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Lainey's Gossip #1
Lainey's Gossip #2

Clues provided so far include (or the gist of):

1. Belle's prime has come and gone - Friends is over

2. Belle's career overshadows her husband (David Arquette) but their
efforts  are much more collaborative these days (Dirt, Mix it up, the Tripper,
etc - they are in or produce together these days)

3. She is a new mother - Coco

4. Never won a major acting award, not even a people's choice award- Courtney
is the only member of the friends cast to have not been nominated for an emmy.

5. Never made it as a movie star and never will

6. Has a good nose

7. Good marital track record, younger than Heather Locklear and has never
been stabbed in back by a confident - Courtney has been married just the
once, is younger than HL and is known for being fiercely loyal to friends.

8. Belle's partner isn't as dandy as SJP's - 'nuff said.