NOTE: Guesses in italics are only guesses;
guesses in RED are a link to the solution or substantial clues.

1. BUZZFOTO 03/01
Today’s Blind Item involves someone from an MTV show (either past or present). A source discovered one of the show’s stars had a hidden side job that a little internet research might be able to uncover. She’s been in several amateur adult films. It wouldn’t be that big of a deal, but she wants a future as an actress and is even shopping out a network show and doesn’t want the internet clips discovered. Not Snooki.
Jersey Shore's "JWOWW"

2. GOSSIP BOY 03/01
This A-List name has always been known for being unlucky in love. No matter what kind of guy they seem to attract, it goes down the tubes. As she became known for moving through guys quickly, she realized that she would have to trap one before her reputation got worse. Then she was introduced to another A-Lister who hadn't heard of her sexcapades as of yet. He had always had a crush on the lady but they were never single at the same time. He asked her out and they attended an event together. Before he knew what hit him, reports that they were dating began circulating and she was quoted as calling him her boyfriend. Poor guy, now he feels stuck dating this girl who he is discovering is trying to hitch her star to his. She may be an A list name, but she has been drying up lately. She has told her friends that she stopped taking birth control and hoped that she would get pregnant. She already asked People how much they would offer for first pictures! Let's hope this guy finds the hatch and escapes quickly, before he becomes the next Ben Affleck. It's Not: Seth Green and Clare Grant; Miley Cyrus and Liam Hemsworth; Jennifer Aniston and Gerard Butler.
Bradley Cooper/Renee Zellweger

While this celebrity was not one of the performers at the Vancouver Winter Olympics, he still managed to make a big impression on some of the athletes there. He was a spectator at one of the outdoor events and was apparently having trouble coping with the cold weather. He later told the athletes that he was so cold during the event that, if he got lucky that night, certain bodily fluids were likely to have the consistency of frozen yogurt.
Steve Nash

Apparently this one is very close to breaking out into the open, so I wanted to get it on here quickly. This A list female tweener from a cable channel recently wandered into a party drunk out of her mind. When she first arrived she ignored everyone else and just sat on the lap of the guy who brought her to the party. She then takes out an eight ball of coke and snorts line after line, not even paying attention to the rest of the people at the party. Some people leave, so there's only about 5 or 6 people left, and she keeps saying how hot she is so she just takes off her shirt, breasts totally exposed. At this point everyone else is kind of like "what in the...." Anyway a little later on, everyone's still drinking, she gets up on this bunk bed that's in the living room with the guy she came with, on the top bed. She just hikes up her skirt and pulls him on top of her. He asks if she wants a condom and she says "nah, f**k it". They then had sex in front of a room of people. After having sex, the guy she came with passed out. Our tweener got down off the bunk without even saying anything, did some more lines and left.
Taylor Momsen

This mainly famous for television actor used to be B list. I guess he is C list now. His fault really. Not because of acting but because of something else he did. Anyway, he is supposed to be and claims to be on the straight and narrow but that doesn't appear to be the case. Last week he jumped at the chance to hit on an underage girl and in a second episode offered another girl coke to have sex with him.
Andy Dick

6. BUZZFOTO 03/02
This actor, who is trying to revive a slowed-down career through a network show actually thinks he is finally back on his way to fame. He allegedly got the part to begin with by sleeping with the wife of a network executive so that she’d put a good word in, and he’s willing to do anything to be back in the limelight again. He decided that at a recent event with other celebrities, he would try and glad-hand and network as much as possible. A little kissing up never hurts right? Not in this case. The actor went up to a B-list actress and thought he’d compliment her on her dress. As he was making a polite remark, he brushed the fabric on her dress and somehow ended up pulling her top down. (We’re not sure how it happened exactly. No one can agree on what happened. One source said they thought he did it on purpose, but everything we’ve heard say it was an accident.) She was embarrassed, but started to laugh it off, when he grabbed her breast and tried to put it back in the dress himself. Luckily, only a small group of people saw the incident, but the actress- and her husband were furious. Not Chris O’Donnell. Dermot Mulroney; Christian Slater

A certain famous married director has been filming more than feature films. He has used his own camera to record some of his very personal moments with his favorite actress. She hit the roof when she found out but can’t do very much about it. She knows that if she tries to take any sort of legal action, it would quickly become public knowledge, and she absolutely will not tolerate any hits to either her personal reputation or her current relationship. He has agreed to destroy the footage in exchange for her commitment to a future project of his. Frankly, we would take any promises made as a result of blackmail with a grain of salt.
Phillip Noyce/Angelina Jolie

8. GOSSIP BOY 03/02
Rainbow Dark's A Dick: Avid reader's know all about Rainbow Dark, the guy who decided to go out of town with his girlfriend Sunshine instead of spending it with the guy that he promised, Justin Case. Well RD went a long time without contacting JC. Which all of his friends were happy about. We all know that RD is in it to win it and will step on anyone to get where he needs to be. But JC, poor guy. He really believes that RD has every intention of leaving Sunshine, even though he has been with her forever, by HW terms. Either way, JC got the phone call at 2 am, just like old times. RD begged for JC to meet with him and I guess JC didn't think twice and actually went. While Sunshine slept at home, RD seduced poor JC with his charming looks and empty apologies. JC awoke the next morning to find RD dressed and ready to go, just like old times. And the guy had the nerve to call his girl in front of JC and have a lovey dovey conversation! So what did JC do? He recorded RD kissing him goodbye and thanking him for the evening. But this is the best part. Before RD left, he asked for some, how can I put this lightly. Screw it, RD wanted a BJ before heading out to start his day. And JC has it all recorded on his cell, well not the BJ part. Thankfully, JC declined and sent RD packing. Seems like JC's friends might have actually gotten through to this young series star. With rumors that his show may not return, it's complicated and friends are worried that he might slip into depression and become a lazy pothead. He has had bit parts in some movies but nothing tremendous. He is keeping the recording he says so that he can let everyone hear it. We all know thought that he is filled with hurt right now and has no intention of doing that. But what he doesn't know is that one of his best friends happens to be Gossip Boy and I happen to detest RD. But I will not kick anyone out of the closet, like I said before. But if you happen to figure it out on your own, then I didn't do anything wrong, right? Problem with RD is, he has a temper and though I could probably, no make that definitely, kick his ass, it's Bros before Hoes. So he just better keep playing his cards right. But I hear the Sunshine has her own plans that might just jack it all up.

9. BUZZFOTO 03/03
This TV star is involved with one of his female castmates. Not that it is any big secret. What is a big secret is the other costar he is fooling around with. The little bit underage male costar. More on this to come if our source continues to kiss and tell. Not Stephen Moyer.
Ed Westwick/Jessica Szohr/Connor Paolo

This A list female television actress on a fairly hit network show finished a photo shoot in the past few days for a magazine. The shoot was supposed to only last about two hours. It ended up taking seven because our actress kept taking breaks to smoke meth. When she got back each time they had to reapply all her makeup again. The actress wanted the clothes from the shoot and the magazine was happy to comply. The stink on them was horrible.

11. POPBITCH 03/04
1. Which nominee is known for klepto tendencies on some film sets?

2. Which nominee is less gay than you'd think? They annoyed their London hotel minders by inviting a different girl to their suite (and sometimes more than one) on a film junket.

3. Which nominee's plastic surgery is the subject of much laughter at this week's pre-Oscar parties?

4. Which nominee spent part of the 90s as a smacked-out recluse, enjoying heroin-fuelled threesomes with a film director and actress?

12. GOSSIP BOY 03/04
Since I have been telling you about all the guys that are gay, I thought I would let you know about his woman who wants nothing to do with boys. At one time, she did in fact love the men. Until a guy came along who flipped the tables on her and played her like a piano. She fell in love with his charm and he took her for a pretty penny before he took off. Yes, he had it planned from day one. And when he broke her heart, she turned to a very good friend. Her friend was a muggle, no celebrity. She was also a lesbian and a gay rights activist. Our starlet started hanging out with her, going to rallies and parades and before she knew it, she was crushin on a girl. After about two years, yes this goes back some, of jumping back and forth, she decided she was done with men all together. She had a pretty serious boyfriend who knew she was bisexual. Hell he loved it! But when she told him that she was strictly for the girls, his ego was bruised. Apparently she felt really bad for him and gave him make up sex, with good intentions. You wouldn't blame her if this cute stud was bawling in front of you. So they had the break up sex and she went on her way. A couple months into her new lifestyle, she found something that he had given her. A baby. She was finally able to be free with her sexuality, well as free as you can in Hollywood, and now she was pregnant. She told her ex and he just blabbed to everyone. Not like she believed in abortion, but now she was trapped with him. She married the cry baby and became a mom to their kid, which eventually turned into kids, plural. With no way out, she had agreed to marry him if he let her have girlfriends, which he never objected to before. Sometimes he even liked a guy to be involved, but only if she was involved too. Everything was going along until she found him cheating on her with her assistant. A woman. That crossed the line for her and gave her a way out. So they mutually agreed to end their charade in a calm and fashionable manner and kept each others secret. And if anyone found out that this couple wasn't the happy normal family that they were thought to be, their entire career would be down the drain. Other people's career would go down in flames as well, it's a very tangled web. It's Not: Britney Spears; Uma Thurman; Laura Dern.
Reese Witherspoon

Which starlet’s rep for having sticky fingers precedes her? While hosting a recent bash at a hotel, she had to put down a credit card, although she was only using the room to get ready. No mini-bar is safe from this girl!
Lindsay Lohan

14. BLIND GOSSIP 03/04
This actress has had interesting relationships with more than one celebrity. Now, though, she appears to be getting much more serious about her hunt for a long-term mate. Meeting her requirements isn’t easy. Whenever she receives an offer to be fixed up on a date, the first thing she asks is "How much money does he make?" She refuses to go out with anyone who makes less money than she does. Considering that she is probably one of the 50 highest-paid actresses in the world, the number of men who fit into that category must be quite small. Oh, and in case you were wondering, the second question she asks is "How tall is he?"
Jennifer Aniston; Uma Thurman; Cameron Diaz

15. HOLY MOLY 03/04
Do bears shit in the woods? Yes, but other animal-surnamed pop stars shit on stage. In their pants.

16. BUZZFOTO 03/04
This aging celebrity, known for being an activist, and usually thought to be intelligent did something we think is a little stupid this last weekend. She was at a club (we’re not sure why!) and allegedly had a hot and heavy make-out session with a very much younger, MTV star who is not our favorite. We hear they were both drinking and it was mostly just for fun, but still- yuck! Not Jane Fonda.

This former A list television actress is now a struggling C lister. She has tried absolutely everything to recapture the fame she once had. Nothing works and when she can find a job like her last television movie it bombs louder than a Nicole Kidman film. At this point she is so desperate she has basically abandoned her husband and child/ren and will go anywhere or talk to anyone to get some publicity. Over the past two months she has spent about two nights at home with her family despite not even doing any actual movie or television work.
Melissa Joan Hart

Nevis Divine—and Boyfriend—Return! You didn't think we forgot about one of our yummy Blind Vice favorites, did you? No, not Toothy Tile, but third time's the charm for Nevis Divine. He's back and skankier than ever! Nevis, the undeniably sexy hunk with a bisexual past, has had a few serious and not-so-serious relationships recently. Only problem? He can't decide whether his beard or ex-boyfriend is the perfect fit for him... Introducing Barrington Bang-Me, an equally charming fellow, as well as an ex to the simply sinfully delicious Mister Divine. Barrington is the same boyfriend Nevis was holding hands with and introducing around to Industry folks at a swanky party not too long ago. No shame for this boy-on-boy love story! That is, until N.D. started to get über-famous, leaving his less recognizable beau in the dust. Sounds eerily like Toothy and Grey Goose, except Nevis and Barrington are far more open about their still-ongoing relaysh. Probably a good thing, too, don't you think? With that much booze, dope and nice donk involved? Yes, B & N are certainly still doing it on the down low, which makes us question whether Nevis' leading lady is getting in on some threesome action. Or if she's just totally cool with her boy's wandering eye. We're told it's the latter. 'Cause one thing's for sure: Nevis and Barrington aren't hiding from said girlfriend. Oh no, Nevvy will still screw whoever he wants, blurring all kinds of gender barriers. And clearly, Nevis is headed for rehab, eventually. Wonder which babe he'll choose once his head clears up? And It Ain't: Austin Nichols, Paul Wesley, Ed Westwick.
Robert Pattinson; Kristen Stewart and Tom Sturridge

20. GOSSIP BOY 03/05 **#1**
This up and comer is working every angle to keep their name relevant in HW. They take every role they are offered and keep their lips permanently pressed to an certain ass. Last night was no different. As this young star shadowed their role model, it became increasingly clear that the young star was just being used. Of course, the star had some minor parts in some bad movies, but nothing that would get them to the Oscars. And as the young star bragged about being the plus 1 and finally getting to the big show, the Big Shot laughed and told the star that he was bringing his teenage daughter, not his boy on the side. Everyone laughed and the star finally realized that all the work that had gone into their career was really for nothing. Looks like its back to television.

21. GOSSIP BOY 03/05 **#2**
This rapper was once loved and hated, all at the same time. But then he took a break from the public eye. Maybe because people started learning that he liked to let boys give him oral pleasure. And now he's back, again. Last night was no different. As he and his new entourage member disappeared into a room, I hear it that the sounds coming from the room only meant one thing. He had moved onto to more than oral pleasure and likes to hear you say his name. His stage name that is. Eminem

#1 & 2 - This great looking C list actor from a huge hit network ensemble show had a high school girlfriend. Well one time our actor decided to make a tape of the two of them having sex. The girlfriend had no idea because the camera was hidden. Our actor then gave copies of the tape away to his friends and it spread like wildfire. Not only did it damage this girl in high school, but when she tried to join a sorority in college someone told everyone there about the tape and she was rejected.
#1 - actor: Mark Salling
#2 - show: Glee

#3 - This B-/C+ list television actor has been in this same space before. This time it is because although he earns five figures an episode for the cable show in which he stars he only pays about $375 a month in child support. Where does he spend the rest of his money? Lots of trips to Vegas for strippers. Kevin Dillon

#4 - This foreign born A list lingerie model and now a movie actress has had to be carried out of the last two red carpet events where she appeared. She has been so wasted on coke and pills that she can't even put words together anymore to make sentences.

He’s a respected Humanitarian and Musician, but he can’t stop cheating on his wife. Who is he?
Wyclef Jean

23. GOSSIP BOY 03/06
These two young stars have been secretly seeing each other for months. Both males, one more tv star one in the movies. They have had a relationship that included some drama, break-ups and make-ups. It all started when the movie star, Romeo, was still seeing his ex, Macbeth. They attended a function and the movie star met the new guy, Confused Charlie. They hit it off right away and Romeo dumped Macbeth, who was too busy with his own faux-romance.. So the Romeo and Confused Charlie began seeing each other. When rumors of Confused Charlie still seeing an ex-girlfriend of his behind closed doors, Romeo dumped him. But Confused Charlie wouldn't let go that easily and worked his way back in the movie star's heart. Romeo, not stupid at all, decided to give him another chance because he loved him and the Confused Charlie was easy on the eyes. But that all went downhill when the Romeo went to attend to business and left for a few days. The second his plane landed, he began getting text messages from friends reporting that Confused Charlie was already out and about. Romeo star then recieved a picture of his man and a girl making out heavily. The worst part was that in between Romeo guy getting the tattling texts, he was getting sweet text messages form his guy saying how much he missed him. So what did the movie star do? He forwarded the picture he received to his cheating boyfriend. And he hasn't heard from him since. And Macbeth has been trying to show him the error of his ways for months and even confessed to wanting him back. But Romeo realizes that the only reason his ex is crawling back is because he knows that Romeo is about to hit it even bigger and wants to ride the wave with him. After all the drama, Romeo is about to just go back to having a beard and living his life with her just because she never broke his heart.

Confused Charlie:

Remember Confused Charlie from a previous blind item? Poor Charlie has decided that he longs for the comfort of his ex-lover Romeo and came up with the idea of going to see his jilted ex. Charlie thought tht his efforts in taking the long trip to see Romeo would show that Charlie was a changed man and willing to work for their relationship to survive. As if a plane ride would trump all of the nastiness Charlie has been partaking in since their split. Romeo should feel like a stud. Not only did he have Charlie begging for a second chance, but a couple of blinds ago Romeo came back to his room to find his ex-girlfriend show up naked in his bed. Charlie however kept his designer studs on and convinced Romeo to have dinner with him and talk out their relationship. Or lack thereof. It was pretty clear that Charlie was going through something and Romeo's heart took over and comforted the confused boy. After a hot night of make-up sex, Romeo awoke to find Charlie had already vacated the suite. Charlie must have been a Sex And The City fan, because all that was left behind was a note explaining that he thought he could commit, but realized that he couldn't. Now Romeo is mending a smashed heart and cursing himself for falling for Charlie's misguided heart once again. And Charlie? Well he has fallen into a downward spiral that might land his gorgeous ass in New Jersey rather then the UES.
Charlie Is Not: Nick Jonas; James Van Der Beek; Alexander Skarsgard

24. GOSSIP BOY 03/07
1. What singer is trying to get anyone to agree to be on her next album? She has lost all of her mojo and thinks the only way to get it back is to get someone else attached. So she contacted all of her old friends. Problem is no one wants to be on the album with her and think of her as a sell-out?

2. This couple was hot all over town but have cooled off. Reason? Waiting for their movie to come out. Alexander Skarsgard and Kate Bosworth "Straw Dogs"; Renee Zellweger and Bradley Cooper "Case 39"

3. Which 2010 Oscar Nominee has thrown a fit about the gown she was supposed to wear. When she got it, it was a size too small and she flipped out thinking she had gained weight. She went on a rampage and almost fired the assistant who gets her meals. When she found out the dress was too small she refused to have it fixed and called the designer on the phone, telling them she thought of them as incompetent. Now her assistants are scrambling to find a new gown before she claims yet another victim. Anna Kendrick

25. BLIND GOSSIP 03/08
While most of the folks at the Academy Awards ceremony were very happy to see and be seen on yesterday’s telecast, one man was quite uncomfortable with his seating arrangement. When he arrived yesterday, he actually made some quiet inquiries as to whether his seat could be changed. What was so unusual about the request was that while most people want to be placed as close to the stage as possible, he volunteered to be moved back a couple of rows. Unfortunately, as camera angles for reaction shots had been set well ahead of time, Oscar organizers were unable to accommodate his request. He spent the entire evening with a rather strained smile frozen on his face. What caused all this discomfort? Well, it’s because the woman with whom he had an affair was seated close by. His wife, who likely doesn’t know about the affair, didn’t seem to understand what the fuss was about, and roundly chastised him for being unhappy with such prime seating. Frankly, we would have enjoyed seeing a cat fight between the two women, both of whom are well-known actresses.
Antonio Banderas, Melanie Griffith and Cameron Diaz

26. BUZZFOTO 03/08
Before we get to this Blind, we have to say this- we like this guy, we really do, so it was hard for us to hear of him behaving so badly last year. This actor was in a hit network show, that is now off the air. The man has been doing a little work here and there, but has mostly stayed off of everyone’s radar. That is mostly because we hear he’s developed a new way to spend all of his money and his time. He’s developed an obsession with soliciting sex any way he can. He pays for it, in one form or another almost every day and goes looking for it in places that range from the internet to the alleyway. Not Topher Grace.
Wilmer Valderrama

27. GOSSIP BOY 03/08
This HW couple is very well known in all of the tabloids. Not only have they managed to outlast most HW couples, they have kept up a huge veil of curiousness. Last night was no different. They arrived at the red carpet with all of their other peers and from the moment they stepped out of the limo, they kept up their A game. Smiling at the right time, talking to the right people, basically playing the game. But when people weren't looking is when things got interesting. The wife was seen scolding the husband constantly for not standing on her bad side and for appearing in too many pictures with her. She actually convinced him to disappear for about 30 minutes to let her soak up the spotlight. So where did he going during his time off? Seems he crawled out on a limb and looked for their assistant who had been ordered to accompany them and make sure the wife looked stunning at all times. As he and the assistant flirted very heavily back and forth, it became clear what kind of hand the assistant offered. During the broadcast, the couple sat next to each other and kept smiling. But after the broadcast is when this story picks up. While the wife was at after parties networking with the smart people, trying to drum up some decent roles, the husband and the assistant kept disappearing into a private bathroom. I normally would have thought that they were in there just partying, but when they came out with messed up hair and one of them actually left their zipper down, it was pretty clear what kind of dance they were doing in there. And the sad part is when someone asked the wife where her other half was, she laughed and said he was probably in the bathroom getting felt up by his boyfriend. It came off as a joke, but little does everyone know, she was dead serious.
Sarah Jessica Parker/Matthew Broderick

#1 - This C list actor ex-husband has had to borrow several hundred thousand dollars from his much higher list ex-wife to pay off his bookie and his drug dealer. He told the ex it was for home repairs.
Chad Lowe/Hillary Swank

#2 - This C list actress ex-wife has told her much higher list ex-husband that she will need $1M to keep quiet about everything she knows. Denise Richards and Charlie Sheen

29. BLIND GOSSIP 03/09
There were a lot of post-Oscar balls to attend, and most stars were on their very best behavior. However, there were some after after-parties where some of the nominees really loosened up. One actress in particular made the rounds of the formal parties with her husband, then attended an after after-hours party without him. At 3 am, while her husband was at home fast asleep, our actress – and her tongue – were apparently wide awake. She was spotted making out like crazy with a certain up-and-coming actor in a cozy corner of the party for more than ten minutes.
Maggie Gyllenhaal/Sam Worthington

At an Academy Award party, this C list reality star and sometime naked model told this former A list movie star and now C list wannabe that he was more than welcome to do lines of coke right off her breasts as long as he would share his stash. They soon found their way to a corner of the room.
Katie Price and Judd Nelson

31. BUZZFOTO 03/09
This young, glamorous couple showed up together on the red carpet this weekend. They held hands and smiled and posed for fans. What the cameras didn’t see, was the huge fight that left the female hysterical and in tears. The male found an old flame whom he agreed to have lunch with this week and it started a huge argument in front of several other stars. This left his lady love so upset, she threw her drink on him, screamed and stormed off to call her publicist. Not Zac and Vanessa.
Nicole Richie/Joel Madden

32. BLIND GOSSIP 03/10
There was a well-known entertainment pair at the Academy Awards who sat together, occasionally holding and laughing together. What a nice couple! Not. They actually can’t stand each other and haven’t lived together in months. However, as one of Hollywood’s perceived stable couples, they are not yet ready to explain to the world that their long-time (by Hollywood standards) relationship is over. Certainly not in such a public setting. And if one of them had showed up solo, or with another escort, it would have brought up too many questions. So it was easier just to go together, pretend that everything’s great, and to go their separate ways after the big event… each to a new boyfriend.
Sarah Jessica Parker and Matthew Broderick

This B- list movie and television actress with much higher name recognition recently walked away from a very high profile project which she had been scheduled to do for ages. Why? Well, she grew tired of being the sexual plaything of the movie couple in charge of the project. The relationship lasted for several years and through several of our actresses' boyfriends. At least one of her boyfriends knew about it and watched once.
Evan Rachel Wood  "Spiderman" musical on Broadway

34. BUZZFOTO 03/10
This celeb is really only famous for being famous. Sure, she’s done things in the industry but we really only know her now for taking her pictures and for scandals. The rumor on the street is that she’s found a favorite up-and-comer to hang out with. The problem with the new friend is that he is underage, although no stranger to trouble. The celeb is not a very good influence and has got the kid back into drugs, wild partying and running with a dangerous crowd. The friendship was originally cooked up to boost the fame for both involved and now has developed into a destructive cycle for each. You would know both of the names involved here. Not Kim Kardashian.
Tila Tequila and Barron Hilton

Which oh-so-sweet actress is a secret party girl? She and her boyfriend recently hosted a drug and booze bender at a hotel. Looks like her ex isn’t the only scandalous one!
Anne Hathaway

36. BLIND GOSSIP 03/11
At one of the Oscar after-parties, one of the nominees/winners was talking to an industry exec about a home renovation project. He casually mentioned that he was having a floor to ceiling pole installed in their bedroom. The exec asked if his wife had ever taken pole-dancing lessons. Oscar Guy laughed and remarked that his wife was far too conservative to even think of doing such a thing. The pole was being installed for women who are hired to entertain the couple in their bedroom… and then stay to engage in additional exercise with the couple. Sounds like the wife isn’t so conservative after all. Jeff Bridges

This movie actress who qualifies as A list under the rules but is probably just a B recently had a miscarriage at about four months. The reason? She couldn't stop using coke. Even when her doctors told her she needed to stop she just couldn't. The thing is her husband doesn't even know she uses coke. I wonder what she told him.
Nicole Kidman

38. BUZZFOTO 03/11
We had a source that called this one in recently after being at a resort with this singer (who has done a little acting here and there.) Apparently, our source saw the celeb at an all-inclusive resort and claims that the girl was pounding the alcohol down as fast as she could the entire time. She was constantly wasted, wore no underwear under her tiny sundress, and let strangers hit on her and grope her constantly. Classy! She allegedly never had a moment where there wasn’t a drink in her hand. Except for the time our source saw her giving an older mystery gentleman what we’ll call, um, ‘lip service’ in a public dining area. But you don’t really need two hands for that…. Not Jessica Simpson.
Courtney Love

1. This Oscar Winner wants his private life to remain private. He doesn’t want his fans to know that he doesn’t date black women. At the moment, he is being seen with a hot African American Actress. She’s gorgeous, but he is only being seen with her to avoid bad press.
Jamie Foxx and Stacey Dash

2. She is the hot Actress of the moment, but she shows no love for the brothas? What’s up with that? Zoe Saldana

Parrish Maguire Parades Horny Thighs! Last time we checked in on Parrish Maguire, the good-lookin' babe was getting set up on fake dates with available female celebs, and the dude didn't mind in the least! Parrish, as we've said before, is quite unlike the most famous closeted Hollywood man of them all, Toothy Tile, who hates that he has to trot women around in order to sell tickets. That's no problem for adorable Parrish, who'd probably sell his soul to the Hollywood devil for even a bit more fame—only problem being, not sure the designing star has a soul. Hard to tell. Especially with P.M. pulling stuff like this: Attending a number of private Hollywood parties, with boyfriend in tow (the one he's had since before Parrish shot to matinee celebu-fame), and hitting on other guys! No wonder that BF of Parrish's looks like a Ken doll caught in headlights. If that's the crap Maguire's pulling on his man in public, can you imagine the emotional abuse the boyfriend's having to put up with behind closed doors? But let's get one thing clear here: There is nothing overt about what Parrish is doing with these men at various soirees; a gay Tiger Woods, he's not. Nope, what gets Parrish's flirt on is literally rubbing up against good-looking guys with his (rather nice) legs, arms and—oftentimes—just his hungry eyes. It's all really kind of Crescent Kumquat kind of stuff; remember the guy who just liked to spoon with guys in bed, rather than actually screw them? Yeah, that's the one. Isn't it interesting P.M., who's privately never made it a secret he's gay, is now taking the next step of getting his homo on in quasi-public places? And the Crescent analogy isn't exactly such a bad one, as—of course—now Crescent's doing much more than spooning with those guys he formerly just got sleepy-cozy with. Does this mean Parrish is actually getting closer to coming out? We say no. And this is why the Tiger analogy is actually a better one. Parrish's recent party-lusty behavior is just another example of a guy who's used to getting away with stuff and thinks that'll go on forever. Not so sure about that. And It Ain't: Nick Jonas, Robert Pattinson, Justin Bieber.
Taylor Lautner

41. GOSSIP BOY 03/12
Today I am going to tell you the story of a girl who grew up in a small town. She was your typical girl next door and after high school she took off for Hollywood. She was beautiful and had talent so it didn't take her long to get work. She was an overnight sensation and became a very popular name. As the fame got inside of her, so did the guy that her best friend was engaged to. She began thinking of herself as royalty and even hired her best friend to be her bitch. While her best friend did the tasks our star didn't want to, the star and her friends fiance carried on their affair. Of course one day she got sick. She was diagnosed with the nine month flu and panicked. Her current image would in no way be able to continue if she was pregnant out of wedlock. And she had no one to call the daddy. That's when our star gave into her managements bearding contract. She agreed to "hook-up" with a celebrity that could make her a name that would be famous forever. On the first date, she slept with him. By the tenth date, she told him he was going to be a daddy. Being the gentleman that he is, he proposed. They are now living the Hollywood dream, but Star didn't realize her assistant was not as stupid as believed. Stuck baby sitting all of the time, she began to notice similarities between the baby and her now husband. She figured it out very quickly and informed her boss she knew the truth. The next day our star hired her assistant an assistant and now everyone is living happy. But what happens when the real baby daddy finds out? He has been trying to knock his wife up for years. And don't count out the A List husband. He is a force that has enough power to blow down a castle. It's only a matter of time before the pieces fall into place. Expect tremors.
Katie Holmes

#1 - This starting to age but still gorgeous B- list movie and television actress has a very intimate relationship with her brother. So much so that she sleeps in the same bed as her brother and his wife.
Lucy Liu

#2 & #3 - This right on the cusp of A list television and movie actor on a very hit network show is supposedly happily married. Why then did he spend the night with this A list comedienne.

#4 - What A list television and movie actor broke up with his most recent girlfriend because she didn't spank him hard enough? Alec Baldwin

43. BLIND GOSSIP 03/12
The cast of this ensemble TV show is feeling a little stressed out about tensions between a male and a female cast member. The actress recently invited a young relative of hers to spend the day on the set. Everything was going well until she returned to her trailer to find her underage relative entwined with one of the male leads. The actress went ballistic. She screamed and clawed at the actor, kicked him out of her trailer, and sent her relative home. Now she is asking the show’s executives to eliminate or minimize the actor’s role.

44. GOSSIP BOY 03/15
#1 These co-stars are beautiful women who have a lot of buzz about their show. They also had become very close off camera, much unlike their on-screen relationship. They hooked up for awhile, often bringing home a guy or gal to join in. Sometimes they even liked to hook up in public bathrooms at the bar. One of the girls became clingy and wanted more one on one then four on four. The other, set in her partying ways, packed her bags and was gone by Wednesday.
Dianna Agron and Lea Michele "Glee"

#2 This actor thought he had finally hit it with his prime time television role, only to be released from his contract. He was told that it was to get rid of a co-star and that he would be brought back. Said actor turned down a lot of roles to keep his schedule open. Only now, the show is on the chopping block and he found out they had no intention of bringing him back. Since he turned down so many gigs, his agent told him he committed actor suicide and is trying to get him on a soap. Until then, the actor is drinking more and blaming the "actress" for getting him kicked off in the first place. Someone should tell him its because someone found out how he really got the role. Colin Egglesfield/Ashlee Simpson "Melrose Place"

#3 This married couple looks normal on the outside, aside from the past gossip about the wife. They have a small family and seem somewhat normal. But what no one knows is that the wife faked the pregnancy and barely sees her baby, let alone her older children. Seems that it was the best cover to hide her growing addiction to playing in the snow and his growing ad"DICK"tion. Nicole Kidman/Keith Urban

45. BLIND GOSSIP 03/15
This guy may be a talented actor, but his fame so far has been more about his personal life rather than his professional life. That may change with the release of his next film, which he hopes will be the one that launches him for his talent, rather than for whom he is dating. However, be prepared for him to dump his current arm candy if the numbers show that his relationship with her prevents people from taking him seriously. It will be sad when he breaks her heart, though, because while he sees her as a publicity ploy, she is genuinely in love with him.
Liam Hemsworth/Miley Cyrus; Bradley Cooper/Renee Zellweger

This B+/A- all movie actor is mostly known for his pot smoking. Recently though he has begun to experiment with harder stuff and even PCP. The first time he tried PCP which was about six weeks ago he knocked out all the windows to his house with his hands. His hands were a bloody mess and he required lots of stitches. As he was running through his house knocking out the glass he kept saying, "I have to get the bugs out of the house." ( Not James Franco)

47. BUZZFOTO 03/15
This Blind sounds a little like a Cinderella story, only come to Hollywood. This pair of sisters each grew up with the same dream: to be famous. It worked out for one more than the other thanks to this B/C lister’s ambitious tricks. We hear a part was once offered to her sister, that helped give our star her big break. Although she was young, she beat her sister to the call back and charmed the executives and convinced them to take her instead. She’s now a much bigger star than her sister! Not Annalynne McCord.
Hillary and Hailey Duff

48. GOSSIP BOY 03/16
#1 Which television actor feels like he isn't getting any of the buzz that his show is? He was once considered a big name and now he is low man on the totem pole again. He is hoping that some of his co-stars indiscretions come out so he can enter stage right and once again bask in the glow of the spotlight. Not Christian Slater. Ted Danson

#2 This actress was once on a hit network that was one of the best. She tried to get some roles after but couldn't shake the image of her character. She tried to turn back time and turned to the white stuff to stay slim and skinny. After an almost comeback, she is now running out of money and has begun trying to book late night infomercials, but even they don't want her. What's going on, honey? Not Lisa Kudrow. Debra Messing

49. BUZZFOTO 03/16
This once B/C actress once had a promising future and was rocketing to the top. Now, she is throwing her life away every chance she gets. Her self-destructive habits might have gotten her attention in the past, also endangering the lives of others, but now she’s putting on a whole show of a mess for random people to see. Not only is she dragging those around her into substance abuse, she’s also been driving under the influence, stealing from friends, and having others pick up her messes. Most recently we hear she’s been fond of Chatroulette, which normally wouldn’t be a big deal because she’s been dressing up and disguising herself. Except that once her identity is discovered, she’ll be in big trouble. You’ll know her by the illegal activities she is doing online for everyone to see, and she’s almost always completely high when she does them. It won’t be long until the world hears about her little secret life. Not Mischa Barton.
Lindsay Lohan

This former A list boy bander is struggling to stay in the closet, but he might be emerging thanks to his affair with this male A list fashion designer who is supposedly very attached to his current boyfriend.
JC & Richie Rich/Heatherette

51. BLIND GOSSIP 03/16
We thought that the premise of the Celebrity Apprentice was to help raise money for charities by having the contestants perform business- like tasks. We were wrong. The premise is actually to serve as a platform for has-beens to quarrel in the hopes that it gains them the five minutes of camera time they desperately seek. At least that’s the way one of this season’s contestants is playing it. Desperate for a comeback, he is determined to be the most talked-about celeb on the show. He will be, too, if the producers choose to air an incident where he steals something of value from another contestant. He planned on hocking it at a pawn shop to gain more money for his team, but the producers put a kibosh on that at the last second. So now he’s decided to antagonize one person each week until one of them reaches the breaking point and takes a swing at him.
Bill Goldberg; Sinbad

52. BLIND GOSSIP 03/17
This celebrity couple has not been married that long, but it seems that they already need a little help in the romance department. In the past couple of weeks, they have not only spent a lot of money on sexy his and hers lingerie, but have purchased some interesting toys as well. Just to clarify, these are the kinds of toys that aren’t intended for use by children. Coupled with the husband’s prescription for Viagra, it sounds like these two can look forward to many interesting and long-lasting nights of recreation in the near future.
Jordan (Katie Price) and Alex Reid

This stunning B list movie actress has been in rehab before. Recently she was in rehab again. It didn't last long though. Two days into her most recent stint she was kicked out when she was caught smoking meth with another patient. She has since moved on to another rehab facility where she is a few days short of completing her 30 days.
Eva Mendes

54. BUZZFOTO 03/17
This male celebrity, who has done mostly television has gotten his girlfriend pregnant. It’s old news, he already twittered it we think. What is a big deal is the other girl he just got pregnant. If our counting is correct, the two babies will be born within months of each other. Not Mario Lopez.
Johnny Knoxville

55. POPBITCH 03/18
1. Which celebrity mother has been reported to social services about her parenting on at least three occasions?
Kerry Katona

2. Which Hollywood queen has a very white habit? Over the last few months her agents and publicists have been engaged in some creative damage-limitation work to make sure the fact that she doesn't seem to care who she shares her powder with doesn't derail what is already an award-winning career. Anne Hathaway

This about to hit A list television actress on a fairly new hit network show shocked all of her fellow cast and the crew after she was handed a cup of coffee by a production assistant. After the production assistant had walked away, she had a sip, turned around and said, "that f**king n***er can't even make acup of coffee. They should fire him." You could have heard a pin drop.

57. BUZZFOTO 03/18
This (ditzy) movie A-List actress smoked so much pot in her honey wagon on the set of one of her films that the company that rented the trailer had to rip all the carpet out and repaper the walls. They demanded that the studio collect the money from the actress, but the studio is nervous about pissing her off because for some inextricable reason she still brings seats into the theaters, so they put the responsibility back on the rental company. They say it’s up to the rental company to collect the money and now the jilted business is threatening to out the actress’ little habit. Not Charlize Theron.
Cameron Diaz; Kate Hudson; Drew Barrymore; Jennifer Aniston

58. GOSSIP BOY 03/18
1. This hot young movie star has been hiding the fact that he has a man waiting at home for him. While he goes out and lives the HW life with the girl that is his "girlfriend", the hubby sits at home baking goodies for him. The hubby knows that his star of a boyfriend has certain things he must do for his career, but he doesn't know that the star has been doing the girl as well. The star is genuinely torn, he has fallen in love with both of them. And the boyfriend at home doesn't really stand a chance since HW is pushing the star and the girl together any chance they get. Zac Efron and Vanessa Hudgens

2. This actress has made it impossible on the set of her show. I told you about her and her female "roommate" hooking up before. This actress has turned into a love sick fool and follows her ex-roomie all over the set and has become very clingy. Her co-stars are trying to help her out, but her ex is going to the big names and telling them that lovesick girl is ruining her performance and if they want her to stay then they need to write out her stalker ex. Producers and writers are torn, they need the stalker to stay. Looks like we might see a cat fight after all. Dianna Agron and Lea Michele "Glee"

3. There is an actor who has been in the business for a long time, but finally hit popularity. He seems to be adapting well to all of the fame and the women he has been required to be seen with. And while everyone wonders what team he plays for, no one would ever guess. He doesn't like women he doesn't like men, he like them both in one. Yup, he launches off for men who have been nipped and tucked into becoming women, but left their twigs and berries. Seems he likes to have the best of both worlds. Bradley Cooper

59. HOLY MOLY 03/18 **#1**
Guess the comedian-type and socialite-type: "I was at a house party last year and was leaving, so nipped into the room where everyone had dumped their coats. I thought the room was empty, so just steamed in only to see BLANK giving BLANK a good old BJ!" Clues: wet comedian/actor/shagger with ohpleasegoaway scenester/writer/model.
Russell Brand and Peaches Geldoff

60. HOLY MOLY 03/18 **#2**
Guess the singer who's not racist: Which singer once said to a studio engineer: "I don't know why they're calling me racist, I've shagged loads of black blokes."
Cheryl Cole; Joss Stone

61. HOLY MOLY 03/18 **#3**
Which girl band spent many of their formulative hours shagging Charlton Athletic players. When one member was asked why she didn't partake, she said: "I'm waiting for the Premier League." Oh to have the benefit of hindsight!
Girls Aloud

Which comic and former TV star gets his kicks by calling phone sex lines? A neighbor mistakenly got his phone bill and saw over a thousand dollars in charges. What’s the deal with that?
Jerry Seinfeld

63. BLIND GOSSIP 03/18
This hot young actor has all the girls swooning over his good looks, his cool manner, and his gorgeous hair. Too bad the latter isn’t all his. Yes, even men have their hair enhanced to make them always look like they’re a few weeks late for a trip to a barber. Don’t run your fingers through this guy’s hair, though. If you get caught in the Virgin Indian Remy, he might bite you.
Ian Somerhalder "Vampire Diaries"

1. This famous female celebrity has a new movie coming out where she plays the romantic lead. If the movie does well it could lead to more romantic roles. She has been having problems getting romantic comedies because she doesn’t have any chemistry with men. In the next few weeks look for her to be photographed in the company of men. Her poor girlfriend is going to have to lay low.
Queen Latifah

2. She is a major star and the baddest chick in the game. She is married to a very powerful man. He wants children but she’s hesitant because if she gains weight she knows he will lose interest in her. Beyonce

65. BLIND GOSSIP 03/19
This story is going to sound very familiar: A supposedly really nice famous guy cheats on his beautiful and classy and loyal wife. People are appalled – nay, shocked! – that he could do such a thing. Just wait, though, because this story is going to get much better (or much worse, depending on how you look at it). This wasn’t the first time this happened to this television reality guy. Expect more girls to come crawling out of the woodwork within the next few of days. And, just like in the case of that famous athlete, they will be the exact opposite of his wife. For example, there’s definitely more than one porn star in the mix. Don’t feel too sorry for his actress wife, though. She knew exactly what she was getting when she married him. She was not exactly blind-sided by the news. She just never thought he would embarrass her so publicly. Oh, and it won’t matter how many times he apologizes. He’s a dead man.
Jesse James/Sandra Bullock

Are Secretia and Chester Getting Sloppy? Well, we already knew the gays live to push the wild and crazy sex card, what with kinky guys like Nelly Fang and Crotch Uh-Lastic. But who knew the straights were so good at being daring, too? Always thought you folks were a bit more behind-closed-door types. Learn something new every day, huh? Just like Secretia Ohio and Chester Shorts-Off, our newly arrived Blind Vice swingers are learning more lovin'! Ohhh, do tell: As we told you last, Secretia and Chester are pretending like it's 1969, or something, and attending select Hollywood parties where they throw car keys into bowls and have sex with whichever partyer's keys they pull out. And you people say us gays are kinky! Jeez, I like to actually choose a partner before having sex, is that so old-fashioned? Apparently so, according to Secretia and Chester, who have made quite the name for themselves, as most people who attend these catered orgies aren't nearly as famous as is the beautiful couple. But two things are taking this very sultry sitch to a new level: One, Secretia has started stepping out on her own for private affairs. And even though the twosome has an agreement that this is OK, Secretia's really going a bit overboard (as she's done with many of her previous relationships, monogamy's never really been her thing). Chester just fools around once in awhile, which is what he'd hoped Secretia would do, as well. No such luck. And secondly, Chester and Secretia have been in the rags a bit more than usual lately. Their profile's higher—as are the chances that somebody from one of these Hollywood sex parties is going to blab to the tabloids. Which is usually the case in these types of situations. Or have they spilled already? It Ain't: Kobe and Vanessa Bryant, Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie, Johnny Depp and Vanessa Paradis.

#1 - This former Playmate and still publicity hungry model regularly exchanges sex for "candid" pap photos of herself to keep herself in the eye.
Shauna Sand

#2 - This former A list action star thought he was giving his nephew a vitamin. It turns out he accidentally gave him GHB from his stash. The nephew had a horrible reaction but the star wouldn't let anyone call a doctor. Sylvester Stalllone; Steven Segal

#3 & 4- This B list mostly television actress on a hit network show has been in this space before for her personal visits from her liquor store delivery boy. Well, now she and another A list television actress from a hit show on the same network share our delivery boy. Well, actually he isn't a delivery boy anymore. He just spends his time shuttling between the houses of the two women. Teri Hatcher and The A lister is Courteney Cox

You know how a lot of times I’ll tease a shocking plot twist in a blind item, and then, when said twist actually occurs, you’re like, "Oh, yeah, I shoulda seen it comin’"? This is not one of those times. Completely out of the blue, someone on a popular one-hour drama is gonna turn up preggers in the season finale! Your clues: It’s a series that gets a lot of ink in this column — and pretty much has to, as its rabid following is one of the scariest most enthusiastic around. And did I mention that the character who is expecting is perhaps the last one you’d expect to be? As a result, I would imagine watercooler speculation about the babydaddy to go on at a fever pitch right up until the show’s fall comeback. Yes, it’s that shocking.
Mother: Georgina
Surprise Father: Dan
Show: Gossip Girl

69. BUZZFOTO 03/22
This aging celeb had a lot of work done, so much so it would rival the likes of Heidi Montag. The problem is, even though this celeb is being photographed and showing off the work, they are EXTREMELY unhappy about it. You wouldn’t know it because the celeb can’t show a decent emotion. The plan to fix it entails getting even more work done, and we suspect the celeb will be unrecognizable when it’s all over. Not Melanie Griffith.
Jane Fonda; Madonna

This actress is C list through and through. She does movies and has been in some huge ones and she has done television and been in a huge series. Not the star, but not just a one line thing either. You would recognize her but probably wouldn't know her name. Anyway, last week she called the fire department to her home. An actual home because she has family money. She told the department that someone had dropped a cigarette in the sofa and it caught on fire. When the results didn't match what she claimed, she finally admitted she and two friends had been freebasing coke and that is what torched almost her entire living room.
Jordana Brewster

This spoiled diva B list movie actress with A list name recognition was on a drug and booze binge last weekend. Out of control. She had gone to see a movie and was boozing and snorting during the entire movie. Afterwards she did pass her keys to the friend she was with. They made their way to the car, but the key would not work. Thinking there was something wrong with the remote, they tried the actual key. It didn't work. Our actress then took off her heel and smashed the drivers side window until it broke. It was only then they realized they had been trying to get into the wrong car. Security and then the police and then the owner came. Our actress avoided going to jail by passing over some cash, a photo and an autograph. If she had been arrested, the coke would have probably put her wholesome image to the test.

72. GOSSIP BOY 03/23
1. There is a new young star tearing up the Hollywood scene. Not that new to the world, but new to us. He has been in the business for awhile but recently shot to fandom. Many rumors are circulating about his sexuality and have been for years. But he is actually NOT gay, believe it or not! He just likes to hook up with co-stars mom's while their husbands are at work. Not Chad Michael Murray. Alexander Skarsgaard; Bradley Cooper

2. What actress and her current hook-up had a close call when the stick turned blue? He is a bigger name than she is and told her that he in no way was ready to be a father. She contemplated keeping it until one afternoon after lunch, the boyfriend drove to a clinic and demanded she have it taken care of. Young love is blind and she went in and had their little problem taken care of. Bet these are pics that she won't be leaking onto the net. Not Miley Cyrus Zac Efron/Vanessa Hudgens

3. These two boyfriends have been together for years. They have gone through hell to keep their relationship under wraps, even though we all assume it anyway. One of the beards has turned to drugs and alcohol to ease the hurt of her "boyfriend" not wanting to do her. When he found out, he gave her a month to get her act together or he would send her back to no-name land. What her man doesn't know is that his boyfriend has been hooking her up with the drugs. He cannot stand her and wants her out of the equation because he knows she is in love. Not Sophia Bush Jensen Ackles/Danneel Harris/Jared Padalecki

73. BUZZFOTO 03/23
This married television actress is sleeping with her costar. Actually, she sleeps with lots of her costars. Her hubby knows about it, and is okay with it, because he too has his own group of lady friends he frequents. They claim the open marriage actually strengthens their relationship. Not Eva Longoria Parker.
Courteney Cox

74. BLIND GOSSIP 03/23
One big star on the set of this film is spending as little time with their co-star as possible. You see, Star 1 is a control freak, while Star 2 has really poor hygiene. When not wearing clothes directly provided by wardrobe, Star 2 positively reeks. He does buy clothes, but he tends to wear them – without washing them – until they are completely soiled or ripe or ruined. Then he throws them away, buys a new set, and repeats the cycle. No wonder Star 1 practically runs the other way when they see him coming.

75. BUZZFOTO 03/24
This famous television actress, with a much less famous fiancé is gorgeous and has it all which is why you’d think she’d be more secure than she is. Her fiancé recently added an old girlfriend on facebook and was excited to reconnect. The actress allegedly hired a team to research this girl, (background checks, searches, etc.) and to find out everything she could about her. She is secretly monitoring their interaction online (although so far she’s come up with nothing scandalous). She has even sent the old flame text messages from her boyfriend’s phone to ‘test’ her and gauge her reaction. We hear she is becoming obsessed and blind with jealousy, even though it seems he is not interested in the ex other than in catching up. Not Kristen Bell.
Hilary Duff/Mike Comrie

This should really be a Four For Friday, but it is so good, I couldn't wait the two days to share. Anyway, this former B list movie actress who calls herself an actress but doesn't appear to actually work anymore had a celebrity boyfriend recently. Things looked really hot and heavy but then it was over in an instant. No one even noticed. Why? Well the celebrity boyfriend had an STD that keeps on giving for a lifetime. He has dated lots of actresses in the past. One is an A list television actress while the other is a B list movie actress. He gave it to the A lister, but neither of the B listers.
#1 - Former B list actress: Emmy Rossum
#2 - Celebrity boyfriend: Adam Duritz
#3 - A list television actress: Jennifer Aniston or Courteney Cox
#4 - B list movie actress: Winona Ryder

77. BLIND GOSSIP 03/25
There is a certain famous television actress on a popular show who is thin even by the most subjective standards. Too bad she’s not as secure as you would think. During a recent wardrobe fitting, she peppered the stylists with questions about other female actors. She quizzed them about how her body compared to theirs: "What about X?" "Is she thinner than me? "How much does she weigh?" "How does my body compare to hers?" She even writes down the answers. However, her obsession with her relative thinness (especially to her perceived rivals) doesn’t stop there. She is currently doing what she calls her "Reverse Diet". She eats her catered meals and then excuses herself to dispose of her meals in a reverse manner.

78. POPBITCH 03/25
Actors and models have been hooking up for decades. But which current combo's relationship is said to be on the rocks because while her career has been heading upwards and onwards his has stalled. Funny, we always thought it would have been a contractual arrangement that brought the beautiful pair together.
Orlando Bloom and Miranda Kerr

This B list tweener television actress dabbles in coke and pot. Nothing serious except that she is way too young to be doing it. A few weeks ago, she was at a party and did a line of coke and someone asked when the first time was for her and our actress said, "my older C list actor brother gave me some when I was about 12."
Emily and Haley Joel Osment

Which soon-to-be engaged famous sister might not be ready for a walk down the aisle? She was spotted hitting on guys at Trousdale nightclub in L.A. and flirting like a single gal.
Paris Hilton

81. BUZZFOTO 03/25
This sister is the less famous sister in a celebrity sister duo. The less famous sister gets asked out by men all the time. She has no shortage of dates. She whined to our source that the men only ask her out to get an "in" with her famous sister. Every time she feels like she starts to a like a man, he says, "Can you introduce me to your sister?" Not Emily Deschanel.
Brandi Cyrus (sister of Miley); Savannah Miller (sister of Sienna)

1. Don’t believe the hype on the latest celebrity breakup. It’s all hype for a reality show. This reality Star will never break up with her Football playing boyfriend.
Kim Kardashian/Reggie Bush

2. Diva antics are going to be the downfall of two of Music’s biggest acts. One veteran Soul Group has already been booted from a major music festival. The other is a Female Superstar who takes the pain of her private life out on her fans. Her lateness and rude behavior will cost her a lot of fans. Get mad at your husband if he’s acting up…. not your fans!
Soul Group: Frankie Beverly and Maze
Female Superstar: Mary J. Blige

Douche TV Star Nails Chicks in Dressing Room! Jeez, what hath Jesse James wrought, huh? Are quasi-good-looking TV stars who behave badly suddenly the norm here in Hollywood? Sure looks that way. Because Moisty Mohr, a man never known for his looks so much as his ratings, is pulling some of the skuzziest stuff around these days! If you haven't just eaten lunch, proceed, by all means: There's a certain store in town that sells women's clothing and is hot, hot, hot—tons of stars go there. It's a stylin' joint where the chicks go to get their chic on. So, of course, Moisty, who's always with one slinky babe or another (though he pretends he dates only one at a time—total lie), stopped into said shop recently. "He came it with a bunch of gals," says an eyewitness. "They were just dripping all over him, which was really funny, as he's not all that much to look at." What's even more hysterical (or pathetic, your choice) is that Moisty couldn't wait to have his way with his harem, so he took them into a changing room! And that area does not have floor-to-ceiling doors, mind you. So, everybody in the store heard everything. And considering the fact that there were at least two women getting serviced by Moisty, the audio factor was not low. Consider it as amped as Mohr's boob-tube persona! Wow. Is this like when short men start acting like total bitches, just to assert themselves? Dog-faced celeb finds the need to show he's got what it takes to please the ladies—and he wants everybody to know it? Fine. Say the word, Moisty, your secret's out! It Ain't: Jesse James, Jeremy Piven, George Lopez

84. BLIND GOSSIP 03/26
Before making an appearance on a talk show, guests wait in a designated area known as the green room. A certain well-known actor has been making the rounds of talk shows recently to promote his film. For one such show, he decided to bring his own green to the green room. A little herbal refreshment, to be more specific. While it was rather surprising that he would light up in a strictly No Smoking area, what was even more surprising was the fact that he was doing it before one of those early morning talk shows. We’ve since heard that it is not unusual for him to spark up first thing in the morning and to keep the relaxation going all day and all night. No one should be surprised if he ends up in rehab this year.
Ben Stiller; John Cusack

#1 & #2 - This A list female singer has been sleeping with her married producer. No big deal in Hollywood terms except for the fact she is engaged to a celebrity.
Carrie Underwood/Mike Fisher

#3 & #4 - This former B list boy bander and now struggling to hold on to reality show fame was found passed out on his lawn twice last week after drinking and driving home to his celebrity girlfriend. Nick Lachey and Vanessa Minillo

86. BLIND GOSSIP 03/29
Are they on or are they off? This two-celebrity couple doesn’t have any more tricks left in their bag, so they have pulled out the old "We’ve broken up" card in the hopes of generating buzz. Unfortunately, their ploy has both bad timing and a too-familiar ring to it. So instead of landing them front and center of the national press, they find themselves squeezed out by other couples experiencing genuine heartbreak. So their two publicists are now talking about how to make their breakup newsworthy enough to land on the front page. Yes, it’s all a publicity stunt. We do note, however, that the male half of this duo is balking at making himself look like the bad guy. While he’s not exactly a saint, he will not agree to be portrayed as the cad who broke his girlfriend’s heart by bedding multiple skanky women.
Kim Kardashian/Reggie Bush

87. BUZZFOTO 03/29
This recently popular star is having trouble balancing their blossoming career as well as their personal life. It seems the celeb has a parent who is struggling with addiction. The star has cleaned up after them for years- paying off dealers, flushing the drugs and providing a home and food, always hoping that the parent will get clean. The parent has made empty promises for years and just last night the star found drugs in her home. The pressure is starting to get to her and although she doesn’t want to kick her parent out she knows she can’t live like this much longer. Not Zoe Saldana.
Rihanna; Leighton Meister

This A list television actor held up production on the set of his show for six hours last week while he surfed the internet and did lines of coke. Apparently he was all alone. He told everyone that he wasn't ready and they would just have to wait until he was. After six hours he emerged looking haggard but didn't bother apologizing to anyone for keeping them waiting.
Kiefer Sutherland

89. GOSSIP BOY 03/29
1-This married actress is not A-List, but does bring home the cash in huge sums. Everyone thinks she is an angel, when in reality she had a hook-up with a certain reality star while her husband was at home with the kid. Now she is being blackmailed into sleeping with the reality star again because he has pictures that could turn her world upside down.
Jessica Alba

2-This singer has been trying desperately to revive her career. She was once on top but since has slipped down into a hole of bad publicity. About to be dropped by her record label, she agreed to do a string of private concerts that require a lot less clothing that she is used to. Hopefully this toxic path that she is on brings her back out on top. Avril Lavigne

3-What woman thought she paid off a waitress that said that she was pregnant with her man's baby? The waitress agreed to take care of the situation, but she recently gave birth. The guy is more interested in bromances than the woman he has been linked to for awhile. I cannot wait to see his face when the waitress reveals that she kept the baby conceived from one drunken night of sexual curiosity. Wonder if his also famous sibling knows about the secret baby? Reese Witherspoon/Jake Gyllenhaal/Maggie Gyllenhaal

90. PANACHE REPORT 03/29 **#1**
The same women are always bragging about how great their relationship is with their baller husbands. A baller wife (in particular) would be heartbroken to know, when he's on the road, he goes buck wild with women in every city. This reminds me of a baseball player who allegedly has self hate issues that don't extend to his black mistresses. His wife was on TV claiming he treated her like a queen and would never cheat! Unbeknownst to her, at the same time she was making this proclamation, he was in bed with his black mistress.

91. PANACHE REPORT 03/29 **#2**
This unmarried Hollywood couple has a big problem if their famous "relation" dates African American male celebrities but they don't seem to have a problem if she dates other minorities. They've successfully talked her out of dating discreetly, a black male entertainer (millionaire) and an black millionaire athlete. Goldie Hawn/Kurt Russell and Kate Hudson

92. PANACHE REPORT 03/29 **#3**
Rewind From Last Week: Speaking on celebrity break-ups. No surprise that this particular couple broke-up. Rumors are circulating that the real reason behind the break-up is: Girlfriend can't shake her habit of picking up women in girl clubs and strip clubs. She's a baller away from her now ex-man. Making it rain and taking female strippers into VIP rooms for private lap dances while she sips on Moet. This lipstick bisexual is notorious with women.
Fast Forward: Don't let her looks deceive you, this lipstick bisexual is ghetto as hell and loves to cause drama among her small staff. She's not above storming into their offices and demanding, "cut me a check motherf**kers!" When she first came into the industry, this opportunist got involved with a well known-black celebrity aka sugar mama. The sugar mama paid her bills but also beat her ass! Few people know: This sugar mama has a history of beating all of her women. The sugar mama accompanied lipstick to a rep's office, before long, they started arguing with lipstick screaming, "Damn, you always trying to run me, now you trying to run my business, this is my career, back the fuck off!" Sugar mama must have forgot the rep was present because she punched lipstick in the face and knocked her backwards, then she proceeded to try and stomp her. It took two men (the rep and another man to pull her off). After they pulled her off, she trashed the lawyer's office (throwing things and trying to turn over his desk) while shouting: "Don't no b**ch clown me like that, ever!" It took awhile to calm sugar mama down. Meanwhile, management covered this incident up. When she wasn't beating lipstick's ass, she was cheating with a racy (extremely well known) female rapper-"not" Foxy or Kim. They were discreetly smashing each other on the regular and this is the real reason lipstick broke up with Sugar Mama. Sugar Mama didn't handle the dysfunctional breakup too well but she eventually got over it and moved on to other women. Shortly afterwards, lipstick decided to go back to men, rationalizing, maybe they'll be less drama but it still didn't stop her from creeping to the girl and strip bars.
Mary J. Blige; Eva Marcille (America's Next Top Model) and her now ex fiance Lance Gross..she was linked with Missy Elliot until Trina came along.

Bodacious TV Star Is Such a Diva! Is something in the water? Yet another TV star is behaving rudely again, and we can’t say we are surprised. Hilly Ho-Tox has clearly forgotten her humble roots and thinks she has hit the big-time, pissing off her costars and producers. This voluptuous vixen recently exhibited some obnoxious behavior at a photo shoot, and it was not pretty: While the other members of the ensemble cast came to the photo shoot ready to pose, Hilly thought she deserved the VIP treatment. "She showed up with three huge bodyguards and didn't say hi to anyone," says our on-set source. "She was a total diva and requested her own private dressing room and then just stayed back there by herself while the rest of the cast was having a good time, socializing and drinking cocktails." To add fuel to the fire, the egotistical gal's bodyguards were totally aggressive toward the show's producers. One of Ho-Tox's goon guards even had the friggin' nerve to get heavy with a female producer who "was trying to get into the room to talk" with Ms. Ho-Tox about the shoot. Said producer was not happy about her treatment—at all. Since this gal's diva behavior isn't all that rare, the rest of the cast had to work around it and take the picture without Hil-babe in it. No wonder her husband is her only friend. Even the babe's own family has abandoned her at this point. Clearly, they were onto the hon's toxic behavior a while back. "They'll probably just superimpose everyone together," says our source. "That's what they did last year." We predict this outta-control beyotch is going to be superimposing that damn hubby of hers sooner than later in pics, as well, 'cause we hear even he’s had enough of the broad, at this point—which is saying plenty.
Heidi Spencer Pratt

94. BUZZFOTO 03/30
This former children’s television star is desperate to remain famous. She’s made other attempts in the past to keep up with her contemporaries, but nothing has really set her apart. She is planning on releasing something of the sex-tape nature soon, hoping that it will rocket her into the limelight. Not Ashley Tisdale.
Adrienne Bailon; Soliel Moon-Frye

So, I'm guessing these two people are not friends. This A list television actress was doing some press for her new movie. Her movies don't usually do that well. Anyway, she was walking out of a press conference and at the same time, this former B list movie actress and now lucky to be a C but with A list name recognition bumped into each other. Just some shoulders grazing. They looked at each other, didn't say a word and just kept right on walking. Oh, and they know each other for sure.
Tina Fey/Jennifer Lopez

96. BLIND GOSSIP 03/30
This award-winning actress isn’t getting offered as many good parts as she would like. She’s always been a healthy person, and has always had a great figure, but she’s begun to alleviate her stress by eating. Now we won’t go so far as to say that she has been binge eating or that she has gained a lot of weight. However, she has gone up a size or two. The numbers on her clothing are such a source of aggravation now that she recently had her assistant remove the size tags from every single piece of clothing. Then she had the assistant sew in new size labels marked with a smaller size. As she has a large wardrobe, this particular task took several days. By the way, she has hired a personal trainer and stepped up the exercise, but she will definitely be avoiding photographers until she is back down to her fighting weight.
Debra Messing

97. GOSSIP BOY 03/30
Alice is back and she is tearing up the town as usual. But this one story I wish to share makes me giggle for apparent reasons. Alice is on a network show that made her a household name. She has been running the show as of late, co-stars trying to have interventions. But Alice has a co-star that had been holding back and recently let it all out. We will call her Queenie for confusion sakes. She is the Queen of the show and has long considered herself the star. She has even had some assistants fired during her rampages, so Q is no one to mess with. Q has been privy to all of the Alice commotion, but chose to stay out of it. She was happy that someone else was being called the diva of the set. But that all changed when Q realized Alice had set her eyes on Q's boyfriend. And Q's man has been pretty fed up with his woman's bitchiness and weekend trips with other male co-stars, so he made out with the girl. Q issued an all out war with Alice and decided to hit Alice where it really hurts. Q has started a campaign to use Alice's character to teach viewers a lesson and there is a huge possibility that Alice will be hovering between life and death here very shortly. When Alice found out, I am told there was a huge showdown in the make-up trailer that had some people fearing that this would be the fight everyone has been waiting to explode. But Q simply warned little Alice to stay on her good side and to remember who is the real Queen of the show. It's Not: Lea Michele, Katie Cassidy, Ellen Pompeo, Jensen Ackles.

Alice: Taylor Mommsen
Queen: Blake Lively
(Penn Badgley)

98. BLIND GOSSIP 03/31
This is the time of year when the new shows for the fall and winter television seasons are being cast. For those who are committed to a current show that has already been picked up for an additional season, it is usually smooth sailing. There are even a lucky few who have been offered a role in a new show in addition to their current show. Usually Show 2 is clearly defined as being in second position to Show 1. That is, except for one particular actor who is playing games with his level of commitment to his current show. In public, he is very precise and rehearsed n his wording about how happy and dedicated he is to Show 1, and very gracious about the opportunity to also take on Show 2. In private, it’s a different story. He is very unhappy about both the quality of writing and the size of his role on Show 1, and has quietly expressed interest in ditching the first role to accept the second role. His exact words to me were "Get me the f* off this f*ing show!" We don’t know if his original contract allows him that flexibility, but he sure seems serious about making the jump.

99. BUZZFOTO 03/31
This celeb has what would be considered a strong and solid relationship by Hollywood standards. She and her man are very supportive and respectful of one another. The only problem in their relationship is that he is in love with her assistant. He won’t act on it because he’s not that kind of guy, but the two are definitely having an emotional affair. Both in the couple are celebrities. Not Sarah Michelle Prinze.

Do you remember when Britney Spears had her issues a couple of years ago she took a pap along with her for the ride? Well, this very troubled C list movie actress with A list name recognition is doing the same thing. Although in this case it appears the actress is the bad influence. She has been accompanied many nights by a pap who is a minor and who she is getting into clubs even though he isn't old enough. Oh, and if that were not bad enough she is also his drug supplier. Guess she doesn't want to hit rock bottom alone.
Lindsay Lohan

101. STAR MAGAZINE 03/31
Which starlet has a really good fake ID? The 19-year-old cable-TV actress was carded at a recent LA bash, but passed inspection and headed straight up to the bar for a big gulp.
Daveigh Chase "Big Love"

102. GOSSIP BOY 04/01
1- What ABC star has a weakness for women that dress up as animals? They keep masks in their closet of certain animals that turn them on and when a woman is invited home, they are then instructed to become that animal?

2-This singer is keeping it under wraps that she has been hooking up with her ex because his new girlfriend believes that they are on the track to getting married. Singer and her ex have been hooking up every other night and has no intention of letting the public know that she has slipped back to her old ways. Britney Spears/Kevin Federline (Victoria Prince); Whitney Houston/Bobby Brown (Alicia Ethridge)

3- A certain movie star has been out of the public eye for a little bit, but is still an A-List name. He has been in hiding since he decided to get nipped tucked and it went bad. Now he sits in his Hollywood home and pays to have entertainment come to him since he can no longer rock until the bars close.

This former A list singer. Oh, wait. Well, I guess she is still A list. Yeah, still A list, but more on reputation. Anyway, this singer was at a concert this week. Not actually performing, but just in the audience. Right there in the audience she pulled out a crack pipe and lit it up. No worries at all. Yes, it was dark and other people were smoking other things, but to actually pull out a crack pipe? Problems. She did look like she was enjoying the concert though.
Whitney Houston

1. She's famous, pretty and very talented, but will karma come back to haunt her since she stole another woman's man? She and her newly divorced boyfriend just got engaged.
Alicia Keys (with Swizz Beatz)

2. Some men liked to be bossed around... Why can't people just let me live my life? My wife may treat me like her butler, but I know she cares for me. ... This is a quote from a well known Radio/TV Host... Here's a hint... his wife loves the bubbly. Nick Cannon (with Mariah Carey)

105. BUZZFOTO 04/01
Oh how hard and fast they fall in Hollywood! She had the potential at one time to be America’s next sweetheart, but now this troubled star’s antics are turning everyone off from her appeal. In the hopes of coming back on top, she is now calling the paparazzi in hopes of a staged photo shoot of her looking clean and glamorous. No one is biting, mostly because she just doesn’t sell but also because she has been a total beast in the past. (Last year when a pap was trying to take her picture, she covered up her face and used a racist term towards the photographer.) Now that she’s begging anyone to snap her picture, the rumor is she’s under the mistaken idea that she’s remaking herself and will be back on top before no time. The sad reality is, the only way she’s going to make it onto a magazine page is when she totally hits rock bottom. Not Lindsay Lohan.
Tara Reid

Cruella’s Getting Nervous! (She Should) Isn't is just awful when the once-loyal employees of overly demanding celebs decide to spill the dirt they're asked to keep quiet? Yes, just terrible. Not! At least not for us, right? You bet, baby. And last time we checked in on Cruella St. Shackles, the poor broad was in a tizzy about what to do with her hubby's druggin' and dude-diggin' ways. And as if that's not enough to keep a celebrity housewife in a tizzy, now Cruella's got more to fret about: Just as Angelina Jolie must contend with that former bodyguard reportedly spilling about what a bitch she really is (such the shocker, huh?), now Ms. St. Shackles is concerned that one (or more) of her underpaid and overworked staffers is going to blab, too. With good reason. "She is horrible to people who work for her," seethed a source deep inside Camp Cruella. "And she's always threatening them with lawsuits if they talk." Indeed, Marky Sweet-Puss' bossy other half asks that her employees sign confidentiality agreements, but we know how often people pay attention to those babies in this town. Not always, thank heaven. And we're told C.S. is trembling right now because she knows she's pushed the overbearing card way too far. "She really is overdoing it with the diva behavior," blabs the Cruella know-it-all. "She's a monster." Jeez, a heathen who makes Angelina Jolie look like a be-yotch wannabe, is that what we've got goin' on here? "And how," came the reply. Oh, mercy, mercy, these Mommie Dearest types are just like Jesse James and Tiger Woods. They think nobody will ever know. How wrong they are. It Ain't: Barack and Michelle Obama, Harrison Ford and Calista Flockhart, Sarah Michelle Gellar and Freddie Prinze Jr.
Nicole Kidman/Keith Urban; Jessica Alba/Cash Warren; Gwen Stefani and Gavin Rossdale

107. BLIND GOSSIP 04/02
This young actress is enjoying a successful career, but she still isn’t satisfied. She wants a lucrative endorsement deal. To that end, she is targeting several companies. She tries to make sure that when she is photographed by the paparazzi, she casually (but prominently) displays one of their products (e.g. a soft drink can or designer purse). Then she asks the pap to send her agent a copy of the photo. The agent sends it off to the company with a note suggesting that if they ever want to see X carrying their product again, that they should hire her. Her opinion of herself must exceed that of the corporate world, though, because so far no one’s biting.
Dakota Fanning; Evan Rachel Wood; Anna Paquin

I guess you are veer too young to spice up your relationship, but this is the oddest combination. First, you have a C list actress on a hit show for a network. It doesn't take much to have a hit show on this network. She has an older boyfriend. Not much older, but older considering she is pretty young. They have been dating awhile. He is a C list actor also on a hot show for a network. Again, doesn't take too much to be a hit. Recently, our actor ran into a friend of his who is a B list actor on a very hit television show. They have known each other awhile and even did a project together. Well, one thing led to another and the next thing you know all three were getting freaky at a party together and then brought it back to the B list actor's house. Oh, this B list actor is way older than either of the other two.
#1 - C list actress: Shenae Grimes
#2 - C list actor: Matt Lanter
#3 - B list actor: Milo Ventimiglia
#4 - Any of the shows: 90201; Heroes

109. BUZZFOTO 04/05
This new dad is not getting a lot of sleep. The reason should be because he’s up all night with a new baby, but it isn’t. The reason why he’s tired all the time is because when the baby goes to bed, he goes out, leaving the mom to do all the work. While’s she’s feeding and burping, he’s stuffing bills down the g-string of his favorite strippers and drinking until dawn. The source claims he does this at least three times a week. Not Eric Dane.
Scott Disick (Kourtney Kardashian)

This C list actress who is on a very hit cable show (not reality) is known for being very sexy and provocative on the show and in all the characters she has played in television and movies. B list name recognition. Top 100 in FHM and Maxim for sexiness. Little does everyone know though that she only dates women.
Gabrielle Anwar

111. BLIND GOSSIP 04/05
When you can finally admit to yourself that you have a serious problem that is messing up your life – and you are ready and willing to accept help to change – rehab can be the answer. But when you go to rehab to escape the scrutiny of the press, or in an attempt to appease others, or to salvage your image, it’s just an expensive waste of time. There are three famous men who have spent some time in rehab recently. Only one of them is an actor. All are far more interested in saving their public image than in terminating the kind of behavior that got them there in the first place. The first did a few days to try and preserve his career and his relationship with his kid/s. His top focus right now isn’t on changing his behavior – because being a bad boy is half of the image that sells. So he’s just interested in getting more money to do the same thing he’s been doing for years. Rehab is just part of a bigger negotiating ploy. The second has physically distanced himself from his problems, but there are still several holes in his recovery. He’s only doing part of the treatment, because he doesn’t want doing it full-time to interfere with his career. He’s throwing lots of money at the problem to silence his accomplices. The third hates the results of his behavior, but he genuinely doesn’t think the problem is his. His "recovery" is the most choppy of the three, because he doesn’t really believe he has a problem. He is still in communication with his accomplices, and is asking them to lie for him. Someone really needs to take away his cell phone. In sum, expect all three to talk the talk, but to stop walking long before there is any real change is made. Any claims to the latter are just public relations.
Rehab #1: Charlie Sheen
Rehab #2: Tiger Woods
Rehab #3: Jesse James

This item would be way better as a more in depth feature of grandpa and everything he did, but space is short. This A list female country singer comes from a very interesting family. It turns out that her grandfather had at least four or five different families that he kept scattered across the country. Sometimes he would divorce before marrying and sometimes he wouldn't. He had families and kids all over the place. Our singer's mother was from the first woman he married.
Carrie Underwood

113. BUZZFOTO 04/06
This male actor found out last month his home had high levels of asbestos. He’s now ultra paranoid that he will never be able to have kids and moved out of the house faster than a speeding bullet. He is currently living with his parent and refuses to have sex with anyone until he considers himself ‘detoxified.’ That will be at least a couple years knowing how dirty this kid is! Not Penn Badgley.
Ed Westwick

114. BLIND GOSSIP 04/06
It may come as somewhat of a surprise to you that this actor’s continued employment on a successful show is uncertain. S/he is not the lead, but s/he has the kind of important supporting role that cane make or break a show. While it’s not surprising that the lead makes more, s/he believes the gap is much too big, and is looking to close it. However, it’s hard to negotiate quietly on this show without the rest of the supporting cast catching money fever and demanding similar pay bumps. That would certainly exacerbate the situation since many other shows are actually cutting their budgets. By the way, this isn’t about anything but the money. No personal grudges or threats of lawsuits are involved here. It’s a great job, but s/he will walk if demands are not met.
Lisa Edelstein "House"

115. GOSSIP BOY 04/07
At lunch today I caught up with some friends and an ex. As strange and awkward as it may have been, I heard a story that you all are going to love. It all started a couple of weekends ago. A young television star, Tri-Sexual Tony was conducting business for his show and promoting it to secure another season. When it was all said and done, he was sitting alone in his hotel room and had an itch for some excitement. He decided to explore the Internet to try and pick up something entertaining to do. Something that a lot of celebrities do, no matter how stupid it sounds.What website does he go to? CraigsList of course, the one everyone goes to for a quick lay. He found a woman's ad and answered it. After 2 hours of emailing back and forth and trading very naughty pictures, she agreed to come to his room. TST lay naked in the bed thinking that anyone would love to stumble upon a naked celebrity and probably looked very cocky. But you can never trust those internet pictures and instead of the 21 year old college girl showing up, he was greeted by a 23 year old college male. Of course he put up an argument, but the guy had already seen too much and had pictures. Even though the pictures weren't of the star's face, he wouldn't want them leaked. Then TST offered to let the boy please him orally while he talked dirty. The boy happily obliged, but after awhile TST flipped the boy over and gave it to him hard. And the boy pointed out that TST didn't seem to be new to the whole situation. After the sex, which sounded hot from all of the details, TST threw some money at the boy and told him that if he kept it a secret, they could keep hooking up. Of course the boy wanted to, everyone does. But TST should watch his back because the boy is already bragging to friends and showing the pictures. How much longer until we get a new candidate for Penis Monday. One that EVERYONE would love to see. It's Not: Austin Nichols, Kerr Smith, Misha Collins

This former A list television actor and former B list movie actor is now on a hit cable television show, but he is probably just a B- now. Big, big name recognition though. He is married to an actress. Anyway, he recently has been sporting bruises all over his body. When his friends asked how he got them, our actor said it was from a new kick boxing regimen. Actually though they are a result of his wife toppling a full bookcase on our actor after she caught him passed out drunk on their living room floor. He had told her he was sober now.
David Duchovny/Tea Leoni

117. BUZZFOTO 04/07
These now middle-aged celebs met while working on a project when they were just kids. They allegedly slept together back then and carried on a relationship under the radar. To this day, not many people know they had a relationship. What is even less known is that there was a terminated pregnancy that resulted from the love affair. As far as we know, the two have had little contact since. Not Justin Timberlake.

118. STAR MAGAZINE 04/07
Which rehabbed actor is taking a real gamble with his sobriety? He started drinking at parties again. Though his wife is worried, he says it’s not a problem — at least not yet.
Ben Affleck

119. BLIND GOSSIP 04/08
We know it’s always surprising to hear about couples who split a long time ago without our knowing it. This good-looking acting couple is another example. They’ve each done at least one long-running series, and have done many film roles. They’ve each been red-hot at some point, but have both cooled off in the career department. Errors on his part, rumors on her part. While he was definitely not the ideal family man, she didn’t turn out to be an angel either. They publicly split, then got back together, saying that they were going to renew their wedding vows. You probably didn’t know that the renewed vows never happened. In fact, the couple is already divorced. While the story isn’t out there yet, at least you now know the naked truth.
David Duchovny/Téa Leoni

This very young, but legal, socialite reality star (not cable) was at a party the other night when she made it very clear that she was available for the night for the right price. Her asking price? $25,000. When one guy asked her how come she charged so much she said, "I'm on a reality show. I have a DVD of one of the episodes if you want to watch."
Tess Taylor "Pretty Wild"

121. BUZZFOTO 04/08
These two females work on a television show for a network drama. One of the females (Female A) left for a short while and then came back. While she was gone, the other female (Female B) stayed and become close with the cast and crew. When A returned, she was furious and jealous of how chummy B was with everyone. She was convinced B was trying to steal her friends and her thunder from the show. A created a lot of drama and spread rumors of B trying to put a wedge between her and the cast. This in turn, caused B to retaliate and according to the source, lots of petty things went down on set. B was accused of talking writers into switching lines that were originally intended for A to be given to B. A was said to have trashed the wardrobe of B in her trailer. Things of that nature. The rivalry got so bad that B was said to have slept with A’s man and now A has decided to leave the show permanently. Not Eva Longoria.

This Superstar should keep quiet about his love life…..everybody knows he’s lying. Don’t fake it! Just be quiet! Jamie Foxx

Coffee, Tea or Ef Me? Looks like Mr. Perfect has flaws, after-all. Meet Buck Me-Good, one of the hottest studs in Hollywood right now, looks and career-wise. 'Tho he may not be a typical Tinseltown type (Buck prefers downing a few with the buds rather than anything remotely red carpet), this boy has made getting famous look easy over time with hit flicks and a hit personality, to boot. He's got the arm candy, fab reputation, and a slew of powerful friends. So what's the problem? His king of the world ego certainly is getting him into some trouble. While on a flight quite recently, Buck pulled some Naomi Campbell style 'tude and essentially blurred the lines of sexual harassment with those onboard. Says a sweetie caught in Buck-Me's crude crossfire: "He was really drunk and apart from throwing around phrases like 'Do you know who I am?' he hit on all the flight attendants and a passenger, even inviting her to his hotel room." Hey, at least he's got manners and didn't ask her into the lavatory, right? We know it's oh-so-wrong of him to ask so brutally, but, let's get real: the propositioned honey was a fool not to say yes to Buck! Yes, folks, he's that dreamy. But...we quickly lost our horny appetites when our friendly-flyin' source swears Buck was not the guy he once was, pre-success. "It got so bad, he got kicked off the flight. Fame has gone to this hot guy's head," we're told. We doubt BD's current girlfriend, who most definitely was still together with Buck at the time of his mile-high club attempt, would be too thrilled about this info. But, then, she's gotta have a little Sandy Bullock in her and at least suspect something's goin' on. Let's hope. Thing is, Buck's star hasn't even ultimately peaked, if you think about it. We see Oscar for this dude one day. This stud-muffin's career is only going to continue getting hotter, trust. Oh, and consider this a warning, Bucky. There's still time for a major attitude adjustment or else next time we won't be so kind as to wrap this bad-boy behavior up in a Blind Vice, promise. We have our eye on you. So feel free to go shirtless more often. And it Ain't: Chris Pine, Zac Efron, Liam Hemsworth.
Sam Worthington

124. BLIND GOSSIP 04/09
This television series is probably not returning next season. The expense of the production just can’t be justified by the show’s low ratings. One of the show’s stars, however, just isn’t willing to let go. It’s the best paycheck s/he’s had in a while, and s/he will do anything to keep it. That includes ringing up those bankrolling the show and asking to meet with them personally. After work hours. In a very private location. While we’re doubtful the actor will be successful in keeping the show on the air, it’s good to know that their dedication means that they are willing to take one for the team.
Joseph Fiennes "Flash Forward"

#1 - This A list actress/producer missed two days of scheduled filming because she was so embarrassed to have her toilet backup and overflow in her trailer.
Courteney Cox

#2 - This troubled C list, mostly television actor/comedian with A list name recognition sleeps in a tent in his backyard because he thinks he has a ghost in his house. Andy Dick

#3 & 4 & 5 - This former B+/A- list movie actress who now focuses on another entertainment career once cheated on her A list movie star former boyfriend with another A list (at that time) movie actor. Although she says it isn't cheating if the guy can't get it up.
former B+A- list movie actress: Juliette Lewis
A list movie star former boyfriend: Brad Pitt
A list movie actor: Woody Harrelson

126. NY POST/PAGE SIX 04/12
1. Which media blogger and his wife used to have threesomes with another woman? The blogger ended up leaving his wife for the other woman, who then broke it off with him -- and now he's consoling himself with a young, blonde writer.

2. Which married broadcaster had better be careful? Word is getting out about his recent night at the Hyatt Regency Greenwich with a woman who drives a black car with Vermont plates and college decals on the rear window. Matt Lauer

127. BUZZFOTO 04/12
You know this star for mostly modeling, but she’s done other stuff as well. A little birdie told us that back in her heyday, she had an obsession that was kind of unusual. Although she struggled with body issues and drugs just like everyone else, she was hoarding items like crazy. Her house or apartment was so full of junk, she wouldn’t invite anyone over. Her designer clothing was piled to the ceiling, often times with the tags still on and never worn. She had a snow globe collection that would rival a Hallmark store and those items stayed in the packages, stacked meticulously in her bathroom. She slept on piles of stuff and never threw anything out. We don’t know if she still hoards, but she did when she was super popular. Not Heidi Klum.
Kate Moss

Come season-finale time, characters are always dropping dead on us. (Case in point: The looming fatality on Smallville.) But a certain increasingly popular primetime drama’s decision to kill off one unlucky stiff really surprised me. Why? Put on your thickest blind-item specs, and I’ll tell you! First, the character in question is both an original castmember and a series regular. Second, said character is played by an Aushole fave — and if that doesn’t guarantee job security, what, I ask you, does? Third, there’s been no hint whatsoever that the Grim Reaper would be making a cameo. No mysterious headaches, no nagging cough, no bad hair days… nothin’. So, who’s the guy (or gal) whose time is up?
Taylor Momsen - Jenny "Gossip Girl"

This porn actress/reality star is having to get her hip replaced. Not only is it because of all the sex she has had since she started doing porn, but she also has had so many injections in her legs because of her heroin use that she doesn't have proper blood flow in her legs which is causing them to wither away.
Mary Carey

130. BLIND GOSSIP 04/12
In the spring, a young man’s fancy lightly turns to thoughts of love. Especially when he is in his car. In his driveway. Alone. Being seduced by the sultry voice of turn by turn instructions. That’s the position in which this current television actor found himself recently. His better half couldn’t figure out why he sat in the car alone each morning. When she went outside to find out, she observed him in the car, the seat reclined, his eyes closed, pleasuring himself to the dulcet tones of the automated voice system.
Jon Hamm

131. BUZZFOTO 04/13
This beautiful young star, that is known mostly to a younger audience is getting pressure from her parent to make it in the big time. The parent has noticed other kid stars making it big by ‘growing up too fast’ and is working to make her child more sexy. She’s got plans to give her daughter some implants, and wants to set up a racy photo shoot. Not Selena Gomez.
Demi Lovato; Victoria Justice; Miranda Cosgrove

This B-/C+ television and movie actress is pregnant. Recently she posed next to the girlfriend of her baby's father. Yep she had no qualms or issues posing for photos next to the girlfriend who is herself a B-/C+ movie and television actress. The girlfriend has no clue.

133. BLIND GOSSIP 04/13
Most people go to the gym to work out. Some go to pick up. This film actor spends enough time exercising to keep his body buff, but he gets even more of a workout afterward. We thought they were just random evening hook ups, but it turns out that everything is pre-arranged. He requests that his spotters go commando underneath their loose-fitting shorts. Not that this particular guy would have any trouble finding a spontaneous exercise buddy. Well, not as long as he minds his teeth.
Kellan Lutz

134. BLIND GOSSIP 04/14
Despite some sound advice from their accountant, this film actor is dodging some serious tax obligations. S/he is trying to categorize the housekeepers, nanny, personal assistant, etc. as independent contractors. It may not sound like a big deal, but the IRS has strict guidelines to define employees and independent contractors. These people all work for our actor full-time. In fact, some regularly work for our actor in excess of 60 hours a week, with no overtime pay. Plus they are expected to be available for weekends and holidays as well. The actor actually brags about how much control s/he has over their employee’s lives. One employee has already been told that instead of attending their own child’s graduation in June they are expected to accompany the actor’s family on vacation. That’s cold.

This married, almost became an A list actress and who is now a very, very pretty B-/C+ who only does movies, was out eating dinner earlier this week prior to going to an event. As is her custom she made use of the facilities after eating to throw it all up. The problem is that she ended up making a mess all over her multi thousand dollar dress. So, she paid her waitress $500 for the clothes she was wearing and our actress wore a polo and jeans to a black tie event.
Jennifer Connelly

136. BUZZFOTO 04/14
This super washed up starlet is partying and hanging out with a guy from out of state. Even though she’s engaged she’s found herself in love with the out-of-stater. One big problem, besides her engagement to someone else; he’s 100% gay. Our starlet is convinced she can ‘change’ him. She finds the relationship convenient because her betrothed isn’t threatened and let’s her party with him as much as she wants and then he goes back home. She stalks his facebook and texts him like crazy. He only likes her because she can get him into most clubs. Not Hilary Duff. Much more D list.
Jodie Sweetin

137. BUZZFOTO 04/15
This Hollywood starlet is fed up with the so-called liberal politics of her costars. They all work on a network television drama together and in between filming the cast will sometimes discuss political issues. Because she disagrees, and considers herself more conservative, she claims she is offended by some of their general behavior and ideas. Instead of confronting the cast mates directly, she’s written an anonymous letter to each of them, chastising them for their opinions and has even included
very religious verses in each letter telling them to shape up. Not Mariska Hargitay.

I guess this comic actor is A list. Primarily movies now. When I say he is A list, he is by definition in the sense he is top billed in movies, but I never think of him as more than a B or C. He has always come across as a guy's guy, but when he was in Europe a few weeks ago doing publicity for an old project, he made everyone call him by his female name and stayed at his hotel for four nights as a woman.
Mike Myers; Tim Allen (Toy Story re-release); Tyler Perry

139. BLIND GOSSIP 04/15
This actress does not like having the age difference between her and her husband pointed out to her again and again. So she has a new response prepared when anyone makes a joke or comment about his age or his energy level. She will laugh politely and then lean in as if to share a confidential remark about how she longs for the day when that man and his giant penis slow down so that she can finally get some sleep. Maybe she should just consider taking away the Viagra for which he receives prescriptions from no fewer than two separate doctors in LA.
Catherine Zeta Jones and Michael Douglas

140. POPBITCH 04/16
1. Which singer took so much ketamine at a party she ended up taking off all her clothes?

2. Which wannabe style icon is getting increasingly thin and moody? Her entourage can't work out if it's the drugs or an eating disorder. Alexa Chung; Peaches Geldof

141. HOLY MOLY 04/16
Which fairly recent Doctor Who actor is spending a bit too much time at the moment cruising public toilets in the West End of London?
John Barrowman

142. SUDS REPORT 4/16
1. Which diva is hooked on painkillers and recently had to be escorted out of the studio by her husband?

2. Which east-coast actor constantly lies to his fans about how much he likes his storyline but secretly agrees with disapproving critics?

3. Which recently fired actor was fired for the same reason from another show?

This Singing Sensation broke up her fiancé’s marriage, but the joke was on her. Once he left his wife, she found out he had a jumpoff with a baby in another country. Is this man really worth all the drama?!!!!! Alicia Keyes

Seymour Plow-Me-More is hardly in the closet. That is, if you live in L.A. Saying Seymour's gay is like saying Tom Cruise is super into Scientology. It's just a known fact. So why, then, is SPMM, who happens to look rather fetching in a dress, still shy about his homosexual ways? After all, Plow hardly blushes when he propositions men for sexy time in bath houses. Plus, it's not even like Seymour has a red-hot career to worry about. Thing is, coming out is über-complicated—as we assure you, outing himself isn't entirely Sey's decision alone. There are far too many people and companies relying on SPMM being this big macho Hollywood man (which we, and America, so aren't buying anymore). Guess that's the only reason Mr. More is taking extra precautions: Ritzy spas are hardly the only place Plow-Me-More likes to get his freak on. Just like any married skank in this town, Sey-babe hits the dirty-ass club scene to get his gay on, too. Problemo is certain folks have Seymour occasionally concerned that people are watching his every friggin' move trying to out him. Like, duh. So what's a gay man with a legacy at stake to do? Well, SPMM made one particular club (since he's such a regular there) install an extra-special private door to give him more discreet in-and-out pun intended. We just don't know what to do anymore! 'Mour is so desperate to get out of his situation he has going on with the Missus, et al, he will just never do it himself, ultimately. So, should we break our cardinal rule of no outing? Seriously, if the fact that Seymour dresses up in drag (it's where he feels quite comfortable) during his alone time isn't a rainbow herring enough, we don't know what is. If it isn't gonna be us doing the dirty work, you bet it's gonna be someone else with a camera and mortgage ready to sell out old S. We'll play nice for now and let Seymour Plow enjoy his time out of the spotlight. Dude's already been through enough. Unless you all disagree? And It Ain't: Tom Cruise, Alec Baldwin, Tom Hanks. John Travolta

#1 - This very aging, fantastic actor who has had some great roles in great movies, but has never really been more than B- list, was caught by flight attendants while he was, umm being handled by his assistant on a recent flight.
F. Murray Abraham

#2 & #3 & #4- This Academy Award winner/nominee actress recently sold her wedding ring to pay off gambling debts of one of her children. She told her A list movie actor husband she had lost the ring because he told her not to help this child anymore who she had with another celebrity.
actress: Melanie Griffith
husband: Antonio Banderas
child: Alexander
ex-husband: Steven Bauer

146. BLIND GOSSIP 04/16
This actress always talks about how much she loves her body, and how hard she works to keep in shape. She talks about how proud she is to have a dancer’s body – lean and strong. We hear though, that she became very sensitive about the constant teasing from an ex-boyfriend about how boyish her body was. He even gave her the nickname Flatsy. So, approximately nine days ago, she had that situation amended. Nothing extreme, but definitely some added curves where none existed before. When asked about it, she denies having any plastic surgery, and says that her figure looks less boy-like because she’s been working really hard on narrowing her waist and rounding out her butt with special exercises. She almost has us fooled. Not.
Kate Hudson

147. STAR MAGAZINE 04/16
Which multi-tasking actress needs to take a break? With her acting, directing, spokesmodeling and more, it’s no wonder she’s exhausted. But her recent hush-hush hospital stay was a major sign to slow down.
Drew Barrymore

148. GOSSIP BOY 04/19
Country Music Blinds
1- Which award winning country singer celebrated a little too hard last night and drunk dialed her ex-boyfriend. She ended up hooking up with him and spent the night in a hotel room while her boyfriend frantically searched for her.

2- Which veteran singer was vocally dissing the up an coming country singing generation? The entire time she was backstage she was trash talking Taylor Swift's attempt to sell her showmances. Ironically, she herself is selling her own faux romance, or does she really believe that she has pulled the blindfold over our eyes?

3- This married couple put on quite a show to on lookers at the awards. Smiling on cue, posing so perfectly. But as soon as they were out of sight, the wife headed to the hotel to sleep while the husband went out with some fellow male cowboys and did some "bull riding." Beer, coke, and cock. I'm sure that what he was doing is not how America thinks of him spending his Sunday evenings. Nicole Kidman/Keith Urban

149. BUZZFOTO 04/19
In this celebrity couple, he seems quiet and nice, she seems a little bossy and over bearing. But it was he who allegedly pushed her down the stairs when the two had an argument last week. Not Posh and Becks.

This A list male reality star on a very, very hit network show is worried that an ex is going to sell pictures of our star in some intimate poses with another guy. Not dirty, but kissing and shirtless.
Evan Lysacek "Dancing With The Stars"

151. BLIND GOSSIP 04/19
A certain actress clearly wasn’t feeling too harmonious at a recent music festival. She seemed to adopt dual personalities with the swarms of paparazzi who were there. One minute she was smiling and posing for the cameras; the next, she was holding her hand to the side of her face to thwart photographs. We do note, however, that her receptivity to attention did seem to increase directly with her intake of alcohol and swag. Perhaps she was in a better mood because she traded off some of the swag for some white powder.
Lindsay Lohan

152. BLIND GOSSIP 04/20
Just when you thought that everyone is Hollywood was completely wired, along comes this famous actor. He doesn’t use Facebook or MySpace or Twitter, doesn’t have a website, and does not use a computer or a cell phone or even a watch. Before you go thinking that he must be someone older, we will let you know that our actor is actually under the age of 30. He claims that being completely unwired allows him to absorb and project the essence of a character in any period in time. "My look and my attitude are unique and timeless," he bragged to a friend. "The audience can sense that. That’s why everyone wants me."
Shia LaBouf; Emile Hirsch

153. BUZZFOTO 04/20
The movie actor has terrible insomnia. It is affecting all sorts of aspects of his life both personal and professional. His performances have recently been criticized and not many people know it is because of his lack of sleep. Most importantly, he’s moved out of his wife’s bedroom originally because he couldn’t sleep while she was sleeping. Now the wife is feeling totally rejected and has taken the kids and moved out. This doesn’t help his anxiety over sleep. Not Mark Wahlberg. Ben Affleck

This very goody goody A list television actress has always claimed to be without fault. No drugs no cheating. She is like a Puritan for goodness sake. Well, I wonder what her husband would make of her smoking, drinking, and her bra out of her dress while being groped by her former co-star.

155. BLIND GOSSIP 04/21
Just when we thought this couple was growing apart, we find out that they’re engaged. This actor has not only popped the question to his gorgeous girlfriend… she has accepted, and the wedding plans are well underway! The paparazzi had better be prepared to catch a plane, though, because this bigger-than-big wedding is going to happen overseas this summer. Even though the groom is definitely the bigger star here, his bride is very photogenic. We expect some gorgeous wedding photos.
Leonardo DiCaprio and Bar Refaeli

156. BUZZFOTO 04/21
This celeb claims to our source that her celebrity status was basically created by a magazine. She says this gossip rag approached her with an idea that A Listers were no longer being photographed or making headlines, so they would make her famous by starting to print her in the magazines. She would get a cut of the sales, but the catch was they could print whatever they wanted about her. The plan worked to everyone’s advantage because the celeb has had work since and has gained fame and the mags have something to run whenever they need it.
Kim Kardashian

157. BLIND GOSSIP 04/22
Family and friends are getting very concerned about this c-list TV actress who says she’s been losing weight naturally with supplements. In reality, she’s been binge drinking and popping pills, which has made her behavior erratic. Some are fearing that she’ll cut off all of her inner circle unless they do an intervention and send her to rehab.
Tori Spelling; Kirstie Alley

This A list movie actor is known for his many many sexual encounters with women. Well, it turns out that at some point our actor developed an STD that is so bad his doctor warned him he should not have anymore sex with anyone. He has complied but still pretends he is sexually active by hitting on every woman that crosses his path. All for show though. All for show.
Jack Nicholson

159. THE DISHRAG 04/22
Ricky Martin recently came out about being a homosexual. Not exactly earth shattering news, but still a commendable act of personal courage for the father of two. So which Hollywood celebrity is going to come out on May 5? People Magazine allegedly has the exclusive and the celeb is booked on several major talk shows that week including "The View."
Chely Wright

160. HOLY MOLY 04/23
1. Which Formula 1 driver is known within the circles for having a bad drink problem. At a recent house party in Sweden, he walked onto the lawn at 4am and started having a 'Tommy Tank' in full view of everyone. He can't remember a thing about it.
Jenson Button; Lewis Hamilton; Kimi Raikkonen

2. Which editor of a celebrity-based website (no, before you ask) really took one for the team when interviewing a hot member of the Hollyoaks cast by rutting him senseless afterwards?

1. Which soap star is irritating her co-workers by bragging about the brilliance of her recent performances?

2. Which actress was issued a "shape-up-or-ship-out" warning?

3. Which leading lady pretends to eat food on the set despite everyone knowing she’s anorexic?

4. Which soap hunk has been showing up liquored up more often than usual?

Ballsy Crescent Kumquat Surfs for Sex! From cuddling to kissing to...well, hold your horny horses for a second. You remember, Crescent Kumquat, we're sure. You know, that adorable B.V. star who can't quite seem to figure out his sexuality, but is having plenty of fun in the process. Well, C.K. has taken another, more serious (as we predicted) step in his nighttime adventures with the fellows—isn't it just touching to watch him grow up? And by touching, we so mean in the crotch-grabbin' way that Cres loves. So what's the down-low dude up to now? We told you that Cres had taken a page from Topher Hairy-Tuchas' book and is using the Internet to pick out unknowing cyber-studs for some one-on-one fun. And Crescent has found the method quite rewarding. Recently, C.K. chatted up a guy on a men-only website—according to the chattee—for an hour before the two finally decided to meet at the unsuspecting stranger's place. To say Crescent's potential conquest was surprised to see our hottie heartthrob is an understatement, but the online lover knew the code and pretended he didn't recognize Cres's so-famous face. So what gets Cressy all hot 'n' bothered and ready to get down to action? Bourbon (tho our unprepared hookup had to substitute good old fashion H2O for the brown liquor) and a few puffs on a joint. Then it's time to hit the bedroom. The action started innocently enough, with C.K.'s signature makeout session—which, at this point, he has down to a work of art—but things quickly picked up. Cres admitted to still being a virgin when it comes to going all the guy-on-guy way (which, we're so not surprised by) but there was still plenty more the two good-lookin' dudes could do to pass the time until C.K. skipped out in the wee hours of the morning. And with all that spooning and cute-as-hell necking we're accustomed to, Cres has to be quite the gentle lover, no? More like, hell no—the dude is definitely into the rough stuff—hair pulling and member-slapping, included free of charge. And then Crescent was gone. His e-profile was deleted and the number he left after his late-night rendezvous turned out to be a faker—as if he would leave his actual digits. Why not his publicist's cell, too, while he was at it, right? What did titillate us is that C.K. told his hunky hookup that he was bisexual and the two had to be discreet because Cres has a GF (which is so not true). Looks like Crescent still has plenty of exploring left to do—tho we're sure it will be with more fellas than ladies, as we've seen C.K. in full-on party mode and he never seems to have any intention of heading home with a chica. Hey, as long as we keep getting the dirty details, explore away—so much more exciting than Lewis and Clarke, don't you think? And It Ain't: Nick Jonas, James Van Der Beek, Alexander Skarsgård.
Chase Crawford

At a recent event, these were the impressions of someone when they met the following people:

#1&#2 - A list female tv host and her actor husband - very sweet and funny. Kelly Ripa & Mark Consuelos

#3 - C list movie and television actor but B+ for stage - very funny. Alan Cummings

#4 - Recently separated Academy Award nominee/winner actress - huge b*tch. Susan Sarandon

#5 - C+ list actress on the hit network show everyone talks about all the time. Oh, and she is a great red carpet dresser. - super diva b*tch. Lea Michele

163. BUZZFOTO 04/22
This serial monogamist might sing how he likes to roam around with different ladies, but he is actually terrified when he’s not in a relationship. We mean, truly terrified. He’s been diagnosed with Anuptaphobia (look it up!), a fear of being single. He will do anything to be in a relationship, even if he doesn’t like the person he’s with.
Justin Timberlake; John Mayer

What music publishing president has been pressuring a Grammy-nominated composer to collaborate with the exec's teenage son? The songwriter is afraid to say no.

Battlestar Galactica did it. Desperate Housewives did it. And now yet another popular show is considering utilizing the increasingly-familiar plot device known as the time warp and fast-forwarding all of its stories! Which one? I’d love to tell you, but this is a blind item. So all you’ll get out of me are the following clues:
1. If it happens, the time shift will occur between this season’s finale and next season’s premiere.
2. If it happens, it’ll be because, I’m told, the network wanted to shake up the show and its characters, opening doors to new stories and closing doors on old ones.
3. If it happens… I’ll (hopefully) be telling you about it in the next few weeks.

"Brothers & Sisters"

166. BLIND GOSSIP 04/26
If you plan on coming out of the closet, make sure you check with this celebrity first. Since he believes that his coming out is more important than your coming out, he will not appreciate your stealing his thunder. In fact, he may even call you up to ask you to put your announcement on hold. We personally think that he should spend more time fixing his own mess of a life rather than calculating how much publicity he can get for disclosing things everyone already knew.

167. BUZZFOTO 04/26
This aging musician is finding himself low on relationship prospects. He is used to the good old days when he had the ladies flocking to his trailer after a show, but now the options are drying up and he’s resorted to internet chat rooms to find companionship.

These C list actor twins once had an interesting visit to a strip club. The twin who has had a worse career found a stripper he liked and took her to the backroom where she took care of him orally. Immediately after she returned, the twin with the greater success took the same girl back to the back room and her perform the same act on him. I guess twins do share everything.
Jeremy and Jason London

#1 - This two first name C list reality stars from one of the cable reality shows that I don't like was out of the country and needed his coke. Needed it badly. Needed it so much that at a club one night he asked every person in the club for some. When he finally found someone to give him some he took the coke and his girl and walked out without even saying thanks.
Justin Bobby

#2 - This former almost A list television funny man and stand up comedian had his own show for awhile. Since then he has bounced around from project to project. At one point not in the too distant past he could not go anywhere without being asked for photos and autographs. How times have changed. Over the weekend he was at Chateau Marmont eating lunch all by himself for over an hour and no one stopped by his table or even seemed to recognize him despite him making eye contact with everyone who walked by. Richard Lewis

170. BUZZFOTO 04/27
Our blind today deals with a very Twitter happy star. He loves the public persona but is struggling privately. His relationship will soon come to an end. He cheated with a young lady that he met on the internet. Not Michael Lohan.

171. MICKEY ROURKE 04/27
I worked with an actress recently who, despite having a reputation as a 'good actress', shits herself when that little red light comes on. She's fooled everyone into thinking she's a lot better than she is. Working with someone like that is a pain in the ass, ya know?
Evan Rachel Wood

172. GOSSIP BOY 04/27
Poor Justin Case and his tortured heart. After being used and abused by Rainbow Dark and trying to keep up the charade for his girlfriend, he has been running ragged. He has been itching to find a new hook-up and found one in one of his friends. Rock Jock who also has a girlfriend, actually she is the one who was dropped off at the clinic and told what to do by Rock Jock. Justin has always told close friends of his sexual attractions, and by close I mean one or three people. Rock Jock had no clue, until Justin smoked too much and let his intense withdrawal get the better of him. Rock didn't even fight it, the boy dove and delivered a hot kiss that ended with Justin getting exactly what he needed. As Justin brags of his feat to me, I didn't have the heart to tell him that he had just landed himself back in the same situation. Rock and his girl, Black Sheep, may have some arguments that end up with a drop off at abortion clinics, but Black Sheep is not letting her man go. She knows he swings both ways, and so does she. They are both very eager to break out of the mold that they are in. But while Rock is pretty much using Justin as his new swing set, Justin is falling for this guy. Justin is willing to go head to head with Black Sheep, but Rock could never come out. This is one guy who was born and bred for stardom and there is no way in hell that would ever happen. Plus, let's be honest. He is a honest to goodness bisexual who is just experimenting. Trust me, with a boring girl like Black Sheep, you would need some fun on the side too.
Rock Jock and Black Sheep Are Not: Hunter Parrish and Amanda Michalka; Liam Hemsworth and Miley Cyrus; Ashley Tisdale and Scott Speer.
Justin Case Is Not: Zac Efron; Jensen Ackles; Zachary Quinto.

Justin Case: Hunter Parrish
Rock Jock: Zac Efron
Black Sheep: Vanessa Hudgens

173. BLIND GOSSIP 04/27
This funny guy has been very successful as both a comedian and an actor. Off the record, though, he’s not very nice. One of his kids ran into some trouble with substance abuse.The father refused to pay for rehab, and told the kid that he didn’t want to see him/her again until s/he was clean. Apparently, the only kind of love he can show is tough love. He kicked the kid out of the house, and the kid is now crashing on friends’ sofas and occasionally living on the streets. Without any money, his/her last resort is turning tricks. The father knows about this, too, and still refuses to help.
Ray Romano; Dan Akroyd; Chevy Chase; Bill Murray

174. BLIND GOSSIP 04/28
With young Hollywood getting more and more body conscious, it’s no surprise that young girls are adopting extreme exercise and diet plans. However, there is a young male actor who seems to be succumbing to the pressure as well. He believes that if he doesn’t sculpt his growing body into something extraordinary, he won’t be able to land the bigger roles. We believe that if he continues with his extreme exercise and "supplements" plan, he won’t be able to find his meat and two veg. While the rest of him is growing, one of his cast mates told us that his boys are definitely shrinking.
Kellan Lutz; Taylor Lautner

#1 - Which candidate for UK Prime Minister once literally danced on the grave of Marx after getting drunk?
David Cameron

#2 - This creeping towards A list movie actor, who looks about 16, is enjoying his new status a lot. This actor would probably never get a date if not for his career. He certainly wouldn't be able to pass around coke like party favors or get to snort it off the breasts of women like he did last night at a party. Michael Cera

176. BUZZFOTO 04/28
This Vegetarian star is in a relationship with someone not too supportive of her lifestyle. He bragged to friends he loves finding ways of secretly slipping meat into her meals without her knowledge. Not Pam Anderson.
Avril Lavigne/Brody Jenner

177. BUZZFOTO 04/29
This celeb couple is finally sleeping under the same roof after a pretty rough patch. They’re not in the same bedroom, but it’s progress. This wouldn’t be such a big deal if the couple didn’t pretend to be totally in love. When their pictures are snapped, they make sure they are being photographed together, but because she cheated with a recent co-star, and he’s been disconnected for months, the two are less than happy together. Not Liev Schreiber.
Angelina Jolie/Brad Pitt

This A list movie actor is supposed to be sober. (He isn't). He is also supposed to be happily married which is why it was very surprising to see him take an escort into his hotel room yesterday afternoon.
The escort was a man. Robert Downey Jr,; Samuel L. Jackson

179. POPBITCH 04/29
Which pop star is trying to keep an old home-made sex tape from surfacing on the internet?

180. GOSSIP BOY 04/29
1- Which ex-boy band member has began hooking up with fans, male or female, that he meets via Twitter? He Direct Messages them then proceeds to have Skype Sex with them. And he really likes it when he finds fans and they put on his music. Extra points for having one of their posters on your wall. NOT Donnie Wahlberg. Jordan Knight "NKOTB"

2- What 90's sitcom star secretly has rendezvous with male hookers while his girlfriend is off being a dumb-ass? NOT Matthew Fox.

3- What male star is trying to find another gig so that he has two jobs? Turns out, before his last show was canceled, he used to say he had to work late at one set and rush to the other, not leaving him time to come home. When in reality, he was off giving it to his boyfriend. Not Chris Noth. Christopher Meloni "L&O SVU" and "Oz"

181. BLIND GOSSIP 04/29
When asked about their upbringing, this celebrity talks about it in idyllic terms. She describes her childhood as if she was raised by at least one loving and supportive parent. The truth is that both parents had serious problems, and she was bounced from home to home by relatives resentful that they had another mouth to feed. While she was thankfully able to establish a career of her own, her weight and her relationships with men have always been chaotic. She has cheated on every single man she has ever been with. However, if the man ever threatens to leave her, she stops eating until he relents and stays.

182. STAR MAGAZINE 04/29
Which actress may have big love for her athlete boyfriend but is keeping her options open behind the scenes? She’s been spotted getting cozy with her playboy ex at several L.A. parties.
Hayden Panettiere/Wladimir Klitschko

183. GOSSIP BOY 04/30
When Delusional Dorothy lived in her ho-hum life, she always dreamed of what life would be like when she escaped and got to live in the technicolor world. She already had some fame, but nothing like the needy girl really wanted. She seemed like a sweet girl, but we all know things are not as they seem. One sunny day, Hurricane Hollywood swept the girl away and landed her in the magical land where she felt that she belonged. Poor Delusional Dorothy had no idea that nothing is as it seems, especially in the land of HW. She fell for a sweet boy that she had known forever and she had a role that brought her so much fame and notoriety that she was on an all time high. The night she planned to lose her big V, she found out her equally pretty boyfriend was gay. When she put the moves on him, he laughed and asked her what the hell was wrong with her. He thought she was in on the bearding, which poor Dorothy so was not. She soon found out that the people she considered friends were actually the ones leaking information behind her back. As Dorothy's entire world became that of a fiction novel, she went on a mission to lose the big V. Boy did she lose it, and in a big way. Not only is she no longer a nun, she began sleeping her way around town. Poor girl, she just wants to be loved and find something real in HW. And let's face it, sex is pretty much the only real thing in this town. Dotty has her eyes currently set on one guy that has been in a relationship longer than she has been in the business. One night Dotty was at an event, lushing it up and promoting herself. She was at the bar and met this fine looking actor. It's no secret that he is far from single and he isn't the kind of guy to cheat. He simply had admired the young Starlett and struck up a conversation. Poor Delusional Dorothy mistook his admiration for flirtation and thought the stud had a thang for her. Since that night, she has been on the path of destruction. Not only has she taken up a friendship with someone that is just trying to jump on her wave, she has been plotting a ways to run into Stud anytime she can. She actually has her people on full alert and stops at nothing short of rushing to a Starbucks he is sitting at. Dotty is now singing to the tune of a twisted love song and has spent her days coming up with ways to get him out of his relationship. Girl has even gone as far as to try and "leak" their new "relationship" to certain mags and gossip columns to see it they will start up the rumor mill. Hopefully, Stud and his woman will see this storm coming from a mile away because if not, it could rip their storybook romance to shreds.
It's Not: Anna Torv; Genevive Cortese; Selena Gomez.
ADDENDUM: If you remember Delusional Dorothy, you remember that it doesn't take much from a guy for her to make him her point of interest. Dorothy's old crush had gone stale for the vixen since he was not a willing participant, not like that has ever stopped our star before. But this guy had gotten lucky only because Dorothy had met a new guy. Someone more powerful and more influential than any A-List actor. Dorothy went to an event and that's where she met the public figure, who in no way is single. But he charmed Dorothy, as he does with any celebrity he meets. Of course, she took it to mean that he was in love with her and she has suddenly become a huge supporter and showing up at any event he may attend. Dorothy has vowed to get this guy in her clutches, and she is bragging about it to all of her girlfriends. Problem is, I think that this guy might actually give in to the temptation. You can tell that he was the guy who never scored the hot chicks and Dorothy is Hot. This weekend being a major holiday, Dorothy is said to be attending the usual Memorial Day parties. But it is also to be said that Dorothy is said to be meeting Mr. Public for a hot hook-up. Hopefully his wife will be busy with their family at their own Memorial Day cook-out to notice. It's Not: Megan Fox; Anna Kendrick; Ashley Greene.

1. This R&B Superstar has to keep his new girlfriend out of the spotlight --- the reason why --- his ex-wife is crazy and has been threatening the new girlfriend.

2. This female Singer is trying too hard to be relevant. Her new album is being released soon. She has been showing up on promo appearances with her hair shaved and see through cat suits. She is the mother of two kids, and this look does not suit her. Toni Braxton

3. This TV/movie Actor is not being faithful to his Actress wife, who regularly appears on Broadway. This guy loves the groupies. Taye Diggs

Who's the Not-So-Gleeful Diva? Jeez, whenever we try to give people benefit of the doubt (à la Buck Me-Good), it turns out to bite us in the ass. Remember how we told you the Glee kids were all, like, one moderately happy family—by Hollywood standards, that is? Well, one snitty star on that totally lovable show is causing quite the dramatic ruckus, pulling a Heigl on set. And it just pains us to report this, but alas, it is our jobs. So let's get the nasty stuff over with, shall we? Introducing Pat Poisonpuss, one of the main faces of Fox's hit show. Actually, Pat would probably smack us across the head for saying "introducing" before this sexy babe's name because, according to P.P., Pat has been in the Hollywood game forever. So much more than the minions (crew and fellow actors) Poisonpuss is "forced" to deal with everyday. A source close to Team Awful recently visited the Glee set and reported, among other snitty deets, that Pat was totally isolated in between takes. Pat, we're told, "really gave off the impression that [he or she?] is a huge diva," our insider dished. The set snooper insisted P.P. positively reeked of entitled-itis—think it's going to be catching soon on that show, too. But say it ain't so! We're told diva doesn't even begin to describe how bitchy this par-tick star behaved, not mingling with anyone, choosing, instead to do eye-rolls over in a corner while other actors we're doing their bits. Talk about tacky! But hey, maybe it's a method-acting kinda thing? You know, P.P. is just trying to stay in character in between takes? Could that be it? We're choosing to believe that scenario, 'cause we think Pat is a total fox and supertalented. Anyway, hopefully this seminew celeb won't get too big a tude, 'cause this behavior so screams Katherine Heigl. And It Ain't: Dijon Talton, Heather Morris, Harry Shum Jr.
Lea Michele

#1 - Which designer who recently died was HIV+ and was distraught over the fact he had infected at least four other people.
Alexander McQueen ( I was not going to ever reveal this, but apparently there is a new book being published which discusses it)

#2 & #3 - What B-/C+ list TV/movie comedian/"actor" on a long-running network show got away with showing up late, never learning any of his lines, and generally driving the crew crazy with his arrogance...for as long as he was romancing the show's A list star. Once that was over, so was his free ride. Jamie Kennedy/Jennifer Love Hewitt "Ghost Whisperer"

187. BLIND GOSSIP 04/30
In some relationships, having a baby brings the couple closer. That’s not the case with this celebrity family. While she always appears lovely and pleasant on camera, we hear that behind the scenes the two have been yelling and fighting over everything. Popular topics for their arguments include sleep deprivation and him trying to convince her to stop breast feeding so that she can get a breast lift.
Eric Dane/Rebecca Gayheart; Kourtney Kardashian/Scott Disick


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