January and February

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Murg suggests you avoid running into that gorgeous young thespian who got such a massive publicity push for his first few movies, what with magazine spreads, interviews, and all sorts of TV coverage. These days, he's not only even more insufferably pretentious than usual (ask anyone who's had to endure more than five minutes listening to him pontificate on books, politics, and weighty issues he knows jack about) but he's also hugely pissed off that the best roles in town for young actors - in films like Cameron Crowe's Elizabethtown, Ridley Scott's Crusades epic Kingdom of Heaven and Sam Mendes' aforementioned Jarhead - are all going to other dudes. Sure, he's been scoring other lesser movies but he's also been letting his looks slide and picking fights with his few remaining buds. What's his deal, anyway? It seems that most directors who meet him are put off by his too-cool vibe, but even the ones who are willing to put up with his crap have discovered that the guy is only about one-tenth as talented as he thinks he is. Heath Ledger; Josh Hartnett; Ashton Kutcher; Seann William Scott

Murg hears the fur really flew when this hot, ridiculously overconfident young star turned up at her boyfirend's house unannounced after months away shooting movies and traipsing around with a costar or two. It turns out she found him getting busy with another woman, and not just any woman, mind you, but the costar of one of the films she had just gotten back from shooting. Our little hot tamale had the gall to stage a full-on meltdown so loud and long that neighbors heard it up and down the Hollywood Hills. She even made a homicidal lunge for her rival's newly augmented breasts. Finally, the boyfriend (make that ex-boyfriend) put his foot down and threw her out, threatening to phone the police and the psycho's mother if she dared to come back. We're guessing she won't.

3. 3 AM GIRLS 01/02
WHICH actor has splashed out £8,000 on a hair transplant operation? Despite only being in his 30s, the star has a thinning bonce - and after years of wearing hair pieces he's finally gone under the knife.
Jude Law

4. 3 AM GIRLS 01/03
Which faded pop star was so convinced a juicy movie role was hers that she told everyone it was in the bag? She spent thousands on acting lessons but her audition was so frighteningly bad that producers cast someone else. Back to the drawing board, then..Geri Halliwell

5, Filth2go 01/03
Could it be that a naughty nighttime newbie has been enjoying his success? So say my buddies who are friends with the hunk’s home boys (and trust me when I say there are lots of boys in that home). One of the surprisingly regular visitors to the casa of the not-so-tall, dark, and handsome dude is his fair-haired predecessor. Comparing notes? Or finding some common ground? Either way, it sounds like there’s little chance of gathering moss.

naughty nighttime newbie: Jesse Metcalf, the gardner from "Desperate Housewives"
fair-haired predecessor: Kyle Searles

6. 3 AM GIRLS 01/04
Which high-flying actress claims to love Britain's culture, but is actually referring to the drugs scene rather than art galleries? The stunning starlet often drags pals round clubs so she can score her pick-me-up of choice. According to a mate: "She reckons the UK's cheaper for drugs. " Naughty!

7. 3 AM GIRLS 01/07
Which British celebrity shocked his staff by being a tight-wad? He threw a bash to thank his flunkies for all their hard work but they were less than impressed by his choice of wine. They got cheap plonk while he and his missus knocked back specially-ordered bottles of pricey stuff.
Ozzy Osbourne

--Which bottle-blond TV personality is an unnamed third woman in that very public recent adultery scandal?

--Which young, blue-eyed heartthrob in a current TV hit has a network publicity department that hopes red-state viewers don't find out he lives with his boyfriend? Benjamin McKenzie/The O.C.who comes from the Red State of Texas

9. Filth2go 01/10
--Could it be that a certain funny man has traded one addiction for another? So say friends, who tell me that the spicy signor is obsessed with gambling. Although he's done well on screen, in person it's quite a different game. To improve, he started playing online and now spends hours upon hours glued to his computer terminal. Rumor has it he'll play `til dawn, waiting for one jackpot.
Matthew Perry

--Could it be that a certain blond Adonis has been jumping through hoops to get his next gig? So say my spies in that den of iniquity who tell me that the sexy stud has been desperately seeking employment for a year now and is even willing to do daytime. Gee, this desire to stay busy coincides with two important milestones – the beginning of a personal engagement and the end of a professional one. Craig Kilborn
* * *
Both subjects are mighty close to each other – geographically and chronologically s--peaking. So close, and yet so far.

10. 3 AM GIRLS 01/11
WHICH troubled diva was displaying strange behaviour during a recent beach break?
Whitney Houston

11. 3 AM GIRLS 01/12
WHO'S the pop band member who got more than a little bit friendly with a former boyband singer behind her fiance's back? The fella she cheated with specialises in providing a shoulder to cry on for broken- hearted girlies.

12. STAR 01/14
--Which hunky major-league baseball player was more than receptive to the many adies approaching him in Miami over New Year's weeked, een though most were 10 years his junior - and he's got a girlfriend.
Derek Jeter (at Sky Bar in Miami on NYE)

--Which attractive young female athlete took a very revealing look down her skimpy yellow bathing suit on a walk down the beach in St. Barthelemy over the holidays while a paparazzi photographer snapped away unnoticed? Anna Kournikova

--Which Ivy League-educated actress is secretly seeing an ex on the sly? It's been almost two years since they've dated, but this diminutive cutie has recently had a hankering for her ex, and the two have been spending lots of time together on the down-low. Elizabeth Shue and Val Kilmer

--Which 40-something actress rumored to have injected her lips with collagen or GoreTex implants is anxious to go under the knife again? She feels her lips are an eyesore and are preventing her from landing the coveted film roles she once was known for. Madeline Stowe; Meg Ryan; Melanie Griffith

Which extremely successful and very young singer was seen with her husband were at Play, Nashville's newest gay club. A little gay bird told me she was wearing a t-shirt with a giant pot leaf on it. She was up dancing with the drag queens onstage and apparently was pretty drunk. No word on what her husband with the sculpted eyebrows was doing, but we can only wonder. He did offer that there were two empty bottles of Veuve Clicquot on her table. And in Nashville, that's fancy. Don't ask for initials, hair colour, or if her name rhymes with "Spitney", or "Aguilwhorah", because that is all I'm giving, I'm royalty and we have our perks! LeAnn Rimes

--Which reality-show goodie two-shoes has a nasty divorce in her past that includes videotaped evidence of her having an affair with the kids' soccer coach?
Joan Lunden "Wickely Perfect"

What Hollywood hunk is the star of pictures bouncing around the Internet, taken at a football game two weeks ago, of him stoned out of his noodle? Matthew McConaughey at the Rose Bowl; Brad Pitt at the Orange Bowl

--Which fashionable reality show contestant is upping her chances by sleeping with one of the judges?

--Which trendy band's front man just bedded a ­recently ­married small-screen ­superstar?

17. 3 AM GIRLS 01/17
Which fading ex-girl band star is finding it impossible to hire a new PR after splitting from her loyal publicist last month? She's been turned down by some top firms in showbiz who think she's more trouble than she's worth and is well past her sell-by date.

Kerry Katona/"Atomic Kitten"

18. Filth2go 01/17
Could it be that a certain boy next door has a dirty little secret? Not only is he not nearly as squeaky clean as he appears, but there should be more to him than meets the eye. Secretly, he credits regular visits to the plastic surgeon for his trim physique. And, according to sources, he not only likes to get “sucked”, he likes to do it, too. But, shhh, don’t tell anyone he’s a sister, or his mummy would roll over in her grave.
Brendan Frasier

19. NY POST/PAGE SIX 01/18
WHICH big-name Hollywood actor has fallen back into his druggie ways? The matinee idol, whose career has taken a nose dive, is consoling himself with controlled substances. His hot new gal pal shares his narcotic interests.

20. 3 AM GIRLS 01/18
Which glamour girl persists in dabbling with class-A drugs, despite them landing her in hot water in the past. A spy tells us: "At a recent bash she came out of the loos rambling incoherently and telling everyone she loved them."
Sadie Frost

21. 3 AM GIRLS 01/20
Who's the popstar mum who is refusing to return thousands of pounds worth of clothes lent to her for promotional work much to the anger of all the companies who are still waiting to get them back? She may have changed dress sizes lately but she's still determined to hang on to the clobber.
Sharon Osbourne; Posh Spice

22. Filth2go 01/24
When I can mention the Golden Globes and Pam Anderson and NOT make a joke, it’s time to end yet another column.
--No time to tell you about the sore loser who stormed out of the awards in a huff.  Oliver Platt/"Huff"

--Or the gal who was with her dad – except he’s not her biological dad. Mariska Hargitay

23. 3 AM GIRLS 01/25
WHICH gay film star got a slap in the face for getting a bit too fresh with some teenage totty? The spaced-out actor thought he'd have his pick of a Dublin gay bar, but got a rude awakening. Class.
Kevin Spacey; Rupert Everett

What cool cat is hung like a horse? It seems a certain sportsman, while shooting stuff for his new video game, was asked to change into a Spandex cat suit, fitted with little mirrors, to guide the computer sensor-thingies. The hitch came when more was revealed than anticipated, so much, in fact, that witnesses say they could discern his religion, as well as the fact that he is a huge "talent". Goodness, his wife must be a happy camper! A lackey was dispatched to the nearest Wal-Mart, (what's that?), for some support for this athlete who had gone commando. As always, don't expect confirmation, royalty has its privileges, you know.
Tiger Woods

24. 3 AM GIRLS 01/27
Which movie hunk did the dirty on his bird with a waitress recently? The sharp-suited actor convinced the young lass to enjoy a tryst in his hotel room - despite the fact that his long-term girlfriend was on her way over to see him.
Jude Law; Johnny Depp; Hugh Grant

25. 3 AM GIRLS 01/28
Which up-and-coming actress, desperate to impress this awards season, is building a reputation as a right diva? During her last project she refused to take part in promotional work and, when made to speak to the press, blew cigarette smoke in her interviewer's eyes. Nice! Eva Longoria of "Desperate Housewives"

This one comes from sunnier climes, my dahlings, but American, nevertheless: What diminutive, small screen lovely is not the bubble-head we all assumed? Her fumbling speech, her glazed expression and fluttering eyelids are not the result of a low IQ, but, instead, a high Blood Alcohol Level! She's not a blackout drunk, because she judges her intake carefully; rather she has just become adept at sprinkling the joy juice judiciously throughout her day. Those in the know have reported that she started her day with champagne, breezed off to "work" in a purple haze, then, upon returning, resumed her tippling with two bloody marys, and wine with dinner; followed by an entire bottle of Chardonnay, to end her day on a high note, alone, in her room. It was not uncommon, when tidying up after our ditzy Sheherazade, to find caches of empty Heineken, (what's that?), bottles simply *everywhere*! No confirmations from me, dahlings, I'm far too busy with my manicure! Paula Abdul

--Which pretty blond actress with a household name had a gastric emergency in the middle of a Sundance TV interview and had to restart the taping after a bathroom-clearing incident in the ladies' room?
Jenny McCarthy

--Which Hollywood exec had two cars with drivers for his week in Sundance - one for his wife and one for his mistress.

28. Crier's blind item  01/29
Which glamorous actress gets so nervous about live television that she has an unbecoming habit of "sweating rings" through her clothes during interviews?  

Court TV's Catherine Crier tantalized Lowdown with this pungent tale yesterday at the Four Seasons restaurant during a lunch celebrating the fifth anniversary of her show "Catherine Crier Live."

Crier said: "I couldn't tell you who - I couldn't embarrass her. She's a very famous actress still on the screen today. This is someone who is just absolutely brilliant on the screen, and scared to death to sit down and do television interviews." Nicole Kidman

--Which big-name, big-man actor should be a lot skinnier given the amount of snow he shoveled up his beak at Sundance?
John Goodman

--Which blond male actor likes to retire to nightclub rest rooms in the company of a pretty girl and a generous bag of "booger sugar"?

30. STAR 01/31
--What blonde wild child has become so close with her athletic boyfriend that she even convinced him to dye his hair the same color as hers?
Tara Reid and Sergei Fedorov

--Which young TV star stole her best friend's boyfriend in high school? The man-napping took place when the friend went away for two weeks over the summer. Oh, and by the way, they're not best friends anymore.

--Which young star from a hit prime-time show developed a major attitude on the set of his first movie? His constant ad-libs and attempted humor even angered two veteran actors. Word is he's pulling the same stunts on his TV show, and it's quickly wearing thin with the network brass. Adam Brody

--According to some of her best buds, which hot, young actress would regularly try to steal her friends' handbags, lipstick, jewelry and other personal possessions?: This was before she was famous, of course.

31. 3 AM GIRLS 02/01
Which designer's drug habit has got so bad she has to wear a wig to disguise serious hair loss? The ageing lady was browned off to learn she could be bald within six months. Donatella Versace

32. NY POST/PAGE SIX 02/02
WHICH hunky actor with a famous new girlfriend has been secretly sleeping with a recently divorced actress who herself has a new man? The cheaters are said to have a raging cocaine habit in common . . .

33. 3 AM GIRLS 02/02
Which girlband singer refused to have her picture taken at a charity do because she had a cold sore? The leggy lovely wouldn't listen to her aides' advice and even refused to meet competition winners.

34. 3 AM GIRLS 02/03
Which Brit actor shocked partygoers at a recent charity event by disappearing into the loos to do drugs with his famous female pal? The pair emerged wide-eyed and incoherent - and according to pals their love of class A drugs is an enduring habit.
 Rhys Ifans and Pearl Lowe/Samantha Morton

Goin' down to Jackson(ville), things were, indeed, hotter than a pepper sprout, for this couple, spotted renting a car from Enterprise, holding hands, and acting like everything was cool, despite the fact that they are both red hot actors, getting headlines aplenty. If he is expecting to remain friends with his estranged wife, these PDAs can only serve to corrode that relationship. His divorced paramour, however, has nothing to fear, since the public has grown to accept her jolly antics. Confirmation? We don't need no stinkin' confirmation! *Live, live, live! Brad Pitt/Angelina Jolie/Jennifer Aniston

36. NY POST/PAGE SIX 02/04 #1
WHICH TV mogul should be more careful during his lunch breaks? The network executive was caught with his hands on a young male model type in a cabana at The Abbey, an L.A. gay bar . . . Darren Star

37. NY POST/PAGE SIX 02/04 #2
WHICH aging Oscar-winning actress was less than truthful about her strangely named baby's birth? The infant was actually born six weeks premature, but the star hid that fact by waiting until her due date to announce the birth . . . Helen Hunt

38. NY POST/PAGE SIX 02/04 #3
WHICH younger Oscar-winning actress is also keeping a baby secret? Although it was announced she had a natural birth, her adorable daughter was actually born via C-section — and she has a scar to prove it.
 Gwyneth Paltrow

39. 3 AM GIRLS 02/04
WHICH singer's girlfriend would be stunned to find out about a man-on-man encounter he enjoyed not long ago? The supposedly straight superstar was seen being "serviced" by a gay male fan - and the star in question was loving it.
Justin Timberlake; Enrique Iglesias

40. DataLounge 02/04
In other Desperate Housewives news, another cast member is going to come out of the closet in real life with the help of an upcoming cover f The Advocate and a string of talk show appearances. Just in time for May sweeps. Yes, I do know which cast member (it’s the talk of the set thanks to the fact said cast member wants to give The Advocate the exclusive – the editor is a close friend of the star - before announcing it to the rest of the media and so the coming out process is as complicated as the plans for a war) but I will keep mom on who exactly it is other than to say that it won’t be much of a surprise to those on DL. Oh, and the gay cast member will also announce a relationship with the lead of another TV series. Marcia Cross (Brie)

Which "Project Runway" personality's erratic behind-the-scenes behavior is being ascribed to a crash course of diet pills to look thin for the camera?

--Which newly-ish-wed Hollywood megastar is said to have "booked" his call-girl wife at a Los Angeles brothel and made up a cover story after he got engaged?
Nic Cage

--Which closeted gay Hollywood star hits on reluctant straight boys with the line "You don't have to be a water-skier to water-ski?" Kevin Spacey

43. STAR 02/07 #1
What daytime talk-show gabber has got her dry cleaners holding their noses? Reportedly, her clothes come into the shop with an awful stench that can only be attributed to really bad body odor! Star Jones

44. STAR 02/07 #2
What buxom blonde beauty and her new boyfriend have photos from their steamy first night together? She blabbed to a friend that camera-phone pictures were taken during that inaugural evening of bliss. Pamela Anderson and Stephen Dorff

45. STAR 02/07 #3
What two Golden Globe attendees got paid to wear jewelry for Chopard? One, a nominee, got $250,000 and the other a former Globe winner, took home a cool $100,000 just to parade around in the precious metals - a tough job, but someone's got to do it!

46. STAR 02/07 #4
What hard-working reality TV star recently fell asleep on the bathroom floor of a club? Her friends got worried after she'd been in the ladies room for such a long time, they barged in, only to discover she was taking a snooze. She blamed the impromptu nap on too much working -- and partying. Nicole Richie

47. Filth2go 02/07
Could it be that a certain cinema collaboration has gone south? So say people close to that nubile nervous nelly who tell me that he’s none too sad to see his former friend drop out of their latest project. The terrible twosome was buddy-buddy during their last outing, but have I got news for you. Rumor has it that the arrogant auteur made one too many passes at objects of the talented thespian’s affections. And the rest, as they say, is history.
Steven Soderbergh and George Clooney; Vince Vaughn and Jon Favreau

48. 3 AM GIRLS 02/08
WHICH singer went behind her rocker boyfriend's back at a pal's birthday bash - and tried to pull a male model? The blonde made all the moves but was knocked back as the hunky object of her affection "never does has-beens". Ouch.
Nicole Appleton/Liam Gallagher

Which breakup was apparently partly fueled by a little nose candy problem on the part of the lovely lady?
Kate Bosworth/Orlando Bloom; Kirsten Dunst/Jake Gyllenhaal

What superstar's brother went out with a pier queen who developed AIDS, so the brother gave him the dump and the superstar served up a $50,000 check to keep him away and quiet? (And they say she doesn't support charity.)

What aged socialite-actress feels that the tycoon who bought her mother's Palm Beach house is a vulgar and tacky excuse for a human? Any arguments?
Dina Merrill/Donald Trump

What British star, according to someone who ratted to a tabloid, is averagely endowed and performs straightforward missionary-position sex that's over in 10 boozy minutes? How can I get his number?
Jude Law; Hugh Grant

What hideous '80s rock band lead singer—still trying for a comeback—can almost only do it with girls up the ass (their ass, surprisingly enough)?
David Lee Roth

What long-running comic, whose biggest shtick is about his wonderful wife, used to prance around the Continental Baths back in the day (no doubt for role research)?
Henny Youngman; George Burns; Milton Berle

What star, when she got the script for her gala comeback, started putting all kinds of notes in the margins, until her agent said, "What the fuck are you doing? Stop!"?
Barbara Streisand

What ailing legend, despite his public image, is a real dick—and took graft for years, by the way?
Dick Clark

What slumming actress did a half-naked theater performance, thereby revealing what looked like highly unsettling lipo scars? (Though they may have worked for the part.)

What Oscar-winning actor said of that younger Oscar-winning actress, when they performed together a couple of years ago, "I've worked with a lot of cunts, but she takes the cake!"?
Jack Nicholson/Helen Hunt "As Good as it Gets"

What actor, thought to have dropped out of that diminishing role, was actually let go for not being up to it?

What '80s game show host has a taste for the tranny meat?
John Davidson

What young star of that hit series for the kids was so carefree until recently that he was actually spotted at the Roosterfish gay bar in Venice Beach, California, when the show had already begun airing?
Ben Mackenzie of "The OC"

What '80s teen star works the autograph circuit, posing nude for old men for $50 so he can nab his next batch of crack? Corey Haim

What star's daughter called Mama to say, "Are you watching me on my show tonight?" only to have Mama say, "What show? Oh, I have to go out to dinner, but I guess I'll tape it"?
Kelly and Sharon Osbourne

What married TV star in her mid-thirties has repeatedly gone lesbo with someone I know, to the consternation of the usually open-minded hubby?
Lori Loughlin from "Summerland"

What two stars of an upcoming retread were blitzed on coke at a party for the movie, the main star groping a woman and elegantly asking, "You're not gonna let me put it in?"
Seann William Scott/Johnny Knoxville/Jessica Simpson "Dukes of Hazzard"

What same actor-married, by the way-once tried to fondle a female friend of mine, who couldn't believe her thighs and also did not let him put it in? Johnny Knoxville

67. 3 AM GIRLS 02/10
WHICH performer's entourage was so massive it took over most of the backstage area? Other guests complained to organisers, telling them they were barking mad to allow so many flunkies for just one man.
Snoop Dog

68. POPSTITCH 02/10
Which no-longer-newly-wed blonde had a recent affair with a movie co-star? (According to her friends, the jackass taught her to enjoy rimming). Johnny Knoxville/Jessica Simpson

69. 3 AM GIRLS 02/11
WHICH boyband star had to hastily rearrange his trousers after a bit of dirty dancing with a sexy girlband star at Universal Records' party in West London's Bluebird Cafe?

70. STAR 02/14 #1
What Australian actress pulled a major diva move at Sundance? She demanded that popular celebrity hairstylist Kevin Mancuso leave the salon where he was giving complimentary cuts and come to her room every morning to style her hair!

Naomi Watts

71. STAR 02/14 #2
What Scottish star of a recent film based on a comic book was seen heavily petting a man he'd just met in the VIP room of the Marquee Club in Park City, Utah during the Sundance Film Festival?
Alan Cumming

72. STAR 02/14 #3
What sexy male star who is rumored to be having a steamy e-mail relationship with a sexy female star is telling pals the rumor is false because he doesn't even know how to use email?
Brad Pitt/Angelina Jolie

73. Filth2go 02/14
Could it be that a couple of pooped performers have been indulging in a bit of partner-swapping? It's all just for show, because neither one is interested in the opposite sex. Group dating has become way of life when one is trying to keep up appearances in public. These co-workers are more than happy to help each other out - especially with all the practice they've had. Plus, no one wants to be caught with a hand in the honey pot.
 Jorja Fox & George Eads, CSI

74. 3 AM GIRLS 02/14
WHICH American actor shocked partygoers with his Botox overdose? This star startled us with his ginormous - but totally wrinkle-free - forehead. Who'd have thought this former Hollywood hellraiser would be so vain?
Warren Beatty

75. 3 AM GIRLS 02/15
WHICH actor smoked so much weed on a recent UK visit, other hotel guests could smell it down the corridor? The US hunk was flying so high on his habit, he got the munchies and had room service running around for much of the night.
Matthew McConaughey

76. 3 AM GIRLS 02/16
Which actor will be less than pleased to hear of his fiancee's antics with another star? The babe spent ages competing with a rock star's daughter for the A-list hunk's attentions but the man was not keen and asked to be moved away at a recent awards do.

Actor: Jude Law
fiancee: Sienna Miller
rock star's daughter:
A-list hunk: Leonardo DiCaprio

77. POPBITCH 02/17 #1
Which troubled teen star doesn't seem to be cleaning up her act as much as her PR people would have us believe? She was gakked out of her head at the Imitation of Christ party last week, and vomited on the floor. Mary Kate Olsen

78. POPBITCH 02/17 #2
Which Coca-Cola championship football team is trying to hush-up why so many players have left in the last year for "personal reasons" or being "unable to settle"? The chairman's daughter had been shagging half the team...and one day daddy found out.

79. 3 AM GIRLS 02/17
Which mouthy lass was seen admiring a guest's silicone boobs in the loos? She said she'd love to invest in a pair for herself so she could be the apple of her hubby's eye. Gwyneth Paltrow

80. 3 AM GIRLS 02/19
WHICH moody rocker was so annoyed by someone smoking cigars at a recent awards do, he threw a pint over him? The sulky star threw his toys out of the pram. He must prefer cigarettes...

81. Ben Widdicombe's Gatecrasher 2/19
Which Grammy winner likes to prep for events by making love to her TV-star boyfriend in the back of the limo before walking the red carpet? Fergie from Black Eyed Peas and Josh Duhamel

82. Watch with Kristen 02/19
At the Black Eyed Peas/American Express Tsunami Relief Benefit at the House of Blues last weekend, the show's host (and AmEx commercial queen), Ellen DeGeneres, had her own roped-off VIP section. This did not go over well with a certain TV Power Player--we're talking big-time mover and shaker--who was much dismayed when the kindly fella at the rope informed him he could not pass through.
"You know who I am, right?" T.P.P. inquired. The bouncer did, but still wouldn't let him through. After a few choice words, Power stormed off in a huff, throwing out this zinger: "Tell Ellen I have friends in high places at American Express, and this is the last time she will work with them." Personally, I'm not worried. That girl's a survivor.  Mark Burnett

83. STAR 02/21#1
What recently dumped rocker does not rock between the sheets? His latest ex recently ran into one of his old girlfriends and said, "I cant' believe you stayed with him that long, he's terrible (in bed)!" Ouch.
Jack White/Renee Zellweger

84. STAR 02/21#2
What reality TV star was giving off an unmistakable vapor trail while shopping in an upscale New York City department store with a girlfriend? According to the salesperson, it wasn't her perfume that you noticed, it was the scent of marijuana. Kelly Osbourne

84. STAR 02/21#3
What pop superstar known for wearing wigs is having a new hairpiece specially made for her somewhere in Asia for approximately $10,000? That better be some hot hair.

86. STAR 02/21#3
What overexposed home makeover star is getting a giant ego? The expert fixer-upper recently fired a successful business associate who had earned him extra cash. Why? Because he can!
Ty Pennington

87. Ben WiddicombeNY DAILY NEWS 2/20 #1
Which actress fiancée of a household name recently asked her ex-boyfriend to take her back? He said no, so the wedding is still on.
Stephanie March/Bobby Flay

88. Ben Widdicombe/NY DAILY NEWS 02/20 #2
Which Hollywood megastar allegedly stormed off the set of his latest movie with an E-mail to the director telling her: "I am a Ferrari, you're just a VW?"
megastar: Russell Crowe
movie: Eucalyptus
director: Jocelyn Moorhouse

89. Filth2go 02/21
Could it be that the closet door is creeping open on NBC’s struggling sitcom Joey? Yup, but it’s not who you think. In fact, it’s not even your second guess. Drea de Matteo has revealed that she has enjoyed the company of women in the Sapphic sense. In an interview with Britain’s Daily Sport, Drea said, “I love men and they’re who I go out with. But every now and then – well I can’t say I’ve never been with a woman.” Good for you! Now that we’ve got the ball rolling…Could it be that a certain actor is dancing around the same topic and looking for his light? So say sources close to the sudsy sod who tell me that he’s examining every option for publicity. Now that he’s got a second job and loving it (for the first time in a decade), he thinks the time is right to go public and become the poster boy for gay actors everywhere. Unfortunately, it wouldn’t be news to anyone in the business, and no one outside the business cares (or nose who he is).
Paul Anthony Stewart who plays Danny Santos on "Guiding Light"

90. 3 AM GIRLS 02/21
Which teen actress recently booked herself in for £10,000 worth of liposuction? The US starlet was so unhappy with her curves she had them vacuumed away - but she means well.
Lindsay Lohan

91. NY DAILY NEWS/Ben Widdicombe 02/26 #1
Which twentysomething actor has become a Hollywood punch line for his sexual insecurity and habit of asking girlfriends "Was it good?"

92. NY DAILY NEWS/Ben Widdicombe 02/26 #2
Which young star is fuming after Paris Hilton's leaked E-mails referenced her alleged coke problem?

93. Watch with Kristin 02/26
On a certain well loved, hotter than hot series, I'm told a castmember is leaving the show for good, not by his own doing, but rather, for doing the producer's daughter.

94. 3 AM GIRLS 02/26
Which singer is not so clean-living when it comes to his sex life? After making them sign confidentiality agreements the star frequently takes young men back to his LA mansion and asks them to perform kinky sex acts on him.

95. NY DAILY NEWS/Ben Widdicombe 02/27 #1
Which clean-living major star in a current release has an ex-girlfriend going around saying that behind closed doors, he's a rotten drunk?

96. NY DAILY NEWS/Ben Widdicombe 02/27 #1
Which Oscar-winner is telling pals (jokingly?) that her amazing figure is due to a voluntarily ingested tapeworm?

97. 3 AM GIRLS 02/27
WHICH model's love of hard substances shocked guests at a recent celeb bash? The blonde Botox-lover kept rushing off to "powder her nose" - and polished off nearly two bottles of vodka before throwing herself at every man in sight.

98. STAR 02/28 #1
What Grammy-nominated pop superstar recently invited a model he met at a club up to his hotel room -- to join five other people already in bed with him! "He has a fantastic body," reported the very willing participant.

99. STAR 02/28 #2
What former Baywatch babe recently left a one-cent tip on a $38 drinks bill at a club in Atlanta, GA? The curvy but cheap diva even sent her "Sex On the Beach" drink back three times, claiming it wasn't good.
Carmen Electra

100. STAR 02/28 #3
What Eighties one-hit-wonder spent thousands of dollars on therapy to get over being stalked by a Satan-worshipping farn? While in Japan, the fan even climbed up his hotel fire escape, giving him nightmares for years.
Vanilla Ice

101. STAR 02/28 #4
Which buxom, blonde celebrity recently hired a new stylist to overhaul her image from trashy to classy? The stylist went through the star's closet, replacing the old duds with new couture. And what's she getting rid of next? Hint: They're surgically implanted and come in pairs!
Pamela Anderson; Anna Nicole Smith

102. Filth2go 02/28
Could it be that a certain exotic actor used his considerable pull to get his nemesis a bit more screen time? Could it be that the smooth Scotsman got his part pumped up by pumping his leading man? Tongues wag, and more than thumbs were being sucked by that man with a Middle Eastern flair - proving once again that even a grain of sand can become a pearl when an oyster swallows it.

Last updated: February 28, 2004