NOTE: Guesses in italics are only guesses;
guesses in RED are a link to the solution or substantial clues.

1. POPBITCH 09/01
Which of the mourners who attended Amy Winehouse's funeral must have got the day confused with some sort of PR event? Seems to be the only reasonable explanation for why they asked if they could "have a plus one".
Nick Grimshaw

#1 - Which female director not really known for directing dislikes her most recent lead actress so much that she refuses to speak with her unless forced to by the circumstance. Turns out the lead actor had a thing for the actress and not the director, and the director was and is still ticked off about it.
Madonna/Abbie Cornish "W.E."

#2 - What former child actress who continues to still act and do a bunch of other things is trying to keep her separation a secret until after her latest promotional push because it is kind of the opposite of what she is selling. Soleil Moon Frye

This Reality Star is not making friends with her in laws. She is getting the major magazine covers without her husband…almost as if who cares about him it’s all about you! Kim Kardashian/Kris Humphries

4. BUZZFOTO 09/01
When his wife was in labor at the hospital, this B list musician was getting pleasured by a nurse in a nearby room. This isn’t the first time he’s done this to her.

Which Hollywood power couple is ready to pull the plug on their marriage? A hint: The union is only three years old — and produced a daughter.
Harvey Weinstein /Georgina Chapman

#1 - These two celebrity brothers who have also been known to act on television share more than just a last name. They also share a girlfriend. Well, one of them only shares her part-time because he already has a steady celebrity girlfriend. Both brothers know they are sharing, but the celebrity girlfriend does not.
Chris Masterson "Malcolm in the Middle" and Danny Masterson "That 70's Show" (girlfriend Bijou Phillips)

#2 - This Jersey Shore star has had a rough year. They need rehab and Valtrex now. The Situation

#3 - This B- list movie actor, with the funny last name and made one of the best movies of the past year but did not get recognized enough for it is known as Mr. Erection on film sets. The reason? Every woman he hugs in any scene causes him to get erect. If they don't try and pull away, he asks them out. Zach Galifianakis "The Hangover Part II"; Andrew Garfield "The Social Network"

#4 - This huge celebrity in England is visiting the US. When she heard that no one cared about her here or even knew who she was, she hired 10 paps to meet her at the airport and to cause a scene. She wants to be noticed and has the money to make it happen. Tamara Eccelstone

7. BUZZFOTO 09/02
This A list actor is allegedly very controlling of his famous wife. He orders for her at restaurants, controls her finances and even picks out the clothing she wears. She tells friends she is happy to submit to him because it makes their marriage stronger.

Two very popular actors. He is smoking hot, and everyone loves her. They are both good looking and at the top of their game. They’ve been spending a lot of time together and look like a sweet and happy couple. Not so fast. There’s no ring or proposal or engagement coming. This sweetheart and the sexy guy she’s been hanging around with are just friends. They can have fun and be silly and go for walks and eat dinner and support each other’s professional projects. The paparazzi get their photos, the two of them get publicity, and each of them sees their popularity rise while they tease a possible romance. A bearding friendship is so much less pressure than a bearding marriage. Yes, they’re both gay.
Andrew Garfield and Emma Stone

Cookie Muncher Gobbles Ladycake While Her Dude Nabs Mansnacks! Many of you seem to have been shocked, simply shocked, at the girl-on-girl desires of gorgeous Cookie Muncher. She has a thing for satisfying the ladies from time to time, see, and we don't mean by serving them tea. What's the big deal? She's still much more into her handsome man than the chicks. She just likes to have her ladycake and eat it, too, no biggie. Well, guess who else is into having some nice (beef)cake on the side? Cookie's main man, that's who! Makes sense. Now we know why Cookie's never hidden her lesbian-leaning side! Now, this good-lookin' guy of Cookie's—who's less famous than his partner—is starting to get pretty habitual with his playing around, which was never really part of the deal he originally struck with Cookie. And he's getting a bit more flagrant than Cookie ever was, as well. So, what does this mean? Do you think Cookie will up her Sapphic game? Will she give her guy an ultimatum, or just go straight to handing him his walking papers? Don't think so. If we know Cookie like we think we do, she's just gonna ask to join in next time her guy takes his guy on date. Cookie's a ravenous girl! AND IT AIN'T: Sandra Bullock, Britney Spears, Reese Witherspoon.
Cindy Crawford, Rande Gerber, Clooney Clooney

10. BUZZFOTO 09/05
C List musician who likes to show up at Red Carpet events. Had a recent breakup. Had a recent secret meltdown. Allegedly went to his ex-girlfriend’s house while she wasn’t home and broke in. He took waste from his dogs and spread it all over her walls. Yeah…. that’s one way to get revenge. She suspected it was him but didn’t press charges and ignored it. The fact that she didn’t report it and hasn’t said a word to him about it, is driving him even more crazy.

1. WHAT popular "American Idol" finalist has a major complex over his acne-scarred complexion? The flamboyant singer, who regularly undergoes hour-long makeup overhauls, is currently consulting with plastic surgeons to cover up his facial flaws.
Adam Lambert

2. WHICH iconic ’70s rock star is driving his band mates and family crazy with his newly developed germ phobia? The Lysol-spraying, antibacterial-wiping musician won’t even kiss his wife until she first gargles with Listerine! Alice Cooper

Chutney Jones Gets the Last Laugh! You ready for a game of six degrees of Blind Vice separation? Poor vanilla Chutney Jones never has any fun, right? Right. Except that she did, for like one second there after slutty Jerry Rock-Butt dumped her snooze-worthy (but expertly toned) tush to bed a more sexually adventurous T-town chick—Kiki Doheny, of course. So what did old Chut do? Skanked it up with another Vice star! We already told you that Chutney was getting her flirt on with Saucy Bossy, a bisexual superstar who's about as horny as he is famous (which is, very). Well things don't stay in the flirty stage with Saucy for long. ‘Cause he wanted action. And Chutney wanted to show she can live on the wild side. A dangerous combo, no? Meanwhile, Jerr was out trying to woo Kiki, who used him and abused him while smiling for the cameras the whole time, leaving Jerry to drown his sorrows in a string of waiting hussies. Don't take it too hard, J—it's what she does to all her men. Thing is (and, trust, we didn't expect this), Jerry ran back to Chutney with his tail between his legs. And as stupid as she is, she took him back! But Saucy Bossy has a nasty little STD that Chutney could have easily picked up. Guess only time (and some mysterious itching) will tell. AND IT AIN'T: Minka Kelly, Jennifer Lopez, Ashley Greene.

Chutney Jones: Jessical Biel
Jerry Rock-Butt: Justin Timberlake
Kiki Doheny: Gerard Butler
Saucy Saucy: Mila Kunis

#1 - Which RH Beverly Hills couple, despite giving off the appearance of being the most in love actually have the most marital issues and none of it began until the show did, which is ironic considering.... Half the time the couple does not even sleep in the same bed together.
Kyle and Mauricio

#2 & #3 - These two foreign born actors seem to have always been the best of friends. Whether just hanging out or co-starring together, it just seems like where one goes the other follows. Both are critically acclaimed actors and are beloved in art houses. Both of them even look similar to each other. Friends of the pair think they are also going to die together. Always casual heroin users, the pair has really started using heavily to the point where they cannot miss a day without going through withdrawal. This is proving problematic on their current press tour. Look for it to be canceled or shortened or done entirely from one country so they don't have to worry about finding drugs. Diego Luna and Gael Garcia Bernal

14. BLIND GOSSIP 09/06
Not all celebrities burst out of the closet. Some just peek out to see if it’s OK to tell the truth. Such is the case of this gay news personality. Even though he’s not an atheist, he has reported from plenty of foxholes. On his new show, he will actually mention his partner’s name on air for the first time. This will happen during one of his first few shows. If that action gets a good reception, he’ll start doing it more. Baby steps, people.
Anderson Cooper

15. BUZZFOTO 09/06
After doing a recent round of promotions for her new movie, this B List actress had the chance to meet a Michael Jackson impersonator. She believed him to be the real deal. Apparently she doesn’t read or watch the news because she met up with all of her friends and told them she had met Michael. They thought she was making a poor joke, but once they realized she was serious, haven’t stopped laughing since. Our source says they plan to hire an Elvis impersonator for her upcoming birthday!

Back in the day this actress was not A list, but she was the lead actress on a very popular network show designed for a younger audience. Really popular. She was young at the time and probably thought she would be on television forever. A big crush for a lot of people. Now, she does not do much, but looks for roles here and there. She is still young with lots of time and makes a living doing promotional appearances. One thing she also does is spend several hours each day at a community center where she tutors children, organizes activities and field trips and lots of other things and has been doing this for almost ten years. Back when she started her show was just ending and everyone thought she was doing it for publicity. 10 years later and they know she is there for the long haul. Oh, and she does it all for free.
Danielle Fishel

Last Friday, this tool of a father who happens to have some celebrity offspring and I use the term celebrity very lightly. I mean, if you don't act for a few years then you lose the right to call yourself an actor/actress? Drop down to a celebrity? Anyway, the dad, supposedly sober to the world was sucking down booze poolside at a hotel. Oh, and what was his offspring hoovering up at Chateau Marmont one night earlier?
Michael Lohan

18. BUZZFOTO 09/07
This American Legend in the racing world has allegedly being seeing someone other than his wife for a long time. He’s been sleeping with a professional wrestler that he met at an event several years ago. Tony Stewart

19. BUZZFOTO 09/08
This B/C list film and movie actress doesn’t get along with her famous mother-in-law. They have been feuding since the wedding day, but we just found out that the mother-in-law is feeding the press rumors about the actress in the hopes of breaking up the marriage.

This A list movie actress who got her start way back in the day on television and then did some more along the way, let it slip the other day that she and her always a B list (for one role in particular) movie actor husband have not had sex in almost five years. It is kind of ironic if you think about it.
Sarah Jessica Parker and Matthew Broderick

This first time father is the husband of a Reality Star, but money ain’t a thing for them. She’s bringing in cash from TV, music and child support, so looks like he can stretch out and relax.
Kimora "Simmons" Hounsou's hubby-Djimon Hounsou

22. BLIND GOSSIP 09/09
There are lots of rumors flying as to why this famous performer is switching professional teams. Contrary to popular belief, it’s not because she is jealous that another performer that the company reps is getting more attention than her. It’s because she and her ex-boss got into a huge fight about her personal life. You see, her former company did more than make her a professional success. When the performer ran into some serious trouble with an old beau, the company did everything possible to protect her and get her personal and professional life back on track. They exhibited tremendous loyalty to her to the point of alienating others in the industry. And what does she do to thank them? Make questionable videos and try to get back together with the beau who almost ruined her career. Both of these actions are real slaps in the face to those at the top of their game who worked so hard to build and protect her career. So they let her go. You can’t manage someone who is so determined to undermine her own success.
Rihanna, JayZ and Beyonce
The "old beau" is Chris Brown

Diva Chiquita Is Sooo Much Better Than Everybody Else: Oh Chiquita, how we missed your crazy ass! You remember our fave psycho TV starlet, right? She's the batty babe who slept her way to the top on her hit boob tube series, all while failing to get her former flame written into small screen oblivion. Well, these days it's Chicky's big head rather than her man-trapping nether regions that has everyone whispering: 'Cause Chiquita is copping some serious diva 'tude lately. Sources thisclose to Chicky's on-set stomping grounds tell us that the entire cast of the primetime staple was asked to do some extracurricular promotion for their upcoming season. It's part of the gig after all, right? Well not for Chiquita, who promptly informed the suits in charge that she was too big a star for that kind of nonsense and that her less famous costars could manage without her. Which is exactly what they did. And we wonder if anyone even noticed Chiquita was absent. Can you believe the ovaries on this broad? Thing is, Chicky is hardly the biggest star on her least not anymore. She hasn't been walking as many red carpets, booked as many big screen projects, or even landed on as many tabloid covers as some of her poor costars. Hear that, Chiquita? You're losing your B-list status. Guess it's time to spread those legs again! And It Ain't: Ashley Benson, Deborah Ann Woll, Polly Perrette.
Naya Rivera/Santana on "Glee"

#1 & #2 - This former A+ comic movie actor and now still one in his mind, but probably just a B never speaks to this other A list movie actor. The reason? Although they both go both ways, they love guys the most and fought over one guy in particular who actually ended up going with neither of them because they both would not stop bugging him.
Eddie Murphy and Jamie Foxx

#3 - Apparently Russian mobsters are out in force this week and were also at Paris Fashion Week. They basically threaten every Eastern European model with bodily harm unless the model gives up almost everything they make during the shows. When one A++ list designer was told about the troubling trend, he said, " Why should I care about them? I have a show to do. The show is about my designs and the models are secondary. If one of my models gets hurt, I can find another one in a second." Karl Lagerfield

#4 - This foreign born actress is probably a B-/C+ here although she did star in one of the highest grossing movies ever. Mostly though her work has been done in her native country so most of us would need subtitles. Anyway, she is married. She also has a boyfriend. This sounds so Tilda Swinton. I wonder if this is more common in Europe. Anyway, she brought both of them to a premiere and was asked about them and she said something to the effect of when I don't feel like sex or am out of town they enjoy each other and when I am hope we all have each other. Monica Bellucci "The Passion of the Christ"

1. WHICH handsome star of a vampire/ werewolf series is secretly gay, but his handlers are busy pushing a straight romance with a sexy reality star? It’s only a matter of time before the cat gets out of the bag – the hunky actor has a modeling portfolio full of man-on-man action AND his BFF is another down-low sci-fi film star!
Colton Haynes

2. WHICH married big-screen tough guy has let slip his fascination with transsexual porn stars? The actor – currently going through some bumpy issues with his famous wife – was overheard at a party discussing his attraction to a certain famous she-male!
married big-screen tough guy & wife: Will Smith/Jada Pinkett Smith; Arnold Schwarzenegger/Maria Schriver; Ben Affleck/Jennifer Garner
famous she-male: Candis Cayne

3. Which young film hunk has a HUGE crush on gay activist/actor James Duke Mason – the 19-year-old openly gay son of Go-Go’s singer Belinda Carlisle? This star won’t be coming out of the closet anytime soon, but he and James are quickly becoming BFFs! Taylor Lautner

This foreign born, married B list movie actress who is married to a B list movie and television actor spent much of the weekend drinking and curled up in the arms of this married, very good looking also foreign born B+ movie actor. He has an open marriage. Her?

foreign born, married B list movie actress: Emily Blunt
B list movie and television actor: John Krasinski
foreign born B+ movie actor: Ewan McGregor

27. BUZZFOTO 09/12
This C list entertainer spent the weekend trying to cash in on the grief of those at the Ground Zero memorial this last weekend. Sources saw him trying to console women that were upset with the intent to sleep with them. No word on whether or not his sleezy tactics actually worked.

#1 & #2- Which A+ fashion editor was overheard telling someone, "I have never seen someone try so hard for attention while looking so atrocious at the same time." She was referring to a solid B list singer who is striving really hard to become an A.
Anna Wintour/Nicki Minaj

#3 - Everyone at a show over the weekend was a little creeped out about how close this C+ actor was with his sister. The actor has had two big hits in his career. The latest one is going to shoot him from the C range to an upper B. It is a very very good show.

#4 & #5 - How awkward is this one. You have a former B+ television actress from a very long running show who is really all about the movies now but struggles to stay relevant enough to be a B. In the seat next to her is someone who is really a celebrity although she has flitted between movies and television and other things. A very nice person too who does not stay in touch like she used to. Anyway, our actress had no idea about who the celebrity is dating and somehow the name of the guy comes up and our actress blurts out she used to sleep with him way back in the day. Then, the celebrity finishes her sentence and says she is engaged to him. Although the sleeping with happened well before he started dating the celebrity, it definitely wins the awkward award of the day. Rose McGowan and Molly Sims (Scott Stuber)

29. BUZZFOTO 09/13
Which A/B list musician slipped away during the funeral of her parent to have sex with the limo driver during the service? Everyone thought she was so overcome with grief they didn’t question her strange behavior.

FASHION WEEK: This former bubblegum pop singer and now an actress who sometimes sings is probably the best way to describe her. Anyway, she was overheard telling someone that she and her significant other have been trying to have a baby but she is having a very tough time and has had multiple miscarriages.
Mandy Moore

FASHION WEEK: This now pretty much unemployed actress who once was on a hit show for this almost network and has been in this spot several times was so wasted at a show that she knocked down several chairs in an attempt to get to hers, talked louder than anyone else at the show and was just a really big mess. She needs some help. Fast. It is seriously out of control.
Taylor Momsen

32. BLIND GOSSIP 09/14
There is a rumor going around that they are ring-shopping and getting engaged. No. While she may be looking at rings, he is not. These tales of ring-shopping and wedding-planning are pure gossip supplied by her publicist to make people think that their client is every man’s dream girl. She sure is… if your dream girl would never sleep with you. You see, she is a lesbian. A very pretty lesbian, but a lesbian nonetheless. Always has been. He was her beard. Even though they are still friendly (cordial would probably be more accurate ) he still agrees to be seen with her occasionally to keep tongues wagging. It’s over, and he has moved on to another hot actress… who really does sleep with him.
Jessica Biel and Justin Timberlake/Mila Kunis

33. BUZZFOTO 09/14
We have a source that works in a high-fashion store in Beverly Hills that told us when this D list model/reality star shopped in their store, she had such terrible gas that several customers complained about the smell and sound- on two separate occasions! The employees, who are trained to be professional and discreet, struggled not to laugh or say anything. They claim the star walked around relieving herself loudly and at first they thought it might be a stunt or a joke. Since she’s been in the store twice, they now know differently and have decided to breathe into a handkerchief the next time she shops. Janice Dickinson; Adrianne Curry

FASHION WEEK: This one actually was heard at Fashion Week, but does not really have anything to do with Fashion Week. Anyway, this former A list movie actor who is now doing mostly television as he gets older, but still looks good recently had a much younger girlfriend. A celebrity girlfriend. Things looked like they were going well so the sudden breakup between the pair was assumed to be because the guy got tired of being asked if the girlfriend was his daughter or even granddaughter. Anyway, the real reason they broke up was that our actor started dating the cousin of the celebrity. In fact, the cousin broke up with her boyfriend just to be with the actor who was cheating on her cousin. Got all that? Everything ended in one big miserable mess.
Jeff Goldblm girlfriend was/is Lydia Hearst and cousin is Amanda Hearst

This takes some moxie. I guess this guy is a celebrity. Maybe reality star would be better? Producer? In the world of reality he is an A+. Big name recognition. Anyway, he also is quite the womanizer, but even for him this might set a record. He has a steady girlfriend. He calls her in the morning to say he is running late and goes over to an ex-girlfriend and has sex. He then calls his girlfriend to say that he can make lunch. They eat lunch and then drops out of their planned shopping trip and says he will catch up with her at dinner. He then goes to another ex-girlfriend's house and has sex before joining up with the current girlfriend for dinner. Oh, and of course this will be a reveal. It has to be shared with the world.
Simon Cowell

36. BUZZFOTO 09/15
This underage female star from a children’s network (not Disney) made the mistake of taking questionable photos of herself on her cellphone to send to a male coworker. Someone on set found them after snooping through her cell, and decided to turn her in. When he turned her in to one of the execs, the exec fired the employee promptly for snooping. The fired employee thinks the photos were taken for the exec because of his reaction.

Will we ever find out the real reason why a TV Actress was let go from her hit TV show? Did her strange behavior lead to her ouster from the show?
 Stacy Dash "Single Ladies"

Slutty Star Sleeps Her Way to the Middle! Everyone in Hollywood is wondering who Portia Vajazzle is dating. She flies solo when she's strutting her stuff on whatever red carpet she happens to be walking that week, and even though she's been linked up to some of the hottest hunks this side of Beverly Hills, she remains (shockingly) single. Or so she says. You see, Ms. Portia is plenty busy behind closed doors..."She sleeps with everyone," a pal very in the know about Portia's lusty life tells us. Well, she won't sleep with just anyone. She's got certain standards that must be met, but we'll get to that in a moment. So who did this young, gorgeous gal bed most recently? Blind Vicer Stinky Carrot-Crotch, who is known more for his sometimes-silly jokes than his skills between the sheets. Um, what gives, Porsh? You can totally do better than that dud. Thing is, P.V. knows exactly what she's doing. She's a crafty chica and digs men with power. Well, uses men with power is more like it. See, Stinky was more than happy to have her on the set of his latest flick when he knew how easy it was to get into her panties (ya know, if she's even wearing any to begin with). It's the same stint Portia pulled with the movie before Mr. Carrot-Crotch's. And the one before that too. We're not positive if Portia's been bedding these dudes to land the roles or just sleeping around once she's gotten the gig, but if we know anything about this town, we're guessing it's the former. And It Ain't: Ashley Greene, Blake Lively, Jennifer Lawrence.

1. WHAT perky All-American actress has had so much cosmetic surgery that producers on her comeback film added a clause in her contract that she can’t get nipped or tucked until after the movie’s release? She’s desperate to make her way back to the A-list, but movie execs fear when the film comes out no one will recognize her on the big screen!
Meg Ryan

2. WHICH current "Dancing with the Stars" contestant has such a bad temper that producers fear he could blow a gasket at any time? Producers have taken special precautions and hired an on-set psychiatrist to make sure the wannabe hoofer doesn’t lose it on stage! Ron Artest

#1 - What way under legal age C+/B- movie actress from several hit movies was spotted at Fashion Week chain smoking cigarettes and making out with some guy who looked to be in his 30's. Where are the parents?
Chloe Moretz

#2 - One person made an observation about how skinny the models are at Fashion Week and said something like, "If I wanted to look like that I could never eat." A Twilight actress who was there said, "I only eat once or twice a week, and my last boyfriend said I should lose even more weight." Ashley Greene

#3 - This B+/A list movie actress kept people waiting at an event for her for almost 30 minutes. Why? She was busy yelling at her assistant for not bringing the right shoes and made her assistant go back and get them. Oh, the best part? The audience would only be able to see her feet for the 10 seconds it took for her to get to her seat. Julia Roberts

#4 - This A list everything actor made his significant other come to a huge event with him even though the A list everything was just caught cheating. The rumor is our actor even paid for the significant other to be there so as to not embarrass the actor or have people ask questions.

Which two celeb couples may soon be embroiled in a scandal? The superclose group spent holidays and vacationed together for nearly seven years, and now rumors are swirling that one of the hubbies and his best pal’s wife are involved in a heated twosome.

one of the hubbies: David Beckham
best pal's wife: Gordon Ramsey

42. BUZZFOTO 09/16
These celebrity friends, one a B list musician, one an actress have been hanging out more and more. Recently one of them discovered that she was pregnant and wasn’t sure who the father was. In reality, the husband is her friend’s husband.

#1 - Co-stars who do not get along. Apparently this pair from an NBC sitcom never speak unless they are forced and cannot stand each other. Maybe it is because he came in and tried to take the star mantle away from the popular female lead?

Rob Lowe/Amy Poehler "Parks and Recreations"

#2 - Some more co-stars who despise each other. Apparently the root of this feud is that the younger B- list actress said some very nasty things about this A list actress and the reasons why she split with her husband. The pair did the tiniest amount of press together for their movie, did not speak forever until the Emmy Awards and did not speak while being photographed. Evan Rachel Wood and Kate Winslet

#3 - Notice that this B- list movie actress looked a little harried and not quite 100%? It is because she had told her B+ television actor who sometimes masquerades as a really bad B- movie actor that she was not going to the show. She just wanted to stay at home because she does not get along with any of his cast. He talked her into it and she came grudgingly. John Krasinski and Emily Blunt

#4 - Remember Clueless? Turns out she is getting a clue and also it turns out her significant other may not have been immune to the charms of the other actress. Jon Hamm and Jennifer Westfelt

#1 - This married, foreign born C+/B- television actress on a very hit show spent about ten minutes making out and groping this always ready to play B/A- list actor who just completed a run on a very popular show. It was not like the pair were not spotted. The actress was overheard saying later that she thinks her husband will understand. "It was just kissing."

married, foreign born television actress: Jessica Pare
B/A list actor: Jeremy Piven

#2 - This B- list television actor who had a couple of things going television wise in the past year had a date for the Awards but would not let her anywhere near the cameras. He told her to wait and the night was all about him and not them. He also told others that he did not want anyone to think he was dating anyone because it would be harder to pick up other women. Kevin Dillon

#3 - This C+/B- movie actress who has been doing television lately is still being shunned. To try and help matters she spoke to the actress who made the shunning happen and begged for her forgiveness. Julia Stiles

45. BUZZFOTO 09/19
In the last month you’ve have seen pics of these two C listers, who are famous for being famous, going to dinner together. The rumor is that while one was in the bathroom, the other star spit several times into the absent star’s dinner. Petra Ecclestone/Brandon Davis/Paris Hilton (take your pick)

This former B lister and now probably a C. The only thing that saves him from D list obscurity is the occasional part and his name. Anyway, the actor has had his issues with various drugs in the past and the past week was no exception. At a charity event, our actor was wasted out of his mind when he began making a scene. Later, he hit on several women in front of his wife and told the various women that he and his wife were separating anyway. He called out to a princess in her 30's by saying hey chick. Obnoxious does not even begin to describe his behavior.
Balthazar Getty

47. BUZZFOTO 09/20
This children’s network television host has a sex tape floating around the internet. Her hair is a different color and she goes under an alias, but a source says it is definitely her and she made the tape one year before getting a job at the children’s network. Michele Lepe
"The Sunny Side Up Show"

48. BLIND GOSSIP 09/20
This female star has certainly had her ups and downs. Her career has gone up and down and has expanded over more than one creative medium. She has dated at least three or four famous guys, has been married to and divorced from another celebrity, and is a tabloid staple. Depending on who you talk to and which day it is, she is either gorgeous or ugly. Well, we know one thing for sure: she is pregnant! She is seven weeks along, and you should expect the announcement within the next couple of weeks. She could wait longer, but she wants to avoid the criticisms about her fluctuating weight. She thinks it will be good for people to know that she "has a baby on board, rather than a burrito on board." Both she and her partner are very happy about the pregnancy. Oh, and they will be getting married, although the wedding will now happen after the baby is born.
Jessica Simpson

1. WHICH beloved TV sitcom dad is having major issues over his current series and highly anticipated return to prime time? The actor thinks his new comedy series could use some major improvements, which have resulted in huge clashes with the network and its executives!
Tim Allen

2. WHICH legendary Grammy winner, after years of sobriety, is back on drugs? This vocal powerhouse, now in her late 50s, is seriously struggling and refusing to check into a treatment center. (Hint: It’s NOT Whitney.) Chaka Khan

50. BUZZFOTO 09/21
This boyish looking musician was signing autographs for some fans outside of his hotel when he noticed an old flame from his childhood in the group. The two ended up hooking up for the weekend, even though he is married.

This well known former reality show contestant is shopping a story to the tabloids and to book publishers that she and other female contestants on her season and other seasons of the show were forced to have sex with this A+ name recognition reality show host if they wanted to remain on the show. At least twice, the host brought another woman with him and made the participants engage in a threesome.

He showed up the first time fit and fine but this time around he was rather round about the tum. The director noticed and was not happy, fearing for the consistency of the franchise. When asked to slim down, the slightly schlumpy star responded, "This movie isn’t worth it." The trim-down request was rejected, and the show went on, but feelings were sore and things were a bit stiff until Sir Portly finished his scenes.

Apparently the Director's Wife is separated and in the process of getting a divorce. It started months ago when her husband was dropped from a couple of projects. He directed a hit movie and now has nothing lined up and nothing down the pipeline. It might even have something to do with what he had his wife do to secure him that directing job. Meanwhile our actress has been taking "meetings" in NY and has a couple lined up in L.A. Last week our actress had a major meltdown during a sitdown for a monthly magazine that your parents probably read but you have never opened yourself because she was prodded about "internet rumors." Those rumors included why she had to go to a network and discuss her involvement there with a former President of the network. Once those questions were asked, our actress and her publicist went ballistic and another interviewer was brought in to finish the interview. Despite our actress and the Director showing up at an event together, our actress had confided to a makeup artist at the magazine interview that she was not sure if her husband would be there or not. Out in Los Angeles during Emmy week, our actress did not wear her wedding ring and told this B- list actress/Emmy nominee/one of my favorite people who is finally getting the love she deserves on a hit network show that she's about to be back on the market. At a party during that week, our actress was the focus of attention from a long line of guys who wanted to meet her. I bet that is not all they wanted. The Director has moved out and has another apartment close to the one he shared with our actress.
Gretchen Mol

1. Looks like the NBA lockout may be going on for a while. Will NBA Superstars have to step in to help other players pay their bills?

2. This Housewife reality star got her face cracked. She thought she was getting her own spinoff because her character was so popular, but producers thought otherwise. They felt she brought too much drama to the set.

55. BLIND GOSSIP 09/22
This actress on an acclaimed television show had a pre-Emmy photo shoot and interview scheduled with a magazine last week. In general, when a journalist conducts an interview for a magazine, it’s a puff piece, and things go pretty smoothly. If the actress doesn’t like a question, the publicist usually intervenes, the matter is settled amicably, and the interview continues. Not in this case. The journalist began to probe some areas of the actress’ life outside of her current project. More specifically, she asked the actress to address a Blind Gossip item that implied that the actress may have been awarded some roles for talents having to do with something other than acting. Uh-oh. The stunned actress glared at the journalist, and then sarcastically replied, "Sure. Right after you tell me which guys you slept with to get your job. Then we can compare." The journalist then asked if the actress was going to be deposed in a legal proceeding against an entertainment executive who was allegedly fired over inappropriate relationships with some of the talent – our actress included. The agitated actress leapt out of her chair and started screaming at both the journalist and the publicist. "This is bullshit! I’m sick of these fucking rumors!" The publicist was unable to calm her down, and the argument escalated, with everyone pointing fingers and screaming at each other. The entire crew stood around uncomfortably, not knowing what to do. The actress couldn’t care less that she had a big audience. "Fuck off! All of you!" she finally screamed, and stormed out of the room. After a few phone calls by her publicist and a twenty-minute walk to cool down, the actress returned. To her credit, she did walk up to each photographer, stylist, and crew member, and apologize for her behavior. A new journalist was brought in, and the interview and photo shoot continued. Oh, and about that fired entertainment executive: We’ll leave it up to you to figure out who he is, and which role our actress received after sleeping with him.
Gretchen Mol/Steve McPherson (ABC). Role is on ‘Life on Mars’

56. BUZZFOTO 09/22
This "actress" who is more popular on the internet than she is in getting any actual work was at a bar over the weekend. A patron there told us that she was drunk and propositioned any man that came through the doors to go back to her place. She was rejected by almost everyone until one man took her up on her offer. The patron said she stumbled out with the man into the alley where the man reportedly lives. That’s right, she picked up a homeless person.

You know how some cheating husbands (like Arnold Schwarzenegger) really do want to get caught, so they do stupid things and leave obvious clues? Same thing with sexually conflicted Hollywood stars such as Crotch Uh-Lastic and Toothy Tile. Now, mind you, most closeted gay guys in Hollywood are more of the Fey Oiled-Tush variety and do not want to be known—under any circumstances. However, there are exceptions, such as Crotch, Toothy and—we dare say—Lloyd Boy-Toy, who's totally pushing the gay envelope lately. Certainly the bisexual one: Lloyd, always a most fascinating actor, is busy maintaining quite the dichotomy-filled existence: While he dates more and more (and younger and younger) attractive women, he's also continuing to hire male prostitutes. Now, keep in mind these women Mr. Boy-Toy goes out with are not just pretty fixtures for the famous guy to be seen with, as Lloyd also enjoys sexual relationships with these gals. But he's also just as enamored with young men, trust us! Add to this somewhat complicated life path the fact that Lloyd's also been caught screaming anti-gay epithets, as Lloyd's temper has never been something he's too great at controlling. Hmmm. Wonder what that means? Probably exactly what it looks like: The handsome guy's not only conflicted about how he feels about other people's sexuality (hence, his own), but part of him is dying to be called out for who he really is! Keep up the name-calling, Lloyd, and that's exactly what will happen. And It Ain't: Daniel Craig, Robert Downey Jr., Hugh Jackman.
Alec Baldwin

#1 - This foreign born actress/model who always seems to stay in the spotlight without actually doing much other than occasionally dating a celebrity spends most of her time now hustling rich guys to take her out. She is hoping to land a big fish, but most get tired of her after a few days because of the financial demands she puts on them right from the beginning. Definitely going to be revealed.
Sophie Monk

#2 - This award winning director who specializes in social documentaries that create a whole lot of buzz was asked recently if he would ever do any mainstream movie directing and he said, "Why should I? I make a great living and I get plenty of ass already." Morgan Spurlock

#3 - This former tweener and now a married adult with child/ren is hardly what you would call the stay at home mom type or anything. She used to be an A list television actress and now stays in that B- range. Never a movie actress, always television. She has been in here before for some things, but at this point she is getting a little too old to be out every night getting hammered on free booze from parties and hitting on any guy she sees. Oh, she only hits on the guys when she is drunk, but the problem is she is almost always drunk. Melissa Joan Hart

#4 - This A+ talk show host depends on family values to stay popular and relevant. So, what happens when the celebrity spouse cheats all the time and the host knows it. They can't split up because the fan base would leave in droves, especially if they found out that the talk show host is the polar opposite to the nice person they play on television. Kelly Ripa/Mark Conseulos

59. BLIND GOSSIP 09/26
This very successful television host has a boyfriend. Before the host became very successful, they were both just getting by financially, and decided to give themselves a hand up by engaging in some shady dealings a few years back. The host orchestrated a scheme where the boyfriend would befriend and hopefully "marry" an aging female star. Both of the men are charming and quite manipulative, so it isn’t surprising that they managed to find an appropriate target and zeroed in on her. Sure enough, when she passed away, she left most of her estate to her gay husband. The money provided financial security to the host and the boyfriend, and they are still a couple to this day.

60. BUZZFOTO 09/26
This C+ actress from a television series seems to think she is big enough in the industry she can start calling the shots. Unhappy with the way her character was written on the last season of her show, she demanded a different storyline. When the writers refused, she went on ‘strike’ and would show up to work but wouldn’t leave her trailer to film scenes. This caused the writers to rewrite her character, but not as she had planned. She was written out of most scenes and had very little screen time.

This B list celebrity acting couple is all about the television acting for now. The actress in the couple has certainly had some great success in movies. Really big success, but for now focuses on television. Anyway, the couple is pretty open sexually and have brought other women into the relationship before with no difficulties. However, a woman they brought into the relationship not too long ago has caused some problems mainly because the actor in this relationship will not stop calling her and has seen her on his own without our actress present. She is not thrilled at all. The actor says he will not do it anymore, but very shaky ground right now for the couple.
Anna Paquin/Stephen Moyer (POSSIBLY: Evan Rachel Wood)

1. WHAT Oscar winner is selling off a few of her Andy Warhol paintings to make ends meet? The wacky actress/singer, who lost a good amount of money during a messy public divorce, can’t seem to get her boozing under control long enough to book a decent paying gig!
Liza Minnelli

2. THIS handsome actor’s boozing has gotten so out of control that he’s now showing up drunk to the set of his award-winning series! The star can’t kick his early-morning cocktails, so producers were forced to intervene and have given him one final warning! Jon Hamm

You would never think of this couple having any issues. Quiet, soft spoken, always ready with a smile. They are bordering on that A list line of coupledom. He is an award winning movie actor who has been nominated for some big ones. She is an award winning mostly television actress and has been nominated for some big ones. What most people do not know is that he beat her so bad once that they were sure they would never have kids. As they have aged the beatings have been reduced substantially, but he still cheats on her with regularity and she just keeps taking it year after year.

64. BLIND GOSSIP 09/27
The kids of this celebrity couple are not handling the upcoming divorce too well. One is angry and getting into fights at school. Another is crying every day and begging the couple to stay together. Another is in total denial and keeps cheerfully insisting to friends and relatives that the rumors are all lies and that the marriage is fine. Now that’s an actor in the making! We wonder if they know that Mommy and Daddy have been bearding for each other from the beginning.
Will and Jada Smith

She’s not with her boyfriend anymore and we’re to believe it ended amicably and for her sake, I hope so, but I’m not sure she would deal well with the fact that just a couple of weeks before their split was officially confirmed, he was on the road with someone else in his hotel room. The girl had the build he’s known to prefer - lean and muscular - and she answered the door wearing nothing but her underwear and her hands covering her breasts. Seemed very young. Didn’t seem uncomfortable and, you know, did what she told and was supposed to do while he lay in bed, naked, kinda ignoring her. She meanwhile kept walking around without her top on, like it was totally normal. And apparently it wasn’t the first time. All the time. For a long time. Which, for some reason, was a surprise to no one but his girlfriend, now ex, who never, ever, ever learns. Kinda like her successor, from another relationship, and why can’t we give these girls some better love vision???
Cameron Diaz/A-Rod (other relationship: Justin Timberlake/Jessica Biel)

66. BUZZFOTO 09/27
The internet is causing this B list actress all kinds of problems. First, photos of her leaked onto the world wide web, and now she’s been arguing with family on her private facebook account. Some pretty personal things were said and a mutual ‘friend’ took some screen caps of the conversation before it was deleted and is trying to shop out the story to the press.
Blake Lively

This former A list singer who is now pretty much just a celebrity was being honored at an event recently. Just because you are being honored does not mean you cannot take a smoke break. The thing is that our singer took smoke breaks with her crack pipe. Yep. Three times that night, the singer joined others outside and while they were smoking cigarettes, our singer smoked some crack. It is not like she has not been doing it for 20 years, it is just that it seemed out of place at an event designed to honor her.
Whitney Houston

Clueless might want to get a clue. It turns out that her husband must have decided he enjoyed the attention of other females because now he has found company in the arms of his most recent co-star. He is not very shy about displaying his affections for the co-star either. I think Clueless just lives in a world of her own where she could not imagine he would cheat.

69. POPBITCH 09/29
Which well-known face could find themselves dropped from a rather lucrative ad campaign if rumours turn out to be true that they turned up to a sponsor's event drunk off their tits, and consequently proceeded to offend pretty much everyone there? Perhaps they are no longer worth it.

70. BUZZFOTO 09/29
This very famous, and iconic actor from the 60's is beloved by all his fans, but not so much by anyone that know him personally. Pretty much anyone that is around him or involved in his life currently, is there because of money. They are getting paid to do so. He is demanding, selfish and very eccentric. Several weeks ago, he had a fall and no one was around to help him because everyone had gone home for the evening. He was found by his house staff the next morning and had spent the night on his kitchen floor, crying.
Burt Reynolds; Jerry Lewis

I guess this actress is a B list by name recognition, but if we are going by acting talent it would be a Z. OK, maybe that is an exaggeration. How about an S. Anyway, she also does some other things that make her some money, and she is probably more well known for them than her acting. Our actress recently bought a huge mansion with a really large price tag. Living large right? Well, it turns out that our actress got most of the money for the purchase from an A list ex. He is guaranteeing the loan and also put up most of the down payment. The ex was thrilled that she bought a place so close to his. I think he is expecting way more than for her to repay him the money.
Jennifer Lopez and Sean Combs (P Diddy)

1. Before jumping the broom again, will this already divorced Legend make "the one" signed a prenup to avoid another big payout?
Michael Jordan

2. Will this down with the people Brotha lose his credibility when his color-struck dating habits come to light? Jamie Foxx

73. BLIND GOSSIP 09/29
Up until now, this celebrity in a troubled relationship has been using something other than her firstnamelastname as her identification on a social media site. It was a name of which she was proud. Well, that’s in the past now. She just put in a formal request to the site to obtain her professional name as her handle and to copy all the data from her old account to her new account. Sounds like she’s ready to move on.
Demi Moore (mrskutcher on Twitter)

Boy Crazy Parrish Can’t Keep a Beard! Uh oh, Parrish Maguire is in hot water. And we're not talking about a warm Jacuzzi—ya know, the place Parr likes to hook up with older, more experienced men while other partygoers watch (how devilishly naughty is that?). No, we're talking trouble. Parrish has a beard problem. As in, he needs one, pronto. See, Parrish can't seem to find a H'wood chica willing to put up with him long enough to establish some straight cred. Which means people are starting to talk. And not just in T-town (where Parr's pals have been whispering about his dude-on-dude sextivities since forever)—we're talking popcorn munchin', movie-ticket buying audiences, too. And Parrish is freaked out, no matter how much PR his peeps put out to cover his homolicious tracks. So why can't Parrish land a babe willing to stick by his side? Well, he's a monster. He's got a horrible diva ‘tude that rivals the worst of the worst T-town be-yotches. And word is spreading through the B.A.H. (that'd be the Beard Association of Hollywood) not to link up with him—which is why you'll see him out and about with a bevy of ladies but nothing ever sticks. Funnily enough, Parrish used to be a real sweetie (back when we had a long-term cutie boyfriend attached at the hip). But that's what happens when you let your head get out of control—and we ain't talking about the one on his shoulders. And It Ain't: Chris Hemsworth, Justin Timberlake, Joe Manganiello.
Kellan Lutz; Hayden Christensen

#1 & #2- This B list R&B singer who has suffered silently as the mistress of this A list producer/celebrity for years seemed to indicate that the relationship has ended. She was overheard telling someone that, "He paid me off. Not enough, but he paid me. I should have made him pay for that baby he made me get rid of."

#3 - For years this Academy Award winner/nominee actress has supported her basically unemployed husband. She has found him work, got him meetings, and given him tons of money. How does he repay her? He gets a little success and then starts cheating on his wife with someone half her age. Mo'Nique

#4 - This former almost A list R&B singer is now closer to C. She is struggling to stay relevant and has spent a great deal of money promoting herself. Recently she has started paying paps $300 a day to meet her at certain times of the day to get "random" shots. They are so posed and ridiculous that paps are having a tough time even giving them away to the tabloids, but keep showing up for the money she pays. Ciara

76. BLIND GOSSIP 09/30
Dancing with the Stars contestant Rob Kardashian is making a bombshell claim that a married celebrity on the show is having an affair with their married dance partner. The reality star made the shocking comment Thursday morning on Mojo in The Morning. Rob said, "I know some of the couples on the show — some of the celebrities that are married … and some professionals that are married, that are having an affair with their partner." Rob wouldn’t name names, but made it clear that he is not hooking up with his partner Cheryl Burke saying, "I’m not bringing that weirdness into our little circle. Rob later took to his Twitter account to try to mitigate some of the damage: "As you guys can tell by my tweets, I tend to joke around a lot, and some of the things I said during an interview were taken out of context. I have nothing but respect for everyone who’s on DWTS. They know it and I know it and we all have a lot of fun together. :) It doesn’t sound like he was joking to us. Which Dancing With The Stars couple/s do you think are getting a little too close?

Could it be that a certain highly visible same-sex couple is looking to expand their repertoire? Seems so, according to some South Beach studs who were approached to join in the Cirque du So Gay activities that take place in the pair's boudoir. While most wisely declined the invite, one did partake of the carnal pleasures that I have no doubt these experienced daddies can provide. The encounter wasn't horrible, but the newbie called it "awkward - as it maybe it was their first." The post-coital conversation was far more adept. The more aggressive (read: gainfully employed) mate said he'd be up for future one-on-one action while his spousal-equivalent was busy in the kitchen. The new addition smiled and scooted. Since numbers had already been exchanged, the texts have been flooding in.
Neil Patrick Harris and David Burtka

1. THIS divorcing star couple originally agreed to an amicable split, but they’ve now gone back on their promise to keep each other’s dirty laundry private! The battling soon-to-be-exes have been having their assistants leak each other’s not-so-pleasant personal habits to the press! WHO are they?
Jennifer Lopez/Marc Anthony

2. WHICH female pop star has been hiding a lesbian secret – particularly her obsession for busty strippers? The singer/songwriter was recently spotted at a Seattle-area strip club fondling the sexy dancers and taking down their phone numbers! Katy Perry

3. WHICH newly thin film star is putting the weight back on faster than you can say "Supersize it?" The formerly fat funnyman, who has a new movie out, has been seen around town gorging on chili, cheeseburgers and greasy fries! Seth Rogen

4. THIS petite actress/singer got so drunk at HBO’s Emmy Awards after-party – which she attended with her new actor boyfriend – that handlers had to escort her through a back-door exit so she wouldn’t be photographed. Who is she? Kristen Chenowith

5. WHICH A-list starlet was spotted at the Toronto International Film Festival making out with a well-known female makeup artist? The actress, who’s been linked to her last two hunky co-stars, didn’t care that her lady lip-lock was seen by at least a dozen Hollywood insiders! Olivia Wilde; Emma Stone

This one is painful to write. It happens all the time though so I guess should not be surprised. This couple seems like they have the perfect marriage. Everything is always so great to the outside world, but inside, the couple is having some serious issues. Our actor is very good looking. B- list. Does television and movies and modeling. Always a smile on the face. Our actress does a little bit of everything. She actually has a chance at some point of pulling off an EGOT. They are married and have child/ren, however, our actor has been sleeping with a production assistant on his show and his wife has no clue. This would absolutely crush her and will make huge headlines if this comes out, no so much because of the level of their fame, but just because of the perfect couple image that is always presented to the world.
HINT: It is becoming more of a regular thing for our actor. He mostly does movies now that his most recent show ended not that long ago at all. Taye Diggs and Idina Menzel

1. China: This actress is A++ list in China. She is actually more popular than the actresses from China who have made it big internationally. This actress wants nothing more than to finally make a movie outside of China, but her manager/controllers do not want to see her go fearing they would lose their gravy train. So, they blackmail her into staying. Several years ago they forced her to perform in a sex video with them and taped the entire thing. They promise to release it if she ever tries to leave and go out on her own.
Fan Bing Bing

2. Korea: My source for the one above and this one says that for the one below from Korea that there was actually a cell phone video of it but that one of the managers grabbed the phone and smashed it. The memory card came out in the smashing and he grabbed it. This A++ female singer was at a press conference announcing a new CD and tour and other projects she was working on. All kinds of standard stuff. Well, she got off the stage and went backstage and her manager was there and in front of about five people began beating her. Not just slaps, but like a physical beating. It was going to end horribly until someone finally pulled him off her. The reason? She never mentioned him or thanked him during the press conference. Get this. Later SHE apologized to him and begged him to continue as her manager. Lee Ji Eun

80. BLIND GOSSIP 10/03
Two attractive people. Her show is over, so she needs to boost her profile to keep that income rolling in. He is gay, but is on a high-profile show with one of her arch rivals. Someone should set these kids up, because it’s a match made in public relations heaven! OK… done! He gets a beard, she’s back in the spotlight, the paparazzi get lots of photo ops, and the show gets more publicity. Everybody wins! She has experience serving as a girlfriend/beard, so there shouldn’t be any surprises coming in this faux relationship. However, if she does need tips, she can always hotfoot it over to a relative of his, who also happens to be in a high profile bearding relationship of their own. On second thought, the two couples will likely be spending a lot of time together anyway. More photo ops!
Lauren Conrad/Derek Hough

81. BUZZFOTO 10/03
This older actress who was really popular on film ten years ago, is married with children and living a healthy life. About six years ago things were different. The actress joined a new-age group, got pregnant by the group leader and had a dangerous abortion that almost cost her life. It has prevented her from having children but she was so upset over the incident, she faked at least one of her pregnancies to her extended family.

Dancing With The Stars Blind Items. They are either pros or contestants.
#1 - This contestant made waves in the past week alleging that married pros were having affairs with married contestants. He said this after he hit on an attached pro and she turned him down.
Rob Kardashian

#2 - This guest of a contestant was back last night because the woman he was cheating on with while he was with the contestant dumped him. So, he ran back to the woman he dumped because he was dumped. The contestant had no idea. Well, maybe now she will if she reads this. Kristin Cavallari and Jay Cutler

#3 - This male pro and female pro are currently tied at four hookups with contestants each. I just want to know if they had any while__________________. Oh it is like a Mad Lib. Karina Smirnoff and Maksim Chmerkovskiy "engaged"

Jackass: You know, it has been awhile since I have had a jackass blind. Not that most of the people are not jackasses or have jackholian behavior to get them in here, but this is just a straight up, I am better than you, do you know who I am kind of situation that begs for the additional specificity of calling it a jackass blind. Do you like that word jackholian? It is kind of my tribute to Beavis and Butthead. I am Cornholio. About a week or two ago, this unfortunately B list R&B singer who I wish desperately was a F or even lower was in a city for a concert. Because it was not the largest city, of course our singer thought he was the most important person in the city. Prior to the concert, the singer went to a store in a mall and was throwing merchandise around, making a mess, being loud and obnoxious (every other word from his mouth was an f-bomb). One of the workers in the store was following behind to clean up after the mess but was too intimidated to say anything to him. So then the manager comes out and asks the singer to stop being so destructive and to relax and for he and his friends to please stop making a mess in the store. He had brought three other guys with him and according to rumor they were probably just not hanging out if you know what I mean. The singer then asked for the manager. Unfortunately for him, the woman he was addressing was the manager and told him. He then said, "Don't you know who I am?" No, I mean seriously he actually said those words. He then said he could buy out the entire store if he wanted. Here is a quote from the manager in the store which I love. "I was so thrilled when I got to tell him that yes, I knew who he was but didn't care, and that he needed to stop acting like a disrespectful jerk. I actually laughed when he said "Don't you know who I am?" At that point, the singer walked out. Chris Brown in Baltimore

84. POPBITCH 10/06
Which celebrity actually made money from phone hacking? They had threatened a tabloid with legal action over a story but when the paper's bosses found out they'd got the scoop from a phone hacking job the tabloid decided, rather sensibly, not to go ahead with fighting the case in court, handing over a six-figure sum to the already loaded star instead. David Beckham

This is one of my favorite blind items in awhile. Anyway, there is a manuscript that is floating around town that was written by a former almost A lister. I mean he was close. Starred in a set of franchise films but after those went by the wayside he has pretty much stayed with television. Been on two very big hit shows in the last few years, but probably just a B- lister and that is only because so many people would know our actor's name when you hear it. In the manuscript our actor writes about how he and this almost A list television actress on a very hit network show who was a B lister back in the day when this happened, used massive amounts of cocaine and through cocaine is how he got our actress into some very kinky sex. Our actor was into watching our actress with other men. He wrote about how she did not want to do this but he used drugs and manipulation to get her to do this. He admits that he was not in his right mind while using and is regretful about his behavior back then and was very controlling of her but he didn't have a problem recounting the details in this manuscript. Once our actor had a male acquaintance come over to our actor's New York apartment. They were coked up. Our actress came home and was upset with our actor about something he was supposed to do but he didn't. He couldn't recount what she was upset about. He talked our actress into sitting down with them and to snort some cocaine and calm down. Our actress was still mad at our actor and began flirting heavily with his friend. Our actor wrote that after a little while he looked up and our actress and the friend were kissing in front of him. The friend began kissing her neck while our actress stared at our actor. Both of them were turned on. Our actor describes that he watched in silence as our actress orally serviced the friend while she was still staring at our actor. The friend finished and left and our actor began yelling at our actress. Huge argument that led to sex on the floor of his apartment. That was the first of many stories of the two in the one section of the book where he talks about their life together. There are others including several arguments our actor had with our actress and the makeup sex they would have. Very detailed. Infidelities on both of their parts and how our actor made our actress describe exactly what she did sexually with other men while they were high. Very intense sexual relationship that led to an engagement but fizzled when our actress wanted a different lifestyle. Pretty crazy chapter. The only good one in the whole manuscript.
ADDENDUM: The manuscript is circulating and has not been published. He was the star of the franchise.
former almost A lister: Peter Weller
almost A list television actress: Sela Ward

These two Oscar nominated Performers are not quite in sync on the Great White Way. Word is she is acting circles around him. Angela Bassett & Samuel L. Jackson "Come Down from The Mountaintop"

87. BUZZFOTO 10/06
This low-key couple, both actors (one in television and one in film) have been spending one day a week doing Kiva loans together for people all over the world. Our source says they want to keep it low key and private because it’s something that brings them closer together, but each week they take turns picking out a different person to loan to. Kyra Sedgwick/Kevin Bacon; Sarah Michelle Gellar/Freddie Prinze Jr.; John Krasinski/Emily Blunt; Diane Kruger/Joshua Jackson

Spineless Hubby Gets Too Kinky In Bed. Remember the overly timid (but good-looking) hubby, Pussy Gabor? Poor thing never really found the nerve to stand up to his bossy wife, and most folks never thought he would. Well, that was before Pussy discovered the magical benefits of a marital ménage à trois: Both Pussy, as well as his wife, Shar-Shar Max, agreed that throwing another girl into the mix was perhaps a good idea at spicing up their ho-hum marriage. Of course, Shar-Shar and Pussy never stopped to really analyze themselves. If they had, they would have discovered that's where problem lied: They're simply nice, boring people! But, we digress. The more these three-ways became a habit, the further and further Pussy and Shar-Shar fell away from a happy union. In fact, the swinging sex scene the attractive couple adopted just happened to be the beginning of the end of their relationship. Three things: Why do couples (gay and straight) always expect screwing other parties not to effect their marriages? Almost always does—and not in a good way. Remember, somebody always gets kissed a little less in those uneven situations! Secondly, maybe if they'd had both gals and guys, things would have turned out differently? Eh, probably not. Lastly, a few of these third parties had recording equipment: huge problem. And It Ain't: Diane Lane & Josh Brolin; Will Smith & Jada Pinkett Smith; Michael C. Hall & Jennifer Carpenter.

#1 - This almost network show is all about drama. It seems though there is even more drama off the set and it involves a bunch of jealousies. The people on this show have been in this space before, many times. It seems though one of the reasons they keep turning up in this space is because of one of the actresses on the show. At this point she is probably the most well known. It was not always the case but she has made sure to toss her competition out of the way. Whether it is whispering to producers about the drug problems of another actress on the show, or making up stories about how a guest actress bad mouthed the writers so that guest actress is rarely seen anymore, our actress has used every trick she can, including sleeping with several of the producers to make sure she stays the star.
Anna Lynne McCord

#2 - This A list couple recently married. They were co-stars and then became lovers. Our actor already had a significant other in his life, but he really wanted his co-star. So, he told his then girlfriend he would be working late, got a production assistant to let him into the actresses' trailer and was waiting there for her naked as the day he was born. Unfortunately she was not alone, as her assistant had come with her. The assistant saw what she saw and then went away. Apparently the rest of it worked though since the couple got together. Daniel Craig/Rachel Weisz

#3 & #4- He is not really coke dad, because he is not a dad, but this B-/C+ actor has made it very clear to his new celebrity/reality star? girlfriend who is a mom that he plans on continuing to party whether there is a child present or not. "Just keep the kid away from the coke, and there will not be a problem." Kyle Massey/Bristol Palin

90. BUZZFOTO 10/07
This male singer from an ensemble group was allegedly seen snorting coke at a really dump crack house in Chicago this last week. It would surprise you because of his clean-cut image.

91. NY POST/PAGE SIX 10/10
1. Which producer of a VH1 reality show is fed up with negotiations over contracts for "Basketball Wives?" The producer was overheard telling people that the ladies "better fall in line" or they’ll be booted "like the New York Housewives."
Shaunie O'Neil

2. Which political power couple is on the outs and living separately? Despite denying it, they’re distraught as they try to pick up the pieces of their marriage. Michele and Marcus Bachmann

3. Which wealthy businessman didn’t tip the help at his daughter’s wedding? Bernie Ecclestone

This former A list female singer and now still a great singer, but more of a hot disheveled mess with lots of money to burn would be a more accurate description. Our singer has been partying a lot. She knows she parties and she knows she has way too much drink many nights of the week. Since her significant other is not any better about partying and can't trust him to save her if she starts to die during the night, she has a baby monitor that she takes with her wherever she goes. One goes in her room and one goes in the room of her bodyguard. Always. She leaves them on 24 hours a day just in case she forgets to turn it on before she goes to sleep. So, the various bodyguards that have come into her life the past six months or so have heard everything from the craziest loudest fights to the craziest loudest sex, to the craziest loudest snoring from a woman that has ever been heard.
Christina Aguilera

93. BUZZFOTO 10/10
This up and coming ‘musician’ is trying to get herself an edgy image so she plans on coming up with a scandal within the next six months. She’s hoping for a staged rehab stint, or a relationship with an older man. Her handlers are doing their best, but so far, no one is buying it.

1. THIS divorced blonde film star smoked and drank her way through her first pregnancy, and then did the same thing during her recent second pregnancy! The actress, who’s engaged to her new baby-dad­dy, is so nicotine-addicted that she began puffing away minutes after giving birth! Who is she?
Kate Hudson

2. WHICH former supermodel’s friendship with her husband’s single rock-star pal is causing some major difficulties for the couple? The catwalk queen and mother of two has been caught kissing the long-haired Grammy winner in the past – and recently the duo was spotted together on a romantic "date" in Malibu! Cindy Crawford/Rande Gerber/Kid Rock

3. WHAT movie star/college student has been rattling the cages of his fellow undergraduates because he never shows up to class? The actor regularly sends his assistants in his place and has them record the lecture for him to review at a later date! James Franco

4. WHICH married Bravo "Housewife" was proposed to by a married Oscar-winning director? The unlikely duo have been attracted to each other for years – and since they’re both in unhappy marriages, he asked the reality star to dump her hubby and marry him!

This one was sent to me about a week ago and for some reason I thought I had already shared it with everyone but cannot find it. If I have, don't worry, because I have another one later. Maybe it is just because I have told a few people this item in the past week and it has been kind of a cocktail party thing too because of the ungratefulness and two faced-ness (faciness?) of the subject. Anyway, this very talented B- list actress who was nothing before a certain hit network show and will probably fade away into a C after the show runs its course in the near future was at an event recently. The event was for her boss who gave her the job and the break and she told him she would be so happy to go and support him. However she told a different story to other people. Twice. Prior to leaving for the event she told one person that she could not believe that her boss was not paying her or giving her a gift or at least arranging a limo for her. "I mean, I am spending a couple of hours of my time there for him, he should appreciate how valuable my time is." The second time was during the actual event when she forced a smile while posing for photos with her boss and on the red carpet and then told someone, "How long before I can get out of here? I did what he asked and I want to go. I have more important things to do."
Lea Michelle/Ryan Murphy "American Horror Show"

96. BUZZFOTO 10/11
This elderly singer who was a sex symbol in the 60's and early 70's used to pay for sex acts with men so he could be discreet about his sexuality. As he is getting older and dealing with health issues, he finally came out to his wife a few months ago. The wife claimed she has known their entire marriage and agreed to stay because she claimed that she still loves him and always has, and claims she’ll be his best friend for as long as they live. Tom Jones;Engelbert Humperdinck

#1 - I would subtitle this one, "Serves A Cheater Right." This B- list movie actor recently called it quits with his wife. Well, more accurately, she called it quits with him. It turns out the wife was 100% convinced that our actor was the father of January Jones' baby. She could not be dissuaded. Well, while checking out her husband, she never did find out for sure if he is the father, but she did find out that he has been messing around with a whole bunch of other people that she had been totally blind about. So, called him out on it and kicked him out.
James Marsden

#2 - This long long time married couple is probably A list in our hearts, but in the business is a C for her and a B+ for him. You know, just for longevity, I would probably bump them up a notch. Anyway, the actor in this relationship has told his wife that he is getting older and is just not really interested in sex anymore and has trouble in the getting it up department so they have been celibate for quite some time. All of this however has not stopped him from having dirty sexy time with a stripper he was introduced to by one of his more notorious, high profile philandering friends.

98. BLIND GOSSIP 10/12
He’s been cheating on Wifey since before they were even married, so no one – including Wifey – should be surprised that he continued after they got married. While there’s been lots of media coverage of the public information, here’s what’s really going on behind the scenes of this celebrity couple:

1. Don’t read too much into those reports of the couple acting like they are trying to work things out. These appearances are staged so that Wifey can say that she desperately tried to keep the marriage together through faith and prayer and counseling. She is determined to come out of this looking like the good guy.
2. Wifey has already hired a divorce attorney.
3. Wifey also has a history of extra-marital activities. However, since she played by the rules and kept her affairs quiet and private, they probably won’t play a part in this split.
4. No matter how intense the scrutiny gets for Hubby, he just can’t control his urges. In fact, he spent time with his mistress this past week.
5. Wifey has been compiling lots of evidence of Hubby’s extracurricular activities. The best evidence is coming from one of his former mistresses. Yes, there is a sex tape! When you think about it, it’s really quite ironic. Live by the hidden camera, die by the hidden camera… Demi Moore/Ashton Kutcher

99. BUZZFOTO 10/12
Rumor has it that this very conservative talk show host goes over seas to frequent the brothels for younger girls whenever he can get away.
Rush Limbaugh

#1 - This former star, but not winning female recent American Idol contestant is currently sleeping with a married executive of her record company and a married president of a company she met two weeks ago. Apparently our singer does not have many as in no female friends at all. I wonder why.
Pia Toscano

#2 - "Yeah, the producers asked me (C+ list actress with A list name recognition) to be on that show (hit network reality show featuring lots of couples who dance), but I told them no, because it was just not the way I see myself or feel would be beneficial to my craft as an actress. How is being on that show going to win me an Oscar? Plus, they don't pay enough and I am just way too busy with other projects. I have so much going on now and can't waste my time with something like that, but it is good for you (reality show brother) because you don't have a lot going on and the money is probably right for someone like you." Lindsay Lohan to Robert Kardashian

With Fantasia dealing with so many personal issues, word is producers of the Mahalia Jackson story are looking for a Plan B actress. They’re looking at a Rapper. This Rapper is a music powerhouse, but this Rapper’s personal life might have the Jackson family running right back to Fantasia! Missy Elliott

102. BLIND GOSSIP 10/13
While one Hollywood marriage is over because of multiple cheating scandals, another couple is using their debacle as an exercise in circling their own wagons. The second couple, who will be getting a divorce (despite their extensive denials), has had their legal teams reaching out to past and present paramours over the past few weeks to ensure that legal agreements are intact and that everyone is keeping their mouths shut. In some cases, the exes were reminded of confidentiality agreements with heavy legal penalties. In other cases, payoffs were made. You see, with this couple, revelations of extra-marital conduct would be devastating not only to their families but to their careers, since neither one is ready to come out of the closet yet. At least watching other blabbermouths come under scrutiny has had one positive effect on them: they’ve finally stopped bragging about their own fake sex life.
Will and Jada Smith

103. BUZZFOTO 10/14
This starlet has a lot of siblings. The oldest sibling has a couple of kids and just recently lost their job. The starlet doesn’t have a ton of cash to throw around but is helping the older sibling (who is not famous) pay for medical insurance for the family. She doesn’t want anyone to know because some of her business dealings are with staunch Republicans, a rarity in H-town.

104. LAINEY‘S GOSSIP 10/14
Here’s a gross one to kick off your weekend. If you’re prudey and squeamish, you may want to skip it. We’re women. Sometimes the cycle, it’s hard to control. How many times have you heard someone complain that her holiday was happening right when the menses were too? (Menses is the MOST hilarious word to me, by the way. Because I’m immature enough to laugh about the fact that it’s so similar to Mensa. Anyway...) Imagine then if your speciality was being naked on screen? And, you know, how that would work if you were on your period? And this is not a porn show. This, actually, is a critically acclaimed show. And one day, while shooting a nude scene, she walked on set with no clothes on and her tampon string clearly visible. (I am warning you right now. If you just squealed, you need to stop reading this and move on. It’s about to get worse. Go.) So of course they can’t shoot her with her tampon still inside her so, you know, in front of the entire crew, she pulls it out and drops it on the floor and asks the PA to pick it up and toss it for her. Which, um, is a biohazard, and you know, those PAs, their tolerance is high, but no, picking up used tampons is not part of the job. The bleeder reluctantly had to throw it out herself. This is just one of many incidents that has resulted in her screen-time getting reduced. By the end of it, there’s a chance she could come back, but she’s certainly not being considered a mainstay regular anymore either. Easy, right? SO easy.
Paz de la Huerta "Boardwalk Empire"

Cheating Chubster Lawyers Up! Forget Ashton Kutcher and whatever tabloid allegations have him tweeting mad today. 'Cause we've got a Vice star that we know can't keep it in his pants, much to the dismay of his poor partner and kiddos. Yep, Chubster Hunkster—who's looking less hunkster and far more chubster these days—is back and still sneaking around. Thing is, he's starting to get nervous. Real nervous: Hello, you either have JavaScript turned off or an old version of Adobe's Flash Player. Get the latest Flash player. 'Cause one of his chicks on the side is ready to blab. So Chub did what every good stud worth his star power would do: he lawyered up. And Mr. Hunkster's legal team told that gal if she even breathed in the way of the tabloids, they'd sue her for every penny she's worth. And trust, these are not the kind of lawyers you wanna mess with. So the broad did what most other sensible peeps would do: she shut up and disappeared. And Chub can keep on with his cheating ways. But for how long? This par-tick chick wasn't the only one whispering about Chubster's inclination towards infidelity. It's only a matter of time before his extramarital bed hopping gets back to his gorgeous honey. Or worse, the press. Stupid P.S.: Why do men cheat with not-exactly-knockout stripper types when they've got goddesses at home? I know, I know, stupid question. And It Ain't: Ben Affleck, Brad Pitt, Channing Tatum.
Johnny Depp; Russell Crowe

#1 & #2 - This relationship never happened for fans, but it is happening in real life. Despite being married, this C+ actress with one huge role has been basically living with this B list actor who has now had a couple of hit shows and is also still married. Kind of.
David Duchovny and Gillian Anderson

#3 - This A list mogul set the standard for every record producer/artist who came after him. Well, they would probably go ahead and not want the first wife, but everything else is ok. Anyway, lately our mogul has been going on blind dates. His only rule? "They need to be white and not talk very much." Russell Simmons

#4 - This A++ list rap star who has been quiet of late is not only hooked on heroin, but also has hepatitis. Hopefully that is all he has since he keeps having unprotected sex with as many fans a day as he can. 50 Cent

107. BLIND GOSSIP 10/14
There’s a lot of money to be made in pregnancy. If you’re already famous, your public profile skyrockets even higher. You’ve got heat. You get more cover photos, more interview requests, more gossip column inches, more talk show appearances. You can expand your own product lines, as well as shill for products that were previously just out of your childless reach. Because, once you’re seen as a mother, you can add paragon of selflessness and motherhood and traditional family values to your resume. Even if you’re the most vain and selfish human being on the planet. Yes, there’s a lot of money to be made in pregnancy. Even if you’re not as pregnant as you’re pretending to be. Even if you’re not pregnant at all.

108. STAR MAGAZINE 10/14
Ashton and Demi aren’t the only big Hollywood breakup on the horizon. Which A-list former model and her businessman hubby are also going through a rough patch?
Cindy Crawford and Rande Gerber

109. LAINEY‘S GOSSIP 10/17
A marriage is over. A one year old baby will now grow up in a broken home. Because the dickhead of a father couldn’t resist the action star. He’s a crew member on her show, no one famous. She is the star of the show. And a major bitch. Was hated before she decided to fuck up a family. Is even more hated now. Because she decided she had to have him, that’s it, never mind that he’s married and his wife had a baby not too long ago. They’d been carrying on for a while. Then, one day about a month ago, they were fooling around and his wife walked in. She ended it right away. And, well, being that she also works in the industry, she didn’t bother hiding why. He, of course, thinks he’s in love. She on the other hand is still dealing occasionally with a number of past and current co-stars. This is not the first time she’s taken what she wants when it’s supposed to be unavailable. And every time she leaves a mess behind. I’m told she truly believes there’s a hierarchy in the business. That those who are on camera, as she is, and look the way she does - really, really beautiful - are unquestionably entitled to things, and that those who choose to work in the same field, lower on the food chain, in doing so also implicitly buy into the same ideology. One night, at a Hollywood party, when she was on hiatus, she apparently shared this with several people over dinner, speaking only to the men and not their wives who sat there open-mouthed as this bitch pretty much told them that if she decided to fuck their husbands, they’d have to accept it as part of the world order. It’s not Scarlett Johansson. Maggie Q "Nikita"

A wildly popular show is plotting a killer twist before it takes its final bow this spring. According to multiple sources, the series in question — which, barring an 11th hour stay of execution, is in its last season — is moving forward with plans to whack one of its original characters just prior to the series finale. And I’m told the exit will be a dramatic one, impacting multiple characters and storylines. What’s the show? Who’s the victim? That’s for me to know and you to speculate about in the comments section. But first, a few additional clues…
* It’s an hour-long series that bears the title The Closer. Or Desperate Housewives. Or One Tree Hill. Or Chuck.
* The character in question will die a hero/heroine.
* The death will definitely stick.

This married, aging A++ list director is one of the best known directors in the world. Everyone knows him. What they might not know is that he has been having an affair with an A list actress within her own country but probably a C list outside. The affair has spanned almost 20 years and while it used to be all about the sex and passion and may have even led to a child. Maybe the child is her husband's and maybe it is our director's child. In any event as our director has aged and the actress has gained much more international fame, the affair has evolved into more friendship then sex. Although, you know, it still does happen.
Francis Ford Coppola and Monica Bellucci

112. BLIND GOSSIP 10/17
This married actor had a one-night stand with one of his exes, who is an actress in an acclaimed television show. She wound up pregnant. The actor’s wife found out about the baby, and, to no one’s surprise, went completely ballistic. Both the actor and his wife tried every tactic (money, lawyers, threats to ruin her career) to convince the ex to terminate the pregnancy. Despite enormous pressure from all sides, the ex decided to keep the baby. The actor’s marriage is now on the rocks. We’re not sure how long everyone can remain tight-lipped about this one. It will be difficult to keep such a bombshell out of divorce proceedings, which will likely occur before the New Year.
January Jones and Ashton Kutcher

113. BUZZFOTO 10/17
This B list musician who is trying to break into acting is allegedly a nudist and active in his local community. He goes on a hike twice a month when his schedule permits, to nude swims and even nude karaoke! Jason Mraz

1. WHICH former child star had a noticeable boob job – at her baby daddy’s insistence? The 20-something actress has been out of the limelight for a while, but her new enhancements may be a sign that she’s ready for a comeback!
Raven Symone

2. WHICH "Glee" star is playing matchmaker for the cast and crew? The actress, who claims she has a knack for hooking up couples, is busy finding a date for a newly single co-worker who was just dumped by her more famous partner!
matchmaker: Lea Michele
newly single co-worker: Ali Adler
famous partner: Sara Gilbert

3. WHAT male TV star is trying to get his former flame – currently starring on a hit sitcom on the same network – to guest-star on his new comedy series? The funnyman – who’s almost 60 – thinks his new show could use a boost...and this bombshell would definitely do the trick! Tim Allen/Sofia Vergara "Big Trouble"

4. THIS 50-something, Oscar-winning film star recently left her cheating husband in NYC and moved to Los Angeles with their three kids. The theater- trained performer dumped her hubby after learning about his mistress! Who is she? Marcia Gay Harden

5. WHICH daytime diva is wielding her power and asking that her name be included in her show’s title? The gabfest is currently struggling – and this celeb has some friends in high places – so she just may get her way! Julie Chen "The Talk"

115. LAINEY‘S GOSSIP 10/18
Film set. Recently. She’s shooting a sex scene. Walking around set in her bra, no shirt on, panties, standard attire, nothing unusual about it... Except that her children were there that day. They were visiting. And it was no thing, you know? That was her costume. They saw her in his costume while they were there. And then she sat them behind the monitor so that they could see her work and they watched while mom worked with another actor - she rubbed up against him, he returned the rubbing, she made love for pretend, for the movies, to a man that was not the father of her children, in front of her children. I’m sure over 90% of you are all huffy and tutty about this and have been since the start of the 2nd paragraph. "It’s so inappropriate, it’s so bizarre, these people are sick f-cks", etc etc etc. Me I’m still trying to decide. Part of me understands the huffing and the tutting. And the other part, well, it’s worth huffing and tutting over in real life, for civilians, because that’s simply not part of that world. But take Kate Winslet for example - and this is NOT about Kate Winslet - who’s already been naked on screen several times, and her kids go to school with other kids whose parents have seen their mother’s breasts, and you realise, theirs is a totally different reality. And, given that that is the reality, if you are the subject of this riddle, do you prepare your children for it by bringing them with you, by showing them that this is not real, that this is what happens in filmmaking, that this is part of the process, that this is part of what’s considered their craft or their art, or whatever fancy word they’re using for it these days, that this is not dirty, that there’s nothing shady about it, in the hopes of removing or addressing in advance any stigma/embarrassment that might arise later... Mommy is an Actor and this is what Acting is... A part of me doesn’t disagree with that either, you know?

#1 - It is not like this should be surprising, but it is kind of sad. This actress is probably C list. She has really only had one big role. It was a huge movie. Not necessarily dollar wise, but awards and publicity wise. She also models and has been in a long term relationship with another C list actor and former co-star. Apparently though he has been getting the lies and excuses lately about why they cannot spend more time together even though publicly she says all the right things about how great their relationship is. She tells the boyfriend that work and modeling shoots are keeping her busy, when in reality she is spending every second with this great looking B- list movie actor with the unusual name. What our actress does not understand is that this is going to be quick and dirty for him and she thinks it is love and romance and forever. If she wants that she should stick it out with the boyfriend before he finds out the inevitable.
Freida Pinto/Dev Patel & Stephen Dorff

#2 - This C+ list television actor who does not do much, but was on a modest network hit and has just about A list name recognition is encouraged by his wife to hire escorts as much as he wants just as long as he does not cheat on her again. Apparently she does not consider anything strictly sexual to be cheating. Balthazar Getty

117. BLIND GOSSIP 10/18
If you ever ran into this actor, you’d probably be tempted to call him by his most famous character’s name instead of his real name. Don’t. An excited fan made that mistake over the weekend when she ran into the actor. "Oh my god! It’s ‘John Doe’! I’m such a big fan of yours! Can I get a picture with you?" The actor totally snapped at the woman. "That’s not my fucking name! That’s the name of a character on a television show! Get your facts straight and get that camera out of my fucking face!" He then pushed past her, leaving the stunned woman with her mouth agape and her illusions shattered.
Jaleel White "Steve Urkel"; Kelsey Grammar “Frazier”

118. BUZZFOTO 10/19
Last Halloween this B list, male television actor spent the night in the arms of his wife and children. This year, (since he was kicked out of his home two weeks ago) his friends plan to help him spend it with several prostitutes.

#1 & #2 & #3- While this B- list actor, who has the acting ability of an F lister and the body of an A has been busy filming his latest movie, his celebrity wife has been spending her time doing meth and also bumped into her ex and her former boss who is just about an A list movie actor now. One thing led to another and they had some ex-sex while they watched her main claim to fame.
Channing Tatum, Jenna Dewan, Justin Timberlake

#4 - This married for now, permanent B list movie actress with a famous dad was at an event the other night and was being polite and making conversation with a man who was probably in his 80's. He also had a young 20 something on his arm. The man holds one of those vague European titles which no one understands. Anyway, our actress asked how long the couple had been together. The man said, "only a couple of weeks now. I would turn her in for you, but you need to get bigger tits." He then reached out for a grope before our actress got out of there as quickly as possible. Mira Sorvino

#5 - Strangest hookup ever. In this case hookup is just making out. I have no idea if it went further, but imagining it is a horror, so to go beyond would be a nightmare. This controversial female married A list reality star spent a good five minutes making out with this second fiddle reality star who thinks he is way better then he is. Bethenny Frankel & The Situation

120. BLIND GOSSIP 10/19
While this family has never been really stable, things have gotten even rockier lately. Their child is in serious trouble, and the parents can’t agree on how to handle it. One wants to get the child into rehab right away. The other thinks that the situation isn’t that bad, that rehab is "below" their child, and that if news of the real problem became public, the child’s career would be over. With all due respect, Parent, your child is a freakin’meth addict and has already completely fucked up their life and career! Get them to rehab before they die! Yes, we know it will be painful to temporarily let go of your meal ticket, but there are things at stake that are more important than your pride or your wallet. What kind of example is this setting for your other kid/s?
Michael/Dina/Lindsay Lohan

121. BUZZFOTO 10/19
For years this C list actress told close friends that she was molested by someone in the business that was much older than her. She’s now married to that older man. Do we believe her earlier stories, or believe she’s still his victim?

This popular Singer/Reality Star is in the process of divorcing her husband, a Musician. There have been reports that she is dating a younger man, but she is keeping quiet because she doesn’t want to pay alimony to her husband. Toni Braxton

123. BLIND GOSSIP 10/20
This actress takes great pride in occasionally selecting and purchasing pieces for her home without the help of a decorator. Well, she found something she wanted while perusing Craigslist one day, and responded to the ad using just her first name. Imagine the shock these homeowners felt when this big time movie star showed up at their door to claim her find! According to the couple, she wore no makeup, was as nice and normal as could be, pet the family dog, paid the full asking price for the item, and even loaded it by herself into the back of her SUV. It’s nice to hear that she is capable of acting like a nice, normal person. Maybe she should do that more often.
Jessica Alba; Katherine Heigl

So, I was reading an article the other day about this actor and I love how he just ignores the part of his life that was wild and crazy. Just because there was no TMZ to capture a moment, does not mean no one remembers. People were there. Like me. Back in the day, there was a very popular sitcom on the air. It was on one of the big 3, although the 4th network did exist at the time. It was also long running. Anyway, the star (A- list then and now probably a C+) of the show was kind of coming into his own and testing the dating market. He had not done much previous to the show and was enjoying all the female attention. One person he was interested in was a co-star on the show (B- list then. Now, you probably don't even know her name). A little older but so good looking. He was head over heels for her, but she was so far ahead in the school of life that it was comical to watch. She humored him and one day she had a lot to drink and they had sex. To her, not a big deal. To him? It was love. In order to keep up with her he started drinking and doing coke because that is what she was doing and he wanted another chance with her. Every so often she would. Meanwhile, the star was a wreck. The drinking and drugs were out of control. So, a little time passes and our star goes to make a movie. This leaves the co-star behind and she hooks up with this guest star (at the time a no one. Later A list and now still a B) on the show. Well, when our actor comes back and finds this out he is devastated and the spiral downward which had stopped when he was shooting the movie is back on again. She explains to the actor that they were not exclusive and he was away after all. So, the actor resumes his puppy dog ways, until he goes out one night and spots the co-star making out with a gentleman who was also with the show and who was about double the age of the co-star. At this point our star goes on a week long drug and alcohol binge that was legendary for years. And this was at a time when people could spend some money on coke. This was out of control. It lasted for one week then he snapped out of it, went to the producers and said he would walk unless the co-star was fired. She was. Never spoke to her again.
#1 - Show: Blossom
#2 - Star: Joey Lawrence
#3 - Co-star: Portia Dawson
#4 - Guest star: David Schwimmer

125. BUZZFOTO 10/20
This D list actor, who is most well known for being a son on a sitcom that was on during the late 80's and early 90's, once acted in a family movie that was made for television. He told a source that several years later, he met up with a child actor that played his sibling on the movie and hooked up with him, only once. The D list actor is straight. David Faustino - Bud Bundy on "Married With Children"

Barbie Snorts Her Way to Cancellation! I live for a gal who's survived in the movies—shown she has what it takes to star in many of them, some even successful—and then totally reinvents herself afterwards. That's right, for a second career as a TV star! Of course, where else is there for movie chicks who age, but, that's beside the point. Which is that Barbie Sinatra started reinventing herself long before she dipped into TV fare by... Totally changing her appearance. We mean totally. Whereas many folks guessed about Barbie's nips here and tucks there, we're here to tell you it was all due to nose-candy, baby! That's right, Barbie, who got famous with an entirely different figure than the one she possesses now, decided she wanted what the rest of the chicas had in Hollywood, i.e., lots more acting opportunities. And Barbie's more natural appearance she got famous with just wasn't cutting it enough. The drugged-out Pygmalion stuff worked pretty well for awhile, too. But, just like all addictions, Barbie's coke habit eventually got the better of her and that primo TV gig she landed as a result of her new-found frame is about to be cancelled—not in the least because Barbie's coke-fuelled scenes of over-acting. I mean, Barb gives new meaning to the term scenery-chewing, as she also eats her costars alive, too, hysterical stuff! Only it's not a comedy she's starring in, dearies! And It Ain't: Teri Hatcher, Eva Longoria, Jessica Lange.
Maria Bello

#1 & #2- I don't even know why this couple even bothered to get engaged. You would know the female. Actress/model/foreign born. Oh, and getting older. She is cheating with her ex-boyfriend who is an A list actor and of course was having sex with her even while she was still married. Oh, and she is having sex with her soon to be ex-husband too. As for her boyfriend, anyone he can find at anytime.

actress/model/foreign born: Liz Hurley
A-list ex-boyfriend: Hugh Grant

#3 - This week at a daytime party no less, this way under age tween (B- list movie actress) who has been in this spot before was so drunk that she could not even make it to the bathroom before puking. She left shortly thereafter with her much older boyfriend. Abigail Breslin

#4 & #5 & #6- All three of these people are foreign born. So, what happens when you take a B- list movie actor who is known for wanting to have sex with anyone despite his not really good looks with a B-/C+ actress who is from a well known family and has done a mix of movies which tend to be foreign and television which tends to be American? You get some wild sex on the set of their movie. Hey, neither are married so it is all good. What makes it juicy is the fact their director liked to watch.
B-list movie actor: Rhys Ifans
B-/C+ actress: Joely Richardson
director: Roland Emerich
Film: "Anonymous"

128. BLIND GOSSIP 10/21
The first incident was a couple of months ago. She told friends that she had pulled a muscle during a fitness session. A few weeks later, there were bruises on her arm. She attributed those to roughhousing with the kid/s. Then there was the black eye, skillfully hidden from view with makeup and a baseball cap. She told her friends that she got it when she pulled a book off a high shelf and it hit her in the face. Her friends think that those are an awful lot of excuses for anyone… but especially for an actress whose husband who is known for his quick temper.

129. BUZZFOTO 10/21
This actor recently had a baby with his non-famous wife and is loving life as a new father. The recent change has him sweating and feeling extremely guilty over the stripper mistress he keeps in a condo only two blocks away from his own home.
Vince Vaughn

130. PAGE SIX/NY POST 10/24
1. Which top fashion designer’s boyfriend was knocked off his bike by a car in New York, but went straight to the gym to stay buff for his much older sugar daddy?
Marc Jacobs; Calvin Klein

2. Which A-list couple has had open relations outside of their marriage for years? The duo were spotted making out with other people in the same room at a festival two years ago with Snoop Dogg hanging out nearby. Ashton Kutcher/Demi Moore

3. Which honoree at a black-tie event demanded to be honored for his charitable works despite the fact he’s done little to give back to others?

4. Which married socialite was recently spotted in a compromising position with a man not her husband on a fire escape at a fashion party? Petra Ecclestone

One of my favorite shows from back in the day which is now available on Netflix is Larry Sanders. I loved that show. When they would discuss what guests they wanted and did not want, it was a great part of the show. Well, it happens in real life too. Here is a conversation last week that an A list talk show host had with his/her staff about booking someone. The talk show host and some producers were in a light production meeting just going over the upcoming schedule. The talk show host mentioned that they want more general guests on the show and to cut back on other parts of the show. The host was also open to having cooking segments come in. One of the producers suggested Giada because it would be a nice ratings booster to have both of them together. The host pondered the suggestion but said nothing. The one of the other producers said.
Producer: Just make sure to keep Giada away from the band.
Host: Laughs
Producer who suggested it: What?
Host: You know!
Producer who suggested it: Know what? Oh, because of the John Mayer thing? That was made up by Star Magazine.
AT that point the talk show host started talking about how the producer was clueless about what Giada's deal is and that it is way more than rumors. Apparently Giada would confide in a stylist who also styled the talk show host and was not shy about spilling what was spilled to him which basically included that Giada often would use the excuse of "production meetings" to go meet with guys. The talk show host then called Giada a word that begins with an s and rhymes with mutt. The producer who suggested her then asked, "so she is out then?" The talk show host then replied, "who else do you have besides the blowjob queen?"
Rachel Ray

132. BLIND GOSSIP 10/24
A couple of cast members from this television show who have moved on to additional (Person 1) or new (Person 2) projects are still unexpectedly close. This closeness comes at the price of alienating a family member (Person 3). What would make someone choose friendship over family? Two words: money and publicity. Person 1 is going to engage in a competition which could raise a lot money for a charity, as well as expose that charity to a larger audience. Person 2 hopes that their favorite charity will be the benefactor of that windfall of money and exposure. So, Person 2 keeps inviting Person 1 to events and photo ops, and sides with Person 1 in all matters in the hopes that their charity will benefit. We predict that this superficial friendship will end as soon as the charity goals have been fulfilled.
"Real Housewives of New Jersey"
Person 1: Theresa Guidice
Person 2: Dina Manzo
Person 3: Caroline Manzo

133. BUZZFOTO 10/24
This actor grew up in a small town in the Midwest and lived in poverty for most of his childhood. He was so ashamed of his roots, in his early acting career he never did interviews about his background or past. When he first got into the business, he spent most of his money and energy on lavish homes and cars to compensate, almost ruining him financially. Since his marriage and becoming a father, he’s now shifting his focus and just last month, made a sizable anonymous donation to a local children’s shelter by selling an exotic car and donating the proceeds.

134. LAINEY‘S GOSSIP 10/25
A popular married television personality who’s also a chronic cheater had an affair a few years ago with a woman (also married with kids) who’s now become his colleague. The colleague ran into his wife recently. The wife decided they would have a little conversation. There were no pleasantries. The wife pretty much opened with - who did you have to fuck to get this new position? How many people have you fucked to get to where you are now? The colleague, obviously mortified, as they’re actually in a place crawling with parents and children, frequented by their own children, tried to be civil, tried to downplay the hostilities. No, the wife wasn’t interested in having a dignified discussion in public. She kept up her line of questioning about the colleague’s career mobility with pointed questions about how much time she’d spent on her back to get to where she is. The badgering continued, the wife was relentless, until the colleague rushed away. The wife is now boasting about the incident to all the ladies in the circle and beyond, convinced that the reason the colleague is getting so much play on the network these days is because she’s willing to give up so much play for the executives, the way she gave it up for her husband. This isn’t the first time the wife has behaved aggressively. Her husband has pleaded with her to chill out when they’re in public as it could affect his reputation, like his constant dicking isn’t the major contributor to that. Still, her target right now is his colleague and the colleague’s reputation and she seems to be willing, happily willing, to share with anyone who asks how this colleague is earning all her jobs ...though I wonder if all that casting couching is enough since, you know, Julia Roberts didn’t seem to be aware. Matt Lauer & Natalie Morales

135. BUZZFOTO 10/25
Which D list actress and sometimes musician, is currently working on getting pregnant from several of the men in her life so that she can get in the press again? We think she’s most likely going to say the father is her ‘husband.’

1. THIS unlucky-in-love talk-show host is so desperate to land a husband that she’s resorted to begging her celebrity pals – but NOT her more famous BFF – to help her find a spouse? The almost 60, divorced mother-of-two is determined to get married in 2012. WHO is she?

Gayle King

2. WHICH Grammy-winning singer is getting weight-loss tips from another weight-challenged Grammy winner – without her knowledge? Diva #1 is working closely with an ex of Diva # 2, and he’s spilling all of his former lover’s secret diet and exercise tips! Who are they?

3. WHICH two current "Dancing with the Stars" contestants were thisclose to being related by marriage? The wannabe hoofer, who almost married into the famous family, isn’t talking because his ex was – and still is – the black sheep of that celebrated clan!

4. WHAT cast of a popular TV series is so miserable that they can’t wait for their show to come to an end? The stars always put on their best poker faces during group interviews, but behind the scenes they’re desperately ripping each other apart! "Desperate Housewives"

It has been awhile since I have had a kindness to report, but I think the wait was worthwhile. This is a great one. This one involves an actress who I had no idea was capable of such great lengths of kindness. She mostly stays out of the limelight. She has had a nice career as a model and actress, but it has never been spectacular, although she can look pretty spectacular at times. I think her name puts her higher on the list than she otherwise would be. That and her choices for significant others who have been B list actors. She is probably a C+, but with all the bonus points is a B-. Anyway, the other day, our actress was with her child/ren and had just put said child/ren into the car when a woman approached her. At first the actress thought the woman wanted an autograph and when it was obvious the actress was not recognized by the woman she thought it was someone about to ask her for money. Wrong on both counts. The woman had just got off a bus about five minutes earlier. In her haste to get off the bus she had left behind her purse. A big purse filled with what she called her "life." She had no car and no phone and had no way of catching up with the bus. Other people had apparently blown her off and not done anything to help. Our actress agreed to help in a second. She got the woman in the car while they started to follow the path of the bus. At the same time the actress handed her cell phone over to the woman who then tried to call and have the transit authority tell the bus driver what had happened and to watch for her purse. After about ten minutes of serious traffic the pair caught up to a bus on the route who had stopped. The actress literally pulled in front of the bus so it could not move while the woman got out and ran to the bus driver and to look for her purse. Wrong bus. Plus, the bus driver was not willing to help the woman by radioing anyone because he had no idea what bus it was and all he wanted was for the actress to move her car so he could keep going. Back in the car they went and this time there was no traffic and after another 5 or 6 minutes they caught up with another bus. The actress pulled the same trick as before and the woman jumped out and ran to the bus driver who saw the woman and held up the purse. Someone had seen the woman get off the bus and leave behind her purse and handed it to the driver. The woman would not stop shaking or crying or hugging the bus driver. When she finally got off the bus and returned to the actresses' car, the woman expected to just be told to catch a bus back to where she began, but the actress laughed and instead took the woman home. The woman still has no idea who the actress is. Rebecca Romijn

137. BLIND GOSSIP 10/25
Which competitor on a reality competition series is going to get eliminated before her real background comes to light? There’s plenty of dirt there, but the most interesting are the three past marriages she tries to hide, and a questionable performance for a very controversial figure. It’s the latter that will get her booted before she makes the producers look really bad and tarnishes the show. And she won’t be able to play victim here, because her exes are ready to step forward and there is video tape of the questionable performance. Naturally, she’ll wail and sob when it happens, but even her crocodile tears won’t be enough to save her.
Competitor: Stacy Francis
Reality Show: X-Factor

138. BLIND GOSSIP 10/26
This actor and actress couple is about to hit another bump. The producers of an upcoming film in which the couple stars have had a change of heart. They want to replace the wife with another actress (who we agree would be much better in the role). The replacement has been personally and professionally involved with the couple in the past, and is one of the few people who knows all the dirty details about the couple’s marriage… as well as their upcoming divorce. There are an awful lot of secrets that all three of these people could use against each other, so if somebody’s toes get stepped on, it will be interesting to see who starts talking first.
Husband: John Travolta
Wife: Kelly Preston
Replacement Actress: Kirstie Alley
Film: Gotti: In the Shadow of my Father

#1 - How do you get a B list teenage movie actress to cry? Well, if you are a foreign born B list actress who has been nominated for one of the big awards, you get caught snorting lines of coke off the bathroom sink at an event the other night, look up at the teenage actress who has just walked in unannounced and yell, "Get out of her you fucing bittch. Don't you even bother to knock?" The teenage actress turned around and cried on and off the rest of the night.
Marion Cotillard/Abigail Breslin

#2 - This B list television actress has been on a long running fairly hit series. With its end, you would think she is looking forward to taking some time off. She can't though because she has no money left from the millions she earned from the show. One of the "Desperate Housewives"

139. BUZZFOTO 10/26
This Latin actor recently added another child to his family and his wife is over the moon about it. What she’d be sad to know is that he’s sleeping with his co-star, a B list actress and was having sex with her when his wife was in labor. The cheaters committed to leave their partners so they could be together, and the B list actress just ended her relationship. The source says once he found out that his lover actually went through with the promise and is a free woman, he’s totally turned off from the fun and has no plans to continue the affair.

With her new body and new man, will this Reality Star be asked to stay on her show. NeNe Leakes "Real Housewives of Atlanta"

141. BOSSIP 10/27
This guy right here is one dirty dog!!! This Latin actor recently added another child to his family and his wife is over the moon about it. What she’d be sad to know is that he’s sleeping with his co-star, a B list actress and was having sex with her when his wife was in labor. The cheaters committed to leave their partners so they could be together, and the B list actress just ended her relationship. The source says once he found out that his lover actually went through with the promise and is a free woman, he’s totally turned off from the fun and has no plans to continue the affair.

#1 - This former reality star turned celebrity turned reality judge had the biggest attitude at an event this week. It was about fashion so of course she thought she knew the most and anyone who had a differing opinion with her was told, "Until you have a fashion line, then all you have is an opinion. I know what I am talking about." She then looked at another former reality star from a show I hated with a passion and refuse to acknowledge even existed who had a fashion line and said, "Until you have a successful fashion line." She then turned and walked off.
Nicole Richie to Lauren Conrad

#2 - I feel like Ted "Twilight" Casablanca with this one. Seriously, I am surprised he does not have Twilight tattooed on his chest. Anyway, back in the day when the franchise first started filming, this actor was hooking up with this actress who played his sister. Well, what was not known at the time by that actress was that he was also hooking up with another of his sisters who we will call sister #2. Sister #1 disappeared from the picture at some point, but despite everything that has gone on with our actor and another actress from the movie, he keeps going back to sister #2. Apparently they got noise complaints last night in a European hotel because they were so loud in bed.
actor: Robert Pattinson
Sister #1: Nikki Reed
other actress: Kristen Stewart
Sister #2: Ashley Greene

143. BLIND GOSSIP 10/27
When cameras are following you around all the time, it should be fairly difficult to have an affair without anyone noticing. Not in this case. The cameras are always on the women, so it’s relatively easy for the men to slip away and get their groove on with other women. And we’re not just talking about one of the men. We’re talking about three of them. All in the same cast. Fidelity? Fuhgeddaboudit!
"Real Housewives of New Jersey" Joe Giudice, Chris Manzo, Joe Gorga, Ritchie Wakile or Albert Manzo

144. BUZZFOTO 10/27
This B/C list actor from mostly an action genre is happily married to his wife. Our source says it’s because the two have developed a strange fetish that involves figure skating… naked. As in they coordinate a routine and everything, sans the sparkly outfits. You can’t make this stuff up.

Which TV Costars Secretly Hate Each Other? Fake à la Ferocity has nothing on wholesome TV and movie actress Trixie Twinkle-Twat, whose new series, Family Values, was renewed recently. And, trust us, that's saying a whole helluva backstabbing lot. Trixie's current crime? Telling her bosses—and, consequently, the world—that she not only adores her famous costar, Vander Van Der Butt, but she wouldn't consider doing anything other than their show, professionally speaking. When the truth is Trixie, who's got a reputation for sending homemade cookies to people she loathes, will not even look Vander in the eye when they're alone, much less speak to him. She detests him, curses him every opportunity she can—and the feeling is mutual. Trix just faked liking him because she knew it would get her a big family boob-tube job. And it gets even more ironic! Not only did execs approve Trixie and Vander's current cozy show based on the fact they were (supposedly) real-life friends, but also because Ms. Twinkle-Twit's made an entire career out of folks thinking she'd prefer to bake cookies instead of bitch people out like the truck driver she is at heart. AND IT AIN'T: Nancy Travis and Tim Allen, Julie Bowen and Ty Burrell, Patricia Heaton and Neil Flynn.
Melissa Joan Hart and Joey Lawrence

#1 - One of the most conservative and powerful media moguls in the world knows all, right? So, he probably knows that his much younger wife prefers women right? Apparently there is a big payoff in the works for her latest conquest. Things got a little rough and her conquest got hurt.
Rupert Murdoch

#2 - This C+ movie and television actress is on a huge network comedy hit. Small, but recurring role and is usually on every week. Well, she was at an event the other night and getting paid, but it was sparsely attended and she was not getting paid much. She was complaining that she never gets the good parties and the parties that pay a lot for her to attend. At one point she said, "Who do I have to fuck to get to host a Vegas party because I will. I am sick of this crap here." Katrina Bowden "30 Rock"

#3 - What former talk show host and now reality star/producer/author said the other day that she has not had sex in almost two years. She said she just is not that interested but does enjoy time on her own if you know what I mean. Tyra Banks

#4 - What one hit wonder D list movie actor who has been in this space before for his ass-holian behavior went up to this foreign born, sometime movie actress who seems to be more famous for her ex-boyfriends than acting and tried to hit on her. When she rebuffed his efforts he got really nasty and talked about he was famous and could have anyone and even said at one point, "I could buy you." She then replied, "You should spend the money on about six inches up top and below, some breath mints and some manners." The actress is Sophie Monk

147. BLIND GOSSIP 10/28
This actor is a macho-looking guy on the outside, but there’s something interesting going on underneath the surface. He’s not interested in wearing dresses or makeup or jewelry or heels like a woman, but there is one woman’s garment to which he is very partial. Black microfiber hi-cut panties, size 7. He likes the support they provide for his manly bits. And, yes, his wife knows. She’s the one who buys them for him.
Hugh Jackman

148. BUZZFOTO 10/28
This actor who got his big start in a television series with an ensemble cast as a teen is now trying hard to keep up with the careers of his former costars. He has been supplying drugs to one of those costars in the hopes that the connection will get him a part in a big movie coming up. The former costar promised him a meeting with the director if he kept supplying him with a good stash of drugs but we hear the meeting has yet to take place and the film has been cast.

actor: Wilmer Valderama
co-star: Ashton Kutcher

149. BLIND GOSSIP 10/31 #1
This actor may be one of the stars of a comedy series, but their behavior isn’t exactly making their cast and crew smile. The actor thinks that they are an expert about everything. The set, the lighting, the camera angles, craft service, the wardrobe, the script, table readings, and – worst of all – their costars’ performances are all fair targets to this person. Their opinions are frequently negative and unwelcome, and are making everyone uncomfortable. Somebody’s success has really gone to their head, and if they don’t shut the eff up, they are going to have one very unhappy cast and crew to deal with. Plus, they should remember that everybody is replaceable. Just ask Charlie Sheen.

150. BLIND GOSSIP 10/31 **#2**
Why would someone get married simply to get divorced? Money. Fame. Her romances make the front page of every tabloid, and her weddings will make more money than they cost. Since she has no discernible talent, she will use what she has to make and stay in the headlines. She believes that a rotating door of romances and grooms will keep her in the spotlight long after most stars burn out. When you have such lofty ambitions, it helps to have lofty goals. Her close family and friends know about these goals (although many of them don’t approve). What are those goals? 1. Babies with more than one wealthy baby daddy. 2. More marriages than Elizabeth Taylor.
Kim Kardashian

To me, this one is kind of sad. This actress was once a B+. Hit television show, celebrity boyfriend, top of the world. Now, she is probably down to a C, does primarily awful movies and has been wandering aimlessly for what seems like a year. She had some really bad publicity about that time and just has not quite got everything back together. Well, a few weeks ago she started seeing this actor who is A list but probably deserves to be C list because his acting is awful and his movies never make money. When I say she started seeing him, they saw each other one night and then had sex about four hours after meeting. It was like love at first sight for her, but for him, it was just a conquest and someone or something to do that night. Our actress has always latched on quickly to guys and it is one of the reasons she has not had the greatest success in relationships. Guys walk all over her. She tells her friends that she blames her childhood. Anyway, she has been following the actor for the past couple of weeks to everything he attends. She showed up unannounced at his place once, but after his reaction to that she stopped. When he sees her some place and no one else catches his interest he will take her to her place, have sex with her and then leave. If he sees someone else he likes he just ignores the actress and carries on with the other. It is really kind of creepy and kind of sad all at the same time.
Rose McGowan and Gerard Butler

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