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1. POPBITCH 03/03 #1
Which former golden boy has been playing away with a colleague's wife? Her mobile phone, which included candid photos of the pair, was stolen, leading to the woman being blackmailed. The thief has now given the photos to two Sunday tabloids who are in urgent talks with lawyers today to see how much of this explosive story they can get away with printing. David Beckham

2. POPBITCH 03/03 #2
Which saintly celebrity is having a secret affair with the sister-in-law of a famously badly-behaved TV comic actor?

3. 3 AM GIRLS 03/05
Which hip-hop star demanded £12,000 just to spend 15 minutes in a bar on a recent visit to the UK? The womanising guy thinks so highly of himself he reckons his very presence in a venue will pack the place out. Shame the manager told him where to go...

4. Ben Widdicombe/NY DAILY NEWS 03/06
Which married actor who used to date guys went back to his old ways with his handsome co-star in a current release?

5. STAR 03/07 #1
What superstar and her new hubby are such a disaster in the kitchen that they are going to have to get lessons? The cozy couple will hire a chef to help them learn how to properly play house.
Britney Spears

6. STAR 03/07 #2
What superstar pop couple got booed mercilessly by the unruly crowd at a NYC fashion show when they held up the event for an hour and a half? The show could not begin until this couple arrived, and everyone waiting let them know their preferential treatment was not appreciated.
Beyonce and Jay-Z

7. Filth2go 03/07
Could it be that there’s no living with that certain Oscar loser? That was the prophecy prior to the ceremonies, and once it was a fait accompli, no-one envied the royal consort who’d have to smile throughout the night while cat-like claws dug through those designer duds. All smiles disappeared seconds after the couple was safely ensconced in the privacy of their car. Thank God for a chauffeur with loose lips who was more than happy to share just a sample of the flood of filth that flew forth from the far-from-festive phonies.
Annette Benning

8. 3 AM GIRLS 03/08
WHICH glamour girl is currently boasting to anyone who'll listen about the unnatural sex act she recently performed on her young boyfriend? The tacky lady in question reckons their love life is on fire since she introduced him to the dirty deed.
Jodi Marsh

9. 3 AM GIRLS 03/10
WHICH singer spiced up her love life by getting hot and heavy in a mystery man's car. According to our spy: "She'd stripped down to just her undies and was enjoying some passionate snogging."
One of the Spice Girls

10. NY POST/PAGE SIX 03/10
--WHICH married movie studio biggie has been having a long-term affair with a well-preserved blonde who had two famous husbands? This explains why she hasn't had an official boyfriend for a few years . . . Alana Stewart (George Hamilton & Rod Stewart) or Patricia Duff (Mike Medavoy & Ron Perelman) or Mia Farrow (Andre Previn & Frank Sinatra); Dani Greco Janssen (Buddy Greco & David Janssen)

--WHICH multi-platinum country singer had such a good time at her label's party at the CRS music convention in Nashville last week that she lost her lunch on another party-goer? . . . Gretchen Wilson

--WHICH social type should be careful? Someone has sicced a private investigator on him to dig up all sorts of information, both personal and business. Fabian Basabe

11. NY DAILY NEWS/Ben Widdicombe 3/12
--Which semi-famous mother of a popular young actress has been appealing to her daughter for a raise in her allowance? Bebe Buell/Liv Tyler; Jade and Drew Barrymore

--Which former New York sports legend was vacationing in Puerto Rico last week with a cheerleader-type half his age? She's a friend of his son's girlfriend.

12. 3 AM GIRLS 03/12
WHICH party-loving British actor didn't bother hiding his wraps of cocaine when he was boozing in a London pub this week? He merely put them in his cigarette packet and happily passed it around his mates, making it very obvious what they were up to.
Damian Lewis

13. NY DAILY NEWS/Ben Widdicombe 3/13
--Which much-celebrated married media personality has a list of mistresses as long as your arm? One former long-term flame lived with her two kids (not by him) in their 57th St. love nest.
Regis Philbin

--Which red-hot young recording star ruffled feathers by demanding to be placed in the center of a recent group photo of music greats in L.A.? Also: He had to stand on a box. Usher

14. NY POST/PAGE SIX...03/14
--WHICH formerly drug-addled actor is wearing such ridiculous clothes, people think he's relapsing? The eyeliner, earring and succession of silly hats don't seem very sober . . . Johnny Depp

--WHICH teen queen isn't as clean as she'd like us all to believe? The wild child has a code name for her favorite drug, cocaine. She refers to it as "beeks," as in, "you guys got any beeks?" Lindsay Lohan (from kitten88l at According to an intern at the Wendy Williams Radio Show, her friend is a coordinator on Saturday Night Live. At the wrap up party in March, Linsday Lohan and her friends were there. The coordinator overheard her friends asking for "blow". But good ole Lindsay was heard saying "where can I get beeks".)

15. Filth2go 03/14
I really wanted to tell you about that soap star whose marriage of convenience fell apart when the spouse found same-sex love on-line.
 Deidre Hall

16. 3 A.M. GIRLS 03/16
Which Hollywood actress showed a new female pal the delights of lady love? The star in question met her conquest in a London hotel bar and invited her upstairs to get intimate. She later complimented the newbie on her "natural" technique. Well done, luv.

We've all heard of fabulously famous and rich folk getting hopelessly addicted to everything from porn, gambling and hookers to booze and blow. But you'd never guess what turns the crank of this famously macho roughneck actor who makes impressionable women flutter and makes even more impressionable men feel puny. Sure, his handlers carefully cultivate a screen image that is take-charge and kickk butt, yet what he can't seem to live without, what he spends a fortune on, is an army of incredible expensive and pretentious acting coaches whom he flies all over the globe to try and give him the thing he lacks - confidence and talent. Ain't it a shame when a macho man longs to be Olivier? Vin Diesel

That smart, tart Indie darling with the taste for making gritty, small films as well as commercial movies has made a name for herself insisting on keeping it real in her moviemaking. She's also famed for throwing some of the coolest, most sought-after at-home parties in town favored by the brainy and edgy, for whom she has famously cooked up some outrageously delicious feast she proudly announced come from her rich and snooty family's famous storehouse of recipes. But things got very embarrassing at a recent soirée when guest helpfully tossing things out in her kitchen discovered in the trash can restaurant takeout containers and store-bought pie boxes that suggest she has had a little help from some friends for a long time. Guess her underpaid and harrassed home help staff decided to finally get back at Little Miss Hypocrite for being such an utter phony.

Chloe Sevigny

You see, T2 (who's almost always terminating, as a matter of course) recently became known for doing something rather scandalous. Paid the price for it, too. But if the masses across this condemning country only knew the extent of Terry's supposed crimes, they'd, like, make sure T.T. never got away with the millions that have, so far, been afforded this very rich and vainglorious viper. You see, in addition to being a well-known public figure (who suffered a rather pitiful fall from grace not long ago), T. also runs a quite massive Biz operation of sorts.The little people in said venture--with all their combined power--would have made sure Terry stayed in purgatory if it became known T.T. had a nooky-partner on the side. Of the same sex, natch. Jeez, sometimes I really hate these gay Vices. Pisses me off how society punishes people for being non-het--but what I hate even more is seeing the gays go along for the self-hating ride. And its not The Donald, Imelda Marcos or Sharon Stone. Tommy Hilfiger

20. 3 A.M. GIRLS 03/18
Which female singer has a bit of a thing for root vegetables? The young rocker asked her lesbian lover to tease her with a carrot. We haven't heard anything from her in a while. Maybe she's been busy tending her vegetable patch...

21. Watch with Kristen 03/18
On a well-known, well-loved, well-played series, one actor, whom we'll call him Ego Boy, left for what seemed like a fantasy gig, only to watch it flop in a matter of weeks. Now, he's back, and driving the entire cast and crew insane with his self-consuming antics, including issues with wardrobe, scripts and well, life in general. A few of his costars have put a bug in the producer's ear to cut E.B. loose.

22. 3 A.M. GIRLS 03/21
Which scrawny Hollywood star is on the verge of being blacklisted by a big film studio over his diva-like behaviour? He interferes in directors' decisions and upsets staff with his abrupt manner. How will he crawl out of this one?
Adrian Brody

23. Filth2go 03/21
Could it be that a certain fella has more than a frog in his throat? So say folks close to that cute cut-up who tell me that the lanky lad and his frequent sleepover companion make quite a twisted twosome. They’ve taken to partying on both coasts, with nary a pretty lady in sight. Perhaps that’s because they only have eyes for each other.
Sean Farris

Which sexy starlet in an upcoming release put on her diva boots while filming down South? She developed a nasty habit of throwing objects at assistants, and whined that she was "only doing this movie" because a pushy parent forced her. Jessica Simpson

25. 3 A.M. GIRLS 03/24
Which former popband singer-turned-actress loves porno films? The blonde regularly visits her local shop, no doubt to the delight of her once-famous bloke.
Gwen Stefani

26. POPBITCH 03/24
Which young Sinatra-style crooner is said by staff at his record label to be their biggest diva, demanding coke and hookers everywhere he goes around the world? Michael Buble

Which is-he-or-isn't-he movie star had a secret affair with an uptown male publicist? Now the Hollywood hunk (who's in a current release) won't return his calls.

28. NY POST/PAGE SIX...03/28
--WHICH baseball player has a passion for Nazi memorabilia? He has a whole room in his mansion dedicated to his collection.

Curt Schilling

--WHICH male contestant on the current season of "The Apprentice" nearly "blew" his chance for a $250,000-a-year job with The Donald? One of the show's producers walked in on him midsnort in a Trump Tower bathroom. John; Chris

29. 3 A.M. GIRLS 03/28
WHICH former pop starlet spends her days trawling the net for memorabilia from her glory days? Now that her cheesy group are defunct the poor poppet plays her DVDs over and over, with her head still clearly stuck in the past. You've got to keep moving forward, love! One of the Spice Girls; one of All Saints; Samantha Fox

--Which swiveling pop star has been known to pick up guys in the steam room at a Miami hotel gym-a lot? Ricky Martin

--What handsome ex-series star (a Golden Globe winner) once flirted with a guy across the aisle on a plane and even tried to follow him into the bathroom, to the consternation of the actor's young male "assistant"? George Clooney; Rob Lowe

--What sports magazine cover model had to be reprimanded by her co-op neighbors for continually letting her dog out on the roof to defecate on the recreation mats?

--What dead porn star did some little-known bestiality flicks late in her career? Linda Lovelace

--What zhlubby character actor actually thinks he's a walking love god whom all the ladies are panting for? Could he be right? Jeremy Piven; Jim Belushi

--What TV persona was touching himself at Equinox and generously let another guy do a sound check on his microphone, as it were? (By the way, it was reportedly "gorgeous of girth.") Tony Danza; Anderson Cooper

--What famous wife, who has a career of her own, is still the kind of street demon who'll sprinkle remarks like "I'll cut her!" into casual conversation? Kimora Lee Simmons

--What rail-thin British model was told by that fashion mag editrix, "You have to lose weight before you do this shoot!"? Theodora Richards; Elizabeth Jagger

--What two young hunks (one a faded star of an Oscar-winning flick and the other a broken-up boyfriend) may well have commingled several years ago when they were both more famous?

--What lothario who did it with his darker co-star is supposedly doing it with her again? Rosario Dawson and Collin Farrell

--What departed talk show host confides to friends that, when that TV Land type was on her show, she could see a big coke booger lodged in the former starlet's nostril and was desperate to flick it off during the entire interview, but nicely resisted?
talk show host: Ricki Lake
former starlet: Pamela Anderson

--Which much-photographed small-screen golden couple both have lovers on the side?

--Which actress and singer in a troubled marriage has moved back in with her parents on the sly? Jessica Simpson

--Which cute twentysomething star of an upcoming major movie franchise installment should probably not kiss his boyfriend on the streets of West Hollywood if he doesn't want to end up in snarky blind items like this one?
Hayden Christensen

--Which overweight former action star hides inside his Los Angeles home whenever a local news traffic helicopter flies overhead? "Operatives," he mutters darkly from behind the curtains. Steven Seagal

33. MRS. W. 04/03
This black Hollywood couple is well respected in the entertainment community despite the fact, the husband is a serial adulterer. The wife is aware of his infidelities and has looked the other way for years. He was discreet about his numerous affairs until recently. He has been having an affair with a black actress and he is serious about her, the wife has become worried, this affair has been going on for the last few years, and they are "not" discreet. They are such a common sight in Hollywood, friends have called the wife and asked, "are you and ________still together?"

The wife was shopping on Rodeo Drive recently when she ran into the actress. The actress smirked, took out a credit card and told the salesperson (loud enough for the wife to hear) "I am going to charge these clothes on my new credit card, my boyfriend gave me this card and he gave me this diamond necklace, he pays my rent and he just bought me a car." The wife stormed out crying." The wife has been confiding to friends, I am tired of the humiliation and disrespect, she doesn't know who she is messing with." Hints about the black actress (Mistress): She is the last person you would suspect (because of her image) of having an affair with a married man, let alone, taunt his wife.
Black Respected Couple: Denzel & Paulette Washington
Black actress: Sanaa Lathan

34. 3 A.M. GIRLS 04/05
Which celeb has been slagging off her ex claiming he won't move of out their house because he has no money? She's told pals that his new girlfriend thinks he's a rock 'n' roll superstar but, in fact, claims he is a "failed wannabe".
Kate Moss/Babyshambles singer Pete Doherty

35. 3 A.M. GIRLS 04/05
Which Hollywood actor had a top-secret fling with an Oscar-winning young actress a few years ago? At the time they were on separate trips to the UK. What would the woman's current hubby say?
Hollywood actor:
Osar-winning actress:
current hubby:

36. 3 A.M. GIRLS 04/06
Which Hollywood actress is having to reverse some of her extensive plastic surgery? The aging star has had her calf implants and breast implants removed, after the silicone started slipping.

37. 3 A.M. GIRLS 04/08
WHICH movie babe is becoming a bit too big for her boots? The Brit-born star infuriated crew members on a recent film set by constantly snapping at them and refusing to stub out her cigarettes despite warnings that the shoot could go up in flames.
Sienna Miller

38. NY POST/PAGE SIX...04/08
WHICH younger sister of a much-photographed actress is denying she was thrown out of her elite school in Manhattan after she arrived wasted one morning and cocaine and pot were found on her? Spokespeople claim she's moving to L.A. to be closer to her sister.
Mischa Barton's little sister Hania

Ding, dong the bee-yotch is dead! That was the cry of a certain well-known, well-loved drama we often talk about 'round these parts when one of the cast members--we'll call her Ice Queen--was let go last season. Though I personally adore her, I'm told members of the cast and crew felt the chill of her unfriendly ways (uncommon for this set), and were shocked when she rushed the producer's office after learning her character was getting sent away. There is a chance she might return this season, but not if a few crew members have something to say about it. Brrr!
Lena Olin "Alias"

--Which male "SNL" alum was just spotted on what looked weirdlylike a date with a muscle-type at a Chelsea restaurant?
Chris Kattan; Jimmy Fallon

--Which famously wealthy absentee father told his young daughter at a recent reunion: "Honey, I had dinner with Harvey Weinstein last night. Do you know who that is?" Sniped his (also famous) ex-wife: "What a schmuck! She's 10 years old — do you think she's going to know who Harvey Weinstein is?"

41. 3 A.M. GIRLS 04/11
Which 1980s singer has so little charisma even his PRs fear he'll never get a second chance of success? The crooner, currently shaking his thing on a new hit show, is "beyond dull", they say.
Shakin' Stevens

41. Filth2go 04/11
Could it be that a certain sexy cinema stud left wifey at home while he cavorted with the boys at Palm Spring’s notorious White Party? Rumor has it that the shirtless actor (who still looks like a gay teenager) rolled into the Saturday night event wearing sunglasses and his wedding ring (and was quickly locking lips with a number of hotties). In order to quell a squall rivaling The Perfect Storm, I should note that I have the best of intentions reporting this story - even though about half of the buff shirtless boys wearing sunglasses at these events could pass for our chaotic cutie. Adding to the mystery are photos that have surfaced of our nowhere man buying beer the very next day – sans wedding ring.
Ryan Phillippe

42. NY POST/PAGE SIX 04/11
WHICH recently separated celebrity couple were destined for splitsville almost from the start? The actress wife walked in on her actor hubby six weeks into their marriage and found him fooling around with his pretty assistant. The actor insisted, "We were just kissing!" But our sources say he cheated throughout the entire marriage . . .
Charlie Sheen/Denise Richards

43. POPBITCH 04/14
When in London, which Oscar-winning actor shows his interest in cute waiters by writing his phone number on a twenty-pound note, and pressing it into the waiter's hand as he goes to leave the restaurant?
Kevin Spacey

Fleshy Tessy and Bulging Bruce sure are the pair. Quite the celebrated duo in their chosen professions (including one joint project, to mixed reviews), Tess 'n' Bruce are rather brazenly courting other (less cute) bed partners. All because they say they've had it with the other's spoiled behavior back in the marital manse. Why not pull a Brad 'n' Jen, their friends ask? "Because Brad 'n' Jen don't have a movie out to sell!" comes the response. Not that Tess 'n' Bruce's media brainchild is a movie, per se. Maybe it is. Maybe it isn't. What I do know is that Tess has never really been known to be a screamer in the boudoir. Neither has Bruce, for that matter. Now, the split-up duo's new nabes are begging for a little quiet at night, so into their new partners these formerly married cuties can be. And just as soon as that nifty little project is completed, expect divorce papers. I hear they've already been drawn up.
Jessica Simpson/Nick Lachey

Which young star just returned a borrowed handbag to a designer but forgot to take her coke out first? Lindsay Lohan; Nicole Richie

46. NY POST/PAGE SIX...04/18
WHICH Hollywood golden couple is actually separated? While she was away making a movie, she slept with her co-star. He found out and now she's living with her parents — but sadly, he's being blamed for their marital problems. Jessica Simpson-Nick Lachey/Johnny Knoxville

47. Filth2go 04/18
Could it be that one of our favorite funny ladies is barking up the wrong tree…again? So say my sources on the set who tell me that the distinctive dame has fallen head over heels for that mysterious movie man. Of course, everyone knows the stud who lives to serve (something they have in common) is gay as a goose and our bubbly beauty should turn her face away. But history has a way of repeating itself, and someone’s heading for a fall.
Liza Minnelli; Fran Drescher

48. 3 A.M. GIRLS 04/11
Which US star was uncharacteristically unfriendly at the Prince's Trust UMF? He stayed in his dressing room because he didn't want to get harassed by fans? Will Smith

I'm as shallow as the next Tinseltown jerk. I like my faves, particularly Naughty Nina. So, I'm keeping her rep sorta clean here. But, hell, this bitch blows the dudes in the restrooms of only the globe's chicer establishments. I mean, like Neen would evah be caught fellating today's hottest rockers and celebs in the men's rooms of, say, an In-N-Out, or somethin'. Damn straight. Regardless, gotta take a breather here on the heavy-breathing Vices--this one's all about the green. Nina, whose friends are far more rich than she is (actually, that's one of the bigger scams going round town right now), is developing quite the rep for her miserly clubgoing ways. And what could be more offensive (to some) than hauling out your manicured privates or feeling up your boy-dates in public? Not leaving a tip for the waitstaff, that's what. Zilch. Nada. Not even a 'Thanks, I'll getcha next time!' She does this without fail. I swear, this shortsighted chintziness is going to do in N2 faster than her prophylactic-free playtime!
Paris Hilton

--There is the famous movie couple who demanded a separate private jet from Los Angeles to Europe just for their luggage, at a cost of $40,000.
 Michael Douglas and Catherine Zeta-Jones

--There's the pop singer whose dressing-room requirements while making a video for charity included $50 French candles and enough food to sustain a family of tsunami victims for a month.  J. Lo and the 9/11 Tribute

--There's the TV bad girl who insisted the network erect a billboard for her show on a street where she knew an ex would drive past it. Alyssa Milano

--There's the actress who demanded Harry Winston jewelry to help her get into the role of a wealthy woman (because, you know, it was a stretch), then hid in her trailer when she was asked to give it back. Sharon Stone

--There’s a certain rakish, charming actor. A man, whose suave screen presence, locker-pinup looks, and spectacularly screwed-up personal life have brought pleasure to millions. Over his 25-year career, he’s earned his place in the celebrity pantheon. To those who’ve worked with him, however, this certain actor is also known as a rampaging diva whose behind-the-scenes demands can be not only unreasonable but bizarre. Starting work on a new TV series, for example, he required that the water feeding into his trailer be purified. But not just any old Evian would do. No, the water that coursed through his trailer’s pipes needed to be blessed. By a shaman. This certain actor went on to demand that the network hire a feng shui expert to optimize the flow of chi in his trailer and also used an astrologer to determine the most cosmically auspicious days for him to work. And then, after just a handful of episodes, his show got cancelled. Rob Lowe

51. 3 A.M. GIRLS 04/22
Which TV star is so desperate to dump his girlfriend he tells his pals she's nothing but a "pathetic parasite"? The millionaire claims he can't get rid of the lass in question because she idolises him and uses emotional blackmail to try to keep him sweet. "Anerican Idol" Simon Cowell and his girlfriend Terry

52. STAR 04/25
Which A-list actor is courting trouble with his latest close shaves? Not only did he recently bed a fun-loving teen queen, but he's risking ridicule because his preference for going hairless below the belt made her stomach turn -- and she's letting everyone know.
Bruce Willis/Lindsay Lohan

Which fading action star was lifting his spirits in the men's room at 58 at Au Bar last week? Onlookers were wondering what he could be doing in there to come out looking so chipper.
Jean Claude Van Damme

--Which African-American star likes to party with pre-op transsexuals in his hotel room while visiting our fair city?
Eddie Murphy; Wesley Snipes

--Which masseur would like his married-but-everyone-knows-he's-gay movie star client to quit hitting on him during massages? John Travolta

55. 3 A.M. GIRLS 04/25
WHICH model has to be heavily air-brushed after glamour shoots because she's piled on the pounds? Her gut's getting bigger by the day and she's got a lot of cellulite.
Kate Moss

56. NY POST/PAGE SIX 04/25
--WHICH journalist-turned-Ivy League lecturer is causing a stir among fellow faculty members by openly hitting on his attractive female students? Some of the co-eds are eager to perform for top grades.
Elvis Mitchell at Harvard (teaching a film class)

--WHICH married diva didn't want to get married on her wedding day? She sobbed to her mother, "I don't love him — I can't do it!" Unsympathetic mom opened her purse and snapped, "Here's a Percocet, now get down that aisle!" The couple is still married. Celine Dion

--WHICH fashion house's publicity department is rejoicing over the departure of its leader? This p.r. head took credit for others' accomplishments, much to the dismay of everyone else.

57. NY POST/PAGE SIX 04/27
--WHICH graying leading man should tell his actress wife to pipe down? On a recent afternoon, she screamed at a pair of Mexican laborers toiling outside the couple's Greenwich Village townhouse because one had used the bathroom without her permission. Richard Gere and Cary Lowell

--WHICH wholesome Hollywood starlet, who also sings, was pregnant by her big-time boyfriend? A waiter at Koi overheard them fighting about whether or not she was going to keep his baby — and it looks like she didn't. Jennifer Love Hewitt; Mandy Moore

--WHICH teen queen followed Duran Duran to the band's hotel and then misbehaved with a tough-guy actor? The hard-partying star demanded to use one of the band's rooms, where she was found with "piles of coke" and a well-known Hollywood badboy.
teen queen: Lindsay Lohan
tough-guy actor: Bruce Willis
Hollywood badboy: Mark Wahlberg

58. POPBITCH 04/27
--A gym owner in South London regularly hires out his boxing ring, to which smiling, squeaky clean American singer? The christian crooner likes to shag his conquests in the middle of the ring.
Donny Osmond

--Which much-discussed Hollywood star is said to have undergone a facelift? She's only in her mid-30s but recent weird facial tics have been getting everyone suspicious. Nicole Kidman

59. 3 A.M. GIRLS 04/29
WHICH US starlet cheated on her husband with a co-star on her latest film? The newlywed lass allowed the man in question to have sex with her in an unnatural fashion as she believes it doesn't constitute cheating. Class.
Jessica Simpson/Johnny Knoxville or Jackass Bam Margera

These well-known, well-loved stars of a widely watched TV series that I happen to be obsessed with were spotted early Sunday morning at an L.A. restaurant called Toast. These Sexy Sibs clearly get along very well--so well they were playfully flirting and...feeding each other. Something tells me that though their time together onscreen may be coming to an end, in real life, they've only just begun...cue the Carpenters.
Maggie Grace (Shannon) and Ian Somerhalder (Boone)/ "LOST"

61. 3 A.M. GIRLS 04/30
WHICH former girlband star was so desperate for some coke while recording an album, she offered to perform a sex act on a sound engineer to get some?

Glistening Gunther, like Naughty Nina last week, happens to be one of my faves. He's a more than decent actor (quite unlike N2), but Gunther's personal life leaves much to be desired. Like his ability--or lack thereof--to seduce women. Sally Ridden is as red hot as they come, career-wise. Man-wise, it's a diff story but not really the point of this Blind tale. So, G.G. is in one of his moods, which means he thinks he's actually straight for a day. He calls up S.R., asks for a date. She declines. He calls again--at 3 in the ayem. Dude, not even straight guys get it at that hour, what the hell are you thinkin'? So, Glistening then ups the anti-courting ante and sends, to Sally's latest movie set, exotic creatures she's supposed to get a kick out of feeding. Uh, Gunth, not really Sally's appetite--to say the least. Sal was beside herself with being "creeped out," she told one of her closest girlfriends, who--thank heavens--saw fit to repeat it to moi. Earth to G-squared: Quit the imitation-het stuff, it doesn't work. Women are not circus animals. And you're not Siegfried & Roy (yet).

Glistening Gunther: Tom Cruise
Sally Ridden: Jennifer Garner

--Which reality star was offered a spot in the show's final four if he admitted on camera to an act of sabotage against a rival that was actually carried out by the producers? He wouldn't play along and was duly axed.
 Kevin from "Project Runway" when Wendy Pepper's daughter's photo was defaced

--The E-mail address of what pretty-boy '80s megaband member (who may or may not have recently played Madison Square Garden) is "manlyman" @ his official Web site? Simon Le Bon/Duran Duran

It’s no secret that even hugely paid stars love free swag and goodie bags as much as your average, everyday Hollywood party free-loader. But nobody can top this pretty young TV and movie thang for nerviness when it comes to shoving her way to the head of the line for handouts, making her embarrassed, overworked personal assistants ask for more, and hoarding so much free swag and so many goodie bags that she’s amassed an entire walk-in closet of the stuff in her Hollywood Hills home. Sure, she keeps some of those free cell phones and makeup and beauty products, but she also has her assistants sell off some of the stuff on eBay, which she carefully tracks every day to make sure they’re not cheating her. Greedy and insecure much, sweetheart? Well, we guess we’d be too if our last four movies and a TV pilot had tanked. Jennifer Love Hewitt; Tara Reid

No wonder handlers of that suddenly hot, oh-so-serious, young-ish thespian who grabs nifty reviews and racks up lots of jobs are working overtime to help him avoid dealing with the press. It’s not like he’s as publicity-shy or pretentious as some of his fellow actors. It’s that the guy has such deep and serious problems with anger management (ask anyone who’s worked with him), almost anything could set him off on a raging tirade. Hey, the guy is a comparatively unproven newbie, so it’s not like the press and his colleagues are about to give him a free pass the way they did Russell Crowe at his volatile. So, since this guy is seriously sub-Crowe in the talent department, Murg predicts he’ll be kept on a short leash, especially as his career sputters out, which shouldn’t take more than a couple of box office bombs. Heath Ledger

Last updated: June 15, 2005