’ll step on anyone who gets in her way, including her siblings. She’s reportedly banned her family from visiting her on set because she’s worried directors will see her cute siblings and want to replace her.

What do you do if you are an A+ list actor with a very innocent public image and your son is accused of raping not one, but two women, well you cover them up and protect your name and fortune as much as possible. Our actor is A+ list and has been for some time. A few years ago, his son (might have more than one or might not) was at a party and got drunk. His son always though a lot of himself because he is the offspring of someone famous and is not unfamous himself. Is unfamous a word? Anyway, the son was drinking with this woman and pressing her to go home with him and she did. At some point during the evening she says that she said no. The son pressed on anyway and when he was finished said she needed to leave because he had some friends coming over. Well, instead of going to the police, the woman called her dad who called the son and threatened him which caused the son to call our actor who made a large financial payment to the family. Fast forward a year and the son is at another party and is drinking again and this time he and a buddy get a girl drunk and take her back to the actor's house because they were trying to impress her. She passes out and finds both men having sex with her and she screams. The screams alert the security people who alert our actor and once again the actor has to come to the rescue of his son. Not only did he have to pay money this time, but he also got the woman roles in two of his movies. These are the only two times that people discuss, but apparently there are a few more that stretch all the way back to middle school for the son.
Tom and Chet Hanks

95. BLIND GOSSIP 04/05
If they were on a singing competition show, you would call them a Male Vocal Group. We prefer the term Boy Band. The group’s image determines their commercial success, and each member of the group is assigned a particular sterotype (such as The Bad Boy or The Baby or The Nice One) so that the band will have the widest possible appeal. There is a Boy Band consisting of beautiful young men that currently has young girls across the country screaming with admiration and desire. Their public image is wholesome. However, there’s a lot going on behind the scenes that belies that image. For example, there’s one member of the group whose moniker could be The Gay One. That’s right. Your teen daughter may be swooning right now over someone who isn’t even interested in her gender. Oh, and there’s another member of the group who wouldn’t be interested in your daughter. His moniker could be… The Other Gay One. Yes, that’s right, two gay young men in one popular group. (Although one does have a beard to maintain that desirable image). And here’s the most interesting part of all: the two boys are sleeping with each other. Don’t tell your teen daughter. You don’t want her up all night crying because her mean parent destroyed her illusion. Besides, you eventually got over The Osmonds/ Menudo/ The Backstreet Boys, didn’t you? "One Direction "Louis Tomlinson and Harry Styles

How long can this singing Star and this movie Star keep their romance under wraps? He’s helping to pay her bills! Toni Braxton and Eddie Murphy

Stars new to the scene can be so stupid. They haul outta town and they think they can act all diva-like and nobody's gonna be the wiser. Uh, wrong! And perhaps no one's realizing this right now better than Consuela Conveyor-Belt, a newly minted star who thinks her stuff don't stink just because she went to the Oscars. Gosh, what did Consuela do, exactly? She ditched that boyfriend's she's so busy pretending to be all hot 'n' bothered with and went to a resort popular with disco-eyed Angelinos. With some girlfriends. And when the partying gals hit a club which just happened to have a cocktail waitress who caught Consuela's eye, that's when things really got interesting. Consuela made a pass at the waitress. The server then got all offended and stuff. Probably had something to do with Ms. Conveyor-Belt sticking her hand up the waitress's skirt, ya know? The gorgeous worker-bee screamed bloody murder, at which point Consuela screamed even louder bloody murder! How dare you accuse me, don't you know who I am, and all that self-important crap. There was a scuffle and then management swept the whole thing under the carpet, as it were. Lesson learned: Sanctimonious B-listers who scream enough always get their way. Until their beards who don't like the unnecessary attention drop them faster than you can say, "Who's next on the conveyor belt?" AND IT AIN'T: Lauren Conrad, Jessica Simpson, Jennifer Love Hewitt.
Zoe Saldana

When you see movies or hear things about actors being divas or big a-holes, I think the poster child for that person is the actor we are going to discuss today. This actor used to be just about A list. Honestly, we could call him A list from then. Now? He is a good solid B-, but has A list name recognition. Might even be A+. You mention his name and everyone knows who you are talking about. Our actor came up through what he calls the method school of acting, but what is really just an excuse he uses to act like the biggest a-hole on the set. When he first started out he could control his temper and his voracious appetite for sex and drugs, but when that first wisp of fame hit, he was out of control. One of the few actors to be nominated for the best and worst in his profession. This actor is known for his a-holiness, but he has said and done some things which have long been kept quiet. When he first touched fame he used to have women in and out of his place all the time. If they were too slow to undress when they walked into his place, he would rip their clothes off and toss them naked out in the street and laugh away while he did more lines of coke. He would pass women around to his friends and beat them if they did not comply. When he started doing this with at the time an A list actress he messed up her mind for years. He thrilled in knowing she needed mental help for years after he messed with her head and body. Our actor would do anything and everything to women and treated them horrifically. The thing is most of them came back for more because they loved the tough guy and wanted to be close to fame. Another drop dead gorgeous actress (B- back in the day and now a D) who was messed up for years by the actor said that when she made the actor mad one night he called over 10 of his friends and made her have sex with all of them until he would let her back inside. Oh yeah, this was outside. In winter. She was naked. In the backyard. The thing is when he did let her back inside the house, she stayed. He controlled her career and her future and when they split her career tanked because he had brainwashed her to the point she could no longer function without him in her life. Our actor has had a 180 in his career recently. Well he did. He was humble while he was getting his career back on track, but with his new touch of fame again came lots of the old problems. This time though he can barely get it up anymore because of all the abuse to his body and his girlfriend laughs at him when he goes into his drunken rages.
Actor: Mickey Rourke
A list actress: (The A list actress has never admitted she needed mental help, and is not Kim Basinger. If the actress speaks publicly about her mental issues, I will reveal her name.)

Drop dead gorgeous actress: Carre Otis

99. BLIND GOSSIP 04/06
This actress on a TV drama is not making any new friends on the set of her show. She avoids speaking to anyone between takes, and if she does speak to them, she does not look them in the eye. They don’t know if she’s mad about something or if she’s being snobby. What they don’t know is that she is just trying to avoid contact so that she doesn’t have to explain away her glassy eyes. Her management team suggested that she do this so that she doesn’t get fired. Why are her eyes so glassy? Well, while she used to drink only at night, she has recently started drinking during the day, too.

100. BUZZFOTO 04/06
These two costars from a hit network television are both closeted, but very much in love. They have not acted on their feelings, but spend all of their time together. Last week, one star told the other he was willing to risk everything to come out together as a couple. As a result of this confession, the other star has broken off the relationship and refuses to acknowledge or spend any more time with the man he is in love with. Both men are heartbroken.

This pop star will do anything to outshine her competition. She has made herself relevant thanks to outrageous fashion choices, but she is getting blackballed by stylists and designers. The artist once fired her stylist on the spot after she couldn’t get the outfit she wanted. Turns out, the designer didn’t want their clothes/name associated with her.
Nicki Minaj

102. BLIND GOSSIP 04/09
This couple has supposedly been happily married for over a year. When they got married, they were both at their peak, and they played the part of the celebrity couple to the hilt. My, how things have changed! He has fallen on hard times, and she is not handling it well. She married him because he was famous and successful and a winner and she wanted to have his children. In her eyes, he is no longer holding up his end on any of these things. So, she is already setting him up for The Big D (Divorce). Not that she will get her hands dirty. She is letting her friends and her publicist feed negative items about him to the tabloids and the blogs and the mainstream press… so that she can bounce out of the swirl of ugliness with a bundle of money and her reputation intact.
Khloe Kardashian & Lamar Odom

This singer, and I guess I will call him a singer even though he has been in a movie(s), is very well known. A list well known. A list name recognition and the entire world knows him. You would think that with that kind of name recognition and face recognition that it would be tough for our singer to get away with cheating on his celebrity girlfriend as much as he does. But he has it all worked out, or at least he thinks he does. Our singer has been dating this celebrity for awhile. They have had at least two or three splits although not all of them were that obvious in public. The reason has always been the same. Cheating. Our singer is a big cheater. The first breakup came when our singer was with this friend of his who is also a singer (Big Guy). Not as big of a singer list wise, but still has had some top 5 songs. Our singer would go over to Big Guy's house and Big Guy would have several women over to his house and they would enjoy them all day and night while our singer's girlfriend thought our singer was recording. One day though that all came crashing down when our singer's girlfriend saw a video on the phone of Big Guy. There in the background was our singer getting a lap dance from a naked woman. Since then our singer has not been allowed to be seen with Big Guy despite their very close relationship. Big Guy has got into his own troubles lately and the fact he sometimes sleeps with this other A list male singer would probably cause a way bigger scandal than how many women our singer sleeps with a week. He actually does not have sex with that many women a week. He is down to just one other than his girlfriend of course. This one used to be an A list tweener and was our singer's favorite actress. This is his crush come to life in front of him whenever he wants. She pretends to be friends with the singer's girlfriend and meanwhile she is getting down and dirty with our singer every second his girlfriend is on another side of town or the other side of the country. The funny thing is all three of them hang out together and our singer's girlfriend has no idea what is going on sometimes even in front of her.

A list singer: Justin Timberlake
Celebrity girlfriend: Jessica Biel
A list tweener: Alyssa Milano

Big Guy: Timbaland
A list male singer Big Guy sleeps with: Chris Brown

#1 - This Academy Award winning actress who is an A+ lister apparently still believes in old flames. She has slept with her ex boyfriend a few times in the past year because she just can't get him out of her head. I wonder what her A+ list actor boyfriend would think of it.
Angelina Jolie /Billy Bob Thornton/Brad Pitt

#2 - This A+ list movie actor had a very unusual girlfriend for his first celebrity fling. She was probably a B+ list movie actress at the time and is now still a wacky B- with other interests. Our actor had never met her, but told the male producer he could not sleep with him to get a part back in the day because he had a girlfriend. Hers was the first one he came up with and had to stay with her until the producer finally gave up. Brad Pitt/Juliette Lewis

#3 - This A+ list Academy Award winning actress despises her husband's best friend. The best friend is also an A list actor. Turns out the actor hit on her while she was pregnant.

105. BLIND GOSSIP 04/10
This performer – who is known for her acerbic wit – was seated at a Los Angeles restaurant near a table where two well-known actresses were having dinner together. The two middle-aged actresses have been close friends for years. Very close (even though one of them used to be married to an actor, and the other is currently married to a big-name actor). Aware of their relationship, the funny lady decided to rile them up. After she ordered her dinner, she started talking loudly to the waiter. "You know, you’d better not say anything bad about those two dykes over there, because they’ll kill you if you do". With that, the two red-faced women got up and briskly walked out of the restaurant. Mission accomplished.
Performer: Lisa Lampenelli
Actress #1: Kelly Preston
Actress #2: Kirstie Alley

1. WHAT two A-list actors and BFFs have been trading stories about the A-list actress who tried to seduce them both before she was married with kids? Despite her wholesome image, the attractive lady had a much-deserved reputation as a maneater and would regularly pop into her co-stars’ trailers or hotel rooms looking to hook up!

A-list actors: Brad Pitt/George Clooney
A-list actress: Julia Roberts

2. WHICH married actor on a new TV series has let his sex scenes with the female star of the series go a bit too far? The single actress, known for hitting on powerful married men, wants the series to be a smash, so she’s been more than eager to make the passionate makeout sessions as believable as possible!

3. WHICH two actresses play BFFs on a hit medical drama but in real life can’t stand each other? The two women are polar opposites, so when the cameras stop rolling, they head off in separate directions and don’t even speak! Sandra Oh and Ellen Pompeo "Grey's Anatomy"

4. THIS beloved country star/actress has been hiding a secret tattoo obsession! The inked 60-something singer-songwriter likes to show skin, but her strategically placed art is always covered up! Dolly Parton

5. WHICH star has let all the Oscar buzz she received go straight to her head? The once-humble actress now has an out-of-control ego and her old friends are shocked at the special treatment she now demands – from them! Rooney Mara

6. WHICH former ’90’s sitcom star-turned-Oscar winner has cut off her mom and refuses to let her see her granddaughter? The actress is crazy about her dad and recently researched his family roots, but didn’t even bother looking into her mom’s ancestry! Helen Hunt

107. BLIND GOSSIP 04/11
They have passed the five-year point, so the marriage is over! They are living separately, their public appearances as a couple are down to once or twice a month (tops), and any time together is as much about keeping the child/ren connected to the whole family as it is to be seen together for the paparazzi. Here’s the timing for the announcement of the split: He has two big projects this year. She has already agreed to chip in and help promote the first project with red carpet appearances and positive interview mentions. If that occurs (and we believe it will), the official split will be announced during the summer lull. If she takes an additional payout and waits until after the second release, the announcement will be made approximately New Years 2013. Tom Cruise/Katie Holmes

About two years ago, this foreign born A list movie actor who is one good role from probably being A+ list met this college student. Despite the fact that our actor was in a serious relationship at the time, he hooked up with the college student who when they started was just 17, but later turned 18. The student says that she met the actor when they happened to walk by each other outside one day. One thing led to another and they went out for coffee. She knew who he was but had never been a fan, but the next thing you know she says she was in his web. Coffee led to him kissing her and groping her in the alley behind Starbucks. He said he wanted her right then, but she said she had to go to class. They made plans for dinner that night. Dinner was not so much of a dinner as the actor inviting her over to his place where they had sex and then he said he had a meeting so dinner would have to be another time. The woman did not hear from our actor for two days. He called and said lets have lunch. Instead they had sex again at his place. Two days later he sent over a piece of jewelry to her place and blew her away. That night was dinner and she really thought he was crazy about her. That night he introduced her to the woman he was dating at the time. The woman, a B- list movie actress said she had no problems with the student having sex with her boyfriend but that is all it was going to be. The student had no idea he even had a girlfriend, but when the actor told her to have sex with the actress she did it without question. She said, "I felt like I still had a chance with him and if I did this then maybe he would keep me around and something would click with us." During that night, the actor and actress were doing lines of coke and the student had never done coke. The actor told her to try it and again she complied. That was the first night of one year straight of doing coke. The student could not afford coke, and the actor could. At some point the student realized he was just using her and not going to leave his girlfriend (they did split though) and that she was simply his toy that he played with like a puppet. If she wanted coke and she did want lots he would make her do things like walk around the outside of his building naked or crawl around it. He made her serve drinks naked to several of his co-stars of the film he was shooting. In the back of her head she hoped she could change his mind and be with him permanently so she kept doing more and more degrading things. He would watch soccer and bet her during the games and she just accepted it. "I would sit there watching the game and dreading if he lost a bet. If I did not smile though he would get really angry and verbally abusive. He never hit me but did spit on me a couple of times and told me if I didn't want to be there to leave. I stayed though. I hated myself everyday but I stayed." "One day something snapped. I was failing out of school; had not seen my friends in months; and was spending everyday doing coke and being a doormat to a guy who was an a-hole. One night I left and I never went back. Now when I see him with some new woman by his side I wonder if she is going through the same crap I did and I wish I could call her and tell her to run."
Foreign born A list actor: Gerard Butler
B-list movie actress: Jennifer Aniston
Film: "The Bounty Hunter"

1. He started as a boy band member, but he is attempting a solo career in the acting field. Things aren’t really working out. He has yet to score a movie role and has only had a couple of tv guest spot offers. He is blaming his physique and trying to butch up his appearance. He constantly needs reassurance and his last "girlfriend" was overheard complaining about the time he cried because he hates his thighs. Nick Jonas

2. This foreign born boy bander is currently being billed as single and straight, but he is still undecided. He has been experimenting with both genders a lot lately to help him come to a decision. Bill Kaulitz "Tokio Hotel"

3. This former boy bander has been trying to relive his glory days by attempting to reheat his career. He has tried reality tv and a few solo gigs, but he just can’t compete with new generation of heartthrobs. Don’t feel too bad for him, he still manages to find groupies to cheat on his wife with. The younger, the better. Nick Lachey "98 Degrees"

Forget the old adage about hell hath no fury like a woman scorned. It's a bitter production studio that residents of Hollywood apparently need to watch out for! Especially if you're a featured player from a glossy new pic and you directly oppose what the studio has told you to do on the press line. Look out, Blake Barbina, who was recently made to pay the price heavily for misspeaking to the media: Blake, who has a pretty decent fan base, was told to only talk about the new movie Blake was busy promoting for Siren Pictures, Life After Teenage Lust. Siren was adamant that Barbina only talk about Lust, and not the many other projects Blake had in the works. But, of course, what Hollywood actor thinks he or she can't do what he or she wants, especially if a large fandom is involved? That's right. Probably close to zero. So, when doing press recently, B.B. went ahead and blabbed all about the other projects coming up, giving second-shrift to Lust. Siren was apoplectic. So much so, they decided to release to the press some not so valiant activities of Blake's. And Barbina was shocked, to say the least—not to mention totally caught off guard, which had been Siren's precise intent. In other words, Blake's personal life will never again be the same, but Siren's assured compliance with their stars in the press is now pretty much assured. For the time being, at least. Way to go, Siren, it's like you've been taking lessons from Nikki Reed or something! AND IT AINT: Nikki Reed, Zac Efron, Jennifer Lawrence.

Blake Barbina: Peter Facinelli
Siren: Summit Studios
Life After Teenage Lust: Breaking Dawn
Leaked info about divorce from Jennie Garth

This A list celebrity has always had rumors circulating about him and his sexuality. Everyone thinks it is about his career, and it is to a degree, but he also has not told his mom and she keeps expecting her son to get married and have babies. When our celebrity first came out to Hollywood he thought he was going to be able to be open and free and be openly gay for the first time. For the first week he was shy but experimenting. In his second or third week in town he met an older man who counseled the celebrity to stay hidden and in the closet but at the same time was perfectly happy to have sex with our celebrity all day everyday. This went on for some time and the mentor was happy to show off his new toy but at the same time did make some introductions for our celebrity. After about a year together the couple had a huge fight and our celebrity ended up flying through a sliding glass door and you can still see the scar on him from that. The blood was everywhere and the mentor freaked out and thought about just fleeing but realized he should do something so called a doctor. He also bought our celebrity a car which he still has. Our celebrity has gone through a series of girlfriends. Most of which catch on to the fact he is not interested in them sexually after about a week and they usually move on. His latest girlfriend has stuck around because she does not particularly care for sex and has not really even noticed they don't have it much. She thinks our celebrity just has performance problems and not because he is gay. They did break up for a bit because she could not understand how no one could not get aroused for her. Apparently she does not have any lack of self esteem issues. Our celebrity says he will come out once his mom passes.
Ryan Seacrest/Merv Griffin

112. BUZZFOTO 04/12
This celebrity relationship might have started out as a publicity stunt but it is quickly becoming legitimate. After all the faking it for the cameras, the two had a slip-up and actually hooked up, but only once. Now, the couple is pregnant and deciding what to do about that. Either way, it should mean lots of press for both stars.

113. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 04/12 "Musings Of A Crew Member"
This crew member has worked on the same television series for the past two years. Here are some of her thoughts. Each week I will try and bring you new thoughts from different crew members who work on television shows or movies around town. I've worked on the same show for a couple of seasons as a production assistant. It's been on a little longer than I have been working for it. When I tell everyone what show I work for people always say they have heard of it but have never watched it. I don't think anyone has ever watched it. I don't even watch it. I'm tired of it by the time I go home and running errands for everyone on the show just kind of makes me want to stay away from them when I get home. Would you go home and watch your boss on tv? I don't want to either. I don't like these kinds of shows anyway. Craziest thing I have seen? One time I was bringing this actress who has been on the show this season some food and I didn't knock because I never knock with her. Some make you knock but she doesn't and she's always cool with me so I went in and there she was pressed up against the wall by this other actor who has been on the show and he had her hand down her police uniform and her shirt was open and they were going at it and I freaked out. I wanted to leave but wanted to watch. I wanted to be quiet but was freaked and think I might have squeaked. They saw me and I just kept saying, "I'm so sorry. I'm so sorry." Oh, so I leave and realize I still have her food in my hand so rush back inside with my head down and set down her food. That actor is a tool though. I used to think he was cool but he is an ass. Most of the actors on the show are asses. They just want to fuck and that is all they think about all day. It doesn't matter if they are married or whatever. They spend their day doing some lines and the rest of the day trying to get women to go to their trailers. It's like a game. You learn to ignore it after awhile, but I worked in a real job before this in New York and if they had tried this crap in a real office they would have been fired. You go home at the end of the day feeling kind of skeezy. Last year that same actor got into it with this actress he was having sex with everyday on set. He was cheating on his girlfriend with this actress but yelled at her everyday if she looked at a guy. Called her all kinds of names too. Tool. I hate him. Everyone does. I would love to kick him in the balls but I would get fired and I need the job. It got so bad with him that she quit the show. She was sweet although she kept to herself. She had the coolest accent and could make it go away in a second.

TV show: "Southland"
Cool accent actress: Emily Bergl

You certainly all remember Harriet Talons, right? Our Blind Vice maven was just inducted into monikered infamy and is already back for another round of d-r-a-m-a. Would you expect anything less from someone wanted killed off her own show? Well, apparently, horrible Harriet isn't as confident in her job security as we think she should be, because the boob-tube broad has been secretly trying to book another gig...ya know, just in case! Apparently Harriet is supremely nervous about her future—or so say people within her camp. While we already told you Ms. Talons probably won't be canned from her juicy hit series anytime soon (or ever), she has caught whiff of the hostility directed her way and is worried that sooner or later her attitude may lead to her demise. Hey, we're just shocked she had enough self-awareness to realize everyone thought her stuff actually did stink. But instead of, we don't know, simply being nicer to her costars and hard-working crew, or being less of a diva at the office (that would make far too much sense), H.T. has been aggressively pushing her agents to find other work. That way she'll stay one step ahead of any potential firing. We told you she was a crafty devil, didn't we? Here's the thing: She can't find any jobs! You might think producers would be eager beavers to book the seemingly so talented Harriet for their gig, but her pushy reputation precedes her. And no one wants to have Harriet's talons unleashed on their set, heaven forbid! But really, can you blame them?! AND IT AIN'T: Naya Rivera, Eva Longoria, Kristin Bauer.

115. BUZZFOTO 04/13
Which A list pop star has an entire room dedicated to the memory of her relationship with another celeb? Both he and she might have moved on to new partners, but she has a ‘shrine-like’ room in one of her homes where the walls are plastered with pictures, magazine covers and other memorabilia remembering the relationship?
Rihanna (Chris Brown)

Franchise films are tricky places for relationships. Often a film leads to on set relationships which can destroy a marriage, but when you have to work with the same person repeatedly over the course of a couple of years plus the press trips and premieres and parties you can turn something that started off as sex and end up with so much more that can cause real damage. So, what happens when you have a married B- list actor who is suddenly thrust in front of all these young women and everyone is far from home. What started off as the best of intentions quickly went downhill as our married actor was joining some of the other actors at a strip club by the end of the first week away and had a hooker in week #2. It was in about week #3 that he met this B- list actress who is probably the best actress in the franchise, despite not really being a lead. Totally not his type and way too young but they hit it off. First just talking in between shots and then in their trailers and the next thing you know it was hooking up overnight and hoping his kids or wife would not call while he was with her. What started off as what he thought was just sex grew into something way more, but then filming ended and they went their separate ways. Our actor though was hooked and in the next installment was actively looking for someone. The problem was he was too assertive and aggressive and it was a turnoff to the actresses he was hitting on plus they kept reminding him he was married. His first installment flame was off in her own little world, but she did introduce our actor to an actress in the movie who was barely 18 and in one of her first roles. They have been together ever since. She is just now getting out of her teens. It was pretty questionable whether or not their first under the sheets encounters were even legal and if her parents found out they would probably run screaming to the press or police or both. She keeps it a big secret from her parents. She has not worked that much since she hooked up with our actor because he keeps demanding more and more of her time, especially since he has so much of it now. Plus, now that part of his secret is out in the open he has been seeing other women too and enjoying being openly single. That would be great but he made promises to this teen and also she had a procedure done too which he said would not matter because they would have lots of other chances in life.
Franchise: "Twilight"
Actor: Peter Facinelli
B-list actress: Anna Kendrick
Barely 18 actress: Christian Serratos

117. BLIND GOSSIP 04/13
This girl used to be a real actress. And when we say actress, we actually mean star. She starred in more than one television series and more than one movie. Well, she’s no longer appears to be a real actress. Now she just has a real drinking problem. No, she didn’t retire. It’s just that she can’t land jobs without auditioning anymore. But she doesn’t show up for auditions (because she is too hungover?). Then she gets depressed because she’s not working and drinks even more. It’s a vicious cycle. She still has plenty of money left for partying though, so even when she gets in trouble for her drinking, she brushes it off and continues to go out with her "friends" every night. While she isn’t a minor anymore, her parents are trying to step in to get her back on track. It won’t be easy, but her family is staging an intervention in the next couple of weeks. What they don’t want is for her to be all washed up while she is still in her 20s. Let’s hope that they get through to her and she agrees to go to rehab very soon.
Amanda Bynes

Celebrities love the luxury and beauty of Maui, and this ageing action hero used to be a frequent visitor – but that’s over. There are only two 5 star hotel options on the island and this actor has been BANNED from both. Both hotels had the same problem. The actor used to rent massive suites for himself and his family but maids were horrified to find human feces on the floor, on furniture – even in the bathtub! SOMEBODY didn’t care where they pooped! The actor tried to blame it on a child but the size of the mess indicated it came from an adult.
Sylvester Stallone

Not too long ago, this actor was an A list movie star. He was everywhere and seemingly every movie he ever touched turned to gold. He had an actress wife who was beautiful and everything seemed like it was never going to end. The actor, while not particularly skilled at acting was making hit movie after hit movie. The one day it all seemed to go away. You don't go from number one to the C list that quickly without a very good reason. That reason was that our actor got caught in another country with a 13 year old girl while making one of his movies. This was not the first time he had been caught, but this was the most serious because this girl was also hurt very badly. Our actor had been drunk and had beaten the girl really severely. In this particular country 13 was a legal age of consent so the police there did nothing to him, but the producers were scared out of their minds about this getting out because they had a lot of their own money invested in the movie. So, they covered it up. They paid a huge bribe to everyone they could and the movie made them their money back. They refused to work with the actor again though and told everyone why. Suddenly no one would touch the guy and no one would make movies with him. He tried to make some movies on his own but hired really bad people to work with him and was always more interested in booze and young girls then making movies. He kept making the movies in other countries with very loose laws about consent and now our actor is a struggling D lister who might trigger something in your mind from time to time. The thing is our actor seems so moralistic. He isn't though and now he has taken his ways back here to this country and is up to his old tricks. He doesn't want to go to jail so he tries to keep the girls he is with at least 16 which he figures is safe, especially if he is paying them enough. Well, their pimps anyway. Plus at this point no one recognizes the actor who used to be one of the biggest stars in the world.
Steven Seagal

120. BUZZFOTO 04/16
Which C list actress that recently announced her pregnancy, told friends that she was only having a baby so she would never be alone?
Kristen Cavallari

121. BLIND GOSSIP 04/16 **#1**
Which television actor – who appears on more than one show – slept with a few guys before he became famous? He is now a husband and father, and isn’t ashamed of his past at all.

122. BLIND GOSSIP 04/16 **#2**
When you screw up repeatedly, you should consider yourself lucky if anyone is ever willing to put their trust in you again. This actress has had many chances and has blown through all of them. However, she is still able to land a job, thanks to a producer who is willing to take a chance on her. He did warn her, though, that if she wound up in trouble again due to either substance abuse or reckless behavior, that he wouldn’t be able to insure her and he wouldn’t think twice about calling off their deal. This is why our actress is compelled to lie about where she was and what she was doing. She’ll lose her job if she tells the truth. However, this producer means what he says to this girl. He has already started talking to the agent of his back-up actress for the project, just in case our actress stumbles. The new actress might not have as big a name, but she is infinitely more reliable.
Lindsay Lohan 'Elizabeth Taylor biopic'

1. This B+/A- list actor was overheard talking about his womanizing ways at Coachella. After sneaking drinks all night, he revealed that one of his solid A list co-stars was horrible in bed and he had to imagine she was another one of his co-stars who wouldn’t put out… "I’ve been with fat bitches, ugly bitches and drunk bitches, but she was the worst lay! I had to flip her over and think of (former co-star #2)!
Womanizing Actor: Gerard Butler
Bad in Bed Co-Star: Jennifer Aniston
Co-Star #2: Angelina Jolie

2. This younger A+ list popstar is getting very territorial over his girlfriend. The PR arranged relationship was actually just a friendship with hook ups, but he has been getting serious. Too bad for him…she is just in it for the fame. Justin Bieber/Selena Gomez

It took this B+ actress a little while to make it in Hollywood. She had some very big auditions but lost out to some other actresses for a while. Now though, she is riding that wave and getting to live out her sexual dreams too. I haven't seen someone cuckolded this bad since Christina Aguilera got a hold of her husband. Anyway, a couple of years ago, our actress was quietly dating this A+ movie actor. He is big and brash and foreign born and she loved him and everything about him. The part that she loved the best though was that he let our actress dress him up in dresses and wigs and was the perfect little toy for her. They had a great time but she broke up with him because no matter how fem she made him, he would not do anything in public. She wanted someone she could do things with everywhere. Now, the actor is with someone who has no idea what he really likes so he has to pay someone to fulfill his fantasies. Anyway, back to the current boyfriend of our actress. Talk about feminine. This actor is B+ list and always does movies and is about to hit the big time. He has a much better figure for lingerie and loves makeup both at home and in public. He is also happy to oblige when the actress orders him to wear things in public. Take that little torture device she made him wear on the red carpet. She even squeezed it once caught on camera. Watch the little wince of pain.

125. BLIND GOSSIP 04/17
If you are old enough to remember Woodstock, you might be a tad long in the tooth for Coachella. This older celebrity was so out of place at the music festival last weekend that he was getting stares from the twenty-something crowd. So why was he there? To soak up the sun? To promote peace and love? To drink? Was he hoping that someone would ask him to display his talents on stage? Or was he there to score young women and drugs? No on the first four. But yes on the last two. Yep, he’s switched from booze to drugs.
David Hasselhoff

126. BUZZFOTO 04/17
Last year, this celebrity couple were completely in love and all over the news. After their split, things have not gone well for either of them. They decided to get back together and see if they could make it work. Unfortunately for them, his current girlfriend recently announced her pregnancy and he feels forced to stay in that relationship.

This starlet is starting her descent to rehab. Aside from the partying and her weed habit, she has started cutting again. Her boyfriend is the only one expressing real concern, but he is still bitter about the time she slept with his brother and only halfheartedly trying to help her.
Miley Cyrus/Liam Hemsworth

It was one of those television shows that everyone seemed to love. OK, maybe love is too strong of a word. It was watchable and made better background noise than most shows. Plus, it was on the air for quite some time so it became comfortable, like that pair of shoes you never stop wearing despite all the ones in your closet that are probably better. Anyway, the show featured several men and they were always competing to see who could have sex with the most people each week the show taped. At first that was fun, but they realized they were fast running out of people to have sex with and decided to take things up a notch. The actors all still work although only one continues to be really successful while the other is middle of the road C+ list and one of the others is way down at the bottom of the D list, but he is famous for a whole different kind of reason. Anyway, in order to keep things interesting on a set which provided not much adult companionship, the actors would come up with different ways to get points based on who you had sex with or where. One actress who was on the show for some time thought she was entering into a serious relationship with one of the actors until she finally realized he was just having sex with her in the strangest places to win the contest for that month. She is also a solid C+ lister to this day and still gorgeous. This went on for a few years and whether the actors were in a relationship or not, it didn't matter, they kept at it. The one thing they always wanted to do was forbidden to them, but they did manage to kind of do what they wanted to do at the time, but in a more adult way. They each picked their crush and the writers made it happen. Later, after the show went off the air, the points system was still in place and they pooled together their money and offered $100K to the first person to have sex with the forbidden. All of them. No points for not getting them all. The first forbidden was tough because she was involved with someone. At some point they all eliminated her from the contest, although one of the actors says he did make out with her. The second was easy and they all had her. Kind of disgusting if you think about it. The third? Only one of the actors was able to pull it off and only by spending a lot of money on drugs. In fact, the other actors gave up the chase because they grew up and moved on, but this actor never lost sight of what he wanted and he got it. Burned a very big bridge but he got it all in one night. The last stage of the forbidden.
TV show: "Full House"
Really successful actor: John Stamos
C+ actor: Bob Saget
D actor: Dave Coullier, famous for Alanis Morrissette song
An episode with the girls played by adults. Dave Coulier went on to marry the actress who played adult Michelle: Jayne Modean
C+ gorgeous actress: Lori Loughlin
First Forbidden: Candace Cameron
Second Forbidden: Jodie Sweetin
Third Forbidden: John Stamos had sex with both of the Olsen twins

1. THIS former ’80s brat-packer, whose life is now in shambles, has been making late-night calls to her former male castmates to reminisce about their past sexual trysts. She created a huge mess when she called one former hell-raiser – who’s been happily married with kids for more than 20 years – when his wife answered the phone!
Brat Pack Girl: Demi Moore
Married Brat Pack Guy: Rob Lowe

2. WHAT singing superstar, who has a huge gay following, was miffed when her hunky hubby appeared on the cover of a national gay-themed magazine? The song­bird isn’t bashing the gays, though – she’s just angry her hubs didn’t gush about how much he loves her! Mariah Carey/Nick Cannon

3. WHICH "DWTS" hunk got a little instructional help from the dancer boyfriend of his superstar good pal? The entertainer and the reality star have a history that may or may not have been romantic, but the two remain close, and her clueless new beau didn’t have a problem giving him some dance tips!
DWTS Contestant: William Levy
Female Superstar Pal: Jennifer Lopez
Pal’s New Dancer BF: Casper Smart

4. WHICH former child star – her actress sister has a newborn – recently got pregnant, but is keeping the baby news on the down-low? The sisters love each other madly, but they always seem to be competing, and now they’re even in a race to see who can create the perfect family the fastest! Hillary and Hayle Duff

5. WHICH cooking/lifestyle star threw a major hissy fit when the first-class cabin ran out of fresh lemons for her hot tea? The decorating diva berated a flight attendant for handing her a packet of lemon juice and then complained how she would demand a refund on her ticket! Sandra Lee

130. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 04/19 "Musings Of A Crew Member"
This is the second in a series (hopefully) of crew members from different television shows and movies who are willing to share their thoughts or stories. This week brings us a guy in his 20's who does publicity for a television show which is in its first season. I have only been in Los Angeles for a short time. I grew up in the Midwest and graduated from college there and made my way out here. I always wanted to work in Hollywood. I just didn't know how I was going to do it because I'm not good looking enough to be an actor. I came to that understanding a long time ago and have no sense of loss about being an actor. Directing was not an option because I don't have that kind of artistic vision. I am an artist though. My art just is in getting people to go see a movie or watch a show and make everyone and everything about the production look so good that you can't wait to see it. I'm on a show right now doing publicity. It's in its first year and the network is spending a ton of money to get people to watch so it has been really busy. I wanted this job so bad. Not the working in Hollywood one, but this one. The one on this show. I wanted to meet the star of the show. I've had the biggest crush on her forever. Posters on the wall, day dreams, wet dreams, I've had them all for her. I remember that first day I saw her on set and go into her trailer. I died. I was fucking giddy. I know it will pass as I've been here longer, but that first time, I knew what it was like when all those girls scream at Bieber concerts. Can't describe the feeling. When I think about the feeling, I love it. I acted all cool about it but inside, I was busting out and this was just from across a parking lot. When I actually met her, in person and shook her hand I almost froze. I had to talk to her about what we had planned for her and even though there were ten other people with her and doing things for her, she gave me her full attention. Her eyes just drilled right into mine and I could tell I had her to myself for those 45 seconds. Well, she made me feel like I did. And just like that it was gone. She concluded we had finished out business and she started making someone else feel like they were the only person. I wanted that feeling back. Hey, my turn. Over here. The tall blonde guy in the corner. Yo. Instead I was ushered out. It was kind of like a first kiss with someone. The first time is once in a lifetime but you never get that feeling back exactly again. I heard heroin is like that. That first time is euphoric and you spend the rest of your addiction always trying to get that same feeling but you don't, no matter how much you try. I see my crush a few times each day and talk to her once or twice a day. She still makes me feel like I'm the only person in the world when she's talking to me, but I've seen her do it to so many people now and so many situations that I know it's a skill she has. A damn good one which is why she keeps going from one show to the next and a bunch of movies in between. I think all I've been hoping for is that she didn't disappoint my dream of her or fantasy and she hasn't. Can she be a pain? Oh yeah. But the good outweighs the bad. I just didn't want to have my dreams crushed with this one person. Others can disappoint me and have. But this one, my crush, I wanted to be just like I imagined. She has. She even got me a birthday card on my birthday and kissed me on the cheek. Framed the card. Don't tell anyone. Jennifer Love Hewitt "The Client List"

#1 - What former A+ list movie actor spent $10,000 a pop to fulfill his fetish of using a woman's body as his ashtray for his ever present cigars.
Arnold Schwarzenegger

#2 - This former A list reality star has been a big user of the N word before but only watches porn involving black men. Paris Hilton

#3 - What former A+ list action star who has made homophobic remarks in the past has a secret. He got the HIV virus from another man who he met in Europe and was his "publicist." Jean-Claude Van Damme

132. BLIND GOSSIP 04/19
Singer 1 is the lead singer of a rock band. From the outside, he appears to be a loving, devoted husband. However, according to Singer 2 (who is the lead singer of another band), he’s also a freak in bed. The two only had a one-night stand, but Singer 2 spared no detail in recapping the encounter for band-mates. Actually, they didn’t even blush because they already knew that Singer 1 has an impressive collection of S&M gear that leaves little to the imagination. However, they were surprised to learn that Singer 1 is bisexual. That’s right, Singer 1 and Singer 2 are both male singers.
Singer 1:
Singer 2:

Will two well-known Entertainers be caught up in a Shady controversy involving cars? Phaedra Parks/Appollo Nida "Real Housewives of Atlanta"

This show was on a few years ago, but most the leads in the show are all working still and are solid B- listers. It was a modest hit show which was part of a hit night for a network. Yes, a network. Not an almost network or cable, but a network. It was supposed to be good family fun, but behind the scenes were some truly nasty things going on. The object of the entire mess was this teen who has not really done anything since because she was so traumatized by what happened. When she first came to the show she got involved with one of the actors on the show who was slightly older than her. He was experienced and she was not. He was really into drugs and she was not, but she thought he was the greatest and in love and they had sex all the time. While this was going on, one of the older actors on the show also wanted the teen. She thought of him like a father figure, but he wanted to be more than a dad. Well, one day he had way too much to drink and came on to the teen. She didn't want it, but she also didn't want to get fired so went along with sex. To this day she refuses to eat the food she was eating right before this happened and has a loathing for the cologne he was wearing. When she told her "boyfriend" about it he blamed her. When she told this B- list actress on the show about it, the actress told her to never tell anyone and that kind of thing happens and it had happened to her in the past before she got too big and they couldn't take advantage of her like that anymore. Well, our teen got pregnant. When she talked to her boyfriend, he said it was not his and that she deserved what she got. When she talked to the older actor about it, he said that he was married and had a family and none of this could come out. He then had his assistant make an appointment for the teen to get an abortion and to make sure the assistant went and made sure the procedure was completed. About three days after the procedure our teen got a call from the older actor. The teen though it was to apologize or to see how she was doing. Nope. He wanted to know if she wanted to come over to his place for sex.

Show: "Step By Step"
Teen: Angela Watson
Boyfriend: Sasha Mitchell
Older Actor: Patrick Duffy
B- List Actress: Suzanne Somers

Where art thou, heartthrob Nelly Fang? Hooking up with the most stunning partner in his fairly impressive past, that's what! The fact that Nelly's currently smitten with golden celeb Queen Djibouti is such great news because… As we all know, Nelly hasn't always made the wisest (or safest) romance choices in the past. And besides, Nelly has such an impressive everything—face, career, personality, etc.—isn't it about time he settle down with somebody who's as beautifully put together, not to mentioned gifted, as he is? Totally! Queen, who's not quite as romantically experimental as Nelly, is still probably a pretty perfect fit for her new man, as she's all about the work (just like Fang) and is totally easygoing in her private life. Which is probably why she used to date a guy just like Nelly, who also likes to do his own thing. In other words, Fang and Queen's exes are probably each other's types! Or certainly were at one time. But that's then. Now is all about Nelly and Queen slowly cementing their hotness for each other, which appears to be the real thing. Kind of a shocker for Mr. Fang, who's not unused to the fake-partner P.R. thing. We actually dig this new Nelly. True love's always hot, right? It Ain't: Tim Tebow and Taylor Swift, Taylor Kinney and Lady Gaga, Ryan Reynolds and Blake Lively.
Alexander Skarsgard and Charlize Theron

136. BLIND GOSSIP 04/20
She may have had a sleepover or two at this actor’s house, but this young diva is telling friends that it was all just for the publicity. When they asked her if she would seriously consider dating him, she responded, "Are you fucking kidding me? I don’t even like the guy. Not my type." But she added that she wouldn’t hesitate to be seen with him again if it landed her some magazine covers.
Rihanna and Ashton Kutcher

137. BLIND GOSSIP 04/22
Mom was worried about something much more important than her daughter’s increasingly wild and erratic behavior. She was worried about how public perception of that behavior would affect Girl’s career. So, after a particularly shocking incident, Mom decided to get Girl out of the public eye for a while by taking her away to another city. Girl quickly got bored hiding out in the hotel, so Mom flew in one of Girl’s friends, and the two of them spent a couple of weeks shopping and getting spa treatments… while Mom came up the concept of "rehab". It was a calculated way for Girl to continue to stay out of the public eye for an extended period of time. More importantly, as long as Mom and Girl never admitted that she was going there for drug- or alcohol-related problems, it would be difficult for people to criticize Girl when she got out. So, Girl was sent off to "rehab" for unspecified problems. Now you know that it was all a public relations move and that Girl was in treatment for a much shorter amount of time she and Mom claim. And while we’re glad that Girl actually did wind up getting help with some of her very real issues, her best chance at true recovery will happen when she starts being honest. That’s going to be difficult with such a scheming mother.
Demi Lovato/mother - Dianna Hart de la Garza

It is amazing this barely out of her teens actress could even function with what she grew up with. You think you know who I am talking about, but you really need to read the clues today because I'm being tricky. She grew up in an environment that just screamed she was not going to be able to make it or was going to turn out really messed up. She does have problems, and they are significant, but she manages to almost look like she is functioning at a normal level. She has a B list actor for a dad. Well, maybe B-. His best days are behind him now. He set her up for failure. His drug problems are legendary and he brought them home and brought home lots and lots of women. She used to hear it all going on very night and learned all about relationships from him and the way he treated women. Is it any wonder that she will sleep with two or three guys in a weekend? Any wonder that she equates sex with love? That is what she saw with her dad. Drugs? She thought they were normal and when her dad would give her a little taste when she was young, he was just having fun and didn't know it would lead her to become a drug addict at such a young age. She actually has fought through most of the drugs and the clutches they bring. Sure she uses, but not like she did when she was 15 or 16. Now it is just some coke or pot and she stays away from the heroin. That was the hardest for her to shake. You would think she would need the drugs to escape the memories of her dad's friends and how they would grope her and make her dress up for them. Because her dad never stopped them she thought it was fine and she thinks it's fine now when a director wants to sleep with her or touches her. She has tried the boyfriend route but it never works for her, because she just can't be with one guy. She wants to love but does not know how. She needs direction, but her dad barely has time for himself and can't be bothered. He has a career too.
Don Johnson's daugther Dakota

139. BLIND GOSSIP 04/23 **#1**
We’ve talked before about how the members of boy bands have different personas for each of their members in order to ensure the band’s widest appeal. In this very popular boy band, we are going to call one of its members The Grouper. Why? Well, he has been picking out groupies to come up to his hotel room and have threesomes with him after he performs. He makes sure that they are of the age of consent for sex, but he has no problem providing alcohol to those who are underage for drinking or a bit nervous.
Tom Parker "The Wanted"; Zayn Malik  "One Direction"

140. BLIND GOSSIP 04/23 **#2**
In Hollywood, it’s popular to be socially liberal and a Democrat. This handsome American actor is an industry leader in supporting Democratic Party candidates. He has donated his time and money and creative fundraising ability to many Democratic causes. However, he has a secret about the way that he votes that only his close friends know. He publicly talks like a Democratic Party loyal. But he actually votes Republican. A lot.

141. BOSSIP 04/23
This Young Money rapper has kept his asset endowed exotic lady friend as a constant companion since they first linked up, but word on the street is her stomach will soon be bigger than that bubble butt and there’s no dancing around the situation any more. The moral of the story may be don’t get too "Faded" when fawking your girl cuz when it comes to keeping the kid "She Will." Sorry we can’t give you the answer right now, but you’ll know soon enough.

The Virgin Finder: From the headline you would probably think this is all about Wilmer Valderrama. Surprisingly, you would be wrong. Nope. This one is way more insidious. Wilmer just is a dog, but this guy, the subject of the blind is so much worse. Lets call our guy a celebrity. Probably a B+ lister on the celebrity scale with A list name recognition. You see him all the time. Constantly. He has been in the public eye for awhile now, but back in the day when he was first getting started it was a whole lot easier for him to stay undercover. He used to and still does have women throwing themselves at him. His first experience with groupies came when he was still thinking of being an actor. He had sex with some teen who said she was a virgin and from then on our celebrity was hooked. From that point on he would only date women who were virgins. If you were not, then he was not interested in you. One time he went on a date with some 17 year old who told him that she was. He took her to Reno. She confessed she was not a virgin and he left her on the side of the road next to a bar in Reno where they had been and she had to make her own way back to LA. As the years have gone by and his wallet bigger, our celebrity has found it more difficult to find virgins who won't spill so he has a connection with an organization in Latin America and he pays for virgins. He pays well. He pays for teens who are 16. That is his favorite. One time when he attempted to go straight and have a regular relationship, his significant other found out about his kink and left the second she found out. The funny thing is the celebrity does fund raisers for charities for human rights organizations and here he is, one of the people he is vowing to stop. He is one person on the outside and this sick, perverted guy at home.
Ashton Kutcher (started out as a model)

143. BUZZFOTO 04/24
We might have called the making of this new celebrity couple in one of our previous blinds, but what we never expected to happen was the possibility of a fallout from a different celeb. This C list performer and television star has apparently been trying to set herself up with the male celebrity in the new relationship for several months now. Through her management and team, she was hoping for a meeting so she could go on a real date with him. She’s apparently been a fan of his for years now and been biding her time. When she saw pictures of his current ‘relationship’ she was furious and fired her publicist. She plans on inserting herself at some point into a place where she’ll be able to accomplish her goal of being his latest gf.

Female C List TV Star: Aubrey O’Day
Male Celeb: Kanye West
His “Relationship”: Kim Kardashian

1. WHICH super-famous female pop star, known for her "bad girl" reputation, has been secretly hooking up with women? The sexy singer has been frequenting European strip clubs, getting lap dances, then taking the raunchiest performer back to her hotel!

2. WHICH 50-something Oscar-nominated actress is a costume designer’s worst nightmare? She’s been known to pinch the most expensive fashions from her film sets and return the pricey duds to high-end department stores! Sharon Stone

3. WHAT Hollywood couple – he’s a rocker, she’s a pop star – have an open marriage where hubby can still hook up with GUYS? The blonde mom is so done with playing the happy homemaker role that she’s telling pals she’s ready to go solo! Gwen Stefani/Gavin Rossdale

4. WHICH retired talk-show host’s wife is such a difficult diva in restaurants that he actually apologizes to the staff in advance of their arrival? The beloved former interviewer will call the eatery before they get there and tell them his (semi-famous) wife suffers from dementia so they won’t take her outlandish demands seriously! Phil Donahue/Marlo Thomas

5. THESE engaged Hollywood stars are having heated arguments over who’ll be attending their huge wedding! It turns out the singer/actor wants to invite some of his famous exes to the ceremony, but his future wife is dead set against it – she’s crossed them all off the list! Name the couple. Justin Timberlake/Jessica Biel

6. WHICH legendary singer is so addicted to Popeye’s Fried Chicken that she had it delivered to a recent red carpet event? The aging Grammy winner mortified guests when she sat in a swanky hotel lobby chowing down on the greasy chicken straight from the box! Aretha Franklin

Today I'm introducing you to dads. Both of whom are the parents of actresses. Both of them are about as bad as it gets when it comes to fathers. One has pretty much escaped, but the other, well, she is not so lucky. The first dad has been in trouble with the law and has a daughter who was once a promising B list movie actress. At a young age he started grooming his daughter for stardom. He would always put her in front of the camera. He also gave her lots of special attention. Not the kind of attention a man should be giving his daughter. He would take her head shots and as she got older and entered her teens he also started taking more risque photos of her and that led to them having sex. He even got her pregnant once. He would not let her date and was reluctant to ever let her go to school. His hard work on his daughter's behalf paid off and she became successful. He could not handle the success though and the attention she started getting from guys. He made her live with him and continued to photograph her and also filmed them having sex. Her once promising career has now become a drug abused mess who will never truly get better until her father dies. He still sends her out for auditions but is there for every one and has made himself and his daughter a pariah in the acting community. The other dad actually got lucky and his daughter hit the big time. Not A list, but a big tween star. He also enjoyed special time with her, but it was not actual sex. He molested his daughter, and not just the star. He has other kids and now that his eldest is too big and has fought back he has set his eyes on his other kids. The talk that he wants more kids just sickens me.
Dad 1: Jack Birch (Thora)
Dad 2:

146. BUZZFOTO 04/25
After several years of steady plastic surgery, this A list actor’s face is starting to show signs of deterioration. The doctors have told the celeb that this is due to too much surgery, but the actor is determined to believe that his age is causing the problems. He recently found a very wealthy doctor in a foreign country that is willing to do any work the actor wants. He has his next surgery scheduled next month.
Sylvester Stallone

147. GOSSIP BOY 04/25
Sometimes life is a bitch. And in Hollywood, when life is a bitch it's usually tied to the down slide of your career. And that's what happened to poor Lucy Goosey. This girl was the apple of the studio's eye and they showed it by putting her everywhere that the human eye could see. And before you ask, it was based off of pure talent and her God-given beauty. But, nobody could see past Lucy's looks to notice her talent. Lucy did what any good actress would do and took the grittiest role she could find, trying to look like vintage Lohan at 4 am on the Strip. Suddenly Lucy was on top of the world where she belonged, and of course that's when the trouble comes. First x-rated pictures from a disgruntled ex were suddenly everywhere. Lucy took them in stride like any good PR-armed celeb would do. But now the video is circulating, a video that she assumed was in the possession of her ex, and video co-star. Not only is the starlet giving more than one definition to the word "blow", her boyfriend and his best friend are sometimes the star of the video....without her. Oh, and did I mention that his best friend is a dude? One video, two celebs, and one huge butt-fucking scandal......God, I love the gossips at Chateau Marmont. It's not: Miley Cyrus, Kristen Stewart, Scarlett Johansson.
Vanessa Hudgens/Zac Efron

148. POPBITCH 04/26
Which Hollywood megastar is very keen to keep one story out of the media - that they've become a strident, libertarian Neo-Con?

This actress is getting really close to A list. She is definitely in the high B range. She only does movies and has not been around that long. Her rise to stardom has been fairly quick and remarkable actually. It could have been so much worse if more people knew about her secret. See, this wholesome actress who always tries to play the good girl role on her 18th birthday made a porn. It was one of those audition type porn movies and it was something she had always wanted to do and they offered her a lot of money especially considering she just turned 18 that day. Well, fast forward a little bit and she has suddenly become a better known actress and the director of the porn comes out and says that he is going to release her porno. He had not before because of some issue with the tape stopping a quarter of the way through and then not getting started again until almost at the end. What seemed like a great idea at the time was now coming back to haunt her. She pays the guy a monthly amount of money to keep quiet. The thing is though he didn't keep completely quiet. Our actress started suddenly dating this guy who was way below her league. Way way below. As in you are wondering what he has over our actress. Turns out that the director of the porn told the guy and this guy told the actress and they made a deal where they had to date for three months. And by date I mean dating and sex and anything else he could think of. Well, that guy told someone what he was doing and the next thing you know, our actress is dating another guy. At some point the actress meets an actor who is A list but they break up when he can't figure out why these other guys keep calling his significant other. Well, this gets way better. Turns out the director is good friends with this A+ list movie actor. The director supplies the actor with talent and could not resist telling him all about this other actress. The next thing you know, this A+ list movie actor is dating this actress and no one can figure out how they even met to start dating. Unlike the rest of the guys though, this actor got bored very quickly with the actress and now she is back with the first loser.

It looked like two pair of Musical Couples were going to join forces, but somebody’s face got cracked. One of the couples practices two strict rules: no cheap publicity stunt seekers and A-Listers only in their circle.

Beyoncé/Jay Z and Kanye West/Katie Perry (Kim Kardashian)

151. BLIND GOSSIP 04/26
At an upfronts luncheon, three young television series stars – all female and all thin – were seated with various advertisers and executives. Star 1 was very friendly and down to earth. She talked about how lucky she was to be a working actress, and made sure to take photos with anyone who asked. She ate her entire lunch, including dessert. Advertisers commented on how healthy and gorgeous she was, and how nice it was to see a girl who would eat and who made everyone at the table so comfortable. Star 2 initially sat at her table, but was incredibly antsy and jumped up and left every time food was presented. Salad course? "Oops, sorry, I’ve got to take this call." Entree? "Time to use the ladies room." Dessert? "I have got to go talk to so and so." When she was at the table, she just chewed gum and fidgeted while everyone else ate. It was very awkward for the entire table of advertisers and TV execs, several of whom commented that she looks like she has an eating disorder. Star 3 kept discussing her "craft" when speaking with the advertisers, several of whom rolled their eyes. "She’s on a TV show popular with teens for God’s sake, not an Oscar-worthy film" one of them told us. She also made it known she doesn’t believe in being a spokesperson for "crap to be sold." Keep in mind that she said this to a table full of advertisers. Guess she doesn’t realize that not everyone is lucky enough to have a rich Daddy in the business. Oh, and she ate absolutely nothing, although she did once pick up a lettuce leaf and examine it.
"Pretty Little Liars"
Star 1: Shay Mitchell
Star 2: Lucy Hale
Star 3: Troian Bellisario

This B list actress, famous thanks to her franchise films, is craving another hookup with her co-star. During premieres she and the film’s leading man have crazy sex that makes fellow hotel patrons complain to the front desk about the noise. Unable to wait for the next red carpet event that will throw them together, she tried to call for an early hookup. His girlfriend answered the phone and caused the B lister to panic and hang up. When the girlfriend called her back, she blamed the hang up phone call on her assistant. His lady didn’t buy it and warned B list and her assistant that if it happened again her STD secret would slip to the tabloids.

Actress: Ashley Greene
Actor: Robert Pattinson
Franchise: "Twilight"

153. BUZZFOTO 04/26
This A list musician has a very expensive yacht that he keeps on the East Coast. A few weekends ago, he hosted a big party there. Rumor has it that things got out of control and late into the night the celeb started pushing people overboard.
P Diddy

Caesar Anchovy-Arse has always been known for being a fairly talented man. But what the world doesn't know about him really does remain his best (unknown) achievement: Preventing the world from learning just how poorly he's treated his partner, Strippa Rip-Ya. But Caesar's latest shenanigans really do trump all his past debauched behavior, and that's saying something: Because fooling around or getting high is nothing compared to actually hurting your woman and then claiming you were helping her along in her career path...which is exactly what Caesar's latest line is all about. "He's claiming he made her," says a pal to the put-upon couple, regarding Strippa's professional success (which, admittedly, has been quite mixed). "Can you believe that?" asks the friend, rhetorically. The famous couple's pal is shocked mostly because Caesar's form of supporting his wife in the past has usually consisted of verbally abusing her. Or worse. He's been an unacceptable husband, in every sense of the word. But now, Mr. Anchovy-Arse is claiming otherwise, just so he can be assured of spending Strippa's paychecks—for now, and forever. Jeez, is it Hollywood that creates these men, or have they always been around? AND IT AIN'T: Peter Facinelli, David Beckham, Ashton Kutcher.
Marc Anthony/Jennifer Lopez

155. BUZZFOTO 04/27
This C list television actress from a network drama, was riding her bike recently in LA. She noticed an altercation between several teenage kids and stopped her bike and decided to confront the teens. Turns out they were gang members and had weapons. She was able to diffuse the situation and ended up talking to the teens for a while and joked around with them. She is very lucky it didn’t turn out differently!

156. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 04/27 **#1**
I know many of you have been wanting a kindness item for a bit, so here you go. This one actually came via a reader who wishes to be anonymous, but is pretty famous for some of his comments. In 2011, a young Marine was wounded in action fighting bravely in Afghanistan when an IED exploded directly beneath him. We’ll call him the Veteran Hero. Sadly, our Hero lost both of his legs, his right arm, and most of the use of his other arm in the line of duty. Undergoing grueling surgeries, the young Hero emerged alive - but depressed at being disabled for life while still in his 20s with little more than his military disability pay to live on - and few if any job prospects. Enter our CDAN "Reader", and some of the "good guys" in the entertainment industry. In 2003, our Reader felt patriotic and accepted an assignment with the government as a contractor to the Pentagon and intelligence community (to lend his creative skills to our country). It was during this time that the Reader reconnected with an A-list actor friend who was doing a USO tour in the desert with several other stars. The A-List actor in question has been in some of the biggest movies ever and even does television and is very good at it. His name recognition is probably B+. He usually flies below the radar with his personal life. The Actor and the Reader were talking one day in Iraq and the Actor was explaining this new charitable foundation he’d become a part of. The Actor teamed up his own private charity with a 9-11 survivor family foundation (named for a heroic firefighter who died on 9-11) and their goal is to help disabled vets return to the world. The Reader and Actor went their separate ways, but did keep in touch over the years. When our veteran war Hero was released from Walter Reed hospital, he was confined to a wheelchair and carried massive shrapnel still in his body. The Hero was also suffering from severe depression, and had very little money to even refit his family’s house for disabled access. Our vet was born, raised, and graduated high school in a very small town. Our CDAN Reader grew up in the same community, and graduated from the same high school (although many years apart). The Reader had already lost one close Marine friend in Iraq, and had two family members still serving in Special Forces and Airborne units. When he heard about the hero’s plight from his own hometown, he knew what he wanted to do. Our Reader got in touch with our A-list Actor and his charity foundation, and they brought in a gigantic sports company/sports venue into the mix. They all decided to help the disabled Hero, and help make his life better. They didn’t just throw some money his way or send him an autographed photo. They decide to buy some land locally, build him a brand new specially-crafted custom smart home, (completely built to accommodate his disabilities), and to allow him to never need another home for the rest of his life while being self-sufficient. As if this wasn’t enough? Our Actor and the foundation decided to put on a concert to honor the veteran hero, with the Actor’s personal band playing the whole show. All proceeds (not just profits, but every penny) from the show goes to the vet Hero. Not a fund or charity, but directly to the Hero in an account to pay his power bills, taxes, and necessities for many, many years. The Actor and the foundation are paying the band, all costs, and travel out of their own pocket. The Actor is using his own private jet to transport the band, equipment, and people all from his own pocket. All this while keeping his commitments to other charity work, his acting jobs, and his family. And this still wasn’t enough for our Actor to feel he’d done all he could do. The Actor enlisted the foundation to buy a set of special "smart" prosthetic limbs for the hero, and paid for them. This was a huge upgrade from the basic prosthetics the vet was using. The foundation even covered the cost of the transportation for the Hero and his family to travel to the hospital and back for appointments. The support, bright prospects, and hope was enough to lift the hero out of depression and darkness he’d been suffering. To show their support, the biggest sports facility nearest to the Hero’s hometown named the veteran Hero and the Actor as their grand marshals for the next event, and the Hero was the star VIP for the whole weekend. The owner of the sports complex even escorted the Hero around to meet all the star athletes and the Hero got photos and phone numbers from all his favorites. He even got to bring his family with him and they were all treated like royalty. The sports facility owner personally oversaw all accommodations and travel for the vet and family all weekend. They even talked the sports stars into donating, and hosted an auction of sports memorabilia to add to the funds raised for the Hero. The concert tickets for the actor’s band sold out in a few hours, including the expensive VIP packages where fans could chat and talk with the A-list Actor. The Actor said he’d stay and chat with fans until the sun rose so long as people got their money’s worth for donating to such a good cause. The concert was planned for a local high school in the city where the sports event was to take place that weekend. Unfortunately, a scary accident occurred the week of the planned concert. Our A-list Actor was involved in an auto accident that kept him from making it down for the concert or the weekend’s big sporting event. The Actor was banged up, but would be okay. Sadly he couldn’t travel for several days, and it made him feel guilty. Many stars with a busy acting schedule and personal life would just cut a check or try and weasel out of his responsibilities with a five-minute videoconference. Not this one. Our Actor was so upset about disappointing our veteran Hero that he personally called him to explain. The Reader then proposed a new date for the concert. The Reader called a concert promoter pal hosting a local music festival in May, and they worked out the details. The festival is an annual event for charity anyway, and other charities could also benefit from the Actor’s show at the festival. The Actor then rescheduled the concert for the festival near the Hero’s hometown, and personally paid the expenses already laid out. He offered to buy back tickets for anyone unable to attend, and then set up a special pre-show dinner date party for VIP ticket-holders and our Hero. The Actor then canceled two other (non-charity) concerts his band had scheduled, all just to honor his promises to our Hero, while allowing the festival to promote his appearance to help other charities. As a result, the show will go on. The upcoming new concert date has sold out again, and our veteran Hero is even considering some small acting roles he’s been offered, all thanks to our Actor and Reader. Meanwhile, the special smart house has already been designed, the land purchased, and suppliers lined up to start building this start of the art dream house. Both our Actor and our Reader said their only big regret is that they cannot do it for every single veteran who has served our country so honorably. But with our Actor’s foundation and partners, they’ll continue to help those that they can one by one. It just goes to prove that there are still some good guys left in Hollywood, and some guys who are not just hypocritical attention trolls only in it for themselves. Despite the setbacks, the concert-festival will launch into orbit soon, and our veteran Hero will have his new magic house very soon. He’s already got his new magic legs All because some people cared enough to use their fame, money, and power to help others instead of preach to them or hurt them. Gary Sinise

I wanted to write this today, because I have a feeling this teen actress may be headed to rehab as soon as this weekend or next week. She needs rehab. She has parents who don't care what she does or when or who she does it with. When I say teen, I mean this actress is a teen, but she is not even close to 18 yet. She spends most nights in hotels with one or two guys she usually hooks up with. Her parents get their cut of her money which is all they really care about. Late nights? They don't care. Drinking and drugs? They don't want to rock the boat and it's not like she is addicted or anything. That is what they tell themselves. Our actress was red hot but her recent issues have caused her to be talked about for far fewer roles and the reason is producers are scared of what she is turning into. She is one big mess and needs help. What was B+ list and headed to A, is now in danger of sliding back to C. It is her few real friends that are pushing her to go to rehab, and not her parents. Our actress is resisting because she thinks she can handle it.
Chloe Moretz

What pro athlete has told his pregnant celebrity girlfriend that he is happy to be a baby daddy but wants to see other people.
Jay Cutler/Kristin Cavallari

This A list actor personally sends out thank you letters to fans who send him homemade gifts. He doesn’t get to all of them, but he attempts to be sincere in his handwritten letters. This isn’t his only positive attribute. He often gives anonymously to charity and even went to personally visit a few fans who were battling life threatening situations. His only stipulation…no media cameras or press. Some might think he is mad for keeping positive press to himself, but he is baffled by their abuse of fellow human beings for personal gain.
Johnny Depp

White House Correspondents Dinner Blind Item: This B+ movie and television actress who is mainly known for television was asked where her husband was last night and replied that they are taking a break.
Claire Danes

161. BUZZFOTO 04/30
This aging, legendary musician told a source recently that the only reason he adopted his child was to help his image recover after a scandal. It worked.

I have written about the hookers a couple of times. The famous duo that split when one had success and the other continued to keep selling her body for less and less money. The less successful hooker just has never been able to find that gold mine but now she figures she has a huge way to make money and has been shopping a book about her former partner in crime. It features stories that even I didn't know and apparently also documents how the more successful hooker has always planned to have happen what is happening in her life right now. There are e-mails and copies of texts from a few years ago when they were still speaking all the time about how the more successful hooker wanted to find a rich man who was good looking but in the closet. It turns out that the successful hooker hates sex. In fact, the less successful hooker says that pills are about the only way the more successful one can get through it. The successful hooker even named four guys she thought would be perfect for her and she got one of the four. The book also names names and how much celebrities and athletes paid. It talks about every athlete they have been with and how many times they were busted by wives but because the hookers were celebrities they managed to not get accused of doing anything with the husbands. They would say they were with the husband for a reality show idea. The wives would get so excited at the prospect of being on a reality show they would not even wonder why the husband had been with one or both of the hookers in his hotel room. The less successful hooker is asking $2M for an advance on the book and it is worth every single penny. When I saw the names in the book, I asked the less successful one if she knew who one particular person was. She said no, but that he was a nice guy. Married US Senator. There was another guy who is an A+ actor in Hollywood who has his nipples pierced and likes them pulled. Another actor who won a Golden Globe in the past five years, used to pay the less successful hooker $5K a month just to be available every Tuesday night when his wife would go to yoga. Sometimes he would call, but most of the time she just sat by her phone waiting. This went on for over a year and she saw him like twice.
Kim Kardashian/Brittny Gastineau


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