NOTE: Guesses in italics are only guesses;
guesses in RED are a link to the solution or substantial clues.


Everyone knows this cute actor, although you might be hard-pressed to name more than one role he played. He finally got engaged to his girlfriend right around Christmas, but there hasn’t been any announcement yet. Why not? It’s because he’s hoping that some entertainment news program or gossip magazine will slip him a little extra money for the exclusive. Although he is gorgeous, we’re not sure he is gossip-worthy enough that a prominent show or magazine would have slated him as their lead story or their cover. Oh, wait! We take that back. There is one TV show that just might make him their lead story. Mario Lopez

2. BUZZFOTO 01/02
Over New Years, this C list actress told her A/B list musician boyfriend that she is pregnant. The pregnancy would probably cause huge headlines and affect each of the star’s careers. Right now the two are debating whether to secretly go ahead with the pregnancy or to terminate it, but either way they want to keep it secret, mostly because of their age. Denise Richards and Richie Sambora

This A+ list movie actor has been in this space before when he has slipped. This time though it is way more than a slip. He was at one point probably the most rehabbed actor in the world and now he needs it again. Desperately. He thinks he is hiding it from his wife, but he is not. One talk show almost kicked him out of the studio because he was so wasted before finally relenting and letting him on air. Robert Downey Jr.

4. BUZZFOTO 01/03
She was really big back in the 1980's and then her career dropped off in the 90's. She has a steady, cult fan base who she keeps in contact with on a regular basis. Her fans keep her spirits up, even though she’s obsessed with her own fame and image. This is probably why she meets at least one fan a week for a ‘hook-up.’

He’s a big movie star. She’s had one really major role, and is already booked for half a dozen new projects. You probably already know that they are dating. What you may not know are the facts behind the pairing. It’s a public relations set up. She is bisexual. He is gay. In fact, his ex-wife left him because she found him in bed with another guy! But for now, together, these two attractive actors make for crazed paparazzi and great photo ops. Well, that is, at least until their contract expires in a couple of months.
Actress: Zoe Saldana
Actor: Bradley Cooper
Actor’s Ex-Wife: Jennifer Esposito

1. WHICH beloved ’90s sitcom star has turned into a Howard Hughes-type recluse and germaphobe? The tall actor has plenty of money from his long-running series, but his eccentric behavior has left him lonely and paranoid! Harry Anderson "Night Court"

2. WHAT hardcore gangsta rapper turned into a temper-throwing diva when he saw the photo that was going to be used for an upcoming magazine cover? Turns out the 40-year-old musician thought he looked way too old standing next to a much-younger entertainer, so he demanded his face be Photoshopped! Snoop Dogg/Wiz Khalifa

3. THIS female A-lister is being doggedly pursued by the latest girlfriend of her good pal, another A-list star. The blonde girlfriend is determined to make the aloof actress/director her new BFF! Julia Roberts/Stacy Keibler/George Clooney

4. WHICH popular singing duo has decided to no longer appear on their gay pal’s talk show in order to appease their religious fans? The entertainers were flooded with hate mail from their goody-two-shoes followers who clearly don’t approve of the TV personality’s sexual preference.

5. WHICH reality star went to an anti-bullying rally in Hollywood but refused to spend any time with one of the bullied kids? What’s worse, the brunette beauty then tweeted a pic from the event and said how moved she was by her good deed! Kim Kardashian

#1 - Which male star from The Hills has a new boyfriend who pays him a very nice monthly allowance. Justin Bobby

#2 - This A+ list movie actress let things get out of hand the other night. She had way to much to drink and smoke and ended up with in bed with two guys and a third watching. Cameron Diaz

8. BUZZFOTO 01/04
This celebrity sibling rivalry is getting out of hand. Two sisters are both trying to get a fashion line started up. Investors are concerned that both of them doing this separately will hurt sales and are reluctant to back them. The sisters don’t know this, but their mother approached the investors and helped back one sister over the other. We’re not sure why she’s playing favorites, but it looks like only one sister will have her dream of becoming a designer, come true.
Kendall and Kyle Jenner

JOE PESCI doesn’t like it when you cheat his friends. The fireball actor channeled his "Goodfellas" character, Tommy DeVito, when a "big star" failed to pay golf pro Ron deRl Barrio for swing lessons. In the February issue of Golf Magazine, del Barrio talks about his celebrity clientele and recalls how Pesci confronted the unnamed delinquent, declaring: "You think you can f—ing stiff my friend del Barrio?" Then there’s the time the pro golfed a round with Motley Crue drummer Tommy Lee. The rocker paid a cart girl $5,000 to shadow their foursome, and del Barrio says, "I’ve never had so much Jagermeister."

Is a Diva ready to give birth? Will her celebrity Hubby be by her side? Beyonce/Jay-Z

Wonder why this B list movie actress from an acting family has been looking so glum despite the biggest boost to her career ever? It could have something to do with the fact that this A++ list movie actor was having sex with her while cheating on his significant other and telling her she was everything he wanted and then he ran off and married a B list movie actress. She has not forgiven him, and refuses to talk to him unless absolutely necessary.
B list movie actress: Rooney Mara (sister Kate an actress)
A++ list movie actor: Daniel Craig
B list movie actres: Rachael Weisz

12. BLIND GOSSIP 01/05 **#1**
This insatiable actor is setting new records for decadence. Over the holidays he participated in a threes*me with two women. One of these women was his ex-wife (who is an actress), and the other was just some random girl. The very next day, he participated in yet another threes*me, this time with a woman and a man. The woman was his ex-girlfriend, and the man was her husband. Where does our actor find the energy? Who knew that his exes were on good terms with him? Since when does he swing both ways? And where the heck were the kids when all this was going down?
insatiable actor: Charlie Sheen
ex-wife: Denise Richards

13. BLIND GOSSIP 01/5 **#2**
These two big stars created a fake feud a while back to get some publicity. It worked. But now, even though there is no feud, the tabloids are going to make one up to keep the story going. They will soon report that the two hate each other and are demanding to be seated far away from each other at an upcoming awards show. In reality, the two are actually quite chummy, and have spent some private time together recently when one went through some relationship drama. However, although they are actually friends, they are unlikely to be seen in public together. Why? Because the feuding rumors are so much more interesting than the truth. We dream of the day when these two will cut the feuding act and actually go to parties with each other. Lord knows they would certainly have a blast together! Katy Perry and Lady GaGa

14. BUZZFOTO 01/05
Which B list singer that started out as a reality star is hooking up with this very big A list actor whenever the two are in the same town? The two have been having random hookups for over a year now, although they have little to no contact otherwise. If they know they’ll be at the same venue or in the same town, they’ll find a way to meet- even though both of them are in committed relationships.

#1 & #2 - This A list boyish singer is having some relationship difficulties right now. Turns out that his B- list actress/ singer girlfriend had more on her mind than just having sex the past two weeks and he just does not get it. So, he has quietly found someone else until his girlfriend is ready to resume. She might not be though.
A list boyish singer: Justin Bieber
B- list actress/singer girlfriend: Selena Gomez

#3 - When this reality host went on vacation to the same place as his former boss/reality judge he thought he would get invited to the party his former boss was throwing. Nope. The former boss wants no part of our reality host or his "cheap girlfriend."
reality host: Ryan Seacrest
former boss/reality judge: Simon Cowell
"cheap girlfriend": Julianne Hough

#4 - So, Marc Anthony might have given up on his first ex-wife because she was supposedly making it on the sly with this very handsome B list actor who was supposedly in a very long term relationship with a fan favorite B list television actress who lost her job in a long running series.
first ex-wife: Dayanara Torres
B list actor: Amaury Nolasco
B list television actress/series: Jennifer Morrison "House"

Jerry Rock-Butt's Bitter Heart! Über-talented and fab Jerry Rock-Butt is publicly known for being a superstar, but privately, he's known for his super moods. Most recently? Even though Jerry's life is currently all roses—professionally and romantically—those who know Mr. Rock-Butt most personally are fully aware that he's been a bit down, as of late. Pray tell, why? Because as he gets closer and closer to sealing the deal with his current girlfriend, only the stud's best pals know that Jerry's true heart still lies with a super hot ex girlfriend Jer came very close to marrying. Back when Jerry and this curvy gal were a hotter-than-hot couple, Jerry's mama was incensed that her baby boy was hooking up with an older chick who wasn't so far in age from her own! Well, maybe incensed is too strong of a word to use at first, but it sure as hell wasn't once the ex and Jer started talking marriage! Mama Rock-Butt practically hit the roof! It was only a matter of time, then, before Jerry and this more voluptuous GF of his not only stopped talking marriage, but they broke up altogether. And the mama's boy has seriously missed his old flame ever since, particularly now that he's on the verge of marrying blah GF Chutney Jones, who when compared to the vibrant, always-horny lover from his past, gets blown right outta the water. Babes are beyond different. And nobody knows this more than Jerry, who fears he may have lost the love of his life. Everybody can cry now, if they want, but I say this is just karma for letting your mommy arrange your love life. And It Ain't: Justin Theroux, Mark Walhberg, Matthew Morrison. Justin Timberlake/Janet Jackson

17. GAWKER 01/06
"Remember that famous fitness buff we told you about who has been engaging in some dirty locker room talk? Well, it turns out his girlfriend found out about his delicious dalliance and even his secret cell phone he uses to call ladies. How did he respond? By telling her it was innocent, that nothing happened, and proposing to her. Now the girlfriend believes every word he says, though she probably shouldn't. That ring sure is a powerful thing!"
Mario Lopez & Courtney Mazza

18. BUZZFOTO 01/06
When this C List celebrity was shopping in LA yesterday, she told our source that she dropped her phone in the toilet in the restroom and made an employee at a clothing store come and fish it out for her. Paris Hilton

19. BLIND GOSSIP 01/07
The arrival of a new baby is always a blessed event. This beautiful baby was born this week. The baby was swaddled in a gender-neutral white blanket and was wearing a white cap. While there was some last-minute chatter about it being a boy, we believe it is a girl, and will refer to her as such. She appears to be of average height and weight, and, most importantly, is healthy. She has light skin, brown eyes, a good patch of dark hair on her head, and is eating well. Her eyes were a bit puffy at first, but she opens them when she is held upright. She has some sort of skin issue (a rash or stain), but it does not affect her overall health. The baby’s name is still a mystery. She was originally referred to as Casey (possibly KC?), but we’ve also heard her called DJ (possibly TJ?). However, we don’t have any reason to believe that this is her actual name or initials. The mother is resting comfortably, and the parents are thrilled. They are expected to keep things quiet for a few more days. Congratulations to all! Beyonce and Jay-Z

20. BUZZFOTO 01/09
This overweight child actor on an ensemble kids show is encouraged to continue to maintain an unhealthy weight because it fits her character. Unfortunately for her, she feels very isolated from the rest of the cast because of her weight. The rest of the cast hang out, date one another and have a variety of social gatherings, all of which she isn’t invited to. The exclusion is making her extremely depressed and resort to unhealthy coping mechanisms.

1. WHICH Grammy-winning singer is back on drugs? The entertainer – who hasn’t had a hit song in years – stunned guests when she showed up at a recent Hollywood event slurring her words and forgetting friends’ names before nodding off during the reception dinner!
Lauryn Hill

2. WHAT blonde, B-list movie star – she’s a former beauty pageant winner and model – was recently spotted at a Beverly Hills pet shop hitting on some guy half her age after he told her he was a huge fan of her ’90s films? The three-times-divorced single mom of three may be in her early 60s, but her cougar instincts are clearly still intact! Cybill Shepherd

3. WHICH recently divorced Bravo "Housewife" was seen trying on engagement rings at her local Costco store without her current beau in tow? The sexy reality star – who was married twice before – was overheard joking: "I may not be good at choosing husbands, but I’m a pro at picking out engagement rings!" Tamara Barney "Real Housewives of Orange County

4. THIS former-model-turned-actress has all but split from her husband after a lengthy marriage. She’s happy working in New York while he’s content being a producer and flirting with starlets in Los Angeles! Brooke Shields & Chris Henchy

5. WHAT lovable TV personality felt obligated to ask her A-lister pal for permission before purchasing the home of her ex? The friend gave the A-OK, but added that she would NEVER set foot into the house her ex had shared with the woman he dumped her for.
Lovable TV Personality: Ellen DeGeneres
A-Lister: Jennifer Aniston
House: Brad Pitts Malibu house

22. BLIND GOSSIP 01/09 **#1**
You probably saw lots of photos of celebrities on vacation over the holidays. For example, there were photos of this attractive acting couple, relaxing together, all cozy and kissy and handsy. Sweet, right? Well, the real gossip is in what the cameras didn’t show you: the guy’s real boyfriend (also an actor), who accompanied the couple on the vacation but managed to stay just out of camera range. Yes, the relationship you see in pretty pictures is just a professional bearding arrangement, desperately trying to look like a real relationship. Bradley Cooper & Zoe Saldana; Zoe Kravitz, Penn Badgley, and Shawn Pyfrom

23. BLIND GOSSIP 01/09 **#2**
This couple is seriously out of touch. They think that everyone should love and admire them, even when they lie and behave arrogantly. So they are genuinely surprised when their own missteps cause bad publicity. How to quiet the haters? Their publicist has the answer! In an emergency meeting with the couple, the publicist told them to play the victim. So, to turn this situation around, they will be very quickly and consciously releasing news of past hardships to elicit sympathy. How could anyone pick on such wonderful people who have worked so hard and suffered so much to get where they are today? Shame on all you haters out there! You’re all just jelly! Beyonce and Jay-Z/miscarrige mentioned in his song

#1 - This just about A list movie actress who got her start on television has been developing a bit of an attitude over the past year. I think it is because she is really trying to stay off coke. Anyway, she was at a charity event the other night where she was getting paid and spent the entire night complaining about the temperature in the room; the food; the drinks; people wanting to meet her; the number of people she agreed to meet and who was keeping count; and the list just went on and on.

#2 - This actress is probably C or D list. She was on a hit television show in the sense it lasted for a good five years, but because of where it aired it was not a monster hit. She has had very little work since it went off the air but that is not stopping one of her boyfriends from trying to sell a sex tape of her enjoying not only the boyfriend but also several of his other friends. The problem is no one really cares about the actress. Emmy Clarke "Monk"

#3 - This former child actress who started off so innocent before turning to the dark side of music and parental rebellion is back on heroin. I wonder if she will end up in the hospital for exhaustion again. Taylor Momsen

25. BUZZFOTO 01/10
This B list actress who doesn’t have a lot of titles under her belt, but is still known for a few blockbusters. is currently sleeping with the director that she is said in the tabloids to despise. Megan Fox and Michael Bay

This A list celebrity couple is taking a break. Apparently the new baby in their life has caused some post partum depression for the mother and she really does not want to be around her significant other so they are spending all their time apart for now except when required for some type of previously scheduled joint appearance. Apparently the mother is also seeing the same doctor who treated this B++ actress who is married to a has been A+ movie actor.
A list celebrity couple: The Beckhams
B++ actress: Katie Holmes
A+ actor: Tom Cruise

27. BLIND GOSSIP 01/11
Alcohol and unhappiness are a bad combination. This celebrity got a bit wasted at an event over the holidays and started spilling their guts to anyone in the VIP section who would listen to them complain about how much they hate their life. They want to quit their current project (which is not going well); they complained about how effing phony everyone is; they hate getting their photo taken; they want their family to stop trying to control them; they’re not enjoying life in the fast lane; they don’t like flying solo; and they’re upset that their sibling (who is also famous) is caught up in a fake PR relationship. Yes, there certainly was a lot of gut-spilling going on! One of their friends tried to comfort them/shut them up, but they just kept yelling and complaining. "You don’t understand! They are sucking the life out of me! I don’t want this anymore! I’m going into complete hiding so no one can find me!" Well, except on Twitter, where they continue to pretend that everything is just great. Joe Jonas

28. BUZZFOTO 01/11
We hear that this A/B list actor who started out on television and moved to film (mostly with his buddies) had always dreamed of making love to one of his high school teachers when he was younger. He vowed that when he was famous, he would do it. Guess what? He did, sort of. Over Christmas he looked her up, visited his home town and took his old teacher out on a date. Sadly for him, she’s a lesbian, but they had a good time catching up and grabbing dinner together.
Seth Rogen; Jason Segel

29. BUZZFOTO 01/12
When this actress was preparing for a role for a movie that has already come out, she had to do a lot of hours of dance practice. While doing so, she met a dancer who was struggling so much with body image issues she had to be hospitalized. The two developed a friendship and to this day, the actress still calls her and checks up on her treatment.
Mila Kunis

This NFL quarterback is cheating on his pregnant wife with this Twilight actress he met at a charity event over the holidays.

31. BLIND GOSSIP 01/12
This actor, who is probably best known for a particular television role, is unusually close to his mother. When he visited her during the holidays, he slept in the same bed with her. He doesn’t see anything odd about a grown man sleeping with his Mommy. In fact, he claims that everyone in his family is very close, and that he often wakes up in a bed with one or more family members.

Isn't it funny when somebody like Strawberry Snort 'Em appears to have it all: Devoted and cute BF? Check. Cool digs? Beyond-average talent? Check. Back-stabbing besties? Check! But when the love affair busts up, Strawberry stops eating and starts snorting even more, so sad! But, this Vice isn't about Strawberry, it's about a dude who never, ever wants to be in Strawberry's lovelorn position: Topher Hairy-Tuchus. And even though Topher's determined to not get caught in love again (he's had a couple of bad breakups), he's not at all averse to getting caught in lust: As we first told you,Topher's into the anonymous sex thing. And whereas we used to think it was just because Mr. Hairy-Tuchus, like many men in Hollywood, is just a plain ol' closeted actor, well, that's not the only reason he likes to get it on with other guys on the down low. "He's just done with love, that's all. It's not so much his career, which is what everyone thinks," says a pal who knows Topher both personally, and professionally. Whoa. So Topher's not so designing in the love department as much as we first thought? Amazing! Because Topher sure has been giving us all a run for his red-carpet money lately with various sexy ladies by his side—and then some. "No, no, no," added our Topher source. "He's just horny. And permanently non-committed. It's really that simple. The chicks are a cover for his [sex], not so much his career, get it?" Do we ever. And here we thought Hairy-Tuchus was some kind of grand, scheming Toothy Tile, who knew! Just remember, Toph, play safe! And It Ain't: Ashton Kutcher, Jamie Foxx, Ryan Gosling.
Bradley Cooper

Back in the day, lots of television show casts were out of control, but now, you rarely see anything other than a 9 to 5 mentality and everyone kind of goes their own way before and after work. An exception now is probably something like Vampire Diaries. They all love each other and have not reached that level of fame yet. Probably the all-time greatest cast as far as partying went was 90210. The original one. They were out of control all the time. Shortly after that show went off the air came another show which quickly took the crown. Before this person became a drama queen, she used to share stories about her time on the set and what exactly happened and if her career had not moved from middle C to almost A list recently I think she would have eventually broken down and written a book about what happened. The cast featured mainly unknown actors. During the first season, every female cast member except one had sex with this unknown actor who had been in nothing before, but is now a very solid, but unlikable B+ television actor who has had some really bad movies. His favorite actress on the show was the one who got in the most trouble. A lot of trouble. This still relatively unknown actress spent the entire first season coked up out of her mind. Always a person who had abuse issues, the huge paychecks sent her out of control, but she was also someone who could be counted on to be crazy and our B+ list actor loved that and they would hook up lots of nights after she had been out. It was a year long booty call. One of the actresses on the show was unknown at the time and crawled up to B- before slowly sliding back down to her present position of C+. She spent the first month of the show happy and fun and that is when she slept with the B+ list actor. After that month though she met someone and became an obsessive worrier who thought her new boyfriend (B- list television actor at the time) was going to leave her every second and he basically screwed with her mind their entire relationship. On the outside was an actor who thought he was the best thing since sliced bread but in reality did not have as much talent as he thought. Just because you were the star of the show does not mean you are the best actor. After one year he refused to talk to just about anyone other than the producer to complain about how many lines he got. Now he usually works in movies, but his chance at above the line roles went out with poor box office performance. There were others in the cast, including the now drama queen who started off shy but grew up fast and found herself a boyfriend which stopped her from playing in many of the games and parties that many of the other cast members indulged in on an almost daily basis. Strip poker and naked Twister while downing jello shots every 7 minutes was one of their favorite games to play and that was on set. When they started getting paychecks, the parties and women and behavior got even crazier.

TV show - "That 70's Show"
Drama queen - Mila Kunis
B+ Television Actor - Ashton Kutcher
Actress who spent the entire first season coked up - Lisa Robin Kelly
Present C+ Actress - Laura Prepon
New Boyfriend/B- Actor - Christopher Masterson
"On the Outside" Actor - Topher Grace
Drama Queen's Boyfriend - Macaulay Culkin

34. BLIND GOSSIP 01/13
When couples break up, there is sometimes a temptation to hurt each other, by getting the upper hand in the divorce settlement or the custody battle, or by publicly racing back into the dating pool with a younger and better-looking partner. With this celebrity couple, though, there is too much respect for each other to pull any high-profile or nasty moves. Despite their breakup, they are still genuinely close friends, and they do a great job with co-parenting and being genuinely supportive of each other. He’s been dating, but has been fairly quiet about it. And she has a boyfriend now. It’s not one of her costars. Not a PR set up. A real, steady boyfriend. They’ve been dating since the middle of last year. He’s good-looking and athletic and treats her well. You probably haven’t seen photos of the two of them together, however, as they are extremely clever and careful about how to avoid the paparazzi. She’s already introduced him to her friends but probably won’t bring him out in public for at least a few more weeks. Unlike her close friend, she’s just not interested in having her marriage, breakup, and new boyfriend splashed across the cover of the tabloids. For a Hollywood star, that’s rather classy.

Celebrity couple: Courtney Cox/David Arquette
Close friend: Jennifer Aniston

This foreign born A list television star from a very hit network show has always come across as Mr. loving husband despite being separated by distance. Perhaps he should spend a little more time focusing on the Mrs and not the hookers he goes through by the dozens or hitting on fellow cast members. Hugh Laurie "House"

1. WHICH famous yo-yo dieter plumped up to become the spokesperson for a popular weight-loss program? The singer/actress was in dire need of a quick career boost – and the high-profile campaign was the best way to get back in the limelight to create some buzz for her planned career comeback!
Janet Jackson

2. WHAT two-time Oscar winner has completely alienated his Santa Barbara neighbors because he likes to take off and land his noisy helicopter in a field on his property? The still-handsome 60-something star thinks he’s untouchable and refuses to park his chopper at a nearby airport!

3. THIS hunky A-lister’s mom was the REAL reason he dumped his multitalented but larger-than-life former girlfriend. The studly mama’s boy, who recently started dating a well-respected actress, received a thumbs-up on his new gal from mommy dearest. Bradley Cooper/Jennifer Lopez/Zoe Saldana

4. WHICH handsome movie star is hiding a hideous habit that’s turning his pearly whites a dull yellow? The 30-something’s dentist has warned him to lay off the chewing tobacco or his sexy cover boy image will be ruined! Bradley Cooper; Josh Duhamel; Michael Fassbender; James Franco; Sam Worthington

5. WHAT rising TV talk-show co-host – who has finally landed her own gig on a major network – is down in the dumps because she’s fallen for a high-profile politico who bats for the other team? Her career may be on the upswing, but her love life is still in the dugout! Gayle King and Corey Booker

37. BUZZFOTO 01/16
This C list actress who was once in a pornographic film was overheard at a bar the other night telling friends that she believes that women are just ‘playthings for men’ and their ‘whole purpose on Earth’ is to be visually attractive to men. Blech!
Traci Lords; Sasha Grey

38. BLIND GOSSIP 01/16
Which pretty twenty-something star is currently wreaking havoc among three famous show biz families? She is fake dating a guy in the first family. At the same time, she is real dating a guy in the second family. And that guy is supposedly involved/co-parenting with a girl from the third family. Despite all the chaos, though, we see the good in the situation. It’s good for the Girl. It’s good for the Guy. And it will all probably be reported as some sort of musical chairs love triangle, with lots of drama and publicity for the Girl and the Guy and their project/s… and lots of sympathy and support for those they hurt. So, good for everybody!
Girl: Delta Goodrem
Guy: Nick Jonas
First Family: Jonas
Second Family: Joel Madden
Third Family: Nicole Richie

It turns out this allegedly innocent NFL quarterback might not be so innocent after all. One of his admirers and fellow celebrity was overheard bragging the other day that she had no problems getting the quarterback into bed.

40. BUZZFOTO 01/17
We hear that this B/C list action star who is known for his chiseled physique and good looks, is asexual. He might be surrounded by beautiful women, but he certainly doesn’t take them home.

This celebrity split was definitely shocking, but the divorce will be smooth sailing. The reason: the husband knows a scandalous secret about his wife’s respectable family and she is desperately trying to keep it quiet. She will make sure the divorce is amicable because she would be very upset if people found out her father is not what he appears to be: he’s a deeply closeted gay and a bitter man.
Russell Brand/Katie Perry

42. GAWKER 01/17
"This not-so-funny funny lady spent the night at the HBO afterparty for the Golden Globes making out in the corner with a rather sexy male model. There's nothing nerdy about that."
Olivia Munn

43. BLIND GOSSIP 01/18
This top actor recently engaged the professional company of an effeminate boy for the night. The following night our star was out at a bar with a group of people. The boy and his pimp showed up with a group of his own to demand payment for the services rendered. The pimp zeroed in on our star, a yelling match ensued between the two groups, and things quickly escalated into a physical brawl. Somebody got hurt, but it wasn’t our star, who was promptly hustled out of there. However, any stories about the event have conveniently left out the part about the hooker and the pimp, as well as the fact that the fight took place in a gay bar. Our star stays in the closet and lives to fight another day.
Jeremy Renner   MORE

I guess this woman is still an actress, but she has not been in anything forever. She makes her living these days by living off her past fame and recent reality performances. Back in the day she was a solid B lister. Anyway, she has trouble getting dates so she and her A list married movie actor friend have a little deal. When he finds someone for himself, he tries to find someone who enjoys men and women. She beards for the actor and gets some fun on the side. The bonus is the A list actor does all the paying. It seems no one is willing to be with our aging actress for free.
Kirstie Alley; John Travolta

45. BUZZFOTO 01/18
Which B list celebrity couple who have been together for a while, has an open marriage where they ‘trade spouses’ with this C list actress married to a B list musician?

B list celebrity couple: Fergie and Josh Duhamel
C list actress/B list musician: Paula Patton and Robin Thicke

This former almost A list R&B singer who is still gorgeous, but has not had a hit in awhile and has been in this space before has been the go to person for when this married A+ rapper who has also been in this space before has needed to relax for the past few months because his celebrity wife does not want to help him relax. Is it any surprise that everyone thinks her next album will do really well. I guess she is taking very good care of him.
Jay Z and Ashanti

47. PAGE SIX/NY POST 01/19
Which squeaky-clean actor’s drug habit is so bad, he’s starting to get a reputation and be passed over for big roles?
Chris Evans

48. BLIND GOSSIP 01/19
She’s off her meds, and it’s not good. She has returned to the very behavior that got her into so much trouble in the first place, including the drugs and the alcohol and the self-harming. It’s almost surreal to hear her spout absolute bullshit about being healthy and happy and sober when she is exactly the opposite. In fact, just a week ago she was out at some madhouse of a bar, drunk off her ass, doing multiple shots and snorting coke in the bathroom. Let’s cut to the chase, and get more direct: Look, we know that you and your friends are reading this. It is absolute madness for you to think that this will end well. You are a beautiful and talented girl, but you ARE going to lose your fans and your career and probably your life if you keep this up. Remember how upset one of your siblings was when someone picked on them? Do you realize how much more emotionally destroyed they would be if you actually died? You should think about that, because that is exactly where you are heading right now. We don’t care if you lie to people about what your problems are. We don’t care if you pretend that you are going on vacation. Just get yourself back into rehab (or treatment, if it makes you feel better to call it that), and get well. Now.
Demi Lovato

49. BUZZFOTO 01/20 #1
This B list comedian and film actor has a membership to an exclusive Hollywood club which he almost lost over the last month after going on a drug binge and stripping off all of his clothing, trying to assault a waitress.
Dane Cook - Beacher's Madhouse

50. BUZZFOTO 01/202 **#2**
This B/C list film actress will probably be announcing a pregnancy soon, unless the three positive pregnancy tests she left in a public restroom at a restaurant don’t belong to her…..

We've already all fallen in love with Charlotte "Chuck" Finger-Dingle and her sexually impressive resume of bedding Hollywood's power gals. This particular beauty seems to thrive and simply glow inside the more women she beds, but guess what? Chuck's also got a hot career going, which actually means more to her than her ambitious (and athletic) love life, so Charlotte just added something very different to her woman-eating Hollywood climb: A man. Yep, that's right! And, of course, not just any man, but a very, very powerful and über-talented man! One who just happens to be directing Charly in her latest project. But that's not all. Wanna know what's really weird about this one? No, not that Chuck has so seamlessly switched from women to men just for the sake of a great role (trust us, lots of celebs have made that switch in this town for far less than a spectacular role), but the fact that Chuck's new man has a woman who's totally OK with this arrangement! Uh, are we watching a real-life episode of Sex and the City, only with Chucky's lover's other half doing the same thing Samantha would? Apparently. Either that or the director's woman knows full well that Charly's first preference is for the ladies, and she'll be bored diddling the director dude soon enough. Only problem is, the way Charly's hanging all over her lover in public (not to mention in private), that sexual fade-out doesn't appear to be occurring anytime soon. AND IT AIN'T: Jennifer Lawrence, Naya Rivera, Dakota Fanning.
Rooney Mara

It is really hard to believe this former A- list boy bander and now a C who kind of was his own one boy band has always been in the closet. Despite every single public romance he has had with a woman he has always wanted to come out. He has been caught so many times and given the perfect opportunity to come out, but he keeps waiting and waiting. He dated this at the time, huge tween actress for a very long time but most of the time she was having sex with our boy bander's brother. The brother is where she was rumored to have picked up the gift that keeps on giving. The good news for the brother was that since the boy bander was "dating" her, the brother never got in trouble for having sex with a minor for almost a year. One time our boy bander was on tour with a different girlfriend. This girlfriend was a singer and is now an actress or she may still be both. Anyway, this actress/singer had no clue that our boy bander liked guys and was a virgin at the time. She got the gift that keeps on giving from a different band guy. Anyway, the virgin walked in on our boy bander on his knees servicing one of his male backup dancers. About an hour later the virgin was gone. One of the boy banders best "girlfriends" was with this celebutante who made her name in some sex tape action and a reality show. Anyway, she was totally into the fact that our boy bander liked guys and was into having threesomes. She moved on though because a celebrity couple offered her more money to come stay with them for awhile. I don't think there is any truth to the rumor that our boy bander had sex with the celebrity father of one of his other "girlfriends." She is also a celebrity, although I wish she was not.

1. Boy bander: Aaron Carter
2. Tween actress: Lindsay Lohan
3. Brother: Nick Carter
4. Virgin: Hillary Duff
5. Celebutante: Paris Hilton
6. Father: Hulk Hogan

1. WHICH squeaky-clean pop star is desperately trying to keep his pot-smoking habit and hookups with a Las Vegas hooker under wraps? The young crooner’s famous girlfriend wouldn’t care so much about his wacky weed habit, but she probably wouldn’t appreciate the cheating!
Justin Bieber

2. WHICH former boy-bander was recently spotted shopping for discounted holiday cards at the CVS Pharmacy in Hollywood? The blonde, out-of-work singer/actor – who’s put on a few pounds since his "DWTS" stint – was complaining about the state of TinselTown’s unemployment. Lance Bass

3. THESE two popular talk-show hosts have been blasting each other with sly on-air comments. The chatty daytime rivals have been tossing the other’s competing show under the proverbial bus!

4. WHICH Golden Globe-winning TV star’s short-lived marriage ended because he couldn’t curb his sex addiction? The twice-married hunk was attending 12-step meetings to cure his cravings, but when he relapsed, his actress wife told him to hit the road! Michael C. Hall

5. WHICH handsome Oscar-winning actor has been caught in the middle of a children’s charity crisis? Turns out the big star – who has no kids – was scheduled to appear at the charity’s function by the ambitious wife of his production partner. Now the A-lister has to decide whether to back out and disappoint the kiddies in need – or cancel a vacation he planned with his hot new girlfriend.
Actor: George Clooney
Charity: Children Mending Hearts (founded by Lysa Heslov, wife of Grant Heslov)
Girlfriend: Stacy Keibler

This what now counts for an A list Tween television actress was flirting heavily with this director who is the boyfriend of this usually annoying B list movie actress. Anyway, the director was going to keep it at flirting until the tweener told him she was over 18(barely). Hello hotel room. I'm sure the excuse he gave to his girlfriend for missing her big event was priceless. Our B list actress was out of her mind ticked off.

55. BLIND GOSSIP 01/23
This young celebrity is gay. His parents didn’t feel that his sexual orientation would enable him to be successful, so they pushed him into marriage early to maintain that wholesome family image and to quash gay rumors. They picked out a star struck young lady for him, and quickly announced their engagement. Imagine the young girl’s surprise when she found out that her sexy new husband didn’t want to have sexy time with her. They do smile and kiss while posing for PR photos, but then he goes cruising for guys on the internet. He also likes to hit up the gay bars when he’s in LA. You might think that he has the best of both worlds, but he is actually miserable in the fake marriage. For right now, though, he just isn’t strong enough to get out… or come out.
Kevin Jonas

56.BUZZFOTO 01/23
More fun from Sundance! This C list actor and entertainer was seen in the very early morning hours, leaving the hotel room of a very old film actress who is in town promoting her movie…

So, apparently this pretty much A list rapper. R& B singer has a little kink in him. Actually I should say a big kink in him. Now I get why he and this A list female pop star with the bad judgment when it comes to exes hit it off for a few months. They can each out kink the other. Anyway, our male A list rapper picked up a couple of women the other night and shared them with this celebrity who was having trouble on his own. The only condition? Our rapper wanted to not only watch the celebrity with the one woman but then also wanted to swap after an hour. Oh, and this will be revealed.
Drake and Rihanna

58. BUZZFOTO 01/24
Which B list actress, who recently entered motherhood hired a nanny for her baby? The blind here is that the nanny is a former lover of her partner, and she knows and has no issues with it.
Elizabeth Banks

59. BLIND GOSSIP 01/24
This woman, who is rather thick to begin with, has always been very weight conscious. After plumping up a little recently, she wanted to sport a flat tummy at an upcoming awards show so you could marvel at how amazing and perfect she is. So she had some liposuction last week. While she’s been keeping a very low profile lately, she’s never been one to stay out of the spotlight for long, so the paps just might catch a glimpse of her out in public in either Los Angeles or New York. They might even note that she is walking slower than usual or holding her stomach. In any case, you will definitely see her at an upcoming awards show – perhaps even on stage, pretending that her flat stomach is the result of discipline and hard work.
Beyonce; Christina Aguilera; Kelly Osbourne

Her significant other tricked her, plain and simple. This B+ movie actress who has been nominated for the biggest of the big awards has been involved in a relationship with this almost A list movie actor. He has cheated. Lots. They even took a month long break. Then he came back to her and apologized and she made him tell her who he had been cheating with and he promised to remove the woman from her life. He has. So what is the big deal you ask? There were two women, not just one and he gave up the one he had already called it quits with. The other one is right there. Everyday. It is the nanny. Doesn't our actress realize it? Everyone of their friends knows it and it is right there but she seems oblivious because she thinks he got rid of the mistress.
Naomi Watts and Liev Schrieber

61. BUZZFOTO 01/25
This very famous music exec is said to have a harem of young women that he keeps in several New York apartments. He doesn’t necessarily sleep with them himself, but uses them to help lure young musicians or influential people in the business, when he needs to.

62. BLIND GOSSIP 01/25
A pregnancy in a family is normally happy news. Not so much for this over-30 actress. She is pregnant again, but unsure whether or not she wants to carry this baby to term. You see, she was planning on asking her husband for a divorce this year, and another baby with him was just not part of the plan. She told her friends that her reaction when she saw the positive pregnancy test was "Oh, no! Not another one!" She is only about 4 weeks along, so there is still plenty of time to decide. And since they have lots of money and are already good parents to their existing child/ren, keeping the baby wouldn’t be the worst thing in the world. But she really needs to tell her husband first. That’s right: you know about the pregnancy before he does.

63. BUZZFOTO 01/26
This B list actress has recently been studying feminist theory and saw a documentary, in which clips of her were featured, that discussed the portrayal of women in the media. She was shocked to realize she was part of a system that sexualizes women and is determined to do something about it. She told her agent she refuses to be booked in any role that objectifies a woman. While this is a step in the right direction, her team is worried since most of her previous roles have been based on her appearance.
Scarlett Johansson

In honor of Australia Day, I thought I would make this blind item Australian. This actress is formerly A list, but now a good solid B. Back in the day when she got her role that made her internationally famous she got the role by sleeping with not just the casting director, but also this rounadabout Australian who was a friend of the director and was already bored with his wife. A further clue is this actress got naked in the movie for which she was cast.
Nicole Kidman "Dead Calm"

65. POPBITCH 01/27
(British blog)
Which American movie star needs to follow the example of his older British namesake and clean up his bad habits? Two LA clubs have thrown him out of their VIP sections for refusing to stop powdering his nose at the table.
Chris Evans

1. This Oscar winning Actress could experience some negative backlash if she keeps up her negative campaign against her baby daddy. Halle Berry

2. When will Hollywood stop hiding behind the excuses of exhaustion when the real problem is drugs and alcohol? Some of our top stars are in denial about their real problems. Unless they get help, they could wind up dead. Demi Moore

Meet Soheila Stuff-It. She probably won't remember meeting you, but what difference does it really make? ‘Cause that's the way Soheila likes it—drugged up halfway to Brigadoon to escape the burdens of being the downtrodden diva that she is. And when she's not partaking in a dabble of this or a hit of that, you'll likely find her drowning at the bottom of a bottle. It's all terribly, terribly sad. Which is why Ms. Stuff-It's peeps are desperate to get the star into treatment stat. To which the always stubborn Soheila says: Hell, no! See, Soheila hasn't exactly had an easy go of it lately (despite the fact that she has the most gorgeous hair!). But instead of trying to get better or, ya know, even just talking about her issues, S2 prefers to handle things her own way. And a trip to rehab is so not on her To Do list anytime soon. Or ever, if Soheila has anything to say about it. Which, actually, she does. See, Ms. Stuff-It isn't a pushover. In fact, she's made a name for herself in this town by being a tough chick who doesn't back down. Which is why we're so sad to see her destroying herself…again. That's the other terribly, horribly sad thing about all this. This isn't the first time Soheila has spiraled. It's all happened before and even though she slapped a smile back on her face and chitchatted about how fab she was feeling, underneath Soheila was the same damaged, messed up broad she was before. To which we say: Hey, Soheila, relapse happens. Heck, it's practically expected. But it's time you give up your pride—and partying—and straighten yourself out. We have far more faith in you than, say, Morgan Mayhem or Mimi Kitten. And we just hate seeing you be so blasé about your life, babe. Oh, and if you stop hooking up with bisexual men, Soheila, that too just might lead you on the way to recovery, just a suggestion! AND IT AIN'T: Angelina Jolie, Kim Richards, Mischa Barton.
Heather Locklear

When the news of Demi Moore going to the hospital the other day, one of my old friends called me and reminded me of a story about Demi and the filming of a movie I had not heard in awhile but is really good. You have an important piece of the puzzle with Demi, but see if you can get the rest and the movie. This movie was made really quickly and not for a ton of money. It was trying to capitalize on the last vestiges of Demi Moore as a young sex symbol and the whole brat pack thing. During this movie, there were a couple of sex scenes with this actor who was pretty close to A list at the time and is still a solid B. Many said the scenes were real because they had sex in the past, but Demi was engaged at the time and the actor was cheating on his then A list girlfriend with enough people anyway so he probably did not need to be cheating with Demi too. Although, I would not have put it past them. The thing is he was definitely sleeping with the co-star of the movie who was also making her film debut and soon became a B+ actress. Demi never made any moves on her, but did make some moves on this actress who later got nominated for an Academy Award. The other male co-star in the movie made his own moves on this other actress in the movie and supposedly that was one of the reasons his marriage collapsed a short time later. The filming definitely lived up to the title.

Film: "About Last Night"
Demi Moore’s boyfriend: Emilio Estevez
Actor: Rob Lowe
Girlfriend: Melissa Gilbert
Film Debut: Elizabeth Perkins
Male Co-star: James Belushi
Other actress: Megan Mullally
Academy Award Nominee: Catherine Keener

69. BUZZFOTO 01/27
This actress has done some big films (mostly comedies) and a lot of voice-over work for animated films. She was recently asked to do a film where she would have to play the role of an ornery mother-in-law. She was so offended by the offer, especially since her character would be older than she is in real life, that she temporarily fired her agent for even suggesting it to her.  Cameron Diaz

70. GAWKER 01/27
"A tipster emailed us that this actress, who is trying to whip herself into shape in rehab, was using on-set doctors to get multiple prescriptions for pain pills. The docs kept quitting because their feared for the licenses, but the producers kept finding more MDs to give her whatever she wanted. Things got so bad that she was even having unnecessary dental work just so she could get the attendant prescription." Demi Moore

71. PAGE SIX/NY POST 01/30
1. What member of a foreign royal family was caught inhaling disco dust in a nightclub bathroom during a recent sporting event?
Princess Madeleine of Sweden

2. What Hollywood actor got "buyer’s remorse" about a movie he stars in and began publicly distancing himself from it at its Sundance after-party, saying another movie was better?

3. Which female TV star drank too much at a Golden Globes party and went on a rampage at an LA hotel in a jealous rage at her ex?

1. THIS 20-something, Grammy-winning pop star is hiding a secret lesbian life! The gifted musician has a girlfriend but tells everyone she’s dating the hunky guitarist in her band! Colby Callait

2. WHICH pop star’s fiance was spotted selling his soon-to-be wife’s discarded designer jeans at the resale store Wasteland in Studio City, Calif.? The singer’s beau tried to go unnoticed, but when someone in the store yelled out: "OMG! I know who you are!" he high-tailed it out of the shop and drove off in his white BMW! Britney Spears’ fiance Jason Trawick

3. WHICH two Latina actresses absolutely HATE each other? The stars have tried to avoid each other but are often auditioning for the same film roles – and the younger and more popular of the two seems to be getting all the parts! Salma Hayek/Sofia Vergara

4. WHAT former sitcom and "SNL" star – he’s part of a successful comedy dynasty – has just admitted his wannabe actress daughter to rehab? The comic gathered the whole clan together to say goodbye to his boozing little girl! Chris Elliot’s daughter Britney

5. WHICH leggy blonde actress is boozing again? The never-married former model raised eyebrows as she swigged champagne and partied with her new rapper boy toy at the Golden Globes after-parties. Cameron Diaz/P. Diddy

#1 - Which Bachelor contestant from this season went through horrible drug withdrawals for much of her filming on the show. Jenna Burke

#2 - What soon to be A list movie actor's girlfriend who is also moving up the list quite nicely is convinced that she can keep him from wanting guys. She told a friend of hers the other day that as long as she stays kinky enough he will want her and not any of the guys he used to date. Hey, it worked for Ashlee Simpson and Pete Wentz for awhile. Bradley Cooper/Zoe Saldana

74. BLIND GOSSIP 01/30 **#1**
This singer’s sexuality has been questioned over and over again, but he does have a steady girlfriend with whom he attends awards shows. While he was out on tour, he had a fling with a fan. She soon discovered that he had given her herpes. She decided to sue him, and in the course of preparing her suit, wound up contacting his girlfriend. The girlfriend, who was surprisingly nonchalant about the whole thing, simply remarked, "Well, you’re certainly not the first one. We’ve been dealing with this situation for a long time." It turns out that this singer is a one-man herpes distribution center. Nelly; Neyo

75. BLIND GOSSIP 01/30 **#2**
Following a serious relapse last week, this award-winning performer was secretly admitted to a well-known rehab facility. When word of her condition got out, her team – apparently caring more about PR than her recovery – pulled her out of the first facility, issued a denial that she was in rehab, waited a couple of hours, then put her into another facility. And that was just the beginning of their PR games. They tried to knock the rehab story out of the headlines by planting a story about a breakup, but media outlets continued to carry the rehab story. They promised a staged photo op to prove that she was fine, but failed to deliver her because the rehab facility wouldn’t let her leave in the middle of detox. They said that she was just hanging out at home, but when friends stopped by to see her, they were told that she had suddenly gone to visit a relative on the other side of the country. They tried to fake her participation in a live online interview, but fans cried foul when they noticed that dormant Twitter accounts were being used for the questions and that the answers sounded canned and phony. Sadly, these PR lies are just a continuation of a year of lies about her living a healthy, sober life following her last rehab. In reality, she is an out-of-control party monster. And, we are sad to report, her problems are even worse this time around: alcohol, self-harming, and lots of drugs, including cocaine and heroin. There are lots of lies because there’s lots of money and projects and products and endorsements and magazine covers at stake. If the fans aren’t properly fooled into thinking she is a sweet, healthy girl, nobody gets paid! So they keep pretending that everything is fine (it’s not), that she is healthy (she’s not), and that they are so proud of her sobriety (Shut up, Mom). They need to keep her fans believing all of these lies order to keep the money rolling in. Although we do know her new location, we will not disclose it. We want her to stay in rehab. Yes, even though her fans want to believe that nothing is wrong, she is definitely back in rehab. And anything you hear to the contrary is a crock of shit. Demi Lovato

76. BUZZFOTO 01/30
This C/D list actress, who had a big career on a sitcom in the 90's is writing a book about her experience in the television world. She is hoping to out not one, but two of her costars for engaging in a long and drawn out lesbian affair.

writer: Jasmine Guy, co-stars: Cree Summer and Jada Pinkett-Smith "A Different World"
writer: Kim Coles, co-stars: Queen Latifah and Kim Fields "Living Single"

#1 - This closeted B list movie actor who headlined a franchise film will be looking for a new boyfriend soon. He brought his boyfriend on a trip with him, but would not let the boyfriend out of the hotel for the premiere. A very nasty fight ensued and the boyfriend headed home alone.
Jeremy Renner

#2 - Which A+ list movie actress who is not married, but might as well be, went and asked for this B list movie actress phone number at the SAG Awards and then after she got it, kissed the actress on the neck and gave her a little bite. Oh yes, this will be revealed. Angelina Jolie/Amber Heard

78. BLIND GOSSIP 01/31
Guess which troubled teen just got pulled out of rehab for the second time in two weeks? Multiple PR fiascoes have failed to quash stories about her relapse, so her handlers will be trotting her out in public and forcing her to perform this weekend in order to convince naïve fans that all is well.
Demi Lovato

"This once A List singer has been trying to add to her career, but attempts to stray outside of singing have failed. Her camp is trying to keep the momentum in her career going, but she can’t get her shiz together for a tour/successful album. So, her handlers already have her in rehab and plan to have her publicly embrace her affliction after she is clean/dry. Their goal is to use the "private struggle" to win sympathy and gain interest circa Britney Spears’ breakdown/comeback." Demi Lovato; Whitney Houston

So, a few years ago, this A list movie actor who is still A list today was shooting a movie and got drunk one night and decided what his male co-star needed was some sex. Apparently earlier in the week, the co-star told the A list actor that he was still a virgin. So, the A list actor was out with women on his arms and asked if any of them would be willing to sleep with the co-star. Several agreed after our A list movie actor promised them they could also sleep with him. So, the actor rounded them up and went over to the co-star's home and woke up everyone there with these women on his arm. It did not go over well at all and the co-star did not have sex that night. However, the next day on set had a whole different result.
Hugh Grant

81. BLIND GOSSIP 02/01
More than one person in this family has achieved fame and success in the music industry, and several others have been television regulars. One of the members of the family recently passed at a very young age. While it is usual for families to ask for privacy when they are in mourning, this family is doing everything they can to cover up the cause of death. It turns out that several members of the family have had similar struggles and they loathe the thought of having to discuss it in public. Leslie Carter

82. BUZZFOTO 02/01
Which C list film actress from a popular franchise, just got a tattoo (while she was completely wasted) on her inner thigh that says "Great Wall of Vagina?"

This former B+ television actress from a very hit series on this almost network was spending time with rich guys for money but they have started to disappear from her life because of her continued drug use. Her money is gone and now she has been reduced to charging by the hour and even ran an ad on Backpage.
Stacey Dash; Taylor Momsen; Nicole Eggert

84. BLIND GOSSIP 02/02 **#1**
This award nominated/winning actress always struck us as rather conservative. That’s why we were surprised to learn that she is quite creative in the personal grooming department. She enjoys having her nether regions dyed and trimmed into creative shapes. We’re not just talking about a simple pink heart for Valentine’s Day here. She’s taken it to a new level. For example, because her SO loves the NFL, she currently sports a deep orange football with white laces. She told friends that "This football is the only thing that gets him away from the TV screen during football season."
Anne Hathaway; Reese Witherspoon; Jessica Biel

85. BLIND GOSSIP 02/02 **#2**
In this month’s Harper’s Bazaar, "The Real Gwyneth" (all the other articles you’ve ever read were about "The Fake Gwyneth") talks for the zillionith time about how real she is and about how her life lessons can help the hoi polloi. While she is "discreet" about her dating life, she is willing to put at least one ex on blast for cheating on Her Royal Goopiness. From HarpersBazaar: Gwyneth remains discreet about her previous boyfriends, who include Brad Pitt (they dated for nearly three years from 1994 and were engaged for six months) and Ben Affleck (in the late ’90s). She met Chris Martin in 2002, three weeks after her father’s death, and married him the following year. But she does confess that she knows what it feels like to be betrayed—"I had a boyfriend who used to cheat on me all the time. I was quite naive. I knew on a cellular level, but I bought his story"—while making it clear that infidelity is not part of her marriage.
Luke Wilson

86. BUZZFOTO 02/02
Which A list actor is thinking of splitting up with his non-celebrity wife because he resents that she doesn’t like watching sports as much he does?

You know your marriage is probably not going to last if you are cheating on your future spouse a week before the wedding. Of course a week before the wedding is not a record. People cheat on their honeymoon and the night before they get married. There is one A+ list movie actor who brought his girlfriend on the honeymoon with him. Seriously. She was on the same plane as the couple and checked into the same hotel and the wife was none the wiser at that point. It was only later in the marriage when he got caught for the 20th time that he confessed to cheating during the honeymoon too.
Sean Penn

89. BLIND GOSSIP 02/03
This one took us a little by surprise. Usually you can tell when a man is starting to lose his hair, and how he’s trying to cover his loss. We’ve seen well-known celebs go from thinning or receding hairlines to lush heads of hair courtesy of wigs, toupees, and various hair restoration procedures. However, we’ve never seen anyone as young as this heartthrob actor take it so seriously. He’s only in his twenties, and has already gone through multiple transplant sessions and has been using Rogaine for years. Supposedly, balding runs in his family, and the procedures are prophylactic in nature.

Did a music legend call off a ceremony because of too many secrets? This Diva didn’t like all the revelations, including a beau who turned out to be much younger than she knew. Aretha Franklin

Whoever said a woman scorned is the thing to fear never met Veronica Bee-Stings! 'Cause, baby, it is our experience that a woman in love is far more dangerous! Like the time Veronica was all smitten with that married dude, or the more available (but still shady) guy she had before him, the one she got the boob job for. So, what's Veronica doing for her latest love? Pretending none of the others ever existed. Really, it's like she's Britney Spears or something getting some Vegas marriage annulled! Veronica is so into her latest man—admittedly a catch of a guy who's possibly worth rewriting your past love life over—she's busy telling friends not to tell the current guy nothing much of anything went down with all those past loves of hers. And, trust us, there are many, many past amorous hook-ups for VBS—and not all of them just to get acting roles, either. Some were actually just for fun! But there's something about this new dude VBS has landed that doesn't—how shall we put this?—doesn't really click with reality. Or perhaps he chooses not to see things as they are because the nookie's so good? Oh, yeah, that's it: completely forgot New Dude is still so steaming from his last nookie sitch (in which he got royally dumped), he'll do anything to make it look like he's immediately taken again by a hot young thang—even if he's that thang's millionth thang! Hey, wouldn't be the first time the male animal took such an approach. But, three cheers to Veronica for her ballsy moves, huh? AND IT AIN'T: Eva Mendes, Carey Mulligan, Kate Winslet.
Blake Lively

I never thought I would find a celebrity parent who was worse than Coke Mom. This couple is giving Coke Mom a run for her money. He is a B list actor. Good looking. Generally television and very well known. His wife is probably a C list actress who used to be bigger a few years ago but has struggled with drugs for some time. So has our actor. The two of them are probably not your best candidates for parenthood in the first place and the stress of being parents while also trying to save their marriage and stay off drugs has not worked well. The mom is currently taking Adderall to lose weight and when that was not working to get rid of her pregnancy weight she turned to coke too. She wants to get back in movies but is too lazy to exercise so prefers the drug route. Although she has not snorted coke while breastfeeding she did snort coke while holding a bottle for her baby. Close enough? Oh and she dos breastfeed because she heard it will make her lose weight faster. As for dad? When he is not working on his show he is generally partying and drinking. He feels like if he can drink enough at night it keeps him off coke. He went to rehab for crack and tries to stay away from coke. Just booze for him although he is not above doing a little coke when he and his wife have friends over. Yes, while the child(ren) are in the house.
Rebecca Gayheart/Eric Dane

93. BLIND GOSSIP 02/05
There is an area in Griffith Park where you can take the kiddies for a train ride. A certain actor used to enjoy taking men for another kind of ride in the same area. He would cruise the park, pick up a guy, and then hook up with them in his car. The really ironic thing here is that the actor is so religious that when he was a teen heartthrob (a couple of decades ago) he used to insist that any dialogue that was even the slightest bit sexual or profane be removed from his lines because they violated his sense of decency. He’s all grown up now – and still cruises for guys – but we’re sure his wife really appreciates what a moral man she married.
Kirk Cameron

You've got the chips and dip and buckets of beer…and I've got the Blind Vice, sports fans. I know you adore our more athletic Vice stars (like scummy Pepper Harthman and scummier Taller Baller), so to celebrate the holiest of football days I want to introduce you to Albie Ass-Slapper, a stud whose been Vicing in front of your eyes the whole season: You heard me: Albie is getting Vicey on the field. Well, actually his Blind biz starts in the locker room before the game...but we'll get to that in a second. Trust me, you've heard of Albie before: He's got a way with the old pigskin, which makes him mucho talked about on all those postgame sportscasts. On top of that, his scruffy jawline and killer six-pack makes AAS very easy on the eyes. But back to Albie's Vicey sports skills: He's got quite the arm and can Hail Mary with the best of ‘em, which has landed him in tons of big games. Not today's Super Bowl, but whatever. So what's Albie's secret to success? Icy Hot…on his junk. Yep, before he hits the field, Albie likes to slather up his undercarriage with a gel that makes his stuff…well, we hear it burns like hell. But Albie is all about that "no pain, no gain" mentality and believes his pregame ritual makes him throw further. So there you have it. Hmmm, wonder what kind of secrets the studs hitting the field today are hiding. Who knows, they all might be Icy Hotting it! And as for Albie, well you've finally got a Vice moniker—just like all those H'wood chickies you're into. AND IT AIN'T: Jay Cutler, Eli Manning, Tom Brady.
Mark Sanchez

1. THIS film star has publicly battled depression and drugs, but he still shuffles into his favorite Venice Beach, Calif., eatery stoned out of his mind. The actor – he’s currently in an Oscar-nominated film – repeatedly slurs "I’m a vegan" during his smashed lunchtime outings!
Owen Wilson

2. WHICH superstar couple has resorted to using cocaine to stay thin? The gorgeous wife and handsome hubby don’t live anywhere near Hollywood, but their partying lifestyle is the talk of their southern town! Tim McGraw and Faith Hill

3. WHICH gorgeous actress – she just had her second child – is hiding a nasty nicotine habit? The married former child star was at the Golden Globes after-parties using her girlfriend as a shield to block her from the cameras as she puffed away on a cigarette! Jessica Alba

4. WHAT reality competition star has been cheating on his wife but always makes it a point to say how much he loves her in interviews and on the air? The Grammy-winning musician has been caught by his wife so many times he finally promised her he would NEVER stray again. But he’s still at it, and he’s more worried about a big divorce settlement than her feelings! Randy Jackson

5. WHICH nine-time Grammy winner is seriously considering getting hair-plug extensions? The 30-something crooner has been singing the blues about his receding curls, so he’s meeting with the top hair transplant specialist in New York! John Legend

96. BOSSIP 02/06
Has the "slave" been doin’ the "masta" dirty??? One of the blonder, paler-skinned Real Housewives Of Atlanta is rumored to have parted ways with her long-time, weave-wearing, darker-skinned assistant. After noticing that some random items were "missing" and seeing some unauthorized charges on her credit card the reality-show diva filed charges with local authorities and suspected that the assistant could be involved even though police apprehended the culprit. We’ve seen first hand on the show that there has been some tension between the two women because of laziness on the part of said employee. It is also rumored that the assistant has a new boyfriend that she brought to her surgically-enhanced employers house, and that was the straw that broke the cougar’s back! Although she is said to be furious with her ex-assistant, she will not speak ill of her because the assistant has TONS of dirt on her and she don’t want those problems! Looks like southern hospitality has worn itself a little thin…
Kim Zolciak/Sweetie

#1 - This supposedly happy couple featuring a Twilight actress is only happy on one side of the equation. The actress in question has been sexting one of her ex boyfriends and making plans to see him.
Ashley Greene

#2 - Back not so very long ago this then A+ list television actor guest starred on the number one show at that time which was on the air for many years. The actor was and is married at the time. His role was as the boyfriend of one of the characters. Well, while filming his arc he quickly ended up hooking up with this other actress on the show who is an A list movie actress now. That relationship did not break up our actor's marriage but it broke up her long term relationship.

98. BUZZFOTO 02/06
Since this A/B list actor (huge star in the 90's) has embraced his sobriety, he is dedicated to helping others like him who struggle. He gives large chunks of his time and money to addiction recovery programs, and does it all anonymously. While he’s not working in the film industry as much as he used to, he is definitely active online where he helps run a popular support group, under a pseudonym.
Matthew Perry

99. BLIND GOSSIP 02/07
New faux couple alert! She’s a beautiful up and coming actress. He’s already starred in several movies and is a teen favorite. She has a big film opening very soon, but needs a higher profile so she can score top billing in a film. He has several films opening this year – and another half dozen in development – but could use a beard. They make a very attractive fake couple, they share an agent, and their faux union has the blessing of their respective PR teams, so… bring on the fake dates, the red carpets, and the paparazzi!
Zac Efron and Lily Collins

100. BUZZFOTO 02/07
This C List television actress is getting so much plastic surgery, her surgeon is now refusing to do any more work on her. She’s had a little work done up top, but where all the main stuff is happening is down below.

Ever wondered why this former A++ list tweener and her very good looking B list movie actor broke up for a short time? Everyone thought it was because she cheated. She did. Turns out she had sex with the brother of her boyfriend and thought no one would find out. She says she was drunk. Lets hope his wife does not find out.
Miley Cyrus/Liam Liam Hemsworth (brother Chris Hemsworth)

1. This PR created couple is quickly crumbling despite public displays of unity and reps planting "sources" and "insiders" insisting the couple is perfectly happy. He is exhausting all of her high powered friends and connections. Look for a break up soon if he doesn’t start nabbing bigger movie roles.
Justin Thoreaux and Jennifer Aniston

2. Death hoaxes aren’t always started by some random Twitter user or obscure foreign media outlet. They conveniently bring celebs back into interest without much work. Which celebrity’s PR team has used multiple death hoaxes for attention? Charlie Sheen; Jon Bon Jovi; Jackie Chan; Eddie Murphy

103. BLIND GOSSIP 02/08
This successful actress is totally international. Her heritage is from one country, she was raised in a second, and she frequently acts in the accent of a third. She was initially attracted to her husband because of his talent as a character actor. As time has gone by, though, what was once amusing is now just plain annoying. He is involved in multiple projects right now, becomes totally "method", and gets so immersed in his characters when he is working that it wreaks havoc on their entire household. She is now realizing that she doesn’t want to bring up her children in a household with a man who takes on a strange, new personality every few months, and is telling friends that she is ready to call it a day.
Isla Fisher/Sasha Baron Cohen

This 90210 (the current one) actress is so hated by her fellow cast members that they are always calling her names behind her back and making fun of the way she speaks. It all comes from the fact she thinks she is better than the rest of the cast. They are very creative with their names for her and have formed a combination of the word bitch which mocks the actress and her habit of talking about herself in the third person and her unusual name.
Shenae Grimes

This celebrity isn’t just famous for her skills in the kitchen. Despite getting married, she continues to hook up with countless fellow celebs including actors, musicians and other tv personalities. One of her escapades went public awhile back and she denied even meeting the notorious singer/ladies man. The whole thing blew over, but it hasn’t stopped her from entertaining other men. She recently hooked up with a Canadian recording artist.
Giada De Laurentiis/Michael Bublé

106.BUZZFOTO 02/08
This celebrity family has a rule- if their name is printed in the press, they better be the ones making money off of it. If a story is printed about them from an outside source, they sue, no questions asked. But they are more than happy selling their own family secrets as long as they are paid well for them.

Most of the time an Academy Award nominee tells a really funny story about being awakened at 5:30 am by their agent or manager telling them the good news that they have been nominated. This year, one of the nominees for best actor/best actress found out while they were still in the middle of an all night bender with someone who is not their significant other. After a night of epic partying, this actor/actress was actually in the middle of having sex with a stranger they picked up earlier in the night when their phone began blowing up with the news. This one will shock you with who it is.
Glenn Close

108. BLIND GOSSIP 02/09 **#1**
Long before his first statue, this award-winning actor once beat the shit out of a paparazzo. The actor was enjoying some intimate company at a private NYC men’s club when he was surprised by the photographer. The actor – who normally is known for being a laid-back kind of guy – went absolutely berserk. He grabbed the camera away from the paparazzo and started wailing on the guy with his fists. His friends pulled him off, paid off the bloodied photographer, and thankfully convinced him not to press charges. Good thing, too, or else the actor might not be taken seriously when he promotes peaceful solutions to conflicts.
George Clooney

109. BLIND GOSSIP 02/09 **#2**
She is the star of a television show. She is married with child/ren. But this star loves her "extra-curricular" activities. She is very good at her work… and very good at her pleasure. Actors, musicians, TV personalities, and athletes all call and email and text her management team hoping for an introduction… and a possible hookup. The star asks the management team to handle all the fan mail and the business messages but insists on handling all the messages from male celebrities herself. She certainly has built up a very interesting collection of celebrity male "fans" over the years. She is especially flattered that a certain hot Canadian celebrity has recently called her more than twenty times seeking a hookup. Why does her husband put up with the constant humiliation?
Giada De Laurentiis and Drake

110. BUZZFOTO 02/09
This porn-star turned actress blabbed recently to a source that one of her children belongs to a very famous actor from a very famous fantasy franchise.

111. THE DAILY 02/09
Which Oscar-winning beauty, married to an older man, should join Demi Moore and Heather Locklear in rehab? She skipped a recent trip to promote her latest movie because she was too trashed to travel.
Catherine Zeta-Jones (Sundance "The Bottom Line")

1. Where’s there smoke, there is fire…..is the marriage between a Superstar celebrity couple on the rocks? Let’s hope not!
Will Smith/Jada Pinkett Smith

2. Did this Superstar really have a baby a few weeks ago….she is out and about already?….hmmmmmmmm! Beyoncé

3. Is this reality Star so consumed with stardom that she is neglecting her family. Her young son stays in trouble, and he could headed for a disaster. NeNe Leakes

You would think that if you had reached the level that this A list movie actress has reached that you could keep yourself from trying to copy other people who are not as successful. A little bit about our A list movie actress. She is an Academy Award nominee/winner. Yep. She is that big. Oh, she did do some television back in the day and it was a very memorable, but brief role on a hit show. For the past year she has slowly begun to copy every move of this B list movie actress who is a B lister by looks alone and should in no way imply that she has any acting talent whatsoever. The two share one very important thing in common. Child/ren. If you see the B list actress do something with her child/ren, within 24 hours you will see our A lister do the same thing. B lister goes on vacation and gets photographed in a bikini? A lister gets on a plane the second she can and does the same thing. So far it is just weird, but not creepy. Does it make it more creepy if our A lister calls her guy in bed the same name as the husband of the B lister? Does it make it more creepy if the A lister has been trying to track down some of the B lister's ex-boyfriends to talk to them and also see if they are open to a little more besides talking? Oh, how about showing up at places she knows the B lister will be but never actually speaks to her. Oh, and this will be revealed.
A list movie actress: Amy Adams
B list movie actress: Jessica Alba

As we've established, the yummy ‘n' handsome star Nevis Devine likes both girls and boys (what fool who wants to keep all his options open doesn't?), mostly avoids little spats with costars and doesn't mind having some of his male BFFs double as daytime nookie partners, whenever Nevis is so inclined. But basically, Nevis is as happy as he is horny in life! With one small exception…Recently, Nevis has been giving some eyebrow-raising press interviews. It's not his usual jovial and aw-shucks stuff—which Nevis has always been most excellent at delivering. Also, it's no secret Mr. D.'s been hitting the sauce a lot, as of late. Partying too much, as well. And the latter reasons are why most folks seem to think Nevis has gotten more melancholy lately—publicly, at least. But it ain't the reason. The real culprit behind Nevis's more bummed-out moods these days has to do with a good friend becoming pregnant. It started getting Nevis much more sadface than he usually is. Why? Well, not just because he loves kids and wants his own one day, but more specifically, because there was a private tragedy in his family a few years back involving a child—and few know about it. And Nevis doesn't like to think about this unfortunate chapter in his life—in fact he makes an absolute point not to. But his pal's good news has just brought it all crashing back down on him again, and N.D. just doesn't know what to do besides screw around and get high—and avoid it all. Sorry you're feelin' down, Nevis. But cheer up, we're sure you'll have your own family one day soon! AND IT AIN'T: Adrian Grenier, Patrick Dempsey, Josh Brolin.
Robert Pattinson/Jackson Rathbone's girlfriend is pregnant

115. BUZZFOTO 02/10
This up-and-coming British actor could pull in big numbers to the box office if he stays on for the project he’ll be filming. Unfortunately for him, he might have slept with the director’s wife and this director has the power to ruin his career.

116. GAWKER 02/10
"According to a tipster, this famous Broadway diva committed a folly yesterday while flying to Miami. After arriving on the plane with a VIP escort she was upset to find that she wouldn't be sitting alone in her row. She had the flight attendants move the other passengers so she could sit by herself. The other passengers were so upset, they might have wanted to get their guns." Bernadette Peters

117. BLIND GOSSIP 02/12
There was a big fashion controversy in the days leading up to the Grammys. This particular singer was not about to let anyone outshine them on the red carpet. Fuck the swan and fuck the meat dress!" they said. "I want something really outrageous!" They changed designers and outfits several times in the days leading up to the awards show, with each iteration getting more and more controversial. When the decision was finally made, a shouting match ensued between the singer and their manager. "There’s a difference between creative and offensive, and you’ve crossed the line!" Even the star’s close friends argued passionately about the outfit. Some were calling it genius, some were calling it tacky. It will be interesting to see if there will be a backlash tomorrow… and if that backlash will hurt record sales.
Nicki Minaj and the “pope”

1. WHICH aging British rocker had a meltdown at a Starbucks in Austin, Texas, when his order wasn’t made to his standards? The legendary long-haired vocalist threw a FIT when the barista botched his beverage!
Robert Plant

2. WHICH Oscar-winning star is wigging out over her badly damaged and severely thinning hair? The 40-something actress has gone from her natural red locks to bleached blonde so many times that she’s almost bald! Nicole Kidman

3. WHICH morning TV show personality tried to throw his weight around, but was still turned away from an exclusive Indianapolis restaurant during the Super Bowl festivities? The plump correspondent, who was all set on chowing down on the eatery’s famous steaks, tried everything to score a table, but still wasn’t let in! Al Roker

4. WHICH Oscar nominee loves her booze just a little too much? The actress’ drinking binges haven’t raised any red flags in the Hollywood community yet, but her family has been trying to get her to quit because alcohol is known to aggravate some of her other medical conditions – none of which have been made public. Glenn Close

5. THIS child star of celebrity parents is so spoiled and obnoxious that many of his parents’ friends – including their A-list pals – won’t invite the famous family over unless they know the kid’s not coming! The mini-terror is known for bossing around the servers and housekeepers. Jaden Smith

FASHION WEEK: About every other Fashion Week or so there is always a blind item about someone having sex backstage somewhere and I don't think I have ever revealed one of them. This year though, it will be revealed. So, if you want to know what former A list R&B singer and now struggling to stay relevant anyway she can saw someone she thought could help her struggling comeback while at Fashion Week. The next thing you know they were backstage and having at it. Apparently it was not just her dress that caused some attention. Our singer is kind of loud.

120. BLIND GOSSIP 02/13 #1
She was ready to go. She had been invited. She had hair, makeup and jewelry all booked for the pre-parties and the show. She had the perfect dresses made. She was in shape. She had even pulled a publicity stunt to pique the public’s interest. She was totally ready to strut the red carpet and bask in the attention. However, this big star was ultimately a no-show at the Grammys. So what happened? Was she ill? Was she in mourning for a fellow singer? Did the limo break down? None of the above. She wanted the buzz and the attention on her, but since her plan was disrupted by the untimely demise of another, she decided to stay home.
Beyoncé/Whitney Houston died

121, BLIND GOSSIP 02/13 #2
We don’t know why reality shows that taped months ago think that everybody associated with the production can keep a secret. The winner of this ridiculous reality show was selected long ago. It’s the girl you love to hate. Blech. She’s just desperate to be famous. No use telling this nasty, vicious thing to put her clothes back on, though, because she’s sure she has a date with destiny. That’s true if by "date with destiny" she actually means "future meeting with a porn producer".
"The Bachelor" **SPOILER**

122. BUZZFOTO 02/13
At a recent press junket two costars were together promoting a film. The two costars (one female and one male) have slept together in the past but made a bet to see who could bed someone of their same sex first. The winner was the actress, who slept with a female publicist. Vanessa Hudgens and Josh Hutcherson "Journey 2"

I would normally save this kind of blind item for Friday, but I honestly could not wait three more days to share it so here it is now. This deception is almost movie worthy. You have a foreign born B list actress and singer who is barely known here in the US but is A list back home and has had some very interesting boyfriends in the past. Their previous choices makes you wonder how she ended up with them. Anyway, her part of the deception was simple. She found a former A list tweener and convinced him she was in like with him. He even got to fool around with her once or twice. On the other side of the equation is a former almost A list singer. Now you feel like the singer is not far from playing casinos and state fairs. Anyway, our singer is married to a reality star and has been for quite some time. There are kids involved. So, we have the foreign born star and the singer and they have been together for about six months. The thing is they can never go anywhere when she is in LA and have to really sneak around and use her friend's apartments even with her pretending to be the girlfriend of the former A list tweener. Now though they will have several weeks together alone while they film a new show out of the country. They are going to use this time to decide if the final cut should be made and the singer can move on with the foreign born star.

Foreign-born B lister - Delta Goodrem
A-List Tweener - Nick Jonas
Former A-List Singer - Seal
Reality Star Wife - Heidi Klum
Show - The Voice Australia

124. BLIND GOSSIP 02/14
This award-winning singer was another Grammy no-show. She was actually scheduled to present one of the awards, but has a good excuse for not showing up: she went to rehab. We’re very glad that this broken girl is getting help. She will be in rehab for the next three weeks , which, in our opinion, is simply not enough time to work on her multiple issues. Although her Twitter account is still active, she is not the one who is writing her tweets. Her team is twittering for her to try to fool her fans into thinking that she is fine. Anything to fool the public and sell those albums! We still don’t quite understand why she chronically lies about her situation and why she lets others lie for her. Maybe that’s part of being an addict or of being an enabler? We hope it’s something she will explore and straighten out in rehab. The concept of being honest with yourself and others is an essential cornerstone of a long-lasting recovery, and we sincerely hope she "gets it" this time. For now, though, her team is claiming that she is "on vacation" for a week. Whatever. Let’s just hope that they let her stay "on vacation" there this time, and that they don’t pull her out for some BS photo op or performance. Good luck, Kid!
Demi Lovato

125. MEDIABISTRO 02/15
And now for a real breakup. But we’re going to be careful about it. Two broadcast journos are currently living apart. Like many people, both have had complexities in their personal lives leading up to their own, now troubled union. Will they divorce? Only time will tell. For now, he has been spotted repeatedly staying at an apartment building with another woman rumored to work at the same network. Unfortunately for him, his new neighbors aren’t too thrilled about it.

126. BUZZFOTO 02/15
These young lovers recently exchanged rings. Don’t worry, nothing legal and neither of them are calling them promise rings but they are sure acting like they are. They don’t always wear them in public but the minute they are together they slip them on. How cute!
Justin Bieber/Selena Gomez

127. LAINEY‘S GOSSIP 02/15
She’s pregnant. It’s still early but she’ll start to show soon. And she’s happy, they’re both happy, but also really, really freaking out. Because around the time of conception, they were both using rather frequently. It’s just what they do together. Besides, she thought she was past the point of another child. So it was a surprise, to say the least. A pleasant one, yes, but she’s not sure if it’s one she wants to keep. She is convinced the child will not be right. She is convinced, in her mind, in her words, that she’ll "be paying for it" for the rest of her life, in the form of care and stress, and that this will be her punishment for such recklessness - to be attached to a kid that will need her, in ways she’s afraid to imagine, forever. She’s also super paranoid that if she does have their baby and the baby has health problems, he’ll turn and blame her, and be disgusted by her, and leave her. Without all his access, it’s a totally different life. And ultimately she still wants to be desired, she prioritizes being desired. It’s a decision she is agonizing over but she’s running out of time. The good news? The drugs have stopped completely.

This former A-list celebrity, who’s now barely on the B list, is struggling to maintain her looks, but job offers have become few and far between. She may be a mom, but she till parties like a teenager. P Diddy had a Grammy after-party at the Playboy mansion and Playmates were assigned to take groups of 10 or so people on tours of the mansion. When a Playmate leading a group of Japanese businessmen led them into the game room, they were startled to see this still sexy B-lister snorting a HUGE pile of coke. She wiped her nose, calmly introduced herself, and made a hasty exit.
 Pam Anderson

One of the Real Housewives couples is in panic mode right now because their world might come crashing down because of one snide remark made by another Real Housewife that struck way closer to home than intended. Apparently this couple is barely hanging on but does not want the world to see it and were really upset when a cast member who does not even know what is going on said the couple is barely hanging on. The publicists for the couple are in damage control mode, but that is not their biggest worry. Leaks are beginning to emerge in their carefully constructed cover which was never intended for full media attention. Specifically, friends of the couple have been hinting that the couple have an open marriage and that the husband complains he has not had sex in years and that the couple, who do have children might not have actually had natural conception, especially considering the wife's age and the age of the kids.
Adrienne Malloof and Paul Nassif

130. BLIND GOSSIP 02/15
This hot television celebrity certainly has her fingers in a lot of pies… and her legs wrapped around a lot of men. The staff and guests of a certain New York hotel are buzzing over the steady stream of celebrities to her room, one per evening. The festivities start like clockwork around 10:00 pm every night and go on for three or four hours of headboard-pounding, filthy-talking, moaning, screaming fun! In other news, it seems that her taste has shifted from vanilla to café au lait to dark chocolate. While she first became famous for her trysts with a certain pale singer, her visitors this time include a mononymed Canadian singer and a very famous male model. Yummy! We’ll bet her husband is so proud of his wife’s sophisticated palate!
Hot Celeb: Giada DeLaurentiis
Pale Singer: John Mayer
Canadian Singer: Drake
Male Model: Tyson Beckford

Ya know how there are those Vice stars that you just love to hate? Well, Coco Bop-It isn't one of them. We actually just hate him. What with his cocky ‘tude and complete lack of respect for women—though he'll claim that's not at all the case, and merely a past problem. Well, apparently not…Because Coco is still reigning as douchebag supreme. Need proof? We'll give it to you twofold: First, Coco was out on the town for those swanky Grammy afterparties this past weekend. Did we mention he's addicted to hipster parties? He is and he tends to actually get a decent amount of attention for his "craft." But even more for his bad behavior. Especially when it involved chicks. See, at this party—where the booze was flowing and babes came by the dozen—Coco (and his million-man posse) created their own VIP section in the back and his team made sure Coco had all the privacy he needed to do whatever it is that he does (actually, more on that in a sec). Including manhandling a woman for taking a picture. One beefy member of his crew was so sure she was sneaking a pic of Coco that he shoved her, grabbed her camera and got in her face, calling her names and threatening her if she dared take another snapshot. Funnily enough, if he'd just taken the time to look at the pic, he'd have seen it was a picture of the babe's friend. A close-up picture. But when she burst in to tears, Coco continued on with his night (for the record, he's all for this overly physical stance). So what was Coco doing that was so secretive? Cheating on his girlfriend. And not with a famous broad like some tabloids like to suspect from time to time. With some chickie with a low-cut neckline and high hemline that stayed inches from his crotch all night. So, if you were wondering whether Coco ever changed, the answer is: Hell, no. AND IT AIN'T: John Mayer, Adam Levine, Sean "Diddy" Combs.
Chris Brown

What reality judge on a very hit show was so hammered when she came to a taping of her show that there was literal panic about whether or not they could sober her up enough to participate in the taping or going to have her be "sick."
Christina Aguilera "The Voice"

133. BUZZFOTO 02/16
This C list boy-bander who was once a much bigger star, is not only struggling with substance abuse. He’s struggling with fidelity. He is recently cheated on his girlfriend by having a one night stand with his stepsister.
A. J. McLean

Maybe orgy is the wrong word to describe what happened on the making of this movie, but there was certainly lots of rampant sex going on. It all started with an A list movie actress at the time who was starring in a franchise and wanted to keep her glory. She hated doing this movie, but she was committed so decided to make the best of it. For her, this meant having as much sex and doing as many drugs as possible while making the movie. Every co-star was fair game and when one actor thought he was the one she found special, he would be replaced and a new one brought in. She was the goddess of the movie and acted like it. She was a way larger star than any other actor on the film, primarily because she was charging so much to be in it that there was no budget for anyone else. Besides having sex with the actors on the set, she also brought in an old co-star who was still hanging onto his A list acting fame at the time. An Academy Award winner he dropped by the set and the next thing you know, the pair were in his hotel room and not her trailer. He was with his now wife at the time, but he had wanted the goddess when they had last made a movie together and she had turned him down. This time he was having her, marriage be damned. Oh, there was the B list movie actress with the alliteration for a name who stopped by one day and they reunited after a few years apart. This actress has played in some very steamy roles of her own. There was one actor, now a B- list who claimed he had never had sex with a woman before. Men yes, but not women so our goddess had to have him. She did. Now he is married to a B list actress.

A list actress at the time: Sharon Stone
franchise: "Basic Instinct 2"
Academy Award winner ex-co-star: Russell Crowe "The Quick and the Dead"
B list movie actress: Gina Gershon
B list actor: Hugh Dancy
wife: Claire Danes

This young Singer is looking to have his comeback stay solid. His bad temper blew it for him before. After a big performance, did he let a twitter rant show fans those temper issues might still be a problem? Chris Brown

Just in case you were wondering if Sock-It-To-You Sleazewad likes to get his fists up for somebody other than his partner, we have the first-hand answer for you: Yes. That sure is a shocker! What really is a surprise is the public venue Sock-It chose for his latest display of cave-man-like taunting: The dumbo good-looking dude actually chose the set of his latest picture, The Brooklyn Effect, to let people know just how much he loves talking with his fists, not just his mouth. Sleazewad's handsome—and younger and fitter—Brooklyn costar is probably considered more of a method actor than is Sock-It, who is more out-there with his emotion. Mr. Costar is a bit more cerebral, keeps to himself, has been Oscar-nominated for his coolness, both personally and professionally. Which apparently drives Sock-It absolutely cuckoo! "You think you're better than me?," Sock-It shouted to his fellow actor on set recently. "You have a problem with me?" And while Sock-It was blasting the poor dude with questions (not giving him a chance to answer), Sleazewad kept slamming his fist into the palm of his hand, over and over, and then he kept striking the air wildly, as if a human target was going to be next in a matter of seconds. But, even though Sock-It kept escalating his voice, and pounding his fists even harder, Mr Costar held steady, never quavered or said a word. Damn, that boy's got not just abs of steel, but, nerves, too! Meanwhile, film's producers were terrified and ran to the hair and makeup trailers for cover. All we have to say is that Sock-It's poor woman at home must have ear plugs permanently imbedded in her ears. Now, if only she'd dump this jerk! And It Ain't: Jensen Ackles, Chris Brown, Robert Pattinson.

Sock-It-To-You Sleazewad: Josh Brolin
poor woman at home: Diane Lane
latest picture: "The Gangster Squad"
Mr. Costar: Ryan Gosling (Oscar Nomated: Best Performance by an Actor in a Leading Role for: "Half Nelson" (2006).)

137. BUZZFOTO 02/17
Which B/C list singer/musician who writes her own songs, recently came to the conclusion that because she has never really experienced a healthy relationship with a man, she might actually be gay? She’s always had really close women friends who she bonds well with, but her relationships with men always seem to go south and she’s never really felt she’s been in love before. She’s decided to explore this new part of herself and we’ll see if any new relationships pop up in the news. Sheryl Crow; Kelly Clarkson

138. BLIND GOSSIP 02/17
This past-her-prime star is so narcissistic that she thinks everything she touches should succeed simply because she is part of it. Her current television project – in which she is a principal player – is sliding badly in the ratings. She should be devoting herself to the project full-time to ensure its success. But she is so desperate for an ego boost that she has instead decided to take a part in a completely unrelated film project in which she thinks she has a better chance of succeeding. Those who have invested heavily in her first project are so stunned by her selfishness that they are vowing to never work with her again.
Oprah Winfrey

139. BLIND GOSSIP 02/20
Is this award-winning actor is slipping back into bad habits? Even though this is the same behavior that got him condemned by the public and got him fired from a cushy gig and got his kids taken away, there are fears that he’s back at it. Well, we have some good news to report. He’s fine. It’s all just talk to stir up buzz about his newest project. Publicity: it’s a hell of a drug.
Charlie Sheen

140. BUZZFOTO 02/20
This young child actress who plays the little sister of a bigger star on a cable children’s network show, was seen signing autographs at a popular theme park recently. When fans weren’t looking, she was getting a hard slap in the face by her parent for wanting to go home instead of continuing to promote herself.
Skai Jackson "Jessie"

Back in the day there used to be fan club presidents. This late 70's A list tweener singer and fan club favorite would change his fan club president every six months to a year. No other celebrity got so involved with his fan club. He would go to meetings and communicate directly with them all the time. The reason? He wanted to sleep with them all. He came from such a goody goody background that the only time he could have any fun or have sex or party was at these fan club "meetings." I wouldn't be surprised if he has a couple of kids out there too because someone had to explain to him what a condom was after he had been doing this for about a year.
Donny Osmond

143. BLIND GOSSIP 02/21
Just last year this entertaining couple was talking about starting a family. Those plans may not pan out though. She is unhappy with the fact that he is a little too convincing when kissing other girls (even if it’s just for the sake of the camera). Her imagination is exacerbated by the memory of him having cheated on her during their first year of marriage. So, even when they are in the same space they fight, and every time they fight one of them winds up storming off for the night. In the past couple of months they have spent more nights apart than together. He is now telling friends that not only are the baby plans on hold, but that if things don’t change soon, the marriage may be over.
Fergie and Josh Duhamel

144. BLIND GOSSIP 02/21 **#2**
There was a lot of fuss made over many of the celebrities at the service for Whitney Houston. However, there were two big celebs in attendance who went relatively unnoticed. One is a pop diva and the other is her former sister-in-law, who is also a singer. Both have famous last names. The latter flew in just for the service and the two sat together towards the back of the church. They didn’t sing any songs or make any speeches or demand any kind of attention. They simply paid their respects and quietly exited once the service was over.
Janet Jackson & Lisa Marie Presley

It turns out that Hollywood is not the only place you need beards. Sports also has a need for beards. What happens when you combine the two? You get an NFL player who wants to meet gay actors so "dates" a B list actress. Hey, she has done it before for a reality star.
Hayden Panettiere and Scotty McKnight

146. LAINEY‘S GOSSIP 02/21
Lower tier actress - you know her name - is desperate for a big(ger) break. When she heard The Director was working on a new blockbuster, she begged and begged for a meeting. And he repeatedly kept dicking her around, canceling at the last minute, making her wait for a couple of hours before sending the assistant out to tell her he wasn’t showing. I mean, he’s a legendary misogynist. And there’s nothing he likes more than playing mind games with young actresses. Though he has no intention of putting her in his movies, he’s having a great time fucking up her head. So he sent word that he might agree to see her but only if she loses some weight. This girl was fit to begin with. Like really fit. So she’s starving herself to let go of an extra 10, even though there’s not much there to begin with. But it’s not like it would help. Again, he’s just doing this because he can, for shits and giggles, because he’s a twisted fuck. As he explained to a colleague, "That girl is regular person pretty, and not even really regular person pretty. Definitely not hot enough for one of my movies." And it’s like he’s almost insulted that she thought she was. Which is why this game, this game is just his way of putting her in her place, of punishing her for actually thinking she’d be good enough, sexy enough, to be his new model muse. He justifies it by saying he’s giving her a "life lesson". Oh, and "if she offers me a blowjob, I’ll take it. One of these days, maybe I’ll throw her a favor". Sad part is...she’s coming close to it. She’s coming very close.
Ashley Greene/Michael Bay

147. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER (facebook) 02/21
Which (unfortunately) A list R&B singer loves touring overseas because he hires male hookers he beats while yelling he's not gay & then fucks them.

148. BUZZFOTO 02/21
Two best friends- one is a big film actress, the other is known mostly for television are starting to feud over a recent incident that happened at a party. One of the actresses overheard the other telling a group of people that her best friend’s divorce was the result of complete selfishness on the part of her friend. She claimed that the friend wants everyone to feel sorry for her because of her divorce, but she couldn’t blame the ex husband because "no one in their right mind could live with her."

This once upon a time almost B+ list female singer is now more famous for being famous. Hey, at least it keeps her wealthy. She is also known for being a devout member of this church. She recently left it though after she suffered a nervous breakdown and went on an alcohol binge that would make Arthur proud. She went to rehab and while in rehab began seeing a psychiatrist. Uh oh. She also left her church which is never a good thing. However, if you are wealthier it is easier to avoid them. They knock at her door everyday and dig through her trash, but she just hires more and more security to keep them all away and stays locked inside her house. It is a stand off. Oh, the tales she will be able to tell. But what about her kids? Her other relatives who are also in the church?
Lisa Marie Presley "Scientology"

150. BUZZFOTO 02/22
Which very sexy young singer and performer has actually has never had sex?
Taylor Swift

151. BLIND GOSSIP 02/22
This celebrity feud has another round coming up in the next couple of weeks! In the competition for Oscar party guests, this Diva has scored a small early victory over her Rival. The Diva sent out a super-early invitation to this very popular Singer and secured her commitment to attend her pre-Oscar party. Diva then instructed several of her other guests to do everything possible to keep the singer at Diva’s party all night. The plan includes bribing the Singer’s driver to feign an engine problem once they have arrived at the Diva’s party. Diva wants to prevent the Singer from attending the party of the Rival, scoring points for the Diva’s popularity… and very effectively ruffling the feathers off the Rival, whose anticipation of the arrival of the Singer all night will end in bitter disappointment.
Diva: Madonna
Rival: Elton John
Singer: Lady Gaga

1. WHICH former Disney kids were caught on video doing cocaine with the actress daughter of a famous Hollywood star who’s currently battling her own addiction problems?
The young stars were caught on cell phone cameras at a house party, where they were snorting lines as they giggled at old episodes of the show that launched their careers!
former Disney kids:
actress daughter of a famous Hollywood star: Rumer Willis

2. THIS A-List actor shed his substance abuse problems to become a Hollywood role model for clean living, but now it seems he has a new addiction – cross-dressing! He loves to doll himself up in vintage women’s clothing and has spent more than $10,000 on items such as high heels, dresses, fancy hair accessories and hats. The goods are ordered online (using an alias) and delivered to his manager’s house. Robert Downey Jr.

3. THIS Oscar-winning ladies’ man has taken his obsessive and out-of-control sex life to new levels. The heterosexual comedian/actor/singer is so insatiable that he’s started turning tricks with men! Who is the newly bisexual star? Jamie Foxx

4. WHICH former sitcom star SAYS he’s clean and sober, but is actually back on drugs and doing worse than ever? The actor, who is trying to stage a career comeback, is showing up to interviews high as a kite, but Hollywood seems to finally be over his outlandish antics. Charlie Sheen

This former A list mostly movie actor who now plays an almost supporting role to the fame of his B list actress mostly television wife is trying to give up booze. He has had a lot of issues in the past when he has tried including some horrific violence towards people close to him. Right now he has trouble working because he is going through such withdrawals that he shakes and sweats and looks like death most of the time. His wife is sticking by him though as she always has, despite her frequent injuries.

154. BUZZFOTO 02/23
According to a source, there is a very religious actor (probably B/C list now) that seeks out members of his faith in Hollywood and if they don’t follow the tenets of the faith, turns them in to local leaders.

155. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER (facebook) 02/23
What female model who is famous for dating rappers and saying what's on her mind was actually born as a man? Amber Rose

156. BLIND GOSSIP 02/23
Guess which performer may have a warrant issued for his arrest before the end of the week? If the karma gods are at work, he’ll wind up back in prison yet. While his women may cry, at least a certain famous producer will be very happy about this. Blonde, violent, and stupid is no way to go through life, Son.
performer: Chris Brown
producer: Jay Z

These Wives are putting on their brave faces. They’ve got busy careers just like their Husbands. Lately the husbands have had some trouble, health and arrest, but the show goes on. Are the wives working to forget, or is everything in check? Hmmmmmmmm! "Basketball Wives"

158. CELEBZTER 02/23
This singer appears to have the perfect marriage, despite the initial controversy that surrounded her union. A baby, a doting husband….oh, wait, he isn’t so committed as it would appear. In fact, he still secretly hooks up with his ex. If more proof me needed that a leopard never changes its spots, then this would be it. Hint: She has recently, recently been in the spotlight.
Singer Wife – Beyonce
Doting Husband – Jay Z
Ex Girlfriend – Blu Cantrall

This actor has been immersing himself in work and flying under the radar lately. That will soon change. His reps have been beard shopping for him to start publicity just in time for a couple of films to hit theaters. Jake Gyllenhaal

160. BUZZFOTO 02/24
Which C list comedian recently was escorted from his hotel room in the middle of the night after guests complained about loud farm animal noises coming from his room?

#1 - This A list mogul and A list television and movie actor wants to sign one of the original divas to a new show. She was an A list singer and a first class diva but is now just a struggling C lister. All of his coworkers say no because the singer is all diva and not acting anymore. She has become a cartoon.
Tyler Perry/Diana Ross

#2 - What C list wannabe hip hop singer/and "actor" scored drugs for his now dead ex-girlfriend before she died? Ray J/Whitney Houston

#3 & 4 - What C list television and movie actress had an author "mugged and beaten" because he was going to reveal all in a book about her B list movie actor husband and name all the names of every male celebrity he has ever had sex with. Kelly Preston/John Travolta

162. BLIND GOSSIP 02/24
This big-mouthed actor is claiming that a friend at PriceWaterhouseCoopers has leaked the Oscar winners to him in advance of Sunday’s Academy Awards telecast. **SPOILER ALERT**

They'll all be there! Well, almost all: Fake à la Ferocity, Topher Hairy-Tuchus, Charlotte "Chuck" Finger-Dingle and even one of my personal oldie-faves, Trent Spent! What fun the Academy Awards will be, after all (since we all pretty much know who's going to take home gold, right?), sniffing out all that award-winning private Hollywood Vicing: Let's see, here are a few things to look out for while you're so busy judging (and cheering!) what everybody's wearing. Take note:
Fake à la Ferocity has not completely gotten off the synthetic heroin she gets prescribed to her by various fancy doctors round town, but she is indulging less than she used to. I guess that's progress, right? Absolutely! Her head's in the right place—and direction—and her family's way happy about this news, trust. Angelina Jolie

Topher Hairy-Tuchus, after much finger-pointing and bitching from his peeps, has pretty much given up online hooking up. Just not entirely. And between you and mean and a million other folks, let's just say Fake à la, above, stands a much better chance of ultimately cleaning the Vice outta her life than does our eternally horny Topher. Poor thing (or not). Bradley Cooper

Trent Spent sold his Vice soul to the domestic devil years ago—news that saddens us every day. After all, nobody had more naughty and mischievous sexual potential than the gorgeous, often insecure bisexual star. But then he met his match and got all cleaned up, dammit! Total waste for everybody except his Trent's lucky S-O-B S.O., ‘course. Brad Pitt

Chuck Finger-Dingle is in so many ways the new Fake à la Ferocity. Bitchy and bossy for days, more talent than she really knows what to do with—and a completely equal-opportunity sexual ladder climber. Only thing is, most likely Chuck's going to keep treating her conquests like the crap she so often does and we see a major, major backfiring in the babe's life sooner than later—and we don't just mean professionally. Mara Rooney

Oh, and guess what? Fey Oiled-Tush will also be on hand for the super-exciting Oscar Sunday, cannot wait. But the thing is, Fey, who's so busy reheating his career, has gotten overwhelmingly caught up in the A-list projects he's totally busy with that he's completely forgotten that we'd all prefer to be gossiping about his kinky-on-the-floor activities. So don't forget to have some fun with all that podium banter you've been so busy with lately, Fey! Tom Cruise

All work and no same-sex play a boring movie star makes! And They Ain't: Nicole Kidman, Jennifer Lawrence, George Clooney.

This singer, who has been focusing on her other business ventures in lieu of music, has a new project in mind. She wants another child. While she spends her time with her kids and has no doubt that another baby would complete her family, her husband is busy sleeping with other women…and men. That won’t stop her. She is even considering adoption.
Gwen Stefani

165. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 02/25 (facebook)
What show host is done defending her boss over the latter's rumored sexuality? She hates mogul's significant other & might switch networks.

The prudes among TVLine’s readership may want to avert their eyes for today’s Blind Item. Wait? What? There are none? Fine, then. Read on, because said item of the seeing-impaired variety involves a couple that a lot of fans want to see get it on, actually getting it on. Your clues are as follows:
* The duo in question is on a popular network series.
* Their nookie will not be of the "dream sequence" sort — it’s for real, yo.
* Their boosters will be pleased.
* Well, most of their boosters will be pleased. A few will probably grumble that it’s too soon, and the show is skipping too many beats in the pair’s unrequited love story for their coming together to be truly satisfying. (Mind you, a few people were always going to grumble, weren’t they?)
* The hook-up will take place during May sweeps. Okay, technically, that isn’t a clue. But it does seem germane, wouldn’t you say?
Beckett and Castle "Castle"

167. CELEBZTER 02/26
You’re an A-list star, and the money is rolling in. Life is great, well, maybe…. What if you appear to have the perfect life, but yearn for some extra curricular activites….with someone new? An up-and-coming Hollywood starlet could be the answer, but that’s far too dangerous. So, for this celebrity, paying for an illicit affair seems to be the best alternative. What the other half doesn’t know, doesn’t hurt right? As long as their megawatt smiles light up the red carpet on Oscar night.
Brad Pitt

168. NY TIMES 02/27
THE $26 billion foreclosure settlement deal announced this month arrived in the final throes of Hollywood’s annual awards season. It also arrived too late for my neighbor, a screenwriter and director who moved out of her two-bedroom house the week before last, after her bank foreclosed on the property. There had been no "For Sale" sign, no telltale rental tenant, no evidence of anything untoward in our canyon neighborhood, an enclave of writers, directors and actors. I saw nothing until the night I stood on my front steps, my heart in my mouth, and heard her sobbing scream — "I’m 47 years old, and I am going bankrupt!" Now she is gone, another "statistic," as she put it when I went next door to say goodbye as the movers loaded the last of her belongings. Her eviction follows that of our mutual neighbors, actors on a well-known soap opera forced out of their house in a foreclosure in a driving rainstorm four days before Christmas. Their dark, vacant houses, emblazoned with the public notices taped in the windows like shameful scarlet A’s, are holes in the hidden, fraying social fabric of Hollywood, where a vast majority belong not to the 1 percent but to the 99.

screenwriter/director: Valerie Breiman
soap opera neighbors: Arianne Zucker "Days of Our Lives"/Kyle Lowder "The Bold and the Beautiful"

#1 - This former A list model and currently a reality star and single was not really ready to mingle. After getting way more drunk than she usually does she started making some calls and ended up calling her ex. Turns out he was out with someone. Well, actually because of the time difference they had already been out. Now was just the cleanup stage. Our model broke down in tears.
Heidi Klum/Seal

#2 - This former A list tweener kept up her one person bucket list of sexual experiences to try. She pouted and emasculated her soon to be very close to A list movie star boyfriend, but now just a B- until he agreed to have sex with her under a table while people were sitting there. Very loud party. No bathroom sex for her. "Been there done that. Gross." This will be revealed. Miley Cyrus/Liam Helmsworth

170. BLIND GOSSIP 02/27 **1**
It must be difficult sitting there in front of billions of people waiting for your name to be called. It must be even more difficult when it isn’t. This actress did a good job pretending to be happy for the winner of this award last night, but behind the scenes was a different story. She was seen in a corner of the bathroom being consoled by a friend for her loss. While she was not wailing or screaming in a dramatic fashion, there were definitely some tears and some nose blowing going on. One of them was also saying, "It’s not fair… it’s not fair!" although we honestly don’t know if those words were uttered by the actress or the friend who was helping her. The good news is that she did manage to pull it together enough to attend more than one party during the evening… plus there’s always next year.
Viola Davis "The Help"

171. BLIND GOSSIP 02/27 **#2**
Sometimes stars have their significant others come visit them on the set at work. Such is the case with this acting couple. She came to his film set for a quick visit before hopping a plane back to her own film set. It was nice day, and the two of them went inside and shut the door. You already know what happened next: Fifteen minutes of noisy, trailer-rocking sex! Now, this wasn’t some quickie in a private place. This was a trailer, parked on a city street, with the windows wide open, and the two of them moaning so loudly that anyone within thirty feet could hear them! The actor’s bodyguard (who was stationed outside the trailer) was clearly embarrassed, and did his best to make sure that civilians were staying far away from the trailer, but there was nothing he could do about the crew members who were lingering nearby, enjoying the sexy entertainment. What is really odd to us is that people who know this couple have told us in the past that they are a PR setup and that the two don’t even like each other! So either they were putting on a very realistic performance to convince others that their relationship is legit … or they are now are serious eff buddies.
Justin Timberlake & Jessica Biel

172. BUZZFOTO 02/27
This famous brother does not get along with his famous brother in law. He recently keyed his car after a family party because the two had been playing a ping-pong game that got out of hand. Jake Gyllenhaal & Peter Sarsgaard

When this reality housewife was sharing the details about her sex week with this A list movie star, what she forgot to mention was that the reason was it lasted an entire week or weekend was because it took almost that long for the actor to get ready to perform. Our Housewife was very imaginative in thinking of new ways to make him performance ready but the drugs really made that difficult.
Brandi Granville "Real Housewives of Beverly Hills"/Gerard Butler

174. BUZZFOTO 02/28
This big-time celebrity who just had a baby is loving motherhood, but is having all sorts of trouble with her body. She’s frustrated her figure didn’t magically snap back into shape and she’s hired a team of experts to help her look even better than before her pregnancy. Her doctor’s are concerned about her diet and plans (which involve surgery) but she is determined.

1. WHICH handsome Oscar winner always has beautiful girlfriends but can’t please them in the sack? The handsome actor blames his lackluster performance in the bedroom on an on-set injury he sustained while making a film – and lucky for him, he’s so drop-dead gorgeous the women in his life haven’t seemed to mind his inadequate performances.
George Clooney (back injury on "Syriana)

2. WHICH former Whitney Houston love interest professes to be clean and sober while in grief for the late superstar? But truth is this person has NEVER stopped boozing and has secretly been getting smashed every night since Whitney’s tragic death. Bobbi Brown

3. WHICH legendary British singer has cut off his son from receiving any of his hard-earned cash? After a recent club gig in New York, the son, also a performer, actually passed a basket around to collect money for his band. Paul McCartney's son James

4. WHICH hip-hop mogul likes to give his plus-size mom and aunt his exclusive American Express Black Card to go on carte blanche spending sprees in New York City? The only problem is that the hefty ladies hit up swanky boutiques that never carry clothes in their sizes. P Diddy

One of my favorite all time divas has herself quite the mouth. She also has certain beliefs about what songs should be played and what songs should not. Our diva used to be A list back in the day and is probably still and will always be a B list. She is also a nominee/winner of the big one. Anyway she was at a club and this disco version of a classic song comes on. Our diva goes over to the DJ and starts screaming at him. Oh, this is after she has hurled a cocktail glass at him and the glasses of all her companions. "Don't you ever play that fucking song again. If you do, I will have you fired. She is turning over in her grave." She then went back to the table and did a line of coke.
Liza Minelli/"Somewhere Over The Rainbow"

177. BLIND GOSSIP 02/29 #1
While many people use Oscar parties as an opportunity to network, this well-known film actress just took it to a whole new level. After a few drinks, she started getting very bold in her approach of directors who might be amenable to hiring her. Even though she is only in her thirties, she is concerned that her offers are going to slow down as she ages, and she wants it to be known that she is willing to do whatever she needs to do to continue to get cast in good projects. To that end, she would walk up to a director, playfully throw an arm around his shoulders, and pose the following question: "So, who does a girl have to fuck around here to get a job?" Fortunately for her, more than one director answered, "Me."
Cameron Diaz

178. BLIND GOSSIP 02/29 #2
These two performers had a hot fling years ago. Now they are both "happily" married to other people… and they are having another hot fling with each other! They are very quietly trying to book a project together so that they will have a legitimate excuse for spending time together. If they succeed, watch for them to express surprise that the other is committed to the project as well, to express only mild pleasure that they will be working together, and to act like it’s no big deal. If their spouses knew what was really going on, though, believe us, it would be a very big deal!

179. BUZZFOTO 02/29
This source comes from the driver of a long time A list actor. According to the driver, it took twenty years until the actor actually asked the driver what his name was.

180. BOSSIP 02/29
Guess which engaged pro athlete has his sidepiece traveling back and forth between her home, his and the occasional away game for some extra action? According to our snitch, this baller is VERY well endowed and good at what he does but he’s almost as fast in the sack as he is on the field. We’re talking five minutes at the MOST. But apparently his tongue action makes it all worthwhile! We hear the way he licks that monkey is OFF THE RICHTER SCALE! The sad part is….he never likes to use protection. How long before his soon-to-be wife catches more than just fade?
Chad Ochocinco

You wouldn’t normally put these two stars together, but they are set to share the silver screen. The older star earned his way into the acting ring and felt his much younger costar deserves a chance to broaden his fame into film. However, things aren’t going too well at the moment. The youth is extremely bratty and his sense of entitlement might cost him the role. The Hollywood veteran is already considering casting someone else.

older star: Mark Wahlberg
younger star: Justin Bieber

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