March and April 2004

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1.  GLOBE 03/01
This lead singer was left red-faced after his credit cards were rejected at Victoria's Secret store in L.A. He'd picked up a beauty in a club the night before and promised to repay her for their steamy romp with some sexy lingerie of her choice. The gal spent more than an hour trying on stuff and was practically in tears after discovering her loverboy couldn't pay up.
Vince Neil

2. Filth2Go 03/01
Could it be that a certain faded star of the silver screen is trying to resuscitate his career by resuscitating his face? That’s the buzz from insiders who recently worked with the guy who’s light on his feet. I’m told that the dirty bird caught a glimpse of himself in the mirror shortly after seeing footage of his formerly charming visage and decided a touchup was in order. Now he constantly looks surprised – something that may work at an AA meeting, but may not go over as well on film. No wonder his latest offers have been to work behind the scenes. Maybe he should stick to building castles in the sky.
 Patrick Swayze

3. Michael Musto/Village Voice 03/03
And there's other butt-warming gay romantic news. I hear the tabloids are sitting on photos of that fast action star kissing his sexually aggressive, truly versatile boyfriend. Alas, they won't run them because they don't believe in outing, so I guess the Caviezel picture will remain the top autoerotic destination in town.

4. Filth2Go 03/08
Could it be that one of our own has been moonlighting on the red carpet? I’m not gonna say which awards show it was, but some of my fans were quite surprised to see the golden boy trying to come up with questions for the folks he was interviewing. Why would anyone hire him? “Maybe someone thought that he could provide the gay perspective!” said one fan. Or, at the very least, the closet perspective. Instead of shooting for the stars, I think the kid would have been better off singing for his supper. It’s been eons since he’s shoved it down someone’s throat – so often it’s the other way around. Lance Bass

5. GLOBE 03/09
This sexy supermodel was spotted at a New York pharmacy picking up an assosrtment of over-the-counter products for scabies and head lice. She tried to laugh it off with a worker and insisted the stuff was "for a friend."

6. Filth2Go 03/15
Could it be that there’s trouble brewing between those two would-be action heros? So say people behind the scenes of that sequel to the second power, who tell me that the reason a reunion has been nixed is more personal than professional. Rumor has it that the on-screen sexual tension the first time around was nothing compared to what happened when the cameras stopped rolling. Thank God the producers worked mighty fast to wrap before blood was shed. A decision had to be made, so the producers sided with the talent the first time around and paid the price – or did they? Since then, someone bent over backwards (and forwards) to make the producers happy, and now they’ve seen the light at the end of a pitch black tunnel. The Fast & The Furious sequel/Vin Diesel and Paul Walker

7. NY POST/PAGE SIX...03/15
--WHICH Tinseltown temptress known for her racy behavior shocked the staff at a stodgy fashion magazine? After the couture shoot, the pouty princess insisted on stripping down to her birthday suit and made the photographer take some private nude snaps for her own collection . Angelina Jolie

--WHICH foppish fashionista renowned for his elaborate outfits was literally caught with his pants down at Boy George's recent birthday bash? The frisky fop was receiving a sex act from three young men at the same time . . Cojo

--WHICH actor in an epic film trilogy has a habit of hooking up with other guys? The latest sighting had the closeted fellow making out with a man in an elevator . . . Elijah Wood; Hayden Christensen

--WHICH Internet rumormonger keeps giving good press to "Good Morning America" because he once had an affair with a producer there? A rival morning show is getting pretty peeved over all of Diane Sawyer's good press . . . Matt Drudge

--WHICH morning anchorwoman has a penchant for Botox? The aging beauty is still a treat to the eyes, but ethical questions were raised after she did a segment with a renowned dermatologist and had him back to her office afterwards for a quick Botox fix.  Diane Sawyer

8. GLOBE 03/16
This red hot singer downed one too many cocktails on a flight from NY to LA - and proceeded to vomit all over the stranger sitting next to her in first class. She gave the poor guy the cell phone number of her personal assistant and promised to repay him with four front row seats to any one of her concerts on her current tour.
Britney Spears

9. NY POST/PAGE SIX...03/16
--WHICH supermodel had a really good time with her new rocker boyfriend in public the other week? While she deejayed at a party, he pleasured her from an out-of-sight position. Naomi Campbell and Tommy Lee

--WHICH married supermodel used to be the regular filling in the sexual sandwich of a famous, recently-divorced couple? The husband is an A-list actor whose wife suffered a mental meltdown during their split, perhaps, some say, because she feared her hubby had sired their threesome partner's baby. Kate Moss ;Jude and Sadie Law

10. GLOBE 03/22
This debt riddled celebrity chef is in hot water with his suppliers. He owes his meat, dairy, seafood, produce and linene purveyors so much money that they now demand cash on delivery or risk never getting paid. Bobby Flay; Rocco DiSpirito

11. Filth2Go 03/22
Could it be that a certain leading lady on the Great White Way has gotten a bit too big for her britches? So say my sources, who tell me that the bubble blonde has let that good press go to her head. Forget about the missed performances (wouldn’t it be funny if the Tony voters attended on a night she was “sick”) and that none of the guys she’s been romantically linked with have been the marian kind. Virtually all of them have been Friends of Dorothy – a trait she now shares! Lately, the songbird has been telling anyone who’ll listen that she was Rob Marshall’s first choice to play Roxie in the movie version of Chicago. Delusion – it’s a wonderful thing. Kristin Chenoweth

12. NY POST/PAGE SIX...03/23
--WHICH married superstar athlete just asked a stripper to change her "professional" name and paid her $20,000 to keep quiet about their relationship? . . . A Rod; Rick Fox

--WHICH Hollywood oil heir has at least two kinds of herpes? Pals of his starlet girlfriend, concerned with the canker sores on his mouth, don't know the half of it. Brendan Davis/Mischa Barton

13. GLOBE 03/30
This celebrity couple claim their split is amicable, but that's far from the truth. He broke her heart by running around behind her back the entire time they were together, then left her with a nasty STD. Now she's discovered he's gotten another girl pregnant and refuses to speak to him or even utter his name. Usher and Chili

Their friends are trying to claim that the bust-up of that famous, pretty acting couple went all nicely, smoothly, and inevitably. It didn't. Especially when Murg knows that a last-ditch attempt at reconciliation (her idea, not his) went so badly, the two of them wound up tussling on the bathroom floor of his new New York digs. When the fiery female member of the couple got away, she pelted him with everything in the vanity from shampoo bottles to spray deodorant.  Uma Thurman/Ethan Hawke; Jennifer Lopez/Ben Affleck; Ed Norton/Salma Hayek

15. NY POST/PAGE SIX...04/01
WHICH plucky pop tart lived up to her bad-girl image with some X-rated action at the recent World Music Awards in Monaco? We're told that the songbird was invited to an orgy by a certain sex-obsessed aristocrat, who ended up with a royal pain after the singer used a sex toy on him. Our heroine coyly referred to the unprintable incident by telling reporters she had a "strapping good time in Monaco."
Pink/Kristanna Loken/Prince Albert

16. GLOBE 04/05
This leading lady stunned the cast and crew on her latest movie when she was caught stealing a pricey prop. She later explained that she thought the 19th-century painting was a great reproduction. Turns out it was an authentic piece of artwork borrowed from the director's own house!

17. NY POST/PAGE SIX....04/05
WHICH legendary performer is back on drugs? He had his marriage annulled, but is back with his ex-wife, the mother of his child, and facing a jury trial. Aspirin, please . . . James Brown

18. Filth2Go 04/05
Could it be that a certain song-and-dance man has hooked up with that long-rumored beard? So say my spies, who observed the pair working as a couple on the set and acting like a couple in private. So it wasn’t a surprise when we later learned that the married man, who has been the subject of more than a few rumors, was cast due to the gal’s insistence. One good turn deserves another, and suddenly she got a role in his next project. The question remains, how does his fashionista femme feel about all of this time apart? After all, you can live without dick for only so long.

son-and-dance man: Matthew Broderick
long-rumored beard: Nicole Kidman
fashionista femme: Sarah Jessica Parker

19. NY POST/PAGE SIX...04/06
--WHICH bookish ex-model living in London has been as quiet as a tomb about her love affair with a rock star? Meanwhile, the rocker's wife goes on radio shows and keeps no secrets about their sex life . . .
bookish ex-model: Sophie Dahl; Rachel Weisz
rock star: Sting
rocker's wife: Trudie Styler

--WHICH pumped-up pugilist isn't so interested in the ladies? At a recent record release party, the homoerotic heavyweight eyed a swishy publicist like a side of beef. Too bad the p.r. man already has a husband. Lennox Lewis

20. GLOBE 04/12
This big screen beauty has a serious gambling problem. She flies to Vegas almost every weekend and blows big bucks at the blackjack and craps tables. Her husband is begging her to get help for the sake of their family, while her accountant and busines manager have warned her that she could lose everything if she doesn't clean up her act.

21. Filth2Go 04/12
Could it be that a certain actor, who once had a body to die for, has been sporting a bit of extra weight? Those were the rumblings from the higher-ups at that not-so-independent film company during a tense meeting with their once golden boy. After viewing footage of recent interviews, the brass could clearly see that a double chin was developing, to say nothing of some extra bounce in the former perfect guy’s midsection. As sympathetic as everyone was to the lanky lothario’s “situation” (and Lord knows food is the lesser of two evils), he was convinced that this needed to be rectified pronto. Although he clearly won’t be playing strip poker anytime soon, he promises to drop that spare tire lest he be seen as a third wheel. Ben Affleck

22. NY POST/PAGE SIX...04/12
--WHICH hot couple that openly enjoys threesomes is on the rocks? The actor hubby's wife pays more attention to the other hotties in their bed. John Stamos and Rebecca Romijn

--WHICH elfin actor once had a taste for the boys? His first sexual experiences were with boarding school classmates - but his new girlfriend doesn't know. Orlando Bloom

--WHICH singer travels with an "assistant" who is really his boyfriend? At a recent "Saturday Night Live" taping, they were all over each other. Clay Aiken

23. GLOBE 04/19
This stunning big-screen, 40-something beauty is actually a decade older than she claims to be. A regular consumption of cocaine keeps her body trim, while frequent trips to the dermatologist for botox injections keeps her face looking youthful.
Michelle Pfeiffer

24. Filth2Go 04/19
Could it be that those soapy, sexy siblings are spending just as much time bonding off the set as they do battling on the set? Nope, this is not a rerun of a similar item from months ago. Same network, different show, eye say. With the new addition of that brooding, younger co-star, people in the know expected the fur to fly. But the established stud has gone out of his way to include his younger brother in a variety of activities off the set. It started out with some lunches and dinners, then segued to those wee homey drinking spots where if you lived here, you’d be home already. No word if anything serious is going on, but the young’un did quip, “I’m surprised there haven’t been any rumors about us fucking.” Don’t speak so soon, sonny.
 "Young & Restless"  Greg Rikaart (plays Kevin Fisher) and Chris LeBlanc (plays Michael Baldwin)

25. GLOBE 04/26
This female half of an acting couple is constantly hitting the bottle and cheating on her poor hubby - and doesn't bother to hide it. It's been going on for years, right under his nose. On the set of her last movie, he even hired a team of security men to keep her from leaving her trailer and wandering off with whatever handsome crewmember caught her eye.

26. NY POST/PAGE SIX....04/30
--WHICH newly single model/actress has a drug problem? Pals say the leggy looker has always dabbled, but now the cocaine habit is spiraling out of control - and the friends are siding with her estranged husband, who is clean and sober . . . Rebecca Romijn; Uma Thurman

--WHICH pop star has a sex tape about to surface, a la Paris Hilton? The tape, shot by her own brother, shows her fooling around with a woman and doing cocaine and crystal meth between sex acts. Britney Spears; Pink

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