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1. 3 A.M. GIRLS 07/01
WHICH American star's son has been forced to drop out of school becauseof constant bullying over his mother's behaviour? The pin-up televisionstar's antics were so embarrassing that her lad is now in counselling. Anna Nicole Smith

2. NY POST/PAGE SIX...07/05
--WHICH newlywed husband of a TV personality dropped her off at an award show, then went on a tour of gay bars in L.A.? What he didn't realize was that the limo driver had to keep a list of every stop — and that when network execs got the limo bill, the list "looked like a Yellow Page ad of gay bars." Star Jones' husband, Al Reynolds

--WHICH leading man landed his fiancée by giving her a five-year contract for $10 million? Now, she's giving an Oscar-worthy performance acting as if she's really in love with him. Tom Cruise/Katie Holmes

--WHICH foreign-born sports phenom lies about his age? Though he landed a multimillion-dollar sneaker deal as a 14-year-old, whispers are he's closer to 20. Freddy Adu

Which fair and balanced face of Fox News likes to trawl for much younger men at a certain trendy dive bar on W. 40th St.? Hint: It's not one of the girls.
Shepard Smith

Which blond party monster now comes equipped with a portable Starbucks coffee grinder? Apparently, she has decided this is the best way to pulverize weed for her new pot habit ... which might explain why she hasn't been out drinking as much lately. Paris Hilton; Tara Reid

5. POPBITCH 07/08
Seen at Wimbledon last week, which odd couple holed up in the press bar desperate for a late night drink? One is a people's champion sports star who has fallen on hard times, the other a multi-millionaire musician. Both have had well- documented drink and drug problems...which made it all the more odd that they'd disappear to the toilets every fifteen minutes in front of Britain's sporting press.
Ronnie Wood of the Rolling Stones and snooker star Jimmy White

--Which tomcatting boy-bander has been quietly paying child support for a little bundle of joy that he had outside any of his highly publicized relationships?

--I'm not entirely sure I believe the story about that very handsome Irish actor — who's trying to break into Hollywood after success in smaller films — having a gay affair with a certain often-rehabbed former sitcom star, but it's something to think about.  Matthew Perry and Jonathan Rhys Meyers

7. NY POST/PAGE SIX....07/11
WHICH "Saturday Night Live" player was anything but smooth while smooching with a young woman he'd met at a party? The carnally inclined comic suddenly whipped out his manhood during the make-out session, causing the object of his obsession to run for the door.

8. 3 A.M. GIRLS 07/14
WHICH popstar and his girlfriend shocked bandmates by openly sharing drugs during a shoot for their latest video? Kate Moss/Pete Doherty

9. 3 A.M. GIRLS 07/15
WHICH golden girl of the moment isn't as perfect as she is portrayed? At a recent party this actress was walking round offering magic mushrooms to all her fellow guests.
Scarlett Johansson

One Nearly Hairless Blind Vice....Oh, not really, I guess, as I've heard this same-sex scuttlebutt about Stanley Manly for years. Just never believed. Until now. But, per usual, I'm getting ahead of myself. Historically, Stan is one of Hollywood's premier cocksmen, digits down. Right and left, S.M. always seems to be out and about, givin' the ol' boudoir eyes to his myriad booby-dolls. He's photographed at H-town's hipper enclaves, always with at least one or two (female) pretties by his svelte side. At home, it's not necessarily a different story. Through the years, S.M. has bedded probably as many women as Joan Rivers has offended. and then some. But, that was then. Nowadays, Mr. M. trots on back to his fancy-ass digs and promptly ditches the dames. He then puts on something more casual to wear, maybe a little mood music. Goes on up to his massive bedroom, which is equipped with every sexual aid one could imagine. But, all Stan needs is his trusty ol' hand. For himself. Because, these days, Stan prefers to watch. Young boys. And don't go getting any Michael Jackson ideas here, sweetheart, these girly-looking guys are of age, to be sure. Barely. (Oh, and Stan the Man's name is not mentioned in this week's column. I see to it that he rarely is. Always thought there was something pretty fake about this weirdo.)

And it's not Matthew McCauneghy, Verne Troyer, Owen Wilson

--Which actress seeking music cred has a singer boyfriend who "cheats on her relentlessly with the lower East Side groupie girls who follow around his band?"
Hilary Duff and  Joel Madden from Good Charlotte

--Which thirtysomething top designer is raising eyebrows "even in fashion circles" for his 7-gram-a-day coke habit?

12. NY POST/PAGE SIX 07/17
--WHICH soulful character actor is causing whispers in a leafy N.J. suburb? Neighbors are shocked that this middle-aged thespian splits his time between two "wives" and two families in the same town.

--WHICH starlet knows how to score drugs wherever she goes? On location, she called the local college drug dealer, ordered $600 worth of cocaine and told him to bring his friends over. But when the crowd got there, she grabbed the coke, and kicked everyone out.  Lindsay Lohan

13. Filth2go 07/18
Could it be that a certain Hollywood hunk is hairless? Make that SEVERAL Hollywood hunks – at least according to chrome-domed Michael Chiklis. In an interview with Maxim magazine, he says, “More than half the current leading men don’t have hair. They’re faking it. I don’t have to name names, but just know that they either have attachments or full-on wigs.” I won’t name names either, but there’s that guy I have loads in common with who is afflicted with a thinning crown. There’s that television tubby (not the one you’re thinking of) who added as much to his scalp as he has to his waistline. There’s that mega-funny man who has not only increased his wallet, but also the length of his remaining strands (now positioned to cover the growing bald spot). And, finally, there’s that leading man who believes people can’t tell his new “do” is straight out of a can!

that guy:
television tubby:  Kevin James
mega-funny man:  Jerry Seinfeld
leading man: Kevin Spacey

leading man: Ben Affleck

14. NY POST/PAGE SIX 07/19
WHICH pregnant star's husband is cheating on his wife? At the recent wrap show for "That '70s Show" at a Meatpacking District lounge, the bad boy hubby was spotted dirty dancing and kissing a lovely Latina.

What starlet panicked recently when she realized she'd left her purse at a photo shoot? Alas, nosy stylists had already discovered her crystal meth inside. Let's hope she cleans up before she winds up like Black Eyed Peas hottie Fergie, who used to take the drug. On one bender, Fergie recalls in Blender, "I ended up in a Korean church on Wilshire, very paranoid, thinking that the FBI was after me. I was walking around the church, crying, hallucinating." She kicked the habit the next day.

--Which handsome actor has been squiring a young Asian beauty who is not the older wife he married before making it big?

Hugh Jackman

--Which young actress with a nasty nose-candy problem has conned her publicist into picking up packages from her dealer? Lindsay Lohan

17. Filth2go 07/25
Could it be that a certain young star getting oodles of attention is learning that there is a price for fame? So say sources close to the dazzling dreamboat who tell me that payment is due on the services rendered by that very powerful player. The pretty boy was more than eager to play nice on his way up the ladder. Now that he’s teetering on an upper rung, he’s less than willing to give up that pound of flesh (although he still likes getting his flesh pounded). He might change his tune when he learns of the surveillance tapes circulating. They make it crystal clear how he spent his summer vacation.
Jesse McCartney and David Geffen

18. 3 A.M. GIRLS 07/25
WHICH"straight" actor once had a gay liaison with a fellow star? The hunkylad always gushes about his girlfriend but fails to inform her he also gets the horn from his stash of gay porn.

19. NY POST/PAGE SIX...07/25
--WHICH newly humiliated actress is not so innocent herself? We hear that while visiting her cheating man on a movie set, she hooked up with his married co-star during an all-night cocaine binge.

Newly humiliated actress: Sienna Miller
Cheating Man: Jude Law
Married Costar: Sean Penn

--WHICH closeted TV personality is so desperate to appear straight, he tips off the paparazzi whenever he is meeting an attractive woman? Ryan Seacrest

Sure, she's considered one of the sexier thangs in TV and movieland. But there's a big, honkin' reason why plenty of sexy thangs of the male persuasion take a pass when they get offered a chance to work with her - and it's not just because she has a knack for choosing lousy projects. No, it's more because she apparently considers herself way too voluptuous and desirable to have to bother using such basic niceties as soap, deodorant and mouthwash. Honey, maybe your best friends (let alone your agents) won't tell you, but Murg will: Clean up your act. Fast.

If a hugely famous showbiz couple got quietly (or not so quietly) uncoupled just about the time you're reading this, Murg warns you not to buy the standard B.S. about all the various pressures that tore them apart. You know, like how their busy work schedules kept them from seeing enough of each other or some such press agent blather. What truly drove the wedge between the pretty twosome is how she refused to take it lightly when she found out a few months back that if he wasn't busy until the wee hours playing internet poker, he was busy playing pocket poker. That's right, the guy with the nice-guy conservative image is a hopeless internet porn hound. Jessica Simpson/Nick Lachey

What recently married reality TV star stopped by a raunchy gay club, BoysRoom, last weekend? The party manimal and a new buddy flounced outwithin 20 minutes.
Fabian Basabe "Filthy Rich: Cattle Drive" on E!

Dan Savage tagged this blind item to the end of his column on the Village Voice's site: "... When this column first ran, I closed with a personal ad from a gay reader in New York City who had a crush on a hot bartender. That gay reader with the crush? He's a pop star now. That bartender? Dunno what happened to him. ..."

24. 3 A.M. GIRLS...07/28
WHICH US singer is in serious danger of losing her husband? Madonna; Gwen Stefani

Toothy Tile, the rising young male star who secretly likes boys, is creating quite the media sitch. Not only am I told by same-sex inside sources that Mr. T. is still speaking with media representatives about coming out of the closet (much to the dissatisfaction of T.T.'s ten-percent crowd), but poor T. is feeling a tad...pulled. He really loves his old g-f. That much is very clear. Nevertheless, T.T. is not breaking up with his (largely unknown) boyfriend, even though Mr. T.--whose dimples nevertheless remain quite dreamy through all this suspenseful tsuris--is not quite sure what, exactly, to do about the ex-girlfriend What's a bisexual budding star to do? Oh, probably what all the rest of 'em do: Stay right in the damn closet. Care to prove me wrong, Tooth? And it ain't Josh Duhamel, Josh Lucas or Ben MacKenzie.

26. 3 A.M. GIRLS 07/29
WHICH US singer suffers from a nasty case of genital herpes? The star's bisexual boyfriend has passed it on to her - even though she told him to jack in his promiscuous ways.

27. 3 A.M. GIRLS 07/30
WHICH Hollywood diva marched into a swanky R&B club in London and demanded they play a dance track? After the DJ threw a strop, holy wa rbroke out and the star was turfed out on her ear...

Which actor, shooting a film opposite a certain tabloid-fodder actress, is popular on the set, even though he needs a break between each take to accommodate his monster cocaine habit?
Vince Vaughn/Jennifer Aniston

Whoa, momma. Did I get an earful from someone who used to work closely with this gal last night at the Fox party. One of our favorite all-time girls next door on television is apparently a man-stealin' ho. (In this case, a much deserved description.) She went a little Single White Female on her previous show, befriending a married couple (one half of whom she co-starred with), then seducing the hubby, Linda Tripp-ing their phone sex and sending it to the wife. (!!) The marriage, over. His career, over. Hers, NOT. It's NOT: Jennifer Garner. But roughly somewhere along those lines.  And this plotline, much better than her current show.

30. NY POST/PAGE SIX...08/01
WHICH Hollywood honcho married to the president of a star's production company is in rehab for drug abuse? Sadly, word is he won't have his job when he gets out.

31. ACSLOPE! 08/04
What starlet, of the war kind, who's shorter and less humble than her attitude should allow, was carrying on at a NYC downtown hotel and managed to be rude when asked if she modeled? As if she was being attacked? Well, the snippy attitude soon followed and for someone in the biz, she didn't know that models aren't always tall. Not a biggie except for the "short" memory for how she was discovered when she was a young modeling pup. She's now a full grown bitch! Just like her troublesome smelly dog. Humbleness isn't taught at Harvard. Although at first, cute and seemingly adorable, all that fame and money soon makes heads swell and without much hair these days, it's not a pretty sight, once you look beyond the facade. Newsflash!!! not everyone says I love you. Natalie Portman

32. 3 A.M. GIRLS 08/04
WHICH supposedly minted hip-hop star is actually as tight as they come?The man has ordered staff to choose "economical foodstuffs andmoderately priced wines" instead of caviar and Cristal for his summercruise. The serial blagger even insists none of his posse tips the boat's staff. 50 Cent

33. Betty & Pansy's Severe Queer Review of San Francisco
Under the lodging section there is a review of Beck's Motor Lodge: "It is the closest thing in the Castro to a no-tell motel, and accordingly, there are many 'sneaky Petes' lurking around. A certain rock (okay, pop) star used to bring his tricks here and have them beat the shit out of him with his leather belt. Rumor? Just ask Pansy - or half the queens in the Castro, for that matter."

Puissant Phillipe has had the most divine and much photographed affair with See-Through Sheila. Folks talk about them night and day, which is reportedly how often the celebrated duo has sex. Hardly. About the same amount of time See-Through wears a turtleneck is more like it. Now, even though Puissant (Pissy, to his bestest buds) is actually a fairly sweet dude, it's actually the dudes this previously reported babe-chaser prefers to get down with. He gave an inkling of this information, by the bi, to See-Through, once they first got together. Also, to be fair to P2, it wasn't until his dalliance with Ms. Sheila was at full-throttle that he realized it was consistently the more manly launch, not the feminine boosters, that brought his rocket to regular blastoff. Meanwhile, the whole world thinks P.P. is just a plain ol' space cadet, because his cooling off with S.T.S. has begun to leak. IT'S NOT: Kirsten Durst/Jake Gyllenhaal; Mischa Barton/Brandon Davis; or Rebecca Romijn/Jerry O'Connell

Leonardo DiCaprio/Giselle Bundchen; Kate Bosworth and Orlando Bloom; Ashton Kutcher/Demi Moore

35. NY POST/PAGE SIX 08/05
WHICH closeted leading man is smitten with a very hunky — but sadly straight — production assistant on the set of his new movie? The star keeps meeting the poor aide at the door of his trailer dressed only in a small towel and visibly aroused.
John Travolta; Kevin Spacey

A certain well-known reality star was so schnockered on the red carpet of ABC's TCA Party, I nearly passed out from his breath of fiyah! This gorgeous guy walked the carpet not once, but twice, as if it were a "race" for the most camera time. But something tells me he lost. Amazing Race/Reichen Lehmkuhl

37. 3 A.M. GIRLS 08/07
WHICH pop singer suffers from the embarrassing condition of stress incontinence? The band member likes to appease her stylist by wearing tight clothing but the 'leaks' often show up - and fans were left stunned when she peed herself on stage at a recent gig.  Fergie from Black Eyed Peas

38. NY POST/PAGE SIX 08/08
--WHICH '80s heartthrob actor had a jarring sexual experience while on a recent overseas jaunt? He awoke to find the woman he'd brought back to his hotel room urinating on him. David Hasslehoff

--WHICH hot young actress isn't as virginally pure as she'd like everyone to think? The fashionable young lady used to live in New York in an apartment with nine male models — and shagged them all.

39. Filth2go 08/08
Could it be that a certain leading man has been leading a double life? So say sources down with our favorite fake fey, who ain’t straight as an arrow. I guess I’m not surprised. Just look at that somewhat matronly missus who looks more like his mum. Or that air about him that is often explained away with that age-old excuse “He’s not gay – he’s just foreign.” Or that bit of news this week that just strikes anyone who reads about it as odd. But the clincher was hearing that while his matrimonial bed is unsullied…his dressing room is a different story. Seems a dresser with impeccable timing walked in on a scene that likely should have taken place on a billiard table (see how I tied this whole column together?).
Hugh Jackman\

40. 3 A.M. GIRLS 08/09
WHICH celeb entertains her pals when she's off her face on drugs by waking up her baby in the middle of the night and bringing it downstairs so they can "oo" and "ah" at it?
Kate Moss;Jordan; Michelle Heaton; Jessie Wallace; Stella McCartney

#1 Let's see, we've got Studly Seymour goin' down on some chick at the Viceroy in Santa Monica. Does that interest you? A little, you say? Well, it was quite impromptu, nothing planned (like in a bathroom stall or anything). Box-office deliverer S2 and his latest gal--for the moment, I assure you--just wanted to share a scream or 15 in the ballroom, that's all. So what if other folks crashed their sweaty party?

#2 Toothy Tile, on the other orgasmic hand, does mind. Or maybe not? Hmmm. As any reader of this filthy column knows damn well by now, our boy Tooth--much like Seymour, above--likes taking chances. He does it in the parking garages of Hell-Ay's more bourgeois shopping centers. On restaurant balconies--hell, wherever there's a chance of getting caught. Just like he did last weekend. Parking lot right off the Strip. T.T. and his b-f (for whom, I'm told, Toothy has considered very heavily coming out of the proverbial media closet) were "hard-core" doing the diddly, say their concerned amigos. Only problem was, a security cop called the real coppers, who hand-slapped T.T. something good. Alas, somebody's somebody called the head somebody at the police station, and the whole thing got covered up--just like most of the fun stuff does in this ass-greasing enclave. So, don't expect Mr. T. to bare his bisexual soul anytime soon. I hear his relationship with the same-sex partner is suddenly not quite as gung-ho as it has been for months previous. Toothy got so friggin' scared he's edging back in the closet. And--you guessed it--the opposite-sex ex is soothing Tile's bruised psyche. Hey, don't sweat it, Tooth. I once did it on the Long Island Railroad with my then beach boy, and the conductor happened by. Oops. Didn't ask for my ticket, funny enough. IT ISN'T: Sean William Scott; Johnny Depp; Michael Vartan; Johnny Knoxville; Seth Green Jake Gyllenhaal

42. 3 A.M. GIRLS 08/12
WHICH Hollywood beauty was paid £500,000 by an ageing playboy for sex?The pouty pin-up accepted the cash before her career hit the big-time and paid off a former aide who threatened to spill the beans on the sordid encounter.
Gretchen Mol

43. 3 A.M. GIRLS 08/14
WHICH Hollywood actor is having it away with his girlfriend's brother?
Peter Sarsgaard/Maggie Gyllenhall's brother Jake; Tom Cruise/Katie Holmes

44. NY POST/PAGE SIX 08/14
--WHICH tattooed daughter of a movie mogul has a lesbian sex tape floating around? Daddy was able to suppress nude photos of his daughter that surfaced years ago, but now a sapphic session from her days in college has surfaced.

--WHICH supposedly sweet TV actress has to remind herself to be nice? The new mother leaves Post-It notes around her house which read: "Remember to be nice to people!" Debra Messing

What divorcing actor should have more time for his musical boyfriend now that he's shedding his wife? They may have to ind new girlfriends to cover for them during their Hawaiian vacations...
Eddie Murphy/Johnny Gill; Eddie Murphy/Usher

46. Filth2go 08/15
Could it be that a certain pop pup is inching back into his cedar closet?  So say sources close to the crew cut kid, who has reverted to his roots.  I’m told that those rumblings about him coming out are decidedly premature.  Not only is he staying put, but he’s bringing that well-known fag hag in to keep him company.  Don’t be surprised if rumors surface of a wee one en route – although we’d be awfully surprised if it ever arrived.
J.C from N'sync

We'll call her Scandalous Sally. This adorable girl next door has won over audiences with her charm and poise, but behind the scenes, well, let's just say she's more two-timing than goody-two-shoes. Sources tell me that while this lovely lady was otherwise committed to someone we've known and loved for years, she became, um, "frak" buddies (a new word I just learned from my new Battlestar friends, and yes, it means what it sounds like) with a costar of a short-term project. Très tragique, for we do love her so.

48. 3 A.M. GIRLS 08/16
WHICH saddo singer refused to set foot inside a London nightclub unlesshis music was played when he walked in? The formerly-famous crooner,who bangs on about making a big comeback, demanded that one of his few"hits" was blasted out to welcome him and when club bosses refused, hewouldn't go in.
Rick Astley

Chunky Charlie is known for baiting Hollywood's more rarefied fishies. But for a minute there, C2 decided to settle down with a purty little mermaid. Even had a few guppies as a result. But then it all came plummeting down faster than the Titanic, I declare. C.C. couldn't keep his fins in his pants--like, at all--so, Missus Mermaid ditched his increasingly déclassé ass and took a settlement the size of the Caribbean in the process. Ouchie-wouchie! Charles felt the requisite chastising and pain. His friends told him this was no way to exist--floundering from one fillet to the next. Try it again, they said. Settle down! Like a fool, Charlie listened. Found himself a nice simple little thing. Pretty as a perch, too. Only problem being, the shark deep inside Charlie is at it, yet again. And now he has a new MO, so, ladies, watch out: Whereas olden times had C.C. seducing with bravura fitting a barracuda, Mr. C.'s increasing waistline now requires a more polished, yet just as effective reeling-in--aw shucks, Nemo style. It's landing Charles some real prizes, trust me. IT ISN'T: Sylvester Stallone; Eddie Murphy; Will Smith
Kevin Costner

50. Benjamin Nicholas 08/18
Top ranked gay escort to high society, Benjamin Nicholas, is at it again, sharing wonderful blind items with the world:

On the plane ride over to Vegas, I had the pleasure of sitting next to Victoria Gotti, the daughter of imprisoned John Gotti, crime boss extraordinare. She's currently working on the next season of her hit reality series "Growing Up Gotti" for A&E and was on her way to LV to get a scoop for her weekly column she writes for Star Magazine. Interesting lady indeed. I wasn't ballsy enough to ask her if she used Restylane in her lips or if she went with implants, but I did spend an inordinate amount of time trying NOT to stare at her massive soup-coolers. Gotti did give me one small scoop that I found shocking, involving a very well-known tennis pro and his tendencies towards men. When I pressed a bit more, she let on that he has a "shaving fetish" and that he regularly hires guys to come to his hotel rooms and "shave him down." Dammit. Why can't I get that job? That actually sounds pretty hot... Andre Agassi

--Which loose-lipped supermodel has been privately confirming rumors about a certain famous TV host's sexuality?
Janice Dickenson OR Rachel Hunter about Ryan Seacrest

--Which gal pal of a name-brand baseball player is said to be relaxing certain precautions in an effort to handcuff the hunk with a baby?

--Close friends of a certain sexy baseball player are trying to dig up dirt on the slugger's sizzling girlfriend. To persuade their buddy to kick her to the curb, pals are trying to find proof that the busty babe is stepping out with other guys.
Derek Jeter and Vanessa Minnillo

--Which prize-winning male talk-show host has been secretly dating a renowned playwright who still hasn't managed to leave the closet? The scribe keeps telling interviewers that he is excited to find a wife and start a family, even though he has been seeing men on the sly.  
male talk-show host: Anderson Cooper
renowned playwright:

53. NY POST/PAGE SIX 08/25
--WHICH sexy songbird is getting much more than security from her two massive bodyguards? . . . Mariah Carey

--WHICH hip-hop producer's wife discovered him having a torrid affair with a man-eating indie actress? The rap royal's wife has been phoning in death threats to his mistress for weeks . . .
hip-hop producer: Dame Dash
wife: Rache Roy
man-eating indie actress: Chloe Sevigny

--WHICH cable star has a gambling problem? The youngster, who has had brushes with the law in the past, is a regular at several illegal, all-night poker tournaments around town . . . Robert Iler/Anthony 'A.J.' on "Sopranos"

--WHICH skirt-chasing actor recently performed a lewd act in front of a comely young lass he met at an L.A. nightclub? Jesse Metcalfe

54. 3 A.M. GIRLS 08/26
WHICH simple star bitched about a Hollywood A-lister during a dinner party?She said the toyboy-loving actress has bad skin and looks like theJoker when she smiles. That's rich coming from her.

simple star: Nicole Richie
toyboy-loving actress: Cameron Diaz

-- --Which square-jawed anchor - and not the one at CNN or Fox that you'rethinking of - surprised a spywitness recently when he was caught in a clinch with a handsome male companion?

--What actor in a hit TV series is having serious baby-mama drama with a woman who isn't his famous girlfriend? The parties are sitting down with their lawyers this week to work out a cash settlement.  Naveen Andrews/"Lost"

--Which celebrity chef entertained close friends on a yacht off California by making lunch and then for dessert performed a sex act with a female guest in full view of the party?

--Which host of a new TV reality show is getting more airtime with the weekly guests because he's sleeping with the director?

57. Filth2go 08/29
Could it be that when producers of THE BACHELOR were looking for a pseudo celeb star, Charlie O'Connell wasn't their first choice? I hear that after scouring the scene for a stud, the execs settled on a semi-solo singer who set temperatures soaring to new heights. Alas, during the pre-show health screening, it was revealed to the brass - and, allegedly, to the lad himself - that he has herpes! Look, it didn't stop the Pfeiffer from getting ahead (or giving it.)
Jeff Timmons of the pop band 98 Degrees; former "Save By The Bell" star Mario Lopez

58. 3 A.M. GIRLS 08/29
WHICH goody-two-shoes star was so keen to be in the front row of the team pictures that she pushed other celebs out of the way just to be seen?
Mandy Moore

Can't resist this one any longer. At one of the events I attended in Hawaii, this star of a former fan favorite brought along a guy who seemed to be some sort of assistant/manager/flack ... That is, until one of my fellow reporters recognized this youngish lad as a former gay porn star and current date for hire. Hint: I don't think I've ever written about the show he's best known for. Shhh...
Neil Patrick Harris ("Doogie Howser, MD")/David Burtka. Burtka starred in a R-rated gay indie film ("24 Nights")

60. 3 A.M. GIRLS 08/31
WHICH party girl has been scarred by a botched bout of liposuction? The 20-something actress, who's already had breast and facial surgery, shocked sunseekers on a recent beach jaunt by flaunting her hideously rippled tum.
Tara Reid

Last updated: September 22,  2005