NOTE: Guesses in italics are only guesses;
guesses in RED are a link to the solution or substantial clues.

This female Actress is married to a Superstar Actor, and she has talented kids. She also has something else……too much Botox. She is also very skinny and masculine looking. This is not a good look for her. Stop the Botox!
Jada Pinkett Smith

Which eccentric comic had ‘em rolling in the aisles — at an AA meeting in NYC? He stepped up to the mic to talk about his recovery and ended up doing a standup routine.
Russell Brand; Robin Williams; Jim Carrey

This married B list actor on a hit network crime drama was filming on location. Most of the day he had been just sitting in his trailer doing meth, when he spotted an overnight delivery truck. When the driver got out, our actor got in and drove it for about three blocks at about 5 m.p.h. The entire three blocks, the driver was running along side banging on the door until he got the actor to stop. When the driver recognized the actor, he decided not to call the cops and even drove the actor back to the set.
Sean Murray "NCIS"

4. HOLY MOLY 07/01
1. Which mega-famous teen pop star copes with her fame, riches and dreadful singing voice by putting away more weed than Howard Marks in a weed smoking contest?
Miley Cyrus

2. Which member of a very popular British boy band (not Take That or Boyzone) hastily deleted his Gaydar profile over the weekend when the pictures he posted revealed his identity? FYI, he's a bottom, and will only send you full pics once he's vetted you because he "is a public figure" (idolised by loads of girls who would be heartbroken obv). Tom Fletcher from McFly

5. BUZZFOTO 07/01
Same old story, different name. This D lister just lost her only gig she had in the works that kept her name relevant. She is now desperate to keep her name in the press. She will be releasing a sex tape soon. Of course, she won’t do it, it will just accidentally happen. Not Stephanie Pratt.
Heidi Montag

6. POPBITCH 07/02/10
Which Hollywood couple are failing to convince people that they're the new power couple in town? It's been a long time since one of her films has scored, whereas her intended is on the way up. He was convinced into this PR made match but he's having massive second thoughts. You can see the actress being dumped yet again - perhaps even before she gets to the altar this time. Renee Zellweger and Bradley Cooper

Now here’s a blind item you don’t see every day: An hour drama is contemplating making one of its male leads HIV positive. If producers go for it, the story has the potential to be tremendously groundbreaking — a la General Hospital‘s long-infected and (knock wood) healthy lady doc, Robin. But… What? There’s always a "but," right? There’s still a chance the powers that be will go with Plan B and give the guy a scare rather than a positive diagnosis. Plan C — scrapping the story entirely — is also a possibility. Regardless, we’ll find out around November, my source says, when the plot thickens — or doesn’t. One thing’s for sure, though: You will be watching. On an Aushole popularity scale, the show is about a 6.7. (Hint: I’m not talking about Saul on Brothers & Sisters.)
Michael Weatherly (Tony) "NCIS"

Cruella Buys Boingier Boobs—Again: Forget sex, drugs, and all the usual juicy tidbits that celebs work so hard to keep under wraps. These days a T-town tart's worst fear is that her on-call plastic surgeon will fess up to the nip 'n' tuck she hoped no one would notice. But we weren't too shocked when we heard word that our (least) fave ice-queen Cruella St. Shackles has gone under the knife. So what did the über-bitchy broad get plumped, pinched, or prodded this time? Her boobs, of course! Seems nasty ol' Cruella has bigger worries than her loose-lipped employees. Like, say, gravity? Cruella, who some would argue was a knockout in her heyday, was tres unhappy with her not-so-perky friends and called her trusty doc for boob job numero dos. Just FYI, she got her first set of around the time she married Marky Sweet-Puss (not that he was interested, really). Way to come late to the big-tittie committee, Cruella! Aren't you getting a bit old to focus on your breasticles, especially since all your plastic-surgery peers are prepping to get their faces injected with the latest fountain-of-youth chemicals? Or maybe that's exactly why Cruella went for the cleavage upgrade. See, Cruella is no stranger to going under the knife—no matter how many times she may deny it. Let's say that if surgeons gave out "buy five, get one on the house" procedures, this plastic prima donna would be cashing in freebies quite a bit. And she's starting to become a cautionary tale of Plastic Surgery Gone Wrong. But now with her new and improved silicone sisters, Cruella probably thinks she may finally be able to divert some of the attention away from her messed-up mug. Uh, too late for that, sister. Wondering where she got the cash to pay for all these "cosmetic enhancements"? That's a Vice so for another day, kiddies. And It Ain't: Sarah Palin, Sarah Jessica Parker, Victoria Beckham.
Nicole Kidman

It isn’t unusual for male stars to occasionally have their backs and chests waxed in preparation for a scene in which they will be shirtless. This one star carried it even further. He insisted that the beauty technician also wax his butt and do some serious manscaping on his nether regions, neither which was going to be included in the film. He picked up the habit from a well-groomed ex who was disgusted by his naturally hirsute body, and who would block any intimate physical contact with him until his body was completely hair-free. No It’s Not: Alec Baldwin.
Bruce Willis; Ben Affleck

#1 & #2 & #3- Old Hollywood - So, this Oscar nominee/winner who has lately been doing television started off as a child actor. Anyway, back when he was barely in his teens he worked with this A++ foreign born movie actor who had quite the reputation. When the A++ actor learned our child actor was new to the ways of sex he introduced him to some willing co-stars who were more than willing to have sex with the young teen.
#1 - Child Actor: Dean Stockwell
#2 - A++ actor: Errol Flynn
#3 - Movie they made when this happened: "Kim" 1950

#4 - This one is not Old Hollywood. This D list movie actor has been in almost 100 movies. He gets parts not because of his talent, but because when he comes to the sets he brings three or four women who work for him as escorts and service the cast and crew on foreign locations and away from home.

11. GOSSIP BOY 07/05
Jack and Jill were a pretty well known couple. Both have a long past of hookups that graced many magazines. So when Jack and Jill stumbled upon each other, the paps ate it up and the celebs loved it. Jack is a well known actor best known for film while Jill is all over the board. For a couple of months these two were hot and heavy, milking the publicity their tryst was getting as well as the added bonus of the hot sex. Jack is known for his adventurous ways in bed and knows how to rock the boat just right. For 2 months they bumped ugly any chance they got and when Jill realized she was pregnant, their relationship went to another level. This couple had a quickie wedding and welcomed their lovechild into the world. But Jill didn't realize that she married a master manipulator. I mean he isn't an award winning actor for nothing. Poor girl comes home one day to find the locks changed and a note telling her that the marriage was over and she would be sued for full custody. Instead of trying to get the baby back, Jill has drowned herself in drugs and booze and her career is about to drown as well. Most of the public doesn't even remember her having the kid, just seeing her turn into this hot mess and vanishing off of the radar.

12. BLIND GOSSIP 07/05
This film actor has been working hard lately. At least, that’s the reason he gave for nodding off to sleep in the middle of an interview. Twice. Each time his lids closed, his handler gently prodded him until he woke up and started talking again. We know that filming is tiring, and that travel and promoting are exhausting, too. But perhaps lighting up first thing in the morning isn’t the best idea if you’re having trouble staying awake.
Robert Pattinson

So, how did you spend your 4th of July weekend? Friends? Family? Arms of a Playmate? Well on Friday night this married Academy Award nominee/winner actor spent two hours at a "business dinner" (that is what he told his wife) with a recent Playmate Of The Month. He then spent the night with her in his hotel room for some followup meetings. Then, Saturday morning, he was out with the wife as if nothing happened.
Josh Brolin

14. BUZZFOTO 07/05
This news man from a very popular network is not the nice guy everyone thinks he is. Although he’s got a massive following of people who love him for the fiery morals he preaches, he is actually a big-time jerk in real life. His ego is so huge, his staff despises him, but more importantly, so does his family. He’s working so hard to make himself even more rich and powerful, he’s never around for his children and when he is, he is cruel, cold and verbally abusive. And we won’t even go into how he treats his mistress. Not Jon Stewart.
Glenn Beck; Bill O'Reilly

15. BUZZFOTO 07/06
Which C list star was so hopped up on drugs this weekend that he tried to include fireworks into his bedroom routine with his girlfriend? We’re not talking about the proverbial kind, we’re talking actual fireworks. His antics sent them both to the emergency room with a few minor burns. Perhaps this kind of behavior is exactly why he can’t get custody of his kids. Not Jeremy London.

16. CRUSHABLE 07/06
We hear that a certain polarizing player in politics doesn’t quite understand the word "borrow." A well-placed source tells Crushable that this person was on a plane headed for their home state when they spotted an expensive Italian handbag belonging to the daughter of someone in said state’s political circle. They complimented the bag, asked to borrow it for a high-profile event and never returned it. The daughter was too polite to ask for it back.
Sarah Palin; Nancy Pelosi; Ann Coulter

This A list rocker has been trying for the past month to convince a girl he met in rehab to have an abortion. The reason? She is 17. So far she has refused.
Steven Tyler

This A list singer (ahem)/producer and performer who has been in this spot before was recently whacked out on Ecstasy at a club here in LA. Unable to figure out where the bathroom was, or just figuring he could get away with it, he pulled a Verne and peed in the corner. No one even said a word to him. Yeah, go ahead and try that yourself, and see if no one says anything to you.
P. Diddy

19. BLIND GOSSIP 07/07
This actor started out with a bang, making films one after another, winning accolades and awards. Then his personal habits caught up with him and he had a few rough years. You name an issue, and he’s had it: drugs, alcohol, women, babies, and… men. He’s working, but he is struggling to get back on top, because he refuses to give up any of the above. His solution: vampires! Look for him to inject himself into one of the vampire projects within the next year. Oh, and he definitely isn’t giving up men. He has recently been spending time servicing a famous gay actor with whom he’s been linked in the past.
actor: Wes Bentley
famous gay actor: Kevin Spacey

20. BUZZFOTO 07/07
This lovely lady got married to a celeb although she’s been linked to other men in the past. We’ll focus today on those men in the past, because our married actress is still in very close contact with one of her exes/co-stars. She is in such close contact, they’ve found themselves sleeping together about once a month. Not Katie Holmes.

This A-lister comes off as a cool customer, but behind closed doors she stresses out about everything. Her partner’s been telling her to do what he does when he’s stressed — get stoned! She hasn’t taken his advice yet, but everyone wishes she would.
Reese Witherspoon

This A list singer/writer/musician is working on a secret documentary. Nothing really juicy. More like his impression of the world. In every city he goes to, he puts on a disguise, goes downtown, and plays music on a street corner and asks for money. He plays his songs but does nothing to let people know it is him. It all gets filmed. No one really pays attention to him or even thinks he is anything special. He then films himself on stage in front of 25,000 people singing the same song and the crowd reaction.
Dave Matthews

23. BUZZFOTO 07/08
This Blind Item deals with a female judge or host on a reality show. She absolutely cannot stand her boss who is a big-time network exec. Both have clashed egos more than once, but it wasn’t always that way. When the two first met, they flirted terribly, leading to a one night stand. After that, things went sour and the two create terrible tension behind the scenes of the show. The other judges/cast/crew/etc. are often caught in the middle and everyone is hoping to get rid of this female judge next season. Not Sharon Osbourne.
Cat Deeley "So You Think You Can Dance" and Peter Rice

1. This controversial Sports Figure is being watched under a microscope. When will he learn to party in public? Because his haters want to see him locked up and kicked out of the football league.
Michael Vick - VA Beach Party

2. Since her gastric bypass surgery and major weight loss, this former TV talk show Personality only likes to hang with people who are heavier than she is. Starr Jones

25. BLIND GOSSIP 07/09
This action star has a thing for feet. This isn’t the usual preoccupation with a carefully pedicured foot gracefully slipped into a fashionable open-toed stiletto. The object of his desire is much more pedestrian. He will buy a woman a pair of sneakers and then have her to exercise in them barefoot until she works up a good sweat. He then takes long, intoxicating whiffs of the dirty sneaker until he gets aroused. Truth is, after he has the sneaker in hand, he doesn’t really need the woman.

Terry Tush-Trade Has Everyone in a Tizzy! Now, calm your tortured Twilight-lovin' hearts because we still have vamp juice for ya. One of the franchise's Vicey players has just as many tongues a wagging as Twayla does. Though, when it comes to Terry Tush-Trade, the word on everybody's lips has nothing to do with the hump-happy star's public personal life. Oh no, it's all about the goings-on behind T's closed bedroom door: Everyone is saying that the bisexual superstar is straight gay, gay, gay gay...no pun intended. Terr isn't too secretive about lusting on the guys ‘n' gals—at least not on the Vancouver set where all the canoodling has gone down. But lately, around T-town, the suits at the Twilight studio have been gossing nonstop that Terry is just a big ol'...well, that TTT is into sex with the same-sex exclusively. We say not so fast. We know T3 pretty well—or at least whose bed the hottie is slipping in and out of—and Tushy's libido is definitely not limited to only those with the same chromosome arrangement as the über-successful star. If you need a refresher on the Tush-Trade hookup checklist here goes: Terr has had serious significant others of the opposite sex but has also more than dabbled in affairs with the same gender. Remember back when we told you that Terr hooked up with a costar of the same sex? Well, we hear murmuring that T3 may have scored some lovin' from another sexy (and sexually liberated) member of the cast more recently. If that doesn't scream bisexual, we don't know what does. Good thing Terry doesn't give an ef what anyone thinks—at least when it comes to bedroom behavior. And that's just the way we like it! And It Ain't: Xavier Samuel, Michael Welch, Wyck Godfrey.

#1 & #2 This Academy Award nominee/winner was filming a movie in a town where she heard about a little girl being hit by a car and the driver running away. The little girl suffered significant brain damage and her parents started a site to keep people updated on what happened. This is what our actress wrote on the site.
TUESDAY, JUNE 8, 2010 7:50 AM, PDT

Dear Sarah and David and Laura---|
I have so enjoyed starting my days reading your updates, written so beautifully and with such love. I am thrilled to hear you have come thru your final surgery with flying colors....but that was to be expected with an extraordinary girl like you! Today I begin my last week of shooting ___________. Saying goodbye won't be easy but it's been an incredibly journey, one marked most profoundly by a young girl I have never met....YOU> Thank you for inspiring me and so many......I guess I don't have to tell you to GO GIRL....because no one needs to tell Sarah, she's already begun. What a story, what a family, what a remarkable young woman.

Be WELL. Be Happy. Be creative and never, never...be 'Normal'!

With Love,_________________
#1 - Actress: Virginia Madsen
#2 - Movie she was filming: "Scoundrels"

#3- This American Idol Top 5 runnerup and all around great guy was at a singing competition recently to act as judge and encouragement for the contestants. One of the contestants was a huge fan of his and was shocked and excited when he came out onto the stage and started shaking hands. Tears in her eyes and everything. After his encouragement which included plugging his show at a local club that night, he left the stage with the contestants. Backstage, he gave her a hug and talked with her a bit before she had to go back out and sing. When she was being interviewed, she kept saying how nervous she was with him watching her backstage and she hopes she does well for him. Unfortunately there was better talent and she lost. Now normally, after the "celebrity encouragement," they leave before the competition even begins, but he stayed. And, upon hearing she lost and would be free that night, he invited her and her family to his show with free tickets and backstage VIP passes. The girl was so surprised she began to cry. Danny Gokey

#4 - This male, married, A list, mostly movie actor, but famous for television was at a party recently when he was confronted by a female model. It turns out the actor had sex with the model a few times and blown her off and changed his phone number and there the model was confronting him about he just screwed her and left. Lucky for the actor, his wife was not there, but 50 other people were there and heard every word. Ashton Kutcher

28. AGC 07/11
Calling Dr. Drew! What "Celebrity Rehab" alumni has fallen not only off the wagon, but is sliding under it. Seems he/she showed up at a recent event held at a theater with 3 young gay boys carrying a bongo and Coke cans full of liqueur. He/she walked up to the box office with "I'm ****, can I get in for free?" The box office girl said no and he/she pitched a fit when he/she had to pay for the tickets. They eventually had to be escorted out after making such a disturbance, and ended up making faces at the audience and climbing over railings rather than using the stairs. Guess that rehab...again...didn’t work.
Andy Dick

The Mayhems Keep It in the Family! It's no wonder Morgan Mayhem has such issues. True, we said we wouldn't talk about the notoriously troubled starlet until she got her act together, but curiosity about M.M.'s ways seemed to have peaked again with you readers, so here's the latest behind-the-scenes update (even though most of her secrets are fairly public right now). It seems that Morgan isn't the only member of her family with issues right now, as if that's a surprise. Meet Misha Mayhem, a relative to one Miss Morgan... It's not like Mish has made his or her way through the tabloids unscathed. No, this "star" (‘though it pains us to use that term) has had a fair share of press woes. Considering the age gap between M and M, you would think Misha would know how to behave (after all, Morg is a walking example of how not to act in Hollywood). But when does anyone in this Industry ever do the right thing? You can find sometimes Mish sneaking in the back of the clubs behind Morgan. Because a family that parties together stays together, right? In usual Morgan fashion, the frowned-upon festivities hardly end there. If Misha decides to skip out on the preparty (you know, to avoid those "WTF Is Wrong With This Family" headlines) M.M. and M.M. will meet up late at night at their hills bash of choice and continue to blow it out. Of course, superstealth cars drop Misha off because the paparazzi still usually catch Morg at these late-night shindigs. However, quite surprisingly Mish escapes unseen. You know, Morgan takes one for the team and goes out the front door while Misha sneaks out through underground garages. What a sweet, sweet gesture Morgy! Good thing too, because those bloodshot eyes could be a dead giveaway as to what the fam is really doing together. One house in particular they like to hit up is Dougy Dry-Hump's local haunt of choice too. How small this effed-up town is, no? And It Ain't: Bruce Jenner, Holly Montag, Angel McCord.
Ali Lohan

30. GOSSIP BOY 07/12
1- This A-List actress has often tried to shove her seemingly innocent image down our throats, though most of us never bought it. But the public has no idea that behind closed doors this sweet little actress likes to be in charge, of everything. She tells her staff when they eat, drink, and use the bathroom. Not only that, she is also commander in chief in the bedroom where she keeps her a box tucked away with dominatrix gear. If only everyone could get a glimpse of Mistress X in her gear, I'm sure that we would never have to hear that annoying giggle ever again.
Anne Hathaway

2- This singer is on the fast track to Lohan-ville. She has potential but has been spending her time off stage in the bottom of empty bottles. Now she has hooked up with a guy who is sexy, but is also going to be her tour guide into the dark side. She spent 4th Of July in a hotel room barely coherent while he spent her money finding more drugs for them to do. Ke$ha

3- What actor has finally broken out of the mold that he thought would trap him forever only to learn that someone found out he likes boys. Most people knew, but now he is running scared that this person will come forward with some very incriminating evidence that our stud smokes pole. Expect to see him and his girlfriend out in the public eye some more to do some pre-damage control. Too bad everyone already suspects anyway. Alexander Skarsgard; Zac Efron

I don't really have a caption for bad drunk behavior, just bad drug behavior. Too bad really because it really fits this one. Honestly, it was not really even bad drinking behavior. There was no yelling or screaming or anything that crazy. This very outspoken D list celebutante and former reality star is a big drinker, but I really thought she could handle her booze better than this. On a recent late night run for more booze, our D lister was so hammered that she puked in the parking lot and then, passed out on the floor of the store. An assistant manager was sent out to the parking lot to find our D lister's driver who carried her out to the waiting car.
Trishelle Cannatella "Real World"

32. BLIND GOSSIP 07/12
It would be refreshing to see a reality star involved in a real relationship with someone who genuinely cares about them. This isn’t one of them. She wants a real relationship, but her man is gay, and in it just for the publicity. She kept thinking that he would change, but her hopes were completely dashed when she caught him in her bed with another guy. Even more shocking is that fact that the other guy is her brother. The couple’s breakup is being scripted and will occur in front of the cameras complete with her dramatically throwing her man out of the house. As of right now, though, you should not expect to see a take on why the relationship ended that includes the outing of the significant other or the brother.
Khloe Kardashian/Lamar Odom or Kourtney Kardashian/Scott Disick and Rob Kardashian

1. One of our sources has informed us that yet another rapper is moonlighting as a contract killer! He's never risen above a C-list rapper but he's known in the hip-hop industry. Rumors have circulated for years that he's aligned with various drug cartels, including: African-American, Italian, Colombian and Jamaican. He's discreet about his illegal activities. He considers himself a freelance lieutenant for various organizations in the drug world. His reasoning: This allows him to live the glamorous life among his peers (who are more successful) and this adds to his street cred. In the past, he's worked in drug distribution and accounting, but now, he's an enforcer (contract killer). He started off working for mid-level drug networks, but now he works for empires that gross millions. Allegedly, he's committed murder on behalf of these organizations; and he always uses a silencer. When a kingpin (he was employed with) got busted for running a $35 million dollar a year operation, the rapper moved on to another organization that was run by a woman. She often parceled him out to settle scores with rivals and enemies until she got busted. He's quietly moved on to another drug network.

2. Mel Gibson isn't the only Hollywood celebrity with racist views, he just got caught proclaiming his views on tape. Everyone focuses on South Africa's past Apartheid system but Gibson's hometown (of Australia) also had an Apartheid system in place. Australian government policy from earlier years has been claimed to be the original impetus for the apartheid system in South Africa. Not all Australians are racist, Nicole Kidman adopted a black son with Tom Cruise and her best friend is black but there's another Australian actor who downright despises blacks. He's also an alcoholic and when he drinks, he lets loose on his racist views-directed towards blacks. Russell Crowe

3. Rumors are circulating that the newer generation of this entertainment family are selling drugs. Allegedly: Cousins, nephews, nieces and grandchildren are all steep in the drug game and have created a family syndicate. It's really sad their mother was an entertainment casualty who died tragically. Hopefully, the following unconfirmed rumors are false. Allegations are circulating that these siblings are allegedly addicted to crack and rumors of prostitution persist. Allegedly, they're turning $20 dollar tricks for crack money. The Jacksons (Tito's wife Delores was originally reported to have drowned in the pool at the home belonging to Donald Bohana, but she was later found to have been beaten to death. Bohana was convicted.)

This C list television and movie actress who is currently on a middling success on a network is not winning friends among the cast. She is currently dating a married producer on the show which she seems to feel gives her carte blanche to be the biggest bitch she can to the female cast. As for the men, she flirts with them all non-stop and got one of her C+/B- list actor co-star into a huge fight with his B list movie girlfriend. The reason? Our troublemaker came into his trailer holding a towel and asked him if he could unscrew a jar of pickles. I kid you not. Pickles. Just at that moment, his girlfriend decided to pay him a visit. Absolutely no one likes her, except the boss. So, she stays.
#1 - Troublemaker: Michelle Trachtenberg
#2 - C+ cast mate: Penn Badgely
#3 - B list actress girlfriend of #2: Blake Lively

Show: "Gossip Girl"

35. NY POST/PAGE SIX 07/14
1. Which Hollywood producer is divorcing his actress bride after just a few months of marriage because he caught her cheating? The beauty had a tryst with the son of a prominent couple in the sports world.

2. WHICH comedian's wife can't keep a nanny? Word on the street about how abusive she is as a boss has would-be employees turning down major bucks from her. Jessica Seinfeld

3. WHICH divorced lawyer, a regular talking head, moved from New York to Los Angeles with her children because of her love for a much younger suitor? Lisa Bloom

36. BUZZFOTO 07/14
This former children’s network star plays it straight by all accounts except for one. Our source whispered that this teen heart throb is actually discovering his sexuality to be a bit confusing. Although he’s been dating women, he’s finding out he’s actually more into men. No one from Hannah Montana.
 Joe Jonas

These A list parents used to allow their daughter to go to school. Now though, she is home schooled and watched almost 24 hours a day. The reason? Despite not even being 18 yet, the daughter has become pregnant three times by three different guys. Besides just worrying about their daughter, the parents also do it to protect their own careers. They are afraid another pregnancy would not be able to be dealt with as quietly.
Tallulah Belle Willis; Ireland Baldwin; Christina Maria Aurelia Schwarzenegger

38. BLIND GOSSIP 07/14
This actress knows how to make the most of surviving in a bad economy. Not content with her income from acting roles, she offers a little personal service on the side, available to both men and women. Anyone can spend a full 24 hours with her for a mere $50,000. While there isn’t a published list of the services included, we were informed that that she is willing to get incredibly personal with you for the money. Generous tip expected.
Nikki Reed; Evan Rachel Wood; Rachel Bilson; Shannon Elizabeth; Mia Kirshner

This big screen leading man is dating one of the most beautiful women in the world — and having an affair with a male hairstylist at the same time. Insiders say the gorgeous gal knows all about it — she’s posing as his lover to advance his career.
Penélope Cruz and Javier Bardem

40. BUZZFOTO 7/15
This celebrity male actor is on the verge of a breakdown. Apparently the pressures of fame, mixed with his recent indiscretions and drugs are definitely taking their toll. We’ll be hearing of his meltdown soon. Not Spencer Pratt.

This C+/B- television actress from a hit cable show did not let marriage vows stand in the way of her hitting on this A+ list NFL star last night. He said he was married. She said she didn't care. The two ended up in his hotel room.
Peyton Manning/Emmanuelle Chriqui

This Sports Superstar won’t marry his babymomma. Despite being together for years and two kids, he won’t budge. The Girlfriend won’t rock the boat because she doesn’t want him to leave her.
Lebron James

Vampire Blind Vice: Biting Her Way to the Top! Poor Valyrie Tress-Trap, she didn't think anybody was onto her. Isn't it always the way with Hollywood's most ambition, most conniving? They like to convince themselves they're so stealth with their naughty, master plans. Nobody will ever find out! Well, more and more folks are discovering exactly how Valyrie, a member of a highly successful fang franchise, works it off-camera—and that she's been doing so for quite some time. At first, cast and crewmembers just thought it was a coincidence that Val was seen out and about with one or two of the show's hottest stars. But that was before these on-set folks discovered a couple of things: First, Val has actually bedded at least two of the hot vamp show's beautiful leads. We're not talkin' supporting players here, babes. We mean the top names. Second, it's no accident Ms. Tress-Trap happened to get it on with her bloody-TV offering's most famous talent. She planned it from the beginning! Wow, what a total user! You'd think all the attention and fancy Hollywood perks Val got as a result was worth it for her, in the end—I mean, having to sell herself like that? (If you even have to think twice about answering this question, you're reading the wrong gossip column.) This sorry and rather typical way of achieving fame is exactly what people who still toil on the megapopular franchise are just now discovering: that this was Valyrie's whoring plan from the get-go. According to certain knowledgeable, blabbing set sources, VT-T stupidly told one crewmember (who then told a few more): "I'm going to f--k whoever gets me the most famous." Well, points to Valyrie for being honest! Problem is, Tress-Trap—who really is a cold fish, as she convinced her lovely female paramour she's really into chicks, when she's not—doesn't understand why more and more of her castmates are suddenly finding they've got other post-filming places to be that don't usually include her. And the crafty looker is simply flummoxed about what to do about it. She's even thinking of rekindling her original two affairs on the show, just to try and get back in their good graces, among other totally stupid plans...like making a spoof project about their franchise. Silly girl, doesn't she know the spoof's on her? And It Ain't: Anna Kendrick, Anna Paquin, Ashley Greene. Nina Dobrev/Steven McQueen & Ian Somerhalder/"Vampire Diaries"; Evan Rachel Wood/Alexander Skarsgard and Michael McMillan"True Blood"

In the mood for a blind item? Good, ’cause it’s a doozie! At the end of next season, a couple on a successful show we’re obsessed with will be getting hitched. I know, I know — it doesn’t sound shocking. TV couples get married all the time. But trust me when I say, um, it is a mind-blower. Why? Unfortunately, I can’t really say. If I did it would be too obvious about whom we are talking. However, I can offer you a few clues…
1. It’s a wedding I was pretty sure we would never see.
2. The bride and groom are heterosexual. (Hence, bride and groom.)
3. The network in question is either ABC, CBS, or Fox.
4. And there’s an important piece of this wedding that remains a mystery — even to me. (OK, that one may not be much of a clue. But it’s true!)
Mind you, it’s very early in the planning stages, so anything could happen. The story could be scrapped. On the other hand, all indications are that the nuptials have been approved by the higher-ups at the network. So… for whom do the wedding bells toll?
Peter & Olivia "Fringe"; Ted and Robin "How I Met Your Mother"; House and Cuddy "House"

These two singers are B list although one of them probably has close to A list name recognition. Both male. Anyway, it turns out that when they worked on a project together they ended up falling for each other. So far, it is being covered up for the sake of one of them who is involved with a woman.
#1&2 - singers: Ricky Martin and Enrique Iglesias
#3 - project they worked on together: Ricky Martin & Friends To Help Haiti

46. NY POST/PAGE SIX 07/19
1. Which diva was at a posh lounge introducing herself to men, "I'm famous, and I'm on a reality TV show. Do you want to get me a drink?" -- to which one guy replied, "I've never heard of you," prompting the surgically enhanced "blonde" to frown and turn in search of her next target .
Heidi Montag; Vienna "The Bachelor"; Kim Zolciak

2. WHICH rock star can't stand his keyboardist's fiancée? On tour, the singer won't let the former groupie on the band's plane. Caleb Followill from Kings of Leon

3. WHICH top defense lawyer is having trouble with his wife? The former model/ actress goes to various doctors for prescriptions for painkil lers, uppers, downers and gets them filled at different pharmacies. Robert Shapiro

This A list couple, which consists of a B list movie actor who used to be A++ and his B- list movie actress wife have a secret for keeping young. Or at least they think it does. Apparently they buy in bulk, botox in a bottle. The bottles which cost $600, are meant to last a year, but are used by the couple at the rate of about one a week.
Tom Cruise/Katie Holmes

48. BUZZFOTO 07/19
This ungrateful actress is sabotaging her own movie career. She is starting to bad mouth the director and producer of her latest film as well as her costars to everyone who will listen. It will only be a matter of time before something is printed and the married director will see what she is saying about him. Apparently, he made her mad when he suggested a few acting classes might help with her role and she decided to start a rumor on set that the two were sleeping together and have now broken up. She was hoping to stir up some trouble with that rumor and since it’s not working fast enough, she’s now trashing the film itself. Not Megan Fox.
Blake Lively and Ben Affleck "The Town"

49. BLIND GOSSIP 07/19
Money can’t buy you love, but it sure can buy you a public relations blitz. This American-born actor doesn’t have the best reputation in the world. However, despite his claims to a lessening fortune, he’s still got plenty of dough to buy temporary mates to bolster his image. On most websites, public opinion has resoundingly turned against this actor. However, on some of the most popular news and gossip sites, there are a puzzling bounty of posts lauding him as a great man and the victim of a conspiracy. Turns out that it is no coincidence. There is actually a team of people who have been hired specifically to adopt multiple personalities on each of about a dozen of the most popular news and gossip sites. Their job is to try to make their client look better by posting positive and supportive messages about him… and negative messages about others. If you look a little closer at those posters, you’ll see that they are new and exist solely to support this m* f* son of a w* c* b*.
Mel Gibson

50. NY POST/PAGE SIX 07/20
1. Which reality-show diva just returned from what she said was a trip to France looking fresher than ever, leading to whispers she had a face-lift? "Her face is so tight, it's smoother than her teenage daughter's," said our spy.
Countess LuAnn

2. Which fashionable couple has an open relationship? He openly dates men, and she openly dates women. Barry Diller and Diane Von Furstenberg

3. Which pop singer/songwriter legend never tips -- "I know five bartenders personally he stiffed after free drinks," said one source. Billy Joel

51. BUZZFOTO 07/20
This B/C list celebrity dad’s coke habit is so out of control, he is now sending his teenage son to do drug runs for him. Not Michael Douglas.

Lots of movie premieres last night. At one of them, this female B list reality star lit up her meth pipe as she frequently does. While she was taking a hit on it at the party, someone bumped into the door of the bathroom stall she was using. This caused our reality star to burn her almost bare breast leaving a nasty mark and necessitating a very hasty exit.
Jael Strauss "America's Next Top Model" 2007-2008

53. BLIND GOSSIP 07/20
She’s pregnant, she’s not pregnant. She’s pregnant, she’s not pregnant. She had multiple scares early in her career when she wasn’t ready to be a mother. The babies were quickly and quietly taken care of. Now that she’s ready to be a mommy, it’s just not happening for her. Although her husband is being very supportive, there is a lot of tension behind the scenes as she blames him for not being there the second she is ovulating. He is working, and despite his heroic efforts to hop a plane to be with her during her fertility window, sometimes he just doesn’t make it in time. If she even has a dream about being pregnant, she blames him for not making it a reality. Lots of smiles in front of the cameras, but emotions are running high behind the scenes about his inability to satiate her every whim. Although she is not the only talented one in the family, she has asked him to quit his job to be with her full-time.
Mariah Carey

54. THE GLOSS 07/20
What breakout movie actress was spotted partying at a New York City lesbian bar this weekend? It seems like she’s as boy-crazy as she claims to be, but she didn’t appreciate people referring to her by her famous character’s name instead of her own.
Gabourey Sidibe " Precious"

TV Star Gets High-larious! Not all of our Blind Vices are totally upsetting. In fact, today's bonus job is a total riot! Some of you might remember Teddy O'Bong from his days on the big screen, but recently, the scruffy dude has been making his appearances on network television. In fact, it was his antics at a wrap party for his latest on-air gig that's got us all happy-go-lucky. Though maybe not as much as him: Teddy isn't exactly the most talented dude we know, but he's always likeable, y'see, and easy to approach. And it turns out, now we know exactly why! At a semi-recent pricey wrap party for Teddy's latest show, Photo Op, the dude was apparently stoned out of his mind the entire night. We're talking bloodshot eyes, philosophical musings, and everything else that comes with a little puff of the ganja! A lowly crew member who worked on the show was hangin' out on the patio when, wouldn't ya know it, O'Bong trotted on up and offered the chick's beau a joint, how incredibly gracious. However, the rather shocked guy politely said no, but Teddy wasn't too upset. He scooted on over to another end of the party and made his offer again. Score! Then, Teddy hit up the karaoke machine, and started jamming. Naturally, the guy wouldn't share the mic with anyone and hogged the whole thing all night long. Literally. And as far as how angelic his voice was (usually, he can hold a tune)...well, he was high as a kite, so just imagine how good that was. We say, let loose, dude, and keep on flyin' high: pretty much everyone seems to be enjoying his happy nature (even his sometimes-scowly sometimes-girlfriend). We've seen his old work...maybe it's method acting? And It Ain't: Taylor Kitsch, Zachary Levi, Ian Somerhalder.
Dominic Monaghan

What A list musician, despite being married, only sees his kid(s) when he knows his B list actress wife is not around. He has not lived with his wife for almost a year and she is fine with that. She likes to pretend that everything is still perfect so won't tell anyone. Meanwhile he can't stand to be around her and she drives him crazy.
Chris Martin/Gwyneth Paltrow

57. BLIND GOSSIP 07/21
There are reality stars who are faking it with their boobs, their hair, their houses, their tans, their money, and their dates. But this one is faking it with her marriage. While she is legally married, her husband is gay. He knows it, she know it, and everyone in their family knows it. In return for supporting his image as a successful hetero man, she gets a fat payday. The wrinkle in the plan is that another reality star is making noise about outing her husband and her sham. Instead of defending her relationship, our little faker is simply running for the hills.
Dina Manzo/Tommy Manso "Real Housewives of New Jersey"/Danielle Straub

Which aging Hollywood Lothario was spied at a Beverly Hills steakhouse ordering a $2,000 bottle of wine and getting cosy with a beautiful brunette years younger than his famous wife?
Warren Beatty; Michael Douglas

No point in trying to write you a clever intro here, people. I’ve got a blind item for you, and it’s kinda-sorta almost too juicy. Ready? The male lead on a Big Five hour drama set to debut this fall is on the verge of being recast. How come? His behavior has been so over-the-top demanding that "diva" is just about the nicest thing anyone is saying about him. Case in point: The star in question recently called an emergency meeting with the show’s writers—via speakerphone—to pitch the stories he wants the series to tell. "Few of them fit with the show that anybody else is interested in doing," my on-set spy tattles. "Most of them focus on his character’s sex life." As the "discussion" went on (and on and on), "writers started getting up and leaving the room," my mole adds. "There were long periods when only one person was present, and only so there’d be a voice if said troublesome actor asked for a response. Which he didn’t. He just talked and talked and talked." A big clue for you: The legend-in-his-own-mind has a long history of being high-maintenance—so long a history, in fact, that it’s more than a little shocking that he continues to get hired. Oh, and another clue: Johnny Difficult’s leading lady has been, I’m told, his polar opposite, a dream to work with.

Rob Morrow/Maura Tierney "The Whole Truth"
Shane West/Maggie " Nikita"

60. BLIND GOSSIP 07/22
More than one member of the cast of this reality show is being accused of forging signatures to get what they want. Cast Member A had to pull their kid/s off the show when their ex-spouse went ballistic after seeing their child/ren on the show. There were accusations of forged signatures on performance contracts, but the ex quieted down as soon as the child was taken off the show, so it doesn’t look like this is going to escalate to the custody battle that had been threatened. Cast Member B, on the other hand, may have to prepare themselves for a lengthy legal battle. There are some juicy rumors going around that they are going to be sued for forging signatures on a legal document to obtain more than a million dollars of cash to finance a lavish lifestyle.

"Real Housewives of New Jersey"
Cast Member A: Dina Manzo
Cast Member B: Teresa Giudice

61. POPBITCH 07/22
John Daly has made a play to be this year's most embarrassing golfer, with his release of a country and western album, I Only Know One Way. Not only does it have a cover of Knocking On Heaven's Door but it was produced and co-written by one of Hootie's Blowfish. But he's a poor, distant second if the rumour going around St Andrews last week turns out to be true. And the rumour? That there are some photographs of a golfer dressed in women's lingerie and ready for action.
Nick Faldo

62. BUZZFOTO 07/22
It should come as no surprise that this actress is helping spread rumors of a fake relationship with her male costar to promote her movie and to stir up fans. However, it might come as a surprise that she really is interested in her costar, just not the male one everyone thinks she’s with. Not Kirsten Dunst.

1. This woman was not a good wife or ex wife to her late husband a famous child actor. She may have played a part in his death now she’s making demands on his estate.
Shannon Price (Gary Coleman's ex-wife)

2. This Oscar winning Actress is using her young daughter as a pawn to stay in the media and torture her baby daddy. Halle Berry

Old Hollywood: This Academy Award winning actor was always portrayed as Mr. Tough Guy. Later in life he managed to irritate a great number of people by some things he said and did. Earlier in life he probably made some other people upset with his fondness for sleeping with underage boys and girls. Often at the same time.
Charlton Heston

65. BLIND GOSSIP 07/23
Not everyone can take a week or two off for summer vacation. Some working folks are just doing a weekend getaway. With an attractive young companion. Who isn’t their spouse. While this dark-haired film actor is telling his wife he’s working this weekend, he will actually be accompanying this fair-haired young actress to a private resort for three days of sweaty exercise and dips in the infinity pool.
Ben Affleck and Blake Lively

66. BUZZFOTO 07/23
This very wealthy celeb that is really only famous for being famous, just blew twenty grand in one night of her parent’s money on drugs and partying. Her parents found out and were upset, so they’ve temporarily put a hold on her credit cards. Even though this behavior is outrageous, we think it’s even more crazy she’s still on mommy and daddy’s meal ticket. Not Nicky Hilton.
Jules Kirby

Cruella Cashes in While Pawning Her Kids. While Cruella was busy buying herself new boobs, two things happened: 1) She knew she'd never have to worry about the bill, and, 2) she knew it would help her in her life-long mission numero uno: to stay vital, sexy and—most importantly—ahead of the game in the press. See, media coverage is so important to Cruella, she'll do anything to be portrayed as the sympathetic sexy muffin she most certainly ain't. She's even stooped low enough to... Barter her own children! Yep, absolute fact: Cruella's offspring have not only complained that they will "go to the press" if they get used for any more press (mainly photo ops), but, the mom who makes Faye Dunaway in Mommie Dearest look like June Friggin' Cleaver also trades information on her kiddies out to journalists, just so they'll write nicer, more wholesome copy about her. I'm sorry, but, maybe we could give a little breather to the outrage we all feel towards gay actors who intentionally lie about their sexuality, in order to get ahead. 'Cause whoring out your children (ya know, involving others in your hunger for stardom who arguably have no choice in the matter) is just as bad, if not far worse. Oh, and if you're wondering why one of the many men in Cruella's storied life doesn't swoop in and do something about how she uses her kiddos like magazine-copy currency, well, let's say the one who's best able to (as he's got the deepest pockets and the most fame) is already pretty legally encumbered, and busy, as it is. Getting those Titanic-sized monthly checks to Cruella is pretty much a Herculean effort in itself, you know. And, girlfriends, does she ever cash them—can't wait to see what St. Shackles' next set of knockers look like! And It Ain't: Tatum O'Neal, Jada Pinkett Smith, Melanie Griffith.

#1 & #2- Let us try for one more Old Hollywood blind item. As always, when it is Old Hollywood, at least one of the people is dead. This A++ movie actor was nominated for an Oscar but did not win. Everyone knows his name and the name of his partner. It turns out though, that like yesterdays actor, this actor also had a thing for little boys.
Fred Astaire/Ginger Rogers

#3 - This married A+ list movie actor talks a lot about his work and what causes him to take one role over another. The fact is he takes roles which let him complete his game. The game is to sleep with one woman from at least every country in the world. He loves going to regions of the world where he can bring in women from countries he has not been with yet. Matt Damon
Invictus - South Africa; The Informant - France and Switzerland; Che:Part Two - Spain and Bolivia; Bourne Ultimatum - Germany, Spain, Morocco, France, Italy; Good Shepherd - Dominican Republic; Syriana - Morocco, UAE, Egypt, Switzerland; Brothers Grimm - Czech Republic; Oceans 12 - Netherlands, Italy, Monaco, France; Bourne Supremacy - Germany, India, Russia; EuroTrip - Czech Republic, Germany; Bourne Identity - France, Spain, Czech Repub, Italy, Greece; Gerry - Argentina, Jordan (thanks to trinnean)

#4 - This 30 something B- list very attractive television actress on a hit network show is always seen with guys and has dated lots of men. The thing no one knows about her though is that she is still a virgin. Tamera Mowery

Who's Cheating at Comic-Con? Babes, the most fun stuff going down in San Diego is never at the Comic-Con panels. Oh no, it's when the supercelebs need to unleash all their geek energy they've been storing up during the nerd fest. Naturally, for Chubster Hunkster, this means proving to himself that he is no longer the quasi-loser guy from high school. As if. Now he is…a star! Chubster can bed practically any woman he wants now that he has A-list movie credits, not to mention an adoring, equally beautiful family. And you know the ol' story there, right? What's more attractive to the ladies than an unavailable, good-looking daddy-type? But maybe he's not so unavailable? Apparently not! See, Chubby is totally doable in the offbeat kind of way. Unconventionally handsome and super charming. This is why he scored himself a Hollywood equal. But as is the case with most men (and women, really) in this business, one hot babe is never enough. Several onlookers in San Diego were shocked when Chubster Hunkster, alone for his trip, was seen canoodling up to a blonde gal not his famous significant other while at a bar during a Comic-Con pit stop. "If I were [Chubster's] girl I would be pissed at the way he was so touchy-feely with the random women in here," one nosy bartender told us who was witness to Hunkster's flirtfest. Of course we're not surprised at all, being the jaded L.A. gossip reporters we are. The random blonde is not the first girl we've heard Hunkster may or may not have crossed the line with...nor the first babe he was seen escaping into an elevator with, for that matter. Indeed, Chubs boozed it up and then left with the bimbo, so we can only imagine the party for two didn't stop at the chic hang. Where does he take them? Her room or his? Maybe the roof? Chubby and his amazing girl are totally the perfect couple, too, but it's not out of the question that C.H. and his babe have an arrangement of some sort, because Hunky was not hiding his gropage, like, at all. Nor, as we said, has he in the past. Why do women put up with this in their men? And it Ain't: Michael C. Hall, Will Ferrell, Joe Manganiello.
Judd Apatow/Leslie Mann; Peter Skarsgard/Maggie Maggie Gyllenhaal; Liev Schreiber/Naomi Watts

69. BUZZFOTO 07/26
There’s a big rumor floating around that a certain Hills star is pregnant from someone involved with the show. No word on if she’ll keep the baby or not. Not Whitney Port.
Kristin Cavallari

This finally working again former B+ movie actress who dated some of the biggest names in LA and also tended to get a little crazy at times, spent last night comforting a lost Alzheimer's patient found wandering the neighborhood. Upon realizing the elderly lady spoke Russian, the actress called up a friend to translate and they were able to get enough information for police to return the senior safely to her family. In the meantime, the lady was all smiles as she relaxed in the actress's living room with the family dog on her lap.
Sean Young

71. BLIND GOSSIP 07/26
When you watch interviews with or read articles about this actress, she likes to talk about how she stays slim and beautiful. Of course it’s all about her incredibly healthy lifestyle! She claims her body is the result of nutritious – preferably organic – foods, wholesome cleanses, and body-strengthening exercises. So we wonder when she’s going to gives us the scoop on some of her lesser-known beauty tricks: Plastic surgery (tummy tuck, lower face lift, botox); the consumption of fast-food bean burritos (she left seven wrappers in the back of a hired car); the cleansing effects of bulimia (she has a favorite toothbrush for that); and bone-thinning that would rival that of 90-year-old women.
Gwyneth Paltrow

Hopefully I can make this simple. C+/B- list married actress who just got a promotion on a very hit network drama series. Although she is married she is the reason this long term, out lesbian couple broke up. Our married actress had a scorching affair with this C+/B- list actress who has always been out and has been the lead or close to top billed on some excellent shows that just for whatever reason could not catch on.

C+/B list married actress:
lesbian couple:

73. BUZZFOTO 07/27
A daughter of a famous musician was at a club last week partying it up. The source claims she spent a lot of time in the men’s bathroom doing three male friends some favors, if you catch the drift. When asked about her techniques, she claimed her famous father told her about his experiences on tour and that is where she learned the tricks of the trade. Not Liv Tyler.
Georgia May Ayeesha Jagger; Jade Jagger; Kimberly Stewart; Daisy Lowe (Gavin Rossdale); Chelsea Tallarico (Steven Tyler)

74. BLIND GOSSIP 07/28
Despite an earlier tiff, these two singers are actually friendly with each other. Not for long. Singer 1's beau doesn’t like Singer 2 for a rather unexpected reason. It’s not Singer 2's singing voice or choice of music or costume or imagery. He’s peeved about that weird fake accent that Singer 2 has adopted. He finds it personally offensive. So he and his publicist are planting stories about a fake feud between the two singers. Singer 1 does not find this funny at all, and insists that if her beau doesn’t stop torturing Singer 2, that he’ll be walking down the aisle alone. Frankly, all three of these people are so darn entertaining, it would be interesting to see this fake argument snowball into a full-blown three-way feud. Madonna is not involved.
Katy Perry, Lady Gaga, and Russell Brand

The Director's Wife is not really known to follow her marriage vows, so it should not be surprising that she does not also respect the vows of other marriages. OK, so the guys are equally to blame. Anyway, here are a few of the married people she has had sex with.
Director's Wife: Gretchen Mol
#1 - An aging Academy Award nominee/winner actor who used to be A++ while he was married to the woman before his current wife. Michael Douglas

#2 - Another Academy Award nominee/winner actor/director who still is A++ even though not many people like him while he was married. I guess he still is.
Sean Penn

76. BUZZFOTO 07/28
Which recently famous reality TV star is trying desperately to get an acting gig? Any acting gig. We mean ‘desperate’ because she’s in talks with a very sleazy pornographer (who we are not wild about and have mentioned our distaste for him once or twice on here) to get a movie deal. We think it is making a deal with the devil, but she is willing to do anything to keep her name in the press. Not Ali the Bachelorette.
Vienna Girardi "The Bachelor"/Joe Francis

Bad Drug Behavior: Both of these people have been in this spot before and each has contributed to the bad drug behavior blinds in the past. This time though they have teamed up for one epic bad drug behavior blind. We have one C+/B- list actress on a hit network show. Well, almost a network. She teamed up with this very attractive female celebrity at a party the other night. Not content to snorting blow of the tables, they took all the flowers out of a square glass vase, threw them on the floor, then started doing lines off the vase. They thought that was a great idea and moved to the next table and did it again. Oh, and there were people sitting at each of these tables. Didn't even phase them. When they got to the third table, and did their throwing the flowers on the floor trick, they finally were asked to leave. By whom? Not security, but the head of the almost network our actress works for. Brilliant.
Annalyne McCord, Louise Roe, and Dawn Ostroff, President of Entertainment, The CW

78. BLIND GOSSIP 07/29
This superstar actor/actress couple is hiding a secret about one of their parents. Although they haven’t always had a smooth relationship with her father, they are now spending more time with him. Sadly, he has been diagnosed with early-onset Alzheimers. It’s getting to the point where he can’t remember the name/s of his own grandchild/ren. While work and travel commitments keep the couple busy 24/7, they do try to talk to Dad every day via the internet. Don’t expect anyone in the family to disclose any details about his illness any time soon, though, because Dad is still in the public eye and the couple will not do anything to jeopardize his work.
Brad Pitt/Angelina Jolie/Jon Voight

79. BUZZFOTO 07/29
This singer is creating a stir by cheating on her man with a D List MTV star. She met him at some event and was enamored with his ‘charm.’ The two have been hooking up every chance they get and haven’t been too discreet. Hopefully we’ll get a photo soon! Not Christina Aguilera.

This superstar singer has been in hiding. Could it be because she’s pregnant?

Gay Star With No Shame? No Way! With those somewhat closeted chicks Terry Tush-Trade and Venetia Vag-O-Matic still lurking behind their closet doors, how very refreshing is it to see Jerry Menage-e-No at least peek out from behind hers! Sure, Jerry's no Ellen DeGeneres, for sure, but Jerry's certainly got folks thinking she's preppin' to come kinda out super soon. See, there's a gal who's already pretty much friggin' out there, sexually, and Jerry's buds are convinced this is the woman she's emulating, PR-wise: Jodie Foster. You know, the woman who's never really said one way or another but who mentions her "girlfriend" in acceptance speeches, and such. Never sues when the rags say she's gay, etc. And that's going to be precisely Jerry's style, according to her chums: "She's not hiding it, but she won't answer relationship questions. She would never do a showmance—just doesn't think it's anyone's business about her personal life." Also, like Foster did (for a while, at least), J.M. believes in being true to her gal. The lucky babe was all over the set of Jerry's recent hit movie, Imagined Proposal, coming to visit "all the time," say other castmembers. Added the fellow actors: "[Jerry] is super open about it with cast and crew, and doesn't hide it with friends. Everyone in her circle knows." Fabulous! But here's hoping Jerry decides to ultimately not take the Foster route and actually come out? I mean, who was Jodie really kidding all those years? Maybe Sarah Palin, but we would imagine that's probably about it. It Ain't: Jodie Foster, Emma Roberts, Sofia Vergara.
Ellen Page

82. BLIND GOSSIP 07/30
Despite what the tabloids and glossy mags say, this very famous show business couple in not really pregnant. She had her tubes tied a long time ago. For the next few months, though, her fake, special-effects pregnant stomach made of silicone will slowly grow in size until she "gives birth" to an adopted baby. Since her other child/ren didn’t resemble her, no one will question that fact that this one won’t, either. You’ll get a close-up of the scientifically-made miracle child on the front cover of a magazine (now being negotiated for a hefty fee).
John Travolta/Kelly Preston

#1 & #2 - This former B list comedy actor and now a C on a good day was at a party with some actresses from a foreign country. He went up to one and started giving her a line about how he could help her career and basically hitting on her nonstop. The actress, a B+ television star in England told our actor that if he was her best hope for breaking into America that she would quit the business. She also told him how much she made the year before which is about four times what our loser actor earned.
#1 - actor:
#2 - actress ( I know it is hard. She did do the show that everyone in England does):

#3 & #4 - This almost almost former A lister on television from a very hit show who is now just a very tall C list television and movie actress got really drunk a few weeks ago and destroyed her agent's house. Surprisingly though, even though she has not worked much, caused about $20K in damage in the house he did not drop her as a client. Could be because she is sleeping with his married boss.
#3 - actress: Kristen Johnson
#4 - television show: Third Rock from the Sun

This A list female reality star is at it again. Along with her celebrity husband, the couple recently stayed a honeymoon type resort. The couple, who got a regular room instead of a suite spent much of their stay staying in their room and ordering lots of room service. When the staff delivered items to the room, the couple were not especially shy about hiding their bodies and were rarely fully dressed when opening the door. One of the most interesting things noticed by the staff were the tripods located in the room. Hmm. Wonder what they were for?
Kendra Wilkinson & Hank Baskett

85. BUZZFOTO 08/02
Two stars were on a promotion tour out of the country for their recent movie. One star is engaged and is starting to make a name for himself. The other, also a male, is married. The two got so inebriated one night that they left a party together and ended up spending the night together. The woke up naked, cuddling, and in the same bed. Not Tom Hardy.

86. BLIND GOSSIP 08/02
Not every show that goes to pilot gets picked up for a network commitment. Even for the ones that do get picked up, it’s not uncommon to change the title, change the showrunner, change the characters, or change the talent. This experienced TV actor, however, is taking the pilot shuffle very personally. The executives at one network can’t figure out what to do with the show in which he stars, and are simply exploring new opportunities. Although our actor is not in charge of the show, he feels very responsible for its cast and crew, and is taking the changes personally. In fact, he recently left an expletive-laden voicemail for network executives letting them know what he thinks about the changes to "his" show. With all his experience, you would think he would be better at negotiating.
William Shatner "Shit My Dad Says"

87. BLIND GOSSIP 08/03
At a recent promotional event, a publicist noticed that her young actress was feeling a little uptight. In a move reminiscent of high school dances – where some mischievous kid slips a bottle of the hard stuff into the punch bowl – the publicist started slipping a little something into her beverages under the table. By the end of the autograph signing session, our young girl could barely stand.
Selena Gomez "Ramona and Beezus"; Chloe Moretz "Let Me In"

88. GOSSIP BOY 08/03
Famewhore Farrah spends most of her time in front of the cameras. If not filming, then being "caught" by paparazzi while she spends quality time with her offspring. Farrah holds a strong front up while out and has been struggling to maintain the career that she wants, though her box-office numbers have dove down almost as fast as her weight. FF is also a back stabbing whore who sleeps with any man that she can get her claws in. Her latest beau was a set-up that she had planned for a long time. No matter that he had a wife and a baby on the way. But once his wife lost the baby, she sank her claws in and snatched him away. FF has a dark and twisted past, one that she has tried to distance herself from for years. But the problem is that Famewhore had a baby at a very young age with a man that she NEVER should have been sleeping with. Farrah gave the baby up for adoption and has tried to make up for it ever since. But word on the street is that FF's little love child is gunning for her. Farrah could never deny it, the girl looks like Farrah cloned herself. But FF knows that no matter what she has done in the present, if her little secrets came out her entire reputation would be flushed. Not to mention that her hunky honey would probably take half of his and roll out. Quite a web we weave, Famewhore Farrah. Should have kept those secrets locked up like Fort Knox, because your people are talking. And if they are worried, you should be too. It's Not: Cameron Diaz; Nicole Kidman; Katie Holmes.
Angelina Jolie

89. BUZZFOTO 08/03
This Disney star was seen downing some Vatrex in the bathroom of a recent club. The star was under 21 and probably shouldn’t have been at the club in the first place. Not Miley Cyrus.
Taylor Momsen

This C+list actress on a very hit network ensemble show is working on a HUGE settlement agreement because she got pregnant. Not so much because she is pregnant, but because the baby belongs to the married producer of the show and wants to keep things very, very quiet.
Emily Proctor/Jerry Bruckheimer "CSI: Miami"

The Sad Tale of Strippa Rip-Ya: It's a horrible, unforgivable crime when a man hits a woman. But a tragedy that's perhaps even harder to swallow is why a woman sticks around after she's used like a punching bag. That's the horrific scene Strippa Rip-Ya—a woman who usually tells the dudes right where to get off—is now finding herself in. Makes some amount of sense, sadly, because something's keeping that woman from being the ol' reliable show-stopper that once made her a controversial household word. Rip-Ya just doesn't shock and entertain quite as electrically as she used to. And another problem is...Strippa's friends are too afraid to tell her she should ditch her no-good man, pronto! They think she won't like hearing it (and also won't like finding out how many of her amigas are hip to the crap that's going down). Jeez! We say go ahead and risk the fact that Strippa just may not like receiving that message, tough! Chance the damn friendship to save her soul (and possible life), we say. We also suggest Ms. R-Y heed this advice right around the same time she calls the cops. But so far, Strippa's told the couple of friends she's discussed her domestic abuse with that it's "not that bad." And that he just "pushes me around once in awhile." Two things: Strippa's pals suspect she is covering up, greatly, for how much abuse the talented performer really is having to endure. And they think it will only get worse. They are correct. Get help now, Strippa. Please, we beg of you. And It Ain't: Diane Lane, Beyoncé, Brooke Mueller. Carmen Electra; Jennifer Lopez; Christina Aguilera

92. BUZZFOTO 08/04
This aging star who recently got a part in film with other vintage names, is so excited to be reintroduced into the business, he went on a gigantic cocaine bender over the weekend. He invited hoards of young girls back to his hotel room and the group partied all night. Not Arnold Schwarzenegger. Dolph Lundgren

I don't know if it is because it has been awhile since I had a blind item about country music singers or the fact of who this is about, but I love this one. Two country singers. The male is A++ list. Married. To a celebrity. Can't say too much about the wife or it would totally give it away. The other singer is a woman. Probably a B list in the country singing world. Maybe that is just because of her name recognition though. She is also in a significant relationship. Anyway, the two have known each other for a few years. They met in a meeting if you know what I mean. Her for one reason and him for another. The next thing you know, they are trying to arrange tour dates close to each other and meeting at a place in Nashville when his wife is out of town. She has said the sex is kind of boring and quiet but really likes him and feels sorry for him. What about your boyfriend or his wife? I wonder if she feels sorry for them.
Keith Urban/Kellie Pickler

94. BLIND GOSSIP 08/04
There are lots of film and TV actors coming and going from rehab, celebrity rehab, and sober houses right now. Although this one has received his 30-day chip, he is going to be staying longer than his program suggests. The motivating factor is his relationship with a former Significant Other, who has expressed a desire to reconcile with him. However, the SO has also told him that in order to have a good life together, he must be completely dedicated to remaining sober.
Chris Klein/Katie Holmes

Which separated singer, who makes noise about how much her kids mean to her, failed to show up for a parent-teacher conference recently for two of her children? Her ex stepped in for her.
Melissa Etheridge/Julie Cypher

96. BUZZFOTO 08/05
This actor, whose big break came from an HBO series thought it would be a good idea to expand his repertoire three weekends or so ago. We’re not talking so much about his acting career, we’re talking about his sinful behavior. He told sources later he was investigating for a role, but he decided to cruising in a local park. Instead of finding a partner, he found someone who offered him loads of drugs. He took them, but only for his ‘acting role’ of course. Not Jonathan Rhys Meyers.
Kevin Alejandro

Bad Drug Behavior: This C list television actor on a very hit network show has had some really good luck when it comes to television. Despite being only C+, he has been on two very hit shows. A very lucky guy. Oh, except for what happened last week. Our actor was at a party and was enjoying coke, booze and and any other thing he could find. Not the largest guy in the world, it was seriously affecting him. It did not stop him from grabbing a golf cart from the garage and then driving it at full speed through a fence at the house, crashing through the neighbor's dog house, and then finally crashing into the pool. Another guest had to pull him out of the pool. The neighbors were going to call the police until a big check was written for the damages.
Johnny Galecki

98. BLIND GOSSIP 08/05
The revolving door of judges on this reality show was not carefully planned. Judge 1 wanted out a couple of years ago, but producers refused to let him/her go because they thought he/she was the single biggest factor in the show’s success. They thought that Judge 3 was easily replaced by anyone of the same gender, but were disappointed that the audience never warmed up to Judge 4 (Judge 3's replacement). Producers brought in Judge 5 because they thought he/she would provide the warmth factor as well as being an informed critic. Likeable, yes. Critical, no. Three facts are not being made public. The first is that both Judge 4 and Judge 5 are being blamed for the show’s decline. The producers feel that their picks were not up to par (talent-wise and personality-wise) with previous seasons. The second is that Judge 4 was supposed to have been fired last season, but they couldn’t find an adequate replacement quickly enough. The third is that Judge 2 will be let go by next season.

"American Idol"
Judge 1: Simon Cowell
Judge 2: Randy Jackson
Judge 3: Paula Adbul
Judge 4: Kara DioGuardi
Judge 5: Ellen DeGeneres

99. NY POST/PAGE SIX 08/05
Which network executive was fired for overusing his casting couch? The horny TV honcho was demanding oral sex in exchange for roles on his shows and had a fling with an actress known for her accessibility.
Steve McPherson/Gretchen Mol "Life on Mars"

This Reality Star is hanging on to her failed marriage, so she won’t get kicked off her reality show.
Jennifer Williams "Basketball Wives"

101. POPBITCH 08/06
Which reluctant teen favourite is learning to cope with the attention the same way Brad Pitt did - by sparking up a joint as soon as the day begins and staying nicely baked all day long? Those screaming crowds just don't have the same impact if you're barely aware they're there.
Robert Pattinson

The TV Cast That Vices Together, Stays Together! Here's an Awful Truth first: This entire friggin' cast is in on the Vice! But instead of focusing on the entire group, we decided to introduce you to the three biggest troublemakers, 'cause we know they'll be making future appearances. So let's welcome Buella Bland, Kelly Guten-Shoes and Drew Smolder 'n' Such to our Vicey vault for some truly Teddy O'Bong-type behavior... But before we get to the ganja goodness, let's set the scene for this trio and their night out on the town. See, Buella, Kelly and Drew work extra hard to maintain their fame. Trust, it's a full-time gig aside from their full-time jobs as, you know, actors. So it's only fair that when the trio clocks out from another long day on the 9 to 5 (or whatever hours they happen to be shooting their sometimes-sexy scenes), they get a little R and R. And when they relax, they always bring along the rest of the folks they work with. Thoughtful, don't you think? So refreshing to see a cast (and crew, no less) full of folks who actually like each other—whether Vice-induced or not. On this particular night, BB, KGS and DS2 took the gang out to celebrate one of their fave directors, and where better to create some mildly wild memories than a strip club? Dudes and ladies, alike, packed the place to peep some babes grinding on the pole and flashing their hoo-has. And when that director—who, no doubt, has just as much reason to need some dubious downtime as his star threesome—innocently asked the cast if anyone might happen to have a little bit of weed, the answer was a resounding hell yes! Buella, Kelly and Drew even had pipes and other paraphernalia on ‘em—because there's nothing like kickin' back with some g-string types and some not-quite-legal smokes...not when you're young and hot, that is, which they totally are. See, we're not exactly surprised by this kind of behavior from Kell and Drew, totally chill if you know what we mean, but Buella, on the other hand, can be a downright bitch. Tightass, too. With all that pot puffin', you'd think her nasty ‘tude would improve, but no. Jeez! And It Ain't: The Office, Gossip Girl, 30 Rock.
"The Vampire Diaries" "90210"

#1 #2 & #3- This C list movie actress who used to be right on the verge of A list at one time has been in this space before. After a short break she has restarted her S&M service for the discerning celebrities. One of her new employees is a favorite of this A list celebutard who is married to a B+/A- list movie actress. The reason she is a favorite? Looks like his wife, but does things his wife does not.
#1 - C list movie actress: Leelee Sobieski
#2 - Celebutard: Cash Warren
#3 - B+/A- movie actress: Jessica Alba

#4 & #5 - This B- movie actor is a very good looking guy. Well most people think he is. I think he looks like he takes steroids. Anyway. His celebutante wife is usually stuck to his side like glue. One day she wasn't though and he came home with the gift that keeps on giving. She will never ever leave him though because she worked and worked to get him to marry her after a string of other celebrity relationships did not quite get her to the altar.
#4 - Actor: Bruce Willis
#5 - Wife: Emma Heming

104. BLIND GOSSIP 08/06
Two reality show people. One married. One not. They’ve been carrying on behind the scenes for months. The married one is leaving their spouse and coming out to be with the other one. Publicly. The production company has plenty of changes to deal with at this point and doesn’t know yet how they are going to handle this bombshell.

This blonde was a sitcom cutie in the late 80’s on a very popular family series. She didn’t find success after the show ended and she turned to drugs, and eventually became a pricey call girl. Now she’s pregnant and what should be a happy time is spoiled by the fact that she doesn’t know whether the father is her boyfriend or one of her clients.
Jodie Sweetin

1, Which composer doesn't bathe or change clothes much and generally smells like month-old fish? (People who've put him up for weekends have noted that—but they're still honored to have him, mind you.)
Andrew Lloyd Webber

2. Which ex-supermodel once threw a pair of scissors at her hairdresser because she didn't like her 'do? (She wisely handed him some settlement cash on the spot to avoid any judicial vengeance.) Janice Dickinson

3. Which old-time star has emerged as a big lesbian in her twilight years, and no one's all that surprised? Debbie Reynolds

4. Which superstar's son is now a blowsy-looking crystal addict, sadly enough? Jason Gould (son of Barbra Streisand)

5. Which composer not the one who smells—nixed an all-skating finale to his latest revival? (For the revival before that, he vetoed a big geisha number, even after all the hugely expensive costumes were made. I'm not saying he was wrong, though.) Stephen Sondheim

6. Which Tony winner has a lot of cynics speculating that she was coked out of her mind judging from her behavior all season, though there's no hard evidence of that? Catherine Zeta-Jones

7. Which smart person who worked on the last Tony telecast is running around blabbing about how horrible Lea Michele was in her performance? Matthew Morrison

8. Which hot mess was going to have reality show cameras following one of her recent creative endeavors, but she must have realized they were setting her up to fail, so she didn't sign? Liza Minnelli

9. Which stars are more smacked out on heroin than Janis Joplin ever was, and the studio is getting a little worried?

10. Which playwright/screenwriter spends most of his time bitching out the Hollywood system and how it done him wrong? Might he have a point? Larry Kramer

107. BLIND GOSSIP 08/09
This celebrity couple is close to a final agreement over how everything – including the child/ren – is going to be divided in the divorce. However, the wife’s legal team is having her keep one chip in her pocket for the divorce trial. If the husband’s team tries any last-minute maneuvering, the wife is not afraid to reveal an incident where she (along with their child/ren) caught her husband in bed with a family friend of theirs. The friend is a male professional athlete. In case you’ve been wondering why the two husbands are still close – but the wives rarely get together for more than an hour and a photo op – this is the reason.
Tom Cruise/Katie Holmes and David Beckham/Victoria Beckham

108. BUZZFOTO 08/09
This young and talented actress is going to star in a movie where the role requires she do something drastic to her appearance. She refused to do it at first because it requires a shaved head. No wigs or makeup, but really shaving off her hair. The movie is said to get some Oscar buzz, so she talked it over with PR and is going to do it. The only sad thing is, the person who she is secretly dating right now has threatened to dump her if she does. No joke. We think she’s better off without him. Not Leighton Meester.
Rooney Mara or Emma Watson in Fincher’s "Girl With The Dragon Tattoo"

It wouldn't be a teen party if there was not some behavior that was unexpected. This A/B list female tweener has a squeaky reputation. I mean really squeaky and clean. Never been a blind item before and never been in trouble. Anyway, one of the cast of Glee brought a flask to the party. Actually more like a bottle. You know, just to make the night more fun. Well, our tweener has a big crush on this cast member so when he suggested she have a drink she did. Well, two hours later she was silly drunk and spent the last part of the night in the bathroom regretting the drinking. Apparently it was the first time she ever drank booze.
Miranda Cosgrove/Cory Monteith

110. BUZZFOTO 08/10
We hate to disappoint so many teenage girls out there, but we have good news if you’re a young boy and have the hots for this teen heart throb. Although he has made public appearances with a girlfriend, he is biding his time to when he can openly come out with the man he’s been in love with for some time. His PR team is making him keep up the straight act as a strategy to help him win roles until he grows up a little and snags a more meaty role. Once he breaks the mold of a teenage sex symbol and is respected as more serious talent, then his team suggest a tell-all interview, maybe a sit down on daytime tv and finally freedom to be who he is. Not Taylor Lautner.
Daniel Radcliffe

111. BLIND ITEM 08/10
FauxBelly went to a big party last week. Prior to the event, a producer friend’s special effects team created a pregnancy prosthetic that wouldn’t require shoulder, chest, or waistline support. It was lifecast from a real pregnant woman, and actually glued directly to her torso. They had to experiment quite a bit, as the usual adhesives were smelly, highly chemical, or left a rash. They settled on a glue applied on top of a barrier cream. FauxBelly got a little overconfident, though, and started moving around too much. The bump started to peel off. In a panic, she raced to the restroom with her assistant and the FX expert, removed the belly, repositioned it, and glued it back in place. She barely moved the rest of the evening.
Kelly Preston

This very good looking B-/C+ actor who is recently unemployed after being on a hit network show came out of the closet this week. Kind of. After always being seen with different women he went to party of friends and family with his boyfriend.
Wentworth Miller

This former A+ list movie star and now a B+ and fading, recently borrowed several million dollars from this A list baseball player because he is having big big financial problems.
Nicholas Cage

114. BUZZFOTO 08/11
This A/B list actress moved her family out of LA and into a town not so populated with paparazzi. We assumed it was to let her kids have a more normal life and get out of the Hollywood scene. Now we’ve realized, it was only to throw her husband off the scent of her affair with her agent. Sources report that whenever she flies in to town for work, she and her agent get down to more than just business.

115. BLIND GOSSIP 08/11
This talented girl is not happy with her beau’s activities during her recent theater gig. During the show, he and a couple of pals engaged in some immature antics in the audience by loudly laughing at her lines during the wrong moments, as well as openly mimicking her gestures during her big musical number. While she did give him a verbal smackdown after the show, she will likely continue to put up with his beastly behavior as long as their fake relationship benefits her career.
Vanessa Hudgens/Zac Efron

116. STAR MAGAZINE 08/12
What teen star has a yen for celebrity sex tapes? He enjoys seeing Pamela Anderson in action, and loves Kim Kardashian’s X-rated romp. ‘He’s a boy with raging hormones,’ an insider says.
Justin Bieber

117. BUZZFOTO 08/12
Forget everything you know about this C List couple and their shameless self-promotion. Things are not what they seem. This couple have a very strategic and outlined plan to keep their names relevant. If you believe any of the stories about them, just know they are there to create buzz. The good news is, the best is yet to come. We’ll be hearing crazy stories soon about abuse, babies and sex scandals.
Heidi and Spencer

This could be a first. This former B list movie actress who is still a gorgeous C+ lister who does television now to make ends meet is known for a few great movie roles. Really great roles. Like one of them should have been Academy Award nominated. Anyway, this week she went to a big event. No big deal right? Well, the driver assigned to pick her up did so from a house in one of the worst neighborhoods in LA. When he knocked on the door he found her half undressed, smoking crack with a group of guys and she made the driver wait until after her turn at the pipe. She then threw on a shirt, did nothing to her hair and went to the event and the red carpet.
Gina Gershon

This well known Actress is dating a much younger man. Sources say she is running low on money because she is spending all her money taking him on designer shopping sprees. Vivica A. Fox/Slimm

Bernie Screws Only Herself in the End! It's the oldest story in Hollywood: sex for hire. But unlike some other Blind Vice candidates we've covered over the sleazy years, Bernadine Couch-Butt's Tinseltown rise didn't involve any sex that was contractually required. Bernie snagged her big, successful horny director man the old-fashioned way: wearing a nightie. Yep, a see-through job just happened to be what Bernadine was wearing when they first met, lucky for Bernie. Because she's now well on her way to donning equally lusty outfits in.... A meaty role in Attack of the Mopey Mothballs, her lover's latest über-gizmoed-out mega hit! Funny, though, nobody'll ever really remember Bernie, once Mothballs V, VI and VII come out, a fact Bernadine's blithely dismissing from her pretty little head. But Bernie and big director man are still going at it—on the set, on call, on the funny stuff, whenever and wherever! Who needs to think about things like a future when you're getting laid and you're famous all at the same time, right? Well, Bernie sure should. Nobody's getting hurt in this adults-only game; neither lover has a steady partner. But what's totally rich in this typical Hollywood story is how totally fried Bernie's going to get once she's tossed aside, as she will be. We're only going by experience here when we say this. You see, every one of Bernie's legions of predecessors have not only been ruthlessly discarded by their horny hiring dude, but they've been tarnished and black-listed, as a result. Only one of these women has survived the taint and gone on to make a name for herself. Not great odds for our poor, gorgeous Ms. Couch-Butt. And It Ain't: Ashley Greene, Blake Lively, Vanessa Hudgens.
Rosie Huntington-Whiteley/Michael Bay "Transformers III"

#1 #2, #3, #4 - This is kind of Old Hollywood but some of the people are still alive so not a true Old Hollywood item. Anyway, this Academy Award winning (yeah I said it, no nominee/winner) actor who is still alive got one of his most famous roles in a very interesting way. The Academy Award winner/nominee director of the movie had a crush on this woman. Our actor discovered that the woman would take money for sex and paid for her for a year. The actor told the director he could get the woman interested but he wanted the role. He also wanted a role for one of his friends who is been a B+ movie actor and television actor forever. The director agreed and our actor made the introduction. The director had no idea the actor paid for her services. He used his entire paycheck from the movie to pay for her.
Academy Award winning actor: Marlon Brando
Director: Elia Kazan
B+ actor: Karl Malden
The movie: On The Waterfront

122. BLIND GOSSIP 08/13
Seven past-their-peak stars are receiving serious consideration for the next season of this series. #1 has been to this party before. #2 is the most well-known member of a group that peaked in popularity last century. #3 is from a well-known show-biz family, but is more theatrical than talented. #4 is being stymied by both family and man issues. #5 is the most high maintenance person on the planet. #6 clearly has more interest in their own comeback than in helping anyone else achieve success. #7 is a dark-horse candidate and would probably be the best choice of all… but would also be the one you least expect would want the gig.

"American Idol"
1. Paula Abdul
2. Bret Michaels
3. Latoya Jackson
4. Jessica Simpson
5. Mariah Carey
6. Jennifer Lopez
7. Shania Twain

123. BILLY MASTERS 08/16
Could it be that a certain oft-rumored about lad has shaved off his 1 o'clock shadow? Geez, this time around the stubble barely had a chance to breathe! I'm told the most recent Missus Ex felt from the beginning something didn't exactly click - like a prom date gone bad. But not bad enough to keep her from saying "I do." When the clock struck twelve, the vanishing act happened once again. When confronted by his irate spouse, we hear the traitor simply said "I can't." Is this just a case of bad timing, bad luck or bad acting? Either way, his rumored same-sex dalliances haven't been affected in the slightest - and that's saying something.
Johnathon Schaech/Jana Kramer

124. BLIND GOSSIP 08/16
This tween heartthrob actor enjoys being in the limelight, but in order to stay there, he has been advised to "man up" his image. To this end, he made an appearance at a New York club, and it was reported in all the papers. Another adventure that went unreported, however, was his trip to a New York male strip club with a couple of other guys. One of the guys is his frequent co-star. The other is the heartthrob’s boyfriend, also an actor. The trio spent more money there than they did at the other club. In fact, they enjoyed themselves so much that they stayed past closing time.

heartthrob: Zac Efron
co-star: Corbin Bleu
boyfriend: Sterling Knight

This former C list actress and B list reality star who is still attractive was absolutely hammered the other night. Happy to flash anyone who asked and even if they did not. Also spent the last hour she was there complaining about the size of her boyfriend's peen. Apparently he is very, very small and she wanted everyone to know. Even though he was there.

126. BUZZFOTO 08/16
This celebrity dad whose children are all grown shouldn’t expect an empty nest just yet. Although we hear about a relationship with his very famous child in the press now and again, he’s been in contact with a secret second family. He allegedly had another wife or mistress (the legalities aren’t clear) and had a family with her. His youngest child from that relationship is somewhere around 9 years old. His public and famous family have no idea this other family exists, and he pays them handsomely to keep quiet about it.

127. BUZZFOTO 08/17
It wasn’t too long ago that this cable channel star was unheard of. Now he’s climbing to fame with an ever growing fan base. His ego is also growing and so is the list of his sexual partners. He’s cheating on his wife with a young lady he met at a restaurant who hopes to make it into the business. He’s cheating on his mistress with someone from his show.
Thomas Jane/Patricia Arquette

#1 - This former WWE entertainer has come a long way down from her height of fame. You can now find her servicing club promoters in return for getting booked at clubs.

#2 - This B+ female singer is fairly attractive and has been in a fairly high profile relationship. Now she is in a new relationship but it still doesn't change the fact that she does not get naked for him or any guy despite how she is perceived in the media. Good luck in convincing her to have sex too. Avril Lavigne

129. BLIND GOSSIP 08/17
There are the usual vague press releases when someone gets fired, and then there’s the naked truth, which in this case, is much more interesting. This TV series cast member brought exactly the kind of drama to the series that producers dream about. Not surprisingly, it resulted in great ratings for this show. However, the rest of the cast members gave the producers an ultimatum: Either she goes or we ALL say arrivederci. Faced with the prospect of recasting the entire show, they reluctantly released their star. By the way, now that she is gone, an old cast member is seriously considering a return to the show.

Show: "Real Housewives of New Jersey"
Released star: Danielle Staub
Old cast member: Dina Manzo

130. BUZZFOTO 08/18
This B list comedian/actor didn’t leave patrons laughing when he left a restaurant several nights ago. The poor guy who has been struggling with sobriety showed up to dinner already half plastered and continued to drink throughout the night. He was escorted out before dessert for pulling down his pants and rubbing up against a waiter. Dane Cook

This married Academy Award winner/nominee for Best Actor is sleeping with this A list pro tennis player's wife. Guess all the visits to watch him were so he could sit next to the wife in the box.

Sloppy Sexts Put Baller in Tiger Territory! You didn't think Tiger Woods was the only "nice guy" athlete playing way dirty behind the scenes, did ya? Meet Pepper Harthman, an all-American ball player, praised for his charitable work and family-man demeanor. At least that's the public's opinion of this idolized star and, clearly, appearances aren't always what they seem if you've wound up in our Blind Vice section. But, poor Pepper just doesn't know how to curb his naughty desires: Good-lookin' Pep, like most famous athletes, just can't keep it in his über tight pants. So what else is new, right? Well, the fact that he's got a doting family, as well as an apple-pie image, doesn't exactly helps things here. Also problematic to Pepper's PR image would be his myriad cheating hook-ups while he's on the road and one of those chicks who's now blabbing about it! How unfortunate it is when a girl who you've been sticking it to—and who has messages to prove such—is threatening to go to the media with these electronic boobie-traps? Uh, then Mr. Harthman, it's time to get out your checkbook. Which is exactly what we're hearing Pepper and his handlers may be scrambling to do. Harthman's teammates (owners included) know about his extracurricular activities and are way worried what will happen when this all gets exposed, because, trust us, it is. "It's only a matter of time before it all comes out," says our super worried sports source on the inside. P.H.'s team is one of the best of the best, thanks to Harthman's skills, and they all know how quickly that will go away if their star's good-guy demeanor is shattered. His head will never be in the game, and considering he is one of the most valuable players, you can kiss those championship rings goodbye. Woods is the prime example! We're approaching a year since Tiger's escapades were exposed, and the onetime all-star has hardly recovered. So can money really fix Pepper's probs? Clock's a tickin', and we're dying to find out. And it Ain't: Kobe Bryant, Matt Hasselbeck, Roger Clemens.
Brett Favre

133. BUZZFOTO 08/19
This D Lister just got his big break by getting on board in one of the biggest films of next year. The film has some big names signed on and so this pathetic actor better watch his step. Instead, he’s been irritating cast members by taking pictures of all the females on set and their chests with his cell phone. We know, very mature. He takes the photos and then shows them to everyone and anyone who will look.

This A+ movie star and Academy Award winner/nominee is a do gooder. He is considered extremely straight laced. No swearing and no cheating rumors. You barely even see pictures of him drinking. Well, in his backyard he grows his own pot and loves nothing more than spending a day sitting and smoking all day long. He even encourages his kids to do the same thing.
Tom Hanks; Jeff Bridges; Dustin Hoffman

135. STAR MAGAZINE 08/19
Which half of a Hollywood couple was acting nutso at a recent NYC party? He roamed around the room, collecting helium balloons, releasing them, and then gathering them up again. ‘Strange,’ says a source.
Tom Cruise

136. BLIND GOSSIP 08/19
We’ve talked about this celebrity before. She gave some odd reasons as to why she was moving overseas, and then she moved. So the story is over, right? Oh, no. She and Mother totally brawled before the move. As you may recall, Daughter is writing a "Mommie Dearest" tell-all, much to her mother’s chagrin. To make things even worse, she told some people about her mother’s earlier promiscuous behavior. Her mother responded by sending a note to the daughter that read "You no longer exist in my life".
Pricilla and Lisa Marie Presley

This Lady is a well known fitness expert. She will never leave her girlfriend. Even though her famous Partner is seen in the company and arms of other women, the fitness buff is staying put. She likes her well kept lifestyle.
Jeanette Jenkins/Queen Latifah

Harland Fuss' Triumphant Return! How interesting how low our Toothy-Tile-era, wildly talked about bisexual Blind boy Harland Fuss chose to lay for several years. So much so, he decided to go and get married! Gosh, do you think Harland really isn't into the boys, anymore? Well, you know, certain habits die hard: See, Harland just decided—based on his continued ho-hum career performance—that he needed to amp things up a bit. And if he couldn't haul out any more blockbuster projects, he'd simply try the get-married-and-procreate path. After all, that sometimes works for fading, closeted gay stars who are looking for a tabloid leg-up with their popularity, right? Uh, not always, as poor Fey Oiled-Tush has discovered. But, we digress. Harland just hasn't been able to quash his man-on-man desires (hard as he's tried, poor thing). And what with his career hitting the back-burner 'n' all, he decided not that long ago that he'd do the domestic dance, find a chick to fake-tango with and see if he could muster back up that ol' bedroom eyes thing. Onscreen, mind you. Because the deal is (and, trust, there is a deal here, folks) that Harland's beard was promised a career-boost herself, in the arrangement. And she, like a lot of desperate wannabes in this business, bit. In fact, she chomped on the behind-the-scenes opportunity so fast, Mr. Fuss, always a more thoughtful dude than Tinseltown's used to, wondered what the hell he'd gotten himself into. But it was far too late to go back on his devil-dealing scenario. And It Ain't: John Krasinski, Ryan Reynolds, Jerry O'Connell.
Orlando Bloom

#1 - This foreign born A list female singer is huge worldwide. One secret that she has tried to keep is that she had a baby when she was younger. A member of the family raises the baby and pretends the baby is theirs. Our singer was barely of age and she got pregnant by her then married record producer.
Celine Dion/René Angélil

#2 & #3- Old Hollywood - This gruff, hard drinking, A++ Academy Award winning actor who generally played one type of role once traded some pictures he took of another A++ Academy Award winning actor having sex with a teen boy and girl for a boat. The gruff actor took the pictures and was there but was smart enough to stay out of the frame.
gruff, hard drinking AA actor: John Wayne
AA actor: Humphrey Bogart

140. BUZZFOTO 08/20
Another religion filled blind for your Sunday. It sounds like a cliche, but this foreign born actor over 30 was booted from Catholic school as a boy for setting fire in the library after trying to light a joint. He has since donated a substantial amount of money to the school since he’s made his money. That isn’t too much of a secret. What is more hush-hush is that he claims he lost his V card and his heart to a young nun at the school.
Jonathan Rhys Meyers

141. BUZZFOTO 08/21
Which D List Realtiy star was invited to stay at a nice hotel this weekend on the hotel’s dime but ended up, according to our source, spending most of the night in the car of some stranger in the parking lot after a late night cocaine bender?
Ronnie "Jersey Shore"

142. BUZZFOTO 08/22
This Blind comes from the archives and happened about three years ago. This aging country singer, living on the East coast must have been feeling lonely when a group of male missionaries came to her door. She invited them in and let them share their message and then she left the room and came back wearing only a towel. She offered them something to drink and invited them to swim in her pool, somehow letting the towel fall to the floor. The shocked missionaries got an eyeful and the scare of their lives and did their best to leave and make their way out of her house and gates. Needless to say, we’re sure they never returned. Lorrie Morgan; Tanya Tucker

143. BLIND GOSSIP 08/23
It would probably come as a surprise to many that this TV personality isn’t beloved by everyone in their locale. S/he is finally going, but won’t be missed. This person’s demands have become progressively more outrageous and insufferable over the years, and s/he has simply worn out their welcome. There are many staffers on this person’s show who are breathing a large sigh of relief that this nasty person’s reign is almost over.
Mary Hart "Entertainment Tonight"

Wow, don't tell Melanie Griffith about this one or Antonio will never have an inch of freedom. This former A list movie actor who is now a comfortable B+ has had some fidelity issues. Well, lots of fidelity issues actually. It seems his wife does not like him cheating on her and as part of the deal where she agrees to stay married to him he has a tracking device he carries with him so she knows where he is 24 hours a day. The thing is that she doesn't know is that half the time when it says he is in his production office or on set, it is actually his assistant who is holding the device and our actor is off somewhere still cheating. I could make this really easy and describe the wife and the co-star our actor has been sleeping with, but there needs to be a little challenge.
Ben Affleck/Jennifer Garner/Blake Lively

145.  BUZZFOTO 08/23
Which D List star who used to be B/C list because of his network sitcom has been selling his children’s toys on ebay to get drug money?
Andy Dick

146. BUZZFOTO 08/24
This group of celebrity wives are getting a taking their roles as spouse to the stars very seriously. They realize that the line of work that their husbands are in is filled with temptations, so in to order control the situation, the women get together twice a month and have a meeting to pick the mistress their husband can sleep with, the recreational activities they can do, etc. The men that they plan for are all involved in the same line of work and travel together usually. The wives order fancy take-out, drink expensive champagne and make a fun game out the experience.

This very attractive former B list movie and television actress is now probably a C and is hanging onto her fame by her good looks and a long past hit network show on which she starred. She would probably be very surprised to find out that her part-time assistant has been sleeping with the married father of our actress.
Rachel Bilson (father Danny)

148. BLIND GOSSIP 08/24
When you’re a famous performer, it helps to have back up. In this case of this singer, it’s her sister, who has a similar singing style… and whose voice is actually used in place of the singer’s on more than one recording. Although one sister is clearly more famous than the other, the other one has been assured multiple times that her turn at stardom is coming. The parents, who are very closely involved in their daughter’s’ careers, know that the second sister’s star will likely always orbit the world of her sister’s fame. Whoever you are thinking of, think younger.
Miley and Brandi Cyrus; Britney and Jamie Lynn Spears

149. BUZZFOTO 08/25
He’s talented, he’s handsome, and everyone wants him in their films because this B list Actor is fast on his way to the top. He seems to have everything- a gorgeous wife and children and an amazing career, but we hear behind the scenes things are completely different. When the cameras are off he’s stubborn, verbally abusive, reckless with his spending and habits (including porn and alcohol) and he’s self righteous about politics and religion. His poor wife struggles with depression which he writes off as ‘character weakness’ and blames his son’s ADHD on his wife’s ‘poor parenting.’ He’s definitely not the man everyone thinks he is.

You know what is sad? That we have lists for reality stars. They should all be D. Unfortunately they are not though. This B-/C+ reality star and sometime actress has always thought she was better than the reality world. At this point she would probably settle for a steady paycheck from a reality show. What she should not be doing is making the one company that is paying her a decent wage to endorse their products mad. Our reality star shows up late, bad mouths the company, gets drunk at meetings, has not showed for corporate events and will never go anywhere for them unless she is paid. When they don't renew her contract she will be sorry.
Audrina Patridge

151. BLIND GOSSIP 08/25
This foreign-born celebrity is now incredibly wealthy. That wasn’t always the case. When she first moved to New York, she was so desperate to be independent from her family that when she ran into trouble paying her rent, she became a streetwalker. After she married later on, her musical husband, whose fame and talent exceeded hers, didn’t find her revelations repulsive. In fact, he was rather turned on by the aggressive behavior he imagined she had to adopt to achieve success as a hooker. She even occasionally served as her own husband’s pimp, setting him up in sexual relationships with other woman while they were married.
Yoko Ono/John Lennon

This one is kind of sad. Hopefully there are some cheery ones for tomorrow. Back in the day this tweener singer/actress was pretty big. Not like Miley Cyrus big, but in the world of tween music and acting was probably like the equivalent of 98 Degrees in the boy band archives. Last to the party, but still had a couple of hits with her group. Anyway, she was making a decent wage had a boyfriend who was famous enough that the pair would get in the tabloids. Then one day it was gone. Everything. She is in the middle of a very long drought and is not a tween anymore. She needs to support herself but basically just gets handed from one guy to the next. She allows it though because they give her a place to stay, a couple of scraps of work, and drugs when she needs them. This girl who used to be innocent has been photographed naked, has sex tapes and so much more. She had a lot of promise and if this continues you won't even remember her name in another year. You might not now.
"Cheetah Girls" Adrienne Bailon

153. BLIND GOSSIP 08/26
To help her prepare for an upcoming awards presentation, this actress has solicited the help of someone her husband absolutely despises. The comedy star will be writing jokes about the actor husband and an organization with which he is affiliated. Our actress has made it clear to the comedy star that she is giving her permission to be as vicious as possible. Why so harsh? The sooner the actress can get the husband to see red, the sooner she can get far away from him.
Katie Holmes/Tom Cruise/Scientology/Chelsea Handler/MTV Awards

1. Reality TV show producers are getting fed up with Stars who sign up for dating shows knowing darn well they are not serious…. because they already have someone, and are only doing the show for the money!
Chad Ochochinco

2. This newly minted Porn Star is finding out the hard way she was just getting used for her name. Will her family ever forgive her for her scandalous movie? Montana Fishburne

155. BUZZFOTO 08/26
The gossip never seems to stop coming in from this B List Actress/mother. We’ve told you about her in the past and some of the crazy things she’s done while parenting. The latest comes from a source who claims she was supposed to pick up her children from school but was so hopped up on the white stuff that her kids were out of luck. They waited and waited until finally someone from the star’s camp was contacted and rescued the kids before social services were called.
Denise Richards; Pam Anderson

If any of Parrish Maguire's close (and all very beautiful) friends are wondering why their blushing-boy companion has been on the rag as of late, we can tell you: He's been duly chastised by his "people," and he ain't happy about it. For some silly reason, Parrish's peeps were in an uproar about their client liking to get his sexy on with porn stars at private pool parties or liking to tag around his tortured BF at parties while he made goo-goo eyes at all the (other) pretty boys. Parrish's advisors therefore advised: "Reel it in, or else." P-stuff, all crimson cheeks and quivering lower lip, did not question what the else referred to. He very well knew: The sizeable investment his employers had made in him would suddenly disappear faster than Lindsay Lohan's 9-to-5 gigs. Also intimated to Mr. Maquire, who's gotten quite used to being the hot-stuff flavor of the month, was a reminder that he was hardly the first choice for the plum position he now enjoys. Consequently, P.M. has been pulling the sour stuff on his close friends, taking out the frustration of no longer being able to get his gay on quite so openly on those unlucky enough to enjoy the gorgeous dude's myriad perks. As a result, partying it up with Parrish ain't at all what it used to be. So, suffice it to say: Since P has had to zip his pants, his lip ain't following suit. And It Ain't: Chris Hemsworth, Joseph Gordon-Levitt, Ryan Gosling.
Taylor Lautner

157. BLIND ITEM 08/27
This family man claims that his family doesn’t even own a television, and that his family spends its time together doing things like reading books and playing board games. Well, only part of that statement is true. A recent cable company service call revealed that the family actually owns four televisions, subscribes to cable television, and orders several pay per view features each month. Guess our actor he’ll have to look for some other way to convince people that he is terribly intellectual and so above pop culture.
Tom Cruise

158. A GIRL NAMED BONG 08/27
Which coattail riding fauxcilite keeps her svelte frame by indulging in coke binges? On the red carpet she looks prim and proper but put an 8-ball in front of her and she won't sleep or shower for days..... Tinsley Mortimer

159. PEREZ HILTON 08/27
What revengeful TV star who was fired back in 2007 from Abercrombie and Fitch in Valencia for "theft"? Not to mention, effing another manager while on the clock who had a 2 year old son!
Naya Rivera

Recently while shooting a movie, this B- list mostly television actress who had one big career role for a network and is on a current hit show, discovered that her makeup artist was having her home foreclosed. The makeup artist has four kids and her husband had died about 18 months earlier. Anyway, our actress could have written a check to cover the amount, but when other members of the cast and crew heard what had happened they decided to make the movie shoot also one big fundraiser. With the help of this B list actor/comedian and this B list Academy Award nominee/winner actress, they organized bake sales, dunking booths, bowling tournaments and anything else they could think of doing. It made the set fun and everyone participated and the woman received enough money to save her house.
#1 - B- list actress: Elizabeth Mitchell
#2 - B list actor/comedian: Dane Cook
#3 - Academy Award nominee/winner: Barbara Hershey
#4 - The name of the movie: Answers to Nothing

161. BUZZFOTO 08/27
This blind, if our source is correct, is hilarious and pathetic all at the same time. This celebrity couple who recently called it quits and even twittered about it, didn’t have your typical ‘break up.’ The celeb male had his mother call the celeb female to tell her the relationship was over. Nothing like letting Mom do your dirty work.

162. BUZZFOTO 08/28
This long running British series is well known for its highly moral character but you wouldn’t believe what is going on between the two main stars right now. It’s anything but moral. The showrunner had to sit them down and had to remind them of their contracts in the case that things ended badly. We hear the stars think that they are keeping things under wraps but the male should have looked a little closer in the mirror last week when he returned from lunch with her lipstick on his chin.
Matt Smith and Karen Gillan "Dr. Who"

163. BUZZFOTO 08/29
This celebrity dad is tired of late nights and changing diapers. He claimed he wanted a little one, but now his selfish ways are taking over. He has left his girlfriend and moved out. We might be hearing an announcement of a breakup soon. We think she, and their new baby might just be better off without him!
Scott Disick

164. BILLY MASTERS 08/30
Could it be that one of the most venerable relationships in Hollywood and points south has hit the skids? True enough - the partnership has been dissolved and while the public may focus on the star leaving the boardroom, the golden boy has been moved out of the bedroom. Or bedrooms in this case (the pitfalls of being so international). I'm told the lord of the rings was very direct about the split. No big song and dance. No other party involved (except the ever-present wife). The liaison had simply runs it's course. It could have been ugly, but the youngster has been through this before. He's a foxy fella and like most Silcilians, he'll land on his feet (or his back).
Hugh Jackman and John Palermo

165. BUZZFOTO 08/30
At an Emmy’s after party this weekend, this C list actor finally had the courage to admit his true feelings towards his costar. He professed his love to her, but unfortunately, she chalked it all up to too much punch and the fact that they were celebrating a win.
Vince Kartheiser/Elisabeth Moss "Mad Men"

Award show season brings out the spouses. It also brings out the possibility for some very awkward situations. Well, awkward for the two actors involved. Not so awkward for the husband because he does not know that his foreign born C+ primarily television actress on a hit show wife is sleeping around on him with her much younger C+ co-star. I'm guessing the friendly handshake they shared last night would not have been so friendly if the husband knew.
Jessalyn Gilsig/Cory Monteith "Glee"

167. BLIND GOSSIP 08/31 **#1**
This up-and-coming pop starlet snorted a line of coke while partying in a club with some pals. It shouldn’t come as a huge surprise given the boost her career got after she was linked to a real coke fiend. Her friends are watching her closely because drugs are becoming a more regular routine of hers. Not Miley Cyrus.
Demi Lovato; Taylor Momsen

168. BLIND GOSSIP 08/31 **#2**
Magilla and Shrilla are hairy, grunting, inarticulate, chest-beating gorillas with sub-human IQs. We wonder if the cameras were rolling when Shrilla found out that Magilla was mating with another. We do know that Shrilla is really freaking out behind the scenes now that so many of their secrets are being laid out on the table. Like the fact that Magilla now has the masculine monkey child he always wanted.
Teresa and Joe "Real Housewives of New Jersey"

This B+ movie actress from a hit franchise series has always been rumored to be in a heterosexual relationship. True. She is. She is also involved with a female costume designer she met on the set of a different movie other than the franchise.
Kristen Stewart (This was the first time I remember hearing about Kristen being with another woman)

170. BUZZFOTO 08/31
These two actors were out of the country promoting their new film in which they costar together. Taking a break from the events, the two grabbed some dinner together. The A Lister got a text on his cell phone during the meal. He got excited and told his B list buddy to leave the restaurant and walk across the street. At a bakery across from the restaurant were two identical twins who the A Lister sees regularly when in town, even though he is a married man. He introduced the girls to the B Lister and made them switch digits so that when the B Lister comes back into town, he will have a hook up. He is in a relationship also.


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