May and June

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--Which soulful young pop star is dealing with a nasty blackmail situation on account of her secret same-sex proclivities?
Alicia Keyes

--Which squeaky-clean Hollywood actor trawls the East Village for punk girls to hook up with? "The skankier the better," says a witness.  Joshua Jackson

--WHICH newly married actor isn't so faithful? Before he walked down the aisle with his lovely actress wife, he walked into a bedroom and got nasty with a hard-partying Hollywood starlet whom many know intimately.

newly married actor: Chad Michael Murray
actress wife: Sophia Bush
Hollywood starlet: Paris Hilton; Tara Reid; Lindsay Lohan

--WHICH diminutive rock star isn't so faithful to his lovely wife? While she keeps the home fires burning, he's out being bad with an exotic woman.  Billie Jo Armstrong of Green Day; Prince; Bono; John "Cougar" Mellencamp

--WHICH skirt-chasing actor has been two-timing not only his wife, but the sexy blond superstar that he's been cheating with? The horndog was spotted making out with a lithe young lovely in front of the Mercer Hotel before checking into a suite for more naughtiness.
actor: Johnny Knoxville
blonde superstar: Jessica Simpson

3. Filth2go 05/02
Could it be that a certain party girl is being used as a beard – and she doesn’t even know it? So say my sources close to the sloshed siren who tell me that our gal has been used for several photo ops and public appearances with that much-talked-about sex symbol, but then dropped like a hot gay potato when things got too “intimate”. Isn’t it interesting that both of ‘em have high-profile projects, to say nothing of reputations that could use a bit of a boost in the dating department (heterosexually speaking). Still, it seems the lady love is all but clueless. She’s certainly no Rhodes Scholar.
Tara Reid/Jesse Metcalfe

4. 3 A.M. GIRLS 05/03
WHICH aging actor hides a secret about his sexuality? The married star has a penchant for young men and comes over all sheepish when his wife asks why they so rarely have sex.
 Anthony Hopkins (sheepish = Silence of the Lambs)

What well-scrubbed actor and his buddies passed the time on a chartered plane to Vegas by stoking themselves with coke? The star better hope his girlfriend doesn't find out about that stewardess...Zach Braff (of Scrubs) who was in town for the Hard Rock anniversary/girlfriend: Mandy Moore

6. 3 A.M. GIRLS 05/04
WHICH rock star has a rather embarrassing body odour problem? The hunk has consulted doctors about the possibility of having Botox injections in his armpits to stop his sweating - shame he dreads needles so much... Lenny Kravitz

7.  3 A.M. GIRLS 05/05
WHICH former pop heart-throb shocked his few remaining fans with a high-maintenance strop on a recent UK visit? The singer, who's been around the block but is desperate for a second chance at fame, bitched about how ugly his audience were, refused to sign fans' autographs and got so drunk he threw up under a table at a gig. Jordan Knight, formerly of NKOTB

WHICH one of People magazine's "50 Most Beautiful" is notorious for returning expensive dresses to DKNY in Soho after wearing them to parties — sometimes several a week? She basically uses the store as a walk-in closet .

Ream Helene is a back-stabbing, finagling, eat-her-mother-for-opportunity bitch, no two (gossipy) words about it. And not just with the colleagues but with the exes. She wasn't exactly nice to the former men in her life--many of whom she discarded unceremoniously. So, ain't it sweet now that Ream-babe (who's rather rewarded when it comes to Tinseltown scoreboards) is being gifted--right as we cyber-gossip--with a cheating spouse. Mattress-karma's a helluva payback. Oh, and I should tell you (as I don't care about such provincial morals), Helene's miles and miles of enemies are getting such enjoyment that Ms. H.'s present hubby is cheating on her with a paid paramour. Yeah, one of those babes who's always enabling actresses to get Oscars when they play their steamy, sordid lives: a hooker. Hey, does is actually count as an affair when you're paying for it? (Such a lame-ass guy thing to say, sorry.) AND IT'S NOT: Kate Winslet; Julia Roberts; Kate Beckinsale
Gwyneth Paltrow; Madonna; Jennifer Lopez

10. 3 A.M. GIRLS 05/06
WHICH catwalk queen has pulled three members of the same band? She couldn't decide which of the scruffy four-piece she fancied most so bedded all but one.
Kate Moss

11. POPBITCH 05/06
Which synth-loving pop superstar recently had a party where he plied his guests with ecstacy, cocaine, acid and GHB? The Tory-supporting, fading star finally managed to persuade one pretty 17 year-old fan to have lesbian sex with his wife, while he watched
. Gary Numan (aging, Tory supporting synthpop star)

12. 3 A.M. GIRLS 05/08
WHO'S the Brit driving ace who pretends to fancy women but secretly has a preference for blokes instead?
Dan Wheldon

13. NY POST/PAGE SIX 05/08
--WHICH statuesque model made sure as she walked the red carpet at the Costume Institute gala that her diminutive boyfriend was always on a step above her so she wouldn't tower over him? Eisha Brightwell and Usher

--WHICH famous father of a famous actor was spotted "cruising" the crowd of young gay men at the Fault Line, a leather bar in Hollywood?

Which Hollywood barmaid is bragging that she bedded two brothers from a well-known acting family? She claims both bros even knew about it.
 Charlie Sheen and Emilio Estevez

15. 3 A.M. GIRLS 05/09
Which unlucky pop babe was recently forced to have last-minute surgery after a facelift went spectaculary wrong? Kylie Minogue

16. POPBITCH 05/12
Which colourful US female popstar has a secret lesbian love in London? Whenever she's in town, the star likes to get the party started with her record company lover. Both girls have a thing about bikers: the popstar dates them, while the SonyBMG girl has a copy of Hard Dykes On Bykes on her laptop. Pink

Dudes'll do anything to get their romantic conquest(s) o' the moment into the sack. Trust me, despite all the frosted hair, I am one. I know of what I horn dog speak. So there, at his movie-star home, kissing and writhing in his movie-star bedroom, is Donkey Dickey. With Donkey is not his movie-star wife but his fill-in conjugal partner, a pretty girl picked up at one of those trendy watering holes. Now, I don't know if it's because Donkey's date was well lubricated from her liquids and such, but she bought the oldest line in the book: that Donk and the missus were on the outs; they were both living their separate lives now. Excuse me while I barf. Gotta admit, there's a catch to this one. Donkey's spouse, who's name is Sheila Slap-You-Silly, is--according to Donk--stepping out on their marriage with, not a man (as has been rumored more than a bit), but...another woman. Girlies gone gonzo, talk about sexlicious! And, according to D.D., these two bosomy-minded babes are already living together in same-sex sin. Don't think our current prez (whom the Donkeys have supported in the past) would exactly approve. How perfect. Love that part almost as much as the fact that the mansion formerly shared by Donkey and S.-Y.-S. is littered with photos of Sheila everywhere. How Sally Field in Soapdish. But get real: What kind of slut would do it in another woman's bed, with her gazing down the whole cheating time. (Not even this one would do that.) Gross. ------------- It's not Reese Witherspoon & Ryan Phillippe, Jennifer Aniston & Brad Pitt or Jada Pinkett Smith and Will Smith. Freddie Prinz, Jr and Sarah Michelle Gellar

Which tarnished TV actress has been stepping out on her new groom with a hunky young soap star? The actor says he helps fill the void whenever hubby is out of town.
TV actress: Tori Spelling
hunky young soap star: Ryan Tasz

19. 3 A.M. GIRLS 05/15
WHICH film star is so demanding she was described as a "total bitch" by one drunken movie mogul? This girl is clearly no angel as the irate film boss was overheard threatening to sack her if she has makes any more diva-like requests.
Lucy Lui

Which actress-dating L.A. Lothario likes to spread the love — and his herpes? Colin Farrell

21. NY POST/PAGE SIX 05/16
--WHICH television series had to add a week to its production schedule because one of its stars was abusing laxatives to become increasingly skinny and needed a potty break every 20 minutes or so? . . . Amanda Bynes

--WHICH '80s pop star whose band is enjoying a second wind cheats on his gorgeous wife? The singer beds young beauties by the bushel while on the road.  Simon LeBon of Duran Duran

22. Filth2go 05/16
Could it be that a certain blind item of mine just came true? So say sources with a drawl who tell me that damage control regarding that swaggering singer’s sexuality have been thwarted by his romantic revelation. The bigger question is, why did that winning whiner get involved? Honey, she spends more time with gay men than moi! I’m sure tongues will be wagging when this liaison ends – just as abruptly as it began.
Kenny Chesney/Renee Zellweger

23. 3 A.M. GIRLS 05/18
WHICH Brit actor swings both ways? To be honest, it's a surprise he manages to pull anyone at all, considering how plastered he gets most of the time.
Damian Lewis

24. Benjamin Nicholas blogger 05/18
HOW can a well-known television host hide his mug when hiring hotties for hung action? Simple: Just wear a mask! This TV host goes Lone Ranger when scamming for paid penis and thinks his boys don't recognize his youthful good looks, bleached-out locks and shiny-white choppers. While he went full-face for his recent `starring' on the sidewalk, he's always looking for a Kato to his Green Hornet in the bedroom.
Ryan Seacrest

What wife who's been sobbing about her husband jilting her actually gave him license to stray when she cheated with a co-star?
husband and wife: Jennifer Aniston/Brad Pitt
co-star: Mark Wahlberg on "Rock Star"

26. 3 A.M. GIRLS 05/19
WHICH perma-tanned, aging rocker is hawking himself around all the big music labels in his desperation to get a record deal? He's not having much luck, however, as his demands are unusually high.
Bret Michaels

27. 3 A.M. GIRLS 05/21
WHICH former pop band member favours booze over his actress girlfriend?
Justin Timberlake/Cameron Diaz

Which married Left Coast movie star has been privately showing off his brand-new boyfriend? Ryan Phillippe

Which blow-hard celebrity with his own fragrance was given a formulation that the cosmetics company had previously rejected for lack of quality? "They figured the kind of person who would buy it for his name wouldn't know the difference anyway," laughs a snitch.
Donald Trump

30. NY POST/PAGE SIX 05/23
--WHICH Tony-winning actor demanded that his pregnant actress girlfriend either get an abortion or leave their home immediately? She chose to turn down his ugly ultimatum and is now five months pregnant with their child.

--WHICH soon-to-be axed co-host of an entertainment TV show was caught pleasuring himself in a bathroom at the Hard Rock Hotel & Casino in Las Vegas during a wild after-hours party? Mark McGrath; Pat O'Brien

31. Filth2go 05/26
Could it be that a certain small screen star who has been inching out of the closet has been ordered to lock that door and throw away the key? So say sources who tell me that the prodigious pup was told to put on his perfect poker puss when it came to his sexual preference if he wanted that new project to have wings. Now that it's a go, can he loosen up, or will he be locked in his personal pyramid in perpetuity? Maybe Laurie Prange can help him find his way home. Neil Patrick Harris

32. POPBITCH 05/27
Which Hollywood actor's unlikely attempts to seduce an older co-star may be the result of a recent appetite for crystal meth?
Colin Farrell

33. 3 A.M. GIRLS 05/28
WHICH supermodel's natural hair has been left so damaged by years of wear and tear that underneath her wigs it's only an inch long?
Naomi Campbell; Tyra Banks

Which reality TV decorator should probably stop trolling for sex at a certain Chelsea adult video parlor? "Pretty weird to walk around without at least a baseball cap on to hide his identity," says a spywitness. "Or perhaps, flashing his mug is his MO?" Robert Verdi ; David Evangelista; Michael Moloney; Thom Filicia from QEFTSG

35. Filth2go 05/30
Could it be that a certain television twosome is kaput? So say sources on the set with the close-cropped cutie, who point out the extraordinary steps one will take to avoid being killed off – including booting a live-in love. Egads, I’d probably feel buried alive under all of those hair care products.

close-cropped cutie: George Eads/"C.S.I."
live-in love: Eric Szmanda/"C.S.I."

36. 3 A.M. GIRLS 05/30
WHICH actor's pals are sniggering behind his back after hearing him proclaim that he's a reformed character whose party boy days are behind him? He is well known for leaving mounds of cocaine on toilet cisterns on nights out and being too far gone to even notice.
Damian Lewis

37. 3 A.M. GIRLS 05/31
WHICH American actress is finding it hard to get parts after some seriously dodgy plastic surgery?
Meg Ryan; Jessica Lange

Does a certain cute-as-a-button TV starlet have a Paris Hilton problem? Someone is shopping a tape that purportedly shows the actress having sex - first with her pretty-boy co-star, then with the dude who'd been filming them. Her lawyers deny there's a tape and rubbish rumors that the co-stars even dated.

39. 3 A.M. GIRLS 06/01
WHICH superstar has his own unique way of letting staff know he's having a bad day? If he's wearing a baseball cap it means he's having his hairpiece done and is not to be looked at. Elton John

40. 3 A.M. GIRLS 06/02
WHICH "dry" diva has fallen off the wagon with a bump? The ageing, much-troubled, star was so out of it at a society event she said the same sentence seven times at a press conference.
Liza; Faye Dunaway

41. POPBITCH 06/03
Which irritating pop star's wealthy father made most of his cash from running a car theft ring? It stole Mercedes in the UK and shipped them out to the Middle East. But police may be finally ready to bring charges. Victoria Beckham

42. 3 A.M. GIRLS 06/05
WHICH Hollywood star has turned her hubby into a glorified chauffeur during her UK stay? The poor man also has to book restaurants while she shops in Harrods.

Which showbiz siblings' father made sure they got the best possible education? He was having an affair with their tutor.  

44.  3 A.M. GIRLS 06/06
WHICH pint-sized pop star secretly uses Viagra to get him going between the sheets - even though he's dating a babe with loads of womanly curves? Usher

45. Filth2go 06/06
Could it be that a certain sudsy swisher is sauntering back into the closet? As if! That’s the buzz from sources close to the angular actor, who say those adoring accolades have gone to his pretty little head. It’s one thing to articulate attraction to the opposite sex in public – say, for a radio promotion. But playing it straight with friends who know better ain’t all that cool. When looking for something to cuddle up with at night, perhaps he should seek a paddle. After all, no man is an island. Greg Rikaart (Y&R)

47. 3 A.M. GIRLS 06/08
WHICH pop babe is distancing herself from her dad amid rumours that he has an unhealthy interest in her?

48. NY POST/PAGE SIX 06/08
WHICH female rapper stays slim through bulimia? The recording artist, who's been to court several times for bad behavior, was most recently caught retching in the ladies' room of Gallagher's Steak House.
 Lil Kim; Foxy Brown

49. Ted Casablana/E! Online 06/08
Trent Spent should stop by to the following friskiness (as he likes a roll in the homo hay, from time to time), but alas, word might get out that he's not actually as superhetero as the box-office-supporting public likes to think. Bummer. Because these private get-downs up in the Hollywood Hills are becoming the place to hitch a ride on the same-sex bus to bonk heaven! Translation: orgies. For men only. Got it, Gracie? Good. Get out a couple of Trojans and trudge on. Up until recently, these semi-private poof-poundings have been harder to get into than Katie Holmes' privates. But that appears to be changing, as certain regular guests (all of whom must be big-ish in the Biz, to insure privacy) have begun inviting lesser mortals. Pete Poked is not happy to learn of these dangerous circumstances. As he and those of his in front of the camera ilk have far more to lose--should the newbie commoners run screaming about their sweaty discoveries.

50. 3 A.M. GIRLS 06/11
WHICH R&B star protests he's in love with his girlfriend but plagues his ex with romantic texts? The crooner even dedicated one of his hits to the "lucky" lady.
R&B star: Justin Timberlake
"lucky" lady: Britney Spears

--Which recently engaged starlet slept with her last film's co-star before and after he was married?
Paris Hilton/Chad Michael Murray - "House of Wax "

--Which aspiring "celebrity socialite" used to fake a fancy address by getting pals to drop him off on Park Ave., then walking the last two blocks home? Fabian Basabe

Murg swears he's gonna holler uncle if he hears one more wicked whisper about how hot amour is between two costarring pretties during the oh-so-distant location filming of their new movie. It isn't happening. It couldn't happen. Mostly because the two don't bother with each other off the set as they're in way too deep dealing with their personal insecurities about everything from their manufactured looks to their "performances." By day, they are a bundle of raw nerves working on the movie itself, which, like other things they've done in the past, is probably destined to sink without a trace. By night, they each have an acting guru working over-time in the privacy of a hotel suite trying to convince them that they can emote with the best of them. Which they can't. Funny thing. The real romantic blaze is happening on a whole other coast between a very odd May-December pair of costars nobody could guess would even be in the same movie, let alone in the same bed. Don't you just love Hollywood?
Salma Hayek/Penelope Cruz

The festering competitiveness between a famed young actor and his less famous but still successful friend is getting worse by the second. One of them works infrequently but now and then for good directors. The other works even less often but usually stars in hit movies that don't get much respect. Both are insufferably pretentious and want to win Oscars. Badly. But even their best buds and girlfriends are sick and tired of hearing them complain in cafés, bars and restaurants all around the world about how American actors just don't get the great chances that actors such as, say, Jude Law or Clive Owen or Russell Crowe or Hugh Jackman do. Somebody needs to tell this Beavis and Butthead duo that the reason their foreign-born competition get the jobs is because, well, they can actually act. Ashton Kutcher and Topher Grace

54.  3 A.M. GIRLS 06/12
WHICH party girl steered clear of Chinawhite nightclub on a recent trip to London? The lady-in-question was unfortunate enough to see bits of her nose fall apart after an incident. As well as blood gushing out her friends were horrified to see bits of cartilage landing all over the table.
Sophie Anderton

55. NY POST/PAGE SIX...06/13
WHICH aging boy band member is desperately trying to stop from going bald? During his promo for a comeback album, he "slathered on Rogaine" and concealed his bald spot with hair-colored spray. A.J. McLean of Backstreet Boys; Brian Littrell of Backstreet Boys

Slurpina Regina is renowned for doing what guys love the most, and usually chicks don't. And, no, I'm not talking about bottom-line boinking. Get your minds outta the gonzo gutter, already. I'm not that bad. Yet.

Slurp, for short (just like her), broke up not long ago with her cute man, Smiley Fakeit. Now, though S. 'n' S. have both made a killing in their chosen professions, it's rather ironic that neither of them are a bit like the public thinks.

But then that goes for the majority of Hollywood, doesn't it?

Back to the broken-up honeys: Like many romantic fools, Slurp and Smiley have attempted post-split friendship. Rarely works, right? As one or the other partner is usually still hooked. Just like our talented gal, Slurp.

So, there S.S. is at S.F.'s hillside Hell-Ay-area abode, swinging with the young and the Beemer-driving set. And oh, look! It's a pajama party! How retro-Hef! Last one in the fake-rock Jacuzzi is an underwearing-equipped egg!

Amidst the heavy-duty, NC-17 smooching and groping, Smiley flirts with Slurp just enough to keep her hooked. Throws out a few "love ya's" just to keep that passive-aggressive tether tight, doncha know. What a highlighted canine.

 Unbeknownst to Ms. Regina, there at the poke-adelic party is a dude who would die to do her right. And not just there at the stupid-ass themed soiree. The morning after. And the one after that, he professes to one of Smiley's good chums. But the amigo says, no, back off, Smiley wants to get back together with Slurp.


Bigger bummer: Not long after a naively hopeful Slurpina departs, her anonymous love wannabe walks into Mr. F.'s boudoir to say good night. Of course, he's busy doing you know what to some random babe from the party.

Dudes--they're dogs, just like I said.  Kirsten Dunst and Jake Gyllenhal

56. NY POST/PAGE SIX..06/17
-WHICH top leading man interviewed three different starlets for the job of girlfriend/future wife before picking his new beloved? "Mark my words: They'll have a baby," said our source. "Maybe he or she will be conceived in a petri dish, but they'll procreate."
top leading man: Tom Cruise
new beloved: Katie Holmes
starlets: Jennifer Garner; Jessica Alba; Kate Bosworth

--WHICH teen terror has herpes? The starlet was diagnosed with the "social disease" recently after fooling around with several high-profile studs, who might have it now, too.
teen terror: Lindsay Lohan
high-profile studs: Bruce Willis; Colin Farrell;  Christian Slater

--WHICH young wife of a big-name director is upset at her husband? The director has a "crush" on a beautiful young blond actress and has hired her for a second movie. The last time he worked with a woman twice, he was sleeping with her.
director: Woody Allen
wife: Soon-Yi
actress: Scarlett Johansson

57. POPBITCH 06/17
Which golden celebrity couple is being torn apart by both partners' love of cocaine His career choices are getting affected by it and, funnily enough, it hasn't helped   cure her post-natal depression.
David and Victoria Beckham

Which handsome young movie actor has been told by his handlers to straighten up his image? Expect fewer fey photo shoots and more leaks about "hooking up" with prime-time TV actresses.  Hayden Christensen

59. NY POST/PAGE SIX...06/21
WHICH blond stud, nicknamed the "Butterscotch Stallion," has a perverse sexual bent? He recently picked up a girl at a wedding and the two went back to his hotel room. When the woman asked if he had a condom, the actor replied: "I don't want to have sex with you, but I do want to do something else" — and proceeded to lick her buttocks for "over two hours."
Owen Wilson

60. Ted Casablanca/E! ONLINE 06/22
Did somebody mention food? What's that? Something one puts in one's mouth? Yech! Poo! Feh! Morgan Mayhem sure thinks so. I mean, really. If it's not some body part attached to some sorry-ass man she's currently taking hostage, M2 really has no interest in placing much else in her increasingly bizarrely painted mouth. Morgan's new bud, Pixie Mixie, knows this too well. In fact, ol' Pix got so tired of telling her broad-unit to eat, like, sustenance, Ms. Mix decided to throw the lecturing out the window (along with her old size-six outfits) and join the too-thin brigade! Why do they do it? No idea. How do they do it? Ah, more luck there. Read on... Yep, M.'s up to her ol' very public antics, yet again. You see, Seduce magazine just had a big bash at one of Hell-Ay's hotter clubs. All the more successful fashion victims in town were there, including Pix 'n' Morg, who were so damned thin (despite the high-caloric booze going down their combined gullets) they thought they owned the pretentious place. Must be why M.M. (with P.M. along for the vicarious ride) had no compunction whatsoever about going into the women's restroom and snorting enough blow to make even Courtney Love blanch. Right there. In the open. In front of other pissy patrons. Jeez. When I did that crap, I at least closed the bathroom stall. Youths today have no class. And it ain't-Nicky Hilton and Nicole Richie, Tara Reid and Nicole Richie or Paris Hilton and Nicole Richie.
 Lindsay Lohan/Nicole Richie

61. POPBITCH 06/23
Which over-rated film director who recently dropped out of a big movie has an unsavoury reputation as a secret wife beater?
Mathew Vaughn

62. 3 A.M. GIRLS 06/26
WHICH Hollywood superstar hired a driver on a recent visit to London to ferry young boys to his hotel room? The supposedly straight actor only feels at home when surrounded by teenage boys. Tom Cruise

63. NY POST/PAGE SIX 06/27
--WHICH married man is coping with the pressures of doing a daily talk show with the help of different masseuses? The comely therapists visit his hotel room almost every day. Jon Stewart

--WHICH financier with friends in the movie biz has his huge Hamptons mansion equipped with spy cams? One of his Tinseltown pals insisted his girlfriend change in the closet during a recent visit to avoid being videotaped.

--WHICH iconic fashion designer likes to be called Trixie when he dresses up in drag? Isaac Mizrahi; Marc Jacobs

64. Filth2go 06/27
Could it be that a certain music man is having a crisis? So say folks close to the breakout star, who tell me that the problem is more of image than talent. It seems that the deluded dropout has been a pain in the ass when it comes to approving publicity photos and videos. Costs have skyrocketed due to the special effects needed to make the bratty boy appear buffer, younger, and slimmer than he actually is. The end result is more of a valentine to his idol than to his splintering self.

65. Ted Casablanca/E! ONLINE 06/29
Let's see, you want the one about the famous executive-star, Pert Member, who offers up his private jet to closeted homo stars, so they can take their boyfriends out for superprivate humping 37,000 feet up? Well, I've never been asked on board (even though my abs are in pretty damn good shape these days...I just don't get it), so let's stick with something I know of fer sure:

Pixie Mixie is at it again. But since her partner in crime, Morgan Mayhem, is ever more shocked by the quantity of nose-goodies Pix puts up her ever-disappearing nostrils, Ms. Mix is on to her latest victim, Ham Drum.

H.D., in fact, has become so fond of Mixie's bad habits, the boob-tube honey and her quasi-celebrated companion are becoming the talk of the party circuit. Well, make that parties where one can disappear in a club's bathroom stalls for a couple of centuries, and nobody notices. We're not exactly talkin' power teas at Ariana Huffington's Brentwood pad.

Take the latest fabu notoriety hangout happening, where H.D. and P.M not only showed up skeletal-thin, they wore tees proclaiming how very much they adored their bod-thinning drug of choice.

Eva Longoria, I blame this on you. Ever since you wore that shirt proclaiming your willingness to have Brad Pitt's babies, well, celebrity manners have just gone irreversibly downhill.  Nicole Richie and fiance DJ A.M.

66. POPBITCH 06/30
--Which foppish British actor once watched a connected HBO star shaft his actress girlfriend? Apparently the weighty American actor has an extremely hairy arse-crack.

British actor: Hugh Grant
actress girlfriend: Liz Hurley
HBO star: Vincent Pastore (Big Pussy on "Sopranos")

--Which famous 80s easy lover divorced his wife... who then went on to supply cocaine to Princess Diana?(FYI: the pop singer kept his own coke dealer on the payroll under the title "Ambience technician"?) Phil Collins

67. 3 A.M. GIRLS 06/30
WHICH Hollywood actress is battling a major drug problem? The starlet committed the ultimate sin at a recent London bash by running to the loo every 10 minutes and coming out high as a kite.
Lindsay Lohan

Last updated: September 28, 2005