November and December 2004

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Don't let this hot young star's innocent look fool you. When the shades are drawn, she has some very grownup twists and turns to her apparently sunny personality. For instance, her smokin' hot sexy boyfriend gets a lot of static for his penchant for putting his extracurriicular activities on digital tape. But how many people know that he gets busy for the camera especially for his always traveling girlfriend, who not only gets turned on by his flings with other women, but loves to watch every move on the tapes he sends her wherever she is around the globe?

Lots of rumors floated when that big female star dropped out of a high-profile movie project that was expected to put her back on top of the heap. Did she have a scheduling conflict when her last movie ran over schedule? Did she get a more tempting job offer? Did she want to take a break to spend more time on her personal affairs? None of those, says Murg, who has the real scoop. Once the glam doll found out there had been a change of leading man, she decided to split. Why? Because it made her too uncomfortable to think about working with the sexy make star whom she knew had had a very wild, hush-hush affair with none other than her famous ex. Who says Hollywood isn't one big, happy dysfunctional family?

3.  3 AM GIRLS 11/01
Which It-girl, desperate to succeed as an actress, incurred the wrath of an up and coming Irish actor by telling everyone they were dating? In reality, they were only friends but she was milking it for everything she could and he was not best pleased.

4. NY DAILY NEWS 11/01
-Which NYC billionaire should probably make sure the bills for his mistress' jewelry stop coming to the home he shares with his wife?

-Which celebrity fiancé got ditched by his masseur over his repeated, unwanted requests for a happy ending? Al Reynolds, the future Mr. Star Jones

5. NY POST/PAGE SIX....11/02
--WHICH wholesome chat show hostess had a nursery-type room constructed so she could bring her kids to work? "Sadly, she never does," reports our spy. "What she does do after every show is sit in her dressing room and down a glass of Merlot and smoke three Marlboro Lights to combat her daily anxiety"
Kelly Ripa

--WHICH lefty political pundit has a Bill O'Reilly-type problem with phones and women but is so unoriginal that he actually starts his conversations with, "What are you wearing?" Al Franken

6. 3 AM GIRLS 11/03
Which rocker's pulling power has been dented by his discovery that he's got a sexually transmitted disease? Word's got round that the tattooed US singer - who's been linked to a number of high profile beauties - has got herpes and even the groupies are staying away. Nice.
Anthony Kiedis "Red Hot Chili Peppers"; Brett Michaels "Poison"; Lenny Kravitz; Fred Durst

7. Pop Bitch 11/04
--Which pregnant pop star gets her implants removed during pregnancy so her naturally swollen breasts don't balloon too massively? After the sprog pops out, the implants go back in. Posh Spice

--Which star of Desperate Housewives used to deal drugs to fellow students while at college? The star was so successful that they even had business cards printed with a pager number and company name – Little Buddha. Eva Jacqueline Longoria

8. NY POST/PAGE SIX..11/05
WHICH sexy reality show "star" is accused of being a lesbian by one of her castmates? The accuser told anyone who'd listen the lovely young lass rebuffed his repeated advances because she secretly enjoys a sapphic sensibility.
Star: Ryan Starr "Surreal Life"
 Jordan Knight or Flavor Flav

9. NY POST/LIZ SMITH...11/05
HOLLYWOOD'S HOT open secret: the cocaine addiction of one of its youngest, most luscious stars. But don't anticipate public rehab. Too much tied up in "image" right now. Still, I see dead people. Oh, no, not the star. She'll survive. But reps, parents, handlers of all sorts, will get the heave-ho when this girl clears her head. And she will. A tough, smart, ambitious cookie.
Mischa Barton

--Which reality TV star is tackling her own home improvement in the bedroom? With a gentleman not her husband?
Hildy Santo-Tomas "Trading Spaces"; Paige Davis "Trading Spaces"

--Which posh-accented British movie star picked up a swarthy young man for a night of passion recently, affectionately calling him "Poppy." Finally, he was irritably told: "First, it's 'Papi,' and second, I'm not Latino.

11. Filth2go 11/08
Could it be that a certain sitcom star has seduced his smaller sibling? So say my spies on the set of that man show who tell me that what started as cute camaraderie quickly turned into sweet savage sex. When their religious taskmaster suggested the cast spend more time on their knees, I don’t think this is quite what he had in mind. At least they followed his direction to the letter – grammatically speaking, of course.

sitcom star: Erik von Detten
smaller sibling:  Shaun Sipos
religious taskmaster: Mel Gibson
show: Complete Savages

12. You Can't Make It Up
Which tweeny-bopper matinee idol has been bopping more than just her Hollywood husband? Seems this small but mighty starlet is fulfilling computer nerd fantasies everywhere by laying members of the femme persuasion. Her husband’s been a real prize about the whole thing, and who can blame him? His wife is pulling in more bank and skank than he ever dreamed possible. But is her sassiness in the bedroom turning into more than just casual fun? Or will this fairy tale marriage survive her kinky habit? Sarah Michelle Gellar and Freddie Prinze Jr.

13. 3 AM GIRLS 11/12
WHICH US girl-about-town has invested in cheek implants? The loaded, publicity lover paid £4,000 for the procedure in the hope that her "unique" looks will keep her in the press.
Paris Hilton

--Which Broadway starlet slept her way into the starring role of a hotly anticipated 2005 production?
Kristin Chenoweth

--Which married sports star has as many as three more girlfriends collaborating with a tabloid about their adulterous affairs with the ball-chasing hunk?

15. NY POST/PAGE SIX...11/15
WHICH actor, who has strayed before, is straying again from his politically connected wife? While he doesn't consider a certain sex act to be cheating, he is still practicing it on several young hotties — and was most recently caught by an assistant two weeks ago in a hotel room with yet another nubile beauty. Arnold Schwarzenegger

16. 3 AM GIRLS 11/15
Which whingeing actor failed to endear himself to pub regulars after a round of golf near Edinburgh? He was worse for wear and talking a lot while saying nothing. Nothing new there then.
Kevin Costner while on his honeymoon; Hugh Grant

17. NY POST/PAGE SIX...11/16
--WHICH on-air news commentator was known as the "Typhoid Mary" of President Bush's campaign plane? The talking head coughed and sneezed so much, one news producer finally confronted her and told her to cover her mouth — but it was too late and a lot of other reporters got sick . . .

--WHICH stick-thin TV personality who is secretly battling an eating disorder was spotted at Star Jones' wedding salivating over the sumptuous dessert buffet at the Waldorf-Astoria? She allowed herself to taste one canapé and that was it. Kelly Ripa

18. NY DAILY NEWS...11/16
Which augmented actress was red-faced at a posh Upper East Side house party? The boozy blond must have had some bad Mexican food - just as she was about to bestow a sexual favor on a fellow partier, Montezuma took his revenge. We hear there was quite a mess...
Anna Nicole Smith; Tara Reid

19. NY POST/PAGE SIX...11/18
--WHICH megastar rapper has been cheating on his superstar songstress girlfriend with the sultry hostess of a popular hip-hop TV show? Jay Z/Beyonce

--AT which Manhattan restaurant/lounge were the bathroom stalls full of coke-sniffing models one recent night? Meanwhile, a man who just got an annulment from a prominent socialite was receiving oral sex under the table.
prominent socialite: Todd Meister, ex of Nicky Hilton

20. Filth2go 11/22
Could it be that tensions are brewing in the camp of that less-than-contented crooner? So say sources close to the follicly impaired fella, who tell me that his desire to come out is being thwarted. Although he'd like to come up for air, his management cites "career suicide" if the diminutive doll's fan base (known for being ever-so-slightly conservative) learned he had been in a long-term relationship with his guy Friday. I guess the cheeky chap will have to take out his frustration in the gym and continue focusing on his fine-tuned physique – to say nothing of his unique flair for fashion.
Kenny Chesney

21. 3 AM GIRLS 11/22
Which actress turned singer is so desperate for publicity her agent is phoning radio stations and begging bosses to showcase her songs? This driven songstress is letting it be known she's even willing to busk in order to boost dismal record sales. Sounds like her career needs a mini miracle!
Minnie Driver

22. 3 AM GIRLS 11/23
WHICH Brit supermodel's looks aren't all down to mother nature? The statuesque catwalk queen pays secret visits to a plastic surgeon to have her laughter lines removed.
Naomi Campbell

23. 3 AM GIRLS 11/26
WHO'S the unsaintly former pop star who now spends all of her time in front of the telly with her rock star beau watching daytime programmes and bitching about other celebs in showbiz magazines?
Nicole Appleton (from All Saints)/Liam Gallagher; Natalie Appleton (also from All Saints)/Liam Howlett, of the band The Prodigy.

24. NY POST/PAGE SIX..11/26
--WHICH pretty boy TV host is getting close to a much older, wealthier man who made a fortune in television? Some say the young man swings both ways, as does his current girlfriend, and that the older man is more than a mentor.
Ryan Seacrest/Merv Griffin

--WHICH action hero is so difficult that stylists are refusing to work with him? The super-rich star insists on keeping half the clothes on the set - clothes that the stylists are responsible for returning.

--WHICH TV actor is flipping out because a woman on the set is no longer willing to sleep with him and threatening to file sexual harassment charges against him? Vincent D'Onofrio

25. Filth2go 11/29
Could it be that a certain single dad is squiring a number of sexy sirens? So say my sources, who certainly suspect that the so-called stud is "trying too hard". What's far more intriguing is the rumor that this public parade of pretty ladies is just a smoke screen for his more private homoerotic interests. Then again, isn't that why the last marriage (which wasn't made in heaven) didn't work out? I wouldn't be surprised if the whole house of cards comes tumbling down. John Stamos

26. 3 AM GIRLS 11/29
WHO'S the superstar singer who refused to sit next to any non-white flowers when he appeared on a recent TV chat-show and demanded that flunkies prepare a special bouquet to compliment his complexion?

27. NY POST/PAGE SIX...11/29
--WHICH aging action hero is snorting more lines than he's spouting on-screen? The horny Hollywood he-man must need the disco dust to stay up and chase the much-younger beauties he likes to collect at nightclubs in L.A. and New York . . .Jean-Claude Van Damme

--WHICH sexy scribe is rumored to be on the rocks with her relatively new hubby? She already misses her single days and would love to take a quick dip in the dating pool . . .Candace Bushnell

--WHICH recently married Hollywood heavyweight has an Oedipal issue? Before he walked down the aisle this summer, he had a secret nook in his bedroom; when women would enter, he would channel Elvis and they would have to call him "Daddy." Nic Cage

28. 3 AM GIRLS 11/30
WHICH Hollywood movie star's bedroom antics bring out his caveman qualities? The posh boy likes to dominate proceedings, calling his conquests "little bitch" whilst getting down to business. One of them described the actor's attitude to women as less than gentlemanly.

He's sexy, in an offbeat way, and he's rising fast on producers' must-have lists on both sides of the pond. And although his name has been famously connected with a series of respected young actresses and music performers (each of them also sexy in an offbeat way), he's getting a rep as a bit of a slut. Seems that whenever he's in town shooting a new movie, he insists the studios put him up in a classy but very out-of-the-way hotel. This makes it easier for him to avail himself of the parade of slightly odd, freaky girls (and the occasional dude) who see him as some kind of cult icon. But he's going to have a lot harder time keeping things on the down-low if one of his several big new movies for 2005 turns him into the star some expect him to be.
Colin Farrell

This little Lolita certainly raised temperatures on her most recent movie filmed partly in Europe. As if the movie didn't have enough problems, that with a rickety script and a director who apparently couldn't face the day's work without arriving smashed, the vixen-ish starlet made things even more tense when she started carrying on privately with two of the hot male stars of the movie. The guys almost came to blows when they found out about each other midway through production, but apparently it all worked out. It became an open secret among the crew that the leading lady and her two humpy costars formed a very hot, raucous, wall-banging threesome nightly.
Dominique Swain

31. NY DAILY NEWS..12/03
--Which TV music personality is anxiously denying Internet rumors that she is expecting a child with a major rapper who's got steak at home? She totally denies the buzz and his peeps dismissed the claims as to be "so ridiculous its not even worth commenting on."
TV music personality: BET's Free
rapper: Jay-Z
steak at home: Beyonce

--Which blond hunk should be more careful with the lovelies? We hear his paramours have plenty of reasons to hate the heartthrob, not the least of which is his habit of bestowing lingering "gifts."

32. NY DAILY NEWS...12/04
--Which two married actors spent so much time in each other's dressing rooms in a recent Broadway production of a classic play that the cast started speculating they were having an affair?

--Which headed-for-divorce star was recently overheard weeping into his cell phone, and yelling: "I don't care, she can't have the kids!"

33. Watch with Kristen 12/04
This man of stunning perfection (who's on a hit series) is engaged to another actress in the Biz--but that hasn't stopped him from playing Casanova while out on the town. Sources close to the show tell me the Wanderer has hooked up with more than a few others while engaged to his sweetie. It's unclear whether she knows, but one friend close to the couple says, "I feel horribly sorry for [her], and I hope she wises up and calls off this wedding before it's too late."

stunning perfection: Chad Michael Murray
hit series: One Tree Hill
actress engaged to: Sophia Bush

34. NY DAILY NEWS...12/05
--Which underage overachiever must be allergic to toilet paper? She was sniffling in club and restaurant rest rooms all over town last week.
Lindsay Lohan

--Which rising thirty­something stage and screen actor was propositioned by a closeted movie star when he was just 13?

35. NY POST/PAGE SIX 12/06
WHICH male star of a TV crime drama is said to be having a blistering affair with his co-star which they can barely conceal on-camera? If only she wasn't married . . .

36. 3 AM GIRLS 12/07
WHICH married mum-of-two played away on a recent trip to Europe? The former pop star's hubby would be devastated to learn that his missus took a bloke back to her hotel room - although we're sure she'd claim it was a simple mistake. Madonna

37. 3 AM GIRLS 12/08
WHICH actress has been acting quite the little diva during a trip to London? This upcoming starlet threw a massive strop demanding a more upmarket car, and asked for a different chauffeur after she objected to her driver's aftershave. What a madam.

38. 3 AM GIRLS 12/09
WHO'S the director who bullied and terrorised the cast and crew of his latest epic so much that many vowed never to work with him again?
Oliver Stone

39. NY POST/PAGE SIX 12/09
Which fiancée of a young mogul-to-be was once caught in a compromising position while visiting an ex-boyfriend at Rikers Island? Vanessa Haydon, recently engaged to Donald Trump, Jr.

40. NY POST/PAGE SIX 12/10
Pne of the stars of "Queer Eye for the Straight Guy" is actually a closeted straight ...

41. NY DAILY NEWS 12/12
Which younger leading lady was falling-down drunk after a movie premiere a while back? Nothing unusual there, except that, doing the math, she would have been more than two months pregnant at the time.
Liv Tyler

42. NY POST/PAGE SIX 12/13
WHICH young Hollywood couple has an open relationship? The guy — who has money but no career — likes to be seen with the actress for the publicity. And she stays with him because he supplies her with high-grade cocaine. They both cheat on each other but make nice for the cameras . . . Mischa Barton/Hollywood oil heir Brandon Davis

43. Filth2go 12/13
Could it be that a certain “actress” (we’re using that term loosely) is fighting fire with fire? So say my sources on the set of that sizzling series who tell me that those dueling divas are at it again. Once the disfigured darling determined that her botched surgical scenario was leaked to the tabloids by her co-star, she called in some favors and had a nasty story about her super sexy sidekick’s nasal cavity collapse circulated. In the meantime, some corrective surgery is being scheduled during the holiday hiatus for both gals, which will surely lead to more mayhem in the new year.

Teri Hatcher and Nicolette Sheridan /"Desperate Housewives"

44. 3 AM GIRLS 12/13
Who's the supermodel who stole a £50,000 fur wrap from a top Italian design house? The leggy miss has left label bosses fuming when she was lent the garment to wear on a night out - but ordered a minder to hide it in the car when the time came for it to be collected. Unsurprisingly, they've yet to get it back...
Naomi Campbell

Which distinctly underage star of a major kid-movie franchise has been hitting the clubs in New York? The ruddy teen has magically appeared inside the VIP rooms at several hot spots.
Rupert Grint (Ron Weasley in the Harry Potter movies)

What rich and famous thirtysomething actor in a popular television show became addicted to threesomes with his 24-year-old girlfriend? He often hired $1,000-an-hour hookers to join them, charging the service to his own credit card, and didn't mind joking with the madam about his talk-show appearances. The editors of Playboy aren't telling, but they're running a long article by the now-ex-girlfriend, called "Anonymous," in the upcoming issue.

--Which reality-TV also-ran is spreading the rumor that the show's supposedly hetero host enjoyed an off-set affair with a gay contestant?

reality-TV also-ran: Jerri Manthey/Australian Outback
supposedly hetero host: Jeff Probst
gay contestant: Colby Donaldson/Australian Outback

--Which celebrity wife and mother has been cheating on her actor husband for two years?

48. 3 AM GIRLS 12/18
WHO'S the young actor who spent ages persuading some girls to come back to his hotel room for fun and frolics, and then just took drugs all night and slagged off his ex-girlfriend until they were dying to leave?

--Which television news reporter "resigned for personal reasons" this month, after he tried to cover up an accident with a company car?

--Which TV actor on a date at a concert recently kept locking lips with female fans? When his lady friend objected, he explained, "Sorry, babe, they're my demographic."

50. Filth2go 12/20
Could it be that a certain self-help author is looking for a little lovin’ on line? So say my muscular minions, who tell me that the pumped-up professor is hungry for more immediate means of stimulation than anything long-term. The former fashionista may have eschewed fictional endeavors, but role-playing is still a big part of his repertoire. When I asked if the self-proclaimed total top ever bottomed, I was told in no uncertain terms that he can’t go for that – no can do.
Brad Gooch

51. NY POST/PAGE SIX 12/21
WHICH fun-loving actress is trying for a new reputation to go with her new breasts? She won't even risk being photographed buying booze. Instead, she has liquor delivered to her Hollywood Hills condo by a local convenience store . . Tara Reid

What Oscar-winner better order a lab test now that she has that new boyfriend? Others who've dated him say his money isn't worth the risk of getting his STD... Nicole Kidman and Steven Bing

53. 3 AM GIRLS 12/22
Which raunchy singer is so convinced of her sex appeal she tried to convert her openly gay backing dancer? The beautiful lass went behind her boyfriend's back and propositioned the hunky man, telling him it was "only a matter of time" before he came around. She's still waiting...
Christina Aguilera

54. NY POST/PAGE SIX 12/23
--WHICH actress is brow-beating the cast and crew as if she were still above the title? She could use a good part on the big screen, but everyone in Hollywood remembers how badly she treats underlings — so now she's settled for appearing in a TV reality show . . .
 Faye Dunnaway/"The Starlet" for the WB

--WHICH red-hot L.A. deejay who is now romancing an "it girl" of some renown was quite a tubby turntablist before his stomach-stapling operation a few years back?

55. 3 AM GIRLS 12/23
Which US megastar is hiding a secret about his sexuality? Despite constantly surrounding himself with babes, the multi-award winner is actually bisexual and has had several encounters with a male buyer for an Italian fashion house.

Oh, all right, so I've saved the dirtiest bird for last. It seems appropriate, too, what with turkeys getting roasted, baked, basted and deep-fried out the wazoo right about now. Wish the same would happen with Robert Slobert.

You see, Mr. S. works with one of his close relatives. Sort of a sous-chef-Svengali-crying shoulder kind of job--you know the close-knit Hollywood family drill, I'm sure. Just look at how well it worked for Whitney Houston.

But so far, so good. Wonder Woman Wilma, the relation in question, is simply phenomenal at what she does, and there's no question whatsoever that Robert has helped engineer that meteoric rise to success. None.

However, I suspect probs will eventually surface, due to certain habits Bob has in regard to Wonder W. Particularly when Wonder's dressing. Make that undressing. W3 doesn't know it, but Bobby has a way of always making sure he has a bird's-eye view of the youngster's curves.

Sorry, but doesn't that sicko stuff eventually come out? Because these geezers always eventually seem to look once too often, once too long, right? It's getting close to that desultory sitch, or so I'm told. Jessica Simpson and her father, Joe

57. 3 AM GIRLS 12/27
Which singer would never forgive her hubby if she learnt of his antics when left home alone recently? The naughty man in question romped in his marital bed with a couple of classy call girls. And it's not the first time he's been unfaithful either. And he looks like such a saint.
Natalie Appleton, of the pop group All Saints

58. NY POST/PAGE SIX 12/27
WHICH married movie mogul propositioned a pretty young blonde at an industry event, leaning over and whispering into her ear: "If you [bleep] me, I'll give you a two-picture deal." The beauty, who had no idea who the old coot was, blew him off, saying, "I'm not an actress. I'm a singer."

movie mogul:
pretty young blonde: Gwen Stefani

59. LiveJournal 12/27
This black female singer comes off as spiritual and down to earth. She created and carefully manufactured this image. In reality: She is addicted to crack but she doesn't show signs of crack abuse because she can afford her habit and she just started using in the last 6 months. When she was on a recent tour, she sent one of her assistants out to cop rocks. When she came off tour, she liked the danger and excitement of going to the hood to cop her drugs in disguise although the dealer knew who she was, she also had a designated driver, in case she ecided to get high in the car on the way back. On several occasions, she was so eager for a fix, she couldn't wait to get home, she would go to the filthy bathroom, in the drug den and smoke crack.
India Arie;  Angie Stone; Jill Scott; GOapele

Which record exec is the subject of a homemade sex tape being shopped by his mistress? This should get him in trouble with his wife and the chart-topping diva he's seeing on the side.
record exec: Irv Gotti
mistress: video vixen Gloria "Glory" Velez
chart-topping diva: Ashanti

Which rail-thin actress in a current blockbuster controlled her cravings on set by going through cases of zero-cal "I Can't Believe It's Not Butter" spray, which she squirted straight into her mouth? Cate Blanchett from The Aviator

--Which amorous action star, visiting Miami, had to send his rep to pick up his STD medicine?

--Which current chart-topper likes to seduce groupies, only to palm them off on his younger brother at the last moment?

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