MAY and JUNE 2011

NOTE: Guesses in italics are only guesses;
guesses in RED are a link to the solution or substantial clues.

1. BUZZFOTO 05/02
You’ll never believe this, but the A/B list movie actor who is quite handsome and talented has a secret that only a few people know about- he’s completely bald and wears a wig. A housekeeper leaked the news after finding a whole room in his house dedicated to his hair creations.

2. MEDIA TAKEOUT 05/02 got this report, and while we're PRETTY SURE its accurate, we'll leave it as a BLIND item because of the EXTREME SCANDALOUS nature of the claim. Word in the league is that this TOP NBA superstar got his girlfriend (and current babys mom) PREGNANT. The two were very happy about the pregnancy and even took photographs together showing off her bump. Well when the BIG WIGS at some SNEAKER COMPANY got wind that he was having ANOTHER child with his girlfriend they asked if he could "do something" about the situation. The company was worried that having MULTIPLE children out of wedlock was BAD for his image. Well the EGOMANIAC player then put pressure on his girlfriend. Who eventually relented and aborted the child . . . at 5 months.
LeBron James & his girlfriend Savannah

3. BUZZFOTO 05/03
Each year, this A list celebrity actor leaves his family and his work for a week to go "rough it" in the wilderness. So inspired by Henry David Thoreau, the actor secretly gets dropped off into the Idaho wilderness and lives off the land until he’s picked up at a rendezvous point. He does this to reconnect with himself and with nature, but keeps it under wraps because he worries that if word got out, it might disturb his rituals and he wants absolute privacy when he goes. Daniel Day-Lewis; Tom Hanks; Kevin Costner

1. Which hot fashion designer -- perhaps upset that he didn't get the call to design that dress -- was spotted stumbling out of the Boom Boom Room, yelling, "Kate Middleton is a vanilla whore!" on the eve of the royal wedding while his equally inebriated posse cackled?
John Galliano; Christopher Bailey; Julian MacDonald

2. WHICH supposedly straight star kept talking up "hot women" at the Vanity Fair/Bloomberg party in DC Saturday night, while his rumored boyfriend remained close by his side? Chace Crawford; Bradley Cooper

3. WHICH high-ranking Republican was heard saying, "Donald Trump is a jackass," to his table at the White House Correspondents Dinner? John Boehner

This legendary Diva and this Actress do not like each other. When asked recently if she was friends with the Actress (who is currently on a popular TV show), the Diva had a nasty response. "Absolutely NOT! I’ve never liked that fat cunt!" There was stunned silence as she danced away into her limo.
Diva: Liza Minnelli
Actress: Kirstie Alley
Show: "Dancing with the Stars"

Shellack Attack, the very curvy celeb who's always making waves in the media, is also making waves in the bedroom. Even though everybody thinks Shellack is mad only for her current, A-list partner, that's not an entirely true statement. See, Shellack must think she's a man, or something, because while she's telling her boyfriend (and the world, really) that she's just so in love and crap, Shellack's got another man on the side! This is too funny. Not to mention precisely how men have been treating women for centuries. Such a pity Shellack's guy has to try the getting-used-thing on for size, huh? However, Shellack's current boyfriend No. 2 is perfectly content to be used up, and stuff, and treated like the little plaything he is. Doesn't seem to bother him a bit. But..Shellack's main man would absolutely crap if he knew the real score with his woman, who was seeing somebody else on the sly. And, quite frankly, we're certain Shellack get's off knowing full well she's in major time-bomb territory with the bf. Of course, Shellack being Shellack, discretion's never really been her calling card, so that human time-bomb she's dating is about to go off pretty soon, we're certain. AND IT AIN'T: Miley Cyrus, Eva Longoria, Kim Kardashian.
Scarlett Johansson

7. BUZZFOTO 05/04
This barely legal actor is causing some waves on set of his television show by placing dirty pics of himself in all the dressings rooms of his costars as a practical joke.

When you think of two female lovers, I am not sure these are the two who would first pop into your mind. But, for several years this foreign born Academy Award winning actress had a love affair with this A list model turned C list actress. In a very interesting coincidence they are also tied together by one very interesting film role.

Julie Christie/Lauren Hutton "American Gigolo"

This Oscar winner has good reason to be worried. A Grammy-winning pop star is writing a tell-all that includes descriptions of the very passionate times they spent together. The Oscar winner is female. And so is the Grammy winner. To top it all off, their trysts took place in front of a very appreciative audience: their respective boyfriends.
Gwyneth Paltrow/Madonna

In case you missed it, in the past 24 hours the number of "big returns" on the spoilerific cheat sheet quietly doubled in size from two to four. But here’s where things get really interesting: The two returns — which by some miracle have remained under wraps — take place on the same show. Far be it from me to ruin what is sure to be a jaw-dropping surprise, so you’ll have to make do with the following three hints: The program in question is an hour-long drama, it’s an established hit, and it airs on a broadcast network.

11. BUZZFOTO 05/05
This star is part of an ensemble cast that gets together every once in a while to hang out. Our star is not the brightest star of the bunch but she is one of the nicest. Because she is so nice, and generally well liked by every body in the group it’s caused some jealousy issues with one of the cattier stars. The jealousy boiled over after the group hung out several weeks ago and the jealous actress had a few drinks in her. She got her hands on a used tampon and put it on the driver’s seat of the nice celeb’s car. When the nice star was walked out to her car by the group, everyone saw it and although she denied it was hers, everyone was still grossed out.

This D lister and his new bride just got back from their honeymoon. I don't know how long I give their marriage considering they each were messing around with other people during the honeymoon. The D lister already has had a date and he just got back this week.
Lorenzo Lamas/Shawna Craig

13. BLIND GOSSIP 05/05
There’s a good reason why this actress’ skin is glowing and she looks so happy lately. She’s pregnant! Our girl is only about eight weeks along at this point, so you probably won’t see a baby bump for a few more weeks. However, she is currently filming a role that requires form-fitting clothing, so it will be interesting to see if she drops out as she gains weight. Although she is not married or engaged to the Baby Daddy, she is very happy in their relationship. He’s not as excited as she is about being a parent, but he really likes her and is fine with the news. No plans for the two to get married at this time, which is just as well, as the relationship has moved along so fast as it is. Besides, he’s working on a lot of projects of his own and has already done the family thing, so we doubt he’s in a hurry to make this new little family official.
Scarlett Johansson and Sean Penn

14. BUZZFOTO 05/06
Two girls, one pup. These sisters are famous, for different things in the industry. They both share ownership of a very noisy dog. When a neighbor put in several complaints about their dog to the authority one of the sisters, (the less famous one) tried to get the dog’s voice box removed. The other sister, upset by the idea had started taking the dog to a trainer instead, but the problem has left the two of them with a grudge against the other.
Annalynne McCord

This Box Office Legend has been seen around town with a much younger Woman. Is it love, or a distraction from a rumored lifestyle? Eddie Murphy

Isn't it somehow comforting to know that those not living primarily on American soil can be just as debauched as, say, Jesse James? I mean, it's not just a Hollywood thing to nab your partner, then start cheating left and right, is it? Just last week, we showed you how the Duke of Schlongsbury is launching much gossip in the UK, what with the Duke's womanizing (and girl-izing)! And not so far away from the Duke's castle lies. Sovereign Stein-Moongle's plush pad, where he, too, spends ample time luring whichever young things he can to his celebrated boudoir. Only difference is, Stein-Moongle loves to nab the boys, not the girls. Also, another distinction between Sovereign and the Duke is their partners. The Duke's doesn't know bupkes about his philandering, quite unlike Stein-Moongle's other half, who's known all about Sovereign's dalliances for many, many years. And perhaps one reason the cheated-on other half doesn't mind too much? This lucky (and super-loaded) spouse often joins in on the action! Hmm. And people wonder why the Stein-Moongles have lasted as a couple as long as they have? Jeez, is mutual cheating really the answer to true love? Say it isn't so! AND IT AIN'T: Sir Paul McCartney, Johnny Depp, Hugh Grant.

17. PAGE SIX/NY POST 05/09
1. Which artist, after a long recording session, demanded that three supermodels be sent to his bedroom? The sleeping beauties were awakened and dispatched to the hotel with a promise that they would be featured in his next long-form music video.
Kanye West

2. Which potential political candidate is agonizing over his decision whether to run for public office because of his wife's shady past? Mitch Daniels

3. Which sportsman is in a happy relationship, because his female better half picks up other girls for them to share in the bedroom? A Rod and Cameron Diaz

4. Which actor is suffering from a skin disease that requires him to use bronzer on his nether regions?

18. GOSSIP BOY 05/09
Do we all remember FameWhore Farrah? She was the publicity hungry star who once gave up her baby to make it in HW. Oh, and to avoid the scandal of the father's identity. Farrah and her people tracked down said girl when it became apparent that either they found her or she found them via The Enquirer. The girl was flown aboard a private jet to Farrah's secluded fortress and was delivered a check and the promise of a never ending bank account if she stayed away from the public eye. The girl took the money, that was all she was ever after to begin with. Farrah's mistake was taking along "trusted" employees with her to meet the child. Especially the one with a big mouth who she ended up firing a year later after finding him blowing her man by the pool. But that is not what this story is about. The fired employee demanded money, as most do when they are fired. Farrah agreed to meet the employee and discuss a severance package. But when the guy arrived to meet Farrah, he met her hired thugs instead. And the only severance he was going to get was from his own package if he didn't back off. Farrah feels accomplished, but the employee is writing a book. He figures once he is in the public eye, they cannot harm him. He isn't the first one with this book writing idea. But he is the first to have photos of Farrah passed out on the toilet with a needle in her arm while one of her little children played nearby. He is also the only one who knows that Farrah's husband enjoys the company of young, tight men with no body hair and that he and Farrah haven't lived in the same part of their house since she had their baby. Farrah, Farrah, Farrah. When will you learn that money doesn't erase the past. Or reality for that matter. Pretty soon, it will all be out and you will go back to living in the pit of hell having sex with someone who shares the same blood. It's Not: Courtney Cox-Arquette; Sarah Jessica Parker; Kate Hudson.

19. BLIND GOSSIP 05/09
Don’t believe anything this funny actor says about his latest girlfriend. She’s just the latest in a long line of paid-for strippers that he tries to pass off as girlfriends. The only thing that sets her apart from previous girlfriends is that all of her body parts are real. And she plans on keeping them.
Tracy Morgan

It's true, stars are just like us. This B- television actress from a very hit network drama which I wish would just go away, came home the other night and found her daughter, in a compromising position with her boyfriend. Ooops. Said boy was sent packing quickly.
Teri Hatcher

This former B+ list movie actress has had a mess of problems over the past few years. Lets face it, she is one big drugged out and boozed out shell of what she used to be. Blessed with a chance to get back into the game, she is blowing it. Literally. Her drug habit is so bad that she has already signed over her entire paycheck for her next movie to the drug dealers she owes. The problem is that she has fallen so far off the wagon that she might not even get that paycheck.
Whitney Houston

Once a jerk, always a jerk. This former B- list movie actor is probably a C+ on a good day. He is married to a B+ movie and television actress but that went sour because of his proclivity for violence. Currently he is married again, but told friends the other night the couple had split. The reason? "Oh, I whacked her once and she got all pissed." The actor barely works and his pickup line usually involves him mentioning who he used to be married to.
Jonathon Schaech (Christina Applegate)

23. BLIND GOSSIP 05/11 **#1**
At a recent music event, this star spent some time regaling a group of guys with bawdy stories about his love life. There was a lot of macho posturing and laughing going on until someone asked him about a married celebrity with whom he had been rumored to have had a steamy affair. Star’s tone immediately changed from jovial to bitter. "I wouldn’t know, because apparently it didn’t happen… according to her. Yeah, it didn’t happen 4, 5, 6, 7 times for about a year… according to her. According to her, we’re not even acquaintances." At this point, someone on his management team stepped in to the conversation, loudly claiming that it was time to go, but Star just couldn’t stop talking. "And, since I don’t know her, I also can’t comment on how much of a cum freak she is. I’m just assuming that she is. I’m also assuming that underneath there’s a lot of kink going on." Star was then forcibly pulled away by his management, but on his way out the door, he couldn’t resist turning around with one last comment. "Oh, and another thing… if my cock wanted a porn star experience, she would be the one to call. Because I’ll bet she also has no gag reflex. Just a hunch."
John Mayer about Giada De Laurentiis

24. BLIND GOSSIP 05/11 **#2**
Fans of this long-running television show will be disappointed to know that it is ending. At the upfronts next week, they will announce that the next season will definitely be the show’s last. They will claim that it’s because they want to go out on top and that their star plans to move on to another exciting new project. Neither of these things is true. The truth is that the ratings have fallen over the past couple of seasons, and that the show’s pretty star has no idea what they will be doing next. They are also very, very worried about being labeled a has-been. After all, this is the third or fourth TV show they’ve been responsible for that will have met its demise in as many years. Sometimes show business can be ugly.
Tyra Banks "America's Next Model"

25. PAGE SIX/NY POST 05/12
1. Which prominent TV personality is about to come out with the help of public relations guru Howard Bragman, who has helped dozens of celebs announce their sexuality? The media blitz will begin next week.
Don Lemon

2. Which apparently clean singer has a huge drug problem and had to make a big payout to a tour manager, who quit and sued after he was asked to look after a suitcase that turned out to be packed with drug paraphernalia?

Old Hollywood. This Academy Award winning actor who was nominated more than once, used to dress like a woman and would go to bars and hit on men. He loved nothing more than taking a guy home and revealing his "surprise" when they got there. He loved it most when they stayed after the reveal.
Marlon Brando

We interrupt this regularly scheduled Blind Vice to weigh in on yesterday's scandalous celebrity lawsuit. (We were planning on telling you Shellack Attack has already ditched that dude she was two-timing her much more famous bf with, because the guy was just too plebian, poor Shellack's climbing as fast as she can!) Which megaceleb is getting slapped with a $20 million lawsuit because he gave his sex partner herpes, and videotaped the whole unsafe-sex act as it was going down? Hmm. We're just going to call this guy Schmuck-Wad Stupid-Ass, and we might add, he sounds an awful lot like some contenders from our Blind Vice Hall of Fame, right?
Charlie Sheen

At the top of our guessing game would have to be...
Seymour Plow-Me More, the Hollywood A-lister who keeps on (time after friggin' time) flagrantly putting his homo out there in semi-public places, all the while maintaining an ostensibly heterosexual life for the media. I mean, this guy has plane-loads of dudes flown all over the world—by straight pilots who talk! And this is just one example of how Seymour lives to take chances, as is clear from the lawsuit itself, if you read every little dirty detail.

Now, also known to take dumb-butt chances, once in awhile, would have to be...
Toothy Tile, who we're simply praying isn't this arrogant Schmuck-Wad creep. Come on, there's a difference between wanting to just get your sex on in a dark alley, say, and filming it while giving somebody herpes! Now, Toothy's made some pretty moronic moves in his life, but not even he's this dim—or full of himself.

Probably not quite this insanely risky, either, would be...
Fey Oiled-Tush, who just lives to set up his elaborate flying harems (what is it with closeted gay actors and planes, what, they think it's not going to get back to anybody because it happened up in the air?). But he also abides—just as vigilantly—on having all his tracks covered. In other words, all these witnesses must sign non-disclosure agreements, not that that crap actually stops people from talking, but it does succeed in creating a certain chill somebody like Schmuck-Wad Stupid-Ass has no desire to create.

A less obvious choice, too, might just be...
Saucy Bossy, who even though he does prefer the down-low company of other men, does—from time to time (and certainly more often than Toothy, for instance) actually date and have sex with other women. And there's something peculiarly plausible, if you read the details just right, about this lawsuit that leaves the possibility the "mutual self-gratification" that went on, prior to the unsafe intercourse, etc., could have been between a man and a woman.

But we still guess it's between two men. And who shows up more often in the Vice annals that that combo? Tellin' ya, we've probably written about Schmuck-Wad before.

28. BLIND GOSSIP 05/13
This TV-star-turned-film-star dumped her husband. Now she is trying to sleep her way to the top. The brunette beauty is getting a bad rep for her one night stands with some of Hollywood’s sexiest men.
Olivia Wilde

Trouble on the set? Is the real source of conflict between these two TV Divas jealousy. Word has it they’re really fighting over the attention and affections of their female producer. Can you say career boost? LisaRaye and Stacy Dash "Single Ladies" (Queen Latifah)

30. BOSSIP 05/13
It sure sucks to be her! Apparently, the casting couch isn’t the only place wannabe superstars showcase their talent. According to BOSSIP sources one reality star, who was hoping to land a role in a upcoming project, was caught auditioning on the mic of a very well-endowed producer. While the starlet has no official "acting" resume, she’s definitely talented. Sadly, the hook-up artist forgot to lock the door of the space where she was auditioning and got busted by staffers — who quickly spilled the beans. Now the beauty’s name can’t come up in meetings without someone snickering about her being down on bended knee. Unfortunately, her skills only landed her a role in the producer’s wet dreams. He didn’t have enough clout to cast her. Hopefully, she’ll review more than Superhead’s how-to manual next time she goes out for a part.
Evelyn Lozada "Basketball Wives"; Natalie Nunn "Bad Girls Club"

He has been sleeping with producer after producer - mostly females, any age, any shape - offering himself in exchange for opportunities. Any opportunities. While it's rather competitive among famewhores on the project he's best known for, it turns out he's the one who's most aggressive, most desperate, most willing to do whatever it takes to get ahead. Hilarious because it hasn't exactly been working for him until recently, a surprise gig. Still, after so many tries, and other boys on the side in the city, and so many nights with much older lady executives, you'd think he would have gotten further ahead than where he's come to now which really isn't all that impressive. Maybe that's why he decided to switch sides. Besides, it suits his true preference anyway. He'll do both, but men are what really make him happy. So he must not have minded so much when he laid himself out, twice, for a very high profile male producer with an impressive resume mentoring some huge names, recently, in the hopes of perhaps crossing over, straddling several different portfolios at the same time. If Jennifer Lopez can be a multihyphenate, with one of those hyphens being a music career, I suppose it gives others hope that they can too, him included. Never mind that there's an over 25 year age gap between them.
The Situation

32. BLIND GOSSIP 05/16 **#1**
There’s only one thing in the world that makes a gay man look more heterosexual than marriage. And that one thing is… a baby! The new beard is working out well for him, so they’ve move onto the next part of his faux heterosexual plan. The baby/babies will arrive in time for the premiere of his next live-action film. After all, he’s always had good comedic timing, but this also proves that he also has wonderful box-office and talk-show timing. Oh, and yes, the baby is his… but it wasn’t created in nature.
Mike Myers

33. BLIND GOSSIP 05/16 **#2**
Why is this talented Guy still so bitter about his Ex? The explanation goes back to one particular event: Guy and his Ex – who is a celebrity in her own right – were each at their respective homes in Los Angeles. He asked her to come over to his house for a little afternoon snack of frank and beans (which she did quite often). On this particular occasion, though, Ex she said that she couldn’t come over because she had to do something with her husband and kids (yes, she is married). Guy later found out that this was a total lie. It turns out that she did she not spend the day with her family. Instead, she spent the afternoon snacking on one of Guy’s friends. To say that Guy was boiling mad when his friend gave him the intimate details would be a huge understatement. He never got over the fact that Ex "cheated" on him with one of his friends, and has been bad-mouthing Ex ever since.
John Mayer and Giada DeLaurentiis

34. BUZZFOTO 05/16
These sibling stars are currently so full of resentment towards one another after one sister slept with the other’s boyfriend that they’ve each got a different source that they’ve started blabbing gossip to. If you start hearing printed gossip about either of these siblings, you’ll know that the source runs in the family. Mary Kate and Ashley Olsen; Paris and Nicki Hilton; Kim and Kourtney Kardashian

All of you had some fabulous guesses yesterday. I don't know why it did not post. Anyway, it was all about this former B list movie and television actress who has seen her career stall since leaving a franchise. While she has been dabbling in coke quite frequently lately, this past week it got out of hand. She basically spent her time overseas hoovering up as much coke as she could get while doing anything and everything with monied euro guys. If you had a big enough wallet and were spending freely and dishing out coke, this former fantasy girl had no problems with pawing groping and a quickie with whoever.
Vanessa Hudgens

36. BUZZFOTO 05/17
C List celebrity, that lives in LA that got her start on reality TV claims to be the occasional mistress of someone taking a lot of heat for infidelity right now. She is planning to either sell her story and wait to write a tell-all book, so news won’t be kept under wraps for long. Arnold Schwarzenegger and ???

This B list television actress who does movie sometimes has an interesting family history. Anyway, her mom does whatever she can to make a buck off her daughter. Selling stories is easy money. Selling free swag on eBay, and now she has tried selling some half naked photos of her daughter that were taken when her daughter was trying on clothes for a fitting. She thinks she can blame it on one of the designer's staff.
Leighton Meester

38. PAGE SIX/NY POST/ 05/18
1. Which high-profile Cannes juror was out partying till 6 a.m. along the Riviera the other night with his Hollywood pals instead of resting up for another day of cinema screenings?
Jude Law; Robert DeNiro

2. WHICH A-list actor has become a "Scientology robot" controlled by his wife after she introduced him to the church, according to his friends? Will Smith

3. WHICH rival CNN bookers got into a shouting match for all to hear at the network over an ongoing game of guest-poaching? Piers Morgan/Dr. Drew

39. BLIND GOSSIP 05/18
This actor has been in several TV series over the years. Since he will be taking a lead role in a series next season, the network arranged a meet and greet with him at the upfronts (a series of meetings where the networks present their television shows to the advertisers). The actor started downing beers early, and by the time of the meet and greet, he was drunk. Now, our actor started out as a happy drunk, hugging and taking photos with fans and signing autographs. But he began losing it after the first hour. At one point, a fan came up to him and told him that they had loved him since [insert name of TV drama]. Instead of politely thanking them, he started yelling "I’ll never get away from that damn show!" He then went on to insult every aspect of the show. Guess he forgot that it was that show that changed his career.

James Van Der Beek
new show "Apartment 23"
old show "Dawsons Creek"

40. THE DAILY 05/17
1. Which infamous Hollywood philanderer may be getting a taste of his own medicine? A screenwriter has been boasting about hooking up with the legendary bad boy's new fiancee and telling people the wedding 'won't happen.'"
Hugh Hefner

2 "Which hypocritical homosexual TV exec fired a reality show assistant for being 'too gay?'" Andy Cohen

3 "Which Hollywood journalist recently quit his job after his editrix ordered him to tell a publicist they were on her hit list?"

41. BUZZFOTO 05/18
This Blind today is brought to you by a foreign, non-acting Celebrity who has a strange fetish. An illegal one. This Celebrity has too much money and must be evil, because they are allegedly figuring out ways to buy and film animal cruelty fetish films, ones that involve high-heeled women crushing small animals. If the source is right on this, there is already an investigation under way.

42. PAGE SIX/NY POST 05/19
1. Which famous beauty who spends endless hours and energy toning her sculpted body is now concentrating on trying to get pregnant? She's been undergoing secret fertility treatments in LA.
Jennifer Aniston

2. Which sassy sitcom star, who is just as brazen off-screen, horrified patrons of a civilized downtown restaurant who gawked and shushed her for her loud, over-the-top outbursts as she dined with pals? Patricia Heaton; Leah Remini

3. Which bright young thing is having trouble shopping a TV pilot based on her best seller? A deal with a major cable network fell through, and now lesser outlets are agreeing the project is wafer-thin. Lauren Conrad

43. BLIND GOSSIP 05/19
Arnold isn’t the only one with multiple Baby Mamas. This well-known (but occasionally troubled) Actor has three baby mamas, none of whom are famous. He left Babymama1 high and dry after the found out she was pregnant. Then he got a woman in a small town pregnant. However, he never made any sort of commitment to Babymama2, either. A few years later, the Actor had the nerve to return to the same small town… with BabyMama3 in tow! He thought it would be nice if 2 and 3 raised his children near each other. Thoughtful of the stud, right? So, now he has three children with three different women. Just like his lesser-known brother. Not that this will ever get publicized. Even his parents don’t know about all three babies. They still think of Actor as their golden boy and hope that he will get back together with one of his very famous ex-girlfriends.
Owen Wilson

44. POPBITCH 05/19
Which superstar flew in to Singapore to perform at a festival and caused pandemonium at his hotel when he set the fire alarms off while smoking weed in his room? Even though it is a teeny-tiny bit illegal there, the singer said he'd happily fly off, leaving them blowin' in the wind, unless he could smoke where he liked. Execs ended up having to pay the swanky hotel to turn off the alarm system around his suite while he was there.
Bob Dylan

45. BUZZFOTO 05/19
She is a non-famous and very insecure wife to this lead singer of a Top 40 Rock Band that lives outside of LA. The couple have only been married for a few years, but she is so worried about affairs and losing him, she’ll do whatever she can to keep him happy. The trouble is, she hates, HATES his mother and he can’t stay away from her. He recently suggested having his mom move in and the wife said she was happy to have her, but she’s really planning on ways to make the Mother-in-law miserable. The two fight like cats and dogs behind his back and the Mother-in-law is said to have plans to split up the marriage. The wife is gearing up for this already having a neighbor secretly plant flowers the mother in allergic to. Who knows when this family feud will end or if the marriage will end first?
Chris Daughtry's wife Deanna

With CNN’s Don Lemmon admitting he’s gay, will others follow suit? There’s still a fear of career ruin among actors, journalist and other entertainers. Are they simply keeping their business to themselves, or do they fear something else?
Tyler Perry/Anderson Cooper/Chris Bosh

47. BLIND GOSSIP 05/19
These two female celebrities have each been out of the spotlight for awhile. We discovered that part of the reason is because they were both in rehab. At the same time. At the same facility. While they didn’t know each other prior to rehab, they quickly bonded over discussions of music and divorce and dealing with the paparazzi. They are now talking about working on a project together, although it would be an incredibly odd pairing. They come from different countries and have very different backgrounds. One is tattooed and foul-mouthed, and the other is practically royalty.
Amy Winehouse/Lisa Marie Presley

48. BUZZFOTO 05/20
This famous celeb lost a wife to illness several years back and is still trying to pick up the pieces even though he’s been remarried. His current wife is struggling with pictures of his dead wife in the home and all of the other reminders that he is holding on to. She recently convinced housekeepers to box up all of her things and sent them to storage. When he found out, he was so hurt and upset he has served her with papers.

We've filled you in on lots of the gross-out goss that goes on behind Vice stars' closed doors, and now one of the stinkiest celebs has finally caught a whiff of his own dirty laundry. We're sure you can guess who, too... Super-Duper Cooper, the superstar who likes his nookie with a side of No. 2! And when SDC caught wind that we were blabbing about his penchant for poo, he wasn't too pleased: 'Cause the dude's going out of his way to make sure hotel insiders don't snitch to us again! See, Coop was set to make his return to Sin City—and his smelly sexcapades, we're sure—but didn't want to leave a tell-all trail this time. So like any good celeb worth their A-list status, he had his people take care of it. We're advised that Coop's assistant called up every million-dollar, high-rise hotel the star has stayed in, including the hotel our partic chatty friend works at, and had a conversation that goes a little something like this: "Hello! Hope you've been well! How are the kids? Blah blah blah, by the way, have you heard any rumors about Super-Duper Cooper lately?" Our mischievous source, of course says, "No, why?" And that's when Coop's pal gets sassy, saying: "Oh, there's just an old gossip columnists who's out to get Coop. They don't understand him because Coop is irreverent." And when our in-the-know worker said that didn't keep up with the goss, Coop's fellow booked a room on the spot. Hm, wonder if he'll be sure to clean up after himself this time. Listen up, Coop, as long as you keep being so careless with your feces fun, I'll be sure to blab it. We can both be irreverent in that way, huh? But thanks for reading the blolumn! (And for the record, you've kissed women my age and sure seemed to get off on it, dude.) And It Ain't: Alexander Skarsgård, Charlie Sheen, Kevin Jonas.
John Mayer

This A list movie actor who is supposedly involved with an almost A list movie actress sure was not showing signs of it at a recent party. When asked how he had met his date for the night, our actor said he had called a guy who called a guy, and was not quite sure what her name was, but that she was really good in bed.
Sean Penn (Scarlett Johansson)

51. BUZZFOTO 05/23
This very depressed C list actress is doing her best to find a way to survive her crushing mental illness. She’s engaged in very self destructive behaviors in the past as a coping mechanism, but her new drug is diving into one relationship after another. We recently heard about her breakup and now we’ve heard about her new relationship. We hear the relationship is not a good thing, because it’s abusive. On both ends.

Ever wonder why hunky heartthrob Rick Danger-Zip split with his long-time gf Sunny Sweet-Cheeks? They seemed just perfect for each in that whole Britney and Justin sort of way, which is why it absolutely broke our hearts when they called it splits. Well, here's the (itchy, crawly) deal: Like so many superstars-turned-Vice stars do, Rick has it all: fame, money, and—shocker!—a good reputation. The good ol' USA couldn't get enough of his handsome puss and sometimes-charitable ways. But Rick had something else that Sunny didn't find as appealing. Crabs. Yep, Rick picked up a pesky little case of crotch critters while he was out cheating on poor Sunny. This wasn't one of those open relayshes that T-town horn dogs boast about while banging broads on the side. Sunny loved her dude and had no idea that he was hopping in and out of every bed in Hollywood. Until his itchy groin gave him away, that is. Shame, too, Sunny is drop-dead gorgeous and über successful in her own right. What gives with these guys not being happy with the amazing chick they have at home? Typical. Well the formerly-tight twosome parted ways and Saint Sunny was kind enough not to tattle to the tabloids, but instead told everyone the two were totally cool and she was happy they could still be friends. Yeah, right. We're just tres pleased Sunny moved on to a new man who treats her right. She deserves it, after all the crap she put up with. And a kick start in her multi-talented career was an extra nice F.U. to her former beau. But Rick found himself a new lady, too. One with big boobs and questionable talent (just how he likes 'em) and here's the kicker...he claims she's his one and only these days. So, now the dim-witted gal is just sitting around on her tight toosh until her main man brings home another case of genital goodies. 'Cause you know Rick is still up to his cheating ways, dontcha? You didn't think he had actually reformed did you? And It Ain't: Zac Efron and Vanessa Hudgens, Alex Pettyfer and Diana Agron, Reggie Bush and Kim Kardashian.
Michael Buble (Luisana Lopilato)/Emily Blunt (John Krasinski)

53. BLIND GOSSIP 05/23
When this young performer was admitted to rehab a while back, there was a lot of discussion about the problem that caused her to seek treatment. Her frail body and sunken eyes gave some indication that something was very wrong. When it was revealed that she was there to battle an eating disorder, people sympathized with her and praised her for getting help for an affliction that impacts many young girls. Maybe her fans wouldn’t be quite so full of sympathy if they knew the real reason she was in rehab. Her profound weight loss wasn’t the result of anorexia. It was heroin. She’s been an addict off and on for years. Since a close friend of hers died of a drug overdose, she’s been struggling to stay clean.
Mary Kate Olsen. Friend = Heath Ledger

What eccentric actor was obsessed with making his former wife dress up as a deceased male idol? The marriage was doomed when the little missus refused to don the iconic entertainer’s garb and imitate his signature swagger.
Nic Cage/Elvis

Which two popular reality stars claim to be BFFs in public, but behind the scenes are carrying on a vicious feud over their respective fashion lines? The supposed pals are each working feverishly to crush the other’s competing clothing label. Snookie & JWow "Jersey Shores"; Lauren Conrad and Whitney Port

Which sexy, buxom, B-list star – known for breaking up a director’s marriage – is now trying to become a pop star? Even though the former TV actress was dropped by a UK record label, she’s still trying to charm US music producers with catchy demo tracks. Rose McGowan

This A-List movie star is snorting mountains of cocaine. And although his drug problem is common knowledge in Hollywood, top actresses are drawn to the handsome hunk like a magnet and he continues to put notches on his own bed post. Sean Penn

58. BLIND GOSSIP 05/24
Wow, she’s looking good, isn’t she? This award-winning actress has lost quite a bit of weight over the past year. Too bad you can’t chalk it all up to the exercise and/or diet methods she’s claiming. You can, however, credit her bariatric surgeon. When she finishes dropping the weight, she’s already planned to return to the same overseas hospital for a few additional procedures. Some liposuction, a breast lift, and a tummy tuck will finish off her newly svelte package, and make it a pleasure for her to look in the mirror again.
 Jennifer Hudson; Kirstie Alley

ESTELLE WARREN BLINDS: These would have been very hard without the Estella Warren part of the equation. It is amazing what someone will tell you about themselves in a two hour conversation one night.

#1 - Had an affair with this A list movie actor. Was said to have been the reason his marriage ended. Bruce Willis

#2 - Complained about having sex with this B- list movie actor with a bigger name than his resume should really give him, because she says to everyone that he always wanted to talk about it before and after and analyze the whole event. Josh Hartnett

#3 - Called this fellow countryman and celebrity, her 30 second guy, and that was actually his record. Most of the time he could not even get to where he was going without finishing if you know what I mean. Michael Buble

1. Which tv personality flirts dangerously with GHB and then, consequently, with strangers when he’s relaxing from a hard day’s work? So far it hasn’t gotten him into too much trouble yet but it can get rough out there, even though he likes it that way.

2. A chronic cheater slept with the girl who has also been around a lot, and has had her share of infidelity too, on both sides of the equation, and while their hookup was very brief, he was becoming serious with his gf at the time. They are still together, and she still doesn’t know. About this time, or all of the other ones. So dumb.
chronic cheater: Ryan Phillippe
girl who has been around a lot:
gf: Amanda Seyfried

So, would you like to know who the father of January Jones' baby is? Well, he is married. Oh, he is foreign born. Has a best friend who was married to one of the biggest stars on the planet. Our baby daddy has his own kids. Oh, and he is married to a woman who was with a guy who is a really, really big a-hole and would probably creep you out if he asked you out.

father: Matthew Vaughn
best friend/biggest star: Guy Ritchie/Madonna
wife/creep: Claudia Schiffer/David Copperfield

62. D-LISTED 05/25
This is Dlisted's first original blind item EVER and I can say with complete confidence that this is also the first time in the history of blind items that the answer isn't John Travolta, Ben Affleck, Blake Lively or Betty White. I know, right? Now on to it! I'm not very good at labeling celebrities by grade, so I'll just say that your mom definitely knows who this movie actor is. As for this movie actress, I'm not so sure. When I brought this actress' name up with my mom, she thought I was talking about some Bravo reality star. When these two got together there was a little flame of drama around them. They both just came out of long relationships and were suddenly together! And now she's pregnant. They were overheard talking about how she's having their baby in the fall. Hearts will be broken! And so will her Oscar if she lets their baby play with it.
Daniel Craig and Rachel Weisz

63. POPBITCH 05/26
Which pop star, who is on tour this summer, should be a little careful that he doesn't get outed, footballer-style, for his extra-marital wanderings?
Robbie Willians; Gary Barlow; Mark Owen

64. BLIND GOSSIP 05/26
Some guys are leg men. Some are ass men (Kramer). This famous athlete is a breast man. If you don’t have them, he will date you, but he’ll spend a good part of the relationship pressuring you to get a new pair. He’ll point out other women and comment on what great breasts they have and how perfect you would be if you only had breasts like her. This strategy doesn’t just work on regular women. It has also worked on two of the famous women he has dated, who both got plastic surgery when they were with him. Expect to see his current girlfriend with a new pair soon.
A-Rod: Madonna/Kate Hudson/Cameron Diaz

With Cannes over for another year, I thought I would give you some very easy blinds about some happenings from the event.

#1 & #2 - This former A list movie actor who is lucky to have any friends at all, slipped his arm around the waist of this almost A list actress/director at an event, who shoved his arm away and said, "Do not touch me." Guess things are not as rosy as they seem. Mel Gibson/Jodie Foster

#3 - Lets see. You are a B- list movie actress, who has come this close to having no career and then Cannes brings some big life back into it and you are off to talk to the reporters. You take two questions from the television reporters with radio and print waiting their turn. After the two questions, you turn to your publicist and say no more and walk away. Way to turn diva in two seconds. Kirsten Dunst

#4 & 5- Person hated the most by the press? This up and coming director who is about to move from film festival darling to the mainstream. He did accomplish what many people would love to do when he got kissed by this almost A list movie actor at a press event. Nicolas Winding Refn & Ryan Gosling

66. BLIND GOSSIP 05/27
Family feuds can get really ugly, and this one is no exception. These two siblings absolutely despise each other. The more successful sibling has been giving money to their parents every month for years. The parents have then been turning around and giving the money each month to the less successful sibling. The successful sib found out about this and is absolutely furious. They now want to cut everyone off financially.
Dennis and Randy Quaid

67. PAGE SIX/NY POST 05/30
1. Which Hollywood hunk is known behind closed doors for asking women to slap him around while calling him "a bad boy?" He is also said to like sex toys.
George Clooney

2. WHICH right-wing politician's spouse bats for the other team? The pol's Bible belting can't keep the other half from the gay bars. Michele Bachmann (Marcus)

3. WHICH married TV news anchor is having an affair with a news assistant?

This out B list television and movie actress just cannot resist cheating on her significant other. At this point, she does not even care who it is, or if she gets caught. She is confident her significant other will not leave her. She is kind of turning into the female version of Jeremy Piven.
Amber Heard

69. BLIND GOSSIP 05/30
This recording artist has had a very successful solo career for the past few years, and has also collaborated with both black and white artists on other projects. At least one of his albums has been #1 on Billboard, and he has had multiple Grammy nominations/wins. But while he may be a great artist, he’s not a great guy. He has had legal problems in the past, but there are two secrets that he has managed to keep from the public. The first big secret is that he is in the habit of hiring hookers, having sex with them, and then beating them up. This is one seriously angry guy. The second big secret is that these are male hookers he’s been hiring, not female. Yes, this recording artist is gay. Not 50 Cent.
Busta Rhymes; Lil Wayne; Chris Brown; Bruno Mars; Nelly

70. BUZZFOTO 06/01
This aging actress from an old network sitcom, who played a mother figure is being accused behind the scenes of sleeping with at least two of the underage characters on the show (who are now adults). She allegedly carried on relationships with the boys and her sins might be revealed in a tell-all that is allegedly in the works.
 Florence Henderson  "Brady Bunch"/Barry Williams (Greg) and Christopher Knight (Peter); Sandy Duncan "Valerie's Family" Jeremy Licht and Danny Ponce

71. BLIND GOSSIP 06/01
Actors usually don’t have a problem staying in control during love scenes. Since romance is blocked and rehearsed and shot under the hot lights and in front of a large crew, even the most intimate scenes are usually little more than a carefully choreographed, technical exercise. However, on the set of this one period film, things got a little out of control. During a kissing scene between a handsome, foreign-born actor and a sexy American actress, the actress suddenly stopped and backed away a few paces from her co-star. The actor was left standing there alone. Well, he wasn’t exactly alone. He was accompanied by the incredible bulge in his pants. Filming had to be halted for several minutes while the actor cooled off. Not Ewan McGregor and Nicole Kidman.
Eric Bana (Australian) and Scarlett Johanson "The Other Boleyn Girl"

72. CELEBS.COM 06/02
So those nudes from yesterday and today that appear to be Blake Lively but are totally not Blake Lively? Let’s guess the circumstances behind them. Were they taken for Totally Not Blake Lively’s own amusement? Or maybe sent to a love interest? As it turns out, there were three different men on the receiving end of UnBlake’s pics.
Recipient 1: A costar: Penn Badgley
Recipient 2: A famous director with whom the person in the photos who is Totally Not Blake Lively has worked: Ben Affleck
Recipient 3: A non-famous guy. This batch has not yet hit the internet:

73. BLIND GOSSIP 06/02
We’ve provided you with some juicy details about the hot, hot, hot affair between these two celebrities. Well, after our last post, their agency/agencies decided to grill a bunch of employees who had witnessed the couple’s meetings and phone conversations and sneaking away to private bedrooms. They quickly realized that there was way too much specific info out there, as well as way too many witnesses. They were going to have to get serious about putting these stories to bed. The agents decided on a strategy and held separate Come-to-Jesus meetings with each of the celebs. The female celeb was instructed to completely cut off any communication with or about the male celeb, because her family image – which is worth millions – is in serious jeopardy. The goal was to make her cry at the meeting. She did. The male celeb was given an equally serious dressing down, and was ordered to never talk or write or sing about the affair ever again… except for one interview that is already scheduled. The purpose of the upcoming interview is to "clear the air" about his "life" (basically, to clean up his image). If the topic of the affair comes up (which they believe will happen), he must recite the same talking points that have been provided to all of the agents and managers and publicists involved: The rumors are ridiculous, outrageous, and completely false. The couple barely knows each other. They have never spent any private time together. The female continues to be very happily married. Gee, do they really think people will swallow these lies?
John Mayer and Giada de Laurentiis

74. POPBITCH 06/02
Now the future of injunctions is up in the air, what are resourceful celebrities doing to ensure that the press don't get wind of their extramarital exploits? Could it be true that UK celebs living in Hollywood have been able to cover up affairs by using physical doubles? Even if that managed to fool your wife, surely you couldn't use the same trick to fool the law. Could you?
David Beckham

75. BUZZFOTO 06/02
This glowing TV star allegedly made a mistake most moms have never had to worry about. Her kids brown bag it at school most of the time and now they’re getting old enough to pack their own lunches. One of her children accidentally packed a bag of pot that was in a ziploc baggie in the fridge and took it to school. No one noticed and the child brought it home telling mother that "The green stuff is gross." Luckily, not much of it was missing but it’s caused the mom to clean up her act. Pamela Anderson

#1 & #2 - This C list mostly television actress has been known more for her beauty than her acting talent. However, she recently had a chance to land one of the most coveted positions that as available. With her current network show not doing so well, our actress was offered the host job for this talent competition. Pay? $250,000 per week. It was all hers. Then her manager in order to try and get more money said our actress was not really interested in hosting at this time. The job went to someone else, and our actress has no idea her manager cost her the job she wanted most.
#1 - Actress: Olivia Munn
#2 - Show: "XFactor"

#3 - What male head of state who is outspokenly anti-homosexual is actually gay and having an affair with his male secretary. The Pope; Hugo Chavez

#4 - This almost newborn baby to this B list actress was born with a birth defect. The reason? She did coke most of the way through her pregnancy.

This popular Reality Star is not a wife ....she is currently involved in a fake relationship with a Football Player. His sports career is fading, and she is losing interest. Evelyn Lozado & Chad Ochocinco

Barry Wanger-Banger is a muy funny fella. 'Tho, must fess, the tabloids haven't been talking about Barry for any of his silly shenanigans lately. In fact, they've been talking about the crap he does that could kill him, which is a damn shame. But B-man is getting his life together, so we thought we'd share a titillating tale that we definitely find LOL-worthy about Mr. Wanger and his more pleasant Vice: You know, the fact that he's totally into dudes! Of course, like any H'wood hunk worth his B-list status, BWB can keep his secrets just that. Yep, Barry has taken note from the many closeted cuties before him and loves parading around T-town with a new hot thing—some models, some actresses, he doesn't care too much, really. But after wining and dining these babes at some of the swankiest hot spots in town—where he's sure to get some paparazzi attention with his charming smile and sometimes six-pack—the real fun starts when he invites them back to his place. (Not even Toothy Tile is dim enough to pull the crap you're about to read.) 'Cause here's the kicker: Barry lets the gals think he actually wants to get it on with them! One partic clueless chick—who's actually got a recognizable puss herself—arrived back at B's place and was itching to see what he was packing when—poof!—Barry just up and disappeared. The unlucky lady sat twiddling her thumbs in his family room, wondering where the hell her date went, before she finally started searching for him. And that's when she learned the truth: Three is definitely a crowd. See, Barry had slipped outside to play a game of midnight basketball—no, that's not a dirty little saying...We actually mean with the orange ball and a hoop and whatnot—with a sexy, shirtless stud. Barry's poor date watched all the ass slapping and lingering congratulations as the two sweaty boys played with each other out back before deciding she was had suddenly become the third wheel and hit the road. So, then Barry and his BF hit the showers. Now these are the kind of stories we like to hear from ya, Bar. You always know how to make us laugh. And It Ain't: Shia LaBeouf, Charlie Sheen, Seth Rogen.
Seann William Scott

79. BLIND GOSSIP 06/03
She is not pregnant… but she really wants to be! So while she may never marry her fiance, there’s a good chance she will have his baby. Why? Because she stopped taking her birth control a couple of months ago. Without telling him. Well, at least a pregnancy will be really good for ratings!
Kim Kardashian

80. BUZZFOTO 06/03
We just found out that this recent celebrity marriage happened originally because of a lost bet. The couple who were dating, were drunk one night and were playing cards. The male made a bet that if he won, the two would marry. Looks like he’s good at Phase 10 because they ended up tying the knot!

81. PAGE SIX/NY POST 06/06
1. Which wealthy widow is so obnoxious that she has to take her maid to lunch because she's now totally avoided by the Hamptons social set? She was recently seen dining at an outdoor restaurant in Southampton with her maid -- who was still wearing a work apron.
Courtney Ross

2. Which actress never leaves the house without a wig? The long-locked beauty has been losing hair from emotional stress. Catherine Zeta Jones

3. Which TV star's wife is seriously hampering his ability to work because her drug habit is so bad that he can't leave her alone for even short periods of time to film? Eric Dane and Rebecca Gayheart

Despite a commitment in the offing, Greta Gatsby's fairytale happily-ever-after to Taller Baller isn't all that it appears to be. While Greta frequently travels, her BF is left alone to his own devices and is apparently hitting on every gal that walks into his favorite bar, where he spends much of his free time. And though the muscle man's flirtfests may be innocent enough for now (and not by his design), we doubt his main mama would think highly of his player past. Taller Baller has quite the drive! Turns out T.B. would get very angry if any girl he brought home refused to, well, give it up. In one noteworthy incident, T.B. even kicked a gal out of his house after she refused to seal the deal after their second date. And he never called her again! If these gals only knew how lucky they really are not to have this already-taken schmuck off their hands. ‘Cause it sounds like when Baller doesn't get what he wants when he wants it, he can turn into quite the pissy missy. We hope Greta tightens up the leash on this spoiled puppy before it's too late! But like so many women, we fear Greta just doesn't want to know. Get it? AND IT AIN'T: Derek Jeter, Rick Fox, Kris Humphries.
Jay Cutler and Kristin Cavallari

Desperate Housewives showrunner Marc Cherry, who's already embroiled in a sex discrimination and illegal termination lawsuit filed by Nicollette Sheridan, apparently isn't worried about offending the sensibilities of the actresses on his show. During a panel of ABC network showrunners held Saturday at the Producers Guild's Produced By Conference in Burbank, Cherry draw laughs when he described how he has had to coax performances out of one of his stars. "One of my actresses on Desperate Housewives is not funny," he said, before offering that he coaches her by saying, "Sweetie, if you raise your eyebrow here, you'll get a laugh." Cherry didn't reveal the actress in question, but continued, "She does, and she gets nominations. Daddy's little girl does comedy. I'm part daddy, part psychiatrist." Which Desperate Housewives actress do you think Marc Cherry is referring to? Is it Teri Hatcher, Marcia Cross, Eva Longoria, Felicity Huffman or Vanessa Williams?
Marcia Cross

This is one of the hottest tickets in town. This mom, who is married, or I think she is married, close enough anyway to this former A list movie actor who is still a solid B with A+ name recognition started a club. It is for celebrity mothers. Each month, a play date/party is held where the moms bring their kids called PPP. Pot, porn and petting. Yep, the kind of petting you think. Apparently all of the moms are in hetero relationships but like the monthly bonding. One former B list movie actress from one hit movie who keeps failing at television is rumored to have got pregnant solely because she wanted to come to these parties. Who watches the kids?

Mom: Laura Louie
A list movie actor: Woody Harrelson

former B list movie actress: Selma Blair

85. BLIND GOSSIP 06/07
Backstage at a daily television talk show, this very nervous celebrity was sweating the following last-minute briefing from her publicist in front of another guest. "Remember: prim and proper! Don’t show any cleavage! Sit up straight! Keep your hands folded in front of you and your legs firmly crossed. Look confident and smile the whole time, even if it hurts! Talk about your husband and kid/s and famous family whenever possible. We can’t control their questions, so if they bring up the subject of you-know-who, just stick to the script and you’ll be fine. Whatever you do: Don’t. Fucking. Cry!"
Giada De Laurentiis on "The View" 06/02/11

1. Which womanizing actor from a hit ’90s TV series is living a double life as a gay man? This comic genius always has sexy women on his arm, but his cover almost got blown when he propositioned the wrong guy, who can’t stop talking about it!
Kelsey Grammer

2. Which young blonde starlet is getting more buzz about her sexual encounters on movie sets than her acting ability? The TV-star-turned-film actress has slept with actors on two of her last films, and now she’s visiting the trailer of her latest co-star!

3. This A-list celebrity – who’s been on "The Oprah Winfrey Show" many, many times – refused to show up for the queen of talk’s send-off spectacle. The award-winning entertainer was asked to sing something for the special event, but Miss Diva didn’t want to share the stage with so many other "lesser" stars! Barbra Streisand; Celine Dion

87. PEREZ HILTON 06/07
What HBO star is going to be coming out of the closet soon???? Ryan Kwanten; Alexander Skaarsgard

WHAT Hollywood legend’s wife harassed a 16-year-old boy so much over a relationship-gone-wrong with her daughter that the teen jumped off a bridge in an attempted suicide? The mother bombarded the boy with text messages, threatening to call the police because, she alleged, he’d been inappropriately involved with her underage daughter. Despite suffering a broken pelvis, injured lung, broken wrist, sprained ankles and cuts and bruises, the boy is expected to recover from his 200-foot suicide leap. While the A-lister’s wife is now calling the teen’s family with tearful apologies, her famous husband reportedly hasn’t said a word about the incident.

1. Which seasoned designer who goes to South America upsets some of the sauna-going locals because, as one of them told me, "He makes the price of the rent boys go up from $20 to over $100"?
Marc Jacobs; Calvin Klein; John Galliano

2. Which extremely hot athlete-turned-actor is a big old gay, and not at all a tight end about it? Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson; Isaiah Mustafa, the Old Spice guy

3. Which ousted politician and his wife tell friends they’re thrilled it’s all over for them because they were put under a microscope and misrepresented at every turn? (Good, then that works out for everyone, I guess.) Eliot and Silda Spitzer

4. Which monthly columnist actually pays the magazine to publish him, a kooky new twist on the old trend where it was the journalist that got paid? Jared Stern

5. Which shady writer sends e-mails to editors saying, "I will write a column for your magazine. We’ll have lunch and discuss the details," and is greeted by deafening silence? (Maybe if he paid them?) David Bret

6. Which actress in a Tennessee Williams play got a little too into character and started screaming and bossing people around backstage like the crazed diva she portrayed?
Ashley Judd "Cat on a Hot Tin Roof"

7. Which pop star whose shtick is acting skanky really is? (In fact, sources swear she smells like a kettle of rotten fish.) Ke$ha

8. Which Oscar-winning grande dame is quite a cutup in real life, liberally using the C-word as if it were second nature? (And it is, it is.) Helen Mirren; Judi Dench

9. Which singer/ex–reality star inspiringly gushes to friends, "I’m still getting fucked, thanks to black guys!"? Aubrey O'Day

10. Which Oscar-nominated actress’s mother tried out for the part of her daughter’s character’s mother in a bomb comedy and didn’t get it? (Not convincing enough?) Anne Hathaway (Kathleen Ann (née McCauley) "Bride Wars"

11. What did the daughter nobly say when she realized her dressing room was smaller than her blond co-star’s? (Free answer: "I can use the animosity for the part. We’re supposed to hate each other.")
Anne Hathaway/Kate Hudson "Bride Wars"

12. Which zany club owner tells performers, "Don’t use such big words! This is a coke crowd!" Which same guy was spotted running around a foreign city of business in his underwear, and has also been known to approach guys on the street, crowing, "I want a cock to suck"?

13. What young TV star broke up a big Hollywood relationship and also found time to sleep with another married Hollywood icon, though his marriage miraculously stayed intact? Blake Lively (Bar Leo DiCaprio and Bar Refaeli) and (Ben Affleck and Jennifer Garner)

14. Which cranky old guy would never publicly admit that the legendary star who helped make his big musical a classic actually contributed to the dialogue he took sole credit for?

15. Which movie-star couple broke up to cries of "How can you break up when you were never really a couple!"? And wasn’t there also the problem of that male paramour back in L.A. (for the guy, not the girl)? Bradley Cooper/Renee Zellweger; Justin Timberlake/Jessical Biel; Jake Gyllenhaal and Reese Witherspoon; Zac Efron & Vanessa Hudgens

16. Which TV star is being diva-licious on her new project, co-workers citing her as more of a high-maintenance nuisance than before?
Sarah Michelle Gellar

17. Which recently deceased actor from the ’70s was so wrecked with booze that one TV show assigned a handler to make sure he didn’t wander off during rehearsals to hit the sauce? Jeff Conway from "Taxi"

18. What black multi-threat made a point of unconvincingly saying in the middle of a magazine phoner, "My girlfriend’s on the other line. She’s blond and very hot!"? Jamie Foxx; Corbin Bleu

19. Which stunt casting star on Broadway didn’t get entrance applause until her second appearance because she looked so old no one had any idea it was her at first?

20. What Wicked chorus boy moved in with that noted actor/director, only to get dumped for that Pal Joey star, who’s now exes with an ensemble member from Chicago? And which Book of Mormon star did the Chicago guy end up with? Can someone put all that to music?
Adam Lambert "Wicked"
Matthew Risch "Pal Joey"
Rory O'Malley "Book of Mormon"

21. Which plucky performer bristled at a profile in a weekly publication, saying it wasn’t as sensitive as a monthly one that was done—but when the monthly one had come out, the performer had some things to say about that, too?

22. Which food lady has to be coerced to do some of the extra stuff related to her stardom because she never bargained for this level of success and is even more overwhelmed by it than that political couple above? Ina Garten, The Barefoot Contessa

23. Which Oscar-winning actor who is most often in schlock films has hit more than one woman, especially if you dig back to the very dark ’80s? Which same actor once hit on a cute blond boy at a New York club, interestingly enough? Nicolas Cage

24. Which fallen Wall Street chairman has a fetish for dressing in designer polka dots, so while he’s disgraced, at least he’s totally fetching?

25. Which low-level blogger who loves writing about how I don’t deserve to be featured in certain magazines or movies actually tried to friend me on Facebook? Ted Casablanca; Perez Hilton

As for a blind riddle, there’s a Hollywood sure-cock who keeps deliberately hitting on and fucking married women because he gets off on the fact that they’re almost always ready to leave their marriages for him. Who? John Mayer; Jeremy Piven

95. BUZZFOTO 06/08
This A list celebrity actor has a membership to an exclusive country club membership on the East Coast. Although he doesn’t live on the East Coast, he frequents the club often when he’s on the East Coast. He is said to go to the club for a very special kind of massage from the men at the club that his wife naively thinks is just a massage. It’s not.

96. POPBITCH 06/09
Which Oscar winner has a habit of upsetting his fellow co-actors by giving them unprompted advice about their acting? Rather than do it face-to-face on set, he has Post-it notes delivered to their dressing rooms with his hand-written critique on them.
Russell Crowe; Kevin Spacey

#1 - This B list television actor on a huge NBC hit, had his mom fire his agent because he was too scared to do it on his own.
John Krasinski

#2 - This B- movie actress who has dated one of the biggest stars on the planet has started a new regimen that her shaman says will be good for her. What is it? Drinking blood from a combination of animals everyday. Craaaaazy. Of course she has always been a bit kooky. Winona Ryder (dated Johnny Depp)

1. Did this famous Tennis Superstar get plastic surgery? Her cheeks look weird.
Serena Williams

2. This famous Rapper/Actress is looking for love since her girlfriend left her. Her girlfriend is becoming a celebrity in her own right with her fitness training. Queen Latifah/Jeanette Jenkins

99. BUZZFOTO 06/09
This HBO actor allegedly likes to visit brothels in Thailand when he travels abroad. And we’re talking the kind that employs really shady practices like human trafficking. The rumor is that he is aware of the injustices, and really just doesn’t care.
Jeremy Piven

100. PAGE SIX/NY POST/ 06/10
1. Which aging royal was recently totally transfixed by Jennifer Aniston's cleavage as she dined with Justin Theroux at the Sunset Tower Hotel's Tower Bar? He was sitting with a group at a nearby table and so obviously staring at Aniston's breasts that other diners worried he would spill his soup. Aniston, meanwhile, stayed totally focused on her date . . .
Prince Frederic von Anhalt (Mr. Zsa Zsa Gabor)

2. Which socially connected New York artist began his career as cocaine dealer for his high-flying pals? Even the vials of coke he provided were artfully offered with mini-spoons, but he gets very tetchy if anyone mentions the dusty old days now. Terry Richardson; Tyler Shields

Shafterella Shoshstein and Cruella St. Shackles really should make a movie together. After all, these two mega-manipulators are made for each other! A new version of Thelma & Louise, maybe? Nah, a remake of Black Swan would be better, with Shafterella playing the crafty Natalie Portman part, and Cruella going for Winona Ryder's tragic, aging diva character. But, dolls, we are way off topic here, which is to report that real-life power manipulator Shafterella has been corralling her friends to.....Do her dirty work for her. Now, it's no surprise that Ms. S.—whose multi-talents apparently extend behind the camera, as well—has been demanding that those who are employed by her do her nasty bidding for years. This is pretty much legend. Whether it's been dropping friends, movies or lunch dates, those not-nice tasks have always been left to those on Shafterella's payroll—all so Shafty can plead innocence if ever confronted and proclaim, "Why I had no idea they did that..." But S2's gotten so used to the Teflon way of life, she's now started to get her friends—as well as her man—in on the act, having them send messages of preachy recrimination to those who displease Shafterella (trust us, the list is looong). Hmmm. Is this the reason Shafty's coterie of BFFs is not quite what it once was? And is that the reason Ms. Shoshstein's been putting a few too many away lately? Oh my, the nasty domino gossip effect just keeps going on and on—it's all too yummy for words! Just don't let Shafty catch you talking about any of this, or she'll send one of her humorless and unattractive mouthpieces (whether paid or not, Shafty always makes it a point to surround herself with less pretty people, always has) to tear you a new a-hole! Bitch knows the right devil messenger service to use! AND IT AIN'T: Nicole Kidman, Cindy Crawford, Christina Aguilera.
Reese Witherspoon

102. BUZZFOTO 06/10
This B list television actress trying to break into film can’t pay her bills or her mortgage and has been sleeping with ‘fans’ for money. She can never get ahead of her bills, but perhaps her drug habit has something to do with it. Sad. Jessica Szohr

103. BOSSIP 06/10
Guess what super sexy star is almost out of cash. After a long run in Hollywood the entertainer is coming to close friends asking for loans after grossly mismanaging their funds. Sadly, their lack of moolah isn’t due to drug abuse, gambling or even tricking out on the opposite sex. The person invested the lion’s share of their booty in projects that went bust. Now green lighters have little faith in the famous face’s ability to show them the money. Don’t be surprised if you see them hocking goods Tori Spelling style on eBay soon. Going from the champagne life to beer bottle days will be hard.
Vivica A. Fox; Vanessa Williams; Cuba Gooding Jr.

I have been waiting until I had four good reality show items. These are not reality shows you have never heard of. These are shows and reality stars that are popular.

#1 - This Real Housewife from the East is not only sleeping with one of the crew, he is also supplying her with prescription drugs that are not hers. Sonja Morgan "Real Housewives of New York City"

#2 - Two of the women on this sport themed show, spend more time in bed with each other than their husbands. Jennifer Williams and Evelyn Lozada “Basketball Wives”

#3 - This married Survivor big star got one of his fellow contestants pregnant. Russell Hantz

#4 - This male reality star on a big cable show, not only cheats on his significant other (who is also a big reality star on the same show), every chance he gets, but throws it in her face and dares her to leave. Lamar Odom/Khloé Kardashian "Khloé & Lamar"

105. GOSSIP BOY 06/11
Much like Jager Bender and his flock of friends. J.B is the the ring leader in this group of up and comers. The group opts for private house parties instead of the usual paparazzi laced venues. Since J.B is a tad more famous, the parties tend to take place at his luscious digs. Only a select few are even aware of these parties, never more than 15 guests. From actors and actresses, to writers and comediennes, the guest list reads like the credits to a summer blockbuster. J.B is the host with the most, loving the attention he gets from hosting such events. Problem is the he usually becomes the host with the most alcohol digested into in body. J.B soon becomes the life of the party, which is pretty much routine. But one night, the Jager took over J.B a little too much. He was feeling the love that evening, the love for no one but himself. He stood in front of a full length mirror as he took shots, admiring his rippled physique. One guest actually tried to tell J.B goodnight, but he had tuned everyone out. As the party wrapped, one last guest went looking for J.B to make sure he was okay. She found him spread out on the ground by the pool, naked as a jaybird. There in all his glory, J.B had the most sexual encounter he had ever had.....with himself. As he cheered himself on, the guest left. She said she heard him climax as she got back into the house, and he yelled good job when he was done. The next morning J.B had brunch scheduled for the hungover crowd. The guest who caught him in the act was appalled when he acted as if nothing had happened. She said the day went fine until they were playing Wii. J.B's team had scored and as he yelled good job, our little big mouth friend cracked up and flung the Wii-mote across the room. Baby, you know you are too sexy to be greedy! Share the love J.B before your palms get so hairy that the only movie you will be doing in Planet Of The Apes. It's Not: Alex Pettyfer; Garrett Hedlund; Tom Sturridge

106. PAGE SIX/NY POST 06/13
1. Which hot young actor has a collection of naked photos in his iPhone that he accepts from adoring fans? What the ladies don't know is that he sends a roster of the hottest shots to all of his pals every week.

2. Which New York professional athlete has a slew of girlfriends in Manhattan, but one wife abroad?

It was upsetting enough in itself, the surprising break-up of Sally Pearlsmyth and Percy DuBois. The beautiful young couple was so in love! So tantalizing in their passionate and real-life love story! But, that was before things went awry and Sally found she was pregnant. And after consulting with her myriad advisors decided she would end the pregnancy. This we revealed last time we told you about Sally's unfortunate bust-up, and one reason why Percy was so very upset afterwards—because he wanted her to keep the kid. But this we have just discovered: During all those meetings Sally had with her advisors, agents and employers (she told them all about the pregnancy, asking everybody what she should do), Sally actually talked to her bosses about having a pregnancy theme written into her acting project at the time. The producers were not against considering the concept, but, they ultimately rejected it—as they didn't really care for that storyline. And then Sally decided to end her pregnancy. Now, we're all about women's rights at A.T. Just not sure everybody in Hollywood agrees with us? I don't know, you get time off to have a kid if you work at the post office, shouldn't you get that, also, if you work at the studio? Without having to worry about losing your job? Just a thought. AND IT AIN'T: Selena Gomez, Jessica Biel, Jennifer Lawrence.
Dianna Agron and Alex Pettyfer

108. BUZZFOTO 06/13
This actress made several cameos on a cult children’s show in the 80's. You can now see her at the Greyhound station in Midtown in the Big Apple bumming cigarettes off of strangers.
Anna Seidman "Pee Wee's Playhouse"

109. BUZZFOTO 06/14
This B/C list film actress that had her start on TV, is dating a film actor who had his start on television too. The two allegedly and secretly have a fun tradition that keeps the relationship strong: Each month, they come up with disguises and donate their time to a local charity together. Diane Kruger and Josh Jackson; Dax Shepard and Kristen Bell

110. BLIND GOSSIP 06/14
This Hollywood power couple is at the breaking point on many subjects, including kids, money, and sex. Their entire domestic situation is built on a foundation of lies, and after several rough years, he has had a change of heart over how he wants to live his life. Of course, she is now completely freaking out, as even one revelation about kids OR money OR sex will bring down the entire house of cards. But how do you punish someone who is willing to expose all his own secrets? It looks like the child/ren will wind up being the weapon/s of choice in the upcoming face off.
John Travolta and Kelly Preston

1. Which former child star took to his Facebook page to beg friends and fans to help him move to a new apartment in exchange for sex? The down-on-his-luck actor, who came out as gay years ago, is a far cry from the cute sitcom kid with whom America fell in love!
Danny Pintauro "Who's the Boss?"

2. What holier-than-thou rock star/activist is said to be cheating on his wife with one of his daughter’s good friends? The aging but still handsome singer, who’s always had a penchant for younger women, is trying to break it off before the girl blows the whistle! Bono

112. BUZZFOTO 06/15
This C List actor on a network show thinks he’s really funny, when he’s not. Now his lawyers are grappling with a possible sexual harassment charge because one of his ‘jokes’ went awry. We thought it was common sense that putting your female costar’s underwear on the passed-out homeless man outside of the studio would be in bad taste.

113. LAINEY‘S GOSSIP 06/16
You want to know how spoiled celebrities are? Every morning when he goes to the gym and opens up his locker, he expects to find inside a vacuum sealed package containing a set of clean workout clothes. He leaves the used clothes inside the locker after the training session. An employee is then required to come to the gym later and replace the dirty items with a fresh vacuum pack option for the next day. The clothes have to be vacuum packed. They can’t just be laundered and folded and placed gently on the shelf. And in LA, for the stars, a request like this is considered commonplace.

114. UK NATIONAL ENQUIRER 06/16 **#1**
(originally posted 01/06/11 by clairescavys at Gossip Rocks)
1. Which supermodel’s hubby is back to his notorious philandering ways? The spouse, who’s always been resentful of his wife’s success, is in full cheating mode again and the missus has finally had enough – she’s threatening to take the kids and catwalk away!
Cindy Crawford

2. This sexy reality star has NO CLUE that her boyfriend of less than a year recently knocked up another woman! What’s worse, the brunette beauty and her hunky beau are desperately trying to have a baby of their own!

3. What Aussie pop star recently got help for her drinking problem and is now back in Hollywood taking acting lessons? The tiny entertainer, who got her start on soaps, says she’s given up singing and wants to go back to her acting roots. Natalie Imbruglia

4. Which Bravo housewife is plotting to make life "a living hell" for a new cast member on her show? The diva should be spending more time mending her own crumbling marriage than scheming to make this newcomer miserable! Taylor Armstrong/Brandi Glanville "Real Housewives of Beverly Hills"

5. This TV sitcom actress is playing relationship counsellor to two of her co-stars despite the fact that her own marriage has fallen apart. She regularly gives advice to her cast mates – one is married to one of the show’s producers and the other has a movie star for a partner.
TV sitcom actress: Courteney Cox
married to show's producer: Christa Miller/Bill Lawrence
movie star for a partner: Ian Gomez/Nia Vardalos

115. UK NATIONAL ENQUIRER 06/16 **#2**
(originally posted 04/27/11 by clairescavys at Gossip Rocks)
1). Which closeted Hollywood actor, who starred in a huge 2009 sci-fi film, is arguing with his handlers about coming out? The handsome hunk wants the world to know he's gay, but his people want him to keep quiet until the highly anticipated sequel comes out.
Zachary Quinto "Star Trek"

2). Who's the Real Housewives of Beverley Hills star who "borrowed" some pricey items from a high-end boutique and refuses to return them? The sticky-fingered home-maker, who's avoiding calls from the retailer, may get charged for theft if she doesn't give back the loot! Taylor Armstrong

3). What newly single B-list TV actress-turned film star is trying to sleep her way to the top? The brunette beauty - who recently dumped her husband - is getting a bad rep for her one-night stands with some of TinselTown's sexiest leading men! Olivia Wilde

4). Which Glee actress had a major meltdown when one of the waitresses at a Hollywood eatery didn't recognize who she was? The ever-so-stunned shrieked "HELLO! I'm only on the most poplaur show on TV!" Lea Michele (Rachel); Naya Rivera (Santana)

5). What down-on-his-luck TV actor recently lost a girlfriend because of his kiny obsession with transsexuals? The former film star - who comes from an acting dynasty - has a lot of issues, but his freaky fascination was too much for his galpal! Charlie Sheen

116. UK NATIONAL ENQUIRER 06/16 **#3 **
(originally posted 05/04/11 by clairescavys at Gossip Rocks)
1. Which former child star from a hugely popular and groundbreaking TV series has alienated ALL of her former cast mates? The ungrateful actress had better develop a thick skin – because an upcoming tell-all isn’t going to portray her as the cutie pie America loved!
Claire Danes "My So-Called Life"

2. Which American Idol top 10 contestant’s head is already so swollen with fame that he’s acting like a bigger diva than Jennifer Lopez? Not only are his fellow contestants completely turned off, so are the established artists and record producers who have been trying to help him! Paul McDonald

3. Name the supposedly straight Dancing with the Stars pro dancer who recently raised eyebrows when he put his sexy moves on a GUY in a hotel pool. The hunky hoofer may be into women, but he certainly seems to like flirting with the fellas! Mark Ballas

4. What Oscar-winning actress is worried that an upcoming tell-all book will expose her lip-locking sessions with a same-sex Grammy-winning pop star? The actress and the singer’s sexy trysts were made even MORE spicy because they took place in front of their open-minded male partners! Gwyneth Paltrow/Madonna

117. UK NATIONAL ENQUIRER 06/16 **#4**
(originally posted 05/10/11 by clairescavys at Gossip Rocks)
1. This married movie star raised eyebrows when he took a stunning blonde (his wife is brunette!) to see the film Hanna at the ArcLight Cinema in Hollywood. The notorious flirt got VERY cozy with his date!

2. Which former Dancing with the Stars contestant had a pregnancy scare that left her shaking in her dance shoes? The single mom freaked out and avoided her conservative family until she was certain it was a false alarm! Bristol Palin

3. This A-list Hollywood couple has been hiding a heartbreaking family secret about one of their children. The acting/producing duo – who are often photographed with their kids – have been privately dealing with their daughter’s developmental disability for years. Brad Pitt/Angelina Jolie

4. Which legendary comedian isn’t amused about a Mommie Dearest-style book being penned by one of her kids? The Emmy-winning star has been trying to stop the book from being published for years, but now it looks like her disgruntled offspring will get the last laugh. Roseanne Barr

5. What legendary singer has been checking off items from her "bucket list" because she knows she won’t be around much longer? The talented Grammy winner has been more active in the last six months than she has been in years. Aretha Franklin

118. UK NATIONAL ENQUIRER 06/16 **#5**
(originally posted 05/17/11 by clairescavys at Gossip Rocks)
1. This unlucky-in-love TV actress was so desperate after her most recent breakup that she tricked her ex into meeting at a Mexican restaurant so she could try to win him back. The sexy-but-desperate star pleaded with the guy over numerous margaritas, but it didn’t work. He walked out, leaving her to choke back tears.
Jennifer Love Hewitt

2. Which hip talk-show host is losing her battle with the bottle? Not only have network executives noticed the chatty star’s boozy slurring on air – viewers are calling in to complain! Chelsea Handler

3. What TV actress-turned-film-star is being tenaciously pursued by a notorious bad-boy rapper who won’t take no for an answer? He’s been sending her flowers and begging for a date, even though she’s made it clear that she’s not interested.

4. What legendary TV news icon was pulled over by a Beverly Hills motorcycle cop – for driving too slow?! The newshound wasn’t ticketed, but the officer did give him a warning that the next time he drives at a snail’s pace he’d get a citation.

5. This Oscar-winning star was seeing his actress girlfriend long BEFORE she announced her split from her hunky actor husband. The good-natured hubby knew about the affair, but has decided to keep quiet to avoid a scandal.
Oscar-winning star: Sean Penn
actress girlfriend: Scarlett Johansson
hunky actor husband: Ryan Reynolds

119. UK NATIONAL ENQUIRER 06/16 **#6 **
(originally posted 05/24/11 by clairescavys at Gossip Rocks)
This major movie star, who’s currently in a solid relationship, is so convinced she’s cursed that she refuses to get married EVER again. The gorgeous actress, known for her quirky habits, is certain she’d bring bad luck to any man who’d walk down the aisle with her.
Drew Barrymore

120. BUZZFOTO 06/16
This C List Actress mostly from film and a few network TV cameos is such a health nut, her kids are starting to suffer. After years of hopping on what ever the latest fad diet is popular, she’s forcing her unhealthy habits on her children. Her daughters are underweight and school officials finally complained to the authorities about it out of concern for the girls’ health.

This Hollywood Beauty is trying to keep a significant other under wraps, but will she still be able to in about 9 months?
Nia Long/Johnta Austin

122. BUZZFOTO 06/17
A B list actress from a popular movie adaptation has been sleeping with the boyfriend of her best friend since April. She found out she was pregnant a few weeks ago and aborted the baby. Last week, her best friend became engaged to her lover….. more as this story develops.

B list actress: Kate Bosworth
popular movie adaptation: Superman
best friend: Nadia Connors
lover: Walton Goggins

Crotch Uh-Lastic Takes to the Sexy Skies: Must admit: we've been pretty worried about one par-tick Vicer lately. See, we adore Crotch Uh-Lastic and his hump-happy ways, but the dude's been tweaking out of his mind lately. Believe us, we so much preferred dishing on his skanky sexcapades than his dubious mindset. Which is why we're très thrilled that CU-L has put the cuckoo crap on hold and is making a sexy splash with his many boy-toys these days. But he's not into the poolside scene like he once was. No, Crotch has upgraded to... The mile-high club! Yep, Crotch has taken his fagola flair to the friendly skies. But he's not picking up horny hunks in Virgin's first-class cabin—'cause like any celeb worth his superstar status, C racks up his frequent-flier miles on a private plane. Sound familiar? It's like Crotch took a page right out of Fey Oiled-Tush's guide to being a dude on the D.L. Remember, Fey likes to take his plethora of handpicked young studs into the clouds and explore the cockpit, if you know what we mean (and we're pretty sure you do)—all while his poor, bitched-at pilot watches on. The good news is that C-UL's personal sky captain isn't dissatisfied with his closeted clientele. In fact he likes Crotchy quite a bit—in a strictly platonic, hetero way, of course...for now, at least. The bad news? He's still spilling secrets about Crotch's sexy vacays to anyone who will listen—tho the news that C is bedding boys is shocking to one. But Crotch isn't just in it for the nookie, he likes taking his pseudo-BFs on trips for two around the globe. First they do the deed and then go on a cutesie date in some far-off foreign locale, away from the bright lights and paparazzi lens of Hollywood. Now isn't that just the most romantic thing you've ever heard? And It Ain't: Garrett Hedlund, Stephen Moyer, Chris Colfer
James Franco

This primarily television actress was probably up to a B a few years ago, but has since dropped down to C. This happens when you disappear from the public eye. Never really catching on, she has a new series starting in the fall, but producers are thinking of replacing her as the star with someone more publicity friendly. The reason? The show is so difficult to get into they need someone who will come make people watch for a few weeks.
Debra Messing "Smash"

125. GOSSIP BOY 06/18
Every month there is a a new buzz about a new actor or actress that isn't all that new to begin with. It happens all the time. Someone who has been in the business for years suddenly becomes the hottest thing out there. That's exactly what Alexandra Jock Itch did. She has been working her little ass off for years, and has only begun to enjoy the payoff. She didn't pull a Blake Lively and release pictures, and she hasn't had a sex tape, not a bar fight. A.J is a lady of substance and she believes in hard work. And maybe some racy magazine spreads. But while rumors of her conquests fill the your airwaves, the real secret about A.J would whip head around so fast your eyes would spin. Everyone A.J touches or looks at becomes her new beau. It comes with the territory of the level of fame that she has worked hard for. And while all the boys do try and go home with A.J, they don't realize what they would be getting themselves into. A.J once fell for the charming ways of an older man who showed her his fetishes and morphed her young brain into what he thought sex was. A.J apparently kept those way because on the rebound, she hooked up with a certain actor we have all thought about doing. A.J and the Sundance Kid had a hot date that led her to invite him back to her place. She had mentioned that she wasn't conventional in the bedroom and Sundance took that as exciting, seeing as sex with his ex was less than glorious. Sundance says that when he got there she went to put on something more comfortable as they usually do and he relaxed with a drink. A.J then came back out in a leather catwoman looking suit, whip in hand. Kid didn't exactly go into detail about much, or whether he actually went through with it or not. But he did tell me about her sex room. Straight up whips, leather swings, and he mentioned that asked to take turns being the guy in the bed. Something that Kid was not about to bend over for. Isn't that how it always is? Sweet and pretty on the red carpet, but whips and chains in a sex room back at your house. Who woulda' thunk it?
It's Not: Michelle Williams; Emma Stone; Kristen Stewart: Hayden Panettiere

older man: Milo Ventimiglia
Sundance Kid Is Not: James Franco; Josh Lucas; Bradley Cooper
: Kevin Connolly

126. PAGE SIX/NY POST 06/20
1. Which high-flying audience member at the opening of "Spider-Man: Turn Off the Dark" was juggling two babes as his dates, neither of whom was his wife?

2. What attention-starved star has been trying to convince the media she's finding romance with a hottie who everyone in the business knows is gay? Olivia Wilde and Bradley Cooper

3. Which heartthrob actor doesn't live up to his reputation and can't really perform in the bedroom? Previous conquests are not sure whether it's a lack of interest or far too much booze. Leo DiCaprio

127. BUZZFOTO 06/20
In our last blind we told you about the celeb cheating with her best friend’s beau. This weekend the B list actress from a popular movie adaptation, was so angry about the recent engagement of her BFF and her lover that she broke into her lover’s apartment and stole her best friend’s engagement ring while the two were sleeping. The BFF is beside herself and her fiance is too, since the ring cost over $12,000.

B list actress: Kate Bosworth
popular movie adaptation: Superman
best friend: Nadia Connors
lover: Walton Goggins

1. WHICH talk-show host has infuriated her fellow co-hosts with her out-of-control ego? The chatty lady goes on and on about being so busy juggling her other "more important" TV gigs that she isn’t concentrating on her day job. And THAT has the other women furious!
Joy Behar "The View"

2. THIS star of a popular TV drama – which ended its prime-time run last year – is already cheating on the girlfriend he just reunited with! The hunky actor’s partner may be a bit older than he is, but she’s definitely not wiser! Naveen Andrews "Lost" and Barbara Hershey

3. WHICH married-with-kids A-list actor/director/ producer is back to his hard-partying ways with cocaine and hookers? The diminutive star’s sweet, blonde, talented actress wife doesn't have a clue! Ben Stiller/Christine Taylor

129. LAINEY‘S GOSSIP 06/21
I guess if you’re going to cheat, you’re going to cheat. It doesn’t have to be after a year, it can be much less. And you don’t have to wait for 5 either. Also, at that age, is it realistic to expect something to last forever? I suppose you don’t know that until you know it. And by then it’s too late. She’s more famous. And he’s, well, he’s ok at what he does, but he’s certainly not great at it although when it comes to actual talent, I’m not so sure she has much of it either, and definitely not with the last project she pimped. Still, there’s no question that she’s the B+ in this relationship, and he’s the solid D+, which is VERY generous. In another league maybe we’d consider him a C-. A C at most. He’d never be one to wear that on his sweater though. Anyway he cheated on her. At least once. With some kind of no name, but well connected enough, and the sort of girl who gets off on hooking up with married men, and if the married man has a celebrity wife...well, even better. The wife, so far, is happily oblivious. So far. But those kinds of girls, they love to step down on other girls. And they love when other people know about it. Not sure how long he’ll be able to keep this contained.
Hilary Duff/Mike Comrie

130. BUZZFOTO 06/21
This famous news broadcaster, has now fired one of his staff members after the staff member witnessed the newscaster trying to pay for sex in New York City. We’re not sure what his wife would say about it, but maybe we’ll see a tweet about it?

131. BUZZFOTO 06/22
Today, a musician, who is known for his wonderful lyrics he writes for his band and for other groups. Guess what? He doesn’t write his own lyrics. His secret-gay-sometimes-lover does. The two are best friends and the real lyricist prefers anonymity, so the relationship works out well for both. Ryan Tedder

132. POPBITCH 06/22
Which high-flying Hollywood film director always seems to be on Grindr? He invites men to come on set with him and often leaves with several of them in tow.
Bryan Singer

133. BUZZFOTO 06/23/11
This entertainer/actor primarily on the BET network is juggling a family and two mistresses. Now one is threatening to release both racist and sexists sexts that he has been sending her if he doesn’t pay her some hush money. We might be hearing about this in the next few months.

This successful Actress has it all except for love. She’s taking a recent break up so hard that she won’t stop eating, drinking and smoking!
Queen Latifah

Morgan, You Have One More (A-List) Chance! Delusional and drug-addled Morgan Mayhem has really got to be the most pitiful of all our Blind Vice Superstars. It's getting boring reporting on her, so we've basically stopped. Except, recently we were talking to one of our A-List sources (we adore all types here at AT, just so you know, all the way down to Z-list!), who told us Morgan is in for a shock soon: She's going to be offered an A-list job again! And, trust us, this is no sleazy project like those the once-top actress is used to doing these days. Academy-Award winning director. Academy-Award-nominated co-talent. Very cool, hip up-and-coming costars. And the part itself? "A complete whack-job girlfriend, Morgan would be perfect." And how. The only problem being that the director is busy fighting with the costars, who are adamant they will not work with M2, who they consider "a total asshole." However, the director, who is not to be deterred, is busy telling his actors they will be meeting with Ms. Mayhem, just the same, as soon as the meeting's finalized—and that he fully expects Morgan to come to the meeting "fully contrite, asking for the job." You hear that, Morgan-doll? Through all your coked-out, boo-hoo scrapes in life, can you even remember how to act anymore? Because if you can, you might want to start with the audition process. They're expecting somebody who you know doesn't exist anymore (and probably never did), so see if you can pull if off, sweetheart! If you ever want to work in this town again, that is. It Ain't: Katy Perry, AnnaLynne McCord, Demi Lovato. Lindsay Lohan

136. BUZZFOTO 06/24
This celebrity couple have been trying to make it work for several years now but can no longer keep it together. He likes her only for her exhaustive sex drive but cares very little for any of her hobbies, other talents or opinions. Since she’s started to be more inclined towards philanthropist pursuits, he’s been really turned off by her. He wants drugs and partying and she wants to change her life. The two will be in splitsville soon, and we’re sure his selfish ways will be revealed. As will the numerous tapes of the two having sex that he’s secretly recorded.
Fergie & Josh Duhamel

This married A list singer/rapper extraordinaire may want to be very careful right now. There is a French model he has been with for the past ten years and as they approach that first decade mark, she wants much much more out of their partnership. If our singer says no, the fireworks will be loud and spectacular.

1. WHICH iconic sci-fi sex symbol with a history of bad relationships has gone lesbian?
The once red-hot actress’ life is usually an open book, so it’s no wonder she’s telling friends that she’s ready to come! Carrie Fisher

139. BOSSIP 06/27
Okay, so we always hear stories about how dudes love to dog chicks out, but today we have a goodie. According to a very well-placed source there’s a popular entertainer who recently got hitched and is keeping a woman on the side — but not banging her. Apparently, the dude was dating two main chicks at the same time, picked one, but decided to keep his promise to take care of the other. Each month he sends his ex a cushy stipend to support herself and child — which is not his. He also paid off her condo and plans to help her finish school. There’s only one catch: He doesn’t want wifey to know. She, as most women, would likely put the kibosh on ho fund. Living the champagne life without a job must be grand.

WHICH ENGAGED, hot blonde 40-something indie actress – who’ll be seen on a network show this fall – had a heated affair with a famous married director? Now, her engagement is OFF -- and he’s getting a divorce!
Maria Bello and Jason Reitman

Old Hollywood Blind Item: Long before 420 got its special meaning, this studio head would have sex with some unlucky female employee of the studio every working day at 4pm. Apparently at lunch time he would pick his victim and they would be told to be in the boss' office promptly at 4pm.
Daryl Zanuck

142. BUZZFOTO 06/27
This B list celebrity from a recent action film is so offended that he was deleted from this C list actor’s facebook page he had his publicist contact the management of the C lister and ask what the deal was. The C Lister’s camp refused to comment and actually scoffed at the approach, further angering the B lister. He then hired two local teenagers to go and egg the C lister’s car. Really mature.

B list celebrity: Shia Labeouf
C list celebrity:

This A list couple, although, if taken individually he is probably a B+ actor who sucks at acting and she is rarely in anything anymore because I think most of her days are filled with followup doctor's appointments. Anyway, this couple is finished. Over. If they don't announce their divorce prior to July 4th, I will go ahead and do it for you on that day. You know, because I care. Demi Moore/Ashton Kutcher

144. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 06/28 **#1**
What former B list television actor and now, a C- list wannabe who lives off his residuals and what he did before, recently made a bet with his friends that he could have sex with five different women in one day. Hey, when you have nothing else to do with your day, I guess you come up with these things. The sad part is that he had no problems at all meeting his quota. Do women think they are going to be with this guy permanently? Do they want to say they had sex with a has been? Is he somehow going to help their career when he cannot fix his?
Wilmer Valderrama

145. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 06/28 **#2**
Which celebrity has basically signed his life away because he is in love. The thing is he has agreed to have himself portrayed however the Executive Producer wants him portrayed in a reality show. Whatever it takes for ratings. Oh, and if the ratings do not improve, then he will be saying goodbye very soon. One more thing. He is getting paid scale. The minimum. Hardly anything. Tip money at the places she makes him go.
Kris Humphries/Kim Kardashian

146. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 06/28 **#3**
This B list television actress in a hit network show was banned by her boyfriend's family from a recent celebration. They thought the actress would try and take the spotlight for herself.
Eva Longoria/Eduardo Cruz

147. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 06/28 **#4**
This almost A list movie actress is pregnant. The problem is her boyfriend dumped her. What to do?
Scarlett Johansson/Sean Penn

148. BUZZFOTO 06/28
This actor has a lovable scar on his face that no one knows the origin of. Except our source who says it comes from his first marriage when his wife found out he was sleeping with his costar and she through a champagne glass at him.

1. THIS HUNKY STAR of a new NBC hit sitcom is having a dual drama with his battling baby mamas! Now that the star’s series has been renewed, his ex is asking for more child support – and his current squeeze is demanding a wedding ring!

2. WHAT OSCAR-WINNING ACTOR is already being blasted as a deadbeat dad BEFORE his baby’s even born?! The brooding actor hasn’t ponied up for his baby mama’s prenatal care because he’s been too busy romancing a hot new gal! Benicio Del Toro/Kimberly Stewart

150. BUZZFOTO 06/29
This D List celebrity from Reality TV is proud of the fact that he’s gotten three different women in three different States pregnant. Not so proud that he wants it published of course, which is why he’s promised each woman the world once he ‘finally hits it big,’ if they’ll just be patient and be quiet. However, at a hot tub party recently, the sleazy star bragged to friends about all the women he’s ‘put it to.’
Michael "The Situation" Sorrentino or Ronnie Ortiz-Magro "Jersey Shore"

This foreign born actress who people either seem to love or hate is probably B- list here, but actually probably closer to A in her own country. Anyway, she has a new boyfriend and he thinks he is the only one in her life. He is a bit paranoid and jealous and he should be, because he is not the only guy in her life. I don't blame her. She was in a long term relationship and wants to play the field awhile. She just does not want the new boyfriend to find out about the field playing.

foreign born actress: Keira Knightley
long term relationship: Rupert Friend
new boyfriend: James Righton

This Actress/Reality Star is breathing a sigh of relief. She’s got a hit on her hands, and her career is hot by her own doing. She doesn’t have to depend on ballers or shady money men to make it. Lisa Raye

153. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 06/30 **#1**
KINDNESS: Unless you watch tween shows you probably will have no idea who this person is. She is pretty big in the tweener world. I would call her a B in the tween world and a D everywhere else. Although she plays a teen on a hit cable tween show she actually is old enough to drink, and has been for awhile. She also spends a great deal of time raising money for new animal shelters, taking in animals until they can be adopted, volunteering at animal shelters and anything else she can do protect animals. At one point she even bought some land because she wanted to be able to take care of more animals instead of seeing them killed in a shelter.
Daniella Monet

154. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 06/30 **#2**
KINDNESS: This television host used to be one of the brightest stars. Then, some bad career and girlfriend choices led him to what almost seemed like permanent exile. He was still on the air, but no one ever watched. Maybe he changed his karma though because things have started to get better. All that time he spends visiting cancer patients of all ages probably helps. With no cameras and no prompting, our host tries to spend about 10 hours a week visiting with patients and cheering them up. When you think about celebrities sentence to community service who always complain to the judge about how they are busy and blah blah blah. This guy does this of his own free will and does at least 10 hours a week and is way more busy than the whiners who get arrested all the time.
Carson Daly

155. BUZZFOTO 06/30
When this C List, once B list actress wasn’t given a free coffee at her favorite java joint, she began to loudly pout to other customers because she didn’t have any money on her. When no one stepped up to buy her a drink, she offered to give the Barista a blow-j*b in exchange for her free drink. Embarrassed, he told her he’d a hundred times just rather give her a free drink and quickly shoved a drink at her and asked to leave. Natasha Lyonne

This is all the better because I actually love this actor. I would call him C list, although if you saw him, you would immediately recognize him. He was previously on a hit network comedy, disappeared for a few years, and is now back on a different network in a middling successful comedy. Anyway, he is a huge animal lover and over the course of this past season, he managed to convince the cast and crew to adopt over 50 dogs and cats from shelters. This is in addition to the 10 he has adopted. He says it is his goal each year to get 100 animals adopted. Diedrich Bader


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