NOTE: Guesses in italics are only guesses;
guesses in blue are a link to the solution or substantial clues.

This celebrity couple looks stable from the outside, but from the inside, it’s a mess, and their relationship will certainly end in 2009. She is doing all the work trying to save their relationship, and has enrolled them in couples therapy. Her significant other, however, doesn’t even show up half the time, claiming that work commitments prevent him from doing so. However, he does seem to have plenty of time to travel for fun and play games and run around with his friends. Besides, why should he bother trying to save this relationship when a past girlfriend - about whom he was totally crazy - may soon be back on the market?
Ben Affleck/Jennifer Garner/Jennifer Lopez; Gwyneth Paltrow

1. He’s one of the most eligible bachelors in the world. He’s fine, rich and a sports legend. He’s set to get remarried. Hope he checks his lady’s past. She’s been round the block a couple of times. Hope he gets a prenup.
Michael Jordan/Yvette Prieto

2. These two celebrities make a nice looking couple. Despite their looks, marriage and babies, they are a boring couple. To revive interest in their careers, they are leaking stories about problems in their relationship to get headlines. Let’s hope their publicity stunt doesn’t backfire.

1, WHICH newly married starlet gave a guy she trysted with a nasty STD right before her wedding.

2. WHICH on-the-rocks couple have been headed for divorce for a while? The rock star was cheating on his actress wife immediately after they got hitched and has been carrying on with his comely female sound technician. Chris Martin/Gwyneth Paltrow

3. WHICH television actor should ask his new fling for her secret photo album? While she was in college, she took some nude pictures that are floating around the hard drives of local frat houses. Somehow, we don't think the actor will be turned off. Jeremy Piven

4. BLIND GOSSIP 01/02 **#1**
Which TV actor didn’t realize who he was kissing? This handsome guy walked into a bar on New Year’s Eve and started hitting on a beautiful girl. The two got kissy very quickly. His friends finally arrived, and one of them pulled him aside and whispered in his ear that the girl was actually a very beautiful and very feminine transvestite. The actor turned red, was heard shouting "No f* way!", and left immediately. In his rush, he left his cell phone behind, which he sheepishly had to pick it up at the tranny’s home the next day.

5. BLIND GOSSIP 01/02 **#2**
Which celebrity family is soon going to come under serious attack from both law enforcement and the medical community? A death in their family may have been preventable had the family sought proper medical treatment for the victim. Instead, they publicly denied the deceased’s true condition, and privately refused treatment that could have prevented the tragic death. A District Attorny is now consulting with medical experts and the Coroner to determine jurisdiction and to see if charges can be brought. John Travolta/Kelly Preston/son Jett

The old movie studio system used to match up gay stars with beards to improve their marketability. Times haven’t changed much. Two young Hollywood couples are now being employed in such a ruse. The men in each couple are gay, and the girls are the beards. All of them are aware of their roles. There’s an interesting twist coming up, though. Now that the novelty of each couple has worn off, each couple will be breaking up and swapping partners with the other to stir up controversy and to get them back on the magazine covers.

Zac Efron and Vanessa Hudgens
Ashley Tisdale & Jared Murillo

These two young stars are rocketing to stardom. However, if they don’t stop the partying, they may have to make a pitstop in rehab first. The girl has gotten drunk more times in the past week than you can count on one hand. However, she can usually pull it together for interviews. On the other hand, the guy’s drugging is completely out of control. His agent has had to physically pull him out of two interviews recently because he was so stoned he could barely speak or keep his eyes open.
Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart

This is someone that has never been in the blinds before. Always fun to have fresh faces in here. What you have is a married C list film actress. She is married to a guy in a celebrity family. If I say his career it will give it all away. So, let's stick with celebrity family for now. So, on the set of her latest film she met another actress and they bonded and started hanging out and it was completely platonic. You thought I was going to say our wife had an affair with the actress. Nope. I really don't know if our wife is into women, but it turns out that her husband took an immediate liking to the actress his wife brought home. Well, as soon as he had the chance he made his move, and the two have been almost inseparable. You might ask how that would be possible considering he is married. Well, if you figure out the career you will figure out how it is possible.

couple:Drea de Matteo and Shooter Jennings
movie: Once More with Feeling

Which politico adulterer finds many normal objects to be too sexually suggestive, and has to have them removed from his sight while he’s making speeches? Word is he gets too distracted to focus on his notes! Bill Clinton

"Hey aren't you?" There have been a rash of sightings and I use the term rash here as a caution to all people to not engage in unprotected sex with workers of the sex industry. Anyway, the rash of sightings took place over a two day period. Who was being seen and what were they doing? Well it turns out this A list country singer might have been enjoying the absence of his wife because for two days there were sightings of our singer picking up women who make their living on the streets. At least three times over a 48 hour period our singer cruised around in his very recognizable car and picked up women for about 20 minutes of fun. Now, I don't know if he was just not getting any at home or if he wanted to give his wife a very special Christmas present that could not be returned.
Trace Adkins

11. BLIND GOSSIP 01/06
Which female singer has halitosis bad enough to take the paint off the walls? There were so many complaints about the singer’s bad breath that the choreographer actually had to rearrange the blocking during her performances so that the singer wasn’t face to face or sharing the mic with any other person on stage. Since she doesn’t seem to get the hint when offered breath mints or gum, the singer’s friends and fellow performers are half-joking about staging an intervention.

12. 3 A.M. GIRLS 01/06
Which supermodel is terrified that a video clip of her racking up lines of cocaine on a yacht in the Mediterranean are going to appear online any day?
Kate Moss

Which pothead actor is seeking refuge for harder drugs in a NYC rehab center? The toker couldn’t quite kick the nose-candy habit.
Seth Rogen; Matthew McConaughey; James Franco

14. BLIND GOSSIP 01/07
Which celebrity pastor - who is pals with several noted dignitaries - better start praying that his hypocrisy isn’t exposed? Like many religious conservatives, he loves to preach about family values and he has spoken out against same-sex marriage. Meanwhile, behind his own family’s mega-mansion is a guest house where our preacher cozies up with his own special male companion.
Rick Warren

What current Emmy award winning network show has a production assistant who does not do any work related to the production but still gets paid. Oh yes, they get paid by the production company for basically sitting around. Why? Well when the PA is not sitting around he is the drug dealer of choice for about ten of the cast, crew and producers and they want him always close at hand. So, he gets paid for being there and doing nothing, and paid for his drug selling skills. Not a bad gig I guess. Which one does he put on his resume?

16. 3 A.M. GIRLS 01/07
Which paunchy Hollywood star, with a taste for eastern European hookers, makes his poor overworked PA book him different girls every day of the week during trips abroad?
Jack Nicholson

I hate writing this blind item. I hate it. But, there is a lesson to be learned. Listen to the entire voice mail. Do not assume you have heard it all and then hang up, because there could be a BUT, and then more of a message. So, if you read the entire blog yesterday this will be very easy. Seems that a certain married B list actor decided to go to a bar with a friend of his and while at the bar spent a considerable amount of time hitting on a foreign exchange student and tried very hard to get her phone number. He did not succeed, but it was not for a lack of effort. Oh, and the foreign exchange student was a woman.
Matthew Broderick

18. POPBITCH 01/08
1, Which irritating celebrity offspring has been exploring her rock 'n roll side by enjoying a fruity evening in New York with a double-penetration session from her beau and his surprised-to-be-so-lucky mate?
Peaches Geldof/Max Drummey

2. Which second-tier Hollywood action hero takes a hairdresser everywhere with him to get his bald spot sprayed, Jonny Vaughn style, with hair-in-a-can? Brendan Fraser

19. NY POST/PAGE SIX 01/08
1. WHICH married-with-children cable TV honcho has been so helpful to an ambitious reporter who works for him, everyone thinks they're having an affair - including her boyfriend? Her beau dumped her flat after reading some incriminating e-mails.

2. WHICH media mogul has been hitting on the flight attendant on his corporate jet - and her girlfriend? He offered the hotties an all-expenses-paid trip to Mexico City, but they laughingly declined.

20. BLIND GOSSIP 01/08
Which star athlete is having an affair with one of his teammates? In the macho world of sports, homosexuality is rarely discussed. However, these two teammates - one much more high profile than the other - have been practically joined at the hip for the past several months. Both are married, and both of their wives are in for a nasty shock if they find out. Team managment does know, and is seriously considering trading the lesser player to prevent a full-blown public scandal that might diminish their star’s reputation and ticket sales.
Peyton Manning and Dallas Clark; Eddie Curry and ?

1. This young Comedian is talented but out of control. He is having a hard time handling his success. He often lashes out at colleagues. And, if he keeps up with his mean-spirited comedy routine, it could hurt his career. He was recently slapped in the face by a fan after one of his club antics.
Katt Williams

2. This reality TV Judge recently strong-armed her bosses for a major raise. Won’t they be surprised when they find out she is negotiating to do a talk show for another network. Paula Abdul

3. It’s going to be an interesting Father’s Day for this well known Sports Commentator. Both his jumpoff and girlfriend recently revealed their baby plans.

Looks like T.R. Knight may be setting a trend. Sources close to Heroes tell me that one of the show's stars has asked to leave the show at the end of the current season, in part because of a lack of screen time. According to insiders, NBC has not yet decided whether this actor will be released from his or her contract; however, there is an apparent "death" planned for this season (somewhere in the last few episodes) that could wipe out this character for good. So who is it? Well, we can't reveal the actor's name (which is why this is a blind riddle—sorry!) but I can tell you:
1. It's a series regular who's been on since season one.
2. Some of you fans would freak if this actor were to leave.
3. This particular Hero-ic soul has more name recognition than others in the cast.
4. According to Peacock-net insiders, NBC is not likely to release this actor. (See number three.)
5. If this actor does return for season four, there's an easy way to bring him or her back from the planned "death."

Ali Larter

Crescent Kumquat sure has many swooning ladies—and drooling gents—wondering which way this young hunk swings. His precious looks seem far too well-groomed to be that of a sports-watchin', belch-providin', crotch-grabbin' hetero fella (well, his crotch, at least). We've heard many stories of Cres' femme conquests, raunchy, watery and fairly athletic hookups to be exact. But even Toothy Tile's been known to dabble in dames from time to time, if that says anything about Cres-Cres' not-so-straight ways. And if Mr. Kumquat's more frequent nightly habits are at all telling, we've got bad news for the horny-for-Crescent gals out there: See, Cres loves to go out and party. Yeah, so what, who doesn't at his age? A few drinks turn into a lot more, and before ya know it, dude's libido leads him every which way—par-tick to the bedroom, or whatever comfy surface he can park his luscious, long...limbs on. Often with a bunch of like-minded (and beautifully skinned) boys 'n' girls. But guess what? Despite C.K.'s female kiss capades with other gals of his status, Kumquat's often found after these debauched nights out waking up in the arms of his "very close" guy friends. Spooning. Friggin' entwined, folks. In front of the gals he was supposedly getting all debauched with the night before. This certainly is as telling and de-lish a plot development as Crescent's day job churns out, I'll tell ya that much. And It Ain't: Adrien Grenier, Penn Bladgley, Kellan Lutz.
Chase Crawford

Which mega-athlete got duped by his wife? She swore she was on the pill but wasn't, and that led to an unexpected bundle of joy.

#1 - This former female reality star was one of the first to actually make a living at it for a short while. Both a network reality star and cable reality star, she was always known for using her looks to try to get guys on the show. Well, she is about to come out.
Jerry Manthey

#2 & #3 - This B+ list film actor who has been in a very hit movie didn't even wait until he was in his car last night to tap a line of coke out on his wrist. He just went ahead and did it while waiting for his car to be brought around. He was kind enough to ask if anyone else wanted to join him. Everyone declined to join him then, but he did manage to snag this B- list award nominated film actress to take a ride with him. Jason Segel/Evan Rachel Wood

#4 - This former B- list television actress and sometime film actress who was not shy about taking off her clothes took so many drugs and drank so much champagne on New Year's Eve that she spent a good three hours throwing up before announcing she had to get home to her kid/s, whereby she took about three steps and passed out for the rest of the night. Pam Anderson

26. 3 A.M. GIRLS 01/10
Which hunk was lined up to be the new unofficial face of an Italian fashion house - until he put on so much weight over Xmas he couldn't get into the designer suits?

27. BLIND GOSSIP 01/11
Which celebrity has turned down an offer to be a spokesperson for Jenny Craig? She knows that her weight is out of control, but has no confidence in her ability to stick to anything that involves diet or exercise. Despite this, you should see her lose a lot of weight very quickly. Why? Because she is having lap-band surgery. However, expect any public statements to focus only on how she has simply adopted a healthy lifestyle.
Aretha Franklin

28. 3 A.M. GIRLS 01/11
Which randy multimillionaire star didn't care who saw as his hands went wandering towards his missus under the table during a big TV ceremony?

29. NY POST/PAGE SIX 01/12
1. WHICH pop star/reality-TV hostess and her husband tried to lure a hottie publicist into their Atlantic City hotel suite for a threesome? When the singer suddenly stripped naked and got into bed, the terrified flack made her excuses and fled.
Mel B

2. WHICH petite screen actress isn't as intelligent as her college degree would imply? She refuses to read the scripts her agents send her and then throws a fit when plum roles go to her harder-working peers. Natalie Portman

Which TV and big-screen funnyman has a little too much porn on his phone? He’s reluctant to let his cell out of sight for fear someone will discover his cache of naked women.
Tim Allen

Could it be that soap's most infamous young bottom boy has hit rock bottom? The offers to light up the sky (or points lower) aren't flooding in, and the kindness of male companions he's always relied on his dried up - but that's due to his burgeoning waistline and hard drinking (I hear he's currently drug freee). The network brass couldn't care less who he's fucking. They just want their golden boy back. FYI, a bit of dye could help that situation. We hear he's getting quite a work out from his latest personal assistant/trainer. Rumor has it this beauty has practically moved in with the couple, leaving tongues wagging - and the martial bed cold.
Jacob Young "All My Children" (He played Lumiere in Beauty and the Beast (thus, the reference to "beauty" and "light up the sky -- lumiere means light in French, and the character is a candlestick)

I'm sure the fans of this married world class golfer with the perfect image would be shocked to know he cheats on his wife on a regular basis.
 Tiger Woods

33. 3 A.M. GIRLS 01/12
Which Hollywood star was heard sniffing in the ladies - was she crying over losing out, or snorting substances?
Anne Hathaway

34. BUZZFOTO 01/12
Our barely famous TV actress who has done a few films had a crazy New Year’s Eve night. The woman did everything crazy you can think of: sex, drugs, rock-n-roll, more drugs, booze, and drugs. Way after ringing in the new year, she went home to her happy family, but passed out on her front porch in her own vomit. Her kids found her the next morning. It is NOT Ms. Shauna Sand.
Pam Anderson

Which Oscar winner got tired of eating at home and cheated on his pregnant girlfriend with their local waitress?

 36. PEREZ HILTON 01/13
Yes, that douchebag is leaving the TV show. But, wanna know the real reason? He's back on the drugs and alcohol, showing up late to work and being very unpleasant to work with. Is his homewrecking girlfriend gonna support him now???
Balthazar Getty

Want to know the difference between celebrities? Let's see how they are treated by the same fashion designer for the same infraction. Both of our actresses in this item have the annoying habit of getting dresses and other items from our designer on loan and never returning it. Even when asked repeatedly by the designer, neither actress ever returns anything loaned out. #1 is a C list actress with A list name recognition and does not have the most stellar reputation. She has been banned from ever receiving anything on loan again from the designer. #2 is a B list film actress who stars in "important" movies but is best known for one huge franchise and is loved by everyone (mostly). She usually borrows more items at a higher value, but because she is nice and friendly to the designer he keeps unbanning her and keeps loaning out items.

#1: Lindsay Lohan
Natalie Portman

38. BLIND GOSSIP 01/13
This television show has seen several personnel shifts over the last couple of years. There is another major shift coming up. The shocking part of this is that the person leaving may be replaced with someone they hate and who aggravates the heck out of the producers. Why this candidate? The producers want ratings and Emmys, and the replacement is a known quantity for generating lots of controversy and ratings and buzz. So they have held their noses and made an offer, and are now waiting for an answer.

show: "Ugly Betty"
leaving: Ashley Jensen

replacement: Lindsay Lohan

show: "The View"
leaving: Elisabeth Hasselbeck
replacement: Rosie O'Donnell

George Clooney spent the holidays in Cabo with Cindy Crawford and Rande Gerber and there was no word of his usual paid shenanigans, of the entertainment variety, but there are those who are convinced that the reason Cindy ever tolerated Rande’s alleged philandering is because she negotiated a pass with his BFF. There’s never been any slamdunk evidence to support this but while those sorts of arrangements would shock the suburbs, in Hollywood it’s par for the course. In fact, it’s the only way one long standing celebrity marriage is able to survive even though she would have you believe that it’s a commitment to therapy and communication. A cheat for a cheat. It works for them. For reference and association purposes, we’ll call this one Cabo.
Courteney Cox & David Arquette

40. 3 A.M. GIRLS 01/14
Which Hollywood celeb pulled a stripper, but was horrified by her ugly mug when he woke up in bed with her the next morning?

This A list film actress has barely admitted to getting botox. Always presumed to be a natural beauty, it turns out that in addition to botox she has also got her breasts augmented and had lipo, all while under the guise of being in the hospital for completely different reasons.
Gwyneth Paltrow

42. BLIND GOSSIP 01/14
There’s a television series that’s being carried by a major network. Not a completely original concept, but well-written and well-executed with a likeable lead. In fact, the entire project was really sold on the strength of the star of the show, for whom this is a breakthrough role. Big problem behind the scenes, though. The star has a substance-abuse problem. The show is being filmed now, and the producers are torn between wanting to get a bunch of episodes wrapped despite the star’s erratic behavior, to rewrite scenes or entire episodes without the star, or to shut everything down while the star goes to rehab. Absolute last resort: recasting the lead, a very unappealing prospect.
'Eleventh Hour' and Rufus Sewell

43. PEREZ HILTON 01/14
What Bronx housewife has been calling the diva she once stole from for tips???? She's so desperate for a comeback that she's hellbent on them recording a duet together! Jennifer Lopez calling Mariah Carey

44. BUZZFOTO 01/14
Which Singer Starlet is so jealous of her Ex and his new girlfriend that she’s actually paid someone to follow the couple? We can’t confirm if the couple is just being followed, or if the person hired was actually hired to sabotage the couple. The reason why we say this, is because the person allegedly hired to spy on the Ex had been seen in the entourage of the Ex and his new girl toy. It’s NOT Katy Perry.
Britney Spears/Kevin Federline (Victoria Prince)

45. POPBITCH 01/15
1. Which Hollywood golden girl spent some time in her youth virtually stalking Brit actor James Frain? Gwyneth Paltrow; Kate Winslet

2. She's been around the block a bit but this celebrity is getting ready to re-launch herself on the scene as a single woman again (spot the return to her pre-marriage clothes-style) and is getting back in the swing of it by contacting her famous exes. Her famous married-ex is said to be less than pleased to hear from her. Jennifer Lopez

46. 3 A.M. GIRLS 01/15
Which celeb lost his virginity on tour and then dumped the lucky lady on his co-star to see the girl got home safely?

virgin: James Corden
co-star: Mathew Horne
tour: Gavin and Stacey

Which aging action star had a leisurely conversation with a young, hunky co-star on set — all while being pleasured by an extra?
Bruce Willis

48. BLIND GOSSIP 01/15
Normally, when an actor goes on a casting call, they are on their best behavior. This one well-known film actor, however, somehow thinks that the rules don’t apply to her. Although she was heavily favored for the role in a film that will almost certainly become a hit, she showed up late and was rude to the person at the front desk. She then whipped out her cell phone in the waiting area and proceeded to quietly but audibly bad mouth the lead actor who was already attached to the film, calling him a "f*ing loser". By the time she was ushered into the meeting, word of her bad behavior had already reached the director. He gave the star a scant five minutes of his time, and dismissed her with barely a comment. The role will go to another actress.
Vanessa Hudgens - "New Moon", the "Twilight "sequel

1. This year’s awards season is going to be interesting as these two Divas battle it out for awards. For one Diva, it’s going to be Karma. It looks like she is going to pay the price for disrespecting her fellow Diva during her time of grief.
Beyonce & Jennifer Hudson

2. This Pop Superstar from a famous group came to America looking for success. Well, she got all that and more, including a baby and a shady husband. This female loves kinky sex. The More-The Merrier is her motto, and now the stories of her sexcapades are starting to come out. Mel B. aka Scary Spice

This up and coming known for his very good looks C list actor with B list name recognition who is right on the verge of becoming huge, has a major medical issue he is facing. Apparently he needs to have some oral surgery to remove a growth on his tongue. It could impair his ability to speak properly and permanently derail his career. For now he is keeping the upcoming surgery quiet, so as to not jeopardize any further opportunities from coming his way while at the same time hoping it doesn't cost any lasting damage.
Robert Pattinson

51. HOLY MOLY 01/16
Which Bafta-winning and Oscar-nominated actress was spotted at some East London fashion clubnight thing last Friday off her face on ketamine?

It was so delicious. Better than Angie getting her gal-flirt on at the Globes. Far better than whatever Mickey Rourke did with all those easy chicks at the after-parties. Call it showdown of the down-low dudes! (You do know what down-low means, right? Uh, it's when superficially macho guys, often in the black and Latino cultures, but not always, like to screw with guys on the side while they've got the babes out in front.) So here we go: Like the good little showman he is, Toothy Tile went to the Golden Globes this past weekend. And where was a camera when you needed one 'cause boyfriend ran into Lloyd Boy-Toyed, one of our other closeted Hollywood actors, just not as famous. Jeez, wanna hear what happened? They met. For the first time, I do not know, but I'm pretty sure it was. And even though both stars live to get their boy-flirt on, big-time, these guys are nearly a generation apart, so I highly doubt they mingle at the same gay gatherings. But what's really interesting is how very sad Lloyd acted with Toothy, almost as if he saw before him the chance he'll never have: the possibility to come out of the closet and still have a career. Boy-Toyed never will out himself (although others sure as hell keep trying), not just because of his age, but because of his family, trust me on that one. But Toothy? Everybody knows he could still have it both ways; he's sure young enough. So what did Lloyd and Tooth discuss? "The awards, the show, politics—it was a total come-on," insists my Toothy/Lloyd interloper. Am I quoting myself here, I wonder, and being very sneaky? Hmm. "It's how Lloyd operates. It's all in the eyes." Yes, that much is true. Very true. I know firsthand. But let's get the point, already: Did Lloyd and Toothy hook up? Not there, they didn't, although I do believe digital info was exchanged, a dynamic that never would have gone down had T.T.'s standard chick date been around, which she wasn't, at least not then. Where could she have been? Stitching up Kate Beckinsale's dress in the ladies room? Oh, and Lloyd. You might as well throw that number away. Toothy so is not calling. Sorry. (He's taken, a few times over.)

Lloyd Boy-Toyed: Alec Baldwin
Toothy Tile: Jake Gyllenhaal

53. BLIND GOSSIP 01/16
Yes, she is definitely pregnant. So why isn’t she announcing? Because there are two more pressing issues with which she is dealing. The first is that her relationship with the baby’s father is rather tenuous right now. Friendly in public, but lots of stress and squabbling in private. The second reason is that her very aggressive attorney is trying to wrangle down the source of some hurtful information about her that would certainly tarnish her image. So the pregnancy isn’t exactly at the top of the list in this trio of life issues.
Janet Jackson

What funnyman’s wife caught him in bed with another man? Sister straight-up dumped her dude after catching that class act. Christopher "Kid" Reid of Kid & Play

This is going to be very hard for you to solve, but thought I would share it since you shared stories on Your Turn. This is not my best day, but it was a memorable day for sure. This happened awhile ago. It didn't happen as long ago as that Las Vegas hotel room blind though. Yeah, if you want to look that one up you will need to find it.

Anyway, at the time this happened a few years ago, all of the people involved were on a (#1) very funny network show that was not quite a big hit. It tried, and had an audience but it only lasted a few years. Not quite enough episodes for syndication.

(#2) Well one of the leads in the show had a party at his house. He is a C list actor, although at the time he was probably B because of a relationship he was in. He has really made his name based on two television shows and a relationship. I don't think he has ever done a movie.

So, the lead had a party at his house and I got dragged there by a friend of mine. One of the things that I noticed right away was that while most of the parties I had been to involved drinking games, this group of people had coke games. Instead of quarters they played games like fastest to do three lines of coke. Yeah, good times. To be fair, sometimes they would mix things up and include doing a shot and then three lines of coke. If you were last, you had to get up from the table and the free coke and had to let someone else sit there.

(#3) Anyway, the absolute clear winner in all of this was a woman who is, honestly a D list actress now and was probably a C list actress then, despite being one of the leads on the show. She just could not be beat. If there were a table of six she would beat them all every time, and would keep beating them repeatedly. Plus she showed no signs of it affecting her. It also seemed like she had no friends there and this was her one way of connecting with the group. She is actually on a series now as a regular, but it is her first regular job since the other show went off the air.

(#4) The clear loser almost every time was probably the best known actor of the bunch. He will probably be a permanent B lister based on a few key roles (both television and film) in his career. He was older than the rest of the cast, but they loved him. Mainly because he always lost so they got to keep playing, but also from what I understand he paid for the entire amount of coke. It was a ton of coke.

There were about 30 people at this party, but to the six or seven people sitting at the table all they could think of was to keep playing that game. They didn't notice anyone or anything beyond that game. The rest of the attendees at the house were laughing and drinking or not drinking and having a great time. The people at the table just seemed to only care about the next round of the game.

56. BUZZFOTO 01/16
There’s a buzz among hotel staff in Park City that this certain celebrity, no matter how high profile she may be, is now banned from staying in their hotel. The last time this fame-whore was there, she made such a mess of things, that the room could not be used for weeks. Also, the other high profile guests complained about the constant noise and partying. The funny thing is, this celeb wasn’t in any films, she just likes to party at Sundance and have her picture taken. It’s not Liv Tyler.
Paris Hilton

57. 3 A.M. GIRLS 01/17
Which star has been drawing nude pictures of herself and other people's private parts during rehearsals?

58. BLIND GOSSIP 01/18
Which actor is in hot water after making a move on a member of his household staff? He and his wife hired an attractive nanny to help look after their growing brood. The actor had never spent a lot of quality time with the kid/s prior to the nanny’s arrival. However, once the nanny arrived, he started spending an inordinate amount of time accompanying her and the kids to various kiddie activities. A couple of weeks ago, the wife caught them in a compromising position in the nanny’s room. The nanny was promptly fired, and the wife has been quietly asking friends for recommendations for a divorce attorney in the Los Angeles area.

59. BUZZFOTO 01/18
Which Celeb at Sundance went to a party, had a little too much to drink and ended up sleeping with a local college boy? The college boy has been bragging about the night to all his friends. Let’s just hope STD’s don’t spread as fast as gossip in this small town because one of them is going to be waking up with a surprise in a few days. Don’t worry Nick, it wasn’t Mariah Carey. She’s too classy for this trash.
LeAnn Rimes

This former celebrity girlfriend of an A lister has made it perfectly clear this week that she wants a return to the limelight. How so? Well she has propositioned a number of actors with movies coming out that she will be more than happy to be their girlfriend as long as they take her to any event getting press for their movie.
Sarah Larson

61. BLIND GOSSIP 01/19
This female singer, who has been talking up her performance at an inaugural event for Barack Obama, is quite the political hypocrite. It turns out that she and her family are actually all registered Republicans.

Which odd couple better hope their mutual spouses don’t discover that they shared a recent night of passion in Las Vegas?

63. 3 A.M. GIRLS 01/19
Which rising Brit actor is already falling out with Hollywood A-Listers? Who does he think he is?
Robert Pattinson

This actor is the kind of guy that every single woman over thirty wants to meet. He's tall, dark, and handsome and successful on TV as well as the big screen. He's carved out a career playing "the boyfriend" to leading ladies. But this down to earth guy is freakier than he looks- he never goes out without a jar of mayonnaise in his backpack. He cheats on his famous girlfriend with frisky gals willing to spread the mayo all over his body.
John Corbett

Which eccentric actor got his start in the biz by letting directors in where the sun don’t shine?
Vincent Gallo; Johnny Depp; Robert Downey Jr.; Jim Carrey

This award winning B list always film actor had been booked to make a paid appearance at a pre-inaugural event. He missed the event. How come? Well turns out that he just couldn't be bothered to leave his hotel room and his meth. Six months ago this actor never did any drugs and now he spends almost every waking moment doing meth.

67. BUZZFOTO 01/20
Remember the star we told you about in the last Blind Item? Well, our college loving Celeb seems to not restrict her desires to just under-graduate Frat-boys. She also likes married men. Famous married men. We can’t wait until Sundance ends, just so her forbidden liaisons will settle down. But who knows, maybe it’s worse in LA. If you thought it was Denise Richards, you thought wrong. It is not her!
LeAnn Rimes

Well, well, well. Let the rumors begin anew. This B list film actress with A list name recognition was spotted last night getting her shoulders rubbed and her hand held by this B list television actress from a network drama.
Lucy Liu/Kate Walsh at the Neighborhood Ball

This one's too stoopid to wait until Friday. So as a special double Blind Vice week in honor of Barack Obama's inauguration (about which I am very happy, contrary to popular belief), I'm filling you all in on a super scandal over at Marc Cherry's ABC hit, Desperate Housewives. Now, it's no secret that those broads get along about as well as Palin and Biden fans do, but something new is making things even worse: Shilah Schtup Me, let's call her (a virgin to our naughty Blind Vice annals, I must say), has made it quite clear she feels her TV gig is, well, just not A-List enough. Therefore, she's had certain members of her representation make discreet—or so she thought—inquiries about gradually getting her some primo movie gigs, with the hope of one day being able to ditch the boob-tube stuff altogether. Trouble is, the rest of Shilah's representatives, not to mention practically every agency in town at this point, found out about it and read SSM the riot act for being such a damn ingrate, as she's incredibly lucky to have landed the D.H. gig in the first place—as the fool had no career to speak of prior. None. Zilcho. In other words, fierce and scolding word came back: Be happy where you are, 'cause you ain't no movie star. It Ain't: Lily Tomlin, Dana Delaney, Andrea Bowen.
Eva Longoria-Parker

70. BLIND GOSSIP 01/21
Which reality television star may not welcome some upcoming attention? While her stint on reality TV seems to suggest a need for constant attention, even she was caught off guard by the revelation that a skin magazine tycoon has obtained some explicit photos of her. The network where she is a star is doing what they can to stop them from getting published, but it may be too late.
Heidi Montag/Larry Flynt

Which small-screen actress is just as naughty as her TV character? The hottie was seen kissing quite a few fellas at Sundance despite having a serious boyfriend. Michelle Trachtenberg

72. POPBITCH 01/22
1. Remember that scene in "Performance" when Mick Jagger, Anita Pallenberg and another girl have a threesome in a bathtub? Well, which rock 'n roll funnyman finally got the chance to re-enact it after a recent show, while a crowd of friends looked on?
John Mayer

2. This wronged celeb wife couldn't have enjoyed all the revelations that 2008 brought. This year could be worse. She's close to her father but she's one of the few around him not to know about his second family. Gordon Ramsey's wife Tana

1. What’s the next step for many reality show contestants who appear on dating shows? For many it’s a career in porn. Guess who is already going in this direction?
Buddha "I Love New York"

2. This Gospel Star has a lot of explaining to do. She blew off a major awards show to attend the inaugural festivities in DC. Yolanda Adams/Stellar Awards

I think this this newly engaged NFL player would be surprised to learn that his future wife has been spending a great deal of time talking and texting her old boyfriend every chance she gets and even making plans to meet while she is alone and out of town. Of course it probably serves our NFL player right.
Tom Brady/Gisele Bundchen/Brazilian billionaire Joao-Paulo Diniz

75. BLIND GOSSIP 01/22
This celebrity couple is known for their commitment to each other despite their age difference. Each appears to have adapted well to parenting in a blended family. However, one parent was recently caught by one of their grown children in a compromising situation outside of the family. The child - who is also pursuing a career in acting - is now in the uncomfortable position of lying to the one parent about the other in order to keep the family intact.
Ashton Kutcher/Demi Moore/Rumer Willis; Susan Sarandon/Tim Robbins/Eva Amurri

76. BUZZFOTO 01/22
Which male celebrity A-lister is so afraid of germs he can’t even sit on his therapist’s couch to get help? He makes a team of doctors come to his house to disinfect the place and the few guests he allows over need to have their medical records cleared before coming in. It’s not Tom Cruise.

77. HOLY MOLY 01/23
1. Which Spice Girl did Kris Marshall (the dude from the BT adverts and 'My Family') share a spliff with when he lived next door to her?

2. Which spoilt brat from rock royalty was into 'brown' so much with her musician boyfriend last year that they were both essentially kidnapped by management and locked in a house in Provence and fed nothing but lettuce and oranges until they’d gone through withdrawal? Peaches Geldof/Max Drummey; Kelly Osborne/Travis Mccoy

One Black Boys Are Delicious Blind Vice: Prius Crotch-Catch is so famous, so gorgeous, so down with everything cool in T-town: from always dating the hippest dude, to starring in the latest hit. She’s also politically aware! And she’s so full of enviable girl power, so pure! Surely she doesn’t snort evil drugs or sleep around! Everyone loves and wants to be Prius! Oh, and even though PC-C’s fallen in love from time to time, lately, she’s been on her own—but now appears to be settling sweetly down again. Everyone’s breathing a sigh of belated relief. So fab that Prius has met her latest BF, a fine and steady dude who knows nothing of his girl’s immediate and shocking past, which includes: Many, many cocaine-powered nights of hot, endless and very loud sex that white chick Prius just stopped having with Wally Wallup, an African-American dude who’s as studly as he is rich and infamous. No one knew Prius and Wally were dating—and they liked it that way, too, as they were wholly hooking up just for the wild nooky. Jeez, thought it was just the gays who went for the meaningless, sweaty hot sex, but what the ef do I know? Just that the hipster hotel where Wallup and Crotch-Catch always did it became even more infamous than it already is when the gorgeous twosome’s screams, snorts and clandestine meetings became so...well, vocal. Indeed, Mr. Wallup had to start posting his bodyguards outside their suite doors just to keep folks from breaking in and calling 911, or joining in, take your pick. Doesn’t matter anymore, as Prius C-C only has eyes for her just-snagged, far-less-athletic nooky partner. Won’t last. Uh-uh, no friggin’ wild-sex-starved way. Mark my snoopy (and wise) words. And It Aint: Rachel McAdams, Scarlett Johansson, Hayden Panettiere.
Cameron Diaz and 50 Cent

Which d-bag actor beats his beautiful action-star girlfriend? Brian Austin Green and Megan Fox

#1 - Technically I guess this film actor is a B lister but he is definitely A list when it comes to name recognition. Our actor got in some well publicized trouble awhile back. What wasn't made public is the real reason the cops were called. Seems he called a clerk the N word.
Shia LaBeouf

#2 - Now, I know there are some bad dates out there, but you would think that if you are in your 20's you wouldn't have to have your teenage girlfriend pay for all your dates and your clothes and if you get cash from the parents it is the same thing because she is earning all the money anyway. Justin Gaston (Miley Cyrus)

#3 & 4- This NHL player has himself a really nice celebrity girlfriend who he claims to love. Hasn't stopped him from having strippers called up to his room on every road trip. I'm sure the girlfriend would be pleased. Elisha Cuthbert/Dion Phaneuf  (She ended up marrying him though, so there is that. Hopefully he changed)

81. BLIND GOSSIP 01/23
Everyone knows that the first rule of hiring celebrity staff is to have them sign airtight confidentiality agreements. Which couple is going to regret dropping the ball on this one? One of the former staff members of this famous couple used to run errands for his bosses. One time he was given money to go to a specialty shop to purchase full-body latex suits for the couple. The suits weren’t for scuba diving. They were for bedroom play. This is just one of many wacky tales this person can tell about Mr. and Mrs. Kinky. Much more to come.
Brad Pitt/Angelina Jolie

82. 3 A.M. GIRLS 01/23
Which Hollywood heart-throb refuses to stand to the left of any camera as he hates a small mole on his face?
Zac Efron

83. BUZZFOTO 01/24
Which B list television Actress is so addicted to plastic surgery, virtually everything on her body has been altered? Here’s the twist, it’s not who you would think by looking at her. Apparently, her addiction to the knife doesn’t have anything to do so much with aging or body image, she’s seduced by the fact that no one ever suspects she’s had any work done. She gets off on fooling everyone. There were rumors once or twice on a nose job, but her work is so artfully and subtly done, it’s hard to tell! It is NOT Katherine Heigl.
Jennifer Aniston

Which nymphette actress had a really, really swell time in rehab, and has been telling pals that she got laid there all the time?
Taylor Momsen; Lindsay Lohan

This star tweener actress very recently had a procedure done which avoided the need for a shotgun wedding or awkward questions when doing her next press tour. It also probably saved her the explanation to her current boyfriend about why the baby was not going to look like him.

86. BUZZFOTO 01/26
This young starlet was at an event yesterday and was seen, quite openly doing a line in front of a group of people and didn’t seem worried about the consequences. Maybe this explains questions about the star’s recent and sudden weight loss. It is not Ashley Tisdale.
Mischa Barton

1. HE MADE IT BIG: What hunky, masculine action star slept with a famous male director - and only then was given a walk-on role in one his movies? Luckily, this small film debut launched his career. Vin Diesel

2. A SEXY START: This actress had a very strong reputation as a high-priced hooker before she was ever in a movie - and before she married one of Hollywood's most famous men. Denise Richards

3. WORKING GIRL: This award-winning actress was picked up by an iconic singer when she was working at a department store. He slept with her, then followed through on his promise to make her a star. Angie Dickinson/Frank Sinatra

4. SCARY STUFF: This successful studio head asked an actress for a kinky sexual act in order to procure a role in his popular horror film franchise. She declined and the the part went to another bombshell.

5. ALL FOR NOTHING: What former teen star wanted to get more adult roles, so she slept with her best friend's well connected dad. It didn't work. She is still struggling to be taken seriously as an accomplished actress. Lindsay Lohan/Bruce Willis

6. ANIMAL ATTRACTION: This Hollywood legend got her first big role in an iconic classic by sleeping with a studio head. The exec was so smitten with her, that he took the role away from the original actress, and gave it to his lover.
Hollywood legend: Jessica Lange
Studio head: Dino De Laurentiis
Movie: "King Kong"
Original Actress: Meryl Streep

I guess older teenagers couldn't be found. This B list actress from a hit network drama and A list name recognition has been telling everyone that her latest boytoy is 21. To her closest friends she has admitted he is actually 19. This despite the fact she is in her late 30's. It probably wouldn't be an issue except for the fact that she knows that he is actually only 17. Oh, and to make it extremely cliche he is her pool boy and not a guy about to graduate from college as she has told everyone else.
Shannen Doherty

Which aging rock star attempted to have a rhinoplasty — but was deemed an unsuitable candidate because he’s still frequently using Colombia’s finest?
Richie Sambora; Steven Tyler

90. BLIND GOSSIP 01/27
Which rising young film actor should get himself to a doctor pronto? Turns out that a casual fling he had a couple of months ago was recently diagnosed with a treatable STD. We don’t know who gave the STD to whom. What is interesting though, is that although the star’s sexuality is ambiguous, this particular fling was with an actress. Even more interesting is that fact that she is old enough to be his mother.
Chase Crawford

91. 3 A.M. GIRLS 01/27
Which sportsman with a tough-guy image is actually a mummy's boy at heart - and isn't allowed to go out socially, or even cook for himself, without permission from the dominating matriarch?
Cristiano Ronaldo

Which married Oscar winner was caught pants-down in a club closet, getting naughty with a tranny? The waitress who walked in on the pair was so stunned, she dropped her drink tray.
Cuba Gooding Jr.

93. BLIND GOSSIP 01/28
Which young celebrity should be reported to the humane society? She made a big fuss over a new puppy a while back, bringing it everywhere with her. Then the dog got older and bigger and more unruly, and the novelty wore off. She stopped traveling with it, and after a few indoor accidents, stopped allowing it in the house. The poor pup now spends half its time completely alone in the backyard, sometimes without food and water for the day if the owner forgets about it. The other half of the time, it’s left in a kennel while the owner travels.
Ashley Tisdale

94. 3 A.M. GIRLS 01/28
Which cocky celeb was busted when he flaunted his adulterous affair in front of his long-term girlfriend? She told everyone about his tiny manhood.
James Cordon and his long term on again off again girlfriend is Sheridan Smith

C list actress. I had to look her up on IMDb because I didn't recognize her name. I should have. Judging by her resume she has been on some very hit shows as a lead or co-star. They just are not shows I watch. One of the shows made someone an A lister, unfortunately it was not our actress. She is recently divorced and her husband is a major player in town. I remember when they got divorced but only because I knew his name. The rumor at the time was that the reason they divorced was that constantly cheated on her. Although I am very sure he was, she is not so innocent herself. At the same time he was cheating with everyone who jumped on his casting couch, she was showering her ex boyfriend with vast sums of money that she took from her husband. Whatever this guy wanted she bought for him. When the husband discovered this, it was over for the couple. Unfortunately for her, he had a very good pre-nup drawn up. Now, running out of money she and her ex-boyfriend troll through clubs looking for her next husband.
Pamela Bach/David Hasselhoff

96. BUZZFOTO 01/28
What Sundance Sweetheart is carrying a little secret that will soon be made public? By carrying, we mean it literally, she has a bun in the oven, she’s with child,she’s in the club, she’s pregcellent! The Film Actress and adorable cutie won’t be able to hide the truth for long, these things have a way of revealing themselves. It’s not Paris Hilton!
Zooey Deschanel; Kristin Stewart

I don't even know why I am making this a blind item, so I will make it as obvious as possible. This foreign born B+ film actress with A+ name recognition and her producer/director husband have called it quits. They have been trying to make a go of it for her daughter, but it just is not working at all. They are not trying to hide it, but they haven't taken the time to announce it either.

Kate Beckinsale/Len Wiseman

98. POPBITCH 01/29
Which irritating US celeb is used to doormen and valets taking her drugs into clubs for her, but in London has to carry her own stash?
Paris Hilton

Why is this pregnant Fashionista not revealing that she is married to her Actor boyfriend? Sources say she is keeping quiet because she is still trying to get money from her rich Ex-husband.
Kimora Lee Simmons

100. BLIND GOSSIP 01/29
It looks like supermodels aren’t the only ones treating their household staff badly. An employee of a television star in the Los Angeles area has been talking about filing charges against their boss. The celebrity - known for their quick wit - is accused of some not-so-funny behavior, including serving the staff burned or spoiled food to eat, forcing them to work long hours without overtime pay, and refusing to allow them to seek professional medical attention when they injured themselves on the job.
Kathy Griffin

Crawley McNugget is a quasi-pint-size playboy in the fickle and lust-filled town of Hell-Ay, even though he may not look the part. Like, at all. Regardless, Crawley's somewhat public womanizing track record shows he's gotten to bed many notorious (for nothing) ladies even though scores of coke-snorting bystanders manage to marvel at McNugget's success—through the haze of blow-filled highs, no less. But look, the really ridic thing about the dude is that his real-life sex manners are not at all like the nice TV character he plays. Here's how: As one would suspect of his unimaginative type, Crawly frequents the Hollywood club scene, a lot of the time with other famous pals, looking to score some ass. And he does too, tons. C.M. takes the babes back to his Hills home with the assumption that they're sure gonna do the dirty, and most of the time they sure do. Jeez, you straight chicks can be as easy as us gay slutty ones, I swear! I digress. But for any gal who prefers to just fool around without closing the deal, be prepared for McNugget to scream louder than a Desperate Housewife with bad lighting. "Get out, then!" he will squeal with high-pitched yelping not dissimilar from the zealous Chihuahua he resembles. He then calls a cab for the discarded dame. Gentlemanly? Hardly. Why, the last babe who got kicked to the curb dished to us that when the cabbie picked her up, the driver snarked, "What is this place?" She proceeded to tell him the name of the nonlikely hunk that lived there. "I'm here nightly," the cabby said. "Sometimes a couple times a night." Guess you get cab fare whether you seal the deal or not. One thing's for certain: You don't get to spend the night. Ever. Why? Because the last honey Crawley tried to make it work with burned him for life. No joke. Life. Now, he treats his women as badly as she did him. And It Ain't: John Mayer, Matt Dillon, Verne Troyer.
Kevin Connolly

102. HOLY MOLY 01/30
1. Which member of the Royal Family used to organise orgies when they shared a flat with a Lufthansa air stewardess in London? They used to particularly love wearing a pair of thigh-length leather boots.
 Princess Michael of Kent

2. Which recently married celeb couple are so skint that they sell stories about their swinging lifestyle? Scary Spice/Mel B

Which baseball heartthrob may be playing for the other team? He secretly slides into bed with Florida fellas. Derek Jeter

#1 & 2- This must be obvious week or something because this is about the fifth or sixth one that has been really easy. This one is not difficult, nor that juicy, or even blind item worthy, but it is funny as hell. This former B list television actress who is now a C list wannabe film actress and sometime blog writer with a substance problem and has a sister who probably is not her biggest fan has made a big deal about the fact that she has a new love in her life. This new love is the singer of a band that sounds a lot like the name of a band that was really good back in the day and has the same number of letters and the same consonants at the beginning and the end. Anyway, this singer has been on tour away from his beloved but in one recent city he performed in the past few weeks he spent the entire night holding hands, and making passes at one woman. The woman asked him why he was hitting on her so much when he had our actress waiting for him. "Oh, I'm just with her because she can't get a job to save her life and wants the publicity." There is probably more to it than that, but the fact that he said it shows what he thinks of her at least.
Mischa Barton/Luke Pritchard from The Kooks

#3 & #4- I will believe it when I see it. This one comes from a really good source, but even I find it hard to believe. Apparently this C list actor from a fairly hit television drama/action show met this C list genetically blessed actress and the C list actress is now pregnant. What makes this exciting and interesting is the fact that our C list actress' dad already threw the actor out of the house once when he caught the couple in bed together. So, yeah, she still lives at home. Not underage or anything. Just lives at home.

105. BLIND GOSSIP 01/30
Four divas, all popular and famous in their own right. During the recent recording of a charity single, all of the performers - including Diva A and Diva B - shared dressing rooms with at least several other performers. However, Diva C and Diva D - who are both under the age of thirty - each demanded their own private dressing rooms decked out with lots of treats for them and their considerable entourages. Diva A and Diva B stepped in to talk directly to the younger Divas and to encourage them to be team players and tone down their demands. Unfortunately, their advice was met with arguing from Diva C and eyerolls from Diva D.

Diva A: Mary J. Blige
Diva B: Mariah Carey
Diva C: Beyonce
Diva D: Miley Cyrus

106. BUZZFOTO 01/30
This star has been known for stealing boyfriends/husbands but did you know that she also has a thing for petty theft? That’s right, this star must be bored because friends say she isn’t allowed to come to house parties anymore. Too many things end up missing. ontrary to popular belief, it isn’t Winona Ryder.
Sienna Miller

Which heartthrob actor keeps turning up drunk to the set of his TV medical drama?
Justin Chambers "Grey's Anatomy", Jesse Spencer "House"

This D list male singer with A list name recognition always says how much he loves his celebutante girlfriend in public. I bet he does considering how she lets him sleep with as many other women as he wants. She considers it the price for staying in the public eye as much as she can.
Nick Lachey/Vanessa Minnillo

109. BLIND GOSSIP 02/02
Which actress is about to become the target of a family intervention? This one is a mess. Almost everyone around her agrees that she is out of control with the drinking and drugging and self-harming and needs to go to rehab. What’s holding her up? Her terminal insecurity about her current volatile relationship. She is so completely co-dependent that her Significant Other can’t even go to work without the actress tagging along. However, lest you blame our actress, you should know that the SO clearly understands that their own financest are dependent on continuing the relationship. Little does the SO know, though, that the actress’s family is planning an intervention to cut out the SO and force the actress into rehab. The family has had several conversations with the family of a famous poptart to work through the financial and legal and practical details of how to obtain a conservatorship. Everything will go down before summer.
Lindsay Lohan

110. BUZZFOTO 02/02
This R&B female Singer, who is a known Diva and allegedly a terrible person to work with, is still making hits only because she has found out a terrible secret of a high-up Record Executive. We don’t know the secret, but we know that very few people know it, and it is so salacious that no matter what this Diva demands, she’ll get it. If she came out with a song that sounded like cats in a car wreck, it would still manage to make it’s way up the charts because of what she knows. If it’s any hint, the Record Exec is a pretty big name and anything bad about them coming out would probably destroy them. It’s not our girl Rihanna.

111. NY POST/PAGE SIX 02/03
1. WHICH son of a big real estate investor became so aggressively deranged at Dorrian's on Second Avenue, he fought with the bouncer who threw him out, and then kicked in the bar's plate-glass windows? His business partner quickly offered to pay for repairs to prevent cops from arresting him. Eric Trump

2. WHICH two Hollywood buddies should go home to their wives instead of partying together in New York clubs with bags of cocaine? Sean Penn and Josh Brolin

3. WHICH sitcom actor avoids socializing with industry professionals? Though his flamboyance is obvious, he stays in the closet with his close-knit - and tight-lipped - circle of gay friends. Johnny Galeki "Big Bang Theory"

Which rock star’s young wife hates to perform "oral duties" on her hubby? She says she endures it only so that, after the deed is done, he leaves her alone.
Billy Joel/Katie Lee Joel

At some point, someone gets far enough down the ladder where you almost don't care what the hell is going on in their life. However, this D list actress who used to be C list and has one of the best names ever is probably someone we all care enough about to at least speculate as to why her husband walked out on her right after she gave birth. Is it because of the 20 year old production assistant he is in lust with or because he found out she once hooked up with his best friend while they were married.

114. BLIND GOSSIP 02/03
On the surface, this diva looks like she has it all together. Hair? Perfect. Makeup? Perfect. Outfit? Perfect. Beauty, talent, money, multiple hit songs, popular celebrity boyfriend, product endorsements? Check. However, looks are deceiving. She is in financial trouble because she spends much more than she earns, she has an ego the size of Los Angeles, and she is universally despised by everyone who works for her. And she shouldn’t expect her boyfriend to be around forever. He cheated on her a couple of weeks ago with an older woman.
Rhianna and Chris Brown

115. 3 A.M. GIRLS 02/03
Which rock star couple, who are all over each other in public like nothing more than picking up female fans for whisky-fuelled threesomes?
Pink and Carey

Which A-list action star is trying to fool fans with his new face-lift?
Tom Cruise

117. BUZZFOTO 02/04
This B list actress from a hit network show is dating a younger man. How much younger? Would you believe in his 20’s? How about younger? She’s in her late thirties. Subtract ten years from her to her boyfriend and you’ll be closer to his age. At least he looks older than he is, which is why everyone is putting up with the relationship, but we wonder how he has time in between High School Biology and Gym class to take our starlet out…. It’s not Nicollette Sheridan!

I guess this actress is C list now Still B+ name recognition. Wow, she has dropped a long way very quickly. She used to be B+ and headed to A before all the drug problems. Apparently they are not getting any better. Our actress who always does film was headed into a club this past week with her husband. As she was trying to get in, someone must have bumped her or pushed her, but whatever it was, it caused the meth pipe of our actress to fall to the ground and shatter. At that point, our actress began screaming and crying at the same time before grabbing her husband by the arm and dragging him back to the car. I guess clubbing is no fun without the pipe.
Brittany Murphy

119. 3 A.M. GIRLS 02/04
Which pop starlet with a longterm boyfriend has a secret penchant for the fairer sex? She drunkenly goes home with girls but tells her poor fella she's tucked up in bed - alone?
Leona Lewis/Lou Al-Chamaa

Which starlet did more than get wet with an uber-famous athlete in a pool? On top of that, a gridiron god walked in and got a gander at the action - and the twosome's pile of cocaine.

Been awhile since I did a rock star one. This now married B+ rock star and father with A+ name recognition had a very weird crab obsession. No, not the eating kind. Seems that whenever he went on the road and decided to have some groupie sex, the women he decided to be with had to be completely shaved because he was paranoid about crabs. If she wasn't, she had to right then. Seems he had been the recipient of the infestation not once, but twice and had to do some explaining when he got home from the road.

122. BUZZFOTO 02/05
This one is a bit funny, if you don’t mind the whole law-breaking part. Which A-List Celeb’s private plane was egged when he attended Sundance? When he approached his Jet to fly home, it was covered in eggs and shaving cream? No one knows for sure who did it, but it might have something to do with the locals he pissed off when he snubbed them in a club. It’s not Ashton Kutcher.
Jim Carrey

123. 3 A.M. GIRLS 02/05
Which celeb disgraced herself so much after an all day bender that her furious mates left her in the gutter to sober up?
Lily Allen

This Male Celebrity loves the spotlight. He will do anything to stay in the headlines, including using his family and friends. He is always in fake relationships. He only cares for himself. His latest target is an older, well established Singer. He is riding the tails of her comeback hoping he can cash in.
Ray J/Whitney Houston

Which young magazine editor dispenses bags of blow to Hollywood starlets so they can be "extra up" for the photo shoots he arranges?

126. BLIND GOSSIP 02/06
This thirtyish drama queen was shopping at one of Beverly Hills’ ritziest stores recently. She brought several items to the counter, then proceeded to argue with the clerk about the price of each and every item, saying that the store should be grateful for her patronage, and should be giving her the items for free. The exasperated clerk looked the actress in the eye and said "We sometimes do give items to celebrities, Ma’am, but I have absolutely no idea who you are." The celebrity tossed down the clothes and left in a huff. The clerk later confessed to a colleague that she actually did know who the celebrity was but didn’t like her attitude and was willing to lose the sale to put her in her place.
Denise Richards

This baby's sure to break a lotta hearts out there. Now, it's certainly not news that Nevis Divine is undeniably sexy. He's got a steady following from fans and paparazzi to a bevy of nearly naked gals, all vying for a piece of luscious Nev's sorta hairy frame. But as so often is the case with the hugely slobbered set, Nevis doesn't always look to the chicks to ignite his fire. In fact, we very nearly could have a potential Toothy Tile on our hands, 'cause just like old beloved Tooth, boy Divine was once as carefree with his attraction to guys as he now is with the fairer sex: Nevis has been famous for a while now, but his white-hot infamy's only recently been building. And we just learned that only a couple of years ago, N.D. showed up to a very prominent Industry function, and as his date, brought along another man. Love this dude's nerve! As N.D. introduced his non-famous plus one, Nevis-babe was sure to label his companion a boyfriend, while the two were nonchalantly "couply" all evening, say those who hang with Mr. D now as they did then. And no, we're most decidedly not saying this was a boy-date who was simply a friend, but a friend with nooky benefits, for sure. Pals close to our semicloseted heartthrob claim that N.D. would "fool around" with guys sometimes, but that he considered it "no big deal." Which is ironic because, really, it isn't. At least, not until one of those fooler-arounders heads to the nearest checkbook-dispensing tabloid office. And it ain't: Robert Buckley, Corbin Bleu, Penn Badgley.
Bradley Cooper

#1 & 2 - Every so often I like to have a theme on the Four For Friday and one of my favorites is always drug use. Sure, there are the times where nothing beats a great bestiality story like the time that, no, you don't want to hear about that do you? I didn't think so. I will tell you about that another day. What? OK, well it does have drug use in it so that's ok. We are going to have to go back a little in the way back machine.
Not too far. You certainly know both of the actors involved in this. The two actors at this point were both C list. They had already descended from their highest levels (B+ with A list name recognition) and were now staring at their own mediocrity and failed careers. On this movie though they were stars and filming outside the US and in the middle of nowhere. Well, with nothing to do at night, the two were doing non-stop drugs day and night. Well, one night they woke up the animal wrangler for the movie and paid him a significant amount of money to bring them a sheep. I don't need to go into details, but it is fair to say they both took a turn. Corey Haim/Corey Feldman "The Lost Boys: The Tribe" (filmed in British Columbia, Canada)

#3 & 4 - There was a party at this celebutard's house about six months ago. At the time he was kind of on a tryout with his wealthy parents who had decided to give him another chance. All of you know this celebutard. You don't want to know him and would never want to meet him, but you know who he is. Anyway, jacked up on enough coke and speed to kill a rhino our celebutard decided to do his own feats of strength. How so? He took a sledgehammer and totaled the brand new car of one of his guests. The guest was not amused and absolutely beat the living crap out of the celebutard. Brandon Davis/Baron Hilton

#5 - This Academy Award Winning actor was filming a movie about two years ago. He gave a great performance but it was not the performance the director had in mind. What was supposed to be an uptight character turned into a sleeping, slow witted, type of character which caused the movie to go over budget and shoot for twice as long. The reason was our actor was shooting up heroin almost constantly and could barely even function and could only remember a line at the most for each shot. Phillip Seymour Hoffman

129. BUZZFOTO 02/06
This B List Film Actress Celeb has heard that her fotos aren’t selling anymore and she is getting desperate. She has also heard that when your name isn’t in the Magazines, you won’t get as much work. She wants to stay relevant, and she doesn’t care how she gets it! Good publicity and bad publicity, it doesn’t matter to her. She and a few that are invested in her future have devised a plan. They need something big because she’s been in scandals before. This one will involve a married man and maybe a breakup. We can’t say anymore without revealing too much! Just look for the news story to break in the very near future! It’s not Drew Barrymore.
Megan Fox

130. 3 A.M. GIRLS 02/06
Which star couple love whips and bondage in the bedroom? The crazy pair have invented all sorts of excuses for their bruises...

131. BEN WIDDICOME 02/06
1. Which flamboyant head of a top fragrance company is loathed by the family whose name is on the bottle? "He just wants to hang out with celebrities, which is why he does all those tacky deals," is the waspish word from the family's winter estate.
Francois-Henri Pinault

2. Which minor fashion designer is best friends with the supermodel-set because she's also their cocaine dealer? Her prices are the highest in town, but those girls trust her and can afford it. Charlotte Ronson

3. Which infamous society gigolo, with an internationally famous recent ex-wife, started with wealthy businessmen when he was in his early 20s and moved onto women when his looks started to fade? Rossano Rubicondi (Ivana Trump)

132. BUZZFOTO 02/07
This B list Film Actor is really a closet nerd. He is obsessed, and we mean OBSESSED with comic books! The guy has a huge stash of magazines that fill two rooms in his house. We’re told he his real life relationships have suffered and he spends a lot of time online writing fan fic under a pseudonym. It’s not Ewan McGregor.
Jeff Daniels

What estranged wife of a former sports figure is claiming that he had unnatural relations with their pet? Hubby is barking loud denials.

134. BUZZFOTO 02/08
Which Hollywood A-List Couple are so divided on their political views, they’ve spent several nights in different beds? It’s NOT TomKat.
Jennifer Garner/Ben Affleck

135. BLIND GOSSIP 02/09
Which dramatic actor is irritating producers with his salary demands? In this economy, many actors on shows with solid ratings are foregoing the usual demands for raises in order to keep their cast and crew intact and their show in production. Not this guy. He is asking producers to almost double his pay. If he doesn’t back down soon, he will find himself getting replaced by someone younger and (hopefully) better looking.
Jeffrey Donovan "Burn Notice"

So this Royal personage had a recent breakup and the reason for it might be the fact that this foreign born C list actress with one huge movie and one great nominated role was not exactly discreet when she was talking about her relationship with him and what they had done and when.
Prince Harry and Gemma Arterton

137. BUZZFOTO 02/09
This A list Film and sometimes Television Actor has hooked up several times with the Babysitter of his children. The mother of his child/children has no idea, but has been suspicious a few times. Whenever she begins to question his love, he takes her on a shopping spree. Sadly, that seems to do the trick and she stops asking questions. It isn’t Jude Law.
Brad Pitt

138. 3 A.M. GIRLS 02/09
Which famous fashionista has told pals she's at it hammer and tongs to get pregnant? From what she says the neighbours will need industrial strength earplugs to get through the night.
Victoria Beckham

139. 3 A.M. GIRLS 02/09
Which aging actress shocked party goers by casually pulling out a bottle of poppers from her designer handbag and offering it around to a host of young boys?
Sharon Stone

What Academy Award nominated actor has been taking every opportunity to try and recruit for his new church? Oh, it isn't a church he started attending. It is a church he just recently started for himself based on an entirely new denomination that he has created out of his head. He feels that he has a lot of wisdom and teaching he can pass along. So, far, despite handing out hundreds of cards and brochures, attendance at the church which he holds at his house has averaged about 2. Besides the fact it is strange, apparently he believes church should start promptly at 5 am.
Gary Busey

141. BUZZFOTO 02/10
Which Diva Desperate Housewives Actress is really a very excellent cook in her spare time? She has a bad reputation for being wild and ornery, but she is really a very talented domestic goddess. We’re not doubting her skills, but it’s not Eva Longoria.
Nicolette Sheridan

142. BLIND GOSSIP 02/10
Two of the female leads of this soon-to-be-cancelled television show have moved in together into an apartment near the Sunset Strip. An even bigger surprise, however, is that one of the male stars of the same show may finally be coming out of the closet. It’s rather odd timing, though. It certainly would have made more headlines if he had done it while the show was still on the air. And this guy loves the headlines.
Lauren Conrad/Lauren Bosworth "The Hills"; Spencer Pratt

143. 3 A.M. GIRLS 02/10
Which wide-eyed actress was so wired on cocaine, she nearly vomited over her main course before a flunky removed her plate?

Which hard-partying starlet lost her virginity to her best friend's stepdad?
Lindsay Lohan/Ashton Kutcher

This annoying C list film actor who used to be list still has B list name recognition and is still just as annoying as he was at the height of his fame. Basically limited to guest spots now, our actor still thinks he is a big deal. When he invites women back to his house they get to spend time in his special bedroom. This bedroom is covered entirely in photos and posters of himself. When he has concluded his time with whatever woman has decided to take him up on his offer he insists on giving them his autograph on a photo of himself from ten years ago.
Pauly Shore

146. BUZZFOTO 02/11
Which B List Television Actress is having her checks bounce everywhere she goes? She switched to checks after her cards kept getting denied. Rumor is, all her money she makes from show biz is going to piles of little white powder. It’s NOT Katherine Heigl.
Ellen Pompeo

147. STAR MAGAZINE 02/11
The honeymoon is already over for this newly married duo. When hubby got caught flirting with a delivery girl and dishing out a $100 tip, his misses flipped.
Josh Duhamel/Fergie

148. BLIND GOSSIP 02/11
Like the majority of people in the world, this famous actress started out with brown hair. She recently went to the salon to have her hair dyed red for a role in a big movie that she desperately wanted to land. The salon colorist tried his best to talk her out of it, telling her that red hair might look odd with her skin color, but the actress insisted that she could carry off the look. The colorist spent hours and hours carefully stripping, dyeing, and performing other acts of chemical wizardry to turn the actress into a titian goddess. The actress took one look at her redhead self in the mirror… and promptly burst into tears. Bold red hair with her skin color looked was simply a heinous combination. She refused to leave the salon, and insisted that the staff work overtime to dye her hair blonde instead. They complied, so blonde is the color you will see in her next film. For a full day of work, the colorist and his team were given a whopping $20 tip to split. One actress, one hissy fit, one day, three hair colors.
 Jessica Biel       

149. 3 A.M. GIRLS 02/11
Which British star hates the gym so much that the only way she can face the treadmill is by taking two lines of coke pre-workout?
Lily Allen

Which pro athlete's actress-girlfriend is going to be less than pleased when she discovers he's sleeping with college girls on the side?
Derek Jeter/Minka Kelly

This really could be something that is not a blind item, but the person who gave it to me really wants it as a blind rather than with a big screaming EXCLUSIVE all over it. I don't have the why yet, but it is supposed to be very interesting. You have a B- list television actress from one of the best television ensemble comedies of all time and she is getting divorced from her well connected industry husband who has had a sporadic career despite his connections. Even though they have a very, very, very young child the marriage has no chance of making it.
Angela Kinsey

This prominent mega church Figure is well regarded for his counsel of the community and guidance for others. But, he has his hands full on the home-front with his own children. An indecent exposure arrest for his son won’t bode well with church members.
son of TD Jakes

153. BUZZFOTO 02/12
Which A/B-list Actor thinks that Chris Brown and Rihanna will and should stay together, even though Chris has allegedly been charged with assaulting Rihanna with a deadly weapon? This Actor was heard to say that the whole situation has been blown out of proportion and the two are really in love so they should stick it out…. It’s not Denzel Washington. Terrance Howard

154. BLIND GOSSIP 02/12
Which actress pretends to loathe the paparazzi, but actually has her publicist call them to staged photo ops? Her unsuspecting celebrity boyfriend can’t understand how the paps know exactly when they will be walking the dog or going to the market or how they know every other private move the couple makes. Well, we’re going to provide Mr. Naïve with a big box full of clues. Your girlfriend is known as a successful TV actress, but her film career has been less than stellar. Since her own career and life isn’t interesting enough to warrant lots of attention from the paps, she needs you in the photos with her to guarantee publication. Every time you are going to do anything together, she makes that stealth cellular phone call to her PR flack, who in turn notifies the press. Jessica Biel

Which disturbed loser is more of a cad than we thought? He’s spilling the beans about his former flame’s kinky sex habits to anyone who’ll listen. Adnan Ghalib (Britney Spears); Chris Brown/Rhianna

Schlong Sleaze-Wad has been in the news on and off, and as with most of the tabloid targets—it ain't good. Schlong's a somewhat happily taken hetero (too hetero) dude who just can't keep it in his trousers. Lotsa folks in Tinseltown know it, including Schlong's wife. And even though notorious Schlongy appears to be residing back on Domesticity Lane, something he's been trying so-so hard to get everybody to believe, we ain't buying it. See, aside from luring at costars or any female with ta-tas on the set, we know S2's past (and present). He likes 'em young. Almost the kind of young that'll legally get ya in trouble, which surely very nearly happened when... Mr. Sleaze-Wad struck yet again. Clearly, Schlongy thinks that just because he's famous, endowed and not butt ugly, this means every woman within spitting distance of his constantly semierect package should break down, bow and submit to his every nasty desire. Like when he just tricked a barely legal babe who works in entertainment, offering to go out to lunch with him so he could further "mentor" her career. Before she knew it, they were sneaking around on the job, making out in every dark corner they could find. But once the quasi-brain-dead babe came to her senses, she realized the man in her arms was (a) married, (b) probably diseased in some sort or another and (c) not at all interested in discussing Rob Pattinson's next career move or Britney's way better extensions. So she ended the somewhat heated fling, which had, thus far, only included heavy French smooching, serious groping and no mentoring whatsoever, quelle surprise. Gosh, Professor Prick, how could you let one of your students down so? And it ain't: Kevin Dillon, Peter Facinelli, Chris Brown.
David Duchovny; Sean Penn

157. 3 A.M. GIRLS 02/13
Which singer held up rehearsals for a sporting event after getting overly friendly with a fan in the changing-room showers?
Robbie Williams

158. HOLY MOLY 02/13
1. Which action movie director is desperately trying to keep his one-year-old love child out of the public eye? The mother of the child met the director (and his wife) when she worked in property but was unaware of his fame. But when she found out that he had directed some of the biggest movies of all time, her ovaries went into overdrive, especially as she visualised the maintenance cheques rolling in. One 'close up' with his 'zoom lens' later and she was holding the golden ticket for life.
Michael Apted

2. Which former pop star/TV presenter couple are expecting their first child very soon? Matt Willis and Emma Grifiths

3. Which international tennis star tested positive for steroids recently but got away with it when his sportswear sponsor paid a 'hush money' donation to his national tennis association? Rafael Nadal

159. LAINEY’S GOSSIP 02/13
He’d been cheating on her for years. She had his babies, she endured the other women, she let him back in the door every time he ran away, only to come slinking back with apologies. For a while now though he has stayed at home. More mature, done with that life, he’s now completely committed to her, ready to take the next step… Problem? It’s her turn to be unfaithful. And not only with a random but with someone he knows. More importantly, someone he trusts. Worse – it’s no secret. They’re all aware, all around them, except for him. And everyone is bracing for drama. Because what started as a purely physical affair has turned into one sided love. The other man wants more, is willing to fight for it, putting her in the middle. He’s threatening to blow it all wide open, she’s begging him to calm down, but he’s pressuring her to come clean. She wants to stay with the father of her children who is oblivious to it all but who they say will surely take off immediately when and if he finds out. Love double standards! Mark Wahlberg/Rhea Durham

160. PEREZ HILTON 02/13
What supposedly recovering alcoholic was getting shitfaced drunk at Peter Dillon's in NYC last night???? He was boozing up a storm, playing pool and - towards the end of the evening - getting all agro and starting to pick fights with people!
Kiefer Sutherland

161. BLIND GOSSIP 02/13
This female entertainer is very talented, but her career has been marred by a history of substance abuse. Her problems were exacerbated by an ex to whom she finally gave the boot. The star is now clean, healthy, and working again. Just when things are going well, however, there is trouble brewing. It seems that her money-hungry ex is shopping around a video of the star snorting some of the white stuff on their honeymoon.
Liza Minnelli/David Gest

#1 & #2 - This A list country singer who is not known for her pleasant, charming personality despite at one time being America's favorite gets a little mean when she drinks. OK, more than a little. In fact, she got so drunk at one birthday party that she began yelling and screaming at her guests and the guests of her then boyfriend who is a celebrity in his own right. Most of the guests decided to leave but she did keep the presents.
Carrie Underwood/Tony Romo

#3 - This female singer is always in the spotlight no matter what she chooses to try and sing. If we went by singing talent alone she would probably be a B at best but I wouldn't argue if you called her a C. Sings a few different styles of music. Anyway, she has had the same boyfriend for awhile now, but everytime she visits him she still cannot get into the elevator by herself and remember what floor he lives on or how to coordinate the key card needed for the elevator with the the pressing of the button for the floor. If she has a drink or two, forget it. It could be 15 minutes. Now, when security sees her coming they just walk her to the elevator and do it themselves. Jessica Simpson/Tony Romo

#4 - This actress is B list. Movies all the way. Never done television. Academy Award nominated/winner. Makes a big production about being a vegetarian and animal rights but at the same time sends her assistant out for Burger King at least twice a week to bring her back a Double Whopper. I know. A double? She must puke it all back up right? Natalie Portman

1. Which towering, flamboyant Vogue contributor caused amusement on W. 52nd St when he threw a fit because his limo driver stopped all of six feet away from him? He huffily refused to move, and the increasingly rattled driver was unable to back up, forcing him to circle the block again to align the door more directly with His Majesty's Gucci loafers.
Andre Leon Talley

2. Which gay European designer persuaded his closeted boyfriend to marry his sister? That way the inheritance is streamlined and everyone's happy. Gianni Versace

3. Which Euro fashion house uses spies to copy its rivals' prototype and one-of-a-kind bags and accessories which are offered to celebs in awards season? One American designer was furious to see her new clutch, which went missing from an actress's hotel room, cloned in his next collection.

164. BLIND GOSSIP 02/15
We’ve don’t mean to beat a dead horse, but we’ve been talking about the impending divorce of this celebrity couple since last year. Looks like it will finally become public knowledge soon. The celebrity couple, however, won’t be the ones doing the talking.They will smile and keep it very civil in public, and let their divorce attorneys and public relations flacks and real estate agents handle the public matters. But behind the scenes, it’s ugly. Both were unfaithful, both have a lot of money and fans, and both want sole custody of their offspring.
Sarah Jessica Parker/Matthew Broderick; Jennifer Lopez/Marc Anthony; Gwyneth Paltrow/Chris Martin

165. BLIND GOSSIP 02/16 **#1**
This actress is both extremely talented and a bit quirky. She has been nominated for an Academy Award at least once, and has seriously dated at least one famous actor. She recently battled substance abuse issues, although it did not make headlines. Unfortunately, her family was not keen on her entering rehab, wanting her to try more natural remedies instead. Fear not, though. A wise friend has smuggled her into to a medical rehab facility where she will receive professional help to lick her problem. She should be well and making a career comeback soon.
Juliette Lewis (friend: Drew Barrymore)

166. BLIND GOSSIP 02/16 **#2**
These two well-known fashionable women were dining out together. Girl A makes her living directly from fashion, while Girl B has dabbled in the business but is more recognized for treating the world as her personal catwalk. Both have been under chronic body scrutiny, with the press noting every pound gained or lost. Girl A ate a normal meal. However, Girl B ate only a couple of bites, and then bolted from the table to go to the ladies’ room. Girl A followed her in there and was overheard trying to convince Girl B not to purge her meal. Girl B paid her no mind, ensuring once again that her ridiculous body would continue to be the antithesis of the healthy lifestyle she pretended to lead last year.
Heidi Klum & Victoria Beckham

Which crazy comic tells everyone about his, ummm, taste for booty whenever he’s trashed? Talk about TMI!

168. BLIND GOSSIP 02/17
Although they are a few years apart in age, these two good-looking, dark-haired, American actors have a lot in common. The first thing they have in common is that they both worked as male fashion models early in their career. The second thing they have in common is that they are both attached to gorgeous actresses with long hair. The third thing they have in common is that they had a one night stand several years ago. With each other.
Ashton Kutcher and Tom Welling

169. NY POST/PAGE SIX 02/18
1. WHICH movie producer is finding out bad habits die hard? Despite being married, he asked a gorgeous, dark-haired woman back to his hotel for a "late-night private audition" after a dinner at the Berlinal Film Festival. As the actress accepted, look for her to appear in his upcoming pictures.
Joel Silver

2. WHICH kooky fashion figure asked for illegal substances on her contract rider? She said in order for her to appear at a fashion show, she needs two bottles of Cristal and "cocaine - a lot of it." Patrica Field

Every year some of my favorite items come from Fashion Week. This year is no different. This C list film actress from a former hit television show who has B+ name recognition has been going around from tent to tent begging designers to give her free clothes and has also asked every celebrity she runs into if they have a place she can stay for the night. Maybe if she wouldn't spend so much on the drugs she is sniffing constantly she would have enough money for a hotel room.
Mischa Barton

171. BLIND GOSSIP 02/18
Last night on The Tonight Show with Jay Leno, Jennifer Love Hewitt was the guest. Jay and Love talked about actors dating each other. Jay told a story relayed to him by another actress. This beautiful actress was going on a date with an actor. The actor came to her front door to pick her up for the date, and said to her "I have to get up early for work tomorrow. Why don’t we just have sex now?" Jennifer Love Hewitt asked "Who was it?" Jay leaned in, and whispered their names in Love’s ear. Love then squealed, "I went out with that guy!" Everyone laughed. Love then said when she went out on a date with that same actor, he was equally sleazy. In the middle of the appetizer he pointed to his crotch and said "I’ve been saving this up for you."
Wilmer Valderama

172. BLIND GOSSIP 02/18 **#2**
Which celebrity couple will be quietly tying the knot in a remote location very soon? They are a bit of an odd pairing. One is primarily film, while the other is primarily television. One is older, the other younger. One is A list, the other B list. One has multiple children, while the other is more known for their siblings.
Harrison Ford & Calista Flockhart

173. BUZZFOTO 02/18
Which Celebrity recently claimed hospitalization for ‘exhaustion’ but it was to really escape their abusive partner? We’re not talking about Rihanna is this one.
Samantha Ronson

Which burly TV actor lost his cool and almost strangled a crew member during filming? It took four people to break the scared staffer free.
Alec Baldwin; Vincent D'Onofrio

What surprisingly prolific heavy metal artist/television host and reality star (we Americans only know one song, really and one very famous cover photo) rearranged his schedule to attend the wake of a 24 year-old fan, because he heard that the deceased's wish was to have him play at his funeral? He played the piano in the corner for over four hours, shook everyone's hand, and mourned with everyone as though they'd known each other for years.
Andrew WK

176. BUZZFOTO 02/19
Which Actress has recently taken up smoking as a way to overcome her eating disorder? It’s not Eva Longoria.
America Ferrera

177. BLIND GOSSIP 02/19
Which divorced celebrity parents should both be taken to task for saying nasty things about the other in front of their kids? Neither parent is acting very adult here. When talking to a friend over the phone (with the kids in the room), Mommy reportedly called her ex a diseased male w*. Daddy tells the kids that their Mommy is a psycho who should be in a mental hospital.
Charlie Sheen & Denise Richards

1. I told you not to marry her! These words are coming back to haunt a Singer who was warned he was marrying a crazy woman. Her recent lies almost killed her.
Usher/Tameka Foster Raymond

2. This Manager/Mom is trying to pull a fast one on the public. She will do anything to keep her client/son in the spotlight, including paying off hoochies to make up stories and keep him in the press. Ray J

3. Is she or isn’t she? This beautiful Actress is keeping her name in the press by staying close to another celebrated Actress. Are the two having an affair?!! Probably not…. but they have a lot of people interested in them and saying hmmmmmmmmmm! Taraji P. Henson/Sanaa Lathan

179. 3 A.M. GIRLS 02/19
Which Brit nominee was left quaking in their boots when cops carried out a random drugs search with sniffer dogs? The muso quickly fled, fearing the worst.

Which TV personality is "too white" for a Spanish-based program? He test-ed well, but execs were worried because he doesn’t really speak the language.
Mario Lopez

181. POPBITCH 02/20
1. Which hard rocker signs into hotels as Humperdink Niggerdick?

2. Which Oscar nominee was an enthusiastic enjoyer of golden showers in their youth?

Judas Jack-Off is a stunningly beautiful star. Gorgeous hair, supple muscles, good pro résumé, too. He's also as hot as he is coy and conniving. But by comparison, let's just say J.J. makes our ever-shy, closeted movie idol Toothy Tile look like an out-and-out saint of gay liberation and openness. See, Judas, a gangly type with flat abs and the concrete ass to go with it, was planning on marrying his boyfriend. Out of the country, mind you, but marriage just the same. To a man! You know, one of those big gay ceremonies that probably makes Ken Starr think about popping pills again. Huge prob: Judas' myriad fans would have gone ape-crap over this happy Romeo-and-Romeo fact had they ever found out, which is exactly why Judas—at his representatives' behest—went ahead and... ...not only dumped his partner and fiancé, but he took up with his latest leading lady instead. Jeez, how 2008, already. And all because a pile of veteran Hollywood starmakers told J.J. that his way-decent career would become about as relevant as Lindsay Lohan's alcohol ankle monitor should he get hitched to the BF. And I can't decide which is the best part of all, that every tabloid around is buying J.J.'s just-pumped-up fake romance, or that Judas had the (typical) ass-wipe nerve to go back to the poor, dumped boyfriend and want sex. What is it about dudes and dogs? So seldom can you tell the diff. It Ain't: Joe Jonas, Robert Pattinson, Jake Gyllenhaal.
Hayden Christensen

As always, all of these items happened this week at Fashion Week.

#1 - Kindness - This celebrity wife of a famous radio personality gave up her front row seat this week to an elderly couple who were the grandparents of one of the models in the show. The elderly couple were having a very difficult time navigating between the folding chairs and throngs of people and our celebrity gave up her chair and made the person sitting next to her give up theirs as well. Our celebrity then went and sat with the "everyday people." Howard Stern's wife, Beth Ostrosky

#2 - This current reality star and former B list television actress has a new diet. Coke and more coke as she gladly shared when she was discovered at one show indulging in her "lunch." Eva Longora

#3 - It's too bad #2 from above doesn't share the same dealer as this current C list television actress on a hit television drama who has B+ name recognition because they could maybe get a discount. People couldn't stop commenting on the track marks on her arms when one of her long sleeve tops rolled up her arm. When she discovered it was up she quickly put the sleeve back down and whispered something about medication. Uh huh. Taylor Momsen from Gossip Girl

#4 - While many celebrities and guests were appalled at Paris & Nicky constantly texting throughout the shows they attended, guests were just as appalled at this B list television star from a hit network ensemble drama who made loud comments about every model and what they were wearing. Loud enough that people across the room could hear her. All of the people sitting with her kept looking away and trying to distance themselves from her remarks which were for the most part really nasty. Oh, and she was smacking on Nicorette while commenting. Katherine Heigl "Grey’s Anatomy"

184. BUZZFOTO 02/20
This Blind Item is a long one, but trust us, it’s worth the read. This married B List Actress (Film and Television) had a very good Thanksgiving and Christmas. We’re only hearing about it now, because soon the snow is going to hit the fan so to speak, but the whole story started back last November. Our Actress was at Thanksgiving with the family when she and her brother-in-law went for a so-called ‘grocery run.’ Someone claimed they had run out of something silly like pie or whipped cream and both the Actress and the Brother-in-law volunteered to run to the store to go get it. The family was preoccupied so no one noticed how long the errand took, or the fact that when the two returned, their clothes were rumpled and they were panting and red-faced. That was allegedly the first incident. The next occurred at Christmas time when the couple met up again in the bathroom of the house they were having a party at. (As a side note, we heard that one of the little nieces or nephews were outside pounding on the door the whole time.) Anyway, the story goes that this Actress and her new lover only hook-up at family parties and gatherings and they get off on the fact that no one knows. However, the Brother-in-law let it slip to a friend, who told our source and we’re guessing the little family secret won’t be quiet for long. Oh yeah, we hear the Brother-in-law is married too. It’s not Felicity Huffman.

1. Which young actress, now more famous for her personal life than her screen credits, is infamous at New York Fashion Week for doing cocaine in the backstage VIP bathroom? She would talk to her mother through the door between snorts, and a staffer would have to rush in when she was done to wipe up the residue.
Lindsay Lohan

2. Which attractive actress sneakily keeps the dresses sent to her by designers for consideration on Oscars night? Usually stars send back the outfits they choose not to wear, but this former Academy Award winner has been known to return an empty box with just the tissue paper.

186. BUZZFOTO 02/21
This NBA Player on the East Coast claims that he hurt his leg on the court in front of screaming fans. That is somewhat true… We hear he really has been given less playing time so he devised a plan to get hurt to get more press. The owner’s of the team told him that he was there in the first place to sell tickets, so in a twisted sense of responsibility, we suppose he’s trying to do just that by playing on the sympathy angle until he heals, and grab as many fans in the process. It’s no one from this team: The Celtics.
Elton Brand of the Sixers

187. 3 A.M. GIRLS 02/21
Which Oscar star has been told to cut out lewd behaviour? Last year he had his hand up his girlfriend's skirt...
Brad Pitt

188. BUZZFOTO 02/22
Which Film Star has been absent for almost the past two weeks on the set of their new movie? The directors and other actors are getting so frustrated, they are forgetting to care that this guy is a big name in the movie biz. It’s not Robert Downey Jr.
John Cusack

Which rehabbed D-lister doesn’t learn? The bad boy was spotted driving while drinking beers recently.

Which married Oscar nominee has been cheating on his wife with a hard-partying starlet?
Sean Penn/Lindsay Lohan

From The Academy Awards - Jackass: This is actually from the day prior to the Academy Awards, but it happened in the theatre so I think that is close enough. So, this actor who is A list all the way but has never been nominated for anything that great had a part in the actual show telecast. Comic actor. Mostly movies. Apparently though on Saturday he decided that it was his role to piss everyone off with his behavior. He yelled at the writers of the show saying their work wasn't good enough for him and made them change his lines three times. Surrounded by people who had been working almost 24 hours straight doing backbreaking work, our actor who spent a grand total of one hour at the theatre started snapping his fingers when it was time for him to rehearse and yelling that he had places to go and didn't have time to sit around waiting. I really hate the whole snapping the fingers thing. He seems to like it though.
Ben Stiller

192. BUZZFOTO 02/23
With A/B list Co-stars were in the bathroom of the Oscars sharing phone numbers of their dealers? When our spy went to use the restroom, she heard the two beauties talk about buying cocaine as if they were sharing info about their favorite baby sitters. Which wouldn’t surprise you that the nanny of one of the Actresses is who supplies her with any substance she needs, and according to the Actress is great with the kids too! Our spy seemed to be the only one mortified by the subject in the room and her appalled looks were returned with rolled eyes. It’s not Sarah Jessica Parker.

193. BLIND GOSSIP 02/23
Which Oscar-nominated actress let loose a string of obscenities at one of the Academy Awards after parties? She looked gorgeous in her long gown, and simply glowed the entire evening. However, the party was crowded, and a famous actor accidentally stepped on the train of her gown. She let out a little shriek, and the man sheepishly apologized and moved his foot. Instead of reacting graciously to the error, our normally well-behaved actress tugged her train towards her and swore loudly enough for several people to hear.
Marissa Tomei

194. 3 A.M. GIRLS 02/23
Which diva threw a massive hissy-fit when she found her bloke chatting up a blonde waitress at a pre-Oscars party? She had her driver take him home immediately, while she carried on partying...

195. NY POST/PAGE SIX 02/24
1. WHICH actor snorted cocaine in the bathroom during an Oscar after-party, while a slimmed-down stoner actor smoked pot outside with his pals?

snorted cocaine: Sean Penn
stoner actor: Seth Rogan

2. WHICH morning cable TV show hostess took off a week recently to get her eyes done and her breasts enlarged? Robin Meade

3. WHICH aviation honcho is trying to knock down rumors he shacked up with a young hottie who works for him while his pregnant wife was back home and clueless?

Which billionaire’s son is a scary misogynist? When women balk at his less-than-gentlemanly pickup lines, he calls them bitches and shouts a threat or two.
Eric Trump

This one didn't actually happen at the Academy Awards per se, but happened at a celebrity watching party. A big and famous celebrity watching party. This D list celebutard embarrassed himself and everyone around him when he kept doing his "Indian impression" everytime the camera showed the Slumdog cast. Throughout the night he made disparaging remarks about anything and everything Indian until at one point a spouse of an actress at the same party told him if he did it one more time the spouse would kick the celebutard's ass. Brandon "Greasy Bear" Davis

198. BUZZFOTO 02/24
Which B/C list Film Actress Celebrity was spotted with two black eyes? The rumor is pointing to a nose job, but we think her orignal nose was just fine. It’s not Jessica Alba.
Diane Kruger

199. 3 A.M. GIRLS 02/24
Which Hollywood actress kept the ceremony seat warmer unusually busy with her frequent trips to the loo to "powder her nose"? The poor man kept having to hop into her seat during every ad break... Jessica Biel! Seat Warmer = Bench Warmer from "Summer Catch"

I can't believe he forgave her. This celebrity couple was on the verge of divorce. He is a guy. She is a B list television actress with A list name recognition who would probably kill her child to get into movies. Well, she almost did kill her child which is why she almost got divorced. Apparently the way it happened was that our actress was doing lines of coke off a glass table in the living room. The only people home were the maid and a child of the actress. A young child who had been watching mommy do lines. Well, the phone rang and mommy went to go get something out of a bedroom while she was on the phone. Five minutes later, the maid found the child imitating mommy at the glass table. Yeah. Apparently the child didn't do it exactly right, because when the family doctor made a house call he couldn't see any damage except for the white powder on the face. While the doctor was there and all this commotion, the husband walked in. He freaked out. Not only because of his child, but also because his wife had told him that she had stopped snorting months earlier. He left with the child after packing up a few things. The marriage was supposed to be over so don't know what brought them back from the brink.

Which rock star has extra-special house parties? Guests check their clothes at the door, don a robe and indulge in huge bowls of every drug you can imagine.

202. BLIND GOSSIP 02/25 **#1**
During one of the Oscar after-parties, a formerly-nominated actress stepped outside to smoke a cigarette. She was soon joined by an industry type and another actress. The first actress told the other two women how completely disgusted she was by a famous middle-aged actor - who starred in more than one film last year - who had approached her during the party. Diane Lane/Mickey Rourke

203. BLIND GOSSIP 02/25 **#2**
This happened at an Oscar party, but it involves a television actor. His face may be familiar to you because he has appeared on several other television shows. He he is just now getting his big break, as he will likely be cast in a big role in a new show on the Fall 2009 schedule of a big network. (We say "likely" because casts frequently get shaken up before the shows hit the air). Anyway, the network is hopeful that both women and men will view him favorably as a macho yet approachable handsome leading man. Only problem is he has a past that he would probably like to keep in the past. Another actor who was at one of the Oscar parties told several people that back before our new leading man started making ends meet as an actor, he was making ends meet as a male escort. For men as well as for women. No, it’s not Richard Gere. Michael Rady "Melrose Place"

204. BUZZFOTO 02/25
This Blind Item involves a couple, A-list, maybe B-list now. This couple wants to jump on the band wagon and adopt from a foreign country. They already have spawn of their own; we won’t say how many, but word is they have already started the paperwork. This is fine and we applaud adoption by all means, but here comes the twist: We hear the motivation for one in the relationship is to race against an ex, who is planning on adoption as well, and planning on getting headlines for it too. Let’s get it out of the way, it’s not Brad and Angie.
Tom Cruise/Kate Holmes (Nicole Kidman)

205. 3 A.M. GIRLS 02/25
Which aging style icon is fuming after being dumped by a top firm for a younger model? The woman in question is threatening to make their name mud to every supermodel she knows...

This female celebrity is known to dabble in women so it was a surprise when she suddenly married a man with a shady past who has a rep as a womanizer. They both have kids from previous relationships and she's determined to make her marriage work. The father of her child pays for a nanny so the celebrity and her husband hired a sexy nanny and have seduced the nanny into having three-ways. Our girl hopes this will keep her sex-addicted husband happy, but in fact, he's still hiring hookers on the side! "Scary Spice" Mel B

Which sleazy reality star is going to have a cow when he finds out there's a sex tape of him floating around? In it, he's having a threesome with his very best friend.
Spencer Pratt

208. LAINEY’S GOSSIP 02/26
A surprise power player in Hollywood, his wife has always been little. But nowadays it’s his extreme thinness that is raising eyebrows. What used to be extreme controlling behaviour on set has now spilled over into his personal life, and he’s applied the same obsessive devotion to his physique, so much so that it’s become alarming. Not that it’s uncommon in Hollywood for married couples to share aesthetic philosophies but these two have taken it to the extreme. Counting almonds together – no more than 15 a day. And an apple and some berries max. Two to three hours at the gym. Constant colonics. Every month a three day cleanse consisting of some watered down pre-mix and nothing else. Dairy is out the question, bread hasn’t been seen in a year, diuretics of course, and if the household staff make the mistake of bringing in forbidden foods without their permission – like on their own lunch hours, how unforgiveable – well look the f-ck out. You have never felt the fury of a hungry person tempted by a minion. Thing is, she wants another baby. And has been told it’s best to relax on the stringent diet. So while she’s trying to tiptoe over to a more normal nutritional meal plan, he’s not only been reluctant, he’s also been much more distant, spending longer hours away from home, and seeming to avoid her calls when he’s at work. Like he’s afraid her healthy weight is contagious. Or something. His behavior is also apparently getting more and bizarre. Lately he’s taken to getting onto the floor in the backseat of his chauffeured car and lying down the entire ride, crouched down, totally paranoid, even with the blacked out windows, even though he’s hardly a major pap target. He’s also borderline freakish about changing his contact information every few weeks so no one can find him. As his schedule gets more and more overwhelming, wearing several hats at a time, those around him are wondering if he’s starting to lose it …

This very B+ actor who only does movies and has A++ name recognition spent some time in a hotel recently. Nothing strange about that, except for the fact he called down to the front desk every 30 minutes because he kept seeing spiders all over the wall and was freaking out. After the fourth visit from the hotel staff assuring him there were no spiders he convinced the hotel to have someone stay in his room with him all night just to keep him safe. I'm hoping this was caused by drugs and not something to do with his mind.
Owen Wilson

210. BLIND GOSSIP 02/26
This actor is best known for his films, especially one memorable action character. However, it seems that the macho action you see on screen is not reflected in real life. Our actor has a large bottle of blue pills in his medicine cabinet to ensure his performance in the bedroom. While we are surprised that he needs that kind of help, we’re sure that both his wife and his special friend really appreciate his efforts.
Sly Stallone

211. BUZZFOTO 02/26
Which D-List Reality TV Celebrity was very drunk and very cold after being caught trying to skinny dip in a neighbor’s pool? The neighbor was so mortified and embarrassed to see him, (the "star") naked, that they didn’t call the police and decided to try to ‘forget’ the matter as long as our Celeb promised to sober up? It’s not Brody Jenner.

1. Does your mother hate you! This is the question being asked about a certain Diva who follows her mother’s advice religiously. It is time to cut the apron strings and stop relying on mommy’s tacky style sense.

2. Please fire your stylist! This Singer sometime Actress wore a tacky wig to the Oscars. Apparently, she didn’t want to offend her new stylist, so she wore the wig. She looked a mess. Alicia Keys

2. I Pay The Bills Around Here! Despite getting a high profile job, this man can’t catch a break with his superstar wife. He still has to wait on her hand and foot and act like he’s one of dogs. Nick Cannon and Mariah Carey-Cannon

1. Which egotistical household-name celebrity shouldn't be so proud of his latest fragrance? The cosmetics company that created it had already rejected the formula as being inferior, but quickly dusted off the recipe when he came knocking with a licensing opportunity.
P Diddy

2. Which fashion designer superstar has hidden cameras in the staterooms on his yacht? The pervy purveyor and his partner like to watch videos of their famous guests being amorous on the high seas.

3. Which 90s super-supermodel, like Sally Field in "Soapdish," has her publicist call ahead and arrange "surprise" visits to gay bars when she travels the world? The gays are the only ones who will give her the shrieking adoration she craves. Naomi Campbell

Brain-Fry Noodlestein's completely brilliant at what he does—or rather, did. Dude's throwing it all away—friends, family, well-respected career—'cause he's hooked on the hard stuff. Much harder stuff than Smokey Shooter would ever consider. Heroin, babes. And lots of it. Think the well-worn veins of lascivious ladies Fake à La Ferocity and Morgan Mayhem have the hard drug market cornered in H'wood? Please, Brain-Fry's beating them at their own miserable game, and he's barely even trying. But his buds sure as hell are: BFN's best amigos, understandably, are up all night either worrying about their depressed friend or following his every move, just in case he hits even lower—an overdose? Jail time? It's all a likely possibility with Noodle's don't-give-a-damn behavior. They thought they'd already seen him at his worst (professionally, at least, as did many others). But it was nothing compared to seeing Brain-F injecting H right in front of 'em, which is now a matter, of course, for the iconoclast dude. Makes us seriously suspect how much these so-called friends care about Brainy's livelihood—or life—when they could easily nab the drugs out of his shaky hands. But knowing BFN, he'd just find it through some other fame hanger-on who doesn't give an ef. God knows there are enough of those in T-town to go around. Brain-Fry really should know better, as he's seen this stuff happen before. Which is prolly what made him so depressed to begin with. Britney's public meltdown is just gonna seem like a hissy fit by the time B.F.'s done self-destructing. Believe us on this one. And It Ain't: Billy Bob Thornton, Jared Leto, Kanye West.
Joaquin Phoenix

215. HOLY MOLY 02/27
A mole writes...My boyfriend and I were seated across from MYSTERY IRISH ACTOR on an LA - London flight in May 2008 on Virgin and it was an absolute nightmare. He was off his face, whether from artificial substances or straight mental illness, it's hard to say, but he did storm to the bathroom approximately every five minutes. He was incredibly thin, pale and at one point got very clammy and started hyperventilating. He repeatedly said "for fuck's sake" to himself loudly throughout the 11 hour flight and then at one point started punching himself in the face. When the flight was near to landing he unzipped his Galliano hoodie to reveal a t-shirt that he had ripped open all the way down the front. The whole thing was made even more awkward and uncomfortable because of the way the pods in the first class cabin face each other and the fact that cabin crew did absolutely nothing while the rest of us had our flight ruined. I would feel sorry for him because he was just so obviously not right, but this was a one off treat for us to upgrade to the plush seats and we paid for it (no points, straight cash). So, as far as I'm concerned, MYSTERY IRISH ACTOR owes us $8,000.00.  Colin Farrell

Which angry comic had a few cast and crew members fired from his hit show — all because they overshadowed him? Brad Garrett

I have had three of these forever and have been waiting and waiting to hear about a fourth to complete the theme. Themes are good for Four For Friday.

#1 - This B list actor who has won some very big movie awards and starred in some very diverse movies is a smoker. Everytime he buys a pack of cigarettes he cuts exactly one inch off the tip of each cigarette before he smokes it. He keeps a ruler and a pair of scissors with him at all times. Billy Bob Thornton

#2 - This B list comic movie actor who got his start on television before moving on to some starring roles in some very forgettable movies has had the exact same lunch everyday since the day his movie hit #1 at the box office. He had it the day he heard the news and never, ever deviates from that lunch. Kevin James

#3 - When this perfume stopped being produced, this married A/B list always movies actress had her assistant spend two weeks online cornering the market on enough of the perfume to last our actress a lifetime. She refuses to endorse any perfume or develop and sell her own brand although she could and has been made offers. She has said that she "cannot live" without wearing this perfume everyday. Michelle Pfeiffer

#4 - This C list television actor who has really done nothing since his hit ensemble comedy television show went off the air, only dines at restaurants when his "valet" is there. At about ten places he frequents, our actor calls ahead and will only patronize the restaurant when his favorite valet at the place is available to park his beloved car. Oh, and while he used to tip $100 each time, he is now down to tipping $5. I guess he needs a new show soon. Frankie Muniz

218. BUZZFOTO 02/27
Remember when we told you about the Starlet who realized her pics weren’t selling as much and she needed a plan? Remember how we told you about a planned breakup to boost her fame? Well, the breakup has happened, and just like she and her team thought, it’s generated some buzz out there. The problem is, this Actress needs to do a better job when she’s staging a sham, because when you break up with someone, you’re supposed to avoid them and their family, aren’t you? It’s not Hilary Duff.
Megan Fox

219. BLIND GOSSIP 02/27
One of our favorite actors is having a wardrobe problem on the set of his latest film. What kind of problem? Well, our actor was measured for his costumes when he first committed to the film, but over the winter he may have indulged in a few too many Happy Meals. Now he’s sporting love handles that would put the Michelin Man to shame. Perhaps if he cut down on one of his recreational habits, he wouldn’t have the munchies so often.
Russell Crowe "Robin Hood"

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