NOTE: Guesses in italics are only guesses;
guesses in blue are a link to the solution or substantial clues

WHICH celebrity dad is just as rebellious as his starlet daughter? The troubled parent wears a ring through a piercing on his nether regions.
Michael Lohan

2. RUSH & MOLLOY 05/01
Which wonky reality show star quietly checked into a California rehab center only to head for the exits when the staff said they would be searching her bags? Wait, you mean you can't take drugs into rehab? Paris Hilton

#1 - That marriage didn't last long. You know the B+ list actress on the hit network drama who got married and said it would last forever. Heck, the fake marriage from the same show is going to last longer than this real one. How long do you have to stay married in order not to return wedding gifts?
Ellen Pompeo

#2 - Want to know what makes a great assistant? When your married B+ film actress but better known for a great television role drops her stash on the ground outside the airport, and the assistant doesn't even miss a beat, swoops down to the ground and drops inside her own purse. Must have been one hell of a party they had before they went through security. Unless they the assistant tried to get it through? That would be an assistant worthy of a hall of fame. Trouble is her boss is so mean, she probably wouldn't even share. Jaime Pressly

Keeping it Legal: I love how often the self righteous, artistic ones are always end up being the douchiest and the perviest. The backstory: Several years ago, while dating a high profile, fiery actress, he was on location shooting a movie and found himself one night at a local bar. A young hot thing approached, they flirted, they made the call, and pretty soon she was telling her friends she was heading home with the star, protected by both his bodyguards and a personal driver. So they get back to his place, start making out, she services him with her mouth, and tries to get him to return the favour, at which point he balks and then, no longer blinded by arousal, finally gets around to asking her: "Are you really 19?" Well of course she wasn’t 19. She was actually only 16. And when her guilty face confirmed it for him, he quickly called her a cab and sent her home, not offering to pay for her cab. He did however offer to pay for the silence. His security detail and the chauffeur, all of whom were witnesses to his tryst with the teen, were compensated handsomely for their discretion. They were so trustworthy that he wanted to use their services again when he returned to town for a new project recently. Unfortunately the same team wasn’t entirely intact. So instead, now single, he went to great lengths to secure a very capable staff to make sure he didn’t find himself in the kind of icky underage situation as last time. Was like having a personal assistant for the express purpose of getting him head and occasionally laid. Only he was strict about wanting it from "real" girls and not from professionals. Every few days or so, his people had to scour the city looking a girl he could spend a short time with. They’d all start off at a group dinner, and by the end of the night, he’d end up sated at place. A few girls were lucky enough for repeats but effort on his part was never forthcoming. Still… at the very least… he kept it legal.
Edward Norton

One Girlie, Gonzo Blind Vice: As I’m off to get hitched, thought it would be terribly appropriate to give you a little salacious het-on-het action. I mean, why not, more straights than fruits get married, right? Oh, but could that just be because it’s only legal for you guys? Never mind. This isn’t a political soap bitch; it’s a Blind Vice, and as intent as I was to bring on the hetero horniness, Vadge Fly-Trap interfered. Or at least her gal-hungry paws did. Vadge, really, is just as ballsy as most of the guys she’s simply clobbered in the Biz. More so, I’d say. She’s sorta like that Spitzer dude in fact—so obviously gunnin’ for the girls, while (stupidly) thinking nobody’ll notice. Hardly! While Ms. VFT rakes in the major dough for her TV and movie appearances, much of the world may indeed have fallen in love with her, but I’m tellin’ ya, those worshippers certainly don’t include some rich-ass Bev Hills babes. "She was sitting next to me, and her hand kept brushing up against my leg!" revealed one 30ish, single, Chanel-suited gal (who doesn’t like gals, at least, not in that way), regarding a luncheon party she attended with Ms. Fly-Trap. "She was actually squeezing my thigh at one point," continued the guy-lovin’ lady, "and I, very directly, just had to ask her to stop it." How very polite. What’s the matter with a good ol’ bitch-slap to the overly painted puss, huh? I mean, if a guy had done that to some broad who didn’t want it, it’s safe to assume his pucker would be sucker-punched, essentially. Oh, completely forgot. People dare not cross Vadge Fly-Trap, that’s why. She is, in T-town, what Tom Cruise used to be: megapowered and poop-proof. But not for very much longer. AND IT AIN’T: Paris Hilton; Scarlett Johansson; Martha Stewart

This well known Actress is regretting her decision to leave her role on a number one soap opera. She took a leave of absence to do some other projects. Now, she wants to return to the role that made her famous. Producers are dragging their feet about letting her return, and she is practically begging them to take her back.
Victoria Rowell (Dru) from the Y & R

7. HOLY MOLY 05/01
Which Eighties solo singer was so bollocksed at a party that he kept stubbing his cigarettes out on a dwarf's hand (who REALLY WAS walking around with a plate of cocaine on his head) then decided to spice things up by shaking his prick in an enthusiastic manner to all and sundry in the gents?

This former jump-off always had an insatiable thirst for fame and fortune. This urge is actually uncontrollable. Few people know, that she was a major league jump-off back in the day and got down and dirty with her share of rappers in the back of limos and on tour buses. This gold digger set her sights high and used her sex skills to snag a rich/famous man who eventually wifed her. He knew of her past but her sexual expertise had him so sexually addicted that he hired an A-list world class fixer (once featured on this site) to create a fictional background and to erase her scandalous past. The fixer also made pay-offs to famous men in exchange for them signing secrecy agreements to never reveal her past. The next decade included lear jets, private yachts, expensive whips, priceless bling, designer clothes and shoes and a black AMEX card. She lived the rich and glamourous lifestyle to the hilt, soaking up the attention. Now, she's one of the wealthiest black women in the business. Tracey Edmonds

#1 - This former B list television actress on a very long running show and now C list is married with child(ren) and allegedly very happy. She may not be so happy when she discovers that her husband has got their housekeeper's daughter pregnant.
Jennie Garth; Patricia Heaton; Katey Sagal

#2 - This foreign born actress is the classic B lister. Lots of films, attractive and even a hit network television show. She works often and seemingly has the perfect life. So, what's wrong? Besides being one of the bigger b**ches around, she can't find a guy to stick with her longer than a month or two because she has the herp. Probably not the biggest deal in the world but it seems she has constant outbreaks, and that really isn't very attractive at all.

#3 - So why would you leave a hit show and a great part? Well if you ask this actress/model with a unique role on that hit show, she will give you a completely different reason than the producers. She will say to explore new opportunities. The producers will say that someone in a supporting role shouldn't be the diva who thinks the show revolves around her and when she can fit work into her schedule. Rebecca Romijn "Ugly Betty"

#4 - This co-star of an upcoming movie that every woman wants to see (generally) needs to be really careful about her new boyfriend. She thinks he's the greatest and is totally falling in love with him. The problem is that he already has a boyfriend. Kim Cattrall; Kristen Davis

10. RUSH & MOLLOY 05/05
Which newly minted TV star is a pushover who already looks ready for rehab? At an L.A. party, the actor was mocked into doing a bunch of shots, despite protesting numerous times that he had to drive that night.

This hip-hop star started off in the industry with good morals and values and now, he's living a double life. When he's in the studio and he needs a boost, ecstasy is always on hand, if that doesn't work, one of the groupies will give him sex or perform fellatio on him while his boys cheer him on. Over time, heterosexual sex became bland and he wanted to experiment. He started by disguising himself and going to out of the way adult bookstores in white neighborhoods where he's less recognizable. He loved the anonymous sex glory holes in the back of the bookstores and often hooked up with strangers who performed fellatio on him from the other side of the wall, he never saw their faces. When he became bored with this practice. He would put on a cap and shades and go to an out of the way local gay park (where men are recruited to star in gay porn films) and have anonymous sex hookups in the back of SUV's or the backseats of cars. He always hooked up with older white men so they wouldn't recognize him. This rapper has worked with a rap powerhouse in the past, this powerhouse has been known to show off in front of his boys by slapping and punching groupies in the studio, when he takes a break from laying down tracks. Our hip-hop star comes off as pro-black and seems to love black women but we hear-he now has a steady white boyfriend who he hooked up with after an anonymous encounter. Very few people know of his DL activities and he has been invited to DL functions from other industry men who think they would be turning him out but he always declines with a frown. Many in the industry think he's homophobic when he's actually creeping on the DL very discreetly. Common; LL Cool J; Kayne West

#1 - I honestly thought I knew about most sexual fetishes. I guess I have heard of this, but never heard of anyone who actually participated. The thought that a former A list film actor and now a B- with some great name recognition would enjoy participating in food sex is kind of funny. Food sex as in covering you and your partner in various foods and then having sex. Our actor only does it in hotels and only with hookers. Maybe having all that food all over him hides his bald areas.
Jude Law

#2 - Our B list film actress who happens to be married to a real winner was on a recent modeling shoot. Our actress loves crack and had arranged to meet a friend of a friend while she was in this city not her own who was going to supply her with everything she needed. He did show up, and she bought enough rocks to get her through the day. Unfortunately she didn't have a crack pipe because she didn't want to carry it on the plane. Her dealer didn't have one either. To say she was upset was an understatement. She sent her dealer and her assistant out to get one. They came back a short while later with one they had got from a homeless person for $100. Our actress didn't even bother to say thanks. Just spent the next hour in kind of a haze, the photo shoot be damned. Brittany Murphy

13. PEREZ HILTON 05/05
What closeted American Idol alum has finally got a boyfriend! The repressed homo is dating another Broadway queen. We know who he is and what show the new guy's in. But, it's more fun if you guess!
Clay Aiken

I don't know about you, but I just can't get enough of celebrity hooker items. Although I love the items that were about celebrities being hookers before they became famous, I especially adore the ones where it is a celebrity who used to be the star of movies, and was and actually is a household name. I guess she is C list now, although she does still have A list name recognition. She isn't cheap, but she sure does cost less than some of those hookers who have been in the news. From what I understand if you would like to have this woman who used to be fairly good looking but now is just a washed up mess be your companion, you do need to hire her for at least a week. You need to spend your entire time with her outside the United States and provide her airfare to and from the States. There are no guarantees she will even come close to remaining sober throughout your time together, but she does only charge $50,000 for the week. She also claims she is drug and disease free but I think she is referring to drugs of the injectable variety.
Tara Reid

She was always determined to become famous. She took advantage of an opportunity when it presented itself. A very rich much older black male celebrity was going to be at a local function. She had her hair done and hired a professional makeup artist and then she purchased an expensive designer outfit she really couldn't afford. Her ploy worked, she caught his attention and he would become her rich sugar daddy. Overnight, all of her bills went away and she had money to burn. This illicit affair went on for a couple of years and then she went in for the kill. She told her sugar daddy that she always had dreams of becoming a black leading lady. He paved the way for her. She started making appearances on shows and a few movies. And then, she discarded him and traded up for a more famous man (who became her main man) who wasn't as rich, during this time, she was two timing him with a famous/rich white man. The situation with her main man didn't last long and a few harmful scandals emerged that directly and indirectly affected her career opportunities. And, she never completely recovered and her potential was wasted. She had become so addicted to the rich and famous lifestyle that she hooked up with another very rich (famous) white man, he tossed her aside after he fulfilled his sexual fantasies. Over the years, the bills piled up and she's had severe financial problems. Despite this, she is still trying to run game and land a rich man. She currently attends very expensive seafood buffets and elite events populated by rich men, but so far, she's only had one night stands, afterwards, the men never call again.

Robin Givens
very rich much older black male celebrity: Bill Cosby
more famous man: Mike Tyson
very rich (famous) white man: Donald Trump

This C list primarily television actress should probably be B list. Very attractive. Most of you would know who she is, and even the shows she has been on, but she is probably not a household name. She has been on one huge hit and one of a more modest nature. Our actress and her attorneys have been in discussions with a drug manufacturer trying to reach a settlement. The reason for the settlement is that she lost her job when she tried to commit suicide. Seems that an attempted suicide kinds of freaks producers out. Who knew? Anyway she and her attorneys believe it was due to a specific drug she was taking and have threatened a lawsuit. The drug company wants to keep it quiet because the story would be all over the media and at the same time our actress is trying to keep it quiet so someone will hire her and not always refer to as the actress who attempted suicide. HINT: She has never got back to where she once was. She still has severe emotional issues because of that drug and what it did to her brain. Has not been able to work regularly in a few years but gets some guest spots. Has a connection to George Clooney. Lisa Nicole Carson (was on "ER")

17. POPBITCH 05/08
Which two LA-based superstars have started jogging together. Beverly Hills neighbours are enjoying gossiping about what they do to warm down.
Tom Cruise/David Beckham

#1 - This A list film actor. I was thinking about it, but he definitely has opened movies on his own. Action though. That is kind of like women opening a horror film and being called A list. Oh, well, everyone knows him, and when I say know him, you know him. You know, (points eyes)down there. Well seems that our actor is a very generous sort to women on the street who he is attracted to. When he meets someone he likes and likes a great deal, he gives them his card. On the back of the card is a 1-800 number to a credit card concierge with a note that says, "buy something as beautiful and exotic as you... my treat xoxo". There is a pre-set spending limit on the gift.
Gerard Butler

#2 - What cast of a hit television show that is changing coasts is sitting in front of their computers right now reading this blind item? At least one of you has been a blind item, and one of you is permanently safe. "Ugly Betty"

This R&B Singer shocked a lot of his fans at a recent concert. While he was performing, he broke down talking about his private life and recent divorce. Sources say he’s really upset because he is torn about his sexuality.
Swizz Beatz; Dream; Nivea

This white star has dated white and black men equally, over the years. She tells friends that black men are easier to manipulate because they over compensate her since she's white. This same woman hangs out with black women (because she doesn't consider them threatening) and despite this, she says negative comments about black women under her breath, sadly, black women continue to hang out with her for publicity purposes. She also goes out of her way to tell her black female friends that she met a black celebrity, and oh, by the way, "he doesn't date black women." She also innocently asks, what is the definition of "black woman drama? Anybody know?" Before this white woman became a star, she used her black friendships to her advantage. Example: She learned how to cook soul food. In her mind, this would be a helpful trait to snag a rich black man in the future. She has also used the N-word in conversation with her black girlfriends, when one of them asked her not to repeat that word again in her presence, she was apologetic but a few weeks later, she repeated it again in front of the same friend. They are no longer friends. This white star has always been jealous of Beyonce's beauty despite smiling in her face and acting friendly when she sees her at industry events. Behind her back, she goes out of her way to criticize Beyonce and once told her white friends, Jay will never marry her. I don't care if she's famous, face it, she's black and he will end up with a white woman like the majority of rich and famous black men, I bet I can take him away from her without even trying-I'm the right skin tone. Before Beyonce and Jay married, this woman showed up at a party. Jay was in attendance and she tried to make eye contact with him all evening, trying to snag the richest man in hip-hop. Her plan backfired, security was tight that evening. Imagine her shock and surprise when Jay-Z's and Beyonce's wedding nuptials were confirmed. She's still sick with contempt, envy and jealousy according to the source of this story; a former friend.
Kim Kardashian

The answers are mothers.

#1 - This B+ film actress is married and as the first sentence suggests, is also a mother. Movies. Been in a bunch. Everyone knows her. Just not quite A list. She is also a jackass, or just has no manners. Picture this. It's a party and our actress is talking to someone and they are in the middle of a very important conversation when she spots someone who is more important. She grabs that person and starts talking to them leaving the other person standing there in mid sentence. But wait, it gets better. As our actress is involved in the second conversation, a third person even more important walks by and she grabs his arm and starts talking to her, leaving both the first and second person standing there. She turns her back to them and takes the other guy by the arm and walks away from the first two. Christine Taylor, wife of Ben Stiller

#2 - Guys bathrooms aren't like this unless Russell Brand is in there. Oh sure, I mean there is usually a coke party, but that is kind of normal. Anyway, this former teen actress who has not worked as much the past few years is in the bathroom and is crying with a friend of hers. Seems she is crying because her husband and father to her child(ren) invited the woman he had been having an affair with to the event in which he also brought his wife. She had not wanted to get divorced and so had agreed to an open marriage, but didn't agree to it being thrown into her face. Melissa Joan Hart

#3 - Do stepmoms count? I hope so because this wife of an A list film star has been sleeping with her stepson. Nic Cage's wife

#4 - This one actually took place in a kitchen at a dinner party. This wife and mother who is also happens to be a C list aging actress with B+ name recognition was having an argument with her A-/B+ list husband. They started out alone in the kitchen but as the yelling and screaming got out of control, several guests went inside the kitchen to see if they could help. Our actress had a knife in her hands. No, not a great big cutting knife, just a little paring knife, but she had managed to cut her husband in the hand enough where there was blood doing a nice job of staining the floors. When she saw everyone standing there, she dropped the knife, went upstairs, and composed herself. Her husband followed a short time later and they came back down and acted as if nothing had happened. Melanie Griffith/Antonio Banderas

1. Which music-producing superstar recently had his nether regions pierced in hopes of increasing his, you know, sensation?

2. Which formerly awesome Major League pitcher can the blame loss of shoulder strength on years of smoking pot and one drug-addled incident where he had to carry a passed-out date up three flights of stairs? His fastball hasn't been the same since.

Which new heartthrob could soon disappoint teen girls across the universe? At a premiere party for his new flick, he was spotted making out and leaving with a guy.
Emile Hirsch "Speed Racer"; Jim Sturgess "Across the Universe" and "21"

Which silver-screen sweetheart regrets having tubing inserted into her lips to keep them perfectly pouty because the procedure is irreversible? Says a source, "She's not happy about it, but there's nothing much she can do."
Melanie Griffith; Meg Ryan

"Cash Money" Brian "Baby" Williams, Ronald "Slim" Williams, Lil' Wayne

26. PANACHE REPORT 05/12/08 **#2**
According to Terrance Dean, his friend Sandy was working on a new movie that had major stars in it. The lead was "Lucas," who is a black megastar. No matter what film project he was attached to it was bound to be a box office smash. In Hollywood, he is considered a golden boy and very bankable. However, there were already many rumors swirling about his sexuality and even though he is married, it was hard for him to shake those pesky gay rumors. "You're not going to believe this," Sandy said when I called her. "What's going on?" "Well, the crew is taking bets on Lucas. "What type of bets?" "Since we've been filming, his boy 'Kareem' comes by every day and they go into the trailer." "So what?" I said. "No, Kareem comes by and they are up in the trailer doing their thing." Kareem is a leading sitcom actor, married to an actress. They both have appeared in movies but Lucas in the breakout sensation. His boy Kareem, however, found success in television as a leading actor. The crew's bet was based on how often Lucas "boyfriend" would show up and how long he would stay. It was like clockwork; Kareem arrived each day at the same time and went straight to the trailer for hours on end. The bets grew larger and larger. When I moved to Los Angeles and got into the DL world, our clique was talking about the downlow circle Lucas and Kareem were in-which I wanted to be a part of. But it was a hard nut to crack; they were superstars. Source: "Hiding In Hip-Hop," by Terrance Dean.
Will Smith/Duane Martin (Tisha Campbell)

#1 - This B list film star who most of you think is gorgeous, and who has really made a move up in the world as of late is engaged to someone who considers herself an actress. It makes me laugh, but she says she is. Unfortunately for her, her affianced seems to be searching for someone else. While working recently he met a woman and exchanged phone numbers. Nothing wrong with that, but how about the invitation to fly her to LA and stay at his place. Presumably his significant other would be off "acting."
Channing Tatum

#2 - Another engaged guy and another sticky situation. This guy is C list but you are all familiar with his work. Starring in a Golden Globe nominated television show he is engaged to an actress who stars in a network drama that has won a Golden Globe. While out with his affianced at dinner, he spotted a woman heading to the bathroom, and attempted to get her phone number. When asked about the woman he was with, our actor said she was just a friend. Nice.

This singer is fortunate in many ways but she always seems to be unlucky in love and WE know the reason why. She's an easy touch. Over and over again, she makes dumb choices and picks the wrong man. She dumped her husband when she found out he was GAY, and -duh- recently she kicked out her boyfriend for the same reason! The two exes got together and compared notes the other night and they had a few laughs at her expense.
Liza Minnelli

29. RUSH & MOLLOY 05/12
Which executive producer and creator of two hit TV comedy series doesn't do his own work? Laments one insider: "He's content to sit back and let everyone do the writing for him when they're supposed to be his shows."
Seth MacFarlane ("American Dad" and "Family Guy"); Chuck Lorrie ("Two and a Half Men" and "The Big Bang Theory")

30. DEFAMER 05/12
This just landed in the Defamer tips box: "What crazy-ass, A-list starlet was Checked into the Roosevelt Hotel by a male friend because she was to high to drive, only to reward his chivalry by proceeding to make Poo Angels all over the room—including poo body-prints on the walls. Her shitty shenanigans ended up costing the poor bastard 6 grand." We certainly have no idea, but all this talk of Poo Angel-making has gotten us excited about the holidays! Who's up for a pooball fight? We are!

This is a great one, but you will have to work for it because you probably don't know the name. She's B list by definition for sure. 95% television. Lots of great shows. Primarily big hits. Seems that on one of the hit shows she was on she developed an affection for one of her co-stars. No big deal you say. What's so juicy about that? Well the co-star is married. Still not a shocker or anything really juicy. She slept with the co-star. Again you are telling yourself, no big deal. Well seems she found that one time fling something that should have lasted much longer and has spent the past few years stalking her co-star. When I say stalking, I mean stalking. Drive bys. Calling him all the time. Sending him things in the mail that she has worn. Her co-star has never reported her to the police, but gave her a final warning last week after she showed up at his house at 3am wearing next to nothing. So far so good, but I think it is only a matter of time until she comes back again.

32. RUSH & MOLLOY 05/13
Which young star - who plays gay on his hot TV show - has a taste for significantly older women?

He was hot in his prime and he had his share of groupies. He will always be known for two smash hits. Away from the camera, this womanizer did what he had to do to get ahead. His stepping stone was usually successful older women who could help him in his pursuits. Once he made it, he had no more use for them and started dating a bevy of beauties (his age). This man was also known for his hair trigger temper. Rumors of domestic violence have always shadowed him. It's been rumored that he likes to piss on women while they are asleep. He blackballed himself from the industry with physical altercations and constant drama. He also wrecked a number of exotic cars. Due to drugs, his once good looks are a thing of the past, he appears bloated and disorientated. He's also flat broke. When a relative told him to get a regular 9-5 just to survive, he declined, because he is a star, in his own words. He's also behind on his child support, in the six figure range and he has relationships with some of his kids but not all of them. He's become so disillusioned, he still thinks he has the looks to attract successful cougars who will set him up as a kept man. Also, due to drug use, it's hard for him to get aroused, so that brings his stock down dramatically but his ego overlooks that fact. The word is out, if a older successful woman wants to get with a former star, he's available, for a price! Hint: It's not Devante Swing.
Christopher Williams

34. RUSH & MOLLOY 05/14
Which star of an upcoming blockbuster flick is a huge cad despite his image as a family man? Word is the actor is getting a little too touchy-feely with the ladies.
David Duchovny; Christian Bale; Harrison Ford

I didn't know she had it in her, and I'm still trying to figure out where she learned it. Oh, I guess you would like to know who and what I'm talking about. So, this breakup that you have been hearing about in the past couple of days? You know the big one. Anyway, from what I have been told, the reason they broke up is because she was too kinky for him. Her? I know. Unbelievable. What I guess finally drove him away was the fact that she is a big fan of erotic asphyxiation. She loves having it done to her to the point of passing out. He tried it once. Freaked him out, so he left because she wanted it most of the time. What I can't figure out is who taught it to her? I doubt she reads so someone must have done it with her.
Jessica Simpson
Guy she broke up with: John Mayer
Guy who taught her: Bam Margera

36. RUSH & MOLLOY 05/15
Which young actress may be a little too much like her TV character? At a wrap party for her show, the tween got totaled at the bar and had to crawl into a waiting taxi.

37. POPBITCH 05/15
Which skinny Hollywood blonde has developed a Westbrook-level cocaine habit. She didn't even bother to stop hoovering lines when going for a hair cut recently.
Kate Bosworth

#1 - I don't think the parents of this B- list television actress who is way under the legal age of consent would be thrilled to know she is sleeping with her much older television B+ list actor co-star.
Taylor Momsen (Matthew Settle)"Gossip Girl"

#2 - This is the funniest one I have ever got from the accountant. This celebutard is engaged to a B list film actress with A+ name recognition. He spent $34,000 on porn last year, and tried to claim it as a deduction for business purposes. He had each and every receipt for all the porn. All of it. He claimed that he needed it to see the proper way to act in a love scene. When the accountant reminded him he wasn't even an actor, our celebutard said something to the effect of, "I've got my girlfriend believing I'm the best guy in the world. I'm a great actor." They chose not to try and deduct the porn. Jessica Alba and Cash Warren

This NBA Superstar is having problems with his mother. She’s young, wild and loud. She loves partying, drinking and hanging with the Ballers. At a recent playoff game, he had to curse at her and a lot of his fans were outraged but they have no idea what he puts up with. She doesn’t act like his mother. She behaves likes a young sister! How can he tell his mom to grow up?
LeBron James

This mega rich white star has conflicted issues regarding race. He believes in the Aryan brotherhood ideology but he has been involved with at least three black mistresses. When he gets drunk, which is often, he lashes out at them with racial epithets during sex. After he sleeps off his hangover and they recount to him how racist he was the night before, he always tries to make up with money or shopping sprees. Sadly, some of these women continue to put up with his racism because he drops major weight on them (five figures per visit). His nickname among the black kept women and working girls is, "the drunk nazi." This man has deep-seeded issues and since the paparazzi has given him a break in recent years, he allegedly-took the time to visit Adolf Hitler's grave site. His beliefs are disturbing to say the least. After a few drinks around white friends, he really lets loose with his racist rhetoric. His wife is very frightened of him. When they go to restaurants, she is not allowed to speak until spoken to and he orders her meals. If they are around friends and he feels she's speaking to much, he will put his finger to his lips and say shhh or he will merely point his finger at her, and she shuts up immediately. We were recently informed that this very famous man is currently having an affair with another black woman.
Mel Gibson

She says she is free and fabulous, embarking on a new chapter in her life, and recently went in for a little touch-me-up in the chest area. Some changes leave things super saggy and the sagging never stops. Which is why she opens up the scar between her tits once a year – a scar that is visible in person but oddly enough, never in photographs. What she does, you see, is she barters with the paps. She wheels and deals and offers to give it up for them if they go home and click away her breast scabs. So they shake on it and she does something outrageous to guarantee they sell her pictures with what looks like baby’s skin on her chest, and everybody’s happy. Protecting oneself against bad pictures is one thing…but what about arranging bad pictures for your enemy? There’s another celebrity who not only works with the paps to pimp out herself, she also works with them to make sure those she detests are not only photographed badly but also touched DOWN to look especially horrid. She’ll either give up exclusive tips or exclusive shots on herself in exchange for a photographic smear job on those she hates. Like doctoring images to reveal unflattering body parts, receding hairlines, pimples, and especially fat. The paparazzi aren’t the real scum…

#1: Mariah Carey; Pam Anderson; Kimora Simmons
Paris Hilton

42. RUSH & MOLLOY 05/16
Which TV legend likes to play dirty in the bedroom? The larger-than-life fella ties up his conquests with bathrobes - and takes breaks from "satisfying" the girls only to snort piles of coke.
James Gandolfini

This one hurts because I would have never thought of this B list film actress as a home wrecker. She has always been a favorite. B list film actress sounds so generic now doesn't it? How about we make (#1) gorgeous and aging, but not old. How about someone who is taken seriously as an actress but is definitely not shy about showing off her body. OK, so on the set of her new film she and her female co-star (#2) who was once a B list actress and is now closer to C, but is well known and made her reputation from basically one television show and one serious boyfriend, were bonding and talking smack about the other cast members. At some point they both started talking about our B-/C+ actor (#3) who is doing this film but is known much more for two great television roles on two great television shows. OK, they were both good shows, but I only liked one. Turns out that #3 had hit on both #1 and #2 and #2 was discussing how she would never do anything with him because #3 has a long term girlfriend (#4) who used to be A list and just kind of wanders from role to role now. #2 was looking to #1 for agreement that it was wrong to sleep with #3, and #1 confessed that she had been sleeping with #3 since the third day of filming and that #3 was going to leave #4 for #1. #2 and #1 haven't spoken to each other since.

"Baby on Board"
#1: Heather Graham
#2: Lara Flynn Boyle
#3: John Corbett
#4: Bo Derek

A reader sent in a dated, but juicy item about a newly single Hollywood leading lady. Granted, the subject header said "stirring up some old shit," but since it's newsworthy that said star is back on the market, we figured we'd share. According to our tipster, she moved out to Hollywood back in 1996 and roomed with "a short pretentious black woman" whom we'll refer to as Edina. Allegedly Edina met the A-lister at a concert where Edina was a singer and their relationship persisted on and off for about a year. The superstar actress even bought a cabin in North Carolina (Edina's home state) so that they could be together. But when the Tinseltown hot-shot wanted to get pregnant, the couple started squabbling and ultimately, the relationship came to an end as a result. However, they did manage to squeeze in an occasional tryst during the movie star's pregnancy. The little birdie told us, "Before that [Edina] liked the fellas but I guess if _____ has a crush on you, you consider switching sides."

45. HOLY MOLY 05/16
Which Hollywood re-formed bad boy actor may have more than his currently reported problems to deal with once the partner of his secret shag finds out about their trysts? Chances are he'll be arse-whipped left to right but probably get shot first.
Rob Lowe

1. Which new-mama publicist has named her bundle of joy after a certain D-list "celebrity" she has been crushing on for years, much to the embarrassment of her baby daddy?

2. Which celebrity starlet are magazines desperately trying to get to come out on their pages? Editors say they are willing to pay big bucks for the first interview. Lindsay Lohan

47. PEREZ HILTON 05/18
What reviled British personality, generally reviled by everyone, has started to pull a Heidi and Spencer????? That's right, the media-hating (at least in public) skank is now traveling with her very own paparazzi photographer. The snapper arranges with her to get exclusive pics of the hooker and then they split the profits. Hey, she's gotta make money somehow, right?
Heather Mills

Off The Record Excerpt: Author Terrance Dean ( elaborated on his DL relationship with a NBA player on his blog. Here's additional information regarding that downlow relationship. Terrance had accompanied a friend to a straight club (surrounded by water). Terrance made eye contact with a very tall and fine man who was sitting at the bar. His friend told him, he's a big time athlete in the NBA. Terrance and the athlete had a slight conversation before the athlete departed. Terrance attended the club the following evening and the athlete was yet again in attendance. This time they traded numbers. They spoke on numerous occasions and the athlete even took Terrance to meet his mother; who assumed Terrace was just a friend of her son's. Terrance also met people in his community. He often introduced Terrance as "my boy." This relationship went on for a year (2007) and came to an abrupt halt when Terrance found out he was married. At the time, the marriage was so new, that Google and Wikipedia had yet to update his bio. Terrance never suspected he was married because he never wore a wedding band. Terrance also found out, their prior hookups coincided with his wife going out of town. Hints: The NBA player and his wife don't have children but he has a few children outside of the marriage, unknown to her. Also, you don't have to be a sports star to know who this athlete is according to Terrance.
Vince Carter

#1 - Ahhh, you hear that? It's the sound of a gold digger? So imagine if you will that you are a reality star. A network reality star. As in this has nothing to do with MTV. So, our reality star is a female, although gold digging is by no means gender specific. Our reality star was at an event where she was unfamiliar with many of the people. Unfamiliar means she hadn't heard of them and so didn't know how much they made or what they did. So, she found a publicist at the event and made small talk and got her to spill on each person. When the publicist would rattle off an estimated worth, our reality star would wander over and flirt and try to get a number or give a number. Married, single, it really didn't matter. Cute, ugly? Inconsequential. The only thing that did was a big checkbook.
Julianne Hough "Dancing with the Stars"

#2 - I've written about this couple before, but for such a young age they have certainly caught on to how the game is played. Married. She is an extremely popular singer and he is a nobody. He goes both ways, and she doesn't really care. She loves him, and doesn't want to give up so she lets him be. This is their latest trick. When they attend a party, they walk the red carpet and kiss and make nicey nice for the cameras. If a tabloid runs their picture, there they are. The happy couple. What they don't see is the husband taking off five minutes later to go meet his boyfriend. If someone asks about her husband inside the event, our singer just says that he is around somewhere. LeAnn Rimes

50. PEREZ HILTON 05/19
What not-so-innocent tween superstar was smoking out (yes, the 420) with her half-brother, backstage before the Z100 Zootopia concert this past weekend???
Miley Cyrus

51. NY POST/PAGE SIX 05/20
WHICH television correspondent got her job the old-fashioned way? After she bedded her boss at her former network, she became very close with the married news head of her current network.

Recently reunited with his long time lover, this celebrated actor is supposed to be taking his new role seriously … which is perhaps why he has spent several late nights hitting up the decadent continental club scene, rolling in at no earlier than 3am and staying til sun up. Three times in the last 5 days. And there’s nothing wrong with that…only on 2 of those nights he hasn’t left alone. They are leggy and orange and immediately replaceable. Would certainly go against the recommitment but then again, maybe that’s how the recommitment was arranged.
Sean Penn

#1 - Which former husband of this singing diva spent so much time running back and forth to the bathroom at a recent party that management had to give him a towel so he could keep wiping off the sweat that would not stop pouring off his face and head.
Ojani Noa (Jennifer Lopez)

#2 - These three cast members from Battlestar Galactica all share a home. Nothing wrong with that. Actually there is nothing really wrong with the fact that all three share the same bedroom. Now, the husband of one of the women in the threesome might be a little put out by the living situation, but what he doesn't know won't hurt him. Katee Sackoff/ Michael Trucco/Tricia Helfer or Katee Sackoff/Tahmoh Penikett/Tricia Helfer

Over the past few years, there has been a rash of marriages in black Hollywood. Recently, quicky marriages have become the rage. Despite his untold dedication to his wife. We have received reports that a newly married husband has been stepping out on his wife with a variety of call girls. Our cheating hubby has rented suites stocked with weed and Dom. He loves to sexually entertain two women at a time. His favorite destination for call girl hookups is in Las Vegas. When he arrives in Las Vegas, sometimes, escorts are waiting for him in his limo and a lot of hanky panky goes on enroute to his hotel suite. His wife remains clueless as he runs up a secretive tab for high end escorts. This has become an addiction for him. He tells his wife he has to go out of town on business when he's really meeting up with ladies of the evening. The wife has allegedly been telling friends that their sex life had died down since their marriage because her husband is such a workaholic but the real reason is: He's stepping out on her.  Jay-Z; Usher

I have been hanging onto the first of these for awhile because I just knew in my heart of hearts that there would be another idiot and then I could have my dream of posting Idiot Drug Users. No, it isn't as good as Will It Float?, but, it isn't bad.

#1 - Our first award today goes to this former B list television actor who was on a very hit show and since then has pretty much done jack crap. Oh, he still has just about A list name recognition, but he is dropping to C list as far as roles. So, as I said this first one was a few months ago. Our actor was with a woman at lunch. Outside on a patio, reaching into his little baggie every couple of minutes, and also sharing with his lady friend. Just passing the bag back and forth across the table. Outside. On a patio next to a public sidewalk. Finish lunch and management comps the check. Our actor doesn't have any cash for a tip and his girlfriend has like $5. So, our actor leaves the $5 and the remaining coke as a tip for the waitress. Leaves it right out on the table. Points to it and says something to the effect. There's your tip. Have a great night tonight. Wilmer Valderrama; Luke Perry

#2 - Our second award goes to another actor. This actor is C list. 95% films. B+ name recognition just because it is kind of an odd name and from some roles he did ten years ago or so. He even has some music connections that are cool, but not known at all as a singer. Also known as a guy who thinks he is better than he actually is, and that women should throw themselves at him. Well our actor has a little meth problem. He doesn't snort it anymore, just smokes it. So, at a club the other night, our actor wanted to spend some time enjoying his favorite hobby. Problem was his lighter was out. So, instead of just asking someone to borrow their lighter and being done with it, our actor went out to the indoor/outdoor smoking area and went up to each person and asked for a light and asked if they wanted to share his meth. He asked males, females, and then he asked the bouncers. They asked him to repeat what he said, and he did and then showed it to them. They then asked him to leave. Billy Bob Thornton

#1 - Judging by the way this formerly married male singer with a reality television past was being mobbed by D list women you would think his current long term relationship was over. Judging by the amount of phone numbers he collected from said women, it very well could be.
Nick Lachey

#2 - This B+ film actor is thisclose to being A list. Not only starring in big popcorn flicks, but also big award winning films as well. Portrayed to the media as a strong heterosexual, on the set of his latest film, he fell in love... with a guy. They now live together. Shia LaBeouf

57. RUSH & MOLLOY 05/22
Which two beyond-famous actor pals have late-night cocaine parties, much to their wives' dismay? They start at 3 a.m. and rage until sunrise - and we hear a rehabbed starlet has joined them for several sessions.

1. This reality show contestant has lost the weight and got a new man. When she hooked up with the man, he was married. Now she realizes she may not want him after all. He’s too bossy and demanding.
Kimberly Locke/"American Idol" and Harvy Walden/"Celebrity Fit Club"

2. Friends of this famous baby momma want her to stop humiliating herself over her famous baby daddy. He uses her for big events to promote a family image, but he is openly dating his young protégé, a young girl who can’t sing. Kim Porter/P Diddy Combs/Cassie

3. This Superstar couple decided to call it quits, but now they are haggling over custody of their young daughter. The dad is already sick of his ex’s games, and now he is ready to play dirty and reveal her secret love of woman. The mom is dating a hunky Hollywood Actor, but everyone knows the real deal. Kimora Simmons/Russell Simmons/Djimon Hounsou

One Remove-With-Care Blind Vice: Traceless Turncoat, our ol' backstabbing TV babe, who's made quite the career outta selling out her boob-tube amigos (for cash and prizes, mind you) has been—horrors!—behaving herself, as of late. Too boring for words. But, wouldn't ya know it: Word got back to T.T. that her network's higher-ups were perfectly aware she'd turned herself into a Jackie Collins version of Benedict Arnold, and that she'd better cool it. That, she did. That is until her glitzy place of employment began hiring much younger, prettier, more shapely things who just happened to have far more impressive cleavages than does our babe, Trace. Yikes! What's an averagely endowed, amoral, conniving, man-munching, nominally talented bitch to do? Surgery? Amazingly engineered push-up bras? Suicide? Nope. But duct tape certainly seemed to be a viable option. So to the hardware store went Ms. T's horrified stylist, who didn't know whether to laugh, cry or get some spackle, too (T2's not quite as flawless as she used to be). See, Ms. T had a plan, and this is indeed what that poor stylin' worker bee has to put up with every day Traceless is glammed up for her TV show: They both go into T.T.'s private dressing room, and before the latest ta-tas-showing outfit is practically painted onto the girl's increasingly diminishing figure, the dresser wraps an entirely nude Turncoat's midsection in industrial-strength tape, winding up just underneath Ms. T's breasts, thereby turning her natural-born babies into Pam Anderson-style bazookas. Get it? Duct tape, babes. Directly onto—and then off of, 'course—the vain honey's skin. Every damn day. Oh, and Trace is hardly subtle about the pain during the taking off process. Swears like...well, me. AND IT AIN’T: Maria Menounos; Samantha Harris; Kelly Ripa. Guiliana Rancic

60. HOLY MOLY 05/22
1. Which megastar actor is doing nothing to allay suspicions about his sexuality with his rumoured ten-year affair with one of New York's most famous musical sons?

megastar actor:
most famous musical son: Sean Lennon

2. Which aging singer's weird fetish is to get someone to hide in a wardrobe and watch him have sex? Not so unusual you might think, but it all went a bit wrong when he managed to persuade four (4) people to cram in one evening, leading to someone actually DYING in there. Cue a HUUUGE PR hush up. I think this is my favourite story in the world ever. Tom Jones

The prying eyes of the media (paparazzi included) is forcing celebrities to do their illicit dirt overseas. There is currently a discreet immoral pipeline that caters to celebrities and high profile men who have a taste for gays, underage teens and transsexuals. Our source informs us that this pipeline has a concierge who discreetly takes care of travel/hotel/transportation arrangements to and from countries known as pedophile/underage/ and tranny-havens. Allegedly, you have to purchase a special password from a password broker affiliated with the website to gain entry to become a member. Once you're a member, you get all the sick member benefits. The pipeline can also refer you to a overseas company that can mask your IP. According to our source, two R&B singers are members and repeat customers of the pipeline. One of the singers has an insatiable appetite for transsexuals and transvestites and is known to get down and dirty with them overseas. Our second soulful singer is gay. He often goes on the hunt for (hard bodied) young men, overseas. When these men are not prowling clubs or beaches for trannys and gays. The pipeline concierge books an appointment for them with local tranny and gay brothels. The concierge can also set them up with drug connections in any country they visit. Mainly, Brazil and South-East Asian destinations. It's rumored that the pipeline is an offshoot of a gay/pedophile underground movement that was once featured on IRC internet channels, better known as the underbelly of the internet. IRC once featured online classes taught by self proclaimed pedophiles on "how not to get caught." Who are the two R&B singers?

R&B singer insatiable appetite for transsexuals and transvestities: Brian McKnight; Neyo
soulful singer: John Legend

#1 & #2 - She (#1) is an actress. Aging, glamorous, and someone you think of with prestigious awards, but actually she really hasn't been nominated or won any big ones. She has made a living in great independent films. Foreign born. Probably C list in the entire scheme of things but with B name recognition. He (#2) is an actor. He is B list through and through. Younger than #1 and he tends to play nice and easy comfortable roles. No real stretching for him. Good looking. Really good looking actually. Both #1 and #2 are married. Both have a child(ren). Romances on sets are nothing new, even between married people. The interesting thing about this one is that #1 often cheats while on set while #2 apparently has never done so until now. #1 and #2 were having a glorious time. (I'm starting to sound like Will Ferrell in those Fenwick Arms skits) This is sounding tame until I tell you that #2's wife had the misfortune of dropping in on #1 and #2 while they were engaging in adult activities in #2's trailer. This situation was further complicated by #2's child(ren) running in at the same time and seeing dad, ummm. Yeah. Therapy anyone?
Julia Ormond/Chris O'Donnell

#3 - This married Golden Globe winning television actor from a network drama is older. Doesn't stop him from having guys nights out with his guy friends. Sad to say though those poker games he says he's having. Oh, he's having them, but with a group of strippers at a condo he owns. The only money changing hands in the game is what he pays for them to act out his fantasies.

#4 - This celebrity couple have several children. The problem is that one of the kids is not the biological son of the male in the relationship. Daddy thinks he's the daddy but he isn't. Mom slipped and told the real dad who now wants to see his child. This should get very messy, very soon. Annette Benning/Warren Beatty

63. NY POST/PAGE SIX 05/25
1. WHICH serial celeb- dating model is a little harsh on the men she sleeps with? She gave a titanic male star a measly "4" for his prowess in the sack.
Gisele Bundchen/Leo DiCaprio

2. WHICH heavyduty movie mogul is back to his old tomcatting ways? Despite being married, he put some aggressive moves on a Long Island TV personality at Socialista - but she rebuffed him. Harvey Weinstein

Which divorcing hubby is now asking for his sparkly engagement ring back? Problem is, he didn't exactly pay for it himself.
Al Reynolds

65. US WEEKLY 05/26
Which Golden Globe award winning television star was disinvited from her own sister's wedding because her family is so distrustful of her longtime beau? Says a source, "her mom thinks the guy is a mooch."

66. RUSH & MOLLOY 05/27
Which rotund actress had a romantic rendezvous with a waiter - but only after the server's boss promised him free food and drinks if he "went the extra mile" to keep the thespian happy? One cocaine-fueled romp later, and the waiter has yet to see his payoff. "I slept with the beast for this?" he complained.
Kirstie Alley

I didn't even know that these two people knew each other, but just goes to show you that anything is possible. #1 is an A list actor and director, although the director part would probably be closer to B list. Award winning for sure though in both. #1 has a greenhouse on his property and was showing it off to #2. We'll get back to him later. Apparently #1 grows some of the finest pot in the world right there in the back of his house. Nothing else in the greenhouse, just pot. Loves it more than his wife and kid(s), and #2 was suitably impressed and so decided to give it a shot. Oh, not pot. Nope. #2 is an idiot. In and out of rehab and a sad excuse for a C list television actor who has some B list name recognition from the last hit show he was on. #2 figured what the hell and decided to indulge in his drug of choice. Bought a shed at Home Depot, installed it in his backyard and decided he was going to cook his own meth. Yep. Problem is, the idiot didn't know how to make it. Got all the ingredients and just started throwing them together. Too bad he didn't blow himself up, but he has some friends who actually have some brains and made him stop. He had invited them over to watch him cook it all, and they wisely shut him down and threw all the stuff in the trash.

#1: Sean Penn; Tom Hanks; Mel Gibson; Denzel Washington; Ben Affleck; Kevin Costner
#2: Steve-O

68. PANACHE REPORT 05/28 **#1**
This pretty black actress was determined to get ahead and she developed a scandalous reputation. She slept with dozens of white men, despite this, she appeared in unmemorable roles. She continued to make the casting couch rounds. She even hooked up with white TV execs at parties, but they would only do so much. Often telling her, your looks would upstage a lot of white women on TV which is a no-no (unwritten rule). That's why you don't get better TV work. She is such an opportunist, she often performed three-ways with white casting directors for career advancement. Then, her luck changed. She got two very visible TV gigs, after they ended, her career has yet to rebound. You only get so many chances in Hollywood. Despite all the sex, she only made a ripple in Hollywood.
Garcelle Beauvais-Nilon; Traci Bingham; Salli Richardson

69. PANACHE REPORT 05/28 **#2**
We first told you about him in the Heather Hunter blind item. He got very abusive with her, physically and emotionally in the back of a limo. Imagine our surprise when we were contacted by another woman who said he got so violent with her, she feared for her life. He hired her through an local escort agency. He was charming at first, as the night progressed and after a few drinks, this same man called her derogatory names and dragged her to the bed by her hair. He then slapped her (numerous times) to calm her down. Like Heather, she said a shadow came over his face and his eyes were empty as he had violent sex with her. She said, "the sex was like rape." Due to her occupation and a big payment, she didn't report the incident to the police. Clues: Popular old school R&B legend with a somewhat squeaky clean image. It's not Smokey or Lionel.
Ronald Isley

70. NY POST/PAGE SIX 05/28
WHICH actress whose name has been dragged through the weeds more than once should know who is selling her secrets to the celebrity magazines? Residents of her Village building are buzzing that one of their doormen has been dropping dimes on her, even picking up tips for the paparazzi on where she'll be from her employees.
Mary Kate Olsen

71. RUSH & MOLLOY 05/28
Which A-list couple agreed to let a paparazzo shoot their kids, but only after the lensman agreed to give the family half of the six-figure paycheck? Later the duo got greedy and demanded two-thirds of the loot, telling the pap: "We just got new furniture and need to pay it off."
Jennifer Lopez/Marc Anthony

This A list television actor on a hit network show must feel like he can get away with anything at this point. For at least the third time, his girlfriend has caught him in bed with someone. Well, to be perfectly accurate, not always in bed. One time he was getting orally serviced while standing up in his trailer when the girlfriend came in. Oh, and another time it was on the couch, not the bed. But, you get the point. The latest incident was actually in a bed, and for the first time actually occurred at the home they share. He knows she won't leave and so has told her that she just needs to deal with it if she wants to be with him.
Charlie Sheen/Brooke Mueller

73. PEREZ HILTON 05/28
Which Sex & The City star has been holding on to clothes and jewelry and not returning it to her stylist, like she's supposed to???? Is she STILL that desperate for money????
Kim Catrall

#1 - This B- list television (hit network show) and film (top ten film 3 different years) has turned into a bit of an obsessive compulsive. He has always had little quirks and superstitions, but now his habits are starting to change his life in a negative way. He hates going anywhere now, and when he does it is a process that can take up to an hour. For some reason, when he arrives where he is going he is fine, but it is the leaving the house that just gets longer and longer.
Tim Allen

#2 - Speaking of obsessiveness, this former film A lister with the really bad hair issues and now a comfortable B has changed the entire carpeting in his house five times over the past year. He is single handedly keeping a store in business. Seems that he has to like the way the carpet feels on his bare feet. The store has offered to provide him samples, but our whacked out actor insists that the carpet has to be in the house and in its place for him to get a true sense of its feel. Uh huh. Maybe he should just wear slippers. Total cost this year has been about $175,000 on carpeting, installation, removal and labor. Nicolas Cage

#1 - A lot of people are wondering why we haven’t seen photos of an award-winning actress’ baby. She isn’t being offered any decent money for the exclusive rights. One mag in question was willing to give one couple $6 million for their baby photos, but the award-winning actress was only offered $400,000.
Halle Berry

#2 - A war of words recently took place between two Singing Divas. At a recent east coast concert, the two ladies went at it when one of them bought her old group on stage with her. This infuriated the other Singer. She started out with a singing group, but she was a backstabber and mean, so the ladies no longer speak to her. Why are you trying to upstage me? Everyone is screaming out your name! Can you please tone your act down! The other Diva replied, You should have gone on first! Only a fool would go on after me! I am a real Singer, not a manufactured one! Diana Ross and Patti Labelle

One Surprise, Surprise Blind Vice: Remember Furrowed Frank, the big TV figure who has a straight trainer whom he sends out to hunt for bedtime playmates at the gym where they both train? Sure ya do! Only because the heartless fagola lothario is so predictably dude about it all, and not only does he not bother to secure his own ass assignations (thinks he'll be too recognized, as if F.F. standing by drooling while the deal's going down isn't obvs enough), he ditches the poor guys right after he's had his way with them. Why are men—both gay and het—so damn unconcerned with their partner's feelings, huh? Were we all kicked as children, or something? Regardless, F.F. and his muscled accomplice continue right along with their disposable mattress machinations, blithely unaware the A.T. is totally on to them. Or not? Went to a snot-butt din-din party the other night, and who would be seated across from me other than F2's prime purveyor of all things manly and clandestine—yes, the trainer himself. And said pro pumper is either one smart deltoid dude, or he's as dumb as Lindsay Lohan's current life coach. 'Cause, how can I put this? Let's just say I was given the opportunity, if I cared to, to take a turn on F2's casting bench. I demurred. After all, I'm married now...otherwise? AND IT’S NOT: Chris Noth; Jason Lewis; Kyle Maclachlan.

One Air-Sick Blind Vice: Morgan Mayhem is up to her old tricks. Well, I guess they can't really be considered old if she never stopped doing them? Ms. May has a load of talents, but her best (and most often used) one is alienating her amigos. One of the buds she's burned as of late is the brother of one of her former flames, Dare to Do Me, the cute eye candy from a band still pretty popular on the charts. M2 is still psycho for the rocker she's shared several rendezvous romps with in the past, but D.D.'s moved on to focus on his music, good boy. Morg still keeps Dare's bro around, prolly as a resource if the fella ever wants to play with this par-tick groupie again. Morgy is prone to wrestling up some wacky stuff to put her so-called friends through. She'll call the dreamy Do Me's brother up on a random weekday, claming she just bought them both plane tickets to Europe for that very day. If that wasn't spontaneous and silly enough, Do Me 2 will pick May-babe up and drive her to the airport, only to find out there's no ticket for him. Girl just straight up lies. Can you imagine that in Los Angeles? Oh, you shouldn't treat pals like that, M2, especially when they're related to amours you may want to snag back once you're finished with your current, more curious, conquests. But listen up: Maybe it's not all drugs, dudes and rock 'n' roll with Mayhem, after all. Close buds swears Morgan's got a bona fide mental disorder that would explain her notorious behavior. It ain't chemicals or drink that's driving this doll up the walls—just like Britney's problemos were more brain-centered than everyone first thought. For real: Morgan insists there exists, somewhere in ultraluxurious, née looney, la-la land, a special private jet that takes celebs from L.A. to London in one hour. Swears. Jeez, why isn't somebody helping this broad? She's screaming for aid, really. Nobody's listening. AND IT AINT: Courtney Love; Drew Barrymore; Scarlett Johansson

Morgan Mayhem: Lindsay Lohan
Dare to Do Me: Jared Leto
brother: Shannon Leto

She's always been a sex freak. Men have said, having sex with her is one hell of a workout that causes you to take off work the next day. She's a sexual athlete and watches adult movies to sharpen her skills. She's down with whatever with whomever. She's proud of her sexual reputation, so much so, she was thinking of releasing a sex tape to have her skills on display and to boost her career. She has slept her way through Black Hollywood twice. She uses her celeb connections to hook up with men: Rappers, R&B singers, Professional athletes, etc. She's also down for having sex in public. She's an uninhibited, insatiable exhibitionist. When she did snag a man in the limelight, she thought she struck gold and it was only a matter of time before she walked down the aisle, wrong! Your man was recently seen surrounded by three blondes and he let everyone know within earshot, they were going to be participating in group sex later that evening. Meanwhile, his homeboy, who is retired from the limelight couldn't get his leftovers because the word is out-he has a STD. Girlfriend is still on the arm of her cheating man, clueless. Hint: She's not a singer or video girl. When you figure her identity out, you will also figure out her boyfriend's famous identity.

sex freak: Ananda Lewis (formerly of TRL)
man in the spotlight: Sam Casell (NBA baller)
guy with STD: Vernon Maxwell

#1 - Know that show about teenagers in NY? Yes that one. Which one of the cuties on the show is going to be spending much of the time in between seasons in a little place we like to call rehab?
Taylor Momsen "Gossip Girl"

#2 - Famous author. Writes legal thrillers. Married. Having an affair with entertainment reporter who interviewed the author. John Grisham

#3 - B list actress on hit network medical show. Holding out for a pay raise for next season even though on a contract. Reason? Owes too much money to her dealer. Will die if there is a strike by SAG. Jennifer Morrison from "House"

#4 - This B list actor who has been on several HIT shows is cheating on his wife with a former co-star.

When this macho heavy metal musician hit it big with his band, he partied to the max and indulged in all kinds of self destructive behavior. Eventually he cleaned up his act, got married and started a family. But one nasty habit he still struggles with is his sex addiction. Now he has an assistant who reads newspapers and magazines before he does, and cuts out all the pictures of sexy women in underwear ads or wearing bikinis.

This white female star has jungle fever on the low. She creeps very discreetly because if her family found out, there would be hell to pay! She's had a succession of one night stands with black male celebrities in the past. Now, she's creeping with a rapper who has her addicted to the syrup cocktail. She's complained of stomach problems regarding the cocktail but she can't seem to stop indulging. While under the influence, she gets real freaky and has engaged in unprotected and deviate sex acts. It's rumored that she once serviced an entire rap crew. A few months ago, she had a pregnancy scare, she was relieved that it was a false alarm because her parents would have hit the roof if the baby would have come out half-black. She openly dates white but has a big desire for black men in the dark. Hint: The rapper is not Lil Wayne. Cameron Diaz

A list film actor. Yes, A-list, no ifs ands or buts. Well, if he had stuck with what made him famous he probably wouldn't have made it to A-list but he adapted. Latest film. Not a great film. First day. Table reading. Our actor showed up for it and was so drunk he could barely stand. No one who was setting everything up would come near him because you could smell him a mile away. He kept stumbling and falling everywhere. Affectionate to everyone. Lots of hugs and kisses. Finally managed to get the actor in a seat. He then started mumbling incoherently and the crews were trying to figure out what he was saying. Then he takes a package out of his jacket was a mushed up burrito. He held it up to one of the crew and said "look....what is this?" So she looks and tells him it's a burrito...with chicken...he couldn't comprehend this AT ALL. She went and got him a soda and a sandwich. She was trying to get him into some kind of shape for the reading. It wasn't looking good. Oh, did I mention that he rode his motorcycle to the place? Yeah...good...right? Well, everyone LOVED him...said it was one of his best readings ever...he was brilliant. On and on it went, even though no one had been able to understand one word that came out of his mouth.
Keanu Reeves

83. NY POST/PAGE SIX 06/03
WHICH movie mogul must rein in his overly flirtatious girlfriend, who's ticking off Hollywood wives? At a recent party in Cannes, the wife of a billionaire director/producer told the mogul, "Get your girlfriend away from my husband"

#1 - How about another adventure from our actor from yesterday? Not as interesting, but still fun in a car wreck kind of way. Film Festival. Toronto actually. Yay Canada. Party for the premiere of one of his films. Drinks until he is passed out and his manager carries him to his room. Like I said. Not as interesting but hopefully will provide some insight into yesterday.
Keanu Reeves

#2 - Speaking of sight. Wow that was a good segue. This aging, but in no way old or even middle age Academy Award nominee/winner (you decide if he won) for best actor is actually legally blind. Can't read unless it is in HUGE TYPE. Has lots of problems doing action or anything other than staying very close to his mark because he cannot see more than a few feet. When you see him in public, he is always with someone. Always. Never by himself because he can't go anywhere by himself.

In her prime, she had sexual flings with male celebrities that she was attracted to. She liked it hard, rough, from the front and the back. Anything went! She was like an adult star in the bedroom, a real beast in bed with no limits. After the sex was over, she would turn and say, "Get the fuck out!" She's not as hot as she once was and she's a bit insecure. Unbeknownst to her, her boyfriend is somewhat gleeful because he has never forgiven her for cheating on him with a famous man. Due to various woes, her ego is somewhat fragile and boyfriend couldn't be happier since she now uses him as a crutch to lean on. We are hearing rumors, that boyfriend has her so brainwashed-he has her thinking, she is lucky to be with him and he holds her lackluster career over her head every chance he gets. She's becoming a shell of her former self behind closed doors with a wounded ego. Janet Jackson/Jermaine Dupree/Justin Timberlake

#1 - What does this female talk show host/ B list actress enjoy doing on her weekends more than anything? How about sitting in front of her television all weekend and ordering jewelery from home shopping channels. Thousands and thousands of dollars worth. And the funny thing is she doesn't really wear any, she just likes the shows and buying.
Whoopi Goldberg

#2 - Despite reports to the contrary, what really broke up this celebrity couple was not interference but rather the fact that when our female got home one night her boyfriend was waiting for her. While she was digging for the keys in her purse, a torn condom wrapper came fluttering out. Considering she and her boyfriend didn't use condoms this was distressing to him, hence the breakup. Now any time he spends with her is just to get back at her and is not out of any kind of sense of love. Jessica Simpson/Tony Romo

1. At this point this the only thing keeping this on and off screen couple from that NY teen show together are the cameras and the publicity they get for being together.
Penn Badgely and Blake Lively

2. This one is long and involved, but is interesting. Let's get the people out of the way first. Singer/Female/always has been Top 40 along with her celebrity male friend. So apparently our singer decided she wanted a baby and her current guy of the moment was not giving it to her. So, she and her friend hatched a plan and established a base at a hotel room in San Diego. Lots of military guys in San Diego and they thought that would work best. Posted an ad on Craigslist for guys who wanted to help a woman conceive. The suitors were interviewed by the celebrity male for someone who looked as close as possible to her current boyfriend and someone was picked. At this point, before the female singer could follow through she decided that maybe she and her boyfriend were getting serious and so the pair called the whole thing off. What I can't figure out is whether or not she was going to be pregnant by someone unknown or if she was going to try and pass the baby off as belonging to her boyfriend. The suitors had no idea who the singer was, and were not even told she was a celebrity. To them, she was just a woman who wanted to get pregnant. If you are asking yourself how the potential suitor would not have figured out who it is, you would need to know the celebrity male. He would make sure. As far as I know she has kept quiet about the whole thing. It is the celebrity male who can't keep his mouth shut. Jessica Simpson (PROBABLY: dating Tony Romo)/Ken Paves

1. This female celebrity loves her title, and she loves being married. Her marriage has been a nightmare. Her husband always cheats on her, but she doesn’t care. She loves the prestige, and her ten carat ring.
Lisa Raye

2. This Male Celebrity is an embarrassment. He carries on like a live minstrel show. He likes to get close to female celebrities and have his photo taken. This takes the focus off what he is really doing, carrying on an affair with his young, untalented protégé. P Diddy/Cassie

One Headline-Hereditary Blind Vice: Pork-Me Pop-Off, a veritable newbie to the barracuda-infested world of boldface names and gossip slinging, is poised to overtake his more famous sibling, Slurpa, an expert at infamy and clandestine canoodling. Only Pork-Me doesn’t really realize the dubious media powers he holds, how naï very sweet! See, Pork-Me, has had his troubles, too, just like Slurpa. He loves to be bad and lives to be loved, having never really been truly adored. And of course, it’s P.M.’s bad-boy ways that have begun to scratch and gnaw at Ms. Pop-Off’s notoriety, which she holds dearer than anyone or anything. This is not a joke in the least. But Slurpa has just laughed laughed laughed at her sibling’s arguably pathetic attempts at upstaging her in the real-life episodes of Offspring Gone Wild, T-town’s regular chronicling of who’s acting up the best (and the most expensively). I’ll tell ya this much, though: She ain't gonna be chuckling much longer, as her current, rather tentative hold on the grizzly goss zeitgeist is about to change drastically, once it's revealed Pork-Me’s gal dumped him because she’s sick of him using her to hide something. Like the fact that he’s gay. Barron Hilton

1. This famous black male celebrity is simply consumed with sex. He often shuttles women up to his mansion for "freak sessions." At his parties, he loves to expose himself and recently, he has been hosting discreet Hollywood orgies; he can barely fulfill his hosting duties because he is usually in the middle of group sex. He's a proud freak and has often gotten down and dirty at the Playboy mansion with an assortment of blondes and brunettes. A female relative always gives his white dates a hard time. When they arrive for parties, she often picks arguments with them, to have an excuse to throw them out. This man also has an sex tape collection that would make you blush. He shows these tapes to everyone. He's a show off and gets off on others marveling his manhood. Escorts, strippers and call girls have him on speed dial.
Jamie Foxx

2. This black male celebrity wishes he was born a woman. In his twisted way of thinking, he feels: He would have made a fortune as a female hooker since the DL lifestyle only brings in so much. He's mentioned in Terrance Dean's book. To throw people off his scent. It's rumored he befriended and impregnated a female fan (purposely) and then dumped her. Rumor has it, she's mad he used her. She's also worried sick because she found out he was on the DL after her pregnancy was confirmed. Now, she's threatening to tell all! Stay tuned.... Ne-yo

#1 - What foreign born actor who is a regular on a hit network drama and is filming a top popcorn flick right now uses a social networking site to hit on underage females?
Kevin Durand (Myspace) who played Keamy on "LOST"/"X-Men Origins: Wolverine" ; Goran Visjnic/"E.R." and is currently filming "Mr. Darcy"

#2 - Has anyone else noticed how this A list actor spends as much time apart from his C list girlfriend as possible. Sure they take photos together and they definitely do have a relationship, but it doesn't change the fact that he would rather spend time with his male significant other. (Not Jake G)

#3 - This walk on actress wanted to be on another episode of a hit cable drama. She took her case to the male stars of the show and asked for their help. She got another episode, but only after she took on three of the stars simultaneously. To their credit, a few of the stars said no and didn't take part. Leighton Meester from "Gossip girl" was in 2 episodes of "Entourage"

#4 - This A list director and his B list female star took up right where they left off from their last set romance. I'm sure her boyfriend will be thrilled. Michael Bay/Megan Fox

Which star of a top-rated TV dramedy has been cheating on his wife for the past eight months with a very young employee at a members-only gentelmen's club in Beverly Hills?

This female rapper must follow the "hip-hop playbook," for broke rappers. Last year we reported that a black male rapper was discreetly selling numerous items on eBay under a pseudonym to raise quick cash and he was also traveling to Los Angeles discreetly to pawn off other items he couldn't sell on the auction site. Now, we're hearing, a female rapper is taking the same path. She's hit rock bottom and is stone broke. She is in such dire straits, she contemplated having a kid for welfare benefits and considered discreetly prostituting on the side but erased that thought when she factored in her age and dwindling fame. To make matters worse, she thought she had snagged a rich baller but he became disinterested fast when he heard she was seen talking to a famous man rumored to have a fatal sexual disease. Although the female rapper didn't have sex with the man, her baller bounced, he considered her tainted. In her mind, that was her last hope for financial security. She is borrowing from family and friends, when they cut her off, she may take up residence in a homeless shelter. Like a lot of entertainers, she lived the bling-bling lifestyle and spent money like water and didn't save for the future. She has absolutely nothing to show for her career in entertainment. The expensive car is gone, the fancy crib is gone and the bling is pawned.
Lil Kim;  Foxy Brown; MC Lyte

Had a baby not too long ago, supposedly a happy family. But there’s been a little blip. And it’s not just the late nights. Seems she’s been a little bored with domesticity and has had a naughty flirtation. Saucy text messages and heated exchanges, some suggestive touching and closed door petting were spicing up her life but the subject of her giddy infatuation was not the father of her child. They didn’t seal the deal but it came very, very close. Even worse, he was a friend and a business associate of her significant other who found out about the illicit activity and shut it down quickly, sending angry missives back to the betrayer to "stay the f&ck away" from her. As a result, the dude is out of a job. And, finding himself unemployed, he has saved the email evidence and is threatening to go public, sell them off to one of the rags. Word is they are in the process of paying him off. She meanwhile is repentant and has redevoted herself to her relationship after groveling successfully for forgiveness. Crisis temporarily averted…but for how long?
Christina Aguilera/Jordan Bratman

95. NY POST/PAGE SIX 06/09
1. WHICH star of a new TV hit has Hollywood scrambling to the pharmacy? He's spreading herpes around town like wildfire.

2. WHICH hit TV show's cast members are as bad in real life as the characters in the plotline? At a recent party, two of the hot actors held up the bathroom line while cutting their own lines in the stalls. Chace Crawford and Chuck Bass of "Gossip Girl"

Could it be that a certain celebrity couple is enjoying a relationship in name only? So say folks close to the duo who say the sweet music they make is only when in public. Sure, they live together and appear to be lovey-dovey, but it's a big house. Behind closed doors, they allegedly live completely separate lives and fulfill their parental duties in shifts. The only thing they work very hard at is never seeing each other - except for those photo-ops, naturally.
Jennifer Lopez/Marc Anthony

97. LAINEY’S GOSSIP 06/09/08 **#2**
It was an unexpected split. Many were led to believe erroneously, me included, that their end had more to do with his machinations than with hers. As it turns out however the reason behind the break up was the dreaded OverReach. What sent him scrambling were comments like this, dropped casually into conversation: "I forgot my pill." "I’m a few days late." And then calling his family, chatting them up, hinting at the prospect of a baby, raising their hopes that a grandchild would be in their future. It’s the betrayal that disappointed him most. Apparently he wasted no time putting an end to her plans, pretty much standing over her while she packed up, sending her away with not even a glance back. He’s been drowning his sorrows in cocktails ever since. Not alone, of course but it was definitely a disappointment. He’d intended to keep her around for a long time. Especially given the fact that he was still able to have his fun on the side. It’s not every day you find a girl who’s ok with extra curricular activities so long as she’s the only one who gets a set of keys. In the end though, her greed brought an end to the sweet ride. Shelf Ass Jessica Biel could stand to learn a thing or two from this example. Overreaching prompts a steep fall.
George Clooney/Sarah Larson

This former B list television actor on one of the biggest network dramas ever, and now a C list actor with B+ name recognition has some strange rules in his home. He and his wife have kids.
1. Apparently both of the parents are obsessed with germs and bugs (the insect kind, not the germ kind.) Each child must inspect the other children for any ticks or fleas on the body of the other before they go to sleep each night.
2. Each child must wash and dry all their bed linens every day.
3. No sugar in the house. None.
4. The parents take turns sleeping on the floor of each child's bedroom once weekly to ensure the children are sleeping normally. (not sure how they do this if the parents themselves are asleep)
5. Despite the fact that all the children are in at least elementary school, they each have a baby monitor in their room so the parents know what they are doing at all times.
6. Because of the germ phobia, any guests of the kids who come over to play are confined to one room of the house, and one room only. No sleep overs.
Blair Underwood ("L.A. Law")

Word of advice to all actors, actresses, or just "everyday people" it is probably not a good idea to have an affair with someone who works for a cell phone provider. It would also behoove you to be smart enough to figure out this before you go through 4 cell phones. An Academy Award winning actor who is married with child(ren) is aging, but not old. Perhaps he is going through a mid-life crisis, or perhaps he is trying to relive his glory days when women actually thought he was hot. For whatever reason, our actor decided to hit on the woman at the Verizon Wireless store. She was less than half his age which makes her legal, but barely. From what I understand she had no clue who he was even when he filled out the enrollment form. Someone told her later after he had left. Well, being the idiot that most guys are, our actor was back the next day because he couldn't get something to work on the phone. Now informed who our actor was, the salesperson hit on him hard. The actor was flattered and asked her to lunch. Lunch led to another lunch which led to knocking boots back at her place. Another note to those having affairs. Roommates do not keep secrets well. Our actor enjoyed his time with the salesperson but thought it best to end things because he was, after all, married. Our salesperson had other plans and decided to call our actor...often. Our actor changed phone numbers. But he didn't change companies. So, it must have been a shock when he started receiving calls on his new number from our salesperson. This process repeated several more times until our actor finally figured out that perhaps he should change numbers and companies. Guess he didn't mind paying the early termination fee. So what should he do about the packages that keep arriving in the mail? Oh sure. The idiot put down his home address when he signed up for service. Good thing he doesn't work much so he can stay home to get those packages.
Kevin Costner

#1 - I actually thought this actress already had the herp. Guess I was wrong. It happens. This week, this C list actress who used to be B list and on a hit network show now canceled, with some B+ name recognition filled her first prescription for Valtrex. Not that anyone should ever even contemplate having unprotected sex with her anyway.
Mischa Barton

#2 - How do I describe this guy? B list actor with a name that seems to cause some confusion. Very little television. Nope this guy is all about films. Big films, Top grossing films, independent films. Great actor but also underrated. Award winning but nothing big. On the set of his newest film he had a little thing going with a co-star. Nothing too blind-itemish about that. The co-star is married so that adds a little spice, but what really makes it blind worthy is the fact that this married B+ list co-star with A name recognition is a guy.

Despite falling off hard, this black female celebrity still puts on airs and thinks she's better than everyone else despite not having success in the last couple of years. She continues to walk around with her head in the air. She also likes to snap at her skeleton crew of staffers. And, she often refers to herself as a star. People laugh at her because of her grandiose delusions and because her boyfriend is making a fool of her-behind her back-with various women. He brags about sexing 2-3 women per night and some of these girls are not too clean (sexually disease wise). Boyfriend is also trying to talk her into having a menage a trois. She has declined his demands (three's a crowd) but doesn't seem to have a problem discreetly sexing Hollywood women on the DL.
Whitney Houston/Ray J; Ashanti/Nelly

This one kind of freaked me out a bit. Not because of the content so much because, lets face it, this kind of thing happens. The part that freaked me out was that I had no idea that this A- list actress with A+ name recognition did coke. Apparently she loves it. Did I mention she is married? Well she is and there have always been questions about her marriage, so I'm not really surprised she went after a hot looking no name actor from her latest film. Hell, her husband would probably go after him if given the chance as well. Our no name actor loves coke but could never really afford it. Well, with his new mistress that isn't any kind of problem because she buys him whatever he wants plus coke. He told his friends that her favorite game is to do lines right off his chest. Since they got back from their press tour, their time has been limited, but during the entire press tour they were together 24/7 leaving poor hubby back at home. Not that he's actually money poor himself mind you. Poor as an expression.
Sarah Jessical Parker

1. This hunky Actor is featured in a new hit movie. He should be happy, but he’s not because no one recognizes him. His recent plastic surgery jacked up his face.
Jason Lewis "SATC"

2. In marriage, you often have to take the good with the bad. This Actor/Rapper is finding it hard to deal with his superstar wife. He loves the money and the spotlight, but he hates the fact that she loves to flirt with other men. Nick Cannon/Mariah Carey

104. US WEEKLY 06/12
What hunky and not-so-humble movie star keeps a framed photograph of himself from his extremely successful sword-and-sandal epic on the bedside table?
Gerard Butler "300"

105. POPBITCH 06/12/08 (British newsletter)
1. Which vocalist-loving actress has a bit of a thing for sleeping pills and has a private doctor she calls regularly for supplies?
Gwyneth Paltrow

2. Which annoying pop star loves attending alcohol dependency meetings even though she barely drinks?

One Stalled-in-Every Way Blind Vice: "He’s in the bathroom doing coke, and he will not come out!" screamed exhausted old colleagues of Fart-Coif Cretin, who used to be a mucho famous member of a celebrated Hell-Ay comedy house. And just to torture his former fellow actors, Fart-Coif recently decided to revisit the theater where he hasn't exactly been encouraged to perform onstage. Didn’t stop him from pulling a real Morgan Mayhem in the men’s room, now, did it! Similar to our darling Morg, who’s known for not only doing the blow but the ladies, too, when she visits the loo, Fart-Coif leans toward same-sex nookie. But these days, F.C. is so damn effed up, getting it up is about the last thing he’d be interested in accomplishing. So there he is, finally deciding to come out of the john, high as a Kurt Cobain kite. Decides to sit down for the show. Doesn’t listen much. In fact, F.C. ends up disrupting the performances so imppressively he’s kicked out and, now, wholly unwelcome to revisit the comedy theater. The fact that F.C. raided the fridge, insulted his former TV costars, smoked pot, stole drinks and insulted everyone he came in contact with while there prolly didn’t help, either. Does Dr. Drew do comics who were never funny in the first place? Have to find out about that one. AND IT AIN’T: David Spade; Chris Rock; Bill Murray
Andy Dick

He's filthy rich and extremely famous and he can afford the best that life has to offer. Like a lot of celebrities, this star has sick fetishes. Whenever he needs to lease a private jet due to his profession, he always requests a custom-built which includes a bedroom. Enroute to his destination, he unwinds with kinky sex. Prior to the sex, he has an assistant decorate the bedroom with a wide array of sex paraphernalia; after the decoration, the room resembles a traveling sex dungeon. He's known to take escorts on sex flights. More than a few have complained that the sex is very painful due to his endowment and he has to be talked into wearing condoms. An incident took place a few years ago when a call girl threatened to blackmail him. Apparently, she smuggled a soiled sheet off the plane with his DNA on it. She threatened to go public to embarrass his marriage unless he paid up. She also threatened him with another charge. He quickly coughed up a six figure settlement and the story never hit the newswire. After his liaisons, he has a rep clean up and pack away the sex toys. All of his staff, including the pilots are asked to sign confidentiality agreements prior to the flights. One of the women who shared a flight with him, shared this story with us. Who is he?

107. HOLY MOLY 06/13 (British Blog)
1. Which British pop starlet was spotted sneaking into the bowling alley at members bar Shoreditch House recently with a "Black Kojak lookalike"? They apparently emerged some time later with her wiping her mouth and him - to be blunt - sniffing his fingers.
Lily Allen

2. It's been quite a week for divorce rumours (ahem!), but it seems they aren't over yet. Don't be shocked if another high profile couple announce their split anytime soon - or at least until hubby's latest album is out of the way. Gwyneth Paltrow/Chris Martin

#1 - I think two days ago I wrote about the actress who got her first prescription filled for the herp. Well here is something else she got filled. A wedding license. I know, I know. I haven't even seen her with her dude in a few weeks, but apparently they tied the knot. Considering I haven't seen them together in a few weeks, it could prove to be a very short marriage. Wonder if the herp had anything to do with the wedding.
Jessica Alba

#2 - I have been meaning to share this one for the past week and I keep forgetting. You know the female singer dating the "porn star?" Yep, they made a sex tape. The last film the "porn star" made put us all to sleep. This one though should probably make for a really funny comedy. I cannot wait to see if this one comes out. I might actually buy it instead of stealing it from the internet. Whitney Houston/Ray J (porn film made with Kim Kardashian)

#3 - At a recent party this celebrity chef was all lovey dovey to his no name girlfriend. Holding hands, kissing, everything. Really sweet. UNTIL, this celebrity with a famous body and famous ex boyfriend started flirting with him when the girlfriend was mingling with others. Quicker than you can say 30 minute meals, Bam!, Good Eats! or whatever the catch phrase that may or may not apply here, phone numbers were exchanged and plans to meet the next night when girlfriend was going to be out of town. This by the way is not the first time this has happened. Rocco DiSpirito/Karina Smirnoff (ex- Mario Lopez) "Bravo A-List Awards" party

#4 - Speaking of affairs, this one is much juicier. I mean the one from above is kind of juicy, but it isn't like either party is married. Not so, the case in this one. First we have an actress. Young. If not in her teens, then she must be just out. C list actress, but on an A list television show. Recurring role. Almost every episode. She is single. Our actor is older. I'm thinking mid-30's. Married with child(ren). Been married for sometime. On set romance. He has been in some really BIG films. B- lister. Would you know his name? Probably if you read this blog. The average person would just know his face. He has been kicked out of his house. She still lives primarily at home with her parents. (Not Hayden P)

Which starlet with an often-troubled boyfriend actually plays for the other team — and puts up with her boy toy's habits to maintain hetero appearances?
Anne Hathaway

Rumors are circulating that fellow black celebrities and people outside of the industry are contemplating calling Child Protective Services on a black female celebrity who allegedly neglects her kids. Allegedly, this woman has always acted ashamed that she has kids and it's rumored that all of her various men over the years have come before her children. She often places them on a pedestal while her children her often ungroomed. Now, we are receiving reports that her drug use and alcoholism has gotten out of control. According to sources, she often has blackouts and is a walking train wreck. She also likes the syrup. Lately, her kids have become a lesser priority than usual. Babysitters have complained that she often shows up hours late, after a night on the town. If she hooks up with a man from the club, she usually doesn't show up until the next day or days later. And she often reneges on the babysitters overtime pay. It's also rumored, if you want her for a project and you have a limited budget, she will take her payment in drugs and she doesn't have a problem having sex with men affiliated with the project. Who is she?
Erykah Badu; Lauren Hill

111. LAINEY’S GOSSIP 06/16
The Other Woman Doesn’t Work: Not that she was destined to become the next Angelina Jolie – not even close – but since B List and reality stars are all the rage these days, who’s to say she would not have had a career revival as the matriarch for a new generation? Or a movie of the week once every few weeks? The problem is her love life. She is in love with a man who has a wife. A man who comes from a legendary family. A man who is supposed to be a bastion of fidelity, with strong values and a wholesome image. This is not the man who should be carrying on an affair with an actress, hidden away in hotels, picked up on the sly by his security team, given a code name by his people. Her birthday is noted in his assistant’s organiser, it’s as official as it gets, only it’s also the best kept secret, and he intends to keep it that way which is why she’s only allowed to work sparingly. Which means guest appearances only and no long standing commitments, lest she reappear on the radar and invite a little curiosity, potentially blowing their cover. She lives by his rules because she thinks what they have is real and forever but not surprisingly, he has his eye on someone else. Almost her doppelganger. Some say she will be replaced. Is cheating hereditary?

the other woman: Daphne Zuniga
man who has a wife: Robert Kenney Jr.

#1 - I just have to say that some of my favorite gossip are the items where we have someone who was all sweet and innocent and on a tween show and now they are just up for absolutely anything. When they can be a home wrecker to boot it is just that much better. We are going to have to go C list for all three of these people, but it is a really fun one. #1 is an actress who was the co-star of a huge tween show on a network. Makes it better than the tween shows on all the cable channels. Even though she was on the tween show and played a tween, the funny thing is she was already well out of her teens. Since then she has done a little of this and a little of that and got married. For #2 we have another actress. Foreign born. Parents are very famous dramatic actors. #2 really has not done a whole bunch, but then again she is really young. Legal, but young. #3 is an actor. Not much of an actor. More known for his body and his on/off celebrity girlfriend. I would describe the celebrity girlfriend but that just seems like too many people. Most of you would know who she is though. So, #1,#2, and #3 had themselves a little on set romance. Yes, all three are in the same film. Makes it easier. Started with #2 and #3, but then when #1 and #3 got involved he got all three of them together. #2 was not very good at keeping this discreet and so now #1 is in the middle of a divorce and #3 is on double secret probation for the 20th time with his celebrity girlfriend. #2 just got fake breasts.

#1 - Apparently if I wish and wish and wish, then sometimes they do come true. This is an A list couple with an A list lifestyle. If I give you their description it would give it a way. Does A+ name recognition help? Anyway they haven't been doing much lately. Oh, they make noise and it appears as if they are doing something, but in reality. Nothing. No money is coming in but lots and lots is flooding out. It has got so bad that the couple only have one employee. One. I take that back. They do have a gardener at one of their houses, but not for long. They are trying to sell that property and just about everything else they own. I don't know if anyone has said it out loud, but the bankruptcy word has been whispered. She wants to call some famous friends for a loan but his pride won't let her do it.
Jennifer Lopez/Marc Anthony

#2 - Speaking of financial messes, this other celebrity couple is in even worse shape. Actually the male half of the couple is a celebrity in the sense that he is married to the female actress who was once at the very top of the world and has slowly, but steadily just about crashed to the bottom. In one more year, people will be "who?" It has got so bad financially with their raging drug habit and his legal problems that they have started making sex tapes which are going to be "stolen." Outrage will follow and then hopefully enough money from the distributor to last until she can find someone willing to pay her what she used to get for acting. Brittany Murphy

114. PEREZ HILTON 06/17
Who punched out the guest of another patron in his "altered" state at one of the MuchMusic Video Awards after parties on Sunday????

Terrance Dean revealed in his book, (Downlow In Hip-Hop) the story of a female rapper who is known for putting the beatdown on her lesbian lovers. This particular female rapper who refers to herself behind closed doors as "boi," is so out of control, when her women get tired of her brutal beatings and leave. Out of revenge, she will go to the hood and pay a banger to administer another beatdown on her fed up lover. When she's not strutting around trying to mack women, beating women seems to give her control and power and makes her feel more manly and butchy. In her words, "she has to keep her bi**hes in line." Rumor has it that she once went after a female lover with a belt. "Boi" has a little bit of juice in the hood because of her celebrity and she has also hired dope boys to harass former lovers with death threats and they were also instructed to key cars. Boi is proud of her gangsta. DaBrat

#1 - To me, this one was a little heartbreaking to hear. This once troubled actor who has peaked and valleyed between A and C list his entire career depending on his drug use was thought to be clean and enjoying some big success once again. However, it is just that success that may have caused his most recent slip. Oh, he slipped alright. Twice is what I hear. Separate nights. The question is going to be whether it was truly just a slip or if this is going to be another long, twisted spiral downward.
Robert Downey Jr.

#2 - What mullet haired singer cheated on his current wife and ex-wife with both males and females? Billy Ray Cyrus

One PDA Pooftah Blind Vice: No, not Toothy Tile. For a change. Ever since ol’ Tooth re-recommitted to Gray Goose and they got all hideously domesticated, our double-T seems to have lost his devotion to doing it in every open space he can manage. Like WeHo parking lots and the such. I mean, so many men just have sex the same way they pee, right? Let it fly (whatever the bodily liquid) wherever ya want! Morals be damned, a man’s gotta go—or go-go—when he’s gotta, right? Right, squeals our latest boy wonder in the annals of Hollywood homosexual clandestine coupling. Dude’s name is Public Thrust. He’s a star of considerable rising proportions, is on some huge-ass projects. Huge. P.T.’s career is certainly humming along just fine, thanks much. And isn’t it fascinating, P.T.’s peeps, who supposedly have his best interests in mind, are doing their best to steer Mr. Thrust away from any gay projects that come dancing his way (‘cause, let’s face it, the guy looks as queer as my hair), all the while Public-babe is hitting some H-town parties that don’t exactly cater to the beer-and-football type o’ guys. More specifically? Let’s just say that while Thrust’s managers and such are doing their best to keep their star out of anything remotely Brokeback Mountain-esque, P.T.’s performing, quite impressively, I must say, at some H'wood dos where doing each other is the point of the gathering. Orgies, gay ones—in case you’re having trouble reading my totally homo cryptospeak. You know what this means, don’t you? It’s the same with Toothy. It’s the same with married men who cheat. It’s all about getting caught, in other words. Public, just like Tooth, wants to be found out. They desire to be out. But they just can’t seem to find the guts to do it. So they let their peckers do the walking, or talking, as it were. Congrats on your Blind Vice badge of Honor, Public! Welcome to the chubby clubby! AND IT AIN’T: Tom Welling; John Krasinski; David Archuleta
Zac Efron

1. Why is this TV legend broke? He has had major success, but his drinking and his greedy young wife are draining his finances.
Ed McMahon

2. This Female Singer is having second thoughts about marrying her longtime Producer boyfriend. Her career has not been going well, and all fingers point to him because he has been guiding her career. She is used to being on top, and he has done nothing but bring her down. Janet Jackson

3. This Female Singer has a problem accepting responsibility. She blames other light skinned singers for her failed success as an Actress. But the truth is, she is compulsive liar with a bad attitude. Angie Stone

I guess this guy is A list. I really dislike him though so if it were up to me I would make him B list. He definitely fits the A list definition. Probably calls himself an A lister. Film. Without looking him up on IMDB, I can't be sure, but I don't remember him doing anything for television. In that harsh light he would look horrible. Not that he is all that great looking now. Anyway, our married actor gets a few massages each week. Nothing scandalous or anything like that. He actually has someone who comes to his house and that's that. Well, around the beginning of May his masseuse went on vacation. Our actor needed a massage and made some calls and the next thing you know our actor is getting massaged out in West Hollywood. Well, it turns out our actor was enjoying this massage quite a lot and the next thing you know our actor is getting orally serviced by his male massage therapist. Our actor pays for the massage, but doesn't leave a tip. Now, the question here is how does anyone know this happened? Well apparently the massage therapist films everyone who comes in for his safety. Well, I guess he was a little pissed about there not being a tip so the next thing you know he is having a party and shows the tape to all his guests. There hasn't been a copy made, but there have been three parties since and the rumor is spreading fast. The funny thing is our actor has no idea what could potentially be coming.
Nic Cage

A few years ago, a rumor circulated that a popular rapper had contracted the AIDS virus. People threw out guesses, one of the guesses was Lil Flip. Flip "IS NOT" the rapper with AIDS. The rapper who has AIDS was cheating on his wifey and set another woman up in a crib across town. They had sex on numerous occasions, unprotected. One day, while he was at the studio. She started gathering clothes to start a wash. She was emptying out his pockets when she came across vials. She recognized one of the medications as an AIDS drug. She googled the other medications and realized, these drugs were part of the AIDS cocktail. She was furious and confronted him. He tried to deny it. She threatened to go to the media. He moved quickly, and obtained a record company advance. She was paid off a steep six-figure settlement and given a luxury car to keep quiet. Thus far, she hasn't tested positive. It's sad when a person can be paid off with material wealth and objects instead of doing the right thing by warning others and contacting the Health Department. Without her corroboration, even if media contacted the Health Department on her behalf, the case would have been weakened and virtually nonexistent without her input. Update: As we got to press: We have been informed that another girlfriend has contacted the Health Department regarding this rapper after she found out he was infected so his name may become public very soon. Hint: Due to the cocktail, he looks very healthy and he's not in his 20's.

It has been awhile since I did one from old Hollywood so I thought I would do one here and then reveal it in the mass reveals. That way, you don't have to wait very long to see the answer. The answer is out there to be found by the way. Most of it. There is one new twist. Four people involved in this. #1 and #2 were actors who made their fame in films, but both got their only real serious award nomination for television. Any movie lover will know who #2 is. #1, maybe not. #3 was an actress but gave it up when she married #1. Eventually she married #2 as well although the marriage to #2 was as a cover for #2 being gay. The twist to this story involves #4. #4 was an actor who also married into a really wild family. Everyone will know #4. #4 also tended to go both ways as well which must have made it fun when prior to #4's marriage, #1,#2,#3 and #4 used to periodically share one bed.

#1 - Kennan Wynn
#2 - Van Johnson
#3 - Evie Wynn
#4 - Peter Lawford

Which A-list actor, who yells from the rooftops that he is straight, approached a male Off-Broadway star in a bar and offered to pay him big bucks to watch him and another dude get it on in the rest room?
Richard Gere

These two black rappers are from the same town, one is married, the other isn't. They hang out more often than people think behind the scenes. Last year, the unmarried rapper arrived at a Beverly Hills hotel with his submissive girlfriend in tow. They used a hip-hop concierge (that all the rappers use) to order up hookers for a three or four way. The concierge sent a slew of "street hookers," up to the suite, the couple rejected them. The concierge eventually contacted an escort agency to request two girls. The girls arrived, the rapper and his girlfriend were satisfied. According to our source, the rapper told the girlfriend, she wouldn't be participating in a four-way because he wanted this particular escort for himself but he wanted her to watch. He also suggested she take "X" and weed to cope. She did as she was told. When the rapper started sexing the escort, he looked across the room at his girlfriend and demanded that she start touching herself. Meanwhile, the other rapper (married) arrived, he wasn't interested in the other escort. She was too high maintenance. He called the concierge and ordered up a street hooker/ghetto type. A low rent hooker arrived and the married rapper took her back to his suite at the Four Seasons Hotel. Meanwhile, the rapper girlfriend was getting turned on watching her man sex another woman and started looking at the second escort, nothing happened because the second escort wasn't into girls and she was secretly glad the rapper didn't want the 3/4 way, she basically showed up because she was a huge fan of the rapper. After the rapper finished, he paid both girls despite the participation of only one escort. He then took a shower with his girlfriend and they departed the hotel in his rented Lamborghini. Hints: You don't have to be a rap fan to know who the (unmarried) rapper is and both rappers did a project together.
TI (Tiny)/Big Boi

124. RUSH & MOLLOY 06/23
Which divorced comic superstar is exploring a groovy new real-life persona: that of an openly gay man?
Mike Myers

You might want to cover your eyes for this one. It is pretty rough. B list actor. A list name recognition. Award winner for sure. (Not Ben Affleck lol) He's been married before. Films. All the time. Serious roles. No comedies for this guy. Not married now, but in a relationship with a non-celebrity. She's pregnant. Apparently she has told a few of her close friends that our B list actor rapes her often. She is afraid to go to the police because he is a celebrity and she is pregnant with his child and of course even though he rapes her almost every night, she of course still loves him.
Ethan Hawke

126. NY POST/PAGE SIX 06/24
WHICH billion-heir celebrated his 27th birthday at Nobu 57 the other night by canoodling with a woman about 15 years older than himself who used to be his baby sitter?

127. RUSH & MOLLY 06/24
Which Italian designer told a woman he was groping on a dance floor that he likes "slutty girls who dress badly"? She pointed out she was wearing one of his dresses.

This must have happened about six months ago now. Chicago. In one corner you have a B list actor. Married. For now. A list name recognition. How about A+ name recognition. Anyway, our actor was in town doing some press, making some friends, drinking a little bit. Hey just because it is a kindness doesn't mean that it is going to be lovely dovey. He shouldn't, but he does. So, our actor befriended a few of the waitresses at this particular establishment. One of them came up to him and was talking about how some guy had ordered Cristal or something for his girlfriend for their six month anniversary or something and he then realized he had left his wallet at home. Our actor told the waitress to say that the manager had picked up the bill and our actor paid it. Our actor had such a good time doing that nice thing that he decided to pick up every tab in the place that night. He didn't announce it or scream it because then everyone would have just ordered and ordered. Instead, he spoke with the manager and as each person settled their bill they were told it was on the house and thanks for being such a good customer when instead each tab was actually paid for by the actor. Final bill? About $10,000. Plus tip. He is always a good tipper.
Ben Affleck

129. 3 A.M. GIRLS 06/24
Which hard-as-nails married A-lister would be appalled to know he's rapidly becoming a gay icon, with rumours flying around of his marital indiscretions - with men?
Hugh Jackman

130. RUSH & MOLLOY 06/25
What two hunky actors are refraining from any public displays of affection now that spies on their set are suggesting they're more than friends?
Chace Crawford and Ed Westwick "Gossip Girl"

This faded black star has hit rock bottom hard! Like a lot of celebrities, he loves drugs, the finer things in life and women. When everything came to a screeching halt, he did the unthinkable. He gathered his boys and latched a plan, they would use his faded celebrity to gain entry into top clubs (where women didn't check their purses) and proceed to steal the purses of the famous and not so famous female patrons. The scheme worked at two clubs, including the former (ultra private club) "Xenii." Soon, the word got out and they were refused entry into every club in Hollywood. Our faded celebrity latched a second plan, he would attend parties and try and get the attention of A-list female stars. He would then seduce them and get them sexually addicted, move in and become a kept man. Only thing, his appearance and odor was so bad, no woman would give him the time of day. Who Is He?
Bobby Brown

Numbers 2 & 3 today are both from the world of daytime television. I have received a bunch of e-mails from people the past few weeks wanting more scoop on daytimers. Honestly, I don't have that much, but I made some calls. Because the whole A-D thing is impossible for a soap star, in its place I have decided to tell you the network the show is on. Now, soaps have lots and lots of actors. The subjects of these blinds are not just one episode wonders. They each have at least 100 episodes they have done.

#1 - This celebutard and criminal tries to pass himself off as upper crust, but he is in a bunch of pain right now without his Hillbilly Heroin. Totally addicted. Anne Hathaway's boyfriend Raffaello Follieri

#2 - This actress on an NBC soap kind of came out of the woodwork and rocketed up the ladder on this soap. She keeps getting more and more lines and lets everyone know it. She has no friends on the set except for the producers she sleeps with and she doesn't share the coke she vacuums up like a Hoover. Rachel Melvin who plays Chelsea on "Days of Our Lives"

#3 - This one involves two guys, both from the same ABC soap. Our first one is older, and been married before. The woman he was married to has been known to be very sympathetic to guys with alternative lifestyles. Hope his current girlfriend feels the same way because he and this other much younger actor on the show have been caught so many times making out that they don't even hide it anymore. Tad (Michael E. Knight) & JR (Jacob Young) from "All My Children"

133. NY POST/PAGE SIX 06/26
WHICH hotel in Beverly Hills is being used for porn shoots? Businessmen across the street say they can't get any work done because they're too busy looking at the action
. Beverly Wilshire

1. This award winning Actress/Singer needs to keep a close eye on her new boyfriend. He’s only dating her for the perks. He wants to be famous, and he is willing to do whatever it takes to make that happen.
Alicia Keys

2. This well known Singer is ready for his comeback. He wants to be back in the spotlight, but is he ready to tell the truth about his secret life. Maxwell

Guess what? This one isn't Ben Affleck or Keanu Reeves.

#1 - This famous red headed B list television star is actually having to wear a wig. Seems she went in to get her hair colored and the next thing you know, her hair started falling out. Instead of walking around with clumps or cutting it short, she is now wearing a wig. Marcia Cross

#2 - It seems that this tweener star didn't only have a botched nose job. Also got her breasts done at the same time. Apparently the saline bag broke, and so she had to reschedule some of the scenes she was filming, fly back to LA and went silicone now instead of saline. Ashley Tisdale

One Privately Eased Blind Vice: Fake à la Ferocity knows how to have it all. She’s got the fans, the perfect relationship, the career, the love, the adoration, the healed needle marks! What more could a chick want in life? Maybe to hold onto that existence, perhaps? When we last spoke of Ms. F, everybody was gossing in overdrive because she was so painfully thin. And, you know, most folks thought it was starvation stuff and the honey-doll just wasn’t eating much. Not true. F2 was shooting up with the best of ‘em, and, trust, plenty of H-wood honey-pies are on heroin right now. I mean, forget closeted fagolas—that’s the real dirty secret in this town, for now, at least. But Fake à la needed to get off the hard stuff for a variety of reasons, family and Biz included. Firstly, she’s done it before. Secondly, she’s not stoopid; Ms. Ferocity knows damn well if she keeps up the drugs like most of her addicted colleagues have, she’ll say buh-bye to everything she’s nabbed. F.F. has no intention of pulling a Belushi, I assure you. And that is why Fake à la employs some of Hell-Ay’s fanciest docs, their specialty being weaning famous folks off drugs via synthetic goodies that’ll make anybody’s bad day a tad more doable. Roughing in rehab? No, babes, that’s for the little people. However, there does lie a small kink in this elite, indulged sitch, prob being Ferocity’s docs think their client’s intending to quit for good. Uh, yeah. She’ll do that about as soon as she stops screwing whomever she pleases. See, the cleaning up’s only for F2’s current activities, babes. Then it’s right back to anorexia rumors, count on it. AND IT AIN’T: Heather Locklear; Whitney Houston; Ashley Judd
Angelina Jolie

This black female celebrity has the most carefully manufactured image in Hollywood. She comes across as modest but in reality she is a functional cocaine and "X" addict; and she also indulges in designer drugs. Before she hooked up with her recent boyfriend, he used to complain to friends that when he first met her, he had no idea that she indulged in so many drugs due to her carefully crafted image. Sadly, she encouraged him to indulge, and now-they are both on a variety of drugs. This woman can really turn it on for the camera but behind the scenes she is extremely rude. Famous people who have worked with her say, she doesn't even acknowledge you, it's as if you are invisible. Several famous men in the same field were big fans, they got a rep to arrange a visit when she arrived in their town and they looked forward to presenting her with flowers and expensive gift baskets. She walked right by them despite their fame and refused the gifts. A recognizable white pop star claimed he ran into her in Hollywood, when he said hi, she glared at him without speaking and then turned her back on him, when her aide told her who he was, she was somewhat apologetic but he told her, she should never treat people that way. If you work for this woman, you cannot have eye contact with her and you must speak to her through a third person at all times. Her manufactured image also takes a nose dive in the bedroom according to sources. She turns into a porn star and is considered extremely "gutter" in the bedroom. Who is she? Hint: Very well known.
Halle Berry

138. RUSH & MOLLOY 06/27
Which movie star was so threatened by his A-list girlfriend's assistant that he had her fired?

139. LAINEY’S GOSSIP 06/27
Two Boys in the City: First fellow has been the subject of gay speculation for years. He’s had the luxury of hiding behind those with a higher profile and then later in obscurity while others have dominated the smutty landscape. Not that it would matter either way but it’s been decided for the greater good by committee that he remain vague about the fact that he likes boys better than girls. Vague is better than fraud. And picking up in Gaytown is much better than doing it 70s style in the forest like George Michael. Now that he’s single, having broken up with a longterm boyfriend, with whom he was living openly back home, he was seen at 2am very recently in an area where the homos hang, propositioning a male acquaintance to join him back at the hotel. Unfortunately he had his signals crossed. The object of his sleepover was not interested. Second fellow is a full on fraud, and it would appear that his now defunct relationship was an attempt to cover a close friendship that was tingling all our smutty senses. The man who made him has since leaked several stories to make sure his female fanbase doesn’t defect. Which is why, the next night across town at the afterparties, he felt secure enough to make out hard and wet, boogie and get down, with a boy rather light on his feet, in more ways than one, but much less famous. Now he and Britney have something in common.

First fellow: J.C. Chasez, who hid behind Justin Timberlake as a member of N'sync and then Lance Bass (who came out and kept his name in the spotlight) after N'sync faded.

Second fellow: Chace Crawford, who "dated" Carrie Underwood. The dude he slept with sounds like Wade Robson, who Britney cheated with when she dated Justin Timberlake. Wade is a dancer (light on his feet).

So the soaps seemed to be popular the other day so I called around and got a few more. I will say now that the cast of All My Children are safe...for now. The rules are the same as earlier in the week.

#1 - CBS actress. I didn't do them earlier in the week, but apparently this actress will because she has done almost every guy and even some of the girls on her show and others. She is single. Adrienne Frantz "The Young and the Restless"; Michelle Stafford "The Young and the Restless"

#2 - ABC actress. Divorced. At last count has been under the knife of a plastic surgeon 7 times and she is under the age of 40. She tells everyone that she has had only one operation, but everyone just goes along with it. Oh, and when she got divorced, everyone sided with the husband. Bree Williamson "One Life to Live"

#3 - NBC actor. Not his first starring soap role. Been around forever. Also has a drug habit that has been around forever. Lives in a dump of an apartment because he would rather spend all his money on drugs.

#4 - CBS actor. This actor left his show recently even though he was a very popular guy. He said it was on his own terms, but he was actually fired. Seems that he had several warnings for sexual harassment but just kept doing it. Since then. Crickets make more noise than his career. Michael Damian "The Young and The Restless"; Grayson McCouch "As the World Turns"

141. HOLY MOLY 06/27
1. Which pop royalty offspring was so off their tits on the killer drug cocaine that they collapsed at last week's Coldplay gig? IS THAT ORGANIC? IS IT BOLLOCKS.
Peaches Geldof

2. Which British diva is light-fingered and is always on the rob? Nothing is safe from her magpie eyes in hotels and bars, her handbag constantly groaning under the weight of stolen goods. It's got to the point that when she goes to meetings with her record label, all staff have to clear any personal items from their desks as "if it's not nailed down, she'll grab it."

3. Which soon-to-be-split-from-his-wife singer needs to brush up on his chat up skills if he's to continue punching above his weight? A mole tells us they witnessed him 'all over' her mate at a house party six months ago. Was his chat-up line a carefully constructed but slightly bed-wetting lyric? If only! "Do you know you're the most beautiful woman in this room?" he nasally whined before hopping across the room (probably). Amazingly, she didn't swoon at his feet. Chris Martin

Which posh Hamptons club called a car service and a private doctor to sneak out a drug-addled starlet last weekend so that local police wouldn't get wind of her conking out in the public bathroom?
Michelle Trachtenberg

This music legend claims to be happy in a gay marriage, but he forgets all those vows when he goes on the road doing concerts. While he was in LA in May he hired an escort to visit him backstage. The rentboy was handed a list of rules before he entered: "Don't touch (the legend's) hair, fingers, chest, and do NOT speak to him!" The escort did as he was told and walked away with $600. But he also walked away with a Monica Lewinsky inspired sample of the star's DNA and started calling the tabloids, negotiating to sell the story for six figures! Perhaps most galling of all, he plans to reveal that the cheater is NOT well endowed.
Elton John

144. BILLY MASTERS 06/30
Could it be that a certain small screen siren is feeling the error of her ways? Not that she was always a bad girl, necessarily - it's just that her excessive teensy little requests got bigger than her role! That's why she and her part have parted ways. Now that reality has set in and her new home situation ain't all that fulfilling, she longs for the days when she could sit in her in her trailer and smoke...and is begging to be let back into the fold. Problem is, no one really missus her. Or is that mister?
Rebecca Romijn "Ugly Betty"

Classic Hollywood: So you have this A list singer and B list actor who for some reason had this very strong attraction to a waitress. They had a thing, but how he could even remember her, I have no clue. Anyway, it turns out the waitress ended up getting married to a cop. Our singer/actor ran into the waitress shortly after her marriage and wanted to be with her for a night. She told him she was married now and also told her husband the cop. The cop and the singer get into a big argument and the singer tells the cop he is going to get it. Two weeks later the cop is dead and our singer/actor goes back to the waitress the next day and says he wants to see her that night.
Frank Sinatra

This bi-polar acting rap figure may be lashing out at everybody because his constant drug use has made him impotent. He's violent, unpredictable and goes in unprovoked rages. His significant other is very scared of him and often locks herself in a room to avoid his temper tantrums. It's not uncommon for him to put a beatdown on a woman at the drop of a dime. He's a big mess and is currently undergoing a meltdown. The drugs have him paranoid and jumpy. Escorts consider him an easy trick because he can't perform but in the past, he always tried to blame the girl, saying, "you're not sexy enough." But, he finally came to the conclusion, it's not them because it keeps happening, regardless of the girl. This once respected man has become a shell of himself.

147. PEREZ HILTON 06/30
What Gossip Girl star is a big fan of the white powder???? His/her consumption has gotten a bit out of control recently, insiders tell us. Michelle Trachtenberg

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