Daniel Vosovic sews during one of the challenges on "Project Runway." He hopes to work with a top designer for a year or two.

Daniel Vosovic can't go anywhere these days without being recognized, not even the Starbucks inside the RenCen.

"Hey, are you the guy who was on that show?" asked a passerby Tuesday, when Daniel was in Detroit for a Fashion Group International event.

The 25-year-old East Grand Rapids native attracted fans like a magnet on Bravo's second season of "Project Runway." Although he came in second on the fashion design competition, he's still basking in the glow of reality TV fame.

What's life like post-"Runway"? Pretty darn sweet, if you're into meeting celebrities and having career doors open for you. We'll let him share the rest.

Number of times he's spoken to "Runway" host Heidi Klum since the season ended: Three. "We were holding hands two days ago actually. She's on the cover of InStyle and she invited me to this little cocktail party...She's so genuine, she's so sweet."

Number of times he's spoken to Santino: Once, but there's no feud. "I think it's just by the fact that our schedules are very busy. There's no negative blood."

What he's doing for the third season of "Runway": He helped out with the casting and is starting a blog in June for Bravotv.com.

The scoop on swag: Daniel hasn't splurged on big-ticket fashion items since the show. "I've got no money. I didn't win!" he says with a grin. But he received freebies from companies like Le Tigre, thanks to his friendly image on the show. "Never underestimate the power of being nice," he says.

Coolest celebrity event he attended recently: He got an invite to a "Failure to Launch" premiere party after bumping into Matthew McConaughey backstage at NBC's "Today."

Why MTV was scheduled to film him in Detroit on Tuesday: It's for an upcoming episode of MTV's "Made," about an aspiring teen designer from Ann Arbor. Daniel planned to share his wisdom about making it in the fashion world. "If you really want to do this, it's great, it's so much fun and it's glamorous, but it's a lot of hard work."

Status of his job offer from "Runway" judge Michael Kors: He met with the noted designer and talked it over, but ultimately Kors "didn't feel he could find a position for me within his company at this time." Currently, Daniel is going on interviews and hoping to work with a designer for a year or two to gain experience. "I'm really trying to be picky, though, to find a job that's going to teach me what I need to learn."

If he were able to dress one actress for the Oscars, who would it be and why? "Julianne Moore, because I respect her for the roles that she's done. I enjoy substance in people, in design." He'd love to work with a young actress like Rachel McAdams or Michelle Williams and help define her style.

The only other reality show he'd be interested in doing: If there ever were an all-star battle of designers from past seasons of "Project Runway," he'd be there. "That, I think, would be not only great television, it would be great for the designers, to really take the crème de la crème."

His fashion message to the working women of Detroit: "There're great comfortable flat dress shoes as opposed to white athletic sneakers."

Where he'd like to be 10 years from now: "Well established on my women's wear line. Ten years from now, I'd love to be selling internationally. In 10 years, I would definitely love to have started menswear as well."

How he keeps his hair so shaggyriffic: A good cut and Bumble and Bumble grooming cream. "I rolled out of bed, literally, and put it in, and you're good to go."